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“Little Book” Appendix

November 25, 2016

This is the actual Appendix section of the Book I’ve written, though will change certain links if need be since I am not behind the source of some of the Links and wanted a way to redirect someone to the correct link without having to change my book manuscript:

VI. Appendix
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VI.A. Links to Do and Crews “Anthology of Our Materials” entitled: ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered,’ (Purple Book)

Do’s writings:

Ti and Do’s First Statement

Do wrote this to set the record straight pertaining to He and Ti’s awakening and prophecy period:
’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew, By Do

Do’s Intro: Purpose – Belief

“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer (Ad/Statement, Published in “USA TODAY”) May 27, 1993, By Do

Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure, By Do

’95 Statement by an ET Presently Incarnate, By Do

Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled, By Do – Sept 29, 1996

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave With Us – Oct 5, 1996

Ti’s Writings – Ti came to “get Do started” so didn’t write much but can be heard in audio tapes:
The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST, by Ti (and Do) – unfinished, unpublished and not copyrighted segments Ti (and Do) wrote in January and part of February of 1973 while first awakening to their task for the Next Level while they were in Boerne, Texas. I’ve included what I believe to be the most important parts of it because of how Ti addresses subjects as; Jesus saying one must be “Born Again,” the Christing Overcoming Process that all must engage to reap the benefits Jesus talked about, so not to think we can get to Heaven on his “coat-tails” as many Christians to date have been taught, Homosexuality as just another form of sensuality (fire) that must be “burned out” in the Christing Process to graduate the human condition and what if the returning “Jesus” came from “Texas” – would people reject him the same way they did when the prophesied return of the Messiah came through a human vehicle named “Jesus” from Galilee? This includes my commentary on the segments and that may grow but for the sake of having Ti’s writing in this book, I’m including the current report below.

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST – Sawyers report on segments written by Ti (and Do):

Below are some pages of the actual text from the unpublished book entitled, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST” that Ti and Do started to write during their first stage of awakening while staying at a ranch house in Boerne, Texas. Do said they were there for “less than six weeks,” trying to sort out the thoughts and understandings they were both independently receiving from the Next Level. They started writing in January of 1973, having left Houston and both their families, friends, careers and lifestyles behind. A note was made in the pages that it was edited in February of 1974.

Ti and Do told Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes (authors of UFO Missionaries Extraordinary about Ti and Do), they “threw out” this book and that it was “the beginning of understanding what our responsibility was.” I don’t know the whole story about how it ended up with me but considering some of the material in it, I suspect it could have been Ti and Do’s crew’s intention to use it.

I could be wrong and perhaps it’s not that important, but there is significant evidence in the short incomplete two chapter book that Ti took a primary role in it’s content. It refers to many ideas I know Ti’s vehicle had been very focused on before meeting Do’s vehicle to awaken to their joint task together. Namely, it makes a number of references to the Hindu Vedas and the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helen Blavatsky’s books, which by the end of the 19th century became the single biggest influence of both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist thought, mixed with mystic Christianity and Spiritualism, on the populous of the United States, that became the foundation of what would be called the New Age.

Part of why I am bringing this up, is because most of the leading psychologists who have studied Ti and Do have tended to agree that their leadership and group don’t match any of the other leaders of cults and they largely focus on Do as the leader, even coming up with a story line that almost completely leaves Ti out of the equasion. Those that investigated Ti and Do’s beginning drew conclusions very easily from the few who knew them when they were in the Houston area beginning to sort out what they had to do together. Do even reflected on he and Ti’s beginning in session one of the Beyond Human tapes that Ti said to him, “How come I recognize you but you don’t recognize me.” That little statement is directly in line with Revelations 12 that says the Woman births her son/offspring to the throne:

Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

One or more investigators apparently took rumors as a fact when it was reported that Ti’s vehicle in the beginning wanted to have a human intimate relationship with Do’s vehicle. Do told us (his class) that at first, still unawakened, that he wondered if Ti was interested in him in that human way and that some of their friends and family, and especially Ti’s vehicle’s husband at the time thought they were having an affair. The truth of the matter was as Do told it that there was nothing of the sort. They had no physical relationship like that at all and were never “bed partners.” Do also told us neither was physically attracted to the other. Do also said at first he gave Ti a real hard time. He told us that one time Ti was so frustrated that they couldn’t agree on taking such and such a direction, that she sat on the street curb and put her head in her hands and just said, she wasn’t moving another step. Do said he eventually learned that whenever there was a decesion to be made, Ti more easily would rule out proceeding in certain directions Do thought needed to be played out further. He learned that by Ti going along with what he wanted to do and then seeing for himself that it was a dead end to what they wanted to accomplish. After a while Do knew that Ti was his elder, even his Older Member and that she was the One who was His Heavenly Father 2000 years ago when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. Ti never said that to Do. He realized it and told us their students who Ti was. Do even pointed out one time in a meeting without Ti present, that Ti was the “woman” in Revelations 12:1 and for the first and last time interpreted some of those first couple verses, that I don’t recall except for the bottom line. The fact that Do told us who Ti was/is is found in prophecy.

In this prophecy the One who was incarnate as the Lamb in the vehicle Jesus is talking to his prospective students in relationship to the end time and he says .”..I will write upon him [each student] the name of my God….” In this application God is from the Greek word “Theos” which is a general term for Deity. In this case he is talking about his Deity. In other words a Member of the Next Level that is his elder or Older Member, thus is referring to the one who he referred to 2000 years ago as his “Father” or “Father in Heaven” (heaven because at that time he wasn’t incarnate with him). If his Father was to have a name, he will have a physical presence as well as there is no need for a name otherwise. Only the ones who engage their overcoming metamorphosis will receive this name. This is also part of the evidence that Both of the Two Witnesses are Christs and come incarnate to delivery their prophecy and that they come to a NEW geographic area from where the Old Jerusalem was:

Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

If one goes to the Wikipedia pages, unless there was some miracle since I was last there a year or so ago, when I tried to make some changes but wasn’t permitted, you will get the strong impression that Do was the leader and/or that he flipped out when Ti left her vehicle without him and that’s why he led their students to their laying down their lives, as he was angry or confused or upset, even with his vehicle’s past homosexuality. Some were reporting that his meeting Ti in a hospital was while he (Do) was a patient and it was a psychological hospital and he was there because of his vehicle’s homosexuality. When Do wrote “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” he said he had been a music professor, a divorcee and had “lived with a male friend for some years” and was content involved in academic and cultural activities.

After he wrote that he spoke to us about it and said he was distraught in his relationships as he wanted a “committed relationship” while anyone he met didn’t. He also said that after he met Ti in 1972 he just naturally no longer had an interest in sexuality knowing that it would interfere with the seeking they were doing together to learn what it was they had to do together.

But these psychologists and investigators certainly couldn’t consider the truth as it went so far against their logic and sense of what is true and false about life. So they automatically spun the story to something they and their readers could made sense of even if it was complete non-sense.

In these pages Ti actually talks about homosexuality and it’s also clear in these pages that Ti was already thinking then, seemingly even before Do fully recognized who Ti was, (his Older Member), that Do was the return of the same One who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” – indicating that HE might come from Texas.

In it, it’s shown how they were beginning to recognize that their souls had come from outer space and were here to bring updates to the Bible and to fulfill prophecy. They set out to learn what prophecy they were to fulfill. Do reported in 88Update that it was months later, after leaving Boerne, while they were camping along the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon, that they experienced the greater part of their awakening and knew they had come from the Next Level and came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy and knew this was talking about the task they were to fulfill.

These two chapters talk about the “process” of awakening, converting all one’s energy output to Next Level service, through one’s Older Member and graduating, thus completing the “change over” into a new being via the human vehicle. It’s dying to one’s humanness that is a temporary willful death, because of ceasing human behavior and ways and building one’s new body within the vehicle that becomes born.

This writing also illustrates that death of one’s human physical vehicle was at first seen by Ti and Do as needed for the final stage of metamorphosis into a glorified body like Jesus had.

The book explains how each person that wants to go to Heaven and be with Jesus in his Kingdom can and MUST become a “CHRIST” and that “Baptism was extinguishing the flames of passion” that included converting all our energy we otherwise exhaust on, “sex, love, anger, greed and pride” as Ti says is not only stated in Jesus life example but in the “Hindu keys or Vedas to Godship.”

They wrote, “when a man yields to passion, passion increases in degrees that lead him to greed, jealousy, attachments, possessiveness, desires for becoming a God of the lower regions and he even thinks he can own things. He begins to call things his, his wife, his children, his house, his money, his car, his race, his country, even his earth and begins to confine himself to it.”

Ti writes about “Christing” that included an AWAKENING – when something from inside themselves desires to give themselves to the Lord. At that point begins the conversion process that is the “overcoming” of the human kingdom that includes dropping all behaviors and ways, things that go into constructing our “self,” to be finalized by literal death of one’s physical body as Jesus did and told his disciple they too must do by offering service that would bring the lower forces’ Luciferian adversaries (Satan), through the human vehicles they had programmed to be against them, to put their physical vehicle to death.

Seemingly contrary to believing each would have to die to self mentally and then physically as well to graduate, Ti and Do said to Hayden Hewes, the person who authored the book from Ti and Do’s interviews they gave him, entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level” and that is backed up by the end of “Statement One,” that Do authored while in prison that they mailed out in March of 1975 and resulted in their classroom, where it says, “Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally.”

In UFO Missionaries Extraordinary (which I have posted some of on my blog), Ti and Do related not needing to die to go to the Next Level to the way Jesus, Elijah, Moses and Enoch were recorded to have gone to the Next Level with their physical bodies. (Note, Ti and Do believed that of Moses. The records aren’t clear though some Christians and Jews insists he did leave his body behind but they have no evidence of such. He just walked off and was never seen again and presumed dead).  It was always a possibility, even during their self generated exit of their vehicles in 1997 to be prepared for Ti to take them with their human vehicles and said in their statement against suicide (also posted on my blog), that they actually preferred that, but knew they had the sign to exit according to plan so were putting what would be left behind as up to Ti.

Ti and Do were always following the instructions they received from their Heavenly Father step by step that included what they understood and where they would locate themselves and all aspects of their classroom. It can be shown that believing they wouldn’t leave their vehicles behind was necessary to circumvent the way the Luciferians would have set up programming to their exit of their vehicle, even self exit as was feared about Ti and Do’s group (shown in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary) even before the Jonestown murder/manipulated suicides (that was well documented by tapes of the event).

Some will question where it is stated that the students lay down their lives. I’m not addressing all that now but it’s said as how they “fall down on their faces,” speaking of the Twenty Four Elders and Four Living Beings (wrongly translated as Four Beasts). I will play that out a little here.

Now the prophecy period of these Two Witnesses is their public speaking the new and updated information about the Kingdom of God/Heaven that Jesus indicated he would do upon return as the Son of Man – offspring of human (born of flesh) no longer speaking in parables and showing us the Father plainly/boldly, and revealing the mysteries heretofore sealed from understanding. As they come to a new nation (people) and speak in a new tongue and/or terminology not previously described, they won’t be talking in the former middle eastern languages. The point of their coming is to gather their “lost sheep” (Souls who were set up to  take prepared human vehicles), lost only because they are scattered around the new area so need to be located and drawn together again which is why they come public before nations and kindreds and all tongues, thus speaking to a wide array of people as Rev 11:9 shows.

The point I’m leading to is that it is assumed their students are with them by this point of their being subdued (most translation say is “overcome), as why would the Next Level let the BEAST (the Secret Govt that came to be because of the release of the Luciferian space aliens from their underground prison, and who were therefore under the influence of and especially through their media mouthpieces) subdue/overcome or even kill them before they have had a chance to deliver their testimony that is geared to gather the lost sheep. That would defeat the entire purpose of their coming. Therefore these they gather are the first fruits to be harvested by losing the physical bodies they incarnate into as depicted by the cutting of their “stalks” in Rev 14:15-16.  The class is indicated in a number of other places in the Revelations but I’ll save that for another post.

Thus one can assume when these TWO have finished their testimony, they will have their firstfruits student body (church) literally with them, as it says in the Rev 14 section these will “follow the lamb wherever he goes,” the lamb of course being the role that Jesus filled 2000 years ago and who is following through as one of the Two Witnesses, this time with his Father incarnate as well, to get Him started as depicted in the Rev 12 section and who is the other WITNESS. The number 144,000 is also discussed in the Rev 14 section, but in short, seems to include all who are candidates for graduation at this time or in a time to come and may actually be from the 144,000 initial plantings, twenty four of which are the elders and the remainder in various stages towards graduation.

So death of the physical body is a given as it was 2000 years ago for Jesus and his disciples, even though Jesus’ physical dead body was restored to life again, the initial death was part of the mission not only because He would be picking up that same body again but because it is the showing of our faith that enables students to be willing to face the loss of our own physical body while in performance of service to our Older Member/Heavenly Father.

Here is the actual writing Ti typed up that is filled with cross outs and re-writes as they understood more and more. So it’s starting from page 11. There wasn’t much on each page as it was all double spaced, so I’m not skipping much really. I will try to eventually get to including the entire manuscript but I believe this is the most important and pertinent part:

“Some souls have learned, in probably previous lifetimes, that their soul does not desire the bottom rung of the ladder which is the lust enjoyed by man and woman, and which creates another life of the human kingdom. But possibly these souls have not yet overcome sensuality and now respond as bi-sexual or homosexuals, and even they, though they must involve themselves in their desires, and should until they have burned them out, will one day discover this is too not what their souls are seeking, for it still leads to possiveness, jealousy etc.. Sensuality or the desire for it really makes no difference if it is taken out in a brutal football game or in the backseat of a car in the moonlight.

Man must eventually learn to desire nothing from another or even for himself, other than service – to His Father and his own purification. This same involvement with the magnetic force of the earth causes us to be parasites on one another, physically, emotionally and mentally. And most usually these have to be discarded in that order. The concept of the family is certainly more desirable than the group sensuous chaos with no framework. And in this sense homosexual lovers are more ordered in their honesty than the hetero-sexual with the mistresses on the side. It doesn’t really make any difference how you participate in sensuality, it is still something which must eventually be overcome, if we plan to start a New and Higher Kingdom.

The writers of the Christian Bible, especially those of the New Testament, discuss so thoroughly that man must be born of Spirit. And the first step is being baptized, in the sense that we have quenched the fire of lust and passion. The ramifications of these lusts carry into the love for anything or the need or desire for anything. It is an admirable thing to be able to enjoy things but dishonorable to need them or desire them for any degree for self gratification, whether it’s a ring on the finger or a babe in the crib. What is then ‘being born of Spirit?’

Jesus told us that Spiritual birth must be had during a lifetime. HE, in the Christ image or illustration, found His murderer which provided his Birth of Spirit and made him capable of responding as a member of the Next Kingdom, this being the final step in Killing out Self.

