TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.B.-The Seven Seal Openings-Second Seal-“Red Horse” (G.W.Bush) – Endless Military War


Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast ((Living Being)) say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

The Soul that “sat” on this horse described as ruddy/red would primarily be instrumental in “taking peace from the earth.” He was “given” a great sword is a reference to the military. The Next Level doesn’t promote the waring nor help them build up their military might. They just know this is the direction the Luciferians always try to influence the humans to, but They for a time HOLD BACK the larger part of their efforts to allow Their incarnate Older Members “Overcoming Classroom” to operate, since during the time of this waring there will be increased scrutiny of dissident groups that strange cults could then become targets of. Thus when the “overcoming classroom” was completed and they exited their incarnations they removed the restraints they put upon the Luciferian influences thus “giving” the humans the freedom to re-engage their quest for power.

Note the Greek word translated to “kill” in this verse is sphazo, which is a straight forward way of describing “slaying, slaughtering, butchering, to put to death by violence, to mortally wound” others. And that’s what the world got primarily from the one sitting upon this Ruddy/Red horse – ENDLESS WAR using the 9/11 attacks as the justification.

So this time period is marked by the establishment of the New World Order with the U.S. having it’s seat and authority. The Luciferian Space Aliens (the Dragon) provides the ultimate power in the technologies their pawns, the space aliens had been sharing with the U.S. government since the 1940’s and 1950’s crashes and other cooperative efforts reported since, to include an alleged meeting at Holloman Air Force Base in 1979 and an alleged jointly operated U.S./space alien underground base near Dulce, New Mexico where hybridization experiments were being carried out. (It’s not important that these are totally accurate in terms of times and locations as in part it could be misinformation or a mix of real and disinformation. However, overall, Do came to know some cooperation were going on and since my study of prophecy that has been born out, however unofficially documented.

It’s because of the U.S. knowledge of the space alien presence and help with technology that many humans in positions of power were motivated to do whatever it took to steer the country in directions they could not tell everyone about because they felt it had to do with both survival of the current way of life and even the human race, while enabling the potential to rival the power of the space aliens. These objectives were significantly moved ahead at various stages over the last 40+ years but seem to have been secured more formally in the government when the U.S. Supreme Court illegally stepped in to instruct the Florida Supreme court not to recount the Florida 2001 presidential election votes, amidst many irregularities that surfaced, after the Florida court voted to do that recount. Though it’s a continued debate, there is at least one report that claims Gore would have won the presidency, while the greater awareness of the space alien threat seemed to be held among those more in line with George W. Bush and his Republican party and their military and security affiliates who had become the basis of what became known as “The Shadow Government.”

The plan to fully take over the U.S. government was hatched in 1997 officially through the documentation produced by the private think tank/committee called, PNAC, “Progress for a New American Century” that called for “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” which they wrote required a Pearl Harbor type of event, so America could be prepared to fight a war with two major fronts. So that is what they got and the 9/11 plan was hatched, though no doubt was taking advantage of those who hated the U.S. who were behind the first bombing attempt of the World Trade Center. (Again, for all I know some of this is inaccurate. It’s not that important how it was done and who was behind it the most. It’s all lower force Luciferian driven space aliens getting humans to do their bidding in one way or another and deceit and lies are always part of their modus operandi, to get humans to develop the technologies and will to use them so they can hope to get off the planet before the next recycling period forces them underground again.

This verse describes this effort and how it was orchestrated by the Luciferians for the creation of a one world government with all it’s allies to include all human interested organizations and governments who had become programmed to think the earth was their planet to do with whatever they wanted, though little did they know that period of their having such power was coming to an end. Some of the space aliens know the ones they think of as just another race like themselves have significant technologies to try to combat or escape from, thus the more governments cooperating the better, while also keeping the worlds so called rogue governments ineffective in reducing their largely hidden agenda to war against the Kingdom of God as depicted in Rev 16’s battle of Armageddon. (There will not be any contest in this battle).

This next verse describes the formulation of that One World Government that is called the Beast – a wild, poisonous animal because to the Next Level they are mammalian humans who work against the Next Level’s plan for the garden, though the Next Level takes advantage of their choices by subjecting their upcoming students to their Luciferian mindset and it’s influenced over them, as when the students conquer caving to their influence they show they are ready to take over the positions the one’s called the Luciferian fallen angels forsook when they broke ranks with their Next Level Older Members.

Rev 13:2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

To review alot of the details that show the assent of this BEAST to it’s One World Domination, see sections: III.D.4.b.i., ii., iii., and iiii. that describes a significant description of the way the 4th kingdom’s Beast rose to power as shown by the Old Testament Prophet Daniel’s night visions.

