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Notes from Do’s talk on March 28, 1994 during the start of the LAST “Rapture”

December 19, 2016

Before getting into the notes, I want to offer what has been given to us that shows that there is still an open window to gain the eye of the Next Level Older Members. One could call it an extension of the LAST WAVE or Second Rapture. All waves require separation from the human kingdom and that includes making significant changes to our behavior and ways and providing service to the Next Level. What’s not written in stone is to what degree and how fast and when any one individual chooses to seek the favour of Ti and Do to become a prospective active student and that can be consciously or subconsciously as type 3 of those who can be salvaged from the spading. (The spading includes the recycling of not only vehicles and civilization structures, but also is pertaining to souls and spirits).

I remind that Do said in 1997 that the window was open to go with him. He was addressing the way to be in that FIRST WAVE by exiting one’s vehicle as they did.  That was given in a “press release” to be issued to the News Media on 3-22-97. He doesn’t spell out that it’s the FIRST or SECOND aka LAST Wave in this press release but talks about the LAST WAVE in these notes as a Second Resurrection or Second Rapture. These TWO WAVES – I’ve been calling FIRST and LAST were also spelled out by Jwnody on Do’s behalf in the document entitled, ” “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure” that talks about the “window” to go with them that also spells out the difference between those who choose to respond to Ti and Do’s offer of future membership in the Next Level that could be described in the same way, as pertaining to these two waves but adds information about those who can be saved for further planting: “In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts).  You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants.  And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

I only provide these vantage points from Do and Crew because there is an effort afoot that makes it seem that one must give all or nothing, when all is a progression. True, one will not graduate the human kingdom until they complete a metamorphosis that can only be completed when in the presence of someone who has been through that metamorphosis assigned to take new students through it and since there is no present Older Member Rep and won’t be until the new civilization – “catching the eye of the caretakers of this world” by engaging the metamorphic process as best as one can is in order which is not limiting anyone to how much they choose to give as Do also spelled out as Three kinds or types or groups of individuals:

First Type of individual who can avoid the spading under:

“Now, I told you a little while ago, that there are pretty
much three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at
the end of an Age.  One would, of course, be those souls that were
deposited, and those souls were awakened, and those souls
received nourishment, and left everything behind, and became
attached to – grafted to – a Representative from the Level Above
Human, and separated from everything.  Now, I’ve got a bunch of
these individuals sitting in front of me who, I may be mistaken, but
I don’t believe that any of them had the beginning of their Next
Level life in this time period – in this generation.  I know that
every one of them were in the keeping of the Kingdom Level
Above Human before they came into this time period.  This time
period was a chance for them to learn a lot of things that they
didn’t learn very well, or didn’t get a chance to complete, or
needed to work on more, as far as separating from the human
kingdom.  They are having an opportunity to develop that more, so
that they don’t have to be planted back in a human garden in
another time – so that they can move into the Kingdom Level
Above Human, take on costumes, or suits of clothes, or bodies that
belong to that Kingdom, and serve and do their work in that
Kingdom Level Above Human.”

Second Type of individual who can avoid the spading under:

A second type is one who recognizes the Representative,
recognizes the information of the Next Level that is coming
through the Representative, knows it is true, and has not yet had
the strength to complete it.  This type still trusts the Next Level,
still believes that that is the only Truth, and whatever faith they
have and trust they have, that’s where it is.  And they will be kept
in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, and
replanted at another time, and given another chance.

Third Type of individual who can avoid the spading under:

Okay, back to the three types:  One, those ready for
quartermaster; two, those not quite ready, and the third type:  those
who recognize the information of the Next Level and are
attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence,
to break away in their own way.  Now, when they attempt to break
away in their own way, not even aware that I’m here or that my
Older Member has been here at this particular time, they somehow
or another find themselves drawn to others who are breaking away.
They are also finding themselves surrounded with an opposite type
of people who say, “What’s wrong with you guys?  Are you crazy?
You’re leaving your career?  You’re not paying attention to your
children?”  This is happening a lot.  Many people are going into
what the mainstream likes to call “cults” –  they are breaking
away.  People who love their God so, in their own way, that they
end up like what happened with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge,
what happened at Waco, what happens in nations that, even in
their government, want to honor God – listen to God – entirely,
instead of taking man’s laws, man’s requirements, man’s rules.
They are breaking away.  They are conscious that there is some
presence of God here and are saying, “I want to go in that
direction.  I’ll even put my life on the line in order to get closer to
God at this time.”

I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these
various types are.  But I’ve given you some illustrations.  It’s like
even in patriot movements, or in militia movements, or in “cults,”
or in this type of religious radical or another who know that this
world is rotten, they are saying, “I would rather die in service to
my interpretation of what God is than stay here.”  Those young
souls, those young spirits, those minds will be saved.  They will be
set aside – “put on ice,” so to speak – and have a future, have
another planting in the next civilization for further nourishment.

What does this add up to?  This adds up to that the ones
who love this world and love the human kingdom, say to me and
all those like me (or all those I just discussed – all those various
categories) that, “They’re nuts, they’re crazy.  They’re radicals.
They’re against the world.  They are not human – they’re
inhumane.  They’re tyrannical or their terrorists.”  Now, don’t
misunderstand me.  I’m not advocating violence.  I’m not
advocating going out and trying to create some war.  The war that
is a natural phenomenon that comes with the End of an Age, is
forced upon those who want to leave this place.  It’s not anything
that we have to do or we have to create.  And some, aware that that
will happen – even some who want to get to the Kingdom Level
Above Human – mistakenly feel responsible for creating those
wars.  They don’t have all the pieces right.  But if they are doing it
for the right reasons, not me, but my Father and my Father’s
Father, and the Kingdom Level Above Human says, “They love
me more than they love the world.  And they love me more than
they love the world during the time that I have a Representative
present.  And I will honor that.  I will extract them.  I will put them
aside.  I will give them a planting at another time.”

So with that all said to put everything in it’s context as some like to zero in on only one thing Do said and think that everything else is not applicable. If that were so, Do would have never published all these documents or made these video’s with different vantage points. We have to remember that this is all a Next Level strategy and the Luciferians will twist what is said to their advantage at every turn to get individuals to do anything but strive towards genuine Next Level membership by looking to our Older Members, whether they are incarnate anymore or not. The program continues until the garden is spaded or until each of us loses our human vehicle and then our spirit or soul is judged as salvageable or not.

So here are the notes:

Classroom Notes March 28,1994


Jesus was not a religious man or spiritual person according to present-day interpretation.

He was a man of the future – from the future, ahead of this civilization’s time – from an actual physical Evolutionary Kingdom Above the human kingdom, in the same way that humans are supposedly an evolutionary kingdom level above Earth’s animal kingdom.

The Kingdom Level He was a part of has its identity with the spirit or soul, whereas the human kingdom identifies with the body.

Members of the Kingdom that He came from treat their physical bodies as “suits of clothes” and thereby can leave their “Next Level” bodies behind and even incarnate in a human body as He did.

The mind, or spirit, that was in Jesus did not incarnate in the infant, but rather it incarnated when the body He took was 29-30 years old, at the time of the event recorded as the “Holy Spirit” descending upon Him as a dove (at the river Jordan with John the Baptist).

Compared to a human spirit, His Spirit, having come from that Next Kingdom Level, was a Holy Spirit, one to be revered by humans – seen as Divine – and rightfully so.

The body that was picked for Him had been monitored and prepped since infancy by Members of that Kingdom Level Above Human in anticipation of the day He would incarnate into it.

In the same way, in this generation, two bodies were picked and prepped for the two members that would incarnate into them, a Younger Member and an Older Member – a Son and his Father.

This time those two Spirits came from that Next Kingdom Level in the early 1970’s, and incarnated in their picked or chosen bodies, which were in their 40’s.

Then, in 1975, they put out a “call” for the spirits who came with them for this task, and these two Teachers assisted those prospective members of that Next Kingdom Level in incarnating into (taking over) the bodies that had been set aside for them.

These two Teachers then took them out, or “lifted them out,” with the bodies they would take charge of and assisted them in the tedious and difficult process of becoming totally new creatures, filling those bodies with the mind, the thoughts, the behavior, the “spirit” from the Kingdom Level Above Human.

These students of the Kingdom of Heaven and prospective new members, have changed sufficiently in becoming new creatures of that new Kingdom to now be given the task of going out and finding the second and last wave of souls or spirits who have been brought back into the human kingdom to receive – incarnate into – the bodies that have been picked and prepped for them.

As they connect with the first wave of new creatures, they too will be taken out of the world and through the incarnating process of taking over a body, aborting its human mind and programming, and filling it with the mind of their Father, His Father, and that Kingdom Level Above Human.

This is what some Bible students refer to as the second resurrection or the second rapture.

