Sawyer’s Defense of Accusations Made by Former Classmate Carlan

For those that don’t know, this has gone on for probably close to ten years now. If anyone wants to see most of the history search my blog for Carlan or Crlody or Crl ody. I have claimed he makes things up, thus lies. Other times he has a point I take to heart. I have always said to him or anyone else that I’m open to criticism but it does little good to just throw out opinions when the point to this blog is to bring as much experience as I can to what Ti and Do taught. I am not against Carlan. I respect him but that doesn’t mean what he says is automatically true any more than what I say is automatically true. Ti and Do are the ultimate judges of each of us.

Here is Carlan aka Crlody’s latest list of accusations against me (in two sections) and what I am saying in my defense. I took apart his latest comment on this blog and made them into a list so I could address each and add to them if he brings up more. I want him to have his voice and I welcome constructive criticism but most of these points to me are trite and without substance as they are all about what he thinks I think about myself and how I justify what I do in writing the book, “TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses” that he opposes for some reason I have yet to understand, except in the way we all know that the more we continue the war of words against the Luciferian fallen angel space alien souls and their human pawns (who don’t usually know they are pawns).

That “war” is fought by revealing more of  what’s true about Ti and Do which includes how Ti and Do were 100% consistent with all Jesus taught in the 4 gospel records (as Ti and Do said those writings could still be counted upon to be accurate because the Next Level worked very hard to be sure they remained in tact to provide clues for returning Next Level Members.

So I am putting it on record so I can just refer to it next time he posts these things as he has done many times, though I hope that’s never necessary as there are going to be much, much bigger issues to deal with in the upcoming months for all who come in this direction of “standing for Ti and Do” which is the primary and perhaps only way to stand up for the real Jesus at this time, that is for those who know about Ti and Do. Those who never hear of Ti and Do are judged by they own choices as are all, but are judged differently that those who learn about Ti and Do and Crew and ignore or go against them in some way.

Ti and Do’s judgement of us is never exercised by us as we don’t have that capacity to judge others value to the Next Level no matter what they have done, though we don’t condone breaking of the Next Level’s commandments that Jesus gave the most recent summary of in his gospels.


So each point below was copied from what Carlan wrote followed by my reply:

1) If you believe in Ti and Do so strongly why would you continue to stay here for over 20 years after Do extended an invitation to leave?

Sawyer’s reply:

Because it’s my choice to not leave at this time.

2) Why do you care more about your blog and videos than the audio tapes made by Ti and Do?

Sawyer’s reply:

I don’t value my blog more than the audio tapes. They are not comparable in any way and as I’ve said over and over to you, we have what we have of the audio tapes and I KNOW it’s enough or Ti and Do would have seen to it that we had them all. Even so, what can I do about it. I tried a number of times to get Mark to give or sell them. You keep bringing this up yet where is your plan of action to get them. Why did DO and Crew say so many times in the letters sent to them that it was their task to decide how to handle the contents of storage and a number of other aspects.

Now I have a question, which I’ve asked before but seldom if any get a response from you…

Why did Rkkody give the audio tape masters back to Mark, even the masters pre Ti’s exit that he had copied by then? Why didn’t he copy them all first since he was suspicious of Mark and Sarah’s intentions to do the right thing, as I understand it.

I recall Gnrody telling me on the phone that right after the exit event, Sarah said to Gnrody something to the affect of, “how could they do this to us”. If I were Rkkody and heard that and knew that Mark had turned over the task to retrieve the contents of storage and had blacked out their names on one or more of those letters they received from the Class, (I don’t recall why some were blacked out while another wasn’t), I would be quite suspicious of their choices thereafter. But perhaps he took the high side and figured they had a change of mind. And since he read those letters he knew it was the intention of DO that Mark and Sarah have that task of deciding what to do with the storage contents, even though it was spelled out that Rkkody and Oscody could be used to retrieve the contents.

But maybe I’m wrong about how that all developed. If so what can you share about that and Rkkody’s choices to give all the tape masters to Mark and Sarah?

3) Why do you repeatedly bring up your 19 years in the Class as if that somehow makes you the most qualified individual on the planet to talk about Ti and Do?

Sawyer’s reply:

I bring up the 19 years because it’s true and experience can have value. I agree that it doesn’t have to be of value. But when someone asks a question, such as about when Ti scheduled the pickup in around 1980, I can tell the truth as I experienced it because I was there. So people will know that I am a first hand witness from almost the start in 1975.

I admit wholeheartedly that it’s not a measure of who I am or how dedicated I am to Ti and Do or that I learned a certain amount of lessons because of or that I know Ti and Do better than anyone else. What I have are more examples of things they said and did and in some cases why when they told us.

Whether that makes me the most qualified on the planet to talk about Ti and Do is beyond my scope to think about and doesn’t float my boat at all, as grandiose as that sounds. Yet I MAY BE one of the most qualified to do so? You would also be one of the most qualified to talk about what you experienced because we both still believe in them so no matter how much time we spent at it, we both retained that recognition and that I believe is worth a great deal more to our prospect towards pleasing Ti and Do than any time amount. There were also over 60 ody’s originally, some of which have some number in the teens in the classroom. If they retained the memories some might be able to tell me things I didn’t know and thus I wouldn’t be all that highfalutin.

I have never said that to intimidate you and I’ve never told people how long you were in the classroom. Perhaps if were in reverse shoes I could be troubled by your saying that.

Why can’t I bring it up, that’s the bigger question I have for you? Do I have to walk on eggshells in that regard because it appears to others impressive and yet to others more proof that I was duped and/or had some hidden mental condition that didn’t alert me sooner to giving myself to cult leaders, thus then a deficiency to admit.

4) One of the main reasons why I know that your “mission” is entirely self-appointed is because you are so absolutely sure that its from Ti and Do, you don’t even seem to question it.

Sawyer’s reply:

In my opinion any of those who choose to take on the service of “standing for Ti and Do” – who take on that “project,” (as Do and Crew called it), to disseminate their information (I believe in all the ways that can happen, by voice or written word or by sending documents they wrote) so that people can “have a more thorough knowledge of what they were about” (as paraphrased from one of the letters sent to Mark and Sarah, that you sent me), with the class or a new believer is because of their choice “self-appointing” themselves to take on the tasks DO appointed in writing (but not specifically to individuals), with the exception of those who were outside the classroom they mentioned in the letters, though it was also broadened in the letter to say it applied to anyone who chose to take on that project.

So maybe it was a mistake to share my many dreams and thus shot myself in the foot to tell you and others about them, sort of setting you up by implying I got the dreams and you didn’t (or perhaps you didn’t share them), so that could be seen as being lessor to Ti and Do. But to me I was so asleep, perhaps I needed those dreams to wake up a little more and at the same time could go to my head as being someone special because of them and also challenge those who hadn’t.

And by the way, I never said or thought I was “absolutely sure” I have a task from Ti and Do to write about Jesus prophecy as that indication was never in any of the dreams. I admit getting that idea from the prophecy in Rev 5:1 regarding the “book written from within the throne” and the “backside” (of the book) and in Rev 10 regarding the “Little Book” not to be spoken about until the 7th Angels trumpet sounding time that happens after the Two Witnesses have ascended back to their heavenly abodes and another indication of prophecy talk in Rev 14, after the 4 Living Beings and 24 Elders had exited that is performed in the “mid-heaven” (middle heaven) (which I suspect referred to the internet primarily).

But if it was a task in addition to the project to disseminate their information and “stand for Ti and Do”, I still don’t know that I had and am performing that task to their liking.

And for the record it wasn’t one dream. There were over 10 perhaps, but some of the earliest ones sort of merge together in my memory, and not counting some that I highly suspect were counterfeits of Do and some students I suspected from what they said and what they didn’t say or what it felt like. But pertaining to having a writing task, as I interpreted it, 1 was from Ti in 2001, 2 from DO a couple years later and a number of years after that, 2-3 or so from Students: Jwnody, Lggody (indirectly) and years later from Lvvody and Jnnody and Nrrody if I recall. I had other dreams where Do was correcting me and others where Ti seemed to help me see Spirits for a couple months in three different settings but overall maybe 6 or 7 times and then I saw nothing and that was all over years ago.

5) You actually seem to expect the world to believe you just because of your interpretation of a dream that you had. You get very defensive whenever I state that your mission is self-appointed and you always bring up your 19 years of service as if that means that I should accept the things that you say. I don’t accept what Mark says or Rio the self-appointed “soul surviving member” so why should I believe a word that you say?

Sawyer’s reply:

No, I don’t expect anyone to believe or disbelieve anything I say but anyone could and don’t see any reason to think their coming into belief because of my instrumentation would be a negative whatsoever as I keep no records of who says what and when and about what and often don’t recall names and get no monetary reward so just how humanly self serving is it? I don’t really get turned on by people elevating me in my vehicle.

I’m not responsible for what Rio or anyone else says, so why do you make that comparison as if you are the supreme judge of everyone? Can you tell me why that keeps coming up?

6) You left the Class like many, many others and you had no interest in helping RKK distribute Their Info after They left, which was Their final instruction, get our information out.

Sawyer’s reply:

I didn’t even know about what Rkkody was doing then. I had fallen way back into human life but you bring up this point over and over again. If I were to take that point of view I could say I was out spreading Ti and Do’s information in 1975 and 1994 while you were not. What does that have to do with anything?

I suspect you are just copying and pasting this comment to me, making accusations that make no sense. At least telling me that I labeled my blog “Sawyer at Heaven’s Gate” is relative to all we are talking about, however important or not, which by the way I did fix to read “Sawyer’s Application to Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate”. But I need to shorten that.

7) They didn’t say anything about you writing a book or making videos or your blog or altering the audio tapes by putting your flute music on it. You have claimed to have “contacts” with the NL and then accused me of making that up and then when I pointed out where you stated that you said I “took it out of context”.

