Why Islam is not the pale/green horse of Rev 6:8 – what about Christianity?

An individual commented on a previous post, suggesting Islam was the pale/green horse of Rev 6:8 that was riding through Europe right now.

Here is my reply:

Can you back it up? Go for it. I’d like to hear what you have to say about it. I have found that all prophecy has numerous applications. Of course that’s set up that way so people can choose what they want to believe. Often when I talk to Christians I don’t often disagree with them…what I find is that I believe I see MORE to it that always seems to have a more consistent contextual application.

For instance if Islam is a manifestation of the pale/green horse I can agree as Do indicated for this time how the lower forces, fostering the weeds of the garden will assist the Next Level with removal of the tares, those seeds planted by the Luciferians that can look just like the wheat but have no Next Level mind in them. But that also makes the governments or anyone who is killing other humans equally the product of the “pale/green horse” that brings not only death through the military “sword” but through famine, and pestilence and from the bestial humans and not only of the physical vehicles as to the Next Level all our vehicles are ultimately destined to die. It becomes a matter of who we die for. If we choose to give ourselves to the Next Level Older Members Ti and Do and we spread their truth and we meet opposition for doing so and die in that service regardless of how, then we are dying for Ti and Do and they will take that soul to give it another opportunity to grow another notch towards graduation at a later time.

For the innocent victims of both the governmental terrorism (often their bombs and drones kill civilians and they call them collateral damage) and those that died by the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Next Level can choose to save the souls or spirits from them and give them another opportunity to grow towards Next Level membership in the future. That depends on each one of them and is not something any human can determine about any other. It depends on whether or not they sought a connection with the Next Level in whatever way that could have occurred. It’s not dependent on whether they go to church or mosque or synagogue or temple or have no religious affiliation.

But there are many reasons I think the more thorough interpretation of the pale/green horse is a specific person partially based on what a “horse” is in prophecy. It’s a human vehicle as shown in Zechariah’s prophecy (you’ll have to look it up). Zechariah said a lot of things that directly relate to the Revelations prophecies and seems to be related in some way to the student member of the Next Level who incarnated in the vehicle called John the Baptist. There are many other reasons for my interpretation.

For whatever it’s worth if you are interpreting the symbolism in the Revelations with more symbolism instead of bringing more literal applications to the symbolism, I think you or anyone else has not yet arrived at the greatest application for that symbolism, but of course that needs to be accomplished using the context of where that symbolism came from. For instance when the prophecy talks about “grass” in some context, even most it’s referring to those seeds that have come up as new shoots while a “green thing” or green plant will be one that has grown to be a student to some degree and a “tree” a soul that has grown to provide service of fostering further fruit growth like another seed distributor where seeds is the Words from the Older Members. Just like the Next Level uses plant life for examples they use animal lifeforms.

For instance when birds are used I believe they are talking about the space aliens, maybe not in all cases though as the Next Level is compared to an eagle with it’s wings or like a hen with it’s chics. So it goes both ways many times. And it’s not the horse so much that’s important in this verse but the one sitting on it with the name Thanatos= death in greek mythology, while Green= Demeter=Ceres in greek and roman mythology and hell=hades and Pluto in mythologies.

I can’t help but pay attention to the facts that just as I was asking help to understand this verse better and it’s application and how to explain it all, the NASA space crafts were taking pictures of the cityscape like lights on Ceres and the hanger bay looking doors on Pluto and the other earth like characteristics of Pluto that correspond to what Ti and Do said of Pluto and the relationship with Daniel chapter 7’s 4th Beast King/Kingdom. That’s inside information only a student of Ti and Do would know about and know how to apply provided just ahead of the prophecy’s full realization in the next election.

It’s also important when interpreting prophecy to consider where on earth it is slated to most come to the fore. Of course that is a matter of interpretation as well but the biggest application pertains to the U.S. which I believe is the 4th quarter of the earth which can be found insinuated in Zechariah chapter 13. Also why is it Islam and not Christianity or pseudo Christianity that is the pale/green horse in the symbolism as if you look at who is doing the greater terrorism (not so justify any of it) it’s the western governments marching on the middle east that make the event in Paris and even new York pale in comparison.

How many millions – yes millions have been killed, maimed, diseased, run out of their homes, had their lives destroyed by the U.S. and their allies and by the French and by the English and others and now the Russians in the name of a just cause as they said also against their foes in WWI and the Ottomans when they divided up all those middle east countries in the first place and then WWII that by the way the Jews are very much all in bed with as well thus three world religions would certainly be implicated.

More to come on this.

29 Responses to “Why Islam is not the pale/green horse of Rev 6:8 – what about Christianity?”

  1. Glaive Says:

    Not convinced.
    Somehow, I don’t trust you…
    And, well, yes, as you probably guessed, I’m not going to help you in promoting your epic book. It just doesn’t feel good. I don’t have to promote your own message, instead of Ti and Do teachings.

    I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not.

    • sawyer Says:

      I knew that when you didn’t believe in what Ti and Do said about how the aliens were creating hybrids, or maybe I’ve misunderstood that. Maybe you were saying that hybrids couldn’t reproduce, which isn’t scientific as that’s being done all the time with animals and I understand it’s harder with humans but they the space aliens are multiplying somehow along with all the reports. It’s the old adage of not knowing what we don’t know that I’m afraid you slipped into exposing that you thought you did know. I began to write to you to say it wasn’t going to work, your coming here to help me but I decided you would arrive at that anyway from our brief encounter. My work is for Ti and Do though it may not seem like it. I have plenty of proof of that but it’s not for others to know so I will be criticized for it even by believers in Ti and Do. If you come upon something I say that you find isn’t shown by something Ti and Do said or did then bring it up so I can examine it. Of course I count what Jesus said and did as the same source which means the book of revelations would be included as Ti and Do referenced would all come to pass. So you see what I’m doing as “my own message” but that does not make it so. But like I said, show me for criticism alone is worthless isn’t it. I’m not saying it’s not my message but if my message is the same message as Ti and Do’s message then what’s the problem as I’ll be just as hated for it just as the disciples of Jesus made Jesus’ message their own message and were hated the same for it. That’s the price one pays and is also a ticket to future tasks for Ti and Do. I don’t get off on being hated or thinking other’s hate what I say at all. I was thrown out of a Christian chat room several weeks ago for saying a little about Ti and Do. It was an audio and written chat forum. The leader of that chat in his room where he did a lot of preaching and had invited me to after he blocked me said a bunch of things about scripture that were totally disjointed and misapplied to discount what little I said. He was stumbling over his words for 30 seconds or so before he could get with his misapplied rebuttle and I felt the same kind of think it seemed he was experiencing. I knew I had ruffled some tail feathers as he said the reason he cut me off was because he had young listeners. He was trying to protect his flock – keep them for himself and/or his views. I have no flock so for what do I promote myself. I guess one can make something up and then they can feel justified to throw that stone.

  2. Glaive Says:

    I do not trust you. Which word you don’t understand?
    What you are saying =/= Ti and Do message. Mostly you are speaking out of your ass, speculations, speculations and nothing more than that. It just doesn’t feel good. Yes, I sense a Luciferian mindset within you.
    No, I don’t have to explain myself. There’s no classroom anymore, so let’s stop playing roleplay games. If I’m wrong, I’ll answer for my actions to the Next Level, not a mere human like you.


    • sawyer Says:

      wow, you have some attack and just like others who attack me, saying nothing but insults. Prove it. Tell me what I say or do that is out of my ass as you describe? Roleplay games. Who is playing the games when you offer nothing to go on. It’s like a judge and jury with a fabricated case against someone – all retorick and no evidence. Perhaps you will say something I will have to look at. I’m not above that. If you paid attention to all Carlan leveraged against me on this blog you will see that I took to heart the things he said though I had to press him for evidence as well and most of what he said I wasn’t shown what it was that was against what Ti and Do taught and he knows what Ti and Do taught. He was in the class though that’s not the only criteria for knowing what they taught. You are presenting yourself as above me in your understanding of what Ti and Do taught – to call me names and accuse of game playing. Do you know what Ti and Do taught about doing that and how they said the same things Jesus said about trying to remove another’s twig in their eye while the accuser has a log in their own eye. I’m not saying you have a log in your eye but it is a mighty big thing to me to “sense a Luciferian mindset” in me as you say, not saying all of us are void of Luciferian mindset. Don’t you know the Luciferian mindset in all humans that is what makes them continue to be human? Of don’t you think Do spoke to that? Of do you think you’ve risen above it? If you have then why are you accusing me and without giving any evidence. Is that fair or kind or just or a decent way to treat anyone else.

