TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.D.2.Daniel 9 – Seventy Weeks (Years/Affirmation Periods)-Judgement Hour-Tribulation & Abomination of Desolation (Weed Waste Bucket=Hell)


Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Dan 9:24 Seventy ((7657 shib`iym shib-eem’ multiple of ‘sheba`’ (7651))) weeks ((7650 shabuwa` from shaba` demonstrative of sheba`= literal “sevened,” to seven oneself (as if by repeating a declaration, to swear an oath, adjure orders or instruction (commandments, covenant, commitment seven times))) (are) determined ((2852 chathak= to cut off, decree, divide, be settled, marked out, sealed)) upon ((5921 ‘al= above, over (of elevation or pre-eminence), from)) (thy) people ((5971 ‘am= congregated unit, tribe, flock, men, nation (and upon thy) holy ((6944 qodesh from qadash(6942)= consecrated, dedicated, saint)) city ((5892 ‘iyr= Ai (from margin), city, court (from margin), town, encampment)), (to) finish ((3607 kala’= forbid, keep, refrain, restrain, withhold, shut up)) (the) transgression ((6588 pesha’ (from pasha’ revolt, sin, rebellion)) (and to make an) end ((8552 tamam= cease, be clean, be all gone)) (of) sins ((2403 chatta’ah= offenses)) (and to make) reconciliation ((3722 kaphar= cover with pitch, atone for sin (give lives as flesh sacrifice of their humanity in all forms, cleanse, purge)) (for) iniquity ((5771 ‘avon from ‘avah= fault, mischief, perversity)), (and to bring) in ((935 bow= abide, apply, attain, be, bring forth)) everlasting righteousness ((6664 tsedeq from 6663 tsadaq= prosperity, (and to) seal up ((2856 chatham= close up, make an end, mark, stop)) (the) vision ((2377 chazown= sight (mentally))) (and) prophecy ((5030 nabiy’= from naba (5012) inspired speech/song)), (and to) anoint ((4886 mashach= rub with oil)) (the) most ((6944 qodesh from qadash(6942)= holy, consecrated, dedicated)) Holy ((6944 qodesh from qadash(6942)= saints)).

This verse is an overview of the “end times” period when all souls are brought back as prophesied by Jesus to “resurrect to Life” – “stand up/rise up” to give themselves totally to the Next Level’s Overcoming of humanness program or stand-up/rise-up to “damnation” in the Lake of Fire. It doesn’t primarily refer to other times before the end time, though there are similarities leading up to the end time, but there is no other time where these characteristics are most applicable:

– Seventy Weeks decreed (determined) flock (people) sacred (holy) encampment (city) – The “Multiple of seven (times)” (seventy) is decreed/determined for those (people (saints) of/and the holy city location for their affirmation, oath, covenant (weeks)(equivalent to the Seven Seals as the Greek “sphragis” refers to both; revealing the content of the “book” (Rev 5) that had been kept a mystery, to make known the full truth of how and when a Soul can make application to graduate into membership in the Kingdom of Heaven – The Next Level Above Human and simultaneously when that same BOOK revelations, when “consumed” – read/heard, experienced, received, digested and utilized provides the formula to become an “active student” (saint) to “confirm and provide proof to the Next Level,” by their willingness to give their lives to the service of the most recently incarnate Older Member(s), TI and DO.

The Revelations 7 Seals were introduced in Rev 5:1 pertaining to the opening of the BOOK that was written from within the Throne (TI and DO) that is the primary content of the BOOK geared most for all those WITHIN the Third Trimester FIRST Harvest “classroom,” opened by the Lion of the Tribe of Juda (Jesus, but last incarnate in the name Do) and the Backside (coming AFTER what is written from within) and about the complete revealing of Jesus’ and Old Testament Prophets prophetic fulfillments as evidenced in the content of the BOOK that is an “anthology of all TI and DO and Crew wrote and did over 25 years, to make known the truth about what was previously kept a mystery until this time.

-“revolt, rebellion, sin, trespass (transgression)” is “held back, restrained or withheld (finished)”

TI and DO said the Next Level did a great deal of setup Their experiential overcoming classroom. It was for this reason the U.S. was not only a melting pot to provide vehicles for the returning Souls to try to take over and overcome and for the returning souls against the Next Level to put Those Student souls to the tests they needed to build strength by warding off and overcoming and changing their negatives into positive growth. This setup brought about by the closer presence of the Older Members and Their Crew stimulated all the “equal rights” movements, interest in outer space, health consciousness, peace movements, etc. In particular TI and DO said the Next Level was “holding back” events that would bring on what is called the “great tribulation” to provide a chance for their student body to have adequate time to complete their overcoming classroom as what we will soon see more and more of will make it very hard for anyone to dissent or live unconventionally in ways that would raise suspicions among humans. For instance having 40 people living in a single family house in a Denver Colorado suburb, actually one time in Littleton.

We can see to date how riots are starting more and more surrounding the bigotry and injustice often found between white people and people of color. We can see the same things happening in the 2016 presidential race where large groups are disrupting Donald Trumps rallies as seen in Chicago and other places around the country protesting him. Trump supporters are equally motivated to strike out. It’s been many years since this kind of mob vigilantism is becoming the norm because the Next Level was holding those opposing forces back. That includes holding back war on U.S. soil during the 1900’s but that is coming to an end with the increasing mass murder shootings and bombings related to many angers that are fuming and boiling to the surface more and more during the start of this 21st century.

