Pictures related to Ti and Do and Crew


this was the patch some or all of the 39 members had on their uniform when they laid down their vehicles in 1997



mark twain the pen name for Samuel Clemmons had a great deal in common with how Ti and Do’s arrival on earth played out. He made a movie with Edison about Captain Stormfields trip to heaven on the tail of a comet. And he was born when Halleys comet came and exited when it returned as he predicted and hoped would be the case. He was also a mississippi river boat captain. The captains deck on a riverboat was referred to as the Texas deck thus Texas as a state became the area where Ti and Do’s vehicles were born and raised and Do was like a captain. An archangel is a captain of angels and Michael the archangle who visited Daniel was also noted in the Revelations 12 prophecy as the one who was birthed to the throne by his Older Member – Father who was incarnate in the vehicle that becamse known as Ti (tee).



This picture was painted by Ollody the groups primary resident artist. He was given the project to paint the scenes that would be used in a movie script Ti and Do had a crew start to write but a hollywood producer didn’t want to produce. Ollody drew it and then used an airbrush to paint it in around 1984 in Amarillo, Texas. It was made into a big part of the artwork.



Heavens Gate Cult Suicides

This is the front door of the quarters where the 39 exited their incarnations from.



This is the top part of the first poster used in 1975-1976 while groups were holding meetings. Ti and Do never approved of the use of UFO as I believe they thought it was a popularist acronym. They would have just referred to a spacecraft as a cloud of light, but since it was used and became a big part of the media they went with it and continued to refer to it in certain documents.



This is left to right, Brad Steiger, Ti, Do and Hayden Hewes. Hayden and a colleauge from the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City interviewed Ti and Do as Bonnie and Herf, the first names of their vehicles, on July 13, 1974 and then Brad was in on an interview about 14 months later after they were “shot down by the media (press)” which occurred to start in October of 1975. They published a book called “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”.  Ti and Do were not happy with the book’s content but didn’t get specific that I ever heard. Ti thought Hayden was one of the most open minded people she had met.



The person on the bottom left did not graduate. He dropped out about two weeks before they layed down their human vehicles. He wrote about how he never intended to do that, which was planned from the time he joined the group. As he reported in his book, Beyond Human Mind, he was waiting til the last minute to leave. (‘m not claiming that was all that conscious on his mind at the time, as after I left many things about the way I came to leave became more apparent.  The press made him into an icon of the group with his face on People’s magazine cover, often said to be the only survivor, an oxymoron, since surviving to DO would have meant going with them, but from the human perspective is of course how they mean that. Even so, there were a number of dropouts that had degrees of belief in Ti and Do, me, sawyer included – dropouts, even fallen crew members if we then ceased to recognize Ti and Do’s as Older Member Souls from the Creators Kingdom, who created the earth and all it’s life forms. We don’t have the judgement to know who falls into what category as for or against Ti and Do as it can happen any time for anyone that we take steps towards them and steps back as we have life lessons. But  it’s true and I’ve experienced it, that the longer we stay the more we can lose what Mind from our Older Members we once had. We can even still talk as if we are fully dedicated to them, while not recognizing our slipping in our own “self” into the mix, even changing things Ti and Do said. If and when that happens, we can recover by changing our views to get back on track. But the more we drift from Next Level behaviors and ways (no matter if we’ve been with Ti and Do or not), the less we may allow ourselves to see about the ways we have changed or diluted or distorted their teachings. If for instance someone says the “gate is closed” they are directly speaking against the Mind from Do that he and Ti have given us because he clearly indicated the gate was to be open for a “brief period of time” and we have no idea what that time frame is.

The human kingdom is a Next Level school and we are all like blades of grass in that school “garden” some spurting up some never do, some growing faster and then slower than others. It’s not a competition but it takes effort to pass grades to be closer to a graduation when souls are given that opportunity and the main opportunity is now and we are the ones who decide on the pace of our  growth. The Next Level will help all those who ask for it.

