TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses–Section III.C.5. The Seven Angel’s Trumpet 5th Soundings – 1940’s – 1960’s


Rev 8:13 And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!

Bright visible eye comets and/or fireballs make their “woe” statements just by appearing. Humans have for millennium responded to these with awe and fright as a portent of calamity to come. That’s not without reason as they do act as stimulus to think about the heaven’s and the creation and our relationship, if any with the Above Human Beings that created our entire natural reality.

Comets may seem innocuous, but we have no idea what their tails are spreading into the Earth’s atmosphere and electromagnetic field that instigate subtle changes that can be like crop dusters. In fact meteor showers have long been considered to be from comet debris. Fertilizer is that which stimulates growth by stimulating the immune systems of plants that either spurs them forward or causes them to self destruct as a way cleaning up that which the Next Level considers to be waste.

Comet C/1941 B2 – De Kock-Paraskevopoulos was viewed with unaided eye in January 1941.

Even if there are many comets, there are relatively few that are viewable by the unaided eye and during this period of time there were none but one recorded that I have found, thus it seems considerable to link this comet with the messenger from the Next Level whose disclosure (voice) is announcing the three “woe’s” – alerts and waring to pay attention to what’s next associated with each of the remaining three angel’s trumpet soundings.

Rev 9:1 And (the) fifth angel sounded, and I saw ((1492 eido= understood, perceived)) (a) star ((792 aster – star like solid object(s) strewn across the sky)) fall ((4098 pipto= probably akin to 4072 petomai= alighting to fly down)) from heaven ((3772 ouranos from 3735 oros= through idea of elevation), the sky, firmament above the earth, starscape, etc.)) unto ((1519 eis= point reached or entered and/or purpose, among. as, at, (back-)ward, concerning, to continue, set at one again, to (be, the end, -ward))) (the) earth: and (to) him ((846 autos akin to 109 aer= “air,” indicates a spiritual persona or self, singular or plural thus, THEM (selves))) (was) given ((1325 didomi= adventure, bring forth, commit, deliver, grant, offer, shew, suffer (effort), utter, yield)) the key ((2807 kleis from 2808 kleio= as in having the authority as part of the design of the “classroom” to open/shut the lock on the prisoners)) of the bottomless ((12 abussos from 1 a (negative particle) and variation of 1037 buthos= depth-less, “abyss,” deep, mystery)) pit ((5421 phrear= hole in ground, an abyss (as a prison), well)).

As before, a star alighting down (falling) from heaven (sky, outer space), but this time it falls or lands to Earth (literal ground and/or human inhabitants) and involves the bringing forth of a committed adventure as a delivery that has to do with the “locked” or closed up (key) mysterious depth-less (bottomless) hole, dug or obtained for holding something (pit). We know this isn’t an object for several reasons, firstly because the pronoun “him or them” in included plus to perform a task requires someone to perform the task.

Considering the timeline described as the 1940’s-1950’s when most so called unidentifiable flying object (UFO) crashes with bodies were reported, largely in the U.S. Southwest between Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, the connection to this prophecy becomes apparent. Do said this was the time period of the student body’s arrival. He was hesitant to say this at first though he later realized why, as there were reports of alleged crashes that seemed by their descriptions to be staged by the Luciferian space aliens themselves and/or humans under their influence seeking to generate confusion as to which alleged crashes were real and at the same time distracting from which were Next Level stimulated – in other words the Luciferians were creating facsimile crashes.

TI and DO didn’t initially teach that they arrived by intentionally crashing spacecrafts. They initially suspected some reports of UFO contactees and abductees were representative of Next Level activity as they knew they weren’t informed as to all the tasks the Next Level was doing on the planet. They knew what their task was and anything else was interesting but they assumed if they needed to understand it they would in time or would only understand it upon their return. But some of the reports of the behaviors on board the spacecrafts made them question their initial understanding. TI at one point expressed, if these were Next Level Members doing some of the things being reported there would be a lot of changes when she got back and they would have to answer for their behaviors. I don’t recall her specifying what behaviors but I can imagine that sexual activity would be high on the list of things the Next Level would have no use for. The Next Level knows well how to grow humans by the billions so certainly don’t need to do such things. But the space aliens don’t know how to grow humans except by combining eggs and sperm that they must be in an earth environment for.

I believe it was around 1980 that TI and DO told us they might return to the Next Level ahead of us, their student body. It’s interesting that as it turned out TI did exit before Do and their student crew. Leaving your physical body was exiting, even though in the human kingdom the spirit doesn’t necessarily go anywhere else, but often stays around the same genetic family and friends they had while their vehicle was alive.

This was years after they had updated their initial belief in the Two Witnesses prophecy that indicated they would be killed and would resurrect and ascend with their healed bodies as they believed the prophecy described. They never based their actions on prophecy. Before they were aware of the Two Witnesses prophecy they had awakened to knowing they had both come from the Next Level, here to bring updates to the Bible and to fulfill prophecy, though it was months later that they discovered what prophecy. In those months they studied ever bit of information they could find in an effort to learn what prophecy they were to fulfill. Nor did they ever play up being the Two Witnesses. In fact when they came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy they were not at all comfortable thinking this was talking about them as they had both individually felt repelled by people saying they were the reincarnation of this or that personality. Like, how many Cleopatra can there be anyway, they thought. So thinking of themselves as the Two Witnesses was not a welcome idea. But they knew they must accept it to perform the task they were still trying to figure out the scope of.

When they realized this was the prophecy to fulfill, they made little business cards and would leave them on church pulpits and then run out of the church before anyone could see them and question them. One time they even visited with the group called the Summit Lighthouse in Oklahoma city and shared with the woman at the front desk that they were the Two Witnesses. The person proceeded to say, that couldn’t be so because their teachers were the Two Witnesses. These were Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. That was a disconcerting moment but caused them to re-examine that approach.

TI and DO never tried to match up all the verses that described the Two Witnesses activity. I don’t know if they in their privacy consulted prophecy before saying certain things to the student body. If they did, I never heard them preface what they had to say with any correlation to prophecy or for that matter to anything Biblical. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did search down certain ideas as a big part of the reason that record was preserved to the degree it was, was to provide hints to the direction their tasks would take. If they felt to say something that was different than prophecy they didn’t hesitate to say it, though they knew that changing previous beliefs about the prophesies would challenge some students as it did. Though they didn’t want to lose any students, they had to bring to the student body the updates they felt they were receiving. Thus up until they stated they might be called back first, they thought they and the student body would all leave together at the same time and with our human physical bodies.

This was also about the time TI and DO first cautioned us to not board just any spacecraft should they exit first and we find ourselves before a spacecraft. They said we would recognize TI and/or Do in any craft that would be sent to pick us up. They never said how we would recognize them. I don’t believe it was by the looks of the vehicle as at that time there were no depictions of what a Member of the Next Level looked like. I believe we would recognize them by their Mind, their vibration, actually the same way their primary students all recognized them by what they said and then knew for sure upon physical meet up. It was simply a knowing they were our teachers and that we could trust them explicitly. They didn’t initially tell us we needed to trust them. It was perhaps a year or so after they told us they might have to exit first, that TI explained that we’d have to give them our will. Later, after TI left her vehicle Do told us that TI felt by saying that they might lose half their student body. What becomes very apparent is how all these changes in what TI and DO thought provided a natural method of vetting out those who were not serious about being their students. I can’t say many left because of that particular statement but it is a fact that we numbered about 50-60 at that time and ended up down to 24 by 1993 when we accepted some who had left but we were still in touch with to come back into the classroom.

It was approximately 1984, before TI left her vehicle that TI and DO came into understanding that their small group of students were not strictly humans who believed in them, but that they, their Minds had also come from the Next Level. The way TI and DO arrived at this understanding was from a question a student named Pmmody expressed while she and five other students were on what we called a “retreat” for the weekend that entailed staying at the “craft” where TI and DO resided. Those that held “out of craft tasks” were on a rotating schedule that about once a month involved their driving from Texas where the main student body was at that time, to Blackhawk, Colorado where TI and DO with four student helpers resided. They were Jnnody, Lggody, Lvvody and Dncody. Dncody ended up leaving the group in around 1990 actually the second time he left. While at this retreat the six visiting students would have several meetings with TI and DO and the other four. I don’t recall the exact question that Pmmody asked but TI said in response to it, something to the affect of, “I guess that means you all came from the Next Level.” A few days later TI and DO came to Dallas to hold a meeting about their new understanding. It made some “heads swell.” I know as it did mine. I felt like I was greater because of it, yet that proved to be an influence with me as Members of the Next Level don’t derive their self importance from who they were or where they were from. They don’t want to have self as self separates them from their Older Members Mind, though the Older Members require them to keep their self. But what’s important is always who we are right now which is directly related to what we do right now and how much we want to serve our Older Members and change our behaviors and ways and thinking whenever we receive updates and help from our Older Members. Not long after that TI and DO said, to no longer think about having come from the Next Level. They said there was more to it and that they would give us updates as they received them.

About that time, TI and DO also told us that not all humans had souls. I remember how that was hard to digest. I recall going to my “out of craft task” where I worked with humans, (what we called those that were not in our classroom, though wasn’t supposed to affect how we treated them) and it just seemed strange. A week or so later they told us to no longer think about that as they again felt there was more to it and they would bring us updates as they received them for us. (I suppose for some these changes of thinking could have been a big test.)

To follow is a list of some UFO crashes investigators have compiled of that time period to document crashes of spacecrafts deemed to be otherworldly that also had dead bodies in the wreckage. Do didn’t say which crashes seemed to be Next Level instigated from which ones might have been Luciferian led space alien instigated or made up to distract from the truth. However it seemed the crash in the Plains of St. Augustine, where the very large array was later constructed, that became known as the Roswell, New Mexico crash and the Aztec, New Mexico crashes were of Next Level crew-members.

Even though I don’t recall TI talking about this, TI did say she recalled a “briefing” on board a spacecraft before they and others came in which they and others had physical bodies while many others present didn’t. Since TI left her vehicle before Do started us studying the UFO crash phenomena, though even while TI was in her vehicle we had the book, “UFO Crash at Roswell,” since TI also agreed that the Next Level use physical transportation it would not be a stretch to believe that TI would have thought some of these spacecraft crashes were the way some came to Earth, in such a way that would be the method to both exit their existing bodies and provide proof of what would be seen as space aliens and and their spacecrafts, at least some of the primitive ones some had that were sacrificed for the task.

