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Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 12

September 19, 2016

Transcript of Video Tape Series


Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 12   (110 Min)

Welcome to Beyond Human.  This is our twelfth Session.  As
far as I can tell, this is our last session, but that might
change.  My feeling is that it will be the last session of this
series.  We want to get right on with the series.  We have things
to talk about that kind of round out our whole summary, our
bottom line.  I want to welcome the students who will be helping
me with this session today.  I’m going to ask that they feed me
questions, as we have prepared our little outline, hopefully in
accordance with my Older Member’s instruction.  So let’s get
right to it.  What is the first question on our list?

Student:  Did we want to say more about the generic versus the
religious terminology?

Do:       Yes, we discussed it on one of our previous sessions.  I
think the important thing here is that we realize what we now
call “religious terminology” – as far as those terms that we
associate with the Bible, with the background of the Old and New
Testaments,  the terminology used at one time, or at its origin,
or as it was given to humanity as the Next Level was present with
those individuals, it was not religious terminology – it was
generic terminology.  It’s because of the passage of time and
because of the lack of closeness of the Next Level that the
vocabulary and the terminology, the vernacular, so to speak, has
become religious terminology and tainted, less than true, less
than accurate.

I have to bring up again that the first time Ti, my Older
Member, used the phrase “Next Level,” our computers (brains)
said, “Well, you know, people aren’t going to understand
something like a reference to Next Level.  What does that mean”?
And yet, if instead of saying the “Next Level,” we say the
“heavenly kingdom,” we get into religious terminology.  We get
into a degree of spirituality that is less than real, less than
true.  So, in an attempt to get to true, objective terminology,
we use the “Next Evolutionary Level” or the “Evolutionary Level
Above Human.”  Remember, human evolutionary level, Evolutionary
Level Above Human.  This whole series is about beyond human,
synonymous with Evolutionary Level Above Human.  There is no
clearer terminology that we’re aware of than Evolutionary Level
Above Human.

I’m reminding you that the use of the term “evolutionary”
has nothing to do with Darwin and his theories or his principles.
It has to do with life, as it is discussed in science text books
and biology or zoology as “kingdom” levels and “evolutionary”
levels – animal kingdom, animal evolutionary level; human
evolutionary level, Evolutionary Level Above Human.   Whether we
like it or have trouble with it or not, depending upon our
listener or our viewer who may have difficulty with some concept
of reincarnation – and let me remind you not to apply some of the
concepts of reincarnation you have heard of – but there is a type
of reincarnation that we have told you is certainly for real.
Did not Jesus take a human vehicle (body)?  If He had pre-
existence, had He never had a vehicle before He took that human
vehicle?  Of course, He had had a vehicle before He took that
human vehicle.  Was He not a member with a Next Level vehicle in
our Father’s Kingdom before He took that human vehicle?  He
reincarnated, even though His task was worse than that, because
He had to incarnate down a kingdom level, or down an evolutionary
level, in order to take the vehicle that we call Jesus.  So, the
reason we discuss the generic as against the religious
terminology is to try to help bridge the gap.

Recently, someone who is going to join the classroom said,
“But I really have trouble with the Bible.  I have trouble with
religious concepts, with religious terminology, because in my
childhood, in my background…the history, I was so turned off by
it.”  And so with that individual we can talk in generic terms,
we can talk “Evolutionary Level Above Human.”  We can talk
everything else that we talk and it doesn’t seem to give much
problem.  But when we say things like “Father” or “Kingdom of
Heaven,” or we say “Kingdom of God,” because of being run away
from those terms, because of bad experiences, they became a
problem for that individual.  Now, that individual has to
overcome that problem.  But in the same sense, we have to
appreciate that fact, and we can even understand why someone
would be turned off by that kind of terminology.

And here is the other extreme; that is, someone who is so
into religious terminology that that’s what connects.  And they
have to overcome that, they have to rise above the religious
terminology and be willing to see the truth in the generic
terminology without any hang-up either way – just seeking a clear
understanding of how God’s program of growth and development,
both for the vehicles and for the souls, was designed.  That’s
the reason we have to address the issue for you again, because it
doesn’t matter what your prior orientation was, as far as
understanding of terms, or your background.  These are just some
of the hurdles we have to make.  So we try to kind of walk both
sides of the fence for those who came from the religious
background.  We try to help them connect by using those terms,
and yet when we do, we try to also supplement them with more
generic terms for those who had bad experiences and were turned
off by religions.  I think enough said on that topic.

What’s the next one on our list of questions?

Student:  Do we want to discuss the different routes to the
classroom or maybe the two extremes that you mentioned?

Do:       Yes, we do and I’m glad you asked that question.  What
he means by the different routes to the classroom, we’re using
“classroom” here synonymously with when individuals or souls are
in an overcoming process, when they are on their way out of the
human kingdom on their way to the Kingdom of God, or the
Evolutionary Level Above Human.  The reason we’re discussing the
extreme routes here is to give you some understanding of what
happens to a soul during its awareness of the closeness of the
Next Level.  It’s quite obvious that the Next Level has to be
very close at this time and has been since the early 70’s.  It
has certainly been extremely close to this planet, and to varying
degrees to different areas, depending upon who we’re talking
about, individuals and what presences.  But since it has been
close, people respond in a different way.  There’s an analogy
here that might be helpful.  Most of us have seen Close
Encounters of the Third Kind.  There is a scene in there (and
sometimes I wish that we had a great big picture of the shot) that
was on a helicopter where there were all these individuals that
for some, or for differing, reasons had to go to Devil’s Tower.
They were led to Devil’s Tower.  They didn’t know why, they didn’t
know what, but that’s where they had to go.  They were compelled
to go.  Now, some went intellectually – some of the scientists
went intellectually.  They were hearing beep-beeps and they had
kind of a communication with the physical reality of certain ones
outside of this Earth’s Age of the human kingdom as we know it.
So, from an intellectual, or a technical, or a pragmatic approach,
they went to Devil’s Tower because of their curiosity and their
interest in what they might find there.  Others didn’t even know
why they had to go there, but they had to go there.

The same parallel exists as souls prepare themselves for
overcoming, for this transition from the human kingdom to the
Level Above Human.  Some might hear these tapes, and the
information they hear makes sense to them.  And they might say,
“I’ve been waiting for this and I know that it’s right.”  Others
might hear merely five seconds of it and that’s all it takes, and
they say, “This is what I’ve been waiting for!”  Some might hear
the whole thing and it takes them a long time and they’re not
quite so sure.  Different degrees of preparedness, meaning
different degrees of preparedness from previous experiences.

But before we get into that, let’s talk a moment about
another extreme.  There might be someone who has left everything
behind, such as a street person, and for some reason or other he
cannot be motivated to reconstruct his place in society.  Even
though he tried, it just hasn’t worked.  He couldn’t muster up
enough motivation, and he fell into guilt because his life was
falling apart and he didn’t know what to do about it.  He didn’t
want to become a street person, he finds himself there.  We feel
that our classroom for overcoming, our classroom for this
transition, is a haven-shelter, a haven-home for street people.
But those street people who might come by that route, as we
called it, into this classroom would live exactly by the same
rules, the same training program, the same everything in
preparedness for the Next Level.  They have to do the complete
overcoming task, is what we’re getting at.  So, it doesn’t really
matter, because some of those from the streets might be more like
some of those on that helicopter in Close Encounters who didn’t
know why they were there.  It was almost subconsciously, or what
some people would call at a subconscious psychic level, of tuning
into the fact that they had to do it.  And it could be at the
subconscious level that some individuals, some souls, find
themselves at our doorstep not knowing why, and then after they
step in and learn why, it all fits.  Others might know all the
why’s, and then when they learn the particulars about it, they
end up with exactly the same difficulty, exactly the same
problems or lessons or areas of overcoming, the same degree of
overcoming necessary as those who came from a standpoint of
knowledge or information.  So here are two extreme routes: one
who might come in having nothing, and ones who come here and have
to give up everything.  What’s the difference?  They both lost
everything, they both left everything in order to enter the
transition of preparedness to move into that Kingdom Level.

When we first had this information in 1975, and gave it for
a short time for those who responded, then we referred to it as
the caterpillar-becoming-butterfly transition.  We used that
illustration and the metamorphic illustration, even though we
knew it had little pitfalls, because it made us too aware or too
focused on the physical aspect of that metamorphosis instead of
the soul.  Not that they aren’t both equally a part of it.  But
the point is the change.  It’s just like that caterpillar has to
drop caterpillar ways when it enters that chrysalis – the
chrysalis being the overcomers’ classroom.  I can’t get in that
chrysalis and get on with my change until I have dropped
everything outside that chrysalis.  I can step in that chrysalis
and still have thoughts of caterpillar activity, but I have to
abort them, abort them, abort them, until there is no caterpillar
activity.  And so the same would be true from whichever route you
approach the classroom, or the chrysalis, or the transitional
overcomers’ route from the human evolutionary level into the
Evolutionary Level Above Human, the House of the Most High God.
Whichever is your terminology, they are both accurate, they are
both real.  Did we leave anything out of that one?

Student:  No, I think that covered it very well.

Do:       Ok, you’re next.  Let’s go to the next question.

Student:  I know you touched a little bit about the street
people, but what about the addicts, the sexaholics, and the
alcoholics, etcetera?

Do:       I’m glad you brought that up because it’s the same issue.
You know, if at a subconscious level I am somehow unsatisfied
with what the world has to offer, I can’t really play all of the
human so-called ideal ways.  I can’t just be a good husband, a
good father, bring home a good wage, have a good insurance
policy, pay for my grave, pay for the trust that would take care
of everyone behind me, and “I did it all right, I even took care
of the ending, it was all covered” – if I can’t get into that and
I know that there’s something more than that because that’s where
I am, I’m ready for something more.  Maybe some souls aren’t
ready for something more, and therefore that is satisfactory.
But for those souls who know there is something more and they
don’t know what it is, and they don’t know why they are in this
time lock or this waiting period thinking, “What is it that I’m
supposed to find that I’m not finding?  I’m hunting here, I’m
hunting there….”  Who can’t understand while you’re in that agony
and that anxiety why you wouldn’t find yourself a sexaholic, an
alcoholic, into drugs, into losing respect for career, losing
respect for some of those aspects that society says you must do?
I’m not justifying participating in activity that is against the
law or would disturb others or would interfere with others, or
would make trouble for others or with the legal system in which
we live.  But I certainly can see that, I’ll be honest with you,
if I did not have this knowledge in my conscious mind and my
pursuit under way and my awareness of what I am pursuing, and my
even subconscious awareness of the value of what I am pursuing,
it would be hard for me not to be an addict of some sort, maybe
not to any hard degree or any degree that would find me ready for
a hospital.  But why not?  I mean, you need pacifiers of some
sort if you can’t connect with what it is that you’re looking
for, what it is that’s missing in your life, and that’s certainly
understandable.  Did that clarify that for you?

Student:  Yes.

Do:       Ok, anything more on that one?

Student:  No, I think that covered it.

Do:       Ok, let’s go to the next one.

Student:  Ok, do we want to talk about the symptoms of those who
are more ready for this, and possibly how, if they have more
symptoms, it is an indication that they had done a lot of
overcoming at a previous time?

Do:       Yes, and that just picks up right where we left off on
the last one, because we were talking about symptoms and degrees of
symptoms of readiness or ripeness for picking – I’m talking about
for the Next Level to pick a soul, so that when it picks that
soul, then it is ready to make that transition.  Well, in 1975,
or around that time, when the information first came out, some of
these who are in this classroom (and by the way, sitting in this
studio with us at this moment), some of them had their backpack –
that’s all they had.  They’d already left everything, they didn’t
know why, but they had a backpack and they didn’t feel like they
were just a hippie who was out on a trek of worthlessness.  They
just didn’t know why they found themselves physically within a
few miles of the area where Ti and I first surfaced with the
information that was given to us to give.  So those who found
themselves with that degree of readiness with no question in
their mind – they had not gotten into family, they did not have
children, they did not have properties they had to get rid of,
they didn’t have this, they didn’t have that.  I’m not
criticizing those who maybe had those things and rose to the
occasion, when they recognized this information, that they had to
also pursue it, but we’re discussing the degree of readiness.

Now, again I’ll have to be honest with you here.  I feel
that some indications of the degree of that readiness might be
because those same souls received so many overcoming lessons in
the previous time that a Representative was here.  We have to
just face that, talk about it openly, even though that does a
little tilt to some of our computers.  When the Next Level sent
Jesus as a Representative, don’t forget his only purpose in being
here was to what?  Spread the news of the Kingdom of Heaven.
“The Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst.”  In other words, ‘the
door is open – you listen to me, you do what I say, you can get
in.  If you don’t do it to the degree that you can get in and
stay there, then you’ll have to be born again.’ Now that doesn’t
mean necessarily that everyone in this classroom was there or had
to be born again.  But I can’t help but believe my Older Member,
as my Older Member explains to me that those souls were present
at that time with Him – knew Him – did as He taught to the best
of their ability, accomplished a great deal of their overcoming,
and therefore, when they came in at this time, they knew not to
get into this, not to get into that, and their baggage was light,
their yoke was easy, their burden was light.  They were more
prepared to move right on and get with their overcoming.

Here again, I’ve got to say this is not to put someone down
who finds that their yoke is not light and their burden is not
easy (or vice versa, whichever way it’s supposed to be), because
anyone who finds this and connects with this and knows that this
is the Truth, if they really know that it is the Truth, and the
more they know it is the Truth, the closer they probably were, if
not actually, were with Him 2000 years ago.  The more they knew
Him, the more they knew His Father through His mouth.  Because
Jesus did not want them to know Him.  He wanted them to know His
Father.  He wanted to be a vessel of His Father’s mind, and so
forth up the line to God Almighty, or the Chief of Chiefs, the
Creator of Creators.

So, back to the question at the point where the symptoms of
readiness can frequently be seen by the ease with which we can
drop things, or how much we are already in a position to jump
right into the classroom and get on with the overcoming.  Even
those who came in with a backpack and had already prepared
themselves by not getting into those things, that didn’t mean
they had an easy row to plow.  There is, as far as I know of, or
as far as Ti and I know of, there is no row to plow that is an
easy row in overcoming.  There is no one who has so much
overcoming done that they can sail through this.  They are still
actually and currently dealing with the forces that would
prohibit them from accomplishing this overcoming, and that’s a
daily thing – it’s a moment-by-moment thing – which I deal with,
which they deal with.  When you are in this environment and those
minds in opposition to our Fathers’ Kingdom surround us, then we
deal with those influences on a regular basis.  We have to win
round by round in that fight and in that struggle until we know
we can keep them at bay.  So readiness does not necessarily mean
ease is ahead.  It’s almost as if sometimes the more ready you
are, the harder the influences pounce on you.  It’s like the
influences see that you’re about to get to the point where you’re
secure, and therefore they have to add extra influences to
prohibit you from accomplishing the closeness that you want with
the Next Level as it relates, connects, with your Older Member or
your Teacher.  Did that cover our question there?

Student:  Yes, it did.

Do:       Ok, are we ready to go to the next one?  What’s the next one
on our list?

Student:  Is timing a factor in readiness for overcoming?

Do:       Ok, timing.  Timing is a factor from a couple of important
points.  Let’s go back 2000 years.  Jesus knew when He delivered
His message to His disciples that they had to respond then.  He
was there, He was a Representative, don’t forget, of the Next
Level.  He was a Representative of His Father’s Kingdom.  He took
on a human vehicle and became a “begotten” son (instead of a
“made” son, because of having a Next Level vehicle).  He was in a
human form and was a Representative sent to bring them
information of how to get from human level to Level Above Human,
so timing was important.  He was present.  Therefore, if you want
to make that transition, you have to do it during the time a lab
instructor is there to take you through it.  Therefore, as He
taught them and said to them, “Do this, do this, you follow me,
you believe in me, you do exactly as I say, and you’ll get there.
You will not know death.”  Wow, but I can’t get there and not
know death unless I continue to believe and continue to do.

So, timing is very important from the aspect of responding
when a Representative has been sent with the offering of
transition from human kingdom into the Level Above Human.  Timing
is also important from other aspects. The time that it takes me
to break the ties that bind, to get out of my humanness and get
on with my program.  That timing is very important.  Another aspect
of timing that’s important is, I can’t just say, “Well, it seems
that the Next Level sends Representatives periodically, and it
looks as if I don’t get X amount of overcoming done this time,
then there will be a time down the line.”  I’m afraid we have no
assurance of that.  We have no data on that.  We have no
knowledge of that.  I mean, if you want to gamble to that degree,
that’s like saying, “If I’m going to win a million dollars at the
Vegas table, then I’ll win it next month, not while the Vegas
table is advertising that a million dollars can be won.”  Because
when the information is there, it’s being offered, it’s being
advertised to an extent.  That’s what these tapes are doing.
They’re letting you know the information is available.  The door
is open.  So, I have to respond while the door is open if I
expect to move through the door, even get a toe in the door – or
even start in that direction – or maybe even get through the door
and get it slammed, if I get enough overcoming done.  I certainly
can’t take the frame of mind that this is something that I can do
at a later time, or that I can count on a Rep being here at another
time.  So, timing is important when a Representative is present.
The timing is important on “When I recognize this Truth, I need
to get rid of the shackles that bind me, get rid of those things
that are inhibiting me from getting into the classroom and
getting on with this program if it is for me.”  And that’s not
for us to say, that’s for you to say.  But if that is what you
are saying, then we must remind you that timing is significant
and that you need to act quickly.  Did that cover that topic?

Student:  Well, when there’s no member of the Next Level present
on the garden, is it more appropriate for them to be

Do:       That’s an interesting question.  I would say that when there
is no Representative present that it is a justifiable position
for being the best human you know how to be.  Now, if a soul is
present during the time that a Representative is not present, a
soul who knew a Representative at a previous time, that soul
still might make increased efforts at overcoming and thereby
relate less and less to human responsibility and more and more in
an attempt to become a servant.  And the humans would say,
“What’s that person doing?  He’s copping out, he’s becoming a
hermit, he’s dropping his responsibility to society.”  So, if
that soul knew that much knowledge and it is present at that
time, he might take that route.  It is not our place to judge him
or condemn him, because we do not know what position he might
find himself in or what his previous experience was.  But if he
was not that close, then probably the best thing that he can do
is become charitable-minded, humanitarian, do the best that he
can to make a significant contribution to society, whether it’s
in medicine, or science, or whatever it might be to try to better
things, to clean up the environment, things that would take
better care of the garden and try to stimulate people more toward
better conduct than certainly negative or destructive conduct
that makes the world a more difficult place for other people.
Did that answer that question?

Student:  Yes.

Do:       Where are we on our next question?

Student:  We certainly touched on this, but is the message that
we have the same message that Jesus brought?

Do:       Well, we have to directly address that question.  Yes,
I think we probably said that before, but we need to say it again.
It’s the same message exactly.  Don’t forget, what we asked just
a moment ago was “What was Jesus’ purpose while He was here?”  He
sent His disciples out and He told them, ‘The Kingdom of God is
at hand, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  It is at hand through
me.  You do this through me, you believe in me, you do as I say,
you can get there.’  Now, this wasn’t because Jesus was saying,
‘I’m a big boy, I’m a big shot, I’m Mr. God!’  He was saying, ‘I
have been commissioned to act as midwife to you.  I’m no big shot
in the eyes of my Heavenly Father.  I’m no big shot in the
Heavenly Kingdom.  It is my task to be here, to minister to you.
And if I can minister to you, then you can make it there.’  But
He still had to be the object of their focus.  He was the vessel
for the information on how to make the transition from the human
kingdom into the Level Above Human.  Therefore, we have to listen
to the vessel when the vessel is present.  We can’t ignore the
vessel, just take the information and run and say, “I can do it
on my own.”  It doesn’t work.

There’s another thing that enters here.  That information,
as it comes, changes daily.  This vessel is not giving you
information that it got from its Older Member when its Older
Member was in a human vehicle.  This vessel is giving you
information that it receives day by day, hour by hour, minute by
minute, second by second, from its Older Member.  That
information is not like some super-duper, holy-holy,
sanctimonious information.  It is practical application of how I
overcome my binds, my shackles, my addictions, my improper
behavior, my improper conduct that was ok in the human kingdom
because it was transition from animal kingdom, but which is not
ok if I expect to ever get in my Father’s House without running
him out the back door.  It’s simply a practical lab-instructor-
type relationship with the students in trying to help their souls
clean up their act, get rid of their humanism, adopt the ways.
Actually, they’re not just getting rid of humanism, they’re not
just breaking the binds to the human kingdom, they are adopting
ways of the Next Level.  They are taking on ties with the Next
Level.  They are taking on habits of the Next Level.  They have a
different structure, they have a different format than human ties
would or human habits.  They are trying to graft to the Next
Level.  They’re trying to graft so that when they get into that
Kingdom, they fit.  It can work.  Even though they’re tiny little
children in that Kingdom Level, it’s ok.  They might wet their
diaper, they might make little boo-boos, but it’s permissible,
they can handle it, it’s tolerable.  It’s not going to be so
difficult that those whom they work with can’t handle it.  It’s
like getting into a team, it’s like getting into a crew, whether
it’s a crew aboard a spacecraft, or a crew on a project to
prepare a garden for its next civilization.  But how can the crew
function if members of that crew still have to, “Well I’ve got to
have so and so to consume because I don’t like what’s offered
here,” or “I’ve got to have some time by myself, I’ve got to go
sit and meditate a little bit”?  If it requires all that
attention, then that individual can’t really be a crew member,
can’t be a spoke in the wheel, can’t be just an active tool of
the captain of that task or the instructor for that task.  Where
were we?

Student:  I think we covered that.  Our message is the same as
the message Jesus brought.

Do:       Ok, what’s next on our list?

Student:  Do you want to discuss the name of Jesus, Yeshua?

Do:       Ok, this is an interesting little thing to talk about.  The
name of Jesus.  Don’t forget that when Jesus was present He said,
“Do this in my name.”  Now, that had a couple of different
meanings.  One was:  “You can blame me for it.  Whatever it is
they’re going to do –  whatever problem they’re going to give
you, go ahead and blame me for it.”  In other words, He knew that
His task was going to end with the masses requiring His life and
stringing Him up in one way or another.  And He said, “You know,
that’s part of the M.O. of my task, so I’ll take the blame.  You
know you can say, ‘He told me to do it.’  So do it in my name.”
Another thing is, if you look to Him and if you’re calling His
name all the time in your head, and in your thoughts asking for
help, then He can respond, His Father can respond.  His Father
wanted you to call the name of His son.  His Father put His son
in the position so you could call His name and that you could get
closer and closer.  The more Jesus meant to those who were His
disciples and His followers, the closer they got, also the more
lessons they got, the more correction they got, the more help
they got.  But it was a point of contact, it was a point of
communication, it was a point of focus to call His name.

The name also, according to some of the linguists and some
of the historians, had some double meaning.  Some used the term
“Yeshua,” meaning present savior.  Well, Jesus, as a
Representative of the Kingdom of Heaven or the Next Level,
present with information of how to get from the human kingdom
into the Kingdom Above Human, was He not present?  And was He not
their savior?  Therefore, their “present savior”?  And therefore,
that name had significance for Him, Yeshua or present savior.

Unfortunately, that puts this vehicle on the spot right now,
too.  I happen to be, or this vessel happens to contain, and this
soul happens to contain and be the conduit for that information
that can get you from the human kingdom into the Kingdom Above
Human.  And I’m afraid that Jesus is not my name.  Jesus was the
name of that vehicle 2000 years ago, and we need to understand it
that way.  Let me help you understand something a little more.
Jesus said, ‘Don’t forget that if someone says to you in the Age
to come (He meant the end of the Age) that He is here or He is
there, or you can find Him on this mountain (or wherever it was),
don’t believe it.’  Jesus knew that He would not come appearing
as Jesus or in the same body that He was in then.  Don’t
misunderstand me and say that that’s what I’m saying I am.  And
you’ll understand that in a moment.  He said, ‘Don’t believe it.’
For someone to say that that’s who they are doesn’t make sense;
it isn’t right for a couple of reasons.  One is that Jesus, or
the soul that was in the vehicle that was named Jesus, that soul
certainly had grown to the point of not wanting identity any
longer.  He wanted to draw attention to His Kingdom, to His
Father, even though His Father had said, “The part of the formula
that I give you is that they must look to you, they must call
your name.”  But here, understand something else.  What was the
name of that soul?  Was it the name of that soul…was that
Jesus?  No, that soul had a name before it entered the vehicle
that was named Jesus.  You don’t know that name.  I don’t know
that name.  I’m not supposed to know that name.  I think I
certainly knew it before I came into this lifetime, just as my
Older Member certainly knew it, but it is not to be brought in.
It is secret.  Don’t forget, when Jesus left them and was telling
them how to pray after His departure, it was to the group, to the
ones who were close to Him.  It was Our Father (OUR Father), who
art in Heaven (“which” was “who,” art in the Next Level now
having left this place), Hallowed be thy Name (kept holy, thy
Name kept holy).  Humans are not to know the names of individuals
in the Next Level or in the Kingdom of Heaven, or Kingdom of God.
You know these Biblical scholars who dig and dig and dig, and
they finally get smart and they come up with “Ya-hah-way” or
“Yahweh” or this or that, all these different names, “Jehovah”
the this and “Jehovah” the that.  They’re forgetting the first
rules regarding the names of those individuals from the Next
Level who related to the humans (which they did in the early days
of migration from Egypt and into Israel).  All that time they
were physically there in Next Level vehicles, they had titles,
and those titles then became names, and their names were not to
be known or pronounceable.  If humans lucked out somehow or other
by their Biblical scholarship, so to speak, and came across and
discovered what the name might have been of that member of the
Next Level that was present at that time, then I’m sure that the
Next Level would change the name of that soul, because humans are
not to call the names.  They can call the titles, they can call
the stations, they can make reference in their prayers to those
whom they have known while they were present on Earth.  Certainly,
it is appropriate for humans to do the best that they can as they
seek to relate to that Kingdom.  ‘The best that they can’ is to
pray to God, to pray to Jesus – what else can they do?  That’s
the best that they can do, and it serves the purpose.  You know
it’s not really what name you use at the front of your prayer
that counts.  It’s what your prayer is that counts.  If you are
saying “God” or if you’re saying “Jesus,” or whatever it is that
you’re saying, if you’re saying, “I want what You want for me.  I
want to join You.  I want to overcome this world.  I want to
become as You.  I want to become as Your son.  I want to leave
everything that separates me from You.”  They could simply say
one thing, “Lead me closer to You and help me to rise to the
occasion.”  Because in the process of asking that, you can be
lead closer to Him.  Things will be put in your path that will
begin to challenge that statement that you just made.  Because if
you ask, “Lead me closer to You,” and then the one who responds
begins to give you an opportunity to drop some shackle or some
tie or some bind to the human kingdom, how are you going to
respond?  Would you say, “Oh, God, how could this have happened
to me?  God, please restore this.”  And He says, “Oh, I thought
you wanted to get closer to Me.”  And you say, “Oh, God, please
restore.”  So, He says, “Ok, I’ll send somebody who can restore.
I’m not in the business of restoring humanism, but I’ll send
somebody who will if that’s what you really want.”  So, when we
say, “I want to get closer to You,” we’ve got to take what comes
in response to that.

Where were we?

Student:  Would you say that our disciplines are the same
disciplines that Jesus taught?

Do:       I hope so.  Yes, I believe that I can say it with
confidence, because I know my Father.  I know how my Father’s
example works.  I know that when my Father tells me that I can
overcome something and tells me how to overcome it and then
continues to bring me a new clue, a new band-aid, a new remedy,
try something else, try something else – I know that if I
continue to do what is given to me that it works.  Therefore, our
discipleship is the same.  When Jesus said to his disciples, or
to those who would be his disciples, “Unless you hate your
father, your mother, your sister, your brother…”  Read that to
us, ok?  Read us that scripture.

Student:  “If any man comes to me and hate not his father, and
mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea
and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

Do:       Ok, the popular thing to do in the Christian world is to
say, “Oh, He didn’t really mean that.  What He really meant was
if you love those things more than me….”  And I’d say that that
is an appropriate application when a Representative is not
present.  But when the transition information and discipline are
available, which it was in Jesus’ time, He had the right to say
to them, “Come and follow me.  Leave those things and come and
follow me.  Give up everything that you have of this world, get
rid of it, give it to the poor, come and follow me.  Leave
everything, and as you leave them, they will become your enemies.
Even your family will become your enemies.”  He knew it
hurt…there is no way around it.  It happens.  It’s the natural
way of transition from kingdom level to kingdom level.  The door
is the same, the knob twists the same way.  It’s got the same
hazards, it’s just as difficult today as it was then.  It’s just
as easy today as it was then.  It’s the same door, it’s the same
transition.  It is changing our behavior, it is dropping
everything that binds us to the human kingdom – dropping
everything of possessions.

You know, within this classroom, we don’t have possessions.
This classroom is, don’t forget, a transition.  This is a
chrysalis.  This is where we go through the change from the human
into that Level, so any time that we have a possession it’s
because we ask a class member who really doesn’t want any
possessions if we can use his name.  We say, “The law says that
somebody’s name has to go on the title of this or on the title of
that,” whether it would be an automobile or what it might be.
Someone who does not want to have any possessions…it seems that
we get instruction that it’s ok to put their name on that
possession.  Since the day that my Father touched my life and my
awakening began, I’ve had no possessions.  My Older Member had no
possessions.  Not one thing in our names, nothing that could be
considered ours.  We don’t want anything of ours.  That’s the
last thing we want – anything of ours.  They aren’t handing out
any titles to possessions in the Kingdom of Heaven right now that
we’re aware of.  Certainly not in our transition classroom.
There are no titles there, there is no ownership.  Actually,
there shouldn’t be any here in the human kingdom.  This kingdom
and every element on it, everything that goes into making an
automobile or a house or a company or anything else, belongs to
the Chief of Chiefs and His Kingdom, the God of Gods.  It does
not belong to humans.  Humans play a little game of copy-cat by
saying, “I want to own this, I want to stake this off, it’s
mine.”  It isn’t his, he’s just playing a game.  Now if he has
the attitude that it isn’t “mine,” he’s at least a little closer.
If he has the attitude of saying, “This is just entrusted to me
as the keeper of it, and I’ll do the best I can.”  And if the day
comes when a Representative is there with the transition
available, the day is come if you’re someone who might be capable
of connecting with this and know your Father.

