TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses–Section III.D. The Revelations Two Witnesses



Rev 11:1 And (there was) given ((1325 didomi= to give, adventure, bestow, shew)) me a reed ((2563 kalamos= water-plant, stalk, branch, bone, writers reed, pen)) like ((3664 homoios from 3674 homou= similar, like (manner), together, at same place/time)) (unto a) rod ((4464 rhabdos= branch, instrument, authority to deliver information (prophesy))): and (the) angel ((32 aggelos= be, induce, bring forth as messengers, [Next Level crew members and/or X-Next Level crew members])) stood ((2476 histemi= abide, appoint, bring, continue, covenant, establish, hold up, present, set(up))), saying ((3004 lego= GIVE OUT A CALL, “lay” forth, shew, speak, tell, utter, describe)), Rise ((1453 egeiro= awaken (collect one’s facilities), rise (again) from sleep, sitting, stand from death and/or from inactivity, obscurity, ruin, nonexistence)), and measure ((3354 metreo= to measure (metre) (literally or as a figure); by implication a limited portion(degree), ascertain in size by a fixed standard, mete)) the temple ((3485 naos= from naio (to dwell); a fane (church, wherever the body of believers are gathered together, (not a building))) of God ((2316 theos= deity, magistrate, supreme divinity)), and the altar ((2379 thusiasterion= from thusia; a place of sacrifice literal or figurative)), and (them that) worship ((4352 proskuneo= attempt to please, prostrate oneself in homage (forerunner idea to “laying down your life”), do reverence, fawn)) therein ((1722 en= for sake of, because of)).

John, representing the returning student body is given/ASSIGNED THE TASK (adventure) of taking over a physical human body (reed/stalk, bone) that is compared to a BRANCH AND INSTRUMENT (rod). (This matches the way Jesus and his disciples, Moses and a number of Old Testament prophets regularly compared Next Level students and actually all humans to various plants (branch, tree, flower, grass) in line with the reality that the Earth and in particular parts of the human kingdom, according to the master gardeners design are tended by their membership to bring new fruit toward harvest ability, aka graduation from the human kingdom’s evolutionary level. It is apparent that in the Old Testament these terms had multiple meanings, both literal and figurative, but all are shown to have layers of application seen brought out in Jesus illustrations, behaviors and ways.

The Greek “kalamos” is translated to “pen” in only one verse and one must confer with the literal context of a letter John wrote after Jesus had physically exited their environment as opposed to Revelations that are all composed of figures, metaphors that reference things Jesus and all servants of the Next Level recorded that also boil down to something literal as being described here:

3 John 1:13 I had many things to write but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:

In the following verse Jesus compares John the Baptist to a reed:

Mat 11:7 And as they departed, Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?

Thus John’s physical body is as the reed, which is more in line with the Hebrew “qaneh” that is defined as a “reed, stalk, bone, balances.” Bone and stalk are what a physical body is compared to, as with a “stalk of wheat” that is cut with a sickle in Rev 14 for each of those harvested.

Then these usages as a branch are also in line with the Hebrew translation but in this context some type of stick:

Mar 15:36 And one ran and filled a spunge full of vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink, saying, Let alone; let us see whether Elias will come to take him down.

Mar 15:19 And they smote him on the head with a reed, and did spit upon him, and bowing their knees worshipped him.

Here it’s like the staff a shepherd had and that the Lord gave Moses and Aaron, which is kin to a “rod” as well:

Mat 27:30 And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head.

But in these it is a measuring tool:

Rev 21:15 And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.

Rev 21:16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

Here Ezekiel is given instructions to do some measuring using a reed:

Eze 42:16 He measured the east side with the measuring reed ((7070 qaneh= stalk, bone, balances)), five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed round about.

(Ezekiel goes on to measure all four sides the same measure and the wall the same)

Rod is used often in the Old Testament as a tool that establishes an instruction, commandment and authority:

Exo 7:17 Thus saith the LORD, In this thou shalt know that I am the LORD: behold, I will smite with the rod ((04294 matteh= staff, branch (of vine), tribe, company led by chief with staff (originally)))that is in mine hand upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood.

The Lord’s hand is always those in his service whether any degree of student or fellow younger members of his Kingdom. Even the lower forces become the Lord’s unwitting servants presenting the opposition to the Next Level that enables each human the choice day by day of what to embrace and thereby become.

For the ANGEL TO STAND indicates a member of the Next Level is appointed to ABIDE AND DELIVER the CALL as a delivery of information in thoughts/words/deeds (what this messenger crew member SAYS/DOES) geared to be a call to AWAKEN/Rise, rouse from sleep, to MEASURE the student body (Temple of God). A temple is nothing without those who are serving (worshipping) the Lord in it. There is no temple on the Next Level’s “heaven” (spacecraft/abode/base).

TI and DO said that it was as if the students, who they explained later were outside the human vehicles that were prepared for their entry, were delivering “smelling salts” to awaken the vehicle they had help to choose. This was no different than when Jesus approached certain ones and said, “follow me” and they did. Perhaps to some he said more than that but it could be that he didn’t say much more at first. I can relate to feeling compelled, even when I just read the poster advertising the meetings in 1975-6 which was boldly headlined with the abbreviation: UFO’s

Then some questions were asked surrounding why the UFO’s were here, who they have come for and when they will leave – stating that the meeting was not a discussion of UFO sightings or phenomena.

The poster text went on to describe that there were “Two individuals” saying they were going to leave the human kingdom level to physically enter the “Next Evolutionary Level” via a spacecraft and that this would take place within months!

It said that “The Two” will talk about how the transition to the Next Level from the human kingdom level could be accomplished and the time frame.

It went on to say that they were not a religious or philosophical organization and were not recruiting for one but it indicated that many people have decided to devote all their energy to the “transitional process,” so suggested attending the meeting if these ideas about a real physical level beyond Earth’s confines had somehow crossed your mind.

That was the gist of the poster used in 1975-6.

By the way, we never were philosophical. About the closest we got to philosophy was taking about various meanings to things we saw in movies or television shows like the Sound of Music and Star Trek and Man Facing Southeast and Questor, and “My Name is Nobody” – all movies provided us to watch by TI and DO.

TI and DO actually didn’t approve of the use of the term “UFO” and I can’t say it did that much for me, except add intrigue. But I recall reading at least twice the part about a “physical level beyond the Earth’s confines” and recall saying to my “wife” at the time, “I am going to that meeting” and then thinking to myself, “I wonder what these two will look like?” I knew next to nothing about aliens or UFO’s, but somehow it didn’t seem far fetched. That is only because my vehicle was prepared and the returning Soul who had already conquered aspects of their humanness and had even come from a spacecraft under the administration of a Next Level Older Member was invisibly standing literally right next to me and was someone who’s thoughts had been with me, my vehicle for years so it was completely natural to be interested enough to be at that meeting. The meeting itself simply solidified my attraction. Another aspect of the poster that meant something to me was that it required the devotion of one’s “total energy.” I didn’t know what that meant. It just stood out as something I was drawn to. Then at the meeting when Do at one point talked about having to leave all behind to join with them, it seemed completely natural to do so. It was as if I was expecting it, yet can’t recall ever thinking that way before nor did I recall reading the parts about how Jesus disciples left all behind to join with him. I was familiar with much of what was said about Jesus from the gospels but only because of my own impetus and the movies I’d seen as a kid. My response to the movies about Moses and Jesus were that I wanted to be like them. However, part of that feeling was a mix between my ego (the voice of my vehicle and it’s discarnates) and what was in my subconscious mind that was influenced by that returning Student Soul who had been preparing my vehicle for just this task.

I, just like my fellow classmates were LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MORE, as perhaps most who read this must be or you would have put it down long before this paragraph. When we are prepared, we don’t know what we are looking for. That’s what enables us to SEE, not having already decided what we wanted, what we were interested in, what our future might look like. It was the Next Level returnees that just so happened to pick my vehicle to tag that primed me to be driven to searching for something that was not going to be found through any “normal” channels. It’s the same motion that drives people to migrate, of course often assisted by trauma of war or persecution or lack of opportunity and/or freedoms or to get away from family that often tend to want to hold people down to their ideas and traditions and responsibilities or just the desire to have something more than they have. I believe the Next Level is continuously tracking and preparing parts of human genetic strains for just these kinds of opportunities to become a student to an incarnate Older Member from the Next Level. All who begin that relationship with Do now, even after he has exited, simply by privately seeking that relationship with our mind and words will be given the same kinds of preparation that will help them be with the next incarnate Older Member that at this point seems might be on the docket as early as 1000 or so human years from now, according to these prophecies.

All these are part of the preparation of parts of the human gnome at times that includes the drive to new understandings in any/all fields, but that prime someone to jump on opportunity when they hear/feel that call.

For at least those who would become the vehicles for the first fruit graduate students, the biggest prep began in earnest in the 1960’s – 1970’s which is apparent by the huge amount of birthing of what has become called the New Age movement. This is not saying those movements born in the 60’s were Kingdom of God/Heaven movements. They were stimulated by the “light” brought by the Kingdom of God/Heaven Older Members and their Crew’s literal close (on Earth) proximity. Their arrival included the provision of the Luciferian Space Aliens who would also respond to that “light” according to what they had become. This is the way the “light” affects all beings. It stimulates them to seek out what they want like a moth to the flame, except it’s the Spirit/Soul the Next Level is interested in harvesting so in the case of humans what they seek from that “light” becomes the deciding point of what’s done with the resulting Spirit/Soul. The Luciferians thereby work on finding humans that can draw a great deal of attention that can become advantageous to their agendas. One of their huge agendas takes shape in the creation of what will a facsimile of the Next Level’s reality in movements, organizations, religious and spiritual culture and of course cults where distortions of ideas about what God is and/or isn’t stimulate all sorts of “false gods” and “false prophets” in an attempt to, as Jesus said, (paraphrased), “show signs and wonders to even trick the elect,” primarily those vehicles tagged by the Next Level to be potential recipients of that “light.”

For those that have been responding to TI and DO’s information since their exit in 1997, I don’t know when their vehicles were prepared but from what some new believers have told me, it was in their youth when the Hale Bopp Comet came close which is when the class exited, but would venture to say many may have been planted by the second series of public meetings around the U.S. and the various other of the Seven Thunders in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, New Zealand but really not ruling out anyplace on the globe that has access to the news and/or the internet during the 1990’s, though not discounting that seeding was happening continuously throughout the entire time of TI and DO’s incarnation and awakening and to date.

John is being shown the process of being assigned a human vehicle to use as an instrument to awaken with the task of describing (saying) the literal measurement of the geographical area that was to become the temple and altar that is set up for those (returning student souls) that will be providing service (worship) to the Next Level, through their coming incarnate Older Member.

This is preparing for the time of the fulfillment of prophecy of a “resurrection of the dead” in that Jesus spoke about how both the just and unjust would be resurrected (stand up again), some who would rise to life and some to rise to death because it was judgment time. To rise to life doesn’t automatically mean, for those who qualify that it’s set in stone, so to speak. It is simply not set in stone that a Soul or Spirit will be recycled thus will have a future opportunity to continue on to graduation that will then mean indefinite continued LIFE. LIFE is NOT a condition of a discarnate on the human level as some human spiritualists have come to believe and count on.

If only “temple” was included in the verse it would be more likely to think the primary object of the measurement was the actual humans who were to become the vehicles for the returning students. But Altar was included and an altar has never been shown to represent people except as the location where some “give their lives.” The crashing of spacecrafts that resulted in the death of a number of vehicles that were non-human is certainly their sacrifice. Even though these know they are not their physical bodies, they still don’t relish the idea of putting themselves, with their vehicle through the willingness to take on that mission. The altar would also be the area where the classroom gave their lives to exit and complete their task through.

Worship is really only one thing…”service” to the Kingdom of God/Heaven through the incarnate Older Member. It’s described as prostrating oneself, because that service always entails sacrifice of one’s mental and physical humanness. This is why when the real genuine Older Members come and “blow their horn,” those that hear it and see it, are required to leave all behind to join with them which is tantamount to the second stage (trimester) of giving One’s life. Do always said that a more accurate way of defining “worship” is to “work for.” We are not worshiping the Lord if we are not working for the Lord. And we are not working for the Lord unless we are doing exactly everything they gave us to do. Humans become misdirected by the Luciferians into coming up with all sorts of things they think are working for the Lord. Most anything can be linked to working for the Lord when one thinks they are connected to the Lord’s pipeline as many Christian leaders are convinced they are, while often giving the impression that they are remaining humble about it. It’s very easy to get puffed up in thinking we are working for the Lord and especially so when we have “followers.” That’s why Lucifer tries to influence humans to build a following. When that individual has become built up before his congregation, Luciferians come in and tempt him in various ways that will cause them to “fall” from the standard they once held themselves up as an example of. Many followers can lose faith in God because they have associated their faith in God with faith in this or that leader of their group. No one needs to be a leader. TI and DO are the leaders and they can hear our “prayers.”

Rev 11:2 But ((2532 kai= AND, but, also, so then, that, then, yet)) (the) COURT ((833 aule= a yard (as open to the wind/air))) which (is) ((3588 ho= the, this, that, one, he, she, it, etc.)) without ((1855 exothen= external, out(-side, -ward), (from) without)) (the) temple leave ((1544 ekballo= eject, bring forth, cast (forth, out), drive (out), expel, leave, pluck (pull, take, thrust) out, send away)), out ((1854 exo= away, strange, out(-side, of doors))) and measure ((3354 metreo= to measure (metre) (literally or as a figure); by implication a limited portion(degree), ascertain in size by a fixed standard, mete)) it ((846 autos= there, those, together)) not; for ((3754 hoti= because, as concerning)) (it is) given ((1325 didomi= adventure, offered task, ministry, shown)) (unto the) Gentiles ((1484 ethnos= race (as of same habit), tribe; specially, a foreign (non-Jewish= not an overcomer) people)): and (the) HOLY ((40 hagios= to hallow belonged – consecrated to the covenant of becoming pure, physically sacred, morally blameless, a saint, clean, innocent, modest, perfect, chaste, cherished)) city ((4172 polis= town with walls)) (shall they tread under) foot ((3961 pateo= path, tread (down, under foot), from a derivative probably of 3817 paio= to hit, strike, smite)) forty (and) two months ((3376 and/or 3375 and/or 3303 men= assuredly, surely, truly, indicative of affirmation or concession (in fact, confirmed))).

The COURT has no walls so is not as protected an environment as the Temple grounds with walls (barriers/gateways however undetectable to humans and instrumentation, similar to the overall Earth’s “spirit world” (electromagnetic field, frequency platform, perhaps not far different from a computer operating system platform/structure, where physical creatures as humans are the hardware/firmware part that the software (mind/spirits) run against and can not run without)).

By in large, this “court” is still a defined area or there would be no reason for the separate designation, which comes from the organized areas in the Jehovah/Moses and crew encampments. As it says in this verse, the court is left out, but that is relative to the first fruit harvest. I believe the Court is by in large east of the Mississippi river and may include satellite areas virtually anywhere in the world. The court area is mostly populated by human beings who were not ready for the lesson plan those among the first fruit were ready for. However, they do get their chance as do all, no matter where they are in the world.

Prophecy is mostly about the Souls who are given tasks from their Older Members and the humans they are to form Kingdom of God styled relationships with (like a rider to their horse) that provides the best “match” of Soul to body so that the human vehicle is by it’s specific characteristics providing the returning Soul with what TI and DO called a “match” of the characteristics they still need to overcome/conquer.

So these two areas, Court and Temple are not to be part of the same designations…”measure it not” or “mete these two area’s differently,” which says enough, but then there is that “leave out” part, that doesn’t make sense that the Kingdom of God/Heaven would need to say, as it could look like it’s repeat that these two areas are to be kept away from one another. But what this “leave out” part may very well be saying is better translated to “eject or cast, drive, or pluck out” which may look like it’s a negative, but to where something negative is used to help provide some humans the impetus to look for something more. This could come in the form of feeling compelled to go somewhere else for fun or for a career search or to escape something about where they are. During the Gold Rush of 1849, The first great wave of migration, beginning in 1848, brought at least 85,000 prospectors by 1850 seeking their fortunes mining gold. It was the largest migration in United States history. That was also the time of a significant UFO sighting flap in the same area.

This HOLY is referring to those Souls who have been adopted by the Older Members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, who had been nurtured from whenever they as seeds were planted into human vehicles to begin to grow to their graduation from the human kingdom. In times past they have “washed their robes,” “cleaned out their house,” become pure and are returning as the student crew to take new human vehicles selected for them to provide service to the returning Older Member’s Two Witnesses task that will also bring them to their harvest ability into “adult” membership in the Kingdom of God/Heaven, no longer a “child of God,” but then a “younger member” of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, that each of which according to Jesus is “greater” than even the greatest human.

A city is never holy in and of itself. It is just an area that’s enclosed with walls or calculated borders where dwellings for people are provided. If the people in it are “holy” (pure) then the city is a pure “Holy” place. That which is “holy” (pure) has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY, except to the degree each member of any group adheres as best they can to the teachings, in this case of Jesus and in the way they provide those teachings to others.

Thus in this context, the ones spoken of as the Saints are the “holy” ones. They are the same Souls that were Jesus’ dedicated student workers 2000 years ago who gave their will and physical life styles, relationships and even their physical body’s well being and life To/FOR Him that included working for Him in the delivery of the information His “Father,” as He said, gave Him to share, suffering the consequences of a religious and secular public that didn’t understand or like much of what he said and had all sorts of reasons to want to be rid of. The religious organizations now identified as Christian are not representations of the Kingdom of God/Heaven and none of those they designate as saints are saints despite their good works to fellow humans. If the Kingdom of God/Heaven sees any of them as a “saint” that’s Their business and they make those determinations on each of us according to what we think, say and do in our lives in relationship to Them, which for those who have been exposed to the last incarnate Older Member have a higher bar to measure up to. Like Jesus said, to those that much is given, much is required. That’s why not paying much attention to what TI and DO actually said does not bode well for those that consider themselves a Christian and Jesus believer.


Now “city” in the context of Revelations and especially when it’s referred to with/as “holy” means the occupants are members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, which includes those that are student members (sons of God), by student inferring that they haven’t actually been graduated from the Human biological kingdom of life, to the receipt of a physical vehicle that can no longer “fall from grace” as the Luciferian Fallen Angel space aliens did that found them in “prison” inside and around the Earth. Those Luciferians were once “student members” (sons of God) though because of rebelling have lost their former opportunity.


Thus this HOLY CITY has it’s own physicality as a spacecraft, though to humans and/or human equivalent space aliens is cloaked (covered/clouded) and is what I am correlating to a specific geographical location on Earth, where it is literally docked for the END TIME/AGE task operations. The actual ground of the earth is to this Holy City, like the first level of this skyscraper like craft. The second story of this craft could be thought of as earth’s atmosphere that is also where discarnate spirits exist, though Do said has “gates and buckets” that spirits can be sorted into, with some potentially “saved” for a future opportunity to develop further.

Actually in three depictions we can see the physicality of this city:

(1) Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the NAME OF THE CITY OF MY GOD, WHICH IS NEW JERUSALEM, which cometh down out of heaven from my god: and I will write upon him my new name.


This is described as “coming down out of the sky/heaven.” And it has a NAME as does the New Jesus and the New Father. A city is basically defined as a “walled enclosure.” In Greek, it’s “polis” as in the English “metro-polis.”

Here’s the second verse that equates the “city” with the name of the Human city spoken of as Jerusalem, again coming “down from God out of heaven/sky.”

(2) Rev 21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Furthermore, in Rev 21:3 we see a further depiction that equates this “object” with a tent as a structure to inhabit:

Rev 21:3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle ((4633 skene= HABITATION, with Moses a TENT)) of God is with men ((444 anthropos= man-faced, human beings)), and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

It’s saying this HABITATION is with humans (men), dwelling with them and these who are present at this time in that area will dwell with the one(s) who the term God is representing in this verse, the Older Members, the Two Witnesses and their crew of graduates who in this context return with their new physical vehicles.

Then a clincher is how the Kingdom of God went through such pains to describe this city in so many physical terms and it in such great detail:

(3) Rev 21:10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,

Now here we see Their use of comparisons…”her light was LIKE to a stone…”:

Rev 21:11 Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;

In Rev 21:12-17 details the structures literal measurements not far different from the way Moses was given exact measurements to build their temple and altar and court and the chambers inside the tent that Jehovah used (called the Holy of Holys):

Rev 21:16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.
Rev 21:17 And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

Next this spacecraft “holy city”‘s composition is described in Rev 21:18-21 showing how it’s constructed of gem stones, and metals that are of the highest quality elements for use in certain types of building. Gold, AU on the periodic table has an atomic weight of 1, like no other element. Actually it is a fact that pure gold is transparent like glass.

The calculated size of this New Jerusalem (Holy City) is described as a square approximately 1378-1420 miles in all it’s measurements – height, width and depth (the calculation is shown below), like the size of the planet Pluto, or like a surface area on earth from the Mississippi river to the Pacific Ocean and from the Gulf of Mexico to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and then 1378-1420 miles into the Earth’s upper atmosphere which would be slightly further away than the most distant satellites which are located at a minimum of 200 miles and a maximum of 1240 miles from the Earth. Interestingly the difference would be about 124 miles between what space scientists have determined a satellite could still hold an orbit and the outside edge of the New Jerusalem as if the Next Level wanted to stay just outside that realm.

It’s also interesting that the definition of Jerusalem is often related to being a “dual” or Two mountains or might be construed as Two Teachers as in Two Witnesses or pertaining to Two People in Two areas of the world – initially the Tribes of Israeli “overcomers” who became the Jesus disciples and then the “new nation” – combined “Folds” in the returning Souls in the USA.

Jerusalem = Greek 2419 Hierousalem hee-er-oo-sal-ame’ of Hebrew origin (Yruwshalaim 3389); Hierusalem (i.e. Jerushalem), the capitol of Palestine= Jerusalem.

3389 Hebrew Yruwshalaim yer-oo-shaw-lah’-im occasionally Yruwshalayim {yer-oo- shaw-lah’-yim}; a dual (in allusion to its two main hills (the true pointing, at least of the former reading, seems to be that of ‘Yruwshalem’ (3390))); most likely from ‘yarah’ (3384) and ‘shalam’ (7999); founded peaceful; Jerushalaim or Jerushalem, the capital city of Palestine=  Jerusalem

3384 yarah yaw-raw’ or (2 Chr. 26:15) yara; {yaw-raw’}; a ancient root; formally, to flow as water (i.e. to rain); as a transitive, to lay or throw (especially an arrow, i.e. to shoot); as a figure, to point out (as if by aiming the finger), to teach= (+) archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct, lay, shew, shoot, teach(-er,-ing), through.

7999 shalam shaw-lam’ a ancient root; to be safe (in mind, body or estate); as a figure, to be (causative, make) completed; by implication, to be friendly; by extension, to reciprocate (in various applications)= make amends, (make an) end, finish, full, give again, make good, (re-)pay (again), (make) (to) (be at) peace(-able), that is perfect, perform, (make) prosper(-ous), recompense, render, requite, make restitution, restore, reward, X surely.

Then regarding it’s physicality, again, after describing it’s foundations and wall and gate makeup and comparing it to a tabernacle, dwelling place for the Lords and all the Saints, complete with the measurement of it’s size the prophecies then point out it’s environment and what it does not contain:

Rev 21:22 And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.

Thus these Two are the “Temple mountains” and relative to this return another evidence that the Two Witnesses are the Father and Son (Jesus) returned incarnate together in the new names of Bo and Peep and finally TI and DO. (TI was Peep).

Rev 21:23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

And those who are “saved” from “hell” (lake of fire) walk in it’s light:

Rev 21:24 And the nations ((1484 ethnos= people)) (of them which are) saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.

The Kings of the Earth would be those who overcame their humanness and received a crown in the form of a new clean pure (white) robe (celestial model body) as in Rev 7, the first fruits harvested while those saved are those that have yet to overcome so are to be kept, some of which might also receive a body, if they served as Oil – shedding light to others and lost their vehicle’s life in doing so also depicted in Rev 7 as the fellow servants.

Rev 21:25 And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.
Rev 21:26 And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.

However, establishing the HOLY City New Jerusalem’s physicality, however cloaked doesn’t demonstrate just how accessible it may very well be to students. This next verse addresses this in general terms:

Rev 21:27 And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Since these first two verses are describing the layout of the geography for the temple, altar and court, when speaking of serving (worship) in the temple only it has to be referring to the presence of the student crew. Further, the gentiles in the court are left out so they are not who will be treading or making path to the holy city at that time. Gentiles can’t make path to the holy city anyway as a gentile is referring to someone who isn’t given the recognition of the reality to the Kingdom of God and it’s incarnate representatives when they come public, so don’t believe in the real Kingdom of God/Heaven.

It is obvious that there are gentiles throughout all these geographic areas so why mention them except to show the temple area will have the focus of those who are ON PATH and even literally under the Holy City that as shown is docked on/above them.

For those that think this is really far fetched to consider there to be a huge type of spacecraft docked over a large portion of any geography, that is physical to the touch, that is if the Next Level allowed their craft to be touched or seen for that matter, is a difficult step to consider. One doesn’t have to understand the mechanics of it to believe it possible. After all TI and DO said there could be people and things on another planet that are invisible to human detection. Jesus when he rose from the dead, was seen on several occasions in a room that he wasn’t seen as entering and at one point vanished from before their eyes. And that was around the time he also walked on water and exited by his physical body being lifted up into the craft inside the cloud cover, having proven by many ways that he was still a physical being. Thus how can we believe all that and not consider that the Next Level can use that kind of technology on a larger scale?

This part having to do with the Saints treading the path to the Holy City is also consistent with the translation of pateo to it’s derivative paio meaning to, strike, smite or hit, in the affect Their Older Members information, that they will disseminate primarily in the temple areas will have on the general populous and in particular the lower forces who seek to keep as much of the populous asleep as they can. It is they who are smited by the arrival of the Older Members and their Student Crew members of the Next Level incarnate, but of course they are operating through all the bestial humans, largely those who are completely loyal to the mindset of the societal institutions large and small, private and public, religious and secular.

Even though “foot” seems to be a definition by association with “tread,” as in “tread under foot,” which is the way it is used in the depiction of the believers that become subject to the “winepress” in:

Rev 14:20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

Here it is used to illustrate how these new believers would be among the grapes being tread upon, that becomes their harvest exit from their physical vehicles. Simultaneously understood, these who are on path to the Holy City, formally the saints will be on “foot” which would mean “incarnate” as the only way a Soul can be on foot in a human way, the same as their incarnate Older Members, must be to have literal feet, the same as all the humans have. This winepress treading takes place after the first fruit harvest of souls. Saying this takes place “without” the city is also equivalent to saying it takes place outside the city and city in this context is the geographical area on or above the ground and/or sea where that holy city is docked but court side, though court also would imply the grade level of the populous that has largely not gravitated to the temple part of the geography.

Again, in accordance with the manner in which each verse of these prophecies provide any number of fulfillments in the translation of terms, since “pateo” is as a “path” to “hit upon” for these purifying saints in the geography of the foundational “temple” part of the walled/gated dwelling (city) that has membership from the Kingdom of God/Heaven within, “hit upon” can also be a reference to the way in which they come to be on foot as if by a “single blow” or smite or strike which just might be reflecting the crashes of spacecrafts for their atonement styled (flesh sacrifice) arrival.

re: FORTY (AND) TWO MONTHS: This seems to be both referring to the number of first fruit student affirmants of their covenant and to the time period of the initial prophecy period of 1260 days by their Older Members as the Two Witnesses.

These students are treading the path by foot and of course it’s in the area as their Older Members who publicity begin to disclose their testimony for the purpose of gathering that student body together to form the “overcoming classroom” that entails their all taking their “final exam.”

This usage of the term “months” remained a mystery to my work to re-translate and re-interpret much of Jesus prophecy, until I noticed that there were several listings for the Greek word, “men” pronounced “mane.” 3376 simply says it is a primary word; a month. Presumably this is month as in the 12 months of the year as the translators agree. However, as also discovered there was yet a second listing that is exactly the same as 3376 in every way except for the definition which is stated as “assuredly, surely, truly, indicative of affirmation or concession (in fact, confirmed.” This puts an entirely new light on the potential translation. It then appears to DESCRIBE those who were just listed as “holy” (the saints) – showing that these are “sure, true, affirmative” in their commitment to their Older Members. This definition is further developed in yet the third listing of “men” at 3303, though pronounced “men” rather than “mane” and different in the way the Greek word is written suggesting it as a stronger form of 3375’s “men.”

With this translation the number “forty and two” would be describing how many “holy” are following these TWO Witnesses in THE TREK(TREAD) ON THE (FOOT)PATH TO THEIR CITY, being the entire purpose for these “Holy” is to be “harvested,” born into membership in the Father and Son’s Family who are the commanders of the HOLY CITY.

But this “month” may actually ALSO be meant as a time frame in which the “HOLY” will be engaging in this trekking around and in the vicinity of and on their way to the NEW JERUSALEM CITY and could actually mean both that there are 42 Saints who have affirmed their commitment and are trekking around the area of the Holy City for 42 months as if to suggest they are doing so for the same amount of time as the Two Witnesses are giving their prophecy. But why then was it expressed as 42 months for the saints(holy) while for the Two Witnesses expressed as 1260 days, unless they had more to say in regards to the Saints in respect to timing and the number of saints, and their status as affirmed for the first fruit classroom about to begin with the arrival of their Two Older Member Teachers, while also stating their physical proximity to them (the holy city).

Here is the only other usage of the phrase “forty (and) two months,” which may in fact be a time period and may also be applied to a testing period of these 42 “affirmed holy students,” as the word “power” here has to do with giving them the choice, the liberty to do as they please to provide what these 42 need to purge from their beings, thus to overcome:

Rev 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

The Court is the geographical area immediately outside the Temple and Altar’s geographical areas, populated mainly by those who did not physically gravitate to the introductory new understandings and beliefs one will find more common in the Temple/Altar geographical areas. The basis for this is in the idea that the physical presence of the Older Member(s) MIND is a literal beacon of light and potential understanding that attracts. The many recipients that are “called” by that greater presence of “light” don’t know why, except to have the drive to travel in mind and/or in body into geographical areas and/or areas of thought that can find them in a closer proximity to the Older Members and their thinking when they make their physical presence and new information known to the public.

Considering the Temple is described as being some 1378-1420 miles square:

Rev 21:16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs ((4712 stadion= a distance of 606.6 feet (though in Roman system said to be equivalent, comes out to be 625 feet, turned into miles for current U.S. reference is a range of 1378-1420 miles for each side)). The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

So 1378-1420 miles long, wide and high would extends a great way into space and could make for a localized “heavenly” base, parts of which could seem to be called “Paradise” or “Abraham’s bosom” or “Purgatory” because it is a temporary holding area for spirits/souls who are in transition to potential membership in the Kingdom of God/Heaven, pending future opportunities to conquer a human vehicle, to take it over, through the application of the stepwise instructions from the incarnate Older Member Representative(s) to overcome it’s humanness to advance into membership in the Evolutionary (non-Darwinian) Level Above Human aka the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven (literal heavens with the highest heaven among the stars of deep outer space).

This Heaven is therefore a staging area for operations in and around the planet as opposed to the more distant locations of members of the Kingdom of God/heaven in laboratories as big and as disguised as a planet, populated by only those who graduated into that higher, but still physical realm of existence.


(For an analysis of Rev 11:3-6 with certain additional details covered see section II.A.6.)

Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto my TWO WITNESSES ((3144 martus= of uncertain affinity; a witness (literally (judicially) or as a figure (genitive case)); by analogy, a “martyr”=  martyr, record, witness)), and they shall PROPHESY ((4395 propheteuo= speak, teach, refute, reprove [bring updates about], admonish, comfort others by divine inspirations)) a THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND THREESCORE DAYS, CLOTHED IN SACKCLOTH.


Note the Greek word translated to WITNESSES, “martus” is related to the word “martyr.” Yes their task involved GIVING THEIR LIVES just as Jesus taught he had to do and his disciples needed to demonstrate the willingness of, as a big part of the overcoming of humanness process needed to graduate to become a member in the Evolutionary Level Above Human, where Jesus and His Father are from in their Kingdom in the literal heavens.

However, TI and DO always said that theirs was “NOT a Martyr trip” as the term “martyr” was twisted into being like a magic pill some were conned into taking, thinking they were pleasing God or ascending to a heaven because of, when most often it became a way of elevating self to a perceived, however subconscious hero status that escaped doing the real work of overcoming the human world. The overcoming process does mean one will grow to give our all, to even include one’s physical life WHEN one’s incarnate Older Member strongly indicates it’s timely to instigate or let happen. Note how Jesus was visited by Two Beings he talked to while his Father audibly spoke from the cloud on the mountain where he brought with him THREE STUDENTS to WITNESS, where he was informed it was the time for him to lay down his life and of the location where that was to occur:

Luk 9:28 And it came to pass about an eight days after these sayings, he took Peter and John and James, and went up into a mountain to pray.
Luk 9:29 And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.
Luk 9:30 And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias:
Luk 9:31 Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.

Also note that in Jesus and Moses teachings and most everywhere in the records where there is some physical interface with Members of the Next Level among humans there are TWO OR THREE present or incarnate Members serving as one another’s witnesses and partners. This example was built into the teachings provided all along:

– Moses classroom commandment re: Two or Three Witnesses for a Judgment:

Jehovah through Moses gave the law describing the need for two or three witnesses before someone could be determined guilty of an offense and especially if the offense called for being put to death. (The death penalty seems to have been one of the many behaviors Jehovah and Moses compromised because of the stiff necked people, as Do spoke about in the Beyond Human video series). TI and DO also indicated that for people to put a priority on some of those rules when they believe in Jesus who updated many by teachings and by example, is like insisting on remaining at best toddlers in their adoption of Kingdom of God behavior and ways, instead of becoming an adult. For example, TI and DO taught that adultery meant not becoming an adult. But in terms of having “witnesses” the instructions Moses gave were continued by Jesus:

Deu 17:6 At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness he shall not be put to death.
Deu 19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.

– Jesus refers to the same law re: Two or Three Witnesses:

Mat 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
Mat 18:16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.
Mat 18:17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.
Mat 18:18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Mat 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

– Jesus considered HIMSELF AND HIS FATHER Two Witnesses to qualify as a true testimony – yet another big clue that shows who the Rev 11 Two Witnesses are:

Joh 8:17 It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.
Joh 8:18 I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.

Do (who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus) didn’t tell (witness to) the student body he was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus.” Neither TI or Do talked about “who they were” in the records during the first 12 years (1975-1987) when I sat in front of them in some two hundred private meetings. They may have talked about it some with those students they gathered before I joined but even that is unlikely given the way they always talked and wrote about Jesus as another person, saying they weren’t Jesus because Jesus was the name of the vehicle an Older Member used to perform his task through.

However, at some point between July of 1974 and January of 1976 when TI and DO entered into providing their teachings to Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger through two in person interviews they gave them that was recorded in the book they published in June 1976 named, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” what was included in the back of the book was an article TI and DO wrote entitled, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time” where it describes as stages of Next Level closeness that entailed the start of the civilizational experiment as Adam. Adam succumbed to the discarnates from the previous civilization but recovered and changed over his body in the name of Enoch and was taken with his full body and mind. Then that same individual returned to incarnate as Moses, then Elijah and Jesus for the 5th closeness and Do with TI for the 6th closeness. I don’t know who was the primary writer of this document but they were both receiving “impressions” at the same time that they would only recognize were the same when they began to talk about what they were thinking about. In this way they were “check partners” and thus witnesses for one another.

It was 1987, two years after TI left her vehicle, when Do told the 30 or so remaining classroom members we needed to “be who we are.” The way that first became manifest in how I observed was in our modus operandi regarding dealing with humans and mostly realtors. Instead of hiding that we were a group, which always took some doing, we presented ourselves as a monastery. I recall when Lggody and I were partners and were assigned the task to build stands for our two 8 foot diameter satellite dishes, so we could take them with us when we moved or traveled, Lggody figured out the building plan, buying of channel iron and such. I was in a secondary task partner role so he could run things buy me which was our way. When we went to buy the materials we presented ourselves as brother Logan and brother Sawyer. This also began Do thinking about whether we would make a new public offering of our information. It would be nearly 7 years later in 1994 when we had sold everything for perhaps the 3rd time to change our modus operandi, like from living in houses to living in tents and living in tents to trailers and trailers back to houses and to trailers inside of warehouses to outfitting ourselves with vans and traveled around the U.S. and Canada giving meetings. We ran out of money a couple months into the excursion of 4 groups and decided to continue by seeking help along the way from anyone that might give us help with food, gas and some lodging. The posters we made to advertise the meetings got bolder and bolder about who we represented.

(I don’t recall which ones of these posters I worked on. I, with my partner were a group’s “Overseers” and we had a Compaq portable computer and a tiny printer with us and I primarily worked on the posters for my group because I was an experienced computer user and had been engaged in writing projects as we see published in Their Book. There are a number of photographs of me speaking at meetings during that time. I am noting this to prove that I am an eye witness stating my testimony.)

Some of the titles read:

– THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS CORRUPT WORLD (If you don’t want out of the human kingdom, you don’t want into the Kingdom of Heaven. You can’t have both.) THE SAME CREW THAT WAS HERE 2000 YEARS AGO WILL SPEAK ON:

– CREW FROM THE EVOLUTIONARY LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN OFFERS – LAST CHANCE TO ADVANCE BEYOND HUMAN (If you don’t want out of the human kingdom, you don’t want into the Kingdom Level Above Human.)




– The End of the Age Is Here – and as Was Promised – HE’S BACK, The One “the World” Hated and Killed Before! WE’RE BACK, His “Adopted” Who Were Treated the Same! WHERE WILL YOU STAND? The “Blasphemy’s” the Same – the Test Is the Same for All of Us – “Leave All Behind” and Go with Them – or Take Your Chances.

– Some desire to advance beyond racial consciousness, Some beyond gender and sexual consciousness, Some beyond religious consciousness, Some Desire to Advance Even BEYOND all HUMAN behavior for the sake of the Evolutionary Level Above Human – “the Kingdom of God.”

This next one was used around August 18, 1994 for the last meetings in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas (My group put on a meeting using this poster title as Do instructed near Portsmouth, New Hampshire that there is a photograph of):


Note in this title it’s stated that one must be “willing to lose everything of this world” as opposed to saying they must lose everything of this world immediately which corresponds to a number of things said by Do and Crew thereafter to indicate even those who are not ready to leave all behind, if they are willing to leave all behind could still qualify. However, prophecy indicates that the Next Level has ways to compel us to leave all not that anyone couldn’t choose to do so at any time as coming to that degree of awakening is according to each individual that none of us have the judgment to decide for another. But as Jesus said there would come a time when each of us will hear that “trumpet call” and according to Jesus should prepare ourselves for that notification which would involve trying to put our ducks in a row, so to speak so not to leave a mess behind when we leave. That can mean arranging for the care of those we have been taking care of and/or arranging for certain possessions to be in another’s hands legal by the human laws that is which is some of what we told new members who joined us in 1975 and 1994.

Do said, TI never told him she was his Older Member (heavenly Father incarnate). Do came to know it during the 9 months or so time period they were both awakening to the full nature of their task – making sense of the way they were both independently recognizing and adjusting to the same thoughts about the reality of the Next Level. Do told us TI was his Older Member and that it took him a while to recognize it. Thus TI became the witness to who Do was and Do became the witness to who TI was. Both TI and DO both became witnesses to who the students were and to the Next Level’s reality and their joint task to serve and be in their descriptions “links, pipes, midwives” for the students graduation from the human kingdom.

Again, the Father is indicated as the other “witness” with Jesus:

Joh 5:37 And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape ((1491 eidos {i’-dos} from 1492 noun translated as= the external or outward appearance, form figure, shape, form, kind)).

Here’s what Do says in video series, “Beyond Human, The Last Call – Session 12” about TI’s coming with him for the task:

“Listen, as we described to you before, I and this class had the unique, unbelievable privilege of even having my Father accompany me in the early stages of this classroom – awaken me and help me through the rough spots because of what the world had become at this time. Now, maybe it’s because I needed that help. Maybe Jesus didn’t need that help 2000 years ago. Maybe the world wasn’t that complicated at that time. I don’t know the reasons. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I suspect that Jesus had even a physical relationship with His Father during the time that He was there that didn’t reach the history books, that didn’t reach the scriptures. But I was still so lucky and so privileged to have my Father come and awaken me, set this thing up, get it going. You know, I don’t know that you can relate to this at all, you probably can’t. It just means so much to me. But I can remember in the first few weeks that I met TI, that TI said, “Why do I feel that this is something that I’m to give to you, and then I’m to go back”? And I didn’t know what she was talking about. But I know now, and I’m even thankful that it was designed that way. Because I am the beneficiary, even of that difficulty. We’re all beneficiaries of difficulties. If our desire is to get closer, what’s the formula? A difficulty comes our way – a hurdle – a means of getting rid of misinformation or getting rid of things that are still human ways of thinking, and we can overcome that and move forward.”

Considering how Two or Three were required for a judgment against someone who had broken laws of God, and considering that current time period shows all the signs of being the forecast judgment time, one can begin to see that these Two Witnesses, TI and DO and Crew as said have given their testimony. They are both “anointed” thus “Christs” who are giving their lives on account of their testimony and how we each respond to them pro or con will be how we are JUDGED to be brought to Life or rendered to the death of our spirit and/or Soul in the Lake of Fire.

– In his “name” wasn’t only in that literally in that name “Jesus” because over time that name became corrupted to represent things that Jesus did not teach. So what “Name” meant the most, which applied to those that literally heard his original teachings first hand or second hand was all that he literally said and did – what he was teaching and being the instrument of demonstrating of those teachings. When we “stand” for that “name” we are standing up for the way, they truth and the life eternal that comes when we stay the course. Then upon his return in a new human vehicle (Do) when he speaks one will see those same teachings and they would not have become a foreign “false Jesus,” aka “false Christ.”

In TI and DO’s classroom we did most everything in two’s called “partnerships,” or threes if the numbers worked out that way and in “crews.”

– PROPHESY required talking to people face to face and all the other ways people communicate through media and how this is a huge proof that these two come incarnate, rather than thinking this will be done from a cloud as one can understand as a remote possibility because of the way Jesus and Moses as students heard talk from the sky at times but only when Jesus or Moses was present incarnate. In those cases it was also explained by Jesus and Moses the voice/words were for their sakes. It was part of the plan to prepare the student body for the real physical nature of the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

– 1260 DAYS; was accomplished by several ways of looking at the dates but the most straight forward range goes from a starting range of October of 1972 to January 1, 1973, when TI and DO using their many names that settled on Bo and Peep at that time to the ending point range anywhere from April 21, 1976, when TI (Peep) called the “harvest closed” to mid June of 1976 when the remaining meeting schedule was finished that then became the start of the next 1260 days from Rev 12 for the “wilderness” time living outdoors where the overcoming of humanness “PROCESS” began in earnest and students that had been gathered during that 9 months previous were filtered out of the group by TI and DO since many didn’t really understand what they were involved with and were not showing the start of a 100% commitment to all they were leading them into.

– CLOTHED IN SACKCLOTH = They take human vehicles that are to them “clothing” that are from among he commoners, thus not from any of the royal families so to speak. And they wear ordinary clothing verses putting on robes to make airs of whom they are. Sackcloth was a burlap beans were bagged in that after use were given to the poor.

To show proof of TI and DO’s clothing being ordinary and not such that would depict a highly religious or spiritual person, as wearing a robe would do, nor the kind of attire someone who was trying to impress another would wear as in those running for political office do or those who are making presentations to sell things to others do, according to New York Times Magazine Section article: “Looking for: The Next World” By JAMES S. PHELAN, Feb. 29, 1976, they (Bo and Peep) wore slacks and windbreakers that can be seen in pictures taken of them over those years. Sawyer also testifies of their appearance throughout the September of 1975 – April of 1976 public prophecy he witnessed parts of and then thereafter for 19 years their student.

Here is what Do wrote in the booklet entitled, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Crew” that described what he and TI experienced around the time of the fall equinox of 1973 surrounding their awakening to fulfilling the Two Witnesses prophecy that I am paraphrasing here but can be found in it’s entirety as Do wrote it at:

’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew, By Do

Do states that He and TI’s in-depth awakening took place over months when they were camping near Gold Beach, Oregon, on the Rogue River. As they had been searching through every published record of prophecy they could get their hands on at libraries and book stores, when they came upon the Book of Revelations chapter 11 where it talked about the Two Witnesses they came to believe this was referring to their task to fulfill.

Do indicates this was very difficult to accept for both of them as they both were the type of person that was “turned off” by those who claimed to be a reincarnated Biblical character or king or famous person in history, so assuming that role as the Two Witnesses was very hard to digest.

Do goes on to indicate how they still felt they had no choice really so had to tell the world about how the real Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven was actually a physical evolutionary kingdom level above the human kingdom, as opposed to a mystical cloud and harp spiritual realm that the Luciferian Space Aliens had made popular by influencing those who quoted scripture to misinterpret, distort and dilute.

Do indicates the term “evolutionary” is not related to Darwin’s theories but refers to a level of life that one can become a member of by following the assistance of an existing Member of the Next Level Kingdom that will help them rise above and overcome the ways of the human world.


(For an analysis of Rev 11:3-6 with certain additional details covered see section II.A.6.)

Rev 11:4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks ((3087 luchnia from 3088 luchnos= a lamp(light)-stand)) standing ((2476 histemi= abide, appointed, present, set up)) before ((1799 enopion= from 1722 en= in the presence or sight or face of)) (the) God ((2316 theos= a deity)) of the earth.

– TWO OLIVE TREES = As documented before, a tree is a human vehicle that has become a foundation for those souls who are coming up to find their abode in and derive their life from. The Olive tree is of special significance in it’s production of oil from the pressing of it’s fruit the olive. This oil was used to represent Jesus christening (by anointing his head with it) that was completed when he voluntarily laid down his body to be killed. TI and DO said that “Christing” or “Christening” was in fact one’s Human Individual Metamorphosis that Jesus first demonstrated so that each who followed in his footsteps could also accomplish. He did it for us to show us how we must also do. They called it “the process” which was the “overcoming of the (human) world,” Jesus spoke of and said was required to reap the rewards of eternal life with him in his many dwelling places in the literal heavens.

Joh 10:14 I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
Joh 10:15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.
Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
Joh 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
Joh 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power ((1849 exousia= authority, right, liberty, strength, choice)) to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

When Do and his 38 students laid down their lives on the spring equinox of 1997, as many students gave their testimony on video tape, they were doing so out of their love for Do, their Older Member (heavenly Father) and he loved them for trusting him with their SELF sacrifice just as the Father loved Jesus because of his SELF sacrifice, as they had all grown to know they were not actually dying because they had accumulated experiential faith and trust their Soul body was in the care of their Older Members, TI and DO, from The Evolutionary Level Above Human (Kingdom of Gods from the literal heavens). Proof of this can only be gradually obtained by each recipient by seeking to be putty in the hands of those we recognize exist who some humans will think of as their Heavenly Father or God or Allah or by whatever terminology but who we recognize are the Creators of all that exists throughout the universe.

– TWO CANDLESTICKS (lamp-light stands) = These are describing the human vehicles these two Older Members take to perform their tasks through. They make them into pure light stands, converting them from otherwise normal human lives so to be an example of what was required of each “prospective candidate” to becoming a member on TI’s crew, the way Do said it.

– STANDING = They abide on earth. That’s being present just as we are present. They have physical bodies and they stand up for who they represent, their Older Members, not in name alone but by being willing to offer Them service by disseminating their information and accepting the ramifications of so doing. By accepting that task, one will be starting their own metamorphosis that begins their own “body changes” that is the “overcoming process.”

– BEFORE GOD OF THE EARTH = means to be in the actual physical presence of an Older Member who is representing their Older Member on up unto the “Chief of Chiefs” as TI and DO called the Oldest Member, who They said we would have more understanding of where he came from once we have become a member of the Next Level. Even though it says these Two Witnesses would be the ones standing before God does not alter the reality that the EXISTING ONE (Jehovah/Father) we saw through the vehicle named “TI” was/is the “God of the earth.” Do told the student body that his Older Member TI when coming to earth to perform this incarnate task to get Do started on his task to birth their liter of new Souls, did not need to bring her entire Mind (Holy Spirit) into that human vehicle to perform that task. Do said his Older Member’s Mind had grown to actually operate more than one vehicle simultaneously, not speaking of more than one human vehicle but speaking of still performing their Next Level tasks through a Next Level physical body on board a spacecraft. Thus in this context these Two Witnesses tasked to have human vehicles were still standing “before” the God of the Earth, literally because of being in TI’s presence.

Rev 11:5 And (if any) MAN WILL HURT ((91 adikeo= do wrong to (morally, socially or physically), offend, injure, be unjust to, take wrong)) them, FIRE ((4442 pur= firey lightning)) proceedeth (out) of their MOUTH ((4750 stoma= mouth, language, “opening in the earth,” edge)), and DEVOURETH ((2719 katesthio= to “eat down,” as a figure devour)) THEIR ENEMIES: and (if any) man will hurt* ((do wrong to (morally, socially or physically), offend, injure, be unjust to, take wrong)) them, (he) must (in this) manner ((3779 houto= AFTER THAT, to follow; in this way, on this fashion, in like manner)) be KILLED ((615 apokteino= taken off of or away by dying/death)).

– MAN WILL HURT them = This doesn’t assume these two are hurt. It simply shows what will happen to any who choose to try to hurt/injure, do wrong to, them in any way. By their own choices they will not qualify to become a prospective candidate for future membership in the Next Level. It’s also not up to humans, students of the Next Level or not to decide who will be judged accordingly and when and how. The Next Level are forgiving when we show them we want to change our mind and actions (repent).

– FIRE = It is the heat from the “light” that “burns up” a human that is drawn to try to inflict injury of any sort on any Older or student member or prospective candidate of the Next Level. It’s sort of the way a “moth is drawn to the flame” and becomes dried up because of the proximity to the heat source. To and human that can manifest by living without restraint of passions and indulgences and increasing risky behavior until they have burned up their vehicle with a disease of the body and/or mind. Even though this is a different example, Do felt because of the quality and quantity of Next Level octane Mind that TI’s vehicle became the primary “pipe or link or instrument” of, it too took it’s toll on her vehicle’s health. This became mixed with the fact that TI also received the greater share of hate and negativity from the lower forces of the planet that she endured until she knew it had been enough and then she left her vehicle be overcome by what was diagnosed by doctors of cancer. The difference between TI and anyone else who contracts cancer is not so much about judging whether or not someone deserved it or not. The point is that “all things can be used for good for those who love the Lord.” A human child that has cancer for instance can often become the stimulus of others around them to seek a relationship with the Kingdom of God/Heaven. The fact is that all humans die, young and old, rich and poor, etc. and at different times in their lives. To the Next Level even what a human would consider to be a long life is a speck in time, so saying someone was cheated by dying in childhood is not aware of the reality that any time of “living” is a blessing and who knows what can be accomplished even by a tiny child in a tiny time period that the Next Level can observe and preserve that vehicle’s spirit because of.

– MOUTH = It is by words from their literal mouth that is the EDGE of the Next Level’s “sword.”

– DEVOURETH THEIR ENEMIES = We know they are not going to literally “eat” them but by what they say in words their enemies arguments would be broken down and will overtake them and wear them down to hear because of how the enemies reality and lack thereof would be shaken, distressed, overwhelmed by the simple way, manner, generic terms and concepts expressed by these two incarnate Older Members from the Kingdom of God/Heaven. And this is a form of being consumed that Jesus equated to becoming withered away as the fig tree that did not produce fruit.

– KILL = One is taken away from any potential to become a member of the Next Level, thus is by their own choices, choosing “death” as opposed to life as all those who go against the Next Level Above Human and/or their incarnate representatives will when their vehicle dies be included in the “Lake of Fire” recycling of their spirit as well. They will also not be watched over during the life of their human vehicle so will perish by whatever it taking place on the planet that is a part of the garden’s spading under. All human vehicles will eventually die. That’s in the design, but for those who look to the Kingdom of God/heaven (Next Level), They decide when, where and how.

Rev 11:6 These have power ((1849 exousia= ability, choice, strength, capacity, competency, authority)) to SHUT ((2808 kleio= to close)) HEAVEN ((sky, elevated areas, near and outer space)), that it RAIN not in the DAYS ((2250 hemera= to sit, a period of time, the age, judgment, dawn to dusk, 24 hour period, hour)) of their prophecy: and have power over WATERS ((5204 hudor as a figure= “many peoples”)) to turn ((4762 strepho= to twist, convert, turn (again, back again, self, self about))) them to ((1519 eis= by)) BLOOD ((129 haima= fig.; (the juice of grapes), bloodshed, kindred)), and to SMITE the earth ((1093 ge= human kingdom, ground, land)) with all plagues, as often as they will.

– SHUT HEAVEN…RAIN NOT – These two have the authority to say who can be a candidate or not. TI and DO did choose to send 19 of their approximate 100 students away from their “classroom” and they told those remaining they had “made the first cut.” This was in the late fall of 1976 when we left the Wyoming wilderness National Forest where we were living in tents. These 19 were given a different destination. TI and DO didn’t abandon them but over months instructed them to find a place to live and get jobs. Soon all contact was lost and then in 1983 one of these who became known then as Drrody, who had been looking for TI and DO for years found them in Amarillo, Texas by seeming accident. He knew of two others of those 19, (Stlody and Dymody) who as a result also rejoined.

No doubt they also have literal weather control in their toolbox.

– RAIN = was always seen as a blessing from the Lord as it was so needed for crops to grow. Thus they could withhold blessings of any sort. Rain was also part of what Elijah said was not coming again until he says so:

1Ki 17:1 And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.

Since this was what the record said occurred – a drought began, it shows that as Moses indicated of a true prophet from the Kingdom of God/Heaven, because their prophecy came to pass. It was three years until the Lord gave Elijah instruction to revisit Ahab when the Lord would start the rain again.

– DAY or DAYS speaks to a period of time that is often contextually derived the meaning from. As a figure the context would be the time of their prophecy of 1260 days.

– “WATERS (many peoples) to turn them to BLOOD” relates to Moses in the first plaque Jehovah had he and Aaron administer to impress upon Pharaoh the intention to take their Hebrew slaves away from them so they could learn/choose to serve the Lord. The word “them” is a pronoun which wouldn’t work to talk about water as the literal liquid. The figurative definition of water represents “many people.” With that definition, these TWO have the authority to offer them the opportunity to “turn around,” the meaning of repentance, which Pharaoh also had the choice of. Sure the Next Level Representative can bring on calamities that cause significant bloodshed and they will do this as it’s part of their gardening efforts to give their temporary designed creation choices to grow their minds Beyond Human and mammalian behaviors and ways. Looking at it this way, they can literally help people convert to become of other kindred, part of their Next Level family, which is one of the alternate definitions to the Greek, “haima” and this also has a kinship with “the juice of grapes” as it is from grapes that “wine” is produced a simile to humans “fermented” into Next Level Membership.

– “SMITE the earth (human kingdom) with all plagues” – One would think turning literal water to literal blood that in Moses day caused the fish to die and created a huge stink would be considered a “plague/calamity,” as well as stopping the rain, if it was done for years as in the case with Elijah. The Lord does start a series of calamities sometime after the Seven Angels with Trumpets have sounded, which is coming up fairly soon and we have already witnessed. The intention of the plagues/calamities is to offer those that have come to ignore or hate the Next Level to think again or not.


Rev 11:7 And WHEN ((3752 hotan= whenever, as long as, as soon as, (implies hypothesis or more or less uncertainty), while, till when(-soever), until, after)) (they shall have) finished ((5055 teleo= (no tense thus) accomplishing, performing, executing, discharging, end)) their TESTIMONY ((3141 marturia from 3144 martus= evidence given, record, report, witness, martyr (giving their lives to/for))), (the) BEAST ((2342 therion= a dangerous animal, venomous, wild animal – destroyer, trap/snare, hunter)) (that) ASCENDETH ((305 anabaino from 303 ana= as a repetition, and/or reversal and the base of 939 basis; to go up (literally or as a figure)= arise, ascend (up), climb (go, grow, rise, spring) up, come (up) on foot)) (out) of ((1537 ek= from out of)) (the) (BOTTOMLESS) PIT ((12 abussos= depth-less, “abyss,” deep, by implication, the sea, profound (as going down), very early, by foot)) (shall) make war ((4171 polemos= to bustle, battle, fight)) against ((3326 meta= accompaniment, association, succession)) them ((846 autos= themselves)), and ((2532 kai= and, also, even, or, so then)) (hall OVERCOME ((3528 nikao from 3529 nike= (future tense) TO SUBDUE, suppress, restrain, hold back)) them ((846 autos= themselves)), and ((2532 kai= and, also, even, or, so then)) KILL ((apokteino= (future tense) from apo= away, off, separate, cease, depart, reverse and kteino= to slay, destroy, “kill in any way” as metaphorically to extinguish, abolish)) them ((846 autos= themselves)).

– WHEN = Rather than absolutely at their ending/finishing of their 1260 days prophesying, what is depicted can happen at some point during that period. The verb that follows as “finished” in it’s Greek does not have a equivalent English tense and is often termed a “verbal noun” that is generally put in the past tense as in this case. However, “when” takes away the absolute context, making the time period of their testimony more open ended though their prophecy period remains a constant. TI and DO did complete their prophecy period in 1260 days, depending on how one chooses to measure it as previously documented.


– TESTIMONY (evidence, record, report, witness) = Their efforts are in providing more than one physically incarnate witness testimony to the same truths. When Jesus came incarnate alone, he said:

Joh 10:25 Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works ((2041 ergon from a primary ergo= to work, toil, deed, doing, labor)) that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness of me.

Some of the works; healing the sick, raising the dead, feeding the poor, casting out discarnates (demons) and most of all gathering his student body, instructing them by his words and example in their overcoming process and the giving of their lives to the Kingdom of God/Heaven. In line with those chores came the admonishment of those who were teaching a false doctrine. Thus coming with his Older Member, The Father was like following his instructions for how to deal with someone who has trespassed against us in some way:

Mat 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
Mat 18:16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.


– BEAST = In all cases these are a group of human (mammalian) beings, who do not possess any active Kingdom of God/Heaven provided “Holy” Mind. Because of their choices they are not prospective students to Next Level membership, though in particular it is not for any of us to identify who does or does not have Next Level Mind and who could change and become a prospective student. Jesus said that as not judging or measuring others in this regard. But behavior and way we can judge for ourselves, as from the Next Level or not, though then too, people need to be recognized as changeable, even if it may be a remote or even impossibility. (Luk 6:37).

Thus compared to those that at least think and try to be students (disciples), by embracing all the provided behaviors and ways, seeking to please and have closeness with the Next Level, in whatever terminology, times and degrees, these are in degrees more like “wild” or “poisonous animals,” the prime definition of the Greek “therion,” rendered “beast” in most translations. They are poisonous because of how they lead others away from the truth and thus the Next Level, so are deceivers and thus in allegiance to the Luciferian Space Alien “hissers,” what the “serpent in the garden” was most defined as, from the Hebrew in the Book of Genesis.

One needs to be aware that in many translations “Beast” is also translated from the Greek “Zoon” which translates to a “Living Being,” so is an big error, but is apparent in the context. By wild animal, in this context, refers to those humans who have virtually given and/or shown their total allegiance to the humans that are the leaders in the various private and governmental institutions that Jesus referred to as “mammon” some look to as their “masters” as opposed to the only other Master being the real Older Members (“God” the Father) in the Next Level Above Human from outer space (the literal heavens).

In the context BEAST is used to refer to the Secret Govt’s that came to be because of the UFO crashes and  subsequent Space Alien interactions, even though it was the Next Level that staged some of the crashes as a way to exit their existing Next Level “made for them” physical bodies and provide humans proof of non-human Beings from outer space.

These humans and their related institutions, religious to scientific, etc. then become the epitome “master,” which in application puts the accumulation of wealth and power as their number one priority to enable whatever their agenda.

When the Next Level comes closer with Representatives incarnate, they become like an unseen spotlight on the ways the human condition morphs into exclusive service to wealth and treasure, while simultaneously provides the choice to separate and break away from putting these human systems and motivations and associated behaviors and ways on a pedestal. An example of this break away can be seen in the 1960’s “hippie” movement, however temporary for many.

To the Next Level all who are not rejecting and thus showing the signs of separating from these human norms, as portrayed by these human kingdom institutions, are unknowingly looking to the Luciferians as their masters. This is because the Luciferians have considered the human kingdom their domain and have an interest in law and order and even peace and love and all the seemingly good behaviors and ways they promote in the human kingdom. The Next Level is the source of all of it but only promote peacefulness and loving kindness as a behavioral characteristic while knowing that those who subscribe to their world, will have difficulties and challenges living within these human systems because they no longer fit the mold of a human and are instead separating from their humanness, whether they know it or not.

The Next Level Older Members have provided the Luciferians as a testing influence to the human kingdom they started that they hope humans will reject as evidenced in the Adam and Eve example where they listened to the influence of the one called the “hisser” (serpent). This became the first testing ground for those the Older Members considered prospective full adult members in the Next Level. The Luciferians were not full time adult members of the Next Level when they rebelled and fell so were cast out of having a beyond Earth heavenly circulation and it’s eternal life rewards. Thus when they fell by breaking their WATCHER TASK instructions and  began propagating with human mortals on Earth, for the Older Members of the Next Level to be sure others of that equivalent domestic level of service wouldn’t also fall, they began subjecting more Souls to that same Luciferian influence upon them – the influence to go against the instructions from the Older Members of the Next Level.

Thus the Earth, that had become the Luciferian’s prison became a testing ground for the further schooling of those Souls They had been cultivating, who were brought to interface with this civilization’s “children of Israel,” but who upon scattering to the four winds (quarters of the Earth) were given opportunities to migrate to the United States of America for the location of the next lesson ground, in which their genes had become mixed into many other human kingdom races and ethnicities spawned by the Luciferians.

TI and DO said that every significant soul of this civilization has returned in or attached to a physical body to reap their reward. They said that would involve taking over it’s assigned human vehicle – making it obey and become one’s slave. They can overcome the human world by looking to the teachings of the most presently incarnate Older Members, which they will see references the records of the past Older Member incarnations, namely Jesus, Elijah, Moses, Enoch and Adam and their student associates in the names of some of the Old Testament Prophets who taught lesson steps in the same overcoming program, then they will have accomplished the overcoming “Process shown in the meaning of the word Israel. That word meant one who has “overcome/conquered, prevailed against the Luciferian misinformation mind, behaviors and ways, through the commandments of Jehovah. Their reward would be the receipt of an adult Next Level physical body and service (a seat) on a spacecraft/lab among Young and Older Members of the Next Level, what Do said would be on TI’s crew.

Some of those that don’t overcome 100% but who give their lives in service to the Next Level Older Members (TI and DO) may also receive a new physical body as well, but it’s not yet an adult Next Level body. They may be  assigned tasks that might be of some equivalence to the tasks the Luciferians abandoned. I say this because TI and  Do indicated some in their graduation class would be “replacing” the Luciferians. Some Souls who believe and begin to separate from the world and make significant changes in their behaviors and ways, who attempt to work for the Next Level in whatever terminology, who may have never heard of TI and DO, when their physical body dies can be “saved” for a future opportunity to grow a Next Level body through an Overcoming Process with an incarnate “present” Older Member, as TI and DO just served. This would seem to include those Do spoke about as the “third type” in the video he made named:

Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled, By Do

In examining the Revelations records I suspect these could be saved because they rejected giving their loyalty (mark on hand or head, or to the Image (religio-spiritual – space alien, even to the seeming miracles or wonders like the Fatima hologram) of the BEAST. I believe these Souls would be “put on ice,” the way Do put it, but not meant literally.

This third type may also be related to those who Jesus said, “inherit the earth,” though another interpretation of that statement might be to inherit the earth as their next task towards full adult membership and even beyond that.

In other words all who graduate from their grade in school may be inheriting the Earth as helpers for the next civilizational overcoming experiment as part of their own growth process as in the Next Level there is continuous growth opportunities for ever more, that is, until we each decide to reject is becomes self judging and limiting. TI and DO said that technically a Young Member could pass up an Older Member. It’s not that they are competitive. They wear no insignia’s and don’t have notches on their belts of how many challenges they met and succeeded in or how many times they failed to meet the goal they sought to reach for, which is measured only by one’s awareness of their Older Member’s examples. It is also not only about accomplishment of tasks. It’s about literally pleasing one’s Older Member. We can do all the things to show we are growing but if we don’t please our specifically assigned Older Members, while we are in the human condition with them then we don’t get to be in that Older Member’s presence and/or on board Their spacecraft/lab on Their Crew.

So at this time in particular in 2015 and thereafter we are each deciding whose side to take. It’s about rejecting the mindsets of all the human institutions and their leadership and supporters – not accepting any markings of loyalty to their systems, nor providing them with service and patriotism, even as a constitutionalists and taking the ramifications of whatever hardships results while appealing to TI and DO or if we never read this or heard of them to the genuine creators of the Earth who abide throughout the literal and distant heavens, who created all the life forms, for help, guidance, service that stimulates our initial separation from the human Luciferian kingdom while shifting our loyalty to the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human. Unless we appeal to Them there is no future opportunity for future lifetimes as our Souls or Spirits and physical vehicles will all be a part of the recycling.

Throughout the current civilization’s history these human institutions have been cultivated by the Luciferians. The first descriptions of this end time period with considerable detail seemed to be written by the Old Testament prophet Daniel, whom Jesus referred to and gave instructions to heed, so we can count on his writings legitimacy as the Next Level Crew would see to it that that part of the record was particularly usable for the sake of those who are awakening at this time that identify strongly with those records. Since the Book of Revelations were given to Jesus disciple John to provide great detail to the timeline of He and His Father’s return and the “end of the (human) world” and judgment time, Jesus’ reference to the prophet Daniel’s prophecies become the key to opening up of all the mysteries of this end time that were to be shut up before now.

Mat 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

This is evidence that the current teachings of Jesus, his “gospel” the “good news about the Kingdom of God/Heaven being at hand are preached in all the world and still the end comes in the future of that.

Mat 24:15 When (ye) therefore shall see the abomination ((idolatry – working for, making one’s master Mammon, thus a false idol)) of desolation ((lay waste, come to naught, make desolate)), spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand ((abide, bring, continue, covenant, establish, hold up, lay, stand (by, forth, still, up))) in the holy ((morally blameless, physically pure, holy one), saint)), place ((condition, opportunity; specially, a scabbard= coast, license, place, X plain, quarter, + rock, room, where)), (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Mat 24:16 Then let them which be in Judaea ((those living as overcomers (true Israelites))) flee ((run away, shun, vanish, escape)) into ((of direction towards, upon, about (the times), among, after)) the mountains ((hills, areas lifted up from the plain)):

This time period is one particularly showing wealth becoming the master of many, thus a false idol, the gold calf constructed by the renegade children of Israel which is a quick path for those to become WASTE (desolation) as there is no reason for the Next Level to offer these a new overcoming opportunity if they have their minds made up.

Considering the world financial crisis that highlighted NYC, including the Wall Street investment banks as the financial empire of the world, as it had soon become after the founding of America, would be the most literal interpretation of one’s master as “mammon,” the false God and even with Obama coming into office at the height of that crisis. Obama’s name even sounds like “Obama-Nation” (abomination) that makes waste largely created by the “beast”‘s manipulations for many years coming to a head, even potentially planned to move funds around without being readily seen to what they were going.

This seems to be the time period Jesus was forecasting and it is also the time period that begins our choice of who to make covenant with. It’s between the Next Level’s TI and DO (God) or Mammon. This is in addition to cleaning up our behaviors and ways and even literally finding someplace in a hilly or mountainous area to dwell or flee to when we each feel that call, not to survive geographic changes as the spading engages with the pouring out of the Seven Angels bowls/vials of plagues but to be away from the cities where problems of all sorts will be significantly multiplied because of the numbers of people and the problems that will occur to the infrastructures that support those millions, not just for human survival but to heed the warning from the Next Level and recognize the truth that TI and DO provided as only those that have some relationship with the Next Level in whatever terms will be serious minded enough to change their location having seen enough of the signs unfolding.

The first showing of the BEAST in prophecy relates to their coming up from or out of or grown from the “bottomless pit” in Rev 9.  In this way the BEAST would be the physical vehicles who had survived underground, now coming up to the surface again to grow new physical bodies, the Luciferian Souls who take control over those  vehicles can then “wear” to try to put forward their the Luciferian Space Aliens agenda to get off the planet, steal Souls from the Next Level classroom and/or at last resort prepare to flee underground again.

Thus this means the BEAST both came about because of those in the bottomless pit and from among in terms of DNA the ones who still had physical bodies who had been shut up underground having escaped that last degree of recycling depicted as Noah’s flood. TI and DO did provide the class with a couple Hollow Earth theory books though I can’t recall their every talking about that much if at all. However, as with everything they did, we can count on it having value.

Subsequent materials and some of which came from a Russian documentary suggest an opening to an underground lake and Shangri-La like environment in Antarctica that might very well provide an pathway of some sort from the north polar region to the south polar region. There is circumstantial evidence of this but it remains a theory tossed into the pile of fantastical and even conspiratorial fringe thinking yet may be founded in fact to at least consider for someone who wants to know all things that could actually be real.

In Rev 9 beings with faces like men that fly like locusts and have stingers as we saw evidenced in many abduction reports come out of the smoke from this bottomless pit. It may not be a coincidence that the term flying saucer got it’s name from a pilot who saw several objects flying in formation over Mt. Rainier in Washington state.

This “beast” isn’t described in Rev 9, their leader is the “angel of the bottomless pit” – Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek both of which translate accordingly to “the place of destruction” and the purveyor of that destruction. Thus this sounds like the depiction of the Dragon or Serpent, the adversary to the Next Level incarnate membership (their Satans, who TI and DO said were literally assigned to be the adversaries to each of the serious overcomer students in their classroom).

This next verse seems to have some coordination with Daniel 7’s first beast (In this case “beast” translates to a human King):

Rev 9:17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire ((4447 purinos= red color, shining like fire, fiery)), and of jacinth ((deep blue color)), and brimstone ((2306 theiodes= sulfurous, yellow at room temperature, when melted turns blood red with a blue flame and as an organic phylum chlorobi a “green sulfur bacteria that is used in pharmaceuticals to kill parasites, bacterias, mold, mildew, fungus, as a fumigant)): and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone ((2303 theion probably of 2304 (in its original sense of flashing)= brimstone, divine incense, because burning brimstone was regarded as having power to purify and to ward off disease))

(In short this verse seems to depict three of the four “horses” in the opening of the 7 Seals in Revelations chapter 6. A full interpretation of this verse is found in section: IV. THE OPENING OF THE SEVEN SEALS)

A horse is a beast shining like fire in it’s approach, the mammalian heads described as the heads of lions, kin to both Rev 13:2 and Dan 7:4 adding credence to the time frame before TI and DO went public, during the Richard (the Lionhearted) Nixon reign of 1969 to 1974 that was cut short but followed with the same policies by Gerald Ford until 1977 when Nixon was forced to resign over charges of great deceit and scandal surrounding what became known as Watergate but was only the tip of that iceberg.

In Daniel 7 there are “four beasts” that are later described by the archangel Gabriel as “Kings” and refers to the overall “end time” as opposed to the time of Jesus as some Christian theologians insist of Daniel’s prophecy interpretation, though a case can be made for several interpretations. This one regarding this end time is the most up to date one. So I am saying the Nixon is the first king in Daniel 7’s vision described as a Lion and he was actually named after the English king, Richard the Lionhearted by his mother.

In is through the mouths of these mammalian headed flying creatures that they issued fire to inflame the passions of humans via their massive attempts to create hybrids from stolen human eggs and sperm. And they had smoke that describes them as the purveyors of illusion, as a smoke screen and because they did have the technology to generate cloud cover to hide behind. And Brimstone as the substance thought of as “divine incense” sold as having the power to purify and ward off disease to create today’s UFO Religions like the Raelians and those that follow various modern contactees and government whistle-blowers like John Dean.

When I was part of one of TI and DO’s groups giving meetings in 1994 we gave a meeting in Tucson, Arizona at a new age bookstore run largely by believers and possibly students of John Dean. I don’t think he was at our little meeting. Alex Collier is another along with Space Ruthie and Rael and David Icke, but there are literally hundreds since the 1950’s who claim to be ambassadors or disciples or brothers/sisters with and/or for one or another space alien group often insinuating their leader to be the return of Jesus as well.

The power to purify they say they have is largely to meditate on peace and love thinking that if enough people do so all over the world, it will trigger the 100th monkey, like the rolling stone gathering more and more moss until it’s a giant force for change and goodness. It’s a nice idea except the Next Level’s students, though can use different meditations technique TI and DO provided them, don’t focus on meditation to have peace and feel enlightened or to make them into a better human.

Like Jesus said, “I do not come to bring peace but a sword.” That sword was the sword of his mouth that cut root systems from the plants by his instruction to be his disciple meant leaving all behind. He promoted peaceful behavior one to another but wanted us to have “salt” – as an agitation in our souls that would stimulate thirst for more service, more truth and accelerated growth.

The Next Level doesn’t want people to be satisfied with being ordinary as all humans actually are compared to what they could become, as Members of the Next Level, who TI and DO said would then become “individuals for the first time.”

Next this depiction of the BEAST is as defeating the Two Witnesses in, Rev 11:7 as already re-translated that has more description and confirmation that we are speaking of the same description in Rev 12:3 this time as a Great Red Dragon who has 7 heads and 10 horns and seven crowns on the heads and whose tail causes a third of the stars of heaven to fall and who makes war with the saints. As I have already described this is the time period in the late 1970’s when TI (the woman) with her newly born to the throne “son” incarnate and calling himself Do and their student body, the saints as they began their overcoming process in earnest while having escaped to the wilderness of Wyoming where they lived outdoors for a about 3 or so years. This time period is a bit of a reprieve from the “war” against the Dragon that is to begin after this second period of 1260 days as shown in verse 6 in the early 1980’s when TI had to have one eye removed, the casualty of being the prime target by the Dragon and his associates.

The Dragon is described as being Red and this is when the Red – Republican party really got a boost from the Ronald Reagan white house. Reagan was a big Hollywood star who was governor of the Bear state of California, thus a perfect match for Daniel 7’s 2nd Beast (king) having Bear qualities in that he engaged in “cold (slow) wars” primarily against the Red (communist) Soviet Union’s Russians as shown in Dan 7:5. The bear has three ribs in his teeth and teeth is equally translated to the tusks of the elephant the animal (beast) that came to represent the Republican party. Reagan’s administration bit down hard on three primary locations in the world – on the Soviets in the proxy cold war over Afganistan, in Africa in Angola, again a proxy war to keep the Soviets out and in South America big time to keep the soviets out of Cuba and El Salvador and foster regime change that might be prone to communist influence in Nicaragua and an an actual American invasion of Granada with projects to overturn Venezuela and other countries in South America all more or less by clandestine illegal funding that Reagan was at least on the outside insulated from. Perhaps they learned from the Nixon debacle not tell the president too much as they need a good figurehead for public relations to keep the party in power.

The Dragon is still in pursuit against the woman and her family of her now born to the throne Son and their student body of “saints” but the Woman is given a rest so she can provide nourishment to her remaining Next Level Family as depicted in Rev 12:15 as flying to a place prepared for her. She is still in the vicinity but in a prepared place and of course not is about to leave her physical body for the remainder of the spirit birthing process of the student body, away from the “face” of the Serpent which is the exposure of the clear presence of the Luciferian space aliens that Do brought was shown by TI though a number of books that came out around 1986-7. One very telling one was called “UFO at Aztec” that had a very revealing account of the named Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash that include up to 18 dead bodies that a high FBI official named Nathan Twining publicity acknowledged. That put a real face on the Space Aliens. No more were they considered multi-dimensional though Lucifer and his original fallen angels were probably discarnate.

Rev 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

This woman (TI) was to be in her special place for a “time and times and a partial (half) time” that can be calculated as 3 1/2 + 7 + 1 3/4+ years equaling 11 1/4+ years. Since TI left her physical vehicle on June 19, 1985, it was almost exactly 11 3/4 years until the rest of her family were assisted by the “earth opened her mouth,” a way of saying they went to their graves:

Rev 12:16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

When the Woman fly into the wilderness, she was no longer incarnate, thus any reference to her was both an attack of her Mind and of her offspring/family who were with her the entire time. This is clarified a few verses back in:

Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

Where it says, “the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night,” is showing the presence of these “saints” the brethren with the Woman and her Son born to the Throne.

As it says in Rev 14 how they all “follow the lamb wherever he goes” these “brethren” don’t their teachers/Older Member’s sides. So when it says the Earth helped the woman, the way the earth was helping the woman was by taking the subject – the saints who continued to take all the negativity of day in and day out bombardment out of the firing line by allowing their vehicles to go back to the dust inside the Earth their having “overcome the (human) world”

To finish up this Two Witness and Crew’s incarnate phase that will be shown in the remaining Rev 11 verses as well:

Rev 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

The Dragon proceeds to make war against the “remnant of her seed” any and all who would come to keep the commandments/instructions of God and in particular attention paid to those who also have the testimony of Jesus as shown here that will provide a help to all those who really did know the Holy Mind/Spirit of Jesus the Christ, incarnate as Do, TI’s offspring who she birthed to the throne. These who remain after the first fruit have been swallowed up by the Earth to help them graduate are spoken of throughout prophecy as the Remnant or Remaining. The first fruit are not he remnant nor are they remaining. These who come after them are. These who graduate only return to instigate the final judgment of the rest of the world as Jesus detailed as the “angels separating the sheep from the goats.”

The beast (king) for the last of this first fruit harvest phase of the return of the Next Level kingdom is represented by Dan 7:6’s leopard with four wings and four heads on the backside of his time frame arrival. This beast is a mix of Lion and Pard. The Lion represents the Republicans and the way it’s worded can be shown to mean there is an alternation between the Republicans and the dark spots/stripes of the leopard being the dark panther part as a “pard” by some is considered to be a panther or the Tasmanian Devil that resembles more of a dog species than a feline so perhaps could be a cross as a donkey, the Democratic animal representation. Or it can mean that the “panther” follows at the back side of the four heads. The heads are the presidents where the Wings are the Luciferian space aliens that ride the vehicles depicted as horses in Rev 6:4-6 that take dominion over the U.S. and the world that ushers in the full one world government under the Rev 6:8 Green horse named Death and accompanied by Hell. (There is a great deal to say about Rev 6:8 to be found in the section on the Fourth Seal.)

The Leopard’s four heads would then be, George H.W. Bush as a Lion (descended from English Kings) and especially in the way he invaded Iraq in the first Gulf War. Though that was short, it was a savage attack and there were many, many casualties for years thereafter related to the toxic chemicals and depleted uranium used to coat the bullets and many of the artillery shells to make them able to pierce armor. The problem is they also pulverize the uranium into radioactive dust that can be breathed in and/or makes it’s way into water tables and people, even through their food supplies for many years to come. They even came up with a name for the sickness many service personal suffered after the war. It was called “Gulf War Syndrome” though I don’t know if it related to the depleted uranium, though there were other chemical agents used in that war just like the “agent orange” used as a defoliant in Vietnam that left it’s toxic mark on all who took it in.

The second of these four heads might then be Bill Clinton and he didn’t start any new wars except for participating with NATO allies in the war in Bosnia and Kosovo. But otherwise he presided over a very profitable time of peace, except in how he spoke out against TI and DO’s Heaven’s Gate group when they exited during his time as president:

“It’s heartbreaking, sickening, uh, shocking…I think it’s important that we get as many facts as we can about this…What in fact motivated those people. And uh…What all of us can do to make sure that there aren’t any other people thinking in that same way out there in our country–that aren’t so isolated that they can create a world for themselves that may justify that kind of thing. It’s very troubling to me.” Clinton on CNN 3/27/97

This is a typical Luciferian space alien (dragon) motivated response, not even aware of what TI and DO taught yet acting as if he knew better than the Next Level as he admitted knowing nothing about what they believed or claimed to be. He was sickened by the idea that it could be honorable in God’s eyes for people to give their lives to God. Does he have the faintest idea who “God” really is or perhaps he thinks we all got here by accidentally growing brains and all because of certain gradual chemical combinations that just so happened came together in precisely the right ways to work with hundreds of others that came about in just that right kind of way to form intricate systems upon systems within systems that grow and change and do adapt to degrees. If that is what he thinks he does not evidence having any mind from the Next Level. To any statistician the odds of that all happening in the minute detail to the great overview it has and does would probably at most be some one in some unimaginable number times all the stars, which means that it may be possible given the right direction.

Like TI said, “there are places where life evolves from a speck of dust,” but that Do then said, “but it wouldn’t be a speck of dust” to which TI agreed that it would be by some other kind of starting off point. By the way, for those that listen to this tape where they talk about this, it might seem strange that Do knew that TI was his Older Member, from experience, not because she ever said that to him, that he offered what might seem like a correction. What many don’t know was that TI wanted Do to bridge any gaps in understanding student might have from things TI would say as that was Do’s task to be the primary interface with the student body.

Then came G.W. Bush as the third and Barack Obama followed as the 4th head of the Leopard and also as seals 2 and 3 which takes that prophecy up to the 4th seal and Daniel’s fourth Beast.

Daniel’s Chapter 7 prophecies regarding these 4 Beasts that lead up the 4th and greatest BEAST will be described in a great deal more detail in section: III.D.4.b.iv. DAN 7:3 – DAN 7:7 INTERPRETATION.


Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Sand is often used in the records to compare something to an innumerable amount, as people, as how many sons of Israel, sons of God there could have been or as a weak foundation to build one’s house on, versus choosing to build upon a rock, and as a boundary that the seas can not cross. In this context as with most prophecy it seems to have dual interpretations.

Isa 10:22 For though thy people Israel be as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return: the consumption decreed shall overflow with righteousness.

As all Revelations prophecy the context refers to the END TIME and illustrates the way the remnant of the masses (sand of the sea) who amount to those who can become “overcomers of humanness” (the only true Israeli’s) return, as Jesus also indicated by saying they would be resurrected in the last day (age/time). The Beast thereby represents the ones Jesus said were the unjust among the just who would be “rising again” to either graduate to their next best station towards an eventual graduation or not, in which this later case their spirit or Soul is recycled in what is called the Lake of Fire.

Another way of looking at this verse is pertaining to the actual geography John is being shown where those of his “house” would be incarnating (standing) upon, as focused on a coastal area and a people that are set apart from the masses (sea) because of their reception of the “light” coming upon them. Though TI and DO began their prophecy period mostly by January 1, 1973 when the left Houston, their main public exposure came when they were in southern California in March of 1975 – in the desert like terrain (Zion) but by the Pacific ocean where, together with their well known Waldport, Oregon coastal meeting, they attracted most of their fully dedicated students, who seem to have been most of those recorded as the twenty four elders. This was the amount of students that remained with Do at the start of 1993 before some were allowed to rejoin the classroom when they saw the Beyond Human series of video tapes Do and Crew prepared and before the 1994 gathering of additional students that also came and went to end up with 38 in 1997 (plus four who had followed them afterward before 2000).

The Seven Heads of the Beast are described in Rev 17:8 as “seven mountains” where mountain is from the Greek oros and oro meaning “to rise or rear.” Thus these seem to represent Seven Human governmental bodies, aka Kingdoms or Empires, that rise out of the sea of humanity, who also dominate the earth’s seven major continental land masses (mountain rises).

Thus John is shown to document the way all the previous Human Kingdoms/Empires are being represented in the end time that becomes a One World Government, having “7 Heads” with one of those heads rising to the helm described as a WOMAN and false idol worshiper (fornicator, who sells her body and equivalent of a Soul for power and profit, who is evidenced as America (Lady Columbia/Lady Liberty and Lady Justice) that rises to power from the sea (waters of peoples but coincidentally of Christian foundation thus stemming from what’s called the Holy See – the Pope and Cardinal sovereign state who preside over the Vatican City State – the original seat of the Holy Roman Empire) who are the multitude of human beings who mostly are in allegiance to their bestial (mammalian) behaviors and ways who emigrated from the previous empires/kingdoms to form one “melting pot” of humanity as Jesus described as constituting the “just and unjust” all rising again to a resurrection of eternal life or eternal death.

