“Third Eye” way Luciferian Space Aliens Steal Souls

Below I have listed a youtube channel post that is entitled: “Symptoms and Side Effects of Opening You Third Eye Chakra”. The introductury text follows and the link is at the end. My comment to one of the commenters follows this introduction. Note the person who made this video says they have an ebook with “17 steps” in the title, another way the Luciferian space aliens sew seeds of confusion to try to commondeer the Next Level’s efforts. This is yet another area in which those standing for Ti and Do can get familiar to provide help to some who are being trapped by the Luciferian space aliens and their supporters (whether they know it or not):


Symptoms and Side Effects of Opening You Third Eye Chakra – What will happen After Third Eye Awakening and what are the signs of an open third eye? The third eye chakra, or Ajna Chakra in Sanskrit, is our connection to our spirituality and is located between your eyebrows. Third eye meditation can helps you open and activate this chakra. But before you start your third eye awakening, you should take some time to learn more about this chakra and what you can expect from opening it and what you need to be aware of. So here are a couple of things many people have reported experiencing after opening their third eye, and the signs you can look for is you have already opened your third eye, both good and bad.

What Will Happen After Opening The Third Eye Chakra
Many people have experienced hearing a loud popping sound from inside the middle of their head when they first open their third eye chakra. This is believed to be the opening and activation of the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small hormone-producing gland that is connected to the third eye and is what regulates our sleep rhythm and releases melatonin.
A very normal side effect of opening the third eye is an intense pressure on your forehead and you may feel a consistent tingling or vibrating sensation on the third eye that can stay for days after opening the third eye chakra. This is only a sign that the meditation has worked and your third eye is awakening. This will go away within days, so don’t worry.
People often times experience symptoms directed to their vision and they begin seeing unexplainable things not from this world. This is what you need to be prepared for, as it will be a frightening experience if you are not properly informed and did not prepare yourself for this. One of the things you may see are paranormal entities or what we call spirits of those who have passed. You can develop clairvoyance and the ability to communicate with spirits. Some people see other beings not of this world, and could be creatures of other dimensions or what religion might refer to as demons. No matter what type of entity you may encounter, it will be a very overwhelming experience, and for some people it starts to feel like insanity and something they have a difficult time shutting out.
This is why opening the third eye is something you should prepare yourself for, so that you know what you are dealing with and what you can expect. This means that you have to be patient and take some time learning about the third eye before you actually try opening it… it will greatly benefit you in the end.
So to some of the more positive sides of opening the third eye is your increased ability to develop your psychic abilities and many people have reported experiencing astral travel, seeing auras and a greatly improved intuition.
Other symptoms of an open third eye chakra is more subtle. You will for instance improve your awareness and notice more things around you that were only background elements to you before. You step out of the state of autopilot, where you just go through your day not noticing or paying attention to anything.
Some describe a state of objectiveness where you are not blinded by your eyesight and the illusions and lies your eyes fall a victim to, but you will be able to see things more clearly and sense the truth and reality that is difficult to put into words. This could be a sign that your intuition or sixth sense is improving.
A lot of people say they see lights or colors while meditating, and this is just a sign that your chakra is activating. At some point they may even start to see pictures in their minds eye when they meditate, which in the beginning are very unclear and like a blurry image. Over time with third eye practice, the images will become clearer. Some will see an eye with the indigo or purple color of the third eye chakra in their minds eye.

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video link: https://youtu.be/K1pxp6sE15g

*** end of introductory text and video link on youtube channel post ***


America Anuchiracheeva asks:

If there is any technical advise to avoid any dark entities scary stuff? thanyou for your advise.

My comment to America Anuchiracheeva as 3spm:

There are no entities that are not scary who will be attracted to you by continuing playing with these tricks. The lower forces of the planet love to have “vehicles”  they can work through. These include space aliens that are actually no longer “space” aliens because they can no longer travel very far from earth – the reason they are trying to get humans to do so, because they wish to escape the earth where they have been in prison for thousands of earth years.

Several years ago, I believe I was given a sample of a third eye opening, I suspect to show me what people were doing and seeing and experiencing as a result. After a few weeks of seeing things it was removed. This third eye opening is a fake enlightenment. What someone is doing with this meditation might be compared to adding a device to your “brain” (computer) that provides a more powerful interface with whatever spirits and actually space aliens that want to use your vehicle. Sure they can assist you in many human things but true enlightenment means you have risen above the human evolutionary kingdom. I don’t think there are any truely enlightened being on the planet right now. I say that because I was the student of TWO enlightened beings, who incarnated into the body of a human woman and a human man in the 1970’s who took the names Ti and Do. They proved to me over 19 years with them that they were from the One True/Real Many Membered Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human – the organization of Beings who have evolved by choice above the human evolutionary condition. They don’t circulate on earth any more than a human would be comfortable living in a wild dog pack or worse yet a snake pit. We can’t actually rise to their state of enlightening without them because what that means is actually filling a “deposit container/pocket” (soul) they install in certain human vehicles, with Their Mind, (spirit) which is living information that if adhered to can grow within that deposit and eventually can be harvested from our vehicle, usually when it dies IF we qualify as they don’t need us and they don’t want just anyone to fill space on their spacecrafts where they live and work, so they make it very hard to join their ranks, but not so hard that anyone who keeps seeking their help can’t accomplish it.

Each person who wants to verify that I am telling the truth about this can project their asking beyond the nearest stars to Them – especially in the names Ti and Do. It’s your choice but to chose these other entites that are space aliens and/or discarnate human spirits is a dead end for your soul. They love having souls as they don’t know how to make a soul and nor can they kill a soul. Only the Next Level who designed everyting and all the life forms can make or destroy a soul. This is one of a number of ways the Luciferian space alien (fallen angels) capture souls that have been planted into humans becaue of the lure of power one gets to see things others don’t see and to have an advantage in the receipt of future help with the intention to capture others. They also want the DNA from those they capture as then they can propogate hybrids they and your soul can prepare for when each physical body being used now dies. They can have you believe when you die you will then be “free” and have that be a welcomed condition theoretically – not encumbered by physicality but it’s an illusion of freedom as once discarnate one can not FEEL sensations in the same way so there is a “wanting” that can not be satiated but they get some satisfaction by influencing living humans to be their tools. This is the norm for the entire human society. All our vehicles are time shared computer systems. The only part that is “us” is the “decider” of what to think, and do.

