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Debunking Dr. Todd Grande’s analysis of TI and DO and Crew (Heaven’s Gate)

June 13, 2020
My critique of this analysis follows this youtube video maker’s critique of:
Heaven’s Gate Cult | Marshall Applewhite | Mental Health & Personality
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by: Dr. Todd Grande
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(Here is his analysis of Ti and Do and Crew in synopsis form):
This video answers the questions: Can I analyze the mental health and personality characteristics of the Heaven’s Gate cult and Marshall Applewhite?
1. Delusions
2. Hallucinations
3. Disorganized speech
4. Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
5. Negative symptoms like diminished emotional expression or avolition
American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author.
Raine, S. (2005). Reconceptualising the human body: Heaven’s Gate and the quest for divine transformation. Religion, 35(2), 98–117. doi:10.1016/j.religion.2005.06.003…………
Here is his video link:
Sawyer’s critique of his analysis:
Saying some believe this and some believe that is hardly science as anyone who believes in things outside the mainstream is often labeled in detrimental ways. Who is the source that says Marshall claimed he had emotional problems including depression? Did he say that to someone I haven’t heard about yet? Did his sister say that? What report says that “he could not keep his thoughts straight and was disorganized” and why is that important to your diagnosis, as if millions of people don’t have that problem at times. You state that “his depression was severe…”  How severe? What’s the evidence of it’s severity?
What is the evidence of psychosis and schizophrenia?
I’ve never seen any evidence that he was in a mental health facility. What facility? What was the period of time? What is your source on this?
What is your evidence that Bonnie wanted to be taken by aliens? I know Terrie Nettles reported they would wonder about such things but I never heard it said that Bonnie wanted to be with aliens.
In the 19 years I spent with them, they never ever said they had considered themselves “saviors”. They both received information at the same time in the early months of 1973 that they had both come from what they described as The Evolutionary Level Above Human and that they were here to “bring updates to the bible” and “fulfill prophecy” but they didn’t know what prophecy they were to fulfill so they began to search all manner of religious literature and around the spring or early summer of 1973 came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy in Revelation chapter 11 and knew that was referring to them, but though they briefly attempted to portray themselves in that way to preachers they would meet in their travels around the US, they quickly stopped sharing that as they were always uncomfortable with people that would portray themselves as the reincarnation of some famous biblical figure. they didn’t teach out of the bible, though they recognized that many records in the bible were referring to their Souls previous tasks on earth. They did know that to humans  what they were describing as this Next Level was like a different dimension but they were very clear from the start that it was physical – There were “many members” (but numbering in the “thousands”) and they wore physical bodies they grew on a vine to adulthood before being given to a physical (plasma like) Soul that had graduated to be a Member from a human or human equivalent evolutionary (not Darwinian) level.
The names TI and DO did come from the relationship of the scale of 7 tones from the musical the Sound of Music, not from DO’s interest in music per say, as TI had no musical background and DO believed that TI was his Older Member (elder) in the Next Level that by the way they knew to be synonymous with the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven, in the literal heavens (outer space).
They didn’t use credit cards fraudulently. The gas credit card was given to them by someone who for a while was their first student, I believe named Sharon who would attend their early attempts of figuring out what they had to do together in a new age center they started near Houston called KnowPlace they had for “several months”. They did use it a few times and it was actually Sharon’s husbands card and when he found out it was missing reported it stolen. When they were apprehended charges were dropped. DO committed no fraud with a credit card. He had some credit cards when he met TI but hadn’t used them until their car broke down in St. Louis at the time of comet Kohoutek’s perihelion, which they then decided to use to rent a car believing that the Next Level would find a way to help them pay for it. They were very conservative people in many ways and were respectful of laws but it is true they treated “God’s” laws as above human laws – also what Jesus taught by the way.
As they were driving this rental car they would write a letter to the rental car company saying they needed it a little while longer and were taking good care of it. I don’t know exactly if the credit card stopped working but they reported it stolen and also dropped the charges when they got the car back. However the St. Louis DA knowing about this strange story they told according to DO wanted to make points for reelection so attempted to prosecute DO. DO was in jail in St. Louis for 6 months before he was given the choice to cop a plea or take it to trial. Since he learned that the plea of guilty would carry a 4 month sentence he took it rather than risk going to trial as he wanted to get on with his task with TI. They both considered use of the credit cards mistakes but also felt like they had instruction from the Next Level above human to do it. (That’s not easy to understand but If someone wants to learn more about that you can ask me and I’ll go into it more).
DO was not arrested a second time. They were both arrested at the same time in early 1974 while in Harlingen Texas though a misunderstanding that surfaced the charges against them.
They had no interest in recruits. They were “unpleasantly surprised” when they spoke to their first group in a N. Hollywood residence that was people in a type of meditation group when about a dozen said they wanted to follow them. The reluctantly agreed to lead them  they then figured there might be more that feel that way so they began holding public meetings all over the country and in Canada for the next 9 months before stopping meetings and taking their “about 100” students (not 20) into the wilderness to live in tent cities in the National forest of Medicine Bow in the rustic camping area known as Veedavou near Laramie, Wyoming.
They did think of themselves as a Crew but never went by that name. The first type of name they had was “Human Individual Metamorphosis” because they said by separating from our human behaviors and ways and following Their “Process” – the overcoming process, students would be physically changing their human vehicles (bodies) into new creatures.
Ti’s vehicle died of liver cancer not brain cancer though about 2 years earlier she had her eye removed and the doctor told her it was cancer (so I guess that would be in the brain) but I try to be as exact as I can be with these facts.
There was no derailment of the group when TI’s vehicle died. Sure it was an unexpected adjustment. Ti had always told DO early on that “I’m here to get your started and then I’m going back” and he never understood what she meant by that until her vehicle died and then he knew that’s what she meant. That certainly was difficult for DO but there was no derailment and DO said that her vehicle was “worn out” by dealing with all the negativity from the world because of their teachings and being perceived as an evil cult which they never were having no behaviors and ways that were human like most all the other cults had. DO later said we were the “cult of cults” and the “cult of truth”.
They at first knew that students could go to Heaven – the Next Level with their vehicles and they until they laid down their vehicles preferred that to laying them down in what humans would consider to be suicide (but had none of the trademark characteristics of human suicide – they were not depressed – had no business or financial failure or addiction to substances or desire to enact revenge against someone or didn’t like something about themselves and their vehicles. We no longer identified as our vehicles. We knew that we were Souls taking over those vehicles so it didn’t matter whether we took our vehicles onto the spacecraft or not as one way or another the vehicle would be discarded and we would be awarded a new Next Level grown physical vehicle to be like crewmembers on a Star Trek crew but without human behaviors, no children, no sexuality, anger, etc.
DO didn’t become increasingly depressed and paranoid. He missed TI but a student hardly knew it day to day as he knew TI wasn’t dead but only her vehicle had died. He felt TI’s closeness often thereafter.
I supplied the story of the first castration of student Srrody. That was done in a sterile environment inside a clean modern warehouse office space converted into a surgical room by Lvvody who had worked as a registered nurse before joining and while in the group had jobs working for doctors, one of which was an orchiectomist – someone who deals with patients with cancer of the testicles to where they would have them removed. She was the doctors assistant so knew the procedure. On that room DO had us put up a sign that said Mexico as he knew if the authorities found out about this and questioned us we could say we went to Mexico to do the procedure. I don’t know where others went exactly but I know that alxody and vrnody went to the boulder area to live and work apart from the group to be sure it was of their own volition. I can imagine that DO might have had the procedure in Mexico since his vehicle was still on people’s lists of someone who was doing something wrong and though he wasn’t doing anything against the law and all the students were adults and had proved to their families they were happy in the group, DO as was TI were always very “security conscious” as they didn’t want some investigator to forcibly pull an adult student out of the group to be deprogrammed as they called it or for Him to be taken to jail for some trumped up charge that would disrupt their “classroom” of learning to become a Member of the Next Level.
DO never “insisted” they would have to die to enter the spacecraft but he planned on that mode of exit for over 2 1/2 years. Note they packed a travel bag and had money and passports in case TI chose in the last minute to pick up them with their vehicles and heal them (as Jesus said could happen from having taken what to the vehicle was a poison that could kill the vehicle).
However, he did say that we needed to be willing to leave our vehicles by our own hand. We had hints of that as early as  right before the cocoon movie came out. But yes that was the instruction for those that wanted to stay in the group. Note that Rio (Neody) chose to leave 2 weeks before they laid down their vehicles lives when he knew that was the plan for then around 2 1/2 years that he was in the group as he joined in 1994 during the second 9 month period of holding public meetings.
DO and His Crew wrote on the Heaven’s Gate web page that is still up that it was “irrelevant” whether there was a spacecraft (companion object) with the Hale Bopp comet but that the comet was the “marker” for the timing of their exit that they had waited for from 1975. They knew that TI would pick them up in a spacecraft.
When they put the web site up with their Book posted they did attract one couple who then joined them in Rancho Sante Fe house, but the person in a male vehicle chose to not stay while is partner in a female vehicle wanted to stay. So he left and she stayed and had the name Dvvody.
That was one way of seeing what Jesus taught that no matter when someone became his student they received the same reward, that is, if they completed their overcoming of their humanness. DO said that some among those 38 would have to return to finish their overcoming after the recycling time.
Where is the evidence that DO heard “voices” in his head. This sounds like a misinterpretation of the communication he and TI had with TI’s Older Member who was on a spacecraft somewhere in near or outer space. They said they would get “impressions”, ideas that they then had to “pull on” to get a full enough picture of before giving the information to their students. They said they had a check and balance system to prove the communication was from the Next Level and not from the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls or from discarnate humans or the result of a thought form sent to them from the space aliens.
They only explored buying alien abduction experience according to Mark and Sarah (Mrcody and Srfody) who are the current webmasters of the Heaven’s gate website, who were also like me, dropouts who chose to not be with them when they laid down their vehicles but who still believed in TI and DO and wanted to serve Them, so were given a task to do, which is also the task anyone even now can do which is to believe that TI and DO are from the Kingdom that created the earth and all it’s inhabitants and to Stand for Them and that belief and maintain that Stand until they exit their vehicles however that occurs. They didn’t have 50 members when they exited. There were 38 students and he made 39 but that insurance was never bought so is further misinformation. And by the way, alien abduction insurance wouldn’t at all be like insurance against the earth blowing up because it’s not purporting that everyone on the planet is taken/abducted. So theoretically the policy could be made payable to a person who wasn’t to be taken or even to a company and people that weren’t taken to collect on. Of course the debate would be to prove it was or wasn’t an alien abduction. I don’t know why DO was considering this. Knowing the way DO tried to think of and consider giving TI all the options for their departure. Like lets say Ti wanted to stage what Christians think of as a rapture so that it was even seen by people all over the world, on TV and in person, etc. At the least a big cover up might ensue. It could become a big court case to try to prove or disprove. Or perhaps they’d just want to pay it to keep it out of the news. According to Mark, he was given that task to investigate it and did and they never proceeded with it.
DO had no problem managing his emotions. The castrations were not so much about avoiding temptation as they were a way to show TI and DO and the Next Level that they had no use for that behavior any more. That wasn’t a moral thing to separate from wanting and having. It’s just that Members of the Next Level are not mammals and don’t even have the “plumbing” in their vehicles to be sexual or to pro create so to become one of them we needed to change our vehicles mammal programming ahead of gaining membership as having that desire would still be within our Minds/Spirit otherwise so we wouldn’t be a match for a Next Level vehicle grown for us without those characteristics.
DO began resisting his vehicles sexual drives since before he met TI in 1972. There was not one dropout of the over 50 that had been part of the classroom since 1975 that ever said anything about DO saying or doing anything that could be derived as sexual. Hence he was in full control over his vehicle in all regards.
Do never said in any video that Souls enter the body “mid life”. In fact he always said that souls were deposited into a human vehicle at birth and if the vehicle was to be used by a returning soul then a different kind of soul deposit was put into the vehicle they were to take over to complete their task through. However, he did say that someone who was curious about this information could be given a deposit right at that time which pertains to people now who recognize DO  and choose to pursue learning all about what He and TI taught.
DO nor TI ever were “selling” anything to anyone. It was really about them telling people who they were and where they had come from and what it would take to return to their “world” and about their reality not being religious nor etherical spiritual and if it “spoke to you” – in other words, something about it made sense then they would accept you as their student. But if after that you ceased believing in them and/or had something else you wanted to do in the world, they would sometimes give you a brief chance to change your mind, which in some cases like for Frank (Andody) was a matter of the course of the conversation and if one chose to leave they would help us do so. I was given $600 and a airplane ticket to wherever I wanted to go.
I haven’t seen any evidence of manipulation and especially in comparison to any other “cult” (subculture). Humans are all in degrees manipulated which is why many would see DO as manipulative, but of course I’m a believer in TI and DO, but the bottom line is he gives only opinions that aren’t grounded in any facts, where I can give dozens of facts of how neither TI nor DO were in the least big manipulative. I know Frank gave such indications on the Heaven’s Gate podcast by the Pineapple Street media group. But if He/They were manipulative how is it that the gave many opportunities to leave. In the 1990’s DO offered the remaining 25 to 27 or so students $2000.00 to leave if they were only staying because living in that kind of communal and very pleasant environment had become more comfortable than what they would have to face in the world. In the world people have to worry about earning “sticks” (money) for food and insurance and a place to live and such. In the classroom we often had about half of us working jobs in the world so that if one person lost their job for some reason others would take up the slack. If I had a tooth ache I was sent to the dentist whether I had a job or not to pay for it. If I broke my arm like Sngody did when she fell off the bicycle she was riding to work, her expenses were paid for. Ti and Do used to call life outside the classroom, “the real world” which always puzzled me as I thought we were in the most real world, which also had it’s application but only as applicants to become members of the Next Level.
There is a lot to say about this and all the ways they filtered out those that really weren’t there with their full dedication.
They shocked me one time by saying that The Next Level doesn’t need you, doesn’t need anyone to believe in them. They exist regardless of what humans think and do, while humans are the ones that really don’t exist because they are so temporary and don’t even know how much they are manipulated for real by discarnate influences on them – that the discarnates use every human vehicle as like a time share computer system to where the input devices like keyboard, mouse, etc. are our senses. All that we are, which is a lot, is the “chooser” the decider of what thoughts, behaviors and ways we make our own by dwelling on them. We are not responsible for the thoughts we have but we are responsible for the thoughts we choose to continue to have and to act upon.
So this person is saying Applewhite used “tactics” other cult leaders used like:
1) Isolation
2) Finding vulnerable people
3) Becoming increasingly dominant over time
4) making it seem like his orders were the will of the group and not something he came up with on his own
Then this person says Applewhite differed from, for example Jim Jones in that he had no armed guards to manipulate people to their death but instead would “sell delusion to people who desperately needed it to be true”
When I joined I was sent to a campground and then went to Boulder every day for 2-3 days to put up posters for a meeting. I was not isolated anywhere – could have easily left. Then after the news broke in the national media Ti and Do split us up into groups so that there wouldn’t be as many as 70 of us converging on one camping area anymore since the numbers were still increasing and there were authorities in the world looking for some of us and Them.  We were on our own for several months until I had the idea to travel to the east coast – Boston area to deliver the message so I and some others did. I was with my partner driving and hitchhiking from then on for months with no contact to TI and DO or any of the other groups or group members. Then I was asking into the heavens for direction and the next day or two after that hitchhiked into Oklahoma City, OK and went to a library as was our pattern to get out of the cold, etc. and be able to read newspapers, etc. and saw a poster advertising the same meeting I had attended in Waldport in that library where as it turned out TI and DO were speaking. That hooked us up with one of 5 or 6 groups that were circulating holding public meetings. We weren’t isolated. Then Ti called off having meetings, saying “the harvest was over” (which just so happens marked the end of the 1260 days  that TI and DO had been speaking publicly their “message” as it says in Revelation about the Two Witnesses.
Then we all were given instructions to meet in Wyoming at Veedavou rustic camping area. Ti and Do would give each partnership money to go to town to buy our groceries for the week. One time they gave us “mad money” to do whatever we wanted with it. Some went to a movie. Who knows what some did with it. People would leave in the middle of the night for years thereafter. When we left Wyoming as it began to snow Ti and Do had determined that some students were not keeping up with the requirements of not having sex and not smoking pot. They were given some time to change and some apparently didn’t so they were sent to a different campground than the other 80 or so of us. Ti came to the 80 camp and said, “you made the first cut”. I didn’t think I had to qualify to stay but that’s what was happening. They didn’t want numbers. They wanted those who wanted to be there.
If I was so desperate to need what they taught to be true how is it that I so easily left. I wasn’t asked to leave and I was willing to lay down my life. From the beginning I thought I would die even though at first they said we wouldn’t die. I believed them but still thought I’d become a martyr for their truth and they said, “this is not a martyr trip” which I wondered if that pertained to me.
When I joined I was part of a good band living an easy hippy life. I had thoroughly explored many new age cults and religions for years and none of them floated my boat until I set before TI and DO and knew this was what I wanted to do. I knew it was necessary to split up with my partner of 5 years living together in Oregon and British Columbia homesteading and in an apartment and house in NY where we were both from. I was building a house out of logs in a teepee shape on my friends property in Waldport, Oregon. We were working a garden with two other couples in a start up commune. I was still a wanderer but was happy enough I thought.
After TI left if anything DO became less as this person says, “dominant”. He would sit and eat with us. He lived under the same roof in a number of places. He started us on using food as medicine starting a project called Advanced Life Extension Research Team (ALERT) where we began with a fast on applejuice we squeezed which was according to Dr. John Christopher’s mucusless diet system. We went on that diet as DO wanted to do his best to insure that our vehicles were the healthiest they could be for as long as we needed to use them to finish learning our lessons – to take advantage of every minute of our remaining time in these vehicles. He increased our going out to the movies. He sent us to visit with families to help calm their anxiety about our absence from their lives. This was the second visit when the first one was instigate while TI was in her vehicle. Because of this second visit Rthody decided to leave the group and did to be with his brothers family in the San Francisco bay area.
From day one we knew we were cutting off our connections to the past including family and friends, favorite pass times, etc. That made perfect sense for me to do though I had few ties by then anyway so that wasn’t very hard. Giving away my instruments wasn’t even hard really either.
How was I one of those “vulnerable people” this person says DO and TI were looking for and by the way I think it’s quite evident that I am a good example of the minds of the 38+4 who laid down their human lives? I was about as much my own person as anyone. I hadn’t had an abusive upbringing. I never got addicted to drugs or alcohol though certainly experimented with them but refused to do heroin for some reason and didn’t like cocaine really but did a bunch of acid and mushrooms and mescaline but never even wanted to do meth or uppers or downer drugs. I had a girlfriend and when she had an affair I was very broken by it but I recovered over about a weeks time and was happy without her and then she got dumped and came back to me and I accepted her as my partner again. It changed me and probably helped me to separate more easily when I knew that was required to do.
No children were allowed to join, nor married couples though each person of a couple could join but they would know they weren’t going to be a couple anymore.
There was no ritual nor religious kinds of practices.
Also Do would sometimes watch Star Trek with us and other shows or movies we would rent and would have a snack with us, ice cream, cake, salty snack like chips and pretzels. When we weren’t on that mucusless diet or other cleansing diets we had a dessert every night, something we didn’t have while TI was in her vehicle. Nor did TI ever sit with us for TV or a movie, though a time or two when we went to the theatre TI and DO would both come and sit near us.
Under DO’s leadership we started an exercise program. He got some bicycle machines for us and some rowing machines and a tred mill and an inversion swing and it was always optional. We didn’t have much exercise while TI was with us. Under DO we began to write and he started us examining the Bible, bought us a Strongs concordance as he was wondering about going public again after nearly 17 years of a type of cloistering.
I drove to work by myself. I drove a white Cadillac to work. I could have just drove off with my paycheck. I even had that thought once but didn’t want to. I loved being in Ti and Do’s classroom. Even when it was boring it was interesting.
I had a lot of freedom when I went to my out of craft task (job in the world, as we referred to our house as a craft (spacecraft) as if it was a simulation of being in a spacecraft and laboratory in the Next Level’s outer space environments. But the house wasn’t decorated to look like anything otherworldly at all. In fact is was kept very conservative looking, with pictures on the walls in case the realtor or owner or work people came in so they wouldn’t see anything that would make it look like two dozen or more people were living there and that they were into UFO’s etc.
Oh, yes DO started our examination of the UFO materials. With TI present we had a few books, like the first Roswell book and the hollow earth book. Some read them even several times but I hardly did. I wasn’t really into UFO’s when I joined.
DO didn’t have to sell me on anything. It all just made sense to me and I was quite the skeptic of whatever I was told before that whether it was a religion, new age spiritual pursuit or from the government or from parents I was rebellious. I stole from stores as a kid.
He nor TI ever made their instructions (this person said “orders”) “seem like his orders were the will of the group…”. We knew from the start that instructions were from Them and Them only and it didn’t matter what the group or students thought. Sure one could question an instruction but if they did it was tantamount to enrolling in a college level chemistry class and then questioning the lab experiment methods when you had no experience in a lab. It’s not that TI and Do would yell at anyone or even put them down or put them in their place though nor would they walk on egg shells with us. They would just say, that’s the instruction and we know it might not be the most efficient way to do it but we’re not trying to find the most efficient way to do it and that caused some problems and they ended up leaving (Rthody) probably like Frank because something TI and/or DO said or did was the straw that broke their camels back, so to speak.
It was around 1977 when we had a meeting where TI said, “you need to give us your will”. I remember thinking I knew that and it made sense to me (though in the world the last thing I would have done was give someone my will. Plus I was hardly aware of what Jesus actually taught though raised a catholic. I was interesting in what he said sometimes for brief periods of time but rejected the religion. It didn’t make sense to me. When I because draft age I was thinking about going to Canada. I ended up getting a high lottery number so there was little chance I’d be drafted. But I would have went. As it turned out I moved to the deep bush country in the mountains of British Columbia at the base of the Wells Gray Provincial park with Clearwater, BC the closest town. I was deported after living there in a no facilities cabin though the winter. I ended up being stranded in Yakima, Washington as my truck broke down and Jesus freaks took us in and fixed our truck for free and we lived in their house for several weeks and they became good friends but I would debate with them saying there were many contradictions in the bible.
I debated the hare Krishna people on the street as well as Christians who would preach at me and tell me my girlfriend was the devil. I was bored of meditations.
If I was vulnerable, who isn’t someone with a degree and human success I didn’t care for. I dropped acid during finals week in my 1 year of college which was when the Kent State shootings happened and I was angry but not stupid as I was in West Virginia and I was already harassed by locals because I was a hippy type.
Some of what I just described about myself brings some potential replies to this person’s critique of the students as well. Here is his list of characteristics he says describes the students:
– highly agreeable
– dependent
– extremely gullible
– vulnerable
– sub servient
– some he said probably had “reality testing issues”
– low self esteem
– depressed
– buying into delusion
– victims of a terrible fraud
Then he says that by depicting us as “caterpillars” it was like Ti and Do were calling us “ugly and broken” but could turn us into something beautiful like a butterfly.
You can listen to 196 audio tapes of TI and DO holding meetings and you won’t even one time hear something like that. However, you will hear an occasional reference to “why would you want to be ordinary”, or that humans are not individuals until they become Members of the Next Level and that’s because we don’t know how influenced we are by the discarnate world and the other humans. Yes humans were lessor but not ugly or broken any more than we all know that animals are lessor than what humans could be but who thinks of an animal as “ugly or broken”. Even those pug dogs have their own form of cuteness to them, lol, right, well maybe. Broken? Well since I never had the drive to become something in the human kingdom I was never broken from obtaining that kind of dream. Sure people who had climbed the university or corporate ladders would see me then and now as someone who never amounted to anything but frankly I don’t want what they have. It doesn’t motivate me to be wealthy or influential over others or a manager of others or a teacher of others.
low self esteem – not my problem – I have more of a problem having a little too much self esteem sometimes though that’s not really an issue too hard for me to recognize and cast away from my vibration because I know without my Older Members in my life, whatever I have seemed to do well in life is relatively tiny and very temporary at best but with my Older Members we can become very worthwhile even to our fellow humans by graduating and then helping others move up through their lesson plans as they ask in various ways.
-gullible? Who is more gullible – the person who says what’s not possible or the person who knows what they don’t know so considers all things possible.
– dependent? When I left home to go to college I was elated to be on my own. When I flunked out I didn’t care as there was nothing taught at that college that interested me. When I was 19 and I finally hooked up with a woman who I became partners with for about 5 years we at first hitchhiked to Canada and then to Vancouver and then down to Tijuana and back by the same route over a summer. Then we got back, got jobs and rented an apartment and a house after that in NY. I received no help from my parents. Because of that trip and hating the US war machine and wanted to live someplace with socialized medicine we decided to save up to buy land in British Columbia, Canada and move there which we did during the spring before my 21st birthday. That next spring I got taken to jail and deported from Canada for not immigrating properly and we cried at the border. We began a new life on the Oregon coast with pennies to our name, live on the Siletz Indian reservation and did odd jobs and played in a band and would hitchhike to san Diego and then back to NY for  a visit and then started to be part of a startup commune in Waldport Oregon building a house out of logs I harvested – the relocated Canada dream. So where was my dependency. Okay so maybe I’m not a good example, but I’d bet anyone that if someone actually studied any of the students you will find that none of them matched any of his listed characteristics.
Things in this world are going downhill at lightning speed as this person has thousands of likes of this video. People in the comments are laughing and mocking DO and making so many assumptions based on the tiny amount of information they have to where they think they are experts on the topic.

