Rkkody’s Standing for Ti and Do and Sawyers reply to more Crlody accusations

I developed this post because Crlody accused me of finding fault with Rkkody. I did nothing of the sort. So I’m posting the evidence that includes Some of Rkkody’s efforts.


1) What if they’re Right? by Rkkody
2) “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”, Aug. 28, 1997 by Rkkody
3) Link to Rkkody’s archived righttoknow website
4) Sawyer’s reply to an accusation he had “found fault” with Rkkody
5) Who is Rkkody – Who is Righttoknow – Who is Crlody
6) Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 11 re: DO talking about Revelation

1) What if they’re Right?

What if Do IS from the Kingdom of God? What if He IS the same mind, the same soul, who was here 2000 years ago in the body of the one called Jesus? What if they are telling the TRUTH about how we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

How do we know they are NOT telling the truth? People are so quick to condemn them and ask for proof that they are telling the truth, yet what proof can you offer that they have not told the truth?. If you are one who is condemning them and saying that they are Not from the Kingdom of Heaven, then where will that put you when your judgment day comes and you find they are who they said they are? How will your Creator judge you who condemned the very ones who He chose to represent Him on this planet? How is He to respond to those who turned against the very ones HE sent to give you the opportunity to have eternal life?

The truth is, we have no proof that Ti and Do are NOT members of the Kingdom of Heaven, any more than we have proof that they are. For anyone to condemn them without any proof is pure foolishness and simply unfair. It is natural to be skeptical, but in your uncertainty you must leave room for the possibility that this is true.

Since the members of Heaven’s Gate left in March many people have tried to figure out what caused these individuals to leave this world. Some have said these were weak-minded, insecure individuals who fell under the spell of a hypnotic cult leader. Others have tried to explain Do’s and the Class’ motivations by looking into the pasts of the vehicles (bodies) they occupied. However, no one seems to be asking if maybe these individuals went exactly where they said they were going, to the Next Level.

What greater prejudice against that which you don’t know than to cast your judgment against your own Creator just because He does not provide you with the kind of proof you have determined is acceptable. If you find yourself wearing this shoe and it fits, then if I were you I would be screaming from the bottom of my heart for forgiveness from the one who gave me my life and who certainly has the right to determine the fate of my soul. If you find yourself doubting that Do is the return of Jesus, then that’s OK, if you don’t recognize your own creator who IS in Do, then that’s OK, but for your own sakes don’t stand in the way of others who do recognize Him and who want to follow Him as He told us 2000 years ago and as He told us again in March of 1997.

2) (Written by Rkkody posted on his righttoknow website).

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.” by Rkkody Aug. 28, 1997

The above statement was part of a press release to be issued to the news media by DO, dated 3/22/97.

When Do said: “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us” we don’t feel this is limited only to former class members and to the best of our knowledge He did not assign anyone the task of announcing when that gate was closed. None of us are qualified to determine how long this brief window exists.

When we have our Older Member with us, we are not assigned tasks by having a little voice come into our heads saying “I think I have this task to do.” We learned very early not to trust any thoughts that would come into our heads or listen to little voices telling us we should do this or that. Ti and Do did not ask anyone to leave the class because They felt an individual might have another Next Level mission outside of the classroom, however, some were asked to separate from the class in order to work on their overcoming at a distance.

Those who chose to leave the class, left entirely because they chose NOT to continue serving their Older Member.

We learned by experience that when an Older Member is present on the planet, any communication from the Next Level is directed through Their representative. It is considered very inappropriate to make suggestions to this Representative (Ti and Do), for tasks we may want to do. If The Next level wanted us to do a task They would assign it through our Older Member directly (verbally), not by mental telepathy or little voices in our heads. We are not aware that Do assigned anyone the task of announcing when the “Brief Window” is closed. No one can say with certainty that this “brief window” is closed. Only an Older Member from the Next Level would be in a position to state when that gate is closed. And we are not aware of any Older Members here now.

To Send an Email Use: mail@righttoknow.to

3) Here is Rkkody’s website that was archived by various people:

4) Sawyer’s reply to an accusation he had “found fault” with Rkkody

Crlody wrote:

“Also, it was cute the way that you tried to find fault with Rkk for giving the tapes to Mark King. Kind of a low thing to do Sawyer, especially considering that you had no interest in helping him distribute the info. Are you jealous because he demonstrated far more commitment to the NL than you have by twice laying down his life in this world?”

Sawyer’s reply:

I never found fault with Rkkody’s giving the master tapes back to Mark. After all in the letter to Mark from DO and Crew Mark and Sarah were put in charge of what to do with the contents of the storage locker, though DO and Crew made suggestions. Since those letters were given to Rkkody by Mark, Rkkody knew DO’s intention and was abiding by it, though not until he copied all the tapes that included TI, which he then digitized and sent out to libraries and individuals (including me). But you are right I do see Rkkody as showing more commitment to the Next Level than I do as I should have graduated as far as I’m concerned but became weakened and influenced by my Booger (a term Ti and Do used for an assigned adversary (satan) each of their students were provided with to help them gain strength by fighting against their influence upon our vehicles and thus on us.

To me, even if I had found fault with Rkkody, I think it quite petty of you to bring up. I was Rkkody’s partner in the classroom sometimes and I can see him asking me to let him know if I saw anything in his behavior and ways that differed from what Ti and Do taught us to maintain. Rkkody knew he had areas he needed to learn lessons about as I can safely say do we all.

There were other accusations against me Crlody brought up that could be compared with Rkkody. For instance, perhaps 10 years ago, I believe you accused me of things like, “thinking or trying to replace DO”, and/or to be a “Representative” who was showing the truth about what Ti and Do, “really” said. I took that word “really”, or something like that out of my blog introduction. When you first brought it up I didn’t read it that way, as if they needed me to interpret what they said. I could see how someone could see it that way but it took me several years before I changed it. I wasn’t psycho-analyzing myself then, nor do such now. I just felt to write and answer people’s questions and the whole nine yards. It’s like I was bursting at the seams to give all my 19 years of experience to the belief I still had, though I admit being arkward with for the first couple years I’d returned to wanting to be of service.

In response to those accusations, while not wanting to use certain facts because I knew you held Rkkody in high regard (and rightly so in my opinion as do I), but that demonstrate Rkkody was also putting some focus on himself, (as did you) (as you accuse me of doing) and was also writing and providing to the public his thoughts about things DO wrote, in particular in the press release document that Rkkody wrote about referring to a statement in the press release:

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”

Do’s entire document can be found at:

Rkkody’s document is written out in this post.

It seems evident in Rkkody’s document that he might have been writing to respond to someone’s saying the brief window of time was meant only for former students. I agree with Rkkody, DO didn’t give any limitations of to whom it could apply.

I still have not found fault with Rkkody – we can’t expect that we are “standing” for Ti and Do by not stating what they said and didn’t say as people misinterpret those things.

I may have also pointed out that Rkkody idea for a web site didn’t seem to come from DO, so he was taking his own initiative to create one. I don’t at all find fault with his doing that either and you apparently participated in posting a brief testimonial.

You have previously tried to show me that my book effort: “TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses’ was not a task given to me by DO (which I partially agree with but have no proof of) and that DO said in the Beyond Human – The Last Call video tape series, Session 11, that, “we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.”

Nothing in that or any other statements I’ve heard or read can be taken as instruction against anyone’s attempt to “lock in on what,” They were doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.” I contend that it wasn’t on their docket but can bring a great deal of evidence that DO did concern himself with a number of little parts of the Book of Revelation, (i.e. Judgement, Rapture, Armageddon, Two Witnesses, 1st and 2nd Resurrection, Revelation chapter 12 “woman” (not on any of the tapes we have that I’m aware though was when DO gave the one and only real bible lesson telling us that the Woman was referring to TI). At the very least if someone thinks I am putting inappropiate effort from DO’s current perspective outside the human vehicle he took and too much stock in my translations and interpretations, then they can just consider it “fun” for me, while admitting that it swings open the door to criticism from all directions, while showing “fruit” in what Ti and Do taught and it’s correspondence with prophesies.

5) Who is Rkkody – Who is Righttoknow – Who is Crlody

September 15th, 1997

Who is Right to Know?
(By Rkkody) Do called me one day in December 1996 and asked if I would like to help them by opening up a mail box under the name of Right to Know. I eagerly complied and set up a mail stop with that name.

The group used that name when arranging with vendors and other people who needed an address. Before the group made their exit I had asked them about formalizing the name with a business entity and they agreed. I then created a business name of Right to Know at the address shown on this site.
Anyone who wants to get their materials can send their requests and make their checks payable to Right to Know.

Who is RKKODY?
Rkkody, pronounced Rick-o’-de, is the name given to me by my Older members “Ti and DO” when I was adopted by the Next level. The name of the vehicle I presently occupy is “Chuck Humphrey.” While I prefer to be called Rkk (Rick), I continue to use the name Chuck when interacting and relating to this world.

On May 5th, 1997, Wayne Cooke (Jstody – pronounced Just-o’-de) and I entered a motel room in Encinitas Ca, and proceeded in an attempt to “exit” our human vehicles (what humans term- commit suicide).

Wayne (Jstody), was successful in that he did leave his “dead” vehicle in that motel room. I was not so fortunate as my vehicle was still “barely” alive when we were found by the sheriff’s department.

At first I could not figure out what happened. Why did I not go with Wayne and the others? What happened to me in that motel room during that 20 hours. A thousand questions went through my mind as I awakened from the coma.

In October, 1975 two people were traveling the country holding small public meeting saying they were sent from the Kingdom of God to restate the formula for entry into the evolutionary kingdom level above human, or the Kingdom of God.

I was very busy being a full fledged “human” at that time. I had a family, a child, a profession and a new business. The last thing I was looking for was a couple of weirdos saying that if I followed them I could become a little gray alien and fly around in a UFO. I was happy in those days, or at least I was under the illusion of happiness. I was about as content as one can expect in a state of total unconsciousness. This is not to mean I was in a coma as most humans would define unconsciousness, but my soul, the one who now occupies this body, was certainly asleep and unconscious.

My life changed on that day in October of 1975 which altered the path of my destiny in indescribable ways. I was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, or at least so it seemed at the time, and it was not until years later that I began to understand what really happened. Now, according to this world and all of what it measures sanity by, I am definitely, 100% just as crazy as those two people.

Like it or not, believe it or not, the plain and simple truth is; this planet is in it’s final days. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe this. Simply ignoring or disbelieving in something will not change it any more than believing long enough in a lie will turn it into the truth. That is what ALL religion have tried to do since the beginning of this civilization.

We are right now in the process of being “recycled.” What is recycling? It is simply a term my Teachers used to describe the process of refurbishing the garden, plowing it under and getting rid of the weeds in order to prepare it for a new season.

Just who are my Teachers? You have no idea what my Teachers would do and give in order that you could know them the way I know them. My Teachers, synonymous with “Older Members,” are the same two “weirdos” I mentioned earlier. I use the term “weirdo” in fun for the world sees them as hypnotic cult leaders who brainwashed innocent people into committing mass suicide with them. I know them to be representatives from the kingdom level above human, the Next Level, or what religions refer to as the Kingdom of God. They are members of the kingdom level of life that created all other levels beneath it including the human level and those beneath it.

It is impossible for those without a “deposit,” to comprehend what my Older Members offered this world. What is a deposit? It quite literally means a soul from the Next Level. Does this mean that not all humans have souls? Yes! Not all humans are given souls, or “deposits.” Only our Creator is capable of judging who is chosen for these deposits, and we can’t begin to know the criteria they use when determining who gets a deposit and who does not. A human without a deposit is simply a plant, there is no true life in them. The Representative who was here 2000 years ago said His message was only for those who had ears to hear, those who were given to Him by His Father, and it is the same this time around. It is the same message, the same formula for entry into His Kingdom, and it is the same Mind who was here 2000 years ago.

I don’t pretend to have the level of understanding that my Older Member has, or the wisdom to know when it is best to simply shut up and let the dead bury the dead, or to stand from the mountain top and shout what I know to be the truth. I was one who didn’t make it. I am one who tried to join with my Teacher and botched my own attempt to leave. I am now what seems to be a survivor of “Heaven’s Gate,” the most misunderstood “group” of individuals in this world today.