These minds, these souls who successfully bond to their new Father and his Kingdom – their new Kingdom – will literally leave the human kingdom and enter membership into the physical Kingdom from whence the mind, the soul that was in Jesus, and the minds, the souls that are in these Teachers, came.

As Jesus came and left in a cloud of light, so also these Teachers, along with their prospective students from both waves, came and will leave in the same manner (a spacecraft, “UFO” belonging to the Kingdom of “God”).

They will not need to be a part of the human kingdom again.

Those who have successfully overcome human-mammalian behavior and thinking (under the tutorship of their Teachers – their new Fathers – from that Kingdom) and have replaced it with the behavior and thinking of that next Kingdom Level will now enter that next Kingdom and be beginners in service, for the first time, to the true Kingdom of Heaven – the only real Kingdom of God.

All souls retain, at all evolutionary levels, the free will to accept tutorship, remain loyal to their parentage in that Kingdom Level, or separate, feeling they no longer need to remain a child, a servant – even in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The spirit or soul referred to as Satan or Lucifer was once a child, a son, a student of the real Kingdom of Heaven.

He exercised his free will to go his separate way and attempt to create his own heaven.

He even took what was estimated as a third of the creatures who were young children in that Kingdom with him, for they were still susceptible to his leadership.

Those individuals now circulate in the Heavens, and we refer to them as various Luciferian space-races (who also travel in their more primitive spacecrafts – UFOs).

Having lost their standing in the true Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of their Creator, they had no choice but to return to human-like behavior and mammalian limitations.

They manipulate the humans as their slaves and do all within their power to prohibit the humans from ever knowing the truth about their ex-Father’s Kingdom.

They bind the human souls and minds to this world through a preoccupation with sexuality (indulgence in all the pleasures/addictions of the human senses), reproductivity (family), service to the human kingdom, within a structure of indebtedness (credit, borrowing, etc.) and responsibility to their family, community, race, nation, and distorted religious concepts, and all other aspects of the human kingdom.

Many Bible students, some Christian denominations, and to a greater extent the so-called “charismatics” or “spirit- filled” say they are waiting for the “Second Coming.” That same mind, that same information of the Kingdom of Heaven, has come again for the second time in this civilization.

That mind, the One that spoke through the body named Jesus, told His followers that He would come again, though He also told them not to believe them if people would say that Jesus (the name of His human body 2000 years ago) was on this mountain or in this desert.

What the Christians say they are looking for: the Second Coming, the Second Resurrection (the opportunity that is before you now), the Second Rapture (the first having happened in ’75 for the first wave), which will take those of the second resurrection out of this world, are all here.

“Resurrection from the dead” is used in the context of all are “dead” until receiving the mind or spirit (life) from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Unfortunately, the Luciferians, who have taken over the religions, would have you expect heaven on Earth as devoted human families.

You can’t be a good little family Christian and die and go to Heaven.

You can only become a new creature, a heavenly creature, while a member of the Kingdom of Heaven is incarnate in the human kingdom to take you through that birthing.

That birthing requires that you become dead to all humanness and have only the consciousness of a child in that new Kingdom Level – totally under the care and keeping of your new Father, your new family, who will take you into that Kingdom.

These children of the first resurrection are now holding meetings, seeking those who have received a “gift” of the possibility of receiving this nurturing and birthing into that next Kingdom.

This is obviously by human judgment the “Cult of Cults,” but for the chosen, it’s the only way into their “Heavenly Father’s House.” You choose.

According to your judgment shall you be judged.

Section 6 – Page 12

Audio Tape Log of 196 of Ti and Do’s Internal Classroom Meetings, 1982-1985

December 8, 2016

Below is the tapelog formulated by the Class of TI and DO’s students who left in 1997.

I got it via Rkkody on the cd he sent me with the tapes he digitized. I don’t know if the original log contained all the said 484 tapes but we only have this listing of 218 but which is really 196 since some of the log entries show no tape is available, (perhaps because it had become damaged).

I will send any or all of the tapes I have to anyone who asks me for them. Send an email request to If you want them all then be sure to have space on your receiving device as I’ve got them bundled into packets with the Heaven’s Gate Book and a number of supplemental materials TI and DO and Crew produced over the years, as well as my book, “TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses”. I have all this information bundled into two zipped folders and each is nearing 2 gigs so one needs to have more than that space requirement to unzip them as there are zipped folders within zipped folders.

As of 2019 these tapes have also been available on

I have no affilliation with the 4shared posting. They were loaded there by the former classmate named Crlody – aka Carlan. When he uploaded them I believe they were all free to download but since then many years ago, they changed their policy and now they still allow free download but it may be limited to 1 or more a day or something like that, or if paid for as many as one wants I think.  When I downloaded some a year or two ago, some would come up with a virus alert that was quite frightening as those things are, but I would just end the task to get out of and not try to get that file. I don’t know how widespread those are through all the files posted there and I didn’t want to click on anything on the alert in case it stimulated getting the computer virus. Some don’t have that associated virus alert but I didn’t try them all. The only ones I wanted were the tapes DO made from 1994 recorded in Inverness, CA, Portland, OR and Denver CO during the time we were holding public meetings again. I count these tapes as among the most important to listen to because DO covered a lot of things primarily for the sake of new believers/doers of the Overcoming Process that includes for everyone even now the same criteria though without having present Older Member Teachers that includes “Standing” for TI and DO and maintaining that stand until we leave our vehicles, however that happens. That’s our lesson step now – to separate from the world and it’s ways and it’s human behaviors and work for TI and DO by Standing for them. To Stand for them we need to have our human vehicles as the only way we grow is by taking over a human vehicle and applying the teachings of TI and DO and it’s left up to us how thoroughly we do so. There are no short cuts to “heaven”. Like some even now think they can just lay down their vehicle the way DO and the 38+4 did and they’ll get to be with them in “heaven” – on a Next Level spacecraft. But if we don’t know who our shepherd is then dying is not going to accomplish being with Him/Them. Religions have taught for centuries that when someone lives a good life and dies adoring some savior that they go to heaven but that not the way it works and is one of the many ways the religions are all totally corrupted.

We need to work for TI and Do in the current lesson format they provided that can be seen and understood by reading the Heaven’s Gate Book and watching the Beyond Human Series and watching the exit videos and by watching the other video’s that DO made in 1995-7. Everything He/They taught have their application to now. For instance there were the Three Types of people who would be saved from the recycling. The third type may not have even heard about TI and DO but were separating from the world in their own ways, for example like militia movements (though DO was careful to say he wasn’t promoting violence of any kind). It just showed people who distrusted the govt which is part of separating from our humanness to put all our trust in only the Next Level Above Human. (I believe that’s what was meant in Rev 16:2 that showed that the ones that don’t accept the marks of the beast are the ones who aren’t affected by the plague that produces “sores” and great stress on the mind, which appears to relate direction to Jesus reference to pestilence at this time and that seems to relate directly to matters of physical and mental health decline and escalating death. (there are a number of such references).

I know the audio files I have, have no viruses on them. And if you don’t have space for them on your device I can send you just a few at a time. You can also listen to some of them, like from 1994 on my youtube channel, in livestreams I have done. Search my channel for 1994 and/or the towns I listed above where they were recorded.

The Webmasters of the Heaven’s Gate web site have all ~484 tapes and it’s been the source of great discord by a number of former classmates and new believers that they won’t provide them, though perhaps that could still change so I would also ask them for them.  These digitized audio tapes are of a varied sound quality with some almost inaudible but others are still excellent.

re: the unprovided tapes – If TI and DO wanted us to have them, they would compel Mark and Sarah to make them available or find some other way. If we believe in TI and DO we also should trust that we have all the information we need to grow towards membership in the Next Level. One way to look at not having them is as a lesson opportunity for all involved. As evidenced in the Heaven’s Gate Book, individuals who want to grow in studentship to TI and DO need to grow to not be in condemnation of one another or of anyone for what they do or don’t do. We can help one another when we demonstrate getting off track from TI and DO’s teachings by bringing things up to one another’s attention. And when someone brings something up to our attention to examine as unlike the behavior and ways to work with one another (like from the document the “17 Steps” or from the document, “Major and Lessor Offenses” list, both docs in the HG Book or because we said things that go against what TI and DO taught, that we can document in their materials, our best response is “thank you, I’ll examine that” and then examine it, talk to TI and DO about it in our privacy and if the shoe fits, make corrections and/or changes and even apologize if that would be part of it and move on.

For those prone to finding fault with others easily, you might want to read often, the document TI wrote called, The Power of Goodness and other positive affirmations we were given. I’ve posted all these documents on this blog.

So here is the tapelog:



Building reverence. Practice of silence. Silva Mind Control-off track-change M.O.(Ti&Do).”Tree”-Keep mind at feet of chief-ask to be examined. Object-“greeting”-separation from teachers. Meditation-relaxation vs. stress 70 min.


