Heaven’s Gate, DO speaks about “Days Being Shortened”

Here are five segments of things DO said about this idea of “days being shortened” and includes references to who the “elect” are and about debt in “sin” and the “karma” counterfeit concept:

Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Mar 13:20 And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.

1. Segment from:

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave With Us (Edited Transcript of Videotape – October 5, 1996):

I hope this tape session with you will be the beginning of our relationship. If this tape session is used to validate your seeing us as anti-God, the Anti-Christ, so be it. That’s part of what we expect. That’s part of the necessity of what comes at this time. It’s the common thing for us to see each other as opposites of what we believe we are.

I’m so happy, because my time is short here. If you come with us, your time here can be shortened. When Jesus left 2000 years ago – or the one who was in Jesus, or when I left 2000 years ago – only a very short time after that, Truth was significantly corrupted. So that no matter who tried to use the name of “Jesus,” or of “Christ,” or His information – seeing it as true, seeing it as real, referring to what had been said of what it takes to come into my Kingdom – that fell apart, that deteriorated, that became unimportant. It’s a miracle that His Teachings can still be found in the gospels – they’re still there – you’d be amazed, you should read them again. Likewise this time, after I’m gone, when we leave, when we enter into my Father’s spacecraft in order to go into service in His Kingdom, the Truth will deteriorate as fast as we depart. It will leave this atmosphere within a very short time.

I hope for your sake that you will, at least, ponder this – don’t ask your neighbors, your friends, what they think of this. Instead, go into the privacy of your “closet” and see if you can connect with the purest, highest source that you might consider “God,” and ask: “What about this? Is this information for real? Is this for me? If it is, then please give me the strength I need to pursue it.” As soon as you tell anyone else, they will likely be used by the lower forces as their instruments to have you not believe, to have you stay in this world and wait for the “Heaven on Earth.”

We hope to be of some service to you in this short time before our departure. We believe it to be a very short time. So our thoughts will be of you. We hope that your thoughts will be of our Father’s Kingdom.


2. Segment from Last Chance Statement – January 16, 1994

Crew from the Evolutionary Level Above Human Offers – LAST CHANCE TO ADVANCE BEYOND HUMAN

* When the Next Level sent a crew 2000 years ago, the world “cleansed” or “saved” their world from its “blasphemy” and merely got the crew their boarding passes back to the true Kingdom of God on the true “Enterprise” (spaceship or “cloud of light”). If you seek to cleanse the world of our “blasphemy” this time, you will simply be the instrument of our “days being shortened” while destroying your “last chance” in this civilization to advance.

* Many say they live only for the “Harvest Time” – the “Last Days” – the “Second Coming.” These have all arrived! There are souls – some of you, here now – who have received a deposit of recognition, and that knowledge finds you desirous of connecting and bonding with the Next Level. Those who have that deposit of Life will believe what we say, and know who we are. If they continue in that belief – sustain that Life (though Lucifer will do anything to prevent them from nurturing that gift) – they will be protected and “saved” from the approaching recycling and “spading under” of the civilization. They will have nothing to fear, nor will they know DEATH – even if they lose their human body. That continued belief will one day find them a member in the Level Above Human, in a physical body belonging to the true Kingdom of God – the Evolutionary Level Above Human – leaving behind this temporal and perishable world for one that is everlasting and non-corruptible. – Today’s Next Level Crew

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3. Segment from: Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 9

Student: Yes, I asked what about sin and does karma have any validity? Do: Okay, let’s get back to the karma idea. Thank you. The idea of karma is that I pay for any misdeed I have done. In other words, some of the Eastern religions who believe in the idea of karma believe that, “If I kill somebody, then I’m going to be killed. That same thing is going to come back to me. If I murder somebody, I’m going to be murdered. If I treat somebody ill, I’m going to be treated in the same way.” And that’s a very close translation. Don’t forget, a counterfeit is always very close to the truth. Karma is a counterfeit. Some of what it says is true. Other aspects that it says are not true. Where it becomes untrue is that in our Father’s Kingdom our Father can send a Representative to accelerate your possibilities of getting closer to the Kingdom of Heaven. And that Representative, or that individual from that Kingdom, when they involve themselves in your task of overcoming and they assist you in that, they can from an Eastern point of view, or the karma point of view, they can take your karma. Our Father’s House’s interpretation of that same idea says, “I can take your sin, I can relieve you of your sin.” When Jesus said to his disciples that, ‘If you truly ask forgiveness, I’ll take your case to my Father, I’ll represent you to my Father, I’ll see what my Father says, and if my Father says it’s O.K., you’re truly sorry that you did it and you want a fresh start, you want to start over again, then who am I to say…because I’ll certainly give you that chance to start over again.’ In a sense, then, you would not pay for the sin that you did if you have someone who can take that from you. Now, it has to be a Representative of our Father’s Kingdom, as Jesus was, who can take that from you and take it on themselves. In other words, it was a debt that you had. You did a bunch of wrongs and they add up. Every time you do a behavior against our Father’s Kingdom, it starts totaling up on a column and the column can get pretty big. It can get pretty terrible. And if you had to pay them off, I don’t know how many Ages it would take for you to get them all paid off.

But this is also where “time shortened” comes in and where, as our Father’s Kingdom relates to some who are overcoming the world, that debt gets relieved or it gets dismissed. But not altogether, according to the rules that existed in a number of stages of this particular Earth Age. Now, what I mean is it didn’t get relieved altogether. And here’s where Christians traditionally theologically interpret that Jesus paid it all for you. ‘By His blood were ye redeemed.’ In a lot of sense of the word, that’s absolutely true, and we’ll talk about that for a moment. Because He said to His disciples, who were actually physically, personally relating to Him, and as they did things that were against His instruction in their overcoming and they recognized it, they acknowledged it, they asked forgiveness for it, and He said, ‘I’ll take it,’ and He took it. By taking that debt, He’s got a bunch of notes He’s holding here. They were your notes, and now they’re His notes. And I’m not saying it still isn’t the case, we don’t know. We’ll talk about this in a second. But for a long time in our Father’s Kingdom, the process was, or a decision from the “Parliament” in the Kingdom, we’ll say, or from the “Supreme Court” in our Father’s Kingdom, said that those notes have to be paid, somebody’s got to pay those notes, those notes of sin. So, if I’ve committed a bunch of sins and somebody takes my note and relieves me of it and washes me clean and gives me a fresh start, then that somebody who took those notes has to pay for that. And if my total sin certainly amounted to the probability of death had I not had someone to dump it on, I would have “died,” I would have lost my soul. And that was the case. Had those souls that Jesus was dealing with, not known Him…. They got some help in being directed to Him, but it also required work of them to pursue Him, to believe Him, to fight off the influences and the doubt that the world gave them. It would have been a lot easier for them to say, “Boy, it’s getting too hot around here. People are hunting for Him and they’re going to be hunting for me soon. I think I want to go back and play it safe.” I mean it would have been real easy for them to stop in their process, because they could have easily said, “Well I just can’t believe that He’s who He really says He is. We don’t have any evidence of this.” I mean, that happened. He lost them; He lost many who were in line for entering our Father’s Kingdom as sheep of His fold or as students of Him as a Teacher.

