TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.B.-The Seven Seal Openings-Third Seal-“Black/Blue-Jacinth Horse” (Obama et al) Financial New World Order


Rev 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast ((Living Being)) say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black/blue horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
Rev 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

This third “horse” has a black (and potentially blue or dark, as in a blue Democrat) coloration. What’s in the “hand” of the one in the position (sitting on) this “horse” (chosen human vehicle), describes what his primary focus will be, having the ability to “join” (balance) various forces, a BALANCING BURDEN – a yolk – as related to directing two oxen (Beasts), to get them to join in pulling the weight. The weight is all that’s involved with what amounts to the New World Order, putting into place the mechanisms for the One World Government while returning to a more covert “Global War on Terror,” both in the Heavens (outer space) and on Earth and “under the earth” – a reference in prophecy that seems to be literal as in the “bottomless pit” and/or geographically in the southern most continent of Antarctica where there is of late reports of Russian, Chinese, E.U. and U.S. presence and with a history related to Hitlers SS and U.S. Admiral Byrd’s expeditions.

To recap a bit, the Red Horse was brought into power with the 2000 presidential coup d’etat via the Republican lead G.W. Bush administration to start the ENDLESS WAR ON TERROR, followed by the ENDLESS FINANCIAL CRISIS, that was passed on to Barack Obama immediately upon his taking presidential office, that is described as this balancing (joining) forces shown in the prophecy as related to matters of buying and selling (trade/stocks exchanges) referred to by the reference to commodities of “wheat” and “barley” during his term.

On another level of representation the prophecy states that the events that take place are not allowed to “hurt” – interfere with those who qualify as the “oil” or as the “wine,” who are the “remaining or remnant” of “active students” of TI and DO who have chose to “give their lives” to “standing” for TI and DO’s information. OIL is the Next Level Mind/Spirit fruit yield from the olive (the human vehicle), the “pressing” (service) of which produces light for others to see by. Those who are beginning to engage active studentship (service) are the WINE whose stage of development is likened to the – Next Level Mind/Spirit fermentation like process, that is also “pressed” to bring to fruition – as Jesus and Moses illustrated.

This Third Seal’s opening that began with Barack Obama’s presidency in the way it began with the Global Economic Crisis of 2008 is still into 2015 very much reverberating throughout the U.S. and it’s allies and the world and will only continue because the bigger part of it seems to have been orchestrated and/or taken advantage of, directly and/or indirectly as a way to move huge sums of capital into un-budgeted projects that certain ones need to keep largely hidden from the general public to not foster outright rebellion when they become more aware of the depth of the deceit and manipulations and sowing seeds of confusion about what’s real and what’s fake and why.

Examples of the need for funding are seen in the huge escalation of outer space projects, space telescopes, the quest for new elements for further anti-gravity and/or energy generation research and development (eg. CERN, etc.), continuation of nuclear technology development with as little public scrutiny as possible, the very large effort to continue to build and develop long term underground facilities and tunneling networks between them that are essentially little cities where many of the elite can purchase space to flee to for whatever reason, i.e. – a meteor, asteroid or comet strike, nuclear attack and/or accidents due to earthquakes, tsunami’s or volcanic eruptions and the general havoc that is inevitable and that some even suspect is attributable to “God’s Wrath” as shown in a great deal of prophecy from the Old and New Testaments and in what Jesus said about his return and the “time of great trouble” (tribulation) through the Book of Revelations. The Luciferian space aliens spin the interpretation of the biblical records as a war against the bad space aliens when it reality there is no differentiation. The space aliens are all “bad” from the perspective of TI and DO and Crew because they are against them as the Representatives of the Creators of the Universe and all it’s life forms.

All this stimulates an increased need for security to deal with continued, dissident rebellions and general increasing unrest around the planet, as the Next Level stimulates the SIGNS OF THE TIMES, on/under and above the Earth with a large part in deeper outer space, while the Luciferian Space Aliens still clandestinely try to garner support among humans via creating more contactees, spiritualists, paranormalists, religionists, agnostics, atheists, humanitarians, environmentalists, socialists and virtually all human condition behaviors and ways to keep as many eyes away from the real Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human’s Older Members, TI and DO as they can. The humans who received a “Soul deposit” from the Next Level, whose eyes are turned away from TI and DO and/or the Next Level Above Human then become unwitting allies of the Luciferians and a pseudo spiritual and/or humanitarian/environmentalist agenda at a time when the lesson plan is to separate from humanism to show allegiance to the Next Level through belief and service to TI and DO and Their Crew. Before this time giving one’s all to humanity was a positive step out of one’s self centered mammalian mind, in accordance with Jesus teaching to “love your neighbor as yourself,” not that one doesn’t continue treating others with the same respect and consideration even as they give their all to TI and DO and Their Next Evolutionary Kingdom as that is the “way” of a member of the Next Level, which is why Jesus listed such as the “second greatest commandment.”

This third opening of the seal on the Rev 5:1 “book” as with the second seal’s opening ushers in the start of the time described as the 7th Angels Trumpet Sounding and seems to be most apparent as stimulated to start with the airing of the National Geographics Channel’s Season 3, Episode Two entitled appropriately in the series, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate,” first broadcast on October 17, 2008. This is one of the most popular documentary television publishers in the world, so this would have been seen by even millions potentially and where it differs from all others before it, is by it’s posing the question, whether TI and DO were the prophesied fulfillment of the so called, “Second Coming of Jesus.”

It’s been shown throughout the scriptures referred to in this book that it never was Jesus’ return alone as he comes with his Father, thus as TWO WITNESSES, the Jewish requirement for any Judgment, and both come incarnate – in the flesh, again as always, to bring their student body to their “spirit/mind birth,” never meant to be a birth in which the human physical body is taken into the heavens (clouds) which is the misinformation “rapture.”

The accurate way the “spirit birth” occurs is through the returning Soul’s use or “borrowing” of a prepared human vehicle that is SEPARATED (caught away) from it’s human family and relationship root system and mammalian behaviors and ways such as propagation of the species and all forms of sensuality with elevating self to some degree of godhead and sexuality the biggest forms and “overcoming” aka conquering or prevailing against the influences that would have us fall away from that separation.

This process can not be accomplished without the hands on direction from an Older Member who had been through the overcoming process before, even many times, who becomes the equivalent of our “parent” – Jesus termed “Father,” at that time in “heaven” (in Earth’s atmosphere and/or in near to outer space) according to the steps provided that become an actual metamorphosis that used the human body to change and grow one’s Soul body within that can even make it into a Next Level physical body that Jesus demonstrated but had to be taken on board his Father’s spacecraft to complete enough to return to Earth to prove he was still physical and the same one who was crucified and was with them for those years.

However, Jesus compared one’s “spirit birth” to the “wind” – something a human can not see but exists and is still physical so can be felt if touched by it. TI and DO’s students apparently were not needed to perform an equivalent demonstration of their new “butterfly” body, so ascended into Their spacecraft while leaving their “caterpillar” shells behind. Jesus had given the proof to those he was primarily midwifing through their human kingdom birth canal. Such proof was not given to those at this time because there is still the potential for some to graduate and TI and DO taught that when the possibility to graduate is still available those students in their human vehicles can not be given any proof – they need to derive their proof by taking in the Mind of their Older Members who are/were incarnate, although Do prepared for their “exit” in such a way as to provide TI with the option to provide such an equivalent demonstration as Jesus gave or for some other task that might entail their keeping their human vehicles for a while.