This would also seem to be integral in providing the “key” to the prison chamber(s) literally beneath the earth or sea or ice, written as the “bottomless pit” that harbored the space aliens. The named Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash allegedly involved 4 non-human bodies. It was never required reading. It was in 1987 that Do brought into our library the book, “UFO Crash at Aztec” and made certain parts, mostly in the appendix required reading, where the rest of the book became optional reading. At the time some of us lived in the same craft with Do up Boulder canyon on Lost Angel Road. Do’s quarters were in the upstairs of a separate building that was a garage underneath that was built on top of an old gold mine. We had a huge porch that overlooked the plains east of Boulder. Only about half the student body resided in that craft while the rest resided in a craft in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Here are crashes I researched. I’m not saying all of them were about the arrival of Next Level Older or Student Members, as Do indicated the Luciferians probably staged facsimile crashes:

17 April 1897 Aurora, Texas, 1 body – I never heard TI or Do talk about this one.
4 July 1947 Roswell, NEW MEXICO 4 Bodies
13 Feb 1948 Aztec, NEW MEXICO 12-18 Bodies in different reports.
7 July 1948 MEXICO South of LAREDO, TX 1 Body
1949 Roswell, NEW MEXICO 1 ET Living (This may be a facsimile)
10 Sep 1950 Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO 3 Bodies
14 Aug 1952 Ely, NEVADA 16 Bodies
18 Apr 1953 S.W. ARIZONA No Bodies
20 May 1953 Kingman, ARIZONA 1 Body
19 June 1953 Laredo, TEXAS 4 Bodies
13 Oct 1953 Dutton, MONTANA 4 Bodies
5 May 1955 Brighton, ENGLAND 4 Bodies
18 July 1957 Carlsbad, NEW MEXICO 4 Bodies

After reading the required parts of UFO at Aztec, I felt slightly disorientated by the idea that this was actually real. I hadn’t joined because of the UFO aspect that became part of the first meeting announcement posters. It was only months before that meeting in Waldport, Oregon that I even became aware of anything UFO or space alien related. One day while sitting in my friends apartment there was a story on the radio that spoke of a UFO crash and alien bodies found. I thought it was a real report and jumped up from my seat to exclaim to Ron and Judy and my partner at the time (soon to join when I did and later became named Srfody) what I heard. They paid me no mind at all even though I exclaimed what I had heard repeatedly so I dropped it. It was many months later after joining that I realized it was a report depicting what became known as the Roswell crash. I don’t recall having heard of the Roswell crash or of any UFO crash or activity before then. It was strange that it didn’t phase me to see a poster using UFO as a highlight. I only remember saying to my partner, “I wonder what these two people will look like.” It’s like I was fully open to the idea but didn’t have any opinion for or against it as reality.

I did glance at the Roswell book when it was in our library, but it really did not interest me much then either. But Crash at Aztec was a shocker having included Leonard Stringfield’s autopsy reports. It was a huge book full of lots of information about the crash and discovery of some 18 non-human looking bodies. That number is controversial but I have reason to suspect it’s close.

There was a well known FBI memo that was released in the Freedom of Information act dated March 22, 1950 written to the FBI Director from Guy Hottel, a Strategic Air Command official in Washington D.C. containing information about “flying saucers.” The memo was filled with blacked out portions but claimed three flying saucers were recovered in New Mexico. They were reported as being circular with raised centers and about 50 ft. in diameter and each one had three human shaped three foot tall bodies in them. The bodies were dressed in a metallic cloth, noted to have a “fine texture” (I wonder is this is a clue to the “fine linen” Jesus body was wrapped in and was provided priests in the Moses camp and said to be the “clothing given to those who had become the “wife” of the “lamb” in:

Rev 19:8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

The report went on to say each body was “bandaged” they compared to “blackout suites used by speed fliers.” The report claims the high powered radar in that area interfered with the saucers controls. It was signed only by the initials: “RHK:VIM.”

As recent as 2011 and 2013 the FBI admits to this memo in their records. They simply say they never investigated it but say it isn’t related to what became called the Roswell crash (that they still at that time claim was a weather balloon that by the way hadn’t yet been manufactured in 1947) and have no confirmation of the reliability of the memo’s source.

The KEY in this verse is referring to what Jesus called “THE WAY” that he said HE ACTUALLY WAS because it was through his incarnation as a “son of man” (Son of God in flesh) that he was demonstrating to his students, what TI and DO called the “overcoming process” that is what is required to embrace with all our heart, mind, Soul and strength giving ourselves fully to our Older Member that pleases Them to gift us entry into the Next Evolutionary Step Above Human. Thus the KEY as stated here is the example that will be GIVEN TO THE STUDENT BODY who have just arrived to begin their incarnations into the vehicles they need to overcome. It’s like taking a course at a university that is a work study program – learn while you earn. This “key” is depicted:

Rev 3:7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;

The “key of David” refers to King David who was anointed to King by the prophet Samuel to replace King Saul. It was from David’s lineage that Mary, the mother of the vehicle named Jesus came from, from the tribe of Judah. The Key has multiple meanings. King David is considered to be a prophet by all three major Abrahamic religions and is attributed to authoring a number of the content to the book of Psalms (songs), in Greek each one being an “ode.” No doubt it’s not a coincidence that TI and DO named their student body with “ody” extensions that they said when they became “adults” rather than “sons” would be changed to an “od” extension dropping the “y.” Each student was therefore a “song.” Note, if TI and DO were scripture quoters or theologians and wanted to impress people with the fulfillment of prophecy as humans regularly do when they want to “be” someone special in another’s eyes, conscious of it or not, they would have stuck to either the Hebrew or the Greek word transliteration. Instead they followed their instructions at the time which was as we see it in their naming convention. They told us at the time that we were being “adopted” by the Next Level. I believe this was in 1977 or 1978 well after they sent 19 out of the group because they didn’t think they were taking what was being offered seriously enough. However as said before that stimulated a few of them to, on their own continue to believe in and want to be with TI and DO again, which did happen some years later. I compare that with the story of Cain and Abel. TI and DO said that Cain received the greater blessing from the Lord because by refusing Cain’s gift he had the chance to grow faster by becoming determined to present a better gift. We should not forget that the way in which the Next Level Older Members show us their love for us is by correcting us – in what was called being “rebuked” to where our “missing of the mark” (sin) is shown to us, so we have the chance to CHANGE (REPENT) our thinking, behavior, ways, determination and efforts – increasing our capacity to qualify for membership on their, or the way Do said it to be on, “TI’s crew.”

So the KEY is also the LAW. It’s the requirements to qualify to graduate the human kingdom according to each step described by TI and DO as “trimesters” towards “spirit/Soul/mind birth.” This KEY is also the SONG, as said before, the “lesson plan” TI compared to a “piano roll.” The LAW is given by “words,” through “voice” – that we literally hear from the mouth/mind of the incarnate Older Members. King David wrote psalm 119 that consisted of 176 verses. There are 22 letters to the Hebrew alphabet. The verses are organized in groups of 8 so that verses 1-8 all start with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “Aleph.” Verses 9-16 start with the second letter “Beth.” Verses 17-24 start with the third letter “Gimel” and so on through all 22 letters. 8 represents New Beginnings. The Lord created the Earth as a garden in 7 – 1000 year long periods.

It’s interesting that today scientists are seeing repeated evidence that what they thought had to take many thousands or even millions of years to come about in an evolutionary framework can occur many times faster. In fact there is a part of the Indian Ocean where the great earthquake and tsunami of December 26, 2004 seems to have stimulated a sea floor rise of some 3000 feet. Also in 2010 east of Australia the sea floor has been rising about 12 feet a day. Off the east coast of the U.S. state of Maine there is a new section of land that rose out of the sea to extend the shoreline hundreds of yards that some think came about following a 4.5 earthquake. Humans have no idea how quickly the Next Level can reconfigure the Earth’s geology. Just yesterday there was a report that the HIV virus was evolving into a less threatening strain than it was. The scientist said normally this would take thousands of years according to previous understandings, saying that “we don’t know everything there is to know about viruses” so it’s new information that provides us with a new perspective. When it comes to this planet and all it’s characteristics whenever we say something is absolute in the way it works we can be sure it’s probably not, yet only those who are not invested in changing their minds can be open to the changes and seeing how little they actually KNOW about our natural world.

But regarding the KEY and this code, it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that there are 22 chapters to the Book of Revelations. TI and DO only referenced chapters 11 and 12, saying they were the Two Witnesses in chapter 11 and Do saying that TI was the Woman of chapter 12. It seems the rest of the mystery was reserved to be revealed for this time now to assist in the development of those who recognize the truth and want to grow towards it’s light to become their enlightenment in the real sense of that word – as Jesus said if your eye is single focused/minded your whole body is filled with light – that’s the “all your heart, mind, Soul and strength.”

However, KEY in this context mostly depicts the way the Next Level Older Members are the AUTHORITY over those who have been imprisoned literally underground because of their own efforts to go against the Next Level in times past. To follow is the description of what renegades who seek to interfere with the Next Level’s provision of opportunity to graduate the human kingdom can expect:

Rev 20:1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
Rev 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
Rev 20:3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

And to show that being shut up in the “pit” as a prisoner was what they could look forward to when they insist on working against the Next Level:

Isa 24:22 And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be visited ((6485 paqad= appointed, do judgment as their own choose to be in their allegiance during the judgment time)).

THE BOTTOMLESS PIT – This is worded this way to bring both a literal description to the prime geographical location(s) where at least some of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens have physically sought refuge to escape surface recycling of a previous civilization on the surface that then becomes as a cell in their overall imprisonment to Earth and it’s human kingdom. I don’t think it necessarily means they can’t leave those underground or inner earth locations as the prison is really the planet itself and by planet extends some distance away that Do called “near space” that can be seen in the records as the first level of the termed “heaven.” Now that’s not to say they can go anywhere at any time and for any duration. It’s prison because they can’t actually leave the planet and it’s near space. That is the perspective that they are in hell because they understand in their history that their ancestors came from different star systems, hence their own genetic programming to want to return, even though an number of the reports from abductions, contactees and channelers suggests they left their original planet because it was “dying,” which probably was because it was also experiencing a Next Level recycling and/or that part of the idea that hell is eternal is because the Next Level doesn’t care for it further so it’s left to be treated as the remaining human equivalents choose and come to fight over dwindling resources that takes them out to space to escape, as we see happening on Earth to date as well. It is also hell because all life forms on such a “garden” like planet die off quickly by a Next Level timeless standpoint and so have no other alternative but to either come to believe in the Next Level when it’s offered or to seek refuge during periodic global wide catastrophes underground, where they are not able to reproduce new vehicles unless they can find compatible DNA to their own and become dependent on the degree of science they have come to develop to thwart aging and to aid in reproduction and the provision of their environment.

I saw a report just today on spaceweather.com that talked about how astronauts, even in their very, very near space operations on board the International Space Station can not be subject to that environment for very long without showing signs of physical debilitation from radioactive particle bombardment. These particles enter the human spacecrafts and literally “cook” the astronauts as if it was a giant microwave though comparatively slowly. Add this to the atrophy of muscle systems and an entire host of problems and one can understand why the Luciferian space aliens NEED human DNA (eggs, sperm, etc.) and the Earth’s protective environment to live from. Perhaps on some planets even the shield from these particles has become compromised as was said about Earth’s ozone layer that is said to protect the Earth’s occupants from that harmful radiation that resulted in more and more living underground where they could build facilities that at the least slowed down the radioactive bombardment and after thousands of years underground may have developed mutations that came to have more reptilian characteristics in their skin and had come to thrive best on pure blood from creatures they would trap on the surface or grow in cages, the way humans do with animals, except they might not limit themselves to animals.

From the record in Genesis chapter 6, these who WERE “Son’s of God” because they had a student relationship with Older Members from the Next Level, who had not yet overcome all their humanness who broke ranks from their Older Members because they “saw, discerned, considered” the “daughters of men (humans)” to be “pleasurable, fair, good, beautiful, gracious, kind, loving, pleasant” so “took, carried away, drew, infold, mingled, sought to win and/or use” as “wives” to “choose, try, accept, appoint, join with” to “bear” them children.

So where it states that the “red dragon” representing the impassioned (fire/red) Luciferian who “draws” others who were student “sons of God” (stars) back to the human kingdom and Earth by his mammalian nature (tail) and desire/need to have a human or equivalent vehicle to operate through, describes those that also fled the recycling flooding of the surface of that land that drove them inside the Earth and/or under the sea to survive. Some believe this is the story of Atlantis and that Antartica is part of that land mass in the south Atlantic ocean.