If you know Jesus, you know this is Truth.  You may have an
idea that you know Jesus, but the “Jesus” that you have filled
your head with, and all the little sayings that you quote, all
the little scriptures that you quote are the safe ones.  And you
usually quote Paul, who didn’t even know Him, never even sat with
Him, never talked to Him.  You know if you’d stick to the red
letters [in a red-letter Bible], you’d be better off.  But even
among the red letters, if you’d go to the ones that are
pertinent, like the all-important ones, the bottom-line ones.
Now this is not to say to you that this is what you must do.
This is only what those must do that are ready for this, that
know it is for them.  But if you would go, know that it’s always
the same, the transition is always the same.  If I expect to want
to get into my Father’s House, into that Kingdom Level, out of
the human kingdom, I can’t do it after I die by trying to get
good in the last six months before I kick the bucket.  I can’t
overcome anything then.  My vehicle has grown so old and so tired
and so sick, the influences aren’t even around to be interested
in me to even have the things I need to get rid of.  So it’s
difficult.  Let’s go on, what’s the next question on our list?

Student:  How is the behavior within our classroom or shelter
attempting to be like the behavior in God’s House.

Do:       Well, I think we’ve talked about that, but we’ll touch on it
a moment more.  Don’t forget, I’m a lab instructor, so to speak.
Therefore, our classroom, or our chrysalis, is a lab.  And in
that lab we try to simulate what it would be in our Father’s
House.  Now, I don’t really believe there is any Gothic
architecture in our Father’s House.  I don’t believe there are
bells and robes and rituals and incense and all those things.
It’s practical.  It’s a laboratory, it’s experiments, it is
behavior that is pleasing in His sight.  It is being servants of
His in whatever task He has that we might be able to perform,
depending on our degree of readiness or overcoming, or not
interfering with what He has in mind.  So we do try in our
classroom to have a simulation or an analogy, a mockup of His
House, His Kingdom.  We try to live that, as we are here.  And
the closer we get, the environment becomes something for those
who are in the classroom that when they have to go on different
tasks outside the classroom, when they get back in, it’s like,
“Wow, I can breathe again!”  Because within the confines of
wherever our segment of classroom is, within the confines of the
environment that is our simulated laboratory of His House, where
the behavior has become what it has, it is our haven, it is our
Heaven, our simulated Heaven.  In that sense, we are beginning to
experience some of the feeling that is present in the Next Level.
And believe me, it is not righteous – you know, spiritual,
syrupy, saccharine.  It’s practical, it’s hard work, it’s
correction.  It’s learning day by day more things that I need to
correct that I haven’t yet faced, and how I can apply more
application toward overcoming those things than I applied before
new clues were given to me, so that I can stamp them out even
more.  And that’s the formula for an overcoming classroom.
That’s the formula; therefore, we feel instruction is given to us
on how to create, within our possibility, a simulation of our
Father’s House or laboratory, however you want to look at it.

The tech crew just said that it’s a couple of minutes before
the end of the hour and I’m going to ignore it and we’re just
going to go on until this session is complete within reason,
depending upon how far we go with this session.  Let’s go to our
next question.

Student:  Do we want to discuss how some might think because
you’re our teacher that you’re on a spiritual ego trip or think
you’re God?

Do:       Yes, I think we’ve discussed that a little bit, but we can
certainly touch on it a little bit more.  I don’t know what you
think that Jesus had to gain, from a human point of view, by
saying that He was sent from the Kingdom of Heaven and was the
Son of His Father and had information that flowed through Him on
how to get from here to there.  If you thought that of Him, if
you were present then and thought that of Him, you didn’t know
Him.  You didn’t know what He was all about.  I mean, what did He
have to gain?  He had to gain total ridicule.  He had to gain the
masses hating Him.  He had to gain a cross.  He had to gain nails.
He had to gain a tomb.  He had to gain every humiliation that could
be expected.  He even warned His students and His disciples that
that was ahead for them.  They had to “take up their cross and
come follow Him.”  They had to know that that same humiliation
would follow them.  He knew that the possibility of the masses
ever recognizing this would deplete the human kingdom.  And the
human kingdom, don’t forget, is a stepping stone from animal
kingdom to Our Father’s Kingdom, even though it’s a little hard
to understand.  But it’s tough.  It puts yourself in the position
where, if you happen to be the Rep, the critics then say, “Oh,
but you’re just saying that you are God.”  Well, in a sense,
you’re saying that.  We’re saying that we’re from the Kingdom of
God and it has many members.  Yes, we’re from the Kingdom of God.
Yes, we’re from the Next Level.  It has many members.  But the
truth also, as we mentioned a moment ago, is that from where I
sit, I’m a young’un because I don’t relate to any who
evolutionarily came from a later time than this soul.  My
relationship, as far as my concern for my growth and what is
ahead for me – my relationship with the Kingdom of God, my
relationship with the Next Level – goes from where I am, up.
Therefore, I’m low man on the totem pole.  Even though my task is
to relate to those souls that are coming through.  But that task
of relating to them is not such a unique task that it took a high
falootin’ officer in the Next Level in order to perform it.  Who
knows, there could be many members of that Kingdom Level in my
Father’s House who might be able to perform this.  But the task
was given not only to this soul but the vehicle that is
surrounding this soul.

Listen, as we described to you before, I and this class had
the unique, unbelievable privilege of even having my Father
accompany me in the early stages of this classroom – awaken me
and help me through the rough spots because of what the world had
become at this time.  Now, maybe it’s because I needed that help.
Maybe Jesus didn’t need that help 2000 years ago.  Maybe the
world wasn’t that complicated at that time.  I don’t know the
reasons.  I don’t care.  It doesn’t matter.  I suspect that Jesus
had even a physical relationship with His Father during the time
that He was there that didn’t reach the history books, that
didn’t reach the scriptures.  But I was still so lucky and so
privileged to have my Father come and awaken me, set this thing
up, get it going.  You know, I don’t know that you can relate to
this at all, you probably can’t.  It just means so much to me.
But I can remember in the first few weeks that I met Ti, that Ti
said, “Why do I feel that this is something that I’m to give to
you, and then I’m to go back”?  And I didn’t know what she was
talking about.  But I know now, and I’m even thankful that it was
designed that way.  Because I am the beneficiary, even of that
difficulty.  We’re all beneficiaries of difficulties.  If our
desire is to get closer, what’s the formula?  A difficulty comes
our way – a hurdle – a means of getting rid of misinformation or
getting rid of things that are still human ways of thinking, and
we can overcome that and move forward.  I forgot where we were;
where were we?

Student:  Well, I don’t know.  Do you feel like we covered the
fallacy of thinking that Jesus is God or He is the begotten Son
in what you just said?

Do:       Well, you know for those preachers, evangelists, and
religious leaders who say that Jesus is God, it’s ridiculous.  I
hate to say that, but it’s ridiculous.  A member of the Kingdom
of God?  Absolutely!  That soul was a member of the Kingdom of
God.  But to use the term “God” in references as another term for
the Top Man, the Creator of Creators, the very One who is the
King at the top of that Kingdom Level is not accurate.  Now,
whether or not the Evolutionary Level Above Human has any
evolutionary levels above it, or if only the Evolutionary Level
Above Human is pyramided, or peaks, in a sense, in the Creator,
the Chief of Chiefs, the God of Gods, God Almighty, doesn’t
really matter, but to say that Jesus was God shows ignorance.
Jesus was the Son of His Father.  He fulfilled that task.  In the
sense that it was His Father’s mind flowing through Him, and if
we want to refer to His Father as God, then it was God expressing
Himself through Him, as it came down through the pipelines
through Jesus’ Father, Jesus’ Father’s Father, and so forth from
the One who initiated that information or passed it down.
Because that is the structure of the family tree in the Next
Level, or the Kingdom of God.  What was the other part of that

Student:  That Jesus was the only begotten Son.

Do:       The only begotten Son.  That’s interesting because “begotten
Son” meant that that particular Father probably had other
students or Sons and that Jesus was present in a human vehicle, a
vehicle that came from woman’s womb, therefore a begotten
vehicle, and therefore a begotten Son, begotten not made.  “Made”
meaning created or developed within the Kingdom of Heaven,
instead of from the womb of woman.  So, in that sense, the only
begotten Son.  That’s right, the only Son who was present in a
begotten flesh.  It’s not going to get you into the Kingdom of
Heaven to know that information, it’s just a little tidbit that’s
kind of interesting.  Ok, what’s next?

Student:  Did you want to mention the response that we’ve had
since we started a few weeks ago?

Do:       Yes, you know this has been surprising to us.  We’re always
surprised.  We think that when we get new information that it’s
going to mean this, it’s going to imply that, and these things
are going to follow.  And it’s always different from what we
expect.  What is particularly interesting is that as the
information came out and tapes were made and a satellite series
was begun and posters went out about that information, we thought
that the response that we would get would be from people who the
information was new to.  But the overwhelming immediate response
that we got was from ones who had dropped out of the classroom
previously.  And immediately when the information reached them by
whatever source, they were drawn to it.  When it reached them,
they said, “I’ve got to get back into that classroom.  I’ve got
to finish my overcoming if I am permitted to get back into that
classroom.  I know I have wasted time.  I know I have lost
ground.”  We’re amazed because our population has increased
almost 50 percent by returnees from those who had dropped out of
the classroom previously.  It’s interesting because from the
point of view of those organizations that would give help to
deprogram cult members, you would have thought that those who
dropped out of our classroom would have come to want something
else.  These who have been out there, they’ve been out extended
periods of time – years!  You would have thought that they
wouldn’t want any part of this any longer.  This isn’t to say
that some who dropped out do not want any part of this any
longer.  And we can understand that point of view, in defense of
where their heart is, what they desire.  But I’m afraid that it
also says something for us that we should recognize.  This is not
to praise us.  This is to recognize the reality that has been
given us to give to you, to find that those members of our class
who dropped out, they couldn’t deny this Truth.  And you know a
funny thing about it is that many of them thought they could
complete their overcoming outside the classroom, and yet as they
turned and looked in the mirror and saw what they were doing,
they recognized that they weren’t getting anywhere with that
overcoming.  Instead, they were sliding back and sliding back,
and they realized that the fact is still true that it takes a
“midwife” who has gone through it before, who has made that
transition from the human stepping stone into the Level Above
Human before, in order to take you through it.  Because, don’t
forget, the instructions come daily.  Everything changes in
practical application to your own overcoming.  So the response we
had was mainly those who were returnees, and we welcomed them.
They were embarrassed, they were ashamed for their lost time, and
we’re just thrilled that they want to complete what they started.
And they know that it was true then, they never really lost sight
of it.  And they’re excited that it is offered to them again, or
that they can complete what they started.

As I said, most of our response has been those, and our
population has increased almost 50 percent in a very short time,
in a matter of a few weeks.  We have received some who are
working toward getting in the classroom; in other words, quickly
making their preparations to join in a segment of the classroom
wherever that segment is.  And they are also a surprise to us
because, instead of being someone who is hearing this information
for the first time in a disconnected way, they are all ones who
have heard the connection either because another family member
was in the classroom, or because they had some association or
relationship with someone who was in the classroom or who was a
dropout of the classroom.  And they received enough of whatever
it was – beginning little smelling salts or something – that now
that the door opened, they said, “I’ve got to attempt that, if
that classroom will accept me; I want to attempt that.”  So,
without exception, those who are coming into our classroom at
this time are those who are returnees, and a few – several – who
have either family members, or who have had relationships of one
sort or another with those who are in the classroom, or who were
out of the classroom for a period of time.  Did that cover that

Student:  Yes.

Do:       Where are we now, what’s next?

Student:  Do you want to mention more about how many, and where
the returnees and new class members are coming from and the
variety of their ages and backgrounds?

Do:       Well, we’ll say just a word on that, thank you.  It’s
interesting to note the diversity of those who were out and are
choosing to come back.  We have one person who had been out of
the classroom for some time and has to get back in, and while
out, married this individual and they’re both in their seventies.
And that person has to get back in the classroom and the person
the individual married has to get in the classroom.  A funny
thing is that their marriage had already become one that was, not
because of their age, not a physical relationship in the way that
you would normally think, or that humans think of a marriage
circumstance.  But that’s interesting to realize that here comes
a husband/wife, they’re in their seventies, and we’ve got another
husband and wife in Northern California, we’ve got them coming
from Missouri, Texas…where am I missing?

Student:  Venezuela?

Do:       Venezuela!  And here is a soul that has been looking for
this classroom that got separated from this classroom in the mid-
70’s and has faithfully been looking for this classroom since
then.  We have met with him,  helped him understand more clearly
all over again what it was going to require of him and what he
was getting into, since it was so tough.  And he says, “I have no
choice.”  So, he’s quickly wrapping up everything in Venezuela
and he’s on his way.  Did I miss any others that you’re aware of?

Student:  Colorado?

Do:       Colorado.  So we got Missouri, Colorado, California, Texas,
Venezuela.  At present that’s where people are coming in from,
and it’s interesting that more than one are coming from those
different places.  The only one that one is coming from is
Venezuela.  It’s more than one from those other places mentioned.
Let’s go on to the next question.  Where are we?

Student:  Do we want to discuss the problem with delivering our
information to the public?

Do:       Ok, the problem is that we’re aware of the hazards.  In
other words, here we are offering this information.  Anybody can
turn on their satellite TV and see this, anybody can see a
poster, and we’re aware that the masses can see it who aren’t
ready for this and therefore, in principle or theory, we’re
opening the information to the public at large.  It also means
that, more than likely, significantly greater numbers will not be
wanting to do this than those who would want to do this.  Also,
those who do not want to do this and who do not even recognize us
as an opportunity to do this will find fault with us and will
create the same kind of circumstance that happened 2000 years
ago.  Now, we’re not saying that there’s going to be a
crucifixion.  We don’t know how it’s going to end.  We don’t know
as much as Jesus knew toward the end of His mission.  We do know
that hostility builds, particularly when the doors are open.  You
know, as long as we had a period of time where the classroom was
somewhat in isolation and protected and they were working on
their own overcoming, before we got information to, or
instruction, to bring the information public again, the forces
against us didn’t work that significantly against us.  We were
protected.  But now that we are just putting this information
right out where all of those who are brainwashed with the
misinformation from the negative forces have a chance to hear it,
too, this is going to be an opportunity for them to get their
bows and arrows out and really be after us to whatever degree
that they choose.  That’s their option.  Ok, so that’s our
problem with dealing with the public.  What’s next?

Student:  Why is it that most puritanical lifestyles are so
vehemently criticized by the religious and the seemingly

Do:       Is it because they might know that it’s the truth
subconsciously?  I don’t know – it’s a good question.  It’s
interesting, too, that in some countries it’s such an honor for
individuals to join a religious order, to leave everything, break
all their ties, even their relationship entirely with their
family and devote themselves to their religion.  It becomes
acceptable.  But the closeness of the Next Level has been in this
nation, primarily in this nation, since 1975.  Therefore, this
nation is also the most vehement against anything that even hints
at separating from the world.  Therefore, that’s the reason
there’s such enormous criticism against cults and things that
appear to be out of the ordinary.  Stop and think about it.
Don’t forget that when Jesus was doing what He was doing that He
and His disciples were a cult from the human point of view, or
from those who did not believe that what He said was true.
That’s always the position they take.  “It’s a cult, we gotta’
save them from it.”  And if you take the point of view of the
leader in the cult, the one who still says that he is the leader
– is the Pope still not in a position of being the leader of a
cult?  Is the president of the Mormon Church not still in the
position of being the leader of a cult in that sense?  But, you
know, a funny thing happens to “cults” and their leaders as long
as they’re buying property and doing human behavior and they’re a
generation or two old.  Then they become an acceptable member of
society.  It’s when they are breaking out of society, overcoming
the world to whatever degree, that they are immediately seen as
offensive.  Offensive to whom?  To those who cannot recognize
this as the truth – by their choice, by what they have become.
Whether they are taking that point of view because they are young
and might grow into that knowledge at some time, or because it’s
just simply a result of their options over a period of time,
that’s not for us to say.  We’re not the judge of that.  What’s
next on our list of questions?

Student:  How is the Next Level the greatest equal-rights

Do:       That’s a good question.  You know, this is a good point
because the Creator of Creators created everyone with a little
computer, a choice mechanism, that was designed with two sides: a
potential for negativity, a potential for positive; a potential
for misinformation, a potential for the truth.  And a soul at an
objective point, at its point of creation, was 50-50.  It was
empty, but it had the potential for 50-50, in the range from
which it could take its choices.  Like even that soul that was in
the Garden of Eden, the Lord made it clear that He was his Lord,
He was his God, and He said, “You do what I say, and then you’ll
go the right way.”  But He also knew that the likelihood of Adam
going astray was very possible.  I know that it hurt His feelings
when He had to step out of that garden knowing that for the
period of time that He was away from Adam and Eve that the man of
misinformation (Lucifer) would step in and say, “Oh, you don’t
have to worry about what He said, you don’t have to worry about
disobeying Him.  Go ahead and eat this and do what I tell you.
It’s for your benefit.  He’s not anything to be afraid of.”  That
was their choice.  They were created with a complete, even, fair
option of accepting goodness.  Making the choice of listening to
Him, or listening to misinformation.  Now, our Father’s Kingdom
is never the aggressor.  He doesn’t say, “This is what you must
do.”  The other side over here, they tell you what you’ve got to
do.  They impose it upon you.  That’s the way it is in the human
kingdom.  Why is it designed that way?  Our Father designed it,
even designed that aspect of it, even made all that potential for
negativity there so that if you get to His Kingdom in the
process, you will have overcome all that negativity, you will be
strong, you will have proven your loyalty to, and adoption of,
His Household – grafting to His vine.

So, equal rights…one time within our classroom, and I think
we told you this in a previous series, we had a class member who
at one time said, “Please, under no circumstances let me ever
turn from this.  Save me if I ever try to turn from this.”  Ti
and I listened to that class member, and at one time that class
member said, “I don’t want to be here.”  And so we honored what
she had asked and we held her for a short period of time.  We
tried to restrict her from leaving the classroom.  We saw it
wasn’t working.  I mean, in a very short time we saw it wasn’t
working.  She wasn’t what we would consider coming back to her
senses, so we said, “Goodness, go!  We’ll help you go.  Here is a
plane ticket.  Go where you want to go, and we’ll help you get
started with whatever it is that you’ve got to do.”  You know the
irony of that?  We did that one time and one time only; we
learned our lesson from it.  That same individual is arriving in
a segment of our classroom next week, saying, “I’ve got to be
there, I’ve got to finish what I started.  I apologize for having
ever listened to the world, for being so stubborn as to not take
correction and to not change.”  No one has a right, it is not
Next Level way to hold someone from their choices.  It is the
Next Level way to let them go, become as evil as they want to be.
Now, a Next Level member might step in and warn them, and warn
them, and warn them, but they let them go right on and do what
they choose to do.  The Next Level is the Creator of equal
rights.  No one advocates equal rights to the extent that the
Next Level does.  And our classroom tries to emanate that, tries
to be the same way with it, hoping that if this is for you, we
can help you.  We hope we can be the vessels to deliver it to you
clearly enough that you can see what it is that has been given to
us, that we’re so eager to share with you.  If it is not for you,
we say, “Fine, go your way, do what you want to do.  We might
warn you of some of the pitfalls, but they’re your choices, go
and do it.”  What’s next on our list?

Student:  Do we want to discuss the problem of money in
relationship to the newcomers?

Do:       No, but we will.  This is an awkward topic.  I have to make
reference to when Jesus said, “Go and give everything you have to
the poor and come follow me.”  And I can remember Ti saying to me
and to the classroom in early stages that, “I don’t know if Jesus
ever said it, but we knew that He probably wished that they would
take a look at the classroom and say ‘Are they not poor?  If I
can help them some, should I not help them?'”  Because as those
leave their world behind and enter the classroom, at times we
have wished we could say, “In leaving behind whatever it is that
you had, you might keep in mind that we have certain needs.”
Then we sound like we’re begging for a handout or that our
Father’s Kingdom can’t take care of His own, and our Father’s
Kingdom can take care of His own.  So, we’re left in that awkward
position, and we cannot take the position of telling them or even
reminding them or bringing it to their attention, even though
frequently they think, after getting in the classroom, “I see
that you could have used one of these, or I had one of those, I
gave it away to somebody who didn’t,” and so on.  But it’s an
awkward thing, we can’t do it.  They are not in our classroom
until they are in our classroom.  When they are not in our
classroom and they are severing their ties in order to enter our
classroom, we can’t give them instruction.  They must do what
they must do in order to separate from the world.  We must have
you understand that, because that is our position, that is the
Next Level’s position, and we certainly are not dependent upon
this world or our asking it for help in order to survive.  We
will survive according to the Next Level as we serve them and
please them.  What’s next on our list of questions?

Student:  How do these items relate to overcoming: religion?

Do:       Well, why don’t you give me the definition of religion
as what the dictionary would say religion is?

Student:  “Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power
accepted as the Creator and Governor of the Universe.”

Do:       Well, because of what so-called religions are, at times
we feel like we don’t want to associate with that term because we
want to say the Truth that we have is real.  It’s not a religion
because religions have become fantasy and illusion, and they have
adjusted all their thinking so that they don’t have to do
anything about changing.  But in that interpretation, recognizing
a supernatural power, a governor of all that is, we are certainly
then a religion.  What about church, what does the definition say
on that?

Student:  “The company of all Christians regarded as a mystic
spiritual body.”

Do:       I’m afraid that we’re that, too.  But we’re not mystic
in that sense, or spiritual in that sense, because spiritual and
mystic in this day and time have become less than true, they’ve
become tainted.  But the church says the “body of believers,” and
we feel like that’s a closer translation of what the church
should be.  But the real church is not just a body of believers,
it’s the body of doers, or even more than that, it’s the body of
overcomers, because those who believe become overcomers.  What’s
next on that list?

Student:  You asked us to bring up how a television preacher,
Gene Scott, relates to overcoming.

Do:       Ok, we’re going to talk for a moment about Gene Scott and
Pastor Arnold Murray.  Gene Scott in Los Angeles has a satellite
ministry, a cable ministry, an actual church ministry.  Pastor
Murray has a satellite ministry from a little community in
Arkansas.  Both of these individuals did a major step in
overcoming by stepping out of the mainstream denominations, and
it was hard to do.  They got criticized a lot for it, which is
the way of overcoming.  Each step of overcoming is hard to do and
you get criticized for doing it.

Let’s take Gene Scott for a moment.  Nobody that I’m aware
of on the face of the globe has worked harder or come up with
better mathematical and historical and intellectual and logical
validation of the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus the Son, the prophetic
events, their sequence of events in disclosing the pyramid and
what they tell symbolically, the prophesy that they reveal.  I
mean it took a lot of work to do that and validate all that
information and to make it understandable and academically
acceptable, and we praise him for that work.  But the issue of
issues when it comes to Jesus and His purpose here was that of
getting from the human kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven.  And
validation of prophesy, validation that the literature of the
Bible is real and is true, sure that’s significant, but it
doesn’t get you any marks in overcoming.  I mean, overcoming is
overcoming.  It’s the hard tasks of changing your behavior, of
dropping the ways of the world in all of its aspects.  Every tie
that binds, every behavior that is not acceptable.  That is

Pastor Murray is also a very astute, very aware Biblical
scholar, and if you want to watch him, watch him; you could learn
a lot.  You could learn a lot from both of these.  They’re
excellent teachers of the Bible and its history.  Pastor Murray
understands that there was an Age before this Age, and there’s
going to be an Age after this Age.  Both Scott and Murray realize
that Jesus’ birthday is not being celebrated, that it happened at
a different time.  All that’s very interesting information, but
it doesn’t get you anywhere in the process of overcoming.  And
it’s only because I love Pastor Murray and I love Gene Scott, and
my Older Member said bring them up in that tape – we’re concerned
for them and for their followers because they’ve made major
strides in the right direction.  And it’s because we care for
them that we hope they will make more major strides and be
willing while it’s still available to move very quickly in that
direction.  What’s next on that?

Student:  What about the Florida “End Timers”?

Do:       Recently in the news there’s been a lot of negative
information going out about this little group in Northern Florida
that call themselves “End Timers,” and particularly towards their
leader because he feels that Jesus is going to come at any moment
and he wants to help them be ready.  So he’s trying to help them
change to the best of his ability.  He has them involved in
certain elements of trying to change their behavior, trying to be
less worldly, and for that we congratulate them, for that we
praise them.  And we hope that they will recognize that there is
more information that can help them move much more quickly, and
much more significantly, if they’re ready for it.  We hope that
we can be good instruments to bring it to them if this is what
they are looking for; if not, it’s for those who are looking for
it.  What’s next on our list?

Student:  The ones who are looking for the Second Coming, but yet
they are not doing any active overcoming, will they ever know

Do:       Those who are looking for the Second Coming, will they
ever know Him?  That’s a loaded question.  As far as the Second
Coming, meaning when is the Next Level going to bring an open
door again for the Kingdom of Heaven, the Second Coming is here.
We’ve discussed that.  And we’ve discussed how Jesus said, ‘Don’t
look for me.  If somebody tells you they’re me, don’t believe
them.’  And yet the information, the door, is here at this time.
Whether or not they will know Him or whether or not they will
know His Father or they will know that Kingdom is simply
dependent upon whether or not they make it through the transition
from the human kingdom into His Kingdom level, or into His House.
Whether or not it’s going to be offered at another time, we don’t
know.  All we know is this time.  We’re not given the instruction
of saying, “If you don’t catch this bus, there’s one down the
road.”  We don’t know that there is.  We feel that we must
approach it as if there isn’t, that it’s garden cleaning time,
and what’s going to be done with souls that did not make it from
there to here is none of our business.  We’re not going to try to
motivate you to do this out of that kind of fear and imposing
that tribulation upon you.  Your tribulation is going to be
imposed upon yourself if you choose this way because you will
recognize that this is true and recognize that the road is tough.
What’s next on our list?

Student:  Do we want to mention again the domesticated pet
analogy and how it compares to our readiness to graduate from the
human kingdom?

Do:       We have to, there is no better analogy.  Take the analogy of
the domesticated dog who really wants to serve his master and
doesn’t want to run with the pack, wants to stay with his master,
wants to please his master, wants to be loyal to his master, and
compare that to someone who is going through the transition of
entering our Father’s Kingdom.  They have to use as a focal point
of that desire the one who stands in the position to be the
object.  That unfortunately happens to be their lab instructor,
which happens to be this one sitting here, say “Do.”

You know, at this point I have to tell you that this morning
I saw on television a minister bringing up adultery.  This fellow
from Memphis, I don’t remember his name, was talking about
adultery.  When you are in line for getting into our Father’s
House, then if you sleep with anybody else to any degree, you are
committing adultery in respect of our Father’s House.  That’s the
reason that the analogy in Revelations and elsewhere for the
relationship to one’s Heavenly Father is of marriage, it’s a bond
that you’re making.  Now don’t misunderstand that.  This lab
instructor, this object of that, has no interest in your
plumbing, no interest in your sexuality.  I mean, for heaven’s
sakes, my Older Member certainly had no interest in me, would not
want that kind of humanness.  Children are not made in our
Father’s Kingdom in that way.  That vibration is definitely a
reproductive vibration of the human kingdom.  And I can honestly
say that any relationship of that nature certainly never happened
with me and my Older Member, certainly has never happened with
any of these class members and their Older Member.  And if you
can find a class member that can tell you it has happened to any
degree, to either one of these lab instructors, you’ve found the
liar you were looking for.  Because that is not a part of the
picture.  It has to be a pure relationship.  It has to be within
the confines of the behavior of our Father’s Kingdom.  So, from
our Father’s point of view, when you are as a bride in His
Kingdom, if your attention, if your affection to any degree goes
to someone else, it’s adultery.  It’s compromised.

Another show I saw this morning on satellite – it sure
sounds like I watch a lot of television! – it’s interesting how
my Older Member frequently uses these little preachers and their
lessons to give me little clues of things to pass on to you.
Here was an old gentleman that had had two wives.  I suppose that
one died and then he took another one.  And now he was old, I
think he was in his 80’s, late 70’s or 80’s, I don’t remember
which.  But now he was saying how he’s devoting his attentions
totally towards his Lord, that he doesn’t have to compromise it
anymore.  And yet it doesn’t dawn on others as they listen to him
that what about those who are not in their late 70’s or 80’s, are
they still compromising their relationship?  The commandment that
says, “Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart,
with all thy mind, with all thy soul,” doesn’t leave room for an
affair.  It doesn’t leave room for promiscuity.  It doesn’t leave
room for any sexuality, any disloyalty, any affection, to any
degree to any source other than to the Next Level.  And that must
remain purely within the confines of appropriate behavior.  You
know, there’s all the difference in the world between certain
little behaviors that seem like such a subtle difference.  For
example, a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead in the right
spirit can mean a very nice thing from my Older Member to me,
because it’s done so rarely that when it’s done it’s so special.
But my Older Member wouldn’t dirty my Older Member’s mouth by
pressing that mouth against this mouth and participating in
anything that would lower my vibrations or hold this vehicle in a
way that would stimulate lower vibrations of this vehicle.  That
to the Next Level is absolutely animal, absolutely a kingdom
level beneath it.  And you might as well know it.  Whether you
can accept it or not, that’s your problem.  But in all fairness,
we must have you understand that.  You know, this little old man
that I was telling you about who had had a wife and then had
another wife, and now he was old and he could give his whole time
to his Savior, to Jesus.  It’s too late.  He can’t do any
significant overcoming.  He’s not connected with a midwife.  I
don’t mean to condemn him.  He may not be condemned.  He might be
salvaged for another time.  I’m not judging him.  I’m trying to
help you understand.  That same individual quoted some of the
very, very significant scriptures, the ones that we say are the
key bottom-liners.  For example, the one that says, “Unless
someone hate their mother, their father, the whole world, even
their own life, he cannot even be my disciple.”  And he said,
“But, Jesus didn’t mean it in that way.  He meant if they love
those things more than me.  They can love those things, but not
more than me.”  I’m afraid he’s mistaken.  That would be an
appropriate interpretation, when the Next Level has not come in
close and made a physical presence.