Critique of Oxygen series “Deadly Cults” about TI and DO’s “Heaven’s Gate”

May 24, 2020
Here are my responses below to the new Oxygen broadcast “Deadly Cults” series, this one about Heaven’s Gate.
*** clip in intro to episode ***
Former Heaven’s Gate Member Says He Felt Free To Leave If He Wanted
Sawyer, a former Heaven’s Gate member, says he never felt like he was forced to remain in the cult. “There were no locks on the doors,” he says. One cult expert calls this the “illusion of choice.”
Sawyer now says: – Humans have the illusion of choice big time. As long as they play ball with the powers that be they have certain choices. But if they question those powers their choices are not welcome and they get fired or banished or discredited or forced to retire or forced to resign and often make it look voluntary.
There were many ways of showing how much free will members of TI and DO’s group had everyday and how it was even hard to stay actually (but that wasn’t known to some of us – speaking for myself. It didn’t seem hard to stay until I faced leaving because I lost control over my vehicle and then still DO offered me ways to stay and yet I told him I needed to leave so he gave me $600.00 and a airplane ticket to wherever I wanted to go. I went to Arizona to temporarily stay with Mark and Sarah.
*** clip ****
Heaven’s Gate Used ‘Loaded Language’ To Indoctrinate People
Former Heaven’s Gate member Sawyer recalls how heavily regimented life was in the cult, and how they had their own names for everything, including underwear, which were called “seed covers.” A cult expert says this “loaded language” is one way cults go around people’s critical thinking and indoctrinate them.
Sawyer now says: First off, the editors misunderstood the word. I wish they would have checked with me on that. The phrase for underwear was “seat covers” – they cover one’s vehicles “seat”.
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Former Heaven’s Gate Follower Recalls A ‘Haze’ Around Marshall Applewhite
In 1975 in Oregon, Marshall Applewhite held an early meeting drumming up interest in his Heaven’s Gate cult. One man who was mildly interested said he was convinced Applewhite was some higher being, and saw what he thought was a “haze” around him and the room.
Sawyers current reply:
DO, known in this doc by this vehicle’s name of Marshall Applewhite was working with TI, whose human vehicle’s name was Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles to put on the Waldport Bayshore Inn meeting on September 14, 1975. They weren’t trying to drum up interest. They were simply stating what they believed and letting people choose to follow them or not. For the honest new follower they were expected to leave their former “world” behind.
I did tell them in the interview that I saw a “haze” around both Ti and Do and also hovering above the crowd of about 200 people. I described it as a shimmering hazy light and that it was also above and behind them sitting on the stage. That wasn’t a very brightly lit room and didn’t know what to make of it at all at the time.  I also told them I was not prone to see things like that but that my girlfriend at that time did say she saw things I couldn’t see at times. I never did ask her if she saw what I saw then. She was sitting next to me and also joined with them afterwards. I didn’t join because of seeing that. All they said made sense to me. One can see what that was at that point by going to the webpage that includes the content of their Book and look for the document called Statement I (One).
Here is the first document written by DO:
          STATEMENT I

What religions have sought to understand since the
beginning of their origin is what is above the
human level of existence. Most have taught that if
an individual lives a “good life” adoring some
savior that he will inherit some “heaven” after
his death. Only if it were that simple. That
viewpoint is as inaccurate as the caterpillar
believing that if he dies a good caterpillar he
will mysteriously awaken in a rose blossom and
live there forever with the King butterfly. He
must become a butterfly while a healthy
caterpillar – overcoming his decaying option. If he
rises above all caterpillar ways, converts all his
energies to the pursuit of becoming literally
another creature who circulates in another world,
he becomes a butterfly. Likewise a human who seeks
only to become a member of his next evolutionary
kingdom may become a member of that kingdom if he
completely overcomes all the aspects and
influences of the human level providing he has
found favor with a member of that next level who
will direct him through his metamorphosis. As the
caterpillar, the human can complete this
changeover only before his death as a human. A
member of the next kingdom finds favor with one
who is willing to endure all of the necessary
growing pains of weaning himself totally from his
human condition.  Members of that next kingdom are
no more confined to human limitations than
butterflies to caterpillar limitations. Nor do
they in like comparison concern themselves with
human type indulgences or concerns. However, if
the human is thought of as the larva of that next
kingdom then there are, at times, those who are
approaching the completion of their individual
metamorphosis and are beginning to have some of
the attributes and characteristics of that next
kingdom. When the metamorphosis is complete their
“perennial” and cyclic nature is ended for their
“new” body has overcome decay, disease and death.
It has converted over chemically, biologically,
and in vibration to the “new” creature.

          Approximately 2,000 years ago an individual of
that next kingdom forfeited his body of that
kingdom and entered a human female’s womb, thereby
incarnating as the one history refers to as Jesus
of Nazareth. He awakened to this fact gradually
through the same metamorphic process and came to
know that he had incarnated for the express
purpose of telling and showing, even to the point
of proof, that the next kingdom can be entered by
overcoming the human aspects and literally
converting into a “man” or creature of that next
kingdom – the kingdom of his Father – one who is
already a member of that kingdom. By His
resurrection He proved that death can be literally
overcome and that a permanent body for the next
kingdom is acquired from the human kingdom. He did
not leave His body in the grave. He converted it
into His body of that next kingdom. This is the
only way the next kingdom is entered permanently.
Each human has that full potential. Jesus’
“Christing” or christening was completed at His
transfiguration (metamorphic completion) and He
remained in the “larva” environment, with other
humans, only for some 40 days to show that His
teaching had been accomplished. He showed them His
new body and demonstrated a few of its new
attributes, i.e., appearing and disappearing
(changing His vibrations) before their eyes while
letting some of His friends touch His “new” body.
This could be compared to a butterfly remaining in
the caterpillar world for a few days to show them
what they had to look forward to if they chose to
seek true conscious communication with a butterfly
and were willing to overcome all of their
caterpillar ways. Then Jesus left them in a cloud
of light (what humans refer to as UFOs) and moves
and returns in the same manner.
          There are two individuals here now who have also
come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans,
awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof
of overcoming death. They are “sent” from that
kingdom by the “Father” to bear the same truth
that was Jesus’.  This is like a repeat
performance, except this time by two (a man and
a woman) to restate the truth Jesus bore, restore
its accurate meaning, and again show that any
individual who seeks that kingdom will find it
through the same process.  This “re-statement”
or demonstration will happen within months. The
two who are the “actors” in this “theatre” are
in the meantime doing all they can to relate this
truth as accurately as possible so that when their
bodies recover from their “dead” state (resurrection)
and they leave (UFO’s) those left behind will have
clearly understood the formula.

Those who can believe this process and do it will
be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death –
literally. If you seek those two while they are
here they will gladly fill you in on the details
and assist those who wish to follow in this

If this speaks to you – respond – according to your
capabilities or needs. For your sake-give this
opportunity your best.

I also told them that I saw that shimmering hazy light around TI and Do in the very well lit lecture classroom at a meeting TI and DO gave at Arapahoe Community College in Denver a two or three weeks after the Waldport meeting. I also saw that light, but far less of it around some classmates when they were speaking publicly. I believe that was the Mind from the Next Level, spoken of in the records as the Holy Spirit, where Mind is updated and generic word to describe what is a is frequency based in it’s composition.
I didn’t even say to anyone that I was “mildly interested” as they reported here. Nor have I ever said I thought at that time that they were “higher beings”. In an indirect way I felt that as when I first saw the poster advertising the meeting.
Here is that first poster used in 1975 and 1976 when public meetings ended:
                        > Why they are here.
> Who they have come for.
> When they will leave.

               Two individuals say they are about to
leave the human level and literally
(physically) enter the next evolutionary
level in a spacecraft (UFO) within
months!  “THE TWO” will discuss how the
transition from the human level to the
next level is accomplished, and when
this may be done.
               This is not a religious or philosophical
organization recruiting membership.
However, the information has already
prompted many individuals to devote
their total energy to the transitional
process.  If you have ever entertained
the idea that there may be a real,
physical level beyond the Earth’s
confines, you will want to attend this
I remember saying aloud to my girlfriend then that “I wonder what these two people will look like”. I wasn’t interested in UFO’s – hardly knew anything about them then, but for some reason it made sense to me.
The way TI and DO described what we go through when we are waking up more from a deep human sleep, so to speak, which is all in degrees though can have certain major wake up times, was that the Next Level was close by literally and physically, like in a spacecraft that is physical but that humans can’t see.
An analogy would be the way a Rancher goes into the wilderness and rounds up wild horses. They are being captured (caught away/raptured) from their lives as horses and taken to the Ranchers keeping – corral. They are then offered training. Those that don’t take to the training, allow the Rancher to ride them, etc. are released back into their world. (That’s like a dropout like myself, but that doesn’t mean once a dropout always a dropout). The horse doesn’t about the human forms of transportation that consciously and don’t know that the Ranchers can have a consciousness that is Above the Animal kingdom level of life (though some humans hardly show that).
Another analogy might be the way a fish in the lake will see the bait and have no consciousness that there is a “boat” above them. In this example the bait is the truth about the Next Level having a free will program for humans to be able to change into new creatures that could be on crews working on spacecrafts, some as big as a planet, even perhaps like Pluto. It’s like a Star Trek crew but without mammalian vehicles (bodies) or mammalian behavior, so no reproductive desires or activities or other mammalian behaviors and ways.
In the human context, the Next Level is running off the discarnate or Luciferian space alien fallen angle souls and thus their influence over us, long enough to give us a chance of seeing the opportunity and making the choice to go with it. And that choice remains everyday to stay that course or abort. TI and DO saw to it that we had many opportunities to abort. They didn’t want us to abort but they didn’t want us to be in their Classroom if we weren’t going to give it our all to succeed under their teachings.
Here is the link to the article about the new series with the text below the link and Sawyer’s comments:
May 17, 2020, 8:00 PM ET
‘It’s The Cult of Cults!’: Parents Lose Their Daughter To Infamous Heaven’s Gate Mass Suicide
Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult shocked the world in 1997 with a mass suicide in a mansion near San Diego.
By Erik Hawkins
Alice Maeder lived for years in hope that her daughter would come back home.
Gail Maeder left Sag Harbor, New York at age 21 for California, and after one visit with her parents in her new home, she seemingly disappeared off the map. She had taken up with a strange, cult-like group of UFO enthusiasts called Heaven’s Gate sometime in 1993.
“Every day we were wondering about her,” Alice told Oxygen’s “Deadly Cults.” “Every day I was praying, ‘Dear God, don’t let anything happen to her.’”
In a postcard, Gail told her family that she was doing “really great” and had “found a way to make a difference in the world,” but they were concerned and began looking into the Heaven’s Gate cult, which had been active since the mid-1970s.
At a Queens, New York convention in 1994, Alice met cult expert Janja Lalich. She knew that the group traveled the country picking up new members and understood a little bit about its leaders, Marshall Applewhite and the late Bonnie Nettles.
Nettles met Applewhite, a man in his 40s struggling with his homosexuality, while they were both briefly institutionalized in the early 1970s, according to Rolling Stone.
Sawyer: DO’s struggle with his homosexuality was beside the point. It was just part of what he had to overcome and by doing so show others how.
What he told us he was frustrated with, was not finding a partner who wanted a committed relationship. Even then he wasn’t interested in a promiscuous relationship.
(Continuing on with the article…)
Nettles convinced Applewhite that they were both descended from a higher species of aliens.
Sawyer: Wrong. DO wasn’t “convinced” by TI and it wasn’t a “higher species, but from the Creators Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens and DO was also receiving information at the same time as TI, though TI recognized him yet he didn’t recognize her until later.
(Continuing on with the article…)
They began traveling the country, introducing newcomers to their science fiction-seasoned ideology.
Lalich gave Alice a cult-produced videotape in which Applewhite explained that the planet Earth was “about to be recycled.” As Alice and her family watched Applewhite explain that cult followers needed to “evacuate” the dying planet, she said, they felt sick to their stomachs.
“Is this guy crazy?” Applewhite asks rhetorically in one of the videos, staring into the camera. “Is this a cult? Yes, it is – it’s the cult of cults!”
A man presumed to be Marshall Applewhite, a leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult, is shown in an undated image made available Friday March 28, 1997. Photo: AP
“How can she fall for this?” Alice recalled asking herself.

Gail was far from alone in “falling for” Applewhite’s theology, though. Applewhite was “charming and charismatic,” with a calm demeanor, Lalich told “Deadly Cults.”
A former Heaven’s Gate follower named Sawyer recalled his first time hearing Applewhite and Nettles speak at a town hall in Oregon in 1975. Sawyer found a flyer advertising an event that promised the truth about UFOs and that attendees would meet two people who weren’t of this world, he told “Deadly Cults.” Sawyer saw what he thought was a “haze” in the hall surrounding the cult leaders, and he decided to give his all to Heaven’s Gate.
Sawyer: The poster said nothing about promising anything and not about the truth about UFO’s. They were just the transportation – what DO called, “the bus”.
Cult members lived under strict rules, with new names and a strict ban on sex. Many of the men underwent voluntary castration as a way to help rid themselves of earthly desires, according to “Deadly Cults.” For three months in the ‘90s, followers drank nothing but the “Master Cleanse,” a mixture of lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, Rolling Stone reported.
Sawyer: The most time we spent on fasting on the Master Cleanser was 39 days, though after I left they may have done a longer fast. We also drank water at that time.
They were preparing themselves to eventually shed their human bodies and return to their home in a spaceship, Lalich explained to “Deadly Cults.”
In March 1997, an unusually bright comet was approaching Earth, and scientists and amateur sky-watchers eagerly awaited the show.
Applewhite considered the Hale-Bopp comet’s arrival a sign. He told his followers that in the comet’s tail was a starship, ready to take their souls to heaven. To get a ride, however, they would need to leave their mortal bodies behind.
Sawyer: Not true. DO and Crew called Hale Bopp, on their web page, the “marker” they had been waiting for and that it was irrelevant whether there was a companion object with it. It marked the exit time they had been anticipating since 1975.
Right to the end they didn’t know if TI would take their physical bodies – perhaps one of the reasons they packed a bag with a change of clothes and had some money on them in case TI would have some or all of them do another task someplace on earth. It’s just the way a Member of the Next Level does this kind of undercover task. They try not to limit their Older Member by their choices.
(Continuing on with the article…)
“Our mission here at this time is about to come to a close in the next few days,” one Heaven’s Gate follower said in a farewell video later recovered by police. “We came from distant space, and we’re about to return.”
The cult, whose members were living together in a big house in Rancho Santa Fe, California, packed their belongings neatly. On March 24, the whole group treated themselves to a meal at Marie Callender’s, where they all ordered the same thing for dinner: iced tea, salads, turkey potpie, and cheesecake with blueberries, according to Rolling Stone.
The next day, 39 members of the cult began their exit from this world. They dressed in black pants and black Nike sneakers. Many of them put $5 bills and quarters in their pockets, CNN reported.

