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October 30, 2015

Here is a link to an interview the webmasters I’m calling M and S gave to Following the link I included my responses. Those responses should be on the web site as well. In my responses I say certain things M and S said or didn’t say were misleading. I am not implying they intended to mislead, but that sort of thing can I believe begin to slip in, so I hope if they read this they can take it as what might hopefully be helpful criticism and I am open to hearing any criticisms of what I say from them or anyone for that matter and I will see if the “shoe fits”.

An Interview With the Heaven’s Gate Webmaster: Meet Telah, 61

Part One of three of response to M and S interview:

Thank you to the writer and editor for sticking to the facts that have been increasingly distorted as we speak. However, as to the answers to your questions I would like to provide you with my version as I joined Ti and Do from the same meeting in Waldport, Oregon as the ones you interviewed in September of 1975 and was in Ti and Do’s classroom with them until they were told to leave the classroom in 1987 and can be seen in my youth in 3 of the “Beyond Human – The Last Call” video tapes Do had us make in 1992 and was aware of some of the communications with these two in 1993-4 that included offering them a return to the class option if they were willing to abide by the lesson step entitled, “I could be wrong” that they didn’t want to abide by and became the reason they were told to leave. Then I was assigned to be an overseer with my partner of one of the four groups we broke into to bring Ti and Do’s information to the public in a face to face way, for the second time in 19 years throughout the U.S. that began on 01/01/94 and ended in September of that same year which is when all those who were still committed members to include new members were informed by Do that “we might have to exit our vehicle by our own hand”.

We got back to California from where we ended up in Massachusetts and Do told us about the plan to drink a drug mixture to exit our vehicles and went one by one around the room of about 40 something students asking each if they had any reservations. Some did and left the next day or two after that, still in September of 1994. I had no reservations but I was not the person I had been for 18 years before that. It’s a long story that I have made public on my blog and my youtube channel: 3spm and other places, but the way I fell was by starting to masturbate, not having even thought about it before that, which was a response to having the ego to ask Ti who was outside her vehicle, but who Do told us we could talk to directly, for a more difficult task like Do had. In other words, she took me for what I asked for and sent me a “booger” (we called our assigned advasaries (satans meaning)) a bigger one than I had been assigned, one that perhaps Do dealt with that I seemed to have no power to resist or even want to resist or even to ask help to resist. Here I had been an overseer in many assignments over the years and then of a group and I was a primary speaker at the 1994 meetings in about a dozen big cities in the U.S., did radio, TV and print media interviews at that time while breaking the biggest rules in the group that were grounds to be asked or told to leave – that of giving into sensuality and then the second biggest reason to be asked or told to leave the group – that of hiding it – being deceitful by not surfacing my “major slippage” (what in the archaic terms would be a sin). Some of my fellow students looked upon me as a good example of Next Level behaviors and ways.

I was often assigned by Do to be a helper to others who were having various difficulties in their conquering of the influences that they needed to gain strength of mind by working against giving into. Do saw my separateness a week or so after I began to fall and asked me what was going on and I spilled my gut to him and he asked me what I wanted to do and I said, I need to expose it to the group which I did and Do said sometimes failure is the hardest lesson to rise above. So I was taken off of the overseer task but then a week or two later Do asked me to perform another overseer task and I told him I couldn’t as I’d be a hypocrite, so he asked me what I wanted to do and I said, “I guess I have to leave”. He replied, “you want to get more objective.” He had me pass the phone to another student and he told her I was leaving and told her to tell the others not to try to talk me out of it because I knew what I was doing. Later Do asked me where I wanted to go and I said I was thinking of taking a bicycle and riding it east. He suggested going to stay with these two in this interview and had the pursers give me $600.00 cash and bought me a plane ticket to Arizona. I was actually relieved to leave, not because there was any abuses or things I wanted to do that I couldn’t do in the group. I had no desires to do anything else. I just wasn’t face with my own hypocrisy.

It took me ten years to know why I left as I’ve stated and in retrospect I see so many signs of how I though of myself as special, stemming from being a youngster and seeing all those Jesus movies that depicted him as a hero. I wanted to be that hero yet I didn’t have a clue what that kind of hero would encounter and how they would never think of themselves in that way. It was a human egotistical way of seeking to be an elevated being others would look up to. I still see that influence with me at times but his characteristics are quite apparent though it’s easy for that Luciferian space alien fallen angel mind to creep in and especially when one has begun a relationship with the same living beings who are the chief administrators of garden earth and who I can offer proof of to anyone who dares to look into, but that is not important to me for anyone else to see value in because I was given another chance after they left to conquer my boogers.

Now I can pick apart a lot of what these two said but three points stand out in addition to not talking about why they were left behind. One is calling oneself by the name of Telah, when it’s clear that abbreviation means, “The Evolutionary Level Above Human”. That would be equivilent to taking the name, “Kingdom of God” or Kingdom of Heaven”, which really more accurately would be translated to “Kingdom of Deities” at the least and “Kingdom in the literal heavens (sky to outerspace elevated areas)”. How can one or two people have one name that represents a Kingdom of Older Members that includes the Chief of Chiefs, the Oldest Member of the Next Level? When I saw that it blew me away, not because it’s a name but because that seems to me to be the same booger who overcame me and my vehicle with myself, the reason he fell away and after being given many opportunities to change went more and more against his Older Members to where he became imprisoned on earth, though useful as a catalyst to challenge upcoming graduates.

Obscurity can have it’s place to try to protect us from those that might do us harm when we have done nothing wrong against the Creators of our world, the Next Level Older Members. But why not be straight forward and say, “my name is “M” and my partners name is “S” for instance or whatever names they choose. Both of them are 61 and one is male and the other is female. When someone like us is doing anything public taking names we weren’t born with is a good thing that Ti and Do taught us, because we don’t want to be interfered with and we don’t want our vehicles families to be adversely affected by our choices when we know there will be some who will hate us.

Then to say “There is no heaven or hell, only an endless cycle of reincarnation” is totally against what Ti and Do taught and anyone can easily prove it by many things Ti and Do and Crew said that you can find posted on This is the slant that booger or the equivilent booger puts on the truth to present a facsimile, because Luci for instance, according to Ti and Do resents the Next Level for imprisoning him on earth and will do anything he can do to strike back at the Next Level and plus he needs “souls” and compatible vehicles to his thinking to be his associates.

Part Two of three of response to M and S interview:

Do said the earth is going to be spaded, recycled. He said the earth itself is still a good planet but that the current civilization have become infested by the weeds, what Jesus called “tares” that are actually taking one another out as we speak, the reason we will see more and more corruption and killing in the U.S. from within, because the Heaven’s Gate graduates have exited, so the environment is no longer protected for their sakes and they also turn up the heat, the truth that forces each of us to become exactly what we are. If we thought nasty thoughts – thoughts about doing harm to others, now they can hardly contain themselves to act those thoughts out. And the alchemist meds many are addicted to compound the issues.

No heaven? That sounds like John Lennon, “imagine there’s no heaven, easy if you try” – well I know a friend of a channeler of John Lennon and she says he says the same things now. That’s because the mindset we die with we continue to act out and bring as an influence to others. Now of course we should be civilized enough to not kill one another, to have peace in the way we treat one another. That is the way of the Next Level members to be kind and considerate but that is a toddler lesson step – “thou shall not kill”. Jesus updated that to “turn the other cheek” so that was great that Mahatma Ghandi did and Martin Luther King did and others. But the overall task was to “love the lord god with all your heart all your mind, all your soul and all your strength” that these other lesson steps would lead up to. Saying there is no heaven is like saying, “imagine there’s no planets, no sun above us, above us only nothingness”. The reason turning the other cheek is a lesson step because when one loses their vehicle adhering to a Next Level lesson step as that, means They take that Mind/Spirit into one of their spacecrafts and give it a new task and even a new vehicle because it is the “Mind/Spirit” that is what the garden produces for the Next Level. They don’t need us but it’s their joy to offer what they know they have that is very, very real but it’s a place of work that’s a hoot to be a part of.

No Hell? Hell as it’s used in Revelations 6:8, a huge verse to understand among current events comes from the greek “hades” which is also seen as the equivilent to Pluto. Hell in it’s figurative definition is a place of no return having no longer the potential to become a member of the Next Level. Hades is the Greek god of the under world – It was interesting when the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto this past July and took pictures that showed Pluto to be very much like earth minus the oceans. It has a blue atmosphere, geysers, red ice mountains, deep caverns, a huge white smooth spot and 4 rectangular shaped 200 mile wide black spots that are equidistantly spaced from one another so they look like 4 black piano keys. This is most intersting in light of the movie script Ti and Do directed in 1982 that they said was “fiction based on the truth” where Pluto was a spacecraft that inside it had a scale living model of the earth with observatins decks and stationary spacecrafts at each of four corners. (The four winds?) And they said on it’s north pole that by the way would face away from us as Pluto is on it’s side, there was a huge circular louvered door that would open and close to allow spacecrafts to come and go from. I don’t know if the implication comes across.