The crucifixion, the death, and the ascension are necessary. When the total physical life has been killed, man is then prepared and eligible to be a new member (born of spirit) of the Higher or Next Kingdom. His new found ability to vibrate on a higher density makes it possible for him to appear to be invisible, levitate into the Heavens, change his vibration level even low enough in density to sit and eat food with others, seem as they are, or transform, and change his density vibrations to such a high level of refinement as to appear to disappear in their sight. He did all this, or was sent to do all this, to show us how we must do the same. In that sense, we must each become as he was and not expect to get to heaven ‘on his coat-tails,’ for all that he experienced was HIS “graduation,” and we must EACH have OUR OWN “Graduation.”

Christ participated in healing, miracles of numbers, multiplicity of giving, the so called magic of dispelling evil spirits or demons (exorcism), levitation, and intuitive knowledge. (He knew their thoughts and named them), and yet the Christian church as a whole no longer accepts or participates in these normal practices of a spiritually developed or awakened soul.

The awakening, which is spoken of in all major ideologies, is man’s realization of what he must overcome in “becoming” or the conversion process necessary between that awakening and his Death-resurrection and ascension. This awakening requires of him, proportionate to how deep his feet are in the mire, to leave his career, his social respectability, his family, all of these or anything else that stands in the way of his development in his new life. It eventually requires his shedding of all identification with the world.

The path leads him to separate himself from all pressures that keep him from being merely his better Self, a part of the God or Light force. He begins to drop off relationships that are stumbling blocks to his pursuit, i.e. dropping away friends or family, ceasing to go to his law office, moving to another place or just “moving” in the process of dropping off the binds that he once allowed society to have on him. He can’t do this in an orderly fashion acceptable and understood by his friends, family, business cohorts or even minister. He must respond to the Spirit within him as it speaks, and not look back. This is the beginning of his conversion and is accomplished during a lifetime in the physical, for those that are alive are those who are asleep. Those that awaken from their sleep do it while healthily alive in the physical bodies. They then begin their process of refinement towards perfection, raising their vibrations, until they are truly in the world, but not of it, by choice. When they reach a higher level of refinement, increasingly converting all sources of energy into their own enlightenment they see the world they are leaving behind as a complete illusion, unnecessary, games without lasting prizes, leading only to the necessity of repeating that grade in school. The refinement process eventually leads them to such an awareness of their separation from the old magnet, though yet a babe in their yielding to the Light, that they realize they need nothing, not even to be aware of existence, but in order to climb another rung they choose to commit themselves totally to their own “graduation” rather than humanity, knowing that in so doing the “sprouts will be allowed their own sunlight.”

Before reaching this point they may find themselves a beggar in the street (beautifully illustrated by St. Francis of Assisi) in order to gain the self respect of their new self, which is more a part of the body of God than an individual. They now desire to pursue the path of becoming an instrument or channel of the greater source of Light, which feeds all humanity and all that is.”

Continuing with a new thought on another page, Ti (and Do) write:

“Jesus said “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father but by me,” yet many have interpreted this to mean if we say His name, know the scripture, or even make an IDOL of Him, we will get to the Father. It must disappoint Him as much to see us make idols of Him, instead of putting our feet on “The Way,” as it did for Him to see man making idols of others. For the most part, He didn’t even speak as a man or even as Jesus, but His Father spoke through Him plainly, illustrating and describing the Way or Path each of us must trod if we are to see the Father. He knew people were not listening to the voice within them or they would have known Him and that He spoke the truth (John 5:37-38). He also told them that they were looking for the truth in the scriptures (John 5:39), and the scriptures bear witness to the truth. This is the same today, we cannot find the truth in the scriptures, but they do bear witness to the truth, which we find living and available to us within us. He told us if we partook of the bread which He offered us, we would not die, as those died who ate the manna in the wilderness (John 8:51; John 6:49-51). This is as true today. We preach it, yet keep on dying. He said it is the Spirit which gives Life (John 6:63), but we are even more afraid to let the Spirit within us rule than they were. The scriptures were fulfilled in His coming, and yet since people knew where He came from as a child and man, they could not accept His being the Christ (John 7:27). We make the same mistake of looking for the scriptures to be fulfilled by someone dropping out of the sky, whose presence would automatically make us know who He was.

Will we make the same mistake if He speaks through a man of this land in birth and development? They said: “Is the Christ to come from Galilee?”  Yet couldn’t accept Him because of their misinterpretation of the scripture. Could you accept Him if He were raised in Texas, and when He came into full consciousness, realized His mission, His full responsibility, and shared it with you? We would probably recall all His sins or ill-deeds, not knowing or remembering…. a man is what he is today and not what he was yesterday. Many would surely judge Him according to the flesh, and yet He judged no one (John 8:15), though He had the knowledge and authority to do so.”
*** end of book segments ***
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Ti and Do’s “Overcoming Classroom” Behavioral Guidelines:
17 Steps – Behavioral Guidelines Given by Ti and Do to Students

Major and Lesser Offenses (Behavioral Guidelines)

Note: This Particular type of classroom experience is no longer offered as there is no group anymore and there will not be a legitimate one again until AFTER the Recycling:
Total Overcomers Classroom Admission Requirements (Behavioral Guidelines)

Pictures Related to Ti and Do and Crew

Purple Book Contents

Students who wrote articles Do included in their Anthology of Materials:
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T.E.L.A.H. — The Evolutionary Level Above Human, By Smmody

“He’s Back, We’re Back” ’94 Public Meeting Announcement Poster

Poster used in Aug. 1994 entitled: The Shedding of Our Borrowed Human Bodies May Be Required

VI.B. Links to Beyond Human – The Last Call Transcripts and Videos and other Heaven’s Gate Videos


Beyond Human Series Table of Contents

Transcript from Video Series – “Beyond Human – The Last Call” Session 1

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When Do and Crew made these video’s I was a part of the video team – Lggody, Jwnody, Jnnody, Lvvody, Srrody and Swyody. We started each Session showing Do and his two Helpers, believe using two camera’s but I wasn’t a camera operator. Those were Lggody and Srrody. Simultaneous with that shot was the sounding of the bell tones. These video’s were reformatted to include the word “Episode” and it’s number and some have another title of Heaven’s Gate included which was not even a phrase we’d used at that time in 1992 when the filming was done. Also some had sound effects of a rushing sound added with the text traveling into the frame. I believe some of this was done by someone who has been an on again off again believer, he has last described himself as a Heaven’s Gate “Sympathizer,” which I find no fault with but had I known of his additions I would have suggested his not doing that. I don’t know who the administrator of this Youtube channel – “HeavensgateDatabase” is, but it has remained for years so I’ve taken advantage of it, pointing people to those posts.

Video: Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 1

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Video’s Made by Do and His Crew:

Do’s Final Exit – recorded on March 19, 1997

Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled – Sept 29 1996

Planet Earth About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Evacuate (Survive) Is To Leave With Us-Oct 5 1996

Heaven’s Gate Student Exit Statements

Here are links associated with they way Do and his Crew layed down their human vehicles that the world considered “suicide”:

Our Position Against Suicide

The following is a press release written by Do and his Crew and sent to a student named Rkkody who was not physically with them at the time, with the instruction to release it to the news media. I knew Rkkody well and communicated with him after Do and the 38 layed down their human vehicles. He followed them some months later. It contains the facts surrounding who they were/are, where they came from and why they chose to exit their bodies at this time by laying them down for the Physical Evolutionary Next Level Kingdom Above Human aka The Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, that the world will see as a mass suicide that took place in March of 1997. Here is the content of the letter:

Press Release: 3-22-97 – HEAVEN’S GATE “Away Team” Returns to Level Above Human in Distant Space

Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”, By Stmody

A Matter of Life or Death? You Decide, By Wknody

VI.C. Links to Ti and Do’s “Classroom” Internal Meeting Audio Tapes (3 of the best quality)

Audio Tape of Ti and Do Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 1 of 3

Audio Tape of Ti and Do Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 2 of 3

Audio Tape of Ti and Do Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 3 of 3

Audio Tapes on a shared site (may cost something to download them all, but may be free to download one at a time)

VI.D. Links to Sawyer’s Internet Sites

Sawyer’s Blog

Sawyer’s Story:”Raptured” by the REV 11 TWO WITNESSES-Bo (Do(Jesus)) and Peep(Ti(Father))’s “Second Coming”

VI.E. Other Links
Jesus prophecy of there being “Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars” (planets):

Signs in the Sun, Moon, Stars (planets, Ceres, Pluto, etc.):

Sawyer Post of T Shaped Bright Object Over Sun

Mystery ‘Bright Spots’ On Asteroid Ceres Are Changing! 3-17-16

UFO Missionaries Extraordinary – Segments from the book written by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger in 1976 from interviews with Ti and Do in their early awakening stages from 1974 to 1976. It includes a document written by Ti and Do  entitled, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time” that describes what Ti and Do referred to then as “7 Major Helps” when their membership was close to the earth, where: 1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6= Bo and Peep  (Do and Ti) in the task of the Two Witnesses and finally 7= Starting with what I believe was Do’s acknowledgment of his past incarnation in the vehicle named Jesus that ends the Judgment “Hour” (approx. 40 year period) with his return with his Armada of graduated Elder Students (Saints/Angels) all in their Next Level vehicles and spacecrafts.

,The Transfiguration Diet, by littlegreen inc.’s think tank published in 1986. This link is only a report about the use of the Books program but may become filled with excerpts or even the entire volume sometime down the road. Do and Crew described it as an 11 year effort and a “gift from space” but said nothing about Ti and Do in it. They wrote that it was “An Extraordinarily advanced “turnaround” concept regarding man and food – health! or disease!

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers” was written by Do and the Class in 1979 and never officially published but was made into a little booklet we ended up storing and carrying around in boxes (maybe a hundred copies or so) for years. We never used them for anything I was aware of. I don’t know what became of them.

Return of Next Level Older Members and Crew Time Line

How misinformation slips in after the Reps have left their incarnations:
Note: I have no affiliation with the:Heaven’s Gate Web Site

As of this writing I believe the website still provides the written materials Do and Crew left behind, with only slight additions by it’s Webmasters to show materials they are offering for sale that includes the Groups paperback book they had printed. Most of these materials are available on my blog.

I don’t generally direct anyone to the Web Site for information because I can provide it all to them and because the Webmasters, if contacted can not be counted on to give someone accurate information about Ti and Do anymore as they have changed Ti and Do’s teachings to have a spiritual bent and have given out inaccurate information. I hope they can change, as we all can when we realize when we’ve made mistakes. Here is a little synopsis of how this took shape:

I do know the webmasters as they were former classmates who were instructed to leave the Classroom in 1987 until such time that they wanted to live by Do’s instructions, surrounding the lesson that was called, “I could be wrong,” which was designed to shift confidence away from self and to Ti and Do. In general that lesson was simple. Whenever we going to say something as a fact, or make a decision, since we were all committed to becoming 100% like Minded to Ti and Do’s Mind, we needed to realize that our judgment could be wrong. These two didn’t want to abide by that lesson step so after some weeks were asked to leave. I was there when we each stated to them the conditions of their return. However, Do and Crew stayed in touch with them as they also wanted and offered them service in 1994 when the groups went on the road public again. They provided a little base to a group or two while in their travels and perhaps more than that. My group wasn’t one of those. That effort ended by September of 1994 and Do and Crew continued to stay in touch thereafter and sometime close to when the group intended to lay their human bodies down they offered these two the task of handling the Group’s accounting and certain legalities, though without letting on to the exit plan.

At exit time the Group sent different former members of the group different sets of master Beyond Human tapes and Exit Videos and instructions on how to handle the web site they had constructed and posted for about a year, where they posted the contents of Their Book. Do and Crew wrote letters to them and to a former classmember named Rkkody. Rkkody was a computer technician and programmer so making last minute changes to the web site was given to him and stated in the letters but they received the information and authority and some funds to manage the site.

These webmasters were also sent with their letters keys and/or combinations to a few storage rooms. One had a small truck in it. Another had various things but it was reported to me by Carlan (Crlody), who joined in 1994 and left soon thereafter, but who worked with Rkkody some that Rkkody told him the tape boxes were stacked up in the front of the storage room. There were some 484 tapes that were recordings Ti and Do had us make of their “classroom” meetings. It was suggested in the webmasters letter that if they preferred they could ask Rkkody and another former member Oscody to handle going to the storage room to retrieve those things before authorities would get them so that’s what was done. These webmasters turned over all their letters and keys to Rkkody, apparently surprised by their Exit. Carlan sent me the letters. Rkkody and Oscody picked up the tapes and Rkkody began to copy them and digitize them into cd’s he started mailing to universities and libraries and anyone who wanted them. The webmasters changed their mind and asked for the tapes and Rkkody returned them to them but kept his copies and digitized versions. The webmasters started legal proceedings against Rkkody and threatened those that received cd’s with a lawsuit if they didn’t return them.

Rkkody felt he had no service to Ti and Do left to do, so he exited his vehicle. Oscody did also a short time later. Before Rkkody left he spoke to me a number of times and also sent me one of the cd’s with all that 90 something audio tapes on it. Three of them are linked to below in section: VI.C.

A battle ensued between those who felt the intention was to disseminate all the tapes (to include some potential new believers) and the Webmasters moreorless led by Carlan but that I became a part of. I later determined that though I didn’t agree with not providing the tapes, it was left to the Webmasters to decide and that I trusted that we have all the information we needed to follow through with “Standing for Ti and Do” by spreading their information to whoever wanted it.

The Webmasters went on to give interviews to different internet news sites and when I would find them, I would find discrepancies in what happened, like the reason for their departure from the class, and points of view that are juxtaposed from what Ti and Do taught or even the opposite and I would make comments and post to my blog various critiques of what they said to the reporters/bloggers.

Because of that and calling them liars for misrepresenting Ti and Do, for instance by saying things like, “There is no Heaven and no Hell” and many other things, I don’t communicate with them any longer. They have copyrighted the BOOK and Tapes and I don’t trust that they wouldn’t try to stop the distribution of my book if I used any of those materials. Thus I reworded everything and 99% is actually from my personal experience that I can bring proof to.  For instance I was one of Do’s “helpers” on 4 episodes of the Beyond Human video Tape series.

Here is some of the evidence of the content of the letters:
Excerpts from Do and Crews letters to web site Webmasters re: audio tape handling

Here are those articles documenting interviews to what these two webmasters said:
Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Here is a little evidence that the geographic location where the Two Witnesses were to come was directly linked to Egypt as shown in Rev 11:8:

Egyptians In America

Do speaks highly of Muslims

November 23, 2016

Here is a little excerpt of Do talking about Muslims I think some might want to be aware of. It’s from the video tape “Planet About to be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave with US” – made  on Oct. 5, 1996.

