Bad Hurricanes occurred before much Human Contribution of CO2 so is Propaganda for the Elites to Control People with the Global Warming Climate Change new “religion” through the “Temples of Science”

Bad Hurricanes occurred before much Human Contribution of CO2 so is Propaganda for the Elites to Control People with the Global Warming Climate Change new “religion” through the “Temples of Science”

An article link is provide at the end of this post showing the data for the past hurricanes in the U.S.

The big difference now as opposed to the early 1900’s is not readily apparent to many if they don’t consider what I was given to know that is evidence that the the US has been the geographical location for the staging of the real return of the True Extraterrestrials (Not Space Aliens, but are The only Creators, physical (and mental/spiritual) many membered physical Above Human Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human) that happened mid 20th century, the end of the age (2000 years) that the real “Jesus” outlined in depth was to take place.

Thus the forecasts (in religious terms=prophecy) were being instigated by Next Level Crews on spacecrafts that can operate physically on and around the earth without being detected because of their super advanced technology (like a Star Trek Crew without human mammalian behaviors) that includes the ability to “beam down” invisibly to take over human vehicles to hold a graduation classroom for their Astronaut Training program, described in the records as Their “Garden” to grow Souls on via experiences in the human condition they were attempting to “overcome”).

As their training program is like having 12 grades in school, we have humans on the planet that are in any of those grades and some that have dropped out entirely and some that had dropped out in a previous civilization on earth and/or from other “earths” that when brought to earth went against this Creator’s Next Level Kingdom, that the Next Level Older Members took advantage of to improve their training program to overcome their influence over humans.

Many humans are a product of their thinking, behaviors and ways which can appear quite sophisticated and intelligent but limited to comprehending the entire truth (as we are all limited unless we open up to it and begin to allow ourselves to seek out that truth from the highest source we can imagine, beyond the most distant stars, that These Creators built into our communication potential, but during past lesson plans was allowed to in part become distorted into the religions and spirituality and atheism, in all their forms so we each would have a full gamut of choices of what to believe, true free will within the confines of what is like the holodeck in that Star Trek television show and throughout other science fiction writings and imaging.

That classroom has entered a new phase with the onset of the year 2017, which is why it gets both harder to SEE the truth because it requires more of us to do as this Next Level doesn’t need new members (graduates) but is their joy to offer what they know they have that is really an entirely futuristic society of living beings who become members of a new non-mammalian “family” we can each be adopted into if we seek it out.

So that Kingdom’s Older Members “beamed down” (in a sense) in the 1970’s, awakened to their task, took vehicles, a female and a male, the same Two who were The Father (aka Jehovah) and “Jesus” (aka Elijah, Moses, Enoch and Adam that started the current experiment), having the most recent names of Ti and Do (pronounced Tee and Doe), who gave their testimony (TWo Witnesses), gathered those who were ready to graduate as their First of two Waves of “harvest” of Souls (as they don’t identify as the physical bodies they take over and are assigned after they graduate but do identify as the physical Souls they metamorphosed into while incarnate in the human kingdom) and took this small group through an experiential “overcoming of the human condition” program and then at completion exited their “borrowed” human vehicles in 1997, in the timing of the Hale Bopp Comet (The Sign Jesus said would be his sign) seen by the world as Heaven’s Gate.

They were seen as a cult but were nothing like any of the other cults (mainstream groups that became the accepted norms; religions, govt ideologies, institutions, etc. or not) as they were the only “cult of truth” amid the misinformation campaign that the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens saturated the planet with, so each of us could choose to whom to give our allegiance to, in order to have our Soul and/or Spirit saved for the next step towards our own graduation classroom that would only occur after the spading and recycling has completed, which is approaching, but is still some years away but will be a rough ride for everyone. Without adversity and a challenge we don’t grow our Mind. Thus the human kingdom was designed to fail, not to become a “heaven” to then stagnate within as is taught by many New Age religio-spiritualists to date.

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  1. demimonde_mesila_thraam Says:

    I know disasters occurred before climate change but the difference is our population was never this high. Whether we started it or not cannot be known but we can help prevent it, and should. I know you guys, just like the evangelical Protestants, want to see this world end so you can go to your Next Level, but not everyone wants to wipe out the earth. I know climate change exists. I have lived in San Francisco since the 1980s. In those days we had fog that covered half the skyscrapers. In the 1990s, it began to dissipate and by the double-zeroes, it was pretty much gone. Now in the twenteens, we just had, last week, a record temperature of 106° Fahrenheit. What’s happening in the Arctic circle, that’s climate change. I think it is irresponsible not to care for our “garden” if we can now, whatever the future holds.

    I have not commented lately because my “visitor” finished its work with me so I don’t feel its presence but rarely. I spend most of my time volunteering to help homeless cats and humans. But this post was something I needed to respond to.

    • crlody Says:

      One thing to keep in mind is that Sawyer’s viewpoints are his own and they do NOT represent the viewpoints of the group that has come to be known as Heaven’s Gate. The writing of his book was a self-appointed task as is his blog and the videos that he makes. The ONLY thing that represents the HG group is the information that they left behind. He is being very irresponsible when he does not preface his statements by stating that they are his and his alone and do not represent Heaven’s Gate. Despite calling this blog Sawyer at Heaven’s Gate Sawyer is not at Heaven’s Gate, he is on earth like everyone else here. Sawyer had stated that he does not “care” that 12 years of the group’s audio tapes are being suppressed and “we have all the information we need”. If this is the case then the world doesnt need his book, videos or his blog. Do not confuse anyone who is here with the HG group, anyone who is here is here SOLELY because they dont want to leave this place.

