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If Ti and Do were the Two Witnesses who was, is or will be Christ?

August 21, 2017

Question to Sawyer: “if ti and do were the two witnesses, who was, is, or will be Christ?”

Sawyer’s reply:

A Christ is an assigned task to demonstrate the overcoming of the human evolutionary kingdom, the lesson plan that can yield new members of the Kingdom of God in the literal heavens that Ti and Do more accurate to today referred to as the Physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, or in short the Next Level because of how the human kingdom is a stepping stone into membership in that futuristic society of physical beings.

The Two Witnesses are both “anointed” (Christs) – the meaning of describing them as Olive Trees and Lampstands, Candlesticks (where the stand/stick part represents the human vehicle they prepare and take over. These are both Older Members from the Level Above Human coming incarnate again as prophesied to bring updates to the Bible, fulfill prophecy and for that Wave “Spirit/Mind birth” returning Souls who were ready for that graduation/FIRST Harvest Wave. Their students also needed to become “Christs” – demonstrate overcoming the human condition under the direct absolutely needed direction from the Two – Ti and Do. One of the Two Witnesses according to Ti (Do identified as his Older Member (Heavenly Father)) was the same Soul who performed the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus, the first 5 periods of Next Level Member “closeness” and Jesus laid out the graduation requirements where the Moses lessons were geared to the equivalent of “toddlers” in the overall Next Level school/”garden”.

The “sixth closeness” was performed “undercover” (incarnate) by the same Souls identified as The Father (aka Jehovah, Elohim, Lord, etc.) and “Jesus” (not in the same Jesus physical body that he took with him into that “clouded” spacecraft. When it’s said they deliver “prophecy” in Rev 11, that means they are “speaking” (and not in a mysterious way as the Father did to Jesus and his disciples a couple times) as Jesus said upon his return he would “speak plainly/boldly” about the Father and not in parables/stories at that time and he would “show” them the Father because the Father would also be incarnate for the FIRST phase of that 6th Closeness. This is also shown in Jn 14:22-23 in how he would manifest himself to his disciples but the world would not see him saying they would “make OUR abode (residence)” with them.

Rev 12 indentifies the Father’s incarnate presence but that is further fortified in Rev 3:12 in how the Father’s new name is revealed by the One who had served as the Lamb – the Soul incarnate in the body named Jesus. So they become witnesses for one another – rather than witnessing of themselves that also fulfills prophecy. Ti left before as He only came to “get DO started and then would return” (paraphrased), which DO didn’t understand at first though Ti said that early on but he didn’t know to what she would be returning to until she exited ahead of him and He realized she had told him so.

After Ti left, Do’s “birthing” to the “Throne” task was completed and that began the Second Phase of the FIRST Wave when DO came public through his students (as he never held a public meeting without TI) in 1994 though started to be considered in 1987 when DO said “we needed to be who we are/were” – the return of the ones who were the Older Members and their student body souls, some of which had “drank the cup of Jesus blood” by laying down their lives by telling the truth about Jesus to a hostile public and their religious orders that they knew would get them bumped off because of. DO provided the document “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” where he put “Jesus” in quotes because he wasn’t that same body that was named Jesus which also fulfilled prophecy not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” saying they are the Christ. Thus Do served as one of the Two Witnesses and the promised return of Christ as two phases to that First harvest wave, which also began the LAST Harvest Wave, (Rev 14 outlines the two harvest waves) that is in motion now with the advent of the 4th Seal being opened by the “Green (pale) Horse (human vehicle) used by a Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angel soul (as they do with many if not all world leaders and anyone that can be used to forward their misinformation – people that have the most influence over the masses).

Now we are in anticipation of the “Seventh Closeness” performed by “Jesus” – DO in his Next Level (glorified body) – said in REV 19 as the one “dipped (baptized) in blood”. That closeness will not be a teaching one like the previous 6 closenesses. And DO said he won’t be showing any scars and would not be floating in the air looking like a artist rendition of Jesus, with flowing robes, etc. He would be with his “armada” of spacecrafts (also referred to as “horses” in Rev 19 context) which is his coming in “glory” though that could also apply to his being with his Older Member incarnate – as his “right hand” to TI, but while incarnate he was not in his glorified body and received no recognition for who he really was/is. That event doesn’t transpire until the 7 angels have poured out their vials. That pouring out of plagues and calamities has only been hinted at with examples coinciding with each of the 7 Angel Trumpet soundings, which were the announcements of the arrival of participants in this project and examples of what would take place during the time of tribulation and judgement. Those that hear about Ti and Do are on the spot to recognize them or not. Being on the spot is the way we are pressed to learn lessons to build strength from, by asking help from Ti and Do going forward. The “help” they have already provided in their book and their video’s and hundreds of audio tapes. It is the task of anyone who chooses to come in this direction – apply to be a perspective candidate towards membership on their crews to recognize and believe that They came from the Kingdom that created all the planets and all the life forms and to “stand” for them (Ti and Do and their teachings) until we depart – exit our vehicle.

Meanwhile the Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angels are trying to steer souls away from seeing Ti and Do and the reality of the Next Level, like never before and they will generate holograms like Fatima (that talk) described as the IMAGE of the BEAST to try to win souls away from giving their allegiance to Ti and Do. And at this time the “tares” are being removed. This is the start of the recycling and spading time.