Sawyer’s reply:

When did I alter the audio tapes by putting my flute music on them? There’s no flute music on the Blackhawk tapes and those are the only ones I posted on my YouTube channel. Perhaps someone else used my music in that way but I don’t recall that, so perhaps you can point me to where that is happening. Perhaps you could have asked me if I authorized that before adding it to your list of beefs against me. And even so, why do you think it’s justified to make up “commandments” like, Thou shalt not put flute music on Do’s audio tapes. That’s what the Catholics and Jews and others did after the REP left – they made up their own rules and twisted rules to suit what they wanted to do. If you could show me where Ti and Do would have frowned on such a thing I would take it off as perhaps I did slip in that regard. Oh, perhaps you are referring to my use of flute music on my blogtalkradio site. Maybe I did do that years ago. It sort of rings a bell now but even so why not. Were you as critical of Rkkody’s making mugs and stuff to try to generate income to help him distribute tapes? I wouldn’t do that but don’t know that Ti and Do would object to either.

Yes I have claimed to have contact with the Next Level and maybe I did say you took it out of context. You are referring to my book I think. When I searched it down I realized that you were right but then when I read it again, I realized we all have that contact if we seek it out. That’s what “prayer” is based on – seeking to “contact” the Next Level “Heavenly Fathers” – what Ti and Do at times called, “picking up the phone”. I didn’t claim to have exclusive contact and I didn’t claim that it was undeniable contact but since Ti and Do did teach that the Next Level used our dream time to help us with the next day’s lessons, so we had instruction very early on to go do sleep asking to have help to “remember our dreams”. Plus we had a few times where DO told us his dream and I think one time I recall with Ti but don’t recall it, though I do recall one Do told us when he was waiting in line and felt like he got hit in the butt and woke up feeling like the message was that he wasn’t as important as he might have thought he was and he actually awoke and hours later could still feel sore on his butt where he got hit somehow. And a time or two Ti and Do had a classmate tell of their dream. I recall Ollody once doing so but don’t recall it’s content. I call those “contact”. Why wouldn’t they be contact?

If they didn’t give instructions to not do something why am I doing something wrong to do it and especially regarding writing a book about them and how all Jesus prophecy proves they were exactly who they said they were/are. The same with my video’s and this blog. Even my little bio is the bio about how my vehicle was picked to be taken by a returning Soul from the Next Level to complete their overcoming through, who failed but who was given another chance, just like the Luciferian fallen angels were given multiple chances (as Ti and Do said on the Blackhawk tapes).

8) You behave as if criticizing you is somehow criticizing Ti and Do and you have had the gall to claim that I “owe” Ti and Do for how I have criticized you.

Sawyer’s reply:

No, you have twisted that. What I criticize about what you say about me is how to accuse me of all these things while not being able to back any of them up with an instruction or behavior or way given to us from Ti and Do. It’s all about you opinion about what I should or shouldn’t do, say or shouldn’t say, think or shouldn’t think (as you often fill in the gaps with assumptions about what I’m thinking).

Re: my saying that you might be criticizing Ti and Do, had to do with your constant attack on me claiming that I don’t care about the remaining tapes not being released, which by the way isn’t true as I do care but not so much that I think it hampers anyone from growing closer to Ti and Do, because I trust that if we needed those tapes Ti and Do would have saw to it that Rkkody got all the tapes to copy or that Mark and Sarah would have had a change of heart. I don’t think Do made a mistake by not arranging to have the tapes split up among the ones he had the other materials split up between or by not having them all transcribed, a task I participated in while in the classroom, or by having them all copied and digitized professionally or by the computer people in the classroom. I don’t doubt for a minute that he would have explored the options while asking Ti what to do. So I think he didn’t get instructions to do any differently than he did or he got instructions to do exactly what he did by putting them all in storage and then instructing Mark and Sarah to get them or giving that task to Rkkody and Oscody, which ended up happening. I can’t speak to your strong feelings about this but I can speak to your condemnation of me for not going along with the degree of your anger over any other opinion/interpretation from your own as to the content of the letters that clearly give the task of deciding what to do with the contents of storage to Mark and Sarah regardless of DO and Crews hope that they would choose to disseminate them the same as with all the materials that is also very clear in the letters.

So you’ve made it your mission to follow me around on this blog and YouTube channel to “stop me” as you told me, which I guess meant stop me from talking, writing, making video’s and yet that’s not a task Do gave you did he? It’s interesting how several others really took to your mission to stop me when they got wind of your regular comments in that regard a year or two ago and yet it’s all from shallow opinions, without even circumstantial evidence from things Ti and Do taught that includes all of what Jesus taught in the 4 gospels.

I wish we could have a truce as I’ve spent hours defending myself and trying to at times make the shoe fit and wore it a few times I admit but to abide by your opinions that I should say and write nothing of my experience and just send people document packets when they ask questions doesn’t feel like the only way Ti and Do would have us disseminate their information and especially at this time when I believe it’s the extension of the Second and LAST “WAVE” that started in the 1990’s and complete phase one by 1997. (Jwnody called the book/website “phase one” if I recall and said they didn’t know if there would be another phase.)

9) Your mission is not from Ti and Do. Your mission is for the purpose of getting attention for yourself but your righteousness blinds you to that. No, I cant “prove” it to you just like you cant prove that you are on a task for the NL. Your “mission” is just an excuse to continue to stay here. Interesting that you went out of your way to find fault with me for wrestling with staying on this planet. Why would you find fault with someone who doesn’t want to be here? Is it because you’re afraid to leave here but you refuse to admit it? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that those thoughts of yours don’t come from the NL. Maybe its you who owes Ti and Do an explanation for why you care more about what you have to say about the NL than what They had to say.

Sawyer’s reply:

What did I say that found fault with your wanting to not stay on this planet? Please be specific. I remember when you were hinting at planning to exit. I might admit that was over 10 years ago and at that time I was still dealing with an influence who didn’t want to consider exiting, though I asked DO if I needed to prepare myself to exit as they did, so I wasn’t that far gone then or I wouldn’t have had the courage to ask that question. For the record he came to me in a dream immediately after that and said only, “You need to give your life,” something I can imagine him saying and I admit feeling relieved to hear that as it gave me the option and decided right then to give my life by telling the truth knowing that the chips might fall to where someone accelerates me out of this vehicle because of.

But even if I did say something to you about your desire to exit, which I don’t recall directly talking about, but do recall your hinting about so I may have said something about that you recall as “find fault” with that desire, at that time I also broke through that influence and ceased shying away from the fact that Do left the gate open for a short period of time that may or may not have passed. I would guess it hasn’t passed. But I was also being potentially snared by at least two people at different times who told me they were thinking about exiting because they thought they would come back to a better life. I didn’t know if they were just trying to snare me into encouraging their suicide or were deluded to thinking death of their vehicle would solve their problems in life. One said he had been living on the street in Philadelphia and he acted as if he believed in Ti and Do but then would say things about his mission he was given while on another planet to come to earth to lead people and was making up a mixture of Ti and Do terms with a complete spiritual “ye are god’s” mindset, which I pointed out to him and a lot of this is still on my blog. The other person was a different story altogether. That’s when I put together the full breath of all the things DO and Class wrote on exiting and saw that Stmody wrote about how “suicide” to escape life lessons wasn’t of value. You can call that looking for justification not to leave but that’s not your business to point out to me. Why would anyone want anyone to exit when they don’t feel it’s right for them to do. There are people all the time who appear to so easily try to commit suicide. I don’t know if they hate the world and perhaps they all have their Souls saved but perhaps not.

I’m also frightened by the idea that some might get so angry with the facts I know about how Ti and Do fulfill all the prophecies that someone might eventually seek to force my vehicles exit. However, I’m at least brave enough for the moment to continue to push the information out there and willing to exit in that way and frankly don’t disqualify my exiting as They did. That option looked a whole lot easier when I was in pain from Lymes disease and couldn’t walk. When life in the vehicle is miserable it’s a whole lot easier to want to exit and also when life is going fairly well enough it’s quite hard to put one’s head on the chopping block, which I am sure has yet to get started for us, while some humans do have a fairly easy life yet witness injustice or take jobs that jeopardize their lives to save others (like firefighters) or whistle blowers, etc. Perhaps they have overcome clinging to their human vehicles but I don’t think Ti and Do would see them in the same light as those who join the military to become hired killers or who strap bombs to their bodies and walk into a crowded square, etc. They aren’t afraid to die either. I do remember writing that I can see Lucifer encouraging people to exit, especially if by doing so they can keep them from disseminating their experience with Ti and Do. But I may have been giving into an influence to think that.

After all, if you were of a mind to exit, what could I say to stop you. I presume you would have already done as Do said and screamed to the Next Level in your privacy to see if it was write for you and that from doing that if it was right you would then have the courage.

When you tell me what is not, I know that you don’t know what is not in regards to my relationship with Ti and Do and what I hear is your own pent up anger and like I said a type of vendetta for when I suggested to someone one time that you found, that I am the most outspoken former member, I said to impress someone by and knew immediately when you confronted me with my saying that, that I had given into an influence to use my mouth in that way – an ego influence I knew I had – a booger I still deal with, though think I have for the moment a handle on but see crop up in my life in various ways in my head. I know how to combat those influences but I admit I can easily be tricked but have never said that since and am not guilty for the thoughts I might have in that regard as Ti and Do taught that what we are guilty about is when we let those thoughts manifest into words and actions.

**************** SECTION TWO:  *************

new post from carlan:

‘This site is dedicated to the sharing of my experience as a student of Ti and Do for 19 years”. Interesting that you make no mention in your site’s description of the information that the Class left behind with very specific instructions that it be distributed.

Also, no mention that the Information that the Class left behind is going to be more accurate than anything that you have to say, you know, considering that it is Ti and Do instructing the students in the audio tapes and this site is just your own personal feelings and observations since you left the Class. But of course you “don’t care” that the Information that the Class specifically wanted disseminated is being suppressed. You care about your book that was the “little book” mentioned in Revelation because you believe it is part of your “mission” and “task” for the NL.