When the Next Level has made a physical presence, you’re on
the spot.  And that spot says, “If you know me, you don’t share,
you can’t share, I’m not going to share.  You can’t be my wife
and cheat on me.  You can’t compromise it.  I’m the only one.  I
am the focal point.  I am the object representing my Father’s
Kingdom.  You’re moving into a crew consciousness, into a force
of labor as a servant in our Father’s Kingdom that can’t be
distracted by lusts of the physical flesh or of the human flesh
or desires of the human flesh.”  That’s the whole reason for
overcoming – to have you understand that.  He also said that
you’ve got to ‘give up everything of the world, break all those
ties, give everything away to the poor, and come and follow me.’
This man on television said, “Jesus didn’t mean that; He meant,
‘Just don’t let it mean anything to you.'”  That’s not it.  Those
who are entering this classroom in this transition in order to
grow to be in our Father’s House, they have to literally and
physically leave everything behind and will not have anything
from the time they do that until they get out of here.  Whether
that departure be with vehicle or without vehicle doesn’t even
enter into the picture.  They are no longer possessors of
anything, not that they could be even if they tried to be.  But
they don’t even want to be.  They don’t even want to play those
games.  So, they leave everything behind.  Those relationships
that won’t let them do what they want to do, they have to sever
because they interfere, they get in their way.  This is the
requirement, was the requirement, and always will be the

Now, the last little thing that you must understand.  If
this world exists beyond our departure, then there is no longer
that closeness, there is no longer a Representative.  Now, I am a
physical Representative.  These of the classroom, they are
physical representatives.  Should I leave this classroom and
return to my Father’s House, they would still be your door for
whatever time one of them was still a faithful wife, faithful in
all behavior, faithful in all belief and practice, wanting
nothing of this world, establishing nothing of this world that
could be called a church or a belief system that would be
accepted by the masses.  As long as one of them remains, your
door is open.  If that one remaining remains faithful to the full

It is our hope that this has been the Next Level speaking
through my Older Member into my brain and that I have not diluted
it, because I want you to see it as it is.  Because I feel if you
could actually see it as it is, you couldn’t deny it, even though
I know that because of what you’re addicted to – you don’t want
to be, but – you’re intoxicated, you’re drunk, you’re influenced.
You’re not sober because of the ways of the world that hold you
in that intoxication, and you have to get away from the world
enough to begin to be free of that intoxication.  But I’m even
hoping that your intoxication isn’t so bad that you can’t see
this.  And certainly all who might see this enough to recognize
that it is what they’ve been waiting for, the Next Level might
deem deserving of entering their House.  The Next Level has to
touch their life.  The Next Level has to let something happen in
their head that says, “That’s it, that’s what I’m after.  I’ve
got to get there fast.  I’ve got to go with it.”  And then it is
our task to participate in that instruction, our task in the
daily, daily, menial tasks of overcoming, the reminders, the
licking of thoughts, the licking of behavior that is human, not
Next Level behavior.  Adopting the behavior, the habits, the ways
of the Next Level.  We wish you could see it as we see it.  We
wouldn’t trade it for anything.  But we’re not trying to sell it.
I guess we are, because it means so much to us.  I feel that this
is the end of this series Beyond Human, and I hope that we’ve
been instruments of the Next Level through my Father and through
our offering to you.

Section 4  –  Page 76

The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service

September 17, 2016

The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service

Preparing For Service
Written by Ti and Do in 1985

The Power of Goodness

Forget your fears. Realize that your condition is of your own making. There is no power that can keep you down but yourself. Forget the obstacles between. Forget the difficulties in the way. Keep only your perfect, happy and healthy vehicle before your mind’s eye-and you’ll win over the fears and become happy and healthy.

Nothing external has power over you. You fear these negative feelings simply because you BELIEVE in them, when all the time it is only that BELIEF that gives them power and authority.

Remember you are the Central Sun in your own Solar System. You have dominion over everything within that system. You can say what shall enter, what shall stay there. And you have unlimited attractive power to draw to you anything of good you may desire. The law of attraction cannot bring good and evil at the same time. It must be one or the other. And it is up to YOU to decide which it shall be.

Say to yourself, “Everyday my vehicle is getting healthier and happier and in better control.” And follow up the words with imagining yourself having a healthier body, a happier body and in perfect control of it.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my classmates happy?” Forget about your personal problems, try to make someone else happy. Be magnetic-What is magnetism? It’s the Power to give out! It is vitality, it is sincere interest in your classmates-You cannot be self-centered and be magnetic. You cannot think only of the gratification of your own desires and be magnetic. Goodness gives out a current of Goodness, and all who come within its aura are attracted to it. Selfishness, jealousy, hate, are layers of insulation around a magnet. They not only shut off all Goodness from going out, but they keep any from getting in. A selfish person, a jealous person, and an angry person, has no magnetism. He has shut off his own current, and insulated himself against any goodness from the outside.

Release the feeling of goodness toward each and every annoying thing as though it was the best thing that ever happened to you. You will be amazed at the results that come from this little game, because in goodness, no matter how tiny the grain of it, there is unlimited power for good, and it is never wasted.

You have heard the old saying that a soft answer turneth away wrath? This game has the same principle incorporated in it, with a lot more added to it. Non-resistance is one thing, but by itself it is negative. Add your thoughts of praise and thoughts of blessings to it, and you turn it into a positive force for good.

Don’t forget that it is the Next Level’s way to approach everything that you do with your best and most positive effort, and then whatever comes as a result of that effort can only be a positive lesson.

Meditations and Affirmations:

I am a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am only a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. I was sent here to do a task. I want to complete that task as quickly as possible. I want to at all times remember who I am, what that task is and its urgency until we sit together again.

My body is not a house for any negative or lower thoughts-or minds of this planet-most especially any critical or negative feelings directed at my Teachers or any of my Classmates.

It(my body) is only a house for positive, healing and happy thoughts for it is performing a task for the Next Level.

Put yourself in a frame of mind that would make you feel what a member of the Next Level feels. Make yourself feel that you are in the actual presence of an Older member. Yearn to be like Him, to emanate what He emanates. Force your mind to soar to such height that your thoughts and conduct are pleasing in His sight. Feel that He can see right through you and make yourself hold onto a calmness, a humility and a deep joy knowing you are a child in that same Kingdom. Don’t let any worries or thoughts of the human world distract you or enter your mind. Just sit there until you actually feel what it feels like to be in His presence-hoping He is pleased with your efforts. Hold onto this feeling for some minutes until you actually feel that your vibrations are acceptable to Him. Then very carefully and slowly as you leave your spot of meditation take that feeling with you. It should cause you to have a strong-quiet glow in your countenance. Learn to hold that glow with you and when it begins to dissipate it’s time to repeat the meditation and restore that feeling. Each time it should get stronger and last longer.

Say strongly to yourself: “I want to stay on a higher frequency” (out of reach of human vibrations). Say this what will seem to be a million times a day-every time a human thought tries to come in or any discouragement-any grievance, etc.

Say with excitement and anticipation: “I’m looking for you every moment (members of the Next Level). I literally want to see You. I know it depends on me whether You let me see You or not-now since I am going to stay on a higher frequency, I can say ‘I’m looking for You everywhere-every minute-hoping I’ll deserve Your presence.’

One place I must learn that I can see Your presence is through my classmates-for They too are members of the Next Level.”

Say with Strength: “I want my Teachers to see You. I know if I am ready to go-They can see You. I am from this moment on going to deserve for Them to be with You.”

Now I want to imagine that I am sitting at the feet of the Chief not being afraid of what He sees in me, but hoping He will examine me very carefully and thoroughly prescribing exactly the circumstances, events and lessons which will start correction and adjustments so that I might get back on the tack of perfect growth.

As I look at them now, I realize the past several years have been the happiest ones for me. I am so happy to be here in this craft-doing what the Members of the Next Level in the Heavens want me to do. I look around me and see only others doing the same thing-trying to please the Next Level and building a perfect body.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to do this task. Extremely thankful that you have given me Teachers to guide me through it. Extremely thankful how you have provided for more than my needs, my food, a more than comfortable house, and (add any things you are particularly aware of and appreciative of). I hope my conduct can be an ever improving acceptable token of my appreciation.
Thank you —- Next Level!

The power of life is flowing through me; My(body) is healing perfectly.


Help me have no human ways. No thoughts of self, No faults to see. Only the ways of space.

Now I know my heart is fast. In my Father’s path at last. Only the ways of space. Only the ways of space.


-I would like to know more than I now knnow.
-I would like to have more control over my vehicle-it’s chemistry-its thoughts-its responses-its desires-than I now have.
-I would like to rise above the things that distract me and bind me to this world.

-There is a spot in the middle of my heaad.
*-I am now concentrating-focusing on that spot.

(It is about the size of my eyeball, it is like a gland that has been asleep, inactive, waiting for me to concentrate on it.)

*-I am, right now, going to feel it become active and alive.
*-I am focusing on it, I can feel it now in its location.
*-All of my energy is being directed toward this Next Level gland.
*-As this spot accepts all of my energy it is helping my chemistry change.
*-I can feel the power of that energy there.
*-I can feel the calm of that power.
*-I can feel my chemistry in control.
*-I feel no frustration or anxiety.
*-I feel only that calm, powerful energy.
(-As this spot becomes more alive it will help me sustain this calm.)
(-It will eliminate distraction from my goal.)
(-It will keep me clear.)
(-I will know more.)
*-As I recognize higher control and knowledge I will adopt it quickly, discarding my weaknesses.
*-My potential for growth is limitless.
*-I am rapidly changing.
*-Growth has been offered to me and I am choosing to become it.
*-I feel and hear that spot coming more to life!
*-Change! Vehicle,
Change! Chemistry.
*-I am going to hold onto this until I sit and become even more!

(* indicates especially long pauses)

Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate

Preparing For Service
Written by Ti and Do in 1985

The Power of Goodness

Forget your fears. Realize that your condition is of your own making. There is no power
that can keep you down but yourself. Forget the obstacles between. Forget the difficulties
in the way. Keep only your perfect, happy and healthy vehicle before your mind’s eye-and
you’ll win over the fears and become happy and healthy.

Nothing external has power over you. You fear these negative feelings simply because you
BELIEVE in them, when all the time it is only that BELIEF that gives them power and

Remember you are the Central Sun in your own Solar System. You have dominion over
everything within that system. You can say what shall enter, what shall stay there. And you
have unlimited attractive power to draw to you anything of good you may desire. The law of

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Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 5

September 4, 2016

Transcript of Video Tape Series


Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 5   (60 Min)

Well, this is the fifth session in our series.  I’m not
going to bother naming the series again, because if you don’t
know what the name of it is now after four sessions, we’re all in
trouble.  So, we might refer to it as our overcoming series.

I have asked the students who helped with Sessions 1 and 2
to return to the scene and assist me in our questions today.  So,
let’s get going.  Before we get into it, I must let you know that
this fifth session is a major step beyond the previous sessions
we have had.  When we get more into the particulars of
overcoming, then we need to somehow narrow our audience more to
the serious seekers – I don’t like to sound spiritual in that – but
to the ones who feel that somehow or other this is connecting
with them.  And I’m hoping that those who are viewing this
session are in that position in your heads so that we might have
something to offer you instead of something to amuse you or to
give you to find fault with.

For starters, I’m recalling two or three things that we
discussed in our last session that I would like to clarify a
little bit more.  One is when we discussed separating from the
family (the vehicle’s family) as you associate with the family of
the soul or you become a part of this transition from human
kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven.  And if you remember, I said
the family can take the attitude – when a serious student begins
to relate to them less – they can take the positive attitude and
say, “Well, I’ll just have to put them in My Heavenly Father’s
hands because I know that what they really want is to please Him,
and I’ll have to trust that He’ll take care of them and that
He’ll not let them go astray.”

Now I want to go a step further with that and say that the
ideal would be if we could touch or connect to a degree with a
family member, so that the family member could somehow have some
respect for what we’re doing, even though I know that because of
what the world has become it’s almost impossible to see,
particularly in our Anglo-Saxon world.  In parts of the world
where Buddhism and Hinduism and a lot of eastern religions are so
prevalent, a family feels honored to have a child enter one of
their communities.  In this country, it’s ok only if it’s an
established church, and I say that again, only if it’s an
established church.  Usually, even then, the established church
has to be one that that particular vehicle’s family related to.
For example, in a family of Catholics, if one of their members
desires to become a priest or nun, or even become cloistered
(when they really separate), you may or you may not hear from
them for some time.  Even though they miss hearing from that
member of the family, they understand it because it has become
acceptable, it’s become admirable, it’s become something that
they feel good about because one of their children has desired to
become holy, so to speak, or trying to get very close to the
Kingdom of Heaven.  But if a member of your family in this world,
or in the average family in this world, steps out of society and
goes off with someone that no one has ever heard about and that
someone is not representing a church that is an established
denomination, then they have gone off with a “cult.”  That’s the
way it comes across.  That’s the way the media accepts it.
That’s the way the neighborhood, the society, the church accepts
it.  And then they begin to pray for that person because they
have been duped and they have gone off with a cult.

I can assure you that Jesus wasn’t hung on a cross – nailed
to a cross – because He made everybody in the neighborhood happy.
He was hung on the cross because they hated Him.  Not just
because He said, “I am the King of the Jews,” or “I am from the
Kingdom of Heaven.”  Those were, of course, blasphemous enough.
But the thing that we forget – the thing that was most upsetting
to the family units or the people at large – was that He had, in a
sense, come in and said what He had to say.  And He formed a
group, a little nucleus of believers, and they had picked up, and
they’d left everything behind, and they were following Him.  They
might have made contact a few times in the same way that members
of our class have.  You’ve heard me speak of our classroom.  Our
classroom, don’t forget, has been working for over 16 years in
secret separation from the world, so to speak.  And our class has
made a point to get in touch with members of their family as we
got instruction to do that, and they try to do it in the gentlest
way and the way that would cause the least problem for them.
Frequently we got instruction for them to go and visit their
families.  So, over the years they have visited their families a
number of times.  They have written them letters, they’ve talked
to them on the telephone a number of times, but I’m sure it’s
never enough.  I’m sure it isn’t satisfactory.  And I’m sure that
many times when the family sees them it’s almost more
uncomfortable than it would be if they hadn’t seen them, even
though they would be very upset had they not heard from them or
seen them.

But what I started to say was it would be more ideal,
certainly from the classroom’s point of view, if the family
member said, “I don’t know what you are doing.  You can
understand that your father and I are upset, since we don’t know
what you are doing, and it’s hard for us to know how to find a
niche in our computer to put your activity.  We don’t know where
to put your teachers.  We see them as somebody who’s kidnapped
you, so to speak, from our life.  You’ve dropped out of the
world, you’re in another world and you’re not a part of our
family.”  If they could say, “Well, even though I don’t know what
you’re doing, you’re an adult and I have to give you that.  I
have to respect that, and I’ll be happy when I can hear from
you.”  I guess what I’m trying to say is, if a family has a
decent attitude – or at least a respectful attitude, a permissive
attitude – toward a class member, then it’s a lot easier to be in
touch with that family member, and it’s even easier to be more
frequently in touch with that family member because they don’t
make demands.  They like to hear from you, but they don’t say,
“Are you going to come home next month”? or “Will I see you in 2
months”? or “You gotta come on home because Uncle so-and-so and
Aunt Susie haven’t seen you and we’re going to have a family
reunion.”  If they start making demands, then unfortunately the
class members start retreating – and here you are going to say,
“Why?  Why do the class members then have to start retreating”?
I have to address this question because you could say, “Does that
mean that Ti and Do and this little cult have very rigid rules
and nobody can leave their confines without permission”?

I remember once early in the days of our classroom, when one
of the members of the classroom was having a difficult time with
doubt, and during the time of doubt had almost wanted to leave
the classroom.  But having gotten past it, came and said to Ti
and Do, “Don’t ever let me be so foolish as to walk out this door.
Please don’t let me be so foolish as to walk out this door.
Keep me here ’til I come back to my senses.”  Well, I’m afraid
Ti and I tried that for a short period.  We tried to encourage
that individual not to go.  We did everything we could to let
that individual stay until their senses returned.  And what
happened, of course, is that bitterness increased.  We began
to see the handwriting on the wall, and we said, “This isn’t
working.  The individual is not recovering.  The individual
doesn’t want to be here, so let’s quickly let that individual
be where that individual wants to be.”

From that time forward we learned from that lesson.  And we
said frequently to every member of the class, “If you have any
doubt about being here, please express it.  Let’s see what money
we can muster and what plane ticket or train fare or whatever it
will take to get you where you want to go.  And if we can give
you a little bit to help you in that transition, we’ll try.”  I
can remember times even when it seemed that doubt was lingering
with a few and we said, “Listen, we’ve got a little bit of funds
in our reserve and the class is now offering any member of the
class two thousand dollars if they would like to leave the
classroom” – almost as if to try to make it tempting to them to
leave, if they could be tempted to leave the classroom.  The
point I’m making is that we repeatedly and repeatedly said, “If
this is not where you want to be, it is not our responsibility to
help keep you here until you get past a period of doubt.”  We
learned from that lesson. So lest you be deceived, you could ask
any member of our classroom and they could set you straight on
where we stood as far as our desire to have a student be exactly
where they want to be at any  given moment.  I mean, if a student
wakes up in the middle of the night and they say to whichever
group they happen to be with, “I’m just so full of doubt I don’t
want to be here…just something seems wrong.”  Sometimes our
classroom is broken into several pieces and several cities, but
there’s always someone assigned as “overseer” or “procedure
helper” or some similar task, that they could go to.  And we
always have a setup where that individual is encouraged to do
what they want to do.  We don’t feel badly about them.  We
certainly don’t get mad at them.  We just feel sad for them, but
we want them to be happy.  We want them to have what they want.
We want them to find what they are looking for.  If this is not
what they are looking for, they should not be here one moment
past not wanting to be here.

Now, I told you some time ago that when we started with our
little classroom – when we called the ones back after holding
meetings  we called them into a campground on top of the mountain
in Wyoming.  There were about a hundred members in the
campground, and we said, “At this point, we’re going to get
serious.  I mean, we’ve got to stop doing this and this and this,
and there’s no room for sensuality, for indulgences, and this and
that, it just doesn’t work; it doesn’t fit in with overcoming.”
And I told you that, wow! within a very short time, our numbers
were in half.  And here we are 16 years later, and we’ve come
from a hundred down to…a couple of dozen?  And yet to me and to
Ti, and I don’t say this to try to just build up or elevate,
because I’m not in that business – the members of this classroom,
that couple of dozen individuals, they’re significant.  They’re
beautiful.  They are attempting with all of their might to be
nothing but vessels of the Kingdom of Heaven.  They don’t want
any separateness.  They don’t want thoughts of their own.  They
want to fill that soul – that pillowcase we’ve talked about – only
with the mind that comes from the Kingdom of Heaven and to
quickly stay and remain and improve in the business of aborting
everything that comes from any other source.

So, before we get into the particulars of overcoming, I did
want to go over that aspect of separation from the family with
you again and try to help you understand it.  Because, if you’re
still watching our sessions, you’re beginning to suspect that
around the corner might possibly be some action for you that
would cause you to be in a very precarious position.  And I’m
afraid that’s true.  So, now we’re going to try to help you
understand that position and how to deal with it a little better.

What did we have on our questions here to address next?

Student:  We were going to catch up with, “What about the Holy
Spirit of the Trinity”?

Do:  Oh, that’s right.  Okay.  In a previous session, I began to
try to explain to you how any member of the Kingdom of Heaven,
whether in the Kingdom of Heaven or even having left the physical
aspect of the Kingdom of Heaven to return to the human kingdom
for a task for the Heavenly Kingdom, is a trinity within
themselves.  They are a Father to Sons.  They are a Son to a
Father or Fathers.  But we never got to the Holy Spirit or the
Holy Ghost aspect of the Trinity.  You’ve probably figured out
that the way that parallel, or illustration of the Trinity
– Father, Son, Holy Spirit – applies, is in the percentages in that
soul/pillowcase of what kind or quality of mind is in the
majority of that “mind substance.”  That is, how much mind is of
our Father’s Kingdom – Pure mind, Holy Mind.  It doesn’t mean that
it’s 100%.  It means that the percentage is so great that the
minority seldom rules.  The majority rules.  The majority
controls.  The majority I’m referring to is that portion of that
mind that occupies that space in that soul.  So, in that sense we
have a Father to Sons (or younger members, or someone pursuing or
making a transition from the human kingdom into the Kingdom of
Heaven).  We have a Son who has a Father or also a Grandfather,
and calls them “Father,” “Father in Heaven,” or calls them
“Teacher,” or calls them by name if they have a personal
relationship with one who is in that position to relate to them.
And then also that individual – if their mind has over 50 percent
– when it takes a vote on any issue, the good rules.  Even though
sometimes the minority really shouts loud trying to get a voice,
they have learned to have the majority rule.  Therefore, that
spirit or that mind that is occupying that space in that soul, is
Holy Spirit, is Pure Spirit, and is in control.

Okay, what’s next on our little list of things we haven’t
gotten to?

Student:  Well, I thought from the previous session you wanted to
clarify the design of the human kingdom, and I think you’d said
that it wasn’t designed to work.

Do:  Right,  thank you for bringing that up.  I believe what I
mentioned was that I said the human kingdom isn’t even designed
to work.  The Creator didn’t design it to work.  And I feel that
I need to correct that a little bit.  If you’ll back up, you’ll
remember that we said the Creator even had a design of
possibilities within the word processor – within the program
– that any human could take as options in their path of existence.
That even all the options to go astray existed.  But can’t you
imagine our Father also knew that all the options to go astray
ultimately would not be satisfactory, hoping that by not finding
them satisfactory that that in itself would be an element to help
someone who is going astray arrive at a condition of saying, “This
isn’t working.  I’ve been trying this, I’ve been pursuing this.”

Since the world as a whole here at the end of this Age, this
particular Age, has primarily gone astray, then we can accurately
say that the design does not work.  Because the design that is in
motion – the design that exists – is one that was not designed to
work, because it is counterproductive as far as getting into our
Father’s Kingdom.  But, in that sense, the fact that it doesn’t
work is such a super thing.  Because if someone can come to their
senses for a moment, they could have a moment of sobriety.
Remember how we’ve talked about the big problem is that we’re
drunk with the influences of this world and with the things that
act as a drug to keep us from having any common sense and of
being able to tune into the reality or the Truth of our Father’s

But you know one thing, according to the historical record,
it’s difficult for a wealthy person to get into the Kingdom of
Heaven – almost as difficult as it is for a camel to get through
an eye of a needle.  We don’t know what that illustration really
meant.  Some say that it meant a rope that was made out of
camel’s hair (it’s hard to put a rope into the eye of a needle),
or it may have actually meant a camel getting through.  There was
a little gate in the side of the temple that was referred to as
the “Eye of the Needle,” and it was so low that a camel had to be
down on its knees and dragged through.  So, we don’t know which
illustration was the correct illustration or the appropriate one.
But one thing that a wealthy person has that many other people
don’t have, is that a wealthy person many times has the money to
try about everything.  And if they really tried about everything,
they begin to, or they could begin to see, “You know, this isn’t
working; this isn’t getting me anywhere.  I thought that I would
be happy when I had these possessions, when I could travel
wherever I wanted to without any limitations; my closet could be
as full as I wanted it to be; I could have ten closets instead of
one; I could have a chauffeur; I could have a maid; I could have
this; I could have anything taken care of.  I could get the best
education I could get.  And boy, could I be friends with the
people in power, because I have something that they want.  And I
could even have a voice in those things.”  Now, those are all
things that are tempting in a way, but also a person with that
much facility in a world that revolves around money, as far as
power is concerned, that person could have experienced so many
things that they could say, “I thought that somewhere I would
find some satisfaction, and I’m not finding it.”

Usually at that point Lucifer jumps in and says to them,
“Well, then your satisfaction can be found in being a
humanitarian with this wealth that I have bestowed upon you.”
Now Lucifer moves in as if he is their goodness, their God – as if
he has bestowed this upon them.  And he says, “In order to keep
you from being too dissatisfied and pursuing a truth in another
direction, I’m going to say, ‘I can give you more satisfaction,
if you’re beginning to get dissatisfied, by now using your time,
your energy, your talents, in humanitarian efforts, in charitable
organizations.'”  Don’t misunderstand me.  Humanitarian efforts
are about as good as it gets in the human kingdom.  Helping
others is about as good as we can get in the human kingdom
– trying to give our energy to others.  But if we are still into
what it does for us, to be the benefactor, then it’s not really
doing us any good, even though it might help the ones that are
the recipient.  Funny thing is, though, the way the Kingdom of
Heaven is designed, there’s not one individual out there who
needs help that doesn’t get it.  Wow!  On the spot – if it’s help
that can help them.  If someone asks the Kingdom of Heaven for
help, and it is not the kind of help that would help them,
sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes they’ll
get it in order to give them a chance to learn that what they
asked for won’t really help them.  Or, they could not learn from
that lesson and continue to pursue it.  But if they go back to
the Kingdom again and say, “Well, now what’s next for me?  What
is the more right thing for me to do”?  Then they’ll get the
lesson of, “What you asked for before, even though I gave it to
you, it doesn’t really help.  It’s not that long lasting in what
it has to offer.”  The point I’m trying to make is that the human
kingdom, because of what it has become, you can take advantage of
the fact that it doesn’t work if you’re pursuing our Father’s
Kingdom.  And this will come up again and again and again.  Just
as the world will turn against you if you start to separate, the
fact that the world turns against you assists you in separating,
because that is the way it is designed by the Creator.

Okay, where are we?  What’s next?

Student:  Well, since the overcoming process has to happen with
the personal guidance of a member of the Next Kingdom, what
happens between visits?

Do:  That’s a good question.  You know, what got Jesus in trouble
the most was when He said, “My Father sent me here for your
sakes.  I can redeem you to Him.  If you believe He sent me and
if you believe what I say, if you believe the teachings that I
give you, and you do those teachings, and you continue to
approach Him through me, I’ll get you there.  Or, He’ll get you
there through me, because He has appointed me to that task.”
It’s like He has assigned a midwife or He has assigned a
nursemaid, a tutor – someone to help you through that.  That seems
to be the pattern, certainly in this Age.  He certainly did that
in Jesus’ time, and that’s certainly what caused Jesus to find
Himself on the cross.

I’ve got to skip to another topic here, because there’s
something I keep wanting to bring up, and it slips out of my head
and it comes back and I’m talking about something else.  So, I’m
going to just slip out and talk about it.  I heard a pretty
prominent television minister not long ago say if Jesus did not
resurrect, literally, physically, actually resurrect from an
honest-to-goodness dead state from in the tomb, after having been
on the cross, if that miracle of resurrection from the dead did
not occur, then everything in Christianity is a farce.  That
appalls me.  I can’t identify with that kind of thinking at all.
That’s certainly not of our Father’s Kingdom.  I mean, as far as
I’m concerned, Jesus was no less who He was, His Truth was no
less what it was, His Heavenly Father was no less than Who He is,
even if Jesus merely staged that event to try to help them
symbolically understand that if you followed the Truth, death is
overcome – you aren’t dying.  I’m not saying that’s what happened.
Fortunately, I don’t know.  But what I do know is, it doesn’t
make a hill of beans which the case was.  You’re on the wrong
track if you’re staking your relationship with the Truth that
came from our Father’s Kingdom on the basis of, “If He didn’t
die on the cross – I mean dead, so that any present-day doctor
would have said, ‘He is dead, dead, dead!’  And then He came
back to life and rose and here He was…if that didn’t happen,
then all that was a lie”?  I say you don’t know what He was all
about.  You don’t know the Truth that He had to offer.  You don’t
know His purpose in being here.  Because that illustration had
relatively very little significance to His purpose here.  His
purpose was, as He told His disciples, “Go teach about the Truth,
give out the good news about the Kingdom of Heaven.  It’s at
hand!”  In other words, “You can get to the Kingdom of Heaven if
you follow me.”

Now, we’ve been talking about – the Last Days – meaning the
last days of this Age.  There’s another way of looking at this,
and that is that these can be your last days even if they aren’t
the last days of this Age.  What is your concern?  Do you want
this to be your “last days” in the human kingdom?  Or are we, out
of fear of it being the end of the Age, motivated to try to clean
up our act and overcome the world?  Wrong motivation.  I mean, we
can take advantage of it, maybe.  If it’s a negative, if we do
fear it, it can help us.  But that’s not the point.  The point is
if the Kingdom of Heaven visits you in any form, or sends a
Representative and gives you a gift of the opportunity – a gift of
life, a gift of eternal life – if you but do it (follow that
shepherd).  From where we sit, why would anybody not do it?  I
almost feel like if I were in your condition, I would think, even
if it wasn’t true, why wouldn’t I do it?  Why wouldn’t I try it?
Because what is so valuable to me if I know that life is so short
here, and certainly if I’ve come into a realization that there
are more possibilities than one little “bleep” as far as the
human’s existence in the human kingdom.  Then why wouldn’t I want
to try overcoming the world if that’s a possible way to get to
the Kingdom of Heaven.

