TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses-Section V. ‘UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE’- 6th Thunder

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TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Section IV.D.2.Daniel 9 – Seventy Weeks (Years/Affirmation Periods)-Judgement Hour-Tribulation & Abomination of Desolation (Weed Waste Bucket=Hell)



V. UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE – Do’s writing that was published to 90 World Wide Web Newsgroups in 1995 – the 6th Roar/Thunder. Part of the start of what would become the LAST HARVEST WAVE:

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Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure, By Do

I, Sawyer who was present with Do for 19 years (10 of which while TI was incarnate), from 1975 to 1994 that can be seen on the first, second and a few other of the Beyond Human video tapes as Do’s “helper,” sat in front of him to hear him say all these things many times in various ways. So I am an eye witness. I wanted to include this document just the way Do wrote it but because of the way Do’s writings have been copyrighted by others who I can not trust would give me permission to include in my book (and because my book is for sale as the best way to distribute it most widely), to not infringe on those human laws I’m re-writing Do’s document in my words, like I said the words I heard him say many times:

1. Do said he is a member of the Kingdom of God which is in generic terms referred to as “The Evolutionary Level Above Human” and that he is about to return to his Father’s Kingdom.

A. He said this return requires him to prepare to lay down his borrowed human body so he can renter his biological body that belongs to the Kingdom of God, just as he did approximately 2000 years ago when he laid down the human body that was about 33 years old in order to reenter his body belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven.

B. He said The Level Above Human is a physical Kingdom Level and it is in the physical Heavens aka space. Those who are in that Kingdom identify with their Soul and its mind (aka spirit) and not with the “flesh” or physical body they “wear.”

2. He says that this time his “Older Member” (who he realized was his Heavenly Father) came with him. It was in the early 1970’s that they incarnated into adult human bodies that were in their forties. About 2000 years ago, He incarnated into a body that was in its late 20’s or early 30’s just prior to, during and following his baptism with John the Baptist. (Note the incarnation was performed in stages as it takes time to put Next Level Mind into a human vehicle, although He said the Jesus body had been specially prepared for that task.)

3. He said it seemed each time we, or others come from the Level Above Human, to Earth or leave, it is by the transportation of a Next Level spacecraft.

4. He said his Father is an Older Member in the Next Level.

Note: They said that on earth there was the Mineral Kingdom then the Plant Kingdom and then the Animal Kingdom to the Human Kingdom but that the Human Kingdom was designed as a “stepping stone” or said in scripture as a “footstool” for Souls to graduate by their will and efforts by adopting all they are given by the incarnate Older Members who they can not graduate without as they must literally please both Older Members while with them in the flesh. However, those that can not be with them in the flesh now because they are not incarnate can still advance towards their graduation to adult membership and can even be rewarded with a student level membership in the Next Level that if they continue can be brought back to have the needed overcoming experience with the incarnate Older Member to gain Adult Next Level Membership that includes eternal life and significant service opportunities in their new Next Level family.

A. He said his “Father” birthed him into that Kingdom by taking him through his overcoming of a mammalian civilization and that this took place long before this current human civilization started. (Revelations chapter 12 indicates His Father births him again to the “throne” task that they then performed together before His Father exited the female vehicle he had taken to perform that task.)

B. He said he served as His “Father’s” student and apprentice while in relationship with this current civilization.

Note: TI actually said he served in the tasks/vehicles of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, then Jesus and to date in the name Do, pronounced “doe” which came in part from the Sound of Music SONG, a fulfillment of prophecy in Revelations chapter 14. TI and DO felt the Next Level works often by inspiring producers and directors and writers and that the Sound of Music was in particular shaped to provide a type of wake up smelling salt to TI and DO and their task. They said their task as TI and DO was their “6th closeness” and that the 7th and last closeness was as the “Jesus” return. This document represents the start of that seventh closeness as it’s the same Older Member but the seventh closeness in not an incarnate one. He will be in his Next Level vehicle. Rev 14:14 indicates it would be a vehicle that was “like unto the son of man” and Rev 19:13 indicates he is “clothed with a vesture dipped in blood,” what seems to be a direct reference to how when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus he was baptized by shedding his blood – giving his life – laying down his body on his Older Member’s instruction as he said:

Joh 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

And he commissioned his disciples to follow in his footsteps as part of their requirement to be his disciple – to drink the same cup of his blood which every aspirant to membership in the Kingdom of Heaven must eventually rise to do. That is because each will have taken in enough Next Level Mind (holy spirit) to know that their physical human body is not who they have become and that they will trust their Soul will live on in the Next Level’s care, even though it’s a most difficult task to rise to because of how our human flesh generally wants to live. But the overcoming process entails overriding the human flesh and we can grow in that process by taking on all the behaviors and ways the Older Members provide us in whatever lesson step we are engaged which is ALL accomplished by asking the help of our Older Members whether they are incarnate or not. At this time the direct connection is to ask the help of TI and DO – asking for the strength to take the next steps they would have us each take that they will then help us to recognize and take while leaving it up to our free will on how fast to grow towards graduation.

