Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church written by the Heaven’s Gate “Class” – the only true “Jesus” “Cult of Truth”

Here is the complete document that not only includes help to conquer the biggest addiction common to us all, our sexuality but describes how “check partners” work and the most effective way to “pray” and have silent time (meditation) to help us learn to “listen”. TI and DO always said, when trying to communicate with Them while they are not incarnate (as then we would just ask them) is by projecting our asking “beyond the stars” to the “highest source we can imagine” to Our Father who is in the literal distant heavens, but having that recognition is said here as to our Heavenly Father. It’s the content of such “prayer” as demonstrated in this document that They in their spacecrafts will receive. If we receive thoughts and ideas, we should always “test” them as they would never lead us to breaking any of their previous instructions (commandments), behaviors and ways found in the Heaven’s Gate Book or in the actual words from Jesus in the four gospel records. This “church” refers to the way we were a gathering of believers. It has nothing to do with a location or an affiliation with any religious sect or order. The word Christian is referring to the real definition of a Christ as an “overcomer” of the human evolutionary condition, though this document was designed to speak in the “tongue” of Christianity. The development of this “Church” was one effort in DO’s attempt to explore going public for the second time following over 10 years of remaining hidden – working on our “overcoming process”. Some of our class members attended a meeting or two in California that was for admitted sex addicts. (At one meeting Alxody read’s TI’s Power of Goodness document) I’m providing a link to at the end of this document):

Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church Introduction and Ways
Written by the Class in 1987


ASCC is a Christian, nondenominational church that has evolved over the past fifteen-plus years. A group of “sexaholics,” who didn’t apply that particular term to themselves at the time, but knew that they had in common an addiction to sex (among other things), and who considered themselves seekers of “higher knowledge,” felt “led” to choose celibacy as an attempt to “awaken.” Many of them were turned off by the traditional church per se. however, they all (initially a couple dozen or more) had an extremely persistent curiosity and interest in the questions frequently asked by “seekers”: What is my purpose in being here? Can I know more? Can I personally relate to a higher knowledge? How can I know more of the real God?

They felt led to seek guidance from Heaven in how they might know more. They immediately recognized that the majority of them had a compulsion to do anything in an attempt to awaken so that they might understand what their commonness was and what their purpose might be. They agreed to separate themselves from the mainstream of society, except as practical or monetary needs required, and began an in-depth concentration in discipline and study. Without exception, they felt that somehow they also had some sort of real connection with the Heavens, the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom that religions sought to know.

From the outset they chose to help each other overcome or “lick” every addiction that they individually and collectively became aware of, recognizing that sex was the strongest and most difficult addiction that was common to them all. They learned that this “force,” which usually manifests itself in sexual desire, is in fact a portion of God’s mind, but cannot be recognized as such without a gestation period of serious restraint.

They agreed to ask God in intensive prayer, silence, and Bible study to lead them to the particular disciplines that would yield the closeness they sought so desperately. They knew that they could not succeed in testing the “yield” of their disciplines without virtual isolation from social demands. Some fell by the way as others joined this highly organized, but yet outwardly unorganized effort.

After months and months of experimentation with disciplined change and dropping of old habits, they began to see things more clearly, recognizing that each new day found the previous day’s understanding obsolete. The hurdles were difficult. The recognition and acceptance of facts that were clearly discussed in the Bible, such as “influences”(i.e., demons, and how they literally attempt to control thoughts, voices, and actions), were difficult psychological and mental-integrity adjustments. However, operating on the premise that these “influences” are real worked and yielded better control with understanding.


If we say we love only our Heavenly Father and want only to do His will, why wouldn’t we adopt the ways of life that He has taught us through His Son?


“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37)

To those in ASCC, celibacy (our definition of sobriety) means not participating in any sexual or sensual acts or related thoughts involving yourself or others. Celibacy is not for everyone, but at this time we believe that it is a natural choice for some-those who have indulged in sex and/or love addictions to varying degrees, want to overcome them, and recognize the value in being nonsexual. You have a right to be nonsexual if you chose, for whatever reason, be it fear of VD or AIDS, deteriorating family relationships, or because you are subconsciously craving to adopt ways that will bring you closer to God.

“An unmarried man concerns himself with the Lord’s work, because he is trying to please the Lord, but a married man concerns himself with worldly matters, because he wants to please his wife; and so he is pulled in two directions. An unmarried woman or a virgin concerns herself with the Lord’s work because she wants to be dedicated, both in body and spirit; but a married woman concerns herself with worldly matters, because she wants to please her husband I want you to give yourself completely to the Lord’s service without any reservation.” – 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Check Partners

We believe that the most appropriate relationship you can have at this time with another human is a “partnership,” in which the individuals share the same goals but do not “take” from each other. What we refer to as a partnership is a nonphysical, nonromantic relationship – one in which the individuals are not attracted to each other, and a conjugal relationship is impossible. The partnership could still work if one partner was slightly “turned on” by the other, but the other partner could not possibly be physically “turned on” by that person. Their purpose is to be helpers and “check partners” to each other. (A “threesome” can work as a partnership for practical purposes or in a situation where one individual would otherwise be alone.)

A check partner can be your best instrument for change. If you want and ask for it, this person can act as a mirror, reflecting your vehicle’s weaknesses and rebellion, helping you to recognize and surface problem areas and self-centeredness you were previously unaware of.