But that’s irrelevant, because there’s no position of
argument.  I can’t talk you into this.  I don’t want to talk you
into this.  I have been assigned a task of delivering this
information to you, offering this information to you, offering it
only.  I’m not to threaten you.  I’m not to tell you that you are
cast into the sea of fire if you don’t do it.  What is important
is if this turns on a light in your head, and you say, “I must
have connected with this information before at some previous
time,” or if you don’t even say that and you say, “I know this is

Remember how we talked about when a person awakens they’re
“jiving” with where they were at a previous incarnation?  We
said, of course, if they haven’t done much overcoming of the
world in a previous incarnation, then their awakening is not
going to be evident.  And the more they have overcome in a
previous incarnation, the more traumatic their awakening would
be, because their awakening would thrust them out of the world if
they had done a lot of overcoming.  Where were we?  Who’s next on
our list?

Student:  You were talking about the times when the personal
guidance isn’t here, like between visits.  I don’t know if you
want to get back into that anymore.

Do:  No, I do want to get back into it some more.  When the
Kingdom of Heaven has someone present to offer that to you, then
you have to be braced for what is ahead for you.  And we have
saved this to begin to talk about it in this Session 5, because
it gets a little sticky.  I mean, we’ve talked about only one
aspect of it that is a little sticky, and that is the aspect of
what happens in the relationship with the flesh body’s family as
we separate from that family, and how difficult that adjustment
is.  You know, when Jesus was here – we just talked about it a
moment ago – those who followed Him, because of how their
neighborhood, their structure, their families, the world around
them was so upset by the fact that they did follow Him, and some
of the Truth that He said was so blasphemous, that it found Him
being crucified.  Then after He left, those disciples were true
to His teaching to the best of their ability…and the Truth was not
very diluted for the remainder of their existence here.

If you know your history books, you know that most of the
disciples, if not all of them, were martyred.  There’s some
debate as to John; maybe John is an exception – the one who
supposedly wrote the Book of Revelation.  Now, I’m not saying
prepare yourself for martyrdom.  But I am, in a sense, saying
prepare yourself for a difficult, difficult task if you come this
way, if you choose to come the way of overcoming.

We’ve talked about how this information that is available to
you is like a door that is open for a brief time and then that
door has to close.  Back in ’75 the door was open for the
classroom for about a 9-month period.  In other words, there were
meetings held and there was talk to the public for about a 9-
month period.  And that was in 1975!  And from that time until
now it’s been silent…silent.  Here it is again with these sessions
that that door is opening for a brief period of time.  Why a
brief period of time?  That’s what I’m trying to explain, when I
explained to you what happened to Jesus and what happened to His
disciples.  As soon as Jesus left, and certainly by the time His
disciples left, in order to survive, the churches that continued
to try to teach Jesus’ teachings, could not carry them out.  They
had to compromise them in order to survive.  Because the world
out there would have responded too negatively to people
continuing to break from their human “plants,” separate, become
grafts onto a Heavenly vine, and not exist in the world.

Therefore, I’m saying to you that the time that we will
offer this information is short.  We’re not going to continue to
hold these sessions for some time.  We’ll see where this goes,
but I would suspect that we might have 6 or 8 or 10 or maybe a
dozen sessions at the most.  And where it will go from there or
what shape it will take, I have not received any instruction yet.
But I do know that the door has to be briefly open, and that you
must respond to it in that brief period of time.  Beyond that you
won’t be able to find us, unless the world somehow or other
forces us into a circumstance that would be easier for you to
find us.  For instance, the media might tell you we’re in such-
and-such a jail, or we’re confined in such-and-such a “nut

I want you to be sure, in case you wondered, that no group
of individuals on the face of the Earth tries harder to live in
accordance with not breaking any rules of the world – not doing
anything that the legal world could find fault with us, whether
it’s the IRS, or any of the legal aspects of the world.

I’m going to let you in on another secret, and we’ll come
back to this.  I’ll let you in on just a little personal history
of the two of us.  You’ll probably dig in and find a bunch of
stuff.  If you do hear it from the media, I’ll tell you now,
about 80 or 90 percent of it is totally inaccurate.  But I don’t
say that in defense – you believe what you want to believe.  Ti
and I as individuals at the beginning were very, very moral
individuals in our own standing.  We felt like we were moral
people.  We felt like we lived very correctly, as far as how to
treat our families, how to treat our neighbors, how to abide by
the law.  I could remember if I even had a friend that smoked a
joint, and pot was illegal, I’d have wanted to stop having
anything to do with him because he was doing something that was
illegal.  So, we were that preoccupied with trying to live in a
way that wouldn’t upset the world of Caesar, so to speak.  I
mean, when Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,”
it’s the same thing.  In leaving this world to go to our Father’s
Kingdom, you try the best you can to not make a mess of the world
that you’re leaving.  Yet in spite of it, sometimes we make a
mess.  And I’m going to let you in on a mess that I made when Ti
and I were awakening.

At one time when we’d run out of money, one of our students
said, “Look, I’ve got this perfectly good credit card here that
I’d like for you to use for awhile if you can use it to help you
buy gas.”  So, we used it for a short time, and then we got to
feeling uncomfortable about it.  And just about the time we got
to feel uncomfortable about it, we learned, by a circumstance
which I’ll tell you about in a few minutes, that the card had
been reported stolen by the husband of the student, who had said,
“It’s a good credit card and I want you to use it.”  But things
were happening at the home of that student that we weren’t aware
of.  In our naivete‚ we thought, “Well, thanks a lot, we’ll buy a
little gas with this credit card for a period of time.”

Another thing that happened is that Ti and I were in St.
Louis at midnight when the comet Kohoutek came along, and our
car, the little old dumpy car that we had reduced ourselves to,
died.  When we left the world, we both had shiny new cars and we
wore them out.  One we left to be repossessed, because our heads
were so captivated by what we were doing, we knew that we
couldn’t take the responsibility for it.  We couldn’t even stop
to think about it.  And here we were in a snow storm in the
middle of the night in St. Louis, as I said, the night Kohoutek
came.  And I had a credit card of my own in my pocket that we
knew was good.  We hadn’t used it, and it was in good standing.
I pulled out the credit card and I said, “Look, let’s rent a car.
Let’s have faith that the bill will be taken care of and we’ll
get on our way and we won’t just be stranded.  Here we are, we’ve
got no car at all, and hardly funds for doughnuts.”  So, we
rented this car and then we went on.

Now, you can say, “What are you doing”?  Well, we were going
from this little minister to that little minister, to this TV
preacher to that one, and we were saying, “We don’t know why we
have this information, but we feel that we’ve been sent from the
Kingdom of Heaven to tell you this and this and this.”  And most
of the time what they would do is listen politely, and maybe
offer us a meal and say, “What you’re saying tempts me somehow or
other as I sit here listening to you….”  Or what would happen to
us many times is someone would listen to us and they’d believe
everything we’d say, and then they would part from us, and go
have dinner with their family or something and come back with a
completely different attitude, almost as if to say, “Get out of
here!  You’re upsetting my whole life.  I don’t want to see you
again!”  Or they would say, “I wish I could go with you, but I
can’t.  I just can’t destroy everything that I am responsible for
here.”  Well, we were so busy going around naively telling what
we were doing, that in this town of Brownsville, Texas – right
down on the Mexican border – we thought, “Well, we’re going to let
our story out to the media.  We’re going to tell the media what
we know about the Kingdom of Heaven and our having been sent from
the Kingdom of Heaven to help people get from here to there.”
And so we visited with this reporter and we set up an appointment
at a motel saying, “We’ve got the most exciting, unusual,
interesting story to tell you that you have ever heard.  So come
and meet us at this motel room and hear this story.”  Little did
we know that that reporter showed up, without telling us, with
the sheriff and deputies, and helicopters, and squad cars,
because he thought that we were going to tell him about a major
drug deal.  Because that was the most important story that he
could think of that we could tell him.  And when we were to meet
with him, we suddenly wondered, “What is this crowd of people
around here?  Who are all these people”?  And we were getting
vibes that didn’t feel too good to us.  So, we ran out of the
room and ran to our car, climbed in, and scooted down the street,
because we couldn’t figure out what was happening here.

Next thing you knew, the helicopter came in on us with its
megaphone and was saying, “Pull off!  Pull off!”  I don’t know
what they were saying.  We were scared to death.  Then we pulled
off and someone from the sheriff’s department got in the car and
said, “I want to see your ID.”  And then they said, “Well, we
don’t know what we’ve stopped you for, but we’ll tell you in a
minute.”  What they stopped us for was because they couldn’t
figure out why we were running.  Because here they were at the
motel with the reporter, and so they were just holding us while
they were trying to figure out what they were holding us for.  In
the meantime, they did a check on the license plate on the car
that we had rented.  And yes, we had held the car past the point
that it should be returned, though we had written a note saying
to the charge card company and to the rental office, “Don’t
worry, we’ll return the car soon and the bill will be paid, and
we’ll take good care of the car.”

You can say, “That was really stupid and naive.”  Yes, but
we were so captivated with our task that we had blinders on to
Caesar’s world.  We were so caught up in our Father’s world and
convinced that our Father wouldn’t let anything happen to us
– that that bill would be paid and we didn’t have to worry about
it.  So, what happens, we get thrown in jail because in the
process of doing a search on us they learned that Ti’s name had
been turned in for possession of stolen credit cards – the credit
card I mentioned to you earlier that someone had given us.  And
they had just neglected to remove that charge when we didn’t use
that card.  It was an old charge, but was still in the books.
The student by that time had returned home to husband many months
prior to that.  While we were held in the Brownsville jail, they
checked that out and they found out that the charges had been
dropped on the credit card.  But in the process, they moved Ti to
another jail closer to the court where that credit card charge
would come up if it was still an active charge.  And they moved
me to St. Louis.  Regarding the charge card that I had used – the
rental car company had  dropped the charges.  But I hate to tell
you that an ambitious prosecuting attorney in St. Louis thought,
“This is an easy case.  I can make some points.  This guy is as
guilty as he can be of a stolen car.”  So,  here I went to jail
in St. Louis.  Well, within about 30 days, Ti was released from
jail, and boy, did we learn a lot from that experience.

I stayed in jail and the little public defender kept coming
and coming and coming, and saying, “Oh, this is a ricky-ticky
case and we’ll have you out of here in no time, time served.”
And I was thinking, “Goodness alive, what have we done!  Nobody’s
going to believe what we have to say about the Truth because now
we’re criminals.  We’re socially unacceptable.  And who on Earth
will listen to somebody that has a record”?  And the little
public defender came in and said,  “It’s Christmas time and I
think that the judge will release you on time served if you will
plead guilty.  Then we can get you out in a hurry.”  I’d been in
there 6 months when my case went before the judge and I was
sentenced to 4 months.  So, they owe me 2, in a sense.  I mean,
as far as I’m concerned, I was in there 2 beyond my sentence, but
I didn’t get any credit for it.  I’m teasing, but the point I’m
making is that Ti and I didn’t want to do anything that could be
questionable because we didn’t want a bad light shed upon our
credibility if we had this Truth to offer.  But the fact that
Luci came in on us to see that we were so quickly discredited,
also acted as insurance for our continued separation from the

We had a new rule now.  It was:  How tight can our rules be
to not again be questioned as far as legality or to not get in a
circumstance like this.  Oh, I’m sure that if they want to find
fault with you bad enough, they can find it or make it up.  I’m
sure the design has some loop holes in it that they could find
fault if they wanted to badly enough.  But I’m telling you how
– and Jesus taught this – that “if you follow me,” you will lose
credibility, you will lose respect from those that you had
respect from.  I’m afraid the same is true today.  If we end up
being the instruments of your overcoming, of your transition from
the human kingdom to our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, I’m afraid
you will lose credibility.  If there’s a reason for it to be
lost, you will lose it.  It can assist you.  It can become the
positive.  It can accelerate.  It can ensure your separation.
Even though the situation always exists, as I spoke of earlier,
that we can say to any student, “If you don’t want to be here, if
you aren’t happy here, go and try to recover whatever it is that
you want to recover.  We’ll help you try to recover it.”
Because, don’t forget, in the same way that when you go against
our Father’s Kingdom, His rule is that, “If you acknowledge that
you’ve gone against Me, if you ask for forgiveness, then I’ll
take you back into My camp.”‘

Luci has a counterfeit of those same rules.  Luci says that
in his world, if you come back and you apologize for having been
a part of that “cult” and having been duped into that stupid
venture of yours and if you come and say, “I did wrong, I’ll
prove to you that I’ll do right, I’ll re-assume my responsible
position in this world,” then he’ll accept you back.  He’ll let
you back in that fold.  I’m afraid I slipped and said “Luci”
again, and I said that I wouldn’t.  But you know I have to share
with you that in my conversations with Ti about that usage of
“Luci,” I felt like Ti kept saying, “Oh come on, Do, don’t make
such an issue of it.  If anybody named Lucille or Lucy hears you
do that, they can take it in the right way.”  So, I’m not sure
that every time I use it, even though I’ll try not to, that I’ll
bother to correct it, because I’m going to assume that it only
applies within the context.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with
the name Lucy.  Even Lucifer was “Prince of Light” or “Son of
Light.”  The name was a beautiful name.  It’s the individual that
went awry that had that name.  Now, okay, who’s next?  Where do
we go to on our next question?

Student:  If I’ve seen it right, I think we’ve covered the
questions on our first list, so if it seems right, would we go on
to some of the questions we had about overcoming?

Do:  Okay.

Student:  Is overcoming a moral thing or is it a behavioral
difference between the two kingdoms?

Do:  I’m glad you asked that.  I want to be sure that our
listener understands what this question is.  She says, “Is
overcoming a moral thing”?  What we mean by that is, “Is it right
to do this, is it wrong to do that, from a moral point of view”?
Well, the first illustration that comes to my mind is our
classroom.  Frequently, every element that we have that can be
used as a tool in overcoming, every element that has been given
to us, we use as a tool in overcoming.  Let’s take consuming or
food or diet, as an illustration.  We’ve used every diet in the
book that you can think of.  And for the period of time that
we’re using a particular diet, we do it seriously.  We’d really
think, “This is a super diet!”  We used a vegetarian diet, we
used a fruitarian diet – not just for a few days – we were
vegetarians for a long, long, long time.  We were fruitarians for
quite a while.  We did water fasts for an extended period of
time.  We’ve done juice fasts.  We’ve done Hippocrates’ diet.
We’ve done Gersen’s diet.  We’ve done so many diets that, you
know, we ran out of books of diets to do.  And while we were
using each one of them, we were devoted to it.  We tried testing
this and testing that.  But we then began to realize that what we
were really doing was liberating ourselves.  We were liberating
us from our own likes and dislikes.  So it wasn’t that this was a
right item to consume and that was a wrong item to consume.  But
by not consuming something that we really were hooked on, and
consuming something that we didn’t particularly like, helped
liberate us from our likes and dislikes.  And that happened again
and again and again.  So the path of overcoming almost eventually
works itself into a path of “follow the leader” more than a path
of overcoming.  Because it’s not that necessarily “this is right”
and “this is wrong,” though it may be more right than something
else, because it’s more healthful.  Eventually, it seems, that
everything we consume has a degree of unhealthiness to our

Well, here those cards go, and there’s that 10-second one,
and I don’t know where this hour has gone, but we’ll see you in
our next session as we’ll get more into overcoming.

Section 4  –  Page 28

Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 4

September 4, 2016

Transcript of Video Tape Series


Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 4   (60 Min)
Welcome to the fourth session in our series,  Beyond Human
– The Last Call.  Well, I have to take the position of assuming
that you have watched Sessions 1, 2, and 3.  And if you really
are trying to understand it, I hope you’ve watched them more than
once.  Now it’s time for number 4.  We’re trying something
different today.  We haven’t tried this before.  We had a session
earlier today, and we’re going to try a second one in the same
day.  We’re asking Ti and our helpers in our Father’s Kingdom to
bear with us, and we hope this is their desire, and if it isn’t,
I’m sure they’ll let us know.  We’ll get right on with our
questions because the way we are now designing our format is to
listen to our previous session, and recognize the things that
could be enlarged upon, or clarified some, and we then redo our
questions.  I think you’re the next one on our question list.
What is your question?

Student:  Do you want to start off talking about “two containers”
and the Trinity?

Do:  Okay, two containers and the Trinity.  That sounds like a
strange combination, doesn’t it?  What do they mean by “two
containers”?  Earlier, in Session 3, we discussed the “vehicle,”
the “soul,” the “mind.”  We said that the soul was the container
for the mind, and we kind of assumed in that same picture that
the vehicle is a container for the soul.  In a sense, that’s
correct, even though the soul encompasses probably a little bit
more space than the vehicle takes up.  But it’s a good working
hypothesis to consider the vehicle a container for the soul, and
the soul a container for the mind.  So, keep in mind that we
don’t listen to the impulses of the vehicle.  We’re the ones that
have the choice, the free will, the options, the listening
capacity, and the decision-making capacity for what direction to
take mind into the soul or into our package of information – our
“pillowcase,” or our container for information – by asking in the
direction of our Father’s Kingdom, or, if we’re not careful,
listening to things we didn’t ask for.

Now, how does that fit in as part of the same question of
what’s the Trinity?  A concept that has been so misunderstood,
and so debated over the years, in doctrine, in the churches is
the Trinity.  When someone is a member of our Father’s Kingdom,
even if they are visiting or on a task in the human kingdom, but
if they are a member of our Father’s Kingdom, they are a
“Trinity.”  They are within themselves a Trinity in the truest
sense of its meaning.  We just discussed the two vehicles and the
mind.  How am I, if I am a member of my Father’s Kingdom and I am
on an assigned task in the human kingdom, how am I a Trinity?
Father, Son, Holy Ghost – Holy Spirit.  Father:  I am, because of
my task and because of my station in my Father’s Kingdom, I am a
Father to children.  I am a piece of pipe in this conduit that
serves younger ones, newer ones, and therefore I am a “Father” to
“sons.”  In the same sense, Ti and I both served in the same
capacity, and still both serve in the capacity as Fathers to
these students, I am a Father.  I am a son – I am a son of my
Heavenly Father.  In a sense, since Ti is older, I am son to Ti.
Ti is, in a sense, my Father.  Now, I can be a Father even to
grandchildren.  And sons can even look to a Father, that is, if
you want to use the human analogy, even a grandfather.  Even if I
want to say that Ti is my Father, and the Father that was the
Father to the partnership is still the same Father that even the
classroom can associate with.  But they’ve been taught, and
they’ve learned from experience, that if they start looking to
that which they cannot know on a personal basis…remember, in
previous lessons we’ve talked about a personal basis and a point
of identification, a personal relationship with a member of the
Kingdom of Heaven is what keeps you on track.

If my Heavenly Father, or the Heavenly Father that was the
one above Ti and Do, has assigned Ti and Do to do a task with
these students, and He has ordained that task, He has approved
that task, He has the authority to establish that task, I’m
afraid He does not permit you to bypass it.  He says, “Look, I’ve
given them to you.  If you know Me, you’ll see Me in them.  If
you don’t see Me in them, either they aren’t of Me or I am not in
them, or you do not have the capacity to recognize Me.”  The same
was true in Jesus’ case, those who listened to Him, those who
were His students, His disciples, those who called Him “teacher”
or “rabbi”  or “shepherd,” they could not go off and pray to His
Father.  They did not know His Father.  They knew Him.  Plus His
Father had said, “This is my Son of whom I am well pleased.
Listen to Him!  I’ve given Him to you and He’s certainly more
than adequate to fill the bill for your needs.”  Now Luci jumps
in and boy! he has a heyday with that one, because he can try to
shoot that one down in every direction.  But if you know our
Father, you will recognize that to be true.  If you want our
Father, and you continue to test that truth, you continue to test
that truth and the world does not pull you back, your assurance,
or your knowing that you are on the right path will increase and
increase and increase.  It’s certainly expected of you, as it was
these students, as it was with Ti and Do.  When Ti and I were
first awakening, goodness, we thought, “How can two people go
insane at the same time, in the same ways”?  All of a sudden we
were thrown together and we were as different as night and day.
We’d been together only a few months, and the next thing you know
this information was coming into our heads that we’d come from
the Kingdom of Heaven to deliver some information about what the
truth is in the Kingdom of Heaven and how you get from the human
kingdom into that Kingdom of Heaven.  Goodness, we couldn’t

The point I’m making is, doubt is a common lesson ground.
You can’t expect to not go through it.  I know that any of you
that are listening today could easily doubt everything I’m
saying.  I expect you to doubt.  I want you to doubt it.  If you
know my Father, you cannot put Him to any test that He cannot
win, if  you continue to pursue Him, and you are not overcome by
the forces that would turn you astray.  Jesus warned:  ‘Don’t
worry about losing your life.  Worry about losing your soul.’
Because there are those in Satan’s kingdom who would even rob the
souls of the elect – those that are chosen to get closer.  So,
this is a dangerous business.  Doubt is par for the course.  We
don’t expect you to not have to deal with it.  Did I answer your

Student:  I think you covered it pretty well.

Do:  Okay, what’s next on your list?

Student:  Can a human vehicle be considered or recognized as a

Do:  I’m glad you asked that because I realized in Session 3 that
when we talked about the tulip, or when that information was
given to us, then later as we listened to that session, more
information came to clarify this issue.  A good illustration of
how the human plant is a perennial is to think of the family tree
of the human vehicle – the human plant.  Let’s say the family tree
is the “Thompson” tree.  Those who call themselves “Thompsons”
have a tie to that tree.  Now, you’re really tied to a couple of
trees in the human kingdom.  Let’s say, for example, a female is
not only tied to the tree of her mother and father, but she’s
also tied to the tree that she moves into by marriage.  So, in a
sense, she has two trees that she’s been tied to.  And depending
upon which one she is the most tied to, is the most likelihood
she would return to the next time she came up from the “bulb
under the ground” like the tulip.  In other words, if the
Thompson family is the perennial plant, then for a vehicle to die
and a soul that is in a human condition leaves that plant, it’s
no different than a leaf from the Thompson plant wilting and
falling.  And for every leaf that falls, one or two more leaves
come back, and they, in that same Thompson branch, will be filled
by the soul that is standing in line to get in that Thompson
branch, that extension of that family tree, according to the
degree of their bind with that family tree.

A funny thing here about using the name “Thompson,” when
you’re in the process of overcoming, one of the things that helps
you is to take a new name.  This is adopted in a way in the
Catholic church when nuns and some of the monks or hermits – some
of the ones who isolate themselves more in thoughtful, studying
conditions – they take another name.  They take the name of a
saint or some Biblical name and it helps disassociate them from
the family tree.  It helps get their mind more on their pursuit
of their concept of God.  I must admit to you, and this is one of
our secrets, but in our whole session, in our group of sessions
here with you, we’re telling information that have been our
secrets for many years.  And now some of those secrets are being
passed on to you.  I do this with reluctance because I know of
how it hurts some family members, and yet no intent is ever meant
to hurt a family member.  That’s not the way of our Father’s
Kingdom.  But the truth is that that soul belongs to – if that
soul has any mind of our Father in it, even if it doesn’t – the
soul still belongs to our Heavenly Father.

When a soul begins to recognize its true parentage, it
cannot help but relate to its parentage.  The soul was created.
If that soul is going to move into a Kingdom level that only
relates at the Creation basis – not the reproductive basis as
known in the human kingdom – it’s going to relate to its Father,
the one above it, the one that nurtured it, the one that taught
it, the one that brought it through a womb, so to speak, from the
human kingdom into the Heavenly Kingdom.  So, part of what we do
in our classroom is we take other names that have no particular
significance.  I spoke of these two students, and yet the names I
use for them are not the ones you’d find on their driver’s
license or birth certificates of the vehicles they’re wearing.
But it applies to them satisfactorily – to the soul.  All they are
is the soul, because that is what they have become.  They do not
relate to the family tree that the vehicle they’re wearing
relates to any longer.  They are denied that.  They must be
denied that.  That family tree, because of its methods of even
remaining a family tree, has become corrupted because of the
influence of Lucifer’s camp.

At this point, I want to apologize to all the Lucy’s out
there, and I’ll try not to use that term again.  I’ll use
“Lucifer” or I’ll try to use “Satan.”  Because I certainly don’t
want the Lucille’s or the Lucy’s to feel, “Goodnight!  I can’t
stand to listen to that guy because he speaks of Satan using my
name.”  It’s interesting that we bring this up when we’re talking
about names.  If you come this way, you’ll lose that one anyhow.
I’m teasing.  But I do apologize, and I’ll try to remember to
make the reference “Satan” and “Lucifer,” because I do not like
to offend you.

Our Heavenly Father does not like for you to be offended by
anything of His that we deliver to you.  Our Heavenly Father does
not like for the families of the physical vehicles of the
classroom to be hurt by what the students are doing.  The
families have the same thing that we possess – they have that
little option; they have that free will.  Look, the families of
these two students can say, “I may not understand what they are
doing, what they are pursuing, but I know they are trying to get
closer to their Heavenly Father.  And I’ve just got to put them
in His hands and trust that He will lead them in the right
direction and not let them go astray.”  That is their option.  Or
they can hate me.  I would hate for them to hate me.  Not because
I hate to be hated.  I would hate for them to have to be
responsible for hating an instrument that has been chosen by the
Kingdom of Heaven to be a vessel or a megaphone, an instrument
for the Truth to be delivered to those who want to move out of
the human condition into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I’ve dreaded
this topic, but we have to discuss it.

The students probably have several names.  Take, for
example, a student named “Susie.”  She has one that, should she
get stopped in a traffic jam or she turns when she shouldn’t at a
stop sign, is the right legal one on her driver’s license, and
she doesn’t hesitate to use it.  But she doesn’t identify with
that name at all.  She has another name that she uses should she
need to work in the world in order to sustain our tummies or to
put gasoline in the cars that we drive.  That name is probably
part of the name that showed up on that birth certificate or that
driver’s license, and she’ll use that name at her work because
it’s not the one that the old influences or the old vehicle’s
impulses would respond to.  So, frequently this is what we do,
and the only reason that I’m telling you this is because we’re in
Session 4 now of this series, and if you’re getting more and more
interested, you’re trying to think, “Whoa!  What is this
overcoming all about?  What does it mean to be separate from the

What’s next?

Student:  Where does this information come from?  Does it come
from you?

Do:  (Laughs)  We just answered that, but we’ll answer it again.
If it comes from me, it comes from the wrong source.  It can come
from me.  Let me give you an example of how I got off track this
morning.  Only today I got off track.  I get off track all the
time.  We had a recording session this morning and in my
eagerness to get this task done, we’ve been doing one recording
session a day.  And here came a day when I thought, “We have the
staff on hand, we have the crew on hand, and the time…maybe we can
get in two recording sessions, and….”  What did I just say?  I
said I had the thought maybe we could…Oops, I had the thought.  I
can’t stop every time a thought comes into my head and qualify
its source by saying, “I talked to Ti and I asked Ti what Ti
thought about this.”  It’s my responsibility to ask Ti in silence
– I’m responsible for that.  I’m also responsible for what comes
out of my mouth.  And when it’s off track, I’m responsible for
that.  I’m responsible to get back on track.  I’m responsible to
acknowledge the zillions of times I have acknowledged to these
students that I have recognized, by asking my Older Member, “Was
that off track”? and receiving “Yes, that was a little off track.”
So, I say, “Whoops, we were a little off track, so we’ve got to
get back on track.”  And this is what we do.  We continue to
work against getting off track.

What I’m saying is I thought, “Well, we could have two
sessions today.”  Then, after the first session when I was a
little pooped, I went in my privacy for a little while and I said
“Ti, whoops, I forgot to ask you what you thought about two
sessions today.”  Believe it or not, the funny thing I felt was
that by proceeding with it, which was not at the time of day that
we have been proceeding with sessions, I felt that Ti and Ti’s
helpers who were helping us with the session kind of scurried to
get here to help us, and it was like we had trouble getting
going.  We had trouble moving in, being good vessels.  It’s like
my word processor didn’t want to work and I was trying to force
things and trying to pull, which wouldn’t have happened had I
stopped and said, “Ti, what do you think about our having an
earlier session, and a later session in the same day”?

Now, I’m just using that as an example.  Where does this
information come from?  I’m quite capable of giving you
misinformation.  Wow!  This gets into another issue.  If you know
my Father, if you learn that I am devoted to my Father and my
Father uses me, and you can recognize Him through me, then you
have to involve yourself in a position of trust with me – trust
in the instrument that He has appointed or assigned or given
– the instrument that now Ti continues to use.  And I am
responsible for asking for each little thing, each little thing
all day long, all night long, each time I slip and don’t ask, I
catch myself needing to go back and ask.  Now, that’s good, it
helps develop my habit of better asking, because I’m sure that
you think, “Well I’ve always known about asking.  ‘Ask and you
shall receive, seek and ye find.’  I’ve known those things.”  But
how often do you ask?  About how serious does the question have
to be for you to ask it?  And when you ask it, if you don’t get
an answer, do you go ahead, or do you wait until you get one?
And if you don’t get one, then you assume it’s not time for one
or this is off base?  Now, I’m not saying before you put the
first spoon of your bowl of cereal in your mouth you have to say,
“Older Member, would you have me put my first spoon of my cereal
in my mouth?  And then would you have me put my second spoon of
my cereal in my mouth”?  No, that’s ridiculous, that’s carrying
it to an extreme.  But believe it or not, I don’t feel it is an
extreme to ask my Older Member, “What do you think about this
kind of cereal for this vehicle, at this “fuel stop,” or this
meal, this time to consume?  Does that seem okay?  If it’s
something you wouldn’t approve of, I don’t want to put it in this
vehicle.  So, if it is not proper, if you don’t approve of it, I
want to know about it.”