Now we’ll go back to where we were. If death is the wages of sin, and these who came to Him brought their tally to Him, He took their pink slips, or their notes of indebtedness, and then He had to pay for it in death…and He did. You heard me in an earlier tape (and I hope that you paid close attention) when I said that whether or not He died on the cross, literally diagnosed by a doctor (had there been an advanced doctor present), and rose from the dead, that to base your belief of knowledge from our Father’s Kingdom on that one act, and say, “If it wasn’t so, then it’s all a farce,” and we said, “That’s ridiculous.” We also said that it didn’t matter to us whether that act was staged symbolically or whether it was real. But here’s another possibility, and we’re speculating, that the act could have been very real, had the law still been on the books in the “Supreme Court” as it was handed down, that those debts had to be paid. And if their debts equaled death, then it could also mean that since Jesus took them on, the only way He could pay them was to go through having the sinners (those who were against Him), who were adding up their own tally of the same sins, be the ones who then initiated that death. In other words, they were then used to pay the debt for those who were His students, who gave their debt to Him and He wiped them clean. And He was willing to do that.

Now, our Father’s Kingdom is alive and well and “Parliament” is still in session and has not ended. It still makes decisions and it still relates to the Chief of Chiefs. The Kingdom exists. The King is still on His throne. The whole thing works. As to whether or not that same parallel would have to be drawn today if a Representative took those sins, or those notes of old debt of sin, whether they would tally death, we don’t know. Or whether the law has come down in specific cases, because it’s always judged according to the specific case – it’s not prejudged in that respect. Oh, it is prejudged, unless it has been changed. But anytime that something tests it, then you go and check the books and you see if that is still what’s on the books, and if it is on the books, then that is what happens. We don’t know what’s on the books today. We don’t know, for example, if that kind of thing would have to happen to this vehicle, if I would have to lose it in that way because of my relationship with these students, or what would happen to their vehicles as they relate to you if you continue in the direction that you’re going and they continue in the direction of possibly serving as Older Member or Teacher as they relate to you.

Boy, this requires that you travel fast, doesn’t it? We don’t know what’s “on the books.” And we don’t guess it. As we have said before, we are not into any martyr trip. We don’t like that. It’s unnatural. It should not be. It was not designed for anyone to like martyrdom, or to think that they get spiritual elevation by it, which could be a mistranslation (or counterfeit information) of what happened at a death which paid a debt, and then therefore freed the one who paid it and went on up. And it’s true if people say Jesus didn’t owe that debt. Those sins weren’t His – even though at one time He had gone through that same process that they were going through a long time ago. Because that’s the way, don’t forget, that children get into our Father’s Kingdom, and certainly Jesus was one who got into our Father’s Kingdom.

Now exactly what the lesson plans were, and the particulars about graduation at the time that Jesus graduated into our Father’s Kingdom from a human kingdom, or a human-kingdom equivalent, we don’t know because we don’t have that information available to us. Don’t forget that we have also talked about how every individual on this planet in this Age could have been a created individual instead of one born of sin. I’m afraid that’s true. That is sin. That is a condition that was brought to them from a kingdom below. It was an animal condition. It was not intended for human. Even though a human was designed to have the capability of doing that act and they had the option to do it, but they have to look away from their relationship with the One assigned to them by the Kingdom of Heaven in order to participate in that act.

Now, the reason I’m bringing that back up is because Jesus could have graduated in a class or from an Age where that didn’t happen, whether that’s only theoretical and did or did not take place is unimportant. The fact is that the kingdom of man, the kingdom of human, is designed to go both ways. And by choice in this Age that we know from our history books – our history books being primarily the one history book (the Bible) that most of the public questions the most as to whether or not it’s an authentic history book, the one that does actually tell about God’s, our Heavenly Father’s, our Creator’s relationship with man, is the one that the deceived questioned the most as to whether or not it is an authentic record or if it is a collection of some spiritual documents or legends, and yet it is the only record of events. There’s a lot in there that you could quibble over. For example, punctuation that means a lot in your understanding of things, and yet for the most part, the Biblical scriptures have no punctuation, so you don’t know where one sentence ends and the next one begins, and it could have a lot of different meanings. So, how much of it that man altered, because of misinformation, since that’s where Satan camped the most to give misinformation to those who were the rightful heirs of our Father’s Kingdom…it gets pretty sticky doesn’t it?

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4. Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 7

(Speaking to whoever watches this video…):

You can be in the same mindset that we’re in – that we anticipate entering our Father’s Kingdom soon. We feel that what has been shared with us can shorten the days of the elect. If you have come here from our Father’s Kingdom to finish your overcoming, then you know what we’re saying is true, and you’ll be waiting and craving to go full throttle in finishing that off, knowing that there is a short time in which to do it. Because of the time that we have had in preparing our lab and preparing our heads in our own overcoming, and because of what we have learned, the picture is so clear and it is so big to us and so much has been shared with us. Because in the time that we were doing it, it was a slow process, getting one item at a time. But now we see those items and we can see them clearly, and we can share them with you. Therefore, the Next Level through us sharing them with you, can shorten your days to such a brief span, in that sense, for the elect their days are shortened.

The “elect” would mean that you have been picked to finish your overcoming. You could say, “Oh boy, I placed such a ‘high falootin’ interpretation of what the elect is, how could I be one of the elect”? Well, if the Next Level picks you, don’t question it. Let them be the ones responsible for that. I mean, look what they’ve picked. We can’t take the credit for anything in our own overcoming. They’ve given it to us. They’ve fed it to us. If they hadn’t fed it to us a step at a time, we couldn’t have done anything. They did it. They gave us the ingredients, by our asking and by their choice of giving, so that we could be recipients of overcoming. So, if you are one that is prepared for overcoming, then you are as lucky as we are lucky and can receive their gift, and we want to serve in that way. We certainly don’t want to interfere, and we were learning that we could interfere by turning on something that could cause you delay in that process. I’m so thankful that it was shared with us so that we can avoid sharing certain experiences we have had that might delay your overcoming process. If anything, we’re just as concerned with your days being shortened as you are, because we’re so eager for this task of ours to reach completion. It becomes fearful for us to think of the time that it might take, but we’re not going to listen to that fear.

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5. Segment from “USA TODAY” Ad/Statement May 27, 1993 “UFO CULT” RESURFACES WITH FINAL OFFER:

When we came before (2000 years ago) the world “cleansed” or “saved” their world from our “blasphemy” and merely got us our boarding passes back to the true Kingdom of God on the true “Enterprise” (spaceship or “cloud of light”). If you seek to cleanse the world of our “blasphemy” this time, you would simply be the instrument of our “days being shortened” while destroying your “last chance” in this civilization to advance.

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24 Responses to “Heaven’s Gate, DO speaks about “Days Being Shortened””

  1. crlody Says:

    You apparently feel like I have no forgiveness for Austin or you. What have I not forgiven you for Sawyer? You have accused me of making up lies about you when I have held you accountable for claims that you have made. If you dont want to be held accountable for your claims then dont make them but this playing the victim game is pretty tiresome. Get it through your head, I dont have any obligations to you just because you were in the class for 19 years. Youre not an overseer, were not in the class, you dont represent the class.
    What if all this stuff that youve been doing these past years has more to do with your ego than serving the NL?

    As for Austin, he never asked for forgiveness, he DEMANDED it and when I didnt want anything to do with him he lashed out at me. He still glosses it all over by claiming he did what he did with good intentions and that he “came clean”. I dont believe him, he only came clean months later when he wanted someone to pay attention to him again, not because he actually felt bad about using us and manipulating us for three years. I believe that he uses HG as a means to condemn others and to garner attention for himself. Im not going to forgive someone when I believe that they are not truly sorry and that their sorry is totally self-serving. You’re not in a position to state who would or would not be a good classmember and I believe that you are partly responsible for encouraging austin in his attention-seeking. If you want to believe that he is genuine in his pursuits you of course can but I do not. Im not going to forgive someone who i dont believe is truly acknowledging what they did.

