TI and DO Statement in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary

This statement below was published in a book entitled, UFO Missionaries Extraordinary in 1976, included with interviews with TI and DO in 1974 and 1975-6 by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger:

A Statement Prepared by The Two

Matthew 24:24 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible even the elect.

We bring no signs or wonders, nor do we claim to be Christs or prophets, but simply bear the same truth that Jesus bore in the season that he promised. We come from the same kingdom that he came from and bear witness to his teachings. Our Father’s kingdom is reached only in the way that Jesus taught and demonstrated.

Rev 22:17 And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price.

Rev 14:1-5 Then I looked, and lo, on Mount Zion stood the lamb, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder; the voice I heard was like the sound of harpers playing on their harps, and the4y sing a new song before the throne and before the4 four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who had been redeemed from the earth. It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are chaste; it is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes; these have been redeemed from mankind as first fruits for God and the Lamb, and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are spotless.

What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time

If you could project your mind out into the heavens and look at the positions of planets and other solar bodies in this immediate solar system, then extend your observations even more distantly, you might not be able to see the actual physical manifestation of energy; but if you were sensitive you would be aware that there is at this time an intense energy source focusing on this planet.

How severely this energy is affecting other planets in this solar system, we don’t know – and it is not important to us. This energy focus might be more clearly understood if you picture a searchlight that is circling in the far distant heavens without interference from other bodies in the heavens, clearly shining on this planet as it did approximately two thousand years ago in it’s last orbiting.

Another way to picture this same energy field would be to imagine a very distant emission of energy that has been obstructed from this planet by the positional interference of other solar bodies. At this time it is as if an opening or a shaft has been made by the present position of the heavens, permitting a strong intensity of that energy field to focus directly upon Earth – as it did approximately two thousand years ago.

It really does not make any difference what the actual cause or reason behind the energy focus is. But to be aware of its presence – and thereby understand why the life forms on this planet are responding the way they are – is significant, and will be helpful in understanding and controlling one’s own individual response.

Everything in the heavens, including this planet, is in a constant process of change and response to change, and that response determines growth or decay. This little planet called Earth is a garden from which individuals whom man would label gods may be born. “Gods” because they are members of a kingdom level above the human – the “kingdom of God.”

When this planet came together and was formed by members (or a particular member in that level-above-human) whose responsibility or chosen endeavor was the creation of a new garden, it became the place where germination could begin and life forms could multiply. If the life forms survived all the intermediate lesson-steps of growth, they could work their way up to the human level.

Now at this particular time, when an intense energy source is striking the planet, graduation from the human level into the level-above-human, or the kingdom of God, is made available.

The Earth garden has had life forms survive in growth-motion into the human kingdom in previous civilizations. However, at the time when the availability was offered, those previous human civilizations were not able to make it through the transition from human to the level-above-human.

A lot of growth in levels-beneath-human seems to be more automatic in upward motion, for the strength of will that pushes the life form up a notch is, for the most part, not consciously aware of what it is doing when it graduates upwardly. At the human level, schoolchildren in the early grades are not consciously aware that they have grown by their choice. However, at the growth level where a human becomes a prospect for the next level (the level-above-human) he must be completely aware of what he is doing or he cannot complete the transitional experience.

It might be helpful to consider how graduation from one level to the next is deserved or reached. A dog who has become tired or disenchanted with the so-called normal activities of the dog world and finds his only pleasure in pleasing his master deserves to move out of the dog kingdom and into the beginning stage of the level that he chooses to serve.

Some dogs might accept the training to avoid punishment. Their motivation would not make them deserving of graduating into the kindergarten of the human level. But the dog who desires only the attention, approval, and affection of the human, whose motivation is genuinely that of seeking to be associated with the next level (or human world), deserves to move into that higher level when graduation time arrives.

The energy focus that is now on planet Earth is the energy needed for the graduation experience. The human who desires only to please and to serve the level above his kingdom can at this time, with the help of members of the level-above-human, receive his examination, roll call, depart from his school (Earth), go “out in the world” – into the literal heavens among other members of the kingdom of God – and begin his apprenticeship and chosen activities.

