TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses–Section III.C.4.a&b. The Seven Angel’s Trumpet 4th Soundings – 1930’s – 1940’s


This forth angel’s sounding is demonstrating the conclusion of the set up period for the gathering of the strain of humans who will provide the vehicles for the returning student body souls/saints to incarnate into.

Rev 8:12 And (the) fourth angel sounded, and (the) third part of (the) sun ((2246 helios from hele= a ray, implied light, EAST)) (was) smitten ((4141 plesso from 4111 plasso= FORMS, through (the) idea of flattening out; to pound (with a fist or hammer) or PRESS, such as to inflict with calamity that serves to mold, shape, fabricate)), and (the) third part of (the) moon ((4582 selene from selas= brilliancy akin to (the) alternate of 138 haireomai= idea of attractiveness but akin to 142 airo – to take for oneself, to choose)), and (the) third part of (the) stars; so as ((2443 hina= (the) demonstrative idea, in order that (denoting (the) purpose or (the) result), because, to (the) intent)) (the) third part of them was darkened ((4654 akotizo from 4655 skotos= to obscure, covered by darkness; of (the) eyes, understanding, mind)), and (the) day ((2250 hemera a derivative of hemai= to sit for an hour (short) season), tame, make gentle, time space between dawn and dark or (the) whole)) shone ((5316 phaino from 5457 phos= to bring forth into light, cause to shine, shed light, be bright or resplendent, to become evident, appear, be seen, exposed to view, meet (the) eyes, become clear or manifest, appear to (the) mind)) not for a third part of it, and (the) night ((3571 nux= time when work ceases, time of; death, deeds of sin and shame, moral stupidity and darkness, when weary and drunken give themselves up to slumber)) likewise ((3668 homoios= equally, in (the) same way, like manner)).

Since these prophecies have both figurative and literal applications pertaining to the time period of the sounding and thereafter, each of the points of the Sun, Moon, Stars are addressed in how they relate to other prophecies throughout the biblical records.

– Sun – The Sun is of course the greatest provider of Light, but light is also how information that can lead to true enlightenment is presented through the position (seat) referred to as the Throne, thus the One referred to as Elohim, Jehovah and The Father but finally incarnate in a female human body as one of the Two Witnesses who is shown to end up before her exit of her incarnation is shown to be TI, who Do learned was his Older Member – not by her saying so but by his recognition while working with her, and thus his Heavenly Father and who he also referred to as the “Chief Administrator” of the earth garden experiment and like an “Admiral” where he was like a “Captain” in the Next Level’s Older Member/Younger Member hierarchy.

Here is Jesus comparing the light possessed by his disciples with the light of the Sun:

Mat 13:43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Thus this is saying that acting in accordance with the behavior and ways taught by the Next Level and especially by standing up for the most recent incarnate Older Member is rightness (as bearing the truth, what is real) and thus “light bearing” just like the way their Older Member bears their Light to others and therefore is as or like the Sun – the greatest light source for all the evolutionary kingdoms on earth.

This next verse is actually most applicable to the time of the Sixth Angel’s trumpet sounding but demonstrates the context of the use of the word “sun.” In this example, the Older Member from the Next Level comes down from heaven and his FACE is compared with the SUN. His FACE reflects who he represents and that for an Older Member (and for that matter any Younger Member) of the Next Level is their Older Member aka Father who birthed them into Next Level membership, thus is who this “mighty angel” compares themselves to. Clothed with a cloud indicates his vehicle (clothing) hides (clouds) who he really is, which is what TI and DO called their coming “undercover” and jives with the idea that they come not observable with eyesight (Lk 17:20), not identified as from the Next Level via one’s literal eyes and how they come “as a thief”:

Rev 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire

Rev 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

– Moon – indicates the lessor light that is a witness to the Sun’s light in how it reflects the Sun’s light, thus like the Son (offspring) of the Father (Generator) (Sun) serving as an extension of the Greatest Light.

Interpretation of Rev 12:1’s Sun and Moon, is shown in more detail in section, “II.A.5.g. REVELATIONS 12…” that depicts the Father as a “woman” is accurate in the sense that the Father is the Chief “generator,” what Greek “gune,” based upon “ginomai” is defined as, which is the primary role of the woman in the human species but in this example relative to creation of new Next Level membership (most true definition of LIFE). The Moon role “on foot” (incarnate) is in the provision of SEED in the form of Mind (holy spirit) that is shown as rays and light, that TI related as “frequency” that can give birth to offspring (Do), both into the Next Level (well before this civilization) and then to the throne position, the task of birthing others into the Next Level, in what TI and DO called their serving as “midwives.” In this part of the plan TI was birthing Do who was then assigned to birth their student body, those Jesus said his “Father” gave him. Thus Do becomes the primary re-generator of new life into the Next Level which makes him the equivalent of serving in the role of “mother” as represented by Earth’s moon which among other aspects regulates the waters on earth (the tides, human emotions), the same waters that in the human genome grows to support the human baby in the water sack in the mother’s womb which potentially become the human vehicles the Souls of their litter must take over to build their Mind from their Older Members Mind to graduation/birth out of the human evolutionary kingdom.

In this next verse example, the Sun is compared with the throne and the Moon as a faithful witness, another reference of a person to a planetary body. Thus before the Father’s “son” who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus ascends to the throne, as shown in Rev 12, he is the Father’s “faithful witness who testifies about the Father which is also shown in Rev 12:1 being the Father’s footstool – his incarnation (on foot) in the Father’s service (tool=stool) that graduates him, the “Son” to the throne through the Father’s incarnate “birthing” him to his next station in her continued service in his Next Level family, partially shown:

Psa 89:36 His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me.
Psa 89:37 It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness ((5707 ‘ed= from `uwd testimony, a recorder, a prince)) in heaven. Selah.

Additional context shows the Sun as the Father and the Moon as his Son who provides witness of his Father on Earth. Do informed us that TI was his “heavenly Father.” TI never told him she was. He learned and realized it. It wasn’t until early in 1985 before TI left that Do told the student body that TI was the Rev 12:1 “woman.” (It was the only time in my 19 years with him that he gave us a bible lesson and one of the only times Do had a meeting while TI was incarnate that didn’t include TI. Members of the Next Level don’t like putting themselves, their vehicles on a pedestal. They only desire to put their Older Member on a pedestal.

For the record, on the Applewhite and/or Heaven’s Gate Wikipedia pages, last time I checked some years ago, TI was hardly spoken of as having much to do with the group as if Do was the primary leader. They always worked as a partnership but Do knew that TI was his Older Member, though they both had a relationship to TI’s Older Member – termed Heavenly Father (as He wasn’t incarnate). The evidence that TI actually got Do started, said as “birthed” him to the task described as the Throne becomes more apparent when reading some of what TI wrote. That can be found in the Appendix section of this book that ebook readers can access here: “I Can’t Believe That But I Must.”

The Moon as the planetary body doesn’t provide it’s own light (witness) that we can see. It reflects (witnesses to) the Sun (the Father’s) light to the earth’s inhabitants. Note the Moon is also listed in this song (psalm) as a “prince” which is what archangels like Michael, who is understood to become Jesus incarnate are, as heirs to the throne, (though it’s not automatic as in the human hierarchy – it needs to be earned – The Luciferians are the ones who turned it into a more or less automatic inheritance received by simply believing in Jesus while hardly paying attention to the part he said was required of “abiding” by everything he taught.)

