“Global Warming” Caused by Humans is Propaganda

I say, “Global Warming” Caused by Humans is Propaganda. Here’s why:

On Friday night I was responding to a Facebook friend in a comment to his article showing Barack Obama talking about what he said was the commonality between Trump and the other presidential contenders for the nomination – referring to their all being anti-immigration, anti-Muslim and finally in that talk saying they all lack the common sense about the proven reality of “climate change”, which to me on this last issue (but on all of them) is complete doublespeak, the term purported at first in the book “1984” that seems to be an increasing norm to use by many human kingdom organizations ,both on the left and right.

The list is very long with the facts that show how polices have not changed under Barack Obama and if anything the policy he has taken to center stage along with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and others has been, “climate change” – again noting how they put out propaganda to talk about using that phrase succinctly, because, of course there is climate change, as there has been for every day of everyone’s life throughout the world for as long as we have records. So I am a literalist in saying that but not being literal is often how mis/dis-information works.

The greatest misinformation proponents are those that say something they can see misunderstood and/or watch be slanted in any way the hearer wants to for whatever they want to believe or whatever agenda they wish to support. Ti and Do and crew said the Luciferian space aliens are masters of this and some even believe their own misinformation and then transmit that to human leaders they know have significant influence on humans to transmit to us. Because of how saturated the human kingdom has become with the Luciferian misinformation that even promotes their not existing, we would hardly stand a chance to see what is or isn’t misinformation, except in how Ti and Do and Crew came public to reveal by telling the truth.

A little background on what’s been going on to push ahead the Luciferian agenda unbeknown to most humans:

No where was this misinformation propaganda more pronounced and directly in front of the public than in what I believe happened in the coup d’etat in the 2000 presidential election when candidate Al Gore threw in the towel when he said on national television, that I watched, “every vote would be counted” referring to the many Florida voting irregularities. At that point the Florida supreme court actually ordered a complete recount but within hours the U.S. Supreme court ruled to override the Florida Supreme court order which was illegal as states are sovereign in their policies regarding elections. But this was a coup and the media was integral to it’s success so we were all tricked into having G.W. Bush as president as it has been shown afterwards that if a recount had been done Gore would have won Florida and become president.

Gore and his party could have easily insisted on a court battle with the U.S. Supreme Court, but no chance of that as I’m certain he was instructed to cave to the “law” as they stated, so the BEAST-like humans who wear the uniforms and suits and white robes and the like and run the country and increasingly the world could play out the agenda they outlined in their think tank formed in 1997 called, “Progress for a New American Century” though their document, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that called for a New “Pearl Harbor” event to motivate the people to increase military spending and activity to fight a “two front war” which they got with Afghanistan and Iraq soon thereafter.

Ti and Do had said a number of times that the Next Level was holding back the forces that would descend on the U.S. after their exit to give Their  classroom the freedom to operate for as long as was needed to complete their lesson plan of “conquering/overcoming the human kingdom” enough to exit and move to each students next station in Next Level membership. This is directly shown by:

Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The Lamb task was fulfilled by Do in his new human vehicle he took that was a fulfillment of prophecy in itself, describing him as:

Rev 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.
Rev 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
Rev 1:15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

The Candlesticks were the way the 7 groups of student souls were described. Son of Man was a term used for a number of Members of the Next Level who were incarnate, mostly applied to Adam, Ezekiel and Daniel and how Jesus mostly referred to himself and said would be returning with a new name because he would take a new human vehicle so is only “like” the ones before. His vehicle is the “garment” and upon awakening was completly covered – ceased sexuality and restrained (girt) any human seed bearing, procreative, reproductive programming (paps). It puzzled me for a while, why he was compared to the function of a woman but there is other supporting evidence of this in Rev 12 referring to his Father’s “footstool” as the “moon” – the mother that the Father was also depicted as by taking a “woman” – “generator” of life, vehicle. But one can even see that as an indication that he had the female side in his vehicle that he was also restraining, because before awakening he was attracted more to vehicles of his same gender – he was in a male vehicle that was expressing itself effeminately, said as “gay” or “homosexual” which is also more passionately inflamed and even “fire” to engage because to continue in those sexual passions meant to remain human and thus never evolve beyond to escape the recycling.

Do’s vehicle had whitish hair when he took the stage in 1975 but even moreso in his second public interfacing in the Beyond Human Tapes and his head was “white” skinned. His vehicle was very passionate – said to have a great deal of charisma as a stage presence serving as the lead in many performances in the Houston Opera – fire representing that passion. Feet is a way of describing his taking a “stand” in his human vehicle that was “a refined metal” in it’s strength and brilliance and his “voice” – disclosure is related to the Lions roar (waves of water) but as is always continued in prophecy even extends to his literal affection for music, producing sound from his vocal instrument. And he even chose a vehicle from the strain with the name, “Applewhite” which is like saying, he had taken his failure as Adam and converted it into the purity of white light.

Also all these descriptions was directly shown by Ezekiel when he was approached by the “4 Living Creatures” who had one in between sitting on the
Throne and described in the same kinds of ways. (See Ezekiel chapters 1 and 2).

That’s just some of the evidence of how prophecy was fulfilled by Do in taking over the vehicle named Marshall Herff Applewhite. By the way, “Marshall” is a rule enforcer and Herff seems to come from “sheriff” (but I’m not sure about that for Herff).

This is one of the many tasks Next Level members do that they even have fun with – setting up all these prophecies with each arrival of an incarnate member and then seeing to it that the prophecies are fulfilled when they are most needed – which is now to give a chance for all who are still open to seeing them fulfilled to accept the interpretations or not – so they are actually judging themselves.

So Do and graduate Crew fulfilled the Rev 6:1-2 “white horse” prophecy, where “bow” refers to his “litter” who he had “covenant” (rainbow) with to  conquer their humanness through Do’s “midwifing” that was the “spirit birth” Jesus said would occur upon his return with his “disciples” that required of them to be “born of water” (flesh birth) to complete – the metamorphosis of the Soul deposit’s growth inside the selected human vehicle by making their eye “single” with their Older Member’s will/instructions and example of doing the same which is the “christing” process.

Their exit in 1997 ushered in the next stage of allowing the Luciferian space aliens to wield their influence via their “radio wave like” transmissions to selected humans, described also as “horses” because the vehicles become those they “sit on” just as the Next Level does with human vehicles, except with the Next Level the vehicle itself needs to agree to every step. With the Luciferians the vehicle doesn’t even know how it’s being manuvered.

Thus this prophecy fulfillment of the “red/ruddy horse” is allowed to play out where it was held back before then, which is shown as this horse being “given a great sword” which means the Next Level was permitting the humans to do what they wanted with their military might:

Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

So the Democratic party seemed to cave by siding with the Supreme court decision and let the Neocons – the “new conservatives” whose plan for a “New American Century” was in the works by none other than Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and others who had been deeply involved in the Reagan administration, to let their Christian appearing “skull and bones” frontman take the presidency at the turn of the millennium which was also a type of continuation of the Bush/Clinton axis of power. Some researchers show they were both genetically linked to English and Spanish kings and queens and to Charlemagne, the Frankish (Germanic) emperor brought into power by pope Leo III whose authority was on the skids, to form what was to become the loose knit Holy Roman Empire that eventually gave rise to the Protestant Reformation, a further bastardization of what Jesus actually stood for while appearing to be returning to what he stood for by negating what had become Constantine’s Christian-Dom in the Catholic Church.

It can also be shown that Bush’s early ancestors seemed to be related back to the Kingdom of Israel. After Kingdom David’s succeeding son, Salomon  died there was a division when the Kingdom of Judah and soon thereafter the Kingdom of Benjamin moved north to Jerusalem and vicinity. However shortly thereafter that split they were attacked by the Syrians and many were scattered further north into Russia, east into India and west into Europe. Many of those in the two tribes migrated to the area around the Caspian sea and well into Russia and Siberia, the primary areas spoken of in the prophecy of Ezekiel as Magog which seems to be where a final battle is fought before Lucifer in particular is recycled, which seems to be scheduled for about a 1000 years after the judgement and recycling of the BEASTS (The U.S. and the E.U (little beast/horn of Daniel 7) and their land areas and judgement of those who most embody the False Prophets, the Christian and related Spiritual leaders/teachers and their supporters, those who side with them, who accept their “marks” and/or work for (worship) their “Image”  (illusionery “gods”) – false idols – the Universal Mind and Cosmic Consciousness proponents that are reported by contactees and channelers (Rael, Alex Collier, David Icke, Billy Meier, etc.) kin to the Luciferian Space Aliens ways of thinking that are also kin to overall Buddhist thought who like the Christians have their “christ” facsimili equivalent, referred to as the Maitreya, most popularity advanced by Benjimen Creme and others in the New Age movement). During that 1000 years Lucifer and his associates are once again somehow locked underground probably because they, like many humans will be hiding from the Next Level underground by then and the Next Level will somehow seal them there with the hybridized vehicles they propagated/engineered while they were allowed to surface in the U.S. since the 1940’s.

This link of the Bush strain to the Israelites then qualifies Bush as a “red” man, where the Adamic race begun by Adam’s failure resulted in propagation of what became the Israelites. The Hebrew adom means “ruddy”, or “blood (and man) faced” and one can play that out in the lineage of the English that becomes the “Red Coats” in the Revolutionary war in the Americas and then to the Red republicans.

So the New World Order we have heard so much about was then emerging further to the fore, led by the U.S. and E.U., having had it’s start in 1945 with the formation of the United Nations headquartered in the new “great city of Babylon” – New York City, which is actually with Washington D.C. – the District of Columbia (where Lady Columbia was the forerunner for Lady Liberty) and is described to a tee in Rev 17 and 18 as the “seat of the BEAST” and how NYC was actually the first capital of the U.S. when it was called, New Amsterdam, which is most interesting in how the E.U. also has a juxtaposed relationship with it’s “seat of the (little) Beast as the E.U. in Switzerland’s Geneva, the location of the second U.N. Headquarters with the Scandinavian countries and especially Norway with it’s capital in Oslo showing history with the European based “space aliens” that Hitler seemed to have begun relationships with who seemed to have an underground facility under Antarctica, reported by the Russians that Hitler created a base in an underground lake they could enter via their U-boats.

NYC being the New “great city of Babylon” in prophecy is more or less run by the descendants of those migrating Israeli tribes. Many of those who fled Germany having arrived in Germany in great numbers before World War I often having fled from their failed coup attempt to topple the Russian Czar Stalin often mixed with the non-Jews and all points west but who Hitler was even more permissive of leaving Germany because of so ended up as the last major migration of Jews from western Europe – all arriving in the New York harbor greeted by Lady Liberty (Columbia), the personification of the Woman who rides the U.S. BEAST that it would appear by several prophecies may further manifest with Hillary Clinton as the next president of the U.S. and New World Order that Barack Obama has done a great deal to foster and that Bernie Sanders can be shown to play significant roles in as a fulfillment of the Pale/Green horse for the opening of the 4th Seal that turns into the One World Government – despite having the continued appearance of individual country sovereignty.

Perhaps the biggest descriptive term for this New World Order is “green” most propagandized as the need to save the planet and humanity from Global Warming which began in earnest with Democratic presidential opponent to G.W. Bush in 2000, Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” he made in 2006 that has turned into quite the “convenient” cover for the truth. How quickly it caught on winning an award in the Sundance film festival and earning some 25 million in the box offices around the U.S. and given private screenings in the British parliament to gain their support.

Regardless of whether they believe their own “science” or not, it’s a boon for whatever they want to put into motion to make money from and foster  new alliances from, while appearing to be saving mankind from itself. No need for messy talk of aliens taking over the world or of a God destroying the world with heat and yet a way to blame the many evidences of progress of the fulfillment’s of prophecy in earth changes and human responses on our fossil fuel usage – drought, cancer from ozone depletion, earthquakes from drilling or fracing, bigger storms because of fresh water from the melting glaciers mixing with warmer salty water, food shortages, water shortages – all reasons for disease outbreaks, etc. Meanwhile the economy is gutted, infrastructures are crumbling, surfacing dirty deeds by govt officials to redirect monies or save their own salaries, increased technologies in space to monitor the global warming and of course the need for a bigger security state and military might and surveillance state to thwart the reactions to all the mistrust of gov’t and outright rebellion.

In Gore’s ending message in the movie it makes the case that each person who is responsible for the global warming catastrophe can be a part of the solution by recycling their glass and metal and paper, buying hybrid cars and changing the way they heat their homes, etc. all a boon for corporations and providing more openings for investment into businesses that can steer away from fossil fuel dependence. It is even humanitarian because if the planet is about to experience cataclysm those humans who don’t depend on fossil fuels will stand the best chance of surviving while the rich fortify their underground city facilities all over the nation, near to all the major cities or a short air-flight to where they can generate power by the solar electric generating facilities, rather than try to store billions of gallons of oil and ways to refine it. So it works for all involved and even shows an effort to have less pollution while also giving a boost to nuclear energy generation.

In the movie Gore says it’s not a political issue but a moral one, describing, “the possibility of the collapse of a major ice sheet in Greenland or in West Antarctica, either of which could raise global sea levels by approximately 20 feet, flooding coastal areas and producing 100 million refugees. Melt water from Greenland, because of its lower salinity, could then halt the currents that keep northern Europe warm and quickly trigger dramatic local cooling there”.

Sounds like a doomsday prediction that he doesn’t need to assign to God’s wrath, employing fear and guilt and even a way to think we can do something about it, almost like the “indulgences” the Catholics began selling to pretend paid for one’s sins. People could hop on the “save the earth” bandwagon and claim that anyone who doesn’t see as they see are in “climate denial” or are ignorant conservatives who probably believe in god.  All of a sudden I recall seeing ads by people like Hannah Montana, the Disney star creation talking about “saving the planet”. It’s really a new religion and the Luciferians are delighted because it distracts from their many agenda’s the govt is in bed with, whether they know it or not.

So as I was responding to this post of Obama’s talk that included his “climate change” preaching and looking down his nose on anyone who questions his/their “science”, I was asking Ti and Do for help to have something to refer to, to help show some that it’s not a given that human activity heads the primary responsibility. Note I am saying “primary responsibility” as of course one can see that burning all fossil fuels delivers certain gases into the atmosphere. For years I figured the Sun was the biggest factor to consider as primarily responsible for “climate warming” of late but I had ideas noting the facts that there have been ice ages and warming times said to be throughout the earth’s history when there is no evidence of a global wide scale of industrialization at those times. (However, I knew there were past civilizations on earth as Ti and Do indicated there were that I also saw evidence of and thought made sense.)

So I saw this volcano eruption story and it felt like a response from Ti and Do and Crew, though I know I could be wrong. Here is the story:

But when I went to the comment section of the article I saw two comments that spoke about the many volcano’s currently in stages of eruption and it occurred to me a question as to why when a volcano puts out tons of CO2 – Carbon di-oxide and H2O (water vapor) (and SO2 – Sulfur dioxide and other gases) and ash particulate it causes GLOBAL COOLING but when human activity in the burning of fossil fuels puts out CO2 it is said to do the opposite and promote global warming.

The global cooling from volcanic eruptions has been frequently documented even before thermometers and satellite data and ocean temperature monitors but is explained by some scientists is supposed to be from the carbon in the atmosphere that doesn’t let the sunlight in to do it’s warming – common sense right. You stand in the shade you are cooler. Yet the human developed CO2 and particulate is said to let the suns rays through and even trap them close to the surface creating the warming trends and other changes. Are the volcano’s CO2 particles less reflective than what comes from the oil we burn. Anyone that’s lived near or in a big city like Los Angeles, New York or Phoenix knows what smog looks like. Why is that particulate reflective while volcanic fog isn’t?

I was in L.A. in 1971 staying with friends when helicopters would come overhead with a loudspeaker and tell people to go inside because the smog level was dangerous for their health. I was in Phoenix to often see some of the worst smog of anywhere and it’s common in NYC as well and probably  most cities, but it’s limited to the area around where it’s most produced and it does dissipate and is blown away and doesn’t block out that much sunlight but I suppose it can get worse. But if it’s not happening over the oceans and not happening in the mountains and not happening over big swaths of land where there are no cities, what keeps the heat from escaping to the upper atmosphere and/or out into space except I guess in the area the smog is thickest. But heat doesn’t work that way. As anybody that has worked with insulating houses. The cooler air sinks which creates a current that draws the warmer lighter air. If you have one opening in your house in the winter it will create a draft that will draw the heat out of the entire house. If the earth was like a house why wouldn’t the same thing occur where the hot air is drawn away from where it’s humanly created. I know, I’m not a scientist which is why I don’t see it but that’s not at all my only questioning of what we are told. Of course I tend to question many things I’m told and always have.

When my mother had my vehicle’s baby sister I was 5 years old and I asked where babies came from. My parents didn’t know how to answer that. They were afraid to say, “out of the mothers vagina” and could give more info if the kid wanted it. I guess that was considered to be immoral to talk about for many then. Anyway when they had no answer, I shrugged my shoulders and put up my hands and said, “well things don’t just happen!”.

