TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.D.1.The Seven Seal Openings-Fourth Seal – Second Beast (E.U.-Daniel 7 Little Horn w/2 Lambs in Appearance Only)


Rev 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of ((out of, from, by, away from)) the earth ((ge= country, region, occupants, soil)); and he had two horns like ((similar (in appearance or character), manner)) a lamb ((a Christ [one who has given up their life overcoming the human kingdom for the Kingdom of Heaven])), and he spake as ((which how, like, to wit, with all speed)) a dragon ((drakon= fabulous kind of serpent)).

Rev 13:12 And he exerciseth ((4160 poieo= make, band together, bring forth, commit, content, continue, agree, appoint, avenge)) all the power ((ability, privilege, capacity, competence, freedom, mastery, superhuman, strength, right)) of the first beast before him, and causeth ((4160 – poieo)) the earth ((1093 ge= countries)) and them which dwell therein to worship ((kiss the hand of, serve like a dog)) the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

These descriptions seem to be spot on with the “little horn” and how it has “eyes” – The Holy See – the Holy Roman Catholic empire’s hierarchy and/or the European origin Masonic “all seeing eye” from the far east “third eye” shown to be of the mindset of the founders of the U.S. as seen inside the dollar bill’s pyramid.

Dan 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.

Another indication of the identity of this other Beast is in Daniel’s dream/vision reference to how “before” this time of the emergence of this other Beast, three of the first Beasts ten horns (Dan 7:7 documents for this context), though is often referenced here in the Revelations, really points to England, France and Spain’s (including in lessor ways; Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands – the Dutch from Holland) various claims and colonies on North America that were all three uprooted from North America by significant wars in the foundation of the U.S.

Also, this second Beast comes out of the human kingdom on/from earth. Like the first U.S. Beast it’s development began at about the same time though at a different pace, but essentially it seems as a result of the emergence of the space aliens from their underground prison cells (bottomless pit), as first shown in Rev 9.

Here is a little summary of that part of Rev 9: It describes “locusts with tails that sting like scorpions.” Whenever tail is used, it often has to do with, in this case indicating these are creatures that procreate like mammals, which we know is of primary interest to the space aliens. Also in the abduction reports most were put into a type of comatose state of semi-consciousness but had no capacity to run or fight back (though there are exceptions, that did still have a capacity to resist), but they were made into the walking dead for the time, no doubt through the use of some type of drug, even administered with a “beam of light” hitting them, as was described by Travis Walton as “blue” and  a similar report from Credo Mutwa and others. It’s interesting in the Travis Walton as reported by his companions who observed some of his abduction, a beam of light seemed to pick his body up and pull it into the spacecraft. That’s particularly interesting as one of a number of indications that this “second Beast” does great wonders including “making fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men” from Rev 13:13 and the name of Travis Waltons book and/or made for television movie I believe was “Fire from the sky” – sky is another translation for Greek ouranos with it’s equivalent as “heaven.”

The timeline of these events of the emergence of this second Beast is like most all prophecy in stages – degrees of application starting in this case of Rev 9 in the 1940’s and 1950’s but demonstrating these characteristics in the decades thereafter and seemingly brought to a head some time after the first Beast’s head wound is healed which shows as when the U.S. seemingly recovers from the two falls of the 9/11 attacks and the global financial crisis of 2009. But these “wonders” are technological and some of the space aliens had spacecraft with these facilities, though related to this second Beast, humans seem to now have developed some of the same technologies. Russia recently announced having a beam weapon they could use to disable anything that uses electronics. The range of operation is the greatest challenge though.

They are described as on “horses dressed for battle” which sounds like primitive (compared to Next Level) spacecrafts, and are said to have the “faces of men (humans)” with “hair like women,” perhaps depicting females and/or males with long hair.

This is interesting in the light of the report of a Swiss man named Billy Meier who reported in 1975 he met face to face with a human looking female space alien named Semjase who had hair down to her waist and said they came from a star system just past what we call the Pleiades. Billy’s first encounters were claimed to start in 1942 when he was 5 years old, a common claim from contactees and abductees to start with them when they are very young. It is interesting that many of the abductees and contactees say their captors say they came from primarily the same star systems as see noted in the book of Job:

Job 9:9 Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.
Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

Also, Meier in 1963 said he discovered what he said were ancient Aramaic scrolls in a tomb south of the Old City of Jerusalem. From them he wrote a book called the Talmud Jmmanuel that claims to be the original teachings and life events of Jmmanuel who Meier says is the same one who was called Jesus Christ. I have reviewed parts of it as it was written in German but certain parts were translated to English and it seems to be another spiritualized distortion/dilution that can be put alongside the Urantia book.

Also in some of the pictures from other abductees and contactees there were at times some that looked like “grays” but when they had problems with their victim (who often later thought themselves elevated to a “chosen one” contactee) they brought in a more human looking being that sometimes was illustrated as a male with long hair who would put them at ease. These became referred to as Nordics and that is especially interesting as they were mostly related to the Scandinavian European countries that are now mostly part of the EU.


1) One horn seems to be the Tibetan Dalai Lama as the biggest figurehead that has attracted many New Agers to, in both north America and Europe that has spawned many associated movements and practices. Offshoots who often align with the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism, if not culturally, by adopting their thinking and techniques include many Space Alien contactees, abductees bearing hybrid children who become channels and leaders of believers. Some think of themselves as a returned Maitreya, considered to be a title of some equivalence to, “Christ” in Buddhist eschatology that does have some similarities, but all and all seems to be another “copy.” However, the source of this Buddhist thinking/behaviors, lessons may have stemmed from the work of an Older Member from the Next Level, as Do indicated was possible because of similar doctrine of renunciation of the world and conquering of the senses, etc. and because Jesus said he had another “fold” he was to attend to after he left via his “cloud.”

Northern European New Agers seem to have been especially gravitated to Buddhist influences, and some of those are focused on a belief in the returning Maitreya. There are a number of Space Alien contactees that have even shared information that is kin to Buddhist ideas – and of course it’s predecessor religion Hinduism. Rael is a prime example of a leader of some 65,000 Raelians (they claim) worldwide who claims space aliens, even some with the names Satan and Lucifer, whom Rael reports he met face to face during one episode, were the Book of Genesis Elohim and thus created all humans and also created Jesus. Rael currently uses the title, “Maitreya” and he may be the biggest European manifestation of this “horn.” It’s interesting that those same two Space Aliens who told Rael this, also said they didn’t create the planets, which according to the Genesis account that Moses wrote was created by the Elohim as well, which then becomes confirmation as to who these Space Aliens are. They are the Fallen Angels who did engineer or propagate and hybridize their seed with human seed to produce those called the Nephilim who could be considered the “tares” Jesus spoke about, the seed from the enemy sown in the same “field” of the garden as Their “wheat/corn seed” was sown.

Regards to the Maitreya portrayal, there is another who has for many years gone by the name Benjamin Crème who has an organization called “Share International” who says there is an India born Englishman who is the Maitreya but who isn’t going to show his proof of that until the world has fallen to a certain condition of degradation that he will then save humanity from, as I generally understand it.

