TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section III.A&B. The Time Line That Reveals The Return


The preparation for the Return of the Older Members and Crew from the Evolutionary Level Above Human (Kingdom of God/Heaven), the NEXT LEVEL, has been in affect from the start of their latest experiment approximately 5975 years ago as depicted by the Moses time line in Genesis, starting with the Adam and Eve account. (This was not the first human civilization on Earth, which the creation portion skips past except to say there were man-faced beings male and female created before Adam and Eve).

Of course the Next Level Kingdom’s Membership have been designing and developing, thus preparing civilizations on planets for longer than humans can begin to calculate, so PREPARATION here refers to what began after the second trimester classroom administered and managed by the Ones called The Father, Jesus and their Crew.

As already described Jesus knew he and his Father’s Kingdom would be given to a new people and territory, so they saw to it that humans would venture out to find the America’s, settle there and draw millions to it’s shores. That is the “regeneration” Jesus spoke of. It’s a regeneration of CONTAINERS – the human vehicles the returning Souls who were to complete their graduation/birth requirements would have to take over that would become their chrysalis for their metamorphosis of the content of their mind/spirit from the human evolutionary condition to the filling of their new container (Soul pocket), gifted thirsty human vehicles with the new Above Human (holy) Mind/Spirit from the Older Members from that Next Level.


Rev 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified ((4592 semeion= an indication, mark, token, miracle, sign, wonder)) it by his angel unto his servant John:

Jesus referred to his Father as God. God, in Greek “Theos” is a general name for Deity and is actually the condition of a being that is evolutionarily (not Darwinian evolution) Above Human Being, even though among them there are Older and Younger Members, aka one’s Heavenly Father when they are not incarnate to where Older indicates they have become a parent (Father) to new members of the Next Level. In the Next Level’s time frame, the Return was to come to pass, “shortly” after these revealings were given. The revealings are given via token marking signs that leave one wondering to experience. I believe these are mostly in the form of unusual comets that can be seen by the naked eye by most on the planet for an extended period but are not limited to such while are set apart from the kinds of ways the Luciferian space aliens produce facsimile staging of events as in many UFO sightings and abduction cases, the Next Level has no reason to do but allows to show the difference as people seek to understand and consider these realities among them.

Rev 1:2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony ((3141 marturia, from 3144 martus= giving one’s life in witness, report, record, evidence)) of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

This is another consistency with the task of the Two Witnesses where the word Witness in Rev 11:3 is from the same Greek word, “marturia.” All Members of the Next Level who come incarnate – taking over a human vehicle do so expecting to give the life of that vehicle as part of the task. Even so, it doesn’t make it easy as when they come in Soul form and enter into the vehicle in a staged way to not overwhelm the vehicle’s brain/mind they feel everything the vehicle feels and the vehicle does not easily come to terms with being harmed and killed. But once the Mind from the Next Level member has sufficiently entered into the vehicle, the vehicle has sided with that Next Level Mind. It is under the control of the Next Level Mind. TI and DO taught that the human vehicle was designed to be driven like an automobile to where the driver is the Soul, whether that Soul was a first time Soul given to that vehicle or a returning Soul. TI and DO called overcoming a “process” of getting Next Level mind as provided by the most recent Older Member into the human vehicle and in this way that vehicle becomes like one’s horse, a living mammal that can even come to enjoy being of service to one they recognize as their master, the Mind from the Level Above Human.

Rev 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

The time is at hand every time an Older Member from the Next Level has come incarnate and extends to after they have exited that incarnation. As Jesus indicated all those who came from the Next Level had their vehicle’s taken by the Next Level, which is part of why TI and DO felt Moses was taken, it was simply not part of the plan for anyone to witness it where as Elijah one was allowed to witness his being “taken” by the “whirlwind,” a way of covering the spacecraft inside.

Rev 1:4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;
Rev 1:5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,
Rev 1:6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

Jesus was first born of the dead because he overcame the world, (worldliness, the behaviors and ways of he human kingdom, attachment to his vehicle’s family roots) and laid down his life on his Father’s instruction for the sake of his student body, showing them proof that doing so yielded a new living physical body with none of the limitations of a human body. He had become a butterfly and could literally fly (See the miracle of walking on water and rising up to the spacecraft at his exit, both of which occurred AFTER he rose from the dead). All humans who don’t begin their graft to his branch of his family tree are still in a dead condition as neither their Spirit, Soul or Body would enter the world of the living. So yes, he washed (baptized) them of water (by overcoming the human kingdom’s ways subordinate to the flesh) and by fire in their self sacrifice of their own physical body by taking on their assigned task of disseminating his information that the religious Jews and others at that time hated to hear about as they feared loss of their own constituency that often included their own family members so justified killing them off. Thus it was by Jesus choice to have his blood spilled that made him their example, but then the Luciferians came in at his exit and through Paul of Tarsus changed the requirement of self sacrifice into “he did it for you, because he loved you so much, so you didn’t have to do as he did,” an outright lie that became the basis of today’s Christianity.

Jesus’ students that abode in his “love” (showing this same love he showed to them that he had for his Older Member and for them whom he called his friends that he was willing to lay down his body for), as Jesus said was the “greatest show of love” one could show for another, became their advancement into their new Next Level family, making them in comparison to even the greatest human as Jesus illustrated would be the case, Kings and Priests – to further serve in the temple (on Earth where the Older Member and Crew incarnate to perform their task) to be born again in flesh (incarnate) to then be born again in spirit – baptized by the fire of once again laying down their physical body for him, the finale of that incarnation but also entails squelching the flames of sensuality according to the degree given by the incarnate Older Member that are not actually limited. In other words, Jesus taught that one would be required to restrain all their sensuality/sexuality upon their return in the regeneration of their genetic strain they as Souls would return to occupy, though they didn’t have to wait to embrace that lesson step. This is why Jesus said that even “making oneself a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake” was “for those who can receive it.”

Rev 1:7 Behold ((2400 idou= lo, see)), (he) cometh ((2064 erchomai= to come or go, appear, FALL OUT, X LIGHT, be set, accompany, bring)) with ((3326 meta= after, behind, among, hereafter, after these things)) clouds ((3507 nephele from 3509 nephos= cloudiness, (but from the Hebrew “a covering”))); and every ((all (manner of, means), whosoever)), eye ((eye sight)) shall see ((see something remarkable)) him: and all kindreds ((5443 phule= tribes (descendents from twelve tribes of Jacob (Israel)), nation, people)) of the earth shall wail ((2875 kopto= to “chop,” cut (off, from), strike, smite, mourn, grieve)) because ((1909 epi= about (the times))) (of) him. Even so, Amen.

As with most all prophecy there are a number of degrees of accuracy to many terms often including several of the translation options. In this case some of the combined options related to:

– “Behold cometh with clouds” – people being given an alert “lo” to “see.” We see many of these alerts, as with the “Seven Angels soundings of trumpets” and various voices (disclosures) of information said as “thunders” (roars) and Signs in the Sun, Moon, (planets and stars) and that more traumatic medicine in he Seven Angles pouring out their vials that are plagues/calamities that actually come most upon those who do not give their allegiance to the BEAST (Governments and institutions that make up the establishment with their secretive agenda that came from dealing with the Space Alien presence among us) or IMAGE (Mental Idols – Spirituality and Religiosity that raises some to equate SELF with godliness and even to the worship of an actual Hologram like Fatima as God).

What people will be alerted to is his “FALLING OUT LIGHTING APPEARANCE from behind, among or even AFTER the example the Kingdom of God has given as with the cover of clouds, even seen as a LIGHT both literal as with some of the UFO crashes reported where there were observations by a number of witnesses to a “falling star” or “object appearing in distress,” even being pursued by government jets doing various zig zagged maneuvers as if to make it obvious this object is intelligently directed and/or trying to get attention to be sure they are seen.

One can investigate the Laredo, Texas UFO Crash for this example I’ve just described. The light can be literal light or figuratively speaking could be the form of the surge of awareness these so called UFO crashes stimulate among the population that some begin to relate to the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

He “appears” and is “accompanied,” since we know that it’s never just one returning as all members of the Next Level work in teams even though only one Older Member may be incarnate at any given time.

However, HE is still not appearing in an observable way, that is in terms anyone’s literal eyesight could discern. People will have to identify him by the recognition of his Mind, his thoughts, behaviors and ways, which will only be expressed when he comes public. Not coming in a visually observable way further substantiates his coming only seen through a covering. Like Jesus said, “the Kingdom does not come with observation,” it comes from “among you (within you)” (Lk 17:20-21), through a human incarnation in what TI and DO called an “undercover” operation. This is also kin to the idea of his coming “as a thief in the night” and at an unexpected time. Night as the time of darkness is synonymous with the unseen world that is populated by discarnate spirits, though a Next Level member’s Soul is actually not etheric as a discarnate, but change it’s vibrations to be invisible to humans.

The reason this method of arrival works is because the human kingdom is prepared to recognize him, which is the point to the tasks of the Seven Angels with Trumpets to begin to lay out in new thoughts, concepts, scientific discovery and beliefs about the nature of our reality. This is done well in advance to produce a gnome that can result in children that become more and more open to thinking that is natural to Next Level Members Mind. For instance, the idea that there were people on other planets, air and space travel, invisibility, use of frequencies for communications, etc. are a few.

On a social level genderless consciousness grows, as Next Level Members have no gender to their physical bodies. This really can’t seem normal as long as anyone of either gender thinks they are superior to the other gender. The same with racial, ethnic, religious, class, intellectual and health bias that people are often segregated by. Do actually said that those who were homosexual had overcome gender consciousness, though if they are still sexual have yet to overcome their sexual consciousness, another characteristic Members of the Next Level don’t have, thus the reason an aspiring member needs to learn to abort that thinking and acting out of.

TI and DO said that the entire planet is “stocked” (though they may have used a different word) with all the options a human could choose from. Perhaps they would consider these Seven Angels with trumpets an extension of that stocking program. They did talk about how the things They and the student body were thinking and doing and trying to overcoming were “sent out” as a signal that humans could tap into that can help them overcome the same things or increase their humanness or become more like the Luciferians. They said the campaign against smoking tobacco was one example. Examples can be found in the audio tapes TI and DO had us record of most all the internal classroom meetings they gave.

One way of looking at the idea that he’s COMING AFTER with clouds, again literal from among the skies could pertain to his return as depicted in Rev 16:15 and Rev 19:11+ where his spacecraft perhaps appearing as a large bright light or many lights as in an armada of spacecrafts, also depicted in Rev 19. Then every eye would see because it would be so obvious as all people followed the sight day and night. Even the blind would be told what others were seeing and what might go with it then is the signal of what they are seeing and might even relate to TI and DO.

But yet there is another way to translate “every eye shall see him,” which appears to be yet another poor translation as EVERYONE is not seeking or knocking to SEE, nor wants to examine what’s happening around the world and/or in the sky, near and outer space, so how can they all SEE.

This could equally be saying, “whoever (has) eye sight (to) see something remarkable and which pierced him… shall “chop,” cut down… their stalk, their human vehicle because everyone is put to the test of whether they will give themselves and die for (in allegiance to) the Level Above Human Older Members (TI and DO for those who heard about them), for the One True Kingdom of God (if someone hasn’t heard about TI and DO) or die for any other reason.

When Jesus gave the illustration of the virgins carrying their lamps some don’t have oil in their lamps when their bridegroom comes, so they miss out. They don’t SEE. The translation is just as accurate to say “every one has the opportunity to see” as he sees to it that the opportunity is presented many, many times but again one must look.

However, if that was meant literally then I don’t doubt the Next Level can do things so everyone will see, at least with their minds eye but then what they think about what they see is another challenge. Even if he came back in his spacecraft that looked like a comet how many people are going to say, “that’s Jesus.” Even if he put up a big sign on the Sun or in the sky or projected frequencies to all our various media outlets, even directly to all the television sets and computers and radio’s, etc. saying “here I am, I am Jesus for every eye to see,” I guarantee many would think it was a hoax or a government or illuminate trick. Many Christians who say they are looking for him have been blinded to his coming incarnate and/or cloaked or with a different vehicle or face to face verses hovering among the clouds so they will be as blind to his actual arrival as their ancestral Jewish leaders were towards the idea that Jesus was fulfilling their messianic expectations even though Moses said when asked that the returning one would be coming “just like me” – in other words face to face, incarnate. Of course most of the Jewish leaders knew that but thought that meant he would come through their priestly ranks not knowing that would be the last way he would come given they had long ago stopped abiding by what Jehovah taught through Moses and his Crew of upcoming students. So history once again repeats itself but now the religious are called Christians or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist, etc. all having the expectation of a return of a master from the Kingdom of God/Heaven, though in each of these religious institutions most have long since abandoned the core teachings of their founders, replacing them with huge dilutions filled with justifications for their behaviors and ways that keep them blinded to reality.

In 1975-76 when TI and DO had come public they were on the cover or on a story page of probably hundreds of publications; newspapers and magazines around the U.S. and Canada. The New York Times put their picture on the cover of their magazine section and that paper has huge pages so it was quite apparent to the millions of readers worldwide. Plus every network news television show posted their pictures and they were talked about for years thereafter with articles that kept coming out about them. There was a movie made called the “Mysterious Two” that was grade B at best and was full of lies and distortions but had John Forsythe in the lead role as Bo (Do).

But when it says the “kindreds of the Earth shall wail,” it no doubt occurred both in 1975-76 and when they exited by laying down their lives in March of 1997 as in both times relatives of those who had joined and had disappeared to follow them were significantly upset. And that is still somewhat the case today when someone writes an article about the Heaven’s Gate group “suicides.” Yet, most Christian leaders did all they could to not talk about it with their congregations or just call it a new age cult that was led by Satan even though their exit was accompanied by the “lightning” (star like lighting) from east to west, as prophesied, in the perihelion of the biggest and brightest comet in history that also had a companion object photographed with it, called Hale-Bopp, coincidentally like saying “Hail Bo Peep,” the names TI and DO first used when they came before the public in 1975.

And yet the final way it seems “every or all and/or any manner of eyes” could see him after his undercover coming, who will “wail, mourn and be cut off from” him (because of their chosen judgment of who he really is and represents that will not be apparent to their eyesight and understanding of what he was supposed to be), could be reflected in the forecast prophecy to occur when He returns with his graduate New Members of the Next Level all wearing “fine linen” (fine linen was a kings clothing as opposed other fabrics and even burlap (sackcloth) for those that are not royalty) all riding “white horses” which is the depiction of their bright light appearing spacecrafts. TI and DO called our automobiles horses sometimes. For instance whenever a car was in the shop for repairs they would say it was in the “horsepistal.” And we would sometimes name our cars using colors such as, “blue van” and “green van.”