But yes I am influenced by my beliefs in Ti and Do, though I can’t recall their talking about global warming or the prophecies of calamity from increased heat. But the timing of my coming upon the eruption story in Ecuador seemed like another one of those coincidences of a response to my question so I began to dig more into the history of climate changes, not because I need that evidence but for those that might need a little help or impetus to think outside this human caused global warming box and/or to talk it better to others to give them a chance to do the same as to go along with anything the govt tells me is frankly suspect.

The evidence of climate change can be seen as a part of several historic warming and cooling patterns that are not from millions of years ago that don’t require NASA or geologists to take core samples of ice caps to document. After all it was after the event known as the “Medieval Warm Period” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_Warm_Period) some now call the “Medieval Climate Optimum”, a suspicious way of not saying it was a “warm period”, that came a period from about 1300 to 1850 that’s referred to as the “little ice age”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age.

That period seems to have ended in the beginning of the 1800’s that evidenced at least 4 volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and Caribbean, the biggest of which was after these that occurred from April 5-15th of 1815 on Mount Tambora in Indonesia that brought about a global-wide “year without a summer” in the spring and summer and fall of 1816 that is well documented in diaries to the bringing about of record cold to Southeast asia, China, India, Europe and North America among the most documented. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_Without_a_Summer . Some of the reports were of a “persistent fog”, called the “dry fog” because rain didn’t wash it away and wind didn’t blow it away yet it reddened and dimmed the sunlight. The picture of a location covered in black smoke from a volcano wasn’t what was evidenced in New England. On June 6th there was snow in Albany, NY and in Maine. Every day in May was below freezing in upstate NY. July 7th some said everything stopped growing. August 23rd saw frost in the Massachusetts Berkshire hills. Cape May, NJ had frost 5 nights in a row in late June. July and August showed lake and river ice in Northwest Pennsylvania. Frost in Virginia on August 20 and 21st. Temperatures went from 95 degrees to near freezing in hours. East Winds prevailed for 3 months. The sun was obscured by sky overcast and clouds.

There was famine in Great Britain due to crop failures of wheat, oats, potato. In Germany there were riots and arson and looting and in many European cities. Cholera broke out in India. Cold in China killed trees, rice crops and water buffalo.

A recent report from the Berkley Earth Surface Temperature group said the temperature dropped 1 degree Celsius. And during that time occurred the “Dalton Minimum” solar cycle 6 they said caused the temperature drop. That is a report of a sun spot minimum that took place from Dec 1810 – May 1823. May of 1816 was the lowest sunspot number listed as .1

It’s interesting that people can think the lack of sunspots can produce cooling affects but often don’t want to consider that more sunspots could produce warming affects as I have been saying was probably the biggest cause of global warming – not rocket science to observe as we know that when sun spots are very active and produce CME’s – coronal mass ejections that sends waves of increased electromagnetic energy/heat – literal fire that depending on where on the sun it occurs can directly hit the earth.

Perhaps that’s why since 1975 scientists say there has been the greatest surge in temperature, especially in the U.S. west. Is it coincidence that Ti and Do considered the western U.S. from the Mississippi River to the Pacific the vicinity where they felt their best connection to their Older Member. (They both spoke about Ti’s Older Member as their Older Member even though Do knew Ti was his Older Member).

I could go on and on and on with evidence that this “given” by the so called scientific community, that says humans are responsible for the global warming trend is not at all a given and has many common sense and scientific and historic evident reasons to question.

Isn’t it interesting that it’s the largely Republican religious that most question these science claims. That’s not to say I side with the Republican religious on any other issue. Actually to be engaged in politics to try to hold office doesn’t seem to me to be a way of “separating from one’s humanness” – the formula for upcoming prospective members of the Next Level to choose to gravitate to, as Ti and Do taught was required to graduate though was accomplished in stages in several incarnations.

But perhaps the reason many of the religious Christians don’t necessarily go along with the science of human caused global warming is because, despite the many areas where many Christians have participated in or embraced a misinformed distortion and/or dilution of the teachings of Jesus, (that are the same exact teachings of Ti and Do with up to date more accurate terms and thinking about), many are aware that it was said by Old Testament prophets that Jesus also quoted and in the Book of Revelation, (that evidence suggests Ti and Do and helpers (prophets past) stimulated in previous incarnations) that the current civilization would be both purged and eventually destroyed by fire this time, not by water,  (though Jesus did say there would be “, the sea and the waves roaring” with and following the “signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity”), thus heat in several forms are made manifest increasingly until the option to show one’s allegiance to Ti and Do and/or the Next Level is “done” and the civilization is fully spaded and recycled to rest and start a new experiment within.

Another characteristics of fire as used in Jesus and Ti and Do’s teachings relates to the way the pressure on human kingdom is increased when they arrive and again after their exit, which is the reason this LAST harvest period is referred to as the “Winepress” because we, our vehicles are like grapes and our vehicle is under pressure to yield it’s fruit, which is the Next Level Mind we receive as we absorb and adopt more and more of  everything provided by the Older Members in their thinking, behaviors and ways. We can choose how to respond to their provided increase of pressure ultimately by either becoming with them or against them. Those against them end up siding with humans in any number of ways while those with them side with them. Those against them then are taken out of circulation because of their being more subject to the human stimulated diseases because they don’t ask for help to avoid or treat those problems as they arise. However, where those who grow to be for Ti and Do do meet their exit of their vehicles, for those that choose to “stand for Ti and Do” in the face of ever increasing opposition to doing so that could result in their loss of their vehicles because of. In that case those souls would be “saved” for a future planting while the others are not because they won’t have the potential to grow to become members of the Next Level.

That pressure is also equivalent to the force needed to purge out impurities from gold ore to arrive at pure gold. It’s a “trial by fire” process that is stimulated by the close proximity of the Older and Younger Next Level Members Mind coming into close proximity to the earth and walking among us and taking human vehicles to communicate with us and show us how to change over and make our vehicle pure from. How much we do to move towards that purity is up to us. The Next Level doesn’t hold anyone back from giving their all, while continue to work with those who don’t yet feel they have the strength to give their all but seek the Next Level’s help to grow further towards.

Here are the indications of some of that and this fourth angels pouring out of his vial has not yet fully transpired.

These “angels soundings” seem to have begun in 1900 to where each “sounding” had with it a stage of what was described in the prophecy so the fourth sounding seems to have encompassed the 1930’s to 1940’s, the time of the Dust Bowl (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_Bowl) caused by massive drought that is reported in this Wikipedia article, saying, “the causal mechanism for the droughts can be linked to ocean temperature anomalies. Specifically, Atlantic Ocean sea surface temperatures appear to have had an indirect effect on the general atmospheric circulation, while Pacific sea surface temperatures seem to have had the most direct influence.”

I add this as additional evidence that thinking drought is caused by human activity isn’t nearly the given it’s being made out to be of late.

I suspect this “dust bowl” was what was prophesied here:

Rev 8:12 And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

However this doesn’t seem to be the only time and way in which this prophecy would play out as there seems to be a direct correlation with every one of the seven Angel’s sounding of the described characteristics of each sounding to two primary periods of time. The first as shown in the 1930’s – 1940’s just prior to the arrival time of the Next Level Older Members and crew via intentional crashing of some of their primitive spacecraft in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s which seems to have been the prep time for the FIRST of the two harvest stages. And as a matter of fact the baseline some environmental scientists use to measure against for their “global warming” prognostications is from 1951 to 1980 with 1975 showing the greatest jump in temperatures thereafter. (I can’t help but equate that with Ti and Do’s having fully awakened to their task and first public meetings in 1975 as one of the things they said was that they were bringing the “light” from the distant heavens and that terminology went hand in hand with prophecy of how that “light” from the Next Level amounts to a stimulus and pressure to grow by or be burned up by to where the burning up by translates to the waste of that force via the passions when it can be used to boost one’s consciousness above human. It’s also interesting how the Luciferians created the facsimile of that process as a Tantra (sexual) meditation of moving one’s creative force up the chakra’s to awaken the kundalini force, they say yields one’s enlightenment, except what it does is enlightens one to a bonding with Luciferian misinformation mind that is a dead end because the Next Level Older Members aren’t involved in the redirection of that “force” used instead to purify the vehicle ALL IMPORTANTLY FOR USE IN SERVICE TO THE OLDER MEMBERS, rather than for self service.

So the second major time period in which the events initiated by the sounding of the seven trumpets by those messengers from the Next Level is seen by the corresponding Seven Angels pouring out their vials, with the fourth listed as:

Rev 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
Rev 16:9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

This shows what is upcoming as though these characteristics continued from their first introduction to the U.S. apparently it’s about to get much hotter, at least in the U.S. west and southwest which we certainly have seen with the Texas to California drought and the huge amount of increases in forest fires each year in the entire west.

Note that these don’t change the minds of who is responsible as many of the scientists have no Next Level mind in them anymore so can’t take these prophecies seriously nor the idea that the Creators are running the earth, while those who do take the prophecies seriously will mostly say they are the signs of what was supposed to happen ahead of Jesus return which is true but that they won’t necessarily recognize before they lose their physical vehicle if they don’t open up to how Ti and Do were their incarnate return in the task of the Two Witnesses and literally start a relationship with them by learning everything about they said and beginning to take a stand for them. (Do did indicate that even those that never heard of Ti and Do could be “saved on ice”, but for those that do hear about Ti and Do, the requirements are higher because they received more help to wake up to Their reality as what Ti and Do taught can never become just a body of information to study without application.

That application minimum was laid out well by Jwnody in “Away Team from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure” as:

“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts).  You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants.  And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

Now that’s not to say we are held back to necessarily just being saved. Do always thought about helping us rise to our best potential not the least as he can be seen saying in the Beyond Human Series of “why do you just want to be saved”. Do also spoke about the three types of people who would go with them. Two of those types had started to engage their metamorphosis that entails separating from one’s humanness and connecting with a present member or an active student of a present member as Jwnody also described:

“The formula is the same now as it always has been.  To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do).  You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life.  You cannot do it by yourself.  You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns.  Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative.  This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age.  There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.”
(From https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/away-team-from-deep-space-surfaces-before-departure/)

Prophecy seems to indicate some could still graduate to receive what I suspect would be a student model Next Level grown vehicle. Jwnody wrote about this possibility, referring to some who were with them at the time which serves as a type of verification of the prophecy during the opening of the fifth seal. These verses describe some who are slain for the word of God and for the testimony they held:

Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

“Taking a stand” in what Jwnody described is kin to “standing up by giving one’s testimony” in the prophecy. In this prophecy “slain” is the Greek “sphazo= meaning in this context being put to death or mortally wounded by violence, unlike the way the Two and Crew “exited/separated by dying themselves” in Rev 11:7 which was mistranslated to “kill” from Greek apokteino.

I take it that’s one “consequence” some will meet for standing up for Ti and Do’s truth in days to come. Prophecy indicates that’s more to come – the “consequences” that could even result in one’s death during the upcoming time of the opening of the 4th seal because it’s during the 3rd seal opening (as we speak) when Obama the black horse is at the helm of the BEAST that those described as the “Oil and Wine” are not harmed. I suspect the Oil are those who are attempting to totally separate from their human worldliness and standing for Ti and Do while the wine would be those who are not necessarily totally separating from their humanness but are at least willing to stand for Ti and Do.

Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Thus if I have that right, those that do lose their life standing for Ti and Do are granted “white robes” – that’s a Next Level grown vehicle I believe, said as “robe” distinguishing it from the “linen” priests wore in the Moses camp:

Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

Those who receive “linen” Next Level vehicles are depicted as returning with Do who is using his Next Level vehicle (that may be the same one he took with him that was named Jesus) returning as an “armada” of bright lights in the heavens as Do expressed the possibility of in the Beyond Human tapes and Ti and Do made reference to as the 7th closeness being Jesus return in the statement published in, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”, which is described in Rev 19 that other prophecy seems to describe as consisting of the Lamb (the one who was incarnate as Jesus) with the “Four Living Beings” (mistranslated to Beasts) who each have a crew of 6 members so add up to the 24 elders with them – the ones who among the 38 + 4 who seem to most likely receive adult Next Level vehicles:

Rev 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
Rev 19:12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.
Rev 19:13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.
Rev 19:14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
Rev 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

I’m not giving all the detail that’s available to further support these interpretations as they are all tied into other parts of the Revelations prophecies and things Jesus said and to things Moses and Old Testament prophets said/wrote about and of course other things Ti and Do and Crew said/wrote about.

In addition to these prophecies that indicate scorching heat to come that will test everyone even more that follows the further outbreak of disease – sores of the body and mind as described in the first angel’s pouring out of vial (that by the way is indicated as affecting those that are showing their allegiance to the BEAST, thus patriotism as one form) which is human generated because of what the Next Level is doing to increase the pressure on the physical earth and the humans, that we are seeing just the beginning of, and following the destruction of sea that we are seeing by the Fukushima reactors dumping of tons of radioactive waste that seems to be indicated will escalate by volcanic activity polluting the seas as the second angel’s vial pouring out and followed by the further contamination of drinking water that brings with it increased bloodshed as the third angels pouring out of a vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, which again can be the byproduct of the way human bad behaviors in terms of caring for infrastructures are stressed by Next Level adjustments, additions, each of which mount the tests on humans that are all opportunities for people to recognize the Next Level as bringing “Their” garden to a close, so prompting them to shift their allegiance to the  Next Level. Otherwise without these last ditch efforts to help them wake up, many would never stand a chance of waking up.

Here is some further data that brings into serious question the alleged claim that humans are the primary cause of global warming:

Apparently there was a “Medieval Warm Period” from about 950 to 1250 AD followed by a “little ice age” generally thought to span from about 1300 to 1850.

Below are excerpts from Wikipedia and Britannica articles. It’s interesting to note that these are regularly updated and in the Wikipedia articles I know that those doing the updates are most always university professors of various science departments. So their bias is often included sometimes in subtle ways like suggesting human aerosols have a global affect on cooling or that human population decreases like from the Black Death could have had a global affect on cooling because there are less people to burn trees to clear land to grow food so doesn’t offset the production of greenhouse gases. Or some will call volcanic gases “aerosols” instead of showing they are made up of mostly SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide – green house gas) and H2O vapors. I take notice because some will say the CO2 from human generation holds in the heat of the planet which they admit comes from the sun mostly while the CO2 from volcano’s reflects the heat back into space causing cooling. When I questioned one environmental science university student as to this variance in the way CO2 is considered, he indicated it had to do with amounts of CO2 saying the CO2 from volcano’s was .6% where from humans was 82% over a years time frame.

So I would ask, what year they were measuring and does it matter how many volcano’s are in the measure and how active they are putting out the gases and for what duration and whether each volcano’s has the same percentages of the type of gas emitted and over how many years do those numbers pertain. The more one gets into this the shakier their “science” seems to be just like with the vaccination science or other chemical accumulations in our environment. For instance some will say, the amount of “formaldehyde” in vaccines is less than what we get from nature. Then one will come upon a warning that a volcanic gas can be formaldehyde and how there is no safe amount to have in the body. These scientists really need a big database so they can cross check what one another says.

Here’s another excerpt – and note the spin calling it the “Medieval Climate Optimum, or Medieval Climatic Anomaly”. What is an “optimum” and why is it an “anomaly” – Is it because there is no significant human activity changes can be attributed to so one has to concede it’s “naturally occurring” something we don’t even have to believe in God to consider, but then it can’t be used to generate monies from:

The Medieval Warm Period (MWP), Medieval Climate Optimum, or Medieval Climatic Anomaly was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region that may also have been related to other climate events around the world during that time, including China and other areas, lasting from about 950 to 1250. It was followed by a cooler period in the North Atlantic termed the Little Ice Age. Some refer to the event as the Medieval Climatic Anomaly as this term emphasizes that effects other than temperature were important. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_Warm_Period

Possible causes of MWP from Britannica:

Many scientists arguing for the existence of the MWP have noted that the interval was characterized by an increase in incoming solar radiation paired with a relative absence of volcanic activity. (Aerosols expelled from volcanic eruptions have been shown to block a portion of incoming sunlight.) The combination of both phenomena would contribute to an increase in air temperatures. Some scientists have also attributed warmer air temperatures in the North Atlantic region to the delivery of warmer seawater (heated by solar radiation unimpeded by volcanic aerosols) by the Gulf Stream and other currents.


The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Climate Optimum). While it was not a true ice age, the term was introduced into the scientific literature by François E. Matthes in 1939. It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, or alternatively, from about 1300 to about 1850, although climatologists and historians working with local records no longer expect to agree on either the start or end dates of this period, which varied according to local conditions.

The NASA Earth Observatory notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about 1650, another about 1770, and the last in 1850, each separated by intervals of slight warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report considered the timing and areas affected by the LIA suggested largely independent regional climate changes, rather than a globally synchronous increased glaciation. At most there was modest cooling of the Northern Hemisphere during the period.

Several causes have been proposed: cyclical lows in solar radiation, heightened volcanic activity, changes in the ocean circulation, an inherent variability in global climate, or decreases in the human population.

The leveling off between the 1940s and 1970s may be explained by natural variability and possibly by cooling effects of aerosols generated by the rapid economic growth after World War II.