Partnerships are not intended to be life-long relationships. A partner change can sometimes offer more opportunities for accelerated growth because it broadens the spectrum of lessons from which you can gain experience and strength. However, whether you would change partners and how often depends on your circumstance. Ideally, a partnership would not change because of difficulty, but after difficulties have been worked out. If a partner withdraws because of differences, that partner stops his or her own growth process.

A check partner also gives you someone to constantly check before taking any action. Using the partnership correctly – being “Bobbsey Twins” and doing all tasks together – will help you destroy trust or confidence in using your own judgment to figure things out, instead of looking to your Heavenly Father. We ask our partner, “How should we approach this task? What do you think about this?” or “When would be a good time to do so and so?” The partner, if coming from the right place, responds with an equally “non lobbying” position: “That sounds fine to me,” or “When would be a good time for you?” Only by having no trust in ourselves can we be receptive to know our Heavenly Father’s will.

This is a totally new way of life we have adopted – always reaching, together with our partner, for the most right solution to a problem or the most right action, based on what we think our Heavenly Father would have us do. This is what was meant in the Bible by “Wherever two or more are gathered together in my name ” “In my name” means looking to Him for guidance. We believe that when two individuals work together to come to an agreement, they are more likely to arrive at what their Heavenly Father would have them do. Rather than one person having an opinion and the other going along with it, or both individuals “lobbying” for his or her own idea, they can together come up with a third, totally different and more right answer that will always be better than what either of the individual could come up with on their own.

We expose all our thoughts to our check partner, keeping nothing hidden or secret that can brew increasing negativity inside us. We constantly solicit help from our partner: “Please tell me if you’re aware of any areas where I’m responding poorly, with defensiveness, sarcasm, or hurt.” “Stop me if I start to express any negative thoughts.” “Please catch me the moment I start getting moody or withdrawn; I want to stay in an even, steady frame of mind with a pleasant countenance.” “Don’t hesitate to point it out if you see my eyes wandering,” or ” if I dress inappropriately or too suggestively,” or ” if my actions seem less than good .”

The solicitation of your partner’s help and correction must be reinstated regularly. Your partner can only help if you ask for it, to prevent responses of defensiveness or being hurt.

To keep negative influences from causing friction between partners or other relationships, we found that nothing works better than to maintain a positive, helpful attitude:

-If someone has a poor response to me, the only attitude I can take is, “What is it that I said or did to cause you to feel this way?” No help can be given if I put blame elsewhere.

-I know that I don’t need to let anything anyone else does disturb me or be an excuse for me to respond poorly. I am responsible for my thoughts, actions, and words.

-I want to be a good listener, to take the “higher side” of where others are coming from, and to expect the best from them.

-I know that I am incapable of judging anyone. Any time I find myself being critical of others, it is probably because I am experiencing disappointment in my own performance and permissiveness. I want to concentrate on “What are the ways I need to improve?” rather than looking for flaws in others.

Exercising Control and Protecting Your “Vibrations”

To not be a slave to your genetic programming and learned habit patterns, you must consciously direct everything you do and think – do nothing “on automatic.” You can control your vehicle. You can control where your eyes look and what thoughts you allow to register in your brain. You do not have to be a passive victim of the multitude of stimuli surrounding you. Simply remember that before you do anything, consciously think of how you are going to do it, whether it is to sit, drive a car, walk, talk, dress, close doors, laugh – everything.

Separating Mind and Vehicle – Aborting Negativity

Understand that you are not your vehicle (body). You are the mind (traditionally referred to as “spirit” or “soul”) that occupies that vehicle. Any addiction or any negative thought or feeling you have is not you – it is either vehicular or the result of “influences.” The mind (you) is only good. If you take the position that good is all you want to be and all that you accept, there’s no room for anything else. Consciously remembering gives you stronger ammunition to fight off the influences and makes it easier to be in control of your vehicle.

Guilt, shame, and embarrassment are all negative influences, addictions in themselves, habits of thinking that when accepted, lower your vibrations and open the door for giving in to other addictions. By recognizing them for what they are and aborting such thoughts or feelings, you gain control and strength. The more you do this, the wiser you get to how Lucifer (Satan) and his negative influences work.

Through practice you can even learn to recognize a feeling that precedes a familiar negative thought before it germinates and get rid of it immediately; that is, “nip it in the bud.” We have learned that this is the most effective way to stay in control. Recovery is more difficult when we are slow to recognize the danger signs and find ourselves entertaining fantasies or thoughts that are “off track.”

To protect yourself, refuse to allow negative thoughts and actions to be expressed through your vehicle (for example, irritation, jealousy, resentment). Ask your Heavenly Father to help you recognize what is negative. If thoughts of discouragement or “I can’t do anything right” come knocking at your door, you can say with conviction, “That’s not me talking! I’m not going to accept that”! If you try with all your might and you don’t have complete success aborting negativity, remember that you cannot judge yourself – only your Heavenly Father knows what your capacity and abilities are. All you can do is to continue to exert your very best effort and sustain that effort. Know that whatever comes as a result of that effort can only be a positive.

If you’ve had a slippage, instead of feeling down on yourself, guilty, or worthless, convert that negative suffering into a positive desperation to improve, and determination that the slippage will not happen again.