Another who claims some spiritual elite status is Billy Meier and there are various believers in him who became channel’s of the Luciferian Space Alien souls and/or discarnates known as Pleiadians. There are many others to include Aetherian and Arcturan contactees and groups which have formed around them, some of which also have contactees who insinuate or directly say they are the return of Jesus (what I heard on a meeting tape implied by Alex Collier and from reports of what David Icke said when he first came on the public scene) or say they are both the return of Jesus and the Buddha, especially in the case of Rael.

David Icke, a contactee who I’ve read a little about said or implied he was the return of Jesus. Most of these seem to gravitate most to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs and practices thinking that traveling to Tibet and India is a way to reach for further enlightenment along with certain yogic practices. They seem to have in common believing in the practice of meditation, they suggest if everyone did would bring about world peace through the idea some have called the “100th monkey.” That’s saying as soon as the 100th one did something the entire community would just begin doing it. I don’t deny there could be truth to that, except it’s really happened in reverse to where most are pro killing whatever they see as their enemy and even doing so in the name of their “god” who of course is a “false god” – the IMAGE or copy or facsimile of the Real Members of the Next Level.

I would say most of these don’t generally acknowledge the presence of a real being named Lucifer who because of his agenda to get off the planet stimulates further efforts among humans to develop their sciences and technologies to where human’s death and destruction and coveting of resources and those who suffer because of, become “collateral damage,” as we also see certain humans talk of, they use to justify their killing of civilians in their various warring.

These New Agers generally replace the fact that there are Living Beings who designed everything. Instead they promote thinking of the creation in nebulous ways removing the Chief of Chiefs (what TI and DO called the Oldest Member of the Next Level) with his being a “Cosmic Consciousness” or “Universal Mind” or “Oneness” no one need answer to as an authority over us and all of the creation, replacing the reality of the many membered kingdom that created the Earth for a purpose to grow souls upon who can graduate from their human condition to the idea that we are already living eternally in spirit form in an endless cycle of reincarnation or that we can overcome the world without appealing to Older Members from the Next Level to achieve eternal life as a spirit and not have to return to incarnate again. It’s telling how the two webmasters of the Heavensgate.com web site have seemed to adopt quite a few of these frames of thought as their new philosophy, while portraying themselves as the authority over all the information TI and DO and Crew left behind for us.

For example this view of “endless reincarnation” (according to reports from the interviews given by webmaster and former student of TI and DO, named Mrc, in the group, who was instructed by Do to leave the group in 1987 for not wanting to abide by all the lesson steps talks like this, while they say they are also working for TI and DO, turning into quite the contradiction since TI and DO never even insinuated such a concept  in all their tapes and writings and what I personally heard from being with them for a combined 19 years.

These former students are the very ones who are maintaining the Heavensgate.com web site Do and Crew set up and gave them as a task to keep up. This and many other things they say (presuming both are of one mind in their statements as they no longer use names) in their interviews are seeming to move far away from TI and DO’s Mind that I can bring a great deal of evidence for saying. However, they can still change as can we all when we learn about how we have gotten off the straight and narrow.

But here are links to the blog posts I made to try to bring more truth to what they provided in their interviews:

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TI and DO spoke of how Lucifer gradually slipped to become more and more separately thinking from his Older Members until he didn’t even know he was separate from them. TI said he still knows the Chief exists but he so resents being jailed on earth that he is bent on battling against the Next Level even though he was given many chances to change. I have to wonder if one of those two webmasters is so resentful of being told to leave the class because of his not wanting to embrace the lesson referred to as “I could be wrong” that is behind his reason to withhold about 266 more audio meeting tapes Do made from 1985 to 1997.

These new age contactees often quote a tiny few of the things Jesus said to the general public, often focusing on two verses where Jesus says, (out of context), “The Kingdom of God is within you” where within meant both that it starts as a seed put in each human vehicle, but then that receiver fosters to grow and allows to be nurtured. Another quote describes how the incarnate Older Member comes from the Kingdom of God as one of it’s Representatives “from among you” (which is also the way Moses said one like him would return), used to justify an earth origin to the returning Rep’s incarnation. Another is where Jesus said, “God is a Spirit” which is synonymous with how TI and DO said that every Member of the Next Level was a Mind to where a Mind is the stuff that they have filled their Soul container with and that they are still physical beings because of but use physical vehicles they grow on vines to wear like a human would wear a special suit for a special task like as astronaut or diving suit. What Jesus seemed to mean by saying that, was that Next Level members were not seen and like said are composed of their Older Member’s Mind which is synonymous with the term, “spirit.”

These often focus on Jesus’ call for peace ignoring that he meant as a behavior among others, while not meaning contentment and inner peace in ourselves as within ourselves he wanted us to have “salt” which as one of it’s main properties was that of a great enemy to bacteria to preserve life while enhancing it’s value:

Mar 9:50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.

2) The other of the Two Horns of this second Beast would then be the latest and perhaps last New Agey styled Pope Francis as the leader of the Holy See state, the Holy Roman Catholic Church that is over the Vatican City State, who to date preaches an ecumenical doctrine now that has very little to do with anything Jesus stood behind except for rhetoric of feeding the poor while he sits on one of the wealthiest banks in the world, that is every bit as much a corporate profiteer/capitalist as exist in any of the strictly secular states and entities in the world. The position of Pope was separated from being in command of the Vatican Bank legalistically but with his Cardinals remains it’s head. His talk that boils down to a One World Religion and One World government is right up Lucifer and his associate fallen angel’s alley to have a One World Order. Pope Francis does seem to want to emphasize the plight of the poor and has taken a strong stand on “healing the earth,” at least in rhetoric, but perhaps with his chemistry background is also convinced that the climate change is as he said “mostly man made.” On May 1, 2013 he said, “The book of Genesis tells us that God created man and woman entrusting them with the task of filling the earth and subduing it, which does not mean exploiting it, but nurturing and protecting it, caring for it through their work.” I believe what was meant by “subduing it” really meant “overcome/conquer” the lower evolutionary levels of behaviors and ways.

But perhaps the biggest clue that Pope Francis in his focus on the poor is literally neglecting teaching the most important teachings of Jesus is how he is quoting only the things Jesus taught the general public that he mostly spoke in parables – stories about so they would NOT SEE:

Luk 8:10 And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.

They, the general public were not ready to see and hear the full truth. It would have been too challenging to them and they would have fell prey to the lower forces more easily and would have fed the forces against him. His 3 1/2 year ministry wouldn’t have lasted even that long I imagine before he would have been thrown out for sounding like a babbling idiot or possessed by devils all the more. Of course some and probably many Jewish leaders demonstrated they did think those thoughts – it was just less which afforded him more time to help his students, who he did reveal some mysteries to, further opportunity to draw everything from him they could, so they could stand for him when he left and in so doing be sacrificing their physical life which would be their ticket to their next grade in school at graduation time upon his incarnate return. (dying isn’t the ticket by the way – service to their Older Member that will result in their death is their ticket. It’s just a different focus. There are plenty of people that give their life for another and that can have it’s merit but to graduate one must not be giving their life for their own sense of self importance as a martyr that they feel makes them a spiritual hero or some sort of thing in the eyes of others. That’s a distortion. TI and DO always said theirs was “not a martyr trip.”

