TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section VI. Appendix

VI. Appendix

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VI.A. Links to Do and Crews “Anthology of Our Materials” entitled: ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered,’ (Purple Book)

Do’s writings:

TI and DO’s First Statement

Do wrote this to set the record straight pertaining to He and TI’s awakening and prophecy period:
’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew, By Do

Do’s Intro: Purpose – Belief

“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer (Ad/Statement, Published in “USA TODAY”) May 27, 1993, By Do

Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure, By Do

’95 Statement by an ET Presently Incarnate, By Do

Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled, By Do – Sept 29, 1996

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave With Us – Oct 5, 1996

TI’s Writings – TI came to “get Do started” so didn’t write much but can be heard in audio tapes:
The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations TI and DO gave their students to Prepare for Service

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT BUT YOU MUST, by TI (and Do) – unfinished, unpublished and not copyrighted segments TI (and Do) wrote in January and part of February of 1973 while first awakening to their task for the Next Level while they were in Boerne, Texas. I’ve included what I believe to be the most important parts of it because of how TI addresses subjects as; Jesus saying one must be “Born Again,” (today misinterpreted to be like a club membership slogan), the Christing Overcoming Process that all must engage to reap the benefits Jesus talked about, so not to think we can get to Heaven on his “coat-tails,” as many Christians to date have been taught, Homosexuality as just another form of sensuality (fire) that must be “burned out” in the Christing Process to graduate the human condition and what if the returning “Jesus” came from “Texas” – would people reject him the same way they did when the prophesied return of the Messiah came through a human vehicle named “Jesus” from Galilee? This includes my commentary on the segments and that may grow but for the sake of having TI’s writing in this book, I’m including the current report. (Part of Book’s text is below the Link)

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT BUT YOU MUST – Sawyers report on segments written by TI (and Do):

Below are some pages of the actual text from the unpublished book entitled, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST” that TI and DO started to write during their first stage of awakening while staying at a ranch house in Boerne, Texas. Do said they were there for “less than six weeks,” trying to sort out the ideas, concepts and understandings they were both independently but simultaneously receiving from the Next Level. They started during those weeks in January and February of 1973, having left Houston and both their families, friends, careers and lifestyles behind. A note was made in the pages that it was edited in February of 1974.

TI and DO told Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes (authors of UFO Missionaries Extraordinary about TI and DO), they “threw out” this book and that it was “the beginning of understanding what our responsibility was.” I don’t know the whole story about how it ended up with me but considering some of the material in it, I suspect it could have been TI and DO’s crew’s intention to use it.

I could be wrong and perhaps it’s not that important, but there is significant evidence in the short incomplete two chapter book that TI took a primary role in it’s content. It refers to many ideas I know TI’s vehicle had been very focused on before meeting Do’s vehicle to awaken to their joint task together. Namely, it makes a number of references to the Hindu Vedas and the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helen Blavatsky’s books, which by the end of the 19th century became the single biggest influence of both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist thought, mixed with mystic Christianity and Spiritualism, on the populous of the United States, that became the foundation of what would be called the New Age.

Part of why I am bringing this up, is because most of the leading psychologists who have studied TI and DO have tended to agree that their leadership and group don’t match any of the other leaders of cults and they largely focus on Do as the leader, even coming up with a story line that almost completely leaves TI out of the equation. Those that investigated TI and DO’s beginning drew conclusions very easily from the few who knew them when they were in the Houston area beginning to sort out what they had to do together. Do even reflected on he and TI’s beginning in session one of the Beyond Human tapes that TI said to him, “How come I recognize you but you don’t recognize me.” That little statement is directly in line with Revelations 12 that says the Woman births her son/offspring to the throne:

Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

One or more investigators apparently took rumors as a fact when it was reported that TI’s vehicle in the beginning wanted to have a human intimate relationship with Do’s vehicle. Do told us (his class) that at first, still unawakened, that he wondered if TI was interested in him in that human way and that some of their friends and family, and especially TI’s vehicle’s husband at the time thought they were having an affair. The truth of the matter was as Do told it that there was nothing of the sort. They had no physical relationship like that at all and were never “bed partners.” Do also told us neither was physically attracted to the other. Do also said at first he gave TI a real hard time. He told us that one time TI was so frustrated that they couldn’t agree on taking such and such a direction, that she sat on the street curb and put her head in her hands and just said, she wasn’t moving another step. Do said he eventually learned that whenever there was a decision to be made, TI more easily would rule out proceeding in certain directions Do thought needed to be played out further. He learned that by TI going along with what he wanted to do and then seeing for himself that it was a dead end to what they wanted to accomplish. After a while Do knew that TI was his elder, even his Older Member and that she was the One who was His Heavenly Father 2000 years ago when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. TI never said that to Do. He realized it and told us their students who TI was. Do even pointed out one time in a meeting without TI present, that TI was the “woman” in Revelations 12:1 and for the first and last time interpreted some of those first couple verses, that I don’t recall except for the bottom line. The fact that Do told us who TI was/is is found in prophecy.