Here are two verses that talk about the “sun rising” in relationship to people as evil or good, just or unjust, or as the grass as the masses or as the rich humans:

Mat 5:45 That (ye) may be ((1096 ginomai= come into being, cause to be generated, arise, be assembled, be brought, drawn)) (the) children ((5207 huios= a “son,” kinship, child, foal)) (of) your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh ((393 anatello= cause to make rising/springing up again (ana))) his ((846 autos= pronoun referring to one’s mind/spirit as their persona)) sun ((2246 helios from hele= a ray, by implication light, + east)) to rise ((393 anatello= cause to make rising/springing up again (ana))) on ((1909 epi= among, have charge, the time of, because of, on behalf of)) the evil and (on the) good, and sendeth rain ((1026 brecho= to moisten, wash)) on ((1909 epi= among, have charge, the time of, because of, on behalf of)) the just and (on the) unjust.

Again, the sun in it’s Greek definition is “his ray/light that rises” which also can represent the way the Father provided his “only begotten (born of flesh, at that time) Son” who embodies that light/ray and is sent to “rise” as in incarnate aka resurrect (stand up again) and demonstrate rising out of the human condition (overcoming he human kingdom and it’s earthen world). In both cases both the evil and good get the opportunity and “rain” was also a reference to a blessing on the people as because of it, the crops would grow so there would be plenty of food but water from above is also what Jesus said he was providing to the woman at the well by saying he had water to offer her that would quench her thirst eternally. Plus water is what is illustrated in “washing” away the old, the sins up until that point for as long as the individual chooses to strive to overcome looking to their Older Member who was last incarnate for each and every step.

Here is another example where things natural are compared to other biological life forms below the human and animal evolutionary kingdom:

Jam 1:11 For the sun is no sooner risen with a burning heat, but it withereth the grass, and the flower thereof falleth, and the grace of the fashion of it perisheth: so also shall the rich man fade away in his ways.

Here the Sun and the Moon are referred to literally while showing that the Older Members are the providers of “light” going forward once one becomes a Member of the Next Level on board their “city” the New Jerusalem spacecraft. New Jerusalem is a heavenly vessel in addition to the area of the Earth that serves as the “temple” and “court” for the “overcoming classroom” and even has a relationship to a particular region of the new geography the Next Level is touching down upon:

Rev 21:23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

Next we see the “Sun of righteousness” as a phrase referring to Jesus, but actually any Older Member from the Next Level and how their arrival results in added heat, that the wicked are burned up by. Burning as with all these analogies has two applications. One is where they are giving into their passions in such a way that they are breaking the laws of the Next Level as provided to Moses and updated by Jesus centered around how they treat others. One can not become a leader who suppresses others or conquers others, has others murdered with whatever their justification and also be in covenant with the Next Level Family. That’s not to say, someone who was engaged in some sort of like behavior couldn’t change, but if they never do, there is only one direction they are sending themselves in. When their physical vehicle dies, their spirit will not be kept/saved for a future opportunity. They instead will be left to be recycled in what is called the “lake of fire.” In other words their spirit or Soul itself will be burned up – dissolved, melted:

Isa 34:4 And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

– Stars – were already described under the sections of the Third Angels trumpet sounding but in the figurative sense in this context are referring to younger and/or student members of the Kingdom of God from the literal heavens – lessor lights compared to the Moon and the Sun.

The Stars that don’t become renegade drop outs, who remain loyal and trustworthy to their Older Members seem to be those who are given tasks as “prophets” in between the coming incarnation of their Older Member and may be those who herald the Older Members’ arrival. These are depicted as the Twelve in the crown of the Rev 12 Woman, who is depicted as being “clothed with the Sun,” thus as a pure light body, an Older Member who brings His Son to the Throne.

– Smitten has to do with “pounding flat” as with a metal worker thus indicates the way the Next Level’s overcoming of humanness program has purpose to refine human vehicles to be used to refine Souls, by helping them rid themselves of all impurities that will through adversity and calamity enable their taking the shape of working tools for Next Level serviceability.

So I would add to “smitten” additional translations of, “to form, pound, press into shape.” That’s the Christing (Chrysalis, overcoming of humanness “process” TI and DO illustrated) or said as “being anointing” with oil, a “pressing” process TI also illustrated as what takes place in the foundry to purify out the polluting elements of gold for instance.

Thus the “third” are being subject to the pounding. It’s the shaping by the Sun’s (Father’s/TI’s) “rays of light” of the humans whose vehicles would begin producing offspring the moon (Do) and the stars (TI and DO’s returning souls/students) would be “become, because of” (as) the ones who obscure (darken) those rays of light.

– Day as “to sit and/or “to tame,” “to be gentle” for an hour (short) season – all sound like part of the Next Level program to help remove the wild animalistic instinctual independent and often violent nature from those of the Tribe of Israel. Thus these in this third are being tested by this “FORMING/POUNDING” from the presence of the RAY/LIGHT, Older Member’s Mind being closer. And thus some among this “third” do NOT “take seats and shine” (operate straight forward in DAY LIGHT) so become DARKENED which removes their ability to project light (a task of bringing DAY light to others) and instead promote entering into ignorance and the period of night.

The timing here is interesting. An hour Next Level time is known to be about 40 earth – human years. Since this fourth angel’s trumpet sounding and subsequent events pertaining to this FIRST HARVEST WAVE seem to be aligned with the time period of the 1930’s to 1940’s, if we add 40 years we come to the 1970’s and 1980’s. TI and DO always said they and their student body came incarnate in the 1970’s thus this seems to be about the pounding/shaping that occurs to affect that upcoming future.

The two thirds of the children of Israel that were not found worthy of being taken through the pressing, by their own choices to venture away from the covenant with Jehovah would reap the ramifications (karma) of their choosing to instead become the instruments to “smite” the Son as it was the Jewish hierarchy and supporters that conspired to kill Jesus and his disciples thereafter but influenced the state to do their dirty-work. So after Jesus left, there was both a type of witch-hunt against the “Third” of the original children of Israel by the Two Thirds who had rejected the messiah because they only claimed to be followers of Moses to suit the raising of their own stature instead of literally living by the commandments he gave from Jehovah. As we can see this merger of Gentiles (Romans) and the religious Jews (Pharisees) allied to some degree with them as we saw with the way these religious Jews motivated the Romans to execute Jesus and round up his now Christ believer Jewish followers, the righteous THIRD, we see repeat itself generations later because this process is ongoing throughout the civilization showing application “hour to hour.”

Ezk 32:7 And when I shall put thee out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give her light.

Isa 13:9 Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and He shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.
Isa 13:10 For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

Finally, by saying the Rays of Light (the Sun, which also stands for brotherhood and the great lamp that provides a fathering to all life on Earth and the returning Son of God) and the spiritual brilliance and law of attraction and mothering foundational (Moon) (Rev 12 Woman whose feet (incarnation) is in that mothering of chicks role), with the Saints (Stars, those students who are graduating the human kingdom) are OBSCURED (darkened) so that the “day” that is represented by the Father and Son and Saints physical arrival to show the promise of the light while the night shows the promise of this period are likewise obscured.


Some ways these preparations for “forming” of those who draw and shine their ray/light is evidenced when we see good will towards fellow humans and the seeking of self improvements to overcome various destructive behaviors and ways and the development of thirst to understand more about our world and open up further to the vast possibilities. Examples:

– 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Founded – TI and DO showed approval for people to try to conquer their substance addictions/habits. In fact around 1989 Do had the class establish a church he named, “Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church,” including “anonymous” in the title because of it’s usage in AA. This little project was short lived in terms of any public interface. Do sent a few class-members to talk one of the California groups that had sprung up by then tailored after AA but in terms of sexual addiction. There were essentially three groups called Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) and Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) Do had a few classmates communicate with. Alxody was one (and was also one who some 5 years later chose to move to Boulder, Colorado, to get a job outside the influence of the class to have a doctor perform the operation to remove his vehicles testicles) and he spoke to one of these groups and read the document TI authored called, “The Power of Goodness.” He was sharing the successes those in the class had with celibacy but they were seen by some in that group as full of themselves.