    I was skeptical of you and your claims from the beginning. Yes, you do seem to still have the gift of recognition of who Ti and Do are and I truly do hope that you continue a relationship with Them when you leave this world. But you have demonstrated time and again that you are more interested in what you have to say about the NL than what Ti and Do did. And every time i point this out you start playing the victim and accuse me of a “self-righteous vendetta”. Youve harrassed me for not getting along with former classmembers and youve even harrassed me about my personal life when I informed you I was cutting off contact with GNR. I wasnt asking for your opinion, i was informing you because I thought she might contact you when she couldnt get a hold of me. Your immediate response was to condemn me and then you brought up how I couldnt get along with other former classmembers such as JHN, Rio and Mark and Sarah. RKK didnt get along with them either. Are you going to condemn him for that?

    How about when you started calling me by the vehicles name when Ive always referred to you as Sawyer? How would you like it if I started calling you Steven? To me it seemed like a deliberate snub, since I was daring to question you and your self-appointed mission I was no longer worthy of a class name.

    One of the problems Sawyer is that you seem to interpret ANY criticism of you and what youve done with criticism of the NL. But you dont represent the NL, you represent yourself. You actually had the gall to tell me I owed Ti and Do for bringing up something that you actually stated, namely that you have “contacts” with the NL and you specifically used the term “open phone line”. Initially you claimed I was confusing what you said with something that RIO said and you said I was “making up lies”. Its right there in one of your blogs from 2015, I showed you where it was and when I did your immediate response was to state that I took it out of context. As far as I can tell Sawyer you want everyone to simply accept all of your claims no matter how contradictory they are.

    This is a pattern with you Sawyer, you make some extraordinary statements and then play the victim when you are held accountable. Youve bullied me by harassing me about wrestling with being in this world and then demanded I be more specific. I didnt make it up Sawyer, you sent me the unsolicited message harassing me about a poem Id written. The problem is that you seem to think that the world wants to hear your OPINION on any and everything and youve confused your own personal viewpoints with those of the NL.

    • sawyer Says:

      My choices on this comment of yours was to delete it or respond to each point. I don’t want to delete your comments and yet I don’t wan to just let them go with so many unfounded accusations because it’s like allowing the spread of misinformation.

      I’ve never “condemned” you as you state I have done here.

      I’ve never “bullied” you as you state here.

      When did I harass you?

      Was it harassment in your way of thinking when I suggested not calling mark a false prophet? That was early on when we still hoped to get the audio tapes released to the public and before I heard him saying things that were against what Ti and Do taught. It just seemed like name calling to me and so I brought it up to you.

      How am I supposed to know what name to use for you? You have used your human name in comments to me on my youtube channel. Mostly I refer to you as Carlan. I see you use “crlody” here but my understanding from DO was that the ody names were only to be used among classmates. This is evidenced in the Beyond Human tapes. However I know they used their ody names in the exit video’s, so it’s not my business what name you use unless I’m talking to someone about you and then I might say the names you’ve used but I think it’s been rare that I would refer to you by your human vehicles name and if so never the last name.

      Perhaps you have “forgiven me” for the one statement I made about my being the most outspoken of the former students.

      We who chose to use it, including anyone – x-member of the class or not do have an “open phone line” to the Next Level. Even Jesus taught that. It was called “prayer” and Ti and Do said it in a number of ways as well. However they also said that the Next Level didn’t necessarily answer the phone everytime we call and in the way we might want them to answer, when and how. I believe they first used that term “phone” after they took us to see the movie ET.

      We do all have “contact” with them and Ti and Do always taught that they would help those who asked for that help. That’s “contact” in my boat.

      I’ve come to accept that you are right about one thing. I’m doing this for myself. I do get a sense of fulfillment to talk about Ti and Do and I recognize that I come across as a know it all when it comes to them and I can’t deny that I have that confidence. Yet I don’t think I’m doing the best job I can do for them and I am willing to lose my “self” but not yet ready to lay down my vehicle by my own hand. But I am willing to look like a fool or a heretic or lunatic or cultist before the world and I’m being given that chance more of late so we’ll see if I go all the way with it.

      (The Christian onslaught is only just beginning and I’m not disappointed in it’s slow seeming building)

      I do envy you in one way. You seem to hate this world more than I do.

      So if I defend myself, it seems to you, I’m “playing the victim”. I don’t think of myself as your victim. You seem to use very strong terms with lots of certainty about things you have only tiny fragments of evidence of, some of which I addressed in this comment.

      And then perhaps it’s a typo but I was in the classroom and while in the classroom I was an overseer but I know I’m not now and I see that assignment as in part a Next Level test that surfaced the influence with me that sought to build up my vehicle’s ego.

      You were skeptical about my claims from the beginning. What were the claims you were skeptical about?

      I have nothing against Rkkody and nor have I disagreed with your pointing out things Mark and Rio have said that were not true in relationship to the Ti and Do information.

      As far as Gnr, you’ll have to refresh my memory on that one. It was like 14 years ago. Was that regarding when we were planning to meet up in Colorado. I’m not sure what I said. I think she asked me about you. If I was insensitive to what you were dealing with in her regards, I’m sorry but I just don’t recall what I said that offended you but it certainly had no “condemnation” in it. I’m not your judge about anything in your personal life. I have not pried into it at all. That’s not my business.

      As far as Jhn, I also don’t have a clear memory of what I said about you towards him. Perhaps you have a better memory in those respects. I do recall stating my opinion that you tended to alienate these former classmates. In my opinion it’s one thing to disagree with them and say so but it’s another to have what sounds like angry outbursts and name calling. That’s kind of the way I hear this comment to me and speaking about XF as well. After all, “condemnation”, “harassed”, “victim”.

      I never heard XF “demand” forgiveness, at least not from me.

      I know you have no obligations to me. I never felt you did nor wanted you to feel that way towards me. I didn’t think about our relationship in any way but as former classmates.

      I actually asked you to “check me” on things I said if you knew of Ti and Do saying something otherwise. That remains a request to you and anyone else but beyond that what I say and do is not your business.

      Is it not a classmember characteristic to accept criticism when the shoe fits? I saw that with XF many times. Is there something wrong with complimenting someone. I never said DO would see it that way or that I was pretending to be in Do’s position. I wasn’t then or now anybody’s “teacher” or leader. I say this for whoever reads this beyond us.

      I don’t recall the poem but if you are going to make these accusations please back them up with facts or don’t bring them up.

      • crlody Says:

        This is again the problem Sawyer, you say so much that you cant keep track of it. It is a FACT that you sent me a personal message harassing me for a poem Id written concetning not wanting to be in this world. But you have chosen to pretend that it never happened. So be it, Im tired of this game where you refuse to be held accountable for what youve done. Just like initially you accused me of “making up lies” when I pointed out the open phone line comment. Now you defend the open phone line statement, the one that was originally a lie that I made up and that you told me I owed Ti and Do for!? I owe Ti and Do for pointing out something that you actually said? Something you now admit to!? Maybe you owe Ti and Do for bringing them into this. It is not an accusation that you harassed me about the poem as you insist on stating it. Im not making this up but your default seems to be deny, deny, deny and demand that I prove it to you. If you dont want to be held accountable for the things that youve said then maybe you should think a bit more carefully about what you say. I dont know why you refuse to acknowledge the things that youve said to me and I no longer care, you will probably continue to play this game where you are always the victim of my accusations. I dont believe in you Sawyer. I dont believe in your self-appointed mission and I never will.