And speaking of that Rev 6:8 verse where there is a “green horse” depicted, green actually comes from the greek chloros like chlorine the green powder that kills bacteria (weeds) and represents “harvest green” and the Dawn spacecraft is actually as we speak I believe still orbiting dwarf planet Ceres, named after the roman goddess of the harvest who is the same greek goddess Demeter. I say Do was the Rev 6:2 one sitting on his white horse, the vehicle he made pure but also is seen as white skinned while that was followed by G.W. Bush as red horse a Luciferian space alien is sitting on that brings endless war and that was followed by the black horse Obama a Luciferian was sitting on whose task was to try to ride herd the two beasts (the U.S. and the E.U.) involving the financial crisis that involved the stock market’s commodities prices of “wheat and barley” with lots to say about all this leading up to the next US beast president who will in many ways be GREEN.

I’ve got no beef with M and S actually. We learned to deal with criticism – to wear the shoe if we examine it and it fits. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

There is no group anymore, like M and S said and suicide never was a solution. In fact one of the classmembers wrote a paper saying that killing one’s vehicle to escape difficult lessons is the real waste as we need our vehicles to learn our lessons. The human kingdom was created as a stepping stone into the Next Level. Suicide is separating ourselves from the Next Level creators of it all because then we won’t be given further opportunities to live both in a human vehicle at the next classroom with an incarnate Older Member which will not then become the opportunity to graduate into the Level Above Human where real life really begins because we are then no longer temporary plant lifeforms. But the formula to please the Older Member which is like pleasing one’s professor, is to “give our life”. How, when and where is up to us but a huge step in that direction in this life is to choose to put yourself in the Next Levels hands, asking to become one of their upcoming students and trusting they will help us separate from our humanness in a way we can handle. There is no pie in the sky. We need to show them we mean business by working for them. That work at this time is to “stand for Ti and Do”, study and believe in all they said and did. We are not going to necessarily understand everything but it will come in time. Events will be helping us towards this kind of choice of who to make our master. We are all going to lose our vehicles eventually. It’s a matter of whose service we are in when we lose our vehicle. Since you all have heard about Ti and Do you are on the spot but each is judged according to what they were given whether they heard about Ti and Do or not.

May Ti and Do’s force be with you all, but you’ve got to ask them for it if you want it.

Part Three of three of response to M and S interview:

This is also a misleading thing to say, “In the mid-’90s, we served as their communication center, which we still do today.” Maybe it’s the way I read it as implying they receive current communication from Ti and Do and Crew and then distribute that to others, which is not the case. They have the task to maintain the web site and respond to queries but anyone who distributes Ti and Do’s information is also then a communication “center”. One should ask them if they are the communication center how come after all these years they don’t provide the hundreds of audio meeting tapes Ti and Do made for the student body from 1982 to 1997. We actually do have about 218 of these but it was against their will that we have them, a long story I don’t care to get into. I have most of the communications they received a short time before the group left because they didn’t want the task at first so turned it over to another dropout believer named rkkody who later layed down his life but not before he made digital copies of 200 or so of the tapes and sent them to people, me included.

Saying 8 were “left behind” is misleading too. All who didn’t leave were dropouts. We left the group. They didn’t leave us until it was clear we didn’t want to be with them. There were zero left behind to carry out tasks but it’s the Next Level way to take advantage of those that still want to serve, even if they can’t make the grade of being in the classroom. We are seeing how the truth becomes distorted in seemingly little ways to where even those who are doing the distortion don’t recognize it necessarily or ignore or think it’s not important to be real wordy about.

I don’t know where the number 8 and 4 came from. But where does the number start and stop. There were about 100 who were students in 1976 when meetings were called to a hault by Ti saying “the harvest is closed”. Ti and Do sent 19 of those out of the group saying they weren’t ready telling the remaining group they “made the first cut”. By 1978 there were no more than 60 original “odys”. That name extension represented those who Ti and Do said were “adopted”. By 1993 that number was down to 24, I suspect mostly representing the prophecy of the 24 elders. Then some who had left were given the option to return and it rose to around 32 that didn’t include M and S. A few more rejoined in 1994 and maybe a dozen new members joined in 1994 but then I fell away as did a few other rejoiners and some of the new ones left to end up with the 38. So I would guess at about 70 total who took a stab at graduating which is interesting in the fact that Jesus had 70 to 82 to 90 something students, counting some of the female disciples we know about.

When M and So were asked, “Where are your directives coming from? Were they left behind for you by leadership prior to their journey?” and they said, “From the Next Level. They left very specific instructions.” that to me is also misleading. Why not say, most of the communications were from Do’s “helpers” that included Lvvody, Jnnody, Lggody and Jwnody and perhaps others like Sngody and Evnody or to keep it short by “Do’s crew of students”. That’s like a politician being asked who voted on the bill and they say, “congress”. I know M told me Do also talked to them but I know the letters that were their primary communication were signed by “helpers” or “pursers” if I recall correctly.

When M and So were asked, “What’s the next step for you? For Heaven’s Gate?” and they answered, “We are to take care of this task. We don’t know when we will rejoin them.” may be assuming a lot. I don’t know if any of the dropouts have it made. Do spoke about “three types of people who would go with them” when the rest are recycled. Primary that included those who had sufficiently completed their metamorphosis (overcoming of humanness) as he referred to the 38 as qualifying. The second type were those who began their metamorphosis but didn’t have the strength to sufficiently complete it to receive significant Next Level service so would have to return to the human kingdom after the recycling to finish. The third group are those who never hear about Ti and Do but are separating from the world in their own way. It seems apparent that we who dropped out who still believe would have to be included in the second type but whether we are satisfactorily “separating from our humanness” and making “significant changes” as Do said as well and “standing for Ti and Do and accepting the consequences” another description of all the types relative to what they were given as Jesus also said was the criteria is frankly not for us to know. After all just like we see in Christianity and Jesus talked about, many will say, “Lord Lord, we prophecy in your name….” but he said he doesn’t know them. Saying the words is a small part and can even morph to “taking the name of the lord in vain”.

When M and S said, “They periodically come down to this planet to check in on this civilizations development.” – Sure that’s true but “check development” is one heck of a lackadaisical image. They are consciously working like crazy doing all things that it takes to bring a group of souls to graduation. Nothing happens by itself when it comes to some souls choosing to grow towards graduation. They are intricately involved with “tagging” human vehicles they plan to “take over” for their task. Before that they work on the human kingdom to produce vehicles that can be a “match” for returning Souls to take over. They work with all levels of life. Ti and Do said it was move up time for all levels of life.

On the question; “I found the statement against suicide on the website fascinating. Why did Heaven’s Gate decide to put this statement out there?”

They knew suicide was what many or even most humans would call what they did, but they knew that really wasn’t accurate in their case but it goes to understanding what LIFE really is – all from the perspective of the Creators in the Level Above Human, which is apparent in the way Jesus also defined life as being (existing) in his Older Members Kingdom, in that record contextually, with and in service to his “Father (Older Member) in the literal heavens (outer space dwelling places)”. Thus death is the opposite – not being in the literal Kingdom in the heavens with one’s Older Members.

Of course if one doesn’t believe in any of this then none of this makes sense. But Ti and Do and Crew of students believed in it 100% and most of the students had been with Ti and Do since 1975 when they were ready to give their life then because they felt like they recognized the truth of what Ti and Do said.

Ti and Do considered every way they might return and every way their students might go to the Next Level, thinking of it in a number of ways, at first thinking they and their students would go back with their human physical bodies.

Even in their last days in those bodies they tried to be prepared for Ti (who was already outside her human body since 1985) to take them with their physical bodies if that was her choice. That’s why they packed a small travel bag with a change of clothes and had their passports and a little money – $5.75 – the amount that came from what Samuel Clemmons writing as Mark Twain said was the fare to ride the tail of Halley’s comet to heaven. He wrote that and produced a short movie that Edison actually filmed called “Captain Stormfields trip to heaven”. We also always had a procedure when leaving our “craft” (what we called the house we lived in) to take $5.00 in case of emergency for a phone call for instance. That’s what I told some reporters the $5.75 probably was which I later learned was wrong.

The companion that was filmed by the Hawaii and a Japanese observatory proven to not be a star in the background of the pic of Hale Bopp wasn’t the reason they chose to exit at that time as I believe your article stated. They even said this on the heaven’s gate web site. They said that the comet was the sign or marker they had been waiting for that told them when to exit.

By that time they had determined that humans against them were not going to do them in the way humans did to Jesus and his disciples.  They also had examined buying a boat and going into the sea to see if the Next Level would pick them up following seeing the cocoon movie and at that time considered exiting by sinking the boat if we weren’t picked up but Do nixed that idea though he did buy a boat we had docked in the Houston area for a while.

In 1989 or so Do instigated a fast on air. We were living outdoors at that time again in the Arizona desert just west of Phoenix. We had a bunch of trailers and two rows of tents that were all connected to one another to make two corridors. We had generators for lights and had two large satellite dishes and were watching all the news we could get from feeds and the evangelicals as we had been considering going public again as “who we are” as the return of the Father, Jesus and his students as promised. But Do wasn’t sure about doing another public mission so off into the desert we went and after one day on air Do changed the fast to add water. 12 days later Do stopped the fast.  I had been ready to curl up in bed and die then, though I learned that some weren’t thinking that was part of what we might do.

