Allegiance to Ti and Do – not based on Their fulfillments of prophecy in the Book of Revelation

Crlody’s comment of DO’s statement put on Sawyer’s YouTube channel (3spm) re: a livestream that focused on the Book of Revelation:
“It’s no basis for our allegiance to our task. And it shouldn’t be to you. If you can think of it in that light, and just simply be amused by it, because we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, or Isaiah, or anyplace else, or Daniel”.-Do, Beyond Human Session 11
Sawyer’s reply:
The Book of Revelation or any other records never were the basis of my allegiance to TI and DO’s task. My allegiance to Ti and DO’s task They gave to “us,” that started in 1975 for me, was never based on the Revelation at all and it’s still not.
However, it was after the Beyond Human tapes that DO began being more forward to the public with regard to “our” position that “we” were the return of the same Souls who were The Father and Jesus and Their students.
This is clearly evidenced in a number of audios but perhaps the clearest is in the Portland, OR meeting tapes made in the spring of 1994.
In that tape, Rkkody asks a question of DO along the lines of… should we start standing on street corners holding up a sign or poster like the ones of those produced by DO and Class that are in the Heaven’s Gate Book. (That say DO and Students are the return of the Soul who used the vehicle named Jesus about 2000 years ago and His Students).
Also in that tape, DO tells the class, that included new students, that they should get familiar with the scriptures so they can speak to people with some background and that we might need to get that bold if they continue to ignore us.
I’m fulfilling some of that – helping to give anyone who is interested a great deal of evidence to set the records straight as DO also said in slightly different words, that Christians were the biggest group of people that were prepared for Jesus’ return.
DO on that occasion and other occasions in the Beyond Human series and in a big way did talk about key topics that are only found in the Book of Revelation, like Armageddon in the document He wrote called:

Armageddon which side are you on”
Also in the document he wrote, (I believe after I left the class in 1994), named:
(because they were bombarded by Lucifer and his helpers) and hardly stood a chance, which means they have a chance):
“Now, before departure via a “NEXT LEVEL” mothership, my students and I will be assisting my Father and His other Next Level helpers in their WAR against these lies – this serious misinformation – perpetuated mainly by the so-called CHRISTIANS and JEWS”
DO also said that the WAR recorded as Armageddon was a war for Souls.
We know that He and TI were the fulfillment of the Two Witnesses prophecy in the Revelation, though they didn’t want to put that fact up front in their talks because they weren’t trying to ride those “tail feathers”, especially for those that were prepared to graduate who were most receptive to their more accurate terms of describing the Next Level Above Human and the “process” to embark (overcoming).
I also witnessed (and Pypody and Andody (Frank) and Mrcody (Mark) and Srfody (Sarah) were present for) DO holding a meeting that TI didn’t attend, (so before June of 1985) in which he gave instructions to bring whatever Bibles we had on hand to, where he had us open to Revelation 12:1, which he said was talking about TI as the “Woman”.
I know I can’t depend on all that was written in the Revelation as accurate because DO said in that same Portland tape, I think, that John didn’t know how to write down accurately some of what was being given to him, which I hadn’t heard or remembered until I recently listened to that tape.
Many Christians think they know it all, to include in the Revelation and some humans have picked up on major new ways of thinking about the Revelation, that I observed while researching certain topics for the book I wrote. (TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses)
DO didn’t say we couldn’t read the Revelation materials, if only to be “amused” so I’m not doing anything wrong or against Ti and DO’s wishes to choose to talk about those materials. (Years ago, Carlan cited that part of the Beyond Human tape before as criticism of my writing a book focused on all Jesus prophecy to include the Book of Revelation).
In about 1985, that the students I mentioned earlier might recall, Dncody (Dick – not among the 38 yet his vehicle became deceased because of disease) was assigned a task by himself to re-write the Bible, if I recall correctly, though I wasn’t privy to what parts as I doubt it included that Old Testament. He left the class some years later, perhaps as late as 1991 so I don’t know how far he got or whether it was discontinued soon thereafter. I only bring it up to show Ti and Do’s thinking back then.
One of the main points of the awakening Ti and Do first experienced, they said, in Boerne, Texas in 1973 was that they were both from the Kingdom in the literal heavens (outer space), here to fulfill prophecy and to bring updates to the bible.
I know these records are not important to our allegience to Them, possibly to include to new students at this time period, after their exit of their human vehicles they borrowed but how do we know they won’t be important to certain ones now or to come? Even if none of the Souls that might still remain to find vehicles they can take over to show their belief and allegiance to Ti and Do don’t benefit from the Revelation materials, it faces Christians with the truth so they can choose whether to serve their humanness (mammon) or The Next Level through the “keys” (teachings) provided by TI and DO.
It also provides the Next Level with more options if TI and DO want to use what we and others write/say about more of the truth of the application of those historic records for a future civilizational classroom, should it be organized by the Next Level soon or in the distant future. TI and DO talked about this and assigned us in the class at that time in the 1980’s the task of writing a “book” for that purpose – to be an aid to a future Next Level crew. A future Next Level crew would be on earth again, in this way to relate to humans as They don’t need these records but those might benefit from having them.
I would think that anyone who believes in TI and Do would want to see Them talked about in every applicable positive minded way.
For whatever it may be worth, that lower forces influences (that we all have to battle) would have some believe about me, I’m not competing with anyone. Nor do I think I’m a hotshot or elevated over anyone for doing what little I do. If anything, my talking about scripture much might turn away some that choose to turn away because of their difficulty with those records – often because of the way those records were framed as a part of the so called Christian religion that they may understandibly hate because of the centuries of hypocrisies and outright lies, that they got mostly from Paul of Tarsus (that TI talked about in audio tape 66 or 201 if I recall correctly).

