Atlanta Green Asteroid=Sign of NASA disinformation re: CERES LIGHTS

Last week, NASA announced publicly that what they called the “bright spots” on Ceres in the Ocular Crater were some type of magnesium salts. Now people are lining up behind that announcement as a fact, as usual, because that’s what they want to believe. I even saw long-term ufologist and author, Linda Moulton Howe support NASA’s announcement. She rose to UFO fame by documenting in books the many cow mutilations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Montana, etc. that had been reported/investigated starting in the early to mid 1970’s that the FBI even sought to question Ti and Do about when they gave a public meeting in Colorado in 1975, thinking the then called UFO Cult could have been responsible which couldn’t have been further from the truth. She is a regular guest on Coast to Coast radio.

As a side note, around late 1987 when Do started considering going public for the second time after nearly 17 years of silence, he had us form a little video company with a steering committee that consisted of Lggody, Jwnody, Chkody, Dncody, Alxody, Srrody and Swyody. Lggody and Jwnody researched and bought two video cameras and went to several UFO conferences, one being a well-known annual one in Arkansas, perhaps Littlerock, while we lived up Boulder Canyon in Colorado. At the conference they interviewed and filmed several like Linda Moulten Howe and a Brit with the last name of English and also contacted Whitley Streiber and others. We didn’t end up doing anything with that footage but it led to Do’s attempting to figure out what Ti would have him do as was the Next Level way to ask and then try things that occurred to us or we were led to, like by observing media reports and such, after asking. Soon after that Do wrote “’88 update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” which we mailed out to a number of organizations and people.

To me this is clearly a spin as was always expected as NASA was careful not to show many of the pictures they took on this latest article and neglected to talk about the tests they did on the “lights” to determine whether they were a light source or an element reflection and at least one of the two “bright spots” was determined to be a light source. Also NASA avoided the truth about how the Dawn spacecraft first was scheduled to go to CERES – as the Hubble had taken photos of what looked like one very bright light on Ceres in 2003 and 2004 from several angles. If they were salts, how would a mere reflection of light be visible to that large degree to be seen from Hubble at 347-400 miles from Earth and thus 256+ million miles from Ceres without having a significant power source behind it to project it that far with that degree of brightness. Of course on this score, what humans don’t know they can use to their advantage if it’s in their interest to do so. They can always say it’s an element and natural emanation because of the equivalent of volcanic activity or some equivalent – something they can leave unresolved. Leaving it unresolved is fine of course as that’s the most reasonable thing to do, so why did they have to leave that position and say it’s salts unless they want to use that idea in some way. NASA is not a casual organization and became part of the department of defense during this current 21st century so unless something is genuinely leaked, which can also be directed or stimulated or allowed on purpose, it has a reason to come to the public eye or not and how it comes public.

So I suspect the Next Level stimulated this “green fireball/asteroid” near the NASA hq’s in Atlanta to enlighten what they did so that people like me who know the Next Level’s reality and follow all this space and space alien activity can point out the discrepancies in the story/observations for the sake of any who are interested in the truth to consider.

I have to admit when NASA came out with this report of the “bright spots” as salts this last time, as some suggested it in July amid the many pictures that were analyzed, though I was fairly certain due to prophecy I was analyzing at the time, regarding the “green horse” of Revelations 6 that is about to come to the fore with the next presidential election – as a part of the 7th Trump of revelations, to where what comes with this 4th horse (human vehicle) is “death” that is shown in all ways and we see being stimulated in the increases of disturbances of all kinds because of the way “truth” and Next Level reality as it comes to the fore also stimulates humans to act in all passionate (fires) ways that includes unbridled violence against themselves and others, I wondered whether the bright spots were put there or revealed by the Next Level to be seen by Hubble and could actually be some type of element’s projection of light, even the elements several countries are now looking for and trying to manufacture in places like CERN to use to power the anti-gravity spacecrafts they received from space aliens and their own models.

And even though that may be the case that these are some type of element, call it a salt, I think the Next Level Older Members and Crew (Ti and Do, and student body) do what they do in such a way to allow humans to have any interpretation they want as that then becomes an avenue for those who are the biggest seekers to have a sense of the ultimate truths which they can only really have if the Next Level gave them, perhaps as a baby a deposit of their Mind to be able to see the truth when it’s provided even though even to those it will remain a puzzle to consider.

It’s not about having absolute answers when it comes to things like this. Even if we did have what we might think is an absolute answer, if our mind was not geared to look for the creators (Next Level) in it, then it would soon diminish as an absolute answer and would fade into imagination and of no value to the Next Level as what they are doing is nurturing those they chose to help choose what they wanted that these events in space, among the sun, moon, planets, stars, etc. become “sign posts” of.

So when this asteroid was shot across the bow of Atlanta, presumably NASA and looked GREEN to people who saw it, to go with the Green (harvest) horse and all the other GREEN aspects to our times as related to Revelations 6:8 that by the way was translated inaccurately as “pale” in that verse, it seemed to me to be a sign that relate all this to whoever is interested to consider it.

By the way, there have been many lights seen all over Ceres all the more reason to believe the entire planet may very well be a Next Level base meant to be seen when the technology on Earth was able to see it (Hubble) and go to it to examine closer while still remaining a puzzle that provides the full range of choices for all of us to consider.

Having read this article as I always do I review the comments and found this one below that I commented to.

Commenter on article:

is that not true a big asteroid has destroyed the life of dinosaurs on the earth? some big craters are clearly visible on the different parts of the earth. its is also observed that Mars had a very advanced life but they were suddenly removed due to a big disaster, what was that? last week curiosity sent a picture showing that a big asteroid of the size of a huge mountain was collided with the surface of Mars which has been destroyed the life on the Mars planet..
it is time to turn our faces towards Almighty Allah and it is time to read Holy Book of Quran to recognized the truth. In Quran we can find many generations which were destroyed on the earth and the reasons of their destruction and crimes.

