Transfiguration Diet Overview including some pictures and the chapter on the Three “I’s” – whose talking when we say “I”

Some pictures from the book are included below.


Someone whose mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer put word out on her Facebook page for help of any kind, even mentioning alternative therapies to chemo the doctors were pushing. So I wrote to her about my experience with the research experimenting we did with nutritional healing that became as a starting place the book, The Transfiguration Diet. It was eventually sold to Dr. Christopher’s son and I could still find a copy by searching out of print  or rare book sites. So here is my response to her. This may end up becoming a place holder for a more thorough report but this at least gives a summary:


I have some recent experience with lymes disease I contracted last summer from a tick bite that had a huge ring around it and I had symptoms of arthritis and multiple sclerosis initially but they were mild and went away. Then a couple of months later I had a very minor knee injury and my knee swelled up big time so I could not bend it. It gradually reduced over a few days and my other knee out of the blue swelled up and then both were swelled up so I could barely walk like a Frankenstein monster and had next to no muscle strength. I started to have pain and swelling in my foot and almost all my joints that interfered with sleep. I had always said if I got sick I would go the route of treating it with trying to boosts my own immune system strengthening. A number of my friends wanted to hold me down to give me antibiotics but I felt not to go that route, but it was in a huge way also because while I was in Ti and Do’s classroom Do and a small crew wrote a book that the rest of the group were the “guinea pigs for”.


It was called the “Transfiguration diet” and can still be found on the internet, but essentially it’s called a “mucousless diet” because of the way mucous forming foods inhibit the immune system – taxing it because many of these foods are actually creating an allergic response in the body that then taxes the immune system so any genetic weaknesses or propensities become more apt to develop. So that more or less means a dairy free, flesh free, sugar free (and not using the phony sugars either, but does include supplementing with unsulfered molasses for it’s high mineral content – to the dosage of 1 Tablespoon 3 x’s a day) and use of a little honey or maple syrup in tea or in slow cooked oats. The idea on cooking was to never cook a grain at above 130 degrees. Of course that means no processed carbohydrates. There are carbs in bananas and avocados and other fruits and veggies.

So what does one eat on such a diet?

Apples every morning or a slow cooked oat or wheat berry breakfast with a tiny amount of maple or honey. Then raw salads and lightly steamed veggies with all the extra virgin garlic infused olive oil you want and Tamari (like soy sauce) or a little vegesal (vegetable based salt) and cayenne pepper. The dinner meal was pretty much the same.


But as far as some of the supplements was Cayenne pepper – working up to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day in 4-6 ounces of good clean water and then chase it with another 4-6 ounces of water. I started with 1/4 teaspoon 3 x’s a day. Start that first thing every morning and follow it with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) 3 x’s a day. After the supplements try to wait about 20 minutes before consuming food.


As the non-christian Jesus taught some remedies need to include “prayer and fasting” (which this diet is a type of fast though when we were on it we did some juice and water only fasting but that can be dangerous. Of course I don’t know how these things would work with the meds. From my past experience they can often enhance the meds sometimes. People will be mad at me for saying all this and I know I’m not a doctor but I also know that the doctors are not generally trained in nutritional healing and often call it quackery, though some these days are waking up. Sometimes doctors say such supplements as I’ve mentioned and others won’t cause any harm. And I’m not saying these are the only things to do. I believe we each can have a real communication with the Ones who designed all the planets and all the life forms by projecting our asking as far into the heaven’s as we can imagine, asking for help and for their will for us. They are actually waiting for us to ask so they can show us what they can do. I’m not saying they will shoot down to earth in their spacecraft and heal you or your loved ones. That depends on them and what they know that you need, that is if you want to grow closer to becoming a member of their kingdom. The religions and spiritual ideas, though having shades of truth are almost totally corrupted. They bottom line is that They exist! It’s we that really don’t exist unless we draw their Mind to us and in that way grow to embrace our lessons steps so we can also potentially exist. I surrendered again to their knowing that I still had the capacity to grow towards graduation, yet it’s a continuous process as the more they give us the more they expect. It’s not like a country club religion. It’s a training program and they don’t need new members so they make it challenging but provide all the help we can need to accomplish.