Part of what was suggested to the one group Alxody spoke to, was to even cease talking about their sexuality. Members of these groups would stand up in front of others and give details of their addiction. They didn’t know it, but Do felt even that was playing into their addiction, re-living a degree of the high that comes with sexual feelings stimulated by thoughts and sharing it with others. That was seen as a good thing, along the lines of a confession that the class had and called “slippage meetings,” though we had procedures on how to conduct those meetings. When classmates had a “slippage” in the area of what we termed “sensuality,” which did occur a number of times for a handful of students because they were reported at these meetings, the instruction was to say something to the equivalent of…”I had a slippage in the area of sensuality and wrote a note to Links (how we titled our written correspondence or at times referred to TI and DO as a team) explaining the details.” It was important to NOT explain the details to the group for the sake of anyone trying to conquer that addictive behavior as even hearing words that could trigger thoughts of that nature could be difficult to deal with. I don’t recall this type of slippage reporting procedure applying to any other slippage. Otherwise the slippage reporting did need to include specifically what we allowed our vehicles to think, say or do that was against procedure.

One might think, why not provide that difficulty as wouldn’t it then require that much more strength to ward off which was the overcoming process that built our “mind muscle” (as TI called it)? But that wasn’t the task of students to become the instruments of others testing in that regard even though it did happen at times that fellow students did become such instruments. It simply was the procedure so to abide by was yet another test of our commitment to TI and DO. This also shows how procedures were often designed so we didn’t become the instrument of testing ourselves or others. The testing would be stimulated by TI and DO and the procedures they gave or didn’t give for any circumstance – that to follow were doing things “as a member of the Next Level would do,” because the procedures all came from our Older Members from the Next Level – TI and DO.

Sometimes TI and DO assigned students (usually overseers of a particular department or over the entire craft) to write up a procedure, which would be sent to TI and DO in a report so they could check what was written.

TI and DO had a series of ways they checked out with one another to be sure they were getting instructions from their Older Members in the heavens and not from Luciferian influences. They knew that the instigation of their instructions would put different ones to the test to abide by but it served as a challenge to abide by so even became the reason some left the class.

One direct example of how TI and DO gave an instruction that was a “test” was when we had just finished holding public meetings in 1975 in the Colorado area and they gave the instruction they called “testing.” They had organized about 70 of us into cars or van’s with 4 to 6 students in each outfitted with one or two small tents, a Coleman brand two burner stove, a cott and foam pad for each person to sleep on and a couple pots and utensils to cook with. They gave each car a small amount of money for gas to get us out of the Colorado area but then said, when we needed more gas and/or food and/or lodging we were to “test” those who say they are believers and followers of Jesus – essentially Christians by knocking on the appropriate doors to ask for what we needed. We were not to ask for money. We were to ask for exactly what we needed – gasoline, food or lodging help (though we would preferably camp somewhere for lodging – it wasn’t an absolute).

Mat 10:42 And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

I believe TI and DO also indicated to state that we were on a mission for our Heavenly Father, while leaving it up to them to ask questions to which we should pull on TI and DO’s mind at the time to respond to according to their draw. Sometimes it meant telling them all about TI and DO as the Two Witnesses, etc. and occasionally, because of what we would say we were not helped or were helped reluctantly – even, I recall having money thrown at us by one church leader.

– Social Security Enacted in U.S. Even though I never heard TI and DO directly talk about this, I do feel it’s equivalent was addressed as one of the ways the government could/should help it’s people so I suspect TI and DO would have been in favor of it. Today it’s being depicted as a hand out from the government when the government did nothing to provide the money except create the organization and laws so both employers and employees contributed to it. Even if it was a handout, isn’t that what Jesus encouraged his believers to think in terms of, by giving to whoever asks of you. He didn’t say, first try to find out if they deserve it or if they are misusing it or can get along without it. But then Jesus wasn’t trying to attract people that wanted to put their “treasure” into Earthy things but to put their treasure into heavenly things that moth and rust doesn’t corrupt as happens with all human forms of wealth.

– Cinema – TI and DO always felt movies were a prime way the Next Level stimulated certain thinking among humans. At time the Next Level literally have a hand in providing key ideas to those in the movie production business. One movie that seemed to be one of several key movies for TI and DO’s awakening was “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” that was a story based on the facts in the life of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare.

Many people were significantly inspired by that movie, while many also think it’s naive to interpret Jesus literally as anti wealth for his believers (church). The movie came out in December of 1972. Before then, TI had believed she had the help of an unseen guide who she called “brother Francis.” As a nurse, when she had to draw blood from a patient she’d call on Brother Francis to help her find the vein to insert the needle.

St. Francis of Assisi had a terrible war experience and turned to life as an ascetic instead of rejoining his wealthy family business. St. Clare had also rejected her family’s riches and was helping lepers in Assisi. After Francis leaves his rich way of life behind, at the site of an old broken down church in the country he reported he heard God in a vision say to him, “Restore My Church on Earth.” He begins to preach renunciation of worldliness and Clare supports him caring for the poor and disabled among three his old buddies who were also very adversely affected by the Crusades against the Egyptians. Note neither Francis or Clare were initially part of any official part of the Catholic hierarchy. They were individuals with a strong commitment that went way beyond what the Catholic Church taught was worship that had become distorted and diluted from what Jesus taught.

The part of this movie, as with another, the Sound of Music both portray a male waking up and a female providing their support just as occurred with TI and DO. Even in Brother Sun, Sister Moon, there is a sense that Clare is further along in her growth than Francis. That’s certainly the impression in Sound of Music with Maria who get’s the “Captain” started singing again with their children, who when they wed, Maria adopts. (TI and DO said they adopted the student body who remained at that time in 1977-8 which is when we got “ody” names. Thus Sister Moon seems to represent TI who is relative to Do quiet.

The Sun represents the greater light as the Sun’s (light) is wrapped around this “woman” or better yet defined as the “generator” of seed, as in the Nettles plant that is an artillery plant that shoots out it’s seed as a exceptional form of seed generating and projecting.

The Sun is a massive full spectrum of light frequency generator, manifest in the way it, relative to the stimulation of growth on the planet, includes the provision of light in the form of literal heat and heat as the force needed to stimulate the “fabrication” of Souls. All kinds of comparisons are made to the shaping of new members of the Next Level to the smelting of ore into pure gold. TI also compared the process to the making of butter from milk and how it requires a great deal of churning. TI and DO also said this was a metamorphic process that literally produces “body changes.” I doubt many of their students understood much of the literal nature of the body changes they said would be taking place for each of us. We just accepted that they were happening. In the end, certainly each of the graduates had rendered their physical bodies completely subservient to their minds. TI would always tell us to “get your mind in your vehicle.” We even taught a pet parakeet we had to say that phrase. We also had a couple parrots and a bunch of finches all in the last weeks before TI left her vehicle. It was a matter of two weeks from when Do told us of TI’s condition to where she could no longer meet with us to when she left her vehicle.