Say, what did Do think of the prophecies in Revelation that you claim that you are fulfilling by writing your “little book”? “We’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, or Isaiah, or anyplace else” Beyond Human, session 11. You’ve called me a “broken record” in the past and yet perhaps you are a broken record by continuing to insist that what you have been doing for the past 15 years is in service to the NL. Just because you make that claim and have conned yourself and your followers into believing it doesn’t necessarily make it true Sawyer. You can’t even keep track of what you say Sawyer. I told you about how you had given me a hard time in a personal message regarding my wrestling with being on planet earth and you asked me to be “more specific”. Like I already said, it was a personal message on fb and the fact that you don”t remember it is maybe an indication that you should think a little bit more before you go giving your unsolicited opinion on what I’m personally wrestling with. I try to keep my criticisms of you to your claims about what you state that you believe that you are doing for the NL. For your own sake it’s great that you decided that your human life was unfulfilling but that doesn’t mean that the NL wanted you to spend 15 years writing your blog, doing blogtalk and making videos with your take on what Ti and Do were all about.

Why should I go to you for info on the NL when the NL left information behind that They very specifically wanted distributed? Compared to the information left behind by Do and the Class ANYTHING that you say about the NL is going to be diluted and colored by your own personal programming. It’s interesting that compared to your rambling blog and videos you seem to have no interest in the audio tapes that were made, including all those that were made after you left. It’s a crime against the NL that Mark and Sarah lied to RKK to obtain the tapes and continue to suppress them even though Mark assured RKK that he would.

As far as I can tell no former class members seem to care, not you, not Rio, not JHN. You once gave me a hard time for having conflicts with former members like the aforementioned individuals. Why would I want to “get along” with those who don’t care about going against Do and the Class’ wishes that Their info be distributed? The same individuals who have lied to glorify themselves in the name of Ti and Do?

No, we’re not in a Class with an OM present and we are not all working towards the same goal and I am not obligated to anyone who is on planet earth. Since the Class is over we’re not all on the same page and I’m not obligated to ANY former class members for anything that I do. RKK and I tried to take the higher side with Rio and the Kings and it was thrown back in our faces. I got along with RKK well enough to make as much of the info available as we could. I’ve been skeptical of you and your mission from the beginning when you started talking about your dreams in which you claimed contact with Do and the Class.

And it’s become clear to me over the years that your primary interest is in having your voice heard, not in distributing Ti and Do’s info. You’ve accused me of making up lies about you when I cited things that you yourself have said and you had the gall to state that I somehow owe Ti and Do for what I’ve said about you.

Maybe you owe Ti and Do for trying to bring Them into it because you can’t remember what you said and when you said it and played the victim when you were held accountable. Maybe you owe RKK for trying to find fault with him fore giving the tapes to Mark when you couldn’t even remember the circumstances of what happened correctly. If it wasn’t for RKK there would be NO audio tapes available, nothing for you to put your flute music over. You should be thanking him instead of being low and petty and trying to find fault with him. Interesting that you thought you would be in a position to point fingers at RKK when you turned down his request for help in carrying out the class’ desires back in 1997. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me. How many hours did you spend digitizing the tapes? How many hours did you spend distributing the materials to libraries across the country? How much of your own $ did you spend on disseminating the Class’ (not your) info? How many FedEx packages did you receive from the Class after They left including the disks with the instructions to upload Their Final statements and Press release?

How many public meetings did you hold where you showed a video of Do and made the materials available and opened yourself up to ridicule and grilling by the press?

I’m saying this to toot RKK’s horn. And you have the arrogance to call what you’re doing on the internet “brave”. I’ve been called all kinds of names online. That doesn’t mean that it takes bravery to state I believe in Ti and Do while sitting behind a keyboard. To your credit you did admit that calling yourself the “most outspoken” proponent of Ti and Do was a mistake but I still see you drawing attention to yourself and wanting recognition for your 19 years in the Class.

Quite frankly, you largely do not know what you’re talking about much of the time. You claimed in one of your writings that RKK had already left the Class when you left in Sept of 94 from the warehouse in Orange Cty, CA. Actually RKK didn’t leave until several months later in the spring of 1995 when the Class was building the earthship in New Mexico.

How many times have you mentioned your 19 years in the Class versus how many times have you tried to draw attention to the audio tapes that were left behind? How many times have you said that you “don’t care” that that audio tapes that the Class wanted to be disseminated are being suppressed? How many times have you mentioned that you had NO interest in helping distribute Their info after They left in 1997 when RKK asked you if you wanted to help?

What if this whole thing that you’ve been doing all these years is for your own ego? Adding your flute music to an audio tape of Ti and Do? In Their final letters They stated that They wanted the information distributed, They didn’t say anything about altering it by adding your personal touch with music.

We got suckered by the lower forces working through Austin into believing that we were serving the NL by catering to Austin’s influences. After that incident it became clear to me how dangerous it was to throw “pearls before swine” and how beyond distributing the info there really is NO task here for the NL as far as any kind of public interface goes.

At times your arrogance is astounding. You may try to deny this one and ask me to be “more specific” but one of the many times that I stated that I was done communicating with you you actually had the gall to say that you hoped I wasn’t giving up on Ti and Do and the NL.

Yes sawyer, because I was sick of your particular brand of b.s. I MUST have been questioning the reality of Ti and Do and the NL.

I’m sure Mark and Sarah believe that by copyrighting and suppressing the Class’ info that they are serving the NL. Rio and Marc probably thought that they were serving the NL by going on Art Bell and attacking RKK and telling lies about him and their tasks.

You seem to believe that everything that you have done online for the past 15 years has been for the Next Level. You have accused me of a “self-righteous vendetta” for daring to hold you accountable for your extraordinary claims that you make in the name of Ti and Do.

But what if you are on a self-righteous and self-appointed mission Sawyer? Do you seriously expect the world to accept your interpretations of dreams that you’ve had and based on that accept that you’re on a mission for the NL? Maybe the reason why you get so defensive and start playing the victim when you are held accountable for your claims is because you aren’t 100% comfortable with your claims?

Maybe this whole mission that you made up for yourself and are trying to get the world to accept is about you wanting attention and recognition just like how Austin used HG to garner attention for himself. I will never believe in your mission and I don’t need you to help me “decide” who to give my “allegiance” to. Maybe the NL doesn’t need you to help individuals decide either? If I were you I’d project an apology to RKK and to Ti and Do for trying to find fault with him, it was a pretty mean-spirited and petty attack on someone who isn’t even here, someone who has shown FAR more dedication to the NL than any of us here considering that he left twice by his own hand. And maybe try being quiet for once and do some introspection instead of whining to the internet yet again about “accusations” against you and playing the martyr card every time that you’re held accountable for the things that you’re doing in Ti and Do’s name. Criticism of you and your made-up mission is not and never will be criticism of Ti and Do and the Next Level despite what you have conned yourself into believing.

Sawyers responses to Carlan’s comment:

I do that distribution of the HG Book and the Audio Tapes, etc. as well whenever someone asks. It’s all helping people see in greater depth what Ti and Do were all about as they said was hoped for in the letter sent to Mrc and Srf.

I may have been out of place years ago to spend so much time explaining to people what is in their Book and on the tapes. I did recognize that I was soft peddling their extension of the choice to exit as they did, to go with them to where they were going as opposed to being “saved” from the recycling. But when I saw that I sought to correct it and put together a blog post to show all the ways they thought about our choices going forward and how everyone actually could grow closer to them without feeling like the only choice was to exit in the way they did. I know that is justifying my own choice not to exit by my own hand but it’s not a self justification because the options didn’t come from me. Do spoke about those options in great detail in several of his video’s, exit and Beyond Human video’s and Jwnody wrote about it as well. I know that Ti and Do want us all to make the choices that feel most right to us, whatever they are and along with that do want us to believe in Them because they know they are the ones who have the “key” to that Heaven’s Gate and that all God’s children grow at different rates and that no one else should guilt us into submission. We need to give ourselves to the Next Level because we really want to.

I never found fault with Rkkody at all. I was simply pointing out that he was doing the best he could with his task for the Next Level. I admit bringing up some of his choices – selling mugs and other paraphernalia to offset the cost of distributing the information as his choice to do and NOT WRONG, though I hadn’t seen Ti and Do do that, though in a sense I guess one could say working for humans to put food on the table was in a sense the same kind of thing. And we also sold the Transfiguration Diet book. In fact I sold them during my lunch hour when we lived in Dallas and I was at my out of craft task and had a car because I was the assigned driver in our car pool.

I don’t understand how you could know if Do and Ti and/or certain students did contact me through dreams or not! I don’t expect you to believe that and I don’t expect that I got the right interpretations, if it was from them but they always said the Next Level used our dream time to help us with lessons and perhaps my sharing them was not what DO would have had me do. I know it can look like bragging and like the religious who claim contact with Jesus, etc. Jesus did teach that prayer was private and that one would receive responses to our prayer in private. So I guess I won’t know is that was right to do in this circumstance until I’m back in their company if they choose to save my Soul for another opportunity.

Rkkody never asked me to help him except in some way regarding his exit and I admit at that time being far more asleep than I am now.

I never found fault with Rkkody at all. I was simply pointing out that he was doing the best he could with his task for the Next Level. I admit bringing up some of his choices – trying to sell mugs and other paraphernalia to offset the cost of distributing the information, because of what I saw as a double standard in your judgement of my choices verses his. I see that was another mistake of mine as it seems to have just made you more furious sounding. I had felt to offer you that viewpoint for years but didn’t until I finally did.

I had heard that Mark may have found fault with Rkkody over that but I never did even in my mind. I hadn’t seen Ti and Do do that, though in a sense I guess one could say working for humans to put food on the table was in a sense the same kind of thing. And we also sold the Transfiguration Diet book. In fact I sold them during my lunch hour when we lived in Dallas and I was at my out of craft task and had a car because I was the assigned driver in our car pool.

You don’t know if Do and Ti and certain students did contact me through dreams or not! I don’t expect you to believe that and I don’t expect that I got the right interpretations, if it was from them but they always said the Next Level used our dream time to help us with lessons.


You don’t know if Do and Ti and certain students did contact me through dreams or not!

I didn’t know when Rkk left the last time. If I acted like I knew that it was a typo. I have no desire to be inaccurate in any regard though I admit making mistakes that I correct when they are pointed out.

You make many assumptions and say things as facts about what I think and do and they are not and yet never respond to my responses and then keep repeating the same accusations so after a while it appears that you believe what is actually untrue.

You seem to have an agenda as you told me in a facebook message to stop me while you hold yourself up high in self righteousness and your tiny, tiny evidence is my site descriptions that doesn’t say that much.