C. He said that His Father’s relationship to earth was one of “Chief Administrator” and that His Father is the One referred to as the “True God” in the early phases of this civilization.

5. He said that this time around He came with His Older Member in a way They called “undercover,” to help Him pick up where the process left off about 2000 years ago to further birth and provide “fathering” experience with those Souls who would be the next new children in the Level Above Human, aka “sons.” He said this gave Him more experience in the birthing process. He said TI returned to His Next Level station in 1985 but continued to assist Him and communicate with Him from a more advanced perspective. (Note, Do speaks of TI as a “Him” because there is no gender to Next Level Souls or their biological vehicles they wear, though there is a purpose to what gender human vehicle a souls takes to overcome.)

A. He said his Father incarnated in a female body for His 15-year stay.

B. He said most of Their task required not acknowledging who They were historically which was a strategy because They wanted as little recognition and interference as possible to be able to gather the souls who were their students from the past. They were still identified as a tiny radical cult, because just like 2000 years ago prospective members left their families and relationships to follow Him and be his student. He said he knew he would be hated again for what Christians would call “blasphemy” because of saying who He is and he will be hated by families, etc. who are affected by all who aspire to leave with him/them because the mission requires forsaking all ties and binds to this world (family ties, responsibilities, and human-mammalian indulgences).

6. He said prospective new “sons” (souls who occupy both male and female bodies) were gathered by He and TI from 1975-76 and then in 1994 which was after TI had exited her incarnation and that all these souls had had a previous relationship with Him before this incarnation.

7. He said “students” were offered the opportunity to bond with Him and His Father just like bride would bond with her husband.

A. He said, since the Next Level has no mammalian or human members, these students had to become “new creatures.” They would bond in mind, spirit, and behavior that would be void of human sexuality, human types of binds, and addictions of this world. Some of the students with male vehicles chose on their own to have their vehicles neutered, aka castrated professionally to help them sustain a more genderless and objective consciousness.

Note: Jesus approved of such an action for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. (Mat 19:12)

B. He also said that students who successfully bond to the Level Above Human through Him and His Father must also prepare to lay down their human bodies as we go to the Kingdom of Heaven, in order to take bodies appropriate to and belonging to that more advanced Kingdom.

8. He said as they prepare to lay down their human vehicles and announce entry into the Next Kingdom as available there might be many humans who have received “souls” in “deposits” who may choose to separate from everything of their world to go with them.

A. He said these will try to rid themselves of their old minds, and identities to instead fill themselves with the mind that flows through him to be accepted as one of his “children.” He says it will “cost” them everything of this world, they will desperately desire to be rid of fast.

B. He said to go with him, expecting to leave “very soon,” would be students must look to Him and His students for all their needs as best they can and align with them – breaking human bonds. He said if these new students declare to others that TI and DO and Crew’s presence is from the Kingdom of God that leads to the “laying down” of their bodies in pursuit of the Next Kingdom as well, then they, too, will find themselves in the safekeeping of that Next Kingdom. By safekeeping He is saying they will be in line to receive further nurturing toward membership in the Next Level.

C. He said if TI doesn’t require this “disposition” of them, TI will take them up into His spacecraft (that will look to us as a cloud of light) before they “lay down their bodies.”

9. He said Humans with deposits containing souls can most likely be recognized as some of those who are quickly losing respect for this human world or its “system.” From an establishment point of view, they are acting irresponsible, anti-social, duped, crazy, as a drifter, loner, drop-out, separatist, or cult member, etc.

10. He said a humans lifestyle, belief system, or moral values don’t matter much in between “visits” from incarnate Members of the Next Level like now and 2000 years ago. What’s important is that the Kingdom of Heaven is here NOW in HIM and in HIS students.

11. He said the evidence they speak the truth is:

A. Their information and actions match recorded accounts of the presence, behavior and mission and departure of our previous visits from the Next Level while offering membership in the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God.

