Critique of “thenextweb” 2015 article on Heaven’s Gate

Below the link is my critique of an article about Heaven’s Gate that included comments from the current webmasters I call M & S:

(Before I start…there is an ongoing theme I keep hearing from even would be believers in Ti and Do that says – there is no classroom anymore so nothing to join and thereby nothing to do as we will just have to wait to reincarnate when a REP is incarnate again. This is a HUGE programming against the Next Level that is a Luciferian Space Alien agenda to promote and instill in even those who are most in line to become new prospective Members of the Next Level. People are blinded in many ways and this is just one more that M (and I presume S) are promoting in most every interview I hear that they gave, (along with other things that are against what Ti and Do taught, like saying there is no Heaven and no Hell for instance). It is so abundantly clear to me that all of us must “stand in defense of and for Ti and Do and maintain that stand until our exit of our vehicle” as the overall minimum requirement to be included in the group of Souls who are taken off the earth when the rest are recycled. The maximum giving will be to seperate from all our humanness, adopt all the behaviors and ways Ti and Do taught and stand for Ti and Do despite the consequences. Those when they are taken off the planet it seems from prophecy get awarded with what I think would be a student level Next Level made physical vehicle and service for continued lessons until they are given the chance to graduate to an adult Next Level vehicle.

Yes, every indication is that, this will be in affect for even 1000 earth years after it’s DONE – which may be only a decade or two away, so it would seem some Souls may be given some lessons in new human vehicles during that 1000 years as part of their service/lessons and may have some interaction with Next Level Older Membes Ti and/or Do. I say this because of the Revelations Prophecies and from everything Do and Ti and Jesus and Moses said and did. For every point mentioned here there are at least three direct depictions in the Book of Revelations that Ti and Do said in 1974-6, via the document they wrote and had published as part the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, though have also been given by Do (and Ti) in little clues throughout their years incarnate.

Anyone who indicates there is nothing to do going forward, but perhaps make Ti and Do’s records into a study is participating knowingly or not in a Luciferian space alien misinformation campaign intending to even agree with most everything except seeking to connect with Ti and Do to ask to make application to be in their service and to hit the deck running to start our own forward motion in that service.)

The curious online afterlife of a 20th century suicide cult

1) It was reported that M and S (current names I use for the webmasters of said in this article:
“A recent book on this subject, ‘Heaven’s Gate – America’s UFO Religion’ by Benjamin Zeller has been the best work we have seen so far.”

-Sawyer’s comment:
I don’t know why zellers book is the best work they have seen. He sent me an early draft looking for my input and I gave him a great deal and I’ve read parts of the new book and it’s too hard to wade through and is pretty much a carbon copy of Robert Balch’s hypothesis which is far afield and full of misinformation, insults and the like from a so called academic. Even calling Heavens Gate a “ufo religion” I suspect would make Ti and Do and crew gag considering they said that “religions are the number one killers of souls”.

2) It was reported that Jacques Vallee in Messengers of Deception said,
In November it was discovered that the two people who claimed to be the leaders of that outer-space organization were in fact quite ordinary humans: M.H. Applewhite, 43, born in Spur, Texas, a musician and opera singer, the son of Presbyterian minister; and Bonnie Nettles, age 48, a nurse who met him in Houston in the early ‘70s while he was recovering from a mental breakdown. They had first created meditation centres, then about 1973 they began recruiting for H.I.M.

-Sawyers comment:
There is no evidence I have heard of or seen that their first meeting was in a hospital Do was a patient in. Do had every reason to tell the truth about this and told us many times how He and Ti (Bonnie met), which Ti was present for and agreed was in the hospital where Ti worked as a premie baby nurse but on that time of meeting had agreed to substitute for another nurse in a different ward (that was not stated by Do or Ti). Do was with a friend and wrote in the document “88 Update, the UFO TWO and Their Crew”, available on and on my blog at: that he was at the hospital visting a “male friend”. This is when Do first told us, the student body that he had been living a homosexual lifestyle before he awakened. He also told us at that time that he was unhappy with the fact that he wasn’t finding a partner who wanted a committed relationship. Ti told is before this time that Do’s task differed from Jesus task in that he needed to take a vehicle that would get into most all things the vehicles the students would take might get into so he could relate to them what it takes to overcome those human characteristics, such as sexuality. Do said that Ti started a conversation about astrology asking what sign Do was. Do had been interested in astrology so showed interest.

One could research whether or not the ward with the “sick friend” was a mental ward like perhaps due to someone who tried to commit suicide for instance or for someone who had a mental breakdown. I don’t know if that is how that story got started. I’m not saying Do never checked himself into a facility or if he ever had a mental breakdown in his past. It’s possible. I know he indicated he was an alchohol user but I don’t know to what degree. I know he and Ti were quite straight laced and said they did no recreational drugs. And I know he did mingle in Houston high society and was divorced. But Terrie Nettles (Ti’s vehicle’s daughter) didn’t seem to know of this hospital meeting so thought they first met at a voice lesson Do was giving that Ti brought one of her daughters to that may have been Terrie.

Note that Vallee didn’t seem to know that they never wanted followers or students. Do wrote in 88update that when they learned that about a dozen wanted to follow them it was an “unwelcomed surprise” as they thought they would just share their message and move on. Vallee might not know about those they turned away as was reported in Brad Steiger’s book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” and in 1976 how they sent 19 of their followers away from the larger group and Ti then told us who remained, “you made the first cut” as they didn’t think the 19 were ready though a number of years later after this other groups reincorporated back into the world, one in particular had been looking for the group and just so happened to walk into a hospital where a student was working in Amarillo, Texas and recognized her. That was the student named Drrody – Durable + “ody”. Nrrody was working in the Amarillo hospital at that time. By the way I took a lot of time and answered all of Zellers questions for his book and he used next to nothing and nothing changed much of his opinions that sided 100% with Robert Balch whom I also met with and edited a chapter for his book while I was in the group and we had started the second period of public meetings after 17 years of no meetings.

There are many stories of how Ti and Do said and did things that student found challenging so because of chose to leave the group. Do even offerred $2000.00 to any student who wasn’t leaving because they were afraid of the challenge of getting re-started in the world. Do only wanted students who wanted to give their all towards overcoming all of their human characteristics and to serve the Next Level through he and Ti’s instructions.

Thus their recruitment efforts were very successful, except it wasn’t about gaining great numbers. They came to know they would only have a small group of students and it ended up being 24 at one point before the second public meetings but ended at 38+4 which being 42 is in line with Rev 11:2 where “months” is equally translated to “affirmations from that 3 1/2 years time of their Prophecy period a way to make two statements in one.

3) It was reported that Zeller explained:
“The basic theology of Heaven’s Gate was that life on earth was relatively unimportant compared to life in the heavens, which should be our ultimate goal. Put that way, that’s what most Christians believe, particularly evangelical protestants who are a major force in America”.

-Sawyers comment:
To the contrary, Life on Earth was very important to having Life in the heavens as the human evolutionary kingdom was created to be a stepping stone into the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Nor “should it be” the ultimate goal of every human, becaues the Next Level doesn’t give all humans the chance at the same time and in the same ways if at all to make application to membership in the Kingdom in the literal heavens (outer space). That’s why it was compared to a “garden” where there are certain plantings in certain areas at different times and nutured in different ways pertaining to how the plants are growing. So the Moses classroom then became the “plants” with “seeded deposits (souls)” the Next Level chose to work with. But the product is not the physical vehicles. The product is the Soul that becomes filled with degrees of Mind/Spirit that if brought to “spirit birth” as Jesus said would reward them with a New “made” Next Level body that is no longer mammalian and service on board spacecrafts as big as planets, seen or not to cultivate new “gardens” as the way they gain new members. They don’t need new members. It’s simply their joy to offer what they know they have that is so “Beyond Human”.

4) It was reported re: Rob Balch’s forward to Zeller’s book claiming they were disorganized in 1975 when Balch and Taylor infiltrated the group:
“One potential reason for the group’s disorganized state at that time was that Do ended up in prison. In August 1974, he was arrested for failing to return a rental car and jailed for six months. It was during his period that he began to shift his theological thinking towards extraterrestrial life.”

-Sawyers comment:
There is little truth to this. Yes he spent 6 months in prison that stemmed from his keeping a rental car too long. The rental car company dropped the charges as soon as they got the car back but the St. Louis prosecutor, Do reported in 88Update was trying to make points and knew Do was an easy target because of his wild story of being from outer space and Do gave him a strange Tibetan name Nor Bu Young had just given he and Ti as this was in 1974 over a year before Rob Balch infiltrated so how can the two be linked. Ti and Do began to awaken to both being from “outer space” while in Boerne, Texas for less than 6 weeks where they also then realized they, their Minds/souls had been sent to “bring updates to the bible” and “fulfill prophecy”.

5) It was reported that:
“Throughout 1975, Do and Ti began to gather followers. During this time they were using the “Bo” and “Peep” monikers and arranged at least two public events to wait for the arrival of UFOs. When a spaceship failed to land at a gathering in Waldport, Oregon, the group still gained 30 new followers.”

-Sawyers comment:
There were a total of two times we planned for a pickup event. The first was in 1980 when we were camped at “The Cave without a Name” tourist site in Boerne, Texas and yes there was no pickup and Ti told Do from that, that Do told us about after Ti left her vehicle in 1985 (since she scheduled it) that she felt like she had “egg on her face” but it didn’t change her direction and knowing who she was. And it didn’t phase their fully dedicated students either, as I was one it didn’t phase, but for those on the fence it was the reason at least one left the group thereafter. Her name was Jssody. The second event was in 1992 while camping on the BLM lands west of Phoenix that Do being without Ti’s physical presence felt he had instruction from Ti to instigate (though instructions were not that easy to know were instructions so in a sense it was  a trial and error situation. This was not at all the way the schedule to lay down their lives occurred. That took years of examination of every detail and every student that I was present for and was an Overseer so was privey to things others weren’t always privey to (though not much really, but just some insights perhaps of how Do’s mind worked, though still did not make me able to second guess him). Thus since Waldport happened in September of 1975 these are totally unrelated. The 30 new followers came as a result mostly of the 1994 public meetings and many of those ended up leaving as well.

6) It was reported that:
“They then settled on a nomadic lifestyle moving across the United States. In April 1976, Ti announced that the group would no longer hold public meetings and its membership dropped dramatically – from more than 100 to around two dozen.”

-Sawyers comment:
Ti did annouce on April 21, 1976 that the “harvest is closed” and had us just finish up the existing meeting schedule by mid June and there were “about 100” students at that time but it took the next 17 years for the numbers to drop to “around two dozen”. (Note the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelations).

7) It was reported that:
“In 1985, the mass suicide was still 12 years away, but death touched the group significantly. After two years suffering with cancer, Ti died. Do told his followers that she had gone to ‘the Next Level’ because she contained too much energy to remain on Earth, and had abandoned her Earthly vessel for the journey.”

-Sawyers comment:
Do simply said Ti “burnt out her vehicle” dealing with the negativity she was the biggest recipient of as she was the Older Member of Do, so like the grandfather to the student body and when students were having doubts those thoughts went to both she and Do and when members of the human families of students felt anxiety and condemnation of the students teachers the discarnates would attack her (and Do). Ti was depicted in Revelations Chapter 12 as the “woman” and this is shown by the Dragon (the Luciferian space alien souls, even Lucifer in particular as one of those souls) sending out a flood against her. She is saved from it by the “earth opening it’s mouth” to swallow the flood. That’s an expression of someone going into the grave even found in a Crosby Stills Nash and Young song. So her early exit was planned ahead.