I was given permission to leave on May 5th, 1997 when Wayne Cooke and I tried to exit our human vehicles. Wayne left and I was not as lucky and was revived. It was a shock waking up from a three day coma just to realize I was still in this vehicle. I didn’t like being here before I tried to leave, and I like it here even less now.

People ask me now. “Will I try to commit suicide again?” How can I possibly answer a stupid question like that? Dr. Mihtar, a psychiatrist in the San Diego mental health facility had me confined against my will under a suicide watch where he informed me he was doing this for my own good and that knew what was best for me. What audacity! I didn’t hire him and I was not even able to fire him. For him to assume he knew me well enough to know what is best for me is the absolute apex of arrogance and a perversion of the term compassion. My first mistake with him was to think I could tell him the truth. It was clear he was not interested in the truth, but only in confining me like some kind of animal in an infantile attempt to understand me and my beliefs for his own self glorification.

Apparently, Mihtar and the director of Mercy Mental Health wanted a Heaven’s Gate lab rat and conspired to have me committed saying I was a danger to myself and was mentally ill because of my beliefs. I was subjected to 24 hours of humiliation each day while being guarded in their psychiatric ward. I had to hire attorneys and convince the court I was not mentally ill and fully capable of making rational decisions..

Apparently, I forfeited all rights as a citizen by not being successful in my attempt leave. If you don’t think this world is not due for recycling, then just look into the California (and for that matter, any state’s) mental health system. This has got to be one of the most barbaric abuses of power this county has seen. Without even being charged with a crime, they can lock you up against your will, take away all your rights, fill you body with chemicals and drugs and throw away the key until you convince some arrogant doctor you are “normal.” Even more frightening is that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

After about two weeks since I got far away from Dr. Mihtar, I got a call from the San Diego Mental health system wanting me to pay for the time I was committed. What a system! They lock you up against your will and expect you to pay for it. And people ask me why I want to leave this hideous planet.

Well, here I am, what do I do now? I wish I had a clear answer. One thing I know for a fact. I still have permission to leave, any time I want to and there is nothing this world do that will keep me from ultimately returning to the Next Level.

Who is Crlody

Crlody, (pronounced Carlinody) is the name given to me by my Older Member Do when I was adopted by the Next Level.

About a year prior to my joining the classroom (Heavens Gate) the vehicle (body) which I now occupy was growing increasingly dissatisfied with everyday life in the human world. It was becoming difficult to be motivated by the things most humans value, namely marriage, career and all the social trappings which go with them . Accompanying this dissatisfaction was the feeling that something big was on the horizon.

Indeed something big did happen in July of 1994. A friend of the vehicle’s brought home a flyer entitled “UFOs, space aliens and their final fight for Earths spoils”. The flyer spoke of Representatives from a Higher Evolutionary Level and how one must overcome human ways and thinking to attain that Level. Just the act of reading that flyer made me feel as if it somehow applied to me. We anxiously awaited the day of the meeting.

The day of the meeting rolled around and what I heard there has affected my course in life ever since. Not only did I recognize the information being presented but it was as if I even recognized the individuals presenting it. After the main meeting I attended a follow-up meeting with two others and expressed my desire to become a part of the classroom.

About three weeks later I took a bus to Massachusetts to meet up with members of the class and my classroom experience was underway. Everyday I spent in the class was a day of joy, growth and learning. It was as if I had been with these individuals before learning the same types of lessons. After three months in the class I allowed an influence (discarnate entity) to convince me I had to leave the class because I wasn’t capable of applying the discipline necessary to complete my overcoming.

As I was leaving I knew it was the wrong decision but I went ahead and left anyway. The whole time I was out of the class I wanted back in. I sent letters to a post box which it turned out was closed down. I called a place where I had stayed with the class hoping they had returned there but they hadn’t. I was planning on leaving at the end of March of this year and “seeking them out” wherever they might be. But I waited too long to initiate my search for my Older Member and classmates.

I am extremely happy for my Older Member and my classmates and wouldn’t wish them to be here for anything. I know they are in a much better place and worked very hard to get there. The only I regret I have is not exposing my difficulties and leaving the classroom.

Whatever time I have left on this hideous planet will be used to take a stand for my belief in the Next Level and my Older Members Ti and Do as Representatives of that Level. I will also use this time to try and make the information they left behind available and to counter what I see as the dilution of that information by individuals who feel they are capable of interpreting my Older Members words. I am extremely honored and proud to have been allowed to serve in the classroom and I have no shame in letting the world know that. I have no intentions of making a “life” out of my existence in this world. True life can only be found in the Next Level.

To Send an Email Use: rkk@rkkody.com

6) Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 11 re: DO talking about Revelation

DO speaking:

“As far as raptures are concerned, there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not raptures even exist. And what is a rapture? Some say, “Well, that only happens after taking a spiritual body.” But what is a spiritual body? If you have gone with the spirit or the mind of our Father’s Kingdom and you have been lifted out of the world, and one interpretation of rapture is “lifted out,” I don’t know if this is true or not. It doesn’t really matter. It isn’t significant to us. It’s no basis for our allegiance to our task. And it shouldn’t be to you. If you can think of it in that light, and just simply be amused by it, because we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, or Isaiah, or any place else, or Daniel. But to me, just for fun, when we got the instruction to take the class out of the world, literally lifted them out of the world, went into isolation where nobody could find them, they didn’t exist as far as the world was concerned. And even if they took a job once ina while to bring in a few sticks to try to buy some hamburgers, or whatever it was, they didn’t relate to anybody in the world. They only went to that job, went right back to their isolation, and that remained that way for all these years. If anybody has been lifted out or kept separate from the world for the time that they received their overcoming, if that word can symbolically apply to anyone, I certainly don’t know why it wouldn’t apply to our class. So, if there’s a first rapture, in that sense, then I can’t imagine that that isn’t applicable to our class. Like I said, it doesn’t mean anything to us, we don’t count on it – it doesn’t motivate us. And in the same sense, if there’s such a thing as a second rapture, which is more important to us now, the possibility of that, because that would be you. That would be you moving into your own overcoming, your total separateness, your insistence upon not relating to the human world.

In the same way, a couple of other terms in prophecy that are referred to so much are “first resurrection” and “second resurrection.” They’re just other terms for, in our head, the same thing. Because, if the soul has come into life, if the soul has moved into a vehicle and has taken over that vehicle, and that soul itself is incorruptible and imperishable, whether it loses the vehicle or not, then it has resurrected. It has moved back into life a bit at a time. And that has happened certainly to the class. That is ahead for those who might follow in their path if they receive this information. And even though this touches my heart to talk about this, and it touched my heart for your sake, again I have to say we’re not going to go out and try to invite more arrows being shot at us and more daggers thrown our way on the basis of fulfillment of prophecy. We do not know the accuracy of this. We find it amusing.”

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  1. More accusations against Sawyer’s blog, video’s, Revelations Book by Carlan aka Crlody | Sawyer Stands for Ti & Do's Heaven's Gate Says:

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  2. crlody Says:

    Again with the denials. You pointedly asked me recently, “why did RKK give Mark the tapes”? The implication of your question was patently obvious. Now you are reaching to try to equate what RKK and I did with distributing the info being somehow analogous to your numerous claims. This is a game and Im done playing it. I am beyond disgusted with this ridiculous conflict that will only reflect negatively on the class and quite frankly Im disgusted by your repeated denials of things that youve said and your stubborn negating of anything I bring up to you. And now youre going after RKK again. You will claim that you are not but the entire purpose of your post is to find fault with what RKK and I did so that you can justify what youve done.

    You obviously want to stay in this world and to continue to believe that everything youre doing is a “task: for the Next Level and you obviously are choosing to refuse to see the contradictory nature of that.

    The whole brief window of time thing was to counter claims that Mark had made about the gate being closed and things Rio had said. I still stand by what we said 100% and I dont feel it is anything like the things that you have stated. At all. Perhaps youre reaching to find fault here because somewhere within you you know that youve harassed me for the things that Ive previously brought up but your ego cant handle it so now you have to attack RKK and myself for things that we did over 20 years ago. Perhaps not, I honestly dont really know what motivates you and I no longer care. I know were not on the same page but thats it.

    So, because we had two short bios about who we were on the website that was “putting focus on ourselves”!? Really!? How many blogs have you written and how many videos have you made? Who calls himself Sawyer Heavensgate? Who makes comments on almost every single hg related article talking about his 19 years in the class? And actually I originally didnt even want to put anything about myself on there but RKK thought it was a good idea so that people knew who they were getting the info from. I also had issues with the whole concept of rkkody.com but RKK wanted to keep it separate from hg.com to preserve the integrity of hg.com, which we may not have always succeeded at. Did we do things that Ti and Do wouldnt have approved of? Im sure we did. More than sure. I do things every day that They wouldnt approve of. Im a hipocrite who claims that he believes in the Next Level but yet I continue to stay in this hell despite Their invitation to leave because Im unwilling. Im a big chicken.

    We didnt claim we had “contacts” with the Next Level akin to an “open phone line”, we didnt claim we were here on a “task” for Ti and Do even though RKK was given important tasks by the class, we didnt write a book that we claimed was fulfilling a prophecy in Revelation, we never claimed we were being “brave” or that we were “the most outspoken supporters of Ti and Do”(which yes, you did take back after I said something, but what if I hadnt)?

    Im glad that you put the bios up. Ive wanted to point out my hipocricies in it, namely my claims that I didnt want a life in this world because here I am 20 years later living a human life. This is why no one should listen to us, we’re dropouts who are not qualified to relate NL Info ESPECIALLY since the class left the purest NL info there is. As far as the class goes I only care about the info that They left behind. Its the ONLY thing that matters. Not some website from over 20 years ago with a silly auto-biography.

    And as far as I can tell all the former classmembers do not care about the info. Rio didnt care, mark and sarah are still hoarding over 12 years of classrom teachings and youve stated more than once that you dont care about that info either.

    I hope that we are both allowed to continue a relationship with the Next Level through Ti and Do when we leave this world. This is a hideous place and its going to get worse. Good luck SWYODY.


    • crlody Says:

       “Although not all individual believers are bad company, I do not associate with toxic believers that spread misconceptions, hate and division among individual HG believers who are trying to actually live the information out in their lives to the best of their ability for Ti & Do of The Next Level. I hope that such corrupted individuals snap out of it before it is too late”.

      This is from Austin. This is the guy that you said would make a “fine classmate”. He talks about “division” among “individual believers” almost as if there’s some kind of group that he is part of that is “for Ti and Do” and is in opposition to the “bad company”. He seems to think that he is the judge of who is or isn’t “bad company” when it comes to HG and he knows who is “trying to actually live the information….for Ti and Do and the Next Level”?! Wow, did Ti and Do tell him who is “bad” and who is “for Ti and Do”? Was it in a dream like you had? Did Ti and Do tell him who the “corrupted individuals” are? Am I one of his corrupted individuals? And if others are corrupted and toxic then does that mean that Austin and his group of individual believers are not toxic and incorruptible? This from the guy who lied to us for almost three years and still is not honest about what happened then. Hey, wasn’t Paul never with Jesus just like Austin was never with Do? Who is really the “bad company” here? Who has spread “hate, misconceptions and division among individual HG believers”? Isn’t that what Austin was doing when he created all his fakes that had you thinking that I was “under an influence” when I tried to expose it to you?

       “I talk with some good HG believers & avoid others”.

      Who determines who is a “good believer”? Austin, the guy who was never even in the class? Are the ones that he avoids the bad ones then? Wouldn’t Ti and DO be the ONLY ones who are capable of making that judgment?

      He has also spoken about “true blue believers” as if he is one of them and others are not. Wow. A human who was never in the class knows who is and isn’t a “true blue believer” in Ti and Do!? What would Ti and Do think of his claims about “true blue believers”. What would they think about his statements about “bad company” and “toxic believers”? What would They think about his claims that he knows who is “for Ti and Do”?

      Why have you encouraged someone who makes these statements Sawyer? What if your encouragement of him is at least partly responsible for his continued attitude that he knows who the “true blue believers” are? Are you ready to stand in front of Ti and Do and tell Them that Austin would make a “fine classmate”? Are you ready to stand in front of Them and tell Them that you don’t care that the NL Mind that They shared on the audio tapes is something that you “don’t care” is being suppressed?

      What if he’s been a tool of the lower forces from the get-go? What if he is in fact the “toxic believer that is spreading misconceptions, hate and division”? What if he is the “corrupted individual” who “needs to snap out of it”?

