TI&DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses-Section IV.E.-Fifth Seal Opening-Remaining “Saints” Give Their Lives in Service


FIRST and LAST, OIL and WINE – stages of growth into the Next Level:

Regarding the usage of “LAST” – Do labeled his 12 part video series “Beyond Human – The Last call” which as it turned out was the start of what could be considered the second “rapture” – drawing returned Souls to take over human vehicles to separate from their world to give 100% to everything TI and DO said and did. Do was clear in another document from a later video tape named, “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” that what was meant by LAST applied to those they gathered in the 1994 nine months of public meetings AND to those that came to believe in everything TI and DO taught and began their metamorphosis by engaging their separation from the world and overcoming of their human characteristics (as TI and DO’s FIRST students did).

Potential graduate students fall into one of two harvest time descriptions of either the FIRST, depicted as the OIL or the LAST depicted as the WINE. Both are illustrated as requiring their giving their human lives (the olive or the grape dies to yield it’s fruit in these analogies) in service to the Older Members who are/were incarnate that in turn produces fruit – the olive oil or grape juice, where the fruit of the vine show their fruit by how much they begin their metamorphosis – (changing (fermentation, like Jesus compared to yeast and bread but is also the way grape juice becomes a new living product) of grape juice into wine (to be “saved” by the Next Level to be brought back to have a chance to become oil) and/or burning the oil to produce light, a tree and a Christ, because of how they then become a new vine to give life to others in the human kingdom).

This FIRST and LAST seems to be who Jesus was speaking about that think themselves FIRST to go to Heaven, namely as a group, Christians, but who will be really slated to have their primary opportunity to move closer to Next Level service LAST. This can also be seen as related to the two parts of the “book” that has Seven Seals as shown in Rev 5 as having a “written from WITHIN and on the BACKSIDE” while also related to Rev 10’s saying the “little book,” presumably the BACKSIDE MYSTERIES aren’t revealed until the time during the 7th Angel’s Trumpet Sounding which takes place AFTER the Two and their Crew of Two Older Members (TI and DO), 4 Living Beings and 24 Elders have ascended in what to humans is their unseen (spirit/mind) Soul birth.

Further, those who were among the 42 students who laid down their lives with Do (that counts 4 who were with Do but by their choice left the class before the 38 layed down their lives, but who layed down their lives soon after the 38, as Do said still qualified them to “go with us”), might be the difference from 28 (4 Living Beings and 24 Elders), essentially 14 who could have been left in the middle (or 2nd heaven) to receive one type of Next Level made/grown vehicle, perhaps a “student” model tailored for them, while the 28 went to the highest 3rd heaven to receive an “adult” model Next Level made/grown vehicle.

The idea that there are different sections of “Heaven,” I would suggest is relative to what was commonly passed down in the Jewish Mithra – the word of mouth rabbinic historic records so that the first heaven would be where some are saved to, (in their Soul body) who don’t receive Next Level vehicles yet. They are where souls and/or spirits are “saved” which would also have within it, “boxes” as TI and DO called them. Some of these boxes might be referred to as “paradise” by Jesus to the thief on the cross who believed in who Jesus was, but hadn’t had hardly any lessons yet, so was simply “put on ice” (as TI and DO said – not literal ice though) and would be what was also termed “Abraham’s bosom” before Jesus time. I would think that the Luciferian discarnates, the fallen angels who had since their fall lost their human or equivalent vehicles were restricted to certain areas so to not interfere with those saved in these Next Level boxes, though could traverse other areas in that first heaven where other dropout souls would go but where mortal spirits could not circulate when they left their human or equivalent vehicles.

Do referred to the “heavens” the Luciferian Space Aliens were taking some souls to in this excerpt from the newspaper, “USA TODAY” in an Ad/Statement Do and Crew put into the May 27, 1993 National and International publications entitled, “UFO CULT” RESURFACES WITH FINAL OFFER:

“The Luciferians are about to be “recycled” (annihilated) at the same time as this human civilization is “spaded.” They know that “rumor has it” that their days are numbered. They refuse to believe it and are desperate to recruit souls from the human kingdom into their “Heavenly Kingdom.” There are many “counterfeit” heavens, and each “heaven” is at this time collecting “names in their book,” forcing a stand of allegiance, polarizing each individual’s commitment to his chosen “God.”

But there is still the question of where the 4 Living Beings fit in as they are not shown to “cast/throw down their crowns” while the four and twenty elders do as shown in:

Rev 4:10 The four and twenty elders ((they shall)) fall down ((pipto/petomai= light on, to descend from an erect to a prostrate position, to fall dead)) before ((in the face of)) him that sat on the throne, and worship ((work for)) him that liveth for ever and ever (([the Father/Jehovah])), and cast ((ballo= violently throw down)) their ((own)) crowns (([the physical vehicles they were awarded when they laid down their own lives for Jesus])) before ((in the face of)) the throne, saying,

But the Four Living Beings do LIGHT/LAY DOWN THEIR OWN/SELF LIVES as shown in Rev 5:8 and Rev 19:4 with the 24 elders so they are not considered part of the group of 24 Elders. Actually they are quite linked to the Four Living Creatures in Ezekiel chapter 1 and 3 – the depiction of their having wings like described in Rev 4. They each have six of these wings which may be more than coincidence that 6 times 4 equals 24 as if the wings are the twenty four elders they are perhaps in charge of, perhaps like captains which is the meaning of an archangel that it seems Do was, in the name Michael, seen spoken of in the book of Daniel which was before he incarnated to perform the Jesus task. And these four are compared with the same animals as Daniel 7 uses to describe four human kings that seem to match the way these four living beings introduce the first four of the seven seals opening which only the first is opened by the Lamb (who is the one who was incarnate in the name Jesus).

And regarding these four, this next verse strongly suggests these four as “seen in a ring or circle around the throne” which can reflect to the WHEELS OF EZEKIEL but in practical application be among the “inner circle” one might say for the Two Witnesses, the Father (Throne/TI) and Lamb (Jesus/Do) which again reflects the position as the very same four archangels. Perhaps these 4 are in line to perform the task the Archangel Michael held that prepared him for his tasks since the start of this latest experiment that led to his sitting on the throne. Further in this next verse these four are said to have “eyes.”.. “in front of, in place and/or time” and also at the “backside” in place and/or time:

Rev 4:6 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst ((3319 mesos from meta 3326 “amid”; middle (as an adjective or (neuter) noun)= among, X before them, between, + forth, mid(-day, -night), midst, way)) of the throne, and round about ((2945 kukloi as if dative case of kuklos (a ring, “cycle” i.e. in a circle, i.e. (adverbially) all around= round about)) the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before ((1715 emprosthen from en 1722 and pros 4314; in front of (in place (literally or as a figure) or time), in the presence of, in sight of, denoting rank)) and behind ((3693 opisthen from opis (regard; from 3700) with enclitic of source; from the rear (as a secure aspect), i.e. at the back (adverb and preposition of place or time)= after, backside, behind)).

– “eyes” – In the early 1980’s TI and DO instigated a task they called “eyes.” Every student was scheduled to perform this task. All it entailed was “watching” their fellow classmates. There would be two on duty for a hour at a time during all waking hours who would circulate in the areas where students were active – (never in the bath chambers or rest chambers). The task continued for a number of months. Each of these “eyes” had a clipboard that was metal like the ones TI used when her vehicle was employed as a nurse in hospitals. The task was to write down anything they saw that they questioned as procedure or behavior of a member of the Next Level according to what TI and DO taught. The main set of guidelines were outlined in a document TI and DO wrote up called “The 17 Steps.”

In 1985, before TI left her vehicle, each student received a little black 3″ x 5″ bound booklet that contained this list and other materials TI and DO wrote to help us with our lessons of taking over our human vehicle. This was one part of it’s contents:

17 Steps – Behavioral Guidelines Given by TI and DO to Students

After each shift the next shift was free to read what the previous shift recorded and at the end of the day, the list would be sent to TI and DO and sometimes they would give new procedures or a lesson that the ones doing the “eye’s” task were seeing things through a human critical eye and not in a Next Level way and sometimes individuals were called by TI and DO or met with or sometimes another student delivered a message from TI and DO about something that was recorded about them or they called a meeting to talk about what was recorded.

On the part of the verse that says these would be “in front of,” in place and/or time and also at the “backside” in place and/or time, it’s once again very interesting that “backside” is the same word used in Rev 5:1 that refers to the backside of the book that is opened during the periods of time referred to as the seven seals that these four Living Beings announce. I have considered “backside” of the book to refer to the history of what the Next Level said and did through it’s Representatives before this return of TI and DO’s witnesses testimony – bringing of new understanding and “plain/bold” prophecy – speaking words inspired by the Next Level. That backside is then insinuated as after the 7th angel’s trumpet sounding which takes place after the Two Witnesses and 42 students have “ascended” in their “spirit” (unseen like the wind – as Jesus described it) births. And then with that the front side would mean they participated even ahead of TI and DO’s arrival and/or it may just mean they had key positions (seats) during TI and DO’s provision of disclosures said as the Seven Thunders (aka roars) related to the Lion of Juda – the one who served in the vehicle named, Jesus.

I believe the backside portion of the Book’s revealings refers to the time of the primary revealing of the remaining mysteries to help prepare and call out to and help awaken those called the, ELECT OR REMAINING OR REMNANT, who could be in the LAST stage of harvest – those who probably have or had a strong “christian” background, though are probably mostly those who can no longer really participate in certain church groups because of how most become so particular that they use a certain Bible translation and/or certain interpretations and/or certain rituals or practices and hierarchies and definitions of terms and internal and external politics, social judgments, elitist, arrogance, closed mindedness and plenty of hypocrisies and lack of attention to what Jesus actually said to focus on. Do went to seminary and said he dropped out because they were too limiting of what they would study and talk about/consider.