To top this off, Jesus said upon return he would no longer be talking in parables thus to still be preaching the parables is like sharing maybe 9th grade lessons when it’s at the least 11th or 12th grade time when those in the 11th and 12th grades with Jesus would at this time be graduating. This dilution is also seen in many churches around the lands to where they teach the parables and miracles and even the Old Testament toddler lesson plans. It’s not like those are bad things to teach but the priority could be preparing people for the return by sharing with them the things Jesus shared with his disciples that he didn’t talk to the general public about.

TI and DO said Lucifer likes “order” in his kingdom so if you break that order, you end up in one of “Lucifer’s jails” – the various governmental prison systems. Together these Two Beasts are leading the social and technological aspects of the war of Armageddon which for the Next Level is really a battle for souls between the Luciferian space aliens and the Next Level that humans are the Luciferian pawns of, though some can see through and results in their rebellion and separation from allegiance to either of these two Beasts.

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders ((4592 semeion= sign, wonder, token, mark, prodigy, portent)), so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
Rev 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell ((house permanently)) on the earth (by the means of those) miracles ((4592 semeion= sign, wonder, token, mark, prodigy, portent)) which he had power to do in the sight ((in the face, presence, before)) (of the) beast; saying ((to lay forth, relate)) to them that dwell ((house permanently)) on the earth, that they should make an image ((1504 eikon from eiko 1503; a likeness, (literally) statue, profile, or as a figure [even an actual Hologram like Fatima]) representation, resemblance, akin to being weak or a faintness as a copy)) to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

The context of who performs these “great wonders aka miracles, (Luciferian signs)” is from the perspective of this “other Beast” of prey, organizations of humans’ (mammals) countries, institutions and corporations of the E.U. who like the larger Beast the U.S. are now in various ways under the influence of the Luciferian space aliens and those who carry their seed (misinformation mind).

By the way, it’s the false Christs (false anointed ones and/or false Christians) and false prophets (speakers/teachers) that show these “great wonders” and “miracles,” not the once incarnate Two Witnesses nor their “Active Students.” (That’s a phrase Jwnody wrote on Do’s behalf that referred to his students that he indicated new believers should try to “connect with” in he and TI’s physical incarnate absence. I suspect he said that to cover his bets, should he leave before his student body, something he always considered could happen. Then new believers would know to seek out those Active Students.)

Mrk 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Rev 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

This is why one was not going to see the Two Witnesses, bringing on plagues like Moses did nor calling fire down from heaven as Elijah did. Those were listed as their characteristics because it was to show they had the same authority. TI and DO wondered at times why they didn’t seem to have powers like that. They knew they were those in the prophecy and there were times they thought about trying them out, which they said somewhat humorously as they recognized that wasn’t really their role at this time. They didn’t abide by what prophecy said. They used it for clues of what they knew they were being fed in information. By the way, they said they would both receive the same impressions at the same time that they would only recognize when they came together and checked with one another when they felt something was coming in. This way, it was a check system so one wasn’t really leading. They worked as a partnership though Do knew TI was his Older Member and yielded if the came upon something that seemed to differ though often it didn’t really differ except in how they each registered it. They had different brains so in talking about what they were receiving they would talk about them differently at times and that was useful as Do had a closer interface with the student body where TI had a closer interface with Do and was more distant from the student body. Relating with the student body was primarily Do’s task to perform which is part of why TI left before him.

The great “wonders, miracles, signs, tokens, marks, prodigy, portents” are all on the human level and thus earth based and are things what TI and DO called “tricks” the Luciferian space aliens stimulate to try to fool people into thinking they are God or that God was them all along. They are also technologies that have been gleaned from or provided from the space aliens to humans while are also being developed or the subject of experiments to create that are giving rise to more and more advancements in all fields that are to humans WONDROUS to observe and/or be a part of developing. However in the context of this EU beast, European based technological developments and apparent space alien activity put’s front and center the many wondrous experiments in atomic and sub atomic particle and energy physics at CERN, the “Council European Research Nuclear” known the most for it’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that is geared to create antimatter by powering atoms to smash into one another at incredible speeds and then watching the sub atomic results that they recently feel demonstrated the existence of antimatter as described as the Higgs Boson particle.

More directly related to “fire from Heaven” is the CAST telescope recently installed that uses dipole magnets and pipes associated with the LHC that generates x-rays into the Sun looking to discover “axions” that they think will explain subtle differences between matter and antimatter in processes involving the weak force but not the strong force they think can make up dark matter. Now I don’t pretend to understand all that except that dark matter in my thinking is what TI said was “frequency.” Human scientists are talking about this as parallel universes – in existence all the time which one can imagine if we knew how to turn on and off, one could make matter invisible yet still have mass as Jesus demonstrated and TI and DO said could make it so there could be even another civilization on a planet we think is barren but we can’t see them because they are on a different frequency our brain/eyes Mind has not developed to be able to see/comprehend.

Another project is called the High Luminosity LHC which is a cutting edge Tesla superconductor quadrupole magnet and incidentally 2015 they, related to the United Nations EU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland declared to be the “International Year of Light” (Fire?).

“Fire from heaven” in it’s most base understanding would involve the sun and the significant production of heat these experiments generate that are all doing very wondrous things on a huge scale relative to human achievements to date. Some people think they are going to create a black hole.

I have suspected for a long time that one primary desire for these particle accelerators is to try to create new elements that could be used to manufacture an element that would provide an anti-gravity field that could become the energy source of a spacecraft to just lift away from the planet instead of having to thrust our way into space as has been shown to exist in some of the crashed or provide space alien crafts.

As a side note, I can imagine that one of the ways the Next Level might have grounded the Luciferian space alien fallen angels was by knowing they had a very limited supply of the element needed to power their spacecrafts or by making changes in the sun’s output so that those elements no longer stay charged as long or as well or with as much force as they once had. I’m just guessing of course. By giving humans some spacecrafts as reported by Bob Lazar and others, the Next Level were helping humans see the possibilities so they could figure out how duplicate them and the elements that power their engines and generate the anti-gravity field. I don’t know if the Next Level did provide these crafts in tact enough to provide much data on this, but it seems the Luciferian space aliens did foster facsimile UFO crashes after initial Next Level staged crashes at the Plains of St. Augustine near Roswell, New Mexico, Aztec, New Mexico and Laredo, Texas, in other U.S. southwest and other locations and also in England known as the Bentwaters incident and at least one in a northern, remote are of the Soviet Union.

Do indicated the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens might not have the expertise nor tools/labs, mining and refining systems available so need humans to develop the technologies they need to use to try to escape from their prison on earth. If they do get humans to escape and they tag along with them in their spirit form and/or with some of those they nurtured to be their pawns then I doubt they will get very far and may not survive very long – like on Mars, for instance. NASA just announced a program looking for people to colonize Mars. G.W. Bush had announced this project during a state of the union address in one of his last years as president so this is not new and his announcement came days after China announced colonizing Mars and the Moon. The Luciferians know a lot about what’s possible, having had experience with what Do called “elementary service” in the Next Level, so they can point humans in the right directions.

Lasers are another way to look at “fire come down from heaven (sky/outer space).” As said 2015 is the International Year of Light as declared by the U.N. which combines activities of both Beasts (US and EU) with it’s bases in NYC and Geneva, Switzerland. During this year there have been successful use of lasers to deliver video communications from both the International Space Station (ISS) and a the European Space Agencies (ESA) probe on the moon which is many times faster than previous transfer mediums. Laser surgeries are now routine and use for weaponry.