      I don’t need you to trust me. I never asked that. All I ever said is that if you wanted to come to the states I could use some help with proofreading my book. What is it that I said that is mistrusting anyway as perhaps I am missing something I can correct. If someone does say something another sees as distrustful or “out of their ass” as you said, then can’t they change. One of the points Carlan brought up I did change as it did clearly show how I was allowing a, yes, Luciferian influence, to have me try to impress someone a time or two with my experience in the class and I said I thought myself the most outspoken about the class. Carlan brought that up and he was right and I havn’t said anything like that since. Now, whether or not I entertain that thought when it or the equivilent enters my mind is my lesson to deal with but if Carlan then holds that against me, then it becomes his lesson to let it go. He did his job (in a sense of being a classmate in our NEW classroom) of the LAST stage in Ti and Do’s task of continuing to disseminate their info, which was described as “standing” for Ti and Do in Jwnodys document about those who were to believe in Ti and Do after they left. So to say there is no classroom is just not accurate unless you are limiting the classroom to the time with Do physically incarnate. What’s the point of acting like there are no lessons left to learn for anyone and no rewards for doing so. Why deny that. If you want to see the many things Ti and Do both said about the time after their exit then you will recognize that it isn’t over until they say it’s over and that is when the human kingdom is recycled and then we won’t be talking about this anymore because I suspect the entire infrastructure will be gone and by then we might all be dead as well or maybe not.

      Now all I am saying here I can back up and can include ALL that Jesus also provided via the book of revelations that you quoted to start off this latest conversation. Now if you are talking about the things I do speculate about, sure I could be wrong about those things, I suppose my talking about the Ceres lights and Pluto as Next Level bases/experiments and not being space aliens. Is that it? But you will notice that my speculation doesn’t change anything Ti and Do said and even references a number of things both Ti and Do did talk about and do like re: the movie script where Pluto was the craft for an “earth lab”. If you don’t trust my memory on that you will have to listen to all the audio tapes where I know of at least one place where Ollody talks about that movie script. But you probably don’t know about that so fine, don’t trust that I do – that’s fine but can you claim that’s speculation alone? But perhaps the speculation was about the white skin. Sure I could be dead wrong about that but if you have such a problem with the possibility what’s that about. Are you that invested in your whiteness? I didn’t say that out of the blue either though most of what I am using are things Ti and Do said indirectly about the fallen angels and most I get from the records Moses wrote and Enoch who Jesus referred to so isn’t a stretch and which Ti and Do also referenced on the rare occasions they would reference specific records, and I got some of it from the many ufo alien reports and a great deal from many places in the book of revelations that Ti and Do believed were designed by the Next Level for this time and I almost forgot is also based on a number of things Do wrote about that is available to all, though they are only hints. There are many hints in all the things they said over the years but it doesn’t take a lot of words to see the hints they suggest though it takes a lot of words to consider what those hints added up to. This is in fact the way Ti and Do also came upon understanding certain things.

      So is it speculation out of my ass as you said? or is it research based on the facts that I am choosing to add up in a certain way though am open to changing with new input as I continue to do with other areas of my book where I saw later how I was wrong or less right on.

      Of course you don’t answer to me. I never suggested it at all ever and never would. And I never claimed to be anything more than a “mere” human. I don’t know if I’m pleasing Ti and Do right now. It’s interesting how you are sounding the same as Carlan calling me a “charlatan” but not showing how exactly. At least he tried to give me some reasons, some of which he seems to admit now to being some bad behavior on his part, though I don’t know if that’s what he meant when he said that.

      I’m not in competition with you and Carlan restated that he didn’t think I was trying to replace Do, though he did say that at one point because of all the writing I did when he thought I should just post what Do said. Talking about what we get from Ti and Do is a big part of making that information our own that lives within us. We were all encouraged to write and it also had to do with the strain of minds that were in the world that might better related to our ways of expressing ourselves. There was a book each student was writing at one point that was for the humans in the world that might be on each of our same strain. That audio tape is available as well. It’s actually in the first of three Blackhawk tapes posted on my 3spm site.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        I’d be interested in helping you to proofread your book. I have experience as a professional proofreader.

      • sawyer Says:

        I appreciate the offer. I really do, but I’m doing it all myself and it will no doubt have problems I’ll miss but I don’t think anything serious. It’s going to be an ebook primarily anyway, so perhaps they will let me do a revision cheaply or after it’s out a while and I gather comments I’ll be able to re-publish a more concise version more for hardcopy publishing. It’s going to be about 1000 8 1/2 x 11″ pages. I’ll provide it freely to some as a text file as a post or download or series of posts or all of the above but it will probably be about $10 for the ebook. I don’t set the price.

      • NOT AN ODY, but someone close to do Says:

        They left a very clear and precise record which included exactly what they wanted earth people to know.

        It is perfection as is. It needs no explanation because they stayed until they had it perfect.

      • sawyer Says:

        If you knew much about Ti and Do or Jesus you would also know that there is no “perfection” as the concept equals stagnation. Now being critical of others without reason, and especially for those who claim to be close to Do is a big lesson. In other words, if you are going to criticize be specific – Ti and Do always held us to specifics – as opposed to generalities. That saying the devil is in the details is another Luciferian inspired mixed message as the devil is more in the lack of details which anyone can see in the ways people avoid them and make excuses for not providing them. And not being an “ody” is of no concern – there is no status. One is either a believer in and doer of what Ti and Do taught or not, though it’s not for any of us to judge who is or isn’t – again a generalization easy for humans to slip into. Also in that precise record that is open ended to apply to every moment going forward without diluting or distorting by making assumptions as to what is intended in the future, because after all to the Next Level it’s all a continuation of their experiment that we get to be a part of by our choosing from their drawing us to them, you will learn that there was a desire for Ti and Do for others to get to know more about them “in depth” and this was said after the book was out in one of the letters given to mark and sarah, we believe highlighting the audio tapes but that they didn’t spell out so applies to anything and everything they did over their 25 years total incarnation. People don’t have to like it or agree with this but the facts are that I was present for 19 years of that time and it was fully dedicated in ways that are provable, so for me to recount what I received from them and learned IS part of getting to know about them in more depth, is it not or is my experience excluded from that. I don’t say this in a box. There are many examples I could bring up. The question is why is what I say so offensive that you don’t want to hear about it from me. Don’t read my blog then. I’m not forcing anyone. But if you see me say something you don’t recognize as related to the documentation Ti and Do and crew left behind then why not just ask me about where I got something and why you question it as from Ti and Do’s mind and perhaps you will then help me to do a better job as I certainly know my desire for perfection is present. We are to seek perfection but it is a moving bar so the standards increase but that bar is set by Ti and Do for us. Classmates don’t set it even in this after first “class” experiential classroom.

      • NOT AN ODY, but someone close to do Says:

        I think you misunderstood me. Their message was and is perfectly clear. Do wouldn’t have left without finishing the work. Therefore, not one more word is needed.

        Was there a reason they didn’t reach out to you before exiting? Is it possible you are being influenced?

      • sawyer Says:

        They did check on me before exiting to see where my head was at, through rkkody and frankly I am embarrassed to say I wanted nothing to do with them. I had given in to the Luciferian influences over me, though I never disbelieved in them, I just had no Next Level strength – I was overcome by the lower forces, though never said anything against them. Yet at the same time it took me 10 years in degrees of that state to recognize all the doubts I had that were subtle that I didn’t think I had while with them. This is all normal of course as it’s a battle. That’s the point to develop strength in the battle with the lower forces. We each were assigned by the Next Level an “advasary” we called a “booger”. I have written about my “fall” extensively – am hiding nothing with lots of details. But when I went public to all the media in NYC after they exited, I was fearful of doing so as I had a pregnant partner and a small business and I guess one would say a normal life. I would talk to people about Ti and Do and frankly my vehicle’s family were shocked that I “got out” and especially shocked when I said, that was easy to do, and others felt I needed de-programming yet showed no signs of having conflict. Anyway, am I being influenced, you ask. Of course. We are all significantly influenced by the Luciferian misinformation mindsets. There is no question about that. If any of us think we’re not then that’s part of the programming we’ve accepted. It comes down to how much we are climbing out of that programming by looking to Ti and Do in every way possible giving ourselves totally to their will for us. And that I have done but even with that I am not saying I’m doing all I can or exercising all they would have me and am applying the help they give me, yet I am trying.