Then began an orderly mass suicide.
Applewhite provided everyone, including himself, bowls of applesauce laced with phenobarbital and glasses of vodka to wash it down. They also had plastic bags on hand to ensure they died, and many members had hydrocodone in their system, former San Diego County Medical Examiner Terri Haddix told “Deadly Cults.”
Sawyer: I didn’t know about hydrocodone in their system. I doubt they drank “glasses of vodka” which I also never heard reported that way.
(Continuing on with the article…)
Police were able to reconstruct roughly how the mass suicide played out. Written instructions told followers to drink some vodka, then eat the applesauce, then drink a little more. Then, they were told to lie down and relax — sleep would come soon.
The followers worked in small groups to assist others’ suicides, essentially taking turns. Once their breathing had slowed, plastic bags would be placed over their heads. Once they had died, a purple shroud was placed over their faces.
“These were some dedicated people,” former San Diego County Sheriff’s Office Lead Detective Rick Scully told producers. “To stand over the person they lived with for 20 years and watch them die … After they took the poison, that person standing over them would be the only person to know if they had any regrets, or if they had a hard time or struggled. Now, we’ll never know.”
Applewhite was the only member with a private bedroom, and his body was the last found by police on March 26.
Scully recalled a “godawful” odor of decomposition when he entered the home that day, after an anonymous 911 tip. It was “like descending into hell,” he said.
Media reports were incomplete at first — there was even confusion over the genders of the victims, due to their shaved heads and the fact that some had self-castrated.
Sawyer: I have a lot of reasons to believe no one was “self castrated”. I believe they all had doctors do the operations. They had to move away from the group and get a job to pay for it.
(Continuing on with the article…)
Gail’s brother, Daniel Maeder, heard the first reports on the radio in his car, and he to tell himself that Gail was probably fine because the victims were reportedly all men.
By the time Daniel got home, the reports had changed, including women among the dead. Still, the Maeders tried to keep up hope
Gail “has more sense than that … she’s going to call soon and say, ‘Mom, get me out of here,’” Daniel recalled saying to his family.

The Maeders called the San Diego coroner’s office, and their worst fears were confirmed. Alice would later watch Gail’s farewell video, in which she indicated that her new name was “Yrsody,” cheerfully saying that what she was about to do was of her own free will.
“She could have had anything in this world,” Alice said. “It’s an open hole in your heart that’s never going to heal … I guess God blinked his eye for a minute.”
The Heaven’s Gate cultists weren’t stupid people, Det. Scully told “Deadly Cults.” They were good people, and they had something missing in their lives that they were searching for, he explained.
As for Applewhite, Scully was less charitable in his assessment.
“In my opinion, he’s the most evil man I have ever encountered,” he said. “In my mind, he’s one murderer, and they’re 38 victims.”
For more on the Maeders’ story and actual videotapes made by Heaven’s Gate members before the mass suicide, watch “Deadly Cults” at New episodes air Sundays at 7/6c.

Ody Name Origin & Revelation 14 Song

May 8, 2020
In reply to a question about Crlody’s use of the ody name and what my, Sawyer’s name was in the classroom:
My name in the classroom was Swyody (and for a short time, though we never used them, Swydote, (the extension “dote” was given to all those who were still in the class at that time, DO having told us we had completed our “final exam”. That was around 1992 and some still left, including me after that). DO didn’t have us ever use those new names because that was around 1992 before a number of former ody classmates returned when some saw the Beyond Human – The Last Call video series we uplinked to satellite TV and DO didn’t want some to have different names.
DO did give me the name Sawyer before they said they – the Next Level were “adopting” us, when they shortened our existing names to three letters, thus Swy followed by the “family name” – ody which they said was for “children” towards adult membership. I recall they said when we became “adults” they would drop the “Y” so I would have become swyod, but that never happened that way. They said in jest but appropriately that we were the family of “od” – pun intended. Initially the ody names were only used within the classroom.
(Rio, (Neody) as told in his book, Beyond Human Mind, didn’t understand this origin of the name ody correctly).
That’s why it can be seen in the Beyond Human – The Last Call videotapes how DO referred to us as June for Jwnody, and Alex for Alxody and Song for Sngody and Sawyer for Swyody, etc. because those tapes were made for the general public consumption. I just have not felt comfortable using my ody name because I failed to live up to it, though I have no fault to find with Carlan using his Crlody name, as DO didn’t give instruction not to do so and we are in a different context now since that specific Classroom is over (though we are still all in the school, though can choose to not progress in grades).
It’s also interesting how that family name of ody is related to “ode,” pronounced, “o-day’, which is the Greek word for “song” and the names TI and Do came from the notes on the scale as shown in the Sound of Music movie, and originally we spelled TI and TE but after TI left DO said it didn’t matter which way we spelt it but then settled on TI. Ti compared the classroom lesson plan as a “piano roll” to where each lesson step was like one note and you would continue the self disciplines of each lesson to compound into a “song”. So lets say a lesson step for one person was to get control of anger. So they worked on that and that’s like one note in their piano roll. Then they recognize they have to work against their entertaining thoughts of sexuality so that becomes another note. You don’t stop working on one’s anger issues to work on one’s other sensuality issues. Ti also compared the lesson plan to the song Ole McDonalds Farm with each animals voice/sounds as representing a lesson step and the way one would sing that song by repeating all the animals sounds as they accumulated throughout the song.
Ody name related to the Revelation 14 Song:
This subject is interestingly spoken about in the Book of Revelation, in Rev 14 and 5:
Rev 5:9 And they ((returning Souls)) sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book ((TI and DO’s Heaven’s Gate true Information in how to enter the Next Level)), and to open the seals ((affirmation periods of time when TI and DO and Crews information would be revealed to more and more people)) thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

Rev 14:2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:
Rev 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts ((wrong translation s/b “living beings in human vehicles)), and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.
Ti and Do referred to the Twelve Tribes as the  “Hypothetical task of the twelve tribes, the beginning of strains” in audio tape 121, begun during the “First Trimester” (towards birth) during the Moses and Jehovah classroom.

So the “harps” I think are their vehicles, they (The Souls (harpers) learned to “sing” (harping) through.
It’s a new song because TI and DO brought the “updates to the bible” and “fulfillments of prophecy” – what was forecasted to happen upon return.
Only the 144,000 (whether that is an accurate number or not) could learn the “song” because only TI and Do were teaching all the lessons in it and only those human vehicles that were prepared by the Next Level to receive it could choose to receive it, though we can’t judge who those vehicles with Souls associated are since even if someone has a great deal of non- Next Level behavior and ways, we don’t know what they are working against and or when and how much they may change before their vehicle dies. Their lesson steps went beyond what Jesus required just like what Jesus taught went beyond what Moses taught.

TI and DO transcript #119 – Suspected Strikes-needing sensuous ‘love’ a chemical deficiency

May 7, 2019
Tape Log – 119 – 04/23/84  Suspects only-write only what’s pertinent. No justifying-strikes change vibration. Check partners-witnesses on crews-chemicals of nutrition-love/barnacles/no romance.  25 min.
(Transcribed by Nisha and edited by Sawyer (Swy))
(Swy notes: I was present for all the meetings from 1975 to 1993. The lesson step TI and DO gave us before this meeting was called “Suspected Strikes”. They didn’t say how many strikes a student might get before they are dismissed from the class so it wasn’t set up as a threat, yet nor did they want us to assume once a part of the class always a part of the class and spoke about having to take our task membership away if we didn’t measure up. That did happen in 1976 to 19 students and then to two more after TI left her human vehicle. This is yet another of the many, many ways TI and DO’s teaching methods and behaviors and ways and teachings were incomparable to all other so called cults. I never feared being told to leave. Even so, I didn’t assume I was in either.)
TI: Trying to clarify some of the ways that help y’all how to write suspected strikes and effective witness strikes y’all can straighten it out. Let’s say that you, as an individual had done something that you feel like it was your vehicle talking and not your mind but it involved another individual. When writing a note to Links we don’t care what really happened.
DO: Reason being, we don’t care for the narration, all the details.
TI: All we want you to do is say what you did. It doesn’t matter.
DO: You don’t have to say: so and so came into the lab and said so and so then I came up and said so and so in other words you’re either a suspect or a witness and you write only the thing that caused you to write a witness suspected strike.
TI: The reason for that is, if you said something that was out of line it was your vehicle talking. And even if somebody said something to you that caused you to speak out it still is a suspected strike against you because you have instruction not to let anyone influence you to speak with your vehicle and not your mind, right? So if you write a note you don’t have to write everything that happened because in a sense it’s almost like trying to justify your actions.
DO: Yeah, it’s like trying to tell us that you were really provoked and that’s that you lose your cool.
TI: what you want to do is figure out how to do these things without allowing your vehicle to speak, where somebody can come up to you and say something to you that could provoke you and your first response may be to want to say something to them but if you kick it, and you let your mind come in then you can negotiate. In other words, your mind was thinking ‘well I know that we wanted to do this at this time but could we wait just a few minutes and let me complete this instead of coming up with a sharp answer. This way you won’t let your vehicle talk and if the other person wants to talk then that’s their choice but hopefully they won’t want to prevent their vehicle from talking. As soon as we learn this we can have it under control and it’s really so simple.
DO: A couple things to add to that, one of them – we’ve gotten some suspected strike notes when individuals didn’t name themselves whether or not they were playing the witness or the suspect. You don’t ever write a suspected strike note without naming yourself the witness or the suspect. Now, to tell you the truth. The gospel. We shouldn’t be getting any notes about suspects. But, I wish we could trust all of you to be keen enough to know when your vibrations are lowered. And that you would want it exposed in order to get control of it, that you would write notes anytime your vibrations are lowered, you say something out of place or anything else on that list but that you’d write something as a suspect because that’s what it should be – we shouldn’t have any witness. You see what we’re saying?
DO: No, for now we have to.
TI: We have to, right to work it out.
DO: We’re saying ideally we wouldn’t have any. And they would like to work very quickly up to it but let’s say that you feel like you can’t get enough information out in your suspected strike note that you have serve both as a witness and a suspect, then you write two notes – you write one as a suspect for what occurred and one as a witness. And write only what occurred with you in the position of a suspect and only what occurred with you in the position of a witness.
TI: Not word for word what happened, but what
DO: No, no were talking about what the pertinent …
TI: What I did, at a certain – in order words if I said something to you that could change the vibration, change your vibration then I would say I’m afraid — well not afraid, but I was guilty of letting my brain, my vehicle speak to so and so and I said something that I feel very badly about saying but you don’t have to go into  – you can even say, I told him to drop dead or whatever it is.
DO: We’d like to know what you said.
TI: You don’t have to give us the whole story because in a sense it’s saying well I really couldn’t help it.
DO: That’s right, it’s like you want us to see the whole picture so that we’ll understand why you did what you did.
TI: There’s no way that it could be right. Even if someone came up and cursed you. If you told them to be quiet or shut up or whatever it is because you have an outlet for – you can turn them off. Or you can just look at them and say: ‘well I’m sorry you feel that way.’
DO That’s right, or say nothing. But it’s better to say nothing than to enter in to the duel.
TI: And its very hard because the vehicle will respond and that’s what you wanna catch – it’s reflex responses. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel it – like we got a slippage or a suspected strike the person wrote about himself where he felt anger but yet nobody knew it.
DO: And we checked it out and the people involved – one person said: The only thing that I was aware of is I felt this individual was trying to catch themselves and that they might have felt some disturbance inside but in other words it didn’t spill off onto the other person.
TI: He didn’t allow it to happen, and that isn’t a strike – its only when you do something or say something to somebody that would change their vibrations or sound very human.
DO: In other words, if you’re successfully — if Srfody provokes me or I feel like she said something to provoke me or she slammed the car door on me (Do laughs) and it really gets to me but all she sees from me is an effort for me to totally contain myself, do you see what I’m saying? If she sees that I’m dealing, I’m struggling a little bit I’m not even trying to make her feel bad and even with the look on my face I don’t even want to involve her – all she’s doing is seeing that I’m trying to lick it on my own separately – in that instance then I have not striked. I’m not a suspect or strike nor is she a witness.
TI: And if he goes off and goes on a downer…
DO: I’m afraid I am a suspect.
TI: …and everybody sees him going on a downer, he is a suspect.
DO: Even if I go on a downer and they don’t see me because downers are on the (beg?) that’s right – my downer has to be inside of me so that it is not making my vibrations off. It’s not interfering with my task, you see what I’m saying? I can’t go into the closet or I can’t go hide someplace and have a real good downer and get rid of it – if I do I’ve given into it.
TI: Was there something else you wanted to mention about what we were talking about on that note.
DO: Oh yeah, the other thing we had said was — Well let’s back up a second, in the last tape or that tape before, don’t know which it was, we clarified that everything you do with very little exception, you do with check partners. And we’re also finding out that there are some things happening in the craft that should not be done without check partners. But the things that you can do without a check partner I think we mentioned already – you can’t take a check partner into the BC (Swy: Bath Chamber) with you, you’re not going to – they are not going to check you when you go down (Swy: sleep). I don’t know what were the other things we hit?
Student: …getting dressed, bathing…
DO: I think we later came back and said that for the most part that was something you could use a check partner for. Okay, so let’s assume that everything we do we do with check partner. In a sense I go to the BC with a check partner but the check partner does not go with me. You know what I’m saying? But I don’t go to the BC when he does not know I’m going to the BC. And I mean that literally because we know we don’t separate that much because we don’t want the other one wondering what we’re doing because they could become uneasy so that’s just how it works in the Next Level.
TI: In other words, what Do said: “I’m going to the BC I’ll be back in a few minutes.” If he goes out to the garage, “I’m going out to the garage for a few minutes”. If I go out we do that same thing in other words it’s letting them know where you are in case they need you for anything. That’s all it is.
DO: I wonder if it’d even be okay if they did that.
TI: I think that’d be great.
DO: Like if someone is in the living room in the craft and you’re getting ready to go to the BC what harm is there in saying I’m going to the BC for a couple minutes because at least if we call at that time and say where’s so and so you don’t say “well I think they’re around here somewhere, I think they might be in the BC” and then all this confusion and say why don’t you know? We feel like everybody ought to know if they’re in craft or out of craft and you ought to know who’s out and who’s in and the people who are in you ought to know where they are.
So let’s do that but that leads to another point that we wanted to cover a little more carefully that since that’s the case. And this is just a reminder but since that’s the case in the partnership of doing a task if I can’t accomplish the task because of my partner not using me as a check partner or if I fail to be a check partner with my partner then I, of course, will have to write a note of being a suspect or a witness in that case. If I am not in that task I cannot be a witness except for exceptions we’ve made of security or
tool damage. I think that clarifies the next point.
TI: Just as a little example, we have received notes from individuals who have observed someone in the lab setting tools out or putting tools up without a check partner and the person who wrote the suspected witness strike was not on duty in the lab at the time. So those are the things we’re talking about.
DO: This is why we want all the responsibility going very severely to the suspect – we want some of it to go to the witness but like we told a few minutes ago, and before we started the tape that ideally we wouldn’t be getting any suspected strike notes from witnesses we would be getting them only from the suspects but we said for now we still want to get them from both. TI did you want to say any more on this topic?
TI: Any questions?
DO: Recently we see more and more how the things that you deal with in your own – the things  that your vehicle causes you difficulties with even though you know they’re primitive ways of the vehicle or they’re genetic problems that either have been passed on to you or you picked up in the vehicles early years but we also are realizing that the primary cause of these things is – a term we might use is ‘nutritional’ but usually when we say nutritional you think of food. And so we’re not talking entirely of food. When we’re talking of nutrition we’re talking about the chemicals – the minerals, the vitamins everything that should, the vehicle should be having.
Let’s say that these vehicles have not – or that some groups of them in some areas may receive it through the waters in the areas or some community eating habits they might have less characteristics in certain areas because they’re getting better nutrition in those areas – getting better minerals and chemicals to control the brain in those areas. But of course some people who might have moved into these areas have brought those weaknesses with them and will also influence others to have that like conduct so there’s a lot of interchange with that. We read an article in one of the magazines yesterday that was saying — There was an article on how humans respond to what humans call ‘love’ and there’s a group of people and what they want is that constant feeling of being in love and a very strong attraction to someone is what humans would label being ‘in love’, period. And the moment that begins to wane then they’re desperate for that ‘in love’ thing. So usually, hop from one individual to another for that ‘in love’ thing.
So scientists are beginning to suspect and are even on the brink of realizing that it’s a chemical in the brain that is lacking and that by searching almost desperately for that in love situation. That when they find an in love situation for a few days or a month or however long it lasts, it forces the brain to secrete it’s missing chemicals in that area so for the period that they’re being satisfied or for the period that they’re in that in love circumstance it’s secreting that chemical. You see what we’re saying? But as soon as that begins to wane then that shortage of that chemical is returning and so in comes the desperation of searching for the in love experience.
There’s another group of people who they classified as a barnacle in other words people who latch onto another person and they latch on in such a way that even when the relationship gets totally sour they can’t stand to let go of that individual in other words they’re desperate to do anything not to let go of that individual even though they might have been the very cause of their relationships falling and they recognized that also is a behavioral characteristic that comes from a chemical shortage in the brain.
Now, if you can look at that and relate that on a parallel to all of the ways that our vehicles perform in unlike Next Level ways its because they’re unhealthy in that sense they’re primitive but in a more realistic sense the reason they’re primitive is because they’re unhealthy. Because, they aren’t receiving the needed nourishment to stop those impulses, those responses and the vehicle is designed in such a way that if they have a severe shortage in an area they will do some action that will feed the vehicle to that shortage.
Now also there’s another way of feeding that chemical and that is by realizing the shortage exists and talking to the vehicle and not letting it to respond. And this is what you all are doing and believe it or not those humans are catching on fast out there and even though they’re very basic steps because they don’t know what to prescribe, the doctors and scientists don’t know what to prescribe they can’t say here take this or take that they say we suspect it may be this or that but we’re not sure yet but they’re on the trail of these things.
You know, since you all have just lately been using your rowing machines and your bicycles and doing jogging we listed a couple of these like Oshmans and these sporting places that handle equipment, handle exercise equipment and they say in the last few months their sales have just zoomed, they can’t believe that people are suddenly becoming so suddenly becoming so exercise conscious meaning equipment in the home exercise type – for a while it was all out on the jogging track now all of a sudden they’re more into bicycles so TI and I gave when we heard them talking that way because we thought well y’all are really sending your signals out in that way the fact that you’re doing that and you want to do it because you want to keep your vehicles healthy in that way its definitely going out in a signal.
TI: Well, there coming in so fast. It comes in and it goes out as fast as it comes in they can’t even keep up. Tell them also about those individuals who don’t respond sensually.
DO: Oh yeah, there’s a group of individuals we read this in another magazine, and these New York hospital group of psychiatrists, supposedly the top echelon of psychiatrists in the world are studying this group of people who have come to them and seem to be normal and so called ‘all normal ways’ except they don’t seek romance, they don’t seek a sensuous outlet and the reason they’re there is because the media has brainwashed them so to think that they need to have sex and romance and seek a mate then they’re going to psychiatrists because they don’t feel this normally.
And they are finding that this group of people have biologically and chemically a certain different characteristics than the people who seem to thrive on the sensual things. It’s like one hand of the scientists is trying to say is there a possibility that these people are healthier? And the other one are saying how can we help them and what they want is a healthy sex life and they’ve have numerous individuals just of late come in and they can’t trace it to anything wrong, they can’t trace it to poor childhood or something genetically that they can blame it on because they’re not problem people and they can have healthy friendship relationships and they can work with groups and they don’t fit into any of what used to be the recognized symptoms of problem areas the only thing that’s missing is they don’t seek a romantic relationship or sensuous relationship with other individuals, now that’s really interesting.
You’ve been putting out some good signals in those areas. Do you follow that. We have to read this magazine to check up on you… (DO laughs).

Rkkody’s Standing for Ti and Do and Sawyers reply to more Crlody accusations

March 1, 2018

I developed this post because Crlody accused me of finding fault with Rkkody. I did nothing of the sort. So I’m posting the evidence that includes Some of Rkkody’s efforts.


1) What if they’re Right? by Rkkody
2) “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”, Aug. 28, 1997 by Rkkody
3) Link to Rkkody’s archived righttoknow website
4) Sawyer’s reply to an accusation he had “found fault” with Rkkody
5) Who is Rkkody – Who is Righttoknow – Who is Crlody
6) Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 11 re: DO talking about Revelation

1) What if they’re Right?

What if Do IS from the Kingdom of God? What if He IS the same mind, the same soul, who was here 2000 years ago in the body of the one called Jesus? What if they are telling the TRUTH about how we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

How do we know they are NOT telling the truth? People are so quick to condemn them and ask for proof that they are telling the truth, yet what proof can you offer that they have not told the truth?. If you are one who is condemning them and saying that they are Not from the Kingdom of Heaven, then where will that put you when your judgment day comes and you find they are who they said they are? How will your Creator judge you who condemned the very ones who He chose to represent Him on this planet? How is He to respond to those who turned against the very ones HE sent to give you the opportunity to have eternal life?

The truth is, we have no proof that Ti and Do are NOT members of the Kingdom of Heaven, any more than we have proof that they are. For anyone to condemn them without any proof is pure foolishness and simply unfair. It is natural to be skeptical, but in your uncertainty you must leave room for the possibility that this is true.