      Is this really someone that you want to associate with?

      • sawyer Says:

        holy smokes carlan, what happens to you that you are now faulting me with seeing XF as an applicant to Ti and Do’s program. I’m not anyone’s judge in that regard but at least my thoughts were positive for him. He may be soaring beyond what all of us x-members are doing. We are each judged by what we’ve done with what we’ve been given.

        The context which you didn’t include, in which I said that about he’s good material for the Next Level, was because every time I would offer him correction he would examine it just the way we were taught to do in the classroom with our partners and crews, and he in many circumstances felt the shoe fit and admitted to it and started to imprint upon his vehicle getting ahead of that influence that would bring him down and against seeing Ti and Do for who they are. He would have an exchange with you and get all angry and it would sometimes affect him for months and would admit not curbing the influence of his anger that let certain things come out of his mouth. He knew those things were not from Ti and Do’s mind to say. So he counted many as slippages. As I’ve related with him regularly and his frequent commenting, it seems he’s made headway on that booger.

        re: you suggestion that he could be the same soul who was in the vehicle named Paul of Tarsus 2000 years ago, of course could be possible, which as far as I know could be possible for anyone depending on what the Next Level knew that soul still needed to overcome. Ti and Do as they said in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary and in DO’s ’88 Update The UFO Two and Crew” that they never liked the idea of our thinking we were such a biblical figure returned. They always said that so what if you were. If your still repeating the same lessons you had to learn then, then you are tardy in your lesson steps. So even if XF was the same soul as was in Paul of Tarsus vehicle, I suspect he’s showing the Next Level how he’s rising out of his past clinging to religion by not really remaining a christian (in a sense) and instead taking up the task of Standing for Ti and DO.

        By the way he just made a short video about how Christians should “lose paul” from their belief in Jesus. I took it as meaning if they were going to be dedicated Jesus believers, they were better off without Paul.

  3. sawyer Says:

    We also never ate artichokes so is that wrong in Ti and Do’s mind to eat?

    Why didn’t you answer the question… Why did Rkkody give the audio tapes back to mark? Yes I ask that question to put you and your claims on the spot but that’s because He did it, I would most suspect because he knew DO intended Mark and Sarah to be the ones to decide what to do with the tapes. So rkkody would therefore be fulfilling his Older Members wishes to give them to mark. Thus I am not only not finding fault with rkkody – I am praising him for trusting his Older Members wishes. I was hoping my saying that could help you snap out of that tape you keep playing over and over. It wasn’t to find fault with rkkody though you don’t seem willing to see that.

    What’s the bottom line to what I do. Is it supportive of who Ti and Do said they Represented and their behaviors and ways or not?

    Once one becomes a dropout are they condemned to remain dropped out.

    You said you weren’t going to forgive xf, yet remember what Jesus said about forgiveness. it wasn’t contingent on whether that person deserved forgiveness. It was unconditional forgiveness that we ALL need at times I believe.

    • Woraufhin Says:

      It’s a shame that we should descend into infighting, which has also blighted many otherwise well-intentioned groups throughout human history. It hindered even Jesus’s apostles, of course.

      • sawyer Says:

        It’s all part of the territory. The Next Level sets us all up – it’s a test of to whom we will look for help and for help to do right as opposed to being right. I field comments most everyday that attempt to shoot me down. If someone can show me that what I said was against what Ti and Do said, I’d be more than happy to change from my old ways. But I will counter lies being told about me so that others after I’m gone if they happen upon the accusations can have a chance to hear the truth about it. This is not the first time the term “infighting” was brought up to me, as if there was something wrong with that process to go through. Remember how Jesus said he didn’t come to bring peace (though we were to have peace among one another), but he did outline how to deal with fellow believers and it included talking things out with witnesses.If that’s infighting then so be it.

      • XF97 Says:

        Infighting & disagreements happened among the believers of Jesus after he left Earth. No difference here. Some people think you need to have a group first in order to have any kind of infighting to transpire. That’s partially true. You can have infighting between believers who share the same belief without a group as well in order for there to be any kind of infighting in a sense. It doesn’t have to always be literal.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        I could be wrong, but I believe that disagreements are acceptable so long as they don’t escalate into anger. Bear in mind that Jesus categorically condemned anger with one’s ‘brother or sister’ (Matthew 5:22); and Do also reminds someone to avoid anger with fellow members on at least one of the tapes.

      • sawyer Says:

        What Jesus said was to not be angry with one’s brother “without cause”.:

        Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

        The word “angry” here comes from greek orgizo – “to provoke, to arouse to anger”.

        The classroom was full of disagreements on how to follow procedures and we were instructed to seek responses from our partners if they saw anything about us that was acting differently from procedures. I have asked Crlody to offer me that help and I ask that of anyone but if what he or another brings to my attention doesn’t have some foundation in what Ti and Do taught then it might be coming from Crlody’s influences and thus not a shoe that fits my foot.

        I’m not saying I handle his or anyone elses accusations how DO would but I do attempt to do so and if as I respond it smacks of human banter or anger or competition or sarcasm, etc. – not behaviors our Older Members demonstrated and taught to overcome, then I edit it out or correct it at a later date.

        Sometimes I may not respond at all as it’s just giving ammunition to keep a float anothers angry outburst form of sensuality. At this point I’ve spent many hours and words and left them in these blog posts addressing each of Crlody’s accusations for whatever they may be worth to him or anyone else who comes across this public blog,

      • XF97 Says:

        You are right Woraufhin. I failed in that several times but recognize where and how I slipped in that area. As long as I do something about it and not stagnate by replaying those tapes will I then be on the right track. Can’t go anywhere if I just think about it. Do (Doe) said that change doesn’t come through analysis. And Ti (Tee) said that a person can’t change unless they exert the effort to change. If I believe the Lucifer con game that has me tell myself that I can’t change, that’s ridiculous and simply misinformation. Either I want to change or I don’t. It’s called free will. Lip service alone doesn’t do anything. Anybody can give lip service.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        I have struggled with similar issues for a long time, XF; but I’ve improved considerably in recent times through reflecting upon Ti and Do’s advice about controlling one’s vehicle, which I have heard on many of the available tapes. Since our vehicles and influences are highly devious and persistent, however, we must always guard against impulses that would distract us from accomplishing our respective tasks.

      • XF97 Says:

        Good statements, Woraufhin. Keep pressing forward with your study in the left behind information of Ti & Do. You won’t find their information anywhere else. We all have our fair share of struggles, accomplishments, slips, strengths, weaknesses etc. We all have to fight discarnates and negative influences on a daily basis. For some of us on this planet, this Information is all some of us have left. I’m nothing special and nothing to write home about, but the Information of Ti & Do is special and everything to write home about in a sense. However, Satan doesn’t like what I believe. Nor does he want me to be active in it as an individual believer. So he will do what he can do and use whoever he can use to discourage me from this message and cause me to stumble. The Lower Forces work that way. They hate the Next Level and anyone who tries to apply the Information in their day to day lives. My take on that.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        I could be wrong, Sawyer; but I can find no phrase in the Greek translatable as ‘without cause’. Hence, most translations (including Martin Luther’s translation) include no such phrase.

      • sawyer Says:

        mat 5:22 in the king james says “without a cause”:

        Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

        “cause” was listed in Strongs as

        1500 eike i-kay’ probably from eikw* – eiko* 1502 (through the idea of failure); idly, i.e. without reason (or effect):–without a cause, (in) vain(-ly).

        1502 eiko i’-ko apparently a primary verb; properly, to be weak, i.e. yield:–give place.

        to place the idea of failure in that translation instead of “cause” doesn’t seem contextual to me and that’s especially in light of:

        Mat 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
        Mat 18:16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.
        Mat 18:17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

        We had the same procedure in the classroom. The first approach was between partners. If a partner saw something I said or did that was not part of procedure the partner was responsible to bring it up and the response was to thank them and say something to the affect of “I’ll examine that” or if they agreed then stand corrected but not to defend themselves (though there was nothing wrong with researching the procedure in the procedure books, which depended upon whether there was time to do so. If there wasn’t time so that the task could suffer by not agreeing, if there were other crew members then we would seek their understanding of procedure and sometimes agree to proceed with the consensus until such time that it could be checked out with Ti and Do and in that way more procedures would often come about as often times it surfaced an exception. But what was most important was that process and doing the right thing verses being “right”. It was for the task sake and of course following what we were given on how to do that task. This kind of thing came up often in lab tasks – making bread, etc. but those were all the tools of the classroom – regular tasks.

        But I agree that one would restrain feeling “angry” with another during this process. It wasn’t to become personal or it was breaking yet another procedure. I remember once there was a bit of pushing between alxody and cddody ( left class around 1988 shortly after that incident and never wanted to return). That was a clear breakage of procedure though I can’t quote the procedure not to engage in physical combat with one another.

        We had the procedure that overseers of the craft could call a “help wanted meeting” for any student. In that meeting the student would be informed of the area in which they thought he/she needed help. This happened a number of times with Mrcody who didn’t want to follow the “I could be wrong” prefacing of judgement lesson step. After more than one of these help wanted meetings Do held a meeting with him and all the students and said he was instructed to leave the class until such time that he wanted to follow that procedure. Do instructed us to each go up to Mrcody (and srfody who sided with him) and tell them they could come back if they wanted to follow procedure.

        So that was exactly like the Jesus example of being sent out of the “church” for not wanting to abide by what the other students understood for following procedure.

        I have no anger against Crlody. I’m not saying I haven’t dealt with feeling a little angry at times way past, and I have attempted to take some of his accusations seriously and did admit to some and did change aspects of what I was doing but then on other issues don’t see it so I don’t try to wear that shoe. This is the way it always seems to work that there are always new circumstances that test us and catch us off guard so we can miss seeing the same lesson surfacing again. These posts were my attempt to bring it to the “church” – fellow believers but since there is no group this is about the only way I can see addressing accusations made against me and what I say and do.

  4. Spidermanguy Says:

    Your friendly neighborhood spiderman, here… lurking as usual.

    You both like like children in the schoolyard. Neither of you show, or have ever shown, the ability to think logically or even to embrace truth. You both look for things that confirm what you believe and ignore or discount things that contradict your beliefs (uhh, that is basically everything).

    That should feel like a complement — I think the Dubious Two taught you kids how to not think.

    But, guess what? You are just like 99.9% of the planet in that regard. If you thought you were “next level beings” — which I interpret from everything I’ve read and heard, “Spock” — you are quite the opposite: O, so very human. O, so very pathetic.

    But I do envy you your certainty! I won’t sacrifice logic for certainty. Neither would “Spock”.

    • sawyer Says:

      Do you want to give some examples or just mouth off accusations – about what is or isn’t logic?

    • crlody Says:

      Hi Dave. Nice try. Again. Perhaps you’re the one who is pathetic, still playing your games after all these years, trolling, trolling, trolling. Oh no, a coward on the Internet criticized me. A coward who repeatedly lied to my face. And you’re trying to lecture others about the truth. Like the time you pretended to be one of your colleagues and called yourself “brilliant” in your field except, you know, you dont have any published papers in Psychology Dave and you’re not working in your field in academia. Keep pretending Dave.

    • crlody Says:

      When have I EVER said I was a Next Level being? Show me where Ive said that. Dont claim that Sawyer and I are a “two” who think exactly alike? When have I “refused to embrace truth”? What lie did I tell or what specific lie did I believe in? What truth did I not embrace? How have I been “illogical”? When have I “sought” anything out to “confirm my belief”? Specifically cite something I said instead of making your condescending statements that are rooted in your “belief” that you can “embrace truth” better than I can. Are you sure that you’re in a position to call me “pathetic”? You, who hides anonymously behind your keyboard passing sweeping judgments on others? Are these the things that give you self-worth? To be another Internet troll playing intellectual bullying games in which you seek people out online to harass and feel superior to? Who is the child in the schoolyard here Dave? You sought this out and have been harassing former Heaven’s Gate members for over ten years now. You think that you understand me and how I think, that Psychology degree really went to your head there, didnt it Sigmund?. You project your own weaknesses onto others and you hide anonymously on the web because you’re afraid of yourself, afraid that you might actually just be prone to being a deceitful, cunning liar who knows nothing about “the truth”. How many times have you looked someone in the eye and lied to them like you lied to me? Does anyone you know trust you? Thanks for reminding me to never trust one of you parasites who tries to use me again. Come visit my blog, you’re welcome to show me where I’m refusing to embrace the truth. Why dont you send me the rest of those audio tapes that you digitized for Mark, after all, you wouldnt have even known that theyve existed if I hadnt told you about them.

