Fireballs/Booms – CERES (green) Lights=hour of judegment begins

Sawyers comment to post below regarding the bunch of fireballs reported this january 2016 in Arizona, maine to kentucky to michigan, Finland, over the medeterrainian and the New Jersey booms and more, that I see at this time as the “loud voice” of:

Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Rev 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

This doesn’t seem to refer to the time when Ti and Do and Crew went public with their information because though that’s the criteria for judgements of whether souls are saved with them or recycled, the period of Judgement hadn’t yet begun while they were here. It was a different “hour” – 40 year period. The hour of their work seems to have started in 1/1/1973 and ended on 1/1/2013 as evidenced below that then also began the judgement hour of 40 years (though that doesn’t mean we have 40 years before recycling is fully underway as shown during the 6th seals opening, as we approach the 4th seals opening now. I don’t know how fast things could happen. It may depend on our responses, something Ti and Do often said and prophecy said the “days would be shortened” for the elect so I think that means those who elect to give their all to Ti and Do will exit their vehicles before that time their vehicle might otherwise see it’s last days in the human kingdom.

So if it doesn’t refer to the Ti and Do and Crew delivery of their 7 thunders and the front of the Rev 5:1 “book” that was written from within the Throne (Ti and Do) and yet says it’s the time to “preach” the “everlasting gospel”, it sounds to me like the time of the delivery of prophecy slated for after the 6th trumpet sounds during the time of the seventh trumpets sounding that I suspect started with the 2008 National geographics final report Heavens Gate where it was suggested Heaven’s Gate could have been the “second coming” and extended sounding to the Ceres Lights revealing and the Pluto like an earth revealing (as Ti and Do talked about it being).

I believe this is preaching of the everlasting gospel is also shown in Rev 10 as the “little book” that “John” is assigned to “speak about” (prophecy), where “john” is whoever the Next Level gives the task to, which is by far not limited to any one person but anyone who wants to serve to deliver that little books content to others:

Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

Rev 10:8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.

Rev 10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.

Rev 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

That content of this Little Book/Backside (history of prophecy and coming AFTER the Main body of the Book) is the detailed compiling of all the evidence of how all of Jesus prophecy and teachings and the entire book of Revelations are all fulfilled by Ti and Do and Crew’s incarnate time to date and to come.

So as said it seems this was laid out in:

Rev 5:1 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

Said as the “backside” of the Book, and time period after their exit of their incarnate two “waves” (raptures in 1975 and 1994).

There are many evidences in prophecy to another “wave” of “sounding” and “voices” (disclosures) after the Two have exited but here is one I just found:

Jwnody reported in her document, “Overview of Present Mission” that the posting to the usenet groups of Do’s document: “Undercover ‘Jesus’ Surfaces Before Departure,” posted on September 25-26, 1995 was “premature” to post, though I’m sure nonetheless was Do’s instruction to do as the 6th Thunder (roar) as described in Rev 10’s Seven Thunders that all sound as a part of the 6th Angels trumpet sounding that ended soon after they exited their incarnations. Mature simply means that full maturity of what that position was saying will be forthcoming, though the document Do wrote is the entire basis for it. Do, as Ti simply didn’t spend much time on prophecy or much about the time after their exit.

With that said, here is a comment I left for the blogger who posted a report of many of the fireballs and other events. I follow this woman’s blog as she brings interesting things I might otherwise miss, though some of it seems off track but I provide a link to her blog entry at the end that has a bunch of links in it to these report. (Again, please forgive my bad grammer, and all else that’s wrong with this comment. I don’t have the time to polish these.  I just blurt them out at times as there is so much that I just hope someone who has a deposit of Ti and Do’s mind can become stimulated by seeing, which I do all day long when I’m not trying to finish this little book (that I believe is just a couple months from the shelves).

Sawyer commented:

Excellent reporting – Here’s my take so far.

re: the indian shootdown of a ufo – and metal balls of different reports falling from sky – I’m fairly sure that would not be Evolutionary Level Above Human in any respect. First off they would not let humans or space aliens even come close to shooting at them. They can’t even see them with any of their technology. The Space aliens are all human equivilents. Members of the Next Level are Above Human – they have no mammalian characteristics anymore but designed humans to appear like them as humanoid shapes, though that’s only one type of physical vehicle they grow for their members who have graduated from a human kingdom equivilent elsewhere in their universe.

re: the fireballs – you will note that this just started as of the start of our year which as 2016 is the year of the harvest judgement beginning in earnest with the green horse of Rev 6:8 being elected by the great Babylonian Empire (Beast) the U.S. and includes the lessor second Beast the E.U.

