TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.D.-The Seven Seal Openings-Fourth Seal-“Green (Pale) Horse”- (Trump et al) – Signs in Sun,Moon,Stars (Planets; Pluto,Ceres Lights (Temple in Heaven))


As I’m about to send this manuscript to the publisher on this December 6th day in 2016 I learned that Comet 45P/Honda was on it’s way to being quite the special event. It is headed to be a naked eye visible comet for weeks starting around New Years Eve and extending to mid February. That in itself is very significant to TI and DO’s history while incarnate as they left Houston and their human families, careers, friends and lifestyles behind on New Years day on 1/1/73, they actually told us around midnight. TI and DO then went to a ranch house in Boerne, Texas, just north of San Antonio and South of Austin in the Hill Country. It was during their stay there that they were independently receiving ideas and understandings that they were from “outer space” (their Souls), were here to bring “updates to the Bible” and to “fulfill prophecy”. They stayed in Boerne, Do said for “less than 6 weeks” which means they left to learn what Prophecy they were to fulfill by Mid February. This comet is also passing close to the Earth in between the Sun and the Earth right on the ecliptic which relates to it being a Sign of the Son of Man (in His next stage of what amounts to the LAST Harvest before recycling that the CERES cityscape of Lights and Temple like Tower also heralded. And there are one or two more comets scheduled as well and for the last week or two there has been a major earthquake most every day and the U.S. is on the brink of a type of civil war with the president elect Donald Trump taking power.

Rev 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast ((Living Being)) say, Come and see.
Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale ((5515 chloros from the same as 5514 chloe (Khloe) feminine of apparently a primary word= green, greenish, young foliage (The Verdant, epithet (descriptive characteristic) of the Greek goddess Demeter, the equivalent to the Roman goddess Ceres; of the harvest, corn/wheat, fertility), a green herb, a Christian female, [possibly related to chlorine and its green colored nature that purifies (makes white) via the death of the negative elements])) horse: and his name ((3686 onoma= everything which the name Represents, covers and arouses in the mind)) that sat ((2521 kathemai= from 2596 and hemai= to sit, occupy, have a fixed abode, dwell)) on ((1893 epano= above, over)) him was Death ((2288 thanatos= Greek god of death, Roman Mors or Letus/Letum)), and Hell ((86 haides= not; seen, be aware of, discern, experience, known, understood, aka Hades a person or place, Pluto; the ruler/judge of the lower regions, the realm of the dead, grave, death, receptacle of disembodied spirits, Ruler of Wealth)) followed ((0190 akoloutheo= from a particle of Union and a road or path, to follow one who precedes, join him as his attendant, accompany him, join one as a disciple, side with his party)) with ((3326 meta= with, after, behind, among)) him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill ((apokteino= cause to separate by dying [solidifies one’s judgment of self used by Next Level to divide the tares from the “wheat,” “sheep” from “goats”])) with ((instrument)) sword ((weapon of any kind – shootings and bombings and the like)), and with hunger ((3042 limos from leipo 3007= idea of destitution, scarcity of food, famine, dearth)), and with death ((ie. the humans that are moreorless the walking dead do the killing, perhaps as vigilantes and in terrorist attacks, home or foreign born)), and with the beasts ((ie. Governments and their institutions public and private)) of the earth.

This seems to be the time and place referred to in Daniel chapter 7’s fourth (and last) Beast (king) as the Fourth Seal presented by the Fourth “Living Being” (wrongly translated to beast) from the Kingdom of God/Heaven (Next Level) that is focused as most affecting in some ways the fourth (and last) part (quarter) of the world, that the evidence points to being North America.

– This “Green (pale) horse named death” is described as pale in most translations, but as shown it is from chloros, a primary Greek word for “green” so seems to be another mistranslation. “Greenish” is also a usage thus shades of green. In July of 2015 the dwarf planet Ceres was revealed by NASA for the first time to have many lights in one large crater even though NASA knew about the lights by December of 2014 and saw them as one light via the Hubble Space Telescope in 2004, the reason for the Dawn spacecraft being built and launched in 2007 to take a closer look. As I was working on this verse to try to understand it more fully, I came across a reference to chloe or spelled Khloe, which is shown to be an epithet – a descriptive term, word or phrase in this case, and/or byname in place of the word/name it describes, in this case, Khloe which is therefore a nickname that offers shades of meaning to the Greek goddess of the harvest and fertility and those who are “becoming green,” thus can be a tint or shade of green which in turn can seem to be a yellowish or pale green of a new shoot.

(Ceres Pics: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-said-there-would-be-signs-in-the-sun-moon-stars-planets-comets/).

Since this is prophecy that is relative to the time and state of the Next Level’s “garden,” during the harvest LAST days this seems to be showing the one who will be the next ruler who will become an instrument to represent the necessary “death” of the gardens plants, regardless of who, how, when, where and why. It is a time when the “tares” as Jesus called them will continue to be “weeded out” of the garden that will help some others “become green” – awaken to potentially be harvested into the Kingdom of God’s “heaven,” via the avenue of separation from their humanness in that ways TI and DO described in the remaining two of Three Groups of People (Souls) who can survive the recycling as the FIRST Group have exited and their type of classroom is no longer offered by the Next Level during this civilization.

Represented as a harvest time could also be seen as the beginning of the time of afterbirth following what TI and DO described as the Three Trimester birth periods, the Third being now, completed in the graduation of the Souls (Saints) who had had a previous relationship with Older Members from the Next Level. (Perhaps their students even had several periods of relationship with Older Members as in the first trimester with Moses and/or in the second trimester with Jesus and then with TI and DO for this third trimester that yielded their “Mind/Spirit”‘s birth as the first fruit harvest into membership in the Evolutionary Level Above Human that Jesus said would happen for his disciples at this time of his return.

Therefore this afterbirth time is an opportunity for another birth, but to one’s next grade in school, verses a graduation from the school as probably occurred for about 28 of those that layed down their lives with Do in 1997. Do said he thought some would have to come back to finish their overcoming. There were 38 students with him and 4 former students exited before 2000. (It’s possible there could have been a few others that went unreported, but that’s doubtful and even so would probably be among those Souls who would need to come back).