Since the end of the 19th century there were significant increases in science fiction books and movies. One series that seemed to be a forerunner to the Star Trek series was Flash Gordon that became a television series in 1936 broadcast to millions in the United States. Of course there were more but the idea of traveling in space on missions was uplifting in it began to paint a more realistic picture of what some would come to understand was formally the Kingdom of God that before then was relegated to the spirit world.

Following this thinking was the landmark radio broadcast that showed how even fiction is never without a consideration of reality in whatever it depicts to the listeners in the 1938 Broadcast of “The War of the Worlds.” Yes it caused panic but part of the Next Level does to stimulate growth is cause events that are traumatic for some to receive. As the Next Level does do gradually, it gives people a chance to prepare for what’s to come.

Whenever the Next Level is closer and providing uplifting perspectives, the lower forces, the Luciferian space aliens and their discarnates and humans unknowingly in their service are allowed to wield their influence as it’s part of providing a full range of choices to all humans, to look to and become kin with the associated thinking, behavior and ways. This is near impossible for those most in league with the Luciferian mindset, which is the dominant mindset, though anyone can simply ask whatever their idea of the Next Level is for help and strength to get through the challenges to gain glimpses of the option of who to become in allegiance to. All rebelliousness against the thinking, behaviors and ways of the Kingdom of God is spawned by the Luciferian rebelliousness against the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

Those humans that are completely under the control of the Luciferians don’t think of themselves that way at all. In fact many think they are righteously aligned with “God” in the various belief systems they were raised with.

An example of one of many ways the Luciferians continue to commandeer the minds of humans becomes apparent by the construction of the Christ Monument Built on the Rio de Janeiro hilltop that is a big religious tourist attraction, despite the fact that the beliefs that developed, largely stemming from the teachings of Jehovah through his servant Moses included not building and/or praying and/or serving (worshiping) things that are not living, like in the golden calf some of the children of Israel constructed while Moses was on Mt. Sinai receiving Jehovah’s set of instructions. Of course this monument is just one of many examples of how the Roman Catholic Church has defied what Moses and Jesus taught, but it shows how subtle changes gather momentum that then justify even going against the Kingdom of God’s instructions and that rebelliousness becomes the norm, while using the names and basic idea of the Kingdom of God’s existence, the especially the “carrot” of the reward of going to heaven, the reality of which diminishes with every passing moment, the rebelliousness is expanded.

This expansion of the lower forces depicted in religion and spirituality is why why Do and Crew said that at this time especially, (though until this time, all things can be stepping stones), “Religions are the number one killers of souls,” because the truth becomes all but unrecognizable to those who are the generational product of that misinformation mind by the time the next incarnate Older Member representative from the Kingdom of God/Heaven comes with their elder student membership. This is why those who can no longer stomach much more than a token participation, if at all, in religious and/or spiritual organizations and movements, while still having a sense that there is a genuine Kingdom of God and that the truth can still be found in the records though they are not necessarily sure how to think about it all until the Older Members come close to provide their “tags” and “deposits” that literally enable their waking up when they come incarnate and what they say publicity becomes equivalent to a smelling salt. Even still, many are called – offered the smelling salt, but few choose and are chosen to be in the Older Members classroom.

– The 1930’s Dust Bowl is a literal demonstration of how literal darkness envelopes part of the land where the “third” are being migrated to in the U.S. is shown in the way the Sun, moon and stars are literally obscured (smitten)) through drought that stimulates many thousands to migrate further west. In the prime area for the third trimester, the United States, we see the great Dust Bowl peaked in the mid to late 1930’s in the mid-west of Texas and Oklahoma, the eastern part of the prime area TI and DO felt was their “classroom” territory west of the Mississippi River. During this “Dust Bowl” many thousands were forced to migrate and most chose to go further west, thus the prime area where the Next Level planned to send their Two Witnesses was to become populated by those who had not become so attached to their lands and possessions that they could not leave it all behind to try to find a new start. That’s a Next Level way to not find any one spot satisfied as home. Jesus said, “The son of man has no place to lay his head.” Members of the Next Level while incarnate, counting students become nomads for various reasons. The Dust Bowl or aka the “Dirty Thirties” was so intense and thorough that there was no day or night at times because what were called “black blizzards” totally blackened the sky. Thus on a strictly literal level this entire prophecy was fulfilled during that time. It was caused by severe drought and erosion over some 100,000,000 acres that centered on the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma and touched adjacent sections of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas. Thus it was caused primary by the Sun so was a “pounding” and “flattening” and forming/shaping of the landscape. The Dust clouds caused the largest migration in American history. In the decade of 1930 some 3+ million people moved away from these plains states. Even though many fled they also were further burdened by the “great depression.” This was a bigger migration than the gold rushes.

It’s apparent that the Next Level simulates degrees of the manifestation of various calamities, which includes what humans without their mind in them respond to by stimulating warring among themselves and with the Next Level agenda, before and until the present, as well as in this example, drought, then to now, that escalates in severity to affect most, the THIRD areas and populations that most received the direct opportunity to have a relationship with the returning Older Members from the Next Level. They entire globe is affected but the focus is on what has become known as the “west” and mostly the U.S. mainland prophesied as the “fourth part” in line with Daniel 7’s fourth king/kingdom that is synchronized to the timing of the LAST HARVEST WAVE “winepress” application we are upon as we speak, with the upcoming 2016-2017 U.S. election of who will represent the Green harvest horse identified by a great deal of death and in the end “hell” when the the first heaven, the spirit world is also recycled in the Lake of Fire.

– As said, a major physical manifestation of the way the lower forces influence humans to respond to the increased light is seen through the start of wars, in this time frame with World War II. This even shows itself as a response to the Sun’s light/fire/heat through the expression of the passions in all forms of sensuality but most in this time frame through anger, hostilities, greed and power mongering, that can be described as the POUNDING, FLATTENING, even akin to the forging of metal, the flip side of the way dealing with adversity can make some stronger in Next Level ways to military industrialization for war.

It was interesting to hear Amy Goodman, the radio journalist for the “Democracy Now” show on January 1, 2016 interviewing refugees from Afganistan and Syria, Iraq, the Sudan, etc., asking their opinion about the main motivations for the wars the U.S. has been engaged in for decades even over a hundred years. All four she interviewed said it was because the U.S. is profiting from the sale and distribution and usage of weapons, the number one export commodity of the U.S. It’s also interesting that it was General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950’s as he was leaving his presidential office who cautioned everyone against what he termed the “military industrial complex.” A nation is motivated to build up it’s arsenals to protect it’s interests. They are then prone to use them. It even becomes military policy to use up what’s been budgeted each year to justify further escalation of the arsenal which goes hand in hand with greater technological development that needs to be used to develop more. The old arsenal is sold to any who they are in bed with, even traded for what another country an offer in terms of resources or access to resources and/or strategic locations to further protect and insure access to resources and thus national security.

These nations buying or trading for weapons basically become addicted to having them and their upkeep is equivalent to how a drug dealer has an ever increasing market by expanding their dealing and even profits from giving away his products to some degree in exchange for loyalty they become dependent on. Then when the people in any country dislike government policies they too can be helped to rebel against their repressive governments. And the cycle of war and having more and more reasons for war goes on. Meanwhile the citizens of the countries doing the most export of the war machines, as the U.S. is in no way alone pay little attention to the anti-war demonstrators and keep most of their citizenry in the dark by controlling the media and fostering the unlimited thirst for happiness that becomes satisfaction with what becomes the norm for those who belong to the nations that are the conquering powers. The public become anesthetized to the horror their governments enact on others they deem the dissidents and problem that becomes a threat to their agenda continence so the powers that be find ways to get rid of them and/or shut them up.