Rev 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Jehovah commands the children of Israel to not have “other gods” before him and not to make images of what or who is in heaven above or “in the earth beneath” or that is “in the water under the earth” and not to bow down to them nor serve them. (Exo 20:3-5). It’s not like the Next Level, that TI and DO demonstrated, to make arbitrary rules that have no application. They give rules to help us avoid being trapped by the lower forces they allow to provide us with the choice and developmental process that comes from working against their influence.


Rev 5:3 And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

“No man in heaven” would refer to those that were still members of the human evolutionary kingdom who were in a current overcoming program where they serve in the near outer space environment around the earth in spacecrafts, having passed certain stages in the lesson plan to be awarded new physical bodies that still have the capacity to reverse metamorphose into human behaviors and thus become “fallen angels” like those referred to as Luciferians. Do said these are “domestics” and said they are assigned “elementary tasks” (I suspect tasks like Enoch’s “watchers”) that would entail operations on primitive model spacecrafts provided them. This is not an insignificant accomplishment to be granted as unless one consciously turns against their Older Member who is like their captain they are considered to be preparing to fully overcome the human kingdom when the next overcoming classroom is scheduled on Earth or whatever location.

Those that fall away from adhering to the instructions, behaviors and ways provided by the Older Member in their charge become Luciferians having given in to the influence of discarnate Luciferians whom they are still subject to working against while in whatever stage of their overcoming tasks for their Older Member. These along with any equivalent to them or who they have reproduced new offspring with or through their lab insemination from abductions of humans and/or seduced into their service by making them into a contactee to perhaps end up among those who can be imprisoned under the earth and/or sea because they are not in the keeping of the Next Level.

Depicting “no man…IN EARTH” seems to refer to humans who have been part of the genetic strain that have been seeded by the Next Level. Some of these are referred to as “trees,” which are all who are a part of a genetic strain the Next Level has worked directly with that have grown into potential fruit bearers, where fruit is first them in what they offer the Next Level and any on their same strain that also come into direct relationship with an incarnate Older Member. These are still part of the world so are subject to testing as a growth mechanism. Humans that are not part of one of these “trees of life” are spoken of as GRASS though if as GREEN GRASS are those who are among the GRASS that the Next Level is working most with to prepare to become a vehicle that a first time student member of the Next Level can use as their footstool to conquer their remaining humanness through to become a member of the Next Level. When Jesus said that many are called, I believe that applies to those who are the GREEN GRASS, though as he said .”..but few are chosen” meaning only a few of these will be picked to receive more direct nurturing by being “tagged” and/or the receiver of a type of DEPOSIT so to have the chance to enter studentship to the most recently “present Older Member,” whether still incarnate or not. If not studentship starts by believing and disseminating all that once incarnate Older Member said and did and accepting the consequences that we know will result in more and more separation from all our human behaviors, ways, attachments, root systems and life.

With the idea of humanoid beings abiding “under the earth” comes the story of Admiral Byrd’s alleged February 19, 1947 expedition to the Artic circle holding some possible truth. His flight log and journal documents three hours of flight north out of the base camp where his gyroscope and other navigation instrumentation started going wild, followed by his coming upon a mountain range filled with green trees and plants and temperatures in the 70’s. This is during daylight but now the sun has a hazy appearance and two disk shaped crafts fly to his left and right and take over his navigational controls and land him to meet with very tall humanoid beings with sophisticated technologies for flight and lifestyle. He is taken to one they call the “master” who says he chose him to deliver a message to the surface world saying they became concerned for what humans were doing with atomic energy and bombs that was a path to self destruction. When they became aware of the two atom bomb explosions they sent their “Flugelrads” (flying machines) to investigate and sent emissaries to the “surface world” to try to deliver messages about not tampering with atomic energy. Apparently Byrd saw a swastika on one of the disk shaped aircraft and the “master,” spoke English with a German accent and was told he was in the “inner earth domain of the Arianni,” which sounds a lot like Aryans.

Without saying this story is completely credible, one does have the option to consider it. TI and DO did provide this story and other materials about an inner Earth without saying much about what they thought about it all. However, they didn’t generally provide us with materials that didn’t have some significance to our understanding. Further research of this story brings up certain inconsistencies. For one it’s fairly well documented that Admiral Byrd during February of 1947 was actually on the Antartica continent and was back in Washington D.C. by early March of 1947. However, one researcher notes in the military records that says he took a plane on a patrol and was out of contact with his base for three hours. The possibility then exists that the location of this story as the North Pole may have been part of the way aspects of this entire story were covered up or the exact timing of this trip to the North Pole was inaccurate or the trip to the North pole was actually what took place on an earlier well documented North Pole voyage that had it’s date changed. Admiral Byrd’s first North Pole expedition a few years before 1946 was also embroiled in controversy as some suggested he never made it to the North pole at all and just ended up flying around in circles. Could this be depicting when he really had this North pole experience? In any case, it’s all very worth examining as if it is mostly depicting what really happened, at whatever time it took place.

ADMIRAL BYRD’S ANTARCTICA MISSION WAS CODE NAMED “OPERATION HIGH JUMP” and was conceived on August 26, 1946 just a few months after Germany was defeated in World War II and just weeks after the Japanese surrendered. The mission was announced by Byrd in a press conference as a “military operation” though officially was an scientific expedition. Many wondered why the mission involved 40 ships to include three Naval battle groups, which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. They were led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker “Northwind,” and consisted of the catapult ship “Pine Island,” the destroyer “Brownsen,” the aircraft-carrier “Phillipines Sea,” the U.S. submarine “Sennet,” two support vessels “Yankee” and “Merrick,” and two tankers “Canisted” and “Capacan,” the destroyer “Henderson” and a float plane ship “Currituck.” Altogether there were close to 5000 personnel involved for a six month expedition.

The expedition ended in eight weeks because at some point they engaged an enemy that had flying disks that came out of the sea and shot beam weapons and sunk one ship, damaged others and caused many casualties. The U.S. government reported fatalities but attributed them to accidents. There is considerable evidence that that mission was in large part designed to hunt down Nazi’s that they believed had escaped to Argentina, Chili and Antartica via submarines when the handwriting was on the wall that Hitler’s Germany would lose the war. There is a great deal of evidence that Germany had an interest in Antarctica for decades that included many missions were staged from white supremacist run South Africa to scope it out. On the very eve of their launch of war in Europe they had a team flying over part of Antartica dropping markers to claim part of this previously uncharted land mass for Germany, calling it “New Swabia.” There were also several hundred thousand Germans not accounted for at war’s end and at least 10 missing submarines along with “thousands” of specialists. All but one of the flying disk production facilities were completely gone and that one was destroyed. Two submarines showed up in Argentina two weeks before the war officially ended and surrendered, yet there was some suspicion it was a tactic as there had already been a relationship with those ruling Argentina. There was considerable evidence of Germans in Argentina then. The other eight submarines were never accounted for though there was one report of a Norwegian whaling vessel off the coast of Antartica at about that time encountering a U-Boat crew who were desperate for food supplies. They gave them help and each of their crew were given a U.S. $10 bill as thanks.

Considering on one of the expeditions to Antartica according to German data, greenery was found with two warm water lakes that were added to a map. Subsequently the water was tested and found to be brackish, indicating a sea water source. Some have said, to date there hasn’t been further evidence of such a lake yet so many things are only discovered or talked about years and even decades after any discovery that is deemed a national security threat to the controlling elite in the governments or as Hillary Clinton said while running for President against Barack Obama, something to the affect of “there certainly is a shadow government.” Furthermore in 2013 I heard a report that was a national news story of finding underground warm water lakes in the Artic. Tell me what’s not possible and it’s for sure it will only be impossible to those that believe in it’s impossibility.

This brings to mind the idea that a submarine might find it’s way into such a lake and to who knows what kind of location to build an underground facility. German expeditions did include tunnel boring equipment used to make two underground facilities in Norway and somewhere in the Amazon. Also German Admiral Dönitz received an award on January 31, 1943 when he was promoted to the position of Supreme Commander of the Navy. In one of his inaugural speeches to a select officer elite, Dönitz claimed that “the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress.” Later Hitler at wars end named Dönitz his successor after denouncing Göring and Himmler as traitors. He did act as successor for a short time after the allies and Russians converged on Berlin.

On the way back from Antartica Byrd stopped in Chili and gave an interview that appeared in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio on March 5, 1947 that spoke to how his task force was attacked by a new enemy and something to do with their being able to fly from one pole to the other pole at enormous speeds. Byrd’s speech was all about preparing and dealing with fighting this real enemy, not as if he had only headed an exploratory expedition.

Additionally there is quite a lot of direct and circumstantial evidence to show Germany, but in particular the SS, equivalent to the secret intelligence service wing of the NAZI party, had a high priority towards developing flying disks in Germany throughout the 1930’s and was reported to have had at least 9 production facilities before the war ended in Europe in May of 1945. There were reports by American pilots that witnessed objects coming from the ground while flying missions over Germany that defied known flying capabilities at the time. They were called “foo fighters.” But the evidence also shows that the disks they did manufacture were not successful. They could get off the ground and towards the end of the war could be used as a hover craft but becoming useful as a transport or fighting machine was never even close to being accomplished so could not be what the USAF reported as “foo fighters.” In addition the German disks would not have been able to fly in and out of the ocean as was witnessed by several crew members on Byrd’s Antartica expedition that gave their stories to Argentina reporters because their entire propulsion method was based on the displacement of air by the jet engines driven rotary fan disks inside the body of the craft. Not long after the war the U.S. developed a hovercraft that was round and was like a huge inflatable raft at it’s base so it could have a soft landing of sorts whether on land or on the sea. At best they designed some that could hover and move a little horizontally, but certainly not to be compared with what these “foo fighters” were witnessed doing.

There is also considerable record of Hitler and his SS being obsessed with these ideas of creating a super human race and harnessing techno-magic energies that included nuclear energy to power these disks. They got many of their ideas from two secret societies, the 1929 Thule society with a spirit medium, who today would be called a channeler from somebody in the Taurus constellation and the Vril society from 1934. The Thule’s have a map said to have been drawn up during the 16th century by a Turkish seer named Piri Reis that was of Antarctica and showed the two warm water lakes. In 1935 they founded the Ahnenerba society that Himmler said meant, “legacy of the Ancestors” that had in it’s symbolism the chalice as representing the womb and the sword as the phallic, the symbols of the Aryans from Atlantis.

It all comes together to show the obsession with the Luciferians having two priorities – to get off the planet and to have a way to grow new hybrid human vehicles for their usage after their vehicle died and/or find a way not die. Isn’t it telling that mammalian reproduction being elevated was clearly part of the effort to sabotage the Next Level program in people’s minds, because Next Level members are frankly Above Human and their mammalian desires and ways. Thus to become a member of the Next Level, one needed to learn to maintain self control over sexual/reproductive desires or they would not become a Mind that would be natural in an environment that had none of that activity. TI and DO said, bringing human behaviors like that into a Next Level vehicle would cause an “abortion” of that birth, though I think that was if it were theoretically allowed to happen.