Sawyers reply to comment:

The Luciferian space aliens are the fallen angels Enoch, Moses, Isaiah and Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Mohammad (I don’t know the Quran or the Bhagavad Gita that well so can’t site specific things these said about fallen angels or “jin”), spoke about and who (Luciferians) always twisted the truth, what is real into religions when the reality is that the Creators no matter what terms we use to talk about them, Allah, Elohim, Theos, God were referring to a “many membered (physically represented angels, archangels) kingdom Above Human, actually evolutionarily above, just like plant is above mineral and animal above plant and human above animal, there is yet another strata of genuine life who created it all but who also use physical bodies they grow (made not begotten) in their environments on spacecrafts that make UFO reports of metallic crafts look primitive, whose spacecrafts can even be “living beings” as evidenced by Ezekiel’s writings and related to the Book of Revelations as well. Humans and Earth is The Kingdom of God(s) from the literal heavens (sky-outer space) experiment to grow souls to become new members of their society/community – genuine Family.
The fact that this asteroid was reported as making a huge  green flash over Atlanta at this time is a sign to me and especially since NASA just distorted the truth about the “lights” on Ceres where Ceres (Roman) like Demeter (Greek) refers to the goddess of the harvest that is coming into full fruition with the next U.S. presidential election that coincides with the “green horse” of Rev 6:8 following the black/blue (democratic) horse that is being fulfilled by Barak Obama with the endless financial crisis and the red/ruddy (republican) horse fulfilled by G.W. Bush with endless global war on terror (they (US and allies) stimulated in Iraq, Afghanistan and many places in the middle east – especially since the start of the 20th century), though everyone has responsibility for propagating since the start of the current civilization.
I have a huge amount to say about this because it’s clear to me that those called the Father and Jesus already returned in the new physical human bodies who took the names Ti and Do, a Woman (Rev 12) and male, her “son” she births to the throne, this being the One who last served in the physical vehicle named Jesus.
I mean no disrespect for the Quran and Mohammad, but the full truth is that Jesus was the last one (before Ti and Do) to provide the most truth about the reality of what Ti and Do referred to in plainer terms (as Jesus said he would upon his return) “The Evolutionary Level Above Human”.
Ti and Do have since left their incarnations (in carnal=in the flesh as/like the “son of man” (offspring human, man faced, blood in face) as they came to take their first fruits through their “spirit birth” – actually graduation from the human evolutionary kingdom but they are still working closely with all who can SEE/HEAR them through their 25 years of what they said and did.
I can prove what I say by ALL the prophecy and would like to expand that to all the prophecy in the Quran if someone could help me with it since I don’t  have it’s contents on my mind like I do the Torah and New Testament prophecies.
It’s interesting that you use a white horse in your icon. Do (doe, from the notes of the song the sound of music – the Rev 14 “song”) came sitting on a “white horse” which had a “white head and hair” physical human vehicle – the people that largely came from Magog, the third who migrated from the Kingdom of Juda and spread out their genes throughout the world, but mostly to Europe and then to the U.S. for the location of the Kingdom of God’s return as Jesus indicated would not be to the middle east again because they always killed those sent to that location. He took this white vehicle to overcome/conquer it – perhaps the “race” that had become the most Luciferian in behavior and ways, though all humans are under the programming from the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens, though are all given equal chances to rise out of as one must overcome all racial consciousness and ethnic consciousness and religious identity and human mammalian behaviors and ways to graduate into the Level Above Human via the direction from the Older Members who come incarnate from that Kingdom and who always talk about what’s required to graduate that is always twisted into a country club like religion but that acts as a filter of those who are ready to “purify” (make white as in holy/light) – not racial coloration to become students towards their graduation, which today will be by going through the “winepress”.
There is so much to say but they exited (Ti and Do and their 38+4 first fruit true “saints” their incarnations in march of 1997 seen by the world over as the Heaven’s Gate “cult of truth” – the ONLY total truth group. They layed down their lives completely voluntarily as I can prove as I was with them for 19 years but failed to graduate my class but was given another chance via their coming to me in dreams to help me. Anyway I am nobody except in how I can be a servant of Ti and Do until I leave. You can find Ti and Do’s information all over the internet – youtube.
Overcoming is actually a metamorphosis like the caterpillar to a butterfly. It does require at least beginning to separate from the human caterpillar world. The task today is to learn all about Ti and Do and believe everything they said and taught and believe that they are the latest representatives from the creators’ kingdom who created everything and all life forms and then to “take a stand in defense of that belief and sustain that stand until our exit of our physical vehicle no matter how that occurs, accepting the consequences of doing so”.
There is no group to join, no person on earth to follow, nothing to buy, no government to support. The most proof of what I say will only be provided to those who ask our Father in the literal heaven’s in deep outer space where no humans or space aliens are permitted for the truth and then watch for the hints of proof that will be given and choose their recognition from the One True Kingdom of God, Level Above Human. Peace be unto you, the peace of our Heavenly Fathers, the peace of Ti and Do.

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18 Responses to “Atlanta Green Asteroid=Sign of NASA disinformation re: CERES LIGHTS”

