Jesus, UFO’s in Renaissance Art & Evidence Some are Waking up

This article (link below) shows pictures of paintings (fresco’s) from the first millennium that show UFO’s amidst scenes of Jesus and Mary. Some show spacecrafts in the sky, clearly showing a human inside piloting. Others show a craft sending a beam of light to Mary. I found the comments the best part for me because I knew of these paintings and they show how many people are waking up more to realities and aren’t automatically swayed by the religious misinformation that often people understandably run away from. This is the good thing about Christmas time – people are apt to write stories like this when otherwise they might not. As Ti and Do said, the Next Level makes all negatives into positives. I listed the comments I replied to in the article below:

comment to article:

Geronimos Ignoramus. Denial still prevails. Anyone Interpreting the renditions in those paintings as anything other then flying craft in an era where there was not supposed to be anything flying in the air, is in denial and keeping the big lie going.

My reply:

And that’s the way the Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human has developed their “garden”, they grow Souls upon, giving each human container they plant those souls within, like the seeds Jesus illustrated, the choice of what to believe, as it stimulates those who can stand the “heat” the choice to bear the trying fires of “changing one’s mind” (repentance) that can purify their Mind aka Spirit to yield the gold. I have a fountain of proof provided us by those who took the names, Ti and Do, from the notes in the Song in the Sound of Music, that they were the return of the Father and Jesus in the task of the Two Witnesses, to where the Father incarnated in a woman’s body as shown in Revelations 12 and came to get her “son” started who came in a male body that had the name AppleWhite, who FIRST came public talking Human Individual Metamorphosis – the overcoming of humanness process illustrated by the Caterpillar becoming a Butterfly, saying the biblical depictions of clouds of light, etc. were physical spacecraft because the Membership in the Next Level used physical bodies they grow to spec, that students are awarded when they go through that trial by fire – the Chrysalis that they then led their student body through to result in their joyful and fully voluntary sacrifice of their human bodies seen by the world as the Heaven’s Gate “cult of truth”. We are now in the midst of the LAST harvest stage opportunity that is different from the FIRST harvest stage, described as the time of Tribulation and the “winepress”. The key to realizing the truth to what I am saying is yet another choice that can be fully verified by each individual who has the desire to project their asking to see the truth to the Older Member, who Jesus termed, “our Father in the literal heavens” – deep outer space, where no space aliens or discarnates can intercept, even screaming to know if this is true and then paying attention to the many ways the truth will be shown to each.

comment to article:

Looks like UFOs to me. Artists from those earlier periods obviously saw some very similar shapes and sky positions as we see today in various sightings.
Why is the belief that we are not alone so difficult a concept? Mathematically that’s pretty much an impossible conclusion. And if there are other societies – how is it so difficult to conceive on them travelling to our planets? I mean we’re already doing it.

My reply:

All are not ready at the same time and in the same exact way to see the full truth, because the earth was set up as a school to where the potential to move up in the grades was a continuous choice. As the human “plants” make choices, depending on who they look to as their teachers determines what grades they grow through. There is nothing unscientific or illusionary or supernatural in the facts of this design but it wasn’t set up as an easy school to graduate from because the Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human Older Members, last incarnate in the names Ti and Do don’t need new members to their society so they make it very difficult to graduate BUT fully accomplishable by anyone who seeks their help step by step. Ti and Do taught that the first 6 grades entailed getting into the human kingdom to where a human might be at the top of their game, have everything going for them – successes in family, career, community and even might have their grave paid for and insurance policies to take care of those they loved when they are gone. But the Next Level know there is another entire strata of life that is Beyond Human just like there are levels of life beyond the mineral kingdom and the plant and animal kingdoms, so don’t want any one human to remain satisfied with grade 6 or any grade so they provide challenges that if we seek their help to manage will remove all our humanness and said accomplishments from us to give us the chance to seek the Next Level’s (Father in Heaven) help to arrive at a time when they can graduate. The student is the “soul” a literal container that holds Next Level (holy) Mind aka spirit aka “the words” – the instructions, commandments of behavior and ways that by adhering to advance us away from mammalian behaviors and ways. Our physical bodies are groomed throughout the civilization, understood now to be a genetic tree of/to life as  genuine life really only starts when we fully give ourselves to the Older Members, and especially to those who last came incarnate even after they have exited that incarnation, as is the case with Ti and Do who exited as seen by the world as the Heaven’s Gate “cult of truth”. Now the fertilizer is provided by the Next Level in the form of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and all the discarnates and humans who have become programmed with misinformation about the reality of this Next Evolutionary Kingdom. All this will be verified to each who asks by projecting theri asking for the truth to their “Father in the literal heavens” who has crews assigned to pay attention to but it must be more than a casual request and it’s best to project that request as far from earth as can be imagined, beyond where any human equivilent space aliens or humans can go.

comment on article:

Don’t disagree with you about other possible life forms but traveling the distance is but impossible.

my reply:

There is current physics that suggests the speed of light isn’t the fastest traverse of distance. It’s the basic idea behind a black or worm hole that my teachers Ti and Do said in 1975 before there was any public talk of worm holes that there were highways in space. Humans used to think space was a vacuum and now it’s known that it’s not, but what if a worm hole was a vacuum – empty of all particle matter. Then if a physical object went inside it there would be zero resistance  to come out in another area instantaneously that if you didn’t take that highway would take you hundreds or thousands of earth years to traverse. This was also talked about by Bob Lazar who says he got the idea from a book he was shown when he was reportedly given a task by Oppenheimer to back engineer how a “ufo” they had was powered. That was in the late 1970’s and since then it’s called “bending time and space” and can be understood by picturing “space” as a piece of fabric. If that fabric is flat to get from point A to B would take such and such a time frame. but if you folded the fabric in such a way that it’s two extremities were brought together and were touching one another, one could see the concept.

comment on article:

Sure, it’s all just a coincidence that they look like modern day UFO’s. Ok, and I’m Mickey Mouse. If they’ve been here and those are their ships and their beams of light then I’d say they have a vested interest in our species. Earth would be a zoo to them, a petri dish if you will. They would look at us a little differently than we look at insects.