For the sake of this prophecy, Demeter/Ceres is the Greek/Roman mythological goddess of corn/grain and the harvest, thus seeing what looks like an array of city lights on Ceres at the start of the election cycle for this next GREEN HORSE, while I am re-translating and re-interpreting this very verse, asking to see more, was a huge verification that my interpretations of the other three horses and our position in the Next Level’s garden conclusion timeline is accurate.

Note that Ceres is also in the constellation of Draco, I just learned, which is interesting in the way the so called “good aliens,” (that don’t really exist, because all the Space Aliens are anything but “good” by Next Level standards) are programming some humans, who are looking to them as “brothers”, to think are the bad aliens coming from the Draco constellation and are the Reptilians. Meanwhile the Reptilians are already among us possibly in their underground and/or undersea hiding places, who abduct humans but may wear suits/masks (as Rael reported during his abduction that they told him was so he wouldn’t be frightened by them). Do said the Luciferians were all Souls, though had initial vehicles that could live much longer than today’s human vehicles. So perhaps they do have certain lizard like characteristics to their physical humanoid vehicles they hybridized over many thousands of years, largely underground, away from much natural light, where they performed genetic engineering as well and perhaps live largely on human and/or animal blood – as they told Credo Mutwa, as shown in his interview with David Icke. And they also told Credo they could extend the life of their vehicles by smearing gold in salve form all over their bodies. They told Rael that they clone new vehicles from their own DNA in a computer system so just get a new vehicle when theirs gets old or infirm, they reported, saying also that in this way they “outlive planets” perhaps a reference to surviving recycling periods that they experienced on Earth in previous civilizations or while on another planet they originally came from as we heard about from contactees and abductees. TI and DO did talk about how the Next Level put the word out (somehow) to draw all those from other planets who were in an equivalent to Luciferian Student Level Membership in the Next Level, to offer them the opportunity to sacrifice their existing human equivalent student model physical vehicle to enter into the Overcoming of Humanness Process they were starting up on Earth. I think they indicated some didn’t take them up on that offer so I believe they were “cast to earth” anyway which may be what is shown in Rev 12:4.

I have wondered if “pale” was influenced by the name “death” in the verse. It may simply be a misinformed translation to use “pale.” But if it’s of value one could begin to play it out in the primary contenders for the next presidential election and in this case to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Pale would have nothing to do with purity but certainly would have it’s deadliness to give/show our allegiance to them or anyone in government or actually to any human or organization at this time. And Bernie Sanders, should he become president shows “green” connections galore in his policies related to the “green” progressive party in the U.S. that Ralph Nader tried to run on previously. And then there is the “green” agenda related to “climate change” that Bernie and Hillary are big talkers about. But overall, the biggest aspect I think applies at this time is “green” as it’s related to the “harvest” time and how every harvest requires the death of the vehicles that in the example of wheat/corn hold the seed/grain (fruit), thus “death” is depicted as necessary to obtain. Plus the green climate change agenda seems to be linked directly to the relationship Space Aliens play with humans and the projection that the so called bad aliens are coming to earth to destroy them, which of course is the task the Next Level will perform when they are ready as is being escalated as we speak in 2017.

Human Caused Climate Change is considered an absolute science and people are treating it as if it’s a matter of life and death to address, even willing to force people to obey their wishes in how to combat it. Meanwhile next to nothing substantial is done to change the way the environment is increasingly ridden with chemical toxins causing  people to die by the many thousands of “fire” inside of them – tumors, cancers, severe allergies, asthma, brain disorders, HIV, diabetes, on and on and on that they propose treating with drugs to mask the symptoms or by cutting out tumors or using radiation treatments. Perhaps many of the disease is the result of “fire” in the form of radioactive particles in our environment but there is no push in the US against eliminating nuclear power plants.

– “death” – This describes the character and what this “green (pale) horse (human pawn of the Luciferian space aliens)” has authority over in their position (seat) which comes from the Greek Thanatos – the “God” of Death. It’s interesting how in one ancient painting Thanatos is shown as a white skinned human with a pointy black beard who has a helmet that looks like a big white alien head over his vehicle’s head and has a cloak that has black wings coming out from it, as if it’s a Luciferian “sitting” on the human, thus the human serving as his “horse” as this verse describes.

Here is another part of the prophecy that speaks of “death” and “hell” as people that are in those conditions. I would say that “death” in this context in Rev 6:8 as well as in this next verse is referring to the “spirit world” while “hell” is referring to where the Luciferian space aliens are sentenced for when it’s time to dissolve them in the “lake of fire”:

Rev 18:8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day ((2250 hemera feminine (with hora 5610 implied) of a derivative of hemai (to sit), as a figure, a period (always defined more or less clearly by the context)= age, judgment, (day) time, year)), death, and mourning, and famine ((3042 limos most likely from leipo 3007 (through the idea of destitution); a scarcity of food= dearth, famine, hunger)); and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

And in this verse it makes mention of “famine” the same usage as in Rev 6:8 with this 4th horse, linking them in time frame.

The 7 Angels who pour out their Vials seem to be referring to the plagues/calamities that offer a last chance to recognize the Living Beings who were incarnate from the Kingdom of God/Heaven as the Creators of everything and all the lifeforms and can be interpreted in this verse as coming during one “sitting.” Each of the four horses in Rev 6 are described as having someone “sit” on them which refers to having a certain position, except in the case of “horses” 2, 3 and 4 it’s clearly a Luciferian Soul who is doing the “sitting” on, while in other context refers to tasks/positions fulfiled by the Next Level graduate students, for example where they exercise the tasks involved with the judgment of those who remain, as this seems to refer to as well.

