TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section III.C. The Seven Angel’s Trumpet Soundings – Arrivals, Announcements and Examples

III.C. THE SEVEN ANGEL’S TRUMPET SOUNDINGS IN REV 8-11 – Arrivals, Announcements and Examples

Rev 8:6 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves ((1438 heautou from 846 auto, from 109 aer= others minds)) to sound.

To understand what is being shown John by these visions of these Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets to sound we need to reference the Old Testament records in Exodus chapter 19:

The setting is the third month after they fled the Egyptians. Moses goes up Mt. Sinai and Jehovah gives him instructions to remind the Israelites how He helped them and if they obey His SOUND, VOICE, what He “CALLS ALOUD” and they HEAR INTELLIGENTLY and HEDGE – guard/protect self from the thorns (the lower forces in the shape of thoughts and rebelliousness behaviors and ways) to keep in LEAGUE, COVENANT, COMPACT, CONFEDERACY WITH Him, they will be the Lord’s special (peculiar) treasure above all people of the Earth that belong to Him. Moses returns, gives the message and the people agree. He returns and Jehovah comes to him this time from inside a “thick cloud” and says he wanted the people to be able to “hear him speak” and tells Moses to instruct the people to “make themselves holy, hallowed, purified” and to wash their clothing and that he’d come down from Sinai so the people can see him. He instructed a border to be made and that no one could cross that border to come up the mountain or they would die, but they would come up to the border on the “third day.” On that third day morning came what was described as “thunder,” from Hebrew gowl= “calling aloud, bleating, crackling thundering sound/voice,” a lightning from Hebrew baraq= “a gleam – bright glittering light cast forth” from a “thick cloud” upon the mount and the “voice” from the Hebrew qowl, or qol (kole)= “to call aloud; a voice or sound, aloud, bleating, crackling, cry, fame, lightness, lowering noise, proclamation, sing, sound, spark, thundering voice, yell.” It is further described as “exceedingly loud” so all the people in the camp trembled and shuddered with terror hence fear and in reverence of. The mountain was smokey and firey like a furnace as the Lord came down and the mountain quaked (shuddered/trembled).

Exo 19:19 And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long ((grew more and more)), and waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, and God answered him by a voice ((or by “calling aloud a sound and/or proclamation)).

Moses was called back up the mount and Jehovah told him to warn the people against trying to get closer or they will die. Then he told him to come back up with Aaron and Jehovah gave them the ten commandments.

Later on the shofar (a trumpet made from a lambs horn) would be sounded at the start of every sabbath day when they would have a meeting, and at every feast day and during the “holy convocation,” the “sacred assembly” on the all important “day of atonement,” which is the main point we are at following the delivery of the censer by the angel I am relating to Aaron, the golden censer being the only time the gold one is used, on the annual Day of Atonement. The trumpet is sounded to bring together the people.

SO WHAT WE SEE IN THESE SEVEN ANGELS WITH TRUMPETS ARE THE ANNOUNCEMENTS OF ARRIVAL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN’S RETURNING MEMBERSHIP; Older Members (Jehovah/Father/TI and Moses/Jesus/Do, the Four Living beings, the Seven Angels who sound the trumpets, the Seven Angels who pour out of the vials of plagues (that seem to correlate to the Seven Angels who Sound Trumpets), the Twenty Four Elders to make up the first fruit harvest of 42 Souls. Then there are those who did not come with physical bodies to sacrifice as they had not yet earned one. These have the chance to earn one as part of the second harvest.

Thus the preparation is the matching up of Souls to a matching genetic strain that starts well in advance of the actual tagging of the vehicles to be used. For instance TI and DO felt all the vehicles they and their crew would take were tagged at their birth in the 1920’s to 1950’s. TI and DO said each who came had help to pick their vehicles. Some might wonder then how some of the 38 students who laid down their lives with Do in March of 1997, whose vehicles were in their twenties at that time fit into all the tagging being accomplished during the 1920’s to 1950’s since some of their vehicles would have been born in the 60’s and 70’s.

I suspect some of these returning souls did not hold onto the vehicles they first chose. In other words, they were among the first ones to join with TI and DO, who dropped out of their classroom so new vehicles were tagged. The Next Level keeps to their overcoming program’s free will design to make our commitment with them so they don’t know how many will choose not to see the classroom through, though they had a plan for the likelihood and they also knew how many SEATS they had in certain departments. (However, should more hit the deck running and succeed beyond their expectation, no doubt they would prepare some new seats accordingly).

When I first joined from the Waldport, Oregon meeting in September of 1975, before a week had passed, I was at the Colorado National Monument where we were given to meet. After a group meeting with Bo and Peep, Bo met with groups of 3-4 of the new students briefly. I remember he said something about this “process” (the metamorphosis) being the hardest thing any human could endeavor and that most of us would not succeed. Sounds negative right. I remember having several thoughts then. One was along the lines of “I can do it,” though with not much strength and determination behind it as I really didn’t have the foggiest idea what I would encounter. The other thought was simultaneous. I wondered why I seemed to have such a puny determination. Looking back, it would be hard to see what was motivating me. Yes, I knew this was for me and looking back on that day, every time I did over the years, it felt so fated, though not in any absolute way. It was like hearing stories of people who had a near death experience seeing their life pass before them in an instant, except my instant entailed a list of events from my vehicle’s youth that all seemed like directed preparation. I know some could think Do’s statement was calculated to be a reverse psychology motivational talk, which given my response seemed like I was also suspicious of, though not directed at Do. As time would soon tell we had to drum up our own motivation though they helped us learn how to do that. In fact that’s what what the Hindu and Buddhists call mantra’s and chants, while the Jews, Christians and Muslims call prayer and psalms that have all become rote for many whether they know it or not.

Thus when it says these Seven “prepare themselves to sound,” I would change it to “prepare them to sound” where sounding is kin to “singing their song” and “playing their instruments (harps)” where their instrument is the vehicle they are matched up with to take over and overcome in service to their Older Members for their own “Soul (Spirit) births.”

This preparation can include working with specific families of humans who exhibit the characteristics that would be a “match” as TI and DO called the objective, so each returning Soul will “match” the vehicle’s human characteristics they need to overcome. It’s tailoring a lesson plan to each student. For instance say one of Jesus disciples had a tendency to by hyper critical of others. Jesus indicated some had this to overcome when he said, some had a tendency to “swing at a gnat and swallow a camel” or to make their offering to the Lord when they had mis-behavior with a brother they needed to own before making their offering, or are “angry with their brother without cause,” etc. Even though that disciple with this challenge would have other strengths, he would have to overcome this weakness before he could graduate into “heaven” so the Next Level would be sure to help him pick the vehicle he was going to try to take over “incarnate into” that would face him with the same challenges.

As these would all be, to some degree seekers, one can see that the planning could get quite involved as it might require the study of individuals who are not yet migrated to the location where the Older Members would be coming public – the United States.

Regardless of whether the Seven Angels are also part of the crew who are about to incarnate and graduate, it doesn’t seem they would be “preparing themselves” exclusively because their entire task is in the announcement of the “gathering” of returnees to include the just and the unjust, the graduates of the 2nd trimester and the Luciferians who are to serve as their adversaries, they build strength against. Announcing the meet-up is a significant task and probably includes a crew they are serving as a task primary on as these “trumpet soundings” all occur before and after their incarnation, if these were part of the incarnate crew. Even the Seventh occurs after those who come incarnate have laid down their vehicles lives (“fell on their faces” in Rev 11:16).

TI and DO did say those returning would be picking their next vehicles to take, but would have help to do so. One can imagine that the “sounding,” however it translates to human recipients would have an observable preparatory affect. When new information is made available that brings more realism to what has been largely shrouded in mystery, those humans that gravitate to it, as TI and DO indicated would light up a light on the board for the assigned not incarnate crew to handle. Some of those may be the ones who have their offspring monitored closely to then “tag” those new born humans for a later incarnation – taking over that vehicle.

However preparing those who are coming might be accompanied by some equivalent of blowing a literal horn as some humans today expect to hear. There is some history to people hearing loud booming sounds that sound like they come from the sky, though are not like sonic booms. Take the various depictions of people hearing sound from the heavens we saw in the movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Reports of this kind have occurred in places in the world where it was before fracing or underground construction that today in the United States and abroad can certainly be responsible for various sounds we can’t pinpoint the origin of easily.

But whatever the Next Level does always leaves the door open to explain it as something other than being a fulfillment of prophecy or as delivered by living intelligent beings we simply can’t see. It allows for the clear separation of those they prepared and have taken to the closer to reality understanding of what the Kingdom of God/Heaven really is.

Incidentally, TI and DO did bring into our camp a shofar at one time but we never really used it. A few students learned how to blow it. I don’t think we used the shofar much. But speaking to the role of an instrument of sound in the call to meeting, TI and DO did provide us with a bell we sounded. In the early 1990’s Do had us ring a bell at the start of each of the “Beyond Human, the Last Call” video tape sessions.

However, around that time Do also brought in several new bible versions to include, Dakes, the Companion Bible, a Parallel of four versions, Youngs, the Amplified, a Revised Standard were among them along with a Strong’s Concordance. That was also when Srrody started to learn Hebrew and some did some study of the Jewish feast days, mostly surrounding Rosh Hashana which happens to be the “Feast of Trumpets” that begins the Jewish new year and 10 days of repentance to follow and ended with the day of Atonement. Anyone could have tried to study Hebrew. None of the bible materials had any assigned readings, though Do did suggest to a few to examine certain things. For instance I was given a task to examine potential references to reincarnation in the Bible records.

This was also the time when we started watching many evangelists on their various satellite television ministries. Lggody, as the primary and Swyody as a secondary were assigned the project of building two portable stands for our two 8-10 foot wide satellite dishes. Lggody did the entire design. As a secondary my task was to use my “feeler” (sense of what TI and DO might say and do about any step we would take) to be his check partner. When we began to fast in the Arizona dessert just west of Phoenix in 1990-1 we ran these two dishes off a generator. We were back to living outdoors for a while and had another tent city. Having sold in estate sales all our furnishings for three large houses Do outfitted us with tents that were called “leisure ports” and they all zipped together. Do had us try different configurations. At one point we had two long corridors side by side with a connection in the middle so there were hallways with each two person tent along the corridor’s length. We had had a similar setup in the late 1970’s but this time more upscale. We had a couple large trailers, one of which was a fifth wheel type and both sides opened out to form a meeting room.

We were fasting on water only and we still had things left over from the estate sales some paintings and furniture to sell. We had our own Uhaul type truck so we would take it to Phoenix to sell at a big swap meet. I remember how slow we all moved around, though worked all day, loading and unloading the truck, working the swap meet. I remember the effort to climb into an upper bunk in one of the trailers where I curled up and thought…this might be it. Perhaps we might fast until we expire. Do’s reasoning for the fast if I recall accurately, in part was in case the Next Level took us with our vehicles, we might want to have cleaned ourselves out some. When Do called off the fast after 13 days, we learned how not to break a fast.

We were near Yuma, Arizona and they have a huge crop of delicious tangerines. With all the impossible to digest bulk of a tangerine we were all quite stopped up and were trying every form of laxative to kick start our digestive/elimination systems. Some could look at this as another of the many so called “mistakes” TI and DO made. But I see it as Do following his instruction from TI who was by that time outside a human vehicle. And by his being willing to follow instructions by deciding how to break the fast, that he and helpers Jnnody and Lvvody studied for the way to break the fast, knowing how thorough Do was about everything, I believe TI wanted to put us through that test. At this late stage in the classroom if anyone was finding fault with Do, it meant they hadn’t conquered their doubts yet. A couple did leave after that and both ended up thinking the same thing, that TI and DO were well intentioned but were misguided and especially felt that way after their exit.

Some of the criticism against Do being the fulfillment of the Jesus return is that the group wasn’t giving to charity or helping the sick and poor and that is mostly true to which all I can refer to is that Jesus also demonstrated his priorities in that regard when he was criticized by a student because one of the students in a female vehicle was applying expensive oil to Jesus head, which they saw as wasting it, saying it could be sold to give to the poor instead. But the act was an anointing that was given by Jehovah through Moses to do to Aaron, who had the assigned task of primary high priest with his four sons as secondaries on the task. Jesus responded to the criticism saying, “the poor you have with you always” and that it was being done towards his nearing burial. When I see that story, it reminds me some of a degree of that same attitude that I had towards TI and DO.

By the way, in the early 1990’s some students who were doing a supply run, what we called going shopping for fuel (food) became aware of a family (mom, dad and kids) who were down on their luck and found themselves homeless, with no transportation or job, etc. Do had us give them a car and at that time we didn’t have junkers. I don’t recall what car was given away. For the record at one point we had a fleet consisting of a fairly new Cadillac that used to be TI and DO’s car. It was white so we called it “white horse.” And if it went into the shop TI and DO would say it was in the “horse-pistol.” We had a nice Chevy conversion van, a big black pickup truck with a crew cab, we called, yes…”black horse” (having no knowledge of the black horse in Revelations unless someone happened to read that on their own), a Lincoln Continental, a Mazda van when they first came out, a Toyota Van and a few economy cars that “out of craft taskers” took to their 9-5pm office jobs everyday that entailed a lengthy commute at times.

While I had an out-of-craft task as a pastry chef in what was called the Bradford Hotel downtown Austin on Congress street. It was across the street from the Discolor, the hotel I was told where the U.S. President would stay when he was in Austin. When I started the Pastry making department having been hired as a dinner cook, but noting they had a full bakery but were using all frozen deserts, I suggested to the Chef I could use experience I gained to start our own pastries. He agreed and gave me a budget and I hired Jwnody to be my assistant. She would always want to bring samples of what we made back for TI and DO who lived in the same craft with about half the students then. I would think there was no procedure to do that and it seemed to me to be human to be offering food to TI and DO. But as TI and DO taught sometimes you “take a chance on a positive” and respecting Jwnody I agreed. TI and DO liked the gifts and joked that we might try a little harder to bring them back looking a little better as at times they got a little crushed. There were a number of examples like this and each time it seemed it was the 4-5 students in female vehicles that more naturally showed their love for both TI and DO in ways I considered to be human and not procedure. Several times they bought flowers for Do. The more you love your Older Members the more you just naturally want to do things for the Older Member to include for the physical vehicle they occupy as that is the interface and their vehicle has also become of one mind with that Older Member’s Mind. So Jwnody was an example of how a bride would act towards their bridegroom following the way that was depicted in the records.

Some evidence that these Seven Angels are preparing others is in the fact that this was the high priests job in the Moses camp to REPRESENT THE STUDENT BODY TO THE LORD. In Rev 8:4 it states his offering comes with the “prayers of the saints” distinguishing to whose benefit this is all happening for. Thus I believe these Seven are preparing these Saints as described by helping to prepare the genetic strain that will produce the vehicles they will incarnate into to overcome to graduate their human kingdom.


Each trumpet sounding according to Jehovah/Moses is a call for “repentance” which means a call to “change one’s mind” which is what everyone must do to keep up, as more and more (holy) Mind/Spirit from the Next Level is provided to the human civilization. Each human, as they become aware of more of the Next Level’s reality begins to fluff off the old ways of thinking which results in a stronger grasp on what is most real and thus true. The more we engage that thinking the greater our desire to also make our vehicles behave as the Older Members teach and demonstrate. On the other hand the more we distance ourselves from our Older Member’s updated thinking, the less we see of the reality of the Next Level in the new information and terminologies provided by the Older Members and the less our behaviors follow suit. The “feast of trumpets” aka Rosh Hashana includes ten days of this repentance time period that ends at the “Day of Atonement,” the Final Judgment aka Yom Kippur that is also the official start of the new year when all are considered to have a clean slate (if they repented of all their less than “hitting the mark they were shooting for” according to the instructions they were given by the Next Level).


With this said, I believe at this time that the 10 day long Feast of Trumpets can be seen as 100 years. It may not be a coincidence that according to Jewish word of mouth passed down in the Talmud, during these 10 days, 100 notes would be sounded. That would be 10 for each day of the feast time and I believe that can easily be translated in various ways as 100 years but seems to work best overall by starting in 1907 with 60 years (threescore in Daniel’s prophecy) of preparation for the Two Witnesses, then from 1967 to 2007, the HOUR (Next Level Time = 40 years human time) in which The Two Witnesses come public and the new Babylonian Empire (The United States of America) gradually falls from it’s previous good graces in world standing, starting with the war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, that was a deceit to get into and a disaster for all (not that WWI and WWII were not equally so, but at least the U.S. wasn’t the primary aggressor in those two wars).