The Greek word, “apokteino” that was translated to the Two Witnesses being “killed” was not the most accurate translation because “apo” as a prefix modifies the “kteino” (to slay) part with the prefix to separate or exit or go away from, or by or through dying and apokteino is followed by the Greek “auto” which is most often used as a pronoun in the plural context as “them” but in the added context pertaining to “self,” thus they “separated by dying themselves” rather than being killed by others, as was the design for their exit during the second trimester as Jesus instructed for his disciples. They were commanded to tell the world what Jesus taught and demonstrated to them. That seems to be the same kind of stage, those of us who are seeking to be TI and DO’s active students must experience to show the Next Level our trust in Them that will come about for some as they “stand for TI and DO” in the upcoming months and years before all options to graduate or be saved are “done.”

A more thorough description of this time period can be found in section III.D.11. REV 11:15 – SEVENTH ANGELS TRUMPET SOUNDING – DISCLOSURES (VOICES) FROM HEAVEN…


Two falls depicted. The Kingdom of God/Heaven don’t repeat themselves without a reason and as with all the prophecies they show the events a number of times from different perspectives, the first from more of a student perspective and the second from the worldly perspective:

Rev 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage ((prison)) of every unclean ((impure)) and hateful ((persecuting)) bird ((a bird-ling, rising in the air, fowl [fowl seems to depict all humans that have become predators, which is a space alien mindset stemming from Lucifer and his associates)).

And so it is with many, many stories past to present that show how many manipulations there have always been, though the surfacing of are at this time being brought to the “light” in an unprecedented way. Yet, even still, everyone is put to the test because just seeing this and talking about it doesn’t preclude choosing to side with those fostering the deceit when it becomes a challenge to our lifestyle to counter. That challenge really comes into full swing during the time of the fourth seal’s opening starting officially in 2017, but is already showing a major acceleration since the blood moon of September of 2015.


Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war ((battle)) with ((3326 meta= amid, among)) the saints, and ((2532 kai= even)) (to) overcome ((3528 nikao= subdue, conquer, prevail against)) them ((846 autos= themselves, theirselves)): and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Because of where in the timeline this verse refers, “saints” does not seem to refer to those who were among the first fruit harvested with Do in the Heavens Gate group. There were 38 students with Do at that time in March of 1997. Before the year 2000, 4 more students who had been in the “classroom” layed down their lives. Thus I have settled on the number 42 as part of the first fruit harvest.

Therefore the “saints” in this context would be those referred to by Jesus as the “remnant or remaining” who choose to offer themselves to TI and DO’s service entirely, after they and these 42 have exited their incarnations. They are referred to as “saints” because they have chose to put their lives in the hands of TI and DO that would mean they seek to make significant changes to their behavior and ways, as was required for the first fruits that includes “giving their lives” by not clinging to their human SELVES and root systems (family), leaving all by bonding instead with TI and DO that will be completed when they lose their human life while still in Their service no matter how that occurs. That giving of self in total is what defines a “saint.” It has nothing to do with what a religious organization deems a saint as in the Catholic and Hindu religions. No human can assume they qualify as one of these saints or know who does or does not. It would be a human ego trip to take or accept such a title or designation as only the Next Level Older Members can read our hearts and determine whether we qualify. One can see how making that designation leads to worshiping of students, a way the Luciferian space aliens dilute and distort the truth that can easily become a corruption of our minds.

Do referred to these who can still advance to their next station towards complete overcoming of the human kingdom and the receipt of a Next Level vehicle and service in a Next Level off earth environment as the “second type, or group or kind” who would not be among those in the upcoming recycling/spading of the garden. The first type are those who complete their overcoming while with the incarnate Older Member which is not only about separating from human behaviors and ways and root system (family) but must include pleasing both Do and his Older Member TI. Otherwise it would seem separating alone would be the criteria. This is required because of how Lucifer, though he had accomplished some part of his lessons that got him into some service in the Next Level, rebelled against losing his ego, his sense of self importance and individuality aka separateness from his Older Members mind, and because of was not someone the Older Members wanted on their crew as he would prove to be an interference in their work if he had to do things his way. It’s not that the Older Members have any desire to control us, but they do need to see that we don’t still harbor our own self interest that would result in our wanting to control others. They only want to have their Older Members mind flowing through them. That then teaches those coming up the same thing and it becomes a safeguard to not get tricked into serving another’s self interest as Lucifer and his associates did.

These REMAINING SAINTS will be subdued, the root meaning of Greek nikao translated to “overcome” a potential synonym. It’s not indicating these are necessarily killed at this time as is indicated could happen to some or even all of these during the time of the next 5th seal’s opening. This verse here shows a strong correlation to Rev 11:7 with the lower forces being given the power to battle the Members of the Next Level, Old and Young and having some success to subdue/overcome them or even cause them to bring about their own (self) subduing ahead of their exit of their in the flesh presence (incarnation) by turning against the Next Level.

In the first subduing/overcoming event is shown in Rev 11:2-7 when the beast from the bottomless pit is at war (of lies verses truth) with the Two Witnesses and subdues (also translated as overcomes) them, as shown by TI and DO, then using the names Bo and Peep, called by the press, “The UFO Two” when they were as a figure “SHOT DOWN BY THE PRESS” in October of 1975, in the U.S. national street/town square (the media) as they were finishing their testimony that gathered their “lost sheep,” those who came with them (resurrection of the just) aka the “saints” depicted as those incarnate (treading by foot (footstool, their human vehicles) “under” the “holy” (sacred/saints) city (temple geographic area).” and hovering New Jerusalem spacecraft. Then sometime later these Two and student Crew (saints) “separate by dying (or even killing) themselves,” a completely legitimate translation option of the Greek “apokteino auto,” as “auto” is a pronoun that is strongly SELF based and even related to the “baffling wind” that Jesus had compared to a “spirit” in his talk about the need for his disciples to be born of flesh to be born of spirit.

This idea that those and these bring on their own subduing and the death of their physical vehicle is reminiscent of how Jesus brought on his own vehicles death as the exit plan that in that trimester was used to show that he really wasn’t dead. Jesus talked about how regarding his life, “no man takes it from me.” He “lays it down” and he does so “for his Father.” It was his assigned task that though very difficult he was wanting to do and he knew that by his doing it, he was also showing his disciples that he prepared well for this part of his task that they too must do the same “drinking of his cup of the self blood sacrifice of his body” in service to Him, as he did for His Father in Heaven as He was their “Father” about to return to his station on board the spacecraft in the literal heavens. The service he laid out for his disciples was not to turn themselves in as he did. The task was to lay down their lives by performing the task of telling the truth about him and what he said, which He knew would if they persisted would get them killed, thus they chose to take on that task knowing they would meet the same fate as their teacher Jesus did and that was directly self stimulating the death of their vehicles. Stepping ahead to Their return they took that yet another step by all self initiating their exit by laying down their human vehicles to their death so they could take up new Next Level bodies and service and membership in the Next Level as adult members. That process is then repeated during this second stage harvest.