Evidence from mountain glaciers does suggest increased glaciation in a number of widely spread regions outside Europe prior to the twentieth century, including Alaska, New Zealand and Patagonia.

There is still a very poor understanding of the correlation between low sunspot activity and cooling temperatures. During the period 1645–1715, in the middle of the Little Ice Age, there was a period of low solar activity known as the Maunder Minimum. The Spörer Minimum has also been identified with a significant cooling period between 1460 and 1550. Other indicators of low solar activity during this period are levels of the isotopes carbon-14 and beryllium-10.

Note also how they do indicate lows in solar radiation as a cause for cooling yet they will nearly never suggest highs in solar radiation for the warming trends that preceded this little ice age and came after it.

Then there is this notion to fix human caused global warming as they see it with what I see as bizarre actions but are typical of technologies gone wild:

“Some scientists have suggested using aerosols to stave off the effects of global warming as an emergency geoengineering measure. In 1974, Mikhail Budyko suggested that if global warming became a problem, the planet could be cooled by burning sulfur in the stratosphere, which would create a haze. An increase in planetary albedo of just 0.5 percent is sufficient to halve the effect of a CO2 doubling.

The simplest solution would be to simply emit more sulfates, which would end up in troposphere – the lowest part of the atmosphere. If this were done, Earth would still face many problems, such as:
Using sulfates causes environmental problems such as acid rain
Using carbon black causes human health problems
Dimming causes ecological problems such as changes in evaporation and rainfall patterns
Droughts and/or increased rainfall cause problems for agriculture
Aerosol has a relatively short lifetime

The solution advocated is transporting sulfates into the next higher layer of the atmosphere – stratosphere. Aerosols in the stratosphere last years instead of weeks – so only a relatively smaller (though still large) amount of sulfate emissions would be necessary, and side effects would be less. This would require developing an efficient way to transport large amounts of gases into stratosphere, many of which have been proposed though none are known to be effective or economically viable.

In a blog post, Gavin Schmidt stated that “Ideas that we should increase aerosol emissions to counteract global warming have been described as a ‘Faustian bargain’ because that would imply an ever increasing amount of emissions in order to match the accumulated greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, with ever increasing monetary and health costs.”

One can see clearly how left to these science “religionists” where their laboratories and universities are their churches and their humans in white coats with degrees their priests make witch doctors look tame.

I know they can do many things and can solve some problems, especially when problems are running wild like cancer for instance that mostly comes from environmental degradation caused by humans. So if one gets it if they survive their hugely invasive means to solve the problem they appear to be miracle workers.

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80 Responses to ““Global Warming” Caused by Humans is Propaganda”

  1. Mike (pastor mike) Says:

    “Gore and his party could have easily insisted on a court battle with the U.S. Supreme Court…”

    Ever take a civics class? You ain’t much for learnin’ are ya?

    The Supreme Court is the final arbiter. It was over once the supreme court chimed in… was it constitutional? No it wasn’t. Could some justices have been impeached, perhaps — but that wouldn’t change the election result and would have ripped the country apart even more.

    You stew in a world of mythology, fear, ugliness, and ignorance.

    The world really did a number on ya. Responding to you is ignorance on my part because you lack the ability to reason. That is a badge of honor to you — your lack of insight, intelligence, wisdom, reason, logic.

    • sawyer Says:

      you made my point very well – it was a coup that both parties could/would take advantage of. The coup was from having any shred of real democracy left.

      What does tear this country apart look like? I guess it has to do with one’s agenda. In terms of continuing on the same courses both parties are not torn apart at all. In terms of the people without any power to change that course, they can benefit by coming out of their allegience to government to solve whatever the many problems but that probably doesn’t look like a benefit to you. The rest get what they believe in. If that is preaching saving the planet from alleged human caused global warming they get to think they can make a difference and that keeps them in line, just like the religions keep people line in degrees. If they want the U.S. to have a stronger military and win the various wars and gather up dissidents they get their way too – both for a while longer. Either way it goes in the elections the violence in the U.S. and the world will continue and the so called “natural” disasters will continue gradually until the Next Level decides it’s done.

      Do you have a cyrstal ball to know what it would have done to the country? Does this country look unified to you? And the answer is yes AND no. Yes in that they all know they lead the world and no on a few particulars that are moot because there won’t be any efforts to change them so the people on both sides of the isle will draw their following who on the right will get more and more vul

      • Pastor Mike Roberts Says:

        You said:

        “Gore and his party could have easily insisted on a court battle with the U.S. Supreme Court”

        All I had to do was disprove that — which I’ve done. Simple as that.

        You don’t know the difference between a fact and a proposition.

        You lack the ability to reason — which is probably why you fell so easily into a cult when you were quite young.

      • sawyer Says:

        What did you disprove – that the dems “could have” fought bringing it to the supreme court in the first place as unconstitutional? Maybe it wasn’t unconstitutional to have the supreme court weigh in to override the Flordia supreme court’s deceision on a soverign state matter? Can you explain to me why that was allowed to transpire if it wasn’t in both parties interest? Do you think they were really thinking ahead worried about “dividing the nation”? If so what is the evidence of that? It’s like the iraq war. I saw through that right away and was among those protesting in NYC with my toddler in her stroller and then in Washington DC with millions around the globe that now it’s common knowledge that was illegal and unjustified to start but voted for by even the dems like Hillary. Where is all the good reasoning and forethought among all those brilliant minds then and now?

        Some said about that Iraq vote, the equivilent of; “well, given the data we had, that was the right decision but had we known the truth I would have voted differently” – playing both sides which is great “reasoning” isn’t it to maintain the status quo while profiting wherever possible and dealing with damage control should it go south – that’s the “cult of Rome” and many empires past surfacing once again – coincidentially repeating history like in “ground hog day” – the human hamster wheel that the hamsters insist is their reasoning to engage – puppets to the “invisibles” they fear even considering exist.

        By the way I was 24 when I “fell into” the cult – yes young but not without any life experience as I left my mothers apron strings before I was 18 and even before that planned to go to canada if I was going to be drafted to fight in vietnam. I saw through the lies then too. It was common sense to me but that was common sense from what mattered to me – my life while common sense to the powers that precided over those massecurs was whatever profit they saw from it – whether monitary or psychological or stragegic and/or some combo. I didn’t need a law degree to KNOW it added up to me as “fowl play” afoot and I had no experience with conspiracy theories or the real history of the U.S. smoke and mirrors policies before then. I got a high lottery number so I didn’t have to go anywhere but did I have the guts to flee to Canada. Well I guess so as that next summer of 1970 after flunking out of business school because I had no interest in it, I hitchhiked cross country twice with my girlfriend and shacked up together, got jobs and saved and studied log cabin building and gutting deer to move to the British Columbia mountains to homestead, which we did in the spring of 1971 and the list goes on with getting arrested for living in Canada without having papers and getting deported and the list goes on with all the spiritual groups I was approached by to join but turned down that took real time reasoning verses going to school to learn to reason, an oxy-moron – unless one enters into those mental games that are actually also quite cultish, though the norm to march to.

        How does one “fall into a cult” when there is no “lure” that can be shown as something to “fall for”. I wasn’t interested in UFO’s or leaving the earth before nor after I joined, that is until 1987 twelve years after joining even though I had a wild UFO sighting after I joined them.

  2. Mike (pastor mike) Says:

    By definition, the U.S. Supreme Court determines what is and what is not “constitutional”. They interpret the constitution.

    As I said — they could have looked into impeaching justice(s), but that still wouldn’t change the decision.

    The US Supreme Court made a bad decision because of politics. They wanted to stop the count, and did a horrible thing to do that.

    The repubs liked the decision, so it wasn’t in their best interest to do anything about it.
    The dems knew that it was over (I could write a book on why), so it wasn’t in their best interest.

    Once the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in, it was over.

    massecurs == massacres
    equivilent == equivalent

    You were one of the tiny population that actually believed Bonnie Lu and Herff. They spoke, and you swallowed the hook, line, and sinker.

    You know it is all bullcrap — but you have to pretend to believe now b/c you wasted everything following it. You are all in — so you might as well ride it out. Plus you lack the basic skills of “reason” and hygiene. Your teeth are rotting out of your skull.

    • sawyer Says:

      You seem to be a thinker in some respects but then run away with your own self grandisement to think you know what I “pretend to believe” but it’s the only explanation I guess you can find for why the few like me continue to support Ti and Do’s teachings when there is so little if any human “profit” in doing so… thus my opinion as to why you are so derogatory and condescending and insulting and seemingly disturbed about my appearance and hygiene, even with a vengence that exaggerats it so. Do told me my teeth problems came from the water on Long Island where my vehicle was raised. Actually my hygiene is so good now that I’ve defied the last dentists insistance that some problems would get worse quickly. I cut out most all sugars from my diet and have used coconut oil a few times when I slipped and used sugar and it started a greater sensitivity in one tooth. Are you a dentist? I was considering getting the remainder pulled as I can’t affort dental implants but actually I don’t mind turning off people physically. I don’t want any more sex or becoming beholding to another human being and I do attract women when I play music at bars, etc., but I suppose they have to be pretty drunk and when they see I’m missing teeth they look elsewhere which is fine by me.

      Have you ever wondered how you can be so angry that someone else in your mind “wasted everything”. Millions of people can be considered to have wasted everything by other millions of people.

  3. Pastor Mike Roberts Says:

    Use mouthwash like Listerine — it kills billions of bacteria and is very important to dental health. Follow the directions… use at least twice a day — after brushing in the morning and after brushing in the night.

    exaggerats = exaggerates

    Do was wrong yet again… >slaps forehead with palm< … if the water on long island caused your teeth problems, wouldn't you think people would've figured that out by now? recall that do couldn't even turn on a computer… yet he is diagnosing your teeth issues? If anything, you should have learned that everything do and ti said was made up.

    • sawyer Says:

      what does turning on a computer have to do with teeth. Am I supposed to think you are intelligent by your narrow minded statements. You seem to be a “by the book” kind of person. I never was even though I taught myself to be a sucessful pastry chef, sous chef and comptuter programmer because I hit the books, but there are other forms of “intelligence” that you don’t seem to recognize as possible.

      Do you know the full history of flouride in water? Do you know what radioactive particles do in the body, even one particle from the daily output of reactors as they trickle down into the water supply and aquifers? Have you studied where the cancer clusters are on Long Island and how Brookhaven had serious leakage into the aquifer that supplies many thousands or even millions of people with drinking water? Do you know about the tooth fairly project? Do you know why people were told not to breast feed their babies in the 1950’s, especially east of the Nevada atomic bomb test sites after dangerous levels of radiation were detected in the mid west and there were cancer clusters 20 years later because there is a 20 year or so incubation period for many cancers. My aunt died from breast cancer and then her son died 40 years later of lukemia and his son had cancer in his teens though seems to be treatable.

      Why wasn’t it fixed. How about denial, denial, denial and profit, profit and profit. What exact bacteria does listerine kill? The body is full of bacterias and many are very healthy to have in your mouth. I knew nothing about any of this in my youth but I had to go to the dentist regularily for as long as I can remember to get filings. Why? I would go to the dentist and they gave out candy for free to the kids to help them go to the dentist. They put lead filings in people’s teeth. There is so much evidence of human failures and even with malice, turning a blind eye to linking problems to what is not in their financial interest and/or career choice to pay attention to. A so called scientists is only as good as what he or she is willing to pursue and even be wrong about or right about while considering the ramifications.

      This is good to address because there are people that come to this site to hear about Ti and Do should know that Do tried very hard to treat and help us with our energy levels by making adjustments in diet. He was looking for mental clarity, the reason for no coffee and no alchohol though we used coffee for enemas at one point and had a little wine once for one of the only years we had a type of “christmas celebration” and he said he didn’t like the way the wine made him feel so we didn’t do it again.

      You know next to nothing about Do and so pretend to be this authority but it is meaningless to me and I make a positive out of it becasue I get the chance to respond with some of what Ti and Do taught which is the Next Level way to make every negative into a positive.

      How would someone know how to turn on a computer if they never did? I wonder if I’m talking to a 7 year old as your logic is skewed into some alien fantasy land along with many others who even have degrees and make big bucks but really have little common sense and that shows by their thinking they know what is not possible. It’s like a fish in the fishbowl insisting to other fish that there is nothing beyond their fish bowl. That’s how many humans are.

  4. Mike (pastor mike) Says:

    You could read about many human failures in books. Humans have made many serious big time mistakes. Does that mean Do was right?

    Do recoiled from the thought of using a computer just like a gay music teacher would… not like a hyperintelligent being from the next level would.

    Do even said it was because of his presence on earth that technology was taking off so fast. Right. Mr. Queenie Pants who winced like a little girl at even the thought of trying to turn on a computer is why Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were able to do what they did.

    It is sort of like you: a toothless hippie with no education telling me that my logic is skewed. Me — who minored in philosophy and Aced every logic class that I ever took in college.

    I’m not telling you that there is nothing beyond the fishbowl. There is a lot we don’t know — that also doesn’t make Hotpants right. That’s called a false syllogism.

    But, as I’ve noted — you lack the ability to reason. I’m not sure why, but I bet your dad reminded you constantly about the difference between sh@t and shinola. Maybe you were born this way? Or a head injury (I don’t see any of the telltale signs of a TBI)… Or as spock would say “too much lds in the 60’s”. Who knows. But when you started your journey, you were destined to robotically dive into something ridiculous. First the tee pee in Canada and vagrancy which was fairly innocuous. But then >ding< a cult. If it hadn't been Do and Ti, it would have been the cult down the road.

    You've never seen a premise that wasn't true–and because of that, you can justify anything.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’ve given you a fair shake to say your piece, addressing some of what you say but don’t have the time to continue jousting. If you don’t ask a question or have a particular argument to something I write stated in the first sentence then I’m going to miss it. I don’t think you really care anyway. If I miss something you want addressed then ask it again.

  5. Mike (pastor mike) Says:

    This isn’t jousting. More like swatting a fly.

    Were your parents surprised when you joined a UFO cult?

    • Mike (pastor mike) Says:

      I asked you a direct question!

      If someone asked your father what one word he would use to describe his son (you), what word do you think he would (or would have) chosen?

    • sawyer Says:

      I skuppose but I left my family nest when I was 19 and there was little about me that was approved of and moved to British Columbia to build a log cabin and hunt deer with my jewish girlfriend.

  6. Pastor Mike Says:

    it is all a conspiracy, sawyer! HIDE HIDE!!!

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m not hiding. I’m out and about everyday with my opinions all over the internet, not just here. Hiding is what people do when they have nothing “real” to live or die for – along with casting stones and mocking at those that do have something to live and/or die for. Many do it for the “buzz” – a seeming rebel wtihout a cause but just rebel against anything that comes from a channel without the artificial tail feathers they were often brainwashed to see as the height of intelligence and value, while that foundation crumbles, though they may not permit themselves to see.

  7. Pastor Mike Says:

    i saw two movies that made HG the butt of jokes. The first was Deadpool where he refers to a bald guy as a creepy heaven’s gate cult leader. then in the movie “Trainwreck” the lead character refers to a group of moms at a baby shower as “members of the Heaven’s Gate cult”.

    Thought it was interesting (and hilarious). FYI.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m not surprised. The Luciferian fallen angel space aliens feed many humans ideas like that. They are full of superficiality. Look at how many humans get a laugh out of horror movies showing someone going on a rampage cutting up people with a chainsaw, etc. People that get enjoyment from these things are just taking in another type of sensual “drug”. Religion and spiriuality are also drugs that “sooth” people. The human kingdom is comprised of many “plants” that don’t know they are plants – responding to whatever stimulus the wind blows by them and they become popular sometimes as leaders in the way they respond to stimuli and it’s called the entertainment industry or intellectualism or philosophical or scientific discovery. None of these are worthless. They are all potential avenues to outgrow deriving our sense of self importance from. If we become entrenched in any one of these “paths” up or around the human mountain then we become stagnated and wither into waste while others put some of them on pedestals to worship, whether a great inventor or a great intellectual or spiritualist in their programming they have bought into. Those that see through these human pathways have no interest in their pursuit so they often drop out and even become caught up in other forms of stagnation as ALL human behavior and ways need to be discarded and replaced by Next Level behavior and ways to catch the eye of a Next Level Older Member who will then give those few a seed and program of recognition of Their reality so when the Older Member comes in the flesh clandesitinely so not to be recognized as any different that program given to prospective members can get stimulated and they can join with that Older Member and engage further growth out of the human kingdom. This program continues after the Older Members exit their incarnation when some who were given a soul deposit come to the information and it serves as a smelling salt, though they in all circumstances have countless options to deny identifying with or pursuing of the realities they get a hint of when first revived. And it takes time for those seeds to sprout but no time is wasted as a student goes in and out of belief and adherance to adopting more and more of the Next Level’s standards. It’s only when one chooses to disbelieve and go against the teachings from the Older Member that they may be headed to the waste pile, though even then the Next Level still gives them additional opportunities to turn it around. They choose to arrive at a point of no return and then the Next Level instigates a few major events that dissovle the entire civilization, while saving those they want to save to restart the next civilization and the experiment goes on and on, while some graduate and then work on the crews that put all this into motion. It’s one heck of a beautiful system that some have no idea exists.