It is interesting that Byrd’s alleged North Pole flight log is very straight forward but upon recounting his experience with the “inner earth” beings his descriptions become very dream like and spiritual with glossy terminology as in abductee and contactee reports after they look back on it via subsequent dreams, remembrances and often times regressive hypnotherapy. Even if they (Byrd and his radioman) were terrified at the time it is as if they were drugged which seems to be a technique certain space aliens employ in abductions/contacts to where even a beam of light can be the form of administering a drug like trance. Sometime after the episode they almost always feel blessed to have had the experience which invariably starts some type of group that believes in them and thus a sub-culture the fore runner to a secret society and/or religion. The Luciferian types actually seek out humans who they can take over in various ways and tend to be people with power and influence among humans, as this way they have the greater influence to accomplish whatever their agenda. In this way the subject, in various ways becomes mesmerized into belief and service to that agenda.

In contrast the Next Level does the opposite of seeking unlimited devotees. They have no interest in any humans unless their Older Member has them perform a task of some sort. When They start a classroom experiment They seem to have positions to fill which is why Jesus said he needed to leave to prepare a place for them as there were many dwelling places (mansions).

Also consistent with many contactee reports are alien concerns about the use of nuclear technology and barbarian wars. We need to remember that the idea that the Luciferian space aliens are ugly, crude demons that smell like sulfur, breath fire, talk in a low spooky voice or can take you over against your will or don’t really exist at all is all part of their own misinformation campaign to portray themselves as anything but real, that is until this time period when they act like “masters” while saying they are “space brothers.” Some are often not directly deceitful or have justified a certain amount of deceit for the same reasons humans in positions of power justify deceit, using the thinking that “the ways justifies the means.”

In other words, they think they need to tell lies at times for the greater good as they see it. For the Luciferians the greater good would be to have what they want as with many humans which is so different from the Next Level who don’t have a personal want or need to be listened to. Older Members hope we will listen to them because they know that otherwise that student will never grow to be useful (good) on their crew so to be invited to be among them. They don’t need more crew members as they don’t die or have a personal agenda. They do hope we will choose what they have to offer because they know the alternative is death of both their physical body and then eventually their spirit or Soul.

Some could read this and think because TI and DO changed certain things, they were being deceitful, but it’s not deceit when you genuinely don’t know differently because the Next Level kept certain things from them and fed them steps to only barely stay ahead of their student body.

At first they genuinely thought they and their students would leave the planet with their human vehicles. What was interesting about that as a student that joined them when they believed that, was that I accepted that as true, though I expected to have my human life taken from me while providing the service to Them of spreading their information. So I considered myself wrong about what I expected. For over a decade thereafter TI and DO just didn’t know how we would leave and when, so they sought to prepare us for all options. Deceit is when you know otherwise. For instance when the Luciferian told Saul of Tarsus that he was Jesus speaking to him, that was a direct lie.

For whatever it’s worth, since the Soul body that starts as a physical container put into each prospective human vehicle ahead of their connecting with an Older Member (who is incarnate or while the Older Member was incarnate) changes via a type of metamorphosis into a new body, then when it’s exit time, as determined by the Next Level, leaving the human vehicle behind is like the Butterfly emerging out of what is left of the caterpillar body that became the Butterfly’s chrysalis. Thus each of TI and DO’s students having been brought to viability to exit was still a physical Being, though one that could not be seen. So in actually TI and DO were 100% correct that they would be boarding the spacecraft with their physical bodies. However since they did think their human vehicles would be boarding, it’s also interesting to know that as TI said, “you don’t have to die to go to the Next Level” as evidenced by Jesus whose human vehicle may not have been 100% dead, but there is also Enoch who was “taken” and Elijah who was “taken” and TI and DO also thought Moses human vehicle was taken – just with Moses there were no witnesses. TI and DO were very keen to their instructions. They didn’t make things up. They were willing to be seen as having “egg on their face” by humans if they said something they were in error about, that is if it didn’t happen exactly the way they thought it would. That happened a few times which became a major test for some to recognize and thus seems like it was part of the plan to separate out the less serious students.

This “master” Byrd talks about meeting is described by Byrd as, a man with delicate features and with wrinkles from age on his face. He indicates this “master” places his fingertips together, smiles and speaks softly and calls Byrd his son. as if he is Byrd’s parent or “father” thus superior to him, the way we see many Catholic or Buddhist priests address their disciples. He is given a delicious hot drink upon arriving, which shows itself to all be a typical human interaction. He describes his initial two hosts that take him to the “master” as “wondrous appearing hosts.” The “master” also indicate he (them) actually summoned him there, choosing him because of his manner and apparent open mind. Who knows at what point they began observing him as he’d been to both the north and south polar regions on a number of occasions and gave many talks about them.

If there are some of those who were called the “watchers,” they had spacecrafts equip with the technical capacity to observe humans without their knowing they are being observed. Actually the so called Roswell, New Mexico crash provided considerable insights into some of those technologies. There is book called, “The Day After Roswell” that is worth a read and especially the sections on the alien autopsies and Roswell artifacts that goes into some of what the spacecrafts found had on board that perhaps could be used in several ways. One was some type of “beam” that if the various reports are correct can even lift a human being or cow or blind them temporarily as with Paul of Tarsus, or stun them as with Travis Walton and Credo Mutwa, or be possibly used as a beam weapon as reported in Byrd’s Antarctica expedition.

Some of this hints as being a genuine report because of how it seems to match the way many humans in hierarchical institutional organizations act whether they are traditional or so called alternative spiritual/mystical or upper echelon governmental and/or academics, etc. Of course one can say it was made up to mimic just that.

There is always the potential to close down to considering what is or isn’t real, which is the only way a more in depth understanding of anything can become realized. This is exactly the way the Next Level wants it to be as it forces those that want to see the ultimate truths, what is most real, to continue to reach for it. In fact there is some evidence that some of this story could have come from a book written in the 1930’s that became a movie in 1937 entitled ‘Lost Horizon’ that was remade into a musical in 1973. The setting was the finding of the tropical Shangrila inside Mt. Everest. A Christian blogger made a good case for considering that Admiral Byrd lifted the Lost Horizon story and changed a few things to match the new age beliefs in UFO’s, etc. What this Christian blogger may not recognize is how the Next Level prepares well in advance and how there could easily have been a number of underground or “inner earth” habitations that are a natural configuration of the planet and/or that are man made during any past civilization on earth. Plus the Next Level in their planning can plant certain thoughts with individuals who want to serve in some capacity that then becomes a book and/or movie that is used to uplift and update the prevalent human thinking of that day. That is where science fiction stemmed from and goes hand in hand with technological development that gives the sci-fi the science part and starts to set up a more realistic view of what more there is beyond human, all of which is part of the evolutionary development of the human mind to prepare some to advance into the only real future as a member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Notice none of the records of incarnate Older Members (Moses, Jesus) or Old Testament prophets act out being spiritually uplifted, though humans later build them up in those ways. When you look at their writings or what they were quoted to have said it’s often void of poetry. Jesus was cast as a poet in the sermon of the mount but in reality it can appear that way only because his talk was largely in metaphor comparing humans to lilies of the field, etc. brought to us by Hollywood actors who read their lines dramatically. Jesus even spoke of how those who dress in Kings clothing, like Solomon were not representative of He and his Father’s Kingdom. This is also why it was said of the Two Witnesses they would come “clothed in sackcloth” which was clothing the poor made from burlap bags used to ship grains in, reused by the poor, while also referring to the human vehicles they take as being ordinary as opposed to coming from within the strength of an institution, whether governmental or religious/spiritual. Of course some would say, they can’t be the Two Witnesses if they are dressed in any other way but genuine “sackcloth,” which would be yet another extreme and excuse to pay them no mind.

Meanwhile, starting in the late 1940’s and 1950’s became a significantly large increase in sightings of spacecrafts and contactees in the United States claiming to have had physical contact with space aliens. Many had in common being told that human kind were threatened by their use of nuclear energy and weaponry and wars and that they would have to interfere with if they don’t stop escalating in those directions.

Is there any surprise seeing all this and then seeing how Rael, a space alien contactee in 1976, the very same year that TI and DO took their students to the Wyoming wilderness to begin their overcoming classroom, founded the Raelians as the latest attempt to garner support for the idea that the Elohim, the Genesis Hebrew term for the supreme beings that created it all, had engineered humans. Again, truth mixed with lie as it’s true that dropout student members of the Next Level mixed their seed with human mortal seed and in that way fathered a portion of the human race that were called the “mighty” or “great ones” because those dropouts that Enoch described as the “watchers” had taught those humans and their offspring all about spirits, medicinal herbs, certain technologies having come up themselves in the last civilization on Earth, though their Minds/Souls had been spawned even on a distant planet once used as a garden by the Next Level. The Next Level didn’t want to teach humans certain things as when they solve certain problems without seeking Next Level help, their as the expression goes, “heads get big” to where they eventually think just like the renegade Luciferians that spawned them; arrogantly believing they in fact are equivalent to the gods, having as their most concrete example their teachers. The only problem their teachers don’t teach, except in perhaps some very indirect ways is that there is another group of beings that seem to have far more experience than they, who they then teach are the enemy as this other group are very commanding and jealous for our devotion in the following of their rules, speaking of course of those in the lineage of Adam and Eve to Enoch, to Moses to a line of student teachers as Old Testament prophets to Elijah and then to Jesus, then finally to Do of TI and DO.

So the 1976 abduction of the human who took the name Rael was no doubt the Luciferian space aliens answer to TI and DO as they acknowledged that Kingdom of God as composed of physical beings who travel in spacecrafts and seed the planet. It wasn’t the only ploy to try to circumvent the whole truth. Rael eventually insinuated he was the Christ and then changed the emphasis to the Maitreya, the return of divinity in man that the Buddhists expected.

Rael is a contactee who was taken someplace where he met a being who had stories to tell about how two individuals named Lucifer and Satan actually battled one another. They showed Rael some type of computer that you could give a DNA sample to and it would generate a new physical body from as a replica of a younger you. So much of this is typically in line with all the space alien and before that fallen angel reports.

Rael’s group and others like him have been labeled another UFO religion, especially following the Heaven’s Gate group, so the bulk of the populous that are confused by it all anyway have a neat phrase to lump such ideas together to avoid facing what parts are or are not based on truth. That’s understood by the Next Level to be the case with most as their overcoming program was only designed for a select group to begin with, though after that group has finished their lesson plan, the field is opened wide as it’s time to see which have enough of their mind in them for the Next Level to save for the seeding of the next garden plot, after recycling the current one (civilization) again. Meanwhile a vast amount of disbelief, confusion and loyalties to anything but the Next Level abounds while people flock in and out of religions and it’s many offshoots referred to as today’s spiritualism or agnosticism and/or atheism.

The next years are to show an escalation of pressure to choose who to align with. Thus it’s an intense training ground for the Next Level’s next third trimester graduate class because there must end up being a type of “witch hunt” by the lower forces in control of most humans, trying to stamp out any remnant of truth contained by true Next Level students. And who are among those students, in degrees also potential students, but the dissidents of the existing systems regardless of how they are a dissident. The latest word for dissident is terrorist as it’s either for or against in this end time, even though those that are most in line to become part of the next graduation class will have no interest in bringing down government or in the use of violence to fight against it because they will know that they are showing their loyalty to the Next Level Older Members and the loss of their physical human body in the process of disseminating the information those Older Members left behind after their incarnation is part of the program that graduates their Soul into Next Level membership, though to become an adult member will require that sacrifice a number of times.

