Blood Moon – Harvest (Ceres lights/Pluto related) Moon & Pope Francis anti-Jesus message

On this harvest blood moon eclipse immediately following the huge revelations of Lights on Ceres, which was named after the Goddess of the Harvest, I was seeing some posts about the Pope and saw some questioning how he can be talking about helping the poor and all – teaching that and sort of reprimanding in his gentle way those who don’t, while he sits as the leader of the Holy See that is a sovereign state that is over the state of Vatican City that includes what is referred to as the Vatican Bank and it’s huge assets. I’ve seen so many talking about this where I live and part of my vehicle’s family and friends enjoying the Pope even though they aren’t necessarily Catholic or Christian or even believers in a Kingdom of creators. So when I saw some talking about this wondering about the truth, I had to chime in:

The differences between what Jesus taught and what the Popes, the Catholic hierarchy and most of the Christian organizations teach is enormous and practically all inclusive. In other words Jesus, the real Jesus is not in their behavior and ways except for that stupid crucifix and an occasional reference to a miracle, parable or distortion of what he said. This is easy to prove. I’ll start with a few:

1) Jesus said to call no man your “Father” (Abba) in the context of they way he was using “Father” as he never spoke about his human father that we have no evidence existed. Yet all these priests go by Father this and Father that.

2) Jesus said when you pray go into your closet to pray in secret so your Heavenly Father could answer you in secret – and what do we see – all these group prayers and priests and pastors leading their congregations in prayer. The way they got around  this was to close your eyes and bow your head.  Jesus also said to NOT use vain repetitions and what have those prayers they teach but worthless words. (That’s not to say some who use them don’t feel what they are saying. It’s personal but the point is that it instills a mindset that is less than real and in relationship to one’s Heavenly Father.  Ti and Do did give their students a few “mantra’s” and “meditations” but they were relative to the current lesson step and could be depended upon to mean what the words said which also was the way it was for Jesus disciples and those that became students who Jesus “delegates” (apostles) shared what Jesus taught them to think, say and do. But after those students lost their vehicles the accuracy of what Jesus taught began to disappear even faster than after he exited because the eye witnesses to the truth were gone. Then when it became meshed with the government in Rome that imposed further distortions to where those words in the Lords Prayer still can mean a lot to some while a big part of their meaning has been smothered by all else that was added in dogma and misinformation.

3) confession: When you trespass against someone, for instance say you are “angry with your brother [sister]” “without cause”, which would then be a sin, Jesus said to go to that person and apologize, but what do they have you do – go to confessional where you may or may not be told to go make amends and then they mislead you to  think they have the authority to forgive your sin against another.

4) Jesus said when you give, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing – in other words, it’s not a planned giving and nor was it meant to be a percentage of your income as they instruct.

5) Jesus said not to try to look holy nor when you are fasting smear ashes on your face, yet the Catholics still have that ash Wednesday ritual.

6) we were not to bow down to graven images and yet they have all those statues and people all over the world hang them on their car mirrors or have bobble heads and many pray to those statues and the dead body of the student of Jesus who Jesus didn’t say to pray to either of. It was really simple. Pray to your Father in Heaven.

7) Then there is all this Mary stuff – praying to Mary – the same deal – a student of Jesus at best. Now  those are some of the obvious distortions. The bigger ones surround teaching these things to others. That according to Jesus is an unforgivable sin because it is influencing someone to think they are relating to their Heavenly Father by participating in a religious ceremony and giving them money and seeking their advise and doing the things they came up with to do.

The truth is that Francis is ushering in the One World Religion whether he thinks of it that way or not. The Holy See is a sovereign state that the Vatican city state is under. Technically the Holy See doesn’t own all the assets in the Vatican Bank but the Holy See and the Cardinals are all the top dogs in the organization that manages those holdings. Yes he is saying things that hardly anyone can not find pleasing to hear and thus giving hope they say – having lunch with a few homeless. It’s a show. I’m not saying he’s not genuine – it’s just that what he is genuine about is not demonstrating anything Jesus was genuine about which means he is literally anti-Jesus and anti the Christing (overcoming process).

Now it’s not for me to judge him personally but it is for me and anyone else who sees through these distortions to reveal them when it seems someone wants to know. All this is allowed by the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the Older Members of which were called Heavenly Fathers, (called that because they dwell among the literal heavens) because it provides us with choices of what to believe and to whom to show our allegiance – to humans or to the Next Level Older members, whom many think of as their Heavenly Father.

These are actual real people being referred to by that identification to help us see them as our parents. There were actually two among us, the One called the Father and the one called the Son who was in the vehicle named Jesus ~2000 years ago, but this time the Father came in a female vehicle and took the name Ti and came to get her Son going who took a male vehicle and took the name Do.