        But the idea that Do is finished is just not accurate. Sure he’s finished with his incarnate stage but the harvest wasn’t just for those 42. What Ti and Do said early on was that “every level of life was being given the chance to move up”. If you examine what Do said about the “3 types of individuals who can escape the recycling” (paraphrased) then you will see that even some who never heard about Ti and Do get to be saved so how is that done.

        And yes the message may be very clear to you but to many they have various degrees of programming that nearly makes it impossible to awaken from and for those as Ti and Do taught, it can help them to hear things said in different ways and even have someone who relates to their situations.

        I don’t know why you seem to take offense in what I say/write about. If I’m contradicting Ti and Do fine point it out but if not then what’s the problem. I could write a great deal about how Ti and Do encouraged us and me in particular to speak our/my mind. Just because I fell doesn’t mean I stay fallen so to deliver my experience of 19 years – how can that be a negative for someone to hear about?

        Most of the people that are coming into seeing Ti and Do as the return seem to need the help of seeing how prophecy is unfolding to date. At least some have told me that so why would I stop.

        It’s not done until it’s done and it’s certainly not done now or we wouldn’t be talking anymore than Jesus was done when he left. He was done with that trimester.

      • NOT AN ODY, but someone close to do Says:

        You need to watch the exit videos and ask Ti and Do to illuminate your thought. These are more than boogers.

  3. Glaive Says:

    Another wall of text… May I not read it, please? I didn’t and I’m not going to.

    I said “bye”.
    So that’s it, Sawyer…

    • sawyer Says:

      I suspect it was that “white” race from Luciferians that most challenged you but maybe I’m wrong and maybe wrong about that as well but it wasn’t out of my ass as you said, but if you don’t want to consider it, that’s your choice.

      If you are going to attack someone verbally, maybe you could allow their defense. Blaming me for having a lot to say is just evidence to me you have your mind made up. But I have no hard feelings. I hope you find what you want and for a while I’ll probably be here if you want to deal with it again.

  4. Glaive Says:

    Why are you so desperately eager to prove you are right and I am wrong, anyway? Is it relevant at all? Is your ego wounded that much?
    Why are you so defensive? Did I ever disagree with Ti and Do? I disagree with your speculations about what They said and it’s such a big deal for you that you demand an opportunity “to defend” yourself – read, smashing me with the walls of text, pressing the matter of being once among the Class (like sleeping in the garage makes you a car, sure), pointing it’s always you who’s got it right and so on. It’s unproductive and I’m not going to play this game, all I want is to distance from you.
    Look, Sawyer, you don’t have to pose yourself as a victim (which you are not). If your faith doesn’t help you to stand above my “attacks”, perhaps your faith is just not strong enough.

    No reply, please.

    • sawyer Says:

      Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to come to my blog and leave comments and ask not to have a reply? Just don’t read my replys. I don’t mind. Eager to prove myself right? Whats wrong with reaching for what is “right”. Another way to say that is to want the truth about anything to be “right”. You can call it “defense” and yes it is. If you noticed Jesus example he defended what he said and they hated him even more for it. Be specific please as this ping pong match doesn’t get anywhere. If you are talking about my speculation (however based on what Ti and Do “might” think about things, based on things they said and what’s in the Jesus record) I agree is speculation, but I’m not aware of Ti and Do saying there was anything wrong with doing that in certain circumstances and especially when there are things that seem to be relative to what we speculate about happening in the world that seem to directly correspond to the prophecy that I believe is a task for any of us to tackle to see how it is being fulfilled since the garden has not been recycled yet and there appears to be more to come to help any who choose to come in the direction of Ti and Do to see that might help them to see in terms of Jesus prophecy as those prophecies were certainly not necessary to see much of for the first classroom so then who are they most for if not for the LAST classroom in progress now though in a different format in a sense just like after Jesus left.

      Are you going to deny that spending 19 years fully dedicated to every word out of Ti and Do’s mouth might just give me some insights? Why not? What is there to lose buy considering (not blindly believing), that is if it’s of interest to you. If not then leave it alone but to just throw thoughts out and then when I respond throw them back at me for responding or saying too much – how is that productive for anyone?

  5. Glaive Says:

    P.S. Btw, no, you didn’t just want me to proofread your book, you offered me a task to “to get the book into as many hands as possible and especially to anyone who ever had any respect for Jesus, which in the U.S. is most people” – like your Bible speculations are such a big deal. I’m not going to be a part of this. If some of your faithful admirers are okay with disseminating info about what YOU think Bible or Ti and Do said, fine… You make your choise and I’ve made mine.

    • sawyer Says:

      Why are you beating this dead horse. Fine. You seemed at the time to want to help as you seemed to have a little respect for what I was doing so I made the offer which by the way was not something I did easily – in fact you were the first one of quite a few who seemed to want more of the experience I had with Ti and Do, that I actually made that offer to – to me taking a big chance because I know how the Luciferians love to turn anyone against Ti and Do and anyone serving them which would be a disaster should that happen between us, as is common, as it was in the classroom as well because it could halt the progress I might otherwise make without having to deal with yet another battle that I already have plenty of. In my opinion the Next Level showed me that would be a mistake to have anyone helping me in my physical presence as the lower forces can have a heyday with all involved pitting us against one another instead of working together for the common good offering to others what more there is to offer. Instead you seem to make what I say about the Bible as a personal confrontation to you, which is your choice to see that way as it’s my choice to continue to express.

      Anyone who has expressed “admiration” using your term, for what I say about Ti and Do and Jesus, etc. doesn’t make those very, very few who have expressed anything like that “faithful” to me, nor do I wish for that or thrive on that. I do thrive on the provision of perspective I hope would be Ti and Do’s perspective and hope to be corrected if it is not and feel I have seen that correction many times so plan to continue for as long as I can.

      Have you ever read “the power of goodness”? I’m not looking for an answer but it helps me to re-read it regularly and take it to heart.

      I think I’ve posted it on this blog. If you look for it and can’t find it I will send you a packet with it and other documents rkkody had. Ti wrote it. Oh, I found it here: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/the-power-of-goodness-meditations-and-affirmations-ti-and-do-gave-their-students-to-prepare-for-service/

  6. Glaive Says:

    Numerous walls of text again… Why you don’t just go and fight your “inner demons” instead? This would be more productive, I guess.

    Yes, I know it, sure –
    “I belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, I was sent here to complete a task…”
    But my task is not to promote your book, because “there are books Sawyer cannot read and understand”. Don’t ask me what it means. Ask the Next Level.
    And leave me alone.

    • sawyer Says:

      If you can stand to read this comment to the end, it says a bit more not in response to what you last said but I kept this part in here because it did speak to what you last said:

      You’ve got a lot of anger it seems. You come to my blog and complain about what I say in response to you. You claim certain perspectives but don’t say anything about them and then just throw insults around and ask to be left alone. If you don’t want to read what I write stop writing. I’m not getting anything out of it in particular and I never said or implied you have a task to promote my book. This is your illusion. I simply was saying I could use the help and you until I started talking about “white vehicles possibly coming from a mix of the Luciferians with humans” and that was so objectionable to even consider that you ended up reversing what seemed like a supportive relationship, which obviously wasn’t what it at first looked like.

      By they way I just came upon more research that suggests gog and magog in Rev 20 and Ezk 38 and 39 refer to a “northern nation (people)” being the ones who surround the “saints” as Lucifer himself leading and the references in Ezekiel refer to eastern Europeans and northern Asians as the location called “magog” where those people are suggested as “gog”. Isn’t it interesting that northern Asians and Europeans and north American’s are all generally caucasion. Even that word, Cauc-asian is interesting though I haven’t researched it’s etymology yet. But especially in the 20th and 21st century the biggest killers are the Caucasians.