Rev 13:2 And the beast ((2342 therion diminutive from the same as 2339 “thera,” from ther= a dangerous venomous, wild animal that preys upon the weak to entrap them)) which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

These bestial humans consist of governmental organizations of humans who as a whole act as venomous animals, where venom has to do with their anti Kingdom of God/Heaven behaviors and policies that by the leaders power and influence foster among their various constituencies trust in their human institutions and systems instead of in the real Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens, thus essentially poisoning the minds of all who look up to them and their systems as false idols in their leadership and ways of thinking/acting.

Like any choice a human makes, they can be stepping stones to getting off the top of the human kingdom “mountain” which is filled with misinformation about our reality, where it all came from and what is it’s ultimate purposes and how we can move closer to that ultimate purpose. So it’s not like anyone serving the “beast” in any way big or small, which involves all of us at times, is a bad or wrong choice. It comes down to whether when we recognize that it feels wrong to us, we seek to change instead of clinging our of fear of not having what we have grown to rely on from our allegiance to whatever it is. We all get many chances to seek the changes we each continuously need to make to align more and more with the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s choices for us that they will help us to make as we ask and will even help us to make when we don’t ask when they are making a last ditch effort to get us to ask, which we see happening in natural disasters.

In this verse this BEAST is described with it’s historic genetic mammalian characteristics in reference to Daniel chapter 7’s first three beasts of “like a lion with eagles wings,” the second a “bear having 3 ribs in his mouth between his teeth devouring flesh” and a “leopard with four wings (of a) fowl, four heads and dominion given to it.” These verses in Dan 7 are related by far more than these three animal depictions, yet Daniels fourth beast is different from the other three, has iron teeth devouring the “remnant” (residue) feet (footstool) and has “ten horns,” which looks like the same Beast description as in Rev 13:1. Plus the rest of the verses in Dan 7 have direct reference to verses in the writings in the New Testament and especially in the Revelations, so it’s hard to doubt that they were written to show consistency with one another for this END TIME.

There are a number of translation/interpretations of Daniel’s writings that name ancient empires and even particular kings of those empires, represented as these “beasts” and how they have come and go in line with these prophecies, but the fact that most are also represented in the Book of Revelations indicates only some of the origin of these bestial human organizations from the times of Daniel going forward. As with all prophecy there are multiple translations, interpretations and debates on most all points from years of analysis and consideration as time marches on and shows more evidence of the most accurate interpretations. I have reviewed many of the commentaries that speak of where and when Daniel’s prophecies apply and in which way, but few bring them up to the current END TIMES even though many signs are apparant, at least as I see it.

None of what I have seen in the varied interpretations seem totally on the mark, in my opinion, because none I have seen conceive of the Two Witnesses as being the return of the Father and Jesus and incarnate and having already come incarnate and exited as revealed as TI and DO and Crew. They all miss looking at a few very key points that would open that door which would also open the door to recognizing that there are two very distinct depictions of the Kingdom of god/Heaven’s return with the one called Jesus at the helm for both, first incarnate as one of the Two Witnesses and then a return while at a distance, so not incarnate (Rev 14:14, 19:11, 20:11) though quite apparent as an Armada of bright star-like spacecrafts containing his graduate “Saints” with their new eternal clean pure white “linen” physical bodies and Him with His Next Level body – perhaps the one he took with him while incarnate in the task of Jesus.

“Linen” was the cloth designated for the priest assignment in the Moses camp and is a way of describing a kings clothing. The one called Jesus is leading them, in what is also a bright star-like spacecraft but his vehicle, also compared to pure white linen has been “dipped in blood,” to me indicating it could be the same physical body he changed over into a “glorified body” before he physically rose out of his disciples sight and was received by a cloud cloaked spacecraft. Now I believe the reason most miss these and many more very clear points is actually because it’s part of the plan to hide the truth until the Kingdom of God/Heaven Older Members returned still in secret as a thief to do the further REVEALING of how they fulfill ALL the Revelations prophecies.

Thus the matter is really whether one can consider TI and DO as the Father and Jesus return incarnate, not as Jesus because Jesus is the name of the last vehicle the Older Member from the Next Level took to perform his task by, that included converting it into a Next Level vehicle as he partially demonstrated before exiting. This was planned this way, I believe, because He and His Father’s initial incarnate stage of return was to gather the Souls who were in line to graduate upon their arrival, where those that come to believe in them now (after their exit), recognizing their return in the names of TI and DO (the notes of their Song) are moving to their next grade in school as they are not yet ready to graduate. For these “remnant” or those electing to believe in TI and DO as the returnee Older Members, the mysteries surrounding the entire book of Revelations, to include Daniel’s prophecies need (for some) to be further revealed and de-mystified. Those human vehicles who were prepared to receive this “backside” of the book (Rev 5:1) revealing could be assisted to awaken by this books content now.

Some also miss how the United States of America is a key in the Next Level’s return as they miss other scriptures that disassociate modern Israel from the next location for the return. Again it’s sort of hidden from view though some have come to see that aspect in part at least. Those Christians that are more or less Christian Zionists, where a Zionist is anyone Jew or Christian that is motivated to help those they think are Jews to have their own territory as they have since 1948 which is included in prophecy yet is secondary to the fact that the real return Jesus was speaking about was the return of the “overcomers,” what the word Israel really means, where today’s Jews as a religious group hardly demonstrate as they cling to their tradition that doesn’t include Jesus as their messiah despite mounds of evidence.

It seems these Christian Zionists are as absent from seeing Jesus for who he is/was as are most of today’s Jews towards seeing Moses for what he really was, or even more so. As Jesus said to the Jewish priests in his day, paraphrased to, “if you knew Moses you would know me.” I say the same thing now to Christians… If you know Jesus you would know Do of TI and DO. Because there are depictions of war being fought before the Jesus of Rev 19’s as a bright star-like object returns, many Christians and especially Zionists whether they see themselves that way or not exactly want there to be war (final battle of Armageddon) as then they think it will be sooner that Jesus returns and takes them to heaven and/or brings his heavenly abode (mansion) to Earth to govern them. What they don’t recognize is that they won’t see Do as the same Older Member, then in his Jesus glorified vehicle because they wouldn’t have seen all the events that precede his return having occurred in the ways in which they translate and interpret them. There have already been some Christians who interpret the Rev 6:2 “white horse” as Lucifer as Lucifer’s name comes from his having once been an “angel of light,” part of the meaning of Greek leukos translated to white “light.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some Christians as I speak have agreed with me that Rev 6:2 was Do sitting on his “AppleWhite” physical (horse like) body, because of that interpretation of that verse depicting Lucifer and thus see him as the antichrist. If there is a way to twist these scriptures, the Luciferians have seen to it that some humans will embrace it and preach it and thereby trick those that don’t want to consider otherwise.


Daniel chapter 7 seems to roughly outline most of the entire process so in the translation and interpretation to follow I will show the correlations of how they apply to this end time that is well underway and serve to show the Next Level’s strategy all along that gives those who are open to considering, a handle on how these events are fulfilled by TI and DO and Crew. With that said, here is a summary of what I have gathered from re-analyzing Daniel’s records:

Dan 7:1 In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum ((essential content)) of the matters ((word, discourse, commandments)).

Daniel is being given a descriptive layout of what TI and DO would have called “instructions” to write down.

Dan 7:2 Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds ((7308/7307 ruwach= mind, spirit, breath, wind, life (provision), quarters)) of the heaven ((8065/8064 shamayin as the dual of shameth= to be lofty, sky, visible arch in which clouds move, higher ether where celestial bodies revolve, air, astrologer, heavens)) strove ((1519 giyach or guwach corresponding to giyach 1518= to rush/gush or break or labor or strive to bring forth, draw up, take out)) (upon the) great ((7229/7227 rab= stout, abundant (quantity, size, age, number, rank, quality) as in an elder [older member], captain, chief, lord, master)) sea ((3221/3220 yam= to roar (as breaking in noisy surf) and/or large body of water)).

As in all prophecy there are multiple angles in which they will play out literally. The Aramaic ruwach has it’s application as a MIND, the term TI and DO used most to bring a more generic view, yet equated to “Spirit” and that Jesus referred to by describing the way his students would experience their upcoming birth upon his return. It would be a “spirit (or Mind) birth,” in other words an UNSEEN ONE AS HE COMPARED IT WITH THE WIND that we can’t see but know exists. Thus these four are depicting four crews as Next Level members don’t often work alone. The other primary way in which it is applied is in this case geographically speaking of the “quarters” of the heaven which is referring to sections of all the heavens associated with the earth. Various records indicate there are 3 or 7 heavens. Three are documented in the Biblical records so those are what I will describe as most relative to us now.

Biblically the FIRST HEAVEN is where the birds literally fly that is also part of the “spirit world” where all spirits of humans and potentially animals go when they die, unless they qualify for the SECOND HEAVEN described as “paradise” or “Abraham’s Bosom” where human spirits and/or souls can be SAVED into and what Do once called “buckets,” aka purgatory, so they can be given a future opportunity to graduate to their next THIRD HEAVEN. If and when they graduate by meeting the criteria that is designed to experience in stages, as demonstrated by incarnate Older Member(s), staying precisely with the teachings of the most current Older Member, then they are given circulation in the THIRD HEAVEN even though that may still be a limited circulation and what TI and DO referred to as a “domestic” members task assignment like the “watchers” had. It’s possible that what I am calling the second heaven is actual part of the first. In other words the “buckets” are what separate spirits and/or souls that are “saved” from those that are not and that’s all in parts of the Earth’s atmosphere that would encompass underground and under the sea areas wherever human or human equivalent life forms circulate. That would put the WATCHERS in the SECOND HEAVEN and that makes sense in relationship with the THREE TRIMESTERS of the classroom that TI and DO described, the first being up largely the Moses classroom, the second during Jesus classroom and the third trimester before birth with TI and DO in the task of the Two Witnesses followed up by Do sitting on the throne by himself incarnate to midwife those who at that time officially become his Next Level offspring.

TI and DO were clear that the Luciferian fallen angels never became adult members of the Next Level. They still had the potential to fall as they did. But they weren’t just “saved” as they had physical bodies and had primitive model spacecrafts and a task assignment so had met a major part of the criteria to move ahead towards graduation. That correlates with the second trimester that involves the “sacrifice of one’s self” described by what Jesus said was one major criteria to being his student, called to “deny self” and is also depicted in the Lords prayer as asking that “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” which being a personal petition to serve the Next Level Older Member (our Father) is saying that we want to become the instruments of our Father’s will for us while we are on Earth. The ultimate show of that starts by leaving all behind – recognizing that your new family will be made up of fellow believers and not only believers but “active students” trying to apply all the lesson steps the last incarnate Older Member provided so applies whether we are with that last Older Member physically or not. The final show of “losing self” is by doing the task of “feeding my sheep” that Jesus said was what he wanted his disciples to do after he left that he even trained them for while he was incarnate that was the primary gathering of the lost sheep – those human vehicles prepped for these returning Souls.

Jesus followers were assigned to be “fishers of humans (men).” That’s where the idea of “rapture” came from as the Greek word literally means “to catch away” – as in catching a fish where the bait is the truth. Thus presumably the ones depicted as fallen angels accomplished some degree of that 2nd trimester though it may not have been as high a standard they had to reach as TI said, after Lucifer fell the bar was going to be raised to getting into the level of position they had. I don’t know when the bar was raised but I suspect it was even before Adam fell as the purpose of allowing the Luciferian spirits to influence Adam and Eve was because they were now in prison – grounded to earth, so if Adam and Eve could overcome allowing them to influence them to break with their relationship with the Next Level Older Member they were aware of, then they would have grown stronger than them, thus the bar was increased beyond what they had to attain to.

Perhaps “giving one’s life” for one’s Older Member is the biggest aspect of raising that bar. However, TI and DO indicated that even giving your life wasn’t the ultimate test which is why Jesus students had to come back to be “born again of flesh” to go through an “overcoming process” which had to be designed in total by the Older Members, the Ones who served as the Father and incarnate as Jesus as shown in Revelations 2 and 3. Overcoming is equivalent to “conquering” or “prevailing against” human behaviors and ways while the Luciferians and space aliens (their descendents) using discarnates (dead humans) attempt to influence the returning students who also take human vehicles, through which they are tested to overcome.

Therefore the THIRD HEAVEN becomes what is depicted as the “Heaven Heaven Heaven,” sometimes just said as “Heaven of Heavens.” In 1Kgs 8:27) – “The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you.” but it may be speaking of the highest heaven relative to the students perspective as opposed to where the Older Members of the Next Level dwell. It’s not exactly a state of mind or a degree of enlightenment or holiness as those are all never-ending conditions to rise into. There is no growth level that is void of further growth. Thus the third in this context would not be the “highest heaven” which sounds like the “heaven heaven heavens” in repeating it three times.

The only way in which TI and DO used that kind of phrasing as “heaven of heavens” that I am aware of was when they referred to the “Chief of Chiefs” as being the Oldest Member of the Next Level. They said we wouldn’t begin to understand where that individual came from until we were in a Next Level vehicle as the human brain doesn’t have the capacity to understand it further. However, TI and DO actually said they were from “headquarters” which opens up yet another perspective altogether that would be like talking about a fourth heaven – the location where the Older Members abide that is the headquarters. It’s no surprise that it’s said as the HEAD of the QUARTERS with several applications of those terms.

In 2008 NASA launched the New Horizon’s spacecraft that flew by dwarf planet Vesta and then Jupiter on the way to Pluto and deeper into the Kuiper belt. It was said some computers on it were asleep to conserve energy for the long mission. It was awakened when it passed Pluto in July of 2015. Among the pictures that came back was one that showed 4 deep black rectangular areas that they reported were about 200 miles across each and were spaced equidistant from one another as if four black keys on a piano and perhaps twice as long as wide. Then in September many more pictures were released that showed a robust landscape with a huge white heart shaped smooth spot, mountains, volcano’s, geysers, a seemingly thin atmospheric haze and an assortment of terrain not seen on any other planet before, beside earth.

These pictures of Pluto followed within days of the Dawn spacecraft’s pictures of dwarf planet Ceres that showed at least 8-14 different lights and two were particularly large and bright and one had a rectangular look. Together they looked like a city as viewed from space. People have done a comparison with Las Vegas, NV from space and it’s remarkably similar looking. Unlike the New Horizons spacecraft, Dawn had been sent specifically to check out what was first seen as one bright light by Hubble space telescope in December of 2003 and January of 2004 and was therefore sent to orbit Ceres which it is doing as we speak in September of 2015 getting closer in three stages, first at about 2700 miles out, then about 1800 miles out and finally where it is now at about 900 miles out. Plus on Ceres there was a 3 mile high pyramid looking structure in another area, some other lights, some parts of the pyramid that looked sculpted with vertical ridges running evenly around half of this mountain they called a pyramid that was on an otherwise flat surface.
(For pictures see: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-said-there-would-be-signs-in-the-sun-moon-stars-planets-comets/)

As said, TI and DO directed the writing of a movie script that depicted Pluto as a Next Level base. They didn’t claim at the time that Pluto was a base. The script included the description of what they called the “Earth Lab” inside Pluto and was depicted at least as tall as the tallest buildings on Earth. Around this working earth model were observation levels with screens showing world events as they were happening that included environmental and social events according to what each observation point was geared to observe. Above this model of Earth were 4 flying saucer looking spacecrafts each hovering in a fixed location over a quadrant (quarter) of the model, perhaps duplicating or acting as the receivers of data from four actual craft in a fixed position on the real earth, since there are several depictions of the “four winds” in prophecy that might be related. One could imagine these four could have technology that combines all observational and study technology humans have and much more to monitor everything that takes place in each quadrant, who knows may be even down to the thought level if need be, so if any human actually thought for instance, “Heavenly Father, I want to know the truth about TI and DO” it could be picked up and immediately transmitted to the Pluto model and/or to the appropriate assigned crew.

There is a lot more to this information about Pluto and Ceres in section IV.D. FOURTH SEAL.

Therefore these FOUR would seem to most represent crew leaders working for their Chief/Captain (Elder or Older Member)’s “sea,” the humans they would be nurturing on earth.

The next time this kind of projection of the future is illustrated is after Jesus has exited as there is no talk otherwise referring to FOUR Beings or crews engaging this “drawing” and this is also depicted for the END TIME by Jesus:

Mat 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds ((417 anemos= wind from root of aer 109= air)), from one end of heaven to the other.

Note how when the Next Level wants to make clear what they are referring to they add a second description to clarify. In this case it’s apparent that the 4 winds are referring to locations where in Daniel to members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

Because the draw can be equated to a gathering and Jesus is indicating it’s from the four winds from one end of heaven to the other, this seems to be indicating a global draw/gathering. And as it’s indicated as being a response from the “sounding” of the trumpet, it’s apparent that the Revelations prophecies of the Seven Angels with Trumpets most demonstrate that draw/gathering fulfillment.

The “sounding” itself is in the provision of new ideas and awareness of the reality of the Next Level that provides the opportunity to uplift humans who are receptive. Perhaps this kind of provision was always in affect but it seems was notably accelerated in the mid 1800’s in the U.S. and then again during the time called the gay or naughty 90’s (1890’s), manifest in a huge UFO “flap” in the U.S. that culminated with the UFO crash in Aurora, Texas with one body found that I have suspected was like a “john the baptist” start to the arrival of the Next Level Older Members and Crew.

Other ways the sounding is evidenced is by a steep escalation of books published about outer space travel alongside high tech inventions and applications in electronic communications, air travel, civil rights, labor rights, woman’s rights and diet/health consciousness. While many were still coming to the U.S. and some were expanding their awareness of what constituted reality while seeking to escape archaic hypocritical religiosity, this provision of “light” from the Next Level was also met with it’s opposite in terms of significant world wars one and two, a host of rebellions that also served to create refugees, which are also those who were not so attached to their human roots and possessions in war torn areas that they would flee these areas rather than fight and die trying to preserve what they had.

Those that see the handwriting on the wall when war is brewing get out rather than hope it calms down or goes away. One can surmise that these who flee have more Next Level consciousness, as Next Level members are truly “extraterrestrial” in that they have “no (one place) to, so to speak “lay their head” as Jesus illustrated of himself upon awakening. Perhaps from these refugees can be born humans that are more programmed to accept separation from their roots, thus more prone to evolve out of the human kingdom when the option arise by an Older Member’s incarnation and provision of information on how to do just that.

The draw continued to escalate throughout the beginning of the 20th century with two peaks synchronized with the 5th angel’s trumpet sounding and concluded by the first woe in the 1940’s-1960’s with the UFO Crashes and space alien contactee phenomenon, the dawning of the space age with rocketry and nuclear technologies, continuing what the SS wing of the German Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) led until their defeat by the U.S., Russia and their allies in 1945.

Further indication that this is referring primarily to the END TIME is in Revelations 4, 5, 6 and 9 that show four Beings/Crews in operation working “day and night” for the throne:

Rev 4:6 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts ((bad translation, should be 2226 zoon neuter of a derivative of zao 2198; a live thing, “LIVING BEINGS”)) full of eyes before and behind.

These 4 are depicted as not resting day and night. In other words they are full time workers for the Next Level Older Members and they each have a crew of six other crew members and/or spacecrafts as “wings” referring to a life-form that can fly.

Rev 4:8 And the four beasts had each of them six wings ((fly)) about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was , and is , and is to come .

Next we see the depiction of four horns – mouthpieces, cornets who are disclosing something pertaining to the altar area of the temple that is the United States “southwest” where the staged crashes occurred sacrificing their physical bodies. There is no temple on the Next Level spacecraft nor an altar. (See Rev 22) These designations refer to geological areas set up for the third trimester. They are not temples made by human or space alien hands.

Rev 9:13 And the sixth angel sounded and I heard a voice ((disclosure)) from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,

These four, who I suspect would be the Four Living Beings who announce the stages referred to as the Rev 6 Four Horsemen of he Apocalypse, give instructions to let loose four angels that are bound. If they are bound they are no longer Next Level crew members:

Rev 9:14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

These four being loosed are scheduled to do what they do on a precise timing down to the human hour and it pertains to the actual area of the Euphrates river that primarily traverses through eastern Turkey, Iraq and Syria indicating great armies converging as we see building yet again.

Rev 9:15 And the four angels were loosed which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

It would not have been listed this way if they were talking about their time frame to where an hour= ~40 years. Saying it in this way was saying this was a particular point in time when they would be slaying a “third” of those of the original human strain that began the experiment.

It goes on to depict horses with riders and indicates in:

Rev 9:17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.

Then here are the Four Living Beings (mistranslated to Beasts again) disclosing their commandments as indicated in Dan 7:1 that resembles a roar, an equal translation of “thunder”:

Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying Come and see
Rev 6:2 And I saw and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering and to conquer

Note the reference to “horses” except this refers to the first seal being opened by the LAMB so is not the ones that Rev 9:17 is referring to who end up bringing death upon humans in the “third” world. These are the 4 angels that were bound in the Euphrates that are reaping what they sowed by the hands of those who were also reaping what they sowed. TI and DO indicated that a big part of the spading of the garden (Tribulation, Judgment time), is performed by those being spaded (pulled up) as well. It becomes those that have become weeds taking out those that are weeds. Humans with Next Level Mind in them don’t kill or support the killing of other humans. That was a toddler lesson during the Moses first trimester.

Daniel 8 also enters into showing how Daniel 7 is referring to the “TIME OF THE END” and “END TIME” as in:

Dan 8:17 So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision.

Dan 8:19 And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation (The abomination – what God detests – giving service/worship of the hisser (Serpent) Luciferian deceivers)): for at the time appointed the end shall be.

Daniel 8 also provides the background for Jesus talking about the End Time in terms of watching for the “abomination (idolatry – worship (working for) false gods of wealth and sensuality promotion) that makes for desolation (waste),” yet serves as a type of fertilizer to stimulate growth in their planted seeds (souls).

As a degree of overview, I will quickly go through Daniel 8 which is comprised of visions/dreams Daniel received after Daniel 7’s visions/dreams but that actually seems to outline the historic path to come before the Daniel 7 “beast” depictions. It is for this reason that it’s hard to see eye to eye with those theologians who say Daniel 7’s bestial kings were reflecting the existence of the empires of Babylon equaling the first lion like beast, Media and Persia equaling the second bear like beast, Greece equaling the third leopard like beast and the Roman empire equaling the fourth beast, because in Daniel 8 the Media Persian and Greek empires are depicted and like I said were given after Daniel 7. There is no reason to believe they were talking about the same Kingdoms, though following the fourth both chapters reveal the outcropping of a “little horn.”


This section of Daniels prophecy appears to go through history very quickly depicting four Kingdoms that spread out across the four winds/quarters of the earth (Dan 8:8) following the breaking up of the ancient empires of the Medes in Media (middle east) and the Persians depicted as a Ram with Two horns, through the invasions by the GREAT KING of the Greek Empire depicted as the Goat with one horn being Alexander the GREAT (Dan 8:7), who dies suddenly to cause the Greek empire to break apart to over hundreds of years to become the even larger Roman empire that splits into four as the 1) Byzantine empire; what was the eastern Roman empire extending from Italy and Rome, east to India and south to Syria, Egypt and north Africa that eventually became the largely Turkish dominated Ottoman empire, 2) the German Frank/Roman Charlemagne/Pope Leo III merger into the Holy Roman Empire, a decentralized, limited elective monarchy composed of the Kingdoms of Germany, Bohemia, Czech, Burgundy (today’s north central France), northern Italy and numerous other territories that even extended to the south of England, 3) the Carolingian empire aka the Frankish empire that became largely today’s Germany, northern France, the Netherlands (Holland/Dutch), Austria, Switzerland, Venice and via Napoleon’s toppling of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 became today’s France that included part of Spain, 4) what became the British Empire.

Thus these four colonial powers who demonstrate degrees of global reach (the four winds/quarters) arose as 1) Italy(Rome), 2) Spain/Portugal, 3) Netherlands, largely defined by the two Dutch provinces of North and South Holland that are largely Germanic and Frank (French), and the 4) Anglo-Saxon Great Britain which all had a competitive hand in shaping the “fourth and NEW world” in the Americas through their colonizing and the subsequent emigration periods said as “massing of non-Jewish (Gentile) people” in:

Dan 8:22 Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for ((8487 tachath= in place of, instead of, under part, beneath, conquest)) it, four kingdoms ((rules, dominions)) shall stand up out of the nation ((part from the heathen, foreign, MASSING, (fig. swarm or flight, of locusts) GENTILE [Roman Empire], people, back, behind, fem body)), but not (in his) power ((forced [voluntary immigration verses being forced to go to this new place])).

The way Daniel 7 and 8 are structured starts with Daniel’s dream that he then asks the One giving him the vision for it’s meaning and in chapter 8’s case the Archangel (captain of angels) Gabriel shares the meaning in the second half of the chapter. Thus I will bounce back and forth to bring in both vantage points that add to the overall understanding of what’s being forecast.

This next verse brings up the “LITTLE HORN” point that in this context would seem to be the United States of America as there was no other nation that was little that then rose to become superior to it’s parent kingdoms:

Dan 8:9 And out of ((4480 min, or minney, or minnay (constructive plural)= some of, since, from, because, on account of)) one ((259/258 ‘echad/achad= UNITED, altogether)) of them came forth ((3318 yatsa’ after, appear, begotten, bear out, break out, come abroad, departing, escape, grow, pluck out)) a LITTLE ((4704/4705 fem, mitsts@’iyrah= little, insignificant, a small thing, concretely diminutive, little while (of time), petty (in size or number), adverbially a short (time), little one AND 4480 min= among, with, from, that not, since, after, at, by, whether)) HORN, which waxed exceeding ((3499 yether= overhanging, superiority, hath plenty)), great ((large as in body, mind, estate, honor, pride)), toward the south ((5045 negeb= parched country [U.S. west/south west), and toward the east ((from U.S. perspective toward Europe)), and toward the pleasant ((6643/6638 tsbiy/tsabah= in the sense of amass or grow turgid (swollen, distended, congested, engorged, bloated, tediously pompous or bombastic, inflated, pretentious, puffed up, grandiose, prominent – specifically to array an army against: fight swell [against the Next Level?)) (land).

Then Gabriel s explanation:

Dan 8:23 And in the latter time ((319 ‘achariyth from 310 fem future time, posterity, last, hinder-most, after part, end, descendents, reward, residue, remnant)) of their kingdom, when the transgressors ((6586 pasha’ = expansion, break away (from just authority) trespass, apostatize, quarrel, offend, rebel, revolt)) are come to the full ((complete)), a KING OF FIERCE COUNTENANCE, and understanding ((995 biyn= be cunning, direct, intelligent)) dark sentences (puzzles, TRICK, conundrum)), shall stand up.

So in verse 9, “out of” or “on account of” a UNITING a little in size or number or significant HORN is begotten/born, breaks out, comes abroad from these four kingdoms: Dutch/Germanic, French, Spanish and English to become their superiors in all ways growing to the south, even the largely desert southwestern U.S., Mexico (Texas)and in Central and South America, the east as in Europe where the U.S. led in a big way by being the greater force holding back German and Soviet Union/Russian expansion. I don’t think the usage of “pleasant” (land) is contextual and makes more sense as an adjective further describing this horn and even combining with the next verse (since in Hebrew there is no sentence punctuation (commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks, colons, semicolons) as in English it becomes up to translators when to cut off a thought or idea and in the next verse it repeats “waxed great,” while changing subjects, so as I am taking many liberties to begin with, I’m taking another here).

Thus I am saying that perhaps this makes more sense to see as the amass of an engorged, bloated, tediously pompous, bombastic, inflated, pretentious, puffed up, grandiose human population that is caused (instead of “great” for Hebrew gadal) by the host (crew aka army) of Heaven’s, (Do indicated he was like a captain and TI like an admiral) casting down the host (crew) of shining ones, princes (stars) to the ground/earth to tread/trample oppress humans by walking abusively upon them.

Then verse 23 describes a king, but equally a reign that can appear to coincide with Daniel 7’s first of four beasts (kings) that is like a lion with U.S. president Richard Nixon seeming to fulfill the role as it is specifically pertaining to the period of the latter time of the overall end time kingdom. This king is said to have a “fierce countenance” – roughly strong, vehement, hard thus lion like while also depicted as “understanding” which indicates he is someone who feels separate from others while intelligent, direct and cunning, yet remains a puzzle to get to know, having a tendency towards trickery and double dealing, said as “dark sentences.”

There are many direct examples of these characteristics among Nixon’s quotes and history. Nixon was called “tricky dicky” by the leftist press. Also President Harry S. Truman said: “Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.”

As it turned out, Nixon was forced to resign after being caught behind the Watergate hotel break-in and a number of other shady dealings – erasing tapes, ordering the break in at the Brooking institute to find dirt on Lyndon Banes Johnson and much, much more. Out of his own mouth, he told David Frost years after he had resigned that, “When the President does it, that means it’s not illegal.” Other of his related quotes; “If you don’t know how to lie or can’t lie, you’ll never go anywhere.,” “I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.” I don’t doubt this is true as this is the Luciferian generated state of the human civilization.

However, I know many a human leader have these deceitful qualities. The difference here is the timing of Richard Nixon’s presidency and how he appears to be the King depicted in Daniel 7 as the Lion, as his mother actually named him after the English KING RICHARD THE LIONHEARTED, and all most of the Daniel interpreters say the first beast king is England, thus I’m suggesting those roots are correct and seem to play out fairly well. As a FIERCE Lion Nixon instigated a savage bombing campaign against Laos and Cambodia, called “carpet bombing” as it destroyed many square miles of forest. More bombs were dropped at that time than in all of World War II and he ordered that while publicity saying he was deescalating the war since there was quite a raging anti-war movement he hated, showing his CUNNING AND SHADY TRICKERY.

Nixon was also reportedly taken with his buddy Hollywood star Jackie Gleason to observe the wreakage of a confiscated crashed UFO and alien bodies, so it seems he was aware of the crashes as well. But perhaps most of all, all these indicators were in place during the time period when TI and DO were first awakening in the early 1970’s.

Dan 8:10 And it waxed great ((1431 gadal= to twist, to cause to make)), (even) to the host ((army [crew])) of heaven; and it cast down (some) of the host ((army [crew])) and of the stars ((3556 kowkab= shining prince, star (gazer))) to the ground, and stamped ((7429 ramac= to tread upon as a potter, in walking or abusively, to oppress, trample (under feet))) upon them.

From 1947-1957, while the U.S. was waxing great and actually around the time Richard Nixon became a California representative, then senator and vice president for Dwight Eisenhower, the UFO crashes were occurring in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. This seems to be the “host of heaven cast down.”

Even the time period of the “fifth angels sounding” correlates with the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. A star indicates the “host” and from “heaven” meaning they come from the Kingdom of God in the literal heavens and come to Earth so hard to mistaken and they actually open the pit where the Dragon’s Bestial humans were up until them in their prison cell, for who knows how long:

Rev 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.
Rev 9:2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

TI and DO said that the Next Level had offered a number of those who were circulating in the heavens the opportunity to descend on Earth to enter the Overcoming Classroom with the Two Older Members which would mean sacrificing the human equivalent physical bodies they had at that time and that some chose not to, which I surmise made them part of the “host stars” who became “grounded on earth” and who “stamped” upon the humans, described in:

Rev 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the STARS OF HEAVEN, AND DID CAST THEM TO THE EARTH: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

This verse describes the casting down of the Dragon (the SHINING ONE/PRINCE – As Lucifer was at one time) and also is depicted as the ANGEL OF THE BOTTOMLESS pit named Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek in Rev 9:11, and who drags down a THIRD OF THE STARS OF HEAVEN as his HOST (army) who are CAST DOWN and who TRAMPLE UPON the MASS OF GENTILE humans that are identified as part of the Earth (GROUND) that seems to be that of the United States of America, again referring to all this as happening in the “LATTER, FUTURE, HINDER-MOST TIME.”

Dan 8:24 And his power ((force, strength, might, wealth (of soil), chameleon, lizard, fruits, substance)) shall be mighty, but not ((3808 lo= not without)) (by his own) power ((force, strength, might, wealth (of soil), fruits, substance, chameleon, lizard)): and he shall destroy ((decay, ruin)) wonderfully ((to cause to make great)), and shall prosper ((push)), and practice ((to do, or make)), and shall destroy ((decay, ruin)) the mighty ((powerful, numerous, paw)) and the holy ((sacred, saint, sanctuary)) people ((unit, tribe, flock)).

It’s the Dragon’s TAIL that is the POWER/FORCE that drags down the third part of the stars (host) of heaven. The tail is their mammalian sensual nature that they still had not yet overcome as they were never full fledged adult members of the Next Level.

Thus because of the Luciferians the United States has experienced great prosperity which can destroy Souls by ensnaring them into the accumulation of wealth and a sense of security because of how they will hardly be able to separate from such things when the Next Level stimulates our separation, first by the efforts of the incarnate Older Members (TI and DO) coming public with the information that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is once again “at hand,” but entails leaving all behind and overcoming our human behaviors and ways while giving our will over to them to become the recipients of a real relationship with them. In this way some of those who could be among the “holy people” are not able to separate from the “cares of the world” so become destroyed as Jesus said, in the parable of the seeds would happen to some that had no roots or were plucked up by the birds (the Luciferian space aliens and their mammalian mindsets).

Dan 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

See it is by “craft” and “peace” that many “souls” are destroyed because they become entrenched in their building up of themselves and their accumulation of wealth and responsibility to other humans, their roots and their nation, so they accept that nation’s identifications and patriotism and lifting up of the constitution as what to lift up as their “god” which to the Next Level are all false idols. Even the worship of the human body and the sun, moon, stars and earth are all idol worship anymore. It’s not that we can’t appreciate them all and want to do our best to not interfere with the way many humans desecrate them. But it’s at this time especially that if we put our energy into supporting such causes while not recognizing the source of the entire system and those that Represent those Beings who are part of the Kingdom that is the source then we are saying we don’t want a relationship with those Above Human Beings. And if we don’t want a relationship with those Above Human Beings then they have no interest in nurturing us because we will never become the fruit on their garden, which is the ultimate purpose for it all to begin with. I’m not saying that coming this way towards TI and DO means you will not speak out against injustice or for a cleaner ecology or for helping those that have trouble getting help or who are sick or disadvantaged. You will simply do it IF when you ask TI and DO how you can best serve them, they lead you to those they determine the need for your help and most of that help might come by sharing who it is we are serving while we help them with their needs.

So when the national media broadcast the names of the vehicles the Two used who they had learned had been arrested for theft, not looking into the details because Do was convicted of a felony for not returning a rental car on time, which the charges against were dropped, and the only reason he got a felony on his record was because the prosecutor thought his story was so bizarre it seemed easy to make into case he could win to build up his reputation, so that Do chose to cop a plea rather than spend more time behind bars waiting for a trial, having been behind bars for 6 months before it even came up for trial consideration, that was the government through the press shooting Do and TI down. It gave all who wanted it an excuse to not look at what they were saying and what they were about any further. They were criminals so could not possibly be from the Kingdom in the literal heaven’s and they were quite happy to see them and their story of all those who left all behind to join with them get off their radios, TV’s, newspapers and magazines where they had been for weeks. This was also the “subduing,” said as “overcoming” the beast from the bottomless pit would accomplish against them as said in Rev 11:7 as their “exit by dying” (Greek apokteino’s true meaning, not that they are “killed”) would come much later via the “earth opening her mouth” a way of saying they lose the physical human vehicles they and their student body took over to complete their metamorphic overcoming of their humanness through. It was always meant to be a “spirit birth” – a birth that could not be observed with eyes because it was their Soul body that was growing inside their vehicles that was to be born, as Jesus said was the case.

This King is broken but “without hand.” In other words no action from others results in his “breaking down, mistake.” He is broken without “charge, dominion, force, ordinance.” Nixon resigned from office. He was the only president to resign. There was a great deal of evidence from his own mouth on tape to impeach him. A number in his administration went to jail. As best I can tell he always felt justified and mistreated and blamed the hippies and those he saw as communists and the Jews who owned the media, as he told Billy Graham.

Dan 8:11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince ((captain)) of the host, and by him the daily ((8548 tamiyd= to stretch, continue, constant, always, perpetual)) (sacrifice) was taken away ((7311 ruwm= to be high actively, to rise or raise, bring up, mount up, set up)) and the place of the sanctuary ((4720 miqdash= a consecrated place, sanctuary, hallowed part)) was cast down ((7993 shalak= to throw out, down or away, adventure)).

This Little Horn King under the influence of the Dragon had built himself up to being even above reproach as the President, even in his mind considered that lieing was necessary to win and that justified doing so. There is no avoiding this for these who rise to these positions of power because the Luciferians gravitate to those that wield the most influence over others and who have the biggest capacity to direct activities in ways that they can benefit from. Those activities include improving society and advancing technologies while seeing to it that dissidents are squelched all of which Nixon over his years in government and certainly as president excelled at.

In this context the prince (captain) and host (army) continuance (daily) isn’t indicated as being taken away, as the meaning of the Hebrew ruwm is to “rise up or to be brought up and/or set up.” Do is the prince in this context and he through his partnership with TI, who came to get him going was “rising up” aka resurrecting with their students, “saints” (heavenly host).

The reference to the DAILY seems to have to do with the original instruction from Jehovah/Moses to the Israelite (beginning overcomer) classroom to sacrifice “two lambs of a year old” every day in the morning and the evening on the great altar in the name of ALL the Israelite people described in Num 28:24.

Regarding these sacrifices of animals in the Moses encampment, made to look primitive and evil by the lower forces, (which it is when humans do it, when it’s not part of the lesson step designed by an incarnate Older Member), these instructions proved to be the beginning of both learning to recognize the Lords reality, to follow instructions from the Lord and to seed the recognition of the requirement for graduation from the human kingdom that includes “giving one’s own flesh” in service, according to the present Older Member’s example and instruction, that starts with the willingness to do so. This is because Next Level members don’t identify themselves as the vehicle they wear. They identify themselves as the Soul, the pilot of whatever vehicle they are provided for the tasks they desire to perform.

Souls grow to know that their denser physical vehicle, no matter if they are wearing one grown for them or one selected for their usage, as in taking on a human incarnation is sacrificable for their assigned task from their Older Member who they clearly recognize.

Now where it becomes distorted is when the Luciferians influence humans to think they are following a human who thinks they have the authority to promote such a sacrifice of any flesh body as if it was a Next Level instruction and that can even take the shape of the sacrifice of a human vehicle which is an abomination and was clearly not permissible to do.

The Luciferians cheapen life which is not a Next Level frame of mind and especially human life as human is the kingdom level stepping stone to Next Level membership. A Next Level Member is very, very careful to abide by their Older Member’s instructions that insist upon a prospective member entering into every stage of their overcoming of humanness in a completely voluntary way.

When Jesus told his disciples they would also “drink the cup” (of blood) he was given to drink/consume, accept and a demonstration of his exercise of his free will to accept the task of doing, he was teaching the next lesson step from the Old Testament regular adhering to specific instructions regarding the sacrifice of animals. Some or all of those same Souls probably had been with this same Older Member from the Next Level when he was incarnate as Moses, so for them it was a natural step to be willing to give their lives in service to him, which they did by sharing what he taught at that time knowing they too would be hated for doing so and would probably lose the life of their physical vehicle in the process.

Thus when they left that physical body, they retained the lesson as Mind/Spirit stored in their Soul body (pocket, container, wineskin) and they were awarded a domestic level Next Level made vehicle at that time but then were given the option to sacrifice it when the next trimester (3rd) was to take place, which we saw as the UFO crashes in the 1940’s and 1950’s in the U.S. southwest, that allowed their Soul body to find a human vehicle prepared for them. This was then coordinated with the Older Members doing the same thing ahead of them, so when the Older Members awakened their human vehicles and began to share what they knew publicity, these would hear it and know that it was their call to drop everything they were doing in their human lives to once again give themselves to their Older Members service, though it was still just as voluntary.

These Student Souls with human vehicles their task was to “take over” would be accomplished if they stuck it out with the Older Members, TI and DO adhering and adopting their Mind provided, that was a more complete stripping away of their humanness and adoption of Next Level behaviors and ways so that when it was exit time it was genuinely a joy for them to know they would be returning to their home environment and would be getting a new physical adult model Next Level vehicle and task assignment.

The vehicles they took were under their control though no one else in the human kingdom could see what was really happening, though some with some Next Level mind in them, because they too were prepared to receive it, knew it was not an involuntary “laying down of their physical human containers.”

Thus we at this time have the instruction to share all TI and DO taught knowing that in so doing some of us will be sacrificing our human lives in so doing because we will be seen as a continuation of a dangerous cult. The only danger we pose is to the lies and deceit put upon humans by the Luciferians as to what this planet is and why it was designed to be the garden that it now is and how all came about by conscious directed efforts from the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

It’s no accident these verses in Daniel, pertaining to the DAILY (SACRIFICE) are described this way, as the location of the U.S. southwest certainly became an altar in that the Two Older Members (TWO LAMBS in the Daily, as in the lamb of God that provides THE WAY to remove (take away) the Luciferian mindset (sins) from those humans who are “of the world”) had with their crew the “saints” arrived by sacrificing their Next Level physical bodies in the intentional crashes of some primitive (to them) spacecrafts. This term translated as “daily” also indicates “perpetuity” which is a way of saying that this sacrifice was both made by Beings who are living perpetually (eternal) and that by coming would award the graduates with their own perpetual (eternal) life as well. It would be the third trimester of the SPIRIT (NON-PHYSICAL) BIRTH Jesus prophesied would occur during his “kingdoms” return.

The Older Members DAILY SACRIFICE by coming incarnate is a huge gift they choose to provide the human kingdom as all humans have a chance to move up in their conscious evolution to be potentially in line for the opportunity to graduate. As with Jesus, every day TI and DO spent incarnate sharing the truth for their 1260 days that began during the Nixon administration on 1/1/1973, though only became national and international news in 1975 for the first time, and the time spent thereafter teaching the overcoming process was TI and DO’s sacrifice of their far more desirable lifestyle, environment and use of a physical vehicle that was significantly more evolved.

Thus the U.S. west is the “temple” (sanctuary) because it was where TI and DO and crew arrived to set up the return promised by Jesus. The process of their coming was also the main turning point to the United States (Babylon) downfall. The nation was very fractured over the massive killing in the Vietnam war. There were violent demonstrations in many U.S. cities, probably most in the north and west. I attended a demonstration in Washington D.C. that showed no violence but hundreds of thousands of us were ushered out of Washington by the military, though as far as I could tell peaceably. But the constitution gave us the right to assemble and protest the governments actions so herding us out of Washington was probably illegal. Nixon expressed severe disdain of the antiwar demonstrators. To him they were communist traitors of his America. My friend who went to college in upstate NY told me during his break about the bombings that had happened on his campus. I didn’t get the feeling he was involved but he didn’t say. I was in college in West Virginia and one of my friends was the brother of one of the four who were shot at Kent State, the young man from Long Island, which took place while I was at school. I remember feeling I wanted to bomb something even though I was not politically active nor prone to violence in any way. I was harassed in West Virginia and so were many northerners who went to school down there. The same brother of the Kent state victim had his dog shot in his dorm. I guess dogs were not allowed but to just shoot the dog on the spot showed the acceptable mindset there. I knew another who was in the Chicago riots that brought to the headlines the Chicago Seven and in Philadelphia the Black Panthers had a big shootout. This was widespread with many stories from the hotbed of antiwar activity in Berkeley, California. This was all taking place as TI and DO were meeting in Houston in early 1972 having been in the vicinity invisibly since their arrival in the crashes. It was their presence that stimulated all the rights movements as they had a crew preparing the U.S. for at least centuries before their physical arrival with the biggest preparations in stages in the early to mid and later 1800’s, escalating from there.

In this next verse, the application of “daily” (sacrifice) I believe pertains to when Jesus came incarnate with his student body of returned souls, having had their first trimester lesson plan in the Jehovah/Moses experiential classroom, though it can apply to any time of an incarnate Older Member because they set up the garden as a testing environment in the first place by subjecting their chosen to the Luciferian fallen angels:

Dan 11:31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

At that time the same Luciferians would set up the ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE with the focal point being on using Paul of Tarsus to dilute the truth that upon people believing in his version would become “waste” (desolate) because they would be worshiping a FALSE CHRIST, a false Jesus, the spurious messiah as some preachers say, thus a false god and idol (the greatest abomination to the Next Level) that Jesus said in the end time would even trick many who were “elected” to be primary recipients of the truth, the Christians.

Dan 8:12 And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced, and prospered.

The host seems to be in this context the Next Level Prince’s (Captain’s) Crew (Michael before he came incarnate in the vehicle They had named Jesus) showing how They gave their CONTINUOUS SACRIFICE of their otherwise perpetual life in their Next Level environment to provide those who REBELLED (TRANSGRESSED) against their APPOINTED (PRACTICED) “watcher task” that because of would bring PROSPERITY through CASTING DOWN THE TRUTH as many would think they are blessed with human successes because of their Godliness or being special to God when the opposite is more the case. Those who have the greatest struggle in life are those who are more blessed by God as then they will be more prone to seek God’s help. But this verse seems to be saying that the U.S. was allowed to prosper off the back of the Luciferians rebellion that would then become a testing ground of who would TRAMPLE DOWN THE TRUTH so to feel justified in having their riches.

Dan 8:13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?
Dan 8:14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

So the question seems to be, for how long does this vision indicate the continuance (daily) of Next Level Older Members giving the rebels the opportunity to make the U.S. West ((TEMPLE) SANCTUARY) into a WASTELAND (DESOLATION) in which they also can ABUSE (TREAD UPON) the workers for the Next Level (host).

There is no number two in the Hebrew text but these numbers are potentially translated to so many different combinations it’s near worthless to try to figure them out. One translation of “thousand” is to “variant,” while another is to “family.” But when will the “temple” be cleansed to be made right, to be cleared of self, justified self, turned to the righteous?

It would seem this prophecy said in the start that it would apply until the INDIGNATION, which is the END OF LAWLESSNESS. That hasn’t happened yet as far as I can tell.

The last of three places DAILY SACRIFICE is mentioned is in Daniel 12 that again refers to the END TIME. I delineated Daniel 12 in section: “II.A.5.f. DANIEL” and found some major translation options to consider in these reported numbers and terms that gives rise to several potential interpretations, so nothing new for true prophecy from the Next Level. Incidentally, one might wonder how the Next Level can make these forecasts. I believe it’s because their crew do the leg work of going to certain humans at the time when they want certain terms or ideas to surface and make simple but powerful suggestions. And of course they also stimulate geographic and heavenly events that correspond with the prophecy they gave and I also suspect they adjust their strategy when they see the humans led to mis-translate or mis-interpret certain prophecies. I suspect that may happen with the Rev 6:8 common translation of Greek 5515 chloros as “pale” instead of it’s primary “green.” That may have to do with the way chlorine is a bleaching whitening agent (that serves to bring death to purify and/or to kill depending on to whom one serves between God and Mammon) though it’s original form is green. (See section on the Fourth seal for further interpretation of this pivotal verse; Rev 6:8 where the Green horse arrives in the timeline).

No one is made purified until the first harvest as described in Rev 14:14 which appears to be TI as “like, or similar” Son of Man, thus potentially referring to having been incarnate or also an Older Member and Do’s partner in the Two Witnesses and overall midwifing like task. Also that some are purified is shown in Rev 6:2 with “he who sat on” (white horse) held possession and ability and accompanied “bearing, birthing, bringing forth, delivering,” thus their “liter who had made covenant”:

Dan 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
Dan 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

This also speaks of the JUDGMENT TIME AND TRIAL, though is not saying all who are to be purified are by this time. So with the previous evidence that The Two Witnesses are the TWO LAMBS sacrificed by their leaving behind their human lives and giving their all to the Next Level in their task as prophesied in Rev 11:7 when they are temporarily SUBDUED (OVERCOME) (as they can’t actually be overcome any more than Jesus was truly overcome even by killing his body) and then as shown by the Greek Apokteino= “exit or separate (from their human vehicle) through, by/from dying” mistranslated to “killed,” ignoring the “apo” prefix occurs by March 22, 1997.

Dan 12:11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

Taking the days as referring to a “day and night” thus a 24 hour period and taking the thousand as 1000, adding 1290 days brings the Gregorian calendar to Monday, October 2, 2000 when the FALSE IDOL SERVICE (ABOMINATION) WASTE (DESOLATION) is ADDED, APPLIED, APPOINTED, ASCRIBED, ASSIGNED, BESTOWED, COMMITTED (SET UP).

Now that just so happens to be less than a month and a half before the U.S. Supreme Courts stolen election that dictated that George W. Bush won the Florida popular and subsequent electoral college votes that gave him the presidency from Al Gore.

Dan 12:12 Blessed ((happy)) (is) he that waiteth ((to pierce, adhere, hence, to await, long, tarry)) and cometh ((to touch, lay hand upon, to lie with a woman, to reach, fig. to arrive, violently, join, near, plague, smite, strike, bring (down))) to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

If one takes the difference in these two time frames of 45 days and add it it comes to November 16, 2000 the day after the election when the Florida popular vote count was in question. The Florida Supreme court actually voted to recount the entire popular vote and the Supreme court ruled for them not to have a recount. The U.S. Supreme court technically broke the law as especially in regards to elections states are sovereign. It was set up that way to prevent the Federal government from having too much power like a king to make decrees and yet that’s what happened. Thus this was a coup d’etat. I predicted at that time that Bush would not leave power and that has proven correct as Obama has not really done anything to change the course of what the Bush administration presided over and the U.S. experienced two falls since that were both centered on NYC the new city of Babylon in the new Babylonian empire.

The only sense of happiness I can relate to this event of the stolen election that brought Bush to the presidency, to fulfill the RED HORSE’S PROPHECY that brought the ENDLESS WAR ON TERROR is because for those that were killed (pierced) any time in history because of their taking a stand for the Next Level (Kingdom of God), as they return to taking vehicles to forward their overcoming of humanness another grade level would see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak in the time of their approaching graduation and subsequent redemption as depicted in Rev 6:10.


Dan 7:3 And four great beasts ((kings)) came up ((5559 cliq to ascend, come (up))) from ((4481/4480 min= according, after, + because, + before, by, for, X more than, (out) of, PART)) the sea ((3221/3220 yam= to roar, a sea (as noise of surf) or large body of water, fig. people, THE WEST or (occasionally) the south)), diverse ((08133 sh@na’= to change, alter, (be) diverse, transform, different)) one ((1668 da’ corr. to zeh 2088= this, one…another)) from ((4481/4480 min= according, + because, + before, by, for, X more than, (out) of, PART)) another ((1668 da’ corr. to zeh 2088= this, one…another)).

The messengers that deliver these dream/visions to Daniel, when asked, bring some interpretation to them starting in Dan 7:17, saying these four beasts are Kings that shall arise out of the sea and/or from a direction and/or overall population, even specific to a region as in “the West” which is particularly interesting given how the Americas, relative to the primary start of the Next Level’s experiment in the Middle East region moved west.

Thus a new interpretation might look like; these four beasts ASCEND (COME UP) OUT OF AND BECAUSE OF THE PART (FROM) of the planet and it’s population, OF THE PEOPLE IN THE WEST they brought their ROARING/NOISE (SEA) TO CHANGE, ALTER, TRANSFORM (DIVERSE) THESE ONES (ONE) into ANOTHER. In short this could be seen as saying Part of the humans in the west will be transformed from human to members of the Next Level Kingdom of God/Heaven through/because of these human kings/rule (world) they are helped to overcome. In this way these Kings that includes their governmental reign become stepping stones for the upcoming student body to conquer by rising above seeing them as something to aspire to in all their manifestations. The Kings and their society are also undergoing transformation one to the next as that is the course of preparing the overall population that provides human vehicles to the returning Souls and spirits whether to resurrect to life or resurrect to death, as Jesus indicated would occur at this end time.

Many Christian writers say these four kings (beasts) are represented as, 1=Babylon, 2=Medeo/Persia, 3=Alexander the Great’s Greece, and 4=Rome. The most commonsensical dispute with that premise becomes apparent in the fact that this is being written during the Babylonian Empire and yet is depicting these four beasts as RISING out of the sea (of humanity). If Babylon is the first of these four beasts how can it be seen RISING out of the sea when it’s already well established? This is further shown in verse 17 where it specifically indicates these four kings (beasts) “SHALL ARISE out of the earth (human kingdom).” It’s the FUTURE TENSE of the verb ARISE so isn’t forecasting the past and present. Additionally is the fact that Rev 13:1-2 describes the Beast with 10 horns with very clear equivalence to Daniel’s fourth beast with 10 horns while combining the descriptive characteristics of Daniel 7’s first three beasts, as a Lion, Bear and a Leopard, while only coming out of the BOTTOMLESS PIT (of the earth/sea) during the time of the 5th trumpet sounding of Rev 9:1 which is all clearly referencing the END TIME but before the Two Witnesses begin their testimony period.

Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
Rev 13:2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Note all the horns have crowns thus all describe the political, military, social, even institutional instruments and mouthpieces of any nation state that even still have kings or queens as figureheads but serve the heads that together form the BEAST.

Thus given Rev 13:2 combines the descriptions of the first three beasts (kings), these more detailed descriptions of each beast here in Daniel 7 will show CONTRIBUTORY or COMPOUNDING, even TRANS FORMATIVE changes in that particular PART of the “sea” of humanity, possibly from the WEST from each king’s influence to arrive at the fourth KING (beast) and what is shown to be an actual FOURTH KINGDOM on Earth. Thus I would venture to say that these first three Kings are related primarily to the three biggest colonial empires that had a global reach in how they were instrumentally involved in the shaping of the Americas; England (Lion), Spain (Bear) and France (Leopard), though the Netherlands/Holland Dutch, mostly Germanic were mostly divided up as an influence between what became France and Spain, all of which stem from the Holy Roman Empire and it’s Roman “eagle” represented predecessor that constitutes the formation of the larger fourth King and Kingdom in the way the fourth beast is the sum total of all that’s happened before, while building to the most pertinent END TIME that is really established as the Next Level’s kingdom on Earth with the arrival of the Two Witnesses in the 1970’s. Their arrival ushered in the first of these four kings.

Thus in this rise which was largely about 40 years time that started in the 1970’s that rise is reflected by key kings that were also mouthpieces (horns) in the overall fourth kingdom’s ascension. The fourth King really takes its primary shape, according to Rev 13:2, having the roar of the first lion like king with the wings depicting how the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens are in the drivers seat and whose angel wings were “plucked,” requiring those in league with Lucifer to find human vehicles to “stand” up by. The bear king demonstrates the manner of their “boots (feet) on the ground” as the military operating in a slower more methodical fashion than all out war. Then finally starting with the reign of the king with his four horns and four wings depicted as a Leopard where even this fourth kings physical body and the manner of his rule is slow and methodical in it’s movement while speaking with the authority and viciousness of a Lion while claiming God’s authority, except his/their, this kingdom’s god little do they know is really the Luciferian “dragon.” This becomes very apparent when we look at the King that is a Lion/panther mix as a leopard – George H.W. Bush and his Yale Skull and Bones Mason relationships and the fact that he was the bear king’s CIA director no doubt contributing to detailed knowledge of the space alien issue. In that way the space aliens were by their presence and actions riding heard on the U.S. leadership. More on this in the following detailed look at the first three “kings” (beasts).

Dan 7:4 The first (was) like a lion ((744 ‘aryeh corresponding to ariy 738 from arah’ 717= in the sense of a gathering of violent piercing, plucking, (from the margin))), (and had) eagle’s wings: (I) beheld ((saw)) till ((5705 `ad corresponding to `ad 5704= as far, as long as, until time)) (the) wings ((1610 gaph= to arch; the back, + highest places)) (thereof were) plucked ((4804 mrat corresponding to marat 4803= to pull off, to polish, by implication make bald, bright, furbish, (have his) hair (be) fallen off, peeled, pluck off (hair))), (and it was lifted) up ((5190 ntal corresponding to natal 5190 to raise, take up, lift a bear as a burden (from 5192 netel))) from ((4481 min= upon, (out) of, for, because of)) the earth ((772 ‘ara` corresponding to erets’ 776= firm part of country, ground, nations, way, wilderness, world)), and made stand ((6966 quwm corresponding to quwm 6965= appoint, establish, raise up self, arise (up), set (up))) upon ((5922 `al 5921= above, according to, because of, by reason of, (up-)on through)) the feet ((7271 rgal corresponding to regel 7272= a step, be able to endure, possess footstool journey)) (as a) man ((606 ‘enash corresponding to enowsh’ 582 mortal man)), (and a) man’s ((mortal man’s)) heart ((3825 lbab corresponding to lebab 3824= courage, (tender-)heart(-ed), mind, understanding, bethink themselves, will, wisdom)) (was) given ((3052 yhab corresponding to yahab 3051= deliver, pay, yield, give)) (to it).

The Lion was a symbol of Babylon but in this context of the future is a big symbol of several European powers with the most current being England and describes a violent power and especially by having an eagles wings that in history is directly linked to the Holy Roman Empire, the Roman Empire and The Babylonian Empire, the reason why some say this represents Babylonia. (I believe the ultimate interpretation of the wings show the Luciferian fallen angel influence over all the bigger nations that went into making them the global wide powers they became).

In Dan 7:2 it indicates four Next Level crews (winds (Spirits/Minds) of heaven) strove (1519/1518 giyach= “labor to bring forth, draw up, take out” (as water) from the sea. I believe this can only apply to two periods of time. First when the Older Member from the Next Level assigned the task to incarnate as Jesus arrives or during the END TIME when he returns with his Father incarnate in new physical human vehicles. Since it indicated these are busy “laboring to bring forth,” which sounds very related to what Jesus called being “born of spirit/mind” pertaining to the END TIME period this is another indicator these prophecies refer to that End Time period.

Accordingly and with parallel interpretations as is often the way prophecy is built, the Next Level Crew is “laboring to bring forth” upon the four winds, as the four quarters of the literal heaven’s, as every area “elevated above the physical surface of the Earth” (heavens) to begin all that’s needed to set up for the incarnate arrival of the Two Witnessing Older Members. This laboring took place by stimulating large numbers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries to migrate to the U.S. that became labeled as a “melting pot.”

I believe part of Daniel chapter 8’s Little Horn (King) is depicted in more detail here along with what was to follow.

This first King (beast) seems to be the 37th president of the U.S., Richard Nixon, who served from 1969 to 1974, precisely the time when TI and DO me in 1972 awakened in 1973 to begin their 1260 day prophecy period. Incidentally, Richard Nixon and his other three brothers were all named after English Kings and for him specifically after Richard the Lionhearted. He came into the presidency on a “peace with dignity” in Vietnam platform but though he began to reduce troops in Vietnam ended up sending troops into Laos and Cambodia and increased former President Johnson’s bombing campaigns on both countries. Between both these two presidents more bombs were dropped on Cambodia, called “carpet bombing” than all the bombs the U.S. dropped during World War II, thus Nixon certainly presided over a violent piercing of Southeast Asia. Just like his English background was represented by the Lion, the English “wing” is a way of illustrating a colony, namely America where represented by the Eagle was pulled off of the Lion’s body during the revolutionary war. But as with all prophecy’s multiple applications this plucking or pulling is also shown by Nixon’s impeachment that was sure to be enacted so he instead chose to resign because of he and his administrations shady, illegal actions summed up as “Watergate.” His wings of an eagle presidency were plucked from him and 46 members of his administration were prosecuted and his vice president Spiro Agnew also resigned having been implemented as well. The only reason he didn’t go to jail was because his successor, Gerald Ford pardoned him.

The Next Level could prophesy this in Daniel’s day because they know well the nature of the Luciferian space alien fallen angels who would drive humans into wars, lies and deceits so it was just a matter of timing to see to it, it was brought to a head by shedding light on the deceit in a way that could not be denied, as this was the time period in which TI and DO were awakening and were about to publicity deliver their testimony, BEARING THE BURDEN of witnessing to the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s return to fulfill prophecy. They needed the U.S. where they had planned to come to, to be at peace when they came public otherwise with all the unrest and anti war demonstrations and police brutality and condemnation of the largely youth movement against the war, those human vehicles (mortals) their returning student Souls were planning to take over, might have less of a chance to hear about TI and DO and awaken to their opportunity to break away from their human roots to embark upon their JOURNEY to also STAND UP, RAISE UP, BE TAKEN UP, (RUPTURED FROM THEIR HUMAN LIVES). A number of the students were hippies. It’s interesting as a side note that hair is being plucked off. I for one had long hair and we all who did had it cut off, as TI and DO instructed. We were leaving whatever identity we had behind. Plus it’s interesting that the Eagle that came to represent the U.S. is the “bald eagle,” hair representing the fur/feathers of a mammal to which these students were seeking to overcome. (As I write this my hair is long again. That may not stay that way but I don’t think hair is important except as one of a number of ways we can stand up against the governmental bestial systems and institutions that largely reject a disheveled long haired look. I’m not suggesting new believers grow their hair. It wasn’t in the list of minor or major offenses TI and DO gave us, though we did have grooming instructions in our procedure books to follow. But that classroom is over and the current classroom is to disseminate the information TI and DO left behind so that’s what’s most important to show them we want to be in their service, but no one is held back from going as far as they want to go to overcome their humanness as they will be faced with doing so in the next classroom after they have left their current vehicles when overcoming any remaining humanness will be taught that may have an entirely new set of procedures to abide by, because giving our will to our Older Members is the lesson plan to make graduation.

It also seems significant that Richard Nixon was the first president to come from California. There will be more to say about that in the next verse interpretation.

Lucifer is depicted as a roaring lion (1Pet 5:8), as a king of the jungle (wilderness) and was allowed to be over mankind who can become his prisoners and victims if they don’t choose to reject him and his programming and shift their loyalty to the Next Level through their most recently incarnate Older Members. That is the test we are all up against and not choosing is choosing to stay with him and his followers though that’s between each of us and our private relationship with TI and DO, if we want to have one. It’s not our business to ask anyone who they are putting their allegiance towards but it is our task to show the details of how we come to that self determination, if they ask us for that information.

Lucifer having once served the Next Level chose to “exalt himself above the stars of God” (Isa 14:13-17). An eagles wings provide the analogy to the way Next Level Members have physical bodies that among other attributes can literally defy gravity, both in their spacecrafts and as needed individually. Jesus demonstrated this function of his new changed over vehicle on at least two occasions according to the record by literally rising into the sky and into a cloud, that received him out of their sight (Act 1:9) and before then by hovering over the roaring sea, presumably during the 40 days he was demonstrating his new “glorified” vehicle’s new characteristics to his disciples after his body was changed over following it’s execution and final ingredient received “in a twinkle of an eye” when he briefly returned to his Father, before visiting much with his disciples.

This termed “glorified body,” TI and DO equated to the metamorphoses changeover from a caterpillar (human body) to a butterfly (Next Level body), as they stated in their “Statement One” in 1975 as completed for Jesus during the time of what’s been called his Transfiguration. Angels are depicted as flying with an eagles wings, (Isa 40:31), though I don’t think these Next Level crew members (messengers) fly because of having literal bird like wings as depicted in paintings. However that doesn’t mean the Next Level hasn’t experimented with the design of human or human equivalents with literal wings as part of their body. In fact once while in the classroom and located in the south central Texas area there was a report in some alternative publication of a sighting of a large winged humanoid creature. Though it could have easily been made up or exaggerated or mis-represented, TI and DO didn’t discount the possibility. They always said the Next Level was engaged in tasks on the garden they were not privy to know about as they didn’t need to know about them and some things might have even distracted them from their task to bring a group through their graduation birth canal. Incidentally, they did feel there were no other incarnate members of the Next Level with their same task.

Thus “wings” in this verse also depict the way Moses was instructed to incorporate wings into the design of the cherubim (angels), made out of wood and fashioned above the “mercy seat” on the top of the “arc of the covenant,” a wooden box overlay-ed with gold plate, that held the stone tablets with the initial instructions carved into them. When they weren’t traveling this BOX was kept inside the “tabernacle,” tent designed as Jehovah’s abode he occupied when physically, though unseen except for a cloud that would descend at the entrance to that tent (only), among them in the camp. Also, in visions Ezekiel and Daniel recorded, Beings were witnessed, probably in their dreams, but perhaps also while awake as the way the Next Level Older Members chose to help humans come to grips with the physical reality of the Next Level and their Above Human vehicular capacities that were birdlike. TI and DO didn’t give us any indication that Next Level members fly around like superman is shown to do.

Thus this first king (beast) would therefore also represent Lucifer (and those that sided with him) in how he had risen to a kingly status in relationship to humans until his fall when his “angel wings” were removed (plucked) from him that meant he was now imprisoned on Earth literally, (though on Earth would include the Earth’s atmosphere and some miles into near space). Lucifer and company are also shown to be “grounded” by the Elohim (Older Members of the Next Level) when the record states, because of his deceit to influence Adam and Eve, he would have to “crawl on his belly and eat the dust of the earth all the days of his life.” (Gen 3:14). It seemed that included fleeing underground during the flood.

This verse also indicates Lucifer’s fall as his being made to “stand on his feet as a human (man),” having human un-awareness (heart) and physical desires, in other words, his awareness of the reality of the Kingdom of God/Kingdom in the literal heavens, as the Creators of all, was taken from him, though he probably thought of them as a powerful extraterrestrial kingdom he could compete with. Jesus addressed this in a parable, saying, to those who don’t work to increase what they are given, they instead lose what they had been given and end up in the darkness.

Personally, I believe I experienced this loss of awareness when I dropped out of TI and DO’s classroom in 1994 after being a fully dedicated member of their classroom/crew for 19 years. While in the classroom I can’t think of a time when I disagreed with TI or Do about something they said. But after I left them, although I never spoke against them, I do recall thinking TI was wrong when she told me that one of the things that would keep me off the Next Level spacecraft was, “wants to be seen as something special.” I recall thinking to myself, “I didn’t want to be SEEN as something special, I wanted to BE something special” and thought there was nothing wrong with that.

Of course to remain a human who was not wanting to rise to the lesson step standards of becoming a member on TI and DO’s literal crew on board a spacecraft, there is nothing wrong with either wanting to be special or wanting to be seen as something special. They are just some of the many characteristics of being in the human kingdom. But Next Level students lose that kind of self grandiosity heightening of their ego. They don’t want to have an identity that is separate from their Older Member. They simply want to be a clear vessel for their Older Members Mind, as if a puppet, though the Older Members would have no puppets. Humans don’t realize how much we are all puppets of the lower forces until we actively combat that programming which is a process and the reason why the Luciferians are released from their prison cells periodically to provide.

Dan 7:5 And behold another beast ((King)), a second, like ((1821 dmah corresponding to damah 1819 to resemble, compare, think, devise)) (to a) bear ((1678 dob corresponding to 1677 dob from dabab 1680= moves slowly, cause to speak, quiet strength)), (and it) raised up ((6966 quwm corresponding to quwm 6965 come on scene, establish, make, raise up self, stand, set (up))) (itself on) one ((2298 corresponding to chad 2297 as card, one; as article SINGLE; as an ordinal, FIRST; adverbially, AT ONCE, first, together)) side, (and it) had three ribs ((5967 ‘ala’ corresponding to ‘tsela= curved, as a figure; SIDES, PLANK, door, flooring, corner, timber, pitch, rear up, rouse up, establishment, stir up, uphold, chamber)) (in the) mouth ((6433 pum probably for peh 6310= mouth as a means of blowing (speech) as a portion, a hole, skirt, talk, appointment, mind)) (of it) between ((997 beyn corresponding to beyn 996= among, a distinction, either/or, asunder, at, out of, whether, within)) the teeth ((8128 shen from shanan 8150= to point, to pierce, instill or teach (someone) an attitude, idea or habit by persistent instruction, stimulate appetite, sharpen, ivory, tusks of elephant, fig. cliff, crag, forefront)) (of it: and they) said ((560 ‘amar corresponding to amar’ 559= command, declare, say, speak against, tell, answer, boast self, challenge, charge, demand, promise)) thus ((3652 ken corresponding to ken 3651= so, set upright/just, afterward, be cause, following, like manner)) (unto it), Arise ((6966 corr. to quwm 6965= appoint, establish, make, raise up self, rise (up) (make to) stand, set (up))), devour ((399 corr. to akal’ 398= accuse, to eat/feed (freely), feed (with), in…wise (-deed, plenty))) much ((7690 saggiy’ corr. to ‘saggiy 7698 large, exceeding, great, many, sore, very)) flesh ((1321 corr. 1320 basar 1319 (from freshness), body, person, mankind)).

This King (beast) is described as SLOW MOVING and/or with a QUIET STRENGTH (Bear) who is the FIRST (one) SIDE to RAISE UP of a THREE that are described as ribs but equally as SIDES, PLANKS, TIMBERS, FLOORING, CORNERS, DOORS, etc. that UPHOLDS the house/CHAMBER ESTABLISHMENT of the (Kings) BODY. (Incidentally, it’s interesting that a “plank” traces back to the 13th century that referred to a wooden bridge and today is even used to describe one’s political position or “doctrine.”

This raising up of ONE SIDE is accomplished by SPEECH/TALK (mouth) AMONG/FROM, OUT OF (between) the POINT/PIERCING of an elephant’s IVORY TUSKS (TEETH).

However this King rises up he DECLARES (said) the SETTING UPRIGHT/JUST, FOLLOWING AFTERWARD (thus) RAISING/SETTING UP, MAKING TO STAND (Arise) the CONSUMPTION OF (devour) a LARGE (much) FRESH BODY. The Body is the Elephant, the body politic Republican that from this point on does not really lose power, though for the public discourse appears to still be equal to the Democratic “Donkeys.”

A bear in terms of history and nations is generally agreed upon by Christian writers, as referring to the Russian or Germanic/Prussian Kingdoms/Empires, thus in modern times the Soviet Union. Following the Nixon administration it’s interesting how the next significant driver of warfare at the helm of the U.S. is President Ronald Reagan, former governor of California, that state that is a country in and of itself and has always been represented by the bear as shown on it’s state flag and on various California county and city emblems.

The California state flag dates back to 1846 during the Bear Flag Rebellion where the “Bears” were at first twenty-four American settlers who rebelled against the Mexican government who at the time claimed and controlled the territory known now as California. They won in a very small territory and raised their flag with only a big bear and one star on it, calling it the California Republic. The republic was short lived because in 1850 California joined the Union and the Bear flag became the official flag in 1911. It’s interesting how California’s first flag was actually a “lone star” that was red on a white background and one star is still on it’s state flag. This is because there was a rebellion in 1836, when two men captured Monterrey and declared California a free and sovereign state, though did not succeed to secure independence from Mexico at that time. The only other state that claimed to be it’s own Republic is Texas which is the most thought of as the “lone star” state. Given the close relationship between Texas and California for TI and DO and Crew’s mission this is more than coincidental.

Ronald Reagan was also a Hollywood star. TI and DO held their first semi-public meetings in North Hollywood. The city flag of Los Angeles consists of a background of three notched (zig zag) vertical stripes of green, gold, and red. Green represent olive trees, quite significant in prophecy as the fruit that is used to describe the overcoming process as a squeezing out of one’s “oil” (passion) and then keeping it inside our vehicle (lampstand) to be “burned” to produce light from that others can choose to be drawn to. And of course the Two Witnesses were described as Olive Trees and were confirmed in Zechariah’s prophecy to be the Two who are anointed before the God of the Earth.

The next part of the Los Angeles city flag is a second notched stripe that is gold said to represent orange groves, but again filled with prophecy fulfillment as gold is among the strongest of metals that is also resilient and remains impervious to rust and has many health promoting properties and usages and was what Moses was instructed by Jehovah to use for the covering of the “ark of the covenant,” and to cover all the tools used on the atonement altar. TI used gold in her analogy of the overcoming process being like taking the raw material of ore and subjecting it to heat that rids it of impurities for a pure gold result. She also compared this process to making butter from cream/milk where the heat is generated by churning to arrive at a purified product. The third color on the flag is red as related to the wine vineyards in the area, though mostly north around San Francisco but in the same San Fernando valley. That valley can be seen in prophecy as the location of Jerusalem spoken of in Isaiah as the “valley of vision” where vision can be seen as related to the motion picture industry that had a lot to do with preparing the human population of the U.S. for the return of these two Older Members, exposing them to ideas about space and beings in space and fallen beings, etc., as science fiction.

But Wine was also frequently used by Jesus and Moses and Old Testament prophets. Jesus spoke about how one needs to have a new wineskin to put new wine into as if you try to put new wine in an old wineskin you can burst it as the wine ferments in it. Jesus compared wine to Mind aka Spirit. He compared the overcoming process to “pressing wine” from grapes, thus the Rev 14 “winepress” that refers to the great tribulation period when new student of TI and DO are awakening and some are choosing to begin their “pressing” by being of service to TI and DO at this time by disseminating their information to others as a last chance to “go with them” as Do referred to it, which applied on two levels for those that chose to be in the first fruit harvest and to those who chose to be in the second fruit harvest, saved to be brought back to have a first fruit harvest opportunity following a 1000 year civilization and governmental empire, NWO beast/false prophet (religion/spiritual) recycling time.

Jesus also used wine as “blood” in his last supper showing his disciples that a big part of the overcoming process is being willing to be of service to he and his Father by telling the truth to others knowing they too would be treated in the same way as he was treated for doing so eventually. He illustrated this by “drinking from the same cup” and referring to that process as shedding his blood for them (on the Father’s task assignment He wanted to perform). He told them they too would have to drink the same cup.

That is also part of what is meant by the three things Jesus said qualify someone as his disciple, to 1) “deny self,” which has to do with giving one’s will to He and His Father, just like it’s said in the Lords Prayer, seeking help and strength and understanding of what “our Father’s…will is, to be done by us in the human kingdom on Earth,” 2) “take up your cross” – which is the burden of knowing if they hate our master they will hate those that are the masters students and 3) “follow me” – follow the example in thought, word and deed that the Older Member provides that entails separating from our human roots and desires and replacing them with a desire to graft to the new vine of our Older Member’s “tree of life” which is a continuous process of losing human behavior and ways and taking on the behavior and ways of the Older Member according to the stage the Older Member is teaching.

Do spoke about this as three types of students, those that had separated from their human lives physically and mentally, leaving all behind and put their all into overcoming the world by the Older Member’s example that in so doing would be potentially completing one’s metamorphosis (changing over their human vehicle into a Next Level vehicle – fetus) that only needs a final ingredient provided by the Next Level to become an adult Next Level vehicle. That fetus is what grows from the initial seed like “deposit” provided our human vehicle. The second type are those who are separating from the human kingdom’s behaviors and ways, family and aspirations, etc. but are not yet strong enough to complete their metamorphosis. They have begun the process and when they exit their vehicle their Soul will be kept in the company of the Next Level and brought back for a new overcoming classroom where they can attempt to complete their metamorphosis. Do thought there were some who laid down their vehicles in 1997 who would still need to return to complete their overcoming just like the disciples of Jesus all had to return to complete their metamorphosis, even though they gave their lives in service to Jesus.

Do didn’t address this that I know about, but He and TI did say that all John’s Revelations prophecies would be fulfilled. In them there seems to be an indication that those at this time in the tribulation that hit the deck running to start their metamorphosis can still become a graduate. Whether they change over into building their Mind/Spirit to a viable stage of receipt of a Next Level vehicle or to a vehicle that Do called a domestic stage Next Level vehicle is up to the Next Level to decide when those who give their all to their service exit their human vehicles.

The third type are those who never heard of TI and DO but in their own way have shown the Next Level they want to be in their family. These are like the three trimesters Do spoke about as related to the “Mind/Spirit birth” Jesus described.

There are several publications that explain all the symbols of “Heraldry” on flags and coats of arms. I am simply giving my best shot at what I think can be the human and Next Level views of these symbols. I say both because the Next Level uses symbols in prophecy so they have an interest in bringing consistency to the records and so may offer those in the human kingdom formulating their symbolism some hints to keep certain symbolism consistent for the sake of demonstrating more prophecy fulfillments for even this very work now. In other words, they over time whisper suggestions for any and all aspects of the symbolism to use in the areas they plan to engage the fulfillments of their prophecy. It’s reverse propaganda because it’s genuine and true.

The L.A. flag also shows a shield in it’s center of the gold jagged stripe. By the way that jagged part could be like representing the “teeth” of the bear in this Daniel prophecy. The shield can also be seen as the “amour of God.” The shield is divided into four as if representing the “four winds” aka directional quarters of the Earth.

The first NW quadrant is a U.S. flag with the original 13 stars (colonies). This seems to represents the new geographic area where the Next Level Older Members and crew of students return to complete their tasks. To play this out in more detail, it may represent more the area of the U.S. where those original thirteen colonies were, east of the Mississippi which could also extend itself to England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, the only areas Do and Crew made a point to provide their 6th Roar to by putting full page informational ads in an alternative new age type newspaper.

The NE quadrant is a California bear flag having the bear and the lone star both in red on a white background with a red stripe along the base. The bear in this respect may represent our mammalian nature that came from those who walked on all fours. It was specifically designed to be walking to the left and the lone star is on the upper left quadrant of this part of the shield so the bear is also walking towards the star above her head. I would guess this could apply to how California is more liberal or left minded and how that is walking towards the Next Level who gives us liberty so we can fully decide what we want to become. We can become totally satisfied with all forms of sensuality or choose to overcome those mammalian influences whether they are for fame and fortune or a life filled with pleasures. They are all options to get into or not but to graduate the human kingdom one must get out of whatever we get into and that process is called, “overcoming the human world.”

The third SW quadrant of this shield is the Mexican coat of arms, which consists of an eagle with a snake in it’s mouth. The eagle may represent power over the serpent, aka the Luciferian dragon by embracing the eagles perch that is in the high places thus the Level Above Human.

In the fourth SE quadrant is a split scene, the left half on a red background is a tower and on a white background the lion of Castile and León representing the arms of Spain. This can be seen as the aspect of the bestial humans that give their allegiance to the government or human kingdom secular leadership and the castle represents their achievements like the Tower of Babel or most recently the twin World Trade Center financial towers.

Surrounding the shield are the representations of the three major Californian crops, grapes, olives, and oranges and finally there are 7 black dots on the circle around the shield starting at 12 o’clock and spread out equidistant all around it. It’s a curiosity why it’s seven but that certainly would be easy to reference to the Book of Daniel.

There are a number of additional references in this verse that point to Ronald Reagan as this King. The Three Ribs, re-translated to SIDES have the additional description as consisting of the parts of a HOUSE (side, beam, rib, planks, timber, flooring, corner, leaves of door), and a CHAMBER that could be speaking of the Executive Branch part of the U.S. government that is comprised of the “kings” staff. It’s interesting how many support organizations that showed a great deal of power and influence with membership in the administration came out of his two terms.

The primary label was that of the “Reagan Doctrine,” that spelled out how the United States would provide overt and covert aid to anti-communist guerrillas and resistance movements in an effort to “roll back” Soviet-backed communist governments in THREE areas (SIDES) of the world, namely; Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This was also called a “Cold War” strategy, akin to the comparison of this King (beast) to a bear who as opposed to the Lion’s “hot” approach, is slow and “cold.” Reagan with Dick Cheney as his vice president referred to the Soviets as an “evil empire.”

An additional way to see these three “SIDES” of Reagan’s CHAMBER of government was identified as three organizational successes, not through the “teeth/tusks” of “cold” warfare but though propaganda machinery, what they TAUGHT/SAID in what was referred to as the Moral Majority, a right wing Christian organization that began in 1979 and ended in the late 1980s that supported Reagan for president and claimed by the end of Reagan’s term, as announced by Jerry Falwell, it’s founder, that “Our goal has been achieved. The religious right is solidly in place and religious conservatives in America are now in for the duration.”

Politically what would follow would be two more “SIDES” of that movement, the second being the REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION that was a sweep of many seats added to the House of Representatives and the Senate that yielded majorities for the first time since 1952. It added many Republican Governors and State Representatives.

The third SIDE of these THREE CHAMBER, HOUSES (RIBS) that took shape within this CONSERVATIVE sweep of the Federal Government, extending beyond the Reagan presidency was the “Contract with America” authored by Newt Gingrich who had become speaker of the House during the Clinton presidency. This contract consisted of 8 reforms and 10 new bills that can be seen today as having made significant headway and are still being pressed forward regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican holds the presidency, thus Newt was correct. The Reagan era marked a Republican stronghold most apparent through the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation that can be tied to most all of the Republican initiatives.

Thus I am saying this Heritage Foundation is the most likely “FRESH BODY” that was raised into place with Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1981 as the MOUTH/TALK part of Reagan’s FIRST of THREE SIDES that extended to the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton presidencies.

Now going back to the way in which these THREE SIDES COME TO DEVOUR FRESH FLESH, via the TEETH, which was said as in addition to the policy broadcast approach (MOUTH) as in the Heritage foundation’s forthcoming Moral Majority, Republican Revolution and Contract with America, is seen more detail on the way foreign policy was geared to building up the communists as the primary threat to the U.S and to the world via mostly the Soviet Union.

Interestingly it was in 1980 while Jimmy Carter was still president and had just experienced a failed rescue operation of the 7 Iran hostages that Carter representing America led a boycott of the Moscow Olympics in protest for their invasion of Afganistan.

The Latin American Elephant’s Tusk/Teeth against the Soviet’s was evident starting when Reagan came into office as he brokered a deal Carter couldn’t manage because it was the largely Republican managed CIA that fostered a deal with Iran to free the 7 U.S. hostages that came to be known as Iran Contra. The deal was to sell military armaments to Iran in exchange for release of the hostages and use the money to support a large effort to try to topple the Nicaragua Sandinista newly formed revolutionary government because it was supported by the Soviets so the U.S. supported the counter revolutionaries referred to as the Contras. Aid to these Contras was banned by the U.S. Congress yet Reagan signed an authorization of the CIA to recruit and support the Contras and provided them with 17 million dollars worth of military aid. It became a scandal and some in the Reagan administration went to jail for by the end of his term but Reagan was kept away from being implicated so escaped prosecution.

This Latin American Elephant’s Tusk/Teeth extended to Granada, an island nation 100 miles north of Venezuela that had a pro-democracy govt whose leader, Maurice Bishop was assassinated that became the pretext for the American invasion of the island. The U.S. had been planning the invasion for years and before the assassination was in Granada promoted destabilization of the Bishop administration. Reagan justified the invasion to the American people saying the Soviets and Cubans were building a military base on Granada. It was true Cubans were employed to build an airport but there was no evidence of a military base.

On the Afganistan American Elephant’s Tusk/Teeth campaign, Reagan, again through fostering relationship with those that wanted the Soviets out of Afganistan paid billions over his entire eight years that extended into the Herbert Walker Bush presidency, for the Mujaheddin Arab mercenaries that Osama Bin Laden, as an administrator to provide, who were paid by the CIA through a funneling of the funds through the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI. Congress would secretly appropriate funds and the Saudi’s would match it, while the U.S. provided logistical and technological support and the Pakistani intelligence ran the war on the front lines against the Soviets. They saw to it that radical Islamic factions were hired which resulted in these same mercenary Islamic extremists turning on the U.S. as the Soviets were moving out of Kabul.

In the African American Elephant’s Tusk/Teeth campaign, specifically in Angola, starting in 1975, but buy the end of the 1980’s the U.S., through the CIA, sent up to 30 million dollars to support the overthrow of the Angolan government, though failed. Here is a snipped of a report by the Heritage Foundation:

November 14, 1985 ANGOLA TESTS THE REAGAN DOCTRINE INTRODUCTION Angolan government troops, backed by Cuban forces and directed by Soviet battle commanders, have been escalating their military campaign against the pro Western insurgents of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) led by Jonas Savimbi. Savimbi was Washington’s man in yet a third war to topple an existing government that was backed by the Communist Soviets.