Remember the forerunner to these events was The Ceres “cityscape” of lights that were not space aliens nor salt – that’s balony. It’s a Next Level base they wanted to be seen at that time exactly as then it would be reported in time for it’s prophecy fulfillment in Rev 6:8 because “green” is from greek “chloros” that is related to our english word “chlorine”  that makes white/pure out of bacteria, which by the way was wrongly translated to pale by the anti-jesus christians led unknowingly by the Luciferian fallen angels now space aliens, the vehicles that they spawned as told in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch. So Chloros is from the same greek word “chloe” which is described as related to Demeter the goddess of the harvest and fertility whose roman counterpart is Ceres and we are really an extention of Rome in the U.S., who largely became christians starting with Constantine that helped make it popular after Paul of Tarsus either knowingly infiltrated the Jesus followers or was influenced by tricks from the Luciferian space aliens masquerading to him as Jesus. In either case, he totally diluted and brought distortion into the records that the now populist governmentalists began to cling to, so because a mechanism to control the people and have them think they get this big reward when they die, called heaven by just saying they believe in Jesus but don’t believe or do anything he said and in fact do the opposites of what he taught so that their jesus is their anti-christ – they are their own dreaded anti-christ.

One comment I saw about the fireball from Virginia said it looked “greenish”.

Now the “green horse” follows Do (of Ti and Do) on the white horse where horse desribes the human vehicle he prepared to be his vehicle to perform his task on/through as he demonstrated the metamorphosic changeover needed to gradute the human evolutionary kingdom to become a member of their Above Human family. The next horse was Red but this horse was prepared by the Lucuferian space aliens because of their agendas to try to get off the planet as they have rumors among them that the earth is going to be changing again and if they don’t escape it entirely they’ll end up having to try to survice underground for at least 1000 years. They are aware of the prophecy in that regard. So they got the humans to bring about the reasons to have endless war for the great amount of money they could funnel to black budget programs so they didn’t have to get congressional approval for much. So they got the humans to move NASA into the DOD. Anyway there is a lot to this all in my very lenghty book about to be pubished this year even soon.

Obama is/was the black horse as the prophecy goes having to do with balancing the two beasts – US and EU to create the mechanisms of the new world order – hence the WHO just showed how they can declare zika virus a global emergency which who knows what that will become. it could be fabricated entirely as an excuse for whatever purpose or it could be a way of hiding all the bad choices they  have made re: their vaccine programs that stimulate many birth defects along with gmo’s and chemicalizationj of our bodies, etc. while funneling money again for whatever usage said for an emergency vaccine as money is not only needed for the space programs that are also looking for the element bob lazar documented that provides power for the space alien spacerafts, which they are also hard at work trying to manufacture at CERN, etc. And they need money for the underground bases they continue to construct so when they see they have to, all those on their lists who have bought their “shelter” can escape what’s going to  happen on the surface.

(it’s possible that’s what the “booms” are under New Jersey but then they reported they were not seismic so that doesn’t make sense as underround explosions from fracing and/or tunneling and undgerground base making do produce seismic waves, so they could be lying about that, but why would they as they could always say it was a mini earthquake whoses pressure cause the sounds waves and all who are involved with agencies are not in the know about all this so to respond in a cover up way can be tricky, though possible of course)

But to me with all things considered, though I could be wrong about, the booms are the “thunder” in prophecy that comes at the start of the Judgement HOUR which is a 40 year period that I believe started around 2013 that I have a number or reasons for saying so.

Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
Rev 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

This crew from the Next Evolutionary Level, under Ti and Do’s instructions, being the return of the one called the Father and the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus, are flying in the middle heaven. There were three heavens according to Jewish talmud which corresponds with things Ti and Do said and that work with this prophecy as well. The Lucifer and associates only got to the middle heaven which is why they still could revert back to human mammalian behavior as they did to propogate with humans as they and their descendents continue to do now (except they don’t have their original physical bodies) but they are in “spirit” manipulating the offspring from when they were able to create hybrids with humans and their seed which is what they continue to do with humans now in abductions. They also want humans who did receive souls from the Next Level to become their servants, co-workers – “brothers/sisters” because they have no other way to get new members because all those who are space aliens were humans who were given souls because they were alive at a time when the Next Level was planting souls which they do whenever they are preparing for one of their Older Members and student crew’s incarnation into those vehicle they prepare.

Anyway, off track again as there is so much to tie together and it’s one puzzle that makes all else pale in comparison – in my opinion that is.

The reason I picked 2013, though the same kind of show occurred in 2014 and 2015 with each year starting with lots of fireballs mostly in the west third of the US and the eastern seaboard from the great lakes region to florida even.

if you recall back then it started with the cherblynsk meteor that really caused a bunch of damage but no fatalities in sibera. (Russia is the Magog area mostly and has a role to play later in prophecy I suspect after the 1000 years after the US and EU are completly fallen and annialiated in the “lake of fire”. That may happen fairly soon like I would guess at most by 20 years from now but I could be wrong about that.

Then after that meteor with booms galore there were many fireball sightings in california and montana and utah and then a huge amount of sightings from the ohio valley to northern florida with reports from maine and vermont as well. Those were in february and march. Then in march of 2013 there was a near miss asteroid and two comets that came out of nowhere. One of those coments named Panstarrs showed an object traveling immedieatly ahead of it yet still very much in the comet’s coma so it couldn’t be debris as deprise would not project ahead of the comet as this black object did.

I suspect that was to show us the same kind of thing that was photographed by the japanese to be  with hale bopp comet that the U.S. airbrushed out of their hawaii photos and covered up when it was surfaced on art bell’s show at the time fearing more people would commit suicide becuse of the Heaven’s gate groups “laying down of their human bodies” not because of the companion object but in the timing of the comet in combonation wtih their 22+ years preparation that started essentially on 1/1/1973 – 40 years before this 2013 anniversary which is when Ti and Do first got a chunk of awakening. The Next Level doesn’t have “time”. But they do have schdules but they are in “events” they schedule using the planetary bodies they design to function they way they do as the earth is their hothouse to grow souls on using human vehicles as their “footstool” to “deposit” their type of “seed” into, called a soul to grow it to become a Next Level member if it chooses to follow the program which is actually like a God Astronaut training program in a new society of beings that thrive on being apart of these projects forever while humans and earth’s come and go along with the human spirits that they don’t salvage from an earth that’s in need of recycling which is about to happen in the next couple decades to degrees but will not annialate all the humans and the earth will repair itself from all the damage humans have done to it.

I could list the comets and near miss asteroids  that came out of nowhere last year and the year before that but I’ve already dumped more than most can stand so I’ll restrain myself. I don’t know if the Next Level will repeat this coming march (their exit anniveary with a near miss asteroid and comet or not) as all they do can be under the heading of that “angel flying in the midheaven – midst of heaven”.

I guess my vote is that they were not ordinary so called meteors and that’s why they are being called fireballs a relatively new term becaus they don’t behave like meteors really.

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24 Responses to “Fireballs/Booms – CERES (green) Lights=hour of judegment begins”

  1. jim Says:

    the only true thing in that screed was:
    “but I’ve already dumped more than most can stand …”

    pure hogwash. you are clinically insane now. they have medication that can help you. ignorance is bliss, though, so … keep on truckin’ I suppose. 🙂

  2. Susan Woodruff Says:

    20 years later, the class rots in the grave and nothing Do and Ti ever said came true. Nothing.

    If Herff and Bonnie Lu would have come right out when you first met them and said “yeah, what we’ll do is just kindof travel around for a decade or two, then we’ll all commit suicide by drinking vodka and applesauce with Seconal to join the mothership.” would you have joined?

    If you and EVNODY and RKKODY went around with the message: “Hey! we’re from the evolutionary level above human! Join us and we’ll commit suicide using barbituates and liquor when our leader becomes sick.” Do you think anyone would have joined?