This extends to the opening of the 4th Seal which is when the New World Order is in place in a cooperative attempt to prepare to fight against what one part of the elite, who lean to Atheism and/or New Age Spirituality, are behind the governments under the impression the Reptilian Space Aliens are mounting an attack on Earth, while another part of the Christian leaning elite see the space aliens rightly as all Luciferians but don’t distinguish how they are actually under the spell and misinformation of the Luciferians to continue to think the Kingdom of God/Heaven is a spiritual realm. Thus both factions that are global in scope are preparing to war in the heavens against space aliens, while they have become the puppets of the space aliens to be mounting an attack/defense against who really are the Evolutionary Level Above Human whose Older Members literally created by hard work our entire reality – the stars, planets and all the life forms as their hothouse to grow Souls upon for their new membership opportunity.

Further details are provided in section: III.D.10. re: Rev 11:13 – The Same Hour (40 years) great shaking… Rev 6:3-4’s Second of Seven Seals being opened).

Rev 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered ((admired)) after the beast.

I believe the U.S. is one of those heads and it’s wound was the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that shook the world and also stimulated the Red/Ruddy “horse” figurehead, U.S. president, George W. Bush to start a global wide “endless war on terror.” For a brief time world opinion of the U.S. sky rocketed. The beast, the U.S. was “admired.”

This might have to do with the timing of the instigation of the U.S. war on Iraq, when the U.S. leaders were trying to gather support to go to war against Saddam Hussein working (worshiping) the Luciferians interests of building U.S. technologies that are accelerated by war in the increased funding and manpower and related developments:

Rev 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying ((lay forth, set discourse)), Who ((what, where every man)) is like ((similar in character)) unto the beast? who is able to make war with ((amid, accompanying)) him?

Also this might be setting the stage for what Rev 16 calls the war of Armageddon which is against the ones the “Beast” – bestial humans loyal to governments, institutions, corporations and supportive individuals knowingly or not fostering or turning a blind eye to what has become called “business” but is actually highly predatory “poisoning” human mammalian behaviors and ways that are stimulated by the remnant of offspring who all become referred to by their ancestors, the Luciferian space aliens aka fallen angels.

These space aliens, largely through contactees and abductees and their hybridizing and technical development projects and through talk among some in the various UFO phenomena related communities directly and/or indirectly involve themselves with earth governments to influence humans to think they are the “good aliens” and that they need to work together to combat the approaching “bad space aliens,” depicted as the Reptilians and their robot Grays.

Some of the space aliens have told humans they are from various star systems that make them into Pleiadians, Aetherians, Arcturans, etc., all of which and more having associated human groups, moreorless led by various contactees such as Frenchman Rael’s, Raelians, that either say directly or strongly imply are also the returned Jesus and/or Buddha or Maitreya or a devotee, teacher, diplomat, ambassador or some sort of go between to humans, just like we saw developed throughout history that is apparent today as the Holy Roman Catholic Church with it’s hierarchy that directly consider themselves God’s authority on earth.

Some of these Space Aliens with their human groups claim to have physical bodies and others claim their natural state that they say their followers can also look forward to is having a “light or spirit body,” thus prompting some humans to embrace death and/or not fear it, thinking instead like other religious that it’s a welcomed condition that is elevated above the physical realm where they can be “free” so they can even travel to other planets at will and help others transition to.

Thus they want to be dead, a twist to what Jesus and TI and DO taught of growing from overcoming our human ways to where death simply provides the final detachment to our humanness IF WE HAVE “CHANGED OVER” INTO A NEW BEING THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH A NEXT LEVEL BODY that is grown for each one who has graduated.

These space aliens in bodies or not teach what they actually believe but what they don’t know is that their reality is about to be dissolved so is a dead end way of thinking because becoming spiritual is another type of human level addiction that promotes the heightening of self as a destination “heaven” or “bliss” – universal or cosmic consciousness that the Next Level when they are ready just flips a switch, so to speak and is gone, or perhaps vacuums up into and/or by a “Lake of Fire” somehow. I don’t know the mechanics but there are indications it’s not a pleasant condition to be in and is said to be eternal but I suspect that’s because their energy is recycled as waste. I don’t suspect they retain consciousness of having gone against the Next Level as I don’t know why the Next Level would care. If they no longer could influence humans, why keep them around though I can imagine that allowing some to exist in some way in a perpetual type of “longing to be alive” even though by then it’s strictly programmatic as they have no sensory system, could be sending out a message that such a condition exists that is undesirable to find oneself in, where the idea of Hell came from as a disincentive to thinking the spirit world is a desirable destiny. This can be seen as part of the Next Level’s way of preparing the planet – seeding it with all the options that humans can choose from, as TI and DO spoke a little about.