Imagine for a minute how people would react if they found out that humans are not the “Alpha Species” on earth.

my reply:

If one pays attention to all the space alien contactee and abductee reports there is evidence of what you are suggesting. They want human DNA, sperm and eggs and certain elements (gold) and are pressing humans to develop modes of travel and the manufacture of elements that don’t seem to be available on earth that are used to power their craft, hence CERN and Bush’s colonization of mars and moon to find as he said, “an energy source that would boggle the mind”, as he already knew such a source existed somewhere.

comment on article:

there is real evidence of a human alien hybrid called the star child skull. its DNA returned that the mother was human but the father wasn’t and dna isn’t in any data bank. further more the star child skull has over 200 different abnarmalaties and isn’t just a a human with some kinda deformity

for better explaination and comaprisons of the starchild skull and normal skull view these 3 videos

the first video shows you the normal human skull and points out what it suppose to look like and how it works, the 2nd video is the starchild skull and how its different from normal human skull and how it would function.

my reply:

The Evolutionary Level Above Human as I understand it from Ti and Do when they were incarnate had a number of civilizations on earth and for all intents and purposes have always existed but they said we’d have to graduate to their society from the human kingdom school to begin to understand where they came from – it’s not in our finite computer to grasp.

That hybridization is what is talked about in Genesis chapter 6 referring to the dropouts – fallen angels who were “sons of god” only because they had become “students” of the Next Level Above Human who it seems were given certain physical bodies and spacecrafts to have some limited service but them decided to break away from their “captain” – an Older Member in the Next Level and attempt to start their own “kingdom” spawning, propagating, engineering their seed with human seed to breed the Nephilim (giants and/or mighty ones, because they had knowledge that put them ahead of humans who didn’t come from that line and weren’t taught by the fallen angel “watchers” as Enoch wrote about. Notice how the Next Level Above Human “Lord” decided to wipe them out, the Nephilim because they were “spoiling” the Next Level’s development of the human species to become a physical “match” for those Souls the Next Level wanted to subject to the test of whether they could overcome/conquer, prevail against those same Luciferian fallen angel space alien – that were now imprisoned on/in the Earth, (so were no longer space aliens, except for some circulation in the very near heavens). The chief administrator, who Do said was Ti, his Older Member and thus heavenly Father incarnate in a woman’s body as shown in part in Rev 12:1, decided the earth humans had become so “violent”, defined in the Hebrew as:
chamac= violence with the implication of; acting wrongly and/or for unjust gain, even cruel, damaging, false (deceitful), injustice, as violent oppressors, unrighteous, violent (against, done), violent (dealing), wrong.

And what do we see today that Do said was the reason the human civilization needed to be recycled – they have become exceedingly violent thus as weeds needed to be eradicated, as Jesus said, the “tares” pulled up meaning getting rid of the human vehicles that were acting like the weeds, (though NOT something humans would please the Next Level to choose to do, as if they were acting according to the Lords desires, as we see people saying they are doing with regards to Christians verses Muslims), though the weeds end up doing their own spading of themselves in the eye for an eye model that is a primitive model Moses gave as a lesson step away from total predatory behaviors but what Jesus updated to say “turn the other cheek” though we see few enacting, whether claiming to be Muslim or Christian, Jew or Hindu or Buddhist, etc. – many tend to justify breaking the Lords commandment that a human should not kill another human).

comment on article:

If you study the 9 levels of the Heavenly host. The Third order of the Heavenly host is a being called a Throne. It is suppose to be a living being that flies and looks like a star moving in the Heavens. How ever this being as it is a living being has one feature that is different. In side of it can carry or ride the 2nd order of the Heavenly host. That order is the Cherubim. This order was suppose to have lead the Hebrews out of Egypt and led the 3 wise men to the Christ Child. Some where along the line the word Throne became a seat of power and the King of the land sat on it.

my reply:

Excellent observation/study. Ti and Do who said they came from outer space, were here to update the bible and fulfill prophecy and later realized they were fulfilling the Two Witnesses prophecy and said many many things to offer proof that they were indeed the Father and Jesus returned as Jesus said they would (dwell with us), said in 1975 while they were still incarnate, that the Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human aka the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens (outer space) made physical bodies that a graduate Soul could be assigned, like the way we as a Mind can drive our human “vehicle”. In other words they said that some of the spacecrafts were biological – living beings that were designed to be the transportation for other living beings – Members of the Next Level who also had physical bodies “grown” for their use (as they don’t have mammalian reproduction, the reason new prospective members need to outgrow propagation and sexuality, along with all their human behaviors and ways to be given a “seat” (position) on a spacecraft in a crew. You might be interested in Rev 6:8 where green mistranslated to “pale” stems from the harvest green as related to the goddess Demeter with it’s equivilent Ceres and the recent discovery of what looks like a city scape of lights on CERES by NASA that was discovered simultaneously with Pluto (Hades) (also in that verse) that showed how it looked in many ways like earth in it’s geology and has a blue atmosphere to boot. I bring this up in part because Ti and Do in 1982 directed a movie script that depicted Pluto as a Next Level base that had inside it a working model of the Earth used to monitor the real earth because the earth is their “garden” to grow new membership on. I can prove by every verse in the Revelations and all Jesus prophecy and the Old Testament writings that Ti and Do are who they said they were, who exited their incarnations with the FIRST fruit harvest in March of 1997 seen by the world as the Heaven’s gate “cult of truth” and that now we are in the start of the LAST harvest stage that is referred to as the “winepress” tribulation time of trouble stage.

comment to article:

I refuse to think that nobody in this galaxy has mastered interstellar travel. We’ve got organisms on Earth like the hydra that are practically immortal. Possibly there are beings that can conquer the vast distances at sub-light speeds, because time for them may be mostly meaningless. These paintings are definitely intriguing. Different artists from different time periods painting similar disc-shaped objects in the sky, with similar orientation and similar kinds of light being emitted from them.

my reply:

For a viewpoint that both combines all viewpoints and adds challenge to all viewpoints, you might want to check out the 25 year long history of those called Ti and Do who were behind the original widespread news story labeled the “UFO Two” in 1975 and then in 1997 the Heaven’s Gate “cult of truth”. We are in the process of seeing how all things are coming to be known though at the same time masked by confusion which is part of the Evolutionary Level Above Human’s “astronaut training program” to allow so a few who have the desire to know can strive to separate the truth from the mis-truth, reality from fiction and illusion that is allowed as part of the testing criteria because the Next Level wants all to have their free will during their tiny life span and they don’t need new members so make the bar very high to rise to, to get the cream of the crop so to speak.

comment to article:

Any art student can tell you the two small “craft” with humans inside represent the sun and the moon. Look it up, don’t just believe me. If you look at the edges of the 3 tiered cloud you can see angels peering over. Just representing one of the heavens.