So we moved closer to Yuma with our camp and Do felt like we were to wait for a pickup, which was the second time we’d scheduled a specific day for pickup the first scheduled by Ti in about 1980. At that time, the pickup didn’t happen and Ti told Do she felt like she had “egg on her face”, but it didn’t change anything and interestingly some left after that as it had been 5 years since the group formed. In 1975 some students pressured Ti and Do for how long before they would leave. They always thought in terms of “months”. Reluctantly Ti said, “no more than 5 years” which she later regretted saying. But it didn’t phase their core students that there was no pickup and there was no pickup when Do scheduled it either and that didn’t phase the core students either.

Do also paid people to leave the class if they were only staying because it was more comfortable than trying to survive in what Ti called the “real world”. They knew they were creating a type of experimental world for us.

Before that there were two times that Ti and Do encouraged all of us to pay a visit to anyone in the world who had anxiety about us still as we had learned about a network of parents and siblings of our vehicles looking for us to include private investigators.

Most all of us flew somewhere in the U.S. for a weekend with our vehicle’s family. From that, one decided he wanted to leave the group. He returned and spoke with Do about it and I was assigned to partner with him and I don’t recall having much to report to Do. It wasn’t like I was a spy but if something occurred to me to talk about Do wanted to know about it.

So when we had no problems from humans who heard and saw us in our 1994 public meeting/media schedule all over the U.S. no matter how boldly we made the posters to say, it was the same one who was in the vehicle Jesus returned, Do felt like the only option remaining was to self exit as he couldn’t imagine waiting for each member to grow old and die to exit that way.

At one point in about 1990 Do contracted rocky mountain spotted fever and told some of us who visited him he knew that he could leave his vehicle then and that he asked Ti (who was outside her vehicle then) but Do knew was at times very close to him and at other times not so close, (however she might have accomplished that). He said, Ti said he could exit if he wanted to. But Do felt like he couldn’t abandon his task with the students.

A couple years before that he said to the students, “what if I’m not from the Next Level but am a well intended human? Would you all still want to be with me?”. I couldn’t imagine it. Some of the other students were quick to say it didn’t matter to them. I don’t think I knew what to think about it but it didn’t phase me to entertain the question.

In 1993 when the 90 men women and children of the Branch Davidians were murdered by the ATF/FBI I was sitting in Do’s craft with lvvody and jnnody and srrody (my partner at the time) and watching the story live on television. Do and all of us were shocked by it. Do later wondered aloud whether his students would be so dedicated to die for what they believed in, though he didn’t agree with David Koresh at all. It also made him consider if we might exit by provoking the government by having a gun. That was a test to hear but it made me wonder how dedicated was I. I put it on the back burner until it became a reality. I didn’t have a problem with it as I knew we wouldn’t actually try to harm anyone.

In 1996 they were building an earthship house (out of tires) on a property they bought southeast of Albuquerque and they had at least one rifle that strody (then a grey haired woman in her 60’s) did some target shooting of as they were still wondering if they might exit in that way.

They left that gun in storage.

Then in 1995 Rio reported that they were near Tucson and one night 3 students saw two small 4 ft tall looking white beings in the craft. They each saw these two from a different angle. Three other students including Rio felt they dreamed about these two beings in the craft. One report was they were standing by one students bunk where they were sleeping and felt they were helping her. That next morning Do and the overseers were all really smiling a lot and Do felt it was the visit he was hoping the students would raise their vibrations to be able to see.

I equate that with Jesus being visited by two beings of that similar description where three students saw them. That was called the “transfiguration”. Ti and Do felt that was when Jesus had completed changing over his body into a next level body inside.

Ti said early on that you don’t have to die to go to the Next Level. In that context “die” referred to exiting one’s human vehicle, but one does have to “change over” into a Member of the Next Level to go without dropping the vehicle as evidenced in the records by Enoch, Moses and Elijah and in a different context Jesus as his vehicle was healed from it’s dead condition and then he demonstrated taking that same body that was still physical but had new functions into the spacecraft cloaked by the clouds. He said, “I am not a spirit… a spirit doesn’t have flesh and bones”. He ate with them. He let them touch his body and see the remnant of the wounds. And yet he could change his vibrations so that he was invisible to them which one can imagine being like a chameleon against the invisible but very real atmosphere of our  human environment.

Ti and Do initially taught and this never changed, that the human condition was like a caterpillar world and how a caterpillar had the capacity in it to build itself a cocoon to then put all it’s energy into the chrysalis condition which is equivilent to a human being separated from their human world as Jesus and Ti and Do’s students were required to do to be students which meant leaving all that constituted their life at that time – their family, house, career goals, even likes and dislikes to put all their energy into the “process” that was actually the “christing” process as a Christ was someone who “overcame the human world”. If you actually break it down it is an “anointed one” where anointing was the process of “pressing” the oil from the olive. Thus the olive is the human vehicle and the press is putting pressure to extract Next Level Mind through it’s usage. Mind is synonymous with “spirit”. The Next Level literally starts this process by giving select humans (many of them) what is actually a seed called a soul. Do called it a “pocket” or a “container” that wasn’t just a container. It was a smart container in that in had with it a set of programs that provided an interface to other Next Level Members. There are different forms of this container, aka a “chip” as in computer chip. Do said to envision this “soul” one would see the human body as a glass vase that had one balloon extending out of it from the top of the vase that was the container for human mind. When a human is given a “soul container” the vase has a second balloon extending out of it. The second container can only contain Next Level quality Mind. I am only remembering now how Ti used to often say about mixing Next Level and human behaviors and ways as “Oil and water don’t mix”. That is interesting because Jesus compared Water with the human being saying to his students they needed to be “born again of water” in order to be born of spirit/mind that we also know was related to oil.

I suspect Do took seeing those two beings in the craft as confirmation that his plan of exit was approved. I don’t know that and have nothing more to go on so could be wrong about that.

Do told the class he felt those who dreamed it had woke up and were told to go back to sleep.

Interestingly even seeing/dreaming that as the six did, didn’t stop a couple of the new students from the 1994 meetings from choosing to leave the class and one was Rio. He was the one who they sent the fedx that led to his going to their craft to discover their deceased vehicles and who was on the cover of people magazine after that.  Last I heard from him he said he was done with disseminating Ti and Do’s info following the book he published entitled “Beyond Human Mind”.

All this thinking was combined with knowing how Jesus had spoken about laying down one’s life as the greatest way to show love, also saying, “no man takes it (my life) from me – I have the power to lay it down and the power to take it back up again”.

So did Jesus commit suicide even though the high priests and government were the instruments. He chose to turn himself into those who he knew from many evidences wanted to kill him because he was causing their followers to think differently.

Ti and Do were not against euthanasia. They felt if someone was too sick to take advantage of life – to make choices to learn lessons and grow from them then they should be allowed to end their own life.

This idea that suicide is a mortal sin is a fabrication. The law to not kill another human was just that for a human to not kill another human. It had nothing to do with oneself though they were not in favor of suicide to escape dealing with difficult lessons, which is really a big part of the real meaning of suicide. I someone choose to run in front of another to take a bullet they are considered a hero, but if one chooses to self stimulate exit for their idea of God’s it’s fanaticism.

Ti’s exit by dying as Revelations 12 says of her (the woman) – “the earth opened up it’s mouth” to take her, which was a way people had spoke about going to the grave, I believe did introduce Do to considering how they might all exit.

Even in 1992 I was in Do’s quarters in his craft as I was helping move things into a truck as we were moving to another craft, I saw the book by the Hemlock society that is all about ways to kill oneself. Soon after that it became part of the student library though I don’t recall ever talking about it.

As they said, it was the timing of the hale bopp comet with the spring solstice, and ascension time that was their sign to go home by exiting their vehicles. The ascension did occur. It was a spirit birth, that’s unseen by human eyes except by understanding it which remains our choice.

Thus after all they went through, they felt called home by Ti regardless of whether the reported companion was there or not. Had then experienced all that and then chose not to follow through would be like saying “no” to Ti because at that point for them it was time to go so they could get on with the next part of the program.

That’s why I insist it was voluntary for them.

I  have been approached by at least 3 people who told me they believed in Ti and Do and wanted to exit because they were miserable in this corrupt world. I told them they could be making a huge mistake. They were trying to escape learning their lessons. We need these vehicles to learn our lessons through. Do left the option open but said anyone who feels to do that should go to the desert southwest and scream to their heavenly Father to know whether that is right for them.

As I was re-awakening, that included many dreams with Ti and Do and certain classmates helping me with, because I must have needed that help, I got up the courage to ask Do if I should prepare my vehicle to lay down my vehicle as they did. He came to me as clear as a bell the same night and said, “you need to give your life”. So that’s what I am attempting to do and am looking to them for help in each step.

M and S were asked, “Why do you choose to keep the Heaven’s Gate website up and running?” M and S response: “The information must be available to mankind, in preparation for their return.”