The Pope said the Family was all important. Jesus was not a proponent of the human family as he wanted us to be able to outgrow our humanness to become a new Being with a NEW FAMILY OF THESE OLDER MEMBES AND OUR FELLOW STUDENT GRADUATES. Those graduates are the only genuine “saints”, to include anyone who gives their all to their Heavenly Father now trusting they will get the help to detach from their human roots, something all must do anyway when we die so this way it’s accepting that ahead of time and trusting Them to help us through.

Giving 100% doesn’t look like joining some religious order or talking all holy all the time or not having any fun. It simply means one wants to become putty in the Older Members hands and let them provide us with what we do and what is fun knowing that it’s a process to overcome our humanness and it’s no one else’s business but it includes “working for the Older Members” which at this time for those that know about them means working for Ti and Do even though they are no longer incarnate. That is done by studying all they said which is all freely available and applying as much as we choose as fast as we choose while talking to them and “taking a stand” for our belief in them and what they taught.

Ti and Do will let you know they have heard you if you ask them. There are no leaders, nor group, no membership in some cult or society, no rituals, no one to give money to and thus no corruption. Some things will be hard to believe but if you connect to Ti and Do and ask for help you will begin to trust in everything they said and did but that of course won’t be easy.  It’s actually making application to join their team and they don’t need new team members. It’s simply why they design “gardens” – to offer their real next evolutionary kingdom to humans who know this is right for them to pursue. They know what they have is worth it so it’s their joy to offer it to us.

To add to the idea of this being the prophetic harvest moon turned into blood red:

I could be wrong but I at this time believe tonight’s blood moon is not just another, but considering all else that’s been happening as signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars as Jesus said would accompany this time, this may be the prophetic one. Here are the three prophecies about this:

Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day ((age, time period)) of the LORD come.

Acts 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day ((age, time period)) of the Lord come:

The Acts are not Jesus words necessarily but “terrible” also means “revered” and “awful” as in demonstrating things to be full of awe about.

Revelation 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

This next application of a moon becoming blood may happen for another reason from the eclipse but it’s possible it could be the next one like happened tonight on 9/27/2015 which is said to not occur again for 33 years.

That is very interesting actually as the evidence I’ve seen for the last 7th angels trumpet sounding was in the National Geographic’s special, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate” – They even named it “final” to go with the last of 7 trumpets sounding – perhaps a coincidence or perhaps part of the Next Level crews legwork that I know they do. That was aired on October 17, 2008, a little less than 7 years ago. If that marked the start of the next “hour”, with an “hour” Next Level time equal to approximately 40 earth years then that would put the next blood moon at the time of this sixth seal’s opening in Rev 6:12 where we are currently about to enter the 4th seals opening following the Black horse Obama’s 3rd seal opening and the (red and blue led) global financial crisis as indicated related to wall street that followed the 2nd seals opening with G.W. Bush’s Red (Masonic color/Republican led Ruddy endless global war on terror that followed the Rev 11 “great shaking” as the 9/11 attacks that followed Do and crews first seal opening when they conquered their humanness by laying down their human vehicles to graduate the human kingdom (for some graduate to their next station towards graduation from the human kingdom as Do indicated some may have to return for further lessons incarnate (after the recycling)).

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11 Responses to “Blood Moon – Harvest (Ceres lights/Pluto related) Moon & Pope Francis anti-Jesus message”

  1. Julius Defauw Says:

    what is heavens gate 2? can you send me info about it?

    • sawyer Says:

      heaven’s gate 2 is a fraud. There is no heavens gate 2 and there won’t be a legitimate heaven’s gate 2. Where did you hear about it?

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Sawyer, maybe the person inquiring about this the creator of Heaven’s Gate 2 himself, which may be Tim all along.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know. I just responded to another of your comments about what you said in that regard.

      • Julius Defauw Says:

        results came up for heaven’s gate 2 so i wondered if any of it ws for new group. from this it looks like there is no more heavens gate. thanks

      • sawyer Says:

        There is no more “classroom” with the Older Members incarnate. That time has passed. However, the “gate” is Do, just like Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, so that’s today’s “classroom” to appeal to him in that name to be in his “group”. Whether that ever means some who have this common “family” connection or not get together somewhere to have that community or not is not for me to say but I don’t believe that is Do’s intention for us who remain – as it would prevent us from doing the task he’s left for us to do – to disseminate their information as was the task after Jesus left.

        When do talked about the ways to “leave with us” he didn’t define when he would leave entirely. Yes for those that wanted to be with him on his crew, one had to leave as they left, but as far as we can tell that door isn’t closed because leaving with them meant being “saved” from the recycling of both vehicles and souls and spirits that don’t choose to show Ti and Do their allegiance before they die. Each will be rewarded with what they earned. I know some Christians hate to hear that it’s that logical that you only get what you put into it.