What difference does it make how many times I said this verses that. Who’s got the talley? How trite are your accusations as if you are the scorekeeper over me.

In terms of distributing Ti and Do’s information, who has the talley on that – you?

Why isnt’ my experience hearing what Ti and Do said valid distribution of their information?

Maybe putting flute on that one little snippet for my blog talk radio show was tacky or perhaps Do and Ti would have wished I didn’t do that but without an instruction or procedure you can site it’s like anything else. They didn’t say what not to do. You are creating you own opinion about that while claiming that I am giving my own opinion about things. The difference is that you are on the attack without evidence. Why is that?

If I dilute something then tell me what it is and I will examine it. If I distort something then tell me what it is. At least tell me that you even read what I say or read it to find the higher side. I’ve never thrown anything in your face so shouldn’t you take the higher side with me as you and Rkkody tried to do with others? What have I said or done that doesn’t deserve even that little bit of respect?

You state that “you largely do not know what you’re talking about much of the time” – okay fine, so give me some examples, otherwise you are stating something that is not necessarily true.

For me it has required degrees of bravery to do a lot of the media I’ve done. It took bravery to give public meetings and talk to the press while in Ti and Do’s classroom as well. Maybe for you it’s not brave but maybe it’s harder for me and you’ve conquered that sheepishness.

I don’t think that everything I do is for the Next Level.

Can you be specific as to your claim that I have made “extraordinary claims that you make in the name of Ti and Do.”

If I am on a self righteous self appointed mission that’s between me and Ti and Do. But for the record if you actually watched these video’s you would see that I often don’t think I have the ultimate “right” interpretation on some parts of scripture.

As far as self appointed, I was honestly seeking to serve Ti and Do again in 2001 many years before I had dreams and began writing the book that I just published where I saw those Revelation verses that seemed to indicate the plan of there being a “backside (history)” to the overall BOOK (Rev 5:1) and the Little Book descriptions in Rev chapter 10. But I never really thought that applied to any one person and certainly not specifically to me, except in how I did feel to write about all the Jesus prophecy.

Do and Ti never justified themselves with prophecy but certainly talked about prophecy points. Do held a meeting where he had us bring bibles to one time during the entire time I was with them and interpreted Rev 12:1 as the “woman” being TI (TI wasn’t at that meeting as it was before she exited her vehicle).

You act as if the Next Level is static and there is no one else who can be in their service yet that’s not what Do talked about as the Three Types of people who could be saved….AFTER they left physically.

So who is influencing you to be so against my showing anyone who ever counted Jesus as someone from the Kingdom of God, Next Level how all Jesus said and did was talking about what Ti and Do fulfiilled? Who wants to keep that truth from being spread far and wide (if the Next Level chooses for it to be through whoever)?

Why do you seem to be more concerned about my spreading that truth than that truth becoming available in a way it hasn’t been done before that I’m aware of?

Even after saying that I’m reminded that the Next Level doesn’t need me or anyone else to do their work because as Jesus said, they can raise up stones to praise God. But they also have shown that it’s part of the program that some can continue their overcoming by being of service in that way.

By the way, I have no “followers,” in the context you often seem to imply, as if I’m trying to or even capable of being someone’s leader.

I don’t expect anyone to believe anything about me or about Ti and Do or about anything. That’s not a concern of mine at all. To the contrary I do expect more attacks on anyone and everyone who give their allegiance to the Next Level versus the Luciferian run human kingdom of governments and religions and wealth accumulation, and false god worship (working for), etc.

What claims am I uncomfortable with?

I guess you have sought to hold me accountable, so that’s fine. Sometimes you have said things that I have taken to heart. I know I have influences and make mistakes and talk too much sometimes or write too much or do a poor job of writing and have given opinions that may not be from Ti and Do’s mind and one of those influences can have me display what to others might seem like arrogance, which I hate when I see myself giving into. But then again, if I know something I’m not going to act like I don’t so I don’t come across as arrogant, because there are many that can think I’m being arrogant because they don’t know what I know and I do know some things. I’ll give you an example. I know that Ti and Do are from the Next Level and that everything they taught and did was a perfect example of the greatest truth anyone could find and what I wish to become and mimic. If that sounds arrogant than so be it. In that case it’s not an influence.

Maybe you could be more accountable to many of the things you say against me. Not accountable to me but to make sure it’s related to instructions and lesson steps Ti and Do and Jesus gave us. As otherwise isn’t it “finding fault” without cause as Jesus warned us against doing and as Ti and Do put in the words to their song…

Help me have no human ways
No thoughts of self
No faults to see
Only the ways of Space
Now I know my heart is fast
In my Father’s path at last
Only the Ways of Space
Only the Ways of Space

For those that may read this and never heard that song it was sung to the Beethoven music called “Jesus meine Freund” (Jesus my friend). I don’t think we ever sang that aloud or as a group as it’s a type of prayer and as Jesus also taught it’s private to be done in our personal “closet”.

However, when someone does find fault with us, we can still benefit from it. Ti and Do called that “making a positive out of a negative” something they said many times that the Next Level were very good at doing.

I know I’m being “defensive” and in the context of the classroom such was inappropriate. If a check partner brought something up to us that was supposed to only be things to where we were breaking “procedures”, behaviors and ways, our response, besides trying to understand fully what they are saying or agreeing with them would be to say “thank you, I’ll examine that” rather than to give justifications of ourselves and/or to then strike back at them in some way. We were required to offer that help to our partners but we didn’t offer that help to anyone else in the class. If we saw someone else breaking procedure the instruction was to write a note to Ti and Do about it.

In this setting it would seem to be different, but perhaps I’m wrong about that. But if I didn’t “defend” against certain accusations or inaccurate statements, presumptions to know how I think and what my motivation is – judgements against me, though I know they don’t necessarily have any bearing on what Ti and Do think (though they may), to date I feel to respond. Maybe that’s a fault of mine sometimes but of course even that can be twisted, so some could find fault with my defense.

By the way I don’t feel “brave” to be doing what I’m doing now. But there was a time when I said things to someone, correcting them in things they would say that I thought I understood were’t from Ti and Do’s mind, that I could bring evidence to them about (though often left to interpretation I know) , that I had fear about what they might say back to me. I guess after years of doing this in a full time way, I don’t deal with that fear any longer. Sometimes I was also hurt by things said and wanted to lash back and did sometimes and/or said things I know were not from Ti and Do’s mind to say, having some misplaced anger, etc.

** Further comments from Crlody (Carlan) and Sawyer’s responses:

These conflicts between us only serve to distract individuals from the information that the Class left behind. We need to be satisfied with that information as the most direct, undiluted Next Level information on the planet. By your actions you are not satisfied with that information and want recognition for your take on what the Class was about. By your own words you “don’t care” that much of that information is being suppressed. You want recognition for being “brave” in your self-appointed NL mission and if you didn’t want recognition for that then why even bring it up?

You must never read my comments back to you because I’ve explained probably over a dozen times what I mean by the out of context, “don’t care” about the surpassed audio tapes. That was not an accurate thing to say as to how I feel about it but again I got worn down so did say it that way but since then, even over years have clarified that I do care but have no recourse to get them released that I would feel good about and know that we have everything we need. I trust Ti and Do to have provided all we need to take further steps in our overcoming and provision of service (mission) for Ti and Do. As I recall, but could be wrong about, Ti and Do didn’t like using that word “mission” pertaining to themselves. They spoke as having or giving a “task”, or an “assigned task” and/or “project” and/or “process” and/or program as far as I recall.

What do you propose we do to try to get those tapes remaining audio tapes released?

You sound like you think you have authority to tell me what I should or should not be doing, saying my actions show that I’m not “satisfied with that information” (from Ti and Do) because I write/talk about related scriptures and signs, etc. while DO and TI are who gave us the many, many references to scriptures and parts of the Book of Revelations, not me, so I’m following their lead in that. If you could point to things Ti and Do said that indicate what NOT to think, say and do then you’d have some credence but even the few remote references hardly criticize my efforts in that regard.

I think you could learn to look for the positive in what others do, and “forgive” our trespasses against others as we want our trespasses to be forgiven and especially so when you have no grounds to see them as negatives in Ti and Do’s mind from the information they left behind.

I agree their info is the most direct, undiluted info on the planet. Part of their information is the Jesus record (See the back of the Heaven’s Gate book and how many times DO spoke about Jesus and Ti as well, though they never quoted chapter and verse) that you seem to choose not to include – the entire record in the 4 gospels and we can’t ignore how much of the Book of Revelations DO spoke about so can’t disqualify those provisions of information.

I brought up before that to me it did require some bravery (however minor) to put myself in the public eye in 1997 and then again in 2002 and thereafter at times. I only brought up “bravery” because you kept on reminding me that I didn’t have the courage to exit as they did which I don’t disagree with, though have no reason to believe not having that courage means the end of my learning lessons and providing Ti and Do service until I do exit this vehicle (by whatever means, not actually ruling out leaving as they did).

Ti and Do were brave as were all those who followed Them out of here. You’re here because you’re afraid to leave. Just like everyone else. You’re not special. The world doesn’t need Sawyer’s take on what the class was about to grow closer to the NL. What if I said that I had a dream in which Do told me that you are completely off-track and not serving the NL with this mission of yours? Would you tell me it must not have been Do in my dream? How would either of us “prove” it either way? You can never prove that you are for the NL Sawyer, it’s something that you believe and you seem to expect the world to believe you too. considering that you haven’t shut up about it for ten plus years running now If you claim that you have contacts with the NL and you also claim that you “don’t care” that a significant portion of the NL mind that was left here by the class is being suppressed then I must state that your “contacts” are not from the NL. The Class wanted the tapes distributed. RKK knew it, I know it but you don’t care because you are more interested in your own blog, your own book and your own videos than you are in listening to Do instruct the students in the ways and thinking of the NL.

Maybe the reason that you get so defensive and you behave as if you’re almost a martyr for the NL is because deep down you know that you could be wrong about all of your claims.


Constant exaggerations and misrepresentations of what I think come out of your pen on a regular basis. How do you know what I think unless I give it to you. Who gives you that information that makes you sound so confident?