In the next verse “death and hell” seem to be two different conditions and locations. I would say death is the  “spirit world,” where discarnates circulate among humans and perhaps for some in areas elevated above the surface of the earth but where some still have the chance to be saved by the Next Level to brought back in some way in the future after the recycling is done, while “hell” would seem to refer to gated area perhaps extending inside and/or under the earth that is a more permanent condition where Souls that went against the Next Level are sent – or gravitate to during recycling time when the vehicles they attach to try to escape the Next Level’s wrath on the surface, as occurred during the Noah flood and is to occur again, but with Fire at the end of this “end time” period. I suspect they would only be allowed to come out of that area if the Next Level still had a use for them, as a catalyst to promote accelerated growth for graduate level students to overcome/conquer.

Rev 20:13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

Then the contents of Death and Hell are recycled:

Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

The Luciferian space aliens are hard at work as we speak trying to win souls to their allegiance which includes allegiance to the religions to include to the governments and all their interests. A tiny few will stand up for TI and DO who by looking to will help each take steps to start or continue their metamorphic process of separation from their human condition. There is no quick fix. Another came to me to suggest he was ready to exit this incarnation because he was miserable here thinking that insured his coming back to be incarnate during the time of an incarnate Older Member again. That sounds to me like more pie in the sky thinking that death insures anything. I’m not one to say what someone else chooses to do but if they write to me to present their idea I’d rather be wrong in suggesting they scream to TI and DO for what’s right for them and read EVERYTHING they said about what constitutes service to them before making an irreversible choice that may or may not yield what they think they want, considering they may not have actually started a relationship with TI and DO yet. This person also told me he wants to be a “teacher” – just so happens the same as two others who were telling me they wanted to exit their vehicle, because they were miserable. I will remind that TI and DO were miserable for the entire time they were awake but knew they’d come to perform a task. That would also be the case for those who by their actions are attempting to be “active students” who have the chance now to work through their misery to learn the lessons they must learn by looking to TI and DO and their information, behaviors and ways as our instruction for our task of gaining strength that will find us in good stead toward our own graduation into the Next Level.

Rev 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience ((endurance)) and the faith of the saints.

Leading into captivity is leading people into believing in misinformation, what the human kingdom at this time is saturated with that came from the Luciferians planted here by the Next Level to provide a testing ground for upcoming members of the Next Level to work against to graduate into the Next Level by conquering and riding themselves of misinformation mind and filling themselves with only the true information (holy Mind, behavior and ways from the Level Above Human via TI and DO and their Crew of Active Students).

Do indicated that those who kill one another are unknowingly assisting the Next Level in the “spading” of the garden. The refugees fleeing war torn areas instead of taking up the fight for their lands and possessions and homeland are in a Next Level way benefiting from their plight because it’s an early degree of detaching from their root system and if they seek out a more open society some could even have more access to what the Next Level is doing to provide opportunity to start their metamorphosis by hearing about TI and DO or simply being saved by the Next Level for a future opportunity.

– “Hell follows” in this verse comes from the Greek Hades which in mythological history related to Plouton which is a conflagration of Pluto, said to be a person who rules the Underground and Underworld that is the location under the earth for that disposing of waste, thus a condition of no return thus Hell, while Pluto is also the provider of wealth and a transformer or agent of metamorphosis. Hades is a noun so can refer to a person and/or a place and/or a thing (condition) and in some of the Greek stories Hades represents a different person than Pluto.

Now without suggesting these designations, referred to as mythology, have absolute truth to them, it’s interesting to look at them in the same sort of way we look at most all history, as a mixture of truth based information and mis-information. I don’t recall TI and DO exactly talking about the mythologies, but since TI and DO did say the Revelations prophecies would all be fulfilled and the times are showing to be advancing to this “green (pale) horse,” in the 2016 election in the U.S. and the related One World Government, it seems these major revealings by NASA on both dwarf planet’s Pluto and Ceres and the Greek Thanatos, all in this one verse at this particular time in history is quite significant and timely.

Thus the definitions that go along with these mythological figures, said as ruler-ships, sort of the way in astrology planets have ruler ships, work both ways to depict the character of Next Level Members and Human and Human equivalent creatures. Luciferians are the ones who influence humans to go after human forms of wealth and do preside over the “under world,” even relative to the earth itself and/or beneath the surface, that is, for a time, while Next Level Older Members are the ultimate rulers who even send certain of the Luciferian fallen angels to given humans who have become their active students, to challenge them to further growth towards overcoming their influence. Having a certain percentage of Next Level Mind in one’s Soul seems to thwart much drive to excel in wealth accumulation in any and all of it’s forms. They will not be satisfied for long with what wealth can buy and they won’t be likely prone to leading others, which are characteristics the Luciferians promote as a means to satisfy their various agendas that includes in a large way, influencing humans against the recognition of the Next Level supreme Beings who created everything, and for a purpose to provide an avenue to serve among them.

It’s interesting that Jesus said one could only serve one of two masters, between “God and Mammon” and the Greek word Mammonous is defined as “treasure” or “wealth.” Pluto was said to be the provider of wealth thus if one made wealth into their “god” by idolizing the acquisition of treasure and wealth they would find themselves in opposition to the Kingdom of God’s hope for that person, to instead look to the Creators of the Universe and all it’s life forms as their master to “work for” (serve), the true meaning of “worship.”

I’ve gone through these mythological stories in part and can come up with some ideas of how they might correlate with the Elohim, Adam, Eve and Lucifer “hisser” (serpent) event, etc. but I don’t think that is important to try to sort through here. However, I don’t doubt that TI and DO and Crew could have easily had something to do with the naming of the bodies in space to correlate with these Revelations representations. For instance an 11 year old is attributed with telling her grandfather to name the new planetary discovery, “Pluto” after the Roman God by that name. One could say that could have been stimulated by the Luciferians or by the Next Level because Pluto mythologically speaking can be seen as supporting either.

There is a similar way of looking at Demeter/Ceres and the relationship to death as a part of the harvest. Jesus often used the analogy of humans as plants – referring to them as “grass” or as stalks of wheat/corn (same word) that all needed to die to produce their fruit, as he demonstrated and talked about being necessary – to “drink his cup” – the shedding of blood in service to the Lord. TI and DO called the human vehicle a “plant,” saying it too had a strong root system though unseen, which anyone who has offspring and cares about them knows exists as is also evident in relationships towards one’s vehicles parents and siblings, of course when those structures were strong. (Though it can be very difficult, when those structures are not strong, that can be a blessing as then it’s easy to cut those roots and become closer to the potential of grafting to the Next Level’s vine instead. That would be called making a positive from a negative.)