This last coming is NOT incarnate. It is his returning in “power and glory” with his Crew of new graduates to separate the sheep from the goats that includes the removal of the “tares,” the look alike wheat planted by the enemy, the Luciferian space aliens that leave the wheat to “inherit the Earth” as Jesus said would be accomplished by the “meek,” the kind, gentle and peaceful humans while those who recognize him bring his information to the public again that will be part of what the Luciferian space aliens hate to see so will mount an attack against. Thus he is once again coming as a thief in the final battle of Armageddon, which as always is a battle for Souls but as will be shown seems to also indicate the Manzano and/or Magdalena area in New Mexico. TI and DO said the Luciferians can not make a Soul yet a Soul is what a human being is given that enables the expansion of their minds (in a Next Level fashion) in the receipt of Next Level information that is seen as valuable to the Luciferians as if they can turn a Soul into their disciple they have another that is like themselves and their physical vehicle also becomes of great value to them for their genetic engineering projects and to be diplomats to other humans as we see with the growing number of contactees and UFO religions like the Raelians. These are humans who are being tricked into worshiping the space aliens and they are not alone. Groups are cropping up all over and have been since the 1940’s and 1950’s which is when the Next Level sent it’s members to “fall out” of the literal sky/heaven into human environments, sacrificing their physical bodies once again to finish their overcoming to receive a seat on board a Next Level spacecraft crew with a new adult Next Level body.

Rev 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,
Rev 1:11 Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.
Rev 1:12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;
Rev 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like (unto the) Son of man, clothed with a garment ((1746 enduo from en 1722 and duno 1416= sense of sinking into a garment, to invest with clothing, array, endue, have (put) on)) (down to the) foot ((4158 poderes from pous 4228= footstool)), and girt ((4024 perizonnumi from peri 4012 and zonnumi 2224; to gird all around, to fasten on one’s belt, gird (about, self))) about the paps ((3149 mastos from the base of 3145 massaomai from a primary masso (to handle or squeeze), to chew, consume, eat, devour; the breast, nipples of a man, women)) with a golden ((5552 chruseos from chrusos 5557= through the idea of utility of metal) made of gold, golden)) girdle ((2223 zone probably akin to base of 2218 zugos from the root of zeugnumi (to join, especially by a “yoke”), metaph., used of any burden or bondage, as that of slavery, a balance, pair of scales, a belt, a pocket, purse)).

John saying he is in the spirit is a dream state as the Next Level doesn’t do channeling or psychic communications because those are what TI and DO called “tricks” they said the “lower forces” use, but they do use dreams as preparation for the next day’s lessons, in this case the start of his assigned writing task. To John, it sounds like a trumpet yet he thinks of it as a voice and he understands what it is saying as it’s a mind to mind communicative form the way TI and DO said members of the Next Level communicate. In their environment and I guess in dreams they don’t use vocal chords though TI and DO felt there were some that had vehicles that still had vocal chords. I suspect the vehicles that had vocal chords were what Do called “domestics.” TI had left her vehicle by the time he started talking about domestics.

Domestics would be the Souls who had not yet graduated to receive an adult Next Level body. They in a sense are still Next Level Members because to receive a domestic styled body still requires, at least at this time, through my understanding of the scriptural records, giving one’s life to the Older Member and the tasks they provide. Do called them domestics I believe because they were assigned in his terminology, “elementary tasks.” In other words as they have vehicles that are more human like, I believe Do indicated they could be used for service directly relating to humans where an adult Next Level vehicle could not function very well or as long in a human decaying environment.

TI and DO said Next Level members could perform tasks on the surface of the planet as needed. Taking soil samples was one example they gave, but they also felt like some of the reports of humans seeing or having interface with individuals who were dressed in a strange way and who they got a strange sense of, that had nothing to do with a UFO or other supernatural like situation, could have been Next Level members. TI and DO spoke about how they might have clothing they would dress up in so they could blend in among humans. Like one account I believe TI and DO mentioned was a report of someone stopping to pick someone up hitchhiking who was wearing out of date clothing and said things that were considered very unusual and made a deep impression on the person that this was not an ordinary person.

TI and DO also said that some upon getting to the Next Level might still have the capacity to eat and might even have nutrition in the form of a pill or by spending time under some kind of light. For a short time, TI and DO set up a couple stools and had us make a see through circular curtain around the stool and put a grow light over the stool and we had the instruction to sit under it for a short time each day. I doubt that lasted for much more than a weeks time. I don’t recall them saying much more about it. They didn’t tend to build things up nor try to explain things in a lot of detail if they didn’t feel there was a detailed explanation. I don’t recall them ever making up examples out of thin air. And when a student would have a general question, they often asked for the specifics before giving an answer. Now with overcoming, they got into every nitty gritty detail, though over time as things came up among students.

John is seeing a being that is “LIKE SON OF MAN.” A Son of Man is a “Son of God in flesh.” It’s not clear who this is. One would assume it’s Jesus or his Father but being described with the garment and the girt of the breast area relates to some of the garments Aaron was instructed to wear to perform his high priestly duties. He wore a long robe and had a girdle and a breastplate and a type of cloak and a couple head coverings. Now we know this isn’t literal. After all the Two Witnesses come in ordinary clothing (sackcloth, what rice and beans were bagged by, that the poor made into clothing) and we know Jesus wasn’t at all into dress up. He said that even Solomon with all this kingly appearance in clothing was not arrayed as well as the grass of the field. What I suspect this is saying is that he will come wearing a physical vehicle that has a priestly background.

Do’s vehicle’s human dad was a Presbyterian Minister. He actually was somewhat of a traveling minister as he set up new church groups wherever the Presby leadership sent him in Texas. Do’s vehicle in his early adult years sought to follow in those footsteps. He went to seminary but told the student body he soon dropped out because they were not open minded enough for him. According to reports he remained a member of a Church in the Houston area close to when he met TI’s vehicle. For years he worked at the University of St. Thomas in Houston as a director or music. Shortly before he met TI he had ceased being sexual though not for the Kingdom of God/Heaven, at least consciously. After meeting TI and beginning to awaken by her initiative he remained completely non-sexual though I know his vehicle didn’t stop trying to engage it’s sexual habits.

Since this is presenting his arrival it would be accurate to say he had “girt his loins” and breasts which also was a way of saying his heart was also restrained from giving love and affection to anyone but his Heavenly Father who he came to know was TI. But by saying the paps were girt and girt being in the perfect tense meaning it referred to an action completed in the past once and for all so not needing to be repeated. So this seems to be saying this individual had overcome human procreation as breasts relate to what the young feed/consume from in their early development. I imagine this could include this individual having overcome any relationship his vehicle had with the children he had fathered into the world before he had awakened, though they were not that young when he awakened and he had been divorced from his vehicle’s wife for a number of years before awakening and their children lived with their mother. His vehicle had become homosexual. I don’t know if that had something to do with their divorce. Everything he got into in the human kingdom can be seen as a help to all his students who had been into the same kinds of things, as the overcoming of humanness means getting out of all we get into, reversing all human desires, behaviors and ways and then replacing them with only Next Level desires, thinking, behaviors and ways. It is that effort to change that builds a Mind into one that can be born into a Next Level physical vehicle. I suspect the “twinkling of an eye” Paul talked about was how fast the actual birth is, though getting up to the birth takes quite some time and energy.

Here Daniel indicates the FALLING OUT as well, though it’s translated as being “cast down” as if they on the thrones are the “fallen angels” that were in fact thrown down and out of the heavenly abodes they temporarily occupied for a while. This becomes apparent in Dan 7:10.

Dan 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down ((7412 rmah corresponding to ramah= to hurl, throw, set)) and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.

Further alignment of Daniels end time prophecies with John’s Revelations show some defining characteristics of the one called the Ancient of Days.

Rev 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
Rev 1:15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

This description matches Do because Do’s vehicle’s hair was quite white when his vehicle was in it’s early 40’s when he and TI first began to give public meetings in 1975.

Saying wheels as burning fire is quite close to “feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace”

Often I translate “voice” in these prophecies as “disclosure” though that is actually related to “speech” so it’s the expression of sound as the word. But in this case, since his voice is being described as having sound, which is the same Greek word used and then to many waters where water is almost always referring to human beings, it seems this is depicting that he’s literally got a great singing voice. Of course I would say that as he was a Baritone lead singer in many Operas for the Houston Grand Opera and taught voice and led large choral groups and was a pianist as well. I’ve never read that about his piano playing but one time in Amarillo, Texas when TI had us start to sing with him leading us, he played a few bars on the piano and it sounded like a deep, serious classical composer piece. He led the classroom singing Christmas Carols like his favorite, “Lo how a rose.” Some others were, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” “Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel,” “Silent Night.” We sang in 4 part harmonies and we sang for TI. Mllody played piano as accompaniment. Tllody had to eventually sit out as he couldn’t hold a tune. Tllody got his name because he was 6′ 5″ tall, the same size as Lggody.

Dan 10:6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in color to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

My research on brass shows this reference is actually referring to copper as brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that only came about in the 13th century. I don’t know if that is a fact. However, there was a time in the Moses camp where people were speaking against Elohim (God) and Moses because they had no bread nor water and they had come to hate the manna (light bread). So the Lord sent them “firey serpents.” The fire was from the burning effect of their poison. Many got bit and died so the people said they had sinned and asked for forgiveness so the Lord told Moses to make a serpent out of brass and put it on a pole saying if anyone got bit, if they looked upon and showed regard for the “brazen Serpent” they would live.

Jesus spoke this serpent on the pole and related it to his needing to be lifted up on the cross so that those who looked upon him and believed in him could be saved from perishing and have eternal life.

Brass/Copper is also referred to as representing strength and also lust so strength from conquering lust, what to the Next Level is filthiness as it’s mammalian behavior they have evolved beyond. I believe TI indicated at one time that Do was the same Soul who started the experiment in this civilization as Adam. If that is the case and Adam fell because of allowing himself to be influenced by his partner, Eve to eat what they were not supposed to eat – just that simple, whether it was an apple or not, then his giving his life was atoning for his own missing of the mark at that time. It was like putting the serpent on the stick to put him on the tree as he represented giving into the serpent. Do’s vehicle was last named AppleWhite, yet another of the many types of prophecy fulfillment as it’s like his vehicle represents his original “sin” (missing of the mark) that he needed to correct by making his vehicle pure (white).

Do was very straight with the student body that before he was awakened by TI he had led a very sensuous life. He had a lot of “force” as he put it. Yet he found himself dissatisfied with relationships that didn’t involve a commitment. He expressed this about his seeking that kind of committed relationship with another man. Rob Balch, the lead psychologist who as a young man infiltrated Bo and Peeps group in 1975 to do his term paper on them, believes Do’s feeling troubled about his sexuality was what caused him to lead the group to suicide. That’s the only explanation he can find as nothing else makes sense to him knowing the group as well as he does and how they don’t fit any of the other cult models, that is, should he study it, the Jesus cult and the Moses cult. So yes, Marshall Applewhite was troubled with his relationships and perhaps his attraction to men but there is a ton of evidence that he overcame it all.

There were a lot of dropouts from TI and DO’s group over 22 years to include those who TI and DO turned away from staying with them. I would guess the number would be at least a hundred and none of them have any stories that show one iota of hypocrisy in TI and DO’s behavior and ways. One complaint was that they didn’t provide enough dental care. (However, I got a lot of dental care and most of it wasn’t on an insurance plan). Another complaint was that they had too many rules and that they were insignificant rules. For instance, the direction in which a male would run the razor over their face became a “procedure” for shaving, so going in a different direction was breaking procedure and knowingly breaking a procedure was considered a serious offense and one could be asked to leave the classroom because of that choice. The way many of these kinds of procedures would come about was through students asking questions of TI and DO, or by the surfacing of a problem that TI and DO provided a solution to, and/or when TI and DO wanted something done a certain way.

For example, following recipes for the making of “fuel” (food) to consume (eat) became procedures to follow and TI and DO had us treat fuel preparation as an experiment as if we were in a lab and the task was life and death to follow exactly because then when we got on board a spacecraft in a Next Level crew, we would have the same kind of mental discipline to follow instructions we had while making bread or scrambled eggs. So on Earth all things were tools to learn to have focus and pay attention to detail, be responsible and how to work with a partner. In the course of doing all these things which included using certain terminology there was inevitable friction at times between partners and in crews, thus there were constant challenges to not respond in human ways with anger or emotions or making noise or gossiping or many other characteristics that are common to most in the human kingdom.

Now if we had a procedure and it caused someone a problem then there was recourse. One could write a note to Links, the title TI and DO used for their partnership as they considered themselves links in the chain of Mind that goes from Member to Member up to the Chief of Chiefs, the Oldest Member. TI and DO said we would understand more about where that individual came from when we got to be a member in the Next Level. They said the human brain isn’t capable of understanding it and I can testify to that. If the individual had a problem shaving in the direction the procedure stated, then he should have written a note and perhaps the procedure would have changed for him and/or for everyone. There were many, many changes.

So my point is that in most all human organizations, you will find people who disengage having something to say that they didn’t like or wasn’t fair, etc. and in the many examples over the years we have seen that with spiritual or religious organizations the things that most all leaders are accused of and that there is often a great deal of evidence surrounds, sex and/or money and/or power and/or violence and/or deceit and/or cruelty and/or meanness and/or demanding and/or abusiveness and/or you name it yet, TI and DO’s dropouts have none of this to say about them except that students could not be with them and continue with their human relationships and behavior and ways but they could leave at any time and did and were even helped to leave. I was given $600.00 and a plane ticket to where I wanted to go and I left the day after I said I wanted to leave.

So, I say that having “fine or polished” brass legs/feet is saying that they have have worked very hard to make their vehicle into a very strong but still flexible valuable tool for their Older Member and that it came by overcoming all their human behaviors and ways that are all equated with being dirty to the Next Level. Now, not everything we humans do is dirty because there are many of the Next Levels characteristics that came about because the Next Level has been helping us instill their behaviors and ways over our otherwise mammalian behaviors and ways. Cleanliness, consideration of others, gentleness, kindness, compassion, helpfulness, carefulness, thoroughness, keenness, selflessness, cooperation, thoughtfulness, quickness, smoothness, quietness, fun loving, silliness, playfulness, honesty, giving, sharing, conservation, loyalty, humorous, positive, take the higher side, changeable, compromising, forgiving, generous, etc. However in each of these they can be applied in ways that reverse seeing them as Next Level based. For instance even those that act in troublesome evil ways towards some act kind and gentle to their own, as Jesus indicated. I just listed many of the characteristics TI and DO portrayed and taught and they are not in any order.

In the verses regarding their hair; Next Level Members don’t have hair so this is an Older Member in a human vehicle he is being shown as the parts that are to be more literally interpreted are compared with other literal things we can relate to; wool and snow, both of which are literally white in this context.

Dan 7:13 I saw in the night visions ((2376 chezev from 2370 ‘chaza= a sight, look and 2370 chaza’=to gaze, to mentally dream)), and, behold, one like the Son of man came ((1934 hava’= to exist, be, become, cleave, labour, walk)) with ((5974 `im= by, from)) the clouds ((6050 `anan= cloud covering)) of heaven, and came ((4291 mta’ corresponding to 4672 `matsa= to meet, serve, present, ready)) to ((5704 `ad= for)) the Ancient ((6267 attiyq from ‘athaq 6275= of days ((3118 yowm= time)), (and they brought him) near ((7127 qreb= a approach, come (near, nigh), draw near)) before ((6925 qodam= the front, aforetime (him).