That’s just to try to help you know the degree of asking.
These students have learned that I can forget to ask at times.  I
can give misinformation.  But, they also know that I continue to
go back and recognize that.  And I even hate to say that because
I don’t even want to give myself credit for continuing.  You
know, I have to mention this one little thing.  It’s a silly,
stupid little thing that Christians get into debating.  “Once
saved, always saved.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.
I can fall ten times faster than I can rise.  It’s ten times
easier to fall than it is to climb one step in the right
direction.  This is not an easy task – the one of overcoming, the
one of getting into our Father’s House, the one of leaving this
world behind.

I heard over the news about a woman who in recent floods had
lost her house and the furniture in it, and she was distraught.
She said, “You know, these conditions like floods and storms and
rain, I grew up thinking that the Lord brings those things, and
therefore I don’t feel bad about it.  We’ll just reconstruct.”
She said, “But I’m not ready to leave and go there.  I like it; I
still like it here.”  Big difference in where we sit and where
she sat.  I do not mean to criticize her.  At least she
acknowledged her Lord.  I must admit to you I don’t like it in
this human kingdom.  I don’t like it one iota.  It is so
dominantly controlled, it vibrates through and through,
everything that is against our Father’s Kingdom because that is
what it has become.  In almost another breath, I could say it’s
almost normal at the end of an Age when a garden has served as a
catalyst of negative and positive, and some can come out of it
and even be fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s almost a
possible commonness at the end of an Age, for a garden to become
this hideous.

I do not mean to criticize this garden, but even those of
you who still love certain aspects of this garden know how out of
control it has become – in our care of its environment, in our
misuse of the things that have been given to us.  We’ll talk
about what overcoming is and what some of the specifics are as we
go on with our questions.  But I don’t like this place.  I like
our Father’s Kingdom.  I was sent here to do a task.  I liked it
before my soul really took over this vehicle and awakened.  I
liked it a lot, I had a lot of fun.  I was very “into” this
world.  But now that the soul has taken it over, and my Father is
speaking through it, I can honestly tell you that it’s a
miserable existence to be here.  I try to make the best of it.  I
try to make it as pleasant as possible while I’m here, as
pleasant for the students as it can be made while we’re here.  We
have to do all kinds of little things to try to make it pleasant.
But it’s only because our minds are concentrated on things that
are not of this world.  When you are concentrating on things that
are of another world that you are not in, you’re left pretty
vacant, except in the lessons and the knowledge of the fact that
you’re here for the purpose of overcoming.

Now, who’s next in our questions?

Student:  We talked about Ages and wondered if this would be an
appropriate time to discuss the three Ages, or are there more
than three Ages?

Do:  Okay, I think we mentioned in a session that some Biblical
scholars recognized that in the Bible there are references to the
“Age that was,” meaning the period of time prior to this Earth
Age, and the “Age to come,” in reference to another Earth Age.
It’s important that we discuss this a little bit.  The scientists
frequently argue with some “religionists,” or some religious
people who consider themselves creationists.  Some of these
creationists have the idea that this Age is how old the planet
is, and that at the end of this Age it’s all over.  I don’t know
if they think the planet is also going to be destroyed, and I’m
not saying the planet isn’t.  I’m not going to pre-guess what our
Father’s Kingdom plans to do with the planet.  But, for sake of
understanding, I think it’s important that we examine that this
planet has been here a long time.

I’m afraid that the information that Ti and I have been
given suggests that it has served as a “garden” a number of
times.  We don’t have any information about there being any other
garden that can serve as that stepping stone for what we call a
“human condition” elsewhere.  Even though it seems so
unbelievable that in these vast, vast, vast heavens that there is
not another current garden.  I’m not saying there isn’t.  I don’t
know…I simply don’t know.  But I do feel that the information that
we have been given to understand, certainly at this point, does
suggest that ages such as this period that we consider 6000 years
(the duration of a Next Level experiment – a cycle of a human
civilization), where at the beginning was….  Let’s say there
was a previous Age and it went through something equivalent to
6000 years, and those folks, too, had to mess it up.  Then it was
time to recycle it because the environment was a mess, and their
clutter was a mess.  And I don’t know what they’d done with space
junk or if they’d gotten into space.  But it was time to go in,
spade up the garden, harvest the yield, and get rid of the spoils
– take the weeds and let them be destroyed, or maybe even let
some space aliens come in and take strong weeds (weeds from our
Father’s point of view) at the end of that Age.  The current Age,
what we’re calling approximately 6000 years, is pretty much
illustrated as beginning at Adam’s time, or right prior to that
time.  There were some other races that supposedly were put on
the planet right prior to that time.  But roughly, it’s still
within the framework of that 6000-year period, or Age, and that
means that between now and the end of this decade – and I’m afraid
I feel like we’re off a number of years, that it’s going to be
significantly before the end of this decade – will be the end of
this Age.  So, it’s spade time.  And the big, big, big surprise
will come.

What do we mean “a big surprise”?  Well, when all that’s out
there (Kingdom of God and space aliens) comes in to harvest, the
big question will be how much of that will be witnessed?  How
much of that will take place without those who are running around
on the planet seeing, or knowing, that it will take place?  For
example, the possibility arises that some could come and take
souls by the droves and all we would know is vehicles were dying
by the droves, because souls weren’t occupying them any longer.
We could call it a plague or a disease, or we don’t know.  (And
I’m certainly not suggesting because of the AIDS thing that
that’s what’s happening to AIDS victims.  Far from it.)  But
that’s one way that harvesting could take place that we would not
be able to observe.  But it’s altogether possible that our
Father’s Kingdom, as well as those in Luci’s corporation, can
come in at the end of the Age, en masse, and do their taking of
those who they want, though they might likely come in at
different times.

Now, here’s a real delicate subject I hate to discuss.  But
I’m afraid that our Father’s Kingdom is not going to come in….
(Boy! I can hear Luci shouting at me before I ever get these
words out of my mouth.  I’m sorry, “Luci” I said.  I hear Satan
shouting at me.)  I’m afraid our Father’s Kingdom is not going to
come in and have someone looking like the common picture of Jesus
floating down to the planet in flowing garb, showing scars, and
saying, ‘I, Jesus, have come to give you peace, and peace for the
world.’  I’m afraid our Father’s Kingdom desires no peace for the
human kingdom.  In our Father’s Kingdom can be found peace.  Like
we’ve discussed before, if you caught it, the human kingdom was
not even designed to work.  Even though the human kingdom could
have become the Kingdom of our Father, had those who were created
in the human kingdom made all the options to do only His will,
instead of listening to those who were influencing them to do

So, here at the end of the Age, back to the question “Ages,”
there were probably Ages before this one and before the one
before.  I don’t have any idea how many Ages this garden has
served as a “graduation” place, or as an “experiential” garden
for the same kind of harvest that we just discussed.  I have no
idea how many times after this that this garden will be used in
that way.  There’s a strong possibility that the garden may at
this time cease to be used further as a garden for the human
kingdom, and might actually become, in a sense, a base for our
Father’s Kingdom for a period of time.  I don’t know how long the
healing process would take, even if this garden were to be
recycled and used as a human level garden again, if it is, in
fact, used as a human garden again.  Another hypothesis that we
must consider a little bit is that whatever that new garden is
and when that new Age does arrive after the recycling has
sufficiently occurred to give it a fresh start, then there will
be a new “Adam.”  “Adam” meant beginning man, the first “plant”
there that was.  There will be a new Adam, a new Eve.  There will
be a new Satan, of all things, someone to represent that same
negative, to pull your eyes away from our Father’s Kingdom.  I’m
not saying that that is the way it’s going to be.  I’m saying, if
our Father intends to use this garden in another planting similar
to this one in the growth pattern that we have seen in this
little Age.

The reason I brought that up is because a moment ago when I
said that the big surprise could come, that spacecrafts could
come in by the thousands, maybe come in shifts.  One shift of
spacecrafts could come in from one part of the Heavens bringing
with them that one who came down with scars and flowing hair and
flowing robes, saying, “Peace on Earth.  We’re going to solve all
the problems of this world.”  Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be
Jesus.  It would not be Jesus.  It would not be a Representative
from our Father’s Kingdom.

Now, those who had bought into that – and that’s what they
believed with all their heart – I’m afraid they’re prime targets
to believe him (the counterfeit), and to move into that
condition.  And it might even be harder to get out of that
“misinformation corporation” after having left a human garden,
than it was at the human garden, if an opportunity to get out
does come to them later, after having moved into the corporation
outside of the human condition.  Don’t forget, even that
corporation at its highest peak is still in the human condition
and made up of the misinformation of the opposition.  But the
only way any space alien could get into our Father’s Kingdom is
to come back into a human civilization (for it is designed to be
where overcoming must take place, where the change of swapping
misinformation for the Truth (the facts) must take place), if as
our Father sees them and reads them on His meter, He says,
“There’s enough goodness in there, I want to give them a gift and
let them migrate toward a source of that Truth.”  Then that
overcoming would have to happen here, in a human civilization.

But, as far as three Ages are concerned, I don’t know why,
but I feel like there were many before this one, not just one.
And as to what follows, I have no idea.  It’s a strong likelihood
it could be a garden again, with a new Adam, a new Satan.  But,
our Father hasn’t told me.  I don’t know what the next plan is.
I know what some of the possibilities might be.  Next question,
who’s up?

Student:  I was wondering if you wanted to talk a little bit
about when people die.  Do they go where they think they’re
going?  And I’ve also been having the thought, and I don’t know
if it’s tied into it or if it’s part of your thought, but does
that have anything to do with, and you may have just touched on
this, “What you’re bound to on Earth, you’re bound to in Heaven”?

Do:  Okay.  Do people go where they think they’re going?  I’m
afraid we did just touch on that, but we’ll enlarge on that a
little bit.  “What you’re bound to on Earth, you’re bound to in
Heaven.”  Absolutely true.  I mean, and it didn’t come from Do,
it didn’t originate with us.  Jesus said it, but I’m afraid it
didn’t originate with Jesus.  It came from our Father’s mind,
that what you’re bound to on Earth, you’re bound to in Heaven.
Now, that’s just a way of saying what we just said, that if you
expect to get into our Father’s Kingdom, you’ve got to break the
shackles.  You’ve got to destroy the binds.  You’ve got to rise
above the binds.  By your effort you’ve got to not give in to the
things that would hold you in the human condition, or in the
Earth’s grasp, or the vibrations of the human kingdom.

If anybody loses their vehicle in the world, whatever they
were hooked on – career, family, dope, anything else that they’re
hooked on at the time they leave their vehicle – that’s what
they’re going to be hooked on.  Now, you’re saying, “Are they
going to Heaven”?  They might have just been put on “ice.”  They
might even be in a discarnate condition for an extended period of
time.  I’m not saying that our Father’s Kingdom puts everything
on “ice.”  Our Father’s Kingdom permits, certainly, many, many
“discarnate humans” to remain in the “discarnate” state and serve
Luci’s camp – I’m sorry, Lucifer’s camp – in a discarnate
condition.  But the ones who expect to get to our Father’s
Kingdom have to take a vehicle.  They have to “get into” that
vehicle.  They have to gain complete control of that vehicle, and
they have to acknowledge our Heavenly Father.  They have to
recognize that everything they have believed in has been wrong.
They have to want cleansing, purity.  They have to want to rid
themselves of their whole way of life, their whole lifestyle,
even (as we’ve discussed) their “identity,” if they possibly
could (which they can’t quite do) in order to be received into
His Household.  But, if they’re in the process of doing that to
the best of their ability – only He can judge the best of their
ability – He will protect them and save them, even if He had to
plant them in another Age, if there’s another Age.

I don’t know.  We’re trying not to take chances.  Look, if
the opportunity is here before you to leave this condition, to
overcome this world, why take a chance on being satisfied with
just ‘being saved’ for a later date?  Why not ‘yield’?  Yield?
What does that mean?  Turning yourself over to your Heavenly
Father, saying, “I’m putty in Your hands.”  Lucifer’s camp comes
rushing in and says, “See.  Brainwashed condition.”  And yet if
you love our Father, you’d say, “Oh, I hope so.  I hope
brainwashed condition.”  Our Father jumps in and says, “Nope,
unfortunately, can’t do that.  I’ll give you my mind as long as
you continue to seek it – more of it, and more of it, as you
desire it.  And I must admit, the more you have of it, the more
we will be alike, and the more commonness that you will
experience (witness) in the other members of the Household of our

Lucifer’s camp over here thinks they’re such “individuals,”
so liberated, and they’re not brainwashed.  They think they’re
going their own way, they’re entrepreneurs in everything they do.
Start writing a little chart of what they’re into, and then let’s
discuss who’s “brainwashed,” who’s under somebody’s spell, who’s
almost a robot without knowing it, thinking that they’re
individual.  They’re individual in that they may go to different
beauty parlors, and different manicurists, and different wedding
chapels, but they do the same things.  Maybe it’s Italian instead
of Chinese at the restaurant, or it’s Methodist instead of
Presbyterian – they think they’re so individual to have those
little differences, when they’re no differences at all.

Ok, let’s go to the next question.

Student:  If I’m seeking the Truth, and I really want to know the
Truth, will I find God?

Do:  (Laughs)  Of course, the answer is, from where we sit, if
you’re seeking the Truth, we have to say, “Our Father is the
Truth.”  We have to say, “We have found the Truth,” for we have
found our Father.  We know the difference now.  We have advanced
to the condition of knowing the difference.  But the danger is
that there are many, in seeking the “Truth,” who would arrive at
a condition of finding “God,” but it might be the wrong god.  A
common thing in seeking the “truth” when you’re on the wrong
track is to end up with somewhat of an intellectualized agnostic
condition of saying, “Well, I just can’t know the Truth.
Therefore, I’ll be as good a humanitarian as I can be.  I’ll
serve my fellow man, and I’ll work for charitable organizations,
and I’ll be an educator, and I’ll learn everything I can learn.”
But, you know what?  Their behavior and their indulgences
continue to be the same behavior and indulgences of all those
others out there who have not started any program of overcoming.
Now, we can’t really blame them for having not started a program
of overcoming, because, unfortunately, there’s that ingredient
that exists, that our Father’s Kingdom says, “I have to send you
a Rep.  I have to send somebody representing the Kingdom of
Heaven that will take you through that overcoming.  And that’s
their responsibility – to take you through it.”  And we’ll talk
about that more.  Did that answer your question?

Student:  Yes.

Do:  State your question one more time.

Student:  I wanted to know if I look for the “Truth,” and I
really want to know it, will the end result be finding God?

Do:  Well, certainly from our point of view, yes.  From most of
the departments in Lucifer’s corporation, you will find “cosmic
consciousness,” or “universal mind,” “liberated spirit”
– unrealistic fantasies of going to other worlds in out-of-body
experiences.  I don’t want to start condemning religions, but,
you know, there’s something we have to return to here, and that
is that our Father’s Truth is not a religion.  It’s simply the
facts.  Simply the way it is – it’s the facts.  Once we even
begin to label it “religion” we are already, at that point, a
significant degree away from the facts, the Truth.  So, then the
question comes up, “If that’s the case, then what church is it
that’s going to get in”?  Well, what does the word “church” mean?
“Church” is a body of believers.  There’s no special denomination
or religion that has a foothold, or that’s going to get the door
open to them where the others aren’t.  Even though I must admit
that our Father’s Kingdom did, in its teaching process in this
particular Age, relate more directly with the Jewish experience
as recorded in the Old Testament of our Bible, and in the
relationship of Jesus with His disciples, and the other records
that are shown in the New Testament of the Bible.  That is still
the most accurate account of our Father’s Kingdom’s relationship
to humans in this Earth Age.

But, you out there, I’m sure the question could come into
your mind, “Well then, what am I to do about my present church?
You know, my folks are Catholic, or they’re Methodist, or they’re
this, or that.  Does that mean I just throw that away”?  Do you
throw away any good stepping stone?  You consider thanksgiving
for that stepping stone.  You don’t condemn anyone who is on that
stepping stone; you praise them, particularly if they just moved
into that stepping stone from one that was less like our Father’s
Kingdom in behavior and in concept.  And you think, well, at
least they’re trying to get closer.  But, as we think of prophesy
and the end times, we have to think of the true Church.  The true
Church is a body of believers that know the Truth – just a group
of individuals that know the Truth (know the facts).  That’s kind
of a funny term because they know a little bit of the Truth, and
they come more into the Truth, and they come more into the Truth,
and they come more into the Truth, as they fight off the untruth,
fight off the untruth, and shed it.

In our classroom situation and the overcoming that these
students have been through, they’ve been through hell.  If there
ever was a hell, they’ve been through it.  If there ever was a
purgatory, they’ve been through it.  And I’m sure they can’t
count the number of times that they doubted everything, and they
wondered, “What on Earth am I doing”?  Then there were times when
they would come and say, “I did this, and I’m sure it was very
offensive to the Kingdom of Heaven, and to you and Ti, and
anybody representing the Kingdom of Heaven.  You’ve got to help
me get control of it.  You’ve got to help me get past it.”

And that is the process of growth.  That is the process of
overcoming.  Recognizing that you’ve slipped.  Recognizing that
your behavior has been a little less than it should have been,
and you see it now as worse than “a little less” and you find it
intolerable.  And so you have to – what’s the pattern? – Ask.
You have to come back, put it in front of your teachers and say,
“I hate to admit this, but I did this, and I don’t want to do it
anymore.  Will you help me?  I know I can get past it.”  Then the
teacher says to the Older Member, “You heard what they just said.
Can we help them?  Do you want to help them”?  And so the
information comes.  It may not come right on the spot.  It may
cause them to wonder for a period of time, “Why am I not getting
help”?  They may even in the meantime fall again, and by falling
again, then they hurt even more, because they want to overcome.
And they’re moving closer as they’re in that process.

I know that we have not gotten into the specifics of what
separating from the world is – what overcoming the world is.
We’ve talked about it a lot, but we haven’t gotten into any
significant amount of the specifics, and we’re right next to the
end of today’s session.  We will get into those specifics in our
next session, because it’s time.  I want to end this session with
asking that you, as an observer of these tapes, I want to
suggest, if you want to, that you go and find a private spot and
reach as high as you can reach and say, “What direction should I
take?  I don’t want to be misled.  I don’t want to be led away
from You.  I want to find my God.”  It’s safer looking for your
Heavenly Father than it is to look for Truth, even though they
are the same thing.  We’ll see you in the next session.

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Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 3

September 4, 2016

Transcript of Video Tape Series


Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 3   (60 Min)

Welcome to our third session in our series, Beyond Human – The
Last Call.  If you watched Session 1, you remember that we
thought that it was going to be a question and answer session
with helpers, and it ended up being mainly listening to Do talk
and we didn’t get to questions.  Then, when we realized that
Session 1, after watching it, had ended up with so many gaps or
big open spaces in our big picture, we decided to try in Session
2 to specifically address the helpers that are here with me to
pinpoint and focus in on the obvious holes or gaps in the big
picture by asking questions.  Today we want to welcome these
students.  They are going to serve in that capacity.  Why don’t
we just get started by giving us the first question that we put
on our list.

Student:  Ok.  Would you like to discuss the difference between
the soul and the mind and the vehicle?

Do:  Ok, that’s a big one.  I don’t know where we’ll get, if
we’ll get past that one.  The soul, the mind, the vehicle. Even
though we’ve discussed it a little bit before, we use the
reference to this body that we’re wearing – this flesh and bones
– we use the term “vehicle” because it helps us separate from the
body.  So, vehicle, or sometimes historically in religious
literature it is referred to as a “vessel.”  Whether it’s a
“vehicle” or “vessel,” the term helps to get out of identifying
with it.  Where we get into trouble is when we identify and call
this “me,” because this is certainly not me if the soul has
awakened.  This is just a suit of clothes that I’m wearing, and
at times it can be an encumbrance for me.  It can be something
that I don’t want to identify with.  It has its own desires.
It’s kind of like a living computer that doesn’t ever quite shut
down.  Even when it’s in a sleep state, it doesn’t quite shut
down.  And it has desires that manifest in ways of wanting
certain foods, or wanting certain experiences, or wanting to
indulge in certain habits that it had been subjected to.  It
wants to do repeat performances in those habits, whether it’s
food or going places or seeing things or attachments or
addictions.  So, we’ll use the term “vehicle” when we speak of
the body that we’re wearing.

Now, the soul.  What is the soul?  That’s a good one.  The
description that we’ve been given to picture or illustrate the
soul in trying to understand its relationship to the vehicle is
to think of the soul as a “pillowcase” or a “container,” even
though it’s an invisible container.  It’s a container that
encompasses the space that the body takes up.  Sometimes we feel
that it encompasses even a little outside the space that the
vehicle has.  It’s like a pillowcase or a container for the mind.
So, if we’re talking about vehicle, soul, and mind, then the
flesh body is just a suit of clothes – a vehicle.  The real “me”
is the identity that I have awakened to that I know goes on,
because I know that this vehicle is perishable, it can fall
apart, it can die, it can return to dust, it can get completely
put out of commission on the freeway.  But “I” am something that
does not die on the freeway.  I am something that goes on.  I am
something that has more existence, even if the extent of your
understanding of that is to think that, after the vehicle dies,
the soul goes to Heaven.  We’ll discuss where it goes, depending
on where you think it’s going to go.

But here we’re talking about identity or definition of
terms.  This is not me.  This is my suit of clothes or this is my
vehicle.  I am the soul.  Now, what is in the soul, or what
occupies the soul is mind.  My mind?  No, not my mind.  I don’t
have any mind.  So, what am I?  Well, I’m the little switch
inside that pillowcase, or that container, that chooses what goes
in it.  What goes in the soul, what mindstuff goes in the soul?
If you go to the originator, as far as I’m concerned, or you’re
concerned, or these students are concerned, or anybody that’s
listening to us is concerned, there are only two sources
– originators – of the mind that is available to us:  the mind of
the opposition (Satan) and his world, or the Truth, which comes
from the Creator, the Kingdom of Heaven.  Now, this is not truth
in a philosophical sense, not truth in a religious sense, it’s
Truth in truth sense, as far as what really is – the accurate
information, as far as you can understand.  Of course, “accurate”
changes as you learn more.  Something becomes outdated as soon as
you get some new information.  As close as we can get to the
Truth, the real Truth only comes from the source of the Creator,
the Kingdom of Heaven.

Don’t forget, we’ve talked about the member of that Kingdom
of Heaven who was a soul, an advanced soul, in the Kingdom of
Heaven.  He  separated from his Older Member, or from his
Heavenly Father, went his own way, and formed his own
“corporation.”  He had his own followers.  He didn’t like the
definition of terms.  He had a new truth.  He was a counterfeit.
Now, this gets into kind of a funny idea that some literature
seems to suggest, that he is a “copycat” of Jesus.  He is the
counterfeit of Jesus.  He’s always trying to imitate Jesus.  We
certainly can’t go wrong by looking at it from that point of
view.  I don’t know if that in actuality occurred, but it
certainly has been occurring ever since there was a Jesus, and, I
would imagine, even before someone appeared on the scene 2000
years ago that was identified as Jesus.  Before we had that
identity of Jesus, Satan, or Lucifer, did identify as a
separateness, a different kind of thinking, a different
definition of terms – therefore, a mind other than the Creator’s

So remember, we’ve discussed how Satan, or Lucifer, and his
camp are aggressors.  They’re not shy.  They don’t wait to be
asked.  They fill your head with ideas all the time and you think
that you’re having them, that these are your thoughts.  The only
thing that you can really identify with as “you” is when you
question yourself as, “What am I looking for”?  That’s getting
into the department of options or choices, which I know on our
list of questions here is going to throw things off, because I’m
suddenly getting into what is “free will.”

People talk about “free will” as a doctrine or a concept.
Free will is something that I have that I cannot get rid of.  It
is mine forever.  As long as I exist, I have free will.  Now
believe it or not, Luci sees the Kingdom of Heaven as interfering
with your free will.  The opposite of that is true.  The Kingdom
of Heaven, even though it does try to get your mind off of
yourself and bring you into the mind, the understanding, the
knowledge that is in the Kingdom of Heaven, our Heavenly Father’s
Kingdom tries to liberate you from the misunderstanding, the
wrong definition of terms, the wrong concepts, and bring you to
the Truth – tries to liberate you from things that have held you
in ignorance.

If there’s one sin that Luci participates in – and all of
his followers – more than anything else, it’s misinformation,
it’s wrong usage of terms.  Getting your eyes focused on, oh-oh,
I was about to say, “the wrong god.”  Because Luci doesn’t
hesitate, he’s not afraid of being blasphemous.  He’s not afraid
to sell you a concept of god.  He’s not afraid of selling you a
concept of Jesus that is completely off base.

Okay, we’ll go back and review just for a moment.  Vehicle
– flesh body – nothing but a suit of clothes.  Even though it does
have expressions of desires and lusts and things that “I” have to
completely ignore.  I don’t even listen to those thoughts.  One
of my tasks in overcoming is overcoming listening to any voices
or any impulses that this body would give to me.  In the early
stages of that overcoming, I might hear that impulse, might hear
it two or three times.  I might even give in to it, and then be
sorry that I gave in to it.  So, I say, “Next time I’m not going
to give in to it.”  The next time I hear the impulse of the body
as it was asking for something that I had been told or been
taught was inappropriate for me to participate in, I am a little
bit more restrictive as to what I let the body get away with the
second time.  Eventually, if I’m getting control and I’m learning
my lessons, because the way the Kingdom of Heaven helps us in our
lessons is to continue to send us – the negative?  Yes, it
continues to send us the negative in order to give us – what do
we have that’s ours that we can’t get rid of? – option, free
will.  The choice to accept the negative, listen to it, or get
rid of it, control it, eliminate it.  Now, that’s a lot of steps
of growth from first hearing it express itself and giving into it
some and then regretting it.  And so, when you regret it, then
you go back and say, “Oh I’m sorry that I gave into it, can I
start afresh”? – which is the same thing as saying, “Can I be
forgiven?  I want to conquer this thing, I don’t want to just be
victimized by the desires of this flesh or this body.” Now, this
is separate from the imposing mind of Luci or someone in the
invisible who is assigned by Luci to get me off the path.  And
there is someone assigned by Satan, his camp, to get me back into
their “corporation,” into their philosophy, into their way of
life, because the whole setup, the whole structure of this planet
in this Age has become the way of thinking, the activities, the
definition of terms of Satan’s camp.  That is what it has become.
Didn’t have to become that.  It has become that.  That’s a
condition.  Our Heavenly Father has permitted it to become that
because He gives us the knowledge of how to see it as that, how
to work against it, how to even overcome it, how to rise above

In a sense, our Heavenly Father permits Luci to send someone
to stay close to us, to keep an eye on us, to hammer on our
heads, to even use the vehicle to send us impulses that we don’t
want to give into.  In other words, to constantly challenge us,
the free will, the choice maker, the one who can opt.  Don’t
forget, we’ve got this awkwardness here.  Here’s this mind
assigned by Luci’s camp here, and this flesh here, imposing ideas
on us that we didn’t ask for.  They just impose them on us.  And
then in order to engage the help we have from the Next Level, or
our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, we have to engage asking for help.
We have to acknowledge to our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom and
whatever help He has given to us that, “I listened to this
impulse of the vehicle,” or “I listened to that influence give me
these thoughts, and Oh!  They aren’t your thoughts.  I didn’t get
them from you.  Help me not do that”!  And so, when you ask for
help, you get help, from your Teacher saying, “Well, I thought I
had gone over that with you.  I’ll go over it with you better,
and maybe give you more ammunition in warding off the imposition
of those uninvited thoughts that encourage you into activity that
is not from the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Well, that’s it in a nutshell as far as separating the
flesh, or the vehicle, from the soul, that invisible pillowcase
or container for mindstuff, realizing that mindstuff really comes
from only two sources.  But if you say, for example, if this
whole corporation has many, many people working in it, and they
work on many, many, many projects, then there are going to be a
lot of different thoughts at different levels that come in that
are from our Father’s Kingdom, and therefore, that mindstuff is
from our Father’s Kingdom.  Don’t forget, that mindstuff comes
only on the basis of our asking, our pursuing it, our desiring
it.  All this other mindstuff – from this great big “corporation,”
that’s a giant “corporation,” has many, many, many members
working in it – is in opposition to our Father’s Kingdom.  One
source (Lucifer) is the aggressor, and is constantly laying on
humans what he considers the truth to be.  The other source is
the Creator, the One that created Truth, even the Truth itself,
even the understanding, even the concept, but doesn’t force it on
humans.  All right, do you see the conflict?  That’s what we’re
up against.

Another thing we had to take into account here is, the
stronger I get, the better I get at my little choices.  By
learning this procedure of working against the negative, asking
for help, and receiving it from the positive, or from our
Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, each time I go a step further and
become more putty in the hands of this Kingdom.  Because I’m
trying to become a part of that Household, I have to get rid of
individuality in the things that separate me from it, which
Lucifer’s camp considers to be good things – individuality and
separateness and “do your own thing.”  Each time I get a little
further, or a little closer to my Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, what
happens?  Luci’s “corporation” fires the guy that I overcame and
sends a stronger one, a better one with more tricks up his sleeve
than the one I previously had.  And our Father’s Kingdom says,
“Don’t worry.  Don’t worry.  I even created those guys.  I even
created the options that they could take in going awry.  I am the
only Creator.  So, for each right word or right definition of
term, I also created a number of wrong definitions of terms that
shouldn’t have been used, but were there as options.”

Wow!  That gets into a big picture.  How could that Creator
have created everything that was good and created everything that
was evil?  No!  Did not create one iota that was evil.  But did
create complete potential for evil, in order that we still have
the capacity to maintain the one thing that He did give to us,
that is us, that we can’t even get rid of – free will, the choice
of what direction we go.

Okay, what do you have on your list?  Let’s take our next

Student:  I was wondering if you’d want to explain the difference
in the terms Life and Death.