Finding retreat-retreat crew-meditation. Keep vibrations higher-Don’t listen to voices. 20 min.


Meditation exercise given(silence)-relaxed but keen & alert-Healing cells-Conflict =Decay. Each cell has a brain of it’s own-can talk to them & direct them-to be healthy. 85 min.


Blackhawk, Colo.-found retreat-wait &see. Don’t take each other for granted. 20 min.


Guilt-Conflict-Stress =vehicle breakdown. Program for health-eliminate stress. 15min.

006, 007, 008

Book information-3 faces of Lucifer-updates. One real God-One real Kingdom of God. Lucifer’s kingdom-facsimile of Heaven. Christian confusion-many members. Paths leading to #1 deceiver. Clarification of boogers-stages of human advancement-stepping stones. Major boogers work in Astral-Lucifer uses influential humans. 2 hrs., 48 min.

009, 010

Book questions-staying on track. Metamorphosis-boxes-graduation. Your thoughts will reach them by what you put in ether. If Links sent us energy-it would cheat us of growth. We already know ways of Next level-now we need to learn the ways of more responsible positions. You have to know who you are-constantly program vehicle to remember. 90min.; 20 min.


Sat. 3 reference-Hixon article example-our thoughts go out to help bring in New Age. Try to open door to humans to accept Teachers from the Next Level. Small human minds pure & good but need to blossom. Growth is through restraint. Need to have a fear of not pleasing the Chief. Information comes as an idea-not a “message”. 80 min.


People taking responsibility. “Eye for Eye” no longer applies-whole system has to be changed. Don’t become separate. See improvement every day. 90 min.


Moods, anger, sensuality—–must be gotten rid of. Promises to the Chief-builds strength to expose things. Get rid of deceit. 65 min.

014, 015

Teach kindness, cooperation, negotiation. Garden grows slowing-Old Testament for primitive society-stress lessons we have learned. Worst condition is to have no tests. 1 hr. 36 min.


Restraint counts only when temptation is severe. 5 cardinal sins: lack of trust, cruelty, sensuality, confidentiality, deceit. 60 min.

017, 018

Slippage meetings-no pipelines to the Next Level. Our Teachers are our Link with the Next Level. Three reasons we are here: 1. Strengthen Next Level Mind 2. Deposit thoughts 3. Getting a vehicle. Ask for strength to resist so impurities can surface. Use suffering to build the starch of resistance. Report slippages-how vehicle blocks Next Level Mind. 1 hr. 45 min.


Help wanted meetings-resentment-Lucifer is jealous of us-no favoritism-what to say to be helpful-follow chain of command-Do’s dream. Galloping horses. 85 min.


“I may be wrong”-trust must be unqualified. How help is accepted is important-stop evaluating Teachers. Work together in harmony-don’t take slippages lightly. 55 min.


Next Level toughness- not interfering with Older Members-wouldn’t correct Older Members-there are no teachers in Next Level. Follow procedures. 75 min.


Taking equal responsibility. Have to learn who you are. Do’s dream, “you can call me Tom”. Be observant, desire service, increase thirst. Take advantage of time : awaken. 75 min.




Ti and Do know who they are & they know who we are. We are training to be replacements for the positions vacated in the Heavens by Lucifer’s hosts. Be hard …..on yourself without getting down on self. Make the most of the time on this planet. Be strong & love the ways of the Next Level. Don’t accept weaknesses, can’t become comfortable. Develop forethought, expose deceit-the worst is over.
90 min.

90 min

Pace of vehicles in various areas-expect everyone to be “nice”-don’t want vehicles to be impressed with humans-answering questions briefly. Links tasks take priority-“rising above” brings in Next Level Mind-good vs. Evil on this planet. Take changes in a positive way. Overcoming prejudices of vehicle. 65 min.

025, 026, 027

The jail. New information. Lucifer & the jail-the minds that are present on this planet. Human not a natural condition. Adam: evolution in reverse. Boogers use celebrities as mouthpieces for programming. Not knowing is the test-flunk a test & it gets tougher next time. Next Level maintains the balance with their own programming. e.g. Moses. Program vehicle to abort negative thoughts. Strongest thirst when weakest. Lucifer has programmed all vehicles to play old tapes when not occupied-“reminisce”. Can’t skip steps- books to help future classes from Next Level. Our vehicles carefully chosen. Don’t change anything on your own. 4 hrs. 24 min.


Book deadline has passed. New Age-vehicles to return to original state of Adam. Reincarnation, souls, life after death, etc. Attraction between vehicles due to genetic programming. Genetic structure is the thing that is passed on. 90 min.


Forethought & conscious direction. Mind is to vehicle as human programmer is to a computer. Human computers come with genetic programs equal to manufacturers software. Family connections. Constant conscious effort-urgency. Know that the vehicle is a plant, separate from me. Plants energy source. 70 min.

030, 031

Inner mind. Whole self =conscious mind +inner mind. Inner mind can do unbelievable things. Program with clear commands & belief in what’s programmed. Follow procedures to the letter. Communications with others-I can do anything my Teachers have given me to do. Stress, confusion, etc. can interfere with inner mind programming. Replace negatives with positive. Human & Next Level does not mix. Program: fear of not pleasing the Chief & the Next Level. 2 hr. 23 min.


Would not instigate new things or procedures. Plan strategy for everything. Instructions from Older Members always have priority. Think, be alert, use feeler. Our potential effort grows each day. We are measured by effort we exert compared to our potential. Welcome anything that comes your way. 2 hr. 25 min.


Inner mind =genetic programming =soul. Soul has no judgment, no reasoning power just sends impulses to the brain. Repetition best way to program. The formula for building spirit body. Cont. from above


When you feel something negative, the moment you feel it, change it over to a positive-a chemical change takes place. Suffering & determination =growth. Correction is painful. Better if prepared ahead for it. Don’t let others be aware of suffering. 90 min.


Building a Next Level body. Program to erase negatives with positives. Questions & answers. Be specific in programming-think in detail-no short cuts. Lesson of older clothes. 35 min.


Too close to the light. Retreat dc’d-temporarily. 15 min.


Q car lessons-taking equal responsibility. Lesson of broken chain-Older Member is right no matter what-don’t compete or think you remember better-take the blame, wouldn’t blame them. “Ti”-“wouldn’t have any one of us on her crew”. Attaining the level of performance. Being able to prod ourselves more consistently. Live up to promise to the Chief. Do not accept a pace of improvement acceptable on any crew on the Next Level. 90 min.

038, 039


038, 039

Auxiliary motor. Lesson of travel funds-get yourself out of whatever you get yourself into-get help only if emergency. No trail bosses-only crews. Definition of a slippage. The pendulum. Responses to not being on the crew. Praise does help us grow. Band aids. How to objectively feel towards humans. Damaging to compare ourselves to others. Keep own generator going. No easy task has a great yield. 2 hr. 24 min.


Forethought: getting more thirst. Have to desire growth & new information. Stimulate yourself, don’t rely on outside stimulation-replace memory bank-can’t just progress, just apply lessons-chemical changes occur as we block out old memory bank-replace with Next Level ways. 75 min.


Exclamation point: repeating self-stimulating method. Don’t accept discouragement no matter what. Be determined to correct slippages-don’t test yourself-keep your own generator going. “Fear of God” is desperation for improvement. Lethargy is disbelief. Fear is key to accelerated growth. Don’t want to prove the Chief wrong. 60 min.


Separation of mind from vehicle: the glove. Each human has a root system & tape library in their genes. Soul travel-just imagination. Push through the “mud”-vehicle’s genetic structure. Strong willed vehicle has more backlash. Human vanity-energy leaks-change circumstances-believe the vehicle can change. Shower mantra. 80 min.


Refining programming. building Next Level body-program vehicle to be honored to be picked for task. Reinstating “Heavenly Father”. Keep mind on the task at hand. 75 min.


Information on 15th street craft. Lessons on ventilation-care of tools. Habits =no growth-intent of instructions. Questions & answers-consuming guidelines-lab serving strategy. 70 min.


Stopping thoughts before they can do damage: i.e. “I’m hungry”-controlling consuming-can’t allow horse to buck. 55 min.


Instruction to sell Teckla. We have to eventually be the ones to make vehicles stay within guidelines-learn judgment-learn to work efficiently without fuel-staying on track. Consuming: A tool to learn to stay on track. 35 min.


Refresher course in consuming-even Links has to at staying on track. Must look to Next Level to stay on track. Consuming: stress burns extra fuel-sublimation. 60 min.