After the first fruit lay down their lives the second fruit group then are commissioned by Do to disseminate with their mouth the truth about TI and DO and their first fruit and in so doing draw to themselves the battle with the lower forces – the Luciferian dragon and bestial human equivalent space aliens who whether discarnate or through human or human equivalent vehicles and/or technologies are beaming down their mental bullets upon those attempting to wash their robes. There is some indication these are subdued even from within their own ranks of fellow believers, thus “themselves”, being susceptible to the Luciferian bombardment. These don’t necessarily lose the human vehicles they are using during this time, though as always they can lose their Soul’s connection to TI and DO if they cease seeking their guidance. According to prophecy it is during the time of the fifth seal that many servants of TI and DO could lose their human vehicles via service though that seems to extend into the 6th seal and 7th seals as the seals are both representing openings or revealings of mysteries and times when prospective candidates to membership in the Next Level are affirming their candidacy by making significant changes to separate from their humanness and giving service to TI and DO by “standing for them” or at the least not choosing allegiance to the “bestial” human governments and institutions and/or space alien Next Level facsimile IMAGE of the BEAST individuals and/or organizations.

It is said as the Dragon/Beast being “given to make war/battle…” because TI and DO and crew are pulling away certain protections so the remaining student body can have the chance to further build their strength by working against. In Rev 6:4, this same idea of the Next Level giving bestial humans their power is indicated when it states how the one sitting on the “red horse WAS GIVEN…to take peace from the earth,” which is reflective of this same time after the Two Older Members and their first fruit student body have exited their incarnations and returned to their Next Level “seats” – task assignments on their spacecrafts.

However, during the time of the “red horse” prophecy fulfillment, as shown by George W. Bush’s regime, the Next Level may have withdrawn certain protections of those they were working with from being overcome/subdued or “hurt/wronged/damaged” by the lower forces. I say that because in the next period of the 3rd seal opening in Rev 6:6 throughout Obama’s “black horse” regime protection seems to be indicated where the prophecy states “thou hurt ((91 adikeo= act unjustly to, sin against, wrong, damage or harm or act wickedly towards)) not the oil and the wine.” These seem to be the first two of the three remaining “types” of humans who Do spoke about who could still “leave with them,” meaning they would not be recycled in the Lake of Fire. These type included FIRST those who are giving their all by starting/continuing their metamorphosis by separating from their human lives and engaging in the overcoming process by applying everything TI and DO taught – to include giving service to, “standing in defense of TI and DO,” described as the “oil” and LAST those that are not yet strong enough to leave all behind and fully engage the overcoming process but try to make significant changes and believe in everything TI and DO said and provide service by “standing in Defense of TI and DO” and maintaining that defense until the end, accepting the consequences described as the “wine.”

It’s also interesting that three once long time members of TI and DO’s classroom who had dropped out of the class exited their human vehicles during the time period of the 2nd seals Red horse. They were known as Echody, Prkody and Dncody. I don’t know why Echody’s vehicle died but Prkody’s vehicle died from cancer and Dncody’s vehicle died by complications from I believe the AIDS virus. I had visited with him in 1995 before he was diagnosed HIV positive (though perhaps he knew but didn’t tell me). He tried many things to fight against it but I don’t know if he asked help from TI and DO but it’s probably unlikely as once someone left they are letting their adversary take over their vehicle, though probably in degrees so might not ask them. I at one point thought I had a serious medical problem soon after I left and thought it was a punishment. TI and DO never spoke that way about those who left and in the classroom they tried to help us get rid of any guilt we still may have had from things that happened to us, (our vehicles) before we awakened in them. Thus it was my own conflict and I nearly fainted considering the problem’s severity yet didn’t ask TI and DO to help me even though I never disbelieved in who they were. Asking for help would have been like saying I want to be your student again. But at that point in late 1994 my portion of Next Level Mind in my vehicle’s Soul had withdrawn from my vehicle’s consciousness so much that it didn’t even occur to me to ask their help. I don’t know how other dropouts thought. But when Dncody was in a hospital in Florida well after Do and the 38 left, near where his parents still lived, he was on the telephone asking me to come down there to I think help him with moral support as I had when I visited with him in Sedona. Arizona and he was very unhappy. But now I was in New York with my partner and our very young daughter and believe I had a full time job and didn’t know what I could do for him so I said I’d do what I could on the telephone which he understood and was thankful for. He passed away soon after that.

Incidentally, the third type who Do said could go with him in some sense and be saved from the spading would be those who never heard of TI and DO but were in their own way separating from their human kingdom attachments and giving their lives to their understanding of the existence of Creator Beings. It has occurred to me that those who don’t accept the “mark of the beast” maybe some of those who are of this type because not accepting whatever marking represents, not giving our allegiance to the bestial acting human governments and institutions, religious or secular, which will be a big step for many to take, as it may mean one is no longer in their system that could inhibit their buying and selling of goods as prophecy indicates is to come. It also states that those who do accept the mark of the beast will be subject to the plagues that are the seven angels with vials I believe begin to show their arrival at anytime now and may have already begun that are in addition to other methods of providing opportunity for some to change their mind (repent) and recognize and give their allegiance to the Next Level as a show they still have some Next Level mind in them. We can talk about what TI and DO said it takes to graduate the human kingdom but as far as who will be “saved” for a future classroom, it’s really not for us to say.

A confirmation of the time frame of this Rev 13:7 battle with the saints is indicated by the beforehand Rev 13:3 depiction of the “wounding of one of the beasts heads” which most seems to apply to the 9/11 and Pentagon attacks that SHOOK the world and was the first of two “falls” for America (new Babylon) having already occurred before this 2nd subduing of the remaining students of TI and DO. (Also see Dan 7:25 that seems directly in sync with Rev 13:5-7).

Again, Rev 13:7 indicates how this subduing or conquering of the saints can also be a battle “amid and/or among themselves” – an internal battle and one in which they are pit one against the other and is totally parallel to the way there was discord and competition between some of the disciples of Jesus, especially seen after Jesus exited.

There was even competition between Paul of Tarsus to be equated with the 11 Apostles (those who Jesus specifically assigned as his delegates because of their personal experience). It’s similar now, the reason being we are all subject to the same Luciferians and have the same kinds of lessons to learn to overcome our humanness that sets up the criteria that triggers another’s area to gain strength to overcome.

For Paul to come to refer to himself as a delegate (apostle) equivalent to those Jesus assigned shows Paul was in competition with them. Perhaps he was jealous of what they had and it wasn’t really his fault entirely because the Luciferians were there and were permitted to attack more after the Older Member leaves – even immediately after as Jesus indicated would occur and would even come saying he was “Jesus.” Thus when there are differences of opinion of what Jesus said and taught and did, they were all faced with any that had their own ideas or about things that Jesus didn’t cover directly. The Next Level can even leave out clarifying some things as it then provides a testing ground for the remaining students to pull on his Mind for answers and come up with answers they can agree make the most sense, according to all they learned from being with Jesus personally and/or from the body of information he left as in the case of TI and DO. I am not separating those who had experience personally with TI and DO from those who come to believe in Them after they exit, because at this time there is a great deal of information they left behind that if studied can yield the same recognition of how to treat certain circumstances as They might.

At one point the Apostles decided to write a letter on a number of topics and send it back to groups of potential new believers in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia with Paul and Barnabas who would be accompanied by Barsabas and Silas whom they counted “of their own company” (Act 15:22). The letter pointed out what was told them that was not correct. (Don’t forget that Jesus told them as he was leaving that whatever they bound on earth would be bound in heaven – so they did have the authority to settle disputes). Here is a segment of the way they settled the issue by letter and by mouth:

Act 15:24 Forasmuch as we have heard, that certain which went out from us have troubled you with words, subverting your souls, saying, Ye must be circumcised, and keep the law: to whom we gave no such commandment:
Act 15:25 It seemed good unto us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men unto you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul,
Act 15:26 Men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Act 15:27 We have sent therefore Judas and Silas, who shall also tell you the same things by mouth.