8) It was reported that:
“Following the loss of his companion – the pair were not lovers – Do began to adjust and evolve the theology of what would come to be renamed Heaven’s Gate. He decided that Ti’s consciousness had been conveyed to a spaceship when it had left her body. Previously the group’s teachings had focused on actual physical ascension, but Ti’s passing had made that belief untenable.”

-Sawyers comment:
The Heaven’s Gate name came about after I left which was after September of 1994. Ti left in 1985. We had a number of names as we explored different public approaches, Do feeling there was to be another public offerring of the infomation that was more straight forward that Do was the return of the same Soul who had been incarnate in the vehicle named “jesus”. See Do’s article, “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Final Departure” written in 1995 and posted to 90 somthing usenet groups. (I say this was the 6th of 7 “thunders” (roars) listed in Revelations chapter 10.

That belief that they could all be taken with their physical bodies was never “untenable” though I admit Ti’s exit did reveal their exit would not necessarily be with their physical bodies. This is shown in the document I’ve already noted, “Undercover “Jesus”…” showing that in 1995 they still thought it possible they could be taken without “laying down their bodies” in the way they did by their own hands.

9) It was reported that:
“Do believed once the group had reached ‘Evolutionary Level Above Human – the Next Level’ they would be able to leave their physical ‘vessels’ and be transported to heaven – a literal planet – on a spaceship controlled by extraterrestrials. One of those beings was Jesus. In Do’s doctrine, Jesus was a gateway to heaven, but on his first visit to Earth found humanity to be unready for ascension.”

-Sawyers comment:
This is very convoluted to say the least. To put it simply, Do believed if they exited by leaving their human vehicles behind their Soul bodies which are invisible to humans that would not have died would be met by Next Level members who were invisible to humans and they would board an invisible space craft sent to receive them. Yes one could call that spacecraft “heaven” because at that point one is in the keeping of the Kingdom of Heaven, but where they would go from there was never spelled out while I was there nor in any of the information they left behind that I have found. However, Ti and Do did say they were from “headquarters” and that some might be assigned to work in headquarters and there was some implication that headquarters was locally inside the planet Pluto. Ti and Do instigated a movie script that they said was “science fiction based on the truth” in which Pluto as a huge spacecraft that housed a “earth lab” with a scaled replica of the earth through which Next Level crewmembers could observe and perhaps communicate with any part of earth or earthling.

Yes Members of the Next Level were “extraterrestrial” but didn’t look like the aliens we see mostly in hollywood movies – that look grotesque or like insects, etc. They have very delicate shapes and features that they designed humans to resemble in likeness though have a slightly larger head, small lips if they even have lips, depending on the type of vehicle designed for each members as members keep on graduating to new model vehicles or vehicles for differnet tasks.

Ti said Do was the same soul who started in the task of Adam, then Enoch, then Moses, then Elijah and then Jesus. But yes Jesus was the gateway 2000 years ago, both him as a person in that vehicle he took over and related to his student body through and by his teachings of the requirements of seperating from our human roots and human mammalian behaviors and ways, such as sexuality. But to date, Do then became the “currently present” Representative. If we don’t please Do and Ti then they are not going to want to have us on their crew on board a spacecraft doing tasks for them. Ti assigned Do the task of birthing the student body completly though she came to help get him started, thus He is this civilizations current and only GATE into Heaven which is 100% consistant with everything Jesus represented.

10) It was reported that Zeller said re: Hale Bopps reported “companion object”:
“…claims about a mysterious object, a ‘companion’, following the comet that seemed to move unnaturally and even influence the movements of the comet became the focus of the group. While these claims would later be debunked, and the members of Heaven’s Gate ultimately indicated that the nature of the mysterious object was in fact irrelevant, the interest in the companion and the comet among members of the fringe and conspiracy-orientated alternative media attracted the attention and interest of the group’s adherents.”

-Sawyers comment:
There is a great deal to say about what Zeller so easily just says were “debunked” that even scientists who are still engaged in trying to understand would not be so blatently challenging. For instance in one NASA forum on Hale Bopp, the concensus is that what we are calling Hale Bopp was actually two object in orbit around one another – spoken of as having a double nucleus that is not understood how is possible. Since that time there have been so many events in the heavens that have put current science on it’s ear, so to speak that to say with any certainty what is not possible is ignorance.

11) It was reported that:
“If it happened today, the mass suicide of Heaven’s Gate members who be the stuff of memes in the darkest corners of the internet. The details were precise – black uniforms with matching “Away Team” patches, new white Nikes, purple shrouds. Each member with rolls of quarters and five dollar bills in their pockets, and duffle bags beside them”.

-Sawyers comment:
It was “three quarters” not rolls and that added up to $5.75 which is what Mark Twain said was the cost to ride the tail of a comet to heaven.
I didn’t know this when I was first interviewed by Zeller and others before him, though I did update him I believe before his book went to print. I don’t recall whether he mentions the Mark Twain “coincidence”.

12) It was reported that:
Though they are the only ex-Heaven’s Gate members in control of the group’s legacy and archives, there are other former adherents.
One, Rio DiAngelo wrote a book about his experience. Another, Sawyer, has a frequently updated blog, and often appears in the comments of articles and YouTube videos about the group.

The response from the Heaven Gate’s website admins gives a hint at the underlying tension between them and other ex-members. When I asked them about Sawyer, they replied:

“ There is one other person who was in the group who writes a blog but the group did not give him any instructions when they left and he hasn’t been in the loop of what is currently going on with their information. Simply said, he is doing his own thing.

Zeller told me:

“ There’s a lot of discussion about whether people should add to and explain the group or just let it be over. There’s a lot of debate over who owns the copyrights.

-Sawyers response:
The webmasters who I refer to as M and S, are wrong about who received instructions when they left, though I know it requires looking at all Do and crew said to M & S AND in their general and specific teachings of how to align with them, in this case “after” their exit. In the letters that M & S received, which I have there was a statement that was talking about the money they left behind, or that came from the sale of certain items and how they hoped it would be split up between “anyone who wants to participate in this project” (of disseminating their information and giving people who want to know the ability to know more about them – in depth, which was the reason they left the 484 or so audio tapes behind. Here are two actual quotes from one of the 5 letters sent to M & S in their FedX packet:

-“We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

Still talking about the content of the storage that included a truck they suggested be used to load up the contents of one of the storage rooms:

-“Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is out desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information.  Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

The items of value that are retrievable is referring to the content of the storage room that included stacked up in the very front of the storage room the cases of about 484 audio tapes. To not consider them the most valuble items in storage is blatently ignoring what was important to Ti and Do and crew but that is a choice to recognize but there are a number of other things said in these letters to give that impression.

However, one might wonder, why Do and Crew went to such a meticulous effort to cover their bases with providing their information to multiple former classmembers, backup webmasters and providers (Rkkody and Romania and an Atlanta couple) and sent the Beyond Human master video tapes to Jhnody in Venezuala (not to M & S) and sent Rkkody master exit video’s and CNN exit videos and other master materials to Rio and Flxody/Ablody but didn’t treat the 484 audio tapes with that same kind of planning.

From a human perspective it doesn’t make any sense or looks like an oversight. They could have easily bundled them up to spread them out among these believers who had dropped out of the class for their own reasons. Actually I was still in the class when we began transcribing these audio tapes but that effort was put on a back burner by 1994. The non-human explanation that I believe to be the most likley reason(s) for the way Do and Crew handled those tapes, was that this was the instruction Do got from Ti (who was outside her vehicle by then). The way he received instructions was often by asking specific questions and then seeing what ideas he got after that. I witnessed a great deal of how this worked. I never heard Do say Ti visited him in a physical way after her exit of her vehicle. (though Rio reported in his book that when they were in the Tucson, AZ area (around 1996 I think it was), 6 members of the class had an experience one night (3 in a dream, one of which was Rio and 3 reported the same thing but not in a dream) where they were visited by what Rio described as “six year old, hairless, little boys. Glowing like white phosphorescence with a blue tint and wore one piece, form fitting outfits, like Olympic speed skaters.”

However, when idea’s came they were like if someone told you something your mother or father or someone close to you had said, you knowing them might have a sense of whether or not that was something they would have said. I know this because while in the class, Do told the student body they could talk directly to Ti. (Ti had instructed us while incarnate to direct our committment to Do, though while incarnate when we had questions we treated them as a team). And he said with that we could report to him if we feel we get a response. I did talk to Ti and asked her a question and heard in my head a subtle idea/voice with a specific answer. I don’t actually remember what I asked and what the response was, but I reported it to Do and Do said to me, “sounds like something Ti might say”. Recognizing their Mind, though we shouldn’t get overconfident in non-physical forms of communication, like in Dreams, for instance is part of bonding with them and is as much a bond, even moreso potentially as between any humans who grow to know others and how they think/feel about things.

So, sometimes it’s that simple but the ramifications are enormous as in this case, Do not spelling out exactly what was to be done with the tapes ended up setting up a huge test criteria for all who came after, by informing what their intention was and then allowing the recipients, in this case M & S to choose to abide by their intention and to what degree or not.

Therefore my point is that there is a huge amount of evidence that ANYONE WHO WANTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROJECT OF DISSEMINATING THEIR INFORMATION WAS CONSIDERED TO BE EQUAL TO ANY OTHERS REGARDLESS OF WHO RECEIVED WHAT INSTRUCTIONS. We all dropped out because of our own weaknesses to overcome aspects of our humanness, but if we choose to still make application to be in Ti and Do’s service the opportunity is still available by our asking and showing by our actions.

In regard to the second part of M & S’s statement about me: “and he hasn’t been in the loop of what is currently going on with their information”.

What loop is that exactly? If they determine they are the sole guardians of the information, they are being deceitful as even in these few quotes I provided from the letters it’s clear they wanted ANYONE who desired to help with the project to receive help in funds, automobile etc. How does that mean one has to be in M & S’s loop on what’s going on with Ti and Do and Crews Information?

In the human way of looking at it all it makes perfect sense. To be in their loop would be to work with and for M & S in the ways they have organized that was given to them as a task to get started on but since have tried to take over all dissemination and even surpress dissemination by going after anyone who distributed information on their own as there is a great deal of evidence of. Remember, Do and Crew didn’t actually give them the masters of the Beyond Human video tapes and gave no instructions to have them copyrighted but they it seems convinced Jhnody to give them those masters that they have since copyrighted I believe. So they have been hard at trying to be the holders of all the information which by the way is the same way the Vatican Holy See in all it’s corruption did the same with the manuscripts of writings about Jesus and the Dead Sea scrolls, etc. limiting access to their inner circle and deciding which materials could be seen by the public.

M & S for years would not even provide myself and Crlody with the audio tapes. However, Rkkody did send me a cd with about half of the tapes he digitized and Carlan posted them on a sharing site and we both send them to anyone who wants them for free while M & S have finally put them up for sale on

They are the webmasters and they got the instructions to make some choices but in Do’s mind like I’ve proven by the letter segments above, it’s up to each individual who is “in the loop” and has nothing at all to do with adhering to what M & S say and do. They are not Older Members from the Next Level with that authority. In the human world they have some authority for the time being.