The more of Their information, behaviors and ways we receive the more that is expected of us.



We earned “sticks” for years by working jobs that became for many computer programming tasks. I was part of some of the little companies we started. One was called Think Link and the other was called Word Wise, basically me and Srrody but soon included others. I left before they started this company that used this web page to advertise by.



This was and I believe still is the opening web page for that explains how Hale Bopp comet was the “marker” they had been waiting for since 1975. Whether it had a “companion” object with it was “irrelevant” to them. I have documented the companion object was with the Hale Bopp though.



This was Ti and Do’s first public meeting though they had spoken to their first group in North Hollywood part of Los Angeles a few months earlier. This one was at Canada College in August of 1975. Left to right were Wndody, Dncody, Ti, Do, Flxody and Cddody who had all joined from that private meeting in Hollywood. Among them only Wndody was among the 39 that laid down their human vehicles lives in 1997. Dncody has since left his vehicle, Flxody may have exited by now too and Cddody has left his vehicle. Note Do’s vehicles hair was generally white by then according to prophecy though it was real while when he came public without Ti in the 1990’s as the return of the same Older Member Soul who had been incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus.




I included this pic because the statue of Liberty I believe is spoken of in Revelations chapter 17 and the WTC attacks I believe were part of the “great shaking” propesied in Rev 11, to take place after the Two and their Crew left their incarnations.



This was allegedly taken from the International Space Station. I don’t know if it’s a real pic but it is interesting that it looks like a gold city that is of a size as described as the New Jerusalem. It is possible the Next Level let them see it for a moment or two or it could be a hoax but one thing I’m sure it’s not – an space alien craft. The space aliens are the fallen angel souls spoken of in legends in Genesis 6 and by the Book of Enoch – spoken of as the “watchers”. They are not really “space” aliens anymore because the Next Level (true extra-terrestrials, as they are not limited to terrestrial only life as humans are) locked them up underground and undersea, though they can fly around in the spacecrafts they have in the earth’s atmosphere and some short distance away from it.




This was a terrible grade B movie produced in 1978 that was supposed to be about Ti and Do’s group but used the Jonestown murder, forced and manipulated suicides on it’s cover. The two groups were about as far away from having any similarities and this movie was comprised of rumors and misinformation about Ti  and Do’s early group.



My understanding is that this was a type of movie poster for the second movie Do had a crew work on. That crew included Ollody and Neody and perhaps others. I understand Neody when he left had the materials for it and did try a little to peddle it in Hollywood to no avail. Beyond Human was the name of the video Tape Series Do made in 1992-3 and at the opening of each of those general hour long sessions we would ring a bell. I was on that video crew.



I believe this is Brad Steiger on the left, then Do and then Ti, probably in 1975 or 1976.



When Ti announced that the “harvest is over” on April 21st 1976 after the groups finished up scheduled meetings, Ti and Do called us all to the Vedauwoo rustic camping area in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. Earth Born seemed so fitting for the earth graduation classes “spirit birth” Jesus called it.



This is where Ti’s vehicle was born and where Do’s vehicle went to high school. This is also where I was after I joined and we became scattered around the U.S. and while putting my sleeping bag down on the beach to the north against Nueces bay I saw a bright shining large object traveling an an enormous speed several times any jet from north to south that did a 90 degree turn so it was headed towards the water and then did another 90 degree turn so it continued to the south out of sight. That took place in 2-3 seconds and it wasn’t a tiny jag after the first 90 degree turn to the second 90 degree turn.



Enter a caption


This is where Ti and Do first gathered their student crew and where they exited their vehicles (except for Ti who exited in Dallas Texas in 1985, said in prophecy as “earth opened her mouth” a way of saying she would die but it would help her escape the dragon (luciferian) flood of negative thoughts against her that she took the brunt of since she was the Older Member of Do. Do identified him (her) as his Older Member. Ti didn’t state it, which is also in Jesus prophecy. Do said Ti “burnt out her vehicle” dealing with the negativity but that was part of the plan as Ti always said to do, “I’m here to get you started and then I’m going back”. That’s in prophecy in Rev 12 as well – “birthing” him to the “throne” so he could finish the task he had begun while incarnate in the vehicle named Adam. Ti told us he had been incarnate as Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus before Do.