So Paul and Barnabas went with these others back to Antioch to deliver the message and stayed for a while until Paul wanted to move on by himself with Barnabas to revisit others they had visited before in different areas and this became another point of contention on who was going to go with who:

Act 15:37 And Barnabas determined to take with them John, whose surname was Mark.
Act 15:38 But Paul thought not good to take him with them, who departed from them from Pamphylia, and went not with them to the work.
Act 15:39 And the contention was so sharp between them, that they departed asunder one from the other: and so Barnabas took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus;
Act 15:40 And Paul chose Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God.
Act 15:41 And he went through Syria and Cilicia, confirming the churches.


What many don’t know is how much discord there has been among the ones remaining behind that still believe in TI and DO starting from immediately after Do and Crew exited in March of 1997 that continues to date in August of 2015. Some has dissipated with time and there seems to be little to no contact between some or to the public I am aware of and it all started centered around the letters that the class provided Mrc/Srf that contained instructions on certain financial loose ends, management of their web site, Heavensgate.com and ESPECIALLY REGARDING THE SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO HANDLE THE CONTENT OF THE STORAGE ROOMS they were leaving behind. Three letters I was given by Carlan (Crlody in the classroom) who got them from Rkk who got them from Mrc were addressed to “Mrc/Srf,” one dated March 22, 1997 and were signed by “The Class” in two of them and the third by “Pursers (Sng, Slv, Mll, Gld)” all three giving various detailed instructions on how to handle legalities and their small fleet of automobiles and funds to pay certain bills and expressed their desire that funds be made available to those who support them and choose to assist in providing their information to others.

One letter spoke in general about the content of one storage room, though made specific mention in how to handle certain exercise equipment that belonged to the owner of the house they were currently leasing, thinking he would want the equipment back. But this was also where the audio meeting tapes were that TI and DO had made from 1982 until TI exited on June 19, 1985 which were 218 tapes as well as the audio tapes made by Do after that until they exited in March of 1997 that amounted to about another 266 more tapes. The instructions in the letters left it up to Mrc/Srf to decide what to do with the contents of the storage room (except for the exercise equipment) and even suggested Rkk and Osc to retrieve the contents if Mrc/Srf for whatever reason didn’t want to.

They made it clear that they wanted the content of that storage room to be divided among those who wanted to participate in disseminating their information as they also stated wanting the public to have a chance to have more knowledge of who they were/are and what they were about than what they knew the public would get from the media coverage. The division specified that if any funds came from the sale of things in storage those funds could be used by those involved in the project and they didn’t limit who could help with it, though they gave the names of all they thought wanted to help with the project at that time. Do and crew didn’t want the authorities to get the content of those storage rooms and Carlan said, I believe from Rkk, that they had put the cases of tapes right in the front of that storage room. There was a separate storage room that had a 20 foot yellow truck in it that they thought could be used to remove the contents of the other storage room.

As it turned out Mrc/Srf didn’t want to go to the storage room so arranged to meet Rkk (and perhaps with Osc) to give him all the letters addressed to them along with the keys to the truck, etc. Rkk/Osc retrieved the audio tapes and soon thereafter Mrc/Srf seemed to change their mind and wanted it all back, Rkk, I believe didn’t feel he could trust Mrc/Srf for a variety of reasons but possibly the biggest being, according to Crl, the way the names on two of those three letters apparently addressed to them (“Mrc/Srf”), were blacked out, as if whoever did that didn’t want to be associated with the task. It was strange that those two letters were the ones filled with the legalities and automobile instructions, while the third letter that talked about the storage room content and intentions for the items of value in them still showed being addressed to “Mrc/Srf.”

Regardless of why two letters had names blacked out and one didn’t, Rkk with Osc (as was also suggested by Do’s crew (if Mrc/Srf chose not to perform the task)) went to the storage and took all the tapes and began to copy and digitize them and accomplished doing so for most all the tapes that were recorded while TI was still in her vehicle, which numbered at about 218. At some point Crl, who had joined the class in 1994 and was with them for a number of months got involved with Rkk and the digitizing process and they began to send cd’s with the digitized tapes on them to libraries and universities. By this time Mrc, and presumably Srf who was largely quiet in communications, wanted them to be given back to them thinking it was their task. My understanding is that Rkk did end up giving Mrc/Srf all the audio tape masters, while retaining copies of the 218. (I took Rkk’s giving them back as his recognizing that Mrc/Srf were given the instructions to manage the distribution of the tapes, as shown in the letters).

Mrc/Srf hired a lawyer to bring a lawsuit against Rkk and Crl’s dissemination of the digitized tapes now on compact disks. I know some of this story from the contact I had with Rkk and Mrc by phone during this time period. I was trying to offer help but I was not in a frame of mind to get that involved. Even though I had gone public with my continued belief in TI and DO, I was not an active student. I had started a new human life, had a partner and she just gave birth to our daughter.

I had been in contact with Rkk before Do and Crew had exited because I traveled all over the western U.S. meeting up with all the dropout members I had addresses for and Rkk was among them, as was Cdd, Dnc, Mrc, Srf, Jst, And, Pmm, Hvv, Osc, Pyp and Flx, while I heard about Abl (joined briefly in 1993 having been Flx’s partner in the world, who she returned to when she dropped out in around 1981, so joined when Flx rejoined) and spoke to Gnr (had become a human partner with Rkk when he was outside the classroom. She was in the class for some weeks in 1994, joining when Rkk rejoined following the dissemination of the Beyond Human video tapes they were among the receivers of) on the phone and in email. I knew these well from being in the classroom together, most for about 12 years or more depending on when they dropped out, though also because some rejoined before I left and dropped out again after I dropped out, namely, Rkk and Jst. I visited with them, seemingly as a matter of convenience as my new partner wanted to travel to certain places out west from New York to invest in land. I told her I knew a lot of people and we could stay with them along the way. We did that and we also stayed with people I knew in Newport and Waldport, Oregon from before I joined with TI and DO.

During the greater part of seven years I was what might be called an “inactive believer,” roughly from when I left in September of 1994 to 2001. During part of this time Crl, with Rkk at first and then Crl on his own after Rkk layed down his life, were active in talking to people, digitizing the approximate 218 audios created by TI and DO from 1982-85, that Rkk/Osc had kept from Mrc/Srf, to send to Universities and libraries and people with additional packets of the information Do and Crew left behind; The Book, video exit tapes the “Beyond Human – The Last Call,” twelve video tapes. I understand all they charged was for the cost of shipping.

However after the 9/11/2001 attacks while I was living and working on Long Island close enough to see the smoke from the burning WTC, I felt it was quite apocalyptic and began to study what led up to it politically, in conjunction with searching the Bible for indications of it and then began to write about what I was discovering, relating it to the “end times” or “last days” TI and DO mostly referred to as the recycling time. Before I lost my full time computer programming job on Long Island I was attempting to write a book with the title in my mind as “The Message” when I had a bunch of dreams, the first with TI by herself simply approving of my writing. After that I had dreams with Srr with Do and Crew, Do by himself and many other signs that helped me begin to re-awaken to wanting to serve Them again and by 2002 I had committed to do so though understood it didn’t have to entail leaving my new human family to do so, as I had become attached to them.