Do:  Okay, that’s an appropriate next question.  Boy!  Does that
really fit with what we’ve just been talking about.  Luci has
this Age, this world, this society out there, as far as I know on
every hemisphere,  believing that death is the death of the
vehicle – the death of the body.  And that life is coming in at
birth through a birth canal – that that is life and losing this
is death.  That didn’t come from our Father’s Kingdom.  That’s
one of Luci’s definitions.  Study your Bible if you want to learn
the proper usage of those words, and you’ll very quickly learn the
way our Father’s Kingdom defined “death,” in relating to humans,
even in the Old Testament and even in the New Testament.  Well,
it’s easier to describe death by saying that if someone expresses
something that is not true, and has “bought into” the camp of
misinformation, that individual is in a dead condition by the
standard of our Father’s Kingdom.  That individual gets life once
he goes out of Luci’s camp and comes into this one.  Or the
reverse:  if he’s in this camp and he goes into Luci’s, he
becomes among the dead.  If he comes in contact with someone from
our Father’s Kingdom, he recognizes that this is the Truth and he
starts to go with it, then he has begun to taste of Life.
Therefore, Truth and Life are synonymous, as far as terminology
usage in our Father’s Kingdom is concerned.  So, death and
misinformation are synonymous.

Let’s go back to the previous question we were talking
about.  What’s in this soul or this “pillowcase” for mindstuff?
It’s never all from our Father’s Kingdom.  It’s never all from
the misinformation camp, or from Satan’s world.  It’s a
composite.  It’s percentages.  If I have enough of our Father’s
Kingdom’s mind in there that I can begin to utilize it a little
bit and it begins to shine through a little bit, then I’m not
totally dead.  And if I continue to engage it, then I begin to
come more into Truth, more into Life, even though I’ve got a
heavy percentage of misinformation still in there. You don’t get
knowledge from the Kingdom of Heaven by “Oh, I’m going to give
you this beautiful thought, and this is knowledge.”  You get
knowledge, you get lessons, you get information mainly by hard
knocks. And the more you ask for knowledge, the more you ask for
lessons, the more you ask for situations that will bring the
Truth to you, the more you ask for every one of those, you’re
thrust into a situation and a circumstance where you’re tested
and, uh oh, you’re tested.  What am “I”?  “I’m” the one who has
free will.  “I’m” the one that can take that situation and say,
“Oh, this is horrible!  What has happened to me?  I’m set back.
My world has crumbled.”  Or I can say, “Goodness, I didn’t ask
for this.  This happened to me in spite of my not wanting it to
happen to me.  So, where’s the positive in it”?  And so I turn
and I ask my Heavenly Father, or the closest contact I have,
whatever I can use as my point of reference to the Kingdom of
Heaven, knowing that I can easily speak to the Kingdom of Heaven
and be addressing the wrong crowd, because they present
themselves as the Kingdom of Heaven.  But if I’m asking for
Truth, if I’m asking for anything and everything that separates
me from the Most High God, from the Creator, then I begin to get
another lesson.  I get another confrontation, I get another
experience that jolts me, that would at first, initially, affect
me adversely.  And these guys over here in Lucifer’s camp are
going to say, “Ah ha!  See, I told you what would happen to you
if you stay on that path.”  They would have it seem to me that it
was a negative.  And yet if I say, “I am sure this wouldn’t be
happening to me if it wasn’t good.  I can find the good in it if
I ask.”  That’s true, it always works.  That little saying…where
did that saying come from, “All things work together for good to
those who love the Lord”?  Might as well put “True Lord” in that,
because then it would certainly work.  What was your question

Student:  Well, if you could explain the difference in the terms
Life and Death.

Do:  Okay.  I think we should go a little further with that.
Life and Death.  I can’t say strongly enough that death of the
vehicle, death of the body, or losing the body, losing the
vehicle, essentially has no long-term effect on “me.”  It can put
me out of a classroom circumstance for a period of time.  Now,
this gets into a discussion of, when I’m out of body, if I’m
connected with our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, there are a number
of choices that our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom can make.  He reads
me out in His computer, and he looks on His meter and he says,
“That soul’s worth saving.  It just got kicked out of that vehicle
in that accident on the freeway.  It certainly isn’t just waste.
It certainly still has some goodness in it.  So, we’re going to
put it aside over here, or we’re going to ‘put it on ice,’ so to
speak, or we’re going to save it in some condition.”

In other words, our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom can actually
take that soul, set it aside, and wait until they feel it is the
appropriate time to put it back into the Earth condition, into
the classroom condition, into the human kingdom.  Think of the
human kingdom as a stepping stone on your way into our Heavenly
Father’s Kingdom, if you make the right pursuits.  Because you
can also go through that human kingdom and, with the wrong
pursuits, get out of that kingdom and be in an advanced human
kingdom that’s outside the Age of the Earthly environment you
knew and can be seen as “heaven,” and other humans may see you as
a heavenly creature with heavenly skills and heavenly capacities,
but it won’t be our Father’s Kingdom.  And you could move into a
camp that will easily take the responsibility of creating
religions and all of that.  They also will give you concepts of
life extension.  Now, there’s a big difference in what this other
camp calls “life” – the reason this terminology of “death” and
“life” got all messed up in the beginning.

In our Father’s Kingdom, when you really get to be a full-
fledged or “badge-wearing” member in our Father’s Kingdom – not in
the human kingdom, but having graduated from the human kingdom
– and you are in our Father’s Kingdom, you take on a suit of
clothes.  You take on a vehicle that is imperishable and
incorruptible.  As long as it is sustained in an advanced,
incorruptible, imperishable environment, it cannot be destroyed.
You have eternal life.  Not only does the soul have life, but you
can wear a vehicle that, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t
need to decay.  It doesn’t have any age, it doesn’t come from a
baby,  it doesn’t get old and need to be changed out for another
one.  There’s no loss of consciousness.  It doesn’t mean that it
can’t be hurt and discarded.  In certain circumstances it can be
injured, it can be hurt, it can be lost.  And you can go to
“wardrobe” and pick up another one.  And there you have a new set
of clothes – to the best of our understanding, you would never
again experience loss of consciousness because all that is “you”
is that soul in there which still has control of free will, that
can make choices, that can recognize “mindstuff” as it comes from
our Father’s Kingdom, and is trying more and more to eliminate
the “mindstuff” that comes from Luci’s corporation, his
misinformation camp.  So, the human body dying, or losing the
body, is not true death any more than when a tulip plant, as a
perennial, comes above the surface, and the freeze comes, does
that plant die?  No.  Only what showed died.  But what still
remained was, in a sense, the genetic package of the soul, the
continued existence, or the further opportunity for the soul to
take a shell in order to learn lessons.

Souls and spirits in a discarnate condition cannot learn
lessons.  That’s the way our Heavenly Father has designed it.
They cannot learn lessons.  Even Luci’s camp knows there are
limitations to what a soul can learn in the discarnate condition.
What do we mean by “discarnate”?  We’re speaking of a soul or a
spirit outside of a vehicle.  Whether it’s a vehicle in the human
kingdom or a vehicle in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The discarnate
can serve Luci’s camp.  He can be someone that can be standing
right here beside me at this moment from Luci’s camp, trying to
interrupt my thinking, trying to get me off track, trying to get
me to stop asking questions as we talk to my Father and to
interfere with this task.  And I’m sure there’s one standing here
at this moment, even though I don’t like to acknowledge his presence.
It interferes with me the moment I even acknowledge his presence
in order to have you understand that in a discarnate condition
lessons cannot really be learned.  You are confronted with
addictions, ties, all the misconceptions and their application
only when you’re in a physical body.

Now Luci’s camp, they’re pretty good at robbing bodies.
They’re pretty good at even using bodies for what they want to
use them for and then discarding them.  Even though our Father’s
camp created them, they are His product, and He has the right to
destroy them if He wants to, in a flash.  He is much more
restrained in how He would even permit any of His members to use
bodies.  He cares for them more.  He protects them more.

Luci’s camp will influence you to do a task, and not really
get themselves that involved, try to get you to do a task for
them.  And they’re convinced that they are doing themselves a big
favor.  They’re also, in the process, avoiding putting themselves
in a lesson opportunity circumstance, because when they’re doing
that they are out of body, or they’re staying in their – this
gets kind of awkward here – in their advanced body form.  It
seems strange, it’s very confusing to realize that Luci and many,
many members in Luci’s camp, can have what humans at this point
in an Age, can see as un-human vehicles.  And you think: un-
human?  Un-human?  They’re Heavenly vehicles?  They’re glorified
bodies, they’re physical bodies of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Okay, at this point we have to go back and remember that
when Satan was booted out of the Household of our Father’s
Corporation, he had a “heavenly body” in the making.  According
to the record, he took a third of the heavens with him, must have
been a bunch of people, and they had “heavenly bodies” in the
making.  They also had a lot of technical, advanced information,
beyond human technology.  They knew how to get from here to there
in different means, certainly, than humans in this Age would
know.  Some knew how to appear and disappear.  They had a body
that had all kinds of capacity that human flesh on this planet,
in this Age, do not have.  Don’t be confused, they are not
“Heavenly bodies.”  Heaven is where our Father is.  They were
cast out of where our Father is.  The moment they were cast out,
they no longer had Heavenly bodies, they had what was left of a
partially completed heavenly body – a hybrid similar to what
would happen if a caterpillar were removed from the chrysalis
before it became a butterfly.  What do I mean by “what was left”?
Once they were cast out of where our Father’s camp is, they began
to be in a condition of perishable and….  What’s the other term?

Student:  Corruptible?

Do:  Corruptible.  That’s right.  The most normal conditions for
them are corruptible and perishable.  Their bodies become
perishable, which is the only thing they’re concerned with.
They’re not concerned with “corruptible” because they’re on a
different path of “real knowledge.”  Once they became perishable,
they even know it.  If you read the records supposedly of people
who’ve had encounters with space aliens, whether it’s Adamski’s
camp, or we could sit and talk about that kind of stuff for some
time, about so-called encounters of the third kind or the fourth
kind, where they got information from certain space aliens that
would say, “It isn’t exactly like you’re told in your Bible.  We
do lose our bodies, but we live a lot longer than your bodies.
They might last several hundred years or they might have an
extension quite a bit longer than yours.”  Therefore, the person
who’s hearing all that thinks that he’s listening to members of
the Kingdom of Heaven, that he’s coming to the reality of what
the Kingdom of Heaven really is, and he’s shocked by it.  He
thinks, “Wow, all those religious ideas I had were off base,” not
realizing that the camp he’s talking to created those off-base
religious ideas, and even now is selling you, or selling that
individual who’s having that experience, on “I am from the
Kingdom of Heaven.  We did create those religions on your planet.
We are trying to help you move up the ladder so that you could
serve in our kingdom, and help us in our pursuit of ‘universal
mind,’ ‘cosmic consciousness,’ becoming ‘gods’.”

Okay, wow! there are some identifying features of those
vehicles that they wear, not all of them, but some of them.  Some
of those vehicles they wear still have gender, still have age.
Don’t forget, Luci and his camp retained a lot of their
intelligence, a lot of their skill capacity, a lot of their
technical proficiency.  They know how to make spacecrafts.  I’m
sure, measured by our Father’s Kingdom, their spacecrafts are
pitiful in comparison, because even at the point that Luci and
his crowd left, they knew a little bit more than the model T, in
comparison, as far as spacecrafts are concerned.  But they do
know spacecrafts.  They do know how to travel in space.  They do
know how to move into parts of the heavens that certainly humans
on this planet  still find closed to them as they try to get out
of here a little bit – go to the moon, and then into this orbit
and that one.  We’re just barely beginners – or the humans here
are.  Of course, they’re really getting into a world that doesn’t
belong to them.  And Luci and his camp are circulating in a world
that does not belong to them.  But they can’t get into our
Father’s community; that is still held separate.

Most of them will either appear to be male or female in some
quality.  Even though they might be losing some of their
“maleness” or their “femaleness,” frequently not of their own
choice, but because when in outer space and you’re outside of the
vibration of a planet that has the kind of fertilizer and the
ingredients that are primary to this garden, to this planet, they
can lose their capacity to reproduce.  Not that they would want
to, but in spite of their desires.  So, they have to come and rob
vehicles.  They have to do artificial insemination.  They have to
do genetic experimentation.  Now, as I said before, how much of
this they do on this garden, to what extent, and to what extent
the reports that we’ve heard are true, I do not know the
particulars.  It has not been given me to know them.  And I feel,
in a sense, it’s our protection that we don’t know them.  But I
do know that in our Father’s Kingdom, in a sense, everyone is the
same age.  I’m talking about the vehicle they wear.  Because as
long as they stay in that protected environment, and do work in
His Kingdom, there is no aging.  It’s as if the vehicles are all
the same age.  They are indestructible, imperishable, and they
can’t be led off track.  They can’t be corrupted as long as they
stay in our Father’s Kingdom.

Now, if you stay in this world that we would still call part
of the heavens, it still has many members in it that are not of
our Father’s Kingdom.  And their vehicles then have to be
concerned with age and protection, because they don’t have good
enough control, even though they’re working on it very hard, that
would allow them to just go to “wardrobe” and pick up another
vehicle.  They’re constantly, or frequently, trying to master the
techniques of developing “wardrobe,” of developing vehicles.  And
here again, they’re trying to copy our Father’s Kingdom so that
you wouldn’t know the difference.  Because in our Father’s
Kingdom there might be a number of different types of “wardrobe”
or “suits of clothes” that souls could wear.  There might be
little ones, and there might be middle-sized ones, and big ones.
And they might have different shapes, and different colored skin,
and certain different things.  I’m sure that our Father’s
Kingdom, if our Father’s Kingdom wants to use them, could
certainly create what we would call robots in order to put
certain things in certain areas if he didn’t want to take a
chance on losing a soul.  So, it’s just an extended device, it’s
a technical advancement.

Lucifer has his robots.  He has his counterfeits.  He has
his copy of the things that are in our Father’s Kingdom, but
they’re always lousy.  If they really got under the microscope by
those who were in the know, they would know they (the copies)
couldn’t cut it.  They’d throw you in jail because they’re
counterfeit.  Okay, it’s because they do not have life eternal.
They do not have incorruption.  Now, this gets me into another
topic that’s on our list of questions.  Incorruption.  Well,
let’s go to our next question.

Student:  Well, would you like to talk now about the term
“resurrection” and how it has changed?

Do:  Okay.  “Resurrection” has a little different connotation
than “Life” or “Death.”  Resurrection is more like a condition
that you could apply to a soul when it enters a vehicle and comes
in to life.  Now in order to come in, if a soul is entering a
vehicle and it’s coming into life, then it means that it must
have advanced pretty far in getting rid of misinformation and
bringing in real information.  Because, don’t forget, Life and
Truth are synonymous.  So, if it’s bringing in real information,
it’s an advanced soul.  It’s one that has had a lot of teaching
from our Father’s Kingdom and has made that choice.  It, in a
sense, is very close to overcoming.

A couple of illustrations that we might think of – let’s take
the Bible, in the book of Revelation.  It talks of a first
resurrection and a second resurrection at the close of the Age.
If a group of souls comes in and they are advanced souls, they
are from our Father’s Kingdom, they are alive.  Now, being from
our Father’s Kingdom meant that they once had to graduate into
that Kingdom, or they’re being protected in that Kingdom because
they still have a few little major touchups to be done so they’d
be a good match to a vehicle of that Kingdom, so that they
wouldn’t still have desires that could not be fulfilled by that
wardrobe or that vehicle that they would get in our Father’s
Kingdom.  If a mind that is that advanced in the ways of our
Father’s Kingdom comes and takes a flesh body in the human
kingdom, then it has brought that body into life.  It is suddenly
living.  It has resurrected.  It has taken a dead, worthless
plant and turned it into the epitome of life.  From a human’s
point of view – not from the point of view of our Father’s
Kingdom, but from a human’s point of view – it is the most alive
thing around.  It possesses the most Truth (the facts) that can
be had.

Now, I’m afraid that here I need to get a little personal,
because in the same sense that as we speak to you out there,
those who are listening to these sessions, I might be mistaken,
but the information that has been given to me suggests that you
are going to be a part of what the book of Revelation calls the
“Second Resurrection.”  In other words, in order for you to
identify with the knowledge that is coming through us as we give
it to you and for you to recognize it as from our Father’s
Kingdom, in order for you to recognize that knowledge means you
have to have a lot of that knowledge already, even though it
might have been pretty well in a dormant condition.  A lot of
that mind has to be in you or slightly outside of your vehicle
craving to get in and wanting to take that vehicle.  In a sense,
if you do have some of that information, then you were once given
a gift of migrating to where that information was.  You received
a lot of that information and you applied a lot of that
information.  At a given time when you lost a vehicle, the Next
Level took your soul and put it aside carefully and protected it
for the end of the Age and said, “Now you can go back and finish
up those little areas that you didn’t have that much control in,
because,” (Whoops!  Here we get to another touchy point) “because
we’re sending other Representatives from the Kingdom of Heaven
who can help you with the task of finishing up your overcoming,
getting Luci out of the way, developing muscle in not listening
to him, learning the difference between the Truth that can be
gained through asking from the untruth or the misinformation that
is fed to us without asking.”  The untruth always gets us back
into the world, back into ties, back into addictions.  Luci’s
camp counts on keeping you “drunk” by having you addicted to the
world – addicted even in concepts, addicted in misinformation, not
to say the least, addicted to the wrong kinds of things to put in
your vehicle, whether it be drugs, or booze, or overconsuming, or
wrong kinds of patterns.

Of course, we get into an element here that’s also very,
very touchy ground that we’ve all been through, but we have to
eventually face that it is the worst drug of all.  And that was
the drug of when we chose – and when I speak of “we” here, I speak
as representatives of the offspring, the family tree, of Adam and
Eve – that when they fell and they took on the responsibility of
reproductive activity, then of course, all the spirits that came
into those vehicles down that chain of offspring also
participated in that misinformation, saying, “Oh, God gave me
this capacity to reproduce.”  Now, what I’m getting at, the worst
addiction that exists is…love?  Oh oh, I thought God was love.
Luci uses that term.  He even would have you believe that sex is
love.  I’m sorry.  That one’s a lie.  Ultimately, even though we
have all been hooked on that same drug, we’ve all gone through
that period, don’t forget, we took advantage of the hothouse.  We
took advantage of the negative.  We took advantage of the fact
that we were products of those who went astray.  We learned from
their lessons.  We’ve overcome them.

But still, sex is the strongest drug – there’s not a drug,
there’s not a morphine, or anything that is produced by
chemicals, or plants of this world as strong as that drug.  That
drug requires that you even let one of Luci’s technicians in that
department absolutely take control of your mind and have you
possessed with the fulfillment of that act.  He knows that as
long as you participate in that drug your capacity for
recognizing the Truth (the facts) is just about as good as it is
for someone who’s had a half a dozen martinis, and you say to
them, “Are you clear-headed?  Can we really talk about
significant information”?  And they say, (slurred voice) “I’m
just as clear-headed as I ever am.”  I don’t mean that just while
in the act of that reproductive activity, I’m talking about as
long as even those reproductive hormones are active in your
system, as long as they’re still cycling, you will be working
against the drunkenness of that drug.  Now, I know that this
could sound just as far out as anything could sound, but down
in your heart, if you’re from my Father’s Kingdom, you know
that Jesus was not a sexual creature.  His M.O. presented
itself as one that Luci would have you interpret wrongly.  In
other words, Luci would have you think Jesus was pure, having
never needed to overcome anything.  But regardless of how Luci
would twist things, you know that He was pure.

Let’s take the term “virginity” as another wrong application
of terms.  Luci says that a virgin is someone that is pure.  But
he tacks on another addition to that definition.  He says: one
who has never had sexual activity.  Virginity – pure in the
physical – yes.  Correct definition.  But virginity meaning
someone who has not had sexual activity?  No, wrong application,
wrong definition.  Therefore, I can recover my virginity.  I can
become a virgin.  In a sense, someone who has never – if you
really think of the soul’s existence – who has never participated
in it, they don’t even know what there is to overcome about it.
Unfortunately, we can rest pretty assured that there’s no one in
this Earth Age that has been lucky enough to not participate in
it, save, maybe a few isolated cases.  I’m not saying that our
Father’s Kingdom says, of necessity, you must stoop to
participate in that and overcome it, though it may be the case.
It’s safe to say that there is a spectrum of addictions, indulged
in because of ignorance or misinformation, that a human cannot go
through a lifetime without falling prey to.  The truth is that
when you are confronted with it – if you are confronted with it
– and then confronted with it, and confronted with it, even
lifetime after lifetime, and you refuse it, the amount of effort
it takes to not experiment is less effort than experimenting and
then withdrawing from it.  It doesn’t do any good to not
participate if you haven’t learned the lessons.  The same
“muscle” hasn’t been developed against that drug that would be
developed had you given into it, participated in it, gotten
totally addicted to it, and then had to withdraw from that
addiction with the help of your asking to withdraw from or get
out of that addiction.  So, unfortunately, here we had to face
the issue of some real no-no’s.

Let’s go back to “resurrection.”  Your possible
resurrection.  As far as I can tell, what I have been given says
that if you can see the Kingdom of Heaven, if you can see the
Truth (reality) in what is coming through this vehicle, it is not
of this vehicle, it is not me, but it has been given to me, and
even says, “Now that it has been given to you, it’s yours.”  But
any of us can abuse it.  Any of us can twist it – can take
responsibility for it.  We can think, “Boy, look at what good
ideas I came up with.”  And the moment we think that way and
don’t give credit to the source…. Don’t forget, information
comes from two sources – from our Father’s Kingdom or from
misinformation.  And when I receive it, if I make the mistake of
taking credit for it, I am starting to separate at that point.
As far as I can tell, the information that has been given to me
through Ti, through our Father’s Kingdom, says, “If you recognize
this information, you have been in the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Oh,
wow! That’s a new thought.  Yes, you have been in the Kingdom of
Heaven.  If nothing more than “saved on ice” for this time,
you’ve been in the Kingdom of Heaven.  And you have now come back
and, in a sense, you’re standing outside of a vehicle, trying to
use that vehicle.  You probably picked one with the help of our
Father’s Kingdom.  You probably picked a vehicle that might be
open to being accepting of this information, so that you can then
try to move into that vehicle.

Now, what does that mean?  Does that mean you’re a “vehicle
robber”?  You’re a “body snatcher”?  No, our Father’s Kingdom
assigned you that vehicle.  They even assigned you that vehicle,
to a degree, at its inception, and you’ve been checking on it
from time to time, relating to it from time to time, until this
time – until you start to hear this information. And at the time
you start relating to it to this degree, then it becomes your
task to start to get into that vehicle.

I can remember so well that when Ti and I were first working
with our students, when we had taken them out of the world,
separate and in isolation, and we were getting down to the nitty
gritty, the information kept coming through our heads, and we
would say to them, “Get in your vehicle!  Susie, get in your
vehicle!  Johnny, get in your vehicle!”  Because any time we
would hear something that we knew was not an example of the
knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven, then they were not in their
vehicles.  Someone else was speaking.  So, our hope and our
prayer for your sake is that you will start getting into that
vehicle.  You will start warding off all the bombardment that you
will begin to hear that says, “Boy, is this guy crazy.  Is this a
cult if I ever heard of one”?  Yes, it is a cult.  I mean, it’s
the cult of cults.  It’s the cult of Truth.  And we know what the
world would like to do with it.  We know that nothing can happen
to us.  I have nothing to fear if I am a child of my Heavenly
Father.  Nor do you.  But are you going to be satisfied with just
being a child of your Heavenly Father, or are you going to take
advantage of an opportunity to overcome the world with the help
that Ti has sent you, so that you can enter His Kingdom and not
need to return?  The only reason that He gave us instruction to
give you these sessions and these classrooms was to offer you a
second resurrection, a chance to come in, finish your task, and
enter His Kingdom.

And I see that we’re down to 5 seconds.  We’ll see you in
our next session.

Section 4  –  Page 16

Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 2

September 4, 2016

Transcript of Video Tape Series


Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 2   (60 Min)

Welcome to Beyond Human – The Last Call.  This is our second
session.  I’m going to assume that you’ve watched our first
session.  After that session, we got our heads together, watched
the session, and tried to look at it from your point of view and
determine where the big gaps were, and we’ve pretty much designed
today’s session about or around those gaps – the questions that
might have come into your head then, or since watching
yesterday’s session.  So, I’m going to look primarily to these
students to help me with those questions.  They’ve listed them,
and we’re just going to cover them one right after the other.
Are you going to help me with this list of questions better than
you did yesterday? (laughs)

Student:  Well, we’re certainly going to try.

Do:  Let’s get started.  What was the first question on our list?

Student:  The first one that we have written down here is: as far
as overcoming, how was Jesus’ mission different from Ti and Do’s?

Do:  I know I could say this again and again, but that’s a good
question.  I get uncomfortable comparing Jesus’ mission to Ti and
Do’s mission because I know how precious Jesus’ mission is in our
eyes as well as in much of the public’s eyes, and I know how
offensive it could be to compare Jesus’ mission with Ti and Do,
whom most people have never heard of.  But we have to address the
question.  Jesus, and Ti and Do, both came with the information
that:  “the end of the Age is approaching, and if you’re going to
get from the human kingdom into our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom,
then you’re going to have to overcome the world.  You’re going to
have to leave everything and come and follow me.  And as a ‘Rep,’
I can be used as an instrument of that Kingdom to help you get
into that Kingdom after you leave your humanness behind.”  That
much is common.

One major feature is very different:  It’s certainly on the
record that Jesus’ mission was designed, before He came, that He
would represent the purity that was required to enter the Kingdom
of Heaven.  In other words, this is the reason why humans say
again and again, “I can never be like Him because He’s so pure.
He never sinned.  He was spotless.  He went through His whole
life without sin.”  Well, that appears to have been the design.
Not that I’m saying that He should have been sinful, for He had
overcome the world.  Prior to that incarnation, He had overcome
the world.  So, He did not need to get back into the world, even
though He did need to awaken to recognize that He had come from
the Kingdom of Heaven and what His mission was.  That awakening
was still difficult and painful and, I’m sure, trying for Him,
because He knew how blasphemous it was going to sound the minute
He began to express it.

In Ti and Do’s case, it’s almost 180 degrees in another
direction.  Ti and Do came, and first of all, our awakening was
much later in the lifetime than Jesus’, because Ti and Do met in
their early forties and were as asleep as you can be at that
time.  But even a more major difference was that both of us were
very much into humanness.  This was the design.  It was designed
this way in the Kingdom of Heaven before we came in, because
Satan had grasped onto what Jesus’ M.O. had been.  And the way
that he could keep humans from thinking about their overcoming
was to picture Jesus as someone that was so perfect that, since
He died on the cross, He could redeem you if you just love Him
and believe that He existed and accept Him as your Savior.
That’s the way he could keep you from relating to the fact that
you would have to do what Jesus said and overcome the world also,
as He did.  Since Lucifer, or Satan, had done such a good job of
having people relate to that perfection M.O., or that purity M.O.
of Jesus’ mission, the Next Level then said, or the Kingdom of
Heaven then said, “Well, this time when we send Representatives
we’re going to do just the opposite.  We’re going to send them
and let them get completely into the world to remind humans that
you can be completely into the world and get out of the world.”

I told you yesterday that when I met Ti, and even before I
met Ti – I would say probably a year before I met Ti – that my
life began to just fall apart.  But the important thing is that
it’s common.  As we discussed some yesterday, a symptom of a soul
awakening to the point where it jives with its previous
incarnation, a symptom that accompanies that awakening, seems to
be a life kind of falling apart.  Some souls, if they haven’t
overcome much in the way of human lessons, then their awakening
certainly would not be anything traumatic.  If they do not
overcome their attachments, then nothing traumatic is happening,
because they’re not dropping those attachments at the point of
their awakening where they would jive with a previous
incarnation.  I know I’m going way beyond the question that you
brought up about the hole in yesterday’s talk.  I could go on
with this one for the rest of this hour.  Let’s go to our next

Student:  How did Ti’s mission differ from Do’s mission, since Ti
left and returned to the Kingdom of Heaven before Do?

Do:  Well (laughs), here we go again.  That’s an interesting
question, too.  That was a very tough one for me.  And I think it
was a tough one for Ti, because it came as such a surprise.  I
don’t know why, but Ti and I thought that – we just knew, it
seemed – that we would both be here for the full duration of the
task.  It didn’t occur to us that one might leave prior to the
other one leaving.  Let’s see, Ti has been gone almost 7 years – it
will be 7 years this spring or this summer.  When Ti began to
see the signs of leaving her vehicle, she, I think, was puzzled,
and I certainly was puzzled.  But I must take this opportunity to
relate to you that it didn’t change her position at all regarding
her devotion to her Heavenly Father and to this task.  She didn’t
want to relate to the human connection at all, or to the flesh
body’s connection to the world.  She remained perfectly steadfast
to the mission that she was involved in, and in her partnership
with me in that mission, and remained true to it every second.
She didn’t say, “What’s the Next Level doing here?  What’s
happening here”?  Her only thought was to me, “I’m glad that you
don’t have to experience what I am going through.”  And the irony was
that I was saying, “I wish I could be going in your place.”  That
was no big, wonderful thing for me to say.  It was because I
feared being left with the responsibility of the mission with my
partner being gone.  And I did, I seriously feared it.

I have to stop here and address another question.  Because
you could say, “What caused Ti to leave her vehicle?  What was
used as the instrument of her leaving when she did”?  And it was
that the vehicle broke down.  Humans would say that the vehicle
died.  How can we say that she “left her vehicle”? Because I know
and understand Ti, and I understand Ti’s relationship with our
Heavenly Father, I know that she had within her power, or within
her authority, if she chose to use it, she could have made the
choice of when she left her vehicle or when she didn’t.  You can
say, “Oh that’s baloney.”  And that’s fine if you want to say it.
I know Ti.  You don’t know Ti.  These students, they know Ti.
But I know that Ti’s thinking was to her Father, “I didn’t expect
this – that I would be leaving my vehicle at this time – but if
that’s what you have in mind for me, and if that’s what you have
in mind for Do, and for the class, then that’s what we want.”

