One Battle against Sawyer’s provision of his personal experience with Ti and Do and interpretations of Jesus prophecy in his book

The following includes comments left on my Blog and on the The Escondido Grapevine story “Heaven’s Gate survivor 20 years later”, in reference to the Inside Edition story that Sawyer was the prime interview for that was used:. The link to that article is below but I wanted to show the back and forth with two who are opposed to information provision except what they consider to be authorized and how they are participating in limiting the full truth being available as Ti and Do and Crew desired and evidenced in a number of places, some of which I provide the links to here. This is a rather unique perspecitve as Crlody was in the class for several months in 1994 where I met him, though briefly but left and told me he had trouble accepting DO, if I recall accurately. I don’t find fault with that as all of us dropouts did so because of things we haven’t yet overcome. Glaive entered the picture that I knew about for the first time several years ago from my youtube site: 3spm. He was in Europe somewhere and said as a young teenager when Do and Crew laid down their lives he had the thought that these were the “saints”, that is if I correctly recall what he told me. I actually invited him to come to the states and I would help him and he told me he thought that would be a good learning opportunity for him as I was writing my book and even hoped he could help me edit it. Then we got into some tangles over the subject of hybrids and Muslims and vehicular coloration as white and the links to some relationship to the Luciferian space aliens. For one or more of those conversations, he began to call me names so we ceased talking until he came on my blog several years ago to mount a campaign against my book development and perhaps other things I was saying in my blog that was kin to what Crlody (aka Carlan) was saying against the same. I hope both of them will weigh in on this blog if I’ve said anything inaccurate as I have also said continuously about anything I say about Ti and Do or Jesus that seems inaccurate. Carlan’s accusations past did help me to examine whether I was too focused on what I thought and not as focused on what Ti and Do and Crew said. I wanted to start to document this back and forth so others could see what they will also have to deal with should they come in the direction of trying to work for Ti and Do by sharing their information. At this time, I believe that could include sharing the understandings of what Jesus said and the Book of Revelations that Ti and Do referred to and wrote about “all being fulfilled” and that included AFTER they performed their task that I began to see in the Revelation. My saying that and talking about the many dreams I had with Ti and with Do that I interpreted as my being provided a task, though fully knowing that I didn’t leave the group to perform such task, has challenged Carlan’s acceptance of much of anything I say, yet has not provided any evidence of his claims of my being a fraud. Glaive also doesn’t provide such evidence.

All in all this has been a lesson step for me to deal with but as much of this has transpired on the Escondido newspaper’s blog, the closest big town to where Do and Crew exited, I think it important to provide the content in the Link that was nothing special and the comments for whatever they may be worth. Like Jesus the Lamb said in Revelations and Do said was the meaning of Armageddon, it’s a war for souls and the Luciferians will stop at nothing to turn eyes away from the truth. Glaive wants to keep people away from seeing what I write or say. Carlan has weighted in to that view as well I think it safe to say, but I see them as giving into influences ideas as otherwise they would have specific things to say instead of blanket empty accusations as how can anyone correct something if they aren’t told what needs to be corrected. I can’t help it that I have 19 years of hearing Ti and Do’s voices in my head so to not refer to that would to me hiding from the task that for all of us is part of the lesson step to speak/write about.

So here is the conversation so far:

crlody Says on Sawyers blog:

February 22, 2017 at 3:57 pm

I believe that you are a fraud. I didn’t believe it when Rio claimed he was receiving info. from Do and I don’t believe that you have “contacts” with the NL in the form of an “open phone line””. I don’t believe that your book is fulfilling prophecies in the Book of Revelation. You are here because you are unwilling/afraid to accept the invitation to leave just like everyone else, your mission is entirely self-appointed. I believe that you have been on your self-appointed crusade all these years because you want attention and recognition. You have attracted followers, individuals who have called me a “Luciferian” because I don’t agree with you. Your book is an incoherent joke compared to the info left behind by the Class.

Sawyer Says:
February 24, 2017 at 8:24 pm

I don’t know why you have to start lies. I think you are getting me mixed up with Rio because that’s the only way you can mount your case against me. For instance you said, “I don’t believe that you have “contacts” with the NL in the form of an “open phone line””.

Well I don’t believe I have that either. I don’t recall Ti and Do claiming to have an “open phone line”. They said many times they felt like they would “call” and there was no answer and they would think they needed to rethink the question or wait for another time to ask it. I do recall Rio saying in the 10 year anniversary article written by a newspaper that he had a “ticker tape” connection and I recall commenting on my blog that, that sounded suspicious since Ti and Do never spoke of having that kind of connection. I don’t mind you confronting me with anything but I think you owe it to Ti and Do if you still believe in them to try to bring genuine criticisms instead of making things up as I have seen you do many times. I have no “followers” in the sense you seem to mean that word. If someone follows what I write on this blog and elsewhere then the only one they will “follow” is DO, not me though I hope what I say to people is pleasing to Ti and Do and do welcome examining that. Why am I responsible for someone else calling you a Luciferian. I put no one up to that. I don’t believe in name calling but perhaps it’s karma for all your name calling – remember all you would say about Mark and Rio – “false prophets”, etc. and me as a “fraud” yet can show nothing fraudulent so it’s just empty words just I like I get from many others. How do you know my book is an “incoherent joke compared to the info left behind by the class.” Have you even read much of it? If you have, I will be the first to admit it’s hard to follow at times and can be disjointed and scattered and poorly structured and filled with editing errors and grammar problems and that from start to finish shows that I was learning as I went so that by the end there were things in the front that I could have updated. In my mind I ran out of time.

How do you know who does or does not have contact with the Next Level? Wow, aren’t you full of yourself to take that position with anyone. There could be many thousands that the Next Level have communication with and you wouldn’t know it.

No the book doesn’t fulfill prophecy. Prophecy means something inspired by the Next Level is being spoken – written. It a person that chooses to accept the task of the speaking what the Next Level provides. The book is an accumulation of what I heard and read from Ti and Do and what Jesus said and what was related to what Jesus said that I did some re-translation of and thus re-interpretation of to show how it is evidence of all Ti and Do taught and did. That’s what’s throughout the book. If you spoke/wrote to someone about what Ti and Do said, you’d also be fulfilling that task of what is a dissemination of their information.

It seems to me and I could be wrong about this I know, but I don’t see that you equate Jesus with DO and Ti with The Father or perhaps you hold those ideas in limbo as part of what you didn’t want to accept from Do when you were in the classroom, the reason you told me why you left.

You state facts as if they are facts when it’s clear they are not facts now saying I have a “crusade”. Where do you get those thoughts and words? Not from Do’s mind that I see any evidence of so where does that leave one to think as there is only two kinds of Mind.

You seem to just play the same “tapes” over and over every time you write a comment like you are stuck in an endless loop never hearing anything I say as a rebuttal to you empty accusations if you even read what I say.

Yes you are right that it was fearful for me to think about laying down my body at this time. And that may be because of the influences with me, though I don’t know that as it’s possible the influences at this point would love to get rid of my vehicle so they aren’t confronted with the truth as much, as is occurring more and more now.

So you got your beef off as you have done many times now and it does affect me to hear/read it. I have taken to heart some of your accusations from years ago, to a degree that in my own self examination I saw had some merit but beyond that you have not said anything, but have made things up like that stuff about “open phone line” that I never said or implied. You know bearing false witness against your neighbor was one of the Ten Commandments that would fall under the category of being deceitful as a major offense so maybe you should do more fact checking before throwing out lies.

Glaive Says on Sawyers blog in reply to Crlody’s comment:
February 26, 2017 at 2:17 pm | Reply   edit

Agreed with CRL, this book is heresy. Anything added after the Exit to the info They left behind is heresy.
That being said, it’s not that I never did it myself, but, at least, I realize and regret it later.

Sawyers reply on blog to Glaive:

Now you are spreading lies about what Crlody said as I don’t recall him calling my book “heresy”, though perhaps now he might I guess. Are you quoting him? Who said that nothing could be said after the exit? Who are you quoting for that?

Why is it so easy to cast stones without evidence? I will listen to evidence. I’m not perfect by any means.

Since you commented here I’ll include the comments you left on:

The Escondido Grapevine story “Heaven’s Gate survivor 20 years later”, in reference to the Inside Edition story:

I left a comment on this New story post:

Sawyer | February 24, 2017 at 11:06 am | Reply

Hello, I am Sawyer who was featured on the Inside Edition story.
For the full interview I gave to Inside Edition I have posted on my youtube channel:

Sawyer’s interview with Inside Edition on 02 15 2017 – part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2: A crew interviewed me and I also recorded it. The report is out and they stimulated a new lie saying there was a room where 4 members left blood stains on the carpet but there was no blood anywhere in the mansion according to reports. And I made a mistake by paraphrasing a bit about how Do questioned his sanity every day after the St. Louis prosecutor made him take a psychological exam to let him out of jail and he passed it so was declared sane.

Sawyer’s interview with Inside Edition on 02 15 2017 – part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2: A crew interviewed me and I also recorded it. The report is out and they stimulated a new lie saying there was a room where 4 members left blood stains on the carpet but there was no blood anywhere in the mansion according to reports. And I made a mistake by paraphrasing a bit about how Do questioned his sanity every day after the St. Louis prosecutor made him take a psychological exam to let him out of jail and he passed it so was declared sane.

If anyone wants to read my Book – it’s filled with the truth and my interpretation of scripture and is available free on my blog but is an ebook and softcover found at:

There is a lot to be said that is a new perspective that is included in my book that brings a vast amount of evidence that Ti and Do were the Father and “Jesus” (not his vehicle) returned. Ti and Do and their Crew didn’t spend any time at all trying to show how it all was part of the prophecy fulfillment but I have and it’s all in my book which was planned for this time (though I didn’t know it, but shows up on prophecy)

I have also been outspoken on many stories over many years and I follow stories with corrections. For instance there were many to Ashley Feinberg’s piece for Gizmodo to be found on:

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Finally, as we come up to the anniversary, the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven that Ti and Do and their “saints” represent are instigating many “signs” as Jesus taught would be in the heavens – Sun, Moon and Stars (planets, comets). Ti and Do are not space aliens. The space aliens are the fallen angel souls who have been abducting humans and implanting them and stealing their eggs and sperm to hybridize new physical bodies they can inhabit and are teaching humans these techniques along with spacecraft design and elemental development to power them. There have been many, many signs as has been led up to in a more major way since 2013 especially with the Near Miss meteors and asteroids and comets with companion objects and comets that look like a formation of 3 to 7 objects. Hale Bopp was determined to have a double nucleus and thus the companion photographed by the Japanese but covered up by the Hawaii observatory.

Escondido story reply to Sawyer:

Glaive | February 26, 2017 at 12:02 pm | Reply

Nobody should listen to Sawyer, his book is heresy. Nobody’s allowed to add anything to the info They left behind before Exit. Sawyer did. Therefore he’s heretic and shouldn’t be taken in consideration. Read materials instead, it’s the only source of pure info.

