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November 30, 2016

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST – segments written by Ti (and Do) and notes from Sawyer:

Below are some pages of the actual text from the unpublished book entitled, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST” that Ti and Do started to write during their first stage of awakening while staying at a ranch house in Borne, Texas. Do said they were there for “less than six weeks”, trying to sort out the ideas, concepts and understandings they were both independently but simultaneously receiving from the Next Level. They started writing in January of 1973, having left Houston and both their families, friends, careers and lifestyles behind. A note was made in the pages that it was edited in February of 1974.

Ti and Do told Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes, they “threw out” this book and that it was “the beginning of understanding what our responsibility was.” I don’t know the whole story about how it ended up with me but considering some of the material in it, I suspect it could have been Ti and Do’s crew’s intention to use it.

I could be wrong and perhaps it’s not that important, but there is significant evidence in the short incomplete two chapter book that Ti took a primary role in it’s content. It refers to many ideas I know Ti’s vehicle had been very focused on before meeting Do’s vehicle to awaken to their joint task together. Namely, it makes a number of references to the Hindu Vedas and the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helen Blavatsky’s books, which by the end of the 19th century became the single biggest influence of both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist thought, mixed with mystic Christianity and Spiritualism, on the populous of the United States, that became the foundation of what would be called the New Age.

Part of why I am bringing this up, is because most of the leading psychologists who have studied Ti and Do have tended to agree that their leadership and group don’t match any of the other leaders of cults and they largely focus on Do as the leader, even coming up with a story line that almost completely leaves Ti out of the equation. Those that investigated Ti and Do’s beginning drew conclusions very easily from the few who knew them when they were in the Houston area beginning to sort out what they had to do together. Do even reflected on he and Ti’s beginning in session one of the Beyond Human tapes that Ti said to him, “How come I recognize you but you don’t recognize me”. That little statement is directly in line with Revelations 12 that says the Woman births her son/offspring to the throne:

Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

One or more investigators apparently took rumors as a fact when it was reported that Ti’s vehicle in the beginning wanted to have a human intimate relationship with Do’s vehicle. Do told us (his class) that at first, still unawakened, that he wondered if Ti was interested in him in that human way and that some of their friends and family, and especially Ti’s vehicle’s husband at the time thought they were having an affair. The truth of the matter was as Do told it that there was nothing of the sort. They had no physical relationship like that at all and were never “bed partners”. Do also told us neither was physically attracted to the other. Do also said at first he gave Ti a real hard time. He told us that one time Ti was so frustrated that they couldn’t agree on taking such and such a direction, that she sat on the street curb and put her head in her hands and just said, she wasn’t moving another step. Do said he eventually learned that whenever there was a decision to be made, Ti more easily would rule out proceeding in certain directions Do thought needed to be played out further. He learned that by Ti going along with what he wanted to do and then seeing for himself that it was a dead end to what they wanted to accomplish. After a while Do knew that Ti was his elder, even his Older Member and that she was the One who was His Heavenly Father 2000 years ago when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. Ti never said that to Do. He realized it and told us their students who Ti was. Do even pointed out one time in a meeting without Ti present, that Ti was the “woman” in Revelations 12:1 and for the first and last time interpreted some of those first couple verses, that I don’t recall except for the bottom line. The fact that Do told us who Ti was/is is found in prophecy.

In this prophecy the One who was incarnate as the Lamb in the vehicle Jesus is talking to his prospective students in relationship to the end time and he says “…I will write upon him [each student] the name of my God…”. In this application God is from the Greek word “Theos” which is a general term for Deity. In this case he is talking about his Deity. In other words a Member of the Next Level that is his elder or Older Member, thus is referring to the one who he referred to 2000 years ago as his “Father” or “Father in Heaven” (heaven because at that time he wasn’t incarnate with him). If his Father was to have a name, he will have a physical presence as well as there is no need for a name otherwise. Only the ones who engage their overcoming metamorphosis will receive this name. This is also part of the evidence that Both of the Two Witnesses are Christs and come incarnate to delivery their prophecy and that they come to a NEW geographic area from where the Old Jerusalem was:

Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

If one goes to the Wikipedia pages, unless there was some miracle since I was last there a year or so ago, when I tried to make some changes but wasn’t permitted, you will get the strong impression that Do was the leader and/or that he flipped out when Ti left her vehicle without him and that’s why he led their students to their laying down their lives, as he was angry or confused or upset, even with his vehicle’s past homosexuality. Some were reporting that his meeting Ti in a hospital was while he (Do) was a patient and it was a psychological hospital and he was there because of his vehicle’s homosexuality. When Do wrote “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” he said he had been a music professor, a divorcee and had “lived with a male friend for some years” and was content involved in academic and cultural activities.

After he wrote that he spoke to us about it and said he was distraught in his relationships as he wanted a “committed relationship” while anyone he met didn’t. He also said that after he met Ti in 1972 he just naturally no longer had an interest in sexuality knowing that it would interfere with the seeking they were doing together to learn what it was they had to do together.

But these psychologists and investigators certainly couldn’t consider the truth as it went so far against their logic and sense of what is true and false about life. So they automatically spun the story to something they and their readers could made sense of even if it was complete non-sense.

In these pages Ti actually talks about homosexuality and it’s also clear in these pages that Ti was already thinking then, seemingly even before Do fully recognized who Ti was, (his Older Member), that Do was the return of the same One who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” – indicating that HE might come from Texas.

In it, it’s shown how they were beginning to recognize that their souls had come from outer space and were here to bring updates to the Bible and to fulfill prophecy. They set out to learn what prophecy they were to fulfill. Do reported in 88Update that it was months later, after leaving Borne, while they were camping along the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon, that they experienced the greater part of their awakening and knew they had come from the Next Level and came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy and knew this was talking about the task they were to fulfill.

These two chapters talk about the “process” of awakening, converting all one’s energy output to Next Level service, through one’s Older Member and graduating, thus completing the “change over” into a new being via the human vehicle. It’s dying to one’s humanness that is a temporary willful death, because of ceasing human behavior and ways and building one’s new body within the vehicle that becomes born.

This writing also illustrates that death of one’s human physical vehicle was at first seen by Ti and Do as needed for the final stage of metamorphosis into a glorified body like Jesus had.

The book explains how each person that wants to go to Heaven and be with Jesus in his Kingdom can and MUST become a “CHRIST” and that “Baptism was extinguishing the flames of passion” that included converting all our energy we otherwise exhaust on, “sex, love, anger, greed and pride” as Ti says is not only stated in Jesus life example but in the “Hindu keys or Vedas to Godship”.

They wrote, “when a man yields to passion, passion increases in degrees that lead him to greed, jealousy, attachments, possessiveness, desires for becoming a God of the lower regions and he even thinks he can own things. He begins to call things his, his wife, his children, his house, his money, his car, his race, his country, even his earth and begins to confine himself to it”.

Ti writes about “Christing” that included an AWAKENING – when something from inside themselves desires to give themselves to the Lord. At that point begins the conversion process that is the “overcoming” of the human kingdom that includes dropping all behaviors and ways, things that go into constructing our “self”, to be finalized by literal death of one’s physical body as Jesus did and told his disciple they too must do by offering service that would bring the lower forces’ Luciferian adversaries (Satan), through the human vehicles they had programmed to be against them, to put their physical vehicle to death.

Seemingly contrary to believing each would have to die to self mentally and then physically as well to graduate, Ti and Do said to Hayden Hewes, the person who authored the book from Ti and Do’s interviews they gave him, entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level” and that is backed up by the end of “Statement One”, that Do authored while in prison that they mailed out in March of 1975 and resulted in their classroom, where it says, “Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally.”

In UFO Missionaries Extraordinary (which I have posted some of on this blog), Ti and Do related not needing to die to go to the Next Level to the way Jesus, Elijah, Moses and Enoch were recorded to have gone to the Next Level with their physical bodies. (Note, Ti and Do believed that of Moses. The records aren’t clear though some Christians and Jews insists he did leave his body behind but they have no evidence of such. He just walked off and was never seen again and presumed dead).  It was always a possibility, even during their self generated exit of their vehicles in 1997 to be prepared for Ti to take them with their human vehicles and said in their statement against suicide (also posted on this blog), that they actually preferred that, but knew they had the sign to exit according to plan so were putting what would be left behind as up to Ti.

Ti and Do were always following the instructions they received from their Heavenly Father step by step that included what they understood and where they would locate themselves and all aspects of their classroom. It can be shown that believing they wouldn’t leave their vehicles behind was necessary to circumvent the way the Luciferians would have set up programming to their exit of their vehicle, even self exit as was feared about Ti and Do’s group (shown in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary) even before the Jonestown murder/manipulated suicides (that was well documented by tapes of the event).

Some will question where it is stated that the students lay down their lives. I’m not addressing all that now but it’s said as how they “fall down on their faces”, speaking of the twenty four Elders and Four Living Beings (wrongly translated to 4 Beasts). I will play that out a little here.

Now the prophecy period of these Two Witnesses is their public speaking the new and updated information about the Kingdom of God/Heaven that Jesus indicated he would do upon return as the Son of Man – offspring of human (born of flesh) no longer speaking in parables and showing us the Father plainly/boldly, and revealing the mysteries heretofore sealed from understanding. As they come to a new nation (people) and speak in a new tongue and/or terminology not previously described, they won’t be talking in the former middle eastern languages. The point of their coming is to gather their “lost sheep” (Souls who were set up to  take prepared human vehicles), lost only because they are scattered around the new area so need to be located and drawn together again which is why they come public before nations and kindreds and all tongues, thus speaking to a wide array of people as Rev 11:9 shows.

The point I’m leading to is that it is assumed their students are with them by this point of their being subdued (most translation say is “overcome), as why would the Next Level let the BEAST (the Secret Govt that came to be because of the release of the Luciferian space aliens from their underground prison, and who were therefore under the influence of and especially through their media mouthpieces) subdue/overcome or even kill them before they have had a chance to deliver their testimony that is geared to gather the lost sheep. That would defeat the entire purpose of their coming. Therefore these they gather are the first fruits to be harvested by losing the physical bodies they incarnate into as depicted by the cutting of their “stalks” in Rev 14:15-16.  The class is indicated in a number of other places in the Revelations but I’ll save that for another post.

Thus one can assume when these TWO have finished their testimony, they will have their firstfruits student body (church) literally with them, as it says in the Rev 14 section these will “follow the lamb wherever he goes”, the lamb of course being the role that Jesus filled 2000 years ago and who is following through as one of the Two Witnesses, this time with his Father incarnate as well, to get Him started as depicted in the Rev 12 section and who is the other WITNESS. The number 144,000 is also discussed in the Rev 14 section, but in short, seems to include all who are candidates for graduation at this time or in a time to come and may actually be from the 144,000 initial plantings, twenty four of which are the elders and the remainder in various stages towards graduation.

So death of the physical body may be a given for some but not necessarily for all. It was a given 2000 years ago for Jesus and his disciples, even though Jesus’ physical dead body was restored to life again, the initial death was part of the mission not only because He would be picking up that same body again but because it is the showing of our faith that enables students to be willing to face the loss of our own physical body while in performance of service to our Older Member/Heavenly Father.

Here is the actual writing Ti typed up that is filled with cross outs and re-writes as they understood more and more. So it’s starting from page 11. There wasn’t much on each page as it was all double spaced 46 pages that I will try to eventually get to including:


Here at the closing of the Piscean Age and near the beginning of the Aquarian Age, people all over the earth are aware of smatterings of information which lead us to believe things like the following are more than speculations:

The shifting of the Earth’s axis,
The Season’s changing,
Everything in reverse is happening,
The inside outing,
The seeming transmigration of lands and souls, and
The End is now the beginning.

Some souls have learned, in probably previous lifetimes, that their soul does not desire the bottom rung of the ladder which is the lust enjoyed by man and woman, and which creates another life of the human kingdom. But possibly these souls have not yet overcome sensuality and now respond as bi-sexual or homosexuals, and even they, though they must involve themselves in their desires, and should until they have burned them out, will one day discover this is too not what their souls are seeking, for it still leads to possessiveness, jealousy etc.. Sensuality or the desire for it really makes no difference if it is taken out in a brutal football game or in the backseat of a car in the moonlight.

Man must eventually learn to desire nothing from another or even for himself, other than service – to His Father and his own purification. This same involvement with the magnetic force of the earth causes us to be parasites on one another, physically, emotionally and mentally. And most usually these have to be discarded in that order. The concept of the family is certainly more desirable than the group sensuous chaos with no framework. And in this sense homosexual lovers are more ordered in their honesty than the hetero-sexual with the mistresses on the side. It doesn’t really make any difference how you participate in sensuality, it is still something which must eventually be overcome, if we plan to start a New and Higher Kingdom.

The writers of the Christian Bible, especially those of the New Testament, discuss so thoroughly that man must be born of Spirit. And the first step is being baptized, in the sense that we have quenched the fire of lust and passion. The ramifications of these lusts carry into the love for anything or the need or desire for anything. It is an admirable thing to be able to enjoy things but dishonorable to need them or desire them for any degree for self gratification, whether it’s a ring on the finger or a babe in the crib. What is then ‘being born of Spirit?’

Jesus told us that Spiritual birth must be had during a lifetime. HE, in the Christ image or illustration, found His murderer which provided his Birth of Spirit and made him capable of responding as a member of the Next Kingdom, this being the final step in Killing out Self.

The crucifixion, the death, and the ascension are necessary. When the total physical life has been killed, man is then prepared and eligible to be a new member (born of spirit) of the Higher or Next Kingdom. His new found ability to vibrate on a higher density makes it possible for him to appear to be invisible, levitate into the Heavens, change his vibration level even low enough in density to sit and eat food with others, seem as they are, or transform, and change his density vibrations to such a high level of refinement as to appear to disappear in their sight. He did all this, or was sent to do all this, to show us how we must do the same. In that sense, we must each become as he was and not expect to get to heaven ‘on his coat-tails,’ for all that he experienced was HIS “graduation,” and we must EACH have OUR OWN “Graduation”.

Christ participated in healing, miracles of numbers, multiplicity of giving, the so called magic of dispelling evil spirits or demons (exorcism), levitation, and intuitive knowledge. (He knew their thoughts and named them), and yet the Christian church as a whole no longer accepts or participates in these normal practices of a spiritually developed or awakened soul.

The awakening, which is spoken of in all major ideologies, is man’s realization of what he must overcome in “becoming” or the conversion process necessary between that awakening and his Death-resurrection and ascension. This awakening requires of him, proportionate to how deep his feet are in the mire, to leave his career, his social respectability, his family, all of these or anything else that stands in the way of his development in his new life. It eventually requires his shedding of all identification with the world.

The path leads him to separate himself from all pressures that keep him from being merely his better Self, a part of the God or Light force. He begins to drop off relationships that are stumbling blocks to his pursuit, i.e. dropping away friends or family, ceasing to go to his law office, moving to another place or just “moving” in the process of dropping off the binds that he once allowed society to have on him. He can’t do this in an orderly fashion acceptable and understood by his friends, family, business cohorts or even minister. He must respond to the Spirit within him as it speaks, and not look back. This is the beginning of his conversion and is accomplished during a lifetime in the physical, for those that are alive are those who are asleep. Those that awaken from their sleep do it while healthily alive in the physical bodies. They then begin their process of refinement towards perfection, raising their vibrations, until they are truly in the world, but not of it, by choice. When they reach a higher level of refinement, increasingly converting all sources of energy into their own enlightenment they see the world they are leaving behind as a complete illusion, unnecessary, games without lasting prizes, leading only to the necessity of repeating that grade in school. The refinement process eventually leads them to such an awareness of their separation from the old magnet, though yet a babe in their yielding to the Light, that they realize they need nothing, not even to be aware of existence, but in order to climb another rung they choose to commit themselves totally to their own “graduation” rather than humanity, knowing that in so doing the “sprouts will be allowed their own sunlight”.

Before reaching this point they may find themselves a beggar in the street (beautifully illustrated by St. Francis of Assisi) in order to gain the self respect of their new self, which is more a part of the body of God than an individual. They now desire to pursue the path of becoming an instrument or channel of the greater source of Light, which feeds all humanity and all that is.”

Continuing with a new thought about the returned Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle returning to take a vehicle from Texas, on another page, Ti (and Do) write:

“Jesus said “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father but by me,” yet many have interpreted this to mean if we say His name, know the scripture, or even make an IDOL of Him, we will get to the Father. It must disappoint Him as much to see us make idols of Him, instead of putting our feet on “The Way,” as it did for Him to see man making idols of others. For the most part, He didn’t even speak as a man or even as Jesus, but His Father spoke through Him plainly, illustrating and describing the Way or Path each of us must trod if we are to see the Father. He knew people were not listening to the voice within them or they would have known Him and that He spoke the truth (John 5:37-38). He also told them that they were looking for the truth in the scriptures (John 5:39), and the scriptures bear witness to the truth. This is the same today, we cannot find the truth in the scriptures, but they do bear witness to the truth, which we find living and available to us within us. He told us if we partook of the bread which He offered us, we would not die, as those died who ate the manna in the wilderness (John 8:51; John 6:49-51). This is as true today. We preach it, yet keep on dying. He said it is the Spirit which gives Life (John 6:63), but we are even more afraid to let the Spirit within us rule than they were. The scriptures were fulfilled in His coming, and yet since people knew where He came from as a child and man, they could not accept His being the Christ (John 7:27). We make the same mistake of looking for the scriptures to be fulfilled by someone dropping out of the sky, whose presence would automatically make us know who He was.