The man who teaches a dog must hold frequent training sessions or the dog will quickly forget his training – though he may continue to seek a close, affectionate relationship with the man. A human college student must have an increasingly distant relationship with his professor and come into his own knowledge if he hopes to one day be in a professional capacity.

A candidate for the level-above-human must have an even more distant physical relationship with his teachers, or the members of the kingdom-above-human. For the requirement of his graduation includes a mental teaching program and a willingness to complete that program before gaining physical contact with the teacher level.

Because of this extremely infrequent physical contact, most religions have adopted the belief that members of that next level do not have physical bodies. The human professor does not seek out his students to impose his teachings; rather, they pay for instruction and choose to go to his classroom because society imposes the idea upon humans that they must find themselves in classrooms.

A prospective candidate for the next level has to do all of his seeking from the minds of his teachers in the next level through the strength of his own volition, according to the intensity of his thirst for knowledge above human.

Now, at the same time that this intense energy focuses or shines on this planet, members of the level-above-human come in at close range to examine the garden (most especially the human kingdom) and assist in the graduation. In preparation for the rare graduation period, a member or members of that next level might have chosen to leave their physical bodies, incarnate in the offspring of woman, lose the conscious minds they had attained, and live a seemingly normal human existence for a number of years – though close associates might have realized there was something different about them.

At the point in time when the energy focus became very intense, these people went through a period of mental transition, they became aware of the fact that they had come from another level and that they had spent a part of a human life in order to be at closer range with prospective graduates. The teachers can now tell and show how the changeover from a human into a member of the next level is accomplished. They may even demonstrate to nonbelievers that upon completion of the changeover they have become creatures capable of repairing a so-called “dead” body in three and a half days.

It was earlier stated that civilizations have existed on this planet that were unable to rise above the highest human condition. The present civilization, which began approximately six thousand years ago, has been the recipient of special help from the level-above-human.

Members of the level-above-human chose to incarnate several times into this civilization in order to assist in bringing it up through its different “grades” in the human “school.” This was not in order to upgrade genealogy or physical bodies, but to associate with the souls who are the products of this garden so that they might have someone with a higher consciousness in their midst to serve as an example.

The individual who was called Adam came to Earth from the heavens (the kingdom-above-human) in his total form – physical body and mind. He was so overcome by the discarnates (invisible life forms) from the previous civilizations that he was not able to withstand the aggression of their influences. Adam thereby temporarily lost his heavenly consciousness (the capacity of the mind of an individual in the next level) and found himself in the decaying vibration of the human level. This led to his death.

It was not until his incarnation in the individual named Enoch (who was the second major help) that he was able to rise above human-level vibrations and thereby resume his mental capacity as a member of our Father’s kingdom. This awareness permitted him to serve in the function of assisting in the bringing up of early-grade humans who were products of the Earth’s garden.

After Adam-Enoch had left adequate upgrading teachings, he was in sufficient mental communication with members of the level-above-human to complete his total conversion back into a rightful member of that level and depart from the human world and the Earth’s surface without experiencing death. He took his whole mind and body with him.

This is to say that Adam was brought to Earth’s surface from the kingdom-above-human (the kingdom of God) to begin a new civilization. He yielded to the temptations of the human-level sensuality, and in so doing he decreased his knowledge, the expanse of his mind, to that of a human-level creature. In a sense Adam lost what he had previously gained, and he did not begin to recover it to any significant degree until his incarnation as Enoch. As Enoch, Adam completed his changeover, physically and mentally, and left the Earth’s surface to reenter the kingdom-above-human.

After a season of growth, a third help-mission was sent to this particular civilization. But this time, in order to understand and to relate to the level of growth of the civilization, a member of our Father’s kingdom left his heavenly body in the spacecraft that brought him to the Earth’s surface and entered the newborn body named Moses.