Note TI and DO said all the space aliens were Luciferians as they have bought into the Luciferian misinformation and they are all also “human equivalents,” proven by their values and spiritual belief systems.

We worship who/what we “work for.” The Luciferian space aliens are more and more being worshiped by all those who are seeing the space aliens as “brothers.” After all they promote peace and good will and environmental care because they are knowledgeable as to the value of those things for their people and for humans to survive and thrive as they NEED them to. Worship of the beast is in patriotism to the systems of governments most directly applied to working for the United States and Western powers like the EU. Allegiance has to do with putting the systems first in any battle of mindsets.

Though one can not judge any one person, as we never know when someone can change their behaviors, who we show our allegiance to is what will show the Next Level to whom we really love and support the actions of. The system, even though one can say it’s needed to keep the peace, so to speak is totally corrupted as it is a product of the entire Luciferian misinformation mindset and priorities though most don’t know it but the Next Level is forcing the show of, while it’s up to each to choose to seek to recognize and SEE or not.

For instance, increasingly during this time in the early 2000’s more than at any time before there is an abundance of evidence to provide ample reasons to distrust governments, institutions, corporations, religious and/or secular and all those who are their leaders and staunch followers.

With most young and older adults in the U.S. and Europe and actually all over the world having cell phones with video capability hardly anything is missed. More and more police are being shown to be violent and brutal and breaking their own rules because of their bigotries, hatred’s, poor judgment and personal conflicts.

With the U.S. and Great Britain and allies unjust invasions of Afganistan and Iraq and the blatant profiteering from those wars by corporations like Halliburton, even linked directly with G.W. Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney as the tip of the iceberg, showed more and more the basis for this distrust. The election of a African American “black” president drove many white conservative Republicans and fringe groups over their edge of civility. Proof of major coverups keep coming to light. The latest I saw offered simple proof that the Twin Towers couldn’t have free fallen from the plane crashes into them because of how many seconds it should have taken to do so, against how they fell several seconds faster, proving they were pushed down by the explosive charges that were also heard going off on tapes and heard by witnesses. This simple idea was introduced on top of a huge amount of collaborating evidences leaving any discerning mind knowing the party line 9/11 commissions explanations was overall a deceit.

Rev 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

– MOUTH – The Internet seems to me to be the biggest “mouth” the Luciferians are using through all the BEAST’s infrastructure of channels. The overview of the mouth of the beast is the corporate/governmental media complex that has become consolidated to 6 conglomerates that corner 90% of the market, promoting all forms of allegiance alongside every form of misinformation and even disinformation in all forms, while truths are previous misdeeds are brought to light. Meanwhile new discoveries are skyrocketing in all fields of research and development while existing trains of thought still drive the larger part of the corporate and institutional organizations increasing the gap between what used to be considered a fact and what might be pure fiction. One example is that on the news a comet will be spoken about as a snow ball made of ice and rock while landing on one comet and shooting another with a rocket and close snapshots of others and many unusual characteristics across the board of many observations keep on showing that humans know little about them. The same holds true with lots of earth science, finding bones that show as humanoid with unusually large skulls and finding ancient tunnels in the Grand Canyon that have large man made rooms underground that show Egyptian hieroglyphics on some walls and all sorts of new revelations behind the wars and coverups and on and on and on that makes a great deal of what’s taught in the high schools obsolete yet kids and young people are still being brainwashed to believe.

There are so many varied viewpoints and considerations and conspiracy theories being floated about. For many of the mass bombing and shooting events in schools and other public places come the “false flaggers” – normally thought of intelligent people who don’t believe what the government tells them so they don’t believe much of anything anymore and because of coverups and conspiracies they know about think most every event has been staged. It used to be thought the moon landing was staged in Hollywood. Now there are people who others listen to who moreorless say anything that’s too challenging to hear is staged which goes along with saying the Jesus story was staged and that the lights on Ceres were staged in a studio somewhere. It’s like a plague of distrust and rightfully so but often seemingly misapplied but it’s so hard to sort through and especially when we’re a society that is losing common sense which I believe TI and DO equated with giving away one’s force all the time through sexuality and propagation of the species, where that energy can actually assist in consciousness expansion, though can also be misdirected into fostering more human behaviors but in more of a “spiritual realm” of further illusion promotions and tricks and a false sense of well being and satisfaction and comfort from practicing.

One can talk peace and love and God in all the depictions and/or Jesus, Mohammad, Maitreya, Messiah, Mahdi, or any other identifications while anticipating a return of a previous personage as prophesied and still not be showing the genuine Kingdom of God from the literal Heavens, the Next Level their allegiance. It’s easy to slip into. Taking so long to complete this book I was wondering if TI and DO saw me as “dragging my feet” because I still spend most of my time with mammalian interests and behaviors.