      • sawyer Says:

        No I don’t accuse you of having a “self -righteous vendetta” against me for not “accepting” what I have to say. It’s because you refuse to back up your many claims against me with anything from what Ti and Do said and did. You have come up with a tiny few things that one could remotely relate to your many criticisms but they were taken out of context which I described on my blog years ago. In fact there was only one criticism against me that perhaps and I mean perhaps is the basis of this “vendetta” when I was quoted to say to someone, that I admit saying one time that I thought myself the most outspoken former member of the classroom. I told you then that I was trying to get attention to the Ti and Do story by appearing as an authority to someone and that I admitted it was egotistical and not even accurate as I admitted then and even after that, that just writing a lot of words doesn’t mean those words are what Ti and Do would approve of and/or are the most succinct ways of answering questions and especially if I’m not quoting Ti and Do for their basis. So I said that was an influence with me and that I would guard against letting that influence use my mouth or pen. I suspect you never forgave me that slippage. In my little defense, I wasn’t doing it for me. Just like with saying I was in the classroom for 19 years can be impressive of experience it’s not really necessarily of value UNLESS I believe 100% in who Ti and Do are and want to be truthful in the way I have many examples because of those many years, that i can bring to the table to shoot down the many misconceptions. If someone can see the basis of claiming something is a misconception, like how so many say their exit choice wasn’t voluntary, then they might have ammo to get rid of that influence with them that keeps them from looking further into all Ti and Do taught. Let’s face it, our vehicles both received that “gift of recognition” but didn’t mean we weathered the storms of negativity that resulted in our dropping out of the “classroom”, but both seemed to come to our senses in degrees after leaving, though perhaps it took me longer, though I’m not trying to really compare one another except in that one way as I suspect we have some different “buttons” for our boogers to push. Also, I fully admit my posts on my blog, especially early on were poorly written, poorly punctuated, poorly organized if at all and not even spell corrected many times. Plus I didn’t go the distance to put together links to my sources when I knew them. I was always in such a hurry to say so much that I was rambling at times, going from one subject to another, losing focus on some points, leaving loose ends galore while covering mountains of territory. I also know there was no comparison to what Do and Crew wrote except in one respect – I truly wanted to give people what Ti and Do had given me and since I’ve never used it to try to gain popularity or to become a big shot or new group leader/organizer of any sort, over at least 15 years now, no profit sought after, claiming that it’s all for me is also without evidence as the only value talking about Ti and Do has provided me is helping me separate more from the humanness I still have. I have a long, long list of all the opportunities I missed or sabotaged because I talked about Ti and Do to people in person and in public. Only one time in over 10 years on facebook did I send a friend request to someone and that was on another’s recommendation. But you have seemed to make up your mind about me against everything I say or do in one way or another and yet only fragmentary circumstantial evidence at best that the Next Level would be upset with me in those regards. So I suggest before you get your beef off on me, you ask if Do would have you do this. Sometimes you may have something to say and like I’ve always said, whether you provide evidence or not I do pay attention to it and it has overall caused me to check myself when I say certain things, but that’s making a positive from the negative you have in your craw. I don’t think it’s over by the way, nothing is over until we exit these vehicles, along with everyone else in this current generation (Ti and Do and Jesus indicated about this time). But what I’m referring to is the media that’s in process now towards publication that I just today saw articles being written about – two news groups that you were given the opportunity to participate in and at one point chose not to (but perhaps you changed your mind about doing).

        So I ask for peace between us, not that I know of having said anything to you that wasn’t peaceful, but I’d rather not spend all this time defending myself but it’s hard letting it go as some think if it’s said and not responded to then there is truth to it and thus that would be allowing something to be misleading. I don’t like when I slip and mislead, which I know I have done in my book because the danger that does come with any popularity is that it can easily go to one’s head – instill a false sense of confidence whether it’s in my memories or record book interpretations. But I count you as having studied all the Ti and Do materials so at least on that score you can help “check” me, which I have asked you to do and I’m asking you to do it again, but if you just draw conclusions and make accusations all on generalities, how can anyone change. If you don’t want to be helpful then what’s it for? Am I misleading people? If so how and by what. If I talk is that misleading people? Do you just wish I would shut up and go away and never talk about Ti and Do unless I’m presenting a document they wrote? Why doesn’t my face to face interactions, individually and in group count for anything? I don’t get how that view would be from Ti and Do’s mind to be critical of. To the contrary they sent us out twice to relay what we each had to say face to face and that’s how you were attracted to joining with Ti and Do as I understand it from what you wrote in that document with Rkkody’s writings about “who is Crlody”. DO could have had us read his statements at meetings or memorize them but that wasn’t their way. I admit that my influences can try to make a negative out of my use of self expression as if I can do a better job than DO did which I don’t have an ounce of thinking or feeling.