      I was asking Ti and Do about this that I wrote a little about and then came upon this viewpoint and these scriptures in a way I hadn’t seen before knowing I needed to get to them. This is not about race consciousness as it’s all got to go. We have to all become “color blind”. That’s the word Ti and Do used for it, but colorations of skin are spoken about in prophecy attributed to Jesus and his return in a white as snow “head” and “hair”.

      Anyway, just ignore my comments and don’t follow my posts if you do and then you will be left alone by me. Otherwise why am I to blame for all your issues against me that you don’t even explain the reasoning for. It’s just anger which is the time we are in. All the passions are being increased to deal with which is why there’s a new increase to rebellion and killing and domination of other and people fighting back – tired of being victimized and having their own self-rightness in whatever human way they see fit.

      The people that are hardest hit are those who stand the best chance of becoming a student of Ti and Do and in case it’s not clear that includes me. As Jesus said, to those that much is given, much is required. I can’t deny perhaps being given more in terms of time and energy from Ti and Do than perhaps anyone else on the planet so more will be required of me, but anyone can run past me in a second – not that it’s a competition but for sake of understanding. Ti and Do even said that someone could pass them theoretically and I’m not saying I’m ahead of anyone. That’s human thinking. We each answer to our Older Member independent of any other and as Ti and Do said with that as well, we don’t know what any other is up against. Someone who was never in the classroom could have had lessons that made entering the classroom easy.

      I may be totally off track to talk about people with white skin verses darker skin. All humans have misinformation, don’t they and I consider my vehicle a human and have a mix of human and Next Level mind. I lose nothing by anyone’s pointing out my humanness. I can only gain. I don’t enjoy it and I do respond defensively when maybe it would be coming from a higher place to just fluff it off. I justify my defense as just for the sake of other blog readers but perhaps that’s in part an excuse to get my beef off back at whoever is on my case. I’ve been going through this for years so perhaps I have learned something about responding. I know there was a time I’d say things back I later wish I hadn’t said. I remember with XF, he had a problem with anger and temper – quick to lash out and it reminded me of how Ti and Do had us, when we would write notes to them, hold it for 24 hours before sending it and re-reading it before sending it. One can only imagine how it was to wade through students like me who would write long long notes at times. Sometimes they would come back from a little trip and would have many hours worth of reports and personal notes to read from the 40+ students and they would say to us, to rewrite our notes if there was something we really wanted them to know about. They didn’t do that often but it happened at least 5-6 times I’d say over the years.

      This verse stands out to me as an example of what many of us Ti and Do believers have experienced if we have had much interface with one another. The timing of this verse is AFTER the one of the Beasts 7 heads is wounded and healed which is said in Rev 13:3 but reflects on Rev 11:13 where I believe the “earthquake” when translated equivalently to “shaking, commotion, tempest” is the 9/11 attack in the U.S. which seems to match the timing of the Red horse of Rev 6:4 being G.W. Bush and the endless war of that prophecy that came about because of that “great commotion/shaking”:

      Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

      But in this verse it’s the word “with” that really cued me into a way to see this prophecy. Here is the Strongs entry below but note the first definition is “accompaniment; “amid” as an association or accusative succession and later on gives “against” and “after” as if “going after someone” but also can apply to the time period that “follows” the first fruit harvest as another confirmation of timing that also ties in with Rev 8:7 indication of what “follows”. The Next Level doesn’t use any word accidentally. I’m not saying it’s all perfect in that way. I’ve found blatant mistakes of translators but who knows if John made some mistakes and theoretically the messenger Jesus sent to deliver this to John could have made mistakes too but I’m sure none that matter to us and for us I consider every word important. Now in case you haven’t studied all this, there were words added by the translator/interpretation sometimes because one Hebrew word took many words to explain in English and the same with Greek but less so than Hebrew.

      But considering this view all who are attempting to be among the saints which is not for any of us to determine about another in my opinion that I believe I also got from Ti and Do to think in that way, they are pit one against the other by the dragon the Luciferians. “…make war amid, among, to accompany” the saints who would be subdued – the same word that translates to “overcome, conquer” but can pertain to subdue as a purpose or result. As with all prophecy when there are choices usually a number of the choices all work so I would say that the Luciferians will subue us all among getting us to fight against one another. In fact that could even result in someone siding with the Luciferians I would guess just as someone who decides to ignore Ti and Do who had exposure to them is toying with giving into the Luciferians.

      with = 3326 meta met-ah’
      a primary preposition (often used adverbially); properly, denoting accompaniment; “amid” (local or causal); modified variously according to the case (genitive association, or accusative succession) with which it is joined; occupying an intermediate position between apo – apo 575 or ek – ek 1537 and eiV – eis 1519 or proV – pros 4314; less intimate than en – en 1722 and less close than 4862):–after(-ward), X that he again, against, among, X and, + follow, hence, hereafter, in, of, (up-)on, + our, X and setting, since, (un-)to, + together, when, with (+ -out). Often used in composition, in substantially the same relations of participation or proximity, and transfer or sequence.

      So I’d like to make peace and if there is anything to talk about further I’m game critical of me or not. The classroom was full of criticism. So I’m asking you if you see/hear me saying anything that you think is not from Ti and Do’s mind (or Jesus mind as it was the same mind) let me know so I can examine it. We were taught to say that to our partners often and mean it and I do mean it even though we are not partners in the same context if you believe in Ti and Do entirely then that’s partner enough for me.

  7. Glaive Says:

    Alright, I read all of your walls of text. It looks like a huge mess, no offense, but…
    In a word, you claim your blog is just your opinion (your version about what Ti and Do MIGHT say) and opinions are relative, yet on the other hand you are so eager to defend yours. If this is just your version, there’s nothing to defend. Besides, are you even allowed to have your personal opinion/version/vision, relative or not? There’s only one and it comes from the Next Level. Either you stick with it, or let the Luciferian mindset infect you further. There is no 3rd option. So much about speculations and “speaking out of your ass” ^^

    It never was your opinion about “white race” that “reversed a supportive relationship”, I always found the idea of your book kinda suspicious. I had doubts, so I asked the Next Level what should I do. The answer was “there are books Sawyer cannot read and understand”. It took a time to find out, and by then you started with your speculations about “white race” and “Luciferian hybrids”, which was plain ridiculous, so it was hard for me to keep my mouth shut^^ How is it even important? It isn’t, and it have nothing in common with what Ti and Do taught, yet it is everything in common with so called “liberal agenda”. A human one.

    Yes, it’s along the lines of this agenda to demonize whites and blame ’em for all bad things happening and, of course, expect whites to swallow and/or feel guilty. It’s a trend nowadays. And it seems, it’s a trend you follow. You even use this newly coined term “Caucasian”. I’m still young, but even I remember times when there was no such term, whites called themselves just whites (or sometimes “Aryan” – when they wanted to piss people off ^^).

    When I told you “Sawyer, you should travel the world, just for the sake to be familiar with it”, you claimed it’s not necessary. But if you do so, you have a chance to meet real Caucasians. These are natives of the Caucasus region – a relatively small territory between the Black and Caspian Sea. It’s a region with a widest genetic variations, but not because it’s an origin of the European race, no, Caucasus simply was a crossroads between Byzantine and the Persian empire. And a stop on the Silk Road.

    The modern term “Caucasian” is artifically created by those who consider old term “white” being offensive to another races. A liberal agenda, dirty human games… Still wanna play along?
    Btw, you wrote “northern Asians”. What northern Asians? There is no racial group like that.

    Seems you follow the liberal agenda even further and blame the West for mass genocide in the Middle east. It’s nothing uncommon. You just forgot to mention Crusades ^^
    Ah, you actually didn’t.
    Well, watch “Why we are afraid” on Youtube and find out how the armies of Islam destroyed Antique cultures of Europe and Middle East. Behold the face of true genocide.

    Below one of your videos you wrote France recently paid for its sins/war crimes/whatever. Reality is, France paid for being too liberal, for letting the Muslim hordes in, and for abandoning its national identity. There’s not much of national identity left among Europeans, Multiculturalism above all. Natives just have nothing to fight for, liberalism and exaggerated tolerance makes them weak. It’s a human world, you see, and in a human world there is a law of animal kingdom that rules all. Weakest die, and Europe is weak, weak and afraid.
    I live here, I see it every day. There is nothing in this world for me to fight for, either, yet for different reason, but… Why should I deny something I witness in person?