-“completion, cleaning, ceasing, come to the full, be all gone (end)” of “offense (sin)” “cover, cancellation, purge (away), put off (reconciliation)” “punishment, fault, perversity, mischief (iniquity)”

This talks about the time when the price for sin must be paid. No longer is there “sin cancellation” as in the “day of atonement” the Lord gave to the Children of Israel and that Jesus was also evidence of by his self sacrifice, but was over-emphasized, when the animal flesh sacrifice was actually preparation to demonstrate our love for our Older Members and a trust in them by being willing to sacrifice our own flesh body, most importantly in Their service, rather than for the government or to stop the government as part of a military rebellion or to save the whales or environment or the like. This is different from someone laying down their life for their neighbor’s well being as we see when firefighter do, the big difference being it’s to save life, and not destroy another life in the process. In other words the entire premise that Jesus sacrifice was our atonement, though true was actually showing each prospective member of the Next Level what they too must do to abide in the love of our Older Members as they are willing to do for their Older Member, in the case of Jesus, for his Father (who was called Jehovah up until His “Son’s” incarnation in the name Jesus).

The times spoken of in this verse include the punishment of those who turn against the Next Level and Older Members who created us in the first place. It really amounts to whose Soul is still able to produce “fruit” and who is not or is a “weed” in their “garden.” The space aliens are all “weeds” – souls that not only fell away from their many chances to become adult members in the Next Level, but went against the Next Level with effort to turn another’s eyes away from their potential for Next Level membership. Their presence however, serves as a type of fertilizer. At this time though, the weeds have rendered the “garden” unable to produce fruit without a spading of the civilization to start from scratch again but before that removing the souls of those who are to be saved for that next “planting.”

– to “come, attain, apply, abide in, grant, get, give (in)” “always, continuance, eternal (everlasting)” “make right equity, justice, prosperity (righteousness)”

By requiring the payment for going against the behavior and ways of the Next Level as provided by Jehovah/Moses and Father/Jesus and TI/Do – (The Two Older Members from the Next Level who have been the Next Level Representatives in charge of Earth), justice and rightness is served.

– the “make an end to, stop, closing, seal (seal up)” of “mental sight, perception, provision (vision)” of or by a “prophets (prophecy)” about “consecrating, rubbing with oil, Christing, (anoint) the HOLY (most) HOLY.”

The recycling period is accompanied by the Next Level Crew’s exit of their close nurturing of the “garden” which removes the ability for remaining humans to see and understand their reality and the process of anointing – Christing – that is the giving of all our love/service to our Older Members and overcoming all of our humanness.

Returning to the seventy as a “multiple of 7 (times)” applied to “seven” as oath periods, but as with most all prophecy there are a number of context driven translation variances, interpretations and literal applications on the ground (earth) among the humans throughout the length of each “garden” experiment, the most recent one starting with the Genesis overview but specific to the making of Adam’s vehicle and deposit of what we learned was Do’s Mind/Soul.

Since the Hebrew shib`iym is defined as a “multiple of “sheba`” the cardinal number seven, but also “seven times” and actually is used in a few translations as; 10, threescore, 15, 14, 17, sixteen, thirteen and twelve which I won’t try to document as overall it’s translated to “seventy” as a multiple times 10 where 10, I understand from some who know the Hebrew alphabet is the number of a man.

“Seventy” is quite the common number and appears to not only have a relationship to time but also to the number of students being prepared for a certain amount of “seats” – positions on board spacecrafts and as a part of various Next Level crews.

For instance, Moses was commanded by Jehovah to have Aaron select 70 men from all the tribes of Israel who are looked up to by their tribes to use for tribal communications. Jesus sent 70 disciples out to tell the good news of his arrival – the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (the right hand of the Father (God) actually). In the Book of Revelations there are the “Seven Spirits of God” around the Throne. The Seven Candlesticks represent the 7 churches – those who became believers in Jesus in the first century after his exit (ascension) back into the spacecraft behind the cloud cover. There are the “7 Angels with trumpets sounding.” These are announcing the arrival of the crew – The Two Older Members and the “saints” – returning souls of the disciples who layed down their lives in service to Jesus as he instructed them to do and those Souls saved from all previous times when an Older Member had been incarnate and they believed in him and began to separate from their world that saw belief in him as dangerously insane but pursued and stood for Him anyway despite the consequences that often meant a crucifixion or beheading or some form of death.

Then there are the “7 seals” that are both opening of Book contents to reveal more of what was kept a mystery that goes hand in hand with being periods of time for new believers to affirm a oath to TI and DO. Finally there are the “7 angels who pour out their vials” – the last plagues that are slated to begin in earnest with the fourth seal’s opening even to date in 2016 which correlate with the events the seven angels with trumpets announced but are taken to a heightened mightier than ever application to provide a last ditch effort to show humans Creator Beings exist and are taking the reigns away from the Luciferians and human “minkys” (a playful term TI and DO would sometimes use).