Now that it’s nearing recycle time it’s especially crutial to those that can still make some sense out of what I’m saying as there is yet another even higher level we need our physical body to make application for and has to be done entirely by choice that involves many steps to progress to and they must be the steps received from an Older Member of the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human that they provided when they came incarnate as they have done a number of times since the start of their latest “garden” like experiment designed to grow souls into new members of their Kingdom. All these things taught by the Luciferian space aliens is permitted by the Next Level Older Members because it serves to provide us with a total choice of what to become in their “garden”. We can become as rotten as the Luciferians chose to become, that they don’t think they are and even have many disbelieving they even exist.

The Next Level will recycle those and it’s very soon without a middle aged person’s human lifetime that that will be completed which will include dissolving the “spirit world” and leveling and spading the entire planet, what some are mis-thinking will “heaven” on earth while it will be a time period to where the planet will have a rest and restoration of the harm the Luciferian space aliens and human sheeple have caused on it, mostly in destroying having any chance to choose to recognized these Creator Beings. Ti is the Chief Administrator of this garden. She, though is not a gendered being, took a female vehicle with Do and fulfilled the Revelations Two Witnesses prophecy and all the prophecies, though some have yet to play out. She was the One who planted a deposit soul into the vehicle they made (not by human mammalian reproduction) to start the recent experiment.

Do was serving by taking over the Adam vehicle and he fell to the influence of the Luciferian space aliens who were allowed to be present to set up the testing criteria. That same soul last known as Do (and to date) recovered over 7 generations later and took over the vehicle named Enoch who then came incarnate as Moses and then Jesus and possibly guatama Buddha and who knows who in previous civilizations on Earth and/or on another planet. This is NOT christian talk nor spiritual. It’s the real deal – the only real deal on earth and in the heavens – literally outer space. There is a great deal to say about all this but it’s up to you to seek it out. I’m simply providing an avenue but I am not a “teacher” from the Next Level. I am a student of Ti and Do, so I have zero desire for followers of me or to start an organization or new religion as religions at this time are all killers of souls because of how they draw people to become satisfied with the human condition and even satisfied to die thinking they get some “heaven” without the huge investment needed of showing the Next Level we want to serve Them on Their Crews on board spacecrafts large and small all over the universe.

You can contact Ti and Do by projecting your asking beyond the stars to them or if that’s too strange to use their names to the highest Living Being you can imagine exists and if you are sincere they will show you that I speak Their truth. They never lure or manipulate anyone though the have a very certain “rule” for their “”God” Astronaut Training Program” which they first called a “Human Individual Metamorphosis”.


This person asking if there is a way to avoid the dark forces sounds to me like a ripe soul in that vehicle where many are overrippened and are already sold themselves to the Luciferians. As usual it’s not our job to save souls as religionists often do. It’s our job if we choose to take it to show the choices by introducing people to Ti and Do and their Next Level Above Human so they can judge for themselves who to give their allegience to.

I’m not saying everything I said in this post is exactly as Ti and Do would have said it. In fact I am confident I didn’t. I would welcome anyone’s help to improve my post and make it their own or start from scrach to make their own using quotes from Ti and Do and Crew and references to documents they left behind. If you leave those quotes in comments on this blog post I’ll include them to make this post better.

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32 Responses to ““Third Eye” way Luciferian Space Aliens Steal Souls”

  1. Woraufhin Says:

    Will your book be released soon?

    • sawyer Says:

      I hope so. I wish I could say for sure. I saw something new in Daniel 9 that talks about the “week” and the “middle” of that “week” and believe realized that was likley referring to the 4th seal opening being the middle seal which is upcoming. I had already deciphered that chapter but did not go nearly into the detail that takes us back to Jeremiah who I hadn’t paid enough attention to as realted to all this. I do feel I’ve dragged my feet on it some. I need to wrap it up. I know I can keep finding more to write about and could spend forever re-writing to get clearer and more to the point in ways I didn’t have the same perspective years ago. I’ve still got to proof read it as a final edit but there is little to no parts of the record I feel I’m missing now though I know that could change.

  2. Woraufhin Says:

    I know you said you intended to proofread it on your own; but if an additional perspective would be helpful, I’d be honoured to help.

    • sawyer Says:

      I thank you for that offer, but it wouldn’t actually work as I always find things I need to change and it would be a nightmare to do without someone in my presence and even if that was in place would open the door to more influences to thwart the project. There will be a very raw aspect to this book. It will be far from perfect grammatically and will have spelling errors the spell checkers don’t find and has lots of repetition and some sections that are less accurate than other sections that came after as I understood more. Most theologians, if they see some or all of this work will pooh pooh it outright for every reason under the sun. I doubt many will get through it as the very premise that it’s all related to Ti and Do will make it almost impossible for them to even read the words and/or understand the perspectives UNLESS they sincerely ASK their “Father in the Heavens” if there is a truth to it.

      If there are certain parts of scripture you would like to see what I have to say about, let me know and I’ll post some related parts of the book if I think they are pretty solid. I sort of do that now and again but here is a recent sense:

      I was examining the verse:

      Rev 18:6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

      …asking what the “double” referred to as the object that is thrown into the sea later on in this chapter, referred to as a great millstone as it turns out – a millstone is two stones of different sizes so I wondered if actually two objects might be cast into the sea. I’m not saying this was confirmed but then when I saw the Two Green Comets with one bigger than the other it did feel like they represented a “doubling” even though that perspective is throughout but I was seeking to see it in this specific context. So I don’t write that that was an answer and I’m not that concerned with whether there are one or two stones that hit the sea or not, but it’s an example of how many things have taken that same course of asking and seeing related events in the world or the heavens.

      I know I’m monitored as will be anyone who asks Ti and Do to make them putty in their hands as they won’t push themselves on anyone who doesn’t want to be pushed by them.

  3. jolene Says:

    im 15 and my teacher recommended that i write a story about cult people. he gave me this link and i would like to ask you questions about how you were lured into adn finally were drprogrammed by a family meber.

    can i ask you questions? do you agree with culnts?

    thank you jolene

    • sawyer Says:

      I’ll do my best to answer your questions, but so it’s absolutely clear I have no need to have anyone believe in what I believe in. There is no legitamate Heavens Gate “group” but there are people who believe in the teachings of Ti and Do.