I am not trying to prove to anyone that I am for the Next Level but I am trying to offer evidence that Ti and Do were from the Next Level as the return of the Father and Jesus. Can you explain to me what’s wrong with that?

I’m wondering if you are drunk or stoned when you write these comments as they ramble along with preconceived opinions you self justify that are often telling me what I think and feel and experience and should not do. Do you ever wonder what Ti and Do think of your accusations against me?

And then if I respond which I always do, you call me defensive. Isn’t that called in the world a type of “bait and switch” you are employing, or maybe it’s the “straw horse” or some other phrase that’s been popularized for that kind of form of deception. It’s hardly straight forward as we were taught to communicate and Jesus also spoke about.

Ti and Do taught that dreams could be used by the Next Level to help us with our lessons. It was personal and when Ti and Do had us tell them of our dreams, which they encouraged us to program our vehicles to remember when we went “down” (to bed), they sometimes gave their impression of the dream and sometimes told us about their dreams. The biggest point to dreams is that they are personal and not meant to talk about anyone else so the idea that you could have a dream that said I was off track wouldn’t be consistent with what they taught just like if I had a dream that you were off track. I’m not saying those kinds of dreams are impossible to have but they would be from the lower forces not from the Next Level based on all I recall they taught about dreams.

I also have no desire for the “world” to believe anything I say but you keep repeating stuff like that as if a broken record.

You are all about, almost 100% related to me all about what “I’m not” whether to you or to others and to Ti and Do which is a big pointer of where such thoughts come from because you don’t know what I am to Ti and Do right now, nor to anyone else. All you can do, as I is talk about what you believe or feel about me, which you’ve done so many times now I had to compile them into a blog post so to not allow you to sow news seeds of misinformation about me.

To your credit you’re one of the very few former class members I’ve known who takes responsibility for why they left the Class. RKK did too. And of course for your own sake I’m glad that you decided that you found the human life unsatisfying. But how can you be sure that “give your life” in a dream means that you’re supposed to be doing all that you’re doing?

Sawyer: To me that’s apples and oranges re: my belief that Do said to me in a dream, when I asked (not during a dream) if I should “prepare to lay down my life as they did”, “you need to give your life”. That’s not saying I’m supposed to do what I’m doing. I don’t know if what I did with the book and other biblical based writings/speakings is approved by Ti and Do. They may not see any value to it, though for other reasons to include subsequent dreams I have impressions that it was a positive thing to do for the overall mission at this point in time THAT THEY GAVE TO ALL OF US. It was by delving into the Revelations to show how they all can legitimately translate and be interpreted as being fulfilled by Ti and Do, specifically because of their teachings and experiences over the years, that I couldn’t deny their potential value to at the very least provide the challenge to Christians who say they are waiting for Jesus to return. It faces them with the truth and I guess it’s possible some are still growing souls. I don’t know. I don’t try to discern all that. It’s enough to do, to try to keep up with all the misinformation seeds sown out there on a daily basis.

Are you getting specific instructions from Ti and Do in dreams to say all that you’re saying? They told you that you are “brave” and that it doesn’t matter that the audio tapes that They wanted disseminated are being suppressed? That makes no sense and I think deep down you know it doesn’t but you are so thoroughly convinced, so thoroughly RIGHTEOUS about everything you’re doing being some “task” for the NL that you refuse to hear anything to the contrary. The more that I tell you that I don’t believe in your task the more you will continue to believe in it as you take that resistance to mean you’re being persecuted because of the rightness of your mission. Don’t confuse your own will with Ti and Do’s will. You don’t represent Them. You can’t explain the lessons presented by Ti and Do on the audio tapes better than they can.

No absolutely not. I haven’t got any “instructions” from dreams or any other way. I agree with Rkkody, that’s not the way it works but we can get “ideas” about things to think or say or do, but they can’t necessarily be counted on unless we can see them verified by things in the legitimate records with all Ti and Do taught as the ultimate authority. I know I suggested that the Ceres lights were not Space Aliens on that dwarf planet. I don’t think I’m wrong about that because DO said that the space aliens couldn’t travel very far away from the earth anymore. However, I don’t know how far that is. But if we can count on what Jesus said about where the “signs” would come from going forward through the fulfillment of the remaining prophecies, as Ti and Do taught we could pertaining to the “red letters” in the 4 gospels then we can surmise that that space aliens wouldn’t be allowed to interfere with those “signs” seen in the “sun, moon and stars” (which I believe stars comes from the Greek “Aster” as a lighted object seen traversing from east to west, thus a comet, and I also think stars could be considering the plants as to us with the naked eye they look the same as stars. With Pluto I came up with interpretation because I knew the content of the first movie script and the pictures Ollody drew/airbrushed. Both Pluto and Ceres are strongly linked to Rev 6:8, to show their influence during the time of the “green horse”. When I saw a number of cross referenced records, the same as with Rev 11 Two Witnesses and Rev 12 “woman” and lots more, like the “Briefing” Ti “remembered” before she left in Rev 4, it’s like hard to deny there is a strong potential match of those ideas to those prophecies, yet I still do not know for sure if I got those right but it’s part of when they occurred as well that to me is part of that puzzle. And there have been many more “signs”. We didn’t need those “signs”. I think safe to say no one who was in their classroom needed any of those signs but now, it’s impossible to tell who can benefit from being able to see those mysteries uncovered.

Once again, go complain to your followers about all the “accusations” that you have to weather while on your important mission for the Next Level. RKK never felt like he was here to explain what the class was about. And he even was sent back after his first attempt at leaving. And he never saw it as being sent back, he always maintained that he “botched” the attempt.

This to me sounds like sarcasm, though I could be wrong but if it is, which you can examine I think you would agree it’s not a characteristic of a member of the Next Level.

I am not comparing myself to Rkkody, nor anyone else, nor that I have any different mission than anyone else, nor why he botched the first exit. I only considered that it wasn’t botched so that he could do a few more tasks for the Next Level before he left, but I could be wrong about that but I know it’s possible that’s why it was botched or that the Next Level made a positive out of the “botch”.

I have no followers but I admit when it comes up, and some ask me or comment about our back and forth I get worn out, so probably do come across as complaining. I’ll try not to duplicate that further.

Here are:  More accusations against Sawyer’s blog, video’s, Revelations Book by Carlan aka Crlody:

Here is the newest 2018 comment Carlan made about me and my comment to an article about Heaven’s Gate:

Crl’s comment:

The most accurate information on HG is the info left behind by HG, not Sawyer’s blog and book which he is writing on his own as part of his self-appointed mission here on planet earth which he claims he got from some dreams. Hundreds of hours of audio tapes left behind by the group are being suppressed and Sawyer has stated that he does “not care” that these tapes are being suppressed, probably because his primary interest is promoting his blog, book and himself. Sawyer had no interest in distributing HG’s info after they left in 1997 despite the fact that the group repeatedly stated in their final letters to some former members of the group that they wanted their info to get out. Sawyer did not receive one of these letters.

Sawyer’s reply:

Carlan is right. The most accurate information on HG is in the information left behind but as I was with Ti and Do for 19 years and witnessed most of that information’s progression and have countless examples of the many things Ti and Do taught, I provide additional insights to the truth about Ti and Do that some people value. Some of the mistruths Carlan stated in his comment were:

1) The mission I have is the same mission anyone can have – to tell the truth from everything Ti and Do left behind which includes my personal witness testimony. Thus it’s not “self appointed” as DO is the one who compelled anyone to disseminate their information so people could have a more in depth understanding of what they were all about. What Carlan is referring to as dreams is true but I didn’t start being of service to Ti and Do again because of the dreams, though they did help me come to terms with the bond I had formed with Ti and Do while in the group, since I had become reabsorbed into worldliness after I left them voluntarily. I continued to have dreams sometimes in response to questions I had and sometimes to correct me, though I don’t expect Carlan to believe they could have actually been Ti and Do and Crew communicating from their spacecraft. We were taught that dream time could be used by the Next Level to help us with our lesson steps, though I never claim they can be counted upon 100% because the lower forces of the planet can also influence us through dreams. Like anything one can learn to recognize the differences.

2) Carlan keeps repeating and taking out of context my saying I do “not care” that the audio tapes are still being suppressed by Mark and Sarah, the Heaven’s Gate webmasters. First off several hundred of those audio tapes with Ti’s inclusion on them are available and I do distribute them freely to anyone who asks me for them. The couple hundred tapes still being supressed are not in my hands and I have no influence upon Mark and Sarah, though I have tried to talk sense to them. But since DO saw to it that Rkkody got the first batch of tapes and distributed them – sent me a cd, etc. when he could have arranged for them to be distributed the same way he arranged for the exit video’s and web site and Beyond Human Series to be available and could have had them all transcribed, a project we did have starting from before Ti left her vehicle in 1985, I trust that we have all the information they want us to have access to, so in that way I don’t have this cross to bear though I wouldn’t be against someone trying to get the tapes through some legal means. It just doesn’t feel like a priority when there is so much information they provided.

3) I do have interest in promoting the HG info as I have done on my blogs, on my youtube channel and on my facebook pages and in thousands of comments on other’s blogs, channels and emails and other media to include the use of music I write that gets posted to music sites and that I talk about when the subject comes up in some form in my personal offline life. I have done this for over 15 years now in degrees so that now it’s a full time job I’m fortunate enough to be able to do.

Yes I do promote my book that brings scriptural evidence to Ti and Do as the so called Second Coming as DO always thought Christians were the number one group who were prepared to receive the truth, though are also the most misguided away from that truth. Since DO started me off on getting into scripture this felt natural for me to dive into.

It’s true that I was not mentioned in the letters Do and Crew sent to Mark and Sarah, to Rkkody and to a few others who at the time had expressed interest in the task of disseminating their information. I don’t know why Carlan is bringing that up as he knows DO wasn’t limiting who could take on that task, which it also states in the letters.

Why call out someone who it telling the truth about Ti and Do in whatever ways they can. It’s not like I do so under false pretenses. I’m not starting a new cult nor trying to be a new leader nor am I replacing Do in any way, shape or form. I’m not making hardly any money from doing so. I’ve made less than $75 in royalties for my book over the last year of sales. I give my book away on my blog. I don’t claim anyone needs anything I say or do to grow closer to Ti and Do.