Avoiding Unnecessary Tests

Protect your vibrations. Avoid circumstances that would put you to the test. To deliberately test yourself, thinking it would make you stronger, is a dangerous trap and only sets you up for trouble. For example, a sexaholic who goes into an adult bookstore and looks at magazines to “prove” it is no longer stimulating, or an alcoholic holding a favorite drink in hand to prove there’s no desire for alcohol – both are asking to fail.

Ways to Win

The following simple techniques and procedures have helped us be less vulnerable to even the most subtle of Lucifer’s negative influences.

1. Control your eyes. Don’t allow them to gaze on anyone or anything that can stimulate you sensually. Avoid looking into the mirror at your own body for the same reason.

2. Constantly examine what it is that triggers arousal, whether physical or mental, and avoid thinking about or doing those things. ASCC members have all given up other physical addictions, such as smoking, drinking, taking drugs, destructive eating habits, inappropriate vocabulary, and so on, which we feel has significantly reduced our vulnerability to loss of control and actually helped us build “muscle” in gaining more control over the vehicle.

ASCC members periodically experiment with radical diet changes, which not only assist in breaking addictions, but frequently shock the vehicle unto new health. For example, we have followed at different times the Hippocrates Live Food program, the Pritikin diet, Ehret’s and Christopher’s muscusless diets, and the Gerson Cancer Therapy diet, which incorporated large amounts of raw vegetable juices. From this experimentation, we have learned that major changes in our consuming can be extremely helpful to strengthen a new start and reinforce a new lifestyle.

Ask and You Will Receive

Our Heavenly Father can more than satisfy any need we have and help us gain strength in every way. But we can’t expect to receive His help unless we specifically ask Him for it. The trick is to not have any expectations of our own. He knows how to give us exactly what we need.

Asking is prayer, but it isn’t something we do just at bedtime or when in a life-threatening situation. We ask for help throughout each day and when awake at night; for example:

-Heavenly Father, please protect me from negative thoughts and images, fears, and anything that can cause me to be separate or turn my eyes from You.

-Please help me know how to accept Your love more fully and sustain it. I want to feel Your presence and Your love inside me, and to carry that feeling with me.

-Please help me to have no uniqueness or separateness – personality traits or characteristics that are different from You. I want only to be of one mind with You.

-What is the next step for me? Only You know what circumstances I need in order to grow faster. Help me get rid of “confidence” and trust in myself so I can be free to look only to You and do only Your will.

-Please show me the areas I need to change, expose any weak areas I am unaware of, and help me know how to correct them quickly.

-Help me be willing to be wrong. Help me be better able to admit to others when I recognize I am wrong and apologize to them.

-Please teach me to have faster control over my wandering eyes and the sensual images that form in my head; help me to “nip them in the bud” – stop them before the thoughts even register in my brain.

-Help me remember to constantly ask for Your help.

We make a point to set aside some “quiet time” or “presence time” daily. We use this time to quiet our brains from our daily activities and concerns in order to concentrate on our asking. At times, we concentrate on simply feeling our Heavenly Father’s presence and being filled with His love.

Listening is as important as asking – trying to have no thoughts, while waiting for His answers to our asking.

As a result of our asking and listening, we may experience a certain feeling that will bring with it new thoughts – or a sudden higher perspective that ultimately brings us into more control of our vehicle, filling it more with only His mind.

NOTE: We are not trying to convince anyone of our beliefs and ways or to recruit converts. We are seeking to be led to those who already recognize that they are of the same mind and need our assistance in awakening to their potential, recognizing that what has worked for us can work for them. it is our policy to neither debate nor defend our beliefs, for in so doing we open doors for influences to weaken our position and dilute the knowledge that we have been given.

That ends Their document but here is the link to TI’s Power of Goodness and certain meditations TI and DO provided Their Class:

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22 Responses to “Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church written by the Heaven’s Gate “Class” – the only true “Jesus” “Cult of Truth””

  1. carmelita Says:

    creepy post. i didn’t- realize how obsessed you folks were with sex.

    hey, another cult leader died recently — Manson! You guys were more like the People’s Temple, though.

    • sawyer Says:

      Not so, we were obsessed against sex for those that recognized Ti and Do as their teachers and wanted to be in their program. The reason for getting rid of sex was because we were building our Mind to become members of a new society where there is no sex, no reason to have it, seen as part of the primitive behaviors of the human mammalian kingdom they had outgrown. Since our Mind contains the programming that is also an energy source that the new physical bodies that would be grown for the graduates to “wear” needed to drive that body, to be accepted as a member required overcoming the addiction to getting rid of that energy as occurs in the sex act. And since they have evolved into the future to no longer need or want to reproduce there was no use for sex even in the functional way it’s useful to facilitate new vehicles on the human level.

      All the evidence indicates the only thing in common with People’s Temple is the way a strong drug was used to bring about death of the physical vehicle.

      If you search for Jonestown on my blog you will see the many details I provided to show that lack of similarity.

      • carmelita Says:

        If there was no “sex”, then the NL wouldn’t have plants to implant their things into, right? So the next level actually NEEDS sex.

        Sex is a biological function like eating, sleeping, loving, nurturing, etc. It seems odd that the next level (and you people) obsess about it to such a ridiculous degree.

        You folks could have lived on bland food — but instead went to Marie Callendar’s… Do and Ti ate at Pizza Hut. What is the difference between satisfying a sexual appetite from a hunger appetite? Turkey Pot Pie and blueberry cheesecake is indulging the vehicle just as much if not more than masturbating to satisfy a sexual hunger. Just beat off and be done with it… but instead, it was a primary focus — so much so that you left b/c of it.