Upon entering the baby’s body, the mind that had been in the level-above-human had to be as restricted as the child’s vehicle. In a sense, that mind had to go to sleep and reawaken as soon as the body of Moses had encountered enough experiences of growth and suffering to realize he had extraordinary work to do. It was his accepted responsibility before coming down to Earth to upgrade the civilization several grades beyond what had been offered by Enoch.

Using an analogy of twelve grades in school related to twelve steps of human growth in a civilization, it was Moses’ chosen mission to set rules of order which, if adhered to, could elevate man’s growth to fifth- or sixth-grade students in the human school. Moses, like Enoch, later in life changed from his human condition into a body and mind that could return to the level-above-human. When his work had been completed he did not leave a human body behind, but took his changed-over body with him.

The fourth significant help for this civilization came at the next major “spring” when a member of our Father’s kingdom, or the fourth mission of the same member, occurred. An individual (incarnate as Elijah) came to Earth’s surface and served in a capacity similar to Moses’. The information that he brought was again designed to upgrade or to assist this civilization, particularly those who had grown to the point that as individuals they were seeking to begin to rise above what they had gotten into.

Elijah’s information was structured for those who were moving away from their densest or broadest accumulation of human attachments – reaching for grades seven or eight. Of equal importance, Elijah’s information sought to prepare the growing members of this civilization for the next help that would come (in Jesus), which would actually give the information for graduation from the twelfth grade (human level) altogether and show humans how to enter the kingdom of God.

Never has any heavenly information been accepted by the masses as a whole; rather, it is accepted by the few who seek to change out of their last station of growth. Masses or groups of people do not grow or move up automatically. Growth is done individually, according to the degree of thirst for upward motion in the individual.

The next major help, or fifth upgrading mission, from the kingdom-above-human brought the civilization applicable information about how an individual product of this garden might change sufficiently to leave the human kingdom literally and take his total being, mind and body, with him into the kingdom-above-human. This is to say that the individual who came to fulfill this fifth mission took the incarnation labeled Jesus in the same manner that the individual of the third mission incarnated as Moses, and the fourth as Elijah. Jesus’ mission was to tell and to show how human products of this garden who had risen to the point where they were seeking the kingdom of heaven could reach it. But even though their comprehension of the changeover task was sufficient for them to begin to receive the information, their capacity for applying the formula of overcoming, or changeover, was lacking.

This is not to say that anything was lost by those who were applying Jesus’ teachings, for those same souls are here again now at this sixth help season in order to complete what they had started with his assistance. The one who was named Jesus not only had, after his awakening, the responsibility of telling and showing how the literal changeover from a human being into a heavenly being is accomplished – he also had the added task of demonstrating that one who had changed over can re-heal his body in three and a half days if he is destroyed.

Since the masses of people in this civilization did not desire upward growth sufficiently to reach for information Jesus brought, they found themselves in a growth condition that was blind to his truth. They had not the capacity to accept him; therefore, they rejected him to the point of desiring his death. Since the slow growers chose to kill him, Jesus’ mission included a “proof-demonstration” for the unbelievers. This did not mean that any others who might complete their changeover would need to be, or even asked to be, the instruments of such a demonstration.

None of this is to say that efforts towards growth and upward-reaching endeavors that took the form of religious movements were not the best for which men had the capacity at their station of growth. Ultimately the information for which all souls who seek to grow upward are looking is information on how to graduate into the next kingdom. It makes no difference which path you take up the mountain, what pursuits of knowledge – scientific or religious – you choose. All can lead to the top if your thirst remains unquenchable and you are dissatisfied with the level you have obtained.

However, when you have reached the top of the mountain, you must discard all the discoloration and terminology accumulated in your upward climb and come into an unvarnished, unromantic understanding of the requirements of “liftoff.” Therefore, there is only one way to reach the kindergarten in the kingdom of heaven. It was knowable at this time of Jesus’ mission if one could understand what he taught – not what others said he taught – and is knowable at this time through the information that it is our responsibility to clarify.