For instance, in TI and DO’s movie script, Pluto was a hollowed out laboratory with a working model of the earth inside used by the Next Level to manage the earth experiment. It’s very interesting how these reports from New Horizons spacecraft reveal many earth like features on Pluto – mountains, canyons, red ice, volcano’s, geysers, sand, a very large smooth area and other crater pocked areas, more geologically diverse than any other planet observed so far besides earth. Perhaps the Next Level uses the entire planet as their model or they have a planet model inside Pluto. Pluto orbits the sun on a 17 degree different angle from all the other planets and also allegedly has a far more oval orbit. It rotates on it’s side, it’s axis tilted about 120 degrees different from all the other planets except is like Uranus. It’s orbit period is allegedly 248 years though has only been observed, in theory starting in 1905 and then 1915 and verified as a planet in 1930. It spins on it’s axis from east to west as opposed to the earth’s spinning west to east.

All this has been coming to light, right along the times I’m spending trying to understand these prophecies so are becoming the corner posts to this re-interpretation.

I already knew that the Rev 6 White Horse was fulfilled by Do, the Red Horse by G.W. Bush’s presidency and the Black/Blue Horse by Barack Obama’s presidency as I have reported during those times. But since the word “pale” was used by translators for no reason that could be backed up by the Bible records, I thought it a mistake, even potentially a convenient mistake, but one the Next Level, as with everything can be taken advantage of. So I began to look at how the upcoming candidates could be related to the pale description and/or pale green, as I’ve shown looked most likely.

Now in terms of coloration that all 3 previous “horses” show some identity with, which is not to imply any rating as the Next Level has zero racial bias having created humans with a number of skin pigment coloration, starting with the 2nd horse, they can be identified by;

George W. Bush’s, though not having red skin color has been shown to have an English (red coats) even back to Hebrew blood line roots that going back to the Adamic race can be described as ruddy, the actual meaning of the Hebrew “adom” – or “blood in face,” and also represents what has come to be identified as the “Red” Republican party, who was the figurehead ushered into power through the Supreme Court led coup d’etat by overriding the Florida supreme courts ruling to recount every vote in Florida due to a number of highly questionable irregularities Jeb Bush presided over to get his brother to win Florida. This was done to bring someone into the presidency to preside over what would become the stimulus for the endless war on terror coming from the 9-11-2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The ensuing wars in Afganistan and Iraq and expanded from there are fulfilling the prophecy, said in Rev 6:4 as “to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword (military might).

War has always been associated with red, the color of blood and the planet Mars and in some of these prophecies the mythological planetary designations are embedded in the Greek origins of the English words they were translated to. That is shown especially in regard to this Rev 6:8 verse. I would add that through the Bush presidency, largely because of the wars and the other deceits and manipulations that are little heard of that can be shown to relate to the Federal Reserve, like the alleged disappearance of trillions of dollars, the U.S. debt reaching new highs that to date many Republican leaders are pushing to use as an excuse to rape the country of their humanitarian programs.

Barack Obama’s African American skin color (which is really brownish and he is actually a mix with his Hawaiian, but “white” mother), popularly referred to as black, and mind you seems to have a relationship to dark blue at times in the Old Testament, to potentially relate to the popular blue color of the Democratic party, he represents. As he came into the presidency at the peak of what is now called the 2008 Financial Crisis that was on the surface led by Wall Street investment bankers activity, being talked about in prophecy in terms of the price of commodities of wheat and barley, associated with how many pennies each would cost shows further how the time of the Obama presidency was fulfilling the slot of the 3rd Seal Opening prophecy. This view got a huge boost in my mind when Dstody came to me in a dream and responded to whom I wondered about voting for and said only, “Obama” that later on I realized was related to prophecy. Also previous stock market crashes were named by the popular culture “black” as in the great depression.

So how does pale or pale green or just green play out. Is skin color even much of a factor? It didn’t perfectly describe Bush, nor Obama, but not any less than most any “white” person which takes us back to looking at the first “white horse” that I say was Do, though some Christians say is referencing Lucifer because he also has a relationships with “light” the meaning of the Greek leukos that is rooted in the Greek “luke” that means “light” and has additional context as “to make white” or “become white,” also having relationship in language to the tribe of Levi, the group of Israelites Jehovah/Moses assigned to serve the overall camp with certain administrative duties as priests.

Lucifer means “shining one, light bearer” or “morning star” or “bringer of dawn,” yet Jesus said he was coming as the “bright and morning star.” Both the Member of the Next Level who had the task of Jesus and the fallen angel Lucifer, who was a significant student member of the Next Level at one time, had a type of relationship from the start, even before the Adam/Eve event it would seem. If I recall correctly, though I can’t quote the words, TI said Lucifer was Do’s adversary(satan) and I do recall TI saying Do encountered him in a book store, I believe sometime in 1973-4, I suspect after they had awakened more fully while at Gold Beach, which was after they stayed at the Ananda Marga house in Portland, so may have been in that general vicinity at that time. I don’t know exactly what Do saw in that book store as they didn’t say more, but I believe Do said he was frightened by what he saw.

I suppose it could have been of some equivalence to that entity I saw where I lived at the time in Vermont when I was re-awakening and I had a dream with TI in it and awoke and saw this dark figure glide by me. It took me a few moments to realize what I’d seen but I tried to follow it as I have reported before. This figure was so dark it stood out in a dimly lit room as if it was about 4 1/2 feet tall as if a black sheet had been draped over a youngster of that height so I could see the head and shoulder shape.