I knew re-engaging service to TI and DO would mean detaching from my human family eventually but I didn’t dwell on that as at that time I did not have enough Next Level mind in my vehicle to accept it. It is still hard to swallow but TI and DO have gradually and gently helped me a great deal to where at this time my partner has left me and my vehicle’s daughter is just about on her own at 18 years old. I don’t have any reason to believe leaving where I currently live is an automatic condition when there is no Representative incarnate offering the overcoming classroom and of course it also depends on whether staying a little engaged in my vehicles family life becomes an interference with the service I can provide that will continue to face me with what I needed to learn to overcome. I have to be prepared to leave should TI and DO require it of me.

By 2003 I was on the internet searching for Heaven’s gate and came across Crl who had approached the one who later became known as XF (who was never in the class), who was tricked by the lower forces to create a group of four additional new believers that turned out to be of XF’s fabrication. This is referred to by a number of us as “the Hoax.”

Crl had continued problems relating with Mrc/Srf due to Mrc’s insistence on keeping the tapes and because of things Mrc said that He and Rkk saw as disinformation – for example according to Crl, Mrc said, “no one will benefit from exiting their vehicle” and “The door is closed. to (leave) is a fruitless act. Your task is to stay here and grow forward,” among other things. (I agree those are not statements that relate to what Do said, thus Mrc’s opinion based on some other source, while claiming to be the “gatekeeper” because of his task to maintain the web site and handle tasks to do with the groups legal affairs, finances and physical property that was left behind.).

Neo, (known in the media by a different name, he asked me not to use) published a book in 2007 about his experience in the class having joined in 1994 (when I met him) and left just two weeks before Do and crew exited. He and Mrc had said things against Rkk and Crl publically on the Art Bell radio show and Mrc still wanted to stop any dissemination of materials. I pointed out to Neo via email that what he said about the origin of the “ody” names, in his book was all wrong. He stated his understanding as if it was a fact, which shows that even being in the classroom does not mean one absorbs all that’s taught and can be subject to misinformation as well). Crl took issue with other things Neo said and did or didn’t do. I went through Neo’s book and highlighted a number of other things that didn’t seem to express TI and DO’s teachings exactly but he told me by his silence he didn’t want to know and never responded to the part about the ody names, at least that I ever saw. Neo later started a YouTube channel named, “riverofangels” and on it he posted the Beyond Human tapes. Then one day he closed the channel and later told me in so many words in an email that with the publish of his book, he was done with his contribution regarding TI and DO.

When I got back in the fray I began conversing with XF’s imaginary believers via email in great length about my experience of 19 years in the classroom and I began to communicate with Mrc/Srf in an attempt to find out why they were holding back the remaining tapes and never got any concrete reasons except that Mrc said he and Srf were left with the task and that Srf told me they were afraid people would portray Do in sexual ways if they had them, to which I responded that nothing we did could prevent that if someone was a mind to do so. Years later Mrc was helping me with certain memories of the early classroom. (They left the classroom in 1987 being told by Do and Crew they had to leave until such time that they wanted to abide by the lesson step surrounding breaking down our ego – giving the Next Level our will that was entitled, “I could be wrong”).

During that time in 2014 Mrc, at one point confronted me with why I was wanting to be so detailed on the past history (for the purpose of this book) yet not that detail orientated on the fact that he and Srf were trusted by Do and Crew to decide on how to handle the tapes. So I asked him again why they weren’t providing the tapes and he referred to something Do once said on the tapes about how humans may not be able to correctly see what he and TI said on the tapes and might twist things as they did to the Moses writings, trying to adhere to certain things that were meant for their classroom specifically that could do them harm. (I have yet to find that segment, but as I was there for all the meetings up until nearly 1995, I do recall some talk about that, but at the same time also heard a great deal more talk about expecting that humans will hear those tapes and how the letters spell out their intentions, while giving them the option to accept their intention of wanting people to have a chance for a more in depth understanding about them. He told me all the tapes were digitized but didn’t want them made available to the public and didn’t trust that I wouldn’t provide them. He felt, if I understood him correctly, that they were for only the classmates which I don’t agree with at all even though many lessons were specific to that classroom.

Crl sent me copies of the letters Mrc had turned over to Rkk so then I knew what was going on and at the time didn’t recognize how Do’s not being specific with what to do with the tapes and leaving it up to Mrc/Srf was a test setup for all, so I more or less sided with Crl so tried to appeal to Mrc/Srf to make them available but I had no influence on Mrc/Srf. Crl has most of the details of what was a great amount of discord between him and others that I got somewhat in the middle of. The person that did the hoax came clean and asked for forgiveness but Crl last told me he doesn’t trust him though I tried to help him see we don’t need to trust him as we have no group or plans to coordinate or events to do together and that people can change, which XF was showing a capacity for off and on. XF admits struggling all the while, having a short temper and being prone to defensiveness as areas to overcome. Because of my activities, starting a blog and making video’s of me talking about my experience with TI and DO for the last 12 or so years, Crl has expressed how he believes, is about my building myself rather than being in service to Do.

I at one point wrote in a post or comment to someone that I believed myself to be the “most outspoken” about TI and DO’s information. Crl saw it later and called me on it and I owned up that it was an ego building influence with me that I let use me to try to impress this other person by. It’s a human way to try to impress someone with our self importance and in some competitive way to boot. Plus Crl has I’m sure sent out more of TI and DO and Their Class’ Books and tapes than I have by a long shot, though all in all it’s a human type of comparison.

There is a great value to disseminating exactly what TI and DO said and did in their words and in the words of the 38 active students. But it can also be quite valuable for any “active students” to share their personal experience as a number in the class did, to be found in the Purple Book’s materials posted on the Heavensgate.com web site, still maintained by Mrc/Srf that is good for copying and/or to downloading the free text/zip file of TI and DO and Crew’s Book. The evidence in this statement is in the way those classmates wrote their own papers, giving examples and talking about all they gleaned from TI and DO over the years, saying that they could be wrong about this and that perspective. They were with Do physically. He most likely read all their statements or at the very least his Helpers and writing task Overseers read them. I witnessed how even Do had some go over what he wrote and was open to corrections not in the content but in the grammar that can open doors to misinterpretation, doors Do preferred to close.

Slv was one student among those who wrote documents who had been a dropout from the 1980’s to her return in the 1990’s. TI and DO can be heard on the audio tapes talking about how their students all represented a genetic strain of humans who might most identify with the way in which one particular student expresses him or herself. Crl has put down my vast verbiage as nonsensical and rambling and I don’t disagree, though I hope it has improved over the years and have been told by some it has. He has accused me of acting as if people should look to me, to replace looking to what TI and DO have said, but as of yet haven’t seen any examples, though his criticism has put me on my toes more as I know I can slip into over-confidence, especially when it comes to what I believe I am seeing in scripture that TI and DO didn’t talk about directly.