But I do agree with M & S’s statement that sawyer is “doing his own thing”, at least from their perspective but what they don’t know is how much of “that own thing” is something Ti and Do approve of or even have tasked me to do, because if one believes in Ti and Do and who they were/are – the return of the Father and the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named, “Jesus”, with the hundreds of scriptural evidence of that, that I have ammassed, then their “project” is not at all done though it will quickly be done, but when it’s done we won’t be able to talk about it anymore in this way so there won’t be much question that it’s done. I can espound on that a great deal if anyone wants me to.

By the way, the gate is Do and Do did not close the gate. He said it would be open for a short time but remember to the Next Level 1000 years in human time is like 1 day so a short time is relative to what Ti and Do determine in the timing of when the gate is closed.

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39 Responses to “Critique of “thenextweb” 2015 article on Heaven’s Gate”

  1. Eric Says:

    Something that occurred to me recently was the idea of 6000 /1000 – isn’t that the idea of the Sabbath? It seems to me that one way of seeing recycling is the planet being ‘fallow’.

    • sawyer Says:

      good point – I hadn’t see it that way. Sounds like a Next Level perspective to me. Yes, the 7th seal opening is said to be a time of “silence for a little season”. A season according to Do is 2000 earth years approx. so a little season sounds like 1000 years and I suspect this is the time when those who gather in “armageddon” – City/Tower Magdelena/Manzano area of New Mexico when Do shows up with his Armada for every eye to see may be the same ones who are depicted as the “camp of the saints and the holy city”. The manzano property they bought and began to build their “fortress” earthship that included a “tower” on was a boy scout “CAMP” that was bought by the “saints”, which I suspect is where the “meek who shall inherit the earth” will gather, perhaps to the tune of about 144,000 the Next Level would then preseve for that 7th seal lesson time. Alot more to say and consider about all this.

      • XF97 Says:

        It’s funny how Mrc, who calls himself “Telah”, says that you are doing your own thing? What about them? Are they not doing their own thing? By not giving the Information to others who believe in the same teachers as they do, is “that” not Mrc doing “his own thing”? You won’t find any belief structure, or system or ideology that has adherents that will “with hold” their information from other believers. Nowhere, no way. Withholding information from other believers is an act inspired by the Lower Forces. Plain and simple. There’s no excuse for that. None whatsoever. Sure, it’s Mrc’s choice as we all make good and bad choices. Not giving a lot of Next Level Info to fellow believers is a despicable act and a practice “not” inspired “by” the Next Level. Who knows? Maybe now he finally gave you and Crlody the 486 audios. If not, he violates what Do said which was “to give the Information to ANYONE who asks for them”. Correct? So, withholding any Info from other believers is not an action that is inspired by the Next Level but inspired by Luciferian discarnates. Furthermore, you gave the statement: “There is an ongoing theme I keep hearing from even would be believers in Ti and Do that says – there is no classroom anymore so nothing to join and thereby nothing to do as we will just have to wait to reincarnate when a REP is incarnate again.” Agreed. This seems to be the recurring message Mrc apparently is telling interviewers. I disagree with that. If am to just “live” as the un-believers do with no effort whatsoever with the excuse that there’s no more Class and that we should just “procrastinate” any overcoming until the next Class, I would be better off just throwing everything into the garbage. Mrc is reinforcing his policy of “study purposes only” when it comes to the NL Info. Really? Jesus disciples didn’t just “study” Jesus’ words only. They tried to “apply” those words as best as they could without a Rep. Jesus’ disciples did not sit around and do nothing after Jesus ascended back to Heaven in a Cloud of Light. They didn’t sit around and wait to die so they could reincarnate. They didn’t go back to their former lifestyles before they met Jesus otherwise it would have been recorded in the Gospels. These men didn’t sit around and keep any information all to themselves nor all “for” themselves. They didn’t withhold any information from others who believed as they did either. They weren’t afraid of the world and the opposition either. I could be wrong but I think it may be possible that the reason why Mrc says what he says to interviewers, is so he doesn’t have to do anything and just be lazy. Most of Mrc’s actions seem to do a 180* turn from the Bible and HG teachings. Can he change for the better? Absoluely! Any of us can change for the better, or we can change for the worse. The door can swing either way. A man can fall ten times as fast as he can rise. Good blog post Sawyer. Appreciated.

      • sawyer Says:

        Ti and Do and Crew are amazing individuals, making every negative into a positive. One might think about this… design tests for dropouts that if they pass will help bridge the gap they had between them and their Older Members that resulted in their dropping out. The tests seem to always start with an instruction – “Don’t eat off this one tree”, “Don’t kill other humans” and the list goes on. If they flunk the tests in part or entirely, then give them more chances until they choose to loose all the Next Level mind they had received. Meanwhile use the ways in which they flunk to not only show others what flunking looks like, that is for those that have gravitated to Ti and Do’s teachings, as to them it will be plain to see if they continue studying what Ti and Do said and did, with a mind to accept it all and STAND for It while for those on the fence, also a stage that puts them to the test as well while opening the door to others who otherwise wouldn’t have much of a chance to see the truth – so they too are tested on what to believe or throw away which tells the Next Level which souls/sprirts are approaching producing fruit and which are salvagable for a future potential and which are waste or of some value to save for a while to use as a future type of fertilizer for a next planting – what the Luciferian Space Aliens have been serving as, like it or not, but because of their own choices.

        Can we imagine what news agency, like gizmodo, nextweb, or the others that have done interviews with M and S would have done if all they got from an interviewee that appears to be the Rep for the Heaven’s Gate site were answers with little humanness in them or that challenged them more than they and likley their readers would be willing to handle and report on.

        It’s never an excuse for diluting the truth but even the dilution can then become a little “foo foo juice” to help some wake up a little more when a direct dose is perhaps out of range to absorb. Thus even negative articles and images can act as seeds. I just saw a company making Tee shirts with the Heaven’s gate keyhole logo on it, with a word to it’s right side, “TRAVEL”. It’s diluting yet promoting at the same time.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        Could you say more about the signs that will herald the arrival of Do’s armada? Are they indicated in the Book of Revelation?

        I’d also be interested in reading more of your interpretation of the Book of Revelation as it relates to events expected to occur in the near future. Are there any other reliable sources from which we can learn about what will occur and how we should react? Thanks.

      • sawyer Says:

        I wish I could just send you my book because it addresses most everything in the Revelations but I’m glad I havn’t shared much of it so far because I keep finding parts that are in need of further cross referencing and perspective. It is very, very close to being made available.

        But with that said, most everything in the Revelations are signs of Do and Crew’s Armada which only shows up very apparant – “for every eye to see” AFTER the signs.

        But the overall signs are what are being seen in the “sun, moon and stars (planets included I believe)” as Jesus said:

        Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

        For instance the two huge tsunami’s known as Sumatra and in Japan that stimulate the Fukashima nuclear diaster that is ongoing and the three or so major hurricanes, Katrina, Sandy and Irene in the east/northeast are the examples of the “waves roaring” which there will be a great deal more of as those were preliminary signs on earth.

        In the heavens beyond where the space aliens can no longer traverse, except via human spacecrafts or still within the earth’s atmospheric sphere are all Next Level signs – especially what was seen on Pluto and Ceres in the summer of 2015, but also on the Moon and in the Sun – all sorts of strange anomolies and shapes.

        comets of course and those especially with companion objects are signs like with Hale Bopp and with Pan Starrs in 2013 and the that year and every year thereafter the same kind of repeat series starting around january with Fireballs – a new classification that acts unlike meteors, but includes the meteor strike in Siberia that year and near miss asteroids and very bright comets whose paths are also telling.

        It seems the west is going to be burnt up by the time all is said and done to include from volcanic activity that has also escalated since 2000. Of course the fire of global wars rage on with no end in site.

        But 2017 marks the start of the “green/pale horse” as the “LAST harvest phase” time of tribulation/calamity.

        But the first evidence of the opening of the temple in heaven seems to have been the Ceres lights and chrystal tower/spire “tree of life” kind of display, a huge huge sign that is hard to wrap one’s head around just how huge yet still only a preliminary opening because the real opening will be visible and/or understood without NASA or any human technology in between, as we all know we can’t trust what they do or don’t show us. (except the Next Level has ways of compelling them to show the truth) – they think to prepare humans for alien invasion.

        But if you look at some time after the opening of the sixth seal where the kings of the earth, etc. flee underground:

        Rev 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
        Rev 6:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

        There is not one causual word in prophecy – that is except for the words human translators added, often because it’s needed at times or because they didn’t know how to interpret any better, not believing in the KEY Ti and Do’s 24 combined years provides.

        This verse seems to reflect the same “face” showing up:

        Mat 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

        yet this may not be his full armada as Do indicated was a possability – but to many humans it will be seen as an alien invasion though that’s being led up to as we speak by various news outlets like yahoo news.

        What I do is look for collaborating verses usually using the same couple keywords that depict the same events from different vantage points but all centered on the 7 seals.

        I’ll try to wrap up this book so you and others can take advantage of what I found and can add to or question some of what I came up with so I can make it more accurate.

        Even your asking this has me review certain verses and see more or where I need to change something however small or great.

        Jesus actually gives one of the most direct indications of the signs

      • sawyer Says:

        In the next few weeks I will be done enough with my book and will make a synopsis I hope to also publish in hard copy.

        Meanwhile I will start making blog entries sharing more and more as I often write snippets to people that I encounter in various places.

        Here is the latest – a comment a person who said “Ti and Do were gone” – It’s not exactly sticking to your request for signs of Do’s Armada. But before I share that for whatever it might be worth, in prophecy I suggest paying special attention to when the “temple of God in Heaven” is revealed. Rev 11:18 talks about that revealing AND then the revealing of the ARK – As with all things in prophecy there are stages, but that ARK I believe is essentially the same Object that is the New Jerusalem Spacecraft but I believe that is the last stage to occur 1000 years after the Armada shows up as depicted in Rev 19. In Rev 19 They all, Do and crew are “wearing” new Next Level vehicles and are sitting on (have positions of judgement/decision making) “horses” which was a way Ti and Do spoke about our fleet of cars/vans. We had the “white car” at one point that was Ti and Do’s white cadilac that when they got a new vehicle they put it into the classrooms fleet. The primary way I recall their referring to cars as horses is when one needed repair, they would say such and such a car was in the “horsepistal” as they next to never said things that related to prophecy except later on in the Beyond Human tapes and other writings/recordings though still in a limited way as they were addressing the Souls who didn’t need that kind of proof to believe in them and follow them and actually didn’t want others to believe and follow at that time so they could focus on that particular classroom who they had “prepared a place for”. Jesus also said he said things in parables so more “wouldn’t” understand because it would be too much for them and would have brought his vehicle’s demise sooner.

        But that rev 19 armada example follows the depiction of the 24 elders (who fell down) to serve Ti and Do on the throne (as Do was birthed to the throne by Ti to serve with Ti in Rev 12). So to get an better idea of the timeline I then search whereelse the twenty four elders are spoken about as falling down, which takes one to:

        Rev 4:10 The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying,
        Rev 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

        Which I believe is depicting the “briefing” Ti spoke about “remembering” while on board a spacecraft before they came incarnate. The throne is described as:

        Rev 4:6 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.

        which is also part of the description of the New Jerusalem spacecraft, but I don’t know if thats the same as the main craft in the “Armada” Do suggested could be the way it ended in the Beyond Human series.