  5. Andon Munioitz Says:

    Do you know what happened to commit suicide? Why did not you agree David Koresh? David did not commit suicide. No sense with that if you also agreement.

    • sawyer Says:

      I suggest you go to the Heavensgate.com web site and start reading to begin to understand why they layed down their human vehicles. I flunked out of that classroom, is why I wasnt’ with them – left in 1994 though was willing then to lay down my life.

    • sawyer Says:

      are you calling me David Koresh? If so I am not.

      • Barack Obama Says:

        I think he is asking why did do copy the branch davidians? My question is why didn’t he just quit hiding and make a standoff which would have given much more coverage of the end? The two in rev die a very public death but he opted to just go night night instead. Jesus too had very public death. He overdosed on a street drug instead. They use seconal for terminal patients in Oregon. Probably the easiest way to go hands down. Most people don’t know anything about heavens gate. Everybody knows about David koresh. Makes no sense at all. The death of the two will be seen by the whole planet… But do died peacefully in a comfortable bed in a nice house under a blanket. Plus the two were to die together very publicly. Face it… They weren’t the two. Not unless you really strangle what is said in the book which is to be taken literally.

        Nobody buys it brother. And that also wasn’t supposed to be the case either! Not even the hundreds of folks who were in the cult over the years buy it. I don’t think you even do at this point, right? Too many downright inconsistencies. He wasn’t thinking about scripture or he would have seen it staring right at him. At the end I think he was just done with the whole thing. Maybe dementia had set in?

      • sawyer Says:

        Do didn’t copy the Branch Davidians and if that was a miswording, why didn’t he quit hiding, my response is in general because he didnj’t have instructions from TI to do. However, looking back on that in my opinion would have given the lower forces more ammunition to see Him and his classroom in the same light as the way people look at the Branch Davidians, seen strictly as a human organization. If one compares the impact of the two events, I am quite sure the Heaven’s Gate story got more press, made a much bigger impression and continues to grow as we speak (which I have a great deal of evidence of it’s growing, especially as of 2017).

        Do and his students had a enormously public death of their vehicles, did they not. Ti’s leaving her vehicle was not public until the Pineapple Street Media podcast, Heaven’s Gate and that made it to the number one itunes podcast by 2018.

        I don’t know where you get your data on what most people know about. Granted more people perhaps identify with the waco event either pro or against them and the governments actions but the Next Level has never been about the accumulations of numbers to appear to have more validity. Ti and Do taught that the Next Level do not need any humans to believe in them and their program. They are quite fine without any more members but it’s their joy to offer the opportunity and they know there will be some who do graduate, even if one “crop” just yields one new member they have a celebration for that one person.

        Where does it say the death of the Two is seen by the whole planet? I think you might want to really study those scritptures. It says:

        Rev 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every ((3956 pas= all, any, every, the whole – all (manner of, means))) eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all ((3956 pas= all, any, every, the whole – all (manner of, means))) kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

        If it was intended to be “every” eye, why follow that by saying “also which pierced him”, thus it might make more accurate sense in this context to translate the greek “pas” to “all or any manner of, means”. Furthermore, it’s not over yet. In fact this verse indicates in particular talking about Jesus who every eye sees as he’s the one who was pierced – The Father (the Other of the Two Witnesses depicted as the Rev 12 “Woman” wasn’t pierced).

        So this verse appears to be talking about the return that’s not the teaching period of Their incarnation among us. The only other depiction of their coming would be seen in Revelation chapter 19 where he is described as is wearing a “vesture” (garment 30, raiment 12, clothes 12, cloke 2, robe 2, vesture 2, apparel 1), (the way the Next Level thinks of their denser physical vehicles as clothing) “dipped in blood” and is “sitting (holding the position) on a white horse” – in this case a horse being his spacecraft since the only other way horse is used is as one’s physical human body.

        Rev 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

        So this is taking place in the heavens (sky to outer space near to deep) and I guess it will be wait and see for how long “He” is seen and of course “seeing” is going to be different for each individuals, some having some “understanding” of what they are seeing while others don’t. In either case everyone will have the opportunity to see him, perhaps as DO said, as even thousands of spacecrafts (armies in heaven) coming in in shifts:

        Rev 19:14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

        Ti and Do wrote in a document that was included in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary that they “two” were here as the Sixth Closeness and that Jesus would come back in the 7th Closeness. I believe that seventh closeness began with Do and Crew in the 1990’s and will come to it’s finali when He and his crew return but stay in the heavens and don’t provide any new teachings since they already did that but will test humans alive then to show whose side they are on, between God or Mammon (humanism) that will determine where each soul or spirit is “saved” or recycled because of.

        The scripture doesn’t say they both die publicly. It says:

        Rev 11:7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.
        Rev 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street ((a moulded spread out (wide) “plat” or “place”)) of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.
        Rev 11:9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.

        Street wasn’t literal like a road, except as it can be seen as a moulded spread out (wide) “plat” or “place”:

        Street = 4113 plateia plat-i’-ah feminine of platus 4116; a wide “plat” or “place”, i.e. open square:–street.
        4116 platus plat-oos’ from plasso 4111; spread out “flat” (“plot”), i.e. broad:–wide.
        4111 plasso plas’-so a primary verb; to mould, i.e. shape or fabricate:–form.

        You are wrong about the Book of Revelations meant to be taken literally. It was meant to be symbolic. However, the symbolism was meant to be “revealed” – in other words literally interpreted, which is what I’m trying to help do. I don’t have to “strangle” anything for the most accurate literal interpretation to come apparent. It’s the readers who strangle it to make it mean what they want it to mean which is not their fault as they hardly stood a chance (DO Said) but that is some chance, but it will be challenging.

        You are correct that Ti and Do were not saying and doing what they did based on scripture. Do even said that in the Beyond Human tapes and in the 88update document he wrote and TI said it in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary. That’s part of the task left to do after their exit that I am participating in. And yes, I buy it all.

        So I guess you have talked to “hundreds” of folks who had been in the cult over the years. Even if you had, they are the dropouts so naturally most of them aren’t going to believe in Ti and Do as to leave they start to lose what they had gained. I guess before I lost it all, I was salvaged by them, to give me another chance. The others also get many chances to change just as Lucifer was given many chances to change.

        So there are no inconsistencies but people can surely manufacture them and refuse to see the many, many evidences that they were exactly who they said they were and how scripture proves it.

        You are also wrong about nobody buying it. There are new believers sprouting often, perhaps even every day in degrees that I have personal experience witnessing from their mouths.

      • XF97 Says:

        Sawyer, the space alien troll is at it again. The user “Barack Obama” is the same dude who played “Spidermanguy” and the many other derogatory identities that have surfaced on your blog as Luciferian pestilences to do what Luciferian pestilences do – – to either put you do down, drag you down, take you off course or simply cause distractions with stupid questions and/or over exaggerated tripe. Hi, Dave. Still exercising your Luciferianism I see. Keep making Luci proud. How stagnant, immature and blatantly childish to come here to use Sawyer or anybody else as lab rats in some sadistic “psychology” experiment of yours. Your obsession over Sawyer needs to stop, and in all actuality, be brought to the attention of the proper authorities.

      • sawyer Says:

        In my opinion the Next Level are the only proper authorities and I’m not about to bother them with asking help in that way as it’s part of the territory to deal with all sorts or not. If they say nothing, have no questions I at times just don’t allow the comment or I delete it, but I also suspect if I handle them the way a Member of the Next Level might then I’m growing my mind and also doing a little to show others how they might choose to handle them. I am not saying I can’t do a better job and I can’t assume I am being an example of how the Next Level would handle it but it might be close and sometimes I do feel like I get clues on how to handle things when I ask.

  6. telah2018 Says:

    Sawyer…Crlody, we’ve been reading your exchanges.

    I know it’s been hard since the class left 21 years ago…

    But, You must put away these HUMAN emotions…these HUMAN reactions.

    There was an experience, in this vehicle’s life where I witnessed what seemed like a major betrayal…

    I know there’s been a period of silence (“half an hour”…Revelation 8:1)…but the delay is OVER.

    The Next Level Above Human is coming.


    You know who we are.

    • sawyer Says:

      You appear to be one of a number of phonies with a facsimile approach, cryptic and all totally unlike Ti and Do. The 7th closeness was not to be a “teaching one” so we’re not going to receive any further information from them directly, only through signs in the heavens – sun moon and stars while the frauds start showing their “miracles” (Rev 13) – even “holograms” to trick people. The seventh seal has not been opened yet. An abundance of evidence indicates we are in the period of the Fourth seal opening. That period of silence is yet to come.

      • telah2018 Says:

        Sawyer…we clearly would not be the same as our previous vehicles were. Simply stating there were some misunderstandings. We are here, again, to clarify those.

        A lesson will be posted soon, that examines the timeline of the coming recycling that was delayed from 1997.

        The seals are a misunderstood thing. When you see the evidence we have compiled, you will be convinced that your understanding of Revelation is…well…not correct.

        But we respect your decision Sawyer. Whether or not you believe is up to you.

      • sawyer Says:

        So show me your evidence if you want to. I left you this one comment section but no more on this blog.

      • XF97 Says:

        Telah2018, you clearly haven’t read the Information of Ti & Do. If you had, there would be no “continuation” of the Class. And you would clearly know why. Paul did that with Christianity – by making it a continuation of Christ’s teachings (to a degree) but mostly watered down by Paul’s rendition of what a believer should be. And why? I could be mistaken but my gut tells me that Paul may have thought he could not or would not follow all of Christ’s teachings. So, Paul watered them down and changed the formula to add his ingredients to the mix thus creating a hybrid version. Basically the same situation here with you and your Heaven’s Gate hybrid. What’s your name? How many people are in your group and where is your craft located (city, state, country)? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not putting you down. I’m putting down who sent you and who is using you as puppet. I think you know who I’m talking about. My gut tells me that you really want a Class and since there is none, you cannot fathom just being an individual believer in Ti & Do. If so, you are being manipulated and poisoned by a similar or maybe the same Luciferian discarnate that manipulated me. It then used me to lie to Sawyer, Crlody, Mrc, Rio and others for two years or so. I was lost & confused back then and just saturated with all kinds of programming that had to go. I still, in all seriousness, get a bitter taste in my mouth when I think about that hoax. I lost the trust of Crlody, Rio and Mrc. I don’t blame them either even though in the past, Luciferic influences tried to bug me about that. At least I had some good times with Crl & Rio on the phone in a sense. Luci obviously couldn’t stand that and succeeded in causing wedges to be driven between us. Whatever tickles Luci’s funny bone I guess. You have no idea just how bad the Lower Forces are sir. Obviously not, because you are being used by them right now. The teachings of Ti & Do help a believer actually read between the lines. It helps seeker wake up, it helps them realize what they have been shoveling for all of those years and helps them forsake all of that to go to an available Classroom that is being offered. There is no more Class. So for someone who believes in this Information, they do the best they can without a Class to overcome the World and I or others cannot judge nor condemn them for that. None of us answer to anybody here. Individual believers answer to the Next Level and it is the Next Level that will decide who will or will not be replanted into a future incarnation at the Human Level to attend a future Classroom. The Lower Forces will use people to judge and condemn whoever believes in Ti & Do and tries to actually live out what they claim to believe. But that’s the Lower Forces. They do not want people to know the Next Level and what it’s really like. If Lucifer and his fallen angels can keep you saturated in misinformation, he will do so. And he will succeed. If you let him.

      • Mort the dweeb (dwbody lol) Says:

        Swy you ask for evidence from telah — what sort of evidence would convince you?

        Is there something telah could provide?

        You an xody dismiss what telah says — is it a sense that tells you to ask for evidence? When you two met ti and do you knew. Would you need to meet telah to know?

        Many talk with authority regarding the next level — is it all to be dismissed right away?

        What evidence could you/xody provide to us? Shouldn’t we get the same consideration as you ask of telah?

        Many, many people are seeking word about what happens next! What does prophecy say about us? If anyone has any sort of information – I would like to know it. I would recognize it as I recognized Do as would you if you have NL mind.

