Heaven’s Gate 2009 article advertising M&S audio tape provision with Sawyer’s corrections

Here is an article I came upon with my comments added. At the end there are a couple of paragraphs that seem to express M & S perspectives and a plug that anyone can buy the 500 audio tapes. If anyone gets them, please make them available freely to others as I and Crlody still do as M&S won’t let us have access to them.


Destructive cults

Heaven’s Gate: Christian / UFO believers

Heaven’s Gate is a destructive, doomsday cult centered in California. 21 women and 18 men voluntarily committed suicide in three groups on three successive days starting on 1997-MAR-23.

*** Sawyer’s Comment:

Rkkody, whose vehicle was named Charles Humphrey as stated later in this post received this press release which puts into question that their laying down their lives for the Kingdom in the Heavens occurred over three days, but if it did started several days before March 23rd:

“To be issued to the News Media


By the time you read this, we suspect that the human bodies we were wearing have been found and that a flurry of fragmented reports have begun to hit the wire services. For those who want to know the facts, the following statement has been issued.

HEAVEN’S GATE “Away Team” Returns to Level Above Human in Distant Space

Most were in their 40’s; the rest covered an age range of 26 to 72. Two months later, two additional members, Charles Humphrey and Wayne Cooke attempted suicide in a hotel room a few miles from the Rancho Santa Fe mansion; Cooke succeeded. Humphrey tried again in the Arizona desert during 1998-FEB and was successful.

“Heaven’s Gate” was the latest of three organizations founded by Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie “Ti” Lu Trusdale Nettles, a.k.a. “The Two.” The first was Human Individual Metamorphosis (HIM) which they organized in 1975. They traveled to the Colorado desert to wait for the arrival of a UFO.

*** Sawyers comment:
The people who joined from the Waldport, Oregon meeting, according to DO, numbering 34, that included me, were given the Colorado National Monument campground as a meeting place. We stayed there overnight but the press thought we were waiting for a UFO there. By the way, UFO was  the modern way to address what in the Bible was called a “cloud of light” – or “covering”, for instance a column of cloud led the Israelite newly developed subculture, through the desert at night. The Column gave off light and the Talmud indicates it also killed dangerous insects and snakes ahead of them.

None came. Bonnie Nettles died of cancer in 1985. Applewhite organized a new group called Total Overcomers Anonymous or “TOA” in 1993. They placed an ad in USA Today, announcing that the Earth’s present civilization was about to be “recycled.” Applewhite originally went by the nickname “Bo”, and more recently was called “Do” (pronounced “Doe”). Marshall moved to San Diego County CA with the group, now renamed “Heaven’s Gate”, and lived on to become one of the 39 suicides.

They followed a syncretistic religion, combining elements of Christianity with unusual beliefs about the nature of UFOs. They interpreted passages from the four gospels and the book Revelation as referring to UFO visitation. In particular, they emphasized a story in Revelation which described two witnesses who are killed, remained dead for 3 1/2 days, were revived and taken up into the clouds.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
Ti and Do said from the beginning that they were not “Jesus” but were from the “same Family as Jesus” having the same truth for a type of “repeat performance” – gathering their flock and laying down their lives in service to their Heavenly Father, who Do identified as incarnate in the vehicle Ti, her Soul took for the task, to get Do started and who Do later shared with us was referred to in Revelations chapter 12 as the “woman clothed with the Sun with the moon under her feet” that I can interpret in my book: https://www.amazon.com/Father-Jesus-HeavenS-Gate-Witnesses-ebook/dp/B01MZDYLLO/ref=cm_sw_em_r_dp_v_da_zF.Iyb2V2PTV6_tt

They look upon earth as being in the control of evil forces, and perceived themselves as being among the elite who would attain heaven. They held a profoundly dualistic belief of the soul as being a superior entity which is only housed temporarily in a body. Applewhite said that bodies were only “the temporary containers of the soul…The final act of metamorphosis or separation from the human kingdom is the ‘disconnect’ or separation from the human physical container or body in order to be released from the human environment.”

They believe that about 2000 years ago, a group of extra-terrestrials came to earth from the Kingdom of Heaven (the “Next Level”). One of these was “Do”. He was given instructions by “Ti”, his female companion, whom he referred to as his “Heavenly Father.” He left his body behind, transported to Earth in a space-ship, and incarnated (moved into) a human body, that of Jesus Christ.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
Extraterrestrials was simply a more accurate way of describing The Kingdom of God in the literal outer space Heavens as it’s a physical and spiritual kingdom and the bodies they “wear” are what the human bodies were taylored to look like, as stated in the Book of Genesis.