    If somehow on that day when all the Waldport hippies decided to abandon their families and kids and responsibilities, IF SOMEHOW I could have shown you the 1997 People magazine showing a wild-eyed fruit picture of Do and all the pictures of the anemic, sickly looking class people… with all the info about the SUICIDE CULT!!! The castration… would you still have joined? Or would you have lived a happy live dedicated to the search for concrete truth… and not the truth that a couple of nutjobs made up as they went along. Every demonstration a bust. YOU CAN TELL THEY WERE MAKING IT UP — they’d have to defer to each other on the tapes to make sure they were both on the same page… Do did that constantly, he had no clue what he was talking about. He couldn’t even turn a computer on — that’s how “next level” he was… and he claimed it was he and bonnie lu that GAVE earth the computer.

    If earth’s existence has a punchline, it would be the thousands of idiots who have committed suicide in and for cults.

    The entire earth itself heaved a guffaw when it read about you gullible lunatics. How stupid can you be?

    You are certifiably nuts. You wasted EVERYTHING — you destroyed everything… Before the suicides you were just stupid, after the suicides — you are just stubborn and embarrassed to the core — so embarrassed that to admit how stupid you were would so destroy you, that you can’t even ponder any other scenario!

    Thought experiment — try to imagine that do and ti were nutjob fruits… you can’t. You can’t even begin to imagine the beauty and elegance of existence. Your whole being is warped around do and ti’s ugly philosophy of suicide and stupidity.

    Do could have stuck around? The earth hasn’t been recycled yet.

    • sawyer Says:

      As usual you are clinging to rumors for what you think is a sound basis to cast your judgement upon me and whoever else believes in Ti and Do. For instance, the San Diego medical examiner who did the autopsy on Do’s vehicle said there was no sign of bowel disease or cancer.

      Who cares to speculate what I would have done had they said something else. If you knew my story as honestly as I could relay it, I didn’t join for reasons that could be explained logically. Furthermore, to prove you don’t stand on any solid ground – I thought I would die as a martyr. It was Ti and Do that said that was not in the program. They said “This is not a martyrdom trip”. When they said, they thought we would be taken and not die, though I believed them and told some preachers that while on the road, a part of me still felt I would die a martyr.

      I suspect you are one of those same people who are just getting off on berating me, so you did it okay and I allowed it and even gave you some response. I don’t see even the things that Ti and Do changed as off the mark of what is true actually. They did ascend into the Next Level spacecraft. Of course if what you believe constitutes reality as what you can see and what can be measured by human technologies along with their interpretations of those things, then I don’t expect anything Ti and Do said can make any sense. I have many proofs and can bring perspecitve to everything Ti and Do honestly said and what they thought about it whether it happened or not that somehow didn’t phase their core students. It actually filtered out those that weren’t ready to go all the way so it was helping them face their own doubts and decied whether to overcome them or not.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m pretty sure there were only 5 “waldport hippies”. Of those one, Judy had two young children she arranged to live with their biological dad who lived near Portland as I recall as she and Ron were among my closest friends at the time. Robert had no family in Waldport, nor did me or my partner and nor did the other man who I forgot his name but he was one fine woodwind player I played with a bit but went to portland with to sell our instruments. Within a couple months time all returned to their human lives except for me and my partner.

      How is it that you get to decide for me what I wasted and destroyed? Yes I broke up from the band I was with at the time. Yes I left a half finished house built on Roberts land. Yes, my joining hurt the young woman who was my partners sister who though was living with a guy in Newport was still emotionally dependant on us. I do regret how that might have hurt her but I can’t be held to having really done something wrong by her to have joined any more than if I chose to move to LA to join a band could have affected her life. Her sister and I did travel to San Diego while she, who I’ll call Kay stayed with her boyfriend in Newport where she’d lived for nearly a year by then. Sure I can be blamed and was blamed for influencing my girlfriend even before we left NY together five years earlier. Some in her family told me point blank they didn’t approve of me with her. Her dad seemed to like me but they were sefardic american jews and I was this light brown haired blue eyed of catholic origin who though not religious at all believed in Jesus. Her uncle still seemded to like me but when her dad and uncle and grandmother flew out to waldport and me and my girlfriend me with them in a motel they knew it wasn’t me who had control over her. They knew her well. They knew she had a strong will, espcially after her mother died by falling out of bed at the hospital she was in from ammonia – an accident that didn’t need to happen but was because someone didn’t put the rails up on the bed.