In this prophecy the One who was incarnate as the Lamb in the vehicle Jesus is talking to his prospective students in relationship to the end time and he says .”..I will write upon him [each student] the name of my God….” In this application God is from the Greek word “Theos” which is a general term for Deity. In this case he is talking about his Deity. In other words a Member of the Next Level that is his elder or Older Member, thus is referring to the one who he referred to 2000 years ago as his “Father” or “Father in Heaven” (heaven because at that time he wasn’t incarnate with him). If his Father was to have a name, he will have a physical presence as well as there is no need for a name otherwise. Only the ones who engage their overcoming metamorphosis will receive this name. This is also part of the evidence that Both of the Two Witnesses are Christs and come incarnate to delivery their prophecy and that they come to a NEW geographic area from where the Old Jerusalem was:

Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

If one goes to the Wikipedia pages, unless there was some miracle since I was last there a year or so ago, when I tried to make some changes but wasn’t permitted, you will get the strong impression that Do was the leader and/or that he flipped out when TI left her vehicle without him and that’s why he led their students to their laying down their lives, as he was angry or confused or upset, even with his vehicle’s past homosexuality. Some were reporting that his meeting TI in a hospital was while he (Do) was a patient and it was a psychological hospital and he was there because of his vehicle’s homosexuality. When Do wrote “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” he said he had been a music professor, a divorcee and had “lived with a male friend for some years” and was content involved in academic and cultural activities.

After he wrote that he spoke to us about it and said he was distraught in his relationships as he wanted a “committed relationship” while anyone he met didn’t. He also said that after he met TI in 1972 he just naturally no longer had an interest in sexuality knowing that it would interfere with the seeking they were doing together to learn what it was they had to do together.

But these psychologists and investigators certainly couldn’t consider the truth as it went so far against their logic and sense of what is true and false about life. So they automatically spun the story to something they and their readers could made sense of even if it was complete non-sense.

In these pages TI actually talks about homosexuality and it’s also clear in these pages that TI was already thinking then, seemingly even before Do fully recognized who TI was, (his Older Member), that Do was the return of the same One who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” – indicating that HE might come from Texas.

In it, it’s shown how they were beginning to recognize that their souls had come from outer space and were here to bring updates to the Bible and to fulfill prophecy. They set out to learn what prophecy they were to fulfill. Do reported in 88Update that it was months later, after leaving Boerne, while they were camping along the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon, that they experienced the greater part of their awakening and knew they had come from the Next Level and came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy and knew this was talking about the task they were to fulfill.

These two chapters talk about the “process” of awakening, converting all one’s energy output to Next Level service, through one’s Older Member and graduating, thus completing the “change over” into a new being via the human vehicle. It’s dying to one’s humanness that is a temporary willful death, because of ceasing human behavior and ways and building one’s new body within the vehicle that becomes born.

This writing also illustrates that death of one’s human physical vehicle was at first seen by TI and DO as needed for the final stage of metamorphosis into a glorified body like Jesus had.

The book explains how each person that wants to go to Heaven and be with Jesus in his Kingdom can and MUST become a “CHRIST” and that “Baptism was extinguishing the flames of passion” that included converting all our energy we otherwise exhaust on, “sex, love, anger, greed and pride” as TI says is not only stated in Jesus life example but in the “Hindu keys or Vedas to Godship.”

They wrote, “when a man yields to passion, passion increases in degrees that lead him to greed, jealousy, attachments, possessiveness, desires for becoming a God of the lower regions and he even thinks he can own things. He begins to call things his, his wife, his children, his house, his money, his car, his race, his country, even his earth and begins to confine himself to it.”

