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  1. BboyHercules Says:

    Do you have a section of “Reincarnation?” Now that my mind is full of Heaven’s Gate information, my next question Sawyer is how does reincarnation work?

    • sawyer Says:

      reincarnation? All the word incarnation means is the process of taking over a human vehicle by a soul. One is incarnate in our own body automatically, that is IF we’ve taken over the vehicle like one would take over a horse. Now this may be all but impossible to do outside a Next Level led classroom because one of the big aspects of ourselves that needs to be taken over by the Next Level mind we pull into our vehicle is that which we think of as our ego. This means we have to have someone to give ourselves to lock stock and barrel to dissolve our ego entirely and no human that hasnt been taken over by a genuine Next Level Mind/Soul is worthy of our giving our all to. However, we can perhaps get pretty close, or close enough by giving ourselves to the last incarnate teachers by seeking to do the work they left for us to do which though there is no restriction to how much to give, the task today is to disseminate the info Ti and Do left behind, while seeking Ti and Do’s assistance as often as we want in the process, as well as for help with anything in our lives. However, we needn’t ask for our vehicle’s necessitites as if we have decided to offer our services to Ti and Do, then they will see to it that we are cared for in the obvious ways. But regarding reincarnation, when a disciple who is physically with an incarnate Older Member, or believes in them after they have exited, dies, exits their human vehicle, their Soul body that enables their bond with the Next Level to grow, is saved and brought back for whatever next lessons Ti and Do can see you can use to help you towards eventual graduation and according to your desire to grow. There is no limits imposed, except in the way the Older Members will know how to help you and will provide you with tasks/chores accordingly. Those tasks could be while you are outside your vehicle or they could assign you a temporary vehicle, but even if you are in a type of sleep state, you will get your chance and will only experience the joy of being in their company, even if all you do is get to observe some of their activities. So when your soul body is brought back, it will be to select a new human vehicle to begin to interface with, with the intention of getting your mind (that came from Ti and Do’s mind) into that vehicle. The vehicle will be prepped by you with the help of a crew member on Do’s crew or perhaps Do himself – I can’t second guess but just state according to what was shared with me on the subject. But that coming back is “once again” thus “re”, taking over a human vehicle which is a flesh (carne in latin I believe or somethign like that in various languages) (carnal). This is where the idea of reincarnation came from but as with so many things, was twisted to try to give everyone a sense of never dieing as this way one can by promising eternal life in that form, gain followers that pay the leaders bills, though they themselves don’t know that’s what is happening. Now in addition to this, when any human dies, their spirit, that is not necessarily given a soul pocket, continues to exist and according to what that person died that became set in stone, so to speak at death, as there was no longer a tool (vehicle) to shape that spirit/program echo as Do once called spirits, in terms of their affect and possible functioning in the earth’s electromagnetic field thought of as the spirit world. These spirits if they believe when they die they will become another’s guardian angel, will attempt to do so. If they believe they will go to a place called Ek, as the Eckankar people believe, they will probably be met by previous spirits who believed the same way and might be taken to a part of the spiritual world (database) they have agreed was Ek. If they died hating somene, they may go after them to get them back. If they died loving to play basketball, they will seek out someone living to experience basketball through and in this way each of us is a time shared computer system that depending on our desires and abilities can draw such helpers, though when it comes to overcoming time, the teachers will insist that to be on theri crew you’d have to leave all behind and if you’d grown attached to any aspect of humanness, it may challenge your resolve to get into their program and/or stick with it along the way. Thus a discarnate human is never really taking over another human vehicle completly so they are just considered “influences” though certainly do tend to dominate us. An example of getting more next level mind into our vehicle to take it over more is when we learn of a behavior and way of Ti and Do that we have not made our own behavior or way and we change and do make it our behaviour and way, then we are building our mind and it’s power so when we are brought back to a nearer to graduation class, we will have done some homework and will have an easier time in the overcoming process. I guess in a rare case a discarnate could totally take over a human vehicle, but if that vehicle had a soul, I don’t think the Next Level would not allow that influence to do so.

      Hope this helps.

  2. jpitts1289 Says:

    Thanks so much for your wealth of content, I have only recently begun my journey into developing my spirit for the next level. I am glad that I have found your blog and have a lot of reading to do.

    • sawyer Says:

      You should be able to download a text file with the content of the purple book Do and Crew published before they left that is provided at: heavensgate.com . I don’t run that site or have any relationship to it though I know who does. There are also beyond human tapes of Do talking on youtube, the transcipts of those are in that free download. And there are audio tapes. I would recommend the ones I posted on my youtube channel; 3spm which have the name Blackhawk in them. There are three videos that are among the best quality of the tapes that were digitized. Hearing the way Ti and Do interacted with one another and the classroom can be an eye opener.