Like the one sitting on the white horse, Lucifer, it seems also has a covenant with his followers, (that can be seen in Rev 12:7 referring to the Dragon and his angels battling with the Archangel Michael and his angels), just as TI instructed their students to form with Do, (they called a “committal” that we practiced writing to Do) which resembles the covenant Jehovah instructed their Israeli (TI and DO said meant the “overcomer”) students to form with Moses and the Father required of their students to form with Jesus (The Father expressed that several times vocally heard by some). Do’s task was to bring each student to a “pure” condition of faith in he and TI, having adopted all their behaviors and ways that included “giving our life” to them which included having the willingness to give the life of their vehicle, all importantly “in their service,” as overcoming human behaviors and/or leaving all behind and/or giving one’s life for any other reason than for Them, given one knows about them wouldn’t yield the same result necessarily as the Luciferians also have their student body willing to do the same things to please him, even though they don’t necessarily know it’s Lucifer they are pleasing. The only exception I am aware of that can get one’s Soul saved for a future classroom would be to give one’s life for another human as Jesus described to be the “greatest love” on could show for another. Since Jesus commandment at his exit was to focus on the second greatest commandment of “love your neighbor as yourself” – for those that never heard of TI and DO to give their lives to save someone else, regardless of whether they know about what Jesus said or not would seem to meet that qualification. I may be wrong about that and there may be other ways of looking at it.

Even Jesus disciples were giving their lives on Jesus instruction to drink the same cup of his blood (red/fire) he was choosing to drink – by telling the same truth to those who would want them dead because of. And in these ways, as Jesus said, one was “making their eye single” that “filled their body full of light,” which is the overcoming process that TI and DO called the “change over” and “metamorphosis” and is the definition of a “Christ” (and the caterpillar’s chrysalis), as one who accomplishes that process that yields them a new body that becomes eternal for as long as they continue to choose to fill themselves with the Mind that comes from their Older Members. That Mind comes from the Chief of Chiefs of Older Members in the Next Level. (Do said we would understand more about where He came from once we become Members of the Next Level – the human brain doesn’t have the capacity to understand much about that).

One big proof that the “white horse” is depicting Do, who was the same Soul who performed the task in the vehicle named Jesus is because the first horse doesn’t open his seal until after there is a “disclosure roar” in Rev 6:1, translated less literally as “noise thunder” which relates to the fact that it’s only “the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof” in Rev 5 who is also the one who is described as a lion roaring seven roars that were disclosures/roars in Rev 10.

Yet with that said, Lucifer is also compared to a Lion. Thus the Next Level is providing a total opportunity to believe what we choose to believe because of what they give those that want to be in their service. We can’t ever go by scripture alone. The one safeguard that always works is to do our projection of asking or screaming for help and to know the truth and how we can serve – as far out into the distant heavens as we can imagine – but directed to the one who is assigned as our “heavenly Father” in whatever language. As long as we do that, we will be led to see the truth in the scriptures. Even if we use the names TI and DO, it seems to me we need to think of them in the distant heavens to assure it gets to them, because even as we speak there can be those the Luciferians could instruct to try to interfere with anyone who calls on those names. If it’s a casual asking, there’s no guarantee they are going to see your petitioning as a meaningful request.

Also, it’s clear that this is a time when the Luciferian space aliens are coming down on us in a way and to a degree not permitted when TI and/or Do and Crew were still working on their overcoming process until at least 1997 as it says in the end of Rev 12 and other places occurs and is spoken about in Do and Crews writings as well, some of which I included in the section on Dan 7:7 prophecy.

Also, Do is depicted as sitting on the “white horse,” where white also means “made white” or purified his human vehicle making his “whole body filled with light,” as Jesus said was the goal accomplished and described as Christing, where pure light looks white. It was also said this way, using “white” because his vehicle was slated to be “white as snow” (Rev 1:14). Of course this was totally distorted by the Luciferians to influence certain humans to think anyone with a very lite pigmented skin coloration was somehow special or supreme over those with a body with more color pigment. I believe it’s worthy of consideration that the Next Level chose to send their Representative to take a whitish pigmented body, as did most of the student body because I suspect it’s genes were more kin to the white body’s the Luciferian fallen angels had when they fell. TI and DO said that they thought their current student body, if they conquered the Luciferian influence on them to fall away would be taking over the positions those Luciferians held for the time they were working for their Older Member. I suspect some of those Luciferian space aliens may have served as those referred to by Enoch as the Watchers from within spacecrafts that would have also been provided to them, (though craft that were more primitive but fitting for their task but potentially in advance of anything humans had at that time or in the previous civilization on earth.)

It could make sense that the Older Member and crew might choose vehicles that were difficult in the way they were bred to think they were “supreme” as said in the Luciferian stimulated white supremacy movement that is clear to be related to the time of Hitler, but probably well before that into the Roman, Greek and Egyptian kingdom and into the previous civilization perhaps. Thus these vehicles genetic programming, to include thinking they were equivalent or greater than those who really were their Older Members became the prime reason given for their fall, thus would need to be overcome by the returning Older Member and Crew.

That overall sense of self importance or to “want to be seen as special” or being “a little too pleased with self” are both probably characteristics of some or all of these Luciferians who fell and in fact were what TI said I needed to overcome to board the spacecraft, so dealing with became the characteristics my assigned adversary we called our “booger” would employ against me.

Incidentally, TI and DO said from the beginning that their teachings about “discarnate influences” doesn’t have to be 100% accurate as it just works to think of it that way to mount an effective defense against. However, as time went on it became clear what they meant by saying that. It was not the only way humans were influenced in an unseen way, which they compared to a human going to their computer to type in a command, programming the computer equivalent to a discarnate spirit doing so with a human vehicle.

I realized later that they had also talked about “thought forms” as another form of influence, saying that the space aliens could bombard humans with certain thoughts/programming to keep them asleep. Sometimes when we moved into a new craft (house) we would get instruction to rid the house of any unseen influences be they discarnates or thought forms. It was a silly time and I’m sure it tested some to do, but it entailed taking a broom or dust mop or something of that sort and going around the house into all the corners and closets as if we were sweeping them out of corners, etc. while verbally telling them to get out, I guess assuming some were there from the last occupants of that house, since we rarely moved into a brand new house. If we did it in a house, we did it one time and it was always done with lightheartedness, not like a solemn ritual. I never saw TI and DO do it. On one of the last exit video’s, meant for the world to see, days before they exited their vehicles, Do was anything but lighthearted.