Further evidence of the fraud perpetrated on humans by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels, through Rael and others like him is seen in his efforts towards cloning in Europe, which as shown is something the aliens need, to try to have new bodies they can move into when their existing bodies die. They don’t want just any body. They want one that has the capacity to think as they think and perform in ways they have come to perform. The genes hold the memory of everything we become in thought and deed, beliefs, talents, weaknesses, etc. Thus mixing with just any genes doesn’t produce the kind of brain capacity a scientist develops. The space aliens know this well and therefore are selective of which humans they want to add to their genetic mix.

Then there is the Raelian emphasis on free love and open sexuality, an easy way to draw in people and further addict them to sensory pleasures that literally dulls their minds eye as the hormones produced by sexuality occupy one’s thoughts with physicality more and more, which is why it keeps their physical vehicles vital to make for better producers of young.

Again, the Luciferians desperately need vehicles and DNA to perpetuate their survival. The best catch for a Luciferian is a human being that was seeded by the Next Level as then they have a mind capable of recognizing the truths of the realities of physical beings and spiritual entities and the power of thoughts, the way vehicles can be manipulated as that’s what the overcoming process entails. To overcome or conquer the human vehicle one literally takes it over so it does not get to play out any of it’s innate (programmed) desires of the human kingdom, replacing them with desires of the Next Level kingdom as provided stepwise by the incarnate Older Members over millennium of “classroom.” So the ones that fall away from those classrooms are the top pics as the biggest reason they fall away is because they have not conquered their vehicles desire to play out it’s programming of animal passions, so each is a package of mind and passion that then becomes kin to them when they can no longer conceive of the Next Level as Beings that are Above Human and the creators of ALL, but instead are seen as another race of beings that just so happen to have better technology so can Lord over others. Thus the Luciferians justify lording over humans, except they have no real “love.” In other words I doubt they “give” themselves to anyone. They are completely self absorbed and thus have no way to change to see what else there is. All they can do is perpetuate their current mindset which is only good for one thing. It provides the Next Level with a type of fertilizer. A fertilizer is a type of poison in that too much can kill a plant, but just the right amounts can stimulate a plant to grow faster and stronger from building up resistance to it.

Credo Mutwa said he encountered aliens in Africa and that they had been living underground on blood. Is there any wonder why most of the mutilated cows were drained of their blood and had their sexual organs removed surgically. I’m not saying it was to consume them. It may be for a combination of things – for testing in their underground labs with or without human participation. We must remember that most of the space aliens look near identical to earth humans.

Greys, though not all are members of the Next Level who had earned Next Level bodies and chose to sacrifice their bodies to enter into the Third Trimester “classroom” with the incarnate Older Members to complete their overcoming of their remaining humanness. They also knew that their physical vehicles were “wardrobe” so that they would not perish by the loss of their biological “suit of clothing.” Another purpose to laying down their physical bodies in some of the so called “UFO” crashes was to give governments proof of beings from beyond the earth who have greater technology than they have.

Completing their overcoming requires having a human physical body to “take over” aka incarnate into. Sacrificing their existing physical vehicle, for those that came and had a Next Level physical body, whether a student or adult model releases their true nature, their Soul body that has grown by increasing their Next Level Mind (holy spirit) by drawing from their Older Member’s mind in the performance of tasks. Their task at this time after arriving was to pick a human vehicle to incarnate into, that the Next Level would help them with so they can find a “match” with their existing lessons learned from incarnate times past. Then when the Older Members “blow their trumpet” give their testimony as witnesses to the Next Level They are attracting their crew for the challenge of getting their mind into this new vehicle to become fully dedicated students of their Older Member to complete their overcoming process.

Just like the Luciferians always seek to create facsimile events they also seek to create facsimile Next Level vehicles though having very limited success seem to have taken to wearing a suit that looks like a “grey” EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). I suspect this is what Whitley Steiber experienced and what David Icke and/or Rael reported. I believe in one of their encounters with space aliens one of them was told by the space alien that he was “wearing a disguise so not to frighten him.” I wonder what he really looked like. Perhaps he looked like death warmed over so he wore a “grey” suit that had a huge helmet with huge melon shaped eyes so they looked like bugs as also depicted in the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I’d actually venture to suggest any suit worn by a Luciferian space alien, that once had a domesticated vehicle provided them by the Next Level, if it is still alive after thousands of years might have needed a suit to keep from decaying more quickly in the earth environment.

If one reads the book “Day After Roswell” there are some good descriptions of the autopsy’s of the bodies from the crash near Roswell, New Mexico. In it the author who had access to the U.S. Army files said the bodies were very decayed when they arrived at the base where the first autopsies were performed. He said all the organs were decayed. In fact he said that the heart was all but gone so they couldn’t really tell how it worked. By the way, this book may be considered a sci-fi novel for the public, possibility having some names changed. I don’t know but it has a number of things in it that I heard from TI and DO that were not available to TI and DO.

The Raelians are also preserving their genes with the idea they can be used to regenerate their next physical body. When the Next Level wishes to preserve a genetic strain they just help them survive the recycling as in the case with Noah and his family. Any spirits and/or Souls they want to preserve are located before they lose their vehicle and the Next Level is there when they drop the vehicle and takes that spirit or Soul to their appropriate holding area, what Do called being put “on ice” though he added that he didn’t mean it literally. But I suppose for those that don’t want that relationship or even recognize it can exist for them, they have nothing else to give them a sense of a future except by using what to the Next Level are primitive scientific breeding and genetic engineering methods that are full of flaws, limitations and dangers, mostly the danger of giving birth to all sorts of mutations and defective vehicles as has been reported in the underground Dulce, New Mexico base that is and/or was allegedly jointly run by humans and aliens.

Rev 9:2 And (he) opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun ((2246 helios= a ray)) and the air ((109 aer from aemi= to breathe unconsciously, respire)) were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit ((5421 phrear= a hole in the ground, cistern or well, fig. an abyss (as a prison))).

It’s interesting that the Nazi SS had their own religion they called, the “black sun order.” Smoke depicts “spirit/thoughts” and in this case dark spirit/thoughts agendas as it darkens the “rays of light” people are helped to SEE by. The air, as the “breath of God” is addressing their pollution of the spirit world.

This can also certainly have it’s literal depiction as from a volcano that is erupting. Mt. Etna in Italy comes to mind given it’s regular eruptions and proximity to the former “promised land.” When it says the “air” is darkened, air and spirit are synonymous which again also refers to thoughts and people’s mindset that can become “turned to the dark side,” the Star Wars movie phrase. Movies serve several purposes. Both the Next Level and the Luciferians have influence in what humans choose to do, thus depending on the producer, director and writers will show a potential mix. Next Level mind is “force” so when someone has a strong dose of it, they are both tested by what they choose to do with the passion it stimulates – working on behalf of Next Level behavior and ways in practice verses working for their own betterment in the human kingdom. Neither are right nor wrong, though one has no future while working for Next Level does.

Rev 9:3 And there came out of the smoke locusts ((200 akris= as pointed, or as lighting on top of vegetation)) upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions ((4651 skorpios from akopos, from skeptomai= to pierce, peer about “skeptical” while concealed, to watch)) of the earth have power.

These “locusts” have powers to influence (pierce) humans with their misinformation, that is poison to the mind compared to a scorpions concealed sting. Perhaps the space aliens have some way to deliver a literal sting or injection. The space aliens got their technology from the Next Level. Even though I don’t think this was space alien instigated, Do told us a strange dream he had one night which was well after TI had left her vehicle. He said it started off with his feeling like he received a hypodermic needle to the buttock. Then he was instructed to stand behind a number of others on a line. That’s about all I recall. Funny thing was that when he was telling us this dream, he said he still felt the pain in the buttock. He told us the lesson he got from it, was that he was not nearly as important to the Next Level as he might have thought he was, as he didn’t get any royal treatment having to fall in line behind some others. It was a lesson in humility. I’ve received that lesson many times through dreams. In my last one, that occurred around December 7, 2014 I came upon a very long table that had many people working around and the table was crowded with papers. When I saw it, I became alarmed and went to Do and said, “I missed this project, can I be part of it?” He looked at me with an expression of exasperation. It was one of those dreams I awoke with and knew I was both awake yet still in the dream and I walked around the table and it dawned on me that “they were working very hard on the project while I was dragging my feet letting human self-indulgences cause me delay after delay. They were moving ahead with or without me. It wasn’t a different project and if I didn’t get more serious about it’s completion they had ways someone else would, perhaps several they were working with, like I said, with or without me.

Rev 9:4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt ((do wrong, unjust, wicked)) the grass ((court, garden, blade)) of the earth ((human inhabitants)), neither any ((all)) green (thing), neither any ((all)) tree ((oak)); but only those men which have not the seal ((protection)) of God in their foreheads ((amid, accompaniment of, inside of face)).

Note “locusts” are actually flying insects that devour plants. Insects are technically animals and in this case flying animals. As the smoke represents the spirits that were released from the pit, the Locusts represent those humans and/or human equivalents who were being restrained underground who do their flying using physical spacecrafts as none of this is strictly spirit based. Everything can have both a literal spiritual and physical interpretation.

As previously described the GRASS are the human genetic seed planted by the Next Level. The GREEN are those humans who are approaching harvest ability, also described as the WINE in Rev 6:6 having sprouted a step further. The TREES are those who are equivalent to the OIL in Rev 6:6 as they are serving the Next Level by becoming an instrument to pass on the “light” – mind of their Older Members to others that TI and DO said of their students each had a “strain” (branch) of humanity associated with them.

Matthew 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel

Someone that takes a step beyond belief and follows all instructions of an incarnate Older Member from the Next Level is the primary tasks for the first trimester souls and moves them from GRASS to a harvest nearing GREEN plant. When those souls return and begin their separation from their human roots and attempt to adopt all the teachings of the next incarnate Older Member (adding to abiding by the teachings of the previously incarnate Older Member) becomes a second trimester student that is given more service while knowing it would bring them the same trouble it their human lives as it brought the Older Member when he/they demonstrated that separation process (even their death because of). Those souls who return again to add to their experience, separating again from their human roots, adhering to all the lesson steps and under the tutelage of the incarnate Older Member sufficiently overcome all their human behaviors and ways, further bonding/grafting to their Older Member are then beginning to function as a branch on the Older members vine, hence the definition of a TREE.

Joh 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

He’s not saying his disciples are the “fruit” – they are part of the tree now – that makes them the “trees” and their task is to bring forth fruit.

Joh 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

TI and DO indicated the space aliens were not allowed to interfere (abduct or try to steal away as a contactee, channeler, etc.) any human vehicles who were tagged (seeded) and/or received one of several types of Soul “deposits.”

The seal spoken of here is what TI and DO described as a “tag” and as a “deposit.” Do and crew described a tag as a way of reserving a human vehicle for their usage as a crew would be assigned to watch over that vehicle, even from it’s birth when the tags are issued. Deposits have two forms. One was for returning students and a different type was for first time students. It is a Soul container for a first time student and has it’s own set of programs with it. A returning student gets a vehicle that is given a different type of deposit, one that has additional “programs” and both grow by drawing in the Mind from the Older Member. That is accomplished when we believe everything the most current Older Member says and even more-so when we apply what the Older Member has said. The vehicles TI and DO took were “tagged.” I don’t know if these vehicles later received the deposit for a returnee. I believe all human vehicles that receive deposits are referred to as “men” in these scriptures and that has nothing to do with the gender of the vehicle.