048, 049

Squaw Pass-10,000 ft-1983. Information about Squaw Pass. Physical aspects of 10,000 ft.-learning how to push through. Reasoning behind the effort put into 10,000 ft. retreat. Follow instructions without question-perform as if on stage-information from Next Level comes through Links as a safeguard-Born out of chrysalis according to our own effort. 90 min.


Short note on the piano role-things moving faster-Links never questions instructions-pleasure in serving the Chief. The reaction of 10,000 ft. craft. 80 min.


Speed, hypocrisy, reasoning. 12 min.


NRR, RTH, ARR-we have reached a note on the piano role that has never been played before. Jesus’ disciples faced outward difficulty & we face inward ones-we affect the world trends. Waiting-appreciating the difficulty. 26 min.


OOC task-two extremes. Be alert & observant. Must learn the art of getting along with everyone. Misapplication of instruction-flowers. Interaction with Links =lessons-just say, “I did it wrong”. 45 min.


Striving for perfection. This is a time when Links pulled away. Conscious control. Motivation: loving the ways of the Next Level better than life itself. Artificial limb-correction doesn’t mean poor performance-medicine is sent to where we are: we need to stay there. We may some day have a Class like Links. New growth patterns-we have a choice. 80 min.

Members of the Next Level present in our craft. We don’t want to make it impossible for Members of the Next Level to be in our presence. Constant awareness of what we are vibrating-fumes. Next Level present =good becomes good more quickly & bad becomes bad-nothing is lost. Need to develop more respect. 45 min.


Everything is OK. You can rise above the longing to leave-can be an interference. Nothing is a negative if you can make it a positive. 30 min.


Attraction & revulsion. Equal caring for Classmates. Always do things according to new craft. All should have same aim-to follow procedures. 20 min


Doing things as quickly & as perfectly as possible. Physical aspects of Houston retreat. 16 min.


Less meditation-more mentally alert. Nirvana is not healthy-just escape opiate. Speeding up brains-alertness-crave perfection. Never sacrifice procedure for the product. 15 min.


Shaving-side A. virgins-side B. accumulating force-focal point to put energy into =perfecting the ways of the Next Level. Ask, “How can I use this energy?” Full dose of medicine-how to store it. Everything can be turned onto a positive. 15 min. side A 30 min. side B


Responses. Shouldn’t twist procedures to get what you want-can’t allow explosions & feel sorry later. Can’t do task half way-can’t keep some bad habits. Teach vehicle the greater pleasure that comes with control. 14 min.


How to handle a visit-no pat answers but be prepared. Light-heartedness-newsletter & network. 90 min.


Purpose is to relieve anxiety. Success is to follow instructions. Would not visit if faced with legal problems. 22 min.


Can we follow instructions in this environment. Parents & children are main concern. Primary task-relieve parents guilt if any. 20 min.


Lesson segments-introduction to writing task-A&B sides. 58 min.


Enduring the feeling of boredom, guilt, etc.-overcoming these feelings gives us strength-know that we will change-doors open as strength is gained. Boredom can whet appetite. “Happiness is knowing we are serving the Chief. 65 min.


Visits & segments. Stress/depression destroy the immune system. Don’t take experiences for granted. Writing segments brings more mind to the surface-everything is in the genes. Playlike: Church of genetic improvement. Non-sectarian-barking back. Turning conduct around. 90 min.


Sample segments. Realistic viewpoint of religious concept. Ti’s right & left turn-promiscuity-Miss Manners. 69 min.


Reconstructed meeting-no religious connotations. Bushel of apples. Everyone write first segment on genetic understanding-“genetic general. 45 min.


Meeting tape versus T.V. show. Turn around news-the direction towards improvement. Restraint on the spot is what works. 65 min.


Living computer. Circulating segments for grading. Sensations unchecked. The living computer analogy. Next Level genes-movie lesson. Lesson of the zoo tapes. 40 min.


Trends-responses can be traced back to genes-lesson about new shoes-teaching humans to know better-DeLorean 55 min.


(tape not available) Research questions before asking-questions on visiting task-why we didn’t know about genes from beginning. “Missing Time”-books. 60 min.


Grenada & self-determination. Evolution & missing link. Word becoming flesh-genetic general. End of time-virgin birth. Foolish art-we are an evolutionary link. Taking a vehicle.


Reconstructed meeting-no conflict between Adam & Eve & evolution-Dr. Pritiken’s diet. Outlets of sensation-simple & complex genes. 45 min.


Segments for humans-segment inaccuracies. Technical data re: genes-strong impressions. Actuation-2000 words-no inspirationals. Not seeing negative-getting to the source. 45 min.


You have the knowledge to go back to the source-deteriorating forces-rock & roll at JWN’s task-sly ways of being negative. Ancestors & incarnation-passing on knowledge. The goalie-radio waves. 65 min.


Writing letters to relatives-patriotism to forward motion-global nation-being too passive-your thinking contributes to what goes out on the radio waves. Maxi-life. Expanding your understanding of genes. What is evil? Bringing us out of our primitive interpretation or logic-don’t take Next Level medicine on a Level beneath you. Convert rather than suppress. 30 min.-side A 30 min.-side B


Salad lesson-letter writing, write segments from your own experience-deceit(self-deceit)worst human characteristic. 60 min.


Limited number of genes-as you progress you convert-Lucifer: the door behind you is not locked. Seeking help-praise & sensuality-recognizing negative thoughts-negative thoughts block Teachers-accepting criticism. 40 min.


A. Radio waves-common genes-wanting to come from same place as Older Member-my trouble is sent to Older Member-manna-nothing different-puppets-individual but not different. Both feet on the curb. 75 min.


Next Level body in storage-question & answers. The school of human-body no longer programmed to death & destruction. Mid-stream civilization-if anything worth saving it would save itself. Becoming a new mixture-getting back to same awareness, no loss of consciousness-accomplishing a task for the Next Level. Becoming aggressive with your vehicle. 60 min.


Inappropriate questions-no tape discussions. Get brain working at higher thoughts-old concepts of self. Definition of mind. At time of graduation. 60 min.


Segments-self-centeredness-being smarter-information left by the Class before this one-information that I’ve become aware of-looking to the source. Willingly correcting someone-weighing Teachers down-shuttle runs priority. Inappropriate 3 times breakage. 60 min.


UN forces in Lebanon-self disappointment. Finding fault in others-methodical strategy. Thought into reading segments-formatting procedures for computers. 50 min.


Formatting segments-destructive forces-ultimate information-write what you have been taught. Information I receive is mine-mind passed on in genes-updating our word processor for computers-how the Chief populates the Heavens. 64 min.


There isn’t a negative thought that is okay, not even against your own performance. Better manipulation-eager to awaken more. How to play volleyball-change thoughts like change channels-motivation for longevity. Humans at Christmas-segments. 70 min.


(tape not available) Twisted sarcasm-programming through repetition. Vehicle coming to believe it isn’t important. Vehicle won’t correct self. 20 min.


(tape not available) Needless suffering. Immune system-PRSody’s test, newsletter. 80 min.


(tape not available) Genetic general is to get it straight in your heads-only healthy vehicles are those ready to leave the planet-the Gardener and the Hot House. 80 min.


Staying on track-biscuit lesson-together or apart-the more you advance the more liberty you have. Keeping your eyes on initial instructions. 14 min.


Separateness-romancing your own vehicle. Review tapes beginning with genetics. 30 min.


Handling cold and flu symptoms. 10 min.


Our task-our effect on the world-our main task is to bring NL Mind into focus. Assignments & departments-sending out signals. 60 min.


Listing our task. DSTody’s task-STM’s task-slaves of credit. Utilities-BRNody’s task. 45 min.


Programming specifics-old wounds-avoid negatives-our single most prevalent hindrance-tone of voice-going along. Preparing a place for the mind. 40 min.


Links asks-“What do you think is supposed to go on our task list?” Re-do lists thus far. Separate mind from vehicle -common denomination-street talk-dog on a leash. Conquer it before humans can. 50 min.


Upgrading the humans-set a goal(teen-age suicides) getting on a track-desire for betterment-concept of self-improvement. Areas for progress-1. Committing crimes 2. More refined way of life. 3. Living for physical sensation 4. Diet & nutrition 5. Improved education -wasting minutes. 55 min.


3 time breakages-using procedures for pettiness-helping & caring for each other. Angels-sleep and controlling vehicle-how we are graded in our task-improving our programming. 40 min.


Wording of computer entries-wording of programming-consolidating forces in Houston. 73 min.


Houston applying-wording on our task lists. Obsolete programming-finding a good channel of transmission. 35 min.


Circuitry-simple direct phrases pertinent to the moment-organic computer-very poor erase-visual tapes-tactics of the vehicle. Vehicle tries to put mind down-sublimination. Unpleasant recovery. 90 min.