      • crlody Says:

        I guess in your world if you dont remember something then it didnt happen and its just an “accusation” and therefore it shouldnt be brought up!? I know that you know that your memory is faulty It reminds me of the vehicles mother who was physically abusive but she has chosen to “believe” that it never happened. Have it your way Sawyer, continue to believe that Im just making all this up and that youre the victim of my accusations. Whatever you need to do to sleep at night. Mark and Sarah have rewritten history to to make themselves the heroes of Heavens Gate, Rio too. And interestingly none of you care about the audio tapes containing the core teachings of Ti and Do and Im thinking that it may be because all of you are much more interested in what you have to say about the class than what Ti and Do did. Actions speak louder than words.

      • crlody Says:

        Yes, you did condemn me for wanting to cut off contact with GNR. Once again, youre choosing NOT to remember things. So many unsolicited opinions from you Sawyer, maybe its time for you to turn inward for awhile. You have shown me nothing but disrespect by continually negating the very specific things that you have done that I have brought up to you. Are you absolutely positive you never sent me the messages I mentioned? Should I bother to waste me time sorting through years of messages or will you just claim again that I “took it of context” like you did when I showed you your open phone line comment? Are you sure that you even know what youre doing? Or is it your policy to just make denials initially and demand “proof”? Your “sorry” is not genuine, its an “Im sorry but….” meaning youre not sorry because even though you dont remember it you somehow know there was no “condemnation” in it!? You obviously have no respect for me or my intelligence by making that statement. I would be better off telling these things to a brick wall. Are you ready to stand in front of the NL and state with 100% certainty that you didnt give me a hard time when I told you I was ending my contacts with GNR? That you didnt give me a hard time for wrestling with being in this world? How are either of these incidents not judgments about my personal life? Remember how you were pretty sure that I was under an “influence” when I informed you about Austins sick game that he was playing with us? What if youre wrong about this too Sawyer?

        Ive always been skeptical about the dreams you had that launched this whole crusade of yours and your claims that you “know” that Ti and Do gave you this “task”. But really, why should it matter if I believe anything that you have to say? You cant get me closer to Ti and Do. ALL that matters is what Ti and Do had to say. You cant even remember a significant portion of what youve said over the years and some of it has been inconsistent and contradictory. Why do you refuse to acknowledge that ANYTHING that you state about what the class was about will be diluted compared to what is on the tapes?

        Dont worry, its just another “angry outburst” from me that you can self-righteously write off.

      • sawyer Says:

        What exactly is a “hard time” that I gave you. If I did though I wasn’t aware of it and not seeing what I said can only say I’m sorry I was insensitive to your feelings in those regards. It was never brought up to me by Ti and Do that I ever gave anyone a “hard time” and I think in 19 years I learned a lot of what things I did slip and do. Ti gave me a list of three things that would keep me off the spacecraft and none of them entailed finding fault with others. I have to say, you seem to have that weakness mastered. You talk about disrespectfulness. But I don’t recall that was ever a keyword Ti or Do used to describe characteristics in the treatment of others. Respect just isn’t on my radar though I don’t disrespect you. I just don’t agree with you and don’t recall certain things you claim or remember them in the same way you seem to. Let’s face it you play these same tapes over and over ever so often with slightly different twists and they all might amount to one big gnat of an offense though you make them into mountains and never have anything but opinions as to what DO and Ti might think about them. Who gave you instruction to follow me around making wild claims. Surely not DO, not even by example. It’s not you, it’s your permissiveness of influences that seem to get something out of doing every so often.But I am attempting to make a positive from your negative fault finding rants as I get to revisit documents that help me do a better job understanding and relaying to others that might enjoy it, the way DO thought about things.

        Plus others get to see what they will be up against should they come in the direction of Ti and Do. We all need to learn to accept criticism but as Ti and Do often said, “if the shoe fits wear it” which in a few instances I believe I have.

      • crlody Says:

        Also, it was cute the way that you tried to find fault with RKK for giving the tapes to Mark King. Kind of a low thing to do Sawyer, especially considering that you had no interest in helping him distribute the info. Are you jealous because he demonstrated far more committment to the NL than you have by twice laying down his life in this world?

      • sawyer Says:

        I never “found fault” with rkkody. that’s not my business. I only pointed out to you that Rkkody did talk about himself and his beliefs on tape and did maintain a web site where he interpreted the what DO wrote and did create a web site he wasn’t instructed to create, none of which I consider to be faults at all. I’ll make a blog post out of the details.

    • XF97 Says:

      I can’t count how many times this fellow violates the Criminal Code. Let’s break down “Crlody’s” statements on me in what he “assumes” is me, shall we? Let’s do it. First off: (1) Crlody, you said: “He still glosses it all over by claiming he did what he did with good intentions and that he “came clean”.” My response: Really? I “gloss” it all, Jason? How do I “gloss” anything? Coming clean is coming clean. How you come clean over anything you did against me or anybody else, Jason? No. Of course not. Why should you, right? Coming clean is another term for confession. It’s a no brainer. Do your homework. And when I came clean, how did you respond? What did you do? That part you won’t tell anyone huh? Of course not. As always, it’s all one sided with you. (2) You said: “I dont believe him, he only came clean months later when he wanted someone to pay attention to him again, not because he actually felt bad about using us and manipulating us for three years.” My response: Ok, now you are being libelous here. I didn’t come clean months later to “want someone to pay attention to me again”. Oh, so I didn’t feel regret for what transpired? Excuse me? That’s a bald faced lie. You better believe I felt bad for what happened. Stop lying and saying otherwise, Jason. You say that “I” manipulated you, Sawyer & others – not my discarnates. Cute. So much for HG terminology with you. And for 3 years you say? That’s a lie. First you said it was 2 years. Then you changed it to 2.5 years. Now you say it was 3 years? That’s a lie. I was used by discarnates in that hoax for 2.5 years, Jason. I’ll admit that I was messed up and confused back then. And what were you back then, Jason? Have you even grown at all in these past 21 years? Have you made any effort to grow at all? Doesn’t look like it to me. Sure, I’m not happy with what happened, but you don’t care anyhow. After all, you “know my mind”, right? Reality check. You don’t “know me” or “my mind” at all. You just pretend to. You don’t know what sacrifices I make or made in life and what situations I face or faced when it comes to overcoming. So, you best be quiet when it comes to that. Sawyer & Diode know me way better than you ever will. They are both far more mature than you are. (3) You said: “That he uses HG as a means to condemn others and to garner attention for himself.” My response: You know, Jason, you’re a broken record. And you know it. I didn’t “use” HG to garner attention for myself, except in the days of the hoax. Not after 2010. After 2010, I wasn’t using HG for “garnering attention”. Unlike what you do with your little flog blog. And besides, so I do videos and go out there trying to talk to people about Ti & Do. Sure, that “garners attention”, but not in the context that your convoluted logic implies. I don’t do it to feel good or important. I don’t do it to feed any ego. I do it because I am not ashamed of it. So I want to share it. I don’t care what my friends, co workers and others have to say about it. Maybe you do, but I don’t. Plus, you did interviews, documentaries and wrote a piece in Deb’s book. So who is garnering attention now. Oh that’s different for you, right? Yea. I bet it is. (4) Crlody, you said: “Im not going to forgive someone when I believe that they are not truly sorry and that their sorry is totally self-serving.” My response: I don’t want your forgiveness anymore. Not after seeing what kind of individual you really are. You abuse and harass people and even work as a Collection Agent that pays you to abuse and harass people. I have no desire to associate with anyone like this. There’s only 1 forgiveness I look for and it is forgiveness from the Next Level. Not you. (5) You then said: “You’re not in a position to state who would or would not be a good classmember and I believe that you are partly responsible for encouraging austin in his attention-seeking.” My response: OH. But YOU ARE, JASON??!! EXCUSE ME??!!! ‎You know, it’s funny how you do the same things you knock me & Sawyer for. It’s clear your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is doing. Sawyer encouraged me in the right areas – far MORE than what I can say about YOU. You want to hide behind a curtain with your tail between your legs and be this mouthless and deedless believer while throwing stones from afar like a coward behind a keyboard. Rkkody (the one who you put on a pedestal) did interviews and said that he couldn’t help but share what he knows of Heaven’s Gate. Well I guess, in your world, he was “garnering attention” for himself. It would seem that you don’t want any “attention” because you’re too concerned with what your peers, family and coworkers at the Collection Agency will say about it. Wouldn’t surprise me. Your choice, but don’t make your cowardice my problem. We all have our problems and I am nothing to write home about, but it looks as though you are a cross between Dave who degrades others and Mrc who is all “hush hush” about what he “claims” to believe. That’s what the Lower Forces would want. They would rather if believers just “keep quiet” so all of this could all just blow over. And the moment Sawyer, I or anybody else choose to speak about it, the Lower Forces dispatch Crlody to knock us down. And Crlody plays right into their hands. Unlike him, I’m not ashamed of the Information of Ti & Do. So I will tell people about it. If they don’t like, well, thta’s their problem. I don’t have to do these things and the Next Level doesn’t need m,e to do those things. They don’t need me for anything. Yet I choose to do what I do anyway – because I WANT TO and because I HAVE TO. Will the Next Level penalize me for that? You wil, but you’re not the Next Level. Kudos to that. If you believe in something, live it out or don’t even believe in it AT ALL.