Sawyer’s reply in Escondido story to Glaive:

So Glaive we meet again and you have become an adversary it seems by your choice yet have no evidence I am saying anything Ti and Do didn’t say or Jesus didn’t say or that related to the signs in the heavens at this time. It’s easy to just cast stones. Anyone can do that but can you point to specifics, that takes effort and actually forces us to walk the talk as they say. I’m all for people going to the Heaven’s Gate Web site. My book is full of all the links to all the documents that I refer to all the time. It’s like you think that 19 years with Ti and Do is worth nothing. If you could see how many misconceptions I’ve addressed because of my vast experience you would be flabbergasted. Some of those may actually be more interested in going to the Heaven’s Gate web site now, when otherwise they may never have. And saying that does not mean I am recruiting for Heaven’s Gate as there is no new cult and there is no new leader or Older Member. I am a student working for DO but that doesn’t mean I can do no wrong, make no mistakes so if you see me say something that is different from what you can prove Do said or would say then run it by me. That would be helpful to the Next Level wouldn’t it, that is if you want people to have the most accurate information, some of which isn’t contained in the book posted on heaven’s gate web site. For instance, many people don’t know how much effort Ti and Do put into considering the exit location and method and timing starting in 1975 and it’s not in the Book. Also Ti and Do’s focus was on that graduate class not so much on the “second  type” of those who could be salvaged from the recycling as Do spoke about in “Last Chance to Evacuate before Recycling”. That’s “our” job to help with, for those that choose to tackle it and includes showing how all Jesus prophecy is being fulfilled by Ti and Do. I don’t understand how that can be a negative to the Next Level. To the Luciferians and discarnates that could be a negative and something to try to compete with. You seem to be seething because I don’t think Muslims are the “antichrist”, ignoring how Do spoke about Muslims as often caring more about pleasing the Lord. Do you recall what Do said? Some Christians seem to go along with this idea, but if you believe in EVERYTHING Ti and Do taught then how can you? Also you had a problem thinking that the Luciferians were engaged in hybridization programs to produce new vehicles they could inhabit, that is if I recall our previous conversations where you start cursing me out when you don’t agree that I have proof of on my blog. Yet Do spoke about their hybridization programs didn’t he, but maybe that part of what Do said you don’t agree with. I’ve got plenty of opposition but I don’t enjoy it but it goes with the territory. Do you really want to be opposed to someone who Do spoke about on the Beyond Human Tapes as an “older member” referring I believe to being an “elder” student. I didnt’ say that about myself. Still I fell from that position so failed to graduate but there are second chances and believe I have one. If Lucifer was given many chances to recover after what he was doing against the Next Level’s wishes, why wouldn’t little ole Sawyer get some second chances. But like I said, show me where I say anything wrong and I’ll examine it and correct it if it is in error.

Escondido story:
Glaive | February 27, 2017 at 3:08 am | Reply

You shouldn’t bother, Sawyer, my comment wasn’t for you, cause I’m done with you, and it’s been a time since. My comment was for those new believers who may come here. It’s like a warning to them.
On the other hand, somehow I don’t believe you will manage to sell many copies anyway, so… whatever, I guess ^^

Sawyer on blog:

Both Crlody and Glaive seem to both be in unison saying that I should shut up as if saying nothing would be what Do would want to happen, which you both have no evidence of.

Why are you both so sure there is something wrong with my talking about my experience and writing down the evidence that shows the world how all Jesus prophecy is fulfilled by Ti and Do?

Can either of you explain that to me. I can certainly see why the Luciferian space aliens and their discarnate minions would  hate to see such a thing happening as they’d much rather see the whole story go away or kept it little cult niche that few if any would take seriously or would see as casting doubt on what has become common Christian thinking.

Maybe you don’t like seeing me get all this attention? Maybe you think it’s elevating me in some way? Well, for whatever it’s worth, though I like talking about Ti and Do, I’m not thinking my name will be in lights and I will become the next big kahuna. I could have tried for something like that by twisting the info and story, especially in my book.

Plus Glaive, have you read my book to claim that it’s heresy? Didn’t Jesus warn against swinging at a gnat and swallowing a camel or trying to remove the twig in one’s eye while having a log in your own. Don’t those examples seem fitting this name calling attack that I get from you every so often?

Escondido story:
Glaive | February 27, 2017 at 3:40 am | Reply

I guess, I have to clarify for the public. Do personally approved any document put on the website. Nobody’s approved the content of Sawyer’s book, except… well, Sawyer himself. Now, it’s up to you to decide which source of info is worth you trust.

Escondido Story:
Sawyer’s reply:

Glaive, you sound like a fundamentalist Christian that insists that because the Book of Revelations says at the end that nothing can be added to this book, and because it was put as the last book in the New Testament that there can be no further information that can come after that and that any attempt to bring further information would be heretical and this is part of why there was an Inquisition of murder and torture by “Christians” who would say they were killing on God’s behalf. The problem was, it was the wrong God, it was the false God feeding them with that perspective. So how did Ti and Do think about this, you still have not explained. You just say the Do approved of all that was in the Book, but he didn’t say anywhere in that book that this was the only material one could use to learn the truth. In fact in the letters sent to M and S, the webmasters of who were given the option to maintain the site, etc., that were NOT included in the Heaven’s gate web site/book explained their anticipation of the audio tapes being available for those who want to disseminate their information that included the audio tapes information that was NOT in the book or in the web site, so the public could learn more in depth what they were about. Here are the quotes:

Directly from the letters that I possess are in quotes below:

1) “We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

2) “Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is out desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information.  Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

3) Referring to a CBC producer/director who wanted them (the class) to participate in a documentary, who worked out of the New York office, they wrote, “So, for this reason, we are recommending that they be involved to some degree in the coverage of this event, that is, if their attitude seems to remain somewhat objective and you find working with them not too difficult.  Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

They had already published all their books content on their web site, in 1996 well before these letters were written as they were all dated, so what was going to provide a “more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about” if not the content of the 484 audio tapes, 270 or so of which have still not been provided by M & S, though they have indicated they would provide for a cost but last I heard were still withholding which M’s reason for is totally inconsistent with what Do and Crew said in these letters and other places in the audio tapes and in favor of having ALL the information about them available to anyone who wants it.

Furthermore, there were documents not provided in the Heaven’s Gate web site and book that Rkkody had and provided to include a document Ti wrote and some meditations and affirmations we were given. To see those go to my blog as I provide EVERYTHING as I want everyone to have the total truth. Glaive is angry because he has some very limited views that I confronted him with to which he had no rebuttal based on what Do said. I hope he can outgrow those limitations as I have nothing against him, but I do hate the promotion of lies and deceit and being told I am a heretic WITHOUT EVIDENCE.

While we are at it, there is also the book Do and Crew published that I have and that I was present when we published and I took that book to bookstores to sell them in Dallas where we lived that is named, “The Transfiguration Diet” that is an amazing diet I am largely using to treat my Lyme disease successfully without the need for pharmaceuticals (not because I’m against using pharmaceuticals and nor were Ti and Do but because I’d rather not). That book is not on the web site and not in their Book nor am I aware of any mention of it, though it may have been spoken of in the audio tapes that M & S refuse to release to the public.

Now lastly re: my book, to say there is something wrong with researching how all Jesus prophecy supports the events, behaviors and ways provided through Ti and Do and Crew is ludicrous, as if Ti and Do never referred to the Book of Revelations and as if they didn’t say all along what we could count on what was put into “red letters” in the 4 gospel accounts and that Do even said he thought a great deal of that was dictated to students then. Ti and Do both said that the Next Level worked very hard to keep that information in tact and reliable as from the Next Level.

Additionally, Do provided to our library the “Lost Books of the Bible”, the “Nag Hammadi Library”, the book, “Essene Christian Faith” and other books about the Jewish sect called the Essences that pays special attention to Enoch’s writing who Ti said was one of Do’s incarnations and who Jesus’ disciple Peter also wrote about. In other words, DO was willing to explore lots of materials even though he knew the Jesus gospel quotes were the most reliable.

My book is following Do’s lead as best I know how and is also supported in prophecy as coming out at this time and anticipates those who will try to bring those of us who provide the truth down as we see being demonstrated here that is a choice to continue.

Here are some links to more info on this subject to include part of the book that contains interviews with Ti and Do in 1974 and 1976 and a document they wrote that’s included at the end of the book entitled, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time” that describes what TI and DO referred to then as “7 Major Helps” when their membership was close to the earth, where: 1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6= Bo and Peep  (Do and TI) in the task of the Two Witnesses and finally 7= Starting with what I believe was Do’s acknowledgment of his past incarnation in the vehicle named Jesus that ends the Judgment “Hour” (approx. 40 year period) with his return with his Armada of graduated Elder Students (Saints/Angels) all in their Next Level vehicles and spacecrafts in the book that’s partially provided here:

The Transfiguration Diet, by littlegreen inc.’s think tank published in 1986. This link is only a report about the use of the Books program but may become filled with excerpts or even the entire volume sometime down the road. Do and Crew described it as an 11 year effort and a “gift from space” but said nothing about TI and DO in it. They wrote that it was “An Extraordinarily advanced “turnaround” concept regarding man and food – health! or disease!

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers” was written by Do and the Class in 1979 and never officially published but was made into a little booklet we ended up storing and carrying around in boxes (maybe a hundred copies or so) for years. We never used them for anything I was aware of. I don’t know what became of them.

Here are three links to one of the 484 audio Tapes of TI and DO’s Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 1 of 3

Audio Tape of TI and DO Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 2 of 3

Audio Tape of TI and DO Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 3 of 3

Over 200 others are available.

Finally as I made reference to, the documents Ti largely wrote:

47 Responses to “One Battle against Sawyer’s provision of his personal experience with Ti and Do and interpretations of Jesus prophecy in his book”

  1. Glaive Says:

    Sawyer, it’s ridiculous.
    Glaive’s not angry at you. Glaive already said he hardly believes you will be able to sell many (if any) copies, anyway. Question remains, why you are so angry at Glaive? Why do you want him to shut up? He never told you to shut up, he just warned the others about you.
    Why are you lying, Sawyer?
    Nobody assigned you to speculate about Book of Revelations, 4 horses of Apocalypse, Bush, Obama and Trump, nobody assigned you to write your own book. Tell me, where it’s been said Do approved your interpretations as being correct? In your dreams again?
    You know, I guess, in the times like these you are basically allowed to do whatever you want, because… Next Level Representative isn’t on Earth anymore, and who can stop you, anyway? Me? Think twice. Really? No way. You consider me THAT important?
    You see me as a threat?
    I’m not a threat, I’m just not promoting your book for the reasons I stated before. You’ve got your little bunch of fanboys already, isn’t it enough for you? Let me stay with my “fundamentalist” beliefs, and let me continue to speak what I feel is right.

    • sawyer Says:

      What kind of a game player are you? Are you Glaive writing this about Glaive? Did I say I was “angry” with you? Show me? I am angry with deceitfulness – what is said that is not true. I never said you should “shut up” – Show me where? I have called you a liar and I am showing where right now in your claims of what I said that I did not say. These are tactics to confuse the truth. I will say that you are acting like a “trickster”, perhaps unintentionally but it has that affect to someone who knows the truth. For instance you wrote, “Nobody assigned you to speculate about Book of Revelations, 4 horses of Apocalypse, Bush, Obama and Trump, nobody assigned you to write your own book.”

      I never said ANYBODY told me to write. What I’ve said was that I began to write soon after the 9/11 attacks and had a dream of TI who approved of my writing, but at that time it had nothing to do with the Book of Revelations. I also talked about how Ti and Do had assigned Dncody to work on a task to do some rewriting of the bible but that I never heard that he got very far with that and he then dropped out some years later. I tossed around what to write and at first shyed away from writing from a biblical perspective and I tried to send samples to several publishers and they wanted nothing to do with it. ( I did try writing in 1997 by the encouragement of an publicist, on a project with the mother of Alxody’s vehicle who I had been close to before and after they laid down their lives and even though we had a book deal just about signed, it was cancelled).

      Finally I thought to write about how what Jesus said was evidence of who Ti and Do said they were and I sought a backer financially and found one, but who backed out some months later even though I wasn’t asking for money at that time, as I had none.

      But having a backer helped me get going on that track and that kept expanding more and more into a nearly complete re-translation and re-interpretation of the Revelation.