  1. Laurie Says:

    No t e bo ok: HBM Story Ideas
    Cre at e d : 6/30/2015 1:50 PM Upd at e d: 7/21/2015 12:02 PM
    A ut hor: jev
    Heaven’s Gate Email Correspondance
    On May 2, 2014, at 11:19 AM,
    Lina Misitzis wrote:
    Hi There,
    I’m not sure who checks this, but my name is Lina Misitzis. I’m a public radio producer, focusing on
    human profiles. I’m very interested in speaking with someone (specifically Rio DiAngelo, if I can
    find him) about Heaven’s Gate.
    This is not meant to be investigative. I’m just curious to learn more about Rio and Heaven’s Gate. If
    you can point me in a direction, I’d be very grateful.
    On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 12:14 PM, wrote:
    Hi Lina,
    Rio is essentially incommunicado right now. He doesn’t do interviews anymore. I will check with
    him when he contacts us again but we think we know his answer.
    We were in the Group for 12 years (1975 to 1987) and Rio for 3 (1994 to 1997).
    When the Group departed they gave him one task to do, which he did, and they left us to take care
    of the website, emails, their physical and intellectual properties and essentially all information
    dissemination. We are known as the Telah Foundation. We have done select interviews before
    but basically our role is just to get information out to people, protect it and serve as the legal
    gatekeeper for all the documentaries and movies, books and articles that have occurred since
    1997. We proof read a lot of information.
    We are not inclined to do on air Q&A but have done many email interviews over the years.
    Thank you
    On May 4, 2014, at 12:17 PM,
    Lina Misitzis wrote:
    Hi Again,
    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I think preservation of information is very important.
    The Internet is an especially hard place to that (as everything on it is so fleeting, changing,
    updating, re-actualizing). It’s striking to me that you have been able to keep the website intact,
    alive, and virtually unchanged for so many years.
    Can I talk you into hopping on a phone call with me? It would only take ten or fifteen minutes. I’m
    really just interested in learning more about the maintenance/preservation work you are doing. If
    you’d like, I can send along a list of questions beforehand.
    On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 9:24 AM, wrote:
    We could look at your questions but we haven’t done phone interviews.
    If email answers are fine, we may go that way.
    On May 9, 2014, at 5:38 PM,
    Lina Misitzis wrote:
    To start, I’m curious to know more about the Telah Foundation. My understanding is that Telah is
    an acronym for The Evolutionary Level Above Human, but I’m curious to know what you mean by
    Telah Foundation. Bear with me, but is the Foundation funded with an endowment, or do you mean
    a literal foundation, as in, Telah is the base/roots of something extending beyond Earth?
    The information I am most interested in is the process of keeping everything on the Internet. So
    my questions really are geared towards that.
    Can you tell me more about having been asked to take care of the website and emails when the
    Away Team exited? If you were in the group until 1987, was it surprise to hear from them ten
    years later with this kind of request? What happened that you ended up in charge of something so
    long-term (and costly, I suspect, since it costs money to just keep the site up)?
    Something I find very touching is that you’ve been able to keep alive something that must be very
    precious to you. How have you been able to do that given that the community is no longer here?
    Can you explain why the website hasn’t been updated in the past 17 years? Is it kept the same
    because that’s how the Group left it, was there a stipulation in the request that you keep it exactly
    as it was — or is it more simple? Have you just not wanted to put in the extensive works it takes to
    keep a website looking “modern”?
    My understanding is that there were two groups trying to support/maintain the website after the
    Group exited. I feel like I know you, Telah Foundation, and obviously you were the ones who
    ultimately took over the site. But I also know that someone/a group called Right To Know were
    chafing against Telah for distribution rights after the Group left. What I know about that conflict is
    very limited, but I’m hoping you can tell me that story. Who are they? Were they actually part of
    the Group? Why weren’t they able to work with you on information dissemination?
    Are you interested in Group recruitment? Do people ever come asking about Group entry? Or are
    you simply interested in making information available to those who seek it?
    And more personally, I’m wondering if it was hard for you (after being tasked with taking care of
    the website and content) to know that that meant you weren’t departing with them. Did you want
    to? Was that hard to reckon with?
    Have you received any indication from the Group in these past 17 years that you are doing
    everything needed of you?
    I would really love to keep this conversation going, and I am more than happy to do it over email. I
    look forward to hearing back.
    Thank you so much for your time,
    On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 11:34 AM, wrote:
    First, there wasn’t a 10 year gap as indicated. We kept up with the Group in 1988 and 1989.
    There was a quiet period in 90 and 91 but in 1992 activity started up again when they produced
    some videos. One bit of misinformation that has been perpetuated about the Group is that
    members were locked into the Class. Journalists and some researchers don’t even know that
    individuals came and went as they saw fit. It was an open door policy. This rumor that people
    were held against their will or performed activities they didn’t want to do is flat out wrong. As such
    we kept up with the Group. We met back up with the Group in early 1994 when they decided to go
    back out on the road to do public meetings again, like we had done in 1975 and 1976. In 1995
    they met with us again and we formed a relationship of taking care of their communication and
    correspondence with other people and groups. We even served as a half-way house for those who
    were entering or departing the Class at that time. Many members came and went as they saw fit.
    That is when they set up business in Arizona and we moved forward with Telah Services which
    grew more intricate throughout 1996 and 1997. That began a daily exchange of emails and
    correspondences, private meetings and training, especially grooming us for taking care of all
    website, email and information dissemination that we enjoyed doing with them, but had a purpose
    that we were not fully aware of.
    As far of the question about The Telah Foundation, we set up the legal structure for it in 1997. We
    wish there was an endowment but we have self-funded it over 17 years (about $350,000 now) to
    take care of the day to day operations of emails, website, mailing costs, information dissemination
    of all kinds and the protection issues of litigation.
    When the Group exited in March of 1997 they had prepared us for the activities that would ensue.
    We honestly didn’t know the details of what was going to occur with the Group but they turned over
    all physical and intellectual property over to us before they departed. That information arrived at
    our doorstep on March 25,1997. All power of attorneys, identification information, keys to
    automobiles, storage locations and codes, IRS and Social Security information, website information
    and master SVHS copies of all exit tape information. They made sure we could “take on our
    mission, if we chose to accept it”. Some pieces of information went out to people like Rio
    DiAngelo, Chuck Humphreys and others, to do their parts, but the master information came to us
    and we directed each player as to what to do. The instruction sheets enclosed with all the physical
    pieces were lengthy and detailed in what we need to do.
    We continue to perform the tasks we were given to do and will continue with them until the day we
    die a natural death, unless they meet with us sooner.
    The Group asked that we add certain items to the website, which we did on the morning of March
    26th, 1997, and then leave the website up the way it was. We know it time it will look like a
    middle-ages painting appears to our modern eyes now, but that is what they wanted.
    On maintaining the website, there really were not two Groups trying to keep it up. All the additions
    that the Group wanted to do were completed on March 26, 1997 by Chuck Humphreys (Rkkody), as
    he was asked to do. The problem occurred when the website crashed, due to being overwhelmed
    several days later. The main site was down for several weeks but mirrored sites kept it up for the
    public to see. When the website, which was the property of the Telah
    Foundation, was finally able to come back gain there were URL issues with the ISP provider in
    Romania. Someone tried to grab the naming rights but we fought to get them back. In 1998, after
    Chuck Humphreys has committed suicide in the desert near the California border, we had to
    unfortunately file suit against his daughter and Right to Know (a internet information source Chuck
    had set up in 1996 or 1997) in order to finalize the legal rights issue. After we had corrected the
    situation there was a lingering ill-will by some who still did not have the Group’s original
    instructions. In time all of those issues faded away except for one person who has written some
    unfounded and incorrect information on some internet sites. That may be the “chafing” that you
    mentioned. That individual indicated recently that even he didn’t like what he had become, since it
    was so foreign to the ways of Ti and Do and the Next Level, and he was in the Group for only 3
    months in the summer of 1994. He has quieted down over the past two years.
    People do ask to join the Group. We have told them since 1997 that there is not Group to join.
    Only an Older member from the Next Level can start a Group. We are not able to. Our role here is
    to supply information to those who ask for it.
    No, we have no issue with taking care of this task on earth while the others are in the Next Level.
    To all of us, it is just seconds in time and we will be taken care of.
    We hope we are doing everything that the Next Level would want us to do but we have not had
    communications with them.
    Thank you
    May 28, 2014, at 3:28 PM,
    Lina Misitzis wrote:
    Hi Again,
    First, I believe you that Heaven’s Gate had an open door policy. I watched whatever footage I could
    find, and it seemed pretty clear to me that everyone who Exited did so because they wanted to. It
    also seemed clear to me that there were plenty of members of the Group who bowed out early,
    and didn’t stay on until the end. The whole thing seems very consensual to me.
    Thank you so much for all of this. I’ve sat on it, thought some, and here’s what I’m still interested
    in knowing more about:
    What happened to Higher Source after the Group departed? Was all of the work they were in the
    middle of completed by the time of Exit, or were some projects left abandoned?
    $350,000 is so much money. You must be very committed to the website/its contents to pay that
    kind of money. How were you able to pay so much?! Is Telah made up of more than just one
    You write: ” All power of attorneys, identification information, k eys to automobiles, storage
    locations and codes, IRS and Social Security information, website information and master SVHS
    copies of all exit tape information. They made sure we could ‘tak e on our mission, if we chose to
    accept it’,” and I’m wondering why you did accept it. Because you loved the Group and wanted to
    protect their wishes, or because you believe in the teachings of Ti and Do, or because you wanted
    to preserve the information it contains… or is it a combination of things?
    I guess mostly what I’m asking here is the extent to which the original teachings and text are a
    part of your life. Do you believe in Heaven’s Gate, as it was in 1997? Are you anticipating a reunion
    with the Group after you die? Would you consider it part of your faith, today, in 2014?
    And if you do, why didn’t you go with them? Did you consider Exiting?
    I’m looking for clarification about this, too: “To all of us, it is just seconds in time and we will be
    tak en care of.” What do you mean by this?
    On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 11:00 PM, wrote:
    On the Higher Source issue, like everything else the Group did, all loose ends were tied up. They
    didn’t take any jobs after a certain time and finished all of those in the pipeline. The customers
    were satisfied but some didn’t pay up at the end and when we reached them, still didn’t pay
    because of the publicity issues.
    On the Telah funding issue, only two individuals. We had to take out a loan and pay it off over the
    We accepted our mission for all the reasons you mentioned. The greatest is to perform the task
    given to us by Ti and Do. It’s a motivator for life.
    The original teachings going back to 1975 are a part of our being. We live it and it is our core
    As far as the reunion question: First, we won’t join them when we die. We will reincarnate like
    everyone else and wait for a time to rejoin the Group when one is formed again in the future.
    Physical death does not lend anyone an opportunity to go to “heaven”. You just reincarnate.
    Second, we have a task to do. It would be selfish to not complete it. Third, the Next Level view of
    time in relative. Two thousand years of time is an eye blink to them. If we have to wait, we will.
    We have no question that we will be taken care of.