    • sawyer Says:

      Also, look at all the free publicity generated by their exit method and Above Human hard to imagine reality and from such a tiny group of people and most unusual from ALL the others “cults” to generate MANY associated responses in various media like none other. Also fully consistant with what they proposed and zero corruption evidenced like ALL the others I’ve come across don’t evidence. They stand apart from everyone and there is a reason for that. They were 100% for real and that’s why they set the bar of who can become a prospective candidate for membership – nothing automatic – we must appeal to Ti and Do or they look at another application.

    • crlody Says:

      Give it up Dave. I know it’s you and that it’s always been you whether you call yourself Todd Beakman, Mary Saillard or Pastor Mike Roberts. We both know that the only reason that you’ve been playing these games for years is because you like to have someone to look down on, someone to belittle so you can feel better about yourself. You are one of the most deceptive, disingenuous, cowardly and manipulative individuals that I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting and the mistake I made was in thinking that I could trust you. I never lied to you or tried to use you for my own purposes but I don’t think that you can say the same. You have an advanced degree in behavioral and cognitive psychology and yet you seem to spend a great deal of time on this blog claiming that you are trying to “save” Sawyer from his own thinking by insulting him and calling him names. Are these skills that you learned at the University of Oregon in Graduate School? If you are such a “genius” in your field then where are all of your published papers? Did you really think that I would believe you when you claimed that you are a “close friend” of “Dave’s” after I stated that I was fairly certain that you are in fact David W Goetzinger of Portland, Oregon? And just who exactly have you been trying to convince all of these years that Ti and Do were not who They said They were and that Sawyer and I are foolish for believing in Them? Why would you spend years insulting someone whom you are supposedly convinced is incapable of being rational? What kind of individual hides behind innumerable online identities and creates these fakes so it seems like more than one person has their viewpoint? What kind of individual obsesses over someone else and how they think and spends untold hours online trolling them? I don’t think it takes an advanced degree in Behavioral Psychology to answer these questions. Seriously Dave, give up your ego stroking and your mean-spirited games. All of this negativity that you hurl at Ti and Do and those of us who believe in Them, it doesn’t come from any of the ones that you are projecting it at. Guess where it comes from Dave? Since you are a self-described academic genius in your field I am hoping that maybe you will figure it out.

    • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

      “i saw two movies that made HG the butt of jokes. The first was Deadpool where he refers to a bald guy as a creepy heaven’s gate cult leader” (“pastor”)

      He said it about Xavier, which is a good guy, It’s Marvel canon.
      So it’s rather a compliment, dear “pastor” ^^

  8. Pastor Mike Says:


    I’m not Dave anybody… I don’t even know that Dave (or do I?). I don’t post hate messages, but I do try to jiggle the rotten handle in swyody’s brain that caused him to go off the rails so many many years ago. In SWY’s world and maybe yours, the earth could be as hollow as a gourd, the moon could be a spaceship with millions of Bigfoots inside–or could be made of cheese! that’s another one, and comets are armada of spaceships (luciferian or next-level, take your pick).

    Truth is ruined for him because he has no mechanism to discern fact from fiction. 1+1 could equal -12 to him. Makes just as much sense to him as 1+1=2. I don’t think the cult took away this faculty — I bet he never had a good sense of reality. And that he’s never been receptive to any sort of rethinking his positions — even when they landed a craft on a comet and sent back pictures, he still believed it was an alien spaceship.

    Your “god equivalent” is called the “chief of chiefs”… and “boogers” play tricks on you. You think that Bonnie Lu Nettles is flying an invisible spaceship right now.

    You think that all the suicide folks are working on invisible spaceships. Even DVVODY who was only with the group for a short time — yep, she’s flying an invisible spaceship.

    I’m not Dave — but I will let you in on a secret: I see SWYODY about once every other month. We live relatively close to each other. I’ve tipped him while his group was playing many times. And: I’m a luciferian space alien sent to earth to make sure that you and SWY never make it to the next level.

    Pretty creepy, huh? My influences are what caused you to disbelieve and what caused SWY to do all the bible stuff. I was in the class! I am with Do right now — whether he’ll get a ship depends on whether you two can summon a ship… which will never happen because you never see each other!

    In other words: Mission accomplished.

    • Nigel Says:

      Pastor Mike, it kinda seems like you picture Sawyer as being more or less a total moron. Why would you bother using *your* time to try and belittle someone you thought was a moron? Do you challenge Down Syndrome kids to games of chess? I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t just read this blog, laugh and walk away?

      • Pastor Mike Says:

        SWY is unique — he belonged to one of the goofiest UFO suicide cults ever. I’m surprised there aren’t way more people who want to engage him and discuss what exactly went on. From the first set of tapes, not much — they tried to stay under the radar and wrote tomes about not cooking biscuits too close together in the oven (I’m not kidding!)… they called cooking “doing experiments in the Neutralab”… TLLODY and ALXODY got into a huge fight because ALXODY was making rice with the lid off.

        This is all very weird stuff. SWY has put himself out here and he feels the “luciferian space aliens” may be using me to further his cause, so it is win-win…

        When I first came upon this blog, I was shocked that he still bought into it. I thought he’d left because he got a clue, but no — even after the suicides and 20 years of nothing happening (except the world forgetting about the cult, I suppose), he’s still a firm believer.

        After a certain point, it is ridiculous for me to engage him — he’s immune to logic, facts, etc. But, if I wasn’t doing it, this would be a pretty lonely place. I may be acidic sometimes, but I always try to be civil. Look at responses to his posts on youtube and x-ian blogs… youch!

        When something occurs to me, I ask what he thinks about it.

        For instance, they were peaceful, right? Certainly — they did everything possible to not draw attention to themselves (even though their sole mission was to attract a crew of implanted plants… odd to not want any sort of attention — I’m sure it is internally consistent in some weird way but I digress…).

        The point is why were they peaceful? We are plants, dude — we have little to no use by the next level folks. Right? I’m wondering: since us humans are like so many “plants”, did the group ever contemplate killing “plants” to further their cause?

        I know they certainly didn’t act on anything of the sort — but … I could imagine conversations where these topics were broached. The earth was about to be “spaded under” anyway.

        So that’s my question of the day: Was violence ever discussed by anybody in the “class”? Violence towards plants.

      • sawyer Says:

        It’s funny to see you sum up things you heard in the tapes and things I’ve said about you in ways that are not necessarily entirely off the mark but usually mostly off the mark, though I understand the “mark” takes an extraordinary consideration to see even though if put in a human context it’s completely logical to see, but because of no human tail feathers, that most are programmed with, see as the “righteous norm” having little to no capacity to even change to see differently because they are often walking about asleep yet think they are wide awake and their definition of what is logical follows suite.

        I have and do experience the gap between what any one person is willing to consider as logical and what they are not. When I joined with Ti and Do, there was no logic to my descision. It felt like destiny – a pre-condition of mental attraction that has no explanation, though looks like I was mesmerized or hypnotised or naive or needy to appear to myself as something special or some other condition the tail feathered x-perts (Do called “has been drips”) would slap labels on so they can believe they are the epitomy of intelligence to satisfy their constituency. But then I did a turn around – went backwards that can equally be labeled in some way and coming back into recognition was and continues to be an upward climb I would never have managed had Ti and Do and Crew not babied me through it as is still in progress but enables the recognition of how aquiring and holding onto their Mind is an inch by inch process that has the look of taking one step forward and two steps back, two steps forward and one step back over years that gradually wakes us up IF we stay with it overall meaning we ask for the help and try to make changes as we see them prepared for us to make. It’s a lot easier when we have nothing human to beef up our ego and resistance to change, thus the reason the Next Level removes our human support pillars when we have in some way sought to be in their service.

        The law was for those humans in that classroom with Moses and thereafter, to not kill other humans so no Ti and Do never said anything about ever killing another “plant”. However the Next Level owns all of the plants so if they want to wipe us all out that’s their perogative and they did that ever since we have records. The next Level were not goign to let a bunch of weeds destroy their prize flower garden plot so if some insisted on getting in the way, they became toast, yet as with the Jesus record some of the Moses record was also tampered with so there is no telling on some things that seem inconsistant what the situation was though Jesus indicated Moses gave in some because of their “hardness of hearts” in an attempt to civilize some of them further, thus the “eye for an eye” law that Jesus updated so can no longer be an excuse for humans to kill humans as is used to date by humans whether called secular or religious orientated.

        So no, not ever one word of any kind of violence being of value. They even talked about how there were other ways in society to control a violent person than to kill them or lock them up for life but I don’t know what those ways were. However, when there were earthquakes it was a welcomed event as Ti and Do knew that was Next Level activity and it showed the end of the task approaching.

        They did say that tornados, at least some of them were Next Level ways of uprooting people from stagnation – stimulating their moving elsewhere. They didn’t understand when someones house was demolished by a tornado or hurricane and they’d say they would just build again rather than consider moving away from the path of those frequent events. Look at how hurricane sandy did a lot of damage to the NJ and long island coasts and katrina in new orleans. How many people who owned land sold and moved away. I’m sure some have but most were too glued to those lands – often prime real estate they can’t imagine not having while those storms like others I believe are like shots over the bow to say, “this is not a good place to reside”, just like Jesus said, “go to the mountains when you see the abombination (false god/idol worship=”mammon”(treasure)-self worship/godship) that makes desolation (waste/weeds in the “garden”)” with two plays on words that clearly and logically applies to now especially in the last 16 years.

        All I said or meant to say about your comments were that they became opportunities that could become a positive for someone else to read, both in what you would say and what I would say. I don’t think I ever said to you that your were a luciferian puppet or any such thing. I admit being very tempted to suggest that but to me that’s baby talk calling names as I certainly also am used at times by the Luciferians more often than I like to admit, though it’s not against Ti and Do except in how it goes against their behavior so could become a stumbling block that becomes so large I might not be able to block out as the more we give in the harder not giving in becomes. That goes for the thoughts we allow in our heads, the words out of our mouths, the actions we engage, the actions we don’t engage, etc. We all are influenced by the Luciferian misinformation mind. It’s whether we know it or not and to what degree and whether we want to identify and outgrow that misinformation or not and at what pace that seperates someone still in the Next Level’s “school” or not.

        And the evidence of how the misinformation mind takes us over if we don’t subscribe to the Next Level’s truth as brought to us by the most recent Older Members in-the-flesh – Ti and Do extends all over the world to where espeically in the two primary “BEAST” countries the U.S. and E.U., especially since 1997, people can’t even stop themselves from lashing out on others. Their fuse has shortened and what they once may have only thought about doing becomes a compulsion whether it’s to shoot up a bunch of people, drive into them, blow them up or punch them out or lash out verbally or whatever form they are expressing their anger at the religious, at the governments, at women, at gays, blacks, whites, christian, muslims, police, hippies, etc., etc.

        As Ti and Do said that probably can be found in those same meeting tapes, the Next Level removed their “restraints” on those “spirits” and/or “souls” (who had renegaded before) who have all along wanted to enact this kind of behavior so now there is nothing to stop them and it’s a rolling stone gathering moss that will crash and burn and the Next Level when they are ready will draw it to a close by I think some well placed earthquakes, fires (in all ways) and objects falling from the heavens, some large ones falling into the seas that will make 2011 Tohoku Japan and fukashima and 2004 sumartra samples look tiny, but where will be different in that it will be the U.S. and coast of Europe that will receive the brunt of these slated events.

        But the purpose of being exact in cooking were using those as tools for overcoming AND to have a consistant experiment meal that was of the standard set by the head “chefs” – Ti and Do. If one went to a school to learn culinary arts a student would run into some tough cookie teachers with the same requirments and I’d bet a lot less Next Level way of delivery and attitude and consideration and gentlenss that Ti and Do always demonstrated all that time for my 10 years in observance of “her” and 19 of “Do”.

        So if Alx and Tll got into a scrap, that I vaguely recall, over procedure was that the procedure’s fault or was it the fault of whoever wouldn’t yield as we had different procedures for even those kinds of circumstances that was never to get angry or push and shove or have an outburst or something alxody would allow his vehicle to do …storm out of the lab which became his lesson to deal with, whether he was right or wrong about who remembered the procedure best.

        We had hundreds of such procedures and in the beginning they were often the source of disharmony between some students who insisted on being right, having the best memory, etc. and they weren’t always wrong and certanly were not wrong to voice their objection when they thought a procdure was being broken – that is if it was directly regarding their part of a crew they were in at the time.

        So you don’t believe there was any kind of school set up so nothing makes a lick of sense to you and those of us who do see it as a school look foolish and illogical yet you seem to enjoy weighing in as if it’s needed to provide entertainment to my blog. The only reason I say it has helped in some ways is because it’s the Next Level way to make negatives into positives so I guess in that way perhaps I have some of Ti and Do’s mind even though it can easily become a drain on energy and the projects I need to keep my main attention and time to.

      • Nigel Says:

        Good response, and definitely an interesting question. I guess I’ve just read a few of your comments which came across a bit mean-hearted which seems silly when we’re stuck living in a world with lots and lots of true morons with actual mean hearts who more truly deserve scorn.

        I figure that even if Heaven’s Gate seems weird or far-fetched, take a look at any religious or spiritual belief and they’re all fairly weird. The new alternative religion of Science gets pretty silly as well with some of it’s modern abstractions.

        Something keeps at least us two (and I’m sure quite a lot more) reading Sawyer’s stuff and thinking about it – who knows Pastor Mike – maybe Do was right and our ongoing interest in this is caused by us having received the seed and we may become those work experience Next Level folks if the world gets spaded under.

        Actually – there’s my question for the day – why do the Next Level only choose certain people to receive the seeds of possibility to reach Next Level? Doesn’t this seem like damning the rest of humanity?

        (just thought about it and I’m guessing that the unseeded humans are still going to be reincarnating and learning life lessons so there’s a chance that they might get the seed in the next ‘phase’ of intakes. Am I right Sawyer? Actually, is there meant to be a regular (if 2000 years can be considered regular) set of intakes into the Next Level or is it more like the Bible said where there is more or less an end to the human world and that’s it? Revelations didn’t really leave too much room for a sequel did it?)

        Thanks for being the honest open person you are Sawyer!

      • sawyer Says:

        Do said that earth was still a good garden. This is the Next Level’s business so to speak – providing an avenue for it’s creatures to become one of them. The human vehicles are more important to that process than the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms of life but not all of them at the same time because what is harvested is not the vehicles – it’s that seed they “deposit” in vehicles that can become the New Members.

        All human vehicles are plants. Why they pick certain ones to give a deposit to is not something I know about exactly, except in how Ti and Do said each returning soul was helped to pick their own vehicle and it was based on the characteristics of that vehicle that would make it a “match” for what the returning soul still needed to overcome. Ti and Do said that all the souls that came with them would also return when they leave. When they consider themselves to have “left” is yet another unknown exactly. That may have happened already yet that didn’t mean certain souls are not still here with the potential to advance up a notch as Do certainly indicated would be still possible to do after they exited their incarnation.

        I believe I can hear Do say, “it’s not important” who received what and when, how and why – what’s important is whether or not this information they brought speaks to someone – whether they recognize something about it that draws them to it and whether or not they choose to increase that draw by seeking to appeal to it’s source – to date Ti and Do, or for those that never hear about Ti and Do to their sense of the existence of Beings who created everything. It’s not within our capacity to know to whom it might apply – we can only suspect. Do even said he didn’t know how to tell all of who might be “saved” for a next planting, though I believe that criteria is probably fairly well established as instruction within the crews assigned to scope out those who are to be salvaged or not.

        I’ve tried to figure some of this out because of attempting to do the best job I can do re-translating and re-interpretating the book of revelations in the context of the Old Testament, Jesus words and all Ti and Do said and what happened while they were in the flesh. I won’t try to go into all that now except to say the 7 seals do depict those times and numbers that add up to the 144,000 (though that number has various ways of looking at it too that would seem to be split into two or three groups of souls – maybe even like sorted into 3 trimesters.

        Ti and Do all along spoke as if their students – some of them that is – each had a “strain” of human “spirts” or deposits (maybe first time deposits as opposed to the type of deposit that was for a returnee soul to take. I’m differentiating a soul from a deposit in that I beleive a soul is a deposit that has “sprouted a shoot above the ground” along with the Jesus analogy to seed planting that is referenced in other prophecy as well.

        These could be the “myriad of thousands” as it seemed strange that the Next Level would know ahead of time that 144,000 are sealed because Ti and Do always said it was an experiment and part of what made it an experiment was the Next Level not knowing which humans and how many become students and make it to graduation to their next “grade” and/or station and/or service and/or trimester classroom.

        Revelations does give many clues to the three different degrees of who would be harvested meaning “saved” for future growth opportunity. Growth opportunity doesn’t end. For Do, his incarnations (taking over a human vehicle and overcoming it’s behaviors and ways for service to his Older Member) were always growth opportunitys.

        Even those souls who had failed in times past are re-given more opportunities to change their direction though it becomes harder with each failure but apparantly not impossible. They said that about Lucy and those that sided with him and also fell away from service to their Older Member at that time. They had many opportunities to change for the better.