So Daniel received his prophecy via dreaming just as John. He also is seeing someone he is saying is “like the Son of Man” but this was long before Jesus. In other words, the one he is seeing looks like an “offspring of mankind (human),” which is also described as a “red or ruddy (blood in face) being,” the meaning of the Hebrew “adom.”

Rev 1:16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength

What an Older Member has in their right hand is one of his students. They become “stars” when, in this latest experiment graduate their Second Trimester that included proof of the truth about everything the Older Member said and did. They become “sons” and I don’t think it’s coincidence that “son” is so similar in size, spelling, sound and meaning because the Next Level literally gives them their “light” which is why Christing, TI and DO’s metamorphosis meant working (suffering as the Buddha taught) to overcome all our desires in attachments and desires of all kinds from the building of self into something we and others see as special, to adding stature to ourselves by financial successes, relative to that human kingdom and all that goes with that to include philanthropy, humanitarianism, environmentalism, social justice. It is true that these efforts are of great value to the human kingdom as the way they provide us with the choice of who to serve. But serving the natural world can also be a stumbling block in the way of following an incarnate Older Member from the Next Level when they have come public, during the incarnation and/or in the decades to follow their exit. The degree of our following is up to us. We can simply ask for baby steps, trusting them. I watched this happen in returning to service that keeps on increasing as I ask for help which they always provide us with the recognition of, though it’s a sublte voice or feeling of knowing we are on track in a certain area. The end result will be on their track with everything about us. Again that we sculpted one step at a time. Believe alone is a step in that direction but we can also be deluded in belief, which we see all around us by most of the religious hierarchy to include all the foot-soldiers throughout the world.

The two edged sword is first the cutting of attachments in all forms to include family ties, relationships, activities, careers, forms of entertainment, sexuality, responsibilities and possessions. The second edge is when he says it’s time to leave and you must give your human life in his service to graduate that second and then would be repeated in the third trimester. This second edge is depicted as a harvest in Rev 14.

In the next three verses he identifies himself with Jesus and gives John the instruction to write of all his experience physically with Jesus, the way things are at the time of this prophecy which one can see chapter Two and Three.

Rev 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.

Before this He give the criteria of keeping all his sayings toward the needed goal of overcoming their humanness to reap the reward of eternal life in his kingdom. To the human kingdom it looks fanatical and unbalanced, even to the religious of the human kingdom.

Rev 2:26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

These will have to TRY to keep WORKING – doing all the good works Jesus specified. Failure is to not continuing to try even in the face of failure with any aspect.

Rev 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.

Iron is the strongest metal. It has the least pliability. The Rule is standard he sets and instructs of his Overcomer student body to take note of for each Soul on Earth that seeks closeness in whatever terms and language from whatever nation or race or gender or age or past activities, (sins= missing of the mark). I believe this is referring to the time after their graduation thus post their incarnations but are what Jesus depicted as when:

Mat 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

Jesus had said before this not to remove the “tares” because of how it could disrupt their “wheat/corn” fruit harvest. Things that offend are human vehicles that have no active mind from the Next Level evidenced in them and are therefore weeds removed to allow for the second fruit harvest of the righteous to shine.

Mat 13:42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Casting into the furnace of fire doesn’t take place until all is done. When these vehicles die, which is what happens by their being “gathered out,” their spirits are simply not taken to a “safe” from “second death” area, so when it’s recycle time they will be included in it.

Mat 13:43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

I suspect this is referring to those who Jesus referred to as the .”..meek who shall inherit the Earth,” indicating that some survive the recycling and because they have not yet overcome their human condition will inherit another chance by their spirits being brought back to interface with new human vehicles that would arise. One could surmise that Noah’s family was an example of some who inherited the reconditioned Earth and Earth also means “human kingdom.”


John describes being taken up in spirit and shown a “throne,” a vessel (spacecraft as they don’t just float around in space – they have “chariots”). And he sees “one sitting on the throne.” This is an Older Member, though after the first fruit harvest/graduation the graduates also are promoted to a throne position. This is why they are not only Kings relative to even the greatest human as Jesus said but also sit in judgment of humans working on their Older Members instructions as to the criteria, as they are then returning (not incarnate) to sort the sheep from the goats, also said as removing the “tares” from the wheat field the Next Level planted on Earth. Speaking of these graduates they are depicted as being four and twenty who are “All around” that throne and who have “seats,” meaning task assignments (positions) on what seems to be one of four crews working for the Older Members. These 24 all have physical bodies (“clothed in white raiment”) as they had by then, before final graduation, conquered their humanness enough to receive “crowns of gold.” Being incarnate (taking over human vehicles) with their Older Member, giving up everything to follow him and abide by all he teaches to the degree of taking on the task of delivering his information to a largely hostile audience and losing one’s physical vehicle because of, is the criteria for receiving what is depicted as a “crown” in both a “seat” and a new physical body. These are “around” the throne which is different than being among those on the throne.

The Throne, what TI and DO called “headquarters” as they hardly ever used Biblical words though certainly talked about all Jesus said and reflected on parts of the Old Testament as well, was where they said they were from. It was their “department.” There are other departments and they said they weren’t given specifics about what other departments were doing, though they sometimes felt they got clues. The Throne sends out the SIGNS or MARKS, the events that prepare and help humans to believe in them in the form of “lighted objects” like comets, fireballs, meteors, asteroids. And they cause “thunderings” also translated to “roars” as related to a Lions show of strength and authority and power. With thunders they send out “voices” which are “disclosures of information/knowledge, concepts, philosophies, understandings, clues, suggestions, new updated behaviors, ways, terminologies, standards, concerns, etc. Disclosures are done with thoughts that humans put into words or words when they are incarnate to speak to humans face to face. Headquarters also sends out their crews designed as “Seven Lamps of Fire” which are the “Seven Spirits of God.”

In the presence of the Throne is a “sea of glass” compared to “crystal.” The sea is water. There were two kinds of water according to Jesus. There was water to literally drink and bathe in and there was his “living water” that is the only water the quenches the thirst of a Soul seeking to grow, one who is “thirsty.” When one drinks this second kind of water it makes one “clear” making their body like a crystal that is like a lens that can shine one’s light in all directions to assist others in coming closer to their Older Members. The human kingdom is equated with “water” as a human baby is born of water. Jesus told his disciples to be born of Spirit they would first need to be once again, born of water, which means born of flesh which means their Souls would need to come back to incarnate (take over) a new human physical body prepared specifically for them. By returning they would enter a classroom with him to complete their overcoming of their remaining humanness and further graft to him as their “Father” who would then midwife them through their spirit birth canal.

In the middle or among the Older Members serving in/for Headquarters are “Four Living Beings,” (wrongly translated to Beasts in King James version of the Bible and many others that followed suit). These appear to already be Members of the Next Level as to say they are “living” is in Jesus/Father’s definition no longer subject to temporary cyclic life of a plant, as humans were compared by Jesus and Peter as trees and grass. Death according to Jesus was not aligning with the current Older Member from the Next Level when we have the chance as then when we lose our flesh body we will not have got our name in Their book of life so they would have no reason to take one’s Soul or Spirit to a safe place until it’s time to return for a new lesson step towards graduation. These Four are said to be “full of eyes” before and behind and this is directly related to Eze 10.

Rev 4:10 The four and twenty elders fall down ((4098 pipto= though the idea of alighting, to descend from a higher place to a lower)) before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying,

Alighting is defined as the the way a bird descends from the air and settles. However pipto is also translated at times to “fall down” and “fail” and “fall.” Thus this looks a lot like the way at least three of the UFO – spacecrafts were observed to gradually zig zag closer to Earth to crash in 1897 in Aurora, Texas and then in the 1940’s and 1950’s near Laredo, Texas and near Roswell, New Mexico and near Aztec, New Mexico. They were not crashes that dove head first. They were seen by a number of people before they actually crashed.

These four and twenty by participating in this task to complete their overcoming must give their life in another self sacrifice. It’s always important to realize a Soul is a very real being that needs to grow to a certain stage to be born but doesn’t die at all by the death of the vehicle it came about with. A Spirit is also it’s own entity. It’s not a being. A being is someone that began to have LIFE, to Exist the definition of Jehovah as, “I exist” or “I Am” or “I Be.”

These alight down to Earth in view of (before) him that sat on the Throne and/or possibly ahead of when their Older Member alights down. Pipto is also related to “lay” as in “lay down one’s life” or going from standing to laying down. To be sure we get the picture this verse also says they “cast their crowns before the throne” saying they feel honored to do so. When they do this, they proceed to be of service as they are not dead and these verses are actually depicting what TI actually “remembered” that she called a “briefing.”

Do said the word “worship” really meant to “work for.” It’s giving one’s Older Member service. The service of an overcomer is to abide by all they are taught are the requirements for the stage of growth they are engaged that is different for each trimester or group of Souls enlisting in their program, in our current case after the Older Members have left.

Since the Four Living Beings were depicted to have many eyes, here are some tasks TI and DO assigned the Classroom that seem to relate to that followed by some other lesson steps we kept adding to Song of TI and DO – their entire lesson plan note by note, so to speak.


In TI and DO’s classroom, they started a task called Eyes. I would be performed by one partnership at a time for a hour shift. TI and DO determined who would be assigned the task. They would simply stand in the area where students were mingling doing their tasks and record observations on a clipboard that was of the type TI used when her vehicle had the job as a nurse, where they would write doctors orders for the patients. We used it for the Eyes task and we had another called an IS standing for Instruction Sheets. The Eyes sheets were sent to headquarters every day. TI and DO were headquarters. One would put the Eyes report and IS pages that were copies of new instructions that were put in various “procedure book” on a clip to go to Links (TI and DO) in Central.


Central was where the entire class would take turns in a shift, a partnership at a time. Their task was to sit at a desk and they had the phones during wake hours, though at several points we had people up around the clock living/sleeping in shifts, of 2 hours up to 2 hours asleep, that changed to a minimum of 6 hours sleep to a maximum of 8 hours sleep. For quite a while we had no choice but to stay in our bunks for 8 hours each night. TI and DO felt we needed the sleep. Eventually they changed it to have optional “up time” and optional down time that had an hour span as long as you got a minimum 6 hours in one’s bunk.

We were taught to sleep with our hands above our waist to keep the vehicle from a habit of touchings one’s “plumbing” that could led to masturbation which was a breakage of instruction to allow to happen. We also were instructed to tell our vehicles at night to wake up if we were breaking an instruction. If we had a nocturnal emission that was not self stimulated it was considered “energy or force “off the top,” like a steam valve. Do said we could actually stop such emissions with our mind and I believe it could be channeled out of the body though one’s “solid waste” plumbing but I may have misunderstood that when it came up. It was also procedure to not sleep on one’s stomach and we all slept with pj’s and females had the option to sleep with their bra on or off but they wore a bra during all waking hours except for during a shower or sponge bath which we took everyday or more if we had exerted a lot of physical effort on something and we got really sweaty.


There was no reading or much of anything else one would do in the bunk except for what we would do with our minds silently. We were taught to not go to sleep at night without “going over our day” while laying in our bunk. We did that with a mind to what we could have done better. If we remembered we had a problem and we didn’t feel we handled it as best we could, if it involved another classmate, we would go to that person or persons and express what it was we felt we could have handled better without pointing out anything about another’s behavior. The sooner the better for making these types of confessions. We did have group “Slippage Meetings” where everyone (without our teachers) would sit in a big circle, though we had two circles at one point to expedite the task. Each person would say something. If they didn’t have anything to report they just said that. We had a lot of rules for the conducting of this meeting. Students who listened could ask questions and make suggestions of how someone could have handled it better. The response to their suggestions was, “thank you” as it wasn’t meant to become a discussion of the rights and wrongs of all the details of how anyone’s slippage came about and how it involved others. The one stating the slippage would also state a “remedy.” There was to be no conversation or details or even use of the term “sex.” If the nature of one’s slippage was sexual, they would simply say, they slipped in the area of sensuality and that they wrote a note to Links about it since that was a very serious slippage. One person in a meeting could volunteer to take notes on the entire meeting. They would then write it up on a report and send it to Links. This often became the basis for Links to call a meeting or create or change procedures and give more instructions.


Rev 5:6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

It appears these Seven Spirts of God, who were also described as “lamps” serve as mighty valiant helpers (horns) and observers (eyes)

Rev 5:7 And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne.

The Father (TI) is sitting on the throne at this point as it is not until Do is awakened by his Older Member (Father) TI, after they had come to Earth, that TI “births” Do to his next station serving on the Throne together with TI as a partnership and then after TI exits his incarnation so Do could finish his task of “midwifing” their student body – the returned Saints, who were with them when Do was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus and before then.

After TI left, Do set up a chair for her at meetings and he put his chair to the right of her chair. Knowing Do and having observed He and TI for many years, I don’t believe he did that because of scripture – at least not exclusively because of scripture or to be spiritually correct. If scripture played a role in his decision to place that empty chair next to his it would be the same way all scripture was in place as a type of confirmation of something they were already feeling to do. However, they did pay attention to their thoughts and feelings as they were putting things into motion, even things seemingly as small as the placement of an empty chair. I recall he said he was putting it there “in case” TI might want to use it again.

I witnessed Do’s close attention to his thoughts and feelings (feeler) as he was going about his tasks many times, for instance every time we set up a new camp while we lived outdoors on ranch lands or in the forest or in the desert as well as in the dozens of new crafts (houses) we lived in, where Do would even meticulously situate every tent or every piece of furniture – silently seeking to know what TI would choose. We often would turn a couch this way or that way until Do felt it was right. Humans might call this fung-sway but for Do it was about function and perhaps other considerations that he was in the habit of running by TI, what is natural for a Next Level Member to do. It wasn’t like he had to have it a certain way. He was not like that at all. In fact, at some points he would say for us to just set it up and then that’s the way it would be unless someone asked for him to double check it at some point. Then he would put effort into the placement. I never heard him talk to TI out loud among us. I don’t know what he did while in his personal quarters. We knew he talked to TI often with specific questions along with feeling what he thought TI might be indicating at other times. Sometimes he would say, “she wasn’t answering the phone” on this or that question so he didn’t know anymore than what he had previously understood on a topic.

In 1976 when they did the story in the New York Times their picture was on the full paper size front cover of the magazine section. In that picture Do is standing to the right side of TI (his Power), thus Do was TI’s right hand. By the way, TI never told Do who she was. Do learned it in their first year together around the clock awakening while traveling around the country and it was very difficult for both of them as they knew how crazy it all sounded yet could not deny what they were becoming aware of. But Do was dealing with exercising his mind at times when TI felt what he wanted to do was not going to yield what they hoped it might. So TI went along with Do and Do kept on finding out that TI just knew better. She didn’t have to turn over every rock of an idea to know whether it was a useful rock to turn over. Do began to see that in every way he knew TI was his elder.

Rev 5:8 And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down ((alighted)) before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

Now this is depicting that all 28 of these layed down their lives via spacecraft crashes.