Ti and Do were never “companions” – never were sexual at all, never were attracted to one another physically, by human standards. In fact according to Do they had nothing in common really, except for a strong sense of connection with their Heavenly Father, both having been raised as Christians, though both had exploraed alternative thinking from what Christianity had become – a distortion of what Jesus originally taught, which is also detailed in their Book still found on Heavensgate.com or my blog address above.

I can’t recall in 19 years with Ti and Do, Do ever referring to Ti as his Heavenly Father. He referred to Ti as his “Older Member” and “partner for this task” and as Ti, though he knew Ti’s Soul had served in past incarnations as his Heavenly Father, aka Jehovah and Elohim though he never used any of those terms either.

A second group of extra-terrestrials returned to earth, starting in the 1920’s. Do was the Captain of this expedition; Ti was the Admiral. They each moved into a human body, but somehow became scattered. Do and Ti held public meetings to disseminate their beliefs. They were pleasantly surprised to find that most of their converts were the long-lost crew members.

*** Sawyer’s Comment:
There was no “second group”. It was the same group of Souls returning in the new age as Jesus said would happen. He said in Luke, His “Kingdom” would be returning. (And in other places said He as a “son of man” would be returning. A Son of Man is also a way of saying he was an “offspring of human”, the same as what Moses said about the next return.

Being “scattered” is part of the Next Levels design as they “deposit” soul “seeds” (As Jesus referred to in the parable of the Seeds/Tares) in human vehicles, usually around the time of the birth of the vehicles that were selected to have a chance to wake up when the Older Members would come public. It was Souls, with physical bodies, that returned, but were discarded (sacrificed, “crowns thrown down” (Rev 4), having received physical vehicles made(grown on a vine) for them in the Next Level becaues they gave their lives in service to Jesus after Jesus left, yet still needed to overcome the human kingdom to graduate into Heaven, the Next Level Above Human.

They were not actually “pleasantly surprised” to have students. Do wrote in “’88update – The UFO Two and Crew”:

“The next night at Frank’s place, several dozen showed up and remained thirsty for even more information.  Ti and Do then began to meet with them individually, and before realizing what was happening, Ti and Do said to some, “Well, if you’re really serious about knowing more, wrap up your loose ends and meet us in a campground in Gold Beach, Oregon this weekend or within the next few days.”  They thought that this would weed out most of the curious, not yet realizing that this was adding up to “followers” – a big surprise and an idea not too welcome as far as Ti and Do were concerned!”

However, they did recognize, starting at that point that there were probably more and later came to recognize that some of were Souls who came with them who also took deposited human vehicles and had sacrificed their “infant” (though look the same as adult) Next Level vehicles in what were called some of the UFO Crashes in the 1940’s and 1950’s).

The Luciferian space aliens who are not really space aliens anymore as they were the grounded “fallen angels” in the records of Enoch and Genesis 6, also seemed to stage some crashes to sow seeds of confusion among the humans who found them. But the stageing of crashes, Do said were to inform the humans that Living Physical Beings from outer space exist on and/or under the earth (in this case where the space aliens were isolated for a great while (bottomless pit).

Members called themselves brother and sister; they looked upon themselves as monks and nuns; they lived communally in a large, rented San Diego County (CA) home which they called their monastery. Most members had little contact with their families of origin or with their neighbors. Many followed successful professional careers before entering the group. Some abandoned their children before joining. They were free to leave at any time. They dressed in unisex garments: shapeless black shirts with Mandarin collars, and black pants. They were required commit themselves to a celibate life. Eight of the male members, including Do, submitted to voluntary castration. This seems to have been a form of preparation for their next level of existence: in a life that would be free of gender and sexual activity.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
Members didn’t refer to one another as brother and sister. They only referred to one another by their names, though for the sake of their human interface since the 1990’s they gave names like “Brother Logan” and I was “Brother Sawyer” – in face one time when I was doing a task with Logan — Lggody we used those names and I know later they did the same.