I had a dream with Do in it and I was sitting at a long table and there were maybe ten or so other people I didn’t see clearly and had no sense of recognition of who they were, who were at the table along both sides and Do was at the head of the table. I was struggling to see him as if I had just awoken from sleep and was squinting to see him. After awakening I had a particularly hard time waking up. I was squinting the same way for some minutes, not like ever before and I have nothing to account for it other than the dream. As with every dream I’ve had with Do and/or students there is an overall message with it, which in this case was that I was “barely awake” equated to being able to see him for who he is at all, which was something Carlan (Crlody) would say to me he remained thankful for and I sort of took it for granted.

The next night I had a dream with Jnnody and Smmody that I don’t recall the detail of now but it was about being of service which I knew I was at best dragging my feet on. Sure I would go on the internet everyday and spend some hours responding to people’s comments and posts, often with Next Level and TI and DO references and I would work on this book for hours everyday and give some personal testimony in some small or large way among acquaintances and friends and even the vehicle’s family, but all that only amounted to being “barely awake” and I later could see how all of a sudden I could think I am this big shot with this vast experience with TI and DO while slipping into the same stupor those I talk about who are into their religiosity and spirituality and atheistic self aggrandizement as intellectuals and scientists and artists, etc. have become, though with most of them, they may not have had nearly the chance to rise out of it as I have, so I may in fact be more asleep than they. Of course there is no competition in this, except as a competition with the Luciferian space alien adversaries and other “boogers” – discarnate influences and the humans most used by them.

The Next Level crews will decide who has the capacity to know Them better and thus who will sort themselves into which category (TI and DO called a “box”) of “saved” or to be disposed of as waste, and it will have nothing to do with what label one puts on their belief or non-belief system. It will simply come down to who each one of us is talking to in the Next Level and whether or not we have expressed to the highest Beings we can imagine in that Level Above Human our desire to be in their service or not. If that is not what we ultimately want, no matter how many good works we do, the Next Level crew may or may not help you by keeping you from having your spirit/Soul recycled. They don’t need anyone who doesn’t want to work for them yet they are willing to help each of us come to terms with what we want, verses what we are attached to of/in this world, though to not act quickly when it dawns on us we have the option is also a way we can be entrapped by the lower forces.

Members of the Next Level don’t think or teach that anyone SHOULD leave all behind to become a full time servant and disseminator of their most recently provided information provided when TI and DO were incarnate. Nobody should do anything they don’t want to do. But it’s actually real employment that includes eventually separating from all our attachments in relationships and addictions to reap the promised rewards to become a Member of the Kingdom of God/Heaven. So one that receives this information about TI and DO – the most accurate portrayal of the reality of what was in the records called by Jesus the Kingdom of God and Kingdom of/in the Heavens, must be willing to “stand for them.” “Standing” for them means believing in everything they said AND telling others about them while accepting the consequences to our human condition, as most we tell about TI and DO will not respond favorably and will begin to ignore, shun or oppose you. We shouldn’t push things on anyone or even suggest it’s an ultimatum or route to “pie in the sky” as is done by religions.

It’s not meant that we impose TI and DO’s information on others without seeing some kind of asking but nor can we just sit back and wait for people to ask or require a certain form of asking. We simply ask TI and DO to lead us to what they want us to do, who might have an ear that may take us to certain events as they know who else they have given a seed to that they can help find you, so they can wake up a little more by what you might say to them when you come together.

We are not limited to any one way of “standing for TI and DO.” TI and DO’s examples were to put things in the media wherever possible and communicate with people who want more information or are seeking for answers TI and DO have provided. We’re not trying to start a new study group or “cult” or “overcoming classroom” as such will be started by an Older Member upon their return after the spading and recycling of the civilization has completed. They are basically taking applications to be in a future classroom.

TI and DO didn’t have us guilt people into paying attention to the information, though would tell what we were given as the truth as it’s drawn from us. For instance, when traveling sharing information in 1975-6, having no income/funds they sent us out to go to a destination city and said to “test” the churches on the way for your needs of food, gasoline and at times shelter. It was a test because Jesus told his disciples that Christians claim to be, to give to those who asked something from you. We were not instructed to ask for money, nor to specify what kind of food.

Incidentally, TI and DO did not approve of “dumpster diving” that they learned some were doing at some Dunkin Doughnut shops. They also didn’t limit the asking to churches and we never just asked for help without stating that we were working for the Kingdom of God, mostly in that terminology, but not as an instruction, but according to the context of the desired interface.