Yes, available, but NOT in preparation for their return, though there is a vague truth to that. It’s for NOW – for people now who come to their information and want to know more because the Next Level isn’t done. To not talk about this is denying Ti and Do’s intention all along. For instance why put out a statement, “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled”, a video Do made in September of 1996 that talks about “3 types of individuals” who can go with them, if it didn’t apply immediately, where he also talked about those in type 3 never having heard about Ti and Do? That means even if someone doesn’t ever see the web site or anything about Ti and Do, they can still qualify to “go with them”.

Now where it is correct to say, “when they return” relates to the records that Ti and Do said “In the seventh closeness… (they said they as the Two Witnesses were the sixth closeness) would be the “completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation” adding, “The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.” This was in “A Statement Prepared by The Two” in the book by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” that was exclusively about Ti and Do and that Ti and Do gave them interviews for. Now this Statement seems to have been written before their first public meetings that began in North Hollywood (Isaiahs “valley of vision” he referred to as Jerusalem) and thus some aspects seem to have had updates, though can also be seen in different ways and especially when one examines the Revelations in this light as it does seem that Do is returning in the vehicle he changed over that was named Jesus 2000 years ago, after the Next Level is “done” with providing hints and clues of their reality to the human kingdom.

When they had their first private meeting in North Hollywood in the home of a leader of a spiritual meditation group in early April 1975 to a packed house there were “several dozen” that wanted to know more so came to another meeting the next night and wanted to leave all behind to follow them which Do reported in “’88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew” they realized was “… adding up to “followers” – a big surprise and an idea not too welcome as far as Ti and Do were concerned!”. This is further evidence that Ti and Do at that stage in their awakening (a continuous planned but gradual process), before then didn’t think they were to have followers. They thought they would just share the information they were both receiving (separately) until they were “bumped off” as is one translation of the fate of the Two Witnesses in Revelations chapter 11, but turned out they were “shot down by the national press” – another valid interpretation I’ve written a great deal about on my blog.

I’m saying this because in Revelations 14 primarily there are two harvest periods depicted and in a number of places evidence that the first one was 42 students (38+4 later) and that they exited by “falling on their faces in service to deities” (Rev 11:16 and other places) while the second harvest was through the “winepress” that produces bloodshed. – in other words those who tell the truth and meet up with some who hate what they say and seek to kill them to stop them.

(now that hasn’t happened yet because that more or less begins starting with the 5th seal of revelations chapter 6 and we are just coming into the fourth seal with the next presidential election in the US.)

So it is true what M and S said about not knowing when that next return happens, but what was not said that needs to be said is that the criteria for who benefits from the content of the heaven’s gate web site and all the other ways in which people are coming to learn about Ti and Do IS preparation for their return but that prep starts now and will be seen the conclusion of during our normal lifetimes – (said in yet other places) which is getting close to that point, perhaps in the next decade or two even, where M and S made it sound (to me) like it was to become another religion that people would have time to study and make into careers and build cathedrals about – all Luciferian ways to dilute the truth though that the Next Level can make a positive out of.

New Media Lies about Heaven’s Gate debunked and Revelation 16:2 shows why increased violence in U.S.

October 29, 2015

There are two parts to this post. The first is in response to an article I provide the link to at the end of the first part that is one of most inaccurate stories I’ve seen in a real long time about Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate group, saying they deprived people of sleep to control them. The article by listed 5 cults. I don’t know about the other 4 cults but they started off with the Heaven’s Gate group that I do know about. It’s almost as if this article went out of their way to not get much of anything right. Even Wikipedia has more accuracy with the basics of the story of Ti and Do. I suspect the author has a beef with anyone who believes in anything outside what they can see with eyes or with a microscope or telescope and that’s fine and I could be wrong about that but the only other explanation for this story I can think of, is that it’s in response, perhaps subconsciously, (on the part of the author or whoever might be behind the author’s task to write it), to the fact that there are more people willing to take a look at what Ti and Do taught. In any case it provided another opportunity to point out how unreliable and biased some in the media can often be and also showed me by the comments to the article how many others are becoming increasingly aware of as well.

The second part of this post addresses the increases of violence in the U.S. in particular and some ideas of why that I doubt one will hear in many other places in this specific way, though I’m not claiming it’s a perfect explanation but it involves Rev 16:2.

Regarding the first part on alleged sleep deprivation: The truth is there was a very short period of time around 1980, some five years after most of us joined with Ti and Do not long after we moved into houses from living outdoors in the wild for years in Wyoming in summer and Texas in the winter, when Ti and Do (the teachers) did experiment with us (the students that chose to follow them) by changing sleep and eating patterns among many things. The primary sleep experiment was to be up for 4 hours and then down to sleep for 2 hours, all day long so we still got 8 hours sleep. I don’t think that lasted more than a week or two before Ti and Do changed the pattern back to a strict 8 hours that we was required during the time we lived outdoors. We also had regular hour long naps when we had the 8 hour sleep schedule and we were instructed to stay in our bunks for the entire time unless we needed to use the “bath chamber” (rest room). (They also changed lots of our terminology). Then a few years after that, they changed it to a mandatory 6 hours sleep a night and a maximum 8 hours. One could get up earlier but all had to go down at the same time.

In both the outdoor and indoor living Ti and Do would often instruct everyone to take a nap. They said during the experiment with the 4 hours up and 2 hours down they saw that peoples brains didn’t work as well and they didn’t like that, contrary to what the article implies. There is so much inaccuracy in that article I’d have to re-write it entirely but it goes to show how easy it’s become to program people to believe the misinformation as we see throughout the governments, religions, spiritual and atheistic, now main stream “cults of mistruth”.

For another example of the article’s mistruth that is probably what is still on Wikipedia, among many other so called “facts” (that they wouldn’t let me change because I have credentials), Do wasn’t at the hospital where he met Ti for his own benefit – (for a heart condition or as a mental patient). He was there visiting a “male friend” the way he put it which we learned from him that he said “male” in “88update” to expose that he had been gay before he met Ti (and by the way became completely non-sexual, though before that he said he was frustrated with not finding a partner who wanted a committed relationship, as he told us on several occasions).

I’m not going to bother saying much more about the article, though I’ll copy this comment to the comment section and send it to corrections email address. If they would issue a total re-write I would help them with it but since there was no sleep deprivation perhaps they’ll do nothing so some will just believe the lies from this so called alternative media group that has become just another form of propaganda, at least in this case.

However, it was refreshing to see among the 20 or so comments that several people, even most, just don’t buy all this hype about cults anymore. Maybe that’s because we don’t see any more big events like this AND more and more see how the media, and governments and traditional religions and new age spirituality and corporations and the military and scientists and entire agencies pull off massive deceptions that often involve direct murder, abuses, neglect, considering the displacements and disease and death of people collateral damage that end up being far nastier than even the worst of the off-track cults. (Note, with every cult you will find leaders that abused and misused people and their power with many examples that have come to light, while Ti and Do the founders of what became known as the Heaven’s Gate cult, though having many dropouts were never even legitimately accused of any such abuses or human conduct.)

The brainwashing is so prevalent and apparent anymore that many see the hype in this article as more propaganda. In fact, more and more many see almost everything as propaganda and even to the other extreme to where many don’t believe the truth when it’s told either as seen by the flurry of reported “false flag” scenarios. That’s another form of illusion that seems to have started with the 9/11 event. On that event as with the JFK story and Martin Luther King story and no doubt many others, it becomes very obvious that the governments story is not at all trustworthy – go figure right – our government is not trustworthy, nor is the media “free”, while all the other freedoms, if we ever really had them, because the history books were written by the Misinformation Cult are disappearing.

I believe I can prove to anyone who wants to really know, that Ti and Do stand apart from all as the only “cult of truth” that looked so bizarre because of the saturation of the Misinformation Cults all through history. Yes, they chose to lay down their lives for what they believed and that is a very serious step to take that was anything but taken without consideration of all the ramifications and that no one was forced into. In fact some were filtered out. I was one of them actually. I can prove that from the 19 years I spent with them, though I dropped out, not because of anything they did or didn’t do, a long story I do tell to those who ask. I then  started a new life but realized after 9/11 (curiously that I have a lot to say about) that I still believed in them so have since re-started my service to the truth which is another long story I’m willing to tell to anyone who asks. But that scenario of having someone who was ready to lay down his life with them, as we began to talk about it directly in the way they ended up exiting their vehicles in August of 1994, who worked with them and had accepted their teachings seemingly as much as anyone, to decide on my own to leave and not show any significant problems re-adjusting to life in the world, getting married and fathering a child and holding down a good job to support the family while re-associating with old family and friends and making new friendships, is baffling to psychologists to consider as I was supposed to be brainwashed and in need of de-programming to fit back into the accepted “cults”. Like I said, it’s because of who Ti and Do really were/are and the fact that they didn’t have an evil manipulating bone in their bodies but to the contrary were no doubt the return of the Father and the One who was called Jesus 2000 years ago that was made into a saccharine religious figure that many bought into.