    You claim Islam is not a 4th horse. Why? Because you rather sympathize with a certain side in a war conflict? Fine. I don’t sympathize with any side, I just state what I witness. Am I right? Maybe. Am I wrong? Perhaps. I understood, you won’t travel there, but won’t you mind just take a look at the map of the Middle East? And now look at the flags of these countries. It’s an impressive view, each of the flags consist of 4 colors – white, red, black, green.
    Just like a message from I don’t know who ^^ Perhaps all 4 horses are Islamic?
    I’ll be honest, I don’t know. And neither do you. Don’t deceive yourself.

    You claim you have a proof in the Bible, but Bible never was a proof, it’s a distorted message, tweaked and altered many times. The Bible text you are using is just a few centuries old. You should look for a better example at the British museum, yet I doubt you can borrow it. Besides, it also contains tweaks and distortions (well, maybe to a lesser degree, but anyway).
    So what we do now? Now we sit and entertain ourselves with “deciphering the prophecies” –

    “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”

    And you say 1/4 of the earth is about US, because you are American and America is a fourth continent (wait, really?) ^^
    Yet it can be a territory of the next Caliphate, just like any other 1/4 of the landmass.
    Yet it can be 1/4 of population. Believe it or not, at the moment, 1/4 of Earth population is Muslim. They might happily do all these things with the sword, with hunger, with death and so on… Their Holy Book orders them to.
    Once you asked is my name Islamic, it was weird from you… Are you even familiar with the subject? I do, I had to study it. The name I use is anything but Islamic, and it seems you are lacking some knowledge. Yet claim otherwise ^^

    Another time I told you Ti and Do teachings could easily become a new Christianity, which is sad. And your answer was “it’s already happening”. I won’t help you in this, but I won’t stop you either. So, sure, feel free to play with distorted message (the Bible) and alter Their message with this message. Throw in some liberal spice along with the modern trend, and the end you’ll create another Human religion. Another killer of souls.

    • sawyer Says:

      Good to see you speak your mind. You draw many conclusions and make assumptions about many things that I could address but it’s of no value since you’ve made up your mind. I did enjoy what you said about islam and the colors and the fourth as all things I observe (like from what you said) can provide further clues to have the most accurate I can get.

      You say you asked the Next Level about me or what I said:

      “It never was your opinion about “white race” that “reversed a supportive relationship”, I always found the idea of your book kinda suspicious. I had doubts, so I asked the Next Level what should I do. The answer was “there are books Sawyer cannot read and understand”.”

      First off do you know anything about Ti and Do and what they said in the history books and what they said about that history? If you do you don’t evidence it by this statement. Curiously, what was your exact question and who in the Next Level did you ask with that specific question and how did you receive what you felt was the answer? Was it a voice in your head, a feeling, in a dream? Did you see someone’s face if it was a dream? Was “Sawyer” in your question? And what books are there that Sawyer can not read? Are they in a language I don’t know? Or are they not published. Why can’t I read them? Now in terms of understanding what I can’t read – isn’t that kind of psycho babble as if you can’t read something how can you understand it? Or maybe you didn’t say all that intended but you did put quote marks around it, so I take it those were the words you received.

      Question, since you talk like you do I have to ask, “Do you believe in everything Ti and Do said and taught and did, or are there some things you don’t agree with?” If you do, have you listened to all the audio tapes available? Have you read and re-read all their documents and the student documents Do was supportive of their writing. (by the way I also wrote such documents while in the classroom).

      Why are you the authority on Ti and Do and my experience hardly counts?

      Believe me, the liberals in the U.S. hate the white bashing talk as well as the conservatives.

      And why not associate all prophecy to the U.S. primarily IF we believe Ti and Do were from the Next Level and chose to come to the U.S. for their mission?

      When you said that islam was the pale/green horse I actually began to wonder about how that could be true and I can see it but not really any more than than how the Christians are and yes the crusades certainly was a Christian verses Islamic war for profit and power using the false sense of relationship to God as the excuse to rally the support of the young men who could then show how big their balls were, some no doubt equating their service to the king and queen and other hierarchy in gov’t and religious govn’t with service to the Kingdom of God, which was nothing of the sort EXCEPT in how the Next Level uses what humans are prodded to do, by their choice to the advantage of the shaping of the containers – genetic strains to become vehicles for the returning student body as one of a number of “trials by fire”.

      I too am a student of history in the last 10 years to have the most accurate view I can get of what all led up to today and I’ve shared very little of that if at all but is in my book a little more.

      The idea of Northern Asians is talked about by Christian theologian/historians but stems mostly from the records in Ezk 38 but one needs to read several commentaries on the interpretations of the tribal names they are speaking of which I don’t really have reason to doubt because there is no advantage for telling those possibilities of historic interpretation in ways that would twist what’s most likely true, as I see it.

      What did Ti and Do say about the bible?

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m also curious what about me or what I have said, was “suspicious” and suspicious of exactly what? The answer that “it’s already happening” was mostly because if you look at what the webmasters who run the Heavensgate.com say in interviews, two of which I have posted about that you can see by searching my site for “gizmodo” and “upvoted” or “redit” the sites that hosted the interviews, you will see a complete spiritualization of Ti and Do. Part of that seems to me to mimic the past religisizing/spiritualizing – removing the physical component Ti and Do made one of the pivotal ideas to show, by their talking about TELAH and even using that as their names in the interview even being mysterious about it being two people, a male and a female (Mark and Sarah) who I referred to in my comments on those articles as M and S.

      I don’t know if they ever talk about what Ti and Do said. It’s as if they either don’t remember or don’t want to quote what they said to help answer the questions put to them and in fact that I can prove they answered some questions with the opposite of what Ti and Do said.

      And they tried to get me on board with their being the leaders of TELAH. Isn’t that interesting just like the English word “God” took the place of the actual names of the individuals from the Kingdom of God and even singularized it a further distortion because every member of the Kingdom of God is a “god” – a deity in comparison to even the greatest Human as Jesus clearly addressed.

      Jesus instructed his disciples to pray in private to their “Father in outer space/sky, “literal heavens” (the way Ti and Do said it). Father was the name from the greek Pater and Hebrew Abba and Jesus was clear that no one else should refer to any human by that name. Then to his closest disciples that had left all behind to follow him and were prepared to give their lives in his service he said they could talk to him directly using the name Jesus.

      In the Old testament the Lords name from Moses onward was Jehovah which meant “existing one” or “I exist” or “I am”. To change that in the English translation to God or Lord is just wrong and that’s where most of the distortion takes place not so much in the actually accounts depicted.

      You are now one of maybe a half dozen or so people that are either former classmates or say they are new believers in Ti and Do to be adamant about my being off track to be spending any time at all on re-interpreting Jesus and Old Testament prophecy. Each time I ask why? And each time I get nothing except someone just a few days ago said that Do already said all there is to say, which a former classmate also seemed to be saying in general against my putting things in my own words.

      But that would be like telling me I shouldn’t eat papaya because Do didn’t put it on the menu (though we might have had it a couple times while I was there). That is all to me signs of religious thinking – coming up with opinions that show no correlation to anything Ti and Do told us to do or not to do and making them into a cornerstone of objection against what I feel is a task to do (that by the way isn’t at all limited to me to do and that I’m not saying I was left behind to do). I flunked out and have another chance so this is one of the tasks I can do and I don’t say that in a bubble but I’m not going to justify that any further at this time.

      I can prove I’m not a liberal nor a conservative nor have any party affiliation, nor national allegiance nor religious leanings nor anti-religion leanings (though that’s the most attractive mindset in some ways, but like all of them needs to be outgrown to come to make application into Next Level membership as all things human).

      So how am I creating a religion? You completely misunderstood me yet instead of asking what I meant by that, you nail me into a box of thought that is another killer of souls and without cause.

