Corrections and Updates for the “Little Book”

This is where I will post notifications of corrections and updated interpretations, etc. to the Book I’m writing.



5 Responses to “Corrections and Updates for the “Little Book””

  1. crlody Says:

    “We have all the information we need”- you. If that is the case then your book is not needed, just like Rio’s book was not needed. Why would I read your book when the Class left one? Why would I read your blog or watch your videos when the Class left behind a lot of information that They specifically asked to be distributed? Information that you, conveniently, don’t seem to care whether or not it is being suppressed. The lessons that your Older Member gave to the Students, presumably until They left and you, by your actions are more interested in your own videos, your own blog, your own book. They didn’t say you were being left behind to tell us “the real truth of Ti and Do” so why should I believe that you can tell me what the real truth is? Because you said so? Why should I believe that you have “contacts” with Ti and Do that you seem to feel is an “open phone line”? I didn’t believe Rio when he said he was getting info from the NL like a “ticker tape” so why would I believe that you are somehow so special that the NL is giving you info and even giving you “tasks”? I could be wrong but you have at times acted as if finding fault with what you’re doing is somehow finding fault with Ti and Do. No one on this planet represents Ti and Do and the Next Level. The information They left behind is all we have and it is a crime against the NL that that information is being controlled and suppressed by the TELAH foundation. The only purpose of the Class was to teach individuals how to advance beyond human, you cannot teach this, you are not qualified. The Teachers are gone but They did leave a lot of information. NOTHING in anything that They left tells me that I should believe that the NL contacts you in dreams to assign you the “task” of interpreting the Book of Revelation and making videos and this blog and your book. I don’t see NL humility here, I see someone who attention and recognition for having been in the Class just like Austin wanted attention and recognition for his “association” with HG. You have attracted followers, Austin tried to follow us and re-start the Class despite my yelling until I was blue that that was never going to happen. I will never put my trust in you, Rio or the Kings or anything that you have to say. Why would I? Why would I believe anything that you have to say and more importantly, why do you think that you should be listened to? You’re not the first one who has claimed NL contacts. I just think that youre one of the more dangerous ones because you are acting as if you represent the Class (why even call yourself Sawyer Heaven’s Gate, did Do ” tell” you to) and you have attracted followers. Why do you think Austin did all of his videos where he was somehow delusional enough to think that he could explain the Class and the lessons They learned? Who else did these kind of videos?

    • sawyer Says:

      That’s right we don’t need my book but how can you be so sure that Ti and Do and Crew don’t want some who are most attracted to what Jesus said and did, have the chance to see all the ways it’s the same information? I’m not saying they “need” my book either. It may be my book only serves to face the opposition with the truth in their terms as a last chance for them to change even though it may not be possible. Or maybe it’s for other reasons or maybe like you feel it’s my ego. In any case what’s the negative? Who will it turn away from Ti and Do? If it’s all for my ego then wow am I gonna get it – my name in lights I bet as what – a cult leader luring good christian children to the cult. Wow that’s sure something to look forward to, isn’t it?

    • sawyer Says:

      You have said many things in this comment that are not factual about me. Like quoting rio and claiming that was my statement. I never ever said anyone should pay attention to me or what I write or make video’s about, yet you claim that I do have that perspective. Another partial mistruth is to act like I want you to read my book or anything I do. I could care less. I don’t actually want anyone to read it. I wrote it in such a way that few will read it, but I made it so the title says it all in a sense. I’ve asked many times about my title choices and it feels right at this point. You never quote Do or Ti or crew saying anything to indicate what I am doing is wrong. You also are lying again about the way you say I think about the tapes not being provided as if I agree with their not releasing them. And when I say we “don’t need them” you act like that’s my opinion when the facts speak for themselves don’t they, that is unless one doesn’t trust Ti and Do to have provided all we needed and yes needed but I’m not so full of myself to think that someone else couldn’t benefit from the ways I have shown how Ti and Do fulfill all the prophecy. Sure that looks like it elevates me until one realizes that there is no human profit for doing so.