The group supported themselves through a commercial effort called Higher Source which designed WWW pages for a profit. They also used the Internet as a recruitment tool; they have a site called Heaven’s Gate. On their site, Applewhite (calling himself the “Present Representative”) drew parallels between himself and the spirit from Heaven that occupied the body of Jesus Christ. Their main page says: “As was promised – the keys to Heaven’s Gate are here again in Ti and Do (The UFO Two) as they were in Jesus and His Father, 2000 years ago”. They discussed their task is “to work individually on our personal overcoming and change, in preparation for entering the Kingdom of Heaven.” Their web site was taken over by the FBI, but some individuals were able to download the site files and create mirrors at various locations.

*** Sawyer’s Comment:
After living in the literal wilderness in Wyoming for about 3 years in the  late 1970’s we moved into houses in towns close to where we could get jobs and over the years 1-2 dozen of us would hold down jobs, usually not related to careers we’d developed though as students overcame any draw to go back into the world, some did enter jobs they had trained for or even worked within while they were in the world. Namely Nrrody and Mllody come to mind.

Recruitment was unlike any other group I’ve ever heard of. There was the 9 months or so of holding public meetings in 1975-6 that stopped by June of 1976 – the 1260 days of prophecy of the Two Witnesses as Ti and Do held some of the main meetings. And then there was no such effort to receive new members until 1992-3 though the making and broadcast over satelitte dish of the Beyond Human Video Tape series and then the USA Today Info Ad and then the same type of Info Ad in a bunch of so called alternative new agey types of newspapers that all in all yeilded one new member who had the name Rddody – stemming from the name he chose as “Ready” but he had a hard time adjusting his mind to us, so Do gave him a bus pass that was good for a year, as he requested, and he left.

Some former students returned at that time too but it wasn’t until 1/1/94 that we set out again to tell Ti and Do’s truth in public meetings all over the country for again about 9 months time. We had a couple dozen members when we started to go public again in 1993 and then that nearly doubled by the public meetings in 1994 though many dropped away in the first months after those meetings until 1995 when they posted the document, “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” onto 90 something usenet sites on the internet though no new “recruits” came from it. It was 1996 when they put the Book together and created the web site Heavensgate.com and from that two joined and one left soon thereafter while the other stayed and laid down her vehicles life with them in 1997.

I never heard that the FBI took over that web site. If they did and I missed it somehow and that is unlikley, it would have only been the provider as the two that are the current webmasters (formally Mrcody and Srfody) of the site were the ones given the task to maintain it by Do and Crew before they exited. I know them well and also knew Rkkody well and he was given instructions by Do and Crew to change the address of the web site and I’ve seen those instructions in letter Do and Crew sent to both of them. But yes there were mirror sites. Rkkody ended up setting up a mirrored site called HeavensgateToo.com that has since disappeared and I know the University of Virgina had a mirrored site for years.

Marshall Herff Applewhite was gay. There are rumors that he had one or more affairs with male students when he was a music teacher.

*** sawyer’s comment:
If Do’s vehicle, before he had awakened, named Marshall did have an affair with a student, which he didn’t tell us about and he did tell us his vehicle had been gay before awakening, and did tell us that he had been frustrated with relationships because he wanted a “committed” relationship that he wasn’t finding, it wouldn’t have been with anyone underage (in case of that implication) since this report seemed to stem from the time when he worked at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and a university doesn’t generally have underage students.

I can’t verify or dispute this claim but it was reported as:

‘Applewhite was fired from his job as an adjunct music professor at the University of St. Thomas in 1970. The official reason given by the university was “health problems of an emotional nature”.’

He is believed to have checked himself in to a hospital over two decades ago in order to overcome his homosexual feelings. This occurred at a time when many therapists believed that a person’s sexual orientation could be changed. Needless to say, the therapy was unsuccessful. One theory being proposed is that he was unable to accept his sexual orientation because of the homophobia that he had adsorbed during his youth. This motivated him to live an celibate life and to create a group which also suppressed their sexual behavior.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
There is no actual evidence that he ever checked himself into a hospital. He told us he was “visiting a sick friend” in the hospital where Ti worked as a nurse. I’ve wondered if there was a psychiatric ward in that hospital and I never knew what kind of sickness the friend had. Let’s say he was suicidal related to being gay as Do’s vehicle at that time was addmittedly gay, so that may be how that rumor got started. In any case had he done so it’s hardly reflective of anything and even bolsters him as a conscientious human to check himself into a facility to try to solve whatever it was that he saw as a problem. There is something wrong to see that as something wrong. However, I know Robert Balch and others have followed Balch’s lead in this regard and I know Robert and Do had me help in with one of his book chapters in 1994, but the fact is that they have to come up with something as that’s the job of a professor teaching a class on cults that Balch has focused on in his career. They have to have a hypothosis to explain it as Balch addmitted this group was like no other.