Note how this new Babylonian like Empire – USA, for deceitful reasons topples the old Babylonian area, now largely referred to as Iraq, using as an excuse the mysteriously constructed New York City (new city of Babylon-Rev 17) World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of September 11, 2001, via the coup d’etat securing of the presidency to fulfill the Revelations chapter 6 Red/Ruddy (Republican) “Horse” embodied by G.W. Bush who is admittedly a Skull and Bones Mason, then presiding over ENDLESS GLOBAL WAR (WWIII) as prophesied. This was the first of two Falls prophesied in Revelations chapter 14, while the curious NYC based Wall Street led global wide financial crisis of 2007-8 that was YOKED upon the Revelations chapter 6 Black/Blue (Democrat) “Horse,” Barack Obama who presided over a seeming recovery from the endless global financial crisis as the second fall.

The Prophet Daniel’s Two Sevens, I believe refer to affirmation periods when humans are sealed by their allegiance to the BEAST (The largely Secret Human Government and constituents that came about “out of,” because of the way the Luciferian Space Alien Souls and hybridized human equivalent vehicles with primitive spacecraft (UFOs), described in Revelations chapter 12 as the Dragon and his angels, were let loose from their “bottomless pit” underground, under the sea prison cells.

These two SEVENS have overlap but are joined to the Seven Seal periods, before and during the Two Witnesses time, which is longer than their prophecy period and extends for 40 years (one hour), as the Seven Angels with Trumpets Sounding that is summed up as the opening of the first of Seven Seals with the 7th Trumpet sounding in 2007-8 (National Geographics Channel Final Report: Heaven’s Gate in which it is suggested that TI and DO were the Second Coming of Jesus and the 3rd Woe in 2013-4 with the Chelyabinsk Meteor strike, many Fireballs over the U.S. West and a Near Miss Asteroid and Comet Pan Starr, pictured with a companion object in it’s front coma followed by more Fireballs along the Eastern seaboard U.S. Timed to the First of the year to the March solstice when Do and Crew exited their incarnate presence.

Then begins the Tribulation period and the Winepress and Wrath of God and Recycling Second Harvest Period that includes the remaining 6 seals that includes the Second SEVEN as the Seven Angels who pour out their Vials aka Plagues that have a double affect on the U.S. Territory and the E.U. Centered on Rome.

Each of these Seven Soundings are evidenced in the human kingdom by all advances and degradations that are apparent in a most accelerated fashion from what they were up until then. The developments in science and the arts, in the provision of information, entertainment, quests for power and all the social equal rights movements all are evidence of the literal closeness of the Two Older Members from the Level Above Human and their Crew and Student Body, the only real “church” (body of believers). Had the Next Level not come close and then let the space aliens out of their underground hiding places, so they could try to push their need for technological developments, humans would have remained in the same general mental and physical state as the couple thousand years before. The Next Level is never totally absent from their Garden but proportionately can only evolve at a snails pace without the increased acceleration put on by the arrival of the Older Members and Crew and especially true in the 1940’s and 1950’s when they literally came with their physical bodies to drop them and provide proof of their existence that released their Soul Bodies to find the human bodies they prepared to take over for their harvest tasks. Therefore I am not going to try to construct all the pointers to Next Level increased presence as they become a part of every aspect of society, even to the degree of unbridled hedonism all a part of the free will Garden like Earth school that provides the opportunity for those that seek to be students to graduate out of the human kingdom.


Rev 8:7 (The) first ((4413 protos= foremost, beginning (Alpha), best, chief)) angel ((messenger)) sounded ((4537 salpizo= a vibration and billowing wave, (as from a trumpet))) and ((2532 kai= also, even, so then, too, both)) (there) followed ((1096 ginomai= to cause to be “gen”-erated, after, hereafter, to become, come into existence (to pass, to happen), arise)) hail ((5464 chalaza= “lowering down” of God’s judgment(period) bridging the chasm/gulf between Kingdoms that includes calamities)) and fire ((4442 pur= lightning, passions in all sensual forms, love and/or anger)) mingled ((3396 mignumi= mixed)) (with) blood ((129 haima= bloodshed + as a figure the winepress of the Lord)), and (they were) cast ((906 ballo= to throw (violent or iiiiiiintensely, arise, pour, strike, thrust)) upon ((1519 eis= RESULTS, point reached, concerning)) (the) earth ((1093 ge= soil, occupants, region, land, globe)): and (the) third (part) ((5154 tritos= third quarter of the earth)) (of) tree ((1186 dendron= most likely from drus= an oak tree [reference to the Israeli’s as the “oaks of righteousness”])) (was) burnt ((2618 katakaio= light, set on fire, burn down)) up, and all ((3956 pas= all, any, every, the whole, all (manner of, means), alway(-s), any (one), every (one, way), as many as, X thoroughly, whatsoever, whole, whosoever)) green ((5515 chloros from 5514 chloe= green, pale as in new shoots)) grass ((5528 chortos= court, garden, blade, wheat, hay, human genetic strains that were not planted by the Next Level)) was burnt ((2618 katakaio= light, set on fire, burn down)) up.

Given the context following the Day of Atonement referenced casting down to Earth of the Golden CENSER by another Angel who comes ahead of these Seven, the HAIL is not only hail stones, as in ice balls, but as in the Greek, chalaza’s main provided translation, “a lowering” of God’s judgment. In the Moses camp a GOLDEN CENSER (the container that coals were put in from the burnt flesh offering that incense was added to and burned, that showed Jehovah (by the aroma) they were following instructions, as they probably didn’t understand how that procedure and it’s various symbolism would apply for the next trimesters toward their potential “spirit birth” – the overcoming of their human evolutionary level) was only used on the DAY OF ATONEMENT, aka Yom Kippur aka the the slate was cleared so everyone had a fresh start to show their allegiance to the Next Level, thus also a time period of/or “Day of Judgment” because it’s the last TIME PERIOD anyone can change God’s Judgment from their fated death (as all humans face) to one of a potential ETERNAL LIFE by atoning (repenting – changing one’s mind) in the ways in which we have each MISSED THE MARK (sinned), in the year(s) before, set for us by ALL the teachings of the last incarnate Representative (Jesus), (since this is happening before the Two Witnesses come incarnate).

This SOUNDING is an announcement, the FIRST of SEVEN calls for the HOLY ASSEMBLY (holy convocation) of the returning Older Members (Father and Jesus) with their Crew – the Four Living Beings and the Four and Twenty Elders and however many younger student souls and even first time believers who graduated their relative grades in school during and since the previous incarnate time period. These Seven Soundings, the Next Level information they provide to the ethers around earth, can be drawn in by those who reach/seek their creators (heavenly Father’s) holy Mind/Spirit) which becomes the basis of the Judgment Time/Period “Day” described as the Seven Seals (Opening of the book’s mysteries through the revealing of the Seven Thunders (Roars) from the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who was last incarnate as Jesus but is in a new human vehicle upon return who becomes evident to some later on, in the new name Jesus said he would have upon his kingdom’s return (and thus a new vehicle (body)) named Do. Incidentally, for the two most important feasts in the Jehovah/Moses classroom, the Day of Atonement and Passover, the first animal that was sacrificed was a bullock (beef, cattle), and Do’s vehicle was born on May 17, 1931 under the astronomical sign of Taurus the Bull.

As in all seven of the offering assemblies (aka feasts or festivals) Jehovah/Moses gave to the children of Israel, there was to be a SACRIFICE BY “FIRE AND BLOODSHED” as depicted in this verse. For the Day of Atonement, a bull was sacrificed and some of the bulls blood was sprinkled seven times “before the Lord.” The altar was in close proximity to the tent that was designed as Jehovah’s abode when He was in the camp. Inside the tent there was a veil creating a separate chamber called the Holy of Holys. This tent was also called the “Tent of Meeting” because it is where Jehovah would at times descend hidden in a cloud to physically abide to talk to Moses “face to face” (though not literally looking at one another’s face because Jehovah told Moses when he asked to see Him that he would die if he looked upon His face. Jehovah then said Moses could touch his shoulder/side which he did, proving that Jehovah had physicality).

Thus this verse is telling that these assembly events were to come and the ALTAR would be the location on the Earth where the Next Level prepared for the Crew’s arrival – what TI and DO felt was primarily the Southwest of the USA for most of their physical presence – west of the Mississippi river, though extended through secondarily throughout North America and English speaking countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand but not ruling anyplace on earth out where someone might hear about TI and DO and feel like their call was for them to seek out more information about that has been facilitated by the internet.

TI and DO spoke about the timing and lesson plan part of this overall experiment as the Third Trimester stage of development of Souls which would be when a group graduated to receive adult Next Level bodies. Some in that group would still have to return to complete their overcoming of humanness lessons. As said in the Rev 14 section the remainder aka remnant who elect to take the plunge of giving their life into TI and DO’s hands by entering into their service, depending on them could fit into a first, second or third Trimester lesson plan to where the trimester was during the Father/Jesus classroom, while for some that never hear about TI and DO but show the Next Level in whatever their terminology that they want to be in their service would be essentially starting the roster for a future first trimester classroom participation. Thus going forward anyone who gives their all now could lose their life in that service which is described as the “winepress” during the tribulation period that seems to have begun as of the last blood moon in September of 2015 (end of the previous “hour” = 40 year period) but increases precipitously into 2017 and beyond.

Luciferians instigated many twists of what Jesus said, by making thinking and talking about being “born again” into a club membership requirement because someone said they were born again by accepting Jesus as their personal savior, repenting of one’s sins and letting Jesus blood wash away one’s sins in what is called “grace” that Paul is most responsible for teaching, which was the Luciferian trick, but which we can see through if we allow ourselves to do so.

It’s understandable for many to feel they have been “born again” by changing their ways as doing so can be a stage of awakening that in a sense can feel like a rebirth, but that’s not what Jesus was specifically speaking to except it how it’s all a continual process. Of course the entire idea of going to Heaven became the expected result of abiding by a minimum of commandments. The fact that heaven needed to be earned by pleasing the latest incarnate Older Member by abiding by all they give when incarnate, that updates, yet adds to previous lesson plans, for instance, as provided by Moses. The fact that work is required was also twisted into an abhorrence of the thought, because some Christian leaders say that would be like insulting Jesus who they say “died for us,” an entire stream of lies and deceit that many have become programmed to believe as it’s so very intoxicating to one’s ego and sense of importance to consider self connected to the creators by belief alone. Belief actually included in it’s definition, trusting our Heaven’s Father which included abiding by what was given and working for the Kingdom of God/Heaven by doing what they gave us to do, not coming up with our own interpretations. Today many have been twisted all around so that they don’t really have a relationship with their Heavenly Father. They have replaced him with the Bible, the word that to them is the way, missing the very important step of seeking the will of our Heavenly Father with our mind – asking for his will for us as often as we choose to and then paying attention to the signs of his answers. It’s not that the “words” spoken by the Representatives sent by our Heavenly Father are not important. They are integral but without cultivating a real sense of connection with “our Father who is in Heaven” the words can easily be misunderstood as we see throughout all the religions pertaining to whatever they determine are their scriptures.

The seven feasts with all their characteristic representations were designed to begin to acquaint these people with the eventual requirement of their willing sacrifice of their own human vehicle that they grow to recognize as not their essential being but are given to incarnate into (take over) to overcome. In other words, Members of the Next Level, to include those coming through that birth canal to membership grow into not identifying themselves as the physical vehicle. They identify themselves as the Mind aka Spirit, like the pilot of that vehicle thus to sacrifice it, since it will not be their end is simply taking it off like a suit of clothing, hence the analogy used of the vehicle being a garment throughout the records. This awareness is started in an elementary way by demonstrating the authority and superiority of the teachers and through exercises that provide a mechanism of cooperation with the program – TI and DO simply listed in the list they called “the seventeen steps” as “following instructions,” which is actually exactly what Adam and Eve failed to do that began the experiment phase to help their offspring learn the value of doing so.

Thus, at that time of the First Trimester classroom and no longer applicable today, the sacrifice of something living (that is NOT another human) is equivalent to coming into recognition that in certain circumstances killing our carnal (animal) nature is part of the design, yet not treating that life with disrespect as to when, where, how, why and who but doing so in accordance with the stepwise instructions given us to follow instead of trusting our human judgment of rightness in so doing. I know there are many who consider themselves spiritual who abhor the killing of animals for food or for any other usage by humans and they consider that part of their spiritual evolution. Though these are showing compassion for the suffering of animals, it can also be yet another of the myriad of traps to keep us from seeing what’s most real about our existence and ultimate purpose we can choose to grow into. Plants are also living breathing creatures. There is no question that all humans need to kill something to live. Even the alleged breatharians if any really exist have to get their nourishment from somewhere. Killing anything unnecessarily, I believe TI and DO might say is the greater lack of compassion.

TI and DO taught us not to use anything to excess. it’s just a Next Level way. A tiny, tiny example would be how some would put a huge amount of toothpaste on the brush, along the lines of what the advertisements showed. TI and DO were always managing our needs and excesses so made it a procedure to use just a tiny bit. I forget exactly how much, perhaps no more than covering 1/4 of the brush. There was no way to know if someone was doing that or not since bath-chamber use was private and doors were closed. TI and DO told us that in the Next Level, there is no ownership of anything. When someone has a task and requires certain tools and/or materials, they go to where there is storage of such things and they are provide what they will need. Then it will be up to the crew to use those tools and materials in such a way to make them last for the task at hand. One doesn’t just sign out something and assume they can waste some of it, thinking there is plenty more on hand. It’s just a way of Next Level members to have that kind of conscientiousness about everything they do.

One time in the end of the winter of 1978 we moved our camp to the mountains south of Provo, Utah. We got there a day before it snowed around a foot in the National forest there. To set up we had to find spots for about 25 two person 9′ x 9′ tents, the kind that you could stand up in the middle of. Do went one by one to help determine where to set up each tent. He had several considerations. One was to make it not look like as big of a group as it was so he spread us out a bit and tried to be behind trees as much as possible. He didn’t know how long we’d need to be there so didn’t want to attract attention and get kicked out as there were rules on how long you could camp. He was very particular to not cut any branches that didn’t need to be cut. I know as I was following his lead for each cut and when I made a cut or two that he didn’t think was needed, I somehow knew I made a mistake though can’t recall he actually said anything or gave me any kind of disapproving look or made any grunting noises. He and TI always tried to leave every area we set up camp in as good or better than how we found it.

In our current society in most places in the world, killing someone is punishable by killing them as long as it’s proved to be justified by the authoritative governing body, the state, King, Chief, etc., and in this case the Elohim (supreme judges aka Members of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven). Of course in many even most situations today, the system is significantly flawed and the state doesn’t have anyone they really answer to so are more or less free to wage wars of aggression even against the majority of the people’s will often justified deceitfully. Also, those who still maintain what were lesson steps for relative toddler students in the Moses camp don’t keep up with the new lesson steps as demonstrated by the Jesus experiential classroom as He further demonstrated our needed recognition that we are not our human vehicles, thus to be willing to sacrifice it by subjecting ourselves to a violent death by the hands of our enemy becomes our ticket through the Heaven’s Gate, providing it’s for the gate keeper whom we have come to trust and have faith in, by our accumulating repeated experience as a student in his classrooms over thousands of human years time. This is why He, our current Older Member who was last incarnate becomes the current gate keeper with the KEY that opens the gate by abiding by his instructions for entry. It’s not just abiding though, as someone can follow all the commandments, instructions, procedures and ways and yet not literally “please” our Older Member which is the difference between an intellectual follower and one that also follows by giving all their heart, which is why it’s also compared to becoming worthy to be His “bride.”

Because Members of the Next Level don’t relate to their physical body as who they are, knowing they could lose it and it wouldn’t change who they know themselves to be, when they come incarnate with that reality in mind they hold this recognition. It’s still hard to give one’s body to be misused as was seen by Jesus example when he received the instruction to lay his body down and then struggled with doing so. It was recorded that he wept blood and asked his Father if that part of the task could be changed. He was coming to terms with what he knew he must fulfill and knew he came to Earth to do.