In this day and age I suspect using TI and DO’s terminology might be met with more recognition if they were given a deposit so could help them awaken more. Perhaps saying both terminology in some way will feel best. If they are glued to terminology so intently that you use a term and it causes them to reject you outright, they may not have a deposit or it might take your leaving their presence for them to think about what you said. The point is to open as many doors to TI and DO as we can. Let them close the doors if they choose to. In some situations you will be rejected. It’s not a pleasant vibration to deal with so just excuse yourself and like Jesus said, “knock the dust off your feet” – shake off the negativity they will have to embrace to reject you. We didn’t make a point to go to every church in a town. Even Jesus said not to go “household to household” like some Christian evangelicals do. Nor did we tell people to change their ways or burn in hell. It’s so general and prone to misinterpretation and a false sense of piety to talk like that or to read those scriptures to people. or think we can make that judgment on another. When it does attract someone, what does it attract them to. Often it’s another form of misinformation. (See Luk 10:1-24 for Jesus instructions for disseminating his info). Yes the recycling will come when the Next Level is done making Their offer.

Doing this more and more will bring about your separation from the human kingdom’s behaviors and ways as you also seek to adopt more of the behavior and ways taught by TI and DO. That is all part of the separation formula and what goes along with it as you feel to, is regular asking what more we can do in their service, always using the names TI and DO as our “address” for contact and learning while being keen to recognize their responses not by voices or words in our heads or by visions or even day dreams or remote viewing or psychic reading techniques. Even dreams are suspect. One will not get new information or new instructions but one may get what they recognize is an answer to their questions that could be in a dream, but it won’t suggest you to do something. Nor will someone else direct you in any way that you would take as instruction. Those are all tricky ways the Luciferian discarnates can and will work against us. I suspect even dreams if they feel to send you communication that way will be far and few between, if at all. One isn’t elevated by having dreams, as I have had many of. I needed them, so they may be a sign of how far I fell, but it also may be a little different when someone had a face to face relationship with the Older Members, TI and/or Do, though it guarantees nothing about them and what they do with having had that relationship. It doesn’t automatically mean anything to one’s forward growth, though I admit the dreams do make a lasting impression, but again, if I don’t grow from them, then I could be worse off than someone who has had no dreams from them as we are each measured in comparison to our Older Member and not to fellow students as I am to other believers.

We don’t need to fear the Luciferians or humans, in the sense of a scifi horror movie, though fear of how they could influence us from further growing our relationship to the Older Members of the Next Level would be healthy to fear, as with fearing our Older Member’s judgment that can be a motivation to stay on the straight and narrow path. We don’t try to test ourselves by engaging in behaviors and ways that we were once addicted to – like sexuality for instance. Next Level Members don’t have sexuality thus would be new members need to outgrow desire for it and learn how to cease re-engaging and as with any human behaviors if we “slip” (the term TI and DO used to replace “sin”), try to learn what led to the slippage and get back on the straight and narrow. In our classroom community we had “slippage meetings” where everyone would take a turn expressing things they did that they considered to be a “slip.” We were not allowed to talk about sexual things because of how even talking about it can stimulate some so if we had a slippage in a sexual way, we would say we “slipped in sensuality” and we would also say we wrote a note to TI and DO with the details. One student would volunteer to record what everyone said and send it as a report to TI and DO. We needed to include a “remedy” with every slippage. Slippages should never mention another nor imply another’s fault for our slippage. If someone said something angry to you and you responded back in an angry way, then your slippage would be that you had an angry response and it was important to say what it was. That was not considered the same as a sensuality slippage. We had these meetings about once a week.

Jesus gave guidelines on how to handle problems which I think would apply to this time just the same and especially since there is no Older Member incarnate to report to and to put a student in that position, I believe would be like what we see today with priests hearing confessions that I believe in most cases probably does more harm than any little good that comes from telling another one’s slippages.

Another meeting we had was called a “help wanted meeting.” If we wanted help from our fellow students we could call such a meeting for ourselves, again not to use to get one’s beef off on another. The same rules applied as with the slippage meetings. Also the craft overseer partnership could call a help wanted meeting for someone else whether they wanted one or not. Do wouldn’t attend either a slippage meeting or help wanted meeting notes were taken and a report was sent to him.

Part of the problem with this information age is that there is so much information, unless one seeks out all that’s happening with any one subject, all they have time for are “sound bytes” in the headlines from mostly the mainstream media that includes all the internet browsers like Google, Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo, etc. These stream stories but if you don’t look at all they reported each day, it’s easy to miss a great deal, yet one can think they are well informed. Since most people have jobs they travel to and from with varied commutes, by the time they take care of their needs to eat and sleep and some chores everyday, they are mostly exhausted so only catch certain news in little in between spurts.

-MONTHS in Rev 13:5 could be translated in the same kind of Rev 11:2 reference, noting two meanings in it’s root, one pertaining to 30 days and another to a period of time when individuals can show their affirmation of allegiance to the Next Level.