      Can you see how you jump to conclusions and use to judge what I’m doing? This is why we were assigned partners. To be a “mirror” as without it we do miss a whole perspective we will otherwise think doesn’t exist. That’s the value of these comment exchanges to be a mirror for both of us. If you want to call it my defending myself, that’s yet another twist. If you want to know how it worked in the classroom I’ll describe the procedures among partners but then maybe you don’t trust I know those procedures after 19 years practicing them or that I have some agenda to make you into my disciple which is a complete fabrication though I could understand your being cautious about, which is another reason it’s better for me to go it alone unless I end up on the road and someone hears what I say and wants to trek along – then IF that happens and IF someone says that THEN I will deal with it, which I already have precedent for from Ti and Do.

      By the way, I suggest you ask Ti and Do using those names and knowing who you are wanting to hear back from about me or about anything I have said. Their names were not “Next Level”. The only alternate they ever gave was to project your asking for the truth to the highest being you can imagine as far from earth as you can imagine, which they also would say as seeking to learn the truth from our Heavenly Father.

      Then I’d like to know what you get back and how with as much detail as you describe as it adds to my database to see and to see how what they say matches with the many things they said over the years that is our best example of what they would still say instead of some generalized vague response about sawyer not able to read some book – that says nothing. They were mostly very specific and especially when answering a question. I was often asking general questions as did other classmates and they would almost always say, “what are the specifics”?

      I’m fairly sure you can hear that in the audio meeting tapes.

  8. Glaive Says:

    Wow, Sawyer, and why YOU are the authority on Ti and Do and I’m supposed to have no experience at all? Are you even in the position to question me? Are you in the position to demand answers? Who do you think you are?
    I answer only to Ti and Do. This is the only hierarchy.
    So if you want an exotic pet to train, I strongly suggest you to look elsewhere.

    And remember, there is no Classroom anymore, unless you create one – along with your new religion.
    Which you already do. You have potential.
    See, you already have a doctrine of “Luciferian hybrids”. And another doctrine of “Bad West bombing innocent Muslims” (yeah, cry me a river). Both very human, thou, but it’s okay, the more will buy it.
    Now imagine a new believer reading your blog and assuming it’s exactly what Ti and Do told about and consider Stockholm syndrome is the best way to overcome everything human. NB! – this new believer wants to know more and creating one more doctrine is endlessly tempting.
    Profit! ^^
    So don’t bring Mark and Sarah, you are not much different in a long run.

    It’s a pity you didn’t watch the video I suggested (“Why we are afraid”), there is something about Crusades. If you are still human, this video helps to get rid of Stockholm syndrome. But if you are not human anymore, then who cares about the ways of Humankind?

    • sawyer Says:

      MOST of this reply is the documentation from Do and Jwnody that speaks about hybridization that I will make into a new post, but I included responses to your statements.

      Good way to get out of answering the telling questions. So you look to Ti and Do only. Fine. As seems to be the pattern you make up stuff about me, make it seem like your quoting me and filling in the little I’ve said with interpretation that suits you and then using it against me as if to point out that I am starting a new Luciferian religions with zero evidence of that, except that I talk about stuff that you don’t like to hear and you assign to some “Stockholm syndrome” which now I will have to reseach to know what you are talking about as well as that movie you talked about. Lies, deceit and innuendo is filling your words and I haven’t heard anything about Ti and Do that you look to.

      I don’t know what in your life has brought you to resenting someone who may have more information on a subject. Information doesn’t elevate me above anyone. I don’t just say that as some false humility. It’s apparent. If someone goes to school to learn auto mechanics and in their first semester are given the text book and take it home and read it cover to cover, is that equivilent to the experience of someone who has worked with the professor of the course in a auto mechanic lab physically fixing and building cars? Yet perhaps with with my car building skills you may be a prodigy and will show that I in comparison (if there was any value to comparison) am an elementary auto mechanic but if that is matched by experience turning bolts, making mistakes, being corrected over and over, trying different approaches to the problems then it’s strictly book knowledge with everyone in any field knows is limited.

      Hey, I’m the first to admit I FELL but it wasn’t to the bottomless pit where the space aliens are forced to hide while the Luciferians concock how to influence people in every which way but the Ti and Do way, even using their names as they did with Paul of Tarsus and Jesus said was not a sign of belief/trust/service in the real Lord.

      Again, you won’t answer my questions because it seems to me, though I could be wrong about, that doing so would be sucuumbing to what I ask for and anything from me by what you have said seems to fall in the category as in league with the Luciferians, which for whatever it’s worth is the direction of the religions, spiritual, and atheistic teachers and groups having mountains of arrogance and supremecy and self godship.

      So like it or not your response and lack of response to my simple questions reveals the answers to anyone that cares about the truth, that is unless you can change you mind and actually address the questions in matter of fact way. If you don’t want to be challenged by anyone then some classmember you will make should you be in a Next Level classroom.

      The classroom is not over or we wouldn’t be having this interchange. The first stage classroom is over. Didn’t Do make that clear that there were “3 types of people that would go with him to escape the recycling”. Tell me how I am misinterpreting this? Or because I ask, are you going to be stubborn and not provide your experience with Ti and Do? Another question that you will answer by having any reply at all.

      This is good to show the few who do believe in what Ti and Do taught and did and are doing and will continue to do with all those who seek from them, what one must be up against to come their direction. It really is a trial by fire to see how distorted people’s minds become and I’m not insinuating that about you, I’m saying it seems to be apparent by what you say and don’t say, though I know it’s still possible for you to examine that as any good student of Ti and Do would do and that I also attempt to practice, the reason I have repeatedly asked you for your evidence of some desire of mind to “profit” and/or start a new religion as you say over and over.

      So I’ll further address your accusations with evidence (The only part of this I have speculated about is the “white vehicle origin” potential that I admit could be way off but that I have seen more evidence of but through Jesus and other related prophecy as I’ve said.:

      Why is talking about Luciferian hybrids my doctrine as you said it was? How about this proof that it’s Ti and Do’s “doctrine” as you call it:


      13. There are space aliens (humanoid remnants from other
      civilizations) who travel in the nearby heavens. They are
      dependent upon Earth’s atmosphere for harvesting hybrid
      bodies to “wear” and they recruit the “souls” who fail to
      become children in the Kingdom of God. We call them
      Luciferians because of their lineage.

      Here are a number of excerpts from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 3 where Do talks about Luciferian space alien hybrids and related subject matter:

      In this excerpt Do speaks of the space aliens having hybrid bodies because they when they fell had a, “partially completed heavenly body”:

      “The moment they were cast out,
      they no longer had Heavenly bodies, they had what was left of a
      partially completed heavenly body – a hybrid similar to what
      would happen if a caterpillar were removed from the chrysalis
      before it became a butterfly.”

      Next here is where Do says some of the fallen angels still have gender:

      “Okay, wow! there are some identifying features of those
      vehicles that they wear, not all of them, but some of them. Some
      of those vehicles they wear still have gender, still have age.”

      Next here is where Do talks about how the space aliens once fallen “…can lose their capacity to reproduce”. Do chooses his words very carefully and doesn’t say things he doesn’t know and only occasionally speculates, so the fact that he said they “can lose their capacity to reproduce” certainly doesn’t close the door to their having some capacity to reproduce, but as I have also said about claiming the Luciferians were performing hybridization experiments, I included that it might be through “artificial insemination” as Do also talks about here:

      Do says:

      “Most of them will either appear to be male or female in some
      quality. Even though they might be losing some of their
      “maleness” or their “femaleness,” frequently not of their own
      choice, but because when in outer space and you’re outside of the
      vibration of a planet that has the kind of fertilizer and the
      ingredients that are primary to this garden, to this planet, they
      can lose their capacity to reproduce. Not that they would want
      to, but in spite of their desires. So, they have to come and rob
      vehicles. They have to do artificial insemination. They have to
      do genetic experimentation.”