        Maybe that’s why I was given that lead role as overseer of a group in 1994 and primary speaker at meetings and to the press, because it was a test I needed, not because I was most qualified but I suspect the Next Level has a number of reasons to help a student in any particular ways, while at the same time giving them service that can help others come to the truth and thus get their own lessons accelerated.

        You are right that I haven’t had the courage since I fell to lay down my life or get castrated, but I have had barely enough courage to ask DO if I should prepare to have that courage, which is something I’m working up to but that does accomplish steps in that regard by putting myself in the public eye knowing that it will likely lead to the exit of my vehicle because of and that perhaps the new media that’s coming out will escalate as Ti and Do and Crew bring the garden experiment to final completion using those who want to be in their service 100% even though they are working up to that 100% relative to now.

      • sawyer Says:

        So I finally see your point on the blog title, as remote the possibility might be for some to think I’m claiming to be Heaven’s Gate, it’s better that I clear that up, so I changed it to: “Sawyer in application to Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate”. Does that seem okay to you? If not what do you suggest given I will not stop talking about whatever I feel to talk about with the full intention of trying to help some take a look at Ti and Do.

    • sawyer Says:

      Hello Demimode, long time no talk. I can understand a desire to care for the earth. I feel the same way to a point but that’s not against using the earth’s resources as they have been provided to us by the Next Level.

      DO had a higher standard than I ever had. He didn’t want to cut one little tiny branch from a tree if not necessary when I was operating the chain saw and we were finding places in the mountain forest to set up tents. He worked very hard to bring us the cleanest fuel we could put inside our vehicles leaving behind the book Transfiguration Diet. I contracted Lymes disease from a tic bite in the summer of 2016. Although most everyone that knew me were adamant that I should go to the doctor to get diagnosed and helped by antibiotics, (because all my joints were swelled up, but mostly my knees and ankles and wrists so I could barely hobble around and had pain preventing me from sleeping) I change my diet to a version of the Transfiguration Diet and it took most of a year but the swelling is all gone. Now some of my friends say, it’s just waiting to come back. They know the diet came from Ti and Do and they think that’s a bunch of malarkey yet like me, but will probably never accept anything as proof of what I already knew but only had limited experience with.

      So yes take care of the planet but isn’t it funny that the things that can easily be done are not being done. Why? Money and power and self rightness no matter if it’s a religionist, spiritualism, secular humanist or staunch atheist where “science” is their new “ism” along with it’s own set of dogma. Even the buzz words are misleading, “Global warming” but only on part of Antarctica and ignoring the global cooling periods where they don’t often have thermometers. I don’t know how much of their science is actually objective data but just like with the vaccination programs and just like with their views of acceptable levels of letting radio active particles into our air and water and thus food supply, they use that catch all “science” the same way antiJesus Christians use their bible to justify whatever they want to justify.

      The stone that’s rolling down the hill gathering moss is so big it would take a miricle to stop it and that miracle will happen but it will result in a recycling to accomplish and with that many of the billions will die in the process but for those that still have the potential to grow into healty creatures, their spirits and/or souls will be saved for a future planting, so nothing is lost. Humans know right away that their lives are limited, though that’s been twisted into thinking there is life in the afterlife, which can be true for those that appeal to the Next Level Above Human, whether they talk it or just live to their standards as best they can with what they were given.

      But you said, “I know you guys… you say compared to evangelical protestants but you couldn’t be more wrong about what you know about “me” in that regard. But go ahead and per-determine things about me you have no evidence for. There are former members of Ti and Do’s class who follow me around to do the same thing. And I am alone. There are no guys associated with this blog, just one such guy – me. But to prove that a little, though doesn’t really matter to me if you buy it or not, the worlds ending doesn’t give me or anyone else a ticket on the bus to Next Level membership. How we live our lives everyday until we die does add up to whether the Next Level will save our soul or spirit in one of their boxes or buckets in their spacecraft designed to house those, so they can be brought back to have a new experience in a human or human equivalent vehicle with the hope they will accept the teachings that will be provided on how to advance and graduate this school (hot house) into their society of Above Human Beings. And there is no automatic with that. Believing in some savior, though could be a first step is a long way from meeting the requirements to graduate, but it must be a Next Level Member they are appealing to, which they can know if they project their asking while living in their vehicle beyond the stars to the highest power they can imagine no matter what terms they use to describe that power. However just asking, though always a good step requires action as the Next level doesn’t need any of us. We must qualify and their standards are very high but they take us in baby steps as though we are all just plants (these vehicles) they become very valuable plants when they can be used by a returning Soul to forward their completion of their lesson plan to become a crew member in the Next Level.

      I have never been a doomsday-er in any way shape or form. I don’t enjoy seeing people suffer. I don’t need the world as we know it to end to know that it will. I mean don’t we have a ton of evidence that this isn’t by far the first time the planet has changed significantly. There was an ocean in the middle of the US according to geologists and archeologists. There were Egyptians living in underground cities in the grand canyon according to a number of science sources. There were giant humans according to bones found near Utica, NY, I think it was 7-9 foot tall they figured out. The Smithsonian covered both stories up because they didn’t want to upset all those Christians that know it or not often believe in next to nothing that Jesus taught.