So with all that said if I were to make an educated guess at which classmates could have been fulfilling the Four Living Beings task which besides the time spent in the FRONT SIDE with TI and DO became their task to perform in the BACKSIDE, coordinated with their “animal” descriptions that have a resemblance to Ezekiel’s Four Living Beings, as well as in Rev 4, but seen in Revelations chapter 6’s first Four Horses;

1) This first White Horse represented by a “LION” (Lion of Juda=Jesus) announced by Lvvody (note her name came from the word “Live” she selected but I doubt she had knowledge of that word in the Bible pertaining to the four Living Beings) in his vehicles name Marshall (as in a Sheriff) Applewhite (Adam’s fall (missing of the mark (sin) made pure by his graduation via the vehicle named Enoch).

2) The second Red or Ruddy Horse, described as a “Calf” as G.W. Bush, invited to come and see by Jnnody.

3) The third Black/Blue Horse as “man faced” by Barack Obama invited to come and see by Lggody (though Dstody may be in this mix, given he had a “black” vehicle and showed up to me in a dream to tell me Obama was the “black horse”).

4) The fourth Green Horse yet to see who fulfills it invited to come and see by Jwnody (considering how she had a vehicle that had that Irish (green) strain as she demonstrated in her exit tape. These four (Lvvody, Jnnody, Lggody and Jwnody) were the most consistent regular “helpers” to both TI and then to Do over the years.

With that said, I could imagine this next verse could include the 14 Souls who may have received a differend assignment, receiving their student model Next Level vehicles later as it just so happens this is the amount of new students that joined during the second “rapture” (LAST WAVE) that moreorless began on 1/1/94 when four groups embarked across the U.S. to hold public meetings again after 17 years of seclusion overcoming their humanness. Their names in the group were, Gldody aka Golden, Wknody aka Waken, Yrsody aka Iris, Dvvody aka David, Evnody aka Even, Avnody aka Aven, Leody aka Lee, Tddody aka Todd, Vrnody aka Vern and Qstody aka Quest. Then four who were outside the classroom at exit time for various reasons of their own but still believed in TI and DO and layed down their lives before the year 2000 were named, Jstody aka Justin, Rkkody aka Rick, Oscody aka Oscar and Gbbody aka Gabby.

There were reports of a few others who ended their vehicles life, one in fact saying he was doing so to join the Heavens Gate group on the comet who put a purple veil over himself and then asphyxiated his vehicle using propane and a plastic bag. He was a former Grateful Dead roadie I heard. I don’t know if he ever spent any time with TI and DO but I don’t doubt his Soul would be saved for a future opportunity to graduate in the future.

Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under ((beneath, bottom or foot, where Jehovah/Moses assigned a student to pour the animals blood during the Brazen altar sacrifice)) the altar ((geographically wherever the sacrifice is designed by the Next Level to take place [U.S. mainland])) the souls (psuche from psucho= breath [receiving the “Breath of Life” is what made Adam a “Living Soul”])) of them that were slain ((4969 sphazo= sacrificial death)) for the word of God ((from the sword of the mouth of the most current Older Member, [Do])), and for ((because of, for sake of)) the testimony ((3141 marturia from martus= evidence given, record, report, testimony, witness)) which they held.

The altar is where “the sacrifice” is performed, which in the most literal context that can be applicable at this time is the specific geography where the Kingdom of God sets up their kingdom (experiential classroom), as Jesus said his kingdom would return to, which includes returning students (saints) described as their “resurrection (to stand up again aka incarnate – to take over flesh vehicles) of the just” to once again, voluntarily give up (sacrifice) their human lives (leave all behind when they get the call from the Older Member – being caught away (aka raptured)) and who would lay down their vehicles, again according to their Older Members instructions. This is what seems to be meant by sacrifice “for the WORD – Mind – of God (deity) (in this context would mean in accordance with the teachings/instructions (qualifications) of those who served as the Two Witnesses in the “song” names of TI and DO.)

In this context, note these die in such a way that is related to how an animal was sacrificed in the Jehovah and Moses experiential classroom. The terms don’t designate exactly the method. It is symbolic but when it speaks of their being slain it is referring to their vehicles as their souls can not be slain by humans or space aliens and they don’t have blood and the altar was always a physical geographic location. To translate all this in etheric ways would be yet another Luciferian distraction from the truth, which it’s true many do, which is why those who cling to those interpretations may never see the truth and reality they represent. Thus here is some context to these representations.

The blood of the animal was poured on the bottom part under or beneath the altar, which in the records was also a way of saying the animals life-force (blood) went into the earth (grave). Plus it seems this procedure could show how it was to be an undercover sacrifice, the total modus operandi of the Older Members plan to come as a “thief” – in secret/unseen except to be seen by those who were prepared to recognize the voice of their shepherd – part of that voice being the requirement to leave all behind to follow with the older members, what Jesus said to his disciples they needed to do to be in his class.

For me personally, I did respond to the first poster I saw in 1975 that was advertising the meeting location for basically two reasons I recall thinking then. I was curious what these two from this “level beyond the Earth’s confines” would look like, I remember saying to the woman I was with that also joined and was known in the class as Srfody who dropped out of the class in 1987 with Mrcody. I didn’t believe or disbelieve the claims and I was not a UFO buff at all. I didn’t even know about Roswell at that time, at least consciously but, it seemed I did know about it subconsciously. And it seemed to mean something to me to hear that some did “devote their total energy to the transitional process,” as it said. I feel I anticipated this requirement.

That preparation includes the “gift of recognition” which provides the impetus to rise up to see/understand. Keeping it mysterious to most others is very effective against the Luciferian space aliens as they need time to build their most effective opposition so in many ways varied strategies are used so the Representatives are only one step ahead of their students in understandings, which is why TI and DO didn’t know certain things until the end and didn’t get into certain things at all, because as they said many times, it was not needed for their classroom. They didn’t make things up or put things into grandiose spiritual sounding mystic seeming overviews though on rare occasions did throw out tidbits of overview but still without drama or poetry or hidden meanings or great generalities as can be seen many so called spiritual or religious teachers from India did that many North Americans and Northern Europeans especially flocked to in the 1960’s and 1970’s and even still do to date.

This verse is set to the past tense further indicating it was fulfilled by those in the FIRST HARVEST WAVE who were TI and DO’s students, the 38 + 4 afterward = 42 who layed down their lives voluntarily according to their Older Members instructions (for the Word of God) and did so while leaving behind their written and video testimonies that are still available to see on YouTube.com and in other places. But why this is being brought up now in this fifth seal, I believe is because I suspect some of those 42 may not have left the 2nd of the perhaps 3 areas in the heavens. I suspect the 4 Living Beings and 24 elders of the group did go on to the 3rd heaven, possibility to the Pluto or Ceres bases while perhaps some were left who weren’t ready for graduation into adult Next Level bodies received student model Next Level bodies and tasks to work for the Next Level in the 1st and/or 2nd heavens that may include a type of “rest” period as will be further interpreted in the next two verses.

Various Christian theologians, bloggers, teachers, leaders, interpreters get pieces of different parts of how certain of these mysteries may play out but not having the KEY of TI and DO’s arrival often think all the Christian martyrs since Jesus are those in the FIRST group, which again may be true because they would probably be the souls who were the ones with Jesus and/or any who gave their lives to spreading Jesus message of separation from the world – leaving all behind and abiding by all he taught and giving one’s life in His service, as that is what he asked them to do upon his exit. But TI and DO always said “everyone who came with them was going back” so I imagine would have yet another opportunity to move towards their graduation from the human kingdom. But to be in this grouping of those said to have given their lives would still mean doing so through taking over a human vehicle prepared for them. In other words the Next Level has to give that seed to each human vehicle who “catches the eye of one of their representatives.” Do and Crew spoke about that seed as a “deposit” of which there were different kinds that contained different programs that would be a “match,” they called it, appropriate for either a returning Soul or for a new Soul’s further growth.

Rev 6:10 And they cried ((exclaimed, called aloud, screamed)) with a loud ((great, high, mighty, large, strong)) voice ((phone= disclosure)), saying, How long, O Lord, holy ((pure)) and true ((real)), dost thou not judge ((distinguish, conclude)) and avenge ((1556 ekdikeo= vindicate)) our blood ((atoning bloodshed in the winepress of Christing)) on ((apo= for, off, away (exit))) (them that) dwell ((house, inhabit)) on ((over)) the earth ((human kingdom))?

This seems to be those same graduate souls checking on the timing of the conclusion – the separating of the sheep from the goats that they help with. But it shows it’s timing with the same depiction of the “vindication” (as avenging implies “getting even” which I believe is a human characteristic even though the Kingdom of God is “just” and people get their due, what they sow they reap, which is the way the system is designed to work which is based on our own choices that the Next Level gives us many chances to change.

A vindication to me shows that just/fairness without the implication of being bent on punishment to inflict even though that’s what results. To the Next Level they are simply eliminating the weeds. Does the gardener think or say to those weeds, “take that and that – I am tearing you up because of how bad you are and how you deserve this fate and I want you to suffer for it.” To me that’s more vengeance minded. No, what they think is it’s time to clean up and start fresh. But then one may think, why demonstrate their being vindicated and why do the weeds end up suffering. I may be wrong but I believe it can serve the Next Level that these who go against the Next Level remain in some way perhaps indefinitely or maybe eternal, in that respect, meaning there is no coming back from that condition of the SECOND DEATH, but perhaps the program (what that Soul became) keeps seeking to play in some way that if it’s left in the ethers can serve as a motivation to others to not go against the Next Level. It might be like putting a tombstone by a corner where many have crashed and lost their lives. It serves as a potential unseen reminder that “fear” of death is a good thing if it keeps one from dying because they become more careful which can apply to our choices day to day and ultimately in respect to our relationship with the Kingdom of God Older Members. I would think if a child trys to touch a burning fire it would serve them well to scare the daylights out of them instead of letting them suffer the more severe consequence of touching that fire.