TI writes about “Christing” that included an AWAKENING – when something from inside themselves desires to give themselves to the Lord. At that point begins the conversion process that is the “overcoming” of the human kingdom that includes dropping all behaviors and ways, things that go into constructing our “self,” to be finalized by literal death of one’s physical body as Jesus did and told his disciple they too must do by offering service that would bring the lower forces’ Luciferian adversaries (Satan), through the human vehicles they had programmed to be against them, to put their physical vehicle to death.

Seemingly contrary to believing each would have to die to self mentally and then physically as well to graduate, TI and DO said to Hayden Hewes, the person who authored the book from TI and DO’s interviews they gave him, entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level” and that is backed up by the end of “Statement One,” that Do authored while in prison that they mailed out in March of 1975 and resulted in their classroom, where it says, “Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally.”

In UFO Missionaries Extraordinary (which I have posted some of on my blog), TI and DO related not needing to die to go to the Next Level to the way Jesus, Elijah, Moses and Enoch were recorded to have gone to the Next Level with their physical bodies. (Note, TI and DO believed that of Moses. The records aren’t clear though some Christians and Jews insists he did leave his body behind but they have no evidence of such. He just walked off and was never seen again and presumed dead).  It was always a possibility, even during their self generated exit of their vehicles in 1997 to be prepared for TI to take them with their human vehicles and said in their statement against suicide (also posted on my blog), that they actually preferred that, but knew they had the sign to exit according to plan so were putting what would be left behind as up to TI.

TI and DO were always following the instructions they received from their Heavenly Father step by step that included what they understood and where they would locate themselves and all aspects of their classroom. It can be shown that believing they wouldn’t leave their vehicles behind was necessary to circumvent the way the Luciferians would have set up programming to their exit of their vehicle, even self exit as was feared about TI and DO’s group (shown in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary) even before the Jonestown murder/manipulated suicides (that was well documented by tapes of the event).

Some will question where it is stated that the students lay down their lives. I’m not addressing all that now but it’s said as how they “fall down on their faces,” speaking of the Twenty Four Elders and Four Living Beings (wrongly translated as Four Beasts). I will play that out a little here.

Now the prophecy period of these Two Witnesses is their public speaking the new and updated information about the Kingdom of God/Heaven that Jesus indicated he would do upon return as the Son of Man – offspring of human (born of flesh) no longer speaking in parables and showing us the Father plainly/boldly, and revealing the mysteries heretofore sealed from understanding. As they come to a new nation (people) and speak in a new tongue and/or terminology not previously described, they won’t be talking in the former middle eastern languages. The point of their coming is to gather their “lost sheep” (Souls who were set up to  take prepared human vehicles), lost only because they are scattered around the new area so need to be located and drawn together again which is why they come public before nations and kindreds and all tongues, thus speaking to a wide array of people as Rev 11:9 shows.

The point I’m leading to is that it is assumed their students are with them by this point of their being subdued (most translation say is “overcome), as why would the Next Level let the BEAST (the Secret Govt that came to be because of the release of the Luciferian space aliens from their underground prison, and who were therefore under the influence of and especially through their media mouthpieces) subdue/overcome or even kill them before they have had a chance to deliver their testimony that is geared to gather the lost sheep. That would defeat the entire purpose of their coming. Therefore these they gather are the first fruits to be harvested by losing the physical bodies they incarnate into as depicted by the cutting of their “stalks” in Rev 14:15-16.  The class is indicated in a number of other places in the Revelations but I’ll save that for another post.

Thus one can assume when these TWO have finished their testimony, they will have their firstfruits student body (church) literally with them, as it says in the Rev 14 section these will “follow the lamb wherever he goes,” the lamb of course being the role that Jesus filled 2000 years ago and who is following through as one of the Two Witnesses, this time with his Father incarnate as well, to get Him started as depicted in the Rev 12 section and who is the other WITNESS. The number 144,000 is also discussed in the Rev 14 section, but in short, seems to include all who are candidates for graduation at this time or in a time to come and may actually be from the 144,000 initial plantings, twenty four of which are the elders and the remainder in various stages towards graduation.

So death of the physical body is a given as it was 2000 years ago for Jesus and his disciples, even though Jesus’ physical dead body was restored to life again, the initial death was part of the mission not only because He would be picking up that same body again but because it is the showing of our faith that enables students to be willing to face the loss of our own physical body while in performance of service to our Older Member/Heavenly Father.