    • sawyer Says:

      Here is Sawyer’s comment to the above Question and answer alleged comments from the Heaven’s gate webmasters I am listing as M and S:

      You report that M and S said:

      re: Heavens gate group classroom, “…individuals came and went as they saw fit. It was an open door policy”

      a half truth. Individuals were always free to leave but as far as joining there were only really two periods of time when people could join with 17 years in between. This is verified in the book they left behind. I suggest you download it so you can search for keywords. Search on “17” or seventeen (I don’t recall which it is right now).

      M and S as I call them, these webmasters who were Mrcody and Srfody in the group were told to leave until they were willing to abide by certain lessons we had, entitled, “I could be wrong” which was overcoming trust in our own mind. If you want details on that I will provide them but in part I’ve done that already in:

      Another interview M and S gave that I commented extensively with the truth as I experienced it. I didn’t get anything from anyone else. I was there 7 years after M and S left. I can say a great deal about all this and the rivalry between M and S and Rkkody that I also had first hand experience with as I was in touch with Rkkody and M and S before Rkkody exited and afterwards his daughter who had a continued battle with M and I tried to be a go between M and Rkkody’s vehicle’s daughter over the audio tape files Rkkody left with her, which he also sent to me.

      Carlan who was in the group for a short time worked with Rkkody soon after the group exited and he has a lot to say about M and S – as well. He used to have a blog where he wrote a post of most of the elements of what was between him, Rkkody and M and S and frankly Rio as well.

      One must recognize that Rio, despite the fact that he did receive a task to be the first one on the scene (but not the only one contacted to accomplish that, in case he didn’t want to do it), never actually believed in Ti and Do as the return of the Father and Jesus as he said in his own words in his book, “Beyond Human Mind”. I don’t say that to belittle him as I have zero interest in that but what he says is tainted by what he didn’t accept as that’s the way it works for all of us. For instance I had doubts that I only recognized after I left, even 10 years after I left that I still see surfacing in my consciousness. Part of the overcoming of our humanness is giving ourselves totally to Ti and Do. Ti instructed us to make our committment to Do. There were people in the group from day one that didn’t even know what they did or did not believe in, so a big part of the time spent “overcoming” was dealing with doubts and either going with them and leaving the group or recognizing them as misinformation mind from our assigned “advasary” (satan meaning) provided each student to help them build strength by working against in mind and behavior and ways.

