Scriptural proof Jesus and his Father return incarnate as the Two Witnesses

Scriptural proof Jesus and his Father return incarnate as the Two Witnesses

Here are two comments I left on a Christians blog that had made a post about the Two Witnesses, saying what is the common understanding that can have a degree of truth behind but is far from the most accurate available because they have not yet accepted the KEY to unlocking all scripture and that is in the teachings and behavior and ways of Ti and Do. I didn’t introduce them to Ti and Do as if they can’t consider or accept my interpretations of scripture they will probably never come to see Ti and Do as the fulfillment of all the scriptures. Sometimes I think it’s unfair to lay too much on some too soon without their asking for more though I have done it many times and as a result was banned from a number of blogs or just would never approve my comment additions to what they wrote.

So I encourage anyone that wants to serve Ti and Do (in my opinion) by speaking to Christians about the Two Witnesses and any other prophecy to examine what I have written. Look up the chapters I referred to and get yourself a way to see the Greek and Hebrew for some of the keywords that can really help to bring out more of what’s there. When you run into spots that are puzzling which I do all the time even going back over verses I’ve examined in great details many times before, keep digging while asking Ti and Do for help and go where you get ideas to go. Sometimes that might take you the many Bible study sites. Here are two I use often:  This one is good because it shows a literal Greek translation and has cross references and easy access to geek word meanings from Strongs and Thayers and it’s free.  This one is good for having even more translations and has many Commentaries as well which in some are near worthless while others can be insightful.