      A cult is a subculture, a description of a group of people with the same basic beliefs, behaviors, ways, customs and traditions that differ from more populated established or “mainstream”power centers in any country or region or over the world.

      Thus when Jesus walked the earth his group as it was opposed by the “establishment religion” then called Judism, that was a dominant belief system in Jerusalem and other cities in the Roman province Judea would have been classified a “cult” by some equivilent terminology if they were spoken of as a group. There were many cults throughout anceint Greece and Rome and I would say all over the world and many were outlawed by the dominant “belief systems” enforced by governments/empires, threats of imprisonment for blasphemy and sentenced to death. This is essentially why the members of the Jesus cult were sought after, arrested, imprisioned and murdered by Rome as an attempt to silence all Jesus said which was a joint effort by the Jewish Sanhedron in league with the Jewish sympathetic Roman gov’t rulership. Jesus rocked the boat and Empires, secular or religious are directly or indirectly fearful of rebellion.

      As of the 1950’s mostly in the U.S. there has been an outcropping of groups the mainstream religious and in some ways the government have been against. These can all be lumped together as the “New Age Movement” with many groups forming around various leaders who were intellectuals, philosophers, Hindu mystics, and Yogi’s, Buddhist monks, UFO Contactees and Christian sects galore – people who broke away from mainstream belief systems that sought to persecute them by putting some in jail, etc. for the so called crime of “basphemy” – speaking about Diety or related subjects in ways not authorized by the existing power centers. History is filled with examples.

      So there is no way to agree or disaggree with all “cults” unless one saw all forms of a “change of mind” – the true meaning of “to repent” as unlawful. So some would say today they are against “cults” which is saying they are against ways of thinking differently and acting differently than they do.

      So in that way I am in favour of “cults” having the right to belief what they want to belief with a key aspect that they don’t forcabily or uses cohersion to harm anyone else physically or mentally which of course can be a matter of judgement but certainly if there are signs of physical abuse or holding someone against their will they are abusing. People are manipulated in many ways by most all big organizations but when it happens in a small group they are more easily targeted.

      For instance, even though there is a great deal of evidence that Jim Jones and his co-leaders did physically abuse people and did manipulate people and try to keep them from talking about abuses that built to a Senator with a crew going to Jonestown to confront, had that senator not done that the group may not have committed suicide and there could have been other ways to help those who were there against their will. It becomes very tricky as all through society we have rules and some of them are accepted forms of punishment for the crimes determined by the governments and those being the existing power center prevail because they have violent and other means to enforce rule breakages. Death penalty for murder, life imprisionment for less premeditated killing, hard labor imprisonment for stealing even to eat, depending on the judge and jury and the various racial and ethnic and religious dominant mindsets with the authority and force to enforce.

      One can easily make a case that shows that even millions of Christians have been brainwashed into thinking if they say they believe in Jesus and that he died for our sins and we try to abide by the basic laws and if we break them we get forgiven because Christ paid for our sins, so we no matter what when we die get to go to Heaven to live eternally in bliss with Jesus in the clouds.

      One could make the same exact case for a government that hires their military and orders them to kill others citing self defense as the U.S. clearly did in Iraq and is even accepted by many in the mainstream yet stood behind the invasion anyway justified by their said fear of a mushroom cloud off the Atlantic coast by Washington D.C. that was shown to be an exaggerated and misinformed intelligence which one can continue to make an excellent case for being manipulative and even consciously though many justify it as the “greater good” or as a “my god is bigger than your god” and how that goes hand in hand with patriots of “my country right or wong” a slogen I used to hear when I was about to be drafted to fight in Vietnam. Love it or leave it they would say about “one’s country”. Nationalism was the equivilent of God – and if you went against them or questioned their reasons for war, etc. you were a traitor and if you tried to fight against those who were forced people to go to war then you were a subversive and were imprisoned or done in by those whose agenda was thought to be justified in having collateral damage even – the death of men, women and children who had not part in the political manuvering of the leaders of the governments or rebels. The rebels would then be a “cult” in the context that they don’t agree with the larger power’s actions, thinking and methods so present a danger to that existing power structure.

      Then of course there is “cults” in entertainment who picture cults as demon worshippers, fire worshippers, and the like.

      In the 1960’s there was a huge increase in cultish groups. I met many and went to many meetings around the country because it was the thing to do in some ways – to explore different ways of thinking. So I danced with the Sufi’s and tried meditating and doing so on a picture of an Indian Guru, like Shri Chin Moy for instance. I considered joining with the Marahishi Mohesh Yogi. He held regular meetings in NYC and gained adherants to “transendental meditation” techniques said to move one closer to “enlightenment” and/or the Buddhist form called “Nirvana” – another pie in the sky and when one could get into the organizations one would most always see corruptions, jealousies, heirarchy squabbles, theft of donations, lavish living by the leaders, regular sexuality often with minors and pressure to prostelitize their faith – go out to get new recruits – bring them to meetings, luring them with a hot meal for the homeless and the like – having a good time, being in community and it was attractive then also because there was a great deal of mistrust in government and organized religions seen as being archaic or corrupted and more about power and self righteousness than about what their “founder” actually said which many times was similar across various cultures though in each case alongside a corrupted establishment so that there were constant offshoot sects in each religion that were at odds with one another and even at war with one another.

      When Contantine was said to have converted to Christianity and funded the building of a number of the cathedrals and declared Sunday the Sabbath and fused the Egyptian based religious culture with the early Christian culture that was already significantly compromised, diluted and distorted by the writings of Paul of Tarsus, a former persecutor of Jesus followers that the Catholic and today Protestant and most denominations mostly quote and can not be shown to say much that Jesus was quoted to have said as he never new Jesus, this was like a coup d’etat of the new updated teachings to judism provided by Jesus.

      That was therefore the biggest pivot point between going from a “cult” to a mainstream religion that we see still exists ever so strongly with megachurches teachings how God wants them to accumulate great wealth so they can give the glory to God in their receit. Or they disregard what Jesus said and teach more to the Old Testament teachings yet say they are Christians.