      Here is another interview M and S gave that I commented on point by point:

      You report that M and S said:

      “As such
      we kept up with the Group. We met back up with the Group in early 1994 when they decided to go
      back out on the road to do public meetings again, like we had done in 1975 and 1976. In 1995
      they met with us again and we formed a relationship of taking care of their communication and
      correspondence with other people and groups. We even served as a half-way house for those who
      were entering or departing the Class at that time. Many members came and went as they saw fit.
      That is when they set up business in Arizona and we moved forward with Telah Services which
      grew more intricate throughout 1996 and 1997. That began a daily exchange of emails and
      correspondences, private meetings and training, especially grooming us for taking care of all
      website, email and information dissemination that we enjoyed doing with them, but had a purpose
      that we were not fully aware of.”

      This is very exaggerated and misleading to my eyes and I admit perhaps being picky but I’d rather be picky in this case than vague. Ti and Do always worked off of details and were very particular on every word they would choose whether in talk or writing as I did witness for 19 years.

      For instance saying, “…we kept up with the group”. No, a student doesn’t keep up with Ti and Do. There was no facility for that. It would only happen in reverse. Lvvody and Jnnody mostly as Do’s “helpers” I knew did keep up with M and S and may have provided them some updated thinking.

      This goes with the idea of that alleged “open door policy” a lie I hate to say. They didn’t know where we were from 1987-1994. No one did unless they were invited to re-join as some were in 1993 and some did and M and S were offered to return but declined at that time. If the offer was made then the door was opened. That happened a few times over the years to those who had left that were still in touch.

      A half way house they say. Well, perhaps but I think not really, that is except for me in 1994. I didn’t know where I wanted to go when I left so Do suggested going to M and S, but it was hardly a half way house setup. It was simply a place to sleep that I used for two weeks until I got my own apartment in Mesa and then in Scottsdale where I got a job and had no contact with the group thereafter, so where was the “half way”. It’s like they have begun to perhaps believe they were much more involved than they were.

      I do think a group stayed with them briefly when we did the 1994 meetings around the country. I even saw them at a meeting near where they lived then in Arizona though I was with a different group as an overseer of the group as we did a meeting in Tucson while the group that stayed with them did a meeting in the Phoenix area.

      Telah Services? You might want to ask them what were their “services”. Maybe that involved setting up a PO Box for them and who knows perhaps doing some mailing and perhaps more that I don’t know about but I’d be curious to know about.

      I could ask them myself but since I confronted them on those two interviews I’m even more in their dog house than I was before because I didn’t agree with their holding back the remaining couple hundred audio tapes they admitted to having digitized. Those tapes are the biggest source of conflict mostly beteen them and Carlan but as I agreed with Carlan on that score we both became in their minds renegades from seeing them as the “gatekeepers” another big misindentification, though they did try to recruit me into their little kabal.

      They were given a five figure sum when the group left. I have the letters the group gave to them that contain most of the instructions as the group was always about being precise about most all things and especially when it came to legalities.

      They said, they handled “…protection issues of litigation” – I wonder what they would say those were. That’s the first I heard of that. I don’t think the group was sueing anyone but I do know they chose to sue Rkkody and his daughter because I spoke to both of them about it and at the time I was not taking any sides as I didn’t know the details as I actually didn’t want anything to do with the group (I’m embarassed to say) as I was happy with my partner and our baby that was born a few months after they exited which was part of the time I was in touch with Rkkody.

      You report that M and S said:

      “We honestly didn’t know the details of what was going to occur with the Group but they turned over
      all physical and intellectual property over to us before they departed. That information arrived at
      our doorstep on March 25,1997. All power of attorneys, identification information, keys to
      automobiles, storage locations and codes, IRS and Social Security information, website information
      and master SVHS copies of all exit tape information. They made sure we could “take on our
      mission, if we chose to accept it”. Some pieces of information went out to people like Rio
      DiAngelo, Chuck Humphreys and others, to do their parts, but the master information came to us
      and we directed each player as to what to do. The instruction sheets enclosed with all the physical
      pieces were lengthy and detailed in what we need to do.”

      They did NOT receive the audio tapes. They were given the letters that told of the storage location and what to do with certain of the storage contents, a few cars, a truck and the keys to those storage locks but they didn’t want to go retrived them so they met rkkody in a parking lot one night and gave rkkody the keys and all the letters.They were scared which I don’t fault them for but I do fault them for lying about it by not saying all of what happened. It even suggested in the letters to use Rkkody and Oscody to retrieve the storage contents IF they chose not to. So M can twist that into his “directing each player” but that’s not what happened. In fact, he (they) changed their mind after Rkkody got the tapes, close to 484 of them, and wanted them back. But rkkody didn’t trust Mark so he copied all the tapes that had Ti on them which were about 200 of them and then gave the master back to Mark as Rkkody did know because he had their letters that Do and Crew intended them to be a central for the info but what was also spelled out was how Do and Crew wanted the funds to be distributed to ANYONE WHO WANTED TO HELP WITH THE TASK of disseminating their information which included whatever “of value” was in storage. The tapes were stacked in the front of the storage room and They also said they hoped others would get a chance to learn about them in more depth, which of course the tapes would provide, so why do they continue to hold them back.

      I’ve asked M serveral times and his answers are that people will misunderstand their content and make a religion out of them and then what does he do, set himself up as the leaders of the religion that just like the cAtholics keep contoll over the data so people will have to look to them for the truth instead of having direct access, a typical ploy by the lower forces. This was set up as a test of them which is why Rkkody made off with the tapes with Ti on them as the rest of the tapes really are not that important for people to have as they made sure 100% of what people need to know is in their tapes series and book and for those that want to witness Ti and how Ti and Do interacted, those are available, but that is still not for us to decide…well I say that but it is true in the letters, which Carlan has found fault with me for writing about that they were told what they did with the contents of storage was up to them. Here is another post about the letter contents:

      They did not receive ALL the masters. Ask them about Jhnody the venezula student who joined in 1975, left some year later and then rejoined in 1993 and left again some months later and then was kept up with by Do and Crew and was in Arizona shortly after they exited and on my last talk with him he had the master beyond human tapes, but perhaps there were more than one masters, perhaps in different formats I have a vague memory of.

      Also flxody I believe received some masters as Did rkkody and perhaps neody (rio) but I’d have to re-research that as it’s not freshly clear on my mind.