Of late Crl has told me a number of times now that he knows that I am a “charlatan” and am really about promoting myself. I’m not saying I don’t have many things to overcome and one of them is an ego but nor do I believe dissemination of TI and DO’s info is restricted to only what they wrote when I have 19 years of personal group communications with both TI and DO and with one on one with Do in their classroom in which I also had writing tasks and was on the Beyond Human tapes as a helper to Do, was a “craft overseer” and gave many meetings around the country on TI and DO’s behalf in 1975-6 but especially in 1994 as a group overseer and primary speaker and communicator with the media. Now those are not qualifications as they were simply the avenue for my own lessons that also provided service to the mission. They just show the “tests” I was subject to that in so doing, as with all overcomers, would surface the influences with me that sought to build up my ego into being someone special. However, even though those positions seem lofty they didn’t keep me on the straight and narrow because I still dropped out having failed to graduate with my class. But we all get chances to try again, which I am in process of doing.

Even so, just because I can see how having so called lofty looking positions in TI and DO’s organization were lesson opportunities, that’s the way it works in the Next Level. The more we serve the more lesson opportunities we get and the more responsibilities we get assigned that give us more lesson opportunities. TI and DO said that never stops even after graduation. The lessons just become different. In this way TI and DO also felt they got lessons. One big lesson they said the got was by keeping that rental car beyond it’s turn in date. They considered it a lesson, yet we have no idea if their Older Member who there was some indication from Do was the other part of TI’s mind that he, TI, didn’t need to bring with him to perform the task through the female vehicle he took, led them to keep the rental car as long as they did to fulfill prophecy by. It gave the human authorities and media a clear reason to discredit and condemn them – to subdue – shoot them down in the street commons of the national media as occurred and was the way the prophecy of the Two Witnesses proceeded.

Plus TI and DO spoke about how students remained individuals. It’s true that they would grow to not want to be individuals, knowing that they thrive on every jot and tittle from their Older Members mind, but the Older Members don’t want robots or slaves. They want to trust each younger member will seek to do the most right thing in each new circumstance, because they will “pull” on their Older Members mind that includes all the parts of their mind they made their own mind. Thus for many things, they don’t have to ask their Older Member, though they still will remain sensitive to changes. TI and DO called that being “in tune” with our Older Member. When we are with them physically, in tune mostly means asking them by the mechanisms that were set up, how they would do this or that and then following what they receive. When the Older Members are not incarnate, we still have all they taught us to draw upon but with a mind to how to apply certain parts moment by moment instead of an automatic kind of adhering to the previous guidelines.

Now there are certainly some big areas that aren’t going to change. They aren’t going to approve of talking about the Next Level in inaccurate ways – diluting the information to make it more palatable for the masses. Yet to some it can seem to be a dilution. The key is to continue to check and the attempts to see how each circumstance may require a certain different handling. It is easy to be tricked and even if we are, if we continue to ask for help and to seek correction we will be shown where we get off the track. Even though Crl, I don’t believe was tasked to point out to Sawyer his slippages (missing the mark aka sin), I have actually asked Crl to do so repeatedly so he has the right to say what comes to his mind and he has been helpful to me in trying to stay better on TI and DO’s straight and narrow. But nor does everything someone says about us mean we must take it to heart as some are acting out their own lessons under discarnate influences whether they know it or not. Sure all things said can be worthy to consider but if we do consider things said to us with a mind to what TI and DO think about it, and if we don’t see how it fits, then it would be a mistake to try to make it fit.

I have had many more dreams mostly personal to my own growth. Having dreams doesn’t make anyone better. I believe when I have one, I need it. I don’t get new information from dreams and believe from them and prophecy and many things TI and DO said over the years that they gave me a task to take advantage of my dropping out to re-interpret Jesus prophecy to include the Book of Revelations. TI and DO had once assigned Dnc the task of rewriting the Bible, but he never got going very far on and then left the class. As I see more and more in prophecy being fulfilled by TI and DO and current event signs and governments behaviors and I write and talk about it on the internet and elsewhere I do get some attention from. If I am letting it go to my head, time will tell for sure as I am prepared to exit my vehicle because of “standing for TI and DO” at which time I will be judged by TI and DO. But meanwhile I remain open to criticism but am not going to make every shoe fit as the saying goes. If it fits I will try to change those ways that apply. Thus this has been a summary of some of the discord. There has been more. The Luciferians especially attack those that may or do choose to give themselves to the Next Level’s service but we don’t need to fear that as long as we ask TI and DO for help to deal with it as they would and keep pressing on. Everything is a test of whether we will respond as a member of the Next Level or not. And the tests are to help us build strength while being of service.

Regarding not having the remaining tapes. I understand Crl wanting them if only so he can hear what he wasn’t in the class to hear. I wish they were available to everyone. I have tried to help Mrc see that opinion and what seems to be quite clear as Do’s highest intention as stated in the letters themselves. Yet, I contend that if we needed them to be of service to TI and DO we would have them. I trust that TI and DO made sure Rkk got those tapes with TI on them so we could hear TI’s voice and observe how they worked together and what they covered. It’s a treasure trove of data though some who don’t believe in them at all don’t see anything they said as of value. Some appear to listen to them to see if they can find dirt on TI and DO. One new believer has in times past got very angry with Mrc’s holding back of the tapes and I keep saying it’s not a Next Level way and to trust that we have exactly what we need. He seems to agree and disagree. I understand that but anger can be just as strong a sensuality as sexuality so we gain strength from converting it into a positive. The positive is that we have so much information from TI and DO that we could listen to over and over and over and still not get all they were saying. Mrc answers to TI and DO, though we can continue to ask for the tapes which Mrc said were all digitized years ago.

I hold nothing against Crl and still know he seeks to contain TI and DO’s mind and serve. I only say this in this book to show how this battle waged against all those who are showing their allegiance to TI and DO is fought and how we can be subdued by it if we don’t push past each battle and take away from them our own lesson to change by. Jesus also taught that if you have something to say to one’s “partner” (brother, but it’s not a gender thing) say it.

Rev 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

All on the earth, who have not sought to show their allegiance to the Next Level’s Older Members in whatever ways the Next Level decides is the criteria, according to the three types, from the start of the civilization’s human kingdom experiment will directly or indirectly be giving their service (worship) to the Luciferian space alien (dragon and associate fallen angels). It’s key to see the real meaning of the word translated to “worship” as bowing and scraping, as many of the religious do. That’s a misconception of showing respect though perhaps it’s better than ignoring or claiming there is no Next Level, (thought that can be a good step away from religion). Do said “worship” was to “work for.” That’s doing tasks for – becoming the employee of, except in the Next Level all members couldn’t imagine doing anything different. None want to be leaders. None want humans serving them. If they wanted servants in the context it’s often seen, the Next Level would make or grow robots. They are way above that primitive mindset. Their membership thrive on being of service to their Older Members. The opposite of that is the way all who are not giving service to the Next Level are giving service to the Luciferians because the Luciferians have used their influence from the discarnate world where they trained spirits to work for them to keep humans in their mammalian behaviors and ways because then they will never wake up to what more there is. They become addicted to giving away their force in many ways but mostly through procreation, sexuality and by this time whatever they gravitate to that they are passionate about that didn’t come from TI and DO with the exception for those who never hear about TI and DO.

For example, when these who are not written in the book kill someone directly or indirectly, as we see increasingly in wars and police actions, I suspect all who justify this behavior are showing who they “work for,” the “false god,” even “false Christ” (as many would say they are Christians) and that’s just one example. Even killing others in self defense is breaking the Next Level’s rules though you can be forgiven that “missing of the mark” (sin). That is because when you lose your life from another hand because you don’t want to fight back you send that signal to the Next Level monitors and they know that you have a Mind that has some of their Mind still alive inside yourself so they take your spirit or Soul and save it for a new opportunity to grow closer to Next Level membership. Thus you are not dead. This is why Jesus said,

Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
Mat 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake ((1752 heneka= on account of, for the sake of, for this cause, therefore)) shall find it.
Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own Soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his Soul?
Mat 16:27 For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

A key here is that one is losing their life “on account of, for the sake of, for this cause.”