Carlan’s beef with me is a human beef entirely and he knows that I will examine anything someone brings up to me and if their criticism fits I will wear that shoe as I’ve demonstrated by admitting to some of the things he brought against me years ago, things that in no way were related to changing Ti and Do’s information one iota.

I do promote myself as a witness to Ti and Do’s classroom. That’s what’s called “Standing for Ti and Do”. One can send people Their information and that’s fine but to give each person one’s personal testimony and experience can certainly become part of that process that can be of value. Ti and Do taught that their students were all attached to a strain of other souls who are taking vehicles to move up a notch in their own development towards Next Level membership. They taught that each student’s way of expressing themselves might appeal to different individuals in such a way that they can benefit from having that contact. DO even indicated that in his absence if there were “active students” left behind then those who are interested in the information should seek to have contact with them. I can’t imagine that such a contact was meant to be limited to telling them where they could find the HG information as anyone can find that for themselves by going to the web site and downloading their book that contains all the necessary information.

Carlan, you are fighting against the wrong enemy to try to limit or discredit me. As Jesus said about John the Baptist… if he’s saying the same things I’m saying then he’s on our side.

More accusations from Crlody against sawyer:

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    No, RKK did not give back the tapes that he already copied to Mark. Are you even paying attention? How could we have made the CDs if we didnt have copies of the tapes? Really, youre going to try to find fault with RKK for giving Mark the tapes back? You, the guy who had no interest in helping distribute the Class’ info after They left even after RKK reached out and asked you? Mark begged RKK for the tapes, he manipulated him, lied and repeatedly assured RKK that they would be made available. I dont care one iota what you say about me but the fact that you are trying to find fault with RKK who did more to carry out the tasks assigned by the Class than anyone else just reiterates to me how much you and I are not on the same page. You trying to find fault with RKK just makes you a self-righteous jerk Sawyer. Who do you think you are? Youre a dropout of the Class and NOTHING more, a man on a self-appointed mission and until Ti and Do come down here and tell me I need to listen to you Im going to continue to not believe the things that you say. I compare you to Rio because you both have demonstrated by your actions that you are more interested in talking about your own books and your own interpretations of what the Class was about. Rio called himself the soul-surviving member and you claim that youve had “contacts” with the Next Level and are here on a “task” for Ti and Do. Ive pointed out in your blogs where you made these statements and your first response was to claim that I was lying and then it was that I took it out of context. You say SO much Sawyer that you cant keep track of it. Its interesting that you usually have so much to say but in regards to why youre still here you just say its because its your choice to stay. Of course its your choice to stay, thats not an answer, thats an evasion. Im here because I am unwilling to make the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith, Im here because of my own weakness in overcoming my ties to this world. Why are you writing this Sawyer? Do you want sympathy from your followers? Followers of your blog that is. Once again, I dont care what you say about me but keep your big mouth shut about RKK. You didnt do anything to help with the Class final desires that the info be distributed. All you are is a guy who had a dream and based on that dream you expect the world to believe that you are here to interpret the Book of Revelation. Keep deluding yourself and playing the victim of anyone who dares to tell you that you are full of BS.

    • sawyer Says:

      Why does it matter now that I had no interest in distributing the class info while Rkk (and you) were? Is that like a nail in my coffin in your mind?

      The only thing RKK did to reach out to me was to talk to Mark which I did at that time though made no headway with. He did also want me to help him with his exit plans. On that score I told him I couldn’t implicate myself as being part of his exit.

      I wasn’t finding fault with Rkkody at all. Nothing I said does that. I have only praise for his service, not that I think my praise of him means anything. I brought it up to potentially alert you to what seems to me to be a double standard. Like Rkkody making cups and stuff to sell to help with distribution costs. Did he have instructions to do that, that you know of?

      But to call me a “self righteous Jerk”, what’s that about that you stoop to name calling?

      So Rkkody gave them back eventually. I don’t fault rkkody for doing that. It’s not my business to fault him or anyone else for what they do, but you constantly follow my posts around here and youtube spreading misinformation about what you think I said or meant that are often filled with inaccuracies you hardly ever back up and are based on your opinions, never ever citing what DO or TI or Crew said. You tried a few times, like in Session 11 where DO talks about Rapture and more or less say’s it’s not significant to them but for fun gave his interpretation. In other words he evidenced what he at that time thought about talking about that. He still talked about it and didn’t indicate not doing so but did say more about it from 1975 about their (Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses) being the “Sixth Closeness” and Jesus being the “Seventh Closeness” that seems to line up well in the timeline as the 6th and 7th Angels Trumpet Soundings.

      -have you done a study of my writings to see how much was about “me” in them and how much was about Ti and Do and Jesus? If not why compare me to anyone else.

      -Why are you so abrasive to say “keep your big mouth shut about RKK?”. What did I say that warranted that?

      – For the record it was over 10 dreams I must have needed because I had slipped so far away from what I had gained in the classroom.

      – Well a task was given to John to share “prophesy” the “Little Book” in Rev 10 and Rev 5:1 as the Backside of the book written from within the throne and Do and Crew’s book has as it’s last section the Jesus and other quotes more pertaining to how to get to Heaven. Perhaps that’s coincidence but I’m not at all saying I’m the only one who can try to be of service by deciphering the Book of Revelation – going by what I had received from Ti and Do in my class time and everything they left behind.

      – What would DO say about your accusations against me?

      As always, if you find anything let me know.

  2. crlody Says:

    You sent me a message on fb giving me a hard time for a poem I had written that dealt with wrestling with being here. It doesnt surprise me that you dont remember it because 1) you and the things that you say are often not coherent and 2) you seem to assume that everyone wants to always hear your unsolicited input. You cant keep track of what you say Sawyer because you never know when to shut up. I dont doubt that you still recognize who Ti and Do are but that really is a big “so what”. You arent the only one. Youre just the one who decided that you are somehow special enough to be here on a “task” for Ti and Do. Rio thought so too and so do the Kings. I strongly believe that all of you are solely here because youre afraid to leave. Thats the bottom line with anyone who is here

    • sawyer Says:

      can you send me the poem again please.

      I never said or implied I was the only one who recognized Ti and Do?

      I assume nothing about who wants to hear what I write. I just write it and post it and let the chips fall where they may.

      Aren’t you on a task for Ti and Do – to disseminate their information? I know dreams is evidence of nothing to anyone else but then they could be can’t they be? If not, why not?

      I told you I am “afraid to leave” to put it in your words but I’m going public as much as a I can, at every opportunity (CNN and the other news group, so far scheduled to come oct or nov, I’m told that you chose not to participate in or only for certain questions or perhaps you changed your mind from what I read on facebook) which does approach that “fear” because I think you and I would agree that Ti and Do’s info will never be popular, though perhaps tolerated for a time among some circles as has been the case for these last 20 years, so is a ticket to exit because of as 2000 years ago.

      I know I’m verbose and I know it can be incoherent to follow but all I can say to that is that I try to cram as much of what I call evidence into comments as I can in case certain keywords from Ti and Do mean something to some who the Next Level have been working with, who might be among the 144,000 (if that number is accurate).

  3. Meghan Rose Says:

    youch… swy, he’s a discarnate, right? he’s trying to keep you from trying to see.

    do and ti invited the class to listen and re-listen to the tapes because each listen would reveal more information — meaning, there was more information to be revealed.

    do and ti wouldn’t squelch anyone taking the pieces that were left and trying to arrange them to get more insight. they invited the class to listen and re-listen — to try to learn more. You don’t call this blog “gospel” (pardon the pun). This blog is you moving the pieces around to sincerely try to understand more.

    He’s taking your shared experiences and making them into cannon balls. if you enjoy it, go for it — i say: think of TLLODY ringing the bell whenever he posts. AND DELETE THE POST without even reading it.

    He is the worst kind of discarnate. very dangerous.

    • sawyer Says:

      From the way Ti and Do spoke about “discarnates” they are separate entities from a human vehicle with or without a deposit and it’s own “spirit” that’s part of the vehicle until it dies and if not taken by the Next Level for a future opportunity remains in the discarnate world.

      But if you meant that as a discarnate influence with him, that I believe is the case with all of us, since we haven’t overcome all influences yet, because even if we have outgrown the, as long as we are in these human vehicles we will have them to deal with in our heads or through relationships with others. But having to deal even with things that we think we have overcome still helps us gain more and more strength of Mind, what Ti called the “Mind Muscle”, a literal part of us so nothing is wasted when we seek to grow from it all.

      Listening to discarnates is what we all do (some more and some less), I think safe to say and they have the agenda conscious or not to be against anything that keep’s down the information provided by the Next Level and has been part of the program to grow to see through since the start of the civilization.

      I agree listening to the tapes over and over helps us get more of Their Next Level Mind into our vehicles if we listen wanting to know and understand the truth what’s real that they provide us.

      I agree that there is always more information to be revealed but it is important I believe that we stick to what they said in all the forms and to what they addressed in the records – the red letters of what Jesus said in the four gospels. However, when one does that they see that would include talking about things Moses said and the Book of Revelations in addition to what they said about things in the Book of Revelations. I’ve got a little post on some of my research I did on that, that I’ll post – when the word Revelation or it’s content was referenced or deciphered.

      So yes, I agree that we get more insights. We don’t get new info. We get more understandings of the info they provided.

      It’s so neat to see how everything they said and did relates to some examples and fulfillment of all of Jesus teachings and His prophecies.

      I don’t enjoy it at all and from him especially I can’t just delete his comments so far.

      It’s important I believe from Ti and DO’s teachings that we don’t think about or talk about someone as a discarnate influence as the discarnates are not us, though we can be influenced to entertain and repeat the thoughts they impose upon us. Ti and Do often said, “you are not responsible for the thoughts you have. You are responsible for what thoughts you entertain” – those that we continue to allow to remain in our heads and let out our vehicles mouth.