Further wonders are in progress in the area of cloning and bio-engineering, growing human organs, even having ways of automating their design, called “3D printing.” A device has all the components within it that outputs a mesh shape of an organ that used stem cells genetically engineered to grow flesh over the mesh and that has been accomplished for some organs.

Interestingly, it was in Rael’s book, the Frenchman UFO contactee who started the Raelian religion, that he reports being shown on board one of their crafts a computer that two beings named Lucifer and Satan described as a cloning device. The premise was they could take a piece of one’s forehead bone and put it in the computer and it would produce a clone of the person at a younger age they then could take over, presumably when their existing body died. They told him that they “outlived planets” in this way. By the way they said they didn’t create the planets though they claim to be the Elohim “Lord” in Genesis who created humans. I later realized they might not be lying but are mixing up the story so that they were indeed the fallen angels that created the hybridization program or just had sexual reproduction with the “daughters of humans” to seed the ones called Nephilim who became very mighty and even giants physically who ended up being very violent and seems to even feed off of humans prompting the Next Level to choose to wipe them all out and start over, thus the Noah flood. But it’s interesting that Rael went on to found a company called Clonaid that clones animals and Rael though he claims to be the returned Maitreya and/or Christ claims there is no Kingdom of God and that all humans came from his space aliens and that technological development is the solution to all the worlds problems – which amounts to yet another type of “false idol” worship.

I’ve read that South Korea excels in organ manufacturing (and by the way cloning of animals) technology which I became aware of having application for already, when I saw a report of a new city like facility being built under the cover of a ski resort in what is called the Northeast Kingdom area of Vermont. They were describing the businesses they were drawing to the facility and one was a South Korean human organ manufacturer. To me that was some icing on the cake of what was really intended for this facility, having an airport and entire infrastructure planned and in development subsidized in part by Federal monies like the recent shift to a digital wireless electric company monitoring throughout the state. All this in a very rural sparsely populated area, though a stones throw from the state capital of Montpelier that I remind has at statue of the goddess Ceres on it’s statehouse. I would venture to gamble such a facility is being installed nearby every big city in the U.S. and no doubt Europe and probably throughout the world, for the leaders of the countries and their rich backers to literally buy quarters within in the event of a need to flee underground from any number of regional and/or global-wide catastrophic events or uprisings or wars. The Next Level may allow certain ones to survive their spading, recycling as indicated in prophecy so they can be used as catalysts for the growth of those who survive this judgment time the Souls who don’t show their allegiance to the Beast or it’s Image (Spirituality, even to a hologram like Fatima).

Drawing fire from the heavens can also refer to doing things in the atmosphere of Earth that can stimulate thunder and lightening storms. There has been considerable indications of this with the talk of NASA’s project Blue Beam and the HAARP project in Alaska that as one of it’s missions is weather modification using an array of antenna that transmit frequencies anywhere on the planet that can be made to affect the planets electromagnetic field and potentially stimulate storms or perhaps a reduction of the way that field is a shield against the suns solar wind. If that shield is altered or disrupted, perhaps also related to the ozone layer more of that solar wind can get to the surface. CERN maybe engaged in some of this as well. And there are new plans for even bigger facilities in all these respects all over the globe.

As fire is related to Hell, and Hell to the Luciferian fallen angels who are in hell in that they can not escape their fate when the Next Level is done with using their desire to combat the Next Level, they are also drawn with their space alien descendents and human pawns to the earth that includes the fact that they will be judged by “fire” – cast into the “lake of fire,” perhaps a multiple pronged strategy of recycling using both forces outside the earth as in the Sun and forces inside the earth as the molten core that we see in the last decade being stimulated in volcanic eruptions. Mt. Etna, is one that has continued to show slight activity but could be one of many that could all create “lakes of fire” when the Next Level is “done”

Further development of radioactive elements into energy systems and propulsion systems are yet another example of fire from heaven, with heaven meaning from what the space aliens provided the Nazi’s in the mid 1940’s however they did that, possibly related to excursions to and discovery of a hidden underground lake in the continent of Antarctica. One could imagine that any sizable object hitting any ocean would cause many times the damage of what happened in Fukashima, Japan from a tsunami stimulated by an ocean earthquake. And with the many nuclear reactor sites on coasts that would have their cooling systems destroyed by flooding could cause many meltdowns that would further pollute any ocean or waterways they are built on to create ocean sized “lakes of fire.”

Re: “image” – In a literal way, a Luciferian hologram like Fatima. Generally speaking, what TI and DO called a “facsimile, copy,” something that was “not real and didn’t exist” and referred to humans with Luciferian misinformation that way because being filled with misinformation means no possibility to avoid being recycled thus not existent. We can recall that the Lord told Moses his names as “I Am” or “I exit” or “Existing One” (Jehovah) and that Israel meant “one who prevails as Jehovah,” thus overcomes through adhering to the instructions aka commandments from Jehovah that enables their “existence” where otherwise all else is a non-existent representation, resemblance of what exists, a likeness which is how those before Adam and Eve were referred to have been created male and female “like” in appearance and quality to the Elohim – existing ones – the Governors or Chief Administrator of the Earth garden as Do referred to TI as one time.

Thus this “image” is anything that is portrayed as Above Human that is not or that puts humans on a pedestal they are not on, or the working for Spirits, discarnates, space aliens, religions, so called spiritual teachers, Christian Evangelicals, Channelers, Artists put on a pedestal, Science and scientists who are seen as can do no wrong, etc. Since this is used as one of the conditions of judgment of who is “saved” from the recycling and who is not, equating with worshiping (serving, working for) either/or the Beasts and/or “it’s image,” as in Rev 14:9-11 and 15:2. These who work for the Beasts and/or their Image(s) are also those who suffer the consequences of the FIRST ANGEL’S POURING OUT OF THEIR VIAL on the earth that starts and is ongoing as shown in Rev 16:2, but has stages of application to the “Great Day of the Wrath of the Lord” during the time of the 6th Seal.

Rev 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath ((passion, breathing hard)) of God, which is poured out ((2767 kerannumi=filled [also translated as; “to mix, or pour out as for drinking,” but considering the next word is related to being unmixed, undiluted, it seems the “filled” option might be more contextual])) without mixture ((194 akratos= full strength, undiluted)) into the cup of his indignation ((3709 orge= movement, agitation of the soul [stimulation towards growth, the “salt” each prospective member of the Next Level needs to have, aka “thirst” for the behavior and ways of the Older Members], the natural disposition, desire (as a reaching forth or excitement of the mind),  vengeance and punishment [reaping what was sown], anger [at the effort to turn people away from the truth about the Kingdom of Heaven and it’s Older Members in that Next Level Above Human])); and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

Notice the language of “pouring out,” which is applied to how wine is mingled to fill one’s vessel (cup) – one’s lot – chosen direction in life, that in the application in the resulting receipt of that “wine” (mind as instructions from the Next Level to implement) delivery gushes out, is shed abroad or forth as in distributed when the disclosure (voice) is give. The aspect said as “without mixture” or undiluted, when examined in a number of translations is said as “full strength” which is indicative that it won’t be spread out nearly as much in severity and frequency and scope as it has been up until this point.