        I’m concerned!


      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t recall ever having a public give and take between me and my two x-classmates Mrcody and Srfody who now refer to themselves as “TELAH” (foundation). But if they did say things about me, I would address them and consider what they say the same as I do with the things Crlody has said about me for many years now. I know I am not an authority on anything, in the sense of not having things to improve upon relative to Ti and Do’s information.

        Yes I want evidence. Accusations without detailed examples are worthless and are just someone “getting their beef off” (Ti and Do’s saying). Sure when the same ole thing is repeated and that I have responded to, even many times, when I hear it again, naturally I often dismiss it, unless something new is brought to the table for me to examine.

        I know Mark and Sarah well and if/when I have reason to I contact them through the Heaven’s gate website email everyone else can use.

        DO spelled out well what happens next for each of us. In terms of what happens in the world, that too DO spelled out that the Luciferian space alien fallen angels would be going after the spoils of their war against the Next Level and they and humans in their service, know it or not will be in a sense assisting in the removal of the “tares” Jesus talked about. Mind you DO didn’t make a lot of references to the prophecies but he made enough to know as Ti and DO always said that we can trust what Jesus said in the four gospel accounts because the Next Level worked very hard to preserve that record for now. Read DO’s USA Today Info/Ad for that view and the Last Chance video’s and the last document Jwnody wrote: “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure.

        Since I tried to tackle showing how all Jesus prophecy to include the Book of Revelation provide ample evidence of how Ti and Do fulfill and continue to fulfill them, I suggest getting my book (free for the asking). In it one can see how a number of the chapters give indications of applying most during the same time periods that can be shown to be now after Ti and Do and crews exit. Revelation chapter 13 in particular shows what’s happening now and that will continue to happen as for the Next Level events are often years in development. Rev 16 outlines the last plagues and as has been the case with the Next Level show us preliminary examples of each of those plagues. I’ll have to make a video about it.

      • Mort the dweeb (dwbody lol) Says:

        We’re in the class when xrfody was in the class? He has a blog now named xrfody.

      • sawyer Says:

        there was never an xrfody and if you are talkling about the man who goes by the name, xf or xfchecker or xf heaven’s gate, he was never in the class. If you send me a link to this blog you are talking about I’ll check it out as it could be a phony or a dropout who made up a new name.

      • sawyer Says:

        by the way in case you are wondering, most of your so called questions and statements in comments here on this blog are in my opinion either intentionally geared to be comically derogatory so I just trash them. I guess you know that but I guess you get off on it anyway. I do read them though am not bothered by them as it’s your way apparently.

    • XF97 Says:

      Telah2018, are you the same people who run the FaceBook site that’s entitled as “TELAH”? Then why didn’t you respond to my post and Sawyer’s post on your Community wall? Why didn’t you respond to my PM? You didn’t respond because Sawyer and I spotted a devil in your details. Same thing here. You are being used by a similar Luciferian influence that used me for 2yrs or so to make a ridiculous hoax of “new believers” for ridiculous and totally un-acceptable reasons. Had I read the Heaven’s Gate information properly and thoroughly from the outset, Lucifer wouldn’t have succeeded in using me for a silly hoax of “new believers”. How so? Do (Doe) said he didn’t want a group or religion to start after he and the Class left Earth. Why? Paul did that with Christianity and look what happened. All religions were started by men and look what happened. Do’s statement about not wanting a religion of the Class to start after their departure is in the BH series. Furthermore, Do (Doe) also taught that a Rep or Reps show up at the end of the Age or when civilization is ripe enough for a harvest. Do (Doe) never said anything about a Rep or Reps appearing at the beginning of the Age. You clearly do not know this, otherwise there would be no Telah2018. Ergo, you are being manhandled by a Luciferian discarnate because it is possible that you came to believe when there is no Classroom and can’t stand that because your human vehicle is used to groups with human interaction and bonding. Such thinking is a snare. I know so because I used to think that way and Luci and his discarnate minions played off of that on me. Ergo the hoax. Now it seems you are now being manipulated by a similar discarnate that used me as a puppet for their rogue misinformation. You need to get over the idea of feeling completeness in a group of other humans. There is no more Heaven’s Gate. A new one cannot start until near or at the End of an Age. I suggest you look up how many years there are in an Age. Who are you, really? Dave? Mrc? Identify yourself.

      • telah2018 Says:

        Hello XF47, let us answer a few of your questions.

        1. No, we are NONE of the people you mentioned in your comments. We are vehicles that were chosen for this new task. We will go into more detail soon, but let me leave it at this: our awakening started roughly October of 2017. We had numerous messages and confirmations from The Next Level and learned that our task would begin 3/27/18, 21 years since the class’ exit. And yes, we are the same spirits/beings that incarnated into the previous vehicles called Ti and Do.

        2. We never stated this is a NEW age. We are still at the end of the current age. The recycling that the previous incarnate of Do stated was coming soon, is still coming. It was DELAYED, in part, due to the exodus from the class that had transpired. It went from 100+ all the way down to 38 students.

        3. This is not a NEW class or religion. It is a CONTINUATION of the same thing. This is so we can bring the others who had left the class to The Next Level. There are also other vehicles that have been chosen to host other beings from The Next Level.

        I know it is hard to believe us, but, I humbly ask that you take the time to read the lessons and notes we will post, in an effort to understand what we know to be our task.

      • XF97 Says:

        Anyway, in response to your statements, with all due respect, you have stated several deal breakers and prevalent elements that prove to me you and your group are not the real deal but a raw deal. I’ll let you find out where and in what on your own self assessment of the things you mention and the distortions of what you believe. You obviously ignored my statements. Who ever you are, you are obviously led astray by the Lower Forces. That’s a fact. You sir need to drop all of your rogue nonsense and talk to Ti & Do for their help. Your negative discarnate influences need to be flushed out by you. Read the HG book, rewatch the videos, re-listen to the tapes and just be an individual unit believer in Ti & Do. I know that the Human programming makes it seem horrible to be a hermit. Only to the eyes of a human who is immersed in ignorance does being a hermit sounds so terrible. You can overcome that malfunction of humans needing other humans for strength and definition. Sure, it’s a huge culture shock to go from groups with bonding to being just a single believer. It’s extremely tough to do if you try to live what you believe somehow, someway – even though it’s difficult because there’s no more Class. Enter “your” group – courtesy of the Lowe Forces. It’s tough without a Classroom circumstance. I know. I also know that the Lower Forces see this and I am warning you that you are being played by them. This aspect of feeling the need to be a part of some group in order to feel whole and defined is the primitive reliance on other humans for some form of self worth, which is a form of sensuality. You don’t need other humans to make you feel that way. That’s mammalian thinking. You need to rise above that mindset. You need just Ti, Do, the Info & the Next Level to understand what the Truth really is and how to apply that Truth into your life. That is all. Anything else outside of their Information is Mis-information. If you do feel a need to be in a “group” and want to make a new Heaven’s Gate because you didn’t have a chance to be a part of Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate, you are in trouble. How so? Well, simply put, that’s a snare of the Lower Forces for starters. And that’s exactly what Luci takes full advantage of. He played me against myself with the absurd hoax and away from fully studying the teachings of Ti & Do. Now he’s playing you against yourself and distorting your view of Ti, Do & the Information. Please consider dropping these Luciferic shenanigans and just purely believe as an individual believer. No group. I said what I said in my other post about what Do (Doe) had mentioned about starting an HG after their departure. For you to say and do different is basically calling Do (Doe) a liar. Go tell the Lower Forces to get lost and to stop using you.

  7. Woraufhin Says:

    Although I can effectively manage many distracting impulses deriving from my vehicle or negative influences, I still struggle especially with envy. Did Ti or Do offer any advice relating to managing envy that might benefit me? Since I recognise how damaging envy can be, I constantly strive to remain humble and maintain respect for others; but I still often feel envious of others despite my best efforts.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t mind helping with this but what I do is have all the HG info in text format in one folder I can easily search for keywords. This includes the files Rkkody provided that were not included in the HG Book but were written by DO and Crew that I witnessed while with them so know they were not from another source:

      I can’t find any references to the word “envy” but to “jealous” a great deal come up:

      In the Lesser Offenses list in the HG Book:

      8. Allowing jealousy towards any classmates or comparing myself to others.

      In The Hidden Facts of Ti and Do By Chkody in the HG Book:

      Each time Ti and Do give a greater understanding of how differently the Next Level operates, the picture of where we are going becomes more exciting.The real Next Level is always changing and growing – a place of constant learning and service.To be a part of that way of life requires changing into a new creature metamorphically, as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.With all the misinformation about the Next Level put out by religions, it is not surprising that individuals have a hard time grasping that the Next Level exists in the literal Heavens and is more physical and more real than the human world. They exist at a higher, more refined “frequency” so humans can only see them when the Next Level decides it is the right time.They do relate to us by using shuttles which humans have labeled “UFOs,” but these are of a more advanced technology than those used by “space aliens.”Bu tit is even more important to understand that the way of life in the Next Level is like a structured society of members who respect each other’s experience and wisdom.That respect is carefully given to each member and all gain from what others have learned.Those who are more experienced and wiser teach less experienced members in whatever task they are assigned.They are beyond jealousies and competitiveness. Their strongest motivation is to serve their “Older Member” – the one who fathered (assisted) them in gaining membership into that Kingdom. They recognize a natural “Chain of Mind” that some religions have referred to as the “Holy Spirit” (more pure or higher-grade Next Level mind) that originates from the oldest and wisest mind – the One we call the “Chief of Chiefs.”

      from Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church Statement of Beliefs:

      Being a possessor of this double “force” places us in the front line of attack from Lucifer and his army, to make us spend it in un-Godly activities (sex, lust, anger, resentment, emotional outbursts, jealousy, etc.). However, when we gain control over our vehicles and learn to ward off the negative influences, we will recognize that the vehicle can become a more significant and useful tool for the Kingdom of Heaven-that this “force” is in truth a blessing, not a curse.

      from Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church Introduction and Ways:

      Separating Mind and Vehicle – Aborting Negativity

      Understand that you are not your vehicle (body). You are the mind (traditionally referred to as “spirit” or “soul”) that occupies that vehicle. Any addiction or any negative thought or feeling you have is not you – it is either vehicular or the result of “influences.” The mind (you) is only good. If you take the position that good is all you want to be and all that you accept, there’s no room for anything else. Consciously remembering gives you stronger ammunition to fight off the influences and makes it easier to be in control of your vehicle.

      Guilt, shame, and embarrassment are all negative influences, addictions in themselves, habits of thinking that when accepted, lower your vibrations and open the door for giving in to other addictions. By recognizing them for what they are and aborting such thoughts or feelings, you gain control and strength. The more you do this, the wiser you get to how Lucifer (Satan) and his negative influences work.

      Through practice you can even learn to recognize a feeling that precedes a familiar negative thought before it germinates and get rid of it immediately; that is, “nip it in the bud.” We have learned that this is the most effective way to stay in control. Recovery is more difficult when we are slow to recognize the danger signs and find ourselves entertaining fantasies or thoughts that are “off track.”

      To protect yourself, refuse to allow negative thoughts and actions to be expressed through your vehicle (for example, irritation, jealousy, resentment). Ask your Heavenly Father to help you recognize what is negative. If thoughts of discouragement or “I can’t do anything right” come knocking at your door, you can say with conviction, “That’s not me talking! I’m not going to accept that”! If you try with all your might and you don’t have complete success aborting negativity, remember that you cannot judge yourself – only your Heavenly Father knows what your capacity and abilities are. All you can do is to continue to exert your very best effort and sustain that effort. Know that whatever comes as a result of that effort can only be a positive.

      If you’ve had a slippage, instead of feeling down on yourself, guilty, or worthless, convert that negative suffering into a positive desperation to improve, and determination that the slippage will not happen again.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        I’ve realised that recognising the distinction between ourselves and our vehicles is a crucial step that many humans never make, as we are predisposed (i.e. programmed) to assume that we cannot distinguish even conceptually between ourselves and our bodies. Nevertheless, even modern psychologists such as Freud have recognised a distinction between the ego (Ich), i.e. the person and therefore the mind in Ti and Do’s terminology, and the id (es): i.e. the vehicle as a source of diverse impulses.

      • sawyer Says:

        yes, from my limited study of Freud and Jung they certainly seemed to pick up on a number of Next Level perspectives.