Another comment to the above comment:

I agree that those particular items may represent the sun and the moon. The crescent seems to be represented on the smaller of the two. But it is EXTREMELY UN Christian to represent the Sun and Moon being piloted by … “Gods”?

my reply:

Good point because Christian doesn’t equal the corner of the market on the truth. In fact it can be shown that Christians largely have been led to believe in a very distorted view of all that Jesus represented and taught and did and have thus become their own dreaded anti-christ because christing was a “process” that led to “overcoming the human evolutionary kingdom” as an application into membership in the Evolutionary Level Above Human, spoken of as the Kingdom of Gods and Kingdom in the literal heavens, (because their abode/dwellings are among the planets and stars, even inside them. I would suggest that one of those images looks more like a comet that we now know is not just a dirty ice ball by far as there appears to be many characteristics that show very intelligent design to them. For instance the hale bopp comet is now understood by some scientists to have had TWO Nucleus in orbit around one another. The only two bodies seen as having that kind of synchronistic orbit, locked together as opposed to one orbiting the other just happens to be between Pluto and Charon. Then the idea of one being the moon is interesting in the prophecy of Rev 12:1 that says:

Rev 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

“moon (brilliant attraction) under (placed under/beneath) her feet (footstool)”

From this verse I suspected that the moon was a “base” the Level Above Human was using, from which it was a tool (footstool) to help provided “light” (brilliance and attractiveness) to, so humans could use to step up from and it was “placed” in earth oribt to serve as that footstool. It wasn’t until years later that I came upon Do (of Ti and Do) saying they felt the moon was placed there by the Next Level. Ti and Do evidence being the Father and Jesus returned who since have left their incarnation as seen originally as the UFO Two and then as the founders of the Heaven’s Gate “cult of truth”. They were never scripture quoters and didn’t teach out of the bible but said they were “from the same family as Jesus was from” that they awakened to largely in 1973 which is all very well documented amidst a huge amount of misinformation about them.
But I imagine the painter of that picture was drawing from this and other bible verses that the Next Level Crew can observe and help steer him to providing more accuracy to, for the purpose of uplifting humans in their consciousness about the reality of the Next Evolutionary Level that today sees religion and spirituality and even atheism as all “killers of souls” because they all are laden with misinformation, but for a few who see through parts of the misinformation are part of that footstool to the truth.
It is also interesting that the Hale Bopp comet was photographed by a Japanese astronomer that showed there was a “companion” object with it as one can tell the difference between it, the comet and the stars by the way the more distant objects appear more oblong while only the comet and this other object were distinguishably less oblong because of the way light is photographed differently when the object is further away. As is the Next Level’s way, though, they seemed to then hide that companion when they went behind the sun to emerge with three tails, unheard of before then but also evidenced having two nucleus.

comment to article:

Could be but there can be other interpretations as well such as alchemical. Seeing metals with rays of light can have other interpretations . i.e. , seven metals of the earth, silver for the Moon, quicksilver for …. seven rays, or seven fluidic forces that work through the metals of the earth-the coming together of soul and spirit, etc.. Unfortunately we are programmed today to see all this phenomena as a material manifestation which is one of several viewpoints and why the mark is always missed interpretively. The man in the light can represent man’s astral being imagined and even prophetic to a extent of future travel but not necessarily materialistically literal . Also on higher planes one can have imaginations based on memory. We remember material existence so we see butterflies, clothed people, buildings and those are our projections. That is why religions stress purity… i can go on.
my reply:

The reality I believe is that there are two essential components to our reality – frequency based and physical based that word in concert with one another and also have degrees of independence from one another. So to look for an explanation that is all one or the other is a limited explanation to consider. There is a huge amount of evidence of the physical universe right and to date we now have a huge amount of evidence of the frequency universe – that which we don’t automatically perceive with our normal senses. Ti and Do taught that there could be physical beings on a planet that NASA can be looking at and just not see because of the frequency these other beings vibrate on that is not detectible by humans. Part of this is what Jesus demonstrated by appearing and disappearing after he healed the human body he took after being killed so he could prove to his students he was still “flesh and bone” and yet could choose to not be visible to them which I see as likened to a chameleon that in this case can by will change the way light reflects off their cells (in that example just the outside skin cells but in the case of the designers of all these life forms can change every cell). I believe it’s part of the misinformation campaign to see things in only the frequency basis. When we pay attention to what Ti and Do taught all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place but it takes many adjustments in our consciousness to do because it’s all frankly Beyond human though to date more and more is becoming evident through sciences.

and yes, all the symbolism in history shows relationships in art and film and new thoughts and discoveries on earth, inside the earth and seas and on different planets to include the mythology, etc. because the Next Level sees to making sure links are provided so those most in pursuit of the truth find parts of it. The ones who never stop in that search yet learn to identify the constancy to Living Beings who are evolutionarily above human and above space aliens become the ones who can become prospective members of the Next Level if they align with the most recent incarnations, to date Ti and Do, but who are fully consistent with all Jesus taught and updated that Moses taught as this is all part of the schooling and birthing of new members to the Next Level.