Rev 5:9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

The new song is the new lesson plan and using the new terminology that helped the brain have a new perspective that didn’t stimulate old programmings. One would be surprised how most anything can be as a pointer to a memory. How many people grew up thinking of a bed as a place to have sex equal to for sleeping. If that was the case whenever someone might say, “it’s 10 minutes to bed time” or some equivalent using the word “bed” the thought could arise with a sexual thought and that can be like a trigger to memories of that sort that when allowed to exist in the brain stimulate that chemistry and when you’ve been maintaining celibacy of mind and body for years, one can become quite the sensitive time bomb to where even one thought can instantly cause arousal. And it’s always harder reversing something that has reached that stage than “nipping it in the bud” as TI and DO would say, which meant cutting that thought off even before it registered as a thought. I learned to do that. One could identify a type of thought even before it became a thought. Before that, one would hear the beginning of the thought and cut it short so the words actually don’t finish in one’s brain. Of course the stage leading up to that was to hear the thought and treat it like a mosquito – shoo it away or squash it flat. TI and DO called it “putting up a blank card” and then moving one’s mind into a more productive place instead of waiting to see if the thought comes back, as it often can try to do. Many thoughts are the result of a nearby discarnate. But one can also just pick up on thoughts another is having if it is a type of thought that interfaces with our brain well.

Thus “bed” was called a “bunk.” A fart was a “poofoofus.” Yes, Do was silly at times and most always had a positive outlook and demeanor and countenance, though we had some sad times together as well, like when TI left her vehicle. We even had some silly sessions where anyone who had something silly to say or perform would do so. By the way the procedure was to hold in a poofoofus and get to a “bath chamber” to let them out.

Rev 5:10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

These “shall” reign because first they had to finish their overcoming to qualify for a new eternal vehicle and position.

Rev 5:14 And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down ((pipto= alighted down)) and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever.

The sums up the preparation up until their physical arrival. Upon arrival TI and DO said each student was assisted by the Next Level to pick a vehicle that would serve as a match for the overcoming we still needed. TI and DO said we and they “tagged” vehicles which was a way to reserve them which meant a Next Level crew would see to it they remained safe. TI and DO said they tagged their vehicles in the 1920’s and 1930’s at their birth. Awakening is sometimes preceded by things in one’s human life falling apart. Do felt this began to happen for him around 1970. He met TI around the spring of 1972.

Rev 6 and Rev 7:

These two chapters to include Rev 8:1 begin the Opening of the seals on what was a mystery beforehand which is also the opening of the Book. The Book is the information the Father, Son and Crew are bringing to be delivered by the Father and Son together in their task of the Two Witnesses Prophecy. Rev 6:1 depicts the end of the Two Witnesses task and their first fruit harvest of all those who became students of the Two Witnesses and stayed with them in their Overcoming Program until their exit.

There is a great deal of evidence when looking at world events to substantiate the above claim but this will be shown after the Two Witnesses section is re-translated and re-interpreted since that is part of the evidence.


Rev 8:2 And I saw the seven angels which stood ((2476 histemi= abide, appoint, covenant, stand by)) before ((1799 enopion= in the face/presence (sight) of)) God; and to them were given ((1325 didomi= adventured, bestowed, commit to deliver)) seven trumpets.

When it’s said that someone “stood before God” it means they literally physically abide in eyesight of “the face/presence of” (before) their Older Member(s) which can not happen unless those same individuals also, even a number of times past, “stood” in a human vehicle aka incarnate and gave their all in service to their Older Member(s) which includes, “standing by” them and abiding in their commandments (which by the way is their love in the provision of those commandments, instructions, teachings to us) to include taking a stand for them among other humans, even prepared to lose their human vehicle on account of.

This is depicting what TI and DO would have called giving a crew an “assigned task.” It’s a mission, an adventure to perform and it appears that it’s not being performed incarnate or there would have been some reference to their performing the task on the Earth or by being cast down to Earth or by their “standing on the altar” as is seen in the next verse.

In this context, God (Older Member) is the One Jesus referred to as his “Father” in heaven (because he wasn’t incarnate with him and he was in his own environment on board a spacecraft in the near heavens which included the Earth’s atmosphere (sky)).

TI and DO spoke of how the Next Level could have a spacecraft literally on the surface of the planet in such a way that a specific area, for instance the “crafts” (houses) we lived in, being the example they used was literally inside that Next Level invisible craft. They said members of the Next Level could be among us all the time and would be physical though not visible to us. They said if they allowed us to touch them, we would feel something, but they know how to stay out of our way. This reminded me of the original Superman television show my vehicle grew up with where in one episode Superman walks through a dense wall that a bad guy had constructed and when he went through it he had to have a special focus that if he lost could leave him embedded in the wall permanently. I have since wondered if this Next Level Spacecraft that TI and DO said “could be” over/on our craft could be as large as the way the New Jerusalem is depicted which is about 1378-1420 miles square. This “holy city” is also said to have “walls” that are about 218 feet high and “gates” that open or close. In this way a whole new meaning can be considered from the depiction of the non-believers in the Next Level as literal Above Human Beings, written as “Gentiles” “treading under foot” in that holy city:

Rev 11:2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

Therefore I am suggesting that these Seven Angles are performing their trumpet task within their spacecraft(s) that are perhaps stationed in this “holy city” as opposed to taking human vehicles. These would be existing Members of the Next Level TI and DO referred to simply as “Younger Members” but might also be those referred to as Archangels that the One incarnate as Jesus was the eldest and by returning was being graduated further. The point is that there is endless growth in tasks as a member of the Next Level and everyone gets to move into new tasks as they perform well the tasks they are at first given and TI and DO also said “choose from” a number of options of departments in laboratories. To the Next Level’s way of thinking the Earth itself was a laboratory experiment and within that experiment there are other labs like for instance a “weather lab.”

Rev 8:3 And another ((243 allos= more)) angel came and stood ((2476 histemi= abide, to cause or make a stand, put, set, set up)) at the altar ((2379 thusiasterion= place of sacrifice)), having a golden ((5552 chruseos from 5557 chrusos= a gold article to be utilized)) censer ((3031 libanotos from 3030 libanos= a specific container, made of gold used to hold the burnt coals from the flesh sacrifice in the Moses Classroom, that Frankincense was added to)); and (there was) given ((1325 didomi= adventure, bring forth, make, shew)) (unto) him much ((4183 polus= straightly, of a great age)) incense ((2368 thumiama= an aroma, to fumigate, burn incense)) that ((2443 hina= albeit, because, to the intent)) he (should) offer ((1325 didomi= adventure, commit, yield, shew, smite, strike)) (it with the) prayers ((4335 proseuche from 4336 proseuchomai= be of service (worship), supplicate)) (of) all saints (([those who had graduated a previous classroom])) upon ((1909 epi= about, at, because of, on behalf of, the space of)) the golden altar which was before ((1799 enopion= in the face/presence (sight) of)) the throne.

Rev 8:4 And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of ((1537 ek= by the means of (after), from, out of, because, by reason of)) the angel’s hand ((5495 cheir= grasp, means, instrument)).

This verse is indicating all those (Saints) who chose to sacrifice their existing physical vehicles to re-enter the overcoming classroom literally with the Older Members. The , I would suggest is what is utilized for this as it will hold the intended burnt embers of the saints physical bodies that have accepted the task (adventure). It is their seeking to be of service to the Older Members that is the incense and it’s a sweet smell to the Lord because of how it “makes them white” – which is what Frankincense represents.

TI often compared the Overcoming process to “purifying the gold,” using high heat to separate impurities to result in pure gold, or by working (churning) the milk to make butter. In both examples fire or heat from friction, however slight, is needed to complete it’s metamorphosis into a finer product.

Around the time TI “remembered” the briefing (Rev 4) before coming, I believe is when Do talked briefly about how the Next Level at this time had brought together human equivalents from other planetary systems and offered them the chance to sacrifice their existing physical bodies by entering the upcoming overcoming program to fully graduate their humanness and receive a Next Level body that was eternal. He said if I recall correctly that all who were given the option did not choose to take it. But it seems this verse is depicting these and their choice. This differs from the way the Seven Angels with trumpets stood for their Older Member in that the location of the altar is provided as there is no temple (in the context of after graduation) or altar on a Next Level spacecraft (Rev 21:22).

This verse lays out the task that was assigned to Aaron and only Aaron in the Jehovah/Moses Classroom. Aaron performed the task of High Priest and he alone took the “,” the vessel that held the coals from the various flesh sacrifices and sprinkled Frankincense on them which produced the smoke that was said to be offering a sweet smell to the Lord. It was sweet to the Lord because they were following instructions and the Lord knew if they continued they would graduate what was actually a training program to enable becoming one of Them, having eternal life, a new Family and many challenging and exciting tasks to come. The Lord set it up this way so to gradually provide a little proof followed by instructions, then a little proof and more instructions, with the instructions leading to the “laying down of self” that was necessary to graduate as then the Lord knew they could be totally trusted to be on their crews and to not renegade like the Luciferian Space Alien fallen angels did.

A very valuable animal became the sacrifice, that is if someone owned animals. If they did not they were given to make grain offerings but would be aware of the animal offerings so were being shown indirectly that the destination was to be willing to do as Jesus did and sacrifice his own life upon instruction from his Father and having accepted and committed to performing that service before coming incarnate. After Moses and Aaron exited, Aaron by losing his vehicle and Moses by disappearing, whose body was never found and that Do said was because the Next Level took his body, the Luciferians began to twist everything Jehovah/Moses taught the same as what would occur after Jesus left through the initial encounter Saul of Tarsus had with the “angel of light” (Lucifer). Saul who then took the name Paul may not have known he was being used and by whom. There is evidence he was infiltrating the ranks of the real assigned task “delegates” (apostles) as we know goes on all the time in governments and powerful organizations to try to steal secrets and sabotage the oppositions progress. However he may have been naive to how he was changing what Jesus taught that resulted in the entire “saved by grace” movement that many, many Christians swear by and makes no sense at all to this being a training program to become a high functioning practical team player in a new society of non-mammalian, (non-seed bearing, as TI and DO called Next Level members) Above Human Beings with physical bodies and tasks to be cogs in the many wheels that go into the building, development, maintenance and harvesting of Souls from garden like experiments as WORK was integral to EARN the promised rewards.

Now this offering is brought “before” – in the presence of the One Sitting on the Throne. That was also part of the one time a year offering called Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement. In that yearly offering the censor was made from gold and so were other aspects, gold being what comes from the purification of one’s body (elements) though one’s fire flesh sacrifice. A huge part of that sacrifice is in sacrificing one’s passion or drive to procreate or to derive pleasure from relationships with another human in various sensual ways as sexuality. That’s what Fire also represented. The Fire of desire which is what the Buddha also taught to overcome. When a human get’s aroused sexually, their body is literally heating up. Even in the Moses classroom they had times when married partners were prohibited from intercourse.

This Day of Atonement was a time for all in the congregation to seek forgiveness from the Lord for their sins (missing of the mark) even though they were taught to do so all year long. This was kin to getting a fresh start from the Lord, what became a baptism later on. So Aaron would take the censor of the coals of the flesh sacrifices offered to the Lord by the students and put the incense on these “golden vessels” and go into the Holy of Holys which was prohibited to all from entering.

The Holy of Holys was the inner most sanctuary (curtained off area to the far west of the Tabernacle, just as Rancho Sante Fe, California is in the far west of the “temple” whose doorway was Texas) inside the Tabernacle (tent) constructed for Jehovah where Jehovah was seen a number of times coming and going from via a cloud covering that would settle on the tents entrance. Thus the angel that is “standing at the altar” is probably actually the same Soul, (Living Being or Elder) that was incarnate in the human vehicle named Aaron. It is an actual task first and foremost so it could be whoever the Older Member assigns.

God is referring to the Older Member who was recorded as the Elohim (Judges, Magistrates, Supreme Beings, Creators of the Heaven and the Earth) and then Jehovah and The Father. Prayers are always in their highest form, seeking to know the will of our Older Member for us and for the strength to do the tasks they give us (to include overcoming our humanness) as they would do it, and in the expressing of our commitment (covenant) to them and thanks for all they provide us, from our daily needs to the very opportunities they provide to be one their crew.

When it says these prayers are raised up (ascended) to God it’s because they are of a higher rank (so to speak) than us. “Before” indicates they are “in view of,” literally in the presence of the Older Member when they are making this offering. That little word “of” can mean a number of things but I would choose “because, by reason of, after as in relationship with or “by the means of,” which “of” says in a less clear manner, because then it is saying God is receiving these prayers because of the angel’s hand and hand always refers to an “action” taken and is equivalent to saying by the messengers “assigned task” as hand represents using one’s vehicle (body) to perform the service. In this case the service will be to strike the surface of the planet in a particular place to stir up some controversy while uplifting people’s perspective, etc. and giving evidence of worlds beyond Earth.


I’ve included this verse, in this section having to do with the preparation for the Seven Angels with trumpets because of the depiction of what is happening from the “Throne” and “Before (in view of) the Throne” just like it’s explained in Rev 8:3-4 to where the angel that is “standing,” “by, over, across, before” the Altar is operating “before the throne” or “before God,” and the Throne at this stage refers to the position/task (sit upon) performed by TI and DO together, except in the process TI would graduate (birth) Do to the Throne position (as shown in Revelations 12) that he would leave for him to fulfill. I’m not trying to suggest Tecumseh was TI. TI wasn’t incarnate then but it does seem possible Tecumseh was like a modern day Old Testament Prophet participating in setting the stage and may in fact have been a Elder student Soul, like one of the 4 Living Beings helping Tecumseh just like the archangel Michael did for the Prophet Daniel and others. It’s interesting to see how words can come about that can be taken apart even without evidence linguistically as Do seemed to do at times. In this case I would play with it as: “Te Cums (to) Say.” (Initially we did spell our Older Member’s name as “Te” or “TI,” but then Do settled on using “TI”).

Rev 4:5 And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

It seems this prophecy of lightnings (comets) and thunderings (both shaking up of humans comfort levels and roars from storms and/or earthquakes) and voices are all reflective of the Tecumseh prophecy fulfillments:

I believe this “strike” shows some significant evidence that it became manifest as the Great Comet of 1811-12 that became visible on November 4, 1811 that was followed by four months of 1000’s of quakes in what has since been called The New Madrid earthquake zone where the Ohio and Missouri rivers meet the Mississippi. Starting on December 16, 1811, the most violent destructive tremors ever to strike North America in recorded history with two quakes thought to be approx. 8.0+ with chimneys that fell all the way up in Maine. Until then this area had been devoid of any reported tectonic activity, including earthquakes. Since there were no fore-shocks reported to the first shock on Dec. 16th there has been speculation the earthquakes began as the result of a meteorite strike.

The first jolt of the 1811 New Madrid quakes were thought to have been centered near Marked Tree, AR. North of there is a swampy region called the Saint Francis Sunken Lands the quakes are said to be responsible for. This swamp area is supplied by the Saint Francis river. St. Francis Lake was said to be in the middle of the swamp that had a circular southern border.