Do always referred to He and TI’s coming incarnate as in the “early 1970’s” and at one time wrote that TI came incarnate in 1970 though Do had said about a year before meeting TI things in his life started to fall apart, thus around 1971. They both started to awaken together upon meeting in around March or April of 1972 and left their world behind entirely on January 1, 1973 yet awakened most significantly after that by mid February and then by September or October while in Gold Beach, Oregon where they woke up significantly more to knowing they were referred to in the Book of Revelations in the task description of the Two Witnesses. They didn’t take too kindly to thinking of themselves as some biblical personality as they knew how it made them feel when someone would tell them they were Cleopatra in a past life. They wanted to run the other way and now they were saying they were someone spoken of in that ancient record.

TI and DO first gave a meeting in the North Hollywood city suburb of the greater Los Angeles (City of Gods Angels) in the first week of April of 1975 and by early October had about 70 students gathered that by April when TI called that “harvest over” with the instruction to finish up meetings already scheduled around the U.S. so that by mid June of 1976, their 1260 days of prophecy were concluded.

We numbered at “about 100” when TI and DO had us all gather in the Wyoming (wilderness) living outdoors in the national forest no facility camping area of the high plateau – an interesting number considering when Jesus sent out the 70 it didn’t seem to be counting the 12 who remained with him, bringing their number to 82 though adding in the disciples who were in female vehicles that some say were 7 and John the Baptist then totaling 90.

When we left the Wyoming wilderness area TI and DO had determined that 19 of the students didn’t make what they called “the first cut.” They were sent to a different area of the National Forest in Utah west of Toole, UT, where we next made camp. That made our numbers “about 81.”

About a year or so later, perhaps in 1977 is when they named us with the “ody” extensions using whatever names we chose by then, shortened to three letters so our names were 6 letters long. I had become Sawyer by then so my new name became Swyody. Our number by then was probably in the low 60’s. I’m going through all this to show the similarity with the Jesus numbers while TI and DO’s numbers continued to fall and some more were sent out of the class because they didn’t want to abide by procedures so that by the time we went public for the second time in 1993 we were down to exactly 24 students, though when we put the Beyond Human video tape series up on satellite broadcast in 1993 some who were in a type of half way house wanted to rejoin and did and increased our number back into the mid 30’s.

Then when we went public face to face for the second time over 19 years in 1994, over a 9 month period of holding public meetings we added over a dozen more students while some fell away by their exit time in March of 1997 to have 38 in their classroom and 4 who were out of the classroom but believed in TI and DO and ended up laying down their lives over the next couple years bringing the graduate number to 42 students. I left in September of 1994.

TI and DO indicated their student body would be replacing the task positions Lucifer and his associates that fell with him had. If a third of said group of angels fell, one of the meanings of Rev 12:7-8, if that number was 25 (The Dragon (Lucifer) + 7 Heads + 10 Horns + 7 Crowns) then the overall size of the classroom they fell from (if that’s the way it occurred) would have been about 75.

Do indicated that some of the 42 (38+4) would probably have to return to finish their overcoming and I would think those would include the 4 who were not strong enough to stay the course in the classroom for the entire lesson plan and perhaps some of those who joined in 1994 but could include some who were there from the beginning.

Laying down one’s life, however that happens, whether by someones hand who is against us or by our own hand, as long as it’s because of one’s desire to be with and serve and please ones Older Member counts as a big part of the overcoming process but not the entire part. As Do said about those that were with him, all he said had a previous relationship with Jesus which is why they were so ready to legitimately do what is otherwise unthinkable for a healthy minded Soul – willingly lay down one’s life when it’s not for a selfish reason like out of a desire to inflict pain on another as in revenge or to not face one’s hard lessons.

TI and DO referred to this graduation class as their “third trimester” where the Jesus classroom was the second trimester and the Moses classroom the first – all compared to a human birth of 9 months. Which by the way it’s interesting that the two periods of public meetings were each 9 months long – seed planting times and perhaps each time more deposits could have correlated so that there may be one more coming for those coming of middle age. The FIRST (harvest) public meeting was given by TI and DO at Canada College on August 24, 1975. It was very close to May 24th of 1976 when the last meetings were held. I know this because by the first or second week in June I with my group had returned from a meeting we put on in Fayatteville, Arkansas that next to no one attended and then and I don’t know about other groups but it’s in the ball park. Then for the LAST (harvest) of 9 months of public meetings we started two trial meetings in November of 1993 and then hit the road with everyone in the class until the last meeting in Boston on August 19th 1994.

Perhaps this LAST harvest time that began in 1993 is kin to the Jesus second trimester as those public meetings Do and Crew did were a coming out of the closet as the same person who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus 2000 years ago – coming via the student body of “saints” this time as Do held no public meetings after the ones he and TI did in the 1970’s. I don’t know if Do even showed up incognito to any of the public meetings the class did, but He did have us play part of a Beyond Human video tape at the University of Chicago public meeting. His FIRST coming out public was as the Two Witnesses, though TI had him be the primary speaker for as she always said she came to get him started and then would go back.

So the number seventy may additionally refer to a number of students who would confirm their oath to TI and DO and do so over the course of 70 years, like from apprx. 1975 to 2045, which would not be far fetched from the standpoint of other timeline evidence. Another date structure that seems to have significance might be 1947 to 2017 for the 70 that includes the 42 FIRST Fruit Harvest of Souls. Those who are saved above that 70 would be among the remainder of the 144,000, if that number represents how many souls were brought back from all planted in times past. TI always said, all who came with them would return. I guess that means those who showed the Next Level their allegiance significantly in times past, if they fail when they are brought back don’t become waste with the ones who failed over and over and over and went directly against the Next Level. TI and DO indicated that Lucifer and his associates that fell with him were given many chances to recover their candidacy for membership in the Next Level. Perhaps their souls were once in equivalent classrooms and were brought back each time whether they failed to make the needed grade or not but as when we fail the lessons get harder, some got to a point of no return because the began to think of themselves as equivalent to their Older Members. I know of some right now who did end up publically talking against TI and DO. I would imagine that is a pretty serious step towards permanently mutating into “waste” – giving service to some “other god” the number one commandment breakage.