  3. jpitts1289 Says:

    I have been through the purple book several times now, I am also watching all of the content I can on YouTube. I feel truly touched by our older members and it feels like an awakening has occurred. Thank you for your continued work Sawyer

    • sawyer Says:

      You are welcome and it’s good to hear in a sea of so much unfounded fear. In case you haven’t listened to any of the internal classroom audio tapes here is a link to one of three I posted on my youtube channel 3spm that were recorded in Blackhawk, Colorado around 1982. There are many tapes as you may know but many are very poor quality: These three are good quality and really exemplify Ti and Do’s manner and Mind in action together:

  4. Eddie Says:

    Hello, I know you don’t know me and I’m a random stranger but If im not mistaken you were part of the heavens gate group for a long time and I have a few questions about Do(Marshall Applewhite) and the group. Some people believe that Marshall didn’t feel any emotions, and he didn’t care about his classroom or his students. During the time you with him, did he ever show any degree of emotion? And this may be personal but when Ti(Bonnie Nettles) from cancer, was Marshall devastated, did you see him cry? Or emotionally distraught? Second, I’ve studied and researched about the heavens gate group for a good while and I’ve come to notice that Marshall seemed to dislike the world, hated it. Why? Was it because people were cruel to one another and such? And lastly, during the time you were in the group, how were the other members like? From what I’ve heard they seemed pretty nice and good honest people looking for a meaning to life. Oh and one last question, Was Doh, controlling of you guys or was he laid back type of person? Thank you for your time

    • sawyer Says:

      Yes, we all showed emotion. However, we were to control our emotions – self control, whether anger or happiness but it’s not like it was laid out in a measured way. For instance an angry outburst would have certainly been a slippage but there was no prescribed punishment except for acknowledging our slippage before the group of other students in a “slippage meeting” (that was a little embarrassing) and including a “remedy” to have better control in the future. If we watched something on television or went to a movie and something was funny we laughed but if our laughter was bursting at the seams, rolling on the floor that probably would have been brought up at a meeting as out of control. It certainly would not be wrong for someone not trying to overcome their humanness in Ti and Do’s program to roll on the floor. After all this was voluntary and not cohersed and no one was lured or manipulated (though of course there are those who would say it was manipulation to think Ti and Do were from the Kingdom of Heaven in outer space, their souls that is) but for all practical vantagepoints day to day participation was completly voluntary which shows in the amount of people that said they believed but over the years drifted off or were coaxed to leave by Do or were instructed to leave by Do or were sent to a half way house type of arrangement to get better control or sent to be with their human families again that turned into a type of lure back into the world. However, they made no bones about leaving the classroom as being a failure to complete one’s “task” to get control over one’s vehicle to graduate the human kingdom. It just wasn’t drilled into us or used as leverage to guilt us into staying. We did have to measure up to stay.

      Yes, I saw Do shed tears on a number of occasions. I also saw Ti shed tears on a couple occasions. One of those occasions was related to Ti’s exit of her vehicle. Do certainly was distraught. He certainly depended on Ti and loved her, though it was never anything physical or human – He loved her Mind. He told us he gave Ti a hard time for the first year or so as it took being together day and night traveling around the country trying to figure out what their task was exactly – what were the updates to the bible they knew their Minds were sent to bring and what were the prophecies they were sent to fulfill. Ti never told Do she was his “Older Member” (heavenly Father). He came to know it because of how Ti thought and the choices she made that summed up the options more quickly and more accurately, where Do felt he needed to try things Ti knew would not pan out to their task needs.

      Crying as in sobbing was considered to be giving into that form of sensuality. Even jumping up and down at that sight of a beautiful sunset would have been giving into that form of sensuality. All pleasure was not prohibited. It simply needed to be a “pleasure” They provided, such as a nice dessert or some type of sport exercise – we had a track to run on at one of our “crafts” in south Austin and had an indoor raquetball court in another in Paradise Valley and an indoor pool in texas and others with outdoor pools, though in each there were “procedures” on how to use them and how often and became lesson opportunities on how to enjoy them “in the way a member of the Next Level would do”.

      I can’t speak to exactly how Do thought about the “world” before he was awakened by and with Ti, except that he, his vehicle (that was prepared for his incarnation (taking over for his Next Level task) dropped out of seminary because they were too restrictive of what to study and consider. At another time he said when he would go to the hollywood styled parties in Houston, as he was a popular lead role opera singer in the houston opera and a teacher of music and voice at St. Thomas University, when they would serve shrimp cocktail, the first time he had it, he went to the bathroom and threw up but then forced himself to eat it because it was expected. Just a tiny example.

      He was unhappy with relationships, in the last year before awakening was turning anti-sexual, though had been in relationship with men (I don’t know how many) but that he wanted a “committed relationship” he was not finding in his high society involvments.

      I know the rumors that he was so distraught over his sexuality that he allegedly checked into a mental facility as well as the rumors Ti wanted a physical relationship with him and that he went off the deep end when Ti left which then became the consideration of “suicide” which there is considerable evidence is all mis/dis-information. Do set that record straight in his booklet entitled, “’88 update – The UFO Two and Crew”. Ti never made any advances to him and he said though he wondered at first if she was trying to pick him up, he said he had no physical attraction to Ti’s vehicle and “wouldn’t dirty his mouth on Ti’s mouth” – or anyone’s mouth for that matter.

      Do did kiss his students on the forehead or cheek a time or two, one time publically in a type of marriage ceremony where students went up to him one by one and he was weepy during. He kissed me in this way on a couple times when he was meeting with the student body individually in private that included his touching my head/face and speaking affectionately with zero touching or kissing or hugging any more than that.

