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DO Audio Transcript Inverness CA May 1994 Meeting Part 8 – Humans Don’t Own Property or Other Humans

June 19, 2019
(Transcribed by Nisha, edited by Sawyer)
DO: Well it’s abomination of things of the Next Level for a human to think he can buy a piece of paper with worthless paper and that paper says he owns a piece of property and he doesn’t own that piece of property I mean he’s a fool to think he owns that piece of property yet the whole world exists on what you own, what are your assets how much property do you own? how much stock do you own? how many people do you own? how many people are on your payroll?
The world can learn of things that are totally poisonous to the world and rather than lose a lot of jobs they’ll let that poison take its toll on thousands of people because they don’t want to fire people by stopping that plant from producing that poison.
The economy would be too affected by stopping those products you know the one I’m talking about? There is monkey business that goes on out there that without any question the Next Level is abhorred. It’s just unbelievable what these humans do to this planet and to each other. They even feel that it is now their obligation to require the world to measure up to minimal standards by their judgment and who is the kingpin, the west – the ones making the rules why?
They produce more paper, worthless paper they have more support and power they play such games as they’ll go out and threaten the little country who’s going to make a nuclear bomb while they keep stock piles of nuclear bombs and what they say to that little country, you can’t do that you’d be a threat to somebody without it ever dawning on them that they want to maintain the position of threatening the whole world because they want to call the shots of righteousness what are you supposed to do? You’re supposed to be a democratic country this country has no democracy from the outset it doesn’t behave like a democracy what goes on behind the scenes is what controls this world. They couldn’t possibly let the public make the choices and they know that the public can’t make the choices so they make the choices behind the scenes and so that let the choices the public can make come before the public.
Student: What you’re saying to me is the same thing that the Next Level said 2000 years ago and that was this: the foolishness, I’ll show you my wisdom through the foolishness of I’m trying to remember that quote… the foolishness will confound the wise, the process of doing it my way will confound the wise because they think they had it all together with their technology and their money systems and the way they do things yet you take a band of of people like this that the world calls foolish and their going to confound the wise because they do it the Next Level way of doing things.
DO: They can’t hurt us. They can’t do anything to us that could hurt us, they can do nothing to us that can hurt us. If we are in the keeping of the Next level, if we belong to the Next Level they cannot hurt us, they cannot do anything that could harm us. You started to say something there that brought up something I wanted to discuss, lets see if I can recall it.. Oh I know what it is:
Real wisdom is — and this is about the only thing the Next Level really let’s us know and that is what isn’t true – now understand what I’m saying, the most wisdom that we could know is by checking things off of our list that aren’t true – this isn’t true, that doesn’t hold water, that’s no good, that’s no good, that won’t get you anywhere – this isn’t from the kingdom of God.
Knowing what isn’t is as wise as we can get – we know hardly anything about what is we know a lot about what isn’t and that’s wise, people are stupid when they think they know what is everyday I think I know what is I learnt the next day I was wrong but what I thought was, was something else but I’m learning faster and faster what isn’t so I’m ruling out mountains and mountains and mountains of things by learning what isn’t and that’s real wisdom if we can stay learning what isn’t.
I still have the faith that I can’t believe because and this is funny there’s something in me that was given to me and that’s Next Level mind. Therefore since that Next Level mind is in me and now makes up my identify then I know that there is a creator, I know that he has a Kingdom I know that He rules everything, and that his Kingdom rules everything and everything on this planet, everything in this galaxy is a little experiment to him, a little experiment to him, I know that.
I can’t pass that knowing onto you, you can come to know it I could give it to you at piece at a time as it’s given to me to give to you if you keep asking but I know that I don’t know where His throne is in the Heavens I don’t know where His bases are in the Heavens I don’t know all the ways that He can manifest himself.
I don’t really care. What I care is that He chose to let me be a kiddely and he says you can get closer to me if you choose, if you keep asking and get rid of the things that separate us and that’s a whole ball of wax.