Dan 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

Dan 9:25 Know (therefore and) understand, (that) (from the going) forth ((4161 brought out, bud, spring, course)) (of the) commandment ((1697 dabar= act, business, decree, errand, cause)) to restore ((7725 shuwb= turn back (hence, away), feed, build, lay down, lodge, make)) (and to) build ((1129 banah= obtain children, repair, set(up))) Jerusalem ((3389 yruwshalaim= a dual (in allusion to it’s two main hills (mountains)), Great City, Holy City)) (unto the) Messiah ((4899 mashiyach= anointed, consecrated person as a king, priest, saint)) the Prince ((5057 nagiyd= captain, commander, excellent thing, governor, ruler)) ([shall be]) seven ((7651 sheba= seven times, seven fold, seventeen)) weeks ((7620 shabuwa= sevened oneself, adjure, take an oath, swear, X straitly, feed to the full)), (and) threescore ((8346 shishshiym= multiple of ‘shesh’ (8337 and 8336)= primitive number six, sixty or sixth with certain context= “bleached stuff” i.e. white linen, by analogy marble, X blue, silk)) (and) two ((8147 shnayim= dual of sheniy = again, double, twofold, both, couple, second (time), twain, twice, + twelve, another)) weeks ((7620 shabuwa= sevened oneself, adjure, take an oath, swear, X straitly, feed to the full)): (the) street ((7339 rchob= broad place (The Way), a width, made wide, enlarge)) (shall be) built ((1129 banah= obtain children, make, repair, set up, called, convert, delivered)) again ((7725 shuwb= break, build, circumcise, lodge, pull in again)), (and the) wall ((2742 charuwts= incised or incisive, a trench (as dug), gold (as mined), threshing sledge (having sharp teeth), fig. determination, eager, decision, diligent, (fine) gold, pointed things, sharp, threshing instrument)), (even in) troublous ((6695/6693 tsowq/tsuwq= strait, fig. compress, distress, lie sore, (op-)press(-or), straiten, through the idea of narrowness (of orifice)); to pour out, smelt, utter, be molten, pour)) times ((6256 ‘eth= time after, season, tide, terminus, eternity, everlasting, old, perpetually)).

– “Restore Build Jerusalem Messiah Prince seven weeks” – First off use of the name, “Jerusalem” refers primarily to the flock (people) – the human vehicles the Next Level gathers periodically in one location to then send an Older Member to be incarnate among. So it’s both the people who can become the next trimesters “overcomers” (the true meaning of an Israeli (no longer anything to do with those that are considered to be Jews).

The restoration and building seems to be depicting the Next Level’s bringing Souls who had been “saved” previously for their good service, most likely from their Moses classroom experience to that specific location where Jesus was to incarnate so they can also incarnate (take over a human vehicle prepared for their next “second” trimester towards “spirit birth.”

The period seems to start around the time when Mary and Elizabeth received instructions (commandments) that they would each bear a special child though Mary’s child, Jesus, TI and DO thought was prepared for his task by inseminating Mary’s egg in another way than the human method of insemination.

The Seven Weeks being “seven oath periods” then would have been equivalent to the “seven seals” that applies to the “building again” but the next time the “street” – the “wide plate,” the “broad area” described in the NEW equivalent area where a new strain of vehicles (gentiles and Jew mix) would become the regeneration Jesus spoke of, where those who are the recipients of “deposited souls” would return to when they died as Jesus and TI and DO said, “all souls who ever had a relationship with the Next Level will be returning during the third trimester time. Note how “street” is part of this prophecy and how the city names are said to be the “non-physical (spiritual) equivalents to those cities in the Middle east, which I remind Jesus said would happen upon their return, shown as the Two Witnesses who are “subdued” (overcome) in the “street” of those new locations:

Rev 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

It seems these 7 oath times (weeks) would have begun around the time Jesus came public as that’s when some were stimulated to make their oath/commitment to Him, which would start with those vehicles most prepared to receive returning souls who had been with Him when he took over the vehicle named Moses and then by those souls who in degrees had formed their relationship with the Next Level during that same Moses classroom who were referenced as the 70 Jesus sent out to tell the good news of his kingdoms arrival that he was the incarnate (at hand) Representative of and then that grew to 120 at the upper room where Jesus told them to wait for the “holy ghost” – a Next Level task to give them a special dose of Next Level force and understanding that was reported as growing to around 500 soon thereafter but then became those in what the Book of Revelations refers to as the 7 Churches.

