Jesus said there would be Signs in the Sun, Moon, Stars (planets, comets)


Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Note: His Signs are in the heavens and on the earth, where the Luciferian Space Aliens, since they were grounded into their underground prison by the Next Level arn’t allowed to do anything very far into space.

Perhaps the Space Aliens are doing all the sightings regarding the International Space Station, but it would be confusing to allow them to work their wonders on the Moon or any of the planets or with comets. When Jesus said that his coming would be accompanied by “lightening seen from one part of the heavens to the other from east to the west (combining two versions of the same depiction)” – the word for lightning was related to the Greek word “aster” which is translated to a star but a star that is “strewn accross the heavens” so sounds much like a comet looks.

And especially a “great comet” that is seen without telescopes like Kohoutek and West and Hale Bopp and Pan Starrs in 2013, the last two of which seemed to have companion objects seen in pictures below:

There is a lot to say about CERES in relationship to it’s “green” connection as it is the Roman Goddess of the Harvest and the counterpart to the Greek Demeter and that is the depiction of the “green horse” of:

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale ((5515 chloros= green)) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Death therefore is indicated because in any harvest that’s what it’s all about. According to Jesus the weeds are pulled up first. That doesn’t mean all who die are weeds. That’s not up to us. We will all lose our vehicles. It all depends on whether each individual has sought the Next Level of not, or if they at least rebelled from being apart of the BEAST – the governments that are in many cases know it or not in league with the Luciferian Space Aliens, thinking some are good aliens while the truth is all the aliens are fallen angel souls who stole humans and produce new physical vehicles using various hybridization methods – abucting humans and taking sperm and eggs to try to breed new vehicles they can use. And they also form contacts with some humans who have been given Souls to add to their numbers often seen as contactees and channelers. And they also are behind all the religions and especially the religion that is most prepared by the Next Level to recognize the return of Jesus and his Kingdom – christians who are at this time especially anti-christs but of course don’t know it or they wouldn’t call themselves Christians. But the leadership have the most to answer to the Next Level for as they are leading others away from seeing the truth, especially as they lead humans away from even considering who Ti and Do said and demonstrated they were.


ceres lights from closer orbit in 2015



Ceres lights from Hubble Space Telescope in 2004 – the reason for the Dawn spacecraft mission launch in 2007


This is the closest view yet from perhaps about 700 miles away from Ceres of the brightest light.





This is Ceres Pyramid. Note the bright white verticle rows all around it and it’s the only such object on Ceres the protrudes miles high above the surface. 




ceres lights with black object moving


Ceres Lights with brightest object showing itself to be raised above the surface by 5-10 miles some estimate. The light it produces is not thermal and is actually cooler than the surface temperture and the other largest lights are a different form of light  production that doesn’t involve heat, via NASA tests. A close up view shows shadows underneath it as if like tree roots and resembles Pluto’s white spot where it attaches to the non-white ground.




Pluto’s white spot facing New Horizons spacecraft which is Plutos north pole which would be facing Horizons approach. Ti and Do illustrated in their fictional movie script they said was based on the truth that depicted Pluto as a spacecraft and was to have had a lourvered type  of door for spacecrafts large and small to go in and out through, that had an “earth lab” inside that was a huge but scaled working replica of the earth with observation levels and huge screen in which to examine anything happening on earth by technicians.



Ceres lights from a closer orbit with a dark object above it someone circled in the pic


ceres lights from a more distant orbit by Dawn in 2015

Pluto – (dwarf planet):


Pluto’s white heart shaped spot. Ti and Do started a movie script project in 1983 that they said was “fiction based on the truth”. It was illustrated by Ollody and included on it’s northern pole (that faces us like the spot does on Pluto) a large lourvered door to allow spacecrafts access as inside it was an “earth lab” having a working model of the earth with technicians on observation platforms viewing via large screens whatever they wanted to see happening on earth. It also had 4 spacecrafts that looked like flying saucers stationed at the four corners.