      Excerpt from the “USA TODAY” Ad/Statement put in the national and international editions on May 27, 1993 that Do wrote after having created the Beyond Human video tape series called: “UFO CULT” RESURFACES WITH FINAL OFFER re: the space aliens using “hybridization” indicating these space aliens do this to “develop races” thus shows that the hybridized vehicles can reproduce to become the start of a race, which is in line with Genesis chapter 6 for the creation of the Nephilm : which is Hebrew for “giants, mighty, great” but became the reason the Lord (Ti) chose to plow them under in the Noah flooding:

      “These “Luciferian” space races are the humans’ GREATEST ENEMY.
      They hold humans in unknown slavery only to fulfill their own needs.
      They cannot “create,” though they develop races and biological
      containers through genetic manipulation and hybridization. They even
      try to “make deals” with human governments to permit them (the
      Luciferians) to engage in biological experimentation (through
      abductions) in exchange for technically advanced modes of travel –
      though they seldom follow through, for they don’t want the humans of
      this civilization to grow to be another element of competition. They
      war among themselves over the spoils of this planet and use religion
      and increased sexual behavior to keep humans “drugged” and ignorant
      (in darkness) while thinking they are in God’s keeping. These
      Luciferians see to it, through the “social norm” (the largest
      Luciferian “cult” there is) that man continues to not avail himself of
      the possibility of advancing beyond human. Many things have become
      the accepted “norm,” but that doesn’t make them right!”

      Here are two excerpts from an article Jwnody wrote entitled, “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure. (Jwnody was a primary writer but all classmates were given the opportunity to try their hand at writing which is apparent in the inclusion of a number of others in their book). Note, how Jwnody talks about hybridization, defining it as “the crossbreeding of human plants (bodies) with those of their own [space alien] species. (my contextual inclusion in brackets).

      Jwnody writes:

      ” Not only do the space aliens need new souls to increase their
      ranks, they need replacement bodies as well. Their bodies are
      temporal, subject to both death and decay. They come to this planet
      to literally rape and plunder its creative resources – their continued
      existence depends on it. As we said before, a creative garden is
      specifically designed to have life-giving properties found nowhere
      else in the nearby heavens. So they come here to acquire the
      relatively young, virile human DNA which they use as part of a
      hybridization process, to produce the bodies that they need (to
      inhabit) to extend their own physical lives. Their homeworlds (the
      limited parts of the nearby heavens that they can circulate in) are
      out of range of these needed creative properties, thus causing genetic
      deterioration – atrophy and weakness in their species.”

      “Consequently, to ensure their own survival, they resort to all
      extremes of genetic manipulation using humans for their raw material –
      as “laboratory animals” – which includes this hybridization, that is,
      the crossbreeding of human plants (bodies) with those of their own
      species. Space-alien races have learned to take the properties (data
      banks and conceptual processing abilities) residing in the genetic
      structure (body) they currently occupy, and incorporate them into the
      new hybrid body. Therefore, significant programming is put in place
      and ready to activate as they take over the biologically engineered,
      and individually customized “vehicle.” The accounts of human abductees
      tend to verify this activity, as they reportedly describe the
      extracting of human sperm, eggs, and even fetuses for this purpose.”

      Jwnody reports again in her document, Religions Are Humans’ #1 Killers of Souls

      Couriers from a higher biological Kingdom Level expose
      catastrophic information in a desperate attempt to salvage
      souls for the Kingdom of God.

      Urgent Warning: The lawless, the criminals, the major corrupters of
      the inhabitants of this world, from the Kingdom of God’s point of
      view, are human-equivalent space aliens who have been deliberately
      deceiving – victimizing – your most prominent religious leaders.
      These technologically advanced alien species have succeeded in having
      these leaders look to them as “Almighty God.” They also increasingly
      exploit the biological resources of this planet. It seems that they
      not only abduct unwilling victims in order to extract human DNA for
      genetic hybridization, but they also deliberately engineer
      “misinformation viruses” designed to contaminate human perception.”

      (We have to all be careful as the number one Souls the Luciferians wish to infect are those who become believers in Ti and Do. It seems one of their strategies is to have some who do believe in Ti and Do, believe in them in name and idea only or in some selective belief the same way we say the Luciferians do with Paul of Tarsus. Paul demonstrated competition with the disciples of Jesus. He sought to be seen as an “apostle” which was Jesus assigned task to specific individuals who he had prepped to perform the task. Paul received none of that preparation which is why a religion resulted from his dilutions and distortions as shown throughout his writings that became the real center stone of Christianity and the reason why it is so utterly corrupted and behind the very activity Jesus would be against. After I started to re-awaken (which is never assumed to be complete and always requires being on guard and making correction to maintain furthering) I could see how the songs I was writing at the time and some of the gigs I did talked about having “universal peace” which is not the Next Level program to promote because they want those they choose to be students to look to having their peacefulness, or course between one another and even towards our enemies but required us to “have salt” in ourselves as Jesus said:

      Mar 9:49 For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt.
      Mar 9:50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.

      Mat 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword ((sword of his mouth/words he describes further in reference to the required separation from our human roots. However, because of the response to this the literal sword is employed by those in league with the lower forces against these and in order to promote the Luciferian agenda and the competition among the space races)).
      Mat 10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
      Mat 10:36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
      Mat 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
      Mat 10:38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
      Mat 10:39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

      Speaking to how easy it can be to get off the straight and narrow…

      Also from the same Beyond Human video tape, Do talks about how the fallen angels started to influence humans relative to the contactee reports from people like Adamski, etc. and came up with today’s space alien worship and/or seeing the Next Level as the “cosmic consciousness” and “universal mind” that we see promoted by New Age so called spiritual elite around the globe like the Raelians who then tie into a tiny few selected things Jesus said and the now distorted ideas from Gautama Buddha to form their facsimile of Next Level true information:

      Do says:

      If you read the records supposedly of people
      who’ve had encounters with space aliens, whether it’s Adamski’s
      camp, or we could sit and talk about that kind of stuff for some
      time, about so-called encounters of the third kind or the fourth
      kind, where they got information from certain space aliens that
      would say, “It isn’t exactly like you’re told in your Bible. We
      do lose our bodies, but we live a lot longer than your bodies.
      They might last several hundred years or they might have an
      extension quite a bit longer than yours.” Therefore, the person
      who’s hearing all that thinks that he’s listening to members of
      the Kingdom of Heaven, that he’s coming to the reality of what
      the Kingdom of Heaven really is, and he’s shocked by it. He
      thinks, “Wow, all those religious ideas I had were off base,” not
      realizing that the camp he’s talking to created those off-base
      religious ideas, and even now is selling you, or selling that
      individual who’s having that experience, on “I am from the
      Kingdom of Heaven. We did create those religions on your planet.
      We are trying to help you move up the ladder so that you could
      serve in our kingdom, and help us in our pursuit of ‘universal
      mind,’ ‘cosmic consciousness,’ becoming ‘gods’.”

      Addressing the other statements in your comment:

      I don’t know what Stockholm syndrome is so how can I teach it. It’s just some human or space aliens misinformation perhaps made to look like it’s related to the Next Level but whatever it is, it’s misleading to suggest I am teaching it to new believers in Ti and Do.

      General criticism has no value to anyone except the misinformation junkies whether they know they are or not. What have I said that is misinformation. If you can’t point out anything why make up lies about it. Point it out and show how it’s not what Ti and Do taught and then I will have a chance to correct it.

      Again putting words in my mouth is deceitful – I never said you have “no experience at all” but even so if you have experience then share it so we can see your experience with Ti and Do and in relation to all they taught and said and/or with what Jesus said and did in relationship to what Ti and Do updated. Is any asking of a question a “demand”? Why don’t I have the right to ask a question and especially when you are saying you received information about me from the Next Level? To answer your question, I’m Sawyer a student of Ti and Do. Why are you threatened by questions, taking the position that I want or need you to give me something comparing me to someone wanting a pet? And I never said or implied in the slightest way that I am anyone’s hierarchy.

      I never said I was not human anymore. I am a mix to the degree I apply Ti and Do’s teachings. Are you still human?

      Now, just like when another was talking the same kind of ways about me as shown in this blog, I learned that there was truth to what this other person was saying and it prompted me to make changes in my book and to guard against letting influences use my vehicle to bolster my “self”. This is the way it works that we grow from. We are using Ti and Do’s mind when we are doing anything they gave us to do, doing so as they instructed, whether that’s the direction to shave (since that question was asked of Do once and the person who asked it, an x-classmate who had the name in the class of rthody said on a video report, maybe by the BBC to be found on youtube that was one of his criticisms of Do), however a minor example or in a better example relative to the public, using Do’s words to talk about what he taught.

      We can observe that the students of Do that wrote papers also used their own words to talk about what they had received from Ti and Do. It’s really like Jesus also said when some of his disciples were critical of another:

      Mar 9:38 And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us.
      Mar 9:39 But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me.
      Mar 9:40 For he that is not against us is on our part.