It is said in Rev 19:2 that they are vindicated when the Next Level “judged the whore” which is shown and described in Rev 17 and 18 which in the timeline of these seals seems to be during the opening of the sixth seal so will be documented then.

Rev 6:11 And white ((keukos from luke (“light”)= white)) robes were given ((1325 didomi= or bestowed, tasked, granted, made, furnished)) (unto every one of) them; and (it was) said (unto) them, that (they should) rest ((373 anapano and hina (may)= collect strength and remain)) yet for a little season ((chronos= space of time)), until their fellowservants ((those with the same bond of possessing instrumentality)) also and their brethren ((born from same womb)), (that) should be ((3195 mello= expect to be (as a necessity, probability, possibility))) killed ((apokteino in this context is in the infinitive mood which isn’t a certainty but implies belief that the action of “separating by dying” serves a purpose)) as ((5613 hos= after (that), (according), even as, how, like, about, so (that))) they ((themselves)) (were), should be ((3739 hos= demonstrative pronoun – who, which, what, that: one, some, that , what, which, who(-m, -se), etc.)) fulfilled ((44137 pleroo from pleres 4134= to make replete, furnish, imbue, satisfy, execute (an office), finish (a period or task), verify, accomplish, complete, end, perfect)).

Even though the Greek word used has a relationship to “light” in how pure light is white, this word is translated as white most everywhere it’s used and often that’s comparing it as a coloration as to snow or lambs wool or to white clothing that can’t be washed or dyed any whiter. I’m only saying this because TI and DO described the physical vehicles the Next Level grows for it’s members as truly white, not grey as we see among some of the myriad of space alien abduction and contactee reports.

Coloration of human skin have nothing to do with a ranking of purity or supremacy. That’s another Luciferian distortion. If anything, perhaps logically speaking, often what can be a measure of what is real, I would imagine it’s possible that the lighter the skin color the more those genes may have originated from the student model, made Next Level vehicles that the ones who were the original fallen angels may have been issued that they wore while having their elementary tasks for the Next Level on board spacecrafts, as if they then mixed their seed, that the student model vehicles were still capable of generating, perhaps that resulted in lighter skinned offspring from whatever coloration of humans they reproduced with at that time. If that has any accuracy then I would guess if the entire planet was flooded, then since the Luciferians somehow survived they could have preserved some of their seed and then re-hybridized it with Noah’s family thereafter or had enough carrier wherever they hid from the flood to restart a human strain from. But perhaps the Next Level preserved some part of the planet and some other of the humans in some other area and didn’t have it recorded as they were essentially interested in having Moses document the strain the Next Level started.

Thus, these who were among the FIRST graduates are awarded with a new physical body that as I’ve said I suspect is a student model Next Level vehicle and then they are told to wait, rest and/or remain for a time while others might be killed which is further shown with the same reference to this time frame when some must “persevere and sustain their steadfastness in the faith and keeping the commandments from TI and DO and “die in the Lord.” I say “may” because the Greek subjunctive mood is indicated in Rev 6:11 which speaks of it as a possibility not a given:

Rev 14:12 Here is the patience ((5281 hupomone= steadfastness, constancy, endurance, sustaining, perseverance, not swerved from one’s deliberate purpose and his loyalty to faith and piety by even the greatest trials and sufferings)) of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

I included this verse in this section because of the call for the saints to be steadfast and show endurance (patience).

Rev 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die ((0599 apothnesko= to separate by dying naturally or violently as being slain)) in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

Their rest is from the overcoming process and/or trouble of being hated by the establishment religionists out to shut the truth from coming out as it could influence their followers to see how they have been among the deceived. It’s the same reason Jesus was hated and murdered.

– The fellowservants would be those who have given themselves fully to be instruments for TI and DO – standing for them and accepting the expected consequences that they will lose their vehicles life in that service which could happen in the same way as those in the FIRST fruit, laying down giving their lives or by another’s hand or even from natural causes is possible but what’s important is that they meet that end of their vehicle having given their lives to TI and DO’s service.

– The Brethren indicates the kinship with those who are the fellow servants. I believe these are those who TI and DO would have said were on the same “genetic strain” as those who were giving their lives to TI and DO’s service. Some of these may or may not serve as instruments or “give their lives” at this time.

The word “should” used the second time in this Rev 6 verse doesn’t show up in the translation options. The Next Level is not about “should,” that is unless the student chooses to make becoming a Next Level member their own choice of what they should, think, say and do to make the grade provided to them. Everything is optional though in the context of what we choose. If we choose to become the “wife” of our Older Member, then what goes with that is abiding by all that Older Member’s instructions, behaviors and ways to please him. For instance Jesus had the option to not lay down his life as he did by voluntarily turning himself into those he knew wanted to kill him. As the account suggests, he sought from his “Father in heaven” to see if that was his task and/or to verify the timing and he knew that it was. The time recorded as his Transfiguration put some physical proves to his taking that irreversible choice. Perhaps the records aren’t clear on some of that. It doesn’t matter. He arrived at knowing his giving his life was part of his task he agreed to before he came. It’s possible some of these depicted here knew they would be giving their lives as well to fulfill/complete their task. I do anticipate that challenge to come that I hope I won’t run away from when the handwriting is on the wall that it’s time to either let it happen or even stimulate as Jesus did if there are some who do wish some of us out of their way, so we can’t influence others to see the same truth about TI and DO. Or perhaps as I draw closer to that time I will know that it’s right for me to instigate a self-exit as my classmates did. No options are closed to us in how much we give and when, though how we live day to day is although also an option, if we choose a direction against our Older Members then we enter into choosing a different door entirely.

However, it appears some will be giving their lives at a future time from when this Fifth Seal is opened while others by then may have already given their lives. This “little season” may be the 1000 years as I believe Do indicated a “season” is about 2000 years. This idea of a “little season” may therefore refer to when the  Luciferians are once again locked up for 1000 years:

Rev 20:1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
Rev 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
Rev 20:3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

This makes some sense in timing as the next verse talks about those who had been “beheaded” for witness of Jesus before then as described about some in Rev 13:

Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

I believe the THRONES in this context are all those who graduated as it says “judgment was given unto them” and we know that the Father (TI) and Son (Lamb-Jesus) then Do already were on the Throne and already had the authority to cast “judgment” but it was the returning saints/angels who would return and Judge the twelve tribes of Israel – separating the sheep from the goats, so to speak:

Luk 22:28 Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations.
Luk 22:29 And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me;
Luk 22:30 That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

It also may be that these “white robes” are not necessarily provided yet but that it’s being shown and stated that they will be “granted, made, furnished” which then makes more sense to go with their having to wait for the others to also qualify which can all be seen as their being ready to be married in the Next Level way, as depicted in:

Rev 19:7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
Rev 19:8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen ((1039 bussinos from bussos 1040, from unused root 948 buwts (meaning to bleach, be white); made of linen (neuter a linen cloth)= fine (white) linen)), clean ((2513 katharos= +pure)) and white ((2986 lampros from lampas= radiant, by analogy, limpid, as a figure in appearance: bright, clear, gay, goodly)): for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

So I couldn’t help but notice some of the words as alternate translation options like making of linen was a bleaching process that makes that vehicle white and is to “neuter a linen cloth,” taking away it’s gender and sexual identity which TI and DO taught was part of the overcoming of our humanness because in the Next Level their vehicles have neither sexuality or gender which is why one has to program the mind to abort any hint of those behaviors and ways BEFORE being granted a Next Level vehicle and abode on a Next Level crew. It’s not morality. It’s simply about having a Mind that is compatible with one’s new vehicle. To have a mind that still has a program to want sexuality and reproduction and any characteristics related to gender, would, if it were allowed, which it’s not, TI and DO said would cause one’s new vehicle to “abort” that Mind. Plus to neuter can also be equated to how Jesus spoke about the option of “making oneself a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake,” which would be like neutering oneself as some of the Essenes practiced for the Kingdom of God:

Mat 19:12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

Plus the idea that one is “bleaching” oneself is interesting in light of how in Rev 6:8 “green” is related in it’s root to the Greek chloros seemingly kin to “chlorine” which is a green element that whitens by purging out impurities (bacteria) to make one’s eye single, clear, pure minded – only containing one’s Older Members Holy (pure) Mind/Spirit (words, understandings, behaviors and ways).

In other words a student as the “bride” who wants to show his devotion of his heart/mind, Soul and strength only for his bridegroom could as an option even involve the elimination of a body part one can live without. In the virgin parable the virgins were also “trimming” their lamps. Well, Jesus said the “eye” is the lamp of the body. If you eye is single minded then your whole body is filled with light. So to trim one’s lamp would be to “make ready” their eye which is done with the Mind, illustrated by Jesus as rather than going flunking out of the classroom and staying flunked out even extreme measures would not be out of the question illustrated by choosing to become a eunuch or “plucking one eye out.” And making one’s lamp ready by keeping it trimmed can mean trimming out any images or thoughts or desires away from one’s vision and imagination to remain pure of heart and mind, the requirement from the “groom” to make one’s eye single minded.

Here Jesus illustrates that even the content of one’s thoughts become grounds for having committed adultery, and major offense in Moses law:

Mat 5:27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:
Mat 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

Then in the same vein of how seriously one can be about seeking to become a member of the Next Level:

Mat 5:29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
Mat 5:30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

Some Christian writers consider this as speaking about MEMBERS of a congregation, but I never heard or read that an “eye” was a way to illustrate a member of the congregation. A right hand could be stretched out in that way because of the Genesis writings regarding the order of blessings received from one’s human father to their offspring to where the first born received the blessing with the father’s right hand and the rest of the sons a blessing with their left hand.