  8. Andon Munioitz Says:

    I beg to differ — dualism is ancient even before the greeks. Most people, especially most theists accept it without a second thought.

    Not one shred of evidence exists supporting its truth; to the contrary all concrete, reproducible, and verifiable scientific evidence contradicts it. I wish it were true — but that has no bearing on whether it is true or not. LOL

    • sawyer Says:

      I’m sorry to say what you don’t know exists can be found if you work to see it. It’s not a casual study. If you truly wished it to be true then why not project your asking to be shown to the highest source you can imagine – beyond the stars. Then you must work to see more though they may give you a big help to help you get started. I don’t benefit from what you believe so what’s the point of not trying, preparing to be wrong?

      • Andon Munioitz Says:

        Thanks for the advice. I’ve asked every highest source on and off the planet for close to 45 years. Still not one shred of concrete, reproducible, reliable, and/or verifiable piece of evidence. Not a shred. Even asked Do and Ti.

        In fact, probably all billions upon billions of us have asked since the beginning of time — and still not the slightest shred of concrete, reproducible, reliable, and or verifiable piece of evidence. Nothing.

        There are tons of people claiming it, but I’ve never seen any concrete, reproducible, reliable, verifiable, scientific piece of evidence. Not a shred. Not even a shadow of a shred. Not even the reflection of a shadow of a shred. usw.

        If you have, please send! You’d be the most famous person in history if you have it.

      • sawyer Says:

        Anton – could it be that your being drawn to talk to me about Ti and Do as a result of your asking? Seeking the truth is a pretty concrete example of someone who has some sense there is more than meets the eye.

        The Next Level doesn’t need new members so they make it difficult and easy to explain things away but those who stick to wanting to see the whole truth will persist and earn seeing more while still having the choice to disregard things that can be significant proof. Do you think the people that pressed to find cures for diseases or to travel in space or to see more that exists (microbles, etc., xrays, gamma rays, etc., etc.) were seen by their contemporaries as more aware of realities at those times unable to be verified.

        By whose standard do you require verification? which group of scientists. Whose opinion and research is the most accurate on any given topic? Have you played with those mind game puzzles. Some people can immediately see things others may never “see” (If they don’t continue to pursue seeing) – the same with understanding.

        There was this modern santa claus movie for kids my daughter used to watch and me with her for years with Tim Allen. And though I know that’s an illusion (except in the way the Next Level does give gifts to those who seek to abide by their lesson steps, behaviors and ways). In one of the movies there is this saying by one of santa’s elves that “believing is seeing” as opposed to “seeing is believing”. In other words like the brains Reticular Activating System, if one hasn’t opened their mind to the possibilities then perhaps they will never see what’s been true all along. But then how does one open their mind? They have to seek and ask and knock on doors that I believe the process alone helps us to accomplish though it’s always in degrees and stages and that along the way, we are given insights to that mainstream scientific ideas can be blind to.

        For a tiny example, I had a low grade fever for a week before I used a meditation I received from Ti and Do to help with aliments.etc. that I’d used successfully before, even many times. Why did it take me so long to use that meditation? When I finally felt dumbounded on how to shake the fever, I used the mediation and the next day it abated and by the second day it was gone. Now to many people they would say “coincidence” or “luck” but when one has many experiences over time it’s like seeing the handwriting on the wall that there’s something to it however explainable, (though even those techniques are captured by the anti Next Level proponents so people won’t give credit where credit is due – the the Creator’s Kingdom.

      • XF97 Says:

        You are quite selfish, Andon. Who are “you” to demand any evidence for anything. God, the Next Level, Ti & Do – none of them owe you anything. You’re just a creation. You’re not the creator. To suggest that all creation, with all of its multiple details, schematics and functions all just “magically appeared” for no reason is nothing but pompous and worse than narrow minded.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        Warum verwenden Sie ‘usw.’, Andon? Sind Sie wirklich ein deutscher?

      • sawyer Says:

        I don’t do well with german – a little only.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        It was a question aimed at ‘Andon Munioitz’, asking him whether he used the abbreviation ‘usw.’ (‘und so weiter’) because he is a German. I suspect he was using it facetiously.

      • Woraufhin Says:

        Do you know who provided the German translations of documents on the Heaven’s Gate website, Sawyer? Were they a believer?

  9. sawyer Says:

    No, I don’t know who provided the translations to German, though I bet Mark and Sarah know.

  10. Mort the dweeb Says:

    O Sawyer. You’ve become lackadaisical. You haven’t posted in a while and even your responses lack passion.

    Dude! You have an implant!

    Of the billions of us plants… YOU saw. You looked into herfs eyes and you KNEW… Beyond any doubt.

    Sorry. But you should have a sense of humor about it at long last. Herf and Bonnie lu didn’t sucker you. Their intentions were pure .

    I hope you can sort of laugh about it now. Is your daughter well and doing her thing? I hope so… She should be your do/ti now… Help her because you do have a lot to offer to her.

    What a strange life? Right?

    • sawyer Says:

      No human can be my Ti and Do to me now. As far as my lack of posts on this blog, it’s not lackadaisical. I post plenty everyday in a number of places, though I’m not saying I couldn’t do more or make them into blog posts. In a sense it would be more efficient to have stock posts I can just give other sites links to, but these days some places I post don’t allow links and/or people won’t click a link anyway, so it works better to just re-write things tailored to whoever or whatever I’m responding to, which also often requires further research on my part as I often am replying to things Christians post. If and when that becomes a new book, I’ll post it on my blog just like I did with my last book.

  11. Woraufhin Says:

    Which are the latest signs relating to the prophecies from Revelation and the recycling?

  12. sawyer Says:

    I believe there are a number in play as we speak. Related to TI and DO’s information, I believe it can be shown that they started the 7th Trumpet by their exit, done with the 6th that started with Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses together but that DO finished by himself, returning officially as the one who was Jesus.

    I believe we are in the time of the 4th Seal Opening, that Daniel also prophesied as the Middle of the 7 weeks, where the weeks are equivalent to the 7 Seals. Weeks pertain to reciting an oath 7 times and the Seals are “affirmation periods” when people are starting to decide more and more about who Ti and Do are and begin to show their allegiance to them.

    All the while we are in a part of Rev 14 where the truth is spread through the internet (mid heaven) that started with DO and Crew’s internet site at and continues after their exit during the 7th trumpet time.

    Daniel 7 also spoke about this 4th Beast, (horse in the first 4 seal opening times) as being diverse, different from the others and we see Trump as being perhaps the most different president of the US. Of course hillary being a woman could have also fulfilled that and Bernie Sanders, a Jewish person also.

    The 4th seal is the “green horse” where the horse represents a mammalian vehicle a Luciferian space alien fallen angel soul is riding. – Obama evidences being the 3rd “black or Jacinth horse presiding over financial balancing of the Two Beasts, the UN/US and the EU – speaking of the secret govt we don’t hardly ever see surfacing except in conspiracy theories or of late referred to as the Deep State. GW Bush was the red/ruddy (adam) horse presiding over starting endless war (on terror).

    DO was the Soul sitting on the light (white) horse, but one could see it side by side with the Clinton presidency representing the Beast/media mouthpiece that condemned Do and Crew’s exit publically but in doing so also conquered those souls who believed in him, just like those Souls who conquered the human kingdom via DO.

    On another front, we are seeing an increase in various ufo sightings performed by the “BEAST” the governments, most of which surfaced in the EU nations which is in Rev 13 that dates itself to after the wounded BEAST is healed, the fixing of the World Trade Center buildings and showing the people miricle/wonders (humans can now make fireballs – as was seen over California a couple years ago.

    Then there is the beginning of the 7 Vials being poured out from Rev 16. I don’t think these vials really surface completely until the time of the 6th seal opening but it seems they are provided glimpses of since the start of this part of the experiment, but in the 2000 escalated. Like the 4th angel represents the time of great heat and fire and we see the abundance of forest fires and this huge heat wave and the fire coming out of a number of volcano’s, brought about by the Sun (not human caused) that includes increased passions, sexuality and anger which we see expressed as more or less anything goes and in anger with the frequent mass shootings.

    The sores of the first vial’s pouring seems to be Aids and/or Cancers and may even include the escalation of forced vaccination programs and vaccines for many conditions that seem to ignore the bad side affects for as they justify as the “greater good”.

    Finally we are seeing I believe that start of all the nations of the world who were in bed with the Beast, the Great Whore Babylon (confusion), the US going against the US and how in Rev 17 and 18 shows those nations standing afar off while the US burns up – which we see with the trump presidency manifest more than before – isolationist policies the opposite as the New World Order promotion the demoncrates lead the charge on with their so called “human caused global warming propoganda.

    It’s like we are in parts of Rev 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 which will all lead up to DO’s return with his Next Level vehicle remaining on spacecrafts with his “armada” of Next Level crafts. The question is how much will be seen by the public.

    I need to make this into a better document – kind of summarizing my book.

  13. Lawrence L. Says:

    I heard about this blog while viewing another blog. The owner of that blog says you never accept or try to answer his questions. He says that this blog censors and withholds information that many need to see and review. He posts his questions on his blog. Are these questions you can’t address for legal reasons? He controls the dialog when you don’t. Doesn’t appear this blog is active though.

    • sawyer Says:

      When someone sends me comments disguised as questions, providing their own answers, with sarcastic smears and digs and that my response would be playing into their game, even if it’s genuine, (because the person may just be that way), there is nothing anyone can gain by allowing such to post, so yes in that case I do censor. Note I did not censor this comment even though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same individual who sent me a number of these nonsensical comments that put down Ti and Do and/or me directly., so why bother with them.

      • Lawrence L. Says:

        I find it difficult to buy all the talk about do and the class members as being truely “sexaholics”. Do was castrated and there is very little evidence that either he or the class were obsessed with sex. To the contrary, the seemed quite the opposite! The stereotype of the group’s insatiable sexual appetites does a disservice to what I believe truly thought about sexuality and the act of sexual coupling entirely.

        If anything, they seemed to exhibit a very childlike innocence about sexuality. They seemed asexual which may account for the psychotic behaviours so widely reported in recent years. They at least didn’t appear to be as obsessed with sex. Maybe there was a lot of sexually uninhibited behaviour behind the scenes but that is hard to imagine.

        Was sexuality part of the recruitment strategy they used to get people to join? If you compare other sex cults to heavens gate, they simply don’t exhibit the same pattern.

        Maybe the sexaholic branding was just a ruse to lure college kids to join? Was “love bombing” just the means of recruitment?

        Very difficult to believe a lot of what I read here. I’m wondering if your motives are pure. I won’t be following this blog from now on. Your insights are disturbing at minimum but probably untrue at heart.

  14. sawyer Says:

    If anything in that regard they were, to use your word, “obsessed” against being sexual.

    I have no idea what you are talking about as “sexual coupling”. There was no such thing. There was mixed gender partnering and there was same gender partnering and with a few exceptions if someone did have to seriously deal with their vehicles sexuality, they would be partnered with another student who did not deal with sexuality and/or perhaps wasn’t attracted to their partners vehicle, regardless of their vehicle’s gender and past sexual orientation.

    According to what Ti and Do taught sexuality is an addiction, while propagation is strictly mammalian behavior, both of which don’t exist among members of the Next Level, thus need to be outgrown sufficiently to qualify for membership in the Next Evolutionary Level. (As a point of reference to “addictions,” Ti said food was not an addiction, though their teachings certainly included addressing our likes and dislikes regarding foods, for instance seeing food as fuel as opposed to another sensuous pleasure (though that didn’t mean pleasure is wrong, nor enjoying what we consume – though they taught that for their program, they needed to be the ones designing what pleasures we had since they were the lab instructors for our “God Astronaut Training Program”).

    For the experiment begun with Adam, propagation didn’t have to happen, while there were other humanoid beings who existed on earth at that time, even described in the Genesis records. I remember DO saying that the Next Level could have created additional vehicles, like Adam, if they wanted to. They didn’t need Adam and Eve to make vehicles, though because of their choices allowed it to go that way as a ramification of Adam’s actions. DO said Adam’s Next Level made vehicle went through a “reverse metamorphosis,” in a short time. (See the Blackhawk tapes). But on the subject of propagation, I believe I recall Ti and Do being in favor of the procedure of growing test tube babies because it didn’t require the inclusion of the passion in the sex act that is what humans get addicted to feeling. After all it was mammalian behavior and Next Level Members have evolved beyond human mammalians, thus they require new applicants to build their “Mind Muscle” to take over the human vehicles we have.

