Some corrections to those who say nothing Ti and Do said came true

Here are just a handful of all the many things Ti and Do said and taught and did that showed to have come true. However it will be each person’s choice to try to grow to see them or not. With each one – in no special order, I could give a lot more examples. I will expand this as they occur to me since a few people seem to think nothing they ever said came true:
Things TI and DO said that have come true:

1) In the 1970’s Ti and Do said we would enjoy the music of the spheres while Next Level Members:

from on 11/23/2018:

MUSICAL” WAVES DETECTED IN EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD: This week in Norway, a space weather observatory detected sine waves of exceptional purity rippling through Earth’s polar magnetic field. The waves, which persisted for hours with nearly perfect pitch, have been linked to “tearing instabilities” and explosions in Earth’s magnetic tail–not to mention bright auroras in Arctic skies. Visit today’s edition of to see the waves and to learn more about them.

2) Ti and Do developed a movie script they said was fiction based on the truth that entailed Pluto being an “earth lab” inside and having a big “whitish” louvered door for spacecrafts to go in and out.

New Horizons spacecraft has documented that Pluto has a blueish atmosphere and has a large whitish spot on it’s “top” – could that be the “door” a type of a membrane door.

3) A spacecraft did come to pick them up. They felt Hale Bopp was the “marker” for that to come true.

4) Ti and Do said they would die and resurrect.

When the media hit they said for about 3 days they felt the “mission was dead” and there was no sense going on. (See 88Update). But they stood on their feet again to continue to have meetings and then after TI left DO stood up by himself (resurrection means “to stand up again”) as the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus and saying Ti was his “heavenly Father”.

An additional way this was true is demonstrated by Revelation chapter 11 as the two witnesses being first “subdued” (overcome) (1975 on the national news their vehicles reputations were shot down talking about them a thieves) and then they then “separated by dying themselves” (Greek “apokteino auto”). Their ascension (rising up) was invisible to humans but not to “those with eyes to see”, a common expression by Jesus referring to those who recognized “them” in some way.

5) They said they were not “Jesus” because Jesus was the name of the vehicle taken over by an Older Member from the Next Level and taken through a metamorphosis to change into a new creature. They said Jesus would return as part of the 7th Closeness. (See UFO Missionaries Extraordinary). That closeness seems to have begun again, mostly as of 2017 with a final closeness yet to come but they said it was not to be a teaching time as that time has passed. For 20 years the Heaven’s Gate story diminished in the media. In fact during the 10 year anniversary there were only a few major media done on them. One was National Geographic’s – The Final Report; Heaven’s Gate.

For the next 10 years occasionally there would be a story that talked about them among the Luciferian space alien stimulated evil and abusive cults who did pressure people with controls and manipulations and murder and money mongering and blatant sexual “freedom” while Ti and Do’s group had none of that and actually a great deal of proof to the contrary.

For nearly 15 years my subscriptions to my youtube channel, 3spm grew maybe one every 6 months. Then 2017 hit when I also released my book and there were a few anniversary stories early on, like Inside Edition to where they continued the same mis/dis information campaign over again. After the anniversary I was approached by CNN/HLN to participate in a documentary. I asked the producer Alex Pressburg why they were covering the story – was it the anniversary – and he said no – it was because “it’s an interesting story”. That came out in the fall of 2017 alongside the 10 podcast series by Pineapple Street media via Stitcher I also interviewed for extensively on several occasions. The brought out new material – the letters Terrie received and the video Terrie received and with it accusations that TI was a hypocrite and that they were manipulative and controlling and that DO was insensitive to telling Terrie about Ti’s death but it became apparent that DO was following TI’s instructions (as I can show was true because DO had no reason to lie and because TI’s biggest concern on her deathbed according to DO and Lvvody and Jnnody who helped her in those last two weeks was DO’s carrying on without her. One huge aspect of DO’s carrying on was keeping the classroom hidden from any who wanted to find them and interfere with them. Hence DO didn’t tell Terrie right away because he knew that could stimulate an investigation that could land him in jail and/or split up the classroom.