Most interpreters treat these verses purely as a figure as it seems to them an extreme to treat it literally, but given making oneself into a eunuch requires elimination of one’s testicles that was not out of the question according to the practice of some Essenes I read about in the book “Essene Christian Faith” that Do provided us to read. In the book some chose to remove their testicles by various means – tying them off like was done to animals to neuter some. The book said, some attempted to crush their testicles with a rock which I seem to recall Do cringing to hear but nor did he say anything further about that during a meeting in which this book was discussed. The Essenes, by the way were a Jewish sect that existed before Jesus came public. I’ve read somewhere that they were more geared to the teachings of Enoch than to Moses and that they were seen as a fanatical offshoot sect. However, some think that Jesus was an Essene before he had fully awakened to his task after his desert experience and subsequent meet up with John the Baptist. It does make me wonder if this was Jesus “other fold” he said he was going to tend to after he left Jerusalem when he ascended into the spacecraft that was inside the cloud with his changed over physical body.

During this time we were examining this book, a part of re-exploring Christiandom, anticipating having more to do publically around the idea we “had to be who we were” as the return of Jesus and his disciples, Do became aware of a man who had cut off his penis to thwart his sexual desire for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake, who also seemed to have certain perspectives beyond rote Christian ideology. Do was fond of this man and had some contact him with our information, though I don’t know what became of that. He wasn’t the only Christian based teacher we encountered who said things recognized as aligned with what TI and DO knew. TI and DO explained that when Members of the Next Level are in close Earth vicinity/atmosphere and incarnate, including Older, Younger and Student Members their thoughts and vibration became available to anyone who sought in their own way to raise their vibrations by changing certain thinking, behaviors and ways. Their presence even spawns advancements of all kinds and some humans are actually a part of the “strain” of those who are coming to graduation into the Next Level.

TI and DO had their classroom crew for a short time, project thoughts of positive growth to humans. It was an individual experiment to try to foster positive changes in the world. TI and DO felt that the awareness of the negative affects of smoking tobacco and the campaign to reduce the usage was one such change along with the the peace movements and the various rights movements and health consciousness that had come about, largely starting in the mid 1800’s in the U.S., so this man’s devotion seemed to be another example of someone taking to heart the drive to not let his body’s desires drive his behavior.

Of course there have always been individuals who remained outside the mainstream Christians who were considered to be fanatics. I remember when the U.S. was going to attack Afganistan and Iraq to go after those  some thought were behind the World Trade Center attacks and I wrote about war as not a way Jesus taught and a teacher I knew who had worked all her life in a Catholic University wrote to me saying perhaps a little sarcastically, “I’m no pacifist.” I read that as if that view was fanatical. It just shows that when the truth becomes so diluted and distorted, as it has, then those that attempt to live more truthfully to what Jesus taught are looked down on as extremists. The only legitimate way to serve God according to many is to go to some seminary, and graduate with a degree to authorize you. Then you can be assigned a congregation and set up in that career and can write books and get easily published and be called upon as an authority when the media wants a story. This shows how the Luciferians have spread their thinking, behaviors and ways that at best in a few ways mimic Next Level behaviors and ways.

For example, the behavior and ways of acting respectful and peaceably towards others, even if they insist on being one’s enemy – and fostering changes around us by “walking the talk,” so to speak. Another way some mimic the Next Level is by teaching how their thoughts can be projected and can influence others, which is very apparent in Hindu and Buddhist monk practice and we can see how that has spread to Europe and at least North America, even including identifying ourselves as “Gods” because of saying “everything is God” thus as a part of everything we are a part of God. I would call those who move into that thinking Overripened, though of course I can’t judge anyone in particular. They also no longer think of God as an Above Human Being or Superior to human Living Being. Instead they say the “All” is a consciousness, even the Christ consciousness where “god” and “Christ” become ideas as opposed to descriptions of literal Living Beings and their process of overcoming the human condition (Christing) by giving all our allegiance to those Living Beings.

However the Next Level Older Member representatives use the Luciferian presence as it provides a testing criteria that some if they press to see the light as a seed pushing out of the earth towards the son, they will draw the assistance of the Next Level to help them through to even becoming a “tree” in the Next Level that then provides the habitat for others to come up through.

It was years before anyone of Do’s students chose to be castrated that Do indicated taking unusual measures to control our vehicles. For instance he subtly suggested to anyone who couldn’t stop their vehicle from touching their “plumbing” during “down time” (sleep) that they could tie their hands to the bedpost at night.

Mind you, I’m not aware that he ever instructed anyone to do such a thing and it would have been completely off the mark to impose such an action upon another. It would only work if a person wanted to take such an action on the strength of their own determination to conquer their human vehicle’s programming. Actually later I learned I had that problem to some degree. I mean, we always had the procedure when we slept to program our own vehicle, by our thoughts, to keep our hands above our waist during sleep time. Part of our programming at night was to issue those instructions to our vehicle before dozing off that would even include the program to awaken should we begin to break these instructions. It worked as I would at times awaken knowing my hands were below my waist and also would awaken if I had rolled over onto my stomach, another instruction to avoid as such can stimulate the vehicle’s sexuality.


I believe it was late 1987, about two years after TI left her vehicle, Do called a meeting and talked about how he had had a “nocturnal emission.” Males always had a procedure to treat nocturnal emissions, that we did nothing to stimulate, as a relief value, not to feel guilty about, but TI and DO gave us a procedure when we had that experience, which was; to get out of bed and go to the “bath chamber” to clean up. There was even a stack of washcloths in each bath chamber just for males to use for this purpose. And there was a sign out of the washcloths. As it turned out when my vehicle would have a nocturnal emission I was embarrassed so would go to the bath chamber to clean up and use a cloth but sometimes I didn’t sign it out and other times I didn’t use a washcloth. Those sign-outs were sent to TI and DO. So I was actually “breaking procedure” to not use or sign out a washcloth. I was being deceitful and little did I know that it would catch up with me. I knew it was not right but I ignored doing the right thing.

In this same meeting Do explained that he had instructed Lvvody to gather the needed tools to perform the orchectomy procedure on him. The Next day Do held a meeting for males only and he went through the orchectomy procedure in detail. At that time Lvvody had what we called an “out of craft task,” which meant a job in the world, outside our “spacecraft” like environment. She worked as a nurse for a doctor that performed orchectomies – the removal of testicles due to testicular cancer, so she knew the routine and the needed tools and supplies to perform the operation. He went through this detail to familiarize the procedure. He said he had no instruction to offer the option to others. He just had the instruction to explain it. He wasn’t sure he was going ahead with it either. As with all meetings if students had questions not answered or had more personal things to express to Do, they would write a note. I don’t remember if I wrote a note but I suspect I did, expressing that I would like to be considered for the operation. This is where my head was though looking back over all the events that ensued I can see that I was coming from a kind of forced position, though that’s hard to really qualify as the task to take over our vehicle certainly was forced upon the vehicle.

A few days later Do held a small meeting at his “craft” where Lvvody and Jnnody resided with him. By the way, Do’s vehicle was not attracted to female vehicles, so having his eldest students taking female vehicles seems to be the way he and TI planned the mission so he could protect his vibration. A Next Level member occupying a human vehicle never assumes they can’t fall so they take all the precautions which whether actually needed or not become an example to the students. Older Members of the Next Level are even willing to make what could be seen as a mistake that then becomes an opportunity to demonstrate how to recover and take advantage of the mistake “missing the mark” said as “sin.” I was among those invited. Going to Do’s quarters was always a special feeling event.

Do explained that he had examined whether the students with female vehicles could also have the option of the equivalent to a castration, but he felt it was the male vehicle that was designed in such a way that the procedure could easily be accomplished whereas for a female it has more potential for complications. The students who were called to this meeting seemed to be those who were in the group called “Sat 3.” I think this included, Lggody, Jwnody, Chkody, Srrody, Hvvody, Snnody, Andody, Pmmody and perhaps Jmmody and Dncody in addition to Lvvody and Jnnody and myself Swyody. (Mrcody and Srfody who had been long term members of Sat 3, from before I was added a few years before, were not there if I recall. Nor was Rthody who also had been a Sat 3 Member. Sat 3 stood for “satellite 3.” That terminology started while TI was still incarnate and I think it was when we had three crafts, one for TI and DO and helpers (Lvvody/Jnnody at that time), one for the Sat 3 crew and some others and the third for the rest of the students. Our numbers were in the 30’s at that time.

Do then wanted to hear from the males in that little group, to see if anyone had any reservations of having such a procedure should Do get instructions to permit it. I don’t think Do went person to person for an answer but however it happened as it turned out Hvvody said he did have a reservation. This was a traumatic point that Hvvody arrived at and I can recall, while later being assigned to be his partner seeing that he had been crying, I suspect about considering leaving the classroom. I don’t know as he didn’t confide in me. We really didn’t have a procedure to confide in one another, especially on the subject of sensuality – sexuality. We even avoided the use of the word “sex” as Do felt like it could trigger the vehicle’s programming that could start a “tape” in the head that would be hard to stop. We had lots of things that would stimulate such tapes but we didn’t say or do things that would test us and/or potentially test another. The tests were provided by the Next Level not us, though came through the incarnate Older Members, even though they didn’t always understand who would be tested until they would see the responses to things they instigated. I knew this was a test and I intended to pass it even if it meant going through the procedure. A week or two later Hvvody decided to leave the classroom and never returned.

Further classroom talk about castration ceased. Soon after a classmate would leave we often got instructions to move. We were in Colorado at that time with a craft in Littleton and another up Boulder Canyon where Do was actually resided with Sat 3 members. 1987 was certainly a pivotal year that extended into 1988.