        I have talked about a “second harvest” relative to Revelations chapter 14 and other Revelations prophecy yet to be fulfilled that Ti and Do did indicate would all be fulfilled. Since years have passed since they left one can think nothing more is left to happen but the truth is that there is a huge amount left to happen – the reason for the Lights on Ceres and Pluto’s “spots” that look like hanger bay doors and huge white glowing objects hovering over the sun bigger than many earths, unmistakable as anything run of the mill. Some pics of that are on my facebook page and the video can be found on youtube. Ask me and I’ll send you links. And many other events as “signs in the sun, moon, stars (planets), comets, etc. What’s happening is giving each person on the globe opportunity to take their own next best step towards their next classroom experience. Many are always called but as Jesus said, only a few are chosen. Choice is a two way street. We as vehicles are chosen for whatever reasons and we then can choose to seek answers that if we persist will lead to the last incarnate members from the Next Level in belief and abiding by their behavior and ways.

        Maybe none of this was on your mind, but just in case, I wanted to explain more as my saying that about a second harvest may have been what stimulated whoever created that hoax called “heavens gate 2”. I don’t know and don’t care however the idea was stimulated. There will be more such hoaxes that’s for sure but the classroom wasn’t intended to have a repeat of Ti and Do’s classroom until after the spading and recycling has completed which is also depicted in the Revelations after 1000 years after this current phase is “done” which will be complete within the lifetime of those who were alive to see the truth about Ti and Do.

  2. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Sorry. Typed too fast and missed a word or two. Let me rephrase my statement: “Sawyer, maybe the person inquiring about this, is the creator of Heaven’s Gate 2 himself, which may be Tim all along.” Julius, a new Heaven’s Gate Classroom circumstance cannot begin at the beginning of an Age, but rather near the End of an Age. The Next Level knows exactly when it will send a Rep or Reps, usually in pairs of individuals, to show a human civilization the proper formula of how to get out of the Human Kingdom and into a Level Above Human. This “Heaven’s Gate 2” goes totally contrary to that and the things “Do” (Doe) talked about. Read my post on Heaven’s Gate 2 on my blog “XF97” entitled “Heaven’s Gate 2: Inspired of God, or Inspired of Satan?”

    • sawyer Says:

      re: Julius as the creator of heavens gate 2 as you suggested might be:

      I don’t try to “read” people, not in person nor in these comments. I have to say that is a Next Level way, though I’m not saying I am doing it as Ti and Do would. I just know in the classroom setting, they went by what a person said in a question not what they read into what they said, though their answer was at times by their admission not necessarily what the person thought they were asking about. In other words they answered with what came to their minds to say, regardless of the words used to asks the question. I don’t think that was “reading” them. Now perhaps I’m misinterpreting your comment that “maybe this the person who created heavens gate 2”. Sure, maybe it is, but I’d rather be wrong about responding to him without that suspicion as otherwise why even respond to comments and questions at all as any of them can be “loaded”. I don’t mind being “had” or fooled or tricked. We don’t even know whether whoever created heavens gate 2 is still not a potential believer in Ti and Do giving into influences. Maybe it’s unlikely but as long as what someone says doesn’t hint of behavior and ways outside of Ti and Do’s and I don’t have reason to be suspicious about, I will just treat a question as a question and nothing more.

      Re: what you directed to Julius:

      I’d be very, very careful of saying what the Next Level will or won’t do. If there is something Do said that gives you an impression then maybe you can quote it, or if you see something Jesus said that gave you an impression then maybe you could say, what Jesus said.

      That would be following the “17 steps”, of “can I deliver instructions or do they change according to my own computer and interpretation” (paraphrased but can be looked up). I may be wrong but in disseminating what Ti and Do said and did, that to me is their instruction for us.

      I know you could think I don’t follow my own advise on this and I’m not saying I’m 100% on track in this way, so welcome hearing from someone who questions things I say as to the source and it will help me stay on that straight and narrow better when I get off as I certainly will at times.

      You said, “The Next Level knows exactly when it will send a Rep or Reps, usually in pairs of individuals, to show a human civilization the proper formula of how to get out of the Human Kingdom and into a Level Above Human.”

      Wasn’t Jesus the only Older Member incarnate, as was Moses and Elijah and Enoch according to Ti? There were no two incarnate then were there?

      Didn’t Ti and Do say from the start that this was an “experiment” and that the human responses were choices made that the Next Level doesn’t second guess because that’s why it’s an experiment – it’s something they respond to as it’s occurring. I’m not saying they don’t have a plan that has some very specific start and end points. But as Ti and Do said they don’t have “time” as on Earth but they do have “time” as “events”.