      I could be wrong about this and havn’t wanted to say it before but it’s apparant you are playing these same tapes again and are not open to anything else but your perspective. Just like you were finding fault with Do, you are still finding fault with Do for not seeing to it that the tapes were all released. If you really believed Ti and Do are who they said they are how can you continue to question that and act like those letters didn’t give mark and sarah the choice of what to do with the tapes?

      Why did rkkody give the tapes back to mark and sarah?

      I think I know but perhaps you know better. I think it was because he knew in the letters that they were given the task of making them available. I think rkkody was totally in tune with his Older Member – Do so that he made the copies he did and then gave them back to Mark when he asked for them.

      Did Do give rkkody instructions to copy the tapes? I think not, so he was acting on his own “feeler”, wasn’t he?

      Did Do tell him to make patches and so forth as a way to earn some sticks to support his effort to distribute the tapes? I think not, but perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps I didn’t see that letter or that he got those instructions verbally before they left.

      Did Do and crew give rkkody the instruction to start a web site in his name – “right to know” (if I got that right)? And did Do tell him to post the document about dieing for God, Armmageddon, who’s side are you on, that appears to be written by Do yet was NOT included in the purple book or the website?

      Rkkody also wrote a little to counteract what I think M and Rio said about the gate being closed, etc. Was that from Do’s mind to say? (actually I believe it was).

      Rkkody also posted the document about sexahaulics and the one about the Cult awareness network (CAN). Did he have instructions to post those?

      Did rkkody have instructions to include most of the pictures of the class on his web site? Maybe he did and I don’t know about it? (I asked about posting them on my blog with many other things I’ve posted of late and felt not to include those pics, but I don’t know if that’s what Do and Crew think).

      Did we NEED anything Rkkody posted?

      Did we need the audio tapes? I say yes absolutely, because I have no doubt Ti and Do and Crew knew very well that their giving that responsability to M and S was to be a huge test for them to rise up to doing what they hoped for and intended to happen with the tapes. So they put it into the letter to give them a way out and because they were so afraid of what was going to happen, they turned over the letters and keys to rkkody and oscody as was suggested by Do and Crew. And they knew rkkody didn’t have that same lesson and knew he could be counted on to do the right thing so they I think gave him the “idea” of copying precisely the tapes that included Ti.

      He could have held off M and S and copied them all, though maybe I’m wrong about that. Please explain if you know better as you were there at some point I know.

      So now you are being put to the test as am I as we all must be to earn our “wings”.

      It’s not over for us unless we want it to be over for us and just writing about ti and do here and there and making video’s here and there is not going to cut it going forward. We who dropped out are expected to do more than we had to do before. Our lessons need to be stronger, more difficult. You can find where Do talked about that in many places.

      If Ti and Do and Crew want to use it, use us, this book is one such avenue to bring it all up again in a light that also puts more humans and the souls that are about to awaken further in their human vehicles to the test.

      We know that soul deposits were made in the 1990’s. Do said it. Was it just 10? Hardly. It appears from prophecy it’s at least 144 and “a myriad of thousands” but may actually be exactly 144,000.

      It’s not my book that says it. It’s the records that Ti and Do and Crew put together for this next stage called the 4th Seal which was prophesied by Daniel (who Jesus quoted) as a pivot point that I believe has been shown to start in 2017 with comet 59P/honda.

      The 3rd seal said that the “wine and oil” were not to be hurt so there was to be no persecution. Those are the two remaining “groups” Do spoke about there being 3 of and he talked about it in no less than 4 separate documents. The oil are those that do separate from the world to begin or continue their metamorphosis though for some weren’t strong enough to go the distance and stay with Do to exit with him. I believe there are others who recognize Ti and Do right now who are primed to give their all. They may hit the deck running and please Ti and Do and it’s possible might be awarded with not only being saved but by being given a student model vehicle. But they will have to give their life. (That’s in the prophecy but is easily recognizable in the many talks Do gave) and in many things Jesus said.