      Well into it, I did have a dream with Do who was looking at a board with pieces on it so depicted a strategy and he stopped and looked up at me and said, “I can use you”.

      (A short time before that I had a dream of jwnody and lggody separately communicating with me. Lggody said nothing but Jwnody showed me a line up of people with that thought that these were applying for service and I could be a part of them)

      After the Do dream I had another where I was sitting at a table with Lvvody and Jnnody (Do’s primary “helpers”) and I think Chkody and perhaps another, maybe Evnody but not sure about that and it felt like a follow up on Do’s saying he could use me but I had no other message.

      Meanwhile I was writing so none of this told me what to write. I never claimed that I was given anything specific to write about.

      But then I came upon Rev 5:1 and Rev 10’s Little book and the talk of how John was to prophesy during and/or after the 7th angels trumpet sounded which doesn’t take place until AFTER the TWO and crew are “ascended” back into heaven. And Rev 5:1 showed there were two parts to the BOOK, the primary written from within the throne and the later or “backside” and/or “after” and/or historic backstory behind the front part. The Little Book seemed like confirmation of that other part of the BOOK. And John was to “prophecy before the kings of the earth”. To prophesy means only to “speak publicly” inspired by the Next Level.

      Then I found another indication of such speaking publicly in:

      Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

      This comes after the 144,000 stand on mt. Sion/zion which I believe is the western U.S. as Ti and Do illustrated though I don’t know if that number is accurate but contains different grade levels like Do spoke about as ‘three types” of those who could graduate or be salvaged from the recycling.

      So it dawned on me that this verse was talking about the Middle heaven and relative to the “gospels” that Ti and Do didn’t teach from but DO did start in 1987 when he said that “we need to be who we are” referring to being the return of the ones who were Jesus and his disciples – in other words in that context, not so much in the terminology for the first fruit harvest – showing them together as was done in the 1993 beyond human tapes and the 1994 meeting schedule and then in the 1995 “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces before Departure” that was focused on the internet – the midheaven. as heaven also means sky and most of the internet is now wireless with satellite interfacing. This became a given with the 1996 book and web site and then their exit in 1997.

      So that could explain the timing listed in Rev 14:6 but it doesn’t explain the prophecy period During/AFTER the 7th trumpet sounds performed by one or more students of their choice since the Next Level isn’t about specific students performing specific tasks, at least as depicted by a number of other scriptures as evidence of that.

      So I then thought since I fell but was recovering Ti and Do and crew decided they could use me so helped me see a great deal of the translations and interpretations I saw, some of which I still did not get as accurate as I know I could.

      So I don’t know if Do approves of my interpretations but I do feel they, in general became “good enough”.

      I had no dreams that told me I had the right interpretations.

      To think that the Next Level can’t relay help to anyone they want to via dreams is to not know Ti and Do’s mind on the subject. They taught us to try to remember our dreams and said they were used to help us learn lessons so if you were poo poohing them then I suggest you listen to all the audio tapes that are available and perhaps you will hear some talk about dreams like I’m describing.

      You can always ask Ti and Do if Sawyer is working for them.

      I have no “fan boys” and what an insulting way to describe someone who wants to learn more about Ti and Do.

      I am not seeking anyone do promote my book or even believe in anything in it. My task is to put it out there, that’s all. I don’t care if I never sell one but I do care about trying to make them available and through the book stores is one of the best ways so I will provide links to where they can be bought and will make use of the small amount of royalties to further disseminate everything I know Ti and Do have provided in or out of the Heaven’s Gate Book.

      • Glaive Says:

        I guess, you’d be happy if I just shut up, or maybe even take your side, Sawyer, would you?
        Don’t deceive yourself on that matter.
        Strange, I, for instance, want to learn more about Ti and Do, but I’m not your fanboy, since I have no interest in you and your book project. See the difference? And for many years there’s already a Book to study.
        Your dreams, how can I know for sure? Perhaps you just made up a story about Do coming to you in your dreams. There is no way to verify it.
        That being said, no offense, but…

    • Mack Says:

      isn’t sawyer serving a purpose? before the spading wouldn’t the next level need a way to weld the gate shut?

      what sawyer is doing as the ultimate incarnate (Judas?) is sealing the “link” to knowledge that do and ti provided. just as judas served a purpose in the bible — sawyer is serving his purpose, too.

      you can tell on the tapes that do and ti had major issues with sawyer — he was prone to anger and jeopardized the crew several times. he was the fox in the henhouse and ti and do KNEW it.

      don’t you think do and ti always knew this? i think do didn’t expect sawyer to leave because judas didn’t leave. but by his leaving and heretical writings he did more than a kiss could ever do. He’s poisoned the well.

      After he left due to masturbating, the class was able to quickly leave and succeed.

      • sawyer Says:

        So what is the proof that Do and Ti had major issues with Sawyer or is this just one big lie. Judas went against Jesus directly. Show me how I have gone against anything Ti and Do taught? I agree that Jesus and His Father turned what Judas did into a positive but the Next Level doesn’t make students fall. Yes they test individuals commitment throughout the entire classroom which I’m sure took place in the Jesus classroom as well.

        Sealing some link as you say is not saying anything. Be specific. Remember what Jesus said about false accusations against others.

        The last thing I ever had to deal with was “anger”. I know a few who dealt with anger big time. I have actual examples.

        How did I jeopardize the crew even once?

        What are my alleged heretical writings.

        The class left 2 1/2 years after I did. Little ole me did not have that kind of power over keeping the class here. No students do. When the Next Level was ready to put some to the test they did it. That’s what happened. I did not keep up with my lessons so they withdrew some of the recognition of who they are and I faultered without that help so I failed, but it ain’t over for any of us until my vehicle is dead and then my soul will be sorted to storage. For others who go against Ti and Do and teach others to be against Ti and Do and the Next Level, the fate of their soul if they have one can be guessed at and it won’t be pretty but it’s not in my judgement to know.

        I respond to you for other’s sake as it is a must that for anyone coming in the direction of Ti and Do and the truth, they will also encounter people like you who have nothing to say but appear to know what they are talking about with dark/hidden meanings and false insinuations and direct lies which we all know come from the influence of the father of lies Jesus spoke about. Now that doesn’t make you a bad person to hear those thoughts as we all are subject to that liar’s thoughts. However, to not take heed when it’s brought up to us with evidence as I have done just now by proving you have no evidence, because you won’t supply what you don’t have is not taken lightly by the Next Level and I have experience with that as well whether you can receive it or not.

  2. Eric Says:

    It would seem to me that throwing around the label of ‘heretic’ is playing into the religious/spiritual mindset.

    I also wouldn’t take ‘Luciferian’ as much of an insult because all elements of this phase of existence have that aspect (and I would say Lucifer isn’t ‘evil’ – he is ‘in error’).

    A couple connections to consider. George W Bush adopted the personality of a Texan when he became president – but he was actually born in Massachusetts.

    I also recently read ‘The Men who Stare at Goats’ – and was shocked to encounter a whole chapter dedicated to the Class Departure with the misinformation that they acted solely because of Art Bell. This has connected me with Jim Channon ( – interesting looking website and choice of words, Jim). It is quite something how Alex Jones – who helped Trump win – is similar to Art Bell.

    • Glaive Ad"Haage Says:

      The term “heresy” is used not only with regard to religion. Isaac Asimov f.ex. mentions religious, political, socioeconomic and scientific heresies. Me, I’m nowhere close to a religious fanaticism of any sort. I’m just trying to stay loyal.

      • sawyer Says:

        Can you reveal who your are “staying loyal” to? If it’s DO don’t you owe it to HIm to provide the evidence of what you accuse me of. Is evidence what he didn’t say, like you seemed to indicate because Do approved of the book contents that would mean in your mind that there was nothing else that could be added?

    • sawyer Says:

      Eric, I don’t think that is as accurate as it could be pertaining to what Ti and Do taught about Lucifer. I don’t recall Their ever using that word “evil” except in referring to the records usage, but he is intentionally trying to steal souls from the Next Level using “tactics” and “worked equally hard to get the Christians off track by perverting their interpretations, concepts and practices.”

      Below are many references to Lucifer and his associates with some segments I found that demonstrate his intentional actions against the Next Level – to steal souls, etc.

      Another great perspective on Lucifer is found outside the Heaven’s Gate Book in the audio tapes from our time at Blackhawk that was a retreat we in small groups visited several times. I’ve posted this meeting on my youtube channel in three parts:

      part two of this talk is at:

      part three:

      Here is a list of my search for Lucifer within the Heaven’s Gate Book:

      (3-3.txt is the 88 update posted on this blog and shows often how he is not acting “in error” but out of resentment and in competition for souls with the Next Level. I believe Do also said that some of his associates don’t know what they are doing anymore having lost that awareness but I may be misinterpreting that to some degree.).

      03-PURP.TXT(95): Lucifer to describe a single fallen angel and also to “nickname”

      “The generally accepted “norms” of today’s societies – world
      over – are designed, established, and maintained by the
      individuals who were at one time “students” of the Kingdom of
      Heaven – “angels” in the making – who “flunked out” of the
      classroom. Legends and scriptures refer to them as fallen
      angels. The current civilization’s records use the name Satan or
      Lucifer to describe a single fallen angel and also to “nickname”
      any “evil presence.” If you have experienced some of what our
      “classroom” requires of us, you would know that these “presences”
      are real and that the Kingdom of God even permits them to
      “attack” us in order for us to learn their tricks and how to stay
      above them or conquer them. The space aliens, or Luciferians,
      use the discarnate spirits (the minds that are disembodied at the
      death of a body) as their primary servants – against potential
      members of the Kingdom of God. These “influences,” or
      discarnates, are constantly “programming” every human “plant”
      (vehicle or body), to accept a set of beliefs and norms for
      behavior during a lifetime. From our point of view, this
      “programming” finds that body, and the vast majority of all
      human bodies, barely usable by students of the Kingdom of

      1-4UPD95.TXT(180): fallen, was called “Lucifer” (or Satan). Even today they occupy the

      “16. Those with souls — who fall away — become a part of the opposition
      to the Next Level. Once, in a prior civilization, records suggest that
      a third of the class fell and the strongest, and thereby leader of those
      fallen, was called “Lucifer” (or Satan). Even today they occupy the
      near heavens as what humans refer to as “space aliens.” They also
      burrow in bases underground and participate in genetic manipulation
      and hybridization with humans, and attempt to recruit (while remaining
      among the “unseen”) those humans with souls who are unstable or weak
      in their pursuit of the true Kingdom of Heaven. These “Luciferians”
      (for the most part from the “unseen” world) started all religions and
      masquerade as “gods” to humans. They offer to humans (who are
      unknowingly praying to them) whatever material gains they desire.
      These “Luciferians” and their devotees preach “Heaven on Earth,”
      “Peace among men,” and a long and healthy life in the human condition,
      and are determined to take the steps to make the inhabitants of the
      planet subservient to their “ideal” mammalian ethic – destructive to
      the natural evolutionary processes, and abhorrent to the Kingdom Level
      Above Human. These “fallen angels” unknowingly also SERVE the Next
      Level — for as the aspirants to the Level Above Human apply the
      necessary effort to rise above “this world” — they gain the strength
      to enter the “Next World.”