      Ti and Do knew they were a “cult”. They referred to themselves as the “cult of cults” and the “cult of truth” and there is zero evidence of any abuses or deceit or corrutions – seeking to accumulate wealth, no forced belief or forced to be physically with them – no guilt trips – no punishments for “slippages” except to reveal what we did to our classmates and teachers and include a remedy to try not to repeat that mistake. It was very strict but people were instructed to think about whether they wanted to stay and follow the rules or leave and people were bought airplane tickets to go wherever they wanted when they wanted to leave. There was no cohersion to stay. After I was a fully believing member for 19 years when I decided to leave, I spoke with Do about it and he agreed and told my classmates not to try to talk me out of it. They then gave me $600.00 and took me to the airport the next day after I made that decision. I could give 20 stories of people who left before I did. In their start in 1976 Ti and Do seperated 19 of the 100 or so students and told the remaining 80 or so students “you made the first cut”. Those 19 kept up with by Ti and Do for a while as we were all living outdoors for the first 5 years since 1975. Then Ti and Do told them to get jobs in their community as the larger group was doing in the 1980’s where I was. They eventually disbanned and yet a few of those went looking for the larger group years later and found “us” and asked to rejoin and were permitted to do so.

      There were never children allowed to join and that was because it wasn’t right to force a child to decide to be in the kind of program we were deciding to be in – a program that was like a training program to become a member on a crew of physical beings on board a spacecraft working in crew relationships like the military but without wars and harse behaivors and no sexuality or species propogation because they had outgrown mammalian human evolutionary kingdom behaviors and ways.

      I too thought I was equally ready to “lay down my life” with them as we talked about it openly with our remaining teacher Do starting in 1994. As long as someone in the group showed any sign of wanting something else in the world, they weren’t permitted to stay in the group. It was uncanny the way those who weren’t ready to honestly decide to end their human life were compelled to leave. I am an example. Another former member I am in touch with is an example and many others who left them who I am still in touch with who don’t believe in Ti and Do on my last contact with them.

      Of course if someone doesn’t think much exists that can’t be measured by humans, so disbelieves in the existence of “spirits” (ghosts) – discarnate humans, humans who died and their Mind was offloaded from the vehicle (hardware) it had been running against as structured by the genetic cellular structures. And/or if they don’t believe there are beings who are evolutionarily as far ahead of humans as humans are to plants and animals, then they don’t have much chance of believing that one cult over all others could be the real deal, not saying the others were wrong as what’s right and wrong is according to whom we want to give our allegience. At this time according to Jesus it was to “God or Mammon” where “God” refers to the physical Evolutoinary Level Above Human who created everything sort of like a “hothouse” to grow souls upon that can then choose to become Members of their Next Level but it was through hard work to qualify – it was earned but had to also please the assigned instructor in this case in the name of “Do”.

      Ti and Do and the Members of the Evolutionary Level above Humans don’t need new believers or new members. It’s their joy to provide what they know they have and how wonderful it is and how challenging continued tasks are in whatever department they go into once passing the “God astronaut Training program” on earth.

      Space aliens are the program dropouts who went against the Older Members from the Next Level so they were left here on earth to then subject upcomign new souls to their influence so if they could overcome that influence they would be ready to graduate the human condition as working against their influence was also building their own “mind muscle” that is part of what’s needed to “pilot” one’s new physical body received when one graduates and leaves their vehicle by whatever means but not by self because that was for the students who had proven to the one they knew was their teacher they were ready and we have new instructions for those that believe in Ti and Do now – to “stand for them” and accept the consequences until we exit our human vehicle. This would include talking to them in our private way using the names Ti and Do preferrably – believing they hear us and asking to be “putty in their hands” and then very cautiously seeking their will day by day.

      Their will, would never be to harm anyone or lure them or promise anything to or to make a living off of or pressure anyone or even tell anyone more than they want to know.

      Very few will see the truth in what I am saying and if they do recognize it, if they share that belief with others they are unlikley to meet with someone who could be equally postive minded about it as many fear they will be led to commit suicide or something as sinister. Suicide as an escape from learning certain life lessons would be wrong and would only put someone in the spririt world and at best could be brought back for another chance but the lessons would get harder since when we fail to learn a lesson it get’s harder to help us raise up to conquering the lesson.

      I know I left a lot of gaps but I’m willing to help you with any further questions.

  4. Reverend Eugene Ward Says:

    the more famous heaven’s gate. O brother!


    This is a good one!


    • sawyer Says:

      Trite but good to see as the Luciferian program has been to try to ignore the truth but the part that was kept in it where Do said the earth was about to be recycled can serve the needed function for the Next Level. The way it works, is the Next Level crew give certain ones who are generally seeking/asking thirsting for more truth a little tag/deposit of that truth so that when their vehicle sees/hears the truth it stimulates that sense of it’s truth like a smelling salt. Sure it will be a tiny few that receive that seed and a tiny few of those who follow what it can lead to – a desire to look into who that cult leader was and what they were all about. The Next Level doesn’t need new members so they are very selective and only give out opportunities to those they see as fertile ground.

      Even the first link about the movie heaven’s gate becomes a reminder to those who have that deposit or tag. This was one of the stragedys of the Next Level as they know humans will take all their words and twist them into oblivian but the Next Level always provides a window for their own to see through.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      Nice try, “Pastor Mike”.. Nice try, Little Space Alien.. We know it’s you.. Not funny at all.. You must really pride yourself by being a brothel for Luciferian discarnates.. You are becoming a serious, pathological and diabolical nuisance.. Run along and STOP clogging this blog with your insidious bile of multiple personality disorders, along with your senseless and manipulative smut…. Run along now, rabble rouser, run along…

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t know who “we” is in your claims xf. Please don’t infer you and I are of one mind unless that distinction is very clear.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        I missed that one. I shouldn’t have said “we” but “I” when it came to Pastor Mike. My mistake Sawyer.

  5. Elijah Muhammad Says:

    Why did you stay behind? Did you, do you regret it? Do you feel as if you missed the boat, so to speak?

