Los Angeles – FIRE IN HEAVEN like Revelations 13:13 and identifying potential messages from Ti and Do

Comment from a long time Ti and Do new believer and my response to follow:

Hey Sawyer.
I have been getting messages from the next level. Things like: I will be thinking about Heavens Gate and “Do” will pop into my mind and then I flip the channels on my t.v. and there’s a Heavens Gate documentary on and I see Marshal Applewhite. Or I was thinking about Heavens Gate one time and a commercial came on t.v. and the announcer says on it “Unleash the power of do”.
Things like this happen all the time. Now this. Have you seen the footage from Saturday? I live in Southern California and we had a fireball in the sky. Many claim it was a rocket or missile, but I swear to God I think it is Marshal Applewhite. When I first saw that on the news the first thing that popped into my mind was that it was Do.
What do you think that means? Do you think it may be Do? If so what does this mean? When you look at this fireball it looks exactly like the Hale-Bop comet! Exactly like it! What are the odds. I think it’s Do sending us a message. I really do believe Do was Christ return.

Sawyer’s response:

I don’t doubt those are signals from the Next Level crew working for Ti and Do. Some things will surface that aren’t necessarily direct forms of communication but are the way “thoughts” from the Next Level’s presence  trickle down into society. Like people talk about getting to the Next Level applicable to anything, or the preoccupation with butterflies and the talk of metamorphosis in literature and movies, etc. – all because their Minds are powerful and just being in the atmosphere that includes the “first heaven” leave deposit’s of their thoughts/ideas, behaviors and ways that if someone is tuned into in any way, they will identify more readily and make the connections, in your case to the source as Ti and Do and crew. But they know each of those who believes in Do and will alert you to things.

I can’t tell you how many times, I’ll get this thought – turn on the radio and then hear something related to heaven’s gate directly but more often something I’ve been wondering about or even asking questions about that will provide some answers through the humans talking about what was on my mind. I wasn’t making the human talk about those things. The Crew was aware of it from their elaborate technology to monitor what they want to monitor. It’s interesting how in this day and age it’s not such a mystery anymore that someone can listen in to us. Humans just don’t have the tech to do so – into our thoughts but the Next Level can easily read our thoughts if they want to and especially when we want them to, so they can help us progress in their service to lead to our graduation from the human kingdom.

Los Angeles Event

Now that whatever it was over L.A. last Saturday (November 7, 2015) may have been Do’s direct or indirect instigation as it’s the same kind of thing as with seeing a commercial that is more likely a trickle down which is not to trivialize the event at all. I say this because of the prophecy I’m continuing to work hard at understanding as Ti and Do and Crew would have it understood.

In Rev 13 you will see where the second or “other beast” does wondrous or miraculous things to trick people into giving allegiance to them, the human governments/organizations and/or their space alien influences. In that way, the Next Level could have easily suggested to the military higher ups to perform that test where and when they did for the benefit of all who will see it or hear about it and wonder about. Each will see it according to their own beliefs so it doesn’t even matter who the main instigator was. For instance let’s say it was space alien stimulated and they told the U.S. military of their plan, so the military formed a cover of having a sub in the area and closing down the airport. That type of communication is certainly possible between some of the space aliens and the U.S. government, or it could happen totally through the discarnate world of thought projections the space aliens know well how to do because they are the descendants of the fallen angels in various ways and those fallen angels are in the spirit world (with parts of the first heaven access) so can communicate their ideas to any humans they choose to even take certain ones over entirely so they are running the show completely through that human container that appears to be an individual when they are really like a computer with spirits as the programmers at their “keyboard” issuing commands.
I have been hard at work trying to figure out every detail of Rev 13 and all of those prophecies and in specific that passage about “fire from heaven” being shown by this “other” beast:

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

Rev 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

I  had thought that “other beast” was the EU – European Union but that event made me question if I got that right but then it still seems to be the case given all the context especially as this event at LA is so alike to the Norway Spiral several years ago. Search the web for that if you like, which was in Oslo, Norway. So I suspect this LA display is technology based on the Norway event that is either space alien performed or that they taught it to humans whether humans know where they came up with the ideas or not. It’s not far different from elaborate fireworks.
Ti and Do always talked about what the Luciferians do as creating a “facsimile” of what they learned the Next Level does, when they had access to Next Level projects and they teach those things to humans in various ways. In these two cases but in particular to the L.A. event they made this object look like a “fireball” or “meteor” or “asteroid” or “comet” something humans before now had no way of simulating. if they can simulate these (as they just did) many humans will be in awe of what they do and in that way more inclined to remain in allegiance to the human condition that the governments/military, etc. establishes the norm for. Then for those that think space aliens are real and among us, who have often had experiences with to some degree, they will have their belief in aliens stimulated and that many times involves thinking of the space aliens are the real creators, again to garner their allegiance to the space aliens who want to capture souls from having Next Level service. The space aliens are the “birds” in Jesus parable about the planting of seeds. Third there will be the scoffers of space alien existence that will simply see this as what the military said which can be totally true – a missile test. Note how that doesn’t have to be a lie. It just doesn’t’ say who stimulated it, who designed it and who decided when and where to do it.
Then there are Christians with their allegiance to the governments or not who might say it’s a sign from god or from the devil even quoting the same verses I am quoting but in a totally different context as they mostly don’t think or know how to document that the way I would because they don’t think Jesus came yet and they are in a sense correct because the body that was named Jesus hasn’t returned “yet” as that is spelled out in Rev 19 as Do’s return wearing clothing “dipped in blood”, clearly not incarnate this time which many Christians don’t recon with anyway. They largely see his return as a “light in the sky”  they don’t even generally recognize was described as a star like light – like a comet for instance?
So everyone gets what they want from any event and all events have Ti and Do behind because they provided the space aliens knowing what they would do to try to trick humans as it filters those humans who have their mind dominant in them from those humans who have Next Level mind more dominant in them. We are plants in these vehicles but plants that serve a major purpose of providing the needed experiences to build our mind muscle of Next Level Mind from. So everyone gets to be right though only a tiny few will be most right when they see it and it draws them more to the Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven – Next Level and possibly even to Ti and Do as one of the three types of individuals who can go with Do and Crew when they finally leave with their fruit (the three types) and all others are recycled.
Thanks for telling me of your experience as it really helps me to try to pull in better the ways of talking about all this, so I will post your question on my blog, minus your name so others that might be experiencing the same kinds of things can have a little more of what I hope is the way Ti and Do would see it.

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8 Responses to “Los Angeles – FIRE IN HEAVEN like Revelations 13:13 and identifying potential messages from Ti and Do”

  1. crlody Says:


    Despite all of our differences and my disagreements with much of what you say I still do feel that you recognize Ti and Do (not that you need any kind of validation from me obviously) and you’ve been willing to admit you left the Class for your own reasons unlike Mark, Sarah and Rio. Mark recently stated in an email I found on reddit that you do not represent HG and that you have been “discredited”, whatever that means. His implication was clear to me, he and Sarah represent the Class because they had some contact with Them before they left and because of the packages they received and they were “left behind” by the Class which is an easily disproven lie. Mark is now claiming that no one besides the Class can leave their vehicles (what he calls committing suicide) which is completely out of his range of judgment. Mark, Sarah and Rio are the enemies of the Class and the Truth as far as I’m concerned. They serve the opposition to the NL.

    • sawyer Says:

      re: Rio, since you mentioned him – I was using his book, “Beyond Human Mind” in my writing efforts as I do everything I get my hands on and I came upon the place where he reported starting on Page 47…the setting was in San Clemente, it seems still in 1994 or 1995, but you may be able to pin down better after starting the Master Cleanser fast again (as we’d done that at least 3 times prior) and he said, Do came to remember some of what he did while incarnate in the vehicle, Jesus. Now before I quote his book, for any that might read this, though I have nothing against Rio, I do find plenty of places in his book that talk as if he knows something to be a fact and, as we are all capable is seeing through his eyes that are missing big chunks, filling in gaps so are not to be relied upon exclusively as from Do or Ti and Do any more than I recommend relying on what I say 100% for some of the same reasons. We can only rely 100% on the things Do and his Crew said and wrote in their Book, audios and video’s. I’m not saying there are not things Rio said in his book that are not of value. I think there are so it’s worth reading but when he is giving opinions and interpretations that’s where the accuracy can often be questionable. I say that because I do know of facts he misstated, like about the origin of the ody names in that book. He got that completely wrong.