Do says:

It’s funny – not funny – it’s really sad that a segment of
my Father’s Kingdom, in particular my personal Heavenly Father,
related to a community that is today considered the early Jewish
community, and worked with them preparing them for my
presence here 2000 years ago and now.  And yet, the Jewish
community of then and now, would certainly see me as anything
but a Representative of God.  The Muslims, who are considered by
some to be the enemy of the Judeo-Christians, many of them have
sustained a more real connection with God – with some higher
standards of behavior, and with more restraint.  You know, one of
my students reminded me just today that they came in contact with
a Muslim who said, “Look, you know you people of the West have
a wrong idea of what we are.  We don’t praise Mohammed.  We
don’t worship Mohammed.  We consider Mohammed a prophet of
many prophets.  Many of the books of our literature are about
Jesus.  And I say, `Great is God’ more than 50 times a day,
because God means so much to me.”  God means so much to many
of them that they are more modest in the clothing that they wear.
Many are more on guard against sensuality and “worldly” things.
God means so much to many of them that they are willing to die
for God and justify that frame of mind more quickly than they
would a willingness to die for nation, or die for world.  I’m not
saying that Muslims are the ones who are going to inherit God’s
Kingdom any more than anyone else.  In the eyes of the Kingdom
of Heaven, there’s no such thing as race or color or religious
background.  It doesn’t matter – none of it matters.  If the extent of
your religious background was Star Trek – that in itself could be
the best background you could have, if you could accept this as
Truth, if you could accept this as reality.

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave With Us

November 23, 2016

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive
– Leave With Us

Edited Transcript of Videotape – October 5, 1996:

This is a very exciting time for us.  Who is us?  I’m “Do”
(pronounced “Doe”) for starters, and I have in front of me a
number of students, or my classroom, or in old language of a
couple of thousand years ago, my disciples – those who are trying
to prepare themselves for entry into the Evolutionary Level Above
Human, synonymous with the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of
Heaven.  We’re going to talk to you about the most urgent thing
that is on our mind, and what we suspect is the most urgent thing
on the minds of those who will connect with us.

We’ll title this tape, “Planet Earth About to be Recycled –
Your Only Chance to Evacuate is to Leave With Us.”  Planet
Earth about to be recycled – Your only chance to survive or
evacuate is to leave with us.  Now, that’s a pretty drastic statement
– pretty bold – in terms of religion, inn terms of anybody’s
intelligent thinking.  To most people who would consider
themselves intelligent beings, they’d say, “Well, that’s absurd.
What’s all this doomsday stuff?  What’s all this prophetic,
apocalyptic talk?”  You know, intelligent human beings should
realize that all things have their own cycle.  They have their
season.  They have their beginning, they have their end.  We’re
not saying that planet Earth is coming to an end.  We’re saying
that planet Earth is about to be refurbished, spaded under, and
have another chance to serve as a garden for a future human

Now, the reason this is such an interesting time is not
only because we’re on the threshold of the end of this civilization
(because it’s about to be recycled), but because of where that finds
us, and where that finds you – where that finds those who would
judge us – how we would speak of them, and how they would
speak of us.  Now, you might say, “You keep saying `us’?  Who
do you think you are?”  Well, I, in all honesty, to address that must
first acknowledge who my Father is.  My Father is not a human
father.  My Father is a member of the Evolutionary Level
Above Human – the Kingdom of God – the Kingdom of
Heaven.  My Father – long before this civilization began – gave
me birth into that Kingdom Level Above Human, that Kingdom of
Heaven, that Kingdom of God.

Now, you can say, “I can’t believe that!”  Well, it’s up to
you whether you believe that or not.  That’s not important to me,
even though I wish that you could believe it for your sake.  For
those who do believe it stand a possibility of having a future
beyond this recycling time.  Now, you say, “According to religious
literature, I thought there was someone else who was going to
come and be our “Savior” here at these last days – that that was
going to be Christ’s return?”  Well, the name “Christ” or the name
“Jesus” might be a little confusing.  Because the name “Jesus,” of
course, was merely the name given to the body that that mind (that
was indeed from the Kingdom of Heaven) incarnated into.  That
mind was here 2000 years ago, and that mind came for the express
purpose of teaching humans how they could be “saved”- how they
would not be plowed under at the End of the Age.  Well, we’re
now at the End of the Age.  So that mind that was in Jesus –
What?  That mind, that spirit, that soul is me, and in this body
called “Do” that you’re looking at?  You’ll have to decide that
for yourself.  I must admit that I am here again.  That I’m here
saying exactly the same thing that I said then, trying to say it in
today’s language, trying to hope that, for your sakes, you can
see what we have to offer you.  For the Next Level, through my
Father and through me, is offering you LIFE for the first time
– and we’re not talking about human lifee.

Now, the planet is about to be recycled, and we say we
see the planet as a steppingstone – planet Earth as a steppingstone.
Just as with a civilization, that civilization can evolve upwards –
each segment within that civilization has the option to become
more civilized, less barbaric.  It would be better for them if they
took more civilized options.  Not that they necessarily do.
Sometimes they seem to appear to be more civilized when, in fact,
they have become more barbaric, more quick to condemn the rest
of the world, more quick to kill the rest of the world that does not
think as they think.

Well, I know what I said a few moments ago.  I said that
I am the return of the Son of my Father.  I’ll tell you something
that’s even more remarkable:  my Father came with me this
time.  He came in the early `70’s, took on a human form – an adult
female human form.  He helped me “get into” an adult human
form, in the early `70’s.  And we together helped those who came
with us (our students, who were also here 2000 years ago as
disciples) get in the bodies that they are presently wearing – so that
they could rid themselves of human behavior, human activity,
human thinking – so that they could be ready at this time to move
into the Kingdom of Heaven or the Evolutionary Level Above

These that are sitting before me have been students of Ti
and Do – Ti, my Father – and they are still students of Ti and Do,
even though Ti returned to the Heavens in 1985.  Ti is my
Heavenly Father and is the One who gave me birth into that
Kingdom before this civilization began.  Now, I’m not here to sell
you on that, or who I am or who these are.  I’m here to offer you,
as these are, an opportunity to know the Truth, so that if you can
connect with it, at any level, then you might survive the re-spading
or the recycling that is about to occur.

We made a tape just shortly ago, and in that tape we said
that there are three types of individuals who will survive the
recycling.  One type is those individuals who have overcome their
humanness enough that when the End of this Age is complete,
when the war is over (the spading complete, there is nothing left
here except for recycling), when the end of that occurs, that first
type will have reached a condition of having overcome human
behavior, human thinking, human desires – desiring only to be in
the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
being of service in that Kingdom.  When they have done that
overcoming to that degree, at that point they are a match for a
physical body belonging to that Kingdom.

Humans think that this is a flesh body world, and it is.
But, more importantly, it is a human flesh body world.  The
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Evolutionary Level
Above Human also has bodies.  I wouldn’t say flesh bodies
because they have different characteristics.  But it is a physical
body, a biological body, and in a sense, it is equivalent to a human
body for that next Evolutionary Level.  It doesn’t need the kind of
fuel that humans need, for it’s not a mammalian body.  It doesn’t
reproduce.  It’s not male nor female.  It probably would look like
what you might consider a very attractive “extraterrestrial.”  Most
of the illustrations of extraterrestrials these days have been
grotesque – looked like giant insects, or slimy reptilians, or have
eyes so big that you could fall into them.  An extraterrestrial that
we would consider a genuine extraterrestrial is not a “fallen
angel,” is not a “space alien.”

We see fallen angels and space aliens as synonymous –
fallen angels and space aliens are synonymous.  And the Next
Level – the only real extraterrestrials – have a body similar to the
human body.  The human body was made from the same basic
design, the same general form, except the human body is more
animal than that Next Level form.  The human body has hair,
needs teeth, has physical characteristics that are appropriate to this
environment.  When you go into an environment that does not
require eating things that you have to pull off the bone, or crack
the shells off the nut, then certainly teeth are not needed.  A Next
Level body in a non-earthly environment also needs no hair.  That
Next Level body is a creature that looks very attractive, has two
eyes, some remnant of a nose, some remnant of ears – what you
would call remnants – even though they function very well as
nose, as ears.  They have a voice box, but don’t really need to use
it, for they can communicate by thought – communicate with their
minds.  And that’s an extraterrestrial – that is the “body”
belonging to a member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God.  It’s true, they
could seem unattractive to you if you’re really “into” human flesh
bodies and see them as beautiful.

You know, there are sayings that there is seed of flesh, or
there are things that are born of flesh, and there are things that are
born of spirit.  Also, born of water is synonymous with being born
of flesh.  If people really understood the more accurate of the
religious literature, and could read it as it was intended to be read,
they would know it clarifies that seed of flesh (human) was and is,
literally, seed of the negative, the opposition, the space aliens, the
fallen angels.  Therefore, to the Next Level, human flesh has
become a product of the lower forces, and is of the kingdom
level beneath the Kingdom of God – that kingdom level that
rightfully should be only a steppingstone leading to the Kingdom
of Heaven.

Now, this understanding isn’t meant to put you down or
to say that an individual is necessarily “evil” just because they’re
wearing a human vehicle.  I’m wearing a human vehicle, because I
have to wear one for this task.  I don’t like it.  It doesn’t match me.
And those who sit in front of me don’t like their human vehicles
that they have to wear for this task.  But they have to wear them,
because the task of overcoming the human kingdom requires that
they overcome human flesh – the genetic vibrations, the lust of the
flesh, the desire to reproduce, the desire to cling to offspring, or
spouse, or parents, or house, or money, or fame, or job, or, or –
that could go on and on – overcoming the human flesh and its
desires – even its religious desires.  There is not a religion on the
face of the globe that is of God, as it is today.  All of those
ideologies that are called religions use corrupted records and
corrupted interpretations of man’s relationship with someone from
the Kingdom of God, the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

In other words, it’s like the religious literature (the Bible,
the Torah, the Koran, etc.) are written as time manuals.  So that
ancient religious literature, with its laws and rules, was appropriate
to the time that it was written in and to that phase of civilization.
Less ancient literature, with its laws, was appropriate to its own
particular age.  What did the “Lord” God – the one who was here
long before the Messiah came – say to His people?  Through His
prophets, He said, `I will send a Savior, a Messiah to help you get
out of the human kingdom,’ knowing that some humans should
certainly reach a condition where they would be ready to move up
into His Kingdom by that period in time when His Representative
– the Messiah – would be sent.  When the One He sent came as the
“Messiah,” truly some in the civilization at that time were prepared
for the information – the steps, the requirements – that that
Messiah had to offer to those who would seek His Father’s

Well, that Savior came, that Messiah came.  And after a
brief teaching period with those He picked – those who were His
disciples/students – He said, `I will come again.’  And His Father
sent Him again.  And for me to say that I was and am He, is to
most, utter blasphemy.  In other words, what I say to you now is a
direct, present, current transmission – information from the
Kingdom Level of My Father, the Level Above Human, the
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today’s Christians say they are Christians and think they
are Christians.  And yet they seldom quote the most important
things that Jesus said.  Jesus said, `If you want to know My Father,
if you want to move into My Father’s Kingdom, then shed
everything of this world – leave everything behind – and come and
follow Me.  And unless you hate everything of this world, your
sister, your mother, your brother – everything of this world – you
will not know the Kingdom of Heaven.  You have to graft to Me,
you have to cling to Me, if I am to literally take you into My
Father’s house.’  Most Christians, world over, mostly frequently
quote Paul – who never sat with that Representative (Jesus), nor
was Paul ever a student of that Representative.  Christians say,
“Oh, I love Jesus.  He’s in my heart.  I’m filled with Jesus.  Jesus
wants me to live an abundant human life.  He wants me to have
riches.  He wants me to have more children so that I can bring
them up with Christian family values.”  I don’t remember Jesus
ever saying that, “What I want you to do is to go get married, have
families, have children, and together bring all of them and I will
take them into the Kingdom of Heaven.”  He only spoke to
individuals – and said, `The only way out of here is for you to
know that as an individual this human world is not for you – that
tie that binds you to the human kingdom is not for you.  If you
know it is not for you, then come to Me – and My Father will feed
Me information that can nourish you – and help you overcome this
world – and we’ll leave this world, and we’ll go to My Father’s

Remember, we’re not talking about a spiritual kingdom –
no clouds, no harps – even though we are talking about in the
heavens.  But the Heavens are no more spiritual than when you go
out at night and look at the Heavenly bodies and see them.  They
are literally there.  They are physical.  My Father’s Kingdom also
moves or travels in spacecrafts (some of which are even organic).
You could say, “Oh, my goodness, that’s outrageous.”  Well, you
don’t like the illustrations of chariots of fire or wheel within a
wheel?  You don’t like the illustrations that are in your religious
literature that tell of spacecrafts of my Father’s Kingdom?
“Clouds of light” – at that time they didn’t know what else to call
them.  Even when they saw angels that they said had wings – how
else could they have described that they fly?  That didn’t
necessarily mean they had feathers on their backs (though that
possibility exists as well).  Certainly some of these illustrations
mean that they came to Earth in a flying object and they left
aboard that flying object.  And when they saw Jesus ascend, they
said, “He went up into that cloud of light.”

Now, I’m not trying to make a big deal over the means of
transportation issue.  For a spacecraft – belonging to the Level
Above Human – is much more than a piece of transportation.  It is
a very valuable work station.  It is commonly a place of service to
the Level Above Human.  These students that are leaving this
kingdom level to go with me to my Father’s Kingdom, to my
Father’s house, these will not go into houses on some planet like
Earth, and reproduce, and have families and sit and watch
television and make scrambled eggs.  They’re going to be
genderless individuals, in service – full time – for whatever need
the Level Above Human, the Kingdom of Heaven has for them.
And the tools they use, the workstations that they use are
spacecrafts – all sizes.  Spacecrafts that are so small that a very
small crew could fit into them because that small spacecraft is best
suited for that given task.  Spacecrafts that are so large you can’t
even see the outer extremities of them.  They could look like
something larger than a planet to the observers, because that size
craft is best suited for whatever laboratory work or
experimentation is going on.  All sizes are used for a variety of

How can these students be effective servants in that
Kingdom if they’re worried about their children, or their dogs, or
their horses, or their cats, or how much time they have to put in at
the Rotary, or such things as that.  As individuals they serve one or
two individuals – older Representatives of that Next Kingdom –
who are their instructors for their assigned tasks.  Just as in the task
that we’re in now with this classroom – these look to me as their
Older Member, their instructor, for everything.  I look to my Older
Member for everything – to fill me in on what these students’
needs are and how I might be used to instruct them.  I’m not just
talking about their physical needs, but their mental/spirit/soul
needs – how they can most effectively make their change from
human into the Kingdom Level Above Human.

