A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind

A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind        By Drrody

I believe I speak with the same feeling and concern for you, as do my
other crew-mates, as I attempt to convey in a few sentences the gist of
the understanding and awareness that has taken us many years to
reawaken to.  It’s difficult to find a way to adequately express these
things using this primitive human vocabulary.  It’s even more difficult
to attempt to override the deceptive programming and lies the opposing
forces have carefully worked to instill in each human since the
beginning of this present civilization.  It makes it almost impossible
for one to recognize the truth when members of the Next Level return to
share it.  Still, I know if it’s right for you to connect with this, my
lack of ability in this area will not be an interference.  Now that
you’ve had a chance to read over our history and to begin to digest
some of the Next Level ways and concepts therein, hopefully you’ve
become aware of a few things:

A Next Level deposit is like a computer chip or a piece of
hardware that functions in two ways.  First, it acts as a homing device
to guide one to the opportunity to connect with Teachers, or
Representatives, sent from our Kingdom.  This usually occurs at a
subconscious level.  Second, it provides a container for
housing Next Level Mind or information.  We are nourished by our
Teachers as we learn the ways of behavior and conduct appropriate to
that level.  This information, or “Mind,” is added to our
container/deposit, causing our storehouse to be increased.  As this
occurs, we begin to think and act in ways where we can more easily
relate to other members of that Kingdom.  A child in kindergarten
doesn’t associate with college students until he has grown to their
level, and in comparison, it is a far greater leap from the human
kingdom to that of the Next Level.  As long as we have a connection
with an Older Member and choose to draw from this source, then our
potential for growth is unlimited.  However, we always have the choice
of whether to use human mind or Next Level Mind.  What you are is the
choice or free-will mechanism which determines, moment-by-moment, what
to do and what to think about.  Your choices control the direction and
speed of your growth, or lack of it.  You can even regress, becoming
more primitive and decadent in behavior.

This information cannot even be fully understood, except by
someone with a “deposit,” who is well along in the process of learning
Next Level ways.  What is important to you, the reader, is whether you
may have been given that gift of a deposit.  If this be the case, and
if nothing is greater than your desire to live by Next Level ways, then
you will soon grow to see beyond the insignificant existence here that
nations and world powers teach is to be considered an admirable and
fulfilling way to live, and die.  You will come to recognize that even
at its best, the human experience becomes nothing more than a child’s
sandbox to one who is ready to move on up into the Next Evolutionary
Level of existence.

Our mission here was twofold.  One part was to allow new
potential graduates into the Next Level the opportunity to gain
experiences that would strengthen them, and prove themselves worthy of
receiving issue of a true Next Level vehicle.  We all share this goal.
It will be accomplished when we have demonstrated a sufficient level of
control (behavior and thinking) over these human vehicles, in order for
our souls to be a match with our new Next Level vehicles.  This can
only be realized through the close supervision and guidance of our
“midwives” – the role played by Ti and Do – as Representatives of the
Evolutionary Level Above Human.  And only upon receiving issue of our
new vehicles can we begin to fully participate in the activities of
that advanced level – growing and learning from those who are older
and wiser.  Needless to say, we all look forward to that day with
great anticipation.

Another important aspect of the crew’s mission here was to
share our knowledge of the Next Level with those who might be ready to
receive it.  Through this effort, new deposits of the Next Level can
begin to germinate.  We don’t have the capacity to judge who might be
ready; only those in the heavens who are overseeing this can determine
if and when these gifts should be made.  They sow the “seeds,” and we
nourish the germination.  That’s how it was designed.

This brings us to the topic that’s ultimately important to you.
If there is something here in what we have shared that speaks to you,
and deep inside you know that it means more to you than anything this
planet has to offer – then the opportunity to some day graduate into
the Next Level will also be given to you.  We cannot say when this will
happen; but you can be assured that if you seek to understand and live
by the Next Level ways we’ve taught, you will be in the safekeeping of
the Kingdom of Heaven.  Be awake and prepared.  Remember,  you cannot
do it on your own.  It takes the close guidance of someone sent from
that advanced level to take you through it.  The transition to becoming
a beginning Next Level member is the most difficult undertaking any
human can undergo or even imagine – yet the reward is priceless.
Imagine being able to serve, learn, and grow among others with only a
pure, selfless motivation, in service to the Creator, connecting with
a future – potentially forever.

The planet is not far from undergoing a major recycling.  This
world has become polluted and corrupted on both physical and invisible
levels.  Many groups of space aliens are competing for the Earth’s
spoils.  They seek not just bodies, but souls in allegiance to their
cause – their point of view – as well.  Choices are being made.  Their
influence has become so strong and manipulative that it is difficult
for anyone to grow in a positive direction.  Yet nothing is lost.
Knowing this would happen, the Next Level always has contingency plans.
It appears that it is time for them to once more wipe the planet clean
of all pollution and corruption (environmentally and in the spirit
world) and rejuvenate the Earth, giving it a fresh start.  Those souls
who have shown their commitment to the Next Level will be saved and
replanted back here at a later season, or into an Earth-equivalent
classroom to take up where they left off.  As long as they continue in
forward motion, there will come a time when the opportunity to
recognize and connect with an Older Member(s) from our Kingdom presents

We have just about completed our task here.  We feel that the
time we have remaining is short.  I cannot express how pleased I am to
be returning home soon.  It seems as if we have been here for a long
time.  Yet I know that from the Next Level perspective it’s been about
a half hour.  I only hope that my performance and effort on this
mission will be found pleasing to my Older Members and their Older
Members.  This is all that really matters to me; even more important
than receiving a Next Level body.

If you know you’re ready to act upon this information, then I
hope you will choose wisely and ask frequently for help from the Next
Level on how to best proceed.  As long as we’re here, we will try to
assist you in whatever capacity we’re shown is appropriate.  Once we
leave, then base your decisions using the criteria of the information
we’ve left behind for you.  You will be carefully watched after and
nurtured in response to your asking and desire.  Bear in mind, true
growth comes in many forms – often what you might least expect – and
always requires effort on your part.  Maintaining an overview of the
situation, along with a sense of humor, will greatly aid you in pushing
through any test that comes your way.  I wish you the best and hope to
see you back home someday.

April 8, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 15

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