That concludes the reign of the Beastly – Reagan kingship that put into affect three political “planks” with the teeth of combating communism by mostly funding, supplying and training of proxy warriors and mercenaries thus was a colder approach than all out wars with American boots on the ground and bombing campaign as was tried in Vietnam.

Dan 7:6 After this (I) beheld ((1934 hava’= exist, to breathe)), (and) lo ((718 ‘aruw= behold, these)) another ((317 ‘ochoriy Aramaic from achar 311, 310 and 309= after, the hind part, following)), (like a) leopard ((5246 namer from an unused root meaning formally to filtrate (filter), be limpid (free of anything that darkens), to spot or stain as if by dripping)), (which had) upon ((5922/5921/5920 `al= AFTER, above, about, against, concerning, by reason of, forth out of, beside the rest of)) (the) back ((1355/1354 gab= to hollow or curve that back (as rounded), body, boss, eminent (higher) place, (eye) brows, nave, ring, vault)) (of it) four ((703/702 arba from raba` 7251= through idea of sprawling “at all fours,” four sided, to be quad-rate, four squared)) wings ((1611/1610 gaph= to arch the back or body at the highest places)) (of a) fowl ((5776/5775 owph from uwph= a bird as covered with feathers or wings, that FLIES, is FLYING)); the beast had also four heads ((7217 corr. to ro’sh 7218= the head, band, beginning, captain, chief, company, end, first, forefront, head, height, on high(-est part, priest), principal ruler, sum, top)); (and) dominion ((7985 sholtan from shlet 7981= empire, have the mastery, power, bear rule, be (make) ruler)) (was) given ((3052 yhab corr. to yahab 3051= deliver, lay, + prolong, pay, yield)) (to it).

– “Leopard” – This next King (beast) is described as a Leopard which is a hybrid of a Lion and another creature some say is a “pard,” of which little is known, just calling it a mythical creature, but in some interpretations considered to be a panther and in a few translations a tiger, accounting for the spotted, speckled or potentially striped coat. Other research turned up an interesting animal known from Tasmania and Australia nicknamed the Tanzanian tiger, wolf or devil. It is a marsupial, predator with a pouch like a kangaroo and a wolf like face and body with tiger like stripes on it’s back and is scientifically named a thylacinus cynocephalus meaning, “dog-headed pouched one” or thylacine. They are not especially quick like a tiger or panther so the stripes seem to be the primary relationship to the tiger.

I came upon this creature from someones Facebook post as I was trying to figure out what this second half of leopard was from and the person posted with the name thylacine in parentheses, “(said as, Thy lo seen)” which struck me as interestingly close to the verse text of, “this I beheld lo another” which comes closer by use of additional translation options, thus made me wonder if the post was help from the Next Level as that is often the way help comes. This animal is also called a “partager” that can sound like pard tiger or part tiger to play with terms a bit. Since the main point in this symbol depicting this King as compared to an animal with black spots suggests the strain of Lion became intermingled with a black panther as the stripes on the tiger are also black.

In any case, the spots, stripes or specks are the distinguishing difference that given it’s usage in the Old Testament records indicates a mix of genes that the Next Level in the early part of the current civilizations development doesn’t look as favorably upon as being part of the primary genetic stock from which Next Level Members could potentially come. At least this is the way animals with spots were talked about in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible that Moses evidences authoring. Those with spots or equivalent blemishes or markings were not to be chosen for the demonstration of sacrifice of ones physical vehicle to grow the mind/spirit from, the ultimate usage for human physical bodies, as strange as that can sound. Flesh vehicles are part of the evolutionary design that a mind can grow from when provided opportunities to override inherent programming so then serve as “stepping stones” or in the records, “footstools” that provide what a Soul needs to overcome to grow a Next Level Mind/body from. A Next Level body can also be thought of as a “Soul body,” which in this context is what grows inside a human vehicle alongside the human vehicles “spirit body” that starts when the Next Level invisibly makes a “deposit,” Jesus referred to as a “seed” into the chosen human vehicles that “caught their eye” for reasons that they could “match” the returning Soul body that had it’s beginning and partial growth/formation while with the last incarnate Older Member, in this case with Jesus, but to potentially include those who gave their all after Jesus left.

Thus I imagine from this symbolism that this King (beast) is more of a product of the mix of the Luciferian mind (leftover from having received Next Level Mind) with mortal human mind (animal kingdom mind), thus a hybrid. And with that mix also would come both that mystical/secretive slower predatory “pard” along with the forceful, direct exercising of kingship through violent control over others as we had seen by the Lion dominated mind of the U.S. in it’s escalation of waring throughout the 20th and now 21st centuries. The records state that Lucifer is represented by the Lion as well because he once conquered a degree of his lesson step to be provided some degree of service to the Next Level that he uses his experience with, to date, to try to motivate humans to forward he and his associate fallen angels agenda to get off the planet and back into the heavens rather than being trapped back underground again or annihilated as he knows was prophesied as his fate. TI and DO said he has become bitter and resentful of the Next Level’s power over him, so is fighting with all his might to turn eyes away from the Next Level and away from the true reality of the Next Level as taught for the last 5000+ years and most recently brought most accurately to light by TI and DO.

Considering that Ronald Reagan was represented as the King described like a bear, who didn’t amass an invasion on anyone to come close to Nixon’s escalation of the massive bombing of Cambodia, except in a relatively small invasion of Granada, I suspect this king is represented by George H.W. Bush who showed a little of both forms of dominion over others, direct and savage in the Gulf War and clandestine (slower and colder) as in the “Pard” or Thylacine in the Panamanian and Somali Civil War. After all Leopards in general are not the same kind of hunters as Lions. They climb trees and wait for their prey and literally drop down on them to kill/consume them.

– “four” – can also be translated to “four footed.” I believe this makes more sense and especially in verse Dan 7:17 below that tries to make sense of .”..are four four kings” in the verse that I say seems more likely to mean “are four four footed kings,” as most times repetition of terms is not part of prophecy and especially in this kind of context. But then saying “four wings fowl” could be saying “four footed winged fowl.” The fact that this description is “upon back” of the leopard like King is saying that the King is being rode upon and the primary way a “fowl” is translated in prophecy, in terms of depicting a creature that can fly and in this case one that is four footed, or four appendage leads me to think this is depicting a human being or human equivalent among the lower forces. Dragon’s are often depicted with wings and yet are four footed (limbs) as are bats.

Interestingly, or perhaps it’s a joke, but according to David Icke’s lineage study the Bush family is distantly related to the individual who became known as Dracula – Vlad the Impaler some 34 generations removed from George W. Bush Jr., son of George H.W. Bush Sr. This may seem silly and of course we’re all eventually related – it just has to do with how distantly. Naturally, this one is only worth noting because the story of Dracula was about a special category of the dead (like Lucifer), a vampire in the sense that he steals your blood, your vehicle and who and what you are willing to give your blood for, human verses Next Level. He comes alive at night during a time especially after the LIGHT from the Next Level withdraws, to seek his blood supply (capture human vehicles and their souls) and is like a bat in that he essentially doesn’t see with his eyes except in his dark environment possibly a depiction of a Soul discarnate who manipulates other discarnates (zombies) to do his biding to make zombies of humans to act like robots on his behalf, whether on board a spacecraft or on or under the earth and/or sea.

The Next Level allows the Luciferian space aliens out of their dungeon beneath the earth and/or sea (one characteristic of Hell) to provide a test criteria for their upcoming students to gain strength from withstanding his predatory influence over them. Thus he is attempting to remove their capacity for life as represented by blood and those that are of the Next Level “bloodline” because of previous bonding in previous classrooms.

Along with this idea of Bush being more of a mixed genetic heritage, in David Icke’s chart he shows G.W. Bush as distant cousins with Barack Obama, John Kerry and Dick Cheney. Is there any curiosity that Lon Chaney was the actor who first played the role of Count Dracula. I’m not going that far in this research but although it can be said that all are related, there are clear consistent lineage among all humans and in this case the lineage of the Bush family does show some relationship to the Kingdom of Israel that split with the Kingdom of Judah, that were not to be favored by the Next Level for the human vehicles chosen to host the returning Souls (saints). It was the line of the Kingdom of Judah that was to be the line of the future for the vehicles of Jesus and his students. Thus those most in opposition probably stemmed from the Kingdom of Israel that consisted of the other 10 of 12 tribes (as the Tribe or Kingdom of Benjamin soon after the initial split joined with the Kingdom of Judah. The split mainly had to do with who was adhering more closely to Moses/Jehovah’s teachings. These of the Kingdom of Israel after king Solomon’s death who strayed more would have most likely been the same lineage as those who became the priests among the Pharisee and Sadducee Jewish groups that ended up most opposing Jesus and his disciples, who Jesus said would also be returning – the ones who “rise up again (resurrect)” who had done evil:

Joh 5:28 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,
Joh 5:29 And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil ((5337 phaulos= easy, slight, ordinary, mean, worthless, of no account, ethically, bad, base, wicked)), unto the resurrection of damnation.

As said in prophecy those who “pierced him” return too:

Rev 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

They rise up again in two ways; first in their genetic lineage as leaves on their part of the human tree and second by the same spirits or souls being attracted to the vehicles (leaves) that can best serve their needs to excel in a religious and/or state hierarchy to influence others to justify their acting out the same kinds of human mammalian behaviors and ways Jesus referred to as something to the affect of being, “easy, slight (deceiving), ordinary, mean, worthless, wicked” (evil), (relative to the Next Level’s agenda of raising “fruit” as new membership in their organization), which is the result of not attempting to conquer the Luciferian influence they became programmed by when living, when they had the chance by the incarnate presence of the Older Member. If their programming shifted to becoming a religious indoctrination, always a dilution and distortion from the truth (the core teachings) of the last incarnate Older Member, as how Paul of Tarsus contributed a great deal to, then their modus operandi as a spirit or Soul would be to seek the same programmatic satisfaction through other human vehicles, thus drawn to those who most can fulfill an expression of that previous programming.

– “four wings” – In addition to four as four footed in this context can equally be interpreted as the number 4 and if so can seem to relate to the time frame of the “four angels being loosed”:

Rev 9:14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.
Rev 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

This Sixth Angel’s trumpet sounding begins the time period that leads up to and includes the incarnation of the Two Witnesses and most of Revelations chapter 11 up until the 7th Trumpet sounding that scans about 40 years. I remind that it’s all a sounding so the events depicted will be seen during and thereafter their sounding, showing either preparation and examples of a degree of their manifestation, in this case, before the Two Witnesses come incarnate and then another degree of their manifestation after they come incarnate.

These “four angels” don’t seem to be Next Level Kingdom of God messengers as if they had been they wouldn’t need to be “loosed from being bound” as no Next Level crew members are “bound.” Thus these are Luciferian fallen angels that were bound that were let loose and I believe reflect what we have been seeing, escalating as unrest throughout the Middle Eastern countries falling apart with revolutions, all around the Euphrates River, one of the four rivers where this current garden experiment began and where Jesus said the Kingdom of God had removed from, to include from Jerusalem and from the genetic strain who were once the Children of Israel, today those who count themselves Jews whose ancestors rejected and killed the prophets sent to them. (Those who have outgrown thinking of themselves as solely an ethnic nationality could have to degrees become open to realities that the Messiah was incarnate as Jesus and thus would be more prepared to accept the return as well, if they once again break away from whatever new identity they might have come into. This is the case with everyone. We all must detach from whatever human identity we had to begin to attach to the most current Next Level family identity as today with those called TI and DO.)

So this verse indicates the Next Level had a specific time in mind for this allowance of this “slaying the third part of men” to begin by the actions of these four who are loosed, which seems to be why it was written as to the year, month, day and hour. I believe this time period essentially began with the World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001, even though it had been brewing in degrees since the times after Moses exited his incarnation.

The bottomless pit is opened that allows the Luciferian fallen angels with their human equivalent space alien slaves to exit from their prison cells underground as shown during the previous 5th Angel’s trumpet sounding. Incidentally I suspect that opening could have been related to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, like at Mt. Etna, described as “smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit,” (Rev 9:2) and possibly Mt. St. Helens in the state of Washington.

Etna’s 1928 eruption was the first since 1669, which was about the time TI and DO said their vehicles were “tagged” to incarnate into at their vehicles birth – TI’s vehicle born in 1927 and Do’s 1931. The next eruption was 1949 after the Plains of St. Augustine (Roswell, NM) and Aztec, NM UFO crashes TI and DO felt were the delivery method for their and their crew’s physical arrival on earth, sacrificing their existing physical bodies to free their Soul body’s locating of the human vehicles they, with Next Level Older Member help picked to incarnate into, which happens to be in sync with Rev 9:1’s “star falling from heaven” and Rev 9:2’s “opening of the bottomless pit.”

The next major eruption occurred in 1971 as if to herald TI and DO’s meeting in Texas in 1972 that began their awakening and next in 1981 marking TI and DO and their student bodys departure from their “wilderness” stage as described in Rev 12. Next in 1983 when TI’s eye was removed due to cancer that Do said later was because TI “burnt out her vehicle” because of the stress of her task, that preceded by two years TI’s exit as also prophesied in Rev 12 as the “earth assisting her against the Dragons flood by swallowing her up.”

In 1987 two tourists were killed by a sudden explosion near the summit of Mt. Etna which marks the year Do said he and the remaining students needed to “be who we are” referring to being the same Souls who were incarnate in the vehicles named Jesus and his disciples. This marked the beginning of the second public offering of TI and DO’s information, to include a great deal more detail about the space aliens and more references to the “records” termed “scriptures,” though without either TI or Do giving any public meetings. (It was the saints job this time as prophesied in Mat 25:31-34).

TI and DO stopped giving public meetings in April of 1976 which fulfilled the 1260 days of public prophecy forecast in Rev 11 of the Two Witnesses. Do would then write the “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Crew” that would provide the truth to combat the many distortions and lies told about TI and DO during their prophecy period. Next in 1991-1993 several eruptions occurred marking the putting into affect the strategies for the second public offering that ended up being the making of 13 hours of video of Do’s (and TI’s) teachings as the “second roar/thunder” from the Lion of Judah, what Jesus was known as.

1995–2001 was an unusually intense period of activity at the four summit craters of Etna and throughout this period were the remaining of seven total thunder/roars from (TI)Do and crew with their exit by laying down their physical bodies to their human kingdom deaths in March of 1997 known worldwide as the Heaven’s Gate Cult. Do said they were the cult of cults and also the cult of truth but they didn’t consider what they did as suicide because they said suicide would be choosing to stay in the human kingdom when TI had called them home to receive their reward of life eternal as new crew members in the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Humans where they would receive new physical bodies grown specifically for each of them to “wear” to perform their service through as prophesied that would entail their return in the clouds, covered, but this time not incarnate that other form of under-cover (clouded).

But in July–August 2001 there was new activity from seven distinct eruptive fissures mostly on the south slope of the volcano, which was a mass-media eruption, because it occurred at the height of the tourist season and numerous reporters and journalists were already in Italy to cover the G8 summit in Genoa.

In 2002–2003, a much larger eruption threw up a huge column of ash that could easily be seen from space. Footage from the eruptions was recorded by Lucasfilm and used in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

In 2007 there was a spectacular episode of lava erupted from a new vent which superseded an eruption on May 13, 2008 accompanied by more than 200 earthquakes and significant changes in the ground. The eruption continued but diminished until 6 July 2009, making this the longest flank eruption of Etna that lasted 473 days.

This most spectacular display with all the earthquakes seems to mark what I believe was the Seventh Trumpet sounding on October 17, 2008 with the National Geographics Channel’s Season 3, Episode Two entitled, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate,” that broadcasts for the first time by a mainstream popular media organization, a strong question that suggests twice in the broadcast that this Heaven’s Gate cult, founded by TI and DO and Crew could be what Christians refer to as the “Second Coming of Jesus the Christ” with his saints.

Eruptions in 2001, 2002–2003, and 2004–2005 lasted 3 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months, respectively. January 2011 to February 2012, the summit craters of Etna were the site of intense activity.

In the 1970s Etna erupted smoke rings and then again in 2000 and again on April 11, 2013. These smoke rings are interesting as smoke rings were used by Native American Indians to communicate between tribes or membership. The 1970’s are when TI and DO began and 2000 was when they had concluded that phase of their task while 2013 marked 40 years (1 hour Next Level time as prophesied) since TI and DO had awakened. That anniversary was commemorated by the meteor strike in Russia in February followed by many fireball sightings all over the world but primarily in the western U.S. to start and finish by April in the eastern U.S. There was also before that finish the closest near miss asteroid ever experienced. It was inside the Moon’s orbit. And there were two “great comets” which means they are visible by the naked eye at times. They were Panstarrs (formal designation C/2011 L4) and ISON (formal designation C/2012 S1) possibly appearing even brighter than the full Moon. I saw a report and a photograph that showed a small object moving ahead of Panstarrs within it’s coma, the wave of dark matter the comet is pushing as it traverses space. It didn’t seem that this comet with it’s own companion object was accidental considering Hale Bopp comet was also photographed by Japanese astronomers that showed another object with it and that comet ISON ended up surviving a sun dive and was later seen to look like a host of 7 or so objects flying in V formation. I believe this was TI and DO’s way of marking the milestone of the 7th trumpet and these displays as the 3rd woe.

Thus Mt. Etna’s eruptions seem like a clock of notifications of events in prophecy during the last three Angel’s sounding of trumpets and woes in the old temple area, along with cometary signs in the heavens and the provision of TI and DO’s updated information and terminology on the internet thus with global scope in a very popular and respected broadcast media organization.

To show that a bit further, getting back to Rev 9, the “Locusts” that come out of the smoke are further described as having power like scorpions (Rev 9:3) and “as it were crowns like ((similar to)) gold and their faces as ((even as)) the faces of men” (Rev 9:7), describing them with crowns like or similar to gold is describing them as the facsimile of having overcome (made themselves clear) and/or taking authority rank and “hair as ((even as)) hair of women and teeth ((eating)) as ((even as)) lions” (Rev 9:8) in other words predators, conquerors, even carnivores, which all describes them as mammals, human and human equivalents and “breastplates of iron” and “wings as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle” (Rev 9:9) that sound like flying craft, jets, bombers, drones with missiles, and potentially technologies copied from space alien crafts confiscated or given by the space aliens as reported.

These who come out of the smoke from the bottomless pit are the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens that become those that “sit on” and give power to the human kings of the earth, the “beasts,” to drive them to their agendas. Locusts as insects are a class of animal. Their power is in their tail in several ways. One, by keeping humans expending their force on sexuality and procreation they are literally poisoning and killing their capacity to SEE more of what’s true and real about our reality and the Next Level Creator Beings that designed it. TI and DO said that giving away our force in all the sensory stimulating ways reduces our “common sense.” Sexuality, procreation and all it entails and seeking to build self into something special to other humans are the biggest ways we expend our force. Throughout this experiment the Next Level Older Members have gradually introduced their human plants to choosing to restrain those expenditures throughout the millennium cultivating their genetic evolution that includes the new spirit/mind generated by each human vehicle with the simultaneous further growing of Souls They plant as seeds in selected vehicles during the three “trimester” Older Member incarnate stages. By the time of the third trimester to the genuine “spirit/mind birth” Jesus told his disciples they still would need to complete upon his return, some are SEEING and HEARING more of what is true thus cutting through what before that time was kept secret, largely by humans own continuation of sensual expenditure along with the timing of information dissemination and the provision of the Luciferian space alien fertilizer.

A tail is a major way to distinguish between non-mammalian Next Level behavior and ways and mammalian human or equivalent behavior and ways as it is a mammalian appendage but also a related symbol of human sensuality and how humans have the capacity to not allow themselves to be driven by its related hormonal reproduction. Because the Luciferians fell away from further building of their force, they lost awareness of the reality of who their Older Members are and so whatever they had gained previous to their fall, mutated into anger and bitterness and resentments of the Next Level and their Soul growing garden program. It is for this reason that many humans can easily become livid against any mention of Above Human Beings, whether they are seen as religious or spiritual or pagan or atheistic in their viewpoints as the Luciferians have worked to con humans away from giving their allegiance to Next Level Older Members in all ways that contribute to their expenditure of their force, even if it ends up being holding in that force to move it into their own brand of “enlightenment” whether defined as religious or spiritual piety and building of one’s own definition of holiness of self or by ones “holiness” taking the shape of a secular university professorship or other academic intellectual or scientific achievement that raise ones stature among other humans.

If our eyes can be taken off of the plain simple truth about the Next Level’s reality and Their program of giving self to the most currently incarnate Older Members, then we are poisoned in our minds with either the illusion that no real Next Level or “overcoming process” exists or with a distorted view of how to be among the harvest, by overcoming all our humanness for, by and through our Older Members as it can not be achieved without asking them to take us through that spirit/mind birth canal.

These Locusts are said to have wings and breastplates of iron, a way of showing that they have metal flying machines – spacecrafts (that are primitive models, I suspect that were built by human or human equivalent hands) whether on Earth during or before the current civilization or upon another planet. These “locusts” are humanoid, having the “faces of humans (men).” They have “as it were crowns of gold” because in their ancestry they come from once upon a time student Members of the Next Level who had partially succeeded towards full adult Next Level membership by conquered some part of human behavior and ways, possibly “giving the life of their vehicle through service” that yielded them their initial “crown,” though then lost much of what they had gained when they dropped out of continuous service to their Older Members.

It’s interesting that the space alien group called the Pleiadians who were reported to have had contact with Billy Meier said they had families just like humans and the person that was telling this to Meier, who was physically in Billy’s presence but was the only one I saw sketched was a female with very long straight blondish hair named Semjase. I suspect this depiction of these space aliens as having “hair as women” could be referring to the look of some of the space aliens, to bring us to a more realistic picture of the space aliens as simply human equivalents. TI and DO referred to them as equivalents because humans have only come to exist on earth because of the choices stemming from the Adam and Eve fall. As TI and DO said in the Blackhawk tapes, “humans are a copy,” “they don’t exist anywhere else,” that is “unless the Next Level has another prison” for fallen angels somewhere else, which Do said he doubted existed anywhere close in proximity to earth if existed at all. So in part I’m focusing on the “hair as women” part because it indicates they don’t look like the Whitley Steiber insect looking beings, though those could have been suits and/or clone/robots in his encounters and how they don’t just look like “men” (male humans) either. Hair is one identification of a mammal whether from earth or another equivalent planet though may not be an exclusive identification. In other words if hair was bred out of a human strain somehow, they would still be human if they had the “plumbing” (reproductive and digestive systems) of humans and/or the behaviors of humans. And the space alien spacecrafts are depicted as making noise.

Then the humans who work for the space aliens, though they don’t necessarily know it as it’s indirect are next to be described. When humans become aware of the space aliens they recognize they have no other choice but to cooperate, that is in the same way they cooperate with foreign nations that are seen as different from them or who they are suspicious of. They cooperate enough to keep the peace but try to maintain the upper hand at least until they see an opening to overcome their influence. In the case of the space aliens, humans in governments realized the value of having their kinds of flying machines and other technologies so as the reports stated, some agreed with some space aliens to not mount a campaign against them to not try to thwart their efforts to abduct some humans for their hybridization experiments where they would extract sperm and eggs from humans and impregnate human females with various seed from among them, with follow up observations as children are born whether on earth or on their spacecrafts. These space aliens seem to employ a tagging system, called alien implants they can use to track humans they are working on. The Next Level has their own tagging system but it’s undetectable by humans and doesn’t interfere or damage the human body it’s given to. The “horses” in this verse seem to be depicting airplane fighters and bombers and/or drones, etc. It’s interesting how the drones often look like insects. But some roar like lions and issue fire and smoke and brimstone. Perhaps the brimstone is shrapnel and/or radio active materials like the way depleted uranium is used on the coating of bullet heads that allow them to pierce armor but when broken up and disintegrated spread radio active particles throughout the air and land that makes it’s way into water systems and into humans and other creatures. Depleted uranium was well documented as used in the munitions used in the Iraq war.

– “four heads” seem to fit well as the 4 chiefs or can be said are the four footed (mammalian) content of those who represent this period of kingship, namely George H.W. Bush as the first head, followed by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama as the last head of this “beast” that exercises Leopard like characteristics, as said a Lion like conqueror verses the less blatantly predatory modes of management. For instance where George H.W. Bush fostered the invasion of Panama and Iraq he didn’t go as far as his more hawkish colleagues would have liked. He was criticized for not going all the way to Baghdad to topple Saddam Hussein’s ruler-ship but he didn’t want to do so knowing of the investment of lives and monies trying to rebuild the country. As it turns out he was quite right relative to these bestial administrations as there is no actual conquering without invested occupation and it’s clear that all the ground gained in toppling Sadam is being re-fought against those who were loyal to him all along that only went into hiding so are now behind what is called The Islamic State ISIS and it’s allies.

Bill Clinton was the second head who more or less kept the peace in terms of sending U.S. soldiers overseas to fight wars or doing much to stimulate unrest on U.S. soil. He was a key player in the Kosovo waring essentially to try to keep the Russians at bay in that area, but doing so through the NATO alliance rather than through a direct U.S. intervention. However, he is known to have helped the economy sore during his reign which is another form of “killing” would be souls as they become entrapped in their successes, fame and fortunes.

Then as if these four are paired, we see the eldest son of George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush representing the Republican kingpins desire to topple Saddam using the World Trade Center attacks as the catalyst to have an almost carte blanche check to wage endless war against anyone they want to point to as an Islamic extremist terrorist. This was definitely a lion sided approach starting two wars against Afganistan and Iraq. It was revealed by those in the administration that resigned and became whistle blowers that they were planning the Iraq invasion long before the WTC attacks. Those attacks were the “Pearl Harbor” like event they wrote about needing to rally public support for their wars, all stated in the document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” written through the think tank called, “Progress for a New American Century” or PNAC that began in 1997 with the decree to be able to fight a two front war.

As shown in Rev 9 how four fallen angels (“winged fowls” – spirits and/or space aliens) were sounded to be loosed, their actual influence on humans didn’t start in earnest until after the Two Witnesses and first fruit harvest was over in the period of time following Do and Crew’s exit of their human vehicles in March of 1997, exactly when these four set up shop with the various human leaders to form their PNAC waring strategy that is depicted on their “sitting on” the human horse of their choice to help drive their agenda. These four fallen angel space aliens want to get off the planet as they don’t want to find themselves locked up again and the best way to do that is to drive humans to develop their needed technology and the fastest way to accomplish that is through wars because then nearly unlimited sums can be brought into the military industrial complex with little to no question or restrictions, that is in addition to all the black budget monies and private contributions they can rally. Thus the prophecy fulfillment most apparent through the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama as the Red(fire)/Ruddy and Black/Blue “horses” respectively:

Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

A horse in this depiction is the beast and King in this case as it’s related to the way a human is a mammal, thus a four footed being made to “crawl on your belly” as was said to Satan in the garden after he led Adam and Eve to break their instruction/covenant with the Lord. It simply meant by four footed that they are restricted to earth, though that doesn’t mean they can’t leave the surface. They just can’t go back into space where they once had the capacity to do so.

Notice that it’s the one who “sat thereon” who takes peace from the earth because it is “given” to them that matches this verse’s saying, (.”..dominion was given to it,” this King.) In other words, the Next Level is allowing them to take peace from the Earth where before this period of time, these human mammalian Kings under the influence of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens were prohibited from taking peace away from the area of the earth where TI and DO’s graduation classroom was engaged. That peace was taken away with the 9-11 World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks that was war on the U.S. mainland for the first time since the internal Civil War and the waring against the native American Indians. The last externally developed wars were during the shaping of the country fighting for territory among three major European Kingdoms of England, Spain and France.

Following suit, Barack Obama would be the Rev 6:5-6 “black/blue horse” with one of the four Luciferian space alien fallen angel’s “sitting” on him, in other words controlling him the same way the Luciferians control all leaders they cultivate, though in Obama’s case it’s during the time after the first harvest and matches specific prophecy. The evidence of this is how he inherited the biggest global wide financial crisis in recorded history and because he as an Afro-European American with ancestors from Kenya (Luo), England and Ireland and according to some research is a 9th cousin to George W. Bush and of a royal lineage back to Charlemagne, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, which is a common ancestry with several U.S. presidents that go back to mostly English, French and Spanish and in some cases German, Russian Kings, Queens and other equivalent ruler-ship titles.

Critics of seeing the way these bloodlines generally stay together say all are related to all, which of course would make sense if there was only one source originally, but even in the Adam and Eve records there were humanoid, above animal beings created and TI and DO were sure there has been at least one previous civilization, even more than one perhaps, while after Adam and Eve’s lineage expanded to the time near Noah, according to Genesis chapter 6, the fallen angels mated with mortal women to produce “giants” (Nephilim), or “great ones” that Enoch sheds more light on in how these fallen angels, known as the “watchers” (probably because the Next Level gave them elementary tasks to observe humans, etc.) taught humans they contributed their seed to, all about the sciences and the use of herbs for healing, etc., starting yet another side lineage from Adam and Eve’s and the humanoids that existed before.

Now where a previous civilizations population came from might be quite similar to the depiction in Genesis. But with this view even though perhaps all humans can be traced to a genetic parental starting point or literal creation of a starting point as with Adam and Eve, what branch any one person is descended from is not insignificant as both the Next Level and the Luciferians try to keep the strain they are working with uninfluenced by outside lines for a time anyway as it’s a breeding program and for the Next Level the end result is to end up with human vehicles that remain compatible with the souls they plant into those human vehicles as what TI and DO called a “match.” They taught that this way, a Soul coming from one vehicle when they come into their next vehicle will pick a vehicle that has a programming (genetically) that is equivalent to what that Soul had grown out of and continued to vibrate on. In other words it is a match so the Soul can continue where it left off in whatever grade in school they left off from.

On the other side of the coin, the Luciferians also need to have new human vehicles they can incarnate into when the Next Level lets them out of their prison cells underground. So they gravitate to those who have the most influence over humans and help them lead and influence others to their Luciferian agenda of both fighting against the Next Level Older Members and student body and trying to do all they can to be able to get off the planet before they are locked back underground, though humans also end up preparing for that as well. But saying we all are related to Charlemagne or Genghis Khan or Adam is just not true. For instance there is no evidence I am related to any kings because those who become students of the Next Level would not gravitate to becoming leaders of others when they have accepted more of the Next Level programming of serving the Next Level rather than the humans in the human kingdom.

The prophecy talks about how the one sitting on this “black/blue horse” has the task to use their “horse” to manage a “pair of balances” which is related to holding the yoke of two oxen (BEASTS?). I suspect those two oxen can be seen in several ways from locally as the Republican and Democratic parties filled with membership trying to drive their state agenda’s forward for their constituency that got them elected and between the Conservatives and Liberals who are actually not necessarily party affiliated and finally as the U.S. and the E.U.

Where the financial component enters in, is where it states that one in the midst of the 4 Living Beings (as some mistranslated to “beasts” but these are not) says, “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” On one more literal level, wheat, barley, oil and wine are commodities and the buying and selling of them takes place on the stock exchanges and it’s no coincidence that the stock market based corporate banks are significantly invested in the stock market’s successes and we know that Obama was surrounded by Stock Market hierarchy from the same banking industry that they are in turn responsible to regulate or not, which as it turned out was mostly not. Many banks and other institutions at least on paper failed and the government bailed most out, even buying some like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae giant real estate mortgage loan institutions and a large part of General Motors, one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the U.S. Thus these became state run enterprises. The anti-communists of times past would be rolling over in their graves, except for the mega profits most CEO’s of even those failed companies still held onto. Meanwhile the Oil and Wine, the more luxurious commodities would not be affected.

Of course the greater but parallel interpretation has to do with Souls and Spirits. Oil represents those who are actively pressing the oil from their olives while an olive is a way of describing their human vehicle. If one is pressing the oil from it one is participating in the CHRISTING OVERCOMING OF HUMANNESS PROCESS. Wine on the other hand are those who are not actively pressing oil yet, but are actively absorbing and changing their Mind/Soul that results in a new wine in their wineskin – the Soul body deposit (seen) given certain humans by the Next Level Older Member’s crew sometime during the time they are incarnate that can awaken in stages when the information from the Older Members gets to them and they have arrived at an openness to look into and become drawn to. These are those who have the potential to become fruit for the second harvest. Pressing oil is equivalent to what TI and DO said was a metamorphosis. It’s literally changing our self into a new creature by adopting all that the Older Members provided when they were incarnate. The wine are those who are not yet strong enough to give their all, but are also changing, just not at the same pace. It’s not a race nor a competition but nor is anyone held back from growing as fast as they want to. That is accomplished by asking the Older Members, using the names they had while incarnate, TI and DO, to be in their service and to fight off their discarnate Luciferian fallen angel adversaries.

Now the Wheat and Barley are the new seeds spread by the Next Level. These are those who are prepped to become the vehicle for a returning Soul (wheat) to recognize the Next Level through new realistic terms and ideas that TI and DO have provided and/or they are the human vehicles (barley) of first time believers even those that never hear about TI and DO but are doing the best they can with what they have been given by the Next Level. For these belief in the Next Level, in whatever their terminology, is enough to get their Spirits or Souls saved to be brought back for a new classroom after the second harvest period, within a refurbished civilization that seems to be slated to take place over 1000 year period.

In summary regarding the first three of Daniel’s beasts that lead up to the fourth Beast:

As the Lion Beast reflects back on England and Australia and the once Holy Roman Empire nations of Europe and the E.U. through Richard the Lionhearted Nixon’s representation on the world and the Bear Beast reflects back on the Soviet Union/Russia and Sino Japan through Reagan in representation of actions in the world, this Leopard/Panther Beast, through the four heads of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s representation in the world seems to reflect back on four areas of the world in the southern hemisphere, namely, the Far East – China/Taiwan to Indonesia, the Near East as India and Pakistan, the Middle Eastern and African Nations and the South American Nations that formed the U.S. “dominion” the Next Level allowed them to generate yield from.


Dan 7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast ((king)), dreadful ((1763 dchal corr. to zachal 2119= to fear or make afraid, slink, crawl, cause fear as a worm [death?] and/or serpent [hell?])) (and) terrible ((574 ’emtaniy corr. mothen 4975= loins, hips, side, to be slender)), (and) strong ((8624/8623 taqqiyph= mighty, powerful, prevail (against))) exceedingly ((3493/3492 yattiyr= preeminent (surpassing others, distinguished in some way, famous, illustrious, renowned), very, excellent, redundant)); and it had great ((7260 rabrab from rab 7229 huge (in size) domineering (in character), great things)) iron ((6523 corr. barzel 1270/1269 (with 2088= on this side, itself, (self) same iron), to pierce, (ax) head)) teeth ((8128/8127 shen= tooth (as sharp), ivory, fig. a cliff, crag, forefront, to pierce, fig. inculcate, prick, teach diligently, whet, tooth of elephants)): (it) devoured ((399/398 ‘akal= accuse, eat, feed, burn up, wise(-deed, plenty), (lay) meat, quite)) (and) brake in pieces ((1855/1854 dqaq= fall into pieces, stab, crumble, starve, revile, pierce, strike (thrust) through, wound, crush)), (and) stamped ((7512/7511 rphac/raphac= trample, prostrate, humble self, submit self)) (the) residue ((7606/7605 sh’ar= whatsoever more, remnant, other, rest, remainder)) (with the) feet ((7271/7272/7270 rgal/regel/ragal= footstool, journey, piss, possession, time, follow, after, coming, be able to endure)) (of it: and) it ((1932/1931 feminine huw= she are, for her self, they, who, which is, as)) (was) diverse ((8133/8132 shna’/shana= change, alteration, transform, frustrated, difference)) from ((4481/4480= apart of, above, after, among, through, with, out of in many senses (as follows))) all ((3606/3605 kol= any, be-(for this) cause, every, whole, in all manner, altogether, as many as, howsoever)) (the) beasts ((kings)) (that were) before ((6925 qodam or qdam= X from, X I (thought), X me, + of, X it pleased, presence, the front, of place, the fore part, relatively the East), or time (antiquity), anciently, east end, part, side-ward, eternal, forward, old, past)) (it; and it had) ten horns ((7162/7161 qeren= literal horn or for sound, cornet, as projecting, an elephants tooth, corner of temple, peak of mountain, a ray (of light), fig. power, hill)).

This is presented as the second of three dreams (night visions) and has at least three key elements that tie it back into Revelations prophecy. First it’s the fourth human mammalian king (beast), which seems to relate directly to what is translated to the “fourth part of the earth” or without the filler “fourth earth (human kingdom) and/or geography.” I don’t think it’s accidental that there are Four Living Beings (mistranslated also to Beasts in this version and many others) that are opening each of these first four seals in Rev 6 that seem to relate to what are called the FOUR HORSES OF THE APOCALYPSE, where a horse is a mammalian thus beast, though it is only in this 4th horse verse that the fourth kingdom is related:

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Most Christian interpreters say Daniel’s fourth king (beast) is the Roman Empire and yes it is, but it’s as the return of the spirits of the leaders of the Roman Empire (and the genetic descendants), as Jesus indicated as the return of those who “pierced him” (Rev 1:7) and are the “resurrection of the unjust” who also find themselves among those who experience the “second death” – the death of the spirits and/or souls.

Another factor relating this to the Roman Empire comes from the way it is related to identifying, “the beast that was, and is not, and yet is” (Rev 17:8) in the way the Roman Empire relative to this END TIMING when it was to be applied, “was and is not and yet ((2539 kaiper= nevertheless, although, indeed, whomsoever, notwithstanding)) is” (said twice in Rev 17:8 with this second variation of “yet”), saying that in a way to indicate it “is” but in a way to WHOMSOEVER IT APPLIES, in this case and time as the American Empire (the Woman as Lady Liberty/Columbia focused in leadership on NYC and Washington D.C. (District of Columbia).

In breaking apart these descriptions of this fourth Beast (king) in the fourth kingdom, they seem to relate to both the blessings and curses given by Jehovah, through Moses that would come upon the Children of Israel based upon whether they did or did not abide by the commandments provided. (Those commandments were the equivalent of TI and DO’s Major Offense list, though updated to the third trimester, while the Jehovah/Moses classroom was the first trimester in the overall Mind/Spirit birthing process.) Both blessings and curses are related. A blessing is when something is given to us that is sweet to the taste but brings an upset stomach when it’s recognized how embracing the information means further detaching from the human world because of. A curse is something undesirable in every respect that is also a test IF we can CHANGE OUR MIND (repent) because of dealing with it. Both require CHANGES as great happiness and/or success in life is as much a trap as can be unhappiness and failure and/or calamity in life, in the way they can occupy our mind more than our desire to serve the Next Level Older Members who created us all to potentially “grow into adults” by choosing to evolve beyond the human kingdom according to their hands on directions and example.

Jesus made it clear that the Jews in Palestine, Jerusalem and surrounding areas and in particular the leadership of the Jewish people, had in general not lived by the commandments otherwise they would have recognized him and his updated lessons as the fulfillment of the expected messiah. Because of finding themselves successful in the level of service to Jehovah/Moses they believed themselves to have, they had separated themselves from the truth and thus whose descendants in word and deed are today’s Gentiles (non-believers in the real Kingdom of God) regardless of whether or not they describe themselves as Jews or not.

Subsequent to Jesus exit and his original disciples being killed off or dying, as the Luciferians were allowed to sow their seeds of misinformation, as most seen through the letters of Paul of Tarsus and his disciples and congregations, these descended in word and deed to become what is actually referred to as the “Holy See,” a sovereign state, of which Vatican City is it’s sovereign territory while is a different entity from the Vatican City State. Ambassadors and Papal representatives to other states and international organizations are officially accredited to the Holy See, not to the Vatican City State and it’s central government is called the “Roman Curia” having a Secretary of State and various executive and administrative departments as any other state with it’s head or the entire church (congregation of believers) throughout the world in the position of pope.

Thus the “Holy See” is a Theocracy, a “Religio-Spiritual State” abiding within Vatican city that has seen over the centuries considerable splintering as in the Protestant Reformation that was officiated by Martin Luther’s publish in 1517, “Ninety-Five Theses” that criticized the Catholic SELLING OF INDULGENCES, the CLAIMED PAPAL AUTHORITY OVER PURGATORY and doctrine of the SAINTS MERITS were not founded in the gospel records. Despite the merit of these complaints the resulting schism of Catholicism just became yet another branch of dis/mis-information. It’s so obvious how they have strayed from what Jesus taught and how their entire hierarchy has developed around the Apostle Peter in name only and the false apostle Paul of Tarsus and others while mostly ignoring most of what Jesus taught. It was made so complicated that it’s no wonder people have a hard time recognizing the truth when it’s before their eyes. “Pure (holy) sight/vision, has become pure blindness, though the choice remains to shed the blinders by asking and that’s most effective today and until our vehicles are deceased by asking TI and DO – using those names because that shows them you recognize them as the updated representatives from the Level Above Human.

Those who did abide by Jesus teachings as best they could became disciples or at the least believers that Jesus was from the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in Heaven and when they died in that belief their Souls were brought back, called a resurrection (rise again), but actually meaning “to stand up again” as they are helped to find a new vehicle to prepare as their test to overcome and thus rise out of the human condition through.

Thus the U.S. became abundant in having plenty that all could strive for while to overcome the human world would also have to break away from desiring so would lose any drive in that regard. For the upcoming “fruit” success in the human kingdom or even the promise of success would be a test of what they had become, based on what they wanted. If they wanted to please the Creators, whether a subconscious desire or not, when they were exposed to the Lord’s current Mind through the incarnate Two Witnesses prophecy – telling the truth, bringing updates and fulfilling prophecy, they would be faced with whether they would leave behind any desires they had for success, relationships, comforts and pleasures of the Human Kingdom to instead break away from the Human Kingdom. But those who were not of a mind to break away and were basking in their successes, comforts and pleasures or climbing the ladder with that in mind, when they would see the Two Witnesses, if they pay the story any mind would be challenged to see them as being from the Next Level. But as Jesus illustrated when that seed is strewn and then stimulated to growth by the provision of the “words” used by the Two Witnesses, if they had grown attached to things of the world that would be comparable to those seeds not falling on fertile soil so would not begin to sprout. For these the Next Level provides one last ditch effort to help them wake up, unlikely or not. They are plagues and we are about to enter the 7 last plagues/calamities that are related to those curses introduced in Deu 28:15-68 after listing the blessings.

Considering this fourth kingdom is comprised of mostly those who are descendents in word or deed to those who “pierced” Jesus and persecuted to death his disciples after Jesus exit, these descriptions would seem to be showing themselves as in relationship with the plagues that are about to come with the Rev 6 “pale/green horse” each having a Luciferian fallen angel space alien, depicted as “wings” (of birds) sitting on the red, black/blue and green/pale “horses,” where horses are the way the Next Level depicts certain “human” vehicles.

It’s interesting how, though the one sitting on the white horse in Rev 6:2 is most clearly depicting Do’s conclusion to his incarnate task phases, some Christians are saying it is Lucifer as he was called the “angel of light (white).” Since the Soul who was born into the “domestic” Next Level student membership, perhaps on a different planet, as I have reason to suspect of Do’s Souls origin as well, (perhaps even on the same planet at the same time period that was also implied by a few things TI said), the fact that the “beast from the bottomless pit” depicts the space aliens from the previous civilization, who are unknowingly led by Lucifer and the other fallen angel adversaries (satans), they too have their “product to birth” as Souls in league with them and they too “conquer” when they steal away a Soul from the Next Level’s litter. Also, they temporarily “win a battle” (conquer), only in a human way, the Two Witnesses and their students (Saints) in Rev 11:7 and Daniel 7:21 but where in Rev 12:8 it is shown that the Dragon (Luciferians) don’t ultimately win the battles as many are born into their next station in their relationship with the Next Level Kingdom of God/Heaven. Even though some Souls lose their battle, if they had come with the incarnate Older Members (TI and DO), having had a previous relationship with them, having passed a previous grade in their schooling, according to TI, they will still return to the Next Level to get another chance to overcome. (TI simply said, “all who came with us will return,” though they also said those who failed to overcome, by staying in the classroom to it’s conclusion, would be embarrassed upon returning, because they will see how they let seemingly insignificant things stand in their way of graduating. But they get another chance. TI and DO also said in the Blackhawk tapes that Lucifer was given many chances to change as well.)

Breaking down Dan 7:7 (D77):

-(D77) “dreadful” or “exceedingly (preeminent or very) dreadful” in Dan 7:19 are more thoroughly translated: “TO FEAR OR CAUSE/MAKE FEAR), TO SLINK, TO CRAWL, CAUSE FEAR AS A WORM [DEATH?] AND/OR SERPENT [HELL?].” Rev 17:8 indicates this overall bestial entity ascends out of the bottomless pit, just as is related in Rev 9:1 when this Beast first appears in the late 1940-50’s and Rev 12:3, though there as a “great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads” showing it’s international makeup, the crowns on the head referencing kingdoms past as in the G7 countries today. Additionally described as “to slink, to crawl” reminds us of the way the Lord (Elohim) sentenced the “serpent,” actually a “hisser,” in Genesis 3, because of his subtle sounding predatory influence on Adam and Eve influenced them to break their instruction from their Older Member that started the experiment’s motion towards the graduation, overcoming, conquering or prevailing as Jehovah (meaning of the Hebrew word israel) of that temptation to remain in the human evolutionary kingdom.

The indication is that Daniel’s vision of the “fourth king” qualifies well as the “green horse,” conspicuously, most often translated as a “pale horse” considering it could be represented as “pale green” as “pale” is taken from the Greek, 5515 chloros which is rooted to the Greek Chloe feminine of apparently a primary word= green, young foliage (Verdant, epithet of the pagan goddess Demeter, the equivalent to the Roman goddess Ceres), a green herb and representing the end of the LAST WAVE of harvest time (that started while Do was still incarnate).

And “horse,” as shown previously is a reference to a human mammal who in this verse has the name/identity of “death,” from Greek 2288 thanatos from 2348 thnesko – to be deadly, exactly what this “horse” is described as fostering in a number of ways as shown literally and figuratively as in spirit death recorded as the “second death.” This can become confused with thinking this king will be ordering peoples death as in wars, etc. and that will probably be the case, but perhaps not any more so than any countries leaders have done, but this person will simply be the figurehead in office during the time when many die in the fourth kingdom in particular where that fourth kingdom had previous to that experienced relative peace compared to other parts of the world on it’s land mass.

Rev 9:1, having depicted the opening of the bottomless pit announcement as the events associated with that announcement, though can begin to some degree then don’t come to full fruition until the time of the end, after the first fruit is harvested so to not interfere with the first fruit harvest, yet provides the environment for the remnant to show their allegiance to the Next Level in the period of time recorded as the “winepress” – aka tribulation. The Luciferian space aliens are those coming out of the Bottomless pit, their underground and undersea prison cells they were allowed to escape to during the Noah flood. Do writes among many points how the Luciferian space aliens, “war among themselves over the spoils of this planet,” to be found in the Ad/Statement He with his student body Crew published on May 27, 1993 in the national and international editions of the popular, mainstream, widely circulated among millions, newspaper, USA Today under the title, ‘”UFO CULT” RESURFACES WITH FINAL OFFER’. Here is that segment:

“These “Luciferian” space races are the humans’ GREATEST ENEMY. They hold humans in unknown slavery only to fulfill their own needs. They cannot “create,” though they develop races and biological containers through genetic manipulation and hybridization. They even try to “make deals” with human governments to permit them (the Luciferians) to engage in biological experimentation (through abductions) in exchange for technically advanced modes of travel – though they seldom follow through, for they don’t want the humans of this civilization to grow to be another element of competition. They war among themselves over the spoils of this planet and use religion and increased sexual behavior to keep humans “drugged” and ignorant (in darkness) while thinking they are in God’s keeping. These Luciferians see to it, through the “social norm” (the largest Luciferian “cult” there is) that man continues to not avail himself of the possibility of advancing beyond human. Many things have become the accepted “norm,” but that doesn’t make them right!”

The main push by the space aliens becomes unbridled during the time of this “fourth kingdom” increasing after Do and Crew’s exit as the first seal of Rev 6 throughout the next 5 seals, described as “months,” but from the Greek “meno” describes five periods of affirmation when humans are being tested to choose who to show allegiance to, coming down to between TI and DO (for those that hear about TI and DO) and human forms of treasure in all ways, as Jesus called, “mammon” and thus the “beast.”

These space aliens are described as “locusts,” with shapes as “horses” – again the reference to being a mammalian shape – head, torso, four appendages (and a vehicle that serves a purpose for the Soul or spirit to operate through), and with “faces like men (humans),” with “hair like women” noting their DNA and appearance and “teeth as lions” having to do with the way they are savage predators and “on their heads as it were crowns like gold” – a pointer to the fact that they are a “remnant” from other gardens meaning their minds (souls/spirits) had a degree of advancement in some type of Next Level classroom, which Do indicates in points 13 and 14 of their sixth thunder/roar statement entitled, “UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE” that Do and His Crew posted to the World (edited/updated) January 1997 Wide Web and to 95 specific newsgroups on the Internet:

“13. There are space aliens (humanoid remnants from other civilizations) who travel in the nearby heavens. They are dependent upon Earth’s atmosphere for harvesting hybrid bodies to “wear” and they recruit the souls” who fail to become children in the Kingdom of God. We call them Luciferians because of their lineage.

14. These Luciferians (space aliens) “jump in” immediately after Representatives from the Level Above Human leave. They fill the “patriarch(s)” of the resulting new religion with mixed truths and misinformation, which reinforces the fact that accurate knowledge concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while  Representatives are incarnate.”

Here is another reference to how the Luciferian space aliens are allowed to fight over the spoils of the earth:

Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

This is indicating the Serpent (hisser), the Devil (deceiver) and Satan and his angels (adversaries) are cast to the earth again. TI and DO said the Next Level gave Lucifer many chances to change from opposing the Older Members of the Next Level but has now lost that part of his Next Level Mind so is incapable of changing.

Rev 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time

The Next Level is shown to protect their own (the newly seeded shown as “grass,” the young shoots as “green” and the oaks as those starting to bear fruit) from the harm these Luciferian space aliens can do. TI and DO said these space aliens were kept from interfering with those they wanted to protect as shown in:

Rev 9:4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass ((newly seeded)) of the earth, neither any green ((young shoot approaching harvest, aka “wine”)) thing, neither any tree ((oaks – those who are bearing fruit aka Oil)); but only those men ((human beings)) which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
Rev 9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

Note the reference to the “seal of God in their foreheads” – that’s to date, deciding to show allegiance to TI and DO. Plus note that those who are “green” are not harmed if they have been “sealed.” Do said that the space aliens were not permitted to abduct (torment) humans the Next Level had chosen to become potential recipients of the opportunity to enter into their Next Level graduation classroom.

Back to this “green horse” (of Rev 6:8 above) who is amid, accompanied (followed) by the unseen Hades aka Pluto, both of which are shown to be facets in the translation of the Hebrew words “dchal” corresponding to “zachal” as dreadful in describing this fourth king/kingdom leader. This relates to being dreaded aka feared as a harbinger of death, as the worm or serpent. Worm is often used to designate the way flesh was eaten by worms in it’s decay and the serpent is always associated with becoming WASTE (desolate) eventually sent to the eternal fires (Lake of Fire) of Hell, the place and/or condition of no return from. Yet we know the GREEN HORSE is a living human being, that is “sat on” by this one named/described as “death” as was the relationship with the other three of these “horses,” though this fourth one is the only of the four given a name that identifies the nature of his time in office as “king” or in the current case, “president of the U.S. as the primary representative head of this “Beast,” the same “beast” in:

Rev 13:2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

And this shows who is sitting on this human in the presidential role, which is not at all new or unusual but is perhaps at this time the most blatant. In this verse it’s the “dragon” himself, aka Lucifer.

By the way Do was uncomfortable using the nickname “Luci” in the Beyond Human Video tape series but said he spoke to TI about it and felt TI helped him know that any human being who happens to have the name Lucille or Lucifer or shortened to Luci can “take it in the right way” and not be offended by the fact that the one who fell had that name. The name itself Do said was a “beautiful name” that meant, “light bearer.” It’s just the choices of this one individual who had that name that had become such a renegade against the Next Level.

So it is Lucifer that is giving Daniel’s fourth Beast (king) “power, seat (position) and great authority” as he “sits” on this fourth GREEN HORSE with his “angels” (Those fallen angels who sided with Lucifer to become Satans (adversaries) against the Souls who were attempting to be students in TI and DO’s service) as his and the “Beasts heads” (false Christianized governments – G7-heads of states) and “horns” (financial and military instruments that are used to wield power) as represented by those who become the “crowns” – the G10-financial ministers.

Where it then says in Rev 6:8 that “hell follows with him,” Hell seems to be all those Souls who had convinced the Next Level that there is no possibility they will change going forward. The only ones I am aware of are the Souls associated with Lucifer – those listed as the 7 heads and 10 horns of the Dragon – 17 of whom are also described as being Lucifer’s “angels” in Rev 12. I primarily say that because Hell indicates all those in that condition and even location are to be dissolved in the “Lake of Fire” and that doesn’t take place until after the 1000 years following when the Beast is sent to the Lake of Fire, though “hell” could also refer to that sentence regardless of whether the dissolving has occurred yet or not.

-(D77) “terrible” – “loins, hips, side, to be slender” seems to refer to this “king” and subjects as descendents from the Children of Israel who once had been offered blessings with abundant FRUIT FROM THEIR LOINS AND FRUIT FROM THE HARVEST but during this kingdom’s time would be subject to the CURSE of too many people and resulting war and famine as stated in Rev 6 as these two (GREEN HORSE and Hades accompanying) are given the ability and capacity, freedom, magistrate (power) to .”..kill with sword, and with hunger….” In other words the Next Level stopped preventing them from exercising this power). This seems to be reflected in an initial curse issued by Jehovah/Moses:

Deu 28:18 Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

-(D77) “stong exceedingly great iron teeth devoured pieces” – speaks to their military power seen as EXCESSIVE. The U.S. for many years has actually annually spent double what ALL other military powers in the world spend combined. In 2010 a report concludes that the U.S. has 662 overseas bases in 38 foreign countries. Ron Paul said there were 900 in 2011. The U.S.’s biggest exports are weapons related technologies and supplies. It’s the Military Industrial Complex President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against promoting in his last speech while president. To DEVOUR is “to accuse, eat, burn up, feed off of” which is exactly what the U.S. has been doing in earnest all over the globe that follows in the footsteps of the previous empires that eventually migrated to the America’s.

But today it’s talking about happening in the “fourth” kingdom/quarter which is the U.S. mainland and we are seeing this beginning with the GREAT IRON TEETH referring to the “security state,” largely the police departments. It’s interesting that “teeth” is also related to “ivory” as in the tusk of an elephant and the Republican party is known as the “elephant” party. Police departments are being given military hardware. In Ferguson, MO, when a white policeman murdered an unarmed black youth who spoke back to him, shooting him in the back several times and then when he turned and raised his hands in the air to surrender shooting him several more times that sparked riots the police addressed the demonstrators with armored vehicles like the kind used in wars. The powers that be know some of what’s coming because they have the overview of the “alien” problem and what they see as rogue nations to deal with. With the alien phenomena, they know they don’t have the ultimate control and that the people that are in the dark will be increasingly disturbed when it’s more revealed as reality that there have been space aliens among us for decades. The unrest will mount because of that or because of all the hypocrisies and bigotries observed as the Next Level by revealing more of the truth of their reality is like putting a bright light and heat source on an ant bed. The ants start to get over stimulated and fearful and tend to strike out indiscriminately in the ways they have become hateful and mentally diseased, prone to acts of violence, etc.

It’s not at all helpful that many who come back from the wars in Iraq and Afganistan have PTSD and are just seconds away from snapping at the slightest sign of dissident behavior and they often get jobs in the police departments. They tend to see all people of color as lessor and somewhat the enemy as they saw their buddies shot and killed by people of color. To compound their distorted mindset, when they return and they become aware that their service was for lies they become enraged inside and most anything can trigger an extreme response of violence against whoever is in their way.

-(D77) “stamped residue with feet” – Stamped as “trample, prostrate, humble self, submit self” seems related to the way the U.S. portrays itself as coming to rescue of the nations of the world, with their militaristic “help.” For a long time foreign aid that appears to be self less and humble to give becomes an avenue to have more influence in the receiving nation, to get payback through deals for their resources or to allow a military base or corporation to exploit the people and lands or to try to topple a government and install someone more pro the USA. These are many times in the form of missionaries or the peace corps and no doubt are often helpful to people, but as with all colonial efforts can easily morph into trying to convert others to the American way as was done by previous empires and the way the America’s were initially settled by the largely white Europeans. This can also seem to refer to the way the U.S. has exported much of it’s manufacturing enterprises to poorer nations where labor costs far less. To those receiving countries it can seem advantageous but takes on the shape of subjugating others that don’t have many labor laws. It’s a new form of slavery and it’s enacted by people thus “feet” and is also a footstool to the administering nation to build their own power over others.

Now it appears this time period will be marked by a clamping down on those considered to be the “remainder, remnant.” This can seem to only refer to those in the human kingdom who the Next Level had seeded to have the potential to be among the “second harvest phase” as shown in Rev 14 depicted by those harvested during the time of the “winepress.” They are the only ones from the perspective of the Next Level to remain after the first fruit harvest has transpired. These are then all those who don’t accept the “mark of the beast” which includes all the ways in which one’s allegiance is secured to be for the governmental BEAST and it’s institutions that seems to include the right to buy and sell. Otherwise I imagine there will be underground buying and selling. One can think this is an unlikelihood but if one looks at Nazi Germany post WWI to the way the Jews and dissidents were treated – corralled into ghetto areas of the cities, marked and then forced to live in squalor with food and water shortages. This is why being in the cities when this comes down is a bad idea as there will be no recourse while in the country and mountains there will probably be more freedom to grow food and hunt and barter.

People wonder what could bring this on. One example is with the mandatory vaccination program where people who are not vaccinated are prohibited from sending their kids to public school. That law just passed in California. There are no more exemptions there and that’s a so called “blue state.” The CDC and WHO and FDA and many other agencies can claim it’s national security that everyone is up to schedule with vaccinations. There is even nano-technology which entails a microscopic identification (chip) inside the vaccination or a RFID technology implant that can be scanned to verify that you are safe to be in society because of having been vaccinated or for whatever reasons some would opt out of such a “marking.” This can also be implemented as the best way to protect against identity theft. Today credit cards have a chip in them that works with a certain type of reader. The chip can be read from virtually anywhere and can include a biometric of your literal face which is considered to be as unique as a fingerprint. They take a photo and make the biometric number from it and once they have that all they need to do is install readers in the stores that snap a picture of you as the customer, make a biometric of your face and compare it as a number against their database to see if you are a dissident in some way or not. Those that refuse any of these measures could be locked out of being able to buy and sell:

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name ((identity)) of the beast, or the number of his name.

-(D77 but only seen in Dan 7:19 version only) “nails (claws) brass (brazen, bronze, copper, metal, steel)” seems to describe the predatory nature of this King (kingdom) as nails are among the first tools of battle used to tear apart one’s prey and metal depicts them as having great strength. Also it can be seen as a reference to the “belly and thighs” in Dan 2:31-45, of a statue (image) Nebuchadnezzar who conquered the Kingdom of Judah and scattered the tribe of Judah because of what he saw in a dream he asked Daniel to interpret.

In the dream Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom of Babylon is said by commentators to be represented by a gold head on this statue, the breast and arms of silver represent the 2nd kingdom said to be the Medes and Persians, the belly and thigh of bronze stand for the Grecian kingdom of Alexander the Great and the legs of iron and the feet of a mix of iron and clay, the Roman Kingdom that becomes divided as iron and clay don’t mix. These are seen by some Bible commentators as represented into the future to the end time and claws/nails relates to a bird which is the way the Luciferian space alien fallen angels are often depicted, as also having “wings” in Dan 7 and Rev 9.

Daniel 2 seems to describe the fourth kingdom (Dan 7 fourth king and kingdom) that is a divided kingdom, whereas the Dan 7 Third King, depicted as a Leopard was strong over the entire earth, which was the U.S. up until the second great fall in the eyes of the world, first when justifying the Vietnam War that included the carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia – more bombs dropped than in all of WWII and the second in the completely unwarranted manufactured reason to invade Iraq with the second prong in that Fall being the fabricated wall street led Financial Crisis in 2008.

So Dan 2 describes a fourth kingdom that is divided which is clearly seen now in 2015 especially with Russia entering into the Syrian war against the alleged interests of the U.S. and China defying the U.S. economically and in terms of software hacking, and territories in the south china sea, which is also stated in:

Rev 18:11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:

In September of 2015 Russia banned USA corporation Monsanto’s GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds and products to include foods made with GMO grown ingredients. A number of EU nations, Japan, and many nations are following suite to degrees as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) that is U.N. associated is tying in loans to certain countries like Turkey who are otherwise defaulting on their debts and falling apart are being forced to take Monsanto’s business to qualify for the loans. That used to be called blackmail.

This opposition to the U.S. is also shown:

Rev 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
Rev 17:17 For God hath put ((1325 didomi= to grant or permit on)) in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

Dan 2:40 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise.
Dan 2:41 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.
Dan 2:42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

Whenever feet are shown, it is another way of describing human beings. In this application the clay are the humans that are native to the earth – made from the “dust of the earth” as said in Genesis, where “dust” is the earth elements that “clay” depicts where “iron” has to do with beings that are a mix – a hybridized creature as was depicted instigated in Genesis 6 when the “sons of god” (iron) had offspring with the “daughters of men” (clay). This is what the Luciferian space aliens have been up to since being allowed to come out of their underground prison cells round about the 1940’s, when they began to establish “contactees,” and performed experiments with human eggs and sperm to try to grow vehicles they could then inhabit upon the death of their physical bodies which became known as the “abduction phenomena.” There are those who are the product of that hybridization among us walking around taking about the space aliens as our brothers and sisters and largely looking up to them as “gods” because they still have some significant technological advancement over humans (though that gap may be all but closed to date in 2015).

But they never really “cleave” to one another. These space aliens and their offspring really don’t MINGLE well in society:

Dan 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

Though this has it’s application to some degree immediately following the time of Daniel, this is clearly talking about the END TIMES as it relates to Revelations and the only time when God’s kingdom exercises judgment over the Beast (governments, institutions and corporations) and False Prophets (religion and spiritual leaders).

Dan 2:44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.
Dan 2:45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.

It is also shown how this verse is describing the characteristics of the previous three kings rule, the fear inducing Lion’s whelp with Lucifer’s space alien “wings” on the U.S. bestial resurrection of the unjust as the golden head of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of an Image, followed by the teeth of iron as shown in the bear like King followed by the nails of brass in their predatory fowl like wings of the Leopard who climbs trees to drop down on their prey from the air with bombs that includes today the ultimate air power in robotic remote controlled drone missile launchers. These drones even look like the depiction of locust like stinging insects (animals) in Rev 9.

Thus these three “kings” provide the background combination of characteristics in this fourth kingdom and who totally dominate the Earth as the head of the One World Order that will be fostering more and more killing (apokteino= separation by dying, to include separating humans from their potential to start a bond with the previously incarnate Older Members TI and DO, as stated in Rev 6:8 using military/police, the creation of famine and/or toxic food, water, air, mentality, thus killing through not helping people even to help themselves with their hunger and pertaining to the way they teach against the real genuine Next Level spreading deadly thinking using the bestial humans to spread certain poisonous mis/dis-information to the people of the earth.


Horns represent strength and power in word and deed, which is why there are examples of the usage as an instrument of sound as in a cornet (trumpet) and as an instrument of war (as in the horn of a bullock) or as representing the battle against the lower forces that results in the giving of our blood, as Jesus showed us as the way when he told his disciples they too would have to “drink the cup of his blood” – taking it upon themselves to absorb his example being, the “horn of salvation” that came from the four horns on the Altar before Jehovah’s “tent” tabernacle dwelling place in the Moses community. Giving ourselves totally to our Next Level Older Members, to qualify to be brought into their family needs to be accompanied by the willingness to “give our life,” our human life as in who and what we ultimately work for and includes the life of our human vehicle our Soul is growing within. No that doesn’t make believing in TI and DO a death trip as some have said. That’s misinformation as staying human is the only real death trip and we all have mountains of proof of that as thousands die everyday. According to TI and DO when we die we get what we believed – really believed which is not just what we say we believe. It’s what we give our life to. That’s what we believe in and so that’s what we seek to continue to have after we die. If it’s going to heaven to be with Jesus I would guess one gets that though without knowing the realism of that belief, I believe it’s at best a stage towards another opportunity to grow towards greater, more realistic belief that incorporates trust, thus faith – “the evidence of things unseen.”

By seeking to be part of TI and DO’s Next Level Family we are actually preserving our life and possibility even in the human kingdom if They determine we can best learn our lessons by having further time to build our bond to our Older Members by having us work through our human vehicles for as long as possible while further embracing the tasks they give us. While others are dying from disease or war or criminal behaviors or old age those who are beginning their bond by asking TI and DO what they can do in their service can be provided helps that if applied might help them steer clear of a so called premature death, though there will come a time when we too will lose our human vehicle and when we do it could be because of our service to the Next Level which then becomes a ticket to continuous forward motion. As Jesus said, if you attempt to save your life in this world, you lose having it in the Next World because you didn’t get signed up in Their “Book of Life.” Choosing not to adhere by and embrace the Next Level Older Members most recent instructions is to attempt to save your life in your human world.

When we abide by the instructions, commandments, behaviors and ways of the Next Level, at every stage or trimester towards our Mind’s Soul birth, we are giving part of our human life because Their instructions are geared to reduce our humanness – take us out of our mammalian programming so we can replace that human mind with Next Level Mind – the behaviors and ways, instructions and procedures provided. A starting place for each of us, no matter whether we are the vehicle that houses a returned Soul or the vehicle with a new Soul just seeded, is to learn all we can of what the Older Members while incarnate taught and did and “take a stand” for them while accepting that it could result in our blood being shed because of how all those who don’t have their Mind will respond against those who do, which includes all who in the records choose not to receive the various markings of loyalty to the “bestial systems.” The more we embrace our Older Members Mind the more we want to embrace all of their behaviors and ways and that increases our capacity to SEE and HEAR more of what having more of their Mind includes. We get more common sense in our view of the world’s ways. All of this entails a manageable level of suffering that shifts from longing for things of the world to longing for more of our Older Member’s (holy) Mind/Spirit.

The effort to restrain the vehicle from what it is programmed to want to think, say and do and when we do and gain Mind from doing so, we can ache for ways to help others see more and we can ache to improve ourselves as well and even ache for those that hate us because we come to know that they would not hate us if they could see what we see. All this is suffering and like drops of our blood that we are offering to our Older Member in our sacrifice of self on the altar of the human kingdom on earth as set up for our choice to develop upon using our human vehicle as our primary footstool or stepping stone (instrument/horn).

An Older Member’s (God’s) strength is compared to a unicorn and was also taken as a 33rd degree Masonry symbolism describing the unicorn as a white horse with a single horn, as also related to the white horse of Rev 6:2 which can be seen as the depiction of the returned Jesus with a new name/vehicle (horse) and as one of the many forms of antichrist because of the way Lucifer always stimulates among humans facsimile interpretations of the Next Level’s prophecies and true information.

Now in the context of the Book of Revelations and Daniel’s visions/dreams that prophesy of the END TIMES these HORNS largely represent specific instruments of the wielding of power by what is sounded as illustrated through the medium of a trumpet. They are depicted as horns on a beast because it is all within the mammalian kingdom that they operate and preach because the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens seek to use humans they have groomed, largely related in families to consolidate power to generate the largest and greatest following from the masses, depicted in prophecy as the seas or waters. This way the Luciferians try to maximize their influence that is generally three fold to:

1) Try to forward their agenda among human leaders to get off the planet before it’s recycled and they are annihilated or forced underground again when they try to escape the civilizational spading.

2) Fight against those they see as another alien race like themselves but who they see as competitors to having complete control over the human race. This includes trying to stop anyone from coming to believe in the Next Level’s Older Members and their teachings while simultaneously seeking to steal Souls into their camp as they can not actually create a “Soul” and a Soul affords and increased longevity and function. Do indicated for those in the spirit world, a Soul can go places a Spirit can’t go into and the Luciferians teach souls and/or spirits to work for them. This would in particular apply to those souls that sprouted, so to speak regardless of how much Next Level Mind they acquired.

Do first described a Soul as a “pocket” and then after seeing the reports from Bob Lazar who said he was shown a “yellow book” that spoke of Jesus being a creation of the space aliens saying that the aliens saw humans as “containers.” (The Luciferian space aliens did create the “Jesus” many Christians unknowingly worship – who overcame the world and died for humans SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO, the “saved by grace” doctrine that Paul, their primary infiltrator stimulated along with the “born again” equivalent to the level of belief in Jesus as if becoming a member of a country club. It’s a highly diluted Jesus message at best. So when people say the “Jesus” story is a myth they are correct because it’s the wrong Jesus that the Luciferians certainly created to trick people to keep their eyes away from the genuine Jesus message. Do also went on to call the pockets or containers, “tags” and/or “deposits” or even “chips” (as in a computer chip) that he came to understand were of different makeup depending on the grade in school and/or task of the Next Level member or student member coming from their space based environment to take over (incarnate into) a human vehicle. There were “different sets of programs” associated with different types of tags and/or deposits.

3) Have new human vehicles compatible with their “mind/spirits” so they can inhabit them as their vehicles pass. (I believe the original ones named Lucifer and those who sided with him have long ago passed though they continued to date to secure offspring of both their physical seed as shown in Genesis chapter 6 and from their mental seed by taking over the new human and/or hybrid human containers. Thus the current batch of space aliens are their replacement vehicles and they too need replacements, the reason for the hybridization programs evidenced by their many abduction and contactee efforts. And of course that entire process has extended into the ranks of the human population which we see in those who rise to the greatest leadership of the countries all over the world. As the original Luciferians are discarnate they can zip around most wherever they want, unless the Next Level prohibits them from areas or from influencing certain human vehicles. TI and DO said those who were to become potential new members of the Next Level were guarded by the Next Level crew so were not abducted onto space alien spacecrafts to be used for their hybridization programs. Now I don’t know how that applies to those who had the opportunity to identify the Older Members when they came incarnate and chose not to start their changeover by belief and even literally following them while they were incarnate or thereafter, as it is clear from both TI and DO that those that don’t use what they are given loose even whatever they had. Of course we can’t judge who has lost what they were given so we can’t judge anyone in that respect.

THE TEN HORNS OF THIS BESTIAL KINGDOM ARE IN EVERY GENERATION THROUGHOUT HISTORY REPRESENTED BY WHICHEVER HUMAN VEHICLES THE DISCARNATE FALLEN ANGELS TOOK OVER TO FORWARD THEIR AGENDA. Their objectives were in place all along and all are accomplished by pushing these human leaders to conquer, expand and dominate others with to have as much control over the entire globe (or as far as they could go and manage), thus they are the families of humans that became the kings and queens (emperors or czars (Caesars)) and/or popes, or other religious leader, family and belief or idea of God or gods and their financiers, for instance the feudal Lords. They were all being groomed to produce offspring of mind and body that had compatible thoughts, behaviors and agendas to the FALLEN ANGELS so these Luciferians could develop new vehicles to take over (the only way they could now experience life), and to enact revenge against the Older Members of the Next Level and upcoming new student members for their limited condition and new technologies from which they hope to escape their actual self imposed prison. They want to have vehicles that are aware of the same things they had become aware of, otherwise it would be like a programmer who was using a super computer before having to settle for a totally outdated and restrictive model to work through. A brain that had no capacity to understand, justify and implement all they had come to know from coming out of a former technologically advanced civilization past with tasks for the Next Level involving space crafts around the earth, and associated knowledge could easily short circuit and burn out or betray them if it’s not prepared to receive what is often otherwise fantastical information about reality. One will note that most if not all who become world leaders have a large capacity to embrace all subject matter whether of spirit or science, while many other humans often become fearful of such openness as being natural to our reality to think on and consider and act because of.

There has been a great deal of research that shows how these Luciferians have worked through certain human genetic family strains throughout millennium throughout the world even spurn from the previous civilization Plato wrote about as Atlantis that is more or less encapsulated as the Masons, though has many offshoot organizations that to date are identified most in association with the United Nations (that began as the League of Nations) to include the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission and the many organizations of global scope often with global names, all geared to have a United One World Government to preside over what Barry Goldwater called the “four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical,” the same interests we have seen since the dawn of the current civilization, such as in the Babylonian Empire.

It was an offspring of Noah, Nimrod that established the ancient city of Babylon and built the Tower of Babel that was Luciferian stimulated in competition with the One True Kingdom of God. That was the first attempt in this civilization to unite humans and the Next Level didn’t allow it then, so caused it to break apart, though one can see throughout history that leaders kept rising up who attempted to conquer the entire known world to unknowingly fulfill the Luciferian desire to control the entire globe. The Next Level was not ready to allow it to happen until now and it will be short lived as we are in it’s last generation. It is easy to see the many, many clues to how New York City encapsulates the NEW city of Babylon while the United States of America, the offspring of the previous largest empire of the world, the United Kingdom of Great Britain as it’s Mother, is the NEW Babylonian empire as the head of the Fourth and last kingdom in this civilization on earth.

Even though it’s clear that Daniels fourth kingdom doesn’t most represent ancient or modern day Rome, except in the way many things Roman are evident in the kingdoms, empires and countries that came out from the Roman Empire, the idea needed to be entertained. One aspect has to do with the 10 horns, as some believe these are the 10 Caesars of the Roman Empire. In the way history repeats itself because the same players can be counted upon to have the same human agendas, prophecy also applies to a number of time frames, peoples and geographies. Because of all the prophecies that have shown current fulfillment, that of course many deny, but are shown evidence of in this book, the United States of America is most represented as one of the heads of this seven headed “Beast.” America is therefore the Babylonian empire which is described as one of the heads of the Beast that falls twice, while NYC is the hub, the localized new city of Babylon where the focus of the falls manifest. The first fall occurred by the World Trade Center attacks and the literal fall of those two World Financial skyscrapers and the military establishment who did nothing to prevent it when they had plenty of signs. The second fall was the Global Financial Crisis that peaked after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 seven years after the first fall. It’s said twice for a reason and both were centered on NYC as the Woman who sits on the throne represented as the statue of Liberty, precisely what G.W. Bush went to ground zero to say was what the enemy was trying to topple – U.S. Freedom. Except what he didn’t say was that what he meant by freedom was the freedom to dominate and manipulate and take over or destroy others nations as had become business as usual.

Rev 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

Again repeating the fact of the falling twice:

Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage ((prison)) of every unclean ((impure)) and hateful ((persecuting)) bird ((a bird-ling, rising in the air, fowl)).

Note how Babylon has also become the CAGE (TI and DO said the earth had become the Luciferian’s space aliens literal prison which is the major reason I know they aren’t circulating among the planets) for the UNCLEAN (uncleaned of human mammalian behaviors and ways) and HATEFUL (bring persecution against those who refuse to be marked in their allegiance) BIRD – the way the space aliens are depicted as birds because they are flying mammals and have what are primitive spacecrafts, compared to Next Level spacecrafts, for transportation.

In Rev 9 Space Aliens seem to be depicted as locusts with wings which we also see in Daniel’s depictions of the Lion King having wings and the Leopard king’s four chiefs with four wings.

The persecution couldn’t have been more pronounced against TI and DO in 1997 and in 1975-6 as Bo and Peep than in New York City where the book was published by the New York Post declaring Do and the Heaven’s Gate group an evil cult that lead naive people to their death. Of course they weren’t alone in taking that view. It was actually the voice of all the “horns” of the media that said that. Of course they were right that it was a “cult” – in fact Do referred to them as the “cult of cults” and the “cult of truth,” but it was anything but evil unless one is a weed in the garden and then one would see the gardener’s weeding them out as evil.

At the time I was working with a NYC publicist on a book deal that I had with the mother of Alxody’s vehicle who I had become friends with and visited at her home in California, after I left the group in 1994. She and I were to write a book that was two sided, one from her perspective and side by side as in chapter to chapter my talking about being inside the group, sort of representing her son’s perspective. We had a deal with one of two publishers that were interested. They had a professional editor who agreed to take the job. As Nancy had been a high school and college level English teacher her writing was perfect. I was told I didn’t need a ghost writer, that my writing was good enough but needed a good editor to fix it up. Before an actual contract was signed, there was the Princess Diana death story that replaced the head story about Heavens Gate and subsequent topics that had been the dominant lead story for months by then. Both publishers dropped the project saying “the public wasn’t interested any longer” which we know was not true. Sure most of the public felt tortured by the story and it’s longevity on the news but there would be plenty of interest in a book, like any story that becomes that big a headline, draws interest for years to come, though according to it’s content. In this case the truth would be hard to take as it didn’t jive with the way people most wanted to see the story. Weeks later the book came out by the NY Post that was simply a recap of the main story of their so called “suicide” and all the subsequent press coverage including a great deal of wrong and misleading information was is still repeated in books and articles and in web posts.

The NY Post book had nothing about the story behind the story, but it was clear the powers behind the publishers didn’t want to give the story any more publicity than it already had. No doubt it would have been a money maker so they even chose to forgo the profits. The Luciferian controlled “beast” killed the truth, at least as far as the mainstream was concerned, that is until 2008 when the National Geographics channel documentary was aired, though it hardly said anything new except the huge prospect that TI and DO and Students may have been the “second coming.” But the Next Level fully anticipated their action and knew they could take advantage of that negative because it would allow those with some of their mind the chance to see through the party line to seek out the truth then or in the future.

Now this fourth king is shown to be a “change, alteration, transforming, different” characteristics from all the others. Plus there is some indication this person could be of the female gender as that tiny word “it” with “diverse” suggests. The remnant are being stamped by the “feet” or it’s the “feet” of the remnant being stamped. Either way, “feet” represents one’s physical human body as one’s “footstool” to becoming whatever they want to become. The records say that the Earth is God’s footstool which refers to how the earth’s environment for humans provides the opportunity through conquering our human nature to rise above our humanness to become a Member of the Next Level. So a human body is both a footstool for the Older Member of the Next Level to take over to demonstrate how that “stool” can be used to climb into Next Level Membership by those coming up also using those same “footstools.”

I’m not aware right now of who else, that is considered to be a front runner would be “different” unless by “alternate” it’s meant there would be some alternation, as in taking turns, shifting back and forth in some way. In this case we had H.W. Bush a Republican followed by Bill Clinton, a Democrat, then G.W. Bush, H.W.’s first born son and also a Republican, followed by Barack Obama a Democrat (and also different due to being an African American), followed by, if not Hillary Clinton another form of alternate from her husband Bill Clinton, who are both very tied in with NYC, the new Babylonian city and epitome of the Rev 17 “woman” (Jerusalem/America) in it’s being a highly Jewish influenced/run city.

Yet another candidate that is considered a long-shot is U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. He is different in a number of ways. He is the only Independent U.S. Senator (though changed to Democrat to have a shot at winning) and he would be the first Jewish president, although he’s really a secular Jew with a purely social-democratic agenda, both of which infuriate the Republican right to see, yet has the advantage of placating the public with the idea the rich will stand for more taxes (though will always find ways around, often called subsidies to their mega-corporations). Bernie is also pro LGBT rights and largely has a “green” agenda environmentally as well as politically and he is from the Green Mountain State of Vermont – it may not be an accident that Vermont literally means “Green Mountain.” Bernie is also from the Brooklyn borough of NYC.

Then there is Donald J. Trump who in his own way is very different as he has never been in politics before and is also a NYC billionaire who is liked by many because of his political incorrectness. I can’t help but notice the name of Trump like the flip side of the “last trumpet” as all in all there may not be another U.S. President. Trump came out as to some degree anti vaccinations in the current regimen where so many babies and children receive many shots. He also pointed out that G.W. Bush could have stopped the 9/11 attacks though I think he was thinking it was because he was inept – an easy way to explain the many, many irregularities to the entire event. After videos surfaced of Trump with Howard Stern glorifying womanizing and groping and now 11 woman came forward to say they had been groped by Trump, he has claimed the election is being rigged and the DNC is behind it. It’s most interesting how he doesn’t give any examples and there are actually many.

Update: Donald Trump won the November 8th election by a wide margin in the Electoral College (though lost the popular vote by several million votes) so will be the next U.S. president. I left all this consideration in this book because it’s all a process. I don’t know if Trump was set up by the Next Level to become president. I tend to think any of them mentioned can fill the bill, but I could be wrong. I realized as I listened to the election coverage, even though I didn’t vote this year and didn’t like any of them because all are now especially the BEAST – the U.S. Secret Govt puppets with a slightly different face and manner and intention, though I sort of cringed as Hillary lost state by state. This goes to show the humanness I have not yet overcome as I was to a degree attached to Hillary as the woman in Revelations chapter 17. When I cringed though it helped me recognize it when it was happening the same as recognizing an influence of ego or an influence of sexuality or an influence that has us tempted to entertain any of those human ways, that we may or may not give into and to whatever degrees, that is the overcoming process to get better at conquering so they don’t have any time in our consciousness (thoughts and actions). Now that Trump won I could even see how the Next Level can move the hearts of people in the direction that would most bring about what needs to happen in the closing up of the civilization and the salvaging of Souls and/or Spirits for the next lesson plan when an Older Member is holding a graduation classroom. That time seems to be indicated next as in the next age, 1000 years or so after this current lesson time is “done.”

I believe the 10 horns of Daniels chapter 7 dream in association with this fourth king and kingdom are most represented by the 10 biggest power brokers for this fourth King/Kingdom, essentially the corporations with greatest influence on all things political, social (arts and sciences, physical and mental as in the science of mind, as related to belief systems (religions) and/or spirituality in all their forms), economic and militaristic. These are most focused as the biggest financial institutions, the banks of the world but in particular those associated with the G10 nations which first formed in 1962, who supply the funds for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank that claims to help the poorer countries of the world (which it may but essentially for show or future investments). These are largely the western banks of Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, The United Kingdom, and The United States and the eastern bank of Japan. It’s interesting that Switzerland was added as number eleven while they still chose to keep the name as the “Group of Ten,” (perhaps the Next Level fostered to stay in line with their prophecy so I and any others could find the relationships). Luxemburg is considered an “associate” member. The Financial Ministers are then the “mouthpiece” part of these horns, representative instruments from which decisions are made as to which countries and projects get funds from the IMF and as we all know money translates to power, the other primary definition of being horns. The IMF came about as part of the United Nations which started in 1945 drawing from the largely ineffective League of Nations that the U.S. was never apart of because congress wouldn’t ratify it, though it was brought about largely by the leader of the “Big four,” Woodrow Wilson in 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference that imposed very harse measures against Germany, having lost WWI that helped bring Adolf Hitler to power.


This consideration in definition of the horns works with this next verse in that the ministers don’t actually have a “kingdom” of their own, yet they have the power as kings. (As with all things pertaining to the Next Level there are ranges of time and multiple applications to each part of prophecy.)

Rev 17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ((reigns)), which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

Where the “hour” falls seems to be the same 40 years where the Two Witnesses come public, starting over the course of their 1260 day prophecy period that began for TI and DO on January 1, 1973 and ended half way into 1976, extended for 40 years (1 hour in prophecy) to the period from 2013 with the Chelyabinsk Meteor strike, many fireballs in the U.S., a near miss asteroid and two comets, one of which had a object flying ahead of it in one photo, to many events (signs) in the heavens (outer space with the Sun, Moon and planets (stars in prophecy) to include the dwarf planet Ceres lights and the Pluto “doors” – the 4 evenly spaced rectangular 200 mile wide by perhaps 400 mile long black “spots” as NASA called them, both of which were not allowed to be completely hidden from public view. To further substantiate that this is the same “hour” it is during this “hour” that the Two Witnesses come according to Rev 11:13 as the same time of the great shaking that is evidenced as the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on 9/11/2001 perhaps thought of as the 11th hour workman call Jesus illustrated. (Pictures: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-said-there-would-be-signs-in-the-sun-moon-stars-planets-comets/).

It is during this period that president Nixon, having been in power from 1969 to 1974, besides escalating the Vietnam war and brutally trying to put down war resisters also presided over the elimination of the gold standard for the U.S. currency. France, Switzerland, Germany and other G10 nations were trying to put a stop to this one sided deal that had most of Europe beholding to the U.S.