      My responding to critical posts can only be a positive for me if I convert it to a positive. I have to be open to being wrong or doing wrong by Ti and Do. By Carlan’s comments I have at times researched what DO and Crew said in their Book and tapes that Carlan referred to and he has said things that I could see that the “shoe fit” me, even generally speaking as I know I could do a much better job, but what I can’t say I ever got from what Carlan has said, was that my trying to serve was wrong for me to attempt. I have wondered if sharing dreams was a mistake I made, but I can’t change that and so I need to continue addressing them for what they were as I understood them. I received no new info from any of them but I believe they did help me override my vehicles slipping further away from Ti and Do than I had by dropping out the way I did, though that can’t be taken for granted. In other words we can always slip again. But what’s most important is getting back up and learning from any slippages we make no matter how many times we slip on the same or different “influences” upon us – listen to discarnate adversaries.

      It was often difficult working with “partners” assigned us by Ti and Do, but we always had the opportunity to take it to Ti and Do while they were incarnate, to settle things. Since they exited this world, that’s harder now but we each need to have it harder as Ti and Do taught because that’s the way we grow. We fail at times and the lesson to rise out of that failure becomes more difficult so that we are stimulated to pull harder on their Mind to not fail in that way again.

      The formula though for a slippage was to apologize if we realized our slippage had to do with another, in person to them. Ti and Do said we were to “go through out day” each night before sleep (down time) to see how we could have done a better job in any way, relative to what Ti and Do gave us to think, say and do. They didn’t want us to go to sleep if we left something between us and our partner or between us and Ti and Do or any other classmate. So students would at times get into their bunk and then realize they could have said something better to another so they would sometimes go to that person to clear the air, not to start a new talk about it, but to take responsibility for what we did we see as improvable. But we also didn’t want to interfere with another down time to feel better about ourselves so it could wait til morning to talk about when the opportunity presented itself.

    • Woraufhin Says:

      How do you replace hyphens with dashes? It’s a strange tell.

  4. Meghan Rose Says:

    He likes the book. Do you like the book?

    • sawyer Says:

      I haven’t read Deb’s book but knew of it. I am on friendly terms with Deb but I did voice my opinion that the Title “closing the gate”, if it’s referring to DO’s leaving isn’t accurate as DO left the gate open. I briefly knew Gbbody, Deb’s brother, when he joined the classroom and understand the pain she feels to the degree I can imagine it should I have lost someone close to me through their taking their own vehicles life.

  5. Meghan Rose Says:

  6. Kevin S Says:

    does everyone who commits suicide go on the spaceship with do and tee?

    my mother committed suicide in 2015. if i commit suicide will i maybe go to where she is with the ship?

    • sawyer Says:

      Suicide is not a path into the Next Level, anymore than dying in and of itself is, but one should carefully study all DO and Crew said about it.

      I don’t know where your mother’s spirit or soul went. It’s a person by person determination made by the Older Members in the Next Level, that Younger members participate in.

      There is no guarantee that what we believe before we die will get our spirit or soul “saved” -( what DO called being “put on ice”, though not literal ice). We each need to foster a relationship with the Next Level, or a stronger relationship (as we can never assume who has a part of the relationship and who doesn’t). The terms we use are irrelevant in that relationship development. It could be projecting our asking to the distant stars for help from the highest source we can imagine with the anticipation of receiving help to deal with the lessons in life. If we consider ourselves to be Christian then the instruction provided by Jesus was to project our asking to our “Father in heaven’ (the literal heavens, aks outer space).

      Here is what DO and Crew wrote about their position against suicide:

      Here is an excerpt written by Stmody, who was one of the 38 students of Ti and Do, who joined in 1975 and who wrote several documents that were included in their Heaven’s Gate Book that talks about how we need our human physical bodies to learn lesson’s through:

      An Excerpt from the document ‘Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”‘ By Stmody

      “* The right to identify as the mind, not the vehicle, knowing that if I should lose the vehicle, it would not be me that would die, because “I” am the spirit or soul, not the body, and “I” continue on

      My understanding is that the soul is actually freed from the discomfort of an old “suit of clothes” when the vehicle is dropped. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the driver “dies” when his “car” (body) stops “running.” To me, the body is just a “leaf” of the “tree,” and the genetic strain (family tree) doesn’t end when the leaf’s function becomes impaired. When it is becoming a burden on me and others, and whenever my choices are so restricted that growth is impossible, or ridiculously difficult, it is part of the design to evacuate it like a tree sheds a leaf. In contrast, human suicide (identifying as the body and trying to “end it all” for the purpose of avoiding the growth pains of lessons) gets you nowhere. It seems clear that longevity, physical beauty, and sex appeal are all Luciferian concepts based on identifying as only the body and its desires. After all, what’s the point of extending a life that’s meaningless? All that’s important to me is how much can I change to be like those who are already members of the Kingdom of Heaven, because I want to be a match for my new Next Level vehicle.”

      Here is another student that joined the group in 1994 expressing much the same:

      Excerpt from the document, “A Matter of Life or Death? YOU Decide” written on April 6, 1996 by Wknody, (one of Ti and Do’s 38 students who laid down her life in 1997)

      ‘So, as I try to relate to you throughout this writing, try to understand that when I speak of I, I am only referring to the mind/soul. I am not referring to the body or, as we refer to it, the “vehicle” that I am wearing. As I said earlier, this vehicle is just a container. In fact, to lose this vehicle means absolutely nothing to me, and most of the time it is an encumbrance to me. But to lose my Next Level mind, this “gift,” because of denying this knowledge and, subsequently, my Teachers, who bear the only real truth, is suicide in the truest sense of the word.

      In reality, I was born somewhere long ago and far away. I have returned to this civilization to finish my lessons because I was lucky enough to be literally saved – “put on ice” for further nurturing by the Next Level, the Level Above Human. That’s right, They actually save souls that They deem worthy of a chance to become new members in Their world, a very real many-membered Kingdom, above and beyond this one, located in deep space. The first and foremost requirement for salvation is simple enough – for it is merely wanting to separate from this world and go with God. This is enough to be put in the keeping of the Next Level. They will save you for further nurturing, at which time you will learn more of the other requirements for actual membership. What I know to be true is that They will care for you like no one ever has, and as long you keep looking to Them, They will help you to grow into a new creature with life in it.

      I am here because I have more lessons to learn in order to meet the requirements needed to graduate from this human kingdom to the Next Level. In order to learn these lessons, I must have a vehicle – a body to work through – a “tool” – and I do. It was “picked and prepped” just for me by the Next Level. It is a vehicle whose programming and experiences could offer me the most growth while overcoming its ties and addictions of this world, because to us, it’s not what one gets into in this world, but rather, what one gets out of in this world. What vehicles they choose for us is a carefully thought out selection made by the Next Level, because each one of us in this classroom is at a different level of growth, different grades, if you will. Most likely, the vehicles (human containers) that They chose for those of us in this graduating class are ones with genetic packages and worldly experiences that are a match for what we need to overcome.’

      The following link provides most of the documents that speak of this (including parts that are listed above):

      I don’t pretend to know what the Next Level Above Human would do with any spirit or soul that dies. What I do know is that the Next Level is very fair and gives us all many chances while living to grow closer to them (and again, it has nothing to do with religion or some spiritual pathway, though like everything in the human kingdom can all become paths, but paths to move past to get to the greatest expression of what’s true and real, which was provided by everything Ti and Do said and left for us to have access to.

      To foster that relationship with Ti and Do, to apply to be on their spacecraft with them at some point in the future means asking them to lead you in that direction which would start by seeking “contact” with them, which is done in our privacy using their names. To use old names is like ignoring that the new Representatives were here. Studying everything they wrote and said and applying as much as one can which includes beginning to share it with others, referred to as “standing for Ti and DO” is a big practical part of the formula that helps us “separate” from our humanness. Our rate of separation from our humanness is up to each of us.

    • Kevin S Says:

      i got notified of your reply to my brother’s plea. Kevin is at peace now. He believed he could see his mother again . Kevin is dead.

      I pray to holy god that you stop this. Please, my mother would like to speak to you. These are human beings.

      • sawyer Says:

        I can’t make sense of what you just wrote. Are you saying your brother who has written to me under the handle you are using here – Kevin S just killed himself and did so because something I said encouraged it somehow? If so then please re-read my reply to Kevin S again very carefully as there was nothing of the sort in it, but as with anything people can find reason to do certain things if that’s what they choose. I’m sorry for your loss which I can understand would be painful to experience. If I had said, “No Kevin, you won’t see your mother after you die” – how could I know that which is why I said I don’t know what happened to her Soul or spirit after she died so I wouldn’t know what would happen to his either. If anything I dissuaded him from committing suicide and gave several examples of why, so how I am to blame in your mind?

        However I will stop answering such questions as I did. I have talked two people out of committing “suicide” when they were down on their luck. That’s what I thought I was saying to Kevin without telling lies.

        And if you are the brother and he wanted to be with his mother who was deceased how would the mother talk to me as you said she wants to? I am not a spirit medium.

        There are millions of Christians, I would venture to guess who think when they die they get to be with their loved ones who passed before them. That’s common so Kevin S perhaps came to me with that already in his head and perhaps what I said was in conflict with his preconceived idea.

      • Kevin S Says:

        No I’m fine.

      • sawyer Says:

        How come you don’t answer my other questions. But it’s not necessary to me now anyway. I know people at this time especially could be influenced by unseen forces/voices, etc. When we have any thoughts about hurting ourselves or others it’s one of those discarnate influences. None of us are immune to them.

        I’ve had people make up stories and have had people try to entrap me in a number of ways and have had some with elaborate hoaxed events so though I take each common at first as if it’s genuine, when I see inconsistencies it makes me wonder. In any case I’ve said and done nothing to encourage anyone to kill themselves and never will and neither would Ti or Do or any genuine student encourage anyone to kill themselves. People now can’t accurately compare themselves to those that laid down their lives. Even the ones who joined in 1994 were put through a condensed lesson plan that was easy to drop away from as a number did, even right up to two weeks before, as in Rio’s case where he wasn’t totally committed from the start (though perhaps he didn’t know he wasn’t totally committed until after he left and wrote his book). That happened to some degree to me as well.