-FORTY TWO in both verse can also seem to have the same meaning, referring to both an amount of days and the affirmants during that time and pertaining to the time period allotted for these 42 affirmants.

Forty comes from the Greek tessarakonta which actually translates to, “the decade of (four, forty, fourth)” which is all interesting and especially in the context of each of it’s two usages in these Revelations prophecies because they seem to be relating to the FIRST (Rev 11:2) and the LAST (Rev 13:5) harvest WAVES Do spoke about but may be about four decades each. This could have been said as “hour” but then it wouldn’t have simultaneously described how many affirmants there would be and the time period of their affirmations.

The Next Level could know exactly which souls are attempting to borrow human vehicles that were tagged from birth for their usage at this time so they would know what number to describe.

But back to the two periods and how they could be related to the opening of the next two “seals,” the fourth and fifth, both of which are described as times of the continuation of the “overcoming of the saints” by the Dragon/Beast shown in Rev 13:7 to where this depiction of Saints are those who “remain,” aka the “remnant” who have committed to the Next Level and TI and DO in particular to give their lives, literally, mentally and physically in service to TI and DO that does bring about their “separation (from their human lives and perhaps from their vehicles) by dying,” literally and figuratively dying to their humanness (in Rev 6:8 – the time of the fourth seal) but said as their being “slain,” a more literal translation of the physical death of the body in the Greek word, “sphazo”= to slay, slaughter, butcher, put to death by violence, mortally wound, stated in Rev 6:9 during the opening of the fifth seal.

In any case, the death of the human vehicle affirms one’s allegiance, whether to the Next Level or to the Mammalian Human kingdom because of what we think, say and do up until then that Do talked about as being taken into whatever “heaven” we believe in. Heaven in that context, I believe referred to whatever literal location ones spirit and/or Soul is taken to because of who/what they believe in when their vehicle dies as the vehicle is necessary to form that commitment so without it, one has solidified their sealed/marked allegiance.

Rev 13:6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle ((4633 skene= habitation, tent, vessel [human vehicle He takes over for his task], implement, fig. specially, a wife as contributing to the usefulness (goods [fruit])) of the husband, tent built for Jehovah in the Moses camp, movable temple of God)), and them that dwell in heaven.

Blasphemy has to do with saying things that are against the truth provided by the One true God. Obviously for anyone to say that a Kingdom of God/Heaven doesn’t exist and teaches such are influencing others to go against the same recognition and thus would qualify as “railing against the truth” (blasphemy). The Luciferians influenced humans to think they had the judgment to determine who was blasphemous and some say the penalty Moses gave was to execute them, which is what the Jewish high priests used to justify having the Roman government execute Jesus for.

Regarding that history, TI once said there were parts of the Bible she didn’t think was representative of Next Level behavior and no doubt there was tampering with what Moses wrote just like there has been tampering with what was written about Jesus. I don’t recall TI saying specifically what she questioned but I have always wondered how the Lord could say it was a major commandment for a human to not kill another human (which by the way, Jesus supported so we don’t have any reason to think that was misinformation) to then order Moses to order those that sided with him to kill those that didn’t agree to the covenants to those commandments. The same with the penalty for blasphemy that said one who blasphemes shall surely die or shall be put to death.

I could see at that early toddler classroom, where Moses was up against many who sought to kill him or supplant his leadership that the Next Level was not going to let those bad apples spoil the batch of vehicles and spirits and/or souls in development. After all to the Next Level all human vehicles are no more than plants. If a weed comes up in our vegetable garden and we kill it, is that an ugly thing. The problem comes up in plants determining who are the weeds. TI and DO said there was no justification for a human to kill another human. In other circumstances the Lord gave certain warnings and said the penalty for disobeying was death and when some disobeyed, the records say they were killed. It’s possible some of that was a distortion just like we always see after the Older Member exists their incarnation. One time the Lord made fire come down from the heavens to consume those who disobeyed and another time the Lord opened up the earth and swallowed up those who were bent on overthrowing Moses rule.

The Lord also said he would clear the way, when there were tribes who could threaten the Moses classroom and at one point when some in the camp insisted on fighting, Moses let them and they were defeated badly, but then Moses said if they looked to him during a battle as when to fight and when not do, then they would win. They followed that lead and sure enough they won easily because no doubt the Next Level saw to it that the enemy was easily defeated which taught them to look to Moses. That sounds like Next Level to me to make a positive out of a negative. And it was a serious rebellion to ignore the sabbath rules.