Here is the actual writing TI typed up that is filled with cross outs and re-writes as they understood more and more. So it’s starting from page 11. There wasn’t much on each page as it was all double spaced, so I’m not skipping much really. I will try to eventually get to including the entire manuscript but I believe this is the most important and pertinent part:

“Some souls have learned, in probably previous lifetimes, that their soul does not desire the bottom rung of the ladder which is the lust enjoyed by man and woman, and which creates another life of the human kingdom. But possibly these souls have not yet overcome sensuality and now respond as bi-sexual or homosexuals, and even they, though they must involve themselves in their desires, and should until they have burned them out, will one day discover this is too not what their souls are seeking, for it still leads to possiveness, jealousy etc.. Sensuality or the desire for it really makes no difference if it is taken out in a brutal football game or in the backseat of a car in the moonlight.

Man must eventually learn to desire nothing from another or even for himself, other than service – to His Father and his own purification. This same involvement with the magnetic force of the earth causes us to be parasites on one another, physically, emotionally and mentally. And most usually these have to be discarded in that order. The concept of the family is certainly more desirable than the group sensuous chaos with no framework. And in this sense homosexual lovers are more ordered in their honesty than the hetero-sexual with the mistresses on the side. It doesn’t really make any difference how you participate in sensuality, it is still something which must eventually be overcome, if we plan to start a New and Higher Kingdom.

The writers of the Christian Bible, especially those of the New Testament, discuss so thoroughly that man must be born of Spirit. And the first step is being baptized, in the sense that we have quenched the fire of lust and passion. The ramifications of these lusts carry into the love for anything or the need or desire for anything. It is an admirable thing to be able to enjoy things but dishonorable to need them or desire them for any degree for self gratification, whether it’s a ring on the finger or a babe in the crib. What is then ‘being born of Spirit?’

Jesus told us that Spiritual birth must be had during a lifetime. HE, in the Christ image or illustration, found His murderer which provided his Birth of Spirit and made him capable of responding as a member of the Next Kingdom, this being the final step in Killing out Self.

The crucifixion, the death, and the ascension are necessary. When the total physical life has been killed, man is then prepared and eligible to be a new member (born of spirit) of the Higher or Next Kingdom. His new found ability to vibrate on a higher density makes it possible for him to appear to be invisible, levitate into the Heavens, change his vibration level even low enough in density to sit and eat food with others, seem as they are, or transform, and change his density vibrations to such a high level of refinement as to appear to disappear in their sight. He did all this, or was sent to do all this, to show us how we must do the same. In that sense, we must each become as he was and not expect to get to heaven ‘on his coat-tails,’ for all that he experienced was HIS “graduation,” and we must EACH have OUR OWN “Graduation.”

Christ participated in healing, miracles of numbers, multiplicity of giving, the so called magic of dispelling evil spirits or demons (exorcism), levitation, and intuitive knowledge. (He knew their thoughts and named them), and yet the Christian church as a whole no longer accepts or participates in these normal practices of a spiritually developed or awakened soul.

The awakening, which is spoken of in all major ideologies, is man’s realization of what he must overcome in “becoming” or the conversion process necessary between that awakening and his Death-resurrection and ascension. This awakening requires of him, proportionate to how deep his feet are in the mire, to leave his career, his social respectability, his family, all of these or anything else that stands in the way of his development in his new life. It eventually requires his shedding of all identification with the world.

The path leads him to separate himself from all pressures that keep him from being merely his better Self, a part of the God or Light force. He begins to drop off relationships that are stumbling blocks to his pursuit, i.e. dropping away friends or family, ceasing to go to his law office, moving to another place or just “moving” in the process of dropping off the binds that he once allowed society to have on him. He can’t do this in an orderly fashion acceptable and understood by his friends, family, business cohorts or even minister. He must respond to the Spirit within him as it speaks, and not look back. This is the beginning of his conversion and is accomplished during a lifetime in the physical, for those that are alive are those who are asleep. Those that awaken from their sleep do it while healthily alive in the physical bodies. They then begin their process of refinement towards perfection, raising their vibrations, until they are truly in the world, but not of it, by choice. When they reach a higher level of refinement, increasingly converting all sources of energy into their own enlightenment they see the world they are leaving behind as a complete illusion, unnecessary, games without lasting prizes, leading only to the necessity of repeating that grade in school. The refinement process eventually leads them to such an awareness of their separation from the old magnet, though yet a babe in their yielding to the Light, that they realize they need nothing, not even to be aware of existence, but in order to climb another rung they choose to commit themselves totally to their own “graduation” rather than humanity, knowing that in so doing the “sprouts will be allowed their own sunlight.”