Another link to someone who I believe is a leading edge kind of source that has helped me quite a bit is. Most of what he says in this particular article I arrived at without him but he added additional verifications of and in some cases my updating my thinking. I especially believe he’s got the best interpretation of 666 I’ve seen. I asked Ti and Do for help with that and that started me searching and I just so happened upon this site that made the most sense to me. It’s basically saying when written in the roman numeral alphabet D=500 C=100 L=50 X=10 V=5 I=1 – then adds up to 666 and it was Roman Numerals that were used to write 1776 on the dollar bill beneath the Mason Pyramid. He goes into this a great deal which I believe has a lot of merit.
So here are the two comments made, first to another commenter and then to the author of the article about the Two Witnesses that didn’t claim anything new so I’m not going to include it as my response sort of shows what I am claiming is a more accurate interpretation:
– Jorge, certainly they represent the word of God but they are in human flesh bodies. First off a book can’t prophesy. You need to look up the meaning of these words. Prophecy requires a mouth to speak through to others. Plus Zechariah 4 says THEY are both ANOINTED. The only ones in the entire word of God that are described as anointed are Jesus as the word Christ means the overcoming process that is an anointing with oil – pressing the oil from the olive that requires that the olive dies in the process and so the oil then provides LIGHT to others to see by. In fact this is the one of only TWO scriptures in the prophecy of the Revelations that states someone will “prophesy”. The other is in Rev 10 pertaining to John though that prophesy occurs after the Two Witnesses have ascended. Since Jesus said he was returning to speak to us, “plainly and boldly about the Father” in John’s gospel and that his “instructions/commandments” to us then would divide the sheep from the goats with the example of his words being the sword of his mouth, having two edges the first because he will instruct those that recognize him to leave all behind as he requires of all his disciples called “deny self”  when he’s in the flesh and second when it’s harvest time and we have to as his disciples did take up their cross and literally die for him. And as it says in Rev 14, these will follow him everywhere he goes which is as usual both figurative and literal because he is again walking among us. I know there is a lot to explain further. I’m going to put the rest in another comment to the author if you are interested.
– I responded to Jorge below showing proof that one of the Two Witnesses is Jesus as both are anointed=a Christ and both speak, the meaning of to prophesy – and other such proves and there are many more that show this. However, who is the second then as there are no others mentioned as anointed except we know the Father being above Jesus in their kingdom has got to be a Christ as well, which is another topic to consider but is not without evidence. First off in John’s gospel Jesus tells his disciples both he and his Father will “make our abode with you”. Again we can see it as strictly figurative but why would it not be literal if his return was to be literal. He didn’t speak figuratively really except when telling stories or making certain comparisons. Here there was no comparison or story being told so it’s a literal abode or dwelling is actually just as accurate to say and it pertains to where we live. He also says at that time he won’t be asking the Father things on the disciples behalf as  he was doing then, because the Father also loves their disciples and the Father would be manifest to them. We can’t assume anyone but them would recognize him then and of course it’s them because they are among the resurrection of the just, which didn’t mean just the harvest time of the forthcoming time period in the new age but because there was also to be a resurrection of the unjust as well. The Kingdom of God saves one’s soul and then brings that soul back to continue their lessons of overcoming the world which is clear must be done to be with him in his kingdom. See Rev 1-3 for the ultimate proof of that. Which by the way, Rev 3:12 states that he will have a new name, again a confirmation that he comes in a new body to “show” us plainly about the Father because he will tell us the Father’s name and show us the human body the Father also takes during the first part of Jesus’ return. This is further evidenced by Rev 12 – the woman who is clearly not only symbolic but is in person as well to “birth” her son to the throne. This woman (generator of life) can not be the church as some say as the church is the body of believers and the believers can not birth her son to the throne. That’s preposterous to imagine. Then in Rev 12 it shows that this “son” being birthed has also been known as Michael the archangel, the captain of angels who visited with Daniel and by the way deciphering  Daniel’s prophecy also shows the TWO’s return together, but also shows that Michael is already at that time a Christ, being he had overcome the human world before then, which the evidence suggests was when he was here as Elijah and before that Moses and before that Enoch and before that Adam. There is a ton of proof of what I am saying if anyone can stand to at the very least consider seriously what I am pointing to.
Where people are confused which is understandable given how much the Luciferian fallen angels have created confusion (though is our test to gain strength by to see the truth beyond that confusion) is in Rev 19 when Jesus returns wearing a body dipped in blood. In that final return, actually the 7th return, the 6th being as one of the Two Witnesses where his Father births him and then exits as shown by the earth opening her mouth and swallowing up the flood that’s after her in Rev 12, he is not in the flesh then. He is using the same body he had that he and his Father converted into a “celestial body” (as Paul referred to a body of a member of the Kingdom of God). It was just as physical as the body he used for his 3+ years of ministry but had new capabilities that he demonstrated to the disciples he was commissioning to be his delegates to the world, a special assigned task because they were true witnesses to the truth. He said I am not a spirit – a spirit is not flesh and bone. Yet he was able to disappear and reappear and lift himself up above the earth or sea as he demonstrated in the ship and at his exit into whatever type of physical transportation  he had that the cloud was a covering for which was exactly the way Jehovah came and went. And Jehovah also allowed Moses to touch him. He couldn’t look at Jehovah’s face or he would die but he could touch him. One of the huge points made by the tabernacle tent just for Jehovah where they put food was to start to show that Members of the Kingdom of God used physical bodies. That’s part of what it meant in Genesis to say “we created man in our image”. That word referred most to how one appeared to the eye – that we would look like the Elohiym in appearance meaning humanoid though to become a “son of God” required receiving a soul and then looking to their every instruction to build that soul to fill it with “holy spirit/mind” – the behaviors and ways and thinking, words and actions they would teach, through human bodies to take into their own souls to eventually arrive at having one’s  body full of light – to be harvested to become a new young member of the Kingdom of God.

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8 Responses to “Scriptural proof Jesus and his Father return incarnate as the Two Witnesses”

  1. mrpody Says:

    Do and Ti never relied on scripture the way you do. What gives? You are exerting a lot of energy on scriptures that Do and Ti had no use for. They very rarely spoke of them and when they did it was tangential at best.

    Of tantamount importance to the next level: You have muddied the message.

    How do I say this constructively: check yourself… I fear you are consumed with the very discarnates you sought to avoid and make others aware of.

    You must regroup. Get back to the first principles. Really, seriously think about what you’ve done.

    You aren’t overcoming; you’ve bought into.

    I left in 1987, but many of us are still receiving next level mind and meeting.

    Do is still involved in this garden. You have the conduit. Use it.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m glad to hear from you. You left in 1987 you say. What was your ody name as the name you gave, “mrpody” was never an ody name. I know all the names and consulted with mrc to be accurate and have others I could consult with to prove this. I’m not aware of any instruction to take a new ody name. Do you recall what was said about the “ody” names when they were given?