  7. crlody Says:

    “I’m at least brave enough for the moment to push the information out there”. Whose information? Your interpretations or Ti and Do’s actual info? You know, the information that you dont care about being suppressed? Brave enough? Are you serious? What’s brave about making videos and putting them online and writing a blog? Some troll made some threats to you online? Do you want recognition and attention for being “brave enough”? Why even make that statement? You will probably have another long-winded excuse and you will yet again play the victim because of all the “accusations” against you because I have dared to call into question the things that you say. As usual you are making this all about you while claiming it all about Ti and Do. Austin did the same thing, using HG to garner attention for himself. And now youre playing the martyr game. Good thing youre “brave enough” to keep on going. This blog and your videos are for you Sawyer. It is not an accusation, it is a fact that this mission that youre on is self-appointed. Just like Rio claiming he didnt need to leave because of his “task” and mark and sarah’s similar claims. I will continue to study Ti and Do’s Info. I dont need ANYTHING that you say to grow closer to them and I never will. I dont need you to see the reality of the Next Level. You can never prove that youre here on a mission for Ti and Do. If you were truly comfortable with where you stood with Ti and Do you wouldnt feel the need to keep trying to prove to the world that youre on a mission for them. You wouldnt need to talk about how “brave” you are despite the threat of martyrdom that you live under. Theres nothing brave about making youtube videos and writing a blog.

    • sawyer Says:

      Well for me it does take a degree of bravery but I admit it’s not nearly as brave as I could be perhaps, but I am also referring to what’s coming, starting with the two documentaries that I participated in. Plus you don’t know how many times I speak to people face to face about Ti and Do, so I wouldn’t be too quick to judge me again and judge what is brave and what isn’t.

      When Ti and Do sent us out to get to chicago from Colorado without funds and said we needed to “test” the christians, whether they would help us with our needs or not and/or hear some of what we had to say, I was scared to a degree but I had Ti and Do’s wind in my sails so it was relatively easy.

      When I fell and began to return to asking for Service (which was hard to do, knowing that I was somewhat happy with my baby daughter and “wife” and good job, etc.) it was hard to admit my failing and talk about it openly. I still don’t like repeating all the ways I know I failed but it’s part of my task – any students task to tell the truth as best we can when asked and the more we talk the more we are asked.

      At first it was hard for me to do those blog talk radio shows. I’d smoke marijuana and that sort of gave me some bravery, imagined or not, but it also challenged having any focus at all, so what I said then was probably not very worthwhile. What many don’t know is that, it’s not people against “us” (what Ti and Do taught, that includes what Jesus taught and Moses taught) that takes some bravery to face (at least right now), and talk about, it’s facing the barrage of discarnate influences and the space alien boogers that wear us down, having us think we are insane or worthless or don’t have anything to say or do that Ti and Do would find of value, and a host of similar dealings. We all know that for some people getting out of bed takes bravery. Combating addictions takes bravery. Starting a new job, playing music on stage, trying to make it in any number of ways, dealing with children, spouses, germs, going to AA, asking someone for help, asking God for help, asking Ti and Do for help, etc. all can be enormous mountains to us.

      I think you would agree that it’s a fact, that’s what did in Ti’s vehicle, negativity against her and what she knew and who she knew she was/is in that vehicle He chose. Do said Ti “burned out her vehicle”. It wasn’t burned out by people as she had very little interface with people that were against her (though I know the students influences had a big hand in that as well as they were all dealing with degrees of negativity. But even without them I believe Ti and Do had to fight off a lot of negative influences that take their toll on the vehicle.

      I’m sorry that things I say with confidence, where I’m not directly quoting what can be verified as coming from Ti and Do are at times met by you as if it’s not the truth from Ti and Do. I wish those tapes were available as I’ve said many times, so people would have a chance to see the many hundreds of things I heard and saw from Ti and Do over those many years sitting as attentive as I could muster. If those tapes were avaiable and if what we do have were all transcribed then I could also adjust some of what I heard that I may not have quite right. But the fact is that they are not available to me, or you so I don’t blame anyone for taking what I say with a grain of salt (unless it rings possible as I certainly don’t have a monopoly on Ti and Do’s mind (recorded or not)) in which case I would think one could just log it or question me further which often helps me pull it in better.

      I bet you anything that if you spoke to people that have any degree of fame in the world you would hear many of them talk about how they needed to develop a thicker skin to handle the negativity because no matter what we do in this world negativity follows by those who choose to allow themselves to become the instruments of it, whether consciously or not. I’m not void of negativity. In fact I’ve seen it in my day to day life more than I ever had before and I hate it. I see myself getting cocky at times, especially when I’ve come to new heights of confidence as a musician. (It’s interesting though that I’ve also seen how I could just lose that confidence in a heartbeat).

      Isn’t it true that the Heaven’s Gate isn’t closed? When these docs come out if they use what I gave them to any degree and if I get any attention from that, even though it may look good for my ego it won’t be good for me, except perhaps to help me bust out of my near stagnation or tiny growth, that is if I don’t try to run and hide from it. (With the podcast group I volunteered to be accessible in a “forum”, even in person.

      I gave both news groups access to where I live and phone number and my vehicles name so if that becomes information some who are against Ti and Do and Jesus truth want to use to try to stop me from talking further, then I’ll have to deal with that and that might mean leaving my current comfort zone and my vehicle’s daughter could be affected in some negative way as well. I thought about that before I accepted the request to interview me where I live.

      I remember soon after I was on 60 Minutes and Larry King and Geraldo and network news shows, I at times felt someone recognized me and one time I saw a woman act as if she was pulling her young daughter away from me. Perhaps my imagination. After all my head shot was on the cover of the New York Post with the title very boldly saying, “DEATH CULT DROPOUTS”. Going public then took bravery for me to do then as well.

      Maybe you wouldn’t count these examples as some even tiny degree of bravery but for me, the coward that you say I am, did at first think about whether to go with what they wanted 100% or to try to stay hidden, at least to the degree I am, but I know is not really hidden. I know no one at present cares much about me or what I say and perhaps it will stay that way which will force me to stick my neck out more, like by starting to hold public meetings. I attempted to do that around 2005 and in two cases after I reserved a library room and had some free ads put in a local paper, which I did right before I had to go on a trip, when I came back I learned the room wasn’t reserved and the ads never ran. I took that as a sign that perhaps that was premature but perhaps that was accepting the easy way out. Perhaps I was braver then. It also takes bravery for me to go to a book store or library with my book to give away, put on consignment or sell around where I live, but I did it a number of times.

      Do you agree that Lucy probably loves that he can keep Christians largely in the dark, not being faced any further and faced with their own scriptures that significantly evidence how Ti and Do were the return they say they want so badly? If not, why wouldn’t he love that? It’s pretty clear that it’s a very odd story in the press that quotes Jesus in comparison to what Ti and/or Do said and did and required of their disciples.

      So there is a task for any and all of us to do that didn’t originate with me and wasn’t meant for just me at all but was meant for everyone what wants to be of service in that way (not saying it’s the only service) to further “test” christians (though I don’t really think of it as my doing that. It’s the information that puts them to the test not the messenger though I guess they go hand in hand). Didn’t DO say that Christians were the number one group who were prepared for the Next Level’s return and were the ones Lucy worked the hardest on? I think I can find that in one of the Beyond Human tapes. To put them to the test by saying who we believe Ti and Do are, I’ve found is very, very easy for them to ignore or find some reason to disqualify as possible. I know that from perhaps hundreds of attempts on my part to confront many bloggers and youtubers and even some while face to face. So just like DO said, if they didn’t get bumped off from the early posters, that he thought then that perhaps we’d get instructions to get “bolder” (in the Portland meeting) listing many of the most direct examples that bring evidence of who Ti and Do are seems to me to be getting bolder as well and it hardly would stop at my book because how they each respond will be part of how they judge themselves (DO said). Ever so gradually my youtube subscribers increase – maybe on average one a week. That happens because every day I spend hours commenting on blogs and youtube video’s and next to never do that designers of those blogs/videos say anything to me in rebuttal. But those that are seeking sometimes recognize something I’ve said/written and it brings them to look into it more and that means I send them the packets of what Ti and Do left behind, however few get to that point or they find it themselves on the 4shared site you put up years ago.

      I don’t become their guru but if I were them, why wouldn’t I look at what an in person student says/writes?

      But I agree that now making video’s and writing blog posts and facebook posts doesn’t take bravery. I know I will be tested further as will we all as that’s the name of the “game” – “change” – in growth towards greater service to Ti and Do to include our behavior and ways.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t want to focus on my interpretation if it’s not the correct interpretation in Ti and Do’s mind. This is why I ask you and anyone else to help me if/when I get off track so I can correct my interpretation if it’s not from Ti and DO’s Mind. Didn’t every one of those students who wrote use their interpretation of what they got from Ti and Do, to include Rkkody in the few little writings and the video he provided that I read. I don’t know if any of those student prepared documents in the HG Book were making a point to directly quote DO or TI. As Jesus said, anyone can quote scripture, even the enemy to the truth. The Next Level aren’t interested in having robots. They want us to draw in their Mind and put it to work for others sake. Ti and Do taught, that can be heard in the audio tapes that each student had a strain and that some on that strain may identify better with the way certain ones say things. That’s in part what the “book” Ti and Do instructed us to write was about, which can be heard in the audio tapes we have as well.

      For whatever it may be worth, and perhaps I’m wrong, but I think influences have you thinking there is no value to you and/or to others (as a student) to express in your own words what you received from Ti and Do. There are many examples that it is of value to you and to others potentially (and thus of value to Ti and Do) to try.

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m not trying to prove anything to the world. You constantly act as if you can judge my motivation. It’s sad that you don’t know that you can’t.

    • sawyer Says:

      You are right, I am often long winded but making that into a problem is your problem not mine. Don’t read it. I don’t recall that being on the major or lessor offense list so what’s the problem with it? It’s your opinion.

    • sawyer Says:

      I think in the HG book and the audio tapes it is very clear that if any of us are “comfortable with where [we] stand with Ti and Do” we are in trouble. I admit I can sound like I’m comfortable but I assure you I am not. I know I could do much, much better and yet let my vehicle behave in ways that I could have outgrown had I not become comfortable in the classroom. And to some degree I think that applies to me now as well, the part about becoming comfortable. I even spoke to that on my last video a little. So on that score you hit a nerve but was not a surprise for me to hear from you, however misapplied.

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