Ti (Father) & Do (Jesus) Second Coming Timeline proposal

I don’t claim that all these dates are 100% dependable. They are my best shot to date but especially the end ones are in question but in the ball park as Ti and Do said someone in middle age while he and Ti were incarnate could easily live to see the completion. According to prophecy their exit would have marked the end to the first HOUR – 40 years but that may have been as late as 2013 when the second or Judgement Hour starts. So someone in middle age in 1997 could be 70-80 by the completion time. This is just fun stuff but I did try to document the 7 Trumpet soundings – the main reason I put this together:


There are some tidbit reports I included:

1492 From “The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.”  Christopher Columbus and Pedro Gutierrez while on the deck of the Santa Maria, observed, “a light glimmering at a great distance.” It vanished and reappeared several times during the night, moving up and down, “in sudden and passing gleams.” It was sighted 4 hours before land was sighted, and taken by Columbus as a sign they would soon come to land.

In the 1600’s the first name for America was Columbia, a woman who represented the 13 colonies. Interestingly, there were actually 13 tribes of Israel. The Levites were a tribe but were like administrative helpers, termed priests who were not given a land inheritance so were spread out among the 12 tribal territories, which was after Moses and Aaron had exited their incarnations.


1811 – great Comet and huge earthquake predicted by Tecumseh. There were a number of so called coincidences in the names of place where the earthquake hit and it’s relationship with the comet in March the Hale Bopp and Pan Starrs comets and other march/april events throughout the timeline as the time of Passover and Easter, spring solstice. When we were first given the names Ti and Do, Ti was spelled Te. Later they changed it to Ti but said all it didn’t matter which way it’s spelled but then after Ti left her vehicle Do settled on spelling it Ti.

Ti and Do also taught that terminology links were a way the Next Level had fun inserting into our history that we could draw connections to, as well as dates. Here are some snippets about Tecumseh and at the end his view of the “white man” as more or less the devil, which I have recently come to wonder is why Ti and Do and most of the returning crew took so called “white” (Caucasian) vehicles, because to overcome them was to overcome the Luciferian bred species spoken of as the Nephilim. There are other ways of looking at this too as the Luciferians once had student model Next Level vehicles that like Adam could reverse metamorphose back into mammalian behavior of reproduction, etc.

Since Adam was an experiment to provide a way to test upcoming new members to the Next Level what better way than to start off with one of these student model vehicles that Adam failed to overcome when influenced by Lucifer, but that he overcame by the time of the 7th generation from Adam in the vehicle Ti said he then took named Enoch which then qualified him to go to the Next Level without his vehicle dying, what Jesus said was a sign of someone A Soul who had come from the Next Level.

Tecumseh (in Shawnee, Tekoomsē, meaning “Shooting Star” or “Panther Across The Sky”, also known as Tecumtha or Tekamthi)

A comet appeared in March 1811. The Shawnee leader Tecumseh, whose name meant “shooting star”, told the Creeks that the comet signaled his coming. Tecumseh’s confederacy and allies took it as an omen of good luck. McKenney reported that Tecumseh claimed he would prove that the Great Spirit had sent him to the Creeks by giving the tribes a sign.

Noted by Indian, American and English colleagues, allies and enemies as an inspiring orator, Tecumseh left these words to live by:

Live your life so that the fear of death can never enter your heart … Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and in the service of your people…

Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself…

When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose lives are filled with the fear of death, so that when time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

He rallied many tribes to his alliance by his attacks on white people:

Brothers – the white people are like poisonous serpents: when chilled they are feeble and harmless, but invigorate them with warmth and they sting their benefactors to death.

-December 16, 1811, the New Madrid earthquake shook the South and the Midwest. While the interpretation of this event varied from tribe to tribe, one consensus was universally accepted: the powerful earthquake had to have meant something. For many tribes it meant that Tecumseh the Prophet must be supported.

I forget where I got some of this but it’s only of interest because of the time it occurred and because during Ti’s awakening that I’ve heard Do suggest started as early as 1970, she studied the work of Blavatsky. She is described as an 1800’s Occultist known as Madame Blavatsky who rose to some renown with her writings and work in India with a type of merger of Hindu and Christian theology that brought her to have an office of the Theosophical Society in NYC.