Rev 9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented ((928 basanizo= to test (as a touch-stone as in purifying of metal)) five months: and their torment ((test)) was as ((like)) the torment ((test)) of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

– Not kill them – Since there is no evidence that the Luciferian space aliens literally kill the vehicles of these, this seems to have the equally applicable translation of Greek apokteino as a figurative “kill” as in how they influence these to become distant from the real Next Level that does become a Soul death sentence eventually if maintained. These who gravitate towards thinking of the space aliens as their so called “brothers” as an abductee and contactee are almost always told, by many accounts, that they are contacting humans now to warn them against doing things to harm the environment or harm the human race’s prospects for a future. It’s always a peaceful message thus appeals to those who are the “green grass,” those vehicles that have been primed to respond to the Next Level’s presence in such behavior and ways, part of which Jesus taught because it is a Next Level way to act peaceful one to another.

Since the Next Level is saying who the space aliens are not allowed to harm, one might wonder how the Next Level regulates what the space aliens and/or Souls without vehicle and/or discarnates where they are allowed to go that might have something to do with who they are allowed to influence. TI and DO said Souls can go places in the “spirit world” or possibly termed the first heaven that discarnates can not go into. They said there were “gates” in the “ethers” or spirit world and “boxes.” I don’t know if it’s related but they taught that different U.S. regions and/or states had different “influences” which was their primary term for discarnates, but could have also included Souls of varied development, as the original Luciferian space aliens, the ones called the fallen angels, I believe ended up eventually losing the vehicles they had when they fell, but still circulate among the space aliens they helped spawn on space crafts and/or in whatever hiding places under the sea and/or underground or on the earth. They are the ones in control of the space alien races they propagated in their hybridization programs, possibly that began as technology development in a previous civilization on Earth and/or from another planet. They said they moved the class from the Salt Lake City, Utah area where we briefly camped because of how strong they felt certain influences were in that area. They said the Luciferian space aliens teach discarnates things they can do. They said they could feel differences in the content of influences in different areas. I believe it was because they were sensitive to what thoughts were from their own vehicles programming and what thoughts were particular to certain locations. When they alerted us to this, as I believed it, though I wasn’t trying to perceive changes when we traveled, to my surprise one time I did think I felt a difference of some sort when going across the border from New Mexico to Texas but it wasn’t especially related to thoughts that I was aware of. Maybe it was my wanting to experience it which isn’t automatically imagined but is like drawing on TI and DO’s mind to then recognize because they initiated the thinking.

I also know that TI and DO said the Next Level installs “tags” to keep track of certain humans, especially the ones they want to give preparation to receive a Next Level student Soul. They said it’s like the way humans can install a tracking device on an animal. Since Do said all the space aliens are souls the Next Level originally installed I believe they can all be tracked by the Next Level and can also be blocked from having too much influence on students they can be assigned to as an “adversary” (Satan).

If one looks at the record of what has been called the abduction and contactee phenomena it had it’s height by far during the 1970’s and 1980’s, though there were traces in the 1950’s with the Antonio Vilas Boas abduction and the most famous first abduction account of Betty and Barney Hill in Massachusetts in 1961, but those are just the ones we’ve seen reported.

– Five Months – in this case is listed from the Greek 3375 men, pronounced “mane” but is listed with the equal Greek spelling and pronunciation as 3376 men that indicates having a stronger form coming from 3303 men, pronounced “men” that is a particle of AFFIRMATION or CONCESSION. When the Next Level in these prophecies chooses to refer to a specific number of days, they do so by using the measurement of a day as in the Rev 11:3 prophecy period of the Two Witnesses of a “thousand two hundred threescore days,” as well as how long Jesus was in the tomb – said as, “3 days and 3 nights,” the same description as he said Jonas was in the “whale’s belly.” TI and DO did say that an incarnate Member of the Next Level that changes over the physical vehicle they incarnate into has the capacity to heal itself in 3 1/2 days, referring to Jesus healing himself.

All through the Old Testament the Moon is the primary timer which is where the word Month originates. All the feasts that had different ordinances with each were to teach to follow instructions and self sacrifice of one’s “SELF.”

In some Christian commentary they interpret “five months” here as a “short season” though I believe TI and DO spoke about a season as 2000 years so a short one half that.

Isn’t it also interesting that the Raelians have this practice of initiating new members by taking a small sample of their FOREHEAD bone that they then store somehow as what I reported earlier as their giving a DNA sample their space alien leaders can then say they can use to generate a new human vehicle for them to move into when their existing vehicle perishes. Now I still wonder how they do that as I don’t believe they actually open up each new members skin to get to the bone to scrape a little DNA from it. I suspect it’s symbolic of a skin of the forehead scraping at the most, but then I could be wrong about that. I’m just pointing out that it seems they got that idea from these verses, that includes Exo 9:4 that talk about the forehead which also relates to the face itself as the Greek 3359 metopon from 3326 meta, so in Rev 9:4 actually has to do with the measurement of one’s Mind that evidences whether or not they are to be SEALED (affirmed). It’s the Luciferian stimulated facsimile of the Next Level teaching and acting as aiding the Next Level student to give their life in service to the most recently incarnate Older Member. That’s what seals their commitment, said as “covenant” – the “bow” or rainbow the Lord gave to the humans going forward after the last recycling period.

re: months as affirmation periods, for individuals, they can seem to correlate to the Seven Seals of Rev 6 and 7 as BOTH an unsealing of previously given meaning to Next Level information, for instance as contained in the Rev 5 BOOK that in so doing stimulates the “testing” (tormenting) challenge to those that HEAR the information, as to whether or not they will be drawn to it’s source, the Two Witnesses who are the Ones once named the Father and Jesus, returned incarnate in new human vehicles taking the new names of TI and DO.

The first seal is thereby the opening of the first mysteries and will include by it’s completion the revealing of the BOOK’s contents in what were called the Seven Thunders/Roars by the Lion of Judah (the one who was Jesus). It is completed by the One sitting on the White Horse, that same Older Member who was birthed to his position on the throne by his Father with Him incarnate as TI, to “get him going,” the “horse” being the human vehicle he takes over, conquers and uses to SHOW each of his students how to conquer their own human vehicles they took upon their returning in Soul form with Him/Them.

These who stick with their Older Member, no matter when they join with him, all get the same “pay,” the way Jesus talked about the rewards, that are based on what each student does not on when they join, are the first fruit harvested, though some will still need to return to the human condition after the recycling to go through another classroom wear by giving their lives in service they become “trees” yielding “fruit,” as did those students who were considered to be the four living beings and the four and twenty elders.

Do said some of those who were with him when they exited were not ready to be graduated to adult Next Level vehicles. However, I suspect they will all be awarded an intermediary student model Next Level vehicle, I suspect one equivalent to what some of those who “fell” while working as “watchers” received (though I believe TI indicated today’s graduates to that stage towards adult membership have to reach for a higher bar, as even though the Next Level can make use of those who fall away they don’t plan for it to have a chance to repeat itself even though the system of overcoming against that Luciferian influence works, it’s not their way to still not make improvements on what to them are experiments.

From examining Seals 2 through 5, one can see that in 5 starting in Rev 6:9-11 “white robes” are given to every Soul that was “slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.” In other words they were slain because they gave their death defying testimony (witness, report, recording) as provided them by the current representatives, the Two Witnesses, TI and DO and in so doing were beginning to “lay down their human life” in the way most would hate to hear what they say – setting themselves up to even lose their vehicle on account of. This is also what Jesus said he was doing by turning himself in and said his disciples would be doing as well by giving the testimony he provided (drinking the same cup of his blood).

All these receive “white robes,” speaking of the LAST fruit harvest from Rev 14, via the WINEPRESS depiction. They drink the “cup” given them to drink. A white robe is a Next Level grown physical vehicle that it seems isn’t yet an adult Next Level incorruptible vehicle. An adult Next Level vehicle is described as one made of “fine linen,” the cloth only the high priests in the Jehovah/Moses classroom were to wear. Those who served as the High Priests successfully throughout their lesson plan, when they exited those physical bodies, took up new physical bodies to incarnate with Jesus to start their second trimester lesson plan. They gave their lives to Jesus service by separating from their human roots of family and homes and sexuality, etc. and then by giving their blood in his service spreading the seeds that could yield new fruit. Some may have received “white robes” at that time when they left their vehicles and began to have service in crews under Next Level Adult Older Member guidance and succeeded enough to be given the chance to finish their overcoming by sacrificing the vehicle they had been given, as seen in some of the so called UFO crashes. That served several functions to do, one being they then with their essence as a Soul Body would be helped to tag a human vehicle that would give them whatever aspects of their humanness they each still needed to overcome. Giving one’s life is a significant step, but it’s not the only significant step. They have to completely bond with their Older Member – a Mind bond (like the Star Trek mind meld, Do enjoyed seeing in that television show) aka a graft to him, his vine, branch on the Tree of Life. Those who sufficiently overcome and bond and please their Older Members graduate and receive a new nonperishable and incorruptible adult Next Level vehicle and begin more significant service a department TI and DO said they would have some choice to decide.

Those who lose their vehicles during the time period of the 6th seal in belief of and thus for TI and DO are still “saved” for a future classroom that commences after the recycling that seems to be after a 1000 year period, described as “a little season.”

– THESE ARE ALL TESTED (TORMENTED) FOR THE DURATION OF THOSE 5 SEALING PERIODS (MONTHS) the fourth of which approaches with the rise of the “green (pale) horse,” in the role of leader of the U.S., come the 2017 inauguration or in whatever way power changes hands in the bestial now more or less U.S. led world government.

“Tormented” comes from 928 basanizo= to test, torture, cause pain, toil, toss or vex (anger, irritations, etc.)

Considering that the origin of spacecrafts are technologies the Next Level developed or were developed in a previous civilization by humans and/or human equivalent space aliens that also originated from Next Level Minds and are piloted by those who are at this time descendents of the original Luciferian fallen angels, or if they had vehicles that could live over many thousands of years in certain environments, they could be the same fallen angels who became renegades, then they and their crafts are equip to operate in degrees beneath the “radar” systems of humans in more ways than one. They may be able to be completely quiet and can operate without lights and may be able to see everyone and everything around them and are fast and agile to maneuver. And they seem to have ways to put a subject into a type of hypnotic dream like state, they then mostly forget afterward. Most abductions take place in rural areas.

However, whether or not many of us have been abducted or not, there is no doubt that we are all subject to their influence and much of that can also be directly aimed at us. Do said these space aliens also have technology to “transmit thoughts” to stimulate ideas that can stimulate actions. For this reason TI and DO said, we are not responsible for the thoughts we are sent but we are responsible for what we accept and entertain and act upon. TI and DO taught us to recognize thoughts that are not ours and didn’t come from our teachers, our heavenly Father, the Next Level and to abort them. For example one simple but effective technique they taught was to, “Put up a blank (cue) card” in one’s mind and then put your mind on something else rather than wait to see if it’s still there. It’s actually a “muscle” we were taught to build strength of by exercising it in this way.