Will we make the same mistake if He speaks through a man of this land in birth and development? They said: “Is the Christ to come from Galilee?”  Yet couldn’t accept Him because of their misinterpretation of the scripture. Could you accept Him if He were raised in Texas, and when He came into full consciousness, realized His mission, His full responsibility, and shared it with you? We would probably recall all His sins or ill-deeds, not knowing or remembering…. a man is what he is today and not what he was yesterday. Many would surely judge Him according to the flesh, and yet He judged no one (John 8:15), though He had the knowledge and authority to do so.”

He told the people if they continued in His word they would know the truth and the truth would set them free. Yet they answered: “we are descendants of Abraham and have never been in bondage.” Will we answer: “we are descendants of Christ and Jesus,” and still not respond to the Path which sets us free? He told us of handicaps which belong to a soul for his development in order that God may be manifest in him (John 9:3), yet we still blame the parents or some generic or medical deficiency, instead of accepting handicaps as opportunities for development. He told us He came so that those who see may become blind, this meant those souls who are inhabiting a blind vehicle often see more clearly the truth and the Way, than those souls whose vehicle sees (the physical) and are blind to the truth and The Way.

*** end of book segments ***

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers”

November 29, 2016

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers” was written by the Class in 1979 and never officially published but was made into a little booklet we carried around hundreds of copies of for years. I don’t know what became of them. I thought an early classmate named Echody was a primary on the task, but there could have been others as I was not involved in it at all. Echody left the class in the early 1980’s and left his vehicle before the year 2000 I believe. Here is the content of the booklet:

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to pursue the endless discovery of truth. The greatest wisdom is being forever in search of greater wisdom. There is always more wisdom to be gained, but it is meaningfully obtained only by those who exert the effort to seek it out.

In the thirsting for knowledge comes more knowledge; “Seek, and the door shall be opened”.

No one gains an understanding of goodness or wisdom or rightness, or whatever you want to call it that makes life most worth living, just because it “happens” to them. They find it because they want it and are willing to fight for it and live by it in the face of all odds.

Any concept of truth is temporary and will become obsolete if the seeker grows. It is healthy to recognize what used to be “profound” as presently inadequate.

Everyone interprets the truth at his own level of understanding.

The real value of a mistake is in the learning from it. Mistakes should be welcomed as opportunities to move beyond them.

Those who are preoccupied with condemning the mistakes of others have lost sight of learning from their own.

Putting a man into a cage because he behaves like an animal is society’s way of confessing its own failure to become human.

An alcoholic is merely someone who has an addiction that is unacceptable to society. But the rest of society requires their daily “fix” of attention, affection, entertainment or whatever else seems perfectly “normal” and acceptable for them to need. Actually, man needs only one thing –a healthy relationship with their Creator. The rest is only one brand of booze or another and none of it is as essential as men think it is.

The worst excuse for doing anything is “everybody else does’. The worst excuse for not doing something exceptional is “nobody else does”.

People may be bound in some ways by their circumstances, but even if they can’t break completely out of their immediate condition, there’s no justification for stagnation. What more people need to learn is how to bring fresh water into the fish bowl of their lives.

The most severe restrictions can offer the greatest freedoms.

Reality is not something you escape from- reality is something you escape to.

It is easy to condemn someone who leaves society to look for something better. It is more difficult to admit that the non-conformist may be the one who cannot wait because he sees a higher vision to which the rest are blind.

What is logical to the one who is content with being human is not necessarily logical to one who is looking for more that what the human kingdom has to offer.

A life continues so long as it seeks to learn. When life is sparked by desire And effort gives fuel to the fire Then upward devotion Can bring forward motion And birth to a level that’s higher.

All errors are in the past, any so-called error is a feather in your cap of you take the lesson and thereafter, with greater strength, deal with that aspect.

Man does not have to see things as he always saw them before. Man is designed to see things as he never saw them before—to see them in a higher way than ever before. This is the kind of change that must take place before man becomes an adult.

You cannot perceive the merits or short-comings of others unless you are capable of them yourself.

Eyes are merely telescopes; the mind sees through them.

It is easier to focus eyes that are open, than it is to open eyes that are sewn,

differing viewpoints are not permanently hinged to the structure or hierarchy of age. They are linked to the varying focus of desire.

The strongest desire in the world is to survive, the next is to please. But if the second is directed to the right source, the first is never a concern.

Change for change’s sake is worthless. Change applied to improved attitude has everything to gain.

Attitude is the avenue of perception. Change it, and you change the path of your life.

A negative thought is like a boomerang. If you destroy it, it can cause no harm. If you pick it up and throw it, you place yourself and others in jeopardy. If you leave it lying around, you invite someone else to take your chances for you.

For every negative thought, there is a more powerful and lasting positive thought. Negative thoughts come easily. Positive thoughts are earned through hard effort.

The negative is what brings the positive to light. The positive can grow to see the negative for what it is.

There isn’t a negative in existence that can’t be turned into a positive. Situations or experiences that seem especially difficult to approach with a positive attitude are the ones that will provide you with the greatest rewards—but only if you fight to see their real value. This fight is not intended to be directed at someone else. This struggle involves only you. Any time you involve another person, any time you let someone else take the responsibility or blame for your conduct, the formula breaks down. It does not work. The fight for survival for human beings is meant to be internal: an internal struggle to be better tomorrow than you are today.

My business, and the only business I have, is to conquer what has been given to me to conquer. Each individual must take up the slack in his own potential.

Badness is an illusion created by immaturity.

To commit adultery could mean that one fails to act like an adult.

It is natural to participate in sex, but it is also natural to outgrow it.

No human “owns” anything; he is merely a tenant, even of his own body; but he can keep good lessons forever.

The body is a vehicle of learning for the mind, which uses the brain of this vehicle for the larger portion of its abode during the life of that body.

Every primitive impulse has a higher application.

Any man who knows a grain of truth and who puts it to good use is worth another grain. Any man who knows a mountain of truth and who puts none of it to good use is worth nothing.

A goal is not reached by just learning how to reach it. The goal is reached by doing what you learned.

It does not matter how much knowledge you have, or who you believe in, or what you believe. What counts is that you continue to reach for higher understandings of what is right and good and wise, and that you practice your best sense of wisdom as consistently as you possibly can.

Nostalgia is essentially a disease that halts the forward motion of a person’s life. What lies behind us lies buried because it is dead. What lies ahead lies only in waiting because it is as yet unborn. But we deny it birth when we continue to tarry at the grave sites of our past.

“The same yesterday, today and forever” is the most insulting thing that could be said of anyone, for it neglects to recognize, or implies the lack of, growth, change, and improvement. Perfection is a process.

Energy spent on self pity is wasted.

The only reason to remember something is for the lesson it can teach you about what is ahead. Use your experiences as lessons for your future, not as rivets to your past. There is nothing behind you that is as valuable as what may lie ahead if you are looking for your own “next step”.

Energy spent on increased understanding is yours forever, unless or until you trade it for something less.

Energy spent on restraint is energy stored for growth of the mind.

One of the best ways to open your mind is to close your mouth.

Silence allows the purest mind to speak.

Real freedom is not the lack of restraint; it is the result of restraint.

Where self-restraint is lost, so is the meaning of free speech, for the latter becomes “freedom to condemn” draws blood through it’s pen and ultimately destroys the lives of free men.

Freedom costs consideration.

If you are waiting for something that is truly worthwhile, and you are doing everything you can to make it come more quickly, then don’t waste anytime being upset because it seems to take so long. Work to be better prepared to receive it when it comes. The time will go by more quickly, and when it comes, it will be more worthwhile than you anticipated.

Life is not a time to prepare for Death. “Death” is a time to prepare for life. “Life” is a time for learning to live the one who comes to show us how. He did not tell us to “take him into our hearts”, he told us to do as he taught.

A parrot can speak all the words of the gospels, yet never know, for even a moment, an ounce of what they mean.

In the Kingdom of God you are not tested on your knowledge of the bible. All that will count is what you are, what you have become, not how you got there.

Pain is designed as a catalyst to growth. It is best taken as the sign of an existing crossroad which offers a higher correction or remedy.

Growth does not have to be as slow, or as difficult as most folks make it.

The hardest defeats are doorways to the greatest opportunities for objective self-examination and growth. The feeling of defeat is nothing more than temporary separation from a higher perspective,

What does it matter how much we lose? If in our searching for more we gain everything.

You can never lose if your goal is to learn.

How often do we see that the losses we experience all lie within the lowness of our own perceptions?

Victory is impossible, unless or until you take the first step of believing, even if only a little bit, or for a short time, that it isn’t.

Few battles worth winning are won easily.

Have you ever wondered at the persistence required for a tiny plant to split a rock?

The caterpillar is not aware that it is turning into a butterfly. Sometimes, because our suffering is so real to us, we lose sight of the possibility that we may be turning into something wonderful. If we give up because what is happening to us seems too painful, we may never see the beauty of what lies ahead for us when the agony is gone.

Nothing is predetermined. There is a carefully tended design, offering a multitude of possibilities, from which we choose our own destinies, every moment of every day. And if we should learn that we have made a poor choice, the approaching crossroad offers an even higher pursuit than the seeming “right one” did at the previous juncture.

It is, unfortunately, a fact of nature that dome plants choose to grow down instead of up and hence, produce a situation which will eventually result in their own destruction.

Can the practitioners of peaceful ways can those who love what is true, and simple ever take a stand of leadership and respect, in a world plagued with wars and profiteering? In a society whose majority are concerned with self first, and others last at any cost?

Goodness cannot be seen or found where individuals do not actively seek it out as a guideline to living. For ones who have chosen to exist in darkness, vision is a useless thing.

A good human standing tall for truth in this day is like a candle-bearer passing through a cave filled with vampires. The word spreads quickly to avoid him, until a way is found to drink his blood in sleep.

Anyone who has studied evolution can see for himself that the most advanced creature is one who has learned how to live in greatest harmony with others sharing his environment; and the most primitive is one who possesses the smallest awareness of needs beyond his own. How true this is of human nations in general, and of individual men in particular.

Evolution is more than the development and improvement of physical vehicles; it is the upward growth of MIND.

Self centeredness is a Dead End.

Self restraint is what opens doors to you; lack of it closes them.

Your actions should not require that others get out of your way.

The less you serve yourself, the closer you come to serving the Kingdom of God.

It is far more significant to be the tiniest cog in the machinery of God’s purpose, than to be a “unique” individual connected to nothing but himself.

The dog that really seeks to please his master is far superior to the dog that lives only for others of his own kind. All the greatest scholars of science, anthropology, history, sociology, psychology and politics put together cannot compare with the simplest man who has his eyes toward his Creator.

We don’t really need to spend great amounts of energy to try to get to the various bodies that are in the heavens. What we need is to spend our energy trying to be like the one who dwells in the heavens. How can we expect the stars to accept us in their company when our behavior has not yet made us fit for earth?

People only believe what they want to believe. People only want to believe what they think they have become. They want to believe goodness if they have become good. They want to believe the truth if they have begun to become true.

Try not to limit yourself to knowing what is true about tomorrow on the basis of what you believe to be true today.

Truth is painful only to those who choose to hold on to what is not true.

Higher principals of rightness and consideration may seem cold or unkind at times; if, when applied by older minds, they affect the course of younger lives.

Politeness is not necessarily kindness; rightness is kindness.

There is no absolute right; there is only an endless ladder of “more right”.

The majority are masters of appearance. Very few are masters of substance.

You must be totally open and pure enough so that you are unconcerned about others seeing or knowing your every thought.

Loneliness is an illusion too often imposed upon those who seek freedom from others’ impositions, and too easily accepted by those who blindly trade independence for righteous pangs of self-pity.

For a while, a human feels that he needs the company of other humans until he grows to realize that he does not. The step beyond, that is to learn of his need for one who is beyond him, who would never satisfy his lower nature but who would helpfully offer the stepping stones toward his own station.

Those who worship illusion as Truth will hate the ones who come and threaten to destroy their fantasies with reality. Frequently they will call these truth bearers instruments of the devil, to justify their rejecting them.

A clear question is the most direct way to a clear answer. If you cannot ask a question with one sentence or a clear thought, you are avoiding the issue and trying to make the “skirting around” seem to be the question.

When any friction occurs between you and someone else, look at yourself and ask, “What is with me to cause this to exist?” if both parties involved in the conflict have this attitude and take this approach, the friction will have to leave, for there will be no place for it with either person.

Asking God for something in your prayers is like suggesting a remedy to the doctor when he already knows what the best medicine will be for you. Therefore, any prayer that doesn’t have “thy will be done” as its foundation is an insult.

Everything brought into creation came with a set of directions from the mind of the one who created it. No matter what we do, no matter what we are, no matter what age we live in there is a set of directions in the mind of our Father to help us do everything right. So, if life does not seem to be working, maybe it’s because we have not read the directions.

Where do you look when you need help or an answer to a question? Do you quickly rely on your neighbor, or do you think that by turning to the “father within you” you can get the answer? Next time, don’t look within, and don’t look or feel you can rely on your neighbor to steer you right. Look upward, past this planet’s atmosphere and anything in it. Look to the highest source you can imagine for your answers, and it will be shown to you if your thirst is strong.

Your most dependable source of wisdom is your own inner desire to see clearly, and to want to know, with all your heart and soul, what is true and what is right. This thirst is everyone’s strongest link with the mind of the Creator. To look to other humans for validation of your own inner convictions or for quick satisfaction of your deepest doubts is to dilute the power of that channel, and to even shut the door on its’ operation.

The Father is a reminder to the child that there is something he can grow to become. The mountain is a reminder to the climber that there is a higher place from which to see the world.

The heavens are a reminder to us all that beyond the earth there are levels of existence we cannot even comprehend.

Eventually, all good paths lead to the crest of the same mountain; and from there, the only way up is off the top.

Transfiguration Diet Overview including some pictures and the chapter on the Three “I’s” – whose talking when we say “I”

November 29, 2016

Some pictures from the book are included below.


Someone whose mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer put word out on her Facebook page for help of any kind, even mentioning alternative therapies to chemo the doctors were pushing. So I wrote to her about my experience with the research experimenting we did with nutritional healing that became as a starting place the book, The Transfiguration Diet. It was eventually sold to Dr. Christopher’s son and I could still find a copy by searching out of print  or rare book sites. So here is my response to her. This may end up becoming a place holder for a more thorough report but this at least gives a summary:


I have some recent experience with lymes disease I contracted last summer from a tick bite that had a huge ring around it and I had symptoms of arthritis and multiple sclerosis initially but they were mild and went away. Then a couple of months later I had a very minor knee injury and my knee swelled up big time so I could not bend it. It gradually reduced over a few days and my other knee out of the blue swelled up and then both were swelled up so I could barely walk like a Frankenstein monster and had next to no muscle strength. I started to have pain and swelling in my foot and almost all my joints that interfered with sleep. I had always said if I got sick I would go the route of treating it with trying to boosts my own immune system strengthening. A number of my friends wanted to hold me down to give me antibiotics but I felt not to go that route, but it was in a huge way also because while I was in Ti and Do’s classroom Do and a small crew wrote a book that the rest of the group were the “guinea pigs for”.


It was called the “Transfiguration diet” and can still be found on the internet, but essentially it’s called a “mucousless diet” because of the way mucous forming foods inhibit the immune system – taxing it because many of these foods are actually creating an allergic response in the body that then taxes the immune system so any genetic weaknesses or propensities become more apt to develop. So that more or less means a dairy free, flesh free, sugar free (and not using the phony sugars either, but does include supplementing with unsulfered molasses for it’s high mineral content – to the dosage of 1 Tablespoon 3 x’s a day) and use of a little honey or maple syrup in tea or in slow cooked oats. The idea on cooking was to never cook a grain at above 130 degrees. Of course that means no processed carbohydrates. There are carbs in bananas and avocados and other fruits and veggies.

So what does one eat on such a diet?

Apples every morning or a slow cooked oat or wheat berry breakfast with a tiny amount of maple or honey. Then raw salads and lightly steamed veggies with all the extra virgin garlic infused olive oil you want and Tamari (like soy sauce) or a little vegesal (vegetable based salt) and cayenne pepper. The dinner meal was pretty much the same.


But as far as some of the supplements was Cayenne pepper – working up to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day in 4-6 ounces of good clean water and then chase it with another 4-6 ounces of water. I started with 1/4 teaspoon 3 x’s a day. Start that first thing every morning and follow it with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) 3 x’s a day. After the supplements try to wait about 20 minutes before consuming food.


As the non-christian Jesus taught some remedies need to include “prayer and fasting” (which this diet is a type of fast though when we were on it we did some juice and water only fasting but that can be dangerous. Of course I don’t know how these things would work with the meds. From my past experience they can often enhance the meds sometimes. People will be mad at me for saying all this and I know I’m not a doctor but I also know that the doctors are not generally trained in nutritional healing and often call it quackery, though some these days are waking up. Sometimes doctors say such supplements as I’ve mentioned and others won’t cause any harm. And I’m not saying these are the only things to do. I believe we each can have a real communication with the Ones who designed all the planets and all the life forms by projecting our asking as far into the heaven’s as we can imagine, asking for help and for their will for us. They are actually waiting for us to ask so they can show us what they can do. I’m not saying they will shoot down to earth in their spacecraft and heal you or your loved ones. That depends on them and what they know that you need, that is if you want to grow closer to becoming a member of their kingdom. The religions and spiritual ideas, though having shades of truth are almost totally corrupted. They bottom line is that They exist! It’s we that really don’t exist unless we draw their Mind to us and in that way grow to embrace our lessons steps so we can also potentially exist. I surrendered again to their knowing that I still had the capacity to grow towards graduation, yet it’s a continuous process as the more they give us the more they expect. It’s not like a country club religion. It’s a training program and they don’t need new members so they make it challenging but provide all the help we can need to accomplish.