This was the last property they dwelled on earth in. We lived in a number of properties that were large but this one seems to be the biggest. One in Paradise valley had an indoor squash court underground. Another in San Antonio had an indoor swimming pool. Most in those years in the 90’s had an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court. Several times we sold everything and became outfitted in trailers and tents and lived on BLM land in Arizona and on ranches in Wyoming seasonally. I think most of our years were spent in Texas.




This is some of the documentation I suspect was like a John the Baptist arrival before Ti and Do. I never heard Ti and Do talk about it but don’t think the space aliens were let out of their underground prison cells yet, at least not allowed to circulate in North America at that time since they came in the 1940’s – 1950’s.


MASS SUICIDE FOUNDERShbhgtdpatchheavensgatelogo


Ti’s vehicle was a registered nurse for years before they met. She worked primarily in the premie baby ward in a Houston hospital. She was subbing for another nurse when she met Do who was visiting a “sick friend” there. He wasn’t in the hospital as some report. This was either late March or early April of 1972 as Do said it was “about 9 months before we left houston” which I know was at midnight on 1/1/1973.




This is the book that is also the content of the web site that can still be downloaded in text format for free on that site. I have no affiliation with the site. It’s maintained by two dropouts who appear to believe differently about Ti and Do now, according to a number of interviews they gave so I would’t look to them for accurate information about what the group stood for and believed. They sell this soft cover book, perhaps still for $24.95 and they sell some tapes as well. I’ve posted 99% of what’s in this book on my blog. Just search for “Purple Book Contents” to find it as their documents are spread out on my blog.




This was the picture that was on the Magazine section front cover on the NY Times Sunday Magazine in 1976. Note Do’s postion (seat) is Ti’s “right hand” (of power)




After Ti exited her vehicle in 1985 he kept a seat for Ti. Notice it’s positioned so that he is to the right side of where Ti would sit which is accoring to prophecy but I don’t think was always the way they sat as they were never trying to taylor their  choices to prophecy. Prophecy was just used as a clue to what they were already feeling.




Do from the Beyond Human series of tapes. Note his “white hair” like snow in prophecy.




These are from top left; Dstody, Glnody, Smmody, Srrody and then on the next row below them on the left; Sngody, Alxody, Jwnody and Slvody during the 1994 second public meeting period.




This was taken in a little town south of Portsmouth, New Hampshire in August of 1994 during the Second Public meeting period of about 9 months in duration. Left to right are Lggody, Slvody, Swyody, Evnody, Alxody. Only one person showed up to this meeting and he was a reporter. this was  my groups last public meeting before Do met with us all and had us travel back to California.


A Member of the Kingdom of Heaven

This is what an Older Member of the Next Level’s vehicle would look like according to Ti and Do. Ti and Do had Ollody draw and airbrush paint this. Note it is a refined vehicle – not grotesque. There are other vehicles in the Next Level that they “wear” around their Soul Body that is less dense. They grow these kinds of vehicles on a vine like a plant and they grow them to spec for the Mind that is going to wear it. It can die but then they just grow another for that member. One or more of these kinds of vehicles may have been in the planned crashes in the late 1940’s like near roswell, New Mexico and at Aztec, New Mexico. This vehicle would no thave digestive or reproductive organs. Not all the 38 graduates will receive this type of vehicle but perhaps one like it for some as Do said some would have to return again to finish their overcoming on earth. That return is not to occur until after the recycling is completed.





This shows their plan for three groups to exit, I suspect over two days time. They dated their press release as 3/22/97 and said by the time people see it they would have been gone. However perhaps it was over three days as it was the 24th when Rio first went to see what they alerted him to in the FedX he received.

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