Most of the Classroom’s internal meetings TI and DO gave were certainly serious minded. There were not always lighthearted moments. Their intention was to stimulate our growth not to entertain us. But it didn’t mean TI and DO were “down in the mouth” and certainly did no raising of their voice or talking down to anyone while it remained clear they were pushing us to complete our tasks of taking over our human vehicles while also sending out Next Level Mind to the world.

TI and DO always instilled a sense of urgency to student’s accomplishment of the lesson plan though when delivering lessons mostly addressed the entire group instead of singling any one of us out in a meeting.

They would often talk to the entire class as if all needed the motivation that comes when the teacher is trying to accelerate a students growth that sometimes resulted in a student leaving the classroom thereafter. During those times, they would sometimes say, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all of you. I don’t want to mislead anyone. The classroom was always a very serious effort but part of it was learning to not slip into human casualness, called “familiarity” with one another or with the teachers while not letting the seriousness cause us to have a disturbed “down in the mouth” countenance, nor a noticeably bubbly one. The goal was to operate on an even keel, no highs or lows in our manner though there certainly was a great deal of smiles and laughter, even fun and pleasure. It just would include only pleasures and fun the Older Members determined and regulated for us and taught us how to experience as a member of the Next Level would. After all the entire experience was considered to be like a “God Astronaut Training Program” and/or a laboratory. When we see humans working in a laboratory, even in a university, it’s not a time to joke around as we want our focus on the success of the experiment as the priority. This is why they set the atmosphere of the craft (house) to be what we would find on a Next Level spacecraft laboratory. We had no props to give the appearance of a spacecraft. It was all in our attitude. There was never room for chit chatting, or slumping down in a chair, taking our shoes off and putting our feet up kind of relaxing or dosing off. We were “on duty” all the time and the biggest part of being on duty was to be in total control over our own human vehicle both with the content of our thoughts and our actions to include our outward appearance.

I did fall for that booger’s influence that sought to build “self importance” even though I was not aware I was being taken in that direction but it took me some ten years after leaving TI and DO’s classroom to recognize. But relating these characteristics to that prospect that the original fallen angels had “white” looking vehicles, which may not be accurate, does not suggest it’s any less a task to overcome any race of human vehicle as all have Luciferian characteristic misinformation programming and genetic mammalian programs to rise out of and above. In fact the difficulty Dstody had in the classroom was compounded because for over 21 years in the classroom, he was the only “black” African American vehicle and it was tough, because his “booger” would try to have him think he was looked down upon by his fellow students with “white” shaded vehicles. I know this as I was sometimes his partner and Do also talked about it in meetings – that he had to rise above identifying as his vehicle (as did we all) but his programming in that area was that much harder to override than those in white vehicles because by in large white vehicles made up the majority in the U.S. and what went with that was the programming many were even born with in degrees and/or became fostered in their upbringing that assumed even subconsciously they were in general above non-whites.

TI and DO always said that we had a hand in picking out our human vehicles to take over to perform our task through but that the Next Level helped us, so our vehicles would be a “match” for the growth our Minds still needed to accomplish to qualify for graduation that would then provide us with ever more responsible tasks on a Next Level crew. One can be rest assured that the vehicle we each have, speaking to those who are giving themselves to TI and DO’s service now, are exactly what they need and were picked to receive their “seed” because they have the potential to both graft to the Older Members vine and overcome their humanness, whether one is a returning Soul or a new Soul – which makes no difference.

But in relating Pluto to a large planet size craft with an “experimental earth” inside as TI and DO built into what they called a “fictional story based on the truth,” though not saying what parts were fictional, it’s interesting that Pluto has a huge white heart shaped spot on it that is totally smooth looking verses the rest of the planet looking like earth minus the oceans, while also having many areas that have craters on them. I also realized that this spot they say is heart shaped is like totally white and Do (Jesus) returns one more time but not incarnate according to prophecy on a “white horse” which is said in two places in prophecy that show a different meaning.

Rev 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white ((3022 leukos from luke (“light”), white)) horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
Rev 19:12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name ((surname, was called)) written ((graven description)), that no man ((no one)) knew, but ((if not)) (he) himself ((auto= “his own”)).

(In other words, no one knew his name except his own, those he reveals it to (Rev 3:12) and who write it on their own forehead as shown in Rev 14:1).

Now the timing here is well after the first way he comes sitting on a “white horse” in Rev 6:2 as a part of the opening of the first seal. This is shown in the next verse where he is described as “clothed with a vesture dipped in blood”:

Rev 19:13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

This means that the “horse” he is seen sitting on is not their physical body (though can still be a Next Level Member’s biological body whose service is as the equivalent of the way a human would relate to a living form of transportation but seen by humans as a “white light,” which is what Jesus said was his modus operandi in returning, though referring to the stage that was more for the ones who were potentially in the “last” harvest, mostly x-Christians, where they are, “x” and/or “christian” by birth/upbringing and/or choice, but does not disqualify anyone who ever thought the real Jesus (not the Christian largely false Jesus) was someone extraordinarily special and perhaps really from those who created our reality. His modus operandi for those who were “first” was with “plainer/bolder,” as TI and DO called more “generic” non-religisized, non-spiritualized terminology.

TI and DO used to refer to our cars as horses. Mostly we didn’t call the cars horses but when one had to go into the shop for repairs Do would say the car or “red van.” for instance was in the “horsepistol.” Plus TI and DO said Next Level members “wear vehicles” like humans wear a suit – using the example of a space suit or underwater suit, something that provided facility to perform certain tasks by. They also said that one could have a suit that was actually a spacecraft used to transport a crew to perform certain tasks with. Imagine that, which puts a new meaning to the idea of Jonah being in the belly of a whale, though I’m not saying a whale could be a suit for a Next Level member. A whale is a mammal and Next Level Members don’t wear mammalian vehicles unless they take one to incarnate into to serve on their needed task of bringing some up. (There is no sense in wondering if there could be an in the sea among mammalian whales and dolphin graduation classroom as we know that human beings were made to appear like Next Level Members, but of course I’m not one to say what is impossible).