New York City seems to play a key role in prophecy as we even saw in this 2016 presidential election where the biggest successes came from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and her husband former president Bill Clinton who live upstate in Chapaqqua and who both set up offices in NYC and where Hillary became a US Senator and Bernie Sanders who was born and raised to a Jewish household in Brooklyn, a borough of the city.

While in Ti and Do’s classroom, after Ti had exited her vehicle, Do had some of us visit a Theosophical Society Meeting, as observers though Do didn’t say whether we might have anything to say to the members of that society, though we knew we weren’t there to try to win anyone to our beliefs or to put down theirs. I believe this happened in Las Vegas where we lived for a very short time around 1992.

1896 great comet – (A great comet is one that is visible with the naked eye)

It was also reported after Do and the 38 exited their incarnations that the house at 18241 Colina Norte is just down the street from the San Dieguito Reservoir, a favorite spot of Mrs. Katherine A. Tingley, a disciple of Madame Helena P. Blavatsky. Mrs. Tingley moved to San Diego in 1896 and founded an ashram of the Theosophical Society at Point Loma. The center opened February 25, 1897, with a ceremony attended by several prominent people in San Diego, including the mayor. (See the San Diego Union for February 26, 1897)

Mrs. Tingley believed that a major cataclysm would sink most of California and end Western civilization. She predicted that San Diego would survive to become the capital of an island nation called “Nueva California.” She also had an interesting vision of albacore tuna swimming through the drowned halls of the Assembly building in Sacramento.

This is interesting, especially because of the role California seems to play in prophecy and in relationship to the New Jerusalem that will be covered in depth in my upcoming book. But suffice to say right now, one of the prime indicators of where the Two Witnesses would be “subdued” (overcome) and then would “separate by dying themselves” the far more accurate meaning to the Greek “apokteino auto” is found in:

Rev 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

“shall lie” was added by translators and “dead bodies” they translated from Greek “ptoma” which is listed as referring to “a ruin, a fall, or downfall”, metaphorically, “a failure, defeat, calamity, error” or “carcase” or “corpse”.

Ptoma is only used in two other places besides these Rev 11:8 and Rev 11:9 verses. They were:

Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase is there will the eagles be gathered together


Mrk 6:29 And when his disciples heard of it, they came and took up his corpse, and laid it in a tomb.

These two are hardly the rule for it’s usage.

In the rest of that verse note that they are “subdued” or defeated stemming from Rev 11:7 that says they are “overcome” by the Beast from the pit, the BEAST being the secret US govt that came about because of the way the space aliens were let out of their prison underground or undersea or undersea ice in the 1950’s (when the CIA was formed in 1951, I understand to take control of the UFO Crash coverup.

And note the word “error” is included in their defeat. Ti and Do said they were “shot down by the press” = the media in the “street” the “broad public square” for the nation because of their “error” they said they made when they decided to use those credit cards to rent a car and for gasoline, where error could also be seen as an infraction against the law, a crime as Do was made a felon because of that was broadcast all over the nation in 1975 and 1976 – also curiously fulfilling the coming as a “thief” (though they actually are from the kingdom that owns everything, so they were only borrowing that car and gasoline, the way Do said they were borrowing the human vehicles they snatch away from their human lives.

But the point of all this re: new Jerusalem is that the New Jerusalem was said in Rev 3:12 to have a new name that would be revealed by the Lamb the one who served in the incarnation in the name of Jesus who would also have a new name and whose “Father” would also have a new name.

Saying they are subdued in the “spiritual” Sodom, Egypt and where the Lord was crucified” is saying they would not be in those physical areas with those names but would be in the “non-physical” areas and would be related to both cities and a country.

Jesus of course also said the Kingdom of God would be given to a “new nation” in several ways.

So America is the country area and since Sodom seems to be Las Vegas which is where Ti and Do were in a hotel when the network news hit saying they were thieves and they said they did feel the “mission was dead” at that point, until a couple days later Do reported in 88update which is when the “spirit of life” entered into them and they continued on and then after the next listed period of time exited their vehicles.