Here is the article:

I received a comment seemingly sarcastic saying that I missed out on the sleep deprivation but did I miss out on the castration and to count my blessings, I guess assuming I had, to which I responded:

No I didn’t miss out on the castration option that some took. In fact I was among the first two who petitioned Do to allow us to be castrated. After a year of petitioning, another classmate and I were given the go ahead. One of the other students was an oncology nurse (Lvvody) so knew the procedure and created a surgically clean room and Do felt to invite me and the other student Srrody to have the procedure there. Do was there and the nurse student and her partner (Jnnody). At one point Do asked me if I had any reservations. I said to him “no, but my vehicle isn’t looking forward to it, but I’m overriding my vehicle”. Lvvody needed to know who was going first to start the preparation. Since we both wanted to go first as we commonly did when we had to choose and the answer didn’t matter, we flipped a coin and the winner of the coin toss got to choose. I lost the flip and Suri chose to go first so I became a witness to his removal of his testicles. There more to this story.

Years later after I left them in September of 1994 when I went public with my experience, following their laying down their lives in March of 1997, where I was on 60 minutes and Larry King Live and Good Morning America and in stories in most all the national media centered in the NYC area, I was laughed at, probably by most in the nation because I was quoted in Time or Newsweek magazine as saying “I lost the toss and didn’t get castrated”. Most people couldn’t imagine legitimately wanting to not be sexual anymore. Little do they know that our giving away of our “life-force” is perhaps the biggest form of reducing our common sense about what is true and what is misinformation regarding what is above and beyond the human evolutionary kingdom and where we all came from initially, the genetic code, big bangs, etc. and how it’s common sense that it’s all the result of direction by Above Human Beings whose environments are not terrestrial unless they have a planet size base or use a planet as a base as seems to be the case on the dwarf planet Ceres that NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just revealed by the apparent abundance of what looks like a cityscape of lights.

Graduation into “heaven” is nothing like the religious teach. Religion is the distortion of the truth actually and is a killer of souls, as well as spirituality, though as all things in the human kingdom can be stepping stones into the Level Above Human IF we grow past them when we are given the chance as is now. This idea of not wasting our force is where the entire idea of moving the kundalini force to one’s pineal gland chakra for greater enlightenment came from, though was distorted to heighten ones SELF like the Luciferian fallen angels instead of moving that “force” towards a stronger relationship with one’s Older Member (aka Heavenly Father) from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, that in the old less accurate terminology was called the Kingdom of God or Kingdom in the literal heaven’s (outer space).

Members of that higher than human level don’t have gender and don’t reproduce. They don’t even have the “plumbing” because they are no longer mammals so part of the lesson to graduate their school is to voluntarily cease stimulating one’s procreative functions of the physical body they inhabit because doing so in mind and body actually builds a type of mind muscle so when willfully born into the Next Level, (what Jesus called a “spirit birth” (a spirit or soul being unseen by others) and they issue you a new physical body that doesn’t have those functions one’s Mind (aka spirit-like software we write by choice of behaviors and ways) would be a match for it and would have the will power to drive it, as to a Member of the Next Level the physical bodies they grow on vines to adulthood are “worn” like the way a human would put on a suit to function in outer space or underwater. They have different bodies for different tasks though they don’t have a closet of bodies to choose from, though their Mind can grow in the Next Level to literally operate more than one vehicle at a time, which Do said his Older Member Ti had the capacity to do so didn’t need to bring all her mind with her to do her part of the incarnate task to “get Do started”.

I know this all sounds like sci-fi but that is because of the dumbing down of the population, largely by promoting constant giving away of their force and ridiculing anyone who chooses not to. Human reproduction was not a necessity and we are seeing that more and more by the hybridization programs the space aliens have been performing for decades or even millennium (See Genesis chapter 6) on and off when they are let out of their underground prison cells to become catalysts for a new Next Level classroom that is actually an astronaut training program, that used to be called, “overcoming the human world”.

Ti and Do knew all this like the back of their hands and then when I began to study certain things Jesus said, the real Jesus not the myth Jesus that most Christians have been programmed to believe or disbelieve in, I saw that Jesus actually spoke favorably as a choice to “make oneself a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake”. He also talked about cutting off one’s own hand or plucking out one’s own eye to enter into life with only one hand or one eye RATHER than miss out on the opportunity to evolve beyond the human kingdom, the only future that can exist for any human, that won’t seem like reality if one is not willing to at the very least consider it and go after further thinking in that vein. Of course the misinformation promoters will say Jesus didn’t really mean that but if one really looks into it, it is quite apparent that he did. It had nothing to do with being religious. It was a choice that had a practical application as the seeds we sow now are building blocks of our new Mind that if it meets the graduation requirements during the time when an Older Member was once again in the flesh “wearing a human vehicle” as was the case with Ti and Do, who are also waiting to hear from some now if they want to apply to be really saved for the next “overcoming classroom” program instead of being recycled in the upcoming spading of the garden (to include the spirit world and the Luciferians) as the weeds have all but taken over the Next Level’s garden and made it almost impossible to see the truth through their smoke screens.

I do count my blessings. Having another opportunity is the blessing as I flunked out of my first opportunity. We each have that same opportunity and is the reason the world is becoming more apparently corrupt and polluted and inhospitable to anyone with consciousness, that is for those that don’t bury their heads in the sand looking to be soothed by religion and spirituality or by keeping focused on building a career or with entertainment or with procreation and raising a family and/or taking care of their own.

A tiny few will hear what I am saying and it will turn on a little light, but then they must reach up to get more of that light or lose it. The way to reach up for that light is to learn everything you can about the real story about Ti and Do instead of the mindless belief that they were the same as all the other cults and if they do that and have the guts to even ask Ti and Do if they can become their student, though in one’s privacy since they are no longer in physical human bodies, but have excellent technology to hear the thoughts when directed to them especially, then they will let you know in some subtle unobtrusive way that they heard you and will give you further opportunities to grow. The formula is the same as it was spoken of by Moses and by Jesus – to love the Lord with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength – which means as Jesus said, to “deny yourSELF”, “pick up your cross (burden)” – because when one tells others the formula they will hate you as they hated our Older Members when they were incarnate saying the same things and “follow” the Older Member’s behaviors and ways and if one is incarnate literally go with him, leaving all behind to do so to begin to learn what it means to “give all your love”. It’s not accomplished by joining a monastery or going to find a cave in the Himalaya’s. How fast one chooses to move in that direction is up to each of us but the process begins by putting ourselves in the hands of the Older Member from the Next Level. They will help us separate from our human worldliness in a way we can handle if we don’t fight the process but will not be easy either as it’s actually the hardest thing a human can do but in a step wise way looking to the Older Members for every step it is Do-able.

I’m not talking suicide. It wasn’t really suicide for those 38 that laid down their bodies. They are actually against suicide, but they would define it as choosing not to be with their Older Members when they are called though not all necessarily grasp that perspective at the same time, so there are multiple opportunities to rise up to conquering whatever there is that separates us from our Older Members. Thus for those 38 who all had a previous human life experience with an incarnate Older Member when they passed those grades in school, they were ready. For those it was actually natural because they had grown to know they were not the vehicle they were wearing and that they could trust their Older Member who was incarnate with them, so they didn’t have to guess at what he would say.

We who remain have a different task that also entails “giving our life in their service”, which is to believe everything they taught and “stand for Ti and Do” and look for help to make significant changes. Taking those steps is a huge step and does begin one’s separation from their human kingdom roots. There is no pie in the sky. We have to earn their Mind coming to us as they don’t need us. It’s their joy to offer what they know is actually more real than what we experience in the human kingdom. But we each must be brought through the eye of the needle so to speak and we need a strong relationship to them to do so.

There is no new cult nor leaders nor things you must buy. All the information Ti and Do brought which is a huge amount is free for the taking for now at least. It will never be popular unless it’s once again twisted beyond recognition of what it was meant to represent though at this time that’s unlikely to occur and that’s especially clear with the city like lights seen by NASA up close on the dwarf planet Ceres and the earth like geology of Pluto that in 1982 Ti and Do directed in a movie script a story they said was “fiction based on the truth” that included the idea that Pluto was a Next Level base that had within it, seemingly coincidentally, a working model of the Earth they called the “earth lab” and had a huge door that would open and close in a louvered fashion to let space crafts large and small in and out. Note, in the first pictures from NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft on flyby of Pluto this last July of 2015 was pictured four approx. 200 mile wide rectangular black looking openings equidistant from one another looking like 4 black keys of a piano keyboard. There is a lot more to report on this.

As it turns out both Ceres and Pluto are part of the translation options of “green” (Demeter/Ceres – goddess of the harvest) and “hell” (hades/Pluto) in the projected plan for the conclusion of the current civilizational garden on earth referred to as the Book of Revelations the Next Level Crews are in the process of seeing to total fulfillment that shows all the direct relationships of Ti and Do’s teachings to all the teachings of the Father and Jesus and of Jehovah and Moses, because Ti and Do are those same Older Members from the Next Level returned as promised in the role of the Revelations chapter 11 Two Witnesses who were shot down by the press in 1975 as the UFO Two, UFO Cult, as they said the bible’s “cloud of light” was a physical spacecraft today we would see as unidentifiable. There is a great deal more to this as well.