Student: you were talking about coming to decide which way to go here, I just wanted to say that when I came to the meeting a week ago Saturday I had no options left to stay in the world and if I hadn’t heard somebody say they’re not in despairing mode part of the despair is because you have been so alone not with people and if I hadn’t heard that they didn’t have to be alone but be in the process of doing just letting everything go and that week would’ve been a long experience it really felt like an answer to me I would need to have heard that to make the choice so we were running around to have our needs met…
DO: I know exactly what you’re saying, and I really appreciate you expressing that, okay? And I feel good about the way your heart is developing, I really do.
Well you guys – we’re lucky, we are lucky.
Arrody: In regards to what your asking about re what we were to do – when I received the video tapes and written letters and watched them, the first thing I wanted to do was plaster the town of this information just so people could hear both sides to the story because everything has been so one sided for so long and I felt like that’s something we needed to do its good that we’re still looking for lost sheep if there’s still some out there but I had felt like what we needed to do was blast it to the world.
DO: I think you have a very good point more in particular when you say it’s been so one sided for so long. Because the world has bought all the lies they have bought all the practices of the evil forces as the norm and it gets worse by the day.
Just because they now have non smoking restaurants everyday you go to a movie the rules that establish what is a R movie is less and less and less so they can make it more and more pornographic because it sells, I mean it is dollars. Whatever will shock you is what you will pay to see anything that will even embarrass you or shock you or stimulate you they couldn’t care less if it brings them the dollars and anybody who’s interested in dollars is going to buy into any market that’s successful that is the way the world is no matter how rotten that market is.
The little games the garment industry for example plays I used to see as rotten because the garment industry they put something up and they spend a lot of advertisement telling you this is in style so the humans go buy what’s in style so they’ll very quickly say no this is in style so you believe it and go get it. So to have new money in their pockets and it’s all planned, its calculated they’ll admit to it its just obsolescence as fast as you will buy whatever’s in style. Now it boomerangs a little bit because the public begins to say I’m tired of this so I’m gonna wear what I want so then they move into the market of selling clothing that looks like you designed your unique wear what you wanna wear.
Student: Grunge wear.
DO: So that it’s some other style that you could think was your style but what brings dollars is what the world spends on so to say that there is another side that there is another world its like singing out a like a little teeny voice singing out amongst the millions of billions and saying… (laughter)
That’s the truth they don’t even want to hear what they have to say if you go out with a better cocaine than they ever bought before if we can go out with some new tricks that the bring them a bigger buzz than they had before then they’d all turn – the irony of it is that they couldn’t step foot and even see what is in my Father’s Kingdom and it is the most glorious thing that exists anywhere – nothing could touch it and that Level looks down on this world as grunge persona that this is a hideous place and yet they still work all day and all night to fill their closet more and build a new closet so they fill it more and could build another one and build another garage so next year they can throw that one away and put a new one in its place and they’re glad to do it. They’re glad to throw it away and step on a zillion people to put that new one in there.
Student: And to me this is the best buzz there is.
DO: Well, it’s because you’ve been in the seek and search mode long enough to see that.
Qstody: To me what I looked at around the world it seemed to me they were trying to fill up a real big empty hole that’s what all the closets are and the buzz
DO: I used to think that too, I used to think that—
Qstody: That they pretend reality.
DO: No, they don’t want to change its just like I used to think even that people who had a lot of money, and they could see the world and they could buy anything they wanted to buy that they would soon learn that no matter how much money I have I’m not finding anything I want but they aren’t looking for anything more, they think they are but they’re looking for another kind of treasure that they haven’t yet found by this isn’t the treasure. If you give them the choice to dispose of all that and I’ll give you the treasure of life they’ll say hmm think I’ll go with this one. My bank account is full, my closets are full I worked hard in order to get this you’re asking me to deflate my own self my own ego my own career I worked so hard to make a name for myself but I thought if you had all the money in the world you’d could very quickly come to the point where you couldn’t buy anything that you wanted you know what I’m saying?