If the duration of each oath time compares with the current application of the way the first 3 of 7 seals played out, it would be about 8-10 years per seal/oath period, thus 70 years. that would seem to take it to 70 AD when the physical destruction of the temple at Jerusalem took place to coincide with the mental/spiritual destruction (desolation) – rendering as waste those at the time who were the general population most geared to be the receivers of returning Souls – the Jews that The Romans slaughtered and scattered. Those that were truly giving their lives to Jehovah, however best they understood that at that time and/or in the name of the Father, through Jesus, who all died because of the onslaught – starting from when Jesus was killed, would have their souls saved for their next opportunity to take over a human vehicle to advance in their “classroom” towards graduation from the human kingdom. TI and DO referred to those in Masada besieged by a Roman legion who ended up exiting by their own hands rather than watch their loved ones be brutally enslaved and/or tortured to death by the Roman soldiers.

– “threescore two weeks the street shall be built (set up to obtain children) “to turn back” (again), and the wall (mark, cut; palisade, gold (as mined, decision), even in troublous (a strait, distress, anguish) times (after, (due) season)”

As has been often the case during this project as I am working on verses, I at times see reports or news stories that sometimes seem to be in response to my desire to know. I know that’s possible. For instance I have a number or reasons to feel at least one classmate or crew is assigned to help me with this book. I think of that person as Srrody as he and I (with Lggody) spent the most time studying scripture in the 1990’s when Do was wondering if TI would have us go public again, as before then we had not spoken to the public since around May of 1976. (I don’t seek to communicate with Srrody though – We always go through our Older Members with our petition for help and understanding.) So I turned on the radio and there was a show with an intellectual who wrote a book he titled using the word “apocalypse” re: the “occupy wall street” movement that took place starting in 2009 following the “global financial crisis” that was all about the wall street investment banks cashing in on some loopholes in laws that allowed them to offer house loans to people that clearly could not pay them. They would then take these loans that accumulated and bundle them and buy and sell the bundles which ended up making some people even more wealthy than they already were. It all came crashing down, they say, though I suspect it was another of those “let’s build a situation to fail” and then cash in when it does, like the 9/11 attacks eight years before then and many events in the past throughout the world that leaders instigated for the same reasons.

So I thought, could it be that this “wall” was related to “wall street.” Plus this is where the 1929 stock exchange crash happened with crowds wanting their money filling the area of Wall Street and Broad Street and Wall Street is .7 miles long and ends at Broadway and the Hebrew rchob means “broad place (or way).” After all, the Next Level crew could have had the task to see to it that a particular street could be named a certain way they then knew they could use to show it’s relationship to prophecy, however incidental looking. In other words the Next Level provides the prophecy and then makes it happen by a crew’s leg work – whispering ideas to those who are naming such things and the like. TI and DO even indicated some of this is particularly fun to do – no one is harmed by it and it demonstrates some of the tasks and how they are not dry but can even be silly to be a part of.

Then as is also often the case, I’m stumped and especially so by Daniel’s prophecies so I start digging through other interpretations and translations. In so doing I came upon a very detailed Hebrew word for word description on these verse and he cited many more dated interpretations and one of them included interpreting Hebrew “charuwts” as a “palisade” and I couldn’t help but relate that to the palisades along the Hudson River to the immediate northeast of New York City are very tall sharp faced cliffs that have a highway and an amusement park and a mall named after – for instance, the Palisades Amusement park and the Palisades parkway. Charuwts also translates to “gold (as mined)” and there is no place that has more gold than NYC as the Federal reserve bank has huge vaults with many nations gold stored and there was a huge cash of gold bars, some I’m told still stamped with a Nazi marking on them that were found in vaults belonging to Deutschebank in the deep basement floor of the world trade center buildings that collapsed or were brought down. Another figurative definition is “determination or decision” and it’s clear that the “wall street led financial crisis” began in 2009, seeming into the start of the 7th angels trumpet sounding and the start of the “tribulation” time written as “troublous.”

Plus this thinking takes me to the perspective that “street built again wall” seems to refer to the entire U.S. as compared to the way the Israelites in their time led by Moses and Aaron acting as Jehovah’s on the ground Representative(s), (similar to the relationship shown with Jesus and John the Baptist) layed out the measurements for the “tabernacle” (temple grounds in the overall encampment).

For instance the area that was the “temple” was divided into three parts – the Outer court, Inner Court and the Tabernacle tent where Jehovah’s quarters were. The entire area was set up in exact measurements where it’s length was twice it’s width which is moreorless the size of the U.S. mainland. There was only one entrance to this entire area that was surrounded by a “wall” made out of fine linen 7 1/2 feet (5 cubits) high that had 60 – 7 1/2 foot pillars holding up the fine linen. The gate on the east side of this 150 (100 cubits) x 75 foot (50 cubits) rectangular enclosed area, entailed 4 posts so was 22 1/2 feet (15 cubits) wide. This gate’s cloth was woven of blue, purple, scarlet (red) and fine linen (white) thread they made. It’s interesting that the St. Louis ARCH is defined as the “gateway to the west” and it’s just west of the Mississippi River that TI and DO considered the division of the area of the U.S. they felt most in touch with their Older Members in the Heavens. They would occasionally venture east of the river and even took the class east twice for a very short time of a couple weeks at most before feeling “underwater” and having a need to return west of the river.