        The bottom line is that it’s not over for any of us until we die and then it may or may not be over for us if the Next Level decides we are worth saving for a future opportunity. It’s only the Luciferians who would have any of us think it’s hopeless or that I can’t give it all so can’t qualify. Ti and Do disliked even hated that word, “can’t”.

        Along with Ti and Do talking about “strains” as “genetic strains” thus I think more like talk about “spirits” perhaps as different from types of deposits – they had us start to write books that were thought of as being left for each students strain. And they talked about students “putting out thoughts” by our thoughts and actions to our “strain”. And they talked about those in the Next Level’s keeping as being sorted into “boxes”.

        And revelations doesn’t demonstrate the entire population being wiped out. It does seem the infastructers and nations fall and many die but there appears to be 1000 year period after the 6 seals – a short season for the 7th seal. During that 1000 years the dragon – luci and his 10 heads and 7 horns and 10 crowns – is once again locked up underground or under the sea but is let loose one more time when he surrounds the camp of the saints at that time and the Next Level wipes them out and then they are recycled and it’s the final judgement time. Before that the U.S. and E.U. beasts are cast into the lake of fire and the false prophet (religious leadership) as well which means to me all who don’t heed the signs of the Next Level’s authority end up killing one another off as well as killing off those who don’t go along with them in their governmental systems of control and dominance and patriotism though the souls and/or spirits go to different locations in the “heaven” – the first heaven.

        In fact just trying to respond to your question brought to my attention several areas where I don’t think I have as complete a picture as I could have. That of course is a perhaps endless process of seeing more and more and/or correcting what I didn’t see as well before – the reason for writing and re-writing over ten years now.

        yes, there are degrees of graduation all throughout a civilization that may carry over from previous civilizations it seems but the way Ti and Do spoke about them were as “twelve grades in school” where the first six grades are getting into the human kingdom and the last 6 getting out of what one got into to then be ready to graduate the entire human kingdom which may not have a set pattern as it’s always an experiment so who knows how they reconfigure their lesson plan garden to garden, civilization to civilization. They are always improving on things. It’s always going to be “hard” – in fact the hardest thing a human can do as the result means they have ceased to be a human, while still in a human vehicle. That yeilds a new creature grown from that first deposited seed that can then step into a new physical body and would be a fit for it – Ti and Do called being “viable” to drive that new vehicle that has new capacity for function but then begins to have choices of which department go into.

        I agree with you – that any interest shows having received something from the Next Level at some time – perhaps even feeling compelled to try to talk it down may be the kind of battle someone could overcome just like havign a completly spiritual sense about the Next Level can be a huge battle to overome as with strong sensual passions and/or ego or having major success in the human kingdom. Who knows what grade in school any of us are in as some can even get stuck in a grade for a while and they Next Level will try to help remove our foundation of success to help that soul/spirit move to their next grade.

        And I suppose it’s possible that movign through the grades at the spirit level doesn’t have to be all that individualistic as let’s say the baby to a familyi grows up with parents and family that have a certain amound of lessons under their belt. The understanding of that is that a spirit from the previous generation woudl influence that new baby and because of that the baby would have all that’s been accomplsihed under it’s belt so taking it into their own behavior and ways keeps that mind/spirit evolvoing to where when the Nex tLevel is ready to give out deposits they can see which vehicles at that time are best for a deposit not just becaus eof what it has overcome but because of what it hasn’t.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Nigel, the reason why “Pastor Mike” won’t just laugh and walk away from Sawyer’s blog is very simple: He’s simply a rabble rouser. Nothing more. Roughly 99% of his posts are evident of this, whether it be through his laughable “Pastor Mike” identity or whether it be through his other onslaught of fake identities. Yet he doesn’t have the balls to reveal who he really is, which should cause quite the concern because psychopaths do what he does. He’s a sick and twisted quack.. And his quackery is simply phenomenal to the point of being utterly paradoxical…

    • sawyer Says:

      you make me smile. Yes, absolutly, an armada of swiss cheese or maybe munster – a munster armada, so not to offend the swiss.

      I wonder how many people in the world would listen to over a hundred of the audio tapes hoping to find dirt and when they can’t find any, claim it’s worse than dirt because it’s so worthless and thus proof of what isn’t able to be proven.

      or maybe you’re not that same person who listened to all those tapes but I guess listened to some.

      • Pastor Mike Says:

        I was hoping to find something interesting or inspiring — but it was all very weak tea. I didn’t find anything. It was all just typical human bologna. From “the kids” in the class to Do and Ti who were all so very human. I admit that sometimes it was endearing — from Do chastising you for playing show tunes too much, or Ti chastising the class for watching Remington Steel instead of listening to the tapes.

        Sometimes it was disturbing — the way Ti talked about the cashier at a store. The way they both spoke about the other customers at a Pizza Hut if I recall correctly. The way Ti monotonically corrected the physician’s diagnosis of cancer — how very human to not want to die.

        Do crying when Ti died.

        Do and Ti telling you to leave everything behind but they got parrots??? Do abandoned his kids. But owned parrots.

        JMMODY always falling asleep in class. 🙂

        To have found dirt would have at least been something.

      • sawyer Says:

        And yet those very things that some gravitated to showed how they weren’t in that grade level or they would have been too busy seeking service as there were in the Last half so many things to do. After the 19 were seperated in the fall of 1976 because Ti and Do said they didn’t make the first cut, we had very little to do as we moved into houses. Picture being in a 4 bedroom house, with the garage filled with bunks even a few three high with an indoor swimming pool we had procedure how to use. (Just walking into it and doing some swimming if you liked). We would have a meeting about one person’s actions and we didn’t often know who stimulated the meeting, but yes, TV was easy to become engrossed by for some more than others. Our attention was designed to be on our task. The task was to – Take a vehicle, graft with our Older Members Mind and to make deposits of that Next Level Mind (The taught behavior and ways in thoughts and actions). (The deposits of “mind” were for the human strain).

        It was not wrong to have pleasures but the program was to only have the pleasures Ti and Do provided and some of those didn’t come with procedures or how much and when until it became necessary to help us stay on track with where a member of the Next Level would put their focus. If we missed Remington Steele it would not affect our completion of our task. Listening to tapes in our spare time was taking in more Next Level Mind. Some of the TV was optional so someone could choose to listen to tapes or read from the small library or do any number of other things to do. If a show was not optional then it would be getting off track to not watch it. At times Ti and Do used examples from shows to teach lessons on how a member of the next level would think about something.

        You seem to see everything in a negative light but for me who wanted to be there every morsel from their minds I knew was 100% my example and yes there were surprises and we were often prodded – trying to get us to be thirsty for next steps and to apply the lesson steps we’d been given. Ti and Do valued the time we had. They knew that if we were thirsty for their mind, they would feel it. It even incapacitated Do at times and Ti said he could barely walk at times when we were drawing. Often that was after being reminded that we were dragging our feet, coasting. That’s why at one point Do offered $2000.00 to anyone who was staying because of it became quite the comfortable lifestyle for some. It was a pressured environment. No one was directly pressured to leave but the fact that Ti and Do were administering a “training program” that humans who don’t know better would see as a brainwashing program, while in reality it was a brainwashing program but it had to be a self brainwashing using the directions from Ti and Do to accomplish. That washing of the brain was literally getting rid of all our vehicle’s memories to become as Jesus said, like a child that is not left as a child but becomes a Next Level “toddler” in a New Family that is evolutionarily Above the human condition. Most will not even consider this reality just like most won’t consider the reality to space aliens or discarnate spirits or that evolutionary processes are designed even with a certain amount of randomness and other aspects observable in the development of life forms.

        The mechanisms that monitored our washing of our brains was mostly accomplished by having partners and crews as if someone slipped and started talking about the past, the partner was beholding to them and Ti and Do to say to their partner, that’s not appropriate conversation. But that didn’t stop people from spending all their waking hours thinking about the past, though eventually the changes Ti and Do would introduce would “test” their “committment” and so they would come to a place that was the last straw and they’d leave in the middle of the night or face Ti and/or Do and leave.

        If Ti didn’t want to die, as you say, but I doubt you could show me any such words, but if she did say something to that affect it would be that she didn’t want to leave until she felt she’d done her task as best she could do it, which was to prepare Do to head the classroom without her physcial vehicle’s presence. (Ti’s early departure is described in Revelations 12 where the “earth helps the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood” – an expression found in the records pertaining to going into the grave – the earth’s open mouth. Her vehicle took the greastest bombardment of negativity that Do said is what “burned out her vehicle” dealing with, warding off. The Lower forces can mount a huge aggression on us that no one might be able to survive IF they don’t have a relationship with the Next Level.

        I’m not saying all this for you as I know you have made up your mind on all this but it is apparant that others read these blog posts and some of these comments so can then decide for themselves what to think about them having heard some of the perspective an eye witness can try to provide.

        No they didn’t get parrots – the classroom got two parrots and two or three parakeets and a half dozen or so finches. (however at that time Ti and Do had another “craft” closer to white rock lake in Dallas. I don’t recall any students living in their quarters with them though lvvody and jnnody did in Ti’s last days, that she mostly slept through that was about two weeks in duration. They may have had 1 parrot and perhaps some finches in their craft because I mostly remember there being only one parrot in our craft. Also during that year or so in that craft Ti and Do did reside with us in our mockingbird lane craft. They had their own quarters in that craft for a few months.

        We taught the parakeet to say, “get your mind in your vehicle”. The Next Level designed and developed the life form origin of what those animals grew to become. And everything Ti and Do did also stimualted some to see it in a negative light. I can recall when Ti and Do brought in new dinner dishes – beautiful sets with gold designs around the outside. And they brought in about the same time crystal goblets we used for water at 3rd experiment (dinner). I didn’t understand gettign them and it challenged my hippie back to the earth programming but it was an easier influence to discard. It’s hard to know what was the final straw for some that caused them to want to leave. We also learned to care for them and certain individuals were assigned to wash and dry the goblets as others broke them so were taken off the list of who could wash and dry them. Thus they taught carefullness and gentleness in handing them.

        Rev 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
        Rev 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
        Rev 12:16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

        Disturbing to you I guess – can you explain what was disturbing about it the way she spoke to the cashier and who told the story and what was the lesson in it?

        I’ve asked you to find those spots so I could hear them in context but it’s possible Ti and Do spoke about a customer.

        How do you know it was “monotonically”? I recall Do told us she said something to the affect of “you don’t know that” when told that the cancer has probably spread throughout her body. Ti’s vehicle worked in that medical field as a RN for years so no doubt met many doctors who were full of themselves and thought they needed to prepare patients for their death. Ti knew she could have reversed the symptoms if it was her Next Level task to do so.

        As it turns out the way she left because a huge opportunity to test some and is no doubt part of why some left.

        Drowsiness went around the classroom during some meetings. It was by far not just Jmmody who dealt with it.

        Do did love Ti though never in a way that included kissing on the mouth. I don’t know if they ever hugged or gave a kiss on the cheek or forehead. Do did kiss me on the forehead in private on two occasions, one when we each got married to him after Ti left. I’m sure I was not the only one he kissed. We never kissed one another. But upon return from our visits to vehicle’s family we gave classmates a hug. It was also like passing a test to fly to an old condition and return even though because of doing that Rthody wanted to leave and did as he wanted to be in his vehicle’s brothers life.

        Do had been divorsed from his wife perhaps a year or more before meeting Ti. Ti also left children – one who was in her late teens at the time and possibly two autistic children who I think were in a facility. I learned of this recently so it may or may not have accuracy.

        How were they human and how would you know the difference in what was or wasn’t human?

        No, I don’t think that was me – Arrody was who that lesson was about. He left the class soon after that. He rejoined in 1994 and then left again when Do talked to the class for at least the second time considering exiting our vehicles by our own hands.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      First of all “Pastor Mike”, how is it that Dave disappears off the grid years ago and suddenly “you” surface in his place with the very similar behaviors and M.O. as him? Secondly, your “friend”, Susan, which is actually “fiction”, comes on here and “promotes” Dave as an “academic genius”? Seriously? Now that’s laughable. Pretty good. Self promotion and narcissism anyone? If Susan “is” in fact for real, which she’s not, the woman better get off of the Meth, attend an addiction specialist and go see a Psychiatrist while in the process. Lastly, no; it’s you, Dave.. If not, prove it. Oh that’s right, you don’t have the spine to tell us who you really are, nor do you even have the balls to face Sawyer in person. Why won’t you reveal who you really are? We already know who you are and are calling you up on it. I’m asking “you” why “you” won’t just stop this insidious trolling, be a man and simply confess? Are you not a crusader for justice by promoting the insane teachings of a world deeply plugged into a Matrix? If you are such a crusader for the world you so represent which is nothing but an assembly line consisting of the mindless swaying of the masses, why won’t you come out of the shadows and show yourself? If you are trying to “save” Sawyer through some ridiculous “intervention” through abusive railings of guilt and shame, which is nothing short of what lies in “co-dependent relationships”, should you not face Sawyer in person if you “care so much”? Need I remind you that, last year around the summer, you confessed to me here on Sawyer’s blog that you “were” in fact Dave Goetzinger and for me “not” to tell MRC and SRF or “all Hell would break loose”. Really.. Yet you still won’t ever admit who you really are due to your thick fog of denial.. Ergo, you “are” Dave… Oh that’s right, you’re “not” Dave? Well, like I said, “prove it”…

  9. jolene Says:

    you make me feel sad. i was cant write about you because you are bad inside. i was hping to get an A but you are sick and my dad says i can’t thanks i hope you get bertter
    jo (ps i hope yu get better)

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      Any reason why your teacher picked this link, Jolene? Why not do a paper on Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons? Sawyer wasn’t de-programmed by anybody, nor was he lured into anything. Where did you get that kind of information? What’s your email address and mailing address so someone could send you some information? I’m just curious, Jolene. Btw, do you know Todd Beakman, Pastor Mike, Bill Pullman and a flurry of other rogue identities by any chance who not only come here to harass Sawyer but are all concoctions from one particular individual? Just curious. Your spelling mistake of the word “cults” is a particularly interesting one at that. How so? Well, by spelling the word “cults” as “culnts”. That is a particularly interesting spelling mistake btw; Especially if the letter “L” is in the middle row of the keyboard and the “N” is on the bottom row on most if not all desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Hardly a “Type O” if you ask me. How can you expect to get an “A” on your “paper” if you can’t even write or spell correctly? Nice try, Dave.. Nice try… That’s just low.. Really low – – even for “you”… Posing as a 15 year old? Seriously? What’s going to be your next identity you will assume and hide behind, a six year old? Could your identities be anymore transparent?

      • Nigel Says:

        also – why would Jolene continue her ‘conversation’ in this link when she had been chatting in a more recent post?

        Can I ask Sawyer how you relate with your current family in regards to Next Level being about no attachments? Sorry if it’s too personal a question, feel free not to answer of course. I’m assuming that you’re still aiming to move up to the evolutionary level above human – I would think that kind of belief would make it very hard *not* to proselytise if you know the stakes are that high.

      • sawyer Says:

        That’s certainly a fair question given all my talk.

        First off, I’m not claiming I am moving as quickly as I could towards 100% service to Ti and Do again. However, that is a moving target. What’s most important I believe is whether or not we say to Ti and Do that we want to be “putty in their hands” and maintain that overall desire – willing to change as we are led to change because of that willingness. I know my loyalty to Ti and Do must come first but when and how – to what degree, I don’t think at this point is set in stone and it’s a case by case basis that we are helped with if we seek that help. And I have received specific help that has shown me what Do has established as “crossing the line” in my loyalty to Him. For each of us I believe that can be different or occur in stages – degrees of giving our all. The Luciferians can use that against us as if to say – “give all or nothing” – a trap against moving foward toward giving all. Certainly for some when they physically meet the Older member who is offering their program, they are faced with whether to “leave all behind” to literally follow that Older Member in every step thereafter. To have joined with Ti and Do while having an “ace in the hole” (as they described it) would have been dishonest to the task. But some Ti and Do met in the 1970’s in their mind were not ready but they thought might be ready at a later time. If we are not coming to the Next Level as it feels right for us then maybe we still need to have more experiences in different ways before it can feel right for us. All through the classroom, about once a year at least, Ti and Do, and later Do (after Ti left her incarnation) would require all the students to specifically think about whether there is anything in the world we wanted to do. In other words, we were instructed to entertain things that otherwise were to be eliminated from our mind – dwelling on the past in thought or word was a lesson step to abort from our mind whether it would surface. But the instruction at those times was to open that door. They referred to that exercise as going down into the gutter and they didn’t like doing it. After about 30 minutes of this kind of task instruction, we were instructed to now forget about that and go back to blocking such thoughts. I’m not suggesting I am doing that now in an extended way by still having some relationship with my vehicle’s daughter and occasionally visiting with my vehicle’s sister, brother and mother, yet it does continuously face me with where my true loyalty must be – that is where I want it to be and I am willing to disconnect from that as well and will disconnect from that, as we actually all do when our vehicle’s die but that I will have to face choosing before my vehicle’s death when that becomes apparant as a step I must take. The Next Level will give us all the help we want and need to seperate so that, though hard, progresses. The more I engage in activity that is service to Ti and Do the more I seperate from my humanness. This speaks to what you said about proselytising (sp?) – being hard NOT to do so, but it’s never been the way of the Next Level that I know of to try to force Next Level information down anyone’s throat be in other’s face about it or trying to lure or bait them to receive. Yet if we say nothing when the situations arise where someone may be in some way “asking” then we are not being of service at that time for whatever reason, though again, it’s according to our judgement what we say, when and how and how much.