Overcoming our humanness and bonding to our Older Member starts by believing in all they say and recognizing they are from the kingdom that created all the life forms and universe and taking a stand for them and maintaining that stand until the exit of their vehicle however that might happen. That is the process of “giving one’s life” and it is understood that it will eventually include giving one’s physical body up as well, which can happen to some by the hand of someone else who sees us as an enemy to get rid of. All they are doing, if that should happen is accelerating our completion of that grade in school as we will not be dead. Also giving one’s life entails separating from one’s roots to the human kingdom. All this amounts to one’s voluntary blood shed, even if the Older Member decides we have the right to lay down our lives. If it’s done purely for them after screaming to them to know it is right for you then that’s still within the ways of which we show the Next Level we want to be putty in their hands. Everyone is not ready to give their all in the same ways at the same time and there is no competition and it’s not a race to die. Dieing without having made a significant connection with our Older Members is a waste and that’s personal one person to the next and not the business of anyone else to know about.  Using death to escape difficult lessons is not of value to anyone. A difficult lesson could be the loss of a business or prestige or family or wealth or someones life that is precious to us which are all lessons to rise above rather than seek to escape by ending one’s life. That is why the Next Level is against suicide, yet it’s not a crime to do so, that is unless you wound or kill someone else by your suicide. That is against the Law of God, just like it would be against the Law of God to then kill the killer.


Having said these events would FOLLOW, likely also translated what is “to be generated,” the first angels trumpet sounding, indicated by the “and” that is in the manuscript coming after “sounded” and considering making a point to state what was to follow is grammatically in the active voice so is an action of sounding caused by the one causing the action, the “angel” (messenger/crew member), assuming the Next Level would not make a point to state the obvious as something naturally following and given the Next Level’s time frame of a day in Next Level time frame equaling about a 1000 years earth human time frame, along with another big consideration, as I believe this is describing what is to come to immediately FOLLOW in a preparatory way up until the FIRST HARVEST WAVE and then in a conclusionary way in the LAST stage of the two harvest return, thus after the Two Witnesses and first fruit graduation classroom has exited their incarnations.

Furthermore, it would make sense with the Next Level way, in this case not indicating what would and would not follow that all of what is said follows to have application at both stages as opposed to limiting it’s application to just the time frame this verse is pointing to in the order of the seven angels with trumpets. In other words the placement is not an accident in the “first angel sounding.” I don’t say that without further strong indications that will be shown throughout the remaining 6 angel’s soundings. But the hint to what I refer is shown by the verses in Rev 16 of the seven angels who pour out their vials, each of which showing direct similarities of terms and ideas with these seven angels doing the sounding, which is evidence that what was to follow would have a direct correlation with the relative seven angels pouring out their vials.

It is also clear that the angels with vials only take place in the time table of the LAST of the two HARVEST WAVES. This is evident in Rev 16:2 that says the “plague/calamity” described by the FIRST ANGEL WITH VIAL POURING will only befall humans “which had the mark of the beast and upon them which worshiped (served) his IMAGE (false idols in all their forms but with an emphasis to aligning with the “ye are gods,” “god within us all,” thus all are god SPIRITUAL ILLUSION of the Next Level, the facsimile created by the Luciferian Space aliens, even in the form of a Hologram like Fatima). That JUDGMENT CRITERIA can only take place after the truth from the Two Witnesses has been told, the primary revealing of TI and DO as the content of the “book” as described in Rev 5:1 and opened to start in Rev 6:2 associated with the FIRST THUNDER (ROAR) from the Lion of Juda (the one who served as the Lamb) in his new incarnation as the male vehicle part of the Two Witnesses task with the other being the one who was his “Father in Heaven” and with him as Jehovah when he served incarnate through the vehicle named Moses. And the first primary revealing of the book continued during the following 6 thunders/roars as described to occur during the time of the 6th angel’s trumpet sounding which was when the Two Witnesses (The Song from Rev 14=TI and DO) come public to deliver their prophecy – what is defined as what is done via the human mouth and words, as opposed to from their “lightning in the sky” return stage many Christians misunderstand because they don’t have the “Do” key because that return is the one which is “in his glory, brilliance” following these 7 angels pouring out their vials as shown in Rev 19 when he appears to have the Next Level vehicle that was “dipped in blood” 2000 years ago.

Therefore I will attempt to show how each of these 7 Angels Sounding of Trumpets are both marking the stages leading up to the FIRST HARVEST WAVE brought about by the Two Witnesses AND mark their correlation to the LAST HARVEST WAVE spoken of as the “Winepress” in Rev 14 where it follows the First fruit harvest.


Before examining each of what was first depicted in Rev 8:7, here is an interpretation of what is meant throughout these seven angels with trumpets by the usage of “third” or “third part,” (“part” was added by the King James and other translators).

The clearest account in the records to describe people or a place as divided in thirds indicates it’s referencing THREE divisions of a geographic area, and also references a THIRD GROUP (PART) OF HUMANS BEING NURTURED in and through those locations and then there is a reference to TIMES OF THAT NURTURING shown in Zechariah 13 following these seven important prophecies of Jesus’ incarnation fulfilled:

1) He is not beget by a human Father and Mother (Zec 13:3). (The virgin birth that TI and DO felt was some type of artificial insemination to better prepare his vehicle to receive more of the truth that was to be a big update to what Moses had recorded.

2) Those who count themselves prophets will be confounded by what he says (Zec 13:4). (The Jewish leaders tried to throw him off a cliff, stone him. They felt cornered by his responses, said he had a devil inside him and feared the people who saw him as a prophet so wanted him dead to protect their own flock and position within the government.)
3) He will say he’s not a prophet but will refer to himself as a husbandman or shepherd, someone assigned to rear and care for others (Zec 13:5).
4) He will receive wounds in his hands.
5) He will be given these wounds via the house of his friends (Zec 13:6), (His own disciple, Judas Iscariot identified him for the Jewish Sanhedrin).
6) His enemies “smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered” as Jesus quoted in Mat 26:31 to result in the Lord turning his hand on his little ones (Zec 13:7). (The Lord turns his hand on his own to strengthen them just like the Lord allows them to kill Jesus all for the sake of those souls who would continue in their process of overcoming their humanness which is accomplished through conquering identifying only with the vehicle since it is the Soul seed implanted in a human vehicle that grows to become a member of the Next Level. The human vehicle is needed as the footstool, stepping stone but when each has shown the Next Level they have embraced the lesson plan then the Next Level allows them to be killed so they can exit that vehicle and be given a new student model physical vehicle as their reward they will have to give up so they can earn a new adult model Next Level vehicle.

The prophecy then references the division of the Twelve Tribes of Israel into three parts, two of which will be cut off thereafter. It’s interesting that Moses recorded that there were initially 603,550 (plus the tribe of Levites that served as priests) men in their exodus from Egypt. Over the next 40 years there were thousands that perished by defying Moses and Jehovah so that Jehovah slayed them. Thus one third as 200,000 minus thousands slain may in fact bring the total of those the Next Level was planning to work with close to that “100 and 40 and 4 and a myriad of thousands number:

Zec 13:8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land ((776 ‘erets from an unused root probably meaning to be firm; the earth (at large, or a land, common, country, earth, field, ground, land, X nation, way, + wilderness, world)), saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off ((3772 karath= cut down, destroy, fail, hewn (down), perish)) and die ((1478 gava`= to breathe out, perish)); but the third shall be left ((3498 yathar= exceed, remain, cause to abound, preserve, make plenteous)) therein.

So the timing noted here is what SHALL COME TO PASS – thus AFTER the Lords hand is turned on his “little ones.” Turning on his little ones means beginning to put them to a trial by fire as will be described more to come. For Jesus disciples this amounted to being willing and not trying to prevent themselves from being in the position to “lay down their lives” because of their being of service to what Jesus taught – accepting that they would be hated as Jesus was because of their saying the same things he said, thus were voluntarily choosing to die in his service. Jesus taught this giving their literal lives was necessary to prove to the Next Level that they had taken in enough of Jesus Mind (Holy Spirit) so they trusted they were not going to perish by losing their human vehicle.

All of Jesus’ disciples were not necessarily far enough along in their graft to Jesus’ family vine so they were offered proof of his Next Level origin when Jesus stayed around using his converted, changed over, repaired dead vehicle for some 40 days, that he took with him into the cloud covered space craft, WHERE ACCORDING TO DO, WHO REMEMBERED THIS, HE MOVED INTO HIS FORMER NEXT LEVEL VEHICLE. Do had said he left his Next Level vehicle in a closet when he came incarnate this time, so perhaps he put that vehicle named Jesus in a closet to potentially use later upon his return as hinted at by referring to it as having been “dipped in blood” in Rev 19:11-13.

What will come to pass takes place in ALL THE LAND, further defined as OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD (all the land/earth and it’s peoples), saying that TWO PARTS OF THE EARTH’S PEOPLE SHALL BE CUT OFF then, which corresponds to what Jesus said about the Kingdom of God being taken away from Jerusalem and that ethnic group (people) in that part of the world and would be given to another people that can yield fruit, while also saying he had another “fold” to be brought together with this fold later, which we can see now as being in the Americas that became the worlds “melting pot”:

Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Mat 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation ((people)) bringing forth the fruits thereof.

Mat 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
Mat 23:38 Behold, your house ((3624 oikos= dwelling, household, family, home, temple)) is left ((863 aphiemi= say aside, put or sent away, forsaken)) (unto) you desolate ((2048 eremos= lonesome, waste, desert, solitary, wilderness)).
Mat 23:39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

As a city is nothing without it’s inhabitants, Jesus’ speaking about Jerusalem was speaking to the former genetic strain from the twelve tribes of Israel saying he wasn’t returning to them, nor their home city so they would be LEFT ALONE, LONESOME, PUT AWAY, as one does to a spouse that has broken their covenant to their chosen spouse, in this case, to Jehovah and himself as Jehovah’s current Representative sent to them.

Thus the THIRD PART is a reference to the GROUP OF ISRAELITE (OVERCOMER) HUMAN VEHICLES and the SOULS he would be nurturing (Body’s and Souls) so the Souls could have physical bodies that would be a match for their degree of active studentship to, during his return, “stand up” in (take over) in the new geography (New Great/Large City, as described in Rev 11 as the non-physical, symbolic Sodom and Egypt and where they exit from which was Jerusalem) to accomplish their “overcoming of the human world” as he demonstrated to them and said in Rev 2 all must do to have a “spirit birth,” which is their “third trimester” graduation, described as the First Fruit Harvest in Rev 14.

Mar 13:27 And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect ((selected)) from ((among)) the four winds ((quarters)), from ((out of, off, away from)) the uttermost part ((206 akron= extremity, top, one end)) of the earth to ((as far as)) the uttermost part ((extremity, top, one end)) of heaven.

Saying the SELECTED are coming from both THE EARTH via the genetic offspring from the experience of the human “leaves” on the human tree from among the four quarters shows the start of the melting pot in America that began in earnest in the 1800’s but in terms of migrating Jews in the 1900’s, actually no longer considering themselves Jews having mixed with gentiles over generations past, all of which Jesus speaks of as a “regeneration”:

Mat 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration ((3824 paliggenesia= new birth, reproduction, renewal, recreation)) when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

The scattering of Jews since the 7th to 5th century BC is referred to as the Jewish Diaspora (exile) that saw a return to Palestine and then they were incorporated into the Roman Empire around 6 AD and experienced the second exile surrounding 70 AD that resulted with many fleeing in all directions. It is well understood that a large population of Jews who were escaping Stalin migrated to Germany and other European states. Finally, largely because of wars in Russia and Europe many migrated to the U.S. in the 19th and 20th century and by then these had a very high percentage of mixed marriages. In fact those in mixed marriages often escaped persecution in Germany and were allowed out of Germany just prior to World War II while many others also changed their names to better hide their Jewish origin as they were then refugees throughout Europe so make up the majority of American Jews that would give birth to those human vehicles returning souls would take for their third trimester in America.

Saying they are also coming from the extremities of the heavens speaks to the bringing back of souls for their resurrection, meaning to STAND UP AGAIN), as Jesus said to be, “born again of water,” where water is related to the way a human is born in a water sack that the returning Soul will try to take over, the meaning of incarnation (carne is Latin for flesh). TI and DO said these returning student souls would be participating in picking their human vehicle that the Next Level puts a “tag” on at their birth to set it aside to be watched to become their vehicle to take through their chrysalis – Christing, that completes their overcoming of the human evolutionary condition.

It’s interesting that one of the translation options for the Greek akron is “top” or “top end” which perhaps can refer to the north (top) of the earth – it’s two northern quarters as both an origin as shown by Europe to Japan as the third quarter of the earth and as a destination in North America the fourth quarter of the earth. The same could apply to “heaven” referring to the top extremity of heaven as Do said that Next Level was drawing from all those who had any relationship to the Next Level (presumably as souls) even /from other planets, to come to earth to choose to enter the overcoming process with the incarnate Older Members. That area of the heavens might 75416+be considered to be the third heaven. All who were drawn to the earth vicinity by the Next Level who did not choose to enter the overcoming process would be among those we call the Luciferian space aliens because by not choosing to overcome their remaining humanness they were siding with Lucifer and his associates so became grounded to Earth. (I don’t think this was spelled out. The Next Level has ways to inform everyone of their intentions while leaving them the choice. So their choice had ramifications. Perhaps they were drawn to Earth by their failing planets and the Next Level’s opening up of a black hole or worm hole, what TI and DO called a “freeway” in the heavens back in 1975 before we really knew about black/worm holes.

These returnees would include Souls who occupied human vehicles (referred to as “leaves” sometimes in the records), who were “saved” in a chamber or what TI and DO referred to as a “box” and as Jesus indicated for even the last minute believer in him, the thief on the cross, in “paradise,” aka Abraham’s Bosom, which appears to be the first of the alleged three heavens. I say alleged because I don’t recall TI and DO talking about how many heavens there are but they did use the term to describe how the space aliens take some to their “heaven” which I would say would be some location in the first heaven where a particular space alien group abides that I imagine can be associated with the earth as inside a high mountain location like the Himalayas, Etna in Italy, Mt. Rainier where Kenneth Arnold a pilot first reported and coined the term “flying saucer” and/or Mt. Shasta in California which TI and DO had an experience with some humans there trying to lure them to stay there and be their leaders. But there could be many locations I suppose on the earth where some might have a base as also alleged about under Antarctica or as Admiral Byrd claimed flying into in the North Pole vicinity. The Nazi party’s SS were said to rituals and links to secret societies and facilities to construct flying saucers that never succeeded.

Considering TI and DO said there were Three Trimesters to a “spirit birth” with the first occurring during and after the Moses experiential classroom, the second during the Jesus classroom and the third in their classroom it might very well be that any graduates from each of those classrooms are taken to corresponding “heavens.” We have had indications from TI and DO that the first heaven may actually be a very large spacecraft that humans can’t see that has very large gates humans can pass through with their airplanes and spacecrafts, potentially being 1363 miles square (the size listed for the New Jerusalem John describes in Revelations 21 that may start near the surface of the earth as he describes seeing it when taken “in spirit” up to a high mountain where he sees it descending and describes it in detail.

Meanwhile those “leaves” that went against Jesus would also be migrating back to seal their own judgment, which is why Jesus said of their souls or spirits:

Joh 5:28 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,
Joh 5:29 And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection ((386 anastasis= stand up again, [The process of standing up (taking over a human vehicle prepared to be a match for a returning Soul or spirit), abiding by and providing service to the Next Level Older Members most recently incarnate])) of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection (a raising up, rising (e.g. from a seat), a rising from the dead, that of Christ, that of all men at the end of this present age. the resurrection of certain ones history who were restored to life (Heb. 11:35))) of damnation.

Resurrection here is speaking to all those who have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life as described in Revelation chapter 20 but concluded with:

Rev 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.


Zec 13:9 And I will bring ((935 bow= to come, abide, apply, attain, X be, call, carry, employ, fetch)) the third part through the fire ((784 ‘esh= burning, hot, flame)), and will refine ((6884 tsaraph= to fuse (metal), cast, refine, pure, purge away, try)) them as silver is refined, and will try ((prove, tempt, trial)) them as gold ((to shimmer, as oil, clear sky)) is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD ((Jehovah= self existing, eternal)) is my God ((Elohim= Supreme God)).