      Of course critics would guess he did more than that with some but there is zero evidence of that and there have been many dropouts who were drilled by media over the years before their exit and since their exit of their incarnations.

      It was Ti that told the class we needed to give Them our will. And it was Ti that instructed us to make our “committal” to Do – doing so in writing though Do knew he needed to accept that position of being the focus of every students total love as Jesus said was the “first commandment” – to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength – the reason Jesus students needed to “deny self” (give their will over to their Older Member’s will for them), “take up their cross” (give their lives up in service) and “follow me” – (literally leave one’s human attachments behind to be with Jesus and abide by all his teachings during and after his exit).

      There was always plenty of laughter and lightheartedness and even a time or two of outright sillyness while times also of knowing that we missed the mark, got off track, dissappointed them, needed to work harder on our lessons. We were certainly prodded in that way. They were not permissive of human behavior. There was no gossip or chit chatting or “familiarity” with fellow students or with Ti and Do. No chummyness. though partners were to commit themselves to helping their partners with their overcoming.

      We even once had a type of marriage cerimony between assigned “partners” where we each vowed to the other our committment to help them in their overcoming of humanness and service to Ti and Do. My partner was chkody (check-ody) a soul who had a female vehicle that actually challenged me because of my vehicle having an attraction to her vehicle (though I never permitted any kind of fantasy of being with her). However, it was difficult for me to deal with and I did tend to treat her differently because of the vehicles attraction, which was part of what I needed to overcome.

      Niether Ti and Do were “laid back”, though there were certainly many times when we enjoyed a meal together or went on an outing together or watched television together. Part of our lessons were to maintain a “pleasant countenence” and not give into tiredness, maintain good posture, cleanliness, soft spokenness even whispering or silence times, gentle actions whether walking or in the closing of doors – like one would imagine in a monestary without getting into a spiritual or religious holiness vibration.

      We had music at times and did choral singing of christmas carols several years in a row before Ti exited. By the way, Do said Ti “burnt out her vehicle” dealing with the negativity from the many “influences” (discarnates) who attacked her especially since she was the Oldest Member incarnate. Ti and Do both took on the students influences and at times ran them off so we could have a better chance of seeing clearly.

      Do did indicate he used alchohol while in the world. One time during the christmas before Ti exited we had a christmas tree and a party and we each had about a half ounce of wine in a shot glass. Do said afterwards that he didn’t like the way it affected his consciousness so would not be doing that again.

      That year we were each given some money and went shopping to buy gifts for the “craft” not for one another, though some students organized the purchase of some gifts for Ti and Do. Even though it wasn’t procedure to do that, it was “taking a chance on a positive” and Ti and Do were never without consideration of the moment and the good intentions of the students as opposed to sticking to the letter of the “law”, though that could certainly have a breaking point. For instance any hint of sexuality would have been against their lessons to be permissive of.

      When we were sent to visit with vehicle’s families the first time while Ti was still in her vehicle and we returned, it was approved that each student could give the returning student a hug but other than that time we generally did not hug one another and there was never any kissing between students – though on a couple occasions a couple students did slip and it was surfaced had been feeling one another up in a closet and in one case in 1976 in wyoming campground two students had sex.

      On one occasion when Ross Perot was running for president, Ti and Do indicated his being a businessman might be good for the country. They considered having us vote that year but we didn’t and never did in the 19 years I was with them.

      It was not a solumn environment but nor was it happy go lucky. I would not call Ti and Do controlling at all but it was a fact that if we didn’t want to follow their teachings their classroom wasn’t the place for us. Do even offerred students $2000 at one point to leave if the money would help them make that choice as he didn’t want people staying in the classroom because of how easy life became – having that infastructure to depend upon. Ti used to call the world outside the classroom, “the real world” which always puzzled me but I grew to understand that the classroom consisted of a very “controlled environment” to where one didn’t have to worry about bills and children and social engagements and business and if one lost their job there were others with jobs to depend upon.

      The control was in the design of procedures to follow which arose as needed but it was self control yet partners were committed to pointing out to their partners when they were breaking procedure and there were other overseers with the task of providing correction to fellow students most of which was done in private and when Ti and Do corrected specific students most of the time that too was done in private or addressed in general though there were a few exceptions.

      • Eddie Says:

        That’s very interesting, it seems Do did care for his classroom an it seems to me that he did. The way you guys lived is something that seems like monks would do to overcome their desires and the world. Something I would love to.accomplish, and even the Bible talks about overcoming the world and to crucify your yourself. Although I don’t agree with Do with a lot of things, there are a few things that I do agree with. Is it true that Do had gotten castrated alongside a few students and was it forced or I presume he have you all that option? Also What was his views on society? If we take a look at society today, it seems to be getting worse and immoral. Everything is becoming depraved, and since I’m a Christian this change is sad because many people are living for themselves instead for God. Did Do ever mention to you guys about how godless society is? It seems to me he held the world in a negative light, since he had called the world rotten in one of his tapes.