One will note throughout history major natural disasters are sporadic even throughout most of the 1900’s, with few in the territory of the U.S., though quite large when they hit (New Madrid, San Francisco, Galveston, etc.) But since the mid to late 1990’s a noticeable increase in earthquakes (Japan, China, Indonesia, Iran, Chili, Haiti, Italy and of late Rome, etc.), tsunami’s (Sumatra, Japan (Fukashima)), tornadoes (Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, some a mile wide), hurricane’s (Katrina, Sandy, Irene, Matthew), drought and subsequent forest or range fires (Colorado, Oklahoma, Montana and California), huge hailstones the size of softballs and/or hard enough to break through thin metal roof tops on sheds, massive fish and bird die offs, famines, genocidal wars (Rwanda), State, even illegal waged wars (Afganistan, Iraq) and foreign and domestic terrorism events, heightened volcanic activity including eruptions (Hawaii, Alaska, Mt. Etna in Italy, Chili, Mount St Helens, Yellowstone and others most focused on the area of the planet spoken of as the “ring of fire” – the Pacific rim).

Therefore what this verse is indicating is an increase to full strength of these plagues and calamities that seems to be in the timeline at the start of the Opening of the Sixth Seal in Rev 6:11-17, yet indicating some will still be able to “stand” for the Kingdom of God/Heaven, Next Level, TI and DO according to what they have become aware of. I suspect this time period is slated for around 2025-2032, counting 4-8 years to each Seal opening as was evidenced between Seals 1, 2 and 3. The spread of 4-8 years is because of the “days being shortened for the remaining (elect),” so it could certainly be even sooner. These were not the only considerations. The biggest one is because TI and DO indicated those in middle age around the time of his exit would see the completion of the the events in Revelations, obviously not counting the 1000 years after these calamities are “done.”

These three Seal periods in the world begin with the Bill Clinton regime that was in place until the exit of Do and Crew in 1997 so seems to coordinate with Rev 14:6’s first angel’s speaking in the “middle heaven” the true information (gospel) by Do coming out on the “internet” (starting via satellite uplink in 1993 and ending with the Heavensgate.com web site and their globally reported exit) as the return of the same Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus, that a few years later begins the “hour of judgment” (40 year period).

The Bush regime seems to coordinate with the start of the Two Falls of Babylon in Rev 14:8 with the 9/11 attacks and the response of what I call the Endless War on (of) Terror, as Jesus said, those who live by the sword die by the sword.

The Obama regime shows the start of the second fall, set up by the time of the Bush regime for him to manage as the Global Financial Crisis, another U.S. (and allies) stimulated event to usher in the New World Order and the U.S. Secret Govt that first began to form in the 1950’s because of the Space Aliens being permitted by the Next Level to circulate among humans again. This seems to be according to the timing as noted in the second “another angel” in Rev 14:8.

The third angel of Rev 14:9 seems to mark the start of the Opening of the Fourth Seal that appears to be depicted as the Woman in Revelations chapter 17 and 18 also representing the “city” that sits on the Beast as the:

Rev 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Of course it’s not the “city” that reigns over anyone, it’s the people occupying such an entity no matter where they are located though by various descriptions may most apply to New York City and of course it’s axis to Washington D.C., Chicago to Houston to Denver and Los Angeles as main hubs.

This Rev 14:10 period is led up to through Seal openings 4 and 5, then depicted as the 7 Angels who pour out their Vials, starting with:

Rev 16:1 And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out ((1632 ekcheo= to pour, figuratively to bestow, gush (pour) out, run greedily (out), shed (abroad, forth), spill)) the vials ((5357 phiale= broad shallow cup)) of the wrath of God upon the earth.

Christians might say this wine (from Rev 14:10) was the Holy Spirit, which is true in that it’s the “Mind,” TI and DO equated with the term “spirit” that his pure (holy) because it’s totally real and true, but given to a world that has thrived on the misinformation mind/spirit from the Luciferians that diluted the Next Level Mind when it was “poured out” before as when Jesus came incarnate, his being the receptacle (vessel, cup) for his Father’s Holy Mind/Spirit which is the “passion” of Next Level members to provide. But when humans who have not learned and practice taking in that mind and keeping it in their vessels to be used to build their internal “Soul” container, (given them like a seed is given to the earth), then it spills out – meaning humans can’t contain themselves and their passions however they are translated according to the pattern of programming they have accepted.

If they translate that passion by going out to clubs to get high on substances and get all sexual, more of that spills out literally and as a figure. If their passion is to get even with someone or some government or people who they have seen as doing them wrong, then they can hardly contain themselves from striking out with their passion in angry ways and we see hatreds and shootings from jealousies and vengeance and bigotries of all sorts escalate. If they get rid of that passion by amassing power over others as we see in governments through military and security forces down to the police level that then spills out.

If people have bought into certain thinking that sets them above others due to their intellect or science capacity, etc., they will pour out themselves into that passion and we see increased technologies and with success in business tends to build their sense of self into a heightened stature among other humans that often because of closes their minds to anything that could challenge their view of themselves. For those that it stimulates their sense of a spiritual self, they can’t help but get all self righteous to look down on people that they don’t think have God in their life, judging them as sinners and heathen. The same is shown among those who count themselves “spiritual” teachers. They have often magnified themselves to a position that can be the equivalent of a religion’s leaders, with or without an organizational banner. Some of these consider themselves enlightened or channels for spirits they think are from a higher realm or “contactees” of space alien’s they directly or indirectly deem “gods,” some of which will subtly allude to beings significantly over them. Some of these aliens portray themselves to humans as “Space Brothers.” TI and DO talked about this as “everyone getting what they have come to believe.” Many times what people believe is actually a complete illusion so they get that illusion, that is until the Next Level recycles and then they get reality.

People often can’t help but gravitate to their own comfort zone even if it’s one of hatred and arrogance towards someone else or some other group that yield troublesome, injurious, pernicious, destructive, baneful thinking and behavior as shown in response to the first of seven of these provisions of release of the Next Level’s Mind that few have a program to translate in any other way:

Rev 16:2 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome ((2556 kakos = evil, harm, ill, bad nature, mode of thinking, feeling and acting that is troublesome, injurious, pernicious, destructive, baneful)) and grievous ((4190 poneros= full of labors, annoyances, hardships, pressed and harassing, bringing toils, perilous to faith and steadfastness, causing pain and trouble, physically diseased or blind)) sore ((1668 helkos= a wound, production of discharge pus, an ulcer)) upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshiped his image. ((copy”-, facsimile of Next Level, even hologram like Fatima or Spirituality))

This becomes the main criteria of separation of those who turn to the real Next Level Beings for help, according to how they relate to the Next Level that must include showing the Older Member Living Beings in the Next Level we mean what we say and want to be in their service and grow to be in their Above Human Family as best we can understand it, so trust them to help us, which will include a separation from allegiance to humans. This is not to say, this becomes an excuse to neglect the responsibilities we have taken on in the human kingdom to one another as the Next Level uses the human kingdom as our stepping stone which is why Jesus gave the instructions he did to, in his physical absence to show our love for him and his Father and his kingdom by doing to others the way we want others to do to us and treating even those who would cause us harm with the same respectfulness knowing they don’t know any better or they wouldn’t act the way they do. But what’s important is to seek a stronger relationship with the Next Level Older Members day by day, looking for the ways they can help lead us closer to bonding further with them and there can always be a greater bond.