TI always compared the overcoming “Process” to “refining of gold,” or “making butter from cream,” requiring the fire/heat that separates out the impurities that render pure gold transparent, equivalent to the force applied to friction in churning the cream. The Older Members when incarnate or even just in the Earth’s vicinity, having minds that are clear and focused and actually light, where enlightened comes from automatically like a magnet both draws to themselves all lessor frequencies while putting out their higher octave frequencies that literally forces a response from all humans in degrees and in ways dependent on what any one human vibrates on. The humans automatically act out more of who they are, what they believe, what they want, how they feel, what they think. If a human has become someone that has justified doing violent acts against others they may seek to act that out, thus could become a suicide bomber or someone that shoots up a university campus or a drone operator or bombardier with no qualms about bombing a house or city or doing other acts of war justifying having civilian collateral damage, or as a police officer that uses their power to subdue or kill those they consider not cooperating or acting criminally. All receive this energy and some learn to restrain themselves and not act out whatever they are prone to acting out and look to the Next Level in whatever terms for help and thus grow their mind a little stronger which is the purifying process.


Fleeing from the literal fires brought about by warring often means leaving one’s roots to one geographical location, lifestyle, comfort level and family structure as often some in the family can’t imagine leaving and would rather die there or fight opposing forces to try to protect or salvage their homes, possessions and lifestyles, so families become split which is part of what begins to happen for those that graft to their new Next Level family. The Next Level doesn’t seem to stimulate the direct causes for war except in how they set it up by allowing the Luciferian space aliens to remain on the planet where they know they will try to foster their agenda through humans that causes all sorts of disharmony. Considering that the Next Level is growing the garden for the purpose of providing Souls with membership in their physical kingdom the human bodies become the way those souls grow from getting into humanness and then for some getting out of the humanness they got into which begins to graft instead to the Next Level’s family tree. Yes, the human vehicles will experience suffering, but even within the human kingdom humans know that hardship is the greatest builder of mental, emotional and even physical strength. So wars, pestilence and cataclysm (plagues) become the catalysts to not only build minds stronger to deal with but promotes a migration away from affected geographical areas. The Next Level are not terrestrial beings. Their abode is wherever they are. Jesus indicated this modus operandi by saying “the birds have nests and foxes have holes but the son of man…” (referring to how his vehicle was born from a woman, (though not seeded in fornication, but by some other means perhaps like a test tube fertilization on board a spacecraft, thus a virgin birth)) .”..has no place to lay his head.”

All human behaviors and ways need to be purged out of any prospective candidate for Next Level membership though it seems to take several experiences in the human kingdom to complete and absolutely requires the incarnate presence of an Older Member who has been through the same process, even many times past. That’s why some feel ready to leave all behind when they hear the call, while others don’t feel strong enough to do so and seek more time and help from the Next Level to gain that needed strength. Others still don’t yet understand the details of how all will be required of them. Some are living by the laws the Next Level has given through their incarnate Older Members and looking to the Next Level to their capacity can be appropriate for their station towards Next Level adult membership. But all three types, to eventually graduate into the Next Level must overcome the human kingdom and please the incarnate Older Member they get a chance to be with. The Next Level will know how to feed each of us the lesson steps we will need. Trusting them is crucial to staying in their Family.

Here’s some examples of how this is spoken about by John the Baptist who was certainly of the same Mind as Jesus who Jesus said was prophesied to come.

Luk 3:16 John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:
Luk 3:17 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.

Mat 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence ((971 biazo from bios 979; to force, i.e. (reflexively) to crowd oneself (into), or (passively) to be seized= press, suffer violence)), and the violent ((973 biastes from biazo 971; a forcer, i.e. (as a figure) energetic)) take it by force ((726 harpazo from a derivative of haireomai 138; to seize (in various applications)= catch (away, up), pluck, pull, take (by force))).

Luk 16:16 The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth ((971 biazo from bios 979; to force, i.e. (reflexively) to crowd oneself (into), or (passively) to be seized= press, suffer violence)).

Mal 3:1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the LORD, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.
Mal 3:2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap:
Mal 3:3 And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.

Jesus talks about this as coming into the Kingdom of Heaven via violence against his own and how the Luciferians (devil) are used to accelerate one’s entrance into the Kingdom, which is why when it’s our time we can accept what the enemy will do to us as it will simply be our ticket through the Heaven’s Gate to have our vehicle even killed by them, as they could even see their actions as being in the name of their false God or whatever their false idol is as we become a threat to their and/or those they count their family or nation’s perceived security and safety in the human kingdom. In this way any dissident or dropout from society can fall into this category of those sought after to purge out of their human condition, which can serve them as the Next Level pays attention to anyone who is not finding their place in the human kingdom – a sign they are becoming ready to exit and become part of a Next Level overcoming program then or in the future.

To date this purging out those who have not given their allegiance to the “BEAST” – the U.S. and E.U. governments and those in bed with the government is being talked about by Donald Trump who wants to send all illegal immigrants back from where they came, wants to stop all immigration of those of a Muslim faith, and wants to require all Muslims to be registered reminiscent of what Hitler did to the Jews and dissidents and what FDR presided against for the Japanese Americans in 1942 following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and what happened to many liberals, called communists by Senator McCarthy. With each of these actions those who were sympathizers with the groups were also targeted. That seems to be coming up as the situation worsens in America with both gun violence and bigotry and terrorism as the U.S. continues it’s endless global (red horse) policy.

When humans and space alien human equivalents bring death to others they are unknowingly assisting the Next Level by killing one another as in their wars and the famine and pestilence (plagues) they cause as shown in Ezekiel’s prophecy that seems to apply to the Kingdom of Israel after the Moses classroom but before the end time, though it can certainly apply to any time after Older Members like Moses, Elijah, Jesus and TI and DO have been incarnate:

Eze 5:12 A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee: and a third part shall fall by the sword round about thee; and I will scatter a third part into all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them.

For one, the Next Level crew can determine who they will specifically help so they will not be subject to pestilence. They, not being as rooted in their humanness would be more apt to flee even their family and environments when they see certain signs to get out while they still can instead of standing their ground to protect their possessions, home, lifestyle, families. They become refugees to escape repression and war (“draw out a sword after them”) as they don’t seek to hold onto or make relationships that side with oppressors (depicted in Revelations as “the beast” – the human beings who are aligned with predatory rulers who are probably descendents from the Luciferian space alien fallen angels. They’d rather flee than compromise certain standards in relationship to the Kingdom of God, however they believe. They don’t take the various “mark’s” of allegiance to whatever government or leader represents the “beast.” Their fleeing becomes the “scattering” both of these Old Testament prophets illustrate. It seems these verses are referring to the end times as there was no other time in the current civilization on Earth that people were compelled to migrate into “all the winds” – referring to the four corners of the Earth. And we can see in history that the Jews did continuously flee oppressors and in so doing mixed their seed with other peoples. Then the two World Wars brought millions of Jews and people ethnically related to the original twelve tribes, often changing names to hide their heritage, to the North American shores, the last continent (mountain) corner of the Earth to be colonized that provided hope for a decent life with opportunity and more freedom from oppression. This viewpoint and meaning of the thirds is further borne out by chapter 5 of Ezekiel as well as through other prophet writings.

Thus THIRD PART in this verse refers to the GENETIC STRAIN who will be prepared for the returning classroom and is also the geographical location where they must be further “tried by fire.” In the third trimester trial by fire, the fire doesn’t initially refer to war, nor pestilence nor famine but to the conflict inherent among one’s vehicle’s family when these leave all behind to join what is seen as a dangerous cult and they go on to restrain their desires for mammalian behaviors and ways as the passions of sensuality, whether through relationships with the vehicle’s family, children, spouse, kindred, sexuality, anger issues and desires to be special, powerful or enlightened, etc. – boost of self, like an ego issue they need to overcome for the sake of the Next Level Kingdom in the heavens.

Here is yet another of the few verses that illustrate to what “third” refers, in this case in reference to heaven, thus Members, as students who became trees (fruit bearing) and/or adult Younger or Older Members in the Next Level:

Rev 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Heaven is both a location as all elevated areas above the earth, thus sky to deep outer space as the abode/dwelling of Members of the Next Level who are beyond the limitation to any one terrestrial body and refers to the Next Level spacecrafts large and small within and among any bodies that can be made to be undetectable, partially detectible or suspiciously detectible as in a cloud cover to both humans and/or to space aliens. Therefore Heaven also refers to the membership and in all these depictions can be right in front of human eyes and telescopes in obvious ways as being inside any object with a crew or laboratory all of which can be thought of as the first and second of three “heavens” with the third or highest heaven for this solar system being where TI and DO said they were from, calling their abode, “headquarters.”

Since the Earth school they set up is designed in such a way as to provide upcoming new membership choices of what they wish to become which can run the gamut from siding with the Luciferians or to becoming an adult member of the Next Level, the Older Members are not going to know ahead of time who will pass or fail the final exam they are administering, so to say that exactly a third of those who had graduated to some degree of heaven, referred to as a star could not be applicable to those currently coming through the “birth canal” unless by “third” it is referring to a part of the student body. As with most all prophecy they have multiple applications. In this case that student body can seem to be referring to a time in a previous civilization, perhaps when those spoken of as the Luciferian space aliens were drawn as a part of their lesson step that included or resulted in their being “cast” to the earth, perhaps in much the same way some of TI and DO and crew of student members chose to be subject to the Luciferian “tail” – mammalian influence (draw) to remain in the human kingdom that entailed being sent to violently strike the earth with their spacecrafts to sacrifice their existing vehicles knowing the Next Level will provide them with new vehicles when they have complete their mission of taking a human body prepared for them and overcoming it’s humanness under the Older Members incarnate hands on direction.

TI and DO said in the 1982 Blackhawk tapes that those in their classroom were being prepared to take the positions of those (Luciferians) who fell which could then account for where that number reference of “third” came from, as the Next Level would have known how many fell or it was a framework used before that worked for today or as said it was a reference to the part of the student body the Next Level selected to give deposits of their Mind (seed) to that had their genetic lineage representation as well.

TI and DO also said the entire Adam and Eve experiment was to bring tests to anyone who had not yet graduated to receive an incorruptible adult Next Level body, to see if they could be trusted, the lesson step both Adam and Eve failed that began the experimental new growth cycle on Earth. This test was the latest effort of the Next Level to improve their experiment by not allowing the repeat of the Luciferian experience which as TI said “raised the bar” of even getting to the stage of development the Luciferians had arrived at. In other words, one would not even get as close as Lucifer did to Adult membership in the Next Level unless they proved themselves completely trustworthy. (I only say this about raising the bar because of how TI at one time said there would be changes in the Next Level if some of the reports she was hearing about of things happening on spacecrafts were manifest by Next Level members. However, this was before TI and DO fully realized that there were space aliens. At first they thought that all the so called “UFO” sightings and reported events were generated by Next Level members. And that actually wasn’t inaccurate to say as they later realized that the space aliens were all “souls” deposited at some time past which gave them that gift that set them apart from humans who did not receive that gift. If during their chance to be in the equivalent of an overcoming classroom they succeeded to a certain degree before becoming a dropout then they would be referred to as “sons of God” – merely meaning “children” being adopted by Next Level Older Members, though would have a long difficult task to grow into becoming a Next Level adult, which TI and DO referred to as a “Younger Member” that at least on this garden had an intermediate step of first becoming an “active student” member. That degree of membership is what all those reading this still have the option to apply for.

Those who are called the “third” never received an incorruptible Next Level body. An incorruptible body is one that doesn’t even have the capacity to think and/or act in human mammalian ways any more than an animal can act like a plant. The gap or as said in scripture, chasm is too wide to cross, though that was said relative to the gap between the human and Next Level evolutionary kingdoms. Lucifer and any and all who fell with him therefore had a “heavenly body in the making” which is one that I call a student model that is still corruptible and most of all perishable, verses the eternal capacity of Next Level, let’s call them adult bodies. Do talks about this some on the video tapes that have been transcribed entitled, “Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 3” that still can be found on YouTube.com. Do also said adultery was “not becoming an adult.”

Do on that tape referred to this Rev 12:4 verse as if that third was the number of those who fell with Lucifer but he said, “according to the record” which to me means he isn’t sticking to that as a number pertaining to how many fell with Lucifer or one of Lucifer’s supporters. I say this for those that will criticize my effort here as if I was trying to replace what Do said, by adding some additional ways of seeing it based on the whole body of information TI and DO provided in concert with what has come to the fore while doing this research and prophecy interpretation task. I don’t have a problem with the criticism but then again, Do never said that every part of the record was to be counted on as accurate to the words it has been translated to today. In fact he and TI said from the beginning that the part of the record we could count on was what was actually quoting what Jesus said. They referred to the red letters in a red letter edition. However, that too can be taken in ways to an extreme as TI and DO knew they were fulfilling the Two Witnesses task prophecy though it was said by John to have mostly come from a messenger sent to John who was acting on Jesus’ behalf, but then again we don’t know that Jesus wrote anything. Do also quoted Paul a tiny bit, so we shouldn’t automatically discard everything besides Jesus words in the official New Testament versions. In the mid/late 1980’s Do actually brought into our library the “Lost Books of the Bible,” “The Essene Christian Faith,” “The Nag Hammadi Library,” and other non-canonized materials. I think it’s like what Jesus said about John the Baptist when his disciples said John was teaching the same things he was; to the affect of, “if he’s not against us he’s for us.”

Another reason this Rev 12 verse refers to “fallen angels” as those who are cast to earth by the dragons tail, is because “tail” is an expression used in the Old Testament that boils down to Luciferian drawing some who had become student level members of the Kingdom of God away from their commitment through enticing them with mammalian behaviors and ways that could be summarized to include, propagation – building or sustaining a human family root system, sensuality in all it’s forms, as sexuality or anger and/or in the self aggrandizement and false sense of security and self worth by obtaining wealth and/or power that any student, even who has graduated to being considered a “star” must overcome to qualify for adult membership in the Next Level, when they would no longer be able to fall back into the human evolutionary kingdom. Thus any classroom set up to come incarnate on earth would be accepting the task of being “drawn” (lured) by the Luciferian tail because the Next Level wants to try/trial us by that “fire.”

-THE THIRD TREE (stripping out the added words “part” and “of”) IN Rev 8:7, refers to both that genetic strain being prepared to generate offspring, as said, whose ancestors were that third group of the original Children of Israel who upon migrating to America become the parents of those who become the host vehicles for the returning Souls to the America’s in the timing of the Third Trimester and also refers to the parts of the world where that Tree was most nurtured which is described as their being “burnt up” in their TRIAL BY FIRE that history shows examples of to be listed alongside each of these “THIRD” related prophecies deciphered hereafter.

As Tree translates to “oak,” it’s interesting the specific prophecies about oak trees which can also be translated to “mighty men (humans),” mighty because they were given Next Level seed and schooling, refers to that particular human genetic strain the Next Level initially planted. Oak trees have a special significance in Old Testament scripture. Jesus upon his awakening went into a temple and began to read:

Isa 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;
Isa 61:2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

Having read this aloud to the congregation in the temple Jesus sat down and said:
Luk 4:21 And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

This brought comments which Jesus responded to as they saw him as one of them, a carpenter, Joseph’s son, making claims they could not fathom which he spoke to and as a result they tried to throw him off a cliff but they were not permitted. He walked right through their ranks away from the cliff. I’d guess he and/or with his Father’s crew’s help ran off all their discarnate influences, so they just stood there baffled.