      Plus it’s not our “garden”. The idea that it all just came about by accident is like saying a computer system came about by accident given the vast amount of evidence that everything evidences engineering – genetic code was even named after computer software code because of how codified it is and humans still haven’t much ability to manipulate it, let alone design a new system for the interior of each cell. The solar system is full of life and yet we were taught it was empty “space”. Humans know their can exist many things in the physical realm that they can’t see or detect until they find a way to see more, like for instance with infrared and other parts of the light spectrum. There were oil paintings done in the 12th to 15th century that showed a clear person riding inside a comet. There are many healing arts that are better than what our medical systems can do. Humans are nothing more than “plants” and their root systems though invisible and frequency based are none the less binding of us to our families and strains and there is also a great deal of evidence past to present that when a vehicle dies it’s “spirit” synonymous with mind continues to exist but is not actually “living” because it can no longer change. It’s like software where the hardware dissolved so it sought out other hardware to run it’s programs through to have the things and activities it had before. This “garden” was designed not to work, not to become satisfied with and like a 12 grade school. Everything I am saying was taught by Ti and Do and though I believed it when I heard it because I recognized Them (from having a relationship in a past life, is one way to see it) but now I no longer just believe it. I know it just like people come to know other things both physical and mental. I know I don’t need to express this to you. I think I recall having some conversation in times past and you have a spirit helper if I recall so this isn’t far out thinking for you I’m sure.

      So yes, the earth is the location where we were physically planted, both the gene strains each of us stemmed from and the mind/spirit – the information, the ideas, etc. that were also planted here to nourish the dense physical plants.

      It’s a training ground to become a real astronaut, not a temporary one like the space aliens once had a tiny glimpse of but rebelled so were forced to stay on and around the earth, but periodically let out of their underground/undersea prison cells to influence humans so humans could choose between their mind and the Next Level’s only true and real Mind as the “gardeners” are no longer human. They have graduated the human evolutionary kingdom on Earth so now they are, as part of their Next Level many membered kingdom the “owners” of everything. If they want to wipe out human plants that have become weeds in their garden, they do so and they save those spirits or souls who have shown them the potential to grow towards becoming “fruit” (not to eat) but that will become co-members upon graduation serving as part of crews with many, many tasks as there is a great deal to do. They work in laboratories that are as big as planets and they can be completely dense physical and yet not be detected by humans or their technology.

      The Next Level kingdom is the only future humans can have. They are multi-dimensional because they know how it all works and can do things with frequencies humans don’t have any laws for and they love what they do and they don’t need any new members nor believers. Humans mostly identify as their vehicles. To the Next Level dense physical vehicles are like suits of clothing.

      Anyway, I’m getting carried away from the subject but the bottom line is that no matter what humans think of themselves, even if it were possible for humans to somehow learn to change the weather systems the Next Level won’t let them do so in any way that would interfer with their “garden” systems needed so their “seeds” (souls) can be planted into human vehicles to go through grades in school toward potential graduation. Those plants that refuse to wake up and who go against the Next Level by teaching others that they don’t exist or are spirits that float around on clouds may be considered to be among the weeds but certainly many of the weeds would be those who use deceit to manipulate humans and accept collateral damage when many die because of their manipulations. That’s one thing the spading and recycling does accomplish and I am glad that’s happening as this place is hideously run by snakes.

      Now saying that. I also know that I am not capable of judging anyone in that regard. I can judge actions that go against the Next Level but still it’s my lesson to please my Older Members (Ti and Do) and they do the gardening. If I do please them by doing their work they have provided and by overcoming my human mammalian behaviors and ways and I graduate then I may be on a crew that may have instructions to stimulate and/or direct a hurricane or tornado or earthquake that will mean the death of some plants, even many while uproot others that have become stagnated in their grade in school, which at that point will probably have little difference from a gardener plowing up the old field to start a new planting. Does the farmer or the worker cry about whatever plants are still growing in that field. (I guess if they have dropped enough acid they may cry about the dying plants.) They have the right to give life and they have the right to take it away.

      I never said climate change doesn’t exist but it’s been made into a phrase that assumes with very sketchy and manipulated data into a political campaign. Though because it’s pushed on people by the mainstream media people buy it just like thousands and even millions bought the “need” to go invade Iraq and kill and displace and cause suffering to millions – a new Holocaust but so far away that only a relative few could see the deceit involved in that and actually all the wars are filled with deceits and provoking and back stabbing and lies to the soldiers to get them to kill for them.

      So why would anyone of any conscience believe anything that comes out of those governmentals when they are pushing some agenda that will result in more taxes for a presumed “saving of the planet” when they had nothing to do with the planet’s existence or development except for the way they muck it up with their toxins that they won’t do hardly anything about cleaning up.

      It’s brainwashing propaganda plain and simple and perhaps the only way anyone will be able to see that is by pushing past their obstacles and sending their requests beyond the stars to the highest power they can imagine.

      The Paris deal was a joke for those that read any of it so though trump is another pawn for the Lower forces (the Luciferian fallen angel once “space” aliens (as they can’t go very far into space now) to use to promote their agenda and the human agenda which has become sort of one in the same it seems, which is to build underground cities and try to get off the planet because the handwriting is on the wall that this little planet is about to turn inside out, so to speak so that the current civilization is for all intents and purposes vanished, though it seems some humans will be left to restart things, perhaps after 1000 years of recycling, according to prophecy that I may not have interpreted exactly as Ti and Do intended but I have finished a book attempting to re-translate and re-interpret those records spoken of as the Book of Revelation.