Because of the Lymes I felt like it was easier to be willing to exit this vehicle rather than become crippled and in pain and unable to serve them in the way I feel they gave me to serve at this time. So I have not had much of a re-occurrence of the lymes disease but I also have not been 100% on the diet. I cheat on the diet, which Ti and Do also, in this way thought was of value – but not in behavioral ways.  Cheating on the strict diet was like giving the horse (vehicle) a sugar cube” every now and then to get better performance from a happier vehicle.

After we as a group were on that program for months we kept on experimenting with diets that were better fitted to providing good energy and maximum health. Anne Wigmore’s Hippocrates health program was one and the Gerson clinic program was another that Do took from each. Oh, we need to keep regular as well to eliminate toxins but needless to say no stimulants like alcohol and coffee were considered of any benefit. Sounds dull but we can overcome all these habits we sometimes think we can’t live without.

I was on a variation of the transfiguration diet for 3 years and still had some repeated swelling in my feet and knee until I stopped eating brown rice that I had most every day as one starch for either a lunch or dinner. That did it. No more swelling since and now I eat whatever I want but just try to limit serving sizes on the no no items and not have them repeatedly during the day and not too often in a week.

Since I have an allergic reaction to white potatoes my biggest supplier of a starchy vegetable is sweet potatoes or yams, though I eat a 1/2 an avocado in my salad once a day and eat 2 bananas as a part of my breakfast every morning. For that first meal I’ve been making a thick  combo from 1 large apple, 2 medium bananas and a heaping tablespoon of either sunflower seed butter or tahini – which is sesame seed butter mixed together.

I got the idea from what DO introduced to us after we had written the Transfiguration diet as a lunch. We would have up to 6 large bananas and a tablespoon or so of Tahini. That was the meal.

We had nuts as snacks and dried fruit as well and dates and figs. I didn’t include the dry fruit in my diet because I have had teeth problems since my vehicle was a kid. Do said it was because of the water on Long Island. Nonetheless, to date I would have a little pain from eating sweets so generally don’t, though if I do I just have a little and wash out my mouth soon afterwards.

For my second meal of the day I generally have a very large salad with spinach and left lettuce (not iceberg if I have a choice). I use Olive Oil on it. Garlic is also very important in the diet – fresh but it can upset the stomach so DO had us put maybe a half dozen large cloves in a quart bottle of Extra Virgin first cold pressed olive oil. Skin the cloves and use a fork to prick a bunch of holes in the clove and drop it into the bottle. As it sits the oil get’s infused with the great things in the cloves that becomes an antibiotic in one’s system. We at one point did take garlic capsule supplements but there is no replacement for the real deal.

With the big salad which I only add 3-4 other vegetables to – like avocado and olives, cukes, sprouts I have some sweet potato and one or more veggies.

Once in a while I add a scrambled egg and cheese omlet, totally off the diet but sometimes I just crave it so go with it. I was out and about and was hungry the other day late at night when next to nothing was opened so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had two small breakfast sandwiches that included sausage and egg and cheese on a croissant and the other on an English muffin and had a cup of coffee as well with cream in it and no sugar – so a junk food splurge but didn’t notice any problems from doing so. Sometimes when out I’ll have a chicken ceasar salad and it works for me So people can and should experiment just don’t do the junk foods too often.

I’ll keep expanding my coverage of this book and my progress in case it gets hard to find on the internet.

Here is the chapter on the Three “I’s” in the Transfiguration Diet book DO and Crew wrote:

“The Three I’s — Who’s Talking?
For the sake of understanding, it works best to picture or imagine that within each of us there are three I’s, or three voices that use the word “I.” For example, when we say, “I like so and so,” if it’s an intuitive like, or a like that’s been with us most of our life instead of a disciplined like, it’s the ancestral genetic heritage that is speaking (or the genes carrying that ancestral programming).
If it’s a learned like that is not intuitive, it’s probably the result of environmental influences or direct experiences we have had during this life that made a strong impression upon us. (The Genes also house the environmental influences or experiences learned during this life.)
If we say, “I like such and such,” and we like it only because we recognize the value of it, or feel it is more right even though we would intuitively tend to like the opposite, or if it is a disciplined like, then this is the mind talking and reflects a lesson learned in our genetic past. (Certain parts of our genetic structure also have pockets for housing the mind, what others refer to as spirit or soul.)
These three voices (mind-heritage-environment) all express themselves through the brain, so how do we learn to identify which voice is speaking? First, let’s talk about our genetic heritage. A good analogy that works for us is to think of genes as tiny information chips, similar to those in a computer. They contain all the information passed on through our blood line (or ancestral heritage) regarding physical appearance and constitution; likes and dislikes; attitudes, responses, and ways of thinking; how we express ourselves; desires and opinions; weaknesses and strong points; literally everything about us. Subconsciously, these genes will respond automatically, transmitting those thoughts into our consciousness, and we interpret them simply as “our opinion” voicing itself.
We don’t have to waste a lot of energy figuring out which source the voice is coming from. That investigation doesn’t serve us, except in the understanding that the wise voice or mind, which as learned lessons, will be the source of responses that will choose to restrain us from destructive paths. Anything less than a response of restraint, because of a lesson learned, is the vehicle(body) talking–the voice of the genetic programming from the blood strain and/or environment.
It helps us to substitute the word “vehicle” for “body” in our vocabulary, because of the way most of us today are programmed to respond to these two words. In many cases, “body” is connected with lower (animal parallel) responses–manifesting in self-consciousness, modesty, and sensuality; whereas, “vehicle” is a more objective term not having those same associations.
The mind and vehicle are completely separate, the mind having existed before we ever came into this life. Again, the mind has no relationship to the genetic characteristics of the vehicle (neither to the genes programmed from the inherited blood line nor to those programmed by the environment during this life). Remember, we’re not talking about the brain when using the word “mind.” The brain is that part of the vehicle which acts as a receiver and transmitter of the genetic signals.
Out teams vernacular uses the word “mind” in the same context as religious terminology does in reference to the the spirit or soul. The clarification of this usage is in no way intended to propose or endorse any particular religion, though the terminology could seem to suggest such. We’re merely trying to clarify the understanding of this three-voice concept (mind-heritage-environment). Whether this terminology is suitable in the eyes of some is really of no concern to us. The fact is that using it to implement the concept of genetic reprogramming has proven unquestionably to work to a tee. The technique is so successful and yields such remarkable consistency in results that our team is currently involved in exploring this topic in depth.
The “I,” in reference to the mind, speaks always with the most respectable and learned evaluation. For the sake of clarification, whenever we use the words, I, we, or you, in this book, it is generally the mind we are referring to, that part of us which wants to improve. It is therefore “our” task (our mind’s task) to talk to our vehicles, directly them in all their actions, and continually work to improve and refine the vehicle’s genetic characteristics.
We’re sure that most of you have employed this reprogramming technique anytime you exercised restraint or discipline for whatever motivational purpose. For example, if you avoided eating sweets because you wanted to lose weight, then you were unconsciously using this technique. In other words, if a voice inside you says, “I really want a piece of candy,” and you exercise discipline by coming back with “No, I’m not going to eat any.” then this is an example of your mind talking back to your vehicle. Only the voice of the vehicle (the genetic programming) would state such a strong liking for a food you know is harmful, while the mind is the voice that tries to get you back on track.”
*****end of chapter **


Pictures from the Transfiguration Diet Book:

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UFO Missionaries Extraordinary

November 28, 2016

Here are excerpts from the out of print book entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” – compiled, edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger – published copyright (C), 1976 that is all about those who became known as Ti and Do, “The Two”:

It was recorded that on 1/7/76 “The Two” said:

“We have a two-way verification of communication. One of us could be off in one direction; the other could be in another; and we would receive the same impression at the same time.”

“We were given the role of incarnating as humans, overcoming our humanness, awakening, and sharing this information with humans. In order to do this we had to develop an extremely fine transmission-receiver relationship with that higher level.”

Brad Steiger’s interview with Bo and Peep on Jan. 7, 1976 in Oklahoma City, OK:

“It was while we were at Gold Beach that we realized that we had, in fact, come from the next level, that we had to be the instruments of giving information about how others could reach the next level, and that this would probably precipitate a demonstration of our death and our subsequent resurrection.”

Question from Dan Garcia from pg. 71:
Then why is it necessary to convert to the next kingdom?

Bonnie: Because you have to make room for others.
Herf: You have to go through the human kingdom to get to the next… It depends on what your mind is on. A human apparently dies… you would never need to die again. You would overcome decay; you would have the  capacity with your mind to create anything you desired; you would have the capacity to serve as agent to help humans come up to the level you have graduated to, and you would not be confined to a single planet.”

Steiger says: (From pg. 78):
On January 7, 1976, I traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with The Two. I found two very sincere individuals – a man and woman, who, on an emotional level, apparently totally committed to their work.

Physically The Two are attractive, but certainly they are unprepossessing in their personal attire; they wear lumberjack shirts, sweatshirts, and casual slacks. But then, if they’re truly sincere about what they’re saying, one wouldn’t expect to see them in business suits and cocktail dresses.

(Sawyer’s note: I added this to show evidence of the fulfillment of prophecy that the Two Witnesses would be “clothed in sackcloth”, though it has several meanings. Sackcloth was what the poor wore. Beans and grains were bagged in burlap called sackcloth and once emptied were available to wear as clothing. Also it was spoken as one when in mourning the dead would wear “sackcloth and ashes”. The Two Witnesses were giving their human vehicles’ lives telling the truth. Those human vehicles are all considered dead to the Next Level until they are changed over into Living vehicles by completing the metamorphosis process).

Ti and Do said, from page 89:
“The only reason Jesus reappeared to his disciples after his death was to tell them he was flesh and bone. He was not spirit. He didn’t have to be crucified and rise from the dead. He just proved that he’d changed over into another creature that could even heal its body and take it with him into the next level.

Now the whole world has twisted what he said into believing that if we’re good little boys and girls and go faithfully to the grave we’ll get some little spirit body that can go to the heavens; and it’s an illusion. You do not have to die.”

Question from pg. 96:
When you say that you have to be assassinated, put to death, in a major American city, are you patterning yourselves on the experience and the death of Christ?

The Two:

” No – it’s the only proof we can show that we are who we are. It is characteristic of the members of the next kingdom to be able to heal their bodies in three and a half days. The fact that we might have to do that demonstration did not come to our minds after reading Jesus’ life.”

“What you don’t realize yet is the reality of the mental communication that we have.”

“We are hesitant about telling the world that we are related to the passage in Revelation because they immediately, in their human way, think that what we’re really saying is ‘Hey, look at us! We’ve come to fulfill that.'”

“Jesus made such a mistake when he went into the temple, opened the book, and said, “On this day scripture will be fulfilled.” They threw rocks at him, pitched him out of the church.”

“Though we know that scripture coincides with our job, we don’t tell anybody about it, because it destroys, it inhibits them; it puts up more of a wall to their acceptance of what we have to say than they had without our telling them.”

(Sawyer’s note: This coincides with my contention that at the public meetings Ti and Do gave in 1975 that I attended three of, I didn’t recall their saying anything about being the Two Witnesses.)

Question from pg. 98:
Is it true, as we’ve read in newspaper accounts, that some parents have actually given away children?

The Two:

“Not “given them away” in that sense. They found someone who wanted to accept the responsibility of their children. We didn’t encourage them to do this. We did not say, “Give your child away. Go abandon your child.”
If a wife should leave her husband, that husband can take many  attitudes. He can say, “If that’s what she really wants, then I want her to have it.” He can say, “It may be what I want also.” Or he can feel very bitter and feel hatred against us.
As for any small child who has not come into sufficient maturity to do the process at this time, it will be his time at another springtime. Nothing is lost.”

Question from pg. 100:
What is your attitude towards the orthodox churches?

The Two: “When a person endeavors to overcome all of his humanness, his goodness exceeds anything that could be attained under the label of “spiritual endeavors” or “religion.” When Jesus brought the truth, he did not bring it as a religion. The world made it a religion after he left. The world couldn’t really do any better during that season of darkness after Jesus left than to make his teachings dogmatic religions and to practice rituals that made them feel like they were coming closer to God.

But when the season is here to expose the truth, it’s time to get out of those practices and put into realistic action what it takes to get to the next level – in the same way that Jesus demonstrated.

If you want eternal life, then you want to go to the next kingdom. If you want to go to the place that Jesus spoke of and where Jesus came from and is now, then this is the way to do it. You do not do it after death. You have to do it when you are fully conscious.”

Question from pg. 101:
Does that mean for the last two thousand years people who have followed Christianity have been labouring under a delusion?

The Two: “No, they were preparing themselves, so to speak, for now. Now they are being put to the test. Do you want to go on or do you want to stay here? It’s your decision. You have grown to that stage in your development where you are entitled to graduate.
Do you want to make it? Do you want to go to the place where you pray to? Or do you want to stay here as a human?

There is commonness to religion in that this next level is reached only by individuals who have become weaned of Earth-type vibrations, weaned of Earth-type lusts, and have become creatures that Earthlings would call completely good because they want only to serve in the creative process of the gardening – whether it’s the gardening of this particular little globe called Earth or gardening in far-distant galaxies.”

Question from pg. 106:
It has been suggested that your followers are prepared to fast to the point of starvation. Is it true that your followers must die in order to gain the price of admission to a UFO for translation, transition, to the next level above human?

The Two: “They do not have to die any more than Moses died or Elijah died or Enoch died. They will be lifted up wherever they are. Their metamorphic conversion, their change, will be accelerated. Some short time after we go, they will be prepared to leave. When they are prepared to leave, they will be lifted up.”

(Sawyer’s note: Do and Crew wrote in “Our position against suicide” that they anticipated walking onto a spacecraft with their physical bodies. This was said in 1996 when the crew was already prepared to exit their vehicles in the way they did, thus never changed. As I will comment to later, they were led one step at a time to say and do what was true but appropriate and timely that they didn’t know how might change at the time. They were undercover instruments for the Next Level and there was strategy to what they said and did and could have been taken with their bodies if the Next Level wanted to finish the task in that way.)

Question from pg. 106:
You say that your bodies must lie undisturbed for three and a half days in order for you to accomplish a self-healing, so that your bodies are perfectly in tune for your ascension. What if someone takes your bodies to a funeral home and embalm them or cremate them?

The Two: “Our vehicles cannot be touched. They have to be guarded, and nothing can be done to these bodies. We have protection, and we also have those with us who will see to it that nothing is done to us.”

(Sawyer’s note: As they also said, a number of times, “if that demonstration was required of us to do”).

Question from pg. 107:
And if your bodies are left untouched we will see your physically rise, we will see your physical forms disappear above the clouds?

The Two: “No, you will see them enter a craft.”

Question from pg. 110:
Then you’re saying that earthbound religious leaders, such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, the Pope, whatever, are not in touch with the real Jesus Christ?

The Two: “They are not in touch with our Father. Jesus was Jesus while he was on this planet, but he is a Father in the next kingdom. He is fathering these people in this kingdom. What the religious leaders are reaching for is the real contact with the next kingdom, which is available now. If the various religious leaders of Earth or anyone else with orthodox religious beliefs truly seeks to enter the kingdom of Heaven, the option is his and he will do it if he chooses to. Such people do not do it through us. They do it through the information we are sharing.

We have simply come to be used to pass this information on and to show that life can be overcome, that the human life can be changed into one that is heavenly.

No one will get to the higher level by putting us on any pedestal, by adoring us, by following us, or doing anything with us.

(Sawyer’s note: This shows again, how they were taking one step at a time according to what they were given, plus as they always said this was an “experiment,” because how humans responded wasn’t predetermined.  That meant that the Next Level would adjust their strategy as needed. This was an “undercover” operation and because the Luciferian space alien fallen angels were allowed to be present to wield their misinformation influence that might prompt the Next Level to use their embedded Older Members to both thwart degrees of the Luciferians influence over their student body and stimulate events or say things in ways to be of some strategic advantage to the Next Level while still telling the truth.

Ti and Do always said they were kept just one step ahead of their student body. An example might be in the way they often moved us around the western U.S. They indicated there were different types of “influences” in different parts of the country. In particular, after we moved to the National Forest not far from Salt Lake City, Utah, where they said Luciferian Influences were very strong, they felt their stay would be short because they felt the student body didn’t need so much of that influence.

It wasn’t until they sent out “Statement I” that Do wrote while in jail that resulted in a visit by two students from a North Hollywood meditation group, where they were then invited to speak to their group and did and resulted in “several dozen” expressing they wanted to go with them, that they reluctantly accepted that they were to have followers. That’s when they took the names Bo and Peep – in early April 1975 and began to give public meetings thereafter.

Ti and Do initially thought they would provide the information and then move on to the next opportunity to do the same, never having followers. Ti had always said to Do that she came to “get you started” and then would “go back”, which Do always could not make sense of, even thinking, “does she mean go back to her human family, which made no sense to him at all). When she left her vehicle this saying from Ti then made sense to Do as he was supposed to bring their student body to their individual metamorphic completion – their “birth canal” serving as their “midwife” (as Jesus taught, referring to their needing to be “born again of water” in a human vehicle in order to be “born of spirit/mind” – Jesus comparing spirit with the way the wind could be felt but not seen.