Don’t allow guilt if a tape tries to play. Interference-“Stop That!”-the cause of tapes playing-career baby makers-the Big Chill-circuitry-us>Do>Ti. The things you are dealing with do not originate with you-planets-telephone prefix-you have to grow to know your task-never blame your vehicle-registry for aliens. 30 min.


Circuitry clarification. Different combinations of circuitry-send signals-building a jet with a worn out wrench-Next Level doesn’t send people to fail. China & little red books. Weak plant eaten by strong plants. Genetic engineering by humans. 40 min.


Foresight & hindsight-example suggestions segments-write what you have overcome. Right kind of stubbornness-labeling symptoms of imbalance-multi-colored glasses-updating boogers-vehicle dying. Guilt & discouragement-unremorseful murderer. 35 min.

106, 107

JNN’s task list-putting up a wall-constant adjustment of success-don’t assess performance-Adam & Eve-Next Level. Programming. A garden: 1. Radio signals of ideas 2. Physical entry into human kingdom. Whole civilization growing-a matter of refinement-all move forward at own level-the last 100 years on this planet. Bringing in lower aspects of my Next Level Mind-don’t let vehicle’s ignorance judge your ability-difficulty of this task is being so asleep. Programming ahead of performance. Mental rashes-attitude deficiencies same as skin blemishes-mental poison ivy that is transferable-personal guilt removed. 70 min.


How our information will be brought out. There is a spacecraft overhead-we will leave together-departure will be witnessed. Energy of our vehicle returning to our family strain-dissemination of information through our family strain. Being appreciative of your vehicle. 80 min.


Signs of changing attitudes-God box. Protection of information left-genes of living vehicles-likely to return in vehicles. Acceleration of last 50 yrs. Church of genetic development-changing attitudes-Next Level fun-design of this task. Levels of understanding. 45 min.


The nineteen-different task, not different teachers-you send out thoughts with everything you do. Taking Classroom seriously. Changing perspective towards the vehicle. Planting seeds of improvement. Programs don’t stop automatically. 30 min.


Visit to north craft-grocery store-hastiness. Cutting remarks-sensitivity to others. Sensitivity-wouldn’t be able to do your task if no difficulties-stronger self-examination-familiarity-moving with life. Behavior in craft-what can I do to have better responses. Don’t want vehicle idle. ALXody & CDDody-the incident-Links not informed. Monitors. 90 min.


Update on primary task-S.T.-monitoring system-you are the important thing not the world-as much mind in as Links-the world will still change-but not your task. Constant evaluation-keeping difficulty to self. Quickness, keenness, sensitivity-age is speed. Ideal situation-why we are still here? Falling harmony: a regular pattern-graded by control. The dessert & the main course. 70 min.


Warnings-controllable actions-suspected strikes. Effort-not numbers. Check partners-inappropriate parallels-sensuality & anger-check partners-taking initiative. Post graduate music course-overcoming & control. Thinking deeper-no downer periods. The last push. 64 min.


Ban on criticism-signal to move quickly. Different retirement procedure-no more 3-time breakage reports-witness or suspect. 3 diseases: 1. attractive criticism 2. repels criticism 3. sees critically. Additional strikes-not discuss witness or suspect-twisting procedures-symptom of vehicle’s reaction to mind-stress-irritability-over sensitive-sees others wrong-words don’t match thoughts. Hear others at lower level-raising my level of listening 90 min.


Attraction & repulsion-1. Sat. 3 & answering notes 2. Sleep, rest, spending 3. Attraction & repulsion. Nice for a reason-conflict between genes. Controlled genetic reproduction-short circuiting in warning areas. 40 min.


Questions & answers about mind-genetic structure the mind? Is the mind all of the programming of the strain’s mind? Is the mind of the strain the living programming of the strain? Reproducing by mutation. The vehicle is honored. 20 min.


Suspected strike notes-should be more suspect notes than witness notes. Exert the effort to learn more about what you have to do. Ti & Do will register the strike with you. Help wanted meetings to be solicited. Trouble =forward motion. 32 min.


Strike notes-Next Level reasoning-your own alarm-check partners-doing things alone-OOCT(out of craft tasks)-maintenance-conscious mind. Sleep option-wanting to stick to what you had learned. Feeling uncomfortable out of my routine. Sat. 3 & notes-seven-up. 52 min.


Suspects only-write only what’s pertinent. No justifying-strikes change vibration. Check partners-witnesses on crews-chemicals of nutrition-love/barnacles/no romance. 25 min.


Migration to Dallas-means of accelerating completion-you’ve grown to allow close proximity-procedure helper routine. Technical & behavioral information signals pituitary gland-honest example-receiving the thoughts you give out. 32 min.


(tape not available) Taken off tasks-feeling defeated-how do I know-when you make waves-no personal feelings involves when doing procedures. Striking out-not strikes against the Next Level-profanity indicating some self-deceit. If vehicle tells you there is an area that is not correctable & you buy it, you’re sunk. The positive is something while the negative is nothing. No human is an individual. Hypothetical task of the twelve tribes, the beginning of strains. Strains aren’t limited to one area-the fantastic journey. A negative force-bind yourself to the positive. 72 min.

(tape not available_ Our hook-up with Links is so clear they know who is at retreat by the type of thoughts they get. Connection with Older Members. 40 min.


Reminder of the lower forces. After spending the time we have on genetics, recent events with Links car, etc. have reminded us of a living force, a lower force on this planet. Boogers are still valid! 35 min.


Manual to the world. 40 min.


Book task #1 A & B 90 min.


Book task #1 90 min.


Book task #2 90 min.


Book task #3 90 min.


(tape not available) Book task #4 90 min.


Book task #4 90 min.


Not feeling guilty about your human life. Understanding that we were not putting humans down. (good &bad) Lower forces & our task. Prep school.. 45 min.


The lower forces. Basic knowledge of lower forces-they do want to live. They actually think they can maintain this garden as it is. 360 degrees of influences. Malnutrition & ignorance. The Chief is still learning. Why Lucifer. Options & choices. Human brain designed to short circuit when thinking of the Chief. Lucifer is only a tenant. Bring humans to a higher level of understanding. Holding humans in conservatism & unrestrained at same time. Cults breaking away. We are an updated Class. 90 min.


Lucifer cont. 90 min.


(tape not available) Clarification. Lower forces & sexuality, it was never intended for humans to reproduce in the manner of lower life forms. 50 min.


How to work with Older Members. The lesson of the ceiling fan. Don’t initiate things-don’t let the brain try to think ahead. Wait for instructions. Don’t offer any unsolicited help. Conflicts within tasks. Basic minimum courtesy. When in a situation have Next Level Mind in vehicle. 90 min.


How to work with Older Members-cont. 45 min.


(tape not available) Tightening our techniques. Keeping our vibrations where they belong. Lower forces are discarnates-subtle forces refining their attack-bathing, shaving, downtime. Not just sensuality-irritability, etc. If you are fighting you are doing your task. Pushing self-disappointment off on others. Class>Do>Ti. Imaging 3-5 min. periods. Don’t give lower forces the time of day. 35 min.


(tape not available) Questions & answers. Glass maintenance. Book procedures not from Links. Ceiling fans. Shorts. Seek & search mechanism. Don’t be satisfied with idleness. A-team. Olympics. Imaging. The responsibility of freedom. Technology. Lucifer can’t come up with anything new. 90 min.


Questions & answers. Bring yourself out of depression-practice sends out signals. Why have a poor response & then have to recover. Best friends. Bring the vehicle up to date. Situations with humans. Mountains from nothing. 90 min.


Questions & answers. Setting table-staying up late-polluting your Next Level Mind with human ideas. Chains imaging. Cutting off the thoughts. Very refreshing to keep Next Level Mind in. late for run. How can I work this out? being light-letting your guard down. Setting an example. Consuming timing. First experiment strategy. 90 min.

(tape not available) Cont. from 140 90 min.


How to think about humans. Sympathizing with humans or lording over them. Wavering. Maturity & stability. Unrecognized negativity. Every individual who came must leave. Scarf through a ring analogy. Dishonest with Links. Your strong signals. Stopping read out. lousy homework. Wasted suffering. How you grow. Putting vehicle in it’s place. Programs of weakness. Predictions, computers, data entry. Being on & off target. Water & oil. 75 min.


Weighing Links down. Consolidation & possible separation. The clarinetist. Realizing how strong our minds are. It has to be all of the time. Mental affairs. Recognizing negativity. Cataloguing thoughts. Bouncing ball. Reviewing the things that pull you down. All leaving at once. Strikes. Affect of negative thoughts. Negativity & stress. Stress subtracts objectivity. Dishwasher example. Justification in the name of being right. Stirring cereal example. Setting up vibrations(throwing darts.) 90 min.