        So what shape does that take, in my opinion as I’m not saying I always pick up on another’s asking. I would most time rather err in giving too much then not giving anything at all. And over the years I can give many examples as how when I gave out Next Level information about Ti and Do it resulted in further seperation from my humanness. For instance, because I would frequently play music in bars and as I’m a decent player it often resulted in my attracting a response or interest in me on some level, causual acquaintence but also sometimes more than that and even types of relationships musically – being invited to play with others, etc. but inevitably at some point I would say something about my beliefs in Ti and Do and that relationship would dwindle or vanish. I didn’t know my talking about Ti and Do was the reason and I’m not suggesting the other persons would have thought to themselves, necessarily that they don’t want to be involved with this cult guy, but for whatever reason they would lose interest in doing things with me – not call me, etc. In most of those cases I am fairly sure it was because their discarnate influences didn’t like mine – as is also the case among people that don’t talk or believe in Ti and Do…

        With those who are strictly living their human lives for themselves and other humans as opposed to consciously seeking communication with “God” in whatever way they think of “God” as literal Beings or perhaps even a “higher power”, etc. they also then are sort of filtering themselves in or out of certain relationships. But if they have no concept or sense of connectedness with those they think of as the creators of everything then they may not have that connection, though the way the garden is designed still get chances to make those connections. For instance, someone close to them dies or breaks their heart or they witness a calamity like an earthquake or a personal health crisis and it faces them with what more there is or what is most important about life and it can stimulate their seeking Next Level help with as it’s often tramatic. That’s a different lesson plan from consciously disconnecting from our attachments, physical and/or mental.

        I have many pages of experiences I could write about that continue to show me that I can’t become comfortable with where I’m at in my relationship with Ti and Do. I must seek to progress and take the signals they provide to help me do so. I know I won’t be in my current location much longer though that could be because my vehicle dies from natural causes or unnatural causes or because I am invited or feel compelled to go someplace else. I’ve been conscious for a long time that the more I talk about Ti and Do the more the opposition raises it’s head against me in some ways whether locally or over the internet.

        Whenever I’m invited to go somewhere I try to take it and I go there anticipating that the Next Level may have set it up as a way to present something to someone, but when I get to the place I’m not sitting around waiting for an opening to talk but then as often happens something is said or asked and I open the flood gates some even with people who already know of my Ti and Do – heaven’s gate connections.

        I was invited to a little party just last week by the couple who put on parties I am the music provider for. I got there and was bored with the chit chat and someone asked if I brought instruments and I did so I starting playing. Then they asked me to come get a bite to eat and I knew they wanted me to socialize with them rather than keep playing with the canned music. So I went with that flow and someone asked me if there was anything new happening in the heavens as they knew I followed all the space aliens and NASA stuff.

        All of a sudden I was yapping about how the space aliens are the fallen angels and several who I had talked to many times past over the last few years seemed to be like waking up in a new way to what I was saying and then one cracked a joke I went along with and that ended that talk but I could see the look on several faces that something new occurred to them in their heads. So who knows what might come from that. Perhaps I’ll never be invited back to that kind of party by them or I’ll lose that music income opportunity because discarantes are having their applecart upset or perhaps they were ready for that change or perhaps their showing a change was a misinterpretation on my part.

        What I do know is that it doesn’t enhance my humanness to continue to talk about Ti and Do – it does bring about more seperation from my humanness and I am willing to let it go – as I have been willing to let go of my musicality and life – however reluctantly.

      • sawyer Says:

        In further thinking about my response to your inquiry on my family relationship and Ti and Do’s overcoming of our humanness it’s clear to me that seeking to be in Ti and Do’s service is key, though that can also turn into an illusion just like for many even most christians Jesus is an illusionary figure, though I think there is a big difference in that the Jesus incarnation is no longer real for most and his standards are rendered absurd for most – give away your riches, possessions to the poor, turn the other cheek, see as a positive about castrating oneself, thinking of adultery as even thinking/feeling lustful towards another while married, treating others as we want others to treat us, forgiving those that do things against us, talking to someone in the heavens, talking about the real Jesus knowing it would be met with severe opposition, following the Jehovah/Moses instructions not to participate in killing others – rendering support for a national miltary against the Kingdom of God, not making prayer into a public event, or as a mantra that looses it’s meaning or looking up to humans who claim to be more godly, etc. (This reminds me constantly how – because these are part of the real Jesus teachings the current way of looking at Jesus IS actually the myth that atheists claim that history surrounding the Jesus story has been diluted into, while they often don’t see the irony that is a form of proof of the real existence of such a person – from the Kingdom that is from the heavens – the literal outer space environments that are evolutionarily above human.

        But in regards to Ti and Do today, we still have the chance to connect with them, but to expect anyone to do so by “belief” is hard to see as a reality. I doubt I would just believe had they not drawn me to them in 1975 like a fish to the bait where the bait was the truth that my vehicle had been prepared for or it, my vehicle would not have immedieally dropped everything to follow them as I was not unhappy really, except on a deeper level I was not conscious of but no more so than most of us I imagine – especially among those that don’t have a great deal of human forms of success under their belts. It’s those successes that many times stand in the way of even being open to what amounts to cultish anti-establishment thinking because then we don’t want to threaten what we have. I suspect part of the preparation of any human vehicle to be open to anything considered radical by the mainstream of any society is the awareness that things aren’t as they seem and to not relate to the otherwise normal quests taught to us as what life is most about that then lead us to think and/or act in ways considered to be deviant.

        Sure we can say to Ti and Do, we want to be putty in their hands and they will help us grow closer to them but that help still comes with the option to deny or partially embrace according to how attached we are to our lives in this world. It’s therefore relatively easy for me to think about Ti and Do and talk to them and ask for help and to try to go with the changes they help stimulate to help me move forward as I say I want, but for someone who never had all that’s been invested in me, what I chose to accept and employ to be in their physical classroom, I suspect they are doing the same kind of bridging the gap between Ti and Do’s society of beings and reality, by reading and listening to all they said and did that they left behind for those that felt drawn to know about.

        Just reading and listening to what they said is communing with their mind and introducing their realism to our brain/mind that presents the same challenges to accept, however gradually and on again and off again. That doesn’t mean anyone can’t talk to Ti and Do and offer our all to while trusting they will know how and when to indicate the need for each of us to take a bigger step towards that 100% as it is all a “program” and “process” to grow further into. And to stay in the program means we must take steps in their direction. We can’t expect them to pull the rug out from under us, leaving us no other choice but to make changes – like bringing an earthquake to our home or some equivilent. Those literal events are part of Their gardening cultivation of the human kingdom and they know such things are difficult but plants don’t grow if everything is easy – we need adversity to grow and we should realize the product of their “garden” are “souls” not human vehicles, so like the catapillar the old vehicle is expendible but it’s not for humans to make that judgement of who, how and when another human is accellerated by facing the reality of our end. (Of course people that think this whole idea is hogwash will say, but Marshall Applewhite, the human vehicle, did decide to instigate the students laying down of their own vehicle’s life, which I can’t offer them seeing that differently as it is the Next Level that gives us the impetus to see that Applewhite was not just that vehicle but was a vehicle prepared to receive an Older Member Mind from the Next Level.

    • sawyer Says:

      that’s fine jolene – I’m used to people thinking I’m sick and you are better off doing a paper on someone else. I wonder what your dad thinks about your teacher suggesting you write a paper about me and what I talk about. I wonder if the teacher would be considered “sick” too. The way many humans think and act, if that is “well” then I’m glad to be “sick”. I guess you’ve seen that another commenter thinks you are a fabrication of a 15 yr. old. I also suspected that right from the start but then I’m not sure so would rather take what you say at face value and be laughted at for doing so.

  10. Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

    Sometimes (very often) I wonder why are you tolerating this sick troll, why do you keep his posts, yet once upon a time you were completely okay with deleting mine… Sometimes (quite often) I find it suspicious.
    It’s like this mockery of commenting is something dear to you, or maybe even your own creation. Smth like Jekyll & Hyde, you know…
    In any case, I must to admit, you mirror each other almost perfectly. MPD or not, pastor mike/jolene/whatever is much better check partner for you than I ever was and then ever could be.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t recall deleting any of your comments though I do recall saying I would if they were just filled with nonsenseical hate speech – insults and the like, false accusations, assumptions based on your imagination as you have just once again put accross in this comment – and you tout being a Ti and Do believer or maybe I got that wrong so correct me if I did.

      I allow your comment here even though it says nothing I can see that is worthwhile. Tolerating a “sick troll” is part of the territory anyone will experience if they go against any grain, that is IF they care more about being of service to Ti and Do than to how someone responds to that service attempt. Who is harmed by my taking even objections and insults seriously enough to respond to? Don’t read my blog if you are offended by what I do or don’t respond to. Why you seem to resent what I say might be the bigger question you might want to ask yourself or better yet, if you believe in Ti and Do, ask them if what you say to me is warranted.

      “check partner”? The context of that phrase to now is certainly not the same as it was in Ti and Do’s “classroom”. In that context I have no check partner. However, I have asked ANYONE to point out things I say in whatever medium, about Ti and Do and what they said/taught/did that is not accurate to what they said/taught and did, according to the records they left behind in writings and tapes.

      So if I say something about the book of revelations where I am not quoting Ti and Do, is there grounds to correct me, one might wonder. Certainly I would say those are grounds to talk about it – as you have done a tiny bit and I considered and responded to and continue to have in my recollection in case I see more to it than I saw at first examination – like with the “green horse” perspective. But that’s still not the same as a “check partner” as a “check partner” was someone who was committed to helping the other abide by “procedures”, behaviors and ways as outlined in the documents called the “17 steps” and the “major and minor offenses”. I don’t recall seeing anything in those documents about translation and interpretation of the records in the “bible”, though we do have record of Ti and Do talking about many things in the bible records in the tapes and in writings, so on those particular subject They addressed (and what their graduate students wrote) there certainly is room to question what I might say/write on those subjects. But nobody has the task to be my “check partner” as that would be an assignment from Ti and Do. Perhaps I used that phrase too loosly to give you the impression you or anyone else would have that task.

      I believe you told me you were choosing to “watch me” and you are not the only one who has said that and I find no fault in that from my perspecitive though I suppose so could also be the case for those you are calling a “sick troll” – they too may feel inclined to “watch me” for whatever reasons they have, even if it’s an attempt to entrap me in some way to discredit anything I say or do.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        So “pastor mike”s comments aren’t filled with nonsenseical hate speech, insults, false accusations, assumptions based on his sick imagination et cetera, that you decided to keep and even answer them?
        Alright then. Lol. Serious business you have here, feeding the troll. It certainly pleases Them.

        What i believe is not your business. As you probably forgot, then I remind you, I answer only to the Kingdom of Heaven.

      • sawyer Says:

        What did Do say about which heaven? and who did he say to answer to “the stars and planets” as if they are Living Beings. I guess you answered my supposition that you are not claiming to believe in Ti and Do as the most current representatives from their Kingdom in the literal heavens or correct me if I am mistaken as I don’t want to read into things you say but do thrive on trying to be accurate.

        True it’s not my business unless you misrepresent what we know Ti and/or Do and/or Jesus said and did. Then it’s my business to simply state my opinion. After all this is the blog I choose to write and maintain so for the time being it is my business.

        I just approved pastor mikes latest comment indirectly in response to what you said. I guess that’s feeding the troll but the bottom line is that anything I say is feeding one or another “troll” if one insists upon acting the part.

      • sawyer Says:

        You have a nasty habit of putting words in my mouth and assuming you know what they are. I am simple minded I know so can’t do battle on those sarcastic tactics. In fact sarcasm was somethinug Ti told me would “keep me off the spacecraft” so dealing with yours I guess is my karma.

        I have already told pastor mike or whoever other names he comments as that a lot of his talk is the same kind of things yours are.

        But you both seem to like to get your beef off and I’m a handy target yet there are no rings on this target so you talk as if you think you hit a bullseye no matter where your dart lands.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Sawyer, i said “what i believe is not your business”, the rest is your poor speculation. In a word, I din’t answer you anything at all. And why? Because I can. Don’t waste your precious time on filling the blanks. You have a troll to feed.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        P.S. Alright, I’ll give you a hint. I don’t consider YOU a believer. Maybe once you were, I don’t know. And, yes, right, it is not my business, either.

      • sawyer Says:

        Not that it makes any difference to either of us because we are what we are no matter what others think, but curiously what do you base on such an accusation. If you will notice I didn’t say you were or were not. I only asked if you were so we’d have some criteria to talk as otherwise what’s the point of these comments – just to banter. You said about your only answering to the Kingdom of Heaven. Okay, then what does the Kingdom of Heaven say about accusing someone of something falsely.

        Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

        anger = 3710 orgizo {or-gid’-zo} from 3709; TDNT – 5:382,*; AV – be angry 5, be wroth 3; 8 1) to provoke, to arouse to anger 2) to be provoked to anger, be angry, be wroth.

        Maybe you don’t see yourself as angry but it seems that way to me from most of your comments past – telling me “I’m blowing stuff out my ass” or some such expression and many others – with sarcasm – all seemingly stemming from when I began to suggest there was some evidence “white” humans came from the hybridization of the fallen angels with the other races, that I won’t try to recoop that I know I could be totally wrong about but I don’t consider for whatever it might be worth impossible. Lets face it, if it was so and a reason for Do and Ti to come incarnate in so called “white” skinned vehicles with most of the students because they provided some of the equivilent tests those in the student body needed – then that would make some sense of that perhaps.

        Ti did say that Do took a vehicle that had all the characteristics a returning Soul from the Next Level would have to conquer so he would be better able to directly address what any student would have to go through.

        Ti and Do also said that some in the graduation class would be “replacing” those from the Luciferian camp – taking the “tasks” (positions, seats) they once held.

        We also know from prophecy that the physical vehicles provided by the Next Level to student souls who are graduating are “grown” on vines so compared to clothing in how they also “wrap around” one’s soul body like clothing and that they are described as “white linen” or “white robes” apparantly two different types of bodies where “white” is compared to “snow and lambs wool” so has something to do with their coloration.

        We also know that Ti and Do designed the Older Member drawing/painting Ollody constructed to closely resemble an Older Member’s vehicle and it was depicted as white.

        There are other indications from Isaiah that the renegades gravitated to the northern areas from the middle east, even the “caspian sea” region in the caucaucus (sp?) mountains which is also described as the land of “magog”

        We also have evidence that many egyptians were fair skinned and have drawings of humanoids with elongated skulls and their underground building projects and we know from Do and archiolgical evidence that there has been a previous civilization (and Do said “probably many” – I believe he said though maybe not in those exact words).

        Given the way “white” was elevated, not a Next Level way, but no doubt a Luciferian tactic among many, it is apparant that whites have largely taken over the global governence subjugating most all other peoples.

        Still, maybe I’m all wrong in linking these and many other points but what I do clearly see is that the backlash from saying this certainly became a sticking point along with the hybridization part to even consider as if it’s impossible or even unlikley.

        But wouldn’t it be ironic that many of us have white vehicles because of the design to overcome their output – the ego and self righteousness and condesension we see so prevelent against people of color regardless of whether or not they have done anything beyound respond to white aggression. (not saying humans who are not white are any less aggressive given the time and place, as after all – all humans are filled with human behaviors – mammalian behaviors that at times are quite aggressive even in a defensive way and/or can become predators just the same).

        I recall in a previous comment you seemed to suggest I was “white bashing” or some equivilent phrase (correct me if I am wrong) that has become the popular hyperboly (sp?) among so called “intellectuals” that often seek to pigeon hole ideas into boxes and confounds them into obscure meanings.

        I went into this “white” talk history between us, not to bring it up to you as much as for those that follow this blog and it’s comments so they would have a sense of what’s behind our discourse, for whatever it’s worth as I don’t excpect or even hope you will change some perspective.

        But perhaps that is what you think puts me in a category of disbelief that I believe in Ti and Do even though Do wrote about the alien hybrization programs – though perhaps you were right when you said, if I recall correctly that hybrids can’t reproduce – except for us to say what’s “not” in this regard – scientist or not becomes evidence of a closed mind on that score as who knows if a hybrid can still produce “eggs” and/or “sperm” and whether or not those “seeds” can be joined to successfully sprout a new physical “plant”. I don’t know if the cloned sheep and horses have ever reproduced, or the offspring from the current space alien propogation. Maybe they abort or don’t even get that far but I am sure that there are beings that are trying and experimenting with all sorts of combonations.

        The space aliens do need to generate new physical vehicles to inhabit but perhaps those vehicles are not able to then reproduce thus a need to continue to generate new vehicles using the abductee or contactee’s sperm and eggs for.