Space aliens that have been reported in the bible and in many other cultural records, cave drawings, ancient astronauts, etc. are human and human equivilent descendants from the original “fallen angels” and are all referred to as Luciferians as they share the same Mind that is misinformation. They are really not “space” aliens anymore because they are all grounded to earth. Earth is their prison and their prison cell for a great deal of the time in between being let out to provide a catalyst for growth to upcoming members to the Next Level is literally under the ground and/or under the sea. They are the Revelations “beast” in combination with all the humans in the governments their apparent presence has become the motivation for the entire space program, though does so in all ways human – quest to explore, search for certain elements, like G.W. Bush said that we might find that will “boggle the mind” (because he already was privy to the existence of elements that could be used to drive a zero gravity engine).

Ti and Do said that all the prophecies of Revelations would be fulfilled and they spoke about the return of Jesus as the 7th closeness where they were the 6th closeness which is seen in Revelations chapter 19 as the rider of the white horse (in this context a spacecraft) with a pure clean white body “dipped in blood” which seems to be a reference to the vehicle the Older Member changed over into a Next Level vehicle 2000 years ago and levitated into the spacecraft hidden behind cloud cover, just as was demonstrated in the Moses camp by Jehovah when he would physically come and go to his tent dwelling. There is a lot more to say about this.


I heard on NPR today a talk about why the murder rates have gone up considerably in many big cities where they had been down for a while. I wanted to call in and tell them why I think it’s happening but they would probably never buy it, publically at least, but I’ll start with a reason they could be, at least willing to consider, which happens to be related to Ti and Do and Crew’s exit in 1997. In so many words, Ti and Do said the Next Level was holding back the human ugliness and resulting security state from rearing it’s head to allow their “overcoming of humanness classroom” to have all the time they needed, to avoid potential disruption of what they needed to have time to accomplish. In other words which is according to Jesus prophecy, time and opportunity to have the “dead in Christ”, those who “gave their lives” in service to Jesus, who all returned to complete their overcoming of their remaining humanness, to “rise first” meaning “resurrect” – “stand up again”, having two meanings of 1) FIRST to rise in the taking and standing in a new human vehicle and 2) first to take it over and overcome it to include their clinging to their life in that vehicle, both of which only works for good when it’s for and under the direction of the Older Members, Ti and Do. Humans can accomplish the same things and even give their lives for a variety of causes but it’s not necessarily seen favorably by the Next Level for doing so. For instance giving your life by taking up arms against someone may not be something the Next Level looks favorably upon though I do believe if one seeks forgiveness they can get it but they will have to show the Next Level they mean it, as do we all without whatever ways we “miss the mark” (sin). I say this because Jesus said the only unforgiveable sin was railing against the Kingdom of God and the truth.

I can see two more immediately applicable reasons for the increased violence.

1) More and more people are rebelling in every which way because whether they can address the cause or not, they have been so inundated with lies and prejudices and bigotries and aware that there is no “justice” in the so called just American society really, (except in very isolated cases that are highlighted to give the semblance of justice) together with a tiny fuse on all their built up anger against the system and against anyone who tries to hold them down, together with disrespect for so called law and order, hopelessness and awareness that violence seems to be an acceptable way to solve problems and even appear to be a demonstration of bravery and purpose, even if it’s to fulfill the devil’s role as the latest Oregon school shooting said.

2) The alchemist (true sorcerers) chemicalization of the mind and body in the forms of all kinds of drug addiction – not even primarily to heroin, or meth or crack or coke as much as to the legal drugs prescribed by the boatload that all have side effects and combination problems that can easily render the user into a zombie like hallucinogenic state, combined with having little self discipline and less and less regard for life and more and more resentment of anyone who seems to have money, power, popularity, success, happiness that can all contribute to a powder keg most anything can trigger that sets off a violent response to as we have seen in the many school and other public mass shootings and especially in the latest event with a woman who just lost her job, had just gone off her meds for some mental condition and drove her car into a parade in Oklahoma killing at least 4 and injuring 40 or more and some are in critical condition from. It is a fact that all the school shootings were by individuals who were on meds.

This is the first test period (calamity/plague) that the Next Level planned (forecasted) recorded as their first angel pouring out a vial/bowl on the earth inhabitants. I equate that word vial to a vial of medicine, which is a term Ti and Do used for a lesson step. In this case the events that transpire as a result of what the Next Level crew does or doesn’t do shows those who witness the events and hear the truth about how it is showing up as being fulfilled, correlates exactly with the timing, events and teachings (their prophecy (speaking the truth)) in the return of the Revelations Two Witnesses as Ti and Do, that can help them wake up to the whole truth about what’s really happening. (Meanwhile the view that most Christian interpreters of scripture will say provides another viewpoint that many will gravitate to as it doesn’t really challenge anyone to seeing anything really new as they often have pat ideas of how all the Revelations prophecy are to be interpreted that range from having already been fulfilled even as early as 70 AD to being so symbolic there is no chance of ever seeing anything in a literal application, except in a highly general way of showing the arrival of “birth pangs” in the “end times”. Everyone is so saturated with end time apocalyptic talk, it’s a joke for many while it’s illusion for many while it’s happening but without knowing how they fit into it or not and how many prophecies tie in to all the others that are repeated from different vantage points throughout the Revelations writings and correlation with what Jesus and Old Testament prophets said. So in a sense the Christian interpreters say many of the same things I’m saying, even interpreting events literally, as in seeing wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and hail and fires, etc. but with no overview of timing that shows all the prophecies’ literal application. This is because few others have the “key” though many even say we don’t get the key until Jesus returns but if they never know how to identify him then they will never see the key that works to unlock the doors that are then left as a mystery of what’s behind it.

The key is that Ti and Do are the return of the Father and Jesus together as the two witnesses in new names in new bodies to speak (prophecy) directly “plainly” (without parables this time) which can not be done from the clouds though they try to make sense out of that even though the same sense was provided when looking for the Moses return when he said, “like me” would be the return – “from among you” in other words in the flesh again, which they were looking for but had in mind it would be from among the Jewish priestly class because they had become so full of themselves and their religiosity that they couldn’t imagine his coming as a peasant working class carpenter. So Ti and Do come and don’t primarily talk religious Christian jargon that is actually the distortion of what was meant, so they miss him during the incarnate stage and become the ones Jesus referred to as the “last”. The ones who think themselves to be first to see his return then become the last to see his return, that is if they see his return at all. But they are at least given the chance to see but many are tricked by the lower forces to expect something entirely different.

Now regarding at least this first “plague/calamity”, it seems that Ti and Do and crew are not making people act the way they are, nor are they the cause for people’s depression and irritability and hatreds, except in how their closer presence and attention while in their Next Level bodies and spacecrafts that emit the truth/light stimulates people to “become exactly what they are”. In other words where someone may have had thoughts wishing they could kill someone before, now at this time they will be more prone to acting it out because it’s like putting a very strong light/heat source closer to a bee hive or ant hill. The increased frequency and even literal electromagnetic energy it stimulates that is even literally stimulated by things the Next Level can do with the Sun, forces us to act out the content of our soul or spirit.

The truth is that human beings are literally a type of plant, a valuable one to the Next Level in how they can become the stepping stone/footstool a soul/spirit/mind from the Next Level can overcome and take over to yield the Next Level fruit instead of morphing to a weed that can serve yet another purpose as a catalyst like fertilizer that in controlled doses can help that upcoming fruit flourish by growing stronger to combat.

Thus many people have been manipulated and in most cases didn’t know any better but found themselves trapped into a dead end agenda that, though people hate to hear this is literally a result of the failed leadership from the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and their minions both through their direct descendants in the flesh that are also thought of and seen as space aliens (though they can’t actually get very far away from earth anymore, the reason why they are pushing humans to develop the ways to do so, the reason for continued nuclear energy, even though it’s against the health of the populations) and humans who they have motivated and enslaved in all ways that we define as either SECULAR and/or SPIRITUAL in prophetic terms, the BEAST and/or it’s IMAGE. (See Revelations references galore but note that some translations to “BEAST” is misinformational as there are two Greek words both largely translated as Beast when one should be “Living Being” and refers to student worker members of the Next Level). However, these last seven calamities are designed in such a way that all have yet another chance to see through their manipulations but if they have no desire to pay attention and search for meaning and give identity to the Creators then they will by their own choices miss that opportunity and will succumb to the directions from the BEAST and/or false prophets of religion and spirituality (the Beasts Image) that translates to remaining engulfed in human behaviors and ways, thinking and self centeredness. And they will meet their end as all do, except their spirits will be recycled where those that do seek out the truth and push to “change their mind” the true meaning of repentance and don’t accept the programming from the BEAST and it’s Image in the form of accepting the various markings that are being instigated more and more as various security measures.