      So with that said, Rio reports,

      “This was when DO first told us about a very disturbing updated understanding from TI. He told us the story about when He (as Jesus) was a fugitive for a while hiding from the Roman officials. During this time He traveled to east Asia. When a Soul incarnates back into a human vehicle, like DO, it takes a while to adjust to the limitations. Sometimes knowledge has to be realized instead of remembered. Apparently TI helped Him remember. The question that was answered in a realization for DO after talking with TI was, why Jesus came back to a place that He knew was going to kill Him. According to DO the reason was, Jesus was ready to go back to His Father. With tears in His eyes He said: “leaving the body here is how the Soul of Jesus traveled back to the Next Level.” He asked all of us “What if we had to exit our vehicles by our own choice? Did we have a problem with that?” We all had a long conversation about the possibilities and He wanted all of us to write a not expressing how we felt individually, and our partners wouldn’t read it. It would go directly to DO.”

      Reading this, I thought that sounded mighty strange re: Jesus. I was in San Clemente when we had a meetings and Do outlined how we would take it upon ourselves to exit our bodies by taking a strong drug and he asked one by one the group, including all the new members if they had any reservations. It wasn’t the first time this was brought up. We talked about it at a Massachusetts group meeting and before that even suggested it because I remember putting the idea on the last poster Evnody and I designed for our last meeting near Portsmouth, NH.

      And Rio reports this as a “very disturbing updated understanding from TI”. I wonder if Do said it was “very disturbing” or Rio took it as disturbing because I don’t think Do had any qualms about leaving his vehicle behind, though it’s true he always wondered if it would be necessary which he evidenced in documents he wrote after that and even showed by having students pack a little travel bag, I think I read and by taking out “abduction insurance” I imagine in case Ti did want to take their physical bodies which would be typically Do’s way to cover all the possibilities he could consider.

      I do recall Ti and Do talking about how the account of Jesus rising from the dead didn’t have to have happened to believe Jesus was from the Next Level. In other words that theoretically as some reported it could have been staged by the Next Level and crew, but then the way I see that now is that even the staging could have also been real and accurate just as Ti and Do felt for years they would all leave together with their human physical bodies and it didn’t happen that way. Now I can see the value in their thinking that way and even how it could have been an option all along as well because the Next Level chooses the directions they give to their “undercover Reps” as their strategy depending on what the students need even if what they need is to be tested by changing major aspects of the plan as it can often be the tip of the iceberg to say something in such a way that becomes the reason a would be student chooses to not continue in the class for whatever reason.

      Ti and Do had always taught that Jesus took his converted body with him onto the spacecraft after proving he was still physical believing these verses were accurate:

      Luk 24:38 And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts?
      Luk 24:39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

      Yet Jesus didn’t let Mary Magdelene touch him when he first showed up after she met a crewmember (angel) at the tomb who said he was “risen”, saying he had to first return to his Father, then shortly thereafter showing up and not being recognized by his disciples until he began to talk and they recognized his mind and then had to prove to them he was the same being and was physical because he looked different.

      If Rio was accurately relaying what Do said, then it would appear Jesus’ physical body was left behind or disposed of and that his new body, his “soul” body had the scars in it’s hands and feet that was also talked about by Jesus:

      Joh 20:27 Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.
      Joh 20:28 And Thomas answered and said unto him, My LORD and my God.
      Joh 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

      So reading this that Rio reported tested me as if I cling to the Jesus story even as Ti and Do talked about it and believed then I wasn’t trusting Ti and Do, except in this case I wasn’t present to hear this update if this was being reported accurately and timely, which frankly I have little trust of. For those that want to see what Ti and Do first said about Jesus, here is a segment from “Statement I” (one):

      “…By His resurrection He proved that death can be literally overcome and
      that a permanent body for the next kingdom is acquired from the
      human kingdom. He did not leave His body in the grave. He
      converted it into His body of that next kingdom. This is the only
      way the next kingdom is entered permanently. Each human has that
      full potential. Jesus’ “Christing” or christening was completed
      at His transfiguration (metamorphic completion) and He remained
      in the “larva” environment, with other humans, only for some 40
      days to show that His teaching had been accomplished. He showed
      them His new body and demonstrated a few of its new attributes,
      i.e., appearing and disappearing (changing His vibrations) before
      their eyes while letting some of His friends touch His “new”
      body. This could be compared to a butterfly remaining in the
      caterpillar world for a few days to show them what they had to
      look forward to if they chose to seek true conscious
      communication with a butterfly and were willing to overcome all
      of their caterpillar ways. Then Jesus left them in a cloud of
      light (what humans refer to as UFO’s) and moves and returns in
      the same manner.