      Where my vehicle grew up on Long Island used to get a much colder winter in the 1950’s and 1960’s – up north in the east has seen similar pattern changes. And sure there is a benefit to emissions controls, especially in large cities but humans just don’t have power even in numbers to reverse what’s happening because it’s part of the design of the garden and is directed by the Next Level from their spacecrafts and with their computer systems and technicians.

      However, we must all choose where to put our allegiance. There are only two choices. It’s between “mammon”(humans that includes the space aliens) and the Level Above Human. The human governments are not Next Level operations, nor are the religions or science foundations. Sure humans can have small amounts of Next Level mind in them (and I’m not saying I have much of a bigger dose – it’s all relative as one could receive a great deal but can still flunk out of the course) but as DO said this planets civilization was allowed to become dominated by the Misinformation mind as provided by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels so when the Next Level brings dosages of the only true and real information it at that time evens off the playing field so humans start acting better, accepting one another regardless of their looks or how rich they are or for any other reasons. If the Next Level didn’t’ come literally close humans would not have the ability to develop in that way.

    • sawyer Says:

      Crlody seems to feel he has a task to follow me around to warn people about paying any mind to what I say, so I have to be on my toes which is good. But since he has found it so damning of me that I called this blog, “Sawyer at Heaven’s Gate” (which could sound misleading as if I am claiming to have gone through that gate which is not the case and not what I intended to portray about myself) I changed it to “Sawyer in application to Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate”. And with that said, I would like to qualify that I don’t claim to speak for TI or DO and my opinions can not always be found to be the opinions of TI and DO though I try to make them so but without them here incarnate, unless they talked about it, or can be found in the red letters of what Jesus taught that they said were still reliable records.

  2. Chastity Ono Says:

    CRLODY is just jealous that you are the face of HG now. Do works through you.

    Not sure why you’ve forsaken Do’s teachings regarding appearance though. What would Do and Ti think of your appearance now? You look like a toothless hippie. That was never the style in the class. You could at least be true to that.

    • sawyer Says:

      I am not the face of HG and never was. DO doesn’t work through me. As anyone who wants to provide Him with service, He will “use” us to perform tasks. He doesn’t take us over and doesn’t need any of us to do his work.

      You don’t offend me and I don’t answer to you. It’s none of your business what I look like and what Do thinks of me.

      Future worthless comments from you will be unapproved and/or deleted.

      • Eric Says:

        This Chastity character is interesting – they seem really into hyping the message – when it can stand for itself as individuals come across it and choose to digest it or reject it.

        I may be wrong about keeping this vehicle “in the closet”; but it has a tendency to be inconspicuous – if one day i was wearing track pants and sneakers and someone makes a comment about HG I would play along, but that is a common outfit that doesn’t attract much attention.

        By being out there “evangelizing” you take some pressure off me and likely others, Sawyer. Maybe when your vehicle breaks down that energy/assignment(?) will be taken up by someone else who will then run the risk of being publicly “crazy”.

        I think Ti & Do were pretty clear that evangelizing is secondary, even tertiary. The focus should be individual metamorphosis and constructive pursuits that are pleasing to TELAH. My vehicle tripped me up recently – I relocated to a new city with a plan to try out the Little Green diet – but I forgot to pack the book. Need to keep reminding my vehicle so I recover it on my next trip.

  3. sawyer Says:

    I feel pretty confident that what others do is independent of me, but perhaps what you mean by that is how DO talked about when the truth bearers are gone, the truth goes with them, because the Luciferians see too it that it’s further disguised, distorted, and diluted. Perhaps I am not considered by DO to be one of those. Even still if we share the truth then I think we are bearing it. In that case everyone who shares that truth with others is bearing it, regardless of being in the classroom or not. One primary way Ti and Do thought as I recall and saw many examples of, was where they always said none of us are limited in our growth and that it was even theoretically possible for a younger member of the Next Level to pass up an Older Member. They said that’s not really going to happen because Older Members are very fast growers. Growth was hand in hand with providing Service – performing tasks for their Older Member. In other words, I think t hat means there are no limits put upon us. I recall their saying in 1975 and after, that this time now was an accelerated growth opportunity for every life form.

    And I think that goes hand in hand with what each of us makes into our priority of focus, which is for those who know about Ti and Do seeking their Mind for the help to keep on increasing our service to the Next Level through them. I believe that includes degrees of that metamorphosis could take place.

    I believe that “service” includes both, growing towards adopting all their behaviors and ways and what Jwnody wrote in “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure…:

    There is a tiny
    remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of
    this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the
    overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are
    the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that
    created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be
    willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that
    stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

    The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its
    recycling looms near. A war in the literal heavens is underway as the
    alien races battle for the spoils of this planet. Their campaign is
    escalating. They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting,
    and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) – in their
    efforts toward survival. They know their time is short. The Physical
    Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their
    undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their
    counter. There is not, and never has been, any contest. The only
    question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will
    permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long
    enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to
    one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And
    as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly.
    Hasty judgments are ill-advised.