Wars are a huge evidence of darkness taking over as it enveloped the world in the mid to late 1930’s, having brewed for millennium that is easily seen after the fact, in this case, coming out of World War I through the rise of the Third Reich in Germany under Adolf Hitler. It may not be a coincidence that it was the “third” ruling government that ended up being a primary force against all dissidents but mostly against those who were Jews and became what further stimulated the migration of the descendents of the “third” from the original tribes of Israel that rather than fight against those in their opposition or hope the conflicts would pass or not affect them significantly, prompted some to become refugees to escape that resulted in many entering the U.S.

So called Christians, but really largely (gentile) non-believers in the real Kingdom of God/Heaven, unknowingly became the pawns of the Luciferian discarnates to stimulate yet another war, this time by creating the conditions that would bring Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party into power, who justified targeting largely the Jewish and Gypsy communities and waging a major war of aggression that spoke of world domination and did so according to Hitler as a matter of “providence” – fated by God – the irony was which “god,” though the whole matter was part of the real genuine Kingdom of God’s experiment to use the Luciferians’ desired influence to provide a testing ground for upcoming Souls to gain strength by combating. The pain and suffering of war is short lived but it is through dealing with it or fleeing it that vehicles develop that can become the “containers” returning growing Souls can take over at the appointed times to make into their footstools into membership in the Next Level, through the hands on direction from the incarnate Older Members, who in this part of the timeline were still to come.

Isa 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Here is a short synopsis that is largely the view of a vocal former Jew named Benjamin Freedman, who was part of the delegation of Jewish business leaders from the U.S. at the Paris treaty talks in 1916 who sat at the table with Woodrow Wilson and later had experience with Franklin Delanor Roosevelt and various Jewish leaders in the U.S., England and Germany to bring some truth to what led up to World War II and actually seems to have application to the current war in Syria and the Middle East and throughout the world in what is today called the “war on terror” but that he referred to in the 1960’s as the upcoming THIRD world war.

Hitlers rise to power came out of the World War One Treaty at Versailles in Paris that put major reparations on Germany who were defeated in World War I. A number of factors advanced that war but in large part was most stimulated by a combination of England’s rivalry and fear of German aggression, France’s fear of German aggression and desire to regain past losses of territory from the earlier Prussian/German French war, the Russian Soviet Unions earlier loss in a war with Japan and Germany’s associated fears of aggression by France, England and Russia and various economic interests and treaties between these and other parties to include Italy and the Turkish Ottoman Empire and the Austria/Hungry empires.

These various empires had been in competition with one another throughout the records and at this time in the 1930’s when the ban on Germany’s development of armaments had expired they were quick to build a Navy that rivaled Great Britain’s navy so was potentially threatening England’s vast colonial empire they maintained by managing the various sea routes. It’s the maneuvering among these powers that fosters efforts to either/or try to stimulate conflict and/or takes advantage of incidents that can spring a nation to war.

Two years after World War one broke out, Germany with Austria-Hungry and Turkey as allies had defeated England, France and Russia yet offered them an end to the war while agreeing to keep all borders as they were before the war. This defied the imagination unless Germany really didn’t want to start that war in the first place as in that two years Germany didn’t lose any territory so why be willing to call it quits? England was a week away from starvation due to the surprise successes of the German U-boat campaign to destroy their commercial fleets and blockade them. They were out of ammunition and nearly out of food. France had lost some 600,000 of it’s youth and mutiny was rampant and the Russian army was defecting as many hated their Czar and the Italian army had collapsed.

But the German Zionist Jewish leaders in Germany, who had risen to leadership in German banking, industry and the media weren’t happy with the German government and military leadership and war outcome and wanted what they considered their Jerusalem based homeland back, which is most of what defines a Zionist, so went to England’s war cabinet and conspiring with the British Zionists presented a plan to get the U.S. in the war in return for their getting Palestine to make into their Jewish commonwealth. The British agreed and conspired with the then pro-German American Zionists who had risen to the same kinds of leadership in banking, industry and the media in the U.S. as they had in Germany.

Overnight the U.S. media produced propaganda against Germany and persuaded Woodrow Wilson, who evidenced wanting to get into the war even before then, to manipulate events like using the passenger cruise ship the Lusitania to transport weapons against the rules of engagement they sort of respected with Germany. As they also broke the communication code that dispatched U-boats they knew where they were so could provoke them and have an excuse to declare war against the German axis, largely for the prospect of profit and a foothold on middle eastern oil, but no doubt because of this Zionist deal.

Over a year before the war ended the Zionist leaders had the British draw up the Balfour Declaration, even though Great Britain had no authority to give those lands to the Zionists. However, the middle east was carved up and much of the area was now under the influence of the British, French and U.S.

Then at the treaty in Paris after the German defeat, as they were about to carve up the Turkish Ottoman empire the Zionist delegation from the U.S., England and Germany pulled out the Balfour Declaration showing they were guaranteed Palestine which is when the German delegation learned of the deal and were outraged that they were betrayed by their fellow German citizens. Before that time, Jews in Germany had it great but this began the building of persecution of Jews by Germans though had nothing at all to do with their religious practice. Still there was no violence against them – just discrimination and shunning – forcing them out of economic leadership positions and their near total media control because when the Mark was devalued due to the treaty Jews brought in foreign money to buy up everything they could. The Jews in Germany were considered the communist party leaders but they were called social democrats in Germany but had come largely from Russia when the first Russian revolution was put down by the Czar causing many to flee persecution in Russia.

It is thought that these eastern European and Russian Jews were the Khazars, a Turkic people that were considered the Ashkenazi Jews who settled throughout Europe. Khazar’s etymology translates as those “to ramble, to roam” a largely nomadic people considered to be from the “steppe atlantis” made up of people with white/fair skin color with red hair and blue eyes and people that had a swarthy (black) skin. They were by some researchers the product of three kings genetic lines from China, Byzantium (Turkey, Armenia) and Khazars which is mostly around the Caspian Sea and in the Northern Caucasus mountains south of Kievan Rus.

This is interesting in light of the prophecy of the people and prince Gog of the area considered to be Magog where there is yet to be a final battle/war, set for 1000 years after the American and European “beasts” are fallen and largely destroyed as described to occur during the time of the 6th Angel’s pouring out of his vial which is also shown in the 6th Seals opening synchronized to the Next Level “armada” close apparent proximity that the BEASTS (U.S. and E.U.) are mounting an attack of. More on that later.

To combat the German’s new Jewish discrimination, after a couple Jewish leaders tried to take over Germany when the Kaiser flew to Holland, fearing a communist overthrow like had occurred in Russia, that only lasted for three days, the Jews organized a World Conference of Jews in July of 1933 in Amsterdam in which they demanded that Germany fire Hitler and restore Jews who lost their positions back. When the Germans in power didn’t back down to the Jewish demands from the conference, American Zionist Mr. Untermeyer, the president of the conference and the head of the American delegation returned to New York and immediately made a radio broadcast via ABC that said, “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them, that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.”

Untermeyer was able to combine his boycott with Roosevelt’s boycott on businesses that didn’t follow the new deal rules and this really hurt Germany as they were only allowed by the Versailles treaty to import food with the proceeds from their exports that were now being boycotted. The Jews of the world boycotted German goods and it was very effective. If someone found a dish that said, “made in Germany” on it, people would picket that store with signs that said, “Hitler,” “Murderer,” etc. The Jewish Strauss family owned Macy’s department store chain and ceased buying German made goods.