      So then if this was an update as Rio reported then I would think somehow this “soul” container that had been growing alongside the human vehicle’s “spirit/mind” container in the vehicle named Jesus had as a part of it what the vehicle physically experienced up until it’s death and was still physical enough to be felt and could also eat fish as was also reported.

      And I have to admit Rio may be reporting it somewhat correctly to where both is true – that Jesus did leave his physical body known as Jesus behind but AFTER he had used it to prove he was still physical which would then make sense with what Do said in the document he wrote after he said those things in San Clemente:

      I, Jesus — Son of God — acknowledge on this date of September
      25/26, 1995:

      1. I am about to return to my Father’s Kingdom.

      A. This “return” requires that I prepare to lay down my borrowed
      human body in order to take up, or reenter, my body (biological)
      belonging to the Kingdom of God (as I did appx. 2000 years ago
      when I laid down the body that was about 33 years old in order
      to reenter my body belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven).

      This then all comes together in this statement by Do in:


      So, when metamorphosis begins, the human mind (balloon) is all but filling the
      container, and the Next Level mind or soul is all but empty. As the
      Next Level mind increases – and the soul begins to grow larger –
      the human-mind container or balloon decreases until, if the Next
      Level mind successfully makes it to “term,” the human deflated balloon
      is discarded and the Next Level balloon (with Next Level mind) is all
      that fills the container, or glass vase. That soul with its Next
      Level mind has by then become a physical body in a new species (the
      Level Above Human), needing only a new physical outer shell, which
      it receives as a “quartermaster issue” upon physically entering the
      Next Level.

      The final act of metamorphosis or separation from the human kingdom is
      the “disconnect” or separation from the human physical container or
      body in order to be released from the human environment and enter the
      “next” world or physical environment of the Next Level. This will be
      done under the supervision of Members of the Next Level in a clinical
      procedure. We will rendezvous in the “clouds” (a giant mothership)
      for our briefing and journey to the Kingdom of the Literal Heavens.

      Sorry, but I took this opportunity to work this all out in my head, as I didn’t get to what I was actually intending to comment on in reply to your comment and I’ll have to make this into a document that’s better organized as a post for others that might come upon what may look like a discrepancy. But it’s what Rio said next in this section of his book.

      “As it turned out most people had no problem with that. They didn’t identify with the vehicle anyway and knew they were developing Souls that felt stronger every day. They knew who DO was and knew where they were going. We always had the freedom of choice in everything we did. I went along with the idea and possibility of DO being the “Second Coming” just for learning purposes. I knew that leaving the body behind was not for me but wanted to stay until the end”.

      Rio is evidencing what I believe Ti and Do called, “talking out of both sides of his mouth” and was one who joined with “an ace in the hole” (planning on staying to the end) not recognizing Do (“…went along with the idea of DO being the second coming…”) and thus not believing he was from the Next Level and not “giving his all”, (all basic parts of studentship) but the Next Level was allowing him to come to that in his own time, to a point.

      I could pick apart lots of what he says in his book but there’s no point in it. Like I said, I have nothing against him but like you do have a problem with talking as if he knows when he doesn’t a common human problem that we all know whose mind that comes from as it becomes misinformation and I’ve certainly got to watch out for and correct as I see myself doing it, which even though I don’t take everything you have accused me of to heart, it has helped me to further scrutinize what I say and how I say it and qualify more what I don’t really know. This is a tough task indeed and I had no idea how tough until attempting to do this tiny bit of it.

      I tried to address each of the things Mark and Sarah said in both the gizmodo article years ago and the recent upvoted article that I find to be almost entirely misinformation. Mark has more or less made up his own story, but it’s interesting how his choices can serve the Next Level as people who want to spiritualize Ti and Do have an excuse to do so which acts as a filter to show the Next Level who is siding with them verses who is siding with the Luciferian space alien misinformation camp. A part of me doesn’t even like telling people to go to that web site to download the book or buy the book, in case they end up asking them questions as one I know did and sent me their responses that I have yet to comment on and may not as it’s much of the same stuff as in upvoted and gizmodo. But then anyone who study’s what Do said and then sees what Mark and Sarah says and doesn’t see the huge inconsistencies must not be really understanding what Do has said. And yet, it could even serve as a buffer, the way Paul’s misinformation could be a buffer, that is if the person is thirsty enough to not stop in their pursuit of the truth, though that’s not giving license to being a misinformation disseminator – it’s just how a positive can be made out of it, person to person.