I could see in Ti’s eyes, I could read her soul, I could see
mixed feelings.  I could see part of her that was joyful in
knowing that soon she would be out of the human kingdom.  That
portion of her mind that was here could be back in a vehicle that
was appropriate for the Kingdom of Heaven and back in a closer,
realistic, physical relationship with her Heavenly Father.  And
that couldn’t  help but be joyful.  But she  didn’t want to think
about that because she didn’t want to shirk her responsibility.
She was still “task conscious.”  She was still concerned with,
“What kind of hardship is this going to play for Do?  What kind
of pressure is this going to put on him and on the classroom?
Are students going to be lost because I’m leaving my vehicle?
Are they going to slip into thinking, ‘Well, Ti’s died, and
here’s Do.  So, this makes all this fall apart?'”  And yet I know
that she knew that if the students knew any of the truth that had
been given to us, and that we shared an understanding of, that
they would not look at it from that point of view.  If they were
challenged by that, then it was good that they be challenged in
that way.  If that was the point of their falling away, then
there needed to be a point of their falling away.  They were
going to be challenged sooner or later with some test, because
that’s the name of growth  it’s our being confronted with tests
that causes us to either go forward, closer to our Heavenly
Father, closer to the Kingdom of Heaven, or we are challenged
with saying, “I don’t know.  Maybe I’m coming to my senses.  I’ll
go recover my humanness if I can.”

Back to your question.  When Ti left her vehicle and
returned, what it meant to me, even though it still breaks my
heart to recall the experience,  it very swiftly and very solidly
put me on firmer ground in relationship to my Heavenly Father.
It put me in a better relationship with Ti than I had before she
left her vehicle.  I know that Ti is still to this day my primary
if not my total link with our Heavenly Father, the Heavenly
Father that we shared in that task.  I believe that we still
share to this day the same Heavenly Father.  But also in my
awareness is that Ti is an older soul – a more experienced soul,
has been given more knowledge, knows more, can make choices more
quickly and more readily in the judgment that she has learned
from our Father.  This has done tremendous things for me to find
myself, wow! – alone, as far as physically alone.  My partner has
left her physical body.  It feels so funny for me to say “her”
when I speak of Ti, even though she was in a body that had been a
female.  I say “had been” because she had certainly overcome any
gender consciousness before going back to our Father’s Kingdom.

I could go on and on, but it meant a tremendous growth
opportunity for me and for the class.  It tested me.  It tested
the class.  And we’re all 10 feet taller because of it.  It put
me in a relationship now, with Ti, similar to the relationship
that Ti had with our Heavenly Father before Ti left her vehicle.
If we ever came down to question, in our working as a
partnership, as to who might have the last word, it was never
fought over or debated.  But it became evident after a period of
time in my searching, not because Ti imposed it, but in my
searching I recognized that Ti knew more.  Therefore, she had a
better, trusting relationship with her Heavenly Father.  She
could recognize His voice more readily than I.  Rather than,
“Let’s see, does that mean this”? or “Do we need to try that”?
She didn’t need to do all the seeking and searching because the
voice was clearer, the control of the “frequency,” if you want to
put it in that illustration, was clear.  Had she not left her
vehicle and put me in the position that I am now in, I wouldn’t
have this opportunity to really work, and work hard, on my
connection with that mind.

When the class and my relationship with the class are
confronted with questions and decisions that need to be made, I
could easily say, “Oh, what am I going to do in this situation”?
or “We’ll do this or we’ll do that.”  And the test always is, do
I say, “Ti, what would you have us do?  Your will, not mine, not
ours.”  And if the class, and if I, can always connect with our
Father’s Kingdom through the link that we have, the closest Older
Member that we have, that link is the assurance.  Now I know that
even if Ti got called on another task for a period of time while
I’m in this position, I know that Ti’s Heavenly Father, who also,
as I said, is my Heavenly Father, even though Ti is older, I know
that my best funneling of my asking, my safest funneling is to
continue to ask Ti.  The thing that could get me completely off
the track is if I said, “Oh Father so and so” instead of going
through Ti.  I have learned from my experience that I must
continue to ask my partner, “Ti, what do we do in this
situation”?  I don’t always get an answer right away (sometimes I
get no answer at all – it means the question isn’t worth
answering – or I might keep looking for what was wrong with that
question), but I know it’s my assurance of staying on track.  So,
to finish what I started to say, even if Ti were put on another
task, I know that our Father would station someone, saying, “If
Do says, ‘Ti, what do we do?’, that’s when you answer – only then.
If he says, ‘Well, Father, what do we do?’, don’t answer, because
he’s going to get off track.”

Now, boy! that opens another whole big question.  Why would
I address something to Ti instead of to my Heavenly Father?  Ti
is my Older Member.  Ti is in the succession of relationship.  In
a sense, Ti is my Heavenly Father, even though I still relate to
the Older Member that dealt with Ti and Do as a partnership.
It’s not that I’m elevating some human named Ti.  That’s just an
identification that directs my asking to my Older Member and it
is my safeguard for staying on the right track.  I know how Luci
can dive in and answer my call when I direct it to my “Heavenly
Father,” and I can feel that it’s off track.  Luci is not
permitted to answer the call that I direct to Ti.  That’s
protected for my sake and for the sake of my students.  I know
that’s hard to understand, when you know how right it is for you
to relate to your Heavenly Father.

Listen, I have to jump to another question now that I know
is on their list, because this forces me into the question of
what is meant when people say, “Do you have a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ”?  The only ones who really had a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ are the ones who were
physically present with Him, and looked to Him, and believed Him.
Now, I have to enlarge that picture and say it also means that
those souls, after they left those vehicles in the time that they
were with Jesus, they continued to have – as long as they had not
turned from Him – and they continue to have a personal
relationship with that same Soul [Jesus], unless the Kingdom of
Heaven, or our Father, has put someone else in that position.
And I’m certainly not suggesting that anything has happened in
that regard in our presence here, or our assignment here.  But I
have to make the point, when Jesus said, “…if you do this in My
name,” He was talking about those who knew Him and believed Him.
They were disciples.  They were devoted.  They were going to the
Kingdom of Heaven via the “ductwork” of the one called Jesus.  He
was their “Rep.”  They accepted Him as their Rep and they were
calling His name.  In that same way, I have to at this time call
Ti’s name.  I don’t know, Ti could have been a return of that
soul that was Jesus.  It doesn’t matter to me.  You could say,
“Oh, but it should matter.”  Then you don’t know the knowledge,
you don’t know Jesus, you don’t know my Heavenly Father, or you
would know the knowledge that is given to me.  Not because of
anything that I deserve, but by Their choice.  They, the chain of
command in the Kingdom of Heaven, give me the knowledge as They
gave the knowledge to Ti and Do, as they give it now to Ti, and
as Ti gives it to me.  And it is the same knowledge that was in
Jesus.  It is from the same Family, from the same Household.  It
comes down the same trunk and goes out the same vines.  If you
really knew Him or know Him today, you will know that we are of
that same Family, that our information does not differ one iota,
that it is the same Truth, just different vehicles, different

Now the position is a little different – and here’s another
question on your list – because we’re at the end of the Age, and
Jesus kept warning about the importance of the end of the Age.
This is a big time here at the end of the Age.  What is the end
of the Age?  Well, you know the hippies and the New Agers speak
of it as when Aquarius is around the corner or “here we are at
the year 2000 and this is the end of the Age.”  And it is the end
of the Age.  The end of the Age is likened to when the Kingdom of
Heaven, and I must say in the same breath, not only the Kingdom
of Heaven, but it’s when the garden is harvested at the end of a
civilization.  How is a garden harvested?  A garden is harvested
by the ones who have a relationship to the garden – be it from
our Father’s House, or be it from those that are off the strain,
off the vine of misinformation and connected with the one that we
refer to as Lucifer or Satan, though they certainly don’t know
that.  From their point of view, they’re connected  with the
“Son of Light,”  the “Angel of Light,” the “truth.”  They believe
that truth.  It has some different earmarks as we discussed.  It
has some earmarks of  “Ye are gods,” “ye are the cosmic
consciousness,” the “universal mind.”  Those earmarks are not
found in our Father’s House.  Our Father’s House has earmarks of
“Creator,” “Father,” “Son” – the way the pipeline works down in
relationship from the Kingdom of Heaven to the human kingdom.

Well, back to “here we are at the end of the Age” and it’s
harvest time.  Harvest time means that it’s time for the garden
to be spaded up.  It’s time for a recycling of souls.  It’s time
for some to “graduate.”  It’s time for some to be “put on ice.”
It’s time!  I don’t know all of the things that are going to
happen at the end of the Age because that harvesting task is not
one that I am participating in.  I suppose that I would say that
Ti’s job and Do’s job or our partnership task is “tooting that
trumpet,” or making this sound right here at the end that says,
“Last call – if you want to go beyond human, if you want to not
have this Age that we’ve been in here for 6000 years go down the
drain, if you’re connected, if you have received a gift that
connects you with this truth, with our Heavenly Father, with the
family of the Creator, then you have an opportunity to do it, to
overcome the world, to move into that Kingdom permanently, not
needing to return to the human condition.”

I’m afraid I have to go to another one of your questions and
this one is:  Where does this idea of being “saved” get in there?
Jesus said, ‘If you believe who I am, and you believe what I’m
saying, and if you stay connected with Me, if you do things
through My Name, then you’ll be saved.’  And it’s true.  That
doesn’t mean that you have finished your overcoming.  It means
that you are not “wasted.”  Being “saved” means that you are not
wasted.  It also means that you are saved from not going with the
crowd that’s going with misinformation, that’s going with all
that is not true.  Now, I do not know and I’m glad that I don’t
know who is saved and who isn’t, but if I should know, then I
guess then I will know.  I only know what has been given to me.
And it’s given to me on their time table, not when I want to know
it.  All I know is what is given to me to know.  And even when I
receive what I think that they’ve given to me and I think I know
it, as soon as they give me something else, I recognize that what
I know was partially out of balance or out of sync.  The next
thing they give me makes me re-examine it and update it and
suddenly I see what I thought I knew before is not that accurate,
that the new perception is much more accurate.  So, I think I
know that, until I receive something else, and then I realize
that that’s the process of growth.

But here we are at the end of the Age.  In a sense, when
Jesus said you can be saved, it was not the end of the Age,
though He knew it was approaching, and He knew from His point of
view it could be right around the corner.  He told them the signs
of what the end of the Age would be, and according to all the
people you listen to and all the prophecy that’s going around,
everybody says, “This is it.  This is the end of the Age.  We
don’t know exactly the hour and the minute.”  Unfortunately, the
exact hour or the minute doesn’t really matter that much.  It is
the end of the Age.  What matters is where are you at the time of
the spading, at the time of the harvest?  What happens to you?
Have you become something that’s so worthless that our Father’s
House has no need of you, and He just recycles you as a part of
His recycling environmental control for a possible new Age?  Now,
I don’t mean “New Age” new Age.  I mean His new Age.  If He wants
to use this garden as a hothouse again, then He can take the
waste, including “soul” waste, including “vehicle” waste, and He
can recycle it into a useful product for a garden to be planted

So, one question is:  have I become something that’s just
going to be recycled as waste at the end of the Age?  Or, might I
become something that can actually complete my overcoming under
the helpful guiding hand of “Reps” whose task is overcoming.  I
can help you overcome this world.  I’ll give you lessons.  I’ll
be used as the object of lessons and put you to tests that I
don’t mean to put you to tests for.  I don’t even like to put you
to tests, but I’m willing to put you to tests.

Ever since Ti and I have been working with the class, we put
themselves and ourselves to tests constantly.  Or let me say it
this way:  The Kingdom of Heaven puts us to these tests as we ask
for Their will not ours.  We don’t ever design tests for students
or for ourselves.  They are designed for us and given to us.
They always shock us.  They’re always a surprise – even to this
day.  Even though we’ve learned – “Uh oh, that’s a test.”  We’ve
gotten that far – recognizing “here comes a test.”  Okay, so one
is:  I can become “waste” at the end of the Age.  One is:  I can
overcome the world with the help of those who have overcome the
world.  I expressed to you in the last session that I’ve gotten
instruction that I can say to you that these students have
reached a point in their overcoming that they can survive as
beginners in the Kingdom of Heaven and not need to return to the
human condition.  In other words, that point of their overcoming
is sufficient that they can move into the Kingdom of Heaven and
take a physical vehicle that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Wow!  That’s a big picture isn’t it.  Because that physical
vehicle in our Father’s House doesn’t need to be reproductive.
It’s neither male nor female.  It’s got no gender, it has no race
relationship, it has no allegiance to anything of a “plant.”  It
has allegiance only to its trunk and vines, and Representatives
right down the chain of command, or the step-wise relationship,
or link.

What if I’m not waste, but I haven’t finished my overcoming,
and I believe that what you’re saying is the truth, and I believe
that I’m hearing the Kingdom of Heaven through you – that it isn’t
you, it is our Heavenly Father, it is the Kingdom of Heaven
speaking through you, if I really believe it, can I be saved?
That’s your best chance of being saved.  But I’m afraid from my
point of view, I see that instruction still has with it that if
you hear this information, there is just barely time for you to
overcome.  So, if there’s time for me to overcome, then why am I
asking the question, “can I be saved”?

Let’s go back to 2000 years ago when Jesus said, ‘If you
believe on Me and you do to the best of your ability what I say
to do.’  He might as well have even said, “You may not have
overcome the world sufficiently to not need to return, but you
can be saved, because you’re in the process of overcoming.”  And
it was the same thing as saying, “If you believe in Me, and you
are a disciple, and you’ve connected with the Kingdom of Heaven
through me, then you will be taken to My Father’s House and you
will be put in the ‘fridge’ – or you will be ‘put on ice’ – until
an appropriate time to replant you so that you can get on with
your overcoming and arrive at the point where you can then move
up, not needing to return.”

If we’re receiving instruction that even these students can
help you, that there’s barely time for you to do overcoming of
your own sufficiently to not need to return, then why would we
even want to think of, well, “Can I just be saved, without
overcoming”?  I’m afraid that I would be fearful that the One who
was in the position of judging whether I could be saved, that His
decision would be colored by my saying, “I’m not sure I can
overcome fast enough, but will I be saved”?  Wouldn’t I want to
be more concerned with, “Goodness, if I can do my dead level
best, give it everything I have to be in the full thrust of
overcoming, then I know that my Heavenly Father will not forsake
me, would not lose me. If I recognize I want Him, I am a lost
sheep, I am someone who wants to get back into His House, back
into the hands of the Creator that made me…, if I give everything
I have….”  And I say the same is true for you, if you do
everything you can do to get as close as you can get as fast as
you can get, and not reject what the Kingdom of Heaven has given
to you as the means for that help, then there’s no way that our
Father would discard you, or do less than save you from “the
reaper” or from whatever catastrophes might accompany the end of
the Age.

I’m afraid I’ve got to go on in this same context and say
that at the end of the Age, not only is our Father’s House a part
of the reaping process, but so is Lucifer’s house.  It is
Lucifer, don’t forget, that says, “You don’t have to do anything.
Just believe on Jesus.”  And Luci has put himself right there in
that position where he is calling himself Jesus: “I’m Jesus.  I
will tell you through your prayers, I will give you that
confidence, I will give you that feeling of ‘I’m saved by the
blood of the Lamb.  That’s all I have to do.'”  I hate to tell
you,  you’re not connected  with our Father’s House,  though you
want to be.  You want to be connected.  Though you want goodness,
though you want God, though you want to be a part of our
Creator’s Household – our Father, our Creator, has rules and says,
“When I send you Truth, when I send you updates, when I send you
information on how you can come into My House, you can’t just
relate to the information I gave 2000 years ago.”  Because you
were the ones that deserved to receive My Father’s Household,
Luci dives in and he grasps you and he attracts you and attempts
to get you hooked through misinformation.  He even says, “Just
call on Jesus.” (But Luci would have you call on Him in the wrong
ways – not call on Him the way Jesus said.)  Jesus said, ‘You’ve
got to overcome the world.  Come and follow Me.  Leave
everything.  You can’t even be My disciple unless you give up
your whole world, leave your whole life behind, and come and
follow Me.’  Now, that’s not just because that is what Jesus
said, that’s what any Representative from the Kingdom of Heaven
would say when it’s time that someone has a possibility of moving
from the human kingdom into our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom and
staying there and receiving the rewards of that Kingdom.

I know this is hard to take.  And I know if you were a
devoted, a devout Christian and you’re hearing what I am saying,
that your head is being pounded on at this moment, and you’re
saying, “How do I know that this guy who’s talking to me that
says he’s ‘Do,’ how do I know he’s not Satan, he’s not Lucifer”?
You don’t.  Something inside of you has to know.  Go search your
Scriptures.  Go get back in your closet and say to your Heavenly
Father – reach to the Most High God – saying, “I don’t want to
settle for less.  I don’t want to just adopt this misinformation
if it’s misinformation.  If I, too, must separate from the world,
if I, too, in order to get in Your Household, must drop
everything as the disciples did 2000 years ago, if I, too, must
overcome the world, then please wake me up and let me see that
and let me do it and lead me to it.”  I wish I could say to you
that our Father’s Kingdom has lots of Reps around with the
information of how to overcome the world.  Ti and I keep
searching for them.  We don’t want to be the only Reps that are
here at this time.  I hope that we’re not.  There may be others,
but we haven’t found them yet.

I know how hidden we have been.  Maybe they (other Reps) are
hidden.  Maybe they’re with classrooms that will surface, and
they know the same Truth.  Do you think Ti and I wouldn’t welcome
it, and applaud and say hooray,…ray,…ray, here’s somebody else
who’s from the Kingdom of Heaven, and knows the same formula, and
is offering this same formula?  For we do know one thing:  you
have to overcome the world.  You have to separate from the world.
You can’t take any of the ties to this world with you into that
world without knowing that you’re going to have to return and
sever them eventually if you expect to gain membership in that
Kingdom and serve in that Kingdom as a member of that Kingdom.

The human kingdom is not where your major service is.
That’s part of “misinformation.”  The human kingdom is a lesson
ground.  It’s for “hard knocks.”  It’s designed that nothing work
so that you would look for your Heavenly Father.  No matter what
Luci tries, it doesn’t work.  The only way he gets you is to have
you accept all the misinformation as truth.  He says, “If you
live a good life, if you take care of your family, you set aside
the money, you buy your insurance policies, you leave a nice
trust fund so that the kids’ college is paid for; and when I go,
then my wife is taken care of; and when she goes, the kids are
taken care of; and we go to death with no fear because we know
that we died in the Lord.”  I’m afraid it’s the wrong Lord.  I
mean, the Christians who are out there now are even saying, “The
Lord wants you to have things.  He wants you to have nice
things.”  That’s true, He does.  But he doesn’t want you to
pursue them.  He doesn’t want you to pursue them.  He says,
“Don’t pursue anything.  Pursue only Me.  Me!  Nothing else.  I’m
sorry, you can’t bring anything with you.  Can’t bring your wife
with you, can’t bring your kids with you.”  It doesn’t mean your
wife can’t come, doesn’t mean your kids can’t come, but you can’t
bring them with you.  You have to come alone, having severed
everything, and your relationship is only with our Heavenly
Father, saying, “You’re all I want. I want nothing else.”  At
that time, when you’re in that mindset and you’re willing to drop
everything and leave everything behind, He sees you through it.
You can’t actually do the severing.  He pulls it away as you ask.
He pulls it a step at a time as you ask.  And a lot of times the
things that you would like for Him to pull away, He doesn’t pull
away that fast.  Because He wants to develop strength within you,
effort to continue to work against that thing and not give in to
it, so that you get into His Kingdom with some “muscle,” and some
ability to have some significant service as a member of His

Well, sounds like it must be Sunday, or Saturday, depending
on when your Sabbath day is, and I’ve gotten into preaching.  I
couldn’t help it.  But where did we leave off here?  Who’s next?

Student:  It’s going to be hard to figure out where it’s best to
dive in, but let’s see.

Do:  That’s all right, let’s go to our next question.

Student:  I wondered if you could define the difference between
the vehicle and the soul, just for a point of reference.

Do:  That’s a good place to start.  The vehicle and the soul.
There’s only one place that souls come from – our Father’s
Kingdom.  There’s only one Creator in all that exists, and that’s
the “Top Man,” that’s the Chief of Chiefs, the God of Gods.  And
don’t misunderstand that or find fault with it.  I mean if you
want to find fault with that, that’s your choice.  You can find
fault with anything I say if that’s what’s on your mind – to find
fault.  There’s only one Creator and that’s our Father’s Kingdom.
And He teaches Creation.  He made souls.  Luci and his camp
cannot make souls.  What I left out that I started to tell you a
few minutes ago is that here at the end of the Age, Luci is even
getting members, an army, into his kingdom at the end of the
Age – those he really wants who have become good servants and
have bought his misinformation.  If our Father’s House wants to,
He can let those who have bought into misinformation move into
his (Luci’s) kingdom.

What we don’t know is when Luci’s judgment day is (an actual
point in time).  He’s already received a sentence.  He knows he’s
going to lose his life, his very existence.  And his higher
cadre, or his higher echelon of his officers, they’re going to
lose theirs too.  But we don’t know that our Father hasn’t
designed it that after that happens that someone isn’t going to
fall in line to replace Lucifer, or Satan, and his higher
officers, and his whole “officer’s candidate school,” those that
follow his misinformation as if it were the truth.  But Luci
wants souls.  He also wants vehicles.  Now, he has to
indoctrinate.  There’s one big, big, big difference between our
Father’s Kingdom and Luci’s kingdom.  Our Father’s Kingdom is not
the aggressor.  Our Father’s Kingdom says, “Ask, and you receive.
Seek, and ye find.  Be quiet, and know that I am God.”  Luci
says, “Hey, listen.”  He’s the aggressor.  He tells you what
you’re supposed to believe.  He justifies his misinformation.  He
thinks that he’s really great.  He thinks that he’s adding
numbers to his “kingdom of heaven,” because his “kingdom of
heaven” is beyond the confines of planet Earth.  I mean, the main
issue of what’s going on here in the conflict of good and evil is
not just on planet Earth.  That’s insignificant in comparison.
The main issue of even numbers is in the heavens.

Even at this time, when ufologists and the whole community
of people who are so aware of space aliens, are asking:  “Do they
have a presence on this planet?  Are there bases where they do
genetic experimentation, and are they growing actual creatures
there?  Do they abduct humans, and do they do genetic
experimentation?  Do they also do artificial insemination with
humans, and bring back the child and show it to the mother”?  All
these events have “surfaced” in the last few years.  They’re not
the way of our  Father’s  Kingdom.  They are the way of these
misinformation people who do not believe that they are
misinformation.  They are not knowingly misinformation.  They’ve
bought into another idea, into other information.  We’ve talked
about this in the class a lot.  It’s like our Father’s
“corporation” at one time was the only corporation.  And at a
given time,  someone said,  “Oh, I think I’m going to step out of
our Father’s corporation.  I’ve learned a lot, but I think I can
go further.  I don’t like the position I’m staying in.  It seems
restrictive to me.  It seems that I am limited.”  Don’t forget,
we discussed the other day that you can’t lose the option to
think poorly.  You can’t even lose the option of rejecting your
connection.  You can’t lose the option of rejecting the Truth.
That option always stays with you, even in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Okay, here’s this corporation that belonged to our Father’s
Kingdom and it was the only corporation at a given time.  And
then this member says, “I don’t like this limiting, this
restricting position that I’m in, because my Older Member…I don’t
think He’s that smart.  He holds me back.  I could really be
moving forward.”  And so he goes out here and forms another
corporation.  And he begins to do things and His Father says,
“Wait a minute.  You’re not looking to Me.  You’re going on your
own.  You’re doing something altogether different.”  And he
recognizes that he’s going different.  He acknowledges that he’s
going different.  Then at a given time, our Father’s Kingdom, or
the One [the Older Member] that was connected to Luci, the One
that was His Father, said, “I can’t let you come back into Our
House.  I can’t let you come back into our world.”  I’m talking
about a physical place, a part of the Heavens, the physical
part of the heavens that only those can go who are members of
our Father’s House, our Father’s corporation, in His Kingdom – the
one which belongs to the Creator.  And He says, “I can’t let
you go on with your behavior and your thinking, and your
renegade attitude, and your letting this ego come back in where
you want to ‘be somebody.’  I can’t let you come back into this
place.  I’m going to confine you to outside of this camp.”

It’s so easy at this time to be deceived.  It’s rumored that
space aliens have even met with humans, have met with the
military of different nations, conducted experimentation on
spacecrafts, that governments have even agreed to let them do
certain things as long as they give us some of their technical
knowledge.  How much of that is true, I don’t know.  I don’t want
to know.  But whatever of it is true, I see all the earmarks of
“the renegade,” the misinformation.  I’m just telling you that
those who are misinformation, they do not know that they are
misinformation.  But they usually have bought an easier “out”
that required less of them, and they were assured of self-
elevation.  In our Father’s Kingdom there’s no assurance of self-
elevation.  If you want to be a servant, you give up “self.”  You
become nothing.  You crave to be nothing so badly that you scream
for even loss of “identity.”  And our Father’s Kingdom says,
“Wait a minute.  Since I can’t take away your option, your
choices, then you’re still going to have some identity.  I may
call you ‘this’ in this task, and call you ‘that’ in that task.
But you have to have some sort of identity that I’ll give you.
So, I can’t let you just give yourself to me and then forget
about it, and ‘you’ are ended, because you’re a servant.  I
permitted you to come back as an individual and be a servant.
But if you want to be an individual and you’re not pleased with
the rate of growth as I give it to you through My
Representatives, then you’re going to go in opposition to Me.
You’re going to stray from Me.”

So, there are literally many, many, many members now that
are in the misinformation corporation, and they’re serving
(thinking they’re serving the truth) the “universal mind,” the
“cosmic consciousness,” the “we are gods.”  Even as you
investigate space aliens, or their vehicles, you’ll see things
that you wouldn’t see in our Father’s Kingdom.  Our Father’s
Kingdom doesn’t make babies.  They get “babies” from the human
kingdom adults who have graduated from the human kingdom, so
there’s no gender.  They don’t have ties; therefore, there’s no
marrying, there’s no little kids running around, even though
there are “babies,” because they are there for the first time.
Now, I’m not saying that our Father’s Kingdom couldn’t certainly
bring children in and families in for certain lessons that He
might have on His agenda.  Who am I to say that He wouldn’t do
that.  I don’t know what all is on His agenda, because that’s
certainly His mind, not mine.

I’m just trying to share with you some of the understanding
that has been given to us on these important issues of: The Last
Days, What is “being saved”?  What does this period of time mean
to me?  If you’re listening to me, I’ll tell you that Luci and
his kingdom have a lot of individuals who can work in the
invisible, and who can pound on your head and say, “Don’t listen
to that!  Don’t listen to that!  I’ve found the truth for you and
I’ll give it to you in the name of what you believed 2000 years
ago.”  You’ve brought that “2000 years ago” into today and you’re
going to hang onto that history as if it were yours.  That’s true
history.  That was real.  And it is yours.  But when our Father’s
Kingdom sends new information, sends updates, new opportunities – if
you were really connected with our Father’s information, if you
really knew the Truth that was in Jesus – you’re going to see
it here again.  You’re seeing that same Mind.  What is in a soul
is “truth” or “falsehood” – the mind of God or the mind of
misinformation.  That’s the reason it boils down to – we’re either
for Him or we’re against Him.

Well, goodness, we just got started.  We haven’t touched but
two or three questions and somebody just held up a card – I saw
it – it said 30 seconds.  So, we’re going to have to take up more
issues in our next session.  I’m glad that you have gotten these
sessions, that you’ve watched this, and that you want to learn.
I hope that the Next Level can use us as their instruments for
you.  See you next time.

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Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 1

September 4, 2016

Transcript of Video Tape Series


Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 1   (60 Min)

Welcome to Beyond Human – The Last Call.  We have a big
picture to try to portray to you.  You don’t know us.  You don’t
know what we represent.  “Beyond Human” might say something, it
might not, but it says a lot to us, and we want to share it with

I’ve asked some students to help me, and you noticed on the
opening title page that this was Ti, Do, and students.  I’m Do,
and sitting in front of me here are two students.  They’re going
to play your part in voicing for you questions that might enter
your head.  They may not necessarily be questions that would
enter their heads, because they have been students for a long
time.  But they will try to help me fill in the gaps and not have
too big of holes in the subject matter that we are going to try
to cover for you.

Well, I’m going to back up and give you a little history.
In 1975, there were two individuals who held some public meetings
around the country, and said that they were from the Kingdom of
Heaven.  Those two individuals were Ti and Do.  Ti, my partner,
who has returned to the Kingdom of Heaven, left me here with the
responsibility of whatever is remaining of this task, for it was
mine to fulfill.  I learned in working with Ti as a partner that
Ti is my Older Member.  I know that doesn’t make much sense to
you.  What is an Older Member?  Well, I’ll go back to saying that
Ti and I, when we held meetings across the country, said that we
were from the Kingdom of Heaven and that we had been given
information on how to go from the human kingdom into the Kingdom
of Heaven.  At that time we called it Human Individual
Metamorphosis.  And as we held some meetings, quite a number of
students, or followers, or curiosity seekers, just dropped
whatever they were doing and came and listened to us, spent some
time with us, a short period of time with us, in some
campgrounds, and we talked about the Kingdom of Heaven – the
physical Kingdom of Heaven, not a spiritual Kingdom of Heaven.
Not that it isn’t spiritual, but it is not etheric.  It is not
only spiritual, which represents the character of the soul, but
it is a physical kingdom as well.

As we talked about that Kingdom to these students, after a
very short time (and we had written a statement about it) these
students took that statement and went across the country for 9
months, holding meetings in one little town, one big town, one
little town, and one big town after another.  Sometimes they got
run out of town because people didn’t like what they were saying.
They thought that it was anti-Christian, or it was New Age, or it
was blasphemous.  It’s easy to see how people could think that it
was all of those things, though it was none of those things.