So they both came public for the first time in the North Hollywood part of the greater Los Angeles – the “City of Angels” – in this case both of the Dragon’s army and Ti’s army of Saints and they left from the area just south of L.A. near Escondido, at Rancho Sante Fe.

They stood on Mt. Sion which was the area from Texas to California, with one foot on land (Texas) and one foot on the sea (pacific).

Ti left her vehicle when she and Do had a house on White Rock Lake and the class near by in Dallas, Texas. Do said Ti was the woman in Rev 12.

Another one of Madame Blavatsky’s disciples had a vision in India in 1907 of San Diego in the year 2100 as “a gleaming white city and capital of the New Age world.”

I have some ideas about all this I included in my book.

So here is the rest of the timeline:

1897 Great comet

-1897 April – Aurora, Texas UFO crash – 1 body found and buried – in the dallas morning news – possibly like a John the Baptist beginning – Aurora means “morning star” as said in Revelations.

-1900’s to 1910’s First sounding period

-1907 Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain, wrote a short story entitled “Extract from Captain Stormfield’s Trip to Heaven,” in which the hero leaves Earth for “an extended excursion among the heavenly bodies” on the tail of a comet. In the story, the hero has his passport on him, plus five dollars and three 25-cent pieces for the fare. Many of the Heaven’s Gate members had their passports on their persons and $5.75 in their hands. (See New York Post, March 29, 1997, page 6)

-1910’s to 1920’s Second Sounding period
-1920’s – 1930’s Third sounding period
-1930’s – 1940’s Fourth sounding period
-1940’s – 1950’s Fifth sounding period – Next Level member arrival and opening of bottomless pit for aliens to come out – Starts a 60 year period to the 7 Seals (Daniel 7’s Seven Weeks=Seven Seals)

-1945 Begins the arrival of returning Older and Student members of the Next Level and some Souls to continue their overcoming process.

-1947 Estimated at 7 billion square miles, the largest sunspot group was observed on the sun’s southern hemisphere.
-1947 July – UFO Crash in the Plains of St. Augustine – referred to as the Roswell, New Mexico crash – 4 bodies found – Hits the press and is then denied and called a weather balloon.
-1948 Aztec, NM crash – up to 18 bodies found

-1957 Comet Arend-Roland 5th Sounding – 1st Woe

-1960’s – 2000’s Sixth sounding period as first hour (40 years).

-1972 March or April? – Ti and Do’s vehicles, Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles and Marshall Herf Applewhite meet in the Houston hospital where Bonnie works as a nurse while Herf is visiting a sick friend. Bonnie is filling in for an absent nurse. She normally works in the preemie baby ward. Subject of astrology comes up. Bonnie is an amateur astrologer. Herf shows interest in having his chart done. Later learns that Bonnie only did charts for people that asked her three times and she doesn’t tell them that.

-1972 – Summer/Fall- Had the Christian arts center for a couple months

-1972 – Fall/Winter – Had KnowPlace for a couple months

-1973 January 1st just after midnight – Bonnie and Herf leave Houston area for good and go to Boerne, Texas ranch house.

-1973 January 1 to ~Feb 10th(?) – DO says they spend “less than 6 weeks” awakening to knowing their Next Level Minds were coming into their consciousness. They become aware they are from outer space, here to bring updates to the bible and to fulfill prophecy but didn’t know all the updates nor what Prophecy they were to fulfill. They start to write the book, “I can’t believe that but you must”.

-1973 February (mid) – Leave Boerne, Bonnie and Herf (Ti and Do) travel around the U.S. trying to understand what prophecy they are to fulfill.

-1973/03/00 – Arrive at Rio Grande Valley where Ti and Do get Sanskrit names from Nor Bu Chin – Tibetan healer; Do is given Shri Pravanha and Ti is given Shaki Devi. They felt sent to the Rio Grande Valley “by spiritual guidance”

-1973/04/00 – Apprx. when they start to travel to “every state in the U.S.” over a “few” months. (DO told us once that a few generally speaking was 3 while a couple was 2 – not pertaining to this event).

-1973/06/00 Approximately arrive at Ananda Marga house in Portland after their sports car died there and they “stayed there for a while,” or a “couple months”.