Like said the biggest power these Ministers (horns) have is over deciding who gets money and though it was mostly in the form of loans to other member countries, it wasn’t restricted to members. For instance Saudi Arabia just receive a loan in the billions. And of course those same banking ministers also have national operations that fund most all the major corporations together the biggest corporation, at least in the case of the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank.

Further a king is also depicting a “reign of power.” In 2015-6 which seems to be when this King and fourth kingdom begins to take it’s final shape culminating with the November U.S. presidential election of the 4th horse and rider, 40 years (1 hour Next Level time) from the time when the “beast out of the bottomless pit subdues the Two Witnesses in 1975-6 – nationally announcing, all over the United States (street commons), them to be charlatans, thieves and evil minded cult leaders that were a danger to society through the use of mind control.

Where is says these “horns” will give their power to the Beast (Rev 17:13), it’s not really a willing giving of their power. It’s because of their own self interest as power brokers that they give and take thus at the same time they can hate the “beast.” After all the “beast” is the sum total of all those of a mammalian mindset (one mind) that wield the greatest power over the masses who know it or not are directly and indirectly controlled by the Luciferian fallen angels and their space alien human equivalent offspring.

Rev 17:13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

Meanwhile the space alien and human allies, acknowledged or not war with the “lamb,” another way of saying they are anti the real Jesus which includes all the Christian hierarchy and many of it’s constituents and the atheist and/or spiritual and paranormalists as prophesied:

Rev 17:14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

As it says in verse 18 below, the woman is the “great city that reigns over the kings of the human kingdom (earth). By referring to the woman as a whore it is not really due to sexual promiscuity. Fornication in it’s highest overview application has to do with giving our love and allegiance to anyone and anything other than the Next Level most recently incarnate Older Member(s). It’s become that cut and dried because it’s the judgment time so that choice has to be made. It’s a last chance for the occupants of the earth to see if they have any Next Level mind in them. Until now all things were opportunities along the same vein but now it’s in the final hour and decisions will become final.

Now the “woman” who is equated with a “whore” is shown to be attacked, which epitomized as New York City would seem to collaborate with the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, again a world wide established corporate financial conglomerate depicted as:

Rev 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Where it can be shown that this could have been an international orchestrated conspiracy by the “ten horns,” to usher in the New World Order to secure all it’s power by that time of the fourth “pale Green” horse, presidential election in November of 2016 to begin officially in January of 2017 is shown in these criticisms of the Trilateral Commission by Barry Goldwater’s suggesting the think tank was “a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical… [IN] THE CREATION OF A WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC POWER SUPERIOR TO THE POLITICAL GOVERNMENTS OF THE NATION-STATES INVOLVED.”

Among the many voices that accuse various U.S. and International government and non-governmental influences responsibility for the 9/11 attacks was an accusation during a meeting given by Trilateral Commission director Zbigniew Brzezinski in April of 2007, when Luke Rudkowski disturbed his talk and accused the organization with others of having instigated the attacks of September 11 to initiate a new world order. This idea was also echoed by the John Birch Society and popular internet radio broadcaster Alex Jones who by the way, my research showed was financed by the Disney corporation along with their ABC media holdings.

If these attacks were by in large orchestrated by a combination of “horns” that were willing to sacrifice as collateral damage the 3000 or so lives and property damage that made NYC a “waste (desolate) and naked” (exposed for what is really going on there in the wall street investment bank global manipulations of finances is not as far fetched as it sounds to some. After all it was clear from PNAC, the think tank, “Progress for a New American Century”‘s paper on “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that may have been since been renamed or eliminated as an official document, that called for a “pearl harbor” like event to provide a reason to stimulate defense spending to fight a two front war. To think about it objectively, isn’t this what Hitler did when he blew up the Reich-stag (parliament building) to blame Polish communists to justify invading Poland and the Gulf of Tonkin fabricated attack that justified president Johnson’s further bombing of Cambodia and Laos. And of course it’s not without evidence that Franklin Roosevelt wanted an excuse for the U.S. to enter World War II so he put a blockade on Japan and turned a blind eye to the impending attack on Pearl Harbor, as recently reported and written about in Howard Zinn’s book, “The People’s History of the United States.”

Rev 17:17 For God hath put ((1325 didomi= granted, gave power)) in their hearts to fulfil his will ((1106 gnome= purpose)), and to agree ((4160 poieo= agreeing to band together)), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

The Next Level doesn’t give them the ideas to foster their evil deeds. The Next Level simply removes their impediments to their desired instigation of evil deeds. In this case this verse echo’s the idea that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the upcoming secret global government conspirators shown as their “agreeing to band together” translation option). In other words they were giving their previous and spread out kingdom to this new Global Wide Kingdom. This is substantiated in prophecy by Rev 6:4 where it states about the Red horse who is shown to be George W. Bush has .”..power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword (military).”

And here is where the “woman” aka the whore is shown to be a “great city” which can be specific to NYC where lady liberty greets those who arrive and Washington District of Columbia, where the Lady Columbia was associated and where the 2nd part of the 9/11 attacks took place on the Pentagon. This provided the excuse to further organize the world wide war on terror that also brought destruction and a fall to the territory where lies the old city of Babylon as represented by the nation of Iraq where it was shown was the plan to attack well before the 9/11 attacks while that PNAC document was drawn up in 1997.

Rev 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.


– ASCENDETH = (RISE, CLIMB UP) AGAIN – Literally, those who are allowed to come out of their secret underground and/or undersea (under ice perhaps) hiding places during different time periods according to the Next Level’s design. Rise can be both literal and figurative. Literally they physically come out of their hiding places and figuratively they are coming out of hiding to forward their various agenda’s among humans. So they are rising in their power over humans and what humans and their governments will do with the recognition of their physical existence and the technologies they hold as shown on their spacecrafts. The Next Level started these new mindset directions by staging crashes of some of their primitive spacecrafts. This showed humans some of what was possible so began turning the wheels of the scientists on how to make these same kinds of machines and the energy systems to power them by and their navigational methods, etc. It had been reported that the beings on the crashed spacecrafts themselves were the pilot/navigators, possibly related to their one piece suit material construction and brain interface.

There were no steering wheels on the spacecrafts though there were seats. It was considered by scientists examining the crashed craft remains and the physical body remains of the occupants that the spacecraft moved in much the same way a human is able to move their appendages to perform actions. They simply will it. Just like we tell our arm to lift they could tell the spacecraft to lift. In other words it was a wireless (nerveless) brain wave piloting by thought. As a result of their physical presence all the societies adopted new thinking and new approaches to solve problems and develop new technologies to include microchips, laser and nanotechnologies. So the space aliens are literally the root cause behind most of what happens on Earth, though the Next Level regulates by providing their MIND through various channels; ideas in movies, books and all forms of expression, space science, social equalities, health consciousness, overcoming additions to substances, judgmentalism of race, ethnicity, religiosity, gender, class, wealth, intelligence, health and an advancing perspective of lifeforms who are advanced beyond the human kingdom and are even at the root, however now largely misinformed, behind all the religions in times past. All of a sudden the idea that Jesus was a type of extraterrestrial arises. That challenges many who had only spiritual ideas about who/what Jesus was and who he represented. Meanwhile the space aliens who are of a mindset that there is no Next Level but classifies the Next Level as “bad aliens” tries to commandeer all information that helps bring humans into a more realistic and truthful accurate awareness of the Next Level.

Note that “ascendeth” is listed as having a present tense, thus this is suggesting it is current to these Two’s prophecy period.

– BOTTOMLESS PIT = representative of “hell” and literally inside/under the earth “prison cells” for the Luciferian human equivalent fallen angel space aliens:

Rev 5:13 And every creature ((2938 ktisma= an original formation (concretely), i.e. product (created thing))) which is in heaven ((3772 ouranos= elevations, sky)), and on (the) earth, and UNDER ((5270 hupokato= 5259 hupo= place under + beneath)) (the) EARTH, AND (such) as are in (the) SEA, and all (that are) in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon (the) throne, and unto (the) Lamb for ever and ever.

There are four locations where there are original creature formulations of life; 1) heaven, 2) on earth, 3) under earth and 4) in or under the sea.

Along side this evaluation, by use of the word “creature” it may be referring to humans or equivalents which one might consider mammals to be, as some science tells us is possible. For instance just because dolphins and whales don’t do things humans do doesn’t mean they are not able to have experiences that the Kingdom of God/Heaven can use to advance/evolve the kind of genetic strain that can house Mind/Spirit and thus serve as a potential forerunner to human to become a vehicle for a “Soul container” deposit. I can’t recall TI and DO specifically talking about these sea mammals but they did say they were not privy to all the projects in the experiment the Next Level performs on the planet. I’m not suggesting sea creatures can become graduate students of the Next Level, as it’s not an accident that the Lord said via Moses writings in Genesis:

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image ((06754 tselem= to shade, resemblance, EMPTY)), in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Equating “image” with their being EMPTY is interesting as these were not created with the “breath of life” that made one of these “man” a “living Soul” as shown as part of the “sixth day” after the Lord created “man” in Gen 1:27:

Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living Soul.

In other words, for this part of the experiment this new FORMULATION (created) “man” being was given something in addition that is what made him a “living Soul.” TI and DO knew this Soul as a “container,” a “deposit” literally attached to each chosen human vehicle that only could contain Next Level Mind/Spirit “programs” that enabled continued growth, like a seed, to actually bloom as fruit into a Member of the Level Above Human, as they drew in (drank, consumed) the “holy Mind” from their incarnate Older Members Mind which is accomplished by applying the commandments and instructions they provide that constitute the qualifications for their “spirit birth.” The idea of SAVED BY GRACE only enters in because it’s not about what we accomplish as we can’t even measure that, but it is about how much we GIVE and how much that pleases our Older Members so that they keep on forgiving our shortcomings (sins) until we can stand in their light on our own. If the Older Members didn’t give us many chances we might never make the grade. It is about not giving up no matter how we have failed.

However, saying these creature FORMULATIONS are “in the sea” could easily also refer to “under ice” as the glacial ice that cover the polar regions are actually frozen sea. With this premise one can’t help but consider the documentation that the SS wing of the Nazi party in the early to mid 1940’s was very active in the Antarctica region and there are records of one General boasting publicity how he had “secured an impenetrable fortress for our fuhrer” somewhere on the Antarctic continent. In the 1930’s they had sacked the library at Alexandria, Egypt and found a map showing locations on Antarctica that were of interest and they sent a number of mapping expeditions to Antartica taking photographs of the areas of interest, in which they discovered greenery and a subsequent warm water saltan lake that indicated there was sea access to it. Even since 2012 there have been recent discoveries of warm water lakes under Artic ice. And they brought tunnel boring machinery down there so presumably dug through the ice to make a uboat (submarine) entrance to the lake area. This was presumably where Admiral Byrd military expedition was sent just after the war as the allied forces knew a large number of German scientists and uboats and SS leadership were not accounted for amid reports of some of their arrival in Argentina and Chili. Admiral Byrd’s fleet encountered a flying saucer attack, but there had been no indications any of the projects the SS had engaged to build flying saucer shaped aircraft had anywhere near that degree of success, thus suspect that the Germans had fostered a relationship with a space alien group who had been moreorless locked under the ice and ground for even thousands of years in a hospitable environment. There is further documentation of these categories of humans and human equivalents in section III.C.5 FIFTH TRUMPET/FIRST WOE.

And of course these are just a few of many references to the hidden Shangrila like environments inside Himalayan mountains and/or from reports of space aliens in underground hiding places like Mt. Shasta and potentially beneath pyramids. There are many references to such kinds of activity inside the earth all over the world that have become mythological legend that probably started with the realities of at least one past civilization on the earth and it’s end (i.e. Atlantis) that are represented by most every ancient culture in writings and drawings and paintings, etc. TI and DO claimed there has been at least one past civilization. They simply said they didn’t know if there have been more.

Being a creature UNDER the Earth is actually making two statements, as the Greek “hupo” by itself means “under” and in reference to a place, while “kato” means “beneath” as in “inferior” and/or “lower” such as in what TI and DO termed the “lower forces.” These include all creatures and their genetic descendants who were spawned from the Luciferian space alien fallen angels in some time past and who were allowed by the Next Level to escape earth surface recycling (the great flood) by finding underground places. This is considered to be Hades or Hell because those who find themselves in this category no longer have any living mind in their Soul containers or genetic structures though they may have been able to extend their vehicle’s life span.

The Earth was designed to be a location for Next Level gardening type projects where as TI and DO said the Next Level set up experiments to put prospective new members of the Next Level to the test that would raise the bar of who can become a Next Level member, even at the elementary student level of membership, higher than what those who were called the “watchers” were required to meet. So the fact that the Next Level in various records indicated the existence of mankind “under the earth” and “in sea” was no accident. After all, islands large and small are simply the tops of mountains. Thus if one was able to enter such a mountain from the sea in which they could come to the surface within, they could very well find a habitat that could be quite able to sustain life. More and more it looks as if the Next Level designed place in the planet they could allow the renegades to escape to knowing they’d be able to survive there no matter what they did to the surface which would insure maintaining an adversarial (satanic) presence that would be used to set up the arena of who to believe in, during future “classroom” periods when they would send Older Member representatives to be incarnate to lead. It is during and after an incarnate period that the prison cell doors are opened. The most recent opening was, at least on the United States continent in the late 1940’s and into the 1950’s. This is not to say there have not been a number of areas that were serving as prison cells for the Luciferian space aliens, perhaps including Mt. Rainier and Mt. Shasta areas.

As for those formulations in the heavens, these are what Do called “domestics” – student souls that were awarded “white robes,” specifically designed physical vehicles that were not yet absent of mammalian properties so could still choose to regress in behavior and ways. These were awarded new vehicles because they sufficiently to their grade in school “gave their life” (at the human level). I believe Their Soul container was moved into their new vehicle by Next Level “technicians” and were assigned what Do called “elementary” tasks circulating in the near heavens. I suspect a “watcher” task is one of those more elementary tasks.

Those ON EARTH are those humans of the genetic strains being nurtured by the Next Level and would include those who were discarnate who are part of that nurturing. These would be spoken of as “trees” verses those who were never seeded with Next Level mind who are the “grass” while those who were seeded but are in a very early growing condition, in the receipt of Next Level mind would be termed “green grass.”

Note that “make” as in “make war” is listed as a future tense relative to the beasts ascension.

– OVERCOME THEM = TO SUBDUE THEM, THEIR SELVES OR THEMSELVES as listed by Strong’s as the primary definition of the Greek “nikao” though depending on it’s context can equally mean to overcome, conquer, have victory and success over. Naturally, I see things in the context of what TI and DO said and did. As said repeatedly, TI and DO didn’t teach out of the Bible, so never went over any of these verses in Revelations with a tiny few exceptions.

These Two Witnesses, as the incarnate stage of the overall promised return of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven that has been shown includes the same One incarnate as Jesus returning with his Heavenly Father in the first stage in their joint role is not inconsistent with what Jesus prophesied as their arrival in:

Luk 17:24 For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. (Also see: Mat 24:27)

These verses are broken down in section: III.B.3. but essentially show this part of the return is to be seen by humans as a “star,” or better yet shining as a star, thus as a comet in today’s terminology that occurs a number of times throughout all phases of their overall return. These were most apparent as what are called “great” or “naked eye” comets; Kohoutek, West, right before and during their public parts of the task as the Two Witnesses, signaling the gathering of their “lost sheep,” their student body (The Souls who were Saints with Jesus), to be their first fruit flock and then at the conclusion in 1997 with the Hale Bopp comet. (And there have been more “star like brightly lighted objects” seen as comet Pan Starrs, ISON and as of 2015 Lovejoy, each of which had major anomalies in the way they appeared and acted. More are to come, I’m sure, mostly every year around the anniversary of TI and DO’s arrival/exit periods from January thru March but with additions in the August to October time frame.

Thus when Jesus says in the next verse:…

Luk 17:25 But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.

…where beforehand speaking of his return Jesus refers to himself as the returning “Son of Man” (Son of God in flesh) knows he will be REJECTED by the generation of people alive at that time of that return, which can only be what takes place as a response to his incarnate public presentations, even though in the first stage he is public in partnership with his Older Member (Father) as shown.

He can’t be rejected until his presence is REVEALED. That clear individual REVEALING comes after TI exits her vehicle that begins in earnest about 3 1/2 years after TI’s June 19, 1985 exit with Do’s telling he and TI’s story to correct the record which was called, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Crew,” completed on October 18, 1988 and mailed out soon thereafter to New Age Centers, Health Food Stores, writers, preachers, ufologists, monasteries and so on.

The return, to include his REJECTION takes place BEFORE the event described as “the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven” takes place. Whenever Jesus was answering these questions it was clear he was already rejected so he wouldn’t tell them to expect to see that past/present rejection. It is because he knew he would be rejected upon return as well. The entire context of his talking about his return was relative to the “end of the age,” “end time,” “judgment day” so it wasn’t the return from the grave. If it had been that return, then he wouldn’t have been rejected after that as he stayed around only for his disciples for about 40 days and then levitated into the cloud out of their sight. Also the term “generation” is by it’s very nature implying a future gen-er-ation as a new age, the one he’s referring to in this context that’s in the future. The time of his REJECTION is also the time He is REVEALED.

Thus I would suggest being subdued was his first rejection. He was also rejected continuously throughout his 24 years incarnate and is rejected to date in 2015. Being Subdued is defined in this context as: 1) to bring a person or group of people under control using force or 2) to soften something, or make something less intense.

– KILL is listed in Strongs as from 615 apokteino which is from 575 apo and kteino (to slay); to kill outright; as a figure, to destroy= put to death, kill, slay. So this figurative translation, which is the way most words are translated, though also have their literal interpretation is leaving out a big part of the word by just saying “kill.” If these two were to be slayed/killed then why complicate the word by choosing a compound prefix of “apo”?

575 apo= a primary particle; “off,” i.e. away (from something near), in various senses (of place, time, or relation; literal or figurative)= (X here-)after, ago, at, because of, before, by (the space of), for(-th), from, in, (out) of, off, (up-)on(-ce), since, with. In composition (as a prefix) it usually denotes separation, departure, cessation, completion, reversal, etc.

Note, in this case apo is used as a prefix thus there needs to be some consideration of incorporating one or more of the ideas surrounding, “separation, departure, cessation, completion, reversal,” along with it’s independent usage as “off” or “away (from something near).” One can think it is combining overcome with death except for the usage of “them” with each that makes each it’s own sentence/event.

Here is a Greek Word Study (Transliteration-Pronunciation Etymology & Grammar) listing (paraphrased) for apokteino as: It’s a verb that literally means to kill or slay, destroy or allow to perish, in any way. The problem with this interpretation is not accounting for the prefix “apo” which means when in combination as with kteino, that death would be the result of “separation, as a departure, to cease or complete or  reverse.” Plus the context of it’s use in the Two Witnesses Rev 11:7 instance includes the pronoun Greek “auto” related to the wind (that I remind Jesus compared the spirit birth to) and a indication to some form of “self” singular or plural. In this context speaking about the TWO Witnesses it would be translated as “them” that includes their litter/children – thus could realistically mean, to “separate by death themselves to complete their task.”

In the John Etheridge Peshitta-Aramaic NT (1849) translation the end of the verse includes “[and kill them]” in brackets as if apokteino was optional in the manuscript. In the James Murdock Peshitta-Aramaic NT (1852) – published three years later eliminates entirely “and kill them” ending with “overcome them.” Then in the W&H Greek New Testament literal English translation of 2009 shows those last three words as “and it-shall-kill-off to-them,” which at least provides that illusive “off” which is a key part of the APO part of apokteino.

There is no question that these two die, meaning they exit from their physical bodies, at least to the degree that Jesus did, where it was noted that he “gave up the ghost,” potentially visible for some.

At first glance it would appear these Two exit their vehicle right at the end of their prophecy period, but then that is actually when they are “overcome” or more directly translated to “subdued” with their separation from their vehicles coming at a future time – that includes their fold of Saints, the ones “treading under foot in the holy city” – the primary reason for their return and speaking what they had to say, referred to as prophecy.

The verse also leaves out the detail of how they exit which isn’t an oversight proven that it was intentional in light of how in Jesus case we have Psalm 22 and Isaiah and other clues that indicated he would be crucified (pierced) and dozens of other clues.

As shown another keyword in this verse that needs to be considered is translated to “them”:

Them = 846 autos ow-tos’ from the particle au (perhaps akin to the base of ahr – aer 109 through the idea of a baffling wind) (backward); the reflexive pronoun self, used (alone or in the comparative 1438) of the third person , and (with the proper personal pronoun) of the other persons= her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine) own, said, (self-), the) same, ((him-, my-, thy- )self, (your-)selves, she, that, their(-s), them(-selves), there(-at, – by, -in, -into, -of, -on, -with), they, (these) things, this (man), those, together, very, which.
109 aer from aemi (to breathe unconsciously, i.e. respire; by analogy, to blow); “air” (as naturally circumambient)= air.

“Aer” seems to point to that invisible part of ourSELVES (implies the spirit or Soul). In this case it’s plural selves. The only other ways we can translate this with the context of apokteino as “separate, cease, depart by/from death” is as “them” if we want to claim the “beast” is responsible for their death or “themselves,” which opens up yet another possibility: separate, cease, depart by/from death THEMSELVES.

We know that the bestial humans backed by the Luciferian space aliens are given the power to overcome incarnate Members from the Next Level, but we also know it’s always a temporary overcoming and in both Jesus case needed to be shown to the disciples so they would have that reality in their “computer” (as TI called our storage of data) that a Next Level Member can’t be permanently killed and that they still even have a physical body even after losing their human physical body, that is when the Next Level technicians on board a spacecraft put their physical Soul container into a new physical body and it grows significantly to change over into a new “butterfly” body waiting to be released from it’s human host.

But it’s not very consistent with all else the Next Level has taught to equate this temporary setback with the idea of that adversarial Beast and Dragon backers to completely overcome, conquer, get the victory, prevail against, as that is the primary task of a returning student and is what becomes a qualification for graduation into the Next Level as stated in Rev 2 and 3 eight times, plus Jesus said he had accomplished after he accepted his task to stage his own death and resurrection. Jesus was killed but he had the biggest hand in it, so he offered himself up to be killed as he even said:

Joh 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
Joh 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

If no man took his life from him, he was referring to his real life, that of his Soul body so wasn’t really killed because of them though they were the instruments of the killing of his human vehicle, yet he even orchestrated that. He was using them as the instruments for the end of that phase of his task in which he would be moving to the next phase. It was part of the design. And so it is with these Two Witnesses. Their physical bodies die as a part of the plan as well, though by these verses not specifying who kills them and how, humans can certainly still be the instruments once again.

TI and DO did initially think they would be physically killed as said in Statement One though beyond writing that they rarely talked to the student body about that part of the task description and especially after they felt they had been “shot down by the press.” However, Do did tell a story about he and TI telling someone they thought they were the Two witnesses. (I suspect the timing of this event was in late 1973 or early 1974). Here is my paraphrasing of what He said in “Beyond Human – The Last Call” video session 11:

Do explains that soon after realizing they were fulfilling the task of the Two Witnesses, that He also explained in “88Update” was quite an adjustment to accept and be willing to tell someone, because of how they each were always turned off by people who would say they were the reincarnation of some Biblical character like Cleopatra, etc. They went to a New Age Center called Summit Lighthouse saying they wanted to talk to the leaders of the organization. While waiting a student of the teachers at this center asked what they were about, what was their information and They said they thought they might be fulfilling the task of the Revelations Two Witnesses, to which the student said that couldn’t be so because her two teachers were the Two Witnesses. Do said that was a kind of wake-up they didn’t want to repeat as they thought whether they were or were not the Two Witnesses that was a good experience because it didn’t matter to them what the reality of that was, as who is going to prove what that reality is and who might be the fulfillment of the application of certain prophecies pertaining to individuals.

There are times in prophecy where there are multiple adjectives describing one noun and there are multiple scriptures describing the same event but mostly when there are multiple verb/adverb/noun combinations following one another like these three: 1)…shall make BATTLE (WAR) against THEM, (THEIR SELVES OR THEMSELVES)

It is meant that each is reflective of it’s own stage and associated events that come manifest and there is no telling how much time passes in between the stages. Note that “shall” is included because in all three of these cases of the tenses of:

“to bustle, battle, fight (war),” and “to subdue, conquer, get victory over (overcome)” and “to separate/exit by dying/death” or “to take away by dying/death” (kill), they are set to the future relative to the time in which they are, “to end, accomplish, make an end, expire, fill up, go over, pay, perform (finish) their evidence given, record, report, witness (testimony).”

As said these are three stages with events that manifest starting when these Two begin to deliver their new information from the Next Level and continues for the duration of their incarnations. That’s in part why each stage is set into the future tense. Every minute they are incarnate (awake to their identity and task) reveals part of the overall TESTIMONY they came to provide. However, in the context of this verse where they do their revealing of new information over a 1260 day period, this is also the period in which the bestial humans, unknowingly influenced by the Luciferian space aliens also escalate their BUSTLE, BATTLE, FIGHTING. So here is a summary interpretation of these three events:

1)…Beast… make bustle, battle, (war) in accompaniment, association with and in succession of (against) THEM, THEIR SELVES OR THEMSELVES

The BEAST is evident at this time through the National Media of the U.S., which is the mouthpiece of the Beast which is the Secret Government aka Mystery Babylon (Rev 17) that formed largely in the 1940’s-1950’s because of and to deal with the Space Aliens who were released from their prison under the Earth and/or Sea to enact their agenda to get off the planet, stop the Next Level and/or build the technology to establish a colony off the earth. Their release was coordinated with the provision of physical proof of Beings on earth from outer space via so called UFO crashes that for some as they became aware of their reality provided an avenue to offset the misinformation of humans being the most evolved creatures in the universe and that such creatures were from a strictly spiritual realm which was all important to further prepare some for the incarnations of TI and DO and Crew.

A number of the UFO crashes were staged by the Next Level and used for the arrival method of the Two Older Members and their “saints” – their students, some of whom were rewarded with physical bodies made/grown for them by the Next Level because they demonstrated their giving their all to the Next Level through their incarnate Older Member in the name Jesus, to include laying down their human vehicles lives witnessing for Jesus that got many of them killed for. It was “laying their human bodies down” in the example and instruction Jesus gave to them – telling the truth – standing in defense of all Jesus said and did, knowing that doing so would get them killed as it had to Jesus and as Jesus said it would.

Also on board one or more of the Next Level stimulated UFO crashes were those Souls without physical bodies who had been “saved” because of their degree of dedication to what Jesus taught and did. Those spirits who showed the Kingdom of God their allegiance apart from knowing about Jesus, perhaps from anyplace on the earth ,it seems were to return as well, as TI and DO said and Jesus indicated by saying the just and unjust would all be back during this End of the Age to stand in judgment, which is more of what’s taking place since TI and DO and Crew have exited the human vehicles they “borrowed.”

These battles are continuously waged thereafter the initial battle that caused these Two to be subdued (overcome), which TI and DO called their being “shot down by the media” as They never followed the script of prophecy, though looking back on all they said and did were always right in line with it’s fulfillment.

So the Luciferian Space Aliens are the Souls and Souls with hybrid human equivalent vehicles, who ride the human Beast’s that make them into the definition as “poisonous animals,” characterized through their various organizations and movements that cropped up during the same time period when TI and DO and Crew were awakening and then publicly speaking (prophecy) the truth about the Next Kingdom they providing witness for with their personal testimony – that they had to draw into their human vehicles gradually, largely as a strategy to foster the graduation of their students who would become the First Fruit Harvest of new membership into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Meanwhile there were all sorts of facsimile “cults” cropping during the same time period and especially brought to a head in the 1970’s when TI and DO came to the fore. Even though they were facsimiles with leaders who were being influenced by the Luciferian Space Aliens, those that sought to follow many of them could have been taking their next best step towards being in a Next Level overcoming classroom which is actually being re-stimulated at this time of the fourth Seal “Harvest” period that will be further stimulated by the Next Level into 2017 by the way the Space Aliens and their discarnate minions “sit on” humans within the BEAST’s governmental and institutional structures to seek their own “harvest” – depicted as their “consuming” humans because of their need for human DNA and an agenda of building a force against the Next Level and/or the plan to try to survive the upcoming spading/recycling by building cities underground and/or under the sea and if they can in outer space.

When these Two Witnesses came incarnate and began surfacing what they knew using new terminology and concepts, the war entered full swing. It always has been a war over Minds/Souls while the weapons are mouths speaking words and ideas and their associated behaviors and ways. Thus the media as a whole and as a MOUTHPIECE OF THE BEAST is what goes after anyone who spreads the truth. The Kingdom of God/Heaven’s Older Members are telling the unvarnished truth while nearly everyone else are naturally, because of generations of programming disputing, ridiculing, redirecting, ignoring, misapplying, spiritualizing what is being provided.

However, mostly the effort against the Two Witnesses is to get them to stop their dissemination of information, which in the case of TI and DO was seemingly accomplished by discrediting them, which was largely like saying… “Isn’t he the carpenters son!” as a reason Jesus was personally discredited as being the expected messiah which enabled their more easily ignoring all he said, an option the Next Level wants everyone to have, though they still continue offering until it’s all over and it’s recycle time.


The only reason an incarnate Member from the Next Level is subdued or overcome is if it’s part of the Next Level plan from the start. The Next Level doesn’t force anyone to be the instrument of subduing. They just know it’s going to happen because that’s why they provide the “lower forces” who have accepted programming to sow seeds against the truth so would seek to subdue any who bring/deliver that truth. Of course they don’t see it as the “truth” or they wouldn’t oppose it. I believe some see such “truth” as the programming of an evil alien race that imposes their will on humans and especially when they recycle the planet’s surface that dissolves most if not all traces of a civilized infrastructure. So it’s like the weeds of the garden calling the gardener evil for destroying them when they want to start a new garden (civilization) that has produced all the fruit it can produce.

For instance the misinformation sowed by the lower forces becomes so dominant in society that any suggestion that it is misinformation is met with laughter, scorn, sarcasm, arrogance and even hostility to stamp it out or ignore it or morph it into myth or science fiction to make it into a total illusion to actually believe in. An example that just came to my attention is the way training people to kill others as in the military has become an honorable well paid career choice. Even with all the wars overseas that have been proven to be anything but really protecting the country, life goes on for millions as if it’s still honorable to serve those who fabricate the lies that convince people they are serving for the good of the people.

The irony is that they are serving what many of the people want as waring boosts the economy and that in turn provides millions of jobs almost entirely built on misinformation. Another example is in religion where millions are employed in all kinds of mechanisms that are also seen as career choices whether it’s a professional beggar passing the collection plate quilting people into supporting their infrastructure that is more about putting the hierarchy on the pulpit than anything the Older Member’s who came incarnate actually taught and did. Ministers today largely teach how to be a better human while in the case of Moses and Jesus, they are teaching the requirement to separate from one’s roots to humanness which happens in stages when we believe in the formula taught and put it into motion.

Everyone is not going to feel called to leave everything behind to give their all to the Next Level but if anyone wants to continue towards that step they need to believe in that requirement and share that with others as just keeping it to yourself is not doing any work for the Next Level. That’s why Jesus said, if you have the “light” to see by, you don’t hide it under a basket – you put the light on top the basket so that light can potentially enlighten others.


In early April of 1975, when TI and DO were invited to give, first a private meeting in Los Angeles and then subsequent public meetings up the west coast of the U.S. and east from there, they referred to their being killed and “resurrected” as a “demonstration” of who they are and where they’d come from as being from the same family Jesus came from to bear the same truth as the promised follow up. Those who recognized their “voice” – the words and ideas they bore had no need nor desire to see them resurrected or to see or board a spacecraft (UFO).

In 88Update Do writes about the “demonstration” indicating it was one of the hardest things they had to do because students were told to go out and spread TI and DO’s information until they would hear about the “demonstration” as a signal to stop holding public meetings and “run” to where the demonstration would occur.

Backing up a bit: In their first private meeting that overflowed the North Hollywood, Los Angeles house they were invited to speak at, seeing some were still thirsty for more information when they had said their piece, they had another private meeting at the same location the next night and several dozen showed up who wanted to leave all behind to follow them which took them by surprise and was not all that welcomed, but felt they had to go with. That’s when they started using the names Bo and Peep.

TI and DO arranged to meet these new “sheep” at a campground. For those that were serious after camping with them and some of their friends, for a couple weeks they moved north, camping near San Francisco. These who were serious were instructed to wrap up the affairs of their lives as the modus operandi was that it was necessary to “leave our old world behind” to start this new endeavor. (That is one huge sign of a true Member from the Kingdom of God/Heaven). Since they now had students, TI and DO felt their instruction was to see if there were others to gather. Before those North Hollywood, Los Angeles vicinity meetings TI and DO thought they would just tell what they knew and move on to tell others. They weren’t initially keen on having followers but accepted what was happening.

Prophecy didn’t clearly reflect the Two having attracted students but they weren’t going by prophecy anyway, except as used for clues about their task. As circumstances developed their instructions clarified. Instruction didn’t often come as absolutes, for instance telling them to do this or say that. They always had to feel their way by taking steps. Often they would arrive at their best choice by trying certain directions and then realizing if they didn’t feel right shifting gears to another direction so that step by step they often knew the most right directions by ruling out all the others.

Mailing out statements in March of 1975 that got to the new age meditation group in L.A. was an instruction and that led to what was to unfold next that proved to them whether or not they were on the track with their helpers in the Next Level. Do told us after TI left her vehicle n 1985 how ironic it was, the way they received step by step instructions because it was TI who left instructions, their Next Level helpers were to carry out, before she came incarnate, which included not giving them more information than they needed, according to the circumstances and student needs.

So TI and DO decided to head north to the San Francisco bay area to set up a public meeting. But for reasons I didn’t know about, some students gave the first public meeting at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on Aug. 13, 1975. It was a packed house so from that response TI and DO decided to make their first public appearance in Sunnyvale at Canada College on Aug. 24th. The line to get in was so long that they filled the college auditorium twice that day.

But it wasn’t until the aftermath of the next meeting in Waldport, Oregon on September 14, 1975 that because of one report of children being abandoned by some who were joining, that involved police and the press, that an investigation and type of manhunt for TI and DO began.

TI and DO didn’t meet with everyone who joined from the Waldport meeting until later. The existing students answered questions at the end of the meeting and for those that wanted to join (as my girlfriend and I did) said a little about what to do to from then on. They said to try to tie up loose ends in 2-3 days but not to “leave a mess behind.” They knew that staying in our “world” any longer could jeopardize one’s exit from their worldliness as most of their family and friends would try to talk them out of going with what would be seen suspiciously. There was nothing popular about joining this group and it certainly hit the nation as about as bizarre as anything could get. It actually can’t be seen otherwise unless you are one who received a deposit of their mind. That’s the realism behind what’s said as “to be drawn by the Father.” It’s not anything casual. It’s planned vehicle by vehicle, though the choice always remains to not respond.

Joh 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
Joh 6:45 It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.

I had personal experience with the events that ensued in the aftermath of the Waldport meeting. The two children reported as being abandoned were a young woman I’m calling J’s children; 4-5 year old Jennifer and 1-2 year old Noah. A man named R was J’s partner so was serving as the childrens’ step dad living with J in Newport, Oregon and it was their apartment overlooking the Pacific coast where I with my partner I’ll call “S” spent a great deal of our time. S, J and R also went to the Waldport meeting and felt to join with TI and DO. Children couldn’t make that kind of decision so they needed to arrange for the care of the children. I recall at the Waldport meeting where Do said children could not come, a women in the back of the room shouted out very loudly, “you ought to be shot.” J spoke to their biological dad who lived nearby in the Portland, Oregon area who as I understood agreed to take them. I wasn’t involved in any of their decisions in these regards.

My partner “S” and I had been together for about 5 years before that and came to Oregon together. S’s younger sister, I’ll call “C” had also moved out to Oregon to be near us soon after she graduated high school and lived with us for some months before she moved in with her boyfriend and was more or less living on her own at that point. When S told C of our plans to join with TI and DO, who I was telling people seemed to me to be “the equivalent of Jesus” (that TI and DO never insinuated) and that R and J were also joining and couldn’t bring the children, she became very upset by it all and went to the police. I was leaving R and J’s apartment with S when a police officer and C came to the door and asked me if children were being abandoned. I said “no” which was a half truth. That put it to rest for the moment. However, then C called her dad who was in New York to tell of our plans to join this group. They were immediately alarmed and the dad contacted their uncle and grandmother who all flew out to Oregon the next day. S and I met with the four of them in a motel in Newport, Oregon where they tried to talk S out of joining. S’s family were all Jewish and blamed me for influencing S to belief in Jesus though I can’t say I ever talked about Jesus to her, as though I held Jesus in a special place I knew little of what he said and represented and was not part of any group and had a certain disdain for the Catholics I was raised with. It was clear however from before we moved to Oregon that her family at gatherings I attended disapproved of S’s relationship with this Jesus believing hippy.

There were two others of our friends that were planning to join with TI and DO from that Waldport meeting. One owned a number of houses in Newport that he rented out to hippies. He was signing over the ownership of those houses to his friends. The other fellow was a musician I sometimes played with. He and I went to Portland to try to sell our instruments. Meanwhile S and I were telling all our friends in the Newport and Waldport areas of our plans to join this group. Thus the buzz around town was building and the police were no doubt still investigating what was going on. The press was involved and parents and family were very concerned so it was apparent to S and I that we needed to get out of town post haste.

We had instructions from followers of TI and DO who were at the meeting to make a phone call at a certain time and day in which they would give us a place to meet. We made that call and were told to go to a park in Eugene, Oregon where we were told to meet at the Colorado National Monument a few days later. On the third day following the meeting the six of us left Newport in two cars. S and I had $50.00 in cash and I brought my flute which I never played after that and sold later on to buy a junk car with. As it turned out R and J and the other two left the group several months later while S and I, though no longer a couple continued for years – S until 1987 and me to 1994.


At the National Monument campground we met with TI and DO and were assigned to be in different groups that were in various camping locations between Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins, Colorado. I was assigned a group near Boulder. The plan was to hold six meetings in these towns. We did and gathered more followers and were given instruction to head to Chicago for the next round of meetings. By the first week in October the story broke nationally when CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite reported: “A score of persons from a small Oregon town have disappeared. It’s a mystery whether they’ve been taken on a so-called trip to eternity — or simply been taken.”

Now with our numbers around 70 camping at the Chain of Lakes north of Chicago, TI and DO learned that there were two university students who had joined with us to write their thesis on the group, (Rob Balch and David (?) Taylor). That plus the national news breaking and our large number that could easily be spotted, caused TI and DO to break us all up into smaller groups and send us into different directions while maintaining a system of contacts using Holiday Inn front desk messaging and pay telephone appointments with each group leader partnership.

The breaking national news was followed by reports in most every newspaper across the country. I know that because for months I, with the partner TI and DO had assigned me back in Colorado criss-crossed the country largely by thumb, when our cars broke down, going town to town looking for people to spread the news to. We had become separated from any group so lost contact with TI and DO and any other students and we did this through that 1975/76 winter all through the Midwest. To get out of the weather we spent time in libraries and saw articles about our group so new of the publicity.

The articles spoke of these TWO and how dozens had left all behind to follow them and that they would be rendezvousing with a UFO to take them to heaven. I later learned that people began to fear fowl play afoot. Parents were getting letters from their adult offspring who had joined with TI and DO, at least one, saying they would never see them again. When TI and DO learned of that, they said that was “cruel” to say to someone being left behind. We were initially told it would be a good idea to write letters to any who would be concerned about us. I wrote a long letter to my vehicle’s family but said nothing about never seeing them again, though the bizarre nature of the entire endeavor didn’t really quell my mother’s anxiety.

However it wasn’t as if I was very close physically or mentally to my parents and hardly knew my younger brother and sister at the time. I left home when I was 18 to go to college in West Virginia for one year then when 19 traveled by thumb all over North America, then turning 20 rented a house with my girlfriend in New York, got jobs and saved and moved away permanently to live in the British Columbia mountains as homesteaders where a year later I was deported back to the states because I’d been living in Canada beyond a visitors stay and was working illegally – on a cattle ranch and for the provincial park service. So by 21 I was living on the coast of Oregon surviving off of odd jobs, music gigs and sometimes helped with food stamps. My mother had been against my rebellious choices from Junior high school so by the time I was 24 in a sense she was prepared as was my dad and siblings. However, this was still a doosy for them to handle.

It was just a couple weeks after the first report that Walter Cronkite on October 18, 1975 reported the “mystery surrounding the two” as solved. TI and DO were at the time using the names Bo and Peep (TI was Peep), which of course didn’t give the authorities anything to go on to track them and their suspicious activities, thus the mystery of who they were and what became of those who had left all behind to join with them. So when they finally discovered the names of TI and DO’s vehicles and found some criminal history, it was reported that they couldn’t possibly be prophets from the Bible as claimed because Do was a convicted felon.

HOW DO BECOMES A CONVICTED THIEF – (even fulfilling that prophecy, which was mostly because of a misunderstanding):

Do writes in 88Update about all that led up to he and TI’s arrest and his conviction as a “thief” that I have paraphrased to not be threatened by some who hold the copyright to the documents:

Do writes that he and TI met a woman in Houston (around the fall of 1972) who wanted to stay in touch with them when they chose to leave all behind of their lives in the Houston and Texas area and they agreed. They met up with her in the months that followed and at one point she offered them the use of her gasoline credit cards which they used until they found out the cards were reported stolen by the woman’s husband. They were traumatized by that.

Meanwhile their car broke down in St. Louis on Christmas day when comet Kohoutek was at perihelion. Do still had some of his old credit cards they hadn’t been using, which he then used to rent a car. (This is interesting as if they were trying to get a free ride or be fraudulent one would think they would have used those credit cards by then. I don’t why they didn’t use those cards before then.)

As some time passed and they had kept the car beyond the time they rented it for, their thinking God would help them have the funds to pay the bill, not having the money, they wrote letters to the Rental Car Company saying they fully intended to pay for the car’s use and that they were taking good care of it. Nevertheless the Rental car company reported it stolen.

They made their way to Brownsville, Texas and contacted a news organization telling the reporter they had the biggest story he had ever received for him. The reporter figured it was a drug dealing tip so contacted the police who went to the hotel with him. When TI and DO saw a “hoard of authorities” they got frightened and tried to leave the motel abruptly which resulted in their being followed and apprehended and then arrested for stealing, TI for the use of the alleged stolen credit cards and Do for the rental car, though both charges were eventually dropped.

However the St. Louis district attorney decided to prosecute anyway and after Do was in Jail in St. Louis for 6 months his trial finally came to the judge and he received a four month sentence, because he agreed to plea guilty to get out of jail verses go through a trial and still not know what he would be convicted of.

That time in jail is when Do wrote, Statement One. It was a growth experience for both of them having no history of any sort til then and they now thought no one would listen to them because they would have lost credibility, while they also realized their credibility and stability was now “unquestionably questionable.”

Do makes note that he had to take a psychiatric examination before being released from jail as the Judge knew of his peculiar circumstances surrounding the arrest, and he passed with flying colors while a day didn’t pass that he didn’t question his own sanity.

While he was in jail TI worked in a hospital in Houston to pay lawyer fees and was able to buy a car and camping gear and they struck out again but in such a way to take no chances and they were reminded how credit and credit cards are not the ways of the Next Level but rather Lucifer’s ways of guaranteeing service to his world.

This is when they sent out Statement One to a total of about 90 ministers, evangelists, and awareness centers.


All the Television Network News programs broke the story that they had figured out the identities of those who before then were only called The Two or Bo and Peep, the leaders of the UFO Cult who people were leaving all behind to follow, while TI and DO were in Las Vegas. This all added up to their feeling that “further meetings were pretty hopeless” because they figured most people had already determined them to be ridiculous, yet they also thought the “demonstration” (their being killed and resurrecting and ascending to heaven) might change that.

So they “grieved literally for days” feeling “shot down by the media” and basically killing their mission.

Again to show how little TI and DO cared about matching prophecy, Do wrote how “they grieved literally for DAYS,” when he could have just as easily written, “they grieved for 3 1/2 days” to match what prophecy seemed to indicate, when no one could have proved otherwise, that is if they wanted to be more prophetically correct with Rev 11:9 as the time period in which their “dead (figurative killing at the hands of the press) bodies (shall lie) in the street of the great city,” which was, again, what until that time TI and DO anticipated.

It will be shown in the next verse what that translation could have been as “shall lie” was absent from the Greek manuscripts and “dead bodies” was more accurately “ruined bodies” (though not the same word as subdued/overcome). By the way, they were not at that time looking forward to being killed, though they later spoke lightheartedly about that kind of event by saying they hoped whoever killed them, presumably with a gun, would “shoot straight,” (so they don’t end up in a vegetable state).

This was typical to not try to be prophetically correct. One time years later we were fasting on what was called the “Burroughs cleanser,” as we had a number of times before. (It consisted of 1 oz. of fresh lemon juice, 1 oz. of grade B maple syrup to 8 oz. clean water and a pinch of cayenne pepper). This one time of the fast was in day 39 and Do asked the group of about 28 students if we wanted to continue to day 40 or break it now. The students didn’t care, though at least one, Sawyer leaned a little to the 40 days as 40 was that proverbial number – how long Jesus was said to have fasted in the desert, the Noah flood was 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus stayed around for 40 days after his resurrection, etc. Do decided to break the fast right away instead and I felt a teeny tiny let down by not hitting that seemingly magic number because I was still thinking in a spiritual way and this was not at all a spiritual trip in most senses of the term.

After those “days” feeling “shot down” while in a Las Vegas hotel Do says they “received instructions to not walk into a physical demonstration” because their “killing in the street” was what took place at the hands of the media.

But considering what they had told students about anticipation of their being killed and resurrecting, they felt to tell the students this new understanding was a “cop-out” or a “chickening out” and were convinced without that demonstration their students “would have every right to call them charlatans.” But to their surprise when they told them, almost without exception they accepted the interpretation and were ready for the next step.

TI and DO still felt it was one of their biggest tests but then continued with the instruction to hold public meetings that lasted for a little over ten months.

I believe I recall that sometime later, TI said that the “demonstration” didn’t happen as they first thought it would “because the students weren’t ready to leave yet,” as they needed more overcoming of their humanness. Thus perhaps it could have happened the way it was translated. This would mean that TI and DO were led to believe what they believed because that was what their Next Level guidance felt was best for the student body to believe. After all it was clearly a way to vet the serious students from those who were really not ready to go the distance. This way, some were given the impetus to leave the classroom if they were banking on that “demonstration” coming to pass. I fully accepted their new interpretation and hadn’t at that time ever dissected all the words anyway, though I did study scripture a lot once I joined.

It was only in the last 15 years that I came to examine this verse again and again and again to come to terms with the part that says “shall overcome them” that seems better translated to “shall subdue them” as subdue being more of the root translation also conveying less finality since TI and DO didn’t separate from their vehicles then.

Finally the translation to “them, theirselves or themselves.” Actually all three of these usages work with what TI and DO taught and experienced. Yes it was the “beast” that subdued/overcame them, their vehicles. It was actually their “human self” that was shot down and they actually brought that on of themselves by setting up the meeting with the press in Brownsville, naive to what that reporter would think their “scoop” entailed. I’m not suggesting TI and DO made a mistake in that regard. To the contrary I believe they were following exactly the guidance they had even designed would be given them, before they actually came incarnate. It did fulfill the literal nature of that prophecy of his coming as a “thief in the night” and it provided the bestial lower forces the ammunition they wanted to cast them into the bucket called charlatans. None of this having to do with Do’s conviction phased their committed followers because they were operating from a position of KNOWING who they were and knowing they could trust them 100% no matter what was said about them. Some were still tested of course but that was all part of the program though we students didn’t know just how real each test would be.

3)…(and, also, even, or, then) KILL= (“apo” as prefix= separate, depart, cease, reverse) + (by, at, because of, from, in, off, with, take away) + (“kteino”= slaying, destruction, being put to death), or metaphorically to extinguish, abolish THEM, THEIR SELVES OR THEMSELVES


First off – it would be totally disregarding the prefix “apo.” There are plenty of words that have that prefix and in each case one can see the distinction from the part of the word it precedes so why wouldn’t it have meaning in front of kteino which is said to mean, “to slay,” “kill,” “destroy” in any way. Some translators would say apokteino means “to kill in any way,” or even to destroy or eliminate, or as I contend to bring about separation of one’s Spirit or Soul from it’s human vehicle as additional verse re-translation and re-interpretations help bring out.

In some cases like with 622 apollumi which is mostly translated to “perish” or “destroy” which can also be “to kill,” even in the very same verse where apokteino is also used to refer to killing the Soul that is then “destroyed”:

Mat 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill ((apokteino)) the Soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy ((apollumi)) both Soul and body in hell.

By the way I believe this refers to the Luciferians as no human without the Luciferian mindset/influence can take away someones opportunity to graduate the human kingdom, which results in the recycling of their spirit or Soul that needs the human body to learn the needed lessons through. Hell is the condition of non-existence with no potential to exist again regardless of whether or not a spirit and/or Soul still maintains an awareness of it’s non-existent condition.

Secondly, this is not the only word used to depict the loss of life by a human’s hand. For instance whether premeditated or not, the commandment from Jehovah given to Moses to give to the Children of Israel, as “thou shall not kill” became the Greek word, 5407 phoneuo translated 10 of 12 times to “kill,” once as “do murder” and once as “slay.”

When kill is used to refer to the killing of an animal, as for a sacrifice, yet another word is consistently used; 2380 thuo which is a root word also translated to “sacrifice” and in one case “to slay.” Killing a human was certainly a unique word, though as we see with variation.

Thirdly the context in the next few verses doesn’t support these two being killed, though the translators tried to make “kill” fit. They added several words and mistranslated another few seemingly to make “kill” work. That will be shown in the next verses. Plus it was clear these Two had power over their enemies so that anyone who tries to hurt them “must be killed” (Rev 11:5). Isn’t killing someone hurting them, so this suggests they aren’t to be conventionally killed by someone else’s hand.

Again, apokteino here seems to also work better to be translated closer to “exit or separate or ceased or concluded by dying” because the Next Level Members are not “hit men,” though in their “gardening” do instigate the death of human vehicles that show no signs of having their mind active in their consciousness. TI and DO spoke of tornado’s as specific stirring up people to help stimulate their growth and they indicated earthquakes were also like accelerators in the same way. Even with these forms of gardening it’s not punishment. It’s simply a fact that when people are faced with trauma, if they have any mind from the Next Level they will seek help from “God” in whatever terminology and concept they have. Then the Next Level can choose who to help based on their sincerity as anyone can talk the talk one time when they are up against the wall, so to speak. But for those that they probably already know about because they have evidenced some regular contact (for instance, in honest talking to God, even if they lose their vehicle in the gardening event, their Spirit or Soul can be saved for a future opportunity or the Next Level could arrange for specific ones who cry out for help to physically survive the action and often for these their faith grows as they tend to have a knowing that God answered their prayers. In this example of someone seeking to harm these Two, they are sentencing themselves to “death” in several ways – first by choosing to go against the only source of future life, so however the death of their physical vehicle happens their spirit will not be saved for any future.

However, in this context, perhaps these Two only have the said authority during their assigned prophecy period. After all Jesus, when he was being arrested, according to the plan of his “laying down his life” as he called it, that he received instructions about during the “transfiguration” physical visit from two messengers that three disciples also witnessed said in such a way that looked similar as a type of karma:

Mat 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish ((622 apollumi)) with the sword.
Mat 26:53 Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?
Mat 26:54 But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?

As a side note, there has been a commenter on my blog that says he heard in one of the audio tapes that were made during most the entire classrooms duration where TI was talking and said something about being able to easily beat the cancer that was diagnosed to be in her eye. Her eye was removed. This person, who seems to hate any notion of TI and DO as who they said they were, yet said he listened to all the available tapes uses TI’s saying that as evidence that she couldn’t beat cancer because a few years after she allegedly said that, her vehicle died and the cause as far as the doctors could tell was the cancer that had spread to her liver. If she said that about beating the cancer then wouldn’t it be like Jesus saying he could have escaped his captors. But it wasn’t part of the plan so TI never felt to try to fight the cancer. By the way, Do said she “burnt out her vehicle” by the quality of mind she was drawing into it through or with the vehicle’s pineal gland.

So if apokteino means what I say it does that I have synthesized down to, “(shall) separate/exit by dying/death,” it must no longer be the result of someone else murdering them. When we add “themselves” to the end of “kill” (as after SUBDUE (overcome) it takes further shape as a SELF DETERMINED EXIT, (AS JESUS EXIT CLEARLY WAS) because “them” are the subjects and as the active voice the “doer” of the “separation/exiting by dying/death.”

Furthermore, when SEPARATION BY DEATH/DYING (kill) comes after they are SUBDUED (Overcome) tied together by the Greek “kai,” defined as a copulative and sometimes also a cumulative force as; AND, ALSO, EVEN, SO THEN, TOO; often used in connection (or composition) with other particles or small words= AND, ALSO, BOTH, BUT, EVEN, FOR, IF, OR, SO, THAT, THEN, THEREFORE, WHEN, YET, the context with THEMSELVES (them) on the end of each of these event depictions stands out as independently cumulative. In other words it’s not so much as accumulating multiple actions performed by the them because of the same primary cause of the bestial BATTLING.

So since these phrases can stand alone, each with a subject (them (selves)) that stimulates the future (starting when they are coming upon finishing their prophecy) events, described by the verbs (battle, subdue and exit by dying/death), we must look to further clues for more specific timing for the most accurate interpretation of each of these phrases.

Finally, there is other evidence of this suggested translation of “apokteino auto” to their literally “killing themselves” (their vehicle being their “self”) in:

Joh 8:21 Then said Jesus again unto them, I go my way, and ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: whither I go, ye cannot come.
Joh 8:22 Then said the Jews, Will he kill ((apokteino) himself ((1438 heautou from a reflexive pronoun otherwise obsolete and the genitive case (dative case or accusative case) of autos 846))? because he saith, Whither I go, ye cannot come.
Joh 8:23 And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

The only difference is in the case of the pronoun. I have already shown that TI also brought about her own exit of her vehicle

Backing up a bit, when examining the grammar of “ascendeth,” it is a present tense, active voice and participle mood. This means the “beast” is the doer of the action of “ascending” but is considered to be a verbal noun which is usually identified by a suffix of “-ing” or “-ed,” thus “ascended” and/or “ascending.” So the “beast” has both already ascended and/or is still ascending from their underground hiding places, potentially inside mountains and/or the sea, as in Antarctica and the Artic, the Himalaya’s, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier, and/or where ever else they were allowed to escape/hide from the Next Level and the last recycling period documented as the great flood of Noah’s time that may even be the same story as the Atlantis story and other cultural flood stories.

As shown the first indicator of the timing of the start of these Luciferian space aliens, who actually rule most of the humans on the planet, (unbeknown to them), coming out of their prison is during the 5th angel’s trumpet sounding which began more or less in the 1940’s- 1950’s as previously documented.

THE SUBDUING OF THESE TWO DOESN’T OFFICIALLY START UNTIL TI and DO MEET AND START AWAKENING TO THEIR TASK and delivering what they know to others that is officially thought of as January 1st 1973 when TI and DO officially left all behind.


Before TI and DO came incarnate, as first they just “tagged” the vehicles they would later take over, they actually set this all up, so they are the ones who decided when to open the prison door of the Luciferian space aliens bestial humans/human equivalents. They also set up the circumstances that would lead to their arrest. They always felt a little funny using the credit card their first student gave them to use for gasoline. And use of an old credit card to rent a car when their car broke down in St. Louis when Comet Kohoutek, perhaps the “1st woe,” was at perihelion was also a little out of character for them, just trusting the Next Level would find a way for them to pay it off. They could have used those credit cards for the entire year they were traveling together but didn’t. TI and DO never approved of using the credit card systems because of the way one becomes beholding to those corporations. (We did use credit cards in the classroom but only to rent a car or buy an airline ticket – things that could no longer be done easily any other way).

I don’t pretend to know what they would say about using them now. I did when my partner left and her business was our main income stream and I couldn’t find a job and had a house to pay the mortgage of when I was just really getting going on writing this book. I already had a lot of debt because of the financial collapse and the loss of revenue from my partners business. But having great credit with many 0% interest offers, I used them to pay all my expenses until I was able to collect social security. TI and DO never hesitated to take advantage of programs some could qualify for though they preferred to work for income as we did throughout most of the classroom’s later years. When traveling giving meetings we asked businesses and churches for help with food and gasoline and shelter and also offered to do chores and did them, but our first priority was getting the information out.

But in addition to taking a chance on the use of the credit cards, TI and DO really stimulated their arrest by going to the reporter in Brownsville telling him they had a scoop that he took as info about a drug deal, so called the police. They were blinded to how he would take what they said. I suspect they were simply following their unseen leadership that was setting them up to be seen as thieves to fulfill prophecy of “coming as a thief in the night.” Jesus also said not to be caught unaware because of his coming as a thief although they were actually stealing human bodies from their otherwise normal human destiny that Do semi-jokingly called “body snatching” after that movie the body snatchers, except of course the Next Level members were not at all hideous looking monsters. They weren’t really stealing human vehicles any more than a human who takes baby chicks or eggs from a mother hen is stealing when the entire reason that chicken is living in their care is to produce eggs and/or new baby chicks. The chickens may think so, but they are none the wiser and just make some more. Humans and everything are actually owned by the Next Level.

So TI and DO brought on their own arrest, less directly than the way Jesus did, but it goes to show who is in charge of all this. Lastly they also stimulated their own EXIT BY DYING. The first step towards the end of one’s human existence is to start one’s metamorphosis, the changeover that entails leaving one’s human styled life behind. TI and DO said the Next Level helps us do that, when we make our desire known to them, either all at once or a little at a time that we can’t fight or we don’t really want it to happen.

My first time around was more or less easy compared to this second time of leaving all behind. TI and DO would talk about how hard it is to leave all behind and I would wonder what they meant as for me, the first time, it was not very hard. The Next Level had already helped me detach from the vehicles human family years before and helped me detach from the woman I’d been living with for five years, when she found another guy. That was very tough as I thought I loved her but recovered and though we were back together when her affair ended because she wanted to be back with me, it was never the same and actually had lost it’s steam anyway, which is part of why she found someone else. I couldn’t cheat on her though I wanted to. So when we both saw TI and DO talk in Waldport I was smitten and apparently so was she as we both joined and ceased any further physical relationship though there was some temptation I didn’t give into. And for some reason my musicality wasn’t that hard either though I let my band mates down when we had a really good thing going. I didn’t think twice about leaving the self styled teepee shaped house I was building out of logs as a part of a communal homestead.

On this second time around for me, when I finally re-awakened with their help in dreams over years, I asked for the gradual method, so am no longer with the woman I lived with until a couple years ago and my daughter no longer lives with me (though I still see her and help her time to time with things) and I am no longer interested in any relationships, sexual or otherwise so I live alone now. I know this current circumstance will also change and with each of these stages of leaving all behind again it’s difficult but I don’t try to get back what has been gently removed from me. It still hurts to think and talk about it but I know I must keep moving forward and let TI and DO and Crew lead me.

So by leaving all behind for their Older Members according to their lead, because of our continuous asking for service, one starts their “death” as a human. Providing service to our Older Members is always part of our application toward graduation, that involves everything we do to overcome all our human ways, again according to the guidelines provided by the Older Members when they were incarnate, that are contained within the documents called, “The Seventeen Steps” and the “Major and Minor offense list,” but includes disseminating the new information these current Older Members left behind that in so doing begins to set into motion another aspect of our “death” – “separation from humanness.”

Both dropping human behaviors like sexuality is not actually as healthy for the human vehicle but if your priority is to preserve the life of your human body, then this isn’t the trip for you, though that doesn’t mean you cease doing things you have learned promote the health of the vehicle. We simply don’t need to be reproductively healthy and do need to overcome addictions to sexuality. Also, we would end up not having one place to lay our head, as Jesus said and we would exist day to day and meal to meal, asking our Older Members who are our Father’s in the heavens (as they are no longer incarnate) for help to find something to consume. However, we can’t expect to have someone deliver food to us, though it is possible. We have to go look for who might be the instrument of providing us, the workman with food and then be happy with whatever is provided. We would be bucking the Next Level to insist on certain foods and/or certain preparations though TI and DO were never in favor of dumpster diving.

When we seek to begin our metamorphosis we might attract discarnate adversaries who we will have frequent battles with in our heads that fighting against helps us to build our determination, endurance and strength. TI called that “building your Mind muscle.” Lastly we will be subject to negativity from all directions. There will be thoughts that we’ve abandoned our families and/or responsibilities we must fight off. There will be thoughts of doubt about what we are doing and who TI and DO are or are not and there will be people angry at us because when we share this information and some believe it and want to also put it into motion, their relatives will be against us and their thoughts will be like daggers sent to us. We can endure it all if we ask for help. This is how TI ended up stimulating her exit of her vehicle by being the apex for a great deal of the Luciferian discarnate attacks. And before she came incarnate actually planned for it to happen that way, so she would exit at a time after she “got Do started,” as she often would say to Do that he didn’t understand until she actually did exit. And if some exit by dying because someone hates what we say and do, though it’s by another’s hand, it’s because of our choice to press on with doing our task.

In a sense it’s like anyone who is willing to give their life, whether it’s in the military or as an emergency rescuer or as a political or social activist, but with one huge differentiation between these and what some will do for the Next Level – as it has to do with to whom we are giving our life to. If it’s a time when the Older Members are not running their overcoming program, if we give our life to fellow humans, it can be a big positive. but when we become aware of the Next Level program then giving our life to fellow humans, for these becomes a distraction from the program that must be to give our life entirely to the Next Level through the Older Members most recently provided us.

It’s not necessarily for all to embrace so we can’t be critical of those who don’t feel to engage this process as if they continue to seek the will of their Heavenly Father, they too will have their season, so in that way they are awarded when they give of themselves to other humans. It’s simply not for us to judge one way or the other who qualified for what.

What we do know is that if we give our life to our Heavenly Father when it’s offered, which to date is by following the teachings of TI and DO then we get the reward they provide. We don’t do it for the reward. We do it because we come to know it’s the truth and we can’t deny it and we feel compelled to keep moving in the direction we are pointed to go in by our Older Members as we seek their guidance day by day, even hour by hour and minute by minute.

Do and Crew gave their lives by laying them down, but that was after exhausting what they saw as all the other options and it remained a choice for each one that they had plenty of time to mull over every day until TI made it clear it was a viable choice they could take. I believe most if not all took that choice to exit with Do in that way, because it was for their Older Member was also chosen for those that would come after them. Of course it ends up being for themselves but in the Next Level self is no longer a focus. We do have our self and actually have more of a self than while a human because of all the discarnate humans and living humans that become our influences every day of our human lives which in the Next Level we don’t have any of.

The SUBDUING (OVERCOMING) verb is certainly tied to the time (WHENEVER, DURING and/or AT CONCLUSION (FINISHING)) of their 1260 day prophecy period but doesn’t have to be directly related in timing to the time when THEY SEPARATE BY DYING which is further indicated by the verb apokteino’s future tense.

There is also a strong indication that there is a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME said as “3 1/2 days” their “RUINED BODIES” (mistranslated as dead bodies) are “IN (THE) COMMONS” (STREET) which I believe is talking about the time in which TI and DO and their mission has been subdued, that is according to the “bestial” lower forces. This will be shortly detailed in Rev 11:8-9.

So, what I am saying is that their separation by dying does not have as defined a precise timing after they are subdued. Their RUIN (result of being SUBDUED) is observed for a short time relative to the Next Level’s determination of timing as otherwise it would not have been given as “3 1/2 days” but would have simply been said as “3 days” if it was to be matching the time period of Jesus vehicle in the tomb and the time illustrated by Jesus as Jonah in the belly of the whale. The Next Level hasn’t left precedent to think they do anything Earth based on half an earth day and especially not in prophecy.

Therefore I am saying their exit by dying/death comes in what ended up being 21.5 years after TI and DO’s vehicle’s reputations were subdued (overcome). Operating as Next Level undercover agents having secretly taken over human vehicles to perform their tasks through, by the time of their subduing they had already gathered most if not all of the “horses” they needed for the graduate level Souls to take over, those they planned to bring through their metamorphosis “changeover” aka SPIRIT BIRTH (aka graduation and “harvest”) that was to become the OVERCOMING OF HUMANNESS (WORLD) CLASSROOM. TI and DO actually start that experiential classroom by taking this group of 70, plus nearly 30 others that would quickly be filtered out of the program, because they weren’t yet ready to give their all, into the literal wilderness of Wyoming as depicted in Rev 12:6.

Before going further in this Rev 11 chapter, describing how prophecy is further fulfilled by TI and DO it seems there needs to be another segment as my saying this about these Two being SUBDUED and NOT KILLED, as in murdered and the timing and whose hand it is really in to exercise is not exactly the way TI and DO talked about it directly, though can be shown to not be in disagreement with their overall intentions, though that also will remain a choice to SEE or not.

Therefore, next I will consider this verse the way TI and DO saw it and this will also include seeing it exactly the way it was translated, though TI and DO did not follow that translation either. As said before, they did read all Jesus was quoted to have said and did refer to many of those things but they didn’t base their decisions on what they read. Instead they used all Jesus said and did to help them awaken their vehicles to the truth that would also provide those same smelling salts to the student body (their church), who had stored in their Soul containers the very same experience hearing Jesus and applying some or all of what he taught so they could also take over human vehicles to complete their remaining metamorphic changeover through. Jesus also did this with the records of previous Next Level “seasons” on Earth, as pertaining to the writings of Enoch and Moses and Elijah, tasks performed by the same Older Member (Father) who served as Jesus and finally Do.

I believe all three translations and interpretations end up presenting different scenarios of the way it could literally occur, so none are actually wrong, that is, until one is fulfilled in the most literal way which then renders the other options obsolete. When the Next Level designs these prophecies they provide multiple avenues to become manifest. It’s because the entire project to the Next Level is an experiment. TI and DO said it was an experiment because they don’t predetermine the human responses. If they did there would be no genuine free will. That’s also why they literally provide those that go against them, so we can even choose to be like them.

The Next Level Kingdom has been designing and working to bring (harvest) new Souls into their Kingdom from gardens equivalent to Earth for longer than we have ways of counting, so they do have a great deal of foresight as to how humans will behave but what they don’t know is how many of those humans they seed will sprout up, press their way towards the “sun,” so to speak, to survive and thrive, meaning to graduate, to both become and produce fruit – (useful service to their Kingdom).

So the Next Level casts their net into the human kingdom to catch many “fish” as Jesus illustrated and is why the idea of rapture really comes from being “caught” though that only begins the program by providing an overall group. From there those “fish” that remain rebellious to the changeability as provided by their “captors” are helped back into their world, none the worse and even still having the potential to want to be in the keeping of their captors again. In this case a captor is not in any shape or form evil as human and human equivalent captors are, as these Next Level Rancher/Gardeners are providing the ONLY WAY to continue to LIVE. Thus these who are their “fish” are really being captured away from a certain death because the entire garden is set up to be an environment for continuous temporary life for every one of it’s components in all forms. But that’s why the Next Level Older Members are really “saviors” as without their interjection of the opportunity, all will eventually perish back into more base components.

But those who had once begun a relationship with the Next Level Older Members but chose to drop away from their family and even go against them are portrayed as going to eternal damnation:

Mar 9:46 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched

In these experiments the Next Level always tries to improve every aspect of their gardening and all the details become the tasks of their crews to perform and those tasks fall first to those that graduate as they are closest to the upcoming fruit.



Even though critics point to these things and a number of other ways in which TI and DO CHANGED to their core students it didn’t phase them at all because they recognized their Minds (Shepherd’s voice) because their vehicles had been prepared from birth for their arrival and the returning Souls were, according to TI and DO, literally with Them (some with physical bodies and many more without physical bodies) on board the spacecraft during the “briefing” before they came incarnate, so each responded at the merger of these three conditions: (1) TI and DO’s public announcement of who they are and where they came from and why they were here to take some out of the human kingdom (2) The Next Level Student Minds that were invisibly with their chosen vehicles at the moment of TI and DO’s coming public in their area (3) Each vehicles history that made their minds open and seeking and thirsty to give their all when the time came, were not basing their following necessarily on any one thing. It was an “inner recognition” (as Jesus said it would be – The Kingdom does not come in an observable way – it comes from within you).

TI and DO always said “change is the name of the game.” They always said they were only allowed to be one step ahead of their students and often didn’t get a new perspective on something until an existing student who was entertaining doubts decided to leave the group. Also it seemed clear that TI and DO’s changing, when they did also became a big impetus for some who were “on the fence” about staying, to consider a change the “last straw,” so would leave soon after certain things didn’t come to pass as they anticipated (pick up probably number one on the list). This also took place in a great number of ways. They would sometimes say something and with it say, “this understanding works for now,” and then in some cases they’d later get more info on the subject or even reverse a previous understanding or tell us to just drop thinking about a previous subject.

TI and DO also explained how certain things would test us, which many more were not explained in that way. With all that said, here is more of the way two of the biggest changes came to be. There are a number of more. If someone seeks to list all the things they updated, they would have quite a list I’m sure and I don’t want to take the time to address all of them because what is apparent to me who has been shown many proofs direct and circumstantial, through my life experiences and examination of the historic records of Next Level activity during this civilization, is that this is a real Next Level experiment that has at it’s root true free will every tiny step of the way for every participant on Earth for every moment of each of our lives.

As we know from the Jesus record the Next Level provides the dropout students from a past civilization to influence everyone in the civilization but then plans accordingly to adjust what they have their representatives say and do, when, how and where. As the Luciferian space aliens, whether discarnate or operating through human or human equivalent bodies and/or through technologies try to second guess the Next Level’s strategy based on their experiences in times past, the Next Level, knowing what they know, if they have experienced undercover representatives like TI and DO in the program know they can depend on them to put into motion exactly what is needed for the students and future students to tear down the veil these lower forces hide behind that takes the shape of facsimile events among humans that they instigate.

So another change I did not address here was timing. TI and DO said they could be picked up very soon and spoke of “months” and when pressed said something to the affect of “5 years on the outset.” Their most stable students didn’t care about a time frame as they weren’t in it for the ride on a UFO. But when 5 years passed some did leave shortly thereafter and that was actually after TI scheduled the first pick up date that didn’t result in a pick up. I have no doubt TI was given an instruction to set up a pickup date because the Next Level observers knew some were hanging in there on that basis and that would not work for their overcoming to become complete for graduation. With that said, two of the biggest areas of change follow.

Some of the data that brings more details of TI and DO’s earliest thought processes come from the book “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” written by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger from two major interviews with then “Bonnie and Herf” (their vehicles’ first names used then) in July of 1974 and later using the names, “Bo and Peep” in January of 1976 which was after coming public and feeling “shot down by the media” in October of 1975.


As written earlier, Statement One was sent out in March of 1975 where they initially said they were “two” who have come from the Next Evolutionary (non-Darwinian) Kingdom and would, “soon demonstrate the same proof of overcoming death.”.. “within months.”.. that Jesus had demonstrated.

I can’t recall seeing any place where they specifically said they were the Two Witnesses in Rev 11 but I know it was strongly implied as they said everything but in relationship to those few verses in Chapter 11. Here they explain why…

“We are hesitant about telling the world that we are related to the passage in Revelation because they immediately, in their human way, think that what we’re really saying is “Hey, look at us! We’ve come to fulfill that.”

“Though we know that scripture coincides with our job, we don’t tell anybody about it, because it destroys, it inhibits them; it puts up more of a wall to their acceptance of what we have to say than they had without our telling them.”

Here is the way Do reported in 88Update how TI and DO attempted to express who they were to the receptionist at the Summit Lighthouse one time late in 1973 after leaving Gold Beach; They asked to speak to the leaders of the center in Oklahoma City who were Mark and Clare Prophet, who eventually became led by Clare as Elizabeth Clare Prophet. “Well, we think that we might be fulfilling the task that was referred to as Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation.” The receptionist told them, her teachers (Mark and Clare) were the Two Witnesses and TI and DO were embarrassed and decided not to tell people that afterward.

It was in late October of 1975 after TI and DO said the Demonstration was “the killing in the street of the Two Witnesses at the hands of the media” and that “the mission was dead” because the media destroyed any credibility they had, as authorities (beast) now had the names of their vehicles and their “criminal” reputations.

Yet to Brad Steiger in January of 1976 they still said things that showed they actually hadn’t dropped the possibility that they might still perform a demonstration:

First off where they came up with the idea of the demonstration:

“The fact that we might have to do that demonstration did not come to our minds after reading Jesus’ life.”

Note, “might have to.” This shows they were not certain. They said, they have a very real communication and can each be in a different location and receive the same impressions at the same time that showed them they were both being sent the same data.

Then they also said, “It was while we were at Gold Beach that we realized that we had, in fact, come from the next level, that we had to be the instruments of giving information about how others could reach the next level, and that this would probably precipitate a demonstration of our death and our subsequent resurrection.”

Note, “Probably precipitate a demonstration,” again not stating it with certainty while they did state as a fact that they came from the Next Level.

In response to where they expected to be picked up by a Next Level spacecraft, they said they would not go to Times Square to expect to be picked up unless “we were to do our demonstration there.” They went on to talk about how they will be led to where a pickup is to be. This seems to also indicate they didn’t feel they would go to a public area for pickup unless it was to be coordinated with the demonstration but also said, “the public show will be our demonstration – if it is necessary.”

I remember Do telling us, I think after TI left her vehicle that TI was “upset or perhaps the word was disappointed” when we moved out of the wilderness and into houses in suburban areas of big cities. My impression was that this was because of their sense of the pickup location being somewhat more remote. I think they soon came to feel the Next Level could take the class away from just about any location secretly if they wanted to.

One can note that TI and DO, as they said, stated things they knew as a fact – for instance that they “came from the Next Level” but when they didn’t know they stated things as a an “impression” they were sorting out which was a big part of their task in human vehicles with a classroom of overcomers to bring to their graduation against the unseen but quite real “lower forces” that required some strategy step by step. Their teaching also meant they were going to be the instruments of providing tests to their students. It was natural for students to have doubts but if remained the students choice to overcome them or let them grow in their heads until they reached a point where they no longer felt to stay in the classroom.

Thus from all TI and DO said after that, it’s apparent they didn’t know if that instruction would change yet again regarding a demonstration. Despite what many think the Next Level doesn’t provide those serving as Representatives on earth with a predetermined, “know it all” mindset as some would expect of Deity incarnate and one does get in a very general way from humans who have been lifted up by other humans to be considered “enlightened masters.” Next Level Reps give instructions in a step wise fashion to those that serve them and those instructions are mostly impressions that depend on the development of the receivers “feeler,” as TI and DO called it, to consider the way to implement those instructions and adopting of Next Level behaviors and ways, while continuing to seek their help to implement as they think their Older Member would.

To my knowledge in the meetings times in their classroom, TI and DO never went back to that prophecy of their being literally killed to try to examine it further. They concerned themselves with each lesson step in the “piano roll” to bring each of their students to a condition they called their, “viability” – in other words so they could be “born” into a Next Level physical body successfully. Just like any real birth there is a point where should the fetus be born out of the womb it can survive. They didn’t want to cut short the time needed nor stay too long as either it seemed could jeopardize some of the births. The prophecy got them to where they were at and they had their instructions, so they stood up on their feet and continued, yet still not knowing exactly how and when and where the transition back into their Next Level dwelling places would be made.

It wasn’t until TI left in the way she did that the possibilities broadened further or at least that opened the doors wider to include leaving as she did through what humans would see as natural means – and/or via the body breaking down in some way. Do saw that since TI left by her vehicle dying of what doctors called cancer in her liver, though nothing TI was experiencing in bombardment of negatively from every which direction was natural, she didn’t try to heal her body nor suggest she might resurrect it from death, so led to his further examination of how and when the Next Level would have him and his students exit their incarnate tasks.


This brings up what is considered to be a change of TI and DO’s mind, because early on in their 1260 day prophecy period they said followers didn’t have to die to enter the Next Level, but then Do and 38 of he and TI’s followers, 24 or so, having been with TI for 10 years and Do for 22 years voluntarily and without pressure or manipulation laid down their bodies to death, thus by their own hand.

LIKE WITH THE “DEMONSTRATION” THERE IS EVIDENCE THAT THEY NEVER ACTUALLY CHANGED THEIR MIND. For instance they taught all along that there were body changes occurring within the human vehicles they all took and those body changes involved actual glandular changes.

As just reported, in Oct. 1975 after feeling “shot down by the media” and grieving that the mission was dead for “several days,” then saying they got instructions to “not walk into a demonstration” (at that time), they still wondered if it might be necessary.

Then in about 1978 they told their student body that they might “have to leave ahead of you.” They said they just wanted to prepare us for their exit, presumably without a demonstration.

In about 1980 TI set a specific date for a pick up while we were still living outdoors in tents at an old tourist stop called, “Cave Without a Name,” in Boerne, Texas. We prepared by packing a small bag to include toiletries as they didn’t know what kind of facility the Next Level would have on board their spacecraft for us. We waited all night but there was no pickup. TI told Do later that she felt like she “had egg on her face,” but it didn’t change what they believed at all.

Not long after that we moved into houses from having been living on ranches and in national forests for over 3 years. TI was troubled by that as she had thought we’d leave from a remote area and this signaled that we were going back into the world to a degree as about half of us needed to get jobs as the funds they had, had dried up. (We started out living in Wyoming with about 100 students and TI and DO bought all the supplies and had outfitted everyone with sleeping bags, cots, form pads, two burner Coleman stoves, 5 gallon water jugs, and toiletry and food supplies for over three years without our doing any work for income).

They repeatedly talked about not knowing how the pickup would occur and whether or not the Next Level would take our vehicles. They questioned whether the Next Level had any use for our vehicles. They considered that the Next Level might take our Soul out of our vehicles and let our vehicles just die from that exit. Or they said the Next Level may take all the vehicles and on the spacecraft put each on a table next to the new vehicle grown for them as their reward, to move the Soul into the new vehicle.

About that same time they instigated a liquid diet, all a part of overcoming food likes and dislikes. They were called “pink drinks” and they were made up of protein powder and then a number of supplements like wheat germ, bran, lecithin, etc. I got very sick during this time with a bout with what ended up being a vertigo attack, the first time in my vehicles life (though I had been prone to fainting in my vehicles youth, like from great heat). I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand up and couldn’t keep food down, though laying down I could get relief in certain positions from the room spinning around and around. It was because of that, that TI and DO added “yeast rolls” to our diet. We made them ourselves as that was the start of the “yeast lab” that soon would become a bread bakery for the 50+ remaining students. Some days later my vertigo symptoms subsided. We stayed on the liquid diet for several months and then they became a lunch for a while when we returned to full solid fuel meals. TI and DO referred to food as fuel.

In about 1983 TI’s vehicle was diagnosed with cancer in her eye. She had it removed. About two years later, about two weeks before her vehicle died the students were told she was sick and diagnosed with cancer in her liver.

Some months before she exited, TI scheduled visits to vehicles families to help reduce their anxiety as we learned a network of parents had been set up to locate us. It wasn’t required but was encouraged so most everyone was flown by themselves to wherever each felt would be the primary person or persons who most cared about them as before this there were seldom communications. I hadn’t communicated to my vehicle’s parents or siblings or anyone since I wrote a long letter saying I’d joined in 1975 and this was about early in 1985. Everyone returned and it was considered to be a type of passed test as everyone had an easy way to exit the classroom. It was always easy to leave the classroom but many chose to leave secretly in the middle of the night, I guess so not to face TI and DO. TI and DO preferred people leave by telling them and they always helped them with some funds and a plane or bus ticket to where they wanted to go. After someone left we would move so if they talked about where we were it would be hard to find us as we were aware of cult deprogrammers and didn’t want to be subject to such things as we were all adults.

Do said she said she wanted her vehicle cremated. (Thus there was no sense that her vehicle might resurrect). She was cremated and Do, Jnnody, Lvvody, Jwnody and Lggody took her ashes and spread them in White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas where TI and DO had a house and where the student body’s house was nearby. Do said she never ceased being who she was and mostly slept throughout the last days in her vehicle. Her only concern was how Do would handle her exit in the continuation of the classroom without her vehicle.

About a year or two later Do started a new dietary routine tailored after Dr. John Christophers mucousless diet. He said TI didn’t need to experience this. We learned that she could frequently only keep down tea and toast while her vehicle was sick. I never saw any sign that she was sick during those two years. The diet started with a 3 day apple juice fast and then became void of flesh foods, dairy, refined sugar and carbohydrates. We slow cooked wheat berries and lightly steamed veggies and ate a lot of baked potatoes with Tamari sauce (a soy product, before there were GMO’s to be concerned with) and first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and fresh green salads with spinach and a few other veggies and an olive oil vinaigrette dressings.

Do initiated the project of writing a book called, “The Transfiguration Diet” and published it and eventually sold it to Dr. Christophers son. I just started to use the supplement parts of that diet program – three times a day, about 20 minutes before each meal taking as a supplement 1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper in a 4-6 oz. Glass of water and then chase it with another 4-6 ounces of water. (less if it’s particularly hot cayenne). Then about a tablespoon of unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar – diluted if need be. The 10 minutes after that a tablespoon of unsulfured molasses. First meal each day were fresh apples or other fruits trying to be mono one particular fruit for the best food combining strategy. For lunch a slow cooked grain casserole – i.e. barley, rye, wheat and veggies and for dinner a couple large baked Irish potatoes with garlic olive oil and Tamari and cayenne pepper. Raisin ball snacks were made, mixed with ground up nuts, while nuts could be a snack as well as carrot and celery sticks.

As we did many diets after this, for maximum function and use of our vehicles and kept tailoring it to what Do felt after his and his students responses, I don’t think this book was meant to be like the ten commandments or they would have found a way to include it in their Book.

Do arranged for me and a few others to receive colonic irritations. I was selected because of my bout with vertigo a few years earlier.

We experimented with many nutritional programs, some of which were to try to help Brnody with her rheumatoid arthritis. She had had polio as a child and when she joined there was no sign of it but over the years she got worse until she was in a wheel chair. TI and DO felt part of it was to help her deal with lessons surrounding becoming flexible and more positive minded as she had a strong control streak and since the classroom was in part about relinquishing control upon others, she had a difficult lesson in that regard.

IN 1987 DO FELT HE HAD TO BE WHO HE IS AND WE NEEDED TO BE WHO WE ARE WHICH WERE THE SAME SOULS WHO HAD BEEN INCARNATE AS “JESUS” AND HIS DISCIPLES. It wasn’t about identifying with certain individuals or about feeling some spiritual ego uplift as we were always taught that to want to identify with someone who lived before is like saying you haven’t grown further so it was really a put down to consider. This was the first time we began to examine going public again. This was also when we really dug into all that had been written about UFO’s and space aliens with a focus on the book, “UFO Crash at Aztec.”

After the Cocoon movie that was released in 1988, Do bought a large yacht considering we might all get on it and go out to sea to get picked up, while I recall wondering to myself then how it would feel to die by drowning, should that be deemed the exit method. It’s like I was prepping myself to consider it. I could picture myself going underwater and then with a gasp it would be over. I didn’t relish the idea but it felt better than other ways to go. TI and DO never held a meeting on ways to die or even talked about it, at least with me present.

However, it was about that time that I was in Do’s quarters taking furniture to the moving van for one of our many moves when I saw the book by the Hemlock society. Do wasn’t there when I saw it and I didn’t look at it then but shortly thereafter Do added it to our classroom library and I read it. It talked in detail about all the ways to kill oneself. It looked quite old and used but I don’t know if he had it while TI was in her vehicle. I don’t know if this was before or after the cocoon movie, which by the way didn’t end with anyone drowning. The ones that were from the Next Level who were wearing human vehicles like one would put on a suit, along with some very old humans who were offered to go with them were all picked up, boat and all by a hovering spacecraft while another boat full of humans that helped them get to that pick up spot observed but didn’t feel ready to go yet.