In the Moses tabernacle area right in front of this eastern GATE was the tribe of Judah with two tribes to their north and south on that eastern side. Directly behind Judah were the tents of Moses, Aaron and Aaron’s three sons who served as priest with Aaron the “high priest.” Thus this was like the captains deck of the Mississippi River boat, what the word “Texas” in Spanish actually refers to where the Captain in this case was Moses and his partner was Aaron with his Three sons, I believe represent the “four Living Beings (creatures) in Rev 4 and are also depicted in Daniel chapter 7 and Ezekiel chapter 1. Texas is where the “Twain” TI and DO came from and I believe Samuel Clemens writing as Mark Twain chose that name and as a Mississippi River boat Captain was chosen to be like a prophet in the start of the Seven Trumpets sounding in the 1907 time period which seemed to follow the 1897 arrival of that Soul as the equivalent of the messenger before the face of, in this case TI and DO to where Do as the current name of the same person who was the Archangel Michael, where an archangel is defined as a “captain of angels.” Plus there are many other examples of fulfillments of all this history in examples and prophecy alike.

So the “broad way” in addition to what else described about NYC as it has multiple applications in prophecy fulfillments is the width of the Temple area. In that temple after tribe of Judah is encountered and then the camp of the Levi’s Moses and Aaron and Sons comes the Temple entrance that is 30 feet wide in the 100 foot wide wall. Right past the entrance comes next the Main Altar where all the blood sacrifices of animals took place. In the U.S. temple equivalent it was in west Texas but extending to New Mexico and into Arizona and southern California the U.S. Southwest where all the Next Level sacrifices took place. They began in 1897 with the crash in Aurora, Texas with one body found and then 1945 with one body found on the Laredo, Texas border with Mexico where the one occupant led some Air Force jets on a chase for a while before intentionally crashing and then in 1947 in the Plains of St. Augustine – where four bodies were found and then Aztec New Mexico where 18 bodies were found and in Paradise valley, Arizona as the essential first “sacrifice of the Next Level student model bodies they had” and then in 1997 the sacrifice of the human vehicles they took after they exited their student Next Level bodies.

So the “broad street” becomes the entire southwest and western U.S. that is a wide platt where there is significant influences to become entrapped by all manner of licentious behavior and ways – working for “false gods” even thinking of self as an ascended master in the “Ye are God” movement that began in those areas and with the great financial wealth and abundance of sexual freedoms abounding in the new age tantra lifestyle that all has a focus on the three cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco that make for a very wide path to destruction of a Next Level Soul’s capacity to overcome to graduate the human kingdom condition:

Mat 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
Mat 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

The way TI and DO spoke about this idea of a “broad path/way” was to say there are many paths up to the top of the human kingdom mountain but there is only one way off – to become a member of the Next kingdom Above Human, which was by adhering to what the Older Members give us to abide by while they are incarnate and we come upon their information.

“Threescore” is translated as a “Multiple of Six” or as a “Sixth” which can be applied like the SEVENTY except I suspect it refers to the 60 years before the TWO oat periods began which would seem to be from 1907 to 1967 – whereabouts the 6th angels trumpet sounding period of 40 years (1 hour) begins, during which the Two Witnesses come public to start the Two “oath periods” (seven weeks), the FIRST time period when the student body – Souls, referred to as the “saints” because they gave their lives in service to Jesus were to take human vehicles prepared for them, to awaken within that TI and DO compared to their receiving “smelling salts,” by the TWO Witnesses to join with them to finish their overcoming of humanness to graduate the human kingdom.

Since there is no punctuation in Hebrew nor sentences the “two weeks,” I feel wasn’t meant to be part of the “seven weeks” stated before it in the verse but was meant to show a dividing of the time periods of the Jesus second trimester from the TI and DO third trimester partially shown by the reference to “troublous times” in the later part of the verse after the Street is rebuilt. The time of great trouble refers to the “end time” judgment period that begins after these FIRST FRUIT have exited their human vehicles (separated by dying themselves) and when the Seventh Angels Trumpet sounds which is after the 9/11 Attack (earthquake) shown in Rev 11:13.

These two periods FIRST and LAST seem to be the “two weeks” where weeks is once again a “seven time oath” and Two is saying there are two periods of sevening – the first shown by the Sixth angel’s trumpet sounding of the Two Witnesses prophecy period and that closes with the Seventh Angel’s trumpet sounding and that begins the Seven Seals with the FIRST seal pertaining to Do and his 38 + 4 graduates who all conquer their humanness by literally being with Do and laying down their human lives in 1997 with 4 following suite by the year 2000.

Dan 9:26 (And) after ((310 ‘achar= hind part; again, at, away from, back (from,-side), behind, beside, by, follow (after,-ing), from, hereafter, hinder end, pursuing remnant, since, when, with)) threescore ((8346 shishshiym= multiple of ‘shesh’ (8337 and 8336)= primitive number six, sixty or sixth with certain context= “bleached stuff” i.e. white linen, by analogy marble, X blue, silk)) (and) two ((twofold, both, couple, double, second, twain)) weeks ((sevened as in the oath periods)) shall Messiah ((anointed)) be cut off ((3772 karath = to cut off, down or asunder, by implication to destroy, specifically to covenant)), (but not for himself): and the people ((5971 ‘am= flock, folk, men, nation)) of the prince that shall come ((935 bow’= to go or come, abide, apply, attain, X be, befall, bring (forth, in, into, to pass), call, depart, enter)) shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

– “after – the hind part or behind and/or beside, “backside” all seem to point to the time of the LAST HARVEST WAVE that is also the “troublous – distress, anguish, op-PRESS(-or) times,” which points to the time of the “great winepress of the wrath of God” as shown in Rev 14:19-20, said as taking place “out(side) the city, where “city” is referring to that bordered area where the Two Witnesses and crew came incarnate to, which would apply most to being the western U.S. leaving the U.S. east of the Mississippi River and anywhere else in the world as the “outside” part but could also count the entire U.S. as the “city.”