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21 Responses to “Jesus, UFO’s in Renaissance Art & Evidence Some are Waking up”

  1. El Says:

    I didn’t know who else to reach out to and I guess I should remain anonymous for now, but I’ve had very specific dreams now involving a class member, Srrody. I feel these forces I can not explain and feel as though I’m being contacted, not by dream though. What is your experience with being contacted since the class has exited their vehicles here on planet Earth? I know this comment is unrelated to your post, I just didn’t know what else to do. The feelings are very strong and this was a place I saw to turn to.

    • Laurie Says:

      Hey el! Go to the heavensgate website and consult the first documents. Everything written after their exit is heretical. Do and the Class left a wealth of materials in written, video, and audio form — exactly as they planned to do.

      I would suggest starting with the materials written by SRRODY himself — which are on the heavensgate website.

      Do was very careful to ensure that exactly the right information is available to all of us.

      I could be wrong, but if SRRODY is contacting you it could be regarding the work he left for us.

      Best wishes! Laurie

      • sawyer Says:

        yes, I agree with studying for answers, but for whatever it’s worth Laurie, I don’t recall talk about anyone coming to others in dreams in any of those materials so how does this address what Do said about dreams or looking to his students which does have a tiny smiget of information about.

        I understand that an answer to El’s question could be, that we don’t have any documentation about dreams or looking to communicating with students after they exited. I agree with that but why do you find fault with my passing on my experiences unless I’m turning people away from having that conversation with Ti and Do?

        If you are simply against my having any say, why is that the case? What have I said that can be shown to be against or different from Do’s point of view?

        It’s not like Do left no evidence that I was a fully dedicated student. You know Do could have blanked out the Beyond Human video series where Sawyer participated and can be seen and Do uses my name, the name he actually gave me, which wasn’t the only name he gave me, but he didn’t. It would have simply meant taking a master to a video editor to blot out my face and use of my name the few times in the few tapes and make a master from it.

        Further yet, here is a little excerpt from session 1 of Beyond Human, the Last Call where Do says (of “June” and “Sawyer”):

        “Well, this little classroom that dwindled to 50, and then
        dwindled down to a couple dozen, have now reached a condition
        where they have overcome the world enough to relate in a position
        up a notch as Elders, or Older Members, to anyone else that they
        can help in their own overcoming. Yes, that means these two here
        who’ve been sitting here this whole hour with me and haven’t
        asked me a blooming thing (laughs). But, I know they like to
        hear about the Kingdom of Heaven. And they know how filled I am
        with it. And I know how filled they are with it.”

        So how does anyone know that though I, Sawyer, failed a test, that Ti and Do weren’t going to give me another chance to pass that test? Didn’t they say they “gave Lucifer many chances” to pass his tests in the Blackhawk tape? So even if I fell as bad as Lucifer why wouldn’t I get additional chances? How do you know part of the chance was to be subject to all this nit picky or even totally unfounded scruiteny And the facts sort of say that my failure wasn’t as grave as Lucifer because I didn’t take anyone away from the Next Level besides myself. He caused a number to also fall. (that’s an unforgivable sin according to Jesus).

        I know it looks like I’m tooting my own horn and it’s not really because I do acknowledge I failed my last set of tests so I lost that position Do said I, had reached. Can I gain it back. The answer is yes.

        Do did everything Ti gave him instruction to do, as you seem to echo accurately, but he also chose not to do some things if he didn’t feel like Ti was giving him specific instructions. Do you disagree with that?

        Isn’t it true that there are more records of what Ti and Do taught in addition to what’s on the Heaven’s Gate web site that were provided and made by Ti and Do and that they even expressed in them that others would see them after they left. Specifically that talk about “boxes” (humans would be sorted into that were on the students “strain”) and the “book” we were each beginning to write also for human consumption in case all the students left with Ti and Do at the same time. I suggest getting those tapes and searching the table of contents the the class had made (according to rkkody). Don’t those items count, the hundreds of audio meeting tapes?

        Why are you so quick to answer questions sent to me and to act like an authority of what another should or shouldn’t pay attention to? Did Do tell you these things? Is it in writing or on a video from him?

        Do you know that misleading someone is a very serious infaction according to Jesus and could be considered “deceit” that was the most major offense on Do’s Major and Minor Offense List, that is posted on Calling me heretical and I guess then also the meeting tapes because I talk about my first hand experience with Ti and Do and because the meeting tapes were not included in the materials on the web site – your criteria for heretical might be, as Jesus said, “finding fault with another without cause” or trying to remove the twig from anothers eye while you have a log in your own eye.

        That point of view and attempt to be authoritative sounds to me like that Council of Nicea way of thiking/acting where the Catholics decided what would or would not be included in the New Testament, which would not be a bad thing necessarily unless they made it a crime to consider other records as shown they did in the later provision of the “Lost Books of the bible”, the Nag Hammadi library, The Essene Christian faith, (about the Essene Jewish cult (outlawed by the Jewish leaders before Jesus came back. Do did list these books and others he and Ti provided to the classroom as shown on the web site.

        So since they listed those books and others, are those materials okay to refer to IF it can be shown what might be the same information Ti and Do were providing or shown how it had been a distortion?

        I don’t know if you know much about the meeting tapes. Do chose not to send any of the tapes to anyone he sent other masters to. Plus he did not even specify the meeting tapes as something to do anything with, yet he included them as among the items those who were instructed to go to the storage room would find that he only said were “items of value” some of which might have been of value, however one wanted to interpret that, whether to sell for funds to help disseminate their information so people would have a chance to learn more in depth about them that he also said in the letters to Mark and Sarah, that included Rkkody and Oscody that Crlody received from Rkkody because Rkkody didn’t trust Mark since Mark turned over the keys to the storage and the letters to Rkkody having blacked out on two of the letters their names, MRC/SRF, as if to say they wanted no part in it which Do didn’t actually anticipate might happen so suggested Mrcody/srfody could turn over going to the storage room to rkkody/oscody which is what he/they chose to do.

        If Rkkody hadn’t retrieved those tapes and kept the ones from 1985 and before with Ti on them when mrc demanded them back, and if rkkody and crlody hadn’t digitized them and sent them to people, including me by way, the reason I have the cd’s then we wouldn’t have access to anything with Ti on them.