Now, this is not to say that we know that there is a
guarantee that we will all go on board a craft together, in order to
leave before this spading under occurs.  We will definitely go on
board a craft to leave before the “spading under” occurs.  You
could say, “Well, what’s the difference?”  Well, the difference is
that we don’t yet know if we are going to take these flesh bodies
on board that craft or if we will leave these flesh bodies behind
before we board.  We don’t believe that Our Father’s Kingdom has
much need for these flesh bodies.  But, it’s possible that a
spacecraft will come down, and we’ll walk on board that craft, and
they’ll take these bodies from us, and issue us the ones that belong
to that Level so that we might begin our service.  It is also possible
that part of our test of faith is our hating this world, even our flesh
body, to the extent to be willing to leave it without any proof of the
Next Level’s existence, other than what we have come to know:
that we have nothing to fear;  that we are in Good keeping;  that
we can leave the body that we’re in and Be that soul, that identity,
which totally survives that separation – whether it is by
martyrdom, because someone went crazy over our “righteous
blasphemy,” or whatever event that might separate us from that
human body that we are wearing.  Our faith is primarily based
upon our trust in our Older Members.  We do know one thing –
we don’t care to cling to the life of this body until it naturally
“gives up.”  We don’t care to be aborted by the body that we’re
wearing.  We care more to abort it in proof to our Heavenly Father
that we trust Him and are ready to leave this place.  We’re ready to
go into His Kingdom.  And they, these students, have to say to my
Father, “We trust your Son.  We trust the One You sent for our
sakes.  Even so much that we have no hesitation to leave this place
– to leave the body that we are wearing..  We know that whatever
happens to us after we leave this body is a step forward from what
we were, and that we don’t care to be here any longer.”

Earlier in this tape I spoke to you of three types of
individuals who can be salvaged from this re-spading.  One type
that I mentioned was those who have overcome enough that they
will get an issue of a physical body belonging to the Next Level,
and go into service, as a crew member, working for the Next
Level.  A second type of individual that can be salvaged from this
planet at this time are those who don’t quite reach that point of
overcoming by the time it is time to leave.  But they are still
faithful to the best of their ability in their effort of breaking away,
leaving their humanity, and looking to us – looking to me, looking
to my Father, looking to the Next Level – to give them the strength
and the understanding of how they can break away more quickly.
So wherever they are, to the best of their capability, at the time of
our exit, even if they are not ready for issue of a Next Level body
– they may have to experience a time in  a civilization that is yet to
come and do more overcoming of the human kingdom.  But they
will be in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, just as
these have been in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above
Human – not just here at this time, in this generation, with me and
with Ti.

“Ti” isn’t Ti’s name, by the way.  “Do” isn’t Do’s name.
I’m not even given to tell you what my name or Ti’s name is.  The
Next Level wouldn’t have humans know what our real names are.
I had to put that in for the record, so that you would understand.

Back to the previous subject, the second type of
individual who can go into the Kingdom of Heaven is one who, at
the time we leave, has not completed their human overcoming to
the satisfaction of the Next Level, and therefore the Next Level
will bring them back when a civilization is at its development
point to be a “match” – at the point where those individuals might
pick up where they left off.  Then they will reach “issue time” for a
Next Level body by or before the end of the next civilization.

The third type of soul or individual who can go to the
Kingdom of Heaven now, with us, and be in the keeping of that
Kingdom, are those who either hear our voice right at the end of
our task, or have received this information and don’t know where
it’s coming from.  In other words, some might hear our voice and
might know where it is coming from, might know that I exist in
physical form here, about to leave.  Others might not make
contact, but something tells them, “I’ve got to break away, I can’t
stand to stay here.  I’ve got to put my life on the line for the
Kingdom of Heaven.”

The lower forces’ whole effort is to have potential
members of the Next Level not succeed in remaining faithful to the
end so that they might prevent them from coming into the keeping
of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, here we are.  We’re going public with this
information once again, right before we leave.  This is like putting
ourselves right out on the chopping block where the lower forces
will have a chance to try to demean us, have the world turn against
us, and try to do us in.  It will challenge all those who are religious
minded to look at us and say, “Hmmm, how could that possibly be
the Truth, is this not the Anti-Christ or the spurious Messiah?”
“Spurious Messiah” is the term that some prominent
television/satellite ministries use in describing the Anti-Christ,
who, they say, is to arrive on the scene before Christ returns.  So,
in their eyes, since the Anti-Christ has not yet arrived, then
Christ’s return must be at a later time.  Well, I hate to tell you, but
the Anti-Christ – the spurious Messiah – has been on the scene
ever since my Father and I left 2000 years ago.  And he and his
helpers have worked as hard as they could through religions,
through governments, through “acceptable” morality, through
“responsibility as a human,” to brainwash humans to expect
“Heaven on Earth.”  Those lower forces have “programmed”
humans, especially Christians, to see our arrival “on the scene” as
the Anti-Christ.  Those fallen angels – those humanoid space
aliens – would have humans not look to or expect to go to a
Kingdom of Heaven, but to look for a Heaven on Earth – where
they might reign as your Christ – to work toward the future – to be
preoccupied with replicating or reproducing children – and laying
aside enough money to take care of those children so that they will
have a future, and they will have a future, and they will have a
future.  A future in what? – the human kingdom?  What an
abomination!  To the Next Level the human kingdom is, at its
best, nothing more than a potential steppingstone.  It’s clear
that anyone who wants to stay in the human kingdom – and
make it some sort of divinity – is looking to some “spurious
Messiah,” an anti-Christ indeed.

Now, I know that those who are expecting the arrival of
the “spurious Messiah” – “the anti-Christ” – if they become aware
of this tape and of Do sitting here saying what I’m saying now,
they’ll say, “That’s the one.  Because I warned you that the
spurious Messiah would say, `I’ll take you out of here.  I’ll rapture
you into my father’s kingdom.’ ”  And that’s what I’m saying.  I’m
saying that, “If you can believe my Father’s information, if you
can believe the Truth that we share with you, and if you believe it
enough that you can put your trust in me – and that could be a “big
dose” for some – you will soon find yourself in the safekeeping of
the Kingdom of Heaven.”  These students in front of me know me
well.  If you have some of my Father’s mind in you, you can have
recognition as well, even with only this brief viewing, though I’ll
remind you that the lower forces will do everything they can to
have you lose or doubt that recognition.

We have a website now, you know, it’s the popular thing
– everybody has to have a website.  Our  website on the Internet is
called Heavensgate.  Heavensgate – oh, of course, .com.
Everything is .com.  We’re not .org, we’re .com.  So if you want
to, you can learn more about who we are, what we have to say,
what I have to say, what my Older Member can share with you
through what we have said, and know of our history.  We have
nothing to hide.  Even though to some, we might be a dangerous
cult.  We understand that.  Why dangerous?  Because we threaten
the family, we threaten the established norm of family values.  If
you knew Jesus 2000 years ago, you would know that exactly the
same thing occurred.  And that the reason for getting rid of Him
was because if people really began to follow Him to any
significant degree, it would threaten the political, and certainly the
religious norm.  His teachings were clearly against what the
mainstream was teaching, what the norm was in the governments
or the family, and certainly against the religion of that time.

Religion today is an interesting thing.  Remember how we
said a moment ago that the religious literature like the Bible, the
Koran, the Torah, are time manuals.  In the time that something
was written, as the Lord or as God related to man, it was
appropriate for them at that time.  And yet we have the bulk (if not
the vast majority) of humans on the planet today who are very
religious living exactly as they were trying to live some 5000 years
ago, or some 4000 years ago.  They never made it to 2000 years
ago.  But 2000 years ago, a chance to get out of here, was available
to those who listened to what the Next Level’s Representative had
to say.  A chance to get out of here – out of the human kingdom
– whenever it is offered, requires everyything of you – that you, as
an individual, go join some cult – that you leave everything behind
– that you ignore the members of your faamily – that you ignore the
responsibility to your community – that you ignore your career –
and that hearts will be broken.

I don’t mean to make light of that, “that hearts will be
broken.”  I know that hearts are broken.  I also know that anyone
who leaves to go to my Father’s Kingdom, that any heart that is
broken in the process of that transition, can easily be more than
healed, if that heart looks to my Father for healing, and looks to
my Father for understanding.  That soul does not need to see this
as a terrible experience.  Many times, the worst things in the
human kingdom that can happen to us, end up being the best
things that could happen to us.  Because we learn “in depth”
lessons as a result of those difficult times.  Every life that was
touched by these who are sitting in front of me – every life that
was hurt or experienced pain by their leaving and becoming
students of mine and of my Father’s – was hurt, severely hurt.
Some of them still hurt.  They could actually say, “Thank you,
God, for the lesson that is mine to learn in this experience.  And as
far as that individual that I used to call my son or daughter, or my
husband or wife, I put them in Your trust.  I cannot tell them what
they must do with their life.  That is their decision.”

We cannot judge each other.  I cannot judge you.  I don’t
care to judge you.  You will judge yourselves by how you respond
to what we have to say, by what you can accept and what you
can’t.  In some cases, it’s almost better that you never see me, or
hear what we say, for that will put you to the test of whether or not
you will condemn me, whether or not you will judge me.  You
cannot hurt me.  You cannot hurt these.  We can only be hurt if we
displease our Heavenly Father.

It’s funny that the world – the mainstream human world –
is so quick to condemn and judge (those who are not like them) as
if they were God Almighty.  They would also judge those who
would follow us, determining the worthlessness of any that would
join some cult, assuming that that is the worst thing that anyone
could possibly do, for they are being brainwashed and led down
the wrong track into some occult camp, and they’re going to the
devil.  What is the devil like?  Know your literature.  What do the
fallen angels like?  They like the pleasures of the human flesh –
the aspirations of this world.

What is told to you in all religious literature – that you
will find if you ever reach the Kingdom of Heaven?  There, there
will be no males, no females, no children, no families other than
your relationship with God – your Lord.  Your Lord is whichever
Member of His Kingdom He has given to you, assigned to you as
your Helper, your Instructor, your Teacher.  This is so simple that
it sounds unreal-unspiritual.  This information would be easier to
accept if it were more spiritual, if it were more complicated, if it
had more ritual with it, or more trappings of religion.  In my
Father’s house, no incense is required, no flowing robes, no
tinkling bells, no genuflecting, no sitting in the lotus position, no
things of “spirituality,” even though our Father’s Kingdom
requires cleansing of the spirit/the mind.  It requires ridding
ourselves of the mind of the human kingdom – ridding ourselves
of the lusts of the human world, and of the binds to the human

“Being filled with spirit” is an interesting thing for you to
think about.  What happened when the illustration was made that
Jesus was with John the Baptist, and was being baptized, and a
dove descended and He was “filled with the Holy Spirit”?  “Filled
with the Holy Spirit” meant that the major portion of Jesus’ mind,
His Next Level identity, was entering the body that He was
wearing to the degree that the vehicle’s human mind was no longer
affecting Him – He had aborted that mind of the human kingdom.
He was “filled” with the mind of His Father.  The mind of His
Father is “Holy Spirit.”  Any mind of the Level Above Human
is pure Spirit – is Holy Spirit.  To think of “being filled with the
Holy Spirit” as something that comes-and-knocks-you-down-and-
your-broken-knee, is an abomination.  It is anything but the
“Holy Spirit” that you’re being “filled with.”  Likewise, to
“babble” in some indiscernible “mumbo-jumbo” and call it
“speaking in tongues” or “being filled with the Holy Spirit” is also
an outrage.  It might be an experience of being “filled with the
spirit,” but it certainly is not the Holy Spirit.

You know, a soul is another very interesting thing,
because my Father’s Kingdom plants souls.  And souls become the
great separator as they are planted.  My Father’s Kingdom plants
souls in many humans each time a Representative of the Kingdom
Level Above Human is to be incarnate on planet Earth – plants
many souls in many human plants.  Now, even though they’re
planted in the flesh, because the flesh is what has to be overcome,
they are really planted in the spirit of that flesh.  The spirit being
the mind or the intelligence of that flesh.  And you can say, “Well,
does that mean that everybody doesn’t have a soul?”  Yes, that’s
exactly what it means.  But it also means that anybody can have a
soul that can believe in my Father – the reality of my Father, the
reality of His Son, and the reality of His Kingdom.

In other words, those who are given the responsibility and
the task of planting those souls, plant them in all of the human
plants who have a potential of making that step – using that
steppingstone – and getting out of the human kingdom and into
that Next Kingdom Level.  That soul, as the separator, helps the
individual, in their mind (in their spirit), abort human thinking,
human evaluation, human behavior, and replace it with the mind
that they get from the Representatives – the mind of the Next
Level – fill it up, fill it up, fill it up.  When it is so filled and
enough aborting of human mind has occurred – then that
individual has come into viability – has come into bloom enough
that that individual is ready to go to “quartermaster” when they
leave this planet, and be issued a body, of service, belonging to the
Kingdom of my Father.

Now, let me say this:  all human plants – even in their
genetic structure – have a little bit of Heavenly mind, or mind of
the Kingdom of God, mind of the Evolutionary Level Above
Human (I have to say all of those each time I say it, just to remind
you I’m talking about the same thing).  Each human plant has a
little bit of that Next Level mind in it.  So theoretically, and this is
true, that if there is a human listening to me who, in fact, may not
at this moment have a soul, but that plant listens to me, and says,
“Could it be true, what Do is saying?  It sounds crazy, but I
wonder if that’s true?”  Even that degree of curiosity would attract
the attention of the Next Level crew which is assigned to planting
souls.  That crew will be sure that a separator (a soul) is
immediately made available to that individual.  So that deposit of a
soul could happen very, very quickly.  They’re not going to let it
happen, that any potential recipients of their Kingdom not have the
needed receptacle of Next Level spirit coming into full blossom as
pure spirit, pure mind, of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now, let’s go back to the topic of urgency.  I don’t know
if you are aware that a great deal of literature used by many
scholars today, says that the calendar that humans use is off by 4
years.  And that Jesus was born in 4 B.C.  Now, if Jesus was born
in 4 B.C., and this is ’96 A.D., could this be the year 2000 – the
millenium, the beginning of the end?  That’s why we’re talking.
For us to surface with who we are and the information that we are
surfacing with, we know, could challenge you to want to squelch
us.  It’s interesting that we see the world – we see the world – as
the anti-Truth, the anti-Christ, the spurious Messiah.  The world –
those who want to stay in the world – will see us as anti-Truth,
anti-Christ, spurious Messiah.  We’re prepared for that.  We know
that that is inevitable at this time.  That was inevitable 2000 years
ago – that is what found Jesus sentenced to die on a cross.

Remember, we said that the third type of person who can
actually be salvaged at the end, can be taken into the keeping of
the Next Level, simply because they believe in what we say.  That
simple belief is what occurred in the mind of the thief who was on
the cross next to Jesus.  When Jesus recognized his belief, He told
him that, `this day he would, upon their departure, be with Him in
paradise.’  He knew that he seriously believed.  And He knew that
is all that it took – is for him to believe who He was.  Even
believing Him in a condition when He was being killed as a heretic
– against the Church, against the system.  The Church today
certainly will see us as against the Church.  The Church of today is
not of God.  Though once the true followers – the Church – were
of God.  The only true Church of today are those who are
connected with the present existence of the Next Level, the
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven – and the
Representative from that Kingdom.