This hind part would also seem to qualify as during the time of the Seventh Angels trumpet sounding, I believe is indicated by the National Geographics “final Report: Heavens Gate” broadcast in 2008 that suggested TI and DO and crew as the fulfillment of the “Second Coming.” Then I would suspect the 3rd woe to be what began in 2013 – the 40 year time from when TI and DO first ventured out to delivery their “prophecy” that started with their exit of Houston on 1/1/1973 that began their substantial awakening by mid February and second substantial awakening to fulfilling the role of the Two Witnesses around the fall of 1973 when they were in Gold Beach, Oregon. 2013 was also 40 years from 1973 and would meet the fulfillment of being the end of the first “hour” to begin the “Judgment – LAST Hour.”

This LAST HARVEST WAVE would seem to include the fulfillment of the Rev 5:1 Books opening that starts with the “Heaven’s Gate” (purple) book as the part prophesied as what was “written from within” – because Do and Crew and a number of the 38 students added their statements that went with what Do wrote and the transcripts of the 12+ video tape hours of the “Beyond Human – The Last Call” series, that again shows it’s reference to being the start of the LAST HARVEST WAVE by the terminology “Last Call” where what Do said and wrote during the time He and TI FIRST came public, as the FIRST ROAR/Thunder shown starting in Rev 6:1 – from 1973 to 1976 as the FIRST CALL. The SECOND AND LAST CALL started in 1993 – what was to be the remaining 6 of 7 “roars (thunders)” – as shown referenced in Rev 10:3-4. These references to the “seven thunders” in Rev 10 are ONLY announced at that time as part of the 6th Angel’s sounding of trumpets – scheduled to begin with the Two Witnesses “prophecy” period. (See Section III.D.8. that describes the Seven Thunders/Roars.)

Rev 10:2 is when the announcement is made that describes the “little book (bibliaridion)” that seems to be associated with the Rev 5:1 – “backside” – written on the backside by the disciple of TI and DO’s choice – spoken of as John but knowing the way the Next Level works is a task that is not necessarily performed by the same Soul who received the task to write down these Revelations. Here’s why:

TI and DO often indicated that the Next Level wouldn’t plan for someone to fail to be left behind. However they could know that a certain test would be administered to certain ones that if they failed could have dire results or could be an opportunity to regain their active studentship which then could entail a plan to take advantage, make a positive from a negative by giving that person the help to perform a service which would be part of their return to giving their all and even coming back into good stead with their Older Member, to resume some part of their graduation requirements and even potentially catch up to the class lesson plan they flunked out of. In a sense that can be seen as like the Adam experiment – putting him to certain tests.

TI and DO indicated Adam didn’t have to fall. Had he passed that test – Eve became the instrument of, he would have been subject to another test and perhaps the severity of the test would be increased, if for instance he hadn’t dealt with the total strength of his assigned adversary (Satan). The object was to provide a program for others that would raise the bar on even getting into that level of student membership Lucifer and his associates had to meet to get into their student level membership. If they could ward off the Luciferian influences on them they would have overcome what the Luciferians fell away because of. I believe TI and DO did indicate the lessons were regulated. In fact once we moved away from Salt Lake City because TI and DO felt the strength of the lower forces was too much to subject their students to any longer than they had.

Another example of the regulated strength of the lesson plan. I had had two major bouts with sensuality before the one in which I fell from. I can recall writing to Do how I felt I learned from one of them that I could never assume I have good control over my thoughts and actions. That sort of confidence is deadly as then you can be caught off guard – let one’s guard down instead of keeping one’s amour up all the time regardless of whether or not one thinks they need it. They always need it. If we drop our guard then we are exposing a vulnerability and it can be as subtle as a thought allowed into one’s mind that previously they kept out. In many cases one gets more than one chance to lock one’s door to their mind and actions but it seems the Next Level can raise the flood gates a little more to have more bombardment to deal with so to stimulate the development and exercise of more strength of mind to combat, ward off, extinguish from our mind.

So there wouldn’t be a plan for someone to fail but there certainly could be a plan to increase that potential to some as a training exercise they could use to advance to their next station of service if/when they succeeded. However, TI and DO did speak about feeling there could have been one or more students who they referred to as “advanced humans,” as opposed to Student level members of the Next Level returning for their final exam to become an Adult Member in the Next Level. I suspect this talk could be found on one of the early audio tapes as it was in a meeting they talked briefly about this. I remember it as I recall wondering if I was one. It doesn’t really matter. None of us are limited in our pace of growth. We can ask to have all the stops pulled out for maximum growth and then can ask to let up on that growth some so we can garner more strength. TI and DO said this about bombardment – if we felt it was too much ask the Next Level to relax it some.

– “Sixth/sixty years (threescore) and two weeks shall anointed (Messiah) be destroyed (cut off)” – as interpreted before, this seems to refer to both a 60 year period of time and the time of the Sixth Trumpet’s sounding when the FIRST Graduates exited. This depiction of the “anointed” (Messiah) being “cut off” also described as being “destroyed” or “consumed” and as part of their “covenant” the “oath and bargain” they took to fulfill that entailed “cutting flesh” – which is related to how the harvest is depicted as cutting the stalk – the human body – down to release the fruit – spread the seeds as took place in March of 1997 when Do (Messiah) and 38 + 4 student layed down their human lives to their death to be “born of spirit.”