      3-3.TXT(85): spiritual existence as Lucifer has popularly twisted the scripture
      3-3.TXT(226): but rather some of “Luci’s” (Lucifer’s) ways of guaranteeing your
      3-3.TXT(801): of Lucifer: how he got to be too big for his britches, stopped
      3-3.TXT(803): “run his own show.” They are witnesses to how Lucifer’s helpers try
      3-3.TXT(807): One of the major tools of Lucifer is the New Age movement, i.e.,
      3-3.TXT(810): These practices and beliefs originated from Lucifer – they are his
      3-3.TXT(826): through what Lucifer had to offer?
      3-3.TXT(829): Lucifer, when in the early stages of their awakening, they were drawn

      3-3.TXT(863): Lucifer has worked equally hard to get the Christians off track by

      “Another one of Luci’s tactics is to try to keep us all so
      preoccupied with our human endeavors and concepts, including our
      “tainted” religious concepts, so that we might not have “the eyes to
      see or the ears to hear” when our Heavenly Father comes. Although the
      truth was designed to be found in the Judeo-Christian scriptures,
      Lucifer has worked equally hard to get the Christians off track by
      perverting their interpretations, concepts, and practices. The church
      uses the family, church membership, baptism, and other rituals to give
      people a false sense of security in religious accomplishment, and
      misguides them to believe that this is all they need to do in order to
      enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We all know the words too well: ” He gave
      us the gift, He paid the price, all we have to do is believe on Him.”
      However, Jesus’ admonition to His disciples was quite another story.”

      3-3.TXT(872): Lucifer keeps humans so preoccupied with the family (normal for
      3-3.TXT(891): Lucifer’s helpers are perched to point the finger at us as the
      3-3.TXT(1010): exposure, Lucifer’s counterinterpretation of this presence has been
      4-3BHCON.TXT(11): | Lucifer
      4-3BHCON.TXT(27): |* Lucifer’s Desire To Harvest Souls
      4-4SESS1.TXT(448): whole other world. We call him Lucifer, or Satan. He didn’t
      4-4SESS1.TXT(513): I’m afraid the kingpin is the same old guy – Lucifer, Satan. He
      4-4SESS1.TXT(527): Satan, Lucifer, had said was right, was moral. “Luci” said, “Be
      410SESS2.TXT(73): as He did. Since Lucifer, or Satan, had done such a good job of
      410SESS2.TXT(298): refer to as Lucifer or Satan, though they certainly don’t know
      410SESS2.TXT(450): of the reaping process, but so is Lucifer’s house. It is
      410SESS2.TXT(451): Lucifer, don’t forget, that says, “You don’t have to do anything.
      410SESS2.TXT(482): says he’s ‘Do,’ how do I know he’s not Satan, he’s not Lucifer”?
      410SESS2.TXT(579): fall in line to replace Lucifer, or Satan, and his higher
      416SESS3.TXT(103): identity of Jesus, Satan, or Lucifer, did identify as a
      416SESS3.TXT(108): So remember, we’ve discussed how Satan, or Lucifer, and his
      416SESS3.TXT(212): source (Lucifer) is the aggressor, and is constantly laying on
      416SESS3.TXT(227): Lucifer’s camp considers to be good things – individuality and
      416SESS3.TXT(309): me adversely. And these guys over here in Lucifer’s camp are
      416SESS3.TXT(536): Lucifer has his robots. He has his counterfeits. He has
      422SESS4.TXT(191): influence of Lucifer’s camp.
      422SESS4.TXT(195): “Lucifer” or I’ll try to use “Satan.” Because I certainly don’t
      422SESS4.TXT(201): make the reference “Satan” and “Lucifer,” because I do not like
      422SESS4.TXT(549): Luci’s camp – I’m sorry, Lucifer’s camp – in a discarnate
      422SESS4.TXT(569): Father, saying, “I’m putty in Your hands.” Lucifer’s camp comes
      422SESS4.TXT(580): Lucifer’s camp over here thinks they’re such “individuals,”
      422SESS4.TXT(630): the departments in Lucifer’s corporation, you will find “cosmic
      428SESS5.TXT(304): Usually at that point Lucifer jumps in and says to them,
      428SESS5.TXT(307): Now Lucifer moves in as if he is their goodness, their God – as if
      428SESS5.TXT(690): the name Lucy. Even Lucifer was “Prince of Light” or “Son of
      434SESS6.TXT(31): the system that Satan, or Lucifer, has engaged for society at
      434SESS6.TXT(198): difficult for many individuals. Lucifer certainly knows how to
      434SESS6.TXT(325): long, long time ago by someone called Lucifer. He still couldn’t
      440SESS7.TXT(34): trick that Lucifer, or Satan, would pull to have you satisfied
      440SESS7.TXT(220): Lucifer. He still had separate identity. Now, I can remember
      440SESS7.TXT(553): I’m afraid that Lucifer has control of so many of those so-
      446SESS8.TXT(147): packaging. Because the packaging that Lucifer had sold them was
      446SESS8.TXT(623): filled with misinformation. And where does Lucifer like to put
      458SES10.TXT(519): listen to doubt or discouragement. Lucifer comes in and says
      458SES10.TXT(526): That’s because Lucifer doesn’t understand what you’re doing
      458SES10.TXT(531): give them an opportunity to move up. But Lucifer forgets that,
      458SES10.TXT(600): it! if we expect to eradicate it. Lucifer does not want us to
      465SES11.TXT(540): – Satan’s camp, Lucifer’s camp. Their propaganda’s going 24 hours
      465SES11.TXT(818): Lucifer did. So, the potential of choice exists even in our
      476SES12.TXT(1057): misinformation (Lucifer) would step in and say, “Oh, you don’t
      6-4STMT.TXT(296): that Life (though Lucifer will do anything to prevent them from
      6-6COVUP.TXT(90): Lucifer was once a child, a son, in the real Kingdom of Heaven. He
      A13-WAY.TXT(74): Working against Lucifer and the space aliens enables us to become
      A20-AWAY.TXT(282): referred to historically as “Lucifer” and his followers – souls who
      A20-AWAY.TXT(295): that the story of “Lucifer” is just a manipulative legend. Good
      A30FRUIT.TXT(27): that Lucifer was going to come into the garden and use the forbidden
      A32CHAIN.TXT(37): knowingly or unknowingly, look to Lucifer as their god and victimize
      A32CHAIN.TXT(107): Lucifer and his space aliens.
      A38RIGHT.TXT(268): because why would Lucifer work against himself?) As far as we can
      A38RIGHT.TXT(314): side” can any longer tempt me to fall away, as Lucifer and his
      A48INCAR.TXT(275): the opposition – the Lower Forces – Lucifer, Satan, or the Luciferians

      • Eric Says:

        I was going off the Blackrock tapes and the material – I could be wrong but in this existence a good description of one’s binary choice is between Truth and not-truth/sin/error. Error seems like a more objective description with lighter emotional baggage than Sin – but both are less than Truth.

        I’m presently seeing a very interesting netflix ‘Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs’.

        While it is no longer easy to see I wonder if you ever encountered ‘Mirage Men’ and Richard Doty?

        I also recently came across an informed skeptic who wrote some blog articles on HG and documented ‘Outer Limits’ episodes that had loads of additional synchronicity I had not been aware of.

      • sawyer Says:

        Since “sin” comes from “missing the mark” – not making the goal, not living by the commitment (covenant), I don’t want to hang on words so much but there was a big difference between, slipping and losing self control – still missing the mark of total compliance and therefore making a mistake or error and working directly against the Next Level and especially by providing deceitful tactics to trip people up so they become programmed to ignore or go against what the Next Level taught through their incarnate representatives. That Jesus called the only “unforgivable sin” to do. That’s why I think it’s very important to try to stick to the facts when we are talking about what Ti and Do and Jesus said and did. I know for years I would say Ti and Do said this and that and yet I didn’t always quote something they wrote and left behind, but sometimes just had in my head and I know I could have remembered some of it wrong or not as accurately as they said it or not in the same context. I tried to follow up things with evidence eventually when I had it but perhaps I was lazy sometimes and didn’t but then I would always ask to be corrected if anyone found anything I said to be inaccurate and I mean that today as well. For those that have a fault finding influence, it can be almost impossible I think to satisfy them as they skew what they see to support their being right. Our safeguard is to quote Ti and Do as much as we can.

        I wouldn’t recommend listening to me with the same trusting ear a believer in Ti and Do would listen to them but nor do I think we should discount what another says that could be saying the same things from the same source Mind as we may not have heard it put that way yet and I believe there are equivalent ways to saying things though as a safeguard the more we say it in their terms the better guarantee that it will get passed on like that and so remain as accurate as possible.

        I know “sin” is now a distorted religious word so agree with not using it but error I don’t think is strong enough as to some degree it can be from not knowing any better sometimes that we make mistakes – I think there is a world of difference in what the Luciferians attempt to do with a plan to deceive.

        Do used the word, “slippage” in place of “sin” and “offense” – “major and lessor” so to me those are some of the best choice to consider updating our “word processor” with and I think that can be searched for and found some examples of.

        I remember the name Richard Doty from when we started to have a crew do video projects going to UFO conferences in Arkansas and other places for a short time when we were studying all the information about the space aliens starting in about 1987. That’s when some spoke to Linda Moulton Howe and Bill English and when Do had Rkkody contact Bill Lear who had been on the Paranet bullitin board through rs232 connections sayign the aliens were here to “eat us”. I was dncody’s check partner on the phone once with Whitley Steiber and some were in touch with Walt Andrus who we sent an 88update to but he said something derogatory about, if I recall correctly. I’ll have to check out that movie. But I don’t know about “mirage men”.

  3. crlody Says:

    Im not lying. In a blog of yours that I recently read from 2015 you used the word “contacts” in relation to you and the NL and you used the term “open phone line” in relation to those contacts. No, I dont remember the specific blog. You write so much Sawyer, how can you be sure that Im lying? It just drives you nuts doesnt that I wont accept that you think that you are here on a task for Ti and Do that fulfills biblical prophecy? So much more I could say but I know it will fall on deaf ears. Get over yoursekf SWY, youre not as important as youve conned yourself into believing. I will NEVER put my faith in you or your book which I refuse to put a capital b on like you do, that is ONLY appropriate for the HG Book.

    • crlody Says:

      Oh, your book is “filled with the truth”. No, thats the HG Book that youre thinking of. Your book is driven by your ego and your belief that somehow you are special and have a mission here for the NL except that you are here for the same reason that we all are, you are not willing to accept Do’s invitation to leave. It’s ok to admit it SWYODY. Ill admit it right now, Im here because I dont 100% believe in Ti and Do because if I did, I would have left long ago. You are here because you want to be here, your “mission” is self-appointed. Now, make sure to leave a long, rambling response as to why Im supposed to accept the things that youre saying because youre so desparate to try to prove to the world that youre here on a mission for the NL.

      • sawyer Says:

        I consider it a lie when we say someone said something and we don’t qualify it or don’t quote them or take them out of context or fill in the words to make it sound like what they want it to sound like – spin it. These comments are full with examples when you say I said something I didn’t or you interpret what I said as bolstering some greater cause you have embarked as you told me to “show” how I’m a “fraud”, your words in quotes. This latest incident was because I wrote that I have “contacts” and there is an “open phone line” to Ti and Do. Well isn’t that what “prayer” is. Answer me that? SEEKING CONTACT WITH GOD, and then when we get a response which many feel they do and I don’t doubt nor can judge because I am not serving on one of their crews that handle that, then it feels to the receiver as “contact” does it not? Didn’t you want to use my saying those things to build a case that I am making myself into a “Representative” of Ti and Do? I’m asking, not accusing as I want to know your intention from your words. Am I wrong about your view of that?

        If I am right about your intention, which you can clarify as I know I could be wrong in saying, then wouldn’t that boil down to what we each means by “Representative” and how it’s used as a noun or as a verb.