      I did call her sister after I left in 1994 and told her I was sorry for her pain as I was yet I was not sorry for joining. Maybe you have equivilent life experience. If you do then you won’t see someone elses choices as the cause for your sufferring. Sure someone else can do us harm but that doesn’t have to be harm forever. We can grow beyond feeling victimized by another’s choice whether we understand or agree with their choice or not.

      As far as my human family who were all in NY, I had just paid them a visit just months before joining. I felt compelled to hitchhike to NY from Oregon to see them, after not seeing them for about 3 1/2 years with only sporatic phone calls and occasional post cards.

      So for the sake of others who might read this in the future I’ve provided my sense of that time to address your accusations not because I expect you to think any differently as that’s not my choice though I wish you could as to live with the kind of hatred apparant in your words has got to be a terrible burden.

      I wish for you to find some peace. Yes I agree this there is great beauty and elegance to our existence. What I also know is that wasn’t provided us by accident and it’s very clear to me that Ti and Do were the most recent representatives from the Kingdom that designed us to have our existence though that is becoming harder to see than to deny.

    • crlody Says:

      Thought experiment, you stop using multiple identities to make it seem like you’re more than one person who is obsessed with judging others. You only fool yourself with this routine. You only come here to condescend, you do nothing except look down on others and you’ve been at this for years. Maybe you are “clinically insane” for continuing to troll and behave like a ten year old bully. Have you ever looked inward instead of attacking others? If Sawyer is as insane as you claim then why would you continue to come here and use your supposedly superior intellect to continually insult him? My best guess is that you do this because you are a sadistic sociopath like most trolls and you are a coward who is afraid to actually do something constructive with their existence so you use all of your energy to try to elevate yourself at the expense of others. Purely childish, purely ego-driven. You are most likely Dave Goetzinger of Portland, Oregon and you lied to me when you claimed that you had no interest in doing anything with RKK’S bio, you said whatever you could to get your hands on it when you knew I was told not to give it to you and then stabbed me in the back as soon as you could by calling his daughter and asking if you could publish it. You always initiated contact with me and you wouldn’t have known the audio tapes existed if not for me telling you but then you would speak poorly of me to other former Class Members and called me a “Maladjusted adult”. NO ONE cares what you think except you. Your pathetic trolling past time and ego stroking make me want to puke. Go volunteer, help the elderly, stop obsessing over others and how they think, try to actually be nice to someone instead of this raging, sociopathic asshole that you are so proud to be with all of your glaringly transparent goading that you do. Is the reason you spend so much time trolling on here because no one can stand you? I’m fairly certain that if I had to be in the same room with you I’d opt for jumping out of the window.

      • Susan Woodruff Says:

        That isn’t a thought experiment, you strange little man.

        Trust me: Sawyer is pretty fooled as well.

        If this was a serious blog and I came by to thwart its purpose, then maybe I’d be a troll… but this isn’t a serious blog — it is a pseudo-religious/cult blog.

        Imagine if Squeaky Fromme had a blog about all the genius stuff old Charley Manson preached about? I’m simply showing Squeaky what a misguided moron she is and was.

        That’s not trolling — that’s helping a fellow citizen. It would be trolling if I encouraged him/her in their beliefs.

        This is just a little bit of tough love. I care.

        I am a very close friend of Dave Goetzinger. He is an academic genius. Very well respected in his field.

      • sawyer Says:

        Crlody, Obviously it wasn’t humans who gave you that sense of who was behind susan’s posts as I’d bet she wouldn’t be commenting if she hadn’t known Dave. You told me that weeks ago and then recently. I wonder how an academic would explain that? I’d guess one might say it was a “Random chance” but I could be wrong about that.

      • crlody Says:

        You are Dave Goetzinger and you are trolling.

      • Art Schoenenfeld Says:

        You can’t mix religion and science my dear ones.

        Religion covers a domain of stuff that can’t be proven or tested — it can only be believed on faith.

        Science covers reality. Theories can be made, tested, retested, etc. Repeatability, etc.

        When you take NASA stuff (science) and try to cheapen it with religion, you aren’t studying anything because you are mixing two subjects that are completely different.

