Sawyer’s response to interview with Heaven’s Gate website webmasters

Here is a link to a new post/article that seems to refer to old material, so I added my reply to the same misinformation that I can easily prove. reporter Kaleigh Rogers writes:
A Suicide Cult’s Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website
It’s been almost 20 years since the members of Heaven’s Gate killed themselves in hopes of entering the Next Level.

Sawyers responses:

First off, though the two individuals whom I know well, but am not affiliated with are continuing to manage the web site without having changed the content of what Do and Crew left behind, the evidence is that any questions to them can not be trusted to reflect the teachings of Ti and Do and Crew. I was with Ti and Do for 19 years, about 7 years beyond the two former members that manage the web site who I will refer to as M & S. (I’m not trying to get legitimacy by more years in the group. Just wanted to add it to the record that I know of them and when and why they left). I have pointed out many discrepancies large and small in the interviews they gave to,, and others, all of which can be found with all the details on my blog links at the end of this post.

So this is yet another.

I refer to these two webmasters as M & S, only because it was a policy of Ti and Do not to use human last names, one reason being to the human families of students or former students were not subject to negativity because of the choices of their loved ones. Reporters don’t often know any better or don’t care so I do not find fault with their provision of last names. But anyone who knows this about Ti and Do’s intention are going against Ti and Do’s wishes in that regard by using legal human last names.

This Motherboard post reported that M & S said:

“[We do this] to make the information available to those who are interested in learning about it,” the administrators wrote. “In a way it is like planting seeds into the future so that people can get familiar with the ways of the Next Level and prepare for an eventual return.”

Sawyer’s response:

I’m going to read into this reply a bit because of the ways this same kind of thing was quoted by previous interviewers. They have diluted Ti and Do and Crew’s information, making it into an area of study and starting the thought process that everyone “eventually” goes to the Next Level. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Do and Crew said their information was not meant to become an area of study like took place with the Moses and later Jesus information that became religions that are actually anti their founders teachings.

It is because of this dilution and distortion that thousands of humans to date see through the religions – seeing them as hypocritical and dishonest and so will have nothing to do with them. That is because they are the product of the Luciferian space aliens (who I know many don’t think exist, which is part of the misinformation bombardment over millenium humans have been subject to, but separates those with Next Level Mind those without. Those with some Next Level Mind in them, and it’s a matter of degrees for all of us, don’t automatically throw the baby out with the bathwater when they hear talk about Creators (Living Beings termed Gods (Deity)) and Spirits (discarnate “dead” humans) and Space Aliens (those once described as fallen angels grounded to earth so are not actually able to travel very far into space anymore). However we can not judge anyone as having Next Level Mind in them or not as many times it surfaces in different ways and at different times that the Next Level is capable of recognizing and working with those even though society may have thrown them away. For instance, prisoners, addicts, social outcasts, separatists, even militants (though that’s not to condone the promotion of violence). Do spoke about this in the Beyond Human tapes.

So making their teachings into a spiritual sweetness of love and light with no overcoming required, no separation from our human roots, no rejection of human mammalian behaviors and no giving of ourSELVES, giving our will to the Next Level Older Members who were most recently incarnate, even though they are at some distance, is making what Ti and Do taught into another country club religion.

All humans who don’t scream to the Next Level in some way, in whatever terms, to grow more into their 100% allegience – to give our will to them, trusting they will help us separate from our humanness at a pace and way we can manage, may not be “saved” (Do called being “put on ice” (though not literally)) to have another shot at operating a human vehicle to bring it to graduation into the Next Level after the recylcing has transpired which will begin in a major way well within the current generations life span.

So there is no “eventual” becoming a member of the Next Level, as if the truth was in the old Hindu/Buddhist model (which are also distortions from their origin) of reincarnation Ti and Do always said was inaccurate. Souls do come back when the Next Level saves them from merging in with the discarnates or Luciferian lower forces who don’t come back becaues they never really leave, (except when the Next Level periodically locks up the Luciferians, that seems to include any humans or human hybrids they influenced to become in league with them.

The group only had a web design company for a couple years. I know because I was with them until late September of 1994 and we had no such company then and we never had one before then.

M & S were not “forced to stay behind”. They were forced to leave the group in 1987 because they didn’t want to abide by the lesson step that was called, “I could be wrong”. They both were offered to return to the “classroom” in 1993-4 when we went public for the second time over 17 years in between, but they didn’t want to but wanted to stay in touch and serve in some way while living human lives which Do decided to give to them, by giving them the task that was mostly logistical but included what to do with the hundreds of audio tapes. They chose to withhold those audio tapes even though in letters (I and others have) it clearly states their wishes that their information be disseminated and those tapes certainly hold a great deal of “their information”.

The garden has not yet been recycled so that “Last Chance” still exists though that doesn’t mean any who please the Next Level now go to the exact same spacecraft and base of operations, like perhaps inside Pluto and/or Ceres and/or the moon and/or Saturn where they are. Those who please the Next Level before their vehicle dies will be “saved” from that recycling. The time frame of “shortly” is not in human time frame. To the Next Level which is where Do’s consciousness was, is like “1 day Next Level time” to “1000 years human earth time”. Thus it’s only been a mere 1/2 hour since they exited their human vehicles. I suspect by my calculations from prophecy based on who Ti and Do are, is that there was about a “hour” left before the recycling and up unto that those that are operating against the Next Level will be “pulled up” as one does with weeds while many weeds assist the Next Level with that process. Those that give their allegience to the Next Level will still eventually lose the life of their vehicle, but the difference is that those not in the Next Level’s allegience will have their souls or spirits “dissolved” in the “Lake of Fire” that is scheduled and seems to be related to massive volcanic lava flows.

So the Next Level doesn’t force anything upon anyone until they have each deceided where they want to be. In other words we judge ourselves and then the Next Level carry out the sentence.

Again, M & S were not “asked to stay behind”. That’s a twist of the truth. I know this because I was among about at least another 12-15 or so students living in a house on Lost Angel Road, up Boulder Canyon in Colorado. This property had a stand alone garage that had an apartment above it and was build on top of an old gold mine. Do made his quarters in that apartment. If someone wants to verify that I know this location was where they were told they must leave, ask M & S if they can describe that location. That was where we each went up to M & S and said some words that Do gave us to say that were something like, “When you want to come back and follow all the instructions you may”. It took weeks for Do to come to that place. I have no doubt Do loved both M and S and I believe still does. After all to put that in perspective Ti said in the Blackhawk tape that the Chief still loves Lucifer. I’m not trying to imply M & S are related to Lucifer. That’s not for me to have the ability to judge. I still feel the common bond we each had with Ti and Do, with M & S, but it’s what they say that I take issue with. But that’s not to say they couldn’t change tomorrow and I wouldn’t necessarily ever hear about it. It’s between them and Ti and Do.

re: their saying, “Don’t worry, we will be taken care of.” – That is not for anyone to assume ever. We are each judged by ourselves and what we think, say and do and what reward we get if any is not ours to give. Jesus said that the only unforgivable sin is speaking to others against the Next Level. I’m not sure why that’s unforgivable but suspect that is because of how we have to reject the Older Members mind to do so.

When they were reported to say in one recent interview that “There is no heaven and no hell” – that is clearly against what Ti and Do taught, though Ti and Do used those terms more accurately than one hears most Christians do.

Here are those articles documenting interviews to what these two webmasters said:
Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

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Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

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