-1973/08/00 Approx when they camp at the Hideaway campground in Gold Beach, Oregon for “several months” where they are painting rocks to sell to tourists and they come upon the Revelations chapter 11 prophecy of the Two Witnesses and know this is referring to them. Before then they already knew they had come from the Kingdom of God, what they called The Evolutionary Level Above Human or Next Level but this verified where their task was recorded in the records.

-1973/09/00 Approx. when they leave Gold Beach and travel around Canada and the U.S. and at a New Age awareness center, (Oklahoma City Summit Lighthouse – Ended up being Claire Prophet’s group who ended up become survivalists in Montana. This is where they felt led to share that they were the Two Witnesses, only to find out that the leaders of the center claimed the same title! After this incident, they struggled significantly with whether to continue with this “modus operandi.”

-1973/10/09 – Allegedly the couple visited the town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky and skipped out on a $20 motel bill. While there, they checked into the old Holiday Inn on Fort Campbell Boulevard (now the Econo Lodge) where they made a lasting impression as a mysterious couple with no luggage and without a car. The following morning a maid found a note in their room in which they wrote: ‘From occupants of 47:On the Holiday Inn letterhead, they changed the wording from “The Nation’s Innkeeper” to “Innkeeper of the Universe.” Dear Sir: Thank you for permitting us accommodations in your inn. It would be impossible to explain to you who we are, where we come from, and who we represent. If we tried, you would not believe us. We exist in another dimension, which does not allow for the use of currency. We are on the planet for a few more months and our mission is for good. It would be useless for people to attempt to treat us as they would their own or to bring us harm, for it would result only in their death. This note is true and certainly not to be understood as threatening but as thanks for accommodations. This information should be kept in the strictest of confidence for your best interests. You will be rewarded well for your cooperation.”

-1973/12/25 – Kohoutek comet perhelion- Ti and Do arrive in St. Louis where car breaks down and they use one of Do’s old credit cards he knew was good to rent a car.

1974/06/05 – Ti and Do meet with Professors Max Pavesic and Johnny Lister who report that the Two approached them at Boise State University and supposedly told them to “drop everything and leave with them”.

1974/07/13 – Ti and Do meet with Hayden Hewes in Oklahoma City, OK and say they will give interview but will be right back because they have to meet someone who is coming from very far, far away. I wonder if this is Nor Bu Chin and when they got their sanskrit names from him. Hayden runs a background check on their fingerprints and learns their is a warrant out for them.

1974/08/01 – Hayden writes that he moved his office two weeks after meeting with Ti and Do and then two months later his office is broken into and Ti and Do’s file is gone but they didn’t get the tapes as they were in a different place but they got the fingerprints they had taken off of the drink glass they gave ti and do to drink out of. By October Hayden closes his office.

-1974 Ti and Do want to tell their story to the press but the reporter misunderstands what they meant when they called to say they had a “big story” for them and thinks they are drug dealers in Brownsville and alerts the police. They were apprehended and when they ran a check on them, Ti was arrested when they learned a credit card they were given to use by a student was reported stolen by her husband who then dropped the charges. Do was arrested because they had kept a rental car past it’s due date and only wrote letters to the car company explaining their intent to pay (some how), but was reported stolen. They also dropped the charges when they got their car back but the St. Louis D.A. to make points in an election, hearing about Ti and Do’s strange story chose to prosecute. By the time it came up for a trial, they offered Do a plea of saying he was guilty and get out of jail with time served or risk a jury trial whenever that might happen, so he chose to take the plea and was sentenced 5 months when he had already served 6 months. During that time he wrote, Statement One which then they mailed out and brought them an invitation to speak to a group in North Hollywood where over a dozen chose to join with them which they then became Bo and Peep because of.

1974/08/02 – About the time of Ti and Do’s arrest in Brownsville, Texas as Do said Ti after being arrested was sent to a Houston jail where she spent 30 days while charges were dropped on her and he was kept in the Brownsville jail for more than 30 days when his charges were also dropped by the car rental company but was sent to ST. Louis because the prosecutor knowing the strange circumstances of the case wanted to make points by prosecuting him anyway.

1974/08/00 – Approximately when it’s reported that Texas police said that Applewhite told them his new name was Shri Pravanha.