B. Any Soul who knew anyone from the Next Level during past visits are capable of recognizing them and their information again now.

C. It appears some of the crashed spacecrafts were staged by the Next Level that delivered some of them to help human skeptics realize earth has otherworldly visitors.

12. He said just as 2000 years ago, no one gets to His Father or enters the Kingdom of Heaven except through Him. No other Son of His Father or Representative from the Next Level is incarnate. He said connecting with “that kingdom” only takes place when a Member is incarnate, as he is today.

Note: To those who would see this statement from Do as indicating, since he’s no longer incarnate, there is therefore no way to “connect with the Next Level,” they are not correct, though it can seem to some a cut and dry statement, so can be used by some as an excuse to not learn more about what he said that broadens that perspective. That would be one’s choice to see that way and the Next Level Older Members do “test” us, which considering everything else he said before and after writing this statement, this appears to be one of those tests. Taking what he said verbatim it is quite possible that everyone that comes to believe in and follow his teachings did “connect” with “that Kingdom” during the time when he was incarnate. For instance, one could have been 10 years old when they heard about the Heavens Gate cult and saw the Hale Bopp Comet and they could have had thoughts and feelings that led them to connect in whatever way at that time. Actually, several told me this happened to them when they were about that age. One told me, when he saw them on the news and saw the comet he had the thought that these were “the Saints” in the Bible. Others told me they knew this cult was different from all the others they heard about – an intuitive knowing, not because they had studied it all as they were very young in 1997. Do said that as long as a Rep was present incarnate “tags” and/or deposits of recognition could be given so these seem to be some examples. Do didn’t say “connect with him,” he said, “connect with that kingdom.”

He was also saying He is the only one who would be incarnate. Whether we connect with the Next Kingdom by projecting our asking to the highest Beings we can imagine exists or to the Hale Bopp comet, thinking someone might be in or on it or along side it, in it’s tail or generally with it in a spacecraft is connecting, though since He was the primary focus in the news surrounding their exit, however one connects is also connecting with him personally because he is serving/representing the Next Kingdom via his incarnation. He is the provided Link. His incarnate presence is the link – what he said and did while he was incarnate is the only instructions to follow. So that means everything he taught while incarnate for as long as it is present is the way to connect with him which includes talking to him right now.

Additionally, if this wasn’t the case, how is it that Do said in the Beyond Human Series and said in the video, Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled, given by Do on September 29, 1996, thus long after the Undercover “Jesus.”.. document, that there are three kinds or types of individuals that can have a possible future with the Kingdom of God and escape the spading under. The third type are those that never even heard of TI and DO so if they could only connect with the Next Level during his incarnation and that meant only through him, if they didn’t know of him how could they connect and be saved? It’s because as he explains some begin to separate from the world and are even seen by the world as derelict, irresponsible, cultists, separatist, even militia types (though not condoning being violent in any way) who hate the status quo and/or the human governments and/or the overall system, though they don’t know what other option there is. Do suggested Randy Weaver, and the Branch Davidians as some examples.

13. He said there are space aliens that are humanoids who are remnants from other civilizations that have spacecrafts and travel in near space. He says they grow and harvest hybrid bodies to “wear” and they enlist “souls” who fail to become children in the Kingdom of Heaven/God who are called Luciferians because of their lineage.

14. He said These Luciferian space aliens “jump in” immediately after Next Level Representatives exit their incarnation and influence remaining “patriarch(s)” to mix truth and misinformation together to become a new religion which supports the fact that accurate knowledge concerning the Next Level is only available while there are incarnate Representatives.

15. He said the Next Level sends crews to “tag” or make “deposits” in human bodies and their minds/spirits just before and during the time Next Level Representatives are incarnate “offering” their birth. Deposits offer the recipients “recognition” of the Representatives and, to some degree, recognition of the “information” from the Next Level while also serving as “homing devices” to lead recipients to the Representatives and the information to move closer to their graduation into the Next Kingdom. Without these “deposits” that provide “recognition,” a human can not become a student.

16. He said all souls of this civilization who ever received deposits from the Next Level have returned at this close of the Age. The Next Level tasks their servants, TI and DO and Crew to test them. How they respond to Do and His students, and Their information will become the criteria to judge whether a human will or will not have a further relationship with the Kingdom of God. Coming in contact with this information forces their decision and by the stand each human takes they judges themselves, choose to be saved (redeemed) or not. Those who accept TI and DO and Crew and endure until They leave will go with Them so won’t need to experience the “spading under” or recycling of this earth – and will in the future become new beginning members in the real Above Human Kingdom Level in the Heavens.