At this time even becoming a humanitarian or an environmentalist when one has been shown how it can become a time to give our all to TI and DO may be a lessor choice from one’s highest potential. This is the time to decide whether or not to seek to apply what Moses and Jesus later said was THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your Soul and all your strength.” This has nothing to do with joining a monastery or becoming a priest, reverend, pastor whether in a Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic or Christian religious orientation. It’s not even a time to put ahead of “giving our all to our Older Members” service to help the homeless, the sick, the abused, the hungry, the depressed, etc. That was the lesson step Jesus gave, instructing his disciples and any who followed in his footsteps/teachings related to the SECOND GREATEST COMMANDMENT, to “love your neighbor as yourself,” which doesn’t get dropped as we must continue to treat one another with that example. Perhaps even the Luciferians may have passed that grade in school and they still fell away from completing their metamorphosis because what’s most important is to connect with the Next Level through their most recently incarnate Representatives, by adhering to all they taught that by doing so will show 100% consistency with all that the Reps taught in millennium past.

So this mouth of this Beast and Dragon amounts to all those who are empowered to wage battle (war) with those who have committed to serve the Next Level Older Members, TI and DO with their life. That’s the definition of a “saint.” It has nothing to do with what any religion calls a saint if it doesn’t meet this criteria, of course applicable to times when there was an incarnate Representative to give that commitment and service to. No human has any business saying who is or who is not a saint or the equivalent designation in any language or culture. Humans do this because of the misinformation sowing of the Luciferian space aliens seed aka the “tares” among humans. This is why the Next Level was so against making statues and pictures of people who were then often worshiped (the term for pretending to “work for” them) in some way, that over generations and Luciferian distortions ends up “working for” a an illusion of what they taught and did as we see now in all the religions with many Christians, whether they have a clue or not, as the epitome of false Christ worship of Jesus. The protestant reformation did correct some of these distortions that had crept into Catholicism but then they embraced equivalent or even greater demonic misinformation with the “saved by grace” distortion, propagated mostly by Paul’s letters, teaching that “Jesus died for us,” so we don’t have to do what he did, even saying we’d be sinning to “try” to do as he did as if it would insult him because he loves us so much he wanted to pay our price for admittance into his kingdom. And then there are all those rituals of being “born again,” born into that saccharine distorted “love” ignoring almost entirely everything he stood for and was trying to teach us to stand for, if we wanted to be with him in his Kingdom.

Many, even most have become their own dreaded Antichrist as they are now anti the entire Christing process, making what Jesus taught about moving closer to overcoming the human world null and void and more like a country club to belong to and then think are qualifying to reap the rewards of going to some Heaven. TI and DO indicated that taking an atheistic viewpoint can be a healthy step, having recognized the fallacies in the religions, though also a trap if it stops one from further seeking of the truth of where this vast world came from and by Whom and for what reason.

For a number of reasons I believe Pope Francis is one specific manifestation of this “mouth” who is doing this “blaspheming” (railing against), because he’s not teaching the actual Christing Overcoming of humanness Process, yet misleading people to think he is God’s Representative on earth to millions – using the name of the Lord in vain, participating in the speaking of vain repetitions, making a show of piety, building statues of humans to bow down to, dressing as if they were kings, amassing fortunes of gold and the like, calling their priests “Father” as if to say “heavenly Father” when there is only one who is the Heavenly Father Jesus was referring to with that name. Not talking about how Jesus saw peace and love but making those words into a human meaning.

Mention of God’s “Tabernacle” in Rev 13:6 may also refer to the recent observations of the TWO HUGE VERY APPARENT OBJECTS OVER THE SUN on July 21st 2014 video photographed by NASA’s space telescope and the MANY LIGHTS IN THE SHAPE OF A LAS VEGAS SIZE CITY ON CERES photographed by Hubble space telescope in 2004 and Dawn spacecraft in July 2015, and the FOUR ~200 MILES WIDE EQUIDISTANTLY SPACED FROM ONE ANOTHER, RECTANGULAR (HANGER/DOORWAY) LOOKING “SPOTS” (AS NASA CALLED THEM) ON PLUTO photographed by New Horizons spacecraft in July of 2015, because I’m not aware of any comments by him in any of those regards. However, saying nothing is also a strategy because we know well that the Vatican has it’s own observatory and works with others all over the world and has made statements about the prospect of space aliens or extraterrestrials that didn’t address them as “fallen angels” and/or descendents of the fallen angels, at all, so it seems he is siding against the real Next Level to not see that and express all the evidence in that determination.

I say this about Pope Francis because of how much media he has gained since he came to the papacy, largely because of his ecumenical (One World Religion) preaching before and during his visit to the U.S. from September 24 to 27th of 2015 and how this was during this years Jewish Shemitah, a Jubilee year that follows each 49 year period (seven weeks (yearly sabbath re-affirmation times) at the time of the harvest moon. This moon just so happened to be a very apparent BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE and the Moon was reddish because I saw it live.

It was also a Tetrad year which means there would be four blood moons in 2015 which hadn’t happened on a Shemitah year since the year 1919-1920, which is especially interesting as that is the decade Do said he and TI came to “tag” the vehicles they would awaken in later. TI’s vehicle would have been tagged then and Do’s in the early 1930’s.

This would not seem like a prophetic correlation if all these other events had not transpired but are especially interesting given that Ceres is the Roman mythical goddess related to the Greek Demeter which are related to GREEN as in the upcoming GREEN HORSE of Rev 6:8, who I’ve interpreted is the next U.S. President about to be inaugurated in 2017, that is also represented as the “goddess of the harvest” that would refer to both the way the Luciferian Space Aliens are harvesting the “tares”, those they sowed, as Jesus described that Do said were “weeds” to be pulled up from the “garden”, and to the way it’s also the time of the LAST WAVE “fruit”.

The winner of the presidency will then take on the name NAME “death” – Greek, Thanatos because they will be in office presiding over and trying to put a smile upon or to give a sense of hope to, what will be the start of the “winepress” of death including more waring, crime, famine, social unrest, and anarchy from all directions not only from those who are called Islamic terrorists – but this time including it’s manifestation in the U.S. Geography, while the Next Level kept that away during the time their TI and DO Overcoming Classroom was present til 1997.

The bottom line on this 4th Seal is that it’s harvest time into the Kingdom of God/Heaven in the “Winepress” great tribulation LAST stage when some will “give their lives for God” and that of course will be met by those who “kill others for god,” except that’s the false god in whatever form one serves the Beasts and their Image (spirituality and religiosity – including looking up to space aliens and even to holograms like Fatima that would seem to be expected). Giving one’s life for God is through asking our Heavenly Father for that service and trusting what we are shown is what we need to experience, which will always be a choice to do or ignore or slant in some other direction to avoid that hard choice. Some may actually lose their physical life in service to disseminating TI and DO’s information and reality because it will be seen as the ultimate blasphemy by all religious and spiritual (false prophets) and space alien worshipers (image of the Beast) and by the largely atheistic leaders of the U.S. Beast and the E.U. little beast (in comparison).