1974/09/24 – Justice Peace Shelly Hancock dismissed charges on the recommendation of a officer (perhaps when Bonnie Nettles charges were dismissed.

1974/10/01 – About when Do is taken to St. Louis jail

-1975 March 21: Movie – “Escape to Witch Mountain” – about two children, a older girl and her younger brother who leave home and have strange powers feeling led to “witch mountain” where they encounter a Flying Saucer that takes them happily away.

-1975/03/00 Approx when DO gets out of Jail and meets up with TI and they go to Ojai and type up the Statement I that DO wrote while in jail and mail it to new age centers and meditation group Clarence Klug, which Clarence responds to by sending Snnody and another student to check out these Two and ends up inviting them to talk to their group at Joan Culpeppers house in North Hollywood, California. Joan states that she was with Bo and Peep from April 21st to June 30th 1975

-1975 April 21st (?) Approx date of the North Hollywood meeting at Joan Culpeppers house. This seems to be the start of the First Thunder/Roar (of 7) announced in Revelation chapter 10.

Thunder/Roar 1 – Statement One – referred to in the press as “The UFO Two” as they anticipated a Next Level spacecraft depicted in the Bible as a “cloud of light” to take them back to their base in the literal heavens. They taught that each prospective candidate to return with them would need to start their own Human Individual Metamorphosis aka their “Christing” to qualify. They gave their first meetings in a private home in North Hollywood suberb of Los Angeles, California and several dozen spontaneously left all behind to follow them.

1975/07/12 – Lggody joined with Ti and Do. He had been contacted by an unknown person on July 5 and left the house a week later. (This may have been Cddody who contacted him).

-1975 August – First Public Meeting in Canada College in the San Francisco Bay Area following a student run meeting in Stanford University, both of which yielded new followers.

-1975 September 14 – Waldport, Oregon meeting – 34 people leave their world behind to join with Ti and Do, including Sawyer aka Swyody and those I call M (Mrcody) and S (Srfody), and include Jnnody, Lvvody and Ollody, Chkody and Andody. Andody leaves classroom in 1993. Swyody leaves classroom in September of 1994.

-1975 September 28 – 4 Synchronized meetings in the Colorado area – Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins given by students followed several days later by a meeting at Arapaho Community College – brings the student followers up to about 70 members and the group heads to Chicago – testing churches along the way for food and gasoline help.

-1975 October – “UFO Cult” story hits national press with Walter Cronkite reporting the disappearance of 20+ people from the Waldport, Oregon meeting said to have been “taken” by Two Mysterious people who claimed they would leave earth on a UFO. Two Weeks later Walter Cronkite announces the human identities of then named Bo and Peep who then believe this was what was meant in Rev 11. They were “shot down” by the BEASTS media (Rev 11) the depiction of their being subdued/overcome.

1975/10/20 – Newsweek in NYC publishes entire page on “Bo-Peep’s Flock”

-1976 Great Comet West – Splits twice to become 4 parts

-1976 April 21 – Ti calls close to harvest – Last meetings end in first weeks of June – 1260 days after beginning in on 1/1/73.

-1976 July 4th – Students in four groups around the country arrive by this time having been called to Medicine Bow National Forest Veedavou rustic camping area by Ti and Do – the Rev 12 “wilderness” that would mark the start of the students “Overcoming of the human world process” they began by leaving all behind to join, what was meant by being “caught away” (rapture) from the world.

-1976 September/October – as snow begins to fall, Ti and Do lead us to Utah, where 19 of the students are separated from the larger group that was about 100 in number. Ti tells the larger group they “made the first cut”.