      They had no instruction to gather everything. The instruction was to disseminate everything which is up to each who wants to do it. It wasn’t like Do assigned who could or couldn’t do so though I understand that of late M and S have said that “sawyer has been discredited”. I haven’t verified that and don’t really care except I am curious how they justify that if they did in fact say it but I don’t want to know that bad or I’d ask them.

      You report that M and S said:

      “As far as the reunion question: First, we won’t join them when we die. We will reincarnate like
      everyone else and wait for a time to rejoin the Group when one is formed again in the future.
      Physical death does not lend anyone an opportunity to go to “heaven”. You just reincarnate.
      Second, we have a task to do. It would be selfish to not complete it. Third, the Next Level view of
      time in relative. Two thousand years of time is an eye blink to them. If we have to wait, we will.
      We have no question that we will be taken care of.”

      I suggest you research everything Ti and Do said about reincarnation and everything they said about “who would go with them”. There were requirements – “three types” of individuals who would not be recycled. For those that know about Ti and Do the standards are higher.

      This is hard to take but it doesn’t include talking about reincarnation, which needs to also be clarified as Ti and Do said reincarnation the way it’s understood by the religions and new age spiritual doesn’t exist. When we die, yes our spirit seperates from the vehicle and remains or goes to wherever it believed it would go but if someone dies with the concept that heaven is sitting on a cloud somewhere or being engulfed by the light and/or met by their dead relatives or fellow believers in whatever they believed would happen to them, then that’s what they will get and it will be their “heaven”. Say for instance one believes in space aliens as their guides or gods or “space brothers” or whatever as there are a number of groups that do subscribe to this and that space race, Pleiadians, Arcturans, Atherians, Greys, Nordics, Reptilians, etc. are some of the terms throw around by contactees and abuctees. Well, then upon death your spirit or soul (if you had received one) could be met by other discarnates who believe the same way and they could take you to some part of their “heaven” (sky, near outerspace, as they are not permitted into deep outer space), even if their heaven is named, “eckancar” (Eck) for instance. Then when the Next Level is ready to recycle that “heaven” they will do so and those will be dissolved in someway but may maintain some consciousness of their choice not being the choice they might have thought it was.

      Otherwise when we die, we don’t go anywhere. We simply continue to try to do what we did while living, at times even helping or hindering the living according again to what they had become in their mind before they died and what they did with what they thought.

      Now some can be in the Next Level’s allegience having never heard of Ti and Do, but they will show signs of breaking away from their human roots in some way. What shape that takes is not up to us to decide as even if someone acts in ways against the Next Level it isn’t over until they die, in terms of kind of being solidified as what they became. They can change before dying but even that is judged by the Next Level as Jesus taught that even though some say Lord, Lord this and that, doesn’t mean they are putting themselves in the hands of the Next Level as talk is not the criteria. We need to change our behaviors and ways to be more like the Next Level’s and the best example of that is found in what Ti and Do taught in the “17 Steps” and the “major and minor offense lists” in the purple book.

      I know that no one, not me, not anyone can assume anything like M was expressing. He like myself received a great deal from Ti and Do and then turned away from them to drop out. That made each of us potentially a fallen angel. There is no resting on laurals. They want hard workers for them. They don’t need new members so it’s up to us to prove to them we want to make application to their crew. Ti and Do said it’s not going to be like 2000 years ago where their information can be studied and diluted and distorted into a religious or spiritual profession – a complete bastardization of the truth of what it’s all about.

      Sure religions can be stepping stones but all things in the human kingdom can be stepping stones but then also become “killers of souls” if we stop seeking to know the mind of our Older Members, “Father” in the literal heavens (deep outer space).

      We can be good Christians and not know the Mind of Jesus at all because of how what Jesus taught is really not included in the various church teachings as if they were the church would cease to exist as people would be seperating from such organizations and their entrenched in humanness thinking and acting.

      So to me this talk of reincarnation is misinformation and by claiming to represent Ti and Do but not represent what they taught in answering your questions is frankly a dangerous place to be in, kin to what Jesus said was the only unforgiveable sin – telling a mistruth about the Next Level. Now maybe, I am wrong in how I’m seeing this so I’m not pretending to judge Mark. I don’t have that authority. I’m a struggling student trying to stay on the staight and narrow. Now we have had it relatively easy in these last years so it can appear there are no challenges to come but that’s an illusion. This garden is being brought to the close Do talked about.

      Standing for Ti and Do as is required for those that know about Ti and Do will be a difficult choice. I’ll give a brief look at what that will look like in the U.S. soon, maybe just a few years away, though starting more as we speak re: Muslims. Note how those who don’t side with the government or leaders even if they are not Muslims also become an enemy of whoever has the authority. For instance with the Japanese internment, those who were not Japanese who spoke against interning them were also watched and if they were public received backlash for doing so.

      In this way all dissidents become targets. It could come down to someone scanning Facebook or blogs and seeing who is a dissident, who is sympathetic to those most targeted. This will be happening more and more and even within families and in small and large communities. It will come down to whether we are for the governmental “beast” or not. Those who are not will be seen as a danger to those who are.

      I suspect a good example is the vaccination programs. There are already many in the establishment who are saying everyone needs to be forced to vaccinate and do so according to whatever the CDC says needs to be the schedule. There are some 30 something vaccinations at this time recommended for kids from 1 year old to 16 and there is a great deal of mounting evidence for many there are very grave side effects that may not surface immediately. They hysteria surrounding getting this flu or that disease could easily become a criteria for who can go out in public for the false fear that the unvaccinated pose a increased risk to those who are vaccinated when if the vaccinations truly work shouldn’t be the case but they have all these warped and inaccurate ideas about herd immunity. There is a great amount to say about all this which I write about but the bottom line is I am already targeted, so far in minor ways but all there needs to be is another terrorist attack and the violence against muslims will mount and with that against all who appear religious and against all who don’t abide by the governmental “god” – false idol. So if someone asks me if I believe in those in the dangerous so called “evil” cult of Ti and Do I will have to say yes and take the consequences. That would be in my mind standing for them as was said in this document:

      Humans are given many chances to avoid the fate of perishing and of course to those that don’t care who often think no one should care because they think there is nothing more then people like me are seen as deluded and a danger to society. And when my book comes out showing how Ti and Do are the keys to the fulfillment of every prophecy from Jesus and within the Old Testament and other places to include the entire book of revelations, when some young believe what the book describes I will be targeted for that reason as well.