    As it said, each of us need to be tested in this regard and that presents us with the choice to “Stand” for Ti and Do or not. That stand doesn’t just happen once, It needs to be taken until the “end” – eaches “departure”. “Defense of that belief” means they are talking as it’s a war of words where some are turned away from Ti and Do. I think that’s what you called evangelizing which goes a long way toward “separating” from our humanness.

    But, I believe the when, how and to what degree we each take that stand is up to each of us to work up to.

    There are a number of examples of Ti and Do’s desire that this information be spread and that people have a chance to learn more in depth about them. It was talked about as a “project” – the dissemination of their materials.

    I believe Jesus’ prophecy also bears this out, yet it’s a process and is part of the metamorphosis.

  4. Kevin S Says:

    if the spaceship was behind comet hale-bopp, then i don’t understand why they committed suicide.

    The spaceship is/was real. The comet was/is real. And they were real. why did they have to commit suicide to get on the spaceship? The next level has no better way?

    It doesn’t seem very well thought out my the Next Level. The logical way would be to be definite about how things were going to happen — rather than to leave it to the whimsey of those on a mission.

    Doesn’t that seem to be less than the ideal way of handling the situation?

    • sawyer Says:

      They didn’t “lay down their bodies” to get on the spacecraft. The spacecrafts are simply put by DO the “bus” and as Ti and Do taught there were a number of ways they could have got on the bus with or without their physical human bodies.

      Of course none of this makes sense really unless one believes the entire civilization was built as an experiment towards growing Souls into Next Level Members to where Souls are growing by conscious choice every step of the way using physical human vehicles even over a number of lifetimes.

      The process as Ti and Do always referred to it, requires the use of a human vehicle to have experiences of changing our behaviors and ways from what they were largely programmed to have over millennium (genetic and societal with each generation) that makes them mammals. A big part of that programming we can call instinct is to preserve our “self” by any means necessary, yet also includes the instinct and capacity to put others well being ahead of our own such as when children are born and the parents will sacrifice almost everything else in their lives to give their lives to the growth of their children.

      In the early “grades in school” as Ti and Do described the Moses time period, the Next Level provides more proof of their existence. Some saw further degrees of evidence during the time Jesus was in the flesh (to demonstrate what was more like a high school program, even providing the graduation requirements).

      Ti and Do said many times that I recall that, no proof at all can be given when a student Soul, with the human vehicle each “takes over” (to overcome) has a chance to graduate during the time the Older Member is present.

      And the final test is whether we will trust our Older Member. It takes time many times to trust our Older Members. That trust builds the more we take in their mind – believe in and do everything they give us to do. We would be worthless to the Next Level and even an interference on a spacecraft if we couldn’t control our thoughts and if we still had urges to act like a mammal so they take years to help each student come into that trust and they provide that help to everyone who seeks to have it.

      Those that seek to draw their Mind into our Being, even now, by learning about all they talked about and did and coming to believe it are growing. It’s part of the process to have and deal with doubts.

      As Jesus taught, to help the advanced students take full control over their vehicles, He required of them to “lay down their lives” by telling the truth he provided to them and proved to them that He knew would get them killed because of how barbaric those humans had become.

      I think it safe to say that most of those 38 students of Ti and Do were Souls who had been “in the flesh” with Jesus, who gave their lives by telling the truth then and died in so doing as the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens always seek to stop the spreading of the truth but the Next Level makes sure enough seeds are planted.

      Then when they come back for their final part of the overall program as Ti and Do said was their “finishing their overcoming” they once again take over human vehicles prepared for them (Teachers and students) and learn to overcome their remaining human roots and desires according to the instructions from the Older Members, because of how the Luciferians twisted or ignored the past Older Members teachings and created from them religion.

      So they are given no proof at all of what the Older Members say except as they engage the program 100% and take in the Mind (information, behavior and ways) from their recognized Older Members, that both stimulates their Soul’s stored “memory”, (though that doesn’t come to them consciously through the brain of the vehicle they take) and puts them to the test all over again.

      And as Jesus taught and Moses started to teach the final lesson step is to override that self and instinct to live which is put to the test a number of times so the Next Level knows who is doing so for the reasons they have instigated versus for reasons the Luciferians would give to humans to lay down their lives for.

      So for most of them it was their next natural step to take to exit when DO determined it was time and in the way that he was given to give to his students to demonstrate. They knew they were not the vehicles they occupied and they trusted DO 100% while most in the world looked on in disbelief and horror because they don’t have the Mind from the Next Level in them (or as much for those that do).

      So our task now, if we choose to accept it, is to learn everything about what Ti and Do taught and spread their information to others and “Stand for Them” and accept the consequences. The more we do this, while asking for their help as to how, when and where, the more we can grow and be ready for our next best steps.

      Suicide doesn’t get us through their “gate”. Giving our lives to Ti and Do’s service will IF we seek their guidance and put it into motion as best we can.

      This entire process can look like it’s a “whim” when we don’t know how much planning has gone into this. The entire planet can look to some as the product of random development but looks are limited by the beholders limitations they often don’t even know they have.