After TI left by her vehicle breaking down, it must have expanded his consideration for his and our exit. Do almost did exit in 1987 or so when he contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Tic fever. I visited him in a house near Poudra Canyon, northwest of Ft. Collins, Colorado, where he and Lvvody and Jnnody stayed while the rest of the class was split between two crafts (houses), one up the Boulder Canyon on “Lost Angel Road” and in Littleton a suburb to Denver. I don’t recall why Srrody and I were called up there but we only saw Do for a few minutes after Lvvody and Jnnody told us he had been very sick. He came out of his rest chamber that was always private from the rest chamber where his helpers slept, wearing a robe and walking very slow and looking very frail, a condition I had never seen him in. He always had great energy and a bright countenance. He didn’t say much but somehow, perhaps later after he had recovered he held a meeting with the entire classroom where he said of that time how he knew he could have just curled up in bed and exited his body. He felt at that time that he’d done all he could do for us and just wanted to leave and how he missed his Older Member. He recalled that he asked TI (who exited her vehicle on June 19, 1985) if he could exit at that time and said, TI indicated he could exit if he wanted to. However, he decided he needed to follow through with the completion of the task TI had left for him to complete without her physical presence.

The next event relative to the consideration of our exit occurred when we moved into the desert west of Phoenix one spring with tents and trailers and portable satellite dishes so we could observe what Christian evangelicals were saying as we considered also going public again. Do had us fast on air for one day, then added water for the next 12 days before ending the fast. The idea was to show the Next Level we were willing to exit our bodies in that way if that’s what they wanted to see from us. At least one student never thought exiting in that way was being considered but come to think of it, it may not have been considered at that time openly.

Do had us move slightly further southwest in the desert where we camped on BLM land and planned another pick up date. It didn’t happen though some large quiet lights flew over our camp at low altitude.

We experimented with more dietary programs and had a small fresh veggie company called, “Advanced Life Extension Research Team” (ALERT). This started largely because we were buying large amounts of organic carrots and other veggies for juicing so tried to sell some to offset the huge cost for then about 30 something students.

In 1992 we began public minded projects, video taping students talking. Do still wondered if we might exit by some who would hate what we had to say. When the Branch Davidians in Waco were murdered by the FBI and ATF under, Do began to consider if the government might be provoked to take us out.

After we went public for some 9 months starting on 1-1-1994 all over the U.S. in most major cities with face to face meetings and increased our numbers a tiny bit but were not met with any real hostility, Do felt the hand writing was on the wall that we needed to take exiting in our own hands and from then on he was giving students time to consider whether this was something they wanted to do or not. A number left for that reason.

They followed their instructions even when it didn’t match up with the way scripture was written.

IN THE LAST DAYS THEY STILL WERE PREPARED NOT TO DIE. I wonder if Do considered where Jesus told them if they drank poison they wouldn’t be harmed. The context of this verse is relative to Jesus disciples being commissioned to go “into all the world to preach the new information Jesus brought. Note it’s those who “believe” which shall be “saved” from the judgment (damned) against which is to be included in what is recycling of their spirit/mind or Soul spoken of as the “lake of fire” as opposed to being kept from that recycling and thus saved for another opportunity to make the CHANGEOVER. Belief is from “Pistis” which really entails “faith” and “trust,” which is why a rich man can hardly make it into the Kingdom of God/Heaven as they will trust in their riches to bail them out of problems instead of looking to one’s Father in Heaven for help with each problem that arises. Also note that casting out devils was telling the discarnates that would be tempting them or causing others doubts and mental distress to get away from themselves or others, so that person can have a chance to believe. Also note that new wasn’t related to a new time frame but to fresh “tongues” as language and terminology. Finally the reason I’m quoting this section is because of the possibility that drinking a deadly thing wouldn’t harm them, again speaking to Jesus disciples, yet wouldn’t these things potentially still have application with any disciple. Do and crew did ingest a deadly dosage of phenobarbital to exit their vehicles by killing them-SELVES, yet each member also packed a bag of a change of clothing and toiletries, their passports and a little money that each one set next to their bed where they layed their body down, as if they were being prepared to take their human vehicle with them. The amount of money matched the fare Samuel Clemens, wrote as Mark Twain as the fare to take a trip on the tail of the comet in the story, “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven.”

TI and DO were amazingly unassuming with students, with one another and I believe especially towards the Next Level. One of their example slogans was “cover your bets.” Prophecy had it’s value but it was secondary to what they felt led to do. It was uncanny they way what they said and did ended up being more in line with prophecy than what the prophecy at first look appeared to be indicating. If the Next Level wanted them to do something else they were prepared. If the Next Level wanted, they could have forced the authorities to have to leave their bodies where they layed down so they could rise up again after the 3 1/2 day time period of healing.

Mar 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mar 16:16 He that believeth ((4100 pisteuo from 4102 pistis= to have faith (in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing), by implication to entrust, put trust in)) and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
Mar 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new ((2537 kainos= especially in freshness as opposed to 3501 neos that refers to age)) tongues ((1100 glossa= language));
Mar 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Here is an example of why Jesus felt it was his task to allow himself to be executed. He self sacrificed his physical body, to prove he had the power to take it up again, so by his doing so, would show others that if they abide by what he taught and demonstrated in the ways he lived his students would also become such examples to others – spreading their Holy Mind seed. When his disciples put his teachings into affect they were further building their Soul so when they exited their vehicle and were brought back 2000 years later they wouldn’t need further proof as they would retain all the strength and recognition of what’s true they would then try to get their new vehicle to draw into it’s consciousness to continue in their needed lesson plan to graduation. TI would always say to the students, “get your mind in your vehicle” talking to the souls who were taking over and “standing up in” those vehicles.

Joh 12:23 And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.
Joh 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.
Joh 12:25 He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

TI and DO said those who BELIEVE AND DO the metamorphic “changeover” process of overcoming of their humanness that includes “doing their Heavenly Father’s work” would not die and would be literally lifted up and would enter a spacecraft in which they would receive a “final ingredient” that would complete their changeover in a “twinkling of a eye” (in time) and thereby become eternally living members of The Evolutionary Level Above Human, thus saved from death, the natural condition of those who remain in the human kingdom. Those who didn’t complete their changeover by that time would have their chance to graduate the human kingdom in the same way during the next “season.” (They said the last season was when Jesus was incarnate)


Another indicator that proves they were not certain they were going to die and stay dead (their vehicles that is, as they knew their Souls would not be dying) was their taking out an abduction insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London shortly before they laid down their lives. Do and Crew did nothing like that causally, though it doesn’t mean they had a specific reason for doing so beyond Do’s feeling it was “instruction” from TI to do. However, with instructions often came understanding the implications which go hand in hand with understanding the instruction as Do didn’t hear voices and never indicated receiving essential instructions via dreams, but has said they had developed very “sensitive receivers” that gave yielded specific “feelings” and “impressions” that when examined and talked about helped bring into focus enough to take steps in the implied direction that in so doing proved whether that direction was in fact an instruction. After TI, his “check partner” on the task left her vehicle, Do used some or all students as “check partners” depending on what he wanted a check on and then he would make a decision. I learned this from being among those used at times as his check partners, which included brainstorming with the entire class over going public again which began in the late 1980’s. Do’s including some or all students in his process also served as a lesson ground for the students on how to think as a member of the Next Level would think about something. One of the tests was gaining confidence in our ability to think like a member of the Next Level. A member of the Next Level in the human environment is not generally confident, which is why they are constantly scanning the options with the desire to know what their Older Member would choose to do and ready to change their direction when they see signs of doing something another way or even not at all.

With that said, here is my best shot at why they had instruction to take out the insurance policy. I suspect it had multiple benefits but they were all based mostly on their vehicles not staying dead, which is why this is a type of evidence that they were not sure they would. By that time in 1997 they had come to know that TI approved of their exit at the time they had been planning, at the spring equinox, at the perihelion of the unprecedented characteristics unique to the Hale Bopp comet and suspected companion object reported and photographed, and in the way they had been considering for at least 2 1/2 years before.

The primary proof of TI’s approval was evidenced by Neody, (known to the public when his face was put on the cover of People’s magazine, whose name, used then, he asked me not to use in this book), in the book he published after he left the classroom in early 1997 named, “Beyond Human Mind.” Neody was the last student to leave the classroom just weeks before they laid down their lives. I had met him when he joined in 1994 and for a short time he was in the group I was an assigned overseer of as we traveled around the U.S. giving meetings as the second period of face to face public offering of TI and DO’s information.

Neo reported how one night while they were living in Tucson, Arizona in 1995 he dreamed about seeing what looked like two, “six year old, hairless, little boys, glowing like white phosphorescence with a blue tint and wore one piece, form fitting outfits, like Olympic speed skaters. In the dream they were walking around our bunks checking the Soul development of each student. Some students seemed to be doing better than others. They would seem to communicate by thought and just look at each other nodding and smiling. I was fascinated and elated at the same time.”

Neo continues to report that the next morning people were grinning with a secret knowing in their eyes whispering with overseers when Do came over for an emergency meeting smiling bigger than usual too. Do said he was pleased with everyone’s raising of their vibrations.

Before this event Do often reminded everyone to “raise [their] frequency,” saying when we did it affected others around us to help them also raise theirs. It was raising our vibrations to a purity of a non-human frequency to be acceptable to the Next Level. Do had said “Next Level helpers are all around us but we wouldn’t be able to see them until our vibes elevate.” Neo reports how he would meditate during sleep time, asking for help to raise our vibrations so we might see our Next Level helpers. He reports that “seeing them would be a big indicator,” presumably that they had successfully raised their vibrations.

So at the meeting according to Neo’s report Do went on to say, “because of it [raising our vibrations] we had a little surprise last night. It seems as though three of our classmates saw our Next Level helpers. They all saw them at the same time at different angles. One student saw them standing next to someone’s bunk. Another student was walking back down the hall from getting a drink of water late at night and saw them crossing the hallway. The third saw them standing face to face next to her bunk. The descriptions were precisely the same and accurate to each other. We were all very excited at this obvious indicator that we were on track with our lessons.”

Neo writes that, “Two other classmates also had dreams like mine and Do said it was likely from our descriptions that we saw them too, but were asked by them to go back to sleep, so it seemed like a dream.”

Then in a clear reference to Do’s continued thinking about the possibility of their being physically lifted up to the spacecraft, Neo writes; “Two weeks later at another meeting with Do, He mentioned another reason our Next Level helpers were seen was to show a new student that was having trouble accepting Do and the whole concept of the Next Level and ascension, that they do exist. One week prior the student left the group. I say then, even with proof it is tough for some to believe.”

I have questions about this I never asked Neo and he has since asked not to be contacted anymore saying he did his part by writing the book. But TI and DO were always very clear that the Next Level was would not give proof to anyone who is in this third trimester graduation classroom, in other words anyone they know is still on the fence, so to speak. Apparently the three that were awake and saw the two small child like looking beings from different angles at slightly different times that night were not on the fence. But those that only had dreams, it seems were on the fence, as we saw Neo report and that the other left the class shortly after their dream. It would seem the Next Level wouldn’t consider a dream proof of anything which his consistent with what TI and DO always taught about dreams. The Next Level uses them as classroom time but can also be infiltrated by the lower forces so are not to be trusted.

After all, Neo also left having had the dream of seeing the two beings and we know he was on the fence, writing in his book that he never believed Do was the Second coming of Jesus and also wrote that he never intended to lay his vehicle’s life down as they had thoroughly talked about many times, starting from at least August and September of 1994 before I left. Neo writes, “I went along with the idea and possibility of Do being the “Second Coming” just for learning purposes. I knew that leaving the body behind was not for me but wanted to stay to the end.”

Neo was clearly on the fence to say the least. He never made the commitment to Do the others had and was required to TI’s standard He was certainly monitoring from a spacecraft, thus at least part of the reason for the “semi-proof.”

I’m not knocking Neo by saying this but it is an example of how we can appear to be committed, whether to Jesus and/or to date to TI and DO and yet might not even realize our lack of commitment until we are out of the influence of other members of the group, perhaps not occurring to him in as clear a way as he wrote about it.

If he was fully conscious of these doubts he would have had to hide it a number of times, though could be somewhat beneath the surface of one’s full consciousness. For instance, when we had a meeting in September of 1994, which I attended, when Do went person to person asking whether each had reservations about “exiting by our own hand” after Do described drinking a barbiturate mixture to basically put the vehicle to permanent sleep. I only recall one person expressing at that time a reservation, possibly “Sekody,” who left the class the next day. Arrody may have also expressed reservation then or perhaps later privately but he also left the class around that same time. I know it’s possible he expressed his reservations to Do privately but I can’t imagine it being that clear a reservation and still being permitted to stay in the classroom. However, I could be wrong about that but as it turned out TI allowed him to stay in the class longer.

I know well how doubts can be very illusive. After all the doubts would be the Luciferian space alien adversary and associated discarnate thoughts we each draw to us and especially when we are in the process of overcoming because the Next Level uses them to test us in that way. I can recall having thoughts while in the class that I have expressed in this writing that doubted something TI and DO said. It wasn’t like I don’t believe that. It was just being disturbed by what they said like when Do compared the Next Level to the Borg of Star Trek (in the way they were dependent on their “death star” connection for life and were 100% dedicated to their task and were selfless).

Doubts are not always that blatant except to a mind sensitized to recognizing often very subtle thoughts and feelings. In other words the cleaner one becomes the more sensitive to “dirt” they also become, so it becomes a constant test to rise up to discarding that dirt. But if we never see our thoughts or feelings as an entry point for dirt or we don’t seek help from the Next Level and use the techniques they gave us to discard them again and again, then they remain and fester until one day that doubt becomes a reason to separate more from our Older Member’s mind in a number of ways that can become permanent if we keep on doing so.

In either case providing this level of proof via a dream seems to have served a number of purposes, one of which seemingly being, to put some to the test to see if they were graduation ready or not. Those who were not, as was the case with me as well, were tested in such a way that by their choice on how to handle the test could make or break their continuation in that “Classroom.” In the case of these two, the one mentioned by Neo and Neo himself, they left and Neo went on to write about the Class, mixed with briefly seeming to go with building his self up as evidenced by some interviews he gave, followed by dropping out of any public discourse, at least that I am aware, but that he told me of, which makes sense with his admission of never being committed to Do or believing who he/they said they were in the records and represented. However, that’s not to say that couldn’t change as it can for anyone and everyone in either direction, so there is no judgment.

In the reference Neo makes to what Do said about the classmate who was having trouble accepting Do, Neo included that the classmate was also having trouble accepting the “whole concept of the Next Level and ascension,” if that was an accurate record of what Do said, the use of “ascension” is particularly telling that Do had not disqualified the possibility of their leaving in the manner Jesus did – called his ascension, taking his physical changed over body with him into the cloud.

Neo even confirms this ascension idea was still on Do’s mind at that time when he writes: “there was only one other option discussed which was being picked up by a spacecraft while still in our [human] bodies,” which Neo says he didn’t see any evidence of and talks about how such a pickup had been scheduled years back as it was but didn’t happen and because of not happening caused at least one student to leave immediately thereafter.

What Neo didn’t know was that for years this had been on and off talked about with many variations as I’ve already mentioned before this part of the book.

But to sort of complete this tiny analysis of Neo’s book, he writes, “We also knew that at graduation we could leave the Class or exit the vehicle. It was our choice.”

To me that makes it sound like going back into the world was an option for a graduate student which to me doesn’t jive as said with anything else TI and DO taught so I either don’t understand what he meant or it reeks of misinformation.

Do, as representing his Older Member, TI on earth, for the completion of the task would have thought about many ways it could go as that was the way of the Next Level to do. TI and DO compared maintaining communication with their Older Members in space to the way radar works – sending out a pulse – a thought and possibly taking an action in a task that thought starts, followed by checking before taking the next step and each time seeing how it feels to proceed even getting a no feeling so that sometimes what one arrives at is a process of eliminating all the options they disqualified. They wanted to know because they wanted to be at the precise location on earth as well, perhaps in part the reason Do during those months visited Israel very briefly with Lvvody and Jnnody and said they didn’t feel any of TI’s mind there anymore.

Thus perhaps Do did show some contingency plans in case TI’s chose to step in and not allow the barbiturate (poison) to work, as Jesus said his disciple would be protected from or to take them with their bodies after stimulating an event at the house perpaps with spacecrafts and live cameras so the world could watch or take the vehicles (alive or having passed), revive them as Jesus did and transport them all over the world via spacecraft and giving them a task to explain who they were – prepared for doing so having packed a travel bag (as the Next Level doesn’t keep  human wardrobe on their crafts (TI and DO once indicated), with passports so they ‘d be seen as legal, etc. and even covering his bets by having each student have a little money on them, in their example, $5.75 in case they needed a little money for some reason. That amount was what Samuel Clemens said was the fare to ride the tail of the comet Halley’s to heaven in his short story entitled, “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven” that Thomas Edison helped him film a little of.

These records all provide pieces of the puzzle pertaining to whether or not TI and DO actually changed from believing no students would need to die to their laying down their bodies to their death.


Incidentally, I know I have said that TI and DO didn’t take steps based on prophecy, but they all along said part of the function of prophecy was to help them awaken to their task by seeing the history, just as Jesus used as well. What they didn’t do was quote chapter and verse or teach from specific verses as is done in Bible schools and they didn’t base what they said on reading Jesus life. Reading and/or observing anything, whether in a book or in the news all contributed to the formulation of their ideas they primarily got independent of one another as impressions that they would then come together to verify and ponder further.


TI and DO had awakened together but in stages as shown first upon meeting, then upon leaving Houston and spending over a month in a ranch house in Boerne, Texas where they started to write a book. They named it “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT BUT I MUST” and it seems by it’s content to be largely from TI’s experience before they met as it refers a great deal to ideas that reference Madam Helen Blavatsky Theosophy that involves the Hindu Vedas and the Mahatma Letters, which we know TI as Bonnie Nettles was very studious of in the years before meeting Do as Marshall Applewhite. Plus some of it is handwritten and I recognize TI’s handwriting (though I could be wrong about that) but a clincher is that at one point the writer sets up a comparison between the way Jesus was not believed to be the messiah because he was just a carpenter from Nazareth so what if this time the return is through a “man from Texas,” are people going to respond the same way, the writer poses. I highly doubt Do would have written that but then they did tell Brad Steiger that “they wrote [it].” So I’m claiming TI simply took a primary role in it and probably did the actual writing and typing. I know she typed up Statement One several years later. After all, Do claimed that TI awakened him to his task and always told him early on that she was here to “get you started” and indicated afterward she was going to return. As said before, he couldn’t figure out who or where she was going to return to, that is until she left her vehicle in 1985. Then he fully understood.

I point this all out because of how psychologists seem to rally around the premise that Do led the way from the start, as can be seen on the Marshall Applewhite Wikipedia page that I tried to change but they won’t let me because I can’t point to published documents, never mind that I am a key eye witness to 19 years with them. Plus there are others like Professor Robert Balch who infiltrated the group in 1975 to write his university thesis and then went on to publish articles in Psychology Today and obtained various book deals related to the group after becoming a professor at the University of Montana at Missoula so became considered the leading authority on the group. These by and large walk in step seeing Do as steering the group off track and to the resulting deaths of it’s students because he freaked out after TI’s vehicle died and/or he was taking out what they surmise were homosexual frustrations on his students somehow by leading them to their deaths. It’s so easy for these academics to pop out theories that then become published and are then quoted back to me by readers as if what they said were facts.

It is clear in their writings that they believed each person that could enter the Kingdom of Heaven would have to duplicate what Jesus Christ did in overcoming the human world by leaving all behind and then getting themselves killed (crucified), rising from the dead because of having changed over their physical body into a new physical body and then ascend into the heavens. In other words these things were the “Christing” process that they later explained in Statement One. But it was absolutely necessary to die to complete it.

Re: this book, TI and DO told Brad Steiger in their January 1976 interview that this book they began to write in Boerne was “the beginning of understanding what our responsibility was.” (They also told Brad Steiger that they “threw it out” (yet the book was mailed to me not long after they laid down their bodies in 1997. I hadn’t seen it before then). With that said, here is a section from it I’ve included to demonstrate some of the awakening process they went through:

“The writers of the Christian Bible, especially those of the New Testament, discuss so thoroughly that man must be born of Spirit. And the first step is being baptized, in the sense that we have quenched the fire of lust and passion. The ramifications of these lusts carry into the love for anything or the need or desire for anything. It is an admirable thing to be able to enjoy things but dishonorable to need them or desire them for any degree for self gratification, whether it’s a ring on the finger or a babe in the crib. What is then ‘being born of Spirit?’

Jesus told us that the Spirit/Mind birth must be had during a lifetime. HE, in the Christ image or illustration, found His murderer which provided his Birth of Spirit and made him capable of responding as a member of the Next Kingdom, this being the final step in Killing out Self.

The crucifixion, the death, and the ascension are necessary. When the total physical life has been killed, man is then prepared and eligible to be a new member (born of spirit) of the Higher or Next Kingdom. His new found ability to vibrate on a higher density makes it possible for him to appear to be invisible, levitate into the Heavens, change his vibration level even low enough in density to sit and eat food with others, seem as they are, or transform, and change his density vibrations to such a high level of refinement as to appear to disappear in their sight. He did all this, or was sent to do all this, to show us how we must do the same. In that sense, we must each become as he was and not expect to get to heaven ‘on his coat-tails,’ for all that he experienced was HIS “graduation,” and we must EACH have OUR OWN “Graduation.”

Christ participated in healing, miracles of numbers, multiplicity of giving, the so called magic of dispelling evil spirits or demons (exorcism), levitation, and intuitive knowledge. (He knew their thoughts and named them), and yet the Christian church as a whole no longer accepts or participates in these normal practices of a spiritually developed or awakened Soul.

The awakening, which is spoken of in all major ideologies, is man’s realization of what he must overcome in “becoming” or the conversion process necessary between that awakening and his Death-resurrection and ascension. This awakening requires of him, proportionate to how deep his feet are in the mire, to leave his career, his social respectability, his family, all of these or anything else that stands in the way of his development in his new life. It eventually requires his shedding of all identification with the world.”

TI and DO STATE THAT “IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR FOLLOWERS TO DIE TO REACH THE NEXT LEVEL.” Here is how that statement first came about with some interesting background first:

From Hayden Hewes interview of Bonnie (Peep/TI) and Herf (Bo/Do) on July 13, 1974:

“As the interview was ending, “Herf” gave me a simple thought-code sequence to use if I ever needed to get in touch with them to know the truth. Shortly afterward, The Two said good-bye and walked out of the office toward the street. I accompanied them to the road and started to return to the office. I immediately turned around–and they were gone. There were no cars on the street, either parked or passing by. It appeared that they had simply vanished.”

Years later in the 1980’s, TI and DO told their student body of how this was reported in the media when they did nothing miraculous to leave Hayden but walk off. However, one can wonder if the Next Level crew even unbeknown to TI and DO cloaked TI and DO from Hayden’s view to impress upon him the event. The fact is that either Hayden or Dan Garcia, the only others at the interview with TI and DO actually reported that “Herf was asked for a demonstration of these power,” referring to Do’s talking about how members of the Next Level and their spacecrafts can change their “vibratory control rate” so can “appear and disappear in front of your eyes, because he has developed that capacity,” but was told by Do, “the proof would be given with their assassination three days after which they would arise in full view of the media.”

As Jesus said, ask and you shall receive so since Hayden presumably asked for proof of their ability to change their vibrations and become invisible, perhaps the Next Level gave him the proof when they left and as he said, “vanished”?

Now the part Hayen reports about followers not needing to die:

‘It would be almost 15 months later and after TI and DO had begun public meetings and there was a great deal of media coverage that Hayden said he, .”..decided to use the mental code to find out “the truth.” It was my understanding that it was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the next level, but I wanted to know for sure. So I used the code while asking for the truth in the name of our Father in Heaven. The following morning, I received a telephone call from a young man who professed to be a follower of The Two. He said he had been directed to contact me. “What do you need to know?” he asked. After several minutes of conversation, it became plain to me that this individual did possess information that had not been related in the media. He advised me that they would always be in touch with me when I needed him. I tried the code again that night, and the following day the young man called once again. He wanted to talk in person, so I gave him my address. Less than three minutes later, he was standing on my front porch with another individual. They explained to me that only The Two would die-not the followers. “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level,” they said.’

It was odd that Hayden had this question and actually thought the followers would die to reach the Next Level, because during the July 13, 1974 interview Hayden said he had on tape, regarding a question about why it is necessary to convert to the next kingdom, Do included in his response, .”..you would never need to die again.” Perhaps he forgot about that or didn’t see it’s relativity.

Also at the end of Statement One Do wrote:

‘Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally. If you seek those two while they are here they will gladly fill you in on the details and assist those who wish to follow in this “path.”‘

In the interview given by Brad Steiger in 1976, the question arose whether or not The Two’s followers were prepared to fast to the point of starvation addressing whether or not followers must die to gain the price of admission to a UFO to the next level above human. The Two replied, referring to those following the “path,” that “they do not have to die any more than Moses died or Elijah died or Enoch died.” The Two said, “their metamorphic conversion, their change, will be accelerated.”

For the record, the records indicate that Enoch was taken by God, Moses walked off and no sign of body or bones were ever found where he walked off and Elijah was with Elisha his student when they and many others knew Elijah would be “taken away” and there appeared “a chariot of fire and horses of fire” that separated Elijah from Elisha and then Elijah “went up by a whirlwind into heaven (sky).”

Before Jesus left he demonstrated that he had the same body that was crucified though it looked a little different, but they recognized his voice and when he showed them his palms and feet wounds and appeared in the room with doors closes and at another time vanished and was able to hover above the stormy sea and then rise up into the “cloud,” these all provided clues to TI and DO that the body could experience a changeover that would enable it’s lifting up, levitating if you will.

I’m not saying TI and DO needed to read these records to know that this was possible and even a probable manner of exiting the human kingdom and the earth. When they said, you would not have to die to reach the Next Level, it can be said that these records prove it in the cases of at least Enoch, Moses and Elijah.

TI and DO didn’t quote to us these scriptures. And in those early days especially they didn’t sit with those of us who joined from the Waldport meeting that much before we were all split up into groups and sent in different directions to hopefully thwart the authorities from apprehending us for whatever reason they might conjure up. We did nothing illegal or immoral or harmful to ourselves or others (though of course to many vehicular family members we were considered duped, there is no law against that yet anyway).

Incidentally, the FBI did come to a meeting TI and DO were speaking at and wanted to talk to them, but TI and DO left quickly – I don’t know if they were told the FBI was there or not. I would not be surprised if they got instruction to leave post haste so did. There was at least one time we were aware of that we left Dallas, Texas and learned later when Jwnody visited with her vehicle’s family that an investigator Jwnody’s vehicle’s brother, who was a police officer, hired to find her showed up in Dallas a very short time later. Coincidence? Well, of course it could have been, but I think TI and DO were very in tune with their Next Level helpers keeping away interference of the classroom just the same way they kept the religious from capturing or killing Jesus.


So there were many things some of us knew nothing of. We largely only had Statement One and the poster and a little from the meetings we did attend before the scattering out of Chicago in October of ’75. I remember telling people I wasn’t going to die. I actually didn’t believe it 100% but nor did I disbelieve it. TI and DO had talked about each of us experiencing what they called, “body changes” and we knew that it was a metamorphic process so I simply trusted something was changing inside me. But I can’t recall ever thinking about being lifted up in to a spacecraft. I didn’t have any thoughts about how that would happen. To be honest I thought I would be killed by someone who hated to hear the truth. I expected it, yet I didn’t look forward to it and I knew that was not what TI and DO said would happen. TI and DO also said early on that “this is not a martyr trip” and yet, I was of the mindset that in a sense wanted to be a martyr because my ego had been inflated by a discarnate influence that thought martyrdom was equivalent to being heroic.

My vehicle grew up looking up to those depicted in movies like Spartacus who when the Romans were seeking him among all those they captured from his army it was depicted that each of the 300 men stepped forward one by one saying, “I am Spartacus” so they were all strung up on crosses to die. I hoped I could be as heroic. And of course from the movies about Jesus and his suffering I thought there would be no greater honor, though it was largely a fantasy the way I saw it. I had that mindset to some degree even in 1993 when I asked TI who was outside her vehicle to give me a more challenging task – “like Do’s,” I kind of demanded in a thirsty kind of way. The truth was I had no idea how the Next Level was helping us at times, by keeping our “boogers” (assigned adversaries, perhaps one of the Luciferian fallen angels who was then discarnate) at bay until we could develop enough strength to fight off their attacks.

As a side note, I remember how we left the Salt Lake City, Utah area because TI and DO felt we had been subject to enough of that low vibration there. That’s when I began to understand that spirits gravitated to where there are vehicles that they can time share a humans brain and body and thus mind and activity with. After all the Latter Day Saints began when Joseph Smith, born in 1805 in Sharon, Vermont was living in western New York with his family and said when he was between 14 and 15 years old experienced some visions; one of a light that rested on him and then he saw “two personages” and because one pointed to the other and said, “this is my beloved son, hear him” it is assumed they were the Father and Son. Some years later he describes a visit from Moroni who wore only a robe with no shoe, human feet and hands and the robe was open to see his “bosom” Joseph reported. There is nothing in common with Next Level Members in this story. Joseph Smith became a contactee for Luciferian space aliens who probably knew the prophecy spoke about the Father coming with the one who was Jesus so they took their stab at the timing to make contact with this man to start a facsimile of the genuine return of the two Older Members as TI and DO.

Describing a discarnate’s attack; I had slipped to some degree in my control one night in about 1990 while in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I got up at night and went to the large meeting room. It was a very large house with very high ceilings and I remember my vehicle feeling stimulated sexually but without any real thoughts and I didn’t touch myself, but would fight it back and then let it build again. I recall wishing one of my female classmates would sense my desire and come downstairs to be with me. Had that actually happened, I doubt I would have seen anything through as there were a few times a female classmate seemed to come on to me and I wanted no part of it. It was years before that one female classmate was in the top bunk while I was in a bottom bunk. I remember laying in my bunk when she looked down on me and I could have been wrong but she had lust in her eyes. I ignored her. She ended up leaving the classroom soon after that and married a policeman she met at her out of craft waitress task at a Denny’s. A few years later after her marriage fell apart she came back into the classroom and I was her partner for a while and we worked together at Wyatt’s Cafeteria. My vehicle was a little attracted to her but my guard was way up so I didn’t ever entertain thoughts about her or anyone else for that matter. My vehicle was clearly attracted to several of my female vehicle classmates but I was largely successful blocking out related thoughts and feelings except for that one time in Albuquerque. I remember telling Do about the Albuquerque event, sheepishly telling him I was not as “good” as I appeared, to which he finally said to me something to the affect of, “if you are going to insist that I see you in this light I guess I will have to.” He always expected our best and yet was never condescending or crude or authoritative when we didn’t measure up. He simply wanted to help us regain our strength to fight the next battle and grow even stronger from our failures.


In the Jesus records LIFE is defined as having a graft to the Next Level through one’s Older Member (heavenly Father), who the Father assigned his Son incarnate as Jesus to fulfill the role of. Thus Jesus became Father to Their student body. Thus death meant to the Next Level not grafting to them, because you would remain on or in the Earth when it’s recycle time. Students were absolutely required to sacrifice their human life. That’s what started when one was awakened by hearing one’s Older Member’s voice/words/Mind (spirit) and they moreorless dropped whatever they were doing and literally went to FOLLOW him as he required of those who felt ready to grow as fast as they could those who would end up becoming the first fruits of the harvest/graduation aka Mind/Spirit birth. From there one had to start converting all their energy to the Next Level through service to their Older Member. That’s what Jesus meant when he said, you must “deny yourself.” You would do nothing your Older Member didn’t give you to do. That’s a process.

With this process is the first task – to tell others the new information about the Next Level and the presence of your Older Member. He was “at hand” – that’s in reach – present to contact in the flesh (hand). He wasn’t in the book. The records showed the data from the previous season but in them there is no moving forward if one doesn’t get connected with the new Representative as that’s the only way one can move forward. Many Christians today, like many Jews 2000 years ago think all they need is in the Bible or records and that was true until the new Rep comes incarnate to set that record straight as it becomes corrupted by the lower forces, which is understood by the Next Level to happen as it then acts as a filtering out of those who they don’t prepare for their return, though those are still given the chance to see the truth in those records after the first fruits have completed their task. That is now with this book for many, not that one needs this book. They don’t but for many it can help or at least become a help to show those that are divided the real path so they can choose one way or that other, what is in progress as the judgment time.

During Jesus time, death of his disciples was a given because they weren’t ready to graduate. They needed more lessons and more time. But they were required to as Jesus said, “drink the same cup he was required to drink” which was the cup of his blood. They had to “die in Christ.” As Jesus said, if they hate me, they will hate you just the same, thus if they kill him they will try to kill his students. So most if not all Jesus disciples did give their lives, though there are no records of most of their deaths. We do know they were hunted down and that would have applied anywhere they went if they continue to talk about what Jesus gave them to talk about, because as soon as some heard the information, if the Next Level had prepared that vehicle with a deposit of their mind, a seed that provides a program of recognition and that person believes and leaves all behind, all the family and friends of that individual will see them as being duped and will try to get rid of what they see as the source of that alleged duping.

BUT THEN WHY DID TI and DO SAY IN 1974 THAT THEIR STUDENTS DID NOT NEED TO DIE? First off I believe it was what they felt was their instruction/understanding to say even though it wasn’t Biblical. But looking back on it, I BELIEVE IT WAS BECAUSE THIS FIRST FRUIT STUDENT BODY HAD ALREADY PROVED THEIR WILLINGNESS TO DIE IN THEIR LAST INCARNATION WHEN THEY DID IN FACT LOSE THEIR VEHICLES IN SERVICE TO JESUS. And perhaps some of them also served in between when Jesus left and when TI and DO came incarnate. Perhaps one was working with St. Francis of Assisi for instance. I don’t know but it’s very possible for the “24 Elder” students and/or those who were the “Four Living Beings” And because they did prove that before, at that time they actually became children of the kingdom and were given physical bodies appropriate to their station of growth that still needed more time before they could receive an incorruptible Next Level body and full adult membership in the Next Level. So they were the ones in bodies that TI remembered she saw on the spacecraft during the briefing before coming to incarnate by crashing a few primitive spacecrafts they had been assigned to while they were working for the Next Level doing elementary tasks like as a watcher – an observer.

Speaking of an observational task, TI and DO started one they called “eyes” in the classroom. Eyes was an assigned task to watch others. Everyone was assigned the eyes task at first. It would rotate on the hour. There would be two serving the task every hour. They had a clipboard and would write down their observations of others if they questioned what they were doing. Someone could have been reading and started to pick their nose. If eyes knew of a procedure to not pick your nose they would right it down and the report was sent to TI and DO everyday and they followed through on what they wanted to follow through on, sometimes with a new procedure if it hadn’t been covered or an adjustment if it had and needed adjustment. The new procedure would be given to a partnership who would write it in the “procedure book” and make a copy that they would send to TI and DO to double check exactly what they wrote. In the case of the picking of the nose, the procedure was to use a tissue and do it in the “bath chamber,” what humans generally call the bathroom. We were responsible to read the procedure book often throughout the day. If you didn’t want to follow all the procedures you needed to tell TI and DO why. Perhaps they would make an exception for you. But if they didn’t and you didn’t want to adjust it was a sign that you did not want to be their student in which case you were free to leave. Of course we were always free to leave.

THERE WAS ONE EXCEPTION TO ALWAYS BEING FREE TO LEAVE: This had to do with a student who went by the name Flxody. She was the first full time student of TI and DO. Her vehicle’s daughter who became Wndody also joined from the Los Angeles meeting. We were in Kerrville, Texas very near San Antonio and it was about 1980 and right about the time about a dozen of us got jobs in the world. Flxody starting having problems. Her vehicle was in her early 60’s by then. She started having outbursts of anger, didn’t want to follow certain procedures or ignored certain ones. I remember being assigned as her partner for a short time. She became generally rebellious when for the 5-6 years before that she was very sweet and kind and gentle and acted as if she was the mother to all the students. That wasn’t really an appropriate place to be exactly but it wasn’t offensive. However, I’m sure eventually the partners she was assigned would bring it up as there were no mothers or fathers or any other human type relationships in the group, real or imagined. We were all students.

It got to the point that she said she wanted to leave. (Looking back, I wonder if it had something to do with her vehicle’s daughter Wndody who had left. I’m not sure of the timing exactly but it would have been very close to that time). TI and DO didn’t let her go and fearing she might hurt herself, assigned her to be in a room, they called the hospital where a student was assigned to keep a eye on her. Right when she was put into the hospital TI and DO told us that after Flxody first joined, she made TI promise that if she tried to leave, to end being their student, she wanted TI to not let her and TI said she reluctantly agreed. TI later said she made a mistake to agree to that. Anyway, Flxody was in the “hospital” for at most a week and at one point she tried to escape and TI and DO were worried she would try to hurt herself. So they decided to let her go and they bought her a plane ticket to Missouri where she had originally been from. Upon leaving we all said goodbye to her and wished her well and she cried a bit it seemed. Her daughter rejoined a couple years later and was among the 38 that graduated. Flxody became partners with a man she went to grade school with and in 1993, as Do and crew knew her whereabouts sent her the Beyond Human tapes and she wanted to rejoin and did and brought her partner to join as well. He took the name Abel so became Ablody. Do said Abl was the sweetest person, but they were then in their early 80’s and we were getting ready to go public in a big way by selling everything we had and outfitting ourselves to travel the U.S. giving public meetings for the second wave and they really couldn’t keep up with the pace and follow new procedures so Do suggested they could have their classroom back in Missouri where Flxody still had a house where her son lived. I visited her in 1995 and she was leading a spiritual group. She was also on a YouTube video shaking her head in disbelief of the New York Post book on Heaven’s Gate, saying, “this ain’t right!.” She also received a packet from Do and Crew by FedEx the same as 5 other former members who wanted to still remain connected and in service to TI and DO to some degree but for whatever reasons couldn’t handle the classroom.

After all, what TI and DO actually said was;

– “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level,”
– .”..you would never need to die again”
– ‘Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally.

It’s not NECESSARY…, you would never NEED to… you WILL be “saved from death.”

TI and DO were always very precise with the words they chose and most always qualified ambiguous sounding statements. Anyone can see this apparent in all their published writings and throughout the entire 12+ hours of video tapes Do and Crew made identified as the Beyond Human – The Last Call” series, as they did throughout the hundreds of hours of internal meeting tapes they had us record.

They were speaking to their first fruit students in all three of these examples because for them it was not NECESSARY/NEEDED, but apparently it was an option and may have been needed for some of the 38 and probably would be needed for any that had never given of themselves to that degree.

SO LETS SAY THE ABDUCTION INSURANCE POLICY WAS IN CASE THEY DIDN’T DIE (because TI somehow rendered the drug (poison drink) didn’t have it’s affect on them) OR THEY WERE RESURRECTED and ASCENDED INTO A SPACECRAFT IN THE SKY IN VIEW OF THE PUBLIC AS Rev 11 suggests:

Taking out a policy like this and in a foreign country with a well known firm could have been a way to further insure their story would be covered. Let’s say the police and emergency workers and media descended on the scene (as they did) and the Next Level had decided to make a resurrection demonstration so that they somehow kept anyone from seriously disturbing their bodies for a short time, even 3 1/2 days as the prophecy can be interpreted to indicate and as most interpreters expect. And then they all stood up on their feet and magically all lifted up into a hovering spacecraft of some kind, perhaps looking like a ball of light that then drove off and it was all captured on film. Considering that Do and Crew sent out video’s and packets with a written press release to CNN and other media and certain individuals to include a mirrored web site host and a number of believers that were not ready for the step they took, it would be very hard to cover it all up. Lloyd’s would have to have an investigation as video would prove they went into some type of spacecraft so even if they brought it to court before paying the claim it would get more publicity. The Next Level could see to it that it wasn’t completely covered up.

Now I’m not suggesting Do and Crew thought about all this. They may have and they may not have. Do could have just felt it was instruction to get the insurance policy. Doing so it even could become an additional test for some to handle then and even now and if it paid off those funds could help in the dissemination of their information after they left. They did give the two former class members, Mrcody and Srfody a five figure amount of cash to use to keep the web site going and for related expenses that they hoped would go towards further dissemination of their information.

=== end of section on primary things that TI and DO changed ===

Continuing the evaluation of Rev 11:7:


First off, it jives better with TI and DO’s receiving instruction “to not walk into a demonstration,” as they said. Initially it was that they would be killed and their bodies would be in the street for 3 1/2 days untouched by humans, which Do addressed with Brad Steiger saying the Next Level would see to it that the bodies were not taken to the morgue or tampered with, following Rev 11:7-10 as it was translated/interpreted. When the media story broke about the missing Waldport 34, (The number Do used was 34 in this interview. Newspaper accounts varied in the 20’s), and then two weeks later, as the investigation unfolded came the breaking story that the identity of these Two was no longer a mystery, as Walter Cronkite announced the names of their human vehicles and revealed their arrest record that highlighted Marshall Applewhite’s felony conviction (without saying anything about how the charges were all dropped on both he and TI and how Do took a plea bargain to get out of jail with time served so he could get on with he and TI’s task, rather than have to go through a lengthy trial to at best clear his name, because of how the St. Louis D.A. decided to prosecute anyway because of the strange circumstances of TI and DO’s story about being from outer space, etc. Do said he was looking for easy re-election points).

From that National news story, TI and DO said they felt “shot down by the media and the mission was dead” but after that said they “grieved literally for days and received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the ‘killing in the street’ of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media.”

However, when they spoke to Brad Steiger on January 7, 1976 a couple months after they got instruction to continue without the demonstration, (“they stood upon their feet” (Rev 11:11)), they still kept an open mind to performing the demonstration of a more literal slaying in the street, they would resurrect from and literally ascend in their changed over physical bodies, in view of their enemies (Rev 11:12), but this time, as they said to Brad Steiger, not into a cloud but into a spacecraft.”

In this scenario SUBDUE (OVERCOME) and EXIT BY DYING (BEING KILLED) would be seen as two descriptions of one event, as opposed to my saying it represents two events separated by ~22 years (a short, less than 1/2 hour Next Level time that 3 1/2 seems to actually depict) and it’s altogether possible this progression of events could have unfolded just as it’s presented in next to all Rev 11 translations I’ve seen. Also, I believe I recall TI saying at one point that it didn’t happen that way because the students weren’t ready to leave then so needed more time (to complete their overcoming, aka make their changeover). As TI and DO always said, the Next Level doesn’t predetermine the human responses. That’s why it’s an experiment. They have the structure and plans but they designed it around human free will, so they remain flexible about what they will do until they see how humans respond to their plans.

Some evidence of how the Next Level, through TI and DO were open wide to adjusting their strategy is found in this excerpt of the statement entitled, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time!” in the back of “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”:

“If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. IF THAT MUST HAPPEN IT WILL BE SOON – AND AT THE TIME THAT WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR TESTIMONY.”

HOW PUTTING “SUBDUE AND BEING SEPARATED BY DEATH” AS ONE EVENT MEASURES UP WITH OTHER PROPHECY: This scenario could have still matched the Rev 14 two student harvest periods as TI and DO’s “ascension,” from the Greek anabaino= “go up, come up, climb up, spring up, ascend up,” to rise, mount, be borne up” wouldn’t be considered part of the two harvests as they were already members of the Next Kingdom. Thus as TI and DO said, they would EXIT BY DYING and then “shortly after” those who had completed their overcoming changeover would EXIT BY ASCENDING INTO THE SPACECRAFT (The Christian “rapture”) depicted in Rev 14:13-16, where one must then replace all references to death or dying with the fact that they must “die to their humanness,” which comes about by the sword (or sickle) of the angel or Lord’s mouth that has set that standard for graduation into the Kingdom in the literal heavens.

In Rev 14, this first fruit harvest is followed by those who go through the “winepress” – the tribulation period as “wine” are the younger Souls (“wine” as compared to the older Soul “oil”) that are “in the process,” needing to be “pressed” toward harvest by being persecuted for their service to Next Level information dissemination that can be a large step towards completing their own overcoming changeover as depicted in Rev 14:17-20. Some of these may actually lose their physical bodies while serving by disseminating TI and DO’s new information that is seen as influencing other loved ones to their “cult.”

But under this scenario, considering that TI and DO said in mid ’75 and early ’76 to all their students and also to Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger that their, “followers don’t have to die to get into the Next Level,” the “blood” from that winepress is far from just theirs because by this time there will be a great deal of bloodshed perhaps not seen before in the U.S. and throughout the world, brought about by the bestial humans in all nations who know it or not are the result of the agenda’s of the Luciferian space alien fallen angels, whether discarnate and/or working through living humans and from spacecrafts that over hundreds and thousands of years have sown their seeds of lies, deceit and misinformation about the Next Level so that many don’t know any better, so are simply striking out at whoever and whatever sets them off, that in return causes greater escalation of the security state and suspicion of anyone who is considered to be a dissident against their bestial systems.

Incidentally, this time seems to begin in earnest by the arrival of the Green Horse (mistranslated to pale horse) come the November election into the January 2017 inauguration of the next president of the United States, though has certainly shown signs already, essentially beginning soon after the March 1997 exit of Do and the 38 first fruit student graduates.

Finally all those who have shown the Next Level, in whatever way, shape or form that they want to give their allegiance to the Kingdom of God/Heaven to their human detriment because in doing so, they must reject showing allegiance to the bestial systems that put into place an identification system depicted as the “mark of the beast” that it seems will soon entail conceding to some type of biological implanted identification that will determine who is permitted to “buy and sell,” as prophecy depicts in Rev 13:16-17. I believe these who refuse to side with these bestial human authorities will have their spirits and/or souls “saved” by the Next Level when they die. This seems to include those who come to believe in TI and DO but have not begun their metamorphic changeover. Perhaps these would be like the thief on the cross with Jesus who was promised the opportunity to complete an overcoming changeover classroom in the future.

Do spoke of these as the “2nd and 3rd types of individuals that will go with him” as opposed to being left to be dissolved in the recycling. He addresses this in the videotape “Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance to Survive – Leave with Us. All three types will leave with him/them. He was including his students which were the first type who completed their changeover, though a few of those might really come under the 2nd type who still have some overcoming to do that they will return to do after the recycling period. The Third Type are some that may or may not have heard of TI and DO but have in their own way sought to break away and not give allegiance to the bestial human kingdom who have sought to abide in the best way they could with the behaviors and ways of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven.

And this scenario also wouldn’t negate the Rev 12:16 depiction of TI’s exit of her vehicle as the “earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth” as “earth” is also equally translated to “human kingdom,” which is the mammalian “bestial” kingdom led by the Luciferian space alien (dragon). What I have interpreted as the Earth representing a HUMAN CAUSE FOR HER EXIT – CANCER, as opposed to someone literally killing her or them, could just the same be representing the humans who could have SEPARATED THEM BY SLAYING.

It’s interesting how all TI and DO taught and the various ways one can translate and interpret and prove the meanings of these verses and what TI and DO said and how things progressively broadened at the same time as information got more specific to reveal all the layers of the whole truth. For instance this view of some of what TI and DO said in 1974-76 as recorded in “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” coincides more with the way many Christians depict what they call the “rapture” from Paul’s letters but translated as “caught up”:

1Th 4:15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.
1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
1Th 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Do said those who “sleep” are the humans who have not yet accomplished the CHANGEOVER. He said for those humans that die physically before sufficiently completing their changeover, when it’s time for the ascension of those who are still living, they will not ascend but would be given another chance during the next “springtime” (harvest season) (which would be during the next civilization). This means that their Souls or Spirits will be saved for the next opportunity.

Thus the “dead in Christ” do rise first in two ways. First, to be dead in Christ means one has taken on the metamorphosis during a previous experience taking over a human vehicle prepared for their use. They made the vehicle “dead” to it’s humanness, depriving it of all the ways in which a vehicle is programmed to spend it’s energy – procreation, sexuality, pursuits of a career and family relationships, certain pleasures and favorite pass times, pride, competitions, etc. With all the energy they had for those activities they gave them to their incarnate Older Member to be in his service and as they did this their body begun to change, but at that time not so much that they were ready to graduate. So then to finish their metamorphosis which requires a human vehicle to use for the cocoon stage of becoming isolated from their past caterpillar world, they once again leave all behind when the Older Member blows the trumpet. Doing so they are “rising up,” waking up, and then when they graduate they are rising up again as the first fruit.

Note that it’s by the “voice of the archangel” that they rise up on both occasions. Voices is rooted as a disclosure communication from the Greek “phone,” like from the movie, ET where hs repeats “ET Phone Home” because he wants to return home, an inside joke in the classroom as TI and DO also wanted to return home. Note it wasn’t Jesus they said issued the voice. That’s because the archangel is whoever is assigned that “captain of angels” task. That’s the captain of the “riverboat” that has a position on the river in Daniel’s prophecy. The Riverboat’s captains deck is called the “Texas” or “Tejas” in Spanish as related to “Mark Twain.” The “shout” is the blowing of the trumpet, the 6th trumpet to be precise as that is the number of a man: Man was created in the 6th day of creation of the current experiment and comes to graduation during the 6th millennium’s incarnate Older Member (1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6=The Two Witnesses, TI and DO) timed to the 6th angels trumpet sounding their incarnate arrival in the 1970’s.

TI and DO told Brad Steiger that Jesus would head up the “7th closeness” which is when the Older Member who performed the task of Jesus, in his Next Level body, a “body dipped in blood” (Rev 19:13), 2000 years ago returns to collect those Souls who are by their choice among the second harvest. More on that later, but I know Do gave his students the choice to remain after he exited by laying down his body, in which case they would ascend (rise up) with their physical body as first understood after his (and TI’s) exit or they could lay down their body with him as an offering demonstration to those that would see their sacrifice and believe in it for themselves, (however TI handled their exit) that would over time help others start their own metamorphic changeover. After all, those Souls who are among those “first sealed” are followed by six more sealing periods of time all shown in Rev 6 and 7.

Thus they too need not necessarily “die in the Lord” (For TI and DO’s truth) but they do need to at the least begin their separation from the human kingdom by providing service to the Older Members according to what is currently instructed, which always entails spreading the information provided by the most recent Representatives that will correlate with all previous Representatives closeness that all prepares “the way, or path” to this harvest time.

This is clearly expressed in Jwnody’s paper on Do’s behalf (as Do’s primary scribe) entitled: “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure”:

“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

Taking a stand is left for your interpretation but one isn’t standing for something by not expressing what it is you are standing up for to others. However, it does say “willing” so we can take our chances of course as it is always the way of the Next Level to provide us with choice. I know how carefully these documents were worded. Every word was considered. We even had a professional technical editor on staff who held jobs in management with Texas Instruments and other corporate software companies that had documentation that she was in charge of. That was Nrrody. Do had her go over all his writings and all the others as well.

Regardless of which way we see the prophecy, that is for those willing to consider that TI and DO were fulfilling the task of the Two Witnesses, where many Christians are missing out is by thinking they get to go to Heaven more or less on the coattails of what Jesus demonstrated, which is impossible. Nobody can do our changeover for us. We are shown how by Jesus and of late by TI and DO but then we must act on what they have provided us to understand about the overcoming of humanness process. Whether an ascension is with or without one’s physical human body, there are no groups that will ascend, only individuals. We don’t ascend in family units or with significant others. We only can ascend alone and as a result of a burning desire to only have a relationship with our “Fathers in the literal heavens,” our Older Members, TI and DO.

This viewpoint works with what most Christian teachers are saying, except they largely think they are going to ascend without having “overcome,” meaning without having changed their human physical body by consolidating “All our Heart energy, all our Mind energy, all our Soul energy and all our strength/will energy to our Heavenly Father’s service, the number one commandment Jesus taught and Moses primed the first classroom of this civilization for.

“Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,” means one doesn’t want to do anything differently than “our Father in Heaven” would want us to do while on Earth, still in the human condition. That’s what it means to, as Jesus said, to be his disciple required each to “deny yourself” – give him your will, want to consciously choose to become His puppet (though He won’t actually let you be a puppet. A puppet doesn’t have free will). What the Next Level gains in adding new members are new hands to do the work of helping others evolve beyond the human condition and thereby into a new Family that is real in every way, shape and form.

In addition to denying self, he said you must “take up your cross” – that means “give your life” to his service and in doing so you will lose your life, if not physically, absolutely mentally because you can’t stay in your world – going to the job, caring for the kids, having relationships with a mate, building a career, donating time to this non-profit, going to a synagog, church, mosque or temple, etc. and still be “giving your life.” Granted, not very many are ready for such a step, but to not teach what is required is not teaching what Jesus taught. This is why most Christian clergy, priests, pastors, teachers don’t teach much of what Jesus actually said as most of their congregations might not come back to church the next week and pretty soon they’d have no one donating and tithing to support their so called Godly career.

Now the Lord doesn’t require all at once when someone doesn’t have the strength to give it yet, but if someone hears this and doesn’t ever start talking with their Father in the literal heavens about it, or better yet to TI and DO, asking for help to come closer to Him then they won’t come closer to him and will soon be lost from ever having the opportunity again. But if this does speak to someone – if it resonates in their heart as true and at the very least they talk with their heavenly Father about it and like said are willing to “take a stand for this truth,” accepting what happens to them as a result, then after they lose their vehicle by whatever means, the Next Level, based on their standards may take that Soul into their keeping – what Do called being “put on ice,” (but not literally) so when you are brought back during the time of the next visitation from an Older Member and the Older Member starts expressing these same ideas, you will be alongside a human vehicle that was also prepared to hear that truth and you will know that it’s the truth so will try to take over that assigned vehicle and will have help because you have stayed the course with your Older Member.

If you stay with that Older Member through thick and thin, you will grow stronger and will eventually come to giving your all and it will feel natural to do, though still will require effort and commitment and there will be trials and tribulation in the world, as that’s the lesson ground we each need to step through until we are changed over into a new creature, like the butterfly who is no longer restricted to the earth yet has a physical body and a new family to interact and live among. It sounds lacking of warm fuzzy emotional connection, but the truth is that you do retain emotion and the joy of connectedness but without the self-centered, needy, possessive jealousies that are included in human relationships.


The bestial humans in this passage represents The Two’s human opposition driven secretly, largely unbeknown to humans by the Luciferian space aliens and discarnate humans who are allowed by the Kingdom of God/Heaven to rise/resurrect (STAND UP again by taking over human beings) to oppose Kingdom of God/Heaven (Two Witnesses and Crew)’s mission.

Act 24:15 And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that THERE SHALL BE A RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD, BOTH OF THE JUST AND UNJUST.

Additional verses that relate to the opposition to the Kingdom of God/Heaven having a physical presence in the last/end days:

Mat 13:49 So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,

2Pe 2:9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

What is very interesting is that much of prophecy seems to be to help those on the cusp of belief verses those who don’t seem to need any proof of that sort to dive into studentship with the present incarnate Older Member. As the record indicates, Jesus hardly said much at all and he had a dozen or more very serious followers. These followers in some ways evidenced not understanding all of what he was saying, though they had some kind of core draw to him. I believe that is explainable as those who followed him had been well prepared for his public surfacing. That would have happened genetically by their being the mental offspring of followers of Moses (as opposed to those with Moses who were always fighting him and even seeking to overthrow his leadership and even kill him).

Another reason Jesus acquired followers so seemingly easily would be because they were also probably prepared through associations with the Souls of those who were the staunch followers of Moses whom upon death of their physical body were taken into the equivalent of the “temple” area in the literal heavens (aka Paradise or Abraham’s Bosom) having been prepped to begin an interface with a new physical body that had also been tagged with it’s own Soul pocket. That preparation could have also entailed a degree of interface with that human being with the new Soul pocket, before Jesus came public, to where when He did come public, it would have seemed like a completely natural choice to leave all behind to follow with this person. There is every reason to consider and even know that such preparation would have also been carried out for those returning Souls (saints) and the regenerated tagged humans to have their own opportunity to join in such an overcoming program while serving to host one of those returning Souls who needed a flesh body to draw in more of their Older Member’s mind from, in order to advance in their schooling toward becoming a successful graduate.

With this in mind, the Two Witnesses could just say a very few things and that prepared regenerated gnome that includes the equivalent of a “program” would identify the way in which an Older Member would speak/act and require of their students to where they would follow with them just as easily as Jesus disciples did, as they would be the same Souls and genetic offspring as were literally with Jesus. TI and DO used to say, the felt like they could just say the “ABC’s” to us and we would follow them.

However, just because these returning Souls who would have participated in preparing new human beings for their minds, that were also given, tagged with a new Soul body, doesn’t mean they will all make it to their graduation at that time. What they are assured of is that if they give it their all and don’t drop out and turn against the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s Older Members and program, they would be given continued chances. Such a continued chance might even be what we are seeing depicted in the second harvest of Rev. 14. If this is the case more of a supernatural showing of proof might be justified by the Older Members as some students might need that help to get on board, just as some of Jesus’ disciples needed it.

Thus as a result of some who don’t need much proof and some who might, the Older Member(s) (Two Witnesses) would be directed to either set up their own exit via allowing themselves to be killed versus steer them away from such a set up, so they can spend more time helping certain of the students who may have needed it. This entire program that results in a graduation does not predetermine how many and which students will succeed. The Older Members know how many positions (aka seats) they have available to fill, evidenced by Jesus saying:

Joh 14:2 In my Father’s house are many mansions ((dwelling places)): if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
Joh 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Because these Older Members don’t know exactly how students will respond to the program they manage, after all, the entire idea of creating beings with a certain amount of free will is to allow them to exercise that free will, which in fact they hope will evolve to be their decision to give their free will to their creators, (through those sent to be incarnate), in fact to Them, those who are incarnate to represent the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s birthing, aka harvesting aka graduation from the human kingdom. Thus they don’t try to second guess what students really want. They simply accept what they say, to a degree but then by what they DO has the ultimate weight that demonstrates what they (the students) really want, which in process the students themselves are in discovery and a type of evolving of. These Two will certainly be testing student’s resolve and hope they pass the tests that are geared to help them arrive at their own strengthened resolve to “overcome the human world,” but they don’t go so far as to try to second guess what students might choose as that can tend to be a set up to fail. Instead they expect their best effort and adjust their strategy as they see a need to do so, as they know this is no easy task to overcome/conquer one’s moreorless natural mammalian inclinations to put self and other humans first, as opposed to putting their Older Members first. It’s also not that the Older Members want or need others to put them first. It’s simply the way the Older, Older Members set up the program with the end result being that they would be able to trust them to be one of their crew, in which they would be doing their best to follow instructions and carry out tasks thoroughly yet with flexibility and tenaciousness, in all the ways of the Kingdom of God/Heaven. One can consider the task Jesus did as an example of how tasks are defined and what kind of challenge they can be to the one performing it. These who go undercover, to, for all intents and purpose be “human” is like a human deciding to live with a herd of horses, even mixed with reptilian predators snapping at the horses feet all the time, hoping to communicate that there is a human kingdom they might some day aspire to becoming a member of where there are no predators.


Rev 11:8 And their ((846 autos= themselves, the same selves)) (dead) bodies ((4430 ptoma from the alternate of pipto 4098= a ruin, failure, defeat, calamity, error, lapse into sin, thought akin to petomai through the idea of alighting, to fall, fail, fall (down), light on, to fly)) (shall lie) in ((1909 epi= (as a relation of distribution); upon, at, on, through(-out), the space of)) (the) street (4113 plateia= feminine of 4116 platus from plasso= broad, flat, wide, spread out place, to mold)) (of the) great ((3173 megas= large, loud, mighty, strong)) city (4172) polis= walled/bordered area (temple area))), which spiritually ((4153 pneumatikos= non-physical, of the mind (spirit), breath, ghost, life, spiritual, mystical, figurative, prophetic, symbolic)) (is) called Sodom ((4670 Sodoma plural of Hebrew origin Cdom 5467= burning, to scorch, burnt (i.e. volcanic or bituminous) district)) and ((2532 kai= OR, also, so then, even)) Egypt ((Two Straights/Streets (paths), Banks of the “River”)), where ((whichever spot, wheresoever)) also ((2532 kai= OR, also, so then, even)) our ((2257 hemon= our company, or wheresoever He is making company with us)) Lord (2962 kurios= supreme in authority, controller, by implication, Master)) (was) crucified ((4717 stauroo= (as a figure, is extinguish (subdue), passion or where he performs his selfless act))

Here is the verse in “The Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament” which I’ve included to show there is no sign of “dead body” to be found in it, nor is “shall lie” seemingly added to support their being literally dead, which further brings into question the translation of apokteino to kill:

Rev 11:8 And the-one a-en-falling-to of-them upon of-the-one of-broad of-the-one of-a-city of-the-one of-great, which-a-one it-be-called-unto unto-currenting-to-belonged-of Sodoma’ and an-Aiguptos, to-which-of-whither and the-one Authority-belonged of-them it-was-en-staked.

The tense of all the verbs in this verse are set to the current time of their ruin/fall.

– “(dead) bodies” was translated from the Greek, “ptoma” which by it’s few other New Testament references is certainly not clearly “dead bodies,” though is included as a primary one. Ptoma in it’s root means “to fall” as indicated as having come from the Greek word, “pipto” which shows many references to “fall” as in “fall down.” Now in one of five verses that use “ptoma” it is listed as a “corpse.” This is talking about John the Baptist’s execution:

Mrk 6:29 And when his disciples heard of it, they came and took up his corpse ((ptoma)), and laid it in a tomb.

This seems to fit the context but could still be said as “ruin” or “fall” just like talking about a “fallen soldier” to still get the point across. However, the Book of Revelations isn’t relaying history as these other verses that use ptoma are doing so a metaphorical translation would certainly carry more weight even though it will still become literal as it’s fulfilled. Again, I would say that the Next Level planned it that way so it would work literally or figuratively with it’s eventual literal application depending on human responses to the Two Witnesses. If it was meant to be clearly a dead body or corpse, then the Greek word would be Nekros.

I believe I recall TI and DO talking a bit about how the Luciferians have done a thorough job of influencing humans to what has become a complex variety of ways to look at all these records that adds up to total misinformation (while the Next Level, according to TI and DO “had to work really hard” to keep the core formula of overcoming that Jesus taught still apparatus in the records. Most can’t see that core anymore even though they can quote all the verses that show it. However, some do see it and those are who are most in line to see it again in TI and DO, especially now when this aid to understanding how the scriptures show TI and DO’s role in their total fulfillment.

Yet the flood of misinformation that was fully anticipated by the Next Level to saturate the human kingdom, once the Next Level shines their “light” on the planet as they have with the arrival of the Older Members and crew of returning students only acts as a motivation to reject the institutionalized religions and all their related sects. Yet if the misinformation conglomerates are rejected if one also throws away all the evidence of the Next Level behind Earth and all it’s life forms then they are filtering themselves out of the opportunity to enter TI and DO’s program, while they were here incarnate and now, until the recycling brings the civilization and all it’s infrastructures to a violent end.

Do wondered if part of the reason TI was sent could have been because he needed that help. He didn’t care what the reason was as all he wanted to do was what his Older Member gave him to do and every member of the Next Level feels totally joyed to have their Older Member to be their check partner/teacher. Perhaps the Next Level sent two with one being the “Father” as insurance and a learning experience for Do’s awakening and completion of his task under these complex circumstances. In fact I believe TI and DO briefly mentioned how the strategy of the Luciferians this time was to have humans largely ignore those who return rather than go against them to kill them right away. This way, if they weren’t literally killed there would be no demonstration of proof in another resurrection and ascension as was the case with the proof Jesus provided.

Furthermore, why was ptoma used for “body” when 4983 soma is the primary word for body, used that way 145 times as used here in the New Testament and referring to a “dead body” as well:

Mat 14:12 And his disciples came, and took up the body, and buried it, and went and told Jesus.

Now the other of only two usages as a carcase is:

Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase ((ptoma)) is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

While the nearly identical verse in Luke’s account uses “body” from Greek “soma” in place of “corpse” in Matthew:

Luk 17:37 And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together.

It’s interesting that there is no evidence that Jesus refers to his students as a “body.” He refers to his body as “bread” that his disciples need to “consume” – ingest, take in, make their own which is a reference to taking his energy. TI often told us how after a meeting if the classroom of students were thirsty for what they had to say, where Do did most of the talking, Do’s physical body became so depleted of energy that he could hardly stand up to leave the meeting, though we rarely got a hint of that, though others may have, as I was probably oblivious to a lot of those kinds of observations.

Now Paul of Tarsus uses “Body of Christ” and variations many times which I imagine he got from Peter or another who spent time with Jesus, though if so a curiosity why we don’t see any evidence of in the gospels and alternative records. We know Paul used a great deal of his own Luciferian influenced mind that came to define many characteristic saying of many of today’s Christians. After all why would Jesus describe the student body as a corpse in Mat 24:28 as Jesus is answering the question about WHERE he will return to. Yet the use of ptoma, mostly defined as “fallen,” with a reference to “lighted down” from petomai stimulates an entirely different picture of the way in which these Two and crew arrived with their physical bodies by intentionally crashing primitive spacecrafts. I give more detail to this evaluation in section II.B.2., but I will add that I believe “eagle” in these two verses is better translated to “air flyers” and therefore could refer to UFO’s that could accompany the student body’s arrival.

Also “fallen” or “ruined” relates directly to the Two being “subdued,” that is from the world’s perspective and from TI’s and Do’s perspective as well, but with them it really marked a turning point in their task thinking and subsequent direction.

Finally it is interesting that the Greek word 4431 ptosis from pipto is a cousin to ptoma – to ruin/fall but translates more to “crash.” In fact all of the words that stem from or to ptosis have to do with “falling” in a financial and/or social and/or mental way or being spit upon and caused to close whatever one was up to.

It’s also quite possible that ptoma/pipto/petomai could legitimately been translated to “alighting,” of “lighting down,” but not so much in the current English translation, but from a Hebrew point of view which an example follows in:

Isaiah 30:30 And the LORD shall cause his glorious voice to be heard, and shall shew the lighting down (( to rest, set on, quietness, quiet, quiet attitude, rest (of death), descent (of judgment))) of his arm, with the indignation of his anger, and with the flame of a devouring fire, with scattering, and tempest, and hailstones.

Do wrote in 88Update speaking in the third person about he and TI: .”..However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.”

– “shall lie” was simply added to jive the translation stemming from the initial translation to “kill” from apokteino that ignored how they are first “subdued” (overcome) and assumed apokteino meant they are murdered (killed) that as described in detail ignores the “apo” prefix that qualified their dying.

– “street” – this is a noun so as it’s tied to “great city” is zeroing in on describing an area in the larger/bigger “city” where “molding” takes place as regardless of whether these Two had their selves subdued (overcome) or in the one way of translating at the same time became “separated by death” the event(s) are serving a purpose for the Next Level students at that time and for potential future students. Molding is a good way of describing the process of attempting to shape the mindset of the people to allow more of the deposited seeds to sprout and flourish into fruit, the purpose for it all.

Note the only other use of “street” in Revelations refers to

Rev 22:1 And he shewed me a pure ((clean)) river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
Rev 22:2 In the midst ((middle)) of the street of it, and on either ((kai= both)) side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month ((period of affirmation related to the moon cycle of festivals, thus in some cases yearly and overall pertaining to each millennium)): and the leaves ((5444 phullon= a sprout)) of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

The water of life is the (holy) Mind of the Next Level. The River is the local source of that water (Mind) as a chain of that Mind of the Older Member (God and Lamb) vessels for it. It is clear as crystal because it is pure (clean), (gold is clear once purified of other elements thus light coming through it shows as bright white literally) when all it’s impurities are purged out of it.

Next street is mentioned as having a tree of life on both (either) sides of the river. I believe the river comes out of Texas. The two trees of life are on one side and the other side as Daniel expresses:

Dan 12:5 Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood other two, the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river.

That’s a bit of confirmation that there are two “trees of life” being spoken of even though they are the same tree of life. The word “Texas” among it’s several etymological definitions refers to the Captains deck on a Mississippi River Boat. TI and DO said the Mississippi River to them was like a border of the area they felt they were to perform most of their service in. But the tree of life is actually on both sides it the two trees represent two opportunities.

The twelve manner of fruits are the twelve foundations – pillars which are the eldest graduate students, probably distributed as 1 + 4 + 7 where the eldest student was the one who served as Aaron, then Elisha and then John the Baptist and one of TI and DO’s most trusted students but who took the least of a front seat at any given time, but also walked away from the most in the life of his vehicle, who I would surmise was Lggody. I would then say the 4 living beings might be Lvvody, Jnnody, Jwnody and Lggody. The remaining seven I would say might include: Srrody, Dstody, Nrrody, Sngody, Chkody, Glnody and Jmmody. I know none of these would be upset if I didn’t include them. I can even picture some giggling as I write this. I could be wrong about this but it’s my sense to date that includes some evidence that I won’t go into at this time except to say it’s partially related to dreams I’ve had since re-awakening more after having fallen away and nearly asleep.

While I’m at it, dreams can be a way the Next Level can work with some. TI and DO taught that dream time was a lesson time to prepare us for upcoming lessons. It’s not to say the receiver of the dreams is advanced above anyone else. I’ve had a number of dreams with Do in them where he was correcting me to help me have a better control over my vehicle when I was tempted to do otherwise. And I have had dreams to help me with certain perspectives and in answer to certain questions and most of those classmates mentioned were the deliverers of the help.

Perhaps if I was more in tune with my Older Members mind I would not need the dreams. TI and DO never indicated being guided by dreams though they did relay a couple in the 19 years I was with them. A couple new believers have told me they had Do in a dream. You can ask him directly for that kind of contact and then let it go and let them determine what is best for your growth as there are other ways He will let you know he’s there for you, but keep in mind that the Luciferian Space Aliens and discarnates can also pretend to be him in a dream. The only way to know the difference is in what “impression” you get from it. A Next Level impression would relate directly to all that He and TI said and taught and did which involves service to the Creator’s Kingdom They are a part of and overcoming our humanness and “self.” One person I know began to think he was channeling Do and started to reprimand another former student – something Do would never do or lead anyone to do. They don’t take over human vehicles unless they are incarnate. Otherwise they look for those humans who are seeking or showing signs of discontent and/or separation from the status quo human pathway, who are asking the highest source they can imagine in the universe for help in some way.

We won’t be told what to do in a dream or with voices in our heads or by other humans saying they are acting on behalf of God or by channelers or psychics or priests or spiritual teachers directly or indirectly. Once we ask to be of service then it’s up to us to start putting what they said about being an active student of there’s into motion – asking for help with each step – to be shown where, to whom and when and what to say in each circumstance. Standing for TI and DO and all they taught is the overall task.

We keep aware of what’s happening around us as we often get clues that can sometimes be answers to certain questions. Of course learning their material is important to standing for them but you don’t have to have all the answers to work for them. Knowing their keywords – the terms they used and using them is a huge part of standing for them as those humans who received a deposit might still be able to identify those keywords as something to pay attention to. Push nothing on anyone but take a chance on a positive rather than justify saying less or not going someplace. Others can be asking even if they are talking politics and seem set in their ways. If they are disturbed with the way things are, that could be a sign they are open to something new but one can overload someone before they are ready for it, so though out some of the keywords when it seems fitting and if it brings questions give more. We are not graded by getting others to believe. We are graded by the effort we put out to perform the task and most importantly how badly we want to do it in the way our Older Members would have us do it.

The sprouts (leaves) of the tree are the new believers that are tasked to help awaken those who the Next Level gives their “seed” to and by doing so are becoming useful fruit to the Next Level’s harvest of which souls will be “saved” for the next classroom when an Older Member is incarnate again, perhaps after the 1000 year period after the harvest and judgment day is “done.”

Daniel records an end time prophecy pertaining to the STREET BEING BUILT AGAIN. I don’t think this is referring to the middle east Jerusalem time when Jesus came incarnate because I believe the “street” was already built at that time, indicated by depicting the “instruction to restore AND to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince” before the Street is rebuilt. In other words there seems to be two building processes going on which makes sense with TI and DO’s teaching that the Next Level crews do a great deal to make deposits and encourage certain migrations of even specific genetic strains, to build that street/path each time before an Older Member comes incarnate.

The STREET is the pathway/journey, mission territory where the trumpet is primarily sounded with the prophecy of these Two Witnesses that become the “smelling salts” for those who were selected for tagging and/or depositing of a Soul container. Jesus laid the first pathway, did the groundwork as he showed the “WAY” to get into the Next Level (Kingdom of God), Kingdom of/in the literal heavens. It’s also said as part of the restoration of both the city and the street (that is within the bordered region (city) as the places where the people can hear the truth:

Dan 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall ((2742 charuwts= determination, decision)), even in troublous ((6695 tsowq= a strait, anguish, oppressed, distressed, constrained (op-)PRESS(-or) (WINEPRESS (See Rev 14)))) times.

To restore and build Jerusalem:

“Seven weeks” was a way of depicting the taking of an oath. One would say what it was they were wanting to commit to 7 times to imprint it in their brain. The restoration takes place in two periods of a “seven” which is an affirmation period. stages referred to in Revelations as the Seven Angeles that sound trumpets. The street is therefore the areas within the “larger or greater city” part of the world where the people are most prepared for the return. It is also called a “strait” and is where the Two Witnesses trek upon to deliver their prophecy and experience being “shot down by the media” which is shown in the remainder of this verse and subsequent verses to include the western U.S. which is the part of the street’s wide “platt” or “place” that the ruin of these Two is spread out among by the media.

– “great (large) city”- refers to the geographical area for the return. I believe this is also akin to the Temple and the New Jerusalem described as about 1378-1420 miles square to where it’s base is literally on the Earth which is why Rev 11:2 speaks of those who in the “holy city,” “shall tread under foot,” being the student body whom are chosen among all who are called to be the human vehicles the returning Next Level “children,” the 24 Elders and youngins try to take over to complete their metamorphosis/change over aka graduation aka Spirit Birth aka harvest to adult membership in the Next Level through. I believe the “court” is not in this measure, though is the “other side of the river” that I suspect is the ground where the “winepress” period of trial and tribulation largely takes place that seems to include other English speaking areas of the world: England/Ireland, Belgim, Australia, New Zealand, Canada all place Do had the crew place large full page ads in new age periodicals in 1993.

– “spiritually” – by saying the Great City is Symbolically or Non-Physically called Sodom and Egypt means the Great City is not in the same area as the Middle Eastern Sodom and Egypt and would not have those same names but is equating the new geographical area and their mindsets (Spirit) to those they refer to in the Middle East. Thus the new area of Sodom would have many of the same characteristics of thought and behavior and ways as found in the ancient city Sodom. Likewise for Egypt.

– “Sodom” – refers to a scorched or burnt region and an area that is representative of the area in the Middle East thought to be in the area that the Dead sea is over now, that was destroyed by the Kingdom of God/Heaven by “fire and brimstone.” In the Hebrew, Sodom= Cdom and means “burning,” but in Greek, “a dry, scorched, burnt district.” Many Christians teach that Sodom was destroyed mostly because there was an abundance of homosexuality there. They arrive at this because of the story of Abraham and Lot and their visitations. When three men, (from Hebrew 582 ‘enowsh= man, mortal man, person, mankind, individuals) inform Abraham and Sarah that Sarah would conceive a son, Abraham also learned from them they were next going to check on what’s going on in Sodom and Gomorrah, as they received an outcry of distress, a clamor that theire were very grievous sins there and they were going there to verify it. Lot, Abraham’s nephew, lived in Sodom with his family so Abraham tried to find out if the Lord would destroy Sodom if there ended up being just 10 righteous people there and the Lord said no, they wouldn’t destroy it if there were ten.

Next in Genesis 19, Lot greets two “angels” (messengers/representatives) at the gate of Sodom. Lot “pressed upon them greatly” to enter his house and feast and they did and they ate. But before they lay down Lot’s house became surrounded by people from all around Sodom who called out to Lot and said they wanted “them” brought out so they could “know” them which is 3045 yada’= “perceive, acquaint, understand, consider, declare, know carnally” them. Lot goes outside and tells the people not to be so bad, wicked and volunteers to give the men his two daughters who have not “known” man, thus “carnally” whom he says they can do as is “good in your eyes” to as long as they do nothing to these “two men.” One of the “men” pulls Lot in the house and says he will deal with Lot worse than with those men. The outside men were going to break the door down so they were “smote with blindness and they couldn’t find the door.” The next morning, these representatives told Lot to take his family out of town as they were going to destroy it. Then to hasten their exit the Lord brought Lot, his wife and two daughters outside the city and told them to escape to the mountain for their life and not to look/consider what’s left behind. The Lord rained fire and brimstone from heaven on both Sodom and Gomorrah and many Christians say it was because the inhabitants were homosexual. It’s not until we read Ezekiel’s report that we know the truth:

Eze 16:49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride ((arrogance, exaltation, majesty, pomp)), fulness ((satisfaction, satiety, one’s fill)) of bread ((food)), and abundance of idleness ((rest, quiet, peace)) was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy ((needy feelings)).
Eze 16:50 And they were haughty ((high, exalted, arrogant, lofty, tall)), and committed abomination ((disgusting things)) before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.

Ezekiel doesn’t even mention fornication or anything sexual besides “committing abomination” that could be  related to the sexual rules Jehovah gave Moses that included in Lev 18:22 …”shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination ((8441 tow`ebah= a disgusting thing)),” yet it’s interesting that the next verse says, “Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile ((2930 tame’= unclean, polluted, impure)) thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion ((08397 tebel= a violation of nature).” So bestiality was in a different category than what I suspect meant “anal intercourse” – lying with a man as with a woman. I’m not sure that it’s “anal intercourse” that is being prohibited against as another verse in that list indicates “not to lie carnally ((2233 zer`= seed, sowing, offspring)) with thy neighbors wife to defile thyself with her,” and yet it did address removing someones clothes in a number of circumstances as being “unclean.”

In any case saying the people of Sodom were killed by the Next Level because they were homosexuals doesn’t seem to be accurate to the records and of course Jesus said nothing about it. It was Paul who sowed the seeds of anti-Jesus teachings in this regard. Today Sodomy has taken on the characterization specifically geared to male with male sexuality and/or in some case geared against what has become known as oral sexuality, excluding mouth to mouth kissing.

After Do and his crew left in 1997, as investigators sought to interview anyone who knew TI and DO and/or those who knew their human vehicles before or during their awakening in the early 1970’s, one of those investigators, perhaps Rob Balch seems to have interviewed someone, perhaps TI’s vehicle’s oldest daughter Terri who somehow gave the impression to Rob that Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles (TI) wanted to have a human styled physically intimate relationship with Marshall Herf Applewhite (Do). As I’ve already reported, Do told the student body with TI present, so it may be on a audio meeting tape, that he “wondered at first” if Bonnie was seeking that kind of human relationship or affair with him. Perhaps it was that statement that was twisted as like I said, I don’t know the origin of the statement that has today become a fact because an academic has said it and written about it, even though Do says there is no truth to it.

This is addressed indirectly in Do’s words in the last section of Session 12 of the 12 Session “Beyond Human – The Last Call” video tape series that was recorded in 1992 while I was present and on the video crew and was assigned that task of “helper” for several hours on some of the first sessions. Here is my paraphrased report including some direct quotes on key points but I encourage everyone to watch the video and or read the transcript at the links posted after these excerpts:

Do talks about being the Lab Instructor assigned to take student through the transition into our Father’s Kingdom and how when that lab instructor is present – incarnate for those wanting to get in line to get into our Father’s house, if they learn of the Lab Instructors presence must leave everything behind to literally follow every step provided by that Lab Instructor, at this time “Do.” He talks about how then adultery in respect to our Father’s house is “sleeping with anybody else to any degree” which is why that analogy is given in:

Rev 14:4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

It’s talked about as a bond like marriage because it’s a bond with one’s Older Member, with the Next Level.

Then Do talks about how he as the Lab Instructor “has no interest in your plumbing, no interest in your sexuality.” He says “my Older Member certainly had no interest in me, would not want that kind of humanness.”

He goes on to say that’s not the way children are made in our Father’s kingdom and how it’s a “reproductive vibration of the human kingdom.”

Then he says, “And I can honestly say that any relationship of that nature certainly never happened with me and my Older Member, certainly has never happened with any of these class members and their Older Member. And if you can find a class member that can tell you it has happened to any degree, to either one of these lab instructors, you’ve found the liar you were looking for.”

Note he also said that about TI, his partner in the first part of the task of lab instructor.

He explains how our relationship with our Lab Instructor must be a “pure” one within the boundaries of behavior in our Father’s house. That’s why in the analogy a bride (active student) needs to give their attention and affection to their groom – their present Lab Instructor. Giving any degree of attention and affection to someone else is adultery – a compromised relationship.

Do goes on to explain how this doesn’t dawn on people that they shall love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all thy Soul, which “doesn’t leave room for an affair. It doesn’t leave room for promiscuity. It doesn’t leave room for any sexuality, any disloyalty, any affection, to any degree to any source other than to the Next Level” and must “remain purely within the confines of appropriate behavior” citing a big difference between certain little behaviors as a “kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead in the right spirit can mean a very nice thing from my Older Member to me, because it’s done so rarely that when it’s done it’s so special.”

Do goes on to say that his Older Member wouldn’t “dirty my Older Member’s mouth by pressing that mouth against this mouth and participating in anything that would lower my vibrations or hold this vehicle in a way that would stimulate lower vibrations of this vehicle.”

He says that would be “animal” and a kingdom level beneath the Next Level.

Do goes on to say that those who are even giving themselves totally to Jesus at this time are not doing any significant overcoming because they are not connected with a midwife – the current Lab Instructor, though that doesn’t mean their Soul or spirit could not be “salvaged for another time.”

He talks about how some Christian preachers can even recognize that quote from Jesus that says:

Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

They can think He meant they should not love those things more than Him, but are mistaken except for when the Next Level has not come in close and made a physical presence (as He, Do and TI and crew made).

He goes on to say that “when the Next Level has made a physical presence, you’re on the spot. And that spot says, “If you know me, you don’t share, you can’t share, I’m not going to share. You can’t be my wife and cheat on me. You can’t compromise it. I’m the only one. I am the focal point. I am the object representing my Father’s Kingdom. You’re moving into a crew consciousness, into a force of labor as a servant in our Father’s Kingdom that can’t be distracted by lusts of the physical flesh or of the human flesh or desires of the human flesh. That’s the whole reason for overcoming – to have you understand that.

Do also references Jesus saying you also need to ‘give up everything of the world, break all those ties, give everything away to the poor, and come and follow me.’ and how preachers say Jesus meant, ‘Just don’t let it mean anything to you.’, which is not it for those entering his “classroom in the transition in order to grow to be in our Father’s house.”

Do says, “Those who are entering this classroom in this transition in order to grow to be in our Father’s House, they have to literally and physically leave everything behind and will not have anything from the time they do that until they get out of here.

Do then says, “So, they leave everything behind. Those relationships that won’t let them do what they want to do, they have to sever because they interfere, they get in their way. This is the requirement, was the requirement, and always will be the requirement.”

Note he is not saying one must sever a relationship that doesn’t interfere or get in the way of these requirements.

Finally in this last tape of the Beyond Human series Do talk about the circumstance that could come up, where he leaves his incarnation while his students are still here, something we also talked about while in the class as a possibility even back when TI was still incarnate.

Do says, “Now, the last little thing that you must understand. If this world exists beyond our departure, then there is no longer that closeness, there is no longer a Representative. Now, I am a physical Representative. These of the classroom, they are physical representatives. Should I leave this classroom and return to my Father’s House, they would still be your door for whatever time one of them was still a faithful wife, faithful in all behavior, faithful in all belief and practice, wanting nothing of this world, establishing nothing of this world that could be called a church or a belief system that would be accepted by the masses. As long as one of them remains, your door is open. If that one remaining remains faithful to the full degree.”

This was insinuated in a few other documents Jwnody wrote – referring to one of these students as “active students” but not at that time defining what constitutes an active student, but then that definition seems to be provided here.