Referring to Messiah Prince, where prince is also translated to a “captain, commander, ruler, noble” is echoed as referring to “Michael the Archangel as an archangel is a “captain of angels” and is described as being the Rev 12 Woman’s Son/offspring she births to the Throne and then he goes to war, depicted as Michael the Archangel against the Dragon, Lucifer and his associates who fell with him and since him.

The “people (flock) prince” would then seem to be the “remnant” who “depart, come against, go down into war” (come) in the “city” which is depicted for this time in Rev 12:17 and Rev 13:7 which is the “cleansing” (sanctuary) “process” (end) from the “deluge, outrage – gushing inundation (flood) that is followed (after) by a “battle” (war- Armageddon – Rev 16) that brings about desolation, makes astonied (waste).

There are certainly variances to all these interpretations but they have the same end result. Those who seek to give their lives in service to TI and DO and don’t side with the BEAST become the target of those who do side with the BEAST and they bring about the end – death of the remnant and that is part of their “cleansing process” to experience.

This seems to also relate to Dan 12:7 where that “power of the holy people” is scattered, break in pieces, broken, caused to be discharged, dispersed and overspread then the time that had provided their power will be finished – done as said in Rev 16:7, said as “done” which is at the time of the pouring out of the 7th and last angels vial into the air, which is followed by the biggest earthquake ever that splits the U.S. into three part brings down mountains which may be referring to the governments but also the land masses as every island also goes away which may be related to the large object that is thrown into the sea, I suspect into the Atlantic that totally annihilates the east coast islands to include Manhattan and Long Islands.

Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Regarding the usage of “midst” seems to also have something to do with the timing of the provision of the “Backside Little book (bible) as the task to provide it’s information seems to be expressed as a “messenger” (angel) “flying in the midst (middle) of heaven.” In other words this would seem to be the issuing of the instruction from the Older Members to provide it’s content:

Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

This can potentially relates to the next verse in Dan 9:27 referred to as a “covenant confirmation” for a week – the 7 seals/affirmation periods, but specifically saying this confirmation was to take place in the “midst or middle” of the “7 seals (sevening which would be the 4th Seal which is about to start with the next election of a president of the U.S. – that is the BEAST the Dragon is sitting on and the mouthpiece for, from an invisible standpoint as the Luciferian space aliens know well how to manipulate the spirit world and through physical space alien activity in the U.S. since the 1940’s. Plus another way of looking at “midst of heaven” can be shown to refer to the “first heaven” vicinity which is moreorless the atmosphere around the earth that extends miles away from earth as it is where certain satellites are orbiting. If they can orbit they are still within the earth’s gravitational atmosphere. If and when any of the satellites lose their power they would eventually drop down to earth rather that be lost in deep space. The Midst of Heaven can also be referring to the “world wide web” – the internet, these days also referred to the way many corporations are storing their programs and data on the “cloud” termed the icloud or internet-cloud.

The provision of this time of covenant confirmation in the middle of the week, starting essentially at the 4th seal causes a “slaughter” (sacrifice) that to those victimized is their sacrifice of their human lives by their hand which is their “tribute and offering apportioned, gift, present (oblation)” to the Next Level Older Members TI and DO, which is shown during the time of the 5th seal’s opening to continue into or even mostly take place. Remember, our vehicle isn’t what is harvested. It’s the vehicle we use to strengthen our Mind that is what we fill our Soul with, receiving our Mind from our Older Member’s Mind by abiding by all He/They give us to think, say and do that brings about a cleaning of our vehicle to make us worthy to be a “bride” to our Older Member.

It is after that “battle” which is not really a battle for the Next Level, but it does conclude the battle for souls that is being depicted in this last part of verse 27 that those who are worshiping human and human equivalent space alien god’s are turned into waste to complete (consummate) with what was decided to be poured out on the humans that have become waste (desolate) recorded as the Lake of Fire – possibly a great deal of volcanic lava flows.

The upcoming 4th Seal opening that includes the provision of the revealing of the remaining prophecy based mysteries comes at the end of the time of the 3rd Seal’s opening and demonstrates the abomination as the height of human’s portraying themselves in many ways as “God” that includes the “worship” of Human achievements and intellect and technologies – all an abomination to the Next Level as they ignore or just pay lip service to the One True Kingdom of God who created everything and all the life forms. And because of the human kingdom leaders taking this position with or without religious and/or spiritual affiliations all who side with them are seen by the Next Level as “waste” (desolation). Simultaneously we see the U.S. and the E.U. – the Two Beasts, Big and Small STANDING in the once HOLY Place, in the way they have placed themselves as the Global Leaders and literally by “taking a stand” in the former geographic location where the Next Level began the current civilizational “garden” experiment – the Middle East. Many foreign armies and air forces, etc. surround the former Kingdom of Israel and with the nation of Israel consider themselves “God” though they often talk as if they are servants to the One True God which whether they know it or not is a propaganda tactic to lure those who still have a remnant of belief in the real “God” to their side – a deceitful tactic spawned by the Luciferian Space Aliens.

Mat 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Mrk 13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

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