Before reaching this point they may find themselves a beggar in the street (beautifully illustrated by St. Francis of Assisi) in order to gain the self respect of their new self, which is more a part of the body of God than an individual. They now desire to pursue the path of becoming an instrument or channel of the greater source of Light, which feeds all humanity and all that is.”

Continuing with a new thought on another page, TI (and Do) write:

“Jesus said “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father but by me,” yet many have interpreted this to mean if we say His name, know the scripture, or even make an IDOL of Him, we will get to the Father. It must disappoint Him as much to see us make idols of Him, instead of putting our feet on “The Way,” as it did for Him to see man making idols of others. For the most part, He didn’t even speak as a man or even as Jesus, but His Father spoke through Him plainly, illustrating and describing the Way or Path each of us must trod if we are to see the Father. He knew people were not listening to the voice within them or they would have known Him and that He spoke the truth (John 5:37-38). He also told them that they were looking for the truth in the scriptures (John 5:39), and the scriptures bear witness to the truth. This is the same today, we cannot find the truth in the scriptures, but they do bear witness to the truth, which we find living and available to us within us. He told us if we partook of the bread which He offered us, we would not die, as those died who ate the manna in the wilderness (John 8:51; John 6:49-51). This is as true today. We preach it, yet keep on dying. He said it is the Spirit which gives Life (John 6:63), but we are even more afraid to let the Spirit within us rule than they were. The scriptures were fulfilled in His coming, and yet since people knew where He came from as a child and man, they could not accept His being the Christ (John 7:27). We make the same mistake of looking for the scriptures to be fulfilled by someone dropping out of the sky, whose presence would automatically make us know who He was.

Will we make the same mistake if He speaks through a man of this land in birth and development? They said: “Is the Christ to come from Galilee?”  Yet couldn’t accept Him because of their misinterpretation of the scripture. Could you accept Him if He were raised in Texas, and when He came into full consciousness, realized His mission, His full responsibility, and shared it with you? We would probably recall all His sins or ill-deeds, not knowing or remembering…. a man is what he is today and not what he was yesterday. Many would surely judge Him according to the flesh, and yet He judged no one (John 8:15), though He had the knowledge and authority to do so.”
*** end of book segments ***

TI and DO’s “Overcoming Classroom” Behavioral Guidelines:
17 Steps – Behavioral Guidelines Given by TI and DO to Students

Major and Lesser Offenses (Behavioral Guidelines)

Note: This Particular type of classroom experience is no longer offered as there is no group anymore and there will not be a legitimate one again until AFTER the Recycling:
Total Overcomers Classroom Admission Requirements (Behavioral Guidelines)

Pictures Related to TI and DO and Crew

Purple Book Table of Contents

Students who wrote articles Do included in their Anthology of Materials:
Overview of Present Mission, By Jwnody – a student

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Be Fruitful and Multiply, By Jmmody

A Testament, by Srrody

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Organized Religion Has Become the Primary Pulpit for Misinformation and the Great “Cover-Up” (Poster)

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Investments, By Anlody

Older Member — Younger Member — Their Relationship

Up the Chain, By Brnody

Statement by a Crewmember, By Tddody

My Ode to TI and DO, By Qstody

A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind, By Drrody

TI and DO as “Smelling Salts, By Jwnody

WARNING:  For Those Who Are Prone to Hasty Judgments, By Glnody

T.E.L.A.H. — The Evolutionary Level Above Human, By Smmody

“He’s Back, We’re Back” ’94 Public Meeting Announcement Poster

Poster used in Aug. 1994 entitled: The Shedding of Our Borrowed Human Bodies May Be Required

VI.B. Links to Beyond Human – The Last Call Transcripts and Videos and other Heaven’s Gate Videos


Beyond Human Series Table of Contents

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Video’s Made by Do and His Crew:
When Do and Crew made these video’s I was a part of the video team – Lggody, Jwnody, Jnnody, Lvvody, Srrody and Swyody. We started each Session showing Do and his two Helpers, believe using two camera’s but I wasn’t a camera operator. Those were Lggody and Srrody. Simultaneous with that shot was the sounding of the bell tones. These video’s were reformatted to include the word “Episode” and it’s number and some have another title of Heaven’s Gate included which was not even a phrase we’d used at that time in 1992 when the filming was done. Also some had sound effects of a rushing sound added with the text traveling into the frame. I believe some of this was done by someone who has been an on again off again believer, he has last described himself as a Heaven’s Gate “Sympathizer,” which I find no fault with but had I known of his additions I would have suggested his not doing that. I don’t know who the administrator of this Youtube channel – “HeavensgateDatabase” is, but it has remained for years so I’ve taken advantage of it, pointing people to those posts.