        I would invite you to learn the truth by learning and reading and studying the hard sciences first — chemistry would be a good place to start.

        You can study religion, too — as in the history of, the tenets of, … you know study it like you would a specimen in a lab.

        But taking religion seriously and trying to divine any concrete proof of religious truths is ridiculous because religion isn’t about reality — it doesn’t pretend to be about reality.

        Start with a general chemistry class — I bet there are free ones online.

        Physics might be a good start, too — Newtonian physics (quantum would freak you out it is so bizarre! more rewarding to study, though).

        Just keep learning and learning and learning!

      • sawyer Says:

        “Just keep learning and learning and learning!” – good advise! What you seem to be calling “religion” is a distortion and dilution and misinformation campaign result. But the reason the religions develop is actually part of the design of the “God Astronaut Training Program”, where the term “God” has become the latest english word to describe all the Physical Living Beings from the Evolutionary Level Above Human who design and develop (create) everything, even the option to become entrapped by religion and it’s cousin today called “science”. Perhaps the biggest difference is how many in either camp limit themselves to their own camp, thus miss the greater realities that includes the Science in the study of Mind which in the religious terms is equal to “spirit”. These seperations of terms are part of the disinformation campaign by once living beings who have the technology to be among us but invisible to our eyes and technical devises – a quality of the “container” called by the religious a soul which is very much comparable to a “software object” as in OOPS programming technique. (I spent many years in software development). One can look at a computer motherboard while it’s operating and not be at all aware of the millions of packets and data objects passing through all those hardware circuts yet they exist but had I described that process to someone 2000 years ago, they would have been dumbfounded and it would have taken on a mystical outlook, even supernatural and if they experienced the affects of those invisible programmatic objects – or the energy they can be designed to output depending on the strength of any one object they would then have a glimpse of it’s reality just like seeing something happening on the computer screen teaches us that the technology is real.

        You are severely limiting yourself to think even for a second you know that much about what constitutes our reality. If you spent much time even with academic career scientists in any field, you will learn that they know there is much, much more they don’t know than what they do know. At best humans can back engineer what most call “nature” and yet many lack the common sense to know that those intricate designs and genetic encoding systems are no less designed to be the way they are than the computers humans design using the elements designed by the technicians in the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

    • crlody Says:

      You gave yourself away by claiming you were a friend of Dave Gs and claiming he is an academic genius. Do you really think that you’re fooling me Dave? I’ve been fairly certain that you’re the one who has been harassing Sawyer for quite some time now so why don’t you drop the charade and just admit that you’ve been pretending to be many, many different individuals for years now. Why don’t you admit that you were always the one who called me and that you lied to me so you could obtain RKK’S manuscript? The jig is up Dave. There are powers far greater than your silly ego and your continuous deceptions and judgments are things that you will have to answer for one day.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      We’ll start with fiction and then we will switch to reality: First of all, “Susan”, if that’s what you want to be “called” today, you need to do one action for certain: get off the Meth. Secondly, lose the “potty mouth”. Third, you gave the statement: “I am a very close friend of Dave Goetzinger. He is an academic genius. Very well respected in his field.” LMAO… How close are you and him btw? Are you and him so “close” that you both are actually joined “as one”? Now we’ll switch from fiction to reality: Oh my god.. Are you kidding me? Seriously? Your statement is totally un-believable. Self promotion and narcissism anyone? I hate to break it to you, “Susan”, but “you” are “not” Susan Woodruff. Ok? LOL… You “are” Dave Goetzinger. Sorry. It is what it is. We all know it’s you.

      • sawyer Says:

        If you want to do battle with whoever it is these names represent, fine, but for whatever it’s worth I don’t care who they are or are not and if they want to spend their time playing games with me saying the same ole things over and over and commenting in every which way they can think of to try to entrap me into whatever it is they might think is happening on this blog or just to get their beef off on someone, I can handle it even though I can be tricked to wasting my time, except I don’t think it is ever a total waste of time because I have no agenda and I know that something they say and I might say back can be the very thing they or some other reader could see and have an “ah hah” moment with in relationship to their taking another step closer to Ti and Do’s Mind or their deciding to go further away from Ti and Do’s mind. I certainly don’t want to present myself in such a way that could influence someone to turn away from Ti and Do’s mind. I’m not saying I am beyond saying things that could be taken that way but when I become aware of things I say that can be said better I try to correct them. But calling one another names and making accusations that may or may not be true, though I know I don’t pay attention to certain clues as well as you might, I don’t see as productive, but then perhaps I’m wrong about what is or isn’t productive. I may eat these words but it’s how I feel right now and I am glad you are participating whether you are on the mark or not.