There are 218 audio tapes that show how dedicated TI was to their classroom’s completion under DO. Plus TI had many opportunities to tell Terrie she was diagnosed with cancer in around 1983 while we lived in Texas and Terrie lived in Texas, but didn’t. Instead she just wrote letters – only one phone call in that time of years. Again because all that would do would be create more anxiety with Terrie and at that point especially the objective of letter contacts and subsequent visits in 1985 and 1986-7 was to “calm family anxieties”.
The claim was also made in the podcasts and by a number of other investigators that said DO became “a little psychotic” (said by x-student Frank (Andody) after Ti left but the evidence is that he continued with the classroom exactly as Ti had instigated as they were always looking for the way in which they were to leave the earth/human kingdom and how.
It’s easy to show that Ti and Do were willing to appear to be wrong to put students that were not in the classroom with all their hearts, souls, mind and strength. In other words they followed their instructions hence the establishment of a pick up by a spacecraft in 1980 or so didn’t happen but because it didn’t Jssody (joined with Alxody) left the group, while for those that had been fully committed it didn’t matter as they (I) were not banking on a spacecraft pickup to remain in the classroom. Some souls were simply further along in their overcoming of humanness process so they had many ways of filtering them out or helping them overcome their doubts.

Lots more to say about this that can be seen in my blog posts with Pineapple in the title. That’s at:

6) They said spirits existed and now I’ve seen them on a number of occasions where while in the classroom it made sense to me so I believed it but I hadn’t seen anything. One can see my descriptions of those events in my blog in Sawyer’s Story.

7) They said there would be more interest in them after they left as it wasn’t designed by the Next Level to attract large numbers as there were only a certain amount of positions students who graduates would be given to fill.

8) They said they were from the same family as Jesus was from and was a type of repeat performance – teaching the same requirements of leaving all behind to qualify. They (DO by himself post 1985 when Ti left her vehicle) stuck to that from 1975 to 1997. It seems they began to examine exiting by our own hand (as Jesus did, since he stimulated his capture and said in the book of John, “no man takes it from me” speaking about his vehicles life. Jesus also talked about how his students needed to “drink the same cup of his blood” he was given to drink knowing they would be hated and killed the same way He was hated and killed. Ti and Do were mostly hated and some wanted them dead. I witnessed at the Waldport meeting a woman in the back shouting very loudly, “you ought to be shot” when they said children could not come, explaining that children couldn’t make a choice to leave the world they hadn’t hardly experienced.

If one compares all of the red letter parts of the 4 gospels – the words attributed to Jesus with Ti and Do’s teachings one will see they are exactly the same teachings. Thus if Jesus said it – forecast it then when Ti and Do put it in more accurate to modernity and generic terms they were showing proof they were the same Older Members returned as promised and that’s why most who call themselves Christians often don’t know they are not believers in what Jesus taught, except for a few things, but according to Jesus to be his disciple one needed to abide by all he taught, not just pick and choose.

My book: “TI and Do The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses” provides a great deal of the evidence of how what they said as the Father and Jesus came true or is about to come true through everything Ti and Do taught and did and said would happen at the conclusion of the civilization.

9) Ti and Do said that when they left, the human kingdom would be accelerated towards recycling and that would be a further testing ground for each human. If one looks at events that have escalated in the US since the late 1990’s (the time of the Seven Thunders of Rev 10) one will see a dramatic increase in more animalistic human behaviors as each human is forced to become what they are, what they had been entertaining in their heads mostly until then but now don’t have the self control to not play out. Hence mass shootings, more earthquakes that are larger and larger, tsunami’s, volcanic eruptions, larger hurricane’s, while humans try to take responsibility for these because the Luciferians hate for people to think the Next Level exists and are behind their escalation.