This time is so exciting to us, even though we know that
it is close to our end, and that is why it is exciting to us.  We don’t
expect to or want to build a Church on this planet.  We don’t want
any gothic Cathedral.  We don’t want any membership roll.  We
don’t want to help you reproduce so that we have more children to
put on the Sunday school roll in our Church.  We are a group of
believers in the Kingdom Level Above Human, who want to leave
and enter that Kingdom, and become of significant service to that

This does not mean that when in the human kingdom, that
a strong humanitarian drive is not a healthy thing.  Because really
a strong humanitarian drive is motivated to improve.  But if you
could only see that a human condition is a temporary condition, a
steppingstone, an opportunity to get out of this kingdom, then you
could accept this Truth.  This is as scientific – this is as true as true
could be – but you have to know me, you have to trust me, you
have to believe me.  Some can know me now.  Some can even
know me for the first time when they see this tape and say, “I don’t
know what there is, but there’s something in my head that makes
me know that fellow, and makes me know that what he’s saying is
true.  And I may be wrong, but I’m going to try to find more out
and see if that’s what I need to be a part of.  Because I know that
this Earth has become something that is not where I belong.”

It’s funny – not funny – it’s really sad that a segment of
my Father’s Kingdom, in particular my personal Heavenly Father,
related to a community that is today considered the early Jewish
community, and worked with them preparing them for my
presence here 2000 years ago and now.  And yet, the Jewish
community of then and now, would certainly see me as anything
but a Representative of God.  The Muslims, who are considered by
some to be the enemy of the Judeo-Christians, many of them have
sustained a more real connection with God – with some higher
standards of behavior, and with more restraint.  You know, one of
my students reminded me just today that they came in contact with
a Muslim who said, “Look, you know you people of the West have
a wrong idea of what we are.  We don’t praise Mohammed.  We
don’t worship Mohammed.  We consider Mohammed a prophet of
many prophets.  Many of the books of our literature are about
Jesus.  And I say, `Great is God’ more than 50 times a day,
because God means so much to me.”  God means so much to many
of them that they are more modest in the clothing that they wear.
Many are more on guard against sensuality and “worldly” things.
God means so much to many of them that they are willing to die
for God and justify that frame of mind more quickly than they
would a willingness to die for nation, or die for world.  I’m not
saying that Muslims are the ones who are going to inherit God’s
Kingdom any more than anyone else.  In the eyes of the Kingdom
of Heaven, there’s no such thing as race or color or religious
background.  It doesn’t matter – none of it matters.  If the extent of
your religious background was Star Trek – that in itself could be
the best background you could have, if you could accept this as
Truth, if you could accept this as reality.

This is a test time.  You could easily say, “Here’s a little
bitty classroom, with some old fellow with a prune face sitting
here, calling himself Do, saying, `I’m a Representative of the
Kingdom of God.’  How can I believe that?”  If you have some of
my Father’s mind in you, you will have some recognition of us
and this information.  Even though once you recognize me, the
forces of this world will dive in with all their might to have you
lose that recognition, to have you not trust me, to have you come
to your senses, and come back into the service of this world.

I hope this tape session with you will be the beginning of
our relationship.  If this tape session is used to validate your seeing
us as anti-God, the Anti-Christ, so be it.  That’s part of what we
expect.  That’s part of the necessity of what comes at this time.
It’s the common thing for us to see each other as opposites of what
we believe we are.

I’m so happy, because my time is short here.  If you come
with us, your time here can be shortened.  When Jesus left 2000
years ago – or the one who was in Jesus, or when I left 2000 years
ago – only a very short time after that, Truth was significantly
corrupted.  So that no matter who tried to use the name of “Jesus,”
or of “Christ,” or His information – seeing it as true, seeing it as
real, referring to what had been said of what it takes to come into
my Kingdom – that fell apart, that deteriorated, that became
unimportant.  It’s a miracle that His Teachings can still be found in
the gospels – they’re still there – you’d be amazed, you should
read them again.  Likewise this time, after I’m gone, when we
leave, when we enter into my Father’s spacecraft in order to go
into service in His Kingdom, the Truth will deteriorate as fast as
we depart.  It will leave this atmosphere within a very short time.

I hope for your sake that you will, at least, ponder this –
don’t ask your neighbors, your friends, what they think of this.
Instead, go into the privacy of your “closet” and see if you can
connect with the purest, highest source that you might consider
“God,” and ask:  “What about this?  Is this information for real?  Is
this for me?  If it is, then please give me the strength I need to
pursue it.”  As soon as you tell anyone else, they will likely be
used by the lower forces as their instruments to have you not
believe, to have you stay in this world and wait for the “Heaven on

We hope to be of some service to you in this short time
before our departure.  We believe it to be a very short time.  So our
thoughts will be of you.  We hope that your thoughts will be of our
Father’s Kingdom.

A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind

November 23, 2016

A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind        By Drrody

I believe I speak with the same feeling and concern for you, as do my
other crew-mates, as I attempt to convey in a few sentences the gist of
the understanding and awareness that has taken us many years to
reawaken to.  It’s difficult to find a way to adequately express these
things using this primitive human vocabulary.  It’s even more difficult
to attempt to override the deceptive programming and lies the opposing
forces have carefully worked to instill in each human since the
beginning of this present civilization.  It makes it almost impossible
for one to recognize the truth when members of the Next Level return to
share it.  Still, I know if it’s right for you to connect with this, my
lack of ability in this area will not be an interference.  Now that
you’ve had a chance to read over our history and to begin to digest
some of the Next Level ways and concepts therein, hopefully you’ve
become aware of a few things:

A Next Level deposit is like a computer chip or a piece of
hardware that functions in two ways.  First, it acts as a homing device
to guide one to the opportunity to connect with Teachers, or
Representatives, sent from our Kingdom.  This usually occurs at a
subconscious level.  Second, it provides a container for
housing Next Level Mind or information.  We are nourished by our
Teachers as we learn the ways of behavior and conduct appropriate to
that level.  This information, or “Mind,” is added to our
container/deposit, causing our storehouse to be increased.  As this
occurs, we begin to think and act in ways where we can more easily
relate to other members of that Kingdom.  A child in kindergarten
doesn’t associate with college students until he has grown to their
level, and in comparison, it is a far greater leap from the human
kingdom to that of the Next Level.  As long as we have a connection
with an Older Member and choose to draw from this source, then our
potential for growth is unlimited.  However, we always have the choice
of whether to use human mind or Next Level Mind.  What you are is the
choice or free-will mechanism which determines, moment-by-moment, what
to do and what to think about.  Your choices control the direction and
speed of your growth, or lack of it.  You can even regress, becoming
more primitive and decadent in behavior.

This information cannot even be fully understood, except by
someone with a “deposit,” who is well along in the process of learning
Next Level ways.  What is important to you, the reader, is whether you
may have been given that gift of a deposit.  If this be the case, and
if nothing is greater than your desire to live by Next Level ways, then
you will soon grow to see beyond the insignificant existence here that
nations and world powers teach is to be considered an admirable and
fulfilling way to live, and die.  You will come to recognize that even
at its best, the human experience becomes nothing more than a child’s
sandbox to one who is ready to move on up into the Next Evolutionary
Level of existence.

Our mission here was twofold.  One part was to allow new
potential graduates into the Next Level the opportunity to gain
experiences that would strengthen them, and prove themselves worthy of
receiving issue of a true Next Level vehicle.  We all share this goal.
It will be accomplished when we have demonstrated a sufficient level of
control (behavior and thinking) over these human vehicles, in order for
our souls to be a match with our new Next Level vehicles.  This can
only be realized through the close supervision and guidance of our
“midwives” – the role played by Ti and Do – as Representatives of the
Evolutionary Level Above Human.  And only upon receiving issue of our
new vehicles can we begin to fully participate in the activities of
that advanced level – growing and learning from those who are older
and wiser.  Needless to say, we all look forward to that day with
great anticipation.

Another important aspect of the crew’s mission here was to
share our knowledge of the Next Level with those who might be ready to
receive it.  Through this effort, new deposits of the Next Level can
begin to germinate.  We don’t have the capacity to judge who might be
ready; only those in the heavens who are overseeing this can determine
if and when these gifts should be made.  They sow the “seeds,” and we
nourish the germination.  That’s how it was designed.

This brings us to the topic that’s ultimately important to you.
If there is something here in what we have shared that speaks to you,
and deep inside you know that it means more to you than anything this
planet has to offer – then the opportunity to some day graduate into
the Next Level will also be given to you.  We cannot say when this will
happen; but you can be assured that if you seek to understand and live
by the Next Level ways we’ve taught, you will be in the safekeeping of
the Kingdom of Heaven.  Be awake and prepared.  Remember,  you cannot
do it on your own.  It takes the close guidance of someone sent from
that advanced level to take you through it.  The transition to becoming
a beginning Next Level member is the most difficult undertaking any
human can undergo or even imagine – yet the reward is priceless.
Imagine being able to serve, learn, and grow among others with only a
pure, selfless motivation, in service to the Creator, connecting with
a future – potentially forever.

The planet is not far from undergoing a major recycling.  This
world has become polluted and corrupted on both physical and invisible
levels.  Many groups of space aliens are competing for the Earth’s
spoils.  They seek not just bodies, but souls in allegiance to their
cause – their point of view – as well.  Choices are being made.  Their
influence has become so strong and manipulative that it is difficult
for anyone to grow in a positive direction.  Yet nothing is lost.
Knowing this would happen, the Next Level always has contingency plans.
It appears that it is time for them to once more wipe the planet clean
of all pollution and corruption (environmentally and in the spirit
world) and rejuvenate the Earth, giving it a fresh start.  Those souls
who have shown their commitment to the Next Level will be saved and
replanted back here at a later season, or into an Earth-equivalent
classroom to take up where they left off.  As long as they continue in
forward motion, there will come a time when the opportunity to
recognize and connect with an Older Member(s) from our Kingdom presents

We have just about completed our task here.  We feel that the
time we have remaining is short.  I cannot express how pleased I am to
be returning home soon.  It seems as if we have been here for a long
time.  Yet I know that from the Next Level perspective it’s been about
a half hour.  I only hope that my performance and effort on this
mission will be found pleasing to my Older Members and their Older
Members.  This is all that really matters to me; even more important
than receiving a Next Level body.

If you know you’re ready to act upon this information, then I
hope you will choose wisely and ask frequently for help from the Next
Level on how to best proceed.  As long as we’re here, we will try to
assist you in whatever capacity we’re shown is appropriate.  Once we
leave, then base your decisions using the criteria of the information
we’ve left behind for you.  You will be carefully watched after and
nurtured in response to your asking and desire.  Bear in mind, true
growth comes in many forms – often what you might least expect – and
always requires effort on your part.  Maintaining an overview of the
situation, along with a sense of humor, will greatly aid you in pushing
through any test that comes your way.  I wish you the best and hope to
see you back home someday.

April 8, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 15

My Ode to Ti and Do!

November 23, 2016

My Ode to Ti and Do!
What This Class Has Meant to Me – EVERYTHING!                By Qstody

How can I express my testimony when mere human words could never
be adequate to describe my Infinite gratitude for the Next Level and
their Representatives, Ti and Do, for rescuing me from a nightmare of
a Dead End existence.  It seemed as though I was drowning in an ocean
of the blind, lost, unconscious, walking dead.  Everyone pretended to
“Know” what was going on, but they all seemed to be drowning in their
own sea of misinformation and misinterpretation of GOD’s (the
CREATOR’s) designed laws.

The humans seemed completely distracted, self-satisfied slaves.
All their pursuits and paths going nowhere but in circles.  Like
programmed puppets worshipping false myths, rituals, futile belief
systems and counterfeit fantasy gods.  I felt angry, alienated,
hopeless, incomplete and utterly unsatisfied in this world no matter
what I tried.  Many times I could barely keep from going into a
complete coma, trying to stay awake enough to muster a desperate
constant prayer, to keep my hope and motivation alive in this space
alien HELL.  Luckily, having received a “DEPOSIT” or “GIFT” of
recognition led to my constant ASKING and finally finding the real
truth (facts) about the Kingdom of Heaven and meeting my Older Members
Ti and Do, who were like “LIFE” preservers in this void of traps,
deception and ILLusion.  So, the life of the new creature was growing
within, despite the vile, insidious lower forces and the empty people
that surrounded me who claimed to be seeking God.  None of it seemed
real.  What did seem very real were the “REPS” from the real Kingdom
of God, offering information about the steps to get to the Kingdom of

I want to be considered as a possible candidate for viability in
their world, the real Kingdom of Heaven, the headquarters of all
creation.  That is my deepest, fondest dream – provided I can be
pleasing to the Next Level through Ti and Do – dropping all that is
not Next Level fast.  It’s hard work but simple.  I KNOW that the only
thing that really matters at all is keeping my eyes on the Next Level.
My only desire is to be grafted to my Older Members’ unlimited mind
right on up to the Chief of Chiefs, to nourish the new creature I’m
becoming.  I’m determined with all my will and effort to have only a
high Next Level vibration, consciousness, and identity – to totally
overcome this primitive world.  I will not bring any of this world’s
worthless desires with me, by dropping all humanness and mammalian
pursuits.  I will escape death’s disguise – the death that humans are
tricked into by following any of the ways of this world promoted by
the lower forces/space aliens.  I must turn all of the negative of
this world into a positive, into strength, flexibility, and control.
What makes me feel most alive is sharing Next Level information and
knowing and growing closer to my Teachers.  I thirst for the unknown
beyond my limited scope of awareness, while upgrading my standards
hour by hour, situation by situation – striving for more maturity and
growth constantly.  I find myself always asking, “What is it I’m
overlooking that is unlike the Next Level”?

I want to leave this world with some kind of record of my respect
and honor for Ti and Do and the Next Level – for their sacrifice and
the price they paid to drop down into this space alien hell to help me
really change into a new Next Level creature.  I thank them for
helping me strive to overcome this primitive level/world, to know and
sustain who I am, and for my hopefully growing connection to the Next
Level.  With my every prayer, every passing moment, every ounce of
energy, effort, will, heartbeat, breath, thought, feeling, actions
both unconscious and conscious, I, Qstody (quest), strive to PROVE I’m
possibly worthy to be considered a viable candidate in their world.  I
want to be only a keen, quick, pure, positive, clear, clean, vessel –
attempting with all my will and effort to be pleasing to the Next
Level in all respects, all the time, at all costs and PROVE it!  Thank
you for helping me restore my virginity and dignity.  Please give me
the brave heart and courage to endure to the end of this mission and
go to my home of origin, your world!  Anything is Possible with the
Next Level!  Thank you, all my classmates, for each and everyone of
you, for your help and encouragement.

THANK YOU TI and DO FOR EVERYTHING, for helping me remember who I
am and especially your example of beings from the REAL Kingdom of
Heaven.  What’s next?

April 8, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 16

Statement by a Crewmember

November 23, 2016

Statement by a Crewmember                                    By Tddody

The following is a statement prepared by a crewmember about to
exit the human kingdom and enter the Next Physical Level of Existence.
My only objective here is to reflect my feelings and state of mind at
the time of my exit from the mainstream world.  I am making this
statement of my own free will, and it is factual, to the best of my
knowledge and understanding.