It was the year:

– Do sent us on our second visit of the vehicle’s families to try to help relieve them of anxiety but as it turned out it seemed to be more about putting some students to the test of whether they wanted to stay in the classroom or not. I say that because Rthody decided to leave the class because of that visit with his vehicle’s brother and family. Also, on this trip I actually traveled with Srfody as she went to the same town because before we both joined with TI and DO, she and I had been living together in Oregon, having moved out to the west together having begun our relationship in our same home town on Long Island in New York, having met after we both had graduated from different high schools. During this trip I did deal with a vibe of resuming a human relationship with Srfody while on the airplane sitting next to her and in the car at an ice cream shop where we had frequented when we became a couple, but I had no desire at all to do so, so just ignored that influence. However that’s part of what happens when we return to a previous environment where we have memories and especially with someone we had memories being with, we can be draw back to our past that can threaten our forward motion towards graduation. When I left in 1994 and moved back to New York in 1995 I was drawn back in many ways.

re: that trip, I, with Srfody and Ollody, with Jwnody also present, visited with Jwnody’s vehicle’s mother on Long Island. Ollody visited his vehicle’s family in Connecticut and all three visited with my vehicle’s mom, dad, brother and sister at their house. Do suggested we give a little talisman to anyone we felt to. I gave a little inexpensive gemstone to my brother and to my sister. Do felt the families meeting other students would show what kind of people we had made into our new family. My vehicle’s dad told me to thank TI and DO for the visit that was mostly on behalf of my vehicle’s mother as he knew I was doing what I wanted to do but she thought I was brainwashed into the cult, which of course I was, except I had to be the one that washed my own brain of human behavior and ways. On that score it was interesting that I recall one time Do saying something to the affect of how if he could force us to make the needed changes to become a member of the Next Level he would, but it wouldn’t work as then we’d be a useless robot for the Next Level and if they wanted robots they would just build them. While I’m on that topic, he and TI once said the Next Level does use robots for some tasks that would damage their physical vehicle to do.

– Do asked the class if they would follow him even if he wasn’t from the Next Level.

– Do said we needed to “be who we are” as the return of the One who was Jesus and the ones who were Jesus’ disciples.

– Long term students, Sat 3 members, Mrcody and Srfody were instructed to leave the classroom until such time that they decided to live by the lesson step of “I could be wrong,” which I’ve explained before was helping us break down our human self confidence by applying to replace that human mind with Next Level Mind – which is the way one “washes their robe” – cleans out the humanness from their programming of self confidence or confidence in what humans teach. Again if we didn’t apply it, it didn’t work. TI and DO gave us the tools but didn’t have any real enforcement of our use of them, as even with this step of prefacing judgments we might make with “I could be wrong but…” or something like that, if we just went through the motions and didn’t grow to recognize how our confidence can often be misplaced, then we would not be getting rid of that human characteristic of self confidence and replacing it with confidence only in our Older Members. This is almost impossible for most to accept if they aren’t given the help to see it and if someone wants that help to see it all they have to do is ask the Next Level for that help, so it’s not really an elitist club except to someone who doesn’t want to belong and then can easily even resent their own self-exclusion.

– We started a video production company where Lggody and Dncody and Jwnody and perhaps Cddody were primaries and went to UFO Conferences in Arkansas and California to film leading researchers like Linda Molten Howe, etc. We never did do anything with the footage.

– We began to study the UFO phenomena, primarily starting with the book, “UFO Crash at Aztec” about the 1948 crash near Aztec, New Mexico that had up to 18 bodies included that showed autopsy reports that revealed some of the vehicles had no reproductive systems or human organ systems, some had atrophied reproductive systems.

– We had begun to consider castration resulting in Hvvody’s leaving the classroom.

– We started the mucousless diet system tailored after the work of Dr. John Christopher. It was basically what today would be called a vegan diet.

– We published and were distributing what was named, “The Transfiguration Diet” book Do, Lvvody and Jnnody primarily wrote. It was listed as written by “Littlegreen Inc. Think Tank” and Dncody (who eventually left the class well before I did and whose vehicle has since died) did cartoon like illustrations where a figure named Dr. Littlegreen, who looked like a member of the Next Level taught the books content.

By 1988 we moved to a ranch house in the country north of Dallas, Texas where Do wrote “88 Update – The UFO Two and Crew” to set the record straight on the truth on all he and TI experienced from meeting and waking up to date. We bought a little binding machine and made copies and sent them to people like Walt Andrews the founder of MUFON and Whitley Strieber and a list of other organizations and individuals who might be receptive, though none were.

By the start of 1989 we moved to the desert north of Albuquerque and Do and helpers rented a house in nearby Sante Fe. I got a job as a programmer in Albuquerque and continued to express to Do in notes that if he got instruction to allow some to proceed with castration I wanted to have the procedure done. One day while I was at my out-of-craft task, I had this thought that Srrody was going to be permitted to be castrated. Srrody was known as quite the zealot. Some classmates even criticized him for his eagerness to please TI and DO. His vehicle was Irish and a red head and he was quick as a fox in everything he did. I was often his partner and put him through a lot of tests because I was anything but quick as a fox. I can’t say I was critical of him but I knew he was hard to keep up with though it wasn’t the program to keep up with fellow students, though of course if a student showed strong Next Level characteristics like being “johnny on the spot” as Srrody always was, even running to perform service to TI and DO in the campground classroom times which TI and DO appreciated, while also knowing Srrody’s quickness needed restraint as he would sometimes finish TI and DO’s sentences – jumping ahead and making assumptions, though he didn’t necessarily trust those assumptions.

But when I had this thought that was sort of competitive with Srrody, I decided I would show Do how badly I wanted to be castrated, so I called the craft and asked to talk to Do who at that time lived in the same craft with half the group. This was very unusual to do. We didn’t really have the option to just barge in on Do. We had lessons that if they were walking around the craft, we wouldn’t stop them to ask them a question, though at the same time TI and DO weren’t authoritarian at all. If someone did interrupt them, they would pay attention to what the student had on their mind rather than tell them they were breaking instruction. They always had a positivity. Even if one asked them a question during a meeting that was inappropriate in some way like lets say pointing the finger at someone else, they wouldn’t correct that student on the spot. They would listen and try to respond to what the student was expressing. Later there might appear a procedure in the book that might show how the student could have expressed themselves more like a member of the Next Level would.

So the craft called me back and Do got on the phone with me and asked what was up. I told him I wanted to leave the classroom. He asked why. I said I didn’t want to say. He asked what I was going to do, where I was going to and I said, “Mexico.” Then he asked, “does this have anything to do with what we have been talking about” (as I had written many notes about) and I said, “yes, but I didn’t want to say that as I wanted to make my own choice to find a way to proceed with getting castrated.” He said that I should wait because he wanted to talk to me before I left. He sent a car to pick me up from my task location. I got to the craft and went to his quarters and he told me that just this morning two students also told him they wanted to proceed with castration – Srrody and Prkody and he still didn’t have instructions but wanted to take what we three were asking for to TI (outside her vehicle) to see what TI says in response.

There was no talk of it for as much as a year after that day. We even moved several times, back to California and did some fasting in the desert thinking it might be the way we exit our vehicles or get picked up. We had sold everything and outfitted ourselves with trailers and tents and were living in the Arizona desert near Phoenix and then Yuma and then to Las Vegas and back to California where we leased warehouses that we drove the trailers into and lived in them inside the warehouse as if we were living outdoors. Do and helpers had a smaller warehouse in San Clemente while the rest of the class had a warehouse in Laguna Hills.

It was about 1991 when one day Srrody and I who were partners then were called by Lvvody/Jnnody to come to Do’s craft. By the way, Prkody had left the class by then. I don’t really know why. We got to the warehouse and Do said if we still wanted to proceed with the operation we could as they had set up an office in the warehouse as a sterile room and everything needed. I was genuinely ready to proceed as was Srrody. Mind you Srrody and I never talked about this as it wasn’t the way to have that kind of relationship with fellow students. Our relationship was always to be business only though of course if a partner wanted to talk to their partner about something looking for help they certainly could. There just was nothing to talk about on this subject as we didn’t just shoot the breeze with one another. There was no chit chat and certainly no gossip about others.

Lvvody was to perform the operation and Jnnody was her assistant. At one point Do asked me if I had any reservations of going ahead with it, to which I replied…”my vehicle isn’t looking forward to it but I’m overriding my vehicle.” He didn’t respond but seemed to relate to that response. I think he was staying sensitive to any indication from TI to halt the operation. At one point well before this time, Do was hesitant to allow students to go through with the operation because he didn’t want to reduce the growth a student needed that comes from keeping the sensuality “booger” (adversary we were each assigned – as our “satan” – one of the fallen angels) at bay.

So Do asked us who was going to go first. It didn’t matter to me. I knew Srrody wanted to go first, so as was our way when a decision needed to be made and it didn’t matter one way or the other, Jnnody pulled out a coin and said flip on it, which we did and Srrody won the toss so he got to decide who went first and he decided to go first.

Lvvody and Jnnody made a sign they put up on the door to the surgical room that said “Mexico” on it. They did this so if there was any problem we could honestly say we went to Mexico to have the procedure done. Do and Lvvody and Jnnody had done quite a bit of research of this procedure and tried to line up a doctor to do it but no doctors would do it unless it was called for because of disease. Do said that it was seen as more taboo than having a sex change operation or vasectomy. Anything to eliminate sexuality was a sign of psychological disturbance. Do was also concerned that he could be targeted and even prosecuted, say if a student was castrated under his watch, so to speak and they left the class and then claimed they were forced into it – it could be grounds to arrest Do and that would disrupt the classroom to deal with.