In other words, our thoughts are not necessarily our own so if we have a terrible thought to, let’s say harm someone in some way, that doesn’t make us a terrible person, UNLESS we let such thoughts linger in our consciousness to any degree (though the less the better. Letting it linger by thinking or fretting about it is allowing it to take hold and over time one can find themselves accepting thoughts as their own and even expanding their occupation of our brain/mind. By entertaining them and building them they are accompanied by the emotions they stimulate or repress that can then accumulate and overflow to where one needs a fix of some sort to get relief from. That fix or “high” can be an angry outburst, and/or a sexual release on ourselves and/or others and/or a mild altering substance use or binge, even complete with justifications and a degree of temporary satisfaction or calm but often followed by the opposite emotions or increased irritability, remorse, guilt and hatreds to build into the next cycle. Some that end up doing horrible things to others is most often because they have allowed those thoughts to become their own and even played them out in their heads, not unlike an informal voodoo practice that, depending on the person can even escalate to planning to hurt someone and feeling justified in doing so. A common problem many become saturated by is in the building of anxiety and worry that many today in the U.S. medicate themselves to treat.

The overcoming of humanness process means every thought and action that we are taught didn’t come come from our Older Members mind needs to be aborted which is part of the reason the Older Members must come incarnate with each new regeneration in preparation for their coming so to be able to identify with exactly what we all experience and how we describe those things so the Older Members can give us their Mind to handle.

On a larger scale it’s the way wars among countries begin. And it’s often stimulated by the Luciferian space aliens who from their spacecrafts and through those who are discarnate look for those they can manipulate with the intention of working towards whatever their agenda. Do said the space races are even in competition with one another which can be seen within different countries and unions of countries.

These space aliens find humans that show a propensity to attract others and empower them to draw followers that become groups that all end up showing significant corruption, called cults like Manson and Jim Jones and the Solar Temple and many other less murderous groups that take a little of what some prophet or Jesus said and use it to promote the opposite of what those prophets or Jesus would have them do, even to the degree of justifying wars against people of a different faith as we see in the war of so called Christians against Muslims against Jews which have been long standing for millennium.

TI and DO called attacks by the Luciferian space alien lower forces “bombardment” and said that each student is assigned a “booger” (here depicted as a locust) which is literally one of the fallen angels who is discarnate to become each student’s personal adversary (Satan). TI also compared the process of overcoming – meeting the Next Level qualifications to be on an Older member’s crew TI compared to “purifying of the gold” or churning the cream to turn it into butter. They also talked about how the Next Level tests us and uses them to test us. I can see TI saying, “the Next Level wants to see if you can handle it (the lesson) as a member of the Next Level would do.” These therefore who are the ones not “sealed” are being tested by allowing them to be influenced by space aliens. If they couldn’t handle it the Next Level would not permit it. They never give us more of a test than they know we can handle. Even still, TI and DO said if we feel we can’t handle the test, we can ask to have it relaxed some so it’s not as strong or often. The test is who we will ask for help from and whose teachings will we try to apply when we already received their help. Those who are not yet sealed have tests in proportion to the strength of the lesson they need, to get back on their Older Members straight and narrow.

Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men ((444 anthropos= certain man-faced, human beings)) seek ((2212 zeteo= inquire (for), endeavor (against life, desire), be (about), (by Hebraism) to work for (worship) or plot against life)) death ((2288 thanatos= to be deadly)), and shall not find ((2147 heurisko= perceive, see)) it ((846 autos= (these) things)); and shall desire ((1937 epithumeo= set heart upon, that is, long for (rightfully or otherwise) covet, would fain, lust (after))) to die ((599 apothnesko= separate, cease, die off (from separation from God))), and death shall flee ((5343 pheugo= to run away, be shunned, vanish)) from them ((846 apo= those (minds))).

– inquiring (seeking) about death and not perceiving (finding) it – to understand more about what happens after death and not obtaining or perceiving it.

Starting in the early 1910’s Edgar Cayce was perhaps a good example of someone who engaged in all subject matter surrounding communications (inquiry) from/with the dead who became known as the “sleeping prophet,” because he would lay down and go into trance and talk out loud to give what were called “readings” about people’s past lives and medical ailments to help them. He first became famous nationally as he attempted to help people who asked him about loved ones missing in action from WWII. Cayce had studied Madame Blavatsky’s writings, astrology, alternative forms of healing the body with the mind/spirit and/or with gemstones, past life regressions and other new age experimentation, while remaining a regular Bible reader and believer. He gave a reading once that was recorded by his secretary to be a reference to reincarnation which he didn’t believe in and so his own reading gave him trouble. He didn’t remember what he said in his readings when he came out of his sleep-trance channeling. He would have to read the notation.

– The Tibetan Book of the Dead was first published in the U.S. in 1949 and is intended to guide one through the experiences that the consciousness has after death and before one’s next rebirth, plus the signs of death and rituals to undertake when death is closing in or has taken place. It comes from an earlier document called the Bardo Thodol that has to do with “Self Liberation” through hearing during one’s intermediate state AFTER death as if at that point one needed guidance to traverse various “gates” in this part of the spirit world. It’s interesting how many parallels there are with what TI and DO and Jesus taught, though do so as if there is no “Father” or Jehovah to come to rely upon, which is a tell tale sign of Luciferian influence.

Also, it was in 1957, perhaps the end of this trumpet’s timeline when the Parapsychology Association (PA) was created in Durham, North Carolina.

I believe TI and DO taught that the Luciferians, having learned Next Level ways, also see their actions in relationship to certain humans as testing them to find those who can become their servants and/or provide them with DNA to develop new vehicles they can then make use of. A big difference between them and the Next Level is they need to attract those human vehicles the Next Level provided with “Soul deposits” because they can’t make a Soul and a Soul has an increased capacity and function and awareness of the kinds of things they need for mind compatibility. The Next Level doesn’t need new membership. It’s their joy to provide the opportunity to those they create so they are very selective and have high standards.

– desiring death – So one tactic of the Luciferians to implant on the minds of humans they are trying to attract, in general or specifically, is to remove the catalyst of and impending “death” and/or recycling – end – hell. They try to replace that innate fear of death that can serve as the impetus to make the best use of their life to seek out their ultimate highest purpose, having the recognition that there is a grand design that a Soul deposit gives them, with instead theoretically even looking forward to death – in that way – desiring to die, thinking it’s at that point that eternal life and true freedom from the encumbrance of the physical body begins – so they are led to think/believe and assume. Isn’t that thinking telling of the same mindset of many Christians of simply believing in something or someone and assuming that belief carry one to some heavenly blissful reality. These two mindsets are the most pervasive it seems among those who were prepared most by the Next Level but become subject to these Luciferian tricksters.

Another trick is the “heaven on earth” mindset that includes “ye are gods” because you think you are. Yet another is the mindset that’s equivalent to the “ye are god’s,” is the idea that through technology development humans can have everlasting life and can terraform planets when one becomes worn out or destroyed by certain humans or bad aliens or “nature.” It’s very interesting how many of the technological humans are also “spiritual” going from the dichotomy of thought, for example in the use of meditation and such techniques to heal themselves and their world to their laboratory or computer engineering departments to experiment with the physical world. Many whose careers involve aspects of the sciences thrive on the path of discovery and solving problems. It’s their rubrics cube made into a profession right alongside the theologians who are like them, driven to their chosen vein and understandably, yet become put to the test when information is provided by incarnate Older Members that don’t require their various disciplines to embrace.

They can easily justify shielding themselves from the overall reality that Beings from The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human are literally available for the asking and are master technicians, creators, gardeners and have the plan They periodically share with humans they also prepare humans to have the capacity to embrace. But if one has become satisfied with a niche they can’t imagine jeopardizing, the Next Level knows about the only chance that Soul will have of breaking out of their comfort zone would be to remove some of the security they have believed they had. Facing directly our own mortality is one such foundation we all face. If we’ve accepted it and are happy to go to our death then “death flees” from us as the catalyst it could be. This frame of mind is altogether different from saying to our Older Members in the literal heavens we want to give our lives in their service so to use us as putty in their hands, even knowing that could take the shape of facing death because of. One is resolving to die and the other is resolving to work for the Next Level until we die.

To others the Luciferians spread their misinformation that some embrace in thinking death yields them freedom from life’s trials, when life’s trials are given to humans as the impetus to seek the help from our heavenly Father. That heavenly Father is for them turned into a non-entity, replaced by the worship and praise and service to the dead, namely some referred to as the Ascended Masters or spirits of the dead as in the so called “saints” or mythological entities or ghosts, etc.. Instead of providing service to the Kingdom of God/Heaven who assigns us to help one another by good works, the direction of service becomes to some universal mind or cosmic consciousness, they even call the Christ Consciousness programming adherents to believe they can change the world, reduce the wars, feed the hungry, even through meditation until the 100th monkey kicks in to create a paradigm shift, to give credence and “glory” (recognition) to anything but the Supreme Beings who created our Earth, even with the negatives so each individual can seek first their relationship with their Heavenly Father and then as instructed provide service to others according to His/Their will.

The Luciferian fallen angel space aliens teach to even welcome death as joining those Ascended Masters in spirit as the hierarchy of the planet to help usher in world peace and a new heaven on Earth, an oxymoron as Members of the Next Level would never choose to make the Earth their home when they have evolved out of the womb for the “Human Individual Metamorphosis” any more than would a caterpillar if given the choice lose it’s wings and new found freedom to have to crawl around with other caterpillars again. (That is a tiny, tiny example, as the gap between Kingdom levels is far far greater, having many, many reasons to not want to go backward though they do for a time to help us evolve out of it via their program).

Under these Luciferian fallen angel space aliens death loses it’s sting to where even Christians who see the corruption of the human world think they automatically receive salvation by dying and going to some mystical Heaven because they believe in the idea of Jesus as a reality without being shown that each of us MUST also become as He demonstrated, a CHRIST, (through the metamorphic transformation) according to His example that has us face the sting of death on His behalf, according to His timetable, while seeking to demonstrate our service to Him.

Yet to others Luciferians have them believe death of the body yields true life outside the body where one can fly wherever they want and enjoy not having to be encumbered by flesh. These don’t recognize that such so called freedom is actually hell as it is only through a physical body that a spirit takes shape and for each of the experiences they hated or enjoyed during life in the body, they are by death programmed to repeat with neither any real satisfaction from the pleasures, nor real relief from the pains – like software in a seeming endless loop while driven to try to reap that satisfaction or pain by leeching from those still in human vehicles. They are without choice to change. The condition of their mind in relationship to their vehicle at death becomes their ongoing condition to try to recreate solely on a mental level that is until the Next Level recycles and chooses to dissolve even that spiritual world back into a more base energy form.

All these forms of misinformation are parts of the plotting against the Next Level and the truth about what happens after death.

Rev 9:7 And the shapes ((3667 homoioma from 3666 homoioo= resemblance of simultude (manner))) of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces ((4383 prosopon from 4314 ops= the front (as being towards view), outward appearance, countenance, surface, person)) were as the faces of men.

These beings do not have the physical shape of horses. The word was homoioma and has to do with their manner and perhaps vibration in how they resemble homosapians – “prepared to battle” in the way humans develop big egos and pride in their accomplishments – thinking themselves as self reliant and independent minded as they march off to another’s battle, not recognizing they are being enslaved to their sense of self. These have “crowns LIKE gold” – again the facsimile of a real “tried by fire” gold that only comes by an individual having conquered the human kingdom by way of the example and lesson plan of one’s incarnate Older Members and the records they leave behind when they exit. Finally, they are shown to have the visual appearance of a human’s face.

Rev 9:8 And they had ((2192 echo= had or held (imperfect tense thus past in this context))) hair ((2359 thrix trichos of uncertain derivation compared to 2864 kome as ornamental hair)) as ((5613 hos= even as)) the hair of women*, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.