10) The Hale Bopp comet was the “marker” for their exit. In other words whether there was a companion with it or not didn’t’ matter. They knew it was the event of a spacecraft picking them up they had been waiting for since 1975. NASA astronomers stated in their annual Hale Bopp symposiums after 1997 that they believed Hale Bopp was made up of TWO objects in orbit around a common center. This can also be shown to be the “sign” Jesus described as “lightning (star like – shining/strewn from east to west (along the ecliptic).
11) Ti and Do said in 1975 that spacecrafts can be all kinds of sizes and shapes and colors. Through all the many NASA and ESA and other astronomical institutions it’s been learned that comets were not “dirty snowballs”. None of them so far are round. They look like a bowling pin sometimes and have jets that seem to stimulate their rotation and propulsion.

Ultima Thule was described as reddish and looks like a snowman made up from two clearly distinct objects appearing to be fused together with some kind of “light” attachment method – docking?

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5 Responses to “Some corrections to those who say nothing Ti and Do said came true”

  1. crlody Says:

    In the following blog entry from March of 2018 Sawyer states the following, “I never found fault with Rkkody’s giving the master tapes back to Mark”. This is similar to another statement that he made in another blog entry that I’ve already pointed out. And as I’ve exhaustively demonstrated here is how Sawyer really felt about RKK’s efforts at preserving the information, “Why did Rkkody give the audio tape masters back to Mark, even the masters pre Ti’s exit that he had copied by then? Why didn’t he copy them all first since he was suspicious of Mark and Sarah’s intentions to do the right thing, as I understand it”.

    There’s quite a difference between the above statement from Sawyer and his other claim that “I NEVER (emphasis) mine found fault with RKK for giving the master tapes back to Mark” and another claim that “I did no such thing”.  And of course here where Sawyer tells us how if he “were RKK” that he would have “been quite suspicious” of Mark; “I recall Gnrody telling me on the phone that right after the exit event, Sarah said to Gnrody something to the affect of, “how could they do this to us”. If I were Rkkody and heard that and knew that Mark had turned over the task to retrieve the contents of storage and had blacked out their names on one or more of those letters they received from the Class, (I don’t recall why some were blacked out while another wasn’t), I would be quite suspicious of their choices thereafter”.

    Of course Sawyer never spoke to RKK about any of this because RKK is gone and when RKK asked Sawyer for help in distributing sawyer said no. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sawyer has in fact faulted what RKK did in his blog and then later used the blog to claim twice that he “never did any such thing”.

    This is a pattern of behavior with Sawyer, he makes statements that he later refuses to acknowledge. This is the same guy who claims that he has had “contacts” with the class in the “form of an open phone line” and later accused me of “making up lies” when I pointed this out to him. This is the same guy who sent me a personal message giving me a hard time for wrestling with being in this world. This is the same guy who gave me a hard time when I told him I was ceasing contact with another former class member. Sawyer has stated in his blog that these things never happened. Sawyer lives in a delusional world in which seemingly all of his actions get “approval” from the Next Level. Sawyer, Ti and Do do NOT approve of you refusing to be held accountable for what you have said. They do not approve of your cowardly attack on RKK’s efforts and your later claim that you “did no such thing”. They do not approve of you stating that you “do not care” that the audio tapes with the NL Mind that They were imparting to members of the class are being suppressed. You’ve snowed some of your followers into swallowing your claims that you’re on a “mission” for Ti and Do but some of us can see through your egotistical games. Another former class member agreed that it was awful “convenient” that you invented a mission for yourself that allows you to stay here and not even contemplate following Ti and Do out of here. TELAH and Rio have fallen for the same influence(s). You might want to start paying more attention to what you write as you contradict yourself quite often and you will have to explain to Ti and Do why you keep denying things that you’ve said.

  2. sawyer Says:

    Crlody – if you included the full context of those statements about Rkkody’s giving mark the masters back you would see that I was NOT finding fault with Rkkody but was simply supposing why he gave the masters back.

    I admit I brought that up for two reasons;

    1) because you were accusing me at that time as siding with Mark and Sarah about their withholding the audios, which was not the case at all, but I had written about how it was clear Mark and Sarah were given the authority from DO of how to distribute the “items of value” in storage (that I agreed the audio tapes were of the greatest value).