      You see, Crlody has this delusional idea where he is trying to come across as this “sole moral paragon” for the Next Level, who is on a crusade against others who believe in Ti & Do. Oh he’ll deny it and probably even be sarcastic about it. Crlody tries, rather tirelessly to be seen as this “blameless watchman”. He “self appoints” himself as this “critic” for the Next Level and goes on the attack. By what authority? Apparently his own. What’s worse is that he actually “believes” he has the “authority” to do so, by harassing and vehemently condemning people. He claims, not in word but in tone, that he has done absolutely no wrongs to me or others – whether it be in whole or in part. Yea, sure. If he says so. Is that supposed to be funny? I’m not laughing. It has become a rather tiresome spectacle of broken record shenanigans for the Lower Forces with this guy. Hillary Clinton admits no wrongs as well, yet blames everybody else – never herself for anything, whether it be in whole or in part. Narcissism anyone? Crlody seems to somewhat follow a similar pattern and think of himself as some kind of a mature individual of justice and that only he is capable of genuine repentance & forgiveness by the Next Level. In his mind, nobody else is capable of doing that. If he says so. And his blog? It is nothing more than a one sided and diabolical ad hoc “flog blog” of dragging hack pieces which contain nothing but juvenile ad hominem attacks that parrots a circular rerun of his unresolved inner tapes. His articles are mostly abusive railings and tear downs. They are public floggings with pride – character assassinations of people through fault finding, shame, degradation and one way destructive condemnation. Oh he’ll deny it. Furthermore, he will tell me to show him where and in what, but come on. Seriously? Let’s not play this pompous game with me. OK? I’m not going to play his insidious little paddy cakes. He knows, full well, where he has done wrong and in what and when. He knows where his own faults are. And I’m not going to spoon feed him. I’m not going to spoon feed his influences either. He’s a grown man. It’s about time he start acting like it.

      Does Crlody offer any kind of solutions and encouraging advice as far as Next Level information is concerned in how they (the people he condemns) can improve? NO. He just attacks as a railer and a reviler. He just whines & criticizes. This feeds his ego of self importance. Is that really mature? With Crlody, it seems to be all about him, how he has been wronged by people, how they are never capable of changing for the better and of how he feels entitled to drag them down through the ground with vilifying demonizations and vengeance. With Crlody, it seems to be all about one way destructive criticisms to make himself feel whole and self important, while everyone else is hopelessly condemned in his eyes. This after putting others down and dragging them through the asphalt to make himself feel good. Unfortunately, the finished product to his character defamation is nothing more than the incessant rants of a bitter, mean spirited and vindictive “little boy” who is simply running from his own issues.

      Crlody has “hissy fits” about Dave calling him a “maladjusted adult”. Yet look at what Crlody does. Maybe there’s some truth to that label perhaps? He calls Dave a “coward behind a keyboard”. Interesting term. it’s interesting because that’s a term I used on Crlody when he kept goading me into a conflict with his onslaught of continuous insults and libelous assumptions. I told him that if he hated me so much then he should just meet me at the US/Canadian border to say them to my face. He refused. Ah, no surprise there. I then called him a coward behind a keyboard. And he is. I left the comment and challenge on his blog wall. He wasn’t man enough to publish it. This way he was able to twist what I said and say, through yet another libelous claim, that I “threatened him with violence”. Again, that’s a bald faced lie. This guy knew he was in trouble. He knew it. Crlody knew he pushed me too far which clearly shows, that deep down, he was aware of what he was doing. He was being a bully. I don’t like bullies. I wanted to talk to him face to face and talk about this in person instead of consistently throw rocks from afar. I guess instead of resolution or negotiation, he prefers demonizing and hostility. Says plenty to me right there.

      It appears to me as though his discarnates really get off on using him to hurt and provoke people. And he seems to consistently allow them to use him for that. I could care less these days if he won’t associate with me anymore and doesn’t forgive for my past wrongs and issues. Looking back, it was clearly wrong, selfish, egotistical and outright ridiculous for me to demand forgiveness from him. I learned my lesson from that 6 years ago. The purpose of apologizing is not to be forgiven. The purpose of apologizing is to own up to ones mistake and admit they were wrong for causing a trespass against someone else. That is all. But I don’t want anything to do with him not because he won’t forgive me. I don’t want any “forgiveness” or anything from him. Not anymore. I want nothing to do with Crlody (or Jason ‘posing’ as “Crlody”). He is simply acting like a condescending blowhard who feels “entitled” to “be” that way. I don’t have time for his mostly adolescent behaviors. He is mostly a negative individual and an abusive person. To me that’s a toxic individual. Bad association to me.

      I don’t hate Crlody, I just hate how the Lower Forces abuse & use him as an instrument of their hatred to attack people. It’s almost as though he is a participant more for the Lower Forces than for the Next Level. For abusive men and women who are either verbally/emotionally/physically abusive (or all of the above) towards others, it is all about control and power. It’s always easier to be an instrument of hatred for the Lower Forces than it is to be an instrument of encouragement for the Next Level. It’s always easier to tear down than it is to build up. Oh sure he admits his faults and does have some positive qualities as do we all. Yet, that seems to fall on deaf ears with me now – judging by his poisoned fruits he hurls in my direction and in the direction of others.