When Germans saw what was happening and were going to face starvation and knew that it was because of the Jewish instigated boycott of their goods, they began boycotting the Jewish businesses in Germany, painting swastika’s on their stores. That continued until 1938 when a young Jew from Poland shot one of the German officials in the German Embassy in Paris. That’s when violence against Jews in Germany broke out.

At the same time, Germany didn’t want to see the communists that had eventually formed the Soviet Union from Lenin’s Bolsheviks by 1922 repeat itself in Europe. They wanted to keep Europe mostly Christian so they began to rebuild their armaments.

So it’s not a coincidence that the Jews were targeted in World War II, but these were largely the Jews whose ancestors had rejected changing when they had the chance to change. Though the snare people fall for is necessary to accompany them in their lives to provide choices to grow through, like Jesus said:

Mat 18:7 Woe unto the world ((human occupants)) because of offences ((skandalon= a trap stick, bent sapling, occasion to fall, stumbling block))! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

These stumbling blocks are used by the Next Level to filter out which vehicular strains are choosing to become waste from among the descendents of the “children of Israel” that may have long since abandoned any relationship with the One True Kingdom of God/Heaven they might have once been aligned with. The rebellion of those who all were part of the same Jewish peoples started in earnest in the Moses camp.

After Moses and Aaron left it only got worse until what had prevailed in customs and practices in that first trimester classroom encampment had become totally corrupted from what it was instigated to teach. As it is today that waste by their own choices end up assisting the Next Level’s “removal of the tares,” as Jesus spoke of, that Do wrote about in the “info Ad/Statement” they published in the national and international newspaper, “USA Today” on May 27, 1993, entitled, “UFO CULT” RESURFACES WITH FINAL OFFER in this excerpt:

“The true Kingdom of God, the “Headquarters” of all that is, is a many-membered Kingdom which physically exists in the highest, most distant Heaven – a non-temporal place (outside of time, and with eternal life). It is the only place from which souls, life, and all creating originates. Being non-temporal, it was, is, and forever will be – a concept that we, as temporal creatures, are not designed to comprehend. That Kingdom designed the “temporal” world outside its “borders” and designed its temporal creatures to have a progression of bodies or “vehicles” (through kingdom levels, such as animal and human) for souls to evolve through. If the Soul survives and moves forward through all its tests along the way – it can, with the help of a member of the true Kingdom of God, lose its temporal characteristics and become a part of their non-perishable, non-corruptible world. However, all other souls who reach a certain degree of corruption (having of their own free will chosen to become totally separate from their Creator) will engage a “self-destruct” mechanism at the Age’s end, manifested when opposing camps, be they human or “Luciferian,” come together and destroy each other – thus assisting in the plowing under of the “garden” for the Creator.”

We will soon see parts of history repeat itself from 2000 years ago as the “Beast” Atheistic, often pagan and/or Christian pagan hierarchies seek to dispose of all who they see as a threat to their well being. It seems to be approaching, perhaps mostly during the 5th Seal’s opening, just like the Jewish priests of the religio-political parties referred to as the Pharisees and Sauducees, spawned the pagan/gentile atheist government to kill off those former Jews who believed in Jesus, party depicted as the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the siege at Masada where the Jews chose suicide for themselves and their families than the fate awaiting them from the advancing Roman soldiers that would have been a greater horror to deal with – to watch them rape and torture one’s family young and old. The Jews in power at the time of Jesus were just as in league with the Roman pagan government as we see Christians in league with the United States government today. With the next president of the United States there will be more and more reductions of all the initial ideas that made the United States special, which will stimulate more and more revolt and thus will become an excuse for a bigger and bigger security state.

Even still as it is a Next Level way, those Jews that saw the, so to speak, “handwriting on the wall” at the appointment of Adolf Hitler to Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and subsequent events against Jews who sought to leave Germany soon thereafter, were those that escaped that termed, Holocaust. For these, in a few short years it would become more and more difficult to leave. Jews were soon stripped of their German citizenship so lost their civil rights. They became persecuted and segregated and eventually shipped off into death camps by the thousands and thousands over the next ten years. Most were tricked into boarding the trains, thinking they were getting to leave the ghettos for some better place. Some put on their best clothing and when they got out of the trains some even tipped the soldiers. When they turned in their valuables, they were given a record. Before being gassed they were told they were going to a group shower and had to take off their clothing. They turned them in and everything was recorded and folded so there would be no suspicion. The Germans in charge learned to tie shoes together so they didn’t end up with many mismatched pairs. The women’s hair was cut short. It’s hard to imagine no suspicion but then most were already too weak and sick to complain.

Those who waited too long to leave could not find a country to take them even though there was a conference in July of 1938 organized by Franklin Delanor Roosevelt in France to try to encourage countries to take more Jews. Of the 32 countries that attended only the Dominican Republic took more than their normal quota of Jews. To leave, most Jews had to leave their valuables behind. For those that let their possessions stand in their way, they soon lost them anyway. In retaliation for the assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris, SS Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels announced a government-sanctioned program against Jews. In Germany and Austria on the night of November 9-10, mobs beat, raped, arrested, and murdered Jews. The mobs also ransacked Jewish-owned stores and burned down synagogues. Firefighters and other government officials stood by and watched the destruction, only helping if non-Jewish businesses or homes were threatened. This became called “The Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)” and from this point on to be Jewish meant you and your family were treated much like cattle, segregated into ghetto’s, deprived of decent food, water and shelter and prohibited from leaving, followed by being shipped off to what ended up being death camps.

These verses may refer to that time: A Reference to Kristallnacht:

Isa 13:16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.
Isa 13:17 Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it.
Isa 13:18 Their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eyes shall not spare children.

Reference to the death camps:

Isa 3:24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

Jews and Gypsies that were gassed first had their hair cut off. After gasing their bodies were burned in mass. The Children of Israel were considered by the Lord to be the “high ones” and the “kings of the Earth” picked for the opportunity to evolve beyond human.

Isa 24:21 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.
Isa 24:22 And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be visited ((6485 paqad= appointed)).

Jews were even classified into thirds with one third consisting of mixed parentage and religion being given leeway to escape persecutions which is in line with the same percentages spoken of in Isaiah.

However, this was by human choices and Next Level closeness opening up a last ditch effort to give those of that Jewish heritage a chance to distance themselves from that heritage that had found disfavor with the Lord in their rejection of much of the Jehovah/Moses laws and then of Jesus, to find a new land to start a new life within.

The latest genetic strain the Next Level first began to work with to groom them to become the foundation for the planting of Souls (seeds) that they would nurture to graduation were documented as the Children of Israel. Most of that strain became significantly corrupted, even two thirds of the initial tribes and the Next Level by their rejection of all who the Next Level sent, the prophets after Moses to include Jesus whom they conspired to murder, fearing the loss of their own status with the government, as more and more people saw the truth in what Jesus taught, would not be without consequences. Jesus said they would be cut off and the Kingdom of God/Heaven would come to a new people and that strain would become “waste.”

However, until it’s actually recycle time, which we will all know about as we will no longer have an infrastructure of communication or government to look to, each still has a chance to reach up to the Kingdom of God from the most distant Heavens to seek their will for us. This is their garden earth and they designed our life forms so they make the rules whether we like it or not, though they are exceedingly fair and just in providing us all options over many years but if we keep refusing their help and acknowledgment of their existence and purpose then we are genuinely not of any more value than the blades of grass. The longer we wait to reach up to them the more our mind becomes set.