Since the members of Heaven’s Gate left in March many people have tried to figure out what caused these individuals to leave this world. Some have said these were weak-minded, insecure individuals who fell under the spell of a hypnotic cult leader. Others have tried to explain Do’s and the Class’ motivations by looking into the pasts of the vehicles (bodies) they occupied. However, no one seems to be asking if maybe these individuals went exactly where they said they were going, to the Next Level.

What greater prejudice against that which you don’t know than to cast your judgment against your own Creator just because He does not provide you with the kind of proof you have determined is acceptable. If you find yourself wearing this shoe and it fits, then if I were you I would be screaming from the bottom of my heart for forgiveness from the one who gave me my life and who certainly has the right to determine the fate of my soul. If you find yourself doubting that Do is the return of Jesus, then that’s OK, if you don’t recognize your own creator who IS in Do, then that’s OK, but for your own sakes don’t stand in the way of others who do recognize Him and who want to follow Him as He told us 2000 years ago and as He told us again in March of 1997.

2) (Written by Rkkody posted on his righttoknow website).

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.” by Rkkody Aug. 28, 1997

The above statement was part of a press release to be issued to the news media by DO, dated 3/22/97.

When Do said: “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us” we don’t feel this is limited only to former class members and to the best of our knowledge He did not assign anyone the task of announcing when that gate was closed. None of us are qualified to determine how long this brief window exists.

When we have our Older Member with us, we are not assigned tasks by having a little voice come into our heads saying “I think I have this task to do.” We learned very early not to trust any thoughts that would come into our heads or listen to little voices telling us we should do this or that. Ti and Do did not ask anyone to leave the class because They felt an individual might have another Next Level mission outside of the classroom, however, some were asked to separate from the class in order to work on their overcoming at a distance.

Those who chose to leave the class, left entirely because they chose NOT to continue serving their Older Member.

We learned by experience that when an Older Member is present on the planet, any communication from the Next Level is directed through Their representative. It is considered very inappropriate to make suggestions to this Representative (Ti and Do), for tasks we may want to do. If The Next level wanted us to do a task They would assign it through our Older Member directly (verbally), not by mental telepathy or little voices in our heads. We are not aware that Do assigned anyone the task of announcing when the “Brief Window” is closed. No one can say with certainty that this “brief window” is closed. Only an Older Member from the Next Level would be in a position to state when that gate is closed. And we are not aware of any Older Members here now.

To Send an Email Use:

3) Here is Rkkody’s website that was archived by various people:

4) Sawyer’s reply to an accusation he had “found fault” with Rkkody

Crlody wrote:

“Also, it was cute the way that you tried to find fault with Rkk for giving the tapes to Mark King. Kind of a low thing to do Sawyer, especially considering that you had no interest in helping him distribute the info. Are you jealous because he demonstrated far more commitment to the NL than you have by twice laying down his life in this world?”

Sawyer’s reply:

I never found fault with Rkkody’s giving the master tapes back to Mark. After all in the letter to Mark from DO and Crew Mark and Sarah were put in charge of what to do with the contents of the storage locker, though DO and Crew made suggestions. Since those letters were given to Rkkody by Mark, Rkkody knew DO’s intention and was abiding by it, though not until he copied all the tapes that included TI, which he then digitized and sent out to libraries and individuals (including me). But you are right I do see Rkkody as showing more commitment to the Next Level than I do as I should have graduated as far as I’m concerned but became weakened and influenced by my Booger (a term Ti and Do used for an assigned adversary (satan) each of their students were provided with to help them gain strength by fighting against their influence upon our vehicles and thus on us.

To me, even if I had found fault with Rkkody, I think it quite petty of you to bring up. I was Rkkody’s partner in the classroom sometimes and I can see him asking me to let him know if I saw anything in his behavior and ways that differed from what Ti and Do taught us to maintain. Rkkody knew he had areas he needed to learn lessons about as I can safely say do we all.

There were other accusations against me Crlody brought up that could be compared with Rkkody. For instance, perhaps 10 years ago, I believe you accused me of things like, “thinking or trying to replace DO”, and/or to be a “Representative” who was showing the truth about what Ti and Do, “really” said. I took that word “really”, or something like that out of my blog introduction. When you first brought it up I didn’t read it that way, as if they needed me to interpret what they said. I could see how someone could see it that way but it took me several years before I changed it. I wasn’t psycho-analyzing myself then, nor do such now. I just felt to write and answer people’s questions and the whole nine yards. It’s like I was bursting at the seams to give all my 19 years of experience to the belief I still had, though I admit being arkward with for the first couple years I’d returned to wanting to be of service.

In response to those accusations, while not wanting to use certain facts because I knew you held Rkkody in high regard (and rightly so in my opinion as do I), but that demonstrate Rkkody was also putting some focus on himself, (as did you) (as you accuse me of doing) and was also writing and providing to the public his thoughts about things DO wrote, in particular in the press release document that Rkkody wrote about referring to a statement in the press release:

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”

Do’s entire document can be found at:

Rkkody’s document is written out in this post.

It seems evident in Rkkody’s document that he might have been writing to respond to someone’s saying the brief window of time was meant only for former students. I agree with Rkkody, DO didn’t give any limitations of to whom it could apply.

I still have not found fault with Rkkody – we can’t expect that we are “standing” for Ti and Do by not stating what they said and didn’t say as people misinterpret those things.

I may have also pointed out that Rkkody idea for a web site didn’t seem to come from DO, so he was taking his own initiative to create one. I don’t at all find fault with his doing that either and you apparently participated in posting a brief testimonial.

You have previously tried to show me that my book effort: “TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses’ was not a task given to me by DO (which I partially agree with but have no proof of) and that DO said in the Beyond Human – The Last Call video tape series, Session 11, that, “we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.”

Nothing in that or any other statements I’ve heard or read can be taken as instruction against anyone’s attempt to “lock in on what,” They were doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.” I contend that it wasn’t on their docket but can bring a great deal of evidence that DO did concern himself with a number of little parts of the Book of Revelation, (i.e. Judgement, Rapture, Armageddon, Two Witnesses, 1st and 2nd Resurrection, Revelation chapter 12 “woman” (not on any of the tapes we have that I’m aware though was when DO gave the one and only real bible lesson telling us that the Woman was referring to TI). At the very least if someone thinks I am putting inappropiate effort from DO’s current perspective outside the human vehicle he took and too much stock in my translations and interpretations, then they can just consider it “fun” for me, while admitting that it swings open the door to criticism from all directions, while showing “fruit” in what Ti and Do taught and it’s correspondence with prophesies.

5) Who is Rkkody – Who is Righttoknow – Who is Crlody

September 15th, 1997

Who is Right to Know?
(By Rkkody) Do called me one day in December 1996 and asked if I would like to help them by opening up a mail box under the name of Right to Know. I eagerly complied and set up a mail stop with that name.

The group used that name when arranging with vendors and other people who needed an address. Before the group made their exit I had asked them about formalizing the name with a business entity and they agreed. I then created a business name of Right to Know at the address shown on this site.
Anyone who wants to get their materials can send their requests and make their checks payable to Right to Know.

Who is RKKODY?
Rkkody, pronounced Rick-o’-de, is the name given to me by my Older members “Ti and DO” when I was adopted by the Next level. The name of the vehicle I presently occupy is “Chuck Humphrey.” While I prefer to be called Rkk (Rick), I continue to use the name Chuck when interacting and relating to this world.

On May 5th, 1997, Wayne Cooke (Jstody – pronounced Just-o’-de) and I entered a motel room in Encinitas Ca, and proceeded in an attempt to “exit” our human vehicles (what humans term- commit suicide).

Wayne (Jstody), was successful in that he did leave his “dead” vehicle in that motel room. I was not so fortunate as my vehicle was still “barely” alive when we were found by the sheriff’s department.

At first I could not figure out what happened. Why did I not go with Wayne and the others? What happened to me in that motel room during that 20 hours. A thousand questions went through my mind as I awakened from the coma.

In October, 1975 two people were traveling the country holding small public meeting saying they were sent from the Kingdom of God to restate the formula for entry into the evolutionary kingdom level above human, or the Kingdom of God.

I was very busy being a full fledged “human” at that time. I had a family, a child, a profession and a new business. The last thing I was looking for was a couple of weirdos saying that if I followed them I could become a little gray alien and fly around in a UFO. I was happy in those days, or at least I was under the illusion of happiness. I was about as content as one can expect in a state of total unconsciousness. This is not to mean I was in a coma as most humans would define unconsciousness, but my soul, the one who now occupies this body, was certainly asleep and unconscious.

My life changed on that day in October of 1975 which altered the path of my destiny in indescribable ways. I was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, or at least so it seemed at the time, and it was not until years later that I began to understand what really happened. Now, according to this world and all of what it measures sanity by, I am definitely, 100% just as crazy as those two people.

Like it or not, believe it or not, the plain and simple truth is; this planet is in it’s final days. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe this. Simply ignoring or disbelieving in something will not change it any more than believing long enough in a lie will turn it into the truth. That is what ALL religion have tried to do since the beginning of this civilization.

We are right now in the process of being “recycled.” What is recycling? It is simply a term my Teachers used to describe the process of refurbishing the garden, plowing it under and getting rid of the weeds in order to prepare it for a new season.

Just who are my Teachers? You have no idea what my Teachers would do and give in order that you could know them the way I know them. My Teachers, synonymous with “Older Members,” are the same two “weirdos” I mentioned earlier. I use the term “weirdo” in fun for the world sees them as hypnotic cult leaders who brainwashed innocent people into committing mass suicide with them. I know them to be representatives from the kingdom level above human, the Next Level, or what religions refer to as the Kingdom of God. They are members of the kingdom level of life that created all other levels beneath it including the human level and those beneath it.

It is impossible for those without a “deposit,” to comprehend what my Older Members offered this world. What is a deposit? It quite literally means a soul from the Next Level. Does this mean that not all humans have souls? Yes! Not all humans are given souls, or “deposits.” Only our Creator is capable of judging who is chosen for these deposits, and we can’t begin to know the criteria they use when determining who gets a deposit and who does not. A human without a deposit is simply a plant, there is no true life in them. The Representative who was here 2000 years ago said His message was only for those who had ears to hear, those who were given to Him by His Father, and it is the same this time around. It is the same message, the same formula for entry into His Kingdom, and it is the same Mind who was here 2000 years ago.

I don’t pretend to have the level of understanding that my Older Member has, or the wisdom to know when it is best to simply shut up and let the dead bury the dead, or to stand from the mountain top and shout what I know to be the truth. I was one who didn’t make it. I am one who tried to join with my Teacher and botched my own attempt to leave. I am now what seems to be a survivor of “Heaven’s Gate,” the most misunderstood “group” of individuals in this world today.

I was given permission to leave on May 5th, 1997 when Wayne Cooke and I tried to exit our human vehicles. Wayne left and I was not as lucky and was revived. It was a shock waking up from a three day coma just to realize I was still in this vehicle. I didn’t like being here before I tried to leave, and I like it here even less now.

People ask me now. “Will I try to commit suicide again?” How can I possibly answer a stupid question like that? Dr. Mihtar, a psychiatrist in the San Diego mental health facility had me confined against my will under a suicide watch where he informed me he was doing this for my own good and that knew what was best for me. What audacity! I didn’t hire him and I was not even able to fire him. For him to assume he knew me well enough to know what is best for me is the absolute apex of arrogance and a perversion of the term compassion. My first mistake with him was to think I could tell him the truth. It was clear he was not interested in the truth, but only in confining me like some kind of animal in an infantile attempt to understand me and my beliefs for his own self glorification.

Apparently, Mihtar and the director of Mercy Mental Health wanted a Heaven’s Gate lab rat and conspired to have me committed saying I was a danger to myself and was mentally ill because of my beliefs. I was subjected to 24 hours of humiliation each day while being guarded in their psychiatric ward. I had to hire attorneys and convince the court I was not mentally ill and fully capable of making rational decisions..

Apparently, I forfeited all rights as a citizen by not being successful in my attempt leave. If you don’t think this world is not due for recycling, then just look into the California (and for that matter, any state’s) mental health system. This has got to be one of the most barbaric abuses of power this county has seen. Without even being charged with a crime, they can lock you up against your will, take away all your rights, fill you body with chemicals and drugs and throw away the key until you convince some arrogant doctor you are “normal.” Even more frightening is that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

After about two weeks since I got far away from Dr. Mihtar, I got a call from the San Diego Mental health system wanting me to pay for the time I was committed. What a system! They lock you up against your will and expect you to pay for it. And people ask me why I want to leave this hideous planet.

Well, here I am, what do I do now? I wish I had a clear answer. One thing I know for a fact. I still have permission to leave, any time I want to and there is nothing this world do that will keep me from ultimately returning to the Next Level.

Who is Crlody

Crlody, (pronounced Carlinody) is the name given to me by my Older Member Do when I was adopted by the Next Level.

About a year prior to my joining the classroom (Heavens Gate) the vehicle (body) which I now occupy was growing increasingly dissatisfied with everyday life in the human world. It was becoming difficult to be motivated by the things most humans value, namely marriage, career and all the social trappings which go with them . Accompanying this dissatisfaction was the feeling that something big was on the horizon.

Indeed something big did happen in July of 1994. A friend of the vehicle’s brought home a flyer entitled “UFOs, space aliens and their final fight for Earths spoils”. The flyer spoke of Representatives from a Higher Evolutionary Level and how one must overcome human ways and thinking to attain that Level. Just the act of reading that flyer made me feel as if it somehow applied to me. We anxiously awaited the day of the meeting.

The day of the meeting rolled around and what I heard there has affected my course in life ever since. Not only did I recognize the information being presented but it was as if I even recognized the individuals presenting it. After the main meeting I attended a follow-up meeting with two others and expressed my desire to become a part of the classroom.

About three weeks later I took a bus to Massachusetts to meet up with members of the class and my classroom experience was underway. Everyday I spent in the class was a day of joy, growth and learning. It was as if I had been with these individuals before learning the same types of lessons. After three months in the class I allowed an influence (discarnate entity) to convince me I had to leave the class because I wasn’t capable of applying the discipline necessary to complete my overcoming.

As I was leaving I knew it was the wrong decision but I went ahead and left anyway. The whole time I was out of the class I wanted back in. I sent letters to a post box which it turned out was closed down. I called a place where I had stayed with the class hoping they had returned there but they hadn’t. I was planning on leaving at the end of March of this year and “seeking them out” wherever they might be. But I waited too long to initiate my search for my Older Member and classmates.

I am extremely happy for my Older Member and my classmates and wouldn’t wish them to be here for anything. I know they are in a much better place and worked very hard to get there. The only I regret I have is not exposing my difficulties and leaving the classroom.

Whatever time I have left on this hideous planet will be used to take a stand for my belief in the Next Level and my Older Members Ti and Do as Representatives of that Level. I will also use this time to try and make the information they left behind available and to counter what I see as the dilution of that information by individuals who feel they are capable of interpreting my Older Members words. I am extremely honored and proud to have been allowed to serve in the classroom and I have no shame in letting the world know that. I have no intentions of making a “life” out of my existence in this world. True life can only be found in the Next Level.

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6) Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 11 re: DO talking about Revelation

DO speaking:

“As far as raptures are concerned, there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not raptures even exist. And what is a rapture? Some say, “Well, that only happens after taking a spiritual body.” But what is a spiritual body? If you have gone with the spirit or the mind of our Father’s Kingdom and you have been lifted out of the world, and one interpretation of rapture is “lifted out,” I don’t know if this is true or not. It doesn’t really matter. It isn’t significant to us. It’s no basis for our allegiance to our task. And it shouldn’t be to you. If you can think of it in that light, and just simply be amused by it, because we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, or Isaiah, or any place else, or Daniel. But to me, just for fun, when we got the instruction to take the class out of the world, literally lifted them out of the world, went into isolation where nobody could find them, they didn’t exist as far as the world was concerned. And even if they took a job once ina while to bring in a few sticks to try to buy some hamburgers, or whatever it was, they didn’t relate to anybody in the world. They only went to that job, went right back to their isolation, and that remained that way for all these years. If anybody has been lifted out or kept separate from the world for the time that they received their overcoming, if that word can symbolically apply to anyone, I certainly don’t know why it wouldn’t apply to our class. So, if there’s a first rapture, in that sense, then I can’t imagine that that isn’t applicable to our class. Like I said, it doesn’t mean anything to us, we don’t count on it – it doesn’t motivate us. And in the same sense, if there’s such a thing as a second rapture, which is more important to us now, the possibility of that, because that would be you. That would be you moving into your own overcoming, your total separateness, your insistence upon not relating to the human world.

In the same way, a couple of other terms in prophecy that are referred to so much are “first resurrection” and “second resurrection.” They’re just other terms for, in our head, the same thing. Because, if the soul has come into life, if the soul has moved into a vehicle and has taken over that vehicle, and that soul itself is incorruptible and imperishable, whether it loses the vehicle or not, then it has resurrected. It has moved back into life a bit at a time. And that has happened certainly to the class. That is ahead for those who might follow in their path if they receive this information. And even though this touches my heart to talk about this, and it touched my heart for your sake, again I have to say we’re not going to go out and try to invite more arrows being shot at us and more daggers thrown our way on the basis of fulfillment of prophecy. We do not know the accuracy of this. We find it amusing.”

X-Member of the Heaven’s Gate Cult claims Sawyer was not in touch with feelings “inner child”

December 17, 2017

X-Member of the Heaven’s Gate Cult claims Sawyer was not in touch with feelings because the amount of self-suppression and as he said “demonizing the responses of the vehicle” taught by TI and DO was designed to facilitate the “sweeping out of one’s house” of humanness that Jesus taught was part of the “Christing” overcoming process to qualify for a crew position on a Next Level Above Human environment/society spacecraft.

Episode 5 – The Tape – refers to the Pineapple Street media’s 10 episode series podcast entitled, Heaven’s Gate to be found on Stitcher and ITunes and Goggle Play that employs celebrity podcast producer Glynn Washington, known most for his NPR podcast, Snap Judgement.

Frank was known in the Heaven’s Gate group as Andody and Sawyer was known as Swyody. Frank left over a year before Sawyer did and for different reasons that he explains in Episode 6 – The Choice.

Here is Franks comment to Sawyer on the podcasts Facebook page for episode 5:

Frank: The Importance of the Inner Communication of Feelings:

I hope Sawyer won’t mind, but I found something quite poignant that he said in his November 28 reply to Episode 5 – The Tape. Note that these are my opinions.

This is what Sawyer said:

‘When Glynn would ask me, what I was feeling at the major junctions, I had nothing to say. I wasn’t ever operating on “feelings” except for feeling I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.’

So, what are feelings? Why was Sawyer not more in touch with his feelings?

I see Sawyer’s quote and the sentiment it expressed as a key indicator of the amount of self-suppression that occurred in the Heaven’s Gate cult. The self-suppression occurred as a result of Ti and Do demonizing the responses of the “vehicle” (the body) and the vehicle’s mind as lower, lesser, or inappropriate to what would be acceptable to a member of the Next Level (according to Ti and Do whom we looked to as knowledgeable authorities on the Next Level).

For me, since leaving the HG cult, I have come to see feelings as the language of intuition. Our inner guidance system communicates to us through feelings. I see feelings as messengers of our inner being, whether that’s our “inner child” crying out for something that it needs, or our higher selves whispering guidance to us. Either way, because feelings are inner messages, they need to be heard.

To talk about “higher self” presupposes the belief that we are more than physical flesh and blood beings, which I believe we are. I believe we are spiritual (energetic) beings having a physical experience in the third density reality we call life on planet earth.

I think most would agree that we need all the insight we can get to help navigate our lives. My opinion is that often our logical minds fall short. My experience is that all of us can receive very effective guidance from our higher selves through our intuition which, again, is communication through feelings.

In the case of feelings being messages from our inner child, if those feelings are suppressed, they will find other ways to express, indirectly through subconscious behavior or sickness, or even reflected back through others around us. Conversely, if we listen to the messages of our inner child—and I’m not saying to act out those messages but to allow ourselves to fully hear and feel those messages—we will learn valuable information about ourselves. If we allow those inner messages to express in our awareness, without suppressing, distracting ourselves, or changing the channel—even if doing so is temporarily painful—we will often free up the energy used to suppress those feelings. We will peel away a layer of inner conflict, letting deeper, more authentic parts of ourselves express and shine.