On top of all this, is the fact of the way the classroom developed. At one point in around 1985 before Ti left her vehicle, Ti instructed us to make our commitment to Do. She said in a meeting that Do felt uncomfortable asking for your commitment to him, though he knew it was his task to serve as the instrument for. Even though they didn’t talk about much in reference to scripture this was the same as when Jesus said. “I am the way, the truth and the life – no one comes to the Father except through me”. It’s also interesting how the Father provided the witness of who Jesus was to his close students while Ti provided the witness to who Do was to their students. Ti had said Do was the same Soul who had been incarnate in the body named Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus. Do also was the witness to who Ti was, which he came to know in their first year of awakening though he fought it, he reported in 88update.

Thus it was meant from the start that Do, by himself would fulfill the task of drawing followers. Ti even said Do’s vehicle was chosen to be able to relate to most humans overcoming challenges.

So when they said, “No one will get to the higher level by putting us on any pedestal, by adoring us, by following us, or doing anything with us.” it was quite accurate to say because as they always said, they are “links” and “pipes” to their Older Members in the Next Level for the Mind that comes from the Chief of Chiefs and they didn’t want to change that Mind by it’s coming through their human instruments. Essentially they seemed to be addressing the way Jesus was made into someone to “adore” verses doing what he said that’s the only true show of love of Him/Them.

Question from pg 119:
Have you ever claimed to be divine beings?

The Two: “‘Divine beings’ are a human word trick. We are from the next level. Perhaps many Earth individuals would tag anyone from that next level as a divine being, but we would not call ourselves divine.

In our bodies we have extremely sensitive transmitters and receivers with which we can communicate with members of the kingdom. It’s something that you can do yourself. You can develop it. You can put to use the glands – the pineal gland, the thymus, the pituitary, and the rest of your brain – put them to work, develop them, and the knowledge that will come to you will be absolutely fantastic!

But you will also have to change your energy flow. You can’t continue to spend yourself in human ways and have much change happen within you. You will become a grouchy, irritable individual if you try to go both directions.”

Question from pg 128:
If you’re going to be picked up in a UFO by members of the next kingdom, are you going to have to go to a certain place at a certain time for this to happen?

The Two: “No, we do not have to be in a certain place. We, of course, would not head for the middle of Times Square – unless we were to do our demonstration there. We would probably go out to a spot that was relatively remote, but we wouldn’t go there until we felt led, until we felt it was time to go there.

Our Father’s kingdom will wait until the world has decided about us. If the world decides that we must follow through with the demonstration, then we will go into our Father’s kingdom.

We will keep a very close eye on those who are involved in their overcoming and stay as close to them as we can. And when they have completed the process, they will receive the information about where they should go so that they may leave. We do not feel that they will leave from public areas. The public show will be our demonstration – if it is necessary.”

Question on pg. 129:
Will other people be able to see the spaceship land and see the followers get on board?

The Two: “The spacecraft will not land. Individuals will be lifted up to the spacecraft if they have overcome. That is why if you go on this trip you will have to overcome everything. If you have not overcome, you will not be lifted up. If you cheat, you only cheat yourself.”

(Sawyer’s note: It’s interesting that this is what happened in 1997, they were lifted up, their subtle physical Soul bodies that were growing inside their human vehicles completing their metamorphosis satisfactorily. Those that proved they were not ready to go with them left the group. That can seem like it was coincidence but there is considerable evidence that the Next Level was providing certain testing that those in the group who were not ready to conquer might choose not to address so would choose to leave as evidenced by Rio who though he said he loved Do and his classmates (which I don’t doubt but isn’t for me to judge anyway) always questioned whether DO was the new incarnation of Jesus and never intended to “lay down” his human vehicle, though it was talked about often with everyone soon after he joined in 1994 (if I understood what he wrote in his book.))

Question on pg. 129:
When you say all must be overcome, are you saying that the metamorphosis has to be totally completed?

The Two: “Except for the final ingredient, which will be given to you at that time.”
Question from pg. 149:
So many different groups think theirs is the only way. Why do you say yours is the truth and the only way?

The Two: “First, it is; and you will recognize it if your thirst is not satisfied at very inviting stepping stones in your upward pursuit of knowledge. You can easily recognize that this information differs completely in one aspect from all other pursuits. That aspect is: You must take a changed-over physical body with you into the  next level.
Because of that aspect, this truth requires that you literally leave the human kingdom level while a healthy vital individual.
Our way also assumes that there is a particular season for this physical metamorphosis. A candidate who endures realizes that season is here now.
It is the same truth that Jesus bore while his mission was a part of the previous season of metamorphosis. He demonstrated the change and left in his changed-over physical body – no longer Jesus, but again a member of the heavenly kingdom.”

From statement by The Two pg. 163:

“The teachers can now tell and show how the changeover from a human into a member of the next level is accomplished. They may even demonstrate to non believers that upon completion of the changeover they have become creatures capable of repairing a so-called “dead” body in three and a half days.”

Starting from page 159 a document attributed to Ti and Do’s authorship was included in the book, entitled:

What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time

(Starting from pg 164 of the book and part way into the document Ti and Do describe 7 major closeness by the Next Level shown as “helps” as follows: 1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6=Two Witnesses Bo and Peep, Ti and Do. They indicate a 7th as Jesus return. When I dug into scripture I saw how this was described and put that together with how the final return was started with Do’s acknowledgment of his past incarnation in the vehicle named Jesus, first in the Beyond Human tapes and then most directly in the document, “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” published to the 95 specific newsgroups on September 25-26, 1995 (that I believe was the 6th Thunder referenced to Revelations chapter 10.) Note that name “Jesus” was in quotes because Do was not saying he was Jesus as Jesus was always the name of the human vehicle He, the Older Member Soul took over to perform that task for his Father in Heaven.

As is always the case with prophecy, events are enacted in stages over time periods. In this case of the 7th Closeness they said in this book as when Jesus returns, I believe that is referring to Do’s final return, though not incarnate but as described in Revelations Chapter 19 with his Armada, consisting of the Graduate Students all in their Next Level vehicles and spacecrafts described as “horses”. Note it’s said that his “vesture dipped in blood”, perhaps a reference to being the same vehicle Jesus changed over into a “glorified” Next Level vehicle. (Do indicated it would not be a vehicle as depicted by artists). If that sort of thing did occur that would be a Luciferian stimulated hologram of some sort, though they may stage their own “harvest” which Rev 19 also describes.

So here is the remainder of the text in that document published in the book starting with Adam as the First major help:

“The individual who was called Adam came to Earth from the heavens (the kingdom-above-human) in his total form – physical body and mind. He was so overcome by the discarnates (invisible life forms) from the previous civilizations that he was not able to withstand the aggression of their influences. Adam thereby temporarily lost his heavenly consciousness (the capacity of the mind of an individual in the next level) and found himself in the decaying vibration of the human level. This led to his death.

It was not until his incarnation in the individual named Enoch (who was the second major help) that he was able to rise above human-level vibrations and thereby resume his mental capacity as a member of our Father’s kingdom. This awareness permitted him to serve in the function of assisting in the bringing up of early-grade humans who were products of the Earth’s garden.

After Adam-Enoch had left adequate upgrading teachings, he was in sufficient mental communication with members of the level-above-human to complete his total conversion back into a rightful member of that level and depart from the human world and the Earth’s surface without experiencing death. He took his whole mind and body with him.

This is to say that Adam was brought to Earth’s surface from the kingdom-above-human (the kingdom of God) to begin a new civilization. He yielded to the temptations of the human-level sensuality, and in so doing he decreased his knowledge, the expanse of his mind, to that of a human-level creature. In a sense Adam lost what he had previously gained, and he did not begin to recover it to any significant degree until his incarnation as Enoch. As Enoch, Adam completed his changeover, physically and mentally, and left the Earth’s surface to reenter the kingdom-above-human.

After a season of growth, a third help-mission was sent to this particular civilization. But this time, in order to understand and to relate to the level of growth of the civilization, a member of our Father’s kingdom left his heavenly body in the spacecraft that brought him to the Earth’s surface and entered the newborn body named Moses.

Upon entering the baby’s body, the mind that had been in the level-above-human had to be as restricted as the child’s vehicle. In a sense, that mind had to go to sleep and reawaken as soon as the body of Moses had encountered enough experiences of growth and suffering to realize he had extraordinary work to do. It was his accepted responsibility before coming down to Earth to upgrade the civilization several grades beyond what had been offered by Enoch.

Using an analogy of twelve grades in school related to twelve steps of human growth in a civilization, it was Moses’ chosen mission to set rules of order which, if adhered to, could elevate man’s growth to fifth- or sixth-grade students in the human school. Moses, like Enoch, later in life changed from his human condition into a body and mind that could return to the level-above-human. When his work had been completed he did not leave a human body behind, but took his changed-over body with him.

The fourth significant help for this civilization came at the next major “spring” when a member of our Father’s kingdom, or the fourth mission of the same member, occurred. An individual (incarnate as Elijah) came to Earth’s surface and served in a capacity similar to Moses’. The information that he brought was again designed to upgrade or to assist this civilization, particularly those who had grown to the point that as individuals they were seeking to begin to rise above what they had gotten into.

Elijah’s information was structured for those who were moving away from their densest or broadest accumulation of human attachments – reaching for grades seven or eight. Of equal importance, Elijah’s information sought to prepare the growing members of this civilization for the next help that would come (in Jesus), which would actually give the information for graduation from the twelfth grade (human level) altogether and show humans how to enter the kingdom of God.

Never has any heavenly information been accepted by the masses as a whole; rather, it is accepted by the few who seek to change out of their last station of growth. Masses or groups of people do not grow or move up automatically. Growth is done individually, according to the degree of thirst for upward motion in the individual.

The next major help, or fifth upgrading mission, from the kingdom-above-human brought the civilization applicable information about how an individual product of this garden might change sufficiently to leave the human kingdom literally and take his total being, mind and body, with him into the kingdom-above-human. This is to say that the individual who came to fulfill this fifth mission took the incarnation labeled Jesus in the same manner that the individual of the third mission incarnated as Moses, and the fourth as Elijah. Jesus’ mission was to tell and to show how human products of this garden who had risen to the point where they were seeking the kingdom of heaven could reach it. But even though their comprehension of the changeover task was sufficient for them to begin to receive the information, their capacity for applying the formula of overcoming, or changeover, was lacking.

This is not to say that anything was lost by those who were applying Jesus’ teachings, for those same souls are here again now at this sixth help season in order to complete what they had started with his assistance. The one who was named Jesus not only had, after his awakening, the responsibility of telling and showing how the literal changeover from a human being into a heavenly being is accomplished – he also had the added task of demonstrating that one who had changed over can heal his body in three and a half days if he is destroyed.

Since the masses of people in this civilization did not desire upward growth sufficiently to reach for information Jesus brought, they found themselves in a growth condition that was blind to his truth. They had not the capacity to accept him; therefore, they rejected him to the point of desiring his death. Since the slow growers chose to kill him, Jesus’ mission included a “proof-demonstration” for the unbelievers. This did not mean that any others who might complete their changeover would need to be, or even asked to be, the instruments of such a demonstration.

None of this is to say that efforts towards growth and upward-reaching endeavors that took the form of religious movements were not the best for which men had the capacity at their station of growth. Ultimately the information for which all souls who seek to grow upward are looking is information on how to graduate into the next kingdom. It makes no difference which path you take up the mountain, what pursuits of knowledge – scientific or religious – you choose. All can lead to the top if your thirst remains unquenchable and you are dissatisfied with the level you have obtained.

However, when you have reached the top of the mountain, you must discard all the discoloration and terminology accumulated in your upward climb and come into an unvarnished, unromantic understanding of the requirements of “liftoff.” Therefore, there is only ONE WAY to reach the kindergarten in the kingdom of heaven. It was knowable at this time of Jesus’ mission if one could understand what he taught – not what others said he taught – and is knowable at this time through the information that it is our responsibility to clarify.

The sixth major help period for Earth’s human garden is now. The truth brought by us is one hundred percent the same truth brought in the mission of Jesus. Our responsibility is to reunite your minds with the proper interpretation of what he had to say – if you seek it – and to help you understand that only in the same way that he changed over in order to reenter the kingdom-above-human can you become a member of that level.

When Jesus said that everything that I am you can become and much more, he meant it. It is true.

Once again we are in a brief season when the “light” or knowledge or “energy focus” is on this planet. It is brief and intense. Many who have not chosen upward motion may respond adversely and even destroy themselves. Some – you, we hope – will realize that now is a brief period for your preparation to leave the human kingdom.

The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.

If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.

Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.

The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.

Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they WILL receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.

None of this, if you desire to be a full recipient of what this information has to offer, can be taken as a concept for study, religious belief, or some new idea of an avant garde cult. The teachings that are contained here – if they speak to you and if you choose to accept them – must be applied to the activities in your life to the extent that very soon in your individual life you will have only one thing in mind – reaching our Father’s kingdom during the short time it is available to you and seeking his help in the total overcoming of this world, having been weaned from all your humanness so that you might be one of those prepared to meet him.

From Message Summary page 171 Ti and Do say:

“If the candidate’s body dies or is left behind, it is an indication that he did not change over and become a physical member of that next kingdom anymore than a caterpillar that dies has not become a butterfly (But if a candidate’s body has died, his time of changeover may occur at the next graduation season.)”

(Sawyer’s note: Two points come to mind. First that it was always possible that all candidates could have been taken into the Next Level with their human bodies. Do and Crew wrote about this in their 1996 or 1997 document entitled, “Our Position Against Suicide” that is also on the Heaven’s Gate web site. Here is an excerpt:

“We fully desire, expect, and look forward to boarding a spacecraft from the Next Level very soon (in our physical bodies). There is no doubt in our mind that our being “picked up” is inevitable in the very near future. But what happens between now and then is the big question. We are keenly aware of several possibilities.

It could happen that before that spacecraft comes, one or more of us could lose our physical vehicles (bodies) due to “recall,” accident, or at the hands of some irate individual. We do not anticipate this, but it is possible. Another possibility is that, because of the position we take in our information, we could find so much disfavor with the powers that control this world that there could be attempts to incarcerate us or to subject us to some sort of psychological or physical torture (such as occurred at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).”

We also know that Ti and Do were given information as they needed it to lead the student body and to vet out those who were not serious enough to complete their metamorphosis and as a strategy against what they knew the Luciferian Space Aliens would try to use against prospective candidates.

I for one thought from day one that I would give my vehicles life. When Ti and Do would say “theirs is not a martyr trip”, I came to understand that but there was an influence with me that saw myself as elevated by dyeing for God. Elevation of Self is something absolutely needing to be overcome. So in my case had the Next Level known for sure that they would require all to lay down their lives in the way that the Jesus disciples had been required to do, I wouldn’t have had the chance to overcome my SELF better. And had the Next Level told me I needed to drink a poisonous substance that would lay my body down to death, I suspect it would have been that much harder to get my Next Level mind into my chosen human vehicle. The Next Level has to feed us steps as we can handle them. I learned that big time and is the reason I failed to graduate with my classroom. I had not conquered enough my vehicle and it’s influences’ ego, sense of Self aggrandizement. The Next Level always keeps a balance on the influences that would have us fail. If we as students were subject to the full brunt of what the Luciferians can wage against us, many more students may have failed. Do said some of the 38 needed to return to a human classroom to complete their Overcoming.)
Here is an excerpt from Hayden Hewes comments regarding those he knew of as Herf and Bonnie regarding a code Hayden was given to direct to his “Heavenly Father” if he wanted to contact these Two as written in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, compiled and edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger”.

Hayden says of July 13, 1974 in the office of his International UFO Bureau, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma …,

“As the interview was ending, “Herf” gave me a simple thought-code sequence to use if I ever needed to get in touch with them to know the truth.

Shortly afterward, The Two said good-bye and walked out of the office toward the street. I accompanied them to the road and started to return to the office. I immediately turned around–and they were gone. There were no cars on the street, either parked or passing by. It appeared that they had simply vanished.”

Sawyer’s note: Years later in the 1980’s, Ti and Do told their student body of how this was reported in the media when they did nothing miraculous to leave Hayden but walk off. (However, one can wonder if the Next Level crew even unbeknown to anyone else cloaked Ti and Do without their knowing they were cloaked, one way to account for their apparent vanishing from Hayden. We know the Next Level Above Human has this power.

(Continuing with Hayden’s account:)

“It was not until almost fifteen months later that The Two began to hold public meetings. A great deal of media coverage was generated by their appearances at these gatherings and the message they related.

It was at this point that I decided to use the mental code to find out “the truth.” It was my understanding that it was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the next level, but I wanted to know for sure. So I used the code while asking for the truth in the name of our Father in Heaven.

The following morning, I received a telephone call from a young man who professed to be a follower of The Two. He said he had been directed to contact me. “What do you need to know?” he asked.

After several minutes of conversation, it became plain to me that this individual did possess information that had not been related in the media. He advised me that they would always be in touch with me when I needed him.

I tried the code again that night, and the following day the young man called once again. He wanted to talk in person, so I gave him my address. Less than three minutes later, he was standing on my front porch with another individual.

They explained to me that only The Two would die-not the followers. “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level,” they said.