        This is actually helping me see more, because it seems to me that:

        Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

        talks about “the city of my God” which would also be called the “holy City in heaven” as Ti and Do’s headquarters craft that is as large as Pluto that it’s interesting was in the movie script was an “earth lab” with a scaled down working earth inside it.

        Yet at the same time this verse says this “city” will have a new name while identifying it with the new jerusalem in Rev 21. And this new jerusalem has no temple in it, so I’m wondering right now if “Ceres” hosts the “armada” and that towering cyrstaline structure is the “temple in heaven”:

        Here is the depiction of all the souls saved from the recycling, many of which have washed their robes which follows the “standing on mt. zion/sion” (parched area) of the western u.s. that is part of the 6th seal opening/affirmation period:

        Rev 7:9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
        Rev 7:10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
        Rev 7:11 And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God,
        Rev 7:12 Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.
        Rev 7:13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?
        Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.
        Rev 7:15 Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.

        Note how in this last verse here, they are in the presence, even visually and/or understanding type of seeing of the “throne of God” (Ti and Do) yet serve in his/their temple. But if there is no temple in the new jerusalem spacecraft, which by the way is directly translated to “dwelling” and there is also no “day and night” in the new jerusalem spacecraft where is this dwelling they are serving?

        I have to consider that it’s that 5-10 mile high tree with out branches looking tower that looks to have roots and is sitting on top of the surface of ceres glowing bright white light that is not thermo produced according to NASA that was Opened to us in June of 2015, 40 years after the first fruit student crew was gathered and Ti and Do’s truth was brought to the world as the HIM and “ufo cult”, The Two Witnesses incarnate as prophesied.

        Then it’s possible that Ceres will be where the Armada departs from – the ark that comes out of the temple and that is what causes the humans to “gather” in the armageddon area which I believe is the Magdelena, NM area near to the “camp of the saints” near Manzano where they build an earthship in an old scout camp and called it their “fortress” and plannede to build a lookout tower.

        When the events with the opening of the of the 6th seal are apparant that will seem to include the removal of the existing spacecraft called “heaven” and will also “show” the “FACE” of “face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb” of REv 6:16 where face is “presence” I suspect that’s the armada and people at that time might actually suspect it’s Do from the heavensgate group, though only his believers will know it while his opponents will see him as representing the alien invasion which means anyone who believes in Ti and Do, if they stand in defense of that belief will not be living in their vehicle very long. Until then it will only be Christians that grow in believers opposition as the content of this book is met by some as possible and even true which will greatly upset those in power in the churches.

        I don’t believe this is all far off. As Do said, it would be done within the lifetime of those who were approaching middle age when they were present which there are several other pointers to in prophecy and I didn’t include all the pieces to this puzzle but I think those who live long enough will see the first 6 of the “vials” poured out – the 7 plagues and perhaps all seven, another part of the timeline I’m trying to understand.

        no one actually dwells with Ti and Do and crew, besides some or all of those in the FIRST harvest until the seven plagues are finished, according to rev 15 but at this point the best guesstimate would be at the earliest about 40 years after 2013-2017 when I think I will be long gone from this vehicle.

        Anything you can find to dispute what I’ve said about prophecy or support it is welcomed anytime.

        sawyer’s comment to youtuber:
        They are no longer with us in-carnal (flesh birth) (undercover, like the thief operates in secret) wearing a human “suit” as the real Jesus did and as his disciples did and as many of the Old Testament prophets (student trainees) did and as Ti and Do’s crew of “saints” did – the 4 Living Beings plus 24 Elders, 7 crewmembers of the 7 “groups of believers” and 7 trumpeting crewmembers (angels) equally 42 in all (38+4) who layed down their lives to exit and complete that part of their metamorphosis, some to receive Adult Next Level grown bodies and some to receive Student Next Level grown bodies (like the luciferian space alien souls received and perhaps Adam had to set up the testing criteria for this Third trimester God Astronaut Training program in a Holodeck like environment on earth.

        But they are far from gone I am quite certain of by many, many evidences I have received personally and have realized from many things Ti and Do said during the 19 total years their student (Ti-10 years, Do 19 years) and from an exhaustive research project that trys to decipher and reveal the heretofore largely mysteries in all of prophecy with the focus on the Book of Revelations – about to be published for the next phase of the 7 phased testing program on earth – the Fourth Seal’s opening/affirmation period – the Green (mis-translated to pale, though has it’s application anyway) which is the Harvest time “horse” where Green comes from greek “chloros” – like the white element that kills bacteria to purify the “water” – those that seek to take the opportunity to “wash their robes” by giving their all to the Next Level as opposed to the other choice – giving their all to “mammon” – all things that are treasure and wealth to human mammals – ignoring the fact that Ti and Do and their Evolutionary Level Above Human (and above the human equivilent space aliens) were in fact the return of the ones who were referred to as the Father and before that Jehovah and before that one of the Elohiym and the One who was incarnate in the human vehicles: Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and Do, but finishes in his Older Member Adult Next Level vehicle (not incarnate anymore during this civilization) but to make himself very apparant for every eye to see when he comes closer with his “Armada” of spacecrafts that includes the 4 Living Beings and their crew made up of the 24 elders – their “6 wings”. We are currently finishing up the 3rd Seal opening that was th e “black/blue” “horse” that is sat on by a Luciferian space alien soul that we saw as Barack Obama that entailed setting up the Two BEASTS most manifest as the U.S. Secret Gov’t through the guise of the UN and it’s agencies and the EU little beast rise from the larger BEAST – poisonous animals because they are filled with the Luciferian misinformation mind/info/mistruth, what’s not actually most “real” so spread that to all who buy it and receive their various markings that tells the Next Level whose “spirit or soul” not to save – put on ice for the next planting. It’s not over until we’re not able to talk about it anymore because the BEASTs are recylced, followed by 1000 years when the Luciferians are again forced underground/under the sea while the third and fourth parts of the world are devastated by “fire” and “roaring oceans” as seen as a primer in the flooding east of the mississippi and the fires west of the mississippi. The red horse was Bush who precided over endless war stimulation. The white horse was Do and Crew whom he birthed – the root meaning of the “bow” (rainbow, covenant) he had, bringing each of his students through their “spirit birth” – an invisible to humans and their tech birth of the soul bodies that were growing inside/upon them.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        In replying to a previous question, you suggested that believers in Ti and Do would or should gather in the future near Magdalena, New Mexico. When would that occur? Would that be before or after we become aware that the armada is soon to arrive? Besides spreading the information Ti and Do provided and trying our utmost to progress in the overcoming process, is there anything else believers should be doing at the present time?

      • sawyer Says:

        No one is held back from giving their all to Ti and Do right now and every day thereafter. I suggest asking them for your next step and the help and strength to take it and let them help you in it, whatever that means. No student is ever held back or waiting to go full steam ahead. Even waking up every day and during the day and before going to sleep if you seek their will for you and approach the day expecting to see opportunities to be of service whether online or in your area – going someplace and keeping your antenna up to be of service in some way would be serving as well as embracing any and all the behaviors of Do and crew.

        Now that you’ve asked about Magdalena, I need to say, I’m not sure I see that right in prophecy but it’s my best shot but I think it could happen that we feel compelled to head to that area following certain events that could included the world or at least those in North America “seeing his FACE (presence)” which I suspect would be the Armada but I don’t know how that will happen. It could be that we will get reports of an object, another comet or something getting closer to earth. That could happen over years even, even a decade or two or if I am wrong longer or shorter. Prophecy states his “Jesus return” – what Ti and Do referred to as the “seventh closeness” to where I see as Do wearing his Next Level vehicle that is “like the son of man” Jesus vehicle, Do suggested he changed into at some point after healing his human vehicle from it’s being murdered would once again be “like a thief” and when not expected though to be ready fors it – not putting off our efforts to overcome as it indicates in Rev 16. when he is also gathering the BEAST to that Magdelena area (if I got that right). I am simply taking the clues Do and Crew left us that I wouldn’t have even considered except that I was trying to learn what the Revelations prophecies meant. Armageddon – is broken into “ar” meaning “city” or “tower” or “fortress” Magdella which is an area in Palestine near Carmel but a valley. I chose Magdelena for it’s meaning, something like “lady of the mountain” named by the natives but yes, becaues it sounded similar which can sometimes actually be part of the clues. But primarily because of the camp/fortress with tower planned on that property near Manzano. I don’t take anything Ti and Do said or did as without purpose to the whole. Like I’ve tried to describe a little of to you, Ti and Do felt somethign special about a trianglular area in New Mexico and I thought I remembered it as around Magdelena, Mountainaire, Carizozo area and the prophecy actually speaks of both the “camp of the saints” and the “beloved city”, or the later could be saying the camp of the saints is in the vicnnity of the beloved city and I’m not sure what “walled or bordered area” that would be. Now that you’ve asked more about this I have to dig into it again to see if more can be said about it.

        remember how Do said if some wanted to go with him they should try to go to the southwest to scream to the Next Level. That’s a pretty strong pointer to that area being a “beloved area” on top of the earthship “camp” near manzano.

        I know it would seem going to that area without necessarily thinking/feeling to lay down one’s life at that time may seem different than what Do intended but we also know that Do intends each indivudals to scream to him about what is right for them and he gave us all a “project” to “stand in Ti and Do’s defense” as the minimum of service for those that know about Ti and Do and believe they are from the creators kingdom who created all the planets and all the life forms.

        It may be for some that they feel led to just travel to that area not knowing why exactly like we say in the close encounters movie that Ti and Do did pay attention to as being stimulated by the Next Level. I did wonder for a while whether Wyoming might be where both believers and non-believres would be drawn but there are no other clues in prophecy or from what Ti and Do and crew said and did to substatiate that area.

        I don’t know when the armada might be visible for every eye to see. I can’t imagine the Next Level woudl rely on pictures from NASA beyond a certain point in their coming closer.

        But going by the opening of the sixth seal there will be a huge earthquake I believe in the U.S. territory followed by the other events listed to stimulate such an exodus west alongside the first 5 plagues (angels with vials), one of which drys up the Euphrates and given that all the plagues will have a “double” manefestation I suspect the actual euphrates river will dry up and the mississippi river which shows reason to consider is the “Great River” in the New Temple/Babylonian empire territory of the U.S. with the entrace to is the St. Lousis arch perhaps.

        It may be that because of those events people will be on foot from the east (the courtyard area of the “great city” of America – (the Rev 17 Woman – who sits on the BEAST)) thus drying up the mississippi would allow for passage literally on foot because perhaps the infastructure for gasoline and such will be largely anialated by then.

        I can’t possibly add here all the pieces to this puzzle I’ve considered but it’s all like “taking a chance on a positive” if/when and for those who feel that call to leave their world behind at that time, not saying there isn’t plenty to be done before then.

        The entire point is to offer our services to Ti and Do and then take it a step at a time. If someone feels led to go visit that area who am I to say whether to do it or not. I may do that as well just to see what it feels like to be in that area again.

        I do know that we are leaving the somewhat comfortable time for talking about Ti and Do on the internet without hardly any negative ramifications save some hecklers now and again.

        The opportunities to be of service are huge. there is so much misinfo out there. Three are hundreds of christian web sites and blogs and chat rooms where one could visit to plant seeds about Ti and Do in and see if anyone takes a bite by asking questions.