By increasing the contrast the 4 “spots” become more defined by New Horizons closest approach in 2015.



Here is New Horizons Spacecraft’s approach as Pluto rotated to see the rectangular shaped “spots” as NASA calls them.




Pluto “spots” pic without added contrast showing the 4 equidistant 400 km wide rectangular areas in 2015



pluto’s blue atmpsphere – note Ti and Do wrote about the possability that Pluto was an Earth lab inside.

Objects filmed by SOHO Space Telescope of the Sun, in it’s corona:


objects in the sun’s corona

Here are some pictures and videos I’ve accumulated that show some of these Signs:

giant t shaped ufo over sun with second object smaller to it's right

pic of sun with two objects above it one shaped like a T the other to it’s right side that could only be seen in part in the video


An array of objects in the Suns Corona. There have been many of these with these unurual shapes and huge and smaller sizes all around the sun pictured by the SOHO Space Telescope starting around 2013.




Moon “spire” standing many miles tall is one of many anomolies seen on the backside of the moon. There are good documentaries on all the moon Signs available on Youtube some done by reputable media groups.







a comet that was filmed by a probe showing it’s many “jets”  and rocky unusual shape all of which moreorless blew the minds of NASA folk to see it wasnt’ just an “icy snowball”

comet pan starrs  evidencing a split in front of the comet that doesnt evidence being a star

pan starrs comet march 2013 – note tiny black spot in it’s coma. NASA had no explanation for it but doesnt’ show this pic anymore. I wonder if it’s a companion object.


From Hidden Image

Comet hale bopp japanese observatory photo showing the comet on left brighter and bigger than the object to the right. Also note stars that are far more distant than the comet or other object appear to be oblong while hale bopp and this other object are not nearly oblong. Scientists continue to be amazed by hale bopp as when it went behind the sun and emerged the companion wasn’t visible anymore but there were now three tails so they thought it had a dual nucleus.


Comet Ison after NASA’s addied pixelization was filtered off by software. Ison went on from here to hit the sun they said and were suprised that it survived and came out in another spot and it wasnt’ the spot they calculated by it’s trajectory when it entered it’s mass. It was thought it would burn up but didn’t. Then some days later it was filmed as 7 objects flying in a V formation and behind it was a huge object  that was described as “duck shaped”.


Hale Bopp comet showing companion object from Hawaii observatory – may have been doctored. The Japanese photo is more telling.


Haley’s comet from hubble


Hale Bopp Comet 1996 or 1997


comet hartly clearling showing the jets at various places releasing energy. If these comets keep traveling for centuries or even millenium or more how does their energy get restored to keep them going in their very, very large so called orbits.


comet that shows the anti tail – which is a tail extending into the direction it’s headed towards the sun – not supposed to happen if the tail is just melting ice vapours


comet ison after the pixelization put on it by NASA was removed. Looks like a flying wing.


unusual cloud – Ti and Do said the Next Level crafts can generate clouds to hide within, which could mean the space aliens may have some of the more primitive of those crafts to do the same with to wow humans by while the Next Level doesnt’ need to wow anyone.


storm showing a bright object below it


taken over russian city that has video which I suspect is a space alien hologram. I first saw it from a motorists dash cam


There there are the likley candidates of IMAGES, or even holograms stimulated by the Space Aliens and/or the humans they may work with directly or indirectly:


This is known as the Norway Lights. The video is worth seeing on Youtube as the way it develops is not like anything seen before but this would not be something the Next Level would be behind. This took place during the Climate Change Conference that coincided with Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.



This was an event developed over Los Angeles in about 2015. The military didn’t take responsabilty for it. I don’t think it was Next Level stimulated but I could be wrong.



The same L.A. “fireball” from a different angle.



This is part of what became called the Phoenix Lights in 1997 that I’m fairly sure was not Next Level produced.



This was also another part of the Phoenix Lights that I suspect is Space Alien and/or Human produced.



I think this was another view of the LA “fireball”.

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