      • sawyer Says:

        Ti and Do explained in the Blackhawk tapes and other places that the Next Level doesn’t need humans to reproduce in order for Souls to grow. The example they gave was how Adam was “made”. He had no human parents. DO posed the question, “does the Next Level only have one creation in their bag” (paraphrased).

        They said that Adam experienced a “reverse metamorphosis” that enabled his vehicle to reproduce like animals do, which didn’t take very long to come about.

        Ti and Do also taught that the Next Level had different types of gardens on other planets though they though the earth might have been one of a kind unless there was another location where a Luciferian equivalent took place and was allowed to continue.

        Yes sex is a biological function but it’s a remnant from the animal kingdom and the Next Level is evolutionarily above human and animal kingdom. They are futuristic beings in a futuristic society and have strict guidelines to aspire to, to be able to live and work with them on their spacecraft crews. Sex is a primitive addiction to them. That’s really all there is to it.

        Ti said that food is not an addiction yet we needed to overcome certain likes and dislikes so they changed our diet often, though also saw value in changing things up and also having “cheats” in each dietary regimen.

        They also taught that the digestive system was partly responsible for the stimulation of the reproductive system. I don’t know if I’m saying that right exactly but they linked the two. They brought that up in reference to Adam’s consumption of something he was instructed not to consume – a simple instruction but a set up he failed but later recovered in the vehicle named Enoch.

        Giving into an addiction does nothing to conquer that addiction or any addiction.

    • crlody Says:

      The only thing creepy here is your continuing obsession with finding fault with the class and your repeated attempts at saying inflammatory things in order to goad a response. Do you need attention? Recognition? Just remember that youre the one who sought this out, no one is going out of their way to harass you. You are a troll, pure and simple. And I know youre Dave Goetzinger. Grow up Dave, get a better hobby.

      • carmelita Says:

        I don’t think I’m harassing anyone. I’m just another booger or discarnate. Do would say that I’m serving a purpose.

        You seem obsessed with me — this isn’t about you. Sawyer is a big boy.

    • xfc97 Says:

      Carmelita… If there is anything that is “creepy” around here, it is you. It seems that you, “Carmelita”, at least got one thing right and that was with your self assessment as a discarnate and booger. You forgot to outright name yourself as an Agent of the Lower Forces. Since today your name is “Carmelita”, your seemingly endless posts throughout a number of Sawyer’s threads and under a flurry of different schizophrenic identities proves you are a haven for Luciferian discarnates. Give it up, Dave. Seriously. Haven’t you learned anything from that Psychology course you majored in at the University of Oregon? Give it up, get psychiatric help and get a life.

  2. demimonde_mesila_thraam Says:

    Okay, here I am with another one of my annoying comments…

    Your critic on this page said your group was obsessed with sex, or, as I see it, desexualization. As you know from my comments, I’m honestly not trolling you – I am simply interested in the fact that you had what I call xenodimensional contacts. You (as a group) seem to have made the point repeatedly, however, that the entities you hitch your wagon to are supposed to be literal, material, etc. And yet, from a place more powerful and developed than this planet.

    And the most emphasized means of reaching this place, called Next Level or Literal Heavens, is giving up even feeling sexual, much less doing sexual acts. Now that I have become postmenopausal and have had sexuality removed from me against my will (it seems) I feel no connection to your sexless space aliens. I don’t have to overcome anything – it’s overcome itself.

    Before this change, which all women experience to some extent at this age (but not equally) I would hold back sexual release and use the power in a way I’m fairly sure your leaders would label “luciferian” (since it wasn’t about THEM) to reach higher zones than simple, crude physical sexuality, and it would help me create art with pictures, sounds and words. I would sometimes go for long periods building these powers and when I finished the creation I was focused on only at that point would I “get off” and it was physical but only at base level like the base a rocket fired from. There was no connection to human reproduction.

    When I stopped having my period it went away overnight almost, just gone. I found other purposes for my life mostly connected with helping cats and sometimes humans who are suffering. I can’t reach the xenodimensional zone now.

    I know this is going to sound trollish, but sometimes I think so many of you “laid down your lives” because you either, through castration or menopause, became completely disconnected with the sexual current, and thus both the human world or the kind of xenodimensional zone I described were gone, and depression set in. Or if not that, you wore out your bodies and minds resisting sexuality so much that you short circuited yourselves. Neither life would encourage one to hang around especially after all those years of waiting for a UFO that never showed up.

    I wish you the best, Sawyer – you’re not a bad person, but you can’t seem to write without bringing up the Bible, especially Revelation, and it’s clear to me that there is nothing for me here but my aforementioned curiosity. At least your cult never appeared to force its members to remain with it on purpose, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to the others and to you unintentionally. I do not believe in literal physical UFOs and would not without provable scientific evidence. The xenodimensional zones I spoke of are non literal so are not subject to the need for proof to me.

    I hope you find satisfaction and end your frustration without ending your life. You are fighting your own sexuality, while I am mourning the loss of mine. I need to stop doing the latter. Perhaps you can stop doing the former, somehow, and will gain something back what has been lost from you. Thanks for the interesting conversations, but I should stop commenting now, since I feel like I will end up just being critical and negative if I continue, which helps no one.

    Humans need to evolve beyond what they are now, but I think there are other ways this can be done.