Do said he wondered if Jesus might have considered that a mistake to say publicly then, as if the Next Level didn’t help him out of that, his mission could have been jeopardized. He needed to prepare his students and that took time with them. Sure his Father could bail him out as He apparently did, but a Member of the Next Level on such a task can never take that for granted, as even for Jesus his task was a growth opportunity. Mistakes can be remedied as the Next Level always does. By the way, even if Jesus did think it a mistake doesn’t mean it wasn’t part of his task as the task means doing whatever we feel our Older Member is giving us to think, say and do. However, members of the Next Level are far from robots. They are like undercover operatives with a very real form of communication that they can trust but must put into affect in respect to the terrain, the apparent mindsets of the people to which his task was to communicate, as his Father provided. He was like a translator from Next Level Mind to the human mind. He could have even been led to do that so Do would have the opportunity to use it as a lesson to show how he also had lessons. In other words he could have been allowed to stumble for his sake and then that get’s used for his students, making a positive out of it. The next verse goes on to say:

Isa 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees ((0352 ‘ayil= ram (the animal), pillar, strong man, leader, mighty tree)) of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

Additional verses confirm that this is primarily talking about certain human beings who were PLANTED by the Next Level as opposed to the “tares” that were planted by the “enemy” that Jesus spoke of. They would be considered to be “stronger” than other plants thus equating them to oak trees, one of the hardest woods, though strength alone is a detriment to Next Level lesson steps as strength is also quite significant when a plant/tree can bend when confronted with adversity from the spirit world (winds). TI and DO taught that “flexibility” was an important characteristic of members of the Next Level though that’s not going to be advantageous with all challenges. Say for instance you were an alcoholic and wanted to stay off the booze and some friends ask you to go to a bar and you think to yourself, maybe I can be flexible in this case and go with them. Well, for some who may have maintained their self control for a while it may not be challenging but if they are new to the self discipline it could undo their desired sobriety so better in that case to not be so flexible and stay home in the environment where you can set up to maintain the control you want to have.

Now these “trees” in the Greek used here refer to the oak variety and one can’t help but recall that Jehovah through Moses called the Israelites a “stiff-necked ((07186 qasheh= hard, cruel, severe, obstinate, hard, difficult, stubborn)) people” and wanted to “burn them up” (consume them) to build a great nation, which I don’t think applied to all as I suspect this was referring to a type of pruning – cutting back the weak to help provide more “nutrients” to the stronger among them. We must not forget that even if the Next Level wipes out many human vehicles, they still can choose to save certain of their spirits or souls so nothing is lost but vehicles. Now that never gives any humans license to treat human vehicles, their own or others as if they had the judgment of who should die. I know this is a big source of criticism of the early Israelites who did quite a bit of warring but that wasn’t initially by Moses instigation, though given the times and the circumstances where he was trying to bring certain lessons steps to what amounted to “toddler” level souls/spirits using human vehicles, he had to be “flexible” and allowed them to become the instruments to clear the way for their new land as there were always tribes that didn’t want to yield to them. If they were better students they would never have pushed to becoming the instruments of wars.

The Next Level even proved they didn’t need or desire for the Israelites to do the warring when they drove certain human tribes out of their lands via pestilence and other environmental calamities. Remember all of this belongs to the Next Level just the same way a farmer has a plot of land they work and they decide what gets planted where and what plants are interfering with the growth of the plants they want to nourish. But in terms of the rules within the Moses camp, any that were killed were by Jehovah through the instructions given to Moses, if that one event really happened as reported, as there is no guarantee that part wasn’t tampered with by the Luciferians after Moses was gone. Of course even if there was no tampering certain ones who don’t believe Jehovah and Moses were real and did represent the Next Level Above Human will perhaps never see that they had the right to do whatever they did as they were in charge of their garden experiment. After all, the lesson step of “an eye for an eye” was a toddler lesson that Jesus then updated to “turn the other cheek” when struck by an enemy though don’t provoke it unless your given the task to do so, as Jesus disciples were given after Jesus left, which he knew would get them killed for, but then that was simply accelerating them to their graduation because it didn’t harm their “fruit” their Soul body they were growing inside their human body. If we want to call giving testimony to the truth that they experienced with their Older Member a provocation then it was certainly only by words that caused a provocation because of those that wouldn’t want to hear those words or have their congregations hear those words.

-The HAIL (LOWERING) with FORCE/PASSION AND LITERAL FIRE that has in the MIX BLOODSHED as a stage of the “trial by fire” process that will continue to nurture the genetic strain, said as the third who will pass on their experiences to prepare the way to provide human vehicles for returning Older, Younger and Active Student Next Level members from the heavens.

What is being called hail in it’s multiple applications would then be the Next Level’s lowering to earth their “holy” Mind that in turn stimulates humans to take their sides for or against the Kingdom of God and their taught commandments that for some will go against to justify war (fall by the sword), bombs being lowered, etc. that always includes throngs of “collateral damage” among civilian, men, women and children.

At the same time hail can also be manifest as frozen ice balls and/or the stones from an erupting volcano and/or from landslides and other characteristics of earthquakes and/or from meteor or asteroid or comet debris showers, however one wants to label them.

-“GREEN GRASS” in this context seems to refer to those humans who were also part of the genetic strain as those who were depicted as “trees” but were not yet showing fruit in their behaviors and ways. These would be like the sprouts that were coming up from the seeds the Next Level planted. It seems the seed planting has two stages and it’s different kinds of seeds planted for each. For those that are returning, having had vehicles before that they began to provide service to the Next Level through, they are addressed as “trees.” Those that were planted to sprout after Jesus left, if they came up when Jesus disciples helped to awaken them would be considered the green grass. This also seems to relate to the two harvest periods in Rev 14 which Jesus also illustrated by saying:

Mar 10:31 But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.

Though as he also illustrated some who come LAST could still reap the same reward as those who come first. That is because the Next Level doesn’t limit how fast someone wants to grow in their service. If as soon as it occurs to you that this is the call of the last trump and you give your all, you might be awarded with what those who were in the first fruit harvest received. Some could misunderstand that and think all they need to do is lay down their life like those with Do did. But that’s not offering the Next Level service and it’s in the service that we get our lessons and is what brings about that trial by fire, as Jesus disciples experienced when they starting telling others about Jesus. They could have just did what Jesus did and turned themselves in and lose their life that way. After all it’s clear that some were apprehended and even stoned by Paul of Tarsus, moreorless the leader of today’s Christianity because of how he was led to dilute and distort much of the truth. What Jesus said to do was spread his words far and wide, not just to the areas where the Jews were, where he did take his first student body from. He sent them out to basically seek out those who the Next Level sowed seeds within, who would recognize what was said when the disciples said their peace. These then who would hear what Jesus disciples said and believed in Jesus because of what the disciples said would be those who sprouted shoots and potential survived to become “green grass.” Some may even become “trees” – in other words – leaving all behind to tell others what they had learned about Jesus.

These too though experience a trial by fire as believing in Jesus then would have been met with the same disdain believing in TI and DO now brings from those who simply hadn’t received that seed of recognition or chose to ignore it if they did.

On the other hand, the religious then and the strictly secularists, be they pagan or of some other mind would not qualify as either a tree or green grass. They would be like Christians or other religious today who say “Lord Lord” to things while as Jesus said, “he doesn’t know them” because they are not making a connection to their Heavenly Father and thus him by their much talking about the Lord.

Each time the Older Member(s) come incarnate they become who we must graft to if we want to continue building a graft to their vine. Once he has arrived again and we’ve heard about him/them to insist on using what Jesus said as justification for one’s actions would be the equivalent of how those who claimed to be Moses disciples, the Jewish priests and high priests largely responded to what Jesus said. They had become so sure they would recognize the returned one as Moses spoke about, they “couldn’t see the forest for the trees” were in the way, as the saying goes which Jesus said to them:

Joh 5:46 For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me.
Joh 5:47 But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

We start that graft by calling on the final name he/they chose while incarnate; TI and DO. There could be a great deal of resistance to using those names. The solution to that problem is to either do it anyway, whether you know you believe in them or not OR project your asking for the truth about them out into the most distant heavens, even beyond the stars to whatever your concept is of the highest power and beings, aka Heavenly Fathers and they will then help you come to recognize TI and DO, as that communication (prayer) goes to the same place – the crew that monitors all who ask for the truth and to be in their service.


The reason TI and DO said to project your thoughts beyond the stars is to safeguard against masquerading space aliens and/or discarnates who actually think themselves your helpers, guides, teachers, masters and even god representatives and even gods all of which is their illusion. However, some of those who became our helpers, guides, etc. did help us get to the place we are at. It’s just that at the point that you show signs of readiness for more, they must be left behind for you to move forward. Even if you thought they helped you out of many jams and even life threatening situations, you needn’t fear not having them around for you, as a Next Level crew will then watch over you and can help you in ways no discarnate spirit or space alien guide ever can.

Here are a few examples of humans as “grass” and it’s often also translated as “green grass”:

1Pe 1:24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:

And no doubt Peter was familiar with Isaiah which Jesus was clearly well versed in as well as the past teachings provide a help to the current representatives so they don’t have to try to start from scratch to draw their (Holy) Mind into the human vehicle they take for their task:

Isa 40:6 The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field:
Isa 40:7 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: because the spirit of the LORD bloweth upon it: surely the people is grass.

Note how the grass withers and flower fades BECAUSE the Lord’s wind/spirit Mind blows upon it. That minds closer presence generates heat – greater tests, increased passion that each of us are challenged to keep in our vehicles and put to the provision of service to the Older Members while for many it burns them up or out as they don’t redirect that passion stimulating energy up the chain of mind rather than into the human kingdom.

Job 5:25 Thou shalt know also that thy seed shall be great, and thine offspring as the grass of the earth.
Psa 37:2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

As said the objective of the Next Level is to provide opportunity for Souls and for Spirits generated from each vehicle (leaf) on that genetic strain of that THIRD to gain strength of mind by drawing on Jesus’ Mind/Spirit- behaviors and ways, when CONFRONTED WITH OBSTACLES (the trials and tribulations (troubles)) to doing so. TREES therefore are those that were beginning to be of service to the Next Level, meaning they were producing some fruit in the way trees spread their seeds by expressing and exampling what Jesus really said and taught and did however lacking in overview yet because it was in preparation for the last stage when the “plain talk” and revealing completely the truth and reality about the Kingdom of God/Heaven. Those seeds then could become the fruit of their efforts, being those that understood and became new GREEN GRASS shoots developing a foundation by adhering to some of the behavior and ways of Jesus though may not yet have begun to provide service in that regard.

Among the biggest obstacles is war. The Next Level provides wars indirectly by allowing the Luciferian space aliens to influence those they spawned to do things to stimulate them. The wars start when the lower forces mounted a campaign to discredit Jesus and his disciples in every way they could which also became a war against what the gentiles saw as a threat to their sovereignty and control over the people identified most as the religious that had been among the two thirds of the original tribes of Israel while the religious leaders were also at war to snuff out any remnant of what Jesus and his disciples said.

There is some evidence that Paul of Tarsus was actually acting like a double agent in this regard though it was probably not conscious on his part. A good double agent would have reason to show both sides his loyalty though would have justifications for doing so. Paul had association with both various government officials and high Judaic priests and with those who were actually active students of Jesus though he had an agenda to build himself up, but perhaps that was the best he could do, so it’s not worth demonizing him. We just need to be careful to take what he says with as they say, “a grain of salt” – with caution. If what he says shows itself to be related to what Jesus said then it’s more trustworthy but by in large Paul’s testimonies are not needed except that they provide a way for those that choose to alter what Jesus said into their own religion as we see has occurred.

Because of the timing of the arrival of the Two Witnesses during the 6th Angel’s Sounding of the Trumpet and the evidence that the 5th Angels Trumpet Sounding announces the space aliens emergence from the bottomless pit, where they were imprisoned by the Next Level, (though they may have thought of it as their place of hiding/escaping a previous global-wide calamity (like Noah’s flood)), working backwards through history I tried to line up where in the timeline each of these first 4 ANGELS WHO SOUND TRUMPETS come manifest. Along with that consideration is the fact that the Next Level doesn’t waste a word or an event. Since they know what to expect from the Luciferian fallen angels who are not operative through the ones still in the bottomless pit prison cells, (because they haven’t been allowed by the Next Level to come out yet (however the Next Level does that)) that doesn’t stop the Luciferians from influencing humans wherever they can, as they are in the discarnate world where Do said they teach dead human spirits how to influence living humans to their agenda. That agenda includes instilling their resentment of the Next Level in humans while trying to win over those who are seeded or in any stage of growth to both keep them away from becoming Next Level members and to instead win them over to their allegiance, as they can’t actually make a Soul (the container that is given to a human as a deposit that is the start of a Soul’s growth).

By they way sightings of UFO’s that occurred before this time, in the 1800’s and before, I suspect are either what the Next Level generates and/or are Luciferian space aliens who may have been allowed out of their “bottomless pit” but were kept away from having any influence over humans in the area of the U.S. where the Next Level was planning to stage their arrival. I know the Next Level is able to regulate this as they can also regulate where the Luciferian discarnates can go and even who they can influence. In 1977 and thereafter, TI and DO moved the classroom around the southwestern states and said they felt the influence of different spirits in different areas, they felt the Next Level wanted to expose us to in dosages. They said this in regard to the very strong influences they felt in the Salt Lake City, Utah area where we spent a little time in those first 3 or so years on and off while we lived outdoors – the Rev 12 Wilderness time period. Some years later they also told us that the Next Level had assigned each of us, what I believe was one of the Luciferian fallen angels to be our personal adversary they termed a “booger.” I don’t know how this is done, but it shows the Next Level has ways of controlling their experiment to maximize the growth of their “fruit.”

The Luciferians also want to stimulate humans to build their technological capacity as they don’t like their condition grounded to the Earth. So they go to those humans who can be built up to become leaders to help them build their empires of conquest because in so doing they build both their needed allies and technologies to have an advantage over any other humans or space aliens to acquire the elemental resources of most value to them. They also want to teach humans to be self reliant as then they will be less prone to asking help from “God” (in whatever terms humans retain recognition of and/or belief in Above Human Beings, aka deity, creators or supreme beings. The Next Level always showed a certain amount of their power that included sending Older Member’s student proteges called “prophets” to challenge those that were being led by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels.

The “third” as a group of souls that the Next Level saved from the genetic stock of the twelve tribes of Israel came from certain quarters of the earth because they as a people had been scattered by war, pestilence and famine a number of times since around 700 BC.

Act 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part ((last part)) of the earth.

That last part would prove to be the Americas as these were the THIRD and TREES and GREEN GRASS doing the distribution – witnessing. The THIRD in terms of geographic areas of the world doesn’t seem to refer to one contiguous body of land. It seems to include any areas of the world where this one particular THIRD were scattered to which seems to be mostly to northern areas of the world to include northern Asia (Siberia) to northern Europe and North America. Most of the Jews that migrated to Germany before and during the turn of the 20th century came from Russia – fleeing Stalin. Germany welcomed them.

LITERAL EVENTS THAT BROUGHT ABOUT BLOODSHED IN THE AREAS INCLUDED IN THESE THIRD PARTS OF THE WORLD (EUROPE AND THE U.S.) DURING THIS FIRST TRUMPET SOUNDING PERIOD AND EXAMPLES OF THE UPLIFTING OF SPACE CONSCIOUSNESS AND BEINGS FROM OUTER SPACE IN PUBLISHING AND AS TI and DO SAID OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL LIFE FORMS TO MOVE UP, ALSO SEEN BY GREAT LEAPS IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INVENTIONS. (The upgraded thinking and in some instances acting and inventions all contribute to the Next Level’s upcoming “classroom” the FIRST with the incarnate Two Witnesses and the LAST as the Winepress tribulation period. Humans are not going to automatically believe in real members of the Next Level without authors and other forms of communication to stimulate ideas and inventions that will show what’s not superstition to believe in. At this time there is so much of that proof of the Next Level’s existence as the directors of all things on earth that it’s superstition to think it all came about randomly without conscious intelligent direction.)

-1900 Galveston, Texas Hurricane – was the biggest natural disaster to hit the U.S. killing 8000 people
-1901 H. G. Wells publishes The First Men in the Moon
-1903 The Wright brothers usher in the era of heavier than air flight with their successful flight of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
-1905 Albert Einstein postulates the light quantum, proves that atoms exist, and publishes on the Special Theory of Relativity.