    2) I didn’t know if you knew more about why Rkkody gave Mark the masters back. He certainly didn’t trust Mark at that point and that got even worse thereafter.

    I did have a significant amount of communication by phone with Rkkody and Mark and Rkkody’s daughter Cathy when Mark was suing her for the materials Rkkody left in her care after he laid down his vehicle’s life. I even received an affidavit from Mark’s lawyer attempting to use me as an arbitrator between them. (I have that paperwork). But I determined that I could not be that arbitrator between Mark and Cathy as Marks barrage of Cathy even right after his death upset her a great deal and she knew Rkkody’s wishes to keep those materials away from Mark.

    Since at that time and to date, most anything I say meets with your disapproval, I hoped that supposing Rkkody’s reasoning for giving the tapes back could help you see how it was all part of Ti and Do’s plan to provide us all with lesson opportunities, but instead you took my supposing as finding fault with Rkkody which was never the case.

    I was actually praising Rkkody to not trust Mark but also because it was very clear in the letter to MRC/SRF (mark and sarah) that DO had given the task of how to distribute the audio tapes to Mark and Sarah which I also quoted in the same post.

    As far as I’m concerned Rkkody did exactly as DO intended even in giving Mark the masters back.

    As far as Rkk’s only copying the tapes with TI included in them, I find no fault with his doing that either, nor with his not taking the full content of the storage room when he had the chance, as I understand it from Pyp that he got spooked about doing so, so left with just the audio tapes. I’m not saying he got spooked. For all I know DO was helping him to even not follow through with getting all the contents of storage. I can suppose why, but I could be wrong but as it turned out Mark as he tried to take control over everything, so was tested further and how the public got to learn that they had a couple rifles and ammunition in that storage unit (as I understand it), which became another testing point for anyone to potentially deal with why they had rifles in the first place.

    The Next Level gives humans who want to find fault with them all the reasons to do so. Then only those that have some of Their Next Level Mind in them can choose to seek to understand what they do or don’t do from the Next Level perspective. In other words, again it tests everyone.

    So why exactly Rkkody did what he did or didn’t do is irrelevant as I’m not his judge. I only suppose certain things because of how it might help some see other ways of looking at things that they might not arrive at on their own. I don’t know of how much value that is to the Next Level to do but in a world where so many are against who Ti and Do are/were any little voice in their favor may be a help to the Next Level to have expressed.

    I stand up for TI and Do as 100% conscientious to see that the public has all the information we need, even without the remaining 266 or so audio tapes Mark and Sarah still choose to hold back. If we needed them we would have them but our not having them provides a continuous test of who Mark and Sarah choose to serve and to any of us in our reaction to them and one another over this and other subjects.

    We each answer to them and not to one another, so if you choose to keep on accusing me and finding fault with me on these same unfounded tit for tat interpretations of what I write/say, doing so without any evidence from anything Ti and Do said as a criteria for helpful criticism then that’s your choice and I’ll continue to address some of it the same way I do for anyone who makes a false accusations.

    As I’ve always said and mean and have even demonstrated by taking a few things you said to heart – like the wording of my blog description to not mislead people to think I was exclusively proving the “reality” about Ti and Do and the other realizing that I gave into influences a time or two that had me express I was the most outspoken among former members – which whether true or not was an ego influence because I, the Next Level Mind in me doesn’t need to try to impress anyone and how time or amount of words has nothing to do with whether I learned certain things or not. Those things from you were great to see and own up to improving.

    Even your bringing up the same things over and over, regardless of their accuracy becomes another test of how to feel about it and how to react and that too can be used to help others that become interested in Ti and Do. It also shows how influences seek to pit us against one another that can distract some as I’ve seen evidence of, from what’s really important to put a focus on.

    So once again I did no lying nor finding fault with Rkkody.

  3. Elijah Says:

    Swy, poor idiot swy: the universe is one big note. Existence itself is loops of strings vibrating in 11/12 dimensions. Existence itself is music. You missed the point of everything.

  4. CAH Says:

    What was on and who was behind it ? I notice it’s been deleted? I’ve been out of the loop so seem to have missed this?

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