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6 Responses to “TI & DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses-Section V. ‘UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE’- 6th Thunder”

  1. Woraufhin Says:

    Is it possible for me to obtain a PDF of your book via e-mail? I cannot purchase it via Amazon, unfortunately, as I gave up using credit cards in accordance with Do’s advice in session 9 of ‘Beyond Human’. My e-mail address is woraufhin@gmail.com

  2. crlody Says:

    I believe that you are a fraud. I didn’t believe it when Rio claimed he was receiving info. from Do and I don’t believe that you have “contacts” with the NL in the form of an “open phone line””. I don’t believe that your book is fulfilling prophecies in the Book of Revelation. You are here because you are unwilling/afraid to accept the invitation to leave just like everyone else, your mission is entirely self-appointed. I believe that you have been on your self-appointed crusade all these years because you want attention and recognition. You have attracted followers, individuals who have called me a “Luciferian” because I don’t agree with you. Your book is an incoherent joke compared to the info left behind by the Class.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t know why you have to start lies. I think you are getting me mixed up with Rio because that’s the only way you can mount your case against me. For instance you said, “I don’t believe that you have “contacts” with the NL in the form of an “open phone line””.

      Well I don’t believe I have that either. I don’t recall Ti and Do claiming to have an “open phone line”. They said many times they felt like they would “call” and there was no answer and they would think they needed to rethink the question or wait for another time to ask it. I do recall Rio saying in the 10 year annivesary article written by a newspaper that he had a “ticker tape” connection and I recall commenting on my blog that, that sounded suspicious since Ti and Do never spoke of having that kind of connection. I don’t mind you confronting me with anything but I think you owe it to Ti and Do if you still believe in them to try to bring genuine criticisms instead of making things up as I have seen you do many times. I have no “followers” in the sense you seem to mean that word. If someone follows what I write on this blog and elsewhere then the only one they will “follow” is DO, not me though I hope what I say to people is pleasing to Ti and Do and do welcome examining that. Why am I responsible for someone else calling you a Luciferian. I put no one up to that. I don’t believe in name calling but perhaps it’s karma for all your name calling – remember all you would say about Mark and Rio – “false prophets”, etc. and me as a “fraud” yet can show nothing fraudulent so it’s just empty words just I like I get from many others. How do you know my book is an “incoherent joke compared to the info left behind by the class.” Have you even read much of it? If you have, I will be the first to admit it’s hard to follow at times and can be disjointed and scattered and poorly structured and filled with editing errors and grammar problems and that from start to finish shows that I was learning as I went so that by the end there were things in the front that I could have updated. In my mind I ran out of time.

      How do you know who does or does not have contact with the Next Level? Wow, aren’t you full of yourself to take that position with anyone. There could be many thousands that the Next Level have communication with and you wouldn’t know it.

      No the book doesn’t fulfill prophecy. Prophecy means something inspired by the Next Level is being spoken – written. It a person that chooses to accept the task of the speaking what the Next Level provides. The book is an accumulation of what I heard and read from Ti and Do and what Jesus said and what was related to what Jesus said that I did some re-translation of and thus re-interpretation of to show how it is evidence of all Ti and Do taught and did. That’s what’s throughout the book. If you spoke/wrote to someone about what Ti and Do said, you’d also be fulfilling that task of what is a dissemination of their information.

      It seems to me and I could be wrong about this I know, but I don’t see that you equate Jesus with DO and Ti with The Father or perhaps you hold those ideas in limbo as part of what you didn’t want to accept from Do when you were in the classroom, the reason you told me why you left.

      You state facts as if they are facts when it’s clear they are not facts now saying I have a “crusade”. Where do you get those thoughts and words? Not from Do’s mind that I see any evidence of so where does that leave one to think as there is only two kinds of Mind.

      You seem to just play the same “tapes” over and over every time you write a comment like you are stuck in an endless loop never hearing anything I say as a rebuttle to you empty accusations if you even read what I say.

      Yes you are right that it was fearful for me to think about laying down my body at this time. And that may be because of the influences with me, though I don’t know that as it’s possible the influences at this point would love to get rid of my vehicle so they aren’t confronted with the truth as much, as is occurring more and more now.