With that said, here is the first angels pouring out of their vial, with double parentheses ((…)) showing the Greek word translation options from Strongs and/or Thayers Hebrew and Greek dictionaries that help me to broaden the view to consider. Some Christians will say this is devilish to consider different words. Others have said to me, you have to take the first translation option listed which is just as illogical as if that occurs in any language translation to another language. For instance take the word “heaven”. It has application as “sky, elevated areas, the firmament – the area where the Sun and Moon are and/or the Stars and even the Abode of God and a location where spirits go”. The context means a great deal and where all the meanings came from interplay, their etymology and then of course what the person doing the translation thinks about that word and it’s literal verses figurative possible applications. Also I use square brackets […] within double parentheses to show my thoughts and interpretation:

Rev 16:2 And the first went, and poured out his vial ((bowl)) upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore ((1668 helkos probably from helkuo 1670= an ulcer (as if drawn together))) upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image ((1504 eikon from eiko 1503= faintness as a copy, likeness, (literally) statue, profile, or figuratively a representation, resemblance)).

The sores are actually translated as “ulcers” which is the exact terminology used to describe the lesions Dr. Wakefield and his eleven associate doctors documented among the 10 autistic children that became his patients. These lesions were throughout their intestines and in some measles virus that was injected into them was found in the lesions. This was most interesting to learn and as he also concluded and I’ve seen a great deal of research on there is no mistaking the “gut to brain” connection because it’s through the gut that the body absorbs substances into the blood that then travels throughout the body. If the particles are small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier, which heavy metals are and they lodge in places that change the electromagnetic balances, as heavy metals still in many vaccines and pharmaceuticals definitely do, then depending on the dosage and the frequency and the diet to cleanse it out or not, that has to do with the quality of the food, water and air supply and according to what the mother did in her life and her ancestors and what both parents were subject to and extend in thought, words, behaviors and ways all contribute to degrees of disease that can surface in all ways at any time throughout everyone’s lifetime.

Those that fall in line with everything they are taught and told by the government and institutions of so called higher learning and don’t question things and look for other points of view but accept what’s easiest to come by and that gives satisfaction to be a part of for prestige or profit or self assurance and come to trust and believe in, most often become the people that are the biggest programmed product of the BEAST who are all those who tow the line for those governments, their institutions and corporations. They are also those who are most accepting of the MARKS of this BEAST, of course for practical concerns and reasons but as Jesus said would be showing themselves as the “tares”, the facsimile of the wheat/corn the Next Level plants that the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and all in league with them know it or not planted. That’s not to say any of us can judge who fits into this category or not as even if someone does accept most everything the authorities say, whether secular or religious or humanist, and they justify certain BEASTly ways or solutions to problems that could even involve killing other humans, they might still change before they die. Death does solidify their minds allegiance.

So how do we escape these ill effects. Well, one can think they can go to a cleansing diet, eat organically despite the cost hoping the quality is better, eat and drink less concoctions and reduce the ingestion of stimulants, use “super foods”, fast and those things can certainly help. They can try to use mediation and yoga for mind/body balance and healing and get plenty of exercise, move to the mountains and away from the densely populated and polluted areas and that can help. They can filter their water and limit electromagnetic exposures, use herbs and acupressure and acupuncture and chiropractic and other naturopathic and homeopathic remedies and those can all help. And one can choose which allopathic treatments and drugs and therapies to use and that can help as it’s not about all or nothing. We can meditate on peace and love to reduce stress and try to choose employment that is less stressful and solely money related and that can help. We can adhere to a religion – take one’s pick or take the best from them all and that may help in some ways to have community with like minded people but in the end those things could all fall into the category of the “image” in that Revelations 16:2 verse.

The biggest key word I can think of to describe what the use of the word “Image” represents is what today is called “spirituality” and includes all belief systems to include Christianity because they are all a facsimile, appearance, representation, resemblance, imagination and illusion (all synonyms of the greek word “eikon and eiko” translated to Image) of what is “true” and “real”.

What else is there then, one might ask? Well for those reading this the answer is very simple though it’s the hardest thinking to consider and believe in. It’s to project one’s desires for the truth and choose to put themselves in the hands of the highest beings they can imagine exist who created the universe and all it’s life forms, who exist in deep outer space and who most recently came “in the flesh” aka incarnate (and have since exited those flesh bodies by dying) and used those bodies they chose to call Ti and Do, to speak to us directly about; WHERE THEY ARE FROM (the literal heavens – all of outer space is their home which can be inside a spacecraft as big as Pluto or Ceres for example or as small as a piper cub, depending on their task assignments), WHO THEY REPRESENT (the Chief of Chiefs – the Oldest Member of the Next Level, who we aren’t designed to understand where he came from), WHY THEY ARE HERE (to give us the opportunity to apply for membership in the only evolutionary step beyond the human condition, which requires an evolution (growth) of Mind to accept their Mind (information) and replace the misinformation mind of the renegades to their world that they allow to exist on earth to provide us the choice to remain part of the human family they are also a part of or to become a Member of their Next Level Above Human family) and WHEN THEY WILL LEAVE (when they have offered what they know they have that’s beyond human to all who want it). For those who don’t read this, they are judged by the Older Members in the Next Level according to what they are exposed to and are capable of understanding and what they think, say and do, how they behave towards others and thus how they SHOW their allegiance to the Next Level regardless of what terms they use to describe the Next Level. When they pray if they are praying for truth then that request goes to the place where Ti and Do are.

In their Next Level Above Human society they use physical bodies that they grow on a vine to maturity that their Mind (a Soul that graduated the human evolutionary condition by overcoming all their humanness while in a Next Level “classroom” designed for them by the current Older Member who comes incarnate) wears like we would put on a space suit or diving suit that allows them to function in the physical realm their Older Members created and they have different vehicles (bodies) for different tasks. They work in crews on spacecrafts that are laboratories of all sorts. They are not mammalian though look humanoid but have no gender, nor plumbing (no reproductive organs or digestive organs), don’t eat though can receive nutrition from a light source, but is the reason they designed us to appear like them. We look like them, they don’t look like us. They don’t look anything like the monsters portrayed in the alien movies except for having a slightly larger head and eyes, small frame and white true lack of coloration (a Caucasian is not really white just like a person called black is not actually black, but are all a shade or shadow (hue) of “man” (Hebrew, adom). No humans is any closer or further away from related to the Older Members in the Evolutionary Level Above Human because of what their vehicle (body) looks like. It’s their behaviors and ways and recognition of the fact that we are all part of the creation that was directed to come about through ion’s of experience and experiments. Even automatic looking evolutionary processes came about through the direction of intelligent Above Human beings and the space aliens are also human equivalents.

It’s not pleasant to watch all that’s happening but we all have to be faced with the truth. Life will not be returning to some other form of normalcy though this period too shall pass but not until the entire “garden like” civilization as we know it is spaded and recycled so the Next Level can start over because the current “garden” is infested with “weeds” rending the planted fruit more and more incapable of growth (to see/understand the truth and respond positively to it).

Are Luciferian space aliens and the BEASTs (US and EU, etc.) generating holograms – REV. 13 IMAGES

October 24, 2015

I’ve been ignoring this report for the last week but then took a look and saw that the report made mention of NASA’s alleged Project Blue Beam which is said to be Hologram technological development that can show images in the sky as if the atmosphere and clouds become a screen.

(The report link is below – but essentially it shows what looks like a city scape among the clouds reportedly seen by many on several occasions in China).

The use of the project would be to rally support or sow seeds of further confusion and illusion regarding space aliens and the Christian and other religious ideas about the end of the world and the show of the messiah, the Madhi or the Maitreya and/or returned Jesus “face” in the clouds that many expect that is suggested in prophecy as “miracles and wonders” produced by the BEASTS that are the U.S. and the E.U. and by the “false prophets” embodied in all the religious and spiritual teachers and their staunch allies, to include secular humanists and space alien “brother” followers.

And in the prophecy in Rev 13 is shown the “miracles and wonders” and “fire from the sky” the Beast does before the eyes of humans to trick them into seeing that as evidence of a space alien invasion they are also tying into the cityscape like lights on Ceres that really can not be denied. And then also in Rev 13 there is talk of the “image” that becomes worshipped along with the BEASTs and the False Prophets that has several facets but includes these hologram projections. I suspect NASA as part of the DOD got their technology among other things from the space aliens which was first demonstrated in the Fatima sightings that would have been space alien generated then.

Ti and Do said that Fatima sightings were “tricks” by the lower forces among many such seeming “miracles” that today we wouldn’t really see as a miracle but many can still be fooled by.

It’s possible CERN is also involved in some of this as they now have a huge device that they say is receiving energy from the sun but who knows if it is also capable of projecting its energy generated by it’s particle collusions as there have been some very, very unusual cloud and energy movements/formations above that little town closest to CERN.

In case this is too much to consider, if anyone recalls that huge type of hologram that was shown during the time when Obama was given the Nobel peace prize in Oslo, Norway simultaneous to a big so called environmental conference that I believe is not really concerned with global warming but is a front for nations to rally together against the alien threat they KNOW exists.