    • sawyer Says:

      DO did indicate that once the human vehicles get older or sick in various ways their discarnate influences leave them if they can’t get the satisfaction they once got in the use of a human vehicle.

      Ti and Do also knew that the sexual “force” comes from the Next Level and that getting rid of it at all is losing that force but while someone is in transition if they have nocturnal emissions by no stimulus of their own they are aware of then it’s that force released “off the top” but that there was also a way a human could redirect those fluids out of the body through the rectum.

      Since the Luciferians seek to keep humans sexual or to capture humans who are starting to evolve out of their sexuality you are right in saying that They consider stimulating the kundalini force, since that seems to be what you described as the Human Kingdom doesn’t really “create” anything – art, inventions, though pursuits in those directions are built into the options on the planet so are all of value to preparing one to recognize there is more and seeking it out when it becomes available.

      Just because a human vehicle stops having those impulses and desires and even influences doesn’t mean they have overcome them automatically because they stopped.

      For those in the classroom that did have vehicles that were not sexual anymore or perhaps never were, it’s evidence of their having overcome that mammalian behavior in a previous incarnation. There are other things to overcome and other forms of stimulus to continue to grow their Souls into Next Level membership and/or to their next station towards Older Member status and beyond.

      Castration only became an option towards the end of the classroom, for some perhaps a type of reward to get rid of some of what they used to have to constantly fight off and for others a way of proving to their Older Member and Next Level that they want to give 100% of their love and affection and loyalty and commitment to only their Older Member (which would apply whether the Older Member was incarnate or not).

      One of DO’s concerns before allowing the castrations to proceed was to not short circuit the challenge of working against one’s sexuality that by working against would further build their Next Level “Mind muscle”.

      Since they lost a number of students to their sexuality, including myself, DO did try to instigate other measures to help reduce one’s hormones flowing through one’s system – experimentation with certain drugs – males wearing tight underwear, were two I recall.

      I have experienced holding back my vehicle from building up of it’s hormones and also a sense of clarity from finally giving into it but I’m sure that clarity is an illusion not far different than a substance addict feeling strung out and then giving into it and getting “high” and thinking they are more creative. Perhaps they may be more creative or less inhibited under some influence as the sexual hormones through our blood is as well as with substance usage but they are also remaining addicted to the human kingdom.

      But just stopping one’s sexuality when it’s still raging doesn’t necessarily mean they are meeting all the Next Level’s criteria for membership. That is judged by the Next Level, not by us. It’s the job of an active student to just keep on trying and doing so because it was their Older Member’s instructions in the program they chose to engage fully.

      From what you have said over the years, what you call the “xenodimensional zone”, I think would, in Ti and Do’s mind be the areas described as the “spirit world” where all the discarnates are allowed to circulate.

      In that sense what you suggested as the xenodimensional zone being “gone”, I think has some degree of accuracy to explain part of why my classmates were happy to lay down their human vehicles as they did.

      The start of the classroom was focused on getting rid of all the spirit helpers we’d acquired as a human, some of which were very helpful in the human kingdom. So they dropped away when we no longer provided them with a vehicle to use to fulfill their programmed desires. But that doesn’t mean they literally went away, but I think means more that they were kept at bay. Some may have went away but among them were also “boogers” what Ti and Do said were some of the fallen angel souls assigned to each of the students to keep challenging them with continence of a number of sensual activities they had engaged while growing up in the human kingdom.

      I would suggest that the reason you don’t need proof of the existence of the xenodimensional zone is because you had learned of it from a previous lifetime that became “proof”, synonymous with “faith” – the evidence of things unseen.

      Having no sexuality isn’t the only passion that can entrap one to the human kingdom, it’s just one of the biggest and most common one. It seems religiosity and spirituality can also replace sexuality and propagation for some, yet they are also becoming addicted to another form of sensuality that is not a Next Level characteristic.

      Ti and Do taught that they don’t need new members so humans don’t need to evolve. It’s their choice to and the only way to do it genuinely, I believe is through the teachings from a Member of the Next Level when they were incarnate.

      I know that the UFO did show up but it wasn’t made visible to humans because some humans still have a chance to further engage the overcoming process. Ti and Do taught that no proof is given to vehicles if some could still graduate using that vehicle, as they need to acquire their proof from their Mind’s experience seeing how what is taught them that they apply then builds into an internal proof.

      We are not vehicles doing the overcoming, we are Souls that can choose to overcome that need to use a human vehicle to accomplish it. I think it would be a type of oxymoron to think we could overcome all the human kingdom behavior and ways unintentionally. One way to look at that though is the way so called natural disasters bring lessons we didn’t think we want or for that matter the way death forces us to face something or someone else’s behavior challenges or threatens us. These are not consciously things most people would ask for, so don’t seem intentional but that people can choose to grow from dealing with and staying away from.

      Sure the vehicle can be made to not buck anymore but the Mind isn’t going to grow unless it’s bucking in one way or another.

    • carmelita Says:

      Demi, insightful post. I didn’t think there was a rule that we couldn’t ask critical questions.

      I, too, as a 52 year old man am quickly losing my desire for sex. Shockingly so. I feel sad to a certain extent, but I have my wife and we are still happy. I try to feel about it with a “The Sun Also Rises” flavor to it: sure, I’ve changed — really it feels like a metamorphosis — but there are so many other things to focus that energy on now.