        I understand that I’m not “THE REPRESENTATIVE FROM THE NEXT LEVEL” that TI and DO were while incarnate. I also know that I could have been fooled by dreams and could be misinterpreting the “backside” of the book prophecy and the “little book” prophecy and the 4th and 5th seal prophecies that speak of what happens after the Two and Their first fruit Crew have exited.

        But “representing” someone to me means speaking on their behalf – showing what they said and did to others and you and I know that Do didn’t put the limits on that so our personal experience can certainly be part of it, as it was for Rkkody as well. I say that because I know how you respect Rkkody who gave his opinions in his exit video.

        I never did know whether he build his web site, “Right to Know” as an instruction from Do and Crew. Do you know if he received that instruction to do and did he have instruction to post those other documents on his site?

        I really want to know that and I’m not trying to equate myself with Rkkody at all. I’ve just be curious to have that info if you have it.

        In any case I’m glad to have all those supplemental documents – Ruffles, etc. Were they found in storage? Or were they mailed to him in his packet since they weren’t included in the book or on the web site?

        I would like to put all this behind us and just correct one another when we have something we can show is against the truth Ti and Do provided that includes what They provided in the past that they said was trustworthy – everything in the red letters in the gospels.

        Maybe everything in the Revelations isn’t trustworthy but when one goes verse by verse and see about 3 examples that seem to say the same kind of thing and relate to what Jesus said and relate to things Moses said and did and some other Old Testament prophets that Jesus made reference to, if it seems to all jive with the same Next Level Mind then why would those things not be among what we can refer to, along with our personal experience.

        What would you say if a reporter stated that the suicides were manipulated. Would you start building your case to show otherwise from the book material alone or if you had remembrance of what you heard in the tapes was evidence would you add that in and finally would you talk about how many times Do brought up that mode of departure from 1994 to the time when you left the group? Wouldn’t you tell your experience at some of those meetings rather than let them believe a lie?

        Why am I at fault for providing my experiences that even includes some bible interpretation from DO?

        What does it matter whether I get attention for doing so if the true attention is going to Ti and Do?

    • sawyer Says:

      Because I never would think that way so you must have taken it out of context, and perhaps I was talking about what Rio said that I know exactly where he said it in a news article: (Paraphrased) – “I have a ticker tape connection”. Shots in the dark withoiut proof in context are not the kind of way Ti and Do would support would they? Go search my blog. I haven’t deleted anything? If you find those words then you will see that you took it out of context or saw what you wanted to see.

      • crlody Says:

        Oh Sawyer, the jig is up now. You got caught denying things youve said. Ive already pointed out where u said them, april 9, 2015. You accused me of “making up lies” and said I “owe Ti and Do” and now youre saying I “took it out of context”. You can keep back- pedaling and making excuses. You have no idea what youre doing. You are a fraud and your credibility is gone now. Stop making excuses, you got caught and now youre attacking me for holding you accountable. You just look like a fool now.

      • sawyer Says:

        Here we go again with your twists and turns that point out nothing I am saying as against or implied against anything Ti and Do said and did. You have your self righteous vendetta and call me a fraud with ZERO evidence. So because you missed what I wrote or didn’t want to hear/see it, here is my comment with the context that you tried to make into some big deal but again has nothing to do with anything Ti and Do taught so is my prerogative to express the way I feel to. If it contradicted what Ti and Do taught then I WOULD TAKE NOTICE and admit to and correct it, while you continue to harp on ridiculousness like you just did on my youtube channel referring to my naming my blog – “Sawyer at Heaven’s Gate” when any of us who believe in Ti and Do would be “at the Heaven’s Gate” making application. But since you need to dig for straws to justify your poor behavior of lying and making mountains out of not even molehills, putting words in my mouth or taking them out of context as you have many times, I think you should ask Ti and Do if this is what they would have you do.

        So here is the comment to the words you remembered as I took the effort to search them down to see if I did misstate something that I can’t show is from Ti and Do’s mind. I KNOW there are such things in my book, but I don’t see how this is one of them:

        My comment regarding your comment of my use of “open phone line”:

        Okay as I think you have a pretty good memory I searched my blog as I havne’t deleted any entries in many years and I came up with two new instances as follows where I used the term “open phone line”:

        The first instance was:

        “What the Next Level has said through their Older Members and Active Students (Elders, etc.) is a caution to not be “hasty” in deciding for or against TI and DO. Take your time. Let it sit with you. When you feel overwhelmed by certain ideas, don’t force them and it’s always advisable to keep an open phone line to whoever one thinks of as their “highest power” for help to discern the truth. The highest truths are simply what reveal the greatest view of what’s real which come from our Older Members by their mouth and writings, etc.”

        In this case I wasn’t talking about myself – I was talking about anyone because I do believe for those that want to know the truth they do have an open phone line. However as Ti and Do spoke about their “phone line” connection and they did use that term “phone” even joking about it when we saw the movie ET, the Next Level wasn’t always going to be by the “phone” and when and what kind of answer they may give would not be predetermined.

        But I think it’s more likely this is the writing you recalled:

        “So now I’m in this semi-comfortable position. I’ve pushed past my fears of getting reinvolved which took years and began to be public with my experiences for the last 10 years, escalating more and more with a number of what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams and in a sense of a open phone line and in theory I’m prepared to lose my life to this task, (though I doubt anyone takes it seriously enough to want to do away with the likes of me), yet at the same time I know I can offer Do more but feel for the moment I’m still doing what he’d have me do.”

        “what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams”

        “and in a sense of a open phone line”

        As I described before this, I believe everyone who wants one has an open phone line. The address is “Ti and Do” the magic words right now. But whether they are by the phone, the way Ti and Do I recall described it, or want to respond and when, it’s not for us to say.

        What I do recall that would often happen when I was doing blog talk radio broadcasts, was that I’d be talking away and often get this little birdie telling me “that’s not accurate” not in words but just the feeling I was getting off track with ideas that were off the mark. I did that alot and would most times stop and say it, say that I’m getting off track.

        Maybe “contact” is not the best word for it. It’s a feeling of connected-ness I felt at times in the classroom but it’s not necessarily 100% dependable and doesn’t put words in our heads as rkkody said from his experience doesn’t happen in his exit video.

        Also re: “open”, I don’t know if you ever read “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” of the Bonnie and Herf and Bo and Peep interview the names they used in 1974 and 1975+ (some may not know about). In one of them that I believe is on my blog – search for that book title, Ti saying that when humans pray for the truth it goes to where they are. That sounds like an open phone line does it not. Prayer is our mental asking and it didn’t apply for certain hours. And that is what Jesus taught as well with the “Lord’s Prayer”.

        So you are right and I could have said more about it but otherwise I think it’s plain to see it was taken out of context and was not saying what Rio said about havign a “ticker tape connection”. Or maybe he said it was “like a ticker tape connection”. In any case I think that’s another view altogether connoting a stream of specific data as he did use that phrase in the context of saying california I believe would be gone in “20 – 30 years” if I recall when he would have moved to the midwest to escape. He said that in 2007 at the 10 year anniversary. From prophecy I don’t think that’s true though the timing of a big calamity may be within that time frame, but I may be way off on that, just going by prophecy but also what Ti and Do said that I won’t begin to talk about all now.

      • crlody Says:

        Goodbye Sawyer.Have fun continuing to delude yourself. Perhaps you are twisting everything to support your natrative

      • sawyer Says:

        One of my replys actually had questions about rkkody and the origin of the documents he posted on his web page. Were they in his packet or on a cd or with the tapes in storage or how did he come upon them since they are not in the book or web page?

      • crlody Says:

        Stop bringing Ti and Do this. Its insulting and a way for you to keep deflecting the isssue.Criticism of you is not criticism of Them. This is about you falsely accusing me of lying and not holding yourself accountable for what you have stated. So, I already found the words and posted them but according to you I took it out of context although initially you claimed I MADE IT UP! SO which is it, I made it up or took it out of context? You said I took it out of context without having even reviewed what you wrote! You are dishonest and you think you can do no wrong. Have fun explaining this one to the NL

      • sawyer Says:

        This is what I meant by your putting words in my mouth as I can’t find where I said or insinuated the you “MADE IT UP” regarding my writing about having an “open phone line” and/or “contact”. What I said to you was maybe you were confusing that with when Neo said he had a “ticker tape connection”. Even so, I did find that your memory was good and brought the evidence of what I wrote which was good to see, yet can’t see how there was anything against Ti and Do’s teachings to express the way I expressed it. Isn’t that the measure? That’s my own desired “narrative” so I welcome anything further you have to say that could help me stay on Ti and Do’s narrative but saying I said things you aren’t willing to look up to find is in my opinion an injustice to leverage against me, trusting your memory and interpretation of that memory. And Ti and Do absolutely need to be in the picture or we are both up a creek without a paddle.

    • sawyer Says:

      Okay as I think you have a pretty good memory I searched my blog as I havne’t deleted any entries in many years and I came up with two new instances as follows where I used the term “open phone line”:

      The first instance was:

      “What the Next Level has said through their Older Members and Active Students (Elders, etc.) is a caution to not be “hasty” in deciding for or against TI and DO. Take your time. Let it sit with you. When you feel overwhelmed by certain ideas, don’t force them and it’s always advisable to keep an open phone line to whoever one thinks of as their “highest power” for help to discern the truth. The highest truths are simply what reveal the greatest view of what’s real which come from our Older Members by their mouth and writings, etc.”

      In this case I wasn’t talking about myself – I was talking about anyone because I do believe for those that want to know the truth they do have an open phone line. However as Ti and Do spoke about their “phone line” connection and they did use that term “phone” even joking about it when we saw the movie ET, the Next Level wasn’t always going to be by the “phone” and when and what kind of answer they may give would not be predetermined.

      But I think it’s more likely this is the writing you recalled:

      “So now I’m in this semi-comfortable position. I’ve pushed past my fears of getting reinvolved which took years and began to be public with my experiences for the last 10 years, escalating more and more with a number of what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams and in a sense of a open phone line and in theory I’m prepared to lose my life to this task, (though I doubt anyone takes it seriously enough to want to do away with the likes of me), yet at the same time I know I can offer Do more but feel for the moment I’m still doing what he’d have me do.”

      “what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams”

      “and in a sense of a open phone line”

      As I described before this, I believe everyone who wants one has an open phone line. The address is “Ti and Do” the magic words right now. But whether they are by the phone, the way Ti and Do I recall described it, or want to respond and when, it’s not for us to say.

      What I do recall that would often happen when I was doing blog talk radio broadcasts, was that I’d be talking away and often get this little birdie telling me “that’s not accurate” not in words but just the feeling I was getting off track with ideas that were off the mark. I did that alot and would most times stop and say it, say that I’m getting off track.

      Maybe “contact” is not the best word for it. It’s a feeling of connected-ness I felt at times in the classroom but it’s not necessarily 100% dependable and doesn’t put words in our heads as rkkody said from his experience doesn’t happen in his exit video.

      Also re: “open”, I don’t know if you ever read “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” of the Bonnie and Herf and Bo and Peep interview the names they used in 1974 and 1975+ (some may not know about). In one of them that I believe is on my blog – search for that book title, Ti saying that when humans pray for the truth it goes to where they are. That sounds like an open phone line does it not. Prayer is our mental asking and it didn’t apply for certain hours. And that is what Jesus taught as well with the “Lord’s Prayer”.

      So you are right and I could have said more about it but otherwise I think it’s plain to see it was taken out of context and was not saying what Rio said about havign a “ticker tape connection”. Or maybe he said it was “like a ticker tape connection”. In any case I think that’s another view altogether connoting a stream of specific data as he did use that phrase in the context of saying california I believe would be gone in “20 – 30 years” if I recall when he would have moved to the midwest to escape. He said that in 2007 at the 10 year anniversary. From prophecy I don’t think that’s true though the timing of a big calamity may be within that time frame, but I may be way off on that, just going by prophecy but also what Ti and Do said that I won’t begin to talk about all now.