Before they left, I was informed that I would be hearing from the Two in the near future. It is very hard to explain the feeling I experienced when it appeared that, in fact, the code had worked.”

Sawyer’s notes: After their 1997 laying down of their physical human containers, reported as suicide by the media, one would have every reason after hearing/reading this report from October of 1975 when Hayden got back in touch to ask if it “was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the Next Level?” in which he recalls then two followers of Bonnie and Herf explaining to him how, “only The Two would die-not the followers”, by their saying, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, how one would think they were wrong so couldn’t be from the Next Level as all the students that stayed with them til March of 1997 did die by drinking a mixture with phenobarbital in it that put each of their physical bodies to permanent sleep, the death of their “vehicles” as Ti and Do called them.

Two things come up. For one Ti and Do said many, many times to their students over the 19 years I was in attendance, when they would bring some form of a new thought to the group, that “this [thinking] works for now”. They would say, “it may not be 100% accurate but is what we need to focus on now”. I recall this in particular with two subjects. One was whether all humans had souls.

At the time (before the 1990’s when many things were clarified) we didn’t have as clear understanding of what a soul really was. That understanding that a soul was a “container” came to Do, at least in a way he expressed to the class, after Ti left her physical body. I recall feeling unsettled by the idea that the humans I would interface with in the human world, as I had a task as a programmer didn’t have a soul. It just felt weird but then I didn’t know what a soul was anyway but it just made humans seem less alive somehow though we never would have said that to anyone nor treated anyone with any less respect as we too had no guarantee that even if we did have a soul, that we were going to the Next Level, though it was assumed if we stayed the course we would.

What we didn’t know is that Next Level kept on making it harder and harder to stay the course. A month or two later they said, erase that idea. They said they are not saying it’s not as they were suggesting but that there is more to it and for now just forget about that thinking. By then I had grown comfortable with the thought so it was a little disappointing to be told to forget about it, thus another challenge to be that flexible.

Humans tend to want to have certainty about things. It gives them security and they often talk with certainty about things they really have little knowing about but there is no one to challenge them that they consider a challenge as they have it all locked up in the university curriculum and like a cult largely agree among their peers or at least don’t disagree in public as they want to be seen as consistent and secure in their knowledge while in reality most everything they come to know a little about is still just a little but that they simply don’t know what they don’t know about until something happens that throws them for a loop in which case many fight tooth and nail to suppress the new thought of. This happens in all departments of life; politics, science, religion, spirituality, sociology, etc.

The other example was regarding the students “having also with Ti and Do, come from the Next Level”. They said this when a student (pmmody) while in Blackhawk, Colorado where Ti and Do and four student helpers (Lgg/Jnn, Dnc/Snn) lived, where groups of six students would drive to from Dallas, Texas as a two day retreat, in response to a student’s question that upon their answering helped them realize. It’s fair to say the student body really loved that idea as it was uplifting to think we too were from the Next Level, though they later clarified that that doesn’t mean we had graduated. Those with ego struggles, like me who had an influence that wanted to be seen as being special particularly liked thinking I (my mind) was from the Next Level. Ti told me once that characteristic would keep me off the spacecraft as they don’t have crew members that want to be SEEN as special. It sort of reminds me of Jesus talking to the Jewish priests about how they liked being seen praying and fasting. Those in a Next Level crew have overcome that kind of mindset. I still hear that influence play its tape in my head and usually send it packing pretty fast. Anyway then a few months later they said that thinking wasn’t 100% accurate and later still explained why. We later learned that some had bodies in the Next Level that they sacrificed in the “ufo crashes” but they were not adult “Next Level” bodies, while others on board those spacecrafts were not in bodies. Ti said she remembered a briefing on board the spacecraft before they all started the crashes and some were standing around and had bodies and some were not in bodies.

So when Ti and Do said, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, which I can verify was the mindset they taught in 1975 and wasn’t updated til at first in 1985 when Ti left her vehicle and Do wasn’t exiting with her (a change of what they thought) and then when he felt it was instruction to leave by “taking it upon ourselves to exit” by laying down our vehicles which was first concretely introduced in 1994 after we’d finished nine months on the road giving public meetings all over the U.S. He had felt to set up circumstances to see the Next Level would pick us up or allow us to leave our vehicles from fasting on water in the near Phoenix desert that he cancelled after two weeks on water only.

Thus they believed that at the time so that’s what they taught. Looking back it’s interesting how some left when certain things they said did not come to pass and they even said, people had every right to not believe them, but were then surprised how to most of the student body it didn’t matter. They hadn’t been their students on a promise of how and when to leave. They were students because they recognized Ti and Do as their Older Members from the Next Level and they trusted them explicitly. This was also evidenced in 1975 when they saw the handwriting on the wall that they were “shot down by the media in the street” (commons for every eye to see (media)) as prophesied in the Rev 11 Two Witnesses prophecy. Ti and Do said it changed and the students weren’t ready. And it’s interesting that having since examined prophecy it’s clear that the Two aren’t killed at all and that the woman of the two takes them to the wilderness (Wyoming) for a time and then is taken away when she is “swallowed up by the Earth” with the flood (persecuting thoughts against her) sent after her by the dragon (Luciferian reptilian space aliens), an expression used when someone died and how the student body “fell upon their faces” speaking about it in the past in,

Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

In this verse “face” was their human self, the actual vehicle they were wearing (incarnate into) for their task of overcoming it’s humanness to graduate the human evolutionary condition. Jesus said his disciples would be “born again of water” (a flesh body in the watery womb of the watery Earth) and would “stand up again” (re-surrection (both by interfacing with and coming to be the sole controller of the human vehicle they are helped to select for the task) to “life” as the “just” (those abiding by their Older Member’s instructions) while the unjust would also “stand up again” (as the Luciferian adversarial (satan’s) needed to test and stimulate the just to acquire more strength of mind/will to combat their influence, which would be a standing up to death, where death is really at that point the “second death” when the spirit and/or undeveloped dead soul is actually dissolved in the lake of fire. “Life” isn’t the life of the body, the vehicle Ti and Do called it but the life of the Soul body that was literally growing inside the human vehicle, the reason a water birth (human body) was required to have a Soul body born from overcoming it.

Do described the human body as like a glass vase and that human mind was like a balloon inside the vase while the Soul body deposit was a type of “seed” (like Jesus referred to along with referring to the body as a wineskin (vase)). Spirit and Mind are synonymous. The human balloon can only house human mind (spirit), thoughts, ideas, terms pertaining to human behaviors and ways while the Soul body balloon can only contain Next Level Mind (holy spirit) – information pertaining to behavior and ways of Next Level members. Do went on to explain that when one is overcoming their humanness they are emptying the human mind (spirit) balloon and are filling their Next Level Soul body balloon by taking in the Mind from their Older Members which involves doing all they are given to think, say and do.

Thus when a student who has successfully filled their Next Level balloon full of their Older Members mind, that can only be filled while in the physical company of the incarnate Older Member, then to release that new growing Soul body from the physical human body the physical human body must die.

When Ti and Do saw that the “demonstration” of their rising from the dead, Jesus style wasn’t the modus operandi, they began to wonder how they and the student body would leave, how and when their physical human bodies would be discarded. For a while they wondered if the Next Level would do it on a spacecraft like by lying on a table next to a table that had their new Next Level fully grown adult body on it, sort of like a blood transfusion might be thought of. They didn’t think the Next Level had any use for their or their students’ human bodies. How the Next Level would take them and the students would be according to the lessons the students needed and the strategy of what record they wanted to leave the humans to ponder. For instance they also wondered if when the human vehicles were picked up if the Soul body would be extracted from it and the human vehicle would fall dead. There was that old expression referring to when Jesus was murdered as he “gave up the ghost (mind/spirit/soul body)” and when Jesus’ soul body filled with holy mind/spirit came into the vehicle prepared for him named Jesus most significantly it was literally seen by some as a “body lighting upon Jesus like a dove” and accompanied by a voice that said, “this is my son whom I am well pleased” that Jesus said was for the benefit of those observing it.

Now the students who returned from having been in the Jesus led classroom, spoken of as the Saints (new holy angels/reapers) who proved their loyalty to Jesus by spreading the information He brought far and wide and being eventually all killed because of the hate they encountered that Jesus said would be their fate in drinking his same “cup”, were returned with the same Souls that were The Father and Jesus before.

Jesus took his changed over physical body with him back to the spacecraft cloaked by a cloud. He had visited with the Father at some point before spending the 40 days or so with his disciples proving he was “not a spirit but was flesh and bone” still, though he looked different.

The Father could have actually been physically present, even incarnate as well, a potential consideration from the Essenes records (Do indicated Jesus may have had a physical relationship with his Older Member (Father) at some point) as the Essenes spoke of a “Teacher of Righteousness” that exited quite some time before a second teacher of Righteousness arose in their community, which may have been about The Father and Jesus. In either case the Father would have by the time Jesus awoke been on board an overseeing spacecraft to help Jesus. It was likely the Father who appeared with another in white to Jesus and three disciples on the mountain where they told him when and how to exit, which is kin to how three of Do’s students saw two small white beings in their house in Yuma, AZ in 1996 that became confirmation that most of the student body had raised their “vibrations” high enough to have that visual awake experience and was additional confirmation to Do that his plans to self stimulate exit of their containers (vehicles/bodies) was a go that the Hale Bopp comet and suspected spacecraft in it’s tail was confirmation of the timing for exit.

In any case the Father and Jesus had physical bodies on board their spacecraft and the ones who gave their lives may have been issued temporary physical bodies and some who believed after Jesus left and lost their vehicles were taken to be put on “ice” were all returned by 1970 or so. Ti would say all along to us, “get your mind in your vehicle”. We even taught a pet parakeet that, which was Ti talking to the Saints, the Minds/souls who returned who needed to get totally inside that new human vehicle (vase). Do had indicated that there were different kinds of “tags” or “deposits”. He felt like deposits were made at birth of the vehicles he and Ti took as well as the vehicles the student body were to take. Like Jesus whose soul came into his body after he had been deposited as a baby, where Jesus may have also had some engineering of his physical body’s components to be able to handle the level of mind he needed without “bursting” his wine skin thus a “virgin birth”.
So the humans who were to become the recipients of the returning Next Level souls were drawing in the Mind from those returning Souls that entered when they first met up with Ti and Do at a meeting and when they exited those human bodies, they were not dying. The physical container was being dropped like the butterfly discards the caterpillar/chrysalis the analogy Ti and Do initially taught about this metamorphosis. Thus the students didn’t die to go to the Next Level. The human vehicles died but the human vehicles were always scheduled to die eventually which is why humans are all actually dead. (The  are all given a shot to reach for “life” but they have to ask/seek search for it and in so doing would be directed to where there are Older Members of if it is after the Older Member and student body have left then to connect with an “active student”.
Thus Ti and Do were correct all along in what they said to Hayden Hewes. In summation, the ones returning were their student body and they were living souls which are perfectly real and even more real than human bodies because the former don’t die unless some take a task of laying it down to provide the same graduation experience to humans and still the soul body that is the pilot of their newly assigned physical body is very much alive now permanently. But Ti and Do weren’t provided with that information in the 70’s because it wasn’t timely. The Next Level Older Members from the heavenly vantage point know well that humans rightfully will have a much greater tendency to balk at the idea of dying voluntarily. After all the Luciferians had instilled the religious and society with the idea that choosing to exit one’s physical body was a grave “original” sin. The sin would be not seeking the will of one’s heavenly Father to decide whether or not there is a task they would have us do before deciding to exit our human body on our own. This is why the Older Member needs to be trusted and works very, very hard to be sure each student is fully aware of the ramifications of exiting by their own hand while the world looks on in horror and dismay largely not believing that they will be very much alive after they exit.
Finally, these two followers of Ti and Do said, “only The Two would die”, so to what definition of “life” were they anticipating dying would be an understandable question. Actually there is no trying to hide the fact that Ti and Do believed they were fulfilling the role of the Two Witnesses and that Rev 11 said they would be “killed” and they would rise from the dead before their enemies who would witness their ascension. But the facts are that Ti and Do didn’t need that Revelations 11 prophecy to know they had come from “outer space”, the literal heaven’s and that they were here to “fulfill prophecy” and “bring updates to the bible”, all of which they recognized from their “less than six weeks” in the town of Boerne, Texas from during January and February of 1973.

Additionally they didn’t get from the Revelations prophecy that the overcoming process Jesus taught was necessary for graduation/harvest (going to the Kingdom of God/Heaven) that most Christians are taught to ignore that includes a separation from our human lives to include our physical life apparent clearly throughout many Jesus quotes. Nor did they get from Revelations that the Kingdom of God/Heaven was a physical kingdom that was a potential next “evolutionary” step for humans into what they more accurately termed the “Evolutionary Level Above Human”. Nor did they get the analogy of the overcoming process to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly and how that was a “christing” (christening as in chrysalis), the PROCESS, (their term) needed that is the “pressing of the OIL that when burned in the LAMP creates LIGHT, the human vehicle being the vessel/container with the EYE as the LAMP part that needed to be refined to hold the OIL by restraining all human expenditures of the flames of passion, whether they be through sexuality or a drive for success and/or power and/or enlightening, all for SELF as opposed to with the Next Level for one’s Older Members (Parents(Fathers) in the literal heavens).
All this was on their minds but in their terms as they were obviously not drawing their terminology strictly from translations and interpretations of the Bible alone nor from any one recorded body of information designated the basis of a religion. No doubt all of these ideas could be traced to this or that philosophy and since Ti was an avid student of Theosophy and that included some study of the Hindu Vedas while Do was raised on Christianity and even attempted to enter seminary, why didn’t they think the students wouldn’t have to “die” to get to to the Next Level, one has to ask as in those early days when Do wrote Statement One, which was written just weeks before they arrived at Hayden’s office in July of 1974 it talked about each students “Christening”? Did they miss that Jesus instructed his disciples to give their physical lives, DRINK THE SAME CUP HE WAS DRINKING THAT IS FILLED WITH HIS BLOOD because they would be hated as he was hated and like the seed that falls to the ground and is buried and dies as a seed to sprout as a plant that stands up to become a tree that then provides an environment and “sustenance” (mind/spirit) to many new creatures because of. Did they miss where Peter said He would die for Jesus and Jesus said, he wasn’t ready to die for him yet.

Yet they told us, the students in no uncertain terms that we were not to die. If they were building their script solely on what they had studied in various books and records, wouldn’t they have incorporated this one more fact. It’s not like they were sugar coating it all. They required students by then to “leave all behind” to join them. They spelled that out as Jesus did to include that children could not come/join as they couldn’t make that decision to engage in overcoming the world. It was the leaving of children that in fact started the investigation when two would be students were arranging to leave their two young children with the biological dad who lived less than 100 miles from them and the police got involved and so they were being thought of as kidnappers as well or at least instigators of a mass brainwashing to the detriment of the public so sought after to stop.

In fact the word “kill” translated from the Greek “apokteino” to which there is very little data that describes anything about the “kteino” part, where “apo” is to separate or remove or “off” or take “away” from something, is not the usual term for “kill” as in to murder or slay or remove someone from their physical life. It’s thought of as “to kill in ANY way” which Ti and Do if they knew that translation didn’t ever lead on to knowing it. One would have thought if they knew of that translation that after the news broke in October of 1975 by Walter Cronkite saying their vehicles names and how they were “felons” though only Do was a felon as the charges against Ti were dropped weeks after they were arrested together with different charges in early 1974 in Brownsville, Texas when they were about to give their story to the press that included their saying they were rewriting much of the bible. When that news broke they were in Las Vegas, Nevada – “sin city” (the spiritual sodom as depicted in Rev 11?) and they literally felt “shot down” and thought for a couple days there was no use in going on as everyone by then would have made up their mind about them. They were both showing their being raised in the establishment of having respect for authority. They weren’t actually rebels growing up so to them once the national press showed them (or Do to be a) felon they felt their mission was dead, but that’s not the death they were expecting. They always, even years later expected to die in terms of loss of their physical body, though that diminished a great deal after they were shot down by the press in the commons of the land, the media the only way peoples from nations and kindred, etc. could all see them in their better translated “ruined bodies (reputation)” (dead) state as it says in Rev and the only way their bodies would be “dead” for 3 days without being “buried” another mistranslation as there are many in that section of Revelations.  (This is all detailed in my book).

But if they had known that kill was “kill in any way” even if they had re-read that in the bible while watching the fever of media on national television about them as dangerous felon ufo cult leaders, if they were to continue leading their student body as they did wouldn’t they then tell their now 70 or so students this new understanding of the translation of apokteino which would spare their having to prove they are who they say they are by fulfilling the previous understanding of the Two Witnesses prophecy?

I remind that Ti and Do never used scripture to guide them. They used it to assist them in helping students whose vehicles were prepared by those records.

Here is Do recounting the event in 1988 when he wrote, “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew”:

Do writes…:

“Ti and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two. Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Ti and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was.  Ti and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that.  However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media.  However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following.  So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans.  Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

Ti and Do still felt that to continue was probably one of their greatest tests.  Nevertheless, they got up, kicked the dust off their tired feet, and continued with the instruction to hold meetings a while longer.  They then became more organized in their groups and more systematic with their communication between cities.  All in all, the meetings continued for a little over ten months.

At a meeting in a Manhattan, Kansas college auditorium (April 21, 1976), Ti announced that “the Harvest is closed, there will be no more meetings.”  Since that time, no new students have been admitted to the class.”