In my experience of spending 18 years in the Heaven’s Gate cult, and unraveling that experience over the last two+ decades, I am deeply aware of how much I suppressed of my authentic expression in order to fit in with what I thought at the time were the requirements of my ascension to “heaven” (the Next Level). It has taken me some time to return to allowing myself to fully listen to my feelings and all the self-awareness and intuitive guidance that they bring.

I have come to see that my most important relationship is with myself—in a self-focused way, in the same way that to help someone else put on their oxygen mask, I must first put my own oxygen mask on.

Sawyer’s reply:

First off, I love all honest communication, critical of me and/or of TI and DO or not.

You pose the question, “Why was Sawyer not more in touch with his feelings?”

Maybe in the context in which I wrote about not having “feelings” to those questions, it appears I was not as in touch with my feelings as I could have been. Of that, I can not say for sure. I was not aware of not being in touch with them then or even looking back now. One of those examples was when I joined, so that can hardly be blamed on Ti and Do as by that point I hadn’t even met Ti and Do and there were no “classroom” teachings of the self-control over thoughts and/or feelings. It was 1-2 years after we joined in 1975 that I recall Ti and Do instructing the class in the need to exercise self control over even thoughts of sensuality/sexuality, when before then it wasn’t spelled out beyond physical celibacy.

The other example I gave that might have contributed to your characterization of my not being in touch with feelings on the matter, was from Ti’s exit of her vehicle. But my having no particular clear cut feeling about that, was not because of anything Ti and/or Do ever said. I don’t know why I didn’t feel more about that. I also didn’t have much feeling when I learned my vehicle’s dad died, while I was in the group. Maybe that was because I had noticed 9 months or so before that occurred in a dream where I woke up suddenly and sat up in my bunk feeling like he died of a massive heart attack. For the record I told DO about it and he asked me in person if I wanted to call him and I said, no (and I meant it. But as it turned out, DO soon scheduled calls for reasons I did not know about, a short time after that and when I called I spoke to my vehicle’s dad. He was fine, though I learned later he was diabetic but I had no details about his condition. I called again about a year later and learned he had passed from a massive heart attack. I saw my dad last during the 1987 2nd visit to families that DO scheduled after Ti left. Also for the record, I had no hidden anger against my dad. I had a relatively fine childhood though I certainly challenged them to where one time my dad gave me a hammer and wanted me to attack him with it, I think so he’d have an excuse to knock the hell out of me, for whatever reason I don’t recall for sure, but perhaps when I got caught stealing from a store or something like that.

In another history of my feelings or lack of, I can tell you that when Nancy Brown called me from the San Diego coroners office when she went to identify her son David’s body, my gut wrenched and I was truly sorry for her pain, so I know I have feelings. Actually I often have that kind of response to even news stories where people are weeping.

Another of the times I recall lacking clear feelings was in response to the groups exit. I was a little surprised as although we spoke of it a number of times, talking about things and doing things was not the same thing. We never had “suicide drills” like Jim Jones was reported to have had where his people weren’t told if the juice had poison in it or not, and it ended up not having poison, in a sense a method of conditioning his followers to do the deed. To explain my lack of emotion at that time all I can say is that I didn’t have that kind of emotional connection to my classmates. Such were not fostered in the group and I never had any doubt that they were still very much alive and would receive new dense physical vehicles on a spacecraft someplace.

Even saying that Ti and Do taught us to “suppress our feelings” to me is a distorted viewpoint. We experienced laughter, most everyday, though they taught restrained laughter. So instead of jumping up and down for joy about something (like my x=partner, now known as Sarah did when we first arrived to western Alberta, several years before we joined with Ti and Do, and saw the Canadian rocky mountains suddenly appear over a hill. Sarah jumped up and down. She was a live wire with her feelings and I thought it was cute and honest, but in the classroom, I believe that would have been inappropriate. Also Ti and Do taught that crying can be a form of giving into sensuality, so we were to try to restrain it. I don’t cry easily but have cried a handful of times in my life before and after the group. I saw Ti choke up once and saw DO silently and expressionlessly weeping a couple times and saw him choked up many times and I don’t think any of those were examples of crying as a form of sensuality. Having “restraint” was one lesson step to employ. Other examples of where we were taught to be restrained was in voice volume and in our steps and in the closing of doors and cabinets.

Incidentally, what many people don’t know is that Ti and Do didn’t teach that there was anything wrong with pleasure. It was their program, if we wanted to be in their program, that we were required to only have the pleasures they provided, whether that was with food, as in ice cream and other sweet “treats” or by going to the movies or the zoo or to a museum or a theosophy meeting or by playing tennis or running on a track or playing volley ball, all of which we had at times, though in each we were to learn to do these things “in the way a member of the Next Level would do them,” which was according to Ti and Do’s judgement. For example the way a Member of the Next Level would play volleyball would be with the object of the game being to see how long the ball could be kept from hitting the ground instead of trying to make others miss the ball.

Even so, in the context of Glynn’s questions of why I joined and what I felt at TI’s exit and at the exit of the classroom, like I said, I didn’t have particular feelings. I can’t say I was sad or happy really. But I have a hard time seeing that lack of “feeling” in those cases as my not having communication with my “inner being,” though I understand that’s your profession now so perhaps you tend to paint others with that brushstroke.

That new age jargon often seems to me like it’s come into the pop CULT-ure to try to escape the original meanings of terms, most of which I first learned from Ti and Do and then saw their application in the records (Bible, etc.) when I started to write my Revelation’s prophecy interpretation book.

An “inner being”, to me was once referred to as a “spirit” or “soul”. My inner being was telling me loud and clear that I was involved with the greatest souls I could imagine existing that never waned even throughout my fall (thanks to God). This is exactly what I believe Chkody (Erika) and a number of others expressed as an “immediate recognition” shown in her part of the Exit Tapes.

I don’t know what you consider the “inner being” to actually be. Ti and Do didn’t elaborate in great technical detail about the meaning of some terms. They used the word “Mind” a lot ie. “get your Mind in your vehicle.” Later after Ti left is when I recall DO saying Mind was equivalent to the word Spirit. It wasn’t until around 1989 or so, when DO and crew wrote the book, The Transfiguration Diet that I learned more about those terms and it wasn’t until after I left the group that I learned from their Heaven’s Gate Book writings even more about what a Soul really is and how there are different kinds of souls for different ages of Minds entering into them and what actually constituted a “spirit/mind”. (see “Incarnating and Discarnating” on my blog or still on the Heaven’s Gate web page. Their entire book is there for a free download in text format).

In the Transfiguration Diet book, Do taught that there were one of “Three I’s” behind anyone’s saying, “I believe… this or that.” In other words the “I” is representing one of three voices; 1) The genetic expression from ancestral experiences of the human strain the vehicle developed within, 2) the vehicles immediate familial and/or societal “environmental” influences from the birth of the vehicle, that together form the spirit/mind of the vehicle and 3) the Mind that was part of a “deposit” (a subtle physical type of “computer chip”), the Soul, literally individually deposited into human vehicles by Members of the Next Level that returning Souls are put into by the Next Level and thus is where the idea of reincarnation comes from. Ti and Do always taught that the eastern religions definitions of reincarnation are not accurate, but the idea that Souls come back to incarnate into new vehicles is true.

For the sake of understanding only, anyone who takes offense at saying that all humans don’t have that third Soul component of the “I”, or inner being, there is no way to know who does or who doesn’t have one but anyone that wants it – wants to recognize more of what’s most true, can ask for it, that is, if they direct their asking to the highest source they can imagine existing in the distant heavens in search of the highest truths. Asking in that way avoids having renegade Souls and/or Spirits/minds, in the earth environment from providing an often lessor accurate answer to one’s questions. Having a Soul or not is unimportant because what’s most important for any seeker is whether we seek to “grow it” or not and if we do how quickly we choose to grow it, as I believe if we don’t use it, we can lose it. It’s not a competition, but everyone chooses their pace and the Next Level puts no limit on our pace. But the Spirit/mind of the vehicle still experiences the human kingdom “school” in each new vehicle it further develops within.

Ti and Do also taught that students (which at this time could apply to anyone, as there were more Souls “planted” than the 38 that laid down their lives, perhaps what the 144,000 number was recorded to represent), were developing a “feeler”, even associated with the Solar Plexus part of the human vehicle. TI also referred to this Feeler as a “muscle” and thus the basis of intuition.

I believe Frank is correct in saying Ti and Do taught that the vehicle’s mind was lower or lessor than the Mind that came from the Next Level and that relative to graduating out of the human kingdom it’s voice, for those who had chose to commit entirely to Ti and Do, in this example, was then the voice of a demon. In other words, by listening to our vehicle’s voice (no matter where it originated from) over our Next Level Mind’s voice (to the degree any human has drawn in Next Level Mind, which we often see as common sense, like not killing humans being a higher behavior than killing one another) would be allowing a demonic voice in our heads. A demon is the embodiment of any thought or action that is against Next Level behaviors and ways and the degree varies according to one’s grade in the Next Level Human Kingdom school that we are all in.

I didn’t hear Ti and Do using that term “demon” much. They called the “voices” of the vehicle either the emanation of the vehicle’s genetic mind (software programming) and/or from the spirit world (discarnates or renegade souls) or from thought transmissions, “Influences” and the “Lower Forces” of the planet and/or “Boogers,” lastly the term Ti and Do gave to identify the renegade souls (the legendary fallen angels, aka today as the space aliens (who are no longer allowed to circulate very far into space, who I believe can’t even circulate on the moon)) that were assigned to each class member to be an accelerated catalyst of their continued growth towards their graduation (spirit/soul/mind “birth,” as Jesus taught and termed) into Next Level membership.

So a big part of the classroom was to identify “influences,” whether in feelings (emotions) or via our thoughts that were human according to what Ti and Do taught. Initially that meant, putting the entire past of the vehicle behind us, hence changing the names we used to identify us as those names would trigger “tapes” (memories) that drag our vibration back into who we were before and we needed to become a new creature.

Ti and Do taught that in the human kingdom, such influences are many times actually “helpers.” They taught that our vehicles were actually biological computer systems that discarnates sought to use and “timeshare”, like what we see in a computer system that has different “buttons” to push to start programs by. These discarnates are themselves a batch of programs from all they became before death of their vehicle. So say a human dies as a master piano player, they still seek to fulfill that habit or practice or in some cases addiction, but lacking the physical vehicle to express themselves through, seek a vehicle that can provide them with some degree of the satisfaction they once received while alive. Ti and Do taught that some who rise to fame will have attracted an entourage of discarnate helpers so that when they walk into a room they have a more obvious presence, which is different from what one would feel from a Member of the Next Level, when they are incarnate.

So by learning to block out thoughts of the past, we were also blocking out many of the Influences we had gathered from birth. (Jesus compared that to “sweeping out one’s house”). But it didn’t stop there as while one was sweeping out their house they were also replacing that mind (as the discarnates are all minds, which is synonymous with spirit) that is human mind and also misinformation mind with the Mind from/through the current and present Older Members from the Next Level’s Mind (Holy or pure Spirit (Informational Mind). That’s why Ti and Do changed many of our terms as the old terms were like links to old memories, conscious or sub-conscious. When we used the new term we were replacing that old program with a new one from the Older Members and the more we did that, the more we were facilitating “body changes”, that description of how a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly.

Thereby students were really intensely identifying with their feelings, though were processing the ones they believed to be old human feelings out of their being and replacing them with Next Level feelings and emotions, which would upon completion be 100% eventually. Those who were successful began to love everything they received from Ti and Do. They enjoyed having all those procedures. They didn’t see them as limiting or controlling anymore than a military officer sees his/her disciplines as limiting or controlling. They become proud of what they know they have acquired but in the Next Level they don’t decorate themselves to show others their “tail feathers”. (Jesus taught not to show off to others what they have become, like in the wearing of king/queens clothing or by taking the best seats in the temple or by smearing ashes over one’s face to show they are fasting).

So yes, as Frank said it was “self suppression”. In 1978 or so, TI at a meeting told the class that “you needed to give us your will”. After Ti left her vehicle DO confided in us that Ti thought by saying that then, they would lose “half the classroom”. At that time our numbers were probably in the 70’s and it got down to 24 but then when some returned to the class after the Beyond Human tapes was back into the mid 30’s before losing a few more again, or in the case of two students assigned to leave the class (because they were too old to keep up with the classroom procedures) so Do preferred they still serve the classroom from where they lived before they rejoined/joined (FLX/ABL). So speaking of that group it looks like what TI said happened, maybe even exactly, though the exact number is not important. Now one could say all didn’t leave because of that but when it comes down to it they did leave because of that as those who left didn’t want to continue to look to Ti and Do as their teachers – to replace their will with the will of Ti and Do for them. (Jesus taught that a disciple of his needed to “deny himself”, in other words deny his own will for himself, that is also said in other ways as “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” in the Lord’s prayer and also what is meant by “loving the Lord your God with ALL your heart, All your Mind, All your soul and all your strength”, which Jesus said was the first greatest commandment (instruction/procedure) which would certainly included giving the incarnate REPS our will.

Relative to Frank’s saying that he sees “feelings as the language of intuition,” is not at all different from Ti and Do’s teachings when they said that the way one’s “feeler” operated was like a form of “radar”. When we were sent out on the road to hold meetings for about 9 months in 1975 and again for about 9 months in 1994, we were not in touch with TI and DO or in 1994 with DO hardly at all, so we had to use our “feeler” to try to feel where to go, what to do, who to try to talk to, determine whether it was a good town to hold a meeting in, etc. as in both cases we ran out of money so had to do so for all our needs (food, gas, lodging, meeting rooms, posters, etc.). Ti and Do also described the process of a Next Level Member piloting a spacecraft as the use of their feeler. When we watched the heavens at night, which was called Night Watch, we would log anything notable we saw while on that duty. Sometimes we would see objects traveling through the heaven’s with a type of wobble but unlike the way one would see a satellite or meteor or airplane doing. I think I recall and Frank may remember this better, but they said that was the way a Next Level craft is traveling that I think about now as their “feeling their way” on whatever “highways” exist in the Heavens (as Ti and Do said existed).

Again to Frank I ask, what is your “higher self” exactly and subsequently what is then the “lower self”? I just wrote about this from Ti and Do’s perspective.

Re: the “inner child” – to me that’s a new term/phrase that refers to one’s vehicular past when they were a child. I don’t deny that there can be a positive application to the identification of suppressed feelings from one’s vehicular childhood but it can be I believe a very slippery slope across the line of “fully hearing” them and not acting them out. Sure for an initial attempt to identify deep seated problems, maybe hearing feelings suppressed from our past can be freeing, but to repeat that process over and over, which I’m not saying you are suggesting could be ingraining those feelings. For instance an example from DO’s Mind: When the group spoke at a few meetings for Sexahaulics Anonymous or the like, DO later explained on their behalf that by people telling and retelling their same addiction story, they are like clinging to it and it’s vibration.

However the way Ti and Do taught this process was to reveal things as soon as they occur so they don’t get suppressed in the first place.

For instance relative to you (Frank) and I (Sawyer), starting with me (and I mean no offense by this, as it’s this way with all who seek to grow), had I exposed my feelings for some of the female students that translated as not controlling my eyes as well as I could have and other such dropping of guards to remain celebrate in mind as well as in my vehicle, then perhaps I would have developed the strength to ward off further “giving into those influences” that eventually resulted in hiding masturbation like I did that resulted in my choosing to leave the classroom because of not getting it under my control over nearly a years time. (Since that was one of the requirements of staying in the classroom to keep under control). The technique of doing that would be to “put up a blank card” at first sign of such a thought and/or feeling and learning to suppress it to where one still feels “it” knocking on one’s door to one’s mind but doesn’t let it become a thought nor direct the vehicle to acting it out further.

For the record, I didn’t entertain thoughts or feelings of doing anything with anyone and I hadn’t masturbated for 18 years before then and didn’t even come close, but apparently even seemingly small letting down of my guard repeatedly kept the door opened enough to where I became more vulnerable. For the sake of brevity, I’m not painting a thorough picture right now.

Here’s my opinion of what led up to your dropping out of the group, from what you have said in Episode 6; “my thoughts at times were filled with doubts and questioning everything…”, which he indicated was part of what compounded with the designed suppression of feelings that resulted in the development of a deeper voice and a bad stutter. And then that stimulated what you called the “red alert” when DO started thinking about whether TI would have us seek to stimulate our own exit by appearing to become a threat to the government. For the record, DO never entertained mounting any kind of attack against the government or to do any violent act against anyone ever. What he was saying in that post on the web was about taking a stand, not being submissive to them and how that would eventually lead to their becoming the aggressors.

By the way, Jesus’ radical teachings so angered the priestly Jewish leaders that they wanted him dead. Peter carried a sword but Jesus told him not to use it. At one point Jesus told his disciples that they needed to have a sword with them. They asked him if one was enough and he said it was. Jesus said this when he was talking about how his disciples would be going out to preach again and how it was different from the first time he sent them out, when they didn’t carry a sword. One can imagine the reasons Jesus gave this instruction but in this case perhaps the sword was a rifle. It didn’t mean he was becoming militant. He still said, “those who live by the sword die by the sword”. In DO’s case the rifle wasn’t to protect their vehicles lives, it was to give the paid killers the excuse they wanted to kill them. There is more to say about this and how this option seems to be depicted in the Revelation prophecy, chapter 20, though seemingly 1000 years from now, but it shows consistency with everything Jesus taught and did, though DO wasn’t trying to show consistency… it just happened that way because DO worked for the same Older Member so say and do things that would give many every excuse to not see him/them for who they really are.

Frank, it seems to me, that for part or all those years, since you were suppressing your feelings, they did grow more powerful over your control of your vehicle to where, like with me, it became like a boil that popped and with you it showed up as a very noticeable voice drop and stutter. But, like myself, that would not have become the problem it did, had we learned to employ the tools Ti and Do gave us to correctly suppress those thoughts and convert them into positives as was also taught, through the use of all the helps, our partners, the meditations and affirmations and slippage meetings and help wanted meetings and direct asking Ti and Do for help with each manifestation and in our silent prayers and via notes to them, etc. as they provided us.

For me and possibly for you, it wasn’t obvious that I was slipping but looking back I can see that I was subtly choosing to not follow certain procedures that were part of the help for me to remain transparent about my struggles.

However, none of these things need to remain a negative as DO told me when I had finally reported my breaking of my celibate vows that one of the hardest lessons was recovering from failure. Since Ti said the Soul we then saw as DO was the same soul who had performed the Adam task and that Adam did fall, I guess DO knew about failure and recovering from it as TI also said He recovered by the generation of his Souls incarnation into the vehicle named Enoch and then completed the overcoming “Christing” Process so Enoch’s vehicle was taken into the Next Level without dying.


Pineapple Street Episode 3 Judges TI a Hypocrite using a preconceived hypothesis based on rumors and broad assumptions

November 5, 2017

Here are my comments for Episode 3 “The Mothers” from the Pineapple Press podcast series Heaven’s Gate:

I am sad that those unfounded opinions claiming Ti was a hypocrite were publicly broadcast.

Here I address the main points the show uses to form their judgemental hypothesis that Ti was a hypocrite for whoever stands behind those statements by the host to examine, if they so choose to. In my opinion they are at best trite psychoanalyzing TI and sloppy guess work to appear to build their case in support of their preconceived beliefs. None of their accusations have any common sense to them. For all anyone knows TI may have thought Terri could have become an overcomer, though none of this reveals Ti had that on her mind but claiming she was a hypocrite and wanted to get out is kin to people claiming that man hasn’t been to the moon. It made me wonder if the writers felt the story wasn’t sensational enough or too much of a positive slant on Ti so they decided to go for the throat to build a case where there is none – manufactured evidence without any humility behind the opinions. However I still tried to address the accusations.

Terri (Ti’s vehicle’s daughter, who never was a student in Ti and Do’s classroom) said she received 47 letters over the 12 years TI was out of her life, while students weren’t given near that many options to communicate with those they left behind.

First off, Ti and Do were the teachers and all the students who stayed, at least on the surface needed to recognize that or leave as Ti and Do never wanted anyone there who was not going to give their all to the “process” of overcoming their humanness under their direction. It would be quite the equivalent to sign up to be a student to a physics teacher, who would give a student homework they themselves didn’t need to learn because they already know the subject inside and out. Now I know that’s hard to imagine for many because they were teaching us to become non-human, yet Ti and Do knew that course and proved it to me and many others and all of them were thinkers, far from blind naive sheep. I am aware that’s hard to fathom but it’s the truth and there is a great deal of evidence of it.