  4. sawyer Says:

    you are confusing 100% belief with 100% service and why are you the judge of that. What kind of authority do you think you are on the subject of what Ti and Do may think about what I say and do. We know that you are full of your self and your own conflict that to you it seems to be all or nothing.

    Plus have you read my book? Do you believe Do was the return of the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus”? Can you answer just one of my questions instead of running the same old tapes of your own making?

  5. Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

    No, Sawyer, it’s you who owe us all evidence that you are not talking out of your ass again and that Do actually approved your speculations about Book of Revelation as being absolutely correct.
    When, where and how did He approve it? In your dreams?
    Cool story, bro…
    I rest my case.

    • sawyer Says:

      Why do I owe anyone anything besides Ti and Do? If you want to see the evidence then read what I wrote and maybe some of it will seem to correlate with what you know of that Ti and Do taught or taught in the past while incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus.

      Couldn’t John’s Revelation have come from dreams?

      Rev 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.
      Rev 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

      Spirit = 4151 pneuma pnyoo’-mah
      from pnew – pneo 4154; a current of air, i.e. breath (blast) or a breeze; by analogy or figuratively, a spirit, i.e. (human) the rational soul, (by implication) vital principle, mental disposition, etc., or (superhuman) an angel, demon, or (divine) God, Christ’s spirit, the Holy Spirit:–ghost, life, spirit(-ual, -ually), mind. Compare yuch – psuche 5590.

      4154 pnew pneh’-o a primary word; to breathe hard, i.e. breeze:–blow. Compare yucw – psucho 5594.

      Again in:

      Rev 21:10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,

      Same word root for Spirit here yet more description that he somehow his spirit is lifted up, so implys his spirit was taken out of his body to be shown something or that’s just the way he had instructions in the dream to describe it, maybe not the same as a dream exactly.

      In Rio’s Book he describes practicing leaving their bodies. That was odd to hear because we had always be taught not to try to leave our vehicles at night during rest time. But I don’t doubt that Do got instructions to instigate this kind of practice, perhaps they even used when they laid their bodies down?

      Jesus used the same word to describe their having to be born of water to be born of spirit and described spirit as like the wind, not seeing where it comes from and where it’s going to but knowing it exists because we can feel it.

      But the only word that seems to potentially apply to these two usages of “spirit” from pneuma might be “mental disposition” in place of “spirit”. John was in a different frame of mental disposition or altered state of some sort. Since we have no evidence the Next Level puts one into an altered state to give them information what evidence do we have from what the Next Level was said to have done in the past?

      Agreed it’s not Jesus saying this so it’s less dependable but it’s not like “dreams” were not referred to in Daniel and Joseph and that Jehovah talked to Aaron and Miriam about saying to a prophet he will communicate in dreams but to Moses he spoke face to face. This therefore is evidence of that sort of communication by dreams to someone who is not the equivalent of Jesus, perhaps not even close but potentially a student:

      Matthew 1:20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

      Matthew 2:12 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.

      Matthew 2:13 And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.

      Matthew 2:19 But when Herod was dead, behold, an angel of the Lord appeareth in a dream to Joseph in Egypt,

      Matthew 2:22 But when he heard that Archelaus did reign in Judaea in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither: notwithstanding, being warned of God in a dream, he turned aside into the parts of Galilee:

      This shows that someone who doesn’t appear to be a student also could experience dreams that give them information, though I know from Ti and Do and my personal experience that the Luciferians can also masquerade to us in dreams and I believe I had that happen on several occasions with someone appearing as Do (though in a different way that was not as real as when I felt it was Do in a dream).

      Matthew 27:19 When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.

      Act 2:13 Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.
      Act 2:14 But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:
      Act 2:15 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.
      Act 2:16 But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
      Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

      Still who knows the source of these dreams but it is a communication method.

      Ti and Do had us try to remember our dreams. A few times they told us some of their dreams. A few times classmates shared their dreams with the class. I think some of this could be found in the audio tapes we have.

      So why mock the prospect?

      Even so I can’t say any of the dreams “approved of translations or interpretations”. Why are you so opposed to my having found things that offer evidence that Ti and Do were the Two Witnesses and the return of the Father and “Jesus”? Can you answer me that? What is the negative in that?

      Be suspect. Be critical, Be wary but I don’t think it is abiding by what Ti and Do taught and that Jesus taught to so quickly and certainly claim and in public that I’m a heretic. I suggest doing the work and then I don’t doubt you could find things I could have translated or interpreted better. But you are just casting stones before doing much if any investigation or you have investigated and found nothing to dispute. Otherwise it seems to me it’s just an opinion that is pre-determined based on some personal vendetta or the like because you didn’t like some things I’ve corresponded with you about in the past.

      • Glaive Says:

        Calm down, Sawyer, I have nothing personal against you. As I already said, I have little to no interest in you, at all. I just warned the public – for a source of pure info they should search elsewhere.
        And, yes, right now you falsely accused me of vendetta.
        Ways of Space, much?
        Alright, I forgive you.

      • sawyer Says:

        well then tell me the reason for your calling me a heretic (without any evidence) and making up things that you say I said that were not said and for claiming my experience with Ti and Do can’t be “pure” (though I agree that one shouldn’t take what I say as gospel, so to speak, but nor ignore what I have to say since I am a first hand witness and have shown many years of dedication to providing insights and perspectives on how all Jesus prophecy is fulfilled by Ti and Do, so in that way could be “pure.”)

        I was asking if this was about a vendetta as what other explanation is there? Tell the truth if you know it? That’s a “way of space” isn’t it? Your sarcasm in many of your comments can easily be shown to not be the “ways of space” but seeking why you act this way can be shown to be a “way of space”. If I responded the way you respond to me, then that would be evidence of my slippage in abiding by the “ways of space”.

        Maybe one way of describing what your techniques seem to embrace, though I could be misapplying the phrase and you may know the phase and it’s usage better than I as I know you have been a journalist might be “bait and switch”. The way I see that is that you make a claim against me which is like bait to get me to respond and then when I do you treat what I say back as if I was the one setting the bait trap – accusing me of what you did.

      • Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

        Sawyer, any theory that is at variance with established belief system is heresy.
        It’s a common definition.
        Original teachings of Ti and Do doesn’t contain your precious speculations about Book of Revelations etc etc etc, therefore your book is heresy.
        And no, I’m not making things up. I’m not responsible for your twisted interpretations of what I really said. Sawyer, get over yourself, I don’t use “bait”, I don’t want you to respond to my comments at all, because I know, sooner or later any conversation with you turns out to be pointless, and I don’t enjoy to have conversations with you, at all. Check what I said at the very beginning, my very first comment wasn’t for you, it was a warning for new believers who may come here. And a reminder that for a source of pure info they should search elsewhere.
        Why? Because it’s true.
        There was nothing personal in it. Get over your ego and stop wasting our time to a pointless “battle”, which I didn’t ask for.

      • sawyer Says:

        playing with words is all you are doing. It’s about what you are saying with your mouth or pen that is accusatory without evidence and pointing fingers without evidence and trying to turn others away from hearing things they may actually relate to that may take them to take a closer look at Ti and Do.

        Then you say there is no evidence of the things I say in the Heaven’s Gate Book. Well then have your read the Beyond Human transcripts? Maybe not because you will find a number of reference to the Book of Revelations plus Do talked to us about Rev 11 and Rev 12, not verse by verse but also said all Jesus records from the gospels that some of which Do added to the book were from the Next Level so could be counted on. So that statement is not accurate and if you’ve’ been a student of those materials you might want to go back and search them all down. Then go to the audio tapes to hear more things Jesus said that were not put in the book and things about Moses and things about genesis and Adam and Enoch and Elijah and John the Baptist.

        Furthermore, in their book there are references to the Lost Books of the Bible, Essence christian Faith, Nag Hammadi library, dead sea scrolls.

        And anyway, why are you so against my showing people who may not know many, many direct sayings from jesus and in the book of revelations and Moses and Enoch and Elijah and some of the Old Testament prophets things that become more and more evidence of who Ti and Do were/are in those materials? Don’t you think it broadens the scope on who might be a prospect to be salvaged from the recyling and have a chance to be in another classroom down the road?

        I notice you rarely if ever say anything but the same old accusations as if you are on the highest horse in the Next Level. Can you justify anything you have said to me in these many comments that you can look at Do with your minds eye and feel proud that you did your best to address something He might care about?

        Otherwise what kind of student of his are you claiming to be, which is something I don’t care to know but does get to the heart of the matter.

        The main reason I respond to you at all is because others can see and know that they too will be up against individuals like you if they continue to come in this direction so they will have that forewarning as it’s no piece of cake, though I’m not saying anyone who is examining everything from Ti and Do feel that way. But it also gives you a chance over and over again to re-examine what you are saying as I haven’t seen much of anything so far that seems to come from the example of behavior and ways provided by Ti and Do for us to try to emanate. To the contrary but I’m not saying this because I want to see you change as I don’t have that task but like it or not I have accepted the task of doing my best to tell the truth and show how it relates to all prophecy which includes challenging your empty accusations and condemnations. Calling someone a heretic is a condemnation. Show me where Jesus said that about anyone. I don’t care about the current intellectual easy use of the word. There are hundreds of words make into intellectual banter, so why do you want to be a part of doing that if you didn’t mean it as it is defined in historic records?

      • sawyer Says:

        what a trickster you are trying to hide behind not talking to me directly while talking against me and calling me a heretic in the same blog where an interview was just posted of the inside edition interview, which was the Escondido newspaper. If I’m just doing my own thing then why not watch the video’s I made and take it point by point and show what was doing my own thing. I’d like to see that as perhaps I can learn something from that but you never offer anything of any substance yet you act as if you have. Tricks – deceitful tricks perhaps you are not even aware of doing.

        Can you see how that is a trick to say. It’s like there are three people in a room havign a conversation that even thousands can hear and you have something against one of those other two that is the focus to some degree of the reason this all came up and you talk to the host and the thousands about me and in front of me and then say you weren’t talking to me. I think I’ve seen that in comedy sketches but in this case it’s dead serious.

        Why don’t you level with us all and tell us who you think you are. You told me once in a few words but I don’t want to go look it up but I think it was some spiritual being of stature you were claiming. If I got that wrong then correct me and I’ll go dig it out of my archive.

      • Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

        Your manner of “communicating” reminds me of interrogation technics, Sawyer. I’ve been there. They will confuse you suggesting you said things you never have said (and vice versa), twist the meanings of what you really said, accuse you of “sins” and “crimes” you committed years ago, as if you didn’t learn from mistakes and abandoned the old ways (which you actually did, in fact, but they ignore it on purpose), they still will hold you responsible and play with your sense of guilt. All it is done just to make you feel bad about yourself, start hating yourself, start questioning reality… And in the long run all it is done just to break you, because sooner or later you will.
        I don’t know where you learned it, Sawyer. There’s always was smth suspicious about you.
        Anyway, these technics harldy work online. And even IRL I’m not 20 years old anymore, so only smth truly advanced, like sleep deprivation, I guess, could work. That being said, today I slept well.
        You want me to discuss your book and videos with you? I refuse, since it would only create a room for your book’s promotion campaign, and why should I provide you an additional chance for promotion?
        You already know, I never had an interest in your “research” and here’s why:

        1. Do didn’t give you a task to interpret Book of Revelations and write a book about it. You assigned this task to yourself.
        2. Do didn’t personally approve your interpretations of Bible as being correct.
        3. There’s no way to verify your claims about Do and Crew visiting you in your dreams, so it’s possible you just made up a story about it, while having no contact with Them after Exit, at all.
        4. For 20 years there’s already a Book to study.