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3 Responses to “Allegiance to Ti and Do – not based on Their fulfillments of prophecy in the Book of Revelation”

  1. crlody Says:

    And yet you have said things like, “The reason I’m writing this is because our task is before us AS IT WAS LAID OUT IN PROOHECY” (wrong, the task was laid by the class to “disseminate” their information, NOT to fulfill Biblical prophecy) and that your book about Biblical prophecies is for “most of the people who are in line for the second harvest” as you have decided that the book put out by the class is “a bit too much for most to digest easily” (why would they put it out then !? )so you have made the judgment that these “second harvest” people “are more inclined to grasp the content of this little book” ?! Sounds like you’re saying that your book is more important than the HG book to these second harvesters. As usual you have a long-winded reply that justifies everything that you’re doing as being for Ti and Do and the Next Level. Believe in yourself and your dreams and your prophecies and that your livestreams are a “service” to Ti and Do all you want to but I’ll never accept you as “a potential messenger for communications from Ti and Do”. You just need to justify your choice to continue to stay here, that’s all that this “task” that you let those “two spirits” con you into giving yourself is, nothing more.

  2. sawyer Says:

    Didn’t Ti and Do direct the Jesus and Revelation 11 and 12 biblical prophecies? I didn’t say this was our only task. I was addressing your criticism of my writing about the Revelation.

  3. sawyer Says:

    So yes our task was laid out before us – by Ti and Do and Crew. It is also provided in the Jesus and some of the Revelation prophecies.

    It’s one in the same, that is unless you question that Ti and Do were behind the Jesus and at the least the Revelation 11 and 12 prophecies. Do you question that they were behind those materials?

    They put the book out to show the requirements to enter the Next Level kingdom. My book is at best supplemental to show how the historic records jive with all Ti and Do taught. I am the first to admit my book can use lots of editing and that I could have been wrong about the exact translations and interpretations I arrived at, compared to what Ti and Do might have preferred. I am willing to correct my mistakes. I know I made them, but I can’t find that quote, “a bit too much…” in that material, though I do recall thinking that so I probably did write it somewhere talking about the second phase of harvest (that DO outlined in the three types of individuals who would go with him – be saved from being recycled).

    Maybe I’m wrong about some better grasping the understandings about Ti and Do when they see Them talked about in prophecy. Perhaps none or only a few might gravitate to Ti and Do based on their reading parts of my book. I don’t really care. I felt compelled to write and actually tried to avoid writing about what Jesus said, but when I presented my writings to several publishers (having no money to self publish) they weren’t interested at all. Had I wrote my understanding of what Ti and Do taught, I can imagine that would have either been worthless since Ti and Do’s writings do that a million times better than I ever could. But when I finally felt to show in prophecy the evidence of how it pointed to TI and DO in many ways, I came upon the funding I thought I needed and so I felt motivated to then write with a Jesus prophecy focus.

    So you can I’m sure find lots of things in my book that can be edited out or be said better and if you do have exact words I can search on, I will examine those spots and try to fix them to be more accurate to Ti and Do’s and Jesus’ teachings from the 4 gospel records. I didn’t initially intend on doing as much with the Revelation writings but the more I examined that book the more I was seeing potential cross referencing with other parts in both the Revelation and Jesus’ teachings, so figured it added to the body of evidence the book was designed to be.

    I didn’t write the book for you crlody.

    And I’m not staying here because I wanted to write a book. I’m staying here because I don’t feel ready to leave – I guess I’m still clinging to my remaining humanness so I suspect as with anyone, Ti and Do are allowing me to continue for a while and to be of service to them while here in whatever ways.

    I don’t know what you are referring to as Two Spirits.

    I don’t ask you much because when I have many times I don’t know if you hardly ever responded. But I do wonder who you think is motivating you to be so sure about why I am still here and about what you judge is wrong about what I do in writing and livestreaming?

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