      The facts I experienced is that from day one in 1975 was anything but a whim and came with the understanding that we were each to give our all to this process that included our lives. Some didn’t join understanding that so fell away soon afterwards. For that entire 22 years students were put to many tests of what they wanted and if what they wanted was to leave the group, Ti and/or Do saw to it that they left, usually the next day and even provided them with a bus or plane ticket and/or other helps for them to restart their human lives.

      The examples are many in this regard and for that reason that wouldn’t be apparent to others easily it was very, very hard to stay in the group.

      Plus exiting in that way insured that the story would be played over and over and over again and that some would be attracted to it, to learn more of what really took place. So it was a perfect strategy and was exceptionally well planned for over 6000 years – to them about 6 “days”.

  5. Kevin S Says:

    thanks for the explanation.

    if Do overcame, why didn’t things he said would happen, happen? Like the desert spaceship stuff. And if Do overcame, why was he disappointed when they didn’t come?

    By way of example. Let’s use DSTODY. A soul–which existed before it implanted in DSTODY– implanted in him, and started growing more.

    Then right at the point of the suicides, that soul was ready to “graduate”… the soul got him to “overcome” all instinctual/human level ways.

    So the soul departed from DSTODY and went to the next level.

    Why did the plant have to die? The plant that was the human. What did that plant get out of it?

    From a plant’s perspective, wouldn’t being implanted be a worse case scenario because you end up dying by suicide?

    I’m not implanted — but if I was, my family would suffer a lot. Separation, suicide, etc.

    Why would the next level which is so highly advanced that it is hard to comprehend need basically smart apes to grow?

    THere are 8 billion of us plants — why does the next level need 8 billion plants if only 38 are going to be reaped?

    Seems like they depend a lot on us mammals — almost in a parasitic way. Truly, this world view is the stuff of nightmares — similar to “invasion of the body snatchers” to us plants.

    I am probably missing some detail. But you see why i am saying it doesn’t seem efficient or very well planned out.

    • sawyer Says:

      DO never said the spacecraft would come when we were in the Phoenix desert. As I recall, He felt he had instructions to take the class to that area to anticipate the possability of being picked up by TI.

      He was disappointed I believe because he wanted to be with TI, his Older Member again and wanted to be finished with the task if it was finished. I remember him saying about similar things that, though he wanted to exit he didn’t want to short change his task he was doing for TI. He made a positive out of not being picked up, saying that it gives us more time to gain more strength of mind by continuing the fight with our human vehicles desires.

      In your Dstody example, I don’t know if the plant that the Student soul took over and was named Dstody experienced some type of advance, like any spirit can get from growing from a human vehicles experiences. The vehicles have “strains” throughout parts or the whole of the human kingdom and each of us in that regard, as part of those different strains are sending out signals – thoughts, ideas, etc. that others can pick up on and either make their own or reject or ignore – in degrees I think. And that’s then called an evolution, that is, if it’s progressing according to Next Level qualifications.

      The plant can be trained to get to the place to where it’s most happy serving the Next Level Soul that occupys it. The plant is thus like a wild horse who was captured but accepted the training and grew to enjoy being part of the masters “table”. Ti and Do also used the domesticated dog examples of the same process.

      Except for a tiny few (Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus) and perhaps some in other civilizations and/or other cultures all die. Humans were designed to die as our history clearly shows. The human vehicles are ultimately expendable but while they live they can progress in acquiring Next Level behaviors and ways as taught peroidically, (every two thousand years, aka an age, in the current civilizational experiment).

      I believe Ti and Do taught that the vehicle has to die (or be kept in storage for some reason) to release the changed over Soul (Dstody) that took it over to be placed by the Next Level into the new vehicle grown for his usage thereafter.

      Ti and Do always spoke about how that might happen while still on the surface of the planet or might happen on a Next Level spacecraft by some equivilent of the vehicles being put on tables next to one another and the Soul being removed and then put into the new vehicle.

      By trial and error, part of the task the Older Member who is undercover in the human kingdom knows how to manage, rules out some ideas when they try to take steps to play them out and they don’t play out. All the exit ideas DO had were played out to where he was left with feeling he was given permission by TI to exit in the way they chose. However all along he chose to prepare for whatever Ti might choose to do with their vehicles, so they packed a travel bag and were ready in case Ti wanted to use them with their vehicles for another task on earth or elsewhere.

      If TI didn’t want them to exit in that way, Ti would have helped DO rule it out. But it served all the many purposes of the task and that’s evident in how even today there are new reports and documentaries and podcasts coming out that will take to some degree a new slant on reporting. Check out the link to:

      From the plants perspective being captured by the Next Level is not necessarily welcomed – Hence the Wild horse example and those “horses” that buck from the training are let back into their former world. A number of animals are not easily domesticated but for those that do accept it, if they could be asked would show they loved their new masters, in this example in the human kingdom. My vehicle also loves the Next Level, though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to do human things I have not yet taken enough control over and like Ti and Do said they weren’t against “pleasure” but needed to be in charge of what pleasures, when and how they were provided because they are the instructors assigned the task by their Older Members so we need to literally please them.

      It’s easy to misunderstand their choice to exit by “suicide”. First off it wasn’t suicide for their Souls. Rejecting the Next Level when they make their offer to us, if continued until we die becomes a suicide because then that Soul or Spirit is not “saved” for a future classroom.