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Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled – Sept 29 1996

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Heaven’s Gate Student Exit Statements

Do’s Final Exit – recorded on March 19, 1997

Here are links associated with they way Do and his Crew layed down their human vehicles that the “world” considered “suicide”:

Our Position Against Suicide

The following is a press release written by Do and his Crew and sent to a student named Rkkody who was not physically with them at the time, with the instruction to release it to the news media. I knew Rkkody well and communicated with him after Do and the 38 layed down their human vehicles. He followed them some months later. It contains the facts surrounding who they were/are, where they came from and why they chose to exit their bodies at that time by laying them down for TI and DO and the Physical Evolutionary Next Level Kingdom Above Human aka The Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, that the “world” mostly saw as a tragic mass suicide that took place in March of 1997. Here is the content of the letter:

Press Release: 3-22-97 – HEAVEN’S GATE “Away Team” Returns to Level Above Human in Distant Space

Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”, By Stmody

A Matter of Life or Death? You Decide, By Wknody

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Audio Tape Log of 218 of TI and DO’s Internal Classroom Meetings, 1982-1985

Audio Tapes on a shared site (may cost something to download them all, but may be free to download one at a time)

VI.D. Links to Sawyer’s Internet Sites

Sawyer’s Blog

Sawyer’s Story:”Raptured” by the REV 11 TWO WITNESSES-Bo (Do(Jesus)) and Peep(TI(Father))’s “Second Coming”

VI.E. Other Links
Jesus prophecy of there being “Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars” (planets):

Signs in the Sun, Moon, Stars (planets, Ceres, Pluto, etc.):

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Mystery ‘Bright Spots’ On Asteroid Ceres Are Changing! 3-17-16

UFO Missionaries Extraordinary – Segments from the book written by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger in 1976 from interviews with TI and DO in their early awakening stages from 1974 to 1976. It includes a document written by TI and DO entitled, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time” that describes what TI and DO referred to then as “7 Major Helps” when their membership was close to the earth, where: 1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6= Bo and Peep  (Do and TI) in the task of the Two Witnesses and finally 7= Starting with what I believe was Do’s acknowledgment of his past incarnation in the vehicle named Jesus that ends the Judgment “Hour” (approx. 40 year period) with his return with his Armada of graduated Elder Students (Saints/Angels) all in their Next Level vehicles and spacecrafts.

The Transfiguration Diet, by littlegreen inc.’s think tank published in 1986. This link is only a report about the use of the Books program but may become filled with excerpts or even the entire volume sometime down the road. Do and Crew described it as an 11 year effort and a “gift from space” but said nothing about TI and DO in it. They wrote that it was “An Extraordinarily advanced “turnaround” concept regarding man and food – health! or disease!

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers” was written by Do and the Class in 1979 and never officially published but was made into a little booklet we ended up storing and carrying around in boxes (maybe a hundred copies or so) for years. We never used them for anything I was aware of. I don’t know what became of them.

Return of Next Level Older Members and Crew Time Line

How misinformation slips in after the Reps have left their incarnations:
Note: I have no affiliation with the:Heaven’s Gate Web Site

As of this writing I believe the HeavensGate.com website still provides the written materials Do and Crew left behind, with only slight additions by it’s Webmasters to show materials they are offering for sale that includes the Groups paperback book, we often call “The Purple Book” these Webmasters had printed. Most of these materials are available on my blog.