Weighing Links down. (cont.) You can’t abort it once you have let it read out. petty strikes. Harsh & pushy vs. Mr. Smooth. Continuous playing of tapes. Good feeling of having mind in control. Negativity about yourself. Better psychology. Games against disease. Coconuts. The good feeling you feel when your Mind is in. 10 min.


Classmates not with us. Gave into human ego or vehicular doubt. You had to be willing to examine in depth. Thoughts of being lost & failure. Preparing for another task. Laughing at former thoughts. Fantasy. Vehicle not acting it’s age. The ray. Links can’t help them. Advanced side track. Future task. What more can we do? our presence here is to constantly maintain control. Advantages of non-recognition. Independence. Don’t lose yourself in the role. The keyboard. 80 min.


Questions & answers. Not recognizing Teachers. Protection from identity. Images. Connection with Links. Overflow. Lake Tawakone. Road to Tenn. Readouts. Putting feeling behind “That’s not me.” How Links knows what we’re dealing with. The filters. Teachers monitor. Our range. Liberty. Independent strength. Discouragement. Separate retreat. 75 min.


(tape not available) Questions & answers(cont.) Distinguishing between the real & not real. New York celibacy group. Ann Landers article re: divorced woman. GOP convention. 15 min.


Go find your teachers. Premature awakening? Links search for advanced knowledge, their discovery of Teacher role. Afraid of spiritual traps. Past, present & future. Humans understanding physics. Speed of light. Flying. Talking about other classmates. Conditioning them. When we return. Sight & time. Being realistic. Consciously aware of play acting. Self-dictation. Connecting dots. 85 min.


That’s not you. Don’t you accept that, apostles. Media. Technical knowledge. Looking for goodness. Departure witnessed. Human limitations. Quasars. Intended detection. Refreshing your memory. The lines out from the center. Dallas & Houston. Breaking away. Religion. The feeling of almost remembering. 72 min.


Next Level communication & consistency. Think rain. Actions & thoughts. Our authority. UFO’s & quiz shows. Thanksgiving square. Our minds have receded. Next Level checking on how well we do on our own monitors. Meeting percentages. Thoughts materializing into actions. Being under a microscope. Evaluations. Learning from experiences. Less than your best. Don’t accept patterns. Power of goodness. Taking responsibility. 90 min.


Next Level communications(cont.) Translation. Degree of variance. Psychiatrist: no one really saw what happened. 90 min.


Getting mind back in. class feels stronger. We may be getting some kind of reception from our teachers. Spinning spacecrafts. You don’t have to receive anything to send something out. Static. Mind has to come into vehicle slowly. The screen reading human. Classified topics. Philadelphia experiment. Ways to help humans. Prisons. Not easy to get mind back, duality. Aspects are an inadequate interpretation. The leak. Storm on the sun. Telsa. Precision lab. Vehicle losing confidence. Pope & celibacy. 88 min.


Deposits, streamers. Kleenex & Links craft. Information available to humans in step by step. Thoughts don’t dissipate, they have to be consumed. Opening memories. Humans harboring goodness. Positive & negative sides of a magnet. Our type of goodness. They haven’t grown to be able to consume. Exposing negative through our strains is a step to destroying it. Setting ourselves up for homework. The streamer-differentiating between vehicle & Next Level Mind. 58 min.


Tuning in (cont. from 153) The things that can be tuned in to: vehicles: genetic structure including strains with similar weakness. Our Next Level lessons brought to our awareness by our teachers. Lower forces (actually they tune into you, they are the aggressors) Lucifer’s tactics for putting blinders on humans. 90 min.


Foresight & guilt. Humans advancement in all areas. Technical advancement out-weighing moral advancement. Religion still based on fear & superstition. Reminder of our importance. As we respond we send signals & deposit thoughts. Humans idea of being worldly. We bring out the negativity by being here. Blinders of ignorance. What will motivate humans to change? Equal exchange of ideas. Getting more mind by depositing thoughts. 85 min,


Key words. Referring to instructions & procedures while on this task. Adapting while in these vehicles. Open mind to teachers. Putting out key words. Rudiments of Next Level are the same for all. Our feelers. Only way to bring in Next Level Mind is to act like a Member of the Next Level. Our departure & humans. Turning a page. When you see weaknesses in vehicle & make an effort to change it, you pull in thoughts that have been deposited, eating your own words. Receiving & transmitting. 90 min.


Cont. key words. Telephone addendum. Beginning foxfire incident. 90 min.


Cont. foxfire incident. Giving accurate descriptions. Grapevine. Not painting pictures any bigger that they are. 90 min.


Experiential identity. When we are destroying our vehicles transmitter. Accelerated nourishment: tree structures (2boozers). Making lasting deposits for when we leave. A time when humans won’t have to make decisions. A mechanism within humans. Lower forces let go to test the strength of humans. Two(boozers) & strains. Experiential identity. Branches & twigs. There are no new individuals. 65 min.


(tape not available) A. Accuracy-human vehicle wants to be different. Next Level mind wants to be the same. Terminology, word for word. Walking cautiously with accuracy. Lingo. Practice with each other. Be specific. B. Chemical imbalances-T.V. trends. The eye as a trigger to chemicals. Inebriation & recovery, binges. Carrying on to become better. 90 min.


Chemical imbalances. Wouldn’t be stimulated if healthy. Most offspring are accidents. Scanners to find out vehicle’s needs. Regulating ourselves to teach our strain nutrition. The knowledge of nutrition is available to humans. Hormones & harmonics. Frequencies 0-100. Frequency is changed as it comes in. proc. Retriever lessons. Suggestions. How Members of Next Level communicate. 90 min.


Frequencies(cont.) Common weaknesses: clarification on our signals to humans. Mind/vehicle incompatibility. Hypochondria & kleptomania. Don’t care about particulars. Reopening the phone lines. Who gets stronger signals. Changing circumstances. Re-marriage, sports. Getting to the root of problems. Sending to those who don’t care. Politics. How to tell when Next Level mind is in. Building up vehicle to receive a stronger a frequency. Taking less time to absorb it. More frequent meetings. 90 min.


Separateness-A. Reviewing Power of Goodness. Frequency. Radio beacon or beam. Two effects-thoughts take place. Vehicular discomfort. Clones. Before & after we met our teachers. Bunk lessons, separateness, our prayer. B. Can talk yourself through anything. Chemical imbalance; drugs, food, alcohol. First grade math & advanced calculus. Many things happening at one time. The piano roll. 75 min.


Check partners-focal point of power of good. Pouting. Disappointment. Suffering. Examining yourself. Wanting a clean house. Criticized child. Sincere check partners. Having no defense. Check partners in the lab. Right words as well as good intentions. Two or more working easily. 3 stages 1. Knowing nothing 2. Thinking you know it all 3. Realizing you don’t know. 85 min.


(tape not available) Initiative. We don’t initiate things, procedures initiate things. First person asks a question, second person responds with statement &question, then the two go together to act. Can’t be upset with yourself. Different levels in the lab. Including facts, planning, strategy. 54 min.


Questions & answers. Understanding. Signals &strains. How our signals are received. Types of suffering. Time spans, human time vs. Next Level time. The last days. Slowdown. Suicide. 85 min.


(tape not available) Classmates not present. Frequency =words can focus but can’t cover the subject. Effort & suffering of those not present. Mind incompatibility. Mistakes in Next Level stimulate improvement. Cycles of vehicle. Two reasons for vehicle showing weaknesses. Lack of knowledge in nutrition-food, sensuality. Human extremes. Consistency of genetics. Vehicles response to spacecraft. 90 min.


(Cont.)(tape not available) Questions & answers. The switchboard-awakening of future functions of the vehicles. Words used as the carrier of frequency. Boards &nails analogy, forming a picture. Sameness of mind. Using the frequency by being good. Being in unison. Next Level mind returning after downtime. 90 min.


(Cont.) Frequencies. Questions &answers. Frequency helping to prepare us for boarding craft. Signs of our work. I.e. sexaholics. We send signals, Next Level deposits thoughts. Questions &answers: smoking, pornography, sexuality organizations. Movie “First Born”, trend against drugs surfacing. Concentrating our work more on the younger generation. Serious trouble in the Class. 90 min.


Questions &answers(cont.) Helping co-workers. Hyperness, B deficiencies. Cold hands &feet =cold head. Humans need to have respect for the level beneath them. How to absorb frequency faster. Major key on computer for will, thrust, &desire. Recent frequency very strong. 90 min.


3 point lesson step. Hyperness, B deficiencies(cont.) 1. Humans don’t know what to do with their time. We can now send constructive suggestions. 2. Our dark side. Needing a crutch to stay in the right place. Having the right kind of pride. Happy &sad. 3. Suffering. The right kind does not have to have labels. Just accept it as a period of receiving medicine. (Next Level mind coming in.) Finding satisfaction by maintaining your own. Using Next Level mind as your check partner. Being considerate of classmates. Blocking judgments. 35 min.