The sixth major help period for Earth’s human garden is now. The truth brought by us is one hundred percent the same truth brought in the mission of Jesus. Our responsibility is to reunite your minds with the proper interpretation of what he had to say – if you seek it – and to help you understand that only in the same way that he changed over in order to reenter the kingdom-above-human can you become a member of that level.

When Jesus said that everything that I am you can become and much more, he meant it. It is true.

Once again we are in a brief season when the “light” or knowledge or “energy focus” is on this planet. It is brief and intense. Many who have not chosen upward motion may respond adversely and even destroy themselves. Some – you, we hope – will realize that now is a brief period for your preparation to leave the human kingdom.

The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.

If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.

Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.

The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.

Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they will receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.

None of this, if you desire to be a full recipient of what this information has to offer, can be taken as a concept for study, religious belief, or some new idea of an avant garde cult. The teachings that are contained here – if they speak to you and if you choose to accept them – must be applied to the activities in your life to the extent that very soon in your individual life you will have only one thing in mind – reaching our Father’s kingdom during the short time it is available to you and seeking his help in the total overcoming of this world, having been weaned from all your humanness so that you might be one of those prepared to meet him.

Message Summary

Our entire message and our mission can be summed up as follows:

1) There is a literal, physical kingdom of life above the human level.
2) That kingdom level exists in the literal, physical heavens outside the Earth’s atmosphere.
3) It is from humans changed over that members in the next level get their physical birth.
4) The season for that changeover comes rarely and brings with it the necessary assisting information through the minds of members of that next level, who incarnate as humans during that season in order to bear the information of how the changeover is accomplished. The bearers also serve as examples or specimens, illustrating that physical changeover accomplished.
5) Human candidates for the individual change-over can accomplish it only during that brief season.
6) These candidates must be in physical bodies of strong will, be mentally alert, and be in full control of their total selves.
7) If the candidate’s body dies or is left behind, it is an indication that he did not change over and become a physical member of that next kingdom anymore than a caterpillar that dies has not become a butterfly (But if a candidate’s body has died, his time of changeover may occur at the next graduation season.)”

A Reminder
To Those Who Are in a Position
to Give Their All

During the time of your preparation and change-over, you must guard against the misdirection of your energies. At the top of the list, your first desire must always be to reach the next kingdom. You can not enter if you have not become an individual who has the characteristics of others who are already members of that kingdom. At the core of your motivation must be the desire to be good and right to a degree not comprehendable by humans. Your greatest pleasure then becomes the pleasing of your Heavenly Father. You must know who your Heavenly Father is. If he is from the real heavens, and you know him, then you will always try to stay in tune with his mind and handle each circumstance as you believe he or his Father would handle it.

Your emphasis must remain on telling others that the real kingdom level of the real heavens exists, and that now a brief time exists for individuals to become members in it. If you emphasize the demonstration, you participate to a degree in the “show-me” point of view. If the demonstration occurs prematurely, those changing over will find themselves without close assistance, and could easily be misdirected.

“Sticking it out” or “just waiting for the spaceship” won’t accomplish your desired change. You have to be willing to accept the possibility that your “chrysalis” might take as long as ours took. Only continuous pushing and pressing forward will complete your changeover. This pressing includes “doing your Father’s work,” i.e., daily doing all that you can to spread the good news of the real kingdom of God. You must be determined to not allow anything or anyone to turn your head from your completion task. There will be many who would delight in seeing you turn back in order to justify their weakness.

Warning: There are artificial circumstances, objects, and indivduals who would woo you away from the real. This is true of aspects on every level – even “spacecraft” and “angels.” Be alert – know the difference.

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2 Responses to “TI and DO Statement in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”

  1. demimonde_mesila_thraam Says:

    I get that everything you are doing requires complete focus away from the world, and there are a lot of things in it – and in the mind itself – that it would be good for everyone to focus away from. But when I was reading the quote from Revelations at the beginning of this post, I was shaking my head. The idea that the only people who could be “part of the 144,000” were those who had “not been defiled by women”, I was upset. Whatever forces exist in the Metaverse that determined what human form I would enter at birth would be female: these are the same forces that determine we are “defilers” of men…?