Also this “vesture” is “dipped in blood” which may be a reference to the Older Member’s vehicle named Jesus as it was certainly dipped in blood in that it didn’t stay dead – it was briefly dipped in death, which may be a way to see that. But even if that same vehicle came back piloted by Do’s Next Level Older Member Mind/Soul, Do said he wouldn’t be showing “scars” to anyone (which I doubt he would have in that vehicle anymore if he did decide to bring it back to satisfy prophecy in that way. Do did say that the Luciferians might portray that same vehicle in some way to trick people into worshiping them, perhaps as a hologram (Image of or with or coordinated with the Beast).

So it seems this Rev 19:11 reference to a white horse is actually speaking of the spacecraft, Do returns in, while occupying the vehicle he “changed over” into a Next Level vehicle 2000 years ago. Do didn’t address this except to say if Jesus came back he would not be showing his scars. He also considered that he might return with an “armada” of spacecrafts which then looks like the next verses:

Rev 19:14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

Again, these are on “white horses,” their spacecrafts and they all have new vehicles (clothed) depicted as “fine linen,” which is a reference to the way the priest in the Moses camp wore “fine linen” the most delicate fabric and known to be worn by human kings and royalty that these have just graduated to receive by both overcoming their humanness through TI and DO’s direction and once again “laying down their human vehicles lives” having trusted their Older Member and having come to be one mind with him.

Rev 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.
Rev 19:16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

Again this last verse ties into the Jesus physical vehicle that all the commentators I’ve reviewed on this verse read seem to miss entirely is said this way to show his vehicle’s physicality equated with an article of clothing as a “vesture,” also translated to, “apparel, cloke, clothes, garment, raiment, or robe.”

It might be that the white spot on Pluto is a door or a spacecraft itself that is on the surface or just below the surface and/or inside Pluto. The “New Jerusalem” is described as a spacecraft some 1378-1420 miles square (or perhaps in diameter, so round). Pluto was just re-measured to be 1473 miles in diameter thus who knows if this is possible.

Since the Next Level can change the vibration of a spacecraft like they can change the vibration of the cells of the physical bodies as Jesus demonstrated with his changed over vehicle, appearing and disappearing, and since TI and DO told us that the Next Level could have a spacecraft right on top of our “craft” (what we called the house we lived and worked in) though unseen to us unless we raised our vibrations to see, it seems possible that the New Jerusalem could be literally inside of or above and below what we see as Pluto. This gives a new meaning to the term “UNDER WORLD” that is one of the primary definitions of what the deity identified as Pluto is in charge of. Additionally, if what we call “heaven,” is as the Jews defined as having three parts, the 1st could be where Souls are saved, termed Paradise (by Jesus) or Abraham’s Bosom, after their physical vehicle dies if they have pleased the Next Level to qualify. TI and DO said this “heaven” has “gates” and/or “boxes” that are not freely passed between equally by all the inhabitant Souls. I would suggest these in this “heaven” would be those in Do’s 3rd Group who could be salvaged from the recyling.

I would suggest the second heaven is then related to Do’s 2nd Group which may be where some have been given Student model vehicles to serve the Next Level and learn some more lessons until they are brought back to finish their overcoming, while the Heaven or 1st Group actually have Next Level physical vehicles assigned them and significant service and dwell in sight of the Older Members – TI and DO.

TI and DO did indicate that the “garden” is provided with all the options humans can then “pull in” by their thirst to want to know about as their civilization progresses. If virtually all the humans are cleaned off the planet that have not shown allegiance to the Next Level as prophecy indicates and the Next Level then dissolves all the spirits in that first heaven, then when they restart the next garden experiment on the NEW Earth, then having also a new “heaven” it will be like giving all the remaining humans a fresh start since all the “tares” would have also been removed – even if some of them escaped underground. (The Next Level would know who went where so could decide to preserve some to become the catalyst adversaries (aka satans) for the next civilization’s planting, even depicted as happening as soon as 1000 years after these stages are “done.”

I am surmising that the New Earth is speaking of the refurbished earth as Do said the earth was still a good planet to serve the Next Level. It just needed to be spaded and the weeds need to be recycled. But the “heaven,” this first heaven, it seems will be removed, as shown, which takes place after what seems to be a bombardment by objects in space that causes all those on earth at that time to run to hide in their underground hiding places.

Rev 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

The removal of this “heaven” or “sky” portion of the “elevated areas” appears to be the spacecraft referred to as the city of God that was originally moved to North America from the Middle East, as Jesus indicated would occur when he said the Kingdom of God would be given to a new nation (ethnic people) and that Jerusalem would become waste because of how the religious had stoned and killed the prophets sent there. By being moved it became the New Jerusalem prophesied in Rev 3:12, where it was said would have a New Name given to His students who were to return with Him to take human vehicles again (one meaning of resurrection), who were described as the “overcomers,” which is the actual meaning of an Israeli as “one who prevails, conquers, overcomes as, by, through Jehovah’s lesson plan” that was given to the one who was Jacob when he successfully wrestled with the “fallen angel” and prevailed. That new name would identify it’s new location, installed over the United States mainland, though in particular over the southwest part of the U.S., covering the general territory from the Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean – about 1360 miles, with Los Angeles, the “city of God’s angels” being where TI and DO first spoke to a group who leave all behind to follow them in early April of 1975 that starts their gathering of that student body. This removal of this “heavenly spacecraft” may have been tied into the great earthquake (shaking) that is sited in the verse before this removal is depicted, but is soon followed by a new earth and new heaven installation, once again referred to as the New Jerusalem in Rev 21:

Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

As shown in Rev 19 and 20, this New Earth and New Heaven is slated to be installed after the 1000 years, during which the Luciferian space aliens are again locked up underground, in their “under world” which may include any humans still alive and in their service, occupied by them, who, whether they know it or not aligned with them so became of one mind with them and were allowed to escape the surface recycling.

I imagine the Next Level can see exactly where humans have their new facilities they are working diligently on as we speak and is what is behind some of the financial scheming the “secret government” has engaged to keep funding while keeping it’s accounting away from government budgetary scrutiny.