      I have to keep reminding myself that telling the truth is key to it all because those who are being prepared by the Next Level to receive it will awaken by the same key words, phrases, understandings provided by Ti and Do.

    • sawyer Says:

      In case I’ve put aside some of your disagreements, since I know you do have a sharp brain, for my sake and for any that read this blog, can you give a quick to the point list of the top things that amount to “much of what I say” you disagree with? Maybe I haven’t given them proper attention. I actually believe there is a verse in Revelations 13 that is focused on former students battling former students. I have put some of this in my book but I was concerned that I might be mis-representing your part, what you said so would like to have a concise list please and permission to reprint it in my book. Please don’t include all you have to say about Mark and Sarah and Rio as I did include some of that already. I use no human names.

      Perhaps it could objective; Let’s say a reporter wanted to do a story on the problems former students of Ti and Do had with other former students and they asked you what you had against Sawyer or the things Sawyer has said/done, what would be your list because to me it is misinformation and a distortion of the truth to say “much of what you say” when if I counted up all the words I’ve said and written if much was even 51% you would have volumes to report.

      Then it would be helpful to why each item causes you to disagree with me and since the criteria is I hope related to Ti and Do, what they said or did that justifies having disagreement. Then I can respond to each and you can refute my response to each if you like and we can both write off on it as an accurate record and I’ll include it in the book. I am months away from sending my publisher my rough draft so please do this ASAP. If you don’t care to do it I may list some of what I listed below but I will state that you didn’t choose to weigh in. I can’t imagine this would take any more time from you than it takes for one of these comments but like I said you have a couple months at most to respond.

      These are the keys points I recall you bringing up in some shape or form over the years. Add, subtract or correct/elaborate:

      – I am trying to replace Do
      – my saying one time that I thought I was the “most outspoken” about Ti and Do, in response to someone I was trying to impress, to which you saw and brought to my attention and I immediately recognized was my giving into an influence I have with me that has me think of myself egotistically that I apologized to you for doing when you brought it up and that I never seem to get to live down as if once a sinner always a sinner in your book.
      – that the letters to MRC/SRF re: the contents of the storage stated that they had the choice of what to do with the contents of storage. (I’m not saying what the letters evidenced as the best intention for the tapes – I’m referring to who was given the CHOICE to decide).
      – listing the name sawyer in front of “heavens gate” in the name of this blog as if I was heightening myself
      – talking about the three types of people who can be saved from the recycling, their souls “going with them” instead of just talking about the press release criteria.
      – saying in this blog description that I am attempting to portray what Ti and Do were “REALLY” about.
      – references to the book of revelation relevant to Ti and Do and Crew and their fulfillments of these prophecies
      – believing that we each can have service with the Next Level and that I have service for Ti and Do now.
      – believing that the dreams I’ve had from Ti and Do and Crew were from them and are purposeful to me and perhaps others
      – interpretations of signs – like CERES and Pluto, comets, sun events, for instance – related to the Revelations
      – use of music on my youtube site to accompany talk about Ti and Do
      – answering questions that includes putting things in my own words that is like saying I say things better than Do or classmates
      – that I am a “charlatan” you will expose
      – that I use too many words in my posts and they are poorly written
      – I should not have forgiven xf for the hoax and only did so because he used my video footage in his movies

      • crlody Says:

        I’ll try to take some time to address all of what you have brought up here but I don’t think that you are trying to replace Do. I’ll try to focus on the positive and I do think it’s admirable that you’ve been willing to admit your shortcomings and that you left the Class for your own reasons. I’m a blind man in the dark myself, probably something of an embarrassment to Ti and Do with all of my low vibrational behavior.