=== End of excerpts of Session 12 ===

Video: Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 12

(note: When Do and Crew made this I was part of the video team and we started each session showing the Do’s Two Helpers that faded away to the sound of a Bell tone – I believe the A tone. The part of this video where a title is shot in with a rushing sound was put in by the person who reformatted these video’s).

Transcript: Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 12

Continuing with section: III.D.5 regarding the non-physical “great city” compared to Sodom in Rev 11:8, where TI and DO are subdued:

Thus to select a city in the U.S. that most has a reputation like Sodom could be “Las Vegas” as one nickname suggests as “sin city.” Do called it “Lost Wages.” TI and DO were in a Las Vegas hotel when the national news broke the second time to name them by their vehicle’s names as two criminals from Texas instead of Two from The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human here to take their believers to their kingdom via the student’s metamorphosis (changeover) and by way of a physical spacecraft, popularly referred to as a “UFO.” These tapes were made for the public in what was their second taking of their information to the “street” that in 1994 encompassed meetings throughout the United States.

– “Egypt” – comes from the Greek 125 Aiguptos meaning “double straits.” A strait is also synonymous with a “street” or a path or way, probably regardless of whether it’s on land or on water. Egypt is a nation state while Sodom a city. Egypt in Hebrew is 4714 Mitsrayim the dual of matsowr 4693 in the sense of a limit or border of a besieged place.

Hos 11:1 When Israel [was] a child then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.

This was referenced by Mat 2:15 as the fulfillment when siting the human parents of the vehicle Jesus was to take over departed to Egypt to flee King Herod’s decree to try to kill off any of the Jewish people’s (sons of God) first born as he feared the Messiah’s coming. The real student body are the real Israeli’s as Do said they are the “overcomers” regardless of ethnic/racial genetics. Thus they are the returning Souls (sons) that with Next Level direction and help have prepped many human vehicles to become their instruments to finish their overcoming and service through taking them, their vehicles over, what Do called “borrowing” them since they would be returned (to the dust of the earth from whence they came.

Thus I suggest the non-physical Egypt represents the U.S. besieged by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels that has two sections or bordered areas that can be defined as the Temple area west of the Mississippi river and the primary Courtyard area east of the Mississippi river that is where returning Souls primarily but not exclusively arrive to take their chosen vehicles out of bondage to the human condition (Egypt) according to the timing of the FIRST (approx. 1973-1977 to 2013-2017) and LAST (approx 2017 to 2021 and 2021-20??) HARVEST WAVES. The times are just a general idea only to show that the LAST stage is not finished/Done beyond the life span of people who were middle aged during the FIRST HARVEST WAVE (as TI and DO seemed to indicate as the timing, though I could be wrong about). There is a basis for all the date spans, sort of surrounding the two time frame structures in prophecy – that of the 7 Seals Opening and the reference to the FIRST and LAST (Judgment) HOUR which is about a 40 year human time frame.

Egypt at the time of the Revelations writer was a province of the Roman Empire but is actually considered to be the first civilization or perhaps even the remnant of the previous civilization on earth who are thought to be Assur, the ones referred to as “giants” – Nephilim in Genesis chapter 6.

It’s interesting that the Egyptians were considered to be a white race as opposed to the Adamic (ruddy/red – blood in face race). Egypt is also defined in the name etymology as the “border” and/or “frontier.” The primary defining characteristic of a “city” is a bordered area and the western U.S. was considered by the original U.S. 13 Colonies as the “frontier” and that many ventured to the west in search of opportunity, even wealth in gold.

Egypt as a country name is considered to be “black ground/soil because of it’s very fertile soil along the Nile River. We know that California is considered to have some of the most fertile land in the U.S. Egypt also means, “home of the Ka (life-force and Soul (ba)) of Ptah” and the religion of ancient Egypt, that is very much consistant withwhat is today called New Age Spirituality, to where the Space Aliens appear to be depicted as the “gods” with their statues of humanoids with reptilian or other animal faces/heads. It seems this is also where the idea of the  “trinity” of the Catholics came from and possibly the practice of preserving and burying the dead, even becoming a distortion of the prospect of resurrection from the dead as if those bodies could live again, yet understandible in some ways considering that some did live again after being considered dead. Plus the idea of the Afterlife which is considered to be a spiritual realm only.

Today religions evidence the same distortions to keep people from seeing the fact that the Creators are Living physical Beings, who have overcome their humanness. are evolved above the human condition and are individuals in a many membered kingdom. Even the Soul is a physical container that grows to be a bigger and more dense new creature that can alter it’s vibration of it’s physical suit (body) They wear. I’m only describing this because of how apparent it is how Egyptian beliefs are depicting the overall distortion of the Next Level’s reality that has been evidenced to repeat itself in many ways in the America’s.

Two Straights or Streets (pathways) or banks – (partitions of land that are where the classrooms will be held) could geographically refer to the Nile as one and to the Mediterranean or Red Sea as the other and in the U.S. to the Pacific and the Atlantic or the Pacific and the Colorado River or the Pacific and the Mississippi River.

After all, this is outlining an area in the “Great City,” shown in other ways to be the U.S. Revelations chapter 17 “Woman” as Lady Columbia and Lady Liberty, which again has “two banks” with a Great River dividing it into two parts, one for the primary territory of the FIRST Harvest testing area and the other (east of the Mississippi) the setting for the LAST Harvest testing area. This LAST area happens to be where most Christians are, where the Christians are like those Souls/Spirits who were using vehicles during the time of Jesus, but in Jewish vehicles then – that originally came out of Egypt and by the way may have just largely elected Donald Trump president for the start of the Great Tribulation that could become their test by the content of this book.

It is also interesting that the Colorado River starts in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where TI was taken by “two wings of a great eagle” – to Blackhawk, Colorado, shown in Rev 12:14, that goes through the Grand Canyon and forms the southern border between California and Arizona, while outlining the area mostly south of it, where TI and DO spent most all their time with their classroom.

It is also interesting that there seems to be significant documentation through the Smithsonian Institute from discoveries in the late 1800’s – to 1896 (the year of some Great Comets and the Aurora, Texas UFO Crash,  that there were Egyptians in America around 1700 BC. They built shrines, smelted gold, built pyramids, brass and gold statues and several “tunnel cities” with man made rooms, one of which had a wall full of mummy’s for their dead. Many artifacts were found all throughout the Grand Canyon as well as in Illinois, Ohio and Georgia. Incidentally another word for Egypt was Memphis. Names are not automatically coincidental. There are also ties to the Old Testament records of Joseph and Moses, both of which were dignitaries in Egypt and may be where  Jesus was saying he was going when he was leaving and told his disciples he was going to tend to his “other fold” that I sort of thought might have been in India where Buddhism sprang up, since Do talked a little about how they had some of the same teachings or renunciation of the world, which also made it’s way to the Americas in the 1960’s budding New Age movement. So Jesus with his “changed over” vehicle he left via a spacecraft in the cloud of light may have had a number of stops to include in the Americas. The Hopi Indians knew a lot of the Egyptian names for shrines and the depicted pharaohs in statues, etc. though they couldn’t read the hieroglyphics on them and the walls.

This also puts another light on the Two Witnesses being  “ruined” and even exiting from the vicinity of this new symbolic part of “Egypt.”

To see some of this documentation check out this link:
Egyptians In America

– “where also our Lord was crucified” – Jesus said The Kingdom of God, whom he represented to humanity would be “given to a ‘ethnos'(Greek); race, tribe, specially non-Jewish, pagan, gentile, heathen people (nation) that brings forth fruit” In other words, at his return he would not be coming to those people known previously as the chosen “children of Israel,” which included, of course the geographical area where they were led by Jehovah through Elijah, Moses, Enoch and at first Adam to start the experiment. We know he’s talking about returning to a new geographical area because he also spoke about how Jerusalem’s house would be left desolate, which means it will be deserted by the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s use for Their next physical incarnate presence, because of the repeated rejection representatives from the Kingdom of God/Heaven received each time they came, as depicted by the Old Testament prophets records and of course from Jesus experience.

One way to look at this part of the description of where these Two Witnesses and Crew exit their incarnations is to look at the wording, “where also our Lord was crucified (extinguished/subdued, impaled, staked to a tree) as indicative of “whatever place” where these Two actually find themselves figuratively “shot down” and/or “exit by dying themselves” (apokteino auto). The prophecy could have just said “Jerusalem” as when it was given it was a fact that Jesus was killed in Jerusalem. As this was all intended by the Next Level to be a mystery so they could unravel it when they wanted to see it unraveled, as before then the Luciferians would be stimulating humans to unravel so they could distort it further and further from the truth. In other words it’s Next Level strategy to provide information on a need to know basis to their servants. TI and DO set it up this way so that even they would be in the dark until the time was ripe for the truth to be told. Thus it seems apparent that this prophecy is saying wherever the Two Witnesses are will have it’s figurative relationship to where Jesus was killed, as well as being a type of match for the geography of a desert area (Sodom) with water bodies on both sides – the Pacific and Colorado River as the Altar part of the greater Temple area that extended to the Mississippi river.

Here are four strong pieces of evidence further supporting these interpretations:

1) Nation in the following passage is actually taken from the Greek “ethnos”

Mat 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation* bringing forth the fruits thereof.

*nation= 1484 ethnos most likely from etho 1486; a race (as of the same habit), i.e. a tribe; specially, a foreign (non-Jewish) one (usually, by implication, pagan)= Gentile, heathen, nation, people.

2) Jesus said of the city of Jerusalem specifically that their “house”

Mat 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
Mat 23:38 Behold, your house ((3624 oikosof= household, family of God, stock, descendants, dwelling place)) is left unto you desolate.

3) As they will NOT SEE HIM, they will have to see someone acting on his behalf which I suspect is related to Jesus saying his return would not be in the NAME of Jesus. In other words, they will be faced with seeing the new vehicle this new Representative takes.

Mat 23:39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

4) Here Jesus messenger is saying, not only will he be giving them a name of God*1, which he didn’t give last time because this person he is referring to didn’t come incarnate last time so didn’t need a name but only was spoken of as his role/position of “Father” or Father in Heaven/sky/stars (The location is given because that is where this individual dwells and so discarnates and space aliens couldn’t intercept people’s desire to commune solely with their heavenly Father). If this individual wasn’t coming incarnate He wouldn’t need a name.

But he is saying there is going to be a new Jerusalem*2 with it’s own name, and He will have a new name*3 as well, because he will also be newly incarnate – not planning on bringing with him his Next Level vehicle.

*1 Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him THE NAME OF MY GOD,…
*2 …and the NAME OF THE CITY OF MY GOD, WHICH IS NEW JERUSALEM, which cometh down out of heaven from my God:…

There are twelve pillars in the temple. Each pillar is one graduating student from among the ones recorded as the “4 Living Beings” (obviously mistranslated to “beasts” in many translations) and “four and twenty Elders.” I believe these can be identified among the 38 to 42 who laid down their lives with Do in 1997 (and four who laid down their lives following soon thereafter).

By the time of the making of the “Beyond Human – The Last Call” video series, in the first tape that I participated in as a helper for him, Do said the students in the classroom that remained were “a couple dozen.” As I had become a researcher of the records by Do’s instigation and my initiative with specific assignments, like to research the non-Hindu/Buddhist modern beliefs in “reincarnation” in the records, I did become aware of the “four and twenty elders” in the Book of Revelations, though I don’t recall Do ever talking about that part of the record except for this one reference in video, “Session 1 of 12” (paraphrased to not be challenged by those who hold the copyright to the Beyond Human transcripts):

Do says his “classroom” reduced to 50 (from about 100 initially who gathered in Wyoming in 1976) and then to “a couple dozen” who he says have overcome the human condition enough to relate to others coming up in their overcoming as “Elders or Older Members.” He then says this applies to two students helping him with that Beyond Human tape which happened to be Jwnody and Swyody. He says they know how filled he is with the Kingdom of Heaven and knows how filled they are with it.

The original can be viewed at:
Video: Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 1

This segment of the Beyond Human series was brought to my attention by a relatively new believer in TI and DO. He reminded me of it because of the way Do states that the two student helpers sitting opposite him, called June and Sawyer for the public, but Jwnody and Swyody as internal classroom identification, were “Elders or Older Members to anyone else that they can help in their own overcoming.” This new believer in TI and DO, (and by the way belief has always been representative of someone we put our trust and faith in. It’s not just thinking they are who they say they are, though that’s a very early stage), wanted to look to me as “his Older Member,” which, though I could understand his wanting to do so, I knew I wasn’t in the context that he was using the phrase. We only have One Older Member and that’s Do, for both Elder and new believers, and there is nothing to stand in the way of a new believer excelling in their relationship with their Older Member past any Elder. In fact Do said that theoretically there is nothing to stop someone from surpassing their Older Member in growth. That is theoretical because an Older Member is one who is growing very fast and growth has to do with how we perform tasks given us by our Older Member and thus how we please our Older Member. It’s not like a good grade in a university that you can earn by doing all the lessons well. The Older Member must also be “pleased” with you.

Now Do’s Older Member, TI also loves all the elders and youngins and so is also our Older Member but has assigned us to look to Do. In that way Do will assign those he chooses to assist in bringing up new believers, thus in this instance those named in the video, though there is one wrinkle in this as Sawyer “fell away” from that position he was being given the chance to rise up to perform. The details of my fall have already been recorded in this writing, but I didn’t remain in that fallen state though whether I have been restored to that level of trust from my Older Member, Do remains to be proven. But at this time I don’t have any indication that Do would want new believers to think of June as their Older Member even though she didn’t “fall.” If that actually becomes a reality in a time to come, that’s another story. Our instruction for those that remain, that were in TI and DO’s classroom and for those who newly come to believe in TI and DO is to look to Do as their Older Member which is also looking to TI but is going through the channel given us. Rev 19:10 and Rev 22:8 illustrate John “fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which showed him these things,” to which he was told by that “angel John was a “fellowservant” and “brethren prophet and of them keeping the sayings of this book: worship (work for) God” – one’s Older Member.

TI actually instructed those in their classroom to make our “committal” to Do. Making committals was a very big step in the classroom. And words alone is a start but it needs to grow to service and again, at the pace any of us wants to grow. Above the fastest we can grow is by frequently asking for maximum growth. (Don’t worry if what you get is more than you feel you can handle, you can ask for a breather and Do and Crew will help you). When asking for more growth, know you will get it and there will be challenges with it, but the new growth opportunities always come with support to apply them, especially as you ask for that help with the details as they will also include service to bringing about new fruit to the Next Level Kingdom.

This new named area compared to Jerusalem (The Two Mountains (Kings) of Peace) wouldn’t need a new name if it wasn’t a new geographical area, regardless of size, and though it comes from “heaven” (sky to outer space, but from the Kingdom of Above Human beings whose abodes are among the literal heavens) it’s a new location as it is being depicted as moving (coming down from). Looking at it realistically, this “city” is a type of spacecraft, so it’s like moving it from one dock to another and thus becomes a localized “heaven” on Earth, even potentially resting upon the Earth while extending even a great distance away from the surface of the Earth to where it is considered to have compartments (like on a ship with the captains deck up top), spoken of as having three Heaven’s by some and seven heavens by others. This is also a depiction of the literal Temple because it is the area where members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven are both serving and helping those who are inhabiting human physical bodies, having been called by the incarnate representatives “trumpet” – public announcements of their presence and opportunity to overcome their human mammalian perennial seed bearing nature to graduate into their above human family as directed by the incarnate Two Witnesses delivering their exampled prophecy.

So there is a new name for the Earthy part of that new replacement for the way in which the middle eastern city of Jerusalem was used before.

*3 …and I will write upon him my new name.

So the new students will get the new name the one who was Jesus last time incarnates into for his return as one of the Two Witnesses to take the student Souls he was given by his heavenly Father to birth into their new kingdom.


Rev 11:9 And they ((991 blepo= to look at, perceive, regard, take heed, behold, beware)) of ((1537 ek or ex= denotes the origin (whence action or motion proceeds) from, or be-caused by)) (the) people ((2992 laos= general public)) and kindreds ((5443 phule from 5453 phuo= offshoot, kin, “sprouts,” germinated, to spring up)) and tongues ((1100 glossa= a language)) and nations ((1484 ethnos= a race, (as of the same habit, (those not tagged or deposited)))) shall see ((991 blepo= to look at, perceive, take heed)) their ((846 autos= theirSELVES)) (dead) bodies ((ptoma/pipto= ruined, fallen)) three days ((2250 hemera= +/or to sit for periods, (by context) an age, year, judgment)) and ((2532 kai= or)) (an) half ((semi, part(-ition), division, split, short season)), and shall not/nor suffer ((863 aphiemi= cry, forgive, forsake, lay aside, send away)) their (dead) bodies ((fallen/ruined)) (to be) put ((5087 tithemi= to place advise, appoint, bow, commit, conceive, give, X kneel down, lay (ASIDE, down, up), make, ordain, purpose, put, set (forth), settle, sink down)) in graves ((3418 mnema from 3415 mnaomai= A MEMORY, a memorial as in becoming a fixture in the mind or having a mental grasp, be mindful of, abide/continue/dwell on))

– “they of people” = the people who CAUSE their ruined/fall of their human vehicle/reputations SUBDUING and/or “SEPARATION BY DYING”

– “kindreds” – These would be those who were tagged and deposited with Next Level mind at whatever times the Next Level chooses to give them what amounts to a “seed” that can become a new Next Level member “embryo” attached to the human vehicle they give it to. Being among these does not insure one’s success in germinating which takes place when one hears the information from the Next Level, feel like they recognize it as the truth and leave all behind to follow or seek out the incarnate Older Member that is the Rep from the Next Level. If the Older Member has exited his incarnation, if there are still existing Active Students still incarnate they can seek to “connect” with them. If they feel they have the strength to leave all behind, they will be stimulating the start of their own metamorphosis. They can ask TI and DO for the strength to do so. Whether they have the strength to leave all behind or not, the overall requirement to be counted as a new prospective candidate of the Next Level is to “be willing to take a stand” for TI and DO, believing all they taught, accepting the ramifications until your vehicle expires. Taking a stand is serving by disseminating all TI and DO taught that when applied begins to convert all that energy once spent laterally, vertically instead to literally make a Mind graft to our Older Members who are observing all from their spacecrafts in the near literal heavens.

– “tongues” – a language (specially, one naturally un-acquired) – the language or dialect used by a particular people distinct from that of other nations. It’s interesting how this Greek word seems to be rooted to the English “glossary” which is a dictionary of work meanings. Given this is saying the word implies a language “not naturally acquired” it seems it is referring to the new terminology used by these Two Older Members and how it’s not common. This would make more sense with the other usages of “tongues” in prophecy. For instance:

Mar 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

New TERMS will set them apart, while pertaining to when this prophecy was given, there was already the plan afoot for the Next Level to bring their return to a new land where these who make up the student’ “CLASSROOM” will stand out as having new terminology.

Examples of new terms that accumulated over the years: Instead of Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, it was “THE EVOLUTIONARY LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN” or “NEXT LEVEL,” REDEFINED “EVOLUTION” that had nothing to do with Darwin’s usage, saying instead that the Next Level was a next step up the evolutionary ladder from the Human Evolutionary Kingdom which was above the Animal Kingdom which was above the Plant Kingdom which was above the Mineral Kingdom. They REDEFINED “REINCARNATION” saying the Hindu/Buddhist way of thinking about it was not accurate. They spoke in terms of “MIND” saying it was synonymous with “spirit.” They said a Soul was a “DEPOSIT,” a “CONTAINER,” a “POCKET,” a “CHIP” as in computer chip that had it’s own set of programs with it. They said our human bodies were “VEHICLES.” They said our “heavenly Father” was an “OLDER MEMBER” in the Next Level and Heaven was the “literal heavens,” meaning all elevated areas from the sky to deep outer space. They called the Oldest Older Member of the Next Level the “CHIEF OF CHIEFS” instead of the term God since the term God had become bastardized into anything but it’s original meaning.

A new member of the Next Level was a “YOUNGER MEMBER.” They called reproductive organs, “PLUMBING.” Clouds of light, chariots of fire, whirlwinds were “SPACECRAFTS.” A woman’s bra they called a “SLINGSHOT.” A fart was a “POOFOOFUS” (that we needed to only release in the “BATH CHAMBER.” We rested in the “REST CHAMBER.” They talked about the changeover recorded as happening as a “twinkling of an eye” as a “METAMORPHOSIS” compared to that of the Caterpillar to a Butterfly. We did not eat, we “CONSUMED” and it wasn’t food, it was “FUEL.” The brain was a “COMPUTER.” Meals were “EXPERIMENTS.” A recipe was a “FORMULA.” The houses we lived in were “CRAFTS” as if they were spacecrafts, but they did nothing to make anything look that way. A job was an “OUT OF CRAFT TASK.” The kitchen was the “Nutri Lab.” The laundry was the “Fiber Lab.” The workshop was the “IMPRO LAB,” impro standing for Improvements. The administrative team worked in “COM CENTER,” where “com” stood for “communications.” They said they came from “Headquarters” in deep space. A toilet was a “COMMODE.” Feces was “SOLID WASTE” and urine, “LIQUID WASTE.” The auto repair shop and the hospital were referred to as the “HORSE-PISTOL” as both our automobiles and VEHICLES were also considered to function and serve us as horses can be taught/trained to. Assigned watching the heavens at night was called “Night-watch.” Our internal bakery was called the “YEAST LAB.”

– “nations” – These are all who have not been tagged or seeded with a deposit. We don’t know who doesn’t have that seed as one never knows when a seed can become activated to begin to germinate.

– “see” – look at (literally, because for this many peoples from different walks of life to all look on this event means it is either in a very large international representative city during a large general public gathering (town square) and/or is covered by the media. It’s interesting that TI and DO told Brad Steiger in response to his question about whether they would have to go to a certain place for the pickup by a spacecraft to happen, said, “No, we do not have to be in a certain place. We, of course, would not head for the middle of Times Square – unless we were to do our demonstration there. We would probably go out to a spot that was relatively remote, but we wouldn’t go there until we felt led, until we felt it was time to go there. Our Father’s kingdom will wait until the world has decided about us. If the world decides that we must follow through with the demonstration, then we will go into our Father’s kingdom.”

– “ruin/fallen” (dead bodies) – whether as a figure dead as in ruined reputations or literally fallen as in dead.

– “three days and (an) half” – as a phrase this is only used here and in Rev 11:11 though a similar type of time reference is listed in Rev 12:14, Dan 7:25 and Dan 12:7 though in place of the word “days” is “time or times” and in Dan 12:7 uses “divided” instead of “half.” Throughout the rest of these records “half” never refers to a time frame.

Since this appears to be depicting a repeated “demonstration” of rising from the dead condition, it’s important to compare it to Jesus rising from his dead condition which he states in:

Mat 12:40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Joh 2:19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.
Joh 2:20 Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?
Joh 2:21 But he spake of the temple of his body.
Joh 2:22 When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said.

However, in both of these references there is no “half” indicator, yet when one researches all the references to the time frame when Jesus is killed and rises from the dead state, it can be shown based on the year of Jesus final days incarnate as AD 31 that he was potentially in the tomb 3 1/2 days. But Jesus said “3 days and 3 nights,” clearly not a representative time frame of anything but what it actually represents in time.

I wouldn’t normally put too much investigation to get this date/time frame as accurate as I can, except for the fact that in two different interviews with TI and DO in “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” TI and DO state in two ways that, “It is characteristic of the members of the next kingdom to be able to heal their bodies in three and a half days,” that is after having completed the “changeover” compared to the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly that they said took place for Jesus when he went up the mountain and was reported as being “transfigured.” It’s interesting that in:

Mat 17:2 And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

Transfigured = 3339 metamorphoo from meta 3326 and morphoo 3445; to transform (literally or as a figure, “metamorphose”)= change, transfigure, transform.

Who would have thought that Jesus was becoming a “butterfly” via his “metamorphose”? I don’t know if TI and DO were aware of this definition before their usage in 1975. They only talked in terms of a “changeover” or a “transition” or “Christing” in their interviews and earliest writings pre 1975’s usage in Statement One.

On this basis “three days and an half” is just what it says, yet why then did Jesus compare his demonstration of proof as “three days and three nights” when he was incarnate to his disciples and then after he exited his incarnation express via his messenger the time period of the Two Witnesses in their subdued (overcome) time period and/or “exit by dying” seemingly differently UNLESS, in the Revelations he wanted there to be an option. It seems to be just like the Rev 11:2 usage of “forty-two months” when in reference to the ones trekking through the holy city, the student body and their time of prophecy to gather them as a “thousand two hundred and threescore days” when as far as time it’s the same. In the former example it wasn’t changeable. He was going to be in the literal grave for three days and three nights – spelled out literally in such a way that it would be hard to justify it as a figurative expression but in Revelations it needed to be able to go in at least a couple different ways.

This is further evidenced by the more general references to time, yet in the same format of the use of a “half”:

Rev 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time ((2540 kairos= season, due measure, measure of a large or small portion of time)) + ((1563 ekei= there, thither (-ward) in or to that yonder place)), and times ((2540 kairos= season, due measure, measure of a large or small portion of time)), and half ((2255 hemisu= neuter of a derivative from an inseparable prefix akin to hama 260; at the “same” time, denoting close association, also, and, together, with(-al)), through the idea of partition involved in connection and meaning semi-; (as noun) half= half)) a time ((2540 kairos…)), from the face of the serpent.

Which references Daniel’s prophecies with the exact same kind of wording and association of the meanings of the word “time” and “half/division” with the added implications of some plural usage and time as not only a season or appointment but includes the reason for the appointment as set time for a MEETING OF INDIVIDUALS. What became very interesting was how “time” in Dan 7:25 where Aramaic `iddan translates “TECHNICALLY, to a YEAR” and “by IMPLICATION” the option to include this time as “a PLURAL,” thus as YEARS and/or APPOINTMENT TIMES/SEASONS.

Dan 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times ((2166 zman (Aramaic) from 2165 zman (Hebrew)= an appointed occasion from 2163 zaman= to fix (a time), a season)) and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time ((5732 `iddan (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to that of ‘`ed’ (5708); a set time; TECHNICALLY, A YEAR= time, periodical, BY IMPLICATION IN PLURAL)) and times ((5732 `iddan…)) and the dividing ((6387 plag (Aramaic) from 6386 plag corresponding to 6385 palag (ancient root)= to split, divide, half)) of time ((5732 `iddan…)).

Considering that in Dan 12:7 that translates a Hebrew word for “time” is also defined in one context as, “CONVENTIONALLY A YEAR” though shows no indication of a plural context, yet the translators do list one of those instances as “times” in all three of these usages regardless of the language…Hebrew for Dan 12:7, Aramaic for Dan 7:25 and Greek for Rev 12:14. The reason I’m focusing on the plurality, is because if we translated “time” in most all these cases as a YEAR, then it could be considered in all three cases to be; A YEAR(1), YEARS (2 or more) AND HALF (DIVISION/SPLIT) A YEAR, which could be roughly 3 1/2 years depending on the DIVISION of the last year in the series.

Dan 12:7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time ((4150 mow`ed or moled or moweadah; from ‘ya`ad’ (3259); formally, an appointment, i.e. a fixed time or season; specifically, a festival; CONVENTIONALLY A YEAR; by implication, an assembly (as convened for a definite purpose); technically the congregation; by extension, the place of meeting; also a signal (as appointed beforehand)= appointed (sign, time), (place of, solemn) assembly, congregation, (set, solemn) feast, (appointed, due) season, solemn(-ity), synogogue, (set) time (appointed), betroth, gather (selves, together), set (a time))), times ((4150 mow`ed)), and an half ((2677 chetsiy from 2673 chatsah; the half or middle= half, middle, mid(-night), midst, part, two parts, cut, split in two, divide, live out half)); and when he shall have accomplished to scatter ((5310 naphats= overspread, dispersed)) the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

Now it will be argued that these verses in Daniel are referring to different time periods based on various ways of looking at various time frames and numbers within the prophecies, yet in these two examples there are very strong clues that they are referring to the END TIME that even Christian theologians from most all vantage points know we are in the midst of today in 2015. Daniel 12 has already been largely re-interpreted in a previous section. But for Daniel 7, one can see that evidence as well. For instance here is the vision/experience Daniel had with a messenger who interpreted one of his visions. A tiny case in point that leads up to Dan 7:25 can be found in:

Dan 7:17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.
Dan 7:18 But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.

The saints don’t “take the kingdom and possess the kingdom for ever…” until they graduate by overcoming their humanness during the time of an incarnate Representative from the Next Level who leads them through their remaining overcoming. This is why Jesus said his Kingdom would return, so when he left next time they would leave at that same time to go with him. That’s for the first fruits while all of this only takes place during the END TIME. There are many clear indications in Daniel’s visions/experiences as recorded in chapters 7-12, that were prophecies pertaining primarily to this END TIME that also show direct correlations to things Jesus prophesied and were included in the Book of Revelations. No doubt Jesus read Daniel’s prophecies and provided him with verifications of what he knew was to occur as that is in part why prophecies are given – to assist the new Representatives for the sake of their student body which is pertinent to what he projected as well.

However the point of dissecting the usages of the phrase “three days and a half” as potentially related to the phrase “time, times and half time” is to show how this is a method of outlining time and associated events in such a way that provide for the actual outcome as both specific as needed and in-specific as needed while showing the relationship with previous prophecy to serve as proof of the forethought planning by the Next Level Crew, all for the benefit of those that seek to start their overcoming of humanness program. When the timing of events is meant to be 100% specific the Older Member’s spell it out as when Jesus said the only proof he would show of being from the Next Level was Jonas in the whales belly three days and three nights.

However in this Two Witnesses context it looks as if this time frame was meant to be fairly literal. Since it is referring to a recovery from a subduing (overcoming) of these Two and depending on the human response their exit of their incarnation by dying their Selves 3 or 3 1/2 days would match the time in which Jesus’ vehicle was in the dead/healing state as well, though it was forecast differently here in Rev 11:9 because it was laying out a plan that had built into it an alternative strategy should the humans not mount an attack on these Two that both subdues them and results in their exit by dying themselves. After being subdued they could have also chose to lay down their lives at that time and still “stand upon their feet.” But then when it came down to the actual time of their closing in on their time of prophecy completion it took yet another course.

Since humans did not kill TI and DO in 1975, though some clearly wanted to, (some family members of their followers issued threats against them, and I actually heard one person loudly threaten them with death, shouting, “you ought to be shot,” while they were talking at the Waldport meeting) and since TI and DO said they, “grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead,” and I know those “literal….days” in that statement were 2 or 3 at most, because of the timeline I witnessed at that time, I would say 3 1/2 in this verse is simply providing an open ended but short time, before they would “stand upon their feet” (Rev 11:11).

TI and DO both knew of this verse that said it would be 3 1/2 days until they “stood on their feet,” but never did try to abide by prophecy in word and/or deed. As shown they just said they felt shot down for the time span of “days.” Prophecy only provided clues and support for what they knew because of the communication they both had independently with their Next Level Older Member.

However, I would also propose that this time frame actually had two applications relative to TI and DO’s mission. Yes it was the time frame in which they were subdued but even if it could have defined the time their killed bodies were laying dead, if that was how it played out, which as said I believe now was a strategy to trick the Luciferians, it also seems to represent the time period from the end of TI and DO’s prophecy period, roughly in May/June of 1976 – 3 1/2 years into the time TI took Do and their student body into the “wilderness” that traveled between southern Wyoming during the spring/summer months to southern Texas during the fall/winter months. That period ended by about 1980. It was around that time that TI and DO moved the group into large houses, starting in Wheatridge, Colorado.

Now the reason I’m suggesting this was the “3 1/2 days,” where “day” also has a “yearly” translation was because during these 3-4 years is when there remained continuous press related to cults, when articles appeared in Psychology Today and in 1978’s Jim Jones murders well documented on video, etc. forced and manipulated suicides took place that kept so called related stories of cults in the media, before the people that was finalized in a sense by the movie, “The Mysterious Two,” a grade B sham made for television movie broadcast that was about Bo and Peep but didn’t report anything accurately in 1982. Most all times given are all general as the Next Level doesn’t operate by human earth clocks and calendars, though they do things by seasons, solstices and equinoxes, new and full moons.

– “and shall NOT send forgiveness (suffer or disregard (into the future)) for their ruined/fallen (dead) bodies (vehicle’s reputation or life) to be laid aside (put) resulting (in) memory (graves).” In other words these people who were part of the system that caused their ruin and/or separation by dying, the “bestial governmental systems and media” (that came about because of the Luciferian space alien fallen angel influence on them over millennium) would not forgive or put to rest or lay aside what they had against them that caused their ruin and/or “separation by death.” So TI and DO’s arrests and Do’s felony conviction were not forgiven them even though the plaintiffs both dropped the charges as it was really based on misunderstanding and TI and DO’s keeping the rental car too long, which given how attentive TI and DO both were to the laws of the land throughout their vehicle’s 40 something years before then was probably because the Next Level wanted to use them in that way so there would be grounds to shoot them down and make them according to the government and it’s followers, “thieves in the night.” And if they had literally “separated by dying” at that time it could have followed exactly as translated. The Next Level would make sure the humans didn’t take their bodies to be put in graves.


Rev 11:10 And (they that) dwell ((2730 katoikeo= to house, reside, inhabit)) upon (the) earth ((1093 ge= country, region, ground, land, world)) (shall) rejoice ((5463 chairo= to say farewell, at their parting))) over ((1909 epi= about, after, because of)) them ((846 autos= these things)), and ((kai= even, also)) (make) merry ((2165 euphraino= put in a good frame of mind, sense of success as a job “well done”)), and ((2532 kai= (cumulative to) therefore)) (shall) send ((3992 pempo= to, pertaining to the future, subjectively (of the mind) dispatching, transmitting, bestowing, wielding, sending, thrusting in)) gifts ((1435 doron= as a; presenting, giving, offering, bestowing)) (one to) another ((240 allelon= each or one another)); because ((3754 hoti= as concerning, how that)) these two prophets ((4396 prophetes from compound of 4253 pro= above, and 5346 phemi= inspired speakers, fore-tellers)) tormented ((928 basanizo= to torture, pain, toil, toss, vex, through the notion of going to the bottom, a touch stone, walked on foot)) (them that) dwelt on (the) earth ((1093 ge= country, region, ground, land, world, human inhabitants)).

The Next Level Older Members and Crew are strategic in their “gardening” efforts on the earth because as TI and DO said from the start it is all an “experiment.” Like a human gardener, they prepare everything that includes weeding, but also provide the equivalent of “fertilizer” in the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and non-seeded humans who with the discarnates all amount to what TI and DO called the “lower forces” and who are all “influences” on those who are the recipients of Next Level seeding of their Mind “deposits.” All these lower force influences also have degrees of free will, at least the living ones, as once discarnate they probably do not. (That’s the reason we need to overcome our humanness while alive in a human vehicle – it’s our footstool or “stepping stone,” the caterpillar that can become the butterfly). I’m addressing this because a number of the responses from many humans to what these Two Witnesses bring public with their prophecy of new information is described as happening in the “future” relative to when the events take place.

Specifically, in Rev 11:10, “SHALL rejoice and ((shall)) make merry” and “SHALL send gifts one to another.” Meanwhile “tormented” and “dwelt” are in the present tense and each of these is separated from the other in such a way to indicate they each stand alone as descriptions of events.

These are strong indicators that it was never intended that these Two Witnesses were both subdued (overcome) and killed or SEPARATED BY DYING as one event with multiple actions described because they would have used all present tense words to depict the events. If that is the case my explanation for TI and DO believing they would be killed and even they only would have to die to go to the Next Level were literally strategy because they knew the Luciferians would be planning to have people ready willing and able to die for their beliefs so when the Next Level came they and their students would look no different. Thus the Jim Jones event and the Solar Temple, though each of those events were shown to be shrouded in murder and both involved children who would not be able to make such a choice to die based on belief. The Luciferians were so bent on portraying the Next Level as a suicide cult that they influenced humans to make the grade B movie, “The Mysterious Two” that came out in 1982, which had on the VHS cover what might have been a real picture of all the dead bodies from the Jim Jones murder/manipulated/forced suicides that took place in 1978, when TI and DO at that time believed and said their followers “would not have to die to get into the Next Level.” Therefore TI and DO were the perfect Representatives as they, like Jesus said they would only say and do what they felt their Older Member gave them to say and do.

Plus it faced those students who believed upon joining they would be martyred for TI and DO with changing their thinking/feeling to align with what TI and DO taught. Just as TI and DO knew to follow their guidance students needed to learn to follow their guidance. In fact TI and DO even made a lesson of this. It was referred to as the “polka dot leisure ports.” A “leisure port” was a type of tent brand name. One could buy only the main part which consisted of a tall top that had four V shaped fabric parts that were staked into the ground that each also had a pole to support the canopy. Along each of the V shaped fabric legs were zippers so they could be zipped together and one could put either a door or a window or wall in any of the inverted V openings created by the V legs. These were all the same colors. They had white tops and light blue green V legs. and white inserts. TI and DO bought as many as 20 something of these tents and we had them all zipped together in different configurations. One was a big circle with a court yard in the middle. Then they changed the configuration into two long corridors that were parallel to one another. At night when there were lights inside, as we had generators we buried to keep the noise down keeping lights on for a while each evening they looked like two scientific stations one might see on the Artic ice. So the lesson was simply, if your Older Member said the leisure ports were polka dotted then you would want to believe that they were actually polka dotted.

Mind you, the Next Level doesn’t operate as commanders giving orders and expecting robotic compliance. But it is part of the training program to adopt everything we are given trusting them and in that way they could trust that we would follow their instructions as once on a Next Level spacecraft if we can’t be trusted we can’t be part of a crew and they don’t want us there, so we need to learn the lesson while in a human vehicle on earth first. So the first two of “The 17 steps” were:

1. Can you follow instructions without adding your own interpretation?
2. Can you deliver instructions as you receive them or do they change according to your computer?

– “they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them” – There is a reason this was stated as if to repeat the last verse stating how “people and kindreds and tongues and nations see their ruin/fall (dead) bodies…” but this time referring to those that “dwell, inhabit the Earth.” This seems to differentiate how the media were those that “see” their ruin, while inhabitants refers to those who become personally aware of their activity and those who left all behind. After all the people seeing this on the news don’t have a personal connection so they have no reason to care about these Two so they aren’t going to rejoice.

– “rejoice (and, also, even) merry” – Soon after the national news broke with TI and DO’s vehicle’s names one person quoted in the media said, “I feel relieved knowing who they are and having the mystery cleared up.” Saying “rejoice” and “merry” are not as accurate, as if people were holding parties and ceremonies upon the mystery being cleared up. “Rejoice, from the Greek word, “chairo” is especially used as a salutation expressing gladness at their parting with an eye to their future departure from their lives. “Merry” as a passive verb shows the “dwellers on he earth” are by the clearing up of the mystery put in a “good frame of mind” related to feeling relieved, again of any future stress their presence has caused, feeling the job of ruining/falling them was, “well done.”

– “and send an offer (gifts) to each/one another, concerning how these two “Above inspired, to shine, by rays of fire/light made manifest, speakers (prophets) PAINED, CAUSED TO TOSS, AND BRING THOSE ON FOOT ON EARTH (DWELLERS) TO THE BOTTOM AS HUMANS” that offers relief from what they were prophesying:

In other words, people felt put down by what these two were saying so those that were seeking to ruin, cause them to fall, by doing so were making their offering to humanity to not consider themselves lessor as these two are saying. TI and DO taught that the human kingdom was a stepping stone to the Next Evolutionary Kingdom but were saying that there is no automatic rising out of. Each individual had to rise out of their humanness while still a human, to overcome all their human ways through the direction of a Representative from the Next Evolutionary Kingdom who had been through the same process before, even many times, so could show that it can be done, because they demonstrate it once again. That’s what these two show the evidence of, what they are the witness of – the overcoming process. And the biggest part of it is how, IF we FEEL this SPEAKS TO US then we need to accomplish it by beginning to TRANSFER/CONVERT ALL OUR HEART as our senses, emotions and feelings, ALL OUR MIND as thoughts, hopes, desires, ALL OUR SOUL as the desire to become greater (enlightened) to be above animalistic beings and ALL OUR STRENGTH as in shifting all our efforts TO the Representative sent to us incarnate to go through it and lead us through it step by step by following their instructions, which for one classroom is being physically dwelling with the Older Members and the next classroom abiding by what they taught and left us to do to be in their service upon their physical absence.

At first when I tried to translate this I wondered if the “gift” giving was evidence of the timing of TI and DO’s being “shot down by the media” as that took place in mid October so I wondered if it was coinciding with the gift giving of the upcoming Christmas John was being shown. I have no idea whether that does have a relationship or not but if I doubt it would be a primary one.

To show how some felt “tormented” by Bo and Peep’s teachings, here is a quote from one who dropped out of the group a very short time after joining from the North Hollywood, Los Angeles meetings in early April of 1975. I’m omitting her name but she was reported as a Houston housewife saying “I would do anything in my power to keep anyone else from going through what I have. It is obvious that these people are on an ego trip. They have set themselves out to be something important. There is a danger of suicide for the followers. They are suicidal anyway, having already killed off their lives as they have known them. When I was involved with them I thought about suicide many times myself.”

This is a very telling statement as there was never ever any talk of laying down our lives until around August of 1994 while I was still in the group. As I reported there were indirect insinuations that we might choose to exit in that manner but that only goes back to the time of the Cocoon movie that came out on June 21, 1985 which was two days after TI left her vehicle, but I can’t really say even then included talk of exiting except by way of a boat out on the sea as in the movie. TI and DO and then Do alone always saw things that came to his attention as potential ways in which TI was provided clues, but one can see that he never took those clues as instructions on what to do unless he took steps in the direction they suggested and got more clues that it was a direction to continue to head in or to abort for the moment or entirely or adjust in some way.

So where did this early student get this idea? It’s true people who joined with TI and DO needed to leave their former relationships and activities and thus “lives” behind and that certainly was a type of death or killing off or “denial of self” as Jesus taught was necessary to being his disciple thus fully consistent with Jesus real teachings. And as said before it was still several years before the Jonestown and Solar Temple murders/forced or manipulated suicides as well documented by survivors and tapes and crime scene evidence that the TI and DO’s group don’t coincide with at all in any shape or form. She got this idea from the lower forces, from the Luciferian fallen angel adversaries to TI and DO and crew just as the Next Level planned and therefore made available so the strongest students could recognize and push through keeping them from turning back to their former lives. This person wasn’t ready or flunked out by taking that attitude, though if she is still in her human vehicle now, she can still recoup if she seeks to.

So the people, at least in the media and of course in all the many mainstream organizations, but perhaps most everyone would be happy that these Two are no longer gaining publicity with what is seen as a very strange offering that becomes evident in the media. What They say and do, and even more so, the nature of the response to what They say is very upsetting to most and especially to Christians as Bo and Peep claim to be the promised return of the same Family from the Kingdom of God/Heaven having new instructions that include the requirement to overcome the world as Jesus not only said we must do but demonstrated so we would know how to do so – by following the “way” that was through his life example upon awakening fully to his task.

Thus the investigative effort that would ensue in many of the towns where there were new spontaneous following of these Two would likely build into a national effort to try to catch these perceived “thieves/adult-nappers.” Since they were acting in a secretive undercover way, they certainly would not be broadcasting the names of the human vehicles they took over for their task, not to hide behind what those bodies did before awakening but because they would no longer identify with those bodies, any more than Jesus used whatever his last name was. That was because he identified with his “task/mission,” thus when the investigation caught up with TI and DO and their pictures were circulated it would cause alarm to anyone who saw them and even if they did nothing “wrong” going forward they would be could easily be reported to authorities who could jeopardize their task completion of being the instruments of the application of the human footstool for students to step up to the Next Level through.

They might feel that certain authorities would be present every time they showed their face, or broadcast their message again as would be the case in each subsequent public meeting or media interview/broadcast. One can imagine all this by following the Jesus story, though in a modern setting where there is this vast electronic media. They would even be seen as criminals, like I said, even accused of kidnapping, especially depending on the ages of those who sought to literally follow them. These new followers would not even have to be by the nation’s law, “underage” to incite outrage. They could be any age and certain of their relatives will think they were manipulated into believing, even brainwashed and mesmerized, even comparing them to mesmerizers like convicted murder instigator Charles Manson and later Jim Jones.

This mounting hatred of these Two should come with no surprise as in both Moses and Jesus day as well as all the Old Testament prophets, what they said was met with extreme hatred and opposition to where they imprisoned or murdered most all who were the mouthpieces for the Kingdom of God/Heaven:

Few would think Jesus was the deliverer of the same kind of “torment” described here of the Two Witnesses, which of course is the way those that dwell on the earth respond, but Jesus himself said up front that “peace”* was his and his disciples way to act one with another, but that when it came to whom to give/show allegiance to, it was between our human family and His Kingdom of God/Heaven family, thus was not bringing peace in the continence of those human relationships. To those relationships he brought the “sword of his mouth/tongue as he expressed the requirements for disciples to leave all behind to literally follow him, cutting their ties to the human kingdom.

Mar 9:49 For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt.
Mar 9:50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.

Mat 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Luk 12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:
Luk 12:52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
Luk 12:53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Mat 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
Mat 10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
Mat 10:36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
Mat 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
Mat 10:38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
Mat 10:39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
Mat 10:40 He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

Joh 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Joh 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Part of the test and task is to tell others about these unpopular leaders and accept the ramifications:

Mat 10:32 Whosoever therefore shall confess ((homologeo= profess, acknowledge)) me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

In this day and age, telling someone they believe in Jesus or quoting him is hardly a challenge as it was for the believers of him when he was incarnate and in the next generations that held memory of his teachings, behaviors and ways. But the task Jesus, I believe was referring to was equivalent to today, “standing for, in defense of TI and DO” as the overall criteria to starting one’s metamorphosis (growth of the Soul) while providing service that could be met with violence by some to try to stop.


Rev 11:11 And after ((3326 meta= denotes accompaniment; “amid,” with, after, behind, beyond, again, follow, hence, hereafter, in, since, when))) three days ((2250 hemera= +/or to sit for periods, (by context) an age, year, judgment)) and ((2532 kai= or)) (an) half ((semi, part(-ition), division, split, short season)) (the) spirit ((4151 pneuma= current of air, ghost, life, mind, spirit, quickening (life energy), blast of mind)) of life ((2222 zoe= from zao 2198; life, lifetime)) from God ((2316 theos = the general name of deities or divinities)) entered ((1525 eiserchomai from eis 1519 and erchomai 2064; of men, to come before the public, to come into life, of thoughts that come into the mind, to enter= X arise, come (in, into), enter in(-to), go in (through))) into ((1909 epi= superimposition as a relation of distribution, about, above, after, against, among, as long as, because of)) (that which they) saw ((2334 theoreo= (were the) spectators, beholder, looked on, perceived)) them and (they) stood ((2476 histemi= upheld, continued, committed)) upon ((1909 epi= further, have charge of, towards, with)) their ((846 autos plus 848 hautou= their own/selves, together)) feet ((4228 pous= foot or footstool)) and ((2532 kai= both)) great ((3173 megas= large, big)) fear ((5401 phobos= alarm, fright, dread, terror, reverence, from phebomai= to be put to flight, panic)) fell ((4098 pipto= of falling)) upon ((1909 epi= (see “into” above))) (that which they) saw ((2334 theoreo= (were the) spectators, beholder, looked on, perceived, saw)).

As the primary definition of “after” denotes accompaniment, with the action that the Kingdom of God’s Mind(spirit) enters or arises, comes into or through them in relationship to the timing of three and a half days can as usual be seen to depict several manifestations, again, based on the responses of the humans to their public prophecy period.

Of a primary consideration, this is the second of two depictions of the same time frame of “three days and an half.” Now the way it’s worded the second usage may well be a reflection of the first time frame, but to assume that would be illogical and especially with the verse in between the two verses with the time frames having three event descriptions that are in the future tense as previously described of: REJOICE (say bye, bye to them), MERRY (glad to see them go), and SEND (transmission) of GIFTS (offer of relief from the torment their prophecy presented) from Rev 11:10. This is also compared to other verbs/adverbs; dwell and tormented in the verse that are in the present tense, which suggests some time passes before the second three days and a half time frame.

In other words, if three days and a half was meant literally as the resurrection time, why repeat it after some description of the time in between that projects the continued future responses to them. These little inconsistencies do resolve themselves in the way the TI and DO story played out.

If they were subdued and killed as more or less one event as most interpret is the case then it’s simply a repeat of the Jesus resurrection that by the way has the least evidence when looking at the rest of the prophetic records of Revelations and in respect to some of what Jesus was quoted to have said about he with his Kingdom’s return. If one understands the overview there would be no need for a repeat performance even though that was TI and DO’s instruction to say. Why give the same student body the same proof. They don’t need it. It was a new lesson step and one that had no proof. Jesus even said that it would be the lower forces that would show “signs and wonders” that would even fool some of the elect. Many people wouldn’t believe because of a resurrection just like they didn’t believe 2000 years ago. But today it would be even more so. It would be called trickery and a conspiracy.

But if that was a strategy to among other things provide ammunition to the Luciferian space alien fallen angels and the “bestial human” organizations under their influence and to serve as a filter of those who were not the human vehicles prepared for the returning “saints” then this verse has two possible interpretations in consideration that TI and DO were the Two Witnesses:

1) This 3 1/2 is simply recapping what would be happening AFTER that same period of time passed that began after they were “shot down by the media.” So TI and DO said they felt that way for “days” and then received “instruction” to keep going with holding meetings telling the students the demonstration was canceled and let the chips fall where they may among the students if they found that too challenging to accept.

2) This is actually a second 3 1/2 time period (day) and that saying “one (Greek, 846 autos) stood upon his footstool (4228 pous)” to indicate that Do stands up again alone a short Next Level time later in the 1990’s and actually the 2nd half of the task he came to do, with the first half literally with TI.

In either of these interpretations the Mind (Spirit) of the Next Level Older Member (God) “COMES INTO THE MIND TO COME BEFORE THE PUBLIC TO COME INTO LIFE” (entered) that motivates them (now Do on behalf of his Older Member TI and Their students (them) to STAND, bring, covenant, hold up, present, stand by (stood) further, have charge of, with (upon) their own footstools (the human kingdom vehicles they took to overcome/conquer).

We can not discount that the students are with them this entire time as that’s why these two Older Members come and Jesus did say he would return with his “Mighty” or “Holy” or just “angels,” which took place at…


THE SECOND PHASE IN HIS RETURN IS IN HIS OWN GLORY (VERY APPARENT TO THE EYES FROM THE WORLDS VIEW) starting with the Beyond Human Video Tape series and concluded by his final video’s sent to CNN following he and his student body’s laying down of their human vehicles – the death of their vehicles. That second time was not “in the glory” (apparent to the eyes while TI was incarnate) of his Father (TI). And this matches with Rev 12:5 where he (a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron (a strict standard) was caught up to God and to his throne that became his “glory” as he had by then “overcome the world” and had entirely filled his human vehicle with “light” as Jesus taught was the meaning of becoming anointed as a Christ, that each student must also come to accomplish under these specific Older Member’s tutelage. He had Christed before via the vehicle he took as Jesus and perhaps before then.

(This second time may be part of the fulfillment of the Rev 12:14 … “time, and times, and half a time” as the first listed “time” can be a reference to this event of Do coming public by himself as opposed to with TI for the initial coming. This TIME comes after TI has exited her incarnation though she is still very much a part of the entire project but from a new vantage point spoken about as “her place.”)

Jumping past this verse in the timeline…

THE THIRD PHASE OF THE RETURN TIME THESE STUDENT “ANGELS,” HAVING GRADUATED, RETURN WITH HIM. THIS IS AFTER THE TRIBULATION PERIOD THAT THESE FIRST FRUITS DON’T NEED TO EXPERIENCE WHICH IS SPOKEN OF IN REV 14 AS THE “WINEPRESS” for the Wine (the second fruit to be harvested) as shown in Mat 19:28 saying those “who followed him in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

(This third time may be part of the fulfillment of the Rev 12:14 … “time, and times, and half a time” as the second listed “time(s)” can be a reference to the event of Do being described as the promised Jesus return through the Revelations that come from deciphering the most accurate translation/interpretation options that show how both TI and DO fulfill(ed) all prophecy from the “records.”)

This time twelve of his students are also on thrones which means they graduated and received full fledged Next Level immortal bodies to wear to perform their tasks through. To sit is to have a position, a task and that task involves “judging” the “144 and myriad of thousands” who also were brought back when the Kingdom returned. Thus the task is to help those find the human vehicles tagged for their use among the entire human population that are probably found mostly in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand (the areas Do had us advertise in once, though could potentially be from anywhere on the planet), but open to anyone from anywhere according to their thirst to learn the truth about the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

This third and last return phase isn’t incarnate so the judgment criteria is based on TI and DO’s 24 years of teaching that they left behind for others to understand if they sought it out, to include this part of the record revealings for those most prepared via Jesus’ mission, prophecy and related Old Testament and other prophecy.

(This third return phase, the second of the Rev 12:14 “TIME(s)” is followed by that same verses, “half a time” which can refer to the official “dividing” (also seen in Dan 7:25) found starting in Rev 16-17+ – when judgments become finalized. Judgment is being initiated for everyone starting when these Two Witnesses come public as humans choose what to believe or not. It continues throughout each life span of those humans, who as they die have their spirits sorted into the “boxes” for future opportunities to grow further or to be left for the recycling of their spirit/Soul.)

If this verse was simply repeating the “three days and a half” this “standing up” would be when TI and DO felt they received instruction to continue holding public meetings after being and feeling shot down by the national media. But that’s not my choice of interpretation. Instead it seems this “three days and a half” can be thought of as each “day” as a “period of time,” a perfectly legitimate translation listed in Strongs. Therefore there are three of these periods of time and then a halving or a division. So here’s how it lines up with the main events in the TI and DO time frame. I am starting the time line from this verse which is after they are subdued which took place in October of 1975.

– 1st Event period: October 1975 – April 1979 (a 3 1/2 year period) – Living on the road giving meetings while camping takes ends by June 1976 and we are called to the Wyoming desolate, dry wilderness where we lived outdoors for the years until close to 1980 when we moved into houses. This was also when TI said she had instructions to prepare for exit and literally wait for the spacecraft to pick us up. The pickup didn’t happen and some who were banking on that pickup ended up leaving soon thereafter though it’s hard to tell if that event caused their exit entirely. For one I believe it did. But this was a significant time in the timeline.

– 2nd Event period: April 1979 – September of 1982 – This period living in big houses in Texas and Colorado came to a head with recognizing that the students had also come with TI and DO to incarnate. I am speaking of the Minds that took the human vehicles. This was the time of Blackhawk, Colorado that was the preparation of “two helpers” I have related to the Rev 12:14 “two wings of a great eagle” that was providing for TI’s exit (even though they didn’t know at that time TI would be exiting ahead of everyone else). This also began the time of having a new interface with the public. TI and DO started a project called “Astrologics.” We rented an office space and gave meetings to the public on “spirits” and other new age subject matter. We didn’t talk about who we were. Ollody continued his drawings/paintings and we put them up all around the office space. Mrcody began making stained glass pieces. Mllody played piano for our start up chorus led by Do by TI’s instigation to teach us to follow Do better. And we did astrological charts for the public. Snnody and Dncody did natal charts. Swyody (Sawyer) and Srrody and Rthody did 6 and 12 month progressions. The three of us never met with clients. Cddody communicated with the progression clients. I think I did two or three progressions over a month or two and then we closed up shop and moved away.

– 3rd Event period: September of 1982 to March 1985 – It was during this time that we learned TI had cancer in her eye and she had it removed. (Rev 12:13 shows the start of the persecution she suffers by the Dragon’s stimulation.) This was also a big change and during this time TI had us visit our vehicles families to try to relieve any anxiety they may have had. This relates to TI being so flooded by negativity against them both but as TI was Do’s Older Member she had a greater burden to shoulder. This is record in Rev 12:15 and brings us to her exit of her vehicle in June of 1985, listed in Rev 12:16 with the “Earth swallowing her up.”

(These verses in Rev 12 are analyzed in detail in the section: II.A.5.g. REVELATIONS 12)

– The Half way point or “division” of the task: So that brings us to a time of division or halftime. TI had been with Do for 12 years nearly exactly. And Do and the students exited nearly exactly 12 years later.

This HALF consists of a new sense of having a new public interface. In 1986-7 We dealt with the space alien information in a thorough way. Do started up a video project and a few students went to several UFO conferences and filmed speakers. We studied the entire subject a great deal. During this time Do felt we “needed to be who we are” as the ones who were with Jesus 2000 years ago. However, he didn’t want us to stay with him because of who he and TI said they were. So he put it to us as…”what if I’m not who I said I was, would you still want to be my student.” It’s clear that most did, though some did leave in the next 7 years, but probably had a number of reasons accumulated. At that time Mrcody started having problems with the lesson step “I could be wrong” that was a way to overcome our ego. After Do tried to help him with it, it was clear he didn’t want to abide by the lesson step of qualifying we could be wrong in regard to statements of fact, so he was told he had to leave the class and Srfody sided with him and both left but were told if they wanted to abide by that lesson step they could return.

They were given the chance to return in 1994 or thereabouts but chose not to. However, they did want to have continued contact, still believing in who TI and DO are, so Do, mostly through his “helper” kept in contact and ended up giving them tasks in preparation for their exit. Various evidence suggests Mrcody and Srfody had little to no idea they were actually planning their exit. Over the years, TI and DO often had a team do a lot of tasks to prepare for an exit. They would have those assigned to oversee financial and legal matters do whatever it took to not leave a mess should they exit. For example I believe that would include signing over titles of cars to someone who would not be exiting with them. I wasn’t ever part of that kind of crew so I don’t know the full extent of that kind of preparation, though I do have the letters sent to Mrc/Srf with instructions on what to do with the cars and other possessions, so I suspect it was similar in times past. Mrcody and Srfody were fully aware of how TI and DO had done this kind of preparation a number of times over their years in the group, having both joined in 1975 so I suspect they saw the tasks they were given in these regards as repeating that previous preparedness except this time they really did exit.

At this time we also began work on our diet, even more than at times with TI incarnate. Do later said that TI didn’t need to experience overcoming our likes and dislikes and other consuming habits. We began to fast and study all things about nutrition. A team wrote a book called “The Transfiguration Diet.” It was published. We called ourselves, “The Littlegreen, Inc. Think Tank.” A year or so later it was sold to Dr. Christopher’s son and it can still be found for sale on line. It was fashioned from our experiences and modifications of Dr. Christophers mucousless diet system, also associated with the work of an early heath pioneer, Professor Arnold Ehret and others. However, these efforts were not directly STANDING ON THEIR FEET.

– “they stood on their feet (footstool)” – Standing up refers to literally “standing up for something” and in this case “on their feet” refers to their using their physical vehicles to stand up by. That vehicle is also their “footstool” as is the entire human kingdom (earth) because it is through overcoming our vehicle’s human characteristics that we empty our human mind (to become more like a child) to then fill ourselves up with new Mind by drawing it from our Older Member’s Mind by trying to be “in tune with” Their Mind and “abiding by all they give us” – especially relevant to the most recent “mind” they give us through the most currently incarnate Older Members; TI and DO.

This STANDING UP began in earnest when Do wrote the “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” that was mailed out to a bunch of people and organizations late in 1988 to early 1989 while we lived on a ranch north of Dallas, Texas. Do wrote it to correct the misinformation about he and TI’s start. He didn’t address specific misinformation. He just told what happened as he and TI experienced it. For many who wrote articles to include what’s in Wikipedia they didn’t seem to refer to this record though it was freely available on the Heavensgate.com web site that was maintained by Mrcody and Srfody. Perhaps they didn’t count his writing as legitimate, maybe because it was never that I know about put on bookstore shelves. I tried to update the Marshall Herf Applewhite page and whoever was monitoring my updates wouldn’t let me because I was telling much of my first hand experience. I didn’t give opinions or beliefs. I just wanted the facts to be available.

From then on Do opened the door to writing projects. Most all wrote something like what we see posted by the students on Heavensgate.com. Some took to it more than others. Meanwhile we were also exploring all kinds of ways to bring our message back to the public again.

It was the same kind of process TI and DO always used to implement new steps whether for themselves or once they were leading the classroom of students. They would have an “impression” or “idea” and would try things that occurred to them to try to manifest it and as they took steps it would clarify into instruction, (though I’m not saying that’s the only way things happened as sometimes they just knew something needed to be instigated or that a procedure needed to be designed to solve a problem and that to the students then became “instruction” from them.

Accordingly, over the next 7 years there were 6 more major efforts to publicly express the information TI and DO were the instruments of. I have since determined these were the “Seven Thunders” (Roars) as noted in Rev 10:3-4 that were in those verses being scheduled for dissemination. It’s even interesting that this scheduling seems to include on the heals of the Seven Thunders, this “little book” from Rev 10:2 slated to be offered during the “days of the voice of the seventh angel” (Rev 10:7-11) that is to be prophesied (spoken) “before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.” which I suspect indicates it’s published on the internet. (Now someone reviewing these verses will see that it is John who is given this task to deliver this prophecy. I am not insinuating I am that same Soul that was using the vehicle that was named John. I don’t actually think so. Nor was it planned for me, the Soul that is in this vehicle to drop out of the classroom to perform this task. However, it may have been known that I had not overcome certain Luciferian influences and certain human behaviors that would have to be brought to a head with “tests” that I could pass or fail. TI and DO told us that the Next Level doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. The students environment of lower forces influence on us was very controlled by the Next Level so the students would not be overcome by having greater tests than they could handle.

Thus my failure, that was not so great that I disbelieved in TI and DO and all they taught that if it had could have led to even speaking out against them as some of the dropouts did (Dnc on public talk shows, Rth on Larry King, etc. and of late by making up things – beliefs not in TI and DO’s mind and talking publicity about them as Mrc has done  a number of times found in my critiques in the appendix of this book. One example was when Mrc was quoted to have said in an email, “There is no heaven and there is no hell” and much more. This is not said to judge these two as that’s not in my capacity to do, and this is not to say they couldn’t still change and seek to correct things said against TI and DO’s teachings and thus against TI and DO. Mrc for one, I don’t think would think he was going against TI and DO. I’ve heard him say he loves them. But I think it becomes a slippery slope to say one loves someone but then separates by saying things that directly contradict things that can be clearly shown they never said or even implied. That smacks of religion – praising the names they used but ignoring or skewing or diluting their teachings that Jesus addressed by saying:

Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

This is not to say I’m perfect in sticking to everything TI and DO taught. I’ve been accused by many of adding my own beliefs and I have tried to examine each criticism and have found how I had slipped to dilute certain things so have tried to correct them as I see them surface. It can be very subtle to see. We can become over confident in our interpretation but there is nothing to be gained by holding the line when things that are questionable surface. As Do had said to me about criticism sent in my direction – does the shoe fit? We can always benefit by examining whatever is said to us. However, in this task you can be guaranteed to have a constant barrage of criticism that has next to no truth in it, often delivered with no specifics and if there are no specifics there is nothing to become a pointer to something to examine changing.

Anyone can still fail again or fail even further – separate more from our Older Member. It’s always a possibility that’s up to each of us to try to fortify ourselves against – looking to TI and DO for help. If we don’t seek their help with our failings then further failure is assured as the lesson steps get harder the more we fail to embrace them and build up our “amour” against repeating them.

So, this is a task that goes to whoever the Older Members want to give it to and the actual provision of the material in this “little book” then becomes open for anyone that wants to participate in disseminating it, making each of those a crew-member in the fulfillment of that prophecy that was given to “John.” John just becomes the task-holder name.

The Next Level is not a kingdom like the human kingdom where members are most interested in standing out as an individual. Members of the Next Level don’t care to stand out. They want their Older Member to stand out. They are simply overjoyed by being in the pipeline of the Chief’s mind from Older Member to Younger Member . That joy is very, very satisfying. Even if the Mind that is trying to work through this vehicle was the same Mind that was called John (which as I said I actually doubt as I suspect he graduated) for me to associate with that Mind would be to drag myself back to a former grade in school or if I’m not even living up to where that individual was then, then I am living in an illusion to compare myself to him. The only thing that’s of any value to us is what we are doing now and that is only really relevant in our relationship with our Older Members not with fellow student classmates, whether they are classmates that are ahead of us or not.

– “great fear (alarm, fear, dread) fell upon them which saw them” – I don’t really have examples of this since I was in the group when we came public again (stood upon their feet) starting in 1993 but in person in public meetings across the U.S. for about the first 9 months of 1994. I was an assigned overseer, with my partner that was at first Chkody, then Mllody and then Evnody of one of our three groups that grew to four when we gained some new members. We did quite a bit of media in every city we came upon in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver, B.C., Tucson, AZ, Dallas, TX, Boulder, CO, Albuquerque, NM, Missoula, MT, Chicago, IL, Portsmouth, NH, Portland, ME. and I can’t really recall meeting many people that recognized us as the same group who were known in 1975. I met with Rob Balch in his University of Montana office and helped him edit a chapter in a book he was contracted to work on. That had been arranged by Do for me to help him with when we hit the road.

However when I traveled around the U.S. when I first joined from September of 1975 to April of 1976, I spoke to many Christian preacher/teachers, priests, deacons, pastors, evangelicals of most every denomination. Most did not enjoy hearing the information that Bo and Peep were the Two Witnesses and of course didn’t believe it or for some perhaps didn’t even seem to consider it, though who knows if they did at a later time. Some were visibly shaken and some quickly ushered me out of their church building calling me a servant of the devil.

In 1982 we were portrayed as equivalent to the 1978 Jim Jones murder/forced and coerced suicides. (That’s what being forced and manipulated really looks like as was later revealed having video tapes of Jim Jones demanding the people to drink the poisoned Kool-ade. Some probably thought it was another rehearsal. On several occasions before that event Jones had people rehearse drinking the alleged poison but didn’t tell them it was a rehearsal and none died so it became a conditioning to be ready to do it when the time came. TI and DO did nothing of the sort ever in any way shape or form. In fact it was the opposite.)

So I think it can be assumed that those that did recognize we were the same group could have responded with “alarm, fear, dread.”

Rev 11 doesn’t reflect the exit of the “Father” from his female human vehicle yet still refers to the Two of them throughout. If someone wants to use that to discount all that has been shown, then that’s their choice. But the Next Level doesn’t operate as humans do in their sense of self that has them think they are operating as an independent being, when they are actually a composite of discarnates using and influencing each of us. Next Level members have no discarnates yet want to be absolutely dependent on their Older Members though that doesn’t mean they don’t have many very difficult tasks that require significant decision making and exercising of judgment, some of which can be exactly as the Older Member would have done in a circumstance and others may not be what the Older Member would do. That’s how growth continues. Older Members on the other hand are not bent on younger members doing exactly as they would do because every circumstance is new so sometimes the Next Level Older Member when they receive the report of what we did might just say to things we may question if it was from their mind or not, “that it was okay.” There aren’t any power trips or ego battles among Next Level members Older or Younger. Older Members don’t try to hold back younger members. And no members try to race ahead of others. There is no competition except within each individual who wants to do a better and better job. It’s that task that is most important which includes how it’s done because all are in a constant desire for self improvement.

So with that said, “They” whenever used can relate to however many are serving as One Mind. As said before there were options built into these prophecies and strategies as the Next Level is always making a positive from the negatives they provide in the Luciferian presence and influence upon themselves and their students. We also can’t assume the Next Level didn’t intentionally leave out a reference to the incarnate Older Member “TI’s” exit in Rev 11 to throw the Luciferians off that trail. Theoretically it could have even been a mistake, even one that they caught but decided to allow to remain in the record. TI and DO always said that the Next Level had to work very hard to keep enough of the record in tact, speaking about the red letters in those Next Testaments that put what Jesus said in red.

It also could have been a translation/interpretation error that for whatever reason wasn’t corrected. After all I have surfaced a number of translations that don’t seem to be as specific as I believe they can be. Yet like I said, if this becomes the straw that breaks a potential believers back then they are choosing to let it be and then they should have what they want. This wasn’t the only point that becomes just such a test criteria and it won’t be the last for any serious student.

Finally, which is what I feel best about and coincides with Rev 12:14-16 is that TI did exit with Do and the first fruit student body as depicted in Rev 11:12 … “ascended up to heaven in a cloud…” as in Rev 12 it indicates she “fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” That “place” does not seem to be “heaven” as the same location Do and the 38 and I say she ended up “ascending up to.” It seems she left her vehicle of course but then stayed in close proximity to help Do and the Class until they were ready to leave, which she then presumably joined to do with them. As I said in the Rev 12 section that I won’t repeat now, I had several dreams with TI and with Jwnody and Lggody that seemed to correspond with this viewpoint.


Rev 11:12 And (they) heard ((191 akouo = to hear (in various senses) come to ears of or to understand, to be given audience of, is reported)) (a) great ((3173 megas= great/big/large of age [Older Member], eminent for ability, virtue, authority, power, highly esteemed, weight, importance)) voice ((5456 phone= disclosure, noise, sound)) from heaven ((3772 ouranos= through idea of elevation; the sky, air, abode of God)) saying ((3004 lego= to “lay” forth, describe, give out, put forth, shew, speak, tell, utter)) (unto) them; (Come) up ((305 anabaino from baino= to walk. a pace by foot, be borne up, to go up, to rise, mount, spring up + 303 ana as a prefix; repetition (again), intensity, reversal)) hither ((5602 hode= here, in this same spot/place)). And (they ascended) up to heaven ((3772 ouranos= through idea of elevation; the sky, air, abode of God)) in ((1722 en= +under, at, as, by)) (a) cloud ((3507 nephele= cloudiness, covering, covertly)); and their enemies ((2190 echthros= from primary echtho= to hate; hateful (passively, odious, or actively, hostile); usually and in this case as a noun an adversary – a Satan, a foe)) beheld ((2334 theoreo from derivative of 2300 theaomai= been a spectator of, considered, looked on, perceived, saw)) them.

– “and understood (heard) Older Member’s (great of age, authority, ability) (great) disclosure (voice) from Level Above Human (Kingdom in the heavens) to LAY FORTH (saying) their own (them) to be borne up, by their footstool to rise AGAIN (up) to the same spot (hither).”

TI and DO often spoke of communicating with their Older Member who was in the heaven’s while they were incarnate as picking up the phone. I don’t know if they adopted that terminology from the movie, “ET the Extraterrestrial” as that ET character in that movie who wanted to get back home, “ET Phone Home!” which he would do with his Mind. TI and DO felt it was just as real and said that sometimes no one picks up on the other end, which tells them to wait for an answer or rephrase the question or ask it at a future time. In this case, TI and DO and student Crew are receiving the “phone call.”

TI and then Do, after TI exited her vehicle, were from the start anticipating exit time via a spacecraft but what they didn’t know was more than a general sense of when, where and how. They knew where was the U.S. and west of the Mississippi River but even more specifically in the southwest, as that had always felt like their territory. They generally felt it wouldn’t be in a big city unless a demonstration (death and resurrection) was to be held, which they thought was the modus operandi at first but after feeling shot down by the media on the national stage (street= broad platt – town square) the demonstration was in question, though they never actually abandoned the prospect. Even at their exit time from Rancho Sante Fe, California, they packed a travel bag, in case the Next Level wanted to take their vehicles alive or not. This was the way of TI and DO from day one that I observed. They were like deep undercover operatives behind enemy lines trained to see clues to find their crew and show them how to find their way out of danger.

For anyone that thinks the Next Level sounds like a boring life, they can look at their 25 combined years to see how challenging it was for them as they assumed nothing and given the humans, their enemies, the Luciferians and their allies, their returning students had free will to choose what they did or didn’t do – their time was filled with adjustments as they encountered reactions to their presence and task. They had to remain exceedingly flexible yet with the strength and tenacity of a metal. And this way, they were giving their Next Level Older Member on board a spacecraft overseeing their operation as many options as they could think of, requiring them to “turn on a dime” as needed.

A human would think the Next Level could do anything and it’s not that they can’t. However, many things that humans use they would have to find from the human kingdom. They weren’t going to look for sewing machines to make clothing as if they wanted to use those graduates in their vehicles for a task, say in another part of the planet, they might want them to fit in, so they would want them to have clothing fitting the environment. It is really that practical. I remember once TI and DO were laughing at a report of someone picking up someone hitchhiking who was wearing clothing that were too big for their vehicle and way out of date and this person appeared and disappeared in the report which is what made it most noteworthy. TI and DO figured if it was a Member of the Next Level on a task, they needed to improve their wardrobe department.

“How” they would exit their task remained a big consideration. Like I’ve said repeatedly, it is often their considering an idea, like scheduling a pick up as they did twice and engaging a fast or buying a boat like in the Cocoon movie, that revealed to them in the doing that it didn’t feel right. It became clear that we were not going to exit by another’s hand as occurred during the Jesus classroom. That was verified to Do in two phases, first after finishing 9 months on the road giving meetings for the second time in 22 years and second while building a “compound” of the “earth-ship” design – stuffing tires full of a mud and straw mixture for the walls, which was like considering the government might have a reason to take them out like what happened to the Branch Davidians. To play that out, Do even purchased two rifles and a member or two (Strody was one, who had a 60 something grey haired female vehicle by that time) learned to shoot with the idea that the government might be provoked to help them end their task, that is if their Next Level Older Member, actually TI in the heavens at that time, wanted to allow it to go in that direction.

I don’t think the Next Level would force someone to take someone else’s vehicle’s life, but they would set it up as they did with Jesus exit so someone who chooses to be one’s enemy can become the instrument of their exit. Of course there are examples where it was written in the records that the Lord put it in their heart to be the instrument of waging war against someone else, but what that actually means I don’t think is a manipulation though after all vehicles are the Next Level’s design and they are designed to die eventually and the Next Level does instigate events that take human lives but what we never know is whether they are salvaging spirits from those times for any reason.

Do considered the idea that each would naturally exit their vehicle but whenever he did it just never felt right. If there wasn’t a task to do to interface with the public anymore because no one really wanted to hear what they had to say, as became evident by the time of the end of the 9 months in 1994, then they had no reason to stay around. I think the meeting my group put on in late August or early September of 1994 just south of Portsmouth, New Hampshire had one person in attendance and he was a newspaper reporter. We even advertised that meeting by saying we might have to take it upon ourselves to exit.

But although Do knew the U.S. was the location for exit, he didn’t know exactly where in the U.S. he should be at. It was about a year before their exit that he knew where to go. It really looked like their specific exit location was meant to be kept a secret from the Luciferian space aliens. After having arrived at the prospect of “laying down our own lives” to exit he took the classroom to Dallas, Texas for a short stay, then back to San Clemente, CA then to Tucson, AZ and then to Manzano, to Paradise Valley, AZ and finally to Rancho Sante Fe in California all in the course of 2 years. I am sure in each location he was asking TI if this was the place to be to exit.

Do even switched gears completely when he abandoned the Earthship designed building project, according to Neo’s book (which has many errors in it) they called “The Launch Pad” and a “Monastery Fortress” they had spent 8+ months working very hard on. They had even bought the 40 acre pine tree covered x-boy scout camp which was also a change from leasing as before then they never wanted to get beholding to one spot. If I recall correctly, TI and DO felt they made that mistake once in Amarillo when they bought a house and then had to leave the area when some students left the classroom (that TI and DO knew could bring investigators to our door because of), and it took years to sell it. According to those they interviewed in March, after their exit, from Manzano, who knew them and knew of their project, having watched them for those months bringing truckloads of materials to the site “all summer long,” who also rented them out office space to manage their web site building business (and I’d say possibly the work they did for a Computer company in Laguna Hills, California, remotely, that we did while I was with them, they said they had plans for a “bakery, a pharmacy (that is hard to understand unless it was to be an herbal pharmacy or of some equivalent, as I can’t imagine a typical drug pharmacy), and a lookout tower amidst a Nutri-lab (kitchen), mess hall, showers, etc. They told those humans “they had been called to California and that their superior had been afraid they would get snowed in at their retreat and they’d be back in the spring” which some of was verified by Neo when he said they stopped building in November of ’95, not having completed the project, because of the anticipated cold weather that would come upon them. It was the case that TI and DO had us move to areas of better weather, especially when we lived outdoors though they had fixed up the scout bunk houses to bed down in.

But that would be so unlike them to say they were going to California if they thought they were as they were always conscious of the potential that some family members could put an investigator on them so they didn’t want to leave a trail. They then moved to Paradise Valley and Scottsdale instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if Do didn’t give instructions to say “California.” I can’t tell you how many times we moved and I gave notice to the humans I worked for and at times TI and DO would tell us where to say we were going or not to say I was moving somewhere else, though I often did have to make up an excuse, that was true but not the total truth. To say the total truth I’d have to say, My Older member whom I believe was Jesus but who was in the news as the leader of the UFO Cult told me we had to move. That would have also been a no no to say because of how it would be burning that bridge should we need to come back to that town to get employment again, which we did do a few times and a number did recover old jobs. (By that time the jobs we had were professional positions that are not that easy to find – Manager jobs in department of corporations (Nrrody – Technical Writer manager for Texas Instruments in Austin), Lead Project Manager for IT at MTech or Hewlett Packard (Mllody) for examples. My jobs were not so high up but I was a software applications programmer like for Peachtree Software in Atlanta as another example.

They leased houses and began to write their book and began to build their Heavensgate.com website once they got to Arizona. Alxody and Vrnody went to Colorado, got jobs and stayed with an x-classmate so they could get castrated according to instructions as their option to do. When they came back by Christmas of 1995 according to Neo others went to get castrated including Do who had some complications. Neo reports when it started to get hot they moved to Rancho Sante Fe where they put up the Web site Heavensgate.com that became the avenue for the one in a female vehicle who took the name David that became named Dvvody and her vehicle’s husband to join, though he soon left the class shortly after joining, I understand saying he had a health problem.

In part I’m thinking there was some diversion tactics being employed by TI through Do to prepare for their exit as no doubt before they moved to Rancho Sante Fe, the Luciferian space aliens knew well of their exit plan and they also would have known that the spring solstice was a likely timing and by then would have known about the Hale Bopp Comet’s discovery in 1995 with it’s highly erratic course, and speed changes and spiral looking movement and enormous size as it was talked about on the Art Bell show, but the Luciferians are aware of what NASA scientists know about and I would suspect knew that a comet is what humans would see that could be a spacecraft or harbor a spacecraft as even Mark Twain wrote about and was depicted in ancient paintings and perhaps was known when the Luciferians were in their equivalent of a classroom. The Luciferians would also know of the exit plan of laying down their lives. It was interesting that in that 1978 movie, “The Mysterious Two” that was supposed to be about TI and DO but was about as off as one could get from the truth on the cover of the movie it showed a picture from the Jonestown murder/forced suicides. Now perhaps that pic was put with the video after Do and Crew exited. I didn’t recall that cover initially, but I do know that one of the rumors that was going around in 1975 about Bo and Peep’s group was the fear they would commit suicide which was years before Jonestown and Solar Temple events. The Luciferians knew the modus operandi of the Next Level was for students to “give their lives” – the lives of the human vehicles they incarnate into and they had worked their distortions and dilutions so thoroughly that there was next to no possibility humans would deliver their exit as occurred with Jesus and his disciples.

But what the Luciferians wouldn’t know is exactly where and exactly when though how was by then fairly clear. What would they do with that information, one might ask? Well, they would do with it what they always do – try to create a facsimile event of some sort that would serve their purpose of drawing Souls (those humans with deposits) away from the Next Level because of. So somehow the Next Level might have blocked the Luciferians from knowing they moved to Ranch Sante Fe. I know the Next Level controls the areas where they are holding the classroom. They protected students from the biggest boogers according to what they thought each could handle. The Next Level never gives us more than we can handle.

Thus the Luciferians tried to steal the headlines with the very blatant “Phoenix Lights incident” on March 13, 1997 less than two weeks before the group voluntarily and joyously exited their vehicles from Rancho Sante Fe, California. Had Do and Crew exited from that Phoenix area there would have automatically been more talk that the space aliens and the Heaven’s gate group were related and/or that they were really abducted by the space aliens or picked up by them which would also to some make the space aliens the ones TI and DO said were from the Next Level. They Next Level sought to keep their appearance a secret entirely. Their spacecrafts were always “under cover” (clouded) where the space aliens couldn’t help but be seen at times and made a point in some cases to pose for photographs that would show metallic looking flying saucer shapes.

Comets have always been used by the Next Level as a sign. It’s likley that the “star of David” that led some to where the Jesus vehicle was born was a comet, though it could have been a spacecraft and actually a comet could be a spacecraft, manned or remote controlled the way many bodies are directed throughout the heavens. (I’m not saying what they are or are not.) But what I do know is that they can be used as signs to humans and/or those doing tasks on the planet. Therefore this verse is a way of stating that ahead of a Next Level event there will be a sign from the heavens, from outer space. The word “lightning” comes from the Greek 796 astrape from the root 792 – a star and a comet certainly looks like a star and is seen from earth perspective traveling along the ecliptic, the same path in which we experience the Sun, our Star that rises in the east and sets in the west:

Mat 24:27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

So I would say the Hale Bopp comet with the report of the companion object with it, together by a visit of physical beings as Jesus experienced to inform him of his exit plans, were together quite the “great” disclosure (voice). It didn’t really matter whether there was a companion with it or not. The fact that it was reported by some to be there was all it took in combination with what Do felt and no doubt added confirmation when it’s perihelion fell on the Spring Solstice, as TI was always attuned to the solstices and equinox periods as significant lesson times for the classroom and times when events often began or concluded.

“and (they ascended) up to heaven in a cloud” – up in Greek is “anabaino,” with “ana” as a prefix indicating repetition and/or reversal, while what is being repeated/reversed is several fold for those who were these first fruit students of the Two Witnesses. These were the same Souls who took human vehicles at the time Jesus came public to seek them out. And it was these same souls that then took what Jesus taught to the public to their human detriment so they “died in Christ” literally, first by dying to their human family and responsibilities, pursuits, behaviors and ways and then “taking up their cross” by being willing to lose their physical body in service to Jesus and what he taught. Thus this was a repeat performance though with a different modus operandi as the returned One who was Jesus wasn’t going to show them the same proof as they didn’t need it and it would actually inhibit their completion of their overcoming because it’s the human vehicle we are overcoming so if the vehicle sees proof We don’t need to grow to override the vehicle when it puts up doubts. The Greek part of this word is “baino” which refers to what will be repeated, the incarnation and overcoming, and in this case exit of the human vehicle they took for their task as “baino” refers to one’s “foot” or “footstool.”

They are therefore using the vehicle to rise or resurrect to Life as their new body growing with the human body TI and DO called a Mind, being the grown “Soul pocket” is what literally “rises” out/away from the human vehicle. Perhaps it could have gone either way, being a rise of both the vehicle and the Next Level Mind growing inside of or attached to it or just the Next Level Mind could do the physical part of the rise, leaving the vehicle behind like the old caterpillar body is left behind.

-“heaven” – refers to both the location as in “elevated areas” and new Above Human condition as new adult members of the Next Level.

-“in cloud” indicates they are rising into a “covered up” cloud covered spacecraft. It was never meant to be seen for what it really is yet. This is so those remaining who witness their exit, spoken of as the nations and kindred and such still have their own chance to be harvested so no ultimate proof is given. TI and DO said that if there was no chance for some to graduate during their time of closeness then the Next Level may show more proof. Since no such proof was given in TI and DO and Crew’s exit it must mean that some don’t need it and can still graduate to whatever will be their next station towards Next Level membership.

So their human vehicles became the instruments of their graduation into the Family of their Older Members. It was interesting to see “under” listed as a viable definition for the Greek “en” before “cloud” as TI and DO always said they were on an “undercover” mission, having to incarnate into human vehicles as their modus operandi that made them look exactly the same as everyone else. All through the Old Testament, the Hebrew for “cloud” meant “covering” and/or acting covertly.

Exo 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud ((6051 `anan from ‘`anan’ (6049); a ancient root; to cover; as a figure, to act covertly. (Of course this can also be applied to those humans who act covertly which is not at all for the same reasons the Next Level acts covertly))), to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

– “and those that were hateful of them (enemies) beheld them” – By saying they rise under cover into the heavenly abode where they came from, means it’s not apparent to the observers eyesight as that’s what’s being hidden from them, yet those who are their enemies literally were spectators of, or saw or looked on (beheld as an aorist tense that in English usually refers to the past tense) them in the past or at present.