Brief History – I first came in contact with Ti and Do (my
Teachers) in the mid-70’s at a meeting in California.  At that
meeting, things occurred that in no way could be called coincidence.
As Do spoke, questions would come to mind, and as I would think the
question, Do would say something like, “Some may wonder about…” and
state the question I was thinking.  When this occurred, I felt as if I
were in a tunnel with Do at one end and me at the other.  Although I
sat in the back of a packed auditorium, it was is if no one else were
there, but He (Do) and His Older Member (Ti) and myself.

Although I didn’t immediately enter the classroom, a couple of
months had passed when I remembered Do saying something like, “If
you’re seeking the Truth, this message is what you’re going to find,”
and something like, “Go into the closet of your mind and ask to the
Highest Source you can.”  The day I actually did this, I came in
contact with this information again.  At that first meeting with Ti
and Do, I somehow knew they were who they said they were –
Representatives (Reps) from the Kingdom of Heaven.

I admit to having had feelings of fear, but I knew I had to
respond.  Everything they said made perfect sense.  They didn’t
solicit new members and told of the requirements about what it took to
get to the Next Level – total commitment and total energy.  And those
who couldn’t stick to the discipline were encouraged to leave.  I was
in the class for 3 years, working at freeing myself of all the human
ties and addictions that would bind me to this planet, when I was sent
out of the classroom.  I didn’t know why I was being sent out, and for
a time wondered if I’d been abandoned.  I never forgot Ti and Do for
the 15 years (or more) I was out of the class.  The entire time, I am
aware now, the Next Level monitored and guided me through a series of
tests and growth experiences I feel that I would have never gained had
I been in the classroom.

The entire time out there (in the world) I learned about human
love, and how shallow it really is, how it turns to hate and mistrust
and deceit in a moment, and that all endeavors out there at best are
self-serving, self-indulgent, shallow victories and usually come at
the expense of someone else’s toil or pain.  Many of the leaders of
this country (as well as other countries) are liars, hypocrites, and
deceitful scam artists that seem to have no more comprehension of
Truth than a box of rocks.  The government is so corrupt and has run
renegade and is not very different from Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun,
or Hitler.

The more laws that are legislated that take away your freedom (in
the name of “keeping the peace”) and the more times our leaders send
troops to another country to “enforce” peace, the more one wonders
where these seeming self-appointed gods get their authority.

While in the world, I had tasted success and found it to be very
rude, mean, aggressive, and quite abrasive and distasteful –
“qualities” I have no wish to enhance or develop.  I have seen the
world through a thousand pairs of eyes and despised it each and every
time – without exception!

The only true happiness I’d ever really know was when I was with
my Teachers – Ti and Do.  In October of 1994, I was guided by the
grace of the Next Level into a “chance meeting” with my former
classmates, and I expressed my sincere and earnest desire to re-enter
the class.  I wanted to finish the task I started 18 years ago, the
task of totally overcoming the world and freeing myself of addictions
and sensuality and all the human traps of this world.  My classmates
are the only other ones on this planet that understand me and what
I’ve been through, as I understand them and know what they’ve gone

Although overcoming the world is an individual task (it simply
can’t be done with your family or wife and kids or friends), each and
every one of us has one and only one desire, and that is to be like
and to serve our Older Members, Ti and Do, and to complete our task
here so we can return to the Next Level.  The goodness I feel here
with my classmates exceeds everything the world has to offer.
Everyone here wants to be better than they were the day before.  With
the state of the world and the direction it’s going, it seems foolish
to want to stay here and wallow in its muck.

This statement is not an understanding of our teachings, it is
merely an effort to set the record straight.  I am healthier, happier,
and in a better frame of mind than I have ever been in.  I’m eager to
take up my life in a body belonging to the Next Level.  If there are
those who see my dedication to this mission to the point of possibly
losing my body as crazy or insane, then so be it.  Their minds have
already been made up and far be it from me to change that.  Where I’m
going, I won’t be influenced by others and I won’t influence others
either.  I will give what I’ve been given, where it is sought, but I
won’t push it on anyone.  The Next Level is not forceful.  They help
you when and only when you ask for their help.  They will let you go
and grow at your own pace and speed, but wouldn’t force you to do
anything.  They will offer you help, but you need to be keen enough to
take it and act upon it.  When you are offered this gift by them (the
opportunity to change into a new creature and exit this world and
become as they are), it is your choice what you do with it.  This
opportunity is rare and is the cherished object of my desire.  Ti and
Do have been the examples of goodness, fairness, strength, discipline,
and dedication that I wish to emulate.

In the world, I’d been harassed, beat up, lied to, cheated,
threatened, robbed, and abused in almost every way thinkable.  In this
class, the only harsh words I can recall came out of the mouth of this
vehicle, and I’m ashamed of my lack of restraint for uttering them.
I’ve been shown areas where I need work, but NEVER when I wasn’t
seeking to learn Next Level ways.

I could go on and on about  my Teachers, but there aren’t enough
positive adjectives in my vocabulary to convey my heartfelt love for

I don’t know if this is accurate, but after leaving the class, I
was told a story in the latter part of 1977.  The story told of how,
many years ago, indentured servants would work on the plantations for
a period of seven years and that after this period of time they were
given their freedom.  Many of the owners of the plantations would give
these indentured servants a gold ring along with their freedom.  Not
knowing anything other than the plantation, and although they were
given the choice to leave and go wherever they chose, many would
pierce their ear and wear the gold ring in their ear and stay and work
on the plantation out of dedication and love for the plantation owner.
Many felt that if they left the plantation they would lose their life
or would go into a cold world and not be able to survive.  They felt a
love for the plantation and the owner because without them they were

Shortly after hearing this story, I chose to pierce my left ear
and wear an earring.  And although at that time males wearing an
earring was becoming fashionable, I did this so I would always
remember, and never forget, the love and dedication I have and will
always have for the two “People” that “saved” my life – my Teachers –
Ti and Do.  I know that without them, I am nothing.

April 14, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 28

Up the Chain

November 23, 2016

Up the Chain          By Brnody

In His infinite wisdom, the “Chief of Chiefs” has given us a
chain of command.  Each link up this chain is an older soul (mind)
that has grown more than the link below, and is closer to becoming as
the “Chief of Chiefs” is.  We call each of these links “Older
Members.”  Every link is made of precious mettle tested by fire.  The
human “plants” (bodies, including the minds/spirits they contain) –
even the ones who have been given a “deposit” (the beginning of a
“soul” containing mind of the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human) –
do not have the ability, nor can they comprehend how, to leave the
human species to become one of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.
They cannot do this without physical contact with, and being nurtured
by, one of the links in this chain – the one who has been specifically
assigned this task, and for that purpose has incarnated on this
planet.  And physical contact can consist of reading our material, as
long as the “link,” or Older Member is still incarnate.

Mine is a humble place in this plan, one of attempting to become
a viable newborn into this Kingdom Level Above Human.  I feel honored
to have been given the opportunity to come to this planet so that my
soul (mind) might exert sufficient effort to gain the strength
necessary to function in a body (or “suit of clothes”) of the Kingdom
Level Above Human.  My efforts are directed at controlling the human
body I am using in order to learn the lessons required to overcome and
get rid of any lingering humanness.  When I ask for help, I direct my
asking or requests to Ti and Do.  The request goes first to the link
in the chain who is my Older Member, Do.  He then redirects my
requests to his Older Member, Ti, the next link up the chain of

It doesn’t matter if you have identified with the Buddhist,
Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Christian, or any other religion –  all
religions have been spawned from the misinformation (distorted or
corrupted truths) propagated by space-alien races (“Luciferians”) who,
knowingly or unknowingly, look to Lucifer as their god and victimize
the humans on this planet.  As long as you ask for things that are not
of this world, if you are sincerely seeking the Truth and directing
your asking to the Creator of all that is, your prayers will be
answered by the Next Level.  However, if you desire the things this
world has to offer, your “prayers” will be answered by the space
aliens, as they believe this is their task.

If you believe Ti and Do are who we say they are, your soul
(mind) can leave with us and be in the safekeeping of the Next Level,
saved for further planting and opportunities for growth.  As far as we
can tell, even if we have discarded the human bodies we used for this
task, or are waiting aboard our bus (spacecraft) to return home to the
far regions of space, but are still in this planet’s atmosphere, you
can still join us.  If your desire is strong, what is required is for
you to ask Ti and Do to show you the way, and that you have the faith
to follow up on what you are given.

We, Ti and Do’s students/disciples, have been taught to make our
requests as specific as we can, and to mentally talk to Ti and Do as
if they were standing in front of us.  Of course, it’s ok to talk out
loud to them, but you might want to make sure you’re alone, so someone
doesn’t think you have taken leave of your senses.  You don’t have to
be in any special “setting,” or have any type of ritualistic props.
As a student, I have Ti and Do in my thoughts as I go about my daily
tasks mentally “talking” to them as much as possible.

I’m giving you some examples of how I ask for Ti and Do’s help.
Each of these is an individual example and is NOT meant to be taken
word for word as any type of structured request.  They are only
intended as a guideline to show you how you might formulate your
requests.  Some apply to my mind/soul or to the weaknesses of the
vehicle I’m wearing.  Some may be general enough to apply to most
soul/minds or the vehicles they occupy.

Ti and Do:

* Please help me to have your understanding of how NOT to identify
with this human vehicle I wear like “a suit of clothes,” and that I,
the Next Level mind/soul, am the one in control.

* I ask for your unquenchable thirst and desire so that I don’t place
any limitations on my growth, and I ask that your will be mine so
that I push to do everything in my power to become a viable newborn
of the Level Above Human – the Next Level.

* Please give me your perseverance in overcoming all human traits,
never looking backwards, so that I have a constant diminishing of

* I ask for your inner strength so that I may completely withdraw
this vehicle from all the addictions of its animal flesh, and for
your keenness so that I can block all thoughts or mental pictures of
mammalian behavior, and for your consistency in maintaining non-
mammalian behavior of the Evolutionary Level Above Human – around the
clock – in order that my soul (mind) will be compatible with and able
to occupy a genderless vehicle from the Next Kingdom Level.

* Please open my eyes, so that I may see as you see the corrupt,
wicked, and evil ways of this world – so my hate will grow daily for
what it has chosen to become.  Help me not to be blinded to knowing
that in order to leave this world, I must have grown to despise it.

* I ask for the same control that you exercise in blocking thoughts and
images (memories) the vehicle wants to play, like old video tapes in+
its head, of the human life it had before I “took it over.”

* Please help me develop the same type of mental ammunition that you
have, to fight off and not succumb to the many pitfalls intended to
distract me, turning my eyes from my task, placed in my way by
Lucifer and his space aliens.

* I ask for your help in developing the same mechanism of restraint
that you engage before allowing your vehicle to speak or act,
weighing the consequences of each word or action carefully, ridding
myself of my human reactive mind.

* Please give me your ability to appreciate and respect each of my
classmates for what they have accomplished individually in overcoming
the human ways of the vehicle they are using for this task, to be
objective and non-critical, to be patient, tolerant, sensitive, and
helpful in all ways, and most of all – non-judgmental.

* I ask for your wisdom and maturity so that I realize this vehicle’s
perception or interpretation is not to be trusted, so that I won’t
allow the vehicle to make judgments, so that I always take the higher

* Please help me to think only of you, as you do of Ti, to become as
selfless as you are, so that my only burning desire is to be of
service to the Next Level.

* I ask for your strength to graciously accept lessons and correction,
to overcome the fear of change, and to make the adjustment on the
spot and move on.

* Please help me to exert the effort to know your mind, Do, as you know
Ti’s mind, so that I may become as much like you and your Older
Member as I possibly can.

* I ask that you grant me the maturity not to require your attention to
gratify the vehicle’s childish and selfish needs, to not want to
shine above others to gain your attention, to become pure (clean)
enough that I may be in your presence without being a distraction.

* Please teach me how to become proficient at “plagiarism” so that
I might accurately present Next Level information, choosing each word
exactly as you would choose it, and that I be an instrument of your
mind, not ignorantly or unknowingly participating in misinformation.

* I ask for your keenness so that I do not miss following instructions
and that I observe procedures as you would.

* Please help me develop your restraint and control in not allowing
this vehicle to participate in gossip or familiarity, as it is POISON
to my Next Level soul (mind).  Only my guilt over my own bad
performance causes me to see others in a bad light.

* I ask for your Next Level sense of humor and to be rid of any human
type of humor or “cuteness.”

* Please help me to have your timing so that I never miss opportunities
and am in the right place when I might be of service.

* I ask for your strength, courage, and determination to see me through
my “tests by fire.”

* Please let me be an instrument of your righteous fury against what
this world has chosen to become whenever (and if) it’s appropriate.

* I ask for your strength of desire.

These examples are intended not only to show you how you might make
requests, but also to show you many of our Next Level ways and traits.

If you are one who desires to grow with speed and to be as clean as
possible, then you might want to practice at least some, if not all,
of what follows.  It will assist you in realizing your goal.

* Your prime directive would be:  “My relationship with my Older
Member is my #1 priority – NOTHING else matters.”

* You’ll ask Ti and Do at least once a day, “Am I displeasing you in
any way?”  And know that you will be shown if you are – so be ready
to correct quickly.

* You’ll hate coasting, despise the days that don’t have hurdles, and
love the days that turn into steeple chases.

* You’ll know that you must state frequently to Ti and Do that you
request and desire maximum growth if it is appropriate for you.

* You’ll learn that being consistently positive using your Next Level
mind is fun – that negatives using the human mind are no fun.

* You’ll apply the axiom that desire is synonymous with a sustained
well-disciplined effort, and that you must learn discipline to be of
service.  Puny effort does not take you far.

* You’ll ask, “What would Ti and Do do in this circumstance?  How
would they handle it?” – when you face every type of situation – in
order to learn how they would do it.

* You’ll examine often, “How does my thinking or behavior differ from
Ti and Do’s?”

* You’ll frequently ask yourself, “Do I still respect or value
anything of this world?  From my past?  Any type of special diet?
Sensuality?  What are my weaknesses, what am I still clinging to of
the human kingdom?”

* You’ll learn how to negotiate in Next Level ways so that all
involved participate in decisions, to not be aggressive or take the
lead lobbying for your position, carefully considering the value in
others’ positions, and to check with others before taking any action,
so you all are in agreement.

* You’ll come to know that you are NOTHING without your Older Member,
and that NOTHING originates with you.

It is not easy to put these things into motion – it takes hard
work!  I never end my day without expressing to my Older Members and
to the Next Level how thankful and grateful I am.

Ti and Do:

* Thank you for the “gifts” you have bestowed on me that have given me
the necessary ingredients to continue to pursue becoming a member
of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

* You have my eternal gratitude for the opportunity to choose life
over death.