I believe it’s either the space aliens and/or humans with that hologram technology that produced the Norway spiral “blue beam” event. It’s amazing how this is all in the revelations prophecy without a stretch and most of it really came into focus with the sighting of the “temple” (dwelling of Members of the evolutionary Level Above Human) in the heavens (outer space) on Ceres and Pluto and how that all ties into the “green horse” of the upcoming next US beast’s presidential election where green is related to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, the time we are in for the second phase of harvest following Ti and Do and Crew’s exit by 1997 when all these events and more really went into full swing that are not by far over yet. We are each faced with showing our allegiance to these BEASTs or to Ti and Do (since any who read this will be exposed to Ti and Do).

There is no other choice and those who choose to align with the BEASTs, etc. and the war against the so called “bad aliens” on CERES (who are really the Creators of ALL of everything, even the option to be against them) are going to be subject to meeting their end by that alignment as we see by people “living by the sword then dying by the sword” and other such alignments. Like Jesus said, the “tares” will be removed from the garden”.

The tares are those who were seeded by the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens. They are a facsimile of the “wheat” the Next Level above human kingdom of God, kingdom in the literal heaven’s plant which reminds me of how these GMO crops are a facsimile of the real food the Next Level provided seed for.

Nothing happens without direction and the aliens are always trying to get humans to mimic the way the Next Level has directed all that exists and they fail at it horribly but appear to be competitive. This is all the war in the heaven’s in progress. The war is for souls and the choice is ours whose side to be on. I suggest we each choose carefully.

‘UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE’ (posted by Do and Crew in 1995 – The Sixth Thunder

October 22, 2015

Statement posted to the World  Wide Web and to 95 specific  newsgroups on the Internet  (edited/updated) January 1997:


A member of the Kingdom of God — the Evolutionary Level Above Human —  I, who am called Do, acknowledge that:

1. I am about to return to my Father’s Kingdom.

A. This “return” requires that I prepare to lay down my borrowed
human body in order to take up, or reenter, my body
(biological) belonging to the Kingdom of God (as I did approx-
imately 2000 years ago, as Jesus, when I laid down the human
body that was about 33 years old in order to reenter my body
belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven).

B. The Evolutionary Level Above Human is a physical Kingdom
Level in the physical Heavens or space, though individuals in
that Kingdom identify with their soul – and its mind or spirit –
and not the “flesh” or physical body they “wear.”

2. This time, my Heavenly Father – my “Older Member” – came with
me.  In the early 1970’s, we incarnated into adult human bodies
which were in their forties.  Approximately 2000 years ago, I
incarnated into a body that was in its late 20’s/early 30’s
(not at the birth of that body, but just prior to – during –
and following my baptism with John the Baptist).

3. It seems that each time we, or others from the Level Above Human,
come to Earth or leave, it is via a spacecraft belonging to that
Next Level.

4. My Father is an Older Member in the Kingdom of Heaven – the
Kingdom of God – the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

A. He actually gave me “birth” into that Kingdom – took me
through the overcoming of a mammalian civilization – long
before this present human civilization had its beginning.

B. I have served as His student and apprentice during His
relationship with this civilization.

C. His relationship to this planet is as Chief Administrator,
and is the One referred to as the “True God” in the early stages
of this civilization.

5. This time He came with me “undercover,” so to speak, in order to
assist me in my task (picking up where this process left off
approximately 2000 years ago) of the further birthing – “fathering” –
experience with the ones who will be the next new “sons” or
children in the Level Above Human.  To allow me to gain more
experience in the birthing process, my Older Member returned
to that Kingdom in 1985, and continues to assist and
communicate with me from a more advanced perspective.

A. As part of the undercover program, my Father incarnated in a
female body for His 15-year stay.

B. Being “undercover,” which included lack of acknowledgment of
who we were historically, was required for most of our task
this time in order that we might, with as little recognition
and interference as possible, round up the souls who were our
students from the past.  Even so, we were identified as a
small, radical cult, just as we were 2000 years ago.  And as
was the case 2000 years ago, these prospective members left
their families and relationships in order to follow or be a
student.  Now that I am surfacing again, I will again be hated
for my “blasphemy” (of who I say I am) and hated by those
families and others that are affected by all who aspire to
leave with us, because this mission requires that they
forsake all ties and binds to this world (family ties,
responsibilities, and human-mammalian indulgences).

6. These prospective new “sons” (speaking of soul identities, for
they occupy both male and female bodies) were gathered at two
different time periods – one, in 1975-76, under the guidance of
both my Older Member and myself, and the second, in 1994, after
my Older Member had returned (these were all souls that had had
a previous relationship with me before this incarnation).

7. These “students” of the Next Level/The Level Above Human were
offered the opportunity to bond with me and my Father, as a
bride would bond with her husband, though –

A. Since the Evolutionary Level Above Human has no mammalian or
human members, they had to become “new creatures” who bonded
in mind, spirit, and behavior – void of human sexuality,
human binds, and addictions of this world and this
civilization.  Some in the class have chosen on their own to
have their vehicles neutered in order to sustain a more
genderless and objective consciousness.

B. The students/disciples who successfully bond to the Level
Above Human through me and my Father must also prepare to lay
down their human bodies as we go to the Kingdom of Heaven, in
order to take up bodies appropriate to and belonging to that
more advanced Kingdom Level.

8. As we prepare to “lay down” our human bodies, while declaring
that entry into the Kingdom Above Human is available, there may
be many humans who have been recipients of “souls” in “deposits”
who may exercise their free will and separate from everything of
their world in order to go with us.

A. They will attempt to rid themselves of their old minds, and
identities, in exchange for the mind that flows through me,
as they attempt to be accepted as one of my “children.”  It
will “cost” them everything of this world – which they will
desperately desire to quickly be rid of.

B. If they expect to go with me, and I’m leaving very soon, they
must look to us (me and my students/disciples) for all their
needs to the best of their ability – align themselves with us
– break their human bonds – and if their declaration that our
presence is from the Kingdom of God leads to the “laying down”
of their bodies in pursuit of the Next Kingdom as well, then
they, too, will find themselves in the safekeeping of that
Kingdom, and in line to be recipients of further nourishment
from that Next Level toward membership in that Kingdom.

C. If my Father does not require this “disposition” of us – He
will take us up into His “cloud of light” (spacecraft) before
such “laying down of bodies” need occur.

9. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be
identified at this time as some of those who are rapidly losing
respect for this world or its “system.”  They are, from the
establishment’s point of view, being irresponsible or anti-
social – and will be seen by the world as duped, crazy, a cult
member, a drifter, a loner, a drop-out, a separatist, etc.

10. In essence, it ultimately matters little what your
“visitations” from the Level Above Human (the last two being
2000 years ago and now).  The important issue is – the Kingdom
of Heaven is here NOW in ME and these students of the Next

11. Evidence that we speak the truth is:

A. That our information and our actions match recorded accounts
of the presence, conduct, mission, and departure of our
previous visitations from the Level Above Human offering
membership in that Kingdom.

B. Any soul of this civilization who has known us in previous
visitations or has had any genuine (physical or personal)
relationship with anyone from the True Kingdom of God, is
present now, and is potentially capable of knowing or
recognizing us and this information again.

C. It appears that even the staging of some of the crashed
spacecrafts (which we suspect some of us arrived in) was in
order to help the skeptics realize that they have “visitors
from another world.”

12. As true today as it was 2000 years ago, no one (of this
civilization) gets to my Father or enters the Kingdom of
Heaven except through Me.  There is no other Son of His,
or Representative from His Kingdom, incarnate.  Connecting
with that Kingdom occurs only while a Member is incarnate, as
I am today.

13. There are space aliens (humanoid remnants from other
civilizations) who travel in the nearby heavens.  They are
dependent upon Earth’s atmosphere for harvesting hybrid
bodies to “wear” and they recruit the “souls” who fail to
become children in the Kingdom of God.  We call them
Luciferians because of their lineage.

14. These Luciferians (space aliens) “jump in” immediately after
Representatives from the Level Above Human leave.  They fill the
“patriarch(s)” of the resulting new religion with mixed truths
and misinformation, which reinforces the fact that accurate knowledge
concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while
Representatives are incarnate.

15. The Kingdom of God sends crews to “tag” or make “deposits”
in human bodies and their minds/spirits just prior to and
during the time Representatives from their Kingdom are
incarnate “offering” birth.  These deposits offer their
recipients “recognition” of the Representatives and, to some
degree, recognition of the “information” from the Kingdom of God.
They also act as “homing devices” to lead the recipients to those
Representatives and that information.  Without these “deposits” of
“recognition,” no choice of becoming a student is within the
will of a human.

16. It is our understanding that all souls of this civilization who
ever received deposits from the Level Above Human have returned
at this time, the close of this Age.  As part of our task, the
Level Above Human is using us to test them.  How they/you respond
to me, my students, and our information will, in fact, judge you
as to whether you will or will not have a further relationship
with the Kingdom of Heaven.  In other words, coming in contact
with this information will force a decision, and with the stand
you take, you judge yourself.  Some, by their choice at this time,
could be redeemed.  Those who accept us and endure until we leave
will go with us, and not need to experience the “spading under”
or recycling of this planet – and will in the future become beginners
in the real Kingdom of Heaven.

Believe it or not – Your choice – Your judgment.

I hope this will assist you in whatever you might be seeking.
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