        Another fault with this idea of the white race origin potential would be the noah flood that allegedly flooded the entire earth for a number of months as the records state. If so what luciferian vehicles survived? Yet we know their going underground is what the records state and we have further evidence of and it was apparantly for a short time, though Do indicated their physical bodies were able to live longer than human bodies though human bodies were after that limited by the Next Level to 120 years having nearly a 1000 year life span for some before then.

        But how do we know the Luciferians before the flood didn’t have a certain stock of human DNA living or frozen as humans now freeze sperm for later usage I understand. Then when they had access again to the growing population from Noah’s family, which does show the signs of from the sumarian texts surrounding Nimrod, they, the space aliens could have restarted their hybridization programs.

        Or one could toss out the entire white origin idea (as it’s only an idea that can explain some things but is certainly even if having some accuracy not necessarily applicable to an origin to all white vehicles) and go with what antropologists claim that skin color lightened by tribes moving north to survive, where there was less light, though that doesn’t explain very well why the chinese are often very light skinned. Yet who knows how many variations are possible yet what I do know is if we close down to some then we are imposing the limitation because of our own discomfort with the possabilities.

        Certain ideas Ti and Do provided are seen by many as “wrong” because they changed or because they didn’t pan out as they thought they might at first – for instance the time Ti thought the pickup was in the works. Ti was going by what she felt was coming to her and as it turned out at least one student left because that pickup didn’t happen which shows they were not in the class for what it was designed to be – an overcoming of humanism as otherwise it would not have phased someone that the pickup didn’t happen as they would not have put all their eggs in that relative trivial action that Ti and Do equated with “getting on the bus”. So Ti’s being willing to say what she was feeling set up a test criteria for some as if they could fall away that easily they would hardly be able to stand the remainder of the testing all students are put to.

        The same thing happened to me it seems. I did get too full of myself – given the “overseer” tasks, working one on one for Do at times and it went to my head though I didn’t know it as that influence on me wasn’t conscious so certain events became the catalyst to surface and then also showed my vulnerability to human sensuality. Perhaps many in the classroom could have been tested to a degree that they might not of had the strength to combat. I have many reasons to say that and it’s not an excuse for my fall, but with me it was combined with the heightened sense of “being special” for the wrong reasons, for luciferian reasoning I had not yet seen through prompting my asking Ti for a harder task – one like Do had. How shallow an understanding I had of what Do dealt with.

        I don’t ask for stuff like that anymore, that’s for sure. I ask for help to seperate from my remaining humaness according to what they determine is right for me and sure I can still fight that but that’s what determines how fast they can help us grow – by how we embrace each lesson opportunity when it hits us.

        I’m not personally attached to anyone else believing or disbelieving in Ti and Do nor that I am their student and it has been hard to accept that I will exit this vehicle’s life and degree of comfort level I now have – but as with all human vehicles, there comes a time when we each must accept our inevitable exit so it’s a matter of who we choose to be in allegience to up until that exit however that happens and trusting them to prepare us so we can pass those tests when they come or recover from failure to take the tests again.

        So seeing me as a charlatan, though that’s a word another who believes in Ti and Do said I was, or as genuine, I don’t think is all that important if at all to anyone else’s continued growth to Next Level membership, being I am at most a fellow student – but each of us will be put to the test of how we see Do now and if/when we are in his physical classroom. He will say and be led to say things that will challenge all of us in degrees. If because of those challenges we disconnect and never seek to reconnect again then that’s our choice. I am fairly sure there are things Do has said that many who read and hear have problems believing. So regardless of the accuracy of my ideas formulated around this “white” topic, I am in good company to be challenged on as it’s just one of hundreds of points any student of the Next Level will be challenged on as to overcome our humanness means we will take on the same challenges our Older Members took on (however regulated by the Next Level to our ability to withstand and make a positive from).

        I do believe 100% that Ti and Do were the return of the Father and Jesus so that everything they said is of value to take in and make my goal to reach for though I know I am weak in several departments. What is it that has you doubt that? I’m asking so it is your business if you want to make it your business, though if we don’t both at least think we believe the same things about Ti and Do then it’s true we have no criteria as a baseline for further talk about it. I guess I misunderstood some of what you were saying on my youtube channel a year or so ago – your identifying with the Hale Bopp comet when you were a young teenager, if I recall and feeling like you recognized they (the class) were the “saints”. Maybe I’m mis-remembering and I’m not trying to hold you to that if I got it right, but it is the reason I’ve asked you that question now. I know it can be a fuzzy line. My coming back into more of a full recognition of them was tough. I would read or hear what Do said in some of the exit tapes and I couldn’t take it. I could feel my vehicle and it’s influences baulking – as if to say…”I don’t believe that” or just feeling it was too challengings so I’d turn off the tape or stop reading. To Do that could have been equivilent to denying who he is, yet I knew it was because I had let my vibration go into the human condition as the reason I doubted and that before I didn’t even know when I was having doubts. It took falling to know how many doubts I really had.

        One could say, I feel, that if we have any doubts then we don’t really believe but Ti and Do told us they knew we had doubts and it was never a reason to be told to leave the classroom like the Major Offense list – thus they were willing to work with us.

        We can ask them to help us cast aside our doubts. When I hear a doubting though or have that feeling as it doesn’t often have a particular thought associated with it, I mostly would ignore it but I think a better way of dealing with them is to make an affirmation to ourselves that indicates we know it is our shortsidedness that would doubt and ask how to see how they see it. Alot of times my doubt was because I misunderstood what Do was saying or it was challenging my resolve, my committment that has compromised when I dropped out and started a human family I still have relationship with. If my having some relationship with my vehicles daughter is holding me back along with having a house and friends, I will be tested more in those ways as I believe will we all in the next few years especially. I admit not wanting to leave my vehicle that the fact is that we all will leave our vehicles. Many humans are much stronger than I in that regard, but then again I’m not tested the same as others right now. I have seen signs of my vehicle’s health that could cause it to fail at any time. In other words I could be taken out by the Next Level or simply allowed to be taken out in whatever way that may happen related or not to Next Level information. I know this doesn’t seem to be pending to have anyone want to get rid of Ti and Do believers but prophecy tells me otherwise but it’s not limited to Ti and Do believers I don’t think though they may stand out.

        We’ve seen plenty of examples of how humans are taking out other humans more and more where it wasn’t happening before or for a long time in quite the mass. I believe that sample will hit a new height by and during 2017 and thereafter. It will turn into a we verses them polarity I believe more than ever so that there are riots and rampant vigilantyism and increased govn’t security forces in battles in many european and U.S. cities. I know it’s not rocket science to see that on the horizon – especially more prophecy makes it apparant as well.

        It just becomes “tit for tat” as some call it.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        “Not that it makes any difference to either of us because we are what we are no matter what others think, but curiously what do you base on such an accusation”

        My reasons are my own.

        “You said about your only answering to the Kingdom of Heaven. Okay, then what does the Kingdom of Heaven say about accusing someone of something falsely”

        I said you once, I am a sinner, but it doesn’t erase your sins. If you claim being a believer, do something about it. Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself.


        “Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire”

        Show me where did I call you crazy and/or fool. I never did. I told you, I don’t consider you a believer. in my book you are something very different.

        “Maybe you don’t see yourself as angry but it seems that way to me from most of your comments past”

        My anger is in your head only.

        “I began to suggest there was some evidence “white” humans came from the hybridization of the fallen angels with the other races”

        And you failed to provide a valid evidence, remember? Besides, aren’t race, gender, ethnic and cultural background something you have to leave behind? Please, go and work on it, then.

        “I do believe 100% that Ti and Do were the return of the Father and Jesus so that everything they said is of value to take in and make my goal to reach for though I know I am weak in several departments. What is it that has you doubt that?”

        Again, my reasons are my own.

        “I believe that sample will hit a new height by and during 2017 and thereafter. It will turn into a we verses them polarity I believe more than ever so that there are riots and rampant vigilantyism and increased govn’t security forces in battles in many european and U.S. cities”

        Believe me, governments and security forces doesn’t care about you. What about me, I’d like to see this world burn, I’m so tired of it already. And I don’t even care who will start a fire.

      • sawyer Says:

        I find it impossible to communicate with you. You twist everything I say and/or close down when I come close to what you want to hide from the conversation so there is no point to continue.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        You’ve got a point, then,

  11. Pastor Mike Says:

    A “sick troll” would simply mock Sawyer without any logic or reason. I try to bring this poor guy to reality. I’m not entrapping or anything.

    And I am not Sawyer creating a mock adversary to cement his delusions ala the neo-classicals. Gee, I’m simply trying to help this guy. There is a lot of beauty in “the creation” before us — I’m an atheist natch… he should recognize it before he dies.

    But I do get the idea that he may not be as true of a believer as he leads us to think — I mean, come on, after the suicides and stuff this is sort of his only gig… Do high-tailed it because he said explicitly that the earth was about to be recycled for pete’s sake — and here it is 20 years later. Do could have lived out his entire life without committing suicide.

    Sawyer is a post-suicide cult believer. As such he is rare… most believers in suicide cults and religions would have taken the applesauce and seconal soon after the leader did the same. But sawyer remains around. What a rarity.

    And thanks, sawyer for tolerating my dissection of your madness. You are patient and wordy even though you know there is no chance in hell anyone reading your blog will ever believe in Herff and Bonnie Lu except for the occasional solitary nutjob that defends whatever bolus of irrationality you are vomiting up from day to day.

    It is hard to NOT be a sick troll with this stuff. I think I’m always civil in a Philonous and Hylas sort of way.

    I’m not hurting anyone or anything… that was done in 1997 when SRRODY, EVNODY, RKKODY, and whoever his other check partners literally committed suicide by taking seconal and vodka (uhh… I don’t recall seconal at the last supper SWY…right?).

    So in summary: I’m not Sawyer… I’m not a sick troll although it might appear that way to “believers”. I’m just trying to help a brother out — and at the same time, understand the madness.

    What an opportunity to be able to talk to a surviving cult member from a UFO suicide cult, am I right? I can’t believe the entire world has forgotten about them… I’m still fascinated by the whole thing. But alas, I’m probably the only sane person that still gives a crap.

    • sawyer Says:

      i only approved this comment for gaive’s benefit as it’s filled with the same ole baalony – not actually as good as baalony and I don’t eat baalony and i like my spelling of it. I just added the double “aa” – funny right!

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Sawyer, please stop twisting my name. It’s the only “benefit” I’m asking for.

      • sawyer Says:

        I mispelled your name again. I’ll try to do better. Now there is a criticism with teeth and I’m not being sarcastic but I would love for there to be more of those – direct accusations instead of vague generalities so many resort to.

    • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

      Oh, pastor himself… ^^
      Let me say you what, “pastor”, post any similar comment under my blog and you will be blocked + all of your comments deleted without mercy.
      But this is not my blog and I am not Sawyer, either, so feel free and be happy about it. I might be wrong, but I guess you two simply deserve each other.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I wasn’t talking to you Glaive. If you would have read my comment more carefully, you have read that at the start of the comment I said, “First of all, you are “not” Pastor Mike Roberts….” I wasn’t attacking you. Please read the comments thoroughly instead of just skimming through.

      • Nigel Says:

        Where can we find this blog Glaive?

      • Nigel Says:

        *Your* blog, I mean.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Nigel, my blog is at frype.lv. For registered users only and a language you most probably won’t understand (not English), so I guess it’s useless for you. Yes, there were a couple of trolls, like “pastor”, at first, but I sent ’em under the bridge where they belong and I don’t regret it. I don’t believe that responding to obviously sick person’s posts and tolerating troll’s presence is a part of being dissident and/or servant to Ti and Do. I visit Sawyer’s blog once in a couple of months and there’s always his long conversations with his own very personal troll. I simply fail to understand the nature of their bond and their lasting addiction to each other. I mean, isn’t addiction bad, keeping Sawyer “off the spacecraft”? He can end this bond in a couple of minutes, yet instead he’s telling me “if you don’t like it, don’t read it”.
        I must be too logical and rational to comprehend these two.
        And, yes, previous sentence is irony ^^

      • sawyer Says:

        I suppose you are just as much a troll as pastor mike – saying nothing but full of sarcasm and insinuations of superior thinking and handling of what other’s say, thinking you see it as an “addiction” of mine or even suggesting I am logging on as pastor mike. You are so logical and rational you say. Do you know how easy it is to log on in a different name and how easy I could register on your blog to become a clandestine troll or a worm or snoop or disguised believer even, seeking to entrap.

        Why would I try to please you or anyone else for that matter. You appear to be very competitive. Now note I said “appear”. That means I haven’t made up my mind that you are competitive but it has occurred to me many times over your comments on this blog that whatever I say you seem to need to find fault with it and yet show no evidence of. YOu make these gradeous statements of fact about how “green horse” in prophecy are the muslims as if the dozen things I’ve brought to consideration are of no value to your insight. The same with the “white” and “hybrid” talk tryign to impress me with your scientific knowledge that negates any possability that that science is either misunderstood or ill equipted to trump what Do said about it.

        Yes I see you do have a better handle on popular jargon – the straw man, etc. phrases the intellectuals through around to categorize people and modes of argument. And you seem to… again seem to resent that I had the experience with Ti and Do I had as if it’s a fault or as if having failed to graduate with my class it adds up to none of that experience being worth anything to you, as if you couldn’t learn something from that experience.

        I know how hard it is for many to get to know me and know what I look like and how I’m missing teeth and how I don’t speak all that well and I’m too verbose and not a good writer and not a good speller or organizer of thoughts, etc., etc. etc. to then look past those things to perhaps learn something from because there is experience you may not have, as can be said about anyone who experienced something others did not. It’s not at all about who is greater. I’m sure you could do a better job in your blog than I do and probably in a lot less words but if that means you can not gain from the likes of what I say/write then that’s your choice because I’m doing what I can do with what I’ve got and do try to improve but not so much that I’m about to take a journalism course.

        You state things as fact as your way it seems but I’ve come to realize it’s just your journalistic sarcastic way that is probably popular in your crowd. Actually I have first had experience with that sarcasm when Al Roper on the ABC good morning america show I was on in 1997 with irsody’s vehicles parents sitting accross from me, who I know were very distraught over their daughters “suicide” and Al says to me twice in a couple minutes apart, “Why don’t you come over to my house and have dinner with me”. I couldn’t compute it. It was surreal to even compute that, yet I thought at first, “is he serious” thinking maybe he is really interested in this subject.

        I left and he said nothing more to me and wondered about that and eventually knew he was being offensively sarcastic sort of the way you come across so I suppose to allow you to continue to comment is my addition too in your mind and your having fun with it so you can lord over me the way you do.

        You say I have a “bond”. Perhaps english as a second language for you has you put meaning to words that aren’t meant to have that meaning. I can’t imagine you don’t know what a real bond is between people but perhaps you’ve never had one or broke one or had someone break with you. Since I know you know that a marriage is generally thought of as a “bond” where is there any evidence of my having a bond with anyone on this blog? You choose words that further distort communication and seem to think of it as intellectual prowess.

        If you know anything about Jesus then you will know that he didn’t look upon intellectuals as prime candidates for his classroom as they are too into themselves and their intellect to let go of it which is required.

        I only respond to these comments on this blog when I’m too tired to do anything constructive, though occasionally there is someone who has something to say or ask that is of value, but most of it and especially in the last year has been as you characterize the equivilent of garbage. And with that said as I’ve done before I will learn from it and start blocking worthless comments.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Sawyer, i was talking to Nigel. He asked a question, I gave the answer. I wasn’t talking to you, and let’s keep it this way. Keep your troll, if you like. Feed him well. Sure, it is your blog, it’s your troll, not mine.

        P.S. I fail to understand what’s wrong with being an intellectual. This is the way I’ve been made. Does it offend you or what? Should I dumb myself down for the sake of not “offending” you? In any case, I doubt it’s technically possible.

      • sawyer Says:

        Glaive, I didn’t say there was something wrong with being an intellectual. It’s just another form of humanism, equivilent to the forms that I have to deal with that can stand in the way between each of us and our Older Members Ti and Do. It’s not up to me to decide whether it keeps you away from their Mind but it’s hard for me to talk to you when you are so intellectually combative, jump to conclusions, think you see things in what I say or don’t say and are confident in all that. Mrcody was another who probably has a strong intellect and it kept became the reason he was instructed to leave the classroom until he was willing to accept the lesson plan in that regard. It was the lesson called, “I could be wrong” to apply. We were to say those words or the equivilent in front of stating any opinion though it would be an extreme to look outside and say, “I could be wrong but it’s raining outside”, though to ingrain the lesson there was no harm in saying that either.

        The lesson had to do with losing trust in our own opinion. I equate it with Jesus saying one needed to “deny self” to be Jesus disciple, in addition to “taking up their cross” and “following him (literally in every way)”. The example used in the lesson that can be found in the audio tapes was, what if Ti and Do said the leisure ports (a tent model we had) were “polka dotted”, would we think they were wrong because we saw them as a cachy green (and I’m sure the manufacturer would have also said about their color)? Or would we think we had not yet grown to see what our Older Members saw and even want to see them as polka dotted. (I never saw Ti and Do make things up like that to test us, but then there were a number of things they said that didn’t pan out as they at first thought they would). For some that was the straw that broke that camels back so they left the classroom. For others it didn’t change their committment and recognition of who they were/are). I know in this world one could not survive very well if they don’t show confidence in themselves.