      For men, I think sexuality is a prison (literally — a word I try not to use). I’ve heard others my age say that when that desire goes, it is sort of a release in a way b/c you aren’t imprisoned anymore.

      For what that’s worth.

      I’ve heard that “it is easy to be a monk on a mountaintop”; maybe true for HG as well — it would be much easier if post-meno/womeno-pausal (not a word).

      As Ti liked to say, “in other words” — in other words young bucks like SWYODY had it a lot tougher than say BRNODY with the “sexuality” thing.

      You are a thoughtful, insightful person.

      • sawyer Says:

        Brnody had no easy time. She started in the classroom in 1975 or early in 1976 physically well. But by 1977 or 1978 needed crutches and then leg braces and then by 1984 was in a wheel chair. She was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis. She had polio as a kid but it was thought to be in remission. At one point I believe Ti indicated it developed because of her need to grow by battling an influence (booger) who thrived on being in control, as a manager, but who couldn’t get it’s way in the classroom so the conflict surfaced as disease that made it so she had to be in control in a different way by limited her ability to function like everyone else in the classroom and thus need special attention. I’m not implying that everyone who experiences this or other diseases is in the same boat, but according to Ti and Do there is a connection between disease and the influences we attract. For instance if I recall accurately at one point Ti and Do wanted us to get rid of any guilt we might have felt at any time in the past. One example I believe they used was that some breast cancer in women developed because of being made to feel guilty in some way about their breasts. Again, I’m not saying they said anything else about it that I recall but I don’t think they were saying this is the case for all who contract breast cancers. Linking physical disease with what we allow in the content of our Mind/Spirit was also evidenced in Do’s tape he sent to Terrie that was just recently broadcast part of the Pineapple Street Media podcast, episode 5 – The Tape.

        At one point DO had 4-5 students lay hands on Brnody’s legs, her knews and ankles and feet were very swelled. She also had medications from a doctor – I recall progesterone was one. I was one who laid my hands on her legs and I recall thinking for this to work I needed to believe it possible so that perhaps my vehicle could be an instrument in that way. I think we did that laying on of hands twice, though we also did some massaging of her legs from the knees down that I also participated in a few times. There was no change I was aware of or every heard about. She could barely walk with braces with one leg totally bent out of shape.

        Note: Saying this laying on of hands didn’t work gives those of you who are critics of Ti and Do more ammunition expecting that they should have been able to heal Brnody. My response to that is that Ti and Do were simply following their instructions that came when they sought how to help Brnody whether it worked or not. As a side benefit it put those who were doing the laying on of hands to the test as what if it didn’t work. Was it another of the things that didn’t come true? Yet to me and I suspect to others who were doing that laying on of hands (as I don’t know if the whole class knew about it as it was done behind closed doors), that I recall one was Alxody for me it didn’t phase me that it didn’t seem to work.

        So after TI left we started on cleansing diets that DO said TI didn’t need to experience even though it was TI who started us on “pink drinks”, we called them made with protein powder and a number of supplements like Lecithin and Wheat Germ so one can’t say that DO started us on health based consuming – linked to overcoming food likes and dislikes separate from TI’s instructions. Ti also started us on a Pritikin like diet which was very low amounts of flesh foods. Our diet research began with a fast on apple juice and then a mucousless diet that came from Dr. Christophers mucousless diet system that was also stemmed from Arnold Ehrets writings. DO continued exploring a number of diet for health and longevity so our vehicles could last as long as needed and also served as a challenge to our dietary habits. Ti said that food was not an addiction, yet there were aspects of it that needed to be overcome. That research using ourselves as guinea pigs became the basis for the book “The Transfiguration Diet” with the author listed as, “littlegreen, inc”. I used to take copies to my out of craft task in Dallas so I could try to sell them during my lunch hour. I did sell a half dozen or so. I could do that because I was the car pool driver so I ended up with keeping a car at my out of craft task. Less than a year after publishing some of us moved to California while part of the class remained in Dallas. Do then sent Jwnody and Lvvody to visit with Anne Wigmore, the founder of the Hippocrities Health Institute in Boston. They were in Anne’s workshop for a “live food” diet. When they came back they put what they learned into motion as we began to grow our own food in the house we lived in. That house was actually one of John Wayne’s old houses in Newport Beach up the channel a little ways. We had over a dozen 4 shelf 12 foot long racks we put cafeteria trays on that we grew Buckwheat greens and Sunflower greens on and wheat grass and we made our own compost. We would blend the greens and add apple to cut the bitter taste to drink every day. We did a number of things and also started a side business called ALERT – Advanced Life Extension Research Team, selling off the excess carrots and other vegetables we bought in bulk at the LA docks at a farmers market.

        Then DO started Brnody and myself and maybe another person or two on colonic irrigations via a professional service. I had vertigo that started when we started on the Pink drinks that prompted Ti and Do to cease that diet alone and added yeast rolls which did the trick to rid me of the vertigo symptoms, though they started to come back if I ran myself down.

        But this laying of hands and dietary changes and massage seemed to have little to no affect on Brnody’s health and Brnody seemed to be getting worse. One time DO was meeting with craft overseers, of which I was one at that time and he expressed a real concern that Brnody could die as she was curling up and not able to get out of bed sometimes. DO was very concerned about this from the perspective of Brnody and also for the continence of the classroom. Brnody always was under a doctors care for years, though I don’t know if that continued once we started the dietary research.