      So, if we don’t have anything they said that talks about when and how they will come back again then why guess about it. I know I can be faulted in certain “guessing” but hopefully not seemingly out of the blue. For instance I have talked about a return of Do and crew (not incarnate) because of Rev 19 (that Christians think is the return of Jesus (not aware that the Two Witnesses were the incarnate stage that their belief in or not could align them with the new thinking and behaving during the time before this next return, that seems to say Do would be using a vehicle, “dipped in blood” that to me might mean it’s the same vehicle that Jesus took with him on board the spacecraft, as Do’s vehicle may not be considered one, “dipped in blood”. That return doesn’t seem to indicate his coming looking like the same vehicle he had while incarnate as Do. And Do did say on the Beyond Human tapes that something close to, “if Jesus returns he will NOT be showing his scars to anyone” (correct me if I am wrong on that). What does he mean by saying that if he is the same Soul who used the vehicle named Jesus? A further clue to that is alluded to early on in their statement in the back of the book, UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” talking about the “seventh coming”… being “Jesus” which to me seems to be a type of third verification that given the Jesus changed over vehicle ascended into the spacecraft with his physical body after proving to at least 11 disciples he was still physical before he left, that, that is the same vehicle coming back, even though humans alive at that time may never see him in that vehicle because he’s coming “in his glory” and still “as a thief” as it says in Rev 16, where glory is an indication of “brilliance of light” (and other sayings of Jesus verify), though often have multiple applications, but repeating, like Do said.. “not to be seen” as that same vehicle “showing his scars”, etc.

      So I am suggesting that they may not send a pair – I don’t know what is “usual” in that context. And it’s not clear to me if it’s after the 1000 years. I still have to examine that better to look for the clues of that next return. There’s a bunch I’m not saying on this. But if I didn’t say it, I don’t know that the Next Level knows “exactly when” yet but then I suppose “exactly” might mean the “hour, day, month and year” or maybe you mean that as exactly as within a thousand year time but if it’s an experiment they will act when they feel it’s the right time, not before and not after, that is not for us to know exactly as far as I can tell.

      The only reason I can see this all as important to try to get right is to provide all the Christians who have combed over these scriptures with a fine tooth comb yet one more way of legitimately by proper translation and interpretation in context as best possible, perhaps the last opportunity to see Ti and Do in these prophecies though it may be more for those who believe in Ti and Do to deal with to accelerate our exit by as they see even what might be proof as blasphemy which many will no matter how much proof we can offer, which I have already seen a great deal of proof of over the last 14 years I’ve been talking to Christians about it.

    • sawyer Says:

      I wanted to add to my previous reply to this comment you directed to “Julius”, by saying, I am definitely very guilty of stating things I don’t know about as if I do. I knew I did it but since responding to your comment, especially in the book I’m writing I’m constantly aware of liberties I’m taking in many statements. However, and perhaps an excuse in interpreting these heavily symbolic writings that I do firmly believe all have literal application rather than more symbolic as a number of human interpreters I see do, I am going to make mistakes that I catch in the edit and proofreading so try to make more accurate by stating what “seems to be the case” in many instances. There is an inherent problem with one thinking they have a grasp on Next Level thinking then becoming full of themselves in this regard. The truth is that I wasn’t good at second guessing what Ti and Do would say and thus what the Next Level thinks while I was in the classroom and I’m not any better at it now, but it is part of the process to try to arrive at what Ti and Do would say and do in any given circumstance hoping to be corrected when we stray in that regard. When Jesus talked about the “straight and narrow”, if it was easy to stay on that straight and narrow pathway then I guess it wouldn’t be said as a goal. Of course depending on who is reading or listening to what any of say, we will always be seen as saying things we don’t really know, even quoting Ti and Do who many will say didn’t know anything, so we can probably get bogged down in trying to be 100% correct in the words we choose when in many cases it makes no difference to the reader as they don’t or hardly believe in what we do feel certain about because of belief in the source. But it’s certainly a good thing to be reminded of this and to try harder to stick to the ideas and examples Ti and Do and active students have provided. One can see this effort in Stmody’s papers to where things it seems we could be confident to say because we know it came from our Older Members mind are still said as if we are wondering about it’s accuracy. Ti and Do used to say they knew what they knew and they knew what they didn’t know but they knew where to go to learn what it was they didn’t know. But it also involves using our “feeler”, another of their words which I have to say I have experienced many times where I was saying something and it went off that I was into territory I had no business in. That used to happen quite a bit to me while on the air on blogtalkradio shows I did for a while.

  3. Woraufhin Says:

    When is the book you have been working on due to be published?

    • sawyer Says:

      About 9 weeks after I submit my manuscript. At this point I believe I’m realistically month to month so at the earliest my submission will be December. It’s all editing now to trim it down to fit the maximum size, though will be an ebook that will be for sale on some retailers but I will also post as a free download and/or post the sections on this blog.

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