        So are you claiming we who use those tapes to learn more in depth about Ti and Do, because they are not on the website are heratics another name calling action?

        Do left handling the tapes as an option and as a test for mrc/srf and all involved thereafter. I don’t doubt that Do knew it would be a test or he wouldn’t have left so many clues in the letters of what he hoped would happen. Remember the adam and eve event. That was also a test. It’s all a test. You and I and everyone are being tested. Those who meet the criteria of pleasing Ti and Do will be the ones who pass the test at least enough to have their spirit/soul saved to be given another chance to take new tests.

        So what is your basis to say, “I could be wrong, but if SRRODY is contacting you it could be regarding the work he left for us.”

        Who told you that? What do you base saying that? What did Ti and/or Do and/or any of the 38 say or imply?

        Using the words “I could be wrong” is a nice gesture but if it’s followed by an opinion not based on anything Ti and Do said then why say anything.

        If I say something that I can’t provide evidence of being from Ti and Do’s mind, please bring it up to me so I can examine it. I will make a retraction. I will stand corrected if the shoe fits so to speak. I have no desire, nor can it be shown that I have a desire to be seen as in completion with Do, but even if it could be shown, that doesn’t negate the overall evidence that I know I do not compete with Do and I know I do seek to be the best instrument I can be for him in our task.

        Who stands to gain by having me shut up in providing additional evidence of What Ti and Do said and did that in many respects can be verified using the hundreds of meeting tapes that are available? I can’t help it that most don’t know what’s in those tapes. It’s nobody’s fault that what they don’t know but when someone portrays themselves as knowing what they think they know when they haven’t even really studied all that’s available or they wouldn’t make statements that call others heretical, it’s quite the loud flag that there is some very serious mixed messages being sent out whether the instruments of those messages are doing do intentionally or not or even recognize them as mixed.

        In this complicated world, as Do called it, everything is twisted in every which way so for as long as I can keep the lights on the truth as best I can despite my shortcomings I will do it.

    • sawyer Says:

      For all of us, there are certainly Luciferian space aliens who project, thoughts and feelings to try to steer any and all of us in any way apart from the real Ti and Do and/or the real Jesus. Do indicated they can do this from their spacecrafts en mass and/or through discarnate “influences” and from my personal experience even specifically masquerading as classmates and/or Ti and/or Do that can include strong feelings in dreams. If you believe in EVERYTHING Ti and Do said and taught and look to the record they left behind and according to your own thirst to grow, seek their help to start or continue a changeover (metamorphosis) from human to Next Level behaviors and ways and service as Do and Crew outlined, then that’s the entire key to staying on their “straight and narrow”, nothing else, though that needs to be sustained until each of us exit by whatever way that occurs. There is no resting on laurels or assumptions of grandeur.

      That’s the only communication (what they said and did over 25 years) that we can count on 100% in combination with our personal seeking of Ti and Do’s mind and asking to see the truth in any areas that we doubt and growing to trust them, asking to become “putty in their hands” – in their service doing what they gave us to think, say and do, (not robotically, or as a ritual or vain repetition), while changing our behaviors and ways according to what they taught. That’s all there is to it. All else is suspect.

      Let’s say, it really was srrody. Why did you think it was srrody? What did he say or do? If he said or did anything that elevated you among humans, to include yourself, in any way, shape or form then it’s not going to be him. If his personna pointed you to look to him, it’s also a phony because the Soul, Srrody works for Ti and Do and would have no desire to elevate himself in our mind.

      Perhaps it was my mistake to share dreams I’ve had as though Ti and Do said they are used by the Next Level to help us with lessons and though Do can choose to show up in someone’s dreams or send a crew member to interface with us on Their behalf, that is if They determine that’s right for that student that would be far and few between if at all and what they might say or do will depend on what they feel that particular student needs.

      At least one alleged new believer in Ti and Do said he was acting on Do’s behalf and he began to critique other former members of the class, reprimanding them. That’s certainly not going to happen. Another said something similar, saying they asked the Next Level about me and said they got back this vague answer that (paraphrased), Sawyer can’t read the book so doesn’t know about something. Ti hated gossip and Ti and Do were never vague about important matters of lessons and even when they did a little bit of conjecture were not vague then either, though they certainly were not verbose in those regards but were very clear about things they didn’t know though still occasionally had ideas and feelings about things they sometimes expressed.

      Though I have had dreams I believe were Ti and Do and Crew members I knew/know well because I was with them for 19 years, I have also had fraudulent dreams with Ti, with Do and with classmates.

      I would certainly never base taking any action based on the content of a dream or vision or voice in our heads. The way communication works, is for us to ask Ti and Do, not srrody or any other student, to give us strength to abide by their guidelines for behavior and ways and for guidance on how to handle what we say and do. After making those kinds of requests, we could anticipate recognizing a response but it seems to be as simple as a feeling it was from Them though one wouldn’t be certain of it. The way it works for me, is I get some communication from someone or see something in the news and it seems like an answer. Sometimes that means “taking a chance on a positive” – going to do something maybe we ordinarily wouldn’t have a human inclination to do so. For instance, where ever there are people seeking communication with others and of course social media is a big avenue, I go with what comes. Even physically, if someone invites me to go somewhere, I most always go to do it “in case” it’s a way for the Next Level to set up a way to provide something from Ti and Do to someone they knew was asking them for something.

      I don’t have human reasons to do anything at this time. For instance I used to go to a local bar or coffee house who had open mics to foster music relationships – I wanted to play more and have gigs, make a little money perhaps and at that time was also kind of seeking relationships with females, for instance – human desires. In the last few years I have not sought those things out at all so I ceased going to social situations. So now when I go with invite of some sort, the only purpose I have for doing so is in case it would further the sharing of what Ti and Do taught, though it could include making a little “sticks” (money to have gas and eat with, as we do need to take care of those needs, to be functional for Ti and Do).