        We were in California then and DO had a crew go down to Tijuana, Mexico to the Gerson clinic and they came back and started Brnody and Alxody and a couple others on a special diet that included the use of raw cows liver. I don’t know what Alxody’s health problem was exactly.

        I’m not getting the timeline exactly right but eventually DO felt to start up a “craft” (satellite) for Brnody and at first with Anyody (who was among the 38 but had a new name I don’t recall right now). I was on the crew with Jwnody that took Brnody there and got her situated and then added Anyody and at one point Cddody as well, though they had problems working together so Cddody got another apartment in the same complex in Dallas. Cddody had other problems. He got into an angry pushing match with Alxody one time but was also showing rebellious signs of not wanting to be in the classroom. A year or so later he was invited back into the classroom and didn’t want to rejoin so never returned. I visited with him in Dallas in 1995 and he had become bitter against Ti and Do. I kept in touch a little and a few years ago I saw a newpaper article that said he had died.

        At one point around that time when Brnody and Anyody were at this half way type of craft Alxody and Sngody were also sent by DO to have that experience but I don’t know why but it wasn’t long lasting for them two. Tllody and Stlody left the classroom some time later and had their own places in Dallas but returned when they saw the Beyond Human tapes play on Satellite TV.

        But the experience for Brnody proved to be excellent for her. She became very independent. DO helped her get a car and she qualified for govt assistance with getting a wheel chair lift installed on the back of it. And she got a good job working for that JR Ewing TV show, in accounting or something like that. I was sent to visit her once with Brnody and sometimes I was on phone calls to her. She always had contact with us and a crew assigned to keep up with her. She tried hard to live by all the procedures we had. She had become very debilitated requiring so much extra care and consideration while in the larger classroom setting and was limited in her in craft service because she couldn’t get around well and couldn’t move quickly when needed, etc. The classroom operated as a professional business.

        When Brnody and Anyody returned they were quite happy and Brnody said so on the exit video, still in a wheelchair but she had conquered her vehicles rebellion and disease enough to have a positive attitude and I know that was no easy task for her even though it didn’t appear that sexuality was ever a characteristic of her biggest “booger”.

    • xfc97 Says:

      I wouldn’t worry about the critic that leaves such erroneous and obtuse comments Mesila. That critic is just an Agitator for the Lower Forces who poses as multiple identities and comes here to cause Sawyer problems just to feel good and avoid its own issues.

  3. Barack Obama Says:

    Why was the group so hung up on sex? Was it to distinguish themselves from the many other hippie ufo cults? We’re there a lot of nonsexual lesbians present?

    • sawyer Says:

      Sex is to them primitive mammalian behavior. Since the Next Levels purpose for designing the earth and growing the human kingdom was to provide a training ground so Souls could rise above falling against the Next Level like the Luciferian space alien fallen angels did, students needed to prove to the Next Level they could override the human programming that developed from the start of the experiments failure in Adam’s choices. Would be graduates need to eliminate wasting their energy on sexuality when it could be used to build their Mind stronger and more useful to the Next Level, who don’t need us so they make the requirements to be counted among their crews very steep, what was described as an iron rod (measure). Next Level vehicles don’t procreate and have no “plumbing” so theoretically if someone got into their society still having the mind/program to want sexuality, they wouldn’t be able to satisfy that desire and would be an interference to even have around in their laboratories. It’s that practical but even if there wern’t all those reasons, they make the rules like it or not and no one is forced into anything in any way.

  4. Grinnellian Says:

    I empathize with the classroom’s and do and TI’s struggles with their sexual addictions and perversions. It is a particularly cruel addiction to struggle against because of the general obsession our society has with sexuality. Especially in the 70’s when it seemed that do struggled the most with it even going so far as being fired from jobs for his insatiable sexual escapades with young men and students. I applaud their resolve to overcome and the struggles they endured. Back then such addictions weren’t generally understood or accepted. That simply being able to talk to each other and commiserate as a group about this addiction must have provided great comfort and assurance. The group was very forward thinking about a subject the rest of the world was mostly ignnorant about. Today there are much more resources and awareness of this debilitating addiction. People today are more empathetic to those suffering with it. My brother struggled with it a bit during his early 20’s. Never as bad as the class did but even his minor brush with it caused him an d his family some hard times. Luckily he recovered fully and is now very happy. He tries to help others ravaged by the shame, guilt, and humiliations this affliction inflicts on those living every day battling it.

    The awareness that do, ti, the class including you and other survivors brought to this subject may be the everlasting positive legacy they left. My hope would be that this legacy could become enshrined in the knowledge acquired because of the awareness they brought to the subject of sexual addiction and the desperation those struggling with it must endure every second of every day until they finally achieved relief with suicide… Now martyrs for the cause until the day we can finally cure this particularly cruel and debilitating addiction. Godspeed do, ti, and the class…. Now at peace. Thanks for continuing the fight, Sawyer!