So with Do and I standing around the operating table on one side and Lvvody and Jnnody on the other side and Srrody on the table, Lvvody shaved Srrody’s sack area, gave him some local anesthetic by injections into and around the sack and then made an incision and I got weak in the knees and almost passed out and Do helped stabilize me but I recovered and Do then said, “Well if this doesn’t bond us, nothing will.” Once the sack was cut open Lvvody had a tool that cauterized the little blood vessels so there wasn’t much blood. She made a couple snips and took the two testicles out and then sewed up the sack leaving a little breather tube sticking out.

It wasn’t long as he was recovering that the sack got much bigger and Srrody was in pain so Lvvody tried to see why the breather tube didn’t seem to be working. Srrody’s sack was as big as a baseball. Do was distraught and told us to take him to the police because he had allowed this to happen. Jnnody and Lvvody and I knew that wasn’t going to happen and we said we’d take Srrody to a hospital. Do asked that we contact Lggody and Jwnody to help us decide what to do and he went to his quarters.

Lggody and Jwnody arrived and we briefed them and decided to try to contact a priest to ask advise, thinking perhaps they had some experience with castration. I spoke to a priest and he had nothing to offer us. I was intentionally vague not trusting he wouldn’t call the police. We went to a motel near Escondido to make the phone call so it couldn’t be traced to where Do was.

We took Srrody to a hospital and I went in with him while Lvvody and Jnnody stayed in the car. I told the people at the hospital that this patient was a friend of mine who told me he went to Mexico to have at operation because he was a monk that didn’t want to have do deal with sexual impulses anymore. So he was admitted and went into the emergency room and I reported to Lvvody and Jnnody in the parking lot. The operation to fix Srrody was quick and easy for them to handle but he needed to spend the night so I went back to the motel and came back the next day and Srrody was happy as could be and the nurses loved him and Lvvody and Jnnody came into the hospital to see him and we all left together and returned to Do’s quarters. Do told us we couldn’t go through with Swyody’s operation until he had a chance to examine what happened with TI. Do instructed us to not say anything to the rest of the classroom though in the next few weeks some knew something was different about Srrody. He was unusually giddy. He healed fine and I was disappointed that I didn’t have the procedure.

However, looking back, considering that a big part of my fall involved my giving into sexuality with myself – masturbation, it seemed to me that TI had a hand in keeping me from being castrated as I had not yet grown to have enough control over my vehicle. As it turned out, we moved to Arizona and we were considering going public again in a way more related to the biblical terms of talking about TI and DO. Do had said we could try to talk directly to TI who was outside her vehicle and let him know if we feel she responded. So I tried and felt a response and told Do about it and he said, “sounds like something TI might say.” Then one day, I took a break from my programming job and took a walk and I screamed to TI that I wanted a harder task – a task like Do has. I was insistent on faster growth and looking back can see that I had become arrogant in my “overseer” status in the classroom, though I had just recovered from a lesson step where Do told me I was competing with him because of the way I tried to offer suggestions on how to handle certain directions we were headed in when he gathered the overseers together to brainstorm. There was a way to brainstorm that would demonstrate whose mind we sought to look to and I was looking to my mind as if I was Do’s equal. This is hard to see for what it is. I was in the classroom to overcome my human condition and had seemed to be successful at it to a point that I became over confident in my own capacity to be like a partner for Do. In other words, often what Do did put some students to the test. After all I had not yet graduated so constant testing was in store.

So TI let me have what I wanted. I wanted a task more like Do had, so she sent me a discarnate influence that was the kind of booger Do had to learn to keep at bay and all of a sudden while in my office programming I felt like I was plugged into a socket. So I’d get up and take another walk and wham I had sexual images flooding into my head that came with the fire of desire in a way I had never experienced before. I hadn’t seen any images or video’s – there was no internet at that time nor did I have access to computer “bulletin boards” and yet in my imagination I was out of control and didn’t even have the desire to stop it or put into motion what I knew were techniques to thwart this attack. I didn’t even touch myself and I had an orgasm and then another minutes later and it wasn’t going away. I was plagued in a way I had never experienced. This continued every day at the office for the next few days and I hid it even though hiding it was another breakage of procedure. If we slipped in any way, we would expose the slippage to our partner before the end of the day. In this case sensuality was not something to expose to one’s partner as even sharing it can then expose the partner to the sensual vibration so in this case I should have sent off a note to Do telling him how I slipped. But I didn’t do that so now I was also deceitful.

After a few more days of this, Do saw something was on my mind. It was clear something was wrong so he asked me what was going on and I spilled it out and he asked me what I wanted to do and I said I have to call a “help wanted meeting” to expose my slippage to the classroom and ask for help. We had the meeting and yet nothing changed for me. I didn’t even have the desire to change. It was like I was now a different person. Even though Do had written in the Major Offense list that deceit and giving into sensuality were each grounds to be dismissed from the classroom, since my actions only involved myself so didn’t threaten anyone else’s continuance in the classroom and felt like I still had a lot to offer the Next Level he wasn’t going to require that I leave. He said to my classmates that sometimes the hardest lesson is to recover from failure.

I wasn’t rising above this challenge and continued to hide my infractions even after the 1994 nine months of meetings around the country where I was the primary speaker to the press and at meetings the group I was an overseer of put on. When we were in Massachusetts I slipped again in a motel we were staying in where I turned on MTV and saw some women dancing and I was so immediately inflamed and out of control that I had to confess it to my partner Evnody who was shocked.

I called Do and told him I thought I needed to leave the class. I figured I was close to where my vehicle’s family was so I could just go there. Do asked me to wait until we all returned to California. He took me off overseer task. Once back in California at one point Do asked me to resume an overseer task with Mllody. I told him I couldn’t take the task, the first time I declined to look to Do and he asked then what I wanted to do. I said, “I guess I have to leave” and he said, “you want to get more objective.” He then put Nrrody on the phone and told her to tell the others not to try to talk me out of leaving because he knew what he was doing.

The next day I was taken to the airport to go where I wanted to go and was given $600.00. Do had asked me where I wanted to go and I said I wanted to take a bicycle and just ride it east from southern California. (Again it shows how I had become under the control of my booger (Luciferian discarnate TI and DO said each of us had assigned to us, to help us build our strength), still vibrating on some spiritual idea of martyrdom. He suggested I go stay with Mrcody and Srfody who had been out of the class since 1987 but who Do and his helpers had kept contact with, who were in the Phoenix area at the time so that’s where I went and quickly got a job as a cook and about two weeks later moved out of Mrcody and Srfody’s quarters and rented a room and rode a bicycle for a 10 mile round trip to work and back every day.

I left the class in September of 1994 almost 19 years to the day of when I joined. I later learned that it was about a year later that Do decided to allow students to seek out castration but he required them to get it done by a professional, which was at that time more available. They had to move out of the classroom temporarily and at least one (Alxody) moved near to a Colorado doctor where they had to get a job to pay for the procedure themselves so it was clearly of their own free will to do, not being under the daily influence of the classroom and not funded by the classroom. Of course those who insist they were under the spell will always exist regardless of the truth. It’s the only way some can explain intelligent people choosing such an option. Do ended up doing the same thing, following his own guidelines by taking a residence somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico by himself and as I understand it got a job as a janitor for a short time to have the procedure done on his vehicle. I understand that in total eight individuals had their testicles removed of the 19 male vehicles who were among the 39 who laid down their human vehicles to death in 1997. Five of them were named, Srrody, Alxody, Vrnody, Trsody and Do.

Incidentally, I am aware that various Christian writers refer to Lev 22:24 saying it prohibits castrating men or animals. Yet when one researches the verse it says nothing of the sort about men and even if it did says nothing about men castrating themselves, only about a man castrating another man which is consistent with Next Level ways for each of us not to interfere with another’s choices. The only references I found where there was a prohibition of men who have “injured stones” from serving in the priestly duties also prohibiting men with other ailments, sores or blemishes from priestly duties.

Verse Lev 22:24, at most indicates certain damaged animals shall not be acceptable for an offering to the Lord. I can’t speak to exactly why that was the procedure to follow but I can imagine it could have had something to do with people not giving their least desirable animals as an offering to the Lord. The Next Level was preparing that group for the eventual requirement of giving their all to the Lord. I don’t know why those with priestly duties, the Leviticans had that qualification. It didn’t have to make sense. They were also being groomed to get rid of “self” to give their will to the Lord, recognizing more reality of the Lord’s existence and program and support of Moses, so no matter what they were given to do or not do, if they abide by those instructions they, their souls were bonding and if they were not they were rebelling so would not become “fruit” for the Next Level – a new member to their Next Level family.

What is most telling about the degree of misinformation we are now subject to is in how a number of writers are including in their blogs, books a quote like this; ‘Leviticus 22:24 says “not to castrate the male of any species; neither a man, nor a domestic or wild beast, nor a fowl.” But when one actually searches over many Bible translations they get something more like this that says nothing about “man” and what body parts are damaged and assumes “cut” means castration. Perhaps this translation can be found somewhere but it’s quite a stretch to use as an example of the outlaw of a human castrating themselves, the equivalent would be to pay a doctor to do it:

Lev 22:24 Ye shall not offer unto the LORD that which is bruised, or crushed, or broken, or cut; neither shall ye make any offering thereof in your land.

So ends the Castration subject in the classroom but opens up a new application of the idea of “keeping oneself for one’s Older Member comparing the student body to virgins – refraining from giving themselves physically and/or mentally to anyone other than to their Older Member. Virginity by the way has become another distorted term to mean never having had sexual intercourse when in reality it has to do with ceasing all sexuality. At one point, we started a project that included writing up a booklet that was entitled, “Recovering Virginity for Chrysalis Sake.” We actually then sent that statement to our vehicle’s family, which was after we had those two visits and were calling them about once a year to let them know we were fine.