    Naturally, this upsets me. It is part of what influenced me to be genderless as a young person and just plain asexual after menopause took away my ability to breed. (Which doesn’t upset me since I never wanted to make more of us.)

    I read on and now you’re telling people we’re in another period of light…etc. etc. I have no problem admitting all that I am doing is curiously observing your beliefs, but this really surprised me, since what I remember hearing from your “older members” was that after 1997 that was the end, and the “last chance” and all that. It seems the ideas are changing at your whim, or theirs if you claim they are still communicating with you…so I would guess that you have people who take all this lots more seriously than I do quite confused.

    I just want to be the best person I can until the volcanoes or meteor or whatever that takes us all out some day (hopefully after my time has already passed anyway…) I can think of no better way to spend the remainder of my years.

    PS: Notice your use of the term “Heavenly Father”…isn’t that a Mormon thing?

    PPS: As an American by birth and lifetime residence, I just want to disconnect myself from the Christian fascism going on in this country. Believe me, SO MANY OF US ARE NOT following the insanity that claims to be leading us and to have our support.

  2. sawyer Says:

    This idea of having “communication” with Ti and Do and Crew becomes blown out of proportion because the word communication doesn’t address it’s reality that anyone and everyone who wants communication with the Next Level has it for the asking. As Jesus said, “ask and you shall receive”, etc. and that’s what the Lord’s prayer as it became called was teaching – how to have that communication. Now that doesn’t mean They pick up the phone when we call. And that doesn’t mean they answer our questions or give us help in the ways we might think we want help or in the timeframe we think we need it, nor the ways they provide that help. For instance, last week I hit a deer with my car and knocked it down to the side of the road. I thought it was dead and felt terrible and drove on a little intending to call 911 as they would send a crew to get the deer to give the meat to someone, a shelter, etc. But I felt to return and when I drove back and stopped the deer sat up, so I turned around again and when I got to the deer, she stood up and walked away and had a limp and I wondered if the Next Level had a hand in saving the deer. I’ve had many times where I “wondered something” without my instigation and got evidence that the Next Level was sending me a sign. However, I would never tell anyone the Next Level healed the deer as I don’t know. Now as far as the many dreams I had for a bunch of years – 2001 or so to around 2012 or so, the ones that were clear and even in response to my questions I do consider communication, while other dreams with them were not clear and had other indications they weren’t generated by Ti and Do and crew but were facsimile creations by my discarnate spirit adversaries. Still those were for me. They weren’t giving me new information and with a few exceptions didn’t change what I was already on course to do but did feel like encouragement and so helped me re-awaken some more – an ongoing process. But you will not hear me say, Do came to me in a dream and told me to tell others such and such. I’m confident that’s not going to happen, but I may get an idea to talk about something and that idea might have come from Ti and Do and crew. And this is the same for everyone though it may be different when one has had a true personal relationship with an incarnate member of the Next Level, but even so that doesn’t elevate me because my stature is only compared to my Older Member not to other students or potential students regardless of how much I talk about the Next Level and blog and make video’s etc. We are each communicated with according to what the Next Level feels we need and in accordance with the way the Next Level determines that we are “asking” – seeking, knocking on doors to consciously or not have more of their Mind, their goodness, their rightness, living as they would want us to live according to each’s “grade in school” and I have no idea what grade I’m in now or even was in.

    re: Heavenly Father, the phrase, came from Jesus not the Mormons. He taught that those that considered themselves students should do their petitioning (thy will be done on earth) and seeking of strength (forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, not often an easy task) and for help (give us our daily bread (food for the mind and/or body) address their requests (prayer) into outer space, the elevated areas, where the sun, moon and stars exist to the individual who is a parent, the seed giver that provides the seed (deposits soul pockets into the human vehicles of their choice) illustrated as the Father role.