        I could even be totally wrong about magdelena/manzano but the Next Level could choose to use it anyway if they want to preserve certain members of the population somewhere. After all when all is done, every mountain will be lowered and every island will be submerged and certain seas will be no more and the list goes on and on with the events of the spading happenign gradually even after the “FACE/Presence” is apparant.

        On the first arrival of ti and do, those who were in line to connect with them were drawn to the path they are about to take in the west and they required them to leave all behind but the description Jesus gave of that event has a differnet timing seemingly and it is clear there is another return (though not incarnate) – the armada and the opening of the temple before then and the witnesses of the ark – seemingly the New Jerusalem spacecraft at the very close even after 1000 years while that magdelena/manzano area is perhaps thriving as even a classroom of some sort since it says those souls who had been beheaded for christ will LIVE and Reign with Christ at that time. That might mean the graduates who some of became “christs” might be literally among those in some physical ways even visible to others or maybe only visible to some – I don’t know, but to LIVE they I believe will have a physical vehicle so were do those vehicles come from but perhaps the gathering that starts in that New Mexico area, though I could be wrong.

        But until we see events that compell us to go to that area which to me would include not being able to have this vast opportunity to reach people with the truth over the internet, going there to camp out somewhere as if to wait could be a wasted effort when there is service to offer Ti and Do.

  2. crlody Says:

    Its funny that Dave G doesnt seem to be harrassing you any more after I outed him on here. Even after I outed him he tried to pretend that he was his own “colleague”. I think Dave has plenty of colleagues, they are just not incarnate.

    • sawyer Says:

      maybe so – I don’t miss whoever it was – it is draining to deal with and also to be suspicious of every identity that comes along.

  3. Mark Says:

    you have completely jumped the rails, sawyer. do was right about you. And ti never did care for you–she barely tolerated you. You know it. The class knew it. And I know it.

    • sawyer Says:

      Do you have any evidence?

      • Mark Says:

        typical: you ask for evidence when the evidence is abundant on the tapes… but you don’t ask for any evidence on whether what Do and Ti said was “real”. very typical of you types.

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t care about playing games. You said: “you have completely jumped the rails, sawyer. do was right about you. And ti never did care for you–she barely tolerated you. You know it. The class knew it. And I know it.”

        So I ask specifically now.
        1) What is the evidence of how I jumped the rails? Just one example at a time is fine but be specific as if you know much about Ti and Do you know they never dealt in generalities when it comes to a question – not that I know of and I understand why – it get’s no where without specifics – it’s vague and vagueness is way open for misinformation.
        2) What did Do say about me that you say he was right about?
        3) What is the evidence that Ti never cared for me?
        4) The class knew it? Did you poll them all.
        5) I don’t know what you are referring to about what I should ask. I wasn’t the one doing the asking or telling here. You came to my blog and made statements. I only wanted to know what your evidence was for those statements.

        6) Are you a former classmate? If so what was your ody name?

        I admit I was corrected by Ti a number of times and by Do a number of times but if you know anything about the Next Level that’s the way they show their love for us by chastizing us because otherwise we won’t grow to complete their coursework. I don’t think any classmate wasn’t corrected many times. There are hundreds of examples I could site in 19 years. There was very, very little pats on the back. It was never done in a harsh or condescending way that I saw and I saw a lot and even the dropouts don’t tell of any harsh methods, because there were none but “change was the name of the game” they often said and “change” when it’s something ingrained is never easy.

    • crlody Says:

      That you again Dave? Or some other cowardly troll just trying to create trouble by saying inflammatory things? Maybe it’s you Mark King? In any case you are not capable of knowing how Ti, Do or the Class felt about Sawyer. I was there, many in the Class were very upset by Sawyer’s leaving as in they didn’t want him to leave but everyone understood that it was his choice. You are playing with fire by making these comments. Ti and Do cared for and continue to care for all who believe in Them. I’m pretty sure it is you again Dave. You just can’ t leave it alone can you? You initiate contact with Sawyer and myself and we do nothing but give you information and you say thank you by lying and talking poorly about me behind my back and contacting people I told you not to contact? Everything you say is laced with hate and negativity and it is all coming from within yourself. Are you going to spend another three years pretending to be multiple people trolling this blog? Look at yourself for once instead of constantly trying to find fault with others. You are an internet troll. You hide behind your keyboard like a coward playing games like a child, as always you only fool yourself with these pathetic charades.

    • xfc97 Says:

      Laughable statements, “Mark”.. Or, shall I say, “Dave”.. Most likely Dave.. If not, then prove it. Truly laughable comments.. You must have really been bored. Sure, Mark may be stubborn to the point of ill reasoning on some facets, but I don’t believe he would come here and make such obtuse comments. I’m sure he would contact Sawyer directly through email to address whatever concerns he desired to bring forward. I’m also quite sure Mark would not “hide” behind an “armada” of “computer terminals” and “phantom service providers”. Sociopaths do that and not mature people. Are you such? Think really hard on that one and get some professional help. BTW, does Mark even know you are “posing” as “him” now? Maybe he should. There’s more to life than being an over educated man who seems to be too smart to know any better. There’s more to life than being a “career student too”. You’re a legend in your own mind. Keep it there.. Btw, how’s your alternate muse and discarnate underling “Susan” doing? Is she still on the meth? What am I saying..? Discarnates don’t do meth… Sorry.. My mistake.. But seriously, grow up sir. Grow up. Playtime is over. It’s time to wise up and get help because this is getting ridiculous.. I’m sure you have your good points somewhere. We all do. Find them and get additional assistance from the proper medical authorities to give you some balance instead of your drastic imbalance as we have all seen for years. Come on, you’re better than this. You studied Psychology, did you not? Well, then instead of using it as a weapon against people, use your own knowledge to check yourself into the nearest hospital for a 30 day psych evaluation. Then they will find out what exactly is wrong with your transmitters. I hope things work out for you and that you stop these insidious and highly disturbed actions of vile hatred and diabolical malice. You will not sway anyone here with your highly questionable behavior of condescension and nauseating abuse. Leave Sawyer alone and go get help.. Thank you..

      • sawyer Says:

        xf, for whatever it’s worth, I don’t find your comments very helpful so why bother? It seems you are just getting your beef off on somebody. If it is dave or mark or joe smoe what’s the difference, who cares. Do you think something you say will change them? I don’t and I’ve said this over and over again. I don’t even want to approve comments like this let alone spend time reading them.

      • xfc97 Says:

        Makes sense. I can see how my statement could have come off as getting my beef off when clearly that wasn’t the case. I was being assertive and standing up to the insults that individual threw at you. But I can see how that shouldn’t really matter as he won’t listen and will continue his attacks anyway. So in a sense it’s like my comment was a waste of energy in a sense. I’ll have to examine some of my comments more closely in the future prior to postings.

      • sawyer Says:

        I hate to kind of quote a human philosopher and I’m not going to get it right but he said he likes to stick to the facts. Ti and Do when a classmate would ask a general question would ask for the specific circumstance that stimulated their question rather than give an answer to a generalization.

        Telling anyone they are a liar or a deceiver or hiding behind this or that or a coward are hardly to me “facts”. They are opinions. Now if you saw somethng said you knew for a fact was a lie that would be something to tackle and show why you say it’s a lie. Other than that, it’s human I think. Carlan recently tore into me again and said I was encouraging someone who was making wild comments against him and Ti and Do. I had allowed this guy to be a facebook friend and though I know he was a loose canon with self absorbsion, I hadn’t seen it to the degee of his recent comments stimulated by my posting what carlan had said to me and what I replied back to carlan about. Then I went back and he had made another 6 or so comments that were even crazier than before and I wanted to delete them so just figured to de-friend this guy as he didn’t add to the conversations and was a drain to have around, something you and carlan have said to me about some of the skammers that leave comments on this blog.

        I am now at the point to where I do have to block the scammers more and more as I know I will get more as the internet environment becomes more infested with people with no Next Level mind. But I never allowed them to comment to encourage them though I guess that is the result in their minds, so Carlan was write about that and so were you. I just had to come to it when it feels right and I don’t want to be too quick to size someone up so I’m willing to take it here and there until the handwriting is on the wall.

        The influences are working harder than ever to divide us, not from one another so much as from for or against Ti and Do and that will continue as we are going through a “trial by fire” – each of us having our buttons pushed so we can see them and rip them out inch by inch.

      • xfc97 Says:

        Sawyer, CRL has his moments like you, I and others do. He also has his merits like we all do as well. I saw both sides. I still remember when him and I talked on the phone many years back. Still remember it to this day. It was a different experience because he was in the Class and met Do (Doe) personally. I can’t explain in human language what that was like but I will say it was an intriguing one. But the Lower Forces hated that interaction. Same thing when I spoke with you on the phone as well – and the Lower Forces hated that too. Satan admires discord and fights. He admires tripping me, you and everybody else up. Luci doesn’t want us to be positive and influence others in a positive light, but would rather us all to act stupid – and I have done my share of both the former and the latter. He admires hate and malice. I don’t need proof for that one as proof is all around us and at times even in us. CRLody wrestles with influences no differently than you, me and others. Only he knows what areas of his life and mind need correction. I wouldn’t say that “he” was ripping into you, Sawyer. I would say that it’s possible that he may have been inspired by an influence. Was I not inspired by an influence the other day with the long comment I left as a counter strike against the individual who claimed they were Mark. I could have used a more constructive tone but instead chose a destructive one. I could have weighed it out but didn’t. My take is that we all are at varying levels of growth. We all have our merits and demerits. We all have our issues of sensuality, anger, resentment, pride, ego, drugs, alcohol and nicotine. We all vary in influences to deal with. Correct, we should stick to facts instead of name calling. Correct, by saying we find fault with others and specifying where and how they may come across as opinions or facts should be explained how and where in detail. I try to say that to myself quite a bit. There’s a difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Constructive criticism is giving a critique and offering it in a way to build the other person up. Destructive criticism, on the other hand, is giving condemnation to anyone with no advice of how to build them up. One element is to encourage while the other is done to discourage. I have been party to both sides- either on the giving end or the receiving end. Now when you say that you believe that we have all that we need with just the 236 or so audio tapes, as opposed to the full bowl of wax being the total 486, that’s your opinion. I respect it. But I disagree with it. In my opinion, we do not have all that we need. I think if Do (Doe) would have only wanted the 236 or so 1982 to 1985 audios to be available, would he not have destroyed the others? Now from what I heard, Mark does have the full 486 tapes for sale and has sold them to people. I also heard, however, that a majority of those tapes are basically demagnetized – barely audible now. I would agree with CRL when he said that this may all be some sort of test. I believe it is. The test would be as to how bad to we want the Information and to what extent would we go through to getting it all from the corruption of The T.E.L.A.H. Foundation. My take on that. Not asking you to agree with it. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

      • sawyer Says:

        Okay, I’ll take your advise and since Carlan is critisizing me I’ll take the higher side for this exercise and assume it’s meant as constructive criticism and ask him what I should change to not be doing something against Ti and Do as he implies to me.

      • xfc97 Says:

        That’s all any of us can do with one another. We can either constructively criticize or destructively criticize. And it’s our choice how to handle either or.

