Do speaks highly of Muslims

Here is a little excerpt of Do talking about Muslims I think some might want to be aware of. It’s from the video tape “Planet About to be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave with US” – made  on Oct. 5, 1996.

Do says:

It’s funny – not funny – it’s really sad that a segment of
my Father’s Kingdom, in particular my personal Heavenly Father,
related to a community that is today considered the early Jewish
community, and worked with them preparing them for my
presence here 2000 years ago and now.  And yet, the Jewish
community of then and now, would certainly see me as anything
but a Representative of God.  The Muslims, who are considered by
some to be the enemy of the Judeo-Christians, many of them have
sustained a more real connection with God – with some higher
standards of behavior, and with more restraint.  You know, one of
my students reminded me just today that they came in contact with
a Muslim who said, “Look, you know you people of the West have
a wrong idea of what we are.  We don’t praise Mohammed.  We
don’t worship Mohammed.  We consider Mohammed a prophet of
many prophets.  Many of the books of our literature are about
Jesus.  And I say, `Great is God’ more than 50 times a day,
because God means so much to me.”  God means so much to many
of them that they are more modest in the clothing that they wear.
Many are more on guard against sensuality and “worldly” things.
God means so much to many of them that they are willing to die
for God and justify that frame of mind more quickly than they
would a willingness to die for nation, or die for world.  I’m not
saying that Muslims are the ones who are going to inherit God’s
Kingdom any more than anyone else.  In the eyes of the Kingdom
of Heaven, there’s no such thing as race or color or religious
background.  It doesn’t matter – none of it matters.  If the extent of
your religious background was Star Trek – that in itself could be
the best background you could have, if you could accept this as
Truth, if you could accept this as reality.


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