      • sawyer Says:

        Nothing was forced in the least way. I know it’s hard to accept but these were the same exact souls who were in the Moses camp that abided by everything Moses gave them from Jehovah. Do was the Older Member who was incarnate in the vehicle named Moses as he was also incarnate as Adam, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus. Some of the students probably served as some of the Old Testament prophets and could have also had some operation with certain ones in recent history preparing for their return. Ti was the same Older member who was recorded as Jehovah, the Elohim and the Father and is shown in Revelations chapter 12 “birthing Do to the throne task” and then exiting by letting the negativity on this planet devour her human vehicle in what was called cancer.

        I have so much evidence of this in EVERY verse of the book of revelations and all of what Jesus said and linked directly to all that was taught in the Moses camp and said by the Old testament prophets.

        The return was in two stages – FIRST and LAST harvests as shown in Rev 14.

        My book is about to come out that provides all the details deciphering most every verse to show the most accurate translation options and context and interpretation (though I’m not saying I’ve got it all 100% right but it’s certainly close enough so each who is willing to look at it will have the chance to renew their committment to the Kingdom of God/Heaven through 100% belief in everything Ti and Do said and are willing to “stand for them” when the going get’s rough in the next years.

        yes, the entire planet is corrupted. The weeds have taken over the garden and reduced it’s use to the Next Level to grow souls upon so they are about to salvage the souls who can still be brought to a graduation from their humanness and then it’s recycle time and then perhaps a new civilization.

        Ti compared the earth to living in a snake pit.

        There are only two kinds of Mind (holy spirit/mind). One is Luciferian which by believing in keeps humans acting like mammals largely unaware of the Next Level above Human. The other kind is Holy Mind/Spirit which is true information that demonstrates what is most real and by receiving and applying through the direction of an incarnate Older Member can be grown into a new living being that starts off as a soul seed literally deposited in human vehicles the Next Level feels are capable of sprouting and growing into the equivilent of a “tree” that can then foster the birth of more souls into the Next Level.

        It’s not a etheric spirit only kingdom. members have physical bodies. A soul has physicality.

        So yes, we live in a near godless society. Even the religious can be godless having bought the misinformation so that religion is the number one killer of souls because many souls will refuse to even look at the teachings of Ti and Do because they are so brainwashed with their religious and spiritual indoctrination.

        For instance why are Jesus teachings not really taught in the churches, etc. They mostly teach Paul and the Old Testament stories to their young. Nothing about overcomign the human world and mammalian reproduction and the accumulation of wealth or to the other extreme of thinking if one belongs to a monestary and seperates from the world they are doing their best to serve God which in many cases is a trap because monastic life is so soothing and doesn’t stimulate “thirst” to reach for more – thinking they have found the ultimate “path” and so they miss the updates when they come.

        Of course not all are in this condition.

        yes, I understand Do was castrated but he was not the first. I was there for the first and was scheduled to be second. You can read about it on this blog. Just search on castration and by the way Jesus approved of self castration as well. “make oneself a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake” was literal and circumcision seems to have been a type of precursor to establishing the programming of cutting off our mammalian procreative nature voluntarily. I don’t think it was given to do automatically but perhaps I am wrong about that but from what I know about it, it often makes that child who receives the circumcision more senstive because of. I’ll have to research that more but may not take the time to do so.

  5. Eric Says:

    Sawyer I’m so glad I’ve found you are still here relaying the message.

    • sawyer Says:

      Everything else in life pales to trying to be an instrument for Ti and Do’s mind so it’s something I must do until this vehicle expires. And this is especially the case when there are so many “signs in the sun, moon, stars, planets” we have been shown – like the Ceres cityscape of lights to include the 5 mile tall tree looking tower that apears to be constructed of crystal and lots more, in case you haven’t kept up with it all.

  6. Eddie Says:

    Hey it’s the guy who asked you the question about if Ti and Do felt emotions a few months back, I have recently thought up of another question for you. What was your dress code like during its early and late years? I’m interested to know since I know you guys didn’t want to wear any revealing clothing since that might have caused lustful thoughts and whatnot. If I’m not mistaken the group began to wear buttoned up shirts and whatnot in the later years.Was Do strict with this dress code and who decided to bring up that idea first? Was it Doh or someone from the group? when you were with the group were you guys allowed to wear different clothing for different activities for example, if you all went to the movies or  exercise type of activities or swimming even? Did you all as a group do fun things like bowling or anything of that sort? I’m just interested of what kind of lifestyle you all as a group lived.

    • sawyer Says:

      Any “dress code” as you called it came from Ti and Do while Ti was in her vehicle and then from Do after that. Since a big part of the classroom training program was to give up our will to Ti and Do, whom we wanted to give our will to, (or those who didn’t left or were told to leave in one case). Everything we did was a lesson opportunity, but yes we went to movies and the zoo at times or to other events, but that was infrequent. Movies maybe once every two weeks in the later years. We had daily schedululed television viewing, that was optional most of the time. When we had indoor or outdoor pools we had swimming but we still wore something that mostly covered up flesh. Yes we buttoned the top button but to not stand out in the world, at for instance a job where more than one student worked, we might undo the top button so we wouldn’t both look like bobsy twins to stimulate too much interest in us. It was very odd the way we were seen by others as related or the same. For instance one time I had a job at a country club as a cook and at the same place, but on a different schedule and part of the waitstaff dstody worked. We came and went at different times. The food and beverage director used to get our names mixed up and would call me Tom, the name Dstody used and called him “robert” the name I was using. That may seem not that strange as we were both male about the same age and we didn’t relate to one another on the job any more than with anyone else as we didn’t want to let on that we were actually living in the same house, etc. So here is the clincher. Dstody’s vehicle was so called, “black” and mine is so called “white”.