      I did have many dreams but I believe that was because of how far I had strayed back into humanness where I had not gone directly against Ti and Do yet having turned my back on Them that wasn’t FOR THEM either really, (and one really can’t be both for very long) but still had the connection, though it was wavering with most of my attention towards human life. So it seems to me they gave me another chance as they do with all of us, over and over and over.

      The shape that takes is up to them but what value would there be for srrody to come to you, which is why I wanted to know what he said and why you thought it was srrody. The details are all pertinent. Theoretically, If I am wrong and it was srrody and you treated him like a Luciferian influence, I am certain the real srrody and Ti and Do would be delighted because you won’t find anything that Ti and Do said that equals paying attention to dreams in such a way as humans do that they often feel elevates them.

      I’m not saying I’m void of that human influence that would have us feel special. I have that Luciferian discarnate or invisible influence with me often if not all the time. I can feel it. It’s a type of gloating about something I’ve done or said. When it raises it’s voice in my head and/or feelings sometimes I catch myself allowing it for some seconds before treating it like the Luciferian influence it is and squashing it, putting up a blank card in my mind and envisioning it going away and staying away and then putting my mind on something positive rather than waiting to see if it’s gone. We assume it’d gone for the moment and so can build the muscle that can detect that influence’s voice even before he might hear it’s thoughts.

      It’s not the same thing to feel genuinely good to serve Ti and Do. It does feel great to share with someone the truth, that is when they indicate in some way wanting to know, receive it even a little. But it’s not a human feeling of good. It most feeling thankful and appreciative to have become an instrument. It even feels like love and can even stimulate the vehicle to translate it downward to the animal passions so then becomes a catalyst to convert that expression into feeling closer to Ti and Do or to get rid of it via some form of sensuality, then a distorted “love”.

      If you have anything like this happen, the best solution I can think of is to block it out, treat it as an influence and ask Ti and Do for help to do so with the desire to have only their mind in us. When you do that you will get subtle confirmation in some way that will have no humanness associated with it, brief and to the point that might include a few words as an idea or image that will let you know they were pleased. That becomes a Process over and over again to include making mistakes and seeing how they led us off track. It’s all in the building of what Ti called a “muscle”, and/or one’s “feeler” that includes the use of our budding mind to draw to us Ti and Do’s Mind.

  2. El Says:

    I greatly appreciate both responses. In this dream, there was no physical talking but it was told to me somehow that “This is” and that was it. This information came from Srrody in my dream. I knew it was him because of his glasses. He just looked in my direction from a diagonal direction and this information or this phrase rather came into my mind.

    I have read his material from the Heaven’s Gate book titled “A Testament”. I find it puzzling for my situation. I have been reaching out quite a lot regarding my experience thus far, and a concern of mine through this process was that of the age of my vehicle and it’s age at the point of the class exiting their vehicles. My vehicle is an age some might consider young or younger, being a child at the time the class had made their exit. With this concern I had human feelings of regret and sadness, feeling left behind or thinking the opportunity had passed me to enter the evolutionary level above human. The last section of “A Testament” written by Srrody makes reference to it not being too late. It is not up to me to say this means anything, as that should be left up to the Next Level and the older members, but how do I know if it does mean anything at all.

    • John Hamer Says:


      Is this true? Ti already was in the cult business before meeting Do?:
      “She began seeing him and talking him more into joining this group. And then they become sort of co-leaders for a while, but he always considered her the senior leader.”

      Did Do ever perform the elephant walk to the class?
      “[Marshall] knew how to do something he called an elephant walk that would always get everyone laughing.”

      Did they tell you they were space aliens in Waldport?
      “Applewhite and Nettles made news in 1975 when they convinced a group of 20 people from Waldport, Oregon, to leave their homes and move to eastern Colorado, where they would meet with a space ship. They claimed to be space aliens in contact with aliens from a heavenly kingdom.”

      Why did they get it so wrong? Jesus never got it wrong… but do and ti were dead wrong all the time. What gives?

      Also, I’ve always believed that the following explained the whole suicide deal.
      “I don’t think he needed to have a following,” says Bebe Kok, a former Applewhite student. “I think he was the kind of person that truly believed and had a lot of charisma. And so other people followed him.”

      • sawyer Says:

        There was no group in 1972 when Do met Ti. They did start two little organizations a few months after meeting in the spring. Each lasted a “couple months” according to Do in “88 Update – The UFO Two and Crew” that was written to address all the misinformation that had circulated and is where Do said that he was visiting a “male” friend at the hospital where he met Ti. He had told us before then that he was living a homosexual lifestyle before meeting Ti, though he wasn’t happy with relationships because he wanted a “committed relationship” he was not finding. That was a cause of frustration for him. The first organization was called the “Christian Arts Center” where they had a room in St. Thomas University (as I’ve seen reported). In the second organization they called “knowplace” Do reported that they had one student who ended up being the same woman who gave them a gasoline credit card to use when they went on the road in 1973. So they had no group at that time. I don’t recall what happened to that first semi-student but it would be two years later that they attracted followers in North Hollywood that extended to Oregon where I joined them.

        There was no “elephant walk” and Do did have a couple times in 1987 that he and the students that wanted to did silly things. Ollody burpled a pea, Do taught us a couple silly songs – Kookaburo and another kids type of song. It was just fun silliness and that only happened that one time in the 19 years I was with him/them.

        So it’s misinformation to say Ti talked him into joining a group that didn’t exist though Ti did pursue the relationship to where Do at first wondered if she was interested in him in a dating kind of way, but soon learned Ti had no such desire.

        No they never said they were space aliens. They didn’t even say they were extraterrestrials, not popular terms then. They simply said they came from the Physical evolutionary Level Above human that was the same organization and location in outer space and family Jesus came from.

        They didn’t convince anyone to do anything. I joined after they spoke at the Waldport meeting. Before they left the stage they said there were some students in the audience if anyone has any questions, then they left. I didn’t have any questions. I knew I wanted to join so I turned to one of those students and said, I want to go with you all. What do I do. They told me to “tie up loose ends in your life trying not to leave a mess” and they gave me a phone number to call at a certain time of day. At the phone call they had me meet them in a park in Eugene, OR. There were two students there at a picinic table and people milling about. It was Nrrody. I went up to her not knowing her before then and she told me (and my partner who also joined then) to meet up with them in Colorado National Monument campground.