-1906 Earthquake struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906
– April 7, 1906 — Mount Vesuvius eruption that killed over 100 people and ejected the most lava ever recorded from a Vesuvius eruption. It devastated Naples, Italy. Vesuvius has erupted many, many times but there are two pointers to direct stimulation by the Next Level to serve as a fulfillment of this prophecy. First it’s location right in the midst of what used to be the Roman and Holy Roman Empires and second, though related to the first because this is where one could consider there to be many who have a genetic heritage connected to the Kingdom of God that would have included being many vehicles being seeded which makes some of them “trees” and/or the “oaks of righteousness” that one third of the Israelites that mostly migrated to northern Asia and throughout Europe’s north country and extended into England and then over the Atlantic to North America. That migration began after the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem was overrun by the Romans and after Masada and continued in spurts with former Jews mixing their blood with gentiles that actually saved them from being rounded up by the Nazi’s and that resulted in many changed names and migration to North America during and after the two world wars so that these who rose to the top of the government, entertainment industry, media conglomerates, banking and wall street and by then had largely been either Christianized or leaning to Atheism, Buddhism or took on what’s called Rabbinical Judaism which no longer really looks for the messiah and virtually ignores most of Moses commandments and are today’s G10 finance ministers – representatives of the rich families of Europe and the America’s who now have neither a Christian nor Jewish or any other religious face as they consider themselves the elite on the planet, some having space aliens group affiliations while others are Masons and are spoken of in general as the Illuminati. There was a writer who studied the names on the fortune 500 corporations and found 300 names to have multiple board memberships in these biggest corporations. His book was called, “The committee of 300.” Do put it into the classroom library.

– The 1908 Messina earthquake in Italy that triggered a large tsunami that took about 123,000 lives.

– June 30, 1908 Tungusta Comet/Asteroid/Meteor – a large explosion shook Siberia. Witnesses described seeing a fireball in the sky, as bright and hot as another sun. The explosion was in a densely forested area near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Russia. It is claimed to have been a thousand times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion leveled some 80 million trees over a 830 square-mile area. The trees in the center of the blast site were still standing but were stripped of their branches and were scorched. The trees around the perimeter were also scorched but were laid down away from the center area. People could feel the heat and see the glow from miles away. It caused dust over Europe that reflected light bright enough to read by at night in London. There were no fatalities and a nearby lake some 4 miles away may evidence being a meteorite crater.

The Tunguska event would seem to qualify as burning up a significant amount of literal trees and green grasses and scientists believe it had to be a comet or asteroid from outer space (the heavens) that then qualifies this event as the biggest literal application of the “sounding” part that even includes a reference to a “pipe” with sounds in accompaniment. Here is a synopsis of the event:
In the 1960s, it was established that the zone of leveled forest occupied an area of some 2,150 square kilometers (830 sq mi), its shape resembling a gigantic spread-eagled butterfly with a “wingspan” of 70 kilometers (43 mi) and a “body length” of 55 kilometers (34 mi).

Looking like a butterfly is a curiosity as the butterfly was the example TI and DO gave of a human like a caterpillar leaving their caterpillar world to isolate itself to begin to create their cocoon that inside would be changing into a chrysalis (a Christing) that is an actual physical metamorphosis into a new creature, and this is the diagram etched into this apparent meteor, or asteroid or comet strike.

In the Sibir newspaper, July 2, 1908 was reported: ‘On June 17th some observed an unusual occurrence. In the north west, rather high above the horizon, some strangely bright (impossible to look at) bluish-white heavenly body moved downwards. The body appeared as a “pipe,” i.e., a cylinder. The sky was cloudless, only a small dark cloud was observed in the general direction of the bright body. It was hot and dry. As the body neared the ground (forest), the bright body seemed to smudge, and then turned into a giant billow of black smoke, and a loud knocking (not thunder) was heard, as if large stones were falling, or artillery was fired. All buildings shook. At the same time the cloud began emitting flames of uncertain shapes. All villagers were stricken with panic and took to the streets, women cried, thinking it was the end of the world.’

This report of an event 13 days before the Tunguska event suggests it was more directed than most would otherwise consider but certainly qualifies as appearing to be caused by some type of solid object(s) from the heavens that caused a huge firey explosion that burned up many trees and green vegetation (grass), though doesn’t account for the bloodshed in the verse.

-1909 Henry Ford produces the Model T
– The Great Fire of 1910 aka the Devil’s Broom fire was a wildfire that burned about three million acres in Washington, Idaho, and Montana. The firestorm burned over two days from August 20–21, and killed 87 people, mostly firefighters. It is believed to be the largest, although not the deadliest, forest fire in U.S. history. It was also the deadliest event for firefighters in the United States until the September 11 attacks. The summer of 1910 was especially hot and dry. By mid August, there were 1,000 to 3,000 fires burning. On August 20, a cold front blew in and brought hurricane-force winds, whipping the hundreds of small fires into one or two blazing infernos. Smoke from the fire was said to have been seen as far east as Watertown, New York and as far south as Denver, Colorado. It was reported that at night, 500 miles out into the Pacific Ocean, ships could not navigate by the stars because the sky was cloudy with smoke.
-1910 Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain dies. He predicts he would die when Haley’s Comet returned having been born when last came. Considering how much Samuel Clemens said and did that seemed way ahead of his time seeming to be a believer in Jesus and God but against Christianity, no doubt because of the recognition of the behaviors of it’s adherents that were unlike Jesus taught.

-1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes the novella Under the Moons of Mars.
-Arthur Conan Doyle publishes The Lost World, which gives the name to the Lost World sub-genre of science fiction. Ironically, it is also one of the last Lost World novels to be published.

-1914 H. G. Wells publishes The World Set Free. (TI and DO taught that there was no freedom in the human kingdom until one became a member of the Next Level which is where both true freedom from influences (discarnates) exists and thus true individuality because of how those discarnate “influences” use humans to forward their programmed agenda they established while living.)

-1915 Albert Einstein publishes General Theory of Relativity
-Zeppelins begin flying.
-1916 The film Homunculus depicts an artificial being devoid of a motivating spirit. (Interesting in how TI and DO taught that not all humans received souls. A Soul is a “pocket” or “container” and mass, though invisible to humans. They said humans are “plants” and have a mind aka their spirit that can operate automatically. When Jesus said to one who said he couldn’t follow Jesus because he wanted to wait until he buried his father, Jesus said, “let the dead bury the dead.” To Jesus even if the vehicle has life, if it’s choosing not to move towards life when it’s offered it’s choosing to be destined to death instead of when they die, if they continue to bond with the more recent Older Member’s mind, they are saved for a future classroom.)
-Otto Witt launches Hugin, widely considered the first true science fiction magazine.
-1917 Vladimir Lenin leads the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.
-1919 The atom is split for the first time by Ernest Rutherford

AFTER THE ANGEL’S SOUNDING SIGNALS THE LAST HARVEST WAVE IS INDICATED TO START DURING THE TIME OF THE 7TH ANGELS SOUNDING AS DESCRIBED IN REV 10. Evidence of that having taken place is by the event that started on October 17, 2008 by the National Geographics Channel’s “Final Report: Heavens Gate,” where it was suggested several times that TI and DO’s Heaven’s Gate group was the “Second Coming of Jesus” that millions of people probably viewed. To follow that, which was also the 40 year anniversary of TI and DO’s second stage of significant awakening when they left Houston, Texas and headed for Boerne, Texas and left in mid February of 1973 KNOWING THEY WERE “FROM OUTER SPACE,” HERE TO FULFILL PROPHECY, AND TO BRING UPDATES TO THE BIBLE” came the Chelyabinsk meteor aka a near-Earth asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere over Russia on February 15, 2013, that began a flurry of fireballs mostly in the United States followed by a large asteroid that flew inside the moons orbit, the closest call yet followed by a flurry of fireballs on a line through the Ohio Valley down to Florida by visible by many as far north as Maine followed by the very visible with the naked eye, Pan Starr comet that I have photographic evidence had a companion object, like the Hale Bopp comet that also came to perihelion in late March/Early April of that same year. Therefore I believe this was the 3rd Woe which would mark the end of the first fruit harvest time that all these trumpets were heralding.

The Events that FOLLOW during the LAST HARVEST WAVE referred to as the “winepress” (Great Tribulation (Time of trouble not seen since the beginning of the world (human civilization)) Judgment stage) are shown to have begun and are indicated as continuing through each of the successive angels with vials to pour out (hard last minute medicine).

-HAIL as a lowering down of the Next Level’s time of judgment AND literal hail storms:

It’s now very apparent that in the U.S. hail storms increased significantly in all ways (size of hailstones and frequency of storms) in the southwest U.S. with hailstones that weigh pounds each and are as big as baseballs and softballs destroying roofs of houses, mutilating cars and even causing some death’s from concussions. These have increased in frequency mostly in Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma starting in earnest in the the 2000’s where their characteristics are off the statistical charts and record books.

It may not be coincidence that “hail” is listed in the first angels trumpet sounding that is the “lowering” – bridging the gap/chasm between the human Kingdom and the Level Above Human kingdom, because of the Crew’s close proximity and coming incarnate of the Older Members and student Crew and lowering of the Judgment time said as “following” the first sounding as shown then referring to the LAST HARVEST WAVE that was also heralded by the Hale Bopp comet and the first fruit harvest completion and how the last – seventh angel’s pouring out of their vial shows a number of events that ends with hailstones that weight some 90 pounds each.

-FIRE as severe drought and frequency of forest fires:

The western U.S. is experiencing the biggest heat waves and forest fires that demonstrate all that was forecast would FOLLOW the first angels sounding.

-FIRE MIXED BLOOD(SHED) – Two applications – Passions and the response of the body mentally and physically to a culture that’s both “drunk” on sensuality and by manufactured substances to largely put bandages on serious toxification and deterioration of the food, air and water supplies led by the medications referred to by some of late as “Big Pharma” – for profit corporate medicines.(Note how in Rev 21:8 some of those who take part in the “second death” are translated as “sorcerers” from the Greek pharmakeus from pharmakon which interestingly sounds a lot like, pharmacists, defined as “administrators of drugs and spell-giving potions, who prepare magical remedies” to include what is perhaps the most dangerous and being pushed the hardest, the nearly entirely mandatory vaccination program. To date in December of 2015 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is circulating a form to declare oneself as “opting out of the vaccination programs.” This looks like a nice option for those that question giving 36 vaccine dosages to their kids from their first birthday to their sixteenth. It’s not like there is not a heap of evidence that bring to question this as wise and prudent and/or health seeking for anyone, given the rates of brain disorders going through the roof in the U.S. however seemingly slight. The U.S. population is largely legally medicated while another large percentage self medicate.

The legal prescription drugs being heaped on the youth to treat anxiety disorders and depression all have side effects of the same symptoms they are designed to subdue. How any one person is affected can vary but if they go off the meds or alter other aspects of their lifestyle symptoms can waiver between bigger high’s and bigger lows to where some have suicidal thoughts. It has been documented by one alternative health seeker web master that every mass school shooting in the U.S. involved one or more students that were on these meds.

School shootings essentially started in the U.S. in 1999 (the one before that was in 1966). That first one was in Columbine High School by two Caucasian American students who indicated it was in response to bullying, then in 2007 at Virginia Tech by an Asian American who was largely against women, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary that killed many children (that some say didn’t really happen. I believe it did but haven’t really studied why some say this. They often have one or two inconsistencies some see in the reporting or video footage so they then document it on their blog claiming it was created by the government to have a case to take away guns from citizens and others pick it up and before you know it a percentage of the populous believe what they say), 2013 Arapahoe High, 2014 Marysville Pilchuck High and 2015 Umpqua Community College as the biggest ones. Since 2000 these and mass shooting have also occurred in a couple theaters, malls, churches, military bases and a bombing at the Boston Marathon (another false flag claim was made) and hundreds of smaller ones, with over 294 incidents reported in 2015 so far.

Note the verse wording says the blood(shed) would “rise, come to be generated (cast)” which is a much different slant to how and who is stimulating it. Though it’s in the prophecy that’s not saying the Next Level is behind it. It seems to be saying that they know this will arise because this is the direction a society goes when they have drifted further and further from having much Next Level consciousness. When there is so much killing, it is both, to some, appearing to solve problems so becomes justified to some while it creates hatreds at the same time because there is always someone who wants revenge on the killers plus all that goes into the unseen world of spirits, who then seek to play out whatever mindset they died with and from which can become like a haunting against those who are still living.

But the primary reason this violence has increased, especially since 1997 is because the Next Level Older Members and crew left their incarnate presence so the power of each of the literal “Mind” (holy spirit/mind, thoughts, feelings, will, focus) they contain is removed from it’s human interface except for how they left behind the record of their presence, the words that describe their Mind. While they are present, even before their incarnations when their Minds were in the vicinity, even in the atmosphere still on their spacecrafts, those humans who can tap into aspects of their positive force for all things good and purposeful, had the opportunity to draw aspects of that Mind into their own consciousness, thought interpreted by their own “computer” (brain) and mind, not even knowing where certain ideas are coming from. Their Next Level minds contain anything and everything any human would need to solve any problem, if the problem is one the Next Level wants to provide help with. So a certain amount of their Mind is initialized into the Earth’s environment to begin a civilization from. They allow the fallen ones, the Luciferian space aliens that became renegades against the Next Level to be influential in the Earth so humans can also draw from their misinformation mind that fosters continued human behaviors and ways instead. The discarnate humans are also available to help humans with human needs, which can result in humans recognizing some answers to their prayers. TI and DO said the Next Level will sometimes give a human something they ask for that is “human” to help them have the opportunity to learn that they don’t really want what they thought they wanted – often seeing that it’s not ultimately what will make them happy.

What the Next Level does “cast” on the planet, and in particular to areas where they had come incarnate, is their provision of the truth and with it the mental “light” (clarity of truth their minds naturally emit) to see that truth by. Their mind like John the Baptist said is fiery in that it accelerates everyone to either propel their growth towards a purer vibration or to their becoming waste.

The man that went on a killing rampage in September of 2015 at an Oregon community college posted to his Facebook page that he knew he was succumbing to working for the devil saying that it was necessary because of what people had become so they deserved to die. While he was doing his shooting he would even say to some how it won’t hurt for long.

-“FOLLOWED,” in Rev 8:7 seems to indicate both the timing of the calamities (plagues) manifestation as “caused to be generated,” and “to become, be brought to pass, be ended, finished” which indicates a somewhat gradual application that comes to it’s full expression in the LAST HARVEST WAVE, after the FIRST Fruit has been harvested and shown in more detailed application in Rev 16:2 that seems to be related to human instigation with the Next Level allowance of the acceleration of dangerous chemicals in the environment to include further nuclear development but shown especially in the medical establishment through the pharmaceutical companies imposition of a mandatory (forced) vaccination program shown in the words of this Rev 8:7 prophecy as “fire mixed (with) blood” where “fire” relates to the elemental interaction in the body with heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.) that can be described as burning inside the body, further described in:

Rev 16:2 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore ((1668 helkos most likely from helkuo 1670= an ulcer (as if drawn together))) upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped ((give service to, respect as authority)) his image ((1504 eikon from eiko 1503= faintness as a copy, likeness, (literally) statue, profile, or as a figure a representation, resemblance, [Hologram like Fatima])).

The sores are actually translated as “ulcers” (a drawing together) which is the exact terminology used to describe lesions Dr. Wakefield and his eleven associate doctors documented among the ten autistic children that became his patients because of their all also having bowel disease. These lesions were throughout their intestines and measles virus they all received from the MMR vaccination was found in the lesions. From the intestines the virus and/or heavy metals and formaldehyde and other parts of many vaccinations, if not flushed out of the body, if they pass through the intestinal wall as is the norm these toxins enter the blood stream and travel all over the body to include the brain where mercury in particular could constitute a “fire” as these heavy elements are quite “hot” as electromagnetic conductors and the body’s response to them can be inflammation – brain swelling – all together potentially destroying sensitive brain tissue and the brains neuro-transmissions, a typical symptom seen in Autism, Parkinsons, and many other diseases that are often in incubation for years before surfacing, so become near impossible to directly prove are responses from certain vaccinations and/or combinations of vaccinations.

So if this is accurate then only those that accept these vaccinations and medical establishment solutions, suffer most from the development of sores as they trust the associated government institutions and corporations and in this example, a big one of many, the vaccination protocol so would be those who have given their allegiance to the “poisonous deceivers,” who are thus “worshiping (Do called, “working for”) (his) image (false idols in all  forms but aligning with the “ye are gods,” “god within us all,” thus all are god SPIRITUAL ILLUSION of the Next Level, the facsimile created by the Luciferian Space aliens, even in the form of a Hologram like Fatima).”