      If I am wrong and I live for x years and die a so called natural death I hope it won’t be because I didn’t do enough. I’m not trying to get myself bumbed off. I don’t look forward to that and hope if such happens it’s quick but I’m putting my faith in Ti and Do to help me see whatever through.

      Oh for those who die having sought to be in Ti and Do’s allegiance, thus began some degree of separating from their human allegiances, when they exit their vehicle, the Next Level will take that soul and give them their just reward. For many it may be simply to be “put on ice” as Do said but not literally. This was talked about by Jesus as “paradise” and in the Old Testament as “Abraham’s Bosum”.

      If that happens to M and S then I imagine they will be brought back to take a human vehicle at a time when there is an incarnate Older Member. So then they would have to incarnate (take over) a human vehicle prepared for them that they would then have to use to form a stronger bond to the Older Member. Or perhaps it will be done a little differently next time as there is an indication that some will be confronted with the Luciferians after they are locked up for 1000 years and when they are released before they can do any damage to whatever group of believers in Ti and Do exist at that time they are stopped by the Next Level and it’s at that time that they meet their end in what’s described as a “lake of fire” and the earth then seems to become what Ti and Do once called as a potential a “celestial body” where the Next Level can be apparent but no one can board their spacecraft if they have human behaviors. All the predatory bestial humans will be gone by then if I understand prophecy right.

      • crlody Says:

        Here here. I firmly believe now that Mark’s ego is completely out of control. He is making things up and he is always the hero. He is being used to distort and dilute Ti and Do’s Truth just like Rio was. My site with the transcriptions of the letters has been frozen for some reason so it is high time that I tell the story again. I will be titling it The continuing suppression of the truth about Heaven’s Gate by the TELAH Foundation. The Kings are insulting Ti and Do and the NL with their continuing lies and attempts to claim that they represent Them. They are the enemies of the Truth and are being used by the forces in opposition to the NL. They can hide in this holographic “reality” until their vehicles expire but I would not want to be them when that happens for they will be held accountable for all that they have said and done supposedly in the name of Ti and Do. They have decided that their lies are more important than the Truth. The same for Rio and all of his false claims about being the sole surviving member.

      • sawyer Says:

        I’m all for your doing this, not that you need my approval, which I know you don’t, but it’s simply telling the truth, stating the facts and in this case it’s especially needed in my opinion because look at these journalists who naturally go to expecting to speak to believers in Ti and Do and ALL their information, as Jwnody said was a basic requirement to be “saved” that is if one heard about Ti and Do as type two of who Do said would go with them.

        If you could state exactly who received what of the masters and web site I’d like to see that because it slips my mind and you may have that clearer on your mind. Re: rio, I can’t believe I read his book years ago and it didn’t dawn on me that he never actually believed 100% in Ti and Do but was going along to see how things transpired. He said that in his book and then to leave and give interviews that made it appear that he was the one with all the insights, even saying he had a “ticker tape” communication with Do is frankly a huge mistruth, though I don’t think he could see it, just like I don’t think Mark can tell the difference anymore (though perhaps on some level I am wrong about that for either or both of them).

        Like Ti and Do said in the Blackhawk tapes, paraphrased, that separation from our Older Members by those who were once seeking closeness and bonding “subtly” infiltrates our mind until a point of no return. I have seen that more and more in my case that is still something to watch out for as no one I believe is immune to it, in fact we are all very prone to that direction of separation. I can see so clearly how I avoided certain thoughts and how they were separate from Ti and Do’s, the point to the “I could be wrong” lesson which came from, paraphrased, “If your Older Member says the Leisure Port (a tent we had) is polka dotted, if the student sees it as anything but that, they are separating from the Older Members mind”. At the time I didn’t understand how a greenish colored tent could look polka dotted, so even then I was questioning their example, however subtly, but as was the case for many of us it didn’t really mean we didn’t believe in Ti and Do. It’s just that it showed we still had influences that we didn’t treat as influences or we would have seen that thought and treated it as an influence and told it to get out of our heads and stay out and keep a stronger eye out for.

        Another example for me is when Do said that there were “about 100” students initially in the Wyoming classroom and I recalled sitting in the Laramie university room they borrowed for meetings and Ti and Do took a count of everyone there and I recalled the number as 96, so I would write that to people about our numbers then, partially influenced by how the number worked with prophecy multiplications of 12, etc. I was both trusting my memory and trusting that there were no others who Do might have considered at the time and even so, he said “about 100” so why would I say “96”. That would be competing with him, a lesson I was given by him directly and that’s not the only example, which I had to take notice of when you and Glaive insinuated the same kind of thing which stays on my mind as I write my book, so hopefully I’m learning from.

        Imagine all the areas someone might have in their heads inaccurate re: what their Older Members said because at some point we didn’t fully believe what they said, though it might have been very, very subtle and we pushed it aside knowing it wasn’t being a good student or just pushing it aside (period) as just a matter of routinely not attuned to that influences voice in our heads.

        So even bringing these things up to Mark or Mrc or Mrcody (or whatever name he’s using but I won’t refer to him as “telah”), like by sending it to him could be a positive as it gives him a chance once again to re-examine and “change his mind” – change what he thinks, says and does in relationship to his own relationship with Ti and Do, which was the meaning of the word, “repent” and Ti and Do often said was “change is the name of the game”.

        They also said in the Blackhawk tapes that Luci was given many chances to change. And for whatever it’s worth that’s what I believe is the main mechanism to the events in the world that are increasing and how they align (in my opinion) with the Revelations and other Jesus prophecy that also states that the plagues/calamities are given as a last chance, though it also says those aligned with the BEASTs and their “image”, (I believe is mostly their “spirituality”) don’t change from the calamities. So whether my interpretations of prophecy are 100% as Ti and Do would see them, (though I wish them to be), may not need to be, if they “work for now”, another thing Ti and Do often said about certain understanding they provided us, that of course I can misapply so need to be attentive to.

      • Laurie Says:

        sawyerism anyone?