        I don’t know where all the “convincing” happened? Ti and Do on stage showed zero karisma unless you call karisma being plain jane. No grand smiles, no prancing around the stage, no raising the voice or using exclamaations or inflections. It was as bland a talk as one could imagine though I recall a woman’s voice from the back of the room saying “you ought to be shot” right after they said that “children can not come because they are not able to make this choice to leave all behind”.

        They didn’t say we would meet the spacecraft in Colorado and that wasn’t a lure for me anyway. I didn’t even think about spacecrafts and ufo’s at that time.

        Yes, they said at that time and actually always remained open to leaving by being picked up physically by a spacecraft. Actually they didn’t end up being wrong about being physically picked up, though I know few will see it this way but I can’t help that if they think physicality is limited to our dense flesh physicality.

        In years later, unrelated to saying we would physically leave I learned from them that a physical spacecraft with physical members of the Next Level in it can be literally among us, even set up in a way that could engulf the house we were living in and that members of the Next Level could be among us so that if they allowed us to touch them we would feel something (but I don’t know what it would feel like). It was in line with how Jesus appeared and disappeared in the upper room after he rose from the dead and stayed around demonstrating that his body was still physical, though it looked different.

        Also, Do taught that the soul which he first called a “pillow case” or “pocket” and later referred to as a “container” also has physicality. Thus when they taught in the beginning that students were going through a metamorphosis they called “body changes” we didn’t understand how physical that would be because the end result would be compared to the “butterfly” that could then fly as strange as that sounds but isn’t that also interesting in light of how Jesus physically was witnessed to rise into a cloud. So what if Jesus who seemed to have control over when disciples could see him had chose to become invisible before he ascended? Humans would simply not see his ascension.

        So in that way, Ti, Do and Students who graduated could have simply stepped out of their human bodies they had layed down to their death and floated up into the spacecraft that could have even been right there or hovering above that rancho santé fe house.

        Of course if someone doesn’t believe in Jesus and the fact of the existence of unseen beings that are even different from human discarnates then none of this makes sense. But what if you were one of those souls who was with Jesus and experienced all that. Then when you were brought back for your next lesson step that thinking would make sense even though the new body would not be able to say why it makes sense.

        As far as Do’s vehicle having a heart near death experience. I don’t recall his talking about that. It may be so but why would he keep that from us when he was telling the truth because he knew of all the misinformation. It’s not like that story of how he met Ti would be far different to lie about. Here is the statement Louise Winant, his vehicle’s sister, was quoted as saying in the article you sited:

        “He was living in Houston at the time, and he had some trouble with his heart and ended up in the hospital and, according to the nurses, had a near-death experience,” she says. “And one of the nurses convinced him it that it was for a very special reason and that he could be used mightily in a group that she knew about.”

        I think she was mixed up about that and that is also shown by the story Ti’s daughter Teri tells about their first meeting. She said it was at a voice lesson for one of Ti’s kids that Ti arranged with Marshall. Another says he met Ti when he had checked himself into an mental institution because he was distraught with his sexuality.

        Objectively speaking it wouldn’t have mattered to me what story was right. I didn’t research Do’s vehicle’s history before I joined but given that Ti and Do’s story already put them on the loony list for most all, that even Do acknowledged he knew was insane sounding and had trouble accepting for the first year of their staged awakening, I trust Do’s version above all as he had the least reason to tell or remember a different story.

        “Jesus never got it wrong” – how does anyone KNOW that unless Jesus said it. In fact Jesus when he was called “good” said he wasn’t good:

        Mat 19:16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?
        Mat 19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

        good = 18 agathos – a primary word; “good” (in any sense, often as noun):–benefit, good(-s, things), well, virtuous or beneficent.

        If he didn’t consider himself “good(-s, things), well, virtuous or beneficent” does that mean he knew he could be better, thus recognized he could do better, also reflected in:

        Mat 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

        perfect = 5046 teleios from telos 5056; complete (in various applications of labor, growth, mental and moral character, etc.); neuter (as noun, with 3588) completeness:–of full age, man, perfect.

        Jesus was clearly recommending maintaining their standards by whom he considered to be the best example which can also be seen as his own standard which suggests he thought of himself as lessor than his Father.

        I actually know this is the case because of how Do was of that same mind – measuring himself by Ti who he learned was his Older Member (Father) not because Ti told him so, but because in working with her for the first year, he saw how she knew more, had better judgment, saw through taking certain paths, had a clearer perspective. He said he “gave Ti a hard time”.

        The things that some say they “got wrong” really only amounted to how Ti bowed to pressure from some students as to when they could expect the pickup and she said, “not more than 5 years” which is about when Ti scheduled the pick up around 1980 (before we moved into houses, while we were camping in Boerne, Texas on the property that had been a tourist spot called, “cave without a name” and there was no pickup that night. Do said Ti, “felt like she had egg on her face”. She said nothing to us about it. But at least one student left soon after that and I learned many years later they primarily left because the pickup didn’t happen as they said it would.

        A member of the Next Level doing a task like this has to be so in tune with their Older Member’s mind that when they know they are getting an instruction, they don’t question it. Ti and Do did say they made a mistake to give that student a time frame. They regretted doing that. Yet if a student had joined to get a ride on a ufo they would never overcome their humanness to graduate the human kingdom because they didn’t have he presence of mind to not let that stand in the way of their continuance. Thus Ti was used to test those students who were on the fence with staying in the classroom.

        Even though I had/have my weaknesses none of these things phased my recognition of who Ti and Do are/were. As I’ve written about a great deal on this blog, they were actually more right with prophecy when they realized their being “killed” was, at least not at that time, going to happen as they first thought. Rev 11 shows that they were to first be “subdued” by the Beast, translated as “overcome” but a more direct translation to “subdue”. And that’s what happed to their vehicle. Their human reputation was subdued. And that was followed in a Next Level time frame, said as 3 1/2 days (sitting period) with “separating by dying” a far more accurate translation of apokteino where apo is the separation part in such a combonation with kteino that is related to dying but not quite the same as other primary Greek words for death. And “dead body” was more accurately “ruined body” all because we now had the “key” to translation/interpretation based on what Ti and Do said and did.