When someone dies with a certain mindset, it is like a software program that has become firmware. In other words it becomes hardwired in the frequency structure we call a spirit. Spirits don’t stop trying to play themselves out. They gravitate to existing physical bodies to promote all their programmed behaviors and ways. If they were programmed to want to kill Jews, they remain with that programming. The Romans tolerated the Jews only because they didn’t want a revolt on their hands. So they killed Jesus at the behest of the Chief and High Priests of Judaism and continued to hunt down Jews they saw as problematic.

Those that maintained what had become the status quo religious Jews were no threat. But they were always on the watch for anarchist charismatic leaders who could stir up the people and though Jesus was not political, he certainly stirred up people. He was seen in what today would be called a dangerous cult because when there are people willing to die for their belief in someone they can’t be bought off and they sow seeds of the same which increases the likelihood of future rebellions that the powers that be always seek to anticipate and short circuit.

The Next Level as they had begun to prepare for the third trimester spawned the Luciferians to try to mount their strategies. I suspect Lucifer thought the return of Jesus would come through the Jews again so he convinced Hitler to start various programs in the analysis of children as Lucifer knew the Next Level’s motis operandi was to “tag” a human baby or child for later use by the Older Member coming incarnate.

Isn’t it interesting that we have the story of the baby Moses who was put in the river to escape being killed. And we have the story of Joseph and Mary escaping Herod’s decree to seek out Hebrew children to kill them as he believed it would be through a Hebrew child that the messiah would come. Again, this all makes some sense when we realize that the Luciferians who are discarnate and yet very conscious of mounting a war against the Next Level to hopefully steal away souls to their camp situate themselves as spirit guides to the rich and/or powerful as it is through these that the Luciferians can wield the most influence over others.

TI and DO taught that Members of the Next Level don’t identify themselves as the vehicle they wear/occupy. They value their vehicles as instruments they are the pilot of. When incarnate they value their vehicle’s as the necessary stepping stone, the conquering of which is essential to completing the coursework. This is why a student must learn to control their vehicle 100% according to the all important CURRENT LESSON PLAN of the most recent incarnate Older Member as one of the biggest forms of that control is demonstrated by giving our will to our Older Member, trusting them explicitly. That trust is built by being with the incarnate Older Member but it begins with believing EVERYTHING they teach whether we are with them physically or not because everything we learn and grow into becomes ours to build upon when the Next Level brings our Soul back again and that becomes the “proof” we spring forward from and is spoken of as “faith.” If we truly believe in everything a past Older Member said but we don’t recognize the latest Older Member’s Mind, what they say and teach and do, as the equivalent (with updates) then we are not choosing to be in that Older Member’s family/fold. We are not going to understand everything an Older Member says to the degree they hope for us to understand it unless we are willing to be their student even without understanding all they say. However, if while with the Older Member, we allow our brains to entertain all the doubts and dwell on them, then we miss the receipt of the ingredients that will lead to further understanding and thereby 100% belief and faith in everything they say.

In other words, we will have doubts, however subtle, even when we think we don’t have any, but we don’t let them dissuade us from continuing to believe in the Older Member. We simply choose to accept that we will come to know certain things when the Next Level decides it’s time to reveal them to us. Only Older Members from the Next Level actually live up to deserving this degree of trust, while those that don’t believe will see it as our being brainwashed or mesmerized or swayed by some type of charisma or by lures of promises, etc.

TI and DO are accused of luring students because they changed their perspectives, yet with each change some students left and as it turned out had not joined them with a realistic perspective of what would be required of them. For instance if they joined because TI and DO said they were the Two Witnesses, they were depending on that for their faith while true faith is only based on evidence that is unseen. If they joined as some did because they liked the idea of going to space on a UFO, they won’t last. The Next Level filtered these out by having TI and DO innocently schedule pick up times, fully believing they might be picked up. TI said after the pick up time she scheduled didn’t result in a pick up, that she felt like she had “egg on her face.” However, it didn’t change who she knew she was and she didn’t make any excuses for why it didn’t happen.

All the various false prophets and false Christians who make predictions that don’t come true usually say something like, their calculation wasn’t quite right, or God changed his mind or it was because the students did not believe or that it was a test of faith or something. TI and DO said nothing. Do told us how TI felt and there was never talk of why it didn’t happen. I have concluded that it was a vetting of some who were still hanging onto some mystical or spiritual idea of God and Heaven or to just experience going to space instead of strictly wanting to be with their Older Member and learn all they could from them.

In 1991-2 years after TI had left her vehicle, Do also scheduled a pickup that didn’t occur and again shortly thereafter a few long time students left. It doesn’t mean those long time students left for that reason. I can’t speak to that except in my own case. As I recall Do didn’t claim to KNOW we would be picked up. It’s not like he stated it as a prediction. He felt he had instruction to plan on it for that date so he found a spot in the desert, about 100 miles west by southwest of Phoenix, Arizona where we set up camp and waited. When it didn’t happen, it was, “okay, what’s next TI.” Further speaking of how it seemed TI and DO were really following their Older Member’s vetting program, starting in the mid 1980’s, I’d say about once a year that Do continued after TI exited, the entire group of students were instructed to stop whatever they were doing, situation oneself in some form of private space and open their minds to the prospect of whether there was something they wanted to do in the world, someone they wanted to be with. Except for these times we had the opposite instruction. We were to block and abort and send packing any thoughts of return to worldliness. former loved ones and activities. They said they would do it as well and they said they hated doing it. They said it was like seeing if the snake pit held any attraction to them, just in case it still did. After less than an hour they’d send word to stop and put it out of our minds again. In case someone wonders, they never gave this instruction surrounding any specific department of worldliness. For instance they never said to spend time opening up to being sexual again, though they didn’t say specifically what we could or couldn’t think about when they did have us open that door.

It was 10 years after I left before I came to understand how I was still subconsciously clinging to my “self” thinking of myself as elevated even by being ready, willing and able to become a martyr. I’m not saying I didn’t bond with my Older Members. It’s not all or nothing. But I still held onto this relationship with a “booger” that provided me with this inflated idea of myself. That booger is still with me. He’s my adversary and I’ve come to recognize his thoughts in my head though am also still caught by surprise at times. That’s the way having an adversary works. We shut one avenue and they try another. That’s why it’s described as a battle or war – it’s a continuous exercise to keep the upper hand on.

One example of how I let my booger use my vehicle is when I would slip into trying to impress someone with how much experience and what I know about TI and DO and the Next Level, so said something to the affect that I was the “most outspoken” of those that today are working for TI and DO to disseminate their information. Carlan, who was Crlody in the classroom, thus a dropout like myself but who also continues to believe in TI and DO, learned that I’d said that and called me on it and I recognized immediately that I had slipped. One can think it was getting caught expressing such that was the slippage but really it was allowing myself to believe it. After all it didn’t even matter if one could do an evaluation of whether it might be true in some way or not. The point is that a member of the Next Level doesn’t think that way. They don’t say things to try to impress others with themselves as they don’t measure themselves against any others except for their Older Member. That’s who they are seeking to measure up to. And how can one actually measure who is doing more anyway? Would amount of words used be an indication? If that was the case TI would be less than Do as TI used far less words. So it’s all about whether we elevate ourselves or seek to be elevated by others or is we elevate our Older Members. The first way to change this preoccupation with self is to cease expressing it that goes hand in hand with aborting any associated thoughts, as in the way Jesus said, “get behind me Satan” when he had thoughts of how mighty a king he could be in the human kingdom. We all must come to recognize the voices of our adversary (Satan) and stop them short and if we slip, own up quickly and change our mind. It’s not important that we get rid of such thoughts because TI and DO said, while in the human kingdom, you will have a continuous bombardment from the lower forces to deal with. What’s important is how fast we recognize them and put up a “blank card” to them to where you can grow to not even hear the words in our heads but will simply as TI said, “smell” them coming.