This also doesn’t explain Ti’s role in knowing that one’s sexuality needed to be “suppressed” or in Ti and Do’s terms “under control” – “overcome”, conquered, etc. because Next Level members have no sexuality and are not mammalian like humans, have outgrown mammalian behavior and don’t die, (though their vehicle can die if they choose for it to, in which case they just grow another because their essense as a grown to adult Soul is also a physical Being that just “puts on a new suit”. Humans don’t do that. Each human container has it’s own Spirit and can be given a Soul but must grow that soul through the direct help from an incarnate Older Member to graduate into the Next Level though can be “saved” for that opportunity by seeking to give our self to Them, even now, even after the Older Members have exited their incarnations.

I know they say that it’s after Ti left (died, which by the way is described in Rev 12, as “…the earth opened it’s mouth…” to assist the woman who was fought again by the “flood” of negativety against Ti – the “dragon” – the Luciferian Space alien fallen angels), that Do went astray, which also has no evidence if one knows all Ti said and did before that that I have documented in my book, even with writings from Ti that were never published that just so happen to be given to me by Mr. Balch when he visited me in Stony Brook, NY in 1998. He gave me the original I think. I guess he didn’t read it or didn’t tune into how it showed a great deal of where their thinking came from, as they wrote it in 1973 in Boerne, Texas while awakening and both simulataneously receiving the same info. Ti knew then the Do was the return of the same soul who had been in the vehicle named Jesus. That’s where Do got it from. Ti was his witness. And Do witnessed to Ti being his Older Member as Ti never told him that, which is  right in line with Rev 3:12 and Rev 14:1 and other places in the gospel records.

Another theory is that among UFO groups, there is a widespread belief that extra-terrestrials have no vocal cords, an atrophied digestive system and no sexual organs. This is symbolic of three common religious disciplines: silence, fasting and celibacy. Perhaps Applewhite was attempting to emulate both the UFO inhabitants and ancient Christian tradition.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
Do said that Adult Next Level vehicles have no digestive systems, but he said that there are Next Level vehicles that can still consume if need be but in the Next Level environment those kinds of vehicles may just have to take a pill or sit under a light on occasion. This could be the type of vehicle Jesus had that he metamorphosed from his human vehicle, that after healing it was able to eat with his students and yet could also change his vibration to not be visible but still be physical and like he said, “not a spirit… still having flesh and bone” and yet also able to defy gravity – hover above the water during the storm and ascend into the spacecraft inside the “covering (cloud).”

But yes, one’s Mind needed to grow to be “compatible” with a Next Level grown vehicle while still in the human kingdom as a big part of the overcomign process was building a strong Mind to override what the vehicle wants to think, say and do in it’s plant mentality, behavior and ways, largely programmed with misinformation from the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls who were included in the program to foster that needed growth so when put into a Next Level vehicle they could manipulate it as it has no systems that automatically run like in the human plant that needs no Mind besides it’s genetic programming to function.

In common with many other UFO groups, they believe that UFOs are inter-stellar space ships operated by extra-terrestrial beings who are attempting to bring humanity to a higher level of knowledge.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
Yes, but where Ti and Do’s teachings takes it is much further as it is bringing new students into their only future, a Next Step up the evolutionary ladder that must be accomplished though the use of a human vehicle and needs to include taking over that human vehicle but by the instructions provided by the Older Members when they are incarnate. The space aliens do have some knowledge, even a great deal on how the “garden” is grown because they were at one time students (having infant vehicles that still had the capacity to reverse metamorphosize into human behaviors (as was Adam’s vehicle) which was done for a reason. The space aliens try to mimic the Next Level, create a facsimili or IMAGE – imagination to try to steer humans away from the reality of the Next Level and those efforts become religions and spiritual organizations and science organizations, etc. anything other than what’s real, even incorporating the disciplines but not doing so to/for a genuine Next Level Member.