(end of Do’s statement in “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew)

I remember not caring about the Two Witnesses prophecy though I had no understanding of the Greek apokteino either until many years later when they talked about it and I learned that Ti thought the Next Level decided not to go ahead with the demonstration because the students weren’t ready for them to leave. I didn’t join on that basis, nor to take a ride on a UFO, nor because I thought they were aliens and wanted to be with aliens or out of mere new age “California” styled curiosity or wild mindedness. I simply had a core recognition of them and was compelled to be with them and that remained with me even after leaving in 1994, then reconstituting my belief and service in early 2000 til now in 2013. It was in my return to active studentship when I began dissecting prophecy and saw that all prophecy that could be attributed to the Level Above Human, all the Jesus records and the Book of Revelations but with a many, many direct links back to Moses writings of the first five books of the record as well as to a number of the Old Testament prophets that I saw that all prophecy was like a map with one starting place and one destination but lots of ways to interpret it to get to the destination.
So after the national news broke with the human identities of Ti and Do alongside Rob Balch and David Taylors infiltration into one of the groups and then the overall group at the Chicago camp at Chain of Lakes national forest and the fact that the FBI was looking for Ti and Do to question them about the rash of UFO related cattle mutilations in the Colorado and Oklahoma areas, Ti and Do split the 70 of us up into six groups and sent us in different directions. But somehow I still thought there was to be a “demonstration”. Somehow my partner and I missed that part of the new interpretation that was saying the “killing already happened”.

So when we were dispatched out of Chain of Lakes the group I was in which had one partnership assigned to be “helpers” or “overseers” of, who had some way of staying in touch with Ti and Do’s group who were made up of them with 6 students, headed south to Oklahoma, stayed a few days and eventually met with Ti and Do which is probably where they would have told us about their not walking into a demonstration but that my partner and I missed as we spoke about that idea of a demonstration thereafter as we got separated from our group and thus any Ti and Do connection. We ended up hitchhiking all over the midwest from Florida to Texas and from Colorado to Tennessee and from Wisconsin to Boston and Vermont to Brownsville, Texas, giving large and small meetings everywhere we went. We even did a meeting in Liberal, Kansas that got advertised in the newspaper in which the report indicated we, my partner “Dandy” and I were portrayed as the Two Witnesses. I recall before that meeting saying to Dandy, I think I’m going to bring it up first thing that we are not the Two in case someone wants to shoot us. I was willing to die but wasn’t looking forward to it. In fact I had trouble really believing I wouldn’t die though according to what Ti and Do had written in the three statements we weren’t going to die. So I put my sense about it aside and told others we encountered we wouldn’t be dying and of course was laughed at and scorned for saying.

With all this said, I can honestly say that after 19 years with Ti and Do they proved to me that they were willing to say and/or do anything when they could verify it was coming from their invisible, in a spacecraft Older Member which would have been Ti’s Older Member and therefore like Do’s grandfather, his Older Member’s Older Member.

Examples of how people left the cult:

Thus they told us what they were given to tell us and when it changed they told us what they were given to tell us. If in the process students fell away because of what would have looked like changing core pieces of their information or as occurred in the scheduling of a pickup twice that didn’t happen or in the case of Ti un-expectantly exiting her vehicle first (dying of cancer, that Do said was Ti burning out her vehicle because of the deluge of attacks she was up against and having to surmount to help Do get started in his task to birth the student body) and a number of other reasons why students dropped out or were arranged to leave (as the 19 were in early winter of 1976, that two, years later reconnected from) or were arranged to be in a half way situation instead of with the main body, having an easy way to not reengage, which did happen to one long time member. Or when Do said we had enough sticks (money) in the coffer to give some $2,000.00 to leave because he didn’t want anyone staying on because it had become comfortable living in a very tight nit high standard, high tech, even fun commune. Or when one class member didn’t want to work on the lesson entitled “I could be wrong” which was to be put in front of any statement, especially in decisions or in remembering something.

Another classmate decided to take his side showing us an example of how, as the record says, “a third of the angels fell from heaven”. One named Lucifer chose not to serve his Older Member and some sided with him so they all lost their task and facility to circulate among other members of the Next Level in the heaven’s beyond the near to Earth sky/atmosphere. In other words the Earth and its immediate environment that might extend into near space became their prison and to survive a recycling period they hid underground, which is what is occurring now but will be a new crop of lower forces to the old crop can be dissolved in the Lake of Fire.
When I began to unknowingly compete with Do coupled with demanding a harder task “like Do’s” of Ti, while she was then outside her human vehicle and who we were permitted by Do to communicate with to see if we were connecting and recognizing when she would respond, coupled with a weakness I had not had enough control over, my vehicles desire for sexual stimulus that up til then took the shape of allowing my eyes to linger some seconds on any view that was attractive to the vehicle whether it was looking down the shirt of a female when they might bend over or becoming fixated on one’s backside should they bend over, for example. So it just so happened the day or even hour after I did that instant request for more growth (which in and of itself was always good to desire) but taking the shape of thinking I was anywhere near able to provide service in a task like Do’s showed two things; (1) that I was still egocentric looking at Do’s task in a way that would make me look better, even to myself a symptom of what Ti had told me before she left that would keep me off the spacecraft, that I was (2) “a little too pleased with self” in that I thought I was doing pretty well in my overcoming to demand a harder task. In any case, ask and you shall receive, so I’m sure Ti opened a gate to so speak and what she knew was a stronger discarnate stepped into my space and in minutes I folded – I could not stop the sexual thoughts and feelings and was masturbating at times several times a day for months to come and I began to understand how there are worse things than death because “death” (a dead luciferian space alien) was allowed to attack me regularity and whenever he did, I folded immediately. Finally, though Do was offering me help, I seemed to have no desire to use any of the tools I’d been using successfully for 18 years to combat my previous level of sexual challenge. As I was removed from the overseer tasks I had become accustomed to performing, Do asked me one day to take an overseer task with Mllody as my checkpartner. I told him I couldn’t as I’d be a hypocrite to which he then said, “Well then what do you want to do?”, to which I said, “I guess I have to leave”, to which he said, “you want to get more objective.” And he then asked to speak to nrrody and “told her to tell others not to try to talk me out of it because he knows what he is doing”, which is what she repeated to all in the room then. The next day they bought me a plane ticket to where I wanted to go, Phoenix, AZ to temporarily stay with two x-classmates who still believed but wanted to be outside the class. And they gave me $600.00 cash to get started on.
Then there were the two times, once when Ti was still in her physical vehicle and the other after she exited, when we were all given the option to fly to visit relatives of our vehicle or anyone that we thought may still have anxiety at our absence for the last 10 years before that. That opened the door very wide for some to be tempted to leave. We each went on the plane by ourselves and had a visit over a weekend and returned. While back with my folks and siblings and relatives and some friends I had the opportunity to hook up with an old girlfriend but I wanted nothing of the sort. I was not tempted to leave at all. One student enjoyed their visits so much, he ended up wanting to leave the group so did.

Another classmate left after it became a lesson step for certain males in the group to express whether we would have any  reservations against castration should Do get the okay from Ti to provide that option. No one was being prodded and only certain ones that had expressed an ongoing problem with sensuality were asked this, as these had asked Do for any measure to help them overcome. So it was because of our instigation that this was brought up. I was one who was present when this question was asked. One classmate did have reservations, Hvvody, and it put him on the spot and some months later he asked to leave and was given help to fly where he wanted to go. I am still in touch with him.

There are more examples but these are the biggest ones I know about personally. No one told me about these events. I was involved with each one to a degree as I was often assigned partners that were having problems and they knew it and also knew I was reporting my observations to Do. To be in the classroom we had to desire that we were an open book, eager for help to overcome our human self ways from any direction. We were expected to ask our partners often for this help. We were never to assume if we asked once it was good indefinitely. It’s very, very easy to not want to ask this of our partners. After all they might bring up the same things we’d been working on for years and it could feel like we were not making headway on conquering it. But the task wasn’t to conquer it was to try to conquer and seek help to conquer. From that vantage point then conquering occurred. But keeping it in and thinking we can rise to perform our own fight is an illusion the influences want us to maintain so they could win.
In the early years people would leave without telling anyone. Ti and Do didn’t like that because they knew they might reveal our location and they knew and had evidence that there were investigators looking for some in the class hoping to deprogram them. On a documentary, an x-member of the class who has since turned against Ti and Do publicly expressed sarcastically and perhaps arrogantly that Do was always worried about security when in fact there had been several efforts of parents or siblings to find their “loved ones” thinking they were trapped into being in the cult. It’s completely understandable to be susceptible to that fear just like a momma bear seeks to protect their cubs. The difference though is that all the members of the group were adults who had been living on their own for years and in most cases in different states, even totally across the country and with a seeker mentality that they were not going let anyone stifle. Ti and Do were both security conscious despite what this x-classmember says with a big grin on his face as though he is above Ti and Do in perspective. Isn’t it interesting how when people left they largely became against Ti and Do as who they said they were and yet could provide no evidence that they were in the same league as the hundreds of groups that had formed as cults that ended up having families with children among them and whose dropouts complained and filed charges against the leadership for child abuse (Jim Jones) and molestation of underage girls (David Koresh) and highly questionable financial dealings, or the use of prostitutes when their rules forbid it thus a major hypocrisy to preach against, the building of a human empire the opposite of what Jesus taught (Sun Myung Moon) and the list is enormous involving sex, money and power abuses. So what does this x-classmember bring up…(all paraphrased), “they made me shave up instead of down” and “they had a procedure to be precise in measuring salt for a recipe”, or another x-member said, “they didn’t take care of my teeth the way I wanted”. They were so far distant from human thinking and acting, they couldn’t even be corrupt the way humans do. This one x-classmember also gave his opinion on this same documentary that he thought Do (Marshall or Herf) was so upset with his homosexuality, he was putting strict rules against sexuality into effect to act out his own problem. He said something to that effect. This sounds like what some psychologists have surmised, lacking any better explanation for either of Ti or Do’s thinking and actions nor the student body so they make stuff up that sounds feasible to those that don’t know any better and the reporters are satisfied so print it and people who have their own problems and who want to sound like an authority quote the report without any evidence to support their claim. This is a typical “intelligence tactic”. It’s intelligent only because it uses words and provides what some want to hear so atheist, spiritual new ager or religionists or not, they get to have an explanation other than the most obvious consideration that they might very well have been exactly who they represented themselves to be. What would be more honest is to simply say what they say about many “natural” things they discover, that they just don’t know or don’t have enough data to make a determination of their motivation, leaving it up to people to decide for themselves by just giving them the facts. But then they won’t be put on the news or asked to write books or comment in articles as an authority that boosts their image among their peers.

After all, if Do was troubled about his vehicles sexuality, why did he wait until Ti’s vehicle died to act out any pent up frustration some claim he must have been harboring. He wasn’t satisfying his sexuality during the first 12 years he was Ti’s partner. Where is the evidence in those first 12 years? And what about Ti as Ti is the one who “got Do going” that Do admitted to. He even said he resisted Ti and wondered at first whether she was interested in him (in a human way, like for dating or something like that). But he very soon learned she had no such interest in him in that way and Do quickly learned that but still gave Ti a hard time as they began to work together after leaving Houston together in 1973. I suspect by the time they got to or left Gold Beach DO knew who Ti was, his Older Member, his Heavenly Father working through the female vehicle named Bonnie Nettles. (Around 1984 Do held a meeting with the class without Ti present in which he first said that Ti was the woman depicted in Revelations chapter 12. This was the only bible lesson we ever had. They spoke about what Jesus said many times without actually quoting chapter and verse but before this never tried to explain particular translations or interpretations with the very slight exception in 1975 pertaining to their being the Revelations chapter 11 Two Witnesses, though they never covered more a couple verses of that and in no  detailed analysis.

At least once a year Ti and Do gave an instruction to literally think about leaving and if there is anything we wanted to do in the world. That instruction was short lived. Maybe it lasted 30 minutes. Then they said, wipe out those thoughts. Of course if someone really did want to leave they wouldn’t be able to wipe out those thoughts.

Next Ti and Do  explain how they receive humans’ “prayers” from people asking to know the truth.

Ti: “This is what I mentioned earlier…that we have been visiting a group…and this is probably one thing that will get us killed. When humans pray, they contact the source which we are from.

Do: If they pray to the highest source.

Ti: If they are praying for truth, then they contact us.”

Heaven’s Gate Book Contents

November 28, 2016

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Do’s Intro:  Our Purpose — The Simple Bottom Line…………………….iii
Overview of Present Mission…………………………………………..v
Section 1:          EXIT STATEMENTS, 1995-1996

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….1-1
Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure
(Statement, Posted on Internet/WWW)……..Sep 25-26, 1995……..1-2
’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate
(Statement, Posted on Internet/WWW)……..Oct 11, 1995………..1-4
Section 2:     EARLY CLASSROOM MATERIALS, 1975-1988

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….2-1
First Statement of Ti and Do (Statement )………..Mar 1975……………2-2
UFO’s – Why They Are Here; Who They Have Come For
(Meeting Poster)………………………1975-1976…………..2-3
Public Meeting Locations (List)…………………1975-1976…………..2-4
The 17 Steps (Behavioral Guidelines)…………….Nov 1976……………2-5
Major and Lesser Offenses (Behavioral Guidelines)…Spring 1988…………2-6
Section 3:                  ’88 UPDATE

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….3-1
’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew (Booklet)…Oct 18, 1988………..3-3
Section 4:   BEYOND HUMAN – THE LAST CALL, 1991-1992

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….4-1
Beyond Human – The Last Call (Video Tape Jacket)….Jan 11, 1992………..4-2
Session Contents (List of Topics Covered
in the Video Series)…………………..Late 1991/Early 1992…4-3

Transcripts of the Video Tape Series,
Beyond Human – The Last Call…..Late 1991/Early 1992
Tape I    Session 1 (60 min.)….4-4 | Tape IV   Session 7  (60 min.)…4-40
Session 2 (60 min.)…4-10 |           Session 8  (60 min.)…4-46
Tape II   Session 3 (60 min.)…4-16 | Tape V    Session 9  (60 min.)…4-52
Session 4 (60 min.)…4-22 |           Session 10 (60 min.)…4-58
Tape III  Session 5 (60 min.)…4-28 | Tape VI   Session 11 (95 min.)…4-65
Session 6 (60 min.)…4-34 | Tape VII  Session 12 (110 min.)..4-76

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….5-1
“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer
(Ad/Statement, Published in “USA TODAY”)…May 27, 1993………..5-2
Extraterrestrials Return with Final Warning
(Statement, Unpublished)……………….Apr 25, 1993………..5-3
Publications Where ’93 Statement Appeared (List)….Last Half of 1993……5-5
Total Overcomers Classroom Admission Requirements
(Behavioral Guidelines)………………..Oct 23, 1993………..5-6

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….6-1
Public Meeting Dates and Locations (List)………..1994……………….6-2
The Only Way Out of This Corrupt World (Poster)…..Nov 28, 1993………..6-3
Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human (Statement)…..Jan 16, 1994………..6-4
Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human (Poster)……..Jan 17, 1994………..6-5
Organized Religion Has Become the Primary Pulpit for Misinformation
and the Great “Cover-Up” (Poster)……….Mar 10, 1994………..6-6
“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with a Final Offer (Poster)…Mar 16, 1994………..6-7
UFOs, Space Aliens, and Their Final Fight
for Earth’s Spoils (Poster)…………….Mar 21, 1994………..6-8
He’s Back; We’re Back; Where Will You Stand?
(Poster)……………………………..Jun 20, 1994………..6-9
Some Desire To Advance Even Beyond All
Human Behavior (Poster)………………..Jul 30, 1994……….6-10
The Shedding of Our Borrowed Human Bodies
May Be Required (Poster)……………….Aug 18, 1994……….6-11

Statements by Students
Bible Quotes Substantiating Our Position
Appendix A    Student Statements            Mar 1, 1996 – Feb 15, 1997
*  Pertinent Background Information……………………………..A-1
*  Ti and Do as “Smelling Salts”………………………Jwnody…..A-2
*  WARNING: For Those Who Are Prone to Hasty Judgments…..Glnody…..A-3
*  Ingredients of a Deposit – Becoming a New Creature……Lvvody…..A-5
*  The Truth Is…  …………………………………Nrrody…..A-8
*  A Matter of Life or Death?  YOU Decide………………Wknody….A-10
*  T.E.L.A.H., The Evolutionary Level Above Human……….Smmody….A-12
*  The Way Things Are………………………………..Yrsody….A-13
*  A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind………..Drrody….A-15
*  My Ode to Ti and Do!  What This Class Has Meant to
Me – Everything!………………………………Qstody….A-16
*  The Hidden Facts of Ti and Do………………………Chkody….A-17
*  “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure…Jwnody….A-20
*  A Testament………………………………………Srrody….A-24
*  Older Member – Younger Member – Their Relationship……Slvody….A-25
*  Statement by a Crewmember………………………….Tddody….A-28
*  Be Fruitful and Multiply…………………………..Jmmody….A-30
*  Up the Chain……………………………………..Brnody….A-32
*  Religions Are Humans’ #1 Killers of Souls……………Jwnody….A-35
*  Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”…………………Stmody….A-38
*  Deposits…………………………………………Snnody….A-43
*  The World’s Most Successful Con Game………………..Lggody….A-46
*  Incarnating and Discarnating……………………….Jnnody….A-48
*  Investments………………………………………Anlody….A-52

Appendix B    Relevent Bible Quotes
Pertinent Background Information………………………………..B-1
List of Bible Quotes Substantiating Our Position………………….B-2
– vii –

Pictures related to Ti and Do and Crew

November 28, 2016

this was the patch some or all of the 39 members had on their uniform when they laid down their vehicles in 1997



mark twain the pen name for Samuel Clemmons had a great deal in common with how Ti and Do’s arrival on earth played out. He made a movie with Edison about Captain Stormfields trip to heaven on the tail of a comet. And he was born when Halleys comet came and exited when it returned as he predicted and hoped would be the case. He was also a mississippi river boat captain. The captains deck on a riverboat was referred to as the Texas deck thus Texas as a state became the area where Ti and Do’s vehicles were born and raised and Do was like a captain. An archangel is a captain of angels and Michael the archangle who visited Daniel was also noted in the Revelations 12 prophecy as the one who was birthed to the throne by his Older Member – Father who was incarnate in the vehicle that becamse known as Ti (tee).