      It never hurts to check myself. I do it every day and will continue but I wonder why you are really finding fault with me. Have I said anything that wasn’t fully in line with what Ti and Do taught? If so then what is it so I can correct it? Isn’t that the way of the Next Level and the way we were taught to be with “partners”, our only reference that Jesus also spoke to. Telling me I “rely” on scripture is a judgment that is not founded in anything Ti and Do taught that I’m aware of so please be specific as Ti and Do expected of us to be when asking questions and especially when being critically helpful if that is you intention.

      If you are still receiving Next Level mind then what makes you so sure sounding that I may not also be in receipt of Next Level mind, because you say that I have “muddied the message”, another judgment against me without any evidence.

      Perhaps your specific is that I say so much about scripture, what Ti and Do called the records. Have you read the Purple book? If so you will see 46 scriptures they quoted as showing their teachings. Are you saying I can’t build on their use to perhaps provide Christians who may be blinded to who Ti and Do were/are, help to see they are the return of the ones called the Father and Jesus? How else does one communicate to Christians? If you are saying that I must only stick to those verses, where did Ti and Do ever give that impression? Do you recall that they said many times that we could trust the “red letters” – in other words what Jesus said in the gospels.

      Not knowing when exactly you say you left as why you didn’t tell me your ody name is suspicious to me that you may not be being truthful. If you had been in the classroom in 1987, though perhaps you allegedly left early in the year and then would have missed when Do called a meeting where he brought up two topics. One was his saying, “what if I’m not who I say I am – would you still want to stay with me” (paraphrased). The other subject was, “we have to be who we are” which he elaborated on as the same Souls who were together 2000 years earlier as Jesus and his disciples. That’s when we began to investigate going public again to “be who we are”. A year or two after that Do brought in to our library a half dozen or so Bibles – Dakes, The companion, A parallel, An amplified version, Youngs and a Strongs concordance. He also assigned me the task of investigating the use and meaning of “resurrection” which I then gave a little presentation of my findings to the classroom.

      Also in case the Book of Revelations translations and interpretations are of your concern they said all the prophecies in Revelations would be fulfilled and they before Ti left assigned DNC the task of rewriting the bible which I don’t know to what degree was his assignment but I do know he didn’t’ get very far and he left the classroom around 1989 or 1990.

      Then when we went public in 1994 town to town again we made posters that are also in the purple book, a number of which spoke of being the return of Jesus and his disciples.

      Then in 1996 they published on the web the post “Undercover “Jesus” surfaces before departure”.

      Ti and Do often referred to jesus, just not in a chapter/verse way.

      I know Do is still involved in the garden.

      Now you are breaking a number of behavioral instructions by saying “you aren’t overcoming: you’ve bought into…you must regroup, get back to the first principles… are consumed with discarnates, …have muddied the message, …I am not using the conduit.” as shown in the “Lessor Offences” #2 Trusting my own judgment – or using my own mind” (that I’m not saying I don’t at times catch myself doing as well, but bring it up to give a specific from their Mind rather than claiming you are judging me. Plus one could apply quite a few of these “lessor offences” though I understand we are not in that same classroom but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply all the points in relationship with the information Ti and Do left behind and how we relate to them in our privacy and how we relate to other fellow believers in them. (though perhaps you don’t consider me a fellow believer, but if that is your frame of mind then why not? – specifics please.)

      Additionally, they also provided us with the “Lost Books of the Bible”, the Nag Hamadi Library, the books about the Essenes and the dead sea scroll matierals plus the books that talked about Jesus as if he didn’t resurrect and ascend but ran off and got married with magelene and lived out his years in France – “holy blood, holy grael”.

      I could give many more examples that were not putting the constraints on us that you seem to want to put on me and claim I am off track because of.

      Your saying “…scriptures Do and Ti had no use for” – again which ones and how do you know they have no use for them even if they didn’t quote them while in the early classroom? Whose mind is that coming from?

      And saying when they did, they were a “tangent at best” – another vague judgement and reduction of the fact that they were behind the origin of those scriptures and their first fruit student body didn’t seem to need to hear many references to scriptures to believe in them.

      By the way, why did you drop out? Where were we living at the time – what city?