However, they have a belief not shared by other UFO groups: that by committing suicide together at the correct time, they will leave their containers (bodies) behind.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
This is totally inaccurate to say as if suicide is the key. The Key is always bonding with one’s Older Member so that whatever they provide becomes what we want to do. We need to wash our brains with the Older Member’s provided Mind – information, behavior and ways. It looks robotic to a human but that’s the training program and it’s always more than voluntary – we have to prove we want it and yet that’s not emphasised except in steps because they don’t want someone doing so for their own selfish reasons – like to acheive enlightenment, to be seen by others as a God or great soul or teacher, etc. I still had some of that influence that thought martyrdom was the key and Ti and Do would always say that “this is not a martyrdom trip”. However, it does require that each student “gives their Life” but not in a way we may want to but in the way the Older Members provide which took 22 years to foster and most left because it surfaced their less than needed motivation. I have many, many examples to show what I am saying for anyone who wants to hear/see them.

Yes, they left their vehicles together but as Do said, the window was still open and he never closed it but also said that it wasn’t about suicide to avoid learning difficult lessons in life that all humans are potentially in school to learn as the Next Level has their hands in the entire human kingdom, though do sort out the weeds from the potential fruit, which is in progress now more than ever before as I can show as well.

So the Hale Bopp comet was the SIGN of the time of exit, they had been waiting/preparing for since 1975.

The soul goes to sleep until it is “replanted” in another container. Eventually, the soul will be grafted onto a representative of the “level above human.” The latter will be on-board a UFO space ship such as the one that they believe is currently hidden behind the Hale-Bopp comet. A video tape taken shortly before their suicides showed them to be excited about the future. The timing of the suicide was apparently triggered by the arrival of Easter, and by the closest approach to earth of the comet, which they regarded as a celestial “marker”. The timing was apparently unrelated to the Spring Equinox of MAR-20.

*** Sawyer’s comment:
At their exit their Soul didn’t go to sleep anywhere, according to Ti and Do’s teachings – it was to be in the spirit world for a short time according to what Rio reported as I wasn’t in the group when Do talked about that, though I knew Rio when he was put into the group I was an Overseer of after he joined in 1994. He said they were in the spirit world for a short time. This was interesting for me to hear because I had a dream, I think it was around 2003, as I was reawakening more and it was Jwnody, (who was called June on the Beyond Human tapes when she and I were partners to serve as “helpers” on a number of the tapes), sho said, “It’s worth it” to me and Lggody was there too but just smiled and Jwnody then also showed me a line of people who were prospective students/servants – indicating I could be among them. And when the dream was ending I had the strong feeling they were leaving to get their Next Level grown vehicles.

This also makes it sound like all are “eventually grafted” but that’s not so according to Ti and Do and Jesus. Only those who overcome the human kingdom are literally grafting to the Older Member Representatives “vine” though there are degrees of that grafting along the way but requirements for each degree as well. Do spoke about it as “three types” or “groups” or “kinds” of indivdiuals who would “go with them” – in other words, be salvaged from the recycling – speaking of their Souls. The first kind were those in Do’s class at that exit time and they would graduate to have more signficant service in the Next Level, even those who would still need to return to complete their overcoming that completes that graft, the same way the students of Jesus who gave their lives needed to come back to as Do said, “finish their overcoming” to complete their graft. The second kind are those who recognize the Older Members who were incarnate but who have weaknesses that keep them from completing their seperation from the human kingdom entirely. They will be saved and brought back as well – that is if they continue to seek that graft by providing service to the Next Level as the Next Level doesn’t just give out free passes as they don’t need us so they do make the bar high to reach, though they help everyone who keeps on asking for help and doesn’t give up on anyone unless they repeatedly give up on them. The third kind/type are those who never heard about Ti and Do but are seperating from their humanness/world in their own way. These can be some in militia groups even (though not condoning violence) but sepratists, and addicts and social dropouts, people in jail to give some ideas. Their souls or spirits will also be salvaged and brought back after the current civilization is recycled which is coming soon as we are just entering the fourth of seven seals.