There is nothing to be assumed. We have to seek out what they want us to do for them. They don’t need us to do for them, but it’s the only way we can draw their mind into us and not have it spill out and be wasted. And for those that have heard about TI and DO, they must address their desires to them. To bypass the ones more recently sent to us is to deny they exist. All humans who don’t show the Next Level what they want in a relationship with Them will be those that are spoken of as the ones who have received the “mark of the beast and/or those that worship that Beasts image” meaning service self as a God or equivalent or religio-spiritual imagination or to the academy of sciences or to the institutions of higher learning, or even to an actual hologram like Fatima. It’s not that we don’t recognize things of value to those human and governmental organizations. It’s more that we don’t put any faith in them even though when we put our faith in the Next Level first, they may lead us to solutions to our problems that might take advantage of what humans have learned to do in their sciences.

It’s really as simple as getting into one’s quite place and then screaming to the Next Level (inside our heads) to allow us to become “putty in their hands” – projecting that beyond the most distant stars to not be interfered with by the space aliens or discarnate that have some circulation in the lowest part of the heavens mostly within the atmosphere of the earth.

Those who don’t seek this kind of giving of allegiance to the Next Level will be left to their own decay, but mind you, we don’t know who is or isn’t changing one hour to the next. We can tell from behavior who is not acting in Next Level ways towards others but they could be one minute acting out their spilling out of the Next Levels passion and the next minute could wake up to the fact and can seek to change in which case the Next Level will forgive them their trespasses against us, as we too want to be forgiven but then must continue to grow to have a greater capacity to keep the Next Level’s passion inside of us, converting that energy into positivity as requests for greater service and bonding with our Next Level Older Members. If we simply do the good deeds but without letting the Next Level lead us into them, then we can become tricked by then another form of the image of goodness as we see in many of the religious, though are judged person by person not by us but by the Next Level overseers.

In Rev 19:20 those who constitute the Beast and False Prophet along with those deceived by them to receive the mark of the Beast and/or “worship his image” are cast alive into a “lake of fire burning with brimstone” while the remaining meet another fate by the word of the one doing the judging at that point that results in some becoming the flesh the space aliens (fowls) feed off of. Feeding off of flesh (DNA) is exactly what the space aliens do when they abduct people to get their DNA, eggs and sperm, etc.

Rev 13:15 And he ((they)) (had) power ((1325 didomi= adventure, bestow, set, show, take, utter, deliver, smite, strike, bring forth, offer)) to give ((1325 didomi= bring forth, show, offer)) life ((4151 pneuma= spirit(-ual), current of air (etheric), mental disposition, godly, superhuman, angelic)) (unto the) image ((1504 eikon from eiko= likeness – literally a statue, profile or as a figure a representation, resemblance – an image [New Age spirituality claiming all are gods – a facsimile of the truth even in the form of a hologram like Fatima])) (of the) beast ((2342 therion= dangerous animal (human governmental organizations))), that ((hina= in order that, (denoting purpose or result), because)) the image ((spiritual facsimile of an angel/God, copying the Next Level in some way to lure humans against the Next Level)) (of the) beast (([Human Governmental Organizations])) should ((2980 laleo= to talk, preach, say, speak, tell)) both speak ((2980 laleo= to talk, preach, say, speak, tell)), and cause ((4160 poieo= make, do, agree, avenge, commit, content, fulfill, band together, bring forth)) (that as many) as would ((whosoever)) not worship ((kiss the hand of, work for, serve)) the image ((spiritual facsimile)) (of the) beast (should be) killed ((hina + apokteino= might go away, exit, be separated by dying)) .

This OTHER BEAST (EU) with it’s TWO INSTRUMENTS (HORNS) of the Holy See, currently through Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama with their religio-spiritual and even pro Space Alien talk and facsimile of Next Level allegiance, have that POWER to BRING FORTH a SPIRITUAL, ANGELIC and GODLY IMAGE – RESEMBLANCE and LIKENESS, what TI and DO called a FACSIMILE, REPRESENTATION and COPY, of/from/with THE BEAST (US) that can even be a hologram like Fatima that can “speak” that could bring about the physical death of all those they see as heretics, dissidents, anarchists and rebels because of choosing not to align with the BEAST and/or that FALSE IMAGE. It was said of this time as in times past, that people will kill others in the name of thinking they are serving God to do so for not KISSING THE HAND (serving (worship)) OF THIS BEAST and/or it’s IMAGE.

In other words, people will be deceived into giving their allegiance to the Human governments and/or spiritual thinking and practice, which could become the “winepress” for those who refuse showing that allegiance and they might even physically die “standing up for” the One True Kingdom of God (as best they know of it) but for those who do, for TI and DO.

In Rev 6:8 regarding this fourth seal it specifies “death” to identify what the one sitting on this GREEN HORSE represents in this stage in the completion of this Next Level garden project. As people are won over by the Beast and False Prophet they are deciding to accept and give their service (worship) to the Beast’s One World Government and/or One World Religion that Pope Francis seems to be heading with an ecumenical anti-Jesus (Christ) message that is even appealing to many who have come out of Catholicism and sort of merged in with modern Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, that all no longer resembles their founders behaviors and ways. Religions then become an IMAGE, a facsimile of the truth and coming from the Greek “pneuma” has to do with “spirit” which according to TI and DO is synonymous with “mind,” that’s either by Do’s description is either Next Level true Mind/Information or “misinformation mind.” Thus all who gravitate to that misinformational mindset, who don’t know they have made that their reality will think they are doing service to the greater good of their way of thinking of all humans being of one mind, living in peace and prosperity with equal rights and humanitarianism and environmentalism (green), global socialism, united, will be motivated to report those they see as upsetting their applecart of peace and harmony. The Next Level would have us act towards one another with peace and harmony and love. When the Older members have not been incarnate in our lifetime then being a humanitarian is the best we can do, as Jesus said of the second greatest commandment to Love you neighbor as oneself.

TI and DO did believe in a certain amount of environmentalism – having clean water, food, air, but even those things were not above looking to the Next Level for how we can serve. For instance when I was cutting tree boughs in the national forest so we could put up tents without having a tree leaning on the tent when it was our task to set up a functional camp, I walked around with Do and he would tell me which branches to cut as I was the chain saw operator (sawyer). He didn’t want to cut any more than necessary. I even did cut some he didn’t indicate but he said nothing about it, but I knew I’d slipped as that was looking to my own mind and the purpose of being in he and TI’s classroom was to adopt His/Their Mind which actually extends to every thought and behavior and way that he would give us. It was TI who instructed us to make this kind of commitment to Do or not be in the classroom.

TI and DO, as Jesus, didn’t teach having peace and harmony in the world. They said in the world you would have disharmony, stress and tribulation with your enemy even potentially being in your own household, that is if you “stand” for what they teach when put to the test, meaning you let it be known who you believe in and work for. In a sense this could look like the opposite of how the Lord had the Israelites mark their door with lambs blood so the “angel of death” would skip over their house and family. If one thinks about it with GPS (global positioning system) and the way you can go online to Google maps and literally look at many people’s actual house from the many pictures taken from the streets and air, knowledge of who is in each house is also knowable and how they think and act by their internet data and any local informants to the way they think. Then with drone technology if they think someone is a threat, according to their “orders,” then they are marked in reverse and may be sought after to get rid of in whatever way. It’s what in a real sense has been happening in Afganistan, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan with drone strikes and it’s happened in the U.S. with the Randy Weaver and family story.