      I don’t know what would have happened had Ti and Do knew that “suicide” was the way they would be exiting. I’d take an educated guess that to some it wouldn’t have mattered. In fact I fully expected from the start to die in service to Ti and Do and yet Ti and Do said theirs “wasn’t a martyr trip” so I had to try to change from my preconceived idea that wasn’t what was being taught and it’s all about going with what the teachers say to build trust that comes as one experiences their behaviors and ways. (This can look like other cults but this One stands way apart from ALL the rest, which can be documented easily, no kids, no accumlation of weath, no sexuality so no abuses in those regards, no holding people against their will, no hypocrisy, no punishments, no guilt tripping, no yelling or screaming, no preaching like most religious teachers, no drama, no human families or continued relationships, no ownership, knowing for the start that we needed to give our minds to them (Ti told us in 1977 or 1978 or so).

      They developed these “garden” soul growing experiments to take primitive humans and change them into Next Level members via a conscious metamorphosis for each student because it’s their joy to offer the opportunity to be a part of the only true and most real reality of life in a new society of living physical beings. We are like babies with parents that can give us the brightest of futures, though that has to be gained by taking steps in the directions in which they instruct throughout the experiment.

      Do used that movie’s title, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, though he apologized for it’s crude sound. Jesus taught the same thing. He said to his first students that he was making them “fishers of men”. Isn’t a fisher snatching bodies out of the water, in that example to eat and in this example to train to be an instrumental vehicle to operate through to gain one’s own employment in the Next Level while sharing that process with others?

      I can understand not understanding all this. It took a lot for me to get it to the degree I have and I’m not saying I have it all in order or express it all that well. All I can say is that if you stick with trying to understand it, you will see more of the excellent plan and efficiency in it all but it’s not according to human logic.

      Here’s the start of the 10 part podcast series that will first air for premium members on 10/10/2017 (today) and then for free on 10/18/2017.

      The second one is to air on October 29th – a 50 or so minute documentary just produced that was done because it’s an interesting story (they told me), not because of any anniversary.

  6. Momma Kensington the Third. Says:

    kevin, to the next level we plants don’t have any value so killing us is no mor different than you harvesting carrots or broccoli. or slaughtering pigs or cows.

    remember ww2 and hitler killing jews? same thing — to the next level we are less than rats. 38 dead rats is a small price.

    i see what you mean though that the whole hg mythology is ugly, not very well thought out, and cynical. i wonder if the walport hippies knew that going in if they would have left everything — but to do and ti, they would have no choice because they were implanted and the implants recognized do and ti as their leaders.

    it is almost exactly like a horror movie from a plant perspective. of course it is complete bologna dreamed up by two below average people — a bitter nurse tired of cleaning bedpans and a gay self-loathing music teacher wearing golden hotpants having sex with his own students.

    even though millions know the story now since the suicides, only a few people have believed since. you’d think there would be more since there surely would have been more than a handful with implants in the world.

    funny how they were all americans, too. not a one from china with its billions and billions.

    that’s why i think it is odd that anyone can’t see it for exactly what it was. a strange ufo cult like the thousands of others out there.

    they used to pretend that they were on star trek which is funny since the star trek actors were very human (even spock who was half).

    this blog is a sad epitaph that 2 or 3 out of 8 billion that still can’t see the writing on the wall. the truth is too hard to handle. easier to live the old lie than search for truth.

    Marshall was ready to die — look at how sick he is in this picture.

    • sawyer Says:

      If you are going to talk about the Next Level, the terms Ti and Do coined, then perhaps you could stick to what they said and did through the records, whether you believe them or not. However, I’m not feeling obliged to show you in the records where you are misapplying in my opinion, but here is a little for whatever it might be worth to whoever might read this:

      -Plants do have value to the Next Level – It’s the way Souls and Spirits can evolve by taking over them according to the designers rules. Yet when they are done with them, and it’s spading time they do become the equivilent of the way the grass is growing one day and the next thrown into the fire, but in any of the examples of this relationship it is never to harvest “food” as in your examples.

      -Never compared to rats

      -Most who joined from Waldport meeting were not really hippies and a number who were of that stereotype didn’t stay but some months.

      – You don’t know how many believers there are in the world.

      – The US was designed to be a melting pot to draw from all the corners of the world. There were three from the orient in the beginning as I recall and from the 1994 meetings. One name was “sky” for example.

      – Perhaps you get off on mindless insults – so my approval of your comment gives you voice not much and seems to reflect on your general personna on this subject.

      – There is no number of “deposits” (souls) planted but as Jesus said many that are planted (called) fall away and die. The Next Level don’t need new members so they make the standards as high as they want. Even one graduate would be celebrated, while everyone on earth that’s not in their keeping perishes.

      – They didn’t pretend they were on Star Trek but it did provide the more realistic view of what it’s like to be in the Next Level and that was explained as MINUS the human behaviors of the actors.

      – You obviously have only a tiny periphery of viewpoint of the truth I seek to understand which to many seems to be thinking they see the forest but not examining the trees.

      – I think it safe to say with common sense that for those who are truth seekers, and disagreed with Ti and Do’s provision of what’s potentially true they’d bring up each specific disagreement and site their sources.

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