Imagine after 1000 years in their Under World to where they could potentially produce ten or so generations of offspring, how far removed those offspring would be from all that happened in the 21st century. All their electronic media would have degraded along with documentation that there would be little of anyway since everything is made moreorless digital and what was passed on between generations would be like playing that game telephone as memories would also fade and change and so what one would probably have would be not a whole lot different from a mythological story of gods (seen as the space aliens) battling one another with the mortals siding with one or another and getting caught in between. Meanwhile in whatever location on the planet the Next Level wanted to foster the start of a new experiment to grow souls from, these would be of a different mindset also having their stories but with the seed of truth in their souls and their lineage of genes, mental and physical that knows there exist “creators” who have the overview of it all and the Next Level seems to give some generations proof of their existence shown in Rev 21 and 22.

TI and DO said that the only time proof isn’t given, that is, in a way that is very hard to ignore, though can always be seen differently, is when there is a chance for some to graduate during the END TIME, as they must come into full trust in the incarnate Older Members on the basis of their INFORMATION and EXAMPLE alone, which is what Jesus described as the “Word” – coming in the flesh, made to inhabit flesh, made flesh. That “truth” must be taken into one’s Soul container through the human vehicle’s sensory systems and primarily through the eyes and ears – sight and hearing while under the influence of those who became by their own choice adversarial (a Satan). The process of sorting out and discarding the misinformation from the adversary that becomes the dominant mindset on the planet from Next Level Mind provides the mechanism that literally builds strength of our own Mind and is a literal grafting to our Older Members Mind.

It’s like having an interface between two computer systems. The better the interface the stronger the graft and the more they can operate as ONE, while each remains an individual instrument to assist others “coming up.” The further along one gets in having that graft to their Older Member the more distant they become with those who are first “coming up.” For this reason, while TI was incarnate they spent most of their time keeping distance from the student body. But as the student body numbers diminished because people left or because TI and DO arranged for some to leave the group – feeling they weren’t demonstrating the degree of readiness they needed, TI and DO could spend more time with the student body. Even so there were some they could spend more time with, without distractions that would come as our influences sought to weigh on them. They came to identify which student had which influences by the thoughts and feelings they would have, that they wouldn’t otherwise have if such and such a student wasn’t in close proximity.

Thus throughout the classroom Do was attempting to communicate with the student body and often saw the need to say more when he knew some students weren’t getting it. TI would often say a few words to a few sentences and it wouldn’t seem like she was saying anything extraordinary to understand, but Do would then come at the subject from several vantage points and we’d basically, if we were being good students would be just sopping it up like a good sponge. One hardly could have a question if one was listening because we were taught to linger on every word, at least that’s the way I thought of listening, so that there was no room to think about a question or to judge if I believed it or not. To each students efforts and capacity they were totally trusting them, yet if we received each “dose” it would be shown in our thoughts because we were often given assignments to express ourselves in notes to them and sometimes we’d have time for questions and answers at the end of a meeting, while at other times they would hold another meeting a day or so later to give us a chance to absorb/digest the “medicine” the new perspective contained. No one was becoming a robot from this experience though if a student was progressing they would want to be robotic in their adoption of everything they were given because they knew and felt there could be nothing greater than to be a clean “pipeline” for one’s Older Member’s mind, as Jesus demonstrated he was and wanted to be for his “Father.”

Someone giving their life in service to TI and DO will increasingly become aware of the huge gap between the norms of society and the reality from the Next Level, the reasons we even exist and our ultimate hoped for purpose we must choose to pursue or not. There will be so relative few who choose to pay attention to anything TI and DO said and that will also go for the reality of what Jesus taught, so that there will be few and far between those one can relate to on any more than a superficial level. This requires “endurance” to keep on trying to provide the truth when most will call them crazy or misled by Satan or some equivalent with hardly anything to go by at all. Even armed with all these new interpretations will be hardly paid any mind to unless the Next Level has given them a seed. In that case, when those with that seed hear the truth, a light will turn on in their head, like a smelling salt of some recognition. A few will want to pursue the truth from TI and DO full out and this would be one of the ways those providing the truth will face further persecution, as when some of these begin to separate from their world, whoever is left behind will blame what they looked to and lacking TI and DO’s incarnate presence, the next avenue to attack will be those that become TI and DO’s “active students” and this will require them to have “faith” that when they are apprehended or hunted down, if they keep their faith in TI and DO and “stand for them” when challenged, that no matter what they then experience they will reap the reward of being accelerated to their next station in Next Level service.

-“kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth” – Kill is translated from Greek apokteino = separation by death. I suspect this interpretations includes how this is a time of separating the tares from the wheat as there are clearer terms to depict the act of killing as in the slaughter of one’s physical body.

This “killing” takes place in the fourth part of the earth (essentially the U.S. and it’s closest allies with/from weapons (sword – at this time with guns and bombs, possibly seen as the increases in school, mall, movie theater, sporting event shootings and bombings, political rallies, abortion clinics, on military bases and virtually anyplace public or private) and with/from famine, destitution, scarcity of food and/or from highly toxic food, water, air, perhaps like GMO’s and by the dead (those who are dead to the Next Level seeking to silence or get revenge against what they may see as heretics or blasphemers according to whatever their beliefs are, religious or secular) and by the hunting and traps set by the governmental “BEAST’s” (the U.S. and the E.U., and any employed by or in league with their behaviors and ways of thinking, laws and nationalism, etc.) as we see by increasing FBI, ATF, CIA sting operations like we saw at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas re: the Branch Davidians, by police departments that target any form of dissidence against the establishment that often makes people of color prime targets. To include institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) that seek to make vaccination programs mandatory despite the consequences, or via man made pollution they won’t fix like the way lead and various petrochemical carcinogens and radioactive waste is allowed into our air, water and food supplies.

For additional considerations in the relationship between this Fourth Seal and Dan 7:7’s Fourth Beast (King) see section: III.D.4.b.iv. DAN 7:3 – DAN 7:7 INTERPRETATION.

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