Because of the Lymes I felt like it was easier to be willing to exit this vehicle rather than become crippled and in pain and unable to serve them in the way I feel they gave me to serve at this time. So I have not had much of a re-occurrence of the lymes disease but I also have not been 100% on the diet. I cheat on the diet, which Ti and Do also, in this way thought was of value – but not in behavioral ways.  Cheating on the strict diet was like giving the horse (vehicle) a sugar cube” every now and then to get better performance from a happier vehicle.

After we as a group were on that program for months we kept on experimenting with diets that were better fitted to providing good energy and maximum health. Anne Wigmore’s Hippocrates health program was one and the Gerson clinic program was another that Do took from each. Oh, we need to keep regular as well to eliminate toxins but needless to say no stimulants like alcohol and coffee were considered of any benefit. Sounds dull but we can overcome all these habits we sometimes think we can’t live without.

I was on a variation of the transfiguration diet for 3 years and still had some repeated swelling in my feet and knee until I stopped eating brown rice that I had most every day as one starch for either a lunch or dinner. That did it. No more swelling since and now I eat whatever I want but just try to limit serving sizes on the no no items and not have them repeatedly during the day and not too often in a week.

Since I have an allergic reaction to white potatoes my biggest supplier of a starchy vegetable is sweet potatoes or yams, though I eat a 1/2 an avocado in my salad once a day and eat 2 bananas as a part of my breakfast every morning. For that first meal I’ve been making a thick  combo from 1 large apple, 2 medium bananas and a heaping tablespoon of either sunflower seed butter or tahini – which is sesame seed butter mixed together.

I got the idea from what DO introduced to us after we had written the Transfiguration diet as a lunch. We would have up to 6 large bananas and a tablespoon or so of Tahini. That was the meal.

We had nuts as snacks and dried fruit as well and dates and figs. I didn’t include the dry fruit in my diet because I have had teeth problems since my vehicle was a kid. Do said it was because of the water on Long Island. Nonetheless, to date I would have a little pain from eating sweets so generally don’t, though if I do I just have a little and wash out my mouth soon afterwards.

For my second meal of the day I generally have a very large salad with spinach and left lettuce (not iceberg if I have a choice). I use Olive Oil on it. Garlic is also very important in the diet – fresh but it can upset the stomach so DO had us put maybe a half dozen large cloves in a quart bottle of Extra Virgin first cold pressed olive oil. Skin the cloves and use a fork to prick a bunch of holes in the clove and drop it into the bottle. As it sits the oil get’s infused with the great things in the cloves that becomes an antibiotic in one’s system. We at one point did take garlic capsule supplements but there is no replacement for the real deal.

With the big salad which I only add 3-4 other vegetables to – like avocado and olives, cukes, sprouts I have some sweet potato and one or more veggies.

Once in a while I add a scrambled egg and cheese omlet, totally off the diet but sometimes I just crave it so go with it. I was out and about and was hungry the other day late at night when next to nothing was opened so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had two small breakfast sandwiches that included sausage and egg and cheese on a croissant and the other on an English muffin and had a cup of coffee as well with cream in it and no sugar – so a junk food splurge but didn’t notice any problems from doing so. Sometimes when out I’ll have a chicken ceasar salad and it works for me So people can and should experiment just don’t do the junk foods too often.

I’ll keep expanding my coverage of this book and my progress in case it gets hard to find on the internet.