It is said another one of these types of Tetrads of blood moons won’t happen like this for another 33 years. In paying attention to these events and time frames, it’s interesting to back up 7 years from 2015 that brings us to the time I have reported I suspect was the Rev 10 and 11 prophesied, “Seventh Angel’s trumpet sounding” in the airing on October 17, 2008 of National Geographic channel’s, “FINAL REPORT: HEAVEN’S GATE,” that broadcast for the first time by a mainstream popular media organization, as a question, whether this Heaven’s Gate group/cult could be what Christians refer to as the “Second Coming” of Jesus the Christ. The reason I am paying notice to that timing is because of:

Rev 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

This Judgment Hour time period here seems to be announcing the start of the LAST 40 year time period that may include the half hour, perhaps a 20 year period as the Seventh Seal’s time of “silence in heaven” shown in Rev 8:1.

At this time it seems the beginning of the previous “hour” was the 40 years, within which the BEAST, as the U.S. fell from the heights it held in the world’s eyes following World War I and II. I believe this falling hour began officially with President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974 to avoid a certain impeachment and forced removal from the presidency over the Watergate burglary and other “dirty tricks” that gave him the nick name, “Tricky Dicky.”

Nixon’s fall was followed in 1975 by the United State’s first clearly lost war over Vietnam, as the Korean war ended in a type of stalemate that divided the Korean peninsula that still stands today, however tentatively. 1975 was the same year, starting in late March that TI and DO spontaneously began public meetings in North Hollywood and the San Francisco bay areas and in Waldport, Oregon that gathered the bulk of their students from, their leaving all behind to follow with them, that by late September became a mystery about where these dozens of people went to. In early October these TWO, claiming to be from the same literal Heaven’s (outer space) and Heavenly Family that Jesus came from, were as a figure “shot down by the press,” the media mouthpiece of the U.S. BEAST.

TI and DO, then using the silly names Bo and Peep, had been tagged by the press “The UFO Two” and/or “The UFO Cult” that seems to have been the “subduing” (overcoming) of the Two Witnesses in Rev 11:7. That was followed by an unprecedented 20 years (1/2 hour) of relative peace in the mainland U.S. that allowed all manner of alternative groups to operate freely to include TI and DO’s group they called their “class” of students, mostly in the western U.S., the modern “temple” area. TI and DO’s group were branded a dangerous cult that the FBI suspected could have been responsible for a rash of most mysterious cattle mutilations and were compared to Charles Manson’s murdering manipulations of others and a few years later to the Jim Jones murder/forced suicides as was clearly shown by the video footage from Guyana.

This U.S. “fall” was secured starting at about the half hour point of 1997 by the PNAC group who planned for a new Pearl Harbor event to provide motivation to rebuild American’s military industrial complex to plan for a two front war, which culminated with the 2000 coup d’etat via the Federal Supreme Court stepping in to interfere with sovereign Florida’s supreme court decision to recount the Florida vote by ordering them not to recount. Then came the first fall event of 9/11/2001 in the WTC/Pentagon attacks that correlate with the timing of the Rev 6 Red Horse in a reason to have “endless war” and a huge reduction of rights.

This verse shows the 9/11 attacks happen in the same hour that began some part of 40 years earlier:

Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

(I’ve already fully interpreted this verse in the Rev 11:13 section).

Even though it was said the primary reason for the Pope’s visit was to attend the “World Meeting of Families 2015” in Philadelphia, he combined it with addressing a joint session of congress that included President Obama’s cabinet and the Supreme Court Justices and the next day he gave a talk at the United Nations General assembly which is in the process of celebrating it’s seventieth year since being founded on 24 October 1945.

I suspect this “seventy” has a direct relationship to Daniel’s reference to Jeremiah’s prophecy in:

Dan 9:2 In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

(See Jer 25:11-12 and Jer 29:10 for what Daniel is referring to)

Now one could interpret this as many have into referring close enough to the 65 or so years that passed before the Kingdom of Judah broke off from the other 10 Israeli Kingdoms (tribes) and then were all scattered by the Syrians.

It’s interesting how in September of 2015 many thousands of Syrians chose to risk death on the Mediterranean Sea to get to Hungry where they were briefly stalled but then allowed into Hungry but the trains ceased running so many began to walk to the Austrian border and were allowed to enter and many of which made their way to Germany before the EU started insisting on border countries closing their borders and primary route to asylum. After all they were trying to escape the ongoing war in Syria that was escalating with Russia joining in on bombing ISIS – the self proclaimed Islamic State in Syria, aiding Assad’s government while the U.S. has been bombing as well (as well as other EU nations like France – all wanting a piece of the pie or whatever advantage they each feel they have by being there), but want to oust Assad which is like the reverse of when Syria invaded Jerusalem and Judea and sent Jews scattered abroad.

Whether we admit it or not the U.S. is largely run by Israeli interests, money, people, corporate ties. The Jews in the U.S. own most of the media (mouthpiece) and the entertainment media is included in that along with most of congress and it’s well known Wall Street Investment banks and dominate President Obama’s cabinet.

And though I don’t doubt that “seventy” could have also applied to then, the prophecy in the visions of Daniel were most applicable to the end time as Jesus indicated and that time period coordinates with the end of World War II, the establishment of the Jewish state in the Palestinian territory and the opening of the bottomless pit shown in Rev 9:1 which is most represented by the times of the crashes of spacecraft in the U.S. southwest, called Roswell and Aztec, Laredo and a few others, that by the way the Luciferians also stimulated as “copy cat” crashes by some of the space aliens groups who at that time were let out of their underground hiding places where they largely were locked up during the time of Noah’s flood, where they have been surviving for generations since.

During those 70 years the United States “fell,” depicted in prophecy as the new Babylonian Empire with the “woman” of Rev 17, Lady Liberty as the new city of Babylon being New York City dominated by Jewish Zionist and Christian Zionist business leaders fully sympathetic and supportive of the new state of Israel their ancestors saw to establishing by deals surrounding the U.S. entrance into both WWI and WWII and continuing to date against that Arabs all over the middle east. These who are Jews no longer have any real relationship to much of anything Moses taught, just like those who call themselves Christians have little to nothing to do with what Jesus taught. They are all products of the Luciferian misinformation campaign, as are we all unless we are given a seed by the Next Level and wake up to the truth and choose to pull on those threads of truth to discard the misinformation from our Mind/Spirit and/or Soul filling it instead with the true information about the Next Level, the Older Members TI and DO provided.

The falls were gradual until the end of the age began in the year 2000 with the Supreme court ruling to stop the Florida Supreme courts recount of the Florida votes to insure G.W. Bush would be elected and would preside over what would take place as a result of the 9/11 attacks that produced the first fall and the global financial collapse as the second fall. This was followed by a recovery of that wound on the Beast’s head.

All this is ushering the globe into the “time of great tribulation, not seen since the beginning of this civilizational human world” as prophesied by Jesus and a number of Old Testament prophets.

On September 26, 2015 at the United Nations both the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin and president of China, Xi Jinping gave speeches. Supposedly Xi Jinping was there to talk about giving more rights to women in China while Putin was supposedly there to talk about the Ukraine but ended up being more interested in showing their interest in the Syria conflict.

Rev 13:9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.

Having an ear means you recognize what’s being said as having validity, truth, accuracy, a reflection of reality, so can become further understood by paying attention to and applying what’s provided to enable further “hearing.”

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