What about the facts… Ti and Do made several hundred audio meeting tapes, wrote many papers, directed every aspect of a group of 100 or so people to start and down to 50 living outdoors while constantly upgrading every aspect of our lives. The Christmas before Ti left her vehicle she bought a gold laced china set and crystal wine goblets for water and parrots and finches as pets. And with each thing they did, some student was having a problem with it and if they had a problem with the instructors choices they needed to either get past it sufficiently or leave the class though leaving wasn’t ever held before us as a carrot to staying. With a few exceptions, we only talked about it a tiny bit after someone would leave. Some needed to learn to treating those instruments well so the gold leaf didn’t wear off and so that the goblets weren’t broken (though some were and those who couldn’t handle them with care were taken off that part of the drying task, so we had assigned glass goblet dryers. I was one).

Ti instigated all the big steps and was such a great example of a Next Level crewmember dedicated to performing her task for her Older Member and yet hardly ever gave a hint of how difficult the task was for her, though had high standards for all of us to reach up to. Yet she was never condescending or irritated or crude and either was DO for that matter yet her heart was clearly in it 100% day and night as DO testified to.

Ti told us we needed to give Them our will.

Ti decided when the harvest was over on April 21, 1976 that ended starting any new public meetings.

The characteristics she was teaching were “flexibility, change, quickness (though not primarily by speed but by lack of wasted motion – Do helped us see about her, keenness, gentleness, were some. Positivity was another point. Here is a document she wrote about “goodness” not too long before she left her vehicle. It was called “The Power of Goodness”:

So she sent a bunch of letters! I know it’s hard to find dirt on Ti and Do so it’s tempting to conjure some up and granted the story is beyond belief for most to even consider but that doesn’t make it unreal and genuine. Why is it that Ti didn’t drive over to see Terri or call her more? Why only letters? Ti could have left any time she wanted to. DO said that on her vehicles death bed her entire concern was how DO was going to fare without his check partner and Older Member. Do told us this with Lvvody and Jnnody present and they were also with her in those last days. Do told us that Ti remained true to who she was right to the end and DO was carrying out all her wishes to even hold back from telling anyone about her exit. (I would guess that would be because it could have started an investigation, even though they had a doctors care throughout. They were still cult leaders so are called on the carpet for any thing someone wants to bring against them) and to them completing the mission was everything.

One of the reasons DO told us we couldn’t have more communication with our families, etc., they said was because if they had even a phone number for us, it wouldn’t be long that different members would be getting phone calls to come to weddings and birthdays and for every reason under the sun. Withdrawing from our natural addiction to human behaviors and ways required lots of time and opportunity to be tested on whether it’s what each student really wanted to do and do according to Ti and Do’s directions. It couldn’t be done part time. By the way severing human family ties was Jesus modus operandi as well:

Mat 19:29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.

When Ti gave the optional task to students to pay a brief visit to the vehicles families or whoever has the most anxiety about the absence of their loved ones, which took place in 1985, I guess she didn’t visit her vehicles family. Ti and Do explained to us that our task was to “calm anxieties” and that in turn would relieve some of us from feeling that burden through our human roots that exist beyond the physical presence.

I didn’t have much of a tug from my vehicle’s family as I was a kind of a black sheep anyway who left them when I was 17 and by 19 lived across the country. Once in a while when I would call my mother would be mad at me for not calling more so they were somewhat used to it and my brother and sister were much younger so didn’t really know me. And we had nothing in common, though I hitchhiked back to see them all before Ti and Do came to Waldport, OR. However one time in about 1990 I woke up and sat up suddenly like one might see in a movie having dreamed that my dad died of a massive heart attack. I told DO about it and he asked me if I was concerned about them and that I could call if I wanted to. I told him I wasn’t. Some months later Do instigated a phone call for those that chose to do so and I called and my dad was fine. I learned on the next call, about a year later that my dad died of a massive heart attack and they had been trying to get in touch with me.

My mother had been in touch with Nancy Brown and she wanted to hire someone to look for me but my dad knew I was doing what I wanted to do and so talked her out of it and I understood later that that may have created some division between them.

I’m sorry for Terri’s pain as well as all the ones who loved my fellow students but they all get the chance to grow stronger for having that experience and especially if they seek help from their Heavenly Father to deal with their sorrow.

There was another part of a letter that I saw reported, perhaps by the NY Times from 1997 that Terri thought meant TI wanted to get out, that said something like “I’m in too deep to get out,” that wasn’t brought up in this Episode 3. Ti was in too deep to get out. She was fully committed to her Heavenly Father’s work and the main focus of that was to “get Do started” as she used to tell Do but he didn’t understand until after she “went back” to her Next Level station to help him from a better vantage point to complete the midwifing of their class, which was his task to do.

When we were instructed to have the option to send a letter or make a call, we had a check partner. The check partner was for a number of reasons. We wanted to be careful we didn’t expose our location as we already knew there were private investigators looking for some of us. We learned that when Jwnody returned to visit and her brother who was a police officer told her he hired someone and we learned that the investigator was in Dallas right after Ti and Do had us move out. Another reason was because it was our procedure but another was to have other ears to help access the content of the call. Another was to remind if there was something in particular that needed to be talked about with them. That actually happened with Alxody, Nancie’s son when I was his check partner on the phone. Alxody welcomed having a check partner.

For whatever it’s worth, as a side note, one time in the early 1990’s the students on a supply run, Jwnody and Chkody mostly, met a homeless family who had no transportation and they got in touch with DO and DO ended up giving them one of our cars, though overall that wasn’t necessarily part of our task to help others in that way. DO didn’t check with the group on doing that and any student who expected him to was certainly not a genuine student though I don’t doubt some may have found fault with him for doing so – part of their overcoming, if they did.

Ti was showing genuine care for Terri. When Ti and Do sent us to visit our vehicle’s families they suggested we leave some with something from us. They suggested a stone of some sort that would be like a talisman they could have to remind them of us. So when I was on Long Island I bought one for my brother, sister, mom and dad and gave it to them. Ti and Do didn’t have to do anything like that. I’d bet, they were/are the most amazing Beings that have ever walked on this planet.

With some of those letters money was sent for Terri and her siblings to use to help them that Terri reported as a total of $650 (but perhaps a little more than that). Again, the thinking is that it was the groups money and that the leader of the group had no right to give that away. But why not? Who was the money given to? It wasn’t given to me. It was never a student’s money. Ti and Do used the donations from those first 9 months and the subsequent trust fund from Ollody and I believe some funds from Srfody as well for the task. Ti as Do’s Older Member with DO decided how to use all that money and I doubt they ever banked it in their names or stashed it away somewhere.

The truth is that for the first 5 years or so that I was with Ti and Do none of us had jobs and we never in those years did without food and shelter in tents or gasoline or the cost to lease space to put a big camp on, as they did with some big spreads in Wyoming and northern Colorado and Texas. They bought lots of equipment to keep upgrading the camp with generators and big meeting tents, sleeping bags, nice heavy duty army cots with decent foam pads and sleeping bags and cook stoves and all that goes with it. They bought a very large tent for consuming and new tents a time or two. In about 1977 they bought a small trailer and they always had a nice car. One time they upgraded their trailer and the old one became our storage and “oven” space. They paid for everything with those monies. These are the facts that can be verified by Mark and Sarah and Frank and others.

To say that Ti was hiding these things from the group is the generation of deceitfulness. What would they have had to do to please her accusers of hypocrisy, hold elections for financial ministers? Were they supposed to check with each of their students on every purchase? As Mark and Sarah may be able to verify, when they had a bank account I have reason to believe it was in a students name, a student that didn’t have an Out of Craft Task so they couldn’t be traced to the class to try to pull them out of the cult.

Tao, a very early dropout from Ti and Do’s group repeats a rumor he was told that was something to the affect of; “the two became so disheartened and thought maybe we got this all wrong – maybe we are not who we think we are”.  I have some ideas of where this could have come from. Ti and Do did “grieve literally for days” and felt their “mission was dead” when the national news broke that reported their vehicle’s names and that they were felons from Texas. Do wrote about that time in “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew”:

One of the hardest things that Ti and Do had to do concerned the “demonstration” (referred to in Statement I). The students had been told that while they were out holding meetings they would hear of the demonstration, and that would be the signal to stop holding meetings and come running. It was rumored for a while that the demonstration was going to happen in San Francisco. Ti and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two.
Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Ti and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was. Ti and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that. However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down
by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”? but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

I never heard Ti and Do say anything remotely like what was reported by Tao as, “maybe this is all wrong…maybe we’re not who we who we think we are”. However, after Ti left her vehicle around 1987 while we were in the Boulder canyon on Lost Angel Road, there was one meeting I’ve written about where Do asked us all if we would still want to follow him if he wasn’t who he thought he was. I recall Nrrody standing up and saying she would follow him no matter what, as was my response and it seemed many others. Do didn’t seem to me to be upset in proposing this. It felt pretty strange to hear but on the surface at least it didn’t matter to me.

I could imagine if I was on the fence about staying in the classroom, that could have been the straw. I’m not sure if that was before or after Mrcody and Srfody were “pushed” out of the class, to put it in Jnnody’s terms in her exit video statement, saying how Ti and Do did put effort into doing that. That’s what happened when DO instigated the lesson step of prefacing statements of fact with “I could be wrong” that Mrcody refused to say when he knew he was right about something. He was very sharp minded. We could take the lesson to an extreme. For instance if it was raining out and we were watching it rain and someone asked you and you responded, “I could be wrong, but it appears to be raining outside”. However to say it then wouldn’t have been wrong as it was establishing that habit and it didn’t have to be those exact words. The lesson came before Ti left her vehicle when Ti spoke about how much we’d have to put our trust in them as opposed to trusting our self. The example Ti and Do gave when that first came up years before then had to do with these tents we had that were called Leisure Ports. They were a light green in color. So the example was, what if Ti and Do said the Leisure Ports were polka dotted, would you see them as polka dotted.

Jesus taught this same lesson, saying a disciple must “deny himself” – that means put no faith and confidence in one’s self. It’s kin to the Lords prayer, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – in other words I want to live by your will for me.

After Ti left her vehicle Do told us that when Ti told us around 1978 that we needed to give them our will, she thought they might lose half the class. Around then we were just around 60 or 70 members so since we got down to 24 before it went up again, I guess she was right, though if one polled each dropout they might not say it was because of that but it probably did amount to that. Thus another of the many ways they “pushed” people out that weren’t ready and willing to give it their all. Being pushed out can seem to some as their trying to justify ending the classroom but wow, can I think of a lot of ways they could have done that all along that would have been far quicker and less tedious as there were years in between some leaving.

Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

The class held “help wanted” meetings for Mrcody. Those were meetings that could be instigated by Craft Overseers or by a person that wanted the help. I doubt Mrcody instigated them.  It was weird because Srfody came to Mrcody’s side something unheard of doing in the classroom. When a number of attempts to help Mrcody failed he and Srfody were instructed to leave and Do had each of us go up to them and say something to the affect of, “you can come back when you want to abide by all the lesson steps”. Even saying that for someone on the fence might have been hard to do but that was instruction and as with all things in the classroom they were tests of our commitment.

Speaking of commitments. It was Ti who held a meeting with Do present but where she started the lesson step of making our “committal to Do”. She explained that Do knew we had to do this but was uncomfortable asking us to commit to him, so she told us. That began a period of time of being required to write about our feeling of making that commitment to Do. They didn’t tell us what to write. Another big step Ti instigated.

Jesus said it in a number of ways. Here is one:

Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Then there was the parable of the virgins waiting for their groom to marry, an illustration Jesus gave to prepare them for the same degree of commitment they would need to have with him as they were supposed to honor among one another they became the spouse of. He was to take the place of our spouse.

After Ti left, some days or weeks later, Do started wearing a wedding ring and then got a silver band for each of us. I turned it in when I left. At that time, Do held a session where each student would go up to him and he was weeping a little. We were not supposed to watch what he did with each student but needed to mill around to see when the next person should go up to him. I don’t recall him saying anything but he was perspiring a great deal. When it was my turn, he put his hands on the sides of my face so that my head was just a foot or so away from his face. He would sometimes have a private time with each student. With me when he did, he held my face in his hands like that and sometimes kissed my forehead. That maybe happened twice that I can recall in those years.

-Since I’m responding to Tao’s statement of hearing that Ti and Do were disheartened and doubting who they were, which I never saw, I can say I saw DO distraught on three occasions.

After Ti’s exit he was very depleted it seemed though that lasted for one meeting as far as I could tell, though I know it weighed on him thereafter to degrees.

Another time was when the first castration didn’t go as well as he/we had hoped he suggested he’d allowed it and said, something like, “I need to turn myself over to the police for permitting it”.

For that I clearly remember those present, Lvvody, Jnnody and I (as Srrody was lying down in another room then) saying, “no, no, we’ll take care of it,” and Do asked us to call Lggody and Jwnody to help us and he went into his quarters and we handled it and it all worked out fine as it was a minor complication that the hospital we took Srrody to took care of with one night’s stay there to observe his healing. The drainage tubes Lvvody put in weren’t draining right. Lvvody learned the procedure when she as a registered nurse working as an assistant in surgery for an Orchiectomist – a doctor who removed testicles that were cancerous.

Another time was when we moved to Atlanta around 1987 from Boulder/Denver where we had two or three large houses full of furnishings that required 5 – 24 foot Ryder trucks to pack and move. When we got there DO had his crew put down payments on three large modern houses in North Atlanta, in the Peachtree-Dunwoody well to do section of town, first, last and security deposit on each. I was one of the first ones to land a good job programming for Peachtree Software but other Out of Crafters (workers outside our house) weren’t doing so well. Parts of our classroom had been there for up to a month.  I worked for two weeks and Do held a meeting where he was almost weeping because he said he couldn’t “feel Ti’s presence” and he felt  “underwater” there. But he never denied who he was then and again I recall Nrrody jumping up with a few others to come up to him and suggest going back to Colorado, to which DO said he felt bad that we’d spent all that money, and quit all those good jobs and packed those trucks, etc. I didn’t relish the idea of having to quit that job as that was never fun, especially for high tech jobs that required training to come up to speed on their software and disappointing the employer but I certainly didn’t want to stay there if DO felt underwater.

Ti and Do always felt like they had their connection with their Older Member in the Next Level when they remained west of the Mississippi River. Years after I left when I started researching and writing my prophecy book it became really interesting to see that the New Jerusalem was described as a spacecraft that was about 1260 miles square which is pretty much the distance from the Mississippi River to the Pacific ocean and would extend north to around Edmonton, Alberta, BC. There is a lot more to say about that, that even involves Mark Twain  and his saying the cost to ride a comet’s tail to heaven was $5.75. It’s all in my book with the Captains deck on a Mississippi River boat called the Tejas deck and DO’s Older Member Soul was the Archangel Michael, where an Archangel is defined as a “captain of angels (Next Level crew members)”.

re: that part of one letter to Terri used in the episode to look like it was a big basis of her thinking that Ti “wanted out”, that read:

“be good, strive for goodness and by all means conform to society so you will have peace of mind. “

Terri wasn’t in the classroom, nor was Terri the Older Member teacher of an overcoming classroom so what Ti would say to her is not what she is going to say necessarily to her students. What’s wrong with wanting her vehicles daughter to have “peace of mind?” She was accused of plenty as being a cult leader so I guess that opens the door for her to be accused of simply showing love and kindness.

We also had instructions to conform to society though I can’t recall using that word “conform”. When we started to get jobs in the 1980’s, Ti and Do had a crew, they called, “pursers” to do all our tax returns. And they instructed us to not go over the speed limit by more than “2-3 miles over” – why – to not break the laws of the land and have trouble from them. Plus they at one point said we needed to grow so keen that we could drive a hypothetical stolen white Cadillac cross country and not get caught. Frank and Mark and Sarah may remember this.

“conforming to society” in certain ways was also taught by Jesus:

Mat 22:17 Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?
Mat 22:18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?
Mat 22:19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.
Mat 22:20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?
Mat 22:21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

Mat 5:25 Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.
Mat 5:26 Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.

I think it can be said that one can have more “Peace of mind” when they don’t buck the system. I tried to buck the system several times in my life. The latest was when I refused to pay for two speeding tickets that I didn’t think I deserved. What I found out is that the system is designed to make it hard to make one’s case without hiring a lawyer so I spent many hours and ended up getting my drivers license suspended and then had a headlight out one time so got arrested and had to use my credit to bail myself out and ended up paying $1000.00 in fines when I could have settled it all for a couple hundred initially. All that time I was driving without a license I did not have peace of mind. Now I am such a goody two shoes in my driving practice.

Even though we were social dropouts forming our own sub-CULT-ure Ti and Do had us try very hard to fit in, to not be interfered with, which is another form of having “peace of mind” I think.

I think Ti was trying to ease Terri’s pain and anxiety.

In some cultures one’s son or daughter would be praised for giving themselves to God. As I recall, though I’m not sure where to document it, Ti and Do taught that parents don’t own their kids that grow up into adults, though are responsible for those children before then and that adults are not responsible for their parents.

Plus, Ti was receiving the biggest dosage of the negativity against she and Do because she was Do’s Older Member. I have a number of examples of this and just so happens it was forecast for this to happen to Ti.

DO told us in the only direct bible lesson he/they gave over 19 years, which was also one of the tiny few times DO held a meeting without Ti in it, (while Ti was incarnate) that the Revelation chapter 12 “woman” was referring to Ti:

Rev 12:1-2 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

Rev 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Rev 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

Note the references to the astrological/astronomical characteristics and how Ti was an astrologer that she consider to be a “game”, though one that could have some value. Plus this describes Ti “getting DO started” said as “catching him up to God and to his throne” – the task of leading the classroom.

I could go word by word to describe how it applies to Ti and Do and what they said and did. That’s what my book does.

Later in the Rev chapter 12 timeline (as often chapter timelines overlap one another) Ti is shown to exit because of a “flood” from the Dragon’s mouth. That’s the negativity she endured that I realized sounds like what Do called her “burning out her vehicle”.

Rev 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
Rev 12:16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

The phrase “earth opened her mouth” can be found as an expression in the Old Testament that referred to someone dying and going into the earth – the grave or to become dust again.

I can go through every verse in the Book of Revelations to show how they can be legitimately and in context with references galore, seen as applying to Ti and Do and their teachings and forecast and fulfillment, etc. It’s all in my book and I give it away for those that want to see that body of evidence. Here is a sample on my book web site but search the book name on my blog for the entire book’s contents.

I think we started having the meditation exercise that was only done as a group one time or two I can recall though we did at the same times some times wherever we were not always having a room to go to. It was optional how much one did it after a week or so of having an instruction to do a certain amount that also included doing any time or day anywhere as a help to keep “influences” away from our consciousness. The influences get harder to handle when we have less physical or mental actions engaged otherwise act to distract us from thoughts of self influences – the past, sensual related thoughts, etc.

When Terri said something to the affect that “nothing (Ti and Do) said had come true”, that’s another rumor I’ve heard repeated many times but then from a non-believers standpoint that can look that way but the facts are that some of those things were changed by them to a “might” which I can prove about the Demonstration as talked about in the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, published in 1976 from interviews and statements and reporting by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger.

I understand that at first Ti and Do were led by their Older Members to believe they would perform the Demonstration but as they always said, they only gave us each step as they received it and that part of our overcoming was adapting to change as they said, “change is the name of the game” and that such changes would become tests. In this way, as Jnnody said in her exit tape, Ti and Do put effort out to “push people out of the group” that didn’t exhibit wanting to be there. Hence changes stimulated those tests. So here is some records of how they thought about the Demonstration after they were “shot down by the press”:

Brad Steiger’s interview with Bo and Peep on Jan. 7, 1976 in Oklahoma City, OK:

Do speaking: “It was while we were at Gold Beach that we realized that we had, in fact, come from the next level, that we had to be the instruments of giving information about how others could reach the next level, and that this would probably precipitate a demonstration of our death and our subsequent resurrection.”

Note how he said, “probably precipitate a demonstration of our death and our subsequent resurrection”. They didn’t say that as a fact that it would occur and they never dropped that it might occur.

And because of another question in Brad Steiger’s inteview, from pg. 96:

Brad: When you say that you have to be assassinated, put to death, in a major American city, are you patterning yourselves on the experience and the death of Christ?

The Two: No – it’s the only proof we can show that we are who we are. It is characteristic of the members of the next kingdom to be able to heal their bodies in three and a half days. The fact that we might have to do that demonstration did not come to our minds after reading Jesus’ life.

Again “Might have to do that demonstration” isn’t stating it as a fact.

And here is another question from pg 128:

Question: If you’re going to be picked up in a UFO by members of the next kingdom, are you going to have to go to a certain place at a certain time for this to happen?