    • sawyer Says:

      In short, I dropped out because I failed to make the grade – after 18 years of celebacy broke my vows and gave into sensuality and could not seem to muster the presence of mind to even want to fight it, which I only realized some 10 years after leaving the group was largely because I still had spiritual and self centeredness influences (discarnates) I battled yet they had been subtle for all those years. So yes, I do regret failing yet that does me no good and it’s not like once a failure always a failure, so I’m still moving on as the opportunity to measure up to Ti and Do’s qualifcations to be in future programs to overcome my (our) humanness is ongoing until we each drop our human vehicles by whatever means. So yes, I missed the first “bus”, so now it’s still possible to make the next “bus” in whatever shape and form that takes. What I am saying is 100% able to be backed up by many things Ti and Do and Crew said and left for us to understand and many aspects in the book of Revelations that Ti and Do indicated would “all be fulfilled”, which is all in the book I am some 99% finished with. Here’s a couple links on this: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/does-sawyer-regret-leaving-ti-and-dos-heavens-gate-classroom/

      • Elijah Muhammad Says:

        Thats very interesting reading. I suspect by the way you write, with an almost nostalgic tone, that you miss the group? Do you continue to help keep up the website, or have any involvement with the webmasters calling themselves Telah? Or have you split ways entirely? Do you still try to live up to Do’s ideals. Please don’t take my curiosity as mocking your beliefs, or deriding you in any fashion. Heaven’s Gate has always been a topic which has interested me greatly, and I have found your website to be an amazing resource. I saw you in the BBC documentary, and honestly am quite honored to correspond with you. Is there any way i might contact you through email, as I have a lot more questions, but do not wish to infringe upon your personal boundaries. All the best, L.

      • sawyer Says:

        No, I have nothing to do with my two former classmates who continue to manage the web site. I no longer have any reason to be in touch with them and they don’t have any reason to be in touch with me as we have gone in different directions that has even put us at odds with one another. If you want to see why, you will find some posts on this blog – one realted to an interview they gave to “upvoted.com” or “reddit not too long ago, where they first started using the name TELAH as their personal “names” which I feel is one more of a list of ways they have brought dilution and distraction and misinformation to the truth Ti and Do and crew left behind for us, as if starting a new religion, which is the way of the Luciferian space aliens, as was done to Moses and Jesus, in particular. For instance TELAH stands for “The Evolutionary Level Above Human”. To use that as one’s name is like saying my name is “The Kingdom of God”. I wrote a scathing review of that interview and it wasn’t the first and I pointed out to the hosts of those interviews direct lies they were telling – like “why they left the group” – They were both directed to leave. They didn’t choose to leave. They left because one didn’t want to abide by one of the primary lessons entitled, “I could be wrong” – a way to diminish our “self” in favour of “following the lead of our Older Members, in that instance, Do. Anyway, I’m not going into all of that here but here is a link: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/upvoted-com-interview-with-heavensgate-com-webmasters-and-sawyers-claims-of-misinformation/ and here is another: http://gizmodo.com/the-online-legacy-of-a-suicide-cult-and-the-webmasters-1617403237/all and here is what Carlan (crlody) wrote: https://crlody.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/mark-king-grayson-and-other-continued-lies-about-heavens-gate/

        Yes I do try to live up to Do’s teachings of celebacy but do still take care of my now 18 yr. old daughter but she is quickly gaining her own indepdendance which I encourage so if/when the time comes for me to leave her it will not be too much of an emotional strain. I spend most of my waking hours working on my book and subsisting – having some employment, etc.

        I find nothing in your questions as mockery though I frequently am mocked but that’s to be expected unfortunately. Most reduce themselves to mockery when they can’t stand to consider the information at face value – so they attack the messenger – in this case me as I attempt to deliver the mix of what Ti and Do and crew recorded with my 19 years experience with them and the content of my book that combines what they said with what was said in the records, mostly from Jesus and the Revelations. I don’t mind at all debate.

        Sure you can send me email at: sawyerhg@yahoo.com but I will use your questions in posts on this blog so others with the same questions can benefit from them. I don’t post your email address or any names you use and I don’t give out human names of any classmates though I know a handful who had dropped out before I did in 1994 who I am seldom in touch with anymore. I also don’t give out personal information of my whereabouts or my vehicles legal name, mostly to try to cover for the occasional heckler and so my vehicle’s remaining family aren’t sought after for any reason, though I know it looks like that’s all moot now because it’s been so relatively quiet in the last handful of years. However that quietness will be changing very, very soon I believe as the progress in the Next Level’s experiment proceeds into a new stage that is essentially the greater “tribulation time” and “judgement time” and “spading” and the Next Level’s further pulling up of the “tares” that many humans are choosing to assist the Next Level with even though it’s against God’s law for humans to kill humans. Since some insist on doing so as they have since the experiment began the Next Level let’s them and they end up taking one aother out and that’s about to increase a great deal with the next “seal’s opening” which is timed to the U.S. presidential election – as I see it.

        There is also no group, no new cult, no leaders, no efforts to organize I’m apart of (though it seems the webmasters have attempted to have their organization – that I refused to be a part of, many years ago when the sought to have a core former member meeting. There are also no hidden agenda’s I know anything about, like no suicide pacts and I even believe at this time suicide could be more of a way to avoid learning difficult lessons we need our vehicles experience to learn, yet the object is to offer our service to Ti and Do and “stand for them” and accept the consequences that I suspect will be that some of us who stand for them will be taken out by those who are against the Next Level even though some of those will think they are serving God – it will simply be a “false god” as has happened throughout history but now will happen more in the U.S. mainland areas as the Next Level is turning up the heat in more ways than one so people will not be able to hold back what they have become, so anger and hatreds and bigotries of every sort will escalate but those who don’t give into receiving the “markings” of allegience to the U.S. and E.U. and any other governmental “Beasts” or the “image of the Beast” – their beliefs that often use the names of Next Level Members but ignore what they instructed.

        I’m afraid to say I have become comfortable with my remaining humanness, but I know that will soon be challenged more.

    • XF Checker 97 Says:

      Mr. Muhammad, although it is at least positive that the webmasters of http://www.heavensgate.com keep the website running, along with making available 486 audio tapes for a cash transaction, 11 or so video tapes and 1 purple book, some of us no longer keep any contact with those webmasters. The reason is, as far as I can tell, are they think they are “gate keepers” and are “superior” to us. This to me is false behavior. Although we all struggle with our own issues, The TELAH Foundation has made itself into some kind of entity with rogue politics I myself don’t agree with. From what I studied of the Heaven’s Gate information, the only gate keepers are Representatives from the Kingdom of Heaven – and NOT former students. For a former student to suddenly call himself a “gate keeper” is simply ridiculous and so against what Ti & Do taught (that I recall).. So I and several others do not endorse The TELAH Foundation nor any of their associates.. So, although some of us have no part of MRCody and SRFody in The TELAH Foundation, it’s for various good and valid reasons. Thank you.