There are also many additional surfacing of “sores” coming about. Sores could also be referring to tumor propagation as in cancers and in the sores as rashes inside and outside the body as allergies and acquired immune deficiencies (AIDS). And there is also an application to mental illness in the way there is an epidemic usage of drugs to calm anxiety disorders and hypertension as ADD, ADHD and bi-polar conditions, diabetes related conditions, infections – the bodies reaction to foreign toxic elements in the blood, seen often as allergies bringing about inflammation (flame/fire), etc.

Thus this time period described as the dividing time is separating those that choose to give and show their allegiance to the Next Level (the One true, real Kingdom of God) and Mammon – humanism and all humans count as their treasure – wealth, intelligence, etc.

As I write in December of 2015 California just began their forced public school vaccination program written into law a few months ago. It was reported that they ran out of flu vaccine without mercury so they were using the flu vaccine with mercury even though its use was outlawed. These figurehead business and political and medical – scientific intellects are more and more becoming so intoxicated with their achievements as they see them, that they accept as collateral damage the thousands whose both physical and mental health could be compromised.

And they are completely blind in the same way to the bloodshed they are causing by their bombing and drone missile campaigns in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and virtually wherever they deem terrorists congregate which they are stimulating and profiting by.

The third part in respect to this time to FOLLOW would seem to be wherever the descendents of that third of the tribes of Israel ended up in the world which is most indicated by the countries with the largest populations of known Jews though many changed their names over the decades. The the U.S. with 6.8-10 million, Israel – 6.4 million and the European union – 1 – 1.5 million with smatterings most everywhere else to add up to about 20 million. This is most interesting because of how it looks like the it’s a somewhat 3 way division. The big difference in the range has to do with the way the survey was done with the smaller number representing the core and the larger the enlarged Jewish populations as of 2014.

The Trees and grass being burnt up would largely take place during the LAST “follow” stage in a much bigger way than the previous two times as pre-FIRST fruit harvest and then at the end of the first fruit harvest, beginning of the LAST starting around 2000 and then to finish with the pouring out of vials stage we are in right now in 2015.


Rev 8:8 And (the) second angel sounded, and (as it) were ((5613 hos= about, after, as, like, according)) (a) great ((3173 megas= big, (+fear) exceedingly, high, large, loud, mighty, strong, sore afraid) APPLICATION, LIGHT)) mountain ((3735 oros, most likely from an obsolete oro= TO RISE or RAISE or REAR perhaps kin to 142 airo= LIFTING UP [continent, government, empire])) burning ((2545 kaio= that sets on fire [provokes passion (anger/hatreds)] to kindle, that consumes, burns, lightens)) (with) fire ((4442 pur= fire, lightning)) (was) cast ((906 ballo= ARISES, POUR, send, strike, THROW (DOWN), thrust, cast (out), put (up))) into ((1519 eis= in, AMONG, at)) (the) sea ((2281 thalassa probably prolonged from 251 hals, the primary definition of SALT [as mankind (Jews)])): and (the) third part ((5154 tritos ordinal from 5140 treis= third as noun= a third part)) (of the) sea became ((1096 ginomai= cause to be GENERATED, AROSE, befall, be fulfilled, be brought to pass)) blood ((129 haima= uncertain derivation, literally of men or animals, as a figure the juice of grapes [LAST HARVEST WINEPRESS STAGE] or specially ATONING BLOOD of Christ and by implication BLOODSHED, KINDRED));

As a part of, throughout and after this Second Angels Sounding the prophecy indicates events that are compared to a MOUNTAIN, GREAT RISE OR REARING that kindles, sets on fire (literal and through passions (e.g. anger)(fire) that SEND, STRIKE, THROW and/or CAST OUT to RISE AMONG (into) the sea. The usage of “sea” as with all prophecy can refer to the “sea of humanity” and one specific to a number of literal bodies of water called seas.

The key indicator that this is not an object, as a meteor, asteroid, comet that is striking the literal sea is that it would say it came from heaven (sky to outer space) or was thrown by an angel as in the only place that does refer to this kind of event:

Rev 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence ((3731 hormema from 3730 horme= a violent motion, impulse, hostile movement, onset, assault)) shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

Here it’s a “stone” as shown and that is verified by the prophecy in comparing it to a millstone and saying it brings a violent impulse/motion, movement, assault, rather than an extended period of violence as in a war or social unrest. Plus the timing of this verse marks an event that takes place AFTER the “plagues/calamities/wounds (stripes)” which the Seven Angels with trumpets and the Seven Angels pouring out vials are referred to in a number of relative verses and especially in Rev 15:1 that announces the time of the 7 angels pouring out their vials as the “LAST plagues,” which as I documented for the first angel with trumpet FOLLOWS in the LAST HARVEST WAVE described as the WINEPRESS time of great trouble not seen since the beginning of the civilization (tribulation) which is after the Two Witnesses have exited their incarnation with their FIRST FRUIT “SPIRIT BORN” GRADUATE (SAINTS) and ascended back to their Next Level DWELLINGS.

Rev 8:9 And (the) third (part) (of the) creatures ((2938 ktisma from 2936 ktizo= thing founded, purchased, produced (created thing), original formulation, owned, possessed, provided, fabricated)) which ((that)) (were) in ((1722 en= instrumentality (medially or constructively); among, before, with, by, at, because of)) (the) sea ((2281 thalassa probably prolonged from 251 hals, the primary definition of SALT, fig. human masses)), and had ((2192 echo= be (able, held, possessed with), or had been counted, lacked relation or conditions to have)) life ((5590 psuche= breath, spirit, sentience, heart, mind, SOUL)), died ((599 apothnesko= died off)); and (the) third (part) (of the) ships ((4143 ploion from 4126 pleo= a sailor as someone plunging through the water in a vessel)) (were) destroyed ((1311 diaphtheiro from 1225 diaballo= to rot thoroughly, to ruin, decay, pervert, corrupt, perish)).

The Next Level sounding part could be shown in the biggest and most literal way by Mt. Etna’s eruptions coming to a peak in the 1920’s – in particular 1929 when the first population center was destroyed since the worst eruption in 1669. Given the way this prophecy is worded as: “great mountain burning with fire” it is interesting that it is considered the largest volcanic mountain in the world and has names from various cultures in the area, as from the Phoenician meaning “furnace” or “chimney” and in the Greek meaning “I burn” and in Arabic it was called “the Mountain of Fire.” In Italian some still call it “mountain mountain.” Another name is “who placates the fire” and Etna is one of the Latin names of the god Vulcan. The people of the Etna sometimes use a jargon term “the mountain.”

Again, there are multiple ways this comes to pass both at the time of the sounding in the 1920’s, the lead up to the FIRST and then LAST Harvest applications in relationship to what a number of biblical historians, I contend, refers to the “Third” as those former Twelve Tribes of Israeli who were repeatedly scattered away from Jerusalem and the Middle East by the Syrians to mix with gentile tribes in Asia minor, northern Asian territories and eventually throughout Europe while the other two thirds remained in the Middle East and/or migrated into Africa and India.

It seems like everywhere these tribes migrated soon became war torn and linked to their presence as the Lord revealed as expressed through Isaiah prophecy saying they were deserving because of having mostly strayed from the Jehovah/Moses covenant.

Daniel 8 chronicles the earlier time of these migrations stimulated by wars, famine and disease that eventually brought one “third,” the cream of the crop so to speak from the Next Level’s perspective as the genetic stock most removed from their human roots, yet also therefore most attacked by the unseen Luciferian discarnates as well so subject to more and more sorting out to prepare for the Jesus incarnation’s “second trimester” and then the beginning of the establishment of the last continent in the Americas that was populated by people’s from all nations, but most of which came from those fleeing various persecutions, warring, limited opportunities, stagnant corruptions of thought and ways that were reflected in the negative pole of the Next Level’s magnetism by World War One in this part of the timeline, propagating further sorting to begin to cultivate the vehicular re-generation in the U.S. as preparation for the Two Witnesses, TI and DO’s incarnations for the THIRD and final trimester’s graduation. The Next Level doesn’t stimulate the wars, yet they know they will come about because they provide the Luciferian influence and the result is a further “trial by fire” all because of the Next Level’s periodic closeness.

Here are a variety of indications of “sounding” – the delivery of the Next Level’s mind seen as a science fiction explosion in books, movies, radio broadcasts spurred on by inventions and alongside that humans acting out their sensual passions according to their programming whether through the “roaring twenties” partying to those who sought to stop the partying through those religious periphery self righteous who largely still dominated government to foster prohibition of alcohol.

It’s interesting how the terminology follows with the identification of this time period as a “roaring” twenties which becomes apropos in light of how both Jesus and Lucifer are compared to “lions” though Jesus to the roar while Lucifer to the whelp though culturally seen as the opposite. The roar for the Next Level is in their disclosure of what is true that stimulates the passions in humans to be played out according to each human’s accepted programming.

This list chronicles some of the developments that reflect a heightening of Next Level presence – new ideas expressed about things in outer space, or things unseen, mysterious or spiritual:

– 1920 W. E. B. Du Bois publishes the short story “The Comet.”

– David Lindsay publishes A Voyage to Arcturus. (Note: Arcturans are represented on Earth at this time by at least one human contactee named Alex Collier who also seems to imply he is the returned Jesus preaching peace and love and changing the world by meditation along the lines of the 100th monkey delusion – as if the Next Level needs anyone to save the planet or others. The design is to bond with the last incarnate Older Member who teaches the steps to “save oneself,” though being peaceful and loving (giving) to others is Next Level behavior, it requires being agitated, like by salt to be a mind warrior to win battles against the lower forces on earth to graduate by and that’s not what he is teaching which seems to make him into a type of “false Christ.”

– 1922 Mahatma Gandhi goes to jail. (Note: As Jesus said he had another “fold” he was going to after he left them in the middle east and as Do said he suspected the origin of Buddhism was a Next Level instigation because of how it’s original focus was on “renunciation of the world” and having control over one’s passions, etc., and since we saw in the 1960’s especially an influx of both Hindu and Buddhist thought and practice, the U.S. being the melting pot for the return ground of the Next Level, Gandhi’s action tailored to Jesus example of non-violence, exampled as to, “turn the other cheek” to one’s enemy, as he reported came to him from Leo Tolstoy’s 1894 book, “The Kingdom of God Is Within You” – Gandhi seems to have drawn from that Next Level Older Member closeness at that time to apply it as he did.

– 1923 P. Anderson Graham publishes The Collapse of Homo Sapiens. (Note: Human is a fallen condition, because TI and DO said Adam had a Next Level body made for him and by breaking his Older Member’s instructions resulted in his giving into sensuality – acting like a mammal. Since TI said he was also the Soul that incarnated into Enoch, 7th generation from Adam and was said as having “walked with God” which would be abiding by all his Older Member’s behaviors and ways and was thus TAKEN with his body according to the Moses record, he must have overcome his human ways and thus recovered and graduated again, having graduated into the Next Level before performing that Adam task. I have wondered if he graduated during the same initial overcoming classroom as Lucifer attended, so as TI and DO said, how the Lord used Lucifer’s fall as a way to put others of his same level of growth towards Adult Next Level Membership to the test. I wondered if those others who would have been any who had received a Next Level made student model vehicle might have included the Soul who was given to incarnate into the Adam vehicle, though he could have already graduated to an Adult Next Level vehicle but to be of service to his Older Member decided to incarnate into the same kind of student model Next Level vehicle Lucifer and that other fallen angels had received. By failing then Adam had succumb to the same equivalent influence Lucifer fell because of. And then by recovering could be the hands on example to any who came after that were to be tested, raising the bar of graduating into that student level Next Level membership.)

– Ronald Knox publishes Memories of the Future. (Note: TI and DO said the Next Level Above Human is the only realistic future for humans because their presence gives humans the opportunity to have a future. For those coming incarnate, they are stepping into the past, a relatively primitive existence.)

– H. G. Wells publishes Men Like Gods.
– Hugo Gernsback dedicates an entire issue of the journal Science and Invention to science fiction. This leads directly to the publication of Astounding Stories.

– 1925 Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf (Note: Alongside the positive influence of the Next Level on humans, is the way the Luciferians stimulate the negative in what becomes a facsimile of what the Next Level does in sorting and testing that some humans become predatory on others because of their choices in response to the Next Level’s increased “heat” (fire).

– 1926 Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes The Moon Maid.
– Charlotte Haldane publishes Man’s World.
– Reginald Glossup publishes The Orphan of Space. (One could say the fallen angels became orphans from space when they rejected their Older Member)
– Robert H. Goddard successfully launches a liquid-fuel rocket in the United States

– 1928 E. E. Smith publishes The Skylark of Space.
– Victor Gollancz founds Victor Gollancz Ltd, which publishes science fiction from its very first year onward.

– 1929 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century begins publication as a comic strip.
– Hugo Gernsback coins the term science fiction.
– Kay Burdekin publishes The Rebel Passion.
– Jack Williamson publishes The Girl from Mars.
– S. Fowler Wright publishes The World Below. (A reference to how the Luciferian space aliens may have survived in underground bases – the bottomless pit – perhaps from the North Pole to Antarctica thus having no bottom which there is some evidence of being possible)
– Fritz Lang releases the realistic-looking film The Woman in the Moon. (reflective of how the Revelations 12 “woman” has the moon at her feet or as her footstool.

– The Wall Street Crash occurs.
– The Graf Zeppelin circumnavigates the globe.

As I was re-considering all of these Angel’s with trumpet sounding interpretations just a week ago, Mt. Etna erupted for the first time in two years on December 3, 2015 which to me seemed like the Next Level was helping me see the start of this LAST STAGE part of this prophecy fulfillment that has included a continuous lava flow to date though has faded from the headlines, but I suspect is soon to really escalate in the timing of the Second angels pouring out of the vial (medicine in the form of calamities – to offer humans a time of last opportunities to put their attention to the genuine creators of the planet).

Mt Etna volcanic eruptions have been ongoing since 1500 BC according to the records accumulated but with some interesting patterns emerging in the many eruption dates. There was generally one eruption per century until the beginning of the last millennium when it started to escalate to 3-4 a century until the 1500’s then increasing to one a decade with the 1700’s bringing 2 a decade. The 1800’s averaged 3 a decade.

The 1900’s brought an average of one a year peaking in 1928 thus my reflection of the FIRST HARVEST WAVE approach as noted by this Second Angels sounding as then eruptions of Etna fell off in the 1930’s then increasing again in the 1940’s, 1 a year in the 1950’s and then continuously throughout the 1960’s to date in 2015.

Of course not all eruptions have large lava flows but it would appear in the application of this LAST or AFTER part of this prophecy a large eruption may be part of the cause of significant bloodshed because of it, which seems to also be related to the LAST HARVEST WAVE as described by:

Rev 16:3 And (the) second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became ((1096 ginomai= generate, arose, brought to pass, divided)) as ((after)) (the) blood ((bloodshed, (kindred))) (of a) dead (man)(:) and every ((3956 pas= all (manner of, means), any (one), as many as, whosoever)) living ((2198 to live, spirit, quickened)) Soul ((5590 psuche= breath, animal sentient principle)) died ((599 apothnesko=to die off, be dead, lie dying, be slain)) in ((1722 en=in, at, on, by)) (the) sea.

Pertaining to the timing of these 7 Angels pouring out their Vials, recorded as Plagues/Calamities, Revelations chapter 17 indicates their ill affects are to be applied primarily to the U.S. though are also DOUBLED so have two primary territorial and it’s people applications. With that said, I would suggest that in the U.S. and North America there will also be eruptions that pour into one or more seas and the indications have been so far in the Hawaii island eruptions, Mexican eruptions and earthquake activity in Northern California but with Montana’s Yellowstone mountain showing significant signs of an upcoming eruption. Thus the seas affected could be the Pacific ocean, but I wonder about most the Great Salt Lake not too distant south of Yellowstone.

-“caused to be generated (became) with all speed (as) blood dead” – or more easily understood perhaps as saying “dead blood” as the word “man” was entirely added. In other words it could be said that the blood in these living creatures was being caused to die so it brought about the death of these creatures.

-“every” – is not necessarily ALL INCLUSIVE and can be translated as “all manner of”

-“Soul” – is in contrast to the Greek “pneuma”= spirit and breath,” here instead referring to the “animal sentient principal that all living beings “breath.” Soul was not very well understood in times past. The word “spirit” was used coming from the Greek, pneuma for when Jesus spoke about his disciples needing to be “born of spirit,” which TI and DO said was synonymous with “Mind” which is another translation to pneuma, neither of which are used in the translation of Greek psuche, so Soul therefore seems to be totally inaccurate to use here but could refer to the living who are breathing, that would refer to many different creatures in or on the sea.