We must not forget that it was the breaking of a simple instruction that cause Adam and Eve to fall so following the rules was crucial to showing the Next Level we wanted to be counted theirs, but Moses may have counted it a mistake to order the killing of that one who disobeyed even though the Lord didn’t intervene. However, all of that was updated by Jesus who did not agree with the penalty for adultery when caught in the act – being stoned. Thus those humans who had become blood thirsty against Jesus were from a long line of human plants that were using the Moses laws to maintain their own power, not because it was the right thing to do so much. They were assuming they were of the equivalent authority over others that Moses had which continued with Christians who then persecuted anyone who appeared to “rail against the Lord’s truth,” that they, like the Jewish leaders were influenced to think again that they were in a position to judge. But the positive that came out of that was that generations then flew away from what had become named Christianity, though it also became a test of whether they would still see the truth in what Jesus taught and how what those Christians were teaching and/or doing as contrary to what Jesus taught.

Speaking in some way is the biggest part of what defines blasphemy, reason being I believe because of how it can then influence others to one’s own believed and accepted misinformation. This is also the only unforgivable sin according to Jesus because someone who is actively promoting this kind of misinformation (of course not really knowing it is or having ignored clues that could have led to knowing that it was) is programming themselves in that same misinformation that becomes “burned in” to the hardware of our brain – mind/spirit after a while.

Misinformation is also evidenced through those who preach about how we are “saved by grace,” that is, by Jesus blood as if his dying was for us so we don’t have to, instead of the true information that he demonstrated overcoming to include physical death, because we DO HAVE TO DO THE VERY SAME OR EQUIVALENT THINGS to reap the said rewards, leaving those who fear the changes we must make, that is, if we want to become members of his team in the literal heavens, to “bide their time,” doing some minor good deeds here and there and teaching humans to be good humans with their families and in the propagation of their species and some accumulation of wealth and happiness in the human kingdom that ends up replacing a real relationship with the “God” they say they love and worship. This is also where the dissatisfied for whatever reason, those who are poor in any number of ways have an advantage over those who are rich in any ways, as the rich have a harder time believing in the truth because the truth will separate them from the riches they often become attached to and rely upon. This is why Jesus said, it’s not really possible for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of God – though he left it up to his “Father” to make that judgment upon anyone, that is from that vantage point.

As these “false prophets,” or “false Christs,” that I wonder is also saying “false Christians,” as one is not a Christ-ian if they aren’t an “overcomer” as the overcoming process is the “Christing process,” teach others to become their followers no matter how they word it, they are not telling the truth about what Jesus actually taught about separation from the human kingdom to apply to be on his team. Again, we can give our all now but it’s not only for those who have the strength to give their all. It’s about believing in the real formula to give our all and spreading it in it’s most accurate form which can only be achieved by studying everything TI and DO taught and for those that do want to start their metamorphosis (Christing) spreading that information far and wide and adopting all their behaviors and ways, they certainly can and will be rewarded accordingly.

Do did say, about the time after his exit that it’s not going to be like after Jesus to where there will be thousands of years to study it all. It’s all going to be “done” during the current generation this time around, as it’s graduation and judgment time to conclude with a recycling period and then a new opportunity for all souls saved during this time to further progress to overcome their human condition.

But specifically to Rev 13:6 shows that this “mouth” is railing against God or “deity,” which we have clearly seen done plenty in various New Age and/or atheistic teachings with movies like the Zeitgeist that tries to document how the Jesus story was made up or the web site “think atheist” which I am a part of as there can certainly be those that are only aligning with that site to have less restriction of thought than one has with any of the religious institutions who are often the most entrenched in misinformation. There are organizations directly confronting the religious with large mailings and such and though I would agree with them on some points they tend to fall into the same trap of not discerning the differences between what, for instance Jesus said and what the religions say, seeing it all the same way.

– BLASPHEME HIS NAME – The only application of NAME would be related to the name of the vehicle an Older Member from the Next Level took to perform his/their task through. In the context of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic “records” that would be at the least being against Moses or Jesus but though I don’t equate them, there is certainly railing against Mohammad who TI and DO never addressed as working for the Next Level or not. They did count favorably those that wanted to preserve their instructions of being modest pertaining to showing skin, which I believe was given to help them keep out promiscuous thoughts that needed to be overcome to advance to Next Level membership though are part of the options for humans that don’t care to advance to Next Level membership.

But the biggest name that the internet was used to rail against was Do and interestingly enough that sort of stopped after the 10 year anniversary of Do and Crew’s exit in 1997. From 1997 on one could count on at least an flurry of anniversary stories about how Do was compared to Charles Manson and Jim Jones and other mass murderers as if he murdered anyone or led anyone against their will or manipulated anyone to make choices they didn’t demonstrate over years wanting to make even when it was made easy to not choose to make, as was the case for all the students who were with TI and DO, that I can attest to during 19 years with him as his fully dedicated student.