-1992 2nd Thunder/roar – Beyond Human – the last Call video tapes series made public
-1993 3rd Thunder/roar – May 27th – 1/3 page info ad in fine print in USA Today national and international – “UFO Cult Surfaces with Final Offer”

-1994 4th Thunder/roar – Jan 1st – Start second round of public meetings that end in Maine in early September
-1994 September – All groups converge on a San Clemente Warehouse having traveled from Maine where Do called the 9 months of meetings ended. Do presents the idea for the third time that we were considering exiting by our own hands and asked if anyone had any reservations. A few did and subsequently left the group.
-1994 September – Swyody leaves the group. He is living in Laguna Hills with about 8+ other students, Mllody, Nrrody, Srrody, Stlody who with Swyody all worked for the same Computer company, Subscriber Computing, Inc.
-1994 Late Sept. or Early Oct. to Late Nov. or Early Dec. – Some of the group were living in Dallas (From Rio’s book) which I wondered if he meant to say, The Dalles in Oregon.
-1994 (late) or early 1995 some move to San Clemente, CA warehouse where Do first talks about “remembering when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus and was hiding from Roman officials and traveled to east Asia but came back to Jerusalem knowing it was time to go back to his Father.

-1995 – Tucson, AZ – 3 Students see “Next Level Helpers” described as looking like “six year old hairless little boys, glowing like white phosphorescence wtih a blue tint and wore one piece, forme fitting outfits, like Olympic speed skaters. 3 other students say they dreamed it. One who dreamed it was Neody who recorded that description in his book.
-1995 April – Do and Crew buy old scout camp of 40 acres of land near Manzano, New Mexico and started building earthship out of tires they called the “launch pad” – a Monastery Fortress. (Neo)
-1995 July – Rent 3 offices in Manzano for their business of designing web sites under the name “Computer Knowmad” (San Diego article)
-1995 Sept 25-26 post to the World Wide Web and 95 newsgroups authored by Do: Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure = 6th Thunder (Roar)
-1995 November – Manzano locals report group members who worked the computer job said they had been called to California and that their superior had been afraid they would get snowed in at their retreat
-1995 November – Alxody and Vrnody move to Colorado and stay with an x-classmate and get jobs as instructed to be living apart from the influence of Do and the group and pay for their own castration of their vehicles as Do instructed they would have to do if they wanted that procedure. (Neo reports in his book).

-1995 November – move to Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ – Begin writing BOOK.
and they said they hoped to come back in the spring (The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP)

-1996 April – Do and Crew sell the Manzano property. (New owner Jim Thorsen, told The Albuquerque Tribune)

-1996 Spring/Summer move to Rancho Sante Fe, CA
-1996 Heaven’s Gate Website goes up – 7th Thunder (roar)
-1996 September – Dvvody joins with husband but then he chooses to leave and she wants to stay

-1996 Great comet Hyakutake
-1996 November 14 Houston-based amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek phoned Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast” to say that he had taken a photograph of a mysterious object traveling behind Hale-Bopp. Art Bell’s popular radio program discusses matters of interest to the UFO community.  The next night a guest on Bell’s show, Courtney Brown, director of the Farsight Institute in Atlanta, asserted that three professional psychics associated with his organization had detected the companion vehicle and found it to be inhabited by extraterrestrials.

It was later reported, “Although there are conflicting reports as to whether Shramek’s call was intended as a hoax or was simply a mistake, the sighting of Hale-Mary, as the companion spaceship came to be known, has been widely attributed to have been enough to break Heaven’s Gate’s holding pattern and to have perhaps triggered the 39 cult members’ exit from their mortal containers. Actually the group posted on their website Heavensgate.com that whether there was a companion object or not was irrelevant to their exit of their vehicles/containers. They said Ti made it clear to them that Hale Bopp was the “marker” they had been looking for since 1975, while they knew that the way their would exit would be to board a spacecraft, though even until the last minuted provided for Ti’s taking them with their vehicles – packed a bag, had their passports and had a little money on them, etc.

O’Leary is among those who point out that the “suicide of the Heaven’s Gate sect was timed to coincide with the nearest approach to Earth of the comet Hale-Bopp — a celestial event that, like many comets throughout history, has been greeted in apocalyptic circles as a harbinger of cosmic change” [(O’Leary, April 1997)]”.

-1997 March 22-23 Do and 38 students lay down their human vehicles hits the media as the Heaven’s Gate Suicide Cult

-Exit hits the media on March 26th

-1997 April – Great comet Hale-Bopp Perihelion – 2nd Woe – first announced as a “saturn like object” – has dual nucleus in orbit around one another – biggest comet ever and longest seen with naked eye and companion object photo by Japanese and Hawaii and amateur astronomers. Speeds up and slows down and travels in strange spiral.