This picture was painted by Ollody the groups primary resident artist. He was given the project to paint the scenes that would be used in a movie script Ti and Do had a crew start to write but a hollywood producer didn’t want to produce. Ollody drew it and then used an airbrush to paint it in around 1984 in Amarillo, Texas. It was made into a big part of the artwork.



Heavens Gate Cult Suicides

This is the front door of the quarters where the 39 exited their incarnations from.



This is the top part of the first poster used in 1975-1976 while groups were holding meetings. Ti and Do never approved of the use of UFO as I believe they thought it was a popularist acronym. They would have just referred to a spacecraft as a cloud of light, but since it was used and became a big part of the media they went with it and continued to refer to it in certain documents.



This is left to right, Brad Steiger, Ti, Do and Hayden Hewes. Hayden and a colleauge from the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City interviewed Ti and Do as Bonnie and Herf, the first names of their vehicles, on July 13, 1974 and then Brad was in on an interview about 14 months later after they were “shot down by the media (press)” which occurred to start in October of 1975. They published a book called “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”.  Ti and Do were not happy with the book’s content but didn’t get specific that I ever heard. Ti thought Hayden was one of the most open minded people she had met.



The person on the bottom left did not graduate. He dropped out about two weeks before they layed down their human vehicles. He wrote about how he never intended to do that, which was planned from the time he joined the group. As he reported in his book, Beyond Human Mind, he was waiting til the last minute to leave. (‘m not claiming that was all that conscious on his mind at the time, as after I left many things about the way I came to leave became more apparent.  The press made him into an icon of the group with his face on People’s magazine cover, often said to be the only survivor, an oxymoron, since surviving to DO would have meant going with them, but from the human perspective is of course how they mean that. Even so, there were a number of dropouts that had degrees of belief in Ti and Do, me, sawyer included – dropouts, even fallen crew members if we then ceased to recognize Ti and Do’s as Older Member Souls from the Creators Kingdom, who created the earth and all it’s life forms. We don’t have the judgement to know who falls into what category as for or against Ti and Do as it can happen any time for anyone that we take steps towards them and steps back as we have life lessons. But  it’s true and I’ve experienced it, that the longer we stay the more we can lose what Mind from our Older Members we once had. We can even still talk as if we are fully dedicated to them, while not recognizing our slipping in our own “self” into the mix, even changing things Ti and Do said. If and when that happens, we can recover by changing our views to get back on track. But the more we drift from Next Level behaviors and ways (no matter if we’ve been with Ti and Do or not), the less we may allow ourselves to see about the ways we have changed or diluted or distorted their teachings. If for instance someone says the “gate is closed” they are directly speaking against the Mind from Do that he and Ti have given us because he clearly indicated the gate was to be open for a “brief period of time” and we have no idea what that time frame is.

The human kingdom is a Next Level school and we are all like blades of grass in that school “garden” some spurting up some never do, some growing faster and then slower than others. It’s not a competition but it takes effort to pass grades to be closer to a graduation when souls are given that opportunity and the main opportunity is now and we are the ones who decide on the pace of our  growth. The Next Level will help all those who ask for it.

The more of Their information, behaviors and ways we receive the more that is expected of us.



We earned “sticks” for years by working jobs that became for many computer programming tasks. I was part of some of the little companies we started. One was called Think Link and the other was called Word Wise, basically me and Srrody but soon included others. I left before they started this company that used this web page to advertise by.



This was and I believe still is the opening web page for that explains how Hale Bopp comet was the “marker” they had been waiting for since 1975. Whether it had a “companion” object with it was “irrelevant” to them. I have documented the companion object was with the Hale Bopp though.



This was Ti and Do’s first public meeting though they had spoken to their first group in North Hollywood part of Los Angeles a few months earlier. This one was at Canada College in August of 1975. Left to right were Wndody, Dncody, Ti, Do, Flxody and Cddody who had all joined from that private meeting in Hollywood. Among them only Wndody was among the 39 that laid down their human vehicles lives in 1997. Dncody has since left his vehicle, Flxody may have exited by now too and Cddody has left his vehicle. Note Do’s vehicles hair was generally white by then according to prophecy though it was real while when he came public without Ti in the 1990’s as the return of the same Older Member Soul who had been incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus.




I included this pic because the statue of Liberty I believe is spoken of in Revelations chapter 17 and the WTC attacks I believe were part of the “great shaking” propesied in Rev 11, to take place after the Two and their Crew left their incarnations.



This was allegedly taken from the International Space Station. I don’t know if it’s a real pic but it is interesting that it looks like a gold city that is of a size as described as the New Jerusalem. It is possible the Next Level let them see it for a moment or two or it could be a hoax but one thing I’m sure it’s not – an space alien craft. The space aliens are the fallen angel souls spoken of in legends in Genesis 6 and by the Book of Enoch – spoken of as the “watchers”. They are not really “space” aliens anymore because the Next Level (true extra-terrestrials, as they are not limited to terrestrial only life as humans are) locked them up underground and undersea, though they can fly around in the spacecrafts they have in the earth’s atmosphere and some short distance away from it.




This was a terrible grade B movie produced in 1978 that was supposed to be about Ti and Do’s group but used the Jonestown murder, forced and manipulated suicides on it’s cover. The two groups were about as far away from having any similarities and this movie was comprised of rumors and misinformation about Ti  and Do’s early group.



My understanding is that this was a type of movie poster for the second movie Do had a crew work on. That crew included Ollody and Neody and perhaps others. I understand Neody when he left had the materials for it and did try a little to peddle it in Hollywood to no avail. Beyond Human was the name of the video Tape Series Do made in 1992-3 and at the opening of each of those general hour long sessions we would ring a bell. I was on that video crew.



I believe this is Brad Steiger on the left, then Do and then Ti, probably in 1975 or 1976.



When Ti announced that the “harvest is over” on April 21st 1976 after the groups finished up scheduled meetings, Ti and Do called us all to the Vedauwoo rustic camping area in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. Earth Born seemed so fitting for the earth graduation classes “spirit birth” Jesus called it.



This is where Ti’s vehicle was born and where Do’s vehicle went to high school. This is also where I was after I joined and we became scattered around the U.S. and while putting my sleeping bag down on the beach to the north against Nueces bay I saw a bright shining large object traveling an an enormous speed several times any jet from north to south that did a 90 degree turn so it was headed towards the water and then did another 90 degree turn so it continued to the south out of sight. That took place in 2-3 seconds and it wasn’t a tiny jag after the first 90 degree turn to the second 90 degree turn.



Enter a caption


This is where Ti and Do first gathered their student crew and where they exited their vehicles (except for Ti who exited in Dallas Texas in 1985, said in prophecy as “earth opened her mouth” a way of saying she would die but it would help her escape the dragon (luciferian) flood of negative thoughts against her that she took the brunt of since she was the Older Member of Do. Do identified him (her) as his Older Member. Ti didn’t state it, which is also in Jesus prophecy. Do said Ti “burnt out her vehicle” dealing with the negativity but that was part of the plan as Ti always said to do, “I’m here to get you started and then I’m going back”. That’s in prophecy in Rev 12 as well – “birthing” him to the “throne” so he could finish the task he had begun while incarnate in the vehicle named Adam. Ti told us he had been incarnate as Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus before Do.




This was the last property they dwelled on earth in. We lived in a number of properties that were large but this one seems to be the biggest. One in Paradise valley had an indoor squash court underground. Another in San Antonio had an indoor swimming pool. Most in those years in the 90’s had an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court. Several times we sold everything and became outfitted in trailers and tents and lived on BLM land in Arizona and on ranches in Wyoming seasonally. I think most of our years were spent in Texas.




This is some of the documentation I suspect was like a John the Baptist arrival before Ti and Do. I never heard Ti and Do talk about it but don’t think the space aliens were let out of their underground prison cells yet, at least not allowed to circulate in North America at that time since they came in the 1940’s – 1950’s.


MASS SUICIDE FOUNDERShbhgtdpatchheavensgatelogo


Ti’s vehicle was a registered nurse for years before they met. She worked primarily in the premie baby ward in a Houston hospital. She was subbing for another nurse when she met Do who was visiting a “sick friend” there. He wasn’t in the hospital as some report. This was either late March or early April of 1972 as Do said it was “about 9 months before we left houston” which I know was at midnight on 1/1/1973.




This is the book that is also the content of the web site that can still be downloaded in text format for free on that site. I have no affiliation with the site. It’s maintained by two dropouts who appear to believe differently about Ti and Do now, according to a number of interviews they gave so I would’t look to them for accurate information about what the group stood for and believed. They sell this soft cover book, perhaps still for $24.95 and they sell some tapes as well. I’ve posted 99% of what’s in this book on my blog. Just search for “Purple Book Contents” to find it as their documents are spread out on my blog.




This was the picture that was on the Magazine section front cover on the NY Times Sunday Magazine in 1976. Note Do’s postion (seat) is Ti’s “right hand” (of power)




After Ti exited her vehicle in 1985 he kept a seat for Ti. Notice it’s positioned so that he is to the right side of where Ti would sit which is accoring to prophecy but I don’t think was always the way they sat as they were never trying to taylor their  choices to prophecy. Prophecy was just used as a clue to what they were already feeling.




Do from the Beyond Human series of tapes. Note his “white hair” like snow in prophecy.




These are from top left; Dstody, Glnody, Smmody, Srrody and then on the next row below them on the left; Sngody, Alxody, Jwnody and Slvody during the 1994 second public meeting period.




This was taken in a little town south of Portsmouth, New Hampshire in August of 1994 during the Second Public meeting period of about 9 months in duration. Left to right are Lggody, Slvody, Swyody, Evnody, Alxody. Only one person showed up to this meeting and he was a reporter. this was  my groups last public meeting before Do met with us all and had us travel back to California.


A Member of the Kingdom of Heaven

This is what an Older Member of the Next Level’s vehicle would look like according to Ti and Do. Ti and Do had Ollody draw and airbrush paint this. Note it is a refined vehicle – not grotesque. There are other vehicles in the Next Level that they “wear” around their Soul Body that is less dense. They grow these kinds of vehicles on a vine like a plant and they grow them to spec for the Mind that is going to wear it. It can die but then they just grow another for that member. One or more of these kinds of vehicles may have been in the planned crashes in the late 1940’s like near roswell, New Mexico and at Aztec, New Mexico. This vehicle would no thave digestive or reproductive organs. Not all the 38 graduates will receive this type of vehicle but perhaps one like it for some as Do said some would have to return again to finish their overcoming on earth. That return is not to occur until after the recycling is completed.





This shows their plan for three groups to exit, I suspect over two days time. They dated their press release as 3/22/97 and said by the time people see it they would have been gone. However perhaps it was over three days as it was the 24th when Rio first went to see what they alerted him to in the FedX he received.

Jesus said there would be Signs in the Sun, Moon, Stars (planets, comets)

November 27, 2016


Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Note: His Signs are in the heavens and on the earth, where the Luciferian Space Aliens, since they were grounded into their underground prison by the Next Level arn’t allowed to do anything very far into space.

Perhaps the Space Aliens are doing all the sightings regarding the International Space Station, but it would be confusing to allow them to work their wonders on the Moon or any of the planets or with comets. When Jesus said that his coming would be accompanied by “lightening seen from one part of the heavens to the other from east to the west (combining two versions of the same depiction)” – the word for lightning was related to the Greek word “aster” which is translated to a star but a star that is “strewn accross the heavens” so sounds much like a comet looks.

And especially a “great comet” that is seen without telescopes like Kohoutek and West and Hale Bopp and Pan Starrs in 2013, the last two of which seemed to have companion objects seen in pictures below:

There is a lot to say about CERES in relationship to it’s “green” connection as it is the Roman Goddess of the Harvest and the counterpart to the Greek Demeter and that is the depiction of the “green horse” of:

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale ((5515 chloros= green)) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Death therefore is indicated because in any harvest that’s what it’s all about. According to Jesus the weeds are pulled up first. That doesn’t mean all who die are weeds. That’s not up to us. We will all lose our vehicles. It all depends on whether each individual has sought the Next Level of not, or if they at least rebelled from being apart of the BEAST – the governments that are in many cases know it or not in league with the Luciferian Space Aliens, thinking some are good aliens while the truth is all the aliens are fallen angel souls who stole humans and produce new physical vehicles using various hybridization methods – abucting humans and taking sperm and eggs to try to breed new vehicles they can use. And they also form contacts with some humans who have been given Souls to add to their numbers often seen as contactees and channelers. And they also are behind all the religions and especially the religion that is most prepared by the Next Level to recognize the return of Jesus and his Kingdom – christians who are at this time especially anti-christs but of course don’t know it or they wouldn’t call themselves Christians. But the leadership have the most to answer to the Next Level for as they are leading others away from seeing the truth, especially as they lead humans away from even considering who Ti and Do said and demonstrated they were.


ceres lights from closer orbit in 2015



Ceres lights from Hubble Space Telescope in 2004 – the reason for the Dawn spacecraft mission launch in 2007


This is the closest view yet from perhaps about 700 miles away from Ceres of the brightest light.





This is Ceres Pyramid. Note the bright white verticle rows all around it and it’s the only such object on Ceres the protrudes miles high above the surface. 




ceres lights with black object moving


Ceres Lights with brightest object showing itself to be raised above the surface by 5-10 miles some estimate. The light it produces is not thermal and is actually cooler than the surface temperture and the other largest lights are a different form of light  production that doesn’t involve heat, via NASA tests. A close up view shows shadows underneath it as if like tree roots and resembles Pluto’s white spot where it attaches to the non-white ground.




Pluto’s white spot facing New Horizons spacecraft which is Plutos north pole which would be facing Horizons approach. Ti and Do illustrated in their fictional movie script they said was based on the truth that depicted Pluto as a spacecraft and was to have had a lourvered type  of door for spacecrafts large and small to go in and out through, that had an “earth lab” inside that was a huge but scaled working replica of the earth with observation levels and huge screen in which to examine anything happening on earth by technicians.



Ceres lights from a closer orbit with a dark object above it someone circled in the pic


ceres lights from a more distant orbit by Dawn in 2015

Pluto – (dwarf planet):


Pluto’s white heart shaped spot. Ti and Do started a movie script project in 1983 that they said was “fiction based on the truth”. It was illustrated by Ollody and included on it’s northern pole (that faces us like the spot does on Pluto) a large lourvered door to allow spacecrafts access as inside it was an “earth lab” having a working model of the earth with technicians on observation platforms viewing via large screens whatever they wanted to see happening on earth. It also had 4 spacecrafts that looked like flying saucers stationed at the four corners.



By increasing the contrast the 4 “spots” become more defined by New Horizons closest approach in 2015.



Here is New Horizons Spacecraft’s approach as Pluto rotated to see the rectangular shaped “spots” as NASA calls them.




Pluto “spots” pic without added contrast showing the 4 equidistant 400 km wide rectangular areas in 2015



pluto’s blue atmpsphere – note Ti and Do wrote about the possability that Pluto was an Earth lab inside.

Objects filmed by SOHO Space Telescope of the Sun, in it’s corona:


objects in the sun’s corona

Here are some pictures and videos I’ve accumulated that show some of these Signs:

giant t shaped ufo over sun with second object smaller to it's right

pic of sun with two objects above it one shaped like a T the other to it’s right side that could only be seen in part in the video


An array of objects in the Suns Corona. There have been many of these with these unurual shapes and huge and smaller sizes all around the sun pictured by the SOHO Space Telescope starting around 2013.




Moon “spire” standing many miles tall is one of many anomolies seen on the backside of the moon. There are good documentaries on all the moon Signs available on Youtube some done by reputable media groups.







a comet that was filmed by a probe showing it’s many “jets”  and rocky unusual shape all of which moreorless blew the minds of NASA folk to see it wasnt’ just an “icy snowball”

comet pan starrs  evidencing a split in front of the comet that doesnt evidence being a star

pan starrs comet march 2013 – note tiny black spot in it’s coma. NASA had no explanation for it but doesnt’ show this pic anymore. I wonder if it’s a companion object.


From Hidden Image

Comet hale bopp japanese observatory photo showing the comet on left brighter and bigger than the object to the right. Also note stars that are far more distant than the comet or other object appear to be oblong while hale bopp and this other object are not nearly oblong. Scientists continue to be amazed by hale bopp as when it went behind the sun and emerged the companion wasn’t visible anymore but there were now three tails so they thought it had a dual nucleus.