TI and DO said that our vehicles would not be given physical proof if it is possible for us to graduate in that lifetime with that vehicle. Before then, one can be given physical proof as with the disciples of Jesus and the disciples of Moses and certain others. What constitutes proof is yet another subject. For instance, one of the 38 graduating students named Smmody, in an older female vehicle said she saw two beings tending to another classmate one night by their bunk. This was years before a number saw the two beings while they were living in Tucson, AZ in 1995, while others felt they saw them also but in a dream. Dreams are not proof though the Next Level does use dream-time sometimes to help us with our lessons. They don’t use dreams to tell us to do things. The lower forces also use dream-time, which is why the Next Level don’t issue instructions via dreams. We have heard many times how someone killed someone saying God told them to do it whether in a dream or a vision or hallucination. That would clearly be a false God. Some new believers in TI and DO have told me of a dream they had with Do in it. First off, no one is going to have a dream if they are not asking for communication, aka prayer, that is NOT saying specific words that we don’t really understand the meaning of.

TI and DO also said that crew members could be assigned a task to take soil samples, or deliver a message to someone, what the term “angel” actually refers to. I suspect messenger tasks are for those who are more trustworthy. To graduate the human experience to receive an adult Next Level body these “stars” need to still be willing to enlist into the next Overcoming Classroom on Earth that will require them to sacrifice their existing vehicle. If while on a mission, they fail to follow instructions or say or do anything with humans that could influence humans to go against the Next Level as was reported in Genesis chapter 6, where the “sons of God came into the daughters of humans” and produced offspring, then they have seriously rebelled against their Older Members and eventually after what TI and DO said were many opportunities to recover lost the relationship and future they once could have had. Influencing others is a major offense. From the records one called Lucifer influenced other student members of the Next Level to rebel with him and then went directly against the Next Level in relationship to the humans.


These next verses describe more of the literal application of what’s to come during the end times we are in the midst of and these seven angels trumpets herald that is echoed in the plagues/calamities that come during the LAST HARVEST WAVE of the winepress and great tribulation which gets under way after the Two Older Members and their first fruit graduates have left their incarnations. This part of the timeline is most equated with:

Rev 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

Considering this can be shown to apply to the part of the timeline after the Two and their Students have graduated, leaving their human containers (vehicles) behind, it seems to relate to:

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Note “power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth with sword….” A sword is the depiction of war though that can take any number of forms – basically being people killing one another because of “fire” – the passions – anger, vengeance, jealously, hatreds, bigotry, self righteousness, addictive behavior, etc. This applies to the fourth part of the earth which seems to be the U.S. mainland.

Rev 16:9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

Here are some of the prophecies in the Old Testament expressing this time frame to date and how the earth civilization will not be spaded/recycled by water this time around but by heat and fire, as we see escalating around the world, spoken of as “global warming” non-believers in the real existence of the Next Level think is totally human stimulated and that they think they can change to save the world and humanity:

Mal 4:1 For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

The “day” or period of time this Old Testament prophet is speaking of is the “day” as in “period of time” of final judgment when the planet literally become overcome by great heat described as the “lake of fire,” most likely from a combination of objects from space, drought, earthquakes and erupting volcano’s. To date there are more erupting volcano’s than at any time noted before and these things were always noteworthy in the historic records as were great earthquakes and falling objects from the sky, etc. People always talked and wrote about these events.

2Pe 3:7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Note in both examples it’s the ungodly or wicked that are burned up. This coincides with the way Jesus illustrated that the “tares,” the seed that grow up to look the same as the wheat, but were planted by the Luciferian fallen angels (enemy) are pulled up (vehicle’s die and spirits or souls slated for the second death) following the FIRST stage of harvest.

Mal 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

Fear has become a word some think justifies thinking of the Kingdom of God/Heaven as evil, that is they say, if they exist, yet tactics to dissuade humans from seeing the truth.

What is meant by the use of the word “fear” is actually more accurately represented as “in awe of” or “in respect of” though not exclusively. If you are a young child and you want to touch the burning hot wood stove, the parent would be completely loving to instill a proportionate fear into that child so they can stand a chance of not having to learn such a lesson by badly burning themselves.

To grow up AS calves of the stall is not saying humans are equivalent to calves, though calves in a human’s farm can be treated very well by their human farmer in return for what they can provide in service, as in pulling a plow or providing milk for cheese or even beef to support their family. The Next Level do not need humans to look to Them as masters but in this analogy if the calve could become part of the human family, to even live in the same general household and help that family in more advanced ways then it can be understood why the Next Level would want humans to seize the opportunity they provide to advance to their Next evolutionary level. I believe Do once said something to the affect that if it would work to force someone to see the reality of the Next Level and how great their life would be in that Next Evolutionary Kingdom then he would. But he knows that would not work. Each individual needs to arrive at a place of recognition that is enough for them to want to force themselves, their vehicle to give 100% to a Next Level graduation program when it’s offered. When it’s not offered it’s live by the last behaviors and ways and instructions provided, like with Jesus, to “love (give to) your neighbor as (you want others to give to) yourself”.

-“men (humans) scorched/burnt with great heat/burn/light” doesn’t look like the “lake of fire” part of the recycling as there is still a chance for some to change though it’s apparent that some will be in their way railing against the Kingdom of God/Heaven and not “changing their mind” (repenting) to recognize that this heat is the Kingdom of God’s doing. Perhaps they will be denying the existence and the primary responsibility of the heat as because it’s the Next Level’s judgment time. The judgment is in how people respond and to whom they give their allegiance, who they trust with their lives and who they recognize as having created them. This is the last chance for the Next Level to know whose spirit/Soul and even part of the genetic tree to save for a future re-planting and new overcoming classroom after the recycling period.

Since this fourth trumpet sounding and it’s subsequent fourth angels pouring out of vials are not the last opportunities to show our allegiance to the Next Level, we know that the events that surface to show these prophecy fulfillments will be gradual and able to be denied as resulting from direct Next Level instigation (as with weather related events) or indirectly by the Next Level stimulating the truth to come manifest that is like putting a flame closer than it has been to an ant mound, causing some to panic because their adaptability was absent. Humans who don’t keep looking for the truth of what is most real in their world view then become overwhelmed when more truth is forced on them, via more surfacing from the humans who have more truth to report, and respond in whatever ways they have let dominate their mind. An example would be considering as potentially true, the so called UFO phenomena reports. If someone didn’t let their mind go to a place of considering the existence of space aliens, even on or around or inside the earth, then they haven’t prepared themselves for further evidence of that reality. The same with governmental events. If we go through life thinking consciously or subconsciously that we can trust what our government tells us though the various media sources, then we are not recognizing how much is propaganda to foster support for whatever agenda exists and history then shows us how many events were the result of such propaganda to motivate the people to fight wars, etc. Then if someone suggests a conspiracy to some it will sound far fetched, though many examples can be provided on how it’s largely business as usual to mislead the masses when deemed needed by the ones in power. We can so trust what we are told by those who seem to be most intelligent that we suspect any critical thinking because of how upsetting it is to find our foundation in nationalism or religion or some science foundation shaken when we have built our life and ego around. Those that don’t go along then become seen as dissidents and trouble makers who foster further rebelliousness and seeming anarchy and even terrorists or terrorist sympathizers that then seem justified to eradicate or stop from influencing others to their views.

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