      • Paul of Seattle Says:

        so you and sawyer question do’s judgment in leaving those people in charge of the material? do may have left with them because he *knew* others would try to hijack the teachings.

        why do you two think he left those people in charge of everything? It would be interesting to hear both your opinions.

      • sawyer Says:

        One thing I am certain of. We each are being tested. One does not refine gold without “fire”. It can never be easy. If it is, it’s probably not from the Next Level though we don’t try to make it hard – it’s just the way it is despite ourselves.

        A test must have options to pass and fail and in degrees that can apply at different times and can include making gains and slipping further from. Do’s preference in 1994 was for mark and sarah to have the opportunity to rejoin the classroom but they didn’t want to. I was there to witness that and I was a group overseer who Do did confide certain things in, though on that score may have expressed it to the entire classroom at that time. So since they wanted to still have some service, Do gave them what they said they wanted and it became a shocker in March of 1997, they didn’t know to expect, (that I don’t blame them for, as they were not in the same place as Do’s student body so their lessons were different).

        It was also Do’s preference for me to re-awaken and come back into the classroom. He had rkkody give me a message in 1995 what said Do wanted to know “where my head was at” but I chose to say through rkkody that my head hasn’t changed and that I wanted to remain outside the classroom. I had sucuumb to my boogers (influences, advasary – assigned by the Next Level to me) and I learned of late that I am “barely awake”.

        I can’t speak further to Mark and Sarah’s relationship with Ti and Do. It’s not my business but the only things set in stone are that we all must seek to seperate from all our humanness to grow closer to Ti and Do. It’s never assumed. Yes, they were given the task to be point people for the initial management of the materials left behind, but they weren’t given all the materials and they were told of Do and Crew’s intention that the world have a chance to know in more detail what they were all about, which can be found in the audio tapes Mark and Sarah surpressed for a long time (but that I’m told are for sale on the web site now, though I haven’t yet checked that out). If so then why for sale. I could understand selling them but I would also provide a way for soneone to get them without the exchange of human currency as Do and Crew did with the purple book’s contents. Maybe they are doing that too as they don’t tell me anything as they have said to the public via various interviews things that are clearly inaccurate to the facts of their departure from the class that I have much proof of and in my opinion have been deceitful about other things as well which I have pointed out as comments in those same interviews and posted on this blog, to which they have not responded to me directly about.

        I am not against them personally. I’m glad the web site is still up but it does trouble me that any who choose to look to them as an authority on the information will probably not get the most accurate viewpoint on any given subject, even directy stating the opposite of much of what Ti and Do and crew wrote down, exactly as we’ve seen happen to the Jesus materials. The truth is still there in at least the four gospels but the interpretations have mostly been diluted and distorted into the “religions” that we know are “the number one killers of souls” because of how they give a soothing impression of godliness and promise of pie in the sky for next to zero effort to overcome the human evolutionary level.

        We are all on a slippery slope and are all being tested and the tests get harder as we fail them, though failure is in degrees and not for us to heep judgement of others, except pertaining to what others literally say that we can compare to what Ti and Do and Crew said. This gives each of us a chance to regain lost ground as it’s a training program not a country club membership as it was made into.

        So how were the teachings “hijacked” by “others”? If you are claiming I have hijacked anything then be specific and I’ll examine it and respond accordingly, not saying I have or haven’t, though if I have it wasn’t conscious but the name of the game is that slipping is not generally conscious entirely, though when I chose to leave and chose not to return that was conscious. But since then I’m not aware of a conscious slippage in terms of information provision of my experiences, what they left behind and interpretations of prophecy that can all be shown directly linked to many things Ti and Do said over the years. Unless they said, “this updates such and so” it all has it’s application to date and it’s all about giving humans a great deal of flexability of what to believe and how to show their allegience so they can combat the influences that will say and do anything to disuade all of us from moving closer in our relationship to Ti and Do.

        It’s a process and has not at all ended except for those that don’t engage the process in the slightest way, which I’m not the measurer of. There are Next Level crews assigned the tasks to “measure” us according to the instructions they are given by their Older Members and that becomes their lesson opportunities as growth never ceases for those that want to continue to grow into having more responsible tasks for the Next Level.

      • sawyer Says:

        yes, Do knew the teachings would be “hijacked” as you put it, in the same way he knew Jesus’ teachings would be hijacked and the same way Moses teachings were “hijacked” but what also happened in each of those cases was that the ones with the personal experience did their best to share all they knew and experienced and then as Ti and Do said, a Next Level crew saw to it that the most important things said by Jesus were kept accurate enough to serve as a help for the next classroom, for both the teachers to awaken their vehicles by and for their students to awaken by in serveral ways – showing how far afield those who become the religious authorities over the information miss what was intended as they try to conform what was taught to the masses. They do this in large part somewhat innocently but because of the allowed Luciferian influence as Do said, “hardly stood a chance” to see the truth and then that acts as a filter so that only the students ready to graduate are awakened and compelled to leave all behind to follow the one(s) who deliver the updates they are ready to hear as the updates will be consistant with all the previous accurate records, though in a different classroom lesson ground according to the student body capacity to take it in.

        This time around they left an impeccible record but they didn’t really spend any time on addressing all the fulfillments of prophecy that one can not see unless they enable it. They may have many ways to enable it but take advantage of the situation and the choices students and dropouts make. For instance I was primed to be able to perform the task of exposing the truth in the remaining prophecies but I have every reason to believe was only offerred that task because I flunked out of the classroom I could have graduated with and sought to have service again and still could fail at that still. They are in no way limited. They could go to anyone they want who they deem genuinely seeking to be in their service. One could be a monk in some christian order or a nun or a housewife or anyone who in their own way has desired service and they could motivate them to quicly learn the prophecies and perhaps even come to run into the Ti and Do info and put it all together as I am doing and could even do a better job as perhaps they will have less baggage than I have as I know I have baggage galore that distracts me and depletes my energy and limits my common sense of what translations and interpretations of the records make the most sense in context and in today’s application.