There have been studies to determine whether the Great comet of 1811 was in fact a comet or not. There were 984 observations in consideration of the object as a comet. Some suggest it was a comet that split into two objects. There is some evidence of this. Napoleon marched into Russia with an army of seven hundred thousand. In 1811 a comet was sighted that developed a tail one hundred million miles long. As Napoleon overextended himself after Moscow he lost hundreds of thousands of men and it was said the “comet performed frightening acrobatics by splitting in two.”

The comet and earthquake were prophesied by the American Indian Shawnee Chief Tecumseh. As the story goes, Tecumseh was born the same night after his Father was looking into the heavens in prayer to the Great Spirit over a disagreement with other chieftains. He and many in the tribe witnessed a huge meteor suddenly plunged into the atmosphere and burst into brilliant greenish-white flame. It streaked across the heavens from the north in an awe-inspiring spectacle which lasted twenty seconds. So he was named after the event. His name meant, “The-Panther-Passing-Across.”

Tecumseh traveled a great deal from one Indian nation to another to try to unify the tribes. On Wednesday, August 11, 1802, he began telling everyone when the unification was completed there would be a sign given. He said, “in the midst of the night the earth beneath would tremble and roar for a long period. He said jugs would break by themselves and great trees would fall, though not from wind. He said streams would change their courses to run backwards, and lakes would be swallowed up into the earth and other lakes suddenly appear. The bones of every man would tremble with the trembling of the ground, and they would not mistake it. When this occurred they were to all drop everything and gather near Detroit to drive the white man off the continent.

In December he organized the making of slabs of wood having symbols on them which would guide them to the happy afterlife. There were symbols on the slabs with a double meaning so the white man wouldn’t see them and know the true meaning. For the white men he described them as “heavenly sticks.”

The symbols, reading from bottom to top, were family, which was the most important single factor in everyday Indian life, the earth upon which they lived, followed by the principal features of the earth: water, lightning, trees, the four corners of the earth, corn, fowl and animals of the earth and air, all plant life, the sun, the blue sky and all of these things having to be experienced and understood before the people could reach the uppermost symbol, Heaven.

Wednesday, August 28, 1811, because of one Chief that did not believe the Great Spirit had sent Tecumseh to amalgamate the tribes, he said, “Your blood is white! You have taken my talk and the sticks and the wampum and the hatchet, but you do not mean to fight. I know the reason. You do not believe the Great Spirit has sent me. You shall know. I leave Tuckabatchee directly and shall go to Detroit. When I arrive there, I will stamp on the ground with my foot, and shake down every house in Tuckabatchee!”

On Sunday, November 10, 1811, Tecumseh told his followers, in six days a preliminary sign would be given to the tribes. It would be a sign under which he had been born and named. A great star would flash across the heavens and this would indicate that he was still guided by the hand of the Great Spirit. The sign would be clearly visible to all the tribes, and when it came they were to take the last red stick and cut it into thirty equal pieces. Each day thereafter, one of these pieces was to be burned in the light of dawn. But the thirtieth piece was to be burned in the midst of the night, and when the last of these had been burned, then would come the great sign of which he had personally told them all. And when this sign came, all who believed in Tecumseh and in the future of the Indian nation would take up their weapons and strike out at once for the British fort that was called Malden, located on the north side of the head of the lakes that was called Erie.

On Saturday, November 16, 1811 just before midnight there was a great searing flash from out of the southwest; incredibly bright with a weird greenish-white light, incredibly swift and awe-inspiring. Thousands of Indians from all the tribes watched its fiery progress across the heavens until it disappeared in the northeast.

It was on Monday, December 16, 1811 at 2:30 am. the earth shook. It was described in the south of Canada, in Iroquois, Ottawa, Chippewa and Huron villages coming as a deep and freightening rumble. Creek banks collapsed and very large trees fell continuously with many branches snapping. In all of the Great Lakes, the waters were very turbulent with very large waves but no no wind. In the western plains came a grinding sound with shaking that they described as affecting their bones and teeth. Pottery broke and buffalo fell down, got up and stampeded. In the south and west huge rocks loosened and cut through trees. Streams stopped running, some went dry and fish died on land. In the south entire forests fell. Streams appeared. In the village of Tuckabatchee, every building shook and collapsed. To the southeast, lakes vanished whlie ponds appeared in large declivities which suddenly appeared. Birds flew off and cattle bellowed and kicked, fell down and could not regain their balance.

In Kentucky, Tennessee and the Indiana Territory, people were thrown from beds and cabins broke apart and bricks crumbled and caused clouds of dust. Bridges snapped. Glass shattered, fences and barns collapsed and fires started. Cliff in ravines filled their chasms, and there was a deafening roar all throughout the land. In the middle of all this, where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi, huge splits appeared in the ground and large parts of the land were swallowed up. Large sections of ground sank and became new lakes. One became called Reelfoot Lake. The Mississippi river flowed backwards for a time and heaved and parts sank while other parts were raised into the air. The town of New Madrid was destroyed and thousands of acres of land disappeared or were left austere.

This December 16 quake was just a start lasting on and off for two days; and filled the atmosphere with dust and smoke so that for a week the sunlight looked reddish-bronze through a thick haze. The second quake was on Jan. 23, and the third four days later. But on Feb. 13, came the last and worst of them causing grinding and snapping sounds for about an hour, doing as much damage as the other three combined.

INTERESTING LINKS TO TI and DO AND CREW: This all took place in the area where four major rivers, the Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi converge, perhaps relevant to the four rivers in Genesis, the Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates. TI and DO always felt the Mississippi River was a dividing line between the area in the west they considered to be where their main focus should be. They always felt more “in tune” with their Older Member while in the west. TI and DO would every so often travel east and would experience this sense or lack of. In fact one time after TI had left her vehicle, perhaps in 1987, Do moved the classroom to Atlanta. Some of us got jobs there and we leased three large homes in the Peachtree area of north Atlanta. We had five twenty four foot rental trucks puzzle packed full of the furnishings from the three houses we left in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado area.

Do was very upset in Atlanta as he said he couldn’t feel TI’s presence with him. At a meeting after being there for two weeks, finished with most of the setup, he called a meeting. Part way into the meeting he was nearly weeping because he didn’t want to tell us how he felt. He couldn’t feel TI’s closeness and knowing the pains we all went through to give notice at our hi tech jobs in Colorado, disappointing all our employers, which I admit I always dreaded doing, carefully packing up the houses, renting and loading the trucks, moving and then going through the difficult process once again, as we did many times over the years together, looking for new jobs. The outlay of cash that was easily a $30,000.00 affair and that also weighted heavy on Do as he and TI were always most careful to not run the “purse” so low that if the Next Level gave instruction to pick up and move again, to perhaps stay ahead of investigators, etc. we could manage it financially.

A number of students told Do it was not a problem and most of all we wanted him to have the contact with TI he had grown dependent on and accustomed to keep the classroom moving ahead. I know it may be hard to imagine for many, as the exit video’s Do created were to serve a specific purpose of warning all those who side with the lower forces that they were solidifying their own judgment and for those students that were on the fence to have a reason to get off the fence. Those tapes were of some equivalence to Jesus throwing over the tables in the temple saying the Lord’s house was not a place for commercialism. But besides those necessary presentations to make a strong impression, Do in the teacher role could have not been better as was shown in the Beyond Human Series all anyone could imagine Jesus or the Buddha to be, minus the hype that religions have heaped upon them. He was never like the raving evangelicals, nor the nearly asleep looking guru full of contentment, as if contentment was an aim. Yes, he and his student body possessed a strong sense of peace and were always peace loving people as those are characteristics of those who evolve closer to Next Level behaviors and ways. But at the same time if one wasn’t pressing to meet all that challenges them, cutting ties, discarding negative habit’s of thought and deed, seeking to serve at any cost to self then they were not really the most active student they could be.

So those who had secured high tech jobs in Atlanta (me) quit once again and we packed up and moved back to Colorado and some got back their old jobs. I found a new job.

Thus I believe west of the Mississippi represents the new “temple” area and of course also because of the UFO crashes in the southwest also depicted the “altar” area in that “temple,” because that is where the returning students who had student level Next Level vehicles were sacrificing their existing vehicles via those intentional crashes that would free up their Soul Body to begin their next task steps.

When I saw the names of towns and the county and the lake in the area that was supposed to be where the epicenter of the earthquakes were, I had to include that data here. For one, there was the Lake named St Francis that some researchers suspected was the site of a meteor impact. TI, before she had awakened told us while she was a nurse she felt the presence of a “guide” she called “brother Francis” whose name came from St. Francis of Assisi. Incidentally Assisi sounds/looks similar in part to Mississippi. Plus that name, Francis that comes from Frank which is the root of France and means “free” and it’s relationship to the other side of that western land mass of San Francisco just seemed far too much to ignore considering some believe part of the lineage of those who were related to Jesus’ vehicle migrated to France, though there is no evidence Jesus was among them and certainly didn’t marry and have children with Mary Magdalene as was put across in the book, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail.”

There is too much evidence that Jesus did accomplish what is recorded in the four gospels, though when Do gave us that book to read, as an option, he said, it wasn’t necessary that Jesus rose from the dead to believe he was from the Next Level. What he taught was clearly out of this world to believe and do, not something there is any evidence could have been made up. But I believe TI and DO said there was a crew that worked on setting up these kinds of naming and word relationships.

Immediately north west of this lake, in the same county is a town named “Nettletown.” TI’s vehicle’s last name was “Nettles.” This county in Arkansas was named “Craighead County,” Lggody’s vehicle’s last name was “Craig” which is yet another possible pointer to Lggody as once being incarnate in the vehicle named Aaron working directly under Moses for Jehovah as well as possibly incarnate as John the Baptist with Jesus. John the Baptist was said to be descended from Aaron’s genetic line and Elizabeth, his mother was a cousin to Mary, the mother of Jesus’ vehicle and Elizabeth and Mary visited one another before the births of their children, so it was not some distant genetic relationship. And, Lggody’s vehicle’s first name was “John.”

Then there was the way in which Tecumseh was born under a comet or shooting star and given the name that starts off sounding like Te. Te was actually the first spelling we used and then TI and DO settled on spelling it “TI” but said either was okay. The fact that Tecumseh had these elaborate exercises involving sticks that all the tribes would use as a countdown to his fulfillment of prophecy was so similar to the detailed instructions Jehovah gave Moses to fulfill in building things, etc. The quake seemed to only affect that area around the Mississippi river and eastward, covering the entire eastern part of the continent. It seems Tecumseh was representing the Kingdom of God/Heaven in showing his people that they should resist the encroachment of the “bestial humans.” The White settlers were in large part predatory in their spreading not only their physical presence and needs but also were judgmental of those who were there before them – treating them like savages while they were acting savagely. Tecumseh had to pretend to call his little talisman sticks “heavenly sticks” because it seems otherwise they would be seen as pagans needing to be converted or done away with.


Rev 8:5 And (the) angel took ((2983 lambano= accept, bring, have hold, take up)) (the) censer ((3031 libanotos= vessel for burning frankincense that creates white (purifying) smoke)), and filled it with fire ((what is being put to sacrifice)) of (the) altar ((geographic location for (the) sacrifice)), and cast ((906 ballo= strike, send, throw down violently or intensely)) (it) into ((1519 eis= to, FOR an action in the past that caused them to perish)) ((the)) earth ((1093 ge= soil, globe, human occupants)): and (there) were ((1096 ginomai= to cause to be generated, become, come into being, be fulfilled)) voices ((5456 phone= disclosures, sound, words/speech)), and thunderings ((1027 bronte akin to bremo= to roar)), and lightnings ((796 astrape from 797 astrapto from 792 aster= light, glare, bright shining light star shine)), and (an) earthquake ((4578 seismos= a commotion of (the) air, a gale or of (the) ground as a quake or shaking up)).

This censer is a vessel that is being violently/intensely sent/thrown down to Earth to be among it’s inhabitants, previously stated as containing the frankincense “prayers of saints” that produces “purifying white smoke” in it’s burning, as said because of the self sacrifice. A saint is someone who at a previous time did sacrifice their life for the sake of their Older Member who sent them to disseminate his information knowing they would be hated for it and often killed on account of. Saints are not yet members of the Next Level. They are in progress “sons” or students having shown their commitment so when they lost their vehicles their Soul was saved from otherwise merging into the human spirit world. Do called them being “put on ice” but said he didn’t mean that literally. This vessel is being cast “FOR” the Earth’s inhabitants as this action brings a great deal of Next Level mind to closer proximity for humans who are reaching to tap into to perceive things they otherwise could not perceive. It is also to the benefit of these “saints.”

Thus the first event depicted is the casting of the censer.


During the 1896–1897 time frame (some six or seven years before the Wright Brothers’ first flight), numerous sightings of a cigar-shaped mystery airship were reported across the United States. Between April and May 1897, the airship sightings continued in more than 30 Texas counties reported by hundreds of real Texans.

Then on April 19, 1897 a crash of a flying “airship” occurred in downtown Aurora, Texas. A newspaper article of the event still exists, written by S. E. Haydon, reporter for the Dallas Morning News:

To paraphrase the report, it indicated the event of the crash happened about about 6 am and the crashed “airship” as it was called was suggested as seen sailing around the U.S. Before the crash it was seen traveling north and was closer to the earth than previous reports. It was estimated to be traveling 10 or 12 mph and was gradually settling to earth – described as sailing” over the town square to collide with the tower of Judge Proctors windmill which caused an explosion and many pieces of the windmill went flying and destroyed a water tank and a garden. The report indicated only a pilot on board the crashed ship. His remains were disfigured but apparently enough in tact to show he was not an inhabitant of this world.

The story never gained a lot of exposure at the time, but eventually it was commented on by UPI on May 24, 1973. (Note this report just happened to be filed just a few months after TI and DO left Houston, Texas on January 1, 1973 at midnight under duress from their vehicle’s families and friends because of their beliefs and where they spent the next “less than six weeks” (the way Do said it) in Boerne, Texas where they experienced their primary awakening to clearly recognize that their Minds/Spirits had come from “outer space,” here to “fulfill prophecy” and to “bring updates to the Bible”):

Here is the paraphrased UPI report:

It reports about the “grave” in the cemetery containing the body of an 1897 astronaut – not from this world. The article quotes Hayden Hewes, the director of a UFO investigation organization seeking to have the body of the otherworldly astronaut exhumed. Hayden checked the grave with a metal detector and gathered facts over three months and based on that thought it was a UFO with an out of this world inhabitant that crashed in Aurora, Texas on April 19 1897.

It is most interesting that Hayden was involved in this because of how TI and DO went to visit him yet I never heard them talk about the Aurora crash but Hayden was very unusual in how he didn’t automatically disqualify who TI and DO said they were and became the co-author with Brad Steiger of the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” – all about TI and DO from interview they gave in 1974-1976.

So Hayden’s story put what had become a legend was back in the news! Only a couple of days later, UPI followed up the first report with another from Aurora. They had located a living witness to the event who was 91 years old but was fifteen then. She had forgot about it until she saw the story in the newspaper. She said her parents went to the crash site but she couldn’t go with them. She knew that the remains of the pilot was buried in the Aurora cemetery and was a “small man.”