      • sawyer Says:

        Thank you for that. There is no replacing Do as you know. As I’m sure you also see as do many, this world is coming apart fast in all ways. I’ve got to get this book out though most responses won’t be pretty to life on this planet. War is brewing in most every city. I believe a few comparably will see who Ti and Do are and that it seems will be met with a new level of hatred towards anyone providing the truth publically. I have had somewhat of a comfort level that I’m sure is ending as it will be for everyone in one way or another as each shows the Next Level to whom they are aligned as Jesus said between the Supreme Beings and Mammalian beings. All of what you brought to my attention over the years had and have their value, if for no other reason than to use to check my-self. As Ti and Do said in those Blackhawk tapes, the way Luci fell beyond return was gradual. If you do give me a list of what you see as ways in which I could be gradually slipping, I will include what you say in the book but I don’t feel I need that in there. It’s part of the process of classmates as you know to bring to one another’s attention things we see as off track, even while doing so recognizing how we can also be off track. I don’t want to contribute to any more of that between us than is necessary because though it can all become positive for each of us, like you indicated, if we focus on those things more than the positives from doing our best to serve Ti and Do now in the ways they have given, then I suspect it would defeat our highest purpose and the growth we each need that will come from it, if we press on until our exit. My long winded way of saying, let’s move on. I would like that link to where M said I was “discredited” so I can’t address it for the sake of those that could take that as a fact. Sure, I lost when I fell, so maybe that’s what he means, but if he remembered any of the things Ti and Do talked about, he would know that there is no negative that can’t be made into a positive – recovering from failure no matter how many times we fall builds our Mind’s muscle with Ti and Do’s strength. I believe, as Do sometimes said, “that’s gospel”.

    • sawyer Says:

      Do you have the address where I can see mark’s comment that discredits me so I can weigh in for the sake of those who read that media. Thanks for the heads up on it.

      • Mahmoud Abbas Says:

        do you know about google? you can use it to search for stuff.

        “Sawyer was not given any instructions by the Group and had no contact with them, after he left. He, and two of his friends, do not represent the Heaven’s Gate Group (what we call the Next Level) and have been discredited for years. If you want to talk to him, that is your choice.”

        he doesn’t discredit you — he more just says that you have been discredited for years as simply a matter of fact.

      • sawyer Says:

        So you can’t send me the link where you got this quote.

        But for whatever it’s worth, they are wrong. I did have contact with the group in 1996 through rkkody who relayed a message from Do asking “where my head was at”. Had I responded that I wanted to be connected they no doubt would have included me at least in the mention in the letters sent to M and S. They did say in those letters that the funds they provided to M and S and any funds generated from the sale of anything in the storage could be distributed to WHOEVER WANTED TO HELP WITH THIS PROJECT. They didn’t say who that would not include or put a time frame on it. It simply took their exit to shock me back into wanting a relationship even thought it took time and many dreams to help me re-awaken more, which is still in progress as it always must be.

        So like many who criticize me, whoever said this is not providing evidence of in this case “discredited”. As you ask, show the proof. I’m not asking for a UFO sighting or other otherworldy proof. That’s ridiculous to expect or think is proof of anything really. When I ask for evidence or proof of a statement I don’t think it should be that hard to show how something I have said lacks credibility (the truth). If I say, such and such will happen at such and such a time and place and it doesn’t, that’s evidence that what I said that time was not credible. If I told someone I was the only way to find the truth about Ti and Do through, then that can be proven wrong by using many things Do and Crew said publically in their book and video’s/audios. If I say a prophecy in Revelations means such and so, then I could be wrong unless I got it from Do and even so I could have misinterpreted Do so I could get that wrong but in that case lacking more credible data it doesn’t discredit what I said – it just puts it into question as to it’s accuracy. If I say the CERES cityscape of lights and the Pluto earth lab are in my opinion signs of the timeline in Rev 6:8 from Ti and Do, again, perhaps I got it wrong but then I’m not saying it’s an absolute true statement to make, though at times I might make a title to a blog post that seems to be making a statement of opinion that may or may not be 100% accurate, but then it doesn’t mean it’s a discretization either.

        I know you didn’t make this statement but you did message me with a long expression of accusations that didn’t offer any evidence so I wanted to be clear what evidence it is that I seek, so I can address any points made as certainly I have said things that I was too confident about, which I am eager to correct when I come by them and because it’s so easy to just throw out accusations which are of no value to anyone except to get one’s beef off when they are offended or challenged or angered by what someone else says or does.

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