        So tell me why should we waste our time on reading your book while we can spend this time on documents They left behind?
        That being said, I’d probably appreciate plain and simple memoirs book from you, a collection of stories about how it was staying for 19 years with Them. Thou I have to admit, I realize human memory is higly unreliable, and I won’t take everything for granted.

        That’s all I have to say. I rest my case several days ago. I believe, it’s clear.
        Feel free to verbally bruise me any further, your outbursts of rage change virtually nothing. I guess, Crlody is much smarter then me, since he learned to ignore your replies. I guess, I should start learning it, too.

      • sawyer Says:

        Wow, you sure have a way to conjure up your ideas to justify yourself. You attack me repeatedly on my blog repeatedly over the years and so I’m the one who supposedly learned these techniques of interrogation, yet you never have anything to say to support your accusations. Heretic isn’t a casual accusation to I would say most people and the other words you use are along the same lines so I’m not just focused on that word.

        In terms of the past, I guess you’re referring to what you said towards a claim of being in touch with or under the guidance of some being, if I got that right. If that is what you outgrew why not just say that, as if I was holding it against you. I meet people all the time who have spirit guides and such and know I’m not their judge but if they start telling lies about me then I address those lies. I am at wits end to have any positive communication with you when you repeat the same things over and over and say nothing tangible.

        This time at least you gave me a list of why you haven’t been interested in my writings. Those are your opinions and I’m not addressing each one again.

        It’s not a matter of whether or not Do assigned me a task and if that was to write. I never claimed that actually, but you may not read my replies but I have tried many times to explain it the way I experienced it, but why does it matter anyway as I’m not pretending to be anyone’s leader or replacement for Do as I’ve also been accused by another former classmate who says much of what you say as well and also without evidence – just opinions.

        If what I write about in prophecy is of value then it’s of value, but perhaps because it’s me and you have decided I am to be suspicious about, etc. maybe anything I say is just adding to that suspicion so you may not be able to gain anything from what I wrote or write. My saying that is not saying you should or need to look at what I wrote nor that you can gain anything from it, in case it sounds like that’s what I intend. I don’t read into what people say, except sometimes, so I ask for clarification which I have asked for evidence about. I’m also not perfect in that as I have my influences that will try to get me to jump to conclusions easily about others or take personal offense or want to argue back and put them in their place. But I did learn to identify those influences so I cut it off pretty quickly from taking space in my head and then coming out in these words.

        I asked a bunch of questions that are admittedly leading, not misleading, but leading to the hope that perhaps some of what I am saying in my defense can be received by you in a new way. I also hear that you feel like you have grown since we first communicated, but I didn’t know then what was so motivating recent streams against me and my efforts so I asked if some of those were in the mix. You said they weren’t – you had no vendetta against me for that and I take it as how you honestly feel so I’d like to put that behind us.

        The book does mix in memoirs but no way to single them out easily but if I was going to provide the best access point to those many places, I’d say have a way to search on Ti or on Do as a single word to get most of them. Another way would be to search on “classroom” or “group”.

        If I have time I’ll try to do that and create a document from them and provide it.

      • Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

        Sawyer, you are so predictable.

        You were not given a task to write a book. Do didn’t personally appeove your speculations about Bible as being correct. You’ve no evidence to support your claims about maintaining contact with Do and Crew after Exit. You have no evidence to support your claims about working for the Next Level, at all.

        These are facts, Sawyer.
        Taking these facts into consideration there’s no way to proceed any further.
        I’m not interested in your documents.
        I’m going continue to speak about facts I just listed wherever necessary.
        I could say I am sorry, but I’m not.

      • sawyer Says:

        I can understand from your perspective it’s that cut and dry but that’s what is one of the wonders of the Next Level, that we each can have our own relationship with the Next Level and it doesn’t have to be agreed upon by anyone else as they don’t matter to our personal relationship. So do what you feel is right but in my opinion calling people derogatory names or claiming I am a heretic publicly is a serious offense against the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, Next Level and thus Ti and Do, according to Jehovah/Moses and Father/Jesus and Ti and Do IF you don’t back it up with FACTS of what I am in your estimation being heretical about. Please simply describe what my alleged heresy is and please quote the source so I can refresh my memory so if what you say is true I can admit to it and correct myself. But if you can’t supply the facts then maybe you should go to the forums where you leveled those claims against me and withdraw what you said and explain how you were mistaken. In the classroom that would be like having a slippage meeting where we each stated the areas where we slipped from our goals of adhering to all of Ti and Do’s teachings. We didn’t just reveal the slippage and do so in a way that doesn’t point the finger on anyone else, but we were required to give a “remedy” so we don’t repeat that slippage. You can find that spoken about in the audio tapes and may even be searchable in the audio tape index that is posted on this blog to find the exact tapes where it’s brought up.

      • Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

        I’m not even sure you clearly understand what you all the way are talking about. Perhaps your vehcile is getting too old and it’s affecting your human mind, I don’t know. But it’s bad. Don’t you see what you have become? Not what you claim to be. Good thing about it all, you’ll be gone soon, and your “legacy” will be forgotten. Next time (next garden) better.

      • sawyer Says:

        again as usual empty accusations of nothingness just like Jesus warned his disciples not to slip into and Ti and Do despised so you who judge will be subject to the judgement you mete, not by me, but by the Next Level you pretend to have some belief in.

      • Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

        I’m not pretending. I wonder when last time you actually read Their documents. On the subject of jugdement, at least.
        “To us, one of the worst traits people of this day and age have acquired is to think they can judge others and base those judgments upon some past event. Almost daily, someone is being branded by the media for some incident that occurred years ago that is not characteristic of that individual’s current life. This practice presumes that that person has not changed. Can anyone honestly say that they never did anything they now regret and would not do again? Why not give others credit for doing the same?”
        You didn’t, since it wouldn’t benefit your precious ego. And you call yourself a follower? You suppose your behaviour is pleasing them? Gimme a break…
        This is the last time I spoke to you directly. You may stumble upon me at forums, thou, that I assure you. Unless… well, unless your vehcile is buried six feet under much sooner than even I do expect. What will come after I honestly don’t know. But don’t deceive yourself and others, you do not know it, either.

      • sawyer Says:

        There you go again twisting things around. I said you were casting judgement of me by what you SAID. I’ve never case judgement on you, measured your value to the Next Level, indicated you were lessor than anyone else including me.

        Good quote and I was well aware of that. Ti and Do talked about it a number of times.

        You again judge by using sarcasm to imply I’m not pleasing Ti and Do when anyone knows that’s not for any of us to determine.

      • Glaive Ad'Haage Says:

        * my bad, “pleasing Them”… this keyboard…

  6. Woraufhin Says:

    I have been listening to tape #106. Ti and Do talk about obtaining knowledge from Next Level mind whilst still in our vehicles. How can those of us who have not encountered Ti and Do in our vehicles in this incarnation recognise information as from the Next Level? I understand that those to whom Ti and Do were speaking at that time would have been able to determine whether what they were receiving was from the Next Level by consulting Ti and Do, but how can we do so today given that Ti and Do are no longer humanly present?

    • sawyer Says:

      I will have to revisit the tape to have a better sense of what they were saying. If you knew the time stamp when they started that talk that would help or for future times like this.

      I don’t remember their ever having us try to receive information from the Next Level outside of through them – by asking them questions by they didn’t even want questions about just anything. They wanted questions relative to understanding the “process” – the lesson steps we were being given and how to apply them better.

      It was never a think tank and can recall Ti saying a number of times that if we, the students could receive the information on our own without their physical incarnate presence they wouldn’t have had to come to be incarnate with us. Ti would even say, she would have preferred not coming here to do this task, comparing it to a snake pit because of the way many people acted.

      If they were referring to something specific or we had an idea and wanted to run it by them to see if it was from the Next Level, then we could do that in notes to them, I suppose, though I can’t say I ever did that.

      Or maybe it’s when they talked about how the Next Level sets up the garden to where any who are pulling for the truth have access to it if they know what questions to ask or if it’s something the Next Level wants to help them with. But in that case they also spoke about how the Next Level sends a discarnate on the same human level to someone somehow though never said too much about that so I don’t know how that works except that it does. They I think used an example of a scientist trying to find a cure for something.

      Ti said in an interview with Hayden Hewes that when humans pray for the truth it goes to where they are. But that was in 1974 I think before they had a classroom, not that it would change but they said other things during the classroom.

      for the class I know they didn’t want us to try to bypass their physical presence and unless they asked for ideas about what we thought about something, it was certainly not the place of the student to blurt things out, though understanding better what they said was not the same thing at all. You will hear in the tapes many times where Ti, more than Do would say, that’s not necessary to know about right now because our lessons were what was important not the high highfalutin thinking, though Do did go into different subjects starting in the late 1980’s – ufo’s, diet and health for vehicular longevity and function, and overcoming of likes and dislikes that he said Ti didn’t need to experience.

      Especially for us now, I believe the best way to determine whether something we think came from the Next Level, is to see if we can find it in the records they left behind to include in the audio tapes as they did intentionally leave those behind and wanted people to have access to them, even though it was meant for that classroom so might become a distraction to try to mimic except to know what they did and why if it’s provided. However, it can all be informative to recognition of their Minds and how they operated and thought.

      But in those records – the Heaven’s Gate Book that includes the Beyond Human tape transcripts would be the primary source to include it’s references that Ti and Do said would encompass the red letters in the gospels from Jesus. Ti and Do said in the tapes that “the Next Level worked very hard to”…keep those records in tact and accurate… to serve as clues for them and their student body.

      Also anything they sent to various dropout students and/or the media would be equally part of their body of work even though all of it wasn’t in the Heaven’s Gate Book. Rkkody posted many of those on his website. (I suppose if he had stayed around he might have been criticized for doing so as I don’t know if he got specific instructions to post those documents, but I could be wrong. Carlan sent me the letters and one was addressed to Rkk I believe but I don’t know if that was the only letter he got and I know because he told me that he spoke to the crew as well while he was outside the class. However I can’t imagine they would be taboo when the audio tapes were not taboo since most of the info in those documents can be traced back to the audio tapes. I’m talking about documents like “The Power of Goodness” written by TI and the “preparing for service” that it was a part of which had the meditations and affirmations we were primarily given and the sexahaulics anonymous statement and the one named, “TIME TO DIE FOR GOD or Armageddon which side are you on” that it seems Do wrote and the cult awareness network document and maybe a few others). I know there was also “Ruffles – Snacks for Thinkers” that I know Do wasn’t very fond of. We had hundreds of copies in storage for years as we traveled all over. And I know Ti and Do weren’t fond of UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, though I don’t know from them exactly why but I have an educated guess about as Steiger did add a chapter that had was about “Flying Saucer Prophets” lumping them in with past Contactees, etc. that can be confusing to mix in. That book included pieces written by Ti and Do for the book that included a breakdown of the 7 periods of closeness that they said they were the 6th of and that Jesus was the 7th, which is part of the reason I claim started by Do and crew in the 1993-1997 and then would be finished (done) with His return with a similar vehicle as Jesus had metamorphosed into (as Do said) by the time of his exit and how He wtth that Next Level vehicle would come for the last time in this civilization as shown in Rev chapter 19.

      For ideas about the UFO phenomena I’d treat what they said as the gospel but for some of it would refer to the biography they left in the Heaven’s gate book. I wouldn’t say all that material is accurate but I would say it’s as accurate as we can expect to see from the ufo phenomena reports. This included the alternative books of the bible also listed in several publications we had in our library.