      I don’t recall ever going bowling. But for a short time, we had a track we had instruction to use optionally and we had tennis courts sometimes and we played group volley ball for a while and we often had our own exercise equipment and in some places had a regular walking for exercise regimin but none of these activities did we dress any differently for, including going to the movies.

      The only time anyone would dress up would be in they had a job where they were required to go to a special event. Some of the jobs were highly professional positions, like one student was the manager of the technical writing staff at Texas Instruments and another student was the manager of the programming analysts at a big bank that was called at the time MTech that merged with Hewlett packard. Women in professional positions were often back in those days required to wear a dress so they did. They also may have used a little makeup because what was the standard and they didn’t want to make waves in that regard though often those types of jobs Ti and Do would have us try to change.

      At times we had a uniform of sorts. We at first when living outdoors had overalls. After that for a while we wore a jumpsuit the group actually made from fabric – like sweatshirt and sweatpants, very loose and baggy and covered most everything. We even had gloves to go with thus suit and it had a hood and we had another hood we wore that covered our face so we looked like spacemen for sure.

      • Eddie Says:

        That’s pretty interesting, you guys had fun as a “family” I could assume. I guess it’s a good thing the group didn’t take everything serious all the time.During the time you were with the classroom what is the best time or special moment you can recall from your memory? I’m sure you miss them, and that you all were probably in a sense close. And I also remember you telling me when Do did shed tears when Ti left her vehicle;that was one instance. Do you mind sharing with me the other instances he had shed tears or showed emotions toward you guys? If you don’t want to share that kind of personal information then it’s fine.

      • sawyer Says:

        One time after Ti had left her vehicle, perhaps in 1987, Do moved the classroom to Atlanta. Some of us got jobs there and we leased three large homes in the Peachtree area of north Atlanta. We had five twenty four foot rental trucks puzzle packed full of the furnishings from the three houses we left in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado area.

        Do was very upset in Atlanta as he said he couldn’t feel Ti’s presence with him. At a meeting after being there for two weeks, finished with most of the setup, he called a meeting. Part way into the meeting he was nearly weeping because he didn’t want to tell us how he felt. He couldn’t feel Ti’s closeness and knowing the pains we all went through to give notice at our hi tech jobs in Colorado, disappointing all our employers, which I admit I always dreaded doing, carefully packing up the houses, renting and loading the trucks, moving and then going through the difficult process once again, as we did many times over the years together, looking for new jobs. The outlay of cash that was easily a $30,000.00 affair and that also weighted heavy on Do as he and Ti were always most careful to not run the “purse” so low that if the Next Level gave instruction to pick up and move again, to perhaps stay ahead of investigators, etc. we could manage it financially.

        We were/are a family but not in a human way. Our relationships with others in the class was not an emotional one. I don’t think anyone shed tears when a classmate decided to leave. They may have been surprised or wishing they would rise above their influneces that turned their eyes away from their Older Members but I doubt it was any more than that. If it was, perhaps they still had some humanness to overcome. At the same time Next Level members do feel joy for others that seek to become Members of the Next Level and they are not insenstive to the stuggles of others, but each members ultimate relationship and emotion is between them and their Older Member. That’s why Jesus compared the relationship of an Older Member with their students as between a Groom and bride. It wasn’t a male and female thing at all as in the Next Level there is no gender. That’s simply the way the relationship was described in the human kingdom which seems to stem from the way Adam became male and Eve became female by their breaking the procedure they were given which was a setup test to see if they could overcome the influence of the Luciferian space alien that was allowed to be present to influence them. Ti and Do said that Adam’s breakage of procedure resulted in a type of “reverse metamorphosis” that didn’t take very long before his physical vehicle had the capacity to propogate new human vehicles with Eve, because of, which is not a Next Level way – it’s a mammalian facility, which their Souls would have to overcome and started the lesson ground to do so for them and for other “student level (sons of God) members of the Next Level who were given the opportunity to take the places of the Luciferian space alien Souls who had gone against the Next Level so vacated their tasks.

        The group was very, very serious all the time but serious doesn’t mean “down in the mouth” as part of overcoming was to maintain a genuine positive countenence. If one was troubled by their doubts or negative thinking or hiding breakage of procedure or having thoughts about the world and/or some they left behind, then their “vibration” often showed up, especially obviously to Ti and Do. Even though students could sometimes get away with certain things, it wasn’t for long before they wouldn’t be able to hold onto whatever their secret thinking was because the Next Level also has crew members on spacecrafts that can monitor all the students as they can monitor all the humans they want to monitor. They have amazing computer systems and technicians for that and lots more. So they put us all through tests as the entire globe is in that sense a classroom, though certain parts get different kinds of attention depending on the grade in school of the occupants.