-1997/04/10 – Sawyer is given a limo to do the 60 Minutes television news show with Jstody and his vehicles daughter. In the waiting room Sawyer is interviewed by the N.Y Post and his picture is put on the front page of the next edition as associated with the “Death Cult”

-2000 second seal coup d’etat bush to power = red horse

-2001 9/11 – A great shaking was “generated, made, used (there)” from Rev 11 also shown to be the Beasts U.S. “wound” which is shown to heal in Rev 13

-2004 Sumarta/Indonesia earthquake and Tsunami

-2005 The most active hurricane season in the U.S. to date starting June 1, 2005 and ended in January 2006. A record 28 tropical and subtropical storms formed, of which a record fifteen became hurricanes. Of these, seven strengthened into major hurricanes, a record-tying five became Category 4 hurricanes, a record four of which reached Category 5 strength. The most notable storms of the season were the five Category 4 and Category 5 hurricanes: Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, along with the Category 1 Hurricane Stan. These storms made a combined twelve landfalls as major hurricanes (Category 3 strength or higher) throughout Cuba, Mexico, and the Gulf Coast of the United States, causing over $100 billion (2005 USD) in damages and at least 2,048 deaths.

-2007 Comet McNaught
-2007 third seal black/blue horse

-2008 global financial crisis

-2008 7th sounding starts – Nat’l geographics suggests Heaven’s Gate = second coming of Jesus

2009/03/00 Approximately when the National Geographics channel does the “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate” which Sawyer is in suggesting they were the “second coming”.

-2011 comet lovejoy – survives plunge into sun corona
-2011 March 11 Tohoku Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – Fukushima Nuclear meltdown
-2011 dec 1 – object appears near mercury when solar wind passed it – looks like bright light starship enterprise from star trek

-2012 Hurricane Sandy aka “Superstorm Sandy” was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It became the largest Atlantic hurricane on record by it’s diameter, spanning 1,100 miles. Early on October 29, Sandy curved west-northwest (the “left turn” or “left hook”) and then moved ashore near Brigantine, New Jersey. It affected the entire eastern seaboard with most severe damage in New Jersey and New York. Its storm surge hit New York City on October 29, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city.

-2013 feb 15 Chelyabinsk meteor blast in Siberia
-2013 march – april pan starrs comet, near miss asteroid, fireballs over west U.S. and eastern maine to florida seen

-2014 july 21st Large T shaped inverted saucer shaped super bright sun like object over the sun and another to it’s right hand
-2014 oct 19th comet siding spring causes explosion on mars and comet ison – 7 objects in wing formation
-2014 nov 8th

-2015 June CERES Cityscape of lights and PLUTO – looks earthlike just like Ti and Do said in movie script in 1982 about it

-2017 4th seal green harvest/demeter/ceres horse named death with hell (hades=pluto) follows/accompanies

-2021-2025? 5th seal – 7 angels continue to pour out vials until it’d done
-2025-2033? 6th seal Start of 7 Angels pouring out their vials – 7th vial the US is divded into 3 parts.
-2033-3033? 1000 years Satan, dragon – luciferian space aliens are locked up underground again before final judgment

Do briefly mentioned on Beyond Human tape session 12 that Pastor Murray was aware of the age before this one and the age after, indicating he thought there would be an age after so it lines up with this 1000 years, though there may be another 1000 years to go with it as it doesn’t state any timing to after satan is locked up and relased and all are judged and there is a new earth and a new heaven refurbished/installed.

(Editor’s Note: The Hale-Bopp “companion,” aka “the Saturn-like object” or SLO and the “Hale Mary,” was first spotted in November 1996 by amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek. Professional astronomers dismissed Shramek’s claim, contending that the object was an eighth-magnitude star, SAO 141894, that had been photographed out of focus. However, other observers sighted and photographed “an anomalous object” an estimated 2,000 kilometers behind the comet until January 10. Also, the SOHO satellite, which photographed the solar tsunami that day, caught an image of an oval-shaped object above the sun. A week later, a NASA press release described the SOHO image as “a proto-comet.” There have been no further sightings of the Hale Mary or any other anomalous object since January 10.)




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