The Associated Press now filed a report out of Denton, Texas. (Note that in 1988 Do and the class moved maybe 10 minutes east of Denton, Texas and is where Do wrote the booklet, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew” which was written to set the record straight on his meeting TI to date, because there were many rumors that were not accurate):

The article indicated a professor found metal fragments where the crash had been reported to have occurred. One fragment was primarily iron yet did not respond to magnetism. The fragment was also shiny and malleable unlike dull brittle iron. The Cemetery Association successfully fought against attempts to exhume the body.

Additional 1973 MUFON investigations uncovered two new eyewitnesses to the crash. Mary Evans, who was 15 at the time, told of how her parents went to the crash site (they forbade her from going) and the discovery of the alien body. Charlie Stephens, who was age 10, told how he saw the airship trailing smoke as it headed north toward Aurora. He wanted to see what happened, but his father made him finish his chores; later, he told how his father went to town the next day and saw wreckage from the crash.

MUFON investigated the Cemetery, and uncovered a grave marker that appeared to show a flying saucer of some sort, as well as readings from its metal detector. MUFON asked for permission to exhume the site, but the cemetery association declined permission. After the MUFON investigation, the marker mysteriously disappeared from the cemetery and a three-inch pipe was placed into the ground; MUFON’s metal detector no longer picked up metal readings from the grave, thus it was presumed that the metal was removed from the grave.

Now for the prophetic implications; Aurora is a Latin word that comes from the Roman goddess of the DAWN OR MORNING, and also relates to the Sun’s rays of light SHINING on the earth as an Aurora Borealis. It also can refer to drying, or kindleing, the south wind or “to burn” and the east.

The crash happened in the “spring,” actually between the first two days of passover that year as is when the passover lamb is to be sacrificed. A Hebrew day is generally from 6pm to 6pm and the instruction was to make the lamb sacrifice “in between” the first two evenings of the Passover. Twelve hours from 6pm is 6am and this is also the start of the Jewish new year and moreorless dawn and just so happens to have been Easter Sunday that year.

Rev 2:25 But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.
Rev 2:26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
Rev 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.
Rev 2:28 And I will give him the morning ((4407 proinos= from proi 4404 pertaining to the dawn)) star (792 aster= from stronnumi 4766 “to strew”)).

Rev 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright ((2986 lampros= radiant, clear, gay, goodly, gorgeous, white)) and morning ((3720 orthrinos= relating to the dawn, especially early morning)) star (792 aster= from stronnumi 4766 “to strew”)).

Thus Jesus is saying upon his return, it will be evident as a first strewing of light, where light is both literal and figurative, light being in the bringing of an enlightening event as the people of Texas and of the U.S. and of the World could all come to see in their time.

However, as this book is all about the evidence that TI and DO were/are the RETURN, They actually said their Souls didn’t arrive until the 1920’s to tag (pick/set aside) the human vehicles they were going to take to perform their task through, and they never made mention of this Aurora event, that I ever heard or read about, nor of anyone coming before the 1920’s. Thus I wondered for a long time whether this lone individual found in this Aurora crash was a vehicle used by a Luciferian space alien Soul (fallen angel) or some type of robot or clone creating a facsimile of way the Next Level Member return might be staged.

TI and DO did indicate that these Luciferian space alien souls did know how the garden was grown as they had advanced in their lesson steps enough to be granted a student model physical vehicle and primitive models of spacecraft with some of what Do called “elementary task assignments” I have equated to Enoch’s “watchers” – observing being a first lesson step TI and DO taught us we would be assigned at first in various lab tasks. A Lab to TI and DO wasn’t only a room filled with technicians performing experiments. Labs were  experiential. An entire planet inside and/or out could be a lab where experiments are performed. TI and DO initially said this civilization was an experiment, thus the earth is one such labs.

The Luciferians would have known about the reference to Jesus’ return in the Book of  Revelations coming as a “bright and morning star.” They also could have figured out that Aurora was a town in Texas and what it meant in that regard. so might have staged that crash. After all when:

Luk 10:17 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

Jesus responded:
Luk 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

This could also indicate Jesus, not in the vehicle named Jesus of course was a Member of the Next Level or at the very least a Student Member of the Next Level when Lucifer and his followers fell. He was also indicating that the lower forces, those who are adversarial, the meaning of a Satan, are not able to stand up against those who abide by the teachings, behavior and ways taught and demonstrated by the present – incarnate Older Members from the Next Level.

However, there was a problem with considering this Aurora crash the work of the Luciferian space alien lower forces, because this was well before the “bottomless pit” was opened as shown in prophecy in Rev 9:1 with the 5th angel’s trumpet sounding, shown as taking place in the 1940’s-1950’s as TI and DO indicated was also when many of their crew came by instigated crashes of some primitive types of spacecrafts. Since the Luciferians didn’t know exact dates when the Next Level would instigate major events like this, though they could have guessed as around the solstices, especially the spring and fall as they line up with Jewish festivals, the Next Level changed up on that with some variances it seems by staging a number of the biggest events in the project in March and/or April, June and July, two of which were the crash at the Plains of St. Augustine in July of 1947, known as the Roswell crash and 50 years later Do and Crew’s exit in late March of 1997. In any case it seemed there is more potential evidence this Aurora crash would have been stimulated by the Next Level.

Of course the Next Level could also stimulate the Luciferians to accomplish the same thing, though I don’t know if they ever do that as I believe it’s important to distinguish themselves from the Luciferians for the sake of the students. On that note, TI once explained, when a human (I presume that they are watching) asks the Next Level for something human e.g., a new car, wife, husband, etc. the Next Level might see to it’s provision by somehow sending them a human discarnate hoping that potential student, by getting what they asked for will come to recognize that it wasn’t really satisfying the part of themselves that could be from the Next Level. This is not unheard of as the Next Level directly assigns certain “boogers” – Luciferian space alien “adversaries” (aka Satan’s) to Active Students to test them. The Next Level regulates how much influence one of these “boogers” can have on a student and TI and DO said if the student feels too under water dealing with the boogers vibrations; thoughts, feelings, temptations, etc. (called Bombardment) they could ask the Next Level to relax that degree of bombardment some and the Next Level would do so.

Thus I began to wonder if this lone crash was like the arrival of John the Baptist before Jesus? With that consideration and noticing that the next prophecy verse expressed how the Seven Angels with Trumpets would then PREPARE themselves to sound, told me this was the arrival of the crew that TI and DO said upon arrival were helped to pick the human vehicles they would be tasked to “take over,” sort of like that movie the “Body Snatchers,” but without all those horror depictions as human vehicles are actually, according to TI and DO, designed to be snatched by Souls or Spirits (discarnates) so that the overcoming process becomes cleaning them out of one’s vehicular “house.” TI and DO said that who we are, is THE DECIDER of which mind (thoughts and actions via spirits) we will allow occupy our “computer” (brain) and in that way become programming of our biological hardware.

Again, with this preparation in mind taking place after this Aurora crash as the verse states in the order, the “strike (cast) on the Earth,” followed by disclosures (voices), followed by thunderings aka Roars of authority as huge storms, and lightnings as comets and earth shaking (earthquakes), I looked for events that might match these depictions ahead of the vibrational uplifts aka soundings (trumpets).

As a result words/speech, disclosures of otherwise unspoken ideas (voices) are stimulated, so brought to pass. We can’t see how the Next Level’s physical arrival, say in the spacecraft sightings, that happened before the Aurora crash stimulated disclosures, but one has to admit if a spaceship of some type with an alien looking body crashes into our downtown bell tower and it makes it to the newspaper, a great deal of talk will ensue and that talk can’t help but provide a great avenue to lift the consciousness of all who engage it and for generations to come. Engaging it will always be a choice and doing so then stimulates that attached strain of the human gnome to continue to evolve in their thinking so that they will influence others who will influence others and will result in offspring in some cases that have that more open minded thinking as a norm for them, so when more signs of disclosures occur, as with the “Seven Angles with Trumpet Sounding periods,” it’s almost automatic that they will be looking skyward or outside the norms for answers that becomes like a little beacon to the Next Level Crews assigned to watch humans and help those that ask for help.

These kinds of upgraded thinking, also results in new developments in all areas of society. So we see at the turn of the century the Wright Brothers successful aircraft flights. In April of 1902 the first movie theater opened in Los Angeles called the Electric Theater. I include this because of it’s location and how TI and DO said that the Next Level used the movie industry to stimulate thoughts. Sci-fi books escalated significantly from 1896.

Then for thunder also translated as to roar, brings to mind the prophecy:

Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

The best candidate for this in my opinion is the September 1900 Hurricane at Galveston, Texas that killed 8000 people. Thunder and Roars are announcements of authority by showing us some of the power the Next Level has. Naturally I suggest this major storm event because of it’s timing and the fact that it hit Houston, Texas near where the Next Level Older Members were to soon “tag” the human vehicles they would take over to fulfill their task with.

Events like major hurricane’s, etc. are fear inducing. Fear is thereby used by the Next Level to stimulate changes when humans have become comfortable and mostly unaware of the real existence of the Next Level and what’s entailed in becoming a member of their Kingdom. TI and DO spoke a little about how tornado’s are used that way by the Next Level. They couldn’t figure out how some don’t get he picture. When you live in an area that is frequently hit by hurricanes and/or tornadoes and/or earthquakes as the biggest examples, one can take that as a warning that there is more to come and they will get more severe as the time gets closer and closer to the end of the Last Days period as outlined by the 7 Trumpets, and 7 Seals and includes the 7 Plagues (vials). I think this is especially the case for anyone that believes to some degree, religious or not, in a Kingdom of God that created everything for a purpose – to grow Souls to Their Kingdom in the Heavens Membership. Others don’t know any better so simply get the equivalent of what the animal and plant kingdoms experience. We in human vehicles don’t know how to differentiate between those who are watched by the Next Level, hoping they will seek to grow closer and those who aren’t specifically watched. Even if they say they are staunch atheists, one doesn’t know that what they are rejecting about “God” is what Humans have shaped God into in the religions which is not an accurate portrayal so an atheist may actually be closer to the Kingdom of God than a devout religionist, Christian or any other.

For instance, if we were barraging the Kingdom of God, the Father and/or Jesus or by some other cultures  name for deity, with requests or calling out their name constantly, it can easily become a shallow and frivolous request for help that the Next Level may not respond to, as Jesus said about using “vain repetitions” and “much speaking” and saying “Lord Lord” this and that, which seems to be related to the Jehovah/Moses commandment to not use the name of the Lord in vain.

With that said, “fear” is a way the Next Level helps to motivate us. It’s no different with the way one trains an animal, except we have to come to ask for the training in some way, though in general the human kingdom has built in motivation by people getting sick and dying eventually and/or having stresses because of the presence of the lower forces. In a real sense it’s like having an employer we know we must “please” or frankly they won’t want to have us on their crew working for Their employer, in this case the Older Member’s Older Member.

For me, I can’t say I’m motivated by a fear of burning in hell or perishing though perhaps if I was it would help me to adhere more to my Older Member’s teachings 100%. I do fear loss of my Older Member’s Mind but it’s a subtle fear that I only really recognize when I feel His mind is more distant, as when I act in human ways.

It simply feels like longing for a spouse, or other loved one, though if we don’t prime the thirst pump because we are constantly spending our “force” on giving and receiving from other humans, and human behaviors like sexuality being a major “leak,” then any thirst to rise out of the human condition diminishes, as it also deflates our Mind Balloon and we lose what became “common sense” about what is reality and what is not and what we can do to grow closer. Even asking for help becomes harder as we can to some degree thrive even on pain. We can fear trying to get better, because of not wanting to change what we are doing, usually to satisfy some addiction we often don’t think of as an addiction. We can become so attached to having certain foods, we don’t want to even consider there are things we can do to change some disease condition by changing what we eat. We would rather run to the doctor to get a prescription and would even be satisfied with side affects that at times are worse than the disease symptoms the medications are designed to mask.

But the Next Level sees to it that circumstances occur that are traumatic to shake us up, so that we once again might choose to seek Their help. Some don’t ever seek that help so they don’t ever recognize that thirst and that real connectedness we have the opportunity to allow the Next Level to help us nurture.


Mat 24:27 For ((1063 gar= because)) as ((5618 (even, like) as)) (the) lightning ((796 astrape= star like object (noun) brightly shines)) cometh ((1831 exerchomai= spreads abroad, to issue, goes forth, proceeds)) (out) of ((1537 ek= from )) (the) east ((dawn, sun-RISE)), and shineth ((5316 phaino= to lighten, appears, to be seen, shines)) (even) unto (the) west ((sun-set, goes down, sinks)); so*6.1 ((3779 houto= after)) (shall) also ((2532 kai= both)) (the) coming ((3952 parousia= physical being near, advent, return, presence)) (of the) Son ((5207 huios= offspring, foal, son, child)) (of) man ((444 anthropos= human, man-faced)) be ((2071 esomai= will be (exist), am, come (to pass), would follow, X sojourn, X FALL)).

Luk 17:24 For ((1063 gar= because)) as ((5618 (even, like) as)) (the) lightning ((796 astrape= star like bright shining object)), (that) lighteneth ((797 astrapto most likely from 792 aster= to flash or shine as a star)) (out) of (the one part) under ((5259 hupo= covertly, undercover)) heaven, shineth ((2989 lampo= gives light)) unto (the other part) under ((5259 hupo= covertly, undercover)) heaven; so ((3779 houto= after)) (shall) also ((2532 kai= both)) (the) Son ((5207 huios= offspring, foal, son, child)) of man ((444 anthropos= human, man-faced)) be ((2071 esomai= will be (exist), am, come (to pass), what would follow, X sojourn, X FALL)) in his ((846 autos= their)) day ((2250 hemera= season)).

In the documentation throughout this book I show the evidence that Jesus was both generally and specifically revealing the methods (ways) they use to prepare, arrive and execute various stages and phases within their time frame, to include followup, conclusion and cleanup of their garden experiment. With that said, these next two quotes from Jesus for many Christians go the heart of how to recognize his return as most don’t consider him to come incarnate again. I think they think all he has to do upon return is call his true believers to him and they reap the promised rewards. To them his required condition of overcoming is not having promiscuous sex, not directly stealing, not lying much, going to church (keeping the sabbath once a week or so for a couple hours or so) and telling others about a few of the things he said, translating the hard literal sayings into figures and the figurative things into their sermons so that everyone goes home feeling saved. Like Do said, “if it were only that simple.”.. and for that they definitely would not have needed to return incarnate in the “snake pit” as TI called this human civilization and spoke about.

In these two verses the word translated to “lightning” is generalized into an inaccurate portrayal of what it could have said, though is what most all translators choose. Here’s why; It’s listed as the Greek “astrape” which is rooted in “astr,” (which appears to be where the English term “astronomy” comes from and it probably is) linked to the Greek, “astron,” a STAR, thus the lighting, shining like a STAR so why not put the root word in the translation? This is how subtle changes seep into the records.