      Crlody admits his faults. Ok. At least that’s something. Better that than denial. We all have faults, but are we actually going to do something about it? Do (Doe) said that change cannot happen by just repeatedly playing it in our heads. And Ti (Tee) said that a person won’t change if they don’t exert the effort to change. So it seems to me that his admission is all he is willing to do and as far as he is willing to go. It seems to me that he’s just flapping his arms, giving lip service, going around in circles and going through the motions. My take on that. It’s his choice, but come on. Seriously? How many times does this guy have to be told to grow up? How many times? I told him, more than once, again & again, to grow up in the past. He refuses to listen, no thanks to his discarnates. Yet he tells others to grow up. How ironic. He says that I and others act childish even though I admit my errors, yet look at how he acts himself and without any empathy or remorse. Again, how ironic. Double standard anyone?

      He refuses to be of any encouragement but chooses to be pompous & arrogant instead. Aren’t people supposed to help each other to learn and to grow? Not him, apparently. This guy tears into people like a wolverine. How is that any encouragement at all for the Next Level? That’s his choice if he wants to do all of those negative things and to simply stagnate, but should it be my problem or anybody else’s? It appears as though Crlody wants it to be our problem. It’s like he wants us all to sink down to his level and hold his hand in the gutter. He obviously hasn’t grown up yet. And he doesn’t seem to want to either. Now, he is better than this. And I’m sure Crlody knows it as well. We all have the option to be better than who we are and to take control of our vehicles. Only he can decide whether or not to re-acquire control of his vehicle and to keep it quiet, instead of allowing his vehicle to consistently keep him quiet and then have the temerity to “pose” as him. His blog is not of Crlody. Not at all. It’s an immature and simply vindictive blog of juvenile rants by the Jason Bartel vehicle of Wisconsin who calls himself “Crlody”. Big difference and I hope the real Crlody sees that and does something about it.

      It would appear as though all he is willing to be for Ti & Do is some insidious “critic” who berates, degrades, aggravates and harasses people. Is that who he really is? Does he actually enjoy hurting people? Or, does he enjoy hurting just me, Sawyer and a few others? It’s obviously one or the other. Maybe both. Well, if a man like him consistently drags out my past mistakes, then writes a poem called “Scatter Man” which is a personal attack against me and my losses and then spins around to call me a parasite, I’ll leave it to others to decide. Even more so, let’s break that down: How am I a parasite for the “Lower Forces”? Am I trying to discourage other believers? Am I telling believers not to speak publicly about Ti & Do? Am I harassing other believers? Am I aggravating them? Am I verbally assaulting them? Am I dragging them down? Am I intimidating other believers? Am I degrading other believers? Am I doing character assassinations? Am I being a troll to other believers? Am I writing sadistic poems about other believers? Am I stalking other believers? Am I trying to abuse other believers in varying degrees? Am I condemning other believers through destructive criticisms via “flog blogs”? NO. Yet, Crlody seems to do ALL of that. It looks as though it’s 2% for Ti & Do and 98% for the Lower Forces. NO?? Prove otherwise then. LOL, he calls me a “parasite for the Lower Forces” anyway, yet does the things that he does and then still has the audacity to call himself a “believer”? Publicly degrading and flogging others through one sided character assassinations, assumptions, poems, intimidation and aggravation. Yup, sure looks like a “believer” to me.

      To think he has the audacity to say that I am playing a sick game? Yea, I bet. That’s laughable. Maybe he should buy himself a mirror. Just how immature and just plain ridiculous is that? Again, how ironic. Wow. I think he really needs to ask himself if it is really “he” that is being a “parasite for the Lower Forces” with a sick agenda. I won’t associate with a person like this. His delusional, dysfunctional & irrational attitude has no place in my walk in the Information of Ti & Do. I want nothing to do with a condescending abuser like this. There’s a word for some of the things he does and has done. That word is a “Troll”. He twists what people say, takes them out of context and regurgitates a different mix from his mouth. Sure, we all do this from time to time. But Jason seems to make a career out of it.

      He can go be a stumbling block to someone else, since it would seem to be his calling he fights so hard to maintain. Again, he has to decide on his own, whether or not, to tackle his issues and to see if the Next Level approves of the things he does. He questions my repentance and sincerity, yet has he checked his own? Crlody is not the Next Level. So I don’t answer to him and his circular tapes that he apparently doesn’t want to change. Maybe it’s time he question his own repentance and sincerity. Now I could care less if others associate with him and his one way destructive assaults against me and others that have trespassed against him. It is their choice. It is also their peril. Why would it be their peril? They have no idea what they would be getting themselves into with this character. To each their own though. But count me out. To me and my tasks to grow in the Information in Ti & Do, Crlody is, as far as I’m concerned, simply toxic. He’s an agitator for the Lower Forces until further notice. He berates people, provokes them to anger and then spins around to play the victim when they want to face him in person. Abusive people do this. They victimize and aggravate. But when their victim turns to fight, suddenly the abuser cries foul. So typical in the mindset of an abuser. Crlody is mostly a man of abuse, belligerence, disrespect and noxious hate towards me and other people. Hopefully he changes that and changes for the better, as we all need to change for the better. Crlody’s discarnates have done more to damage me than my influences have done to damage him in the past. And he knows it, unless blinded by it. His discarnates have expressed their utter hatred to me for more than 6 years. Whatever pleases the Lower Forces I guess. He needs to ask Ti & Do, not the Lower Forces, what they think of his “self appointed” status as a “critic” and of what they think of his “blog” and one sided bias and condemning judgments. But like I said, he’s better than this. We all are. It all comes down to free will and our choice in who we give our allegiance to and try our best for. It’s no easy task. And we will all answer to the Next Level for what we do to others and for how we apply the Information in our own lives.

      I hope Crlody comes around. He claims to have a gift of recognition of who Ti & Do are, but either thinks the rest of us do not, or just thinks that I don’t. To each their own, but I feel the same about him so we’ll agree on that. I hope Crlody regains control of the Jason vehicle, that’s holding him hostage. But even if he does come around, I don’t think I will want to have anything to do with him anymore. I could be wrong on that though. I leave him in the hands of the Next Level. He needs to start dealing with his own conflictions instead of always pointing to the conflictions of others through destructive critiques and condemnation. I thank Crlody for the book and CD’s he sent me in the past. I thank him for sending me the CD’s when I was feeling really down in 2012. I also thank him for the times we corresponded in the past (2 phone conversations and roughly 10 emails max). I know he has a good side. At least I got to see a part of it. About 2% or so. Better that than nothing I suppose. And lastly I would like to thank him for his intimidation and character assassinations against me. This showed me what kind of person he really is and the highly toxic elements he contains. And it his ongoing poisonous fruits against me that have only made me push more towards Ti & Do. But hey. He’s a “believer”, right? Yea. Right. Where? When? In what? And in who? With next to nothing to show for what he claims to believe, Crlody does more to turn people OFF of Ti & Do than turning them ON. Some people are what they are and it’s just too good for them to give up I guess. To each their own. However, poisonous is poisonous. Unless the poisoner wants to change of course. I don’t think he does. And I don’t have time for this carnal interloper for the Lower Forces, as he so chooses to be.

      Now it’s time for me to wash my hands of Jason Bartel of Madison Wisconsin and all of his toxic influences. It’s time for me to get serious, stop running and actually focus on overcoming this world. Other people don’t have to do that if they don’t want to. But I’m not them. And I don’t want to be either. So I hope I can succeed at my overcoming. If it means losing my friends, jobs and even other believers who don’t like me and my focus, so be it. It’s their programming and their discarnates if that’s the way they’re going to be and are therefore a liability to my growth. Bad associations ruin good habits.