Pentecost. Miracle at Pentecost. Utilizing the frequency. Nurturing a planet is a long process. Lithium. 25 min.


Questions &answers. Organic &FDA. Blocking vehicular responses. Critical analysis. Trust the check partner system. Even wrong to grind ax if a right grinding. talking: matching thoughts &words. Mind overriding vehicle. Handling the full frequency. Familiarity, touching. The feeling after losing control, conversation, straying. Learning how painful straying can be. Defensive response to correction. Don’t condemn yourself. Just return signals. The real problem is not with the other person. Litmus test, pleasantness. 90 min.


(tape not available)(cont.) Q & A. belief. Feeding the hungry. Humans thirst. What happens to our signals. Learning by experience &participation. Needing an ear. Belief is threatened by negativity(3 Plateaus analogy) Deaf ears catalysts for good ears. Too much analyzing causes confusion. Negative thinking blocks self-healing. Placebos. Tibetan tape. Acquiring knowledge to eliminate doubt. Belief. Next Level using events to accelerate belief. 90 min.


Cont. of 173. (tape not available) Being aware of getting off the track. Listening, evaluation should occur later. Pick yourself to pieces, negative vehicle reactions. Controlling these wild animals. Humans vs. Next level niceness, closeness, familiarity. Right kind of separateness, no favorites in the Next Level. Equal friendship. Seeking help. Finches, Plato’s depression & strength of our feelings. Completing the homework already given to us by applying lessons to experiences. 45 min.


Stay above board. Suspected strike notes at meetings so all can benefit from lessons. Getting beyond guilt & embarrassment. Doing a task for the Class. Incentive to try harder. First response to signals is to block it.(stop the gong’s vibration) Discomfort from vehicle’s adjustment in its perspective. Forcing the vehicle to see the Truth. Links knows the Truth. Attitude towards recovery period. Solving problems as a Member of the Next Level. 90 min.


(tape not available) Lessons in consideration. 1. Candy: teasing, taking higher side, inappropriate questions. 2. Croquet 3. B.C. timing: positive attitudes working both ways. 46 min.


(tape not available) Identity/Lucifer. Identity, experiential strain, vehicle with right faculties for lessons. 3 things to deal with. 1. Strain 2. Vehicle 3. Next Level mind. Making the vehicle’s mind jump forward. Interception vs. at birth. (NL mind entering vehicle) Automatic cleansing. Make vehicle’s more compatible. No Lucifer. Fifth grade. Eyes of the elect. Full spectrum. Death of minds. Bouncing back. 60 min.


(tape not available) Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind and lower forces. Minds awakening in another vehicle. Graduation for minds of planet. No choice in transfer. Minds influence &effect on vehicle. 360 degree spectrum-good &evil. Lucifer symbolism. Some things cropping up in craft. Leaving open doors for negativism. Grades get harder as you progress in school. Meeting tapes show natural progression of info. Chain of command. Vehicle’s mind learning from NL mind. Progression of vehicle’s mind. 55 min.


Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. distinguishing between thoughts from vehicle &strain. Blocking sends automatic signals. No excuse for downers. Links not hooked up to strain. Awakening of mind. Split personalities. Family tree of experiences-not blood lines. The gift we’re giving to the minds of our vehicles. Capacity of vehicle to house NL mind. Change &progression. The proof is in the plan only the NL could come up with. 80 min.


(tape not available) Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. humans inconsistent response to Links. Negative being surfaced. Genetics, strains, Representatives. Birds &mating periods. When birds &humans are want for nothing. Setting ourselves up. Radio waves more common outside the family. Representing a crew &being bred. Limitations during this task. Humans’ concept of reincarnation. Believing in each step. Accepting it as the Truth. 60 min.


Questions &answers, Next Level pride. Celebrating the Next Level. Ways our homework is showing. Humans receiving lessons better in thought. The identities with followers of Jesus. The generation after. Music changing for the better. Punishing unhealthy vehicles. Controllable conditions. Vehicle becoming locked in. Patterns of can’t do. NL pride & vitality. Pride on we not I. The task of carols. 85 min.


Desiring new information. Limitations of human mind &vehicles intercepted by NL minds. We know more than we realize. Our questions draw information from Teachers & the information brought is what helps us bring in more mind. Push/pull. Honored at having a task. Master child psychologist. Treading new turf. Tibetan monks & 14th Dalai Lama. Experiences affecting both the mind &vehicle. Street people. When we took these vehicles. 80 min.


(tape not available) Questions &answers. Mentally retarded vehicles. Evidence of our work, (Rabbi’s book). Oral Roberts, etc. holding people in superstitious thinking. T.V. presenting a 1000% spectrum. Vehicle has potential for “adding on” (programs can be used on many ways). Transmigration. Humans not caring how they get an end result. Looking out for self first. Looking at a problem as it affects lots of people-not just one. Using up the frequency. Fighting drowsiness, or anything else. Recognize problems &take action. 55 min.


Using check partners-shopping task lesson. Strategy. Looking out for each other. 85 min.


Q &A’s-preparing vehicle for a task ahead of time. Check partners are protection. Relationships not based on physical attraction. A touch of Heaven in each of our vehicles. Accelerating minds to qualify as NL beginners. Correcting negative responses, what was it that I did? The frequency surfaces the barriers. Effort to stop negative responses opens the membranes &allows more NL mind. Links used to shock our vehicles out of a rut. Seeing past the vehicle’s delivery. 85 min.


(cont. 185) NL mind & vehicle’s mind. Awakening of vehicle’s mind in next vehicle. (cold storage or time capsule). Society spoiled by our presence. The “gravy train” has to change for our lessons to take root. Physical development-the discipline is the only good part. Minds effect on the vehicle. Development of the mind(conscience). Mind of our vehicle almost assured entry into the NL. Vehicle’s mind has learned to expect things from the NL mind, but it can be cagey. It’s con is “everything is OK”. ” I am a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven.” 85 min.


Pulling. Comfortable or suffering. What’s missing is pulling. Two kinds of suffering; negative(down on yourself), positive(desperation for next step). Pullfering-what’s next for me & the Class. taking more responsibility for the pulling. How can I have a better understanding? Having a desire to accelerate things. Picking out vehicles for this task. Gaining strategy and strength. There are no contradictions in the information given. 90 min.


(187 cont.) Pulling. Q &A’s incompleted tasks. Pre-class experiences. How many of us felt strong connections. Pre-class check partners. Before &after rejoining the Class. tensile strength. Our minds as our monitors. Elijah. The inhibiting factor. Human vehicle mind/Next Level minds. Confusion over pulling. 90min.


(Q &A’s) Effort. Sustained effort in human vehicle-natural mechanism in NL.. sustaining means not slipping into human ways. Going beyond what we were doing before. How to keep mind from slipping out. using the little weak voice to calm down the vehicle. Catch the first thoughts. The application to stop it is the important thing. Problem may continue in order to increase your effort &build muscle. Enjoying the process of growth. Our prep. for a task similar to Links. 90 min.


(cont. from 189) Thought chains. Higher levels responsible for lower levels. Negative suffering. Human infants, water wombs. Spoiled society. Tamer humans. Yuppies. Tired of street gangs. Pulling. Thinking deeper. Urgency. Pleasing the one who gave me the task. Pulling in maturity. Tool package. Water womb, advanced learning. Lab programming. Breeding humans. Justification &karma, NL making things right. Ti’s tree. “Starman” Our briefing. Primary control. Higher thoughts. 85 min.


Q &A’s. humans taking care of themselves. Hot checks. Our pace &human pace. Boxes. Casualness. The Dallas frontier. Star Wars defense. Mechanics of pulling. Karma. Connection of experiential identities. 85 min.


Q &A’s. Primary & secondary aspects of task. Generating depth & power. Security systems. NL minds in other human vehicles. NL Members doing tasks involving human vehicles-implants. Where is the mind not in the vehicle? Goals. Anthropologists. Houses-vehicles. Mechanics of strains. Three branches. The Trinity. The developing task. 90 min.


(192 cont.) Q &A’s. criminal behavior may root in previous life. Won’t awaken to lab task-given only what NL wants. Hynek magazine article. Mind limited by its house. Helping strain-can’t do it consciously, but desire may put NL in motion. Our strains don’t overlap. Strain as frequency. In tune with brain waves on strain. 75 min.


Q &A’s. carte blanche response to strain. Response to violence on news. How identity gets to new vehicle. Complexity &strains. Fixed strains. Strains of those fallen away. Minds at the beginning of this civilization. Mind having a hot line. Teaching restraint. Holy spirit &talking in tongues. Next Level &our open channels. 75 min.