      The wine are those who never heard about Ti and Do but are separating in their own way. They too will have their souls salvaged and thus will leave the earth so not to be recycled when the rest are – souls and physical vehicles.

      We all need to give our lives. That includes abandoning our responsabiliies to people in the world and to anyone who trys to hold us back (as Do also talked about) from giving our all. I admit I’m working up to that. I’ve been asking for help to work up to that for years.

      If for some reason Ti and Do want to have Ti and Do spoken about in some public way again, like following what They started in 1994 by boldly stating they were the return of the Ones who were incarnate in the vehicles named Jesus and his disciples and they want to use this book as an interface and me or anyone else who is willing to put their head on the chopping block then it will happen. They can give the idea of doing a story on little ole sawyer and his book to someone in the media and they will broadcast some aspect of it that will defintely be directly indicative of Ti and Do as the source. That’s what I believe happened with the National Geographics channel Final Report: Heaven’s gate to where I gave 3 hours of tape but about the only thing they used as I asked for was the statement that Heaven’s Gate might have been the Second Coming.

      I don’t want you to take my word for it. Talk to Do! Ask him questions? Be willing to change your opinion or it will eat you up inside and you will become a grouchy negative person to all around you (as Do said of those who don’t keep on growing). Your influences will not want you to talk to Do. I know that because my influences hate when I do so as they also hate when I listen to tapes or do anything to help me wake up more and seek Their service.

      Your critisim of Austin is unfounded. Ask Do about him, why don’t you? He is an honest man who is awakening as we all can be if we keep pressing to do.

      It’s your influences that are so judgemental and negative and angry. That’s not Ti and Do’s ways are they?

      We can be totally taken over by the Luciferians and even think we are still on track. I know you could say that about me and I concur that it’s possible but I’m not the one demonstrating the luciferian tactics of making accusations without backup of how it’s against Ti and Do.

      If you have something to say that contradicts what Do said, then be specific otherwise it’s like Jesus said, “swinging at a gnat and swallowing a camel” or “being angry with one’s brother without cause” and I know you can find several examples of that lesson in the Major and minor offense list and the 17 steps.

  2. Eric Says:

    In this vehicle that spun up in 1988 I appreciate your effort, Sawyer – each of us can be wrong about anything and everything.

    I came across this story just now:

    Mr Loeb: “Now what. You can’t keep 4 frozen lives forever or kill them, we will go to hell.”
    Ms Vergara: “We r going to hell regardless”.

    IVF seems like a counterfeit that humans play with and seems to be quite significant in adding objective to the tiresome prolife/prochoice cycle.

    • sawyer Says:

      I appreciate your expression. I’ll have to check the link later as I need to get this book to the presses.

      Personally I don’t think I can be wrong about Ti and Do and all they taught. In that way I appreciate Carlan’s criticism over the years as he has many times expressed this to me about speaking my mind and my personal experiences. As Do had said to me, and the class many times…if we are critisized see if the “show fits” – don’t need to go so far to make it fit. Just willing to be wrong is the greater part of the battle and then of course making correction. Actually there was a part of scripture in Revelations 10 that indicated to John NOT TO WRITE:

      Rev 10:3 And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.
      Rev 10:4 And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.

      The timeline of this is during the 6th trumpet sounding which is when the Two Witnesses come public. I am certain that the 7 thunders/roars were the 7 major public offerings of Ti and Do’s information. The Purple book says as much though not referring to these records. So the timing of when not to write comes AFTER the seven thunders utter their voices. He is told to seal up what they utter.

      Now as I have said many times, the soul John in this passage is being given the task to record all this but that doesnt’ mean it’s the same soul who might be chosen to perform that task he is describing was given to himself.

      The Next Level doesn’t plan for someone to drop out of the classroom they are geared to graduate with. So the task described as johns:

      Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.
      Rev 10:8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.
      Rev 10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.
      Rev 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.
      Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

      goes to whoever Do deceides it goes to and they then help that person and those people (as it can be any number of students to perform the same task) who want to be of service that they then help to perform the task.