    We never had a recruitment strategy I ever saw and I would know as I was tasked to spread the word in 1975 and then again in 1994 by DO to perform the task of Overseer of a group of fellow students when we traveled around the US for the second and last time in 1994. We did put up posters in universities and bookstores and new age centers and health food stores and wherever we chose, and got some press in some cities advertising our public meetings. Then we held the meeting and spoke of TI and DO and the “process” of becoming a Member of the Next Level, leaving all behind, including our sexuality and human families and after maybe 30 minutes, took questions for a bit and then concluded by saying if anyone was interested in more information, stay after. I remember telling two who wanted to join us after the Chicago university meeting how we were at the time in travel/meeting mode and living off of donations so often ate whatever we were given. They were vegan and decided against joining us if it meant not staying vegan.

    Many of the cults that cropped up in the 70’s, etc. had various tactics to get new members – selling flowers on the street, inviting people for a meal, which often happened at universities. Churches had been doing that for generations even making it into a competition, equating gaining followers as stars in their own alleged “crown”. Many organizations genuinely recruit, like the military and universities and others, often with dollar signs in their heads (commissions). Other cults were all facsimile’s of what Ti and Do started, which is evident by anyone who objectively examines Their teachings, behaviors and ways. Ti and Do were also selective at times as evidenced in the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary. They weren’t interested in accumulating bodies. As is often the case with terms, in this case, “recruitment” doesn’t describe Ti and Do’s “trumpet sounding”.

    Thus there was also no “love bombing”. In fact the opposite was more true. We were rarely praised directly and that certainly didn’t happen at the public meetings we put on to try to lure anyone into joining. Nor were we doomsayers as a lure, nor promises of heaven, though the real kingdom of Heaven was known to be the result of overcoming the world under the direction of the present Older Members. One had to please their Older Member who held the keys to that heavens gate.

    Some classmates certainly did have a strong sex drive, but not all. I know this mostly because of how some reported giving into sexuality with themselves (masturbation) at “slippage meetings” we held every couple weeks. We weren’t using the word “sex” at all at meetings because of how even the word, to those who become very sensitive can stimulate those associated feelings in the vehicle.

    Sexuality doesn’t seem to be an addiction for many because they have been giving into it for so long they often think it’s necessary and abnormal if one isn’t sexual, so that stopping becomes almost impossible unless they have extenuating circumstance to prompt them to reduce or cease. DO said that people who are homosexual have “overcome gender consciousness”, though may still not have overcome their sexuality.

    Any “childlike innocence” some can feel they exuded was reflective of the purity they developed by overcoming their sexuality and other human characteristics. In fact that’s exactly what Jesus said would happen to those who came in his direction of graduation into Their Kingdom in the literal heavens, they would become “as/like children” in relationship to their Older Members, the requirement and result of “washing their robe” – the human vehicle they “wore”.

  15. Lawrence L. Says:

    I never understood the group’s obsession with sex. Humans need food = neutralab. Humans need intimacy = ????

    Listening to showtunes was okay … But intimacy????? They were osessed with sex which leads me to believe there was shame or guilt involved somewhere. Herf wouldn’t have faced the 70s gay stigma today…. He’d be proud of who he is ! His shame of being a very out gay back then was too much. He transferred that into you folks. There were reasonable ways of dealing with the need for intimacy — just like there were ways of dealing with hunger.

    But they obsessed about it instead. Blueberry cheesecake okay. Intimacy, sexual intimacy was not okay.

    The writing’s on the wall…. It’s up to you to read it.

    • sawyer Says:

      Define “obsession”. We didn’t ever talk about sex. It wasn’t an obsession with sex, if anything it was an “obsession” (to use your word) with NO sex, and why is that not an option. Sex isn’t the same as food. Many people go long periods of time without sex and still live just fine.

      Where is the evidence that Herf wouldn’t have faced the 70’s gay stigma. He was quite “out” based on that being part of the reason for his divorce as I understand it (but don’t know that part from DO or TI).

      What makes you a judge of whether DO had “shame or guilt” of some sort. He and TI were not prudes. They both had married and had children and divorced. DO was very engaged in high society in Houston as a lead singer in the Houston Opera.

      What I remember him saying about his then called homosexual relationship(s) was that what he was frustrated with at the time (before his awakening) was not finding a partner that wanted a “committed relationship”.

      It seems to me that was evidence that he wasn’t in the relationship just for sex or he was being protective of his health.

      And even if he was ashamed or guilty for his vehicles sexuality how exactly did he transfer that to us? What’s your theory.

      There is a ton more to this story than most are prepared to consider. That’s what best explains the significant denial that Ti and Do could have been exactly who they said they were… Older Member Souls who took over human vehicles to complete the lesson plan for the students that were prepared to graduate the human mammalian kingdom level.

      The amount of evidence of that is overwhelming while some people would prefer to think most anything else.

  16. Lawrence L. Says:

    Stlody, srrody, and persuaded evnody… Want you to post more. In my dream they appeared..,. They were excited….. They read. Evnody said something about radio contact. They were happy but solemn. It was a beautiful dream!!!!

    • sawyer Says:

      Ti and Do never said that dreams stimulated by the Next Level would provide instructions of any sort. None of my dreams provided instructions and especially not for anyone else, though I have revealed some of them pertaining to my own personal experience. Perhaps sharing those dreams was a big mistake, but I think either way, mistake or not, the lower forces will try to take advantage of every aspect of human life to try to get people to either ignore or laugh at or fight against the most recent provision of the whole truth about our existence and how to qualify to application to membership in the Next Level as Ti and Do taught and demonstrated just like Jesus taught and demonstrated.

      The lower forces can give people many very powerful experiences with spirits – discarnates and in dreams and in premonitions and in psychic phenomena that can feel really good but if someone truly believes in Ti and Do, they will question any and all of it. I don’t mind anyone questioning the validity of my dreams. I have questioned some of them myself as I had many different kinds of dreams with my HG family members in them and still do and I largely go by their content that shows itself and when it’s clearly not them, are often vague and baiting or directed to apply to others where the Next Level would only be in someone’s dreams to help them personally.

      Those that never had a personal relationship with them are in most circumstances not going to have dreams with them and especially not with specific classmates they never knew, never did any tasks with. It may be possible that DO could send a new believer a dream IF they had been asking His help and were pursuing the information they provided to let them know in that way that they are heard and to encourage them.

      Also members of the Next Level, as the new crew members that graduated in 1997 are, do work with humans all the time, sometimes as observers and other times to help them with providing choices when they ask for help in any way, however they think of the Next Level and with whatever terms. But what kind of help they give is dependent upon each person’s asking. The Next Level, Ti and Do taught can even sometimes give a human something they are asking for that is human to want, like some wealth, if they feel it can teach that person that it won’t make them happy, that is if they choose to see that, but even so they’d still have to break away from relying on their wealth, to grow closer to the Next Level by asking their help with problems.

  17. Lawrence L. Says:

    Seemed to focus on you and evnody and radio. But srrody and stlody were there. They said they can read and want to read more. It was joyful. Very vivid. Like you said probably discarnates but I had strong need to post here about it. Like a drive to post asap. Seemed to be set on a road by the ocean.

  18. harmonysamira Says:

    Where can I hear the tapes with Ti speaking? I’d like to hear them, as I’ve studied the video tapes already.

    • sawyer Says:

      you can send me an email to: sawyerhg@yahoo.com and I’ll transfer some packets to you. It’s about 4 gig of data including 218 audio tapes and other materials. Meanwhile you can listen to Ti and Do talking together to some students by going to my youtube channel: 3spm and searching on Blackhawk. There are three posts of that meeting.

      • harmonysamira Says:

        Thank you! I emailed you. Thank you for keeping Heaven’s Gate open for us.

      • Lawrence L. Says:

        My understanding is that the gate is closed😮…. That do specifically said the only way was to leave with them. He mentioned the recycling as well.

        So. The gate isn’t open and Sawyer doesn’t need to be thanked unless you think his discarnate scrambling of their message is somehow a service to the next level. I think pretty much everything associated with this hippy cult has been discredited by time. Nothing they ever said came to pass… Ever. Not even once.

        Sincere? Sure. But true? Not a chance. Just a weird blip in man’s fascination with rube-ish cults. Without ollodys cash they would have disbanded and gone home long before the fateful fruits ever blossomed.

        Yet another cult based on the delusions of grandeur of a couple of true imbeciles. Do was scared of computers. You’ll hear it on the tapes. To swore that the cancer would never cause her death…. Wrong yet again. The sincerity is human and almost endearing…. But the absolute stupidity is shocking.

  19. sawyer Says:

    If you don’t have any perspective of who Ti and Do are/were then how can you understand anything they said? DO did not close the gate. Show me that statement. To the contrary he spoke about how three groups of people could leave with him that was clearly not restricted to his departure from his human vehicle.

    A number of things, even many things they said and taught did come true but for those that don’t have the eyes to see will not see.

    They were never a hippie cult. Most of the students were not hippies so the real apparent discrediting is in your own words.

  20. Lawrence L. Says:

    Watch the earth about to be recycled video. He specifically says that the only way to leave was with him. No other way to interpret his message.

    The class left without even sending you a card… You weren’t even trusted enough to be given even a single assignment. Rio and many others were entrusted.

    But to read your blog it would seem you are their interpreter for after their departure. You have written 10 times the material they left. Their idiotic testaments were to be it. But no, you’ve tried to interpret and reinterpret everything in the context of Christianity.

    You are their Paul. Seeking your own glorification. You have made a ludicrous ufo hippy cult your own. You should just shut your yapper about them and delete this entire blog. Everyone alive and dead wishes you’d give it up. You recruited people who died. You are responsible for your LUNACY! Take responsibility and delete this entire blog. Live out what remains of your life in some way that is good.

  21. sawyer Says:

    Do also said that even those who never heard of TI and DO could be saved. I agree that to go with him literally, to be with him on his spacecraft was what he was primarily addressing. I only answer this comment for the sake of those that are susceptible to your misinformation. The gate was never closed by DO and He doesn’t operate on the same time frame as humans.

  22. Lawrence L. Says:

    Sad day today. Rest in Peace, Brother Swee — Jesus loves you more than you may know.

    Don’t cry today. Use the rest of your lives to honor his work. Tell about his guile and subtlety when luring people to HELL!

    Kidding swee-bee 😘.

    I guess you sorta did lure people into a suicide hippie ufo cult — only to bug out and impregnate your old lady. Did you tell your old lady about Brnody?

  23. sawyer Says:

    well, I doubt you make your living as a comedian

  24. Lawrence L. Says:

    You would hear of his death in the media long before you would read anything here!

    Sorry for alarming people…. The language and tone should’ve been a hint that it was a hoax. Swy and I go back a ways…. So we have an antic rapport. 🚼

    Really sorry, swy. We should get together again someday

    ✝. &. ✡

  25. sawyer Says:

    Lawrence – perhaps you are one of the same people who have with some regularity communicated with me via this blog and other places, but I don’t really retain many specific names/handles used here. I do recognize many of the same points of view or sarcasm and the like repeating periodically over the years and know that can often be the same person or two. And if you were a member of the classroom to some degree from as far back as 1975, I don’t know nor need to know. So I can’t say I’ve ever been “together” with you, though with some who generally heckle I have had some suspicions.

    But playing games as you do with making statements appearing to be facts that aren’t is pure deceit and not demonstrating any regard for anything good.

  26. Elijah Says:

    The nation of Islam was very similar to your cult in the 30s…. Fard talked about a wheel in the sky coming…. But noi had many thousands of believers…. Much bigger cult. Still interesting how people are so ripe to believe and waste everything for idiocy. LOL

    • sawyer Says:

      I approved your comment even though it says nothing and is full of blind judgementalism and insults. If I am wrong then give some examples of what is not potentially true about what Ti and Do taught. They were miles above all the religions in many ways but no one will even get a glimmer of that reality if they have made their minds up against it. However, that’s your choice and I’m glad you have that choice but you could also choose to see more than you demonstrate in this comment.

      • Elijah Says:

        Nothing they predicted ever happened. Ti said there was no way she would die of cancer…. But she did.