      So even though you have provided no examples of how I am guilty of all these claimed infractions – starting my own classroom, misleading new believers in Ti and Do, trying to have you as a pet, trying to be you hierarchy, starting a new religion with the doctrine of Luciferian hybrids” that you thought was not from Ti and Do’s mind to talk about in that way, and my pointing out the evil in humans killing humans you seem to want to focus on being about the west killing innocent Muslims – putting more words in my mouth about, I have recognized that I have not put nearly as many Ti and Do quotes in my book to support certain points throughout as I should, as my reasoning was flawed, but I’m not going to say what that flaw was, except to say your criticism of me over the whole hybridization argument, when I did the research to document some of the basis for my argument from things Do and Jwnody said, revealed to me and I still have time to inject all the quotes I can before publishing.

    • sawyer Says:

      So now your saying I have Stockholm syndrome? Who are my captors exactly and how am I siding with them?

      I watched your video you recommended, perhaps the shortest one about the comparison between the Islamic Jihad and the Crusades showing 548 battles or so jahad battles and a handful during he crusades who he said were defensive to free their Christian brothers.

      So what’s the point. I guess your using this as your what – justification to war against Syria now and perhaps justification for the US and British invasion on Iraq? Is that it, because if it is and you claim to be a believer in Ti and Do, you are one piece of work indeed. If not what are you saying if you can give me that at least since all you seem to want to do is be angry with the things I say. I can be sure that Ti and Do would not say, in response to the Paris attacks to go bomb Syria some more as France was doing before the paris attacks. If you think otherwise show me some examples of where you get it from.

  9. Glaive Says:

    Sawyer, you are fighting a straw man (yes, google “straw man” and find out what it is). All the time lately ^^
    All the time ^^ Which is funny.

    So, there’s still a classroom and you are the teacher? That’s brave, congrats ^^

    Speaking of Syria… I don’t care about Syria, as well as about US and GB. I just provided historical facts, which you possibly don’t like. I don’t justify anything that happens among humans. Do you? If so, then why? Stop fighting a straw man.

    • sawyer Says:

      Spreading more lies and deceit. I said there was still a classroom, it just doesn’t have an incarnate Older Member. It’s the classroom of learning what was taught in the classroom or not for everyone who feels to give it their best shot to please Ti and Do. I am not a “teacher” to anyone though we all are teachers to anyone who recognized the information which is why we need to keep to what Ti and Do taught which I happen to have hands on experience with and am trying to bring what I learned from them and realized after leaving and upon continuing to come back into pulling from their minds for everything I say. Sometimes I will say things I realize is not coming from their minds. It can literally happen with every word and it’s not like we get a confirmation that we’re on track. Sometimes I have felt that but it not often. I even hear a high pitch sound inside my head that started when I was in the class and Ti and Do indicated having the same thing happening to them, so I do relate it to that experience. I’ve been watching the timing with what I’m thinking and sometimes I don’t see any correlation but that may be because I’m not awake enough yet or there also may be something like that the space aliens can do, so we can’t count on that if it happens. I do get a big “stop” at times. I got that when I did a bunch of blogtalkradio shows and would talk for two hours and would go into areas I didn’t know about, speculating beyond my capacity and/or in a completely unrelated way to what Ti and Do would have me talk about. Another correction I get is from hecklers, trolls, pseudo believers, sometimes trying to get me to tell them something they suspect I’m harboring, but it seems they also stimulate my draw for how would Ti and Do think about this and is what was behind documenting what Do and Crew said about hybridization, so that’s I think making a positive out of a negative and it also has me examine things maybe I wouldn’t have which in the case of Glaive am still looking at his assigning Islam to the pale/green horse of Rev 6:8, whose name is death and hell follows, not for that verse so much as for some verses that are in Rev 13 that I believe I have evidence are speaking about the time period we are in right now, but in particular the verse that describes this second beast who is coming out of the first Beast which I believe so far is referring to the EU that has two “heads” that are LIKE lambs but speak like dragons, thus in this context, a Christian, Pope Francis seems to fit while I wondered if the other would be Islamic but can’t find any evidence from Do while he did say that Buddhism because of it’s “renunciation of worldliness” seemed to him to possibly be a Next Level task to have begun which Jesus also said he had “another fold” and the way it has saturated into societies in both the EU and the US, having come together in the U.S in the 1960’s to prep souls for Ti and Do’s incarnation and prophecy fulfillment. Thus the Buddhist Dahlia Llama could be the 2nd “LIKE a SHEEP” but then he’s not physically based in the EU but then Rael is, based in France with his clonaid company and story about meeting the aliens who said their names were Lucifer and Satan who had a fight with one another. That’s interesting as Do said the space aliens were in competition with one another. So that’s my interpretation of that verse, not that you wanted that. I was just working it out on paper using your comment that stimulated it. I’m not saying I sure it’s from Do’s mind but I’ve had no stops on it.

      Then was your telling me your interpretation of islam as the pale/green horse one of those “historical facts” or did you have another reason to say that?

      This is beginning to look like quite the habit of putting words in other people’s mouth. What makes you think I don’t like “historical facts”? Is this still about the hybridization subject?

      You ask if I justify anything that happens among humans. I don’t understand what that means? Ti and Do said, people are becoming and thus dying with what they believe. Justification I believe stems from “what is seen as right”. I see rightness by Next Level standards as Ti and Do taught throughout the three trimesters. If they kill one another they are not in line with those rightness standards so I sometimes say that as you may have seen but try to provide Ti and Do’s perspective of it because I suspect there are perhaps thousands who the Next Level crew are helping to draw closer to them to be “saved” (souls or spirits and potentially vehicular as well as many verses in Revelations reveals) as Do indicated some would even if they never heard of Ti and Do. The task of providing the truth was part of what Ti and Do knew would happen and wanted to happen after they left. That’s what I’m calling a experiential classroom. It’s spread out that’s all but can still be connected to Ti and Do one by one but there is an indication at some point of a group, except it isn’t clear if it’s organized at all in Rev 20 where it talks about the “camp of the saints”.

      So can you give me an example of how I have been “fighting a straw man” or is this another accusation I can add to the list of what you have no evidence of and so say things that are lies to turn the tables on me that I would call a type of “wag the dog” to use the cliché.

      who in a sense is the same thing as he claims to be the Tibetan Buddhist Maitreya, but then began to wonder if there is some Islamic representative to fill that opposition to Ti and Do seat.

      • Glaive Says:

        I didn’t read this wall of text, so you wasted your precious time constructing it. There’s no reason to read and speak to you, so I’ll just let you be. In the end, it’s your soul you are going to ruin, not mine.

      • sawyer Says:

        Not a waste at all. All sorts of things come to us when we pull on Ti and Do’s mind trying to help someone to include ways I can improve my service and connection. It’s sad how you are so certain of my ruining my soul because I talk about how Do talked about hybridization. If it’s the white thing and not going along with your islam ideas exactly that means I am ruined, that’s a pretty shabby condemnation. By the way, I’m not attached to that white origin idea but the pulling on Do’s mind to see it better has yielded some interesting perspectives re: Rev 20’s Gog and Magog that sort of relate to the Europeans as the Caucasians that stemmed from Japheth, first born son of Noah as shown something about in Ezk 38 and 39 and Genesis 10 if your interested. Maybe you don’t believe any of those records have relevance to now so take it or leave it. However, whether fair skinned people came from the Luciferians fall or not is not something I understand but remain open to the idea if Ti and Do want to show me one way or the other – I have nothing to lose to be totally wrong about it. I actually tried to see Islam as related to the green horse (as pale really isn’t in the records – I just include it in case it refers to how a shoot of a new harvest can be yellow and it may also relate in other ways seemingly secondarily since the greek word was chloros a prime meaning of “green”. Sure Islam is one of the religions that are killers of souls but isn’t Christianity one of them too. Did you know that Do spoke favorably about the way those adherents to Islam still retained some restraint in their dress, covering up more to not be so blatantly sexually stimulating to others and themselves? But that’s not to say they aren’t off track on a whole host of other things and it’s person to person anyway. You were interpreting symbolism with more symbolism to say it referred to islam.

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