So it would be more accurate to say, “For as ((exactly like)) the ((that or one)) star’s light shines from east and shineth ((gives light)) to the west…,” which is describing a star in traverse, something people see on occasion and call a “comet.” Lightning the way we understand it doesn’t shine from east to west or if it ever does it doesn’t seem to be consistent. Plus it’s got to be something different and not that common otherwise it’s not much of a sign. This is a typical example of what I have found throughout scripture. It’s not that it’s inaccurate in a general sense of a light shining, but it can be much more specific and literal while simultaneously having it’s figurative or mystical interpretations as well, which also hold accuracy as “light” is understanding, enabling of vision and is representative of Mind coming to humans to enlighten them, that is if they choose to receive it.

In TI and DO’s first meeting, they described how this was a very special time when a “light” was shining on planet Earth from deep space that was enabling a window of opportunity to rise out of the human evolutionary condition. This really is not mystical talk and especially when one learns about all the electromagnetic particle components of light and how nothing would be animated without it, even in miniscule amounts carried by chemicals, etc.

Great comets are signs because that definition includes seeing it with a naked eye. However signs are never absolute verification of something in and of themselves. They are equally indicative MARKERS. It’s our choice in how to see them, what they mark and to what they are a sign. Like Jesus often said it’s “for those with eyes to see.”

Thus this “lightning” is describing comets that serve as signs and as is the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s way, they give humans many such signs though each is special in it’s own right. A Comet which is considered a GREAT COMET can be seen by the naked eye and possibly one that can be seen in day light, a day star and often displays a very long tail so it’s very evident in the day and/or night sky and can be visible for even months in some cases. FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES IT IS A BRIGHT SHINING STAR CROSSING OUR PATH ALONG OUR EARTH’S ECLIPTIC SO LOOKS LIKE WE ARE SEEING IT STARTING IN THE EAST AND TRAVERSING TO THE WEST AS JESUS PROPHESIED. And a comet is hard to miss so it’s for “all eyes to see.” Even the blind can be alerted to what others are seeing so can see it in that way. If a blind person is thirsty, the Next Level will make sure they have an equal opportunity to understand what’s happening.

In all the reports of “great comets” they become big events that stimulate all kinds of talk and even commercialism with people making jewelry that looks like a comet with a tail to descriptions of what they are made of and what they represent, etc. There are often comet parties or festivals, some of which continue to date from great comets past. All this further stimulates “light” as the delivery of further ever so slight degrees of “enlightenment” which simply means having a greater capacity among humans to understand more of the realities around us and their Next Level relationships. It’s shining a light on the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s reality.

Someone is not really enlightened if they don’t acknowledge the existence of “Beings that are above and thus superior to human who literally created our entire reality.” If we think of them as simply a force or cosmic consciousness or universal mind, though those terms all have degrees of accuracy in describing them, it’s a backhanded way of acknowledging their literal existence and administrative dominion over the planet and all it’s life forms. Thinking this backhanded way omits any sense of responsibility to anyone else for anything to do with us, giving us the sense that we are equivalent to that same force in the way atoms are in all things. It gives us the impression we are then co-creators of it all by a type of osmosis while the amount that we are a part is like the amount of wind produced by a mosquito’s wings. But essentially this is a strategy to diminish the possibility of recognizing a Member from the Next Level when they come incarnate because they won’t talk in those hyper-generalities as if they were ultimate truths to embrace. Again, they do have their truth to them but the problem is they give the impression of advancement but are dead ends to real advancement as the Members of the Next Level don’t need independent thinkers on their crews. They would simply be in the way thinking they can figure things out for themselves when they are like the many humans who act like they are know it alls who criticize what they don’t know as if it’s not something of value to know as then they can’t be a know it all.

As the time of the preparation for the seven trumpets if we examine the records we can see many comets mostly starting up in the early 1800’s to the earliest 2000’s. One can assume that ALL comets are directly scheduled by the Next Level to serve a number of functions, to include but not limited to; 1) the deposits of minerals/substances/frequencies into the atmosphere and to the surface via what is emitted from them, some of which can be seen in their long tails and 2) how they affect the people that become aware of them and correlate them to world events, as omens, warnings, alerts or as in the last three Angels with trumpet soundings as “woes” which are like “exclamation points” for each of these last soundings.

TI and DO said the Next Level doesn’t have time as we have it on Earth as they are no longer cyclic beings and they don’t live on planets though a planet or body in space can be their terrestrial lab, though generally they are inside such a body. TI and DO did indicate that a garden like Earth, depending on the behaviors and ways of it’s human and/or equivalent occupants could be used by the Next Level as a “base” in which the humans would be aware of the Next Level members activity wherever that would be and could also know that they could evolve to be among them. I don’t know how much interaction Next Level members would have. I doubt they would go to the same coffee shops to hang out, though as we have seen in the records, there have been times when Next Level Members were among humans and were indistinguishable from other humans. I suspect these are those who have those domestic styled bodies for that very reason as to not stand out too much so they can perform certain tasks for the Next Level. I believe TI and DO indicated when they told us about this, when we were in Wyoming that humans now are far too hostile for the Next Level to use Earth as a “base.” This is why the space aliens don’t really mingle either, aside from the fact that the space aliens largely view the humans as their slaves and genetic stock, though they refer to them via contactees as “brothers” which may be mostly a form of diplomacy, though Do did say that they sought souls to add to their ranks, a Soul being a human that had received a “deposit” of a container/pocket that can potentially grow to become a member of the Next Level – the seed Jesus illustrated.

Thus it seems that the “great comet of 1882” that was visible with the naked eye was a forerunner to the arrival of the “angel” who was serving in the preparatory role and that was followed by the great comet of 1901 called Biscara, that was a naked eye comet but as I’ve read and speculated had only a brief morning observational ability from parts of the northern hemisphere because it was a southern hemisphere comet discovered in South Africa and Australia at that time, which have latitudes of 15-30 degrees south. Since I am of the opinion that to qualify as a comet depicted in these scriptural records there has to be some viability at the time from the U.S. I compared it to comet Pan Starr that is still visible in 2014 having first appeared in 2013 that is also a southern hemisphere comet. Yet it has visibility low in the eastern morning sky at certain times of year in parts of the northern hemisphere so is considered in the U.S. as a “morning comet” that I equated with comet Biscara which may relate to the Aurora event (dawn/morning star prophecy of how Jesus indicated in prophecy would accompany his return) that I also am suggesting is the PREPARATORY PART of his Kingdom’s return. Perhaps marking the end of one period and beginning another is a periodic comet named Borrelly that has an orbit of 7 years that was even allegedly visited by the Deep Space 1 flyby mission on September 21, 2001 while it was first discovered on December 28, 1904.

Incidentally, all the dates related to TI and DO’s mission that stand out the most for their various stages of both public and classroom events are: January 1st, March 21st and September 21st, while comet activity often correlates. However, there seems to be some patterns of a before and after combinations in terms of comets we can actually see with the naked eye and there seems to be 3 or 3 1/2 year gaps between pairs or even triads and quads of comets.

But there are no lack of comets as even though many are not ever visible to the naked eye, there has been a great deal of documentation in old newspapers throughout the world that are increasingly being digitized so are available on the internet that show that people in Australia for instance were kept abreast of comets they would never see with the naked eye.

And finally there is shaking and commotion of the air and a shaking up of people and no doubt will be accompanied by a literal shaking of the Earth as an earthquake.

All status quo thinking must be shaken to help open minds to more true reality. And literal earthquakes become an exclamation point that addresses our physicality. Thus in accordance with that time period and a certain role seems to manifest as a geological shaking as an earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, the end of that part one preparation period, though what’s to come is still always more preparations:

The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. Devastating fires broke out in the city that lasted for several days. As a result of the quake and fires, about 3,000 people died and over 80% of San Francisco was destroyed. The earthquake and resulting fire are remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States alongside the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are like the “dual” rises out of the sea of humanity illustrated as “mountains” in the meaning of Jerusalem, also as the “city of God’s angels” and the “city of peace” (salem) respectively. We saw how San Francisco became the prominent “city of peace” starting with it’s Anti-Imperialist League agitation against the annexation of the Philippines at the turn of the 20th Century and in anti-war agitation during WWI, pacifist activism in WWII, strong resistance to the Vietnam War, Reagan’s wars in Central America, both Bush wars in Iraq and the latter in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Another observation of this pilot who crashed in Aurora, Texas was the reported observation that he was “not of this world.” Jesus also said he was “not of this world,” because he was from his environment that encompasses wherever their tasks take them throughout outer space, the literal heavens). By coming to Earth sacrificing his physical body, this individual was “taking a stand” for his Older Member, providing humans with a type of smelling salt at the dawning of the century in which the Older Members would come incarnate again. It was a huge step toward providing a reality upgrade to the entire human civilization, however gradual and according to the desire of each individual to know more of that reality.

There were already by this time popular science fiction writing about outer space and aliens, referred to as Martians and Venusians, though novels with these themes really took off come 1896-7 and thereafter. It’s worth noting that just because an event takes place, doesn’t preclude that the Kingdom of God/Heaven wasn’t in close proximity for some time before any event, setting the stage for that event, which the entire development of the “new world” of the United States is evidence of.

In 1865, the novel, “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne was about shooting an aluminum capsule holding three passengers to the backside of the moon and demonstrate various technical discoveries to justify the feasibility along with certain scientific measurements debated at that time that had correlation with certain Albert Einstein ideas to test along the journey. Another published in 1877 was “Off on a comet” by Jules Verne. It was about a comet that collides with Earth and takes part of the Earth with it and some 36 people continue to live on the chunk that has a circumference of 2320 cm. Another published in 1871 was Vril about an antediluvian race that survived in an underground utopia via technologies. Another was Across the Zodiac by Percy Gregg published in 1880 about someone who travels to Mars and meets people there who don’t believe anyone else lives in the Universe and think this traveler is just an unusually tall Martian. Then in the 1890’s a plethora of novels about the Conquest of Mars, by Edison, Journey to other worlds, Journey to Mars, Journey to Venus, Two Planets, To Venus in Five Seconds, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, Fighters from Mars, The Year 3000 and of course “The War of the Worlds” published by English author H.G. Wells in 1897, one of the earliest stories about Martians invading Earth.

An additional example of “voices,” that is more rooted as a “disclosure” is shown as being stimulated in the writing and expressions of Samuel Langhorn Clemens, a journalist and popular author known by the pen name Mark Twain. Here are some examples of why I say this as he was way ahead of his time and even predicted his death as synchronized with Halley’s comet and wrote about traveling to heaven in the tail of a comet. (All advancement in all forms is gradual. For instance, Jules Verne wrote “off on a comet” in 1877, but it had nothing to do with “heaven,” nor did any other science fiction writings in my investigation talk of comet’s, let alone to Heaven. It was about a comet colliding with Earth and taking a chuck with it into space with people living on it that returns in another collision to return the people 2 years later.)

Do and crew had their passports and $5 and three quarters on their person when they laid down their bodies in 1997. This was the fare to ride the comet’s tail to heaven. It would seem he was given these insights by the Next Level in anticipation of the way in which Members of the Next Level come and go, as if a comet was a type of bus service. Here are some of Samuel Clemen’s relative quotes:

“I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: “Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.”

Samuel Clemens died on April 21, 1910, the day after the comet’s perihelion.

Halley’s 1910 apparition is distinct from the Great Daylight Comet of 1910, which surpassed Halley in brilliance and was actually visible in broad daylight for a short period, approximately four months before Halley made its appearance

Also in 1907, Clemens, as Mark Twain, wrote a short story entitled “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven,” in which the hero of the script exits Earth for an extended trip among the heavenly bodies on the tail of a comet. The hero has his passport on him, plus five dollars and three 25-cent pieces for the fare.

I suspect there are two reasons for this large uptick in creative thinking about human interface with other beings and traveling to their worlds. One, the primary one was the Next Level’s closeness, even while not incarnate nor in spirit form in the environments of human beings. The other is through discarnate Luciferian Space Aliens and all those human discarnates who still believe the same as when alive so seek to do what they did as humans thus influence living humans to do their bidding. As humans gained more and more technology these discarnates would seek to spur them to further develop their ideas. And since the discarnate Luciferian space aliens were from an advanced civilization when they fell, they had a great deal of knowing what was possible so were eager to teach the technologies to humans so humans could help them escape and/or take over Earth or to build devices to escape Earth so to not be forced underground at the time of the next recycling. It would be another 40 years before literal space aliens would be allowed to leave their holding pen to begin influencing humans to more quickly adapt to their differences.

Thus all this with radio, television and movies would in affect help to realistically upgrade Human’s mindsets about what was real beyond our little world. The one who crashed was now accurately seen as a being from outer space, the literal heavens. The pilot died and the body was “badly disfigured” allegedly by the heat/fire in the explosion, all implied by the town’s name which, as a voluntary sacrifice was right in line with the entire idea behind the sacrificial lamb in the Moses camp performed on this very day in the passover. The censer was a bowl that held the coals from the burning of the sacrificial animal. The high priest (Aaron) had the task of putting incense into the bowl and it was talked about as providing a sweet smell to the Lord. The Frankincense actually made a white smoke.

Jehovah, by giving Moses instructions for Aaron to perform what they called “offerings” was teaching those human beings that what was most precious to us was worth sacrificing to please the Lord their God Jehovah who til then had shown them his power. Jehovah was showing them that they needed to “give” to receive further blessings (lessons). Animals were given to the humans for food (after the flood) and for labour thus represented what was most precious to them that was permitted to by the Lord to be sacrificed. A human can never sacrifice another human. The Luciferians have twisted this to make even the word sacrifice an evil word, but it’s the entire basis of the loss of self that is also part of becoming a member of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, which in the next trimester Jesus taught as “denying self” to be his disciple. In this preliminary setting to that lesson plan, an animal provided the life to be sacrificed. In most cases they also used the sacrificed animal. This was also a change from the way some people were worshiping animals as evidenced by the golden calf worship. That too was a Luciferian distortion. We can of course be thankful for the service an animal provides and we can treat animals with respect and the care they deserve as Jehovah and Moses also taught those in that first trimester beginners overcoming experiential classroom.

This angel, as a student was a “lamb” self sacrificed their own physical vehicle by fire on the altar of the territory of the U.S. Southwest. By his sole example he was acting as the high priest Aaron was instructed, the only one who was given the task to present the flesh sacrifice as the coals from the burning of the lamb into the Older Member’s quarters, the tent (tabernacle) designed specifically for Jehovah’s physical presence. (He came and went via a column of a cloud (covering) of his light, what today if flying through the atmosphere would be called a UFO. (Space Aliens don’t have these types of spacecraft – theirs look metallic). Thus this “angel” was representing an atonement for all the “missing of the mark” (sins) of the community of believers since the last offering made by Jesus himself.

It’s not that all the saints were sinners needing forgiveness. It’s simply that they had not yet overcome all their human characteristics (sins as human characteristics are beneath the Next Level Kingdom’s characteristics). Overcoming is equivalent to conquering them which means they don’t have a hold on us as the Buddha also taught suggesting that was the “fold” Jesus said he had and was going to after he left his disciples in the Middle East. As long as we are occupying human vehicles we will have the programming to behave in human mammalian ways. However, it is by overriding that programming according to the steps the Older Members give us during each experiential classroom that we take control away from our human vehicles habits and addictions, wants and desires so that it only gets what the Older Members prescribe. In this way we build the muscle of our mind, as TI called it, which fills the content of our Soul pocket/container with the Older Members program and that begins to build us into a new creature. When we graduate into the Next Kingdom Level the vehicle we are issued doesn’t have human mammalian characteristics thus we can’t have programs that want to play out through them.