  4. crlody Says:

    You have made much about how the audio tapes were not disseminated in the same manner as the other information and in the past you have used it as an excuse for why you feel that Ti and Do didn’t feel they were as important as the other info. and that it is not important that they are being suppressed. Since you have spent a lot of energy on this blog over the years I feel that you are more interested in saying what you have to say than in drawing attention to the actual words of Ti and Do. Perhaps it was all a test, of those who received the FedEx packs and any of us who knew Ti and Do and found out about the existence of the tapes. Perhaps they considered destroying the tapes right up until they left. Maybe they were leery about sending all of the cassettes through the mail. We may never fully understand why the tapes weren’t doled out the way the other info. was but RKK and I always felt that it was pretty clear that they did want them distributed as it was clearly spelled out in the letters. RKK and I also felt that we weren’t qualified to impart NL info. and that is why I still point people at the info. rather than give my take on it. Did the Class leave you instructions to write these blogs? No, but they did leave the tapes in a locker with instructions to distribute them. The tapes contain the core Teachings of the Class and it is a crime against the NL that they are being suppressed. You can’t tell me that the Class didn’t want those tapes distributed and listened to and they definitely do not aporove of Mark King suppressing them. If individuals want to know what the Class was about they will get a much clearer picture of that from the tapes than from reading your blogs. This is the bottom line Sawyer. You have set yourself up as the expert on the Class and you have attracted followers who want to read your book.

    • sawyer Says:

      Here we go again I see but I’m not going there with you anymore. Say what you want. Put your money where your mouth is for Ti and Do to see, not me as I don’t have the time and energy to do battle with you. You are not my judge but owe it to the Next Level to Do to only critisize what anyone says that is AGAINST what Ti and Do said and did that’s evidenced in all the materials left behind that includes as Ti and Do did everything Jesus was recorded to have said in the gospels and that Ti and Do referred to in the Book of Revelations. If you can’t point out specific discrepancies from those materials then at best you can bring it to the attention of the person you are questioning. You are not going to stop me from revealing the thousands of things I heard from Ti and Do over 19 years unless you kill my vehicle and then you will become the accellerator of my return to the Next Level to whatever station Ti and Do deceide is appropriate for me. If you don’t trust Ti and Do to have made available the info we need then that’s your problem not mine. I do trust we have exactly what we need. I don’t think you have the common sense to see that as you appear blinded as a competition of some sort and what can it accomplish. Where is the positive and where did you get it from. Point to what Ti and Do said that said I can’t tell what I know they said in my blog? By accusing me of saying things to people you are accusing yourself at the same time as you can’t prove to me that I am doing anything against Ti and Do.

    • sawyer Says:

      I understand what it is to be disturbed by what others say as you said about that guy michael on my facebook post and what you said about me encouraging him. I guess you are saying by allowing him to comment I’m encouraging him. Til now his comments were sort of tame though I know out there but this time he went over the edge and I did de-friend him.

      I never think for on minute that anything I say will bring you closer to Ti and Do. You make up your mind about things and then leverage them against me and then run away from a response. You don’t bring any evidence of how I am doing all these terrible things against Ti and Do (to generalize the overall things you have said over the years, telling me you were going to stop me and all), yet the evidence is only your opinion of what you go over and over about as evidence and nothing that shows what Ti and Do might think about it, nor Jesus.

      Perhaps you don’t even believe that Do was the return of the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. Maybe scripture is very hard for you to see in a positive light. Everything I am writing does nothing but show christians or any jesus believer more evidence of who Do is. Will there be new believers from it. Well, perhaps. I hope so, but mostly I think I will get more enemies.

      I am very disturbed when you lay into me like you do and give me nothing to even look at that I can change as if you just don’t like that I get some attention from a few that you must think I gloat over getting.

      I don’t know if you can look at yourself in the mirror and consider that they way you tear into me isn’t far different than the way that guy Michael tore into you. It hurts and makes me feel angry to hear because you are appaering so full of yourself and you opinions of what Ti and Do have in store for the future and what any of us can do to assist them as if they never intended for further souls to save which there is a great deal of evidence is not the case.

      If I was Do, which I’m not, I’d bet you would in your thoughts at least be questioning his choices. I can hear those influences too.

      After being distubed by what you have said over and over, each time I kind of have it on my mind and this time as I was editing the book I’ve been working on I saw something in a new light that I think I understand better that was an instruction to not write about the seven thunders/roars that I have shown and can show in Jwnody’s overview statement in the book relates to directly because Do has in his hand the Little book that I know I am tasked to finish. So in a sense my trying to summarize things Do wrote about may have been off track for me to do, like you have said. However, with that said I am no more taking actions based on prophecy as Ti and Do took action based on prophecy, so don’t regret and am not going to stop showing how what Do and Ti said that I heard with my own two ears for many more hours than are on the tapes related to all the prophecy fulfillments. I don’t know why that is so painful for you to consider that all prophecy had a function and purpose even after they left, unless you struggle with prophecy in some way as many do.

      The prophecy is not to help you and I believe as we had the personal experience. It’s for those that didn’t have the personal experience and perhaps even moreso to face christians with themselves and their hatred for what Jesus said in reality so they are judging themselves. That may be all that comes from the book I’m writing.

      I know xf who was on the fence about Ti and Do recently said to me that he knew more about scripture than I did and he thought islam was the antichrist and didn’t really register that Do was the return of Jesus and as the Two Witnesses as if he was blinded from all that. And it shook him up some and he disappeared again and now has come back to take another stab at it all when I pointed out to him things Do said in the BEyond Human tapes about antichrist, etc. So perhaps this book can help him get past the way the influences would use the records against us. I know it’s hard for diod to think/talk in jesus terms. I’m guessing that that is part of your issue with me, but if it wasn’t that it would be something else I’m sure as you appear to have your mind made up so begin to cast your stones in all directions.

      • xfc97 Says:

        Note: In re-reading this post, my tone in it contains no condescension or sarcasm. Here is my post: Sawyer, I know I have my issues and have influences to deal with. As I said before, I’m nothing to write home about but the HG Info is, as that’s the purest source. So I tell people to take me with a grain of salt. I wouldn’t really call myself a believer these days but more of a sympathizer / apologist. I don’t know what the future holds with that. It might change, it might not. Unknown at this time. We all deal with varying influences and various levels of programming we have to fight. We all have our issues and I have mine. Yes that’s true what I said about Muslims because Christians don’t go around the world and murder people with guns, machetes, knives and explosives – Muslims do (or people who “think” they’re Muslims). From what I understand, Muslims have the most terrorists and have quite the track record of terrorism compared to any other religion. Some say Hitler was a “Catholic” when he killed 6 million Jews in World War 2. Not so. From what I understand and read, he was a Humanist who was into the Occult. The Muslim Quran has roughly 109 verses that call for Jihad against infidels and to either convert or to kill. If people read the Quran, they would see Muslims under a very different and more cautious light. Christ never spoke of killing infidels – Mohamed did. Christ never told people do build an empire here on Earth, unlike Mohamed. Big difference right there to me. Not saying that all Muslims are bad as I know some truly wonderful Muslims. Some of them are really fine men for what they believe. Now the fakes, the phonies want to cause trouble while genuine believers want peace. Just my take on that. So I still maintain that, doctrinally speaking, Muslims teachings are anti Christ – not “the” Anti Christ but “a” anti Christ. I’ll have to re-check the BH series to see what you’re talking about. I know Do said that the Anti Christ has been on Earth ever since Jesus ascended to Heaven. Also, Do (Doe) said that The Spurious Messiah has been on the scene since. I knew what he was getting to. Now Christian teachings too have their flaws. EG: “God wants you to stay here and have mansions, boats, cars, jets and gold! Amen!” This is called The Prosperity Gospel aka The Word Of Faith Movement aka The Kenneth Copeland Gospel. It is not considered as a viable sector within Christianity and is deemed as heretical. I don’t agree with The Prosperity Gospel myself – never did. Now I have some really good friends there but we just agree to disagree. All systems have their errors. Doctrinally speaking about Christians, they’re not teaching what they should be teaching on varying formats (in my opinion) and it’s a whole complicated topic so I won’t go into it. Maybe I’ll cover it some day in my blog or in another episode of “XF”. Outside of The Prosperity Gospel, I know some wonderful brothers & sisters in the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity (that I was with for about 4 years) as well and some people who aren’t so wonderful. That’s everywhere, no matter where you go or where you turn. All belief systems have their flaws, including Heaven’s Gate. Now as far as teachings were concerned, in “Do’s Final Exit”, Do (Doe) did say he felt they were off significantly but not significantly enough to be lost. I would have to agree here. At least He said their teaching wasn’t 100% right and I respect that. To me, it’s as though Do (Doe) was saying “We’re may not be 100% right, but we’re the most right.” I agree with that saying and equation. I’ll discuss all of this in a future post on my blog. It’s like the other day I saw a minister on YouTube (in a former cult I was with many years back) say “The message isn’t part right or ‘almost right’ but it’s 100% right!” Well, no, I’m sorry, he was wrong and I had evidence to prove it. However, if he (that pastor) wants to play the “black & white game” of “Either we’re 100 right, or we’re 100% wrong!”, well then ok, they are 100% wrong. Sorry. As for telling you that I knew more about the Bible than you, I apologize with how that came out as I wasn’t intending to brag or be offensive. I was just meaning that I have read it for many years. Saying “I know the Scriptures better than you do” was out of order. I apologize for that. Looking back at it, I could have used a more neutral statement.

      • sawyer Says:

        So, you say, “Christians don’t go around the world and murder people with guns, machetes, knives and explosives – Muslims do (or people who “think” they’re Muslims)”. G.W. Bush and company are Methodists and bombed the hell out of afganistan, iraq and now syria and as a proxy yemen and have operations in pakistan and who knows where else. Obama claims to be Christian, so ditto. Most of Congress claim to be christian. Most of their supporters claim to be Christian. Does that killing of men women and children justified. If one realizes that christian doesn’t reflect anything Jesus taught. If so can you explain what Jesus taught that justifys their actions all over the planet for over a century in the name of christianity and then of course for 1900+ years before that. (Saying this doesn’t make muslims any better, though Do had more good to say about them than Christians. He said at least they were trying to be more responsive to God’s guidelines of modesty. (paraphrased) but I can find it or you can if you search the beyond human tape transcripts for muslim or islam.

      • xfc97 Says:

        Good points. And I share those points. True Christians don’t do the things you described other “so called” Christians as doing. Obama and Bush are not good examples of Christians so those are weak examples. As for Muslims, I didn’t characterize Muslims as a whole. There’s good Muslims and then there’s people who “think” they’re Muslims but clearly aren’t. The words of Muslim and Christian are used far too loosely by people and that’s truly sad, but the same can basically be said of all groups. There’s “true believers” (hot) and “make believers” (lukewarm). There are good and bad believers in all groups or systems for whatever they claim to believe. Fact. I know of what you mean when it comes to “Do” (Doe) talking of Muslims. He mentions something to the effect of talking about them in a positive light in one of the Recycle videos I recall.

      • sawyer Says:

        And it’s because of what Do said about Christians being the most targeted group by the Luciferians that tell me they are actually the “anti-christs” because they are anti-christing, though it’s not necessarily all who count themselves christians if they have not been given a chance to know better.