Here is the chapter on the Three “I’s” in the Transfiguration Diet book DO and Crew wrote:

“The Three I’s — Who’s Talking?
For the sake of understanding, it works best to picture or imagine that within each of us there are three I’s, or three voices that use the word “I.” For example, when we say, “I like so and so,” if it’s an intuitive like, or a like that’s been with us most of our life instead of a disciplined like, it’s the ancestral genetic heritage that is speaking (or the genes carrying that ancestral programming).
If it’s a learned like that is not intuitive, it’s probably the result of environmental influences or direct experiences we have had during this life that made a strong impression upon us. (The Genes also house the environmental influences or experiences learned during this life.)
If we say, “I like such and such,” and we like it only because we recognize the value of it, or feel it is more right even though we would intuitively tend to like the opposite, or if it is a disciplined like, then this is the mind talking and reflects a lesson learned in our genetic past. (Certain parts of our genetic structure also have pockets for housing the mind, what others refer to as spirit or soul.)
These three voices (mind-heritage-environment) all express themselves through the brain, so how do we learn to identify which voice is speaking? First, let’s talk about our genetic heritage. A good analogy that works for us is to think of genes as tiny information chips, similar to those in a computer. They contain all the information passed on through our blood line (or ancestral heritage) regarding physical appearance and constitution; likes and dislikes; attitudes, responses, and ways of thinking; how we express ourselves; desires and opinions; weaknesses and strong points; literally everything about us. Subconsciously, these genes will respond automatically, transmitting those thoughts into our consciousness, and we interpret them simply as “our opinion” voicing itself.
We don’t have to waste a lot of energy figuring out which source the voice is coming from. That investigation doesn’t serve us, except in the understanding that the wise voice or mind, which as learned lessons, will be the source of responses that will choose to restrain us from destructive paths. Anything less than a response of restraint, because of a lesson learned, is the vehicle(body) talking–the voice of the genetic programming from the blood strain and/or environment.
It helps us to substitute the word “vehicle” for “body” in our vocabulary, because of the way most of us today are programmed to respond to these two words. In many cases, “body” is connected with lower (animal parallel) responses–manifesting in self-consciousness, modesty, and sensuality; whereas, “vehicle” is a more objective term not having those same associations.
The mind and vehicle are completely separate, the mind having existed before we ever came into this life. Again, the mind has no relationship to the genetic characteristics of the vehicle (neither to the genes programmed from the inherited blood line nor to those programmed by the environment during this life). Remember, we’re not talking about the brain when using the word “mind.” The brain is that part of the vehicle which acts as a receiver and transmitter of the genetic signals.
Out teams vernacular uses the word “mind” in the same context as religious terminology does in reference to the the spirit or soul. The clarification of this usage is in no way intended to propose or endorse any particular religion, though the terminology could seem to suggest such. We’re merely trying to clarify the understanding of this three-voice concept (mind-heritage-environment). Whether this terminology is suitable in the eyes of some is really of no concern to us. The fact is that using it to implement the concept of genetic reprogramming has proven unquestionably to work to a tee. The technique is so successful and yields such remarkable consistency in results that our team is currently involved in exploring this topic in depth.
The “I,” in reference to the mind, speaks always with the most respectable and learned evaluation. For the sake of clarification, whenever we use the words, I, we, or you, in this book, it is generally the mind we are referring to, that part of us which wants to improve. It is therefore “our” task (our mind’s task) to talk to our vehicles, directly them in all their actions, and continually work to improve and refine the vehicle’s genetic characteristics.
We’re sure that most of you have employed this reprogramming technique anytime you exercised restraint or discipline for whatever motivational purpose. For example, if you avoided eating sweets because you wanted to lose weight, then you were unconsciously using this technique. In other words, if a voice inside you says, “I really want a piece of candy,” and you exercise discipline by coming back with “No, I’m not going to eat any.” then this is an example of your mind talking back to your vehicle. Only the voice of the vehicle (the genetic programming) would state such a strong liking for a food you know is harmful, while the mind is the voice that tries to get you back on track.”
*****end of chapter **


Pictures from the Transfiguration Diet Book:

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