The Two: No, we do not have to be in a certain place. We, of course, would not head for the middle of Times Square – unless we were to do our demonstration there. We would probably go out to a spot that was relatively remote, but we wouldn’t go there until we felt led, until we felt it was time to go there.

Our Father’s kingdom will wait until the world has decided about us. If the world decides that we must follow through with the demonstration, then we will go into our Father’s kingdom.

We will keep a very close eye on those who are involved in their overcoming and stay as close to them as we can. And when they have completed the process, they will receive the information about where they should go so that they may leave. We do not feel that they will leave from public areas. The public show will be our demonstration – if it is necessary.

“if it is necessary” is not stating it as a fact.

However, they at first did think they would do the demonstration when they said in the document, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew”, in “Statement I” that Ti and Do first mailed out in March of 1975 that resulted in their first big private meeting that resulted in around a couple dozen joining them, which took place in North Hollywood, California:

Do writing, “There are two individuals here now who have also come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans, awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof of overcoming death.”

and continuing…,

“This “re-statement” or demonstration will happen within months. The two who are the “actors” in this “theatre” are in the meantime doing all they can to relate this truth as accurately as possible so that when their bodies recover from their “dead” state (resurrection) and they leave (UFO’s) those left behind will have clearly understood the formula.”

Again speaking to all their carefully chosen words, “months” doesn’t say how many months would pass and note DO didn’t quote the “3 1/2 days” (time periods and other general representations of time provided in many cases) in the Two Witness prophecy.

Those who say nothing ever happened that Ti and Do predicted, I can relate to Jesus saying to his disciples only, that they would be shown more of the truth that for others would remain the “mysteries of the kingdom” because they were given help to SEE and Hear:

Mat 13:11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

Here are a tiny few examples that I know came true but there are many, but without experience or a desire to know them like I do, you may never see them as having come true.

1) Ti said she came to get DO started and then would go back.
She left ahead of Do and Do finished the task without her and this is shown in Revelations chapter 12 as in the plan, though Ti and Do weren’t informed of this until it became apparent by Ti’s exit. I contend that they were not supposed to know til then as it was a strategy by the Next Level to throw off the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls, who were trying to second guess what the Next Level would say and do when they returned.

2) Ti and Do said that a spacecraft would come to pick them up and it did evidenced by:

An object was seen with telescopes and photographed with Hale Bopp comet (before it went behind the sun) and reported in 1996 on the Art Bell radio show by Chuck Sharack who had a CCD photograph he allegedly got from the University of Hawaii observatory that he described as a “saturn-like” object and it also became known as the Hale Mary. Alan Hale said it was a star and that Sharack didn’t have his preferences set right on his software, the reason he couldn’t identify it as a star. Another photo was taken from the Hubble Space Telescope that Art Bell was supposed to have but never received or showed. Hawaii observatory said the object next to Hale Bopp was a “light refraction”.  However, a Japanese observatory also took a photograph of it and that photo brings evidence of it’s existence because of the way the light of stars when photographed, the further away they are, take more of an oblong shape to our eye. Neither the Hale Bopp comet nor this alleged companion object had nearly the amount of oblong shape as did the stars around them, thus proving the two objects were very close together.

Also, the alleged companion had a thin black “tail” in the Japanese photo. Subsequent videos images from the SOHO space telescope that is trained on the sun 24/7 showed a black object with such a tail dipping it’s tail into the sun as if feeding energy from the sun.

In 1997 a paper was published that hypothesized the existence of a binary nucleus to fully explain the observed pattern of comet Hale–Bopp’s dust emission observed in October 1995. The paper proposed Hale Bopp theoretically had a satellite nucleus, but estimated that it would have a diameter of about 30 km, with the main nucleus being about 70 km across, and would orbit in about three days at a distance of about 180 km. This analysis was confirmed by observations in 1996 using Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2 of the Hubble Space Telescope which had taken images of the comet that revealed the satellite.

When Hale Bopp came out from behind the sun, no companion was seen but it had three distinct tails never seen before on a comet. It was also the most viewed comet and the biggest viewable comet in history and was visible in daylight to the naked eye, so “every eye could see”, as Jesus said would happen.

To give some evidence of a comet having a companion object, the first one after Hale Bopp came in March/April of 2013, (the 40 year mark (1 hour Next Level time frame) from Ti and Do’s initial awakening period by mid February of 1973) named Pan Starrs. It was photographed by NASA that I saw posted on and I copied the photo. In the photo, there is a black dot out front of the comet’s head. I was watching a NASA employee talking about the comet and he said ,referring to the black dot, “I hope they can tell us what it is!”. I never saw that photo again though I looked for it.

There is more evidence of objects with comets (ISON) or comets that have a clear double nucleus (Honda in 2017) but I’ll keep this short for now but this does become evidence of a spacecraft. It’s not like the US and Russia and England and Brazil and France and Belgium and other nations have no evidence of alien visitations in spacecrafts, so that entire subject becomes evidence that Ti and Do were right about – 1) that there do exist extraterrestrials and that they 2)  have physical bodies, some of which don’t have the same organs as humans and that 3) they can travel in physical spacecrafts.

Plus this has a prophecy verification as well, as Jesus said:

Mat 24:27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

The word “lightning” is listed in Strongs concordance as:

796 astrape from astrapto 797; lightning; by analogy, glare:–lightning, bright shining.

797 astrapto probably from aster 792; to flash as lightning:–lighten, shine.

792 aster’ probably from the base of strwnnumi – stronnumi 4766; a star (as strown over the sky), literally or figuratively:–star.

Thus a “bright shining light strewn over the sky” – what today would be seen as a comet with it’s tail and visible to us as “rising in the east and setting in the west” and that would accompany the Son of Man, the offspring human, a way of describing a Next Level Soul taking over (incarnating into) a human vehicle. So Ti was in a spacecraft trailing behind and later within what we saw as the Hale Bopp comet.

Also when Jesus left by rising up physically in the air, a characteristic of his new transformed metamorphosed physical vehicle the records say the disciples became aware of two people standing with them saying this was the way He would always come and go, which was via this “cloud of light”, the way Jehovah also came and went from his tent in the Moses encampment. Thus Hale Bopp comet was that “cloud of light” passing by us that everyone on earth could see if they tried to.

Ti and Do said that’s who they were/are Older Members from the Kingdom in the heavens who speak plainly about their kingdom, no longer in parables as they clearly did.

DO identified TI as the Soul of his Heavenly Father and Ti identified DO as the same Soul who had been incarnate as Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus, all of which were taken into the Next Level Heavens with their physical bodies, which Jesus said identified them as having come from the Kingdom of God in the Heaven’s. (Rev 3:12)

DO said Ti was the Woman in Revelation 12 and I later brought a great deal of evidence to that idea which is among hundreds of other points of evidence.

But they will only become proof to those who are given the “eyes to see” as Jesus taught also took place when the Kingdom of God gives that gift to people. If people take offense that this implies if they can’t see it then they don’t have that gift, then I suggest asking the Next Level for that gift and I’m pretty sure they will give it to you, as Jesus taught, “ask and you shall receive” but if you don’t ask then you may not ever see that truth.

Ti and Do taught that students of this “process” would become new creatures, hence the evidence of the 38 in the exit video’s who no longer related to who their vehicles were.

Ti and Do said their students would be grafting to a new vine, a new family which Jesus taught as well and that family can be seen among their classmates so much so that when they returned voluntarily by themselves to visit with their human families on two occasions, with the exception of one (Rthody) chose not to stay with their families which they easily could have done by just not using the return airplane flight back to Dallas and in 1987 to Denver from wherever they went.

Ti and Do also taught that discarnates – dead human’s spirits existed. Again no one will necessarily know this is true if they don’t have experience but there are many humans who do believe this to be true. To me it was like common sense to believe it but I had never seen any evidence of them until about 2010 when for a matter of several months I had two distinct but very different sightings and then perhaps 4 or 5 additional but very different kinds of sightings. Plus I learned how to block thoughts and/or discarnates from influencing me by exercising my mind as Ti and Do taught. This isn’t an abstract exercise. One learns how to put up type of barrier of energy that keeps thoughts we don’t want at bay and that barrier gets stronger the more we employ it so that we can go from rejecting a thought to stopping a thought mid sentence from registering to not even hearing the first words of a thought but recognizing it’s general nature, what I believe Ti called “smelling” an “influence”.

This whole idea that was also taught by Jesus has a great deal of historic evidence as real but the Luciferian misinformation campaign has stifled many of our recognition of it’s truth, making it into science fiction.

Now I know this next analysis is perhaps the least for many to consider but to some and especially to the 38 and other believers in them or to Jesus examples of thinking they did “recover from their “dead” state” noting how DO put it in quotes for a special meaning to “dead”. Jesus considered all who didn’t seek to be part of his classroom by believing all he taught to be “dead”. For example:

Mat 8:21 And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.
Mat 8:22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.

And in terms of their being seen leaving, we all saw that in the footage of their exit and it was timed and part of the story to be at the time of closest approach of the “cloud of light” – Hale Bopp Comet as Jesus said was a sign of his coming and going.

And we all now have the complete “formula” on how to go to heaven which I can share with anyone who is interested and it’s not to commit suicide but it does entail believing that Ti and Do were from the Creators Kingdom who created all the planets and all the life forms and who are also willing to “stand” for that truth regardless of the consequences until we each exit our vehicles.

When they told us we were to wait for the spacecraft, I can’t say I recall how that was said – as a fact or not. For me it didn’t matter. I didn’t join to get a ride on a UFO nor to see them rise from the dead. It just all made so much sense to me somehow, which I now know was because like Ti and Do said each of the vehicles Souls were trying to “get into” were prepared ahead of time, even from birth to be potential recipients and then we were given “smelling salts” so it was like, “phew, that makes sense, let’s get on with it”. But my main point is that I have nothing to gain or lose personally by not remembering how certain Ti and Do were about a spacecraft coming then or in the second time we did that which in that case I know DO wasn’t saying he was certain. That was in about 1992 I think right after we fasted on water for 13 days while living outdoors in the desert west of Phoenix. And there was no pickup then but a bright light that made no sound did fly over us but it certainly wasn’t what DO hoped for.

This idea that what’s good for the goose doesn’t have to be good for the gander is also evidenced after Ti exited her vehicle and DO started us on dietary research for maximum health and longevity that resulted in the Transfiguration Diet Book publishing. He said they hadn’t needed to start that diet until after Ti left because “Ti didn’t need to go through that” (diet regimen). It was a mucous-less diet, no processed foods, no flesh foods, no dairy, no stimulants, coffee, booze, and no fried foods and no refined sugars. I used that diet recently and it healed me from being crippled from Lymes disease. Frank might remember this diet and it may be talked about in one of the suppressed audio tapes Mark and Sarah, last I heard still won’t allow the public to have.

Misc points:

We never had instruction to say “good morning” to check partners and I had a lot of check partners that never ever said good morning to me.

Check partners were changed often but not during that first 9 or so months on the road that Leslie seemed to be referring to.

Also all of the students that remained after the 19 were sent out of the group and some others dropped out received “ody” name extensions I believe that was around 60 members, many of whom ended up dropping out in years to come.

I never heard Ti and Do say “maybe this is all wrong…maybe we’re not who we who we think we are”. However, after Ti left there was one meeting I’ve written about where Do said that asking if we would still want to follow him if he wasn’t who he thought he was. And a few students, namely Nrrody I recall stood up to say she would follow him no matter what, which is what I also felt but didn’t have the presence of mind to say out loud, (as a few did to chime into what Nrrody said).

A meeting after that DO said that “we need to be who we are”. This was 1987 and I think it was before Mark and Sarah were instructed to leave the class because they didn’t want to abide by the “I could be wrong” exercise. He was referring to being the same Souls who were incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus and Jesus’ students. Do was examining from that point on whether to go public again and how that became the remaining 6 of 7 thunders (roars) from the Lion of Juda.

My first check partner was Dandy who became Dndody and I wouldn’t say she was that least likely person I might otherwise have wanted to be friends with. After all, her partner before joining was Prkody (who also joined with her) and he was a kind of hippie type with a long hair braid living in Oregon. Dandy may have had that sense about me but we got along pretty well I thought and we spent months on the road hitchhiking throughout the Midwest holding little public meetings. But in the beginning especially there were some who joined who were curiosity seekers or to see what would happen – to see if a UFO would show up or they would be killed.

I had to kind of mentally fight off one new member who went by the name Lightborn who was insisting Dandy and I break up our partnership when Ti and Do assigned our partnership. I don’t think he ever met Ti and Do and was very difficult to deal with when we got to Boston to hold a public meeting, when we didn’t know where Ti and Do were for many months – after the national news broke.

Remember how Jesus spoke about judging others, saying the way we judge others we will be judged. That’s what seems to be the case in calling Ti a hypocrite. Perhaps the ones doing the judging of who is a hypocrite are the real hypocrites not wanting to face the ways they are hypocritical?

**** Comments and Sawyer’s replies: ****

XF Checker I would have left the Class at that point. A leader doesn’t tell their followers to give up everything yet the leader buys parrots and finches. And what’s even worse is telling the student that disagreed with it if they don’t like it they can leave? That is ridiculous, Sawyer. That’s like the saying of “Do as I say, not as I do.” Sorry, but I have a problem with the parrots and finches and buying special plates and things for those birds? Makes no sense whatsoever. I would have left the Class at that point.

Sawyer Heavensgate They didn’t buy dishes for the birds We used the dishes with the gold rims and also nice silverware and also nice crystal goblets like for wine but we used for water. I admit at first I was puzzled, I mean for a minute or so, but then adjusted because I recognized who they are then and I still, thanks to them, recognize them now. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been the best step for you as the classroom was filled with those kinds of challenges. They never claimed it was for everyone. They even turned down at least one person that was reported in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary and I sort of turned down 2 people from joining in 1994 because when I told them we ate whatever we were provided at this time, they couldn’t imagine not being vegan. Some in the group thought I shouldn’t have turning them away as fast and they may have been right. Perhaps I should have held my tongue and checked with my partner at the time, but then when DO found out, he never corrected me on it. What Ti and Do said and did didn’t have to make sense to us. They were the teachers and we weren’t even paying them. We were in their program so they made the rules. If someone didn’t like the rules then they were always free to leave and did but what makes sense doesn’t follow a human programming necessarily as the Next Level has the overview and Ti and Do were always very particular with their choice of words and would check with one another.

So buying the birds was another test of the students. Why birds? But for those that knew they were exactly where they wanted to be, even if they didn’t understand it, they knew it was right and your point proves it because this became the way many who were not really ready for what they had to offer would be unconsciously faced with deciding. It took years for some to decide and yet Ti and Do, I believe treated each student as if that student wanted to give it their all, though didn’t yet understand what that meant.

Remember when Jesus said they needed to eat his flesh and drink his blood and some thought he was crazy because that didn’t make sense to some yet to others even if they didn’t understand it, they knew they belonged to that effort.

I don’t see that as anyone’s fault. I’m not claiming to be on a higher ground as I too chose to leave when I could have rose to the occasion to ask for help to look to DO more instead of caving in to my influences I was still clinging to.

XF Checker I get what you’re saying. Perhaps I used some strong words in my previous post I could have toned down. Instead I operated under a cringe or on a whim when I could have waited a while before executing a more refined statement. I’m not saying in any way that Ti was or is a bad individual. Nor am I trying to sound like I’m on some higher plateau. All I’m saying is I just have a problem with what Ti did, but I’ll have to deal with it in a constructive manner.

XF Checker That’s also what made the classroom the hardest thing a human can do, because of the way we are all susceptible to our accepted programming and self confidence and believes however subtle that Ti and Do constantly challenged. They had no human tail feathers for our minds to fall back on having confidence in and they didn’t make their choices based on what might seem like common sense. They were finely tuned receiver/transmitters for the Next Level so if the Next Level said tell the students the tent was pokla dotted when they all might agree it’s solid green, each student would have to be faced with a battle that would be our mind against theirs, believe in ourselves more than we believe in them. (that was the example of the intro to the “I could be wrong lesson step”.

So what does the student do when they question the Older Member’s actions?

(However, this not the same as having a question of understanding something they said. Things they do whether we see the reason for or not are not appropriate questions to voice. It would be like the lab instructor bringing in some new gear and not offering an explanation. They don’t owe an explanation to the student. Anyway, if one did voice such a question of the lab instructors choice, the response might be… “It was my instruction to give this new gear to you.” The student would then linger on that to find out why they got that instruction and the Lab instructor might give more details BUT then that would be taking away from the other lessons and ignoring a big lesson of whether or not one trusts their lab instructor and to what degree)

What a student with such critical thoughts would do was follow the procedure to treat it like a discarnate whether it is or not and put up a “blank card’ in our own mind so we obliterate the thought. With practice that can eliminate even having the thought (yet knowing/feeling “smelling” it’s signature vibration), for instance in this case, doubt.

As we build up that “mind muscle” thoughts like that become about as pesky as a mosquito we can just swat away. (But of course for each student, depending on what their vehicle and boogers present them with can make what is minor for someone else major to deal with). Even so, that doesn’t stop the mosquito from still trying to get a bite and this was designed to work this way. There would have been nothing wrong with a student then writing a note expressing to Ti and Do what they dealt with or to do so in a “slippage meeting” because in that classroom format it would be a slippage IF we entertained such thinking for any amount of time instead of just “nipping it in the bud”. Having the attack is not a slippage. Dwelling on it becomes one and those standards would need to be raised continuously to keep up with the classroom so that when it’s done, all have adequate control over all their “boogers”.

Thus this is one example of the mechanism of “washing” our Minds (or as Jesus called “sweeping out our house”) of human misinformation mind because following procedures from the current and present Older Members no matter what they are is using Next Level Mind and not following procedures is not using Next Level Mind – as simple as that. This is also why such a classroom can not exist as it requires lab instructors who are going to give each student what the Next Level chooses to give to the students. They might say, all the males should grow a beard and trim it’s corners so to do so would be accomplishing the lesson step. But to think we should do that now based on a previous lesson step like that would not have much if any value I don’t think, but that would not be the same for behaviors and ways, except to keep up with the updates. For instance Moses gave the lesson of who to have sex with or not but didn’t make it a slippage (sin) to have thoughts about having sex with someone else. Then Jesus said even thinking about lusting for another while married would be a slippage and then Ti and Do said that there was no longer marriage at all (which Jesus also introduced) anymore between students that is as we needed to give our all to our “marriage” to DO.

Also, I don’t get how this lesson step was like Ti and Do saying, “do as I say, not as I do”. Ti and Do did leave all behind. Nor did Ti and Do always abide by what the students abided by and it had to be that way. For instance, if Ti and Do wanted to leave the camp for whatever reason did that mean that students should be able to hop in a car and leave the camp for whatever reason? The students could do that to a point but then they don’t want to be in that classroom if they aren’t going to follow the teachers school rules. Ti and Do had different tasks just like what would happen for a Lab professor who didn’t need the same lesson steps in his/her classroom.

DO’s reference to His Students as the Twenty four “Elders” in the Revelation

October 19, 2017

Question to Sawyer:

So when in the Beyond Human tapes Do talked about students of his potentially being other’s older members, it is still separate from adult Older Members? I’m speaking of the part where he talked about being “grandfather” to younger members.?

Reply from Sawyer:

Here is the segment from session one of the Beyond Human series that I believe is part of what you are referring to: (Two students were sitting with DO during filming acting as his “helpers” with questions)

“Well, this little classroom that dwindled to 50, and then dwindled down to a couple dozen, have now reached a condition where they have overcome the world enough to relate in a position up a notch as Elders, or Older Members, to anyone else that they can help in their own overcoming. Yes, that means these two here who’ve been sitting here this whole hour with me and haven’t asked me a blooming thing (laughs). But, I know they like to hear about the Kingdom of Heaven. And they know how filled I am with it. And I know how filled they are with it.”

(Note this is also where DO indicates his students then were numbered at “a couple dozen” and were “elders” that can be related directly to the prophecies in Revelations about the “four and twenty elders”)

In terms of DO being a “grandfather” to some who at that time he considered might be watching those same Beyond Human video’s in the future, he said in Session 11 that was part of his response about Next Level patience:

“I can imagine that sometimes, as some of the classroom watches these tapes, they can recognize that there’s a certain amount of relationship that I might be having with the viewer on the other end of that camera that might be slightly different from my relationship with them at times. I think we’ve even discussed it. In a sense, I almost feel like a twice-removed…or a grandfather speaking to a grandchild. Of course, I’m speaking to you as someone who might be wondering if they are standing outside of the vehicle that they are using, and wondering if they want to take it over and pursue this. And since we are given the task of trying to give that to you, and since we’re so eager for you to participate in it, for it to become yours, then we are influenced by that.”