I don’t generally direct anyone to the Web Site for information because I can provide it all to them and because the Webmasters, if contacted can not be counted on to give someone accurate information about TI and DO anymore as they have changed TI and DO’s teachings to have a spiritual bent and have given out inaccurate information. I hope they can change, as we all can when we realize when we’ve made mistakes. Here is a little synopsis of how this took shape:

I do know the Webmasters as they were former classmates who were instructed to leave the Classroom in 1987 until such time that they wanted to live by Do’s instructions, surrounding the lesson that was called, “I could be wrong,” which was designed to shift confidence away from self and to TI and DO. In general that lesson was simple. Whenever we going to say something as a fact, or make a decision, since we were all committed to becoming 100% like Minded to TI and DO’s Mind, we needed to realize that our judgment could be wrong. These two didn’t want to abide by that lesson step so after some weeks were asked to leave. I was there when we each stated to them the conditions of their return. However, Do and Crew stayed in touch with them as they also wanted and offered them service in 1994 when the groups went on the road public again. They provided a little base to a group or two while in their travels and perhaps more than that. My group wasn’t one of those. That effort ended by September of 1994 and Do and Crew continued to stay in touch thereafter and sometime close to when the group intended to lay their human bodies down they offered these two the task of handling the Group’s accounting and certain legalities, though without letting on to the exit plan.

At exit time the Group sent different former members of the group different sets of master Beyond Human tapes and Exit Videos and instructions on how to handle the web site they had constructed and posted for about a year, where they posted the contents of Their Book. Do and Crew wrote letters to them and to a former classmember named Rkkody. Rkkody was a computer technician and programmer so making last minute changes to the web site was given to him and stated in the letters but they received the information and authority and some funds to manage the site.

These webmasters were also sent with their letters keys and/or combinations to a few storage rooms. One had a small truck in it. Another had various things but it was reported to me by Carlan (Crlody), who joined in 1994 and left soon thereafter, but who worked with Rkkody some that Rkkody told him the tape boxes were stacked up in the front of the storage room. There were some 484 tapes that were recordings TI and DO had us make of their “classroom” meetings. It was suggested in the webmasters letter that if they preferred they could ask Rkkody and another former member Oscody to handle going to the storage room to retrieve those things before authorities would get them so that’s what was done. These webmasters turned over all their letters and keys to Rkkody, apparently surprised by their Exit. Carlan sent me the letters. Rkkody and Oscody picked up the tapes and Rkkody began to copy them and digitize them into cd’s he started mailing to universities and libraries and anyone who wanted them. The webmasters changed their mind and asked for the tapes and Rkkody returned them to them but kept his copies and digitized versions. The webmasters started legal proceedings against Rkkody and threatened those that received cd’s with a lawsuit if they didn’t return them.

Rkkody felt he had no service to TI and DO left to do, so he exited his vehicle. Oscody did also a short time later. Before Rkkody left he spoke to me a number of times and also sent me one of the cd’s with the 218 audio tapes on it. Three of them are linked to below in section: VI.C.

A battle ensued between those who felt the intention was to disseminate all the tapes (to include some potential new believers) and the Webmasters moreorless led by Carlan but that I became a part of. I later determined that though I didn’t agree with not providing the tapes, it was left to the Webmasters to decide and that I trusted that we have all the information we needed to follow through with “Standing for TI and DO” by spreading their information to whoever wanted it.

The Webmasters went on to give interviews to different internet news sites and when I would find them, I would find discrepancies in what happened, like the reason for their departure from the class, and points of view that are juxtaposed from what TI and DO taught or even the opposite and I would make comments and post to my blog various critiques of what they said to the reporters/bloggers.

Because of that and calling them liars for misrepresenting TI and DO, for instance by saying things like, “There is no Heaven and no Hell” and many other things, I don’t communicate with them any longer. They have copyrighted the BOOK and Tapes and I don’t trust that they wouldn’t try to stop the distribution of my book if I used any of those materials. Thus I reworded everything and 99% is actually from my personal experience that I can bring proof to.  For instance I was one of Do’s “helpers” on 4 episodes of the Beyond Human video Tape series.

Here is some of the evidence of the content of the letters:
Excerpts from Do and Crews letters to HeavensGate.com web site Webmasters re: audio tape handling

Here are those articles documenting interviews to what these two webmasters said:
Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with upvoted.com

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with Gizmodo.com

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with thenextweb.com

Sawyers critique of thefanzine.com interview with Heaven’s Gate Webmasters that also describes how Neo was in some ways of the same mind with Mrc and Srf (the webmasters):

Sawyer’s response to Motherboard.vice.com interview with Heaven’s Gate website webmasters

Evidence of the geographic area where the Two Witnesses come is linked to Egypt as shown in Rev 11:8:

Egyptians In America

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