      Lastly I would say first hand witnesses, but like Paul’s and Peter’s letters and other such materials if it can’t be linked to something we can verify as from Ti and Do or Jesus and his line, then to me it would be something to observe but not consider totally true. For instance if a former members says, “the gate is closed” when Do didn’t close the gate before he left, then that is of course very obviously not from their Mind as it contradicts what they said.

      Lastly there is connecting with an active student. I believe Do said this primarily in case he left and some students left and some stayed. Like my guess would be in case Ti chose to keep one or more from losing their vehicles life, he was setting it up so those who came after, like today’s new believers would find his approval to look to whoever was left behind in his/their absence.

      Here is the primary statement that shares that:

      “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure By Jwnody

      The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a
      metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must
      abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to
      become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean
      yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them
      with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of
      life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of
      your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that
      kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous
      time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing
      newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active
      “student” of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare
      opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny
      remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of
      this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the
      overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are
      the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that
      created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be
      willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that
      stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

      The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its
      recycling looms near. A war in the literal heavens is underway as the
      alien races battle for the spoils of this planet. Their campaign is
      escalating. They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting,
      and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) – in their
      efforts toward survival. They know their time is short. The Physical
      Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their
      undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their
      counter. There is not, and never has been, any contest. The only
      question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will
      permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long
      enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to
      one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And
      as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly.
      Hasty judgments are ill-advised.

      April 8, 1996

      That wouldn’t mean to become their disciple because of other things Do clearly said.

      For instance they must qualify as an “active student”
      Do’s Intro: Purpose – Belief
      What Our Purpose Is – The Simple “Bottom Line”

      Many segments of society, especially segments of the
      religious, think that they are not “of the world,” but rather
      that their “conversion” experience finds them “outside of
      worldliness.” The next statement that we will make will be the
      “Big Tester,” the one that the “lower forces” would use to
      clearly have you discredit or disregard us. That statement is:
      Unless you are currently an active student or are attempting to
      become a student of the present Representative from the Kingdom
      of Heaven – you ARE STILL “of the world,” having done no
      significant separation from worldliness, and you are still
      serving the opposition to the Kingdom of Heaven. This statement
      sounds – to humans who have been so carefully programmed by the
      “lower forces” – arrogant, pompous, or egotistical at the least –
      as if by taking this stand we had something to gain – as if we
      were seeking recognition as “Deity” or as self-appointed

      That Luciferian programming has truly been effective, for we
      don’t even want to voice to you the statement in question.
      However, believe it or not, it is only for your sake – the sake
      of prospective recipients of the Kingdom of Heaven – that we must
      “tell the truth,” openly identify to you as Representatives of
      the Kingdom of Heaven, well aware of the “fallout” of that

      The hard facts or bold statements in a nutshell, that are so
      difficult to accept or “digest” – come down to: If you want or
      ever expect to go to Heaven – here is your window. That window
      opportunity requires: 1) an incarnate (as human) Representative
      of the Kingdom of Heaven; 2) that all who hope to enter Heaven
      become active students of that Representative while the
      Representative is present; 3) those who endure the “transition
      classroom” until it ends (adequately bonding or “grafting” to
      that Representative) will go with that Representative – literally
      LEAVE the human kingdom and Earth as He is about to do. Staying
      behind, for any significant period, could jeopardizes that “graft.”
      That window to Heaven will not open again until another civilization
      is planted and has reached sufficient maturity (according to the
      judgment of the Next Level).

      I can and have analyzed these words not to prove anything to anyone about myself but to be able to answer questions that have come to me over the last 10+ years as one person did point out to me how Do referred to me and Jwnody on the Beyond Human set as “Older Members” implying directly that they might be in a position of being a future teacher to some. Perhaps had I not fallen that may have been in store for me as it can be for any student who goes in that direction.

      A active student is also one who has separated from the world and though I have in large part I still oversee my daughters care though I’m prepared to go wherever Ti and Do would have me go at this time and in many other ways I have separated from normal human life. I certain was an Active Student as best I knew how to be.

      So what I said to that person who pointed this out to me as I didn’t recall any of this, “so you have connected with me and I say that your teacher is DO but I’ll share everything I can think of about him from my experience”.

      I know that won’t be new information any of us will get. We’ve got it all, but I count that as in all the records provided that Ti and Do stood behind and referred to. So my interpretations to some may seem like I’m saying I have new information but it’s not becaues my interpretations are based on things Ti and Do said and did, and that Jesus said and did and what Moses said and did and so on.

      To think that Pluto might be a spacecraft isn’t new information. Ti and Do talked about that. Now Ceres as a base, I have no evidence of except as a sign/marker which Jesus said we would see in the heavens and it’s timing to come about. But I don’t know what’s there, yet see no harm in saying “it’s not space aliens” since they were all grounded according to Ti and Do and Jesus and Moses and perhaps Isaiah.

      But if something dawns on you that you wonder if it might be from Ti and Do’s mind, I suggest asking them and searching the records as I don’t think any of us get’s new information as the space aliens would love to get their hooks into prospective members of the Next Level as they can not create a soul nor grow a soul and a soul has a lot more facility to operate in the unseen world is what I believe Ti and Do said. Plus a soul in a human vehicle can become an excellent spokesman for them to draw away other prospective candidate souls from the next level.

  7. Woraufhin Says:

    Thanks. This is your log of the relevant tapes: ‘106, 107 03/11,18/84
    JNN’s task list-putting up a wall-constant adjustment of success-don’t assess performance-Adam & Eve-Next Level. Programming. A garden: 1. Radio signals of ideas 2. Physical entry into human kingdom. Whole civilization growing-a matter of refinement-all move forward at own level-the last 100 years on this planet. Bringing in lower aspects of my Next Level Mind-don’t let vehicle’s ignorance judge your ability-difficulty of this task is being so asleep. Programming ahead of performance. Mental rashes-attitude deficiencies same as skin blemishes-mental poison ivy that is transferable-personal guilt removed. 70 min.’

    • sawyer Says:

      wow, what a great summary of thoughts that say so much. If I can find someone to help or if the money came to me I’d have all the tapes transcribed. Then again for some reason Ti and Do stopped that project as we did have it, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean it would not be right for us to do. I missed or hardly registered so much though I thought I became a good listener.

      So are you saying that perhaps in the “Radio Signals of ideas” is where they spoke about drawing information from the Next Level – excuse me if I’m not summarizing what you ran by me.

    • sawyer Says:

      by the way, I didn’t create that log of the audio tapes. I think I recall that the class constructed that index and somehow Rkkody got it and sent it to me and to anyone else he sent cd’s with the audio tapes on them, to.

  8. Woraufhin Says:

    Yes. Do says at around 10:45 in tape #106, for example: ‘Very little of your mind is in your vehicle. You’re trying to pull in more, but there will be a lot that you can’t pull in because it won’t have any place’. Then Ti says at around 12:25: ‘[T]he closer you get to your Next Level mind, the more you will remember’.

    • sawyer Says:

      That helps a great deal. It was always the task of each student to pull their Next Level Mind into their vehicle.

      Each vehicle that is given a deposit of some type, different for different grades in school, is prepared to be taken over by a returning Soul from the Next Level and even one that had a physical Next Level made “infant” vehicle and “elementary tasks” in the Next Level. Those who had service in the Next Level, on spacecrafts would have experience contained in their minds that would only be applicable in the Next Level environment so that “Mind” would never be pulled into their human vehicles. The part of the Mind they wanted students to pull in was the Mind that recognized the Older Members and each step they provided that when applied drew in more of their Next Level mind into their vehicles. It is like knowledge but it’s also behavior and ways of the Next Level, some of which those students hadn’t totally overcome before as Do said some would have to return to finish their overcoming and said that some with Jesus needed to also return to finish their overcoming.

      There were only a few exceptions to where Do had us attempt to draw Mind – (answer to a question, for example) directly from Ti’s mind when she was outside her human vehicle. In fact that’s what ended up putting me to the test that I failed as I was asking for a tast directly from Ti, a task I was looking at through totally unaware eyes that was based on my adversary having his way with my vehicle because I had not grown to pull in the Next Level mind, I – the Soul had pulled in before, though perhaps never really pulled in that Mind.

      Otherwise it was Ti’s instruction to draw from Do, but while Ti was incarnate from both of them as they served as a partnership and they called themselves “Lnks” (Links) for that reason, not that we ever referred to them that way except in notes and reports we would put “Lnks” on the outside of the note so the ones on duty on Central would put it on the right clip to be brought to Ti and Do’s quarters when they asked for Notes.

      But the Mind we were taught to draw in wasn’t thought of as our mind. In other words we never got an instruction I can recall that promoted the thinking that we were thinking about drawing in our own mind as if we were our own source, speaking as I as the part of us that knows who we are connecting to.

      It was thought of as our Next Level Mind which had it’s origin with Ti and Do regardless of when it began to fill our Soul pocket (our new growing body) and when. I’m not clear on the logistics of this exactly but doubt it’s needed and unless They spoke about those logistics it’s unimportant and we are not going to know in this lifetime because the Older Members need to be here to provide that kind of new information. This is where sometimes I have got off track when trying to explain possibilities. However I’m not saying there aren’t times when trying to explain possibilities would be automatically inappropriate either, as was the case with a great deal of my prophecy re-translation and re-interpretation. Ti and Do hadn’t talked about much of that, yet they instigated the content of what they wanted to have spoken about – shown in the Book of Revelations and Jesus’ prophecies.

      Ti often said, “get your mind in your vehicle”. But the way to do that was by thirsting for next steps and application of existing and past steps, which all came only from Ti and Do. There were times when a student would say something when trying to understand something Ti and Do were talking about and Ti and Do would hear it and it would sum up to something for them. That happened in Blackhawk when Pmmody (who dropped out in late 1992 or early 1993), was at the Blackhawk retreat and asked a question and Ti said, something to the affect that, “I guess that means you all came from the Next Level” which she hadn’t expressed before and set into motion a number of additional talks to clarify. Maybe that’s not relative to the question and I I’d have to find that tape that I do believe exists to see if I could hear what Pmmody said and exactly what Ti and Do said before and after that.

      Let me know if that makes sense or doesn’t and any further evidence is always of value. Even now as I say that, I’m thinking that question to Ti and Do to help me understand/remember better. And we might get idea’s when we do that regardless of whether we had a relationship with them while incarnate or not but we won’t KNOW how it’s from their Mind unless we can find it written or spoken about in the materials they left behind.

      They knew that humans were pulling on their Minds even not knowing it because when humans prayed for the truth it went to where they were, Ti and Do said in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary.

      One example I can recall, is when Do found out about a man who had severed off his penis for the Lord. Do cringed when he told us about this man who had written a bunch about doing so and other things but he was fond of him because of the length he went to, to please the Lord. That man drew that idea from the Next Level, I feel is safe to say, even though he translated his idea in a way that might not have been what the Next Level would have him do exactly that way. Like Jesus said, if your hand offends you cut it off – better to enter into life with one hand than to lose one’s soul to hell – because of repeatedly breaking an instruction that was given. Though note Jesus didn’t say to do that anymore than he said to make oneself a eunuch but did indicate that doing so was within the realm of what the Next Level would be pleased by – ‘for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake” (and our moving closer to graduating into that kingdom).

      Then the Luciferians seemed to twist that into symbolic only or as a punishment for stealing or other such breaking of Next Level provided commandments/instructions when it was meant as a self imposed action.

  9. sawyer Says:

    Sometimes we did repeat an instruction by saying to one another, “Lnks said”.

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