* Thank you for the tender nurturing and careful tending to my soul
(mind) since its beginning in another civilization ages ago, for the
Representatives you sent who have nourished my soul that I might grow
to this point of possible exit from the human kingdom.

* Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support; for standing
by me through all the tough lessons it took to test me by fire, so I
may sometime become a well-forged link in the Next Level chain of

Ti and Do:

If I have learned anything, it is because you have taught us by
and through your example – one that sets standards for us to reach for
in all areas of behavior.  I respect and admire you, Ti and Do, and
pledge my undying allegiance to the Next Level.  I stand in awe before
you, knowing who you are, totally committed to not only following you
to the ends of the Earth, but into the far regions of space.

April 16, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 32

Older Member — Younger Member — Their Relationship

November 23, 2016

Older Member — Younger Member — Their Relationship         By Slvody

When I consider what I would like to tell the world about my
personal experience, what I have been doing, and what I am about to
do, I find I want to describe what means the most to me – my
relationship with my Older Member, Do, and his Older Member, Ti.

Over the years that I have been in – and out – of our classroom,
I have learned and experienced that those “in the world” have almost
no interest in trying to understand my relationship to those who came
to help me and others to overcome “the world.”  Through being duped
into negative choices, the humans in the world have grown so far away
from seeking to do what their Creator wants for them that the result
is an arrogance that condemns, without pausing to consider, any who
devote their lives to seeking what is beyond the human kingdom.  If an
individual won’t accept that “It doesn’t get better than this,” or
doesn’t find drinking a beer by a stream “the ultimate,” and fall into
line with what the rest of society values and enjoys, he is dismissed
as a “kook.”  If a group of such individuals join together, they are
condemned as a “cult” and thought to deserve whatever they get in the
way of persecution by media and government.  Why wouldn’t such
individuals eventually reach the logical conclusion that if they seek
to serve a Higher Source, this world is not the place to be?  Even so,
I want to attempt to tell what my Older Members mean to me for the
pleasure of expressing it.

When I first saw Ti and Do, they sat quietly for a long time on
the stage of a college auditorium, waiting for the overflow audience
to become quiet and attentive.  When they told their message, the
influences with my vehicle became apprehensive, and the tiny bit of
Next Level mind that was “me” became excited and recognized these
individuals were bringing the knowledge I was seeking.  The dignity
with which they explained that they are from the Evolutionary Level
Above Human and what they were sent to this planet to do, showed me
that what these two individuals were explaining and offering was much
different and more significant than what the numerous other gurus were
spouting.  They weren’t offering a seminar teaching how to love
yourself and get along in the world better, but how to get out of this
world (literally) and into the Next Evolutionary Kingdom Level where
the total focus is to serve the Chief of Chiefs.  I recognized what I
was looking for in these two individuals, and what they said was both
a surprise and a reminder of what I already knew.  They emphasized at
that meeting and many other times that what is important is not who
they are, but the information they bring.  Nevertheless, I have become
increasingly thankful for the fact of who they are and that they
willingly gave up Next Level vehicles (bodies) to come take on human
vehicles and show us the way to enter the ranks of the Evolutionary
Level Above Human.

Although there was much about the human world my vehicle
disliked, it was not cynical, but liked and enjoyed many things about
the world, especially those of nature.  It was at a crossroads and had
been contemplating the various options it could take – feeling it
could do anything it decided it wanted to do, but not knowing what
that was.  Leaving that meeting, I was surprised my companions were
not as excited as I was, but now I know they could not have seen and
heard what I saw and heard because they had not been given the gift of
recognition (a deposit) which I have had the good fortune to be given.
However, one other with whom I shared my tape of the meeting wanted to
pursue this opportunity, and within a week we had chosen to make the
step to walk out the door of those lives to follow Bo and Peep (the
names that Ti and Do were using when I first met them).  The
excitement of being given this chance to become a Member of the Next
Level led me forward, and I only knew I must follow.  I had recognized
my purpose on this planet, and I made my choice to follow through and
pursue this opportunity.

When I made the decision to leave behind the family and friends
of the vehicle I am wearing, one of the main factors was knowing that
if I did not pursue the possibility that these two were who they said
they were, Representatives incarnated here from the Next Level, I
would never know.  Since my strongest desire was to grow toward what
is good and learn how the world really works, I knew I must follow
these two and take this unusual opportunity – to learn the facts.

This choice paid off, for being with these Representatives and
observing and absorbing what they are teaching me has been the proof.
The changes I have experienced and the growth I have gone through have
verified who they are.  I have found that each day I will have the
opportunity to learn from them if I exert the effort to ask.  Ti and
Do have taught me through their example the appropriate behavior for
an individual in the Next Level, and to the extent that I have exerted
the effort to make my vehicle adopt that behavior, I have changed to
be more like them.  I have learned that when I keep in mind who my
Teachers are and where they came from, as well as how fortunate I am
to be a student of Members of the Evolutionary Level Above Human, I
learn the most.

Ti and Do have maintained that the best way to teach is through
example, and their actions and words have helped me learn the ways of
the Evolutionary Level Above Human.  They have shown me that Members
of the Next Level have no self-concern; their concern is for pleasing
their Older Members, being good crew members, and fulfilling the
assignment of the task at hand to the best of their ability.  Members
of the Next Level look to the minds of their Older Members, to their
partners, and to their crew members, for they recognize that they
cannot trust their own minds.  They realize that they could be wrong,
so they are careful to qualify what they say and hesitate to make
quick judgments.  Their approach is straightforward and honest,
without deception.  They are respectful of others, without allowing
familiarity.  They are thoughtfully restrained in all their actions
and words, without impulsiveness.  They are refined in all they do,
without haughtiness.  They are positive and optimistic, turning each
situation to an advantage.  They are cheerful and pleasant, without
being saccharine.  They rely on the Next Level to take care of their
needs, without being passive.  They are open and quick to admit a
mistake, without being embarrassed or concerned for appearances.  They
maintain a pleasant countenance and a good posture.  They are quick,
but not jagged.  They are careful in how they handle things, without
being harsh or careless.  They are quick to do any task, having
outgrown procrastination.  They are consistently clean, neat,
sensitive, and gentle, never  lowering their standards.  They are
moderate in their use of things, using judgment as to appropriate
amounts of what to use in everything – from electricity to toothpaste.
They do not vacillate from one extreme to another, high to low, but
are even and moderate in their actions.  They are energetic and eager,
without being aggressive or demanding.  They are keen, cautious, and
alert, always thinking ahead of the details and their implications.
They examine any situation to the best to their ability before asking
a question.  They are smooth, but occasionally (in their judgment)
stumble.  When they stumble, they get up quickly, learn the lesson,
and move on, without wallowing in guilt. They expect the highest
performance from their students, always believing that they can do the
assigned task, for the mind and energy is always available to
individual students for the asking.  My Older Members are constantly
asking for growth and change to become more like their Older Members.

I know that my Teachers always have my growth and best interests
in mind, and I recognize that they know me better than I know myself.
Members of the Next Level do not need praise, for good performance is
the standard in their kingdom, so my Older Members are sparing with
it.  They have encouraged us, but not baited us, to look forward to
living and serving in the Next Level, saying they “know we will like
it.”  Each time I have heard this, I have felt much more than the
words themselves, and know that the Next Level will be a wonderful way
of life.  The sense of humor of my Older Members, which never lowers
itself to sarcasm or putting others down, keeps our classroom pleasant
and fun in the midst of the difficulty of the task of overcoming the

Ti and Do are real in every way.  Were you to meet them, you
probably would not recognize the restrained discipline they exercise
in every act and word.  For most of their time on this garden planet,
these Representatives have blended in for the sake of performing their
task unhindered.  It is also a strong characteristic of Members of the
Next Level to desire to serve as a “cog in the wheel” of the crew
performing a task – not standing out or seeking recognition or praise.
They work as a crew, relying on the help of a partner to stay on track
and adhere to the instructions or design of a project.  They are not
concerned with physical appearance, but consciously keep their
vehicles (bodies) well-cleaned, neatly trimmed, and modestly clothed.
They have long ago outgrown all forms of mammalian behavior and gender-
consciousness – including sensuality of any kind and attachment to a
human family.  Their attachment is to the family of the soul, living
every minute with the fact that they are the mind from the Next Level
and not the vehicle (body) they are wearing.

All these ways are far different from those inherited by humans
and encouraged by their society.  Each human plant has an established
program (genetic code) firmly imbedded by teachings from space aliens
and supported by the vast armies of invisible influences serving their
own desires.  To break away from the grip of this planet and graft to
the vine of a higher Kingdom Level is the task that provides the fire
that tempers souls and makes them strong, useful members in the
Evolutionary Level Above Human.

When we began our lessons, our Teachers warned us it would be the
hardest thing any human could ever do, but they would be there to help
us – and this has proven true.  When most humans think of overcoming
the world, they think of dropping addictions to drugs, coffee,
cigarettes, profanity –  sometimes even sexuality and gross
materialism.  What is really involved, however, goes much further and
requires getting control of a human vehicle and forcing it to discard
all its old ways of thinking and behaving – including any
identification with its gender and its family ties, its habits, what
it admired about itself, what it valued, what it liked and disliked –
and teaching it to adopt and appreciate the ways of thinking and the
behavior of the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human.  The new creature
that is formed must desire to think and act only in ways compatible
with his new family.  It is like the dog, who wants only to be part of
his human masters’ family, learning the ways of the household he wants
to join.  He must stop valuing running with a pack of wild dogs and
fighting over bones and learn the restraint required to sit at the
feet of his master.  Gaining such control is not easy for an animal or
a human, as it is a fight against the genetic structure of the vehicle
to reprogram it for the sake of something more desirable, a place in a
higher Kingdom’s family.

My Older Members never impose their will on others, but always
honor an individual’s freedom to choose his own way – whether it is
good or bad, rough or refined, constructive or destructive.  This
means that the door to leave our classroom is always open – it is our
will that keeps us connected to our Older Members, a bond of our own
request, not one imposed by the Next Level.  After nearly six years in
the classroom, I allowed influences to weaken my resolve, have me
focus on my vehicle’s self-concern and drag me away from trusting my
Older Members, so that one day I walked away from the classroom – back
into the world.  Even as I walked out, I knew it was the wrong step
for me, but I was pulled back into the world by negativity and desires
of the vehicle.  In the world, I was once again involved with other
humans and participated in human activities.  I knew influences had
tricked me into giving up my chance to be a servant in the Next Level
and duped me into returning to being a “slave” to this world.  During
a long ten years in the world, many times I found myself aghast that I
had given up the opportunity to go to the Evolutionary Level Above
Human for the tawdriness, loneliness, inconsiderateness, and lies of
the world.  No matter what I did or how involved with the world I got,
I always “ran a low-grade depression” and felt separate from those
around me.  In my mind I pleaded for the opportunity to be allowed
back into the class; I hoped for the privilege of being in a remedial
classroom that might help me recover my relationship with Ti and Do.

The Next Level waits a long time before giving another
opportunity – one must prove in actions and thought that he really
wants it.  Even so, one of the qualities of members of the Next Level
is their willingness to clean the slate and offer a chance to start
over.  Their patience is not infinite, but fortunately for us, if one
can convince them of the sincere desire to change and learn from
errors – and the time is right – a new opportunity may be given.  My
time away from my Older Members and my classmates, though difficult
and painful, gave me a stronger appreciation of the difference between
the human world and the Evolutionary Level Above Human, a greater
thirst for closeness to my Older Members, and a stronger resolve to
move quickly to change old human ways.  My separation taught me the
value of the Next Level characteristic of being open and honest, not
hiding difficulties or being secretive, but trusting in the help from
Ti and Do and my classmates.

Another characteristic of the workings of the Next Level is the
coincidental meeting of individuals when the time is right to suit a
Next Level purpose.  This is particularly true when both individuals
are seeking to serve the Next Level, and when this happens, the
feeling of happiness is great.  Just such an occurrence reconnected me
with the class in 1992, when a class member called the business where
my vehicle was working and recognized its voice.  Who he was might not
have been exposed to me (since members of the class have been careful
to protect the security of the classroom), but it was timely for me to
rejoin the class as “The Last Call” (in 1992) was being given.

Returning to the class has been a wonderful gift for which I have
been very thankful.  I was a lost sheep brought home where I can be
myself and do what I really want to do.  This is not to say it has
been easy – for I had much ground to recover and catch up.  I am
learning to emulate the cheerful, pleasant vibrations of my Older
Members.  I am benefiting from their directness and honesty and
learning to adopt those qualities.  I am learning to be happy and to
conquer the influences that still try to use this vehicle.  I am
learning to be open and share what I am experiencing and learning with
my Older Members and my classmates.

I know there is nothing for me in the world; my only life is with
my Older Members.  I know that the only reason that I have life is
because the Next Level and my Older Members gave me the deposit that
began my soul and that my responsibility is to protect and exert the
effort to help it grow.  I am this soul, not the body I am using.  The
opportunity to learn and grow and gain more Next Level mind is mine as
long as I continue to look to my Older Members – to cling to, rely on,
and cleave to them.  The choice to exercise my free will to go either
way is always mine, yet I know the only life for me is to be with them
– here or in the Next Level.  Without that I am nothing.

Hopefully, I have learned to control this vehicle enough to have
grown to be a match for a Next Level vehicle (body) and soon will be
given the opportunity to receive a Next Level vehicle.  Whether that
is here on Earth, on a Next Level spacecraft, or in some distant
“quartermaster” or wardrobe does not matter.

It would be wonderful and amazing if some few humans could
understand what is happening with us, but as I said in the beginning,
we expect condemnation from the ignorant arrogance of the world.  It
is your test and opportunity to see and recognize the facts.  If you
want more than what this Earth offers, you likely have been given a
“chip” of recognition.  Know it is a treasure and protect it.  Don’t
be duped by the world’s pleasures, addictions, “securities,”
misinformation, and games, for they cannot hold a candle to the
opportunity to take a place in the Kingdom of your Creator and
willingly serve His desires.  Everything else is a dead end.

April 11, 1996

Appendix A  –  Page 25


November 23, 2016

Investments                                                 By Anlody

A controversial object approaches the inner regions of our solar
system.  Those with the means of seeing Hale-Bopp as it approaches argue
over its size and its orbit.  They argue whether or not it has a companion.
Those who have seen the companion claim that it moves unlike any known
natural phenomenon.

We, the students of the Level Above Human, think there’s a good
possibility that Hale-Bopp is what we’ve been waiting for.  We
marvel at and are grateful for the patience of our Older Member
and the Next Level for putting up with us for so long.  And we  wonder
if there’s any way to cram in these weak human brains more of what we’ve
been slow to learn to make ourselves more presentable and acceptable for
those who might be on their way to pick us up.

Those charting Hale-Bopp’s course, either in government-sanctioned
temples of science, or the backyard astronomers digging for evidence of
yet another government conspiracy in the lack of information on Hale-Bopp
being presented to the public, will most likely roll their eyes at my
linking this comet to our awaited exit from the Earth.  They knew someone
would try to connect this comet to religion.