Do brought up the Randy Weaver story as an example of how some were breaking away from the world by rebelling against the status quo establishment and how it threatens the “order” the Luciferian space aliens want to keep humans maintaining. However, he didn’t condone violent rebellion.

In short, the story that became called the Ruby Ridge Standoff in Idaho came to a head on August 21st, 22nd and about 10 days after that in 1992 when U.S. Marshals killed the Weaver family’s dog, because the dog was giving away what was supposed to be the Marshall’s clandestine survey of the property, that resulted in Randy’s 14 yr. old son’s retaliation by killing the Marshall who killed the dog. That brought many law enforcement to the property and without further provocation shot Randy in the shoulder and killed Randy’s wife and house guest. The entire standoff came about because of an FBI sting operation on a white supremacist group Randy had some association with and the charge that Randy had sold the undercover FBI agent two shotguns that were sawed off shorter than the law allowed, that Randy denied but was followed by a warrant for his arrest when he didn’t show up to court to answer those charges. The government later admitted Randy was sent the wrong date for the court appearance. The FBI was trying to get Randy to lead them to the leader of the white supremacist group which Randy didn’t want to cooperate with.

Do also felt another example was with the government massacre of David Koresh’s camp Davidian group which happened under President Clinton’s watch with attorney general Janet Rio’s order to the FBI and ATF teams to attack the compound with tanks, allegedly loaded with a flammable substance they appeared to use to start a fire to burn them out that ended up killing 90 men, women and children who were hiding in a buried bus.

When Do was watching that on television’s live newscast I happened to be sitting with him in his “craft” with his two primary “helpers,” Lvvody and Jnnody and my partner Srrody, watching the compound go up in flames and burn. We were all shocked to see that happening knowing that their crime was living against the status quo system and having guns that they used when they felt they were being attacked by the authorities they felt were Luciferian driven. Do never justified the way David Koresh lived and preached and had all those young girls he had children with, but this event did stimulate Do to respecting David Koresh’s followers willingness to die for what they believed. Do wondered if his students would be that committed.

Because of that event, Do talked to us about the idea of having guns as a way to be seen as a threat to the authorities IF they chose to apprehend him/us for some reason, in case TI would have had us exit our vehicles in that way. There was no illusion in knowing that Do was on a list with the Cult Awareness Network and FBI. We didn’t buy guns at that time, but after I had left in September of 1994 they did buy a couple rifles and while they were building their “compound” in an “earthship” design that used recycled tires packed with mud for the walls, Strody, in her then nearly 60 year old female vehicle and perhaps another did some target practice.

Later Do wrote about their thinking that they didn’t know if this would be the way they exited their vehicles but it was their way to consider all ways. They compared it to the Jews that were held up in Masada as the Romans were about to massacre them and how they committed suicide en-masse also taking the lives of their young rather than be subject to the killing, rape and torture they knew they would experience at the hands of the Roman legion at their doorsteps. Do was saying that form of self-exit would have been justified by the Lord for them. For those that don’t accept the “mark of the U.S. Beast and/or it’s image” they may meet a similar fate but it will guarantee their Soul will be rewarded with a student level Next Level “made” body soon thereafter or at a future time depending on their judgment of our grade in their school.

We have plenty of evidence of what can happen when people become afraid, whether it’s seen as the fear of someone else’s beliefs or of their taking away what they have in property or livelihood or family or their own lives, according to the way they can be led into. For instance, as I was writing about this, wondering how this tribulation judgment period and it’s calamities might come to pass, which I have already touched on in many places, I was reminded by a news story of two men in Mexico who were working for a marketing firm polling people about their tortilla likes. It’s hard to know the details but the story did include quite a bit of background on these two, but they were killed by a mob who went into the jail of a community of about 60,000 and dragged these two into the street, hung them and burned their bodies because they were strangers and had been an abduction of a young girl a couple years before that and some started a rumor that these two strangers were approaching children with their questions. A mob formed and the police came and took them to jail, in part for their own safety but the mob didn’t trust the police either so took the law into their own hands as prosecutor jury and judge and executioner and when some were asked about it afterward some said that even if they weren’t guilty it sends a message for criminals and strangers to stay away from their town.

Then I saw two more reports of policemen being shot while sitting in their patrol cars, one in NY days after a black man named Eric Garner was wrestled to the ground by police and put into a choke hold that killed him while there were onlookers and that officer was not prosecuted and the accusation was Garner was selling loose cigarettes. These others were in Philadelphia and Florida and the list if very long anymore of blacks and other races but mostly minority people of color in the U.S. being profiled as criminals in need of deadly force with little to no provocation.

A woman died in police custody after she was arrested for “talking back” having at first been pulled over for not using her turn signal and the officer got irate that she would not get out of the car when he ordered her. It was all captured on the officers own video and it’s only under investigation. Like Mexico the people know that most times there is no investigation and even if there is the officers are often exonerated if it even comes to trial and even if prosecuted get some minimal sentence when they literally killed someone in their custody or without apparent probable cause.

On top of that there is a heavily armed militia group that just took over a Federal wild life refuge in Oregon saying they were taking the land back from the Federal government and yet the FBI is on the scene but these men are white and so they are trying to come up with a peaceful solution when most know that if they were Native American or black or brown or non-mainstream religious or Islamic especially they would have been arrested. There are a number of militia groups that are looking for a cause to get behind to bring about a revolution so it’s smart for the Feds to have restraint but now the locals are beginning to get adamant that they want these guys off the refuge and out of their area, so if the Feds don’t act, who knows if some will take it into their own hands and then the U.S. has a civil war brewing.

What that will bring about is a bigger security state, more gun control whether it’s just or not and more vigilantism like we’ve also seen on the news while more and more anger among the people builds and some with the addition of lots of meds many are on, snap and go shoot a bunch of people, which there has been a huge increase of in the last couple years.

So we are all in a pressure cooker of sorts and the pressure is being put on us all but how we respond to that pressure is based on the kind of person we have become. If we’ve been directly affected by police brutality or domestic violence or gun violence or wars abroad, (which is another huge problem with soldiers coming back from Afganistan and Iraq and learning their service was wasted and they are often haunted by those they killed or saw killed, largely for a lie they were told) then it will be harder to step back from it, especially if we remain in the cities where the sheer number of problems is exponentially mounting from many angles.

For instance in Flint, Michigan, because the govt was trying to save money they switched the water supply to the Flint River from the Detroit water company and the Flint was so full of sewage the e-coli corroded much of Flint’s water pipes house to house and people starting getting lead poisoned, causing what may be irreversible brain damage in children and very bad rashes (sores) just like we see illustrated in Rev 16:2. And there is evidence of other locations having the same kinds of problems. So these plagues are not at least at this point instigated by the Next Level except in how they have “turned up the heat, the pressure” in part because of their pulling away as while they were incarnate “Babylon” – the U.S. had not yet “fallen” as it says in prophecy it does which can be shown primarily by the 9/11 attacks and what stimulated them in the first place and the global financial robbery by wall street where many lost their homes to crooked wheeling and dealing of mortgage bundles.