Comet Ison after NASA’s addied pixelization was filtered off by software. Ison went on from here to hit the sun they said and were suprised that it survived and came out in another spot and it wasnt’ the spot they calculated by it’s trajectory when it entered it’s mass. It was thought it would burn up but didn’t. Then some days later it was filmed as 7 objects flying in a V formation and behind it was a huge object  that was described as “duck shaped”.


Hale Bopp comet showing companion object from Hawaii observatory – may have been doctored. The Japanese photo is more telling.


Haley’s comet from hubble


Hale Bopp Comet 1996 or 1997


comet hartly clearling showing the jets at various places releasing energy. If these comets keep traveling for centuries or even millenium or more how does their energy get restored to keep them going in their very, very large so called orbits.


comet that shows the anti tail – which is a tail extending into the direction it’s headed towards the sun – not supposed to happen if the tail is just melting ice vapours


comet ison after the pixelization put on it by NASA was removed. Looks like a flying wing.


unusual cloud – Ti and Do said the Next Level crafts can generate clouds to hide within, which could mean the space aliens may have some of the more primitive of those crafts to do the same with to wow humans by while the Next Level doesnt’ need to wow anyone.


storm showing a bright object below it


taken over russian city that has video which I suspect is a space alien hologram. I first saw it from a motorists dash cam


There there are the likley candidates of IMAGES, or even holograms stimulated by the Space Aliens and/or the humans they may work with directly or indirectly:


This is known as the Norway Lights. The video is worth seeing on Youtube as the way it develops is not like anything seen before but this would not be something the Next Level would be behind. This took place during the Climate Change Conference that coincided with Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.



This was an event developed over Los Angeles in about 2015. The military didn’t take responsabilty for it. I don’t think it was Next Level stimulated but I could be wrong.



The same L.A. “fireball” from a different angle.



This is part of what became called the Phoenix Lights in 1997 that I’m fairly sure was not Next Level produced.



This was also another part of the Phoenix Lights that I suspect is Space Alien and/or Human produced.



I think this was another view of the LA “fireball”.

T.E.L.A.H. — The Evolutionary Level Above Human

November 25, 2016

T.E.L.A.H. — The Evolutionary Level Above Human
By Smmody

I am a student of Ti and Do, and since these are critical times,
I only hope that I can convey what I have been taught and how
important it is to you that you understand our (my) position in this

The Next Level, the Kingdom of Heaven, is a real physical place.
It is a many-membered Kingdom.  My Teacher, my Older Member, “Do” has
an Older Member “Ti,” and Ti has an Older Member that Ti looks to, and
Ti’s Older Member has an Older Member that He looks to, and on up the
chain of command to the Chief of Chiefs.

Ti and Do are the present Representatives from the Kingdom of
Heaven and have come to teach us, their students, the ways of the Next
Level.  We have made several attempts to tell the public of our
mission here.  The reception we have received, for the most part, has
shown us that this civilization seems ready to be recycled.

Ti and Do and their students (crew) have come from a genderless,
crew-minded, service-oriented world that finds greed, lust, and self-
serving pursuits abhorrent.  Each crew member has taken over an adult
human body.  Ti and Do, the two crew instructors (Teachers), were the
first to take over human bodies.  They then gathered up their students
(crew members) and assisted them in gaining control over their chosen
human bodies.  These bodies are only containers for the Mind from the
Next Level.  The only reason we came into these mammalian “plants”
(human bodies) was to gain strength and to learn control.  Once we
have disconnected from these bodies and gone back to the Next Level,
we will receive new bodies to occupy in our new environment.  Those
bodies will be issued like “suits of clothes,” according to the tasks
we will be given.

The requirement is the same for all who might expect to find
themselves in the safekeeping of the Kingdom of Heaven – each must
proceed in the forsaking of all human ways, ties, addictions,
thinking, gender behavior (sexuality), and be in the forward motion of
becoming this new creature (literally and physically belonging to the
Kingdom of God).  This task can only be fully completed under the
care, keeping, and tutorship of the present (incarnate)
Representative(s) of that Next Kingdom.

Connecting with that Kingdom occurs only while a member of the
Next Level is incarnate, as Do is today.  The important issue is – the
Kingdom of Heaven is here NOW in Ti and Do.

The TRUE Kingdom of God (the Next Level) is a REAL place – a
reachable place.  Those who seek their Creator and His Kingdom must
leave everything of this world behind, and only through a REP, or
information left behind by a REP, can an individual learn what it
takes to become a new creature that is acceptable to enter the Kingdom
of Heaven.  The Next Level created planet Earth, and it has been
designed as a training ground for souls wanting to reach this
physical, higher Level Above Human.  Anyone who sincerely desires to
go to the Next Level Kingdom needs an experienced Representative from
that Kingdom level to help them sort through what is Next Level and
what is human.

Coming in contact with this information will force a decision.
With the stand you take, you judge yourself.

April 7, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 12

WARNING: For Those Who Are Prone to Hasty Judgments

November 25, 2016

WARNING:  For Those Who Are Prone to Hasty Judgments    By Glnody

To those who have not yet done much serious study of this
type of information and might be inclined to criticize our
position and that of our Teachers, our Older Members, Ti
(pronounced “Tee”) and Do (pronounced “Doe”), consider this:
Upon what information do you base your opinions?  How many hours
have you sat with them getting to know them for yourself?  All
too often humans form quick opinions out of ignorance because of
having had neither the opportunity nor the time to examine the
facts for themselves.  We wanted to issue a word of caution since
it our sincere belief that the Kingdom of God (the Level Above
Human) will judge you according to how you judge this

I have sat many hours with them.  I have found no fault in
them, only a depth I have only begun to comprehend as I continue
to learn from and observe them.  Despite the younger age of the
vehicle (body) I am wearing, I cannot even begin to keep up with
Do’s enthusiasm, his abundance of energy, his positive attitude,
his amazing ability to accomplish tasks quickly, and so many
other positive attributes that go way beyond those of any other
person I have ever come across.  What is more, I have also had
the extreme honor of being in the physical presence of Do’s Older
Member, Ti.  I was able to observe how they worked together as a
Next Level partnership, which cannot compare to anything I have
ever observed in the human world as people work together.  And I
have been blessed to enjoy their wonderful sense of humor.  But
most of all, I have felt the incredible caring and patience they
have always shown me when I so many times fell short in my
efforts to become more like them.  They always had far more faith
in me than I had in myself, and I will be eternally grateful for

To those who say my Older Members were on an ego trip, I say
you have never witnessed the many times they displayed their
discomfort with being in the position they were in, desiring only
to be simple servants of the Kingdom of Heaven, but happy to
serve in whatever task they were given.  I have witnessed Do grow
and change after Ti left the human female vehicle He used for this
task and returned to the Next Level.  Do’s only pleasure is in
pleasing Ti and ridding himself of any ego that would prevent him
from becoming more like Ti.  I have witnessed this many times and
know it to be true, but I cannot prove it to anyone.  The Next
Level designed it so that proof of who Their Representatives are
comes only to those who take the step of dropping all of their
human ties and seek only to be a part of the Kingdom of God,
through the ones they send.  The lower forces have made their
primary effort the “drugging” of the inhabitants of this garden/
planet with misinformation so that they would act and think in
ways contrary to Next Level ways.  You must give up the very
things the masses accept as natural to the human condition before
you can sober up enough to realize how drunk on lies and self-
destructive behavior this civilization has become.

If you believe our Older Members were ever interested in
financial gain, where are the bank accounts in either of their
names?  Where are the automobiles or properties they hold?  If
you are convinced they show one face to their students but live
and act quite differently in their privacy, where is one shred of
evidence that this is the case?  I know that as high as the
standards are that Ti and Do have always required of their
students, they maintain even higher standards for themselves
around the clock.  Do utilizes his every private moment away from
us as a precious opportunity to raise those standards and thereby
become even more pleasing to his Older Member (Ti).  We all
choose to live as we do because we like Next Level ways – they
are the only thing that means anything to us.  Human ways are an
abomination to us because we have outgrown them and they are not
appropriate in the genderless world to which we aspire.

Do you presume to judge our Teachers based upon “their
past”?  First of all, Ti and Do had no “past” here until their
vehicles first met in the early ’70’s.  Since they were not
incarnate until the early ’70’s, the past histories of those
vehicles have no relevance.  The same holds true for any of their
students.  We did not enter any of these vehicles we are using
until we met up with our Teachers.  I hope you will study our
information enough so that it can offer you the opportunity to
realize some of these points.

As far as anything Ti and Do have been criticized for since
or during their awakening, the facts of those incidents have never
been hidden from us, their students.  They have even been
addressed in some of the materials in this book.  However, the
facts of those incidents have been hidden from the public and
distorted to bolster the opinions of Ti and Do’s critics and to
sell more newspapers.  The media also likes to present the
viewpoints of drop-outs from non-mainstream groups such as ours
as being absolutely accurate without considering the possibility
that they might be biased in their opinions, defending their
position of “quitting” or being “asked to leave.”  Once an
individual leaves the group, they have to find fault with the
group in order to justify their decision of ceasing the
discipline.  I know that the actions of my Older Members have
always been honorable and with no ill-intent, motivated only by
their desire to serve the Kingdom of Heaven.

To us, one of the worst traits people of this day and age
have acquired is to think they can judge others and base those
judgments upon some past event.  Almost daily, someone is being
branded by the media for some incident that occurred years ago
that is not characteristic of that individual’s current life.
This practice presumes that that person has not changed.  Can
anyone honestly say that they never did anything they now regret
and would not do again?  Why not give others credit for doing the
same?  Learning from our mistakes is the primary road to growth
and improvement, and the suffering that is experienced in the
process can build strength and character.  If our Creator is
forgiving and does not hold individuals to their past mistakes,
would it make sense that humans would be above doing the same?

Some could think that all of us in the class share the same
form of psychosis with our Teachers.  Even if that were so, I
would gladly live this life of “delusion” over the insanity of
living your “reality” full of ugliness, despair, and fruitlessness.
Yet I know that what Ti and Do have taught us is the only reality.
If we are so crazy, why have the vast majority of those who have
known us personally regarded us as being some of the most capable,
reliable, happy, and productive people they have ever known?  Why
is it that so many of those who dropped out of the class desired so
desperately to return?  It could only be because the discipline
and ways Ti and Do have taught us work.  Quite a few class members
have held very professional and responsible positions in the human
world to help support our classroom’s needs.  Our employers and
co-workers soon recognized there was something very “special” about
us (their words) and felt we were their most valued employees.
Thanks to our having been taught Next Level ways, we always strove
to do our best, welcomed criticism as an opportunity to improve
ourselves, did not respond defensively but were quick to take
responsibility for and correct any of our mistakes, and did not
respond in anger to others.  We liked to stay busy and productive
and did not stoop to participate in office gossip or waste time by
chattering with others.  People were unconsciously drawn to us
because of the presence of Ti and Do’s mind within us, though we
chose not to share what we knew with them as we knew that in most
cases such high-level information would only short-circuit their
human brains and be unproductive to them.

If you really knew the Bible, you would recognize Ti and Do
for who they are.  The requirements for entry into the Next Level
taught by Ti and Do are exactly the same as those taught by every
other Representative whose task was to bring the formula for exit
from the human kingdom.  But those very requirements threaten the
current human status quo.  It is the unconscious recognition that
our Older Members speak the truth, the facts, that threatens so
many and causes them to respond with immediate hatred toward our
Teachers.  The price of entry is much dearer than the masses are
willing to pay.  They are instead quick to accept the counterfeit
versions given to them, such as “He did it all for you,” that are
designed to bind them to the human kingdom and thereby ensure the
death of their souls.  Everyone seems to overlook that the
foremost requirement given since the dawn of this civilization is
to love the Ones who created and nurtured us with all our hearts,
all our souls, and all our minds.  At this time when a Rep is here,
the question is how can you give some of your love to a spouse or
child and say all of your love is for God?  To be preoccupied with
family values and procreation is to take mistresses and cheat on
Him.  The fact that no one with even the smallest amount of God’s
mind in them would feel comfortable engaging in a mammalian act of
sensuality while in His physical presence proves that in the core
of their being they know it is a shameful and degrading act rather
than an expression of their love for Him or His love for us.

There is so much I want to say and express about how I feel
about my Older Members, Ti and Do.  The human words seem so
inadequate compared to what is in my heart.  I thank the Next
Level every day that I was allowed to be a part of this classroom
experience and to know and observe Ti and Do – to be instructed
by them, corrected by them, and feel the Next Level’s compassion
and support expressed through them.  I have never known anyone
who could even come close to being as wise, keen, kind, dignified,
fair, patient, humble, or genuine as they have always been.  I
remain daily in awe of them.  If you cannot also see these qualities
in them, it is only because the Evolutionary Level Above Human has
not seen fit to give you the ears to hear and the eyes to see Two
of Their own.  The proof of Who They are will be that we, and all
those who align themselves with the true Kingdom of Heaven, in
whatever manner they translate their recognition of that Kingdom,
will be “saved” for continued advancement or nourishment, while all
those who condemn Ti and Do or this information will themselves be
condemned by the Next Level.  It is our understanding that all those
who judge this information negatively and thereby align themselves
with the opposition will be “recycled” when the Next Level terminates
this temporal, impermanent (if not holographic) existence, which we
expect will happen soon after our departure.  Whether or not you
depart with us may not mean much to you – but it should.  To overcome
the human condition and be born into the Evolutionary Level Above
Human, under the midwifing care of Their Representatives, is what you
were created for.  It is the only reason for your existence.

As we step aboard a Next Level mothership marveling at the
wonders around us, my hope is that all the members of the Heavenly
Kingdom, from the Oldest to the youngest, will join us in a standing
ovation for two very special Older Members, Ti and Do.

March 10, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 3

Ti and Do as “Smelling Salts”

November 25, 2016

Ti and Do as “Smelling Salts”           By Jwnody

It was like being awakened abruptly from a deep sleep.  The
voice of our Shepherds rang clear in the depths of our soul as we
heard their familiar song once again.  Some of us heard their
call in 1975/1976, and others as recently as 1994.  And as we,
individually, chose again to receive them and accept the Truth
that they bore, Ti and Do took us out of the world and into
seclusion, nurturing us with a patience and caring far exceeding
anything ever experienced at the human level.  Although awkward
and clumsy in our early awakening, we always retained a deep
sense of knowing that we were not of this world.  In other words,
the part of us that recognized their voice was not anything we
evolved to out of the human kingdom, but rather it was the
mind/deposit, that seed of Life, given to us by the Next Level –
the world from which they were sent.

And so it followed that nothing came to us during our
individual development solely by our own will.  Whether in
concept or more advanced behavior, it was given to us by them, as
it pleased them to do so – that is, as it also pleased the ones
above them.  Our Teachers never wanted any glory or praise for
themselves, but said time and again, that they were nothing
except that which was given to them by their Fathers.  They are
vessels, instruments, of their Older Members and so on up the
chain of mind to the one we would refer to as the Most High God –
or the Chief of Chiefs.

And out of our belief, trust, and love of them – for our
choosing to step out of the world and follow them – many of us
became hated by our families and all levels of humankind.  And
so it went.  Those who were not for us were against us, because
in reality, they worship another “God.”

As students, our only hope is that our efforts have been
pleasing enough to our Teachers and to their Older Members, to
find us acceptable as “newborns” in their Kingdom.  It is
difficult to explain how it all works.  Although we state in our
materials that we came from their world, then how does it figure
that we will enter as newborns (newborns meaning beginners – not
to be confused with the body we will wear which will be fully
grown).  It is that we were but a seed in the beginning, a small
kernel of the mind that came from their world, much like a first
trimester fetus.  During our nurturing in the womb of the human
kingdom, we were offered opportunities to grow and develop.  The
design being that if we took advantage of these “gifts” through
application of lessons, hard work, and suffering, we would find
ourselves viable as beginners at the completion of this task –
simultaneously with the End of the Age.

As students, each of us regularly examined if our effort
was strong enough to adapt our circuitry to be an adequate match
with that of the Next Level, or were we too permissive to the
temptations of the human kingdom.  Morality or piety has nothing
to do with it, rather, the issue is clinical.  In order for there
to be a successful interface between the developing mind/soul and
the advanced, more refined mechanism of a Next Level body,
certain minimum standards of control and the outgrowing of
primitive behavior must be achieved. However, if for some reason,
our effort was not sufficient, but we remain loyal in our
commitment, we know we will be saved (put on ice) for a future

Although the hour and minute are not known, the final
sequence has been given.  As we eagerly anticipate the “go
ahead,” the code to unlocking the “stargate” remains clear in our
minds.  Most who read this will find it incomprehensible, which
is also part of the design.  Only those with a “chip” deposited
in the “hardware” of their soul by the  Next  Level have the
circuitry to compute the logic.  But it is really very simple,
much like the butterfly which, in order to emerge from the
chrysalis, must totally separate – disconnect – from the
caterpillar world that he left behind.  The ultimate gift of
potentially everlasting life in a new world – taking us out of
the cycle of Death – is being offered to us by our Teachers.

And I have seen with my own eyes, over the course of a
number of lifetimes, how their Fathers must love them, my
Teachers, Ti and Do.  I have seen the power of their word, as it
was given to them, become Truth time and again.  I have witnessed
in wondrous awe, the presence of the mind of their Older Members
as it emanates through them, through my Fathers, Ti and Do.  And
I know that they can see right through me.  I feel only a
calmness, a humility, and deep joy in knowing I am a child of
their Kingdom.

Thank you so much, Ti and Do.
March 1, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 2