        That task was spelled out in at least three places in the Book of Revelations and at least one or two places in the book of Daniel if you want to look them up. Rev 5:1 – the “backside” of the book refers to the “history” before the “book that is written from within the throne”. And there is also the Rev 10 “little book” to be revealed during the 7th trumpet sounding which is AFTER the Two and Crew have ascended in their invisible (compared to the wind) to human “spirit/soul/mind birth” having “fell upon their faces” in rev 11:16 that was a past reference in that verse, the reason the original translators, which I investigated used the word “sat” instead of “sit”.

        In any case even if there are verses that can leave one to question this point of view it still serves the Next Level as then only those they give a deposit of their mind to will know it’s the truth while others will say it’s something else or was all made up or has become so distorted it can’t be figured out or would only be figured out when Jesus returns (which he has) but they are not seeing the proof that he comes twice, the first time incarnate as one of the two witnesses. When he comes back “in his glory” as shown in Rev 19 he’s in his Next Level body, perhaps even the one he took with him or changed into after he layed down his life 2000 years ago, which in the timeline is not to occur until after the 7 vials are poured out that seems to end with the total destruction of the new Babylonian empire – the U.S. (but no doubt is in progress of that same destruction happening by the hand of humans as we speak, though the Next Level seems in the 7 vials include such a severe drought in the Euphrates one could walk accross it which would bring famine and disease and related wars like never seen before in that area. This seems to be the fate of the U.S. western half as well with all manner of “fire” and that the “mystery Babylon” would be the duel or triad cities of NYC primarily and Boston and the “seat of the beast” as Washington DC, etc. which it appears will literally “sink” (as if a might millstone was thrown into the sea).

        Who would be the ones used by the Luciferians to hijack the teachings can be any and all who fail to point people to the truth in their writings and that includes all their writings. Everything they wrote applies from the 1970’s on unless they stated this or that was updated as they did say at time or they realized a more detailed meaning. For instance on “deposits” early on they didn’t even call them “deposits”. At first Do said the Next Level gave out a “pocket” while always saying our bodies were “vehicle”. After we read about bob lazars exposure to the “yellow book” that talked about how humans were “containers” and claimed the space aliens created Jesus, Do liked that term “container” for a while but it wasn’t until 1995-6 that he really began to see clearly how there were “deposits” of different kinds. So yes, if I or someone didn’t keep with the updates even in terminology then they would become instruments of hijacking the truth.

        I did a great deal of back and forth over this with carlan – crlody in the classroom, having joined in 1994 – who was a may still be critical of me because it seemed to appear to him I was “trying to replace Do”, if I’m quoting him right and when I pressed him for how, I couldn’t see it, but then there was something to what he was saying I needed to pay attention to as I was relying on my memory of things said far more than pointing people to what Do and students left for us to have and I was talking far to certainaly about certain things, even though there are things I feel quite certain about – it’s easy to slip in little ways, as Lucifer did and was given many chances to change according to Ti and Do and didn’t so went to a place beyond return. He became a week that was only good as a type of fertilizer to stimulate a healthy Next Level fruit to grow from overcoming.

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        Well. “Paul of Seattle”, why are you so concerned with what Sawyer or I or others think? Sounds like you already formulated a pre-judgement call based on your assessment, am I right? You said that Do (Doe) may have left the 486 audio cassettes with them (The T.E.L.A.H. Foundation) because he *knew* others would try to hijack the teachings. I could be mistaken but you sound like a sympathizer of The T.E.L.A.H. Foundation. And for you to say Sawyer and I are “questioning” Do’s judgment call on leaving MRC & SRF in charge, is simply ridiculous. Who are you to pre-determine or judge what others are thinking? Your statement is out of order. Furthermore, when you say that MRC & SRF were “put in charge” so nobody would “hijack the teachings’, that’s an interesting statement and a mis-judgement. How so? Do your research.. Maybe you better research further as to who exactly “hijacked” what.. At least now the 486 audio cassettes are finally available – – almost two decades later.. Better late than never, right? Well, so it would seem and that all depends: apparently they are now available, but there’s a problem. I heard many of those tapes were basically ruined from sitting for too long and now the sound quality is barely audible. It is good that the website is still up and the book as well as video tapes are available. That’s still a plus in my book and now that the 486 audios are available too, that’s a bigger plus. Aside from that, I have no further comment. Everybody who believes in Ti & Do, whether in whole or in part has their hits, misses, ups, downs, quirks and foibles. That’s just my take on that.

      • Paul of Seattle Says:

        Sawyer, Thanks for your response. What I meant was that Do had to be aware that their message could potentially be hijacked by others, so he would have gone to great lengths to avoid that! Like you said it already happened once. Do using all his knowledge and all the knowledge of the Next Level, chose these people to keep the doctrine.

        or I was thinking what if Do and the next level knew they would hijack or suppress the information — just like before. Maybe that is the way they wanted it to happen. Just like 2000 years ago — maybe it is part of the plan.

      • sawyer Says:

        I can see the way your mind works on that and had I not been with them for many years I would think similarily and I’m still not saying there isn’t truth in part to what you are saying, but what I do know is that the Next Level plans for the best response not the negatives. When they see the negative raise it’s head they then reevaluate their response. Mark and sarah didn’t want to join the graduation class they started with. In that way they failed so the Next Level chose to offer them a task they could do, though it would have in some ways more of challenge, which is even yet to come as it isn’t over by far. It will come to pass that anyone providing information about what Ti and Do said will be seen an a “religious extremeist” and Biden I believe was just hilighted at the U.N. approving a plan for a global U.N. mandated police force to combat religious extreamists, as one example that nothing is static – we are all in the judgement time and all will be put to the test of to whom to show our allegience and which souls will be saved based on what they do to serve the Next Level in whatever terms they use for the Next Level, as Do said of the 3rd category of who would be saved from the recycling – those who never heard of Ti and Do, but that prophecy shows are those that don’t accept the MARKs of the BEAST (U.S.) or serve the BEASTS Image – the patriotic or spiritual or religious service that is almost entirely misinformation mind from the Luciferian space aliens – which is the norm of course so it’s not seen as a negative except it doesn’t recognize the One True Kingdom of Gods who are evolutionarily Above Human in every way but are not etheric spirits.