        This way of providing tests is happening right now in an accellerated way. Individuals can’t even hold back manifesting what they have become, what they think. Each of us is being forced to choose to whom to show our allegience. It’s between the Next Level Older Members and Humanity, what Jesus called “mammon” the greek word meaning “wealth, treasure” that takes all the human forms of family and possessions and intelligence and even humanitarianism and environmentalism. But all are not judged by the same criteria. Those that receive more as Jesus said have to rise to a higher standard of showing their allegience. All who don’t show the Next Level their allegience will be pulled up from the garden (their vehicles) and their spirits or souls will be recycled when all is done.

        This is why the wars will escalate and famine will escalate and many more will die from these and other ways as shown throughout the Revelations chapters that all occur in degrees in stages and to different parts of the planet more or less in a different schdule. The U.S. is the last to experience the total brunt of the calamities starting since the 1990’s but being brought to a peak during the next decade or two (my estimate of time frame based on things Ti and Do said and what Jesus described in prophecy related to current events), though I could be wrong and it could be a little sooner and/or a little later but I doubt by much.

      • Eddie Says:

        Yeah, the reason I asked you if Do ever felt emotions was because some people out there think that he was just a psychopath wanting to kill his followers for no reason. But I’ve studied the group for a long time including Marshall Applewhite, and it seems of my opinion that he truly believed in what he was preaching. He isn’t like Charles Manson who did it for some selfish reason though there are people who say that Doh couldn’t handle his homosexuality and so he made this whole thing up to kill himself and take othersome with him, which in my opinion doesn’t seem like the case. Do I belive in what he taught? No but I do believe he sincerely had believed in what he thought was the truth. I heard that Doh had made 545 or something of that sort of tapes, to me that screams dedication and hard wired belief, not only that but he had himself castrated which tells me he believed in getting over one’s human flesh desires and died with his group. Usually psychopaths use a group of people, for profit, fame, etc etc. Do seemed like he didn’t do it for any of those things and had nothing to gain from them.

      • sawyer Says:

        I believe the tape count is 484 and that includes about 90 of those made before Ti’s exit on June 19, 1985. They didn’t set out to make tapes. They were teaching the classroom of students and taping was a way that students could re-listen to the meeting because they knew there would be lots that students missed in the first meeting and even subsequent listenings which I can confirm since having listened to some of them several times and still keep seeing more. It’s like anything else. The more one takes in the more they see in what they take in, not just re: Ti and Do but in most any field of study. Everytime Ti and Do would revisit certain information new things would often occur to them as well.

        The various explanations certain psychologists came up with to explain the un-explainable (to a human mind) don’t have to be true or even make sense with the information they have available. It’s like saying that hale bopp comet had a double nucleus in orbit one around the other (as is the concensus to date I’ve read from certain conferences that go on to date). Saying that means they don’t have to consider there was photographed by the Japanese a companion object following close behind Hale Bopp – before it went behind the sun. And there are many, many examples of this. It becomes a form of propoganda so the so called experts (what Do called “has been spurts”) can placate the public so they aren’t faced with more than they can or want to handle. At the same time related to the Next Level program on earth even the misinformation provides a filter of those who They share more of the truth with, who then arrive at seeing through the misinformation (whether they believe in Ti and Do or not) showing you are more open to what’s most true. Most don’t even care and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as people wake up at different rates and at different times and from different ways usually involving some type of trauma in their lives that upsets things but allows them to get a new shot of what more there is – often because of asking help from “above” no matter how they think about it. As I see it, Do and his students were among the only non-psychopaths and that can certainly be backed up with tons of examples seen every day in the media, in politics in the military, in the religions, in the universities, in the CDC, etc. etc. etc.

  7. Z Says:

    Dear Mr. Sawyer,

    I am part of a high school group conducting a research project for our United States History class. It happens that our project is on Heaven’s Gate. Recently we interviewed Mr. Zeller, and he told us that you might be open to an interview on the matter. If you are available, you can contact me at zcui20@belmontschools.net.


    • sawyer Says:

      Yes, I’m available. I’ll write you from my email as you asked. But for the record here is the text I send to anyone who requests being my “friend” on my sawyer heavensgate facebook account. I never solicit friends or follow suggested friends:

      I send this to everyone who seeks to be a facebook friend to me, which I welcome.

      For the record, I am not starting a group or cult or trying to be anyone’s leader, or teacher, nor fostering any kind of relationship with anyone sexual or otherwise beyond communications related to my 19 years of experience as a student in Ti and Do’s “classroom”. The “classroom” as it was under Ti and Do’s direction does not and can not exist anymore. And I’ve never kept track of who tells me they believe in Ti and Do.

      I discourage anyone who tells me they are considering suicide. That has happened several times over the years.

      I don’t believe anyone now is in the same place as those 38 students who laid down their human lives in 1997. Dying is not an automatic ticket into Heaven as has been generally taught in some religious and spiritual belief systems. DO and Crew wrote,

      “We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time. We take good care of our vehicles so they can function well for us in this task, and we try to protect them from any harm.”

      You can read more about how they thought about suicide in this document that is posted on the Heavens Gate Website that I re-posted to my blog at:


      Further perspectives of suicide are explained in a document one of Ti and Do’s students wrote that was included in their Heaven’s Gate Book, along with many other subjects is here:


      Here is a link to Ti and Do’s first public statement written in 1975:


      A free download is still available of DO and Crews Book entitled, ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered’, from their website:


      Though I know well my two former classmates who still maintain that website, I have no affiliation.