Those who were their enemies, no matter to what degree of hateful (passively, odious, or actively, hostile) would qualify no matter when or how they actually saw them with their eyes or heard of them. That would have occurred to literally many thousands of people from 1975 to 1997 when they exited their bodies. Additionally, all their space alien enemies would become aware of their exit.

On NBC’s tonight show, when Jay Leno was still hosting shortly after Do and the 38 layed down their lives before the world, they played a tape that showed some of the faces of the 38 who were on exit video’s as if they were on their spacecraft with the Hale Bopp comet. They were all giddy and partying and waving to the humans in his audience live and via television. Yes, it was funny, but from where I sit, not something I could participate in. In fact for a very short time when I was first being helped to re-awaken, while I was working a job as a computer programmer on Long Island, NY, I would commute about 45 minutes each way to where I was living and in the morning commute would often listen to Howard Stern’s radio show. He would have the strangest guests, a two headed woman, women that would have body contents and would disrobe and subject themselves to having bologna thrown at their butts, etc., so I thought maybe I can develop a comedy act. But it just never seemed like that was from TI and DO’s mind and I always felt it cruel to flaunt what to some was a tremendous loss of their loved ones, even though in all cases they were at least young adults who had been living away from their vehicles families for some time before they had joined with Do and crew during or after the 1994 public meetings.

Again, perhaps the Two Witnesses method of exit could have occurred as mostly translated, though like said and described some, it looks more and more like this was recorded to provide options and to hide the most likely scenario, based on the anticipated responses of the society, as then by surfacing the truth, could further aid some to see the truth of how TI and DO were the expected “second coming.”

Those being given the help are those in this potential second harvest, not because they are lacking but because of how thoroughly corrupted the truth had become by the hand of the Luciferian fallen angel discarnates and/or their operating through space aliens and humans to try to second guess the Next Level. The Next Level can observe their choices as well as human choices so can adjust their strategies accordingly and still be in line with the prophecy they initially provided.

After all, we know that the Next Level planned for this to be a mystery to figure out, as stated in Dan 12:4 to seal what was shown him until the “time of the end” and Rev 5-10 to have the meanings of these records fully revealed in stages (seals 2-7) but primarily only AFTER the Two Witnesses and Crew exited their incarnation (seal 1). With that said there is yet one piece to this Rev 11 Two Witnesses part of the mystery to be revealed here. This has to do with TI and the fact that she exited her incarnation at the half way point in the total time of TI and DO’s joint incarnate task. As said TI according to Do and the evidence presented in section II.A.5.g. was the one Jesus referred to as his Father, who Do called his Older Member (and Father, as the One who gave him his birth into the Next Level, as they, through him was doing for his students).

Part of the reason it occurred to me that this depiction of the exit, as in Rev 11:12 may or may not include both Christs at exactly the same time is because of the way the Woman in Rev 12 is spoken of vanishing or fleeing to a “wilderness.” It simply seems to be depicting her exit and the man she gives birth to and his students are still around. Thus this is suggesting she “exits” in some way first, yet her exit doesn’t take her to “heaven and/or a cloud” as Rev 11:12 depicts, thus it seems her “prepared place” is still within the Earth Temple area versus being in a Heavenly Temple spacecraft.

If there wasn’t so much evidence that the Father was one of the Two Witnesses, and that this Woman was the Father, one could put some other meaning to these “fleeing, vanishing to the wilderness,” but there is enough evidence that we need to evaluate Revelations chapter 12 in great detail as well, to see how it correlates with the account of these Two Witnesses.

However, at this point, I’ll proceed with the idea that both the Father and Son and potentially their students are all called up to Heaven, as that is the entire point to all this, that the students would be harvested by the efforts of these Two. The Father simply exits her vehicle first and then stays in the same vicinity of the Son and students until it’s time for them to exit and then “rises” with them into the cloud covered spacecraft.


Rev 11:13 And (the) same (1722 en= fixed position, at, about, between)) hour was there ((1096 ginomai= to cause to be “gen”-erate, arise, be assembled, befall, be brought to pass, be fulfilled, be finished)) a great ((3173 megas= big, fear, exceedingly, high, large, loud, mighty (be) sore (afraid), strong)) earthquake ((4578 seismos from seio= to rock, vibrate, agitate, tremble, to throw into a tremor (of fear or concern), move, shake, quake, tempest)), and the tenth ((1182 dekatos from deka 1176= tenth, ten)) (part) (of the) city ((4172 polis most likely from the same as polemos 4171 or polus 4183= a town or city (formally with walls [borders?]) with a bustling and/or abundant population)) fell ((4098 pipto= fall (down), fail)), and in the earthquake (were) slain (of) men seven ((2833 hepta, fig. universal number)) thousand ((5505 chilias from 5507= a thousand or from the Hebrew 504 ‘eleph from ‘alph= a family also (from the sense of yoking or taming or teachings or training) an ox or cow)): and the remnant ((3062 loipoy plural of leipo 3007= remaining ones)) were affrighted ((1719 emphobos from en 1722 and phobos 5401= in fear, alarmed)), and gave ((1325 didomi= to give adventure, bestow, bring forth, commit, deliver, strike)) glory ((1391 doxa from the base of dokeo 1380 as very apparent, accounting, reputation, thinking)) (to the) God of heaven ((Creators of the Universe(s))).

-“Same hour be brought to pass, assembled, befall, generated (there)” – This prophetic context I believe is referring to a Kingdom of God/Heaven time frame. With the 1000 years human to 1 day in a Next Level comparison of time, student of Jesus, Peter wrote about, an “hour” would be 40 years, which is one of those common time frames in the records. (TI and DO and Crew wrote about this time frame). Moses and the children of Israel were in the desert 40 years, Jesus fasted and was tested in the desert for 40 days and Jesus stayed around after healing his wounds and proving he was still physical with Above Human abilities (invisibility (changing his vibrations), defying gravity, etc.) for 40 days. This “hour” of 40 years I would say began with TI and DO’s awakening as the Two Witnesses which came essentially starting on January 1, 1973 as they left their human world behind in Houston, Texas that culminated by the end of that year with comet Kohoutek’s perihelion in December of 1973, which would start the “hour” with the end point starting on January 1, 2013, within which this big/great shaking (earthquake) event would occur.

-“big, large, fear, strong (great) shaking, rock, vibration, agitation, tremble, throw into a tremor of fear or concern, move, tempest (earthquake)” – As one can see the Greek word was “seismos” relates to seismology. This is where the English word came from and they did have seismic events during the time of Jesus and afterward so it can be exactly that but the actual translation of the word doesn’t mean the same thing necessarily it’s the literal earth shaking, or caused from underneath as coming from a tectonic plate shift. Regardless it can certainly include a literal shaking of the Earth. As with all these verses it usually refers to events that must take place to continue preparing and providing all humans with circumstantial evidence of who these Two Witnesses really are and in accordance with the prophesies they delivered. As is always the case with prophecy there are several, even many things one can point to as fulfilling prophecy and in both physical and non-physical ways. But even the physical have non-physical manifestations and the non-physical have physical manifestations.

The Kingdom of God/heaven, by their mission of sending Two of their Officers (Older Members who had been Christed (graduates from the human kingdom many times past, even long, long before the Earth existed)) to Earth undercover (in-carnal (flesh) form) can’t help but provide significant and repeated “shaking up” of what otherwise would remain asleep, as in ruts, the garden having been largely overrun by weeds, the result of the presence of the Luciferian space alien fallen angels sentenced to jail on earth. A rut or a stagnated or asleep creature, as humans relative to the reality of the Next Level Kingdom, are those that are not seeking a greater understanding of why we exist, are on earth and/or are those who have become satisfied with the human condition in life, though getting to that satisfaction is all a part of the schooling to potentially get out of, be born from thriving upon and thus ready to give up having and even wanting anymore.

As TI and DO said, the human kingdom on earth was like being in school where the grades are stages of potential growth. Using the analogy of school in the U.S., They taught that grades 1-6 are when a human gets more and more into being the best human they can be. It has nothing to do with the technical advancement of the civilization. For instance, by the sixth grade they have become successful in every respect – socially (ethically, morally), financially, physically and even spiritually (non-physically). Someone having reached this condition, has a family, a career (that might be and/or include the raising/support of that family). They give and/or participate in civic and/or religious and/or spiritual and/or secular humanitarian causes and organizations. They follow the rules in their society. They may even become responsible in what happens to their assets upon their death, with insurance policies and may even have burial plots for their loved ones arranged. Then from grades 7-12 it’s getting out of what they got into during grades 1-6.

As all humans are as “leaves” on the genetic tree, they play out their lives in one of these grades in the overall school. So when we see someone not succeeding, not able to cope or act responsible, prone to this or that “deviant” behavior, breaking laws of the land, thrown in prison, even for heinous crimes where they need to be isolated from others because of how they could interfere with others choices, rebelliousness against authority or the status quo, looking to usurp, use or abuse the system for their own gain, wrought with sickness of the mind and/or body and even becoming militant against existing governmental organizations, etc., we are potentially seeing someone who is in process of expressing their condition in the break away group, the group that regardless of their consciousness of it or not, don’t fit in because the Next Level is removing what were the pillars in their human foundation to help them become ready for the arrival of Next Level Older Members in the next accelerated program to consciously evolve Beyond the Human kingdom’s condition of life.

This is not to say the Next Level condones violent ways of striking out against others and/or the system. They are simply understood and are part of what’s been called the karma of the choices of those who are at varied grades in the human school. At any grade one can become comfortable though the Next Level helps us remove our comforts when we show signs of dissatisfaction with the current options.

Thus the shaking up of this world, that helps motivate us to advance up the grades in school is built into the human kingdom even if by the one fact that all human vehicles are designed to die. Additional shaking and thus motivation comes from those in the earlier grades in school or from those that are not in the school at all. We see this whenever there is an aggressive effort to conquer others, their lands and goods. I suspect that those in the upper grades in school when confronted with such aggression choose to flee rather than to fight tooth and nail to stick it out. They don’t hold up their roots in tradition and even to their human family and to the literal earth they call their home, to include the property they think of as their own and their possessions, etc. as worth fighting and dieing to preserve. So they become war refugees and that enables them to experience a degree of disconnect from their otherwise very real and strong roots in whatever garden patch of the human kingdom. Thus because of this kind of shaking up of their lives, the Next Level can help them get to a place where they can continue to grow in the direction of eventually graduating the human condition which by the time they are in twelfth grade one must choose to do without the impetus of some marauding army or suppression of their rights and certain freedoms to motivate them. This is why the United States of America became a place to escape to or to find new opportunity in, being relatively free of wars and other events that motivated people to leave because of. Sure there were always problems but one in general couldn’t see fleeing to another country as a way to solve those problems.

For those who were ready to graduate the human kingdom, the stimulus to exit their former human lives came not from any of the traditional threats or motivations, but because of the physical presence and information Older Members of the Next Level provided when they came to earth and made invisible deposits of their mind into those human vehicles they thought had the characteristics to be a match for the returning souls specific needed lesson plan. For those receiving such “deposit” they had a stronger dosage of the “seeker” mindset questioning more and looking for answers to common long held questions about our human origin and ultimate purpose. For these and there can be many of these, materialism just didn’t seem to be worth pursuing, nor to make a name for oneself, to stand out as someone special or necessarily even motivated to help others out of their problems. Thus in the early stages of the 19th century not only were there continued migrations to the U.S., but there were also major migrations west, at that time still to find gold or escape persecution and limitations, but by the 1950’s there seemed to be less obvious tangible reasons. The western U.S. and California were simply seen as “the in place to go to” or to remain if one was already settled in that vicinity. It was seen as the wild part of the country where anything goes and self expression and related opportunities were abundant and with far fewer limits.

The full extent to the shaking up of our lives to help us move closer to the 12th grade and a possible graduation isn’t necessarily directed by the Next Level, except in how the Luciferian space alien fallen angels are permitted to influence humans. The Next Level makes a positive out of what the Luciferians do and many humans are actually not acting as the Luciferians would prefer either but are the result of Luciferian breeding gone bad over millennium as we see examples of in Genesis chapter 6 where their offspring became terribly violent so the Next Level sought to start over as depicted by the great flood. However, as I’ve surmised before that didn’t get rid of those that could hide with the Luciferians in spacecrafts underground, or under the sea, perhaps under icecaps at the earth’s poles, for instance. Nor would the Next Level want to eradicate the Luciferians until they are ready to do so for the sake of the continued growth of their student body.

So further shaking of our human foundations often come from the accumulation of hatreds, jealousies, greed, desires and vengeance as a result of those who manipulate others who are unknowingly slaves to acquire power/treasure (money) on a path to fulfill a Luciferian agenda. Every time there is an exploitation whether between individuals, family units or countries/nations, the victims increase the blowback spoken of by the eastern religious as “karma” and this actually has a direct and equal accumulation in the spirit world.

When people are murdered, mutilated, ruined and displaced by a destroyer whether a governmental or private entity, often motivated largely by business enterprises, not only are most people of conscience alienated from them and not only do most in observance become filled with rage, but all those sent to the spirit world also die with that hatred and they know who was the cause and they potentially haunt them for the remainder of their lives. Soldiers can’t get the images out of their brain and it becomes what today is called PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is a fancy name for what used to be called “battle fatigue” or even “shell shocked” (as no doubt loud noises of explosions dramatize in our physiology.

Besides wars, there are examples like in Bhopal, India with the Dow Chemical plant that exploded and spread toxic waste for hundreds of miles that caused disease and mutations for decades thereafter. And then there has been Monsanto’s GMO machinery (not yet shown obviously), Mad Cow disease, various virus prolongations (AIDS), cancers galore, etc. that have more and more links to the fossil fuel industry and the chemicalization of modern life where energy, mining and chemical companies are doing most of their toxic activities outside the U.S. to avoid the more critical U.S. watchdogs and public. These activities are even sold to the public as humanitarian ventures as with the vaccination programs. I just heard a report that said the Ebola disease that started to hit hard in Liberia and other African countries this year in 2014-2015 came from monkeys which begs the questions of how. How much interaction is there between monkeys and humans and can it have anything to do with the fact that certain vaccines had simian flesh (monkey) in them to help provide a virus with nutrition for it to work better. But will the vaccine maker industry consider that. No, but what happens is that as people get sick and make the links of how and why, the karma is building so it takes the shape of shaking up the people that previously had faith in these governmental approved corporate enterprises – horns of the “Beast” which puts forth a choice of who to serve. We are shaken when we wake up to see more of the truth on any level.

In another recent case of the Zika virus allegedly starting in Brazil said to cause skull malformation in a new born so said to endanger those about to give birth. They say it is transmitted via mosquitos and their solution is to spray insecticides over areas, while the affects of inhaling the spray are worse than the Zika virus. The story continued as a literal handful of cases surfaced in Florida. As is reported by alternative media, Monsanto was seeking to genetically engineer a mosquito so that it’s eggs or fertilizer results in death to keep down the mosquito population some suspect it’s their engineered mosquitos that cause the skull malformations or some vaccination they are trying to cover for. So the CDC declared it an emergency. In any case Barack Obama just passed one billion in funding against Zika which seems to be yet another robbery of the treasury to do.

TI and DO always said the Next Level was holding back what could be happening in the U.S. to provide time and freedoms to persist so their “classroom” can proceed un-interfered with. If such a group as TI and DO’s started up now it thew would have less and less of a window in which to operate without being subject to disruption as more and more people in every community are watching strangers like hawks. Had not someone reported Trevon Martin’s walking through their neighbor hood looking to the one who reported him as suspicious because he was wearing a “hoody” and because he was black and a stranger, he would still be alive instead of being shot to death by a neighborhood watch volunteer who claimed self defense because he shot Trevon Martin with his own gun. Yes, I said that right. Trevon was shot by George Zimmerman’s gun and Zimmerman claimed the “stand your ground” justification in Florida which says you can shoot someone who presents a threat to you, even though Zimmerman started the altercation with Trevon.

And this kind of incident is now happening regularly with police quickly killing anyone who they determine is a threat to them and a threat can be their saying something some police see as a disrespectful remark or if they resist arrest in the slightest way or try to fight back when they are being apprehended by the police. Some of the police are Afganistan and Iraqi war veterans who did who knows what to Afghan’s and Iraqi’s now playing out their learned hatreds, intolerance, ego battles, short fuses to major anger on Americans and mostly on those who are non-white because in America African Americans and other people of a darker skin color are largely seen by the unawakened populations as lessor and not deserving of the same rights afforded whites. This is for many a deep seated programming they often don’t even know they have. And of course these bias are inherent throughout the human kingdom with each country playing out it’s programming whether in terms of race or ethnicity, skin color, wealth, religion, gender and even sexuality.

Had TI and DO’s group formed in the 21st century, they would have been under more and more scrutiny and could have become the focus of even more hate crimes. I’ve already reported that TI and DO’s group had some of this in a house we leased in the San Antonio area in the early 1980’s. Today I suspect it could have become a bigger story if the authorities had investigated and learned it was the UFO Cult living in their neighborhood. And this wasn’t by far the only situation where we were suspected of strange behavior and that fact is that we were exhibiting strange behavior. It just wasn’t violent or immoral or unethical, or in the abuse of anyone in any way shape or form (despite accusations, none of which have ever had even a shred of evidence of. Since they layed down their lives, they are assumed to have been abusive or manipulative but those same people who make such accusations don’t want to see the mounds of evidence to the contrary).

So what I am saying is that this “shaking” – vibration, agitation marks a major turning point in the United States of America where the first fruits were harvested from and I’m going to suggest up front that it was what became known as the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City that became the justification for the rising BEAST to wage “endless war” that looks very much like the fulfillment of the prophecy of the SECOND SEAL OPENING:

Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red ((fire, firey, lightning)): and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace ((1515 eirene= peace, prosperity, quietness, one, rest, set at one a again)) from the earth ((human occupants)), and that they should kill ((4969 sphazo= to butcher, slaughter, maim (violently), kill, slay, wound)) one another: and there was given unto him a great sword ((3162 machaira= as a figure, war, battle, fight, judicial punishment, sword)).

Note this comes AFTER the “pure, holy, filled with light (White) Horse” of Rev 6:1-2 has conquered (overcome) the world with his “litter of those students who had been in covenant” (bow as in “rainbow”) to also overcome/conquer the human kingdom (world).

Regardless of our ideas about that attack, as far as who was ultimately behind them, why and how they were set in motion and succeeded, I suspect no one can legitimately deny that the events of that day “shook the world” and that since that time nothing has been quite the same overall. The shaking up and agitation was by far not only in the loss of life and demolition of those symbols of American and global wealth and power, they also, to me had a direct correlation with the TWO MOUNTAINS OF THE LORD’S PEACE WHERE THE NAME JERUSALEM COMES FROM, but it’s flip side. When Jesus said you can only serve one master and it was between God (Deity-Level Above Human, Older Member from the Next Level) and Mammon (humans and human treasure in all it’s forms to include human equivalent space aliens as one’s masters), The Father and Son in the names of TI and DO were in my opinion the “God” representatives while these two towers represented the epitome of human treasure in the financial capital of the world in the new promised land that was to serve as the temple and courtyard grounds for the establishment of the NEW Two Mountains (TI and DO as the Two Witnesses) of the Peace of the Lord (Jerusalem). And the ground also shook when those towers came down.

That event marked the start of the TIME OF GREAT TROUBLE, spoken of as the tribulation as the Next Level was no longer holding back the karma that had been building, what Christians call the vengeance of the Lord. And the anticipated and desired by some, Third World War had thus begun – called the “War on Terror,” except the terrorists were not only those who used airplanes as bombs, they were also those that use airplanes to deliver bombs in the entire state sanctioned Military/Corporate industrial complex, that had been until then primarily exported all over the world. That event was moreorless a blank check issued and paid to the order of the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) State. Any remaining democracy quickly became a name only form of government which is interesting as that’s what also happened to Jesus and before then to Moses teachings.

Religions are distortions and facsimiles of what really happened in the past, thus the truth in what was taught diminished and became distorted into representing Jesus and Moses and now democracy in name only. No where is this more apparent than the way the Supreme Court afforded corporations the same rights as citizens. Now a corporation can say anything and are not held to it being true as they have “freedom of speech.” The practical example of this is the way only brand name pharmaceuticals are required to have warning labels of side effects. The lead Justice and four other justices said that a generic doesn’t need to have the same labeling as the FDA requires of a brand name of the same drug because it’s a “copy.” Thus if someone gets sick from a generic drug since there is no warning label the drug company is no longer liable. That’s just one example of many related rulings to where citizens become the losers of all their rights. The great Democracy has fallen and according to prophecy will fall one more time as it seems to have recovered, that is in appearance from that first fall.

-“tenth (part)” – In this context the number 10 in the records seems to refer most to the way the United Twelve Tribes of Israel split, after King David’s Son and heir King Solomon died and left the throne to his heir Rehoboam who 10 of the 11 territorial tribes (as the tribe of Levi had no territory, though had 6 cities) rejected causing a split into two Kingdoms, one in the north consisting of 10 tribes, spoken of as the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah in the south. The split was said to be based on who was still following the core laws and ordinances (TI and DO called in their classroom, procedures) from Moses and Yahweh (Jehovah) and who had strayed, though in the records most all had strayed in degrees by then or soon thereafter. Solomon was known for great excess in taxation and had many “strange” wives and built the first temple in Jerusalem that supplanted some of the authority of local surrounding temples. And Rehoboam was going to continue in Solomon’s ways and was even going to bring even ten fold more taxes and be harder on the people than Solomon. Islam considers Solomon a prophet and according to the records despite his excesses he didn’t thirst for more riches or power but asked God for wisdom and was granted it. For years there was friction between the two Kingdoms until Egypt invaded the Kingdom of Judah and Assyria invaded the Kingdom of Israel, causing considerable periods of deportation and transplanting of them all.

Thus we hear talk of the 10 lost tribes of Israel and there are records that suggest groups ended up populating themselves as far from the middle east as China and South America, not to leave out all points between to include the North American continent via the crews of the many explorers sent from Europe or even perhaps over the Bearing Straight. Jesus indicated that all would be brought together again in the last day and that became a debate as to where and when that would take place, but without going into all that, suffice it to say it has taken place in the great migrations to what became the United States of America’s “melting pot,” the New World and the last continent to be colonized, at least during the current civilization.

TI and DO said that at this time all souls who had any significant relationship with the Next Level, (for or against) were back which is kin to Jesus saying upon his return there would be a “resurrection (rising again) of the just and unjust.” That is speaking of Souls, Spirits and the descendants of those who were among those tribes and to include those who became the enemies of those tribes. Bringing them all back assures that those who went against the Next Level incarnate member and Their Students in all times past get a last chance to change while those who were the students get their chance to advance to their graduation or to their next step (grade in school) towards graduation. At this time this event marks the negative polarity of the graduation of the first fruit harvest, led by the incarnate Older Members through their task as the Two Witnesses.

Therefore this tenth may very well be an indication of the total fall from grace, so to speak, of the current leaves on the genetic tree that were comprised from the 10 ancestral tribes who as descendents became the leading people (nations) of the world economy. At the same time it is the 10th of these 10, the last great nation to rise and to date the biggest and most powerful of them all that is experiencing the greatest fall/fail as brought to a head by this “great shaking” (earthquake) that various leadership figures stated in general terms they actually felt needed to happen to preserve the “Rebuilding of America’s Defenses,” regardless of how directly they were involved in making or allowing the shakeup/fall to happen.

As with all prophecy the physical manifestation of this fall was in the collapse of the Twin Financial Towers that represented the New Global Economy. And a short time after the 9-11-2001 attack was followed by a worldwide financial collapse/crisis officiated seven years later in September of 2008.

Further support that the 9-11 event was this fulfillment of prophecy is of course related strongly to the location where the attacks focused, not only on the financial capital of the world but moreorless the capital of the developing global One World Government that began in earnest with the United Nations headquartered in New York City as was established after World War II to replace the League of Nations. This also gave rise to today’s G10 or Global Ten or Group of Ten, the alliance of Ten financial powers (financiers of governments) who all contribute to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank as the two pillar organizations that now manage the overview of much of the world’s economy who are under the U.N. These entities first began in 1944. They include financial ministers primarily from and related to the kings or Kingdoms of Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States and the central banks of two others, Germany and Sweden.

It was very interesting how the G10 retained their name even after Switzerland was added as a member. Other nations were added as “associates,” incidentally like Saudi Arabia and Luxemburg but Switzerland as a member state and that should have made it into the G-11 but they wanted to keep the name G10. I suspect if members were asked why they kept the name G10 they might have things to say that had to do with practicality or legality, but it is also just as possible that those reasons were made into a consensus because the Luciferian Space Alien fallen Souls (who use human and human hybrid vehicles) like the idea of mimicking fulfillments of Next Level prophecy.

The Next Level does see to it that their prophecies come to pass. They can have multiple ways of doing that as far as I’m aware to include allowing the Luciferians who are behind the effort to keep humans asleep to the Next Level’s reality. Luciferians do that by having humans preoccupied largely with their families and passions as they do not want humans to evolve out of that human consciousness and actual enslavement to animal behaviors and ways (that is unless they can capture them in the process to make them one of their own, as those who sided with Lucifer and we see today as the influx of “contactees” that often promote many of the behavioral characteristics that are natural to Next Level Members and Their Active Students.) Therefore they enjoy making certain parts of the prophecy come true.

For those that believe in those Luciferian interpretations of prophecy it can filter out those that the Next Level tags who will “know it when they see it” as their “tag” will include that recognition or as is often the case, those tagged/deposited will have the sense of “what is not true” regarding information about or concerning the Next Level, but perhaps in many avenues. As TI and DO often said, sometimes they would proceed on what they felt was a new perspective to share with the students knowing it “worked for now.” This way, the Next Level could regulate their strategy to combat the Luciferian’s continuous attempts to confuse things. This way the Next Level can administer lesson plans appropriate for the souls who are moving up which is part of why TI and DO called it an “experiment.” So for many Christians who didn’t expect to see the mysteries unraveled, they hadn’t been yet, that is until now when a great deal of what was a mystery is being lifted. Then the test begins, whether they can accept that they could be among the “last” rather than the “first” to harvest. It shouldn’t matter. One can be just as joyous to be in the second harvest group.

The Luciferians toy with Christians all the time by pointing them to ways the most insignificant of prophecies are being fulfilled. A case in point among many is the way a number of Christians are watching these largely female pop stars use what has become known as an apocalyptic symbol of the 666 sign. Various stars will hold their right hand in such a way that closes their forefinger tip to the thumb tip while keeping the remaining three fingers extended. The closed portion looks like the bottom circular portion of the 6 and each of the three fingers become the top of each of three 6’s. I don’t doubt these pop stars are consciously using this symbol. I suspect it’s their way of mocking the Christians that so oppose their artistic expression. Katy Perry in particular seems determined to represent in her concert act the so called stereotypical evil and Christian leaders are eating it up and I’m sure banning their kids from watching or listening to her music which actually in many cases backfires and makes them want to listen to it more as teenagers especially see the breakdown between what their parents say versus what they want and thus do. All the while these same Christians are often completely missing how the Luciferian mind has become instilled upon society that the religions are all 100% in bed with. It’s not that being a part of a religion is wrong. It’s not because many do so because they enjoy the social connections and some like mindedness, so they take the good with the bad.

When I say religions, I’m not referring to individuals unless they identify themselves by that religion whereas one can identify with the original teachings of the religion’s founders historically and yet would not consider themselves religious, even though many times they were taught they were because they were born into some religious tradition. As Do and Crew said, “religion is the number one killer of souls.”

For a religion to form it has to distort the true information because the true information will separate one from the human kingdom while a religion seeks to turn that information into a glue to hold humans in the human kingdom. Therefore religions as with any pursuit in the human kingdom all become potential stepping stones, that is if one uses them as a stepping stone by always looking at new ideas about our reality with their mind’s eye focused on the commandments and on having regular communication with Next Level Members – “Heavenly Father, God, Jehovah, Allah.”

But getting humans to knowingly or not act like they are fulfilling prophecy or seeing it fulfilled also works to enslave those who are the new religion, that of the secular humanist, often defining themselves as people of science though mixed with people who have embraced the new spirituality. New Spirituality often has nothing to do with the core of where that label comes from… spirits aka discarnates aka ghosts aka dead humans who programmatically continue to exist (not live) for a time, which is largely because the Luciferians don’t want too many to look into that reality, as they might get found out as a part of it. However, if they do get into it, then they try to get them real into it, so they can think of themselves as a psychic or healer or channeler that heightens their self worth so they find a niche and don’t have the foggiest idea that they are serving the dead. They aren’t dead people – they are angels or ascended masters or wise elder shamans and they become filled with a whole assortment of paraphernalia of the mind. They receive visits from some and healing from some and before they know it they are all but dead themselves because they fade from the realities of the physical world and believe whatever these spirits tell them.

Many of the new spiritual, like many of the religionists embrace a few things Jesus said and yet believe it is they whom Jesus was addressing and promising a future to. It is true that it can be they, but before it is, they must at the least believe EVERYTHING he said and did according to the eye witnesses and that does not include Saul/Paul’s letter record (except where it can be verified in what the eye witnesses said).

Atheism, another completely useful, but temporary mindset to explore, as a break away from religion, as with spirituality, if one attaches to also becomes yet another entrenchment into permanent humanism and the death of a Soul. So any way you play it the Luciferians have a way to entrap us. However, whenever we ask the Creators, but better yet to date in the names of TI and DO the latest Reps from that Kingdom Above Human, who abide throughout deep space for the truth, we get glimpses of the truth that goes a long way to help us get out of traps. We simply have to be willing to see the trap for what it is and take the chance of getting out of it while trusting you will be shown your next steps, which one needs to continuously ask about.

The entrapment is so thorough that to date we have many believing that humans can control the literal heavens and/or the Earth’s weather systems. For instance some think the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska is able to stimulate tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes, because they do experiments to locally affect the weather as admitted by the Air Force publicly and suggest more control over the weather in the next 30 years. People assume a great deal from tiny seemingly successful experiments. That’s how confused many become not able to actually think critically about anything because their minds have become saturated with misinformation and their behaviors and ways keep them physically anesthetized to what is potentially true about any subject. They don’t know when they don’t know and therefore can’t compute distinguish between misinformation and real information.

The Luciferians who have programmed many to think don’t exist, stimulate lies and deceit to take people’s eyes off of any reality, while moving them to develop the technologies they want and need to try to escape their prison that they don’t necessarily see as their prison because that would be admitting someone else keeps them from leaving. The bottom line on this topic is that even if humans can learn to stimulate earthquakes and volcano’s and hurricanes, the Next Level will never allow them to interfere with the function of their planet if it puts at risk the development of those humans they are nurturing to have the opportunity to graduate from their human kingdom.

However, back to the “ten” in it’s varied interpretations that no doubt can ALL apply. After all the U.S. was the last 10th great financial power listed as one of the G10. But the greater perspective seems to be that this “10” refers to the rogue 10 tribes of Israel in how they were spread out via the Holy Roman Empire and then ended up in great numbers in the U.S. especially during and after World War II, thoroughly interwoven among the biggest financial powers of the G10 all represented by America’s real capital, NYC – the Rev 17 “Woman” – Mystery Babylon – the U.S. “secret government” behind the government.

It’s interesting how there have been prophetic correlations of Old Testament events and prophecy with both the 9/11 attacks and the global financial crisis by both at least one Christian pastor named David Wilkerson of the Times Square Church in NYC and Messianic Jew Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. Cahn generated a video on Sid Roth’s show to be found on Youtube with links to their own web sites that talks about 9 harbingers of God’s judgment related to the 9/11 attacks that brought the Two Towers down:

Isa 9:10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

Cahn is saying that this verse is referring to the way the Syrians attacked the Kingdom of Israel, which I believe was 10 of the 12 tribes, minus the tribes of Judah who split after Solomon’s death and that the tribe of Benjamin later joined with Judah, and destroyed Israel, but then those remaining chose to rebuild and did so with “hewn stones” a prohibition of God to not build the temple by changing stones by human handiwork as it was a way of saying to God, we can do better and in that way were in competition with God similar to the way Nimrod did in leading the construction of the Tower of Babel. So Cahn was relating this story to how the U.S. swore to rebuild the twin towers and how several politicians referenced Isa 9:10 on the floor of congress as the example of rebuilding, namely John Edwards and Tom Dashal who both “fell” thereafter. He talks about how Governor of NY George Pataki said on July 4, 2004 while laying a new cornerstone for Freedom Tower, “Today we are the heirs of that revolutionary spirit of defiance, lay this cornerstone and unmistakeable signal to the world of unwavering,” which is what God saw the Israelites were doing by rebuilding… defying God by having strayed from God’s laws for them and not taking the sign of their destruction to heart as a call to repent from their ungodly ways.

Cahn also points out how George Washington’s first inauguration was at what became known as Ground Zero and he led a procession to the same Church now called St. Paul’s Chapel to pray for God’s mercy there in 1789. That church was miraculously not destroyed by the twin tower destruction and was thought by Cahn to have been saved by a sycamore tree, the stump of which remains there as a monument, that again refers to the Isaiah prophecy as being cut down by the enemy, while it was replaced with a cedar – a conifer tree.

Cahn makes more connections to various monuments around Wall Street but talks about how a big part of what the Israelites failed to adhere to of God’s laws was the forgiveness of debts at the end of the 7th year, which is also the year fields were to be left fallow. This 7th year was called the “shemitar” and Israel at the time of their destruction, if I understand it correctly, had ignored the forgiveness of debts for 70 years which sheds more light on what Jesus said in response to his disciples asking him how many times to forgive their “brother” – saying was it 7 times as Moses said, while Jesus said, 70 times 7. Thus Cahn was pointing out that 9/11 was the end of a shemitar year and that the Financial crisis was also the next shemitar year and debts of the big corporations like Fanny Mae and Lehman Brothers and Freddie Mac were more or less forgiven. The Federal Government bailed them out and no one went to jail and many even profited a great deal, even though some paid relatively small fines in comparison to how they profited. Thus Cahn was saying that the U.S. will be judged harshly for not abiding by the same lesson of changing their ways back to the ways of God. Sid Roth concluded with saying people needed to except Jesus as their savior to get in God’s good graces again which I hate to have to say but seems to relate directly to another Isaiah prophecy:

Isa 9:13 For the people turneth not unto him that smiteth them, neither do they seek the LORD of hosts.
Isa 9:14 Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day.
Isa 9:15 The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail.
Isa 9:16 For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.
Isa 9:17 Therefore the LORD shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows: for every one is an hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.
Isa 9:18 For wickedness burneth as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke.

The entire way in which many Christians or in this case Messianic Jews teach being saved by the blood of Jesus completely misses the point of why Jesus gave his life, layed down his life and indicated his disciples MUST do the same – “drink the cup of my blood.” Each who wants to follow in the footsteps of Jesus must stand for what he taught and one can not ignore how he had returned as Do to set the record straight and restore the truth of how to become a member of his Above Human Kingdom. To teach otherwise is to be a “false Christ(ian)” or “false prophet” and thus the “tail” of the beast that would be cut off.

So the ten seems most to relate to how the U.S. and in particular NYC is a Jewish led city but the Jews being referred to are the descendents of the rogue 10 tribes of Israel. I understand to date Jews mostly only SYMBOLICALLY FORGIVE DEBTS on the shemitar but that’s not what was commanded of them to be considered to be “children of God.” However, here is another reference to the ten as horns (kings) seen referred to in a number of prophecies:

Rev 17:12 And the ten horns (keras= fruit, seed, gain, winnings of the head [Luciferian space alien winnings/fruit])) which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

The “horns” are Kings – instruments, mouthpieces of the beast who are driven (sit or rode upon) by the Luciferian fallen angel space alien Souls (who also propagate physical vehicles from human DNA mix they use), but are not referring to kings at the time this prophecy was given. They are given power, which simply means the Next Level is allowing them to have power as if the Next Level didn’t they would have none. The Next Level can simply weed them out of Their garden. But for the sake of the Souls They plant that do want to grow these “kings” are allowed to rise to power and are representations of all kings before them, largely from the time of the Roman Empire when these same Luciferians having become discarnate even long before that, were wielding their influence on the humans that gave them the most potential to build into a global-wide power.

But during the “Two Witnesses incarnate hour” part of the END TIME, these seem to simultaneously be represented by the U.S. presidents (generally from 1947 to 1997), (i.e. (Truman?), Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and G.W. Bush, (Obama?), as Jesus said even those who “pierced him” would see him though would not recognize him any more now than they did when he was incarnate before. And they only have this power for “one hour.” There is that “hour” again as in this Rev 11:13 verse, so it very much seems to be referring to the same event time period of 40 years which is the time period in which the first fruit “Mind/Spirit births” take place. (Actually that’s what a “Mind/Spirit birth” must be. It’s of the Mind/Spirit that’s being born. TI and DO always knew this. They always knew we were, “growing our Next Level body inside of our human body” through overcoming the human body’s behaviors and ways, most importantly, TO THEIR CURRENT SPECIFICATIONS and FILLING THAT NEW GROWING NEXT LEVEL BODY WITH THEIR MIND THAT CAME FROM THEIR OLDER MEMBERS AND ULTIMATELY FROM THE “CHIEF of CHIEFS”).

Do once referred to TI as “chief administrator” so one could take that to mean HE (though took a female human body) was one of those “chiefs.” That tells you something about the Older Members of the Next Level. No matter how far advanced they have become and no matter what new models of physical vehicle they call their home vehicle they are not beyond going into the trenches with those who are, relative to them, their apprenticing Older Members or “offspring or son” to help bring in a new liter of Next Level Members. TI once compared being in the human kingdom to a snake pit. Before forming a picture of TI based on that, go listen to her on the available audio tapes as she (and Do for that matter) were nothing like any other, not even close. In fact atheists who listened to the tapes to find dirt on them, when they can’t find any, tell me they seemed like nice people, however delusional and they can’t actually see that they were teaching anything. They simply don’t have much or any of their same mind, as mind translates to information, words, ideas, perspectives and perhaps most of all “recognition” that they are exactly who they say they are and it’s only our problem if we can’t or don’t want to try to receive it.

Yet another way of looking at the “ten city fell” – getting rid of the words put in to round out the sentences could be saying that literally 10 cities, I suppose related to those G10 nations all experienced that “fall.”

– “city” = “bordered (walled) bustling area,” falling/failing (fell)” – The City is America as the New Babylonian empire, but specifically as represented by it’s first capital, what was New Amsterdam that became named, New York City as was prophesied to fall:

Now in the timeline these new few verses of Rev 14 (below) are indicating what a messenger is bringing news of. That’s what “preaching” and “evangelizing” is. It’s supposed to be information delivery, not talking down to people and since it’s delivered through our human instrument it will have degrees of less than the highest truth but it’s the job of any who choose to be such and instrument to seek help from TI and DO to recognize when they are going astray so they can correct it. In a real sense Next Level members are always talking down to humans. It can’t be any other way, but the Next Level Members don’t do so as a competition or as a grandiosity. A decent human wouldn’t talk down to a toddler but they will be firm about what the rules are for their own good which in the Next Level’s case is done to provide the choice of whether or not any one human wants to grow up to enter the family “business.”

Telling the truth is different from telling people they are going to hell if they don’t mimic what others say and do. That’s no way to help anyone except it helps others NOT listen to what is being said and it’s not accurate either as we don’t know who will or will not please the Next Level and when that might happen in their life. Even someone who participated in and/or killed someone is not abandoned by the Next Level, though they will no doubt have major demons to confront but they can do it if they seek the help as all demons become major demons to all of us. This is where Christians have it right – all have “sinned” and all can be “saved.” But that’s not a static process of once a believer always a believer and thus always the recipient of the maximum rewards promised to Active Believers – those who put into motion all the things their Older Members taught when incarnate that will hold them in good stead to meet the requirements in the next lesson plan as shown by TI and DO.

Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
Rev 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his ((their self)) judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

These verses seem to apply starting with Do and Crews Sixth Thunder/Roar as Jwnody wrote on behalf of TI and DO and Crew the document in their BOOK entitled, “Overview of Present Mission”:

“Then on September 25-26, 1995, from a secluded location, we issued a statement that went out – “on line” – around the globe, for our sixth public interaction. The statement entitled “Undercover ‘Jesus’ Surfaces Before Departure” was posted to the World Wide Web and to 95 UseNET newsgroups on the Internet, potentially reaching millions simultaneously. And in keeping with our policy of “speaking in tongues,” on October 11, 1995, we posted a higher, more generic translation, entitled “’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate.”

I say this because of how it satisfies the “midst of heaven” part of the prophecy that goes throughout the world and especially noteworthy because it was the boldest announcement declaring that Do was the same Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” and preceded the Seventh Thunder/Roar – public interaction, by Do and Crew’s posting of their web site, so once again was expressed in the “middle or midst of heaven” called, Heaven’s Gate with Their Book, (sometimes referred to as the Purple Book that was originally a Blue Book) entitled, ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered,’ (Purple Book). The BOOK that is still available for free download on Heavensgate.com or for purchase (that I have no affiliation with though I know those who run the web site, and I can also send you the free book in text format) includes documents Do and Crew wrote that forecasts the upcoming recycling (by Next Level time frame years, even decades away) necessity because of how the Luciferian Space Aliens, through humans have rendered the planet destroyed as to it’s purpose to be a training ground for new members which is clearly indicating the equivalent to “Babylon’s” double FALL, shown in 2001 and 2008:

Rev 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

The Financial Crisis came to a head in 2008 focused on Lady Columbia that became known as Lady Liberty by the installation of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the most capital of the new Babylonian Empire. New York is considered the “Empire State” for a reason, perhaps one of the many ways the Next Level chose to help provide proof of prophecy fulfillments. After all the North American empire shows every sign of being a “resurrection” of the Roman Empire, as Jesus said, of the “standing up again (resurrection) of the unjust” and how “those who pierced him would see him upon his return, complete with the return of the “third” of those of original Tribes of Israel who would be as new leaves on the same genetic tree to witness “Jesus” return FIRST as one of the Two Witnesses and then as the Heaven’s Gate Key Representative in the vehicle named Do and then in his “glory” from his “armada” of spacecrafts (horses).

Plus it’s referring to the “hour of Judgment” that is also referenced in Rev 11:18 which is into the 7th Angels sounding period.

Perhaps the third angel that follows these first two delivering Next Level messages through the internet reflects upon this books publication/distribution as an Ebook as it does address the remaining prophecy fulfillments that includes explaining…”

Rev 14:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
Rev 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

But this “city” is also spoken of as a great idolatress (whore in the sense of selling their selves to serve a false “god” of mammon stemming even to the way Eve was led by the Luciferians to influence Adam’s falling which brought to pass the generation (woman) of “humans”:

Rev 17:2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
Rev 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

In this context the Kings of the earth, depicted here, are those who were made “kings” by being given Next Level membership that included new physical bodies and service in the near heavens. These are the one’s spoken of as the fallen angels, related to the one’s Enoch described as the “watchers” and who Moses described in Genesis chapter 6 as those “sons of God,” having become “kings of the Earth” who fell by breaking the Next Level instruction to not interfere with the behavior and ways of the humans on earth, by propagating with the human mortal WOMEN (generators) which is where “unlawful sexual intercourse and thereby serving themselves as opposed to their Older Members” (fornication) interplays and where today’s human kings genetically descended from as the head and horns of the beast that were driven UNDER THE EARTH/SEA (ice?) when the Next Level brought about the global flood. (It doesn’t seem these “kings of the earth” are the kings and queens of countries on earth because they would also be “inhabitants of earth” so would have been worded differently).

A city consists of a population living within certain borders. This “city” is called the “secret, hidden, mysterious, religious” (Greek 3466 musterion) Babylon (Greek 897 Babulon= confusion) as humans are increasingly being “confused” from being able to recognize the truth of their origin and who to serve because they don’t know how to identify who is telling the truth or don’t want to see the truth. Humans become fully enslaved to their human behaviors and ways, often thinking they are free. Sure there are various freedom levels in the world but the ultimate freedom in the human kingdom is to learn that there is a “Next Level” or kingdom they can graduate into.

TI and DO said that humans were “not the result of a natural evolutionary process.” They are the result of a “reverse metamorphosis” as “Adam had a Next Level physical body.” I wonder now if Adams body was intentionally made in the likeness of the physical body made for Lucifer and perhaps some of the fallen angels or whether he, the Mind graduated into the Next Level when Lucifer did but did not fall, but agreed to take this newly grown physical body named Man (Hebrew, adom).

TI and DO did say the Adam and Eve arrangement was purposely set up by the Next Level to put these new members of the Next Level to the test of whether they could fall as Lucifer and his angels did. This way any new members of the Next Level (kings) would have the chance to gain strength, making a positive from Lucifer’s negative. So Eve was the mortal woman taken from Adam’s genes after Adam received the “breath of life,” the Mind from his Older Member. In other words that’s when the Mind of the Older Member’s loyal “son” was put into the vehicle named Adam. Eve didn’t get that so she was easily influenced but Adam did have the capacity to abide by their simple instruction, but didn’t and because of that woke up his animal genes that were attracted to Eve’s same animal genes which is why it became a reverse metamorphosis. The genes that were triggered had the capacity to put into motion their reproductive hormones. Adam then had to get thoroughly into the animal behaviors, so he could, if he sought the help of his Older Member re-build the strength he would need to rise above what was now considered to be a human – a shade or hue or resemblance of a Man.

TI and DO said whenever we fail a test the next test gets harder. If we don’t see ourselves as having failed a test then we might not gain the strength to pass the next test as we would essentially not believe we have anything to change to try harder to pass it next time. We might not even see that we are being faced with more tests thus we separate more and more from our Older Members. We end up not asking them for help to pass the harder tests as we can become so inundated with discarnate influences we have a hard time even wanting to pass tests because our vehicle doesn’t really want to change it’s behavior and ways as they become comfortable to maintain. If the Next Level feels you are doing the best you can under the circumstances they will continue to help you as long as you look to them in some ways but you will still need to rise to passing the same tests again and harder ones to be given a new Next Level vehicle when you exit the one you have now. So the Mind that was in Adam came back and took the vehicle Enoch that he was able to raise the vibrations of so that he, with his physical vehicle was taken onto a Next Level spacecraft.

So the woman as now considered to be a “city” of humans who were the descendents of all the fallen angel minds who first mixed their seed among humans, grooming them for their occupation as their physical bodies died off, were now operating in the vicinity of the United States territories. The Next Level Older Members and first fruit harvest had left their incarnations so it was time for them to wage war against the “remaining” Minds/Souls from the Next Level who still had the opportunity to graduate to their next lesson grade.

Thus the “fall” was both applicable physically in the fall of the symbols of idolatry in the twin towers (babel) of the new Babylonian (American) financial capital of NY city that includes in it’s borders representatives from the original 10 Tribes of Israel both genetically and in the “resurrection of the dead” where the dead are all those who are no longer growing in the Next Level school.

Therefore the Kings of the Earth are the Souls planted in times past who fell away from looking to the Next Level and as discarnates stayed among certain families to bring rise to human genetic offspring to become the Kings and Queens of countries. I suspect the Next Level saw to their continuous migration north and west so became the families that eventually dominated what became colonial powers that began to spread out around the globe more and more as we saw with England, France, Spain, Portugal, and the largely Germanic Dutch who have since fallen in their greater overall power.

Today most of these who are behind these ten countries, former kingdoms, who are all under the influence of the original fallen angel Luciferian space aliens operating through these governmental human puppets, that at the very least want catastrophes to motivate humans to not stand in the way of their agendas, as in having an excuse to propagate “endless war” they can use to justify to the people the building of their power over the world so there would be a maximum facility to direct monies and forces through to secretly fund and support many black budgeted projects that they see as having no other choice to pursue to survive the “space alien invasion,” but which are akin to Lucifer and his associates agenda which is basically six fold.

1) Build technology to literally get some off the Earth permanently, the real reasons for the huge space program.
2) Use technology to develop hybrid physical bodies they can use as slaves and to occupy that have a potential endless longevity – the reason for in Vitro fertilization, cloning and designer babies.
3) Develop non-fossil fuel energy systems to power their spacecrafts and to maintain a life sustaining environment for colonization whether in space, potentially on another planet or moon and/or in support of underground and/or undersea (ice?) facilities like they have had to some degree before. This is the true reason for the promotion of Nuclear Energy despite it’s huge very grave ill affects on the majority of the humans on Earth. Fossil fuels are too cumbersome where a relatively small amount of plutonium can be made into a very powerful energy source that can be active for tens to hundreds to thousands of years.
4) Develop self sustained environments whether for use on or under the earth/ice or to sustain a colony on a planet and/or moon or for long distance space travel.
5) Develop weapons systems to fight against the Next Level who are being portrayed by the so called good space aliens as the Bad Space Alien Reptilians who they say use greys as clones, robots or they say come from the Orion nebula coming to earth to destroy the Earth and enslave it’s inhabitants.

Note that TI and DO said when they look into the heavens they were most attracted to the Orion constellation. Also how TI and DO described a Next Level vehicle as having no coloration and being 4-5 feet tall and have a slightly larger skull that what humans have. (TI and DO had Ollody paint an Older Member according to their sense). It’s available on my Facebook photos at:

Sawyer’s Facebook Page

The irony here is how the so called good aliens are actually calling the Next Level the bad space aliens as the Next Level is coming to recycle when they feel people have been given a more than adequate time to show their allegiance to Them or to human wealth in all it’s forms; treasure, intellect, philosophy, science, govt, socially, etc.

6) Keep the populous in the dark and CONFUSED (root meaning of “Babylon” is confounding or confusing) and relatively content for as long as possible, so monies and efforts to accomplish all of the above can proceed as quickly as possible. This means getting rid of dissidents and whistle-blowers who can do damage to their plans. This means increasing the security state for this purpose and to control the masses who’s lives are collateral damage and fodder for their projects, testing drugs on populations, engineering of food supplies, taking over seed stocks and securing gold and silver and other elements and gemstones for various usages and technological system development.

All this and all related activities like development of so called alternative energies have unlimited costs to produce and experiment with. That’s what the financial collapse that started in earnest with the 9-11 attacks helps provide. When you see big multi-million dollar fines paid by big banks, etc. it can easily be a way to take money from stock holders of those corporations within the laws with or without hardly anyone knowing the reasons why. It’s the reason trillions of dollars were reported missing from the U.S. Accounting days before the 9-11 attacks and were never spoken of again except on conspiracy web sites.

Rev 17:4-17 describes the “city” (woman), United States of AMERICA as represented by Mystery Babylon, New York City (Lady Liberty) and Washington D.C. (District of COLUMBIA, the first womanly representation of the USA):

– “GREAT WHORE THAT SITTETH UPON MANY WATERS” – Waters are people. This group of people, call them the Illuminati if you wish are some of the humans who have been groomed to be the instruments to wield power (position = Sit) over the masses and whichever human vehicles have that influence on humans are also the human vehicles most used by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels whether via the spirit world and/or through controlling them through programming, even remote controlled using implants.

– “KINGS FORNICATE WITH” – These Kings are the Luciferian space alien fallen angels who once were new members of the Next Level with vehicles still with a limited life span and service doing Next Level tasks. Through abductions and hybridization programs in underground bases or on spacecrafts they are using sexual reproduction and the extraction of sperm and eggs and other hormones from humans and animals – all breaking the law of the Next Level against this kind of engineered mating that destroys the human kingdom as a kingdom level to be used by the Next Level as a stepping stone into Adult Membership in the Next Level, receiving a physical vehicle with a limitless lifespan and many facilities humans don’t have the capacity for. Weightlessness, appear or disappear, healing of others, walking through solid objects, moving things with their mind, telepathy, knowing another’s thoughts, etc.

– “INHABITANTS OF EARTH MADE DRUNK WITH WINE OF HER FORNICATION” – this is the way sexuality keeps a Mind from growing to know more. Sex stimulates drug production in one’s body that is anesthetizing of consciousness. As long as we are giving away our energy via sexuality we are in a state of constant intoxication so we can not begin to recognize truth from lies. That’s what is called “confusion.” We are in the dark the more we are engaged in our sexuality. We will literally not be able to physically see what’s around us all the time because the brain will be so drugged it would not have the neurons and electrical force needed to make certain connections that literally form thoughts and ideas.

– “ARRAYED (dressed) IN PURPLE AND SCARLET (At most lighter shades of Blue and Red)” – on one level these are the colors the kings of the earth gravitate to. The Cardinals of the Catholic church, one representation of those who have as a unit become anti-Christ, being they don’t teach overcoming the human kingdom, are all dressed in Scarlet (red). The seal and flag of New York State has two woman, the Liberty Lady on one side of a shield and Lady Justice on the other side of the shield. Both wear a red robe. Liberty has a blue gown under her red robe. The New York City flag is Blue (like purple) and dark orange (like scarlet/red). Columbia was actually the first womanly representation of the United States of AMERICA. There are many examples of the use of these colors among the Kings of the earth and their minions in the military and religious hierarchies.

– “ADORNED WITH GOLD AND PRECIOUS STONES AND PEARLS” – The seal and flag of New York State has two women. Both Lady Liberty and Lady Justice are wearing a pearl strand around their hair. Lady Justice has a gold gown under her red robe.

– “GOLDEN CUP IN HER HAND FULL OF ABOMINATIONS AND FILTHINESS OF HER FORNICATION” – A cup represents one’s lot in life. In the life of a particular people in a fixed area in the various hierarchies Gold as wealth is the greatest treasure and no where is it more emphasized than in New York City. Incidentally there were reports that indicated there was as much as 500 million dollars worth of gold, silver and platinum bars in a two story tall vault maintained by the Bank of Nova Scotia underneath World Trade Center Building 4. Another 12 tons, about 1/5th of the amount under building 4 was reportedly moved from a vault under Building 5 that was maintained by the New York Mercantile Exchange, known as Comex. It was apparently being moved out the morning of September 11th as a 10 wheel truck and a number of cars had been in a service tunnel crushed by falling steel. The official story only talks about the Bank of Nova Scotia gold. I remember in the few days after the 9/11 attack while I was living just 40 miles east of ground zero a report that there was like a billion dollars of gold found in a vault under one of the collapsed towers that belonged to Deutsche Bundesbank. What’s interesting is that recent reports about Germany’s gold was verified to be a the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank at 33 Liberty Street in New York City, yet in 2013 when Germany sought to have it shipped in stages from New York, they only got 5 tons when they were expecting 50 tons a year. The Fed said, “The organizational preparations were very time-consuming since the required agreements and contracts are voluminous and detailed.” Then they were told that some bars in New York had to be melted and recast which meant original serial numbers were wiped out. In any case New York has been the biggest holder of gold for the richest countries in the world for a long time.

– “ON HER FOREHEAD A NAME – MYSTERY (3466 musterion= a derivative of muo= (to shut the mouth), thus not spoken of, kept hidden as a secret, confided only to the initiates, not obvious) BABYLON (897 Babulon from Babel from 1101 balal= to overflow and MIX, [perhaps as in mixed up because of mixing of the sources of Mind/Spirit, even genetically]) THE GREAT MOTHER (GENERATOR) OF HARLOTS ((4204 porne= feminine from pornos 4205= fig. idolater, whore (selling body and/or mind/spirit (mental servitude and/or allegiance) for carnal (flesh/mammalian) “self” profitability (monetary or ego as pride))) AND ABOMINATIONS (946 bdelugma= from bdelusso 948= a detestation, to stink, abhor, be disgusted, [mammalian behaviors covenanted to rise above enacting) OF THE EARTH.”

So this is indicating these people in America (city) are identified (named) by the content of their mind/spirit (forehead) that has been kept in the dark. What is real and true has been HIDDEN and hence is a SECRET, thus they exist in a condition of CONFUSION in part that comes from being OVERFLOWED with dis-mis-information.

Confusion is defined as a muddled or tangled condition of bewilderment, perplexity, puzzlement and interestingly mystification. Isn’t it ironic that in some circles of thought to be a mystic means to have embraced mystery as a higher state of consciousness so that others look up to one who is actually thoroughly confused but appears not to be.

So where else is this more apparent than in the United States where data (information) is manipulated to fit the agenda of profitability or as a control mechanism, whether in the business/corporate sectors, academic (religious or secular) sectors, governmental sectors as seen by the abundance of lobbyists on capitol hill seeking to influence the politicians to their cause/company, literally, though slightly indirectly buying votes on legislation amidst promises of various forms of cooperation for projects in politicians individual and collective constituent best interests. Where else is everything made into a conspiracy so that conspiracy is a way to shut up the truth and cause for responsibility for certain decisions. This is where if you question the authorities whether a religious institution or institution of so called higher learning or corporation or governmental action to those in allegiance to whatever their particular affiliation is you are a quack or a dissident or a rebel or are superstitious or a terrorist. Those are all labels I regularly receive as I remain very active in the various internet media chat/comment rooms/boards on a variety of subjects.

One case in point: Since I remain skeptical of the so called science of the true value of the huge growing vaccination program in America, I am called superstitious and even a bio-terrorist that needs to be removed from society because it is believed that not being vaccinated puts others at greater risk of incurring disease. Meanwhile the numbers keep coming in year after year that diseases keep going up in proportion to vaccination rates against those same diseases and it’s the vaccinated that are actually boosting those numbers as even though there can be a benefit to vaccinations there is little to no effort to minimize the very grave side effects and the fact that new strains of viruses are growing faster than the vaccinations can be made and administered so many are getting vaccinated against viruses that are not as threatening because of this ongoing mutation – adaptation of these viruses.

On virtually every issue there is a huge polarizing tendency. One is either pro abortion or against, pro climate change or a “climate denier,” even when someone doesn’t deny climate changes seeming to be in a trend of warming, if they don’t necessarily agree that humans are the most obvious cause, they are labeled a climate denier by many. If you question the use of vaccinations or even want the option to pick and choose what vaccines to receive or not, you are now an “anti-vaxer.” If you use any terms that are determined to be “religious,” you are against science and are superstitious and a sheeple believing in a myth. The data called the Bible for many ceases to be a compilation of historical records. Now it’s all propaganda to control the unintelligent masses. If you don’t have a degree or a title like Dr. or Phd., etc. by your name what you say has no weight. If you spend thousands of hours researching the meanings of words from the Hebrew and/or Greek but don’t have a linguistics degree you are at best an armchair theologian so anything you say is taken with a grain of sand if heard at all. If you don’t say the same keywords about your faith then you are a heretic and a danger to others faith. If you question the authorized explanation for an event, like 9-11 or the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations you are a “conspiracy nut” that also believes there was never a moon landing or that the earth is flat.

I could go on for hours with more examples but it’s to the point that it’s nearly impossible to get at the truth about anything or if you do to stand any chance of revealing that truth to others who don’t really want to know. They have many times chose to remain in a condition of ignorance, another synonym of “confusion” – choosing to ignore anything that challenges one’s happy place. This is certainly not restricted to America. America just happens to be where it’s probably at it’s worst. Most people believe what they are told by the corporate owned media or don’t pay any attention to the media. By and large the public is confused and some know it but the ones who are most confused think they see perfectly clearly and resent any suggestion otherwise regardless of how much evidence one can show on the subject. For many their mind is made up on whatever is their favorite subject and their eyes glass over when someone is talking about something not on their radar or not in the way they are comfortable hearing it. I am not faulting the people as most have been subject to various misinformation campaigns from the unseen lower forces since their birth so they are essentially not brain “washed” but brain saturated with misinformation that has even been drummed into them for many generations.

Saying this name is on her forehead is saying they are of the mind of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens. TI and DO said there are only two sets of Minds on Earth. There are the Luciferian fallen angels, each of which is a Mind and there are the Older Members and Elder Students Minds, who came from the Next Level. A Mind is equivalent to a King. Like Jesus said, even the “least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than the greatest human.” The Luciferians were at one time “kings” in this regard but they fell away and lost that Mind, though they still have the experience they gained while in service to their Older Members and in that way take over the one’s in the human kingdom that have the most influence on the most humans – the Kings and Queens and their family strains. Because of receiving that attention from the Luciferians these humans become natural leaders and they look down on the masses because they take on the Mind of their “Father,” the Father of lies. These become slaves to the Luciferians and the entire society tends to look up to these leaders out of fear and/or in awe of them as they feel the Luciferian power with them.

– “WOMAN IS DRUNKEN WITH BLOOD OF THE SAINTS AND BLOOD OR MARTYRS OF JESUS” – The Woman is the City which consists of the genetic strain the Luciferian “kings” bred for their usage to fulfill their agenda. Therefore these are the descendents of those who held power during the times of the Old and New Testament records. Jesus referred to how the “Fathers” of those Scribes and Pharisees:

In Mat 23:29-36 Jesus is calling the Jewish Pharisee religious sect hypocrites who today build and decorate the tombs of the prophets and righteous past in honor of their sacrifice, claiming that they wouldn’t have partaken of their blood as their fathers did. Jesus knew that they were the children of those who killed the prophets past. He called them a generation (1081 gennema= from gennao 1080 offspring; by analogy produce, fruit) of vipers (2191 echidna= adder or other poisonous snake (literally or as a figure), cunning, malignant, wicked men). Jesus then relates to these that he is in the process of sending them inspired speakers (prophets), wise men and writers (scribes) saying some of them they will crucify (a violent painful death by impaling) and some would be whipped in their synagogues and persecute (pursued, run after to apprehend to cause fear and suffering to) from city to city. (Incidentally Saul/Paul was a Pharisee and he literally did oversea the persecution of those new believers in Jesus, so would have been one Jesus was speaking to here as being a descendant of the same ones who have done this over and over to those sent to the people by the Next Level). Jesus indicate these will have the blood of Abel to the blood of Zacharias on them.

Then Jesus says that these things would come upon this future generation (age) which we know from history did take place as after Jesus left and his disciples brought his teachings to others and were prosecuted for doing so it was Jews that sought to stamp out this new budding movement, working together with the Romans who had no idea what would occur by executing this little ole dissident Jew. The Next Level proved to hundreds of those who had followed Jesus to degrees throughout his 3+ years teaching. There were so many credible witnesses it could not be denied by anyone with any Next Level mind in them that he was exactly who he said he was. This en-flamed the Jewish leaders all the more so anyone that believed in Jesus were apprehended and thrown in prison or killed on the spot to try to keep what they saw as the blasphemy from spreading.

Meanwhile Rome saw this as a Jewish insurrection so began a campaign to eradicate Jews altogether not distinguishing between new believers in Jesus or not. That was the first genocide that came to a head around 70 AD with the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple that King Solomon had built. The Romans certainly looked upon Jews as a superstitious bunch of rabble rouses, though they employed some to rule local areas, like Herod. These would become the lineage of the Jewish hierarchy who had intermarried with Romans and Greeks to further mix up their bloodline as they were to fulfill what Jesus foretasted would befall future generations. They would be hunted and persecuted as they and their forefathers had done.

Jesus followed his forecast with his recognition that what set Jews apart from others was no longer going to be found in their strain from this point onward. Here Jesus is talking about the city of God as the people that comprise the population of that city, named Jerusalem, the City of God’s peace. The city of Two Mountains. And he refers to this group as a mother hen just like in these verses referring to the city as a woman (generator). It had been that geographic area that the Next Level made a point to gather both the human vehicles of that strain they had prepared and where they would bring back the Souls to inhabit those vehicles to enter into their second trimester towards their Mind/Spirit birth.

Mat 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

And again it was this same City of God’s people whom the Jewish leaders rejected, thus they would be rejected:

Mat 23:38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate ((2048 eremos= lonesome, deserted, solitary, wilderness, waste))

That is the “house (family) of Israel” – the 10 Tribes (Families) that broke away from the “houses (families) of Judah and Benjamin,” (Judah was the house of Jesus’ vehicle’s lineage) would be left without Next Level Mind or their physical presence upon the next incarnate return.

Mat 23:39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed ((2127 eulogeo= to speak well of, thank, praise)) is he that cometh ((2064 erchomai= accompany, appear, bring, light, next))) in ((about, by, for sake of, because of)) the name ((3686 onoma= called, authority, character, to know)) of the Lord ((2962 kurios= supreme in authority, master)).

Rev 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which ((3588 ho= who, whoever)) reigneth ((2192 echo= to (be)hold, enjoy, fear, eat [lives off of], follow, have, possess)) over ((1909 epi= the kings of the earth.

These “horns” are also the Luciferian(Dragon)’s WINNINGS but they are the parts of the Human Kingdom now Global Government that acts in a completely bestial (human) way.

This same Beast is described consistently as having 7 heads (2776 kephale from the primary kapto (in the sense of seizing); the head (as the part most readily taken hold of))). Thus it could include individuals, as in the Luciferian space alien “fallen angels” who all along are provided knowing how they would stimulate humans to become conquerors, colonial empires, SEIZING lands, people’s loyalty out of fear or by appealing to their own profit desires to seize for themselves, and thus overall power.

Rev 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman ((1135 gune, most likely from the base of 1096 ginomai= to cause to be generated; as a wife, arises, divides, befalls, ends)) sit ((2521 from 2596 kata and hemai as a figure as used here as, to remain, reside)) upon ((1909 epi= about, have charge of, wherefore, on behalf of, because of, by the space of, through(-out))) a scarlet colored ((2847 kokkinos from kokkos 2848= crimson, scarlet but also describing the insect seed used to derive those colors)) beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns ((kings)).

So this “beast” is further described here as reddish seed (colored) which seems to relate to the part of the human strain that developed from Adam and Eve’s seed as Adam in it’s root Hebrew means, “ruddy, or “blood in (red) face.” The red (scarlet/crimson) part of this also seems directly related to the “dragon” in Rev 12 being “red” and in:

Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

Red also relates to “blood” as in bloodshed and/or bloodline and it’s interesting that some have research that indicates all of the presidents of the United State are related as distant cousins. I know everyone can be thought of as related but certain branches of our human genetic tree originally stemmed from the start of the experiment Moses documented in the records in the Book of Genesis, chapter 2 primarily and the other branch in what the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens did before, during and after the Next Level experiment, by breeding with the biological equivalent to humans, just those that didn’t have the same initial Next Level seed, who were recorded as having their current civilizational beginning in Genesis 1 who are equivalent in biological structure to the humans in the Next Level experiment. I don’t believe there is any way for any of us to know who is originally from what strain as it’s been so intermingled by now and even for those on the strain that got the chip, it’s needs to survive to continue to thrive. By survive we are talking about the program the chip contains that provides the recognition and desire to know the whole truth about any subject. We all come in and out of stages. From an overview it’s like we take steps forward and then take some back. As long as we don’t throw in the towel on the ideas that keep that chip’s consciousness alive we can still move ahead. But if we get so set that there is not truth to any of it, we may be close to a point of no return as occurred with Lucifer and those that fell with him.

Despite the things David Icke says that I would find to be misinformation, he has researched and written some about bloodlines in England, and Europe and contends the Bush family came from the Pearce family which were originally the Percy family in England, but changed their name from Percy to Pearce because Percy’s were alleged in the records to have included ones that were behind a plot to blow up the House of Lords in 1603 that was called the “gunpowder plot,” though it failed. Thomas Percy was later killed but his relatives when they decided to flee to the “new world” got rid of the Percy name and changed it to Pearce to lose that unpopular association. Isn’t that an interesting twist and potential way as they say “history repeats itself,” perhaps a type of karma, related to the programming of those who died with a cross to bear and a tendency to stimulate similar ventures to play out their program. This has further credence in light of how the 9/11 attacks occurred during the G.W. Bush regime who evidences being the “red horse” of Rev 6:3 and the fact that the U.S. government in terms of the Pentagon were among the targets and an abundance of evidence of foreknowledge of that attacks and diversions from the truth of just how much could have involved “king” (President) George W. Bush. Icke also allegedly shows that Barack Obama is an 11th cousin to G.W. Bush and that Bush’s lineage as partially stated seems to show links to kings of England and Spain and even to the Kingdom of Judah, one of the original twelve tribes.

Note Obama chose to do nothing to further investigate or bring charges against G.W. Bush and company for manufacturing the evidence that Saddam Hussein of Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction,” congressional members said they were told could be upon the U.S. shores lest they act and invade as was planned even before 9/11 and was immediately put in motion after 9/11 alongside the Afganistan war. I suspect Barack Obama was told it was hands off any effort to prosecute the Bush administration and after several incidents at the white house where there were security breaches that easily could have threatened Obama and his family, I have little doubt he was not going to push against that part of the “beast.”

Considering that the “horse” here is representative of the way a human being is to the Next Level and their enemies as well, like horses to be ridden. The difference with the Next Level is they groom humans (horses) by a free will model of offering their Mind in doses over millennium that their Minds/Spirits (aka Souls) may grow from, according to what they receive and apply. But the human (horse) this “woman” is “sitting” on provides a facsimile of free will that doesn’t provide choices that differ from what this “beast,” as a composite representation of human mammalian creatures desire.

Now to further describe this “beast” we see in:

Rev 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Mountains are land mass that rise above plains. But considering this bordered (walled) populated area (city aka woman) has a fixed abode/dwelling in concern over (sitteth) these seven mountains and we know generates for the kingdoms (kings) of the earth’s people what held, enjoyed, lived off of (eats), shown to follow and to have, possess (reigns), this city and “woman” as the generator of all these others want is geographically located in the fixed dwelling of the United States of America.

So these seven mountains are seven territories that are kingdoms, in other words at one time or another had global reach, probably within the time frame of the “last day,” 1000 years. I suspect these would be the kingdoms or colonial powers that gravitated to the America’s. The “light” that the Next Level provides in their physical close proximity with the incarnations of Jesus and his students and any number of support staff working from their spacecrafts to include the Older Member Jesus called his “Father in Heaven,” having completed their last assignment and enough overcoming, when they gave their bodies in Jesus service and joined Jesus on a spacecraft, took the bigger portion of that “light” with them and began to refocus it on the new land Jesus said his Kingdom would be given to, since he was treated so badly by the Jews (the ones who had been prepared for him). Thus these Kingdoms would be Spain, Great Britain, France, the Dutch Netherlands aka Holland and a number of other countries represented into the 1600’s. However, as these prophecies are all focused on the “last day” during the time of the return incarnate of Older Members of the Next Level as shown, these Seven would probably most be represented by today’s G7

Now remaining or abiding (sits) with and has charge of and operates on behalf of and because of and through (upon) this beast is a “woman” giving an gender identity as a “wife” but rooted in being a “generator” that, arises and divides, befalls and has relationship with the end of the time period to show our allegiance to the Next Level or mammon, as whatever is treasure to humans.


The Ten Horns are ten “strong/mighty (aka giants as shown in Genesis chapter 6)” outcroppings (hair of the head) of power, know it or not from and under, “bound to” (diadem/crown) the Seven Heads (Lucifer’s primary associate fallen angels (souls), evident as the space aliens, the latest generation of humanoid physical vehicles they propagated by some form of hybridization of their DNA with the “daughters of human” DNA. They represent Ten human families who are evident most today, by their appointed figure heads known as the G10 financial ministers that have “crowns” (are bound (crowned)) like kings without a kingdom (as shown in Rev 17) because they don’t generally hold public office, so work behind the public scenes yielding a huge amount of influence. Perhaps some of these primary families are known by the names, Bilderberger, Rothschild and Rockefeller with history related to various groups and/or clubs, perhaps like the Masons, Skull and Bones, the Bilderberger Group, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), sometimes grouped together with the catch all label, The Illuminati.

The Dragon in Rev 12:3 represents Lucifer, in particular, (who Do mostly called, “Lucifer” and meant no offense to anyone with that name, saying it was actually a beautiful name), the chief fallen angel. The Seven Heads and Ten Horns describe the parts of what have become the bestial (mammalian) world government, the G7 western overview of governmental alliances (Heads) and the G10 (Horns) as the Financial ministers that are instrumental in providing the corporate banking capital that increasingly shores up all the governments. The United Nations is largely their public relations front to which certain powers are delegated who feed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The World Bank (WB) as United Nations Institutions whose North American headquarters is in NYC.

Rev 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns ((keras= fruit, seed, gain, winnings of the head)), and seven crowns upon his heads.

Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns ((keras= fruit, seed, gain, winnings of the head)), and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy ((988 blasphemia= from blasphemos 989 vilification, evil speaking, railing)).

The Ten or Tenth seems to also potentially relate to a bastardization of the tithe. In other words, The Luciferian Space Aliens, perhaps as at least Seven Heads, elder drop-out now Souls working against the Next Level, who have reigned over the Kings of the Earth, before this civilization, and now during this civilization, when allowed by the Next Level’s releases from their underground and/or undersea prison “hell,” to wield their physical influence upon humans in the new territory of the United States, since about the 1940’s, having allowed their mental influence before then and/or a physical influence elsewhere before then, stimulated humans through various forms of profiteering, provocation and/or justifying turning a blind eye to, the most recent 9/11 attack event on NYC and the U.S.

There is a great deal of reason to recognize that leaders will justify even significant loss of life to forward their cause. Even the Normandy Invasion was just one example. The entire prospect of military aggression propagandized into defense whether it actually is or not is part of the human and human equivalent Luciferian space alien mindset. The Luciferians even can pull that mindset from their experience with the Next Level, as TI and DO always said that Lucifer especially knew a lot about how the Next Level did things. The Next Level knows that the physical vehicles are all designed to have a very limited life span because it is through the use of vehicles that Souls They plant in vehicles, something the Luciferians can’t do, can advance towards even becoming Members of the Next Level.

The Luciferians can claim the same idea though twisted 180 degrees, because as humans do their bidding, however unknowingly, they are serving Lucifer’s agenda which is two fold – 1) get planet earth before they are once again shut up underground again for another 1000 years as “rumor” and prophecy outlines is upcoming and 2) defy the Next Level by stealing Souls to his/their allegiance, which then become their new membership and his delegates (apostles) like the many contactees, channelers and spiritualists to include paranormalists, shamans, mystics, yogi’s, priests, self declared prophets and all manner of teachers and leaders of various religious doctrine and as seen in the records regarding the Paul of Tarsus example.

Thinking about all this, it’s important to keep in mind how there were ten lost tribes of Israel who once made up what became known as the Kingdom of Israel that the tribe of Juda and Benjamin broke away from because these ten were corrupting the teachings Moses was the Rep for. Thus it’s no wonder, the Older Member who represented his Older Member Jehovah, whom he called his Heavenly Father took a human vehicle that was a descendant from King David from the tribe of Juda.

However, the Next Level doesn’t ever “sacrifice” humans or for that matter any life forms, I don’t think, though they do “borrow” human vehicles that are actually theirs anyway since none of them would even exist had the Next Level not designed and developed the life promoting processes in the first place, that the Luciferians have tried to direct humans to learn to manipulate some. And the Next Level doesn’t have any degree of selfish motivation when they use human vehicles. They will kill humans if those humans are acting like weeds in their garden putting undo stress on those vehicles they are nurturing to become vessels for Souls to grow within to eventually have the chance to graduate into their Kingdom as youngins. These Next Level adult members have no need for new members, nor for anything offered by humans or human equivalents though will influence the ones who are coming up with suggestions, ideas, helps of any sort to foster their recognition of the reality of the Next Level and that can also include keeping humans and/or space aliens and/or discarnates away from having too much influence any part of their experiment and especially upon those souls and vehicles who are coming up.

So I’m trying to show how the Luciferians create a facsimile to what the Next Level does for real. The Luciferians have only one interest – themselves and those that support themselves where Next Level Members have only one interest – their Older Members and how they can best serve Them. It is possible that the 1/10th that was often used in making offerings may be related to these Ten Horns (human tribes and the descendant leaders they developed with their various family names) as the “tenth” applied to these Revelations prophecies came about after Jesus was incarnate so was after the Ten Tribes broke off and even that was to be expected well before then because the Next Level knows how many have the capacity to grow by how many Soul seeds they give out as my understanding from TI and DO is that each Soul seed is an individual implant (not to be confused with space alien artificial implants).

Thus we see humans being motivated to foster a New Age of cooperative global governance and ecumenical religion to save the earth from the evil minded humans (dissidents who don’t accept the mark of the BEAST or to work for (worship) the Beast’s Image (All the facsimile “copies” of the Next Level, including spirituality and religiosity and even actual Holograms like Fatima) or some apparent random changes to the earth and/or via environmental collapse (as prophesied) and/or a warming trend (as prophesied) or nuclear war or because of the “bad reptilian space aliens” as they think their space alien contacts are the “good” space alien “brothers” and similarly to the need for capital towards otherwise black budgeted programs they thought they talked about beforehand and thought they needed the 9/11 attacks for, as a way to bring more funding and justification for whatever they want to do, while also policing the rogue factions around the planet that further justify their surveillance and sting operations, drone programs and otherwise bloated military budgets and underground city construction efforts as they anticipate what prophecy describes as the “war of Armageddon.”

The U.S. first of two New Babylonian falls started with G.W. Bush being manipulated into the presidency by the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court who ruled against the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling to recount votes in a number of Florida counties where there were a number of proven irregularities that could have shifted a very close race for the Florida electoral college votes to favor Gore verses Bush to win the presidency. This may have been a type of Coup d’etat as it’s debatable whether the U.S. Supreme court has jurisdiction over Florida’s supreme court rulings in regard to voting in a presidential election.

This represents the first falling of two falls. All the positive parts of the United States of America would be collapsing as a result of these events and the responses to follow with the wars in Afganistan and then Iraq and to date in degrees in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Sudan and no doubt to spread to many other countries like Iran and Ukraine to no end, at the least through the drone program and in proxy wars.

The second fall seems to have been the Financial Crisis of 2008.

Rev 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

As with many numbers given in prophecy they are most often approximates. Here are some ways to think about the “tenth”: This can be interpreted from Greek “deka” as 1/10th. Since this seemed like it would have to be an approximate as if there was an earthquake who could say 10 out of 100 buildings would fall. One could think, I’m bringing unfounded reasoning to this, as God can do anything right, can know anything and it’s not that that’s not so. The question is why would the Kingdom of God/Heaven go to the kind of effort it would take to make sure this shaking takes out exactly 1/10 of the city and how is that to be shown. What part or objects in the city are included in that number? Does that mean that 1/10th of the traffic lights fell off their wires, etc. It seems absurd to think this was the intention to their prophecy. Thus since John is the writer and he sees this city falling and relates it to a tenth, what is it he is referring to. Thus I searched the Old and New testaments for “tenth” and what came up was very, very interesting. First off, in all cases but one “tenth” applied to various instructions for the making of food offerings, using flour and barley and oil, etc. in Moses camp, so it had to do with commodities. In one instance this verse depicts how a tenth part of the tithe is called a “heave offering.” The term “heave” struck me as very close to the idea of a shaking or quake – the literal earth, the city, it’s people heaving.

Num 18:26 Thus speak unto the Levites, and say unto them, When ye take of the children of Israel the tithes which I have given you from them for your inheritance, then ye shall offer up an heave offering of it for the LORD, even a tenth part of the tithe.

Heave offering defined as:

Heb. terumah, (Ex. 29:27) means simply an offering, a present, including all the offerings made by the Israelites as a present. This Hebrew word is frequently employed. Some of the rabbis attach to the word the meaning of elevation, and refer it to the heave offering, which consisted in presenting the offering by a motion up and down, distinguished from the wave offering, which consisted in a repeated movement in a horizontal direction, a “wave offering to the Lord as ruler of earth, a heave offering to the Lord as ruler of heaven.” The right shoulder, which fell to the priests in presenting thank offerings, was called the heave shoulder (Lev. 7:34; Num. 6:20). The first fruits offered in harvest-time (Num. 15:20, 21) were heave offerings.

What jumped out at me was the term “elevation” and how the Rabbi’s signaled the presenting of this heave offering with an “up and down” motion.

Offerings were often thought of as sacrifices in the sense that we would be sacrificing our free will to abide by the specific instructions of any sacrifice and following instructions was one of the first primary lessons being taught by the Kingdom of God/Heaven to the beginning “overcomers,” the Children of Israel. (Do said, Israel means the overcomers – to define it in the dictionary – it means, “he who prevails as Jehovah” and to prevail is equivalent to “overcome” and equivalent to “conquer”). Of course when talking about an earthquake in a modern city where there is falling, one naturally thinks about the elevated buildings falling.

However, if we look up “tenth” in Hebrew we get one of it’s usages as, “a tithe part”

04643 ma`aser or ma`asar and (in pl.) fem. ma`asrah= tithe 27, tenth part 2, tenth 2, tithing 1;

Since the heave offering was offered when the first fruits were offered in harvest-time and this earthquake occurs after the FIRST Harvest ascension of “Soul bodies,” (though invisible to human eyes) with the Two Witnesses depicted in Rev 11:12, it seems more the intention that John was saying “a heave offering tithe part/portion of the city fell,” in a real sense the response of the Earth/human kingdom to the ultimate pulling up of the roots of the human vehicles that were harvested. In other words the event of the birth of Souls into membership in the Kingdom of God/Heaven, via the death of their physical vehicles, had it’s own response with a trauma to the “great City” (Rev 17 “Woman”) in the new Babylonian styled Empire (U.S.) that though they didn’t consciously know was hosting the invisible Temple spacecraft, so like any “mother” that is giving birth, as the Earth represents to those who were Soul born, there is an equal and opposite (like Einstein) reaction – the Earthquake that falls a significant section of the City and causes the loss of human lives in the process – the earth yielding it’s sacrifice. One may note that there was recorded a significant earthquake/shaking when Jesus’ vehicle “gave up the ghost/spirit.” This is also considered to be the ultimate meaning of resurrection – rising out of the human condition, going from a type of “perennial” (TI and DO’s term for humans) life form (bodies like leaves on a tree that come alive for a season, then die until next spring growing season begins when new leaves come up again) to what has been termed an eternal life form, not having a limited cyclic nature to their existence, which is equated to a type of evolutionary (NOT Darwinian) progress.

But while interpreting the time that the Tribulation, Avenging and Judgment was in process of manifestation, that includes the Two Falls, examining further the “ten horns” that “burn (the “woman”) with fire” (Rev 17:16), another additional perspective developed, actually keeping to the same vein. NYC’s financial center, as related to the “One World Order” headed by the Woman (those of the original tribes of Israel and thus related to Jerusalem) sitting on the U.S. BEAST – the secret government that came out of dealing with the Luciferian space aliens who came out of the bottomless pit, that Lucifer and his associate fallen angel Space Alien Souls use, manipulate and thus give power to humans and their organizations that add up to the Luciferian fallen angel space alien influence of the human agendas and is one of the ten “horns” on that BEAST. The horns are also “Ten Kings without a kingdom” according to Rev 17 and thus the G10 – global ten financial ministers who feed the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank as United Nations Institutions whose North American and first capital is in NYC.

Continuing with Rev 11:13 interpretation:

– ” in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand” – Since the Next Level is all about free will and encouraging the positive to include humans acting civil to one another, (while also showing that we are all in their creation entirely so what they do on their garden and with their life forms is up to them. They leave it entirely up to each person to come to realize this and the rest get whatever they and their environment deals them for whatever time they are alive).

I know in Moses classroom time there are reports of wars and what’s been called genocide said to have been stimulated by Moses instruction but those reports are not necessarily trustworthy and some of which came about by the insistence of some in the Moses encampment of the said, “600,000 men” so if they were going to insist on going to war against another tribe, the Next Level through Moses had them do so looking to Moses to lead them and tell them when to fight and when not to. It was said he stood on a high spot and when he raised his staff in the air was a signal for his army in the valley to attack those who were threatening them or would not allow them to pass through some lands. When they listened to Moses lead they won every battle, no doubt because there were invisible forces helping in some way. If they attacked without Moses signal they lost their battles – so to show others the Lord’s workings to teach them to follow instructions and trust Jehovah/Moses.

The Next Level has lots of ways to remove any humans that would prohibit what they need to accomplish with their “classroom” even if it means wiping out a large amount of human vehicles. Humans were commanded not to do that, though a Member of the Next Level like Moses could make an exception. Luciferians have capitalized on that of course in all ways.