        You simply believe, and there is nothing that could stop you. If do rose from the grave and begged you to not believe… You’d still believe. If you died, woke up in heaven and God himself told you they were full of shite… You’d still believe.

        You don’t have what it takes to discern fact from fiction. Too old at this point to learn anything unfortunately.

      • sawyer Says:

        TI never said she wouldn’t die of cancer. You are just repeating that statement in various forms over the years and then expecting them to be true. If you had the guts to re-find when she did talk about her eye removal you would see that. I don’t recall everything she said about her eye disease in around 1983. What I recall was that the doctor told her the cancer has probably spread throughout her entire body, to which TI put him in his place because he was guessing and that wasn’t right to tell a patient that. Perhaps it was true to some degree but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been healed, whether we think of Ti and who she IS or not – people do find therapies to heal their vehicles and many times therapies not approved by the AMA, etc. because they often think of alternative therapies as quackery, but I know better than them from personal examples.

        What ridiculous examples you make about what I do or don’t believe and whether I can still change to further improve my relationship with my Next Level Older Members. I know that it’s not too late for any of us to change for the better.

  27. sawyer Says:

    Here are just a handful of all the many things Ti and Do said and taught and did that showed to have come true. However it will be each person’s choice to try to grow to see them or not. With each one – in no special order I would give a lot more examples:

    Things TI and DO said that have come true:

    1) In the 1970’s Ti and Do said we would enjoy the music of the spheres while Next Level Members:

    from spaceweather.com on 11/23/2018:

    MUSICAL” WAVES DETECTED IN EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD: This week in Norway, a space weather observatory detected sine waves of exceptional purity rippling through Earth’s polar magnetic field. The waves, which persisted for hours with nearly perfect pitch, have been linked to “tearing instabilities” and explosions in Earth’s magnetic tail–not to mention bright auroras in Arctic skies. Visit today’s edition of Spaceweather.com to see the waves and to learn more about them.

    2) Ti and Do developed a movie script they said was fiction based on the truth that entailed Pluto being an “earth lab” inside and having a big “whitish” louvered door for spacecrafts to go in and out.

    New Horizons spacecraft has documented that Pluto has a blueish atmosphere and has a large whitish spot on it’s “top” – could that be the “door” a type of a membrane door.

    3) A spacecraft did come to pick them up. They felt Hale Bopp was the “marker” for that to come true.

    4) Ti and Do said they would die and resurrect.

    When the media hit they said for about 3 days they felt the “mission was dead” and there was no sense going on. (See 88Update). But they stood on their feet again to continue to have meetings and then after TI left DO stood up by himself (resurrection means “to stand up again”) as the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus and saying Ti was his “heavenly Father”.

    An additional way this was true is demonstrated by Revelation chapter 11 as the two witnesses being first “subdued” (overcome) (1975 on the national news their vehicles reputations were shot down talking about them a thieves) and then they then “separated by dying themselves” (Greek “apokteino auto”). Their ascension (rising up) was invisible to humans but not to “those with eyes to see”, a common expression by Jesus referring to those who recognized “them” in some way.

    5) They said they were not “Jesus” because Jesus was the name of the vehicle taken over by an Older Member from the Next Level and taken through a metamorphosis to change into a new creature. They said Jesus would return as part of the 7th Closeness. (See UFO Missionaries Extraordinary). That closeness seems to have begun again, mostly as of 2017 with a final closeness yet to come but they said it was not to be a teaching time as that time has passed. For 20 years the Heaven’s Gate story diminished in the media. In fact during the 10 year anniversary there were only a few major media done on them. One was National Geographic’s – The Final Report; Heaven’s Gate.

    For the next 10 years occasionally there would be a story that talked about them among the Luciferian space alien stimulated evil and abusive cults who did pressure people with controls and manipulations and murder and money mongering and blatant sexual “freedom” while Ti and Do’s group had none of that and actually a great deal of proof to the contrary.

    For nearly 15 years my subscriptions to my youtube channel, 3spm grew maybe one every 6 months. Then 2017 hit when I also released my book and there were a few anniversary stories early on, like Inside Edition to where they continued the same mis/dis information campaign over again. After the anniversary I was approached by CNN/HLN to participate in a documentary. I asked the producer Alex Pressburg why they were covering the story – was it the anniversary – and he said no – it was because “it’s an interesting story”. That came out in the fall of 2017 alongside the 10 podcast series by Pineapple Street media via Stitcher I also interviewed for extensively on several occasions. The brought out new material – the letters Terrie received and the video Terrie received and with it accusations that TI was a hypocrite and that they were manipulative and controlling and that DO was insensitive to telling Terrie about Ti’s death but it became apparent that DO was following TI’s instructions (as I can show was true because DO had no reason to lie and because TI’s biggest concern on her deathbed according to DO and Lvvody and Jnnody who helped her in those last two weeks was DO’s carrying on without her. One huge aspect of DO’s carrying on was keeping the classroom hidden from any who wanted to find them and interfere with them. Hence DO didn’t tell Terrie right away because he knew that could stimulate an investigation that could land him in jail and/or split up the classroom.

    There are 218 audio tapes that show how dedicated TI was to their classroom’s completion under DO. Plus TI had many opportunities to tell Terrie she was diagnosed with cancer in around 1983 while we lived in Texas and Terrie lived in Texas, but didn’t. Instead she just wrote letters – only one phone call in that time of years. Again because all that would do would be create more anxiety with Terrie and at that point especially the objective of letter contacts and subsequent visits in 1985 and 1986-7 was to “calm family anxieties”.

    The claim was also made in the podcasts and by a number of other investigators that said DO became “a little psychotic” (said by x-student Frank (Andody) after Ti left but the evidence is that he continued with the classroom exactly as Ti had instigated as they were always looking for the way in which they were to leave the earth/human kingdom and how.

    It’s easy to show that Ti and Do were willing to appear to be wrong to put students that were not in the classroom with all their hearts, souls, mind and strength. In other words they followed their instructions hence the establishment of a pick up by a spacecraft in 1980 or so didn’t happen but because it didn’t Jssody (joined with Alxody) left the group, while for those that had been fully committed it didn’t matter as they (I) were not banking on a spacecraft pickup to remain in the classroom. Some souls were simply further along in their overcoming of humanness process so they had many ways of filtering them out or helping them overcome their doubts.

    Lots more to say about this that can be seen in my blog posts with Pineapple in the title. That’s at: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com

    6) They said spirits existed and now I’ve seen them on a number of occasions where while in the classroom it made sense to me so I believed it but I hadn’t seen anything. One can see my descriptions of those events in my blog sawyerhg.wordpress.com in Sawyer’s Story.

    7) They said there would be more interest in them after they left as it wasn’t designed by the Next Level to attract large numbers as there were only a certain amount of positions students who graduates would be given to fill.

    8) They said they were from the same family as Jesus was from and was a type of repeat performance – teaching the same requirements of leaving all behind to qualify. They (DO by himself post 1985 when Ti left her vehicle) stuck to that from 1975 to 1997. It seems they began to examine exiting by our own hand (as Jesus did, since he stimulated his capture and said in the book of John, “no man takes it from me” speaking about his vehicles life. Jesus also talked about how his students needed to “drink the same cup of his blood” he was given to drink knowing they would be hated and killed the same way He was hated and killed. Ti and Do were mostly hated and some wanted them dead. I witnessed at the Waldport meeting a woman in the back shouting very loudly, “you ought to be shot” when they said children could not come, explaining that children couldn’t make a choice to leave the world they hadn’t hardly experienced.

    If one compares all of the red letter parts of the 4 gospels – the words attributed to Jesus with Ti and Do’s teachings one will see they are exactly the same teachings. Thus if Jesus said it – forecast it then when Ti and Do put it in more accurate to modernity and generic terms they were showing proof they were the same Older Members returned as promised and that’s why most who call themselves Christians often don’t know they are not believers in what Jesus taught, except for a few things, but according to Jesus to be his disciple one needed to abide by all he taught, not just pick and choose.

    My book: “TI and Do The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses” provides a great deal of the evidence of how what they said as the Father and Jesus came true or is about to come true through everything Ti and Do taught and did and said would happen at the conclusion of the civilization.

    9) Ti and Do said that when they left, the human kingdom would be accelerated towards recycling and that would be a further testing ground for each human. If one looks at events that have escalated in the US since the late 1990’s (the time of the Seven Thunders of Rev 10) one will see a dramatic increase in more animalistic human behaviors as each human is forced to become what they are, what they had been entertaining in their heads mostly until then but now don’t have the self control to not play out. Hence mass shootings, more earthquakes that are larger and larger, tsunami’s, volcanic eruptions, larger hurricane’s, while humans try to take responsibility for these because the Luciferians hate for people to think the Next Level exists and are behind their escalation.

    10) The Hale Bopp comet was the “marker” for their exit. In other words whether there was a companion with it or not didn’t’ matter. They knew it was the event of a spacecraft picking them up they had been waiting for since 1975. NASA astronomers stated in their annual Hale Bopp symposiums after 1997 that they believed Hale Bopp was made up of TWO objects in orbit around a common center. This can also be shown to be the “sign” Jesus described as “lightning (star like – shining/strewn from east to west (along the ecliptic).

    11) Ti and Do said in 1975 that spacecrafts can be all kinds of sizes and shapes and colors. Through all the many NASA and ESA and other astronomical institutions it’s been learned that comets were not “dirty snowballs”. None of them so far are round. They look like a bowling pin sometimes and have jets that seem to stimulate their rotation and propulsion.

    Ultima Thule was described as reddish and looks like a snowman made up from two clearly distinct objects appearing to be fused together with some kind of “light” attachment method – docking?

  28. Elijah Says:

    I wouldn’t be able to stomach listening to those tapes again. Ugg… But if I was to find the moment when ti said something to the effect of “mark my words I WILL NOT die from this cancer” … You’d admit that you are an imbecile and move on? Cuz I guarantee she said it.

    My theory is that you’d believe her being wrong as proof of your very pedestrian hippy mojo beliefs. LOL. Jesus you could listen…. You know whereabout it is… Plus doti used to get mad that you folks weren’t listening to them enough…. Remember them getting irate that you all were listening to show tunes and watching rem steel instead of playing the tapes? The tapes are so asinine that for me to relisten to them would be like watching reruns of romper room.

    But I will try… Ti was such an arrogant witch though…. The thought of her sitting there constantly chastising a room full of adults and literally making shit up as they went along…. Egads. You should find it ….

  29. sawyer Says:

    horray, it would be worth all these years of listening to your mindless rants to hear that very spot and then I can eat my hat on tv too – just make it out of cheese and give me time is all I ask.

    If you were a classmate then you have a very selective memory. I don’t recall Ti ever getting “mad” about our not listening to tapes. Instead, she would very rarely instigate relistening to one or so as an instruction.

    Yes, at times they did indicate that would the best use of our spare time but they had no enforcement program so days after they’d say something we’d all be listening to tapes more and then it would fade, while a few would continue to re-listen, so it always showed who was taking something to heart the same way with the meditations.

    True, TV was often optional and so was listening to music which some gravitated to more than others to where they spent most of their spare time listening to music when they could have chose to listen to tapes. I remember Arrody sort of zoning out on music sometimes.

    I don’t claim to have put out that much effort to re-listen to tapes unless they prodded us some although I did take the initiative to be part of the transcribing crew as we had several machines, though I don’t know whatever came of those transcriptions. But that was also a good way to re-listen to tapes.

    Maybe if I had, I would have learned my lessons but it was always easier to find something else to do. I mean, I don’t know what made it so hard – my influences had me think I understood it all I guess but when I listen to them now, I know how much went right over my head because Ti and Do didn’t give us things in a dramatic way to impress the vehicles – requiring us to use our mind to draw from their Minds.

  30. Pete Davisson Says:

    dippy — where can i download the mp3’s of the tapes.

    • sawyer Says:

      Carlan posted them on 4shared.com

    • sawyer Says:

      Ti and Do want people to have the option of disbelieving in who they are so did things all along that someone could find fault with. It’s filtered those of us out that didn’t measure up as they know some aren’t ready to change and may never be ready to make the needed required changes. Even saying that some can see as an excuse and that’s why becoming a crew member in the Creators crew is the most difficult thing any human can embark and accomplish – the eye of the needle to go through, the pearl of great prices worth cashing in one’s all for, a few of the many ways Jesus described that “overcoming of humanness” process.

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