Sawyer’s comments related to Ben Zeller’s writings about Heaven’s Gate

August 10, 2017

I was just asked about my comments to Ben Zeller’s book on Heaven’s Gate. So to follow are blog posts I made where I commented that dealt with things Zeller wrote or was quoted to have written:

Anatomy of a mass suicide: The dark, twisted story behind a UFO death cult

Sawyer’s comment:

I haven’t gone through this article entirely but zeller did ask me many questions ahead of his book but didn’t seem to take much of what I provided which one can understand as it shoots down much of their psychological analysis. Of course nothing else makes sense to them, though zeller is a tiny bit more objective. The ONLY way it makes total sense is if we consider they were who they said they were, the return of what was called the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven that Ti and Do updated to more realistic terms as The physical many membered evolutionary kingdom Level Above Human. Zeller I believe is a professor of religious studies, if I recall correctly, so why doesn’t he evaluate them on the basis of the historic records of interface with individuals who said they came from outer space, the literal heavens, with a focus on Jesus who demonstrated “laying down his life” and calling his disciples to also do so for him, his Father and for the sheep to come, thus in his day a dangerous cult leader who led his disciples to tell what he told them to say that he knew would get their bodies killed because of. It’s very plain to see this in the records that extends back to the Moses classroom as well. Giving your all to the Lord meant just that, your will and life that Jesus and Ti and Do were 100% consistent with. Religions today are country club organizations that are to date “killers of souls” because they have become entrenched in an illusion, so of course the real deal when it arrives looks like delusion to most – it wasn’t really for them, by their own choice, at least that stage of the Elder students who had returned after having served Jesus and before that Moses. Of course even a religious scholar doesn’t necessarily believe what they study as it remains a subject of study that they get their livelihood and status from, so they have a blockage of accepting it for what it is according to what for instance Ti and Do said and left for others to study. If we stick to what Balch and Taylor said, we are limited to the mindset that most keeps them in their comfort zone in their university jobs and social status. Like Jesus said, the truth is ONLY for those who have the eyes to see it. To them it makes total sense.

What Zeller also misses is the fact that I and a tiny few others are still here and are one with Ti and Do’s mind in regards to knowing what they were thinking and how it progressed over the years. We have nothing to lose by telling the truth and don’t care to have a following or support and soon will be pressed into further service of telling that truth that may make us targets as there are things in the works to face each of us with their truth once again. Most don’t care, but a few will and that’s who the Next Level will be interested in for their future program after the earth civilization is recycled. All this time has been part of the plan of the Next Level to give people a chance to come to this story and make up their mind as to whether it’s true or not. This is especially true for the generation that became seekers in the late 1990’s those who are called generation Z as many of them have not yet become entrenched in obsolete thinking. Because of that those who tell the truth will be seen as yet another threat even though no one will be trying to lure anyone into anything or create organizations to belong to. It will remain between each of us and Ti and Do should we choose to seek to contact them in our private thoughts that they can easily be aware of.

What makes you think Do wasn’t always reasonable? Do you believe that crap about his freaking out about his past homosexuality that made him want to take it out on others. That’s less believable than osama bin laden given a burial at sea to not upset his relatives baloney that many buy hook line and sinker or that there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. Do was definitely a cool guy to be around. I wish I could play music with him now. Only joking, but his vehicle was a whale of a musician and singer living in high society houston, texas. Reasonable! Hows this. I took vows to remain 100% celibate of mind and body and to not have any deceitfulness. Both of these if consciously broken were grounds to be dismissed from the group and I broke both big time by masturbating for a number of days and hiding it, thus being deceitful. One day I passed Do on a staircase in a mansion we were living in, in Paradise valley, AZ and he said to me, “what’s up it’s seems like you have been distant”. So I spilled my guts. Then we had a talk and he asked what I wanted to do and I said, I needed to expose what I was doing to all the students, in what we called a “slippage meeting” where fellow students would suggest ways to stay on the wagon we fell off of. About a week later I was still slipping off the wagon and this was after 18 years of zero breaking of vows though I certainly had some attacks but I didn’t give into them and masturbate. Do called a meeting so I could expose my slippage again. After I expressed that I’d given into sensuality again he said to everyone, “sometimes the hardest lesson to recover from is failure”. It would be about 9 months later after we completed the second public meeting schedule around the U.S. that I told Do I had to leave the class as I was still failing to maintain control over my vehicle. He said, I should wait until we all got back to California. We began talking then about exiting our vehicles by drinking the strong barbiturate mix. I was somewhat despondent to doing so though was willing, though before slipping off the wagon I would have been ready to exit. So as my overseer duties were curtailed I continued to withdraw from being a the zeal I had had for 18 or so years before. Then one say Do called me on the phone and said he wanted to partner me with mllody to do an overseer task. I told him I couldn’t do it, the first time I chose to not look to him totally as my teacher and instructor. He said to me, “then what do you want to do?” I said, “I guess I have to leave”. He said to me, “you want to get more objective”. I agreed. He then spoke to another classmate and told them to “not try to talk swyody out of leaving because he knows what he’s doing”. The next day they took me to the airport, bought me a ticket to where I wanted to do and gave me $600.00. Was that a reasonable evil cult leader?

**** end of Sawyer’s comments on this article ***

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