And in our case they would be wrong.

Our message is not now, nor has it ever been, religious or spiritual.
Hale-Bopp is not a phantom.  No matter what it is, it will affect this
planet.  Some say the strange weather the planet is experiencing (coldest
winters, wide spread floods, etc.), the increase in volcanic eruptions and
other furies of nature, and the depletion of the ozone are already effects
of Hale-Bopp’s proximity to Earth.  We’ve been saying the planet was due
to be recycled at the end of the age.  That is not religious beliefs.  It
is the planet’s slate being wiped clean.  It is also our offering exit to
those who wake up enough to see that they need to exit in order to survive.
Survival requires that you allow nothing of this human existence to tie you
here.  No wealth, no position, no prestige, no family, no physical pleasure,
and no religion spouting to hang on to any of the above will enable you to
survive.  They are only entrapments.  They are means by which the lower
forces have lulled the humans of this planet into being comfortable in
their hell.  They promote the lies for their own gain, or they themselves
are not in touch with reality.  People who find satisfaction in having
everything of the material traps that this planet has to offer stop looking
for anything else.  They stop having a need for God or Heaven.  They may
go to church every Sunday, but when the real Kingdom of Heaven and its
Representatives come calling, they don’t recognize them or listen.  Their
faith and attention has been bought for trinkets and worldly things.

Consider a scenario where Hale-Bopp comes close enough to devastate
this planet.   Let’s say this companion to Hale-Bopp did indeed turn out
to be a spaceship of the Next Level.  The advanced occupants of this
spaceship know the purpose of Hale-Bopp is to recycle the planet.  They’ve
sent it here to give the planet a rest from the corrupt humans infesting
it.  Suppose they send shuttles ahead to rescue any soul worth saving.
We’re not sure. Perhaps Members of the Next Level would never communicate
with humans face-to-face.  The Old Testament of Judeo-Christian writing
says that humans died if they looked directly upon Members of the Next
Level.  But if it were possible, and Members of the Level Above Humans
personally invited individuals of this planet to exit with them before
the comet passed, what would your reaction be?  Would you pass or fail
the test of Lot’s wife?  The old legends say that when leaving Sodom and
Gomorrah as it was being destroyed, Lot’s wife looked back and as a result
was turned to a pillar of salt.  Is there anything that would make you
look back?

Would your career have you hesitate?  Would your wealth or position
in the community cause you to pause?  When faced with this decision, most
humans could quickly adopt a different set of values — personal survival
over materiel gain.  But what do the majority of humans today say is the
most important thing in their lives?   Their family.  Would your thoughts
of a spouse or children hold you back?  Am I saying the all-important human
family is in the same category as trinkets and worldly things?  Yes, IF it
becomes a  stumbling block between you and your connection or getting closer
to the Level Above Human.

The human family is counterfeit — as is anything else that humans
have come to value on this planet.  The proof of it being counterfeit is
in how easily a human family can fall apart or be lost.  The only REAL
“family” relationship that can be maintained is that between an Older
Member and a younger member.  As long as the younger member keeps his
eyes on his Older Member, and wants with all his heart, mind and soul
to please his Older Member, that relationship is forever.  It was never
intended for human beings to reproduce in the same manner as animals.
That path resulted from a poor, willful choice. Therefore, the human
family has become the Luciferians’ most compelling entrapment.

There are humans who condemn other humans for participating in what
they see as promiscuous sex outside of a family unit.  But they don’t see
that the sex engaged in to “raise a family” or within the bounds of
marriage is no different.  In fact, it may be more of a trap because the
human father, the human mother, and those others tied to a human family,
will have that much more pulling at them to stay on the planet when it’s
time to get off.   Exit is not a human family affair. Potentially each
member could go individually, but the family cannot go together as a unit.

The turmoil that this planet has always been in was designed to
stimulate souls to wake up and see the human kingdom as temporary — just
a stepping stone to something more.  It was never meant to be a peaceful
place, and nothing will change that — not any human living on it or any
renegade space alien, whether they look like birds, fish, insects, or tall
blond Barbie dolls, will make peace or Heaven on Earth.  The increase in
turmoil in the last two decades directly correlates with the closing of
this Age.  The disruption will continue to increase as the comet
approaches.  Earth and its human level are the hell and purgatory of
legend. It wasn’t meant as a place in which to get comfortable or to stay.
It was set up as a place to separate the renegades of Heaven — the
Luciferians — from those who have risen above the human level, and a
place to test souls striving to get to the Level Above Human.  Every
corrupting distraction imaginable exists here.  A soul going through
here and not having its eye turned by the distractions gains a lot of

Even the human body can easily be lost.  Would losing your human
body keep your soul tied to this planet?  All human bodies have spirits
beyond their flesh, but not all have souls. The soul is the only thing
that offers movement beyond human shadows.  It’s the only thing of this
hell that has no human origin.  Nothing on this level, human or
Luciferian, can destroy a soul.  That power rests solely in the Next

Souls are the gifts of the Next Level.  The Next Level has some
means of scanning a human plant, a human body, to determine if it is
fertile ground for a soul.  Once the soul is planted, they also have a
way of knowing if it has taken any nourishment, that is, has accepted
information from the Representative they sent to nourish the souls that
were planted — that is, if it has become an individual, something a
little more than just human.  How much contact with or acceptance of
the Representative or the information brought by the Representative
warrants being saved for future planting, I do not know.  Judgments of
that kind are reserved for those pushing the buttons of the spacecraft.
But signs that a soul has accepted nourishment from the Level Above
Human would manifest as general discontent.  Individuals with souls
will feel out of place here because those souls are not from here.
If these souls wake up, they see they can no longer play the human game,
if indeed they ever could.  They know that what they see around them is
not the way things are supposed to be.  They have no difficulty seeing
human existence for the hell that it is.

If Members of the Level Above Human asked individuals directly if
they wish to exit before Hale-Bopp passes, they most likely wouldn’t ask
any human that question.  Humans cannot go.  It wouldn’t even occur to
humans to want to go.  Believe it or not, the Next Level has no need for
humans.  Human bodies can serve as tools for helping developing souls of
the Next Level become stronger.  The soul can become strong enough to be
awarded a body from the Next Level if it keeps pushing in that direction.
But the universe turns quite well without one human in it.  It works
because every Member of the Next Level focuses on pleasing, and being
more like his Older Member, and that Older Member would in turn look to
his Older Member, up the chain all the way to the Chief of Chiefs.  This
is the Tree of Life spoken of in legends past.  There is no life without
having some connection to the Next Level.  There is not even potential
for life without being in the keeping of the Next Level.

Whether or not the Next Level arrives with Hale-Bopp, it will arrive.
Wall Street walkers speak in terms of investing in things not easily lost.
Then a soul making an investment toward the Next Level, toward its Older
Member, would be making the only worthwhile investment that exists.
Everything else here is subject to crashing once the program of this
hologram gets rebooted.  To us, an invitation to exit Earth is an
invitation to go home.

February 15, 1997

Appendix A  –  Page 52

Overview of Present Mission

November 23, 2016


Overview of Present Mission
By Jwnody – a student

The documents contained in this book present a running account
of materials we have printed and published in relationship to our
mission on this planet, spanning the past two decades.

To help you understand who we are, we have taken the liberty
to express a brief synopsis in the vernacular of a popular
“science fiction” entertainment series.  Most readers in the late
20th Century will certainly recognize the intended parallels.  It
is really quite interesting to see how the context of fiction can
often open the mind to advanced possibilities which are, in
reality, quite close to fact.

Excerpt from “Extraterrestrials Return with Final Warning”
(located in Section 5):

“An ‘away  team’ from an Evolutionary Level Above
Human, an ‘Admiral,’ and His ‘Captain’ and crew, during
the 1920’s to 1950’s picked and prepped the human bodies
which they would wear for the task we are about to
describe.  They came into those bodies in the 1970’s –
the Admiral and Captain first.  They began rounding up
their crew in ’75 and assisting them in the process of
entering and taking charge of their own assigned human
bodies. They called their crew together by means of a
public statement and meetings (over about a 9-month
period).  The media, typically hastily judging them,
tagged them the ‘UFO  Cult,’ because of their
expectation of leaving aboard a spacecraft (UFO) at the
completion of their task.  The Two then took the ones
who followed them into seclusion, completely separate
from the world for almost 17 years, not only completing
their ‘awakening’ or adjustment to their human bodies
and this primitive civilization, but also took them
through a ‘metamorphic’ classroom experience of
changing over their consciousness and behavior to match
with that of their distant culture from whence they had

Those 17 years of seclusion ended for us in 1992.  From
1975/1976 until we went public again in 1992, we were very much
“lifted out” of this world – literally.  In 1988, however, we did
write the “’88  Update,” including, quite appropriately, some
updated thinking.  We also took this opportunity to set the
record straight with a written account of our history, refuting
many of the false reports and outright lies widely circulated and
published by the media back in 1975.  We sent it out far
and wide for “those who had ears to hear.”  But it was
clearly part of the Next Level’s design to keep us protected and
secluded a while longer, so we remained hidden and virtually
unfindable for several more years.

In the early 1990’s, we began to get clear signals that our
“classroom time” per se was nearly over, but that some
involvement with the public was about to begin.  So, we started
the painful and arduous task of trying to figure out how to re-
interface, communicate, with a human civilization which by this
time had become quite foreign to where our thinking had evolved.
Nevertheless, in early 1992, we had our “coming out.”  We did a
series of satellite TV broadcasts, entitled “Beyond Human – The
Last Call,” and for the first time in 17 years, we corresponded
for a brief period with those who opted to write to us.  And a
very interesting phenomenon occurred.  Although we thought we
were presenting our information to the “public at large,” much
to our surprise, those who watched and responded were almost
entirely our own “lost sheep” – that is, crew members who had
previously dropped away, having been overcome in earlier years
by the temptations of an increasingly decadent civilization.
They now were desperately seeking a way to reconnect.  And they did.

After these returnees had a period of time to readapt to the
ways of the classroom/Next Level, we once again set out to offer
our information to the public.  Our dilemma was multifaceted:
How do we present the information in a credible fashion, when to
most, our Truth is definitely stranger than any fiction?  How do
we avoid being seen as religious, in order to not  “turn  off”
those who rightfully despise the hypocrisy of what religions have
become?  At the same time, how do we acknowledge our past
associations with this civilization which are primarily recorded
in your Bible, so as to offer those who are waiting for prophecy
to be fulfilled, enough clues to put it together?  As you read
our various presentations, you will see our many attempts to
“speak in tongues” – to speak in several languages and to several
stratas simultaneously.

A  fact that we take for granted but which may take some
explanation for others, is that the Next Level does not always
let us in on the overview of their strategy.  “Next steps,”
timetables, and even conceptual understandings are given to us
only on a “need to know” basis.  Without a doubt, the Next Level
has had an extremely detailed lesson plan designed for our
personal growth.  In retrospect, it is quite evident how the
premature introduction of more advanced concepts and understandings
early on would have completely “blown” the circuitry of the
comparatively primitive human computers (brains) we were using.
Consequently, new steps and understandings were presented
throughout our awakening in a carefully calculated sequence.
By this method, the limited human mechanism could, with some
effort, be reprogrammed to accept and assimilate the advanced,
non-human perspectives we were receiving.  As a result, you will
notice that throughout our materials, our understandings are
constantly being updated and refined as our circuitry adapted.
One “fact” we learned early on is that, what is truth for us
today may be just a stepping stone to a higher understanding
that may be given to us tomorrow.

Our elementary lesson plan was, of course, extremely
frustrating for our Teachers – who literally were not permitted
to access the mind/knowledge and even the memories that were
previously their own (in the Next Level), but which were not a
compatible match with their temporary human condition and current
task assignment.  Furthermore, conscious remembrance of too much
knowledge too soon could potentially be an interference and
liability to their plan – our growth pattern.  The irony here is
that they were likely the ones who, before coming into these
bodies, designed these “limitations” into their task – so, they
had only themselves to blame.  This is a bit of what we would
call Next Level humor.

But back to our overall chronology.  On May 27, 1993, we took
a much more overt step toward the conclusion of our task.  We
published a 1/3-page ad/statement in both the national and
international editions of “USA TODAY,” entitled “‘UFO Cult’
Resurfaces with Final Offer” (see Section 5).  And again the ball
was rolling.  We were definitely in the public eye.  This
ad/statement, with slight variations, entitled “Last Chance To
Advance Beyond Human” (see Section 6), was then reprinted in
alternative newspapers, weekly newspapers, and various magazines
around the country as well as overseas (listed in Section  5).
During the months that followed, we maintained an ongoing
correspondence with, as well as provided video tapes and written
materials to, those who wrote to us with sincere interest.

Then, in January of 1994, once again, we sold all of our worldly
possessions except for a few cars and changes of clothing, and
set out cross-country holding free public meetings from coast to
coast for nine months (meeting locations listed in Section 6).
In addition, we did countless newspaper, radio, and TV
interviews.  It became clear to us, during the course of those
meetings, that our primary purpose for being out there at that
particular time, was not to relate to the public in general, but
to locate our additional crew members, whom we now refer to as
the “second  wave.”  Their addition to our class in 1994 nearly
doubled our numbers.  It was quite evident to them and to us that
we were of the same family, of the same mind.  And once again, we
realized that this was all part of a  greater plan that was
unfolding according to the design of those in the Next Level
responsible for this current civilization “experiment.”  What
some might call the “second rapture” or snatching away, found all
of us, both the first and the second wave, removed from the
world, entering into what we would describe as an accelerated
version of the “metamorphic classroom,” lasting over a year
before our once again “coming out.”

Then on September 25-26, 1995, from a secluded location, we
issued a statement that went out – “on line” – around the globe,
for our sixth public interaction.  The statement entitled
“Undercover ‘Jesus’ Surfaces Before Departure” was posted to the
World Wide Web and to 95 UseNET newsgroups on the Internet,
potentially reaching millions simultaneously.  And in keeping
with our policy of “speaking in tongues,” on October 11, 1995, we
posted a higher, more generic translation, entitled “’95 Statement
by an E.T. Presently Incarnate.”  The response was extremely
animated and somewhat mixed.  However, the loudest voices were
those expressing ridicule, hostility, or both – so quick to judge
that which they could not comprehend.  This was the signal to us
to begin our preparations to return “home.”  The weeds have taken
over the garden and truly disturbed its usefulness beyond repair –
it is time for the civilization to be recycled – “spaded under.”

And so this brings us before the public once again, with our
“farewell legacy.”  At the time of this writing, we do not yet know
the extent of this seventh, and we suspect final, public involvement.
This book, an anthology of our materials, begins “phase one.”
Nothing is predetermined.  The response of the world to the Next
Level will be monitored very carefully.  What happens next
remains in the balance.

It has been given that what you do with this – how you respond
to us – is strictly up to you.

April 1996
– v –