        But to be mounting these campaigns against abortion – whose teachings are they. And to justify capital punishment – whose teachings are they? And their putting women in their place – like the pope and many catholics who say a woman can’t become a priest – whose teachings are they? And saying a male can’t wear their hair long? Pauls teachings along with the woman, not Jesus teachings (and there is an example of a reason to grow one’s hair but just not addressed by Jesus that I’m aware of). And that paul was an apostle – another lie and that paul was guided by Jesus, another lie and that seeking to make money because God wants us to have an abundance …. whose teachings? And to justify self defense by taking up one’s weapons of war – whose teachings and to mount attacks on LGBTQ people – whose teachings – Paul (though the Lord was against anal intercourse I think, but still Jesus didn’t address it directly so why make that into a big policy as Jesus said to forgive the prostitute as well, and calling another human one’s “Father” as a title in the priesthood, jesus directly spoke against that as well as collecting interest on loans yet how many who count themselves christians justify some or all of these things.

        And what about supporting the so called defensive wars. How many christians are in the military and their families who think it’s honorable to fight for the country/nation. Isn’t a human killing another human outlawed by Jesus. Didn’t he say it would be better to lose one’s life in this world to gain it in the next?

        What about forgiveness of sin, yet how many christians support locking up people for even many non-violent crimes like possession of marijuna?

        And being against euthenasia or suicide – whose teachings?

        and the list goes on and one and one and on.

        Do christians even know what the Christing process is? What is the anointing with oil? They are not taught that so as Do said they hardly have a chance but that’s part of why I think Do wants to present the truth in context to the records they see as their scriptures. By the way that idea didn’t come from me. Ti adn do started that idea even before Ti left when they assigned Dncody to start a rewrite of the bible. It didn’t go very far though.

      • xfc97 Says:

        Sawyer, no group deserves to be targeted by anyone. You provided an interesting critique of Christian doctrines. And if these other people try to target churches and Christians does that not make them fascists? Well, it does? How many Christians cause serious disturbances to LGBTQ communities or to Atheists? None really. The Westboro Baptists, Arian Nations and KKK don’t count, yet they claim they’re Christians but are not. Yet the LGBTQ communities go to Christians sites and churches to bully them to allow them in, otherwise they bully and intimidate them? What is that? Fascism. This isn’t Nazi Germany. People can believe what they want but when one group tries to force one group to agree with something they deem as wrong or face a witch hunt, that’s just ridiculous and once again we’re back to fascism. People say Christianity is based on hate which is absurd. What are the people doing who try to Trump Christian values? Is that not hate? Well, it is and there is more hatred towards Christians than the reverse. And these anti Christian haters (LGBTQ and Atheists) are hypocrites when you really think about it because what about Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus? Do they not actually kill people who oppose their views? Do they not kill and severely vilify the LGBTQ and Atheists in their countries? They do yet I don’t see anyone trying to step on their views. I even know some LGBTQ members and Atheists that oppose these lockstep Nazi styled witch hunts that are being done by militant members of the LGBTQ and militant Atheists against Christians. How far would a militant Atheist or LGBTQ person get, seriously, if he or she went into a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Buddhist temple and began demanding they change or face a witch hunt? Not very far. They would get booted out of those temples pretty fast. And the Orlando shootings btw? Who did that terrible act? A Muslim did it – not a Christian. As for Jesus not speaking of homosexuality, that doesn’t mean He promoted it or endorsed it. Does He not use the term “Go and sin no more”? He never said “Keep doing whatever sin you are doing.” Nobody deserves any kind of persecution anywhere from anyone. If the LGBTQ aren’t accepted in some churches, why don’t they start their own church? Why do they have to go into those places and force people to go against their own beliefs? Sounds like fascism to me. Live and let live I always say. Your views of Christianity do have some valid points, but not all Christians are what you describe. I know this to be true. We can’t paint all Christians into one basket. Just like we can’t paint all Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus etc or LGBTQ into on basket. Just my take on that. No system is perfect. Sure, Christianity has its doctrinal flaws in some areas but all belief systems have their flaws. If you’re going to paint Christians under one black light (which I don’t believe you do so with a manner of condescension), might I suggest you also critique the Muslims as well other groups. They too have a not too favorable history or system.

      • sawyer Says:

        I thought fascism was basically when big business runs the government. Maybe that’s an over simplification of the terms but if it’s not then what government isn’t fascist in this day and age, or are more modern term is oliarchy (sp?). I am not in a position to know how many gay people are targeted by so called christians but it seems to me all these classifications are an intellectual hodge podge. Muslims don’t generally claim to be exclusively following the teachings of Jesus so why critique them. Christians do claim to follow Jesus teachings and since many, even most don’t, which Do said “they hardly stood a chance” to do, they are who Ti and Do said were most targeted by the lower forces. When Ti and Do sent us out in early October of 1975 in groups of 4 or 5 or 6 to a car from finishing meetings in Coloado they gave us the destination of Chicago – the chain of lakes recreation area campground. They gave each car/group enough money to get them out of town and said to take different routes though didn’t coordinate that, that I know of. We had little tents and basic cooking gear and sleeping bags with cotts so we could sleep most anywhere. They said to have our needs met after that first tank of gas and for food we were instructed to “test” Christians because they say they are working for the Kingdom of God and that we were also working for the Kingdom of God. They called it “testing” them. We were instructed to not ask for money but to simply state our need. That example tells me among a number of things Do said that indicate Christians are where some souls would be gravitating to be ready for this next LAST stage in the harvest. It occurred to me as I was deciphering prophecy that when Jesus said the First would be last and the last would be first, one way to see that is that those who think they should be first to recognize Jesus’ return would be Last to recognize Jesus return.

        Of course none of this applies to everyone who counts themselves a christian as such a label is a matter of degrees of belief anyway and not only that but what good is belief with out “works” as James said in his letters.

        Some LGBTQ people do start their own christian church groups. I heard a report out of Denver of just such a group that accepts them and anyone for that matter.

        I am aware that in the other religions you mentioned that there is far more persecution of gays than in U.S. christian churches. In some countries they are apprehended and even put to death. I think Sudan just passed such a law or was considering it. These are Christians doing that. Perhaps the other religions would do the same.

        But I don’t really care about the other religions as they were not set up by the Next Level to receive the truth that would test them so they are in a different category as best I can tell, perhaps what Do said about those who never heard about Ti and Do still being saved which is also described in Revelations as those who didn’t take the marks of the BEAST – whatever id system that develops as security needs demand.

        While others will give their lives standing up for the Rev 14 New Song – Ti and Do. (doe a deer a female deer….) and be among those who are shown during the 5th seal coming up it seems as early as 2021 to 2025 – going by the lenght of the previous 3 seal periods that were synced to the US presidents – clinton, GW Bush, Obama and now probably Clinton – the rev 17 “woman” and NYC’s Lady Liberty described in chapters 17 and 18.

        It also occurred to me while deciphering all the scriptures that a “false Christ” would be someone who is a pseudo christian. we really need to get to the root of what the Next Level would say a Christian is. It would be someone who engages their metamorphosis under the direction from an incarnate (present) Older Member from the Next Level who had been through the Christing process. (See Ti and Do’s Statement one). I can take that word apart and have but the bottom line is that each who would claim to be a christian would have to understand what the christing process is to be a genuine christian, otherwise whether they know it or not they are a false christian.

        The Next Level knew this was to be the case so no one is judged until they have the opportunity to accept the latest Reps teachings. Then if they refuse them they are deceiding to whom to give their allegience, to God or Mammon and they will be judged by the Next Level according to their works as perhaps some were in a grade in school so to speak of doing the best they could given what they had received. I don’t think the Next Level will throw those souls or spirits away but Ti and Do and Crew can tell as they are running the “judgement hour (40 years), schedule in progress as we speak. I’m not picking on little pieces of scripture to make the claims – I just don’t want to take the time right now to lay it all out. That’s what my book is for though it too can always be made better but at this point I think it’s days from ready to submit.

        I think the bottom line is that all religoins are at this time killers of souls as all are based on a distortion and dilution of the whole truth so anyone who clings to that identity may I suppose will be judged according to their works like I already said and sure they all have their ugly luciferian influenced past.

      • xfc97 Says:

        Well, nobody should be persecuting anybody, whether it be literally or politically. However, in this human world, it’s an unfortunate reality which is truly sad. Although not all, many people act like territorial cave men. When one group tries to tear down, sue, imprison or kill another group anywhere on this planet just because they believe differently, what is that? Hate. Hate comes in all ways, shapes and sizes. And it’s everywhere in all groups and all walks of life in some form or another. What’s worse is when you have one group or culture that tries to oppress another group or culture just because it was “done to them” for centuries before. Oh I see. So “the end justifies the means”? How primitive a reason. Sorry, but that doesn’t hold up. That means that the current oppressors become no better than those who oppressed them at one point. How medieval and childish a reason. Earth is surrounded with some truths but mostly falsehoods, especially these days. It’s all part of the Matrix – a world of lies. What’s “freedom” mean these days? Freedom has been re-defined to mean: “I can do what I want, where I want, how I want and when I feel like it.” Sorry, but if that is “freedom”, we have seriously digressed into elementary school styled thinking. Irresponsible people with delusions of entitlement act that way and not rational, mature and responsible human beings. But who is to say as to who is rational, responsible and mature? It boils down to the individual. It has to because collectively? What is deemed as acceptable and normal clearly is not. Hideousness has become worse than the norm today. I always try to ask myself: “Are we to devalue and condemn one another? No. We are to build each other up instead of trying to tear each other down.” I do recall “Do” (Doe) mentioning, in one of the Recycled videos, that each human has an ingredient of Next Level truth in them. Some people have a bit more truth than others and the Next Level knows for who exactly they are. Does it mean they’re better? No. It simply means they are at different stages of growth or awareness. Now as for fascism, fascism exists on many levels or facets, including what I described and what you described. And fascism exists on varying ways in America and Canada. When a group of people call me a racist, homophobe and a bigot just because I don’t agree with the new trends of society, that’s fascism my friend. It’s fascism if I am called slanderous names and taken to court because do not accept some things as normal when clearly they aren’t, whatever those things are. Just because the Earth deems something as true and normal doesn’t mean that it is. And that could go just about anywhere with just about anything. It doesn’t matter that I don’t condemn those new trends but when those new trends, and the people within those “new trends”, try to marginalize me through slanderous name calling and witch hunts, who is really spreading the hate? Me or them? Yes, I believe the LGBTQ are persecuted in Sudan by Christians (although Jesus never gave any executive orders in His day to kill anyone, according to what I read in the Gospels). So obviously the situation in Sudan is obviously of a more “Old Testament” (BCE – Before Common Era) level than “New Testament” (CE – Common Era) approach. However, in other countries, Christians in several sectors are imprisoned and/or put to death by Hindus and Muslims. Now Muslims claim to revere Jesus yet dumb him down to nothing more than some cheap “sidekick” to Mohamed. I studied Islam so I know their teachings pretty well. Big difference between Mohamed and Jesus. Jesus was Next Level material. Mohamed was Earth material. You, I and others know, full well, that to build an empire on this planet is incorrect. Earth is meant as a stepping stone – a garden for growing souls as “Do” (Doe) had taught. At least there are some good apples I experienced in several faiths, including Christians, who do not believe in some of the human vanities that have so encompassed their religions by the hands of men. Are we to paint them all with one paintbrush? No. That would be ridiculous and one dimensional. Am I to “single out” Christians through criticisms while letting other systems carry on their business without any criticisms? No. That, to me, would be absurd and one sided. All too many times people target Christians because those people abuse the “turn the other cheek policy” many true Christians practice. And the abusers are really cowards because they won’t flex their mouth muscles against other faith teachings, especially in other countries. Those who mislabel and unjustly stereotype Christians into one basket know, full well, no other religion would tolerate their BS, especially in other countries. So either they go after everybody (not just Christians) or they be quiet and go after nobody. I guess it boils down to an individual walk between each person by this point. Now as for murder, any kind of murder is wrong. Obviously not a Next Level way. Sure, there are people of almost all faiths (religious, secular or otherwise), that have their genuine elements of progression in their. The NL knows who they all are and will decide who, of those sectors, will be replanted into future incarnations in future civilizations for a future Class. It’s like what “Do” (Doe) said: “Every religion can prepare an individual to be more prepared for a time when a Member, from The Level Above Human, comes in.” His statement is in the Recycled videos. I know what you’re saying about Hillary and comparing her tyrannical and corrupt elements to a Book Of Revelation passage in the Bible. We all have differing views on the matter of Hillary. Some circles call her a Jezebel. I tend to drastically agree with that one. To me, Hillary Clinton is a Jezebel – plain and simple. She is a clear Military General for the Lower Forces. Her traits and behaviors show clear signs of what someone is like if they have a Jezebel spirit on them. She certainly shows the symptoms. Then again, so do many people. Unfortunately, Hillary is just the worst example of one. I could be mistaken, but Hillary could be the real deal Jezebel incarnate. I wouldn’t be surprised. She plays the “fear whistle” when comes to “nuclear codes” if Donald Trump wins the Presidency, yet she herself wants to have war with Syria? How demented and drunk with power is this woman? Is she seriously that delusional and narcissistic? Does she not know that a war with Syria would cause a war with Russia? What would be the inevitable result? World War III… Hillary Clinton would drive the United States into a third world war. No doubt about it. It will either be a limited nuclear war or a full fledged nuclear war. Either way, lives will be lost through nuclear strikes and let us not forget the fall out of radiation that circle the atmosphere. How typical of liberal leftist hypocrisy though when you think about it. Here we have Clinton who “warns” of the dangers if Trump is given the “nuclear codes”, yet she herself has an itchy trigger finger towards the Russians with a crazed look in her eye. The United States is already on Def Con 3 Alert as far as military posts are concerned, including missile silos. That’s not good my friend. That’s not good at all. The Warning System hasn’t gone down to Def Con 3 since the Cold War. The last time the United States was on Def Con 2 Alert was in the early 1970’s. Def Con 1 is the most severe situation. Def Con 1 means “Nuclear War Imminent”. So Hillary instills fear about Trump with the nuclear codes, yet she herself has negative discarnates who make her to be one hell of a rogue player. Not saying Republicans are void of any hypocrisy or negative elements on their side, but Hillary has clearly proven she is a liar, a deceiver and a player who owns most media. Some people go as far as to call her a criminal who is guilty of extortion and espionage. And do you think Putin will put up with a rogue leader like Hillary to begin with? I’m afraid not. He has already said that he wouldn’t. If she gets into power, Putin may conclude the US to be as a complete rogue nation with a rogue president and may declare war on the United States first. Unknown at this time. Time will tell. Am I afraid of a World War III? No.. Earth has long been overdue for one, especially with the condition it is in now. Many humans are simply disgusting pawns for the Lower Forces with the vile things they do to each via murder and rape. Humans kill many animals on this planet for their sick, twisted and sadistic pleasures- whether it be poaching or just plain savagery. Now it may be possible that the world leaders may decide on a major world war for the reason of population control, due to overcrowding and food shortages. That is certainly a plausible theory. The Next Level may decide very soon that the Earth needs to be euthanized and wiped clean for a new civilization. Only the Kingdom of God knows. However, one thing would be certain in my opinion: Hillary Clinton would most likely speed up a major undertaking of The Spading Under process if elected. No doubt about that. She would exacerbate the situation. You guys have it seriously bad down there in the US my friend. The United States is a serious powder keg at the moment and the fuse is burning white hot. My sympathies.. As for your story of going out on the road, it is quite a unique one: It reminds me of Dncody’s story of where he and his partner, Judy (he didn’t mention her Ody name) went on the road which was through Spokane and ended up in Vancouver. It was Yellowstone National Park I believe he mentioned. Dncody said of how a church group helped them out. I do know there are genuine Christians who would do that and it’s the proper way. Fakers would not help their fellow man. Other faiths, such as some Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims would also help their neighbors in need if required and I have met such people as well. The Next Level knows who they all are.

      • sawyer Says:

        Here is what lggody wrote about christianity:

      • sawyer Says:

        re: our convesation about which group most represents the “anti-christ” I stumbled upon Do saying this in Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 8 :

        “And where does Lucifer like to put
        the strongest misinformation? In the religions that should house
        the realistic heritage information of our Father’s Kingdom’s
        relationship with this Age in this 6000-year period.”

    • sawyer Says:

      To Crlody aka Carlan,

      The following can be read in a number of ways. The only way that is important in my mind and I believe for any would be student of Ti and Do is to read it as best we can in the way Ti and Do might see it. If we have that desire then we can get the positives from it even though it’s coming through a fallable instrument:

      In Ti and Do’s mind, do you think it a negative, should I be promoting myself as you claim, if more people pay more attention to the teachings of Ti and Do because of what I say. (though I don’t want to be promoting myself nor would support making things up to get attention to what I think).

      I am not pretending that anyone at this time, when they die, if they have given their all to Ti and Do’s service will be in the same quarters as where Ti and/or Do and/or the 24 or 28 or 38 or 42 graduates are, though Do didn’t say how long that window would be open for. A short time is not a strickly definitive time frame.

      Do also said that going to the southwest and screaming to the Next Level for anyone who feels the draw to lay down their life in the way He and the Crew did would result in their knowing and having the courage to do so. Granted that for those that don’t have that knowing and courage, are therefore not in the same place in their growth as those who do have that knowing and courage. But why think of them – like me and you and others as having failed because of not having that conviction at this time and yet still wanting to serve as doing something wrong to try to perform the service they Do and Jwnody laid out in several documents and in the Beyond Human tapes that puts us in the second catagory of those who can escape the recycling – those described as ones who had weaknesses in that applicatoin of the metamorphic formula to be among those that do give their all to their metamorphosis as many of the 38+4 did. Do said that even among those 38 there were some who would still need to return to complete their overcoming.

      After all if even those who never heard about Ti and Do still have a shot at escaping the recycling, that means there are others that still have a shot at whatever they reach for. Ti and Do often said that the Next Level doesn’t hold anyone back and that a student could theoretically pass up their Older Member (however, they said that wasn’t really going to happen because the Older Member is wanting to grow as fast as he can grow also). It’s not a competition.

      So I get a little attention to the things I say sometimes and talk as if I have authority, as you call an “expert” (what Do said was a “has been drip”). Maybe part of that is my ego I have yet to overcome. I know that vibration that can be with me and know it to be a Luciferian influence but I’m working on it to squash that voice whenever I see it arise which I don’t think I generally let come out in my writing but then maybe it does and I just don’t see it yet and it is offensive for you to hear/read. Does having such influences mean I can not be of service? And is that service only pointing people to the documents Ti and Do provided?

      If that was the case that the dissemination job entailed restricting each of us to sending someone to a document or tape from Ti and Do directly, why was it that in 1975 when Ti and Do sent us out with only Statement One to hold meetings they didn’t instruct us to say only the words on those statements. And why was it in 1994 when Do sent us out again to speak face to face to the public did He not instruct us to simply set up a meeting and play a Beyond Human tape and to any questions quote only what Ti and Do had said in a tape or writing. Why was it that when we were on the road in 1994 and each group had a compaq portable computer and a tiny printer to make master posters from, did Do not restrict what we would put in the posters. I actually was a primary designer of one or more of those posters in the purple book. For a large part of the time I was Overseer of a group then, Evnody was my partner and though she was certainly as far along in her overcoming as I and even proved to be possabily further along in her overcoming, she didn’t have the history in her computer and the experience expressing it so I did 99% of the poster design and speaking at meetings and correcting of Rob Balch’s material that Do assigned me to do while I was in missoula then.

      You said something to the affect of how you and Rkkody agreed that you did not feel qualified to deliver Ti and Do’s information and seem to think that’s a reason not to try and seems to hold a resentment of me because I seem to think I am qualified. Even if the appearance of qualification is something I vibrate that shows as an influence with me, if what I say is close to the exact same things Ti and Do and Crew have said and intended (which was always more important than mimicing exact words though that’s not to say there isn’t a great value to mimicing exact words), then what harm is done? Worse case scenerio would be, that someone will read what I say and continue in their searching of what Ti and Do have said and could bring it up to me and I would have a chance to say it better, get rid of any of my mind that I inevitably added unconsciously as it is not my desire to appear equivilent to Do though it is my desire to grow to Be equivilent to Do, which of course will never happen because even if a student does grow to the same station as their Older Member, their Older Member would have moved on to their next station.

      But the lesson that I believe Ti and Do taught on many occasions was to try to speak what they have given us to think, say and do. That was the point to the “book” they had each of us start to write that was for our “strain” of those coming up as Ti and Do spoke a little about in the Blackhawk tapes. That was also the lesson of going out on the road in 1975. That is why those early students were able to design a poster that said UFO’s on it as a headline when they had the Statement. They didn’t run it by Ti and Do because Ti and Do didn’t set up that standard for them to do. They could have said, design a poster and let us approve it before getting it printed and using it to advertise the meeting. I don’t doubt that they would have been pleased had they checked with them, but they didn’t check with them.

      So though we are not qualified to speak as well as Do speaks, it’s the task to try. That is also why Do had us engage in the writing projects that I was part of. Some in the class gravitated to expressing themselves while others did not. Do said in the Beyond Human tapes that it wasn’t a requirement to be a writer so if someone didn’t feel inclined to it, they were not pleasing Do any less than those who did take to writing. I did take to writing, perhaps due to my ego influnences, but perhaps because I loved the feeling of being an instrument for Ti and Do’s mind. I admit pleasure in that. However, my writings were not nearly as good as Jwnody and others so were not intially selected by the crew for publication.

      When Ti and Do first sent us out to do meetings, I wanted to speak at a meeting. Again, my ego I don’t doubt but then again why assume it’s all about the ego and not also part of the desire to be of service – a mix. So I studied the Statement and practised talking it – using my own words and then also studied the bible some and had months on the road going town to town talking with preachers everyday so naturally I got better at it though that hardly seemed to make a difference to the preachers.

      The bottom line as I see it and perhaps I am wrong about, is not who is saying it or what words they are choosing but whether or not it is from Ti and Do’s mind or not. Actually Jesus said when he sent out the 70 not to pay any mind to what they would say because the Next Level would give them the words.

      But the task was to try and that’s the same task we all have now for those that want to engage it and if the way you wish to engage it is to point to a document Do wrote, it’s not for me to say that is a greater or lessor way but I do know that when we speak it, write it as best we can it forces us to also hear it again and by hearing it again confronts our influences, whom we then must face or we will not be able to continue talking it without diluting and distorting it. In some small ways I did recognize I was diluting sometimes and actually I count what you said to me as the trigger to question myself so I thereafter paid more attention to not diluting.

  5. Eleanora Knake Says:

    Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

  6. Sawyer’s Critique of new San Diego Union Tribune Article about Heaven’s Gate that draws from a Heaven’s Gate Webmaster’s Email Interview | Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate Says:

    […] Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with […]

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