– had or held hair as hair of women,” could mean very long and/or decorated. Hebrew men and women wore their hair longish, though males regularly cut their hair while women did not so it grew much longer. When it says they “held or had hair” it would seem it meant something special to these. If it was that they “had hair” it could have been a reference that they were born from women through fornication (sexuality) or “held hair” meaning they still were kin to the progenitors of their race as hair was often attached to sensuality. However, Nazarenes during Moses time were those who chose to take a voluntary oath to the Lord that Moses gave them the details of, as not drinking fruit of the vine and I believe also included abstaining from sexuality, in which they would not cut their hair so it’s length showed they were abiding by that oath. (Even though the ego could derive satisfaction from being seen as having taken that oath, that part of their overcoming could apparently wait until a later time since the instruction came from the Older Member of what to abide by in the oath, it wasn’t considered showing off of one’s piety to follow the instructions and perhaps others needed to know they were taking that oath.

TI and DO, for the longest time had hair that was like a butch cut with the hair on the sides going just a little over the top of the ears. I can recall a picture from Stanford College where six new students of TI and DO gave a meeting where Dncody had long shoulder length hair and a full untrimmed beard. By the time of the Waldport meeting, he had short hair and no beard. Nobody asked me at the time but I had very long hair when I joined as did several others and we all had it cut off and began to shave when we joined. It didn’t phase me to do so, though I couldn’t have imagined doing so before then as I did have an individualist identity from it over the previous six years since having been away from vehicle’s parental nest. I just knew I was entering a new greater phase of life so I was letting “it” take me. I was like the caught fish Jesus said followers would become, someone who unconsciously wanted to be caught and the bait was everything TI and DO said and represented that I didn’t question although I would not have been able to explain why. Now I know my vehicle had been prepared ahead.

At one point when TI and DO moved into the Houston area where Do was well known some twelve years before, which was ten years after he and TI had their pictures in virtually all popular media as Bo and Peep, leaders of the UFO Cult, Do grew a beard to help disguise himself some. That was not a signal for students to grow beards though probably some might have done so if Do approved it. In the mid 1990’s Do shaved his head and I recall several other males wanting to do likewise. He didn’t want all of us to do so as he didn’t want us to stand out when in public together or at “out of craft tasks” – jobs we held in the human world, where sometimes more than one of us worked at the same location but tried very hard to stand apart. Female students, when they joined also cut their hair but not necessarily quite as short as males.

I think part of the bigger picture of what this verse is saying, points to these space aliens as including human looking females having lengthy hair. In other words there are females among them and they are not “grey’s” in appearance, (though I believe Do thought some grey’s appearance were actually suits they needed to have to either hide their hideous looking shriveled up bodies, as some reported, or to protect their fragile bodies while exposed to humans and in the decaying atmosphere of earth. So they are mammals as all mammals have hair and are compared in other ways to mammals having human faces and horse like resemblance of similitude – vibration.

I recall in the contactee Billy Meier’s reports, at one point the spacecraft, that had allegedly posed for his camera landed and a slender blondish long haired human looking woman named Semjaza met with him face to face and answered some of Billy’s questions. She said they had families and were asked if they were aware of other space aliens that they don’t have interface with. She said at times they would see a spacecraft that was much faster than theirs but would zip away without their knowing anything about who was inside them. I watched this on a documentary Do brought to the classroom to see. It focused some on the Pleiadians where the woman said they were from. I believe she indicated her home planet was ravaged by war so they had come to earth to survive and wanted to warn earthlings to protect their environment.

– teeth of lions – is referenced to the Old Testament as indicative of a powerful nation (people), considering a Lion is always depicted as having great courage and power, though it can be used for or against others when interpreted to the human beings who have the choice of how to use their power, for instance for or against the Next Level. Lucifer is considered to be a roaring lion in:

1Pe 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Unlike comparing Jesus to the Lion of the tribe of Juda who is also depicted as roaring, though translated as “thunder” in Rev 6 and 10, this verse from Peter shows the comparison of this lion with it’s vicious temperament that devours those that are not sober and vigilant which speaks to this depiction of these space aliens having the teeth of lions. They devour flesh in the sense that they prey on having human slaves, even willingly looking to them as we see with all the space alien contactees and their groups of followers promoting the illusion of heightened awareness – the delusional trick of words and with technology to create heaven on earth; world peace, feeding the world, cleaning the carbon emission part of the environment (while nearly ignoring hydrocarbon based chemicalization of life support systems and how nuclear reactor outputs escalate the mutation of the human genome), positive minded things except complete with thinking and acting as if the planet and it’s life forms belong to them when they did nothing to provide it and are not looking to those who did, ignoring them as if they don’t exist, even being scornful at the hint that they have anyone above them evolutionarily with a plan for Their, The Next Level’s creation.

Rev 9:9 And they had ((held, possessed, ability, able, accompany, ability to reign)) breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron ((4603 sidereos= made of iron)); and the sound of their wings ((4420 pterux= feathers)) was as the sound ((5456 phone= disclosure, tone)) of chariots ((716 harma from 142 airo= to lift, take up or away, raise, keep in suspense (the mind), make to doubt)) of many horses running ((5143 trecho= to run or walk, race, have course)) to battle.

– Breastplates of iron – Since this is describing creatures compared to insects (Locusts), probably because of how the insect variety were used as a plague to leverage the voluntary release of the Children of Israel from the enslavement of the Egyptians during the start of the Jehovah/Moses classroom.

They are depicted as coming out of the depth of the earth, what I believe is literally inside the earth, where the Luciferian space alien were imprisoned, having a likeness, shape, similitude to horses, a mammalian body with 4 appendages, a head and body, wild but tame/train able character and temperament with a mans face and crowns LIKE gold indicating they had risen to Next Level membership and elementary service in a student capacity, with the sensuality and propensity to propagate as women but with a predatory side (teeth of Lions), these breastplates of iron must represent their “hardness of hearts,” but motivation to protect their interests in human DNA and having humans service their agenda. (That agenda is on and off of earth that they need to advance via their influence and enslavement of the unsuspecting princes of the earth, the various governments).

The iron part demonstrates the great strength afforded them via their possession of technologies afforded them by their possession of (metallic) spacecrafts as in anti-gravity, laser, cloaking capacity, speed and agility and ability to operate clandestinely and affect human technology electrical systems, they in part are providing humans samples of, because they need aspects of those technologies they have no facility to reinstate.

– Sound of their wings, chariots: These space aliens “disclosure” (sound) of their flight (wings) technology and disclosure (sound) of “how great, with all speed” (as) are their spacecrafts (chariots) that enables many “instruments/vehicles” (horses) to run to battle.

Rev 9:10 And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings ((to prick)) in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

This seems to give more detail as to the nature of what was called “torment” in Rev 9:5. It’s a prick. This brings to mind the many space aliens abductee recollections of their experience that most times came out through hypnotic regression as they were mostly in a daze or haze or seeming drug induced state during the experience and had no conscious memory of it. But as the reports go, most often of males, they are strapped to a table and feel something inserted into their penis and/or navel and at times are forced to have intercourse with a alien looking woman. The ones who have described the look of the alien didn’t describe the big eyed greys. They described someone who looked more human looking. Credo Mutwa said the beings all looked reptilian but not with a reptile’s face except that they seemed to have scaly skin but didn’t have a long snout or extruding mouth.

They most all said this procedure was extremely painful, thus physically tormenting as well as mentally painful, another synonym for basanizo.

A scorpion holds their prey with their two pincers and then sticks them with the needle on their tail and the entire experience is purely clinical. There doesn’t seem to be any compassion. People feel like lab animals.

– Tails like scorpions – Describing these space aliens as having “tails” is because the Luciferians use mammalian sensuality and sexuality to lure/draw the human vehicles away from becoming the vehicles the returning Saints from that “third” of the Israelites, can use to overcome through, so in that way CAST those souls to earth if they succeed to poison them with that prick (sting):

Rev 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Rev 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

The dragon is essentially Lucifer (the serpent) also identified as the devil (deceiver), Satan (adversary), the head fallen angel space alien (identified that way because he once had a student membership in the Next Level, with a Next Level provided physical body and spacecraft and crew it seems he was overseer of and thus circulation in space but because he fell away from his service to his Older Member, I believe was TI, and went against TI never graduated into adult Next Level membership and lost his freedom to circulate in space (except for a very localized to earth region) and thus became a “stranger” to the Next Level which was a simile for “alien.”

Saying he has a Tail describes how TI and DO called him and his associate space aliens “human equivalents” because of how they have regressed back into mammalian behaviors and ways, having once advanced to student membership in the Level Above Human that requires the elimination of human mammalian behaviors and ways. Thus the tail represents how these Luciferian space aliens use sensuality and sexuality to lure humans into their slavery by keeping them functioning as mammals, giving away their force, being preoccupied with everything related to propagation of families and pleasures that expels their force that could otherwise be restrained and would go towards having more common sense to see through the lies flooded on humans by these Luciferians and their unwitting human and discarnate slaves.

It is interesting that the astrological sign of Scorpio is associated with sexuality. And the entire experience seems to “poison” ones mind. Some end up seeing their captors as Gods and then they become their disciples. Female abductees also experience sexuality and with the males have in some cases said they were abducted a number of times starting at a very young age and then periodically which served to acclimate them to accepting them. Some claimed they were impregnated and this seems to be the source of the alleged alien children called “indigo children” that are said to be gifted with certain heightened intelligence and sometimes mental powers. Some in subsequent abductions were shown a child they were told was from them and this was a source of great mental/emotional pain. These experienced become poison when people end up looking up to their captors and feel they have a continued relationship with them through channeling or perception or sightings, etc. At that point these may be “dead” to having much capacity to reverse all that programming to instead want to be nothing. Even though initially victimized and at times violated they can see that as the help they needed to awaken to being used to awaken others, so they become a Luciferian promoting that agenda that is far afield from what the Next Level teaches as it builds one’s self and ego rather than choosing to dissolve one’s ego and self – replacing our confidence in our Older Member and wanting to know our Older Members will for us.

Rev 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Both these terms are defined as “the destroyer.” The Luciferian fallen angel space aliens are provided because of their own decision to work against the Next Level to destroy the Next Level’s harvest of Souls in any way they can. This way, students that do overcome these space alien influences will never be capable of succumbing to their influence again and are therefore as TI and DO said “on solid ground” to be awarded with Next Level vehicles. By the end of the 3rd Trimester’s two harvest periods the human kingdom has been destroyed as far as providing a fertile ground for the growth of new Souls to Next Level student or adult membership. Do said the earth was still a fine planet to serve the Next Level again. It’s the human kingdom that has become nearly totally corrupted my misinformation so that a plant hardly stands a chance to rise out of, thus when all is said and done it will be time to start over and destroy the destroyers. (See Rev 11:18)

Rev 9:12 One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter.

– A “woe” is an exclamation and alert to show the importance of what was just provided and seems to follow the angel’s trumpet “disclosure” (voices) informational sounding period. Great Comets are those that are visible to the naked eye and in particular those visible to North America. They also may be those with an Anti-tail – a tail that is seen as extending towards the sun the comet is moving towards which is in addition to the ion and dust tails. They may also be comets that are not expected and show a hyperbolic orbit – that forms an arc that isn’t able to be measured for a return. Only one comet was considered “great” in the 1950’s, named, Arend-Roland.

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