      The task was to be performed during the time of the seventh angels trumpet which comes after the Two Witnesses and crew have left their incarnations as shown in Rev 11. So it wasn’t going to be a FIRST fruit graduate. They can easily go to anyone to help them perform this task of delivering the content of the “little book” and that entire book, front and backside is described more in Rev 5:1 showing that the Book is written from within the throne, in other words by Do and his crew, thus the Purple Book and that the BACKSIDE is also translated to “AFTER” and “HISTORY” and is associated with “what was declared to his servants the prophets” = a reference to all Jesus prophecy and the Book of Revelations and the OT prophets Jesus made reference to (I would say are best to stick to), though Do referred to Psalms at times as well as Jesus did.

      I had a number of dreams that I don’t care to try to describe now that told me I was selected by Do to perform this task. On that, like you said, I could be wrong as I’ve also had a number of dreams that I knew were not Do or classmates by their content, while others I am pretty clear were them, which is not inconsistant with the teachings of Ti and Do who said dreams were a time when the Next Level could give us prep for lessons the next day and so forth and they are also spoken about by Moses who Ti said was Do’s Soul performing that task. And those who receive dreams are not at all equivilent to Moses was also told. This can seem like an ego trip to say. So be it, but I’m not actually broadcasting that behond this little blog and in my book I address it as a matter of record so that everything is on the table so when I’m gone the record might be in tact for a while in case Ti and Do and Crew want to continue to use it. I could fail in that task. I could cower and run and hide from the backlash that will follow by release of how all the prophecies can be shown to point to Ti and Do.

      Carlan has said I was starting “sawyerism” yet shows no evidence that indicates such a thing because I could care less to do.

      But my point was when I saw that we were not given to write about the 7 thunders to me that means don’t try to use my words to describe them and/or not write at that time but that I can certainly reference them. Except in my book because they have been copyrighted I did rewrite some while linking to the exact document because I don’t trust the copyright holders to try to stop my books circulation by claiming a copyright infringement even though it may be a longshot. I really wish I didn’t have to do that and I asked about it many times and don’t feel it was wrong for me to do.

      Another aspect to this was relative to when I went public in 1997 right after they left and did media like 60 Minutes and Larry King, etc. At a Geraldo show in NYC that was about UFO’s so I was included on the panel, backstage I was approached by a publicist who was interested in what I might write. So I stayed in touch with him as he was well connected in NYC circles and he arranged for me and Nancy (mother of Alxody’s vehicle) (who I was in regular touch with and was good friends with (and still am)) to write a book called, “within and without”. She was speaking from without the group while I was speaking from within. We alternated chapters. I wrote two chapters and submitted them to the publicists publishing contacts of two major publishers in NYC who I forgot the names of. One of them said they would take on the project and said my writing was good enough to not need a ghostwriter but a good editor and they got an editor who examined the project and agreed to do it. So it was all a go and all that was left was to sign a contract.

      Then about the time when princess diana died, both publishers withdrew their interest saying only that “the public is no longer interested” which doesn’t make any sense as though yes the public was sick of seeing the same ole reports, there would always be a bunch who would gobble up a book about such an event as it was. So I have to wonder if a Next Level member didn’t give those executive in the publishing companies the idea that “the public wasn’t inteested” because it was too soon to say anything of value to the Next Level as I was also much more asleep than I think I am now, not that I consider myself wide awake – I don’t and I had a dream that told me that too.

      So when carlan said this to me, that I shouldn’t be writing, it reminded me of this scripture and I saw two ways I have been off track to some degree perhaps. I also saw other ways I was too confident about certain things – not that Ti and Do said but in prophecy and related to things they said and/or to signs in the heavens and some of them I had more dreams about. So in these ways I’ve see the shoe fit but at the same time most of shoe I think doesn’t fit.

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