      • sawyer Says:

        Another meaningless parrot of criticism and sarcasm. Is that what you want to stand for? Maybe so, so you have a forum here for it. I allow it and I even respond to it sometimes. It’s so easy to be in that camp. It’s like the fix of a needle or shot of booze or organsm, but in anger form, passion directed to stimulate hate.

      • Glaive Says:

        “re: Muslims. Note how those who don’t side with the government or leaders even if they are not Muslims also become an enemy of whoever has the authority”

        C’mon, Sawyer, Muslims most likely will be those who will come for your head first. Well, I just don’t understand your strange sympathy against them. And in which way aren’t they supported by your government, when even your president
        stand for them? You must be either naive or… no, I don’t want to sound paranoid, so I better won’t say or what ^^

  2. Muff Says:

    The Heavens Gate leader Marshall Herff Applewhite had links to 19th century occultists Madame Blavatsky and novelist Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. The Heavens Gate mansion at 18241 Colina Norte is just down the street from the San Diego River. This was a favourite spot of Mrs. Katherine A. Tingley, a disciple of Madame Blavatsky. Mrs. Tingley moved to San Diego in 1896 and founded an ashram of the Theosophical Society at Point Loma. The centre opened February 25th, 1897 with a ceremony attended by several prominent people in San Diego, including the mayor. Like the Heavens Gate group, the Theosophical Society was in telepathic contact with extra-terrestrial beings, and like Aplewhite, Mrs. Tingley believed a major cataclysm would sink most of California and end western civilisation.

    She predicted San Diego would survive to become the capital of an island nation called Nuevo California. In 1907, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) wrote a short story called Extract from Captain Stormfield’s Trip to Heaven, in which the hero leaves Earth for “an extended excursion among the heavenly bodies” on the tail of a comet. In the story, the hero has his passport on him, plus five dollars and three 25 cent pieces for the fare. Many of the Heavens Gate victims had their passports on their persons and $5.75 in their hands. Also, the New Age term, Evolutionary Level Above Human (ELAH) spells HALE backwards.

    • sawyer Says:

      Yes but that so called link to Theosophy was part of their awakening process to discover. It didn’t identify them. In fact it identifies the lower forces I believe as it involves the promotion of further humanism and Ti and Do called the things the so called ascended masters did and the yogi’s did and others – faith healing, “tricks”. Ti and Do did have an experience on Mt. Shasta where some who considered themselves the spiritual elite of the planet said they wanted them to come and be their leaders. Ti and Do felt they needed to get out of there fast so left and as they left a swarm of bees chased after them they said but they got in the car unharmed. That would seem to be the equivilent of Jesus being tempted by Lucifer to make the human kingdom his kingdom which he rejected as Ti and Do did.

      • crlody Says:

        In the interest of transparency I will transcribe the full text of the letters to the kings, RKK and Chris and holly of the isp that was hosting also, RKK’s bio is very detailed. Interesting what you say about rio, I remember getting strange feelings about him in 97 and feeling that his primary interest was in glorifying himself and not in getting Ti and Do’s info out. Perhaps he never did fully believe in who They are. I found his book to be a waste of my time and the description of him on the back cover as a “master of soul development” was particularly comical to me.

      • Muff Says:

        i wish rio’s book would come out in paperback. if anyone won from the whole HG fiasco, it was NEODY. Hard to believe you suckers are still believers.

      • sawyer Says:

        I understand that it’s hard to believe. I can’t explain it unless I believe in what Ti and Do said and that is, that some human vehicles had become a “match” for the returning Soul trying to take it over and overcome it. It’s a gift, that part isn’t earned as far as I know. But receipt of that gift is what Jesus called the “calling” – in “many are called few are chosen”. Myself and others who dropped out were not chosen because we still had major lessons to learn which surfaced during the classroom and led to, in one way or another, our exit of that FIRST HARVEST classroom. But the Next Level doesn’t seem to throw anyone away until they have shown repeatedly that they have none of their Mind in them any longer. We can each walk on the top of the curb and then in the gutter (Ti’s illustration) so much and so long before it becomes harder and harder to be on top and we end up remaining in the gutter. They are usually subtle changes that lure us to the gutter – at least that’s what Ti and Do said in the first Blackhawk tape, about Luci and those that sided with him and dropped out and began to work against their Older Member.

        Nothing can be assumed. There are no guarantees what we each do is enough. There are qualifications to meet and they don’t need us to meet them as they don’t need new members so it’s solely up to us to ask them to help us grow closer. All the currently living people on earth will be gone and the Next Level will begin their next projects.

  3. Kilgore Trout Says:

    I understand that
    ti or do had wings which media reported was the reason behind the teleporting of these two

  4. Kilgore Trout Says:

    Ceres is solved. Nothing To it. No waste no your time. See? Nothing

  5. crlody Says:


    Here we go again, another round of my favorite guy who is obsessed with SWY’s blog. Why do you care about what someone else believes? Maybe because deep down you’re not comfortable with your own beliefs so you have to foist your inner turmoil on others with a barrage of petty and childish insults. My best guess is that you are the same individual who has spent years creating several identities on wordpress and expending huge amounts of energy on insulting SWY and myself for believing in Ti and Do. After all this time you still haven’t found anything better to do than to continue to insult us? What does that say about the kind of individual that you are? The kind who derives all of his feelings of self-worth from belittling others perhaps. On this primitive planet that makes you common and ordinary and nothing special especially when you’re constantly hiding behind your keyboard and Internet aliases. But you’ve heard all of this before Todd Beakman/Muff/on and on and I am a sucker when it comes to bothering to respond to you. I’d probably be better off talking to a brick wall for an hour, my own issue apparently.

    What did Rio win? His book didn’t sell very well and his 15 minutes of fame were over long ago. If we’re just a couple of suckers then why are you bothering to continue to post on here? You have no respect for either of us and all of this negativity and belittlement that you constantly bring to the discussion is coming from only one source, yourself. You are addicted to finding fault with us and Ti and Do solely for the purposes of your own ego gratification. What would you do with your time if you didn’t have this blog to obsess over and condescend to? Would you ever dare to try to do something constructive instead of looking for someone to look down upon? Judge not lest ye be judged.

    • Muff Says:

      Sorry only commenting on neody wrt the rest of the folks that gave up. I think they trusted the right people. I don’t understand the anger and can’t address your paranoia and other baggage you carry.

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