  3. Plimsoll Says:

    How old was Do’s member?

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t understand the question. If you are talking about me as a member, now my vehicle is 64, so I can sing that song authentically. If you are asking about when I joined in 1975, I was 24, 6 years outside the nest.

    • Susan Woodruff Says:

      Are you asking about his older member?

      • Art Schoenenfeld Says:

        Do’s older member was apparently Bonnie Lu Nettles. She was like 50 or 60 when she died (who cares, right?).

        Despite being one of the two most important people ever to appear on planet earth, she died of a typical human disease… cancer. Do himself died pretty inauspiciously as well… though I would choose that route over Ti’s… vodka and seconal anyone? LOL.

        On one of the tapes she matter of factly states “I’m not going to die of cancer.”… She swore up and down… but, alas, she died like one of us commoners. Wrong again, Bonnie Lu.

        Do cried — so much for overcoming. lol

        Now 20 years after the mass ufo cult suicides, the whole thing is just a blip on the “How stupid can you be?” roster. But these people slowly gave up on living until they had nothing to lose by dying.

        Do was quite the PT Barnum.

      • sawyer Says:

        You sound like the same person who brought that up before. If not your just another who listened to some or all of the tapes and took away what you wanted from them and I don’t mind that. If you can point me to that quote on which tape I’d like to listen to it. I’m not saying she didn’t say that. And I’m not saying what she died of though the doctors said it was liver cancer. That’s what Do said the Doctors said but Do also said she died of the stress of heading the mission so I guess if that is so, then it wasn’t of cancer was it though perhaps some tumors formed that the body could’t handle because of the stress which by the way is what it says happened in Revelations chapter 12 depicted as a “flood from the Dragon”.

        And the prophecy also states they “seperate by dying themselves” in Rev 11:7 the more accurate translation to the greek “apokteino auto” that was translated to “kill”. This way nothing supernatural so only those they prepped ahead of time to be their students would recognize them. But I’d still like to see that quote and the swearing up and down but I doubt you will provide it.

      • Pastor Mike Roberts Says:

        “that’s what do said the doctors said but do also said…”

        Do could have said that Ti was a tuna fish sandwich and you would have believed him.

        You should study cults — it might provide you with some insight or take the blinders off your head.

      • sawyer Says:

        As usual, no proof, just retorick and insults. Have you studied the Jesus Cult. If you think for a second Jesus and his followers were hated any less by the existing religious establishment you are not looking at the REAL Jesus. I can prove that by MANY proofs in the 4 gospels. You know what I am referring to so I’m not taking the time to show my very, very strong case because for many they have made up their mind that no matter what I say it can’t be accurate which is a sign of the times indeed.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      “Plimsoll”, why does it matter how “old” Do’s member was or is? How is that any relevant basis for any kind of inquiry?

  4. XF Checker 97 Says:

    Yea I flew off the handle Sawyer I’ll admit. I have no excuses. I should know better and I could have just let it be, but instead I got bull headed. My mistake.

    • sawyer Says:

      Hey I know how hard it is to restrain ourselves from fighting fire with fire so to speak but it takes a mighty soul to not only recognize when they could have done better and an even mightier one to admit it and want to do better – certainly a Next Level characteristic many humans don’t have much if any of. And it was coming from a great place of wanting to defend me which since I and this blog is an attempt to show Ti and Do’s reality means it’s “standing” for Ti and Do (not saying I’m not fallable in my attempts to serve), so in that respect I appreciate your even caring.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        No worries, I know what you mean. Agreed. None of us are infallible. We all have our good points, bad points, issues and all go through our fair share of learning curves. I’m nothing to write home about and have my ridiculous moments. We all have times we miss the mark- some days more than others and some days less, however, I do what I can on a daily basis.

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