      And all of this anger, resentment and rage that “Crlody” throws at me and other people? I think it might actually stem from anger, resentment, rage and hatred that he feels towards himself for finding fault with Do and the Class thus allowing himself to be kicked out of the Class. Plus his anger, resentment and rage he feels may really be directed at the Class for leaving him behind. Is that what this is really about? Wouldn’t surprise me. So by lashing out at others, through all of these fault finding juvenile rants of his, he can consistently run from his own issues and continue to please the Lower Forces who make him into a stagnant and hostile invalid. Crlody is better than this, but “Jason” runs the show and won’t let him see it. he says that he “can’t change”. What a bunch of nonsense. You either want to change or you don’t. He obviously doesn’t want to change and gets ardently upset at someone else who does because it makes him look & feel like a stagnant invalid. But, that’s his problem. And it is a problem. All in all, the Next Level will decide who goes where in the end. I just hope all of us can overcome all of our issues. The Lower Forces hates the Next Level and anyone who believes and pursues it through overcoming.

      • Mark Reedus Says:

        holy cowabungo!

        xman, legally speaking it isn’t libelous because you haven proven malice. I don’t think you could because the nature of this blog is so farcical as to be one giant Far Side cartoon.

        A note on your overcoming — uhh. not so much, little buddy. Not so much.

        When you say “I just hope all of us can overcome all of our issues” — that is a human thing to want. The next level wants you to overcome being human entirely– to be beyond human. It isn’t about overcoming your human issues — get a shrink for that.

        You are mired and steeped in human emotion. In bitterness, hatred, anger, rage. You mean that during the writing of that humongous bolus of bitterness, you didn’t once think — “wait, this is the opposite of overcoming… don’t let the boogers and discarnates get control of me”??? If you had you would have deleted the whole thing right away.

        I’ve seen children with more control of their emotions. Have you overcome anything? ever? Yet you espouse the doctrines of the next level?

        There are hotlines that you can “vent” to instead of online where it stays around.

      • sawyer Says:

        Isn’t that a bit nit picky to make a difference between XF saying he “hoped all of us can overcome all our issues” and your saying “The next level wants you to overcome being human”? Anyway, XF may or may not see this as he dropped out of circulation again, which by the way I don’t fault him for.

      • XF97 Says:

        I see.. The usual condescending and one dimensional Luciferian nonsense from a Luciferian Space Alien. What else is new with you, “Mark”? So today, you are “Mark”. Ok. Well, I have to ask you, “Mark”: Are you stupid by default, or are you stupid by choice. It’s one or the other and nothing else. So which is it. You give your pompous and mentally arrested statement after reading my long statement? You give the statement about children being more mature, yet you seem to conveniently leave out that children don’t also pose as multiple identities to abuse others with. Catch my drift? Run along, “Mark”. You’ll be late for your meeting at The Third Reich.

      • sawyer Says:

        XF97 – what’s going on with calling people stupid and associated with the third Reich fighting. I scanned that large comment and kept seeing crlody and dave’s names and couldn’t read all that again – accusations of multiple identities. From here on out it’s not going to get easier for any of us who want to be tools for the Next Level and move forward with our overcoming of humanness. I know you often have trouble containing your anger when accused (and even how little things said to you can trigger your tapes of past battles with our and other’s influences).

        I felt that for a while and in little ways every time Carlan would list the things he had against me and others a part of my mind would feel some hurt and/or anger. I know you recognize this after the fact and if you weren’t trying to move ahead with your walk for Ti and Do, I wouldn’t say anything. The 24 hour rule might help or at least some distance and distraction when receiving or thinking about responding when feeling angered.

        I know that’s easy to say and how we can get caught and not even have the strength to step back from a situation so in that way at least on my blog I can be a type/degree of check partner since you have seemed to welcome my input.

      • XF Says:

        Yea Sawyer, the 24hr rule is an effective tool to go with. And you are correct, I have a short fuse on matters. Apparently, I need lots of work. At times I have a long fuse. Other times I have next to none. I’ll just have to keep asking Ti & Do for help. My reaction to Mark’s condescending remarks were out of order and not necessary.

      • Lawrence L. Says:

        Sweet, you and xf are tied irrevocably now in the history of this I’ll fated cult. Your scripture baloney and his enraged bitterness… Forever tied together in the mythology of a sad ufo hippie sex cult.

        A thousand years from now, you and xf will embrace in hatreds…. Alone as the face of this hippie love cult that you both rewrote into the worst illustation of a hate cult ever seen.

      • sawyer Says:

        Lawrence – I don’t even think I read much of this xf comment as he had a tendency to vent. Anyway he’s for the moment not a believer in Ti and Do. Most who joined Ti and Do’s group were not hippies. Also there was no sex so it was an “anti sex cult” if you care about being accurate, though sex was not a morality issue. If you were an ody as you say, which I don’t believe and I did know all the ody’s from then, then what happened to you that you appear so bitter and as a propagator of misinformation and insults?

  2. sawyer Says:

    Crlody, define for me “condemnation” since you say that I have done that to you re: gnrody.

  3. Spidermanguy Says:

    girls. come on. i will put you in a corner. would the “next level” sit around bickering lick a cluck of hens?

    make up. let bygones be bygones. there are very few of you in the world. 2 I think. hey, maybe you are the two mentioned in rev? nah… something to consider maybe if you have some free time.

    what would herf, say right? bonnie lu would take out back and give you a good ole texas whooping. really, get your senses of humor back!

    All you need is a little sunshine and fresh air. Go fishing … canoe down a river. So much enjoyment to be had!

    blueberry cheesecake anyone?

    • sawyer Says:

      I agree that these regular tirades from carlan are trite and of no significance but nor will I just let them remain without a response – my choice of course. This would have never gone on in Ti and Do’s classroom. Whoever was finding fault with another classmate would have been taught to keep their eyes on themselves and their own shortcomings. But for someone who is being accused of breaking procedures, etc., like say by their partner, I believe the response would be to examine it and if the shoe fits wear it – which means change whatever it was that one recognized applied. Being willing to listen to everything a partner said was part of the classroom but that didn’t mean what another might say was with merit. Fortunately during the classroom we had Ti and/or Do as the final say.

      But that classroom no longer exists and Carlan is not my check partner though I did ask him to bring to my attention things I might say or do related to the dissemination of Ti and Do’s information that might be inaccurate, to bring it to my attention. I really don’t care for opinions that have no evidence as from Ti and Do’s mind, yet throughout over 10 years of this from Carlan there have been a couple I would call minor things he brought up that I changed.

      Note, I’m also responding to you, though you really didn’t have anything worthwhile to add to the subject that I could see. I’ve been responding to most all who comment but there may come a time where I can’t keep up with it all and will have to be more choosy as to whose comments I approve and respond to, including carlan’s.

  4. crlody Says:

    I’m having difficulty finding the original comment but I found this via a search engine, a comment that was left on this blog or it was in Sawyer’s original piece. “I see you use “crlody” here but my understanding from DO was that the ody names were only to be used among classmates”.

    So, someone is reaching to find fault with me because I use the class name that was given to me. These names were kept within the class when they were here. Do revealed the “secret” of the use of the ody names in His Exit video. Also, in the Student’s Final Exit Statements all three students use their ody names. These are documents that the class asked RKK to upload to the Internet. They were using their class names in front of the entire world in March of 1997 but according to this individual I shouldn’t be using my class name now because they “understand from Do” that I should be using it “only among classmates”.
    First, there are no classmates here. Secondly, why are they not finding fault with GLNODY, SRRODY and CHKODY for using their class names on a document that was put in front of non-odys (a joke) on the Internet? Why aren’t they finding fault with the Exit videos in which the Students are addressed by the ody names or better yet, why don’t they find fault with Do in the videos for addressing some of the students by their ody names? Those videos were given to RKK with instructions to distribute them and the class and Do are using ody names in them. These videos are addressed to the world. Ody names are being used in videos that the class left behind for the world to see. They were clearly NOT using the ody names “only…among classmates” at the end of the class.