      • sawyer Says:

        Also, I’m not really offended by what you say. In fact it faces me with aspects of myself I need to outgrow wanting to fight fire with fire sometimes. It’s more frustrating than offended. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to dumb down a little if that’s the way you see it. There is no contest here that I’m aware of. I guess I come across as full of myself and in some ways I do have to examine that, which your responses help me to do, though I don’t think I need as much of that as you tend to dish out. Your post to nigels question was helpful to me and on the mark from Ti and Do’s mind though I don’t agree that the little I had to add was “irrelevant” but maybe Nigel can weigh in on that as it was his question.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        PPS. You see, intellectual or not, I have a deposit, remember? So who are you to list me out?

      • Nigel Says:

        Glaive – intellect is worthless without wisdom.

        I think it could also be easily argued that everyone who visits this blog has a deposit and that is why they have an interest. Do said as much. Even the Pastor may have a deposit that keeps him interested but discarnate influences urge him to resist the Next Level.

      • sawyer Says:

        Well said.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Nigel, I agree about wisdom. What about deposits, well, we’ve no idea who else have ’em – or have not – I guess we can only speak about ourselves. And when Sawyer says that the ones with a bit higher IQ are less likely chosen, simply because he personally feels offended about their very existence, it’s wrong. It’s even not what Ti and Do ever taught. It’s Fahrenheit 451.

      • sawyer Says:

        I didn’t mean to imply some are “less likley chosen” and certainly not going by an IQ number. What I was trying to say was that intelligence can get in the way and that didn’t come from me. Jesus said it. There were several in the classroom that I imagine had a high IQ. Nrrody, Glnody, Stmody, Srrody come to mind based on what I know about what they needed to overcome. Srrody would finish Do’s sentences and it was very hard for him to restrain that tendency. Nrrody was over confident about her interpretation instruction so was ultra critical of many classmates. Glnody was at time preoccupied with solving the worlds problems in his head and had to overcome that intellectualizing. Stmody thought himself quite the thinker as he said in one of the documents to be found in the purple book. For whatever it’s worth, believe it or not as I was about to not graduate high school I was told they didn’t understand why my grades were so poor as my IQ was in the mid 300’s which some said was “genius” calibre yet it didn’t show in the ways it was thought it should show.

      • Nigel Says:

        Can we even truly say for sure whether we have a deposit ourselves either? Is this something only an Older Member can confirm or can they not confirm it either?

        Sawyer – did Ti & Do ever talk about the humility of having a deposit?

      • sawyer Says:

        Yes, we can know we have a deposit, but it may not register in the way it did for classmates like Lvvody as described in the document Glaive posted because it may be that an individual was a first time deposit recipient or that their vehicle had different programming to overcome. I had a very similar experience to what Lvvody described, even being drawn to the poster in the same way and to the same meeting and felt the same knowing it was for me after having done the same kind of search in my earlier years. For instance I told people I wanted to be a priest at 13 years old though my vehicles family weren’t all that religious and in the years after I didn’t relate to Catholicism. Like Lvvody I too was not drawn by the UFO inference on the poster. As it turned out Ti and Do didn’t initally approve that poster language and would not have used that populist abbreviation and said they would have referred to the “bus” as a “spacecraft”. However, since it took off they went with it.

        Since deposits are directly implanted into each human vehicle that shows the Next Level they could be a fruitful recipient I think it can be said that the Older Members know to whom they give such a deposit, which can also be confirmed in Lvvody’s statement.

        I can’t recall Ti and Do ever diretly talking about having humility of having a deposit but it was clear it was a gift. But related to that, I recall when Ti and Do first told us in 1983 or 1984 that we, their students at that time had “come from the Next Level” so were “Next Level Members” as opposed to the previous understanding that we were newcomers (as there wasn’t a clear understanding then of “tags” and “deposits” until many years later), it did go to the heads of some and I have to admit to some degree to my head as well. It made some feel elevated and when Ti and Do learned of those responses they held a meeting that indicated not all had come from the Next Level and that even so it wasn’t about who we were – it was all about who we were “becoming” that mattered. They said the way they first thought about it wasn’t accurate but it was what we needed to adjust to at the time which did deflate the idea some.

        Another view of this came from when Do would see that car bumper poster that said, “Jesus the same yesterday, today and tomorrow” it would sicken him because he knew that the real Jesus would be sickened by the thought that he would remain the same as “change was the name of the game” (they always said) and that Jesus was not the same person he was 2000 years ago. If he was he had failed to grow and Next Level Members thrive on growth.

        Plus Next Level Members don’t determine their stature by comparing themselves with anyone else except their Older Member. Their Older Member is the only one they attempt to please.

        Ti and Do also hated the idea that they would have to tell people they were the Revelations Two Witnesses. Do wrote in “88 update” that he also told us several times about, that when they finally came upon that part of Revelations chapter 11, having been searching for what “prophecy they were to fulfill” as they were waking up in stages so knew they were to “fulfill prophecy” but didn’t know what prophecy, it felt like they were claiming to be the return of a famous person in history. Do wrote about how when he would meet someone or learn about someone claiming to be Cleopatra in a past life, he wanted to run the other way from them. Again, he knew that to think it was an elevation of self to identify with someone in the past was like saying they had not grown from what that person was, so to them it was insulting of self to relate to in an elevated way.

        If someone did derive an ego boost from being in the classroom, having a deposit, etc. then it was a characteristic of “self” they would need to overcome as Next Level Members are not SELF concerned in that way of thinking. They are concerned with their own behavior and ways and how they may differ from their Older Members. They are crew-minded. They care about the tasks they perform not how they look or seem to others from doing those tasks.

        I did have some of that ego to overcome and it’s not absent from my consciousness now though my failure to make the grade to graduate with my class and continued less than Next Level behavior did set me back to reality that it’s not about whether or not we have a deposit or whether we were with Ti and Do or whether we came with them having been with Jesus, etc. that’s important. What’s important is what we do right now and going forward that counts. We choose how fast to grow by asking to be putty in Ti and Do’s hands to lead us through what we need to experience to become a member on their crew. That seems to still be very much in motion, the reason all this information from them was left behind and the reason Do stated how there were three categories of humans who would “go with them” which included those who weren’t strong enough to complete their overcoming while they were incarnate just like it includes even those who never heard of Ti and Do.

        Ti told each of us what we would need to change that would otherwise keep us off the spacecraft – her crew. There were three points on the list she gave me. It was “likes to be seen as something special”, “a little too pleased with self”, and “sarcastic with humans” – which had to do with the way I acted sometimes in my “out of craft tasks” – jobs in the world – at that time as a cook or chef, baker or pastry chef. I got fired from two jobs. I was cocky. I mean, we didn’t talk about the Next Level at jobs. It’s not that we couldn’t but we had to be very protective of our security as we didn’t want to be discovered as a cult living in suberbia as we knew and had evidence there were at times private investigators from families looking for some. So Ti and Do didn’t want anyone to have a way to get to where we resided. We did use our social security numbers though used middle names in place of first names – also a part of dissassociating with our human given name.

        One job in particular I was a line cook for the dinner shift of a country club in Amarillo, Texas. I got along great with the chef who hired me but his son also a cook had been away but came back into the area so his dad put him back on the line and I was in a sense 2nd in command in the kitchen to him. That didn’t matter to me but when we’d get swamped with orders his son would get angry and cuss at the waiters and waitresses and throw stuff if something went wrong where I’d sometimes laugh – or give him advise to cool down and he almost threw a meat cleaver at me one time. It got so bad that the chef found me a job a hour north as the head chef at another country club but that wouldn’t have worked with the classroom schedule so I didn’t take him up on it. So one day he said it was between his son and me so I had to go. This wasn’t my first altercation nor my last and I was flunking my test to be so cocky towards anothers loss of control. The others were not in the overcoming classroom. I was. So I was failing that part of the course as everything we did was part of the course.

        But in the classroom there really wasn’t much room for opportunities to show humility or ego to anyone else. We didn’t relate to the public except at these jobs where our instruction was to please the employer – as long as it didn’t compromise our Next Level classroom rules. But we didn’t chit chat nor socialize unless it was a required function. Within the classroom environment there was no chit chat and gossip was against procedure to engage. Any talk needed to be about the task at hand. If one saw a movie which we had scheduled, we wouldn’t talk about it later with our partner or anyone else unless Ti and Do had us talk about it as a group in a meeting or specifically gave instruction to talk about it with a partner or a crew for some projects needs.

        It was clear that we were engaged in a program that was Above Human but in the world when we did interface with humans I didn’t see any evidence nor feel myself above humans. One time they told us all humans don’t have souls. That was strange to hear and especially when I’d go to my out of craft task and see humans. It just made me wonder some. Some weeks later they said that wasn’t 100% accurate so to forget it.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Nigel, yes, we can. Please, read this – http://www.heavensgate.com/book/a-5.htm

        And don’t ask Sawyer, he’s only human and his words are irrelevant. Read the documents They left behind, it’s the only source of pure info.

      • sawyer Says:

        Thank you Glaive for posting that document as reading it helped me a great deal. I certainly do tend to shortcut in responses and/or get off into tangents or get too wordy and interject my own human mind far more than I should. And at the same time whenever I re-read something Ti, Do or my classmates wrote or said I get more from it that can only help me be a better servant.

      • Nigel Says:

        I would say that Sawyer is still very relevant as he has been in direct contact with Ti & Do. I agree that the purple book, etc, written in the Older Members’ time are going to be the most accurate (actually, that article was written by Lvvody, were these checked for accuracy by Do?) but I think Sawyer can answer a lot of questions that very few other people can answer. Naturally he may not always answer exactly as Do would, but I personally believe he is pretty transparent with the fact that he is attempting to answer as truthfully as he can.

      • sawyer Says:

        Most likley Do read everything, but I am fairly confident that each was read by a crew who would have brought up any little point that was not accurate to what Ti and Do taught. Jwnody was always on that crew. We began writing in 1992, even before then and it was an optional task. Some didn’t gravitate to writing and at one point at first the classroom had access to all that others wrote and gave their thumbs up to some. I don’t think any would have been disqualified from being in the book. Any students that didn’t end up believing in certain things eventually left – seemingly on their own as shown by Rio’s departure two weeks before they exited (and many others before then that I witnessed). Rio wasn’t forced into that decision as he tells in his book he published. He woke up one day and felt it was time to go.

        We also had editors – actually professionals with that skill in the class. Nrrody was a technical editor manager of the documentation department in big software companies like Dell and Texas Instruments while in the classroom so most everything was sent to be proof read by her when I was there. Even Do had the same crew including Nrrody proofread what he wrote, like the “88 Update” and if they had suggestions to make something clearer, I was sometimes present to observe Do re-working things to have more clarity. Lvvody and Jnnody were also on that proofreading crew as well as the partner to the one writing it.

        Lvvody was also one of Do’s two primary “helpers” with Jnnody so spent a great deal of time with Do when he had seperate quarters and on trips and in running errands so often learned certain things before it was brought to the overall classroom though Do was quite thorough in making sure he shared with the class information one would find in those documents, besides their personal experiences, as she noted.

        So the short answer is that we can trust everything in that book that is not a students personal experience is from Ti and Do’s Mind.

      • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

        Nigel, no. Sawyer is only human and his words are irrelevant. Look, even if he’s not going to twist what They said, human mind is not that perfect and never contains the correct info about past events. If we – well, you and me – are shown a short movie and couple of hours later are asked to tell what it was about, these will be 2 different stories. It’s a fact.
        As the source of info Sawyer isn’t reliable. Read the papers They left behind.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      First of all, you are “not” Pastor Mike Roberts. OK? You are Dave Ward Goetzinger of Eugene, Oregon who majored in Psychology at the University of Oregon several years ago. You gave the statement, “The truth is beautiful and simple.” in one of your posts in one of the previous threads. Really? Such a statement is not without its sense of irony. Funny for a man like you to say something like that given all of the things you have been doing here on this blog by posing as umpteen other identities, EG: men, women and even 15 year old teen agers. I don’t think you learned anything from the Psychology department you majored in except how to manipulate people and play them against each other. No wonder why you are here. You have no friends, Dave. Why is that? Maybe because nobody tolerates your rogue and abusive behavior. You’re no “academic genius” like your imaginary friend “Susan” says you are, Dave. You’re just another garden variety senseless troll. Nothing more.

      • Pastor Mike Says:

        LOL… oh man. I’m not Dave Ward Goetzinger of Eugene, Oregon. I love it! One concern that I have is by looking at your online presence, you seem very unstable… I will try to contact this guy — he should be aware that you are creeping on him. You must have a past with him… maybe he was your lover? LOL

        Glaive dude, I will never visit your blog.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        You know, “Pastor Mike”, you responded exactly the way I expected your “breed” would respond. Now I’ll give my response. First of all, “Pastor Mike”, let’s break down your juvenile statement, shall we? You said: “One concern that I have is by looking at your online presence, you seem very unstable…” That’s laughable.. Now, isn’t this a stark evasion and deflection of who “you are”… Who is the one who keeps coming onto this blog, like a parasite, and vomits endless scores and facets of different identities? You.. Who is the one who comes on here with sarcasm and condescension to verbally and mentally abuse Sawyer? Once again, “you”.. Who is the one who comes to this blog and is too chicken, with no balls to reveal his true identity to Sawyer? And again, it is “you”…. Get this straight: Your actions are clearly demonstrative of someone who is far off the deep end – actions that are a conducive of a mentally disturbed little freak – a “cracker hack”… In laymen’s terms, your acts are that of a psychopath. Got it? Your behavior clearly demonstrates sadistic, abusive, manipulative, narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies. So, don’t lecture me about “being ‘concerned’ with my online presence as being mentally unstable” when it is clearly “you” who are the abuser and manipulator who comes to this blog posing as different people of different ages – including a 15 year old girl… Now that’s just sick… If there is anyone who should be concerned about anyone’s online presence it is “us” who should be concerned about “yours”. Your comments are nothing more than the mere flatulence of a 12 year old boy.. Then, your next statement, regarding Dave, says: “I will try to contact this guy — he should be aware that you are creeping on him.” I see, “Pastor Mike”… Is that supposed to be “funny”? You want to contact Dave? Go for it, except you won’t have to look very far, “Pastor Mike”, because apparently you admitted to me last year that you WERE HIM. Remember? Make sure you tell him that when you contact him. Tell him you are a psychopath who impersonated him. See how well he responds. Tell him you “said” to me you “were” him last year on this site. Or, does your diluted logic fail the memory test and you don’t remember telling me that last year on this blog…? I could see how it would, due to the junk yard landfill of different identities you come onto this blog with. You’re so bloated with your own Luciferian Space Alien BS, you don’t even remember. That’s to be expected since you seem to pride yourself in being a hotel with an ongoing influx of Luciferian discarnates. You should charge fees for their usage of your body? You could then retire.. The rest of your statement in your comment, if you want to even qualify it as one, is nothing but inane sarcastic garbage and swill – so typical of a troll – but you would be too mentally arrested to know that. This is because epic multi faceted trolls don’t know their own insidious actions. Now I know you like to think of yourself as “someone special” by involving yourself through some ridiculous abusive intervention towards Sawyer – hoping that if you ride him enough with your mentally inept rants that you’ll eventually “get through to him”. Talk about absurd… And your reasoning behind it, although it’s no reasoning at all, is because “you care” – so you “say”… I see… You “care” huh..? Sounds like the kind of BS thinking from abusers to their victims in co-dependent relationships, which brings me to my next point: Did you tell your past girlfriends that “you cared” after you abused them? How many other people, even women have you abused, perhaps even raped, “Pastor Mike”? Are you un-diagnosed Autistic or perhaps do you suffer from A.D.D. and don’t take medication or any proper courses because you “think” you don’t need any? You’re definitely suffering from something seriously disturbing, no doubt about that. How well known are you to the law, sir? I bet you are known “a lot”, with quite the rap sheet, if you don’t have the spine to give your true identity to us but instead you “hide” behind an armada of different identities – some of which are beyond stupid – but what can one expect from a child who is trapped in a man’s body, which would be you – in case you think you’re not. Masturbate in the feces of your own parasitic ego as you constantly do, “Pastor Mike”, but do it elsewhere, like in a psychiatric institution for example. That’s where you belong. Indefinitely. You are one sick puppy, my “little Luciferian friend”. Get help… Please… I’m not kidding… Get – HELP… You are obviously one severely disturbed cracker. You prove it every time you come on here and try to sodomize Sawyer with your Luciferian tripe… You are sick… Get therapy…

      • sawyer Says:

        I can not read all xf writes and he does not speak for me in any regard but I allow his comments none the less as I allow others who give their opinions.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Correct, I do not speak for anyone but myself. And although my comment was a tad extreme and could have been vastly toned down, such a fiery statement does not reflect the attitude of Heaven’s Gate in any way. Instead, my statement reflects the stupidity of human ego which is something we all wrestle with.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        My apologies to Pastor Mike and Sawyer. My comment was vastly overdone and out of order due to pride and arrogance. I retract my statement.

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