      I provide most of the same documents, plus links to the Beyond Human video series and other related materials TI and DO and Crew made on my blog at:

      (This document is the appendix of my book)

      Here is a link to one of three audio tapes that were recorded of both Ti and Do speaking. There are many more available freely to those who ask for them:

      Blackhawk 1 of 3 – Ti and Do re adam eve lucifers prison

      The best synopsis of Ti and Do’s start is via DO’s writings, entitled, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” to be found at:

      To see some of what DO wrote about the Space Aliens in an informational ad placed in USA Today on May 27 1993:

      To see what DO wrote when he felt it time to state he was the return of the same Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. He never said he was “Jesus” because Jesus was the name of the vehicle an Older Member from the Next Level took to perform his task through:


      My book, entitled, ‘TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses’ is available for free and for purchase as an ebook and/or softcover.

      I am selling the softcover on my ebay page under the name, tidobooks.

      However, my book is free by copying and pasting from my blog. Here is the link to the first of seven sections of the book. It’s very long so I had to break it up to post it all:

      (Just search my blog on the title for the remaining 6 sections)

      More economical and practical ways to get my book is by buying the ebook using a Kindle reader off of Amazon and/or as a softcover on Barnes and Nobel and like I said through my publisher who also has a number of other ebook formats available.

      For the record, though I do collect royalties for book sales, I did not write it to make money with. To make money with it, there were many other ways to write it.

      Though I believe the writing of this book was a task Ti and Do offered me to do, I can’t prove that to anyone as I never received that task from their mouth, so perhaps it’s not. I did not leave their “classroom” to perform such task. I flunked out and simply have another chance to learn the lessons I needed to learn.

      The book’s content attempts to bring evidence of how Ti and Do were the fulfillment of all of Jesus’ (Second Coming) prophecies to include the Book of Revelations, though much of that material is still in process of fulfillment. I did a great deal of translation examination that took me into the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek word manuscript origins.

      Plus I always strove to stay in context. Ti and Do always said that the Next Level worked very hard to preserve an accurate enough record of what Jesus said, as seen in a red letter edition of the New Testament.

      Believe it or not, that doesn’t make me religious or even Christian, in the ways those labels imply. They are historic records and the religions arose as a distortion and dilution of what Jesus taught, mostly occurring by the varied interpretations of those records.

      Also for the record, there are some who have posed as facebook “friends” trying to catch or harass me in some way, which I know is part of the territory to deal with, which is why I say all this to new “friends”. I never make a friend requests though I have joined some groups to be included in certain conversations to share some of what I’ve learned as I know there are some who are interested when they hear certain perspectives about Ti and Do and Crew.

      However I never automatically preach or bring up Ti and Do but am also not slow to talk about them should something they say stimulate a perspective I got from them.

      There is a heavensgate facebook group that I did not start but I was included as a owner of the group. I only keep it active to keep it away from charlatans, however seemingly well intended. I only say this to explain it’s presence on my facebook page.

      Many of the friends on this facebook page are simply curious and most often I don’t know who believes in Ti and Do and to what degree and don’t seek to find out. There are a few exceptions who have helped me with little projects and to which I have helped them with their little projects, like videos.

      But there are no secret pacts or plots or core new believers. We each only answer to Ti and Do in our individual relationships the same as anyone, whether people know of Ti and Do or not.

      Many of us humans have had a real relationship with the Next Level, thinking of Them as their Heavenly Father or their Higher Power or God or Allah or Buddha or Krishna, etc. At the same time many use such terms and think they have a connection they don’t as Jesus said would happen during this time period especially. Even so we can’t judge another in this regard. Even if a human is acting in ways that are contrary to Next Level qualifying behaviors and ways, none of us know when they might change and how fast.

      Ti and Do indicated that there are no other Older Members on earth to perform this task and none to come during this civilization so anyone who claims to be their return or their reincarnation or to be receiving information from them, like as a channel or as a remote viewer, contactee or psychic reader, or using the name Jesus or other Biblical figures as in the Two Witnesses are either deluded, even tricked by the various lower forces or lying.

      TI and DO said that choosing to become an atheist can be a good step away from religion and spirituality, though all paths in the human kingdom can lead to the top of the human mountain. However, there is only one way off that mountain top and that’s by going through the lesson steps provided by someone who evolved beyond the human kingdom, evidenced by their teaching the separation from the human kingdom (even though it will be in degrees and always by our own choices).

      One of ways to correctly interpret the term antichrist could be as one who is anti the Christing process that of course Jesus established. That “process” is the overcoming process that each human must engage by seeking the Mind (holy spirit) – from the Next Level via the information they taught while incarnate. Calling on the name Jesus can be answered by any number of discarnates or Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls which is part of why Jesus taught to project our asking to our “Father in Heaven” as the discarnates and space aliens can not actually travel very far from the earth anymore.

      Thus when we see “signs” in outer space, perhaps as near as the moon, since Jesus said they would be in the Sun, Moon and Stars that would include planets and comets, etc., they are from the Next Level.

      I am transparent with my life but not with personal info or the personal info on any other former members of the group who I still have some contact with whether they still believe in Ti and Do or not.