– BLASPHEME HIS TABERNACLE – This seems most to be referring to the fact that the Older Members from the Next Level came incarnate and made their abode/dwelling among us, and literally lived in tents (tabernacle). When TI and DO left Boerne, Texas where they received a chunk of their awakening and were staying in a little “ranch house” since January 1, 1973 having left Houston in a hurry due to the mounting negativity they were facing there, they began to live in a tent as they traveled all over the U.S. When they sent out their first statement and were invited to speak to a group in North Hollywood, they had those that wanted to follow them meet them in a nearby campground and then went up to Gold Beach where they had camped before in a camping area called, “hideaway.” When I joined them in September of 1975 from the Waldport, Oregon meeting they had us travel to the Colorado National Monument near Fruita, Colorado and we slept in sleeping bags under the stars. Then we were sent to a camping area near Boulder, Colorado where we stayed in tents and then went to a camping area on the Pourdra River, near Loveland, Colorado where TI and DO outfitted everyone who didn’t have one with sleeping bags, a tent, cots, foam pads, a two burner Coleman gasoline stove, and a few cooking tools. I went to TI and DO’s camp in Cherry Creek, Colorado and saw that they had the same equipment. I think it was about a year later that they got a small one room trailer. Therefore, I believe this tabernacle is referring to their earth dwelling. Thus to say, this “mouth” is railing against “his name and his tabernacle can be seen as claiming TI and DO are not from the Kingdom of God, not incarnate with the names TI and DO and not dwelling on earth and don’t have a dwelling in the literal heavens and are not the return of the Father and the One who was incarnate in the name, “Jesus,” etc.

The lines are all very grey anymore as all countries have had their experiences with the Luciferian space aliens so on that basis have in common a desire to work together on certain fronts while putting up pretenses of conflicts for the public face. It’s not that those in government are putting on false faces consciously. That’s simply the way the game is played. They are 7 heads and 10 horns that are often snapping at one another but all need to cling to their sovereignty to keep their constituent public on board for them to keep their various focus. The biggest way in which the dragon has power is by their existence along with the facts surrounding all the things the Next Level is doing at this time especially to show the powers in each country that big changes are on the horizon for the planet as a whole. Thus began the push to “save the world” used to give people an enemy that is out of reach to fight and is endless to fight and will have the least affect on governments ability to control the masses and their various agenda’s to try to “save their own worlds” by the rush to build underground bases to potentially hide within, and to build technologies to consider shooting down or diverting incoming asteroids, etc. All the while maintaining control over the people to be able to keep their machines operating which means building the security state larger and larger as described in Orwell’s 1984 which has been long surpassed with the amount of surveillance and data that can be used against anyone who is seen as threatening their agendas.

Where the SEAL ON THE BOOK – is opened further is shown by the provision of TI and DO’s information in new outlets, starting mostly with YouTube.com in February of 2005 that would include documentaries and books that were laden with misinformation but included radio and video and written materials generated by new and former believers/students of TI and DO to include Sawyer’s post of some of his 19 years of experience in TI and DO’s classroom. Here are the links to the internet sites where Carlan, Sawyer and others still disseminate TI and DO’s information while in Sawyer’s case also providing perspectives from personal experiences and how what TI and DO taught relates to the teachings and prophecies of Jesus and other biblical materials, to include current events that suggest prophecy fulfillments:

Carlan has provided access to the 218 digitized audio meeting tapes. When 4shared.com started up it was a completely free service. A few years into it’s inception it began to charge for downloading what they were providing space for, though I believe one can still download freely but with limitations daily, otherwise one can pay to download as much as they want. Carlan doesn’t financially benefit from any download purchases:

Audio Meeting Tapes TI and DO Made in the 1980’s of internal “classroom” meetings

There is at least one YouTube channel providing the Beyond Human video tape series and Do and his 38 students “exit” video testimonies. It was last noted at the channel name: heavensgatedatabase but I will be posting them on my youtube page with the channel name: 3spm.

The last former student to dropout of TI and DO’s classroom was named in the group Neody or in short Neo, known in the press by his human name he asked me not to use, when his picture was put on the front cover of People magazine soon after the groups 1997 exit of their physical vehicles. He published a book of his experience in the group from when he joined in 1994 that he named: “Beyond Human Mind – The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate.” (I have already addressed one inaccuracy in it pertaining to the origin of “ody” names, and there are other areas that in my opinion and perhaps others who were in the classroom might suggest changing but by in large it can be of value, but I understand it’s very expensive and not provided freely so I don’ t think anyone would miss anything by not buying it. I enjoyed most the description of the time the class was visited by physical members of the Next Level, which was after I left, which I have described in this book.

There are all kinds of frauds popping up with websites and social media sites, using ody names and even saying they are in communication with TI and DO or speaking for them and it’s all lies and deceit to try to muddy the waters.

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