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Mr. MRPody, what is the definition of that handle? Have no idea? Answer Sawyer’s question which are valid questions. Sawyer, unless I’m wrong, it seems that the individual who claims to be “MRPody”, is our friendly little Luciferian Space Alien friend “Tim” who has too much time on his hands again. That individual needs to get a hobby.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t doubt that possibility. I guess time will tell. There were approx. 70 original ody’s. There were 24 remaining by 1/1/94 and then some returned and left again and there were additions. I know them when I hear them. I have tried to write them all down somewhere but I’d rather leave it unrevealed as then when claimants come along they’d have a hard time faking it. Mrc/Srf would know the all as well. And there are some dropouts I’m still occasionally in touch with that would know them if they heard them, unless they lost that part of their memory. I don’t think it’s very important though they are either talking about the real Ti and Do teachings or not. I have sort of expected to hear from some of the former ody’s so getting this comment may have been legitimate or perhaps like you said Tim or the equivilent.

  2. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Hopefully a lot of the former ody’s come back this way and begin to reabsorb the teachings of Ti & Do and disseminate their Info.

  3. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Sawyer, I know that you feel that your designations in serving Ti & Do are to speak to Christians. If they ban you from forums or don’t allow you to comment, all they are doing is demonstrating their own insecurity. I have spoken to Jehovah’s Witnesses in person and through a couple videos as well as in my blog postings. Each of us who believe in Ti & Do have, in my opinion, different assignments or ways in how and who we choose to speak to people about Ti & Do. Now although some Christians know what I believe, we agree to disagree. They are true Christians for what they believe by exercising no judgment towards those who don’t believe the same as they do, unlike the ones who shoot their mouths off and write the unbeliever off as absurd and foolish. Them and I both know neither side is going to compromise. Although you feel that your focus or aim for talking about Ti & Do is inside of Christian forums as such, I feel that my designations are not towards that sector at this time in a sense. I feel my designations are towards people outside of Christian sectors such as: Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Pagans, Atheists and Agnostics. This I feel is where I am assigned to speak about Ti & Do and why I believe what I believe, giving all credit to Ti, Do, the Next Level and the Information they left behind. If the people I speak to don’t like what I believe, that’s their choice, but at least I gave them a choice to accept or reject what I believe. Before that, a number of the people I spoke to had no idea what Heaven’s Gate was, nor any idea of the Information they left behind. As for other “so I called” Christians I spoke to in the past, who as spiritual racists bashed and condemned me to Hell, I no longer worry about them. The reason is because their own faith is weak if they have any faith at all. When they lash out at me and run the other way as they do, what they are really saying is they are totally ignorant about what they claim to believe. This also can be said of anyone of any faith religion who doesn’t even know what their religion teaches. I met many Catholics who called themselves Catholics but didn’t even know what Ash Wednesday was, nor any of the other Catholic rituals. They didn’t even know about the days not to eat red meat and why. In fact, they didn’t even know what the doctrine of the Trinity was.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t limit who I talk to about Ti and Do at all. It covers the full gamut. I’m not aware of an “assignment” though I do interpret Revelations 5 and 10 that talks about the “backside” of the “book” (Rev 5), that Do opens the “seals” upon (Rev 6), a seal being a stamp/signet, mark that the opening of provides further revealings (what the Revelations are prophesying) of that correlates to “signs in the sun, moon and stars (planets), comets, etc.” Jesus referred to that are assigned to “John” the writer of these Revelations (See Rev 10), (though refers to whoever performs the task as it’s never about a particular person) that gets underway after the seventh angels sounding (Rev 10) that is shown to take place near the end of Rev 11 that I believe refers to 2008 thereabouts when the National Geographics channel broadcast the “final report: Heavens Gate” that did express as a question whether Heaven’s gate (and presumably Ti and do) were the “second coming” of Jesus. Those that are called Christians, regardless of what they do or don’t think, say or do to substantiate that sense of believing and thus benefiting from what Jesus taught, Do did indicate as the largest group he and Ti always wanted to provide the truth to. And they certainly did that and said all the prophecies in Revelations were to be fulfilled. Do and Crew certainly set it off in the biggest of ways with their provision of the “7 thunders” (also in Rev 10) and referred to in Rev 6:1 – starting from 1973 onward with their seven public, even global in scope (to mostly English speaking countries) dissemination as shown in the purple book that they even numbered accordingly. (A thunder is actually equally, even more accurately a “roar” from the Lion of Juda.) To be honest though I could be wrong, but I think that most who have come to consider themselves staunch any believe may be either under or overripe for picking, so to speak but that is no matter to us I don’t think. We just do the job and let the chips fall where they may and there is certainly plenty to be done geared more to the New Agers to include atheists and all degrees which Ti and Do’s most accurate language addresses the best. With Christians it’s tricky because they have as Do said, “hardly have had a chance” – because the Luciferians focused most of their misinformation on them. But I don’t seek to tailor that much to any one sect. From my experiences with most all sects in the U.S. which I have had in person in 1975 and 1994 and over the last 14 years over the internet largely, to include visits with Jehovah Witnesses who happen to have a group down the road literally from where I lived for most of that time, they are not really very different and there are always some that are more receptive to a point. My vehicles family are technically Catholics and actually I don’t recall why when my vehicle was growing up we could only eat fish on Fridays but I imagine it’s some carry over from Judism and/or something Jesus said or implied they made into ritualistic dogma (misinformation). Sure most don’t have a clue why they do certain things in Catholicism. The churches are filled with what the athesists like to call “sheeple” that I say applies to all of us in degrees but mostly to those that don’t know how deeply ingrained they are with Luciferian misinformation mind. In that sense if we are interested in where any potential “lost sheep” might still be found (not that we are trying to start a new group, which we are not), then according to Do and Crew they would be found outside any and all of these religious and spiritual sects to the people that are most “separating” from their humanness – those in the prisons, in militia groups (though not condoning violence they may be engaged in) – drop outs from society – drug and alcohol and sex addicts in recovery or not, homeless, refugees and the like as they are those most dissatisfied with life on this planet who least fit in.