      If you wish to review my little bio, for whatever it might be worth, it’s found on my blog at:

      How Sawyer fell by giving into sexuality in Ti & Do’s classroom and then dropping out by choice:

      Here are some Q and A but there are a lot more on my blog:

      I was asked if I still followed the teachings of Ti and Do.

      Sawyer’s reply: yes, as best I can, like according to the “Major and Lesser Offenses” and the “17 Steps” and other guidelines, though in this very different application, not having Ti or Do or fellow classmates present and having gone back into the world and started a human family, who I continue to help (now 20 yr old daughter), but I have had no relationships or sexuality with anyone for the last four years. However, I do find myself slipping in some of the behaviors at times so it’s a continuous process to maintain. When we slip from the standards, whether they are Ti and Do’s and/or the Jesus standards, it’s important not to let that become a reason to become separate minded from Ti and Do, that is if we want to be of one Mind with them. We can easily think that if I don’t do everything perfectly I might as well not do anything – a Luciferian ploy to turn our eyes away from doing our best for Ti and Do and their Next Level. The Next Level doesn’t need any of us to believe in them in any way. We must qualify to their standards though they give us lots of help and time to do. The traps are many but we can recover from all of them to keep moving forward.

      To someone who says they have started a “Heaven’s Gate Militia” I replied:

      I don’t condone violence against the govt or anyone. If we were to think of ourselves as soldiers for Ti and Do (of the real Jesus) it would be by use of our mouth – in words – the words that Ti and Do and Jesus provided us (that they also said included the red letters in the gospels, and their references to the Book of Revelations to help people see their ideas, perspectives and qualifications to become a prospective member of their Next Level Above Human.

      The truth about Ti and Do will soon be lost as upon their exit started the gradual diminishing of the “light” they brought to the world. If you want a bundle of their materials give me an email address as the bundle includes audio files of meetings within the group since the early 1980’s that I was present for.

      There are many misconceptions abounding and in Christian circles. Many started with the writings of Paul of Tarsus who never knew Jesus and never received instruction from him, nor was he tasked as a delegate (apostle) on his behalf. An Older Member doesn’t come incarnate if there is any other way to teach their student body what it takes to make application into membership in the Next Level.

      For Christians to base what they believe on what Moses wrote, except for the things Jesus said to believe and act on, is like applying lessons given to toddler Souls when by the Jesus time they could be having a high school curriculum approaching graduation.

      For instance Ti and Do were not pro or con abortion. They are always pro choice though our choices are not always going to be what they would choose and it’s not easy knowing what they would choose unless we ask them to reveal it to us.

      Ti and Do said it was against their Next Level ways to be making weapons designed to kill other humans let alone using them for killing. There is no justification, but that’s to please the Next Level, which is always a choice.

      Ti and Do said that it doesn’t matter one’s sexual preferences as to graduate the human kingdom one must become non-sexual because Members of the Next Level are non-sexual so one needs to build their Mind starting in the human kingdom to be “born” into their kingdom. I recall DO saying that those who are homosexual have overcome gender consciousness, though not necessarily sexual consciousness.

      Ti and Do said we were all striving to be “color blind” in terms of race so we don’t act any differently to someone based on the race of their vehicle.

      TI and DO were supportive of euthanasia when a human vehicle is so wrought with pain and/or has no capacity any longer to function and/or have experiences to learn lessons through.

      There really is no comparison with Ti and Do and any other cults. Ti and Do referred to their group as the “cult of cults” and the “cult of truth”. There is a great deal of evidence of how Ti and Do had a way of naturally filtering out those who were not serious enough to go the full distance of graduating, though they always treated each student as if they could go that full distance.

      There were no abuses and there is no dirt in the Ti and Do story. Some have tried to find dirt and didn’t find any, even after listening to hundreds of hours of audio tapes. Even a number of dropouts who ceased to believe in Ti and Do have next to nothing to say against them. One said that they didn’t provide enough dental care options to students, though I got plenty of dental care. Yes there were lots of rules that developed over time but never any yelling or use of guilt or punishments or other human behaviors that are common in many organizations.

      Ti and Do didn’t try to appear holy. They wore no special clothing (though there was one short time period when students visited them where they lived in Blackhawk, Colorado that while there we all wore robes that went down to the floor. Nor did they teach out of the Bible, though knew that was the primary “record” of the Next Level’s relationship to the human kingdom in their current civilizational experiment.

  8. harmonysamira Says:

    hi! i’m commenting because i would like access to the digitized audio of Ti and Do’s classes. I understand that it’s been put on the internet once before, years ago. I’d like it because I want to study the materials (and because I want to hear what Do’s Older Member sounded like). Can you provide these to me?

    • sawyer Says:

      yes just send an email to: sawyerhg@yahoo.com and I’ll send you what I have. Meanwhile you can hear Ti and Do working together in the audios I posted on my youtube channel: 3spm – by searching for “blackhawk”. There are three video’s from one meeting there.

  9. Thomas OHaver Says:

    I have a few questions for a research project I am working on about Heaven’s Gate. Would I be able to email you Sawyer?

  10. Anna Maria Says:

    Hello Sawyer.
    Thank you for all the info on this site. Its been very interesting to read.

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