But I was also saying that people who were in relationships that if they – I thought that people would learn when they’re in a relationship that relationship didn’t quite work then they find themselves in another relationship then in another relationship and they’ll begin to say what’s going on here – where is that one I was looking for? Where is that perfect one? Because somebody has to fool themselves to say who are they kidding when they say they’ve got a perfect one. They maybe be perfect in their wife is willing to sit at home while they go out and play what they want to play and do what they want to do and come home and pretend oh I’m faithful to sure I’m faithful she puts up with whatever me being a tomcat all the rest of the time. That’s the way the world spins.
Student: today fundamentally what I thought I saw way they’re filling themselves up then because they’re so empty from trying fill themselves up they would drug themselves and then pretend they’re empty and fill themselves up with some other stuff and continue.
DO: That’s right and why wouldn’t you? Why not.
Student: And their belief system will say well you’re gonna die and that’s all there is so I don’t know it seems like a dead end, all of it.
DO: Well this is a funny thing in that you’re bringing it up this way because the Next Level goes out with their little meter to see who to give a deposits to and I think we brought this up momentarily but I think a lot of the times those little deposits are given to certain individuals that do go out and say I’m just gonna stay drunk or stay high or stay stoned or whatever it is because they can’t stand this place. And they’re not gonna find fault with them but they also know that if they give them that chip they’re still going to have to make it through the DTs they’re going to have to conquer that what they got into they’re going to have to last and come out strong on the other end but why wouldn’t they?
Look if I didn’t have the Next Level I’d put myself out of my misery any way I could on a daily basis. I couldn’t find fault with a drunk or wino I’d take his bottle and say give me a sip, I’m serious because I can see what this world has to offer and it’s nothing.
Student: so the blind what they say they see. Well fundamentally they’re all doing the same thing I just couldn’t do it anymore and it’s like what is it that they’re missing?
DO: I’ll tell you what and this may not be the proper answer. I believe that they were to be designed to be unsatisfied they were designed to be unsatisfied
Student: As part of the experiment?
DO: They were designed that way hoping that they would seek something more than what the world has to offer
Student: a different way of seeing the choices?
DO: Eliminating what the world had to offer, one by one saying this isn’t enough – even though he Next Level could recognize that they might reach that point looking like a dope head or drunk, you can be drunk on sex, you can be drunk on lots of things and I think that there is in the design for you not to be satisfied. What makes me sick is when somebody is satisfied with the world or they say they are and some I think really believe that they are and I think good night have they sold out? Because I can’t imagine that can be really satisfied with what the world offers but when I here – like the Bob Hopes that say this world has been so good to me and I’ve had everything I want and I just wish I could help the world have what I have had. I’ve come to know the Lord and I’ve come to do all these things and they don’t know what in the world they’re talking about I can’t even imagine that they’re satisfied – that they are satisfied they’ve got another lord.
Student: Lucifer

DO: That’s right. They’ve got another lord and they ask him for what they want and he supplies their needs. He gives them what they desire you follow what I’m saying? Because they work for him faithfully, they’re faithful servants.

Student: But he really overcharges them right?
DO: He doesn’t care. I hate to tell you he doesn’t care, he not only overcharges them he ends up stepping on them he ends up using them for whatever purposes he would make of them you follow what I’m saying? He doesn’t really care. Boy have we gotten astray here what are we gonna do tomorrow. Jnnody, what time is it?
Jnnody: It’s almost 9.30, I didn’t know is it too late for that little treat?
DO: no. It’s not too late now I mean this and you’re not going to disappoint me if you choose not to have the treat because it’s this late and maybe your system wouldn’t accept it too well but for those of you who want a treat, Helpers picked up some little cheesecakes and some cherries to put on top of cheesecake and those of you who want one are certainly welcome to have one because we want to have a little treat so why don’t we let some go and fix that right now.
Do you think the AA thing is over downstairs? Drrody, Sngody would you wanna check on that and see what’s happening down there?