      I was playing music on the street a month or so ago, in a tourist area and 4 young men seemingly from arab descent came up to me and some were a little drunk and they started break dancing and I got to talking with one and he shared interesting things from the Koran and I learned he was a type of refugee from Afghanistan and we made a deal that if he got in touch with me, he would share things about the Koran and I would share things with him about Ti and Do. He seemed touched by some things I said, so who knows if some seed was planted by that or not. He took some offense at first with my talk about space aliens NOT being on Ceres as his green card actually designated him an “alien” and he was a little drunk so that’s what he tuned into. He may not recall anything we talked about but to me, it does feel worthwhile to be among the people like that and I do feel lucky that I have that easy interface of musicality that is also fun to do, I don’t deny and also can make some decent tips to pay for gas and meters, etc.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Maybe using the term “assignment” was the wrong word to use. I didn’t know what other word to use at the time. Also, I didn’t mean it to sound like I was only going to restrict myself to the religious groups I spoke about. I just meant that I feel that the groups I specified were the groups I was around mostly so possibly or maybe I could have been put in that situation by the Next Level, maybe not. I don’t entirely know at this time but I do know everything happens for a reason. Perhaps I should have also said “Maybe down the line I will talk to more Christians about Ti & Do, even though I have spoken to some already and also Jehovah’s Witnesses, but right now I am in environments that have these other faith groups around.” Also, you gave the statement: “Those that are called Christians, regardless of what they do or don’t think, say or do to substantiate that sense of believing and thus benefiting from what Jesus taught, Do did indicate as the largest group he and Ti always wanted to provide the truth to.” I didn’t know that actually. I didn’t know that Ti & Do had Christians as the largest group or main ones to talk to about the Truth. Thanks for that input Sawyer. That’s good you are speaking to that one Muslim man about Ti & Do. Of course he may try to convert you to his religion, as many religious folks, in various faiths do by what is known as proselytizing. The important thing I try to remember when I speak to people about Ti & Do is not to win converts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you are out to win converts. That’s not what I meant. I just talk to people about Ti & Do to give them a choice by directing them to their Information as the purest and most unvarnished source on this planet. Some people will run the other way and if I do find myself going on Christian forums and getting kicked off or whatever, I just remember one thing: When some of these other faith believers cut and run, what they are really telling me is how they are totally ignorant and don’t know anything about they claim to believe.

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