      So you got your beef off as you have done many times now and it does affect me to hear/read it. I have taken to heart some of your accusations from years ago, to a degree that in my own self examination I saw had some merit but beyond that you have not said anything, but have made things up like that stuff about “open phone line” that I never said or implied. You know bearing false witness against your neighbor was one of the Ten Commandments that would fall under the category of being deceitful as a major offense so maybe you should do more fact checking before throwing out lies.

  3. Glaive Says:

    Agreed with CRL, this book is heresy. Anything added after the Exit to the info They left behind is heresy.
    That being said, it’s not that I never did it myself, but, at least, I realize and regret it later.

  4. sawyer Says:

    Now you are spreading lies about what Crlody said as I don’t recall him calling my book “heresy”, though perhaps now he might I guess. Are you quoting him? Who said that nothing could be said after the exit? Who are you quoting for that?

    Why is it so easy to cast stones without evidence? I will listen to evidence. I’m not perfect by any means.

    Since you commented here I’ll include the comment you left on:

    The Escondido Grapevine story “Heaven’s Gate survivor 20 years later”, in reference to the Inside Edition story. Here is a comment from someone named:

    Glaive | February 26, 2017 at 12:02 pm | Reply

    Nobody should listen to Sawyer, his book is heresy. Nobody’s allowed to add anything to the info They left behind before Exit. Sawyer did. Therefore he’s heretic and shouldn’t be taken in consideration. Read heavensgate.com materials instead, it’s the only source of pure info.

    Sawyer’s reply:

    So Glaive we meet again and you have become an advasary it seems by your choice yet have no evidence I am saying anything Ti and Do didn’t say or Jesus didn’t say or that related to the signs in the heavens at this time. It’s easy to just cast stones. Anyone can do that but can you point to specifics, that takes effort and actually forces us to walk the talk as they say. I’m all for people going to the Heaven’s Gate Web site. My book is full of all the links to all the documents that I refer to all the time. It’s like you think that 19 years with Ti and Do is worth nothing. If you could see how many misconceptions I’ve addressed because of my vast experience you would be flabbergasted. Some of those may actually be more interested in going to the Heaven’s Gate web site now, when otherwise they may never have. And saying that does not mean I am recruiting for Heaven’s Gate as there is no new cult and there is no new leader or Older Member. I am a student working for DO but that doesn’t mean I can do no wrong, make no mistakes so if you see me say something that is different from what you can prove Do said or would say then run it by me. That would be helpful to the Next Level wouldn’t it, that is if you want people to have the most accurate information, some of which isn’t contained in the book posted on heaven’s gate web site. For instance, many people don’t know how much effort Ti and Do put into considering the exit location and method and timing starting in 1975 and it’s not in the Book. Also Ti and Do’s focus was on that graduate class not so much on the “second type” of those who could be salvaged from the recyling as Do spoke about in “Last Chance to Evacuate before Recylcing”. That’s “our” job to help with, for those that choose to tackle it and includes showing how all Jesus prophecy is being fulfilled by Ti and Do. I don’t understand how that can be a negative to the Next Level. To the Luciferians and discarnates that could be a negative and something to try to compete with. You seem to be seething because I don’t think muslims are the “antichrist”, ignoring how Do spoke about muslims as often caring more about pleasing the Lord. Do you recall what Do said? Some Christians seem to go along with this idea, but if you believe in EVERYTHING Ti and Do taught then how can you? Also you had a problem thinking that the Luciferians were engaged in hybridization programs to produce new vehicles they could inhabit, that is if I recall our previous conversations where you start cursing me out when you don’t agree that I have proof of on my blog. Yet Do spoke about their hybridization programs didn’t he, but maybe that part of what Do said you don’t agree with. I’ve got plenty of opposition but I don’t enjoy it but it goes with the territory. Do you really want to be opposed to someone who Do spoke about on the Beyond Human Tapes as an “older member” referring I believe to being an “elder” student. I didnt’ say that about myself. Still I fell from that position so failed to graduate but there are second chances and believe I have one. If Lucifer was given many chances to recover after what he was doing against the Next Level’s wishes, why wouldn’t little ole Sawyer get some second chances. But like I said, show me where I say anything wrong and I’ll examine it and correct it if it is in error.

    • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

      You shouldn’t bother, Sawyer, my comment wasn’t for you, cause I’m done with you, and it’s been a time since. My comment was for those new believers who may come here. It’s like a warning to them. You are a dangerous person.
      On the other hand, somehow I don’t believe you will manage to sell many copies anyway, so… whatever, I guess ^^

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