        I would say Do knew it would be a big test for Mark and Sarah as they knew giving me a task to write would be a big test for me as it has proved to be and that I recently learned I was approaching while only partially or barely awake or struggling to stay awake enough to do and my tests are not done either by a longshot. The harder times are yet to come and I can run away from them to “save my life in this world” or let “standing for Ti and Do” be what takes my vehicle out. If I don’t go to where people might be receptive when the clues come my way, then I’m hiding from the inevitable fate of all those who choose to enter service to Ti and Do and for those who were given much, as Jesus said, much is required.

        yes, I agree that Ti and Do, do learn from what happens in times past. Ti and Do always said it was all an “experiment” and that main part that’s experimental is not knowing for sure how people will respond. However, they are so adept at this task they certainly see the trends and that’s also what they provide by letting the Lucierian space aliens out of their underground prison cells for a time, even though technically when those souls with or without vehicles are let out, they once again have the choice to continue in their same thinking/acting or change, however slight that might be – I don’t know. But they keep a balance for those they are working with whom they made deposits into vehicles for them to take over. It is for these that everything is geared so yes, they provide both all the positive and all the negative options and we each get to choose from day by day until we die and that determines whether our soul is saved for a future classroom or not.

        I did know all along that the Next Level could have motivated mark and sarah to provide the tapes but then they wouldn’t have had that test. While Do was incarnate from what I saw, he didn’t always know the reason why he had instructions that could have included instructions NOT to do something. For instance he no doubt asked Ti what to do with the tapes, but the way I also saw it worked was to not ask an open ended question but to be specific like asking…perhaps… should we split the tapes up and send them to different x-classmates. I’m just guessing but hopefully it is showing a little of what I think can be seen in the tapes actually as he/they demonstrated this kind of approach during meetings sometimes.

        Sometimes he’d get back a clear “no”. For instance when he got rocky mtn spotted tic fever he knew he could exit his vehicle and asked Ti if he could and told us Ti said he could if he wanted to. But he chose not to exit then. That was 1992 or 1993.

        I think he would have asked on each decision how Ti felt about sending jhnody the beyond human masters or about sending certain things to rio and flx/abl and rkkody. If he didn’t get a nix feeling he would have proceeded still feeling it out as he planned for what he was going to do.

      • Paul of Seattle Says:

        Thanks XF Checker 97 — by others I meant anyone other than the people they left the materials to. I wasn’t saying you or sawyer but I can see why you thought that. more getting to wonder if there was a purpose — do and the next level wouldn’t let it happen unless it was supposed to happen like it did with saul/paul and catholics or islam even. there is a reason it happened then and happend now? it is an interesting aligning of events. does it mean something? not saying it does or that i know. thanks, p

      • XF Checker 97 Says:

        No problem Paul. Maybe I misconstrued your words and mistook your statements for statements with condescension. It happens. After Heaven’s Gate left Earth in 1997, what transpired afterwards with regards to the availability of “all” NL info the Class left behind was and is a test of character to those who are believers or sympathizers. We all have our achievements, failures, struggles and issues to deal with.

      • XF97 Says:

        In re- reading your query Paul, I don’t question Do’s judgement call or decision about who to leave the Information to. I just question the “people” he left the Information to, which would be MRCody and SRFody. And I have plenty of reasons to question the actions of MRCody and SRFody to which I’m sure some others would agree in their own ways; But that’s just my take on that. Doesn’t matter to me if anyone agrees with my statements or not. We all make mistakes (whether intentional or un-intentional) and it is up to each individual how to proceed with their day to day walks. None of us are perfect, this is true and they have their own share of merits and demerits as do we all.

  6. mo truthseeker Says:



    • sawyer Says:

      I do’t know what a panel is nor a number. Yes I feel they have contacted me in dreams in response to some of my questions and several times to correct me. Sometimes it’s direct words and sometimes my just being in a setting observing that leaves me with a message. And I have also been contacted by luciferian imposters posing as Do and once as tllody, though with tllody I may have just misinterpreted the message.

      Ti and Do did teach that dream time was a time the Next Level helped us with our lessons and they even said we could ask when we went to sleep to remember our dreams. They also said we weren’t given instructions in dreams. Like they won’t say, “go here and do this” or “think this way” or don’t go here or there or think this or that way, because we can be tricked by the discarnates and luciferian space aliens also.

      There are other forms of communication we become sensitive to. It’s what Ti and Do called one’s “feeler” but it’s more of a radar kind of thing but it goes hand in hand with knowing their minds, the way they think and act so to be able to check the source of feelings as they too can be from influences of the lower forces.

      They did compare asking them a question with picking up the phone. And they did talk about how their names but more importantly knowing their location with their names as a way to dial their number and their location at this time is in the distant heavens as they said projecting our asking for the truth should go as far from Earth as one can imagine, beyond the stars to the highest living being we can imagine existing to insure the Luciferian space aliens or discarnates can’t intercept such a question to try to step in to provide us an answer.

      They taught that if we raised our vibrations enough we could grow to literally SEE more and that included seeing members of the Next Level who might have an assignment in our literal physical midst who are physical beings but who stay out of our way but if they did allow us to touch them would feel physical in some way. I equate that with how Jehovah allowed Moses to touch him once.

    • XF97 Says:

      What is the theme behind your query, Mo Truthseeker? You are a seeker, correct? What is the current truth you believe in now that would make you ask such questions? The reason why I am inquiring is for 2 reasons: Reason (A) You are using “all caps” which tells me either that’s the way you simply type, or you are displaying tones of condescension. (B) I sense an ingredient of sarcasm in your question/s. If you are in fact a seeker, that’s good. However, your questions aren’t without some kind of deeper meanings. Can you be more specific?

    • sawyer Says:

      I was reviewing your question and my previous reply. The messages were direct and very simple and were not cryptic, no symbolism. I would be very wary of thinking They would contact anyone with much symbolism because especially now what they want the most is for individuals to study their materials and apply what’s taught according to each’s own desire to do so. We who wish to be in their service need to “stand for Them” even as it becomes difficult to do so and need to maintain that stand until we exit our vehicle. We know we are all striving to disconnect from anyone who would try to hold us back from giving our all to Ti and Do.

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  9. m88 Says:


    “Third Eye” way Luciferian Space Aliens Steal Souls | Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate

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