I don’t agree that their exit wasn’t related to the Spring Equinox of MAR-20. In fact that may be the real date they started to exit as the 1996 two comets came to perihelion on March 21st and March 22nd, but I really say this because Ti was always very attenitive to the solstices and equinoxes and they are following that as we speak starting with the asteroid near miss following a bright comet in late December and now as of yesterday another near miss asteroid and two comets coming close to see with the naked eye by Feb 11th they said at first but now they are saying Feb 25th. which is the amplified pattern they have been demonstrating since 2013 the 40 year mark (1 hour) since they awakened in 1973, which marks the start of the so called tribulation period of the 4th Seal opening during the time of the seventh trumpet sounding which I can document well as I did in my book that just came out in sync with this as prophesied for the 20th anniverary of their exit.

They feared persecution, death, arrest, physical torture or psychological torture while they remained on earth. They felt that this persecution would come from outside their group – either from “some irate individual or from “the powers that control this world.” There is one report that the group had a large cache of weapons and ammunition.

*** Sawyers comment:
This is total misinformation. They didn’t fear any of those things. What is the evidence of this. They weren’t looking forward to exiting in that way and they said they would have preferred to have not had to exit the way they did but to get picked up with their vehicles as they also prepared for by packing a bag and having their passports and a little money that was a bit of a funny as well in how it related to the $5.75 that Mark Twain wrote was the fare to ride the tail of a comet to heaven.

They were prepared to exit via persecution like occurred at Waco with the Branch Davidian murders by the ATF and FBI of all those men, women and children who were hold up in that buried bus when they set the place on fire as was documented and I watched live in Do’s quarters with Lvvody and Jnnody and Srrody. That’s part of why they built that earthship in New Mexico that I have a lot to say about and how I think I’ve matched it up with Revelations prophecy.

They had one rifle as far as I know from the report in Rio’s book that one member Strody did some target practice with and that I understood might have been in the storage room but Carlan (crlody) might know better about since he was working with Rkkody who went to the storage room. Do talked about getting a rifle in 1993 while I was present in case Ti would have them exit by provoking the govt to do as they did in Waco. I know that was a test to hear as at the time it stimulated my thought of how far I would go in Ti and Do’s service. Would I kill someone if they asked me to, I wondered and that was painful to consider as otherwise I was 100% their student then, as I hadn’t fallen when Do said that. I remember thinking, I didn’t have to face that unless Do stimulated it and the indication was that the rifle would have blanks in it. That would be a typical ploy of the Luciferians to have one think, what if… and then come to a point of thinking – if they did, then I’d have to leave, which would then be like admitting I wasn’t 100% committed all based on something Do said nothing about doing, but that’s the way the Luciferians work and the Next Level allows that because if I went down that road of thinking and deceided to leave because of, then I wasn’t fully committed to and in recognition of who my Older Members were.  After all, human vehicles are plants and when the plant dies isn’t the end of the Spirit nor the Soul unless they died going against the Next Level which I suspect there is no return from as then that spirit or soul has programmed their mind to be against the Next Level, which makes sense in the light that Jesus said that the only unforgiviable sin was “blasmphemy against the holy spirit” – in other words “speaking to others against the true information about the Next Level” because once in that camp one loses any Next Level consciousness they once had and they have thus judged themselves a weed in the garden.

A couple of the surviving members of the group who did not “leave” have been maintaining their web site at http://www.heavensgate.com   and distributing materials and information that the group left behind. During the 1980’s the group made over 500 audio tapes of their secluded classroom teachings. They also made 11 video tapes and wrote a large anthology of their teachings. The survivors have digitized over 200 hours of those audio tapes, and about 20 hours of Video material and stored the entire archive on three CD-ROM’s which can be played on a computer using the RealPlayer technology. They feel it is important to offer this world a permanent record of this groups activities. They are making the CD’s themselves available at no charge, asking only that the shipping charges be covered by the recipient. Email rep@heavensgate.com with your postal address to receive the material.

A Christian/New Age/UFO believing group. Total body count: 39 died initially; 41 total death toll.

***Sawyer’s Comments:

The body count was 42 as Gbbody also laid his body down before the year 2000. I knew Gbbody as well and I know his sister to date, though he used a gun. I have prophecy reasons to line up the number 42.