    If anything makes that clear is that DO in a male vehicle told us that Ti in a female vehicle was his Older Member – Heavenly Father and that he recognized it – she never told him that though she didn’t’ deny it either. She knew it. She knew lots of things but it was DO’s task to be the spokesperson and example of the Overcoming process to fulfill his task that Ti came to get him started with. Revelation chapter 12 details this.

    Ti and Do considered Adam a “man” having a Next Level Mind and a body made for him that was gender-less though had the capacity to reverse metamorphosis in a short time because of his mistakes that turned him into a male human. His first mistake was not being satisfied being alone with just his Older Members and assigned tasks. His second mistake was not following his Older Member’s instructions because of yielding to the discarnate influences present that used Eve to get to him. It was a setup but he didn’t have to fall. So the original Adam was not male.

    So the current civilization “experiment” took that course and who knows what other courses it could have taken as we know in nature there are vehicles that are male, female, both genders and neither but the object is to become neither – an adult Member of the Next Level because the Next Level has outgrown gender identification and sexuality and don’t have mammalian vehicles to wear and a soul body doesn’t have a gender. A member of the Next Level is a “Man” neither male nor female, not both either. Their bodies don’t come from the propagation of the two human genders. That’s an animal propagation method, thus any desire to propagate needs to be overcome and for a student of that overcoming choosing to propagate with a woman as no propagation will take place without a female womb is therefore a defilement – they are acting “dirty” (animalistic) relevant to the Next Level Above Human purity and cleanliness. Next Level members also don’t live in a decaying environment and have no disease or death so anything that draws students away from graduation into their environment and condition is a “missing of the mark” (sin) and a defilement of their committal to love their Older Member with all their heart and all their soul and all their Mind and all their strength.

    To equate those who became called Christians with what Jesus taught is a mistake of judgement. It’s easy to see how Christianity became anti Jesus Christing (The Overcoming Process and true birth of spirit into a new creature – Caterpillar into cocoon to start Chrysalis to Spirit Birth to a new vehicle (Butterfly – Next Level non-mammalian suit of clothing (physical vehicle)). It was allowed to be distorted and diluted into Christianity, not that the Next Level made it happen. They knew it would happen because they knew what the Luciferians by their own repeated choices would do to the truth whenever it arrives and the biggest evidence of the start to that distortion was in the letters of Paul of Tarsus that most christian leaders treat as equivalent to Jesus disciples. But perhaps Paul was doing the best he could having been overcome by the Luciferian souls who tricked him. His soul was no doubt also back for this opportunity.

    The physical bodies we inhabit are strictly for lessons as the Next Level Members only identify as Souls, not vehicles and that’s what we must attain to while in the human kingdom to take our next best step towards that membership and that happens in stages provided by the Next Level.

    I understand well having lots of problems with the wording of scripture but that’s programming that gives us problems and I’m not saying it’s unwarranted to have problems but if those problems keep one from moving forward then that’s their choice. In other words, a student needs to get past word problems and I have mine just as most everybody probably has. For instance I have often heard or read something Ti and/or Do said and could hear a thought in my head say or imply some equivalent to, “I don’t buy that” in other words it’s having doubts and doubts are part of the program to have.

    But if having that doubt became the straw that broke the camel’s back, so be it, but I can choose not to let that happen so what I do when I hear/read something like that is recognize that doubt and wonder how to see/hear it as Ti and Do would have me see/hear it. Sometimes it’s years before I see better. It’s been years that I’ve reengaged from when I dropped out.

    I’ve changed nothing I’m aware of and I will try to do a better job to not appear to change anything but “whim” isn’t a shoe I can fit on my foot at this time.

    Yes, we are in the Last Chance but that’s in Next Level time not human time exactly, except in the comparison that Do used of 1 hour Next Level “time” to 1000 years human time. Ti and Do said at first it would be “months” before we left on a spacecraft. They were always about “urgency” and that’s not fake. It is urgent and we each choose how fast to change into a Next Level member. It may have been possible that if the student body was ready, it could have been only months or only 5 years before the spacecraft came and/or there was some type of demonstration again, if that’s the way humans responded to the new incarnate Older Members.