        Saying they were “dead wrong” is dead wrong as I can prove by these things and many other things, though they admitted to making mistakes. But I don’t see anything they did as a mistake which can look like an illusion but given how some of what they considered to be mistakes resulted in some having an excuse not to believe in them shows how the Next Level wants us to have a full range of options to be who/what we want to be, even if it means to go against them. They don’t like it. They don’t prefer anyone to be against them. They know that going against them will be a big negative for that person and they will be fostering the ramifications that even continue after one is outside their vehicle that will also be hellish to experience but a choice none the less. If that is using “fear” then fear is a great thing if someone can still change their future from going down that path because of.

        By the way, he had divorced sometime before meeting Ti.

  3. Mahmoud Abbas Says:

    The thing that most of us need is 100% incontrovertible proof. Idiots can look at an XYZ and say “Yep, see? there’s the proof — just look at that XYZ. It proves spaceships and aliens are visiting.”

    But there is and never has been an XYZ that proves anything beyond all doubt. Don’t you think that if aliens had been visiting us for millions of years that we’d have TONS of 100% incontrovertible proof of it? But we don’t. We have nothing that can’t be explained by simpler phenomena.

    Wanting to think something is true is much much different than something being true.

    Most of us are intelligent — and know exactly what evidence is and exactly how logic works. We are the ones that count — not morons like you and the moronic sites you visit.

    The moment there is 100% incontrovertible proof, the billions of us that are intelligent will let YOU know. Your opinion means nothing.

    Repeat — your opinions mean nothing. You lack the rigor of a truth seeker. You have the mind of a child. You seek easy answers — you’ll never know the true beauty of the universe. You live the life of a mouse trapped in a maze.

    You fell for a run-of-the-mill ufo suicide cult. You are a blind man — blinded by your own ignorance. Never to see or understand even the most blatant truths of existence.

    Your stupidity is shocking.

    • sawyer Says:

      The Next Level gives lots of proof, but it requires expanded eyesight literally and figuratively. The first step to that proof is to be open to seeing more otherwise it’s like blocking a spectrum of light from your consciousness.

    • crlody Says:

      You do realize that the only reason you are writing anything is to hurl insults and stroke your own ego. Judge not lest ye be judged. Maybe you are the blind man and maybe you are guilty of all the things that you feel it is your God-given right to point out to Sawyer. Maybe you’re the same individual who has spent years attacking Sawyer because you’re another run of the mill Internet troll who assumes everyone wants to hear their constant barrage of opinionated negativity through their ever-increasing amount of sock puppets. You obviously care about what Sawyer thinks because you have spent huge amounts of energy giving your viewpoint over the years on this blog. Do you really think that you’re saying things that haven’t been said before? No one is trying to prove anything to you and no one needs to and no one cares what you think about any of this except for yourself. Your arrogance and self-absorption are shocking.

    • crlody Says:

      “ONLINE trolls are prototypical everyday sadists”. Perhaps you are the blind man, blinded by your own narcissism and self-importance as an online troll. How much do you troll on the Internet? Do you do it because you have nothing better to do with your time than behave like a fifth-grade bully? It’s been my experience that those who spend all of their energy finding fault with others do so because they are frightened children who don’t want anyone to examine their behavior so they always point the finger at others. Some will grow out of this, many never do. If you were satisfied with your own existence you wouldn’t obsess over someone who dares to think differently than you. If you were comfortable with your own way of thinking you wouldn’t find it necessary to define yourself in terms of finding fault with someone else. You hide behind a keyboard telling everyone how smart you are and how dumb anyone who doesn’t think like you is. Is that really the best way to use your time. You have fallen for run of the mill egotism and fault finding in the shallow world of Internet trolling. Maybe you should volunteer some of your time to something besides being a mean-spirited child on the Internet. Maybe you should read some articles about trolling and the wide array of horrible behaviors associated with it.

  4. Mahmoud Abbas Says:

    You will never meet a person more open to seeing more than me.

    I get it — at this point in your life, you have to believe because the alternative is too horrible for you to contemplate.

    • sawyer Says:

      you are right – the alternative of living a complete lie is more than I can handle, thanks to Ti and Do (God).

    • crlody Says:

      As usual you don’t respond to anything I point out about your sociopathic trolling and you continue to make ignorant judgments about me and what I believe while claiming you are the person on the planet who is “most open to seeing”. Do you even read the ridiculously self-aggrandizing statements that you make?
      You hide behind your keyboard like a typical coward on the net creating profile after profile on here and on fb and you obsessively follow this blog so you can constantly barrage it with negativity. Those are not the actions of an “open” individual, they are the actions of a childish bully who craves attention and validation and who I assumes I actually care about what they have to say. I get it, at this point in your life finding fault with others is all that you can do (which is a painfully obvious indicator that you hate yourself despite all of your egotistical posturing). The alternative, finding ANYTHING to do besides being an Internet troll, obviously has no interest for you because you are ADDICTED to trolling. Do you volunteer your time for anything? Do you tell other people about how much time and energy you have spent on trolling this blog including using multiple profiles to make it seem like there’s more than one of you in a “dialogue”? You have spent years trolling this blog. I really can’t think of anything more hypocritical than a person who hides behind profiles on the Internet while claiming they are the most “open” person on the planet. ToddBeckman Mary Salliard whoever you are please find something better to do. Everyone knows that trolls are cowards and like one article stated, “horrible people”. You are creating a lot of bad karma for yourself. Grow up and find something else to do.

  5. Mahmoud Abba Says:

    you failed, though, so don’t get too high and mighty. you are still here because you failed. at least the other 8 billion of us never did that.

  6. Woraufhin Says:

    When will the book be released?

    Would it be possible for me to obtain the tapes in Ogg format via WeTransfer? I lost them recently. My e-mail address is

    Thank you.

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