TI and DO said it would theoretically “cause an abortion” to put a Soul into a Next Level grown vehicle that didn’t have compatible behaviors and ways – a Mind/Spirit (program) that could not pilot it because it had not “Changed over” while still in the human condition. I believe I recall them saying, if it was possible that new Next Level member would be unsatisfied in the Next Level and would be looking for ways to act out the parts of the programs they did not overcome. I don’t recall their saying this, but perhaps that’s what happened to the Luciferians and the reason TI said when she got back she would raise the bar on who could  get into the Next Level. I don’t think that means the Next Level messed up. TI and DO always said we are never given more than we can do. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an experiment that can be improved upon.

The Next Level Older Members have countless experience behind their projects so make sure upcoming new Next Level members have adequately cleaned our human vehicles from all their human behaviors and ways that includes instilling new programs. Thus instead of wanting to give one’s love to a spouse, they seek to give their love to their Older Member not through sensuality but through service to provide for others in the lower evolutionary kingdom access to their potential graduation. In the first trimester though, teaching to give oneself to one person as one’s spouse is the lesson that prepares one’s mind to give one’s love only to one’s Older Member in a subsequent trimester’s lesson plan. That’s why Jesus brought the update of “leaving behind” one’s human family and lifestyle, possessions and giving (love) to all people in an equivalent way as we too want to receive.

A huge step out of self and away from our mammalian roots includes “giving our life,” during the second trimester by telling others about their Older Member Jesus knowing those in the enemy camp, essentially in the religion that formed after the Last incarnation exited (Moses), would see to it that Jesus disciples are met with the same hatred and murder as Jesus was met with, which Jesus did explain to his disciples before he left.

Then by the last trimester one must focus on removing all our self indulgent sensuality again as a commitment to our incarnate Older Member and what went with that, at least in the example of TI and DO’s incarnation was even the voluntary laying down of the human vehicles they borrowed that further severs the roots to the human kingdom because the death of that vehicle didn’t come from a force out of their control as it partially did when they were in the second trimester with Jesus.

In other words the prophecy was re-enacting exactly what was taught by Jehovah through Moses and Aaron. Thus it may be that this “angel” – casting the censer was actually the same Soul as the Soul who served in the vehicle named Aaron, who may have also gone on to perform a similar task as John the Baptist, once again giving his life standing up for his Next Level Older Member, according to that trimesters design. This also leads me to consider that this messenger with three other of TI and DO’s students may actually be the ones prophesied as the FOUR LIVING BEINGS. I would guess that Lvvody, Jnnody and Jwnody were the other three, incidentally all having female vehicles except for Lggody in a male vehicle.

This idea that classmates had been the same souls that were with the Older Members in classrooms past was never something TI and DO spent any time on except that they came to know it was a fact. However some of students in the beginning seemed to get a little carried away with who they might be in the past. I remember being told by another classmate that one classmate in an older female vehicle was the return of Mary the mother of the vehicle Jesus. Her name became Flxody and she left the class before TI left her vehicle. When I first heard her say that, it felt kind of weird, but in those early days of 1975 there were all sorts of people, mostly from California that touted being someone of stature. I remember one who said he had been John the Baptist. Another called himself Light born, not a bad name but wow did he have some ego and drive to be in charge. Another took the name Aaron and would joke about the time when he was one of the only ones who had met TI and DO in a campground and he would walk around with a staff and felt like he was sort of in the Aaron task. None of these lasted even many months even in those first days while we were scattered around the country, some having lost any physical connection to TI and DO.

TI and DO always said that claiming to be some past person was like saying you hadn’t grown as a member of the Next Level continually seeks to do. However with this said, there was one time, some years after TI left her vehicle that Do actually gave each of us the name of someone in the Old Testament that was a lesson step our current mind came from. I don’t know the names of anyone else as it wasn’t posted. It was strictly something private between Do and each classmate to know and nor were we to linger on it. Do suggested we look in the Old Testament for the name and see what it says about the individual and then put no further energy into it. I only report this so individuals will have a broader scope in which to understand TI and DO’s task. Do wrote the name on a piece of paper that he handed to each student. Mine read: “Bezaleel.” When I looked the name up it showed this individual was descended from the tribe of Juda and had the task of carrying out the instructions Moses gave for the building of all the parts of the Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting), the tent where Jehovah would descend to via a “column of cloud” and the Arc of the Covenant – the box that was designed to hold the stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them and the high priests clothing and all the furniture and altars. This section of the records can be seen at: Exodus 31:1-11.

If someone hasn’t yet overcome their ego, when they are told they are related in some way to someone in the records, it provides evidence of that “self.” In this vehicle I have, I have that response and this isn’t the only way it surfaces. Whenever I have the thought and feeling that I am something special in some way, it’s that influence with me that is stimulating it. TI and DO taught us that it wasn’t important if it always was an actual discarnate or not. What’s important is that when treating it as a discarnate it engages the mechanism to get rid of it or at least not give it any time in one’s consciousness as it may never entirely go away while using a human vehicle. Thus when I feel my vehicle kind of gloating at the thought that I said or did or represented something special, I put a label on it, as TI and DO taught to do and then send it packing – obliterate it from my consciousness instead of basking in self delight at the idea.

One technique for getting rid of discarnate influences’ thoughts and/or feelings was to envision a “blank card,” like a cue card with nothing on it, being put in your minds eye and then move your mind to something else, even while holding that card up. Sometimes you will feel that influence right on the other side of that card knocking. You will not even necessarily have a thought about it but just the feeling of it’s presence. That’s the objective to not hear the thought at all. I believe TI called that “smelling the influence” – recognizing it’s presence without hearing it’s identifying thoughts and/or feelings. So my label is simply “ego get lost.” I can’t say I am adept in smelling it though I did experience that with sensual thoughts while still in the classroom. The Next Level regulates the strength of the influences who become our assigned adversaries. That’s why, although I was able to “smell” those sensual influences at one time, when I asked TI for a challenge like Do had, that being my “ego” speaking, as if my level of strength was up to par with Do’s, TI let me have it – she opened the door to a bigger “booger” and I fell flat on my face with what I had thought was good self control over sensual thoughts and feelings and I couldn’t even generate the desire to want to get up or even want to ask for help, let alone put up a blank card.

TI and DO taught that the Next Level is not an organization that puts individuals on pedestals. Don’t get me wrong, they do praise and reward those that accomplish the tasks they are assigned, though during the classroom time, TI and DO told us they didn’t talk to our accomplishments as their task was to address those things about each of us that held us back from the goal. Some exceptions to their praising us, was when we showed our thirst as a unit. They always knew we were thirsty for next steps because they would get new information and Do especially would physically feel our “pulling” for those next steps. They always said that it was like their having to make room for a next step which took place when we took their mind from them in the form of listening and putting into affect all they had given us up until then. Another time that we received praise was upon return from our visits to the vehicle’s family. It was never talked about but the fact that they had sent most everyone in the classroom to visit whomever they chose was opening a big door to some deciding to stay with that family who in most cases certainly wanted them to not go back to be with the “cult.” Thus returning was a show of having succeeded in cutting those ties although for at least one classmate, it ended up being the impetus of their later choosing to leave the classroom. I could just see and feel TI and DO and classmates happiness every time a new group of visit returnees came in the door.

I also believe that some of the family members also succeeded in their own degree of classroom when they accepted the choices of their adult family members to continue with what meant so much to them even though it often puzzled and pained them to do. A case in point involved my vehicle’s dad. He had a rough time with my vehicle’s mother’s desire to find me, telling her there was no use in trying to pull him (me) away from it. When he took me to the airport to return after the weekend visit he told me to “thank TI and DO,” I believe for allowing me to visit. I think he said that mostly for my vehicle’s mother’s sake. Years later out of the blue, I had a very startling dream about my vehicle’s dad. I sat up in bed suddenly having seen in a dream that he had died suddenly of a heart attack. I told Do about the dream and Do asked if I was concerned about it and if I wanted to call. I told Do I wasn’t really concerned. A month or two later Do instigated calls for anyone who felt to, as had been done about once a year after the first ten years of no contact for most of us. The reason for the calls was to help relieve anxiety among those family members. The students would feel their anxiety at their absence just as if parts of a plant’s root system was struggling to get nutrients. So I called and my vehicle’s dad was fine. I learned on a call around a year later that some months after I had called, he died suddenly of a massive heart attack.

TI and DO said upon return to the Next Level said there would be a major celebration. I believe they indicated it would include many or even all existing members of the Next Level who numbered in the thousands (not the millions) as in the human kingdom. They also said those who failed to succeed at their task would feel “embarrassed” (if I recall the word they used correctly) that they let their humanness get the better of them as it is a real environment but where failure can simply become the motivation to succeed next time as the Next Level doesn’t give up on us but we always have the choice to give up on them and to even go against them. It would not be the other members of the Next Level that cause us to feel that embarrassment. It would come from our own disappointment with ourselves, which then can add to our determination to do a better job next time. So it is the assigned task from our Older Members that are the most important, not the individual who performs it. It’s the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens that influence humans to worship those who were recorded as students of Moses or Jesus or of any incarnate Older Member from the Next Level, especially with statues and paintings, etc.

Because TI and DO said they came from the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, that has many members, that makes each member one of those members to humans a “God” which of course is heard as an outrageous thing to say because of the way the Luciferians have made that seem impossible and polluted it’s reality with the assignment of that term to almost anything and especially to those who fell away from the Kingdom of God. But to this perspective Do said, (paraphrased):

TI and DO were saying they were from the Next Level, the Kingdom of God and how that Kingdom has many members. But from where Do sits he counts himself a “young’un because he doesn’t relate to those who entered the kingdom later than his Soul. He is only concerned with those who are “up” from his relationship, therefore he considers himself “low man on the totem pole, though he’s assigned to related with Souls coming through their own birth canal. He doesn’t think that task to relate to souls coming into births is that unique a task. It didn’t take a “high falootin’ officer” to perform it. Do feels it possible there are many in his Father’s kingdom who might qualify to perform this “midwife” task. However, that task was given to him and was also given to the “vehicle surrounding” his Soul. (end of paraphrased segment from Do).

Thus I don’t have to be right about who was assigned to which task. However, I only bring it up because the Next Level does prepare students to perform more and more tasks and from my experience with TI and DO, certain ones are assigned certain tasks for three reasons I can think of and not in any order. One, because the Older Member when they ask their Older Member who to assign a specific task to may receive the answer specifically, or the Older Member might say to the younger Older Member, “your choice,” in which the Older Member, as is their way, would still try to come up with the choice they think their Older Member would choose and might still say to their Older Member, what about so and so? Second, which goes with the first is who the Older Member thinks can perform the task and along with that, third being who most needs that experience as a lesson step which can even be for the opposite of apparent reasons. I’m not implying these are the only considerations nor that these are all concrete ideas and considerations in an Older Members mind. I’m just giving some insights I feel I saw demonstrated and to some degree also spoken about by Do.

Lggody was perhaps of all the students the one who by human standards had the most overall success in life and thus the most to give up and lose, which he, like all who are choosing to start their metamorphosis are required to separate from. (There really is no “most to lose.” We all must lose all and that ends up being equivalent for all). However, perhaps some who were more elder could better handle separating so took on more to be an example to others of the strength of mind required to make those separations. Another way of looking at it is that he needed that experience. One can’t have too much experience as with each experience one only gets a stronger mind from accomplishing. It all works hand in hand. But Lggody’s vehicle had a horse ranch (horses being one way TI and DO and Old Testament prophets Isaiah and Zechariah illustrated as humans) and he was successful in business and had a sizable family with I believe 3 children (that I don’t believe were very young when he separated from them in 1975.

Without even meeting the Two he left it all behind a week after being told about the Two knowing this was his calling. I could be wrong but like said, I suspect he had all that to be an example of someone who did have much to lose on the human level. I for instance had next to nothing to lose materially and even my relationship had become fractured in the months before joining that I recovered from so was like receiving Next Level help to detach from. What I was most leaving behind was my budding career in music, but it’s not like I had a recording contract or degree I was pursuing so I hadn’t really invested much in that idea of a career. I was simply a hippie type having fun with it while making a little money.

Lvvody and Jnnody were steadfast in their dedication and were consistently the assigned “helpers” of TI and DO. Lvvody chose a vehicle that became a registered nurse before joining with TI and DO which was the profession of the vehicle TI took. When TI went through her vehicle’s last two weeks before it’s death, because of the cancer that began in her eye nearly two years earlier, Lvvody was a key helper, though Do said TI mostly slept through it. After TI left her body as prophecy indicates was planned as depicted in Rev 12, Jnnody and Lvvody became full time “helpers” of Do. This meant they lived in the same craft with Do when Do chose to live in a separate craft from the student body. Whether he lived in the same craft or not was like everything TI and DO did, changeable with no obvious patterns. TI and DO always said, “change is the name of the game” and wouldn’t you know that the term “repent” really means, “change your mind.”

Jwnody also had a lot to lose when she joined, if only in the fact that her vehicle was pregnant. Thus what she was giving up may not seem like much to many but nonetheless demonstrated her resolve to not let even that hormonal and emotional connection to one’s baby stop her from fulfilling what she came here to do. In other words the Mind that came into her vehicle that had prepared that vehicle may have allowed a pregnancy as both a test of her strength of mind over that vehicles motherly instincts and to be an example to others of her resolve and a test of her trust in the Next Level and TI and DO who said the baby would be well cared for and because of her choice to give her all to serve the Next Level would have a special opportunity to grow closer to the Next Level.

Jwnody had also served off and on as Do’s “helper” as did Lggody at times. Jwnody was also a regular helper and overseer from the start and was the main “scribe” of the group, a “primary” in the student writing projects. I was her partner in some of those efforts as well as partner to Lggody in various tasks as were a number of classmates. After I left and the group exited in 1997 and I stood up for TI and DO and Crew publicly by giving live interviews with the CBS show 60 Minutes and CNN’s Larry King Live and ABC’s Morning Show and Newsweek and Time magazines and many other Radio and Internet and Newspapers I began to be visited via dreams that helped me gradually bring back more of my Next Level Mind into the vehicle again. Eventually when those dreams led me to agree to be of service again which largely took shape after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, I was visited in dreams by both Lggody and Jwnody who had a very specific message. Lggody said nothing but just vibrated a knowing. Jwnody said, “It was worth it” to me, referring to laying down her life. And then she showed me what I thought were a line of what seemed like 3 – 4 other individuals who were serving the Next Level, suggesting I could also serve. (I’m not implying only 3-4 are in service to the Next Level – just describing the dream that was for me and I could have misinterpreted parts as well. Dreams are very interesting but influences can use them too so one shouldn’t take them as instructions to act upon. They can simply offer collaboration to thoughts and feelings we already may have, so in that way can be helpful to consider)


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