Move lessons. Some don’t believe certain characteristics exist. Rebellion-taking lessons &justifying actions. Easy to accept at meeting time, but difficult in the circumstance. Move lessons-awareness of things left behind. (e.g. lamp cylinders, etc.) 80 min.


Q &A’s. Concentrate on effect you have on your strain. Class as representatives of different labs. Minds old enough to keep vehicle under control. Will be tested to nth degree-rising to the occasion. Harm done by vehicle staying on the breaking line. No proof except what we have come to know. Check partners shouldn’t be aggressive. NL labs on earth. NL task force to accomplish goal in preliminary stages. Bigger frequency connection with Links. Telescope analogy-stay at the eyepiece. Wasted energy talking. Coming into craft like a home. Noise/whispering. Piloting. 90 min.


(196 cont.) Q’s and answers. Longing. Everyday activities will bring out areas for correction. Application of less slippages. Being comfortable with Links. Applying what you hear. Apologies. Strike notes worthless. Aggressive help. Some who left loved meetings. Satellite 3 responsibility. Covering phone. Lesson delivery retreaters. Putting “Do as you please into your mind”. Whispering. The first day of the “New Year”. 90 min.


Crew harmony. Resistance, needing to justify. Give Older Members credit. Residual. Being open to destroying vehicle’s confidence. Learning from a new crew. Chill mix lesson. Influencing, tempting as serious aggression. Protection of what goes into computer. Interfering with Older Members function. More than 1 headquarters overseeing vehicle development. Types of labs. Facing circumstances-only way to get mind in. 90 min.


(Crew harmony cont.) Why we can’t see labs. Vehicle not designed with capability. Basic programming. 99% of sightings not computable, only recallable. It would disrupt if humans could see. We are only permitted to see on levels of speculation. Information carefully given to selected individuals. 85 min.


(199 cont.) Labs location. Our minds from space or graduates from whole different civilization of this garden. A task force to “pollute” the air with frequency &knowledge. Shock of our departure may cause a whole new beginning. Older Member may be able to create with mind(not need labs etc.). Human perception of light &speed etc. is ignorant. Do’s task with geography &transportation. Only a part of Link’s mind is here. As you try to imagine labs you’re trying to remember. Monitor. Mingling Members of NL not perfect. 85 min.


Q &A’s. Technical knowledge & our conduct sent to humans. NL monitor. After humans have received information. Knowledge of what is not for consumption. Infecting our NL mind. Nuclear power. Identity gene. NL mind. When our vehicle is down. Humans being fed information. 90 min.


(201 cont.) Forming NL vehicle. Difficult vehicles. Negotiating. Having more depth. NL minds intensity. Taking others from the right place. Graduated vehicles. Have a certain degree of relaxation.. evolution not linked physiologically. You are preparing a NL vehicle. Trying your best. Not accepting failure. The gestation period. 90 min.


(202 cont.) Forming NL vehicles. No lab in charge of negativity. NL gives over-all thought. NL doesn’t judge the development of our NL bodies, they look to Links for our needs. Vehicle may get actual nourishment in the lab, we tend to the programming. All doing the same thing-1. Building vehicle 2. Major upbringing contribution. NL is made up of service. Building the facility for mind to occupy. Previous knowledge goes into mind. All of our mind is with us. Effort is everything. Identity gene goes to related community. 90 min.


Cont. questions on NL vehicle. Slate cleaning-listening more significantly. Do things as quickly as you can and carefully. Having tight crews, taking responsibility. Mind gets growth in service. Dispatch-no option to refuse run. Keeping a clean slate. Ridding of poisons relieves Teachers. Exposing is erasing. Not letting vehicle get away with feeling hurt when receiving correction. Need to defend is vehicular. Formula is done the best you can. How humans receive &assimilate information. Inventions, DeLorean. Cure for cancer etc. 80 min.


(end of 204) Slate cleaning. Exposure-Ti & Do not the Chief. Exposure was the promise to the Chief. Slate cleaning notes exposing symptoms not the problems. Review of points important to building new computer. Deceit &dishonesty: lying, hiding. I do not want to put anything into my NL mind that is not NL. Measles analogy. Kingdom levels/mural levels. NL is not made up of mammals. NL members with wings. Realism of NL bodies. 90 min.


(tape not available)(cont.) Angels &wings-human angel concept distorted. Hard for brains to accept. Identity gene will awaken in new human vehicle with a degree of control. Stuff of new vehicle made in the lab. Realism of NL bodies. 45 min.


Application of knowledge. Catching up>we are working to have our first vehicles ‘made in Next Level’. Generator. Knowledge applicable energy for change. Frequency of meetings. Quality of frequency. Anxiety: operating a corpse. Straight frequency. Doing this task more than once. Making new vehicle viable. Little habits of permissiveness. You don’t know how far you’ve gone. 85 min.


Winning the match: vision quest parallels. Weight categories. Olympic cheers. 6 minute matches. NRR-re: focus changing. SRR-degree of difficulty. Significance of matches. Right kind of pride. Overcoming is now control to point of winning matches. Drive to help. Serious challenge from insignificant things. NL vehicle/trust. 65 min.


NL vehicle/trust (cont.) The vernacular. Trustworthiness. Picking up early stages of characteristics of new vehicle. Leaving judgment behind. Fire always going to have a generator. Origin of the frequency.. being sponges. The amount of our minds on this task. More override. Using graduate knowledge. Counter force is building mind. Using past experiences. Absorbing the force: force from the frequency. Hyperness as a warning to force building up. 68 min.


(Absorbing the force) cont. Conversion to maturity. Recognition of force passed on. Coasting. Areas of matches. What is the true meaning of what I feel now? What’s going to be the plus. TV & movies watched from a spacecraft. Common communication. Gossip. Forbidden love. Primitive characteristics. A good job at the minimum time that a good job can be done. Recognizing major matches. Say them because you see them. Can always do better. Everything is a match. Not trusting brains appraisal. Check partner. Cover for others. Wanting your own way. 65 min.


Major matches-cont. Just writing the matches down will not accomplish winning them. Vehicle’s control button-nausea from lost matches-upset in the right way. aces in the hole. Symptoms of disaster. When this world became genuinely distasteful. Conversation with humans. All of the machinery going that would make the world uncomfortable. Mountains &valleys-wasting developmental time &adding poison. Jump starts-the NL mind, human mind &the human vehicle-sensations. Becoming not satisfied with continuing to do things on your list. Getting rid of fear. 90 min.


(211 cont.) Three lessons. 1. Programming the distasteful 2. Check partners agreeing 3. On the spot transition when given a new fact by Older Members, ” O know you’re right &believe it. Seeing the value of restraint. Trust. 60 min.


Trouble notes. Suspected strikes. Stratas in the NL. Missing links. Using the primitive vehicle. Links has no residual. Jesus’ glorified vehicle. Upgrading standards. Our vehicle’s identity genes at teachers. Co-existing. Links guaranty. Curiosity. Graduate vehicle.. 75 min.


(tape not available) Links strata: not limited to different levels. Links assigned to this civilization. Where we came from. Those on this task who lost control. Butterflies &innocence. Innocence =purest state. Strong test period. Halley’s comet. Vehicles of different molecular structure. We are the human’s closest ties to the Next Level. 90 min.


A new dose (cont.) Dark corners. Humans drawing energy from us. Links picking us for this task. Love. Duties of grads, a task with grads. Checking with Older Members. Experience. Desire &accomplishment. Handicaps. Craving cleanliness. I am going to do it. Carrying consciousness into the dark corners. Is it really worth it? Re-establish committals. 90 min.


Detail &accuracy-thinking how Older Member thinks. Detailed thinking. Exactness. Take a chance on a positive. Next Level wants keenness in your new vehicle. Don’t go to extremes. Sloppiness cancels out speed. Need to move. You can really drain yourself if you don’t stay where you should. Know areas can be corrected. Our affect on the world. Next Level members exert strength &will. 50 min.


What are dark corners? Don’t send dark corners list to Links. Really vulnerable spots. When you are alone with the three of you. Total assets/one warning. How well have you done your task? This tape was dc’d. No more baiting. Changing attitude for following procedures. 48 min.


(cont. from 217) Attitude in craft. Recognize you can write things &mean them &still find rebellion. Thinking major things are one thing when in reality the major thing is something else. Not realizing negativity. Attitude in the craft. ANY’s OOC task-no teaching at OOC task other than by example. Common disease in craft: being too wrapped up in myself. Half of the things you see wrong would disappear if you forgot about them. Want a craft that’s moving, not dry docked. Seeing sat. 3 as favored members. You are to be the example. A healthy shock. Evidence of depth. Things to do in the craft-submit a list. 38 min.

Corrections and Updates for the “Little Book”

December 5, 2016

This is where I will post notifications of corrections and updated interpretations, etc. to the Book I’m writing.