Related to the documentation of the subject of castration, it is so telling, how Jesus compares these coming to the supper with virgins in the parable of the 10 virgins where 5 had backup oil with them for their lamps that enabled them to SEE with while 5 did not and that the 5 who did not have the oil wanted some from the 5 who did have the oil but were told to go buy it for themselves. In other words they had to do the work for themselves of having the needed oil to watch for the return of the master. TI and DO talked about how when we keep giving away our life-force (via sexuality, literal giving away our “force” we are reducing our ability to “see more” of what’s real. They said that restraining our giving away of that force even adds to our “common sense” which is part of perceiving more and understanding more to be what is actually more real about our existence, etc.

Rev 14:4 These are they which were not defiled ((3435 moluno most likely from 3189= to pollute, stain, contaminate, kept themselves pure)) with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

Some will say that meant they were “not soiled by fornication or adultery” which is true for the Jesus time, where fornication was any act in mind or body that was giving into lust for another while married, and yet these are portrayed as getting married so having lust for anyone else would qualify as fornication illegal intercourse by the Lords rules and as Do said, “not becoming an adult” from a Next Level perspective that we are before that still children of God not adults of God.

Rev 19:9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

Being called to the marriage supper is hearing about TI and DO and the qualifications we must accept to attend the “marriage supper of the lamb” which is the marriage supper of our own sacrifice of our human life, by separating from it and then separating from our human vehicle however that takes place. All will separate in both ways but only a tiny few will separate voluntarily AND most all importantly FOR (working for (in service to) aka true worship of) the Kingdom of God/Heaven Next Level Older Members.

Rev 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship ((work for)) God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Then even using the same wording as in Rev 19:11 John is depicted here as one of those being called to the marriage supper of the Lamb, again not necessarily specifically the Soul who took the vehicle that became named John while Jesus’ student, but whosoever is performing the task of speaking to others what was inspired by the Next Level, in this case from TI and DO, that depending on how fast they wish to progress to their own graduation, can give their ALL to separating from the world and asking to be putty in TI and DO’s hands, in their service, seeking to adopt all their behavior and ways and revealing to others their teachings to “stand” for Them until they exit their vehicle, however that happens by their own hand or by another.

It seems to be that these who enter into degrees of this task MAY lose their vehicle by someone else’s hand or by their own hand or by provoking the BEASTS (U.S. government) to assist in their exit, thus it’s said in Rev 6:11 that their service (fellowservant) MAY, for each of to whom it applies get them separated from the human kingdom by dying (killed=apokteino) while is also referred to as a “fellowservant, and of thy brethren.”

This then seems to indicate that the “marriage supper” is where one’s physical body is given to the Lord and that our thirst for our Older Member’s mind, behaviors and ways that is showed to us by his taking over of the flesh according to His Older Member (Father’s) instructions (overcoming he world again) that in so doing is “consuming his flesh” so that we are eating (living by his Holy (pure) Mind/spirit that comes from/through his body to us by his show of love for his students via his demonstration of that love for his Older Member), and then “drink his blood” by performing the task he gives us that will result in our blood being shed because of the loss of the vehicle’s life force by the hand of others as the first fruit experienced after they had shown their allegiance to the Father and Jesus and then for TI and DO by their own hand.

Mat 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

If they are sitting on thrones that means they have conquered their humanness by giving their lives in service to include overcoming their humanness, set into the future upon his return when he will sit on his throne, that he was birthed to by the woman in Rev 12, his Heavenly Father. Older Members are the only ones who can birth someone to the throne, where birth is the “spirit birth” Jesus said he was going to complete with them during his return in this new age. (Do called birth to the throne, qualifying to be on “TI’s Crew.”

Since most likely they can’t conquer without their Older Member’s presence and that presence must be incarnate as he was not a spirit that was returning, that is not in spiritual form as that was at least part of the point of exiting with his physical body, to show that he took his human body to change it into a Next Level body, proving to those disciples with new proves that he had new facilities – appearing and disappearing, hovering over the sea and many things they were apparently not given to write down as John said in his gospel there were too many things to write down.

The primary place we see in the Book of Revelations where there is an equivalency of the incarnate return of Representatives from the Kingdom of God in such a way that included talking to their students is in chapter 11 where Two Witnesses, who are described as Christs, prophesy, which is defined as being “inspired by God to speak to others” – being a witness, giving testimony and is even considered to be a type of martyrdom in the way what they say will not be met with approval from anyone except to whom it is given, the same as was the case for Jesus. It also seems evident that these TWO are said to be “witnesses” incarnate TO TESTIFY as that was the law given by Jehovah through Moses that Jesus also made reference to, IN ORDER TO BRING A JUDGMENT AGAINST SOMEONE – IT HAD TO BE TWO OR THREE WITNESSES TO THE OFFENSE, IN THIS CASE THE OFFENSE BEING OVERALL, IDOL WORSHIP OF FALSE GODS, according to Jesus, for instance making “wealth” one’s master in all it’s human forms as opposed to showing the Creators of the universe and all it’s life forms our allegiance by recognizing the same mind in TI and DO as has been brought all along as recorded in the Judaic/Christian/Islamic records and seeking to enact their will for us – standing up for TI and DO and maintaining that stand until we exit our human vehicle regardless of how that occurs.

Then it is quite clear that the Judgment Time is most applicable to the time AFTER these Two Witnesses have fulfilled their prophecy task that includes “spirit birthing” their FIRST fruit, the 4 Living Beings, 20 and 4 Elders have ascended back into their Next Level abodes/dwellings on spacecrafts. This graduation seems to be depicted by reference to that ascension, said as they “fell on their own faces” in Rev 11:16 and is also after the first “fall” of the new city Babylon, financial capital of the world in NYC, marked by the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of 9/11/2001 where Rev 11:18 then says it’s the “time of the dead that they should be judged” and rewards are given to the “servant prophets” (those who speak what they are inspired by the Two witnesses, TI and DO to speak).

In reference to this time, the “saints” are all these who give their lives believing in everything TI and DO said and did, that they represent the Kingdom of Living Beings who created everything and all the life forms and they take a stand for TI and DO and maintain that stand regardless of the consequences. Some will choose to go further to separate from their humanness by ceasing giving themselves in service to humanity and it’s mammalian procreation and sexuality and government loyalties.

Those who never hear about TI and DO are judged by a different criteria as Do indicated in the “third type” who would escape the recycling. All of these will show their allegiance to the Next Level, in big and small ways when they abide by the behavior and ways Jesus taught and don’t give their allegiance to the BEASTS (U.S. and E.U.) and don’t receive the mark on their head and/or hand or receive the number of the beast or work for the Beast’s “image” – various spiritual and/or religious illusions of godliness as provided by the many “false Prophets” and “false Christs (Christians),” that even might take the shape of holographic images like Fatima that impart information (speak).

Now since the Older Members, TI and DO are no longer incarnate, there is no one saying “follow me” to leave all behind for, though some can still feel that way and can leave all behind to become a transient active student for TI and DO and they reap their reward according to what they give in that service to Them. But if someone doesn’t feel ready to leave all behind they can still begin their bonding to TI and DO by simply talking to them and expressing they want their help to grow into more service. But they should realize that the object is to separate from all things human as one is starting a new family bond, not remaining bonded to fellow human vehicles or even kindred spirits/souls because our bond needs to be to our Older Members alone, though our fellow students then become our “classmates” and fellow crew-members and fellow-servants to the Next Level which is like having brothers and sisters.

There is time no longer to settle in to start church groups to study all TI and DO taught. Yes, it can be helpful in our service to learn all was can about what TI and DO and Crew said so we can be of service by telling others what they said, but it’s not meant to become a new religion that carries on for millennium. We seem to be in the “final hour” at this time and it seems only half of that hour (20 years from 2013) will pass before it’s “done” and calamities are such that there will be no more infrastructure or governments the world over as shown in the 7th Angels pouring out of vials and in the 6th seals opening that shows the 7th seal as a “half hour” rest period when it seems is meant as when the Next Level is no longer providing their information.

Rev 11:17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O LORD God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.
Rev 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Therefore, it’s the 24 elders that are returning to exercise this primary Judgment Time with the one who served as the Lamb, their Older Member who was last incarnate in the name Do, but who has another name in his Next Level position, who seems to return with his Next Level vehicle, perhaps the same one he converted into a Next Level vehicle while performing the task in the name of Jesus. I suggest his use of that vehicle that was named “Jesus” and converted into a Next Level vehicle, mostly because of the indication in Rev 19 that his “vesture (clothing, the vehicle he wraps around his Soul body) had been “dipped in blood” also said as “baptized in blood.” This is also potentially indicated:

Rev 14:14 And I looked, and behold a white ((+ light)) cloud, and upon ((1909 epi= + have charge of, among, with, in)) (the) cloud one sat ((task assignment/position)) like ((3664 homoios= from homou 3674= similar (in appearance or character), like, + manner)) unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

I would say the cloudy White Light would be the appearance of his spacecraft.

Saying here that the one who has “sat like the son of man,” “like” has to do with His, “appearance” and “character (manner),” that later TI and DO might have spoken of as their occupying alike physical Next Level vehicles (that human vehicles were tailored to appear like, as said in Genesis), and would have like “behavior and ways.”

Note he is depicted as “like the Son of Man”:

Rev 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks ((groups of believers – souls in stages of taking over human vehicles to learn their lessons through overcoming their human ways and replacing them with taught and exampled Next Level ways that are summed up as the “churches,” but not to be confused with today’s Christian churches that may or may not have potential students within their ranks)) one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

Jesus referred to himself as the “son of man” to his disciples and also said that’s who would be returning for the Judgment Time:

Mat 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

Although this can apply to many “signs” of the Son of Man’s coming, it shows most relevance to this time:

Luk 17:24 For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.
Luk 21:27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

So saying this one is “like the son of man” can be saying this one depicted here is not the same physical vehicle that was named Jesus but he has a physical vehicle that is “like” that vehicle named Jesus.