There are many examples of the Next Level instigating events that result in the loss of human life, as with weather systems or other environmental looking events that always seems to include warnings. Earthquakes tend to occur in areas that have had earthquakes and are usually preceded by smaller tremors so people can try to locate themselves to a safe place, that is if they insist on living in a known earthquake zone. With tsunami’s, the first wave is not generally the largest and the ocean tide is pulled back way below low tide mark before the larger waves come in. With tornado’s they can be seen and heard from miles away. Volcano’s smoke sometimes for years before a major eruption.

Even human wars come with many signs, even for years that allow those that see the handwriting on the wall to move away or become refugees rather than be caught in the war. The people accused of plotting the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 said they would try again and there were many signs received by the U.S. government from intelligence agencies and other governments months, weeks, days and hours before the airplanes hit their targets. In this way, whether man made or nature made, the Next Level uses such events to stimulate change in their human garden so humans can be reminded of what’s important, though many who become attached to their material wealth and sense of security and comfort often ignore the signs so often perish because of.

With that said, it’s highly unlikely the Next Level had anything to do with the 9/11 attack or other events and wars that came from them among humans. However since they allow the Luciferians to have influence on humans, they know such things will always be in the works and they can pinpoint when they will come to a head as in this prophecy because they literally prevent things from escalating to war during the time when their representatives are incarnate and most active with gathering their student body and preparing them to graduate the human kingdom. So when they left in March of 1997, as TI and DO indicated would be the case though gave no examples of the details, nor said it this way; all hell would break out soon thereafter, literally essentially starting in the dot com crash in and illegal election of G.W. Bush as president, by Supreme court decree in the fall of 2000 after a slight grace period of about 3 1/2 years as it turned out.

Yet, now those are simply in history and life goes on and most are none the wiser about how the public opinion was manipulated like robotic sheep to support the Luciferian stimulated agenda. Now Lucifer doesn’t like violence either and he also wants order among his subjects, thus promotes abiding by selectively killing and stealing raping and pillaging, but as his slaves show, justifies “collateral damage” among the masses, as what he seeks above law and order are the benefit of increased technological development because of more funding to build better weapons and delivery machines, etc. The more technology humans develop the better his chances of hitching a ride off the planet and/or more comfortably surviving being locked back in his prison cell underground somewhere. So he and his comrades using whatever human or space alien human equivalent bodies he can need spacecrafts, life support environments and energy systems.

– “seven thousand” – The origin of this Greek this word for a “thousand” equally refers to multiples of thousands, thus a large multitude of people as illustrated in the Old Testament’s usage:

Num 1:16 These were the renowned of the congregation, princes of the tribes of their fathers, heads of thousands in Israel.

In the OT the Hebrew word often translated to “thousand” equally referred to a family as a part of a tribe and related to people that were in process of learning to upgrade their behavior and ways, which is what the Kingdom of Israel was all about, that is for those that embraced doing so. The Hebrew word “Israel” is translated to, “one who prevails as Jehovah.” Do simply said it meant, “an overcomer,” which is equivalent to “conquering” the human kingdom’s mammalian behaviors and ways and adopting the behavior and ways our Older Members give us. That’s what Jesus intended by saying “I am the way, the truth and the life….” Those who choose for him to be their teacher each need to adopt/abide by his “ways” which becomes the stepping stone path that uses our human vehicle and kingdom as our footstool to step up to the Level Above Human by transforming human ways to Next Level ways according to the design of the Older Members. It is like “taming” as we are taming our animal passions by restraining them according to the stage (grade in school) we are in.

– “Seven” in this figurative context has several applications. It could be referring to the origin of the people who die in this shaking event as having their ancestry from ancient Rome and/or Constantinople, both of which were known as being constructed on “7 hills” but that Rome is frequently named by writers; the seven hilled city, and sometimes Septiceps, “the seven headed city” and upon the addition of the seventh mountain there was a feast kept, called Septimontium. Pliny a contemporary to John, disciple of Jesus, said in his time Rome “took in seven mountains,” where mountains were both the hills the city was built upon but more so foundations of power even related to various religious sects who built buildings. Ancient Rome then was the capitol of the biggest world power as it was over seven universal “God-opposed monarchies; Egypt (the first world power which came into collision with God’s people), Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Medo-Persia, Rome, and the Germanic-Slavonic empire, referred to as the Holy Roman Empire that the Frankish Charlemagne and Roman Pope Leo joined to stimulate.

Note how in Rev 17:9 the “seven heads” of the BEAST – the U.S. secret government (Mystery Babylon) the people of which constitute the “great city” – the people who make up what’s called the “woman,” those that support the U.S. Government policies of waring all over the planet and especially in the middle east, are also considered to be “mountains.”

However I don’t think this “seven” is just referring to the genetic heritage of America’s citizenry. Seven, as has already been shown from the Old Testament examples was related to taking an oath. Entering into a covenant involved the swearing of an oath. The Hebrew word for swearing an oath is sheva, which literally means “to seven-oneself.” It should not be surprising then that “seven” and covenant oaths are often linked together. For example, in Gen 21:31, Abraham swears a covenant oath to Abimelech near a well, which comes to be called “Beer-sheva,” which translators either render, “the well of the oath” or “the well of the seven.”

It seems like it’s referring to those who are killed by this “shaking” (earthquake) event, thus presumably not those who maintained their oath to the Next Level. And even though that may apply, perhaps more so it is referring to those who were once the chosen descendents of the original Israelites who had taken their oath (the seven) that were largely slain. The oath itself was finalized as lost and that would render all who entrusted themselves to the Beast as fallen.

Among thousands of people who were from among the same tribal background who often were saying they were Jews or Christians or Islam in their faith, many would call for war over this shaking event. There is no question that many in America did’t see the 9/11 attack as a crime but an act of war. The problem was it was not conducted by a nation that is clear cut to see, at least one that wanted to take credit for it, or one the U.S. wanted to accuse, as most of the alleged hijackers supposedly came from Saudi Arabia. Thus it became a war against the Arab and Muslim people, that is specifically against some, many in the U.S. didn’t like and happened to be most vulnerable and/or most profitable to invade and give the appearance of a just response. Afganistan was an easy target and in a sense so was Saddam Hussein as both were damaged by many years of waring in Afganistan’s case and U.S. imposed sanctions in Iraq’s case with Saddam’s rhetoric against Israel and the U.S. following his failed Kuwait attack a few years before, that added fuel to the fire against him. (It was revealed years after the Gulf war that Saddam had asked the U.S., if they would stop him from claiming a certain part of Kuwait and the U.S. Indicated they wouldn’t stop him. Remember they were so called friends during the Iran – Iraq war, of course while they were also providing weapons to Iran.

The third characteristic of “seven” is that of it’s reputation for COMPLETION. In other words this event was putting a period on the stage of the Two Witnesses and student body coming incarnate. In a sense one can even look at the tenth as a tithe, in this case where the Next Level is tithing but only taking 1/10th of the stature and financial wealth away.

Yet another additional way to look at the use of “seven” in this verse comes out when using the literal translation, written as:

.”..unto-a-shaking-of names of-mankinds thousands seven,….”

When examined in this way, 7 could refer to the fact that there were 7 building officially in the WTC complex and that then “thousands” died. The seven can also be saying that humans from the 7 “heads” aka “mountains” and continents died, to where the heads are the G7 countries that were all represented as the Global 7 financial and military leaders of the world.

Finally, perhaps one of the most obvious applications of “seven” would be in the way “September” comes from seven as it was the seventh month in the old Roman calendar which began the year in March. and is the end of the Jewish year.

I would say all these usages can work. That’s the way things work with the Next Level. They literally see to it that there are many answers that all can work but are only going to become options in a seekers mind when they are provided with additional clues to their further interpretation, as I continue to show examples of.

-“remaining ones (remnant) were fearful and attributed the event (gave) as apparently from (glory) God of heaven” – The remaining ones, whose oath was not slain or who were not destined to be recycled (slain) because of going back on their ancestors oath that they maintained in appearance only as card carrying Jew or Christian, as they worked their financial manipulations and profiteering, would be those who still had some of that oath allegiance to the Kingdom of God/Heaven in their hearts and minds (lives). Otherwise these remaining would not be seeing this event as God’s doing in some way even though the Next Level would not be the instigators it was foreseen and thus known would occur after they exited their incarnations as TI and DO and Crew.

Rev 11:14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

A woe is an alert. It’s a heads up – a broadcast of something to pay attention to – the delivery of a sign – the handwriting on the wall, so to speak. The first woe had to do with the arrival of the Luciferian space alien fallen angels, being let out of their prison cells in their underground bases that started the entire contactee and abduction phenomena. This second woe is the alert to the way the bestial humans are driven by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels, “dragon” (serpent/devil, adversary (Satan).

The Third Woe comes as a series of events that take place after the Seventh Trumpet Sounds, described here as:

The Third Woe – Started on Feb 15, 2013 with the Chelyabinsk Meteors and a huge sonic boom/wave that broke windows and smashed out warehouse steel doors and caused about 1000 people to see care from flying glass but no serious injuries or fatalities.

This was followed 16 hours later by another object said to evidence the same trajectory. On this same day, there was a fireball seen over northern California and a giant asteroid flying close by Earth that was as close as 17,000 miles which is inside the Moons orbit and was the closest near miss yet.

Days later there were fireballs reported all over the world and there were some days before as well. Then there was a fireball that looked more like a craft as it had no tail or sonic boom or fragments that caused a huge stir from the great lake Ohio area of the U.S. to the Virginias but was also reported seen from Maine to Florida and finally the Pan Starrs comet that made perihelion on March 10, 2013 and was visible to the naked eye for some days before and after than, curiously during the anniversary of the Hale-Bopp Comet Do and Students considered their “sign” for the timing of their exit by Palm Sunday on March 21-24 of 1997. Pan Starrs was not just a curiosity in it’s timing but also showed a companion object with it that was on the internet briefly before being whisked away. The companions was explained as an anomaly, perhaps evidence it was breaking up, yet the object was quite large and was away from the head of the comet, thus as if flying in front of it and as it was reported as one of several pictures couldn’t have been part of the comet breaking up or it would have simply become part of it’s tail, logically speaking as to be projected in front of this massive object would seem to defy physics as humans understand physics, which in reality is very little. Another curiosity was the way Feb. 15, 2013 was to the day or two 40 years (1 hour by God’s time) from the day that TI and DO left Boerne, Texas armed with having significantly awakened to their mission for what they both believed to be from their Heavenly Father from outer space (the literal heavens).


Rev 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices ((5456 phone= through the idea of disclosure, sound of uttered words, speech, of a language and tongue)) in heaven, saying, The kingdoms ((932 basileia= sovereign foundation of a king and footstool to a higher realm)) of this world ((2889 kosmos most likely from the root of komizo 2865= orderly arrangement, human kingdom, tended inhabitants)) are become ((1096 ginomai= “gen”-erate (as a mother), arise, assembled, become, behave self)) (the kingdoms of) our ((2257 hemon plural of ego 1473= of or from)) Lord ((2962 kurios= supreme authority, [Older Member of the Next Level])), and (of) his Christ ((5547 Christos from chrio= anointed – anyone who makes contact, to consecrate an office – fulfills an assigned task [as Jesus did but as all Members of the Next Level must do to reap the same reward])); and (he shall) reign for ever ((165 aion= a course, beginning of the world)) and ever ((165 aion= an age)).

The word “kingdom” is rooted in, among other words the idea that it’s a “realm” as a foundation that has to do with “walking,” a pace (“base”) with the implication of being a foot, and we all know that Jesus referred to the Earth, but actually the human kingdom (realm) as a footstool. TI and DO primarily said it was the NEXT Evolutionary Kingdom LEVEL Above Human. This gives rise to the premise that there is a progression afoot that humans are given the opportunity to engage that by completing will bring each one to their NEXT LEVEL of life as part of the evolutionary process of Kingdoms on Earth, Mineral to Plant to Animal to Human to Level Above Human. So it’s not the same definition Darwin argued, though there was some merit to what he did describe. It was simply the observation of adaptability of the parts to the creation, which was part of an intelligently designed multifaceted and interdependent system. There are no examples of anything on Earth coming into being without that interdependency. Even a computer system requires intelligent direction of each of it’s components in order to generate support systems for the whole.


In other words, with the sounding of the seventh trumpet’s disclosures in words (voices) (not mysteries or parables as Jesus did with the general public) the criteria for the second fruit harvest of Souls is established. The qualifications are set in place. The instructions for their behavior and ways to qualify for the next classroom have been provided and thus SHALL continue to be made available, but the full reign is in the future tense so seems to be meant to apply to a time after the 1000 years, during which is when the Luciferians are forced back into their underground prison cells to be released for a short time after the 1000 years has passed (See Rev 20).

So backing up again in the timeline to the current generation in 2015, the Seventh Angel’s initial disclosure (voice) was at this point in the timeline after the Father (Lord) and Son (Christ) as the Two Witnesses have exited their incarnation having conquered, which is also expressed in Rev. 6, the one sitting on the white horse that has his litter of covenant takers in his hand and is conquering (for each in his litter) puts him in charge from henceforth. Thus the conquering is accomplished during the time of the OPENING OF THE FIRST SEAL THAT IS ON THE BOOK, which is the body of information being expressed in the first thunder depicted here.

Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder ((roar)), one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

This includes the part of the 40 years (hour) of TI and DO’s 6th angel’s trumpet sounding where they disseminate their information to the world but primarily to the occupants of the United States mainland that includes the Seven thunders (roars) from 1973 to 1997. This next verse shows their conclusion in the seal timeline:

Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow ((covenant with each member of the student body)); and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

A Christ is a task definition of someone who has overcome the human kingdom’s behaviors and ways equated with the process of pressing oil from the olives. That oil not spent on human fires (passions) then generates more awareness – can SEE more and fuels one’s delivery of that “light” so others can benefit and potentially engage the same process for themselves. If one engages this process for themselves.

This sounding has it’s starting point but does not have an ending/completion point until the opportunity to bond with the Older Members TI and DO has passed as depicted by the time of:

Rev 16:17 And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.

It is during the Seventh Angel’s trumpet sounding that the remaining “mystery of God should be finished” as forecast during the start of the sixth angels sounding, before the Two Witnesses came incarnate as shown in:

Rev 10:7 But in (the) days (of the) voice (of the) seventh angel, when (he shall) begin ((3195 mello= about, after that, be almost, to come, be yet)) (to) sound, (the) mystery (of) God (should be) finished ((5056 telos= finishing, aimed at as a limit, resulting, purposed, ending)), as (he hath) declared (to) his (Their) servants (the) prophets.

This “mystery” seems directly related to the prophecy of Dan 12:4,7 – where he is told by an angel to “shut up the vision until the end time,” when he was also told he (his Soul) would stand up again (incarnate into a new human vehicle prepared for him to overcome).

The mystery “revealing,” what the Book of Revelations was to provide is further OPENED, as depicted in the 7 seals of Rev 5-7, by “the Lamb” who is the Soul who was incarnate as Jesus but who during this END TIME incarnates into the “white horse,” which is describing the human vehicle this same Soul takes over to perform his task (to sit) through. It is throughout his incarnation, as begun with his Father that He shares the truth that was formally hidden. I believe it is hidden so the Luciferians don’t have much notice to build up their offense against it, by sowing seeds of deceit as misinformation that twists and distorts the truth. We can see this happening at a very fast pace now that the incarnate stage of the Older Members is over. However, the task of this “little book” is hopefully opening up – shedding light on remaining mysteries as related to prophecy to show how they relate to what TI and DO revealed. Anyone that is sharing TI and DO’s information with others is participating in this task of further revealing as those who were given souls are helped to awaken to see so they can be among the next harvest, though not by laying down their lives in the same way as for those readied for the first fruit harvest, but by GIVING THEIR LIVES IN SERVICE, more kin to the way it was done by Jesus disciples. (For any who think they would not come upon the same fate as Jesus disciples, because no one cares about TI and DO, they only need to start telling the truth at this time and even relate it to the many prophecies that will find ears, probably mostly from younger human vehicles.

If believers in TI and DO were armed with knowing all about TI and DO, together with this books material and they went door to door to the mega churches they would find some ears but mostly would be cast out. Then if some who had an ear for what they said began to believe and the church elders and parents of the younger ones saw how the truth was drawing some of their own, their wrath will escalate to doing all they can to stop any further spread of what they would consider Luciferian new age space alien teachings. As long as we remain in our comfort zone on the internet, we are shielded from the greater wrath of the hierarchical Christians. Plus we don’t know what TI and DO and crew will do in the next years to “turn up the heat” in many ways that could also put us on the firing line. (I am not talking about this as if I am eager for that time, but that’s my human mind talking as my Next Level Mind would want to get it done with to graduate to whatever next station might be available).

Thus after the Kingdom of God’s Two Witnesses and first fruits have exited their incarnation there is a series of events/periods during which all living will be shown the truth of the remaining mysteries for them to understand or choose not to. They must seek out understandings and as they do they will come upon the documentation of the time period of the Two Witnesses incarnate stay because it will still be talked about unfavorably by most, which will continue to alert those that have Next Level help to see through. These will come upon the truth and it will serve as a smelling salt to those who are ready to embrace it, but the truth will also become enshrouded in further misinformation. That’s a big part of what TI and DO did by speaking with new more direct “generic” (non-religious/spiritual) terminology that strips away misinformation. The whole truth will remain bizarre to those who don’t have the inclination (ears/program) to receive it. Even those who do receive it will remain aware of how peculiar it is, but if they push past those doubts will also recognize it’s a truth they have a hard time denying after seeing some of it, though it always remains a choice to deny.

Meanwhile the “time of great trouble not seen since the foundation of the current civilization (world)” aka the tribulation period (as it’s called by many Christians) will be very gradually in motion, starting with the opening of the 2nd seal of Rev 6:3 that starts after the Two Witnesses and Crew have exited, which took place by March 24, 1997. About 3 1/2 years later the “Red horse” – of Rev 6:4 comes manifest.

This first fruit harvest occurs during the end of the 6th Angel with trumpets sounding, thus still before the seventh sounds.

This would then be the time prophesied as:

Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou ((4571 se= your “house” – Family of Minds that came from the same ancestral human family)) must prophesy (4395 propheteuo= speak by divine inspiration, to predict, declare things only known from Older Members revealing them)) again ((3825 palin= through the idea of oscillatory (vibrational) repetition; anew, once more, or as a conjunction, furthermore or on the other hand)) before ((1909 epi= as a relation of distribution, among, beside, throughout, toward)) many ((4183 polus= abundant, common, far, great, sore)) peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

So this Seventh disclosure (trumpet sounding) by voices attempts to shed light on what are still mysteries for many, thus for those that would not find what the Two Witnesses have said as digestible by then without some additional help, understood as needed because of the condition of the human kingdom being filled with misinformation about the reality of the Kingdom of God/Heaven. What these Two Witnesses say is the only information needed to absorb to become an applicant for their future crew, aka Soul birth, harvest, graduation, after the 1000 year recycling period has concluded. Thus there is zero need to start a new group or new classroom or new organization with structured beliefs as the Older Members come incarnate to do so, thus to do so now could open the door to get in league with the Luciferians who then can make it into a new religion and build you up as a foundational leader of it which could lead to the loss of your own opportunity to graduate as it’s a kind of trap.

The information these Two Witnesses directly provide is the entire basis from which their servants can draw in relationship to what Jesus prophesied just like Jesus fulfilled what Elijah/Moses and Old Testament prophets said and how Moses drew from what Enoch wrote that probably had relationship with what Adam passed along. This is the modus operandi of the Kingdom of God/Heaven’s Soul Gardening project, to provide the building blocks that can take a Soul as a seed to a mature new member of their Family. The students are always groomed to be the teachers. The Older Members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven could do all the tasks themselves but then they would not have dependable Older Members in the making. They are not like humans, coveting their positions of power and influence. They are overjoyed to provide the tasks they once performed, while still doing those same tasks repeatedly as well. With each repeat the student body get’s stronger.


I believe the National Geographics Channel’s Season 3, Episode 2 entitled, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate,” that first broadcast on October 17, 2008 on cable and the internet was the Seventh Angels sounding.

National Geographics channel is one of the most popular television publishers in the world, so this would have been seen by even millions of people potentially and in the byline and in two places in the documentary it is brought up to consider that TI and DO’s Heaven’s Gate cult could have been the so called, “Second Coming” of Jesus. I was interviewed for the documentary and appear in it briefly suggesting that. I had asked the director/writer that if nothing else of what I say is useful to please included this and she did. It talked about how hundreds of members had abandoned their family, friends and former lives in search of spiritual fulfillment and dissects how the cult succeeded in disconnecting it’s followers from the bonds of life on earth. To anyone who knows the full Jesus story, they could have had their ears perk up to want to hear more about this group.

Here is a third prophecy I suspect applies to this “7th Angel’s trumpet sounding”:

Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
Rev 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

The Midst or Middle or Mid Heaven, is not a causal description. It means it’s not the area outside of the Earth’s immediate atmosphere so could very well be referring to the way the Next Level knew humans would develop communication technologies that are by in large transmitted to and fro through satellites, thus today’s “internet” and incidentally named, “the cloud” which I doubt is coincidence but the idea for it probably came from a mockery of prophecy by humans who are overall influenced by the Luciferian space aliens, though the Next Level also suggests terms to some who name certain things, though TI and DO referred to that mostly through the media, movies, though it could have certainly trickled down because the truth is prophecy said Jesus would come from among the clouds and then we saw the way Do and Crew put up the document, ‘Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” to about ninety something Usenet sites as their sixth (thunder/roar) and followed by the seventh as the Heaven’s Gate Web Site and Book, so again both from the NET that, though all the data is stored on land based network servers, the exchange of that data is happening a great deal via satellite communication networks, thus from among the upper atmosphere – in the clouds.

About a month after this broadcast Barack Obama was elected the first African American President of the United States and came into office to deal with the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930’s that rippled throughout the world and still does. This was 7 years after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

I had two dreams right before this documentary came out and one was right before election day on November 4th 2008 when Barack Obama won the presidency. Here they are:

September dream – Jwnody and Lggody, two of my classmates that were among the 38 that layed down their lives, though in separate visions in which Lggody said nothing, but Jwnody after him was briefing Sawyer that he was among some being considered for a task and that they were leaving to get their Next Level vehicles to then return with to finish the task. Jwnody delivered this information by thought transmission but while face to face with his memory of the vehicle Jwnody had incarnated into. Sawyer knew well and frequently worked with Jwnody as her classmate. If someone wants to see Jwnody and Sawyer, (who in the classroom was named Swyody), they were helpers of Do on the Beyond Human, The Last Call, video tape series, introduced by Do as June and Sawyer as the “ody” names were only for usage among fellow classmates and with their teachers TI and DO.

October dream – Dstody seems to answer my question about whether to vote for Barack Obama for president: Dstody, who first took the name Destin, was the only student with an African American “black” male vehicle in the classroom from 1975 to October of 1996 when the last member of the group joined, having an African American female vehicle who chose the name, David that became Dvvody. (According to Neo’s book, “Beyond Human Mind, The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate” she chose the name “David” because when the name was shortened to 3 letters to go with the “ody” extension all student members had it would sound like “Devotee” (Dvvody)). Dstody’s vehicle’s sister played Lt. Ohura of Star Trek’s fame. I was Dstody’s partner several times over the years. We did most everything in what we called partnerships of two and occasionally, if there was a odd number as a threesome so no one was without a partner. It wasn’t until after the election that I realized the primary message from Dstody was referring to the Rev 6:5 depiction of a “black horse” as being fulfilled by Barack Obama. By telling me this I felt I was correct in thinking of President George W. Bush (and on the Great British, even E.U. side Prime Minister Tony Blair) as the Rev 6:4 “red (ruddy) horse” that would bring with them great military power which I saw as the endless war on terror they were figureheads to launch.

This is not to suggest these were Next Level Souls holding task positions (sitting) on the Red/Ruddy, Black/Blue and subsequent Green (or perhaps Pale/Green) “horses” in these prophecies. TI and DO said the Luciferian Space Alien fallen angels take over human vehicles that rise to have the most influence over other humans to best forward their agenda. TI and DO also indicated to Hayden Hewes that when someone asks Them (as TI had indicated when humans pray to God, again by whatever language and cultural viewpoint, “those prayers go to where we are”), if what they are asking for is something they want on the human level, They will sometimes arrange for a human to have what they ask for to then show them their prayer was heard, even though they hope the asker will come to see what they asked for as not really what they wanted. The ultimate prayer is to want to do the will of our Older Members on Earth and for help and strength to do their will which can become a constant desire for one’s entire life (but doesn’t mean one would then become a monk/nun to manifest). As TI and DO always said, there are many ways to the top of the mountain but there is only one way off. Monks and Nuns and equivalent have often traded in one set of addictions to humanism for another set. Religions can be very soothing and thus morph into stagnation or “lukewarm.”

The Luciferians are drawn to those who rise to powerful positions to forward their agenda to develop technologies related to getting off the planet and/or controlling others and to provide an opposition to the Next Level as a competition to win over the souls the Next Level plants. Luciferians can not create a Soul and they value souls so seek to steal them from the Next Level. I would guess that this has more to do with souls that have had some awakening as opposed to souls that never awakened or awakened some but then lost what they had gained because they didn’t seek to grow it and instead used what they had gained as the drive to be successful in the human world. That used to be called, “selling your Soul to the devil.” It’s building your “self” into something great in the human kingdom instead of losing your “self” for the sake of our Next Level Older Members from their Kingom in the literal heavens. Each have their rewards but one is very temporary at best while the later can become an eternal reward with the production of more fruit to Next Level Membership.

TI and DO said each of their students was assigned an adversary (the meaning of the word translated to Satan) whom we called “boogers.” If we could rise above their influence to have us drop out of the classroom then we would graduate. When put to a certain level of tests that surfaced a weakness, I failed to rise above their influence and dropped out, though it isn’t over yet.

It is also stated in this next verse that “he shall come in his glory” which is not the incarnate stage. There was no glory (aka VERY APPARENT, MAGNIFICENCE, BRIGHTNESS OF LIGHT depicted to occur via the Two Witnesses prophecy period, the only concrete evidence of “speaking inspired by God” by Two Older Members – Olive Trees, Anointed, Lampstands before the God of the Earth. And there certainly wasn’t any “glory” seen by humans in any of TI and DO’s presentations of their information. They were always seen as misguided UFO cult leaders that were lumped together with mass murderers like Manson and Jim Jones and the like, often blamed on Do’s vehicle’s homosexual lifestyle before becoming awakened. By the way, TI explained that Do’s task was to thoroughly get into most all the things humans were engaged in so he could overcome those human behaviors and ways and then speak from practical experience for the sake of his students that would have picked vehicles that got involved in many of those same things.

Mat 25:31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:
Mat 25:32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:
Mat 25:33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
Mat 25:34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

Glory is equally translated as brightness and being made apparent, observable as opposed to undercover, unseen as when incarnate. He doesn’t sit on the throne alone during that incarnation until he is “birthed to the throne” in Rev 12 by his Older Member who is incarnate in a human woman’s body, fulfilled by TI. It’s that return of his graduate first fruits who are at that point “holy angels” – pure – having no faults, have overcome their human sensuality (recovered their virginity, having become celebrate of mind and body – no longer sexual at all or reproductive having overcome those human behaviors as shown in Rev 14 as requirements for their graduation. Some of the first fruit harvest of Souls among the 38+4 finished their overcoming of humanness so would receive an adult Next Level grown/made vehicle and significant task assignments. Do said some would have to come back incarnate again to finish their overcoming which sounds just like when Jesus said his disciples had to be “born again of water” to come back incarnate again to finish their overcoming – washing their human vehicles clean of human behaviors and ways.

Giving the physical life of one’s own vehicle, whether by one’s own hand, if that’s the way the Next Level Older Members choose the when, where and how to separate the Soul from the body, so the Soul can be put in a new physical “suit” (white garment, clean white linen, white robe), prepared for them or separating by giving one’s own vehicle’s life by telling the truth from the current Older Member that meets the same kind of hatred to result in one’s loss of their physical vehicle by another’s hand, as the genuine Saints and Prophets experienced. Exit of our vehicle for the Next Level, for “God,” by seeking to be pleasing one’s Heavenly Father, by abiding by what we are given to do by the most recent incarnate Older Member is the key and a huge part of the formula to complete our show and service of allegiance. This idea that showing the Kingdom of God, that we want to serve them by belief and good works alone is misinformation. Good works are those “works” that are serviceable to the current Older Member. If we don’t believe ALL the teachings of the current Older Member(s) when we have been able to see and hear them in their latest incarnation, whether in person and/or on audio’s, video’s and through their written words, then we can’t expect to be included in their family to any degree. For those that never become aware of the most recent Older Members incarnation, they have a different criteria to be judged by and we have no capacity to judge who is or isn’t pleasing their Older Member. We need to keep our eyes on our own pleasing of our Older Member.

Nor can we rest on our coattails of past belief and service provided as that can easily turn into service to the Luciferians while saying we are in service to the Older Members. This is shown by all those who say, as Jesus illustrated, “Lord, Lord…” this and that or today, “Jesus, Jesus” yet don’t know him because they haven’t really sought his Mind by often classifying some of what he taught as extreme and fanatical. An Older Members teachings will always be extreme and fanatical to those that don’t recognize his “voice” as their “shepherd.”

Thus the Matthew 25 RETURN begins the Judgment time. It’s when Do and his student body of graduates come back, having laid down their “borrowed” human suits (bodies), with their new physical bodies that were specially grown for them, not born by animal propagation, to take on the task of “HOLY ANGELS” that entails ways of stimulating humans to divide themselves into one of two categories. These graduate students now have the discernment to be servants to facilitate that dividing of humans into the two camps, spoken of as the sheep and goats. It’s accomplished as each person is shown the truth about TI and DO and how they respond to it that then judges whether or not the Next Level chooses to “save” their Soul for a future classroom or to recycle it. This judgment is referring to Souls in relationship to vehicles tagged for them to take over. If one vehicle dies before deciding where they stand I suspect TI and DO’s crew will help that Soul find another “deposited” vehicle they can awaken to belief in TI and DO through. As some “sprout” by beginning to believe and offer their service to TI and DO, a survival past the seed stage, the Next Level Crew then keeps a watchful eye on them and doesn’t permit the Luciferian space aliens to steal their vehicles. TI and DO said that all students who came with them would be going back, thus it seems they get another chance even if they went against the Older Members while incarnate. Soul can be lost though it’s after the Next Level Older Members have given them many chances to pass their tests in the human or equivalent kingdom. Each of the seals are presenting new battlegrounds.

Thus this is depicting what I am calling the second stage of the Older Member from the Next Level’s return which is NOT INCARNATE. It is after he left his incarnation, though it’s the same person who exited but whose face all will see while many will not know what they are seeing, as many don’t know or want to know anything about TI and DO. There is indication he returns after the incarnate stage in the same vehicle he repaired and proved was physical and used to levitate it over the stormy sea and then later on into the spacecraft behind the cloud (covering). Up until then many Christians who could be doing the best they can do under the saturated programming from the Luciferians will be faced with the truth contained within TI and DO’s new generic, rather than religious or spiritual terminology. Do said he is “never going to come showing his old vehicle with it’s scars.” The showing of scars was for Jesus disciples, to help them become even more motivated to tell all and for all who would believe after his exit to prepare them all for the END TIME. During the END TIME 3rd Trimester classroom no proof can be given as proof would be a manipulation when it’s graduation time. When they get certain proves when they are not ready to graduate, they will lose that human vehicle and thus will not have that conscious memory of that proof, though will the memory in their Soul so when they hear about such things through the new vehicle they incarnate into, it will be natural to believe what others who had not that experience think foolish.


But as to the way Jesus describes his return in this brightness and apparency one could consider the recent discoveries of bright lights on the dwarf planet Ceres. One “bright spot” was first pictured by the Hubble spacecraft on December 29 and 30, 2003 as well as into January 2004. As Dawn got closer in January and February of 2015 the one light now looked like two with one clearly bigger and brighter than the other. By June when Dawn began to orbit Ceres from about 2700 miles and the two lights were documented as 14 or more lights of varied sizes and shapes and one large one was distinctly rectangular. They look like a city from space just as human cities might look. As of December of 2015, Dawn has orbited Ceres at both 1800 miles and 900 miles above Ceres. To me it’s clear seeing these is the biggest “sign” from TI and DO showing their literal presence in a way they haven’t done before, at least during this civilization.
(For pictures: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-said-there-would-be-signs-in-the-sun-moon-stars-planets-comets/).

Those that can see who TI and DO are will in some way have the chance to consider TI and DO, that these “signs” are designed to gradually introduce. TI and DO could make themselves even more apparent but that would finalize the judgment faster and the Next Level isn’t into giving humans more than the most open can handle as it could be like putting too much fertilizer on a plant. It can be harmed by the fertilizer. Of course there is an ongoing effort to explain the “spots” as NASA calls them publicity, as sand or ice yet, they did some tests and one light was clearly a light while the other had some additional properties. They took pictures from the side and it didn’t change them so indicates they are generating the light not reflecting it. The latest announcement they are careful to say “may be a special kind of magnesium salt.”

This seems a moot point to try to discount their being lights as who could make out a large sand dune from the Hubble space telescope that was very bright and millions of miles away. Of course they can always just say they don’t know what it is and they would be honest to say so. Many people will default to it being some natural phenomena, like salt or an out-gassing that they simply haven’t seen yet. They would rather see it that way than as a base for living intelligent beings.

I too should not be so quick to call it a base as it could very well be a type of mine for the very element humans and space aliens may be looking for that they learned was used in some of the spacecrafts that provide the power for flight, etc. and anti-gravity. However, whether it’s a base for the Next Level or a staged base made to look like a “city” or a mine for some new element, the fact of it’s appearance at this time for consideration is a huge sign of the timeline in the prophecy because of the approaching 2017 “pale-green” horse that seems to have been a U.S. president before.

Thus it’s the “great day of God Almighty” and the place in which they gather, in the Hebrew tongue is “Armageddon.” Some humans led by the space aliens, know it or not are being told these aliens on Ceres, etc. are the “bad aliens” while they who are saying these are the “good aliens.” The good aliens want to help humans in several ways – to develop weapons to combat the “bad aliens” and/or to find certain elements used for anti-gravity and/or to build underground facilities to hide within should there be devastating environmental disasters, human or otherwise generated and/or attacks from asteroids, etc. or severe weather events that destroy large population centers. They also want humans to develop ways of keeping a body alive indefinitely, grow or construct new organs, genetically engineer human bodies to desired specifications and have energy systems that are not reliant on fossil fuel’s as they are too costly to refine and store for both usage in underground facilities in the event they need to hide, even for a lengthy period like prophecy mentions in Rev 20 as a thousand years. And the Luciferian space aliens, who are Souls using their hybridized vehicles so resent the Next Level so will say and do anything to keep people from gravitating to what their REPS (TI and DO and Jesus, etc.) have said and intended. They can not create souls so this also affords them the ability to add to their ranks so those that were in TI and DO’s classroom would be some of those they most want in their camp.

Meanwhile the Next Level is fostering changes on Earth and in the heavens to alert humans to their real existence. The final phase to the battle called Armageddon takes place as a part of the Sixth Angels pouring out of their vial (plagues). The plague that follows this battle appears to be an earthquake (shaking) and hail storm so large and powerful that literally causes every island to disappear. The new BORDERED BUSTLING OF PEOPLE (city) of Babylon is the United States of America with both it’s original capital, New York City in it’s representation and Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) as shown in many ways but most in the use of the figurehead woman “Columbia” that was first used in it’s representation of the “new world” in 1697 and thereafter, though largely replaced as it’s primary icon by the “statue of liberty,” though remain together as Lady Liberty and Lady Justice on the New York state flag and seal.


Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty ((1501 eikosi= a score, complimented by 5064 tessares= four, thus potentially= 24)) elders, which sat ((2521 kathemai= sit/set (by, down), dwell, fixed abode)) before ((1799 enopion neuter of a compound of en 1722 and a derivative of optanomai 3700; in the face of (literally or as a figure)= before, in the presence (sight) of, to)) God ((2316 theos= deity, magistrates, Officers in the Kingdom of God/heaven’s organization)) on ((1909 epi= among)) their ((846 autos contracted with hautou= their own)) seats ((2362 thronos= thrones)), fell ((4098 pipto (2nd aorist tense usually rendered the aorist past tense), (probably kin to petomai 4072= to fly, through the idea of alighting); to fall (literally or as a figure), descended from a higher place to a lower, lighted down, to descend from an erect to a prostrate position)) upon ((1909 epi= BY, before, on, at)) their ((846 autos contracted with hautou= their own)) faces ((4383 prosopon= the front (as being towards view), person, outward circumstance, external condition, surface, (but complemented with 483 antilego)= dispute, refuse, oppose oneself, decline to obey (self), declare oneself against, refuse to have anything to do with, deny)), and ((2532 kai= also, both, but, even, for, if, or, so, that, then, therefore, when, yet)) worshipped ((4352 proskuneo= forward the Master’s will, [Do called, “to work for”], serve, as “a faithful dog want’s to serve their human master,” that the human master loves as their child [because of their desire to serve as they too desire to serve their Older Member], prostrate oneself for)) God, ((2316 theos= supreme Divinity, magistrate [Older Member]))

– “faces”- There are two Greek words associated with this English translation as noted in the verse. Together they paint a picture of these 24 each having a physical vehicle (face). The other aspect has to do with these; denying their selves – opposing their self, declining to obey self, have nothing to do with self that is what Jesus said was a primary part of being his student (disciple):

Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

By “self” they are speaking of the will of the human vehicle they occupy that they are seeking to overcome. This is the same as Jesus taught to include in our prayer to our Older Member – Father in Heaven – saying “thy will be done on earth” – a plea to again give our will to our Father – to be in His service on earth that must become our giving of all our love, mind, Soul, heart and strength – when we are called by our Older Member’s voice when He is incarnate. Before he is incarnate or we know about his incarnation the best we can do is to show our Father our desire to give our will to Him by adhering to the Second Greatest Commandment – to show love to one’s neighbor as ourselves – do to others as we’d want them to do to us.

Since these 24 are depicted as having sat in view of the throne – their Older Members – in other words literally having task positions with the Older Member, even before coming incarnate this time, the “face” they have is their current physical vehicle and the falling down is referring to “laying down their lives” which happened when they came to earth again during the 1940’s and 1950’s in some of the so called UFO crashes, sacrificing their Next Level made/assigned physical body (face) at that time which is described by “fall” as through “lighting down” related to Greek petomai= to fly, so flying down. Lighting down or alighting down can be seen as a lighted object descending as well as an object somewhat gently coming down and bringing “light” (holy Mind) with them. Some of the UFO crashes were preceded by sightings of a lighted object (cloud of light) descending slowly before crashing.

Since pipto can also mean: “to descend from an erect to a prostrate position,” since we know the Next Level has no bowing and scraping (though understandably some who experienced the Next Level’s physical presence and bright light were reported as having fallen to the ground from feeling weakened and/or thoroughly humbled by the experience) – this verse can also refer to these 24 giving their will to their Older Member Do (and TI who was not incarnate then, but who the 24 also knew as Their Older Member’s Older Member for 10 years) by serving Do’s decision to lay down their human vehicles (faces) which is also their service to their Older Member but is also followed by their service thereafter as Jesus said they would be given the task to separate the sheep from the goats, the tares from the wheat during the judgment time following their exit during the time of the sounding of the seventh angels trumpet shown in the verse before this one:

Mat 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
Mat 13:42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Next Level Members have physical bodies grown for them that for our understanding are compared to “clothing.” (They don’t change clothes often so it’s not like that. If they have a task that has requirements of function that another “clothing” design would be required to perform then they would be issued another vehicle and depending on the task could put their existing vehicle in storage. Do said he put his vehicle “in a closet” before he came. He also said that some of the Students that came with him did the same. I suspect that of the “four living beings” but I could be wrong about that.

One that becomes familiar with this timeline may wonder why the Seventh Angel’s Trumpet is sounded BEFORE these are depicted as “falling on their faces.” One explanation of this is in the tense of the words used.

The way the Greek pipto is used it’s in the 2nd aorist tense which is just indicating a different spelling but is treated as the aorist tense which is translated as the past tense as noted in the use of “fell.”

Included with their “fall” was their giving of service with and by their “fall” (death of the vehicle) as the word “worship” really means. As said before, the Next Level members don’t bow and scrape. It is a humble act to sacrifice your vehicle. It’s not something the vehicle wants to do and especially if the vehicle is relatively happy as I can confidently say all the students of Do were. That is even evidenced by Neo’s own attitude and description, being the one who left the group two weeks before they exited who actually said he didn’t even believe Do was the Second Coming of Jesus and never intended to lay down his life, which was well talked about among all for years before that I experienced before I left and Neo reports as well and there are other proves of.

Here is where these same student Members of the Next Level that again might be interpreted as “four and Twenty four” are first shown to be “falling down,” even indicating they are throwing down their crowns. In other words they are giving up the reward they got for bonding with Jesus that resulted in their detaching from their human world and then self sacrificing their vehicle’s life (as Jesus did) by telling the truth to a hostile barbaric populous, just as Jesus said they must do. (He said they must “drink the cup” he drank contained his blood. In doing so they earned their “crown” but some or all still had not overcome all their mammalian human behavior and ways. That’s why they had to return as Jesus said to be “born again” of water, the flesh birth, as the human baby is born in the water sack and the mass of humanity was also depicted as the “waters” and/or the seas. (They were also depicted as as plants at different grade levels – seeds, grasses, leaves and trees or as animals such as horses):

Rev 4:10 The four and twenty elders fall down before ((799 enopion= in sight of and for sake of)) him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast ((906 ballo= to throw, more or less violent or intense, throw down)) their crowns before ((799 enopion= in the presence of and/or for the sake of)) the throne, saying,

In this case they also are “casting down violently their crowns in view of the throne in addition to “fall down” in view of and for the sake of the one who sat on the throne as a task for the throne. The violence is the “falling by their own person.” In other words their person causes their fall down and then that’s followed by a statement of thanks as in Rev 11:17.

Additional evidence that this is a “falling upon their own person,” another way to word it, seems to make more sense in the light of Rev 4:10 also referring to their sacrifice of their vehicles in the planned crashes. Since Do didn’t think all the crashes around that time were Next Level necessarily in studying the crashes I added up the body count that came to 108. It may be that there was some number close to that as there were just under a 100 original students after the 1260 days of TI and DO’s prophecy was over.

Then when they first assigned us Star Cluster identifications there were about 60 students. A short time after that when the number further reduced I want to say the numbers went down somewhere in the vicinity of 49 or so who were then “adopted” as TI and DO called it. That was when we were each given a name with an “ody” extension. I had been named Sawyer by Do but then became “Swyody” thereafter. If there were around 100 who came but only 42 who laid down their lives, there would be another 58 or so returned Souls that may still be looking for vehicles now. There is no way to know and it doesn’t really matter but the Next Level does have certain positions they sought to fill by this experiment. TI and DO said the positions the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens had were being replaced by the graduate students from this experiment.

The Dragon (Lucifer) is depicted as having Seven Heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns on or by the Heads (If by the heads the 7 crowns would be different ones). But the horns may not be part of this number so with all these considerations the number could be 7 or 14 or 18-25 positions being refilled by the new graduates.

Rev 11:17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O LORD God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

Of the 38 students who laid down their lives in March of 1997, 35 gave a video testimony. All of these had different things to say that directly or indirectly expressed appreciation and thankfulness to TI and DO. Some gave a little advise and some addressed how skeptical they had been about life before joining but how TI and DO’s information could not be denied. Some expressed how the recognized TI and DO immediately or how their information spoke to them in a way they needed to put their total effort into. This was across the board whether they joined in 1975, 1994 or in one case 1996. Their testimonies are recorded in Neody’s book while the video’s are as of 2015 available on YouTube and perhaps from the Heavensgate.com web site that 2 former members who dropped out years before I did were given by Do to maintain. I have nothing to do with that web site.


Rev 11:18 And (the) nations ((1484 ethnos most likely from etho 1486= a race, people, non-believers in the [real] Kingdom of God/Heaven)) (were) angry ((3710 orgizo from orge 3709= provoked, enraged, moved with anger (wroth), stressed, indignant)) and ((2532 kai= that)) thy ((4675 sou= of you, X home (showing possession)) wrath ((3709 orge from oregomai 3713 formally= desire for vengeance, to punish)) is come ((2064 erchomai= accompanied, appear, brings, comes next into being)), and the time ((2540 kairos= occasion, opportunity, (due) season (short) time, a while)) (of the) dead, (that they should be) judged ((2929 krino formally= to distinguish, determine, ordain, sentence to)), and (that thou shouldest) give ((1325 didomi= give adventure, tasks)) reward ((3408 misthos= pay for service, (literally or as a figure), good or bad, hire, wages)) (unto) thy ((4675 sou genetive case of su 4771= of you, X home (showing possession)) servants ((1401 doulos from deo 1210 voluntary subjects)) the prophets ((4396 prophetes= inspired speakers)), and to the saints ((40 hagios from hagos)), and (them that) fear ((5399 phobeo from phobos 5401 are in awe of, revered, frightened [about crossing as one could lose their gift of recognition and opportunities to serve and graduate, so can’t take it for granted and that should be fearful to face])) thy name ((3686 onoma from root of ginosko 1097= called (sur-name), to know, be sure, understand, be aware (of), feel, (have) know (ledge), perceived authority)), small ((3398 mikros= +least, little)) and great ((3173 megas= mighty, exceedingly)); and (shouldest) destroy ((1311 diaphtheiro from diaballo 1225 and phtheiro 5351= to rot thoroughly, corrupt, perish)) (them which) destroy ((1311 diaphtheiro from diaballo 1225 and phtheiro 5351= to rot thoroughly, corrupt, perish)) the earth ((1093 ge= soil and/or occupants, country, ground, land, world)).

-“And non-believers in the Next Level Creators (nations, tribes, gentiles) were provoked and enraged (angry) and of you (thy), (the ones who are angered) are accompanied by a desire for vengeance and to punish (wrath) whoever they are told is responsible which also begins the TIME OF JUDGMENT of the dead.

In this timeline “the dead” constitutes all people who have no interest in giving and showing their allegiance to the Next Level (Kingdom of God/Heaven); creators of the Earth, the heavens and all the life forms. This does not necessarily eliminate religious or spiritual and does not automatically include any group or mindset, for instance atheists. Jesus spoke to that saying just because you call on the name of the Lord, i.e. Jesus, Moses, doesn’t automatically mean the Lord considers you as striving to be in their Family. Belief in a previous Representative really entails belief and trust and faith in all He taught and did, not just the convenient things. Now we are probably all falling short in that regard but at least we should know what those things are that Jesus taught so upon his return (which I say the first stage and only incarnate stage already passed) we stand a chance to recognize him by the same teachings, though updated in terminology, priorities, application and timing.

Thus knowing what Jesus actually taught still gets our foot in the door, because it can ready us to see how those same things are included by the new representative. if one doesn’t believe much if anything he actually said, that does not include what others say he said, then when the same talk returns as it has with TI and DO, that previous belief could go by the wayside.

Since TI and DO arrived and especially with this book that’s showing how the prophecies can be translated and interpreted to show them as TI and DO’s doing, to say we instead believe in Jesus is equivalent to the Jews saying they believed in Moses, when Jesus was the most recent Representative and was “at hand” – in their reach, incarnate. We can’t ignore TI and DO’s teachings and expect the Lord to consider us believers while often clinging to a diluted at best understanding of what Jesus taught. If one really looked at what Jesus taught, they would see that TI and DO were/are teaching the same exact things, fulfilling what Jesus taught.

So the “shaking” (earthquake) seems to be what is being spoken of here as provoking and enraging (anger) these. It is what set off what George W. Bush seemed to have slipped to call a “crusade” as the WTC attackers were said to be Muslim related to Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian who had been instrumental in helping the U.S. through their intelligence services fight a proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afganistan. He and the fighters he enlisted to fight against the Soviets were paid by the U.S. via monies funneled through the Pakistani intelligence service. But essentially it became a religious war on terror and still goes on and is escalating. Some people ask what happened to the predictions of WWIII while it’s in progress.

In the timeline this takes place after the Two Witnesses and first fruit (Four Living Beings and Twenty Four Elders) have risen/graduated (ascended) – invisibly rose from their human condition to start their next task working for the Next Level in the judging process that is based on everyone’s choices going forward until it’s over as illustrated in the remaining opening of Seals. This demonstration of the anger being expressed in the “great sword” that takes peace from humans as they kill one another, thus a military/violent “sword” not like the Next Level Older Member sword of the mouth:

Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

This “power…to take peace from the Earth” was given to George W. Bush and company (who had been eager to do so, from at the least 1997 when his backers entered into agreement to look for a way to stimulate a rebuilding of America’s defenses to a degree of being able to fight a two front war which they saw as requiring another event like Pearl Harbor to win the minds of the people to. It came out in the press through a dissident U.S. General, that even before the U.S. invaded Afganistan the Iraq invasion was being planned so they got their two front war and it actually had no face except to be against those who were of Arab descent who largely abide by degrees to the religion of Islam.

Do spoke well of the continence of a greater degree of chastity among many Muslims that is compared to American Christians but he also knew that since this new age those called Christians were the greater target by the Luciferians to turn their eye away from anything and everything the Next Level would be teaching upon return through the tasks described as the Two Witnesses.

With these who exercise and/or are aligned with their actions of predatory murder, robbery, lies and deceitful manipulations of people with self righteousness and arrogance often in the name of their anti-Jesus religion (for those that think they have belief in Jesus, but actually believe in a false Christ that largely to date has the title of “Christian”), they will be DISTINGUISHED by the Next Level’s graduate Four and Twenty Four Elders (angels), from those who don’t accept that loyalty “mark of the Beast.” One’s chosen allegiance determines where their spirit or Soul is sent, after they exit their physical body. Those that side with this “beast” the governments and institutions religious and secular will be SENTENCED to the “second death” which is the dissolving of their spirit and/or Soul in what is described as the “lake of fire.” Those that don’t are in the “first resurrection” having been included in the “Book of Life,” the database the Next Level has maintained since the beginning of this recent civilizational “overcoming process” experiment.

-“give adventure, tasks (give) pay for service, hire (reward) of you (thy), becoming voluntary subjects (servants), inspired speakers (prophets), and those who are clean, chaste, pure (saints), and in awe of and frightened (in the sense of not taking our being in their good stead for granted, thus motivated to try to meet or exceed their requirements so to stay on that narrow pathway they provide us) (fear) home/house (Jesus called a Mansion/dwelling place) (thy) called, to know, be sure, understand, be aware (of), feel, (have) know (ledge), perceived authority (name), least (small) and greatest.”

The usage of “thy” twice in this verse was of special interest as it is a genitive pronoun that is singular and shows the noun to be possessive. In this second usage it seems to refer to those of the people reading this who have been servants of the Next Level, whether as speakers disseminating the teachings of the Two Witnesses, TI and DO (prophets (careful not to let that word fill up your ego) and of those who are Saints who in addition to speaking about TI and DO wash their robes, clean their vehicles using the guidelines given by TI and DO, remaining celibate in mind and body, giving your whole self to Do and subsequently to TI as said about the 144 and a myriad in Rev 14:1-4, which is the summary of the entire graduation regardless of whether you are among the first fruits who each graduated to their next station in the Next Level in March of 1997 or graduated to their next station when the gate opens again after 1000 years. More on that in the next verse.

-“and corrupt inhabitants (destroy) rot and perish (destroy) earth’s function as a garden (earth)”- Do said the planet was still a good planet to serve the Next Level. He said it was the occupants that would need to be recycled to restore it to the Next Level’s usage.

Those of us who remember the time in the last years before the year 2000 that on top of the regular talk about the end of the world, the secular community got on board with fear of what would happen to the mass of computer systems when the date changed, because most computer date systems by then had a two diget year that would now become 00. Most corporations and governmental organizations had been hiring contract programmers to fix their code. Like so many things, the media drove a frenzied fear by reporting it over and over. It was tagged, “Y2K” where Y=year and K=kilo as 1000. It came and went with very little disruption of computer services but the hype made one wonder if anything and everything could stop working as no one knew which computer systems were 100% fixed if at all and what those computer systems managed in the infrastructure. So it was “fear of the unknown.” That same fear is just a hair away from exploding at every given moment of life. We see it with every disease that comes up. The Swine Flu, the bird flu, cancer, HIV, AIDS and of late Ebola. Those that are most fearful of what they know they don’t know are the ones to push their fear onto others and thus we have the forced vaccination effort led by the “beast” who are filled with fear. And some people are pushing for full disclosure of the UFO – space alien among us facts, when they have no idea how that kind of fear will no doubt create mass hysteria.

Nevertheless, on the heals of the fizzling out of the Y2K fear in the spring of 2000 came the “dot com crash.” Before that it seemed anyone who brought their product to the internet had a huge profit, at least on paper because the world wide web showed so much promise. However, companies were overvalued compared to actual sales thus a crash. In fact the software company I was working for put it’s bread and butter product on the back burner to make a public offering on an internet version at the time of the crash and as a result the company lost their shirt and I ended up losing my senior programming position to a new hire that the owner admitted to me was about finances. Next came the November election wrought with corruption seen mostly in the Florida vote that the Supreme Court of the U.S. topped off by stepping in to overturn the Florida Supreme court by ruling Florida NOT to recount the very close and disputed vote, propelling George W. Bush to the presidency. Then in the actual 2000th year of the millennium, considering that there is no year zero, came the 9/11 WTC “shaking of the Earth,” with wars, pointing the finger at Islam to secure the mindset of the largely conservative Christian religionists, closely followed by the charade that global warming was caused by humans that secured the more liberal minded, often anti-religious, pseudo-spiritual and/or atheistic environmentalist population’s mindset. Then by the time of the 7th year of the new millennium the Global Financial collapse secured largely disabling resistance by putting a much greater yoke on the middle class so they simply had less time, energy, direction and facility to fight against any of the forces that were behind all three agendas. To date the propaganda machinery that still touts itself as free and democratic, though funded largely by the corporations gives the appearance of democracy by encouraging talk shows that are regulated.

Each of these three global wide crisis points are driven by deceit that is not necessarily born by the humans, though they are now party to and certainly foster for the good of their agenda that’s seen as necessary to save the planet and it’s people. All that is true, because their existence and their use of the planet is what is under threat, so they can’t very well see it any other way, that is for those that don’t have the eyes to see as Jesus often said. They want to try to mount a defense against what they increasingly see as a malevolent space alien threat so all they can do to both have a defense and a way to survive whatever comes is their agenda, though how many know this consciously I don’t know. Certainly many are considering that scenario might be playing out when they continuously see signs in outer space and on Earth that no matter one’s beliefs spell big changes afoot. Therefore anything that interferes with their maximum ability to build their defense, like the interruption of energy supplies or by building support against any that are part of their plan is a threat to all. Plus it’s not like everyone has the same information nor the same interpretation of information or the same agreed way of dealing with the information they do have in common. For this reason, government is only for the people to the extent that it keeps them placated or squelched enough to not rise up against them and make any headway towards revealing the truth as there is no way the masses can deal with the truth, so telling them would just bring more anarchy that would drive the state to be more inevitably totalitarian. Any dissident behavior will be seen as the enemy so will be disposed of if anyone takes it seriously. It’s only the Next Level that is keeping that from happening more quickly as the Next Level Older Members and Crew are using this to help awaken those that still have a chance to align with Them.

Thus this verse is outlining the start of the entire time of great tribulation as Jesus said:

Mat 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation ((2347 thlipsis= pressing, pressure, oppression, affliction, distress, straits)), such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

This is identified in the verse by the the people’s being moved with anger, stressed (anger) and their own (thy) desire for vengeance (wrath). This is what brings about the pressure that results in more and more oppression, affliction, distress, which is related to “pressing,” said as “winepress” in:

Rev 14:19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress ((trough (container))) of the wrath ((2372 thumos= passion)) of God.

The Next Level Older Members passion is to provide this opportunity to pass through the eye of the needle, to come through the birth canal out of the human condition a new being with the strength of mind needed to become the pilot of a full fledged adult Next Level body.

Rev 14:20 And the winepress ((trough (container))) (was) trodden ((path under foot (human vehicles as the footstools) must take to overcome)) without ((1854 exo adverb from ek 1537= away, out(-side, of doors), out from among, away from)) (the) city ((4171 polemo= to bustle, warfare, single or series of encounters, battle, fight, war)), and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, (by the space) of ((because of)) a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

This usage of city seems to refer to The United States of America, aka one of the heads of the Beast where those who are to be among the second harvest must path on foot, with their vehicles as their footstool into Next Level membership AWAY from allegiance to America, the “woman,” the New Babylon. The winepress is their “cup” (trough(container)) – task to turn their blood (literal and figurative) because of their effort encountering the pressure, affliction, etc. into “wine.” In other words this is the price every member of the Next Level, student must face to become an elder student that is rewarded with a “white robe,” a new vehicle prepared for them that includes having service on a spacecraft for their Older Members until the option arises to complete their overcoming by sacrificing that new vehicle to be in a classroom on the garden to incarnate (take over) a new human vehicle to take it through the overcoming process with their Older Member showing them the way. This is slated to happen 1000 years after the winepress tribulation period is finished when the civilization is recycled to start a new garden.

Those Christians that are saying that these are all “birth pangs” in front of Jesus return are correct. The problem is not whether the same vehicle that Jesus took with him comes back or not, staying among the clouds to receive those who have shown allegiance to him. The problem is who has shown allegiance to him. If we don’t know what Jesus taught and why and how to think about it now because the record though still very much in tact in the “red letters” is translated and interpreted to dilute the truth into a country club affair then we won’t recognize how the same teachings were provided by TI and DO, so we won’t have any interface with his Mind and thereby won’t see him as the one in the clouds. They would see him as a space alien devil lumping him in with all the real space alien devils.

This next verse depicts the END OF THIS TRIBULATION testing period.


Rev 11:19 And the temple ((3485 naos= dwelling)) of God was opened ((455 anoigo from ana 303 (in compounds)= again and oigo= open up)) in heaven, and there was seen ((3700 optanomai= to look at, behold, to allow one’s self to be seen, to appear)) in ((1722 en= (as the instrument (medially or constructively)), about, after, against, altogether, among, (because) of, for sake of, + give self wholly to)) his temple ((3485 naos= dwelling)) the ark ((2787 kibotos= a box)) of his testament ((1242 diatheke= dia as the channel of an act, because of and tithemi= to place in a horizontal posture – which was the contract, covenant, thus to lay down (give) one’s life)): and there were lightnings ((796 astrape from astrapto 797, most likely from aster 792 most likely from the base of stronnumi 4766 = lightning; by analogy, glare= lightning, bright shining, a star (as strown over the sky) [thus potentially what we see as signs and events from the Sun, Comets, Asteroids, Meteors and Fireballs])), and voices ((5456 phone probably akin to phaino 5316 through the idea of disclosure (also from 5457 phos from obsolete phao= a tone (articulate, bestial or artificial); by implication, an address, saying or language, to lighten (shine or make manifest), disclose thinking, be seen via noise, sound, voice, [further revealing of “backside of book” mysteries prophesied by “John”])), and thunderings ((1027 bronte akin to bremo= to roar, thundering)), and an earthquake ((4578 seismos from seio 4579; a commotion, tempest, to rock (vibrate, formally, sideways or to and fro), i.e. (generally) to agitate (in any direction; cause to tremble); as a figure, to throw into a tremor (of fear or concern)= move, quake, shake)), and great hail.

The dwelling (temple) of Deities (God) in outer space (heaven) is OPENED UP AGAIN (allowed to be seen and entered) with eyes and understood as the instruments (to learn ABOUT and be for or AGAINST and to come AFTER that) FOR THE SAKE OF GIVING SELF WHOLLY, TO HIM who dwells (temple) with them (Do incarnate on in the earth temple area in the western U.S.), as their CHANNEL OF CONTRACT/COVENANT (ARK/BOX/Vessel (area of heaven (spacecraft) to be saved from destruction (Second Death in Lake of Fire)) as determined during the time of JUDGMENT/DISPOSITION of whether we show allegiance to HIS Testimony (what he came to be a WITNESS to, in GIVING – LAYING DOWN HIS LIFE (as He, incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus first demonstrated) all importantly while IN HIS SERVICE TO HIS OLDER MEMBER to show us, so we could chose to do it too.

TI and DO talked about how human’s souls, spirits/minds were being “saved” into “BOXES.” This is just one of many of the proves that they were from the Next Level. Anyone else would have described being “saved” as being saved to “paradise” as Jesus said to the thief on the cross next to him when he said he believed in Jesus. And anyone else would have thought that also meant that person’s Soul saved would be in “heaven” because Jesus said he would be with him, but no one else but the genuine REPS would know that stage of being saved was not equivalent to becoming a member of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven where they would be like the “angels” who are awarded a Next Level made vehicle and are given service according to what they deserved and worked for, instead of just being “saved into a box,” so to speak, a particular location in the first part of the overall “heaven” that is part of any number of their dwellings “many mansions” in the literal outer space heavens (temple of God in heaven).


That dwelling (temple), at least in one of them, because members of the Next Level are not limited to one dwelling place, (remembering how Jesus said, .”..in my Fathers HOUSE there are MANY dwelling places (mansions in most translations),” seems to have become visible to earthlings (opened) as the ARRAY OF LIGHT SOURCES ON THE DWARF PLANET CERES, photographed extensively at various distances, the closest so far reported as 900 miles away, by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft from June 2015 til the time of this writing in August of 2016, as it orbited Ceres in that year at about three different elevations.

The lights look similar to what a earth city looks like from a similar distance. One person compared it to Las Vegas, with what looks like a string of lights going off in an arc in one direction and another array in a type of rectangular shape with lots of two and three groupings. The biggest light source was what the Hubble Telescope first photographed in 2003 that prompted NASA to build Dawn to get a closer look at. It was much brighter than any mere reflection seen before. Dawn was launched in 2007 and by January of 2015 when Dawn computers were taken off sleep mode and took pictures, what was one light now looked like two and one was noticeably brighter than the other. When Dawn began to orbit the Occulus crater where this array of lights were (although there were other lights and a strange pyramid shape that was also luminous on one side and had a number of very straight equidistant vertical ridges), NASA had some on board tests of the quality of the light and the brightest one wasn’t from a thermal source – in other words had no heat signature while another section did have a heat signature to the light emission, ruling out coming from a volcano or flammable liquid ignition source.

When Dawn got to it’s 900 mile orbit that main light was clearly shown to look like a huge tree stump (without branches) that was calculated to be 5-10 miles tall and that the light was coming from inside it so it was thought to be some type of crystalline structure that had huge root looking sections extending out to form it’s base, where it met the ground but as if it was a tree whose earth was washed away at it’s base showing darkness underneath it.

There are a number of signs that these Ceres Lights were and still are a big SIGN in the heavens, among the Sun, Moon, stars (planets), as Jesus said we would see at this end time that there have been many to document to suggest this as perhaps the biggest sign so far which was just ahead of the 4th SEAL OPENING – Daniels MID WEEK affirmation period (a SEVEN is how oaths were taken, repeating something we were shooting for seven times).

For pictures: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-said-there-would-be-signs-in-the-sun-moon-stars-planets-comets/)

The Next Level had the prophecy laid out to cross reference one another and it’s not an accident that the “temple in heaven is OPENED” while the 7 seals are also described as being OPENED. The SEALS opening were first spoken of in Rev 5:1 pertaining to the revealing of the content of the BOOK that had both it’s primary part “written from within (the Throne)” – In TI and DO’s classroom, published in 1997 and it’s “Backside” part, described in Rev 10 as the “little book” that John is told he must prophesy about during the time of the Seventh Angel’s trumpet that sounded soon after the Two Witnesses and graduate FIRST Harvest Student body “ascended,” which would have been the first time the “gate/door” to the spacecraft “Heaven” was opened.

So each seal opening also provides stages in which humans who were deposited with Next Level “souls” were nurtured by a Next Level crew that OPENED Heaven to them by helping them SEE the Truth in what TI and DO taught and how it’s context is 100% consistent with all Jesus taught. However for most the content of the BOOK as the whole truth remains mostly a mystery as there is a timing to when certain grade levels RISE/AWAKEN to SEE. The Next Level doesn’t stop anyone from reaching for the truth so it’s not restricted in that way. Some just are not yet ready and the Next Level knows many who are approaching readiness for them to take their next step towards graduation and that includes Their helping them break away from their humanness at a pace they can handle that is also according to each of our asking – regardless of the terms we use to describe our faith and trust in the Next Level we know created everything and all the life forms and our desire to grow closer to Their kingdom.

Considering it’s name Ceres, named after the Roman goddess of the harvest, from it’s forerunner the Greek goddess Demeter it’s name stems from the Greek word chloros translated by most Bible translations of Rev 6:8 as “pale” while in three of the four locations where it is listed is clearly translated to “green,” which is a natural color depiction to a degree of harvest. Jesus referred to the ultimate readiness for harvest as “white” (pure), (Jhn 4:35), which is also the color of chlorine (rooted in chloros) and when applied to plant matter turns white (as in bleach).

A recap of some of that evidence of which “horse” of the four associated with each of the first four SEALS opening, the White Horse (The Next Level Older Member who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” most recently incarnate named Do on his Marshall Herf AppleWhite vehicle), The Red Horse who is given power to make war as seen by the endless war on terror began in 2001 is the “horse” named G.W. Bush who is “sat on” by a Luciferian space alien Soul, and Black Horse, named Barack Obama a Luciferian space alien Soul sits on that brings taking the yoke of Two BEASTS by assisting with the endless global effort to siphon money, funds into the coffers of those who were preparing to fight against and/or hide under the earth and/or escape from earth that we saw as the Global Financial Crisis that started in 2007-8 as Obama came into the presidency.

Note, since there has been a correlation with the presidents and even can see the White Horse depiction with it’s flip side reference to how White Light is related to the meaning of Lucifer’s name – Angel of Light and it is the BEAST that is ridden upon by Lucifer, depicted as the dragon that subdues the Two Witnesses, via a media shooting them down in 1975, and even through president Bill Clinton, when Do and Crew exited, his being quite “white” in every way kin to the Luciferians, when he spoke out against Do and Crew’s exit as if he knew it was wrong and evil, which of course is normal for a programmed human vehicle captured by a Luciferian Soul to think and feel compelled to say.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of the time of the 4th SEAL opening as the Green Horse is through the United Nations based front organizations set up by pawns of the U.S. Secret Government as the Global BEAST’s Elite (The US and EU) agendas who curiously tout “Saving the Planet/Earth” – from what they have successfully propagandized as a HUMAN CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING PHENOMENA using the truth that THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR, that is the human world and the Next Level says they will simply refurbish/recycle, spade under the current earth and it’s civilization to start a “new earth,” (Rev 21:1). So they are led to use the truth from prophecy and ignore the Next Level’s part in it because after all the Luciferians resent the Next Level has power over them and it all and have their various agenda’s they need humans for and actually lost the Next Level degree of consciousness they once had, so they are bound to creating facsimile causes they can use to garner support among humans.

Humans who are especially among the liberal intelligentsia have become so distant from the One True Kingdom of God’s reality that they can’t even imagine or at least are not willing to admit it publicity that the Kingdom of God is most responsible by a vast long shot, for climate change, when it’s also throughout prophecy in the Old and New testaments that says the world would be actually be destroyed by “fire”, to include heat, this time around and the evidence of that is a great deal of increased volcanic eruptions since the late 1990’s when Do first went public as the return of the same Older Member Soul who had been incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus.” He wasn’t “Jesus” because Jesus was the name of the vehicle prepared for his Soul to incarnate into to perform his task through.

So these human bestial elites unknowingly powered by their Luciferian Space Alien influences, largely turn away or re-direct into an illusion any remaining hint of the fact of the Next Level Above Human’s existence and ruler-ship over the earth and everything. For the religious they even shift the way prophecy fulfillment is evidenced that the Two Witnesses must have come incarnate already and how they were to be the return of the Father and the One who was incarnate last in the name of his vehicle then, “Jesus,” into mutating the Two Witnesses prophecy into more symbolism to ignore it’s literal depiction that would then point to looking at TI and DO’s authenticity. So they see all the signs of Jesus return but most often miss seeing all his prophecy that said he would be talking to us again, so just anticipate his return in/among the clouds which is slated for his return before judgment is finalized, when that judgment is based mostly on what TI and DO taught that many, even most probably refused to look at. (I have spoken to many and that is the consistent consensus).

However I don’t actually believe this OPENING OF THE TEMPLE OF GOD IN HEAVEN is the event of the discovery of the Ceres Lights and Crystalline Tower though it does seem the Ceres lights ongoing event is the SIGN of that opening. Perhaps this is why this OPENING is written as a RE-OPENING. The SIGN was the first opening as it certainly is opening many minds among those who are observing it, though most are just puzzled and a tiny tiny few have heard my interpretation so at the least it becomes a potential seed. Those in the higher echelon of governments to include the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the military are watching especially close while they have already had 70 years of proof of space aliens on earth and have even had some degree of joint operations with space aliens, however short lived, but which became a huge help with technology development, that is according to a number of reports.

These military chiefs know they can’t tell the public what they are up to and only some politicians are in the loop and some corporate moguls as well I imagine as they look for ways to hide sucking money from every source they can to use to build their war machine. There is no better way to build up that war machine than to be quick to go to war and quick to stimulate wars and quick to arm both sides of any conflict, to make more money from all aspects, which has been going on for decades now but was really stepped up in the late 1990’s when Do and Crew were preparing to go pubic again, but this second time as the document, ‘Undercover “Jesus” Resurfacing Before Departure’ – the Sixth Thunder reveals found posted:

Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure By Do

Revelations 15:5 seems to indicate the same OPENING which is followed by the 7 Angels pouring out their vials – the plagues and calamities over the earth and especially on the U.S. and E.U. territories that seem to show their biggest manifestation (since they have been being shown in limited ways before now), during the time of the Sixth Seal Opening starting with a “great earthquake,” the sun becoming blackened” and the “moon becoming as blood,” followed by stars of heaven falling to earth” (in this case perhaps meteors, etc.) and then the spacecraft called “heaven departs as a scroll” that maybe what causes “every mountain to move out of it’s places” that all signals the “kings of earth and most everyone related to them, even some wishing they would die, while fleeing to the hiding places many of the elite humans have prepared, “in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains” as they try to “hide from the FACE (presence) of him sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb” in Rev 6:12-17.

At this point the Next Level may have a way to project the truth of who they are, so like it or not everyone will be forced to deal with the truth of who it is that’s causing all this calamity, though who knows how each person may translate that information – some probably thinking they are the evil space aliens, especially since Bob Lazar reported he read in the “yellow book,” that was provided to him, allegedly initially written by space aliens, that said they had created Jesus as a way to enslave mankind and had video footage of Jesus on the cross to prove it. I guess if the space aliens can make holograms like the virgin Mary at the Fatima sightings that TI and DO said was not the Next Level and said they could do, they could also come up with some type of video footage as well. I guess it’s possible, since at least some of the space aliens look no different than humans, that they could walk into a store and buy a video camera or get one of their abductees to do so and then pick them up again and transfer their footage. I don’t pretend to know if that was even a real event and if it is how many ways there are for them to manifest what they want to do.

But this event of fleeing from the face (vehicular presence, identity) they link with having authority over them (throne) and being related to the Lamb – the Older Member who served as the Lamb, namely to date in the name Do – thus would seem to be a depiction of the return spoken about as “in His Glory” and from a vantage point in the sky, upper atmosphere and/or near space, that triggers the start of the greater part of the “great day of wrath” referenced to Rev 15’s description of the Seven Angels pouring out their vials – plagues/calamities described in Rev 16.

One might wonder throughout all these different ways of pointing to the same events why not use the same illustrations, the same terms even, but this was meant to be a mystery to figure out and present when the time was right and of course with a great deal of evidence to show that it’s all through and giving credit (glory) to TI and DO and their teachings. (I remind, that as I understand it from TI and DO, They have no need of receiving credit and glory as they are just fine without any of it. It’s purely so we can each decide whether to recognize them or not, regardless of how we show them, so they can determine who to work with and save the Soul of for a future opportunity to grow into their Next Level Above Human.

Also I don’t think these events of the presence of his face, however that is manifest, is the same as when the Ceres lights were discovered for two reasons. One, the timing of the Ceres lights discovery being 2015 is far before the Opening of the Sixth Seal. If the Next Level is following the same pattern of time then there are about 7-8 years for each seal opening period and the evidence is that 2017 starts the opening of the fourth seal. This OPENING would then follow the time depicted in Rev 11:18 as when the “time of the dead are judged (separated, picked out, selected, chosen, approved, preferred, determined) which seems to be right in line with the way Rev 6’s fourth and fifth seals are the times that the “prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great” are rewarded for their “standing for TI and DO and/or against showing allegiance to the BEAST, by receiving it’s marks or it’s Image (spirituality and religiosity – including looking up to space aliens and even to holograms like Fatima that would seem to be expected.)

Also, the CERES lights of 2015 were only visible through NASA and I don’t think the Next Level would plan on that medium being in between their fulfillment of prophecy so people could easily write it off as done in Hollywood or via some other human technical means – though some will always take that view anyway no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary.

(Ceres pics: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-said-there-would-be-signs-in-the-sun-moon-stars-planets-comets/)

I would also suspect these events with the opening of the Sixth Seal will be a signal to some TI and DO believers and others who can be thought of as the “meek” – the humans who are kind, gentle, compassionate, non-violent, forgiving, tolerant, etc. according to Jesus saying, “the Meek shall inherit the earth,” to leave all behind to share with people face to face their belief in TI and DO if they know about them, while perhaps eventually making their way to the area described in prophecy as Armageddon, that I believe to be the Magdalena and Manzano, Mountainaire, New Mexico area, which would also be during some of the manifestations of the Vials being poured out – the calamities that remove the “tares” which has been happening in degrees ever since TI and DO and Crew exited their incarnations but will escalate significantly it seems as of 2017.

Leaving all behind to give our total will and allegiance to the Next Level, through the most recently “present – incarnate” Older Members is the only true definition of what Christians are calling a “rapture” – a catching away from the world – being willingly caught like a fish by the Next Level to become part of their program to gain membership in the Next Level via overcoming the human evolutionary condition under the direction of TI and DO’s instruction they left behind. Thus these verses below automatically and generally refer to when TI and DO started publicity speaking – “blowing their trumpet” but seems to have even more application when for the second time during this third trimester the Older Member – Do shows in some way his presence (Face), though this second time NOT incarnate, as the pathway through the Heaven’s Gate has already been laid by TI and DO and Crew of returned “saints” so this second coming will be what was described by Jesus as “in his glory” – brightness and apparency in the elevated areas for every eye to see:

Mat 24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Mat 24:38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
Mat 24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Mat 24:40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
Mat 24:41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
Mat 24:42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
Mat 24:43 But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.
Mat 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

I have described the evidence of choosing Manzano and Magdalena area in the section: IV.F.2. THE GATHERING AT ARMAGEDDON – In short Manzano is the nearest town to where Do and Crew began to build what they called, (according to Neo’s book which has many errors in it), “The Launch Pad” and referred to as their “Monastery Fortress” that was to contain a building made out of recycled automobile tires packed with adobe that was known as a “earth-ship” design by it’s originator who they sought out. Their plan for the “fortress” included a lookout TOWER, perhaps to watch for the Lord’s arrival by or to see anyone approaching or simply because that was the instruction Do felt he got from TI (who was outside her vehicle by then but who Do knew was present helping him from a new more advantageous to that stage of their task, vantage point). I bring up the “watching for the Lord” because while living out doors in Wyoming mostly, we often had what TI and DO called, “Night Watch” all through every night, with a fire and it was scheduled for a partnership to perform the watch for an hour each night. We would watch the heavens and record anything noteworthy we would see. After each hour the on duty partnership would wake up the next scheduled partnership by tapping on the outside of their tent.

This 40 acre piece of land that was covered with pine trees that Do and Crew bought (and sold before exiting their human vehicles), that had been an old Boy Scout “camp,” is most interesting in the way the prophecy was worded as a “camp of the saints” arising in Rev 20:9, noting how they called it their “Monastery Fortress” (relating to that battles listed to occur at the “spot” called Armageddon in Rev 16:16 and to the depiction of the Saints, (those Souls in human vehicles who gave their human lives up in service to Jesus) who then graduate the human kingdom, depicted as the 4 Living Beings and 24 Elders, when they became the student body crew of the Two Witnesses, then coming back with their new “fine linen, white and clean” made for them physical bodies, as the Lord’s army. (Rev 19:14).

That Camp of the Saints prophecy is referencing the time as 1000 years after the “wrath of God” (7 plagues/vials) have been “poured out,” and is “done” (with that stage) that seems to be after the BEAST (U.S. Secret Govt) and False Prophets (Christian Leadership) are cast alive into the Lake of Fire (their vehicles and their Souls (as a Soul is counted as living because until each individual in that mindset goes against the Next Level, they have the capacity to become really alive) in Rev 19:20. But that can mean that the gathering to the Armageddon area starts before that 1000 years time and that one battle does transpire then and then again in a final way after the 1000 years.

The part of the word Ar in Armageddon means, “city and/or tower and/or hill/mountain.” Magdalena comes from “Lady on the Mountain” and I recall TI and DO indicating was part of a triangular area in New Mexico that had some special significance. I don’t know what significance it had, but the “camp” was near Manzano not Magdalena that is about 100 miles away.

So the Sixth Angels pouring out of the Vial (calamity) seems to bring to a head the biggest manifestation of the three unclean spirits in Rev 16:13-14 that are used for the gathering of “Kings of the earth,” etc. to the great battle. These three are described as “like frogs” – seemingly depicting them as reptiles, aka serpents, dragons, hissers (with forked tongue as they spoke about the “White man” in the Americas) as they are deceivers and likely the Fallen Luciferian Space Alien Souls, who come out of the mouth of the Dragon (Lucifer and his fallen Associate Souls), The Beast (U.S. Secret Govt Elites who formed the New “Babylon” World Order because of the Space Alien’s being allowed to come out of their underground and undersea prison cells in the 1940’s and 1950’s presence) and The False Prophets (those who are the religious and/or new age spiritual leaders, preachers, teachers – to include contactees, channelers, etc.).

These three groups of humans led by the Lower Forces Souls and discarnate spirits using physical bodies or not are given the freedom to lure humans with their “wonders”:  TI and DO gave the example of what they called a hologram in the Fatima, so called Virgin Mary sightings and others of that nature over the years such as bleeding and crying statues, etc. There have been a number of events people are reporting of late, like seeing a cross in the sky, an angel on the top of the World Trade Center Memorial lights, fire from the sky (Rev 13:13) – Fireballs similar to what the Next Level did before, like the recent 2016 Fireball that changed directions or like the Norway Spiral in December of 2009, that occurred at the Global Warming Conference (I claim is a front to talk about the Space Alien problem with some) and when Obama was in Finland to receive the Nobel Peace Prize or like the California fireball looking display in 2015 and no doubt many more), along with more general UFO sightings that can be anything from drones to new military aircraft to photo-shopping and video “cgi” technologies to where there is no longer a clear sense of what is real and what is contrived or done by space aliens unless it’s happening in deep space and then we know most of it is most likely a result of something the Next Level instigated and wanted us to see, though some think all that is also human fabrications. That’s all our choice as a test to consider.

But then in Rev 16:15 the Lamb of God is depicted as saying he is coming again to “gather them together,” speaking of, “he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments” into a “place” – “a marked off space, an inhabited place as a city, village, district, opportunity, occasion for acting” “called” – named – in reference to the Hebrew, Armageddon” thus indicating someplace similar even in sound in this new temple area of the U.S. Southwest.

It hardly seems like a coincidence at all that the Manzano Mountains are generally northeast of Magdalena, New Mexico and south of Albuquerque and Sante Fe, and most especially Los Alamos National Laboratories, the hub of technology development for the entire U.S. and all it’s related history regarding Space Alien contacts and alleged joint operations as described in an underground base called Dulce, New Mexico.

This gathering seems to start in earnest sometime during 6th seal opening, simultaneous with some still delivering the truth about TI and DO to others, that for most may be on foot and may start at any time, leaving areas east of the Mississippi that appears will be dried up by then and to where the U.S. infrastructure has been destroyed by water on the east coast perhaps through the Rev 18 “Millstone like object cast into the sea” that seems to result in submerging all islands, thus Manhattan and Long Island, and in the western region destroyed largely by fire and volcanic eruptions, ash and smoke – perhaps brimstone also stimulated by whatever is like the “millstone” but perhaps into the Great Salt Lake area, etc. and/or having something to do with a Yellowstone eruption that again may include the way the people in allegiance to the BEAST who hide in their underground facilities are “dissolved in the Lake of Fire” because of.


The same gathering before the recycling and before the 1000 years and during the end of the 6th Angels Vial is poured out is shown from another perspective AFTER what I’m calling Do with his Armada shows themselves more apparently in the near heavens – for every eye to see described in Rev 19:11-16 which I believe is the manifestation of the next part in Rev 11:19, that of Their being “SEEN IN HIS TEMPLE THE ARK OF HIS TESTAMENT” where “ark” refers to his spacecraft described as a “white horse,” that contains the instrument of the Student Body’s COVENANT – THE WORD MADE FLESH – PRESENTLY IN THE NAME OF “DO,” returned with all the graduates who were with him also in spacecrafts described as their “white horses” while all of these graduate “Saints” have new Next Level vehicles, described as “CLOTHED IN FINE LINEN, WHITE AND CLEAN,” while Do’s vehicle is described as “CLOTHED WITH A VESTURE DIPPED IN BLOOD,” indicating how he was the same one who performed the task of shedding his vehicle’s blood 2000 years ago while incarnate in the name of “Jesus,” and took that vehicle on board his spacecraft in the clouds, where according to Do he then exchanged it for his Next Level grown/made vehicle so that in this return he had a vehicle that was “like the son of man” as said in Rev 14:14 which was what He and his Student body TESTIFIED OR WITNESSED to would happen by their adherence to Their covenant with He and His Heavenly Father.

This then is when the division of sheep from the goats is finalized and the Luciferian space aliens , “fowls that fly in the midst of heaven,” are allowed to have at those separated out as the “goats” before the BEAST and False Prophets are completely dissolved in the Lake of Fire. This would also be the completion time of the pulling up of the TARES Jesus spoke of. (The Tares are those who the Luciferian space alien Souls influenced to be in their camp so they look like the wheat the Next Level sowed the seed of, but are only a facsimile. They may be some who have peaceful and talk of love and enlightening thinking but who are among the Spiritual New Agers who no longer have any concept of Creator Beings but have been led to think they are the “gods” because of this convoluted thinking that God is everything so all are parts of God and thus all will find Heaven. Even some former members of TI and DO’s group are thinking like this now.

Rev 19:17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;
Rev 19:18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.
Rev 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

Again, this shows that the Next Level has shown up in the most apparent way by this time, not simply as lights on dwarf planet Ceres but in a way that identifies them as Living Beings, the Kings of the earth, no doubt seen by many as the evil space aliens, though also recognizing their great authority and power they still seek to battle against.

TI and DO’s Armada which is the last straw before they are all dissolved while alive. I suspect this means their human vehicles are living at the time when they are swallowed up by the Lake of Fire, possibly by volcanic lava being directed into their underground hiding places:

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

The space aliens then have access to those remaining who had given their allegiance to the BEAST and/or False Prophets (e.g. False Christians who went along with teachings Jesus didn’t provide while using the name Jesus as their Lord):

Rev 19:21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

This form of “slain” is with the mouth. In other words, the Next Level by making their truth available for decades served to separate by those words, roars, disclosures those that believed in TI and DO and/or the Next Level, so were kept from being harvested by the Luciferian Space Aliens so may become those salvaged when the rest are recycled in the events depicted in the Seventh Angels pouring out of his Vial:

Rev 16:17 And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.
Rev 16:18 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
Rev 16:19 And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
Rev 16:20 And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

– GREAT HAIL – not ordinary hail is shown:

Rev 16:21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, (every stone) about (the weight of a) talent ((about 75 pounds in weight): and men blasphemed ((railed against)) God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.

This is shown as being “done” before the 1000 years starts.


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