After that 9-month period of holding meetings around the
country, Ti and I felt like we had instruction to call the
students together and to begin an intensive, or in-depth,
classroom training program.  So, all the students came together,
and at that time there were about a hundred students who had
survived the trek around the country holding meetings, who still
thought they wanted to go a little further and see what else they
might learn from Ti and Do – if we really had anything to offer –
or if this was the time for their excursion to end.  When we met
with those hundred or so students, we told them that this was
dead serious, that we couldn’t take them on as students unless
they were ready to drop all of the behavior that they might still
be participating in that we knew was not common to the Kingdom of

More and more, we stressed that they would have to drop that
behavior (sex being the one that seemed to stand out the most,
that people seemed to be so addicted to, and hard to make that
transition from).  As we really got serious about it and knew
that that one had to go, along with other addictions – drinking
or smoking or drug usage or needing to tend to old attachments or
binds that still drew them to their particular interest – the
numbers started dwindling.  The classroom then ended up in the,
oh, somewhere in the 40’s or 50’s, cut to about 50 percent pretty
quickly.  And then we started really getting down to the nitty-
gritty.  It wasn’t that we stayed serious all the time.  We had a
lot of fun.  Fortunately, if we hadn’t had a lot of fun, we would
have lost our marbles even more than we thought we had already
lost our marbles, when we stopped to examine what we were doing.

During that time – for a long period of time – we were in
tents, and maybe little trailers, or some little RV units,
because we were staying outside and just moving to wherever the
climate would permit us to continue with our classroom.  Now, I
have to bring up that this has a parallel to it that we have to

Two thousand years ago, when Jesus was sent from the Kingdom
of Heaven, He was sent for the same purpose.  He was sent to say,
‘If you follow me, I can not only make you fishers of men, I can
give you the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.  If you do what
I say to do, if you believe that I have the information that you
need, you apply it to your lives and in your behavior, and you
overcome the world, then you can go from the human kingdom into
the Heavenly Kingdom and not need to return again.’  In other
words, the only reason you would need to return is because you
hadn’t finished the lessons that needed to be learned at the
human kingdom.  Another way to look at it is:  you still haven’t
overcome the behavior in the human kingdom that is not found
acceptable in the Heavenly Kingdom.

This is a big picture, and I’m going to have to approach it
from many different angles, and try to keep putting little pieces
of the pie together to help you understand it.  I’m going to back
up even further, before Ti and I made a statement that told about
how we had come from the Kingdom of Heaven.  In an attempt at
clarity, or for the sake of understanding, I will in the
following discussion identify as the vehicle (the person of the
body) and speak of Ti as the vehicle (the person of the body).
You’ll later understand the inaccuracy of this approach, even
though it’s the only one that works for this discussion.

In the early 70’s, for unknown reasons (and this is just my
attempt to explain to you what occurred), for unknown reasons –
things we could not understand – my life began to suddenly fall
apart.  It had been a very stable life, an acceptable life,
certainly one that was considered legitimate and had respect to
it in the community, as did Ti’s life. And her life separately
began to fall apart.  We did not know each other.  We’d never
seen one another that we were aware of – had never met.  Then in
the early 70’s, I think around ’72, we met just perchance while
I was visiting a sick friend in a hospital where Ti was a nurse.
From that moment, my life changed – changed very significantly.
I rebelled.  I didn’t want it to change, and yet I knew it had to
change.  And the conflict that was in me was very great.

The same thing was happening with Ti.  She knew she had
something to do with me.  I tried to reject that idea. Ti was
confused for awhile and wondered, “Well, why do I recognize you,
and you don’t recognize me”?  And even though I might have
thought I didn’t recognize Ti, I knew that I couldn’t cut it off.
And yet here we had separate lives, separate careers, families,
involvements in the world, and all of a sudden, just because we
met, something was causing us to have to become more involved in
spite of our desire not to.  Not involved in a human way.  There
was never a coming together in that we were bed partners or
involved in a physical relationship.  But there was something
that compelled us to spend time together and listen to each
other, and search together.  And we started searching Scriptures,
we started searching everything we could get our hands on – New
Age material, everything we could find that would open our heads.
We realized that all of the searching that we were doing was
superficial, that where we were really getting help and getting
information was from what was being fed to us (mentally).

Now, we know, or we understood later, that what was
happening during that time was that we were what is historically
called “going through an awakening period.”  And that awakening
period is one where it’s common for the person who is awakening,
for his life to begin to fall apart, or her life to begin to fall
apart, and for them to suddenly just be in a whirlwind, in a
state of total confusion, not knowing what was going on.  There
was a total change of focus – just dropping everything of the
past and being absolutely compelled to go with this new thing
that was happening, not even knowing what it was, fearing it in a
way.  And strange as it may seem, this kind of change seems to
always cause all of the people in the periphery of your life to
turn against you, think that you lost your marbles, you’ve gotten
duped by someone who has a spell on you and will lead you down a
crooked path, or into some sort of witchcraft or occult endeavor.
And unfortunately or fortunately, that seems to be a common
symptom of an awakening.

Now let’s talk about “what is awakening” from a different
perspective.  Let’s discuss reincarnation a moment, not the
typical Eastern view of reincarnation or the caste system
progression, or that you are going to come back in another life
as a bird or a monkey or something of that sort.  But we have to
realize if you search even the Biblical Scriptures carefully,
that you’ll see dozens of very clear references to a good
understanding of “incarnating,” and recognize that certain
individuals that had been historically recognized in Biblical
times in the past – the people were always questioning, “Well, is
that them reappearing?  Is that Moses? or Elijah? or Who is John
the Baptist, could he have been so and so?”  What did Jesus mean
when He said, “You have to be born again”?  But to even look at
it more from common sense – which is often a good measure or good
judge of the kind of sense that comes from Our Heavenly Father –
common sense tells us that Our Heavenly Father would not put a
soul into this world and let it spend a few months and then have
an auto accident, and that’s the end of its existence, and no
lessons to be learned.  If you search the Scriptures, if you
really get familiar with God’s Word, as people call it – the
Bible – and I don’t mean to say, “as people call it,” I certainly
don’t mean that I don’t feel that it is. Because it is the record
that we have.  It is the only authentic record we have of the
Kingdom of God’s relationship with man.

If you search that Scripture, you learn that there was a
period in time called an “Age,” prior to this Age.  Now, what do
we mean by “this Age”?  We talk about this Age as though it is
possibly this 6000-year period – the duration of an experiment by
the Next Level – not the astronomical usage of the term “Age.”
And prior to this 6000-year period, there was, according to the
Bible, references made to a previous Age, and some souls came
from that previous Age.  It also makes reference to an Age after
this Age.  So, with the talk that is so common this day and time
of the “last days” or “the end of the Age,” and some people even
talk of it as the end of the world (when I’m afraid I don’t feel
that Our Heavenly Father has quite deemed the planet so ill that
it can’t be recycled, refurbished, cleaned up, restored).  But I
feel that we are at the “end of the Age” – I’m afraid I feel is
right upon us.  I don’t want to sound like a prophet, but my gut
says, and everything else that I know, points to that it’s going
to come before the turn of the century, that it’s going to come
in the next few months or next year or two.  I could be off.  Ti
and I thought it was going to end within a few months – the age
was going to end in 1975, when our students were out holding

Let’s go back to the students for a moment.  When we had
those students, the ones who were faithful and stayed with us the
best that they could, we received instruction.  We clearly feel
that our instruction came from our Older Member, or a member of
the Kingdom of Heaven who was not in a human physical form, but
in a physical form when the M.O. required it.  Our Older Member
gave us instruction to take those students out of the world and
have them completely separate from their normal activity, from
all of their involvements, and concentrate on the information we
were receiving on how to overcome their worldly ways.

Now I’m going to skip back to “what is awakening” and the
topic of reincarnation because they are carefully linked.  Let’s
just talk in theory for a moment.  If someone has an incarnation
and they get into certain addictions, or certain attachments,
whether it be people, things, pursuits, whatever they’re
motivated to be focused on, and motivated to pursue – when that
lifetime is over, if the Kingdom of Heaven sees that they deserve
more lesson time, then they are permitted to come back during
that Age for Lesson 2.  And when they “awaken,” they reach the
point where we could say they “jived” with where they ended the
previous incarnation.  They’re a “match” at that point.

Okay, let’s go back.  Previous incarnation.  I leave a life
and I have this attachment – this habit, this addiction.  I’m
still hooked on this town, I’m still hooked on this family, I’m
still hooked on my martinis, or whatever it is that I am still
glued to.  So, I will probably come back into as many of those
things that would fulfill the continuation of the attachments
that I had when I left that incarnation.  And if there are some
that I can’t fulfill or that aren’t fulfilled immediately, I my
“computer” – will see to it, my “soul” will see to it that those
attachments are restored.  Then at a given point, when I’m jiving
with where I left off the time before, I am awakening.  I am
starting my new life.  That might happen in my teens, it might
happen in my 20’s, it might happen in my 30’s, might happen in my
40’s.  If by some accident or some fluke I’m sent out of my body,
or I lose my physical body (or my vehicle, as we call it, because
we don’t relate to it) – it is not “me” that’s lost.  It’s just a
suit of clothes that I wear, a suit of clothes that they wear.
We don’t identify with the body, we don’t listen to it.  We don’t
pay any attention to what it says its desires are.  We say, “Be
quiet and I’ll tell you when you get this, and I’ll tell you what
you’re gonna get.”  Okay, so an awakening then amounts to coming
to the station to which you have developed.

Now let’s go back.  If we’re going to go to the Kingdom of
Heaven, and the Kingdom of Heaven can’t be entered as long as I
still have attachments and addictions to the human kingdom, then
I have to go back and whittle away at them and get rid of them.
Now, Jesus’ whole purpose for coming was in order to redeem man
to God.  I mean, let’s understand that when Adam and Eve sinned,
and sin continued, and continued, and continued, people fell.
They fell more.  They got their eyes off their Heavenly Father.
They weren’t that interested in what He desired for them. They
were interested in what their desires were the desires of their
flesh, the desires of the things they were attached to.

I have to, for fun, or for seriousness, bring up a thing
that just throws me when I hear preachers say, “Well it’s a good
thing Adam fell, because had Adam and Eve not fallen, where would
we be?  There wouldn’t be any people in the world today.”  And
yet I thought that God was a Creator.  I thought that Adam was
created.  I didn’t think that Adam was born of woman’s womb.  Nor
did I think that Eve was born of woman’s womb.  And in no way did
the Creator say, “I’ve only got two creations in My bag, from
there on it’s up to you,” even though man was created with the
choice of moving into his more animal nature and taking his
responsibility of being reproductive in that way.  But
theoretically and realistically, the Kingdom of Heaven could have
continued to create one individual after another who only wanted
to please their Heavenly Father not interested in getting my
flesh, your flesh, two flesh become one.  The two multiply and
they multiply, then my responsibilities go to the ones that are
now the household that I have these little urchins running
around the place I have to take care of them.  And I say, “Oh,
but God gave them to me.”  He did give them to you, in that when
you get into that and you succumb to that temptation, then you
are responsible for what you have produced.  There would be only
one thing that would really free you of that responsibility, and
that is if you turn to your Father and you say, “What am I going
to do?  I left you.  I fell from you.  I want to return to You.”
Then it would be up to your Father and you and that relationship
to determine what those steps would be in returning to Him.

Back to Jesus.  Jesus came in as an opportunity to redeem
man, to restore man to God in a relationship that was pleasing to
God.  Now, a relationship that is totally pleasing to God would
be a lifestyle – a complete lifestyle – that would be acceptable
in the Kingdom of Heaven.  It wouldn’t have any human attributes
or animal-type attributes that humans participate in.  It would
be acceptable in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus awakened at an early age.  He had a series of
awakenings.  I’m afraid I don’t feel He was never tempted.  He
was certainly even tempted after He had been off and had gone
through His fasting and tried to experience the things that,
religiously and historically in the Essene communities or in the
orthodox Jewish communities, were saying you need to have a
period of fasting – you need to get separate with your God, and
you need to come to grips.  He knew that something about Him was
different.  He didn’t fit the mold.  He couldn’t say, “Okay Dad,
I’ll keep the saw and the hammer.  I’ll stick with you and we’ll
be ‘Joseph and Sons Carpentry.'”  He said, ‘I’ve got other work
to do.  I have another Father.’  He was awakening to the fact
that He had a Father, synonymous with an “Older Member,” to
relate to in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Because He was a child from
there, to come and take a body here in order to teach here, and
to fulfill an assignment from the Kingdom of Heaven, didn’t mean
that He then moved into the human world and adopted all of the
human addictions, binds, and characteristics that are not common
in that Kingdom.  But He did have to come in human form into the
human kingdom and be vulnerable and say, “I’ve got a task.  My
task is to get you from ‘human’ to the Kingdom of Heaven, if you
follow me.  Now, it’s not going to do you any good, you can’t
even be a disciple of mine if you don’t leave everything behind
and come and follow Me.”  To be thinking like that and to have
that kind of information in His head must have meant that Jesus
had overcome the world previously.  He didn’t have unfinished
overcoming to perform.  I don’t know if there are some aspects of
His development that we have no record of – none of us knows
whether He would consider some of the things that He had to learn
as “overcoming.”  I would imagine that one thing He might have
been tempted with, and it is so easy to understand how you can be
tempted with it, when He recognized that in the Jewish religion,
which He knew was historically the reality of man’s relationship
with God in their religious literature, to expect to find God’s
people – the ones that should be listening to Him – because He
knew He was sent to update them and to help them get into His
Father’s House.  So, He went to those people and He felt like
‘You’re the ones who should know what I have come to give to
you.’  And He told His disciples, ‘You go and minister to them as
well,’ and very few of the religious people could accept anything
that He had to say.  Because it sounded like what He said was
blasphemy, like He was trying to be God.  And yet He was a Son of
God.  He had moved from the human kingdom into the Kingdom of
God.  He had overcome the human world.  After He got to the
Kingdom of God, He was sent to come back into the human kingdom
and try to help some who might be lost get into the Kingdom.

A funny thing here is recorded in the Scripture and it
confuses a lot of people, because you can’t really get into the
Kingdom of Heaven, no matter what you do, just on your own.  It
takes a gift from the Kingdom of Heaven to even get you with
their Representative.  It’s almost as if the Kingdom of Heaven
comes in and puts little, what do you call them?  That they might
put on an animal so that they can follow the animal, that a
farmer might put….

Student:  Tags, beepers.

Do:       Yes, like a beeper or tag, or something that would enable
the rancher or farmer to keep track of that animal and watch its
development.  In the same way, the Kingdom of Heaven can come in
and observe the humans – can get a “readout” probably, and more
likely, from their mode of transportation (from their spacecraft)
can get this readout.  And that readout says, “This one might
have a good potential; this one still registers on my meter to
have a lot of desire for goodness.”  And it might be pretty deep
seated, it might be pretty hidden, and outwardly they may not
appear to be religious or they may not have the obvious trappings
or elements of recognition that would be seen as good.  Humans
can’t judge that, but the Kingdom of Heaven can judge that.  Then
they give them a little “gift,” and that little gift is almost
like a little “chip” that’s planted in their brain or in their
body somehow.  And – uh oh – when it’s planted, their world
starts falling apart.  And they start wondering – “What is
happening”?  And the next thing they know is, “Goodness, none of
that means anything to me anymore.  I’ve got to go and find
something.  I don’t know what it is that I’m out to find.  But
I’ve got to go and find something that’s going to take me, I
don’t even know where, but it’s going to take me further than
where I am.”  And what is happening?  They’re awakening.

Those who became good disciples of Jesus, who really tried
to overcome to the best of their capacity, those disciples then
experienced their awakening and started a very strong endeavor of
overcoming the world.  As to how many of those completed that
overcoming to the degree that was acceptable in order not to need
to return, or whether even all of the elements that might be
marked off the checklist were available to them at that time, is
a good question to explore.  If you study the Scripture
carefully, it leads you to believe that possibly at the end of
the Age is a time when even many souls that have done a
significant amount of overcoming in previous incarnations will
have to return in order to be subjected to certain elements that
were not available to them previously.  And in that sense, they
were “born again,” and are here at the end of the Age in order
to, once again, have a last chance, as far as that Age is
concerned.  Now, whether it’s a “last chance” from an
“everlasting” opportunity or not is not for us to question.  That
would be up to the members of the Kingdom of Heaven to decide
whether or not it’s their last chance.  From our point of view
it’s…well let’s back up.

Jesus at one time told those who were listening to Him, ‘If
you believe on Me and if you believe that I was sent from the
Kingdom of Heaven and that what I’m telling you is the Truth, and
you stick with Me, and you strive to do everything that they tell
Me to give to you, then you can be saved’!  Now, what do you mean
“can be saved”?  It means that you might have previously had your
allegiance more in another direction.  “What?  In another
direction?  Who’s the focus of that other direction?”  Well, here
we get to a very delicate matter.  How can we identify a
direction other than the direction connected with the Kingdom of
God, the real Chief of Chiefs, the real Almighty God, God the
Most High God, and His household, His offspring, His children,
His Representatives?

We’ve already discussed that we believe that in the Jewish
and Christian literature, the physical record is there connecting
those people with the real Kingdom of God.  And they speak of
someone else.  They speak of an individual that was once in the
household of God, in the literal Heavens, was a son of God and
got too big for his britches, and thought that he could do a
better job than his Father, or his Older Member.  Not that he was
born of a wife of his Father, because the body that he had in the
Kingdom of Heaven was certainly not born of woman.  Don’t forget
that in the Kingdom of Heaven, babies are born by the souls that
overcome the human condition.  When they overcome the human
condition and then are moved into the Kingdom of Heaven, then
they’re “babies.”  And those that took them in are then like
their foster parents or their keepers, their babysitters, their
teachers, their rabbi’s, their connection, their “piece of pipe,”
their link with the Chief of Chiefs of that Kingdom.

Now you say, “Well, if you get from the human kingdom to the
Kingdom Above Human only when you overcome this kingdom, does
that mean that when I die I get to go into that Kingdom”?  Well,
this guy that we were talking about that went astray from the
Kingdom of Heaven and got too big for his britches, he started a
whole other world.  We call him Lucifer, or Satan.  He didn’t
think he was a bad guy.  He thought he was a good guy, thought he
was a smart guy.  But he went astray  got his eyes off of his
Heavenly Father.

You know, there’s a funny thing – the greatest gift that we
have is also the thing that can do us in.  And that is: we always
have a choice.  We can’t even get rid of that choice.  We’re
created with it.  Our Heavenly Father, even in the Kingdom of
Heaven, won’t let us shed our option to go awry, to go away from
our Heavenly Father.  So, that means that even in the Kingdom of
Heaven, we have the potential to get our eyes off our Older
Member, our “link,” our “connection,” and go separately, create
our own world.

You tend to think when you read in the Bible that you want
to give yourself totally to God, you want to be a complete
servant.  You want to be nothing but of service.  You want to be
putty in His hands.  You don’t even want to exist.  And that’s
the truth.  You don’t.  You don’t even want to have any identity.
You don’t want to be recognized.  You don’t want to be a leader.
You’ve outgrown, you’ve shed that addiction to trying to be “Mr.
Somebody” who makes a place.  And yet, in that Kingdom, they say,
“Sorry, you can serve Me, but you still maintain the reins on
choices, options.  You can’t get rid of that.  That stays with
you forever.”  So, then, boy!  That really puts the pressure on
us, knowing that that’s something that we’re even going to take
into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let’s go back to the question that I thought might have
entered your mind, “How do I get from this kingdom to that one?
Do I die?  And if I’ve overcome the world, then when I die, do I
wake up in that Kingdom”?  Well, it’s an interesting question.
There are two ways you can go.  One is that that Kingdom can come
and get you while you’re still wearing this piece of flesh, if
you’ve overcome this flesh and all of its aspects, and they were
all available to you, and it was a time that that door was open.
And they can come and take you, put you in their world, and you
become a child – an absolute beginner – subjected to a whole new
world.  And it’s true that some day down the line you might even
be assigned a task to go back into a human condition in another
Age or at another time.

Now, this guy “Luci,” this guy “Satan,” once he realized
that his Heavenly Father kicked him out, and was not pleased with
him and that he’d gone astray, then he even decided to try to
work against humans ever reaching his Father’s house, his
Father’s Kingdom.  His primary effort was “How can I give
misinformation to these humans to the degree that they won’t ever
know my Father’s Kingdom” (or Luci’s ex-Father’s Kingdom).  When
he was cast out of his Father’s house, he was cast down to Earth.
If you study the meaning in the Hebrew, you learn that “Earth”
doesn’t just mean “planet Earth.”  It means everything outside of
the part of the Heavens that is inhabitable by human species, that
belongs to the Kingdom of God – all other physical parts of terra
firma, whether it’s planet Earth or other planets or other parts
of the heavens.  In other words, there can be what humans call
“space aliens” that all evidence indicates to us are certainly
not in our Father’s House or from our Father’s Kingdom.  And so
what are they?  Their behavior indicates that they are humans,
but they came from another Age, from another time.  So, they are
extremely more advanced, and they, without even knowing it, they
can worship a false god, a false philosophy – wrong ideas.

And who is the focus of that false god, those wrong ideas?
I’m afraid the kingpin is the same old guy – Lucifer, Satan.  He
says, “There isn’t really a Chief of Chiefs.  There isn’t really
a God of Gods.  There is a ‘cosmic consciousness.’  There is a
‘universal mind.’  And you, too, can have that ‘universal mind.’
We’re all gods.  You can bring that ‘universal mind’ in and you
can be a ‘god’ too.”

Our Father’s Kingdom says, “Hmm…if you’re going to get in My
House, you’re going to get rid of all the characteristics that
aren’t permissible in My House.  And you can’t do that unless I
send somebody to help you go through that overcoming process.”
Now, the Kingdom of Heaven did send someone a couple thousand
years ago who told them this exact information.  What did they
do?  They killed Him, because He went against everything that
Satan, Lucifer, had said was right, was moral.  “Luci” said, “Be
a responsible person.  Cling to this career.  Cling to the family
members of the flesh.  Cling to all the responsibilities that you
should.  Be a stable humanitarian, someone that’s reproductive
both in culture and in physical nature.  And, uh oh, we get into
dangerous territory here.  It even seems that all the religions
that are not simply the Truth – the real honest-to-goodness
authentic Truth (the facts) about our Father’s Kingdom and how it
relates to what all else is – that all other information (all
other misinformation) is part of a false religion, whether it’s
titled this or it’s titled that.

Now, where does Luci like to make his main camp?  In the
camp where the rightful heirs should be – among the Jews, among
the Christians.  So, how can he keep the Jews, keep the
Christians from ever seeing his Father’s Kingdom?  By saying,
“You don’t have to overcome the world.  Jesus did it for you.  He
did it for you.”  Jesus was sent to take you through it.  Jesus
was sent to tell you the truth, to tell you, “If you do
everything I tell you, you can become perfect even as I am
perfect.”  Not that Jesus for one moment thought that He was
perfect.  He measured perfection in that usage by, “I have
sufficiently overcome this world.  I don’t need to be here.  I
have no binds to this world.  I have binds only to my Father’s
Kingdom.  There’s nothing here that has anything for me.”  You
can say, “Well, I don’t have any ties to this world.  I just do
those things, they don’t mean anything to me.”  Our Father says,
“Well, I can believe that about like I can believe the person who
has his three martinis every day and tells me he isn’t an
alcoholic.”  As long as you still participate in those things and
they are a part of your daily activity, then you have a hard time
convincing anybody that you have overcome those things.  But
Jesus said, ‘If you do all these things that I have done, you can
overcome.  You can do much greater things than I’ – knowing that
growth was a step-wise thing.  Because I’m sure in Jesus’ eyes,
His relationship to His Father was, ‘Goodness, when will I ever
grow to be like my Father?  I’m so ignorant.  I do things so
poorly.  I can’t get them right.’  And yet, of course, His
ability to recognize His Father and want to be like His Father
and realize that He is nothing but a child and that no matter how
much he might have overcome of this world, He still sees that
there is so much growth ahead of Him that could even help you
identify that He is truly and actually a part of the Kingdom of
Heaven, a part of the family of the True God.  And it is the mind
of that True God that has been passed down the steps, passed down
from Older Member to younger member and into the individuals, and
it begins to shine, and their humility shines. Now, if the
humility is artificial, it’s worse than blasphemy.

Okay, now this gets to a real touchy point.  Who’s Do?
Who’s this classroom?  Do could say, “Oh boy, I’m this.  I’m
really a big shot.”  And yet I know that I strive every day to be
more like my Older Member, and I know I am so short of being like
my Older Member.  Now, that doesn’t mean anything to you, but as
I mentioned to you that I recognize that Ti had more experience
and was older than me, I could see Ti’s control was better than
mine and that I could learn so much.  Even though when Ti and I
first began to awaken, I wanted to stay in the limelight.  I
wanted to get equal billing.  I wanted to be just as much a
recognized Representative of the Kingdom of Heaven, because I
didn’t have any better sense at the time.  And Ti wasn’t into
saying, “Sonny, keep your place.  Let me show you what I know.”
Ti knew that I could never buy it if she imposed it upon me.
That I had to come to know it on my own by recognizing it.

Now, that’s just to help you understand the relationship of a
younger member to an Older Member.  Anyone that has overcome the
world more than someone else is their “elder,” because they’re
moving out of the flesh family tree, or vine, into the soul or
spiritual vine or Kingdom of Heaven.  Don’t get confused when I
say “soul” or “spiritual,” that we’re talking about “etheric”
because we aren’t.  But if they graft onto this other vine, then
they relate each step up the vine with Older Members – someone
who’s overcome this level more and is more a part of a higher

Back to the big question.  I’m afraid the fact that Ti and I
expressed, in 1975, what caused us to retreat, or was certainly
one element that helped us retreat quickly and go with our little
classroom and hide with them and start their classroom
experience, was because the last thing we could stand was to have
people say, “Blasphemy!  You say you’re from the Kingdom of God.
Who do you think you are?  Jesus?  Who do you think you are?
God”?  Because they didn’t understand that the Kingdom of Heaven
is a many-membered Kingdom and uses planet Earth as a beautiful,
beautiful garden, a hothouse for souls – that only our Father can
create.  Who can then go through experiences, fall, be restored,
connect with an Older Member, and overcome the world and even
enter our Father’s House as a member – a conscious, living,
physical member in His Household, if they go through those steps.
If they continue to stay on the track.  Now, the track requires
that you not turn against a “Rep.”  Anyone that Jesus came in
contact with, including if someone was a student of Jesus’ for
some time, and then said, “Oh, I don’t know, this is a cult, for
me to follow Him around like this.  And my family’s griping and
complaining because I don’t give them any time anymore.  Here I
am, going around the country preaching about ‘the Kingdom of
Heaven is at hand,’ and ‘you’ve got to overcome the world’ and
‘you’ve got to come follow me and I’ll show you how to get there.'”

Well, Ti and I were sent again, or the Next Level, the
Kingdom of Heaven, chose to again “touch down” and send some
“Reps” at the end of the Age.  I know I sit here petrified
because I know that there you are saying, “Oh, so you’re the
‘Second Coming.’  You’re saying you’re the ‘Second Coming.'”  I’m
not saying that Ti and I are the “Second Coming.”  We’re not
saying that we’re Jesus.  We’re not trying to get you to buy that
we are.  We have nothing to gain – it is you who might have
something to gain by that belief.  However, all the evidence
points to the fact that we are that “return” of the Next Level’s
presence.  All we’re doing is, we have to acknowledge the fact
that we were sent from that Kingdom and that they gave us, and
continue to give us, the information that can help you overcome
this world now, at the end of the Age, and get out of here – not
need to return.  That you can sever from this world and it’s
done.  It’s for keeps!  That the only reason for you to come back
would be because you got an assignment to help somebody else come
back to the Kingdom of Heaven for keeps.

So, what about those who followed Jesus for a while, and
knew Him, and sat with Him, and listened to Him, and they say,
“Aw, this is just another guy.  It’s a bunch of rumors, this
nativity scene thing, and you know He is nothing special after
all.  I’m catching too much flack back over here in my little
neighborhood town.  I think I better go back there.  And I am
going to get back with responsibility, and take me a wife, raise
me some kids.  Get back into the mainstream.”  And it would have
been better had they never known Jesus.  Because then they turned
from the “Rep,” discounted Him.  They would have never found that
“Rep” more than likely, had the Kingdom of Heaven not come in and
given them a little gift that translated to them as, “Whew! I
don’t know what I’m doing, but I gotta find somebody who’s
calling me, because I feel like a lost sheep.”  And here this
shepherd, Jesus, comes in and they respond, and they recognize
that they are lost sheep and they come together and, lo and
behold, He’s got what they’re looking for.  They didn’t know what
they were looking for, but He’s got it.

Well, this little classroom that dwindled to 50, and then
dwindled down to a couple dozen, have now reached a condition
where they have overcome the world enough to relate in a position
up a notch as Elders, or Older Members, to anyone else that they
can help in their own overcoming.  Yes, that means these two here
who’ve been sitting here this whole hour with me and haven’t
asked me a blooming thing (laughs).  But, I know they like to
hear about the Kingdom of Heaven.  And they know how filled I am
with it.  And I know how filled they are with it.

You know, we’ve been in a very strange position, in that for
16 years we haven’t shared this truth.  Oh, we dabbled in it a
teeny bit on two occasions, very sheepishly, and realized that no
one wanted to hear about it.  And now, all of a sudden, we’re
getting instruction to give it out more clearly and this is what
you’re witnessing tonight – the first program, the first session,
of a series on: “Above Human – Beyond Human – Last Call – End of
the Age – Last Call!”

We’ll take this up in another session.  And we’ll have a
series.  I know I left a lot of gaps.  They didn’t help me fill
them in too well (laughs), but maybe they’ll fill in more the
next time.  I see these little papers coming up saying “10
seconds left.”  And we look forward to the next time when we can
tell you more.

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