All this points to the return of Do, but using the vehicle he “changed over” (glorified), TI and DO felt was completed at the time of the Transfiguration which is when he was also given instructions to exit and he knew he had “overcome the world” and began to show his disciples what was about to take place and how they would have to also drink his “cup of bloodshed” if they chose to continue in his footsteps to be ready to be “spirit birthed” upon his return.

So when prophecy says he will return in his “glory” or in the “glory of his Father” it is saying in his “changed over” Next Level body he converted from the human body he incarnated into – took over – the process of overcoming that human vehicles human mammalian characteristics, behaviors and ways. Jesus’ physical vehicle was specially prepared for what he needed to demonstrate about that changed over body. TI and DO weren’t here to repeat that part of the plan exactly as Jesus was given to demonstrate as it’s according to what their students need and the students that were with Jesus already had witnessed that overcoming process and it’s results. It was in their Soul memory so when they took over the human vehicles prepared for them to take over, as they followed with TI and DO and gave themselves to Them 100%, which took years for all to do, as some really weren’t ready for that kind of commitment so had to be filtered out of the group, though they could have still rose to the occasion then or later (as some of those did).

Note here “clouds of heaven” which would be the same as saying a “heavenly covering (cloud)” – “cloud of light” as that precedent was begun back in the Moses encampment when Jehovah would come and go via a cloud and a cloud of light would lead them all through the desert at night and during the day. The spacecrafts we see that space aliens have are primitive compared to Next Level craft, but they may be able to generate cloud cover or become invisible to humans. Also, Ancient of Days refers to the Father who can be translated equally to say He “comes present,” “comes near” another indicator the Father comes incarnate during this overall End Time.

Daniel 7:13 I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near ((come)) before ((present)) him.

Daniel, Ezekiel and Adam were all referred to as “son of man” by the Next Level Older Members and Crew working with them. This title was not the same as a human being. This is a special designation and I believe Do once said that TI was a “man” and thus Adam having come from “God’s” (Elohim, Jehovah, Father, TI’s) birthing Him into membership in the Next Level made him “God’s Son” or “Man’s Son” – to His Older Member – the Younger Member of the Next Level He birthed into membership well before the current civilization.

I wondered if then the wording might follow suite with a human being considered a “hue of Man” or a “shade or shadow of Man” – made in “Man’s” (TI’s) likeness in humanoid “appearance,” as the first experiment of the current civilization to set up the opportunity for Adam to be tested.

Failing that test left him and his Soul body in the earth vicinity until such time that he succeeded to recover, which occurred when He took over the human vehicle named Enoch – 7th generation from Adam – which then gave him enough experience overcoming humanness under the continued influence of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens, Lucifer being his primary adversary seeking to win him over to his camp, to “change over” his Enoch named vehicle back into a Next Level vehicle – a metamorphosis to a “glorified body” inside that human vehicle.

Having changed over his vehicle, he could return to his new Next Level station for his next task on his Older Member’s crew that would then continue the experiment to birth others (souls who hadn’t fallen but were like the Luciferians in having student model vehicles because of having succeeded in certain aspects of the classroom and thus needed equivalent tests.

So this same Older Member Soul came incarnate in the vehicle named Moses, then Elijah, possibly working with Daniel in the name of Michael the Archangel, then Jesus that was the start of his birth to the “throne” task that was completed after being incarnate with TI on the task of the Two Witnesses to get Him started.

He would be “born” to his new position on the throne by being the “midwife” for those souls who were conquering their humanness through He and TI’s direction and example.

This awarding of “white robes” to those who had given their lives in service to the Next Level Older Members, TI and DO, constitutes the FIRST Harvest that started with the graduation of TI and DO’s 38+4, depicted as the 4 Living Beings and 24 Elders to “adult membership” and the 14 to “student membership” summarized as the opening and conquering depicted in Rev 6:2, but that continues through the remaining seals. However it is not until the 4th through 6th seals that additional “active students” lose their human lives in service to TI and DO by starting their metamorphosis – seeking to adopt TI and DO’s instructed behaviors and ways and giving their lives STANDING for Them.

12 Responses to “TI&DO The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses-Section IV.E.-Fifth Seal Opening-Remaining “Saints” Give Their Lives in Service”

  1. crlody Says:

    Since you accused me of lying I decided to find the quote, here it is, your own words that you can find by googling sawyer heavensgate and clicking on the 3rd link down, sawyer regrets leaving….”a number of what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams and in a sense a(sic) open phone line”. Now Im sure youll have some long-winded excuse for this because you said “in a sense” but after you accused me of lying and told me I “owe Ti and Do” for supposed said lying about you I am actually, for real this time, no longer going to listen to you. I wont come to this blog again as I know now for certain that you have no idea what you are doing and your motivations are from yourself, not the NL. Your credibility is gone Sawyer and you cant get it back unless you finally admit that this whole thing is not a mission from the NL but a self-appointed one. You said “contacts” and you said “open phone line”. You shouldnt have accused me of lying and you shouldnt have brought Ti and Do into it, you insulted me and you insulted Them by saying I owe Them for pointing out something that you actually said. Im writing another piece about the Kings suppression of the Truth and then Im going to expose you in another piece. You were so sure that you were right just like you were when I first tried to tell you about Austin. Hey, I have an idea, what if my mission is to expose you for the fraud that you are?

  2. sawyer Says:

    Twisting and turning what I say and don’t say seems to be your way crlody. I’m sorry it’s come to this between us but it doesn’t have to stay this way. We have so much in common with Ti and Do – it’s a shame in my mind not to support one another which includes pointing out to the other when they get off track. But if pointing that out is without reference to things Ti and Do said and in the Jesus records I’m afraid it’s so open to influences jumping into to these back and forth battles of words where no one is showing their best colors. I am open to correction but if the shoe doesn’t fit to try to make it fit would be against what Do taught me that I actually have personal experience talking to him about.

    I admitted to saying I had “contact” with Ti and Do and an “Open phone line” but believe that’s what “prayer” is. I was never implying in these two mentions of the words that I have a 100% dependable contact and phone line in that regard. I mean I still can be influenced in my interpretation of when I believe I’ve received answers to prayers, thus “contact”. So it needs to be “tested” in a sense and then still kept as a possibility that is mostly for my personal value. I am thinking to have expressed the dreams may have been a mistake, yet Do told of some of his dreams and so did Ti on occasion and so did classmates at times which should be in the tapes to hear that I witnessed.

  3. Bort Taylor Says:

    lol… surely by now you realize they were all nuts.

    • sawyer Says:

      so are you going to back up your claim or just spill out unfounded accusations as so many so easily do and I guess feel good about doing?

  4. Bort Taylor Says:

    Do himself thought he was insane. Not a day went by where he didn’t think he was insane.

    Moreover, sane people don’t believe that committing suicide will get you aboard a spaceship.

    A test for you:
    “The interior of the moon is filled with the dirty underwear of bigfoots.”

    Is that a true statement?

    • Beau P. Says:

      no, moon is solid

      • sawyer Says:

        so said fish1 to fish2 in the fishbowl about what was outside the fishbowl – nothing else exists out there, that’s just insane talk.

    • sawyer Says:

      You have accepted the out of context use of the word “insane” as what you want to believe it was referring to. It was early on in Do’s awakening and what he said was referring to passing the psychiatric exam required so he could get out of jail with flying colors while “not a day passed that he didn’t question his own sanity”. I understand this but am confident he didn’t remain with that questioning of his own sanity. It became at most a gnat of a thought. I know this because I’ve experienced the same sense of questioning my sanity and it’s about like a gnat for me and Do was most significantly my Older Member and by far stronger in dealing with the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens and their thought bombardments that include having doubts.

      They never said “suicide” got them aboard the spacecraft. What got them to board it as I believe they did was “bonding with Do” who they knew they could trust so that however they exited their vehicles they knew it would be the right way for them because they knew Do was their Older Member.

      I know that sounds insane to many others but there are many, many things that over history were though insane until they were proven wrong.

  5. Bort Taylor Says:

    none of this stuff will ever look sane to anyone. ever. people looked at what they left behind and saw that it was just lunacy. the whole thing is close to being forgotten.

    and this blog is just an ugly mass of screeds and texts that all but a handful of people ignore.

    we laughed at phrenology and it was proven wrong. this stuff you believe in is millions of times more ridiculous than phrenology.

    “The interior of the moon is filled with the dirty underwear of bigfoots.”

    Is that a true statement?

    • sawyer Says:

      It’s easy to prove you wrong as you must not have seen the dozens of stories done on HG for the 20th anniversary of their exit. But if that’s not enough to show you it’s not at all forgotten, there are two documentaries at least being developed as we speak that I am to have a part in. One by a major media group that will get national coverage and they both said they weren’t doing them for the anniversary but because “it’s an interesting story”. But of course not for everyone.

      • Bart Miller Says:

        He did ask you a question about the moon. What do you think? It is a yes or no question.

        Your answer (yes or no) will go far in understanding how you think. A seemingly ridiculous question; but it cuts to the quick insofar as showing whether you have any reasoning capacity at all. I presume you do but wonder, too.

        What say you? Yes or No

        Kudos to the person who asked.

      • sawyer Says:

        I think it’s possible there are creatures inside the moon that humans would identify as bigfoots. I think it’s possible that if they exist they could also wear clothing and hence underwear. If they exist I think it’s possible and even likely that they are mammals so have elimination systems like other mammals. But even if those last three statements were true the premise that their dirty underwear fills the moon is the least possible by some huge number of unlikely probability. (TI and DO didn’t discount that there could be experiments on the earth they were not privy to as they designed before they came and they said that specifically about some big foot sightings that were reported in Texas where we lived at the time.)

        So since you want a yes or no answer, I’ll say “no”. Is there some punch line to that, another way to find application of those words? I don’t care for an answer but I’d say probably not.

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