So it would appear that the IMAGE has to do with the illusion of holiness through all forms of religiosity, spirituality, and honoring human achievements to include inanimate things as seen as miracles and wonders of the sciences, physical and mental, that all become man-made false idols and could be a literal holographic image like Fatima that people are tricked into worshipping and/or giving their service to.

This time period also seems to be right at the start of the Seven Angels pouring out their vials (like medicine). And that could be used to motivate the new world order as the first one seems to be related to the beasts vaccination programs they are pushing hard to make mandatory for everyone to take. (It’s not that all vaccinations are necessarily a bad thing). It’s thinking that they all are a good thing that’s the biggest problem to where many are convinced that they get herd immunity and that one person not vaccinated becomes a deadly threat to the herd, which makes no sense as if they have immunity then why would one who doesn’t be a threat. The proponents are very powerful and they could legislate criminal penalties for those who don’t want to accept their vaccination program 100%. There will be more about this in the section on the Seven Angels with Vials.

With both the Two Beasts in place, the US and EU and their Image, their spirituality and/or space alien worship, even to a hologram like Fatima, replacing perception of Creators, the judgment period is set up. Each person will be demonstrating to whom are truly aligned with between the One True Kingdom of God and Mammon (human wealth in all it’s forms) as Jesus distinguished between. This is the tribulation time period, the “winepress” being the pressure put on people to choose between that people will be willing to die for rather than align with the bestial human organizations but will find them in good stead with the Kingdom of God because of.

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The best interpretation of this number 666 seems to me to be the one that suggests they are representative of the Roman Numeral System in it’s base letter representations where D=500 C=100 L=50 X=10 V=5 I=1 which adds up to 666. Linking the USA with this system is quite apparent in a number of ways relative to this system, seen in the use of Roman Numerals with the Masonic pyramid on the base of the U.S. One dollar bill where 1776 is written as “MDCCLXXVI.”

Use of the pyramid is telling to the link with Egypt, the empire the Israelites were first freed from to start their 1st trimester classroom with Jehovah, Moses and Aaron that was Father, Jesus and John the Baptist in the next trimester and finally TI and DO and their two primary “helpers,” Lvvody and Jnnody, though with Lggody and Jwnody to in my way of thinking possibly constitute the 4 Living Beings in Revelations. Also on the one dollar bill, inside the top of the pyramid drawn with it’s peak separated from the body is the single Masonic and occult, “all seeing (third) eye” which is the same symbolism used on George Washington’s Masonic apron.

In these symbols the base of the pyramid is Daniel’s fourth beast that rises out of the sea of humanity and the little peak of a pyramid would be the LITTLE HORN that RISES UP TO TAKE THE WORLD, AND PERSECUTES THE CHILDREN OF GOD UPON EARTH, in Revelations 9 who comes out of the bottomless pit, their underground/undersea hiding place during the great flood with Lucifer and his associates as the Angel(s) of the Bottomless pit who uses particular space alien and human bodies as his/their pawns to satisfy their agenda against the One True Kingdom of God. The battle is first shown against the Two Witnesses in Revelations chapter 11 followed in Revelations 12 for the overcoming part of the third trimester classroom of students the Two gathered in their prophecy period as related more to TI, the “Heavenly Father” perspective. Then after they leave the battle continues among the remaining who did not graduate in their first fruit classroom as shown in Revelations 6, 13, with the rise of the fourth and final kingdom with the second beast, the EU that together with the US form the New World Order.

In terms of number systems, which is the overall indication of the meaning of 666 as a number system of identification, the first 144 digits of pi add up to 666 – 144 = (6+6) x (6+6) relating both to 144 and 12 that also relates to the western musical scale in the sequence of 10 notes – also considered the number of man.

Some additional relationships I have found in my research to decipher what can be meant by 666 and the mark of the beast that actually relate to Rome, the Latin man, to include how Jesus said those that “pierced him” would also be returning during the judgment time, to include the high priest who had him arrested, which would be both the souls and spirits and genetic descendents of the Roman government officials and the Jewish priest class.

Paul of Tarsus can be identified by the number 666 as described in:

Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding reckon the NUMBER OF THE BEAST, for it is THE NUMBER OF A MAN; and HIS number is six hundred and sixty six.

In Hebrew the number 666 is identified by the Hebrew letters TRSV, where T=400, R=200, S=60, V=6 Which TOTAL 666. TRSV is pronounced TARSU.
(Note: in scripture the place of origin often is used as part of someones name; e.g. “Jesus of Nazareth,” “Joseph of Arimathea,” “Paul of Tarsu.”

Another collaborative example in the Greek language:

THE Number 666 is the sum of the numerical value of the Greek Letters in the Greek word LATEINOS, which means “The Latin Man.” The Greek word: L A T E I N O S would have the Greek numeric value of: 30 1 300 5 10 50 70 200 = 666

The association of “Lateinos” with 666 was acknowledged, with great embarrassment, by the historian Irenaeus (ca. 130-202 A.D.),in his document ‘Against Heresies’, “For the Latins are they who at present bear rule…this being the name of the last kingdom (of the four seen by Daniel)…I will not, however, make any boast over this (coincidence)….”

In order to escape persecution and death Paul identified himself as “a man that is a Roman” in Act 22:25. The original Latins were Romans.

The first Christian pope was named “Paul.” Christian followers received ‘THE SIGN OF THE CROSS’ “ON their RIGHT HANDS and on their FOREHEADS.”

Many people have recognized how Paul’s letters conveniently began to replace what Jesus said as the foundation of Christianity, as shown by H.G. Wells (1866-1946) when he said, .”..it is…a fact of history that St. Paul and his successors added to,…, or imposed upon, or substituted another doctrine for…the plain…teachings of Jesus…”

As these Seals seem to be the fulfillment of the prophet Daniel, chapter 9’s “Seventy (or Seventh or Seven) Week” to where “seventy” refers to the active students taking an oath/covenant and “week” is standing for that oath, performing it seven times, thus together it is saying there are “Seventy oaths (taken, stood for) over the course of these seven (seal opening/affirmation times).” In particular there is mention of this fourth of the seven oath time periods taken which seems to be what is meant by the “midst (or middle)” of that overall “week of oath taking times (seals)” shown in Daniel chapter 9:

2 Responses to “TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.D.1.The Seven Seal Openings-Fourth Seal – Second Beast (E.U.-Daniel 7 Little Horn w/2 Lambs in Appearance Only)”

  1. marty Says:

    “… space cult that nobody had heard of…” LOL …. so much for the two witness theory … I’d never heard of them either.

    • sawyer Says:

      Isn’t that like saying the Ceres lights don’t exist because of not hearing about them or any number of things. If you want to see all I’ve written about the Two Witnesses and tried to make video’s outlining then I suggest looking into them. My youtube channel is: 3spm and my book is available all over the net in several formats with the ebook being the cheapest since it’s a huge volume of over 400,000 words tackling nearly the entire book of Revelation with new translations to the greek and hebrew and new interpretations based on my 19 years with Ti and Do (though they didnt’ teach out of the bible but used it for reference sometimes, mostly Jesus words). The name of the book is: “Ti and Do The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses”

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