Then in session 9 DO indicates that he might end up being a “grandfather” to those watching this video because graduate students might then become “teachers”

(Since making these tapes were the “Step” given to him from his Older Member, TI (while Ti was outside the vehicle Ti took), DO didn’t know at that time they’d all be exiting together and he didn’t know if He would exit before them, which he also addressed by referring to people coming in this direction towards connection with Him and His Kingdom afterwards as needing to seek to “connect” with an “Active Student”. See the documents, “DO’s Intro: Purpose – Belief” and “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure
By Jwnody – dated April 8, 1996):

“But I want to make the point a little bit more clearly that these sessions and these tapes are, in a sense, teaching tools for the students – to get that idea a little more clearly in our heads. In other words, my relationship with you in a sense is symbolic, and in a sense it isn’t. If this task proceeds, my relationship with you might end up being more as grandfather to grandson, and these students might serve more in the capacity as teacher since they are older than you. I don’t know if that has clarified in your mind, but it might have if other things that we have said had added up at this time. If they have completed sufficient overcoming of their own in this task, and they received instruction to put the information out, even though the way that instruction came was to do it in this method, then they are in a real sense going to serve in the teacher role with you, or in a sense, in the “midwifing” or the father relationship, if you don’t use that as a spiritual term. In other words, if they have completed enough overcoming that they could move right now into our Father’s Kingdom, and even move into a physical vehicle of our Father’s Kingdom, no longer occupying the vehicle they are in, whether this one or the one that they’re in is changed over into that new vehicle or another one altogether, then they don’t need to come back to the human kingdom unless sent. That’s the instruction we have received – that that’s the case.”

Now my use of the term “Adult” came from DO, but I don’t know how to locate it, but may be in the audio tapes we have access to as I believe he would have said it while Ti was incarnate. I recall DO saying that the term adultery meant, “not becoming an adult”, which in it’s purest form means that person has compromised their commitment to the teachings of the most current Older Member REP from the Next Level. That commitment or said as “covenant” grew with each trimester in the overall “overcoming classroom” to where by Ti and Do’s arrival meant to have no commitment to anyone else besides DO (As TI instructed us to “make our committal to DO).

Update: I found one place where that was documented in a little booklet Ti and Do and a crew put together that I only first saw after we moved into houses around 1980. It was called “Ruffles Snacks for Thinkers”.

-“To commit adultery could mean that one fails to act like an adult.”

-“Man does not have to see things as he always saw them before. Man is designed to see things as he never saw them before—to see them in a higher way than ever before. This is the kind of change that must take place before man becomes an adult.”

Here is a link to Ruffles on my blog:

But I also thought I read or heard that term “adult” used as referring to a Next Level Older or Younger Member vehicle, neither of which any of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens ever had. (DO indicated in Session 1 of the Beyond Human Series that the vehicle Lucifer had when he was serving in the Next Level was “certainly not born of woman”. This is recorded in Beyond Human Session 1. Here is that segment:

“We’ve already discussed that we believe that in the Jewish and Christian literature, the physical record is there connecting those people with the real Kingdom of God. And they speak of someone else. They speak of an individual that was once in the household of God, in the literal Heavens, was a son of God and
got too big for his britches, and thought that he could do a better job than his Father, or his Older Member. Not that he was born of a wife of his Father, because the body that he had in the Kingdom of Heaven was certainly not born of woman. Don’t forget that in the Kingdom of Heaven, babies are born by the souls that overcome the human condition. When they overcome the human condition and then are moved into the Kingdom of Heaven, then they’re “babies.” And those that took them in are then like their foster parents or their keepers, their babysitters, their teachers, their rabbi’s, their connection, their “piece of pipe,” their link with the Chief of Chiefs of that Kingdom.”

DO refers to “babies” in the Next Level and how their vehicles are grown as “Next Level bodies” in “’88 UPDATE – THE UFO TWO AND THEIR CREW”: (The Luciferians never graduated to receive Next Level bodies, though they weren’t born of woman either so must have been some model of physical vehicle that still had the capacity to act in mammalian ways).

“Our understanding is that Next Level bodies (the normal bodies for that Kingdom level, in the same way that human bodies are the norm for the human kingdom) are grown as plants from a vine, and at the end of their gestation period, they are fully grown and functional, not “babies” as are the products of human “seed-bearing plants.” There seem to be actual grafting processes used and genetic binding from Older Members. “I am the vine, ye are the branches” – could that mean something more than previously thought?”

In the Blackhawk audio tapes DO talks about how Adam’s body, (though also not born of woman) went through a “reverse metamorphosis” into human behaviors. Since Ti and Do taught that the Adam experiment was set up to become a testing ground for new membership for Souls who had grown to some equivalent degree to the Luciferian souls, I surmised that Adam’s vehicle may have been of some equivalence to the vehicles grown for the Luciferians to use when they began to serve the Next Level in crews in spacecrafts.

If you ever come upon the use of Adult or Student in reference to a Next Level “grown” vehicle please let me know. But I may cease using those terms and replace them with more appropriate terms that are regularly used by Ti and Do and Crew even though it may require more words.


Introduction to Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate by Sawyer

October 6, 2017

I have had a stock statement I always sent to people who come to my facebook page and request to become a “friend”. I just updated it since some new media is being publicized by a couple big media groups who I gave interviews to. That’s what follows:

Introduction to Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate by Sawyer

For the record, I am not starting a group or cult or trying to be anyone’s leader, or teacher, nor fostering any kind of relationship with anyone sexual or otherwise beyond communications related to my 19 years of experience as a student in Ti and Do’s “classroom”. The “classroom” as it was under Ti and Do’s direction does not and can not exist anymore. And I’ve never kept track of who tells me they believe in Ti and Do.

I discourage anyone who tells me they are considering suicide. That has happened several times over the years.

I don’t believe anyone now is in the same place as those 38 students who laid down their human lives in 1997. Dying is not an automatic ticket into Heaven as has been generally taught in some religious and spiritual belief systems. DO and Crew wrote,

“We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time. We take good care of our vehicles so they can function well for us in this task, and we try to protect them from any harm.”

You can read more about how they thought about suicide in this document that is posted on the Heavens Gate Website that I re-posted to my blog at:

Further perspectives of suicide are explained in a document one of Ti and Do’s students wrote that was included in their Heaven’s Gate Book, along with many other subjects is here:

Here is a link to Ti and Do’s first public statement written in 1975:

A free download is still available of DO and Crews Book entitled, ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered’, from their website:

Though I know well my two former classmates who still maintain that website, I have no affiliation.

I provide most of the same documents, plus links to the Beyond Human video series and other related materials TI and DO and Crew made on my blog at:
(This document is the appendix of my book)

Here is a link to one of three audio tapes that were recorded of both Ti and Do speaking. There are many more available freely to those who ask for them:

Blackhawk 1 of 3 – Ti and Do re adam eve lucifers prison

To see some of what DO wrote about the Space Aliens in an informational ad placed in USA Today on May 27 1993:

To see what DO wrote when he felt it time to state he was the return of the same Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. He never said he was “Jesus” because Jesus was the name of the vehicle an Older Member from the Next Level took to perform his task through:

My book, entitled, ‘TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses’ is available for free and for purchase as an ebook and/or softcover.

Here is the link to my book web site that also includes a big section of the book on the blog there:
(Purchasing it through this link goes through my publisher so is not the most economical way to get the softcover.)

My book is free by copying and pasting from my blog. Here is the link to the first of seven sections of the book. It’s very long so I had to break it up to post it all:
(Just search my blog on the title for the remaining 6 sections)

More economical and practical ways to get my book is by buying the ebook using a Kindle reader off of Amazon and/or as a softcover on Barnes and Nobel and like I said through my publisher who also has a number of other ebook formats available.

For the record, though I do collect royalties for book sales, I did not write it to make money with. To make money with it, there were many other ways to write it.

Though I believe the writing of this book was a task Ti and Do offered me to do, I can’t prove that to anyone as I never received that task from their mouth, so perhaps it’s not. I did not leave their “classroom” to perform such task. I flunked out and simply have another chance to learn the lessons I needed to learn.

The book’s content attempts to bring evidence of how Ti and Do were the fulfillment of all of Jesus’ (Second Coming) prophecies to include the Book of Revelations, though much of that material is still in process of fulfillment. I did a great deal of translation examination that took me into the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek word manuscript origins.

Plus I always strove to stay in context. Ti and Do always said that the Next Level worked very hard to preserve an accurate enough record of what Jesus said, as seen in a red letter edition of the New Testament.

Believe it or not, that doesn’t make me religious or even Christian, in the ways those labels imply. They are historic records and the religions arose as a distortion and dilution of what Jesus taught, mostly occurring by the varied interpretations of those records.

Also for the record, there are some who have posed as facebook “friends” trying to catch or harass me in some way, which I know is part of the territory to deal with, which is why I say all this to new “friends”. I never make a friend requests though I have joined some groups to be included in certain conversations to share some of what I’ve learned as I know there are some who are interested when they hear certain perspectives about Ti and Do and Crew.

However I never automatically preach or bring up Ti and Do but am also not slow to talk about them should something they say stimulate a perspective I got from them.

There is a heavensgate facebook group that I did not start but I was included as a owner of the group. I only keep it active to keep it away from charlatans, however seemingly well intended. I only say this to explain it’s presence on my facebook page since it would appear to be a group I support but do not.

Many of the friends on this facebook page are simply curious and most often I don’t know who believes in Ti and Do and to what degree and don’t seek to find out. There are a few exceptions who have helped me with little projects and to which I have helped them with their little projects, like videos.

But there are no secret pacts or plots or core new believers. We each only answer to Ti and Do in our individual relationships the same as anyone, whether people know of Ti and Do or not.

Many of us humans have had a real relationship with the Next Level, thinking of Them as their Heavenly Father or their Higher Power or God or Allah or Buddha or Krishna, etc. At the same time many use such terms and think they have a connection they don’t as Jesus said would happen during this time period especially. Even so we can’t judge another in this regard. Even if a human is acting in ways that are contrary to Next Level qualifying behaviors and ways, none of us know when they might change and how fast.

Ti and Do indicated that there are no other Older Members on earth to perform this task and none to come during this civilization so anyone who claims to be their return or their reincarnation or to be receiving information from them, like as a channel or as a remote viewer, contactee or psychic reader, or using the name Jesus or other Biblical figures as in the Two Witnesses are either deluded, even tricked by the various lower forces or lying.

TI and DO said that choosing to become an atheist can be a good step away from religion and spirituality, though all paths in the human kingdom can lead to the top of the human mountain. However, there is only one way off that mountain top and that’s by going through the lesson steps provided by someone who evolved beyond the human kingdom, evidenced by their teaching the separation from the human kingdom (even though it will be in degrees and always by our own choices).

One of ways to correctly interpret the term antichrist could be as one who is anti the Christing process that of course Jesus established. That “process” is the overcoming process that each human must engage by seeking the Mind (holy spirit) – from the Next Level via the information they taught while incarnate. Calling on the name Jesus can be answered by any number of discarnates or Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls which is part of why Jesus taught to project our asking to our “Father in Heaven” as the discarnates and space aliens can not actually travel very far from the earth anymore.

Thus when we see “signs” in outer space, perhaps as near as the moon, since Jesus said they would be in the Sun, Moon and Stars that would include planets and comets, etc., they are from the Next Level.

I am transparent with my life but not with personal info or the personal info on any other former members of the group who I still have some contact with whether they still believe in Ti and Do or not.

If you wish to review my little bio, for whatever it might be worth, it’s found on my blog at:

How Sawyer fell by giving into sexuality in Ti & Do’s classroom and then dropping out by choice:

Here are some Q and A but there are a lot more on my blog:

I was asked if I still followed the teachings of Ti and Do.

Sawyer’s reply: yes, as best I can, like according to the “Major and Lesser Offenses” and the “17 Steps” and other guidelines, though in this very different application, not having Ti or Do or fellow classmates present and having gone back into the world and started a human family, who I continue to help (now 20 yr old daughter), but I have had no relationships or sexuality with anyone for the last four years. However, I do find myself slipping in some of the behaviors at times so it’s a continuous process to maintain. When we slip from the standards, whether they are Ti and Do’s and/or the Jesus standards, it’s important not to let that become a reason to become separate minded from Ti and Do, that is if we want to be of one Mind with them. We can easily think that if I don’t do everything perfectly I might as well not do anything – a Luciferian ploy to turn our eyes away from doing our best for Ti and Do and their Next Level. The Next Level doesn’t need any of us to believe in them in any way. We must qualify to their standards though they give us lots of help and time to do. The traps are many but we can recover from all of them to keep moving forward.

To someone who says they have started a “Heaven’s Gate Militia” I replied:

I don’t condone violence against the govt or anyone. If we were to think of ourselves as soldiers for Ti and Do (of the real Jesus) it would be by use of our mouth – in words – the words that Ti and Do and Jesus provided us (that they also said included the red letters in the gospels, and their references to the Book of Revelations to help people see their ideas, perspectives and qualifications to become a prospective member of their Next Level Above Human.

The truth about Ti and Do will soon be lost as upon their exit started the gradual diminishing of the “light” they brought to the world. If you want a bundle of their materials give me an email address as the bundle includes audio files of meetings within the group since the early 1980’s that I was present for.

There are many misconceptions abounding and in Christian circles. Many started with the writings of Paul of Tarsus who never knew Jesus and never received instruction from him, nor was he tasked as a delegate (apostle) on his behalf. An Older Member doesn’t come incarnate if there is any other way to teach their student body what it takes to make application into membership in the Next Level.

For Christians to base what they believe on what Moses wrote, except for the things Jesus said to believe and act on, is like applying lessons given to toddler Souls when by the Jesus time they could be having a high school curriculum approaching graduation.

For instance Ti and Do were not pro or con abortion. They are always pro choice though our choices are not always going to be what they would choose and it’s not easy knowing what they would choose unless we ask them to reveal it to us.

Ti and Do said it was against their Next Level ways to be making weapons designed to kill other humans let alone using them for killing. There is no justification, but that’s to please the Next Level, which is always a choice.

Ti and Do said that it doesn’t matter one’s sexual preferences as to graduate the human kingdom one must become non-sexual because Members of the Next Level are non-sexual so one needs to build their Mind starting in the human kingdom to be “born” into their kingdom. I recall DO saying that those who are homosexual have overcome gender consciousness, though not necessarily sexual consciousness.

Ti and Do said we were all striving to be “color blind” in terms of race so we don’t act any differently to someone based on the race of their vehicle.

TI and DO were supportive of euthanasia when a human vehicle is so wrought with pain and/or has no capacity any longer to function and/or have experiences to learn lessons through.

There really is no comparison with Ti and Do and any other cults. Ti and Do referred to their group as the “cult of cults” and the “cult of truth”. There is a great deal of evidence of how Ti and Do had a way of naturally filtering out those who were not serious enough to go the full distance of graduating though they always treated each student as if they could go that full distance.

There were no abuses and there is no dirt in the Ti and Do story. Some have tried to find dirt and didn’t find any, even after listening to hundreds of hours of audio tapes. Even a number of dropouts who ceased to believe in Ti and Do have next to nothing to say against them. One said that they didn’t provide enough dental care options to students, though I got plenty of dental care. Yes there were lots of rules that developed over time but never any yelling or use of guilt or punishments or other human behaviors that are common in many organizations.

If Ti and Do were the Two Witnesses who was, is or will be Christ?

August 21, 2017

Question to Sawyer: “if ti and do were the two witnesses, who was, is, or will be Christ?”

Sawyer’s reply:

A Christ is an assigned task to demonstrate the overcoming of the human evolutionary kingdom, the lesson plan that can yield new members of the Kingdom of God in the literal heavens that Ti and Do more accurate to today referred to as the Physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, or in short the Next Level because of how the human kingdom is a stepping stone into membership in that futuristic society of physical beings.

The Two Witnesses are both “anointed” (Christs) – the meaning of describing them as Olive Trees and Lampstands, Candlesticks (where the stand/stick part represents the human vehicle they prepare and take over. These are both Older Members from the Level Above Human coming incarnate again as prophesied to bring updates to the Bible, fulfill prophecy and for that Wave “Spirit/Mind birth” returning Souls who were ready for that graduation/FIRST Harvest Wave. Their students also needed to become “Christs” – demonstrate overcoming the human condition under the direct absolutely needed direction from the Two – Ti and Do. One of the Two Witnesses according to Ti (Do identified as his Older Member (Heavenly Father)) was the same Soul who performed the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus, the first 5 periods of Next Level Member “closeness” and Jesus laid out the graduation requirements where the Moses lessons were geared to the equivalent of “toddlers” in the overall Next Level school/”garden”.

The “sixth closeness” was performed “undercover” (incarnate) by the same Souls identified as The Father (aka Jehovah, Elohim, Lord, etc.) and “Jesus” (not in the same Jesus physical body that he took with him into that “clouded” spacecraft. When it’s said they deliver “prophecy” in Rev 11, that means they are “speaking” (and not in a mysterious way as the Father did to Jesus and his disciples a couple times) as Jesus said upon his return he would “speak plainly/boldly” about the Father and not in parables/stories at that time and he would “show” them the Father because the Father would also be incarnate for the FIRST phase of that 6th Closeness. This is also shown in Jn 14:22-23 in how he would manifest himself to his disciples but the world would not see him saying they would “make OUR abode (residence)” with them.

Rev 12 indentifies the Father’s incarnate presence but that is further fortified in Rev 3:12 in how the Father’s new name is revealed by the One who had served as the Lamb – the Soul incarnate in the body named Jesus. So they become witnesses for one another – rather than witnessing of themselves that also fulfills prophecy. Ti left before as He only came to “get DO started and then would return” (paraphrased), which DO didn’t understand at first though Ti said that early on but he didn’t know to what she would be returning to until she exited ahead of him and He realized she had told him so.

After Ti left, Do’s “birthing” to the “Throne” task was completed and that began the Second Phase of the FIRST Wave when DO came public through his students (as he never held a public meeting without TI) in 1994 though started to be considered in 1987 when DO said “we needed to be who we are/were” – the return of the ones who were the Older Members and their student body souls, some of which had “drank the cup of Jesus blood” by laying down their lives by telling the truth about Jesus to a hostile public and their religious orders that they knew would get them bumped off because of. DO provided the document “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” where he put “Jesus” in quotes because he wasn’t that same body that was named Jesus which also fulfilled prophecy not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” saying they are the Christ. Thus Do served as one of the Two Witnesses and the promised return of Christ as two phases to that First harvest wave, which also began the LAST Harvest Wave, (Rev 14 outlines the two harvest waves) that is in motion now with the advent of the 4th Seal being opened by the “Green (pale) Horse (human vehicle) used by a Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angel soul (as they do with many if not all world leaders and anyone that can be used to forward their misinformation – people that have the most influence over the masses).

Now we are in anticipation of the “Seventh Closeness” performed by “Jesus” – DO in his Next Level (glorified body) – said in REV 19 as the one “dipped (baptized) in blood”. That closeness will not be a teaching one like the previous 6 closenesses. And DO said he won’t be showing any scars and would not be floating in the air looking like a artist rendition of Jesus, with flowing robes, etc. He would be with his “armada” of spacecrafts (also referred to as “horses” in Rev 19 context) which is his coming in “glory” though that could also apply to his being with his Older Member incarnate – as his “right hand” to TI, but while incarnate he was not in his glorified body and received no recognition for who he really was/is. That event doesn’t transpire until the 7 angels have poured out their vials. That pouring out of plagues and calamities has only been hinted at with examples coinciding with each of the 7 Angel Trumpet soundings, which were the announcements of the arrival of participants in this project and examples of what would take place during the time of tribulation and judgement. Those that hear about Ti and Do are on the spot to recognize them or not. Being on the spot is the way we are pressed to learn lessons to build strength from, by asking help from Ti and Do going forward. The “help” they have already provided in their book and their video’s and hundreds of audio tapes. It is the task of anyone who chooses to come in this direction – apply to be a perspective candidate towards membership on their crews to recognize and believe that They came from the Kingdom that created all the planets and all the life forms and to “stand” for them (Ti and Do and their teachings) until we depart – exit our vehicle.

Meanwhile the Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angels are trying to steer souls away from seeing Ti and Do and the reality of the Next Level, like never before and they will generate holograms like Fatima (that talk) described as the IMAGE of the BEAST to try to win souls away from giving their allegiance to Ti and Do. And at this time the “tares” are being removed. This is the start of the recycling and spading time.