    This effectively destroys this individual’s supposed “understanding from Do” and to me demonstrates just how desperate this individual is to find fault with me and how they are using their self-serving interpretation of Do to do so.

    I never wanted any of this to be about former class members but since several of them are going against Do’s wishes by suppressing and diluting the information that was left behind I will continue, as long as I’m here, to refute these individuals, As long as individuals like Sawyer and XF continue to use HG to draw attention to themselves and their take on the teachings of Ti and Do I am going to refute what they are doing.

    As I’ve already stated I’d rather that my blog, Sawyer’s blog and book and Rio’s book didn’t exist. All that this garbage does is distract from what Ti and Do taught. HG looks like a sad joke through the lens of those of us who have chosen to stay. We’re all out of the class because we chose to follow something other than Ti and Do.

    Maybe each and every one of us is still being tested (whether they were in the class or not) as to how we react to Ti and Do’s information.

    Since Sawyer has started his self-appointed mission his followers have called him a “teacher” and me a “Luciferian”, among other things. This is how this crap begins, lines get drawn as to who or who is not a “true blue believer” like xf claims that he is and that I am not as according to him I’m one of the “toxic” believers”. No on on this planet is qualified to determine who is or is not a “true blue believer” in Ti and Do. No one on this planet is qualified to determine who would or would not “make a fine classmate”. The teacher’s gone. All that’s here are dropouts. If you want to be mislead about what Ti and Do taught then listen to the dropouts.

    Onve again, Sawyer, xf and the rest of you who are so eager to call others “Luciferians” need to get over yourselves. The Next Level doesn’t need any of us. Sawyer’s mission came to him in a dream and many of you are apparently naive enough to think that that means that Ti and Do approve of his mission. We were NEVER assigned tasks in the class by dreams. Why don’t you find fault with Sawyer for that instead of attacking me for using the name that I was given in the class?

    How many hours did any of you spend digitizing and distributing the class’ info? How many hours do you study the information that the class left behind vs listening to Sawyer?

    • sawyer Says:

      1) I don’t care if you use your ody name or not. I have my own reasons for generally not using mine. It’s quite par for the course to be taken out of context as you often do with things I say and sometimes you are right on with what I’ve said that needs to be corrected. If someone is going to find fault, then there is no way to shield ourselves from that and still Stand for Ti and Do as best we choose to. It’s a tiny, tiny challenge to deal with in my opinion.

      2) My “mission” didn’t come to me in a dream. My mission is the same mission Ti and Do left for any and all of us. “Stand For TI and Do” which means Stand for their information and that includes everything we have access to from them. I have access to many years of their Mind and there is no way I’m going to shut up about it as you seem to wish by not wanting me to blog about it. So if I am self appointed then each of us who believe in Ti and Do are self appointed, but it’s the part of Self that is responding to what Ti and Do taught, thus the best part of self we can have I think.

      If some call me a teacher, feeling that through this vehicle of mine they learned something, so be it, but I have been very clear many many times that I am not a “teacher” the way I speak and believe Ti and Do are teachers, so I wish you’d stop spreading that misconception and misrepresentation of me. I don’t deny having dreams that to me were verification that since I dropped out and failed didn’t mean I was a lost soul necessarily, but I only had those particular dreams many years into writing my book, thus the dreams had nothing to do with that but you are like a broken record in this regard.

      3) I say listen to the dropouts with a grain of salt, in other words see if what they say is evidenced as coming from Ti and Do’s Mind, though in talking to others stick to the mouth of the “horse” our Older Members used to perform their tasks through.

      4) Crlody, you bring up the most trivial things to write your criticisms about and yet feel justified in doing so as if you are self appointed to be the great corrector. I say as always, correct me when I misrepresent what Ti and Do said and taught. I know I make mistakes, say things that are from my mind. I don’t like it and so I seek to correct myself when I become aware of those things. I do tend to get a little “full of myself” the more I learn about the myriad of points in the records that reflect exactly what Ti and Do taught and how it seemed to be in the plan for those things as related to the records to come out after Ti and Do and Crew’s exit. However, I know I did not leave the class for that reason. They (Ti and Do and Crew) simply took advantage of my choice to dropout and remain. If it hadn’t been me, they would have had someone else do it and they could have easily helped that person do so and perhaps do a better job than I (and I’m not saying I’m the only one attacking that body of evidence from a Ti and Do perspective that can become our own perspective as a link in their “chain of Mind”.

      I agree the Next Level doesn’t need us and I agree that we were never assigned tasks in a dream so please discontinue spreading that as I never have said that but Ti and Do did teach that dreams can be times when the Next Level helps us (any of us) learn the lessons we each need, helps prep us for a next day or times lessons. And They also taught that Influences can influence our behavior and ways in dreams. Thus they can’t be counted on for anything though of course as with all things, some will misconstrue that into some other form. After all the Luciferians Souls and their minions use human vehicles to be their mouthpieces against the truth that flows from the Next Level via their current Reps – Ti and Do and Crew.

      5) Again you lump me in with some who may have called others Luciferians. So please show me where I’ve said such about anyone. I don’t think that way. There are Luciferian misinformation campaigns of every sort and humans are their vehicles, but even if I or anyone else succumb to their influence that doesn’t make them a Luciferian so I don’t do name calling. I remember when you put in the subject of an email message to the Heaven’s Gate website webmaster something to the affect of addressing them as False Prophets, I thought you told me you let that slip. However, had you said to them, you said this and DO said that that are at odds with one another then you would be offering correction to what otherwise could be considered “false speaking (prophecy)”. So if you are going to criticize anyone don’t you think to do so as an ody means being specific with specific quotes from Do that build your case. If you don’t want to give it that time then why not for the sake of accuracy in your offer of correction.

      6) Hours digitizing is the measure of what exactly? You have criticized me for not disseminating the information when you were with Rkkody as if that means I can’t Stand for Ti and Do now. How much time have you spent on these minuscule accusations that have no basis to anything Ti and Do said and yet you appear to feel justified about. If you don’t want your blog to exist then stop blogging. Ti and Do instructed us to each write our own book that was for those on our strain. It’s in the audio tapes we have. There is a brief mention of it in the Blackhawk tapes – I think Ollody asking if part of what Ti and Do were saying would be good book material. So if they wanted us to write a book why do you have the right to say I or anyone else shouldn’t? (There is a type of table of contents(tape log maybe Rkkody made) to the audio tapes we have so one can go listen to talk about the “book” students were writing).

      7) You are right, classmembers did use the ody names in the exit video’s but Do didn’t have them used publicly before that that I am aware and I recall Him saying the ody names were for use within the class. But as the class exited that obviously didn’t apply anymore. I personally don’t feel I deserve to use my ody name so I don’t use it except as a historical reference. But it doesn’t matter to me whether you use it or not.

  5. Lawrence L. Says:

    I am TMMODY. Ti gave me that name.

  6. sawyer Says:

    I don’t recall a Tmmody. In case I don’t recall accurately, can you provide when Ti gave you that name and where we were living at the time and was DO involved in your receiving that name as well or just TI? I’d also be curious when you joined up with Ti and DO, and from what meeting or circumstance and when did you leave?

  7. Lawrence L. Says:

    Just Do.

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