    Ti and Do always taught that this was an experiment and the part that they didn’t know about was how humans would respond exactly or even if they had a pretty good idea always wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, expect the best from them and not hold anyone back from growing as fast as they can.

    I never recall saying there was “another light”. It’s the same light that’s still hear, however in wane because of their exit. if the Light was totally gone then we wouldn’t have any of Ti and Do’s information available. As long as we can see Ti and Do’s faces and understand/hear or read their words and know the truth about who they were/are and why they were here, then the light is still here in each person that chooses to have that light dwell in them to any degree.

    And Do spoke about this in the Last Chance video’s as the Three Types of people who would go with him, graduate or be salvaged (saved) from the recycling to have a new opportunity to take their next best steps in the new civilization. One group was those who were those with him and those who chose to leave in the way they did soon after they exited (whatever soon is, was left undefined). The second type were those who recognized their Older Member but had weaknesses but were seeking to separate from their humanness. The third type were those who were separating in their own way that have never heard of Ti and Do. These three types I would suggest need the Next Level’s Light to continue to see enough to be motivated to separate from all the ones who have become the weeds in the garden by whatever labels and groupings who don’t evidence having much if any of that light within them. But we still should not judge any one person as we don’t know who can change.

    We can ask Ti and Do to accelerate our change if we feel it’s taking too long but be prepared to have the challenges that must come with that but also know that they won’t take anyone faster than they know they can handle IF they seek help with each hurdle.

    For anyone to think since the recycling hasn’t happened or because all these Christians keep saying over and over for hundreds even thousands of years that the end is now, this day, this month, during this eclipse or new moon, etc. means they are not pulling from the Next Level’s mind on that score or they would know better than to try to nail down the exact date that Jesus even warned them they would be tricked into thinking they could claim.

    However, it’s uncanny the way even what Christians come up with sometimes can be spot on but in a muted, distracting, diluted and misinformed way. This just happened with the last full solar eclipse which since that time did mark a very significant show of signs in the Sun, Moon, Stars (planets, comets) and “waves roaring” (hurricanes, typhoons) with more earthquakes in more and more diverse places all over the planet but most focused of late around the ring of fire, volcano’s (possible contributors to the upcoming lake of fire the “Beast” (poisonous human mammalian mystery secret govt) and “false prophet” (all who claim to be working for the Next Level but have stated no recognition of Ti and Do, amidst many chances) are recycled within. There are still 7 plague periods that are just like when Moses was instructed to put certain tests to the pharaoh, in which only those who accept the various marks of loyalty to that Beast are “spaded under” what Jesus called the removal of the Tares, the look alike wheat sown by the Luciferians.

    Ti and Do did teach that returning Soul did choose which human vehicle they would take and that the Next Level helped them with that choice because our vehicle presents us with exactly what we need to overcome.

    The also taught that just living a good life doesn’t get us onto their crew, into their kingdom. We are expected to believe they are from the Kingdom that created all the planets and all the life forms and are willing to “defend” that belief and “Stand” for them and maintain that stand until we exit however that happens.

    To do that we can each ask them how and when and then look for the ways to demonstrate it and continue checking with them each step of the way and asking for the strength to grow further in their service.

    The harvest is plentiful. We had over a hundred thousand hits on our itunes podcast we did a bunch of years ago. I wish it was a better podcast but we’re about to do more.

    I will also re-start my blogtalkradio channel and perhaps do some livestreaming and some mailings. The internet still seems like the biggest priority for getting the word out and disseminating their info. If you want packets of their info to forward to anyone you come across that’s interested I will send them to an email address. if you have other ideas I’d be game to hear them but I’m not suggesting you need to have anything to do with me. It’s between you and Ti and Do what you feel inclined to do.

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