This idea that the two webmasters who had the names Mrcody and Srfody in the group before they are instructed to leave the group, were “surviving members” is further misinformation. If they were truely group members as you suggest in this, how is it survival to still be in one’s human vehicle after their departure. They flunked out of the group just like I did and just like Neody (Rio) did and just like Carlan (Crlody) did and just like a number of others, some of which are still in their vehicles. The test is for those who were in the group is whether they will “survive now”. It’s not automatic, nor is it by saying we love Ti and Do. We all Must show Ti and Do we love them by seeking to adhere by all they taught and seeking to be in their service. I am fully included in that and I have weaknesses. It’s not up to me to deceide for anyone else but if we are sharing things with others that Ti and Do clearly said otherwise about, then is that loving Ti and Do. Sure we can sell tapes and I can sell books and maybe that is something make Ti and Do want to salvage those Souls for another chance. But why is it that these two would not provide those tapes to me, all of them, even after asking many times and talking to M in email after email, as Crlody did as well and as new believers like XF and others have petitioned M and S to provide. What M was reported to have said to this individual named Dave G. that was playing both sides for a while between me and M was that he was to have nothing to do with Sawyer or the deal with him to digitize the tapes would be off. Well meanwhile Dave was trying to get from me the names of former members of the class so he could write his book.

M, I believe is upset with the way I have followed many of the interviews he gave to show the real truth in how and why he and S were more or less kicked out of the group for not wanting to abide by the lesson step called “I could be wrong”. I was there for it all and they have twisted that instead of just owning up to it and treating it as a lesson to work on. M gave the letters he got from Do and Crew to Rkkody as he didn’t want anything to do with getting the things from storage. And it’s a long story and is very filled with deceit. So here are the links to my blog posts that describe the many things M and perhaps S have said that were half or partial truth, misleading, or downright opposite. For instance M said that “gate is closed” but Do never closed the “gate”. M was reported to say in an email that there is no Heaven and no Hell. Then what is the Heaven’s Gate? He talks about reincarnation in ways Do didn’t as if everyone eventually goes to heaven, as was insinuated in this article so makes me wonder how much in cahootz you may be, but I wouldn’t blame you for unless you knew the truth and avoided it to instead take the “spiritual” path M and S seem to be paving that goes with their trying to secure all the info for themselves, against the will of Do and Crew who gave the masters of certain items to Jhnody for instance. Maybe they don’t have those masters? Maybe they haven’t tried to copyright those masters but their copyright in and of itself would not necessarily be a problem UNLESS they deemed the use of the materials as a breach of copyright and then went against someone’s legitimate usage to stop them from disseminating as they attempted to do against Rkkody when he and Crlody were disseminating digitized audio tapes. It is for that reason I included none of what was in the Book Do and Crew provided in my Book, in case he would hire a lawyer as he did against Rkkody to try to get my book off the market. Maybe none of that is on his mind, but considering how much he and S have showed adherance to a different mindset from Ti and Do that I can prove, I don’t trust them to do the right thing and allow us to distribute what Do and Crew wanted distributed without limit as they said in their inital copyright they put in the “blue book” – just like the right thing would have been to provide those tapes years ago.

However, if they really are providing the tapes, I’m glad they finally have seen the light in that regard, whatever their motivation. We all make mistakes and Ti and Do so far allow us to continue to have their support as we continue to ask them for it and do what they lead us to do for them to show it. However I still must continue to point out inaccuracies I can bring some proof to so it’s not just my opinion. I am accused from some of starting my own “ism” because I draw from my 19 years of experience and have disected the New Testament, mostly the Book of Revelations, nearly verse by verse, as if that was not from Ti and Do’s and Jesus’ Mind. I was told M said that what Sawyer says is “irrelevant” which is fine. I’ve certainly heard alot worse but it goes with the territory and if I have said anything that can be shown to be inaccurate to what Ti and Do and Crew have written or said, I want to know about it so I can correct it and I will correct it quickly because I’m not invested in being right. I’m invested in doing right by Ti and Do as best I can, a continuing process.

Here is some of the evidence of the content of the letters:
Excerpts from Do and Crews letters to HeavensGate.com web site Webmasters re: audio tape handling

Here are those articles documenting interviews to what these two webmasters said:
Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with upvoted.com

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with Gizmodo.com

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with thenextweb.com

Sawyers critique of thefanzine.com interview with Heaven’s Gate Webmasters that also describes how Neo was in some ways of the same mind with Mrc and Srf (the webmasters):

Sawyer’s response to Motherboard.vice.com interview with Heaven’s Gate website webmasters

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Copyright © 1997 to 2009 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Essay first published: 1997-MAR-25
Latest update: 2009-SEP-22
Author: B.A. Robinson


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