    • sawyer Says:

      First off, Do’s vehicles sexual addiction (sexuality in the human kingdom for most is an addiction) never involved underage people – no boy’s or girls. There was one report of his having an affair with a male college age student in Alabama and one report of his having some degree of relationship with a female college age student where he worked at St. Thomas University. There was never any evidence he committed himself to a mental institution for treatment of his vehicles desire for sexuality with his same male gender. He admitted to having had relationships with a man and said what he most was frustrated with was the lack of a “committed” relationship. He never had nor desired sexuality in any form with Ti nor evidenced giving into sexuality with any classmember over 24 years. Castration was always optional. All classmates didn’t have a problem with their sexuality. Some had sensual addictions – to family, to “love” and/or problems with anger issues, etc. – another form of sensuality Ti compared even to getting off on a rough football game. Castration was not necessary just like it wasn’t necessary when Jesus taught that it could be a viable option for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. There is no evidence at all that TI dealt with sexuality. Do had it under control and even began to break off from such human behavior the year before meeting TI. Sexuality is an addiction for sure but a norm of addiction with some thinking there is a healthy form of sexuality, though DO did talk about how remaining sexual for a human can help the vehicle remain physically healthier longer but that it also reduces one’s common sense to indulge.

      But laying down their lives had noting to do with getting relief from sexual addiction. That was simply the way they were given to exit by the Older Member they loved.

  5. Grinnellian Says:

    Ti had kids so that’s pretty conclusive. She wore lipstick and stuff which we all know has roots in whoopsie doopsie. Do is one to talk about commitment after abandoning his wife and kids. Jesus and Mary even maintained a relationship. Jesus was into kids actually.

    • sawyer Says:

      Ti wore lipstick when she was a nurse. That was before she had awakened. Do was divoced years before he met TI and was estranged from his kids. The committment was to one’s true Heavenly Father and any relationship Jesus had with his vehicle’s mother after he’d awakened was no more or less than to anyone who was his potential student. He denied Mary as his “mother”. That didn’t mean he didn’t talk to her when he’d see her. There is a huge reason Jesus spoke positively about those who chose to abandon mother, father, sister, brother, husband, children, lands for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. He was teaching them to detach from those mammalian root systems to graft to his new Vine. There was only one story I’m aware of, of Jesus interacting with children and saying he was “into kids” is not even close to describe that interaction. He just used them to describe the kind of trust children have for their parents and what they care about, wanting to please their parents.

      But his close disciples needed to leave their families behind to follow with him just like happened with Ti and Do and for the same reasons exactly which is why it’s so challenging for some to see as they’ve been largely taught to believe in a facsimile of the real Jesus which is what the Luciferian fallen angel souls always try to do, to begin to dilute the truth, though sets up a challenge for us all to recognize so not to be tricked once the truth is revealed to us.

      Ti did stay in touch with Terrie and hence to her other kids and their dad. But she did so by occasional letter, the kindest and gentlest way to help them cease their vehicle’s familial connection. But no matter what Ti and Do did some will insist on seeing what they want to see about them. hasty decisions are ill advised to have a relationship with the real Older Member who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus.

  6. Cheri Says:

    I too struggle with desire. Like do I too enjoy sex with both men and women. I don’t see his behavior as psychotic — interesting that people think he was psychotic because his behavior was more neurotic with definite obsessive preoccupations and paranoia — not schizophrenic paranoia! Simply paranoia arising from his abnormal obsessions like his panicking and loss of control when dealing with regular people or cult awareness network folks. He wasn’t violent — I picture him more as someone curled up in the fetal position with terror and fear a lot of the times. Very fragile and brittle. A lot of people suffer from that. I would have recommended a short term fast acting benzo like Xanax first and then maybe knonopin once he got the paralyzing fear under control.

    What did he ultimately do for his sex addiction? He seemed such a pitiable figure. What a miserable existence he led. Truly sad. He found peace finally with seconal and the bottom of a bottle. What you are doing here is honorable some may see his story and reach out for help.

    He found peace finally but like so many he took the ultimate step and committed suicide. The whole thing is just so sad.

    How are you doing Sawyer? Have you found your peace?

    Warm regards. I pray for you. Cheri.

    • sawyer Says:

      What’s really sad is how easy some people think they can sum up a person within minutes, labeling them with some condition and even think they can provide a remedy. DO didn’t find “peace” with Seconal and the bottom of a bottle. They included a small amount of vodka to accelerate the phenobarbital. That was thoroughness and great care to not enter a coma or be able to be resuscitated.

      “Brittle” doesn’t describe DO at all and I have dozens of examples of his great flexibility and tolerance and adaptability and careful consideration about everything he said and did, whether in private or just with the student body or in the media he and TI did together.

      I don’t expect people to see this not knowing him as I do.

      I am fine I guess, not at all happy with myself but that’s a good symptom being in this illusionary and corrupt world many see as normal.

  7. Cheri Says:

    I meant brittle in the sense that even the slightest bit of pressure would get him all a-twitter… To the point that some like the podcast would even call him psychotic. He wasn’t;. He was just human like everyone else. At that point the class would console him… The die was already cast in a way. After ti died of cancer, his desperation . He was trapped. Just so sad. He would break like a little boy but it was too late. The class would keep the train on track. Tllody and art bell? Or moneybags ollody… In the end nothing mattered. Just another kooky headline like so many. Now all but forgotten.

  8. sawyer Says:

    I was going to respond to your comments but realized the opinions, tall on accusations and childish putdowns have no facts to back them up – just banter at best so I sent it to the trash, but it didn’t go there I guess. After all your comment(s) have no value to anyone pro or con belief in Ti and Do as who they are. It’s just banter and opinions and put downs that say nothing around anything except about you or at least what you want to be seen as. I don’t think anything you say so far would phase a truth seeker. So I guess I’m letting you get your beef off this time.

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