Even during this LAST HARVEST WAVE there are no indications every living Soul or human living in and around this sea will die, though no doubt the eruption could pollute the waters to kill off all the marine life and destroy shipping as well in that “third area” of the world, presumably around the Mediterranean Sea and like said in the U.S. perhaps affecting the Pacific and the Great Salt Lake.

Plus it seems to be hardly coincidental that war in the middle east again has entered a new level with Syria the focal point of 4 great military powers doing frequent bombing raids against what is said to be groups calling themselves the Islamic State with various acronyms. The U.S., and now France following a mass shooting by so called Islamist terrorists in Paris that killed over a hundred in four locations one night have used the terrorist attack to declare war that ends up being against any one and any country that could generate such terrorists, thus against Syria even though the leaders of Syria are not reported to have had any part in the attacks. Plus Russia started bombing and now England is engaged. It’s causing thousands of Syrian’s to flee by boat across the Sea to find safety in Europe and wherever they can be accepted while in the U.S. front running Republican candidate for president in 2017, Donald Trump is calling for forcing all Muslims and likely Arab American’s to register, which has stimulated a reflection to how Hitler forced all Jews to wear a patch identifying them as Jews and how the U.S. under Democrat FDR required all Japanese to be relocated to internment camps during WWII.

Thus once again the FIRES of anger are becoming further inflamed and regarding the way Third mostly applies to those who were originally of the twelve tribes of Israel, we can see how they were once referred to as a MOUNTAIN as a Kingdom, in the verse below to Babylon and shows how the Lord will make it a “burnt mountain” just like has been occurring in the Middle East, the U.S. and E.U. and countries touched most by them throughout the world.

Jer 51:25 Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain.


Rev 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell ((4098 pipto= alighting (down), light on)) a great ((3173 megas= (multiplied to years) wide application, exceedingly, great, high, large, loud, mighty, strong)) star ((792 aster most likely from the root of 4766 stronnumi akin 4731 stereos as steadfast, strong, sure, through the idea of positing, to abide, furnish, spread, from 2476 histemi= TO STAND, covenant, establish, set up; to “strew” as in spread as a carpet over the sky)) from ((1537 ek= because of, by reason of, abundantly above)) heaven, burning ((2545 kaio= to set on fire, kindle, light)) as it were ((5613 hos= ABOUT, after, HOW, with all speed, SOME)) (a) lamp ((2985 lampas from 2989 lampo= to beam, radiate brilliancy, give light, shine)), and it fell ((4098 pipto= light on)) upon ((1909 epi= about, towards, touching, have charge of)) the third part (([the group of a “third” from the children of Israel who were scattered])) (of the) rivers ((4215 potamos= current, flood, water)) and upon ((1909 epi= about, towards, touching, have charge of)) the fountains ((4077 pege= gushing plumply, to fix)) of waters ((5204 hudor from root of 5205 huetos= water, rain, a shower));

A Star in this case comes from the root of “aster” as in astronomy, so refers to objects in the literal heavens and saying it is coming from the Kingdom of Heaven indicates it’s sent from the Older Members in that Kingdom, who abide in that outer space environment as Jesus indicated by saying there were “many mansions” in his Father’s Kingdom.

So the biggest point to this verse is WHO is coming from the Kingdom of Heaven and to do what in the events of these last days before recycling. This “star” can be any object that emits light that is strewn across the heavens, but even if it was a comet – like scientists say, a burning ball of ice and rock (that has really been updated by landing on a comet and shooting a comet with a missile and observing up close photographs) that it looks like rock alright but if there is any ice, it’s on the inside and is being spewed out from jets that are in various parts of it and they are often shaped like a rubber duck or uneven sided barbell. Even so, again it’s what and who is coming with that comet if that is what best describes what we see most.

In this case this or these objects from the heavens don’t have a literal arrival on the surface of the earth as the earth would have been referred to as is done in another verse (Rev 9:1). Instead this object “lights down or on” from Greek pipto translated as “fell” which is the “down” part which is again different from objects from heaven that are “cast” to earth where cast is the Greek “ballo.”

Based on these big indicators this star like object is coming close to or passing by the earth, or ends up hovering or something like that, as opposed to landing on or crashing into or going inside the earth and/or sea.

We know there are one or more functions to what is depicted as arriving during this time period. It’s providing a BEAM, SHINING, LIGHT (LAMP) that “SETS ON FIRE” and/or KINDLES AND/OR CONSUMES (BURNS) – LIGHT, so is very much kin to Mat 24:27 and Luk 17:24 that indicates a lighted star like object as a “sign” of the Son of man’s coming – described as moving from east to west which is along the same path comets and the star scape, the sun and moon are seen traversing.

The use of “Great” further describes this “comet or spacecraft” SIGN of arrival, which by the way Jesus didn’t limit to happening just one time necessarily. This use of “great” could also be exceedingly large and/or high, loud, mighty, (be) sore (afraid) or strong and applied to some multiple of years. As with most prophecy all interpretations have their potential truthfulness – depicting reality.

One that gives credence to this depicting Next Level Older Members coming closer to Earth, is in how TI and DO said they arrived in the 1920’s to “tag” the human vehicles they were going to incarnate into. It’s not when they came to incarnate which could explain why it didn’t say in this case that it was clearly this “great star from heaven FALLING TO EARTH. Greek “pipto” translated as “fall” in this verse just as primary to the translation, indicates the idea of “alighting down from a higher to lower place” as in from the heavens to earth. This is clearly different from what’s indicated in Rev 9:1 for that star from heaven’s falling and/or again alighting TO EARTH as the way it comes down to the surface, except in Rev 9:1 the earth IS it’s destination so it either lands or enters into the earth and/or sea or appears to crash to earth as given the timing is in line with the late 1940’s fifth angels sounding in the 1940’s to 1950’s time period.

TI’s vehicle, Bonnie Lu Nettles, was born before Do’s vehicle, I’ve seen reported as 1927, while I’ve read that Do’s vehicle, Marshall Herf Applewhite was born in 1931. TI and/or Do may have told us the years their vehicles were born but I don’t recall it if they did. TI and DO said the human vehicles they picked would not have survived had they not chose to use them.

This depiction of these Two’s arrival is further born out by this GREAT STAR being described as “burning as it were a lamp.” The keyword “lamp” is shown in another related context:

Rev 4:5 And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

Rev Chapter 4 starts with John hearing a “trumpet” and is told he’d be shown things to come which in this verse talks about seven spirits of God as “seven lamps fire burning”

Lamp in both cases is a verb, “to beam,” to give light, to shine, to radiate but in Rev 8:10 it’s generated by this comet and/or spacecraft with Members of the Next Level on it that are projecting this beaming, shining. As it also says this “star” is “burning,” which means “to set on fire, kindle and/or light, we have a complete point of view here.

Skipping ahead in the timeline to when TI and DO first came public in 1975, they said in the two public meetings I attended that “there was a light shining on Earth from the distant heavens.” I remember that well, because when I joined with them, I knew I’d be talking to people and in my zeal to do that, I practiced talking the information from TI and DO’s “Statement One.” When I was the speaker for a crowd of about 200 in Worchester, MA in November of 1976 I remember starting off by saying, “There is a light shining on our planet from distant space.” I had no idea at the time the depth of what that infers nor how it related to prophecy but it sure does make sense to me now more than ever, that it is from the Minds of all the Members of the Next Level who are assembled to help with these Older Members task that automatically provides an “accelerated growth opportunity for all life forms” as TI and DO also said was happening at this time.

The primary group this light (beam) (burning) could stimulate to further growth would seem be the same THIRD who mostly had or were migrating from Europe to the U.S., who in the 1940’s and 1950’s would give birth to vehicle’s that could be tagged and/or deposited with “souls” to provide a “match” for returning Souls to incarnate into, to potentially become students of TI and DO in their task of the Two Witnesses when they came public, to be among those in the FIRST HARVEST EXPERIENTIAL OVERCOMING CLASSROOM. These would be among those who could qualify as the FIRST TYPE OF INDIVIDUALS Do spoke of, who could graduate and go with him and receive a Next Level vehicle and significant service in the Next Level.

It seems that some years later additional plantings of deposits were given to prepare vehicles to be a match for returning Souls who could be in the LAST HARVEST EXPERIENTIAL “WINEPRESS” STAGE OF THE OVERCOMING CLASSROOM. These would seem to correlate with those Do described as the SECOND TYPE who could graduate into service in the Next Level. Do said there would be a THIRD TYPE who would be “saved,” being those who never heard about TI and DO but who in their own way show allegiance to the Next Level by beginning to separate from the human kingdom, even in rebellious ways like within a militia group (though the Next Level doesn’t condone violence, this can still be one sign of being unhappy with humanity).

– rivers – As with all these prophecies the application is both physical and non-physical (mental, pertaining to spirit – one’s mind. The non-physical interpretation of a “river” is as a particular part of the overall “sea” of humanity that this “lamp” (light) shines most on.

– fountains of waters – Jesus spoke about how he was providing the only kind of water (mind/spirit-information on the route to become a member of the Next Level) that could quench one’s thirst for truth as a living fountain/well. (Zec 13:1, seems to refer to Jesus as a fountain, Jhn 7:38).

These Two Older Members are IN CHARGE OF the CURRENTS OF THE WATERS, in this case it seems related to FIXING the flow of information, bringing updated thinking to those who are most in line to be ready for it because they at least say they believe Jesus was the most recent “son of God” to come incarnate and teach the requirements for graduation, thus involves the primary SET UP for the mission. This would include many who had come out of the religious belief systems known as Christianity and have even broadened their perspective to include what would otherwise be called the New Agers who didn’t hold to strict and inaccurate ways of thinking yet still believed Jesus to have been real and of some special significance, though would also be those most attacked by the Luciferian space aliens to trick them into any direction but the truth – what is real so often mutated into what’s been called Spirituality that can include atheistic belief/non-belief.

Rev 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood ((894 apsinthos= bitterness, fig. calamity)): and the third part of the waters became ((be generated, arise, be assembled)) wormwood; and many men died of the waters (fig, because they were made bitter.

In the Old Testament wormwood is noted for its intense bitterness but also represents affliction, remorse, punitive suffering. In Amos 6:12 this Hebrew word is rendered “hemlock” but in the Revised Standard Version, “wormwood.” The Greeks designated it, absinthion which means “undrinkable.”

Passions of all kinds rise with the Next Level’s closeness as noted during the period of the Roaring Twenties, the prohibition of alcohol and the 1929 Great Depression as human responses. Taking away a persons options always stimulates some to seek what they want anyway, no matter the cost, so fosters rebellion and a loss of allegiance to the ones who make the rules, that is when they haven’t agreed to live by those rules. The Next Level never made a rule to cease alcohol usage so for the religious to impose that is anti-Next Level instructions. However the Next Level also promotes overcoming of becoming attached to all things human to include substances and that would include mind altering substances.

A backlash follows from those who resent the religious telling them what to do and increases bigotries on all sides though the positive is that for some, they will come out of any allegiance to a religious order or government order seeing how those in their allegiance are hypocritical even to their own laws and beliefs. Yet some still recognize the existence of deity so may still seek to know more of the unseen realms while others deny all the possibilities which all acts as a filter because when it comes time for the Older Member to incarnate again to talk more truth, they could be faced with gravitating to it or not but at least they stand a chance to see more truth, because they have come out of the entrenched limited mindsets.

Referring to the way this third angel who sounds the trumpet relates to the LAST HARVEST WAVE is shown in the Third Angel’s pouring out of their vial:

Rev 16:4 And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

In common to both Rev 8:10 and Rev 16:4 are how “rivers and fountains of waters” are affected. Figuratively a fountain or well refers to the Mind (Spirit) from the Next Level, thus “holy mind/spirit” and the waters in that context are the humans the Next Level provides their mind to where the rivers represent the genetic stock selected by the Next Level from the sea of the human kingdom and the water then those that come out of that river as the potential fruit, the human vehicles being taken by the Souls who had been saved from all times previous, brought back to have a last judgment opportunity to show their allegiance to the Next Level or to their human roots/kingdom in all it’s regards.

Jesus was spoken of as a fountain. The Children of Israel were considered to have been given the “fountain of life” in psalms 36:9. Fountain was also referred to as one’s offspring literally in the human genetic offspring but also in the way students can and must become an extension of their Older Members for their own growth and because that’s the service we offer the Next Level Older Members that without we are not of value to them so must prove ourselves by passing on what we are given to as Jesus said nearing his exit to Peter, “if you love me then feed my sheep” and bring forth fruit. Having that fountain within us is not only a state of mind. It must be matched with abiding in the Older Members behaviors and ways, otherwise it has the reverse affect – it devolves, what Do called a reverse metamorphosis and one becomes cynical, angry, arrogant, intolerant, condescending, sarcastic, judgmental, having a superficial love and depletion of common sense and true recognition of the subtle voice from the Next Level within and around us that become the clues to sort out from the static and confusion to get on and stay on the “straight and narrow” path to LIFE. These characteristics are “POISON” TO BOTH ONE’S BODY AND MIND AND THUS “WORMWOOD” – UNDRINKABLE.

Simultaneously with this figurative interpretation, that is of course literal in how it translates to each individual on Earth, but primarily to those in the “river,” perhaps all those who are among the “third” who are largely in the English speaking parts of the world, with a primary focus on the United States and specifically to those who have heard of TI and DO, will be how these negative destructive characteristics that have developed from the poison that is the output from the Luciferian space aliens that people have accepted, the result will be seen in how the human made structures that literally supply literal water for people to subsist on also become toxic.

In other words the Next Level’s “light” introduced in stages and degrees is distributed by objects under Next Level direction. We have no idea how much and what is being provided by a comet, for example as it showers the earth with what humans call as debris from the comet’s tail to be like a crop duster on particular parts of the earth to receive specific dosages to certain areas. I suspect that so called debris can have an electromagnetic elemental composition that can interact with other elements that can bring about great calamity and death among humans. I suspect the primary people in areas most affected, as the THIRD are those in Europe and the Middle East areas while the Rev 16:4 prophecy will most affect those in the Americas.

It’s possible that human activity may exacerbate the water “bitterness,” but can make it seem to be human caused, so people are thereby tested on whether they recognize the existence of the Next Level in the fulfillment of these prophecies of calamities.

One example recently that seemed to be one of those timing examples as I was working on this interpretation was a report that Flint, Michigan, to save money, the government chose to change their water source from the Detroit water system to the Flint River that was exceedingly toxic with E-coli bacteria. In doing so and not treating it sufficiently, peoples lead pipes, very quickly began corroding away leaching lead into the people’s drinking water, so much so that when they saw the symptoms of how many people were getting sick from the odorous water and switched back to the Detroit system, the symptoms continued to worsen because of the way the pipes had corroded. Some of the symptoms were sores as the body tried to get rid of the lead through the skin. Another major symptom of lead poisoning is all sorts of learning impairments and brain disorders.

There was another report of flooding in Oklahoma City that because of a great deal of waste water, again the e-coli danger was getting into rivers and thus potentially into the wells for people’s drinking water. As we speak there is a great deal of major flooding in Missouri and Oklahoma from rain. It’s not the first time of course but all along these plagues were being introduced to where at this time their damage and cause of loss of life will be significantly greater in what humans will have the chance to recognize as apocalyptic in scope.

Another aspect to describing this Star with it’s content to bitter the waters has to do with the fact that the Mind of the Members of the Next Level when provided to humans has two affects. They can turn bitter against any idea of God or Above Human Beings or they can come to embrace the Kingdom of God and how it is a bitter pill to swallow because becoming a member of the Kingdom of God requires one to separate from all things human, though it’s set up as a process and at least in this last civilizational experiment accomplished over a number of opportunities to take over a human vehicle and overcome the human mammalian condition. One must be willing to STAND among humans who will hate you, even be hated by those in one’s own human family as Jesus addressed.

Here is where it is stated that those who wish to apply to be on TI and DO’s team must “prophecy” – speak the truth TI and DO provided that shows them as the return of the Father and Jesus to those who will largely hate to hear it and that’s the “bitter” part to accept, while the truth is sweet as honey:

Rev 10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.
Rev 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.
Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

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